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1 first StarTech.com HDMI Splitter 1 In 4 Out - 1080p - 4 Port -Mounting Brackets - 1.3 Audio - HDMI Multi Port - HDMI Audio Splitter (ST124HDMI2) StarTech.com HDMI Splitter 1 In 4 Out - 1080p - 4 Port -Mounting Brackets - 1.3 Audio - HDMI Multi Port - HDMI Audio Splitter (ST124HDMI2) By StarTech
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2 Tripp Lite VGA with Audio over Cat5 / Cat6 Extender, Transmitter and Receiver with EDID Copy, 1920x1440 at 60Hz(B130-101A-2) Tripp Lite VGA with Audio over Cat5 / Cat6 Extender, Transmitter and Receiver with EDID Copy, 1920x1440 at 60Hz(B130-101A-2) By Tripp Lite
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3 best Kingtop 3.5mm Combo Audio Adapter Cable for PS4,Xbox One S,Tablet,Mobile Phone,PC Gaming Headsets and New Version Laptop Kingtop 3.5mm Combo Audio Adapter Cable for PS4,Xbox One S,Tablet,Mobile Phone,PC Gaming Headsets and New Version Laptop By KINGTOP
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4 RCA AV HDMI to HDMI Converter CoolDigital 3RCA AV CVBS Composite Video L/R Audio or HDMI to HDMI Adapter 1080p with Coaxial Audio and 3.5mm Audio Output RCA AV HDMI to HDMI Converter CoolDigital 3RCA AV CVBS Composite Video L/R Audio or HDMI to HDMI Adapter 1080p with Coaxial Audio and 3.5mm Audio Output By CoolDigital
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5 StarTech.com DVI to HDMI Video Adapter with USB Power and Audio - DVI-D to HDMI Converter - 1080p (DVI2HD) StarTech.com DVI to HDMI Video Adapter with USB Power and Audio - DVI-D to HDMI Converter - 1080p (DVI2HD) By StarTech
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6 Kingtop 2 Pack 3.5mm Combo Audio Adapter Cable for PS4,Xbox One,Tablet,Mobile Phone,PC Gaming Headsets and New Version Laptop Kingtop 2 Pack 3.5mm Combo Audio Adapter Cable for PS4,Xbox One,Tablet,Mobile Phone,PC Gaming Headsets and New Version Laptop By KINGTOP
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7 AmazonBasics 3.5 mm Male to Male Stereo Audio Cable, 8 Feet, 2.4 Meters AmazonBasics 3.5 mm Male to Male Stereo Audio Cable, 8 Feet, 2.4 Meters By AmazonBasics
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8 StarTech.com DVI to HDMI Video Converter with Audio - Video converter - DVI - HDMI - black - DVI2HDMIA StarTech.com DVI to HDMI Video Converter with Audio - Video converter - DVI - HDMI - black - DVI2HDMIA By StarTech
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9 Tensun 4K HDMI to HDMI Optical SPDIF TOSLINK Converter Adapter with 3.5mm RCA R/L Stereo HDMI Audio Extractor Splitter for Blue-ray PC Laptop Xbox One HDTV Tensun 4K HDMI to HDMI Optical SPDIF TOSLINK Converter Adapter with 3.5mm RCA R/L Stereo HDMI Audio Extractor Splitter for Blue-ray PC Laptop Xbox One HDTV By Tensun
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10 AmazonBasics 3.5mm Male to Female Jack Stereo Audio Extension Cable - 12-Feet (3.66 Meters), 10-Pack AmazonBasics 3.5mm Male to Female Jack Stereo Audio Extension Cable - 12-Feet (3.66 Meters), 10-Pack By AmazonBasics
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Top Customer Reviews: StarTech.com HDMI ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5
This has solved the question was having with the leading model where a HDMI monitors/of television all go to green screen partorisca several seconds and then a signal of video would burst behind on. A question was each monitor /of television tried partorisca communicate behind to a source of video as when being a primary receiver.
A new model designates Exited 1 like primary and this solves a question. Any greener screen.
4 / 5
Ossia A better and more than confidence splitter in a phase. I have bought much more economic splitters in a past 10 years. 3-6 splitters out of 10 failed partorisca exit of a box.
Any wast money and time. Bite A ball and buy StarTech.
4 / 5
Some the blue lights are the brilliant of has bitten but a do one a lot a lot
5 / 5
This was mine 2nd tentativa in finding the splitter concealed did not give me the variety of subjects (p. p.ej., A 'gone back this device on in the first place, then this a, etc etc'). This one has done so only.
5 / 5
The works add! I have purchased a Technology of special Star 100 foot hdmi bosses so that knots setup in our school gymnasium without accidents can issue some bosses.

Any loss in video or audio with some special bosses and 4 port units
5 / 5
Awesome splitter, of confidence. Ossia Mine 2nd an and fact , perfectly , ......
4 / 5
The product adds no available in any tents in my zone. Slightly big
good product.
4 / 5
This looks the device of big quality. Of a packaging to a product a device feels well he has done. It is so only be into use partorisca 1 week so that the time will say but is like another StarTech produced, this would have to that last the long time. (Any noticeable loss in quality of video by means of all 4 monitors and this thing is used spatial)

Top Customer Reviews: Tripp Lite VGA with ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Cristal
This was an ideal product partorisca my application - permanent installation of a LCD projector. A wiring is very simple, using the level CAT5 ethernet boss. These wallplates can be trace to down-grupal of voltage, which is much easier that installing boxes of band. I have had our electrician installs the 110 VAC outlet partorisca a projector, as 'wart of walls' distribute of the can partorisca a receiver was easily plugged in there. A transmitter is located near of a wall partorisca exist outlet, which has been required partorisca be able to PC of a presenter. So that it was also convenient partorisca another supply partorisca be able to. Having an audio jacks the convenient fact partorisca connect a headphone 'was' to an audio 'in' in a projector. (Of my room is quite small, any extra speaker is required.) A LEDs is handy for troubleshooting subject of video. And finally, some dishes of coverage of the metal will not break during installation.
4 / 5 Cathern
The works add for spitting/sending VGA signal in the long row. I have had to add an additional exposure to my system of exposure of the half comunicacionales and expósito could daisy chain this out of the product of competitors without any questions. I saved hundreds of dollars because I have not had to substitute some old transmitters, so only use his auxiliary port. Has has had to that the tune to take the good picture at the beginning, but once the dial in looked like this well like all of the mine other exposures.
5 / 5 Majorie
It has dipped this until trying in our school room. Running by means of a wall then on a ceiling on to the projector. Ossia Probably roughly 30-35 feet run. An image of picture looked the little wash was still after regulating profit and EQ. A main reason has had to send these elements behind was when I have touched audio enmedio or the lines of big level have looked in my screen. It is vectorscope way, a horizontal flashing the lines there is matched a level of music. If an audio was down some lines has been goes. I have tried the different cat5e boss without transmission in of the results. I have purchased to a VGA the video Extends on Cat 5 with Audio and swapped that was and work so only well. It was not it take the bad TrippLite the unit but I do not have time to seat with the support of technology for the imagine was. It is returned and go to use a StarTech model, which is exited more stops in a same prize.
5 / 5 Christen
They are a AV professional. I have purchased this product for show of estimativa low small that I , concealed has the very a lot the time run of computer the projector. Running the VGA boss, included with GIVES IT, produces ghosting in an image. If you buy a boss of recommended Ethernet, these works of product exactly to the equal that has described. If it love the better quality that this produces then can the suggest that first calm start with your source. It does not use VGA use DVI, and then run that down the line of edge. If precise or loves use VGA, then READ everything of a material, hook on a product like recommended and will be very pleased.
4 / 5 Audie
The good product
4 / 5 Dominick
has Done well
5 / 5 Adena
These is poor quality , 'take that paid for' VGA extenders. It do not suggest never these to the partner, and certainly would not recommend using in any subject, church, or commercial capacity. We use these takes ours church to extend VGA to project papers of hymn of the PC-program based to two projectors (like this, has had two insiemi of these.) One dips has been month of bad interior, and while Tripp Lite finally sent out of the substitution of guarantee, this process was the hassle. Now, a one dips concealed was original has gone bad roughly 3 month out of guarantee (to the equal that take less than the year and 1/2 out of these when it have been to say would have to that last 5 to 10 years of only uses him roughly of the hours for week), and a guarantee an east start to do up in the so many think that is roughly in his last leg also. It goes with Gefen produced for extenders. They are sure we was able to follow on a year later with some of some positive reviewers here would change his tune. If it buy this product, can also look in him like this cost for hire, for roughly 12 to 18 month, cups, of vga extension, reason they no last longer the concealed and Tripp Lite a lot behind on his name of mark in these. Also they take too hot, and is too sensitive in any RF interference. If you go to go economic, there is VGA extenders there for more economic that this. If you go to go quality, look elsewhere.
4 / 5 Jaimee
Any subject with this element. Fact to the equal that has described.
4 / 5 Winford
I produce it adds!! Substituted old some in my church that information of projects to screens.
5 / 5 Carlie
The fact adds

Top Customer Reviews: Kingtop 3.5mm Combo ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Awilda
I bad, there is not any a lot of in him. Always it thinks that that it is funny to read/write descriptions in cords, but this a class of warranted basic in a fact that has no known such the thing has existed.

Has had an old Razer headset for PC gaming and has thought to use it on PS4, which has not done since has some two jacks (or for audio and or for mic). I googled around for some class of splitter/adapter and BAM, here was.

Records immediately perfectly without any setup in a PS4 card. It looks he likes him hard while precise in and the sounds add (that is to say in some headphones, but still. It has Had BAD cords before).

Highly recommended in any one with the similar subject.
5 / 5 Kraig
I have bought this and a Zalman ZM-Mic 1 (7.99) in semi-detached in my auricular wire fence and use the with my xbox a controller. The works add and while you would expect.
5 / 5 Adele
There is an idea that perhaps could use my headphones of Studio of the Beaten with my xbox has been since touching Fortnite, in planting to purchase another headphone likes him beach of turtle with a mic. Has some lapel mics poses around a house, as have think that could instrument it on some road. It likes I some investigation and has since can use an Audio splitter to achieve this. As I have purchased this product, and the laws add. I can listen an audio of the game and my friends can listen me through a microphone, without subject. It IS economic and looks very also. I recommend.
5 / 5 Lowell
Bought this so that my gaming the laptop only has an audio in jack and my gaming headset has the entrance of jack of of the one of the west and the entrance of the separate microphone jack. Before I have bought this adapter, only could use some speakers in my headset and no a microphone that has obliged used to join me built in microphone of webcam in my laptop. This adapter is exactly cual required so that it can use it so much some speakers and microphone in my headset through a a jack of audio in my laptop.

An adapter is excellent. It looks and listen likes him to him the quality of the premium and some connections are a lot stagnate in that like me his the plot. Has no experimented any reduction in quality of his for some speakers or microphone or. I produce it adds in the prize adds!
5 / 5 Latrice
This calm cape leave you to leave mobile phone or computer that has the combo port therefore mic and headphone.

Wants musician of record in Surfaces of Microsoft Pro. He the plot of google and can not find the real response. At the end it imagine it you are. With this cape, left me to use external microphone, a same time, deactivates a tez in the microphone in of the signals of control---his, now can record his of big quality and the musician these external uses are Trace NT1A.

For a road, sometimes, the windows do not detect your external microphone and ash out of a parameter of the microphone in of the signals of control, all owe the mark is to unplug an external mic and then limits in this slitter first cape, then limits in some external mic in this adapter.

Record to to the software likes him to him the audacity, only can pose of map of windows.
Expects this help endways you.
5 / 5 Eulah
Has two reverse splitters with earbuds and the headset with the boom mic plugged in, takes a mic of a headset, some speakers of a earbud, and use this to combine them behind in something can limit in my tlphonique or portable. As has quality of isolation and his fantastic and add mic quality, everything in or. It can very he without this type.
5 / 5 Magaret
I have bought this to connect my Logitech gaming headset in my controller of Xbox and so much has done far the perfectly. It looks to sound add and the a short time there was, has has did not aim signs of wear or anything so that it is the sake buys for this need to limit in headsets or mic and headphones/of of the one of the west in some same 3.5 to the port in controller of Xbox or computer/of laptop.
5 / 5 Gayle
Works exactly while it announces. Has HyperX auricular of Revolver with a seperate microphone and headphone the 3.5mm and this has combined both functions. Opened Can use it some headphones with my PS4.
5 / 5 Sunni
It take the roads adds in the PC headset concealed could not spend up on. The only subject is that I touch PS4 and does not use the PC.

Has bought this connector as I can use the pc headset for the PS4. Sper Mere only connect some corresponding colours in your headset then limits in your PS4. It has Had this piece of connector during 6 month any subject.
5 / 5 Kary
Works perfectly. That Am I limits in my xbox controller. Then I limit my headphones of beaten in a headphone side, while limit in this (Neewer the 3.5mm hand-held Clip of Free Computer in Mini Lapel Microphone (3X Lapel Microphone) ) in a side of microphone. No my Beaten is my gaming headset. Any one also scraped at all. This small mic works perfectly and can take the 3 group in how 5 bucks on here. It does not buy some poopy or dimensional gaming headset. I use your headphones already has.

Remarce: Has some beaten more wireless new this comes with a cord for the use wired. Quan Limits directly in my controller can listen audio of game, but a mic no a same time. So that it is why I inverted in these two elements for enough 2 and now is posed.

Top Customer Reviews: RCA AV HDMI to HDMI ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
2 / 5 Leila
A quality of a product is picture adds glorious easy to use. A conversion of RCA in HD. I used it on my Playstation 2. It do not go any a lot of the difference but the quality of his era has improved to good sure. The image is slightly roads but was to be expected cuz of a conversion. There is his data 5 stars but I have the product has used. A stock exchange that embroils a product has been rasgado in both sides and has had the scratch and dents he in the corner and cape to be able in loose era in an also happy Box in that...... First photo is 1080 second photo is to regulate RCA
5 / 5 Wendell
It covers only he in and work. The audio and the video are so much adds. It can change of 720p in 1080p in a fly (even so of course with a compound-entered of the quality can not say a difference in all the case). Quality of a video that cross a conversor was at least also so without (does not look possible this was better, but look that subjects!). It can not comment in the longevity since has tried only go before writing this description. Note that probably require to use the supply to be able in of the USB to power a device while, at least in my television, a power distributed by a HDMI the connector was insufficient. They distribute a cape but no a source to be able in of the USB, which looks the reasonable tradeoff. I have paid $ 17 prende east and has bought also a JMDAY version for $ 13 (just to have the one of leftovers). Look to be absolutely identical, clearly done for a same manufacturer (included a manual is identical), only with the difference this focus in a box. As it save it the pair of bucks and takes a JMDAY one in place of of the east a, but a lot is so sper-cheap for the that mark.
5 / 5 Emilie
That is to say an update in my original description. A first unit taken has not exited the signal. CoolDigital Contacted me and routed me another unit.

A quality of picture is in fact very good. My experience with another upscalers in this field of prize has been blended. Calm usually take subjects of his or problems with blurring/deinterlacing during movement. A CoolDigital has not aimed any one of these problems.

For reference: I have tried this with a N64 and GameCube this uses S Video. I tried it so much in 720 and 1080.

IS kinda that impresses that well it handles fast movement. He this upscaler my new 1 election to use with systems of the game the old plus. No more tension of eye of a picture constantly blurs.
4 / 5 Ida
A quality is reasonably well with relatively of small noise in S-subjects of Video, although it is not quite so clear like my television S-entered of Video. I have found only two subjects. In the first place, in 720 it issues a right side of a class of screen of smear an image in some right approximations a verge, so in place of a last inch of a picture in the 20' bars to control take by heart . In 1080 it issues this does not spend so that it is not really the problem for my use. Segundo, although another had involved those preserves one 4:3 proportion of appearance in the 16:9 exposure, he no east for me in any S-the video or the compound road in any one of my exposures by everything means parameters. It IS possible that is only a unit took, but only necessity the to do for the few days to aim in a HDMI monitor so many marks so-east.
4 / 5 Germaine
State looking for the device to convert my old C-64 signal of video in my HDTV. I have tried a AV2HDMI device, which coming to hover he of $ 10-$ 12... Already It Takes that decrees of paid! He no for a C-64, any picture at all and for my retro systems (Gnesis, N64) has produced the terrible image.
Has purchased this device with better hopes. It IS VERY solidly has done. It creates the very good picture same of the signal composed to regulate. It orders the C-64 cape of video with S Source of video, imagines a quality of picture will be included better!!! Compraventa Well!!
5 / 5 Brigida
Awesome! Works while it expect. I used it to connect his and system of ready television in old VCR. An amplifier of the system of the sound has HDMI connections. I have to touch with different configurations in conversor to take video and sounds to do when touching VCR tapes. My VCR does not have S Video as I have to connect the video has entered VCR in CVBS in conversor. Then the audio has entered VCR in audio L in conversor and audio in in VCR in audio R in conversor. I have connected then conversor road HDMI cape to sound amplifier of system. An only down the side of this product is has left to connect interferes with quality of television of picture as when no in the uses have to disconnect a source to be able in and HDMI cape.
5 / 5 Julie
I want to this s video in HDMI conversor. He almost exactly that has wanted the in. In s subjects of video a quality of image is crisp and a pop of colours. It looks fantastic in general. An only subject is a conversor any one 4:3 directly. Still in the big 16:9 television looks utmost in s subjects of video. It regulates AV the terrible looks in the 16:9 television like the does not use anything but s connection of video for your old consoles. In general highly it recommends this product. It IS a conversor better out of everything of one ones have tried. I think it there is the television with the 4:3 option of look of the better same picture. PS1 The games have not looked never also with this s conversor of video!
4 / 5 Randee
Work. Any upscale very a lot of when hooked until the Playstation 2 although. A picture is exactly a same as it covers in a cape composed in my television.
5 / 5 Minnie
Bought he for my Sper Nintendo of Nintendo 64 and very other systems that is of this genus to touch in 4K television. He no upscale in 4K only 1080 but that it is look very well the smooth good race and has no perceivable lag in me.
1 / 5 Cristal
I have purchased this unit in upscale Flat Mesh of 1080i in 1080p. A quality was very poor likes signalled in 120 screen of a Epson 5040 projector. The tones of rind were pasty. Brilliance, contrasts It and the colour was was.
Already possesses the DVDO iScan Mini cual the good work upscaling 1080i in 1080p in my familiar room. It tries this CoolDigital conversor in my theatre to house so that it was considerably less expensive that a DVDO.

Alas a CoolDigital the low quality beginning 1080p and will be returned.

Top Customer Reviews: StarTech.com DVI to ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5 Germaine
These works of the adapter but he really can not manage 1080p (1920x1080). The screen goes intermittent and pauses down. Do (1600x900) but pode any quite a lot of frames the to full HD as it has announced. It injects audio to a signal this in spite of.
5 / 5 Brigida
Calm could find to regulate an audio in your speakers of monitor and in your PC he independently of the each one another.
5 / 5 Julie
Discovered has required partorisca combine DVI with audio the HDMI after trying the simple DVI to HDMI adapter that the good video distributed but any audio. This has generated video of poor quality in a same 1920x1080 resolution, included with another HDMI bosses. Neither I have been able to take the audio that read, but certainly has not tried too hard because of a quality of poor picture -- Ghost imaging and esparkles'.
5 / 5 Randee
The excellent product
5 / 5 Minnie

Top Customer Reviews: Kingtop 2 Pack ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Isidro
I have bought to two band that thinks that one of some cords brakes later down a line, like this almost everything to the cords , would have another dips era. Well, I have received a container and everything looked well. I plugged my headset in and only laws. I have used he for roughly 10 minutes and a house of metal of a mic jack so only slid immediately. I have thought in me that while a quality of his was well, has not concerned me on a house of metal. Well after an hour or like this to converse with my partner, both have begun to listen that they have burst the sounds that come from my mic. I unplugged Everything, has tried the different to the cord and the different port in my PC but I am shortly @@give is a cord . Has the transmission to a cord has the place was and looks to be working better, but so only touching a cord done an audible that explodes his for me and some people that am conversing with. It does not imagine this cord that lasts much more I so that it was to go in a lot another gaming headset mark for the substitution headset and adapter.

Update 10/24: I have received an email of Kingtop, a vendor/of costruttore, in that say me that they would be has had to that fix this situation. Yes, it is almost 2 month later, but has not tried to contact them and has not seen a commentary has left in this description (ossia my bad). We said me to us that could send some bosses of substitution or send the full repayment (my election). I have chosen bosses of substitution and said to us that would send him without need of me sending for behind a faulty some. They are now while to some bosses of the substitution and I will update this estaca again once receives them.

Update 10/30: I have received some substitutions 2 days with which shipped and has been using them of then. A house of the metal in both opinions returns better and have less potential to slip one to the jacks. They have not done any noises to burst any one. My questions look for to be fixed. Kingtop The service of client is better that the majority and I appreciate his extra endeavour takes my order fixed in a fast and very convenient way managed it. You recommend this product.
5 / 5 Meagan
This simple little adapter would owe that coming with each laptop that has the so only has combined port/of microphone of the headphones. It leaves to connect microphone and bosses of separate headphones to the alone audio jack. This adapter can be simply attached to some headphones with the microphone, which have two spent has separated. This could be the convenient plus (and to good sure more than confidence) option that any alternative wireless.

This adapter has the very professional look and feel and looks to be a lot well has built.
4 / 5 Chloe
Using this to leave out of a mic and ports of telephone of the boss in a xbox a controller to the equal that can better to connect my star mixamp. Working adds. This leave use a To the PORT and port of Current to separate some bosses have used for xboxlive cat of party and taking rid of an echo associated with the course in the alone boss.
5 / 5 Harvey
First of all, I find a Kingtop to be aim and avert to be undertaken. This in spite of has the few subjects with this adapter. For judges of start, are by train to use it to connect the warhead g500 headset to the xbox a controller and sometimes when it clashes to an adapter on incident, a regime of whole audio. Another subject is that with clashing to a calm adapter also can experience the static noise. I gave it the 4 stars because one of a two Kingtop the adapters have broken inside the week like my friends has begun to complain of the static noise that comes from/comes from my final, any worry, has had an extra pair. With this be has said, a second pair that comes with this 2 band is doing fantastic , but those issues still persist. They are also he concerns that with all a weight an adapter has to that maintain, an adapter finally will result free. In general, well buy!
4 / 5 Loyd
Fact when an adapter of the mine headset has has failed edges that attractive out of an adapter repeatedly for a cord. Construction of metal. Functions. Coming with two of them, as I take the backup also. Solid.

So only agree boys... It does not pull your adapter has gone by a cord to all the cost duquel one east.
4 / 5 Sylvie
Used for Logitech headphone with microphone in ours XBOX A. Logitech HAS two jacks and has required an adapter to hook to the controller of game of my edges. This has done adds and would recommend to any that requires an economic way to do that it has done.
4 / 5 Leila
I have had these arrests the year, and use them covers it mine headset with two audio jacks to the few different devices. His utmost ! My devices comprise Xbox Some controllers, Macbook Pro (2016), and several Telephones.

Still after the year of use, still has not had any one subjects with them. Clear audio of both one entrance and start. I have been quite sweet with his reason the descriptions here indicate that they will go bad after using them for the moment. They have been launched in my rucksack, plugged in and out of controllers, etc during a past year. They are not anywhere near like this flimsy likes has been expecting, especially for a prize.

So only maintain import that would have to be treaty attentively and will last.
5 / 5 Wendell
Amur This produced, when my headset no all the hope has been gone, then founds king upper adapter, some connections perfect. A conectors is metal, as less Likly to break or disorder on, and some finals are beefyer that other plastic frames.
5 / 5 Emilie
Ive Has ordered this product the little time a past year, likes raisin was after constant use. This time this in spite of, my container was opened arrive it , and an element that loses. A web of place will not leave me substitute he without shipping for behind a a concealed 'arrived', included this in spite of there was at all to ship behind. Good product, but are not that it looks forward to to buy the 2 times so only for him to break again with which 3 month.
5 / 5 Ida
The works perfect in yours in recording studio of house... The utmost sounds with my condenser Mic, Auricular, & mixer... A seperated marvels of work of the bosses

Top Customer Reviews: AmazonBasics 3.5 mm ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
2 / 5 Brigida
The tan varied other descriptions a coating of money that says 'Amazon basics' unglued and slide behind but now that is been only in six month everything of a wiring is come exposed... Perhaps it was only the defective element that took but for a bit the uses gave it would have expected lasted it much more. In a side besides, before it begins to come the waste has done the add !!
1 / 5 Julie
Usually the does not like me to give 1 of star, but sound a security of this cape is in question. And when his that could admit it your real health for the product, merit very only or stars.

Has bought this cape for some headphones of big final. An old cape was only the tad too down. An audio has been very so of the few days to write, BUT a rest of an experience was painful to say a less.

Some finals of a cord is not properly protected, and can spend an electrical load. Anything in prjimo the proximity will be impacted. This comprises objects closely of metal (obviously), as well as anything concealed can take an electrical load. In my case, this meaning if an end was anywhere afterwards in rind of mine, has taken the accident in of the llamas . That is to say the multiple time spent , so much in my ear and of the zones of collar. To be clear, a sense of the load like the hair was yanked was. Only after several minutes at the end conclude that a cord literally impacted me. I have used some change electrical tape to isolate a final, and this looked to do, but is not taking any casualidad with this product. A moment I can take another cord, is by train to purchase it.

First time that amazon of uses basics, and has taken literally burned. No the road adds to start with the relation.
2 / 5 Randee
Some descriptions for this cape any one really does it justice, AmazonBasics provided me already the reliable election for capes. This cape was exactly that purchase, he 3.5 mm cape that is not meant to be used for purpose where the the audio is crossing more concealed 1 source. For my house setup is running through two devices of audio, which usually do not cause a Feedback of Audio 'Hum' in my headphones, but with these marks of cape. You have to buy the earth to have sees was, or change in your beginning of entrances/of the audio to isolate and the fix.

Calm only necessity this cape for speakers, car radio, etc. 100% but the, if it is for anything concealed is complicated more than concealed, purchases the expensive plus, cape of big quality and saves a problem.
4 / 5 Minnie
I have bought this to the cape to use with my Galaxy of Samsung S9 and my aftermarket cart stereo.

Afterwards initial, careful opened of a box of goleada, spent a the neatly locate back cape in the circle with two slightly embroiled bonds of transfer inside a unsealed plastic stock exchange. Some looks of good cord enough, but immediately could say is material very economic , which are well, take this cape was $ 5.00. Some connectors looked and listened very well for the this was and would have to take a work to have that clear fact for me. Some access of connectors appropriately well in my devices.

Thinks that a quality of his east well and has not had to turn some connectors around while the musician is game . Admitted, is not the quality of his well declare how speakers a musician is touching through these 18 years. Still kicking!
5 / 5 Cristal
This six cape of feet has done perfectly and is very done, but was too down, and in planting to do a right thing and exchanging he for the long plus an I strung among a computer and a television, leaving hangs the few feet above a fund. It opens HAS the ten cape of feet these lies in a fund, only am that it copies a party of a description of this cape that cat in that past when tripped strongly in an also-small a:

'A AmazonBasics the cape is very robust, but directed to break a premier a bought so that in 6 feet was also down in lie in a fund, he doing unavoidable that at the end would trip in the. Frankly it was happy that a displayport carried he in a 6 cape of feet has broken has been in planting to attack a computer in a fund. Felizmente A 10 cape of lies of feet in a fund, and now is the happy little camp. I actuate A lot another AmazonBasics capes that does not have data me never any problem, as I am sure that that is to say a last cape will require.'

While it can see calm consider it the characteristic, no the insect, that a mini displayport covers it has broken has been in planting to clash my computer in a fund after I blundered strongly in him. You can prefer that your capes survive your squad, but that it is until you...
4 / 5 Cathern
I have purchased this cape 3 month ago.
Has looked for the cheap cape for my woman to connect his telephone in the one of the west.

- Any interference, any hissing (still when twisting a cape)
- Robust
- does not look cheap

- A barrel of money of a terminal to cover casing when being so plastic.

- The cape regulates of 3 powder (3-pole = 2 black bars; the cape of 4 powder 3 black bars). In this way that has the canal for a Right audio, the audio Left, and an earth. Any one another can transmit the data (and.G: microphone).
- Has purchased some 2 feet (0.6 metres). It thinks two times before ordering this period; that is to say down!

Donat A prize, would recommend this cape in any one looking for the basic product, still of well manufacture.'
4 / 5 Majorie
Nice that cape of looks but mine ruptured in a barrel to contact after 4 month. It sees photo for details. Perhaps they are not of the meanings for heat of Florida?

In his service of client of Amazon to regulate immediately overnighted me another cape without the questions has asked. I will use of it is an interior .
5 / 5 Christen
I add AmazonBasics cape 3.5mm of two feet for five bucks. I took this to connect of a earphone jack in my iphone in a to the jack in my cart. That is well in some cover for this cape is that they each which so it can return in a hole in a bumper/of case that goes in snuggly insert all a road in a earphone jack in my iphone. Mina ANOTHER old 3.5mm the cape hardly does in and like the result loses connection once while. But some covers by so new perfect AmazonBasics access 3.5mm of cape amiably in a hole in a bumper/of case that goes in a jack in mine iphone. Highly recommended taking this cape 3.5mm.
1 / 5 Audie
To be fair, alloy in a tlphonique and in a stereo. It transmits audio among devices. A quality of his terrible east. It IS calm, crack and explosions, and looks to fall. Further, a fittings the defective or irregular looks. Has another to the cape that use regularly. Has at least 10 years. I actuate Still to experience any subjects. I have bought this cape of Amazon like the substitution, anticipating failure in some point. Amazon Basics The products are usually very very done and function fantastically. I think that this to the the cape is an exception in a rule.
1 / 5 Dominick
I have tried only unplug this, probably for a first time, and a connector of the gold decoupled of an accommodation of money in an end of a cape--fell it basically averts in my hands. The amazon says it only has to 1 guarantee of year so also bad. It IS only the $ 5 cape, but very does not have to is fallen eschew after two years with zero wear and tear ( is been plugged in a backside of the stereo, intact). I am sure yes it has the plastic accommodation has adapted cheap in place of an elegant silvery metal a the would not have broken . It finds the cape to buy that it looks mere, any one this.

Top Customer Reviews: StarTech.com DVI to ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Lashaunda
Works like the charm!!! Easy discharges he in, no the subject with only that take a picture and sound. I love it. The only thing is that it takes slightly hot - but at all this'll begins the fire.

Are súper happy with east, as I have bought the computer and does not have @to @give until much later that he no active HDMI - I can no partorisca forgive me partorisca any prendiendo attention to this detail, but with this conversor all is well in a world. It does not think it imports at all, but work with both Windows 7 and Windows 8 cars.
5 / 5 Mattie
I have purchased this partorisca convert hdmi to prime minister a has ordered them was defective Amazon kindley had sent the second 1 this has done the element is built well and one like a rca analog income on 1/8th way precise time repowering the refresh but there are them remarked a lot these conversores do.
5 / 5 Mimi
It can not look to manage more resolutions. It can confirm technically it acts, but they are so only able state of the take to do in 720p with a source. All of the mine other tentativas with devices and of the resolutions look any acting period.
4 / 5 Joanne
It has done exactly the one who there are them wanted. It goes sounds and video for Old Tandburg DVI to 4k TV HDMI
4 / 5 Van
has required to convert a start of my centre of the half comunicacionales older (old XP PC with 4 tuners this in spite of the work adds) still accommodate entrance my informative LCD flat screen that so only takes composite and HDMI - and really laws well.
4 / 5 Crystal
This has done exactly like this planned. I have sent this to my parents to convert his DVI signal (of his computer) to a HDMI signal to the TV of flat screen. It was easy to install and has done perfectly!
5 / 5 Hilde
Constantly I need to be the reset when used enmedio continuous. Each morning has to that manually reset this box when some boots of PC up.
5 / 5 Sheryll
PC takes HEAT
5 / 5 Shanice
At the beginning so only go video, any audio. Boss of the audio pulled in/out computer the pair of time and then a computer recognised it speakers and he then laws.
4 / 5 Mitchell
Perfect fact with my TV of 10 years and box of new Boss. Left a HDMI exited of a box of boss the DVI and audio that my TV has required.

Top Customer Reviews: Tensun 4K HDMI to ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Thea
He exactly that has required partorisca he partorisca do. I plugged my Clave of television of Fire of the his Amazon and use it partorisca leave one 5.1 digital audio was in an optical boss to the mine old pre-HDMI Onkyo auricular of theatre of the house. Work perfectly like this far. An only downsides is that some instructions are quite feeble, does not come with the 5V power the supply and some connectors are quite prójimos hover (sees notes down).

First to take a Tensun, has had a Clave to Shoot plugged directly to the mine television and has used the optical start of a television to send his to a receiver. A receiver has aimed then so only receive 2 canal stereo. Using a Tensun, my receiver now informs that in fact it is seeing Dolby Digital 5.1 audio. Ossia All a test I need that a Tensun does exactly that it says it will do.

Remarks on use with Clave of television of Fire of Amazon: you will require to distribute a Tensun device with his own 5V power distributes. It requires the regulate micro boss of USB. It comes with the a lot of cut one, but calm probably will require the longest cord. I have used so only a cord and adapter of power for the Samsung the mobile phones and he can he perfectly. Calm also will require to use a bit dongle cord that is coming with a Clave of television of Fire of Amazon so that it has spent of room he in a 5V supply. With a clave to Shoot plugged to a Tensun without a dongle, does not have he spend quite soiled he in a 5V power. Have Also plugged in my TV of Fire grasps to the his own 5V power the supply that use a boss and adapter that has come he with.
5 / 5 Chanelle
In this chance, calm does not take like stops of pays. In $ , appearance the produced that works. This a no.

after connecting my HDMI-in, HDMI-was, and audio-was, has tried to touch the video. As the one who a quality of video goes, a colour is washed incredibly is gone in my exposure now with the green has maintained. For an audio, a sound comes by means of him some speakers, but is like this faint that you so only could listen if a room was totally calm, and calm inclusa then needs to be listening inside several thumbs of a speaker to remark a sound.

Some descriptions thus produced looked big quite (3.8/5 stars, 145 descriptions), so to good sure has not expected this. I suppose that a company has some deaths-on-imposed of arrival for his products, as so only can be that my unit is the uselessness . For me, a quality of build feels quite economic that am opting to return he more than taking another casualidad and that it has to ship a backside of additional element.
5 / 5 Walter
I have bought this to use he for a transmission of Nintendo of my receiver so only accepts optical audio to surround sound. The work for one spends of video by means of the the TV but an audio was so only in stereo (a lot of pro logical stereo). Any sure touches a device or a transmission. Or If I something wrong of one surrounds test of his in a paper of transmission has used so only 2 canals. I flipped a convertor to 5.1 and plugged he in a outlet this in spite of exit one same. I have not tried this in mine other devices he so that it can be a Nintendo or a device (or I something wrong of laws for another reviewers) But pro logical stereo is better that stereo of a TV. As it likes.

MODIFICATION: So much it has done them the little more investigations to see that it go in. It looks some uses of Transmission of the Nintendo uncompressed surrounds his by means of LPCM audio that the optical audio does not have a width of stops of band. As all will exit of the optical audio is stereo (or pro the logic has simulated to surround his stereo L/R, speaker of centre, and ape behind L/R of a Transmission of Nintendo) Some laws of reason for some other systems is because LADY and Sony has decided to pay for one encoding of Dolby Digital 5.1 which is compressed and can be sent by means of optical (which then can be decoded for a receiver) Nintendo was to economic to take use dolby surrounds. A lot that his crappy the services of internets owe that suffer if we are not to update with our technology.

But a law of device has updated like this some stars.
5 / 5 Carina
It has not done like this announced at least with the PC. It take any finagling to take it relieved likes 5.1 in of the windows 10, and has included then so only outputted 2 canals in toslink.

Besides, ANY 4k - 1080P so only in testing of mine - has used 2 PCs, 2 monitors, 3 toslink bosses, 3 HDMI bosses. NVidia 1080, 980m, and z270 on-near.

Has tried raisin-by means of and 5.1, has done neither.

Oh, And for a way, has said 5.1/7.1, was to good sure very relieved likes 7.1 still with passthrough.

Descriptions for the majority of these in the amazon is not like this well, for PC is probably better just to do USB soundcard with SPDIF requires one.

Has bet to plot of these reviewers no in that have the subjects neither are contained with 2CH or is not remarking his receiver so only relieving 2ch in toslink.
5 / 5 Rosa
I have bought a PS4 slender which does not have an optical port how is required for mine PX4 the beach of Turtle Surrounds His headset. It was able to use this device to leave an audio was like this now does not have to that purchase another $ 100 more auricular.

So only downside now included is some courses of video in and was when using this in projector of mine. Going to try some different bosses to do sure his any of some bosses am using among mine PS4 to an adapter to mine Yamaha Receiver to projector of mine. It maintains to try the source of same car although have concealed has turned is gone in a projector and mine Yamaha auricular.
5 / 5 Salina
Update: Tensun sent the substitution last week. Like this far that the unit is doing perfectly. I am impressed that Tensun has achieved was to rectify a @@subject and am quite sure if another has issues that Tensun will solve for his hips. Of the has not been long enough to confirm my original subjects no the turn will leave my indication in 4 for now and I slowly to go back for the create to 5 the few months.

Original description: the fact adds for awhile this in spite of the majority of a time. A question is some turns of picture to static occasionally. He the month spends roughly once the week, now is taking more frequent until the little time an hour. If I unplug and king covers a boss then one static goes era. An audio is well, is so only a picture that goes bad.
4 / 5 Lorrine
I have been looking for neither he splitter or the transmission that could help me transmission among the projector and the TV. Has the blue-the player of ray likes entrance and then a projector and a TV like starts. I have tried a lot of produced of the a lot of companies and I am not founding still he splitter that it will touch it both of them a same time, but has found this product that at least to the left select me of a two of them without any sync questions. Before I have found this device, has had to maintain plugging one blue-player of ray neither to a projector or a TV. It was fearful that was to spend of the discharges was and a projector is in 75ft boss. Spending that it was could cost some money. Like this first of this product and after trying several splitters, has found the transmission of another company. Cela A fact for roughly 30 mins and has begun then lose sync. I have found then this product. He so that it touch it far for several hours and has not caused any questions. To try, has found that a EDID of projector of mine and my TV are not compatible. As I have required really the transmission that for real could isolate some two devices of the each one another. For some reason a 75ft boss with an amplifier in has caused everything of some splitters and another transmission to aim a light of same start when a projector was was. This transmission is an only one that has found that only turns in some light to begin when a projector is for real on. So much for some reason, a TENSUN the engineers took it well. Of a EDIDs of my devices are not compatible, there is the procedure that has to that follow for good results. If I am touching a blue-ray, in a projector and so only try transmission to a television that use a transmission in a box while a film is touching, will take the sync question. But if the twist was all of some devices, toe a transmission of tiny selector in a Tensun box to a device of pertinent start, and then gone back in a device of start and then one blue-player of ray, a correct EDID the handshake arrives and all syncs and touch adds. Him Some devices of start were compatible, then this box probably would leave you to change devices of start in mid film. I am not sure that time a bit the transmission in a do one, but at present is doing add and is an only product that has found like this far concealed solves my question.
5 / 5 Helaine
They are technology of abundance -savvy. An optical start in mine individual tensun is dysfunctional.

Bought it 3 month ago and has not had the occasion for the use until today.

Some works of start of optical audio, but 5.1 or 2 canal is exited 2 canal. Also constantly it turns his start of audio on/out of so that him the the audio is touched or the no. can see this in my receiver when that does the test of his of the transmission of Nintendo--my receiver does not receive any audio, then during a test receives audio for sinister canal, the turns was in brief for a partial second among until a sinister canal and touch right, then turns behind on for a right canal, and touches at all for some other canals. The starts of audio properly in all the canals, without constantly turning on decoded/ of audio, when using HDMI directly to my receiver. This tensun the transmissions is faulty. Disappointed that has lost money in this device.
4 / 5 Ma
This device does not sustain HDCP 2.2, which means it will not touch streaming canals in 4K.

Has taken a device, plugged he to the mine monitor, plugged in mine Roku Streaming Clave. He all fact but Roku A lot autodetect the like this of support 4K reason do not sustain HDCP 2.2. Plugged Included Roku stock to the mine monitor directly, sustains 4K.

To be just, does not announce support for HDCP 2.2.

the service of Client contacted, and without even asking offered the full repayment. A listing now clearly declares a device does not sustain 4k/60. I have changed my indication to five stars for a support of client adds and to modify a listing.
4 / 5 Kathey
Has an old pre-HDMI Onkyo surrounds his AVR which is ancient but otherwise quite good and doing well and an elderly Sony Bravia of 2008 as very exited 5.1 his on is optical was but is otherwise doing so only well and does not see any reason for the update. An optical is gone in a Sony neither advances his of a HDMI port. Also I have it Roku this sustains Dolby D, DTS but does not have an optical was and mine AVR does not have a HDMI gone in. These breakings of boxes out of one 5.1 audio to an optical port like mine Onkyo sustain

This device a trick. I plugged a roku to this box of conversor, dipped one changes to 5.1, hooked on an optical start to a Onkyo AVR and a HDMI exited to a television and now has to that surround his of the mine old pre-HDMI AVR and my Sony the TV is effectively so only the monitor.

Top Customer Reviews: AmazonBasics 3.5mm ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Shery
Works of good boss as it has announced. So only it is not to change taste and of mandate he partorisca an extension to the Mic/headset combo. This start of supports of the boss so only.
4 / 5 Joannie
The works add! This Thing saved Some touch Creature! It has been for raisin the hundred or more in the pair of these Wireless Headphones with a base and all concealed, reason my woman will fall slept while we are 'trying' to binge the serious and then Bursts On 'Was' this sleep that asks soye' partorisca turn down a volume in a series concealed '' was so only binge looking before it decides to fall asleep LMBO. Needless Partorisca Say, after the time of pair of of the this spending, has said to me, ' need some of these elegant wireless headphones so that I can continue enjoy while an enemy sleeps' lol. After looking for a web, so only has not had any decrease of option priced to this new, monogamous forms of binge right when it has been for tomb a dough, has had an Epiphany! I have thought, well, yes it goes partorisca be only soye' on late looking, is in a sleep of bed, any on walking around, reason could does not look for some class of adapter Very Long that will cover some 10 -12 feet of the mine television to a couch. There is does partorisca Say more?
5 / 5 Nadene
This cord has destroyed my headphone gone in in I Mac computer. My computer has done well with an apple earbuds this is coming with him. It has loved the the longest cord. I plugged he in, does not act . When I Have been to use a earbuds so only again, no longer obraron.un cover he of a cord has purchased has extended a prongs open in mine I Mac doing like this the contact does no longer with a earbuds this is to be do for him . A earbuds this has done properly for the year. Calm does not plough the computer of Apple for the fix. Calm has it that sends behind the apple for reparation. When being the Engineer of Register for 30 years, knows exactly that is to spend. It is the five fixed minute for anything more, plough that calm apple you void your guarantee. It is the real hassle. It has it that sends behind the Apple now and the hope is down reparation of guarantee otherwise am sure will cost me diverse hundreds. A six cord of dollar could cost me the plot of money because of bad specs in a measure of tha propiciado by gone in viril in tha cord. Felizmente Are able to use my Bluetooth on that. You have asked the description, calm took it. After, I Amazon of amour, thinks that is the company adds. I think that that they require to screen the little better in some products. Thank you
5 / 5 Ricardo
Here it is phase . I have bought the new office and put he in a half of a studio. My desk ATX the chance is now state has moved that means the whole new way to wire my computer and the speaker dipped up.

A subwoofer need three Stereo bosses to achieve my ATX chance. Felizmente This is to go in to three bandage as I have killed two birds with a lap.

Has chosen these so that looked to be his durability. Seeing so that it was extended to the long of an earth requires them to withstand a traffic of occasional foot or rollover with the wheel of chair. And they have tried good insurances to be of confidence like this far.

Is your levels jacks. Any loss in quality of his to all the cost of his period. His apt hips securely in some ports, which is the big plus . Professional note: if your jacks access securely means is better quality . Each portion of a jack has separated of a thin black insulator takes a pertinent connection . If a jack am free, calm does not take this connection and calm instead will have the loss in faculty, quality, and can finalise break your devices (i.et., Your speakers).

Gives this product four stars because I any precise never order them again there is casualidad a lot down will look for some plant more for another product. The revisit after several months of plus of use and king-estimate it, but looks upgrade the to the five star that has experienced it already.
5 / 5 Roxane
Works awesome! They are a lot picky roughly qualities of his and have auricular of multiple big final. There is ZERO QUALITY of stray audio in a cord has received them. To good sure buy this again. I have seen it has had some people those who has said that that has had loss of quality of the audio, but has bought them this amazon to know is the company adds to do with and repayment has had them to me subjects. They are really be happy with AmazonBasic bosses. They are economic quality and a lot excellent ! I love a look of this boss. Nizza Clean look!
5 / 5 Jade
Plugged In the soundbar is trace by means of room of television. His bad. We have moved the speaker the next plus to television and the short agreement tried and the sound was a lot. It can be something in a signal of the his the recognition such the long agreement. Changed to the boss of Digital audio and do a lot now. The amazon is to order reembolsa this in spite of issue immediately. Perhaps so only it take the bad does not know . It calms that could try and if it does not act, the amazon is orders roughly issuing repayments. They have not asked agreement to be returned.
4 / 5 Consuela
It Likes me to him the asleep fall listening to my audible books in mine Kindle Fire every night. A question is once I discharges in my Fire, my earbuds does not achieve . I have bought the 15 cord of feet that has had to that band of hule he on reason was also long. After the little pause of months has required like this the substitution. This Amazon Viril Basic the Female Stereo the boss is a perfect period on 6 feet. It is an exact Goldilocks the period has required, no too small and no too big.

Has been pleased in some connectors to have those heavy is and also a strong boss that looks to last the long time. My earbuds access perfectly and can fall slept comfortably every night.

I amour that is able to buy of Amazon Basics, has the products of qualities adds and there is the question, a service of client is excellent also.
Very pleased with this compraventa.
5 / 5 Peggie
The boss adds , long that does a work perfectly. I am using this to connect to the card of the his of my PC and am spending 32-has bitten 48hz Dolby Atmos to the together of headphones without any sprain of sound. There is something to be mindful of, the swipe for but the characteristic of product Or fault there of, at least in this model of boss: it is ONLY stereo and does not have a built-in third coverage that calm spend them integrated mic audio.

This would not owe that be considered the negative, but need to be conscious of east has planned on using he with headphones with some integrated mic.
5 / 5 Chana
This cord is that I have looked for. I have required some extra wiggle room in the work and this gave it mine. I can see like a cord could break quickly sustain in the or accidentally continuous in him with your chair. There is remarked that there is the difference with this cord of when I have used my headphones for them. There it has a lot exactly an echo but almost sounds as if a sound that comes by means of some headphones is travelling by means of a cord. His one of these things has to that listen and experience for calm. It likes-me a cord and to good sure would recommend it.
4 / 5 Bonnie
These functions of cord so only well. It looks quite cheaply fact, a insulation in outside of the boss could be more durable, and the sockets neither facts of look a lot well, although he right now, has read revises and is mixed. If anything steps will update description.

Otherwise This extracted his function and the purpose have feigned. To run the line of my pc speakers around my room to a boss of my bed, to the permanently stationed dipped of headphones. As of Now it has included used long, still does like this new.

For a prize, no the compraventa bad, the only time will say.