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Top Customer Reviews: Garmin echoMAP ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Taunya
That is to say a awesome unit, with a lot the value for a prize has paid, the advances of technology like hurriedly that only the little of the years do the unit like this easily would be in 1000 dollars. Taking heed with some additional elements recommended by Amazon, if the boat to you is in 22 feet will require a cape of extension, even so a coverage HAS not REQUIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is already or in a box, the amazon fails to say you this and I are bonded with an extra and burned coverage 20 bucks, no my deception.
5 / 5 Sherley
Very easy to install. The options of card are easy in navigate. Very intuitive. This comes with the coverage that mentioned in another clave, as it does not purchase unit
An exposure is very clear and easy to read included in direct solo. It comes with a highland group well and the personnel for flush mountain. The unit easily decouples highland for storage.
The mine has had already some updates of software later so much and has not required to download anything.
Global and would say that is to say the unit adds for a prize. Also it has the NMWA 2000 comliant port and can hook in the system of management of the fuel directly in him, as well as the NMWA compliant vhf radiates.
3 / 5 Madelaine
An action of this unit is truely surprised. I think a sound the portion could aim you the flounder eyeballs protruding out of a fund in the 100' of water. A clarity and the resolution are really exceptional. It reads inferior sake in the speed and the looks well delete the majority of interference. A function of looks of GPS to be so accurate while it can be it has expected. So much a GPS and sounds the function is more concealed adapted for a quantity of time has been using some units( has another in another boat).
Opens Some bad points, so much a GPS and sounds the cards are unnecessarily complex and requires navigation thru several elements of card to take a function wants. A card is only far too very time. Some screens of GPS are very limited like a quantity of useful data can aim concealed. He the cursor is big clumsy and goes them the plot of a desire to describe to see. There is a GPS of Garmin older this was far, far more mere to use and the inferior data aimed in the much more useful road. The navigation frequently is the subject to listen your road was and retracing yours line of GPS in a trip of tower. That is to say that the imports like this bounce is being used in a zone of coast of golf Fl concealed is not very deep sandy, mostly a lot and rocky. In a positive side some subordinated perils is very near in the representation of a screen.
Synopsis: A sound the function is point and averts, A GPS is functional, but an operation of a unit is unnecessarily heavy.
2 / 5 Vickie
A Garmin echoMAP CHIRP 54cv has the interface of horrible user that was designed clearly to land lubbers that has not been never entered to bounce it. My supposition is that has some manuals of the user written by any one abroad. Quan Am in a helm has 15 other things to do and can not spend 3 minutes messing around with a GPS to imagine was so to go in a prjimo waypoint.

HAS a Garmin old GPSMAP 498 this has the interface of good user that it is easy to use but alas is not doing properly some of a time. That is to say why it has taken a new unit. In an old unit there is the button in a front nicknamed 'NAV'. Calm only paste a NAV button, said to go to signal, and that is. To do a same thing in a walnut one has to go thru 10 cards!

In all the case of week of the day of the work has taken the group of people has entered my bounce for the 3 trip in the daytime. I have finished to install a Garmin EcoMap Chirp 54cv the few days in front of this beginning in the sea and I have had to weaves other things to do so there is not time to touch with him and imagine was. I have posed the little waypoints an installed day the one of way that knows where has been. Before we leave a cradle has attributed a diplomado university recent (in engineering) to read a manual and say me that in navigate and has posed an alarm of tugs of the anchor. It imagines out of a navigation but could not imagine was so to pose an alarm of tugs of the anchor. There is not any reference in some tugs of alarm of anchor anywhere in an user manual table of contents, indication, apndice, or paragraph headings.

After we exit in sea and anchored in 2 anchors, my old GPS has done properly so posed some tugs of alarm of anchor in the but still could not imagine was so to pose some tugs of alarm of the anchor in a nine unit HAS the second canal for an old GPS but I was preoccupied that yes I have turned has been for the take down in a cabin that the would not be able to find some satellites or be able to determine our place, like this representing he a lot-arrest- at all, and leaving without any alarm of tugs of the anchor. It likes him he does in of a cabin so that in fact it can listen an alarm while I am read, while I arouse me up, but can not listen when is up in a bridge. Some new GPSes does not have an option for the lighter of cover of the cigarette, so had any road to use he in a cabin.

Has touched with a new GPS until I at the end the figure out of some tugs of alarms of anchor, but took me the long time to find a card of alarms. It IS at all intuitive, or calm say you that to access he in some manuals. This is not acceptable! Desprs Taking an anchor tugs calm poses them to alarm felizmente had the young man that sleeps up in the coverage and he could listen an alarm in a new GPS goes was, but that any one always when being a case.

In a second the night avenges and took me so that an anchor tugs the alarm has been he was. We look around with some hand-streaky fire but could not say what far was rocks in an island behind organism. I have posed awake that the fearful night has been to finish in some rocks, separated so that the could not say where had been or where a waypoints was localised that it had posed it the the while in of the anchors with a wind those clashes different directions. I have touched with a new GPS for hours and at the end has imagined was so to change a colour of a tone so that the does not wash out of a waypoints that had posed . I have seen also in a tone some clues of road to go in this anchorage and had the something where persists during the minute, as I have guessed that it was an in fact something where an anchor has been posed. I have marked that point and measured some distances of this point in our location and an another waypoints had posed . Desprs Changing a colour of a tone at the end could see where had been in relation to where an anchor has been posed and an another waypoints, but this was a night that hastes .

Another problem with this unit is a Compass Sure Distance. I have contacted support of client in this subject while it installs it his. This distance would have to when being declared clearly in some instructions of installation, in planting to be buried in a product specs in page 5. These lists is not repeated anywhere in a manual of owners or, or is referenced in a table of contents, indication, or apndice. It can not find while it goes thru an installation, as I have achieved has been saw email. The May HAS ANSWERED in an email as it take it any one in the cat lives a next day and has taken a response. Initially one takes said a distance was 9.8 inches and then revised that in 27.6 inches. I can not pose 27.6 inches of a compass even so has in my pinch. A compass the sure distance is much bigger in a 50 series when some 40 series, which are only 9.8 inches. It is ready to return a unit in this subject only before it use it in fact, but has required he for my trip, but now is returning and will be to purchase around for the better unit, potentially of another manufacturer that maintains boaters in alcohol. We are his piece to feign the end.
4 / 5 Antonetta
It does not order a coverage that comes up as 'frequently bought together'. This unit has a coverage and the calm has to pay to return a coverage.
4 / 5 Dagmar
That is to say the unit of quality that is ideal to bounce it small (the mine is 17ft.). The map is well, included in brilliant daylight. I have read some descriptions in this unit before purchasing and had some complaints quite the use been has complicated also. It uses another gps electronic in a past and in comparison, this one is very the cosy user . Any one has read included a manual owner and took it operational in the few minutes. Some orders of card and clear and easy to follow. My only worry is trace a transducer (any still fact). It IS 9 long inches and enough 2 lbs so still am researching my highland options. This is not the breaker of roads even so.
5 / 5 Velia
I do not want to write the negative critic for the product and didnt same use. There is the garmin map plotter/finder of fish in my last bounce and was utmost. An interface was sometimes the heavy bit, but was a reason and has bought another for my new boat. I didnt do my investigation before it purchases, as his my own failure, but and when being that the people would have to know a measure of a transducer. HIS BIG.

The covers form my reasoning for tower. Probably it does not use never a finder to fish another concealed for grins, Im no the arrantzale. Very only I want a bit few maps and depth. I of the that a lot needs anything more than concealed. I have been disappointed in a measure of a transducer so that and knows and would have enjoyed a unit. I do not want shell out of another 120 for the glue thru-hull transducer when and could take the comparable or better unit for less than a prize has combined. If a measure of a transducer doesnt calm problems, then this unit will be orders since you. But you are preoccupied any one could use likes him the step to take in your boat, then thinks two times!
5 / 5 Carlotta
It has bought 2 therefore my bounced. The averages a prize of one 6.n Screen and hardly nocixablenin measure. Garmin IS far upper besides other marks to fish saltwater and his map plotter is easier to read also. Better value there!
2 / 5 Neil
This was to substitute to ten unit of year of Garmin similar old this has maintained to close was.
Has thought this newer unit would be an improvement , with a sound of clear view and a lot of newer technology, IS not , much more last to find in to the things likes them to them the map tidal and information of user.
The support of Garmin was very responsive, but a bad informative after a day to use said has to me all of a same hassles and side $ 150 to install, again to take, returning, and substitute and reinstalling the work of walnut transducer.
This a defective east.
Does not try these before they ship the?
Is not in that only unplug and return, what the hassle.
5 / 5 Julia
This was the prize adds for this unit. I think a echoMap the more is substituting this series, but that is to say the GPS has looked full /Plotter with Chirp transducer. Has the big plus GPSMAP 7610sxv in our helm, and that is to say for our dinghy. It was able to share our Bluechart g3 maps among our 7610 and this unit saw the micro SD card. Also, I can share some outlines of this unit in our 7610. I am very pleased with this so the dinghy GPS/plotter.

Top Customer Reviews: Garmin Echomap ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Candelaria
A walnut/out of a box garmin gps/the sound would not remain on. He afterwards each which how 2 in 10 minutes, the different circuits tried and different stacks. At the end, I hooked the in the stack in my garage and a problem still are spent. I have contacted garmin the support and they routed the new backplate and cord to be able in. Some the new parts have not resolved a problem. After two days of installation and troubleshooting, is thoroughly thwarted that a device is defective. It was not it take it to him the lemon of thousand or yes more than these defective units are there. The mine is now in the box of tower in Amazon.
5 / 5 Florence
This thing is awesome!! Amur Everything in this unit!! The big screen easily voice anywhere in mine 18 ft boot. Alarms of sound, maps of table of the tide, and precision when marking fish. We were dipnetting in a mouth of a Kenai laughs when sockeye and chinook the salmon was schooling under a boot and focus them persecuted the, very fresh to look in a fishfinder! The depth is supremely accurate!
5 / 5 Gino
And it likes him to him he reads of deep and has been has been besides or 850 menosft and gps the accurate looks
5 / 5 Gemma
I have installed this in my Seaswirl Striper 1851 Walkaround the boot and was been utmost so far! Intuitive cards and the good and easy brilliants to read screen (still in an only). A sake to be plastic solid and highland. A whole unit only explosions out of a plastic mountain how can take you he with you when yours estaciona bounce (a security adds/anti-characteristic of flight). It avenges preset with maps for Hawaii (although my last unit has aimed more points of interest). Generally I start in of the waters of Hawaii of the coast was and troll for fish. I have planted a transducer the reasonable distance of my elder of age outboard automotive and followed some instructions comprised for some rights and such angle. Only he well out of a box! In general the roads adds for a prize and characteristic-has posed.
4 / 5 Mozell
It Likes him what hurriedly of the arrived and this arrives in good condition. It IS the small disappointed that it was not packed in another box to the goes that it is the element was. The installation was sper mere. I have required the small help with wiring in my VHF, but Garmin has had service of the fantastic client and I was able of the take hooked up. A downside is a measure of a transducer. It IS so long, this was unable of the trace in a starboard side so that a propeller of my trolling the paste of engine he, as it is trace in a port side. I will see so they go it.
5 / 5 Hoa
A lot of different screens, maps and functions to mention. The averages the season of the use and I can not expect for more! Finder Of depth and functions of the finder of the fish is so easy and estimates a cost!
5 / 5 Pamala
The works add!, it Comes with the Blue maps installed and has had the lake Seen HD in a Micro SD the semi-detached card in him. Using he in the 22ft Bounces of Coverage for a Lake and occasional Trip in a River.
5 / 5 Vanda
We are going in some tones of Florida. This will be awesome to fish and navigable!
5 / 5 Rafael
Perfecto for my necessities
5 / 5 Nikole
Very it was not that the person could do better for a prize. Easy to use, easy to install, the laws add.

Top Customer Reviews: Garmin GPSMAP 64st, ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
Hello All the world. I have wanted this description so that I am spent several months that many research the different marks of GPS of hand-held units has lined. My distinguished research me in a direction of this particular unit, concretely one 64ST model. I have bought this unit to use during my place of long term like the commissioner of tube. I use this daily unit for more concealed 9 hours the day that collects several bits of waypoints and information that confidence later to direct any only work but also to identify elements that attention of necessity. Having this unit has done my work any only easier but more enjoyable. Highly suggest it considering purchasing the Micro SD card to go hand-in-hand with a unit especially yes plans on collecting very waypoints and another information. One 100K maps of tope that comes with a unit is sufficient for my use, but certainly can see where one 24K topa would be much more beneficial in those requiring more cement of detail of the earth. In general, a unit has very be reliable, an use of stack is very any one that bad especially given some characteristic of a unit. If it uses a unit during 9 hours the day directly without turning only used two typical EA the stacks easily can take three in four days out of some stacks. Considering enough of signal, has not fallen never more concealed 1 fence under maximum (but maintains in alcohol, is usually in an open zone of earth with small in any past of tree, as it takes this point for his value of face. In of the terms of an user of friendliness of units, well out of a box was able in totally use a unit without twisting to learn subjects. For the who can be he asks, is not or the majority of technical person there even so the general learning of electronic jointly with some helps of guide of fast beginning. Regarding a free test of a bird is-Maps of eye: I more to good sure plans on renewing my byline. While it is an extra cost in the annual base can say you concealed having these available Maps and in your yolks while it was in some marks of field quite a difference. In general, more certainly it recommends this unit with excites at all. Simply place, a unit is functional, reliable, quite compact, and each what-around easy-in-use.
4 / 5
Amur That hurriedly signal of purchase. My only complaint is a map of tope. GARMIN Real give you a toe with there of upper maps. A ST is significantly more expensive a mere 64. A prize in my opinion does not justify an extra GB soiled one very, grinds very mere. Considering you can buy the 16 gb sd card down 20 bucks does not waste a money in a 64.
Will count why is not of follower of a tope.
Before I have taken one submerges in this GPS has used my tlphonique and a Trimble together application with a onX application. That enjoyed in an application was
1-the application is free
2-the applications use very detailed 10 ft change of elevation USGS maps overlayed on yours has posed.
3-Could change go in the Google has seen aerial in your current location.
4-Been due to a character of screen of the touch and a fact that some applications are designed for the hunters have had convenient waypoint bookmarks/marcadors that could designate leans of tree, cameras of game, trails etc.
5- Trip the plot. It serves in an army does not have a luxury to hunt my own private earth. Tan Generally each which how 2 years or so many has to begin throughout again. And some applications leave me to us to plot of flexibility especially for still hunting and and absolutely wants to it.

The problem with an application and a telephone are is very that connects in your coverage of tlphonique and still calmly of good signal that takes the bit for him to purchase the signal. And that is not to mention life of stack. I have pulled a trigger in this unit for his exceptional description. Also they are to advance an experience a ST for one 100k grinds the already installed maps. And I want a unit for his precision and acquisition of the fast signal but some maps only are not to estimate an extra money. Felizmente On-line can find you some a lot of good FREE but has limited 24K maps. And some almost comparable in a USGS maps.

Be to do it again would purchase one 64 saves an extra almost 100 dollars and perhaps for the 16gb sd card and one 24k maps of garmin. Or it uses a free ones.
1 / 5
This thing is almost useless. I have required he for the hike in the far zone without signal of the cell and I have wanted the secondary gps the unit in case perhaps was to lose. It possesses two another Garmins before and progressively empire with every year. Anyways, here is a pros and gilipollas of a GPSMAP 64s:

- is the gps and yes has the signal, can order to say you where is localised (fyi, my telephone is more accurate).
- The clues where walked.
- The durable looks... No very sure since I am not the fallen (has wanted to to launch it even so in several occasions).
- HAS the compass.
- IS such awesome the explosion in a past to feign is calling your friends in the telephone of Nokia in 1999.

- Downloading the maps listen likes him is bonded in 1995. I bad seriously, your creation of looks of Doors of Bills of the application he for Windows 95. You see a good photo of this software of museum that has attached. A UI has been designed by the squad of alcoholics, as each only interface listen likes him is an addition afterthought. There is not the coherent organisation of any card.
- A DRM on downloading the maps are burdensome. I have paid almost $ 300 for the device and he have to cross this long process to download each map. The duke. Garmin HAS the data of business model so that he rebuffs the update and accept that Y2K is spent. Obviously, his computers each bass prjimos in Having to 31, 1999, as they are still behind there partying with Prncep. It takes hours to download some maps for Joshua Tree in the 1 Gbps connection. Only it can download small sections of a map the time. It has to the double control is subscribed still in a service to download the map. You have to cross this giant DRM and wizard of name for each portion of a download of map. It IS to Deposit of Lima of the GPS and has taken the map for free this was better that a Garmin of the maps provides.
- Can pose SD storage in a device, but does not recognise it so when being course of a half of byline of a time. My grandmother adds was able to run the marathon with his walker even so has the few extra hours to exit partying faster that a scrolling of a computer in a device in a SD card.
- Some errors of tower of servers of average of Garmin of a time.
- Misses A signal of so time of satellite in a trail, this has finished to use my GPS in my telephone.
- Some tones were so far was, concealed there was in him walk in of the mountains. Happy has had my tlphonique to say me my location, otherwise would be stranded in the middle of the Tree of Joshua of the swimming.
- Seriously, has to paid for the byline in BirdsEye after spending $ 300 in a device. I will not be renewing my byline. I will celebrate a day this greedy company drop.
- Sufficing everything in this stupid thing.

I better using my tlphonique and an application in my tlphonique that this elderly. In a final, planned a trip those uses VR glasses and then mapping a hike on coast of Google VR. I have transferred that in my tlphonique and was more accurate, has data topographic information (without paying extra), and was able to aim my location in the terrain. It takes each of 30 bren to transfer some plots of Earth of the Google in my tlphonique versus a half the day takes to transfer some images of satellite in a GPS. For some maps that Garmin has provided, Tierra of Google has had better detail versus BirdsEye (still besides BIG). Some topographic the maps on Deposit of Lima of the GPS was better that some maps that Garmin has had in his servers. My suggestion in Garmin is to turn down a Nirvana, MC Martell, and Gel of Vanilla, look out of your window and give is almost in 2020. Test save the business model with bylines in of the services that is worse that open source or the proportionate material in an internet for free is despicable. Creation something with a consumer in of the imports and in that leave them a capacity to use your device without expensive bylines. It leaves people to pose some maps and an explosion of information in his GPS.

Highly recommend that eschew this device at all sustains and that eschews Garmin by everything means. That is to say that it would have to it it has been it designed in 2000, any one 2014. An only reason would have to buy that is to say to complete your 1990 memorabilia collection or to save the data of business model. I lament to spend say me his in this idiotic piece duquel junk spatial taking envelope in my floor.
3 / 5
Desprs Using, and fond, a Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx for years, decided in 'update' in a GPSMAP 64st. Predominately, Has wanted a much more finely the map detailed of some the EUA, but some builds Bluetooth the also looked connectivity interest and possibly useful. I have wanted also a capacity to save more tones and the tones the long plus.

Open Cela has used one 64st for the few months, can say that one 64st is not almost also like 60CSx. At most of some roads that subject in me, a predecessor 60CSx is better. Where One 60CSx listened for the likes had been designed by any one that in fact hiked and depended in the unit of GPS, one 64st listens likes him has been designed by the committee the main aim duquel was to come up with points of balloon to look in an advertising.

To start with with a life of stack of one 64st is abysmal. Some stacks in a 60CSx last at least 2 in 3 times while those in a 64st. In still put to bed- with one 64st, has to gone back of characteristic like Bluetooth and GLONASS and use a bird of exposure of stack' road (cual the ways or the screen is not on unless you press the nail). To take around the east, a manual suggests that you use (ultra big priced) stacks of lithium. Also it can use rechargeable stacks (the good luck that takes the recharged when is entered the 4 -5 hike in the daytime).

Included a manual of user for one 64st is what minimalist the document looks for to be designed to prevent you to find how one 64st is supposition to do. One 60CSx the manual is 116 long pages and is a lot competes. One 64st the manual is 18 long pages . I have counted Only or the majority of basic information. For example, one 64st has the profiles of parameter have nicknamed. The profiles look for to be designed to save the collection of parameters. A manual does not contain any information in some profiles that is to comprise with one 64st or what the parameters are affected by the profile. Some profiles included with one 64st is 'Classical', 'Hiking' and 'Geocaching'. There is not any information in a manual that count a difference in some profiles. 'Classical' is a default. Has think that of predominately use a GPS in hike, would change a profile of 'Classical' in 'Hiking'. This was the big deception . Quan A 'Hiking' the profile is selected, one 64st flavours in 'Composed' a road (only like a automotive GPS ). Of course, of a device does not have more the trails have built in, a 'calculation' always lacking-- the does not find never the road. Although it can 'composed' a road was of the small use since does not have any road to know that road wants to take.

Has had frequent problem with one 64st comprising points of atrocity in the tone these leaders in of the readings of absurd odometer. In front of a beginning of the hike, wait for a GPS to take the gesture of satellite of good solid and the good location. Then I reset an odometer of trip and other parameters of trip in zero. I begin a hike and discovers the minute or two later that one 64st thinks is hiked 60 miles! His clear that one 64st had taken at least a spurious point and included he in an odometer mileage. That takes when being for a GPS to deduce that it is not possible to travel 24,000 miles for hour and ignores a spurious point of tone?

Has some good things in a 64st. A built-in the map is has detailed much more that a one this comes with one 60CSx. Quan IS in the hike and you go in the road-- still the backside-subjects of muck of the country, one 64st probably will be able to say you a name of a road. One 60CSx only knows in of the roads of entity and not even everything of those. A Bluetooth the connectivity could be useful. You could, for example, it downloads the GPX yours in your ready telephone and of the scrollings he of your mobile phone in a 64st subjects Bluetooth. One 64st has of more memory of plot and can store much more tones that rotted one 60CSx (10,000 points versus 2,000 in a 60Csx) and can store much more tones..
1 / 5
I am the faithfull client of Garmin. Has one 60csx, one 62 s and now this useless brick. A life in a stack is further pathetic, not even two hours, included with his group especially stack. Any one which subject stacks has posed in there, is gone down 2 hours. I have to gone back of Glonass, goes down an interval to follow frequency and place for on saver of the screen in me can take through the 3 early hike. It forgets to use a camera! Even so, in the 5 hike has had to early stacks 3 times. Objectionable. Too bad bought this in the amazon and I are out of some the EUA, or would ask my money behind!
2 / 5
Quan Purchases this element is promised the byline of year in satellite of view of eye of birds. That is to say the big reason why and was with easterly Little unit he and fulfil it has been to be the enormous ache. It was on-line and found where in active this view of eye of the birds. Then give and have to it download. Val, Any big roads. Until and give only what big a file was. I create an internal memory in this thing is only or or 2 actions. To download the eye of the birds of my whole state was 100s of actions! Wow. As and the place has been to find a big plus more responsibly priced sd card. I have finished to imagine out of and only could download the esection' of my state. And that only would be 60 actions. As and purchase to 64 action sd card. It goes house, limit in a gps and flavours to download this of the laptop. I am spent to try hours to take it to do. Just tonnes of has run around in a web of place, deceiving information, and lack of direction. Still to date and has not been able to download a content. Another while that is to say the decent gps.
2 / 5
Interface very dated, and acquisition of map. Very few options for maps that is not the service has paid, only very competitive with todays place of piece. State using applications of smartphone for enough some time and expected for the GPS has consecrated that it can offer control of water and life of bonos stack with just the little admit. It results it does to add it very admits necessity to use this product. No the screen to touch (one admits that to the era has had to to accept for control of water and life of stack), zoom of the map limited in 1:24000 out of boxes, imagery of eye of the birds in 1 year without the byline, the client of desktop this has been designed more or he less done 8 years, and any updated with modern UI, attaching the maps are unnecessarily complex, beginning and prendiendo the trip is buried a lot presses of low button; the connection is using USB Mini (any micro or C)
Any one all is helps of the by heart bad screen with visibility, the follower this uses GLONAS and GPS is excellent acquisition , quickly of signal, included in canyon, the resistant water, the memory is expandable, qualified to use piece to concentrate EA stacks, rechargeable NiMH EA stacks, or Garmin marked group of stack (two NiMH EA the stacks fixed +in- with the bridge that depresses changes it to signify a rechargeable the when the character connected in USB.
1 / 5
I am very satisfied with the amazon when comes to ship. In an another hands a Garmin GPSMAP64st this has purchased comes with to 1 byline of year in Birdseye has seen. It uses a Birdseye during a week now and suddenly a Basecamp the application says does not have the byline anymore. It tries to call Garmin. It tries everything under an on-line moon and can not take any help. A Birdseye the software is horrible to use to beginning with with and now no at all. It opens I Am obliged to purchase maps through another road. This will be a last product of purchase of Garmin been due to some subjects of software that all over the world like him adapts on.
1 / 5
It BUYS STOCKS of STACK... A rhythm of card is so the era has beaten likes one 80s group of garage in LSD.
That is to say mine 4 GPSes of Garmin . It was my last. Stacks Any last 12 hours that use unit in navigate unless it turns the unit was so suggested to conserve life of stack....Deja chews on that during the minute... Next point. The screen is not SUDDEN and easy stain. Flavour in reset some results of ODOMETER of the TRIP in resetting a whole device...As everything of some changes done to try and eek out of the little more the minutes of the life of stack is dried....But an ODOMETER the STAY of miles.. That has gone far of excursion this TRIP? The MASTER RAISIN is MANUEL with you everywhere, I of those who included wants to go to try to adjust parameters to aim parameters in a computer of trip...LOLS. EXTRA RAISIN of BATTERIES. It can enter and on in some failures in this unit but a lot another has said he all and... Well I of who has all day, as it leaves habladura in some good things.
----These spatial left Rooms purposefully----
Honestly an experience of GPS there has been better recently is with to tablet that has the piece of GPS CONSECRATED and the program of GPS to pay well, the screen he big plus, more intuitive to use, and generally some applications are built for concrete uses as it takes the less convoluted the very tuned the program for an activity is doing ( I of the that required to know where the restaurant is when that hikes one Pacific Estela of Crest) , hiking,current,navigable,fishing,hunting,sightseeing,compraventa,directing, etc in planting to try in cram the all in the small device with 9 buttons and the 3 screens of inch that is trying was the ready telephone also....TEZ ONLY One DAMN PRENDIDO of GPS VERY that COME FROM to BE SOMETHING MORE LOL. So thats my council in any one looking for the new GPS. Ruggedize Your ready device, buys the application to spend and GPS well in this THING that was to build in the meeting room with the bouquet of any-users cramming points of balloon in 2 EA stacks and he 100 (extra) piece of map of the dollar LOL, so that google the maps are better in all the case .......
1 / 5
These products has probably an interface of worse user. Some cards are confusing and take in reset. Garmin HAS excellent gps systems for the carts but this product are the horrible thing to use. It go it truly the waste of the dinero.la the stay was!

Top Customer Reviews: Humminbird 409610-1 ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
3 / 5 Jonna
As Any compraventa a Humminbird Helix 5 line of the products has discovered probably; calm very precise do your duties to imagine was exactly what each the model is and what marks. A Humminbird the web of place recently to clear some differences among some a lot of products in a line of Helix. Or fully they count to update capablitly--or included that enters a box.

Since looked predominately in a capacity of the stops of GPS bury-coastal navigation in SWFL, and has not wanted to spend $ 800 more for the map blown full-plotter with all some bells and whistles, resolved in a Helix 5 Sound/of model of GPS. Saved the plot of money (arrive front) but finish disappointed and that spends the money of plus of plot in an end.

First disappointment was to discover each installation and the operative instructions are in a CD included--has printed at all that in fact it can control in your hand (in a boot) while it is trying imagines a thing was. No the big roads . . . But apparently Humminbird tries to maintain a point of low prize to comprise each model in a line of Helix of product in or manual. A real ache tries to take the laptop in mine 19' bounce and mandate through 80+ pages, come from imagines was yes that is reading applies in your model.

Second disappointment was one included transducer mountain. You are not a one this has said up attack something in a water-- was a solid a that simply the pauses are paste something (still although each total the instructions have applied in a toe up a). Also a hardware of the mountain distributed has not comprised any one clips of cape (to locate cape to the long of one transom). Therefore a 'accessory' in the first place has to buy anterior in the installation was a correct highland group for another $ 20 (which is coming with all a necessary hardware).

At the end, a main disappointment was Humminbird pre-installed 'Joined-Map'. That it joke! Absolutely useless-IMHO. After my first trip has used Joined-Map, headlined directly in Marino Of the oest and purchased it Navionics card of Gold to use (another $ 200.00). It would have liked me to him he preferred it Navionics+ or Platinum but guess that? Any compatible with my unit of individual Helix--go figure.

In general, the supposition has taken that has paid prendido. After several adjustments to tune in a transducer and an installation of Navionics maps of Gold, is taking readings of depth quite accurate, temperature of water, and a system of accurate GPS. I am only he spent the money of plus of plot that the thought would owe to take there.
2 / 5 Tyler
Has the plot of characteristics, but any come with the loaded maps. The maps are $ 199 extra for a SD Card. Compraventa Or with some maps have uploaded already.
Routed The Backside
1 / 5 Hildegard
At the beginning fishing trips a finder of the depth has prendido to do and the screen was the spatial and would not turn was has owed to unplug to pot the tower was.
3 / 5 Mildred
The vendor has alleged there was Down to See but he the no. Could have return but already had installed . My deception any one to do more researches in that has taken it in fact
5 / 5 Babara
Works 100%
5 / 5 Phillis
5 / 5 Viki
Good view.
5 / 5 Sha
Some works of device perfectly. It is exciting to have a GPS by heart, together with a finder of fish. We are very pleased with our compraventa.
4 / 5 Stefani
For a money adds
4 / 5 Cherish
Work very good. It have appreciated a manual of operators could take entered a water.

Top Customer Reviews: Garmin echoMAP ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Dwight
Quite easy installs in the pontoon, has to take the transducer cord of extension. Has the Low picture adds of image. A GPS is an internal better , has used some three marks of entity. An external is better, but so far like internals Garmin is more. The screen has good visibility. You have to spend the few calm minutes since familiarise with some cards and setups but once the take, is easy. Amur A hurriedly connects the base with some capes ensured and the unit of any removable east.
5 / 5 Luanne
Excellent unit. MERE to install and setup. Amur A map of GPS of screen to break and finder of Depth. It maintains your of a subordinated same in 40 mph.
5 / 5 Demetrius
With this unit almost can see each fish and tree under a boat. Exceptional ! Some maps also can guide in a waypoint of your election I amour this Map/Fishfinder.
5 / 5 Adelina
Amur A unit so far. It takes this for dual purpose, has sold my Vexilar FL-20 and has taken this to substitute he in a gel and to use in my kayak in a summer. Already it have it some portable boxes of a Striker 4 as I am trace a echoMap 53cv in there together with a GT8HW-HE fishing of gel transducer. I have posed the 10ah SLA stack in a box and a unit have run 7 hours with abundance to be able in to spare in an end of a day, has had a brilliance has turned down besides or 70 less percentage. Tried a road of graph with A-Scope and a flasher subjects, both facts adds but prefers a road of graph. It shows an alive view and history as it can see you movement in some lines and like the fish reacted in presentation, as well as zooming in in a fund 4 ft and up in 1 ft increments. A built in the maps of lake and GPS has sealed some roads for me and was a point to sell to update of my Vexilar. I have had also the Marcum LX-6 and would say that it is like the Marcum in steroids, with a GPS and of the maps of lake. Looking advances to use this in of the open water in my kayak. Supremely Satisfied with purchase of mine.
5 / 5 Xiomara
These accesses a pinch of our 2018 Suntracker Celebrates Barge perfectly. Almost as it was done for him! Installation very mere. A lake of show of maps of depths of lake, and bounce row which are perfect for stump-the lakes is trace in Louisiana. It can not expect flavour in Lake Ouachita the Arkansas.
5 / 5 Sierra
The installation has not been difficult but learning some complexities of this unit was. It provides very complete gps and characteristic of sound. Work to identify the fish when moving dulcemente or motionless but provides depth and another information in big imagines which are very of entity in my big lake where varies significantly. I do not comprise why the does not provide temperature of water.
5 / 5 Cecile
A very good GPS for a money. Only I am that it uses a map plotter characteristic and no a depth sounder and a unit is quite ready to modify an exposure to reflect concealed.
5 / 5 Annmarie
The better unit has not possessed never. It was not quite you but it was confused totally while I have tried to research these units through some different marks in a $ 300 field. I took me the month in the the end decides that the unit has been to buy. I am very pleased with this unit of Garmin poses my old unit in shame. So far have it at all negative can say in a unit. It IS it adds for navigating, finding fish, maintaining calm out of superficial water, etc. Does cape sure the directly in a stack of positive and negative terminal. I have tried to install the in the first place where my old fishfinder was and at random in firm has been. Once I wired he directly in a stack records of zeros of subjects perfectly.
1 / 5 Kristopher
It leaves to do after the week - only ignited and has not used never. We turn in after it install it, the fact adds, has been for the use and does not act. Thought perhaps a connection was bad but flavour hooking he up again and has done at all.
4 / 5 Sherise
So far so good. The unit in firm entered his possesses sometimes??

Top Customer Reviews: Roadi Smart Car ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Aldo
Has big facial value, well cape, USB folds these loads are well and fast quality , well, is intelligent, worthy to be the fine product.

Top Customer Reviews: CASEMATIX ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5 Mauricio
Very well, the tears was arrests to foam to do the perfect access is mere
5 / 5 Wen
The offers protect exceptional. It leaves user to return any profile.

Top Customer Reviews: Bushnell Neo ION ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Racheal
Experience my premier GPSes look the pair of weeks of marks. Absolutely it wants to this. Very easy setup, has taken only the pair of minutes. It recognises my course of house hurriedly. Yardage In the half/forward/behind is accurate versus my threads Bushnell laser. The group of clock is very comfortable and any problem with him affecting my change or glove. The stack is excellent taken in 3 eighteen hole the rounds and the stack still had left.. The load was hurriedly and easy. Very happy with this compraventa.
5 / 5 Vaughn
If yours looking for something concealed can pose you and forget, that is to say. Calm once press golf of the game does not have to touch. I am returned a Garmin G8 so that I am spent more time fumbling with him then preoccupied me in. This calm give you perfect yardage from everywhere. I wish it the bookmark maintained but to well sure the value that gives that up for such an easy device, intuitive. Only pressing any button the small time take you to you well backs dondequiera when being. If you are looking for more this just distance to direct, centre and by behind a green has distances in hazzaeds and layups but again, is very easy to verify concealed and then returns in any main exposure. Also, the life of stack is very better concealed has expected.
5 / 5 Laronda
There is the heaven caddie presviously. A stack was and some side of the buttons by side has broken. I had it quite two years. Of calm can not substitute a stack and has to buy another, decided to try another mark. A Bushnell is upper in a heaven caddie. Better quality. A hard stack much more in front of the load is necessity. I recommend this .
5 / 5 Hannelore
It possesses a Bushnell Neo Ion Gps sample for the month. I used it at least 5 or 6 times. I read abundance of descriptions before buying it. First of all, it does not have any problem with a strap. It IS soft cual he well and comfortable. I have not had any subject with him accidents . I imagine you pull a last extra strap perhaps can be a subject . It is not a material of same strong plastic like my GShock, but I any subject. A stack is sum. It was still three full neighbourhoods after a round. A clock is to come touched. The monkey that looks dongle attaches in a clock for the touch. It do not lose It , the cause very anything more house to match it. You will have to order another. There are 5 buttons in a Neo Ion. The button of door of upper left wing in the card with a game to be of golf of upper selection. Automatically find it a course is in. It takes the few minutes so hardly arrives. Once some explosions of course up automatically vain in a premier tee. If yours in the some place concealed has more than a course, looks to choose out of some rights or the majority of a time. Button of the centre in a right selects a right course. A Neo the ion gives advantage behind and centre of a green. A yardages looks to be fatalities on. I have compared he in other lasers and the cart of golf gps. A Neo the ion chooses until 4 perils this takes those are the wee bit delicate. I am stil know. I create a button of the centre in a right took on some perils. Upper and inferior buttons in a right have changed a hole manually. Upper button in some tones of left wing yardaage in the each has shot. I have used that for my walks. Useful. A Neo the ion does not maintain the bookmark but I do not require he for that. Automatically change it holes while you apropes a prjimo tee box.

Finds a Neo Ion to be very better that using my application of golf, included although it still uses an application of golf to maintain bookmark. A Neo the ion is better that my old golf buddy. I do not have to achieve in my pocket for anything. The toe of my wrist give me each a info need. Only it uses a clock for golf but I like a level of control of water. I Like him his of a life of stack ( easily has to last for 3 round ) and looks robust. If there is any beef was that it want more than 4 perils has listed.
5 / 5 Della
This clock am adds. I had it quite 3 month now and is very happy with his proformance. I fulfil it is accurate so that when in the first place begun to the use would be in some bookmarks/marcadors of yard to verify a yardage. Well on every time. Automatically the which remark your hole on. Calm once chosen a course does not need to paste another button. Well If yours very well with technology. If it is it can pull in perils and verify your shot yardage. Has no in that has any problems with a group like another had published . I have touched with him quite 15 times now. It IS to weigh a lot ignite and any problem me while touch.
4 / 5 Olen
Easy-in-clock of use, accurate yardages. Like A fact that the also has the pedometer. The debit of course hurriedly, active still to touch in the course in some the EUA or in England or Ireland where a sample has not recognised a course and debits hurriedly. Some work of the time no well. Quan Poses GPS of piece is always two hours was, as I require to pose manually. It IS each which so to do, any big roads, but odd. But in a course of golf he, am adds.
1 / 5 Santina
Perhaps I will edit my description later, but right now was-the boxes- there is 3 immediate failure: One uploads clip that is supposed in clip in a backside of a clock any one/ any clip on... Tan Now my new $ 200 clock is posing here with the piece of potato-the clip these wineries a load in a backside. 2: A manual of owners is so small that has to read he with the glass to augment! Really?? It measures 4 or 6 source :( And 3: this 'Charcoal' the colour is not Charcoal... It IS so black likes him night, is not a voice dark ash in some photos. Yes: I fold-it has verified a number of model to do sure my mandate was a lot.
Another that concealed, a look/listens/vibe of this clock is very similar in the clock of rubber of Casio of black of a boy of 18 dollars... unimpressive And frankly embarrass.
1 / 5 Chung
If this clock is doing, is awesome. Even so, has the alcohol of his own. The while this touches a course, frequently chooses in another hole and gives erroneous yardages. Although it selects behind in a pertinent hole, still is reading a yardages of an anterior totality or in the some place more than represents the very-for-swimming. I reset has a clock and the cross that downloads a course again etc. Which still has not done. One of entity hassle in a half of the round. I have called a company that has suggested that download any updates, which already had done . A characteristic concealed calm to give you some few distances in some bunkers/bunkers/of bunkers/bunkers/bnquers/of the bunkers/bunkers/of bunkers/bunkers/bnquers or waters is awesome, again if a clock is doing. A one looks this work every time is a distance of your shot in a balloon. You can zero a clock of a Teebox, walk in your balloon and takes an exact yardage. Still I have to spend a Bushnell laser so that it can not trust this clock.
5 / 5 Vicenta
Lost my Golf Buddy Pro and the substitution required. The main worry was front , average, behind distance. Checked against of the bookmarks/marcadors of course and found to be any plus that the yard has been. Intrepid ready / Well big, relatively easy to take used to navigating buttons. Looks Of GPS to be the small dulcemente kicking up but no excessive. The manual of fast beginning is small source . My tip is to go in Bushnell website and manual of impression for the readable manual. Decent prize for basic wearable GPS. There is has not had any problem with a group likes some has revised. It spends it loose as it is above your glove of golf.
4 / 5 Rosalind
I have possessed the Garmin S1 in fact a lot of years, until a group has broken. It has lined he together with duct tape for while it can, but an at the end broken group in several places. Garmin Has wanted NINETY DOLLARS to substitute ONLY a group. The amazon there has been a Bushnell Neo ION for sale in $ 89. Has more characteristic that a Garmin S1, comprising that it gives a distance in perils. My only worry is that some looks to group so cheap like Garmin S1 group, as we will see how long take. Another that concealed, five stars!

Top Customer Reviews: Bushnell Hybrid ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5 Isabel
Rangefinder IS perfect. Laser in a pin with front and by behind green yardages, any one to mention yardages in perils. A Bushnell the application in my telephone in firm has been afterwards the little of the holes and I have to restart it(does not maintain my progress in a round) and the arrival that abandons an application and only use a rangefinder. In general, utmost purchase.
5 / 5 Herminia
The laws of device add. An attaches in the elements are iffy. A cloth is mere yellow. Do the any to give that a case of come with him takes a container or no. The case takes the place
5 / 5 Genny
That is to say the good product .

The delivery is fast and accurate.
5 / 5 Tashia
The law adds and can use a laser and a gps to confirm
4 / 5 Yun
Amur This laser!!!. An only ss mm each downfall is a stack for GPS could last the small longer
5 / 5 Prudence
A lot it likes him!!!
5 / 5 Ima
5 / 5 Cris
Although predominately uses a finder of field of the laser during my around a GPS of LCD of the backup attaches additional peace of alcohol.

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