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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Nu
I have verified some plants the web has suggested partorisca see the one who the canals would take. I have measured a distance of my house partorisca broadcast canal that has required takes. The mine researches. I dipped it/ I dipped It up as it has indicated. It has dipped he in a window. It takes 4 canals that is 20 miles less out of me. A listing indicates that has the 60-90 row of one thousand. A paper that among a box indicates that has the 25-50 row of one thousand. The product is not described like this and no he so that it is supposed to.
5 / 5 Shea
I have tried to dip this antenna up for my room that is located upstairs right for a window, has expected them take all some canals that has been announced on amazon. This in spite of, the so only taken roughly 16-20 canals a first pair times that the installed this in my TV. With which one 3rd test the so only taken around 10-12. I seldom taken univision or abc that was the bummer, the can not agree some other canals has taken them, but any of them was canals that has been them excited roughly.

Has read that lines to be able to beat is the factor partorisca deter when that tries to choose on canals, which the have, right out of my windows... But it imagines them that to the plot of people has these powerlines external of his house, especially further of settings of city. I then dipped the up in of the different zones of my house, has dipped them he in a living room of a half level of my house, which is located very first of the chamber, an after ossia external. He like this had roughly two wall that block an antenna of external reception. I have on elected 0 canals.

This in spite of, When it has been them in the canal a quality of a picture looked to be good. In general, no spent unless it takes place and optimum reception he in of the rooms locate well after the windows that does not have powerlines external of them
4 / 5 Christiane
Like this the hate gives the bad description so that it is obviously the defective product, but when that tries to return an Amazon of product has loved to walk by means of troubleshooting with me. I have explained that I tried it on 2 TV is with and without a signal booster, there is hanged included a thing out of a 2nd window of the history and he would not choose on any canals. You try to return a product and give them another shot but was in the cat with support of Amazon for 20 minutes. I loved then to hook he on and try again? Really? In the $ 20 antenna any value my time. If it do not think I can connect an antenna my TV does not have anything to speak roughly. Like this perhaps this indication is so only partorisca Amazon this time.
5 / 5 Karisa
They are -25 miles of some turns of transmission have looked for to choose up. Any combination of orientation of an antenna, with or without an amplifier, or anything left more to take even the constant picture. It has been it likes look the game of STREAKY CD, constantly skipping and freezing. I have tried another canal of transmission in another direction, thinking perhaps am somehow too afterwards to a one has loved, but some results were included worse there. Has the plus or less uninterrupted line of view and flat terrain all a way. Building the construction is 2x4 forest stud wall with 1/2' sheetrock the interior and the external stucco, as I am not trying to receive the signal in the grotto. Thoroughly unimpressed, is returned and has bought the less convenient esal' antenna.
5 / 5 Andres
The failure that announces so that any one calm in fact take any one canals of the boss like calm picture direct to believe. No lame CNN or Fox have seen this antenna. He , this in spite of, leave me to look local canals in an air so only like any one another antenna . The word consulting, tape an antenna to the window approaches your TV. This left to receive roughly 20 more canals that before and am not taking a lot of sprain of signal.
4 / 5 Cleta
Bought this for my daughter, to the one who likes a lot of his age, only clock netflix. It take this he so that has some coverages of entities. Alive in orange county, so that near all some canal of entity, but reception very limited. 2, 9 And 11 wont looks at all and some another touches spotty in better. It is trace in the window, as I date his calm location would think it would take all some canals of entities quite well, but simply any one a chance. Disappointed, can be due to take the different a.
4 / 5 Kourtney
That The amplifier has failed with which two days. Without an amplifier grieves to choose on any canal. I have been in cat of Amazon to take substitution of repayment. To the amazon done with me and gave the partial repayment. It was so only any one the value that the bands on and it falling was in the UPS tent to take a full repayment. When he well but does not add . I think that that you take that paid for when it comes to antennas of television....
5 / 5 Corrina
I have tried several locations and the results are some same. The majority of canal goes in clear excepts Vixen. All some turns in a zone am located in the relatively centrical location as I do not have any idea because a rest would go in but that the vixen is pixilated. And I have tried yes with and without an amplifier has attached. The towers are roughly 30 miles was like this of the flies of raven.
5 / 5 Jeffrey
For $ 20 ossia still the treat well and the slightly better works that my forwards HD Antenna. This in spite of, one of some reasons has purchased these products is reason announces the row of 60-90 miles. Ossia Absolutely dud. Out of a container, a booklet has declared the row of 25 miles to 50 miles (amplified).

Was able to choose roughly roughly 41 canals in my zone (Seattle). Initially when I have run my initial canal scans all some canals are gone in perfectly. Unfortunately roughly 6 hours later begins to treat like my forward, and smaller, HD antenna.

With east says still thinks that is to say the decent product but feels it would do better has had one 60 to 90 row of one thousand to the equal that has announced.
4 / 5 Jonie
This antenna has not done for my application. First of all, I do not love the ugly square piece big of plastic taped my window with the long cord has attached. It likes the orderly and cleand the application and ossia to good sure a lot that. I have tried hook he on, but unless has the space of available USB prójimo for, is out of regime.

Top Customer Reviews: 4 Port Cable ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
TLDR; They are more than satisfied with this Distro-Amp.

Are not a partorisca write a lot of descriptions and tend the so only do like this the stops to products likes him. Ossia A concealed to interest me enough to cost my writing of time. I have been doing with OTA HDTV of a day of an Equivalent the Digital transmission on. Originally I home built 'Hoverman' fashionable antennas and offered them to my neighbours to the equal that live in that is to know as 'Deep Fringe' for Television reception. We touch like this Commercial of a 'DB4 and DB8 the antennas are available result was able to offer them to together or so only say them which write to buy and the help takes him has aimed correctly as I am A lot directional.

Of a start has been quite achieved to take more some Coverages in our zone but I have had the question that chooses on one or two of some Coverages have loved. Really they are not in TV a lot but there is there is enjoyed always a technical challenge was Satellite of C Bands or a Digital New plus FTA as well as other formats will not mention here. Well so only reason are not to the TV a lot does not mean a rest of a family is not . The things have come to the boss this year when a Súper the bowl was on Fox 13 (Utah). This has been one the majority of stubborn one for me and I am not never able state of the take closed in or stable and still in his more was plagued with soyacro-blocking' in a picture. In no way I owe that direct The (Line of View) or still NLOS (Next Line of View) to some transmitters for my zone. When I Say deep fringe I bad he with almost 100 miles the Farnsworth Summit of my house And more the signals are basically scattered esfracciones of flange of the knife' of some venue of highland summits among us.

Moving up in a Súper the bowl has considered to try the directional big profit Yagi to try scavenge the very feeble Translator Version of Vixen 13 still in a VHF sale of an opposite direction. Looking use the signal combines has imagined could combine some two bands and offer my adolescent-football to age that edges of touches a Súper Bowl. As it move more afterwards it was to start with so only that it order as it would require thus project when there is remarked A Súper the bowl was to be streamed street Roku and my question has been solved, or have thought like this and a project dipped on control.

Well For half time my edges was really griping that our Roku the current was almost 30 seconds for behind a commercial OTA and has has seated versions and all his friends where spoiling things on Facebook. In meso-the leaves of time to go to look an end of him with his friends and after the small 'buffering' pauses have @@give a Roku common based, while better that at all, has had really to plot to be wished.

First of fast the last week. I have decided to clean on a coax espaguetis manufactures where my amps and distro amps is located. If directed of a DB-4 Antenna in 25 feet or 'amped' FOX is not NEVER solid state for me still first to present splitters to a coax. So only the has not had enough the clean signal and I have had given really on on does years. Of then we have 6 TVs has had the combinations to leave way Distro amps and pre-amped splitters. These have not been crappy amps in fact some main amp was the 'the Blondest tongue' commercial amplifier.

My surprised this has clashed my account of canal on roughly 34 to 51 when you count a sub-canal, the majority of that is solid of mecer that comprises a long looked for after KSTU Fox 13 signal. While a project was more so only to clean the things have on finalised find the resolution to a subject has treated for the long time! An only explanation can see is this amp is extremely 'calm' or sometimes called 'Low Noise'. Any time amplify the signal can almost of the things of worse mark like the amplifiers also spend on a 'noise-paving' when they amplify a signal has wished. So only reason a force of signal is more order with which to the amplification does not guarantee the good strong signal or the solid picture like surrounding or static noise is has amplified also. Apparently this amplifier are quite cleaned that spent it finally some rests of some of these canals this toneless plus on quite big to receive and two of these TVs still gone trough and additional splitter to the equal that are located in a far end of a house.


He already the mediocre reception especially is leaving among the multiple chambers that ossia a one master.

Has verified your frequencies of the zone and your digital canal are everything up in UHF now, included although has a legacy down designator the numbers then would say pair this with the ceiling-upper DB-4 or DB-8 antenna to the equal that have done better that the majority 'Yagi' or way 'Washed' for this application. It spends some the extra time that objective he correctly and calm will not be dissatisfied. In 100 miles so only the terracing or two frames a difference among receiving the solid picture and any reception at all. If your TV has the signal-use of metre that otherwise looks a thrift plagues for an old Equivalent to conversor Digital like a RCAs, his all there have been metres by force of alike utmost Signal to the DirectTV or Dishnetwork has Seated auricular with bar-graph and yours-tone. If simply you slap this amp in the noisy inner spouse to upper antenna that expects miracles I anything will take that it is looking for.

A pair Pos and Gilipollas

laws a lot

Can distribute the decent signal until 4 TVs

the Resistant water and can be the external trace and comprises grounding lug/the ray the help protects against some strikes of next lightning

Could be traces well in an antenna where signal to be amplified is a strong plus and more cleaned

locate this approaches an antenna there is the light of green DIRECTED indicator that could see you of down at night. If you have been question shooting the question, can say in the distance if a supply to Be able to era well or can that to him that to up a amp.


A mechanism of supply of the can very common.

Receives can although the typical TV Coax jumper that is not comprised. I have used the 3 jumper of feet coax.

If that traces in or near of an antenna would require to run an additional Coax to be able to on and besides a distro bosses. ( I will add, you could research DC insertion and DC Blocking devices to run a power on one of some bosses of real TV.)

Finally to the arrival will comprise the screen has shot of some canal for my zone. You will remark it is all Red or Grey. I can now felizmente receive ALL SOME the feeble CANALS have underlined in of the Red and included the pair of some ashes of canals!
4 / 5
In May 2017, has decided to 'cut a cord' and has purchased the GE 29884 external/coverage antenna to install in a coverage. Of a signal has on elected by an antenna would be fed the different TVs, has not loved a signal to be dulled also have purchased like this the PCT 4 Port Boss TV/HDTV/amplifier of Internet (model PCT-MA2-4P) in chance that require it. I am spent an evening that installs an antenna in a coverage, coupling the to this amplifier, and that careers/to try some coaxial bosses. Once some connections have been done, could scan around 105 canals. There is an entrance to connect your antenna to, and 4 starts to connect to some bosses that career to the yours TVs.

One to the odd anomaly with this device is that a supply to be able to (PWR IN) also connects like the coaxial boss to a GE 29884. At the beginning it has been it bit it concerned reason this amplifier taken quite warm - could say you heat. This in spite of six month later, an antenna and this continuous amplifier to do like the charm up in a coverage. Rule and Salvation-Def the canals go in fantastically and for free.

Update: you Are month later this continuous amplifier to do adds. On-the-air HDTV the reception is sum and free. It does not lose some bills of television of the boss at all. Like a profit added, any one can follow my television that habits of looks or use that info for pointed marketing.
4 / 5
I have bought his products in a past, and there is has had always regime a lot well with them. But, there are some things that can do him gone bad.

That comes with this only 2 things.. An adapter to be able to, and an amplified splitter. Ossia. You will require to take it coax boss to connect an adapter to be able to, to an amplified splitter. There is not any boss in a box.

In the first place, my experiences.. It has OTA canals for television. The boss fallen, and has gone directly OTA. Has the mine dips on, Antenna, 8 way splitter, the TV is.. I have required so only to 4 way an although. So only using regulates it splitter, hardly could recognise this canal 35 was there (any picture), and canal 24 was like this bad that goes well on he in some escáneres, likes there was at all there.. I have taken this, and has substituted a rule 8 way splitter with east, and now, volume all 3 canal 24 canal, and, all 3 canal 35 canal.. Ossia That of the difference that change of the regulate splitter, or an amplified one can do.

A way that you it the hook up is, cover a cord of power in a outlet, hook on the coax boss of a box to be able to, and run the to an amplified splitter, and discharges he to one of some 2 discharge where says 'PWR IN', which also has the red arrow after his too much. You cover a side of an antenna to one covers that it says 'RF IN', and you it the hook on your TV is in a 'RF WAS' cover them is. Ossia. Also it has the way the earth a box, master , also. Ossia A phillips ray in a side.

This will not fix all the questions this in spite of. If you are using old cabling, or, has the bad connection in an end of a boss, then this can cause to plot of questions with your signal. It is more to run RG6 boss by means of your house. The levels of old wiring have used RG59 boss, which has the boss of data in him, ossia in the middle of a diameter of a RG6 version.. Here, main is better. An included could be said for a boss has used to be able to this. RG6 To run of an adapter to be able to, to a box, is more too much. Note that has the bad connection to somewhere, and a power does not take by means of, or enough can, to be able to this, does not amplify a signal, and will degrade it instead.

When it Spent these, will have 2 different classes.. Some will say, 'passive turn', and some will say 'turn actuated. A difference is like a power goes back in a line. A passive turn will degrade any signal that goes behind, or, out of your TV.. The active turn amplifies a signal behind too much.. Calm will not require active turn all there is hooked up is to the antenna regulates. But, it says , has the box of boss, it modem of boss for internet, etc of the company of boss, then, can require active turn on yours. Some effects of having the poor signal behind to a company of boss. If transmissions a canal in your box of television, and takes the full minute to change canals. It has paste 122 thus canal, and so only 12 goes this in spite of. To plot of delays in of the responses in a box. These are all the examples of where an active turn can help.

Where This can be used is, OTA TV, and services of television of regular boss.. Where calms does not love the use would be, undertaken of television of the satellite. Unless they changed it, of a receiver, to a dish of satellite, a type of the dish of companies uses the frequency that goes on a 1000mhz / 1ghz row.. And these works in of the frequencies go down while, any main. So much type of boss of companies, yes.. Satellite, no..

When You hook this on, if the to plot of questions to be able to, arises, etc.. Those can break this type of boxes. I have had one that has been announces roughly 10 years, and was hooked until the UPS (supply of uninterruptible power), which has absorbed those arise, and was announces 10 years without question. I have had the fellow that has used a compressor of air, in a same line like this, and every time turns on, and was, sends arises he by means of the this.. Swipe one of these, roughly once, every year.. I have taken the APC LE1200 Line-R 1200GOES Regulatory of Automatic Voltage and she hooked that on, and then this amplifier to this, and that stabilizer of regulator / of the voltage, has helped to absorb these spikes, and has run he for years without questions now. If has the question with spikes to be able to, etc.. I recommend that takings to the to something likes that to protect of your crew.

Some will ask roughly precise places he terminator in some discharge that does not use .. A response is, no, calm does not have to that , but is recommended. That he terminator does is 2 things. In the first place, when that the paste of signal covers it that it is not when be used, a signal can bounce behind, and give ghosting effects in a picture. A terminator spent he partorisca east to spend. Segundo what is maintains all cleaned, and dry. You are less probably to take moisture, muck, or oxidation in a connection, focus of the was.. Ossia Exactly that it covers it to terminates does too much. And of then they are economic.. So only the pair of dollars, well spend the pair of dollars for his protect.

If you are by train to ask you reason has taken the new a, when I have had one.. Well, with which like this years, anything will break.. It have used mine for at least 10 years.. Perhaps more afterwards to 15.. And it go bad.. As I have required the new a.. Ossia Reason there has been hooked until the has not amplified some hips.

Have the picture to aim exactly that the mine has come with.. It is some separates that sees, and was in the no retail, but manufactures it that box of bands. It has had no UPC, or bar code for retail sales in a box. I have tried to answer questions more basic of the people would have. I expect that it helps.
4 / 5
Has the multiple TV is by means of three levels of my house. I am using Verizon EDGES and has had finally result fed up with some pixels constantly looking on some of the mine television and a freezing picture - particularly a some further of a basement where a boss has entered my house.

Has installed an amplifier after leaving a incoming line to feed one issues. I have listened another says that they have had subjects to connect a subject of Internet to this device, as I have not loved to take a lot of casualidad. Then, I have connected mine the majority of far TV is directly to a RF Out of connectors. A RF the connector has saved to feed another 4 way splitter to feed the TV is this was more after and exhibited less pixellation (is that the word?) That another.

Is resulted: A picture in a TV is is clear and does not freeze to like before. Any pixellation. I have had also difficulty in a past that looks for to access In services of Question but now ossia no longer a chance. My Internet is well and the test of speed indicates am taking a speed would owe that be as an agreement. Has no @to @give that before I this, has had 5 splitters in my coverage of boss that dramatically has impacted a quality of signal. In fact, my Subject of Internet has been connected to one of some last splitters in a line. If at all more, purchasing this amplifier and cleaning on a disorder of splitters and the excess bosses also helped to improve my quality of signal by means of a joint. It was not that of an improvement has been due to this amplifier and that has been due to takes splitters but at least laws!
4 / 5
This thing is surprising. I have substituted a splitter in antenna of mine of the disposal with east. Before it take roughly 50 canals. Now I take 90. Canals I never taken first of the crystal gone in clear. Alive in phoenix, but am able to take diverse canal of tucson the clear crystal, included although they are the good 100 miles was. Some canals that has had the little static before still have the little static, but ossia to be expected, reason all is increase a signal.

Is in accordance with other descriptions, can take the little warm. I dipped it/ I dipped It external under my ceiling like this itll the fresh stay and drought. My only complaint is didnt coming with rays, but this was easy I found some small rays that has gone the perfect contingent. Probably it was the good idea to use small nails to resist this on, reasons some spaces are tightened.
4 / 5
This 4 port HDTV applifier was instrumental in leaving me the 'cut a boss'. I have purchased once an antenna, trace in my ceiling and has taken a television that read with 60 OTA Digital Canal, was determined then to the hook on a three remaining TV is in a house. I have been initially the Imposición of House and has purchased the splitter, has not begun was with the four port, so only two initially. I require to see can leave a signal and initially add a TV of plus. This was the a lot of gone, with the regulate splitter BOTH TV is has not taken good reception, mine 60 now fallen canal to 14 canal. I have then bought one in lining applifier to add first of a TV, this does not have very helped, has taken 4 more the canal that give the total of 18. I have known now antenna of mine could take at least 60 OTA canal, has not been to solve for 18. It likes I my investigation and found this applifier four port splitter. A rule splitter lose -7Db has left once a signal, with this splitter, has obtained +8Db. It has dipped this splitter in and one first two TV I hooked on now has taken 80 OTA Digital Canal. They are then be for television 3 & 4 and has taken 82 canal . A reason is, some the digital tuners in a TV is more sensitive and can choose on the signal it feeble plus. Now by means of an use of this applifier splitter, has now 'cut a boss', NO MORE COX! Doing with an antenna and the multiple TV is is to good sure the test and the error and a lot of things can have an impact in what canal takes, recommends the slow start with A TELEVISION and verify you signal and canal, then dulcemente develop and calm perhaps will find this splitter the helps augment an already well signal the multiple TV is in a rest of your house. Amur A product, could not have done that has done without him, this produced left 80+ OTA Digital Canal on 4 TV is in my house and left to fall Cox and save $ 140 for month, ossia $ 1680 for year and other holidays for my woman and I.
4 / 5
I have purchased coax amplifier/splitter this after installing the second TV in my house. I so only wrapped up installing it and like this far am very happy with an action has improved am seeing.

First of the installation has received 35 canals in a TV, duquel 11 was was and on according to a time. Now I take 45 canals in both TVs, duquel 3 looks iffy. I plan to install the third TV in a future and has to that well sure will take some same results.

A new splitter is connected direct to the small no-powered omnidirectional antenna with to 100 row of one thousand. I am not using it preamp in this setup and was able to discard the caseous little 'antenna booster' this I required before it take this . While it was in him, I have been he advances and upgraded ALL MY coaxial BOSSES of RG59 to quad-DNI of core-6 boss and I have bought it coax tool of compression so that it can do all my own bosses, maintaining period to the minimum. I am guessing that a new boss has helped also my situation.

All near has run 80 feet of coax boss to and of this unit, comprising a boss to be able to that I expósito to be the utmost characteristic left of then to do a cord of power a period has required to achieve a outlet in place of emotional an amplifier to a outlet and squandering boss.

To good sure would recommend this splitter/amplifier to any that uses an antenna to receive in an air television emissions. Five stars!
5 / 5
Cut some years of the cord done. In an old house had used a RCA amp that traces in a pole under an antenna. It did not like Never of an idea of a amp be was side. After buying a new house, and that installs an antenna in a chimney, has decided to redo all a coax in a house with some material of big quality. He like this had already the economic 4 radius of way shack splitter installed has imagined would try this for the substitute and amplify some signals of an antenna. I have not been disappointed. I have received roughly 40+ first canals of hooking this on, but with which is around 70+. (The time and the direction of antenna affects the one who the canals take) taste that is of interior to the equal that left to locate in my poster of coverage in a basement. Well value a compraventa.
4 / 5
The Works likes them drawn, of any loss of signal, used to add Auricular FM entrance of antenna to use and eventual DVR the dual mine, DB4E (UHF) and C5 (VHF), antennas. Already I have his 8-1 Distribution Amp that distributes a whole house of some aforesaid antennas that use RG6 cabling and use this in an end of one of these lines that goes to a room familiarised. A reception improves with one 8-1 but this model has no significant difference. After adding a PCT 8-1 model to both antennas a DB4E to the antenna now takes the canal 57 miles was while the majority is 22-24 miles was. A signal almost does not exit never, UHF GORING stronger when adding a C5 and no only VHF, except the pocola second the week in a PBS canal 57 miles was. It is quite strong to DVR and the mine has wanted to FM he emisora the radio has lost all static and has received roughly two times like a lot of canal (of 6 has programmed FM canal to 12 has programmed FM canal out of 23 clear FM canal and 4 new static some). I have used RG6 cabling. He no for amplification of dish of the satellite that need 2 GHz upper bandwidth any 1 GHz upper bandwidth, drawn to FOLLOW/FM/VHF/UHF OTA use. The uses can Coaxial to the equal that can be defender situated out of the receptacle saws line of additional boss. It can be situated in coverage but a lot alfresco has estimated. It has DIRECTED to confirm is taking has beaten. Drawn to be screwed in place but can remain hang free also.
4 / 5
Has two of these and used him of then 2012 to amplify both signals of antenna and signals of boss. These are basically the one who a company of boss will install has the toneless signal because of degradation of a boss in a house. They are estimated for the inner use and concealed is as it has used him. They have amplified the signal until similar point that that that can be decoded for mine TiVos, where previously has had a lot little that it could it to it close to. These needs to be dipped to situate so only with which any antenna or of the lines of the boss in the first place enters your house for maximum efficiency. I want to these and they were a lot of value a 25USD has paid for each. They are a lot of-built with enclosures of metal and heavy transformers that use coxial boss to resupply has beaten to some units. Highly recommended has the force of subjects of signal causes concealed in your house.

Top Customer Reviews: RCA ANT1650F Flat ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Maybell
The cost checked RCA the antennas are in my experience on and besides this rest. I have tried the economic a (Sobetter) of here in the amazon has not taken too many canals, then while moving it around partorisca find the good place partorisca he on a first day he so only working decree altogether, as I have sent that behind, has gone to the venue closeout tent partorisca find any antenna partorisca a moment. They have had a RCA ANT1450 has taken that. Law astonishingly well, in a first place dipped it down choose on bending some canals immediately. But that to antenna is technically to inner antenna, alive in the basement so that it is not an option, as I have wrapped he in the thickness Ziploc stock exchange as it do not take wetted, dipped he in my rear yard on a cochera, like this big on this ceiling to the equal that can. And works astonishingly a lot there. An a lot of afterwards was the heavy rainfall, as it take partorisca try a plastic idea, has had any subject with a water at all. Fact perfectly. I have then seen here on Amazon the give form he big plus that mine, a ANT1650 to the equal that has wanted to try see to choose arrive more besides the far canals was perhaps. But he no really, has dipped he in an included exact place and he have taken so only in an exact same canal. As I have not imagined any point in maintaining is one, as I sent it behind. Mina maintained ANT1450. The fantastic works!
Again ossia my experience with these. Perhaps alive further out of the city that me, calm perhaps will see the difference among them. But for me they were some same. Both have done astonishingly this in spite of.

Now today while writing east. I have taken so only rid today of Amazon the different RCA model. A ANT702Z. I have wanted to try cause this one east an outside a. But originally I have not been for him, cause then not knowing a value of RCA, has thought this small plastic thing will not take the alone canal. But now of then having my confidence in RCA has augmented, has imagined will try it. Connected the today, is included better that mine ANT1450. Taken the pair more canals, and any I same situates it fully still. So only a prime minister tryout. AMAZING!
5 / 5 Delphine
The cost verified has had low expectations, expected partorisca 3 canals but these products have paste he out of a park of ball.
Please note, alive in a city, on the hill and the digital antenna is with 5 miles of my house. I suggest that when you receive this product, goes to a web of place partorisca see where a digital antenna is located and the one who the canals are available yours in your zone. Then it leave your scanner of television partorisca these canals. I have had 75 local canals available mine. After a scanner, was able to receive 24 canals.
A quality of service is very good. If you are in the 'A lot of' windy location, this produces mine partorisca frustrate you. I have had the DISH and he has subject of alike reception when it is really windy 35-40 mph.
Partorisca Our television that habits of looks, this does fantastically!
5 / 5 Tobias
The cost checked in my investigation of any bill of boss, has tried several different types of amplified HDTV the successfully small or intermittent antennas. Alive in Newport Beach, California approaches a water and has decided that I do not love Time of paid Warner in $ 100 the month partorisca basic and broadband boss anymore. Ossia Partially because of a cost, but also reason have been disgusted with a horrible HDTV quality of picture that resulted of TW compression. A prime minister has not been to change to DSL of AT&T and fall his broadband and buy the Roku box which have has revised also. But for alive TV, has bought two of these antennas and situate one in the each TV. Each TV has received the different canals and some results were better that expected but still a bit intermittent. Each TV in of the different rooms has received different canals and I especially enjoyed PBS programming. This in spite of, have decided to experience with situating some antennas in my windows. A living room has not been I so that it adds but when I have situated an antenna in the window of fourth the expensive so only narrow alley, could not believe some results. A TV there is scanned 94 Digital Canals and 3 Analog some!!! Honradamente Can not believe this! And each one one is strong and tunes in immediately. Of course the averages of those is community service, the foreign tongue and the religious canals will not look but that brotas still quite wonderful, full 1080p big to good sure programming; any duquel the bad looks like regular boss. It was already happier that has not gone never with my boss. Well, I have decided to take my experience to another level. Have give That one crossing of boss for my down condo is in a cupboard of fourth well approaches a window with an antenna. I disconnected that was one feeds to go in of a street/of boss of a splitter and has connected this antenna. ONE $ 40 now driven antenna a loop of boss in my house, resupplying 90+ stable HDTV canals. They are happier for free! No more boss! One another thing will mention. It has been it likes so many people those who say, can not go without boss; I love Canal of Discovery, I History of Canal of amour, I CNN of amour. Ossia To the equal that has maintained that paid for years. While has all be closed to think has had to that have boss, the canal has transmission to everything digital like mandated for a FCC this in spite of has come more on-line. There is so much wonderful programming, rich , clears there in a airwaves that subscribers of knots of the boss does not see . Yes, calm will not see this program anymore but will see different, better some. And to a device of internet likes to Roku will give you CNN, the Centrical comedy, and much more. Try this antenna, he the place where beats calm to take some better results and cut a boss!

Update of description

is now be that uses this antenna for the year and the half have written of that informs. Still it is seating in a same window, receiving some same canals perfectly, powered on day and night. Still it is to feed a loop of whole boss in my house, at present with two TV is and are roughly to add the third. I have looked recently an Olympics in wonderful bandwidth , full big definition. The people go in my house and can not think that is resupplying all some canals of television when they see it.

Living in this zone, like this far of the and usually unable to receive anything, looks ossia the bit of an anomaly. All my neighbours have Time Warner Boss or DirectTV. It looks a side of a house can be causes some signals to head to an alley afterwards to a house. But this very economic antenna has been of confidence and in this setting has been I adds. If alive in the place and can not take a lot with him, calm promote to maintain variable one planting any possible way. Using are together with mine Roku boxes, has not lost never boss.
5 / 5 Jeniffer
The cost has verified has had to that has moved the around enough the bit to take a better signal. Really I need to come with the boss the long plus. I have had to that take an adapter and extend a boss to take my window. And cups of suction to locate in the window would be good. But once it was able to find cups of suction and trace to a window, was surprised really for a number of canals that was able to take. And alive in the low zone with to plot of big trees around.
5 / 5 Ethel
The cost checked after using this antenna partorisca the weeks of pair have changed my indication (of 4 stars to 2) and description. So only seating in a room and slightly moving your arm or boss partorisca this fact, a signal will degrade or go was that it causes any error of signal. If any one is in a upstairs soiled in a house and moving around a signal will begin degrading and sometimes totally will disappear that it causes the any message of signal in television. And this manages without the twenty and the external clouds. I imagine when it is heavy clouds and snowing will not take any reception. I seat I have thought that it Informs of Consumer in this antenna. Another antenna to mark more economic I use on two another TV is while no a better is better. RCA Alleges can be painted a same colour of your walls, but would be concerned would reduce it a reception of signal and die the one who poor can be he without painting, had thought roughly that substitutes mine other antennas with east a but there is has changed of my alcohol.

Works of antenna. It does not choose on some of some canal mine another antenna (the majority probably been due to house of location), but a picture is much more stable and moving around a room does not look to interfere with a signal. It has wanted to buy the second to substitute another has, but the price has jumped $ 16. This antenna is not to value $ 56 has left so only one $ 40 I paid for him 2 weeks ago. Rings the alternative priced lower.
5 / 5 Naomi
The cost has checked Pulled in roughly 119 canals in a lot of tongues partorisca broadcast turns partorisca a zone of the Angels. I am located in a flange of ocean in a port of the Angels without obstructions to some turns of emission 35 miles am gone in some mountains on Los Angeles. Quality of the picture can not be compared to Cox boss partorisca some local canals. If you add the device to pickup Netflix/Amazon/Hulu will enjoy streaming in the side the significant low plus that the boss or service of dish.

Has not bought marks it new unit because I have not had any idea that well this unit would pull in some canal has bought like this the unit used in an original box. The placing has not been difficult. It has dipped a stand on and an antenna so only is in slope among a television and dresser a TV is seating on roughly eight feet of the window. You can select your favourite canals, as it takes rid of a some calm will not look . The calm duty so only wants to buy the new unit, goes for him. If you can not use this model in your zone, is not a unit, calm so only could take TV with the antenna of trace of ceiling.
4 / 5 Evelyne
The cost has checked I alive legislation in a flange of where a basic RCA the ears of rabbit can choose on the each canal but so only regulate them every time change a canal. The quality of upper signal of an amplifier and 360 antenna of terracing the direction in this model would be necessary to have me place in a flange where could take anything like this easily like this flipping in the box of boss. Instead, this thing gave less than half of some canals (and any all a same time) any subject that has regulated he with and without an amplifier.

Any the one who this thing done partorisca could have better fact with the economic $ 20 antenna. Ossia At all more than a overpriced gimmick that sells in a margin has inflated the people that loves 'the best.'
5 / 5 Sheron
The cost has checked I so only hooked on a unit and I finally have TV in a chamber. I have not wanted to pay a company of boss more money that some the outrageous costs am paying. A reason has not given these 5 stars are some instructions . Has the Samsung TV this is to be dip up for boss. I have had to that go to a system and change a setting of boss to air. With which conceal, have run the scanner and some canals were keyed in. If a setting is not to change of boss to air, an antenna no . The air is a setting for my TV. Appearances receive more the canals but some am far better that any one!!!!!!!!!!
5 / 5 Melisa
The cost verified has had one of these flat antennas but has had the question that finds the place partorisca the dipped up. This RCA the antenna comes with the stand, but also has holes in a backside, two in fact, cup and fund, partorisca the hang in a wall. Cela Left partorisca dip it on main that a flat antenna. Double control partorisca do sure touch hangs it correctly in a ray or nail, as it falls easily if a boss of the ray is not all a way until a space. Learnt that a hard way, two times, but once his hanged correctly, remains up for ever. His shiny plastic and looks a lot enough to be in slope in a wall, except a cord that hangs down. Your guests probably will ask you that it is. A thing I really liked in east a, opposed to a flat antenna, is an amplifier. A one in a flat antenna is inline, while a RCA a, while it is the main plot , has to be screwed to the finalises of a boss of antenna, or so only can attach an antenna directly to a TV. Cela Calms of the the little more flexibility when hooking all up in your centre of entertainment because I owe that spent in a amp to somewhere. Oh, And one the majority of what of entity, which well laws ? It is taking the reception adds, but this could be because his on besides big in a room. They are very satisfied with this compraventa and would recommend it to any one looking for a OTA antenna.
5 / 5 Delbert
The cost has checked has Wanted to cut a cord. This was my first antenna , and alive quite near of ours transmissive of cities. I maintain the base of an inferior paving of the complex and this thing, included although it comes with a stand comprised (which hardly fact), required still to have my invidente opened to take any signal. No, they are not roughly to maintain my invidente to open all a time to leave sketchy the people see where has dipped my TV. As I have had he in my window for the moment, so only choosing on half some canals TVFool says could take even although this is to announce as taking to 40 row of one thousand (the towers are 3).

Ossia Rubbishes . Take the model specifically for windows if needs be, this has melted the bit in a sun like this the signal concealed of course affected also..