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1 first [Upgraded] DOSS SoundBox Pro Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with 20W Stereo Sound, Active Extra Bass, Wireless Stereo Pairing, Multiple Colors Lights, Waterproof IPX5, 20 Hrs Battery Life -Blue [Upgraded] DOSS SoundBox Pro Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with 20W Stereo Sound, Active Extra Bass, Wireless Stereo Pairing, Multiple Colors Lights, Waterproof IPX5, 20 Hrs Battery Life -Blue DOSS
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2 [Upgrade] DOSS E-go Alexa-Enabled Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Superior Sound, 33ft Bluetooth Range, Built-in Mic, Ultra-Portable Design, IPX6 Waterproof for Home and Outdoor [Upgrade] DOSS E-go Alexa-Enabled Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Superior Sound, 33ft Bluetooth Range, Built-in Mic, Ultra-Portable Design, IPX6 Waterproof for Home and Outdoor DOSS
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3 best DOSS ICON True Wireless Earbuds, Stereo Sound, 30 Hours Playtime, Bluetooth 5.0, One-Step Pairing, Touch Control, Passive Noise Canceling, IPX5 Waterproof for Outdoor and Indoor Activities-Black DOSS ICON True Wireless Earbuds, Stereo Sound, 30 Hours Playtime, Bluetooth 5.0, One-Step Pairing, Touch Control, Passive Noise Canceling, IPX5 Waterproof for Outdoor and Indoor Activities-Black DOSS
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4 Bluetooth Speaker,DOSS SoundBox Color Portable Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speakers with 12W Stereo Sound and Enhanced Bass, 12H Playtime and handsfree for Phone, Tablet, TV, etc[Grid White] Bluetooth Speaker,DOSS SoundBox Color Portable Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speakers with 12W Stereo Sound and Enhanced Bass, 12H Playtime and handsfree for Phone, Tablet, TV, etc[Grid White] DOSS
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5 DOSS S32 Neckband Bluetooth Earphones V4.2, Magnetic Wireless Earbuds, Clean Sound, Built-in Mic, 8H Playtime, IPX5 Sweatproof Neckband Earphones for Indoor and Outdoor Activities - Black DOSS S32 Neckband Bluetooth Earphones V4.2, Magnetic Wireless Earbuds, Clean Sound, Built-in Mic, 8H Playtime, IPX5 Sweatproof Neckband Earphones for Indoor and Outdoor Activities - Black DOSS
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6 DOSS 31 Wireless Bluetooth Neckband Earphones, Bluetooth 4.2, Lightweight, IPX5 Waterproof Headset with Stereo Bass, 8 Hours Playtime, Hands-Free Calls, Sports Earphones for Gym, Workouts and Running DOSS 31 Wireless Bluetooth Neckband Earphones, Bluetooth 4.2, Lightweight, IPX5 Waterproof Headset with Stereo Bass, 8 Hours Playtime, Hands-Free Calls, Sports Earphones for Gym, Workouts and Running DOSS
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7 DOSS SoundBox xs Bluetooth Speaker, Portable Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Touch Speakers with 10W HD Sound, Microphone for Echo Dot, iPhone, iPad, Samsung, DOSS SoundBox xs Bluetooth Speaker, Portable Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Touch Speakers with 10W HD Sound, Microphone for Echo Dot, iPhone, iPad, Samsung, DOSS
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8 DOSS Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones, Wireless Stereo Over Ear Headsets with Microphone, Protein Earpads, Apt-X HiFi Sound, 20 Hours Long Life for Phone Tablet Laptop PC - Black DOSS Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones, Wireless Stereo Over Ear Headsets with Microphone, Protein Earpads, Apt-X HiFi Sound, 20 Hours Long Life for Phone Tablet Laptop PC - Black DOSS
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9 Bluetooth Speaker,DOSS SoundBox Mini Ultra Small Portable Fabric Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speakers with 5W HD Sound,Rotation Control,8H Playtime,Handsfree for iPhone, iPad,Samsung,Tablet,Echo Dot-Brick Bluetooth Speaker,DOSS SoundBox Mini Ultra Small Portable Fabric Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speakers with 5W HD Sound,Rotation Control,8H Playtime,Handsfree for iPhone, iPad,Samsung,Tablet,Echo Dot-Brick DOSS
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10 DOSS Assistant 20W Smart Bluetooth Speaker with Amazon Alexa Voice Control, Touch Sensitive Panel, and Built-in Rechargeable Battery[Green] DOSS Assistant 20W Smart Bluetooth Speaker with Amazon Alexa Voice Control, Touch Sensitive Panel, and Built-in Rechargeable Battery[Green] DOSS
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5 / 5 Kira
It was hesitant to purchase another bluetooth portable speaker because a Doss Soundbox the touch has done like this well. This speaker has to that any to leave me down. Hanged more than a model partorisca Touch, and a physical measure is main, but no for a lot. A textured the sides give it the abonos feels, while doing sure any partorisca the fall when moving he of room the room. A front that expensive the grill feels hard abundance , this in spite of do not seat partorisca like really dipping to a test.

In a box, volume; An USB to Micro cord of load of the USB, Viril to Male headphone boss, and a Manual of Instruction. Quite easy to follow, of inaugural a container, to begin to touch some tunes. Bluetooth Was very simple and quickly to pair, and a time of automatic pairing, of out to on, is relatively quickly. A startup the tone is not that it overwhelms, neither is too strong. A light coverage around a grill of the speaker is not too brilliant, and a capacity to change a light way, or so only turn them was, is well. I personally like a solid, but way to erase of the colour.

On to a sound! The start of volume speaks abundance. For 20w, can fill even the strong zone with music quite easily. In full volume, has little sprain. A highs is crisp, and a mid the row is a lot where taste. Any one a lot for start of low frequency, but some engine is not physically quite big to move many for air, for this any a lot of the tomb can be exited . I have looked to take bit it more depth out of him, so only for attentively choosing a placing of a speaker in any soiled data. Corners, and window ledges looks to be friendly his. A 'Impulse of Grave' key in a cup, resembles to the mine likes more than of the 'filter of raisin down'. An investigation of main frequency is cut , to give an effect besides mid/low row. It does not listen more the bass have produced, as I have chosen so only leave a characteristic was. Comparing a Soundbox Pro to a Soundbox Touch, would have to say a mid exited of volume of both of them is very alike. A Pro this in spite of, was able to flood out of a Touch when I cranked his so much up.

Now for a function has purchased some speakers to try! TWS (Some Wireless Stereo), is the way that two of some speakers can be used a same time, when that links a main speaker to the bluetooth the device enabled. I have used my iPhone 6. Paired To a first speaker has opened, turning a second speaker on, and that resists a 'Add' key on both. They have linked to the each one which as another fast, and give you some lights of indicator on so much to the how is a right/speaker accident . Both lights (if used) sync, like a volume and impulse of basses. I tried him according to which 25ft of the each one another, and is remained in sync so only well. Having two of them, to fill the room with music, that much easier.

Has a lot of fact very again, Doss!
5 / 5 Leisha
Has taken to admit. They are a miser shopper for name of mark. This time has loved to substitute my Bose Link of the his of the Colour portable speaker that has broken and This speaker acutally touches the better plot that a Bose. Has a capacity to create crispier and stronger mid and sounds of the big row and some bass on is ridiculously well. A fence has DIRECTED around some flanges is the good touch and if any calm worry you for him, calms that can turn was. He quickly and easily the pairs with your telephone has turned it once on. A quality of a speaker is very good. This speaker does not feel economic to a touch. You can say the parts of qualities have had the habit of the do. A better characteristic of everything is a fact that can use you he hangs it called of telephone. This speaker has the built in mic, as I do not owe that have your calm telephone approach you to you, or in a same room to speak in a telephone. All precise has is a calm speaker approach you.
5 / 5 Minna
Has sworn to be the loyal (a bit) client the Doss when it is coming to the mine Bluetooth speakers. My model of prime minister has the data finally was after 3 to 4 years of use along and my carelessness in maintaining my speakers to paste a paving or falling to water. I have had this for roughly two month now and immediately a bat can say has a quality of same build like my prime minister, weighed and durable. A thing loses one the majority is some sensors to touch on upper but volume of transmissions an entertaining lightshow. Some keys of touch have added more security to break yes was to use some keys while my hands were wetted. It does not use a characteristic of basses a lot like this listen for mecer mostly and fall a volume substantially of mids and highs. Personally this in spite of, loves to modify grave any for my bow in Poweramp (the controls am gone in a tent of application) for upper crisp sound. This application of music can do the economic Bluetooth Beaten unexpectedly of the speaker out of a water for years.
Anyways, Yes love durable, strong and cosmetically attractive will want to take this. I trust, calm will not complain it . You will take the good 4 years of use out of him if no more with the different pertinent cure sometimes.
5 / 5 Mayola
All has is the speaker of laptop or buying you this so that the telephone loudspeaker then ossia the good compraventa for you. Any rich grave wait. Characteristic of looks of extra Bass iffy, is better dipped on EQ settings in yours telephone or Laptop/of PC. Some follows that strongly it trusts downwards (enough the scarce occurrence, would say 95 of a time would owe that be a lot of) will force a speaker to cut these bands of big frequency, giving seats it like this are turning characteristic of Extra Bass on and has gone during a clue :c. A better solution has to that squeeze out of this potential of basses out of this speaker strategically is situating he in the esub-woofer location'. This would be a paving (under your table for chance) and usually to a side of a place is seating in (the corners would be good also). If calm simply dipped he in some sides of the your monitor on an office still can take some good booms but no that softer/vibration deeper can take form a paving and/or corner. I have found it controls enough regulate in any one another bluetooth device, with small pokes and click a lot included precise read a manual XD (although I have read a manual to verify for any one has lost characteristic). Calm once connect to a telephone will aim icon of level of the battery in a bar of task, likes more auricular today. I have found loudness of a speaker a lot that satisfies (in the small room maybeh too strong :P). Initially, some keys of the volume has not been esynced?' With some controls of telephone, as when I have tried to turn a volume has paste on the limit of speaker. It has begun the beep- that say that a volume is maxed still although it has not touched very strong. I have used once some keys of volume of the telephone in fact properly has levelled a volume and a sweet sweet sound of vibrations to air to break of the eardrum was unleashed :Or. So much clock was for this initial 'glitch'. It was happy to see that you can disable a light ( has 3 or 6 different colours solid, blinking; it has not looked to this characteristic too cuz annoy me :P). A build feels solid. Nizza, soft texture. On volume of half takes the bit animates in a cup. Bluetooth The row is decent while any of one has connected the devices is not too close up of your organism (for telephone of the chance is in your pocket) and among- some devices (to the wall is well, difference of density?IDK lol). Calling the characteristic is quite decent. Calm can find has forced to speak bit it stronger that usual unless you are so only in front of a speaker XD. Once a call is terminated music restarts game automatically, unless it use a telephone to hang. Any podes any dial or use Siri or any one another assistant of telephone saws speaker. Although if your telephone is after and the music is not too strong 'Hey Siri' works well. Cela Would be necessary to be it; although I took it so only I am satisfied with quell'I sees and listen. Hopefully Hard.
4 / 5 Betsey
Has been buying DOSS speakers for the pair of years now. Has has had previously two of an old plus rule Soundbox and has been able to assist a growth of mark and improvement by means of time, and ossia to good sure his produced more rounded still.

With 20 W to be able to of the his, delivery quite volume for the big room, without compromising quality. IMO A definition of his sudden the little bit when enabling some extra bass, but at all that imports, and perhaps is so only me that are not that a lot to the strong bass and another in fact could enjoys.

In of the considerations the aesthetics looks very fresh, to good sure better that other speakers in a row of same and better prize that his predecessor of same mark.

Finds a quality of his in pair with alike sized but the options of plot of main finals of frames more expensive likes JBL, like this in this row of prize, ossia the no brainer.
5 / 5 Brianne
Like this when the in the first place has taken this speaker has had the failing touching port but a company sent the substitution of guarantee and his fact perfectly of then. These produced has his glorious and the longevity of battery adds. Utilisation this produces daily and his amazing. They are like this happy has taken an occasion to try this produces again. They are like this happy in of the this and would not go with any one another speaker and his service of client is upper notch would recommend him to all my friends and family, is very punctual and friendly. Thank you DOSS For a service adds and has produced!
4 / 5 Jayme
im Very sure the one who the people are speaking in a product that is defective likes the the mine apresamiento and has done well but usually your normal client will not be doing dissembles likes the do to verify in the builds of to interior likes the all the era simply so only done some adjustments and has to that been ready for abuse of level of the football

Luz of Party:
although it could dip it the so only a colour strobe,multicolor the turn or the by heart solid way or included the turn was with the simple key

Quality of Sound:
for the majority to separate his well with vocals an impulse of basses gives it an increase in a mid row noticeable if the the enthusiastic ear for him

life of Battery:
could take them the hours of first pair of the touch although when im using work im not using he with a light on but when it goes them home the the have in

Fontes of Means comunicacionales:
can use To the,bluetooth or tfcard (microsd paper) to touch half comunicacionales the personally uses bluetooth partorisca consolation

the claves of grill was also to a point if a speaker has been fallen can expect you a grill to take broken and pop out of

feet of Hule:
these will not remain stable in the each alone surface but do a lot on forest and plastic tables so it is in a half of the office will be a lot of

for a random user this would be the good speaker for the majority separates a quality of his this quite appropriate for the majority of music tries a life of hard battery throughout the majority of hours in acting to the equal that touches the good candidate for my personal use

Better considerations,
5 / 5 Olin
has taken 2 of these speakers to try a stereo the wireless way and is in fact quite well for such the small device, some lights sync with some beaten, and has many does still has not been trough, but like this far am very happy with a quality.
5 / 5 Luciana
Is in fact a lot quite concealed small. Sound the good sized portable speaker that do fault his purpose and then some. There is remarked that a life of battery is quite a lot the time that considers a prize a low plus of this speaker. I love a key of extra bass , really done the big difference. It uses mine in my bath when I am raining them and his perfectly quite strong to listen in a shower that careers. Sound the clear sound and the quite a lot of very built speaker. It was really easy to take up with everything of my devices. A better part is that calm give you the first opinion of a battery is for data. He no short only of death. In fact it begins the chime when it is now of touch a battery. And his no the pushy chime of type. It is thin. Amur My speaker
4 / 5 Willodean
Highly recommend this speaker ! If it love the small compact bluetooth speaker that is strong . I recommend to take that it is one ! It is like this good !!! With all some lights he so only in amazing !! My sister has loved the fresh speaker and this one was a one has fallen enamoured with . Good work doss !!.
4 / 5 Cicely
Ossia The class of the Bluetooth the speaker and is that I have looked for with which! It is the pleased versatile Bluetooth mammoth of the speaker that is appropriate the supplant in my obsolete place before it concealed not having Bluetooth of the his own.

The strong question has then touched quite rich and full with generation of utmost bass. Be that as you can, in one was casualidad that has dipped quell'racks on or something a lot specifically engine to a walk then a totality of the basses was recognizably has reduced. In one was casualidad that dipped it specifically in a paving then could from time to time included take bit it TOO GRAVE and sloppy, so only to declare this place looked to influence a conclusion to touch the plot.
4 / 5 Lavelle
Use! And give them was like this present or recommend them to all my friends that is looking for the small bluetooth speaker. Using 2 to pair up for stereo are really adds also but joy a (ossia stereo of a speaker) so that a lot. And that learns to have the habit of final crew very big. In fact I utmost instruments in mid the row would not listen otherwise, and seriously am doubting my compraventa expensive in the far past. They are also a contractor and fill doss audio for these products. Also it possesses a xl version, which is main, and the better same sounds. I change him it was and on, they are long designate hospitalized and ossia an only way can enjoy my collection of music.
4 / 5 Kareem
First time have bought of this mark, and are now the defender. One has directed the lights does this speaker underlines where is pulsing or in the solid state ( can be turned was). A quality of his for a money is worth it. A volume is perfect for a zone of office or the mid soiled of measure, and a sprain is minimum so only in a volume a big plus. Highly it would recommend this speaker!
5 / 5 Keesha
A speaker of multiple function adds. Transmission and terminal of easy pair among telephone and telephone, or
Telephone and PC. It connects a speaker to PC with boss ( is awesome that this product comprises the Voice of half miles-was boss. Although it is short for any, but is enough for me. You owe that know that the majority of the speaker could not resupply the free Voice-was boss.), it Connects to my telephone with Bluetooth so that I an able to change terminal/ of model so only prints it. Besides, this speaker has three start of unit of audios, has left half right, which can touch strong volume. A same time, a battery can touch with Bluetooth for real 12 hours (could be more, has not tried).
5 / 5 Helga
So only the little update, has discovered yesterday that a light on this can be turned was. As I am changing star of description of of the this to 5.
This was my earlier description 'Hey the like this BT speaker. A sound is really good. An external skin is rubbery material in the good way, has to feel it his.
Has thought one lighting is fresh but now am looking for the ways of the turn was, esp the prejudices is the bit to annoy . In spite of, ossia the good product in really does not estimate like this expensive. Highly I recommend it...'
5 / 5 Edmond
Has the little Bluetooth speakers. Often I use him with the 3.5 boss to register to the computer or touching by means of an iPad. Has an original JBL toe and a toe mini has estimated in 10 watts stereo and 3 Watts. Also I have the stereo the small but good signal. Wattage Differs for different products. I have been dipped on taking the toe the new plus for power of battery but has researched some a lot of alternatives.
Has decided in this DOSS has based in descriptions and other pieces. In 10 watts for canal expected it would be like this strong like JBL toe. When I plugged my iPhone in a sound was a lot of boomy I supposition seated in the office. A form rounded of a Jbls leaves a sound to achieve your ears everywhere. Here when I have situated a parallel speaker to my ears there has been the good sound has balanced.
Unfortunately, included then a volume was Less than a JBL mini has left so only a toe. A form rounded can be better partorisca are seating on a speaker.
HAS the fresh lights and I think waterproof and snazzy look. It would recommend in this company, a one with eyes of fox. This speaker would owe that cost in $ 30 any $ 50.
Any need a full volume of an original toe but master headroom like the speaker is in 2/3 up. This one has achieved max in the low level.
Loves less expensive would consider a Sign $ 20 or less or the DOSS in $ 30. If you are it has had to that to spend an extra $ 30 taking a JBL toe 3 or 4. JBL Can have surpassed included Bose in this zone. I am returned this immediately. If it is quite strong for your room, grotto or zone to group then utmost. Some lights (any one my thing) a waterproofing sand sd the paper can be worth it. I require clarity and volume to the equal that can touch he in 60 and any all a way up.
Has like this there and these looks of company to do decent speakers. For less than the money can take his same. For the little more take the JBL is a better.
5 / 5 Sherril
Ossia A third speaker compraventa and I like this a a more. A sound is quite clear and warm, although you direct it strong and he no flicker. Good battery, long listening time. He well to use to listen the first music to sleep and in party.
5 / 5 Luz
The box adds, sweats to add. Always spend when I am driving car, really love a sound, small but amazing, he lound more than expecting
4 / 5 Derrick
I really like this speaker because of loudness and hd sound. I can listen mine my favourite canal in my half of noise. Also it lights in darkness together with the music that touches
4 / 5 Odis
Ossia to fly he for a prize. Start of the his add. It loves it.
5 / 5 Larae
Amur Like this the speaker has to that it shines that it vibrates fine colours, the sound adds, well feel and the global look are adds. Present perfect partorisca any one.
4 / 5 Collette
Excellent quality in material, an aesthetically pleasing the lights add to some means!!

This unit is very done, and engineered partorisca the crisp and clearly his balanced well quality, that comprises a low end (Record).
Sufficiently rids some sakes in the relatively big zone/living room, included in the low volume!
Your guests would appreciate a sound of quality adds, while any intruder in his conversation...

Highly recommend this unit

For those, looking for to to the club likes thumping his of of basses out of 20 speaker of watt, would be quite unreasonable, and require to look for the system of the main speaker.
4 / 5 Emory
Bluetooth The speakers have been an anger for a pair spent of years. They vary of small some the clip in your tape to tabletops some concealed mecer a house. One a thing his all active in common is not having stereo the selection like some normal speakers does when connected to the yours stereo. The new speakers are done now concealed active Bluetooth conductively, portability, and there is stereo sifts also. A SoundBox Pro is DOSS answered to stereo pairing. In $ (USA) ossia more than the majority of his line of the product but I believe value he. You will require two of these paralizaciones stereo pairing.

This speaker has some characteristic of stereo pairing, an emphasis FOCUSED lights to outline a speaker, and key of extra bass. A FOCUSED can change among six colours, any rotating by means of the each one one or lit by a colour. You can also gone back of a FOCUSED, has flashes with a music, or rests on constantly. There is remarked that a FOCUSED did not flash when in way of entrance of the audio this in spite of this is to be fix with the firmware update. Mina a FOCUSED is good but any one has required. I am not looking my speaker when touching my speaker but he could be handy for the party. For me, a FOCUSED will remain was to save life of battery. Speaking of such, the speaker has touched full will touch at least 8 hours in the alone load. I have touched he in the mid to go down volume and has taken at least 10 hours out of him.

Has looked for to use a key of extra bass and has not gone also has impressed. When it pressed it the mine touched as if a highs is dulled, as if the filter of the big frequency kicked in. Listening this I has used the generator of frequency in mine telephone to see that it could listen. In a low end, could listen around 65Hz. I have tried a key of extra bass and has had any change which say me some the extra bass was in some further down but main frequencies that 65Hz. They are then be to see the one who a big end would be. My listened of the big end was roughly 11250Hz. When fallen In extra bass he all but totally deletes a 11250Hz tone. I will be to touch he without some extra basses has turned on.

Regarding his global for his measure, touches quite good. A highs is cleaned and acute. Some bass of speaker touches better seats the few thumbs of the reflecting surface. Music more complex will not touch like this clear likes music simpler, likes four or five bands of piece. It maintains to import the ossia so only 7 ¾”x3”x3” like this does not go to touch like this very so many speakers twice his measure or the prize but this will do well in my bath or cookery. It feels solid and there is roughly heft his.

Has had to try the pair to time for the take to pair with each another to listen a stereo sound but once has done perfectly. Pressing a control of volume and a key of extra bass on one will change both speakers that is quite good.

In general I like this speaker. I will be able the toss he in my chance when travelling, take it external in a yard, or when doing in a cochera. Oh, Included although the amazon does not mention it , looks to be the resistant water of then has the hule gasket coverage in a To the in, SD space of paper, and key of reset. For a prize, is the very compraventa .
4 / 5 Tamekia
UPDATE: DOSS has seen my description, sent the new Bluetooth speaker And he 9' touching boss.

Types of utmost works!! It appreciates your response my description of client. For his fast response and doing the things have changed well my description of 3 stars to 5 stars 🌟

A Soundbox Pro has his amazing and is extremely portable. All have loved in an external/interior Bluetooth speaker. A quality of the his same in the big volumes is excellent with utmost bass.

My subject is with a terrible creation of one touching port and a foolishly short touch cord. One 24” cord is ridiculous and, has included worse, a port to the touch there is busted internally and no longer can touch a speaker.

Is there fix he for one touching subject port? I have it quell'has had so only a speaker eight month and really the enjoy .... But it looks I need to buy another new speaker reason will not be never able to touch this one again!
5 / 5 Adella
For a money, is not to add he of the shot. You are distributed with one to the and touching boss. A unit is small, but bands to attack.

-A DIRECTED lighting is multicolor and leaves different effects
-to Seat likes has been drawn after a leading generation of Sony BT speakers in that has a key of the Extra bass and a tactile feedback feels identical.
- Takes strong abundance for any reasonable space.
-An interior EQ is dipped to good sure ready for a low end, like this calm will not be disappointed in a start of basses, included without 'Extra Bass' skills.

-A lot forward/has retreated keys. This, in my opinion, is the enormous downfall. One has to that resist a volume on/down tones to change songs.
-I follows the basshead. Deep master, rumbling tomb. This in spite of, some bass in this speaker entirely riadas out of a midst, and obliterates a highs.
-With which the full initial load, and at most 1 to 2 hours to listen, the battery is already in 90. This means will take nowhere approach a life of the battery announced for load.
-Prize. This speaker offers his well, but in a cost of clarity. It offers the so only has Headed to light system this 'follow' a time of music, but he he terribly. Simply it is not to value $ 45. Material $ 30 that would be he in legislation for this speaker.
4 / 5 Johanna
Has taken this for mine súper music nerd fiancés 44th anniversary with which reading all some descriptions add. He & I that night “of call of music” look it times the week like the music is something connects on. As this was a perfect present for any the one who already has all could love. It was something has not known has required.
Has arrived the week tomorrow. I have done sure to fully it touches like this you inform it quell'has declared to be sure to do. It has done perfectly for some first five nights, but now maintains beeping at least once the song. Almost like one touches of precise battery. Like knots plugged the backsides in tonight of the Friday spent with a resupplied touching the boss & left it be. Tonight, night of Monday, decides in prejudices of music again. To the mine dismays, has begun immediately a “low battery” beeping AGAIN. Needless To say is there is disappointed & has disturbed that instead we have to that appeal to use mine 15 year olds $ pink speaker that reads perfectly. It can add that as I am writing this, has been touching music on he for a past half hour, with an annoying beeps ANNDDD he so only powered down after being touched all the weekend. Behind to an east of pink speaker. Save your money folks.
5 / 5 Sanjuanita
This little speaker is perfect for a cookery 2nd Echo of Show of generation, the league and the stays have connected without the hitch.

Previously used , he JBL Touch which has not touched well with one 2nd Echo of Show of generation, more probably compatibility of blue tooth, has maintained to fall a connection with a Show of Echo 2nd generation.

IF you are having the questions that maintains the connection with the device to Echo newer, can loves upgrade your speaker of blue tooth of more than recent technology of blue tooth. I gleaned that of this compraventa. An old JBL the speaker is now in an Echo 1st Show of generation and working just dandy.

A DOSS Soundbox Pro the speaker also has the really nifty light at night for a cookery also, mark raiding a refrigerator in 2:00 it FOLLOWS the little easier.

This is not in some Sleeps, Bose or Harmen/Karden category of quality of the sound, but are adds to read recipes, touching music to cook for, an informative, and in that adapt me that a timer is on or that has cries it to complete (graces Alexa for nagging me).

Any hesitation recommend this so that a adjunct speaker of blue tooth for any of one 2nd or 3rd Echo of devices of generation, will not be disappointed with a compraventa, the prize is very too much.
5 / 5 Classie
Has bought a speaker on Nov. 9 2018. Fact well. Any complaint excepts perhaps life of battery.

This in spite of, so only recently a speaker no longer resists the load. Normaly Will give the pair of beeps signage his low on battery and then has closed was, but everything of sudden a day so only has closed was. Each one of only does not resist the load. Torres on and turns of rights with which. I have used different bosses, touching blockades and outlets.
Hopefully This is to cover under his guarantee.
Liked a speaker and does not wish to buy of another.
4 / 5 Latina
These have been on sale, as I have bought two with an idea of his pairing to touch in mine gives. It has not expected very a lot, but wow - these are really add for such small speakers, economic! Very better that some integrated speakers in 2500 4K TV. Also, some lights are the good touch and to good sure add to an experience of presentation without doing the things have complicated.

A so only downside in my experience was a real pairing of both speakers immediately. It could no to take them both to pair a same time after following some instructions, there is then @@give my iPad was to leave so only syncing with one. Work for pairing some speakers to the each one which as another in the first place, then syncing with a device afterwards. Had also some crackling and in brilliant noises during some initials syncing processes, but there is softened was over time.
5 / 5 Shelley
The speakers are a lot of entity for me because dance and will travel to different places the sessions with friends. One of some subjects some the big plus has had is able to purchase the speakers are in fact reasonable in measure and therefore transportable and also when being quite strong/ having good quality of sound. I am enamoured absolutely with these speakers. Calm does not have one same @@subject that sees with other small speakers where when you max out of a volume, can listen excess vibrations. A quality of a continuous sound in the spatial spent in any level of volume. A blue tooth are also adds for easy to change music any time during a session. The wonderful cost and am very happy with him!
5 / 5 Christina
I have been using the FUGOO bluetooth speaker partorisca roughly two years and has a lot of be happy with him. I have been doing of house of a start of a pandemic and has decided has loved another speaker. One to dip to a laptop and another for my telephone.

I always peruse some diverse offerings and at length read some descriptions. Some descriptions were big for this speaker as I thought that it would give it shot it. That has sold was a estereo' connection among two speakers, prizes and indications. I have bought two.

There is First pleasure some speakers have been rid quickly and without accidents a next day. The packaging was a lot. Some speakers come with the males-to-male 3.5 mm to the boss, which can go in handy he wishes connects directly to the source of music. Also it comes with the USB-B touching boss.

|Some speakers were 50 touched when I received him. I quite quickly connected to my telephone (Android) with a bluetooth pairing. One 'the party lights' is good and have your election of three solid colours primary or four changing colours. I so only the maintenances in a solid Blue colour as I find him the bit to distract when doing. The desire has given an option for any one the solid (not flashing) colour of flange or a capacity to only turn some lights was, but his no.

A build is solid and no the light , economic 'plasticky' feel. Some keys are hule and have the good to feel when pressed.

After touching the round with some different settings and of the controls of volume have decided to give a second speaker the career and see that a estereo' the connection has touched likes. Connecting a stereo the connection was bit it heavier but, finally was able to take he speakers to speak to the each one like this another and was well to go. It had read an earlier description that has said a stereo the sound has not been some stereo and a sound still is exited of both speakers. Quell'Concealed that has not gone true for my first career. I have found excellent stereo the selection and I recommend test the few songs to try some capacities of some speakers have connected to the each one like this another. My first song for gone was a classical Concentrated Zepplin 'Whole Struggles Amur', if you are familiarised with this song knows was registered originally for 'quad' his to give a feeling of the swarming and swirling wall of sound. A stereo the effect was quite noticeable and clear. Other songs were Some Cars , soyoving in Stereo' and Billy seminal Thorpe 'Boys of a Was used to. A stereo works!

Sound. To this point, has had at all but good things to say in these speakers. This in spite of, here is where am disspointed. A sound of my music finds very flat. My register is FLAC (lossless) and expect listen a full row of music with brilliant crisp and cleaned highs as well as clear bass solids and crisp mid-row. In the word these speakers are soyuddy'. I any precise to apply an impulse of Grave to the equal that seat so only would degrade a quality further. Some speakers dipped out of the just quantity of his and still in the low settings tend to be bit it strong (when working). I have required to touch with my settings to join to try and solve some the muddy subjects and this have helped in some measure, but the only laws on has downloaded the songs have touched directly by means of an installed player. If you go to use the streaming service, as Spotify, Pandora, Radio Paradise or has included the player of cloud has based likes Player of Google, then is stuck with a muddiness quality. It would be very DOSS has had the application of his that another bluetooth speakers, ear buds and the telephones of boss have. Calm until then is relegated to the very built speaker with has limited has described. Of the commentaries a sound will tend to do better in the 2/3 to 3/4 volume, but in this level probably would want to be external to the equal that tends to be bit it strong for use of interior, unless you are cleaning and wants to be able to listen to a music of any room in a house.

I then changed to the pocolos generate different, Jazz, Blues, a sound, although it bit it better was flat mine.

Has used some speakers for the call of telephone and a microphone has done well, with another saying of the person has not listened noise of echo or rear earth.

On everything, supposes that takings like stops of pay. A build is good and solid, the functionality is quite easy and intuitive. A stereo the appearance with two speakers is the enormous plus! Unfortunately, a quality of sound pulls this speaker dips down of the solid 4 stars to the level 3 stars. They are not of the bad speakers, so only can not take on the plan is.
5 / 5 Rosalee
A build of this speaker is really hefty but no heavy. Global durably has done. Some the light flanges are really good and utmost for the parties at night or jam have lit down sessions. In general a quality of his is not bad. Some bass is utmost in incumplimiento but dipping of the extra bass adds some his depth. A volume loses some highs in extra bass this in spite of. The life of battery is point and averts and ossia a characteristic was pressed mostly for when compraventa for the new speaker. A DOSS hard the long time. Any worry at all there. In general, ossia the speaker adds with his add.
4 / 5 Waltraud
Are always leery to purchase down priced Bluetooth speakers like this the street in a burned past me with tinny touching speakers that is not adapted to listen to anything but a book of audio, concealed . It has looked for something small and powerful this was wireless for my bath to substitute the speaker of tower that was always in a way and has had also a unsightly cord draped by means of a wall. I am thrilled absolutely with a quality of this speaker. A sound is vibrant and spends tones of rich bass. Never it will pack a punch of the 200w PA speaker, but sufficed for the small zone. My bath is 15' x 10' and the he more than width to fill a space with sound. So only the utilisation the little time the week for roughly 30 minutes the time. Like this it is it to it remained to him far touched for 3 weeks without the load. They are sure with more than the use would require more frequent touching, but in my experience is the addition adds in my house and I would buy another if a need is arisen. I am spent of the hours that researches it and that looks for a right start wattage. If you are in a fence roughly the, researching and reading descriptions, bite a ball and order this thing. Calm will not be disappointed!
4 / 5 Kimbery

the crew of Service has answered a lot quickly with firmware to fix.
Still a lot sure he can mix and party and use any speaker in winning but until precise to I no.

A sound is well. There is the very better description, enough an impulse of basses is the gimmick. Leaving it was resupplies the sound the natural plus without lossy compression.

Has not tried BT calling but has answered some some times have been connected.

In general, enjoyable audio. Perfecto for setup teardown in tradeshows. Ossia Which use these paralizaciones.
AV Installation of industry/servicing. I love a stereo pair, door the a lot of required breadth so only BT the speakers could not expect resupply so only.

Was skeptical in a sync but is something on.

Prevails My Samsung S9 so only exited of still Dual Audio BT so that it wants to preserve a Stereo the canals for both speakers can do that also!

Thank you Doss For some direct responses and a fully doing speakers again!
Has not sent Never these behind, Doss helped was directly with excellent service.

5-The stars would come with some have improved DAC. You can say the plot of compression spends in some levels of the lowest volume.
5-The hips come the stars yes was sure in this current pairing to stick.

Perhaps will update again.

Which in the Stereo Pair Sub?? Huh Doss? That thinks? It would be bobo but has bet would sell.
Accessory Subwoofer!
4 / 5 Bernard
Is wireless bluetooth cries of speaker. I have bought this portable speaker reason love a capacity to listen the music in my office, in a cookery, a chamber and yes, in a shower and while rasa. It is weighed enough. It would not spend it that it hikes. This in spite of, this weight has translated the rugged and big speaker engine. Have Still for the turn on 60 still while taking pumped for the rowdy the night was. The joy of mine together, does not have any a lot of bass rid for this speaker. I am surprised. Probably it contributes to a lack of the sprain listened while touching noisily. A light characteristic is the good addition and easily can be turned to flash the stead to out. It looks a lot of plastic built and no economic. So much, you can show he without shame. In general, the good value for the speaker of good quality with clear vocals and life of good battery.
5 / 5 Mona
Like some support of client, can no me look the estaca my question. I have LOVED this little speaker, still gave it like this two stars because I require some help. It has taken this for my room around Seven 2019. It has done I add, the sound was to add, the boys were mesmerized for some colours to change (5k would try to speak to his likes to of him was Alexa , lol). One load would last me two days more! It has been it adds.
THIS In spite of, one touching port suddenly there is prendido to connect to a boss, has maintained to listen the beeping and I discharge thinks it touched, but a battery finally drained.
Has tried everything of my bosses, connecting to the mine portable, everything. A port has been always the little release, as I have tried to resist the and propping so only would not connect . Now my favourite speaker is hid out of my seen reason I me sad that can does not use. I am not excited roughly buying another. It can I please take some help? Thank you!!!
4 / 5 Jerald
Ossia The really a lot bluetooth speaker. I have bought this for my daughter because a speaker used has been to a bath with his for his daily shower, and has flown that old speaker, but has touched terrible! This new speaker there is so more fullness, any fuzz, and some bass is included full without that has to that use a key of extra bass. It has not been using some lights in the, excepts to try them was, but probably will use them when has friends on (someday, with which some frights of health of some world-wide diminish bit it!)....In general, the prize adds, the speaker adds! Oh, I have forgotten to mention that a speaker feels solid and very done, with the bit of his weight, to the to the equal that likes. 2 month later, and my daughter still loves this!
4 / 5 Seema
A piece of touch has broken interior six month. Otherwise, The fabulous piece of electronics. Update: it does not squander your money. There is prendido to take the load less than the year. Changing a paper to the touch has not helped. It does not squander six money is one.
5 / 5 Freeda
Has received so only my Soundbox Pro yesterday. I touched it up and it took it fishing at night with me last night. It had planned in just using a cord by night to list the entrance of the mine telephone but has finalised to fall a cord to somewhere, as I have had to that dip on bluetooth. It has connected literally immediately. It has taken roughly 4 seconds. LOL. Quality of his this very good. Bass abonos same without some 'extra bass'. Sales quite the punch for the little speaker. I have not tried the distance my telephone of a speaker still to see the one who a row is, but is gone in the crystal clears of prójimo stops. I have used he for roughly 6 hours and has had any question with a life of battery, but will update description later if ossia a subject . It does not give never anything 5 stars out of a door. If it resists up over time and a life of battery is announced like this, probably would give it 5 stars, but first impression is very good.
5 / 5 Taylor
Sounds of music bland, any stereo effect. Almost pleasant. RGB Lights of the way of the party blinks constantly and can not be turned was, totally in entertained. Impulse of basses the only frames touch muddier. Too expensive for such lackluster action.
5 / 5 Sasha
My indication of 3 is not the reflection of a build or quality of his of these speakers. In this diverse prize a quality of build is excellent and the my ears, how is a sound . My indication is based on some setup the questions that takes some speakers partorisca communicate with an another. Some speakers come partially touched but before I have tried a setuo, I plugged the both in the fully his touch. When I have begun setup, has opened a paper of settings in mine telephone and then a bluetooth paper. A telephone has relieved a signal of Boxes of the Sound immediately. When I Have paste a key of pair and that also done perfectly. Like this far any question. When I Have been thru some steps partorisca take some two speakers partorisca communicate with each mandate that has to do you to take the true stereo effect, at all looked partorisca do. I have looked the pair of You Tubes video partorisca do sure he properly. I emailed the unit of service of the client of a costruttore exp!aining A question. I have been convinced was partorisca have that band some speakers on and send them behind the Amazon. In the pair of hours, has taken a response of email of DOSS which has comprised the firmware upgrade file with instructions on regarding the install. I have downloaded a file to mine portable and has copied then he to the micro SD paper. With some speakers have turned was, has inserted a paper to a micro SD paper to a space in a backside of a speaker. I have turned a speaker on and he immediately relieved and installed a new firmware. Some lights on a speaker will flash during this process. When Prenden partorisca flash a upgrade is installed and has turned a speaker was. You repeat a same process with a second speaker. With a new firmware installed in both speakers, my question has been solved. My speakers do perfectly now.
One of reasons has bought these speakers was that they have had the micro SD space of paper in a backside. My plan was partorisca copy my favourite music to the card and not using my telephone at all. Some presenters of Tube of video all signal out of these characteristic but never use a SD paper like the source of music. When I tried It, a music has touched well of a speaker that a paper was plugged to, but has not sent the signal to a second speaker. With touch partorisca touch of only a speaker, has no stereo effect at all. The supposition so only will owe that use my telephone all a time. I have been disappointed that this was a chance .
In general, in spite of these glitches, am happy with cost of mine. As I have said sooner, a build and quality of his is of sound.

4 / 5 Jay
A stop of system that touches. His no useable anymore. Squandered My money. It would return it, but I have written my name in a box partorisca when it took it partorisca do.
4 / 5 Lula
Ossia The good speaker partorisca of the money! Quite easy to use and sounds well for my needs! It would advise any to take a flash update like this has done them, to maintain he of automatically turning was after like this small! (Factory preset to save can of battery, automatically turns era. The good concept but the ache to have that maintains to turn behind on and pairing after the pocolos small) This fallido until the taken a flash update! It is easy to do and a DOSS the web of place and the service of client is a lot very roughly that. If in question, control youtube. A costruttore has the video on regarding the do! It would buy it again!
5 / 5 Velvet
Has looked for the good way to touch the music has gone by my group without spending the plot of money. I have loved also something easy to dip-arrive and was battery powered so that it has not had to tug to a cord of to the extension around likes with my speakers of old. My main worry previously to purchase a DOSS Soundbox Pro was would have quite volume to be listened quite clear while in a group, but in this prize adds thought that would give it to it shot it. I have been surprised in any so only a quality of his, but has had to turn a volume down so as to not taking complaints of my neighbours. I plan to buy the second a to pair with east a to take some stereo the action that goes. Highly recommend!!
5 / 5 Dawna
I a lot seldom write descriptions, but has had to write one in this speaker. They are like this pleasantly surprised in a quality and his of this speaker. They are so only in a moon. We take this to camp and is like this happy with him. A sound is near of an interior stereo. Strong and abundance of low! Any tinny at all! Some lights are a prize added . Very simple to dip up and use. At all in the calm no precise . We try it we was last night in our rear yard and can the to us listen all a way of a porch to an alley for behind our strong and clear house! Ossia Roughly 70 feet was. HIGHLY it recommends this product! Way to go to a costruttore! I produce it adds!! Thank you.
5 / 5 Owen
Was pleasantly surprised in a quality of his of of the this. Included some the deep bass of heavy metal have touched well - after pressing a “key” of basses. With some especially the strong & strong metal has has had to that so only turn a volume down the little has bitten anchors it take well, his of clear quality. The only question is a colored the lights do not do like this announced that. They do not flash a lot at all, it has left so only in time with a music. And they are almost always you see so only. A lot it would prefer to look in the different colours that flashes to a music. But for this quality of his I supposition can live with him.
4 / 5 Brenna
First what in the first place, one matt to be of the physical organism is utmost , his test of scratch, smooth and soft. A stereo quality of his glorious east, any sprain in full volume. Bluetooth Looks to do wonderfully, fast connection and also long row. I touched it external while it has cleaned a yard and a device connected - my telephone was way inside my house, likes connection of looks of long row well. I have it quell'has touched already he for roughly 4-5 hours and did not touch it still. Still to try a lot of his characteristic, but has has begun already love the, would recommend to give try.

Update (01/7/19): pocolos gilipollas in this product
a) A sound is not like this strong, are adds for the small party of few people, or inner activities b) the life of battery is good - the can not be said bad but like this durable. A thing I personally fill annoyed is a flashing light that can not be turned was, or at least has not been that to do.
4 / 5 Tara
Has had this speaker for almost 2 weeks and loves that to knots. In the first place, a battery is surprising! The one first initial load of the turn on and has does not have to that it touches after 1 week and 5 days of use. We use for 2-3 hours the day, like this at least 24 hours of use. A quality of his this really well, no a better but better that has expected. An impulse of basses is the good characteristic and does not distort a sound or effect a quality of sound. This speaker is crazy strong in a house but have a lot of ventured external with him still. Some lights of party are the pleasant characteristics and our 2 yr old loves him. A bluetooth the connection is a lot very also. I do not think you it can take the better speaker for a prize.
4 / 5 Liana
I utmost sounds paired together. Real stereo of these Bluetooth speakers. To good sure will fill the room with sound. The life of battery is orders also. Has the Bose Soundlink III of the that the battery is going bad and these Doss Soundbox pro has been purchased to use while a Bose has taken fixed. I owe that admit that these Doss Bluetooth the speakers are the wonderful substitution . The life of battery is sum and pairing some two speakers is easy. A Master speaker controlls another speaker and sound of utmost joint. They are the happy partner .
5 / 5 Laurie
I like this speaker with respecting the operation (his). This in spite of, with which 3 month, a receptacle where covers it to you in a supply to be able to of the USB has spent was. Hardly he now, can line he until the load but is not well. This was after normal use i.et. plugging He in and out of the reasonable number of time without undue stress on that.

Up to date indication: I have contacted vendor in a receptacle to be able to past, with photo and of the descriptions, and his promptly sent me the unit of substitution. The service adds and really likes me a speaker.

Top Customer Reviews: [Upgrade] DOSS E-go ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5 Amee
Well, DOSS was has done him this time! Has the little of his products and this one topped them all like this far. It likes- one coverage of cloth and he way some keys in fixed and a sweetness of them. A lit DOSS the key is the idea adds . A fund of hule has the soft grippy seats his and a loop is a lot flexible. It is light but feels substantial in my hand. Has an ash an and is a lot good to look in. Now, a sound. Some bass are balanced perfectly and punchy. Some the electrical guitars of basses growl and have impact as well as some drums. A plus under mods is cleaned and well has defined. A highs is sweet and tingling. A lot clear and musical. I will buy more for present so that the friends will have his of quality in his possession!! Yes they are raving in this speaker. Has 207 Bluetooth speakers in my collection. It say that I am familiarised with small speakers. Ossia An incredible value .
4 / 5 Shenita
WOW! These few rocks of speaker. I have loved the bluetooth speaker for my bicycle. I have tried bluetooth auricular, but was uncomfortable, has had noise of bad wind and blocked out of necessary noises like this of the horns. I have tried then the MaketheOne speaker. It was small and economic, but a quality of sound has been missing of and the volume so only has no the cut unless it has had zero traffic in of the low speeds with small wind. I have then tried a Doss And-Aller and blew was. You locate Easily in some handlebars with a same silicone stap like MaketheOne. A quality of his for the small speaker is upper notch and a volume is rediculous. Literally I can you do not look all a way because it is too strong. These few rocks of speaker. Now to all the cost of a half - heavy traffic or zooming down the hill with a wind howling, these cranks of what was abundance of his of good quality. There is taken on the two walk of now today and dip a speaker in my bicycle directly out of a box without the touch and fly easily a whole walk. In $ 25 it is the no brainer. Buy this speaker if you are the cyclist and love the reasonably small weight , light speaker with quality of his very and abundance of volume. Ossia A one is looking for.
5 / 5 Hassie
A main reason has taken a DOSS And-go was reason is Alexa -there is Enabled. Some instructions am not a lot well explain like Alexa connected. Which have to that be facts was first, is to connect a DOSS And-go to your telephone has seen Bluetooth, then download a DOSS And-go application and open application, has to expect for the minute or two for him paired. Once paired, click in an Amazon Alex login key in an application. Once this is to do can you clicas in an icon of microphone in an application to ask Alexa question or the music of game or calm can press a key of microphone in DOSS And-go. Also, calm now can go Alexa application in yours telephone and select any one a DOSS And-go or Alexa to touch music, but has to that maintain a DOSS And-go application on. Unfortunately, I have not been able to have Alexa and DOSS-And touch a same song a same time.
5 / 5 Shanelle
Has bought one and was very impressed for his measure is quality of his this very good. Some engineers have done the good work in that directs in the his plus of quality of balance. So only quite mid bass for the listen has fallen, a highs is prominent maintaining an animate music and some tomb a lot on-extend. A amp the section of section is prettt effective also to the equal that can produce good music in of the further down and same volumes like this in a level of the main volume.
In comparison to an And-GO II, one And-GO produced the majority of animate music in level of volume lower and main. One And-GO II is quite muddy and muffled in the lowest volume, has to go main in a level of volume to take one And-GO II touching decent.
In general, one And-GO is one very good economic tiny speaker. It is to add when you love your music in of the most personal volumes lower and no the slouch neither when want crank a volume up.
Buys 16 more And-GOs to be gifted was the familiar and friends for a season.
5 / 5 Wesley
Yours really & Well is decent the considering so only has 1 speaker/of engine. It does not touch thin or tinny. For this measure is quite powerful to rid quite a lot of music for the small space. Using alfresco he which would expect for the small pleasant speaker. The bass is sufficient to give the sound 'full' except any 'bassy', highs & mid-the row is on point for the pleasant speaker. In general, he WONT swipe down some doors but so that it is & so that it is able to do thus measured REALLY likes it to me...

The construction is really well/has prevails feels, hanged Very light, easy to spend, simple to pair, the controls are easy to comprise & use...

All are looking for is the good speaker to spend together with you to casually listen the music ossia light weight , easy to use with the decent speaker can rid & will not disappoint .
4 / 5 Pearly
Has purchased this speaker to listen the audiobooks in mine iPod. I listen to them at night and it have been using auricular or earbuds.
This law of speaker adds. A sound is very better that that had been using is a lot clear and
am not breaking my ears.
Anymore So many looks like this flimsy this chance is the big surprise reason is like this sturdy. It does not listen to the plot of music as I have not tried that still but am sure that it was adds.
One uploads hard 2 nights. Taken roughly 2 hours for a recharge.
Ossia An excellent speaker in the prize a lot of abordable.
My only remorse is that I have not bought this more collected. Shopping again.
4 / 5 Coretta
Much smaller that has expected but the thing is sum ! Nizza To be able to spend something in ours porch with us concealed does not have to that plugged in. It looks to do the majority of some mandates of Alexa of the tone, but am sure will be to add more over time. In general, I produce it adds especially for a prize
5 / 5 Tova
has purchased a speaker to dip for my nightstand, leaving me to listen to a TV when my woman has seen in another room. It connects immediately to a receiver of Coverage of the Dish and reconnects simply to press an On key. This was all that has asked and extracted perfectly. Of course it is the static situation , any subjects of drain of the battery or other mobile questions. Of course it is not HiFi, but well for my application. It is Bluetooth connectivity in worries of closure some people. This device agrees his partners and reconnects on beats-up. The prizes add for functional speaker.
5 / 5 Cordia
Has looked for the waterproof speaker that was Alexa there is enabled and found had few elections. This one has taken some undermining before I found it. A quality of his excellent east for a money. I used it exclusively in a shower and has taken wetted without any subjects. An application is quell'has bitten scaly - but finds that to be true with more than applications that is not mainstream. Mark sure is conjoint that can operate he in a fund. This has taken deselected somehow for me. Also, you leave the entirely first pair to spend an application up. Calm then can take the precise look to same pair with which can see in a bluetooth together on there is paired. There it does not look to be the key of type 'next' but touch a screen sometimes goes to an animation of pairing. A tone done when you press a microphone for Alexa orders rattle your teeth. Calm once listen it, calm does not love it never listen again. But touch the small prize to pay. It do not doubt for the buy given a prize.
4 / 5 Malik
I like a speaker in general the good compraventa. A partner asked to order one. A prize is trace $ he bummer sure, was $ . Any the breaker to treat, could do worse with your money. You recommend still rough and tumble activity. Really it can very well it dips ready he partorisca chilling was. The games cost with other speakers. A runt of a discharge that thinks is upper dog .
4 / 5 Odelia
This little Doss Bluetooth the speaker does quite good and more often connects easily. If has the number of Bluetooth elements, this can not look in a cast. You can hook he up with your telephone with an application to use Alexa. Now some last times have tried to connect he with my iPod, does not look and has to that way that has had to that use an auxiliary cord. Going this street this in spite of is not like this sincere and a red of blue light turns for some reason. It is wonderful when he street Bluetooth for when you are in a gone. In general I am happy with him, but wish it could have done perfectly with a cord.
4 / 5 Ellyn
Right out of a box, this touched for hours. Like this easy the sync, the quality of sound adds. I have bought to use in walks of bicycle, specifically a upcoming jingle walk. It is the tad big, but would return in my pocket of sweater. At present they are that it looks for the way to locate where the would not attack around. Has the loop, that so only no for my use. I love some few keys of control, easy the skip, turn, volume of control. I also like an option to use the micro sd paper to upload music. I have not bought it takes Alexa use, as I can not comment in that. I want that it is waterproof. Also I have compared the EWA A106 laptop. A A106 is smaller, but heavier, and has his well for $ 16, but is looking to fly music, goes with with Doss!
4 / 5 Katelin
The powerful sound built in the small sized speaker, Doss the speaker does not disappoint me never in quality of sound. Compraventa Good
4 / 5 Kathe
was bondadoso of skeptible of if this would be the good speaker to use out of doors and in my car with to the was thoroughly pleased when I have listened his in a way to do in mine car and look forward to to use the alfresco when I the excellent yard is very easy to dip up with a DOSS the application of Google blesses your day..
5 / 5 Emmett
Has bought this to use with Alexa... It is so only the speaker has glorified, Alexa unless it use likes the speaker with of your Echo. To take it the upgrade, has to go in-line and download a upgrade in the MicroSD paper, then insert to a speaker. ANY VALUE a work!

Will say it has had his decent, and could take quite strong ( has used the to listen while in a shower). But, it is it is returned he so that it was also of the hassle to take upgraded.
4 / 5 Gloria
Has ordered this mainly to use with the digital projector. I have been using my clave of television of fire of Amazon with the projector and Bluetooth Echo of Image Alexa speaker more Acute. Alexa speaker so only has not had a necessary volume for some of some applications in a clave of television of the fire for some reason. This little Doss the speaker is surprising in comparison. You owe that press a key of microphone to use Alexa looks to the equal that could be annoying use for that. Neither I imagined it it was like this to use a Bluetooth with my TV of fire sticks like this finalised to be using a to the-in. It has had to download an application to pair with my telephone like any sure requires to do one same for my clave of fire.
4 / 5 Felicia
A bit that the speaker is stronger then the expect. A quality is WELL, a quality of build is a lot well, comfortable of the resist manually or the spend on rucksack. His very small speaker to hike. A Bluetooth the league is very stable, a connection of Alexa of the amazon can no so only with a speaker, need to connect a telephone and opened a Doss And-go application.
4 / 5 Andrea
An echo has not been in stock for awhile has bought this like a present of prompt Valentine's day for my fiancé before it go in to to detachment likes him Alexa of provisional. The so that it likes roughly the one of the majority of era a quality of sounds of orders of sound especially with Spotify those touches! An only flu has had with east has been can take sd papers but will not take mine 64 gb without formatting any way are I formatting mine 2900 songs. Also Alexa does not do a lot very I so that it use it so only for Bluetooth!
5 / 5 Jinny
Would dip a quality of his on prójimo a Bose equivalent of this speaker. In 1/3 a prize. Really I want like this that can dip carabiner clip on he (sees photo) and ensure yours rucksack, tape, or the to anything would like to ensure the to.

A quality of his east surprising for a measure of this little type. Very impressed! Probably I will buy the little more!!
4 / 5 Asa
Has taken this speaker in treating he of lightning and decided for the try. Yowza!!! This thing is awesome: súper easy to connect, resists the load well, can go anywhere with you ( is like a measure of the tape of cassette but slightly fatter), and has sweats to add! I add to travel too much. Has the paving of the small studio and ossia perfect for me.
4 / 5 Francene
Quality of his for a measure is exceptional. If it has Alexa or Echo, this law so that it adds especially has some accounts of Before Amazon partorisca music and such. It resists this thing in my hand when we go partorisca our daily walks and I can feel one bases in. More his test partorisca water that they are partorisca add take to take is gone in one drives. You love it. So only wish a life of battery was longer.
5 / 5 Stella
Will say that a sound is SURPRISING!
This in spite of yes ask Alex partorisca touch Iheart irradiate it taking the moment partorisca connect.
Sometimes partorisca a music and or when has ads.
Would recommend to touch music of Spotify, ITUNES, and Pandora.
Another that that his amazing and has had quality of his add.
5 / 5 Enola
Very clear, his brilliant. Well he he. Compact. Perfecto partorisca a beach. The sand of focus of the hule and of the bad water does not take the critical zones. Partorisca His measure, the remarkable little speaker. Also I have the Ue Megaboom, and while ossia much stronger with more bass (in 8 times a prize) a Doss the speaker in fact has better, clearer highs.
4 / 5 Trent
In front of all the wasnt bribed by a vendor partorisca write the description, has chosen them this up in treating he of lightning, and his result my favourite speaker. Has the little of them partorisca several uses. His súper strong and has the sound adds is surprising out of him. Ossia The no brainer. It take another goes on sale again.
4 / 5 Vella
Any question that dips it up. Has his add and is exactly that has expected. My only suggestion would be partorisca give an option partorisca turn down Alexa yours when have paste a key. It is much stronger that a music is touching or the voice of Alexa. Hopefully This will be to fix punctual with the update of software. If this option exists has no the found still looked for it. Otherwise Are adds.
4 / 5 Meg
A hard battery seemingly partorisca always in this thing! I have been using he partorisca month in a shower like the bluetooth speaker and totally forget concealed 'oh yeah, will require partorisca touch this thing has retreated on finally.' So only it maintains partorisca go and that goes. The sounds that surprised, waterproof. I compress partorisca travesía. Perfecto!
5 / 5 Tamela
A description of product could direct your partorisca think that is partorisca say a LTE the device and ossia so only NOT correcting. It is an Echo adds that connects your pill/of telephone and uses any communications have on that partorisca do is what . A quality of his utmost east and a prize is in right partorisca an Echo there is enabled bluetooth speaker.
4 / 5 Adrien
A creation of hardware is upper-notch. But otherwise, is so only the piece of metal of discharge in the quite a lot of box. A way of offers of Echo of Amazon his best that this speaker.
Once imagine the one who that to rid some sound of quality with real volume, then can offer the better indication. How it is, it requires the help of has listened.
4 / 5 Philomena
Loves this speaker! The sound is surprising for such the small speaker. An only negative is a tone of chance of Alexa. WAY too strong in normal volume. It can not be disabled and does this function almost unusable, IMO. If it has had the way to turn this was or regulate a volume of him, would give it 5 stars. I still recomend.
4 / 5 Kim
This there is prendido to do after the day. We had it to us paired and doing well. A next day says that we have had to connect by means of an application. An application have given then instructions on like this to download firmware, dipped he to the micro SD paper and then of then to a speaker. Ossia Ridiculous as I sent it behind.
4 / 5 Jenna
Rings the way to touch Alexa in a car of mine stereo does not have bluetooth. Work well, but no a quality of mine automobile stereo. It touches decent just using he in a house, but concealed is not why has has loved that. I maintain in mine car to read books of audio.
4 / 5 Shirleen
My only complaint is life of battery . I have bought partorisca use work, and because of the noise has to that touch almost quickly. A battery seams to die with which roughly four hours of the mine eight turn of now. Another that that they are adds . Begun use the backside on battery that improves it.
4 / 5 Valarie
Adds for a money, this little type done in a local group (street bluetooth). It take it it go to a yard at night. A wireless chose it up without any questions. It has not tried a waterproofing, but when any outside, am using he in a bath. Hopefully Will not attack he in a tub, but will not concern me raisin .
4 / 5 Tommye
The product adds for a prize. It was surprised of like this strong is and the life of battery is decent. On everything produces add
5 / 5 Joi
gives this one for stars because it has been expecting the to be the little stronger. But in general it dips out of the quality of his very and is attractive and well-has built. I have not had any question that connects it to any of my devices. You owe that press a key for him to actuate Alexa.
5 / 5 Shantell
The sound is a lot when connecting street Bluetooth.
BUT the sound is a lot down when connecting street To the BOSS.
4 / 5 Willian
This pocola what is quite good touching. Quell'Has bought them he partorisca was to use with my telephone for navigation when it goes in them of the travesías and the sound in the car for hire. In planting to try pair my telephone with a car bluetooth assuming a car still there is bluetooth, the pair my telephone to this speaker. He doesn;t cut of the directions of voices of a navigation the difference of another economic speaker has bought them. So many thumbs up!
4 / 5 Santos
A quality of his glorious east! Search to listen with him on your @@@cofre - some bass penetrates your soul and calm will fall enamoured with a awesome percussive rhythms that these products of projects and small speaker!
4 / 5 Zaida
A speaker was easy to link to mine iphone with which have downloaded one 'DOSS ego application. Has good volume and touch really good. It can use the little more the bass but concealed is not the breaker of extracted. It likes-me Alexa compatibility also.
5 / 5 Tierra
Utmost measure, the creation and The needs of APPLICATION to plot of work.... Repeatedly it refuses to recognise it links to APPLICATION..... navigating The APPLICATION is confusing and unhelpful..... Attentive for upgrades and first improvements to buy.
5 / 5 Edyth
It likes-me all in this speaker EXCEPT an application that goes with this junk! It does not connect Alexa! If calm so only love the small portable speaker, this are add, but no spent with intention partorisca connect Alexa.
5 / 5 Azalee
Quality of his this surprisingly good but does not take any a lot of volume. It feels light in your delivery likes would have to that have more his but in of general the very small speaker. It likes that it is waterproof and has Alexa. You gotta download a diss application that goes with him partorisca use his tho. The connection was simple and is easy to operate.
5 / 5 Pa
Easy to connect the iPhone of my daughter. You love it and it has been listening his nonstop! It comes with auxiliary cord partorisca use when required. Load well and fast. Easy instructions. I add compraventa!
5 / 5 Marybeth
Buy this partorisca a xmas present and has listened hardly was surprised. Considering his in this measure of the can of soda a sound is strong and clear. Highly recommend this speaker.
4 / 5 Karie
I really like this Speaker an only downfall has fallen on is clashed have fallen was not that time. A Quality of his this very good and chooses on beautiful far was. This in spite of falls a signal is used partorisca long periods.
5 / 5 Jolie
Adds compraventa! I agree old speakers my parents have had when it grow up with only the fraction of a measure. Easy to do also.
4 / 5 Tilda
Add little speaker partorisca books on tape or tunes. No partorisca audiophiles, but to good sure partorisca all the world. Fallen he in a shower several times of on 6 feet. Any question.
4 / 5 Leonard
Ossia The add little speaker. It is portable, almost unbreakable, and has his good plus that some devices have tried with him.
4 / 5 Chadwick
Laws as well as the Bluetooth speaker, but some uses of part of Alex some application that so only likes near up in my telephone. The majority the time will connect with Alex leaves.
5 / 5 Angila
A lot of misleading. It is simply the bluetooth speaker that connects to your telephone. Ossia. It can not connect to the your wifi and no without your telephone has connected his. It is so only another Bluetooth speaker.

Top Customer Reviews: DOSS ICON True ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
5 / 5 Chaya
These Bluetooth earbuds is fantastic! I finally found some this returns properly and have his estupefaciente also!! They come with the variety of soft tips partorisca several measures of ear, but has found that a pre-the installed tips return more partorisca me. In fact they block it was the majority of an external noise also. They were extremely easy to pair with my Samsung telephones and have the volume adds. I have chosen a look of black graphite and has not been disappointed. A small egg shaped to the folds of chance likes him upload the and turn well in. Has the small R and L partorisca help identify right and left (good work!). My only commentary is that they do not use the boss of USB rule and a boss has distributed is quell'has bitten short. I have purchased the small adapter partorisca be able to use with the USB rule that can be found everywhere. So only the smallest commentaries. In general these earbuds is for real wireless and touch wonderful. I will see what time the hard load, but like this far has not run out of being able to partorisca the full day.

I highly recommend these!!!
4 / 5 Concepcion
Was excited like this partorisca receive these earbuds reasons has contemplated partorisca buy AirPods but is like this expensive. I have loved a same or better quality but for half a cost. Honradamente Can say that a quality is surprising arrest so only $ 50. Sometimes I owe that maintain an out to listen my half because ossia which well an annulment of noise is. They touch súper quickly like this precise to, can have him touched fully less than 40 minutes that is surprising for the full load. A packaging further is appealing, any included wants to take he out of a box because a presentation was like this good. An access is awesome and if question of the like uses earbuds reasons are too big or too small, this comes with silicone of different measure earbud tips, as you will be sure to find a perfect access.
4 / 5 Rosemary
Has not used wireless earbuds before and has been in a phase for some new some concealed does not hurt my ears. I can not spend a AirPods or Apple corded auricular because a form hurts my inner ear. It likes- one soft form of this receiver, is comfortable to spend for hours the time. These come with the few different measures of a earbud leaves to the equal that can regulate to anything is comfortable for you! It was the little defiant to take a hangs of not touching a earbud to regulate reason a touch in fact so that it is touching.
5 / 5 Natasha
These are some really impressive ear buds. A sound is on point with ear of main final buds. An access is comfortable and does not feel to like goes to burst was at all. They come with the ear of calm different measure touch can substitute. I have found that some tips of ear that had installed the, has done so only well for me.

A chance is to upload it also, and is quite small, that can spend you he in your pocket.

The ear adds buds for a prize. It could not be happier.
4 / 5 Jacalyn
A packaging is impressive, felt it already, my expectations were big in this point and sure enough, quality of his east amazing pleasant and stereo the functions are excellent, a transition among both ways is very smooth, all the functions do properly, has included some aims is very clear, declares to use he for the few days already and think that a life of battery is incredibly, can run any prendiendo streaming music for roughly 9 hours
4 / 5 Kathyrn
Very small, compact ear and comfortable pieces. No longer it falls easy was, as it would be good for workouts. A pairing is very easy and sincere. A chance has the interior of band of the battery, which will touch when earpiece is of tower in a chance that gives extra power, which is really good. Highly recommended element.
5 / 5 Gricelda
Would owe that comprise like first law. A quality is fantastic!
Has wanted to expect first to write the description. I took him for $ 32 during extracted he of day. There is not doubted. I have bought the doss box several months and was very satisfied with a product. It is simply quality for a right prize.
Had surprised sincerely for T33. Calm will not complain .
5 / 5 Olivia
Has bought these for the together spare and has finalised to use these more am a lot strong the majority of comfortable plot that my last hover and a look of the edge of the carbon is better that could have expected for the hard battery 5-6 hrs first to require to be touched highly would recommend
4 / 5 Zofia
Never has not thought never would take the pair of wireless earbuds bc lose all like this easily. But these have been on sale for the really good prize. I love him. One hard load /for ever/ in a chance. If I listen to a buds for four hours in work, take the 45 min eaten and entrance, a buds is touched fully again. Easy the easy. Easy to dip up.

Literally my subject only is that I have to that dipped in both buds to sync his and then take one if so only want to use one. But ossia smaller.
4 / 5 Dale
Has bought these in the whim, has purchased several insiemi of Bluetooth earbuds. His pair easily and will do for separate. A sound is well, does not add and has been trying together different of tips to take a pertinent access, has not been able to really his dial in this last bit, but turn well, so only not perfecting. Behind to a sound, is same and some bass is WELL, although material could find some the right tips would be better. Value of the money has paid.
5 / 5 Federico
Really good wireless bluetooth, comes with hard plastic coverage, his of deep bass and playback time. You can use to enjoy your music while you are doing, the quality adds touches very well has defined. The life of battery is quite well, the creation and the quality is excellent as at all it looks to spend after falling them on a walk the little time. I produce to add and economic. They are happy to bought the.
4 / 5 Emeline
Has researched Bluetooth earbuds for several weeks. There are so many options and of the so many claims. Reading some descriptions and questions in this product, has decided to give try them the. They have had ALL that has loved in wireless earbuds. I have loved his to add, the chance the touch that could be it touched with USB and an option to use so only a earbud (sinister or right), the time of use adds, time of fast load and good row. The and has recommended this product by all the world.
5 / 5 Mariette
Probably some the better headphones has has not used never. Well value a prize. A sound are to add and clear, does not hurt my ears, hardly can him feel and life of looks of battery to last the longest plot that other pairs have had. Easy and fast load also.
4 / 5 Boris
A True Wireless Earbuds go in the sealed, the box has drawn fantastically that would do the wonderful present. A box contains 1 again wireless joint earbuds, 1 touching chance, 6 ear of tips of hule (s, m, l), with some easy to comprise manual comprising information of support of the client yes has required. A earbuds is very easy to pair. Very very built and quality of offer of his upper ossia crazy astonishingly the crystal clears without a seal of expensive prize. It does not comprise to wall of 5 volts outlet discharges. They are overjoyed with this product.
5 / 5 Lester
After touching, the open box and both would have to that have red or blue point that objective. If an is not test lit again or so only a bud pair. The setting of click and telephone has opened the number instructs on. A L and R is inner tiny, inserts/inserts in correct ear and usually access.
5 / 5 Karisa
Near adds of headphones that sticks to your ears. Some initially equally controls odd reasons was so only able to listen of one and a lot another. But on reading a manual, has has had to that so only subtract a pairing and work without any subjects. Mark sure that has read a manual if it is not doing like this expected that :D... I mainly uses in a gymnasium while hanged of lifting and that careers in a treadmill. The life of battery is also good and taste that of a chance can accustom touch.
5 / 5 Kristine
This ear buds last FOR EVER. These have his add and annul out of another noise astonishingly, an only downside is when exiting a slide out of alittle (weve has had to change a measure of a material of hule) when they the slide was and calm press he behind in still a music that drive crazy. I outrage concealed these are surprising!
4 / 5 Devona
Big quality
His very clear
prize sopredente the one who a does not imagine never Edges very economic
The creativity is astounding
In truth that neither the audiphones of Sony compare with these audiphones and concealed that the audiphones of sony edges a lot very well very expensive
And @darse me that edges polquerias and rubbishes
5 / 5 Jeffrey
These earbuds is amazing quality for an amazing prize. Has quality of his add and is very comfortable. My ears are small how is difficult to find comfortable earbuds, but these are utmost and have 4 different measures for all the ears.
5 / 5 Rufina
Amazing products! I have had doubt roughly that . But I have it it has shot . It was impressed really if a sound , has included my husband was likes “ has to that be the good cause can listen he of by means of a room lol “ .

Comes with him if beautiful .
Like this easy to connect to a telephone .
Really recommends he
4 / 5 Fredda
I have used so only once and there it went it on upload for weeks of the days before was that they use partorisca prepare for use. It has been in walk and is lasted so only 20 min perhaps.
4 / 5 Ada
Quality of his better that my Galaxy buds and almost in pair with my libratone the air+ is which is sadly now a lot-operational.
4 / 5 Gisela
The access adds. Other insiemi felt really bulky, but this lustrous creation done for my small ears. I have tried another together and exchanged him for these reasons have hurt my like this bad ears and would fall off.

4 / 5 Carmine
A packaging was lustrous and sturdy. These go in the utmost sturdy chance. An ear buds come with the manual of user and upload. A better part is a quality of his and the noise that annuls characteristic. Some sounds are clear and crisp!! They are very happy with cost of mine and will be to buy another pair for a hubby for Navidad!!!
4 / 5 Carly
Was pleasantly surprised in that I like these earbuds. A colour is like this pleasant and a quality is glorious. They return in an ear comfortably. To good sure would recommend.
4 / 5 Tomoko
The life of battery is surprising in these, last like this long! They connect to mine telephone quickly and is remained hangs it my half marathon!
4 / 5 Seymour
Has multiple pairs of ear buds for the different things and I think these are my preferred . They have connected easily, quality of his east well, and I really do like a creation.
4 / 5 Jami
Ossia A place an easy plus of ear buds has has not used never. Highly I recommend him.
5 / 5 Omega
To the equal that touch utmost and am able to go of one finalises of my house and outside with them in before his disconnect of my telephone in another side of a house. They return in my good ears and touch quite good. My main complaint is that a chance of touch was a lot of lined up in an upper and fund, doing me marvel if these where used or to the to something likes concealed. Otherside The sound and the law add.
4 / 5 Verla
Adds,crisp his, very sensitive and no self better device.
5 / 5 Yesenia
Doss Done of the very good products and a service of client is upper notch
5 / 5 Patience
tends to slide out of my ears after the moment and pressing them behind in of the causes a lot am listening to still take which is annoying but otherwise any complaint!
4 / 5 Alla
A sound is clear partorisca application of the music but I love my money behind. When on telephone all the world says “ can repeat concealed”. They can no partorisca listen me. It can it listens him perfect but I his muffled. Utilisation my telephone the plot partorisca speak with people. It is terrible to require the another column partorisca estimate produced. One this estimate on all satisfactory experience.
4 / 5 Mila
Good value partorisca of the money! I use him partorisca gaming (Call partorisca Have to that & PUBG), no partorisca music... His well!
5 / 5 Suanne
The container is really well, value a prize. Creation of a earbud the comfortable fact partorisca spend for long time. Easy to connect and use. Quality of his this quite awesome. Amur This earbuds.
4 / 5 Cathie
A life of battery is awesome and taste that can you to it use neither one for of them want to . They remain in my well of ear.
5 / 5 Eugenie
Loves these headphones! They are very easy the setup and come with simple instructions , clear. I want that you can use an ear bud the time. A small touching the chance has the form adds and an ear buds satisfyingly, magnetically snaps to plant. Ear buds is very comfortable and quality of his utmost east.
4 / 5 Greg
According to the pair so only does not operate . A sound is a lot well, a better. But no like this it describes. It has not done long enough to say life of battery.
5 / 5 Dexter
The sound adds, good access, and life of good battery. Really happy with a compraventa.
5 / 5 Glayds
Of wireless ear buds, but saint cow, DOES not FALL The CHANCE.

Has included the short (Roughly 3 ft) the drop has broken a hinge of chance, and has annoyed a connectivity partorisca touch

Disappointing durability in a otherwise good product partorisca a prize.
4 / 5 Verlie
Adds partorisca music. The quality of call has been paste and lose, although no more than another earbuds. It was especially happy to take them on discounts further during the day available.
5 / 5 Norene
These things are impressive. They touch far better that has expected in this prize.
4 / 5 Demetrius
A quality of his of these earbuds is the upper notch. The noise that annuls work a lot well and annuls more if any all the background noise that can listen you. The easy pairing is the plus . To good sure would recommend these.
5 / 5 Shaunte
A earbuds has done as it has described has taken partorisca use before recharging a sound was a lot
5 / 5 Christie
Ear buds there is acted bad a first day, spent it up with a DOSS instruments of the support and they take me quickly the new pair. Some the new substitutions has quality of his add and annulment of nose. In general the good product partorisca use casually. Thank you DOSS.
5 / 5 Woodrow
Literally has taken so only this out of a box & a buds will not touch ! I have touched a chance fully & a bus still will not touch ! I have expected the week partorisca east.. They are by train partorisca return them & will not be buying anything with this mark partorisca a foreseeable future. RUBBISH
5 / 5 Shantel
These things are craps! They touch well, but they will not remain paired together. Calm neither take the ear has left, or right ear. They are happy is lasted so only long quite that can no to send them behind.

Top Customer Reviews: Bluetooth ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
Colour: Ona of product Adds Blue: also it possesses an original SoundBox and that is to say an improvement in this creation, smaller and sleeker that an original but in any one admits in his, in fact some the low frequencies are better, much more defined in this new model. A quality of his excellent east for a prize, would compare in the speakers that very cost, much more! A tez is quite well, very robust, any rattling or buzzing included in of the strong volumes. A life of stack is also very well, has achieved a fianc 12 hours or better in the volumes have moderated models.
Has saved a better for last: COSTOMER service in DOSS has been excellent!
My woman is blind and has purchased an original SoundBox for his for Navidad! I have contacted service of client to ask yes was possible to change a sensibility of a poster of touches and has alarms and of the verbal aims so that it can use it better his product and they the Christmas has answered in fact prejudices! Where it was not possible to change a sensibility of a poster to touch routed the firmware and instructed me on that to update a speaker with responses of voices. He been touch with DOSS very time since and has been at all but curious and useful in me and my woman.
While it can see give a DOSS SoundBox Pint to 5 indication of the Star but also gives DOSS service of client 5+ Stars and highly would recommend his products!!
5 / 5
Colour: the DESCRIPTIONS of Grille have White UPDATE: it can 2019

is downgrading my original 5 low stars in 2 stars, and no longer can recommend this speaker. In the principle has purchased he in October of 2017 and everything in my under the original description was true. Alas, no longer they are some since some problems have begun around the year and three month of use. He any one last two same years. Gradually In a past three month, some follower arrived and has worsened progressively:

- 1. A speaker no longer lines the load for longitude, included when a light bad green is has touched fully.

- 2. Included when a speaker is matched already with the device, takes the moment for a speaker in in fact connect in a device.

- 3. It listens in podcasts and audio-the books are abysmal, as beginning or first word of the each sentence is cut was, while if a speaker is being bleeped for the censorship.

- 4. Quan Touching musician, static emits was, jointly with a musician. That is to say in spite of a fact that a speaker is not planted afterwards in other electronic devices of entity that can cause an interference.

- 5. Each an on is in spite of a fact that some devices that split a speaker with east the new mark, cup of a line.

- 6. I have tried multiple troubleshooting and has done at all: a speaker is free of powder, actuate did not fall it never, has not entered never contact with any liquids, and all some ports are free of lint and rests. I actuate Only the did not use it never his interior, has not entered never an alone, and is used in of the rooms that has a same temperature, never cold or hot rooms.

- When being that my guarantee is spent a piece has been for six month, is shit out of luck. No longer I recommend it , while it is now deadweight that be launched.



My premier DOSS the speaker was a Bluetooth Wireless Soundbox with Controlling to Touch, which have possessed during the year and absolutely amour; still it is doing fantastically. Look to substitute a speaker of Bluetooth older of the different mark, has wanted the second DOSS. I have decided in this model and only like a Soundbox Touch, this Soundbox the colour am so that it adds in emitting his brilliant. The musician is perfectly clear when touched; the songs with the hard bass has entered resoundingly, with rich atmosphere and surrounds sound; the voices in podcasts is crisp without distortion.

In difference of a Soundbox Touch, this model does not have the void for the card by heart; also, he no a voice of punctual man - instead everything aims is through beeps and some controls are soft buttons . This is not the subject of entity for me since a Soundbox the touch has all these characteristics. It opens Cela has both speakers, plan on using a Soundbox Touch while in my second fund, and will use this Sounbox Colour in a first fund. Any road, is wins to win for me. Both speakers are fantastic and highly recommended.

He connect your speaker with the mobile device, portable, or any one another device of Bluetooth has enabled, recommends one that follows arrests down and optimum sound:
1. Desprs Connecting your device and a speaker, visits the volume of a speaker all some subjects until it is the main capacity to press under a '+' button until calm listen it beep (meaning that it is a big more a volume will go.)
2. I induct your musician through your device connected and gradually augments the volume of a musician through a device. Musician of touch in this particular order, has remarked that a sound of some speakers takes even more strong and results deep and richer while tone, with some still available room for increase of volume through yours devises. In essence, a deep sound, richer of a speaker will offer effect of his maximum, almost like his surrounding, if you are by train of audio of touch in the big room.
4 / 5
Colour: the White grille This sound adds for a prize. It do not take Me bad. There is quite down to sound decent but any too many so to wash-out of your musician. This certainly will not be shaking your house or anything, but will take a work done surrounds. As you Could suspect 12 watts will not give you very very volume especially in an isolated room. I think a sweet-the something in my experience would be 20w which are that has come from/come from.

Is giving this the description of 2 stars so that after the month or so port to the load had the data has been. Any one that subject chargers has tried only no anymore. I have bought included the new load to the suspect could be it one uploads that is to say defective or something. But nevertheless the has not had any success. It can say so that a red DIRECTED would not enter anymore and after touch he during this continuous period in beep signifying was down in stack - but there was at all could do for the touch. I guess for 20 dollars were all in a quality of his and any enough in a quality of tez. I still enjoyed some looks even so - is mere.

In my defence I never misused a port or has handled he erroneously. Only I plugged he in and has entered my road. I wish this would have lasted longer.

[EDIT - 1/19/2018]

Well, as I issue me the new speaker and I could not be happier for him. It shouts My description of 2 stars in 4 stars since have still to see last so long. It researches to be bundled better of the this takes last time - so hopefully. A substitution is arrival quite hurriedly which are the plus . Thank you, the technology of Maravillas.
5 / 5
Colour: the White grille This speaker is awesome! I have bought he for works and the semence the load adds. It IS cute also. It buys more in a future.
4 / 5
Colour: Grille White Amour these speakers. A creation is only out of this world-wide and can choose 4 ways. Desire and can have the everything !

Pros :
-Can choose calm of 4 different ways. Negre, Camouflage, Wave Blue, and the White grille.
-A sound is surprising. He dual 6w the speakers are any joke when says big quality , glass his clear.
-Some buttons in a speaker are easy to press without fight.
- IS very easy to connect in a Bluetooth. Also which and the amour is doesnt has the person says "youre the device is ready to match" before you match.

Gilipollas : It is not to fall test. If it falls 2-3 times pleases for the be conscious could break it.
4 / 5
Colour: Amur Negre a packaging! And a sound am adds also! It attaches in our $ 50 Kindle and a lot amplifies a volume. Included when have to look it the has not been muffled.

Takes the small button those presses to imagine was so to operate a Bluetooth and any one Bluetooth the characteristic but that is to say very 'in to to cause likes him any in of that has so buttons.

One four in the place of five stars is so that a cape of audio and a cape of USB was also down, imo. I have to buy the capes the long plus. A period of some capes have not been listed in some details of characteristic.
5 / 5
Colour: the camouflage has bought this for my threads and he want to it. Has very had bluetooth speakers but says that is to say a more has never has had. It IS very strong and a sound is clear glass .
5 / 5
Colour: the White grille Easily a speaker of Bluetooth better I never own:
Downloads of responsibility: I have possessed the multiple speakers that comprises EU explode, Some JBLs, the tonne of ankers, and some the Chinese has done Bluetooth. A field in this small thing has blown all some the anterior speakers have.

Has to 2 House of history and still with a fat wall there is any problem with a connectivity of Bluetooth.

Only little minus east:
1. In the first place a there has been a subject reconnecting- has been fixed immediately for vendor.
2. The life of stack is different this has announced, any a lot of but still very concealed like a ankers has.
3. It does not have a turn of cart has entered standby. Another Bluetooth the speakers have it.

Does not know if the party is available. But has 2 of the same- would be it very strong AF.

Justo earnest descriptions. Bought by my own money.
5 / 5
Colour: the black was the present for my mother and she have wanted to it. Ella premiered finds has in his house and he have obeyed perfectly. It comes precharged, as it ail has been taking of his packaging, has turned he on without the connect and has posed a musician in the volume of half, enough to leave us to speak. A creation 'Black Galaxy' looks well so part of a decoration as it is another pros. I am very happy with a compraventa and I to well sure would buy it again.

An only limitation would be for these speakers to look for to use he in volume very big. In these cases suggest to look for another option so that these products is not designed for him and although it can his quite shouted lose the quality in of the sounds.
5 / 5
Colour: the White grille An indication all depend in some roads thinks that that it is by train to take you. If you think that that it is by train to take you some amazing roads so that it is for sale of then will be disappointed. That is to say he 20 west of dollar . If taken the roads of lightning in 15 bucks and does not expect very a lot, will be happy.

IS VAL only. I am not the adherent of a distortion in max volume- the better speakers will not distort yes tunes well. Mina 2+ old year Oontz angle 3 his best and does not distort and is smaller. (Paid similar for sale).

Updating my description. After some time, some look of speakers has broken in and sound better. They are not some better in a world, but for 20 bucks is the very compraventa
4 / 5
The things add roughly the, touches good and quite strong for an use has feigned. Taking quite strong that can not maintain he in past 1/3rd volume when they are after his. Looks good Construction , well. Bad things, when connected to the jack, does not want to use this box of entrance the paste the few keys. There is an odd pop with some concrete sounds, like some doors shuttimg in the game, any bad amd any all a time, but present. Otherwise For a prize this would be the 5 speaker of star .
4 / 5
Can not say enough in this speaker: has his astounding for such the little container and has turned my current of video of music faves of wan, the whoa! All the world-wide the one who listens master one, and love a plus for a stereo effect. I have ordered an aim to go with my mid-century like modern. Setup Is too easy and there is a lot of messing around with pesky instructions or auxilliary cords; it is ready to go. I do not have the need for bass or triple additions besides a music is feigned value , as I can not testify to this besides my own preferences. For a prize, calm really can very better in shape or function.
4 / 5
To the equal that am writing this description am listening my music of gospel with this speaker. I love it! It is the little powerhouse. Nizza Little registers his. A music exits very clear. At the beginning I did not think it paired with my Samsung Galaxy 5 but my Gentleman/of God has cured of that and are a happy client and would order this speaker again. The nave of amazon was adds like usual.
4 / 5
Has bought for use with a LG PH150G projector. Any noticeable audio lag when paired in bluetooth. The sound is quite strong, without evident sprain. It is not particularly 'rich', this in spite of. Not to describe it as 'tinny', but there there is simply very very grave, which is well for my purposes, as I do not want to be 'this type' of the that booming the system of sound penetrates to the paving of my neighbour.
4 / 5
For $ 20 is certainly not going to be a response to the music adds that it listens device, this in spite of, a lot $ 20... Like this far, there is not any way resists the load for 12 hours, and if yours using it and the call goes in to my mobile phone, gives a person that has called the busy signal and they can very included leave the topmast of voice. I can very still override he with a mobile phone, as unless a speaker is a lot afterwards yours, and the answered that way, one celebrates that it calls to take the busy signal.

If any one has answered to my subjects, to the left know me. Also, if has questions, will look for to help.

Takes of room the room, included to a backyard or porch, but am not honradamente sure the one who far out of the fact can be of him and my mobile phone a time. Also, a volume is not súper add, but his enough, and to good sure has the quality of his well, especially for these $ 20 steps.
4 / 5
The speaker is well, wishes a quality of sound was the little better but can not contest with a prize. My question is that it turns was without warning or explanation now. It connects to my telephone without the question, the music of the games likes him expected, then of the turn was. Sometimes it is 10 minutes , sometimes is 30 seconds . A battery is touched so that it is not a question.
5 / 5
This speaker is so only Awesome. It can not believe what elder was my box to clash that has paid $ 35 paralizaciones. Wow And a sound! Amazing! I am buying a for each room.
4 / 5
Use this to speak in a telephone while they are home as well as to listen the music. It is a lot clear in my final and does not take never of the complaints in people a lot when being pas able to listen me when I speak on that. Has the note and always take complaints when I try to speak by means of a speaker. I love some few elections by heart of this one there is matched my decoration has has had to that absolutely take is one.
5 / 5
Has bought this speaker mainly to touch white noise while I sleep. Two things in this speaker interfere with my sleep: sputtering on-was-in Bluetooth connectivity with my iPhone 6 feet was, and obnoxiously the brilliant lights that has tried the tape on. No shabby, another economic fact in of the waste of Amazon of Dyes the to him.
5 / 5
This pocola what is a lot and strong. My hooks of mamma he on too much his ipad in his room and can listen them this thing down a room in my room. I am thinking roughly buying my typical of touching with music in mine ipad of his like this strong. The mamma loves it and touch the prize adds. I have paid more take less his
4 / 5
This product has done adds, has had the life of battery adds and his for the month. Now, all of the sudden, is very calm and sounds tinny and scratchy. It have not fallen, clashed or fraction in any way. Any quantity partorisca restart, touching, or reconnecting help. It is there is prendido only law. Feeling a lot of fallido with this product!
4 / 5
Has bought this in first Day because it was abordable there is matched a styling in ours living room. Very happy with compraventa, a Bluetooth syncing is súper easy and a sound is well. No like this as well as Anker speakers, but the solid substitution is looking for something another that the black speaker.
4 / 5
Perfect measure. The white model is like this adorable. Quality of his east well. Nizza And strong... paired Easily with my devices, resists the good load. Also he well with one To the BOSS if not using Bluetooth. Has the microphone to the equal that can answer calls in the although I have not tried that leaves still. In general I love this little speaker.
4 / 5
Are the past bit it more partorisca a white version like alive in Vega zone and some blacks a would take too hot in our summers. While I have had the bit of difficulty in taking a SoundBox to pair with my Samsung S7 and Samsung compressed, taking so only the pocolos small partorisca take a pairing has completed. A sound is easily quite strong to cover mine 1/4 acre the yard and is a lot well reproduce my music. The life of battery is well.
4 / 5
Need to be touched all a time. The battery dies like this quickly- I would not recommend this product
5 / 5
sound and utmost measure
acts perfectly with my laptop
resists the load adds sure that time because usually the utilisation the few nights and then recharge
has not gone never dead
a lot very in fact
recommended was the good prize also in the treat to relieve
5 / 5
verygood speaker for a prize. Alive in the bd walk and he def will fill on the room. I add to touch while yours in a shower or although you are having takes it near taking quite strong. A bluetooth the characteristic work adds pairs really easily. A life of battery is also marks so only very sure if yours any when using for the turn was to save a battery. It covers he in the my computer to touch and his fully touched in as the hr. And his really pleasant and calm really can launch he in your stock exchange and go! Def Would recommend!
4 / 5
Loves this speaker like this has bought them another for house and one for my office. His add without being too big and bulky. The look of the creation well adds in my office and in my chamber.
4 / 5
Has has wanted to something small for my office in the work and this speaker returns a bill. A quality of his wonderful east still although they are in the work and I can very really fly my tunes but is of the as it has looked for. They are very pleased.
5 / 5
Resists the load! (As far, it guesses all the speakers do for some premiers few months is for this that have bought the new a, my old one dies after 5 minutes, different mark) any too big, exactly as it looks, súper pleasant, easy to use and the sounds adds!!!
4 / 5
MI PROMISE LOVES It! $ 20 For the speaker with grave/abonos decent. Not To Take me bad a speaker is quite small. A speaker is quite strong for this measure ! It is in pair, with a JBL GOES bluetooth speaker and is at present $ 40.
5 / 5
Loves this little speaker.. As all the world used it more around. I can not imagine that he 100, 200, 300 speaker of dollar could touch any one better that this one. It is so only the unbelievable subject and Sounds Fantastically. Easy in some eyes also. Really a lot looking.
5 / 5
A speaker is good and quality of his east well. This in spite of, a battery so only last roughly 2 hours in place of 12 hours like state of description! Any one sure if my unit is defective, or ossia so only like a product is.
5 / 5
The quality of sound adds in home, in the hotel and used in 30 chair that expects room in work. It connects quickly and easy of droid and Apple devices and still of generic ready pills. I have bought one for house and one for work.
5 / 5
I like this speaker and he an amazing work that fill a room with music. A highs take the tiny-has bitten stray, is not like this crisp like this would like me to them. Some bass is not bad neither. Work for more than types of music but the little lacking for low heavy hip-hop. But for a point of prize is highly impressive and will be to order a camo one for Kuntry has created
Wifee already'll..
Likes enough to have his own.
5 / 5
Am augmenting to 2 stars. At the beginning it is it was way too calm. But this was partly my failure. I have required to look a volume in mine telephone also.
But same when it is maxed was, this thing is still quite calm. It is hard to listen to podcasts with east. Enough it has spent it another $ 20-30 and taken the really a lot one.
5 / 5
This speaker blew was. A quality of his better east that speakers more expensive has used. A life of battery is sum. Utilisation in the work and hard 8 hours+ in one load and touches quickly also. You recommend this speaker, is hard to beat especially in this point of prize.
5 / 5
While has another bluetooth slope of speakers concealed there more ossia the value adds for your money . A sound are adds . It is easy to use . An only with this that is not waterproof but ossia usually a lot found in this row of prize. I love mine. Highly I recommend it and besides it is pleasant also ! The value adds .
4 / 5
Has used this speaker during the 5 river of now tubbing travesía. Although a speaker is not to water the test has dipped he in the container of test of the water. A sound was quite strong for our whole group to listen and a life of battery is lasted almost a travesía whole.
4 / 5
The sound adds for the speaker of compact measure.
Pleasant creation.
4th Doss speaker in my house
5 / 5
The sound is decent partorisca my big bath. It do not maintain loyalty of sound in of the big volumes or be able to take very strong. But, decent partorisca a prize wants tunes in big/bath meso.

Connects to the mine telephone quickly and reliably.
5 / 5
His excellent for a prize. It was easy to dip up and recharge. Everywhere I am very happy with this compraventa. I will not buy never another BOSE for gardening again!
5 / 5
His well, good row, and easy to use. My main complaint is the thin that explodes his that has not experienced never with two another Bluetooth speakers of different frames.
4 / 5
Incredible! It has not thought Never it take a time to write the description for the $ 20 Element. I have had abundance of scepticism when it has ordered this small speaker. The boy has been he has surprised in a rich sound. I connected it to my Point of the amazon and a sound is the terrific — rivals touch produced by Echo of Amazon. Near easy on, impressive packaging. This can be my More Buy never.
5 / 5
A hard battery while and is his I really adds quality for a prize. More, is the pleasant creation ! Amur He partorisca hang was with friends. I took it also wet, and still laws well.
4 / 5
Does not squander your money is. One 'in' covers it there is broken was inner 2 month. Squandered My money and am looking for the different a now.
5 / 5
- The quality adds for a prize
- Almost so that it adds likes mine JBL wireless speakers
- the utmost looks
- conjoint Easy-on

- Could be the little too big for travesía daily

has taken one for my mother in the natal and to my aunt likes so much of that has finished to buy another for his. A quality of his utmost east; to good sure buy another.
5 / 5
Adds little discreet speaker for living rooms or of the chambers. ...His add easy to connect street bluetooth. ...It does not go to blow calm out of a room but is not of the facts for that ....That The small speaker adds for incredible prize in
4 / 5
Very happy with this speaker. Nizza And strong (or can be turned down to level softer for books of audio, etc.). The looks add also! You recommend. Hard of gone bad in this prize!
5 / 5
Loves a SOUND. A colour that has purchased blends perfectly with a decor.
5 / 5

are downgrading my original 5 stars down to 2 stars, and no longer can recommend this speaker. Originally I have purchased he in October of 2017 and everything in mine under the original description was true. Unfortunately, no longer they are true of some questions have begun around the year and three month of use. He no last two same years. Gradually In a past three month, one that follows arrived and has worsened progressively:

- 1. A speaker no longer resists the load for longitude, included when a green light indicates is has touched fully.

- 2. Included when a speaker is already paired with the device, takes the moment for a speaker to in fact connect to a device.

- 3. Listening the podcasts and audio-the books is abysmal, likes to begin or first word of the each sentence is cut was, as if a speaker is bleeped to censor it.

- 4. When Touching music, static emits was, jointly with a music. Ossia In spite of a fact that a speaker is not situated afterwards to other electronic devices of entities that can cause an interference.

- 5. All an on is in spite of a fact that some devices that I pair a speaker with east the new mark, cup of a line.

- 6. I have tried multiple troubleshooting and at all has done: a speaker is free of powder, has did not fall it never, is not gone in never contact with any liquids, and all some ports are free of lint and debris. Have So only did not use it never indoors, never is gone in a sun, and is used in of the rooms that has a same temperature, never cold or hot spaces.

- When being that my guarantee is spent a yard has gone by are month, are shit out of regime. No longer I recommend it , how it is now deadweight this will be tossed.



My prime minister DOSS the speaker was a Bluetooth Wireless Soundbox with Controlling to Touch, which have possessed for the year and absolutely amour; still it is treating fantastically. Looking to substitute an old more Bluetooth speaker of the different mark, has loved the second DOSS. I have decided in this model and so only like a Soundbox Touch, this Soundbox the colour are so that it adds in emitting his brilliant. The music is perfectly clear when touched; songs with the hard bass gone in resoundingly, with rich atmosphere and surround sound; the voices in podcasts are crisp without sprain.

The difference of a Soundbox Touch, this model does not have the space for the paper by heart; also, he no a voice viril punctual - instead all tip is by means of beeps and some controls are soft keys . This is not the subject of entity for me of then a Soundbox the touch has all these characteristics. Now that has both speakers, slowly on using a Soundbox Touch while in mine second paving, and will use this Sounbox Colour in a first walk. Any way, is to win win for me. Both speakers are fantastic and highly recommended.

He connect your speaker with the mobile device, portable, or a lot another Bluetooth the device enabled, recommends one that follows for basses and his optimum:
1. After connecting your device and a speaker, gone back the volume of a speaker all a way until it is has described main for courts to press a '+' key until it listen the beep (meaning ossia a big more a volume will go.)
2. It initiates your music by means of your device connected and gradually augment the volume of a music by means of a device. Music of touch in this particular order, there is remarked that a sound of some speakers takes even stronger and results deep and richer like key, with some still available room for increase of volume by means of your devise. In essence, a deep sound, richer that a speaker will offer effect of the his maximum, almost like surround his, if you are by train of audio of touch in the big space.
5 / 5
This utmost sound for a prize. Not To Take me bad. There is quite a lot of bass to touch decent but no too like this to wash-out of your music. This certainly will not be shaking your house or anything, but will take a work done @in rodeo. As you could suspect 12 watts will not give you a lot of a lot of volume especially in an isolated room. I think a sweet-the something in my experience would be 20w which is which has come from/come from.

Am giving this the description of 2 stars because after the month or like this port to the touch has had the data was. Any @@subject the one who chargers tried it so only no anymore. I have bought included the new load to the suspect could be it one uploads ossia faulty or something. But this in spite of do not have any success. It can say reason a red DIRECTED would not go in anymore and after touching he during this period continue to beep the indicating was down on battery - but there was at all could do for the touch. I guess for 20 dollars have been all in a quality of his and a lot enough to a quality of build. I still enjoyed some looks this in spite of - is simple.

In my defence I never misused a port or managed it wrongly. I so only plugged he in and is gone in my way. I wish this would be lasted longer.

[MODIFICATION - 1/19/2018]

Well, as we send me the new speaker and I could not be happier for him. Has bred my description of 2 stars to 4 accident of then have still to see last like this long. It looks to be packaged better that agrees last time - like this hopefully. A substitution has arrived enough quickly which is the plus . Thank you, Technology of Maravillas.
4 / 5
This speaker is awesome! I have bought he for work and resists it the load adds. It is pleasant also. Shabby more in a future.
4 / 5
Loves these speakers. A creation is so only out of this world-wide and can choose 4 ways. Desire can him to them have everything !

Pros :
-Can choose 4 different fashions. Black, Camouflage, Wave blue, and the White grille.
-A sound is surprising. He dual 6w the speakers are any joke when they say big quality , glass his clear.
-Some keys on a speaker is easy to press without fight.
- Is a lot easy to connect to a Bluetooth. Also that the the amour is doesnt have the person says "youre the device is ready to pair" before I look you he.

Gilipollas : It is not to fall test. If it has fallen 2-3 times pleases to be conscious could break it.
5 / 5
An indication all depends in a shot thinks that that you are taking. If it thinks that that you are taking a shot that surprised reason is on sale of the calm then will be disappointed. Ossia He 20 speaker of dollar . If takings treat he of lightning in 15 bucks and does not attack a lot, will be happy.

Is so only WELL. They are not the defender of a sprain in max volume- the better speakers will not distort yes has dipped ready well. Mina 2+ old year Oontz corner 3 his best and does not distort and is smaller. (Paid resembled the sale).

Updating my description. With which some time, some speakers look for having broken in and touch better. They are not some better in a world, but for 20 bucks is the good compraventa
4 / 5
Easily some better Bluetooth speaker I never own:
Downloads of authorship: I have possessed the multiple speakers that comprises boom of EU, Some JBLs, the tonne of ankers, and some the Chinese has done Bluetooth. A row in this pocola what has blown all some the leading speakers have.

Has to that 2 House of history and still with some fat wall there is any question with a Bluetooth connectivity.

So only little minus this:
1. In the first place a there is had a @@subject reconnecting- has been fixed immediately for vendor.
2. The life of battery is different that has announced, any one a lot but still a lot the one who a ankers have.
3. It does not have a turn of car is gone in standby. Another Bluetooth the speakers have it.

Does not know that the pairing is available. But has 2 of this- that would be really strong AF.

So only sincere descriptions. Bought by my own money.
5 / 5
Solid bluetooth speaker, bass quite well for a measure, life of excellent battery. For a measure, touches a lot good. A bit in a tinny side, but that can calm it , these are not 12' bass subwoofer speakers. For a prize, and measure, a sound is a lot good. The life of battery looks a lot very too much. I do not know an exact number of touch of hours, but has used he for the hours of pair the day for the week or 2 before I require the touch. In fact, it is not never in fact died while touching, only arrival to touch the reason feels' likes it can require the load. That The lovely speaker adds!
5 / 5
As well as it guesses volume that stops of has paid. I listen the music everything of a time, and has has wanted really a abordable bluetooth speaker. Has really he like this speaker when I bought it in the first place, taking quite strong and is quite small to spend everywhere with you. There is the pocolas reason, this in spite of, that gives it so only two stars.
1. A randomly short sound was. Sometimes when it changes songs, a song will touch, but any sound will exit of a speaker. All have to that do is pause a song and the touch again and usually is well, but ossia still I really annoying.
2. With which so only the little month to possess this speaker (around 2 and 1/2 month), one of some speakers has blown. He still works, but a sound of basses produces to plot of static, which mean can any one really music of game too strong. It is still listen-able, but class of annoying. Some swipes of reason is owed probably to touch strong music to plot, but that the good speaker would have to that be able to withstand his maximum volume.
3. A life of battery is showed in your device that is connected to a speaker, but after the month this characteristic there is prendido to do. It shows a life of battery, but was usually bad, as I never have known really when I have required the touch. I can live with east, but once again, so only is annoying.

Absolutely would recommend this speaker is looking for the economic speaker ossia so only a lot enough. But it wants to listen constantly and class of strong, this could not be a better election. I listen that the tonnes of speakers crap was like this, but is so only state using this one for the few months.
4 / 5
I plugged this to my Point of Echo, in a chamber, that tries to take more volume. I can not say that he more for that, but a sound is much deeper and richer.
This produces NEVER ROCK out of the party of house, is so only 12 watts, but he the damned good work for a chamber.
Would recommend for small pavings or of the alone rooms.
Buys again thus purpose so only.
Would say that a Point of Echo in Flight 10 with this speaker is like this strong likes Echo in volume 7.
Is the bass fans this an is not for you, mostly mid-row.
5 / 5
The sound is WELL, better that half, but mine netflix is the little muffled. It looks to favour sounds of basses.

Top Customer Reviews: DOSS S32 Neckband ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
4 / 5 Sharmaine
In fact it likes him-me these. It has looked for the substitution partorisca circle of train, and these am resulted partorisca be the good substitution like this far. A battery, partorisca me last long; the conversations are clear; the people can listen me; it is comfortable around the mine with the. A container has said CA Prop 65, but an on-line description does not say concealed. It is something concealed is of entity and does the difference partorisca those with worries with of the CA Prop 65.
5 / 5 Tammie
Has has had so only this unit partorisca two days. Quality of his add, easy connection to mine portable. I that substitutes a ISOTunes Xtra this has broken. Some magnets on this could be attribute stronger. He no really the stay jointed like a ISOTunes has done.

But partorisca of the money touches like this far adds in the prize adds. =MG=
5 / 5 Glynda
I always lose to plot of of the entity calls which annoy me to plot,as I have bought this Bluetooth headset, can take it to go that it runs in a morning and never and lose calls of entities, help to plot
4 / 5 Marcelle
Like him nontech the present has not had any question that tanks to my telephone. It does not complain a compraventa
5 / 5 Jarod
I like a flexibility of a piece of with the real.
Hanged very light and comfortable to spend.
5 / 5 Latia
Produced excellent, is light and easy to use, the sound is in fact really clear partorisca a prize

Top Customer Reviews: DOSS 31 Wireless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
4 / 5 Gwendolyn
After reading descriptions and based to the point of prize has decided to give these try it. A quality of his and comfort it is excellent. I have had the question with my last blue tooth headset in those some pieces of ear would fall era. This stay has dipped. One hard load partorisca at least two weeks partorisca me with running 3x the week partorisca the half hour. Really really pleased and higjly recommend this together of boss.
4 / 5 Ginny
Touches utmost, and have the quite long battery life. An only thing that maintains this to be the 5 product of star is that has question maintaining an accident earbud in my ear.
5 / 5 Lucila
Has bought this because of a mark. I have bought recently the doss bluetooth speaker and has loved that. Some discharge for the listened is like this good. A sound is very clear. I will continue to buy crew of his of doss.
5 / 5 Gerard
Very comfortable, quality of his well, good value for a money

Top Customer Reviews: DOSS SoundBox xs ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5 Sherie
A DOSS SoundBox xs is the small portable speaker that connection of leaves via Bluetooth or line-in jack (connector of the audio comprised). Also it incorporates the MicroSD space (32GB max) which is the characteristic fantastic to the equal that leaves a unit partorisca treat like the self-the player of music has contained. A unit also functions like the hands-free speakerphone when paired with your mobile phone.

A SoundBox xs has the good creation with crazy arrival that averts fingerprints. Has the smooth & unusual cashew-shaped cupboard that feels solid & a lot of constucted. Up it is controls partorisca touch for playback control, way, control of call, & volume. This lit white when a unit is powered on. Some works of control of the volume for sliding your toe around a coverage in a clockwise direction partorisca augment volume & counterclockwise to volume of decrease. Some sounds of your partorisca indicate max volume. An illumination of the control of the diverse volume according to way. Blue partorisca Bluetooth, Green partorisca MicroSD, & Red partorisca line-in. In a backside of a cupboard is a key partorisca be able to , line-in jack, MicroSD space, & the Micro-USB that spend of touches (Micros-USB that touches the boss comprised). An indicator of load is the tiny, difficult to see, has DIRECTED under a Micro-port of USB that red of lights while touching & gone back was when it has touched fully.

Audio of some dual speakers of 5 watts is well with decent base for the unit of this measure & any noticeable the sprain has included in max volume. Bluetooth The pairing is quickly & reconnection is quickly. The row is better mediates it & has not experienced any drop-was or loss of subjects of connection. A speakerphone works to act well, automatically prendiendo playback when accepting the call that & resupplies clear audio of a recognition. I have been said touches well in a outgoing fine also. This unit A lot automatically can was so that it is the good election for use with something like a Point of Echo.

I two runtime tests with a durable battery -5.5 hours during playback of the MicroSD paper. The volume was in a big end during these tests.

A SoundBox xs is the able & extremely portable speaker that extracted well & touches well. An inclusion of the MicroSD the space is the profit adds . Certainly it goes in in the good prize.

The buyers would owe that remark an illumination of control is that it shines & always on.

For DOSS - would be It good to use a coverage of volume likes indicator of load. Perhaps flash red while touching & gone back was when full? It would be much easier to see that a tiny DIRECTED in a backside. Also an application where the users could regulate to to the things like them the transports was or of the illumination of key would be the handy addition .
5 / 5 Davida
Loves this little speaker! It is pleasant, but does not think reason is small the will not touch strong. Taking quite strong for this measure . Access in a palmera of my hand. A sound is crisp cleaned. You can listen some bass and triple clearly. There is a lot of buzzing, included in maximum volume. The speaker has better found on Amazon still. Using in my balcony and in a beach.
4 / 5 Jacqulyn
Has bought this little jewel based in an action of a DOSS soundbox has had has purchased previously. We like him having to that music around , like these speakers are paired with a Point of Echo in the each level of our house. This unit takes apresamiento external to a yard, and a Bluetooth has done perfectly like this far. It would not doubt for the buy again, if a need arises!
5 / 5 Renay
Has loved this speaker when I received it in the first place. The quality of sound was utmost and some do any easily portable but has refused to be able to on or load after so only two uses. Now I am faced with a hassle of the walk of an hour to the UPS tent for the turn.

February 2018 update: a company has substituted a speaker to act bad with a better same model. A sound are adds; included better that a leading speaker. I used it daily for a past two weeks without subjects at all.
5 / 5 Tisha
Likes begins that when I have received my speakers have not done. A packaging any books of looks included or instructions. I have written to a company and immediately has taken the response. They have adapted that has received the defective product and two days more have had late the new speaker. This a has not had so only complete a creation was included different. ( It has been square more and big) has this has connected to my echo in a cookery and a speaker in our room familiarised. It leaves to listen the music in another room A sound is control and very clear. Also we can do commanded to our echo of a speaker. Thank you For the service of client adds and the good product
5 / 5 Margrett
require the speaker for our ECHO. Touching our songs of Diamond of Neil of favourite so only did not cut it on a dim speaker of Echo. I have researched and it narrowed a decision among this DOSS and another costing two times so much. Some descriptions for a Doss estimated it very big in the so many take our casualidad and has ordered one. Well! One of a compraventa better has done on Amazon! For such the little speaker, a music finds astonishingly clear and strong! We could it does not believe! Neil never touched or'. Hook very simple until an Echo. When that Pause Alexis directly, will have to unplug a speaker. Highly recommend a Doss.
5 / 5 Eleanora
Has imagined for a prize would be a good speaker . It was HIS Is One OF THE BETTER SPEAKERS HAS has not HAD NEVER. A measure of a speaker the very portable fact. I have had to read some instructions to imagine out of a volume, but ossia simple to use calm once the imagine was. Bluetooth connnected Without the question.
4 / 5 Lasandra
Well boxes on done the month. Then a quality of his and the volume has fallen big time . Like this well in 1st but a lot afterwards 4 month of lite use. The looks well feels likes is done well but has to that it has taken the bad a. Update when it has taken home has had today the container of Amazon. I have been surprised reason had not ordered anything. It was the new doss box of sound. So only for this I am creating my indication and if this one resists on will take it on more. It did not look for him for the substitute at all but a lot of fresco of them to do like this. Another updates this one has been flawless!!!!!! Material add his add
5 / 5 Mana
A star means ' hated it. The no really, but no properly. It has taken out of a box, touched it, paired he with a Point of Echo, and has done well for several hours. A next morning, had closed was. As I powered the on and has done well -- for roughly 2 minutes. Has has had to that it can he on again, and again, and again. Ossia Unacceptable.
A vendor has sent amiably the substitution. I tried it and expósito that has had a same question like original speaker. He mine has arrived then that a speaker a lot really has 12 hours of 'time of played as it says in a description of product; he (purportedly) has 12 hours of life of battery, to all the cost of him or no a speaker is into use. In fact, a lot still it has 12 hours of life of battery. I touched it and it turned it on in 10:45 a.m. Today. A signal of low battery has begun 7 hours later, in 5:45 p.m. During these 7 hours, used it in fact roughly 2 hours; a rest of a time so only seated there, glowing but not touching anything. As I am maintaining a speaker near of my PC, so that an USB uploads is always plugged in. It concealed it is not where has loved the use when I bought it. But my location has preferred is nowhere near of the USB outlet, and does not love the owe touch two times the day. As I give it 3 stars because -- in spite of his shortcomings -- rids his acceptable in the low prize. So only it does not exit of row of the USB outlet or will have the brick in your hands.
5 / 5 Clair
Ossia He fabulous speaker for $ 30!!!! I paired he with my Point of Echo and a quality of his east unbelievable. Very easy to pair to dip them side-for-side and saying Alexa to pair a two (sure mark your Bluetooth is turned on in Alexa application and Doss speaker). If he a lot he automatically, can go to Alexa application, settings, select a Point is trying pair, when a Doss Soundbox looks, selects for the touch and he look in roughly 30 seconds. (A Bluetooth is automatically on when you press a key of power in a backside of a Doss speaker)
5 / 5 Sabine
If you are looking with the good speaker that it is small, calm here goes. It does not have any question that connects with any telephone has launched in him and the stays have connected. His small as it does not expect it partorisca blow you was, is strong abundance partorisca the chamber or the bath that listen while they take the shower. Any very grave but there is a lot of yours vowel. The battery will give you the good 3-4 hours to touch behind in almost max the volume and touches on enough quickly (few hours). FYI HAS a blue CONCENTRATED lights up ossia quite brilliant like to him yours darkness of room. I fell it the little time and his closing in strong disposal after the year.
5 / 5 Marvin
Has a point of echo and has loved the speaker of blue tooth, of a speaker of the point is not all that add. The seen this one has had 5 stars and the economic prize, as I have imagined would try it. I paired he with a point and touched some music. WOW!! I have been taken was guard for a quality of his and the one who strong this speaker is!

If yours looking for the little speaker to hook on, ossia for you. No, some tax any rattle windows, but will do a sound of complete music... And it is STRONG!

Has two of these maintaining and will be to buy the punctual third!
4 / 5 Thuy
Is the good speaker but nettling too much. I have wanted to it loved/ It To it mainly for Alexa Point as it could better listens to Audible books, game Jeopardy, and such. I took it to pair once but now Alexa refuses the see. This in spite of, my pairs of iPhone with him easily and can use an audible application... So that works well. An only another minus has found is that the volume has to that be controlled by another device, in my chance an iPhone. No the real question, so only a bit inconvenient in time. Probably it would buy it again.
5 / 5 Sau
A lot well, small speaker. Utilisation he for my computer and the sound is fabulous. If you are looking for the speaker of the mobile of small Blue tooth ossia for you. It was able to so only the take around my house and listen to my book of audio. The power of battery is so that it represents and is adds that I can leave it plugged like this listening yes has required. Some instructions are easy to comprise. Really they Like Me To him some light up and call me of the girl again lol reason taking has fallen he out of using a 'look, turn down' so only for emotional my toe around this blue light. This little type is so only like a big plus a but does not have all some bells and whistles. I have not required that as it has taken a small a. A sound of music are adds! It was able to fly my box dips ready right to another end of a house and annoy a dickens out of my husband!
4 / 5 Wan
Has had DOSS the Wireless touch Bluetooth V4.0 Portable Speaker (the main version of east a), for 6 month now and want to it so that it says that all the world knows would have to that take one. Like this when I have seen this pleasant version, smaller that a an I own I has has HAD TO THAT The OF COURSE HAVE. I have ordered two, one has meant to be the present. I have arrived hardly it has it it has wanted to him compare to the mine old plus an and my ENORMOUS disappointment a system to touch in both of them was extremely last to operate, in an of them a volume remained in a strong plus and would not go down and a rest of some 'keys' has had to press hard (the big more a precise light touch so only to do any of them) and a finally some of them would do. They are cause like this disappointed is like this pleasant, the creation adds and his powerful I so only does not know that it has been it bad with a creation of a system to touch in these speakers DOSS? Sadly, they Are by train to return them Morning.
4 / 5 Alisha
He in fact fact and touched adds.. Until today. I used it sparingly, from time to time inner for music or a device of echo. It is not Never external spent state , fallen or taken wet. But today, 3 month later. There is prendido, has turned was like this usual, and would not turn on. After touching, trying key of reset, there is lifted some coverages in the and has said my final of goodbye. It was the good boy , but short has lived.

Update... That The speaker has been substituted, thank you very much. Expecting it was an isolated defect causes a speaker is in fact very good.
5 / 5 Anisa
Has looked for the speaker to go with my Point of Echo. It did not love it to be too big like spatial was a subject, but his big has wanted. This returns perfectly. Utilisation a Point mainly for music, like this the speaker has been to good sure has tried.
Liked so much, spent a partorisca of the office of my husband for his Point, and buy another for our edges for his telephone.
Does not know is a BETTER, but is wonderful for knots. And calm can not beat a prize.
Would recommend.
4 / 5 Marsha
Has has wanted to really these. Included when a prime minister a would not turn on after the month has contacted a company and send me to knots the new a. I imagined it it was the out of but now another month later and a substitution will not turn on. Both of them have had so only normal use and there is not any reason that there would be prendido working. They are sad.

has contacted a company and they have substituted and upgraded speaker of mine. A substitution is fabulous and a quality of his utmost east. It does not think a next measure up is all this expensive plus and recommend take that one instead. It is the speaker adds like this far.
5 / 5 Bruce
Does well for an economic speaker, small , portable. A sound is quite strong to fill regulate it sized living room/of chamber. It does not expect it to fill the stadium or have glass his clear in this point of prize this in spite of. So it is taste and has loved so only of something to use in planting to spend my telephone around a house with me with a volume all a way on so much could listen the music, then ossia for you.
4 / 5 Janina
Has had this for the week or like this now and has to that say that I am impressed enough. My amour of boys to dance and sing so much uses he daily. A sound is clear, included when it is looked quite strong... Easy to connect to the mine telephone and has the life of good battery! It would recommend this to any family with the girls to to those who likes them listen the music all day!
4 / 5 Myriam
Strong and the law adds. Bought the mainly partorisca better audio in a small projector I use partorisca presentations to small groups. I go partorisca try also partorisca use he partorisca calls of conference with my telephone. The quality adds partorisca a prize and very modern recommends.
4 / 5 Armando
There is rid less than two days. This product was touched fully out of boxes and ready to pair immediately. They have done. Alexa Said has been ready asap. A sound, bass, and the quality was glorious. They are happy that a prime minister two that the experience is not exited . It thanks God could these. I will purchase another partorisca mine another salt.
4 / 5 Natalie
Some controls partorisca touch in an original speaker that ordered has not done. The emailed some vendors and has taken the punctual response behind. His question has sent the video of his product not doing and inside the few days, has had the working speaker. A quality of his east very partorisca the speaker this measure. I have not had his occasion really tries out of a life of battery. Bluetooth Works of function, as well as a line-in jack. I have not been able to try a TF way. If anything changes will update. On all a service of client has done really this better experience.
4 / 5 Bernardine
'Well, After the year a supply partorisca be able to has prendido already law. Any connection in a behind is bad fact or a supply partorisca be able to is economic. I guess volume that stops of has paid.'

Adding in my leading description of this product. A service of client that has received of Alicia was awesome! I have been shipped out of the new speaker promptly and chair that really have listened my critique of the defect of possible drawing in a power/sync connector. A new one does really well and again has a quality of his better partorisca the bluetooth speaker that measures and prize in a phase.
5 / 5 Lina
Ossia Add it Bluetooth speaker. A sound is surprisingly rich partorisca a measure and a prize partorisca this subject! Some controls to the touch is easy to do and treat perfectly. I have bought a rose an and a colour really explosions in my dark office in work. It loves it and to good sure would recommend.
5 / 5 Rolland
So only taken DOSS SoundBox xs today. It dips up it was the piece of pairing of cake with my Point of Echo. It has taken literally roughly 1 minute that use Bluetooth. The sound is a lot, a lot well, clear and can take really strong without distorting sound. SiriusXM Comes by means of adding music like this done of Amazon. We plan on using it on our boat this summer via Bluetooth and my iPhone. It can not expect. I add little powerful speaker for a money!
4 / 5 Kit
Has bought this in September 2017. It is May 2018 and this little box of turns of booms the junk. I have loved a sound! BUT when I have tried it covers he in uploading fact two days something has broken internally. I
Can listen something rattling inner and now will not take the load. Like this bummed.
4 / 5 Maire
Has received only mine the new speaker and some measures is perfect. That The pairing Was very easy. Now an only worry or question that has is that in a description declares that it comes with him drawstring stock exchange, and he no . So only they are asking if any one has purchased more the chance for this element for travesía. There is the little on-line but any of them there is a same form like this little speaker. If any one knows a correct chance for this element pleases the on-line response
5 / 5 Clelia
UPDATE: Inside the few days of my initial description, a vendor contacted and fixed for the substitution to be envoy. They were professional and a whole transmission was quickly. One the new speaker arrived less than 2 weeks and is doing perfectly.

Has has liked him really this box of product today. No longer it will resist the load. I have tried the different cords and does not import . It has not been if it will not resist the load or there is something wrong with a connection that prevents to touch, but any way is useless now. It was pleased really with as it has done the power has thought was also a subject. Included first of this I so only taken roughly 7 to 8 hours of life of battery any 12 a description has said. It looks totally ridiculous will be to the launch went it after so only eight month.
5 / 5 Cyrstal
Like the year after the cost has died literally on me out of a blue. The red light shows is touching but will not turn on. A life of battery has taken significantly worse like the months are spent of longitude. It has frozen (it could not use controls in a device) the little time also. A sound for my small apt was ADDS. It could try a newer version. I wish regime
4 / 5 Bob
Would want to be able to listen this speaker. Bought partorisca fellow, was excited for real because of fantastic descriptions. BUMMED (And ashamed) the present my fellow the 🍋 lemon. Hopefully The company will do what right and send new WORKING a!! Yes the things spend, the company would owe that send new without hassle
5 / 5 Allie
a song is really good but a description has said that the hard battery until 8 hours and he have had to so only 3 hours. I have thought perhaps I any discharges he well and he a lot fully touched but the touch again and the try that it looks a life of some 3 hours with the little battery of the small data again So only a happy Prime minister at all.
5 / 5 Lula
Has purchased this device for an only purpose to touch the music of Spotify alive the alive blutooth of the mine Iphone. It has taken 5 seconds the sync with my Iphone and a quality of his excellent east for such the small speaker. A capacity of volume and quality of his comparable east to the big speaker. A device is solid and very built and the keys of function are intuitive. I add to buy for a money.
5 / 5 Syble
I really liked this speaker when I received it in the first place. Unfortunately, it has been disappointed enough when roughly 5 weeks with which have received a speaker would not turn on. It has not had any response when I have pressed a power on key. It sends an email to a support in DOSS explaining a question, and my surprised has received the response less than an hour. They have indicated it it has had something to do with the faulty battery, and that of an element was less than a year would send me the substitution in any one load. They have sent a substitution immediately and now am listening to the mine new DOOS speaker. It was impressed extremely with a DOSS support of client. .
4 / 5 Amada
Has given this like the present navideño my granddaughter. Absolutely it loves it. It has said that a sound was to add and she atascamos in his iPhone and music of games everywhere with him. It is portable and he still ameno he to a bath as it rains. I produce it adds.
5 / 5 Jin
This little speaker is absolutely fantastic! Like this easy to dip up with Point of the amazon and a sound is incredible for this measure . This statement can not justify that I am trying to say. It is period of the his add ! That the mate adds to a Point! I want him both!
5 / 5 Nannette
This speaker, with which touched and paired with my Point, has done so only well for the few hours. With which that began it the skip and disconnect of a Point. I assumed it required to be recharged, likes I that. Now it will not come on at all! Worthless. I require to return it.
5 / 5 Tamika
Has purchased like the present for my adolescent daughter. Quality of his this quite impressive for the little measure of a speaker that's that of prize. It has on resisted a lot well to be tossed around in of the rucksacks and frequently moved of room in room. Controls the load amiably and easily connects to the our Android and Apple devices without @@subject.
5 / 5 Lorenzo
JUNK! My second a ( would have to that it has learnt of a prime minister a!) ....He 'freezings' where can does not turn on or was, if or no the unplug to touch or blue light stays on! Ridiculous. Like this like this disappointed. I have finalised to buy the better mark!
4 / 5 Long
AMUR Of AMUR LOVES this speaker!!!! I bought it to substitute a Box of Jam that has left accidentally is gone in a rain. Súper Easy to use, has his ADD for such the small speaker, and master a bit controls to touch. I always gone back of a key to be able to when it is not when be used, and has has had to that the touch so only once in some last 4 days!
5 / 5 Nada
Speaker really good. I am impressed by a start of a sound. Some connections partorisca an USB are the little loose but they a work. It spent it partorisca do to listen my music and any one flew it. As I guess to another really likes it to him too much.
4 / 5 Vikki
As there is disappointed! I have touched a speaker when I received it. I connected it then to the mine telephone and all has done well. The next times have looked for to use a speaker, would not come on. As I plugged he in partorisca the touch again, but a red that touches the light has been he was after the pocolos small. Still not being able to on! Felizmente, the amazon was quite bondadoso to issue the repayment. It would owe that it has listened it to a bit those that bad descriptions.
4 / 5 Telma
I cant believes has bought them this has retreated last year for roughly $10 $ . Now sound ? That the tear was!! I bought it and it has used he for the travesía of day out of city and to a lake/of forest and a quality of sound was a lot. He wasnt that adds. Yes it is mini and physically looks awesome, but he doesnt amplify and echoe far or that adds. I am returned is one. I have expected better. Any marvel was so only $10 . This year the cant believe his almost 33 dollars so only thus 2/5 his qualitied speaker, my opinion
4 / 5 Melanie
the sound Adds for such the small impression. It was able of the take doing with my Point of Echo less than 5 minutes and touches my music fantastically. It would recommend this by all the world the one who does not have the plot of money to spend in frames of name.
4 / 5 Maryland
Loves my product, touches well recommends this Bluetooth the speaker uses it when I am using my cochera or doing my work in mine gives. Cela A HD the sound is awesome as it does not come off worst of
4 / 5 Keila
Like this far like this good! Controls the load for several hours of playback. The girls love the reason can listen music clearly & quite strong.
A lot easy to dip on Bluetooth or the cord of use has comprised!
4 / 5 Madalene
Has taken this I so that it can listen the music and rig while they are in a bath. It is small and pleasant but dips out of his well and some pleasant small noises that does when it turns was and on is the plus
5 / 5 Tina
These speakers are unbelievable! For such the small compact creation raisin the plot of his of quality. Utmost mix of triple and tomb. To good sure would recommend!
5 / 5 Elsie
Is not sure state as to expect when I have ordered this, but is so only adds! Has the really good sound in the small container. It took it to a park for the picnic. It has continued to do On it uploads of battery four hours later and was quite strong for all the world-wide to listen and has not been in a dipping a strong plus. It is quite small to transport in mine fanny band. I guess my inferior line are am thrilled with him!
5 / 5 Franklin
A lot comparable to a jbl speaker for half a prize. Claro crisp sound, good bass, easy to pair. Experience for the anniversary of my husband and loves it .

Top Customer Reviews: DOSS Active Noise ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Donna
OMG!!!! I am falling a mic in these wireless headphones!!! I am enamoured. His best never, the bass and the volume is wicked! Noice Annulling doea ita work. Of the that Sleeps in this creature!
4 / 5 Vella
I alive with a person that complains of everything and everything, while it has used my devices partorisca listen music or see something, my experience was interrupted for the constant complaints although any one was partorisca with me or so that it buys these audiphones my situacion transmission, already any one listens at all that any sea that am loaning attention, already is video, music or calls téléphonique. Ossia An excellent product that recommends enough, the best is that the annulment of works of the audio even when any one is in way BT.
5 / 5 Deja
Has bought these I of then possesses the DOSS Soundbox, and is extremely satisfied state with both some products. In some headphones, has some lack of clarity of sound in of the very low amplitudes and when NC is turned on, but for meso or the main volumes a quality of his fantastic east for more than genders of music. Some controls, the accesses and the life of battery has has has surpassed expectations. In general, that satisfies experiences like this far - if you are not the conscious mark, to good sure the give shot that.
5 / 5 Napoleon
Has the Doss Bluetooth the speaker and is utmost. Like this when I have required the new pair of headphones has begun to look in Doss first models. I have found this pair and instantly has known has found that have looked for. To receive has touched some headphones for roughly 2 hours. I have been using them for 4 days so many can break in and is touching better each day. Doss Does the utmost products and I will continue to buy his products.

Commentaries lateralmente: Some headphones have the sound balanced and some Bass is quite good.
4 / 5 Natashia
These headphones for a prize are a lot good. I have not had the occasion still to try a life of battery. As of today at least they can go for the few hours. They are a lot happy with a compraventa.
5 / 5 Cherryl
Bluetooth Maintains to fall... My telephone maintains to touch in theirbown the speakers and are metre of trace. Also it embarrassed... They are by train of the turn Behind the amazon. It resupplies the good sounds when connected...
5 / 5 Miquel
A focused to aim a unit is on he no correctly, shows when the calm turn was, but any when calm turn he on.
4 / 5 Ezra
Has bought this headphone on sale partorisca around $ 30. In this quality of his of the prize is so only well.
A subject of entity the deep is has the whirring the clearly audible noise every time sound of the like touches thru his, and an active noise that annuls the fact the worse plot. It went him to return, but any one has launched a box in some rubbishes like this could them no.
5 / 5 Flor
A side suddenly for working (L) done of the weeks. It was always a lot careful and I just use work and has left the there.

A day like normal, volume to do in a turn of morning in a device and puff... A speaker less.

Bad regime eh, has thought that was the good election
4 / 5 Moriah
loves that. First description/of commentary never on Amazon lol. It has very required!& Abordable❤.

Top Customer Reviews: DOSS Assistant 20W ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Edda
I have bought this element in Leaves 1st 2019 and an element now not being able to on.

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