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1 first South Shore City Wall Mounted Media Audio/Video Console, Chocolate South Shore City Wall Mounted Media Audio/Video Console, Chocolate By South Shore
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2 IOGEAR Wireless 3D Digital Kit with Full HD 1080P and 5.1 Channel Digital Audio, GW3DHDKIT IOGEAR Wireless 3D Digital Kit with Full HD 1080P and 5.1 Channel Digital Audio, GW3DHDKIT By IOGEAR
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3 best [Upgraded 2019] 1byone Digital Amplified Indoor HD TV Antenna Up to 80 Miles Range, Amplifier Signal Booster Support 4K 1080P UHF VHF Freeview HDTV Channels with Coax Cable [Upgraded 2019] 1byone Digital Amplified Indoor HD TV Antenna Up to 80 Miles Range, Amplifier Signal Booster Support 4K 1080P UHF VHF Freeview HDTV Channels with Coax Cable By 1 BY ONE
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4 4K HDMI Cable 6ft (2-Pack) - Atevon High Speed 18Gbps HDMI 2.0 Cable - HDCP 2.2-4K HDR, 3D, 2160P, 1080P, Ethernet - 28AWG Braided HDMI Cord - Audio Return Compatible TV, PC, Blu-ray Player 4K HDMI Cable 6ft (2-Pack) - Atevon High Speed 18Gbps HDMI 2.0 Cable - HDCP 2.2-4K HDR, 3D, 2160P, 1080P, Ethernet - 28AWG Braided HDMI Cord - Audio Return Compatible TV, PC, Blu-ray Player By ATEVON
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5 [Upgraded 2019] 1byone Digital Amplified Indoor HD TV Antenna, Amplifier Signal Booster Support 4K 1080P UHF VHF Freeview HDTV Channels, Coaxial Cable Included [Upgraded 2019] 1byone Digital Amplified Indoor HD TV Antenna, Amplifier Signal Booster Support 4K 1080P UHF VHF Freeview HDTV Channels, Coaxial Cable Included By 1byone
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6 BAFX Products (Infrared) IR Remote Control Extender or IR Repeater Kit - Control 1 to 8 Devices (Expandable to 12!) BAFX Products (Infrared) IR Remote Control Extender or IR Repeater Kit - Control 1 to 8 Devices (Expandable to 12!) By Bafx Products
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7 MantelMount MM340 - Above Fireplace Pull Down TV Mount MantelMount MM340 - Above Fireplace Pull Down TV Mount By MantelMount
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8 Composite to HDMI Converter, Nintendo 64 to HDMI, AV to HDMI Support 1080P with Power Adapter, RCA to HDMI for PS One, PS2, PS3, Nintendo 64, WII, WII U and SEGA Video Games Video Converter Composite to HDMI Converter, Nintendo 64 to HDMI, AV to HDMI Support 1080P with Power Adapter, RCA to HDMI for PS One, PS2, PS3, Nintendo 64, WII, WII U and SEGA Video Games Video Converter By Dingsun
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9 ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket for Most 37-70 inch LED, LCD, OLED and Plasma Flat Screen TVs w/VESA Patterns up to 600 x 400-16" Extension - EGLF1-BK ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket for Most 37-70 inch LED, LCD, OLED and Plasma Flat Screen TVs w/VESA Patterns up to 600 x 400-16" Extension - EGLF1-BK By ECHOGEAR
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10 D & K Exclusives Headphone Splitter for Computer 3.5mm Female to 2 Dual 3.5mm Male Headphone Mic Audio Y Splitter Cable Smartphone Headset to PC Adapter D & K Exclusives Headphone Splitter for Computer 3.5mm Female to 2 Dual 3.5mm Male Headphone Mic Audio Y Splitter Cable Smartphone Headset to PC Adapter By D & K Exclusives
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Top Customer Reviews: South Shore City ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Clementine
This element was them súper has excited roughly and has had the professional instal the. I layed the $140 cuz hammer and wired some cords by means of my house and has added covers he partorisca this unit of wall. I have had 3 components in him. My daughter touched in a paving 8month. And this thing has begun partorisca touch to lose! It was lucky was them there still partorisca resist it up until my man is gone in and dip something down that. My daughter could be be kill! A scres this is coming with some rear group has not resisted a unit! Rasgue A whole back of him was that chipped was. One meddles all remained in a wall. Im Like this unbalanced and dissapointed!
5 / 5 Tona
The product arrived with the little bit of harm (dent on shelf) but otherwise to good sure well for a point of prize. The shelf Subordinated underside is a colour of forest has believed no a look of grain of the forest but is a lot of reason calms does not see it once locates behind (if trace in a low side).

Dipping a stand near was quite easy but install was the little in a difficult side. But quite easy where 2 people can do it.

Has seen many revises to declare a xbox one stuck out of that concerned me because mine xbox was to be in a stand. It was very happy to have a xbox and ps4 returns perfectly and have to any idea likes another has done sticks was of then has abundance of room for him and some cords (the xbox brick to be able to having put in a second shelf this in spite of which thinks helped that @@subject).

For a prize abordable to good sure recommend. If you want to something main final then this is not a product for you but I think that the looks/ feels well.
5 / 5 Sixta
I add for a prize. It follows some directions exactly and is sturdy for some limits of weights.
4 / 5 Simon
Update: Like this well, it has bought the second a. Mark so only sure to add an additional three rays by means of some spaces of rear poster to a studs with which hang it. Solid of rock. Has the TV on one and another is trace a tvs in a wall. The looks clean in our room of means comunicacionales.

Estaca Original:
are some directions , this thing is solid. After hanging it on a wall, so only does sure like this declared in some directions to add some three rays to a studs of a rear poster and this thing will resist without any subjects. I produce it adds.
4 / 5 Shanna
Ossia Probably a piece of furniture so only one more prójimo to do me cry, no out of joy but of frustration.
Was a lot of that looks forward to this console because it looks beautiful in some pictures. When I have begun to gather the although there is remarked 3 things.
1. A quality really could be better. A forest of particle in a neighbour chipped A lot EASILY. I think that that a client has said that the seat likes is fact out of the economic map and I have to that say concealed is quite attentive.
2. A manual is TERRIBLY writes/drawn. There is not ANY EXPLANATION, ONLY pictures--and no very-has drawn some. And there is any coding to paint duquel the side is which has finalised like this to install a backboard behind. To do the worse things some rays are some special rays and can not be twisted was so that it can a lot of reinstall a backboard. Some of some instructions still could not comprise but has done so only a better supposition.
3. A costruttore really has not dipped they to the shoes of a client in a mountain. It is probably a worse experience has had mount something. This mountain of precise TV 3 studs, according to instructions. But a highland bar was like this short that so only comprise 2 in my house. I have finalised that it has to that run the Imposición to House to take group of shelf. It outrage that has to that drill some the highland holes varied in a backboard calms, is extermely hard to vary perfectly manually and to the misalignment can cause a support to not doing properly. I can not comprise reason a costruttore expects clients to do that they.
4. A service of the client of Cost Of the sud loves authorship to press to amazon. I called him and it take a sense that a crown that pause the mine really has wanted to me partorisca contact amazon, and a lot him. And although technically, it can return this low element to police of turn of the amazon, could do not disassembling, and weigh 100 pounds so that essentially the be be stick with him. I have finalised in the quantity but a frustration and a stress really steered me out of this company in a future.

Some two stars is that it looks elegant and decent. But a whole experience was one of one the majority of stressful the ees has had. You do not recommend
5 / 5 Jona
master so many 'floating mobiles' as possible, of my senior dogs any he external as well as they have used to.

One first box has sent ours, the little attractive of pieces has been was broken. Sent the backside, with which one was a lot. My woman was the neighbour in the few hours. One the majority of difficult part has looked for to take he to studs. Two of some pieces to annex some holes do not line on, as we have had to drill 2 new some. Then so only we could take one of some holes to the stud. We use one of our walls to have that heavy possesses the ancore and is resisting on just well. Any empty, he no wiggle. Has the bar of his, two gaming console, and the box of boss in the, and some sides are full of video games and controllers. It looks quite strong. And more than all my dogs can a lot of pee on that.
4 / 5 Johnna
This unit is done basically out of map with the dud grain of forest veneer. When you Press some leaves lateralmente to plant, be very careful any to exert a lot of pressure or they will break entirely in the each one peg. Also, this unit is supposed to be ensured to a wall for use of the (economic, flimsy) group of metal that is attached the studs. A unit then simply slides down in a group and is supposition to be resisted by gravity in place. This simply does not act, and arrival with to shelf that feels shaky and has not attached fully. I have had to use two lag rays that there is drilled entirely a unit to a studs for the do sure. Felizmente, these no really show once a unit is has gathered fully. I have chosen to maintain this reason is too hassle to try repack the on and the send behind; also like this modified “” for me he (grieve) that I require it to do, without mine homeowner “the hacks that” aims also. This in spite of, if I had it to do on would not buy never the product of such shockingly quality and poor creation.
4 / 5 Mikki
Ossia To utmost shelf , and looks fantastic, but need to be careful on assembly.

The instructions of assembly are in front of clear and the recta and a whole shelf gathers in roughly 15-20 minutes for your account. My only subjects is that there is 8 place that resists pegs for a front that DVD of faces leaves lateralmente that has to that be hammered in. Like this far to the equal that can say, there is not any reason because he snug returning of forest peg would not be the better option. When Hammering in a pegs, has left the evasions unexpectedly of me and smacked a peg by means of another side, that bursts the good neighbourhood sized divot out of a cup of a shelf. It was able the class of glue some bits behind in place, but there remains the small mound ossia noticeable he goes to look for the. If it situate a unit in the solid (any carpet) surface while hammering in a pegs, am calm sure will avert blunder of mine.

Another that that all was quite easy. Some needs of assembly of the mountain to be ensured to three studs, and then a his cupboard just slips, although calm to good sure need two people for takes it there is hanged properly and has centred.
4 / 5 Annis
Any so only he one looks of better room, is a lot of sturdy. It was able to dip all have required, box of boss, blue ray, xbox, playstation, wii, soundbar, and modem. It was easy to gather, took roughly 20 min or less without help. I have not had any question with anything breaking or breaking, a forest feels strong. So only it looks fresh.
4 / 5 Floy
As we buy this console for an only purpose to be able of the trace to a wall under the TV of trace of wall. This in spite of, be it a creation of my house or a creation of this console - a studs is too far averts to be able to locate this! Any way goes to try and return it I like this the supposition will owe that imagine something was. His at present seating in ours stools of bar. Annoying. I seat it likes him to him he would have to that it has drawn it he in the way that to the left to locate to studs further averts or something.

Top Customer Reviews: IOGEAR Wireless 3D ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
These works of product a lot the majority of a time. Occasionally I will take the flashing green screen as if some drops of connection. He reconnect but paralización streamed content or lose as of audio and alive content. Enough frustrating. This spends in both entrances in a device. A transmitter and the receiver have direct line of view, and the distance of roughly 10 feet.

A device looks for having listened my complaint and is more frequently green-exploitation... unfortunate..
Worsening like the months spend of Good
5 / 5
longitude. Like this ossia my second product of this company (IOGEAR) a prime minister was the oldest version that has a small dongle and a big receiver. Cela An interior of leaves 90 day of compraventa. I sent it behind and they covered it down it guarantee ... I last the year. Of then it was it was guarantee his any one anything more for me.
Has seen this an announced and has thought would give this new model tries it. My neighbour up is in my room of bed, less than 20 feet of TVs to box of boss, but any one a HDMI the boss that careers by means of a paving. This big new plus sender and works of big receiver, so only very a lot well. A signal is not NEVER perfect (likes with a HDMI boss) there is hooked his so much arrive and has touched one same HD the film and you can see a difference. It forgets 4K, your lucky to take 1080p the majority of a time is 720p falling to 480 from time to time. There is at all in my room among a two sends and receive the antenna is so that it do not have to that have any subject. I have contacted I train and of then is 'working' has at all can do.
Are a lot disappointed in an action, but work 'kinda'.
has PURCHASED SO ONLY the new a. Waste of money, hard to express my disappointment. 10 feet by means of my chamber, does not take 1080, grieves to take 720, the majority of a time. It runs in and it was constantly. Both products have failed.
4 / 5
I have been that looks for the solution to install the TV in my yard without that has to that run coax, hdmi or ethernet bosses. I have researched a grandson and a IOGEAR looked to be a better option. And work perfectly. Setup Was like this simple, almost the 'spent and played. I connected it my box of boss of the chamber and alfresco to mine Sony TV. It likes that I also can continue connect in of my fourth TV. HDMI I boss are used for both TVs is. You can look both TV is a same time , but is limited to a same canal. Calm can not look two different canals. I have installed a comprised repeater my box of boss so it has had no direct line of view for my remote external TV. A unit to send of the interior synced with an external receiver almost immediately. They are roughly 20 feet averts. My house is brick veneer and has any loss of signal. These works of product like this better that has anticipated. And a prize in the amazon was utmost.
5 / 5
My AT&T Or-boxes of the boss of the to is in a living room has connected to the television there. I have been using the Or-I Extracted the box of wireless boss has connected my TV in a cookery, where does not have any boss outlet. It take this device in a hope to be able to take touched of of a box of wireless boss in a cookery, and saving some money in a long term.

Has connected a IOGear transmissive among my box of boss and a TV, using his built-in splitter. A receiver was in a cookery has connected my TV. A transmitter and the receiver are roughly 20 feet averts, with still wall and the cupboard among them.

When I in the first place plugged everything in, has taken the good and his picture in my TV of cookery. Unfortunately, it conceal any last long. It takes frequent drop -outs of picture and sound. Often, a TV of cookery would be dark and silent, while a blue LEDs and a transmitter and the receiver were solid blue, indicating some devices were in sync. This frequently spent when a TV of cookery was powered was, and then powered behind on. Power-cycling an usually fixed transmitter this question.

IDA blaster has not done well at all. Frequently, a GONE the signal has not been spent on to a box of boss, or when it was spent on, there was often the big delay of the pair of seconds among pressing the key in the far control in a cookery and it having register in a box of boss. Also, those use to GO often resulted in the loss of picture and his, which has taken several seconds to go back.

Everything of an on could be explained by the poor signal among a transmitter and auricular. This in spite of, when I have lost his or picture in a TV of cookery, he also disappeared of a TV of living room that is to be connect for HDMI to a transmitter that use his interiors splitter. This think that there is the question in a IOGear transmissive splitter functionality that is has joined no the force of wireless signal.

Will be to return this product the Amazon.
5 / 5
I have bought this he almost done the year and has toilt to do this function, I still shabby 15ft hdmi bosses of extension in both ends so many could better to vary a transmitter and unit of receiver, has given finally up. Now it has included a transmitter and the receiver are 28 feet averts and line of view. So only I take intermittent signal and some courses of signal was entirely if any walks among some two units. I have had previously the together of actiontec unit that has done very better. It has had to substitute them because of harm of water. I have decided to go with iogear, reason have alleged a same distance and they looked better, the better look, but concealed is roughly that.
Well, IOGEAR posted the a lot of esquire the help then writes with his email address of support, well has written to them TWO TIMES with ZERO ANSWERED. I have verified my spam box in chance that in fact have the support of client, swimming. It suspects that a good response was total BS to satisfy Amazon.
Does not buy these, will update again if his never come by means of, is still on has guaranteeed.
9/29/17 Well, has given up in IOGEAR, well of look and allege big numbers, but any one is by train to help me, and are still down has guaranteeed!
Has has ordered so only SIIG Wireless, expects that they are the better company , so only am trying goes 28 feet.
5 / 5
I have tried the number of different units:

brite-Air to See SyncHD—has done adds for roughly 2 years but seeing did not turn it never was to fry out of

Actiontec to to my Wireless TV—liked them an idea to add another receiver and one AM YACIDO was really good but is has bitten it fussy and any fact with all

IOGEAR GW3dhdkit—loves this a, has a transmitter in a 2nd walk in my house and a receiver down, the work adds and closes on and was based in the signal that comes from/comes from a TV with a receiver as it do not have to that the burn was. A IOGEAR so only has a subject small, there is the delay a lot with a longitude of a HDMI Handshake that spends when changing canals that has different Rez (example 1080 to 720) and canals in 480 does not look at all. But there is an easy fijamente. I change it devise (DVR) to start with so only 1080p or 1080i, this on shows other canals that is 720 and 480, it utmost look in a TV of receiver and now that everything is transmitting in 1080 any handshake of more = any delay of plus of canal

HDMI handshake = A transmission of has encrypted tones among a player / of source and a LCD and HDMI crew of Distribution. Each device looks the together only of tones that needs to be indorsement for an exposure and source before that the audio/of video is showed. HDMI The subject of handshake arrives when a LCD or the source does not accept some tones of HDMI crew of Distribution.
4 / 5
They are generally happy with this product. Work well and is quite good to have a TV has connected to several sources with minima cabling.
The has not gone exactly that have expected and a spec is imprecise. 5x2 Means that there are 5 entrances. One of them is video of connector of fashionable component older. It conceal it is not an elderly composite video of vacuum days of television of the tube like this at least is decent quality . There is not 5 HDMI gone in. An ad of the amazon clearly has said 5 HDMI gone in. It is simply bad. You look in a picture and has seen 5 HDMI the ports but one is a HDMI-was. One 'x2' the part means a unit of transmitter there is HDMI-was for the next TV. Not to mean you can buy the second add-in receiver and have a transmitter and two far headphones. So many, yes, drives two devices of video but any two far video devices.
A row. Has one 100' unit. A receiver is roughly 30 feet was but in another side of the wall that is essentially the chimney of bone. It grieves works. Esteems that 1 wall is equivalent to roughly 30-40 feet of row have unblocked. So I need it spends peel little wall sure has a power of the do. I have not decided exchange my out of still. I can no appearances to do included the few thumbs further where is.
Further that, some looks of device to do well. Taken 15-20 seconds to link on (possibly because of my placing of fringe) and resembles can was when a HDMI the device is was.
Changing the entrances is quite dulcemente like this if ossia a factor of entity for some reason, will take annoyed quickly.
4 / 5
I have used this thing for roughly 2 weeks before packaging he on and basically forgetting possessed it. Randomly any work and need to be restart but concealed has not been a for real annoying course. Had the good 2 according to delaying to press a key to a receiver that answered. As you press the key, not seeing he anything, paste the again, and then indictment one first signal. Then, the seconds of pair later, indictment a second complaint. As it was often that it has to that 'exited' one drives and beginning on. It was not for it likes it it could so only not pressing a key the second time this in spite of, like this often does not take one first asks. This was so only I too annoying. I have finalised hardwiring he in an old house instead. If you are by train to ask you- some units were roughly 5 feet of each another by means of the wall.
5 / 5
Of then it is that it uses a band of same frequency like Wifi (5Ghz frequency), interferes with each another is wireless connection . This will cause a Iogear HD signal and a Wifi AC to fall and lose the connections and calm will think a Iogear is defective. I have been using mine Iogear wireless for more than 2 years and doing well until I upgraded my model of boss to Wifi and has has discovered questions like an exposure of television looses the connection and my internet are result very slow and freezings. I have isolated a question to turn of a modem and the aims extracted. So that Iogear that it was a solution to this?
5 / 5
Have Now ordered it so only the third an of these partorisca to to our office like him to him operates and only laws perfectly for the knots and I have one in home attached to the mining rig.

There is literally any idea like these transmit his signals. Calm would think it was to GO of then there looks to be the blaster and reciever in some units but, slope of the presentations the ees there is remarked the people have had his organism/of laptops that block the direct and STILL continuous street do. They have done for powerpoint/excel by means of the corp video without subjects. A minor rig in home has one and this room also frequently has is the signal blocked for the hanger of clothes this in spite of work.

Remarce: It does not touch of the games with this house (or in an office!) As I do not have any idea in any lag but sure, is not remarked during our tasks of office.

Top Customer Reviews: [Upgraded 2019] ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5 Magdalena
AMAZING RECEPTION! The quality of picture is barn and clear glass.....Very impressed! This antenna is sper light and easy weight to install. My old antenna has owed for a diverse canal but these works of the antenna adds only. Im happy with purchase of mine. It recommends this antenna in any one planning cut a cape.
5 / 5 Rhona
Wow!! Amazing picture !!! I have paid 35 dlls for the cape regulates no HD he wants to HD is another 10 dlls !! With this antenna , so easy to install and posed together . Only the pose a next window . Sleak And easy ! WELL ! Amazing reception of 79 canals ! It do not expect so much !! Cape of goodbye never again ! It takes this and saves $ $ $
5 / 5 Tonita
Law like the charm. Of that short a company of cape was and go with television to the launch has wanted only my locals but took the total of 54 canals. Yes some are in others the tongues but they enter the clear glass. Awesome Produced!
5 / 5 Larry
We buy a 25 version of one thousand so that all some antennas are in 10 miles of our house. Has satellite, but the disputes have blocked was FOX on-the-point of air. As we take this to look a World-wide Series. A quality of picture is excellent! 720p, And the look adds in 55-the inch has DIRECTED. Sper Easy in setup, and yes, paper of thin plastic. But the quality adds.
5 / 5 Georgeanna
I am writing this so that, research that to buy, there are so many antennas when being sold so that you can not say if some descriptions are esal' or So sound of no. preproduced. It was with 1byone after seeing the good description (for the different model) elsewhere, and after it remarks that some of one 1byone the description in the amazon has looked for to be of real users.

Only taken and installed my antenna today. I am trace he in the -affronting window in a first fund, and has used an amplifier. My house is in the low zone, and was the small preoccupied that some canals could not enter well. It have done the analysis of signal of the television in tvfool.com, which has suggested that it can take 15 very quite canal to look, perhaps 6 of this very good. A more afterwards was in any transmitter was 10 miles , and the majority was among 15 and 40

has used the finder of automatic canal of my television to cross and find canals with bonos quite signal to save. It saves 40 canals. It says quite 15 of those was of the poor that suffices the quality signals any one to be watchable. But a rest was well in excellent, and a venue CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, PBS, and CW the canals were all of exceptional HD quality -- and a tvfool the report had suggested the pair of those probably would be unwatchable. I have discovered also some canals have not known enough, like the venue UHF filial those aims one soye television' clean, which looks amused. Had also several canals of Spanish language.

How am very pleased with one 1byone antenna. Still with an on-line streaming point, will use it to look he-sports to air so that it has almost any delay compared in a lag taken when streaming in a soyesh. And PBS is not in any one streaming containers, so that it is to premium also, any one to mention a 'extra' UHF the entrance of the canals . Cutters Of cape, compraventa with confidence!
5 / 5 Perry
Surpassed my expectations. It finds 28 canals. They are all Big quality . Sper Easy to pose up. Even so, I have tried to pose the up in a television of old plus and does not act. If has a television of old plus, could require the box of conversor digital. I will be to buy more for other rooms.
5 / 5 Karry
Perfecto! It embroiders still the note and a reception in of the laws sper sake. It can take the small static sometimes but is scarce. Perfecto to take basic canals in your zone!
5 / 5 Ronna
Bought this antenna after reading descriptions. Reception very good. Any pixelation at all.
5 / 5 Jamila
... And I have finished to take 42.

Was so tired to pay $ 120 for cape. We decide to cut a cord and paid for streaming with television of sling. It see In the city in a half of any one where and the sling does not offer local canals. I have bought this antenna that expects to take abc, fox, cbs, and perhaps pbs or cw. I have finished to take dozens of canals. Has some subjects with cbs, to the cual likes him the map a tower was only quite 10 miles was. I have moved an antenna in a wall in place of just chair in our player of DVD and he the fixed.
5 / 5 Anita
Only we have fallen recently our provider of satellite and the sling taken has had already Netflix etc.. The problem with Sling was concealed does not take local canals like ABC, NBC, CBS. We enjoy to have these so decided to purchase this antenna. In the first place you are, it has not had the big expectations when ordered this but does so so that it was reasonably priced and has thought eh, will give it shot it. Hooked He up today and AM ADDS!!! We take 18 canals ! It has planted in a right of wall by behind a television while I can see in a picture. It IS probably 5 feet of the window. It is doing also go to purchase another possibly more two for another tvs. It expects these helps any one concealed is considering that I cut a cord in cape!
4 / 5 Caroyln
The cord that cut in his fine plus.
Easy antenna partorisca install & place up. The quality of picture adds, quality of his add.
Already have first, hulu, Netflix, plutotv, tubitv, imdbtv, and punctual to be sling partorisca monthly with which 3 month free, punctual to be UMC partorisca
Total $

to the antenna has required So only partorisca local of informative canals.
The plot so that bills of paid of big boss and no in home partorisca enjoy is the bummer😑😐

Sad, I digress. It recommends 3 times to a 5th can🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 cut your cord of boss too😋😉
4 / 5 Yasmine
AMAZING RECEPTION! The quality of picture is clear crystal and has impressed! This antenna is súper light and hanged easy partorisca install. My old antenna has had to that regulate for a diverse canal but these works of the antenna so only is. The‘m happy with cost of mine. You recommend this antenna to any that plans to cut a boss.
4 / 5 Sadie
Am writing this reason, investigation that to buy, there are so many antennas when be sold so that you can not say if some descriptions are esal' or no. So that his preproduced. I have been with 1byone after seeing the good description (for the different model) elsewhere, and after remarking that some of a 1byone the descriptions in the amazon looked to be real users.

I so only received and installed my antenna today. They are trace he in the FACING- window in a first paving, and has used an amplifier. My house is in the low zone, and was the little has concerned that some canals could not go in well. It have done the analysis of signal of the television on , which has suggested to be able to take 15 canal a lot enough to look, perhaps 6 of these a lot well. A next plus was in any transmitter was 10 miles , and the majority was among 15 and 40

has used the finder of automatic canal of the mine television to spend for and find canals with abonos quite signal to save. It saves 40 canals. It say roughly 15 of those was of the poor quite the quality signals any to be watchable. But a rest was a lot the excellent, and a venue CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, PBS, and CW the canals were all of exceptional HD qualities -- and a tvfool the report had suggested the pair of those probably would be unwatchable. I also discovered some canals have not known roughly, like the local UHF filial shows it a soye television coverage, which looks amused. Had also several canals of Spanish language.

To the equal that am very pleased with a 1byone antenna. Still with an on-line streaming coverage, will use it to look he-sport to air reason there is almost any delay has compared to a lag volume when streaming in a 'coverage. And PBS is not in any streaming containers, so that it is in prize also, any to mention a 'extra' UHF passage of canals. Cutters Of boss, compraventa with confidence!
5 / 5 Arnulfo
Wow!! Amazing picture !!! I have paid 35 dlls for the boss regulates no HD he wants to HD is another 10 dlls !! With this antenna , like this easy to install and dip near . So only dipped the in a next window . Sleak And easy ! WELL ! Amazing reception of 79 canals ! No appearances so much !! 🤗 Boss of goodbye never again ! It takes this and save $ $ $
5 / 5 Jc
Works like the charm. Of I cut it a company of boss was and that goes with television of spear there is wanted locals of only mine but has received the total of 54 canals. Yes some are in others the tongues but they go in the clear crystal. Awesome Has produced!
5 / 5 Lavern
Has surpassed my expectations. It finds 28 canals. They are all Big quality . Súper Easy to dip up. This in spite of, have tried to dip the up in an old more TV and does not act . If has a TV of old plus, could require the box of conversor digital. I will be to buy more for other rooms.
5 / 5 Janis
Perfecto! Cant Included remarks it and a reception in laws súper well. It can take the little static sometimes but is scarce. Perfecto to take basic canals in your zone!
5 / 5 Sunday
Buy a 25 version of one thousand reason all some antennas are inner 10 miles of our house. Has satellite, but the disputes have blocked was VIXEN on-the-coverage of air. As we take this to look a World-wide Series. A quality of picture is excellent! 720p, And look adds in 55-the thumb has DIRECTED. Súper Easy to setup, and yes, thin plastic paper. But the quality adds.
4 / 5 Charmain
... And I have finalised to take 42.

Was like this tired to pay $ 120 for boss. We decide to cut a cord and paid for streaming with launching TV. Alive in the city in a half of any where and launchings does not offer local canals. I have bought this antenna while it takes abc, vixen, cbs, and perhaps pbs or cw. I have finalised to take dozens of canals. I have had some subjects with cbs, which according to a map a tower was so only roughly 10 miles was. I have moved an antenna to a wall in place of just seating on our player of DVD and has fixed it.
4 / 5 Mabel
So only has fallen recently our provider of the satellite and he launch taken has had already Netflix etc.. The question with Sling was that we do not receive of the local canals like ABC, NBC, CBS. We enjoy having those like this decided to purchase this antenna. In the first place it was, I have not had big expectations when I have ordered this but has done like this reasons was reasonably priced and has thought eh, will give it shot it. Hooked He on today and ARE ADDS!!! We take 18 canals ! I have situated he in a legislation of wall for behind a TV to the equal that can see in a picture. It is probably 5 feet of the window. It is doing like this well I go to purchase another possibly more two for another tvs. Hope This helps any the one who is considering that I have cut a cord on boss!

Top Customer Reviews: 4K HDMI Cable 6ft ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Vickie
I have required the boss partorisca sustain 4K HDR of the PS4 pro. I have had a outdated boss and my PS4 the black image was in a screen and the sound would fall era. Some investigation and has discovered that there has been 4K hdmi the available bosses. After visiting bestbuy has discovered some bosses are $ 75-$ 300 according to period and mark of name.

Has required the boss at least 10ft long. Cela Lateralmente Me $ 100 in my local tent. It do not have any way has paid to bear the boss. As I have found this boss and decided after reading some descriptions owe that it reads partorisca my needs. And it do not fulfil never my needs and further.

A quality partorisca this point of prize is surprising. A quality of picture takes now is unbelievable. Any second supposition he. If I need the big quality hdmi boss, looks no further. It buys it.

Has added the photo. A boss of black metal hooked until hdmi port 2 is a boss has listed here. Amazing is all has to that say.
5 / 5 Antonetta
These bosses are not so only awesome, is the value adds also! I am using the little of these these to connect a LG TV of SMELL (2018), LG UBK90 4K Blue-player of ray, Xfinity X1, PS3, and a LG SK9Y Atmos soundbar. All the work adds, comprising Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision. These bosses are to have that weighed with finals of metal, and fantastically has finalised. A braided coverage a look of the especially big boss-final, which is a lot I applications where can the to you sees, likes to connect a television to the soundbar. My only nitpick is that they are quell'has bitten rigid and can be the ache the street by means of small zones or the tight turn, but with the pocola operates is doable and will have the beautiful and functional system that will enjoy for years to come.

A thing to agree yes is having ARC/Atmos subjects: Dolby Atmos of Dolby TrueHD sources (usually Blue-disks of ray) can not be transmitted on ARC... Bobo Knows, as you will owe that run the consecrated HDMI to a soundbar for that if your model does not go through half of HDR/Dolby Vision to the your monitor. Felizmente, my UBK90 has a second HDMI for the start of audio eats . Atmos Other sources (streaming, etc) generally uses Dolby More Digital, as they tend to do well on ARC.
4 / 5 Dagmar
That can say? These works of boss to the equal that has announced. You know when the product takes the good description so only reason does like this announced, that has the sea of terrible products that the claim can do something can any one with some wait that a consumer any the will remark can any one and the turn. While it conceal quite a lot of Amazon of sums on, this boss underlines. Priced aggressively His competition, Atevon is exited of his way to ensure his stands of product on a rest. This boss is strong, the looks adds, and built to last. A lot especially, it rids some signals alleges does without any subjects. I have purchased a big plus 10' the boss does and have any @subject anything. I am spending Atmos by means of ARCH and some Dolby Vision HDR to the 10 has bitten monitor without loosing anything. Any more with subjects more probably has his devices have configured wrongly, or a lot necessarily comprise like work. In the sea of terrible products with empty promises, Atevon done the splash and stands on a rest.
5 / 5 Velia
They are not one to fall for marketing mumbo jumbo like the hdmi the boss can come economic, mid and big in prize. Now with my electrical fund almost any do any for 1080p. But with which almost 4 years of the 4K the TV in mine living room has used the boss he economic plus. Now mine RV the boss has broken because of a manufacture the bent when they have installed. As it was in better cost to contest in his prizes and because costs so that. I have been to Amazon and decided to listen to a Better Type Rep in the good boss will help with a picture to the equal that have bought a here with good specs and descriptions.

A lot afterwards 4 years to look my television a New 4k HDMI the boss has done the world of differene in a picture. Now it was not if my old boss degraded but can say you any more fuzz in a screen am habituada also. It was bad to the equal that takes the better boss for the 4K to TV likes them the world of difference. Some prizes are down I here have bought like this three take all my TV is and in mine RV.
4 / 5 Carlotta
I have had a TV of Apple 4 connected to mine LG 4K the television and has done well with a big but the oldest quality HDMI boss. With which I upgraded to a TV of Apple 4K HDR there is remarked occasional dropouts in a video or audio — very short but annoying. A control of boss of television of Apple the function is spent. Based in the descriptions have decided here try a Atevon 3.3 ft HDMI boss. When I installed It again I have done a boss of television of the controls of Apple to the equal that has spent of course. Also it spends one 4:2:2 test. Of then installing this boss is there be any glitches or interruptions in a video or audio. As it does not blame a TV of Apple 4K or your television him him of the subjects of video. Calm so only need the boss of upper quality. Highly it recommends a Atevon bosses.
5 / 5 Delmy
These bosses are utmost. The hard mine some were of early 2015 and mark of big quality this in spite of could a lot of all my new loan 4K offered of television.
These bosses have the rigid metal braiding. For shielding and durability ossia the utmost characteristic . This in spite of do not bend was and to my boss channeling like this easily. Some 6' the bosses had been using has the nylon braiding like this bent to a boss channeling with just quite period to achieve my devices.
These bosses take more than a boss for the main curves that the so only the small to courts. I have substituted a two 6' some with 10' some and concealed has solved a question. Like this if your old bosses are cloth or the hule just braided and an access is after I reccomend taking a plus along 10' some.
4 / 5 Milagro
Your Atevon HDMI the bosses are the God -has sent. I can for real vouch a quality of your bosses because mine Samsung soundbar was having subject of start of the sound and a serviceman said that a cause of him is more probably to be the 'faulty HDMI boss'. This does not mean that it is not doing at all but an audio is intermittent, from time to time an audio does not rid properly while the majority of a time is doing. It can be I a lot annoying but more the people so only would ignore it that it pays $ 120 to take a Samsung serviceman to come and the rectify. I have been having this Samsung soundbar which is coming near like the free present with mine Samsung the television fact 3 years. On it is suitable, band for almost 1K, therefore have think that that it cost to take seapaired' that buying the new one which is still very economic.
Like this, going back to a recommendation of a serviceman, have gone to Amazon to look for the good quality and of confidence HDMI boss, and guess that? After the bit to look for and reading of descriptions, has found this ATEVON HDMI the boss is, selling in the reasonable and wise prize with good descriptions of past clients. I have purchased 3 insiemi of these bosses and mine the only remorse is not taking more than him.
A moment unpacked a box and has seen some bosses and he is HDMI connectors, my heart skipped bit it. One looks of the quality in some braided bosses has promised enough that these are qualities stuffs.
Likes that has spent? Well, mine soundbar now done perfectly, so only like when it was new mark . Perfect audio throughout without the only hitch. No more messages of error that career in mine soundbar, no more falling of an audio during playback. A perfect audio throughout...
Thank you I million types, any marvel dares to give the lifetime has guaranteeed, the really material of quality that really the works and I know where to take mine HDMI bosses from now on.
4 / 5 Anibal
Of a moment I unboxed this boss has known the quality has managed. Each metallic surface in a boss has been polished to the perfect big gloss the mirror-like resplandor. I have been excited to know that it go to be one very first to touch this and a prime minister fingerprint was to be mine. (Types, calm perhaps knows that I am speaking roughly, here) To the equal that has inspected an interior of some surfaces to joint, a same Quality has feigned travers. Each tooth in a receptor has been varied exactly in his place. You look attentively in a braiding to the equal that fulfil each connector and he have looked perfectly bonded with one covers he. With an obvious cure in creation and production knows this boss (which is vital to an action of my system) will fulfil each spec. Llama to to reproduce. This Ethernet with boss of the turn of the Audio is recommended highly for HDMI Boss 10 FT - Atevon Big Speed 18Gbps HDMI 2.0 Boss - HDCP 2.2 - 4K HDR, 3D, UHD 2160P, HD 1080P, Ethernet - 28AWG Braided HDMI Cord - Gone back of Audio for television, Exposure, PC, Xbox, PS4/3, TV of Apple
5 / 5 Charleen
This product has improved my experience of television viewing tremendously. This boss has solved also the question has had in mine television that has discovered is the common question that some people have.
My question was, in my TV, has had technical verbiage that read,'yours television does not sustain HDMI... It controls your connections, gone back your box of boss was, reset, etc etc.'
was to change of the HDMI boss to a composite green, blue, greens of old fashionable bosses. To change out of mine in existent economic HDMI boss that is coming with the player of blue ray, this question has been solved. My here visited father for a week and I have explained a question has experienced his and has said a same question of Link of Century where bolt in Marietta, GA. I have then ordered an exact HDMI boss I so only received and has said this will solve his question.
Leaves to know once returns to GA the few days but has to them that well sure this boss of quality adds will solve his @@subject also.
For any that wants to improve a quality of his picture, please order this boss.. Calm will not complain it .
5 / 5 Aracely
Extremely pleased with this boss. After upgrading to the 4K HDR TV, mine PS4 Pro has developed syncing subject. This has caused a screen to go entirely black for enough the bit before going back. I had it it has changed it initially a boss with the version (any one this mark) concealed said that could manage 4K. A subject has persisted. With which some investigation for "Certificate 4K" it has found them this mark. The prize was a lot like this bought it to them. A @@subject has had them has been was and then the turned in some SUBJECTS!

I slowly to buy more if these in some future

Tl;Dr. - These are good bosses .

Top Customer Reviews: [Upgraded 2019] ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Angelic
I have interrupted use of boxes of the cape in my fourth does several months. I will be earnest and admit that it was somewht sceptic in this antenna. One, because of a prize and two, has not had any one such creates the thing, was the thing! Quan Thinks the antennas take the days in my grandparents contain when has had to bunny-like powder of metal up and low and/or behind and advance for the mediocre picture. lol With east, is able to take quite 60 clear canals. (Simply it expect for venue) Empty nester now but returning arrest more to adapt a Firesticks in my rooms of guest.
5 / 5 Mose
In my investigation to save the small money, thought why not falling my cape? Or at least it reduce my bill of cape to take drawee of the canals can take for free in an air. Val, Now that has the plan and the aim to achieve, has posed entered the investigation to find a HD antenna that would adapt my necessities.

Some researches has not been that very time or pico, felizmente was quite easy. I the few fast investigations and found 1byone, the company that marks very different HD solutions of antenna. It listens it was sure to find a device required of them, and was a lot. I have purchased one 1byone Shiny Antenna sper thin version of Amazon. After reading some descriptions and look in some characteristics, was very impressed and excited to take it the house and the place arrive it.

A setup the process was quite easy and earnest. You limit an antenna in a television entered of antenna, goes in soyy place' and scanner for canals. A first time I this was the small disappointed, has had has taken only 28 canals. Desprs Carefully reading some instructions and posing my alcohol of technology to do thought hmm would have to has planted an antenna in the window that affront an utmost alfresco, to wall and other objects can block signal bypass so left this material. I another scanner and has taken 58 canals. Wow I has not known there was so much venue HD and any HD canals free in an air.

In my surprise, has not had to use an amplifier distributed and a window has situated the afterwards was less than 20 feet of my big TVs. Volume mostly all some canals could want to for my necessities. Here in my zone, is quite lucky to be in 50 miles of Philly where a tower of emission is localised. You can discover what next the the yours the tower of local emission is to do the fast google investigation. I am supremely satisfied and blowing was that well these works of antenna and a HD the quality takes of your local emission.

To well sure recommend one 1byone Shinny HD Antenna, even so before annul or has cut your byline of cape, buys this product and the flavour was. His very economic so that the entertainment can provide. I fulfil some people that has connected an antenna in his television of boy for shows of local boys, this was the good idea deletes a necessity to rent another box of cape. Also, your action will vary according to the number of factors: that is available in your zone, your necessities of the entertainment wished as well as objects that can be block a HD signal.

For a money, that is to say the device adds to try out of your HD local emission and at the end save you a bit money.
5 / 5 Marya
Has expectations way down below. Quan Has looked for an antenna, one of some main elements has researched was some on duty police--has not been I an optimist! It IS very pleasantly surprised with east. Quan Arrives, to verify it was, only chair he in the chair afterwards in a television-- chooses up 6 canals. Here, I have to say, only tried to take a local canal that organism like looks a time on in some evenings so taking very the canal has not been an aim--a definite plus, but no critical. Moved the in a window and he have augmented in 11 canals that comprises a one has wanted for local time. (One of some another television sound --never listened of him, but his interest.) I am impressed that takes some mark of canals to consider a direction my house is affronting in relation to a canal of television and a location of a zone of desayunar in a house--the more is in a country. Some pictures on all some canals are utmost. With streaming and this antenna, does not lose Directv or these bills at all. This has reaffirmed only our decision to leave this dish of satellite goes! It attaches the beak of a window with an antenna in him and the beak of a television. To well sure buy it this again. I am supremely happy with him.
5 / 5 Fernando
For the little of the years have not purchased an antenna like our only used Netflix to house/Hulu/Prime of Amazon for video, and has not thought an antenna would give good reception. I have purchased then this antenna to assist look NFL the games and I has been surprised in a quality of on-the-reception of air in my HDTV.

Has fixed he in my wall by behind my television more than the window and he utmost. I experimented with different place until I have found a correct location.

Has considered to purchase a black model instead while I thought it would be planted in a television support, even so a reception was attached very better in the besides big wall as and is happy and has purchased a white version while it matches a wall quite well.

My house is 23 miles of some turns of main television. I have purchased a 50 version of the mile and he are fantastic.
5 / 5 Erlene
For a money, is not sure will find something those does very better.

Has taken this so required an antenna and has not been that it wants to spend very money. These accesses a bill.

Begun with 0 canals with a small antenna these rays in a backside of your television and after installing this antenna takes 18.

Wants to remark that you expect miracles, will not be pleased with any antenna. The telemetry has his limitations and the calm can not expect something in the house and this small to choose on canal 50 or 60 miles was on of terrain. It see In a zone that is only quite 35 miles of some turns. With this said, one .gov The web of place has said that that has been only to take 8 - 10 canals.
4 / 5 Farrah
Nov 29 2017
That is to say is my second antenna this has purchased (time of premier to buy of 1byone). Has data my last antenna 1 star because of interior of subjects some premiers few months. They use for the day so far and will be to update my description. I am an impartial and main critic to look to give this antenna 5 stars. It attaches the few pictures of a a-boxing and location of my antenna. It take a plus after an antenna in the window, some more canals. This also depends in your zone. My antenna at present is using pot of the usb port in my television of Samsung. I will be to purchase the pair more this satisfied antenna my expectations.
5 / 5 Amparo
Taking in the dispute with a right of company of the cape before a Sper Bowl. I have ordered this antenna that expects that it was able in hostel of still clock. I have tried and it is returned another and has expected this one would be different. Any one only was different... It is surprising. A quality of picture and a quantity of canals wishes it to me there was done these years. With these canals, television of Apple and Netflex is a happy to camp. Taken enough 2 min to install and then program some canals. It did not like him to see of a bit of the falcon loses but at least was home in place of any sleazy bar!
Here is to the attentive enjoy cut a cape so so do! I have ordered another for the familiar member.
5 / 5 Jerilyn
Full description of a Ultra thin HDTV flat antenna of 1byOne.
4 / 5 Chieko
I have researched the cord that measured for enough the moment and decided to purchase this antenna to take advantage of local canals in HD to accompany a television of the fire of the Amazon has purchased also. In general recommend it but advise any one to expect taking canals so a lot of if you are not able to plant an antenna apropa the window or main in yours walls.

A product is so described
Work very well for some canals take (state using apx 2 month now)
Takes a canal(s) want to for more
designs Prim - can purchase be separately that has done so so any one to bond he in anything in a wall

Of my television is not to close in the window very in fact takes all some canals can (with all the justice, that is to say has not been unexpected but with a signal 50 signal of the forces of thousands was alentadoras can he through)
to take the little of the additional canals would have to plant a main antenna in one that wall would not be aesthetically pleasing
4 / 5 Kristan
Updated in Oct 28, 2016: Contacted by a company with the real disposal to do us happy. They have done to offer suggestions the reception of help, provides the most external antenna powerful, or I still reembolsa ours purchases. Service of the client like this takes mark very big of me and for this reason, has update our description.


This has not tried to be the compraventa very well for us. We expect to take the number of canals of the big quality since is very inner a 50 one thousand describes it would have to spent . With a semi-detached amplifier and plugged in, in fact see the reduction in of the canals that can choose it up.

Has required to try and the dress that changes a location in other rooms will do it more effective.

Top Customer Reviews: BAFX Products ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Jacinto
Suelo uses a pause Some/V units of work (a/v undertaken of integration), but this was cheaper that our cost in these units. I have extended this unit of my half comunicacionales racks in 3 television afterwards is purchasing 2 additional I.r. Eyes, and has extended using them BAFX Cat-5 extends box. This addition in $ 42 in a cost of the $ 27 unit, but and could have saved the averages of an extra cost to cut an I.r. The capes to extend eyes in Cat-5 with connectors of Dolphin. I prefer a cleaner look. Only have the blu-player of ray and Denon reciever in this repeater, so much doing while it expect. The only remarkable thing is to know that one (probably purposefully very brilliant) the blue light is constantly illuminated in some ways of the main unit there is one the fault of entrance, in my case one of some pairs of cape in my Cat-5 cape of extension was shorting. I have had to to substitute RJ-45 tip in or television to recover functionality.

Comprised is the photo of a main unit (only 2 of my installed entrances, 1 beginning) and one of any GO repeaters in the blu-player of ray in a VAIN reciever.
4 / 5 Anne
It opens HAS 3 of these around a house, and all have very done very - although one of a emitter the connectors are fallen has been with minimum friction in mine the majority of recent unit. I am using a the majority of recent (until it quotes) version for redundancy with my Definite Harmony in the theatre has consecrated, with each instruments localised in the parameters of cupboard a corner, in case that any one sounds which fumbling around with a far Harmony while changing parameters of component, etc. Besides, while touching around with options/of location of compatibility, was pleasantly surprised to discover that a VAIN Harmony Blasters dread some signals of this unit (when used jointly with the 3.5mm in adapter 2.5mm). Until it remarks of date; when used with a VAIN Harmony Blaster, controls all the functions of my Marantz AV8802A processor, yes hangs only in front of a Marantz' far eye (beak of semi-detached voice). Besides, this unit rebroadcast a signal routed of the Receiver of VAIN Harmony through the House of Hub of Harmony, yes connect a BAFX entered of receiver in a House of Hub of Harmony blaster begin.
5 / 5 Ian
Surprising. I am an installer and has been that pays three times a quantity of money in this exact product of Xantech, Calrad, the vision of the canal (all the utmost products). This container has had all has required. In fact it has it issues in a lot. I have not required everything of some 6 dual emitters. Thanks to this company for not lining behind and giving us installers all some parts in or box. And they all does:) WANT TO it it. Shipping A+
5 / 5 Mireya
We have used this in a lot of Some/V installations for clients. He always laws and comes with abundance of blasters. If has components in the cupboard or cupboard and uses a far control GOES, can any gone bad with this unit.

Has required to have a far senor in an open zone with line of place in your far control and can require together extra cape of 3 directors (any cape of CAT will do), as it is the good idea to learn what far out of a receiver will be to plant a hub and deciding yes is until a task to joint cape. If no, it tries to order the receiver GOES compatible with the longest cord.
5 / 5 Lamar
That is to say an exceptional device . I have substituted a repeater of the oldest generation, this has been connected in the Universal Far, and in comparison, this was flawless. Pose up easily, and has repeated the mine GOES the sensor in the cupboard veiled perfectly. A premium was that a signal repeated in a cupboard veiled was supremely strong, which has meant that I have not had to hunt for a sensor Goes in a front of a AV Auricular, or the engraver Blue ray.
5 / 5 John
I produce it adds. I have moved in the new house with the built-in centre of entertainment. Everything of my electronic is by behind doors of cupboard and like the result was unable in far control any one of them. This GOES the repeater very only enables far control of everything of my electronic in camera but he he better that before when had some open doors and has to signal a far control directly in the each element. Opened Can signal it a far control in almost any direction and he will control an electronics. It say of another way,, does not have to when being signalled directly in an element to be has controlled.
5 / 5 Tera
I have turned my zone of room of the basement in the theatre of house and one of my aims was to goes it a box of cape, blu-ray, etc. Has used this so that the only could have a cord these races through a wall be able still to use some far controls. I very cual a new setup while it is very clean. A course a harder found where a sensor was in my blu the ray/surrounds system of his but once finds that, was really easy and some works of far repeater every time. Setup Only comprised carried he in a cape of main receiver and some subsequent capes that enters some until the and plugging he in. Probably 5-10 minutes everything in. Also it locate in a wall very easily.
5 / 5 Yetta
Fantastic! It included I jointed one GOES the capes of auricular as now it runs probably 30 feet and the laws add. The only thing the note is a self adhesive in some emitters has not been consistently effective like semi-detached rest in a squad. Even so, they take jostled from time to time. If they are not being has touched/the stay clashed in just sake.
5 / 5 Mozelle
I have done the centre of new entertainment with more than slats that windows and my universal far could any paste any one of some VAIN sensors anymore. It enters this product, the perfect solution in this common problem. A course a harder found a receiver Goes in my squad, felizmente the little of the manuals have had a location and a bit those that that has not been able in pinpoint through test and error.
Does exactly that alleges in and would recommend in of the friends.
5 / 5 Larraine
It was not really sure which and has been to take with east. But and he no preoccupy which television or system and apresamiento, and go to be using this with him. Mina xbox a far is horrible and has to when being the pointed right in a xbox to do well. But with easterly a receiver chooses in a far signal in a wall and and of the that has problems anymore. A capacity in veiled some boxes are very also.

Top Customer Reviews: MantelMount MM340 - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Na
Recently we buy the house and ran us in the conundrum: there it has very exactly an excess of spatial here, and a familiar room was meant clearly to be centred around a funnel. And it likes him to us his a funnel, as we have not wanted to take drawees of him. Clearly a better place to pose a television, spatial-wise, was above a funnel, but that neither is ideal for the number of reasons, a big plus or angle to be to see . As it was happy to discover that has the product has designed to treat exactly that situation. Too much sake of his to be roughly at the beginning!

My funnel is quite 4' big, and a television is quite 50' and FOCUSED backlit (bad is thin and clear , even so certainly the thinnest person or clearer). A MantelMount is designed to do with main material also, but only wants to share my of particular use phase. In all the case, am to well sure any one that would call handy, but that installs this mountain was a pleasant and easy experience global. The just mark sure read a manual thoroughly at least the day before the fact goes to do paid to be has prepared. Mark sure has all some necessity of the tools and the mark sure has done all some measures that question during a process. But he you to him once that, is very very also take to follow them. It IS very the quite complex thing is doing -- there is quite 3 different things in 'of the head offices' against other things to achieve a final result of the television centred in a funnel. Considering that, a manual a lot does quite also the work so possibly beat to count a process through diagrams and of text. Only pay the next and calm attention would have to be well.

In an end, a television is able to seat comfortably above a mantle while also swinging down in the level at least so down and (perhaps included go down this) the level 'desktop of television'. There is to plot of utmost small extras also, likes the bite goes clamps and bonds of cape to capes of calm help of road in a television on the way that law in any up or low place. You can say really posed to plot of thought and amour in this product to do it a more possibly could for his purpose has feigned.
4 / 5 Eda
In the first place, I left me say that that is to say totally estimates a money, especially has the house where that locates the television elsewhere will leave your totally disoriented room. It IS so tried to give these 5 stars, but no vain to do that for some reasons of follower. Read through a rest of a description to know why.

Describes that thinks that that it takes
1. The quality of tez is the upper notch . Machined The holes and the alignments are perfect.
2. Any harm in the product when arrives.
3. The piston of gas and his motion is very built.
4. No to wobble in general.

The things the look was when buy this
1. Calm to well sure require 1 more person the help has posed am together. Doing this for you, if you are the DIY the vain person to be the nightmare , especially in the quantity.
2. Read a manual two times, and does the trip in a tent of hardware to take all some habladuras manual enough, and anything determines a manual does not speak enough/loses was on/does not accommodate prendido. The clock was in particular for the tools have required to adjust a piston of gas. If you are using an engine of impact, recommends concealed has a set of engine of the nuts.
3. Mark calms Sure a bit calm mathematicians for a bar of his, is interested, or wants to accommodate for him in a future. Also, you plan on taking the television of big plus sometime in a future, mark sure to give extra room for him. Once installed in a wall, can sew very a lot of of change, without drilling new holes, and remounting a whole thing.

Reasons for not taking to 5 star
1. The manual is very cryptic. One the stairs of 1 - 10, goes to say 8. Tongue quite two tables of measure, one in a principle and a half road through a book, to determine what far above a mantle for the trace. It does not speak enough it fences in of his or any one another accommodation of annex. Some outlines of tools that the need to begin is also incomplete.
2. A cape wobbles, and that is to say something concealed has remarked other people have commented also. Owe bonds of nylon to line a thing in place and prevents to wobble, when pulling down or pressing up.

MantleMount Notarise: If you have read this description, the calm amiably defends you to look to improve your manual. This can be the 5 product of the accidents have estimated, with at all to complain- enough, except a prize, fix your manual. A digest of as the process will go, and what to expect when the mountain will go the long road for DIYers. Paying $ 250 for the mountain, and hiring the pro for another $ 150 is not really the good road to break up ones in increasing cost. Enough spend it $ 150 for your mountain of the competitor and he then pays a pro to install.
5 / 5 Dave
Surprising, is everything can say. My installation was for the 75' Samsung television in the funnel of brick. Looked more complicated that it was, but has taken to good sure 2 types. But it was surprised when all only looked to return together hurriedly. It gives calm in an hour or 2 and go in a video of Youtube. Help to plot. We pose a totality thinks was (the no tight rays or anything as) in the bed of queen to do sure had ridicules well of draw, and then was much easier to transfer until a wall. It suggests to take a frame bolted in also while I can, and continues verifies your measures. In case perhaps. Once a base is moored in a wall properly, goes softly. You can adjust a force of some absorbers to clash to take the smooth displacing for up and down. A precaution is that when uses to pull descendant/outwards, No above/outwards. It sounds felt what common, but a road is done, of course changes slightly for up when the only attraction directly was and if you do not give very enough to be of the downward likes him a lot everything. But calm once take it down pat, is quite mere. In general it is the invention of characters that resolves the big problem. Sometimes we leave a television in a verse above plants so that a natural state in a 'arrive' of the angles to situate slightly for down. But when in 'low' a lot the looks adds.
5 / 5 Duane
House with a so the flu has decided to write this description since you. Involuntary rhyming eschew, This support of television is excellent. I have installed recently the (mostly for me) and has asked two friends to help me in an end. So much, yes, it finds or mark two friends to help install this product. Look in some pictures that all the world-wide rid and little look has centred. So many, has decided to do my own instructions. It opens The left wing is to see can use my nonsensical PhD the calm help he better that some directions.

The elements have required:

electrical hammer with bits
the ratchet posed with extensions
crescent conjoint of wrench
masking tape
tampon of paper and pen
studs finder
measured of tape
television in original support
4+ hours of uninteruppted patience

WELL, the left wing is begins. Some directions are almost useless, use only the the total a support in a television for measures and final adjustments.

1. He total a support of television in a television. That is to say well. You will require to see how he all apt together before doing anything in a wall. This will give you one comprising of so some works of support. Be ailing and knows that the majority of some rays will not be used during assembly (so that each television is is different forms). Sure when being to use that plastic thickness washers in of the multiple zones to protect a television of scratches. It protects your inversion (and guarantee).

Notes of entity: if a support of television (once semi-detached) clave out of low a television, then will require to plant a support a big plus up in a television. This spent in me. It can see an annex of wall of the metal this clave was, as I have taken a whole thing eschews and has begun on.

2. Opened has Measured it of mark, very the. It measure some dimensions of your television. Note like an annex of wall (the with all some holes) the chairs the low plus that centre in a backside of a television. Measures of mark of an annex of wall. It opens it Measures a distance among a cup of a television and a cup of an annex of wall, and then measures a distance among a fund of a television and a fund of an annex of wall (uses the level in an upper and melts of a television with the measure of tape to take accurate distances). You will require these measures to determine where a piece of metal (with all some holes) will be bolted in a wall.

3. It measures a room to wall was and locates a point of centre of a studs. Zones of coverage with masking tape and he again, this times those marks a tape of masking (any one a wall) with a pen. It determines some points of centre of all the rooms. Tape to mask of the use in the zones where need to do a wall. He very sea a wall is spent to paint weeks. The long place vertical band of tape in a wall. Measures of mark of everything.

4. Here it is a taken to separate that requires arts of basic mathematicians. Question your boy of institute to help yes is necessary. You will require the clean piece of paper and the pen. It opens Cela has determined a dimension of a wall (the mine was 60'' of ceiling in a cup of this gaudy sofa), determines where a centre of a television would be in this room (cup, fund, left and right). I have planted my pieces of furniture where the needs that is and used studs that was more after a half of a sofa. Like the mark the diagram of a wall and plant your television in a half of this room. Then it uses some dimensions of some television to determine where a television would be centrical in this wall ( had 16'' rooms in some upper and inferior).

5. Here it is a delicate part . Using your original calculations of a television with being attached, determines where an annex of wall of the metal (with some holes) will attach in a wall (which will be lower that a centre of a television). If this no any note, notes like a centre of an annex of wall of the metal (with some holes) is lower that a centre of a television. It attaches an annex of wall in yours diagram and remark concealed is lower. I then (in my diagram) has determined some distances among a cup of a wall and a centre of an annex of wall, and a cup of a sofa and a centre of an annex of wall. If your mathematician is correct, will remark that an upper number (celling to centre of annex) is main that an inferior number (sofa in centre of annex). This will take some time, be so ailing. To the final clicks. If no, question any one to help with some mathematics.

6. Once it imagine it was where to plant an annex of metal in a wall (that it would have to be it the distance that is lower that centre of wall, takes a support of television of a television and takes an annex of metal. I use the level and determine where to plant this annex of metal in a wall. It is not sloppy. Control and recheck yours the distances among points and mark take some mark done is perfectly level.

7. It marks Your marks and now recheck all your calculations before hammer. It takes this right a first time. Centres of control. The distances of clearance of the possible control yes has the funnel this clave was too far. Control and recheck. If you are ready, hammer according to instructions and clean in a disorder. It takes each a tape.

8. Totally reassemble a support of television without a television. That is to say where it will require two friends. Has the control a support of television in a wall and hammer some rays through a wall until almost flush. The hand achieved. Attraction a low support for directions and attaches a television in a support. It adjusts a ray under a support for ease of use, etc. Etc.

9. Any behind and enjoy. I am spent the little more the time that another probably done to pose this thing jointed, but to the left say: it is perfectly level and has centred perfectly. It can not look exactly centrical in some photos, but is something on. We are in a process to attach the clear painting in a television with industrial velcro when is not the using. It have to look quite well.

Expects these helps.
4 / 5 Danna
Desprs Verifying around and looking in any alternative 'roughly cheaper' for the low attraction the mountain of television decided in only bite a balloon and paid for a Mountain of Mantle. The initial impressions are this thing is robust and has built well. I have used this in the phase to build of the new house where has had to any one 2x4s to attach to to the the thickness likes him to him the funnel was mecer and sings it to of ensures a mountain in a rock. Taken each setup and has done sure all was level . Planted a mountain in a wall without a television and has used a ray of security (which are the must has characteristic) to take he of a masons subjects while they have installed a rock. Quan A house has been completed has installed our 58' Samsung the television and some problems have begun. A dish of the wall of the mountain was perfectly level but a television has not been when it has been pulled down. There is some game in him and could promote a left corner and he was to arrive to this point takes a television was and take 3 of a lag rays in a dish to wall was and the adjust re-hammer some holes and the trace again. This does a dish of the wall does not level but can take a level of television in a fund of one shot. Yes?! Well no... It opens in a cup of a shot a television is not to level. No so bad out of level but, still perceivable of a mantle is perfectly level and some television chairs slightly in the and a desert is uneven. Desprs messing With a mountain for more the road times this wants to/necessity in only has left the while it is of a whole purpose to buy this mountain is so it can pull it down at most level of tolerable viewing. The next subject has now is squeaks when trace. Guessing roughly of a coating of powder is spent was in the some place and is metal to contact of metal. There is has not had a time to look in this still except some the fat of lithium would have to do a trick.

A ray of security to line in place is the very good security the characteristic like this the thing has some torsion and could hurt if the toe is in a wrong place a wrong time.
Amur A concept and a distance of trip is very good. Has the 12' the deep mantle and he have abundance of room for the clear.

Has any adjustment of final for the television these levels once a mountain is installed.
A weapon of low attraction any one the closely together ray and there are two rays a winery the on. They wiggle included with the road in the a lot of torsion applied in some rays in the. Perhaps I will have to direct the small self touching ray in the each one for the ensure.
The squeaks Quan entering an up place.
4 / 5 Bud
So far so good. It looks and I adds. But an installation was the bear . I am not sper handy but is no slouch or. I took me 6 hours to install!

That is to say so that
(1) the ray in of the skins. I have not discovered this until I have to take was (so that I have installed the part the other way around). It have to use an oscillating tool to cut out of a ray undressed!
(2) Taken to take a television to hang exactly level. I have required in disorder with installing a storm 1/8 big inch in a side that another. Very trying, taking it was a wall, etc.
(3) One locates no really access a TCL 55 inch that has bought. Basically one TCL the holes are too far down in a television for a mountain to do well. This need of ways to improvise in the bouquet of small roads.

A tip will offer is that you want a television to back advance (in place of backward, which was his naturalidad and which place is just injustice for the television above the funnel), required to use spacers that has not coming with a mountain. (Any quite a lot of spacers have been comprised). I have used six additional washers where a mountain attaches in some upper holes of a television; but I have used any additional washers where a mountain attaches in some inferior holes of a television. Basically those presses a cup of a television further out of a wall, tiling down in planting from above. I will attach the picture of a washers.

In general, he looooong day. (Perhaps I am not so handy at the end!). But it looks well and of the good works.
5 / 5 Fransisca
Work well but to well sure takes the few hours to install. It measures, hammer, disorder up, re-measured, curse, in the fine mountain. In general the very good work but there is a thing found a subject : when you are to pull down a mountain for a first time and inserts/inserts a ray of security a mechanism of cradle was soooo tight that literally folds a ray ! I have to Dremel borderline a ray for the take was and then loosen a pressure of a cradle only to pull a low arm for a first time. Otherwise One installs is relatively directly the advance is some directions carefully!
4 / 5 Winter
The installation was the delicate small bit , but that only could be so that it was supremely careful to measure all and not doing any deceptions. I took it once up it is been well. In front of total my television above a funnel read a lot of on-line pieces quite that is the bad idea and that the tension to ray will be the big subject , which are why I has bought this mountain. These doomsday pieces quite not locating your television above the funnel is total hogwash. I can say afterwards the year to use this mountain seldom pulls it down to level of the eye and has experimented the collar of scratch pulls anything. Honestly I can it say it has not had never once ache of collar to look a television on is something above a funnel. The majority of people slouch the small when television of looks in all the case, well? Seldom dry up perfectly directly in a sofa, is only very comfortable. My flu is that I have paid in $ 200 for this mountain these low drops, when can have had the mere or for $ 40. Also a Mantel the highland clave was quite out of a wall. It prefers it to look the small more modernised. (I calm fulfil you can buy or that access in a better wall).

In general some laws of product so announced, as any complaint there. I lament a compraventa even so so that it is clear has not been required, at least for us. A mere mountain would have sufficed .
3 / 5 Rebekah
This mountain weighs at least two times as much as a television is hanging with him. Totally I create it it can levitate one 80lb 88 television has entered a half of an air.

In fact that it is in a worse thing, your television also could be lite for this unit and the calm would not be able to adjust a cradle of enough of gas to take a balance of correct impulse. Mina crank has all a road in a decree and is properly, and a LCD hanged was heavier that a SMELL has considered to hang.

Quan Installs says uses two people, means it. This cradle of gas is supremely difficult to plant until the he bolted in something and can take some advantage.
5 / 5 Otto
Like this the device costs the plot of money, and can be thinks that that it is only mass to justify and can take something cheaper. Well, you can spend less on something more, but probably has not been almost also like this mountain. These uses of thing heavy steel of gauge in his edifice, and when posed up properly can handle big televisions with ease, and well of look in a process. He bonds out of or wall of diverse when retracted inches, as it maintains that in of the imports, but extends continued the deep mantle and rotate side in side in the quite good arch. My mantle is 12 deep inches , which are quite big, and this unit handles it well. You have to follow some directions carefully (the directions are very a lot of-scriptures) sure when being has pose up properly - measure twice (or three times) before it installs. A emits had is that some instructions sounds what some necessities of arms to be attached in a centre of a dish of wall, but that it is clearly very roughly and would be the problem for me has been . I need to take in studs in a wall and this can do a dish of quite highland far was-centrical. While this dish is sure, can locate an arm several inches was-centrical so that your rests of the television have centred. You can slide a television left wing or right in his group also, but any one very so that done a system was balance and your television curves. As it maintain it a mostly centred television in his group, and centres an arm in a dish of wall.

Top Customer Reviews: Composite to HDMI ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Lannie
I am not sure why a first description describes this that opposite, perhaps is backward compatible? I can not try of only have the television concealed does not have any RCA ports, only hdmi. I hate that has bought my television not knowing this, that directs in how much hdmi has entered has has forgotten totally a rca. But clearly it say he in a description that that is to say Rca in hdmi.
-My television does not have rca, now can use my old players that does not have hdmi technology still. At present I am using he in my player of karaoke of DVD.
-Works while it expect 720p/1080p
-can use you television usb or DVD usb likes supply to be able
5 / 5 Latonya
These works of conversor well. Highly recommend it this in that precise this class of conversor. A prize is reasonable and a quality in manufacture is more concealed has adapted. Also, in these consoles of the game the old plus, some looks to signal to improve slightly.

Uses this to connect my systems of game of old legate in my receiver that has multiple HDMI has entered. Anteriorly Has owed by behind my wall is television of trace to change of a console of game in another. This conversor a lot simplifies this. More, a signal mentioned in the improvement is a more has attached .
5 / 5 Darcel
It take these products so that new TVs does not have some ports have composed. Like the could not connect a Wii in him.
This was mere and earnest. Desprs Connecting all, a Wii laws very well with a television.
3 / 5 Yer
This has not done to aim n64 in Samsung UN43UM6300 4k television. It was advantage to think for info/inform that it . I actuate Since it learn that perhaps require the scaler like N64 is native 120 and newer tvs has required at least 240. I go to try this theory to order the similar product that comprises the scale in 240.

Otherwise This was the orderly little product and container that is arrived hurriedly and in to the the look likes him otherwise of the work adds. As I any one bash some too many hard stars.
5 / 5 Shameka
We are very happy that hook of pode in our N64 in our new television!
5 / 5 Natalia
I used it to connect a Xbox original in the UHD60 projector that only has HDMI entrances. Fact like the field.
4 / 5 Winifred
It gives it 5 stars, but people so very has signalled was, in heats and glitches bad in 1080 road. Because of his descriptions, has not expected more concealed 720 as I can not give he less than 4 stars or. Work very well in 720 and very could not say the difference in the date of quality is using he for my N64. It IS the decent product that cost the little more concealed another, but is to good sure cheaper that the little of some conversores looked in. Work!
5 / 5 Catherin
The marks of product exactly that is announced to do. At the end that touches my N64 games in my big (flat)television of screen. The mark has been with these buggy the emulators and you take one of these!! Better this has expected!!
4 / 5 Nguyet
To hover he of 30 bucks that is to say the feasible solution to take your N64 or similar console to do with the modern 4K television. My television there was only or situate of RCA gone in so many was able to compare quality with and without using a device. Without a detail of the device and the text the small plus is very distorted. This clean device in a signal that comes from/comes from a N64 and does an image in a very better television that before. But this is not the cheap Eon 64 or an alternative in a Ultra 64. A resultant image is a little darkness included in of the parameters of maximum brilliance. A quality and condition of one RCA the capes plugged in a device is also of entity. I have tried 2 sets of capes for one N64, one aftermarket the capes have done horribly and a quality of the picture done by the disappointing experience. With OEM capes of Nintendo a picture was very better, he so that has something to maintain in alcohol. In general recommend it this cual the alternative cockroach in other solutions another more expensive. Even so has 150 dollars to blow then for everything means to take one Eon 64.
5 / 5 Lois
Bought by a N64 while has had to to find of problem something to do with him. This , and a picture am adds.

Top Customer Reviews: ECHOGEAR Full ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Lara
Edifice and exceptional creation! Easy the total. Some hooks that a television hangs is big, he doing very easy to locate television once a main assembly is attached in a wall. Has a follow subject-dondequiera centre a television was well in studs the. I am trace the 3 x1 ft for 3/4'piece of arce in a studs he in any side of a centre studs. I have posed also the rays in a centre stud if my television has been weighed but in only 37 lbs has not listened that necessary. I then screwed a mountain of television in a joint with 10 3/8 for 1' lag rays. Using this system, could attached a mountain anywhere in the left-in-right in a joint, would not require for the be has centred
5 / 5 Leonora
Very robust and easy to install. I have installed this mountain in my funnel of brick. I have used Tapcon 5/16' x 2-1/4 concrete anchors (situates of semi-detached voice) to ensure a mountain in a brick. Marked my holes and has done sure they the unit would be level before hammer. Some videos in Youtube suggest to drill in a grout. I have decided any one to do that to dread to break a grout. I have drilled directly in a brick. Be sure in void out of any rests in some holes after hammer.
My television is the Samsung 65' 8 series MU800D. Beware Some rays that comes with a mountain will not return some the inferior holes when attaches a group in a backside of this particular television. A M8 50mm the rays are also big and one 35mm the rays are also down. It was in Lowe and experience M8 x 40mm rays (situates of semi-detached voice) and washers to use for some inferior holes of a group what apt perfectly. I have used a M8 25mm rays that is coming with a mountain for some upper holes of a group in a backside of a television. Another that this caveat with some rays some accesses to locate my television perfectly and is the solid device. Very happy with this compraventa.
5 / 5 Rivka
That is to say a necessity highland. Yes, it is the little more bucks that some of some trace there - but calm probably only past anywhere of 500 in a lot one thousand in your television, as why tries to save 20 bucks in the cheap mountain? That is to say a better mountain has not seen never. It IS incredibly very done and mine of movement 70' Sony XBR easily. It IS very easy to install - has taken perhaps 30 minutes - TAKING DULCEMENTE. The calm does not want disorder he up and not drilling directly in a studs. If you do not drill directly in a studs, a mountain is useless so that it is so very done, a mountain (especially with a television on he) only rasgar out of a dry wall. He so Has to drill you directly in two studs.

A pair of things has remarked that it can helps your decision to purchase:
-A road has has posed the all together am to add and he the fact the breeze. A big more a television, absolutely would recommend you having 2 people. But has the 40' or down, would have to be very since he. You attach some two pieces to group in a backside of a television. Calm give you the little different sized to rays like them some corrects ones for some holes in a backside of your television. My television has had rays in some holes that is coming with him, but very all TVs marks. So calm give you multiple measures to ensure you can connect some 2 pieces to group properly. Calm then install a mountain in a wall. It takes some patience and measure to do sure directly is drilling in a half of one studs, but once you that, is each gesture. Calm Promote you a television and posed some pieces grupal in some bars of the mountain and a television are on there. Then it uses a group fasteners this mark sure is ensured fully in a mountain. A thing to remark - is 'on there' before has posed included a group fasteners on. But absolutely it wants to you pose you a group fasteners on so that has he casualidad a television would exit a mountain over time to move the back and camera in a mountain if you do not use one fasteners. But the calm does not have to preoccupy quite that lines a television in a mountain and attaching a group fasteners in some rests of same television in a mountain and the seeds have posed the on for the ensures can not fall was.
-Some multiple holes in a base where attaches some rays of enormous/rays that goes in one studs - is fixed so in a casualidad external yours studs is not perfectly has distributed 16' (the norm), still will be well. For some reason, one of the mine was more like 15 in place of the problem. Again, only it hammer sure directly in a stud.
-Some rays give is very big and needs a bit of pertinent hammer. The calm does not go to be able to ray them in without drilling in the first place can not take that measured was, but says calm in some directions.
-Some directions were quite well and easy to follow. It IS very any one concealed taken, but is well to have the guidance and I would suggest to read the in the first place in place of marks of just test he without the read.
-Join 'functions' and 'usability' of this mountain is phenomenal. It IS supremely very done while I have mentioned, but pulling it was or pressing it behind in, bending the, moving very easy, but the insurances of the still rests in a place want to it. He no only at random movement or curve for any reason. I listen in musician very strong and the films and some basses shaken never or curve or movement. It IS easily a mountain has seen better.

Finally - purchase this mountain is looking for the road to ensure your television wanted in a wall. It IS a mountain has found better and give me complete peace to import that my diverse dollar of one thousand inversion, while 'hang in a wall', is surer and more ensured that never.
4 / 5 Prince
A Echogear is very robust and very done without excessive game at all. Any problem these wineries my television in full extension. It was preoccupied quite having the heavy television hangs in the fully widespread arm so first has attached the 3/4' x 36' x 12' together of forest in 3 studs in a wall. Using a left wing of joint for a supremely basic strong and sure in which Echogear to beat that it is planted exactly where wished. Some bases to locate concealed is provided is too down to leave for precise situate of a television without using a method has described.
5 / 5 Katrina
OMG! If you are looking for the sper the big quality that articulates mountain that is to say. It looks no further. I want this mountain and only will use Echogear the mountains that goes forward. Still I will recommend at all my friends and family. It IS the rock the solid mountain and a quality are upper. Control out of my highland work.
4 / 5 Twana
Very very good. It does not comprise some rays have required for my Samsung UN65MU8500. Even so Lowe has had them prende in $ for 4. The desire has the personnel to mark the holes of the hammer like the unit is quite weighed to line against a wall. I have borrowed the very big final studs finder to do that it was 80% very-for-swimming in my plaster/blueboard wall. I have found studs to take the HVAC supply louvre and the outlet of wall of the duplex layers that the left wing saw me where at least 2 studs was. I have measured of these stud in a studs and required and the holes of the small test drilled until and was sure has had the good centre in a studs.

A lags has entered tight and required more torsion that my hammer of stack could muster. That is to say the good thing . On posing a 50+ lb. Television in a mountain (, 2 people for the 65'), was out of level for 3/4' in a width of a television. Oh Any one! A mountain is quite small concealed is not perceivable when looking in just a the small error in a mountain = big error in a television. I have to pull a lags was, wall or low movement of an inch or two, and flavours again? It can have the jury reads this mountain has the clave installs to level. The no evident while in some instructions (that it was it decent), the investigation of fast amazon a word 'level' revealed that it has to has done the clave installs to level. In a by behind a dish that has an image those looks the wifi symbol, has 3 M6 rays of Allen yours. 1 In an upper centre, 2 in a background left wing and sake. I loosened some 2 inferior rays that left wing a dish in pvot axially in an upper ray. He the adjustment of leftovers has to level out of one 3/4' error, probably the plot more. In fact, I can not have been that far out of level, is possible that this adjustment has not been to square in a mountain of wall of factory.

My recommendation for this mountain is to find very stud centres for force, has the helper to line one 15lb mountain against a wall while marks/of hammer, USES One 4 Or 6 ALUMINIUM of LEVEL of FEET, and has the helper to help promote the 55'-65' television in a mountain.

And yes has had to he again, can have fashioned arrive some 1/16' games of rubber (likely gasket material) to pose among a mountain and my textured plaster/blueboard wall. Quan Has posed a weight of a television in a mountain, could listen the light crunch of the plaster like the weight pressed against a wall, in spite of a mountain that is a lot stagnate in a wall.. ANY enough to break a plaster. Some forces are statics now so many is any problem but a dynamic force to locate he 'crunch' a plaster very slightly, only enough to listen but no visually look.

Orders well.
5 / 5 Glennis
I have ordered this mountain for our Samsung new Q70R 65' the television like this is exactly that has wanted.
A mountain is very very designed and has the look has finished, softens rounded the only net verges to look when installed. Other mountains that has some the rectangular highland dishes are unappealing especially when is hanging in a room and very perceivable.
This mountain is done by any mason or studs installation of wall in 16' centres with the small room in manoeuvre. Once installed, an assembly of the arm of beat of full motion that is adjusted in a left or right wing to centre in a wall and is very easy to adjust. The installation could not have been easier especially when using a proportionate installs personal (less than 20 minutes)! An only snag has run in era some spacers for a highland group in a television. A hardware has comprised was to add but some rays were the small also long and some the big spacers were in big as I have used some spacers that is coming with a television and some small spacers that is coming with a mountain. For shim was quite where some any inferior ray has entered a poster has attached 1 2mm soiled of nylon for each ray and was a perfect spacing. A real mountain is a pulled 'H' this left wing me to install the 2 power of bridge grupal in an open zone of a mountain without him interferes with one when the arm situated flush in a wall. A box has used was a Arlington TVBR2505K Cape of television of Boxes of Organiser of Flat Poster of 2 Groups with Solution to Be able in Recessed purchased in Amazon also.
All says and has done that is to say the mountain adds , very designed and handles a weight of a television while it has to without and sagging and a movement is very smooth and easy to adjust. I am happy found these types, in general 100% satisfied!
Some pictures aim a mountain and the television with one can 't be in ke down in a cabling while I am not still, is expecting in the delivery of Amazon today this has 4-4' Echogear 2.1 HDMI capes and 1-15' Echogear 2.1 HDMI cape to finish out of an installation!
5 / 5 Edison
I totalled and installed a ECHOGEAR the Full motion that Articulates mountain of wall of the television in the wall of brick. I have installed then a Sony old 46' KDL-46V2500 television of LCD in 51' prjimo which are heavier that 70' the television has DIRECTED. It is cry he for two people to locate a Sony television only because of a weight. Any problem for a person in totalling and install ECHOGEAR. I plan to substitute television with the 70' the television has DIRECTED this November. In that then will purchase my second ECHOGEAR group of full motion to install in my studio. I do not see any evidence of instability with a group that so never, is solid engineering . A woman has wanted a fact that can turns a screen as it can see it television of a cookery that is in right angle in a wall that the television is trace on. It IS only in impossible to expect the bit of masonry to be stand-off but any one the preoccupy with ECHOGEAR, an adjustment of level was mere in null out of an error to level so LCD was perfectly level to see. It was easy to install some two guides of television in a backside of a television, has used two of some rays some long plus has comprised in a ECHOGEAR box. It IS it has wanted with a functionality and quality of ECHOGEAR so much so so declared early is purchasing the second unit That one will be trace in the wall of rock of normal cloak in my Studio and I are looking advances in the easiest installation. Although it maintain a television closes in a wall that is able to extend he out of a wall facilitates plugging in all some capes. I think a fact that is buying the second a for a Studio said that all precise knows. I am satisfied ECHOGEAR client. Update, installed my second ECHOGEAR in a Studio this past week in a studs in a wall of rock of the cloak.
5 / 5 Margareta
If you are familiar with manufacturer of the squad of the gymnasium Prays Health, this mountain of television is which of his pieces of squad of exercise; heavy pieces of metal, with pertinent welds, bolted together in an on built road. You will be surprised in how weighed a container is when he is fallen has been. It comprises the directions written in of the pertinent English and some hardware of miscellaneous mountain.

Found it quite easy to launch this mountain in the wall specifies of my garage those uses tapcon rays, and is going nowhere. Has the complete confidence that hangs the enormous television in the. A career subject real only is with a problem has twisted by behind my Samsung television, remained with his vainly superficial highland accommodations of ray. This television has only in the 10 mm window for period of ray, as I have required any 40mm rays ( measure) of Imposicin to House to locate he cual the box does not comprise this period. 35mm IS too down to achieve some nuts, and 50mm is far too very time to be usable like the funds has been.

The complaint of the only minor in this mountain is that an use to group to ensures a television, once mountain, chairs in a part of a guide of television where bandages the in a television. This prevent you to use in an inch of a guide, and in my case with the 40' the television this has a master of the hole the small plus, bad has had to to locate some slightly more the big guides in a backside of a television concealed has wanted so that had any road to tense them down yes locates where has wanted. It was not the enormous roads, but means a cup of some guides of television is in a cup of a television, and slightly visible of a front since is that it runs in an angle. A Samsung the main television that 40' any east dread, or one with the master of the ray the big plus.
5 / 5 Barrett
That is to say a first mountain has purchased. Packaging Well, all embroiled and packed well without scratches or harm. The mountain is sake of the strong looks has done. Each hardware has been comprised and has comprised lag the rays looked well enough. It IS surprised has not required the trip in a tent of hardware. Only hanged the 42' Samsung so much was the quite clear television but some highland looks was well for the main television is. A mountain was easy to hang the level and a television level have seated a first time without sag. The television is easy to move, but a movement is tight as it remains in place. I installed it sewell spent of wall (the box grupal double sized) among some highland guides, basically in a mountain, any down the or in the. The tan there is quite soiled in some highland guides for the outlet to be able to and other boxes for HDMI or anything. Some collapses to locate a bit in this zone so it has posed boxes in a mountain, and very on or down, mark sure some capes will not interfere with a mountain feigns to press a television all a fund of road in a wall. Work well for the mine installs. In general I am happy with this compraventa and listen likes him was good value for money.

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5 / 5 Retta
Ossia A splitter precise is trying yours pal iPhone headset to your PC, which has separated mic and headphone jacks.
Has learnt a hard way, some another splitters so only melt an audio of two sources to a jack, which will not help iPhone of calm use your earbuds in your PC. Each jack is marked calm so that it is as it covers it to it jack in your PC.

Ossia The value adds so it is much less expensive of buying the separate headset/mic combo partorisca yours PC, partorisca speak in Skype.
4 / 5 Joanna
To to The Apple really does not like any-of users of computers of the Apple that is able to use Apple headsets in his no-the computers of Apple have so be pleased partorisca find this some in fact works. Tried another of the concealed has not done.

In order partorisca he partorisca recognise my wire fence of iPhone headset microphone, this splitter usually takes roughly 3+ test plugging he in and it taking was and king-plugging he behind in before a mic is doing without noise. I use Audacity (register of audio of software of Windows free) partorisca verify for mic noise. As it can not be easy to use for computer newbies. Utilisation partorisca PC gaming cat of voice. The law adds and consistently with which is dipped on I so that it leaves my PC on way that the way there is any need the fiddle with him again.

Like this yeah these works partorisca me. I have been using he partorisca the year now and has not broken still. Utilisation with the paper of audio of the USB (averts papers of integrated audio partorisca mics) so that way a microphone takes quite voltage (taken this tip of the pro guru of audio and he in fact done the big difference). There is remarked that it likes him my iPhone wired of old headset (roughly 2016-2017) more than mine iPhone wired new headset (roughly 2019), included although they look identical (this could mean the apple possibly is doing splitters like this no longer compatible with more again wired headsets).
4 / 5 Carin
Received two (to the equal that for order); one looks for having had the less-that-good connection to a microphone. An another - very satisfied with! A quality of his street my Apple (wire fence) ear buds was excellent (i.et. undiminished, Claro with good dynamic row). Some bosses are walk (ribbon type) like any tangle or knots). All more, as it has described.

In that grew it on around two (old plus) relative that was professional musicians (a, the pioneer in television of early emission, another world-wide-renowned), the music was the part a lot of entity and integral of life. It Likes him the result, am very particular in any crew of audio I compraventa. This simple element fulfils the need and extracted admirably. To good sure buy again!
4 / 5 Rueben
Extremely economic. A quality of his among the sinister ear and the right ear is not one same. Required to use software to balance a L and R to compensate.

Also, with which 2 weeks or like this he randomly working decree and now so only can listen in any sinister or right ear.
5 / 5 Adan
Has a PC an old plus with microphone and of the ports of audio. This was the perfect to converge. It is an excellent prize and very of confidence . The starts of audio perfectly, and a computer chooses on Mike perfectly, albeit the little calmer that has expected, although it conceal so only could be concrete mine and was easily remidied by means of regulating a mic settings inside windows.

Rests in some ports snugly and is quite durable. I accidentally kicked down on the so much estaca out of the little bit of a PC. Felizmente, has not broken and an audio and the entrances are still clear. It recommends to be careful that no calm accidentally break the port.

In general, is the product of big quality that to good sure recommends
4 / 5 Naomi
a mic side of a splitter does not act. In a process of the turn.
5 / 5 Mathew
It likes that of some bosses are of a 'paving' drawing. I wish some connectors were 'angled' and has not stuck was reason connect him on one smiles-side of the mine portable, as they take the little in a way, but another that that, he that I require it to, leaves my headphones the mic and sound I so that it can connect to the mine portable and use he for gaming.
4 / 5 Sheron
He a work, has has had to that the substitute roughly 3 month with which spend because of audio crackling and disconnecting.
5 / 5 Marsha
Ihave An older pair of BOSE auricular that has done fantastically with my Iphone 6+. When I have bought one 8+ there is no @to @give has not had the headphone jack. (Which telephone doens't has the headphone jack?) It has bought a splitter. It has not done. Waste or fmoney.
5 / 5 Tanesha
This element no with an equivalent of Apple earbud set and Realtek his of INTEGRATED PC. A portion of the microphone so only done an annoying squeal and any quantity to configure Windows 10 microphone setup has helped. I have been building the computers of one 90 is and are a The engineer for trade, buyer beware.