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Top Customer Reviews: Nikon AF-S DX ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Rashad
Take my lense the pair of early days, thank you for a fast nave!

Is using this lentil in the Nikon D3200.

The mine is done in China, boxes/of brown gold. So that far it wants to it! Very better that a lentil of boxes and a lower/quality older 55-200 east substituting. I any shoot of the inner sports of my boy like clear action better drop and VR will pay of big. A field of zoom is also more appropriate for the situations where will be to walk around with him only joins some lentil in a camera. Problem so far very obvious with him when being 'any guarantee' as I will update it if anything changes.

Has bought this with a basic amazon UV filters and was disappointed enough in this filter been been due to quite horrible flaring of clear sources not even in a frame. It takes the sake very-filter coated, final of history.

Control dpreview lense buying guide and on-line descriptions for so to take one the majority of this lentil. Recommended!
4 / 5 By Bernice
That is to say a slow second concealed bought (external of some lenses of the box comprised) for my D3300. So far I am impressed. I Like him his of a versatility to be able to go of 18 in 140mm with the only lentil. This will be my walnut to go -in of the lentils for vacacionales and of the trips to hike. A rotation in zoom in and the era is very smooth. There is not the characteristic to close to prevents a lentil of accidentally rotating and extend was, but looks to line plant quite firmly. It attaches the beaks of pair to aim a measure compared in a 55-200mm lentil.
5 / 5 By Rick
That is to say an excellent in in the white box ,no a unit gilded The alcohols have any guarantee of EUA ...But it saves $ has the Nikon D7200 .Fact in Thailand afther the year will find your self without the guarantee and you finish to pay approximation in $ .. To BUY Or No In ones To STUPID LENTIL BE HAPPY
5 / 5 By Tandy
I am the professional photographer and wants this lentil. I can choose for on action of through the room or take the senior portrait outside adds...
4 / 5 By Fredricka
I have required the cart the long plus, still quite quickly-dulcemente of house for the pair of tasks of magazine. Opted for this zoom and I are pleased. Results in low light (house, stabilisation of image as well as basic optician) has pleased my editors. Yes, it says done in Thailand and he no come with the guarantee. But it is the premier -dulcemente of quality. It IS the lifetime compraventa, unless or until Nikon changes his technology. (I still kinda lose manual house, but that it is difficult with today of cameras and lenses.) Caveat: Has no the bank tried it.
5 / 5 By Earnestine
I want to this lense! State using he during the week and has had very subject. Also it take it a shadow and a UV lense which in my alcohol are the must has. A UV lense will protect a Nikon lense and a shadow is sum for blocking unwanted light when any the flight.
5 / 5 By Evalyn
In front of this lentil, has had one 18-55 and 55-200 lenses this has required the stock exchange of main camera to have both lenses with me. I can take the majority of some shots wants to take with these roughly the dulcemente and there is VR which are new in me and I amour. It IS it bit it the heavy and physically main plus that any one of one 2 another lenses has, but weighs less than an another two has combined. In me, one measures a big the majority of comfortable fact in a hand. Desprs The few days to have this dulcemente, has shot external in daylight, interior under synthetic light and at night taking shots of a moon and stars. His not perfecting , but his add in all have used stops. Certainly I this semi-detached lentil in my camera 95% of a time.
5 / 5 By Ema
I have purchased the Nikon D7500 to substitute the Nikon D90 camera that has been fallen and fraction. I have purchased a camera only so that I already slow, but result that my Nikkor 18-105 lentils has suffered harm in a fall also and has required another lentil of the zoom of the box likes I chosen in this newer version 18-140 dulcemente while it have listened good things enough the. I so that far it has been it very pleased with a speed of house and some capacities of zoom. He the lentil adds goes to be walked around the city or in character and does not want to spend multiple lenses. Has several lenses of premier in this lucido likes him, but is difficult in always spend the bouquet of slow around. That is to say the multipurpose lentil very good .

Chosen in an international version without guaranteeing to save the good bit of money. The mine has been purchased in Abe Amazon Electrnic and was the perfect right out of a box. If this was the $ 2k+ dulcemente, could be more preoccupied in a guarantee, but decided to go some data and has been pleased so far.

This lentil is used, for me, more than any another dulcemente because of his versatility. It does not doubt to purchase again.

The confidence revises when the mark purchases so poses the plot of time in revising all buy in Amazon for personnel and my subject. Please aims your recognition to click a 'useful' down when ask if a description is useful!!!
4 / 5 By Yanira
Among him Nikkor box, with a cloak of instruction. It does not avenge with a shadow of sun, the HB32 the leader. A listing was silent in a shadow of sun. You take it concealed and he 1A filter of my local trafficker. He better that a lense substitutes in of the terms of low light, and is the zoom in 140, while my old one was 125, as it is quite well of the distance. I use it almost exclusively in church. I have to try a characteristic of stabilisation of the image, takes the motion blurs in a very low light. A autofocus is the small lentil in low light, otherwise, am adds.
5 / 5 By Dylan
This lentil comes very packed in the white box. I have taken the bet with him, of any come with the guarantee. Directly out of a box has posed he in my Nikon D3500 and has tried all some characteristic. One orders records of the lentil. I have taken a lot of pictures and a quality of picture was awesome. You go in of a prize of the lentil of EUA, is totally estimativas! It opens, hopefully, will not require to change dulcemente too often.

Top Customer Reviews: Fujifilm FinePix ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5 By
Bought this USED in the prize adds, as it has expected some there were almost sign very visible of use.
Any looks to have tinkered with a viewfinder and a hotshoe -- has had free pieces in a hotshoe, and a viewfinder internal that directed the mechanism is misaligned, so that there is always some part of a viewfinder inner LCD screen was-of-house.
These things would owe that it is honradamente state mentioned in a description.
This in spite of, is hard to feel entirely deceived, of then all more in these works of camera exactly like this new.
Used it to take pictures of an eclipse, as I do not owe that he casualidad that ruins my 'a lot of' is one of an exact same model.
This was a last uper-zoom' model Fujifilm has done concealed accepts @@@drugstore daily EA battery.
Can use rechargeable EA is, also.
A camera requires 4 battery, and takes hundreds of pictures in a together half of alkalines.
[The reports of consumer have tried 93 frames of EA alcaline battery....'Walgreens' alkalines Is gone in in the number does not use those; I know of experience.]
A Sunbeam the batteries have sold 4-for-a-dollar in work of the tree of the Dollar adds in this camera.
This camera has it soyanual marries' characteristic, that -- although it is not strictly soyanual' -- still is better that having swimming but car options of house.
Speaking of a car-home, is quite dependable.
A camera leaves RAW shooting, but BELIEVED to modification has to that be fact out of a camera.
Some things can do with this camera is without final.
Lack of WiFi. Oh, Well.
Any GPS. The one who concerns ?
The original of retail prize was $ this was in 2011, and a prize has touched to lose to plot.
Any one would have to that be although paid (or touching) anything closes to an original prize in this element.
Has fallen to $ for roughly 18-month with which emission (when the models he the new plus arrived), and has fallen long of then.
Thinks that verified went in it a DPReview (DPR) put web at the same time.
5 / 5 By
Has bought this used in 2016. My edges is rough in instruments and this cam maintains up with him. Has all some characteristics described and works as well as some new some
5 / 5 By
Lentil of Mina has been broken. It has not opened box until punctual this week owed to the mine occupied a carruser stock exchange that is coming with has it busted zip. As I am frustrated.

Top Customer Reviews: Fujifilm X-H1 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Calandra
Like this meticulously it likes another Fujis, but of my subjects were two that could not take past:

a. It is now like this big like the full frame Sony. If I go partorisca spend the camera of full frame, love the file of full frame.

b. Absolutely ANY EXCUSE partorisca not comprising an on stroll partorisca a swipe-on-he-and-he-fires shutter emission. I found it impossible to use while still maintaining the memory of comfortable muscle partorisca my relative of indication of toe to mine another Fuji Organism.

That it has to that go back. Never that with Fuji before. And feel bad roughly the, May...

(Answered, to commentaries roughly justification of measure: yes, yes it has IBIS now, and some helps of the main organism dissipates hot--all say is true. But there is blinders on considering a @@subject 'a big plus': has ALL this characteristic--comprising better video--in mine in fact slightly FULL MARK smaller Sony...! A X-H1 is one of these missteps has included the companies adds partorisca do from time to time. Still it possesses my X-Pro2 and X-T20. Not abandoning Fuji, but not fanning-boy enthralled for all his neither. Partorisca An ONLY camera wants to possess Fuji, a X-H1 could be an excellent election. But for those of knots those who has moved in Fuji to move Out of camera main and main organism, a X-H1 is a unfortunate surrounds.)
5 / 5 By Maggie
USES ADDS FUJI GLASS (p. p.ej., XF 16mm F1.4, 23mm F1.4, 56mm F1.2, 90mm F2 Etc.), This camera will rid spectacular files. I have tried enough everything of some cameras in a phase of micro 4/3 to top of some models of line of full frame, as when I say spectacular I bad fantastically rendered, properly exposed, contrasty images with colours that the frames say wow. It is also the joy to use. Manuel that directs is like this entertainment (and attentive) with a house peaking characteristic. A stabilisation is extremely useful and effective.

Until ISO 6400, which is like this big like any precise never go, an advantage of full frame is nullified. As it does not squander your money in a comparably priced camera of full frame that is missing of soul and outputting abysmal colours so only like your files look less noisy in ISO 12,800. Buy a X-H1, pair he with adding lenses, and does not look behind.
5 / 5 By Berniece
Ossia The preliminary description and will share initial impressions.
1) This camera is significantly main and heavier that a X-T1. Calm can not appreciate a difference of pictures so only. Still although it is main, feels well in a hand and of the balances well with main lenses. Any real complaint in of the this for a be of time.
2) IBIS Is exceptional. He a discreet whirring his May have produced the remarkable increase in acuteness. It take pictures while they resist a camera in a delivery and launching it frisbee to my dog in another. In spite of all a motion in my final, some pictures were acute.
3) Autofocus Is improved substantially in X-T1. I am surprised in fact for a speed to direct, although I have tried so only in good light and with the little lenses like this far.
4) Loses a dial of the risarcimento of exposure has consecrated. You can resist down an exposure comp key afterwards to a shutter the emission in some has included time turned the dial. This work cost for me, but is hard to regulate quickly without depressing a dial and turning on roughly another adjustment. Also, you have to maintain an exposure comp the key has resisted down during an adjustment. Has the feeling, will take used to this, and if no, a new AE-L key resupplies an alternative workaround.
5) me gustanuno spacing and situating of some keys in some backsides of a camera
6) An electronic viewfinder is awesome
7) the quality of Image is improved noticeably in a X-T1 in my opinion
8) has not tried functionality of video still. I have purchased this camera because of IBIS and a sensor improved and autofocus like this compared to a X-T1.
9) To the equal that of right now, Captures A no law a X-H1 raw files. Felizmente, a SOOC jpegs is very good.

Inferior line: In anticipation to purchase this camera, has decided to dip mine Fujifilm XT-1 and Sony RX1R ii up for sale. I have complained when a RX1R ii has sold, the thought would owe that it has resisted his. This was until I have opened a box and tried out of this fantastic new camera. Any remorses roughly selling mine another train has evaporated immediately. Ossia My new primary box and want it like this far.

Update 1
A reviewer has commented on software glitches. I have not experienced any of these, but that has possessed several FujiFilm cameras, would have to rest comfortably that knows that FujiFilm is famous to regulate and substantial firmware updates. Any one such subjects would be has rectified quickly.
A beauty of a FujiFIlm the program of X Serious is two-fold: a combination of exceptional organism and lenses, and also an ergonomics that relates to an use of manual dials. To the respect, a X-H1 has taken the smallest step behind to delete a dial of the risarcimento of exposure has consecrated.
Some complain roughly life of battery. The mine takes on ossia to so only launch another battery or two to your pocket. An economic aftermarket the battery do so only well, and frankly, has better life that a OEM version.
IBIS is exceptional and this figure has justified so only a compraventa for me.
On1 The Raw photo 2018 offers the conversor raw for a X-H1, but found me using more out of camera jpegs using FujiFilm the by heart excellent profiles. Some results have been utmost to my eye. I will continue to update, but have any remorse at all like this far.
4 / 5 By Shanti
A new Fuji X H1 mirrorless the camera is the marvel in the small container. Like the long time Nikon DSLR shooter, dulcemente are that he a transition to a small and less expensive more Fuji Line. Fuji I camera are very done and generate the acute and big quality image. It looks that Fuji together with Sony is a new innovators in a phase of digital photograph. They have taken a mirrorless cameras the new heights the very short time. There is a function of the video improved in a XT2, but does not use this unit for video. Has the pro camcorder for that. They have added the 'light of counted characteristic. Well when you are using a camera and very sure his register. Any sure where this thing of the video of the camera goes to finalise. I suppose that some the Ready telephones are to blame.

A characteristic of the scrolling of wireless photo has improved in a XT2. When Calm I in the first place initiates on a camera his calms direct to use a QR code to connect with your cellphone. You can skip this, but he to plot of an initial entrance, likes date and time, etc.

If you are Fuji H1 user, and is reading east. Calm perhaps can explain reason after formatting a SD paper, a file opens in your computer without title of camera. More all other companies, with which a formatting process, adds a name of model of your camera. When you Are the busy photographer taste, and of works with many SD papers and files, loves to know. I A lot ANNOYING.

Goes to add before inside, that some of this characteristic are has left on purpose was, likes life of poor battery, as you can continue buy his has has improved produced.

Has purchased a H1 while still maintaining a XT2 to do comparisons. I will sell a XT2 a lot prompt. There are differences subtiles and obvious. A X H1 is roughly 20 elder. It returns well in a hand. If it was not for a now poor battery life in a H1, not even would consider the grip of battery. Some drains of battery to the equal that touch. And of course ossia reason a H1, has IBIS new. In stabilisation of image of the organism. Calm can twists was, but reason that. It instruments with 5 axial image stabilisation. There is an obvious interior whirling his, ossia IBIS system . To Fuji lenses concealed does not have Is, this could help in of the light shoots go down. Also it depends in that lentil has and your settings to shoot.

Can see some firmware updates quite punctual. Some characteristics of delays of paper or does not answer in time. You owe that paste a shutter or turn of a camera. A flashes in these works of units well. (Sound the tiny outside flashes, ossia resupplied). I have had to return my original XT2, reason a built flashes no
work. There is Fuji lenses and his all look to do well with a new H1 organism. I have turned of one Is on some of mine lenses to see yes done the difference. A response is, he yes done the difference. Having two engines that stabilises a lentil is more. I have shot down to 1/5 of second hand has resisted. Wow!

A finder of optical view in a H1 is the joy to use. There is now elections of electronics and manual shutter combinations. Like this calm does not have to that change to manual shutter when using the flash, likes in a XT2. Ossia The big shot for me. In fact, there are four combinations. Well one. A screen to touch new is well. A bit retard in reply. Sound the very tactile characteristic when it wants to add your information of own copyright.

An exposure of upper camera is a lot handy for me. I can see in the gaze the one who my settings are. A new location for a risarcimento of exposure has been reduced to the key approaches a shutter key. But again touch an easy movement to change. A grip is excellent for half and big hands. Although it rubs an interior of my thumb the bit, any sure reason.

This section is for again excellent shutter emission. Soft To a touch, any tether something of key likes a XT2. Easy, soft and attentive. As You that? An on and was the transmission is the bit dodgy. His small and hard to achieve and actuate. Utilisation your nail to turn on and era. Oh Before I forget. If you want complete calm shutter has to that be in 'electronic shutter' so only. Any combination a lot he. It likes partorisca of photograph callejera that way.

Quality of image like this far is excellent. Tones to paint add in of the objects, people, and pets. Ossia One of some reasons the changed to Fuji. A colour renderings directly of a camera is hard to believe. It compares to some of a Leica models of camera.

Gave it 4 stars because some drains of battery quickly. It was well for a XT2, but for a H1, Fuji would owe that it has created the battery of the big capacity newer. I have said before and you have to that I warn with all these descriptions and mirrorless ads of cameras, any emphasis in a life of battery. This am a lot annoying. Agree any battery... Any camera..., Any photo... Any $ , the leaves goes house. A Leica the battery can perhaps brotáis 400 shots, but sides $ 250 each one that that. Ridiculous! Coming on man, Giappone, Cina, any, marks he mirrorless battery that will last 800-900 shots.
(Under the photo of mine XT2 taken with my new H1)

see you on instagram, afshutterphotos, monoviewer, Thank you
4 / 5 By Frances
am been mad about by advanced photographs, trace of prime minister Sony DSLR, A300. To choose Fuji X system was easy. It does not concern for format. Quality of lentil and ergonomics of camera further of selection, in mine dress is better then anything more. IQ In all the modern cameras with the capacity of BIG ISO is looked. The hardest election was among T2, T3 and H1. Combination of Grip, IBIS, Shutter the action of emission me choose XH1 of Fuji X. Taken the used, like new condition, with booster of Amazon in black- cyber deals, 20 discount. The box has extra two original battery, which am a lot handy, because of poor capacity. Place for another 10-15 years. They are the big Fujifilm defender now!
5 / 5 By Kizzie
Has not considered this camera when he in the first place type until just recently. I have listened to be too big for the mirrorless camera, and that was to feign mostly for videographers. Then thru Fuji the forum has listened that sale for less than half of his original cost and decided to take the peek. And one has read more some recent descriptions and has explored his characteristics, any to mention a prize has reduced, has decided to give try it.

Will say legislation in a principle that ossia one the majority of camera that surprised of a fuji lineup that has purchased and has had all of the his leading flagship the models that begins with a X100T and Xpro 1, Xpro 2, Xt-1&2, etc. Among the big box, and although a grip of battery has been comprised, has has thought Oh Oh, this goes to be the beast . The fact of a subject is that it was not significantly main that mine xt2. Secondly A EVF is surprising amazing amazing. It is dipped behind more than any one another Fuji Camera so that your nose is not pressing against a LCD , and well, no longer uses a LCD excepts to dip on a paper etc. Has the screen to touch that probably it does not use , neither I be using a side of video of a camera (never have and never in any of my leading cameras). And like this I can not comment in these characteristics. But that I can say it is that with IBIS, quell'GLORIOUS Grip (finally!!!) And abundant customization the options have seen a system of paper (that finds more accommodating!) It is the add stills camera. One a thing that has stuck was like the sore thumb this in spite of was where has dipped a Q key, right in a backside of a camera where yours the thumb has maintained to trip a Q paper of key. It does not use this characteristic in my leading cameras and he so that it was near to try to dip tape in the or the disable some another way. But then that law thru a manual the discovered that has the very simple way to selectively keys of lock of concrete function incl a Q key. Phenomenal Fuji!!

Like this partorisca around $ 1000 (I prize to look that it tugs on) ossia The CAMERA to take , complete with grip of battery that control two additional battery (resupply) and enable you to have way of IMPULSE for faster everything.

And other few things like a strap of new camera that Fuji has comprised. No one launches thin was strap of a past but a width, comfortable, grippy the bows of shoulder concealed is quite attractive also.

Fuji Is also very known to listen to his consumers and has offered several firmware updates to this camera of then type.

So much with everything of Fuji line on, a camera takes the images add, has some simulations of films adds in your disposal, and is now also using Bluetooth to synch with Fuji Far Application that it is also quite fresh to transfer images to yours smartphone and or shooting a camera remotely.
4 / 5 By Deadra
Love this camera! A X-T2 are add, but with the little caveats this is to be solve with this model. It is solid, built like the tank, has the grip adds, is comfortable to use, and of course takes good-looking photo. Has feels he for magic. The life of battery leaves something to be wished, but has ordered the strap of camera of the neoprene here on Amazon with built-in of the pockets of battery like this always have extra on me. There is still to be a subject.

Built-in the stabilisation of image has breathed new life to a 16-55mm lentil of zoom, a perfect daily mate for this organism. I also uses with a much bigger 50-140mm lentil of the zoom and a weight feels balanced and has resupplied even when spent around in of the long walks. This combination takes extraordinary portraits, also.

An only disappointment has had was with a new Bluetooth characteristic. He no really anything but sync date and time. Far shutter and characteristic of the scrolling of the image is connected street WiFi among the smartphone and a camera like usual. This is not to value docking the star for, but will admit has been expecting more out of this individual upgrade.

@In rodeo, has been enough while to this camera my whole life! It is so only be the pair of the weeks and I am entirely hooked. It comes with me everywhere now.
5 / 5 By Tawanna
Would give this camera 10 stars would leave me . I possess, and amour, a XT2 and this camera is like this better that has decided to dip a XT2 up for sale and buy another XH1 for my organism of backup and according to point-of-camera of view for video. It has been so much writing in a diverse upgrades a XH1 has in a XT2 as I will not spend him for all again but so only concentrate on a bit those that that was instrumental in my decision to upgrade.

IBIS - I has an illness that has like this one of his symptoms shaky hands. As IBIS is the mine sews enormous. I have tried IBIS camera before and has possessed the Sony a7RII for the pair of first years to change in Fuji fixes it that it uses a XT2 and XT20 with mostly SEATS lenses. I have found that Fuji lenses resupplied also - any reduction of sobresalto better that a Sony. For some reason a Sony IBIS technology so only has not been very effective for my type of shaky hands. As I have said Fuji SEATS lenses has done the better work that a Sony IBIS but does not have a lot of Fuji first lenses, another that a macro 80, the active CHAIR concealed and one of his better lentil - a XF 16-55 2.8 - does not have it neither both duquel was the enormous ache for me so only could him use in 1/125 or on. Now included a no-SEAT first lenses has full 5 sobresalto of reduction of stop!!!

So that the a lot of fact Fuji IBIS has treated? It is fantastic!!! One first what has been dipped a XF 16-55 on and it beginning that it takes pictures of some writing by means of a besides slow room and slower F-stops until blurs. My hands were bad today like XT2 has begun to blur in 1/160th. A XH1? 1/2 second!!! One 1/1 as it was acceptable but has aimed some light blurs it when zoomed in the 100. (This was with a right hand in a grip and a sinister hand under a lentil.) WOW! Ossia The enormous improvement . It is almost magic as clearly I can see an image that movements in a viewfinder when I am directing them but a picture clear and acute regime. (Any I a lot really thinks is magic. There is several good video to Fuji Put web that describes some period has been to so that IBIS would be more.) I have read that Fuji really feels IBIS very better that Sony and are a person that is the strong believer.

Shutter The First & Electronic accident Curtain Shutter - Both of these gone the verses of long ways of the most acute pictures with long lenses although utilisations the tripod. I have not tried this was still but am sure was an improvement . A shutter is very calm and smooth and a new shutter the key of emission is like this lighter that a XT2 is. I have been concerned that a key can be too light and be the ache the half press for exposure/of house. It is not . Somehow it has directed it to take the very light key but have the definable halfway the point for that directs. More have a AF-ON key for the rear key that directs that use to plot. A new AF-IN THE KEY is much easier to press that a key in a XT2 this has had to be reasociado. It likes-it join me key but are not the enormous defender of where has dipped the.

Video & IBIS - I follows to plan on that does the series of the video that document a process to create the classical car restored of the piece to rust so that the video is of entity of mine but any enough of entity to justify that it buys the camera of the video consecrated in $ 7,000 more lenses. I have tried a video in a XT2 and is good quality but any scenes that has involved to move a camera was too jittery for my flavour. Have experimented The bit with a XH1 the video and is excellent. I have looked the video that has compared a Sony a7RIII video to a XH1 for stabilisation and a XH1 has won clearly. Some bloggers the alone word wraps up was eshocking.' When asked to give his thoughts in a XH1 in winner for such the clear margin.

Another PROS

- I amour a screen of upper state. Almost always to full manual swipe likes the wheel of risarcimento of the exposure a lot anything in a XT2 for me. Meeting looking in an upper screen to plot so only to reassure me that some settings are that I want to so only before it has dipped my eye until a viewfinder. Yes, you are all of this info is in a viewfinder, and more, but finds the way is showed just tanks in better. He More those first looks have dipped a camera until my eye leave to quickly change one of some first values to create a camera. Also a text is like this main that is very easy to read the difference of a text a small plus in some dials. (Old eyes)
- A new grip are adds! It have bought it Gariz chance of skin that has had the better grip that a stock XT2 and also the L-frame with grip that has done also like XT2 was quite well in a department of grip with which have finalised with him too much. While I will buy the L-frame thus camera has not been with the grip. One the stock grip is so only in perfect.
- AF-ON key. Some claves of new key out of has bitten it more and is easier that press. They are not the defender of his location this in spite of. It is in the half thumb too far in the viewfinder. The desire would have moved a dial of order among a AE-L key and a AF-ON key. This would have been perfect.
- New Shutter key of Emission. I have been prepared to hate this have liked like this a one in a XT2 with which have bought the little concave ray-in key. But a new shutter the key is like this smooth that forces only you for the press well and easy.
- Tilt Screen. I owe that be an only person to to which likes that of a tilt the screen is remained . It take around a @@subject to see a video of a front to buy an expensive 7' monitor and the small articulating mountain of arm and so only turn a screen to face me. It can very really see a small fully articulating screen in the Cannon 80D I has possessed so that not to use it never in all the chance. (Old eyes again.)
-Video. An implementation of the video in this camera is so only like Goldilocks' porridge. No like this simple that it is unusable but no like this complicated that it is unusable. It is in his point. Has some characteristic that 95 of a need of creators of the video in the a lot of easy to learn and interface of use.

To the equal that can say, am very happy that Fuji spent this camera was quickly and does not import that it uses a processor of same & sensor a XT2 done like XT2 is the fantastic camera also and there is at all bad with a quality and colour of some pictures that produced/of combination of processor of sensor. Purportedly a XT3 will be announced this fall and he actuate slightly the main resolution in 28-30 megapixels and a upgraded processor or dual processors. This will be good but as it is not supposition to have IBIS the will not try me now that have so only of then a lot Fuji IBIS is. If has IBIS then can be tempting but do really like a frame a big plus of a XH1 better and so only does not have a lot of tin a lot that precise or included want to like this 4 or 6 more megapixels probably will not cost a cost to change again.

In my opinion a XH1 is a lot of value a cost of upgrading mine XT2 and to good sure a lot of value a delta of prize in the new XT2 is trying decides among them right now. It is the a lot of the camera has drawn well with just a right quantity of the characteristics for the creator of the video/of half photo taste. I love some little video/of pictures of my classical cars to be of big quality to represent a cure and the attention to detail has dipped to our product without that has to that learn to be the full time videographer likes some of some competitors plus a lot of complex in Fuji there now. In 55 years of aged does not learn new technology quite like this quickly to the equal that have done when I have possessed the developer/of company of technology of software like a simpler interface a lot of of Fuji world in general and a XH1 has been especially it godsend for me.
5 / 5 By Elvina
In Seven. 2015, I have purchased a XT2, 18-55 and after comparing to my Cannon 5DIII with L lenses, has sold a material of Cannon. I have loved Fuji but was intrigued for one 16-55, as I ordered it. It is more acute with better saturation that one 18-55, but a lack of OF The EAST is the breaker of extracted of then I hand of shoot has resisted. As I have ordered a X-H1. Another is gone in a quality and of the improvements, as I will not live too much in that. Here some observations; that comes from/comes from the 5DIII, a measure and the weight are WELL, feels well in my hands. I want a shutter. A viewfinder is dipped behind out of a LCD screen so much cheek smudging is not like this big the question, well. IBIS is awesome. When I have opened a box, has had the ape that looks pocola what plastic with the ray of small thumb. Taking awhile to imagine was where goes but when I , has had to smile. He fulminas in a side where some starts are and is the relief of the tension to help prevents harm to some sockets of entrance covers it to him is has clashed accidentally; a lot thoughtful. In a lentil, really like having of the traditional f coverage of stop. Another reviewers has mentioned that IBIS drains a battery quickly. Simply dipped a paper to actuate an EAST in shooting way. When A transmission of the house in a front is in a S dipped, active on taking a picture and when in a C place, for the half press of a shutter emission. This'll saves can of battery. I finalise to start with to touch with a video, but 100 mbps in FHD is quite good. A built in mic is almost like this as well as my outside Shure, which is glorious. One transports mic control of level in a built in and external, as well as the manual is useful. Ossia Think it well was camera with a lot of things to love.
5 / 5 By Henry
Has bought a X-H1 and that the grip used-like this new for roughly $ 940 a lot before that it was available with a new grip for $ 1000.
Is a lot of unfortunate, but accepts it.

A X-H1, mine, is the shrunken GFX 50S with some guts of a X-T2 + IBIS.

A IQ exiting of this camera is fantastic. It was fantastic in a X-T2 also -- same sensor.
Are the hybrid shooter (portraits and both cinematic and fashionable video documentary).
I so only use the glass adds with this camera, this in spite of: Fujinon 16mm F1.4, Fujinon 23mm F1.4, Fujinon 35mm F2, Fujinon 56mm F1.2, And 90mm F2.

An ergonomics is perfect for me of then has delivery quite big. I found purchasing the smallest cameras so only to buy the grip to bulk the up.
Would have bought a X-H1 simply for an ergonomics.

A stabilisation is to good sure not perfecting. It was improved a lot with a firmware update, but find me yearning a quality of a GH5.

All know life of battery in a X-T the line has not gone absolutely fantastic, and one could contest his worst in a X-H1 because of an extra power required for IBIS. So only spend extra battery. It is like this simple as it conceal. It was well to him it do not have to that , but his do not treat it enormous.

A Good: IQ, ergonomics, the time that mountain & of focus of hard/frame, IBIS, sub exposed of monitor, EVF, analog dials, simulations of film, calm shutter, acute 4K register, dual UHS-II SPACE of paper, navigation of simple paper, and decent inner audio

A Bad: Port selection, life of battery, an emission of a X-T3 shortly after a X-H1

A well to good sure outweighs a bad.

That they are really while a X-H2 will comprise:
Headphone jack port
Improved right-was-of-boxes IBIS
AT LEAST INNER 4K60, 10-has bitten 4:2:2 400mbps (these needs to spend to justify a prize)
4K the slow motion that record
A fully articulating rear LCD with sensibilities to touch improved (for vlogging, glimpsed, etc.)
Battery main/life of the battery improved (this also spends of need to justify a prize)
A simulation of new film?

The short long history, a X-H1 is the I adds 1st camera of generation for a lineup; Although, I am very excited for a X-H2.