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1 first DisplayPort to HDMI 4K UHD Adapter with Audio, Benfei 2 Pack DP Display Port to HDMI Ultra HD 4K 2K 3D Converter Male to Female Gold-Plated Cord for Lenovo Dell HP and Other Brand DisplayPort to HDMI 4K UHD Adapter with Audio, Benfei 2 Pack DP Display Port to HDMI Ultra HD 4K 2K 3D Converter Male to Female Gold-Plated Cord for Lenovo Dell HP and Other Brand By BENFEI
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2 Active DVI-D to VGA Adapter, Benfei 2 Pack DVI-D 24+1 to VGA Male to Female Adapter Active DVI-D to VGA Adapter, Benfei 2 Pack DVI-D 24+1 to VGA Male to Female Adapter By BENFEI
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3 best HDMI to VGA, Benfei Gold-Plated HDMI to VGA 6 Feet Cable (Male to Male) Compatible for Computer, Desktop, Laptop, PC, Monitor, Projector, HDTV, Chromebook, Raspberry Pi, Roku, Xbox and More - Black HDMI to VGA, Benfei Gold-Plated HDMI to VGA 6 Feet Cable (Male to Male) Compatible for Computer, Desktop, Laptop, PC, Monitor, Projector, HDTV, Chromebook, Raspberry Pi, Roku, Xbox and More - Black By BENFEI
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4 DisplayPort to DVI DVI-D Single Link Adapter 5 Pack, Benfei Display Port to DVI Converter Male to Female Black Compatible for Lenovo, Dell, HP and Other Brand DisplayPort to DVI DVI-D Single Link Adapter 5 Pack, Benfei Display Port to DVI Converter Male to Female Black Compatible for Lenovo, Dell, HP and Other Brand By BENFEI
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5 AmazonBasics DisplayPort to HDMI Display Cable - 6 Feet AmazonBasics DisplayPort to HDMI Display Cable - 6 Feet By AmazonBasics
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6 BENFEI DisplayPort to DVI Adapter, Dp Display Port to DVI Converter Male to Male Gold-Plated Cord 6 Feet Black Cable for Lenovo, Dell, HP and Other Brand BENFEI DisplayPort to DVI Adapter, Dp Display Port to DVI Converter Male to Male Gold-Plated Cord 6 Feet Black Cable for Lenovo, Dell, HP and Other Brand By BENFEI
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7 DisplayPort to HDMI 10 Feet Cable, Benfei DisplayPort to HDMI Male to Male Adapter Gold-Plated Cord for Lenovo, HP, ASUS, Dell and Other Brand DisplayPort to HDMI 10 Feet Cable, Benfei DisplayPort to HDMI Male to Male Adapter Gold-Plated Cord for Lenovo, HP, ASUS, Dell and Other Brand By BENFEI
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8 DisplayPort Cable,Capshi 4K DP Cable Nylon Braided -(4K@60Hz, 1440p@144Hz) Display Port Cable Ultra High Speed DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable 6.6ft for Laptop PC TV etc- Gaming Monitor Cable (Grey) DisplayPort Cable,Capshi 4K DP Cable Nylon Braided -(4K@60Hz, 1440p@144Hz) Display Port Cable Ultra High Speed DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable 6.6ft for Laptop PC TV etc- Gaming Monitor Cable (Grey) By Capshi
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9 Active DP to HDMI, CableCreation 10ft DisplayPort to HDMI Cable, Support Eyefinity Multi-Screen, 4K & 3D Audio/Video Converter, 3M / Black Active DP to HDMI, CableCreation 10ft DisplayPort to HDMI Cable, Support Eyefinity Multi-Screen, 4K & 3D Audio/Video Converter, 3M / Black By CableCreation
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10 DisplayPort to DP 4K 60Hz 6 Feet Cable 2 Pack, Benfei DisplayPort to Display Port Male to Male Cable Gold-Plated Cord Compatible with Dell, HP, ASUS DisplayPort to DP 4K 60Hz 6 Feet Cable 2 Pack, Benfei DisplayPort to Display Port Male to Male Cable Gold-Plated Cord Compatible with Dell, HP, ASUS By BENFEI
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Top Customer Reviews: DisplayPort to HDMI ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Andrew
I upgraded my GPU to the 2080you the one who bad has lost my DVI port and I use HDMI that goes partorisca the surround receiver then a LG SMELL partorisca play normal. Partorisca VR Require your main exposure partorisca remain connected has used like this the dvi conversor. A port has been takes of the mine new GPU there is like this required something like this still could use my Oculus Rift

These works of adapter perfectly both partorisca video and audio. You are the good prize and an only thing would change can is would add braiding to a boss in a device. A smaller complaint especially considering a prize has paid.

Highly recommend this partorisca VR or other needs of adapter of the exposure.
5 / 5 Nery
Shopping this again!

Has bought this like this I recently upgraded to the pair of LG 32UD59-B 32-Thumb 4K monitors ( and have an old GTX-970 paper of video. A GTX 970 has dual DVI-D starts, a Displayport, and a HDMI. I have been using a DVI-D start with my monitors of old plus of DVI entrances, but 4k is not sustained with DVI-D.

Partorisca Run my new monitors, has required partorisca take two HDMI lines out of my GTX-970. A a native HDMI works well, and this adapter has done immediately in 4k when I have inserted among a Displayport exited and a HDMI line.

Has ordered the dual-monitor, quad HDMI port IOGear KVM. Once you arrive it it will update my description there is any subjects.
5 / 5 Carletta
The adapter adds of DisplayPort the HDMI, has bought he to be able to take use of a DisplayPort that my laptop of work has. Fact perfectly without any lag and with resolution of perfect screen.
5 / 5 Gwendolyn
My old setup was the Port of Exposure the DVI and then the DVI the SATA. Law a lot directly to a monitor. Has an old stereo auricular with hdmi that has loved to use to change among my laptop of work and my house pc. This setup gave the purplish maintained and the any apple very cleaned. This adapter has solved that @@subject and my new setup is doing adds. The picture is better that a Port of Exposure the DVI directly to a monitor, noticeably better.
4 / 5 Liza
Very good! Justo plugged in mine two HP Elitebook 840G2 and G3 and law instantly, resupplies but video and audio. I so only tried HD video because my portable the do not sustain 4K video
4 / 5 Carissa
I use this for my Oculus Rift headset when a HDMI in a paper of map to do for some reason. I have substituted a boss to a headset, new engine apresamientos, has gone back in old engine, changed all the classes of settings but sometimes a HDMI the just courses was and could any never imagine was way to the equal that have bought this and has been using this with a headset and has not had the question of then.
5 / 5 Hui
Utilisation this with a NVIDIA Picture K2200 paper of video and the SAMSUNG UN43MU630DFXZA has DIRECTED 4K 120 LADIES Full Web, 43' (Certificate Refurbished) like the monitor of computer.

In 3840 x 2160 / 30Hz, an image is absolutely fantastic. Images by heart and same text a lot well is flawless.
5 / 5 Major
Had the question with trying to drive the 4K the monitor that use a DisplayPort among a monitor and a Belkin Ray 3 cradle. Decided to use and HDMI 2 boss with this adapter and all some questions have been he was and like this now am driving 2x 4K 27inch LG the control uses a Belkin T3 cradle. Amur My setup.
5 / 5 Gerard
I have used this to convert DisplayPort the HDMI in mine GTX 1060 to the equal that can connect my TV. This released on a HDMI port so that it can spent in mine Oculus Rift. I have not used it likes him to him an adapter for a Rift like this apparently, the better rift with a real HDMI the port
5 / 5 Catharine
Purchased like an option to run both my Oculus Rift and TV of mine GTX 1070 with HDMI. I have used an adapter in a Rift and he have done perfectly.

Top Customer Reviews: Active DVI-D to VGA ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Lazaro
I have used this adapter partorisca give life to the mine old vga monitor. Some laws of monitor have tried like this a vga connection with some of the mine other computers, and is all has done well. Partorisca Some reason, when I use this adapter, take the static odd cycling, a picture among and era. He doesnt look his fraction in any way, this in spite of this question still persists. Outrage conceal, when it operates, work perfectly well. So only you wish it it was lasted more along that the few weeks. When it Operates, a quality of picture was indistinguishable of the solid vga the vga connection. Recommended? Any totally. It looks to be the bit of the bet or calm will not receive the working product. For 8 bucks, can be worth it to some. Any mine.

has received an email the week after posting this, and was appreciated to have received the substitution for my faulty has produced. I have received also the new vga boss, which was to the prize has comprised well , a lot thoughtful in his final. Have Still to use a vga boss, but my works of new adapter entirely well. Enormous thanks to a company to send the substitution, very happy in a quality of a product. Still it wishes I didnt has to that take the substitution, how is taken the moment for me to take a second monitor on and when being announces that I need to do, but have the second monitor this in spite of.
5 / 5 Duncan
Still it uses the Sony G520 CRT monitor partorisca gaming in my computer. Please does not laugh ...
Prefers because of a total lack of image lag and the perfect black levels near resupplied me iwhile gaming.
My Sony G520 do fault very in fact a lot of years until me recently upgraded my paper of video of the GTX 770 to the GTX 1070.

Everything of some papers of video have used in a past 10 years have had an analog to begin as it has left a G520 partorisca show images properly in a lot of different resolutions. I have it quell'has used always a 1600x1200 setting.

Now, looks Nvidia and AMD has abandoned an equivalent DVI I exited in his papers of current video. A DVI D start together with Displayport and HDMI is some begins in fact. All digital starts.

Has tried this DVI D to VGA adapter in a GTX 1070 to the mine Sony G520 and has not been happy with some machineries have exhibited in a 1600x1200 setting. In a 1280x1024 setting, an image was a lot. The question is, prefers to touch games in a main resolution. A refresh the tax in both resolutions was 85hz but some machineries have exhibited in 1600x1200 was partorisca distract to ignore.

So many , basically this adapter partially does properly in the pair of some lower resolutions.
In my chance, some options of resolution this adapter has resupplied was a lot of limiting.
Worse of everything, no adapted properly a sweet resolution this looks to control more in, which is 1600x1200 in 85hz

Some other components in mine gaming the rigs is as follows:

EVGA X58 3xSLI motherboard.
Intel I7 920 CPU overclocked To 3.6 ghz.
Skill of G Ripjaws DDR 3 12gb
Corsair 650 watt PS.
Windows 7 Definite 64 BIT.

BTW. This is to consider a “system ” of old computer for today of levels , but still has abundance to compute has beaten to touch current or new emission games.
4 / 5 Candy
The grandson has required to hook on his second old monitor to his 1050 paper of map and he no active VGA like his monitor but DVI, as I have taken this DVI to VGA adapter/of conversor. He hooked the all arrive and work like the charm, does not say any question. Now it can use 2 monitors when it is gaming now.
4 / 5 Alana
I have had questions taking the DVI-D to RGB CONNECTOR to operate with the dual connection that careers a ACER exposure and the small CONSENT the TV FOCUSED VGA gone in of my PC Nvidia 1050 pcb. Until, I plugged a BENFEI ADAPTER To the PAPERS of VIDEO DVI-D connector And A 10FT RGB boss to another finalise which goes to a Consent 27 TV of thumb.

Shows clearly. Any jitter, the lines or the itinerant pixels are looked to be recalibrated with my hammer of pixel.

Very a lot to say but do very real. Oh Joy! My investigation is on.

The global quality of an adapter was very good. You recommend this product...
5 / 5 Melony
It can be something wrong. Taken this conversor to connect the new nVidia gt 1030 GPU to one that exists Dell VGA monitor. A monitor has been doing in 1920x1200 for on 5 yrs.

Are the Linux desk user. Any Window.

After connecting this adapter, so only 1920x1080 rests for a nvidia engine. Ossia Reason an adapter EDID the main resolution is 1920x1080. It debugs way, a nvidia exited of engine all a EDID information that this adapter resupplies. Basically, has resolutions of 1920x1080 down. At all main, like this nVidia GPUs will not use any resolution that is not resupplied by a EDID information. I have been stuck for the few weeks in 1080.

Has used another computer has connected to a monitor in VGA to the equal that has done in 1200p resolution partorisca pull a EDID given directly of a monitor. I have taken that die and place he to a computer in the binary/raw file and found a nvidia option of engine for the use. Quell'Conceals has not done. It looks nvidia trusts the which a hardware says on anything resupplied in a CustomEDID setting of a file.

Has maintained to look for the solution. In an end, has had to say a nvidia paper to ignore a HW-resupplied EDID die, uses a customEDID settings, and setup some highly concrete soyodelines' for each resolution has loved to sustain. Basically, a monitor, this adpapter and my computer is extremely closely coupled near now.
For more going this in spite of this, a xorg the options would owe that customise is: Horizsync, VertRefresh, Modeline (I has 10 entrances for these), CustomEDID, and
the option soyodeValidation' 'NoExtendedGpuCapabilitiesCheck'

after forcing all these overrides, a EDID for my monitor has been used and 1920x1200p the resolution is doing. They are fearful to stick too many details, reasons is highly unlikely that any more would have a same paper, same monitor, with one same timings. Using one wrong timings can hurt the monitor. I have not tried all some valid ways, but 1920x1200 is doing amiably.
[ ] (II) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Way '1920x1200_60' is valid.
[ ] (II) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Way '1280x960_60' is valid.
[ ] (II) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Way '1280x1024_60' is valid.
[ ] (II) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Way '1600x1200_60' is valid.
[ ] (II) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Way '1680x1050_60' is valid.
[ ] (II) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Way '1920x1080_60' is valid.
[ ] (II) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Way '640x480_60' is valid.
[ ] (II) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Way '800x600_60' is valid.
[ ] (II) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Way '1024x768_60' is valid.
Much more the resolution/of ways are listed like invalid now:
[ ] (WW) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Way '800x600_56' is invalid.
[ ] (WW) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Way '800x600_60' is invalid.
[ ] (WW) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Way '800x600_72' is invalid.
[ ] (WW) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Way '800x600_75' is invalid.
[ ] (WW) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Way '800x600_85' is invalid.
[ ] (WW) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Way '1024x768_87i' is invalid.
[ ] (WW) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Way '1024x768_60' is invalid.
[ ] (WW) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Way '1024x768_70' is invalid.
[ ] (WW) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Way '1024x768_75' is invalid.
[ ] (WW) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Way '1024x768_85' is invalid.
[ ] (WW) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Way '1152x864_75' is invalid.
[ ] (WW) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Way '1280x960_60' is invalid.
[ ] (WW) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Way '1280x960_85' is invalid.
[ ] (WW) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Way '1280x1024_60' is invalid.
[ ] (WW) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Way '1280x1024_75' is invalid.
[ ] (WW) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Way '1280x1024_85' is invalid.
[ ] (WW) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Way '1600x1200_60' is invalid.
[ ] (WW) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Way '1600x1200_65' is invalid.
[ ] (WW) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Way '1600x1200_70' is invalid.
But has bet all a 60hz the ways could be forced with mine Dell monitor.

Resumid: I wish a correct EDID has been gone through half of of a VGA monitor so that any of some extra steps has required has had to be taken. OTOH, Once again, a flexibility of Linux has left the determinate end-user to fulfil something unexpected.
5 / 5 Chun
It take this adapter to be able to rid start of two modern GPUs (neither duquel there is VGA) to the monitor that has a HDMI gone in and a VGA gone in.

With one of a GPUs (a RX 580 that careers in Ubuntu Linux), a black picture was half of paralizaciones the second each pocolos small, and then gone back. When I have changed an adapter on to another GPU (another RX 580 that careers in of the Windows), look to do well.

Like the device is picky roughly something, but does not have does a work has required to imagine was if it is an exact refresh imposed, or some difference among some papers of video in his capacities of delivery of the can on DVI, or a AMD engine of Linux that something wrong, or that. I any one anything to deliberately try press it further 60 Hz in mine 1080p resolution.
4 / 5 Mirian
Plugged He in and he immediately connected with the picture adds. Done add until until a computer has been to sleep. When Has wake on a computer a monitor has not been recognised. If I disconnect/reconnect any final of an adapted a monitor is still any one has recognised. I have required to entirely disconnect an adapter in both ends then reconnect he to control to be recognised again. I have looked for to scan for new devices in manager of device but has not done. This spends everytime a computer goes to sleep. Probably send it behind and try something more. Too bad, of then adds when it operates.
4 / 5 Madelyn
Well, in the first place it was a lot usually write descriptions but of then take like this adapters to choose of are have to that especially yes is struggling to discover that it do for you. It was upgrading the monitor of my dad setup of two to three that was it a max his EVGA GT710 the paper would sustain. Have @@give Our third monitor he DELL 24' has there was so only VGA/DP port available. A GPU has had so only a DVI-D available unless knots reconfigured spending. I have looked for far and width for the legit adapter that has had DVI-D start of a GPU to VGA of then tried to minimise cost so only that uses which have had manually.

I gotta say at the beginning was skeptical in a quality and if it acts to consider has remarked to plot other adapters had fallen averts quite quickly or the operation prendió simply. This one feels likes is built to last and quite durable also. One the majority of the what of entity is DONE with absolutely questions of zeros. If you are looking for the DVI-D adapter to VGA this one will take a work done pertinent, looks any order further this one.

GPU Is exited DVI-D to the VGA monitor. Work!
5 / 5 Linnea
Of then I have the VGA monitor and a GPU in both of my computers (any, the a lot of run he by means of a motherboard) any natively support VGA, has required an adapter for both. A last an I taken (any of this vendor and no a same product) felt the little flimsy. This thing feels sure, and feels well has built. A DVI-D boss was very easy to ensure to a GPU DVI-D port. A VGA the boss is also ensure although you have to it presionar really and apply force to do sure among fully. Still then he no quite go down all a way, but any question like this far.

Regarding a real quality of this element in practical, looks to do usually. An adapter and a whole boss that heads to a monitor a lot of wiggle and a quality of picture is expected like this.

In general, produces very solid. I will update this if anything goes bad with him.
4 / 5 Robin
Ossia Exactly that thinks that is. It take exactly that has loved.

Ossia He DVI -D to VGA. It means have DVI-D in your paper of video and VGA in your monitor. DVI-D is a DVI boss without an extra prongs around a wide plus prong.

Does not feel flimsy, has a right weight. The a short cord in an adapter are to add reasons otherwise the 4 thumbs of the connectors that is exited a backside of your computer. An agreement transfers an additional hookup to be in-line with an agreement. I will be to buy another .

Top Customer Reviews: HDMI to VGA, Benfei ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Erwin
My old VGA boss with a VGA-HDMI the adapter there is prendido partorisca do. After purchasing this HDMI to VGA boss my monitor now does well. Ossia partorisca The Computer that has a HDMI port and the control which there is VGA.
5 / 5 Lani
I have required this partorisca gaming of my Transmission to the VGA (Way of PC) of HDMI. The ones of way that far has tried it on 4 TVs in my house and no on two of them but he does in two. Now in an of this data endures TVs an image no rule properly of a same vertical space when regulating low settings etc but another looks perfect! Like six some works of boss is that I am taking in. That has bought really he partorisca this I so that it can touch my Transmission in a real Dell Monitor in work during my hour of the lunch and I can try that tonight. Our monitors do not have HDMI but only VGA and DP. DP No when that goes of HDMI the DP so that it is the no, and downside the VGA is does not spend audio but a headphone jack in a law to Change still in docked way.

During mine 4 test of television and of a two this has done, there is not remarked any entrance lag anything. I am using to 3rd party mini cradle and HDMI the VGA Adapter on that this in spite of any lag. This can differ when tentativa in work. Tried in work without the subjects except a monitor has accepted so only 720p and the way has aimed no sustained until I am gone down a resolution of start in my Transmission.

BTW, These works of boss because has a digital to chip of conversor of him equivalen has built his. Any all the bosses of this type do so it maintains that in alcohol. The meaning no without some class of adapter of conversion. Also to the equal that have mentioned on, VGA does not spend an audio signals like this this can not be partorisca all of you.

Update: work partorisca my monitor of work BUT a lot at the beginning. I have had to that change some settings of resolution of Car to 720p and work. Now I think that it that it can of state reason two of mine TVs has not relieved a signal. I later found that one of the mine no sustained TVs has done in fact the work but he apparently so only takes VGA in in 480p.

Anyways Touches so only well without LAG that could relieve. It was to take another for the partner in the moment.

So that he this work but your needs can vary and can no for you but calm tin a lot necessarily blame a boss. All the devices are different like this lower a resolution to start with if your exposure does not take it .
5 / 5 Beatriz
Bought the new laptop and has wanted to use older/a lot of monitor of the main video. A monitor has the VGA covers it and a new laptop so only there is HDMI spent. This VGA to HDMI the boss returns a bill and the law adds.

Produced of the vendor distributed in the price adds and with fast delivery. To good sure use this vendor again.
5 / 5 Pandora
Purchased this partorisca my edges, as it can take an old pc monitor partorisca use with his xbox in the house of the partner. It has not done at the beginning but it goes down it a Xbox resolution partorisca begin a trick partorisca an old monitor. The law of boss adds and is of big quality.
5 / 5 Lakeisha
Has a projector of the oldest model that does not have a HDMI connection and the all in a computer that dies not having the VGA connection. Well This HDMI to VGA the boss is the saver of life . I have had the presentation partorisca do and this boss have treated perfectly.
The quality of video adds and quality of sound.
Exceptional roduct.
5 / 5 Ladonna
When I have begun partorisca look in the system of projector of the substitution partorisca my church expsita that has required partorisca use both HDMI and put you of video in my desktop computer to even the try. Of a port is HDMI the would not use it , has required the conversor to trun he the VGA, which operates. As I have found this boss, bought it here and installed the. Now I can do in a system before buying the VGA And able of the spend on to a projector.
The product adds, exactly that has required. Delivery very punctual, could not be pleased more.
5 / 5 Miranda
Originally I have purchased VGA to boss of HTML and is spent several days that tries hacerprpers work and has included enlisted a help of a Community of Amazon. Any regime, can not relieve a monitor. I have begun then read a specs on and on. Soyoment Of light bulb' and there is give has required HTML the VGA. Ordered your product, has connected some bosses and mine monitor very main fact with my new laptop. Note partorisca agree: Monitor New to need of old laptop VGA the HTML. New laptop to precise old Monitor HTML to VGA bosses
5 / 5 Richard
Game and Spent so only. Installation very simple. Boss very Elegant. Work like this expected and pixels very clear and of-qualities of his of the course is really orders. I will be partorisca buy a more collected partorisca mine another TV
5 / 5 Layla
I have bought the laptop and has wanted to connect my monitor of the his main screen so the second monitor. I have required the boss to do this connection - HDMI the VGA (male to male), 6 boss of feet. Ossia That I orderly and ossia that have taken. Work so that it expect. I have not had any question that connects a monitor to the mine portable like this now have two monitors. It likes.
5 / 5 Rikki
Bought this when sostenimiento of PC said that it can be a hdmi to vga the adapter has used that he my resolution blurry. Substituted that together-arrive (VGA to Adapter to HDMI port in laptop) with this cord. Initially any difference - but one fijamente was in fact partorisca regulate a monitor to the different setting - YOU and GPU the adjustments had not directed partorisca control this thinks?

To all the cost, has maintained a cord of any adapter is purportedly better - now a picture could be clearer of the mine DVI to HDMI monitor (those careers by means of the cradle). Perhaps a cord is partorisca regulate? The price is reasonable like costs peace of the manuf. Partorisca Take to the approximations to stage in the first place with east...

Top Customer Reviews: DisplayPort to DVI ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Gussie
Ordered the pair of these partorisca my paper of new map that so only offered HDMI and port of Exposure. These are gone in quickly and is exactly as it has described. Celery very done and look looked the versions in a lot of main cost. It likes that of these have the mechanism partorisca close in both ends like this his no accidently take pulled out of a port. They have left some monitors have turned well on without subjects. Highly recommended!
5 / 5 Maureen
I have had an old Dell WD15 and was able to connect any question. Taken the new Lattitude and has has had to that upgrade to a WD19 partorisca an extra power but partorisca continue to run dual monitors. So only 1 HDMI, so need to take this exposure port connector. It takes 2, there is 2 space partorisca he, but I so only reused my DVI the HDMI partorisca another. The works add. Súper Fast 1 nave of day and near simple up! You love it! Thank you Partorisca Spend my backside of dual monitors.
5 / 5 Elli
I have purchased 2 of these partorisca go with the new docking canal that had not built in DVI ports, so only VGA and 2 put you of exposure. There is at all elegant or exciting partorisca say in these, so only does well. I hooked his up without any subjects.

Look of decent quality. Any slightly holes of offset, any cutting was when clashed. They have closed firmly situate when inserted to a port and does not cause a screen to flicker when wiggled neither the fall was. One of them are attached to the 6 ft DVI boss and does not look partorisca be that it causes any loss.

Can not testify to the very resist until the abuse or the be has spent around in the stock exchange. These are in mine docking canal and so only will be moved around if I rearrange my office. Partorisca To the this look of purpose likes will be perfect.

Am using these partorisca a laptop of office like this the will not be able to revise that well do for use of big action.
4 / 5 Gertude
I have had the exposure of dual monitor with my old PC but that one has died. I have built the new PC but some ports of graphic had changed on some last 10 years (I know). As I have required partorisca be able covers it my DVI monitor to a DP port. I took the small to learn that it is but this was a response . Game and covers simple and now have the functional dual exposure again. It can buy another monitor reason has another port.

Him him A lot of upgraded in awhile and are taste, of this probably will be your response.
4 / 5 Palmira
Recently active experience aa computer with graphic options of HDMI or DisplayPort, was in the loss of mine monitor has taken so only HDMI and DVI. HDMI Does not leave partorisca resolution like this big to the equal that have wanted and thought that it would have to that purchase the new monitor with DisplayPort capacity....

Stops less than $ 10, was able to use this with my DVI boss and take a resolution there is wanted. Awesome!
5 / 5 Shanae
Any one a lot to say in of the this. The law adds. An accuracy by heart and crispness is better that my second, the identical monitor that use VGA (does not have any a lot of election with like this some monitors are wired in the work of some bosses is routed by means of a mountain and office). An aim is whiter that a VGA the monitor and a text is easier that read.
4 / 5 Reed
This does like this as well as any expensive mark there but has saved the plot of money I never listened of this mark but am very happy has tried was my original adapter has broken on me And the but has not wanted to spend of the money in another expensive one has found like this this and I am happy work like this well am very happy
5 / 5 Rona
has ordered the dvi to vga boss, unfortunately has to that no @to @give there are several types of dvi and a boss has not been compatible with my monitor, THIS PRODUCT has solved my questions to use a boss to exist with this adapter. Alive saver, thank you. Also the adapter resembles done a lot well.
4 / 5 Venita
Bought the new Dell with the docking port. While a computer still has VGA port (probably to hook until projectors) a new Universal Cradle so only has 2 displayport and a HDMI ports. Of the mine monitor has had so only DVI connections have required this adapter. Much more economic that other adapters there but these do well without any subjects.
4 / 5 Douglass
The creation adds for this adapter. A boss among a Displayport the end and a DVI well is roughly 9 thumbs, which leaves for the easiest placing and any pinched bosses. A quality of build looks very solid, with the thickness but flexible boss and good boss final fact. The action has been perfect. Any complaint at all! The value adds for a prize.

Top Customer Reviews: AmazonBasics ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
The laws of cape so described, but remark concealed is joined-directional. Work with DisplayPort as beginning and HDMI likes entrance. It is described in this way also, but my case of the use has feigned was an opposite. The May HAS LISTENED of the-translation of road for signals of digital video, but this investigation is a case . I have verified this has done well of the Dell that canal of cradles (DisplayPort) in the Dell 4K exposure (using HDMI entrance). Using a DisplayPort has entered in a monitor and HDMI beginning in the laptop has not done. Any deducting stars of an indication because of my lack to learn in a reverse any acting, but writing this description in a hope that prevents more concealed to find the similar subject.
1 / 5
Desprs Wasting The tonne of time fiddling with east and he no acting at all, issues aimed in a fund of a description of element, mentions that is to say the cape unidirecional (source of video displayport, fate hdmi). I have required to connect with an opposite polarity.

The May HAS LISTENED of the cape unidirecional, as any one has thought included to verify. These necessities to be the clearest road -- so in, prominently in a title of element.
5 / 5
The decrease of long history, that is to say the cape . It researches very be-fact and work, which are all one can ask of the cape, like this some five stars.

For purposes of context, has used this cape to substitute a combination of a HDMI cape, and the DisplayPort in HDMI dongle, to connect a DisplayPort exited of video of my computer in a HDMI entered of my monitor has DIRECTED. It have been having intermittent problems with a monitor blanking was or missing synchronises, as well as startup the pending delays of the that the windows have looked for to be looking for something, so much duquel has looked for to be related in a dongle; as I have decided to try this cape instead. Look has resolved both quite a lot of problems amiably. Yay!

While Read through some descriptions, even so, has remarked that some people have said this no apt cape, has not done, or has reduced a resolution of video. I create the majority of these folks has bought simply a wrong cape. I left me the flavour simplifies the things bit it.

1. This cape is designed to connect the full-sized DisplayPort exited (for example, in the computer) in the full-sized HDMI entered (for example, in the monitor, television, or projector). If it conceal it is not that it is trying to do, then that is to say a wrong cape since you.

2. A source (for example, the computer) has to be DisplayPort, and a fate (for example, the monitor) has to be HDMI. He no in an opposite direction. In geekspeak, that is to say the cape unidirecional , no the bidirectional unit

3. If you are running your exposure in 4K/UHD (3840 x 2160), then this cape is not that necessity. 4K Requires a HDMI 1.4 cape. This cape is estimated only to do in of the resolutions until FHD (1920x1080).

At the end, please notes that no precise the DisplayPort in HDMI dongle uses this cape. These substitutes of cape so much a dongle and a cape. So that it calm at present it is using dongle / combination of cape, taken so much before installing this cape.

5 / 5
He no for the this has required, but has not ordered a right cord. These only laws with a DisplayPort likes source of video and a HDMI as beginning. He no one another road around. This be has said, was the cord of quality that has done very when it has used the properly. It estimates a prize if your source of video is the Displayport
5 / 5
AmazonBasics DisplayPort In HDMI Cape - 15 Feet

Update: July 23, 2018
For Navidad, 2017 took the Chromecast like the present. It IS ecstatic, while I thought that it would be able to the mark has been with this cape for sake. At the beginning, has the time takes concealed takes it to do reliably. But law through web pages of the tips at the end have taken work. But it is not reliable. A problem with one Chromecast is time when some stutters of picture, for frequently, or just freezings for sake. - All while a video is aiming properly in my laptop. I tried it at all it can resolve these subjects. Any one another the wireless device in my house has connectivity or throughput subject, as I think that that a real problem is that Chromecast is even more left in early adopters, or used in of the situations where other solutions are not practical.

For me, an inferior line is a Chromecast is now in the the drawer and I are returned to use this cape. That the joy is to have reliable streaming in my television again. No more freezings of picture, and a video he cleansing of same looks. Posing a cape has been after each use is to inconvenience very minor that considers an aggravation of rebooting a Chromecast or restarting Google Chroma in some hopes to take by behind a video in my television. Of course in a while, it has been missing one streaming has contained.

Inferior line: That is to say the cape of quality even so highly it recommend it!

Update: December 7, 2017
has been using this cape for enough 11 month and he have lined up well. And that is to say in spite of a fact has trace and uncoiled he a lot of time the week to connect my television and portable. Cape very good and highly recommended.

Leaves 31, 2017
That is to say the thickness and looks and robust cape to be very well has done. They use during several months without subjects, and expect he in of the last a lot of years.
5 / 5
Bought the new computer that has had 2 HDMI ports. I have been excited so that I imagined it would do it easy to pose in 2 instrument of monitor. It was easy, and the law adds, until I have run in the glitch with Lightroom (the photo that edits). It results that or HDMI the port has been connected in my card of map, and an another HDMI the port has been connected in my processor (integrated map).

Lightroom Requires so many monitors to operate out of a same card, as I have required the new solution. Of my card of map has had multiple DisplayPorts, has used only this cape to connect in a HDMI ports in mine 2 monitors. The works add!

5 / 5
I have purchased this cape so that my new computer does not have a HDMI the quite a lot of port has it DisplayPort. Therefore I have required the DisplayPort has been in HDMI in cape or the DisplayPort in HDMI adapter while I have not been sure cual has required. I have taken the casualidad and has purchased this cape in some wait that this would do for my setup. Quan I in the first place plugged this cape in my HP mini computer and my Asus monitor, spent the very odd glitch and has believed at the beginning that this was a wrong cape . Quan I in the first place plugged this cape in, has taken at all but static in my monitor when I in the first place powered a computer on. I have resolved this subject to change a source of entrance of a monitor then changing it behind in an entrance that a computer has been connected in. This subject still spends from time to time but since is able to clear a static and take the picture but that changes an entrance then changing it behind in an entrance that a computer is connected in. I am not sure why this arrives but is backing in a possibility that has the very small incompatibility subject among my Asus monitor and my HP mini computer.
5 / 5
I connect my Windows 10 Professional HP Elitebook 2570p portable in the docking marries of canal. A docking the canal there has been the VGA the port connected in the 22' monitor. An exposure of the monitor there was perceivable shimmering. I have substituted a monitor with the 22' the television monitor connected in a same VGA port. Still, same problem, although no so bad. I have purchased an Amazon Basics DisplayPort in HDMI cape, connecting he in a DisplayPort in a backside of a docking canal, and what that in a HDMI port in a television. Utmost results! A shimmering is gone, a picture is sensibly better and more responsive. It was the good solution for my particular configuration and squad.
1 / 5
I have required HDMI of my laptop to Aim port in my monitor. It was in the bond and hurriedly has found this option so that the bubbles of amazon his options in a cup. I have paid extra for delivery of same day. This cape (how another describes in his writeups) is only a road: port of Exposure in HDMI. The May HAS LISTENED never of the same before and has paid a prize. It writes to reinforce that this cape no HDMI to Aim port.

Top Customer Reviews: BENFEI DisplayPort ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Valentina
I have purchased initially this cord so that it was a less expensive option in the amazon but this has not been the case to take that decrees of paid. He plugged in perfectly in both finals with the sake snug returns those aims any sign of wiggling loose, a built in the rays were a perfect period to line he in place (compared in some that is to say far too very time or two down so basically useless), and a colour and the exposure in my monitor is exactly well. It buys this cord again in the heartbeat.
5 / 5 Alease
My Undertaken-attach Lattitude E5440 has any problem that recognises an old more Optiquest monitor of LCD with the DVI connection, saw a DisplayPort connection in a port replicator. The looks of stable picture and is recognised every time in startup. It takes this since does not want any unattractive DisplayPort in DVI dongle hangs of a backside of my port replicator. The cape is quality of typical cape and would have to survive a typical abuse of the cape of monitor. It opens All the world in of the works is jealous of mine 3 monitor setup!
1 / 5 Linwood
Quan New has taken 1900 x 1200 but a screen has been moved down so hardly could see a bar of task. Then in the pair of the months not even give mine 1900 x 1200 resolution. Quan Circle HMMI directs there is not any problem. Even more wierd is concealed to give me 1280x1024 resolution, but only yes run in a beginning of my KVM change. Executing these allocutions in a computer gives a lot of worse results. Test with the multiple computers that comprises Windows 10, Window 7, and Ubuntu. If has the monitor of low resolution, or yes only does not know quite a lot of resolutions of monitor, can think that is doing since you, but is not .
4 / 5 Monroe
That is to say more than my deception so that I any one reads carefully enough, is doing anything 60hz, will be well. If has big refresh the controls to record this continues that, a lot he same looks in of the parameters anymore. Each what quite even so.
1 / 5 Angelo
And it uses this cape for mine very-monitor setup and serve his purpose for the month and the half and seeds a monitor has begun flickering, has thought was a monitor and has changed goes for the small plus an and a subject persists, this is not the cape of the quality and he will not last you , and any reccomend buys this concrete mark
5 / 5 Shona
I have required three adapters of cape for my triple monitor gaming the squad and these looked perfect. I have not been bad. They have done perfectly without problems. It covers only 'n Game. A lot of people could think: but you would have to have pay more for better capes... Well, these capes are for the three monitor gaming PC that never go to be moved of this place , as some capes will not suffer harm by movement. Purchase again and can recommend the in any partner.
5 / 5 Bertha
My dual monitors are older and does not have exposure port interfaces. Of a lot of some cards of the new video only has or DVI port, has been postponing that it updates my card of video. These works of cape of the adapter perfectly! He same work with my native resolution of 1920x1200. I am very happy with him.
5 / 5 Ngoc
Any a lot of to say in these except that they were economic and work while it announces. I have purchased three of these to attach in a EVGA 2080 RTX. Some capes have substituted any quite apt likes to shroud plastics around a connector impeded some capes to seat properly. Taken near in an hour to diagnose a subject that comprising updating automotive and all the classes of configuration. In a final, resulted some capes were only the or so more the superficial millimetre like the has not seated properly. I have bought these, is arrived a next day, and immediately on connecting them stops above a control all is gone in life .
4 / 5 Hunter
In five minutes to take a cape -- was installed and fact while it promise.

My suggestion is to change some rays to tense with the void in an end to tense with the slotted-engine of ray of flat cover. Quan In the something tight In the something thicknesses and tight toes a void done the difference for ease of installation or scrolling. Amur otherwise And would buy again need .
1 / 5 Danette
It tries this cape with in the projectors of dozen and different monitors with the success of scratch estimates so far. Felizmente Has another cape of the different manufacturer this has done 100% of a time, which say me to us is not mine another train, but is this cape . The desire could say the different history, has taken perhaps a 'lucky' a, but was DONA.

Top Customer Reviews: DisplayPort to HDMI ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Asley
Partorisca Attention to the as this does. Clearly it says DisplayPort the HDMI, no another way around. I can testify that it does not spend a HDMI signal to the DisplayPort in mine Dell Monitor (assuming a boss is a lot). I have not paid next attention to a description and has thought could go of a HDMI is exited in my system of surveillance of the video to a DisplayPort in mine monitor. He no in this way. I know a HDMI port in some works of system of the yes connected surveillance to the monitor with a HDMI gone in. In an of some questions has asked in this product, a response is, 'A half use will be DisplayPort the HDMI signal. You can require take a HDMI to DisplayPort conversor. Flipping This boss around can any one a trick.' And apparently in my chance he no a trick to the equal that can does not be missing a boss so that it is not feigned partorisca do. I gave it 5 stars have based in a packaging and appearance of a boss. It looks quality but buyer beware and use he partorisca he is feigned purpose. A bit map in some photos of the element still tip a direction, HDMI The DisplayPort.
4 / 5 Filiberto
I have purchased this product because I have thought a computer I bought has not had a hdmi is exited that has required partorisca do with my TV that am using like the monitor. This in spite of, a computer has has had to that done a hdmi is exited as I have not required partorisca use this product and so it can not revise that well laws. A reason partorisca this description is that I have been contacted by this company partorisca follow up in mine compraventa partorisca see yes was happy or has required any assistance. This mine is service of the client adds and because of this I felt a company would owe that receive the positive critique and I would be comfortable doing with them again in a future.
4 / 5 Anneliese
Very satisfied. The value adds for a prize while your computer has the Port of Exposure is exited, and wants to connect your monitor by means of HDMI. I have used he with the HP Elite 8200 SFF desktop computer. It leaves resolution of full monitor and was an improvement in VGA.
5 / 5 Desirae
You look to buy bosses more expensive and could not justify an additional pricing. A calm only way potentially would remark the difference in quality is has had 2 side of monitors for the side that use some different bosses. And it has included then probably there is not the difference. These bosses were a perfect period for my dual screen setup in my office of corner.
4 / 5 Buffy
We require this boss on warns quite short so that we could the to us use to show a start of the ours streaming Software of server of Open Emission (OBS) to the adapter of secondary monitor so that we could use a video still feeds in-house.

A boss has arrived immediately, the quality of build was excellent and work with our setup without subjects. Certainly you buy they again.
5 / 5 Herta
Has numerous bosses of different classes. I have ordered these he so that it can do of house. His perfectly. Thank you For the product adds.

5 / 5 Carmela
A boss was exactly that has required to connect a HDMI monitor of television to mine desk. While I have had it DisplayPort adapter already, is to the VGA port in a monitor this in spite of has not been to clear enough for me to see without my glasses. Now I can regulate a resolution to multiple settings like this now can see a monitor clearly without glasses. It was not that another has had to that complain roughly, but this was so only that has required! Thank you, Benfei!
4 / 5 Demetra
Has the vga boss to an old monitor and has used this one to connect to the mine digital monitor new. Using the adapter of boss of the breaking so only mirrored an exposure. The separate bosses leave me to leave screen.
4 / 5 Aide
A process to order and the time take to receive an element was to add, for this some 5 stars. I can not comment in a product of then has not been a correct boss has required.
5 / 5 Mariela
I am using this cord to connect my gaming computer to mine 1080p 50 TV of thumb. A port of exposure is connected to a computer and a HDMI side to a backside of a TV. The quality of picture is utmost. Thickness Well to a boss for durability.

Top Customer Reviews: DisplayPort ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Daina
That is to say the add looking cape and research to be very very done, this be has said, and can not take more concealed 75hz in 1080p. Screen flickers besides there useable in anything main that 75hz. Very disappointed.

Edita: they achieved it it was and it is routing the substitution. Update after or taken here but and is impressed with his service of client so far.

Edits 2: cape of the substitution routed out of free of the load and he utmost. Thank you!!
2 / 5 Errol
Running 2560x1440x144Hz. First cape done by quite a lot of 2 months begun to experience a flickering another has informed. Capshi Routed Me Two substitutions and they flickered of a beginning and has not done never. Behind in an also-low OEM cape that is coming with my monitor until I can find the better unit Too bad so that with a braided the cape and the connectors of metal have wanted like this cape.

EDITA: At least his service of client is punctual and useful - offered to substitute or good repayment after I have published this description.

EDITS 2 (3/12/19): A continuous company the road me the emails that ask me to change my description am satisfied with a substitution. It suffices to say will not change my description - only will attach in him (like this update). Obviously they are very conscious of his image of description and while has the pleasant experience with his service of client, has not had never the cape of them concealed has done properly, as I will not be changing my description.
5 / 5 Sharon
I have bought recently he for my new dual monitor setup. Pluggged In the subjects have had already with one of some capes. Any one a cape has a monitor to direct of the subject, or only some problems of cape. Contacted a manufacturer in a subject. Although a primary response has taken some time, otherwise after it was hurriedly. They have required some evidence in a subject, once objective. Hurriedly They routed the relacement, any question has asked. A new substitution has done well and doing adds.
1 / 5 Lara
As it use it this cape for the few weeks and seeds all a sudden a screen flicker nonstop each which how 1 in 2 minutes. Revoked some connections, crossed all my parameters, at all would fix it. I have finished to buy the generic 1.2 DP Port cape of one 99c tent and wa the, impulse-fixed. The majority of some descriptions was well in of the this and liked me one issues a cape was clean and elegant look . Compared in other marks in a signal to price this cape by far looks some better, some connections look clean, sleeving is perfect, but a quality is rubbishes evidentially. Justo odd takes time in operation of just decree. Taking it casualidad and see that it spends. It goes to order another DP 1.4 cape but for now one 99c the special tent is doing a trick.
5 / 5 Leonora
I have had only this for the few days like the can not say how long lines up in a long career, but research to be quality very big and the laws add with my dual 1080p monitor setup. I have not used he for anything more but is although it retreat 4K if never decide use he in a future.

A braided the cape is worth it. Any rigid cord to enter a road covers it he in in of the odd angles. Less tension in some cords and easier to guide through slope of the places up.

Some connectors also look for to be very has done. Some low quality ones have used in a past listens likes him is to ail streaky together and can leave opened easily. Also they have a troubling tab that attaches the volume and he takes them to limit in. This a does not look to have any one of these subjects. Value 5 stars.
5 / 5 Rivka
Only it take it the cape of the substitution and he are doing utmost. No more interference of Bluetooth, and mine 4k the monitor is running with the 60 Hz refresh tax.

Anterior description: Some works of cape well with mine 4k monitor and research to be the flexible cape very done. An only problem has is that while a cape is using everything of my Bluetooth the devices lose his connections. Quan Unplugs A cape, everything of my Bluetooth the devices restore his connections. It substitutes a cape with the different mark and everything are doing he so has to. I suspect that my cape is bad has protected.
5 / 5 Prince
The cross or no, finding the cape of port of the exposure that can do 144hz 1080P gaming is quite cry it. Each cape so far aimed in stuttering of game in my gaming monitor. Once this cape was plugged in, has uploaded the game.. And . Any stuttering.
Has taken issues also long to find a solution in this cape.
Will update some months as I flavour me further and abuses this cape.
1 / 5 Katrina
This cape that am add, robust and reliable. Alas it is not any a lot of things.

Took it more or he less done 2 month and begun to have problems the week.

Has built my computer mid-December and has the double monitor setup. My card of map has 1 port for HDMI and 1 port for Displayport. I have had already a HDMI cape and has bought this Displayport cape. All was very at the beginning until a day, mid-games my screen was black. I thought it could be it a card of map and the he so raisin that requires an update in an engine but a problem have persisted included after an update. I have changed a HDMI and a Displayport capes in some monitors and he are spent to do. A problem has persisted for weeks now and always in a monitor that has a Displayport the cape has connected.

A shame that a cape is very unreliable so that it look it very good and when being adds also. I go it to exchange today and see that it spends with a nine unit will update if a problem persists.
5 / 5 Twana
The quality of a braided the cape is excellent, with some finals this research to be the gold plated. Some finals is come with well to cover protective, and a quality of finals was on way and apt snugly when plugged in some sockets of port of the exposure. He experimented any static or another interference in my new exposure when using a cape. It considers the to be the good purchase.
5 / 5 Glennis
Well Solid DisplayPort cape v1.4 For 4K monitors. A braided the cape is flexible and easy to use. The connectors are carried basic and properly in (not closing ). The mine is doing fantastically to connect a NVidea GTX 1070 card in the BenQ 3270 4K monitor.

Top Customer Reviews: Active DP to HDMI, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Maryjo
Any sure because all the world is complaining. A law of boss adds, has not had any one issues anything. Of course, I will update if these transmissions, but I the doubt .

Thinks the subject of some people could be that so only are taking a wrong product. This boss needs a source partorisca be DisplayPort. For that, means that a port in your computer or of the needs of paper of the map partorisca be a DisplayPort side, while a monitor or need of television to be a HDMI side.
5 / 5 Gus
We purchase two of these bosses. They have arrived neatly packed in the stock exchange of small big quality partorisca protect he during shipping. When I plugged he in doing perfectly. A clip of emission of the looks of cradle partorisca resist a boss a lot enough, but no like this strong that a boss takes stuck or is hard to take. A molded the plastic was a pertinent measure as it does not block any of some adjacent ports in the computer with a lot of closely has packed ports in his rear poster. On-all this boss does exactly which have to that, in the quality would expect, and is one of some expensive bosses smaller in some results of investigation. One everywhere want!
5 / 5 Natosha
Tried the regulate DP the HDMI one he partially fact but would not leave computer to Duplicate/extends screen. It can not agree which but one of them (any one Duplicate or Extend) has not been available selection in paper of Windows.
Has required an Active DP to do do with any one Duplicate or has has extended screens. Good quality also.
4 / 5 Camilla
I have been surprised the one who often this type is. It is that it says, and it does not have any complaint. Any one I still agrees how long has bought the, but is at least two strong years to arrive to this point.
5 / 5 Norine
Good quality, using with HD monitor of computer, any rasgando, all the video is to clean
5 / 5 Coralie
Some laws of boss adds, finally taking rid of a resolution of blurred screen of the mine old VGA boss, but thinks the best measuring need of tape to be used when that calling 3 ft long. I have measured 2 ft; just happy has not required an extra foot.
4 / 5 Tiffanie
The passive adapters have substituted with this product. This was the value adds for a money and fact with my MST hub.
4 / 5 Wm
He a work for older/HDMI controls the papers of the newest video.

def' Buy again.
4 / 5 Jerrica
It looks no further. Ossia Exactly that will love in a better prize.
5 / 5 Malvina
It covers and game, the quality of picture has improved vs VGA port/boss.

Top Customer Reviews: DisplayPort to DP ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Alpha
Update:. I have substituted this boss with the new one and I still there is flicker in a right side of the to to my monitor so only likes before way that has not been to the of a boss likes has thought. Has update this description to five stars partorisca reflect this error. Apparently this subject is with my monitor.

Has has not had never the boss goes bad before now. A boss has done well partorisca around five month and I have not thought anything roughly that. You are the boss seating for behind my desk and monitor, no the boss of telephone I discharges and unplug in the daily base. There is remarked some flickering in mine monitor and one first what have thought was my monitor was bad! My monitor there was so only three month to the equal that have been disturbed. I have decided to maintain an eye on he partorisca the few days and see that has spent. A bit those that days later when I have turned my computer on, a side of a screen was big then another side! Has restart my computer and he was one same. I unplugged This boss, and plugged he behind in and a screen has gone back the normal. A bit those that the days later spends again. It unplugs And king spent, fixed. I have tried plugging a boss to another port of exposure exited in my paper of video, subject same. Flickering And questions. Restarting a computer any one the fixed , restarting a controls do not fix it , so only unplugging a boss and so only partorisca the first short time of a flicker gone back.
4 / 5 Madeline
Using this in the 144hz gaming monitor with G Sync. Works wonderfully. Noticeable Improves in HDMI.
4 / 5 Viviana
Has this boss hooked to the mine RTX 2070 and the new Samsung 4k 32' widescreen monitor. A law of boss adds and was easy to install.
5 / 5 Laura
No really it was that it is not partorisca take/expect of of the this. Work. It buys it.
5 / 5 My
Used this partorisca my BenQ the monitor and sustains 144Hz. A quality is surprising and there is still partorisca have any subjects with him.
4 / 5 Julene
A lot DisplayPort boss. That sees is that takings. It looks partorisca be of quality and material solid construction.
5 / 5 Shemeka
Returned ... It has not required, ViewSonic only uses he partorisca daisy chaining.
5 / 5 Angella
A boss is good quality and flawless work. It was able to use it partorisca show 4k 75 Hz.
4 / 5 Gerald
This is coming quickly and will use it : but it is not that I have looked for to find. I require the boss that goes to the player of DVD dual AUTOMOBILE. I require a boss that goes of screen to screen
5 / 5 Francina
This boss is done a lot well , a prize was a lot of and a nave was quickly.