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1 first ECOXGEAR EcoTrek GDI-EXTRK210 Rugged Waterproof Floating Portable Bluetooth Wireless 100 Watt Stereo Smart Speaker and PA System (Gray) ECOXGEAR EcoTrek GDI-EXTRK210 Rugged Waterproof Floating Portable Bluetooth Wireless 100 Watt Stereo Smart Speaker and PA System (Gray) ECOXGEAR
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2 ECOXGEAR EcoBoulder+ GDI-EXBLD810 Rugged Waterproof Floating Portable Bluetooth Wireless 100 Watt Speaker and PA System (Gray) ECOXGEAR EcoBoulder+ GDI-EXBLD810 Rugged Waterproof Floating Portable Bluetooth Wireless 100 Watt Speaker and PA System (Gray) ECOXGEAR
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3 best ECOXGEAR EcoEdge GDI-EXEDGE302 Rugged Waterproof Floating Portable Bluetooth Wireless 20 Watt Smart Speaker with Built-in Bottle Opener (Electric Blue) ECOXGEAR EcoEdge GDI-EXEDGE302 Rugged Waterproof Floating Portable Bluetooth Wireless 20 Watt Smart Speaker with Built-in Bottle Opener (Electric Blue) ECOXGEAR
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4 ECOXGEAR EcoEdge Plus GDI-EXEGPL410 Rugged Waterproof Floating Portable Bluetooth Wireless 20 Watt Smart Speaker with Bottle Opener and LED Party Lights (Gray) ECOXGEAR EcoEdge Plus GDI-EXEGPL410 Rugged Waterproof Floating Portable Bluetooth Wireless 20 Watt Smart Speaker with Bottle Opener and LED Party Lights (Gray) ECOXGEAR
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5 ECOXGEAR EcoEdge GDI-EXEDGE301 Rugged Waterproof Floating Portable Bluetooth Wireless 20 Watt Smart Speaker with Built-in Bottle Opener (Black) (Renewed) ECOXGEAR EcoEdge GDI-EXEDGE301 Rugged Waterproof Floating Portable Bluetooth Wireless 20 Watt Smart Speaker with Built-in Bottle Opener (Black) (Renewed) ECOXGEAR
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6 ECOXGEAR EcoPebble Lite GDI-EXPLT501 Rugged Waterproof Floating Portable Bluetooth Wireless 5-Watt Mini Smart Speaker (Black) ECOXGEAR EcoPebble Lite GDI-EXPLT501 Rugged Waterproof Floating Portable Bluetooth Wireless 5-Watt Mini Smart Speaker (Black) ECOXGEAR
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7 ECOXGEAR EcoSoundstation GDI-EXSNDST801 Rugged Waterproof Floating Portable Bluetooth Wireless 70 Watt Workshop Speaker and PA System ECOXGEAR EcoSoundstation GDI-EXSNDST801 Rugged Waterproof Floating Portable Bluetooth Wireless 70 Watt Workshop Speaker and PA System ECOXGEAR
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8 ECOXGEAR Eco Stone Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker - Retail Packaging - Blue ECOXGEAR Eco Stone Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker - Retail Packaging - Blue ECOXGEAR
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9 ECOXGEAR EcoDrift GDI-EXDRFT211 Rugged Waterproof Floating Portable Bluetooth Wireless 15-Watt Smart Speaker with Integrated Siri & Google Voice Control (Blue) ECOXGEAR EcoDrift GDI-EXDRFT211 Rugged Waterproof Floating Portable Bluetooth Wireless 15-Watt Smart Speaker with Integrated Siri & Google Voice Control (Blue) ECOXGEAR
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10 ECOXGEAR 100% Waterproof EcoLantern with High Intensity LED's, Built in 360 Degree Bluetooth Speaker & 4,400 mAh Power Bank - Orange ECOXGEAR 100% Waterproof EcoLantern with High Intensity LED's, Built in 360 Degree Bluetooth Speaker & 4,400 mAh Power Bank - Orange ECOXGEAR
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Top Customer Reviews: ECOXGEAR EcoTrek ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
4 / 5 Ola
Hey, Danny. I have had so only this rid to a house, will be house of Afganistan the few days has believed so partorisca ship house partorisca the try was and can manage that I spear in him will be to the ship went it to Afganistan partorisca a crew partorisca use! (UPDATE) Well Types, the behind Danny! I have left a prime minister does not inform never in this bad boy and his time partorisca my update. This speaker is taking all ive has launched in him. Ive There was blairing in a flightline in Afganistan like jet apresamiento was and ive there went it on a boot behind in Tennessee, Ive had it touching quietly in an office and Weve has had he out of a helicopter while he the interview and he he so only done the h&% of the better day, one do one a energizer bunny jealous. A speaker takes used roughly 10 hours the day ( usually there is roughly 50 until the 25 load left) and the maintain it has touched regularly. Like this far a battery does not aim any sign of degradation. His summer doused in watering countless time and is remained to cook in a heat. I spend it two times the day in my rear band in the half mile my bunk, 20 lbs aint nothin. I have had 0 subjects of connection, 0 subjects of battery, and a lot behind near. Volume down down his crisp and cleaned, ive so only has does not have to that it never turns he until 70 volume ( laws enmedio strong crazy and stands up to a task) and he so only spools beats and glass of clear rests, any sprain ( tonnes of basses on strong). They are probably a proprietary prime minister of these edges of the gun and yes youre looking for the speaker adds for a money goes to look and take it!!! Also his a lot of dusty was here in some mountains of Afganistan and the when be ip67 has them any subject with the powder that goes in, when precise cleaned the spray so only a hose in the and shes good to go. Also,(update again) maintains them up in some descriptions on here to see if any one is having subject( has had them any), the little folks has said in bluetooth is not almost like this strong. Both of the mine Samsung galaxies (8, 9+) is exited to the equivalent likes him the line in jack, this in spite of has had them a chance with the buddies the telephone connected in volume of full telephone that touches in level of speaker 15 was a lot noticeably calmer. Ive Has Had a speaker now roughly -5 month, there is roughly 1,200 hours of playtime career by means of him (roughly) +/- and everything is still in perfect working mandate. The battery maintains in of the perfect conditions, still any subjects of connectivities. It is the directional speaker so he youre in a half extremely strong like the helicopter that careers on or, in the forgery, or the fusion of metal has to that be signalled directly in you. As any speaker, part of games of qualities of music, streaming tends to be calmer that has downloaded copy, my Metallica of favourite band tends to be calmer of other songs. Starts of songs of natural registered volume in a recording studio. Game around and see that it can do raisin.

Alrighty, has had this speaker of then was first released, extracted as well as a day bought it, has the pocolas dents in a screen, the little nicks and the scratches but is all the scars of battle, is like this waterproof to the equal that has announced still, all a gaskets, lights, keys, and the speakers are perfectly in touch. Included a press in some keys is still like new. A quality of his east amazing and is resulted the part of a crew in Afganistan, of the that exited without him!
5 / 5 Scarlet
This speaker can manage everything. 4 month in. Out of kayaking in ocean yaks. And the myrtle beach, literally in an ocean blaring music. It takes sand on that. . . So only washing it was with a hose. Fleet and has the awesome tun time. Lasted all day in a beach of 9am box 10 pm when I have been to do fishing . On I fly 9.

Also a speaker can link with different exogear speakers.

The speaker adds for a lake,beach, house, kayaking , and peach
4 / 5 Starr
I work in the very strong Data Fusion of Mussel and require the strong speaker. This is to announce likes 100 speaker of watt. It is not . It is the 50speaker of watt according to a specs in a backside of some speakers. No the short . A type has said that it could listen he with the helicopters that the career has to that have the listened of the superman. Any way. Especially if his connected by means of bluetooth. I take the half volume when connected by means of bluetooth, like utilisation the To the. Cord. As it declared it still no that short like this basically have the weight of enormous heavy paper. Update:
Not even 5 days and he dosen't does. Returning.
4 / 5 Cherly
Really enjoy these in a group! A dual connection with two speakers is the must. I fill a zone grupal with his add!
5 / 5 Sanda
Some first time have used he for a weekend and he leave to do and are that it has to that jump by means of hoops for the take fixed a vendor has said his any one anything because it is on 30 days and a asurion paving of protects will not begin until a guarantee of manufactures is was and a costruttore has said that they would send me an email of where has to ship it to but an email was spatial . I am spent on 2 hrs in a telephone and am a lot still where has begun.
4 / 5 Barbar
Loves these speakers for bluetooth. Good volume. You the quite good work that riadas out of next traffic when in yard and group. The work adds in a coverage! A port of the load of the USB is the good characteristic . A radio reception is not a lot very which is disappointing; my better radio works. No shabby using radius of paralizaciones.
5 / 5 Elsy
So only arrived yesterday and happy with a compraventa. Has the decent measure backyard with the group and fill a zone with sound. It was easy to the pair and a quality of his this very good. It could it has to that take another...
4 / 5 Karyn
Has done to add when dipping ready a river. It is too strong to have pointed legislation in you. The row looked to be a lot also.
4 / 5 Rolande
Has spent your to regulate old pickup truck to run tugs it band, can be disappointed. If you have run the marathon in hiking boots, calm probably will be disappointed (and sore). If you have touched Casio keyboard afterwards to the Steinway piano, probably will be disappointed.

These things, when compared to elements looked in of the different classes, could leave to feel there is disappointed. But his all have the function. Utility, ruggedness, portability; all good qualities in and of them. And ossia a EcoTrek. Servants the particular function really well but in no way excels is judging he in a wrong context.

That it is a right context , questions? It thinks beach, lake, boot, cornhole, BBQ, tailgating, etc. In the word: ‘Murica! In this context, ossia that the speaker adds . Quality of his east, well, meh. But when it was a last calm time has concerned you roughly quality of his in the pig roasts? This white noise hissing sound when Bluetooth is connected also could be some churns of ocean to clash. And a wonky metre of battery (is has touched fully? It is no?) Any really @@subject when 30-50 hours to use easily takes calm by means of a weekend to this last night of Sunday he ginebra & tonic. This thing is not to perfect, but he that is supposition to do well.

As it is not too critical of a EcoTrek. Certainly, I have been disappointed at the beginning ( has exchanged included a prime minister an I taken); it has to that it deserts so only you like him to of them and me. But some the next times are in a lake that floating afterwards to this thing while pounding the 30-rack of Bud with the mate, will know you has done a right election.

To the equal that goes grab some friends, some horseshoes and take this bonfire that goes. Then grab this bad boy and to the left is what .
4 / 5 Boyd
Ossia Day a. I will go back later to update. I quite decided with which reading Danny in the description of Afganistan that this was a a .. Outta A box, loves that. Begun blaring he immediately and has tried a distance for Bluetooth. The distance was utmost. It has been for a half of cul-de-sac of mine with him seating roughly 5 feet inside my advance of door before it has begun to @give all the places are different.. But I do not have any idea that far was. Far enough. Have dunked He in a bathtub to see like a quality of sound was after the be has submerged. FM The radio has maintained to go in and is gone in a water but changed it to us behind the BT and was adds. Obviously it calms it can not listen a music if his face down but is floating and any one is trying to speak your, just toe he on real quickly in place of the turn down. Lol Does not float seating on legislation. He flop on to a side or another, but once his there he a lot easily toe on to a side of speaker. We are daunted at present of this thing. It will update after a true test in a river. 😁👍
UPDATE: it took it to a river after touching for roughly 12 hours at night. A battery is lasted some 6 hours were was, any subject. Any question with him flipping on excepts in rapids, where has taken the a lot of beating and has continued good and strong touch. LeGustado In a house to trip while it was in a backside of my truck. Any question. An only time a Bluetooth short was was when my telephone has been under waters. When Quell'pulled has come it to it to him was a lot behind on. Amur This speaker. :)
5 / 5 Sheree
This unit is surprising still, but, ... hey!!!! This is not the 100 w amplifier partorisca be able to like this declared, at least any in blootooth connection. They are the audiofile, hifi his freak, and is that I am speaking roughly. It has looked for the prize of quality very abordable blootooth the portable speaker the worry was during a place. Ossia, but an out of the power sucks. Far out of 100 w. It is well, but no a lot enough.
A FM reception. It sucks Also, I eat.... For me it is the keeper, but in general, ... Improvements of needs for a prize
4 / 5 Cleta
taste a unit like the Bluetooth speaker for our laptop ... Indictment that his quite well. A radio is the joke and to all the cost where has a unit in a backyard finds a lot little FM the canal goes in clear. It looks a onboard process of the electronics of digital signals newer quite well but the oldest music (60 this - 70 this - 80 is) all touches to dull the street has connected yes Bluetooth or boss. An USB WAS also is lovely small - key like this dulcemente that the device to run outlive one load. It would not buy this again. We have not tried that fallen a unit in a group as we can not testify his waterproof claim.
5 / 5 Maurine
With which 6 month a speaker has touched muffled although transmissions a bow. Now one uploads is not that it resists long. I have tried achieve quell'has been to a vendor and I NEVER LISTENED of them. Although they can a lot of anything in a product a less could have done was to contact me for guidance in that to do. I have spoken to several Amazon reps and was all saying me has had the hope and they have filed the claim for me. Well This was dud. The ones of way that goes to go now thru a manufacture. Ridiculous! No spent of this vendor. And def does not buy this speaker.
5 / 5 Rachael
Ossia The good speaker . The desire was the little bassier but is of quality really good and looks a lot well has done. The life of battery is súper long, but there looks to be the low level hiss when connected the Bluetooth, has tried different things to do goes was but he the no. Has an ion tailgator also, does not have this hiss.
In general although it likes having radio presets, taste that of the keys can be illuminated, life of long battery, and he Bluetooth for enough the distance, (league quickly also).
5 / 5 Meryl
The speaker adds, any sure if quality of his or global loudness is quite like this well like EcoBoulder, but sweats the second prójimo. A difference to measure the one option easier to travel with. The prize was to add on sale less than $ 170. Answered of utmost bass and an addition of stereo the sound this the winner. EcoXGear I products are always fantastic with the life of battery adds and durability. Calm will not be disappointed with this speaker!
4 / 5 Ena
Havent Taken to use this for a purpose has feigned like this of still but used it enough bit it of then receiving it. It is the portable speaker adds . With all a habladuría on some speakers (perhaps when be educated down in speakers) has been expecting graver of him but his quality of his utmost east even in max volume. All some characteristics of this speaker is a reason took it. In the first place his raincoat for chance of water. Easily it connects to a bluetooh. A preset the radio keys are utmost reasons scanning is the little nuisancey that has to that manually I change it like this presets are adds. The point of prize is the little big which is the downer for a product another while it is the solid speaker . P.S Is kinda bulky.
5 / 5 Katlyn
His balanced well,,no like this strong like has expected them,,but a sound is clear,,,woofers arent like prevalent by means of a sound,,but while like this the use a speaker will improve.
5 / 5 Cinthia
Has used this speaker in a yard so only like this far. It was easy to connect mine his telephone. A quality of his good east. There is diverse bow presets to choose of. The looks of construction to be sturdy. Has some his weight so much I wont be it packing too far. Looking forward to taking to a river.
5 / 5 Annalisa
I really like this the element and am happy bought it to them. So only any like him To him a row/of power of a blue tooth. When Doing external he well, but still in the next row has to that wall that/the builds/spilt in a way can interrupt a signal. When I need to have my telephone on me and wants to listen the music this can result I a lot annoying. A time can them so only dipped my telephone in a speaker and the work was has had them a lot of @@subject.
5 / 5 Dante
Quality of his this like this so much. The no sinister bow grave and triple rule so only the little different music to the settings of gender likes him the rock, normal etc. Bluetooth The row is not 100 feet. If it love good quality in big volume this is not the. Also a volume is not linear when quell'appearing in your telephone. It is linear until you max out of your volume of telephone then is is substantially stronger.
4 / 5 Minda
We have used this in our gallery of auction and onsite in our auctions of the urban nails. Very strong and his proud - easy to connect the Bluetooth and the frames partorisca the background sound add when precise music.
5 / 5 Ramon
A sound and the ease of use is on point. This sake of the money. One are/fm radio doesnt laws well but all other functions are well.
5 / 5 Issac
As a whole the week has been having a time of my life with my ecoxgear. Launching he in ... All the world has loved that. It was perfect in a boat. Well I have had the few people on, and was likes control this was... The tossed groups without dipping a coverage in uploading outlit. Now my speaker is full of water. I scare partorisca the box of touch takes all a water was. Touching out of a outlit now. Has the majority of a water has takes, but there is still the little swishing around in there. It is there any hope? Any one thinks my speaker no never again? Perhaps the needs to launch he in rice?
4 / 5 Tanja
Has had this partorisca roughly 7 month now. All this is to announce in this speaker is true. 50+ hours in of the lowest volumes he but this thing is the beast . Hanged 20 lbs and fleet in of waters he. Legit The beast
5 / 5 Enda
A battery is useless. If I touch it fully, a next morning is already down one of four bars. In the full load could last an hour in the five level of volume. On 120 volts is a lot good. Good base, with good mid sound of row. Probably I will buy another reason has been purchased partorisca backyard use.
4 / 5 Rubi
This speaker is AWESOME! Cant Expects the gwt has been in a boat this weekend!!
5 / 5 Nu
Loves a creation! A lot compact and easy to spend. When A time improves and our group the solar starts that kick in, will try to fall he in a group if the really works! He like this has to that write another description! Like this far, it loves it!
5 / 5 Helen
This box is perfect for small groups or of the big groups. It can pair with more than one but has all precise to have the time adds with his add. And it is waterproof to kick. It could not be happier.
4 / 5 Cole
This product is terrible type PLEASE DOES not BUY It . It does not remain touched Kong is at all. On 3/4 hard volume 30 min has touched fully. For far one of some worse products has bought. Also yes the calm turn has to that paid to ship and is not economic at all. (The TEARS of BIG plus WAS)
4 / 5 Sharlene
This thing is crazy! Any one believes some products to touch until they listen it lol. A company has ordered of these people add! Sending me the new battery in any cost! It does not take any one better then concealed.
4 / 5 Alissa
The utmost sounds if you are right next to the radio tower. I need the better antenna.
5 / 5 Rena
This big boy is badass. Quality of his add súper strong and a life of the longest battery has not seen never. Thumbs on everywhere
4 / 5 Jenni
Battery doesnt last more than 10 hours so that 50 now the career of time is bull . I touch it it distorts around 26 out of 30. According to timing that uses it and am not pleased
5 / 5 Imelda
Ossia a system of amazing speaker . I usually Bluetooth my iTunes, but happy has radio and other entrances! The crazy hard battery long!
5 / 5 Williemae
His fantastic. Well lows, perfect highs. Vocals Is the clear crystal. It is resulted one of my systems of the his priced Now.
5 / 5 Sabrina
Dips out of his big how is used partorisca a backyard. It has been legustado on this in spite of him well. Súper Low prize for excellent speaker.
4 / 5 Titus
A grip is hule very soft , which is well. Everywhere durable construction and súper life of long battery. Also one ARE / FM radii and EQ. It can any gone bad!
5 / 5 Dolores
Has not done so that it has loved the to us to in our boat. The blue tooth would not connect and the volume is not
4 / 5 Odilia
A life of the battery and the sound is INCREDIBLE!!! Lasted 4 days that camp in a tone.
4 / 5 Karisa
Well his fact , excellent and shabby qualities sum.
4 / 5 Alise
We receive this product and touched it fully. It says it that it would have to it last until 10 hours in full volume. He so only lasted partorisca 3 hours.
4 / 5 Yan
Wants to this. And it is waterproof. His add sturdy and durable.
5 / 5 Gabrielle
Any happy with him with which the small to the long of the month.
He so only game in an hour in the full battery.
Does not squander your time. Spent something more.
4 / 5 Winfred
The sound adds easy to dip up and use, the life of battery is awesome
4 / 5 Myesha
life closely of the speaker Adds is well . The lacks bit it on qualities of his at the beginning the start can be improved when using a built in EQ on more smartphone. The radio reception has not been like this as well as it has expected ..But it concealed it it could have been due to my location...
5 / 5 Steve
My husband has purchased this and uses it all a time! A sound is surprising and is easy to connect to.
5 / 5 Dion
Buzzing Noise! Built better that a altec Lansing speakers.... The life of battery is short way concealed has alleged... The volume is strong! Any light around to to the speaker likes announces of of ad!!!
4 / 5 Valda
This really is to add it rugged bluetooth speaker. Awesome Quality of sound. Life of long battery

Top Customer Reviews: ECOXGEAR ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 Rikki
Update 2-22-19 I still use and love this thing and an economic boss have broken finally all a way was. Treating service of the client has not been bad. I have called and we gave me to us a lot of hassle in sending me was the boss of substitution. The havent received it still but has been pleased with like this was easy.

Update 1-8-19 I still love this thing and feel is the value adds but will say a boss in this thing is bad fact and fold a lot easily doing it a lot fully functional. I have fallen this of the few feet and now can not take a boss partorisca go all a way down.

The valley Is is my initial impressions after the few long days in work...

Has been that loves the speaker like this for work and of the external activities, has decided in east a mainly for a durability and ossia is waterproof and floating. The kayak to the plot and this goes to be perfect but there is still to try that because of a cold time. This mainly will be in a life of battery.

A description has said 50 hours, like this of course has been concealed is probably on some very low volume and a radio or perhaps one to the entrance. It acts 12 days of now so that it has taken to try a battery while using bluetooth. A first day was around 11 hours of use and for an end of a day when I powered was was neither in a bar or a bar to flash. I assumed it it would die quickly a next day, has finalised to go roughly 8-9 more hours. I have maintained a volume around 15 the majority of a time in normal eq settings.

Even Although ossia nowhere after 50 hours are more than happy ossia can last on 20 hours. My half of the work is strong as it accustomed to somewhere any to approach like this strong would have had one a lot the lowest volume and would take same life of the longest battery. This thing is built a lot well, have fallen he of roughly 5.5 feet and he did not synchronise it. I wish it quell'has had the compartment to store material.

Will update with which more use but for a prize has paid are more than happy. You can buy this refurbished was to the amazon here directs of a company that sells this speaker. The mine looked new and wine with the paper that says has to that 3 guarantee of year
5 / 5 Louie
3 month and the uses of half dozen later and one '50 battery of life of now' only hard in an hour. Too late to return. Súper There is Disappointed. Everything is perfect except the battery to fail that it was my main reason to purchase . I can try contact a company directly.

The update has contacted a company saws email with my semi-detached Bill and is FIELDS. Paid for surpassed to and of, has valued a situation and sent the Mark the free NEW unit to touch to substitute an original. Clashed until 5 Stars. This speaker is righteous and how is a company .
5 / 5 Rosalba
This speaker is pure bliss. After trying out of other speakers like a blockade of ion rocker, altec lansing sonic boom, and a monster RR3 ossia for far a better out of his everything. This speaker is a lot strong but does not lose his crispness. I have found with a altec lansing that some tomb has involved a quality of his of a speaker and create the I a lot annoying rattle/dron the sounds concealed pressed me partorisca return a speaker. Ossia Also 100 Watts that is the way more than you will require for the cookout or day of lake. With a power this speaker is able of of the this is for far a better waterproof speaker in a phase. Everything is upper quality and is súper durable. Also with what time a battery will go with the full load with some Watts this speaker dips was is alcohol boggling. For far one of some compraventa better has done and still has a súper economic 4 guarantee of option of year the one who does east the no brainer. Highly it recommends this product and so that they are the little lost in the speaker to exit of four has listed on... It does not squander your time that returns a bit another and while. Ossia For far a better bluetooth and waterproof speaker in a phase. I trust!
5 / 5 Ela
Has been looking for the 'elder' durable portable speaker to spend was to the our softball and chance of the volleyball and ossia PERFECTO!! Has all looked (IP67 as it can be entirely submerged in watering so it does not have to that concern a slightest roughly rains to the harm mentions FLEET!), it Is strong and the sounds add (100 watts), the life of battery adds (100 hrs. standby And 10 hrs. Touched in full volume), a lot rugged and very built so that it does not seat to that it has to that be sweet with him. Has the port of USB to touch your devices (quickly), feels súper has to that weighed (hanged 25 lbs. But it feels heavier). I AM/FM radius but also súper easy to connect your Bluetooth devices and has good row. It says 100ft which would say is by train for the press. I have had he in my pocket and was perhaps 60-70 feet were without the solid wall or anything go in excepts perhaps the canal-bar of the link and I am remarked some turn signal Bluetooth subjects of connectivities. A last what. Mark sure when buying this clear element is an Echo Boulder or an Echo Boulder+. It can not import to some but a prime minister an I has taken, am returned reason send me to knots a regulate Echo Boulder which does not come with the figure pocola updated to that have to him legustado that it is: 1) A stock exchange of removable waterproof storage (vs. The built-in compartment of waterproof storage), 2) a built in of the headlines of cup, 3) the bottle opener, 4) the long more telescoping boss, tomb and triple settings, & 5) the echo Speaks like pal your Boulder+ to the yours telephone Siri or the assistant Cost of Voice of the Google. I think that that I annoyed perhaps more than him it has announced it an Echo Boulder + so that it is which has been expecting. To the upper things was was in NAVE LIKE THIS FREE FIRST! To good sure value a $ 200 and would recommend to any one looking for the speaker this measure.
4 / 5 Tyra
I looks are not supposed really to take wet. An exposure is waterlogged after taking paste for a hose while clean a coverage. At all it is doing now. And to think, this was to be used in the mine bounces this summer. Still down guaranteeed like this to the left is to see the one who a costruttore has said. If any only fails it there would be it given 5 stars for everything. The sound WAS adds.
UPDATE: Put web for the support does not exist . Squaretrade The guarantee has purchased a lot anything neither. It looks a compraventa the whole was the sham.
5 / 5 Nakisha
Has purchased this produces mainly partorisca tailgating during season of football. He so that it went it far add.

To good sure raincoat. It has dipped this to a test when it liked partorisca of multiple hours during one of the ours tailgates.
Durable. It feels extremely sturdy. I am not concerned in a speaker that suffers same harm with rowdy tailgaters around. The one little worry in a longevity of a boss this in spite of, as it does not feel like this sturdy.
Quality of sound. As another has declared. A quality of his east well. It is not audiophile level it but concealed is not that this speaker is done to be. Included in of the main volumes a speaker is crisp and clear.
Battery. I have had a speaker that touches in full volume for on 8 hours in an occasion and he have not died.
Portability. A boss and the wheels he like this easy to move around and the people love the when you have burst on a boss and start wheeling.

Hanged. A speaker is the little heavy. Any him the import and some wheels have resupplied easy of movement, but could see like this would be a subject for some people.
Volume (A bit). This speaker was audible during the big tailgate of 60+ people in the golf are, but no strong unless you were near a speaker. With less than people/less zone to cover a speaker is quite strong.
Tomb. A speaker any dipped out of the plot of low. You can look a EQ but will not be never booming.
Another With this that a speaker projects his sound directly advances, almost too so much. It does not project any a lot of to a periphery, so that the sound is much calmer to a side or diagonal of a front of a speaker.

In general loves a speaker and he do fault my needs extremely well. Many of some subjects have signalled was could be solved with a compraventa of another speaker and connecting a two, which can spend for me in a future. Highly it would recommend that this speaker needs the laptop, battery powered speaker that can withstand hard conditions this in spite of dipped out of strong, big-sound of quality.
4 / 5 Yu
This speaker is surprising. The tent enough to plot on Amazon but very thick description. Has has had to that this times this in spite of. A sound of this unit is surprising and I own and use Bose, Sleeps and other upper frames. For a prize, this has not beaten can be. I have seen some revises to aim life of poor battery, has to has had the defective unit, the looks of mine to last for ever. Can run it all day, multiple days this in spite of any courses out of batty life. I have recommended this the multiple people, take the questions every time spend it era.
4 / 5 Regena
Is all expected it to be gives to five indication of star is awesome foot of the sounds of hundred adds Bluetooth am fm the radio and in fact floats Some thumps of Basses of the Utmost bass for interiors and external and compare with another I so that it follows to take me another A prize in a web page has said $ with which the starts to tax to $
5 / 5 Leonie
has possessed a lot of ECOXGEAR waterproof and/or cellular bluetooth speakers like this one and has had regime quite good. It is typically more economic that buy the new speaker that to rent the PA or speaker for an external chance, as my company buys a lot the and so only gives him was to our employees.

Unfortunately, this particular speaker has not been adds. I find a sound to be really terrible compared to his past models - súper crackly and no strong at all. I also found that a bluetooth the row is so only the few feet, which is also it breaker of extracted for me.

5 / 5 Gilberte
My husband has bought this for me for my anniversary. Have there was so only the weeks of pair but is surprising. First night there has been to the knots have lost electricity been due to the storm. We were able to touch our telephones of this product while listening the music that helped in the take and 4 boys by means of a storm. We use it to external knots to touch music while we touch and my husband has used he in a tent while doing in of the cars. The life of battery is same sum while touching devices of his source of battery! Fantadtic Sound! Everywhere thrilled with mine bjrthday present! Highly recommended!
4 / 5 Daine
This is not a better touching speaker. But it is strong and durable. Rain, moisture and steam of the that the annoying! The life of battery is sum! Controls the load when nit into use. It does not dip a thing IN of waters likes the group or river on purpose. If it falls in pulling it was immediately! It waters you cover him tight have the habit partorisca seal one covers partorisca be able to when not touching . Some discharge maintains waters was if you sure one Or-the coverage and spent is has presionado perfectly. But error of user very light and leaving he in a water is no good.
5 / 5 Starla
This produces surprised partorisca a first month. No the no unless when being plugged in. A lot disappointed. It can not return
4 / 5 Glynis
has Purchased this partorisca use for myPE classify like this music of uses cues with an iPod and need to be able to walk around and control a music of
By means of a gymnasium. The sound is not a lot well, the blue tooth randomly will connect and disconnect diverse
same Time with device directly after the his. Disappointing taste to plot of of investigation. Well partorisca parties or tailgating but any partorisca teach in the small elementary gymnasium.
4 / 5 Louise
This speaker has done well until just today (roughly 1 year). Today, an electronic fried and a speaker no longer works (and listen it sloshing noise of a speaker, in spite of only using in of the conditions have wetted once). We use this speaker exactly to the equal that has announced. Precaution to use when that spends your money.
5 / 5 Kourtney
Orders a EcoBoulder+ for backyard meetings. Has has wanted to something concealed would dip out of his decent quite strong to fill a yard and not being distorted. All can say is WOW. We do not take it never the past half volume and a yard is fill with his of the quality adds. Some lives of battery is surprising (thinks them is more along that announced). When being waterproof has does not have to that it never concerns roughly taking it wet or remaining is gone in a yard at night. We store it to external knots in a yard partorisca to the long of the year although summers to Knit and the winter and touches like this a lot so much day a. It likes- one contrives to be able to pair two of them but he would blow out of a yard with volume jointly of the rock to the equal that will stick with one. IF this thing does not fail never certainly will be to buy another - but any sign of failure still. Highly recommend this speaker.
4 / 5 Juliana
Absolutely LOVE this speaker. We use in softball tournaments to walk on music and discharge. We do not owe that NEVER go in level of volume 6 bc his like this clear. A sync until my telephone is quickly and easy. A battery am lasted a whole tournament and the boy there is spilt 2 chevrons of teas during the, has gone house sprayed he down with a hose and any harm at all!
5 / 5 Brain
So only has taken this unit the Friday like this today will be to try a life of battery . Turned the on in 8AM and will leave it game until it dies. My woman bought a Blockrocker Pathfinder 3 and has not done well of day a.
This one touches better and all the work adds.
With which ten hours in 15 in a volume there is abundance of life of the battery left and now to the left is to go that time takes to recharge.
4 / 5 Andres
The element has arrived punctually. The quality of build is excellent everywhere but a boss. @I give any telescoping the boss does not go to be never like this as well as it locates permanently one, but could have done better. The connections are simple, there is abundance of options of source of the sound, and the controls are intuitive and easy. If you are by train to ask you reason any 5 stars, is not because of a boss. It is a quality of his of a jack. My first test of sound was of the mine telephone that use he headphone cord, and a sound was lousy. Felizmente A bluetooth the connection has touched very better. This goes to take the beating and appreciate a waterproof pocket and rugged creation.
5 / 5 Elmer
Has bought this specifically for festival of music. It could not have chosen the better product.

In a camping can take plugged in and touched (while still touching music), and when it is was to the calm show so only can unplug and tug he together with.

The Never to to sense likes was in of danger to be broken to all the cost of him was tugged by means of vase or muck, seating in the field fill of the drunk people that beers of loss, or taking tucked was during the rainstorm.

To good sure, and has to that well sure, recommended this to friends.
5 / 5 Lea
Bought this for a hubby, his coworkers has had one in the work and he have loved that. Master that poden sync to the each one like this another so that pode sync the telephone to one of them and touches in both speakers in of the opposite ends of a tent. I have found the second an in Costco 2 month later for $ 50 dollars less like this now have two. A taken to do and a house for me.
5 / 5 Ethelyn
Strong. Durable. Easy to use. We take these outsides partorisca do in a yard, the family takes joint and take it on a gone. Easily the wheel has boss of telescope that the easy fact partorisca travel. Bluetooth And are/fm player. The antenna is well. Long durable battery, the load is on and last all day long- 16 hours use continuous. Still games while touching. A sound is surprising. Some bass is perfect, the sounds have included better when or place he having to that the partition, or wall. His perfect.
4 / 5 Shoshana
Well. This speaker is a real shot . I have had the tailgate first speaker, but has decided to spend the little extra partorisca a season of new football and am happy has done! This speaker is phenomenal. It is his is attentive, has rich bass, and is STRONG. When being waterproof is the definite plus.

Does not doubt partorisca purchase this big boy!
4 / 5 Grayce
Has been excited in of the this. A concept is solid but an execution is poor (at least on mine). When Connected invernadero bluetooth has the big pitched noise of feedback that does not go was once the music is touching. Unacceptable.
5 / 5 Carline
This speaker was the cost partorisca my husband. It is absolutely a fresh plus, base thumping, the neighbour that the speaker of anger has has not purchased never. Have Almost has paid this a lot for the Bose speaker that was to grieve strong and was to good sure any raincoat, neither fleet or have headlines of cup! It is SURPRISING!!!
4 / 5 Shanita
Was excited like this thus compraventa. It was to use he for the field that exercises of buses for my Trainees to hide he in a forest, then touching artillery of the car or the fun fire shoot it on when they walk for to help simulate the most realistic formation half. But some second have turned a speaker on, there is vary it ringing the sound that comes from/comes from a speaker that gives his place was, and is annoying like this hell. It is useless mine now. In the positive side, looks good and feels sturdy, is in good sure raincoat, but will be to go with another mark I once finds one this fulfils my criteria.
4 / 5 Jeffrey
Ossia A upgrade of our blockade of ion rocker of the few years done. This beast has 100 watts!!!!
The quality of his better east and a music spends further for our bank of 4 tennis courts. Also, it comes with a FM/ARE radio to listen the music/of sport.
The delivery was a lot quickly!!!
Easy to transport around!!!
5 / 5 Corrina
These are utmost speakers . I bought him for external use for an annual party and also to use around a group. Has his really good and a life of battery has been that surprises like this far. An only down the side is that an echo-connect the characteristic only looks to do in Bluetooth way.
5 / 5 Ester
This product has been ordered for the room but unfortunately does not have on resisted. Auxillary The cord is broken and a schemes no longer will connect ipod. The window of turn is displaced like this is unable to exchange or turn.
4 / 5 Willene
Camp and go in to plot of the travesías of float is a reason purchases this speaker. We have had recently the party of tent and has used this to touch the music and all the world has been surprised for a sound. It has not tried out of a waterproof appearance of him still, but that looks forward to that it takes to plot of use out of this speaker! One of our friends could take loaned he for an external pair. A lot happy with our compraventa.
4 / 5 Oralia
Am not sure where some descriptions comes from/come from perhaps employed of a company. A speaker is built like the tank and looks a lot good. So only I do not take the one who a question is. A sound is a lot constrained likes is resisted behind. This could have something to do with an owner DSP settings. There is the EQ pop to frame called that door a music out of stronger and marvel me reason all another eq and register them looks of triple options so it dulls in comparison. Every time I turn a speaker in seats disappointed with his action. I will be to return this unit .
4 / 5 Dorinda
This speaker is awesome. Quality of his add even in of the big volumes. It appears partorisca be quite durable although it does not try to try his limits. Perhaps we send me to us the free an I . I think that that a battery would last the majority of a day or prejudices if any everything. So only the utilisation the hours of pair the day and so only has to that the touch roughly once the week.
4 / 5 Terence
Uses this daily in work. To the left know me that thinks👀
5 / 5 Rodolfo
taste that is of rugged but still rid his well. While I know that this so only has 1 mic gone in, am not particularly happy roughly the when other products can offer 1 mic, 1 electrical guitar, and included wireless mics on sd paper, 3.5 mm jack and bluetooth. But of these looks to offer a better sound and durability, have gone with this product in all the chance.
5 / 5 Seth
Ossia The decent speaker , in of the main volumes has touched the little distorted. Some bass is really well for the portable speaker. If calm go it to perceive inner the house or the edifice would say to buy it, but is planning on touching alfresco a sound does not travel very remote for any reason.
4 / 5 Christiane
Was has disappointed really that this only hard 2 hours after touching. A company wont help to solve this subject.
4 / 5 Danny
Ossia Any economic toy. Awesome Quality of his life of battery adds. For real waterproof, test of powder, test of incident and wow is strong. I have used he in a bed of mine UTV to the equal that takes to beat the. Any subject.
5 / 5 Rufina
Has not tried in watering still, but fond all more! This thing takes really strong, almost does not have to that that never clash past 10 unless we are external with to plot of people. Touched the on 10 of mine softball dugout and a infielders still could listens :)
4 / 5 Devin
Sounds and extracted utmost bass , good and resists the load for the long time. My only complaint is that it closes on to another Bluetooth devices while you are by train for the use. Taking really annoying that it has to that take all the world-wide to turn of the his bluetooth. Ive Has not had Never another device this. I add for parties.
5 / 5 Marianne
Purchases our speaker 1 month ago. So only we use it around a house and in the have commentary a volume there is decreased and sounds almost staticy. A speaker at the beginning was very strong and still in that has it on just level 4 that would be really strong but no more. FM I canals of those who take good signal at all. No very happy with this product in a prize I paid and for him to be having subjects already.
5 / 5 Clark
Likes has bought so much 2. I use him in a MX clue to resupply a plot of estacionar with music. His to jam was really good and quality of his east on point. Battery last roughly 2 days that touch in has moderated the strong.
5 / 5 Suellen
Any one has had the along so that the time will say.... Received the, touched it and then so only left key at night in a cochera the 'pause in' some speakers and tries the life of battery. With which roughly 18 hours that the touch in the normal volume levels his closing roughly 30 has touched. The sound is really well, crisp and clear with decent bass. Like this far very pleased.
5 / 5 Lelah
There is prendido partorisca touch with which 9 month,impossible to return
5 / 5 Letisha
has bought two and is phenomenal. As STRONG and rid!! Perfecto partorisca some classes of fitness and bootcamps byline. Súper Easy to transport; durable; his supreme. Value a bucks is spent.
5 / 5 Cyndi
Loves the start with me LOVES MUSIC, has a lot Bluetooth speakers I travesía with.... But ossia for far a speaker of the better quality & of his fact has taken to date! Ossia def The 5 product of star!!! It is strong, the bass is utmost, is fully tries water, has headlines of cup, the ANNIVERSARY of boat of Mina!
5 / 5 Earle
This product is a better $ 200 I actuate has not spent never. Some characteristic, a sound, a look is all phenominal.
Wants to be able to touch my telephone of an inner battery and not requiring tenerprpers plugged to a tram outlet! I have bought of then mine, has had a lot of friends buy some hips. It can not say the one who happy I are with this product!
5 / 5 Jude
A battery does not last me two hours , has touched he for days , still hard two hours . It was to order the second an of already can daisy chain them but does not think am going to this time .I touch it they are to add but More the life of need of battery
5 / 5 Lillia
in Amazing. Perfecto still rig in a morning, tailgating or parties. My partner has an also and knots the pair joints him to fly our jams. It buys it! Calm will not complain it . The life of battery is surprising and can touch your telephone a same time!
5 / 5 Tora
Ossia A awesome speaker! I have had a leading model of this speaker also but has taken takes. Really like a new model like this a lot.
5 / 5 Tori
A partner has the speaker like this are cause like this trace behind the amazon has known I has had to that have one. With which has arrived, have @@give quickly that my life has not gone never in fact complete. This thing is SURPRISING!!! I will exit my tent in a morning, connect it to the mine telephone and so only have music blaring in my earth all day and could go down to 50 life of battery. For far a better Bluetooth the speaker has has not listened never!
5 / 5 Leanna
Work. Yes it is strong. Yes it is waterproof. Yes a battery last long. Yes it is the value adds in general. Yes highly it would recommend and yes it would buy it again

Top Customer Reviews: ECOXGEAR EcoEdge ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 39 ratings
5 / 5 Bobby
Very good bluetooth the speaker ossia small and waterproof. Utilisation this when in a beach and any one have concerned roughly taking it wet. A sound is reasonable but lacking pocolos grave. It is bluetooth easily connects to the mine Samsung telephones and reproductor of Mp3. Good speaker in the small container.
4 / 5 Omer
This was an unexpected little joy in my life. Piano of education, and my old portable speaker is exited, as I have bought this a partorisca the substitute because it was economic. WOW !!!! That the sound adds. When being the professional musician (partorisca 60 years) am quite critical of the his and speakers and he like this advance, and ossia a better touching little speaker has there is not founding never. Some treble/of basses is natural, a texture of a sound is clear like the bell, and a unit is a lot sensitive the dynamic so much pianissimo and fortísimo. Utilisation orchestral accompaniments with my students of piano, and some sounds of orchestra so only like an orchestra, and included can listen nuances like this of the dishes, harp, tuba, triangle, etc. Love a measure of him, also. It seats well on a piano and does not take on a lot of space. If any one calms concern that quality of his takings, then any one another do another so only well, but love the really upper quality sound and life of long battery, taking is one.
5 / 5 Bebe
Basically, ossia speaker very small for a prize (especially find them in Costco to the equal that have done for a prime minister a). Used by him, rid his quite good quality (slightly dark “” and no too triple “”-and” the my ears, but enough very balanced for such the small speaker). It does not think calm would be disturbed with basic use. I have not used mine in of waters he, which has not been my purpose in buying them. I have bought two of these for stereo effect and for coverage to describe fuller, to hang under my pergola in my rear coverage, used with my iPhone or iPad. I have expected it simulates wifi speakers (like Sleeps). This type of simulation is quell'has bitten more troublesome that wifi speakers. A Ecoxgear the speakers TOUCH quite well there with abundance of volume, especially of any desire to annoy my neighbours. Regarding an use of two speakers, Sometimes one or another of some short speakers was for the little as (never so much a same time), especially if my iPhone is too far was. A question is pronounced more separates some speakers in two adjacent rooms. But situated in 20 feet proximity inside a same space, has been quite pleased with coverage And quality of sound. It is easy to sync some two speakers, but has to that sync his every time turn them on like this for a stereo takes the minute to sync his and take them that goes. For this reason are not like this convenient likes some wifi (or wire fences) speakers, especially use them frequently in stereo. For this quantity of “question” COULD wish use so only a speaker or go advance and invest in any wifi speakers. I expect that ossia useful.
5 / 5 Rosaura
Like this far that loves this product. A partner in acting recommended this one and are def pleased with him. The volume goes quite strong and able to listen music when in the warehouse of manufacture. It had bought it diff produced previously for means a prize and a volume sucked and one covers to touch in the zone has broken after only the month. This a strong and durable east. It has not had the occasion to use he in of waters he but has not had any subjects with him of steam of shower. It would beat any last like this long in the big volume but ossia usually to the equal that goes with all the speakers and has not had the occasion to verify how long last in reg the volume but I use it while cleaning and aiming daily and takes first weeks to require for the transmission again so only would assume hard that the time has said to add on all this time. Def Recommends especially for a prize
4 / 5 Cher
has Bought two to use with mine hot tub. A Bluetooth the connection has been smoothly. Had the pairing of difficult time some two units that use a function of pairing. Service of the client called but the person answered and has taken courts of several times while on control. Looked posted video of Youtube but has not been useful and a a which has aimed some units that is paired has done immediately in a video. But it could not take mine to do. Finally in desperation really pressed down in some keys of the pairing and HE have DONE. But the one who the ache. It has been ready to return them. A STEREO works of way well and would recommend speakers especially yes calm uses him enmedio wet.
4 / 5 Phuong
Live this little speaker. I have bought a speaker of measure fill the year after being impressed with my neighbour is. I have wanted to it loved/ it That. All the world loved it to me around. My sister used it all a time. My niece would go it down a street. I have finalised to give the to the promise and losing likes crazy. As it has taken this little speaker that is also waterproof and to to floats like him some big a. I Live it. They are very impressed. It is STRONG. Quality of his ADD. Produced of the quality adds. The anniversary of my sister is coming I up has ordered like this one. We have tried it finds it abonos Bluetooth speaker for our external parties that has not been $ 200 like my big one but still his add resupplied and rugged durability. Ossia That will be it to give. Absolutely it will love it, it has to very sure. I have ordered also one for mine exhusband for the day of the father. It is ALWAYS out of doors and of the lives to have the music that touches. Probably it will roam it is parco learns daily and go to a river almost each weekend, as it will be very used and has loved. I wish it it could touch they are/fm radii without being connected to the device. It would say that ossia an only downfall of this product vs. A big speaker for ecoxgear. But a manoeuvrability and mark to measure smaller up for that for one the majority of part. I dint think it would have to that be much bigger to accommodate the radio, this in spite of. The life of battery adds. I will continue to buy EcoXgear while a quality, durability, accessibility, and the continuous prize surprise me. I have bought all 3 on sale radius, this in spite of.
5 / 5 Rosalina
Possesses the Bose SoundTouch 10 - that (I believes is 10 watts) concealed does not match Ecoxgear smaller 3' model . Based in a quality of his of one 3' model, has bought one 20 model of quality of watt of the his AMAZING. With which he fully touched, has finalised to listen to the wide row of music (place in by means of some steps) - with which 2 hours - still fully touched - and has ordered 2 more. An alone unit is order - I can not expect until some the additional devices arrive to take the best stereo effect. A sum of sounds of the unit in the 12x12 soiled - 2 is dreamland for audiophiles. For any quirky reason, has the bottle opener has drawn to a product. - That more could ask?
Saves time - buy 2 - you will not be disappointed. It remarks - I does not use alexa or siri - I can not comment in this portion. My telephone bluetooth the connection was very better that my connection of laptop. I am not sure reason.
Expects This helps any one.
5 / 5 Camelia
Can speak roughly like a sound of speakers and a life of battery but that really any a lot of very when a connectivity is being missing of. I have purchased these speakers to use external around a group. We dipped him to knots in a coverage roughly 10 feet averts facing a group. We have used it Samsung telephones, Samsung compressed and iPhone to drive them. At any rate a Bluetooth the connectivity is being missing of. A distance of maximum connection is 20 feet less. When Any walks among some speakers or among a pill/of telephone and some speakers some courses of connection was. It is the subject real when have stirs it of the adolescents that career around a coverage that jump in and out of a group. Some speakers constantly are that they cut was and interrupting a sound.
5 / 5 Jeff
Is little speaker is the real delight ! The clarity adds and quality of the his amazing! It is small measure leaves it to be tucked was when cornering which enhances some low frequencies magically a lot of my delight! This speaker is the little amour ! As pleasing to an ear. And a very long battery life, easy to spend and yes required, can touch clearly in the volume levels very big. Add the second unit for incredible Stereo sound. The value adds! R. Lindstrom
4 / 5 Millicent
Have read descriptions and has expected these to be quite strong to listen in my wave corridor. A connected well and has bought some mountains of suction. Any to approach quite strong. So only they can be listened when idling. Disappointing! It would return him, but I have launched out of quell'one to him to packaging likes and of idiot. Used his once and has been in the box of shoe under my bed never of then. Squandered $ 160 On two with mountains of suction.
5 / 5 Wanda
It was so the entertainment that dips these low waters in front of mt mother in law. Ella freaked.
A waterproofness is perfect
5 / 5 Catheryn
in fact have 4 of his models his old plus that am spent of the years that the abuse has gone by my hot tub, bouncing around my camp, taking rain and vase in his etc.. One of them has been finally bad and another does not look to have a life of battery has used to having decided like this to start with in his substitute. These were like this easy to use and have a quality of the his same, as the one who can say, like the oldest models. I have it quell'has ordered already another together.
4 / 5 Hyo
This little speaker is my preferred of all my Bluetooth speakers! His, the life of battery & opens my beers! That more could ask? Oh The The Telephone of Speaker adds for business meetings anywhere.
5 / 5 Merry
Has bought 2 of these to use in mine GP1800R. Stronger could find the override a noise of engine .
4 / 5 Tamar
Has bought the pair of these reasons could link two the time. Connected my telephone to the partner of the same model of the mine, really likes that it has touched it likes. A quality of his of a two that has has bought compared to my friends has not been like this well, individually or like the pair. When Connected like the pair a sound like this far like this choppy this in spite of still am doing in that tries to fix that, any one sure if ossia something am doing or my telephone.
5 / 5 Malissa
Has situated this speaker for behind a couch and the bird has touched chirping during open house. It has Had an effect has wished. His of sweet character.
4 / 5 Kortney
Has bought this to go with the Costco compraventa of the alike element reason have known could pair.
While he no with other systems, this work well in his ecosystem suitable for pairing.
Has taken the little search to learn that, but reliably pair without any hassle after pressing some keys.
Adds to have paired speakers in of the opposite ends of a room to resupply his compatible without flying a part of a room. The value adds.
4 / 5 Rima
Good speaker for a money. The hard load the long time. Recharges Quickly. Any remorse.
4 / 5 Celia
This speaker is incredible!! A mark is upper notch !! I have possessed my “speaker” of the carbon for 4 years & has used a heck out of him for several hours he !! This mark is incredibly hard!! It BUYS IT!!!!! :-)
5 / 5 Gisele
Ossia Perfect for travelling external activity. A sound is surprising.
4 / 5 Teodoro
Loves these speakers! I use him for my Halloween decorations and could not be happier with a quality of sound.
5 / 5 Ines
Want this bluetooth speaker. Utilisation he with music of amazon of my pill and can do it throughout marries and has gone to a group.
4 / 5 Shella
These rocks of speaker! Quality of his add and can take SÚPER STRONG! Flipped My kayak and this creature floated under a cradle and seated in of waters he for 15 min, the still work adds! Take this speaker for all your adventures of water!
4 / 5 Taisha
Has bought two of this still aroumd a house. It is a lot I last to take them the sync to an another. And a Bluetooth cut in and was on him. No very of confidence. It likes-me a look and produced to touch when it wants to do
4 / 5 Sunday
This last for days in mine and bars of the sleeve of the bicycle bequeaths fast to mine I telephone
4 / 5 Maxwell
the product in general is well. There is disappointed extremely that a battery there is prendido to touch afterwards like the month to the equal that has to that be plugged that maintains as basically it attacks a purpose for me.
5 / 5 Eva
Awesome Little speaker, take it everywhere. I last for ever and the sounds add
4 / 5 Amada
Ossia our 2nd a reason our edges has taken a prime minister for him!
4 / 5 Alisa
Very strong and easy to use. Yamaha rebrand These and sell them partorisca double a prize. I add it finds, very pleased.
5 / 5 Maris
Has done partorisca roughly 2 weeks have the prisoner then connects to any of our devices. We have tried all and all of the ours another blue tooth the devices connect so only well.
5 / 5 Hank
Has bought 2 on its own name in a fall and liked them so much of that has bought 2 partorisca my daughter.
4 / 5 Dorothy
Really Like a bit speakers. An only negative I really has is a pairing can be the real ache . Sometimes he partorisci immediately and sometimes takes the very long time.
4 / 5 Etsuko
These are the explosion . Really well of sound. It takes two paralizaciones stereo.
4 / 5 Dominique
A pair in fact weeks I and a fam was in the party partorisca group that has looked the really fresh floating Bluetooth speaker. The music has touched adds and resupplied right there in a group. After a party has mentioned to a woman like fresco has thinks that was and to the equal that would want to has to that to to something likes concealed. Partorisca Research find that a particular speaker has seen was too expensive partorisca our flavour. So only first of the day of the father my woman spends partorisca find this speaker in Costco partorisca the good prize and she have purchased he partorisca me. At the beginning it was súper stoked partorisca have something that could in a group, but a feeling would not last . First time I turn he on and the sounds adds, has the quota pocola what of bottle opener in the and all some controls the súper simple and was very easy to connect and place up. Then I exit behind and drop he in a group and all an air am exited of mine sails. When in a water a speaker has the plot of the question that the rests have connected to anything is connected to and a sound is likes is listening by means of the pillow.
Does not take Me bad ossia probably the chance of the identity deceived and a speaker, included although it is announced like able to float, is not meant partorisca floating and touching (which any very very felt) and was so only guilty of wishful has thought. It is otherwise the really good speaker partorisca all some reasons has declared on. It would recommend to purchase this speaker while it calms is not that it looks for one was of what same.
5 / 5 Jene
Has bought recently this in the tent of big box partorisca $ partorisca use afterwards to a group. It was a lot of disappointed for a quality of sound. A speaker has begun the clip (i.et. It distorts) Still although no the full volume. One $ 15 wireless speaker that had purchased in the tent of dollar has resupplied his best. I plan to return this speaker.
5 / 5 Precious
Has bought two of these of costco and am like this happy, I promptly has bought two more!! A partner has had the different model that was two times a measure, and has has wanted to to one likes his. It looks any that a anymore (this in spite of the amazon there is a bit refurbs available). I have been disappointed. But now that has a small plus a, thinks that partorisca like better! Easier That transport and a wattage is one same like big a. A sound is fantastic! Especially partorisca a measure and prize. You can also sync multiple of them (thinks an interior and an outside during the party). And the amour that his rugged, durable, nonslip and waterproof- perfect partorisca in a boat, for a group, camping, travesía. Also it comes with the small carabiner/clip to the equal that could hang he of the z/of the rucksack or anything. They are súper impressed and totally recommend this thing!!
5 / 5 Reita
Are the professor any one this speaker. I have had he partorisca the year and is utmost state. One write the one who said it has touched muffled, perhaps turn a speaker on? So only it will connect to an electronic the time.
4 / 5 Tory
Has taken this too much music of game of the mine telephone while skiing. Bluetooth The connection is quickly and some sounds is awesome. I have had a volume is resembled at least 75 the majority of some times and a battery am lasted all day. I think it that it could be it the little smaller but he still access in my pocket of discharge.
5 / 5 Betty
Wants to this. Lost my cord to touch. Any one knows where to take one?

Top Customer Reviews: ECOXGEAR EcoEdge ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5 Thomasina
I add in the another way but his, A mix of basses is was and create beat it can write his and taking scratchy in big volume. Literally absolutely any one touch blend cushioning, which is so only stupid.
4 / 5 Sharyl
Has found this exact model in Costco and snagged the, has had the demo in shows he so that it was able to take the preview of a sound quaity in tent.
First impressions are really well after the take house, sounds awesome! One has DIRECTED the lights are the fresh touch , together with a bottle opener, and capacity of the trace.
His heavy, looks solid construction, and would have to that last partorisca while a 3 guarantee of the year in a container ensures without subjects. And it is waterproof! Like this perfect partorisca some kayaks in a river.
4 / 5 Morris
Quality of the his amazing, has directed lights, waterproof, test of drop and has included the bottle opener. I have purchased of Costco, very happy. Bluetooth The pairing is very easy

Top Customer Reviews: ECOXGEAR EcoEdge ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5 Siu
It has taken it casualidad that buys these refurbished speakers. It would not purchase again. They do not go in 3/4 volume and everytime has shouted a volume in that says “can on” and his disconnect. I have bought two of them and he have taken partorisca always to the pair joints him even with some simple instructions. A pairing was a lot of inconsistent.
4 / 5 Madalene
All is like this Easy to use! A connection is like this easy with bluetooth. Then a quality of his east súper fantastic! I listen his each day only. This speaker resupplies a better audio and Have been waters has tried accidentally lol.. Still works like the field. Def rec Taking it.
5 / 5 Jane
Has bought the 'factory refurbished' unit, and am happy has saved of the money. These works of units perfectly, and can very included say that the has not been the new mark. To good sure would buy it again or recommend to the fellow or relative.
4 / 5 Nada
I use two of them on my ski of the jet and the sound and the law add.
4 / 5 Elsie
Easy to connect/disconnect with multiple telephones. Construction of simple confidence and his decent. Any one very grave/of depth like the Bose. Quality of his better although more common mid prize Bluetooth speakers.
5 / 5 Long
Uses a product partorisca float in a group partorisca listen the music. The sound is well, but short in and was I like this has to that dipped on covered partorisca group where read well. Undo a purpose of having the floating speaker.
4 / 5 Tamika
Wants to this! The league adds w my telephone, perfect, portable and his very strong!
5 / 5 Keila
Good measure and is quite strong when 2 of them are linked neighbours.

Top Customer Reviews: ECOXGEAR EcoPebble ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
5 / 5 Yetta
It likes to listen to books of audio when I use my stationary bicycle, but a sound in my pill is like this feeble that can not turn in a defender this in spite of wait the listen, included when it is well in a mine together table. I have imagined I have required the speaker. The joke is on me. It results that a power of a speaker, according to a booklet of instruction has comprised, to a large extent hinges in a volume of a pill. A pill is turned all a way on, and a speaker is turned all a way up; I can listen a book--grieve--if a speaker is inner two feet of my boss, and a defender is by means of a room of me. Ossia Slightly stronger that a pill, and partorisca be so only, a quality of a sound is clearer.
Like Estimate something has taken? I have not purchased the first digital speaker, averts of one some in my desk, as it has not been if ossia that that always goes or have fallen taken to the subject dud. A two that sells the points here look partorisca be that it can take wet--no that mine of interests--and that it is very light and can hang in my rucksack (any) or be spent in my person (possibly.) I have considered partorisca return the, but think that will maintain it, reason am likely to spend a damn what as the necklace, of then has person here but me when I exert, as looking stupid is a lot of--and reason is the plot hanged lighter that a pill.
Last, would have to give a credit of costruttore partorisca the easy to use; any one has has complicated instructions, and there is the plainly booklet of the instruction written so that I do not owe that guess some meanings of some keys. I have expected to have to that haul in a familiar The expert of the place on, but was quite simple that took it acting interior so only the pocolos small. An impression in a booklet is a lot, very small. I am blessed with good eyesight, but if you are not, can require more the help that has done.
All has said, can not say that well this speaker stacks on against another in his row of prize, reason have not purchased another. I will go back to change my indication and my description if the new information comes my way that change my alcohol.
4 / 5 Lamar
This speaker are adds!, I do not comprise reason is estimated likes rubbishes in other places and here. They are not the espónsor or junk, has bought this the while behind for the speaker of the shower and I have fallen he in a tub and he the music flown still, fallen in a tub fill of water and music has touched still underwater. I thought that it that it was fresh submarine to the equal that have left he for the little while and no the hurt a bit. They are by train to say you, Ossia some some ladies and ladies and to the point of prize adds.
4 / 5 John
Has purchased 2 of these, one for the present in Navidad ($ 32) and another for me ($ 18 the latest week). The mine is used for 8-9 daily hours in one load and taking on cup of the very small portion of my office. A sound is well for podcasts but lack of has bitten it on music, which has been expected for a measure of a speaker. I love a Ecoxgear the products have (Boulder+, this Pebble and a Xplorer). It would not doubt to purchase another product of the his. My only complaint is there looks to be any way to turn down some sounds of notifications when you can on, the league or the turns was. Be in an office, tends to try the muffle this like this all the world does not listen it . I produce it adds for $ 32 and especially $ 18!
4 / 5 Neida
Adds little speaker! They are really happy with this compraventa. I touched it once and it has been listening his for hours and of the hours in my office. They are sure I will be necessary touches it punctual... In fact I have situated the whole inside a box is gone in to amplify a sound and my assistant and I listen the podcasts in an office while we bash out of reports. I am excited to try it is gone in a lake :)
5 / 5 Terese
want Pebble of mine !! I use it almost every day !! My fiancée also loves it also !! Has a awesome ready of song and listening his music is a lot entertaining!!
4 / 5 Palmer
Had purchased a by means of another company and absolutely loves that. I add for group, beach, boot, work of yard etc. My father has a big plus an and was impressed like this with a sound on mine, has purchased one for him for Navidad. Raisin everywhere in his travelling rucksack.
5 / 5 Juliann
Has purchased at least 4 elements of this company on some last 2 years, and without failure, his ALL is defective inner result 1 -3 month of compraventa initial. If you are lucky, will take the refurbished unit that will operate for another month. His products look very very drawn and do really well when NEW but that last 4 - 12 weeks before they owe that be returned. Total rubbishes!
4 / 5 Kamilah
After using for the little moment, a speaker maintains is load for much more that an hour. Has another Pebble that has had for the few years and he will last around 5-6 hours before it runs out of juice.
5 / 5 Cherie
Is absolutely horrible that these habladurías of yours speaker. I am not sure the one who thought it would be the good idea for my Bluetooth speaker to say me when it is connected or can on (in full, unadjustable volume, any less), but seat this person would owe that be place down. Final of history.
5 / 5 Mozelle
A lot of sturdy, that surprises quality of his, and enormous value partorisca of the money.
4 / 5 Fidel
Awesome And adds partorisca touch produced, can be used partorisca the long time before recharging. The unit notifies when the load is required. It will not be disappointed if experience
4 / 5 Kimberlie
Easy to spend. His well. It takes two paralizaciones add stereo! ❤️
5 / 5 Gertrude
Better that JBL! Also it can connect to multiple devices (like JBL) and are add partorisca shower, group, and rucksack!
5 / 5 Ila
Loves this product!! Bought he partorisca kayaking the travesías and work perfectly. It can seat in of it waters it and of the still games like the charm! I produce it adds for the prize adds!
4 / 5 Alecia
Has used this before but this a has not resisted a bluetooth connection.
4 / 5 Les
Easy to take to the long of anywhere! The raincoat And the sound are adds!!
4 / 5 Margarite
Amur This like this far! His add for such the pocola what! Bluetooth hooked Until telephoning immediately and has done perfectly.
4 / 5 Kristopher
Amur Of the amour loves my little speaker, such his add.
4 / 5 Garland
Has used this little speaker while gardening & a sound are adds. It plans on taking it fishing & camping. His well for a money!
5 / 5 Sherise
Adds for a measure! And the money that is waterproof and floating! Very portable and his quite good quality for like this big a speaker is
4 / 5 Mervin
Touches no like this well, the produced shy tomb of ecoxgear. Incuding Any mic, no like this rugged.
4 / 5 Ria
Gave him like this the presents and I have not listened any complaints like this far.
5 / 5 Mathew
I prizes adds and perfect for a beach or any interior/of external use.
4 / 5 Sena
Master. Able to easily of hook in my bicycle when I locate.
5 / 5 Clemencia
My edges has one of these and his prime minister and his dad always want to take loaned. Now they have his own. Ossia The add little speaker. Speaker of uses of the edges in a shower or when we go to camp. Life of sum of looks of the battery. I touch it they are it adds.
4 / 5 Marylou
It loves it! I have had a model an old plus in fact a lot of years. It has loved the to us have given as much as some presents to our boys. It adds in a group, shower and heat of Florida and alone. N
5 / 5 Christian
Recommends this portable speaker. 1.). Petit With his well. I have read everything of some negative critiques and disagree king sound. A speaker is wireless and a lot small. Reason crank he? It is not drawn to be part of the salvation-Fi system. Thus prize, reason expect more? A volume is quite strong of the speaker less than 4 thumbs. 2.). His of quality. A quality of his this a lot of good. Included in max the volume is well for his measure. 3.). Measure. Yes, it is small and with the cord to hang it, is surprising some products of sound. 4.). Battery. I turn it on and it was and I last roughly two weeks. As I am guessing roughly 4 or 5 hours. Load quickly. 5.). Test of water. And strong/durable. With the 5 old year this is to require. 6.). It dips up and pairing. It dips up it is a lot easy. The pairing is easy.
Only negative is can has to that the turn was and on to pair to a device if it is not used consecutively. If it is it was and previously paired, can has to that repeat. He on;and taken 3 seconds.
5 / 5 Charmaine
A Bluetooth the results of reception to be quite terrible. If they are among a speaker and my short telephone was entirely. It has looked at the beginning to inform level of battery the iPhone. He NO, neither has his indicator of level of own battery. It informs 100 battery any one @subjects that. Confirmed with Grace Digitale that does not sustain BT level of battery that informs. WTF? Has $ 10 headphones that is several old years, this does. Has likes 7 of his speakers in of my house and never attention really the prey yes informs levels of battery but there is on board indicator. Disappointed reason are not one of an economic knockoff companies of speaker, and included these writes look to comprise characteristic basic in his products.

So only has taken this thing and he are to come touched and ready to go. Connected well up. I have it touching in the big room that is the cookery and the living room near and is far stronger that has expected. It is not really the pebble tho. A pics me think it was smaller. It is still ultraportable and 7 hours of the life of battery has declared is of sound. They are really to DIY audio. It concealed quality of the his said is not these better characteristic speakers. So that ossia, and compared to another engine so only the small speakers touches really good. It touches it likes him he is well in a flange of crackle but chair once pauses in that it will go it era. I cranked on XO life of Recognition and then some A Devil Done Three and Gov't Mule. It has reproduced faithfully these ways of the music in the good full row touches no hard or tinny notes. Some main finals and go down of a spectre is being missing of. (As expected for the economic waterproof speaker tiny) súper happy with cost of mine. The just desire was smaller. Any one sure the one who a process has thought was with a hardware of metal but was substituted easily with some cord.
4 / 5 Cheyenne
My pebble lite has arrived today and is awesome for this measure ! He no active alot of the basses but that they can expect of the speaker this measure. But strong and clear taking and that all these subjects with the small speaker.. Also I have a ecoxgear ALONE JAM now that the rock of speaker is! So that a JAM of SOL a pebble lite is built a lot well! They are very pleased with this product! And it would recommend it to any one... It acclaims!!
5 / 5 Lashell
Continuous be surprised by an action of this little container with a big sound. They are of a generation the one who has think that all his big has to that be a product of big magnets , weighed in the speaker. My woman has bought his first and when I have listened his has had to that have some hips.
4 / 5 Eugenia
The sound is wonderful. Súper Sad that a battery any one last like this announced. Also it aims battery fill in my telephone when it is is almost has died. Any one in fact aim a life of true battery. Desire could send them this backside but my window of turn has closed sadly. It would not buy never this again.
4 / 5 Augusta
Loves this little speaker. Utilisation for Stand-on Paddleboarding. It is small, the sound adds and floating included. Ossia My second Ecoexgear that the speaker and I have been happy with this mark.
4 / 5 Kirsten
This speaker is a number of the exact same model the gustanuno has purchased directly of Verizon except a key to pair a speaker with the speaker of the partner is not is one. And worse still! ...The quality of his this a lot of worse.
4 / 5 Branda
His well... Fast delivery, very packed, Thank you!

The option adds for Bluetooth Telephones of Speaker for my car!
5 / 5 Vonnie
These works, the life of battery is quell'has bitten down, but that can it
4 / 5 Amira
5 / 5 Holly
Amiably packaged; easy directions; paired has seen Bluetooth promptly and his quite a lot of (around a camp while touching papers so that it did not touch it strong). Any separate boss for direct of iPhone as it would buy concealed and spend an iPod
4 / 5 Carley
has not tried out of some characteristic raincoats still but a sound and the portability are utmost.
4 / 5 Anette
So only three stars because it is neither terrible neither fabulous. I am using it likes him the speaker for my iPhone in of my car. Bluetooth The connection is good and remains that way. A microphone is quite well, although the intelligibility is not to order - is that a bluetooth connection, my telephone (my family has said that my iPhone has a worse sound knows of) or a excoxgear Pebble lite? I can not say. Quality of his acceptable east - I are to good sure finicky roughly quality of sound. My only significant beef is that noise of riadas of street out of a sound of a Pebble Lite. It can not turn a volume up in any one a Lite or my iPhone. It would give it four stars has touched stronger. It would consider the big plus verion, if it could take it to take a place of a window fastener this is coming with a Lite. FWIW, am not deaf, but meso aged and like this perhaps some loss of has listened. So only a FYI
4 / 5 Ardelle
easy to connect the sound is funtastic and use it grupal is constant in our house .. It does not fail never for touch smoothly . STRONG for the small and easy speaker to spend to group or beach ..

Top Customer Reviews: ECOXGEAR Eco Stone ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
If it is taste has been trying descriptions in this thing so only partorisca come up with the little like this here is a plus:

M: 50 years, viril. Music, recordist, engineer. Music of amour, all the ways. Amur And wish his of big loyalty.

One of my hobbies is long distance kayaking. 25 travesías of thousands are the norm partorisca my friends and me. When in a water partorisca 10 hours or more a sometimes wishes tunes. As I have been looking for the raincoat (not watering that it resists) Bluetooth speaker. Now that has one, here is that I can say you.

Is very built and looks it could take the plot of abuse. It controls some specifications partorisca dimensions and weights partorisca decide yes is big, small, heavy, etc. any the too big or heavy meeting. It has varied easy to see and keys of use and lights of indicator a lot up. Advances of clue/behind, volume on/down, pause (folds like this telephone of response) all does easily and perfectly. There is also the key partorisca be able to, Bluetooth key and an on/was key partorisca a FOCUSED light which is in an upper also. While I have not given a light the plot of has thought is in fact the good characteristic partorisca camp. There are lights of indicator partorisca be able to, Bluetooth and the levels of battery as it also does like this has to that and is easy to see. In general an ergonomics is sum and a hule external is good and grippy.

Has the Galaxy SIII and has had any question that connects. In fact when it turns a speaker in the voice promptly ad, 'Bluetooth connected'. If I turn a speaker was retains control of my telephone when the twist behind on; without touching a telephone can resume where has to that the left has gone by simply that presses a pause . When Looking a volume an audible beep say me has achieved one . How it is obvious the plot of has thought is gone in to a creation of this thing and aims. Well fact. A lot, very easy to use. Still in a limit of the kayak with the paddle in your hands.

Now so that all the world has been moment to. As it Touches? Ossia Very subjective to the equal that will owe that listen a partorisca decide for you. WELL, I boy. Partorisca Judges partorisca begin yes is the volume junkie looks elsewhere. A Ue the boom is ridiculously strong and clear for $ 50 more, although I think that that it is listing so only water resistant and does not create fleet. Besides it is not stereo like a exostone is. Also a sound is all mid row. While no like this strong this speaker has produced the a lot of his rich plus. Although it does not rid your @@@cofre, the products rounds very grave and audible. It is big loyalty ? Of course no. This is not meant partorisca be the salvation-fi. If you are not looking for rugged and the raincoat has better touching speakers there. In full volume are to eight calm feet can not have the comfortable conversation. How it is quite strong for me. I have listened to all the musical fashions at all levels of volume. Music like acoustic blues, bluegrass and his of the absolutely incredible soul for a measure, weight and ruggedness of this thing. Pop, the country and the classical rock touch quite good. Sounds of Good classical music, some titles very better that another. The jazz and the metal suck, included in of the low levels. There is the odd surging the wise volume ossia both annoying and terrible with these ways. In the terms of the musician, some spaces of plus among some notes, some better sounds. I found it odd that totally awesome can touch on some material and the one who bad can touch it on another, included in of the levels of low volume. So you prefer music where all of some instruments are running full bore all a time with the vocalist on he all can very like this speaker. To be just, am not sure if a competition manages this type to content any better how is quite demanding for electronic modern (and does not take me begun in this). If your plans are another it jazz and the then calm metal probably will love it; and for all was a competition manages these very better ways. If you are a competition and would like me send me your product for free to revise would want to to do the just comparison. I used it also like the telephone of the speaker and my recognition have said could listen me but that has touched is waterproof.

So much, is this a perfect life-try Bluetooth speaker? Any is not ; but it is the very well has thought was, very done and easy to use produced that it is quite strong for his' the purpose feigned and can touch absolutely incredible according to a type of music enjoys. I find it to be some perfect returns for my needs. I have been in the 10 now kayaking adventure with friends yesterday and touched it almost constantly in almost of full volume. It has Had slime to water in the the whole times and I have launched he in a river so only for the see floating. My friends were all impressed because abonos the touched and that it was strong. My playlist was acoustic blues and bluegrass in the chance wants to know. In an end of a day has shaken a water out of him and has launched he in a backside of my car. I turned it today on and still he well. Also, all four indicators of battery am lit still on way that use of the characteristic that uploads your telephone and other devices would not owe that be the question for his' battery. Neither owe a declared 12 times of career of now. If it has touched like this very on all the musical fashions would give it five stars. I create it to be a better speaker for my purpose. It has been expertly implimented but could use the little improvement in managing sure musical fashions. Nuff Has said.
4 / 5
Are not the big reviewer of things. To date, creates some only descriptions have posted in the amazon is of the push-reel lawnmower that inspired bear me write in a vetoes of Cormac McCarthy, and the execrable the book of the boys that anger only inspired. But this ECOXGEAR speaker warranted the description, and here is reason:

spent to plot of material, particularly to plot of electronics. They are the friki, and always am looking for new toys. Some of this good work; some no. But so only a lot, A lot seldom that does exactly that it is supposition to do and he perfectly, without defects, glitches, or annoying niggles. This speaker is one of these rarities.

Some fund: I have bought this thing because it has looked for something to take to the long of still tunes in mine paddleboarding excursions. I have required something with 1) his decent, (2) Bluetooth connectivity, and (3) waterproof. A secondary consideration was something concealed would float in the chance has been overboard, for easy retrieval.

A ECOXGEAR the Laptop of Bones of the echo Out of Bluetooth Speaker everything of these things, and his extremely well.

In the first place was, touches fantastic, deep and rich, any tinniness likes will locate some of some speakers plus very small, with some solid bass. And so only it touches better a stronger taking, and STRONG taking. Has first speakers of external audio in mine backyard wire fences to the Sleeps, and of then taking an Echo Stone, the averages a time so only will use that instead reason is like this easy and sounds so that it adds.

Segundo: it is Bluetooth. It is the snap to pair. The difference of half mine another Bluetooth devices, REMAINS paired; I have it that has not had never the subject with only that he falling connection or my telephone somehow forgetting exists.

Tercero: raincoat. As in, ENTIRELY WATERPROOF. As in, I have spent he to mine bathtub and took it to submarine to see likes the sound (and has touched adds, both submarine and with which spent it on again). As I can bungee this thing to a nose of mine paddleboard and paste some waves and does not have to that concern twice in a salt water splashing in the or that continues in a side (reason, yeah, fleet). Like the result, this thing is resulted my gone-to accessory when I exit. It is part of my control of the crew first has paste a water: waistcoat of life: control; paddle: control; speaker: control. It has attached the photo for illustrative purposes.

Some other worthy attributes of note:

the life of Battery is besides solid, and resists the load for a hell of the long time (while listening his tonight in mine bathtub, have @@give has had a lot plugged he in still the weeks and has followed announces to 4/5th load). Yes, it is quell'has bitten hefty, but in fact considers that it plus: quell'main speaker equals his best, and a girth the fact that much less probably to take lost in a fund of the stock exchange or in the drawer to somewhere. A boss is súper convenient. The quality of build is absolutely notch upper, all the metal and solid, hule durable, with any of a cheapness or chintziness that takes of some lower-finalise portable speakers (wiggly keys, the plásticoes that comes free, etc.) This windy is build like the tank, and believe me, dipped that to a test. Besides one flooding in mine bathtub, has:

- fell it multiple time while it tries to spend the 12-feet paddleboard, paddle, and waistcoat of life
- sinister the outside in a rain after some too many margaritas
- sinister he in a shower for the days of pair in the row (acoustic sum in there)
- subjected it to several hours of dozen of alone and saltwater

this in spite of is that it goes strong.

So much, in the nutshell, these rocks of what. As I have said sooner, this Echo Stone has been built for the purpose, and he he perfectly. If you are looking for the raincoat Bluetooth speaker to spend in your adventures, looks no further.
5 / 5
Really big and heavy, the sound is not súper very defined in a highs but comes with decent bass. I hang of a wall in shower of mine for tunes of bath. A waterproof appearance are to add although the desire to the touch was easier that takes one covers waterproof but am not sure to the equal that could do that another that some expensive wireless touching system of tampon. I think that that they could pack in twice a power of battery in general version like this also could uses to maintain all yours another electronic powered for days in the street that/travel of camps. A battery to the equal that comes any last while it would like partorisca of his measure but I accidentally leave it on sometimes which takes his toll. A car-closed-was the characteristic failure, any bluetooth connectivity to say 20 min and would have to that close went by to conserve can of battery.

This speaker is probably more used to camp travesías, when it begins to rain and is in the haste to take everything in a calm tent will not require to concern you on this type. Or it bought it bluetooth speaker for the boy he young plus, clumsy this would be perfect, relatively low prize and súper rugged!
4 / 5
Some first time have bought this speaker was in Costco, roughly done two years, regarding the considerably low prize that here, on one of the discounts of a tent. In the travesía vacacional recent lost it, and was while to this time of year to buy another specifically in Amazon, to all the cost has been to be the little more expensive. This adds everything on, but to the left say me the pair more things. It does not leave the looks deceive you, is weighed enough and a bit ugly but does up for his EXCELLENT, and this comes from/comes from the Bose Soundlink II OWNER! As if the good sound has not gone enough, is rugged and waterproof, as that can take to a beach, or poolside, or drop he anywhere (walk, tile,etc.), Literally! A hard battery to PLOT, a lot of hours without requiring to recharge. An only thing announced for him, and has not looked to do with a prime minister an and neither with this new one east one load. I have connected my iPhone 5 (with a prime minister a) and iPhone 6S (with this new a) an indicator to the touch has not turned on. I am going the Google the, to see am doing something wrong, but certainly has not bought this speaker to touch my telephones. Two commentaries more, can not comprise reason this speaker varied in pricing so only had to in colour of different grill, goes figure! Finally, ossia a model of STONE of the ECHO , any to having confused with a new plus, smaller 'EcoCarbon'. I have not listened it likes some touches last. Compared to Bose is Soundlink II, ossia the better option !
5 / 5
Have another ecoxgear produced that read well . But this would not operate unless plugged in . There is the little transmission in rear but any way has not done any difference . As I have begun a process of turn and has ordered the new a reason have required he for the travesía . A prójimo one was faulty also . Sent both backside and has recognised so only a turn . The best not taking rasgado was . I am beginning to see the model of faulty , perhaps 'open box ' or is returned previously elements in pertinent Amazon especially Walmart .With . Sure appearance this is not the tendency . I am going with another speaker but thinks that can buy locally I so that it can inspect it
4 / 5
has looked for the laptop Bluetooth speaker that is not too small but no too big. Originally I Have been for a ECOXBT reason is smaller and lighter but there is @@give he wasnt quite strong for my purposes have like this decided for a ECOStone. It was a right decision .
Like go the external camping, group, beach, etc like this speaker is to good sure the perfect contingent.
A EcoStone is quell'has bitten main but a sound is much richer and stronger( Stereo). T Is very built and looks it could take a lot of abuse. Has all one has has required keys that is easy to use and first of legislation. Not guessing when street of leagues bluetooth like the unit announces it once connected and calms that can control neither of the your smarphone or a built-in of the keys. Also it has to that torch that can go in handy when camping or anywhere has required. An arrival of hule is also that to good touch likes him the easy fact to grip and cleaned. The boss is perfect for easy grip and spending. The life of battery is spare for the whole day before that has to that it recharge.
A better Bluetooth speaker there. Unsurpassed Quality and his for his measure.
5 / 5
This could be one of some compraventa better there is on does Amazon, and spent to PLOT to stuff on Amazon.

Bluetooth The pairing is the breeze , quality of his good east and the volume is better that has expected. Also, it comes with the 1 costruttore of the year guaranteeed of ECOXGEAR he registers with them. I have tried in a shower and under my tank, and ossia to good sure raincoat. Works a lot afterwards drench it. I will leave my photos and video a that pause this in spite of.
4 / 5
Well, to the left initiate me was to say this description is long overdue.

Has had this speaker for around 3 years now and could not have asked the better laptop Bluetooth speaker. To arrive to this point are has convinced enough is indestructible. I have had this speaker by means of my last years of pair of university and to the left says has taken place by means of a ringer. This thing has been relentlessly used for the late night after the party is and travesías of weekend; down a river, in a snow, calm appoints it. A battery has resisted on adding this whole time, still maintains the solid load, and has the time of long game. It resists especially the day in a river, in a mountain, or during the party. A speaker the still sound adds with him suprising quantity of base for his measure. A speaker also touches well with any gender of music has launched in him.

Has listened to the just quantity of mine portable of different friends Bluetooth the speakers and the person more is looks to compare according to which exited of the his and the tomb goes. More this thing is, as announced, 100 raincoat. Like this waterproof in fact, that the concentrated to spend a whole week that floating around in ours 103 terracing hot tub with an enclosed lid that my idiot roommates has left accidentally he in. It averts of the little has bitten to rust in a grill forward, a thing has done still!

That it was to the along in fact the year. First of fast to today, to informative hot tub, and the different group of friends... I exit to find speaker of mine, still again, floating in a hot tub. This door a total to run the days “ has left to float in the hot tub” to 10; and guess that? A law of what still.

Well Can require invest in some fellow plus very ready, am reassured to knows does not have to that never invest in another laptop Bluetooth speaker. Thank you ECOXGEAR To be the product of quality.

If you are in a flange roughly buying these products a last what will say is; it buys it.
5 / 5
A sound in a unit has received is abysmal. It is thin, hard, and distorted, included down to moderate volume. Included a built in voice that calm say you one the speaker there is paired felizmente is scratchy and distorted. I have bought this after trying a model although the partner has. A quality of his go in his speaker and a an I receipt is night and day. I have concluded that the mine has to that be defective, and are by train of the turn.
Purchasing the electronic small on-line that wind on defective still me lean to purchase this type of product locally. But felizmente the process of the turn of the amazon is quite easy.
4 / 5
Can not say quite a lot of good things in this speaker. It is surprisingly strong, has good connectivity, has the life of battery that is incredible, and works in all the time. I took it it is gone in the sailboat of my familiar and has slipped an office. It has floated And it has not had never the subject alone.
Has compared with diverse another BT speakers; like this far an only one this has quality of his better is a Ue Megaboom, and ossia way more expensive and a lot almost likes resilient. Mina @mine @subject the big plus with this speaker is that while a quality of his and the volume is utmost, resembles really of the drop is gone in quality like paths out of him more than 20 feet or so many. Seeing so that it is to say more than pertinent for more than uses, does not think that is the bad point .
5 / 5
That the joke - when it operates, is fantastic, but pode casualidad any speaker partorisca do long quite and not paying -$ 130. I have used this speaker 3 times a lot slightly, and looks that that no unless plugged maintaining. This would be very concealed a lot entirely attack a purpose! Felizmente This product comes backed for the robust 3 year has guaranteeed limited of ECOXGEAR, and so only will be required to pay for returns to ship so that they can fix his defective product :) to arrive to this point I so only grab something economic of the competitor. Has has wanted to really like this produced, the looks add and sounds well in time, but save your money and go with something of confidence, of the company that will be for his product without touching more to fix.
4 / 5
Amazing speaker. Exactly that has been that loves more than a one is sees in ad or of the ads all a time. To good sure raincoat, but chair like a volume does not go like this big likes I 1st took it with which has been around waters for several weeks now. It is still strong, but no like this when I 1st has taken was a container . Yes, I have left dry for several days without use. In general in Amazing: a connection is sum , touching yours to possess of a backside, a Súper the brilliant torch focused, and some controls that calm leave you to change clues and game/of pause.
5 / 5
Exactly like this described, this speaker is rugged, totally waterproof, and floating. A sound is strong and clear, and some bass/lows is surprisingly present, the data is portable measure . Connecting street bluetooth is extremely fast and easy, and yes calms is not never state annoyed of the BT speaker that mark the noise of plot while pairing, will be pleased to know this a no that. Has the microphone the one who calm leave you to take calls, but pode any remotely active Siri in an iPhone. A battery runtime is described like this, leaving for at least three long days in the row in a group, touching constantly in a volume a big plus, among load. I found it odd that a unit has received achieves roughly a level of same volume like EcoCarbon, which has the smallest/speakers of low power, this in spite of a EcoStone quality of his in a volume a big plus is a lot, very better--the EcoCarbon to to the sounds like is stressed in of his volume his big plus, those results in qualities minorada, while a EcoStone am revising bosses quite amiably. The value that the commentaries is that a speaker is noticeably stronger when touching of iTunes in an iPhone more than Spotify. To good sure would recommend this to the partner, or the buy again has lost mine.
5 / 5
All is perfect in of the this. Although the bit has weighed. The battery resists sum. Súper Tries of water. Options of good key up. His strong. The only thing are not the defender of of the this a quality of a sound. I give a product 4 stars but a sound 3stars. His no distorted when strong, his only no a better quality of his for far. The this in spite of of the turn has grown then on me. I have maintained he the cause súper well for all external material, fishing camping etc.. And his quite strong for the trolling bounces afterwards to engines of diesel. But masters the touch it pure and rich plus would recommend Braven or bose, but those are not quite rugged.
5 / 5
Has used several speakers for biking, has decided finally that has required to leave squandering the besides small money more economic some and invest in the better product. It is main that has anticipated, but ossia well, are by train of the work in a bicycle. Very durable with flanges of hule, withstanding my multiple drops. The sound is excellent, waterproof is well for a rain, but that appreciates the majority is a life of battery and an indicator of load. I can not say a time esatta, but will use for the full day of biking or the full round of golf and generally still has 50 left in him. It touches quickly and hard. Very happy
5 / 5
First looks of bad image on Amazon when you select black colour? Excellent speaker. I have had jambox, ecorox, dknight. This one is everywhere a better. Well highs considering waterproof. A lot strong for use in the distance on beach or go. Floating. The works well cooks also. 25 feet or better bt connectivities. The only swipe would be that of the on the pocola portability yes master ultra portability. A small plus ecorox is the good election in this chance. All a way around has drawn well. Quality of his add and volume. Works of telephone of the good speaker. Keys and the rugged chance very done.
4 / 5
Ossia That the speaker adds like this far in a first travesía was. I took it on the travesía to tube and adds. My only complaint is that an iPod takes to far out of him (40-50 feet), begins to cut is gone in time. Ossia The big speaker and would take weighed calm spent that a whole time. They are happy has a highland hole in a subordinated as it can be trace to kayak of mine GoPro mountain. I will be to try it has been in kayak of mine this weekend!
5 / 5
This thing takes anything spears in him and the sounds adds. It was one of some first generations and I have had he for roughly 2 years now. Has-liked me has found so much one for my same parents this in spite of newer some was exited already.
4 / 5
Any thoroughly impressed with a quality of his stops is measure. My partner has he BoomSwimmer ossia the fraction of a measure, waterproof, and the better same sounds. My main question with east, this in spite of, was that it finalised it a lot when being any like this waterproof. I took it on he rafting travesía and with which has been exposed to water for the few hours (any entirely submerged, but seating in the raft with water) so only has turned was. Felizmente, a support of the client thus produced has been quite stellar, and will be to send the backside for the new one of then was still down has guaranteeed. Hopefully That one will resist on has bitten it better.
4 / 5
This looks to be the product adds. This in spite of, have ordered three unit each one died inside hours to be exposed to water. It was sure I has to that have has received so only the bad unit and am returned like this he for the new a, but every time has run water in a new unit and the hours of inner had died. Calm included could see condensation in a light and listen a water sloshing around inner. Something has to that it has gone bad in a line of production. Ecoxgear Said to the just turn has retreated to Amazon.
4 / 5
I have wanted like this speaker so much. Bought a the few days done and that the speaker would cut out of while I have touched he in full volume. Returned that one, has then ordered the new one with some wait that the lightning would not attack two times. East times a second has been dipped in of waters he, has filtered and there is prendido to do. I will be to return this some hips. Some speakers touch utmost, and a quality of build in a much less looks antibala. Total bummer.
5 / 5
Has purchased this Ecoxgear the waterproof blue tooth stereo in August 15, 2015. It was all has alleged to less than the month. After the like this concentrated touch, using a cord is coming with, a speaker has died. One civilises of the turn is 30 days . With which period to time to ship, has been using a speaker less than this quantity of time without recourse. Any happy!
4 / 5
Has bought a ECOXGEAR Portable Out of Bluetooth Speaker to take with us on our holidays of Florida. We have wanted to be able to touch music while in a beach and also in our hire vacacional. It has done perfectly! A sound is fantastic and master that is 100 raincoat . Another more is that has the longitude rechargeable life of battery and calm also can touch your ready telephone with him. We use this speaker every day during our holidays and has had any question with him everything. I order a x-the big measure and has not gone too big. It returns it adds in our stock exchange of beach and now that is chairs of house in my counter of cookery amiably. Looking forward to using it this summer when have cookouts. A prize are to add and has shipped was very fast. Highly it recommends this speaker.
4 / 5
This that says , test of water and rugged. The sound is well, but no a strong plus in a phase. It has been maintained external for a group permanently, expect when touching and gives support a heat and cold of a day and a storm of occasional rain and has been attacked in a group. This product can take the licking and continue perceive his add. If this finally spends was will buy another.
4 / 5
Has been using my ExoGear partorisca almost the year now, and is blown was my expectations. The utilisation to listen the podcasts while rain almost every day (seating in ledge, sometimes takes wet), and has has submerged fully he in my group multiple time. A waterproof characteristic is to good true insurance and has tried that the tonne. A quality of his utmost east and taking a lot strong for such the small speaker, wireless. I love his rugged creation and would recommend it to any one looking for the bluetooth speaker. Also, the life of battery is surprising.
4 / 5
Loves this speaker. There it is not dipping a raincoat to a test fully but a unit touches more the songs with clarity adds and the pocolos grave to. An Echo the bone is a model a big plus and a strong plus. Battery last the long time. Light in a cup is the good characteristic . One with east a blue tooth as it is not the strong receiver and loses signal with which 25 ft or so much. In general, I add to buy like this far.
5 / 5
Has been using this speaker for Golf, Kayaking, bonfires and just working outsides. This speaker are adds! It is not a stronger there but a volume is pertinent and a loyalty is well. Highly it recommends this for external activities. I take the plot of compliments in a Golf are, hangs of my cart of push, and all the world I golf with enjoyed it. The current Pandora or use my I-Pod. Well value a cost.
5 / 5
Has the Bose May to Link this type is preferred of mine taken everywhere daily type. This creature dips was some sounds and his squeezed in the little base for has added touches. Fallen the and has continued to the touch has not lost never beat it. This bugger slides well to blue tooth seamlessly and recognises your material one is in a system. Especially for a bucks I like this type.
4 / 5
The work adds for me also although the beach, hot tub, and speaker of shower. A telephone of speaker is a lot enough to have the conversation in a shower without another party that listens a water that careers. I produce it adds. My third cost satisfied of ecoxgear.
5 / 5
Uses this little speaker mostly in mine ATV; it is to good sure the strong little speaker. The desire was the little stronger by means of but that considers the one who strong an exhausts is in mine ATV is the good speaker . To durable insurance and good raincoat.
5 / 5
I have taken this partorisca the present of Day of a prompt Father partorisca my husband the few weeks done. It loves it and uses he partorisca roast out of backside and doing in a cochera each weekend. It touches at least 8 hours without requiring to touch. It is water -try and incident-test and floating included, like this utmost for a boat, group or beach. Near simple-up: load so only, press a Bluetooth sync key and then find Ecoxgear of the yours telephone or the pill and you am connected and touching music!
5 / 5
Loves this speaker. It has not had this in any one classifies still to time still, but can not expect take went it to a group and a beach this summer.
For me, a sound are adds! They are not the type ossia to all some bass and triple material. So only I like him To them some good sound when exiting
or so only in slope with familiar and friends. The hard battery the long time. I do not have it timed, but uses it almost every day and hard quite
a long time among load.
4 / 5
Ossia The add small (big) unit to the point of decent prize. A quality of his utmost east. I appreciate a function for advanced of the music and a coverage of lock of the click in a mechanism to touch that the has not been available in a leading model. The life of battery is sum for the full day of noticable his in the windy beach. It has drawn really the crowd! All the world has taken his. My old model gave 4 years before I have begun having question with a connection of blue tooth. I have used this on roughly 20 different occations like this far. Any question,,,
5 / 5
bought that based in my experience adds with a mark, so only to discover a life of battery is a lot short. A prime minister an I has bought to give me four hours of music without subjects, this one... They are lucky to take an hour.
5 / 5
LOVES this speaker! It is strong, easily connects the bluetooth of anyones telephone, and on the, is waterproof! It has dipped this in a shower all a time! Then when a battery dies, covers only calm he in the recharge that! A boss also does for convenient spending!
4 / 5
Ossia The speaker adds .. I shopped for weeks and has gone to buy of more and tried them EVERYTHING.. Has has wanted to he for a "pinch" of my motorcycle. It has required to be shockproof, waterproof, easy to use, STRONG, well of look, hard, STRONG, long durable battery, STRONG and orderly.. I say STRONG? The desire was the tad Stronger, but ossia a better one in a phase.
5 / 5
Has used he for the month now. I took it to the beach of fresh water a survivor for 5 hours and sweat listened all a way is gone in a water. It is to have that heavy and waterproof and still operation. I do in the group and used he in and out of a daily water of 11am - 7pm with perhaps a pause of now goes in is in good sure values he.
5 / 5
Has had a paste for roughly two and of half months, Like this far loves that. Has utmost bass, his well and clear, for his measure these SWIPES of what. I have not tried his waterproof capacities still but this speaker is built a lot rugged, and one uploads of hard battery quite good. If you want to something concealed is almost anything tries that he still the sound adds, OSSIA.
4 / 5
Ossia The description of an ECHO STONE. Life of EXCEPTIONAL battery, and can be used like the band of power to touch telephone/anything. A lot characteristic! His & a lot of strong & . A little light is dim, but has situated well so that it can turn it on while it resists a grab boss. It will change Pandora song of some keys on a box, which is the really fresh characteristic - leave telephone in the sure place, and controls with a box. bluetooth The row is less than the d likes - no really 30', more like 15'.
4 / 5
The speaker adds, is so only ANY RAINCOAT. I have used it likes the jobsite speaker for the year and has thought has has had to that his well and the life of battery adds. Then a day, has dipped he in a group. And this was an end . I have had to pay $ 30 to send he in still reparation of guarantee. My father in the law there has been a subject same with water, on day one in a group.
5 / 5
I have had this speaker partorisca the few weeks now and am extremely happy. I did not use it alfresco neither of the next water as I have not tried a waterproofness. The speaker is strong abundance partorisca me, does not distort low settings of the main volume and the sound adds with some varied types of music listen to.

A battery resembles last quite the while which is the more add . An only trade was for me was that this speaker is quite big and heavy compared to another; this in spite of, have known is coming to a compraventa and am happy with a trade is gone in to beat measure and durability.
4 / 5
His well. Linked immediately with my Samsung telephones. Has the BOSE speaker of blue tooth that touch probably so only the little improve. Has the JBL speaker of blue tooth that can not take to link with my Samsung - this touches quite afterwards to a JBL in of the terms of row / of quality. Everything knows is can not take neither one of the mine other speakers in a river with me.
4 / 5
Has used once and some speakers no longer the work and a torch will not close era. I take an honour to pay to ship to have it has repaired. ..
4 / 5
Quality of the his amazing! Having the separate subwoofer in a backside all a difference in a world. A ECOXGEAR Echo Stone is hands down a better Bluetooth speaker in a phase for his measure and prize.
5 / 5
A fellow afterwards has spent this to the long of in the travesía to tube and he have done utmost has has had to that so only have one. It has had a bit hiccup in a begging with one touching for some directions, contacted ECOXGEAR and help me a lot thru the. The sound could be so only the touch the strong plus for the main and no real zones sure for my purpose that well a light will be but another that this has been the product adds .
4 / 5
His very good. Ossia A forward a buy for members familiarised
4 / 5
the speaker Adds, but a Port of touch there is Prendido to Do
5 / 5
Bought for my sister for the Christmas and has his add. Regarding a waterproof part is expecting does not have to that try concealed. A sound and the battery are a lot well in a speaker and surprisingly has the torch has built his too much.
5 / 5
Junk. Fact for 2 month now will not touch . I think that that it has taken 4 load out of him now is has shot.

Top Customer Reviews: ECOXGEAR EcoDrift ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 25 ratings
4 / 5 Wanetta
My partner has one of these speakers and took it to us on travel it partorisca camp. This thing is lasted a whole weekend without touching. We use it to us every day, slope of light use of the mornings, some in an evening and the plot at night, sometimes a speaker was like this strong has had to that shout on he so only to be listened. More is rugged/sturdy, we tossed the around without prpers that has to that concern roughly he too much; and it has fallen, it has not suffered never any harm. It is had his speaker for on 2 years, as I have verified around and ossia one the majority of the what/stronger durable is measure . A lot happy with cost of mine.
4 / 5 Leroy
This speaker is a bomb ! I use work during the recess and some boys want to listen the music. It is small and light. It resists the load for enough the moment. Material so only owe that the touch on once the week. A thing adds is has two of these can the to you touch so much a same time. My edges has a too and when we use him to us together a sound even more is in amazing.
5 / 5 Joana
The good small speakers are using so only one. If it buy 2, they A lot of PAIR easily. Finally yes, but for calm then is frustrated. And they maintain to cut it was.
4 / 5 Marline
Utmost small speakers. Taken the 2nd an as podes pair him. His a lot also.
5 / 5 Jacqualine
A quality of his of this speaker is much better that a comparable waterproof speaker has bought in WalMart.
4 / 5 Cecelia
The speaker adds for as small is, and master that can take it wet. Utilisation in a shower to plot and has included fact called of telephone of him then. It resists the load for the long time, and his look of keys to do well with my telephone of android.
5 / 5 Tyrell
You so much the insiemi have broken, has not done I so that it finds durability that hangs out of compraventa short
4 / 5 Thomas
Adds external and anywhere sound. The utilisation inclusa in my house. An only thing a battery does not touch while using when it is plugged in. As any point of the leave plugged like this using it BUT touches quickly like this the plan very always will be ready to go.
5 / 5 Gladys
Loves especially when they are is gone in a yard that read.
4 / 5 Josiah
I add little speaker. His strong and clear with abundance of low end! Bluetooth The row is the little spotty but concealed does not annoy me . The life of battery is sum, can run the long time in a tone. The durability so much has been far well, but the time will say.
5 / 5 Chantelle
A speaker is the good speaker . So only it does not buy 2 for a pairing. A signal is súper feeble. The people that the walk among them blocks a signal also. Utmost idea but any value of the money
4 / 5 Roma
once take use to the his pairing, his final but be prepared to struggle. A sound is decent box begins attractive a throttle then will not listen never some the calm speakers once are going in 15 mph .... Basically these am a lot of calm so only is seating
5 / 5 Caleb
Uses this daily speaker in a shower to listen the podcasts or music. A life of battery is quite good and is easy to use.
5 / 5 Elfriede
Has bought mine in costco for roughly fifty bucks the years of the pair done. It has not Loved to spend the fortune to the equal that have taken the casualidad.
I amour this thing. And have think so a lot has bought an on Amazon like the present for the member familiarised.
That is bad with this
5 / 5 Lucie
HAS quality of his excellent. It was very surprised when I have seen his measure. Bought like the present navideño partorisca bounce he to fish of my edges. It touches it while washing his truck, in the sound bounces, etc. There Is enjoyed this little speaker the plot. Well value an investment.
5 / 5 Emogene
The speaker compresses with his estupefaciente. Characteristic a lot very drawn and is. Especially it likes that you pode of pair a speaker with another Ecoxgear speakers and create the stereo sound. Awesome!
4 / 5 Lucretia
There it is that it surprises partorisca a system of his outside. Has the booming the volume and calm can spend him to a beach. It loves him.
4 / 5 Tresa
His exceptional for an incredible prize. It does not change the thing!
5 / 5 Doreen
Has bought this speaker after using the fellow east. Quality of the his fantastic and has built well!
5 / 5 Artie
Is the I adds everywhere speaker. It is the a lot of speaker of load.
4 / 5 Yasuko
Has given one of these to my dad for his anniversary. I have bought he in Costco (in a same prize like this here) and had it on shows afterwards to another bluetooth the speakers that comprises the big end Bose equivalent that cost 3x more. I have closed my eyes in the each one and listened to an audio of available sample in the each one, and the my ears this thing has touched like this as well as or included better that a Bose has produced. My dad was súper pleased with him. I am thinking to take one on its own name.
5 / 5 January
Has bought one of these of Costco. I did not think it it touched it that adds, to good sure a lot like this very so much the one who another reviewers has described. It has had the buzz his that has accompanied a music has touched. Less than the month of inner use there is prendido to do all near. Perhaps the mine was so only defective. They are too wary of the give another test.
4 / 5 Sandi
Wow, This has such the a lot of his sound. I have bought one for my edges & another for me. I love him, I just desire could have bought 2 more. Awesome To take to a river or some mountains.
4 / 5 Latoria
Has bought one in Costco. Like a quality of his, but, while it has floated in my group has taken jostled for rough water to touch. It will be to return the.
4 / 5 Izetta
Although has the sound well a battery is lasted exactly 4 1/2 hrs while paired to another has purchased 2 of Costco on sale for 50 the piece

Top Customer Reviews: ECOXGEAR 100% ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5 Naomi
The speaker adds. It has lit for behind the keys would do it better together with the little graver that a speaker. In general ossia the torch adds partorisca all your external adventures, fleet, the options read are awesome and is súper durable. Another product adds of Ecoxgear!
4 / 5 Raylene
The concept adds, but execusion is being missing of. The sound is fair in better. Works of good torch. Bluetooth The distance is poor. Characteristic good to be able to touch the telephone.
4 / 5 Lory
This element is gone in a lot handy of some holidays when my conversor in my camp is exited and use some light all night.