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1 first Mounting Dream TV Wall Mounts TV Bracket for Most 32-55 Inch Flat Screen TV/ Mount Bracket, Full Motion TV Wall Mount with Swivel Articulating Dual Arms, Max VESA 400x400mm, 99 LBS Loading MD2380 Mounting Dream TV Wall Mounts TV Bracket for Most 32-55 Inch Flat Screen TV/ Mount Bracket, Full Motion TV Wall Mount with Swivel Articulating Dual Arms, Max VESA 400x400mm, 99 LBS Loading MD2380 By Mounting Dream
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2 ECHOGEAR Steel Wall-Mounted AV Shelf Supports up to 15lbs of Streaming Devices, Game Consoles, and Cable Boxes - EGAV1 ECHOGEAR Steel Wall-Mounted AV Shelf Supports up to 15lbs of Streaming Devices, Game Consoles, and Cable Boxes - EGAV1 By ECHOGEAR
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3 best ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket for 26-55 Inch TVs - Extend, Tilt and Swivel Your Flat Screen TV 180 Degrees - Easy Single Stud Installation - EGMF1-BK ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket for 26-55 Inch TVs - Extend, Tilt and Swivel Your Flat Screen TV 180 Degrees - Easy Single Stud Installation - EGMF1-BK By ECHOGEAR
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4 SecurOMax HDMI Cable (8K, HDMI 2.1, 48Gbps) with Braided Cord, 6 Feet SecurOMax HDMI Cable (8K, HDMI 2.1, 48Gbps) with Braided Cord, 6 Feet By SecurOMax
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5 ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket for Most 37-70 inch LED, LCD, OLED and Plasma Flat Screen TVs w/VESA Patterns up to 600 x 400-16" Extension - EGLF1-BK ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket for Most 37-70 inch LED, LCD, OLED and Plasma Flat Screen TVs w/VESA Patterns up to 600 x 400-16" Extension - EGLF1-BK By ECHOGEAR
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6 ECHOGEAR Long 15ft Braided HDMI 2.0 Cable - 4k & HDR Compatible - Meets Meets Latest HDMI Standard - Gold Plated Connections Support 4k at 60fps Refresh Rate & 18gbps Bandwidth ECHOGEAR Long 15ft Braided HDMI 2.0 Cable - 4k & HDR Compatible - Meets Meets Latest HDMI Standard - Gold Plated Connections Support 4k at 60fps Refresh Rate & 18gbps Bandwidth By ECHOGEAR
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7 DataComm Electronics 50-3331-WH-KIT Flat Panel TV Cable Organizer Kit DataComm Electronics 50-3331-WH-KIT Flat Panel TV Cable Organizer Kit By DataComm Electronics
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8 Mount Plus MP-APM-05-01 Top Shelf TV Mounting Bracket 12-inch Wide Platform | Holds Speaker, Streaming Device, Game Console, and More (1 Pack) Mount Plus MP-APM-05-01 Top Shelf TV Mounting Bracket 12-inch Wide Platform | Holds Speaker, Streaming Device, Game Console, and More (1 Pack) By Mount Plus
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9 ECHOGEAR 6' Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cable - 6 feet - Perfect for a Soundbar or Audio Video Receiver - Echo-ACOA6 ECHOGEAR 6' Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cable - 6 feet - Perfect for a Soundbar or Audio Video Receiver - Echo-ACOA6 By ECHOGEAR
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10 Cable Matters Ultra Thin HDMI Cable with Redmere (Ultra Slim HDMI Cable) 4K Rated with Ethernet 15 Feet Cable Matters Ultra Thin HDMI Cable with Redmere (Ultra Slim HDMI Cable) 4K Rated with Ethernet 15 Feet By Cable Matters
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Top Customer Reviews: Mounting Dream TV ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Sha
That is to say only which want to be looking the arrests to wall was to locate your television of big screen. State using this highland type for years. And, in that am, that is to say of entity...This unit comes totalled. Only it take of a box and he are ready to locate. Any assembly has required.

A sake. It IS well it has done it to it to him. Can have it trace by a person...If you are experimented. It articulates easily and in the field that surpasses a mountain is using now. All some parts are there...

A bad...At all.

Only take in predrill your studs before you try to direct a lag rays that has the habit of to ensure a mountain in a wall. And, you would have to use some external holes in a mountain... They are 16' eschews and that coinsides with a distance among studding centres.

A word of precaution...If it locate in drywall, always would have to find a studs, and then this mountain would have to when being screwed in a wall studs. Your television could not look how weighs a lot, but can created the plot to oblige when is to take of a wall, and unsupported drywall will not handle some force generated to move and adjusting your television on and on.

Only my observations. It buys unit
5 / 5 Stefani
Versatile articulating group of the television of the poster poses your television exactly dondequiera the! It takes an angle to see a lot calm twist you some television or objective bass he in a left wing or for a better view.

Has found this to be the quality, solidly has built, articulating mountain of wall for mine 55' television. This model is designed for to wall studs with 16' centres. He studs Further the eschew to require the different model.

1. Drywall Only will not provide pertinent support. A mountain is weighed and built for big TVs and a overkill in the small television.
2. Centre in the wall. If it locate in the forest studs with 16' centres, can not be able to plant a mountain exactly where amours. Some the highland frames are quite 17'. The centre can require additional materials.
3. It tries to obtain the highland personnel of a vendor before the purchase to eschew the turn.

The Also can be trace in solid or concrete forest. I am trace the mine in cultured
bone, which are done of cements. It is not real bone.

The mountain in concrete requires the 'hammer of axe' and the hammer of hammer bit for concrete, like inversion in the squad can be required. Tapcon The concrete rays usually can be screwed in some holes drilled and provide strong support. It IS much easier to attach in the wall of forest studs with rays of forests. He studs Can any one, even so, always when being exactly 16' eschew.

Takes two people in impulse the big television in a mountain. A lot a wiring could be done in front of an impulse. Of a mountain adjusts, active clearance adapted to plant wiring after a television is installed.

A mountain is very compact and is inconspicuous. Some movements of television freely to bend up or down, or side in side. A more is tight, a plus clearance of the wall is required, like this requiring you to pull a forward grupal.

Some instructions are excellent. Parts to install very TVs is provided. A delivery HDMI cord, the level and the proportionate spacers is has comprised. Some personnel is provided also to mark where fasteners would have to be localised.
5 / 5 Cherish
It was suprised with all a hardware this comes with. It avenges with multiple of metric rays for measures of the different nut for different television is. It comes with all precise. While it locate in the stud his not going anywhere.
5 / 5 Emelda
Returned my Samsung 55 perfectly. Some directions are easy to follow and before right. All a necessary hardware has been comprised and a group is each what so bite a quality of some marks to appoint gone in some tents of big boxes for five times a prize. The level and that bends a unit was the cinch.

Has found this description to be useful to please signify so much. If there is something has disappeared, or would like me additional info, does not doubt to ask. I write these in a hope that helps the others the buyers do the decision with so many available similar products for compraventas.

Update: After several months of use, these groups continues to impress. Has no loosened in a slightest. Still it have greetings of the pair of fellow this installs professionally.
5 / 5 Enda
This was easy to install, taken quite a lot of 30 minutes. Mark sure has studs the finder (be it the strong or more electronic elegant magnet studs finder) and the handy hammer. This mountain of wall extends quite 2 feet of a wall swivels and curves sufficiently to have it anywhere in a wall and voice be angled to see of good television. Still although there is an idea of while more spatial would fall it up down and around a television was still the bit to impact to see each clear and in an earth. A profit to be of an earth, would be for prender a main cause of avoidable death, stubbing your toe. Some rays in a fund prevents he of sliding horizontally when that adjusts a television. I will be to buy another of these for our television of chamber, 10/10. One+.
5 / 5 Bruno
A name of mark says it everything! I am mine of trace 2010 Panasonic has Seen 50' television that weighs the tonne besides or 40 minutes less than a container that arrives in my door. This thing has a lot of a lot of capacities of adjustment and when being absolutely solid!
The May HAS OPENED included a book of instruction. Didnt Has to. A whole mountain is pre-totalled. His at all more concealed doing sure your studs is 16' in centre, finding a studs to want to beginning with, centre of mark of a studs dondequiera trace in, hammer, inserts/inserts a ray and snug to do sure a group will not move on you, levels a group, the mountain that oposa ray snugly, hammer 2 inferior holes, inserts/inserts some rays and tense each thing up and locate a television. Your fact!

Looks no further, in this prize and an exceptional quality, will not be disappointed!
3 / 5 Cinthia
It possesses this mountain for enough 4 month now and continues has to adjust a television to bend descendant where my television curves all a forward of road. I continue to have to unscrew some rays to bend and animal-has posed a television one issues the flight and then the tense behind up for him in only curves advances again after the few weeks. I have found that these rays that control a group in the place is not designed very good or has notches them left for the road of better together to maintain the television diplomado in a correct gesture for longitude. Probably I will finish to modify this part of a group so this will not be a subject anymore, was very if this group has been built better in of the terms of those poses some parameters of curves of a television.
5 / 5 Penelope
I have installed only this mountain. The back surface was concrete/ stucco like any delay in localising studs. Once there is localised my hammer and bits and rays, took me perhaps 15 minutes to take television up. One installs was very easy for 1 person with some experience. Anteriorly Uses the $ 400 sanus locate which has done adds but substituted it so that 1) any apt newer TVs so that too narrow among TVs holes grupal and 2) has required to be able to pose in a television and the take down slope of the storms of rain of the summer without assistance and one 8 old year Sanus which had lined 3 anterior TVs was incredibly heavy and was to 2 work of person. In all the case, this Mountain when being solid real and looks to rob he for a prize. Well smooth motion and included has vertical to bend. Some rays to attach in television was very and return my cheap 55 Roku television (the flowering is to take in outside TVs). I can not comment in a hardware to locate so that always only buy tapcon boxes for concrete hardware and weighed for another installs the eschew subject of hardware. Honestly it can not think in all the case for the best excepts perhaps some annex for the one of the west of centre. Attached is photos of my old sanus, an installed poster in a wall, the television is trace with the orderly coverage in amazon, and behind the television is trace .
A thing of entity to mention is that each television has the different heights in that some the bars are attached in a backside of a television. As it is that it imports - before the measure and that locate a dish in a wall - to attach some bars in a backside of a television to determine a height in that a television will rest in a mountain. A Roku trace next fund to the television that mark some chairs some big television plus in a wall as has a more under a dish in a wall whence my old Panasonic had been trace.
1 / 5 Devona
This is not the soyounting sleep' been been due to a fact that a wall studs in a wall HAS TO when being 16' or less centre that and any one have.Also for studs in that has another part of extension MD5232 'available in Amazon.com' for an extra load of course.
Well, the mountain is in a wall. It opens it Leaves mountain any 2 group in a backside of one 37' television, but expect... Some highland holes in a backside of a television is 20' eschew. A soyounting Sleep' MD2380 necessities 16' or less only like a wall studs. I build and modernises elevators and will create the solution but and even so the any aide any one to buy this mountain because of some extensions of the missing width And a group a next plus in a television when being too narrow. Any routing some extensions of the width of the wall is sleazy road to attach profitability in this line of element. Update- the television is trace and and invents 2 pairs of extensions, 1 party for a wall 21' wide and 1 pair for a television 20'. ANOTHER time.
4 / 5 Cole
That is to say the add little mountain of television. The installation was mere, and a capacity to move a television is very good. My new TCL 55P607 the look adds in a wall with this mountain. When being very robust, and has abundant plants to comprise vertical to bend (which are utmost if your installation has not been 100% level). The movement is smooth and easy, and the scratches plants very good. Some instructions are some of one has seen more with the mountain of wall.

Some personnel comprised with the bond in the level is more the problem that he well. I need in 'level' a level in some personnel to do it in fact usable, and is only easier to line a mountain in a wall with the level those seats up. Taken the much more accurate location and concealed. While it comes with the full together of rays and spacers, spent some necessary spacers for my concrete installation has not been to returned well so has to and purchase 4 additional M6 rays. It can have planned the fact with a hardware has comprised, but this gave me the most professional installation. Also it go it the smoothest plot with 2 people, although it was able to do a whole installation I.

While a comprised 'freebies' is well, the plastic level, Velcro straps, and a HDMI cape, but has maintained enough those was and is gone down a prize. A level is very small and fact of cheap plastic, but the supposition could give he in any one that any one already possesses the level. A HDMI cape while of the decent quality was also down for my installation, but 6' would have to be quite yearn a lot of applications.

This when being the mountain of full motion, the clave sufficed the bit of a wall. If I need something tight against a wall, the mountain of crowds of the motion is not a road to go.

In general would say that that is to say the mountain of television adds for a prize. Highly recommend it his.

Top Customer Reviews: ECHOGEAR Steel ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Eli
It run the childcare in my house for in 20 years, was time for the remodel of a room. I have found several on-line products but decided to go with this product. Wait for the durability and I was very happy when enters. That is to say VERY ROBUST and the controls on some elements have required under a television. I want to so it look it lustrous and like his float in a wall. We do not want the glass revenido like the majority is done with. These products is fact very good. I do not think you it was it it has disappointed it. I the plot of the purchase in of the lines and owe products to turn often, does not have to this with this product. I am giving this product to 5 Star.

1 star (Nope, not LIKING IN OF ABSOLUTE!): I or the return or the launch was this product . You are the waste of my money and no functional. The May will order again.
2 star (Thinks two times before buying - does not like him he): I am not the adherent of this element and I will not order it again, but there is at least a positive quality.
3 star ( is very): This element has so many positive and negative qualities. It can do for some people, but would not exit of my road to purchase or the recommend.
4 star (like me): This element arrived and functions while ad. It changes the few things in this (comprising value), but is the good product in general. It uses this element.
5 star (want to it!): This element is AWESOME. I will use it and recommend he in another! Only IT WANTS TO it! Work so announced and is one all-around the product adds.

All of my descriptions are written with a hope to help other clients of mark of Amazon some rights that buys decisions for them. The awareness of help of the increase of the particular product can be positive or negative, but in an end is earnest. Thank you To read my description. I expect it there is aided you. I will be happy to answer any questions yes that it could it helps he yours decision. Has the day adds.
5 / 5 Efrain
There is not any a lot of in a lot say quite something locates in the wall to line the piece of electronics. Even so some personnel in Echogear has written the manual of enormous instruction. I think that that this was a first time there is has not had never a manual of the instruction has detailed enough and no in that has it only pictures. Also whomever has written a manual has had the sense adds in the way and has had my woman and entertained to read the. Utmost work! Attached some signals underlined for another to read
4 / 5 Maude
The installation was the breeze . A shelf is robust and is finished well.

Has less soiled that some dimensions suggest because of a wry character of a shelf against he sqaure verge. Some verges is not some dimensions have listed.

Some two band that control a shelf is being missing of. Since some rays are side by side, leaves a shelf for mecer a road or another if load or finals of a shelf. It have to have any rays that breaking a measure of hole of the ray or some the highland holes have to protrude to close a shelf in place. If it maintains some elements centred it probably wont when being a subject even so. If you handle elements the plot in this shelf and would expect in loosen.

You Clearly can see that and has used these decrees. Hardly the cape even so the work. Theres Simply very wiggle room. If it have remarked some dimensions provides has not comprised a verge of a shelf and would have tried something more than forming that and has required a room in a verge.

This will do for a purpose feigned but only ail with a small plus UPS and could find that there is the removable stack of APC. In only deducted a star for a subject of dimensions so that it finishes VAL for me.

The photo will be attached.
5 / 5 Hans
We purchase 2 of these shelves and is very happy with a product and some looks of road. I have thought in the table to pose below a television but is much happier with this option of spatial saving.
5 / 5 Toney
The product is very-fact, the description is accurate, the delivery was hurriedly. The installation was logical - tongue-in-the instructions of cheek were hilarious - more desire we scriptures that subjects. The arrival in the product is well, the edifice is robust (especially if that trace in walling of studs). Drywall The anchors are not worthy of product. I (and ) uses the butterfly or spider molly develop rays for drywall.
Some descriptions have mentioned the wobbly be. That is to say some - because of creation - can be remedied to attach metal serrated to provide scratch of friction.
To the shelf is main these similar competitors and reinforced to line the weights of the object have described.
Carried of finals any one quite apt as of the tight after it displaces and reinsertion, but is the smallest subject, undetectable in the gaze.
Very pleased with product, instructions, and mountain. Used likes him 'the night of bed is' to line clock of alarm, far, wireless subject, books and pitcher.
3 / 5 Riley
So much, I have purchased these units to plant the speakers of Max of the Google. A measure was right and the debits of the weight was a lot of. It looks for the simplicity installs, looks, and function. An installation was quite easily, BUT when touch completed , had in a shelf (can he mecer up and down in any final). This did not effect me in a final, but according to use and balance of train, this could be a subject for another.
5 / 5 Daron
Cape and XBOX A X. But, the calm only ails. A shelf is built well and installs any time. The desire was quite 1 deeper. Has had to a XBOX hdmi cape in the 270corba of cape of the title and I have had to a cord of power in the 90corba of cape to title to take a look has wanted. Even so, a distance of ventilation among one Xbox and a wall is not ideal. If a shelf was only the small deeper would be perfects.
2 / 5 Tarsha
I am thwarted with this product. I am by train of the give 2 stars instead a so that or to to the reasons do not like them is that it does not like him th look of of him. It looks cheap & industrial. A missing 3 star is so that dry deceived in a measuments. I have measured properly all except a shelf are carvers (can not say pictures) & they measure of a point a long plus. Been due to of the this, my Xbox hangs on in some corners for the best in an inch. It IS to return & that orders the rectangular shelf of the different company.
2 / 5 Stuart
This element is designed by 15 LBS or less, but some rays give to require the hammer of the 3/8 bit in a wall to line the plastic anchor. They say any one to use an electrical hammer. Val. I no. But when bandages a ray in an anchor, goes totally a drywall. After two flavours left and has taken my own ray with anchoring that it do not require me to drill. Some hammers of ray in a wall with an anchor and the rays have been. Stain until 60 LBS. Bronzed Why hammer of people of the mark in a wall with the anchor that wont control? Time to change some offer of rays. Has data to 2 star so that a unit once takes it up is well for a money. But a hassle for everything of this wasnt value he.
1 / 5 Clare
It classifies of any complicated to install, but while it arrives broken and that loses the piece, takes the small creativity of one of my employees for the install while veiling a hideous defect. The Amiable of works now that we fudged the. At least the line a weight of a Player of DVD.

Top Customer Reviews: ECHOGEAR Full ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Kimi
So it has had this product during the week now and is state adds! It IS unsure have to take consider that I have required the mountain of the corner but I have read some descriptions and q and the section and has seen any one had used he for this purpose and he are exited for them. Well I am happy to say that have trace in a corner and he have done well for me also. I am trace he in a left side of a corner where has wanted a television and is perfect there. I have not wanted to take the transitory mountain of wall of the corner so that I need to hang in both sides of a wall and I are in the apt hire as I do not want to has to preoccupy enough so holes in a wall of a case I never movement. I can snuggle a television and adjust it well up against a wall or the movement around the bit (that depends where is in a sofa in chair) and is perfect viewing . An only thing is that when is not snug against a wall is bit it further out of more afterwards in a spectator that a wall. This would have been the worry for me so that has the 50' except a corner in my apt is quite wide concealed does not block some frames of door (can see which in some beaks). An only worry has in this mountain is that I have bought the Sony Bravia television of Android W800C and layer some entrances of cape (felizmente for me is not the using but that would be it an inconvenience for more and would have to be considered purchasing this since more produced Sony the television is is similar in a back). I want to it concealed it to it avenges with the complementary hdmi cape that was to add so that I have required he for my television of Apple (any one, an irony of having a television of android and that purchases a television of the apple did not escape me lol). Another worry there has been was one that real mountain has not been something could do that with just two people, requires three people for the TVs like big like the mine has wanted only that there.
5 / 5 Marcelo
My aim was to locate the 50' flat screen in the corner. This mountain now is lining in my Samsung new 50' with 1-2' change in the each side of a television. You can see in a photo that one beats to group that is swiveled was more so as to give more spatial for a television to hang further was or side of change by side and hang flush in or to the wall was.

Has studs the 16' of a corner more a mountain achieves another 16' of a dish of wall in a point of fixed television, so half of a television was able to hang directly out of a corner, which has meant also a mountain is almost perfectly perpendicular in a wall (any side by advantage sideways of tension to do me nervous). A tez and the creation is impressive, like an installation was mere and solid of rock. They have comprised the wide variety of calm rays so that you have you exactly cual necessity according to your television, comprising spacers for rounded-back TVs; very considerate.

Has the negative critic on one folds that declares mechanism that a cape to tense is far too very time and comes to contact with a television, impeding calms of fully tensing a dish of curves in place. It IS erroneous. A cape is the loaded cradle allen key sleeve that simply need be pulled directly to the long of an axis, readjusted and then tense more. It is ready. I mention this so that it was mine a preoccupies and was has wanted in an attention of quality in detail of this mountain. I want a 'hook' dish that enabled me in impulse a television until a mountain, 'hook' he and he then has both free delivery for the level and tense two more allen rays. Well he he.
3 / 5 Bethel
Has wanted to this to do, mostly so that it goes want to with another mark means more holes in a wall. But after a television has been attached in a mountain, for some instructions have done enough the bit of adjustment of an end subordinated of a wallplate ( has to be moved enough 3/8" offset of a cup, i.et. Quite a lot of curve of level) to level a television. No the heavy television (40 lbs), as this looked odd but is related in there very when being no the road to close low side to sustain curve of a television. You can very calm to give this until after you hang a television so that some instructions say to level a wallplate. But with a television in the, every time has moved a gesture of a television, a television was road was-level.

This spends so that a flat hook that controls a group and television in a wallplate and rests of the arm in the surface rounded without road to close a side-in-side of level by side in place. You can see this in any 6 in some instructions of installation. Allen sells distributed (ray [S] in some instructions) any quite tense to line a level of television, so easily goes was to level any one touches to time the. It can not be fixed to change a level of one wallplate so that it is a point of annex of a group of television in an arm to articulate that you cause a problem.

Probably returning he in Amazon unless a company has the solution in a side-in-the side that mecer problem.

Service of the client am not adds. The demand inducted the Saturday, has not answered until Tuesday. You are the weekend vacacional but even so they say that they are available 7 week/of days. It IS now Wednesday and a problem is still unsolved. It opens I fly Me to call.

PROBLEMS of INSTALLATION: A group extenders was mislabeled "L" and "R". I create in fact it have to say "UPPER" and INFERIOR". Otherwise Has to scrape a subordinated ones in back and will not seat properly. Some instructions neither are clearing in that side of one extenders would have to be screwed in a group.

Although the tools are not required to adjust the curves of advance and some looks of integers of highland solids in spite of some diverse problems. Even so it was necessary his return if it does not have any solution in a television that mecer problem.
4 / 5 Nigel
I have written the interior of description a moment and disappear. A main thing would mention is that some directions in a container does not aim any configurations besides the place. A configuration in a backside of my television is the rectangle and any one of some holes has varied. BUT, when you go in Amazon to mention that in the description, has all the classes of the configurations pictured in a description of product, comprising mine. So much, when being the sure failures retreated here yes has the odd configuration in your television. It comes with 4 pieces of extention that is fixed to return your television bren that is posed was and any mine perfectly. You will require the 7/16' bit of hammer and he 1/2' engine of nuts to locate it, be so conscious of this upfront--concealed is not something a way DIY'er could have in his box of tool--has not had an engine of the nuts explodes.
5 / 5 Rossie
At present I am using this in the 49KS8000 television of Samsung. Works perfectly. I have had to to buy the different highland rays but that is not ECHOGEAR the failure of a television has required the rays the big plus.

For those with the KS8000, that is to say a ray has used the mountains a television: ( Or can look for you Ray of Machine of the Steel, the zinc is Arrived Plated, Cape of Casserole, Phillips Walk, conforms EMOTION 7985, 45mm Period, Fully Threaded, Metric Coarse Nuts (Group of 5) )

the television has been trace during 2 month now and has aimed any sign to stress or falling eschew. The product is built very good and the installation was VERY MERE. There are three parts in in an installation and 2 parts in a mountain:

1. That is to say an almost whenever it consumes to step but is something concealed applies at all mountains of wall: Finding studs the and that plants a mountain of wall in the and doing sure is in right. That is to say also a first part of a mountain of wall.
2. Posing together a 2 part of a mountain of wall ( a one this attaches in a television ) and attaching he in a television. This is not mere. The joint of plant he according to your television ( the mine was 400x400 )
3. Attaching some two together pieces. A course a harder of of the this has taken more to spend a television ( the mine was to 49 ' ) to the trace of help ( am not particularly strong or the big type as it can be you able to do east you! ). This hard is not also one of some steps of the easiest mountain of all some mountains of television has used. A course of a semi-detached mountain in a television has the small hinge that attaches in a mountain in a wall. Any necessity to have to 2 person lines a television and then that it has to scrape you he in a mountain! Only it spends a television, attaches to the wall was to locate ( basically only that connects a hinge - has connected once very still need to 2 person for a next step ), then scrape 2 few rays in a backwards to ensure some 2 together pieces and is done!

The quality adds, easy installation. Highly it recommends!
5 / 5 Marquita
These highland laws add. Easy to install and hang. I he I, but would have been the small easier with another person - if at all more concealed moral support. My television is the 2012/2013 model and is the small heavier and fatter that newer Tvs but some strong highland scratches. A television hanged is the 46.n Samsung And weighs 31lbs according to a manufacturer.

Here is the few angles of a hanged television. It does not import some cords, has no veiled the still. According to the Houzz the pieces fish enough in during height, hanged a television in the big perfect sofa of 42disturbances (centre of television), but think that is the small bass to be around looking. The parallel universe would have hanged me he until the foot the big plus.

One bends the lock is the small toneless doing taking to ensure a television in any fold .

Has similar mountains for the small less money, but this thing looked to have to so heavy has to choose it.

On all the mountain adds and would buy another purchases another television. A no come mountain with the instructions but can look you on the a lot highland model of a Echogear website and finds it.
5 / 5 Zelda
Everything in of the this is excellent. All some parts are big-quality, was very carefully bundled, the instructions were clear. In our small floor, an enormous field of the motion done am adds to change an angle to see among room and cookery. Some 15 titles the curve is the most abundant road that had expected , and some uses of the small crowbar to the the curve is very handy and well-implemented - in the curve he for a cookery and has posed the directly for one another room, and his a lot of easy to do concealed. They have comprised the sake hdmi cape (always handy) and ordered little velcro loops that give you a lot of options for management of mere cape, as it does not have the pop of the crazy cape once has this pose of thing up. Detail very fresh.

Before I have purchased was unsure in an integer VESA subject of measure. Basically, my television has not looked to match some specifications. I emailed Echogear service of client and has taken seriously support of incredible client. Any one only was sper cosy and patient, tried some measures have data the and aimed me photos of his test. So much, it was able to go sure advances that this thing was compatible.

Has the cheapest options for similar products, but has been impressed with an attention to detail in the web of place of this company, and among a quality of a product and a support of unreal client, really thinks is a road to go . The stillest subject cheap that that seen in of the tents.

One a general thing would say, in an endeavour to help these that me this was inexperienced with this class of thing, is that when is installing the television in the mountain, need the second person the calm help. Posing a mountain he together is supremely easy for a person, and hammer in the stud is very easy he not having never that. Even so, by all bad duquel vain mark with, posing the television in the mountain requires concealed has the second person to line a television in planting while you ensure a mountain in a backside of a television, otherwise there has only any one reasonably sure road for a person for the all in his lonesome. It conceals it it can be obvious in you, but has not arrived in me, as have had to to expect the woman of boxes was to house to complete a last of one installs. Again, this would be some for any mark, but the mention since any one of them look to like to pose this detail there...
5 / 5 Chastity
I have installed this in the brick veneer walls to use two Tapcon 1/4-in x 2-3/4-in of the concrete rays with the hex cape. Has had to these separately, and has possessed already a Tapcon bit of hammer and box of coverage. I have drilled a first upper hole that uses the hammer of hammer, and has inserted a ray and slightly tensed the. Then, I have used the magnetic level to level a group, and localised and has drilled an inferior hole. Then, I have inserted a second ray, and carefully tensed both rays, alternating among both rays and doing sure was level . A tone is to locates a group like both brick of cross of the holes and any mortar. It lines he 40-in television this weighs less than 30-lbs. It was able to attach a television for me, but very would have to have another person to help 'in case perhaps.' I have not required a HDMI cape, extra of highland ears or any one of a hardware, of my installation has not crossed the forest studs. A television is easy to adjust. The desire there was the road to return an excess hardware for the credit, so as to recycle of impulse. At the end, my woman adapted me in void in a powder of brick.
5 / 5 Gita
Desprs Returning the anterior "Suptek" mountain, was sceptical of mountains of television of cheap Amazon. This a, even so, is totally solid. It Liked him to him he bought it so much of the second a for a chamber.

A caveat, while mentioned by another critic that finished to saw of a cape of adjustment ( any one concealed!), it IS that a "the curves of descendant" the ray is quite picky. Has to tense it so much it is properly. Once you that, would have to when being uses a cape in loosen the enough to bend the, and when a cape is tight would be necessary to be it solid again. A field of the motion in a cape has limited enough, so almost can see why would think that if only shorten a cape would be able to resolve this problem, but think that that is to say in fact the characteristic of security. A road is normal would not leave never calm in loosen a cape in a point where a television could result unstable.
tl;dr: Fiddle With some rays of adjustment in a backside until I take it well, is the small delicate to take perfect, but 10 minutes + a allen the wrench and would have to be well to go!
5 / 5 Jackeline
The May IS trace the television only before. Prpers Having moved in the new city with some time in my hands and massive ambition, decided to locate ours 42' television for me. I know folks usually recommends this to be to two work of person, but after revising an alone studs to design, system of television of hook of the group, a numerous positive (easy installation) descriptions and some finals of NBA in tonight... I risked me of sun.

To do the still has complicated more things for the installation of television newbie, has been also to locate my Sleeps Playbar under a television. So much, if some movements of television, a soundbar movements. Not going in lie, among a weight of a television and some heavy Sleeps playbar, was maxing out of a 'load' listed of a mountain of television.

A bit those that hours later, which has comprised of more Purchase and the tent of the hardware has run to find precaution and missing parts of extra human, a mountain was up... Television, soundbar and everything. Considering was my first time and was for me, can not have been easier

is been 2 weeks since, a full motion truly is full motion. After some pause-in, is easier to use that never, and a mountain against some looks to the wall was and listen likes him one of ones the majority of sure elements in my floor... Probably it is... A mountain listens like the fixture.

Could not recommend this more.. And for 1/4 of a prize of the comparable' mountain of Compraventa Better... A Echogear is the MUST compraventa.

Top Customer Reviews: SecurOMax HDMI ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Rosario
A HDR randomly short was in these taxes of boss under partorisca frame faster. I have not had this subject with an installed leading boss, which was the “fast” boss (HDMI 2.0.) I me question a HDMI 2.1 certification.
4 / 5 Towanda
Utilisations the lowest-finalise HDMI boss that has required the upgrade; this has done an immediate difference in quality of the his sure. There is no really dipped he by means of any picture benchmarking still, but am very happy with these like this far, esp. Given a point of prize.

Also, for those complaining in a packaging: well gawd, people. I seat it had not grown-ups around to aim you like this to use the pair of cissors' to esnip' a connective band. If calm literally is spending small fretting in acute knives and other imaginary terrors while has three bosses unpacked and installed (fence of the his, Blue-ray, streaming box) in two flat minutes - and was the Liberal Arts that import - all can say is that I expect calm does not act any one heavy cars in my zone.

Even although utilisations the big plus-finalise HDMI boss for my Nvidia the leading shield, swears this boss has produced the noticeable uptick in both audio and video; included streaming material with native resolution of just 720p, AILED and some wall was rattling.
4 / 5 Gregorio
Previously economic utilisations HDMI bosses that has purchased on some years. I have used these to attach my components to the mine Nakamichi Shockwafe 9.2 wireless soundbar system and new SAMSUNG 82' Classifies 4K (2160p) Ultra HD the Ready TV FOCUSED with HDR - UN82NU800DFXZA, and REALLY REMARKED an IMMEDIATE QUALITY of an audio and the video and surprised to see and listen a difference these HDMI the bosses have done. It CAN not BE BEATEN for a prize.
5 / 5 Ping
A boss is well, any subject with a picture or sound. I have been surprised with a packaging this in spite of. A boss has been gone and has on presionado with the pair of plastic bonds. It is impossible to take these locks without using the acute knife or scissors. As taken the pocolos small to take them, was concerned like this would break a boss.
4 / 5 Faustino
Works like the charm, and is 8K-ready...

Mine a complain -- and ossia something I in the first place read in the description of first user to purchase -- but they zip-join a together boss LIKE THIS CLOSELY that need the very acute knife for the cut was, and is like this tight, that risk in fact nails it a boss in a process. The one who is brilliant idea was this? Docked 1 full star for east, in some wait that movement out of this method of bundling his bosses.
4 / 5 Leighann
After the DirecTV the technician said that both of a HDMI the ports in my TV of two years has failed, arrives mine that perhaps a HDMI the boss has failed. I have purchased this boss (any one a same type like my old boss) and has installed to grieve my TV was once again able to receive a signal in 1080p. A picture is clear and the mine is of tower the normal. They are very pleased with cost of mine.
4 / 5 Vincent
Bought this with the DP 1.2 to HDMI 2.0 adapter. The works add in 4K 60Hz and 1440p 120Hz.
4 / 5 India
People those who say that the boss is the boss is so that bad has tried like this on some years and there is the difference these do the look adds that it surprises is flexible and look to do like this alleged want to him and substituting whole house with them punctual.
5 / 5 Tenesha
Mina changed 4K hdmi boss to the east 8K for mine 4K Philips player and 4K 60” Samsung TV. Suddenly, an audio (which is always be hooked up in mine 3k watts Bose sub-woofer) is taste more acute are in the theatre of film. More than all a screen of television visuals is stunning is likes look in Imax theatre - some Small details that you so only take still to remark in of the screens of the calm big cinema now can see in your screen of television also. Simply incredible.
4 / 5 Wilbert
Quality very big

Top Customer Reviews: ECHOGEAR Full ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Lara
Edifice and exceptional creation! Easy the total. Some hooks that a television hangs is big, he doing very easy to locate television once a main assembly is attached in a wall. Has a follow subject-dondequiera centre a television was well in studs the. I am trace the 3 x1 ft for 3/4'piece of arce in a studs he in any side of a centre studs. I have posed also the rays in a centre stud if my television has been weighed but in only 37 lbs has not listened that necessary. I then screwed a mountain of television in a joint with 10 3/8 for 1' lag rays. Using this system, could attached a mountain anywhere in the left-in-right in a joint, would not require for the be has centred
5 / 5 Leonora
Very robust and easy to install. I have installed this mountain in my funnel of brick. I have used Tapcon 5/16' x 2-1/4 concrete anchors (situates of semi-detached voice) to ensure a mountain in a brick. Marked my holes and has done sure they the unit would be level before hammer. Some videos in Youtube suggest to drill in a grout. I have decided any one to do that to dread to break a grout. I have drilled directly in a brick. Be sure in void out of any rests in some holes after hammer.
My television is the Samsung 65' 8 series MU800D. Beware Some rays that comes with a mountain will not return some the inferior holes when attaches a group in a backside of this particular television. A M8 50mm the rays are also big and one 35mm the rays are also down. It was in Lowe and experience M8 x 40mm rays (situates of semi-detached voice) and washers to use for some inferior holes of a group what apt perfectly. I have used a M8 25mm rays that is coming with a mountain for some upper holes of a group in a backside of a television. Another that this caveat with some rays some accesses to locate my television perfectly and is the solid device. Very happy with this compraventa.
5 / 5 Rivka
That is to say a necessity highland. Yes, it is the little more bucks that some of some trace there - but calm probably only past anywhere of 500 in a lot one thousand in your television, as why tries to save 20 bucks in the cheap mountain? That is to say a better mountain has not seen never. It IS incredibly very done and mine of movement 70' Sony XBR easily. It IS very easy to install - has taken perhaps 30 minutes - TAKING DULCEMENTE. The calm does not want disorder he up and not drilling directly in a studs. If you do not drill directly in a studs, a mountain is useless so that it is so very done, a mountain (especially with a television on he) only rasgar out of a dry wall. He so Has to drill you directly in two studs.

A pair of things has remarked that it can helps your decision to purchase:
-A road has has posed the all together am to add and he the fact the breeze. A big more a television, absolutely would recommend you having 2 people. But has the 40' or down, would have to be very since he. You attach some two pieces to group in a backside of a television. Calm give you the little different sized to rays like them some corrects ones for some holes in a backside of your television. My television has had rays in some holes that is coming with him, but very all TVs marks. So calm give you multiple measures to ensure you can connect some 2 pieces to group properly. Calm then install a mountain in a wall. It takes some patience and measure to do sure directly is drilling in a half of one studs, but once you that, is each gesture. Calm Promote you a television and posed some pieces grupal in some bars of the mountain and a television are on there. Then it uses a group fasteners this mark sure is ensured fully in a mountain. A thing to remark - is 'on there' before has posed included a group fasteners on. But absolutely it wants to you pose you a group fasteners on so that has he casualidad a television would exit a mountain over time to move the back and camera in a mountain if you do not use one fasteners. But the calm does not have to preoccupy quite that lines a television in a mountain and attaching a group fasteners in some rests of same television in a mountain and the seeds have posed the on for the ensures can not fall was.
-Some multiple holes in a base where attaches some rays of enormous/rays that goes in one studs - is fixed so in a casualidad external yours studs is not perfectly has distributed 16' (the norm), still will be well. For some reason, one of the mine was more like 15 in place of the problem. Again, only it hammer sure directly in a stud.
-Some rays give is very big and needs a bit of pertinent hammer. The calm does not go to be able to ray them in without drilling in the first place can not take that measured was, but says calm in some directions.
-Some directions were quite well and easy to follow. It IS very any one concealed taken, but is well to have the guidance and I would suggest to read the in the first place in place of marks of just test he without the read.
-Join 'functions' and 'usability' of this mountain is phenomenal. It IS supremely very done while I have mentioned, but pulling it was or pressing it behind in, bending the, moving very easy, but the insurances of the still rests in a place want to it. He no only at random movement or curve for any reason. I listen in musician very strong and the films and some basses shaken never or curve or movement. It IS easily a mountain has seen better.

Finally - purchase this mountain is looking for the road to ensure your television wanted in a wall. It IS a mountain has found better and give me complete peace to import that my diverse dollar of one thousand inversion, while 'hang in a wall', is surer and more ensured that never.
4 / 5 Prince
A Echogear is very robust and very done without excessive game at all. Any problem these wineries my television in full extension. It was preoccupied quite having the heavy television hangs in the fully widespread arm so first has attached the 3/4' x 36' x 12' together of forest in 3 studs in a wall. Using a left wing of joint for a supremely basic strong and sure in which Echogear to beat that it is planted exactly where wished. Some bases to locate concealed is provided is too down to leave for precise situate of a television without using a method has described.
5 / 5 Katrina
OMG! If you are looking for the sper the big quality that articulates mountain that is to say. It looks no further. I want this mountain and only will use Echogear the mountains that goes forward. Still I will recommend at all my friends and family. It IS the rock the solid mountain and a quality are upper. Control out of my highland work.
4 / 5 Twana
Very very good. It does not comprise some rays have required for my Samsung UN65MU8500. Even so Lowe has had them prende in $ for 4. The desire has the personnel to mark the holes of the hammer like the unit is quite weighed to line against a wall. I have borrowed the very big final studs finder to do that it was 80% very-for-swimming in my plaster/blueboard wall. I have found studs to take the HVAC supply louvre and the outlet of wall of the duplex layers that the left wing saw me where at least 2 studs was. I have measured of these stud in a studs and required and the holes of the small test drilled until and was sure has had the good centre in a studs.

A lags has entered tight and required more torsion that my hammer of stack could muster. That is to say the good thing . On posing a 50+ lb. Television in a mountain (, 2 people for the 65'), was out of level for 3/4' in a width of a television. Oh Any one! A mountain is quite small concealed is not perceivable when looking in just a the small error in a mountain = big error in a television. I have to pull a lags was, wall or low movement of an inch or two, and flavours again? It can have the jury reads this mountain has the clave installs to level. The no evident while in some instructions (that it was it decent), the investigation of fast amazon a word 'level' revealed that it has to has done the clave installs to level. In a by behind a dish that has an image those looks the wifi symbol, has 3 M6 rays of Allen yours. 1 In an upper centre, 2 in a background left wing and sake. I loosened some 2 inferior rays that left wing a dish in pvot axially in an upper ray. He the adjustment of leftovers has to level out of one 3/4' error, probably the plot more. In fact, I can not have been that far out of level, is possible that this adjustment has not been to square in a mountain of wall of factory.

My recommendation for this mountain is to find very stud centres for force, has the helper to line one 15lb mountain against a wall while marks/of hammer, USES One 4 Or 6 ALUMINIUM of LEVEL of FEET, and has the helper to help promote the 55'-65' television in a mountain.

And yes has had to he again, can have fashioned arrive some 1/16' games of rubber (likely gasket material) to pose among a mountain and my textured plaster/blueboard wall. Quan Has posed a weight of a television in a mountain, could listen the light crunch of the plaster like the weight pressed against a wall, in spite of a mountain that is a lot stagnate in a wall.. ANY enough to break a plaster. Some forces are statics now so many is any problem but a dynamic force to locate he 'crunch' a plaster very slightly, only enough to listen but no visually look.

Orders well.
5 / 5 Glennis
I have ordered this mountain for our Samsung new Q70R 65' the television like this is exactly that has wanted.
A mountain is very very designed and has the look has finished, softens rounded the only net verges to look when installed. Other mountains that has some the rectangular highland dishes are unappealing especially when is hanging in a room and very perceivable.
This mountain is done by any mason or studs installation of wall in 16' centres with the small room in manoeuvre. Once installed, an assembly of the arm of beat of full motion that is adjusted in a left or right wing to centre in a wall and is very easy to adjust. The installation could not have been easier especially when using a proportionate installs personal (less than 20 minutes)! An only snag has run in era some spacers for a highland group in a television. A hardware has comprised was to add but some rays were the small also long and some the big spacers were in big as I have used some spacers that is coming with a television and some small spacers that is coming with a mountain. For shim was quite where some any inferior ray has entered a poster has attached 1 2mm soiled of nylon for each ray and was a perfect spacing. A real mountain is a pulled 'H' this left wing me to install the 2 power of bridge grupal in an open zone of a mountain without him interferes with one when the arm situated flush in a wall. A box has used was a Arlington TVBR2505K Cape of television of Boxes of Organiser of Flat Poster of 2 Groups with Solution to Be able in Recessed purchased in Amazon also.
All says and has done that is to say the mountain adds , very designed and handles a weight of a television while it has to without and sagging and a movement is very smooth and easy to adjust. I am happy found these types, in general 100% satisfied!
Some pictures aim a mountain and the television with one can 't be in ke down in a cabling while I am not still, is expecting in the delivery of Amazon today this has 4-4' Echogear 2.1 HDMI capes and 1-15' Echogear 2.1 HDMI cape to finish out of an installation!
5 / 5 Edison
I totalled and installed a ECHOGEAR the Full motion that Articulates mountain of wall of the television in the wall of brick. I have installed then a Sony old 46' KDL-46V2500 television of LCD in 51' prjimo which are heavier that 70' the television has DIRECTED. It is cry he for two people to locate a Sony television only because of a weight. Any problem for a person in totalling and install ECHOGEAR. I plan to substitute television with the 70' the television has DIRECTED this November. In that then will purchase my second ECHOGEAR group of full motion to install in my studio. I do not see any evidence of instability with a group that so never, is solid engineering . A woman has wanted a fact that can turns a screen as it can see it television of a cookery that is in right angle in a wall that the television is trace on. It IS only in impossible to expect the bit of masonry to be stand-off but any one the preoccupy with ECHOGEAR, an adjustment of level was mere in null out of an error to level so LCD was perfectly level to see. It was easy to install some two guides of television in a backside of a television, has used two of some rays some long plus has comprised in a ECHOGEAR box. It IS it has wanted with a functionality and quality of ECHOGEAR so much so so declared early is purchasing the second unit That one will be trace in the wall of rock of normal cloak in my Studio and I are looking advances in the easiest installation. Although it maintain a television closes in a wall that is able to extend he out of a wall facilitates plugging in all some capes. I think a fact that is buying the second a for a Studio said that all precise knows. I am satisfied ECHOGEAR client. Update, installed my second ECHOGEAR in a Studio this past week in a studs in a wall of rock of the cloak.
5 / 5 Margareta
If you are familiar with manufacturer of the squad of the gymnasium Prays Health, this mountain of television is which of his pieces of squad of exercise; heavy pieces of metal, with pertinent welds, bolted together in an on built road. You will be surprised in how weighed a container is when he is fallen has been. It comprises the directions written in of the pertinent English and some hardware of miscellaneous mountain.

Found it quite easy to launch this mountain in the wall specifies of my garage those uses tapcon rays, and is going nowhere. Has the complete confidence that hangs the enormous television in the. A career subject real only is with a problem has twisted by behind my Samsung television, remained with his vainly superficial highland accommodations of ray. This television has only in the 10 mm window for period of ray, as I have required any 40mm rays ( measure) of Imposicin to House to locate he cual the box does not comprise this period. 35mm IS too down to achieve some nuts, and 50mm is far too very time to be usable like the funds has been.

The complaint of the only minor in this mountain is that an use to group to ensures a television, once mountain, chairs in a part of a guide of television where bandages the in a television. This prevent you to use in an inch of a guide, and in my case with the 40' the television this has a master of the hole the small plus, bad has had to to locate some slightly more the big guides in a backside of a television concealed has wanted so that had any road to tense them down yes locates where has wanted. It was not the enormous roads, but means a cup of some guides of television is in a cup of a television, and slightly visible of a front since is that it runs in an angle. A Samsung the main television that 40' any east dread, or one with the master of the ray the big plus.
5 / 5 Barrett
That is to say a first mountain has purchased. Packaging Well, all embroiled and packed well without scratches or harm. The mountain is sake of the strong looks has done. Each hardware has been comprised and has comprised lag the rays looked well enough. It IS surprised has not required the trip in a tent of hardware. Only hanged the 42' Samsung so much was the quite clear television but some highland looks was well for the main television is. A mountain was easy to hang the level and a television level have seated a first time without sag. The television is easy to move, but a movement is tight as it remains in place. I installed it sewell spent of wall (the box grupal double sized) among some highland guides, basically in a mountain, any down the or in the. The tan there is quite soiled in some highland guides for the outlet to be able to and other boxes for HDMI or anything. Some collapses to locate a bit in this zone so it has posed boxes in a mountain, and very on or down, mark sure some capes will not interfere with a mountain feigns to press a television all a fund of road in a wall. Work well for the mine installs. In general I am happy with this compraventa and listen likes him was good value for money.

Top Customer Reviews: ECHOGEAR Long 15ft ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Lesha
It uses this boss with a TV of Apple has connected to a LG 55SMELL of TV of thumb. Work very well partorisca me like this far. Another reviewers has commented on some tabs, hooks, pins, as they called, in one covers-in portion of a boss that has has caused the questions when they take a boss. It looks ECHOGEAR listened to some complaints and has solved a subject. My bosses have no such tabs and slide in and out of a HDMI port a lot of smoothly. Like this far like this good. I expect that they resist on partorisca some time.
Update: in a TV of Apple has dipped a Chroma to 4:2:2 and instantly it have the significant improvement in quality of picture. Apple has said partorisca use these characteristic needs the boss of big speed and this boss a work in the very reasonable cost. Very happy with this compraventa.
5 / 5 Denna
I had it it has possessed it already the pair of HDMI 2.1 bosses of another company and has loved another pair. Has thinks that would give Echogear try it. Last week has been announced likes 2.1 bosses. They have changed now a listing to 2.0.
Miren and feel like this of the utmost bosses, but has looked two blue films of the ray and I could not comprise reasons a picture was like this bad. Had like this sprain.

HDMI 2.0 vs 2.1 does not have to that it has done the improvement of picture for my applications but I have not expected a Echogear to treat bad. Perhaps it take the bad pair , but am returned these and has purchased another pair of some 2.1 bosses already possesses concealed the work adds.
4 / 5 Christene
Update 18 May- look my initial description has not been attentive, after the while these bosses have produced some same subjects like all some another with our 4K AppleTV that comprises lagging video and paper. Sincerely, a subject has been seen mostly with HBOGO.
This work of bosses with television of Apple 4K! Out of all my crew a TV of Apple was one the majority of demanding partorisca HDMI the bosses and these do a work perfectly, any hiccup or loss of data of any class. I have tried a lot another first of these and his all there have been subjects. I produce it adds here!
5 / 5 Lenora
As my Apple 4k the TV has maintained to close on and out of time in when with my amazon hdmi boss. I have purchased this hdmi the boss and is so better in of the terms of qualities, picture, and does not change on and era. I love this boss!
5 / 5 Janell
I have bought two of these to fix questions with screen dropout with my ps4pro and Dreamscreen 4k. A two footer and the four boss of feet. After substituting some bosses had connected a dropout the question is disappeared. I can use my PS4Pro without questions. I am ordering two more for my XB1X in chance any questions arise. Preparing the future test my setup with big bitrate the bosses is not never the bad idea IMO.
5 / 5 Loree
Rings the HDMI the able boss to spend the 4K signal with chroma sampling in 4:2:2 (Apple 4K TV 2018 model).
There is HDMI the bosses have estimated in 18Gbps but could a lot of he. This one was able to. I can not say it can do 4:4:4 reason do not have any device that is able to send 4K in 4:4:4.
4 / 5 Paulina
I have purchased recently the Sony XBR-49X900F TV with a matching HT-X9000F Fence of Sound. My connections are all HDMI the bosses with a box of boss has connected to a HDMI Gone in in a bar of his and a HDMI (ARC) in a bar of his to a HDMI (ARC) in a TV. In my opinion the braided bosses have the better look to them like this after my new system has been dipped up has ordered the pair of Echogear 2.1 braided Bosses for my new system. Some bosses are fat and of good quality and look really good but a part of entity is like them extracted. It has been expecting an improvement in his but really did not think it would do a lot of difference in a quality of picture. To the left say was bad like the colours are deeper and a picture has more depth. A main improvement was in a touch which is now much more detailed and a dialogue is pronounced more. These bosses have solved also the question was having with a connection to ARCH like this the sweep of the sound would choose a television and no a HDMI connection when a TV has been turned on. Needles to say are the defender of a Echogear bosses and highly would recommend to any that looks for the big speed 2.1 boss in the reasonable prize.
5 / 5 Anton
After using other bosses of decent quality and having subject of entities with 4k contained has tried these. Everything of my questions has been he was.
A subject only is that I am using these to give and is a bit difficult to unplug of a connector done such the solid connection. Calm can unplug him, but takes the little endeavour. Value a tradeoff for the solid connection.
5 / 5 Felisha
A lot of wow! I have had rearranged my entertainment setup and has wanted to take touched of of some unsightly boss, as found these in 2ft period. I have used now first multiple bosses, some generics and big quality some included other frames purportedly HDMI 2.1. First impressions, these bosses are twice fat , any-braided (the hate braiding directs the snags and rigid bosses) but has had the still flexibility adds. Has the quite antiquated setup with the Samsung 1080p Reflects that it has suffered it always signals crawl a lot @@subject the one who bosses or device plugged in. Always I have thought so only it was a television up to now. These bosses owe that have a bit few excellent managers and shielding reasons astonishingly a point crawl has gone and some colours are slightly better! The work adds Echogear!
5 / 5 Maxie
I have bought he for my PC and Samsung ready TV q8fn, can not sustain 4k 60hz 4:4:4 sampling with 10bit depth by heart.
Only 4:4:2.
For 2.1 hdmi does not have to that half of use of the his acclaimed max bandwidth. It is this really hdmi?!

Top Customer Reviews: DataComm ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
Received and installed my box to pipe yesterday. It is relatively easy to install but before clicking 'Add the Cart', takes note:

- Invest in the stud finder. PRECISE spatial around some holes partorisca of groups them partorisca close the rotate inside a drywall. If you have cut a hole afterwards to the stud or fireblock, any closure in place.

- FIREBLOCKS! These are horizontal pieces go in studs. Calm of then is probably hoisting your television up in a wall so that has the casualidad a lot well go to run to one that tries to press your bosses down a wall. Unless you know where it is, it will be quite miffed when you have cut two big holes in your wall and then @gives has to that cut another so only the street your bosses by means of a wall. I have not had this question ( has has had photo of my house when it was built) but easily can see like some people will take stuck treating this question. In my photo, can see where has situated my box which is directly UNDER the fireblock.

- Some personnel is good but found the difficult to install an interior of inferior box some lines has resupplied. I took the moment partorisca shave drywall until a box pressed in without force.

- Like this some have mentioned, does not forget to press your electrical boss By means of a small box, first aim to press to some connectors. Ooops. Because of my deception, I sanded the small hole of a subordinated like the main boss could return without leaving some other bosses the appeal was. Easy fijamente.

- I has run a line of attractive extra in a box for additional HDMI bosses in some futures but now is in accordance with another that you so only would owe that go advance and buy the second 9-10' HDMI boss and run he a same time. A place of some holes to run a HDMI the bosses will do it difficult to 'bosses of appeal by means of in a future. No appearance the need for the second I , probably will owe that pull some boxes out of a wall to run a second.

- And a good informative: With some boxes in place and a zip of bosses of the can-related, a sum of television looks in a wall. Any visible boss for a part and professional of looks. The woman is happy with some results (and happy did not hurt me).

Ossia The good but advances of slowly of first precise product of cutting holes. It controls yours wall studs and fireblocks. Mark sure has room around some holes (inner) for some clips to close.
5 / 5
Like six trace your TV in a wall and see all these bosses throughout doing it a lot the picture perfects has imagined like this. This box here included is far a better and more easy decision has has not bought never. I took roughly an hour to install it but he am exited to look well.

A bit those that the precise notes know before buying this product;
1.) I need the stud finder.
2.) Watchout Partorisca fireblocks. (These are horizontal studs among some vertical studs.)
3.) You will cut inner yours wall.
4.) You will require the Prick has Seen.
5.) Measure of tape (Partorisca insulated wall)

As well as I first, has used my stud finder and locate my two studs to the equal that can install this product in a half. I have then used a stud finder again vertically to do sure has no fireblocks among a studs. Then I grabbed a cutted the creation of the to locate in a wall and mark with the pencil. Mark sure to locate it correctly reason ossia probably one the majority of part of entity of an installation.
Then calms so only grabbed yours saw of prick and it beginning that I cut a trace has done with a creation.
With which have finalised to the cut there is remarked to have insulated still wall and was like this last to fish down all my bosses and this touch here has included helped me really. I grabbed the measure of tape and has fished he of a subordinated on, then I taped everything of my bosses to a measure of tape and there is pulled so only a measure of tape behind and everything is touched to lose so easily.

Remarce: No peach down your television outlet source because it is not sure and until code. Ossia Reason an upper receptacle has a outlet to the his own to the equal that can covers your television up there. (I personally so only plugged in mine television up there so only to be in a side sure even this in spite of has two available discharge.)

Then a rest is honradamente simple you just need to dip some two white receptacles in some upper and inferior and a boss that comes with a fish of upper he down also, and connect an aim with an aim, black with black, green with copper. And ossia calm will have the very better looking theatre.
4 / 5
I am surprised by everything of a glowing descriptions thus produced and a lack of any real critique. It is basically molded flat of face with raisin he of boss by means of and only Hubbell receptacles preinstalled. A box comes with two economic Cantex remodel boxes and the cup of period of 14 gauge NM boss. Some wings in a dish of face is really feeble and easily will break yes in his invernaderos. A box comes with the cord of short jumper that it is extremely bulky (can not be cost two much more to comprise the cord quite). In general, I think that that it is the little overpriced so that volume, and a quality is quite poor. If have have to that he on, would go with a Arlington box of television setup.
5 / 5
Ossia Probably an only compliant way to hide your bosses/of TV of boss for behind a wall without calling an electrician, and is really an only way to take the professional looking work to your highland project of the TV. When it Is fact , some the television looks is floating in a wall, and ossia a look loves, anything more look tacky, in my opinion. I love preface this to say, that are the handy woman , and this was an easy installation . Already it has installed it the Bridge to Be able to first, and this element was quite one same but side less. Mina a BIG complaint is that this calm company of the the flimsy personal of piece of paper that cut were and then traces in a wall. I advise volume your own piece of substantial map and locate some in his personnel and use that instead, or the ruler or some class of right flange to resist a paper firmly as it locate it. My yard outs has not done. An upper box was well, but an inferior box was too much big for a box to cross to snap like me to him has to that. I have had to patch one wall and he on again in the different location. That has discovered a hard way is when you use calm your dry wall has seen to do a yard outs, cut slightly inner some lines. If your yard was is too small can you always skim of the little more, but you cant dipped the backside if your yard is too big. I found it to do perfectly, when doing this, an access of boxes of the intersection snugly and all snapped in securely. In an end of a day, some works of product well, and highly recommend was trace the TV, or electrical chimney, has used he for both.
4 / 5
Fantastic product. Easy to install and some personnel was very useful. I have not had any question with this product to do with Cheetah Trace APDAM2B articulating Mur of television of Dual Arm highland Group for 32 to 65-Thumb LCD, CONCENTRATED, Plasma, Container of Monitors of Flat Screen with has Twisted Vetoes 10-Feet HDMI Boss and 6-the abundance of Levels of the thumb so it has had to room. A subject only has had was more than my failure that anything more. Be careful when using a sheetrock knife. It does not press all a way in or will nail another side
4 / 5
has bought 3 of these, but unfortunately I didnt takes around to install them until 2 months later when I am returned of travesía. I setup one of them but He have maintained to lose connection when moving some bosses, and Goes has to that jiggle some bosses for the take to do. With which 8 hours have given up and has called an electrician. It says one of some sections of the can has done no properly. We finalise that they have to that open box 2 to fly a working part. I am spent a point of the repayment and I has been touched $ 100 for an electrician. I wont be buying of this company again.

Update: 12 hours after paying an electrician to exit, change bad parts, etc. If slightly I move a boss of extension a regime to be able to. I guess lame that have paid for, this thing is junk. Spend the little more bucks for the descent an or yours that goes to finalise with my nightmare. Thats That takes to save $ 30 and buying K MART.
4 / 5
Kicking I for any closely reading descriptions. While installing a 'Datacomm 50-3323-WH-BOSS of BOXES of television of Boxes of Flat Poster of Organiser with Solution to Be able to - White' a plastic soyounting wings' in an upper dish has broken was while presionando (sees photo). Also an orientation of a outlet and an inaugural is to the rovescio, the meaning loves a product to look a calm picture will have to that take averts. I have found basically some the subjects esatti was concealed is already state has signalled was here. Well it is it was the tent of hardware, that goes to try to see yes can invent something more to fix a question of a die to mount broken, otherwise this is going back the Amazon.
4 / 5
Some personnel to do a cutouts is perfect. Some the electrical connections are the snap. Here it is some gain gives to comprise that another has mentioned and I echo:

1. Run an extra HDMI boss. They are economic on Amazon basics and will save you the headache in a future. It was virtually impossible to run the boss down has trace once. You would owe that take of a faceplate, at least in my chance.

2. If calm any 1 does not concern bc probably has run also the rope by means of calm in the chance perhaps peach need the line later. It is easy and calm will thank you in a future.

3. Run a Romex (electrical boss) by means of this little house of boxes before yours connect to an inferior box connectors voters (doh!!). I any one except felizmente with some fat of extra elbow and some pliers pulled was him.

3. It covers in and sure mark all the work before you scrape you to a wall. Calm sometimes can stress break the boss and he no . Better to imagine that it was and run the new boss before I scrape you in.

Thanks to all the world-wide more for his useful descriptions. Do my like this easy installation.
4 / 5
If you have read attentively, you will remark that this together of two pieces of the plásticoes is not adapted to hide cords to be able to. It is against code to do like this. A photo of the vendor and the photos have published of the buyer aims all has hid. Has not reading a fine impression, has ordered this product, @@give when it take to read a box among that the could not use he for cords to be able to, that was useless for me, and tried for the turn. The amazon will not accept returns of this product. I have squandered My money in the bad product has described of not being able to be returned.
4 / 5
The majority of the codes of edifice require electrical bosses for behind a rock of discharge. This leaves calm with three options: 1. Run the pipe for behind a wall, then spend a electical boss by means of a conduitand down to where yours covers is. 2. Run a boss of power in front of a wall (yuck). 3. It uses this type of solution that calm leave you retro returned the boss of solid core (comprised) for behind a wall and these boxes dipped to a wall on and down. Ossia A cleaner way to do he in my opinion.

Some looks of the work and the final product adds.

Top Customer Reviews: Mount Plus ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Latricia
I have wanted a shelf. This a 12 shelf of thumb. I have wanted to situate my Roku and cox mini box in a cup of a TV like this when it has turned my TV of living room to dinning soiled a remotes would do. Had a question. Some bosses in a backside of both boxes forced them to signal up. Easy fijamente. I have used the small tarp bungee to maintain some boxes down.
4 / 5 Alaine
Has-liked me has ordered so much another for another TV in mine hopped up in the chair has situated on a TV and has moved a leg for the neighbour.
Are adds to rest a player of DVD and box of the satellite so only does not look the tonne of dvd movements to cause every time you tinker with him...
Amur The cause there is not had to that drill the desire so only there is more support for when a dvd slides to title in and era... And you have to that take some Very easy boxes
5 / 5 Pedro
to locate. I have bought one to locate the soundbar to a cup of mine television but has decided that would order a plus so that I can sustain a soundbar of both ends more than just some means. Previously it has been it using group of metal that attaches under a television but was the ache in a backside to install. Now that has decided to move a soundbar to a cup of a TV, does not want to has to that go through this ordeal again. This shelf is the a lot of easier option . And different some group of metal, can corner a soundbar partorisca down, which is that it wants to do of a soundbar goes so that be remote on quotes of ear.
4 / 5 Marjorie
It is not returned my television - 40' Samsung has DIRECTED, but has done work. I have had to that trim piece of leg that remain in television, but has not been too difficult. TVs Is all like this happy could do do.
4 / 5 Yon
I have tried the fasten this to the mine Consent And 50' TV. I can not take an arm for presionar. It has dipped my player of DVD in the and looks to balance securely. A shelf has begins, he so that there is now concerns roughly heats to dissipate. A semence of type of the hule securely stays in place.

Are happy to have a player of DVD of a stand of television, and is very any to have like this cords that hangs down. A construction is solid. Alive so only, as I do not owe that worry in the girls that his clash, but would concern me roughly a lot when being pas able of presionar an arm has done . It was not if it is my TV , me or a shelf. If an arm was presionado easily down or has had more instructions that would leave me to imagine out of a question, would give it 5 stars.
5 / 5 Hermine
Utmost idea, and simple installs.
Takes some dimensions. No quite depth for any Console, DVD PLAYER, or other useful projects.
Chairs precariously on a TV. With the depth of only Five thumbs, widths of 11 3/4 thumbs. A centre the only mainstay has retreated that clamps in a corner± has wished. With the tampon of hule to help the delay that slips an element situated in a shelf.
Suggest bolting/screwing/gluing your element to a shelf to prevent slippage. Or to use likes him the base to fasten the main piece to augment zone of shelf. It takes mine for the clock. I dread to spend that the vibrations of traffic will cause it to fall off.
5 / 5 Brooks
That adds finds! Any one the highland hardware has required. Quickly, easy solution , perfect for our speaker of centre. It is smaller that thought it would be and my speaker of centre is main that thought it would be, but still works. It do not dip anything too weighed on that. Very pleased with him.
5 / 5 Tana
I have purchased this element for the 32' the TV are trace in mine trailer of the travesía and he have done add!!! I have it quell'has purchased previously another mountain to wall to resist the blue-player of ray and has looked for something in a small side of then was in a trailer but when it arrives is almost enormous then has found this mountain. Of then it seats on a TV was out of him way and was really easy the setup. I add compraventa!!!
5 / 5 Kellye
This mountain is simple and add, easy to locate on your TV of flat screen. This in spite of a shelf is not meant really for boxes of the main boss, but has done work with bonds of boss and sticky 3M tampons (games of mandate) to resist a box of boss firmly to a shelf.
The shelf Is metal and arm of the support is plastic with the multiple that put near, so that it dress the majority of television is.
5 / 5 Rigoberto
This shelf is AWESOME!!

I desire had purchased a two bandage this in spite of. Three in fact could look better.

Has substituted my Roku far with a subordinated one but was the ache for the use. It has dipped now a Roku in a shelf with the light tilt and feels like an original!!

I desire had thought of this I!

Top Customer Reviews: ECHOGEAR 6' Digital ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Odette
So much, the boss adds. So only that I .

Would have been it a lot to somewhere in a packaging has said that that has tiny pocola spent of the hule that spent some finals. Has thinks that that that has lost my alcohol that tries to press these connectors to some receptacles. FINALLY, it dawn on me that something was blocking this partorisca have sucedido.

Now was, but there is has done the things the easy plus there has been declares written to somewhere.
5 / 5 Michal
Investigation be manufactured well, but no partorisca my bar of his because has the connector not regulating. Has another Toslink bosses that all the work. The desire would have know this prime to order. I am updating my description (2/8/17). It results a connector not regulating is one the fault of mine Phillips bar of his and any one some bosses. Sad Echogear partorisca a confusion. Some bosses are well.
5 / 5 Lue
Good prize. Fact to the equal that has expected. MARK SURE partorisca TAKE TO COVER THEM PLASTIC in the FINI!!!
5 / 5 Patty
This cord was better that thought it to them would be partorisca a prize am them very pleased and the law adds plugged he well my bar of his my TV and perfect fact.
4 / 5 Marietta
The boss adds. The works add. Arrived quickly and in the prize adds. That more can ask??? :)

(So only agree to take some tips of hule clear of the each final before it install)
5 / 5 Daphne
works of good Boss. It have been useful to have some instruction that has the coverage of the hule clear protected in a tip, concealed the looks is part of a boss. Like this when I have looked for to insert a boss, does not return in. As have think that it has had a wrong boss. Duh. A travesía the Frys has aimed the boss looked without a coverage of clear tip.
4 / 5 Ellena
I have used this boss to hook on the bar of his my TV. I have had to that take some plastic coverages in a boss and then use my paper of television to select an optical jack likes start of audio. It likes and of a way transmits a data among my devices. My old boss has not done, and this a , as it seats happy with which used it.
4 / 5 Barb
Prize very reasonable and works well my system is not the big dollar would not buy the expensive boss but this does like this well likes a lot could buy and looks a lot of sturdy
4 / 5 Alba
5 / 5 Clarita
Element is with the accuracy has described. They come packaged well. Like the first time optical user a thing that some instructions (and never has known even roughly) has failed to mention is some finals have small coverages , clears on him. You owe that it take these before they can be installed. They do not snap to situate very sure. But this looks to be any optical boss.

Top Customer Reviews: Cable Matters Ultra ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Barbie
I can not speak for each low indication but I have opened initially the turn in this HDMI boss after the use two times before in the laptop setup. Some third time have looked for to use the the screen was black and at all was transferred to my exposures (tried in of the devices and of the multiple exposures without regime).

CONCLUSION partorisca pack on a HDMI the boss partorisca turn there is remarked one of some entrances the 'TV' had marked in the while another was labeled OURCE.' As I gave it one has shot more split some entrances with some devices and he have done. Have revoked then a boss and was able to retorted a subject was having some time has think that operate bad. Personally I have there is not founding never a concrete entrance HDMI boss before but now that knows, am expecting partorisca take the plot of use of confidence of this setup.

Pro Tip: Pay attention the Entrances and connect your devices consistently.
5 / 5 Virgie
These days there am a lot of the few things that in fact go to a tent and buy. I mostly things of on-line mandate. Simply reason a prize is usually better and his so only more convenient. The bosses are one of these things usually go to a tent and compraventa so that physically I can see a boss that am ordering. There is so only so many manufacturers that produced different types of bosses of different qualities and repackage and relabel his for concrete retailers. Calm so only never really know a level of quality is taking the bosses order on-line. His on this swipe and lose things. Some bosses this in spite of. Especially bosses of conversion of the concrete period. Calm so only has to that order on-line, reason will be hard pressed partorisca find in some tents. My point is that these bosses of the subjects of the boss are qualities done partorisca his point of prize. Ossia My second time that purchases them and cover the in and forget them law like this well. Some terminals of look of boss partorisca be solid and some terminals of looks of connection partorisca be a lot has done. It likes that of these bosses concretise are quite thin and subjects of boss not having never of the thinnest bosses in of the sure connections, has called some Ultra Slender bosses. As his well to know where a mark of bosses that can on-line with out prpers that has to that concern roughly is no. or the good bosses that Try the drudge by means of some thousands and of the thousands of frames of on-line different boss and the look in of the descriptions is so only the ache of boss. Still I will be to purchase my bosses in a tent for one the majority of part, reason the bosses are one of these things that I usually of the one who knows precise a lot on until I the precise, but when a need arises for me to order my on-line bosses, Subjects of the boss to good sure will be my gone to.
4 / 5 Ernesto
Like the description said - of the subjects of direction! There is the Source and final of television to these - a prime minister HDMI the bosses have bought that do. I lost it concealed and with one 50-50 odds took it bad a first time and has thought a boss was defective until I have seen a marcación in some connectors. Connected correctly, some works of boss to the equal that have to that and and is slender - a reason has bought is one. Has other products of Subjects of the Boss and law well.
4 / 5 Lisabeth
Fact to the equal that has expected. I have used this to project mine 4K portable 13' screen to mine 75' 4K the television and has done well. I have tried a laptop built-in Miracast characteristic the wirelessly projects his screen to a television but a 4K the contained was also and a mouse and the video was a lot of laggy. I guess I will have to that expect other 5 years for a technology to take up. A bad time, so only has to that connection of use of direct boss for the stable plus 4K exposure!
5 / 5 Deangelo
It was skeptical of these things when I bought them so not having never has listened even of Redmere before. I have been he advances and bought him reason have loved the thin boss to hide in a wall among a television and a PC of centre of the half comunicacionales down. These bosses are astonishingly thin and easy to do with, container well, and there is absolutely any subjects of qualities.
4 / 5 Bethany
They mark a boss in both ends to indicate an orientation of a boss. Has think that kidded, has has possessed dozens of HDMI bosses that was all omnidirectional. No east a. If leagues behind the does not act . I have struggled for the pocolos small until me swapped some finals of boss. You look! Picture and sound! Now that knows are good but is bugger to dip commanded while prepping for the presentation.
4 / 5 Mellisa
It do not manage 4k RGB (4:4:4) in 60Hz of mine 980 You while I consent it boss of walmart . It was it returned, but have had the something could utilisations (where a consent the boss was, that goes to mine 1080p monitor).
4 / 5 Wyatt
Be warned this cord is a directional , has meant an end has to that be connected to a television and another end to your device. I have known it is going in like any complaint. It is a awesome cord to trip that does not take he on soiled in my stock exchange and I can use he by means of the chamber of hotel.
4 / 5 Lynwood
I have bought this for my Xbox a X to take 4k resolution. This in spite of Xbox a x a lot down to 30hz in 4k. So only it has 60 and 120hz options and this 4k the boss so only can locate to 30hz. Line like this inferior you gotta really know your material to discover that this 4k the boss does not sustain 4k really down a common phase to use he with to modern console. On this he downgraded was the television that sees to 30hz in place of the his 60hz capacity.
5 / 5 Santana
If shots the plot of bosses in rear of you TVs, fishing bosses by means of tight wall, and appreciate the transmission of big speed, will love this boss. It is in a pricy side. But I think that well of the money. To good sure order the pair more.