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Top Customer Reviews: Elecder i36 Kids ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By
These the sake is looking auricular for the boy. A colour is something on in a picture, some tampons of ear are very soft and a quality of his utmost east. My daughter of 2 years spends these on trip of aeroplane and to listen in musician in a gram of the horse that mountains mower. It spends the during an hour without complaint. They are only the tiny bit on age, but they still accesses in his ears comfortably more than fall- and my daughter is very small. It wants these headphones and so us. We have bought some roads around a cape, type to group before and like him these much better and a sound is also very better. To well sure it recommends these headphones are looking for something for your toddler or boy to leave for game of tablet or musician in the parameters where calm is required or to dampen external noise.
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These headphones is for mine 9-old net year to use with his tablet. It wants a by heart orange brilliant. It was returned very good and is very comfortable. A longer cord is the quite good premium , included although it tends he in tangle he some. A cord is to have to heavier and does not aim any signs to spend so far - and is used the good quantity . In general, I am very satisfied with a compraventa and would recommend a product in another.
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Until it informs of date:

the service of Client has rectified a situation to substitute some headphones. After some initial confusion with some first emails that asks assistance, a company is come through and like fianc, has maintained his guarantee in this element. I can now with it excite it recommends so much a receiver and a service of client of ELECDER.

Has purchased two pairs of these headphones. Both of my boys softly have used the 2-3 times the week of November until February. Some headphones are of quality very good. It was happy with a compraventa until a foam that is coming of pillows of a earpiece by a part of the headphones of a boy. We have tried multiple roads in reattach a cover cushioned in any utility. I have achieved among a Elecder Undertaken and took the response that some headphones was quite easy to fix, and that he the could not fix, would take the pair of substitution. A council was very-arrest- at all so obviously, had tried to fix the before that contacts a company. Also, after I have answered that some headphones was still very fixed, or took another response of a company or the pair of substitution. Headphones = 4.5 Client of stars Maintains 1 Star
4 / 5 By
Bought these for mine 5 old year to use in 10 train of early trip for Pause of Cradle. My daughter is the monster when goes in auricular and usually crosses the few pairs the year like the has not expected very but these have lined up surprisingly well. I want that a cord is coated so prevent his to chew in the and any tangle what easy. An ear these pillows are soft and research to be very comfortable in his transente. An only negative has found is that it is does not have the limiter of volume so constantly is saying to turn them down. But another that that am supremely happy with this compraventa and will buy to again after this pause.
5 / 5 By
I am so pleased with these headphones. Some pillows of soft pillow ensure the consolation of your boy. I want that it can adjust measures of cape as it can grow with your boy. It looks the creation of compact folding, likes done for easy packing for trip. I want that a cord is only in a side... Meaning any tangling. Also a cord is durable and flexible.
5 / 5 By
I have bought these headphones for my daughter as well as the pair for my threads, and has to say that they are awesome! They are arrived yesterday and has tried both pairs only to do sure fact and has not been disturbed at all with an action. I plugged the in my laptop and turned in the song, my husband has tried to speak with me but I have not listened the thing. Still with my laptop ails looked a musician was listened easily, to turn them up there did not go never the distortion in a sound. Honestly Surprised for the product that really is not that expensive! My boys will want to it.
5 / 5 By
My daughter has the disorder of Sensory past and in time during some necessities in the daytime in only chair in enough and look his tablet or listen in musician in soothing and the centrical again. This help looked and do a work and I was pleasantly has surprised fact. They annul out of sake of external noise. Even Has posed the on without looking his tablet (while touch with toys or look in of the books) only in enough of noise around sound. A cord any tangle that is enormous for the 3 yr old and return his leader adds. Has has Lined up well in the sound launches them was his leader while it is not so soft with things as it sees to like him to be lol! Another enormous plus is is each which that pink is his colour of favourite and when treating the boy with special necessities can take things that does the happy you HE! A compraventa adds sure.
4 / 5 By
Update 8/17/18 at the end took the pair of substitution after avout 3 weeks. A pair of substitution was the newest generation that a pair has broken that it was to good premium. So although it takes the moment and is pleased with a result of final. Updated Of 2 stars in 4.

Has ordered two of these for my twin of 6 boys of years. Has WANTED TO it! Has thinks that that they were decent also but in 30 days a cord has been there decoupled of some headphones. Only it pull very it was, it was in a room when this past and has not gone quite excessive. It contacts a company and has asked the substitution since declares has the guarantee of year. This was in 7/28 and his now 8/10 even so it has not taken a pair of substitution. Quite dissapointed in a service of client. So that it costs an another the pair has ordered is well. Update when and take the resolution .
5 / 5 By
This headphone am adds for small boys. It IS adjustable and folds up for consolation of easy trip. It Likes him to of me concealed has a daughter of pillow is my use to complain- in the anterior headset has bought that hurts his ear. This one am to add the 3 early trip of the road and was able to maintain he a whole time without complaints. It opens No longer it has to explode of action. I require the second so behind up.
4 / 5 By
UPDATE: Two adicins/positive additions here. 1) I Have left a working rest headphone in my niece for to 10 hour strolls cart. It wants the and has thinks that was supremely comfortable and has lined up very good. 2) After my original description, a contact of company me very hurriedly and offered to substitute a pair has broken. They have shipped new headphones in me (the sending has taken the weeks of pair after first contact but no the big roads). I am very happy with a level of service of client this mark provides. Because of both adicins/additions, is upping my indication of 3 in 4 stars.

Has bought two of them for my boys for one 8+ walk clearly in Italy. I have ordered the to form that some revises said has not had one 85dB borderline that a lot of boys the headphones has. They looked to do quite well for a flight there and some boys was quite happy with them.

A material quality looked quite solid and very better that some other headphones of the boys has bought in a past. A cushion in an ear ups has had especially the be very well in them and was very soft same in my leader. An adjustment has done well and has developed enough in still apt my leader. I Liked him also His of a fact that a cord is very very time and is embroiled with the a lot of cual marks of look of durable tissue and prevent he to take tangled. This was the very good touch after being in him carryon.

Alas the pair of my daughter broken and now a sound is exited only of one of some sides what does the quite unusable. I am quite disappointed in that since was swipes he with my boys.

In general if it was not for a fact that 1 of one 2 has broken, highly would recommend the and would have his data the 4 or 5 indication. But since 1 pause he afterwards basically 8 hours of use, questions a quality of tez of them.

Top Customer Reviews: Elecder i41 Kids ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Brandee
Colour: Aim These are perfect partorisca mine 5 yr old & returned like this wel. A sizing works of adjustment amiably without slipping is spent for a lot of headphones, so only partorisca be disappointed. These are accesses and qualities adds . A sound is very too much! They fold Easily so that I can dip him in his rucksack in a gone.
5 / 5 By Marquitta
Colour: the Yellow Work likes them is supposed to. Has 2 and my boys use with his laptops it partorisca games and school.
5 / 5 By Magdalen
Colour: the appearance and His Aims were well, but a prime minister near has broken while in a place bent of the z/of the rucksack of my daughter of 12 years less than 3 weeks. ElecderDirect Substituted it free of load less than the week, and a together new fared very better. Service of client very impressive.
5 / 5 By Gisela
Colour: Red buy these takes our almost 2 year to spend in 6 slowly of travesa of now in Hawaii. There is not never has spent any headphones before way that has not known that do. It add! They were the little big for him but his hips return me so much was able to spend for the long time. A cord is awesome and any there is bite or easy tear by means of (although it thinks that that we are spent finally to bite things). I produce it adds, highly recommend for girls!
4 / 5 By Flavia
Colour: Aim That I amour in this product is that partorisca a price I paid ($ ) has taken something real durable that it can withstand the daily use of my edges. A quality of his east well, a cord is long and sturdy (fashionable twist) and is quite stylish. I have been rid punctually. I am thinking to take the little more for mine other boys. Ossia To good sure the add compraventa.
4 / 5 By Etta
Colour: Yellow has bought this product partorisca go with my edges compressed of yellow fire. Has a lot of looking creation. My edges looks pleased with him and has on resisted amiably like this far partorisca the boy of six years. Those who , tends partorisca be hard in of the things.
5 / 5 By Lucy
Colour: Yellow I frequently ware my helps of listened with these headphones, according to a quality of audio, in my pill. I can not speak of a quality of his because I am missing frequencies on roughly and all the sounds of soft vowel. Also I use him with my radios of ham, with adapters. These headphones block the good quantity of environmental but the possible still noise for any to take my attention without shouting noisily. A build is better that has expected. Cord Of the audio and the connector is good quality and ensured to some headphones well. The pieces of ear are soft. The looks of global quality will resist until the use of boys :)!
For a price, will be a lot happy!
5 / 5 By Lissette
Colour: the red has taken these partorisca my edges partorisca christmas, and did not take him was paralizacin 5 minutes more! It is 11, and it has asked the cassette walkman partorisca christmas ( bolt partorisca all the things sontro' lol), and has taken this receiver because have has wanted to something concealed would be that it annuls noise partorisca he, and partorisca a rest of us. It was returned perfectly, does not listen anything still when seating after his, and says that I am very comfortable. To good sure the upper christmas present!
5 / 5 By Kathlene
Colour: the red has bought these headphones mainly partorisca use while looking TV of alive in an edifice partorisca walk. Of then I have the amour and the good music have listened also has expected would have selection of his decent, bass, and consolation. Partorisca $ 12 I could not be happier!!
Although the majority of some descriptions comments on buying partorisca the girl, like the normal sized turn of adult perfectly with the complete external noise that block. An add compraventa, and highly recommended.
5 / 5 By Conception
Colour: Red My careers of edges by means of headphones partorisca his Kindle Compressed partorisca Shoot roughly once for year. Ossia Our compraventa our late plus and like this far want it. In the first place, they are foldable, doing them easier that pack. There are any evasions of noise. I say after his in the flight and could not listen anything of a look of film. A cord is the woven material and so only connect in a side as it does not take knotty or has complicated easily. It loves a by heart black combination red that feels fresh and any too small boy to look for. I tried him on and a level of volume was appropriate for the ears of the girl. We are very happy with this compraventa.

Top Customer Reviews: Elecder i39 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5 By Eddie
Colour: the mint has bought these partorisca the 9 old year the one who really loves music. Well Well I bought him mostly for me like this any the one who does not love some few musical flavours of the 9 old year. His so that far it has it on resisted a lot well, there is fussed once roughly hurting them his ears (generally an excuse for not spending auricular). It likes that they block to be dips era. A cord looks durable like taking it has twisted until practically the knot and his still laws. I will update the few months down to see that well resist up.

Update 6 month later: still doing well. A cord has begun to bend by means of a wrapping of cloth. It is spending in one creases in a cord of an original packaging. Never they straightened it was to start with with and it is class of the toneless point now. If it causes a subject with functionality will update.
5 / 5 By Mohamed
Colour: Grey Amour these headphones and a service of client! My favourite part is a material of a boss/of cord. They are like this happy is not that flimsy breakable plastic that Apple use. It is more than the durable threaded cloth. Ossia Of particular use bc bought him partorisca the boy.
Has bought these partorisca my edges partorisca use in an aerial next month. It wants the bc looks mommy :) they are adjustable and apt so much our bosses. It Like him been due to of a sound, colour, and can begin and take a music with a key of cord.

So that it adds! Thank you!
5 / 5 By Gwen
Colour: Grey My amour of boys partorisca look his kindle fire at night when it is now of wind down. We take each one that like this of his headphones, so that the way does not listen 3 pills immediately. This work adds!

Only negative is is spent partorisca quite the red of causes of the moment around some ears. Another that that assumes the utmost law.

Fold on amiably and is utmost measure for young girls.
5 / 5 By Tiesha
Colour: Grey has bought these headphones partorisca use with my Samsung compressed. Usually it looks some class of video while it locate my bicycle of exercise and there is has preferred always one in an ear headphone partorisca that. These am very comfortable, the utmost sound and a cord looks it will resist on well. Always I have read descriptions before I buy, as I am happy to write one of the mine own partorisca this product.
4 / 5 By Latanya
Colour: the aim has written so only a description down and has not contacted never a company. This in spite of, his representative of service emailed me and has said would be happy to topmast out of another together of headphones partorisca substitute a faulty a. We receive some new headphones today. My daughter is ecstatic! They are pleasantly surprised in the level of a company of service of client. I am changing my description to 5 stars, unsolicited for a company. Amazing!
My daughter of 10 years looked on 20 different headsets and read descriptions in the each one a before purchasing these. It is there is disappointed a lot that already is having questions. A side no as well as another and is had him so only partorisca 3 months. So only you use him 2-3 times the week partorisca an hour or so much. Of then it uses his own pension partorisca these, will have that uses these partorisca a rest of a year. The lesson has learnt.
5 / 5 By Odis
Colour: the aim extracted well. It covers easy n game. A quality of his this well the excellent. They are light this in spite of sturdy. A quality of a cord is also well the excellent. I ordered him partorisca use with my telephone as I owe that give some of my loss of listened could have been due to use earbuds more than headphones. This has the microphone in a cord and the visits say that we listen me to us well also. Less than $ 15 I am very satisfied and happy that has chosen this particular mark and give form.
5 / 5 By Abigail
Colour: quality of his of the Mint and comfort it is the 4 stars is a colour & partorisca price that swipes he until the 5. Any I have give there is had the mic on that. It is well in some ears (the wise cushion) and returns a half boss calms . My bosses the tad main that half and, taste to him has said, some good just accesses. It likes that of a cord is the distance of descent . The utilisation to listen the beaten binaural.
5 / 5 By Awilda
Colour: Mint My Mamma has received these partorisca Natal. It is 90 years old and so only learnt partorisca use the computer roughly 3-done 4 years. It wants to listen the speakers in calm-tube. It says that these are a better pair of the headphones has has not had never. A consolation are to add and a quality of his excellent east! To good sure buy these again!
5 / 5 By Kraig
Colour: Black loves him. Light, comfy, good access, a lot lows, mids and highs. They look well,well of work, and is strong calms want the partorisca be. You can the jam was with them on yours with the. The quality adds for a price I def. It recommends him in any adult or boy and have another pair in a way.

Top Customer Reviews: Elecder i40 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Tatyana
For a prize and quality of this product, thinks that is a compraventa excellent . The headphones in our house is posed in a test in the daily base. These have the withstood constant of tension in resize as well as lining on to weigh to take data a step in the pair of time. Annulment of the noise and the quality of his east so much quite way in me. My main worry has done sure had the control of volume to protect small ears of harm. There is has not had any subjects with that
5 / 5 By Carolina
It has wanted a durability and a capacity to bend up when storing. Also it wants to what a cord is more shoestring cual in place of cheap plastic.
5 / 5 By Pete
Has the boy of seven years and after buying two pairs of auricular boy very expensive in aiming that it breaks the month has imagined would try the pair of less expensive ones of Amazon. This road to look more robust like earbuds is not attached by the point of small plastic. A quality of his this very utmost and access in his cape very comfortably. For the this has bought these two pairs for me could have bought is these and bond in these in a future. Also they found of lie as they are easy to pack the case
5 / 5 By Pasquale
A sound am very add, does not have to has very big of the listen well. Some capes are embroiled in the robust tissue, has to take new headphone so that has naughty kittens in that likes him chews in of the capes, these a lot of helps. They are not totally it sound it to annul but the prefer that subjects. I am very happy with purchase of mine.
5 / 5 By Tam
We order these when it was in the familiar holidays. My grandson (age 4) has had the times take in a plan for a low flight with a earbuds has distributed. Has wanted to him to have these for a flight behind. One is arrived punctually and while it expect. We were to surprise with a good quality for a paid of prize. It WANTS the and fact so feigned for a trip behind, but has maintained the and has used the for each his products of means comunicacionales and has used the plot to him of a trip also. They travel in childcare, in a car, in gramma is - is the form adds and has lined up well. We are very pleased and would not doubt in reorder again.
5 / 5 By Benito
My threads wants his new headphones. They are comfortable and returned him well. There well it is deadening around some ears and rubber in an upper these helps the any one to slip down. It IS although a cord is very time and I like a material of him also. It Likes him that they fold and it has posed the in of the small stock exchange to pose in his rucksack. A sound am adds also. These would have to returned him for the while since it is adjustable
4 / 5 By Del
Quality of his add and is also that you can not listen the people that habladuras with look a musician in strong. They are very comfortable. To spend and return your ears snug. An adult can spend the. Please with any headphones and or earbuds please the attention of arrest is is walking and does not pose musician until strong as it does not walk in something or is in a road of the people that flavours in tent in a piece and not being anything so that a volume is in strong. It opens With people with mobile phones and auricular and earbuds the available a lot of people do not remark some perils to walk and speaker, texting, listens in musician, that looks the video and touching the game in your telephone with volume up and the eyes bonded in a telephone can do some people do not remark that it is doing when walk with earbuds and headphones on in strong and not seeing where is walking and can fall, walk in something, traffic, people , the doors etc. Please when useung any receiver or earbuds careful be when external walking in a street, tent, in the walk to cross etc careful the be and the look where is walking and does not look a sound in strong Using external enmedio busy.
5 / 5 By Jeanene
These are auricular utmost so that an adjustable strap leaves the in of the apt boys as well as adults. A quality of his utmost east and also the bloc was some external noise that it is wonderful!
4 / 5 By Louanne
I Like him his of a colour and when being of these headphones for my niece and nephew. Thusfar, IS likes him concentrate them. Only I can give three stars for durability (the reason was substitutions of an anterior some) so that it has had the earring three weeks. Even so, an edifice of them looks quite well. An only worry has is a folding capacity and this state cause the to spend before longitude. We will see and then it have to bond another description!!!!!!
5 / 5 By Hortencia
Before: I have Found this and thought for a cost to price shot imagined / it at least would survive 3 month. BAD! This pair of the headphones that begins having subject with a side not producing his at all in of the days unless it visits a cord the precise road!!! It has Had this produces exactly 11 days. 11 DAYS!! It does not waste your calm money - so that he any one same last the flippin month.

After: after writing this description - has taken the container in a clave and found these! Has any one the idea is come and was the pleasant surprise . 5 stars now for a service of client adds and the road me the new headphones to flavour was again after having such the bad experience a first time!