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1 first Mount World 1444 Compact Glass Component Single Shelf for DVD Player, Blu-ray Player, Cable Box, Satellite, Wii and Video Accessories (14.17" Wide X 9.84" Deep X 1" Height) Mount World 1444 Compact Glass Component Single Shelf for DVD Player, Blu-ray Player, Cable Box, Satellite, Wii and Video Accessories (14.17" Wide X 9.84" Deep X 1" Height) By Mount World
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2 WALI Dual Side Clamping Bookshelf Speaker Wall Mounting Bracket for Large Surrounding Sound Speakers, Hold Up to 120 lbs. (SWM201XL), Black WALI Dual Side Clamping Bookshelf Speaker Wall Mounting Bracket for Large Surrounding Sound Speakers, Hold Up to 120 lbs. (SWM201XL), Black By WALI
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3 best Universal Shelf for Small Cable Box Satelite Receiver or Streaming Media Devices for Nearly Any Thin Flat Panel TV - TOPshelf 2 Pack Universal Shelf for Small Cable Box Satelite Receiver or Streaming Media Devices for Nearly Any Thin Flat Panel TV - TOPshelf 2 Pack By TOP SHELF
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4 VIVO Floating Wall Mount Tempered Glass Shelf for DVD Player, Audio, Gaming System, Streaming Devices (MOUNT-SF011) VIVO Floating Wall Mount Tempered Glass Shelf for DVD Player, Audio, Gaming System, Streaming Devices (MOUNT-SF011) By VIVO
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5 MountPlus DVD-31 Dual-Use DVD Shelf Mount for DVD Players, AV Receivers, Cable Boxes, Speakers and Audio or Video Equipment (On The Wall Or Back of TV) MountPlus DVD-31 Dual-Use DVD Shelf Mount for DVD Players, AV Receivers, Cable Boxes, Speakers and Audio or Video Equipment (On The Wall Or Back of TV) By Mount Plus
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6 PERLESMITH Universal Table Top TV Stand for 37 - 70 Inch Flat Screen, LCD TVs Premium Height Adjustable Leg Stand Holds up to 110lbs, VESA up to 800x400mm PERLESMITH Universal Table Top TV Stand for 37 - 70 Inch Flat Screen, LCD TVs Premium Height Adjustable Leg Stand Holds up to 110lbs, VESA up to 800x400mm By PERLESMITH
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7 WALI Speaker Wall Mount Brackets Multiple Adjustments for Bookshelf, Surrounding Sound Speakers, Hold up to 7.7 lbs, (SWM402), 4 Packs, Black WALI Speaker Wall Mount Brackets Multiple Adjustments for Bookshelf, Surrounding Sound Speakers, Hold up to 7.7 lbs, (SWM402), 4 Packs, Black By WALI
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8 ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket for Most 37-70 inch LED, LCD, OLED and Plasma Flat Screen TVs w/VESA Patterns up to 600 x 400-16" Extension - EGLF1-BK ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket for Most 37-70 inch LED, LCD, OLED and Plasma Flat Screen TVs w/VESA Patterns up to 600 x 400-16" Extension - EGLF1-BK By ECHOGEAR
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9 Mount Plus MP-APM-05-01 Top Shelf TV Mounting Bracket 12-inch Wide Platform | Holds Speaker, Streaming Device, Game Console, and More (1 Pack) Mount Plus MP-APM-05-01 Top Shelf TV Mounting Bracket 12-inch Wide Platform | Holds Speaker, Streaming Device, Game Console, and More (1 Pack) By Mount Plus
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10 Mounting Dream TV Mount Full Motion TV Wall Mounts Articulating Arms Perfect Center Design, Fits 17-39", Some Up to 43" LED, LCD TV, Wall Mount TV Bracket Max VESA 200 X 200mm, 60lbs, MD2413-S Mounting Dream TV Mount Full Motion TV Wall Mounts Articulating Arms Perfect Center Design, Fits 17-39", Some Up to 43" LED, LCD TV, Wall Mount TV Bracket Max VESA 200 X 200mm, 60lbs, MD2413-S By Mounting Dream
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Top Customer Reviews: Mount World 1444 ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5
The installed level and a unit sags under a weight of a device (in my case the Samsung boxes of cape). A tape of two roads has used in the each leg to back a shelf is substandard, in better. Has wedged the box of goleada small among a ceiling (am using this so the big installation for my box of cape of television of cookery) and a device to ensure a better adhesion of a tape in some legs of support. All-in-all, this was the compraventa bad : it looks for something more to line your player of DVD etc.
2 / 5
It does not think The when it says it the will line anything. He no! It says it that the line the box of cape. HAH. He very not even the small bit. I have posed a box in the and a shelf is not quite wide or clave out of enough out of a wall for the backwards. It can he balance even so the calm can not take quite a lot of approximation in a wall so that some capes that exited of a backside of a box maintains out of a wall that the perch done precariously in a shelf and I expected it to the fall was or break a shelf.
3 / 5
He a work to line my player of ray of clear blue and the box of the small cape but some weapon that backwards has to expend a full period of a glass. I find some curves of shelf . I have to attach two wedges under a front of my blue Ray to do level of look. My television is trace in the funnel of gas with this shelf 6' down it. It IS very easy in the be only trace backwards in at least a studs. My boys of adult listens looks the bar of sports poses up. I have found since at all more than the better looks am by train of the maintain.
1 / 5
This thing is the piece of junk!!!!!!!.. Some rays that comes with this fallen the small mass well has launched a beginning for them. I have bought the rays the big plus and this thin will not remain in a wall. A second posed anything on begins in droop down. The more there is any place for capes for gives it any tin of star !
1 / 5
That is to say the real piece of junk, is trace a shelf directly in studs and some arms of metal are so thin that the box of cape has done a shelf droop quite 20%, the idiot of real looks, is returned only an element and now has holes in my wall, hopefully the cover of better product some holes. That is to say the real piece to crap .
1 / 5
It does not waste your time or your money. First of all it does not have any idea that has written other descriptions (and has my doubts) except a shelf is too small for the normal Direct od Flat Box. One covers in a backside will not leave a box to pose in a shelf fully. A shelf is poor quality and he droops very bad under a low weight of a box. You are trace properly and all the hardware was comprised with a shelf. But apresamientos which pays for sooo...... I repeat it does not waste your time or money. It IS the real piece to crap .
5 / 5
The quite good works line bluray that is to say that to echo any problem
5 / 5
That is to say one 2 one has purchased. For my daughter and my rooms of the boys and he are very convenient
5 / 5
I want to me , it remains very good and very sure
1 / 5
Val, But a piece that loses. Any sure as it resolve this.. It IS already in a wall, and any sure can find the similar sized washer in a sale or base of return of House. Disappointed

Top Customer Reviews: WALI Dual Side ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Brittanie
These WALI bookshelf mountains of the wall of the speaker has been purchased partorisca the together big of Klipsch RB-61 reference bookshelf speakers. These speakers are 12.3' (D) x 8.5' (W) x 15.4' (H) and weigh roughly 35 lbs. For pair (-18 lbs. Each speaker). Selecting the mountain partorisca wall that could his measure and the weight was the worry. Have has not wanted the take something concealed would bend or attractive out of a wall. Neither I have wanted to install rays to sustain to a side of a speaker to ensure rests in a mountain of wall. These are marks new speakers, and has wanted to maintain them that way.

After careful investigation of all the group to mount on Amazon, has decided to purchase a WALI marks mostly been due to some positive critiques. They are very happy has done!

Some mountains have come yesterday, and I immediately installed him. As another has commented, requires to be installed in wall studs. The hardware is distributed for mountains to forests and brick. They do not accommodate that they locate to metal studs or concrete blockade. Calm are likely, but will have to that resupply your own highland solution.

Trace some speakers was directly advances. Utilisation the stud finder to locate a stud, besiege a highland dish in a location of wall and frames some holes, hammer small pilot holes, then scrape some stuffs to a studs. A dish has two holes of ray for some rays of forests resupplied. One is quite big to use a hammer of electrical/screwdriver to install a ray. Another ray is a lot near of an arm of support. My hammer was too big to drive a ray afterwards to an arm of support. This ray has had to that be manually hand screwed. For this reason, the pilot hole is necessary for at least a highland hole for an arm of support.

A thing was very pleased to see was a way a speaker is taken a group highland . An adjustable ray is resupplied in the each speaker clamp, one in any side of where a speaker will seat. Presionando Or loosening these rays moves a clamps in and era. Like these clamps pressure to use to resist a speaker. With which have installed some mountains to a wall (which there is taken on an hour), has situated the speaker in a mountain and has presionado a clamp for finds it has resisted fantastically! Still with 35 lb. Speakers, a clamp was quite tight to resist a speaker without question. My speakers are trace relatively flat, pitched slightly down. Still although a clamp has holes of ray where the rays could be driven to some sides of some speakers, has found this has not been necessary with my installation. Some rays partorisca east, for a way, is resupplied with some mountains of speaker. If I need to install with a support of ray added, does not have to that purchase some rays.

Are very pleased with this product. Some supports are done with good quality, fat metal, all a hardware is resupplied, the documentation was appropriate, and our speakers are resisted firmly in place. More than everything, a prize is excellent. That more can asks?
4 / 5 April
Built hard has used them my own 3 thumb lag rays my monitors are 30 books and the velcroed a fund of a speaker as well as 3 small forest rays in a fund. Didnt Want to ruin some sides of a speaker. These arnt welded have rays in a mountain the one who thinks them is readier.
5 / 5 Alessandra
Has the pair of RB – 3 Klipsch bookshelf speakers that is roughly 15” big for 9” deep and 8” width. Each speaker hanged roughly 30 pounds and has some cupboards of forests of the Arce.

A last what wants to do to some speakers is holes of hammer anywhere in some cupboards for rays of forests to maintain them in place.

My intention was to locate a bookshelf big speakers enough in a wall so that any easily could walk down the without paste his boss. Besides, they would be tilted down roughly 3° and swiveled sinister or rights, (like the chance can be), roughly 30° to a zone to listen.

When A highland system of the speaker has arrived, there is remarked that a clamping the mechanisms do a lot well has drawn. An accident and right clamps is independent of the each one another and each clamp has his a lot threaded ray suitable for extending or retract a sinister and individual steel right clamp arms.

Each clamp has the only, 1/16” thickness, games of soft but material of hule in bylines, which is that it marks a real contact with a cupboard of speaker. There have it also touches he of a same class of hule in a heel of a swivel bases for a speaker to rest on.

Previously to locate this group, I sampled a clamping beat it and that resist qualified of a system. I left to good sure that these Wali the mountains of speaker would be able to easily resist bookshelf speakers that was two times is weighed likes mine, (ossia in my opinion”), but Wali specific the max hanged of 55lbs.

Some group is coming with all has required to locate them on a wall. They are not of the meanings for installation to the ceiling.

In his quantity to a wall was easy and has used the stud finder to do sure has had at least 2 rays in a studs, that resists some group. A trace of wall come with 8 plastic, ancore of the wall and ossia where has lost clashes he with me.

Some ancore of wall have distributed was to good heavy insurance-has to that. This in spite of, a creation has not comprised “spikes of torsion” in a flange, which would be embedded to a rock of discharge, (when you have hammered a still to a hole drilled), to prevent them to turn like this you torqued some rays.

Hangs the plot of pictures, lights, and other heavy elements and use several classes of light and ancore to wall to have that has weighed. The majority of some ancore to wall to have that heavy has had has incorporated these spikes of torsion in a flange like a still does not turn inside a wall, (which is apter that spend like the ray begins partorisca in a prime minister 3rd of his period).

Has tried four of them, (and has included used undersized holes of hammer of a measure specified in some instructions), before it has given up and has used my metal, torsion-styled, weighed-has to that, ancore to wall like this of the substitutions.

The ancore of plastic wall averts a fact is, was very impressed with a Wali Bookshelf Mountains of Speaker and no only which well has drawn was, (the capacity the tilt and swivel together with some materials of steel of big quality), but also with an ease of installation. Some coverages to group distributed some mountains of speaker look very good and “easy in an eye” also.

To the equal that has said, there went it any be for a poor creation in some ancore of plastic wall has distributed, would have given him 5 stars. Certainly I am satisfied and impressed with his capacity to resist my speakers in place and would recommend these mountains of speaker to any one.

Probably will buy 2 stiller that these a lot prompt mountains for another together of bookshelf speakers I slowly to locate in another room.
5 / 5 Vilma
has left to explain me some 4 stars and for this one with first and then moves on to a pros. It does not spend of longitude a limit of weight like some criteria to do this compraventa. If has the max hanged, big unit, looks a tower to sustain of Steps. Ossia Physical so only . For this speaker of type can wants to ensure a speaker of a half or so only hang in a wall if any precise to direct he in a corner. In my chance, a speaker is so only 8 lbs and has required to be able to corner a speaker and has has had to that the trace far enough of a wall to leave navigation. Cela Can do it the little intruder to your space of theatre of the house. I think that that the speakers would owe that be listened and any visas. These speakers are not the work of art. A trace of wall come like the pair, slowly black mostly parts of metal. I chose him to be functional this in spite of minimally noticeable. His well in that. You owe that follow some directions to a detail because it was necessary to be installed in the concrete order. Some pieces of accessory are the tight access . I assaid setup Varied first time to commit the conclusion. Have has had to that the shave was some smaller burrs in some plastic parts to leave final conclusion. All this just to say this patience is the necessary step in an installation.
5 / 5 Rodrick
I have bought these for some new Klipsch RRPP-150M front the speakers have taken for my room of theatre. They have substituted roughly smaller Klipsch the speakers and I installed in some same describes no really accounting for like this big is. It is quell'has bitten big, but work well. Can move him later. I have used Toggler 3/16 Toggle rays to ensure a groups to a wall in four situates each one that that. Has has wanted to him really sure of some new speakers were around 20 pounds each. They have done really well and a WALI the installed group without @@subject. You the pívot sinister and rights and has regulated my speakers advances some integers 7.5 terracings.

A main decision is to do sure is sure to a wall and a rest has died simple to install. I am attaching before and with which pictures together with a toggle the rays have used. Also it uses the steel washer with each ray to a group. In general I am very happy with a form and function of this group of speaker.
5 / 5 Nannie
These am a lot a lot has to that fact, has weighed that group of trace,has included some highland rays are qualities very big .
Has had to that drill decent measure holes pilot in a 4x6 beams the trace to in my pole barn,the rays are a lot they so that it says a lot well and for a prize has not beaten can be,the downward corner is not very deep,as it looks the one who the big trace is trace in my pole barn the has not used has has distributed rays to ensure speakers the mountains,the places bungee cords around the his instead and resists him a lot of securely,does not trust a clamping action of some mountains to resist your speakers,uses some rays if not to impose you pierce small in your speakers,or use able bungees like the ,if in living room this probably would not look well,but does not look bad,the does not love of the holes in my speakers,neither do want to them falling them out of some mountains,as some options are kinda limited,but concealed does not take out of a quality and utility of these mountains of wall,especially for a prize,was exactly the one who has required them to take my speakers out of harm's way,and the be is trace roughly 10' up in some rear corners of the mine barn-40'x60', sound awesome with the selection adds and awesome his,having the good 300 shelf of watt the system sure does to exit there much more enjoyable,and is strong abundance to listen need a awesome the together of trace of wall concealed does not break a bank,takes these without worries,as I have mentioned this in spite of,does not forget to ensure your speakers w/more than just a clamping action of some mountains.
4 / 5 Fawn
This look even more that has surprised in person that a show of pictures. Has utmost speakers, but feel likes would have to that take some different some so that it does not look like this well likes to be that they are on. My woman (the one who quite does not have the speakers are trace in a wall) has included commented roughly like these mountains improve a look of a room. Some mountains are incredibly construction of big quality, using fat steel. They have thought of all when I draw these, has built included in of the tampons everywhere a speaker touches a mountain to maintain to line some speakers. They were súper easy to install, and am a lot of different options according to which a model of ray for a part that attaches to a wall. They are installed more semi-detached to the stud or brick, but has not had this option for my legislation of rear speaker. This in spite of, included in a sheetrock with any still has comprised, some mountains will be abundance quite strong to tolerate my crazy boys. Taking this regulated correctly was the breeze to, reason can snug one a die of the adjustment seen in a fund of a main picture and adjustments of still mark and when I take it where calm the want, crank he down and a mountain will not move bit it.
5 / 5 Kristofer
I have built some small shelves with the group of shelf rule for my monitors of audio. They were functional, ails. Of then they were fixed shelves , has not had any flexibilities. I have found then these clamping speaker to control the group of trace. I am awesome.

A WALI the group of speaker is sustaining the pair of KRK Rokit 5s. These controls hanged roughly 10 lbs. apiece. Has some group fastened the studs in a wall that use two rays (distributed), each one that that. Some group says that they will sustain until 55 lbs. The no the doubt can, but personally would not dip anything more than 30 lbs in his, and for that probably would want to use more highland holes with more rays. Some group has six holes in of the totals: 2 it is used if that traces to forest studs, 4 is used for brick or another brittler/frail structure of support. Calm suppose you could use all are immediately, if yours wall is built so that'd felt of mark.

Like the description has said, some group tilt & swivel. It is basically like the configuration & of socket of the ball, with a base of a support of speaker likes socket, a highland ray & has distributed plastic washer like socket. They are very stable, & any tilt sinister front or right , so only partorisca back, and swivel together side, leaving you to aim some speakers well in your boss.

Has been concerned that a clamping the mechanism would not resist some speakers securely quite while tilted. My worries were unjustified. A clamps is presionado by the trace of ray to an arm. Presionándoles The half that turns the screwdriver, drawing an arm to a house and firmly (but softly) taking a speaker. One 7.5' of tilt is any question. It is both quite of the tilt for my situation, but very so much that a centre-of-the gravity is in a flange at the head of a support. Some supports are cushioned & does not look to be able of marring my KRKS. If one is concerned still some speakers can wiggle out of a clamp grip during long, grave-intense sessions, a clamps also can be screwed to some speakers they. This would do the mark and do the hole in a cupboard of speaker, but was sure.

A WALI the support comes with hardware: ray to ray to a wall, rays, washers, dice, etc. Included the little wrench for presionar a since it ensures one 'ball' to a esocket.'

Considering how much money had spent on forest, group, product, and TIME to do my leading mountain, these supports are the subject . They are very happy found him!
5 / 5 Lurlene
I want to the one who sturdy this mountain of wall is. It avenges with some pertinent rays of the excellent quality and some directions are clear and understandable. One a bit annoyance is that some speakers are drawn the tilt no more than 7 terracings. His satisfaction with this limitation has to that be with authorship of the product or something likes him concealed. A Caveat? It seats in the dish that calm leave you to resist a speaker to use rays to a fund, a side and for compression of some sides with a turnbuckle this presiona calm so that it turn it. Initially my solution was to leave a rear ray subordinated was and do shims of the hule the elastic strap has used to resist my jet-ski to a trailer but he looked slightly funky, so only when I have had he the date of planned caducity, has thought perhaps a way to do is was to go to undermine a Klipsch the boxes of speaker was and attach some feet of hule in the first place and then seat these in some backsides. There is but on ray in a rear fund of a highland dish. I have thought roughly using the long ray to resist he in chance that, but are not enthusiastic on breaking a speaker in any way. A boss of speaker can be driven to a wall or so only the seam to somewhere in an outside.
This highland group is a lot of abordable and is an only one has found to be quite strong to resist to plaster of 50 wall of years with eases and of the costs far less than is competitor .
5 / 5 Xavier
When Eye in the new product that am considering buying, I always look in some descriptions. Some bad descriptions to be concrete. My police is that some the bad descriptions take works in the first place, follow-ups for some abonos some. This, the chair give the better picture of the like a product is and that it is the legitimate flu vs. That it is error of user . After reading up in this group, has decided to pull a trigger and, to the left say, has not been disappointed. It possesses the pair of Definite Technology StudioMonitor @@@450s. These are the pocolos in a side has weighed according to which bookshelf the speakers go. They weigh so only down 20lbs. Each one that that. This stand (built mostly out of aluminium, creates, with the pocola refinado plastic spent (all a weight-baring the parts are metal . A maximum weight has declared is 50lbs. (Well in that I need). I have done sure to touch studs where could and has used 75lb. toggle Rays for a rest. The pertinent mountain is key, here. A clamps control some speakers well and a foam that inner of the cushions helps him to him maintains some speakers in place without scuffing him. I owe that admit, at the beginning, was unsure to the equal that to him or has not been the good idea to dip these speakers in the group but this produced have calmed my fears have been grieves done installing some speakers. Easy the instal, easy to situate, easy to appreciate. One a thing would call likely buyers to consider is that as with any trace of speaker in the wall, will want to do sure some speakers are out of a way of traffic of feet. You plant him in the something where will not be disturbed or clashed to. These are group adds when properly it locates behind but probably any one the good idea to paste him.

Top Customer Reviews: Universal Shelf for ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Glynda
So only required partorisca resist my box of wireless boss in our yard the flat screen and these products have resupplied a perfect solution. It was quickly, a far control perfects and in fact looks quite good. It sees pictures.
4 / 5 Jarod
Ossia An amazing still simple product! Work a lot well! I locate to a cup of mine 50' wall-television trace to take a Digital Tuner up out of a way. I have installed he in roughly a minute!

REMARCE: To install this awesome shelf correctly, a boss of a ray selected of some three measures goes against a TV, and a hex the die goes under a shelf and an up! He his invernadero against a shelf in both sides, once level, to ensure to to a ray likes him “the leg of of support”.

I produced adds! Thank you!
5 / 5 Latia
It was that it animates that this simple shelf would resist my tiny Cox box of TV of the boss. Turn perfectly. This in spite of, an odd highland recommendation with the big rays does not resupply any stability. Terrible creation. A shelf is the measure adds but a bracing to resist/the trace to a TV is really terrible and does a lot the sense on to the equal that was stable. If it has had some class of 'foot' articulated to stabilise a shelf to a television law but to think that the ray would resist no any sense. Returned.
4 / 5 Tammie
The solution adds for our speaker.... You look in shelves of half comunicacionales expensive and found this! Bought to and is trace my speaker on TV. PERFECTO and sturdy!
4 / 5 Alethea
It controls some dimensions closely. Has the tiny boss box which returns perfectly on a shelf. A shelf this 5wide inches like his not going to resist your DVR or your receiver. It is really a lot of gain for a lot of another that the small plant or a TV of Apple. Sound the a lot of sturdy metal like his in disposal to last for while it chooses the maintain. There are worse ways to spend $ 15. There are three rays in a box that the helps regulate for both fat and thin TVs are a work a lot well.
4 / 5 Ward
Has has had to that fabricate quell'groups to do returns included although my TV was resembled an on-line installs picture. Any of some three rays resupplied with a product would do. Mark sure can live with one 5'x 5' measure. I have found that a shelf was more than the support that the shelf and some feet of my neighbours the upper box was in an upper flange of a TV.
5 / 5 Alfredo
Has the increase of flat screen in our rear yard and required it streamlined way to store our box of boss. This was easy to install and was exactly that requires.
5 / 5 Mariam
These produced is exactly that has required! They are mine of trace 60” TV in a wall to do the zone to seat and take a TV out of my @@@cofre of drawers. Without TV this of low stand was a perfect solution and left to hide some cords in a wall. Easy to install and there is a lot of budged dipped that of then up. Highly recommend for the solution of small box.
5 / 5 Refugio
Bought this to locate my small computer soundbar on monitor. Any tool required and is perfect. Very easy to dip near and the big abundance for my bar of sound. Not to think it has been would return the box of boss or anything, but returns a Tao fences in of the his of the good computer.
5 / 5 Meggan
Stumbled By means of this element and sure happy has done. It is to add and resists my speaker to centre perfectly. A definite buy so that it loves simply locate your speaker of the centre of one surrounds system of sound. Thank you

Top Customer Reviews: VIVO Floating Wall ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Wilton
First of all, an installed unit looks a lot well in the wall because of a slender creation and the minimum measure of one groups of support. This in spite of, has the suggestion. Some anchor that is to comprise to insert to a wall is for use with cement or brick, any drywall (yes, this is to be signal is gone in an on-line description). Some instructions declare that there is you drywall, as to to the a lot of clients like to of them probably do, would have to take the stud finder to locate the stud in a wall and sure mark a half of three ancore is in a centre of a stud. Well, enough frankly, more to to the clients like to of them probably wants to situate a shelf wherever desire, any only where the stud spends for still be located. Also, any one buys the stud finder if any already have an only to dip on this shelf? So much, it has had to that run it was to the tent of hardware and buy three 5/16” diameter anchor specifically for use with drywall. My suggestion for a costruttore is that ancore for BOTH CONCRETE and drywall would have to that be comprised, although it shout a prize the pocolos pence.
4 / 5 Sherill
An idea of the floating shelf is the does not sell hardware of trace. If it situate this in level of eye or main can see you some pocolos fulmine and everything in increasing holes. There is no faceplate. Looks Quite terrible on wall. I do not comprise reasons so many people are well with east.
5 / 5 Mireille
Shelf Very good. Wine with all necessary to install. Perfect measure for the small gaming fixes it am using he for my Xbox A look adds.
4 / 5 Rosina
A hardware to mount comprises in a container is terrible. A drywall the ancore pull well out of a wall, and is not the good party for some rays. I have had felizmente the number of different types of ancore to wall own drought manually, and I mine has used so only instead. More to use drywall still that the spike was for behind a wall for the sure grip. To good sure recommend choose on roughly another drywall anchors before beginning to install this, reason my supposition is that yes it calms no, so only will finalise that it has to that go to take them later in all the chance. Some looks of shelf well, although it does not like having to that a form of logo in a glass that way. But my version is different of a a pointed in some photos in a place. On mine, a logo is all a way for a rear flange of a glass near of a group highland, like this calm can do not seeing there.
5 / 5 Lilliam
This are to add and access I a lot down my television trace.
Easy to dip on, especially yes have the hammer. I suggest to do sure install to the stud (has used it to them stud finder). They are happy the found a studs before the locate my TV, has had the any one, this would be to be situate was centre of my TV. A quality of a glass is upper notch. It resists my player of DVD and TV of apple. Shopping again!
5 / 5 Jeff
I love this little table of trace of wall. I locate well afterwards to my film that chairs. I maintain mine remotes, coasters, etc on there. Very convenient while enjoying your favourite film or show. I will say I have not tried that that can resist. It is glass , as it was ready 'any' to try these limits. It has Thought it would like me to them an alive the logo that is visible but ailing say his no bad at all..
5 / 5 Kortney
As it has feigned. Precise use different rays for dry wall this in spite of.
5 / 5 Merry
I have purchased produced Alive for years. Raisin to plot of hats in my company, a when being I.T. And when we have moved the years of the pair done, space planner. I have purchased Alive mountains of dual monitor for 32 offices, and has had similar success with his product, that has bought some takes wife also. This shelf, mountain of dual monitor, the headline of highland laptop of office and three mountains of TV of wall.
This shelf has been purchased for our room of house of guest where one of a tvs is. To the shelf is trace on TV, looks well, photo to stick later.
5 / 5 Shella
Highland hardware of the rubbishes. A drywall the plásticoes was main that some rays. It is missing a 4 pocolos fulminas blacks also. So only stud locate this thing and use yours own rays with model of the widest edge. My wall is full of holes the needs to patch on now. Piece of good glass although he doesnt is returned an integer ps4 any that another reviewers has said.
4 / 5 Rima
Upper is well, the fund could be better. The whole fund is exposed and mounding the hardware has distributed was money. It have to that it has been it black likes some groups. Or, the coverage in a face of one groups for the give the most finalised look.

Top Customer Reviews: MountPlus DVD-31 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Kareen
Works so only well. This mountain is hanged quite light but abundance quite strong for a appx 7 books is has estimated stops. I have used this for my box of boss, 14.5 in width x 9 in deep. For some instructions, has attached this to a backside of the 32 TV of thumb that is in the mountain of wall of full motion. I have applied my own Velcro to maintain a box to slip that it considers the must. An end installs the looks and the work adds, some movements of boxes of the boss with a television and go back a bit to the shelf has required very spatial! I will use this again sure.
4 / 5 Dane
Has the TV of trace of wall in my fourth and has required the way to take my Tivo Mini is trace he so that it was discreet and any trace to a wall. A groups is not a plus along and grieve clear an upper flange of a television as it marks the look adds. My TV has had trace already to some groups to wall so has did not love it redo so that my installation is the little different. It require the pair of additional rays, dice and washers concealed has not been distributed but had him dipping around. Very happy like this far.
4 / 5 Star
Measure abordable and perfect to locate the player of DVD on mine 32' TV focused in mine RV' fourth TV. I have bitten Toneless, no in a tray but in a a support but takes a do one easily and the looks adds.
5 / 5 Leonia
The desire has comprised some dice for some rays, like this sometime precise attaches to a television to exist group of wall, enough then a television directly like this for instructions. Good product otherwise
5 / 5 Donetta
So only well for near sure ups. It has loved to use directly under my TV, suspended in an air. It can not recommend.
4 / 5 Pamella
Ossia Well for elements very small, a limit is very generous. Well for slender dvd players or roku like this of the devices. Too light for my needs like this the repurposed he for the shelf of dump of the pocket for where the transmissions out of uniforms.
4 / 5 Avelina
This shelf was like this easy to install, is a perfect measure for our box of boss and for one spatial limited for a location of our TV. I really like a look of low profile also. The prize adds, well value a compraventa. The question has solved!
4 / 5 Burma
You locate in a wall which does not leave any room for some bosses comming out of a dvd. As I have had to move a dvd before and tape he down so that it does not fall off .
4 / 5 Herbert
Grip and solid support a lot
5 / 5 Marcelle
These are quell'has bitten flimsy for there of use. A groups to corner stronger would fix it up.

Top Customer Reviews: PERLESMITH ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
5 / 5 Catherine
With our legs of original television not returning our support, this was one the majority of robust alternative for our 65' television! Has the soundbar cual this adjustable in this measure something PRECISE! When being adjustable hides some 'legs' as it is not very a lot the eyesore. One has pulled the feet can be overkill, is necessity for peaces to import when having the big television and a inversion for your television experience.
5 / 5 Jodi
As Announced, returned my older television. Very robust, lines a television in place with tampons of skid of the rubber in a fund of some feet. The instructions have not written the text but some pictures were self explanatory, with six separate pieces. Each hardware is comprised for the assembly that comprises different measures of rays to attach in a television (6mm rays). An only thing founds was that some proportionate rays to locate a support in a television was also down. A fast trip in a tent of local hardware has remedied that.
5 / 5 Samira
I am the member of a program of Vine, and take to select some elements and only has to treat a paste to record of accounts so of the performances. This was element of Vine , but a number for taxes was ridiculous, and side me less in compraventa only the frankly.

Has had the similar together has taken for my Sony last year, of a support has not done well with my speaker of centre for my atmos surrounds. This was the 65 ' television and has been supposed to be 'also big' but was under a limit of weight, and was a lot. Then the weeks of mark of up to date pair in the 75' television, and law, but has wanted to something with different angled legs. An old ones were angled IN so still done a speaker of uncomfortable centre, owe chair in some legs and was bent slightly down. Any one could say, but could.

Then these are come up in the vine is a program , and has imagined was better in only buy them frankly, and is happy has done.

These are Much solider that some anterior ones. I am not the adherent of a hardware of money, but that it is at all the small painting will not fix for me. But an another ones have had black hardware to blend in some legs.

These are beefier, an angle of legs WAS so that it is much easier for me to plant speaker of mine of centre. And another premium in these - a totality in some legs that has two 1/2' rays to ensure he in some two pieces that scrapes in a VESA holes in a backside of a television - an upper an oval east, so in fact take some movement to TWIST here, which aided me since another there has been a television those seats the bit has bent behind. With one 65' has not been the big roads, but one big plus 75' a with some same curves meant suddenly could see some lights of a room by behind the organism reflected in an upper verge. With east a, some curves can be quite adjusted to take drawee of them again.

Knows this says 'until 70' and hanged the 75', but is quite 40 lbs under a limit of the weight has estimated, and that is to say of train of the line only fantastically.

Has some above basses/ the adjustments can do although you are in in in television enormous like his the mine these only covers a VESA mountain to be in or plant (of uses an absolute cup and inferior holes). But still I can move one vesa arm up and down in some legs for the bit of adjustment.

If you are how me, and a support that comes with your television only is troubling or frankly no where the yours television is, then these are the must .
5 / 5 Benton
I have bought this support for one 80 model of television of hands of LCD older. Has read descriptions other people and has bought he in his council. Quan Took a product, has pulled all some parts out of a box and with a diagram, totalled a support. At the beginning, it does not look in that a lot. Quan Has attached he in a backside of a television with some rays provides (that it was it to premium ) results apparent that this was only the very simply but robust support that has lined that heavy television quite adequately and any detract of some half. A support was thin and discreet. My only question was when adjusting a gesture of a unit (television and is) in a program is seating on was a light flexibility of some legs. This was to determine to be any problem at all. I am happy has found a support and would not doubt to purchase another if one is necessity in a future.
5 / 5 Reginia
The calm can not hang each television of big screen and sometimes the supports of television is also expensive Or also big for the room ... But this support is surprising.
A gone to be the main television that 32 ' then buys some anti-groups endways for $ 12 and he so robust that some pieces of furniture of support of wild totality has to has said on. The boys and the clumsy people could save life or extremity MORE the $ 1K television!
5 / 5 Johnnie
Good product; I have required the support the big plus to provide more clearance under a television for west of mine of canal of the centre. Desprs A lot of student options have chosen this element been been due to; simplicity, sturdiness, adjustability and reasonable value. I am satisfied with each of these appearances.
The nave was punctual and a vendor routed an assistance to offer of the email with the yes precise assembly. While found a very easy support the total (less than 10 minutes) can see a reason for some confusion. Some diagrams in a cloak of the confrontation of instruction has seen to attach some supports in a mountain of television. Some shows of diagram to attach in an interior and other shows to attach in some outsides of a highland group. An interior is correct (at least for a television of Toshiba of fire).
Another note is that a support is coming with the very provided of hardware. I have chosen to use a M6x25mm rays that is coming with a television in place of a M6x20mm included with a mountain and he have done perfectly.
Final thoughts: I am quite pleased with a quality, functionality and aesthetic of a mountain. It has more than enough clearance for my application. With 50' television of Toshiba to shoot a main adjustment is 11 3/4' of shelf in a fund of a set of television. It can be adjusted in 9 1/2' or 7 1/4'
5 / 5 Alberto
My support of the table of upper television is come punctually. I have been pleased that a container has contained very detailed and easy instructions as well as all a pertinent hardware that looks of nuts, rays, washers and necessary spacers to locate my television properly. A hardware has comprised several measures of the each type to returned the variety of configurations the television could have.
If my television was smaller, could have completed an assembly and installation of a support for me. Of my television is 60', has had to my daughter is a help in impulse each side of a television while I am trace he in a support.
A support is quite robust. It averts of a measure of my television, is a bit heavier that some the models the new plus as it is eight years . In any case, a support done any wobble when any one walks for and/or swipes against a television (has the big dog).
An additional distance among a fund of my television and a cup of a table is seating on is now quite that can plant my player of DVD, my VHS player, and far down and flush with a front of a television that mark that zone the orderly plus bit.
Has pleased enough with this product, is prize , and the functionality adds. I will be to order the second a for my another television as well as or to give in my daughter.
4 / 5 Allyn
In a BETTER value could find he so that it can substitute these legs of new wide television! I have purchased the new 50' final down 4K television for the gaming television. I have wanted my support of old narrow television but with some legs of new television localised in some finals of all the new television is is only in width! It have been thank you to buy the width more television / leans of entertainment or locate a television in a wall. Has estimate or room for that. After a lot of investigation decided in this table sustains upper as it can use it my television of old narrow forest this and maintains in the estimativa way down below. This product has done perfect for the this has required. As you Can see in my picture has attached my television in some holes some low plus, If never require more room under a television for the box of cape / dvd etc simply can take some 4 rays was and move a television up. I have thought in the first place quite buying the swivel is to leave this voice in an angle but these works, only turn a television the bit when required. A quality of tez is typical would expect you now days but a bit fatter concealed expected and has any problem these wineries he 50' television. It IS Ez to pose subject together , only was one of some 4 rays was any plan when an another 3 was phillips, any big roads while all was a same measure was churns. Taking quite 20 min to pose joint and the majority of that has treated only a big measure of a television. It perfects for the support of television of low prize. Purchase again.
4 / 5 Adeline
I very cual a global creation of this support of table of the television and force of his components. But the little of some components that took in two mountains of television look was.

Please voice a photograph these low looks in a real mountain in the 43' television with the 200mm x 200mm VESA mountain. I warn an effect 'pigeon-toed' of a mountain' feet. A narrower width of some feet in front of a television are quite 324mm (or inches) and his wider width in a backside of a television is quite 489mm (or inches). A difference is 165mm (6.5 inches) which consider quite big. A main cause of this difference/of effect is a slotted-pieces of angle that is supposes to locate directly in a television. As it Aims in a photograph has attached an angle that a two mark of sides is significantly more concealed 90 titles. ( They have measured in fact 100 titles.) A slotted components of angle' the angles were more afterwards in 90 titles, this difference would be much more after in zero. Other components of a mountain of television totalled contributes some in a quantity of this difference, but creates a slotted the components of angle contribute almost everything of a quantity.

A manufacturer was very responsive in everything of mine inquires and included routed me the second mountain of television to determine yes has seen a same effect in that a which has done.
4 / 5 Jonell
My new 50 television of inch would not return in a support where an old 40 inch has lived in fact a lot of years. This looked the low cost , the viable solution especially ignores all some complaints quite totalling.

A hardware that shipped is the robust, metal very done without plastic any one where. Some diverse nuts, washers, and rays, is bundled in the clearly marked road.

Considering some directions of the only assembly can say begun to do note after mine 3 tentativa in posing this together support. First time took it exactly behind. It was somehow able the total all 6 components on the way concealed resulted in the symmetric assembly that has been of tower. After one 1 tentativa my level of the frustration any one the test of subsequent help gone softly.

After at the end it has taken it to it to him totalled and situate in place, was perfect with abundance of room to move one left television or in a support. A television is very stable in this support, even more that an old 40 inch with him is built in support.

Has battled with a global indication. In spite of my problems of assembly, now has the robust, the costs of solution down in my television highland problem.
4 / 5 Kyra
They are the member of a program of Vine, and take to select some elements and so only has to that treat a tax he the paste of accounts like this of the shows. This was the element of Vine , but a number partorisca imposed was ridiculous, and side me less to so only the shabby frankly.

Has had the together alike has taken partorisca my Sony last year, of a stand has not done well with my speaker of centre partorisca my atmos surrounds. This was the 65 ' television and has been supposition partorisca be 'also big' but was under a limit of weight, and was a lot. Then the weeks of pair I upgraded to the 75' TV, and work, but has has wanted to something with different angled legs. An old some were angled IN like this still do a speaker of uncomfortable centre, has to chair in some legs and was slightly tilted down. Any one could say, but could.

Then these have come up in a program of Vine, and has imagined was better to so only buy them frankly, and am happy has done.

These are Much solider that some forwards some. They are not the defender of a hardware of money, but ossia at all the pocolos produced will not fix for me. But another some have had black hardware to blend to some legs.

These are beefier, a corner of legs WAS so that it is much easier for me to situate speaker of mine of centre. And another prize to these - some whole in some legs that has two 1/2' rays for the ensure to some two pieces that scrapes to a VESA holes in a backside of a television - an upper an oval east, like this in fact take some TILT movement here, which helped of then another there has been a television that the chairs have bitten he tilted rear. With one 65' is not to treat it big, but a big plus 75' a with one same tilt has meant suddenly could see some lights of a room behind in the reflection in an upper flange. With east a, a tilt can be quite regulated to take touched of of them again.

Knows this says 'until 70' and there is hanged the 75', but are roughly 40 lbs under a limit of weight has estimated, and ossia of train of the resist so only fantastically.

There is a bit on/down the adjustments can do although you are in the to to the enormous TV likes them the mine that so only leaves a VESA mountain to be in a place (of uses an absolute cup and inferior holes). But still I can move a vesa arm on and down in some legs for the bit of adjustment.

If they are taste, and one is that comes with of the yours television so only is annoying or frankly no where yours TV is, then these are the must .
4 / 5 Francisco
Good product; I have required the main stand to resupply more clearance under a TV for speaker of mine of canal of the centre. After studying a lot of options have chosen this element been due to; simplicity, sturdiness, adjustability and reasonable pricing. I am satisfied with each of these appearances.
The nave was punctual and a vendor has sent an assistance to offer of the email with the assembly yes has required. While I have found one is very easy to gather (less than 10 minutes) can see a reason for some confusion. Some diagrams in a propiciado by instruction has the clash seen to attach some is to a mountain of television. Some aims of diagram to attach to an interior and another tip to attach to an outside of a group highland. An interior is corrected (at least for a Toshiba TV of fire).
Another note is that one is is coming with the a lot of resupplied of hardware. I have chosen utilisations a M6x25mm rays that is coming with a TV in place of a M6x20mm has comprised with a mountain and he have done perfectly.
Final thoughts: I am pleased enough with a quality, functionality and aesthetic of a mountain. I have more than enough clearance for my application. With 50' Toshiba TV to shoot one the main adjustment is 11 3/4' of shelf to a fund of a together of television. It can be regulated to 9 1/2' or 7 1/4'
5 / 5 Larisa
Like this announced, gone back my older TV. A lot of sturdy, resists a TV in place with tampons of skid of the hule in a fund of some feet. The instructions have not written the text but some pictures were self explanatory, with six separate pieces. All the hardware is comprised for the assembly that comprises different measures of rays to attach to a TV (6mm rays). An only thing has found was that some rays resupplies to locate one is to a TV was too much short. A travesía fast to a tent of local hardware there is remedied that.
4 / 5 Rachelle
In a BETTER value could find he so that it can substitute these legs of new wide TV! I have purchased the new 50' final down 4K TV for him gaming television. Have has loved quell'stand of mine of the use of old narrow TV but with some legs of new TV have located in some finals of all new TV is is so only to width! It have been forced to buy the stand of TV of / wide plus of entertainment or locate a TV in a wall. I have had estimativa neither room for that. With which a lot research has decided in this table upper stand to the equal that can use my TV of old narrow forest stand and maintain to the estimativa a lot down. This product has done perfect so that it has required. As you can see in my picture has attached my TV to some holes plus very low, IF any precise never more room under a TV for the box of boss / dvd etc simply can take some 4 rays was and move a television up. I have thought in the first place roughly buying the swivel stand to leave that it sees in a corner but these works, so only turns a television the bit when required. A quality of build is typical would expect you now days but a bit fatter that expected and has any question that resists the 50' TV. It was Ez to dip @@subject near , so only was one of some 4 rays was flat boss when another 3 was phillips, any extracted big while all was a same measure was in business. It has taken roughly 20 min to dip joint and the majority of that so only has treated a big measure of a TV. It perfects for the stand of television of low prize. Shopping again.
4 / 5 Willetta
My new 50 TV of thumb any returned in a stand where an old 40 thumb has lived in fact a lot of years. This looked the low cost , the feasible solution especially ignores all some complaints roughly gathering.

A hardware likes shipped is the sturdy, done of good metal without plastic any where. Some diverse dice, washers, and rays, is packaged in the clearly marked way.

Considering some directions of the assembly so only can say has begun to do senses with which mine 3rd tentativa in dipping this stand near. First time took it exactly behind. It was somehow able to gather all 6 components in the way that resulted in the symmetrical assembly that was behind. With which one 1st tentativa my level of the frustration has not helped the subsequent test gone smoothly.

With which took it finally gathered and place in place, was perfect with abundance of room to move a sinister or right TV in a stand. A TV is very stable in this stand, even more that an old 40 thumb with him is built in stand.

Has struggled with a global indication. In spite of my questions of assembly, now have the sturdy, the costs of solution down my question of highland TV.
4 / 5 Cristobal
Has taken this VESA mountain to be while it takes like this wide it stance like possible for purpose of stability. A metal was in fact sturdy this in spite of were too bad manufactured to use. Some vertical group that attaches to a backside of a TV has not had the pertinent 90 corner of terracing and like the result some 'feet' inferior was any pointed toes was or toes in for at least 20 terracings. Some the vertical group has extended down some feet (one especially bad) and like a groups would not seat squarely in a foot that resulted in a be of screen pitched advance in an upper and unstable.

Wished could have loved this produced reason to solid, but solid and my-manufactured is of any use. Finalised launch was it and using another I trace of Amazon.
5 / 5 Lee
Stand of mine of the table of upper TV is coming punctually. I have been pleased that a container has contained very detailed and easy instructions as well as all a pertinent hardware that looks of dice, rays, washers and necessary spacers to locate my television properly. A hardware has comprised several measures of the each type to returned the variety of configurations the TV could have.
If my TV was smaller, could have completed an assembly and the installation of one is for me. Of my TV is 60', has has had to that enlist a help of my daughter to impulse each side of a television to the equal that locate on one is.
A stand is quite sturdy. It averts of a measure of my TV, is a bit heavier that some models plus very new how is eight years . In any case, a stand does not wobble when any one walks for and/or swipes against a TV (I has the big dog).
An additional distance among a fund of the mine television and a cup of a table is seating on is now quite that can situate my player of DVD, mine VHS player, and remotes down and flush with a front of a television that that the zone bit it more orderly.
Has pleased enough with this product, is prize , and the functionality adds. I will be to order the second a for mine another television as well as one to present in my daughter.
4 / 5 Cathryn
I really like a global creation of this stand of table of the television and force of his components. But the little of some components that has received in two mountains of television look was.

Please see a photograph that looks down in a real mountain in the 43' TV with the 200mm x 200mm VESA mountain. I warn a 'pigeons-toed' effect of a mountain' feet. A more tightened width of some feet in front of a TV is roughly 324mm (or thumbs) and his wider width in a backside of a TV is roughly 489mm (or thumbs). A difference is 165mm (6.5 thumbs) which considers quite big. A main cause of this difference/of effect is a slotted-pieces of corner that is supposes to locate directly to a TV. As distinct in a photograph has attached a corner that a two mark of sides is significantly more than 90 terracings. (In fact they have measured 100 terracings.) A slotted components of corner' the corners were more afterwards to 90 terracings, this difference would be much more afterwards to zero. Some other components of a mountain of television gathered contributes some in a quantity of this difference, but create a slotted the components of corner contribute almost everything of a quantity.

A costruttore was a lot of responsive to everything of mine inquires and sent included the second mountain of television to determine has seen a same effect in that of the which have done.
5 / 5 Sunny
This can look at all but is a concrete reason has chosen this stand. He no returned one spatial limited has to that it use. They are by train to send it Behind. And you would have to that be wary of the company that does not correct of the such things.
4 / 5 Magdalena
A question has had was mine 70 thumb LG 4K the no returned TV in my office. It take the new TV to the equal that have loved to move my older TV in my room of computer to use like the backup when a living room is into use. A question with this TV is one is comes with, while extremely sturdy, is spaced too much far averts to returned in my office. The precise 54 thumbs of the width and I so only have 48. It go to rig something on when I have decided to verify was Amazon to see that it is available. I have been surprised to find a variety of different types of stands of television, a lot of ways have not seen never first that. This be fashionable individual one of them. A creation is a lot ready, use a VESA holes of ray to locate the stand done of commission. A box is relatively easy to gather, goes to require the pair 1/2 thumb wrench and he Phillips engine of ray of the boss in a less. A mountain is one all armour plate creation. A steel is 1/8 fat thumb, how is to have to that heavy , on question in that. A box comes with paralizaciones of trace of hardware much bigger TVs. Although, I have done with TVs this has required the rays he small plus in diameter the one who that is comprised in this box. I have had once some legs have gathered, was quite evident that some two pieces, once gathered, does not seat perfectly flat. A piece of inferior support, a foot supposes, is quite slowly to take a work done. But a leg, at least in a side, was the little was corner. It does not look to affect a way a television seated unless you have begun to press on that. Had the little bit of whobble, any enough to cause a television to fall or tip on, but enough that yes clashes to a TV, he flex the little has bitten. One is has the good quantity of adjustment. It was so only quite big to mine returned 70 thumb TVs highland points and no main. That comprises, 400mm vertically is one like a vast majority of TVs requires. The wise width, does not have any limit, reason some points of the mountain has not connected. There is some adjustability the wise height. I prefer one quotes a more possible drop, which is that sees in mine pic. Once in my office, is very clear, this stand is very stable. You would owe that paste the a lot of hard of the strike on. Calm would be necessary to press it I quite hard that a TV a lot probably slide of a flange of the your stand more than tip. I have seen some people that recommends the box to tie to ensure to a wall. For me it conceal it is entirely unnecessary. I do not have the boys or the pets that career around my house. They are happy has been with this box, a prize was reasonable, take a work done and am happy with some results. Because of an uneven corner of one of legs of mine of stands, so only am giving 4 stars.
5 / 5 Yen
It was EXTREMELY SKEPTICAL if these legs when have in the first place received. His so only looked too simple and prone to subjects of tolerance. Any extracted your new TV that shook them in one groups after the month?

A lot of Was bad! Like this far, at least. After receiving my Sony XBRX900F there is pulled yesterday out of these bad boys and has gone the city. You will require two wrenches, preferably a ossia the ratchet , and IIRC measure 13 sockets.

Some instructions are the pocolos murky himself is the visual person because any adequately aim a direction and placing but there there is enough to help calm to imagine it was. So only we are that they speak roughly 4 rays for totals of leg not comprising some highland rays of the television that coming with a TV (also comprise extra rays with some legs so many will be covered any @@subject that!).

In general extremely easy to install, a lot sturdy like this far, and have the good narrow base that the claves was. I have limited the space in my TV is like this this was ideal and exactly that has loved!

If something comes up and this start of things the loosen, will update my description; to the equal that considers if ossia a last what in a description that some legs still are that they go strong!
4 / 5 Vanita
I finally taken lucky & bagged the 70' the new mark Consent for $ 400. They are then be to dip it up and found my centre of entertainment was roughly 15 narrow thumbs for him. Mountain of the wall has not been an option. I have found then these creatures! In this TV, is the little wider that some highland holes of the wall, but nowhere approach one 64' largo would require for some legs that is coming with him. It is uncomfortable to locate in 70' TV, but that would not be ? Working on one is almost likes movement the full discharge of plywood inside your living room. This has said, one installs for these legs was roughly like this easy to the equal that can expect stops. They are sturdy. They are very happy with them. If I never nab another enormous TV in closeout, to good sure will use these for the dipped up!!
5 / 5 Alfreda
Has used this in the 60 in punctual TV this has used to have trace in a wall that has required the new space in a big windowsill. Some instructions launch me to us was bit it like this afterwards spends 3 I is so only be in amazon and looked in some photos in some descriptions to see that it has to that look and bam I ihad gathers any time! For the most domestic look, legs of ray to some holes plus very LOW in a backside of a TV. For the profile the LOW plus, scrapes some legs to some the main available holes in a backside of a TV. It suggests the setting of LOW profile for HEAVIER tvs for more sturdiness. A profile a lower also has the sleeker/look quite IMO.
4 / 5 Erma
Has bought this stand like television one is too wide for my pieces of furniture. Like another reviewers there is remarked, this stand tilts yours screen behind, too much to give support. I also found my screen sloped in a first picture. I have added some spacers to the equal that can see in my photos to regulate a tilt, but could not fix slope.

Has spent literally of the hours with the level and measuring tape that looks for to imagine was the one who a question was, if the part has been done wrongly, something wrong with a television or that tries to regulate any slop in some holes in an assembly of stand. Dipping 1/8' stack of paper under one of some feet the levelled. I have been to a tent for the permanent plus shim and has bought some spacers of plus and the longest rays. Fijamente 99 of a slope and am able to live with him.

Has tried to call a number of support during some open hours, but any one has answered.

Is wobbly he press some keys in mine 51 book 65' TCL TV. I have added some straps of security to the equal that can see.

Compraventa Terrible.
4 / 5 Noah
Has ordered this stand of television reason have been tired of a factor one that has has had to that stack on books to be able to see in a joint of feet of my bed. It was excited particularly partorisca east a reason leave the paralización adjustable, main clearance. When I received It and it has begun for the gather, could not be more state disappointed. A very first any to gather a base was impossible. Because of obvious sloppy craftsmanship, some holes that connects some feet to a base were entirely out of BOTH of them! I have tried each way to try to take one has has resupplied rays by means of to ensure it, but there is not fixing terrible engineering, and are not roughly to dip mine $ 2000 LG TV of SMELL on something like this bad crafted. I have read several positive critiques and has had big hopes, but is remained for real down for Perlesmith quality.
5 / 5 Shera
In the first place of a stand is strong and feels more durable that a one comes with television. Regarding my experience, the mine is to 55 Samsung KS8000 TV. I have had some hard time to take it work.
In the first place of some inferior rays comes with a TV is short for KS8000, has to buy M8 45MM rays for that. With which one installs with some correct rays(funds 2) a television angled for behind that it was little weired. To fix this has to that buy another together of m8 45 mm rays and pair of spacers for some upper to correct a corner. Once thats done the all the looks a lot now. Global happy but can has to that a bit tweaks for your concrete TV.
5 / 5 Archie
Like this, has the 65” Samsung. When I have bought a TV, there is a normal stand but have take he for the mountain to wall instead. Somehow it has lost it a regulate OEM stand. We decide that we have loved to take a TV out of a mountain of wall and dip the backside in a stand; but of course, we have lost a stand. In all the chance, finds these like the possible substitute and to the left say me is SURPRISING! They are sturdy and resist a TV incredibly well. Some the black legs also look like this lustrous in a TV of black frames. In fact I think that this very better look that a OEM stand. An ONLY reason I docked the 🌟 in an indication of assembly was been due to some instructions. LIKE THIS DIFFICULT to comprise some photos and instructions. It was in fact easier for us to just look in a picture completed and “supposition” regarding the do. Exited perfectly to do it that way.
4 / 5 Candi
Like my indication of some characteristic of sturdiness, value for a money and easy to gather indicates is five stars . It is sturdy, when being all the steel with rays and dice for assembly. It can not beat a value. The parts are marked clearly left and the legislations with all the hardware have comprised sealed in labeled pouches and keyed to a step of instruction. You owe that attention to arrest to some instructions. Each mainstay attaches for separate to a television that use 'VESA' rays M6 and M8 in different period. Petit Some for small TVs and big some for big TVs. The spacers are comprised for applications of different TV. But it has had to come up with my own election of period of ray and spacer and also has used any washers (of my workshop). A thing to remark that it has to that 65 TV of thumb, an installed result leaves a fund of a screen roughly on 1 thumb of a tabletop or stand.
4 / 5 Adrianna
This is tilts your television behind to a ceiling roughly 8 terracings. It does not look to like a lot, but unless yours the TV is in a paving, a screen will be aimed out of you. Has triple-has verified some instructions and have all dips on correctly, and a backside tilt is not something concealed looks to be correctable.
5 / 5 Gearldine
Has taken to 65 TV of the thumb and some is that coming with a TV is a thumb a big plus that a cupboard where was on. Has has not loved to hang he in a wall like what better next was to take some postures. They come with to plot of rays for different type of TVs and was easy to install, some instructions could have been bit it easier that comprise but took it fact, of then is the big TV wobbles yes press a cupboard or move a TV.
Would not recommend has the small boys that career around and is not careful of then is in plot of weight in the big TV, if it is the smallest TV then any big shot.
In general taste and has done well partorisca of a bit those that the months have the possess.
4 / 5 Raelene
I have bought these TVs 'legs' partorisca my samsung 75 TV of thumb that has bought on sale with one discount added why have not had some stands partorisca he.

These legs have done perfectly - I has had to that use 2 of some spacers and extra washers for some rays to return good and tight without breaking a TV of on presionando but utmost.

Some legs are a lot sturdy they. They look for to be facts out of fat steel, as some legs will not break or the curve but his eshift' around has bitten it yes move a TV. This is due to a measure of a TV. A TV he flexes reason is like this big.

Finds you in the alike situation to import, highly recommends this TV tands'
4 / 5 Christena
For my needs this stand has done perfectly. I have required to neither buy an integer of new stand, or impulse a new 65” TV the foot and use an old base perfectly functional.

I shopped on Amazon and found this solution.

To read some descriptions thought it can does not stimulate he quite big, was bad. If it has required still it can go roughly 7 big thumbs that has aimed here.

Are mechanically bent so that the assembly and the adjustments were any subject . A total of 12 rays and rays coupled with the socket of half thumb and the Phillips the screwdriver is all precise .

This picture and the description has been done inside minutes to install so it finds a lot others the thoughts will update consistently.
5 / 5 Laree
In the first place to the left say me hardly ever leave descriptions. As, the person gave anything or paid thus (really!). After finding a 65' the TV there is wanted to I (LG) has found that some feet in a TV are situated too wide to seat in an use of table for a TV. You look to buy tables of new / stands but is not economic. I have found then this. It avenges a lot quickly, it has had easy, the instructions written well (although an illustration could aim that some legs are quell'has bitten angled when semi-detached to a TV, at the beginning concealed concerned me but looks right ) and a better labeled stock exchanges of rays, washers and the dice of any product has has not bought never. It has dipped a TV on on 2 tins crates and surprisingly remains on (tries this in your own risk) and was able to dip a stand on easily and (any like this easily) chooses a thing on only and dip the in a table to exist. I produce it adds, utmost pound. Amur A new TV. To good sure buy again and recommend.
4 / 5 Stefania
Mina 50-thumb Consent has had the centrical pedestal this was wobbly of day a. I have substituted he with this stand, and after the pair of still resortings height, work perfectly. An economic solution for an annoying question. Like minimum, will require the together of socket, an adjustable wrench (or near of fixed wrench), and the phillips screwdriver. Curiously, some rays are not metric; they are SAE. My only flu is that some dice and the rays are shiny steel more than black, which his fact conspicuous and looks it economic. The active has paid gladly an extra buck or two for black hardware.
5 / 5 Jay
Ossia The piece of rubbish! Any of some rows of holes and is has lost drilled. It can also by means of some useless instructions in some rubbishes! I build things and electronic for the living and is not never be like this crazy in the crap produced. The precise amazon interrupts this line. They are like this crazy I follows quite sure to go to annul my First account and so only buy of Walmart!
4 / 5 Brenna
Has substituted my stand of television with this one because of any in that has quite soiled in some pieces of furniture to resist a television and a canal of centre. This stand was quite big to fulfil this task but, has has had to that skip using the together of spacers to fulfil this task; some rays were able to be used together with fully presionados with out some big spacers. In general I am happy with a result as well as a cost. He also arrived punctually and in the condition adds.
5 / 5 Owen
Has purchased the 70” television and never thought to measure where some legs have fallen reasons my old TV there has been the pedestal basic. Some legs in a new TV were 2 long thumbs that my stand of television. So much, has thinks that has been forced to neither buy the stand of television more along new, which would have been expensive and was impossible to find, Or return a TV for the small plus a. Neither the option was a lot! Felizmente, a salesman in a tent said to verify Amazon for the universal stand, and whola, has found this amazing stand. The question fixed!

Has has had so only a stand a day but looks sturdy. It comes with the plot of rays but is not alarmed reason calms does not use them everything. They have comprised several measures and calm then precise determines that the measure returns a backside of your TV.
4 / 5 Onita
This has taken out of the pinch reason buy a LG TV and some feet for a LG is like this width averts that it would not have been able to use our cupboard of means comunicacionales.

An installation was easy - but some feet do not look never to be directly. A neighbour is level and calm no the commentary all some time but some feet skew over time - i.et. You want to this: | | but you finalise with this finally: / / or \ \
5 / 5 Luann
Some bars in this one feels the little short (those that traces in a backside of a television). Has the 55' LG TV, a model an old plus to like 2010. A behind is mostly the plan excepts one very inferior the one who estacas out of the bit for some speakers. This mountain has a his corner in a back (for the structural reasons are sure) and no if to a highland no. the Taste grabbed this an out of a battery for this reason. I have seen the plot of complaints roughly that in other universal stands. You will require the pair of wrenches to dip a together thing but so only take 10 mins the cups and some good television chairs and solids now. You would owe that be trying pulsarprpers on to in fact directs he. For a prize... Having my old stand in a television almost would be the joke (and an original would be me cost $ 50 to buy!)
4 / 5 Terese
If your TV is not perfectly slowly in a rear side, this no for you. I will not spend for a hassle of the turn. I will spend it it was to the partner. If that can take to locate to a backside of the mine Samsung 7 Serious 4k TV, is a lot of sturdy. But, any joy. Good product. Only no for the twisted for behind television. And I mean Any quantity to twist anything.

Top Customer Reviews: WALI Speaker Wall ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Brittaney
For a prize, these are mountains of of the one of the west adds . My Sansung the speakers have a bit few fashionable mountains of the hook, which require the ray/of nuts to locate in these mountains of of the one of the west. I have used only the mere wingnut/ray in hurriedly attach them together.
So far, is very happy with these.
Also.. I have read the few bad descriptions that has directed a sprain of 2 or 3 speakers of book, but remarked in a picture, some mountains were the other way around..... That would cause this if an angle is too many empinado for down.
5 / 5 Elva
I have used these to locate in the place the Logitech Z906 back speakers. It Likes him that they are very of compact maintaining some next speakers in concealed is trace. Even so, they are the small plasticy. I think that that they will line up for small speakers. The desire was more resistant to be bent once posed to situate. They will remain where posed the, until a lady of cleansing forces the rag in the... The desire there has been more field of curve. A group is modified easily needs to do changes for a mountain of of the west (I ). These any come with hardware for a backside of a speaker, had to my own (M8 ray). In general, they are clean to look and very compact for small speakers.
5 / 5 Catarina
These are the solution of the estimativa attaches to locate surround-speakers of satellite of the sound. There is roughly Minuet of Infinity 5 required to locate. A plastic was rigid and quite fat to locate them, although a centre (mountain of of the one of the west) the hole was the tad small for this application. 3/8' The hammer fixed that easily. Some the highland instructions were clear, some apt and the arrival was in fact better that had expected for a prize.

Also, this comprises hardware to attach some mountains in a wall, but any one to locate a speaker (since there has no the estandard' measured of hole of the mountain). You are more it take one or more than some speakers in the tent of hardware and buying highland rays and the washer or two.
5 / 5 Marisha
These have done well to hang Roku speakers. I have run the plastic bond by behind a ray of dish in a ray tightener to straighten some speakers. The mountains are solid even so and the good prize.
5 / 5 Teddy
I have wanted my bar of his in my wall for years! I misplaced a part avenges with to do so. And the new part.. Literally for the group of wall, any ray or the rays was 14 dollars (a piece) and 48 dollars to ship! Almost the averages a prize I of paid for a unit.

The hours and the hours explored to find anything concealed would adapt my purpose, included tried to go in several tents of hardware for the basic part and any one of them help. I am so happy for purchase of mine. Easy to install, my bar of sound has taken 1/4 rays this measure for this model was the too many tiny bit small but easily recorded out of extra room with my buck cutter.

Comprises that is to say predominately used for the only just speakers very the bar of the sound but he adapt my only add necessities.
5 / 5 Andy
I have used in fact this to locate a HD antenna and no the speaker. Work very too many so that has a capacity in pvot an antenna.
5 / 5 Ta
I have purchased this highland group of the wall for my LG SPK8 back speakers to complete my surround his setup. These mountains are very built and comes with all the necessary and easy parts to read instructions to attach in the wall with small endeavour. I am very pleased with this compraventa and would recommend for the one of the west installs that it is down 5 lbs.
5 / 5 Exie
These are easy to install and has done well for my installation. They locate quite near in a wall but still leaves some angling, as it designs of of the one of the west. They have done well with a Polk audio mini surrounds west (RM6750). It thinks an indication of the recommended weight has alleged is accurate. A Polk has required bit the hole the big plus for a ray to locate that a group there has been he so that it owes highland rays for a speaker and wallow out of a hole to exist the small bit. But these are quite a lot of mountains the solids and a prize was a lot.
5 / 5 Teresa
Mountain of wall of excellent west. Has all precise to install your speaker and is very easy to install.
5 / 5 Leland
ABSOLUTELY it wants to this easy, tactful apropa this mountain has. Mere as,B,C,1,2,! An installation was fast and some instructions was easy to comprise. A boy could comprise some instructions. If has speakers of satellite that is 8 Ibs or more, some mountains will not line in your speakers.

Top Customer Reviews: ECHOGEAR Full ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Lara
Edifice and exceptional creation! Easy the total. Some hooks that a television hangs is big, he doing very easy to locate television once a main assembly is attached in a wall. Has a follow subject-dondequiera centre a television was well in studs the. I am trace the 3 x1 ft for 3/4'piece of arce in a studs he in any side of a centre studs. I have posed also the rays in a centre stud if my television has been weighed but in only 37 lbs has not listened that necessary. I then screwed a mountain of television in a joint with 10 3/8 for 1' lag rays. Using this system, could attached a mountain anywhere in the left-in-right in a joint, would not require for the be has centred
5 / 5 Leonora
Very robust and easy to install. I have installed this mountain in my funnel of brick. I have used Tapcon 5/16' x 2-1/4 concrete anchors (situates of semi-detached voice) to ensure a mountain in a brick. Marked my holes and has done sure they the unit would be level before hammer. Some videos in Youtube suggest to drill in a grout. I have decided any one to do that to dread to break a grout. I have drilled directly in a brick. Be sure in void out of any rests in some holes after hammer.
My television is the Samsung 65' 8 series MU800D. Beware Some rays that comes with a mountain will not return some the inferior holes when attaches a group in a backside of this particular television. A M8 50mm the rays are also big and one 35mm the rays are also down. It was in Lowe and experience M8 x 40mm rays (situates of semi-detached voice) and washers to use for some inferior holes of a group what apt perfectly. I have used a M8 25mm rays that is coming with a mountain for some upper holes of a group in a backside of a television. Another that this caveat with some rays some accesses to locate my television perfectly and is the solid device. Very happy with this compraventa.
5 / 5 Rivka
That is to say a necessity highland. Yes, it is the little more bucks that some of some trace there - but calm probably only past anywhere of 500 in a lot one thousand in your television, as why tries to save 20 bucks in the cheap mountain? That is to say a better mountain has not seen never. It IS incredibly very done and mine of movement 70' Sony XBR easily. It IS very easy to install - has taken perhaps 30 minutes - TAKING DULCEMENTE. The calm does not want disorder he up and not drilling directly in a studs. If you do not drill directly in a studs, a mountain is useless so that it is so very done, a mountain (especially with a television on he) only rasgar out of a dry wall. He so Has to drill you directly in two studs.

A pair of things has remarked that it can helps your decision to purchase:
-A road has has posed the all together am to add and he the fact the breeze. A big more a television, absolutely would recommend you having 2 people. But has the 40' or down, would have to be very since he. You attach some two pieces to group in a backside of a television. Calm give you the little different sized to rays like them some corrects ones for some holes in a backside of your television. My television has had rays in some holes that is coming with him, but very all TVs marks. So calm give you multiple measures to ensure you can connect some 2 pieces to group properly. Calm then install a mountain in a wall. It takes some patience and measure to do sure directly is drilling in a half of one studs, but once you that, is each gesture. Calm Promote you a television and posed some pieces grupal in some bars of the mountain and a television are on there. Then it uses a group fasteners this mark sure is ensured fully in a mountain. A thing to remark - is 'on there' before has posed included a group fasteners on. But absolutely it wants to you pose you a group fasteners on so that has he casualidad a television would exit a mountain over time to move the back and camera in a mountain if you do not use one fasteners. But the calm does not have to preoccupy quite that lines a television in a mountain and attaching a group fasteners in some rests of same television in a mountain and the seeds have posed the on for the ensures can not fall was.
-Some multiple holes in a base where attaches some rays of enormous/rays that goes in one studs - is fixed so in a casualidad external yours studs is not perfectly has distributed 16' (the norm), still will be well. For some reason, one of the mine was more like 15 in place of the problem. Again, only it hammer sure directly in a stud.
-Some rays give is very big and needs a bit of pertinent hammer. The calm does not go to be able to ray them in without drilling in the first place can not take that measured was, but says calm in some directions.
-Some directions were quite well and easy to follow. It IS very any one concealed taken, but is well to have the guidance and I would suggest to read the in the first place in place of marks of just test he without the read.
-Join 'functions' and 'usability' of this mountain is phenomenal. It IS supremely very done while I have mentioned, but pulling it was or pressing it behind in, bending the, moving very easy, but the insurances of the still rests in a place want to it. He no only at random movement or curve for any reason. I listen in musician very strong and the films and some basses shaken never or curve or movement. It IS easily a mountain has seen better.

Finally - purchase this mountain is looking for the road to ensure your television wanted in a wall. It IS a mountain has found better and give me complete peace to import that my diverse dollar of one thousand inversion, while 'hang in a wall', is surer and more ensured that never.
4 / 5 Prince
A Echogear is very robust and very done without excessive game at all. Any problem these wineries my television in full extension. It was preoccupied quite having the heavy television hangs in the fully widespread arm so first has attached the 3/4' x 36' x 12' together of forest in 3 studs in a wall. Using a left wing of joint for a supremely basic strong and sure in which Echogear to beat that it is planted exactly where wished. Some bases to locate concealed is provided is too down to leave for precise situate of a television without using a method has described.
5 / 5 Katrina
OMG! If you are looking for the sper the big quality that articulates mountain that is to say. It looks no further. I want this mountain and only will use Echogear the mountains that goes forward. Still I will recommend at all my friends and family. It IS the rock the solid mountain and a quality are upper. Control out of my highland work.
4 / 5 Twana
Very very good. It does not comprise some rays have required for my Samsung UN65MU8500. Even so Lowe has had them prende in $ for 4. The desire has the personnel to mark the holes of the hammer like the unit is quite weighed to line against a wall. I have borrowed the very big final studs finder to do that it was 80% very-for-swimming in my plaster/blueboard wall. I have found studs to take the HVAC supply louvre and the outlet of wall of the duplex layers that the left wing saw me where at least 2 studs was. I have measured of these stud in a studs and required and the holes of the small test drilled until and was sure has had the good centre in a studs.

A lags has entered tight and required more torsion that my hammer of stack could muster. That is to say the good thing . On posing a 50+ lb. Television in a mountain (, 2 people for the 65'), was out of level for 3/4' in a width of a television. Oh Any one! A mountain is quite small concealed is not perceivable when looking in just a the small error in a mountain = big error in a television. I have to pull a lags was, wall or low movement of an inch or two, and flavours again? It can have the jury reads this mountain has the clave installs to level. The no evident while in some instructions (that it was it decent), the investigation of fast amazon a word 'level' revealed that it has to has done the clave installs to level. In a by behind a dish that has an image those looks the wifi symbol, has 3 M6 rays of Allen yours. 1 In an upper centre, 2 in a background left wing and sake. I loosened some 2 inferior rays that left wing a dish in pvot axially in an upper ray. He the adjustment of leftovers has to level out of one 3/4' error, probably the plot more. In fact, I can not have been that far out of level, is possible that this adjustment has not been to square in a mountain of wall of factory.

My recommendation for this mountain is to find very stud centres for force, has the helper to line one 15lb mountain against a wall while marks/of hammer, USES One 4 Or 6 ALUMINIUM of LEVEL of FEET, and has the helper to help promote the 55'-65' television in a mountain.

And yes has had to he again, can have fashioned arrive some 1/16' games of rubber (likely gasket material) to pose among a mountain and my textured plaster/blueboard wall. Quan Has posed a weight of a television in a mountain, could listen the light crunch of the plaster like the weight pressed against a wall, in spite of a mountain that is a lot stagnate in a wall.. ANY enough to break a plaster. Some forces are statics now so many is any problem but a dynamic force to locate he 'crunch' a plaster very slightly, only enough to listen but no visually look.

Orders well.
5 / 5 Glennis
I have ordered this mountain for our Samsung new Q70R 65' the television like this is exactly that has wanted.
A mountain is very very designed and has the look has finished, softens rounded the only net verges to look when installed. Other mountains that has some the rectangular highland dishes are unappealing especially when is hanging in a room and very perceivable.
This mountain is done by any mason or studs installation of wall in 16' centres with the small room in manoeuvre. Once installed, an assembly of the arm of beat of full motion that is adjusted in a left or right wing to centre in a wall and is very easy to adjust. The installation could not have been easier especially when using a proportionate installs personal (less than 20 minutes)! An only snag has run in era some spacers for a highland group in a television. A hardware has comprised was to add but some rays were the small also long and some the big spacers were in big as I have used some spacers that is coming with a television and some small spacers that is coming with a mountain. For shim was quite where some any inferior ray has entered a poster has attached 1 2mm soiled of nylon for each ray and was a perfect spacing. A real mountain is a pulled 'H' this left wing me to install the 2 power of bridge grupal in an open zone of a mountain without him interferes with one when the arm situated flush in a wall. A box has used was a Arlington TVBR2505K Cape of television of Boxes of Organiser of Flat Poster of 2 Groups with Solution to Be able in Recessed purchased in Amazon also.
All says and has done that is to say the mountain adds , very designed and handles a weight of a television while it has to without and sagging and a movement is very smooth and easy to adjust. I am happy found these types, in general 100% satisfied!
Some pictures aim a mountain and the television with one can 't be in ke down in a cabling while I am not still, is expecting in the delivery of Amazon today this has 4-4' Echogear 2.1 HDMI capes and 1-15' Echogear 2.1 HDMI cape to finish out of an installation!
5 / 5 Edison
I totalled and installed a ECHOGEAR the Full motion that Articulates mountain of wall of the television in the wall of brick. I have installed then a Sony old 46' KDL-46V2500 television of LCD in 51' prjimo which are heavier that 70' the television has DIRECTED. It is cry he for two people to locate a Sony television only because of a weight. Any problem for a person in totalling and install ECHOGEAR. I plan to substitute television with the 70' the television has DIRECTED this November. In that then will purchase my second ECHOGEAR group of full motion to install in my studio. I do not see any evidence of instability with a group that so never, is solid engineering . A woman has wanted a fact that can turns a screen as it can see it television of a cookery that is in right angle in a wall that the television is trace on. It IS only in impossible to expect the bit of masonry to be stand-off but any one the preoccupy with ECHOGEAR, an adjustment of level was mere in null out of an error to level so LCD was perfectly level to see. It was easy to install some two guides of television in a backside of a television, has used two of some rays some long plus has comprised in a ECHOGEAR box. It IS it has wanted with a functionality and quality of ECHOGEAR so much so so declared early is purchasing the second unit That one will be trace in the wall of rock of normal cloak in my Studio and I are looking advances in the easiest installation. Although it maintain a television closes in a wall that is able to extend he out of a wall facilitates plugging in all some capes. I think a fact that is buying the second a for a Studio said that all precise knows. I am satisfied ECHOGEAR client. Update, installed my second ECHOGEAR in a Studio this past week in a studs in a wall of rock of the cloak.
5 / 5 Margareta
If you are familiar with manufacturer of the squad of the gymnasium Prays Health, this mountain of television is which of his pieces of squad of exercise; heavy pieces of metal, with pertinent welds, bolted together in an on built road. You will be surprised in how weighed a container is when he is fallen has been. It comprises the directions written in of the pertinent English and some hardware of miscellaneous mountain.

Found it quite easy to launch this mountain in the wall specifies of my garage those uses tapcon rays, and is going nowhere. Has the complete confidence that hangs the enormous television in the. A career subject real only is with a problem has twisted by behind my Samsung television, remained with his vainly superficial highland accommodations of ray. This television has only in the 10 mm window for period of ray, as I have required any 40mm rays ( measure) of Imposicin to House to locate he cual the box does not comprise this period. 35mm IS too down to achieve some nuts, and 50mm is far too very time to be usable like the funds has been.

The complaint of the only minor in this mountain is that an use to group to ensures a television, once mountain, chairs in a part of a guide of television where bandages the in a television. This prevent you to use in an inch of a guide, and in my case with the 40' the television this has a master of the hole the small plus, bad has had to to locate some slightly more the big guides in a backside of a television concealed has wanted so that had any road to tense them down yes locates where has wanted. It was not the enormous roads, but means a cup of some guides of television is in a cup of a television, and slightly visible of a front since is that it runs in an angle. A Samsung the main television that 40' any east dread, or one with the master of the ray the big plus.
5 / 5 Barrett
That is to say a first mountain has purchased. Packaging Well, all embroiled and packed well without scratches or harm. The mountain is sake of the strong looks has done. Each hardware has been comprised and has comprised lag the rays looked well enough. It IS surprised has not required the trip in a tent of hardware. Only hanged the 42' Samsung so much was the quite clear television but some highland looks was well for the main television is. A mountain was easy to hang the level and a television level have seated a first time without sag. The television is easy to move, but a movement is tight as it remains in place. I installed it sewell spent of wall (the box grupal double sized) among some highland guides, basically in a mountain, any down the or in the. The tan there is quite soiled in some highland guides for the outlet to be able to and other boxes for HDMI or anything. Some collapses to locate a bit in this zone so it has posed boxes in a mountain, and very on or down, mark sure some capes will not interfere with a mountain feigns to press a television all a fund of road in a wall. Work well for the mine installs. In general I am happy with this compraventa and listen likes him was good value for money.

Top Customer Reviews: Mount Plus ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Latricia
I have wanted a shelf. This a 12 shelf of thumb. I have wanted to situate my Roku and cox mini box in a cup of a TV like this when it has turned my TV of living room to dinning soiled a remotes would do. Had a question. Some bosses in a backside of both boxes forced them to signal up. Easy fijamente. I have used the small tarp bungee to maintain some boxes down.
4 / 5 Alaine
Has-liked me has ordered so much another for another TV in mine hopped up in the chair has situated on a TV and has moved a leg for the neighbour.
Are adds to rest a player of DVD and box of the satellite so only does not look the tonne of dvd movements to cause every time you tinker with him...
Amur The cause there is not had to that drill the desire so only there is more support for when a dvd slides to title in and era... And you have to that take some Very easy boxes
5 / 5 Pedro
to locate. I have bought one to locate the soundbar to a cup of mine television but has decided that would order a plus so that I can sustain a soundbar of both ends more than just some means. Previously it has been it using group of metal that attaches under a television but was the ache in a backside to install. Now that has decided to move a soundbar to a cup of a TV, does not want to has to that go through this ordeal again. This shelf is the a lot of easier option . And different some group of metal, can corner a soundbar partorisca down, which is that it wants to do of a soundbar goes so that be remote on quotes of ear.
4 / 5 Marjorie
It is not returned my television - 40' Samsung has DIRECTED, but has done work. I have had to that trim piece of leg that remain in television, but has not been too difficult. TVs Is all like this happy could do do.
4 / 5 Yon
I have tried the fasten this to the mine Consent And 50' TV. I can not take an arm for presionar. It has dipped my player of DVD in the and looks to balance securely. A shelf has begins, he so that there is now concerns roughly heats to dissipate. A semence of type of the hule securely stays in place.

Are happy to have a player of DVD of a stand of television, and is very any to have like this cords that hangs down. A construction is solid. Alive so only, as I do not owe that worry in the girls that his clash, but would concern me roughly a lot when being pas able of presionar an arm has done . It was not if it is my TV , me or a shelf. If an arm was presionado easily down or has had more instructions that would leave me to imagine out of a question, would give it 5 stars.
5 / 5 Hermine
Utmost idea, and simple installs.
Takes some dimensions. No quite depth for any Console, DVD PLAYER, or other useful projects.
Chairs precariously on a TV. With the depth of only Five thumbs, widths of 11 3/4 thumbs. A centre the only mainstay has retreated that clamps in a corner± has wished. With the tampon of hule to help the delay that slips an element situated in a shelf.
Suggest bolting/screwing/gluing your element to a shelf to prevent slippage. Or to use likes him the base to fasten the main piece to augment zone of shelf. It takes mine for the clock. I dread to spend that the vibrations of traffic will cause it to fall off.
5 / 5 Brooks
That adds finds! Any one the highland hardware has required. Quickly, easy solution , perfect for our speaker of centre. It is smaller that thought it would be and my speaker of centre is main that thought it would be, but still works. It do not dip anything too weighed on that. Very pleased with him.
5 / 5 Tana
I have purchased this element for the 32' the TV are trace in mine trailer of the travesía and he have done add!!! I have it quell'has purchased previously another mountain to wall to resist the blue-player of ray and has looked for something in a small side of then was in a trailer but when it arrives is almost enormous then has found this mountain. Of then it seats on a TV was out of him way and was really easy the setup. I add compraventa!!!
5 / 5 Kellye
This mountain is simple and add, easy to locate on your TV of flat screen. This in spite of a shelf is not meant really for boxes of the main boss, but has done work with bonds of boss and sticky 3M tampons (games of mandate) to resist a box of boss firmly to a shelf.
The shelf Is metal and arm of the support is plastic with the multiple that put near, so that it dress the majority of television is.
5 / 5 Rigoberto
This shelf is AWESOME!!

I desire had purchased a two bandage this in spite of. Three in fact could look better.

Has substituted my Roku far with a subordinated one but was the ache for the use. It has dipped now a Roku in a shelf with the light tilt and feels like an original!!

I desire had thought of this I!

Top Customer Reviews: Mounting Dream TV ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Tanya
If installed properly, to this be highland likes him could hang it Buick of a wall. My suggestion is to follow some directions in a card, that pays the particular attention in a right sized the bit of hammer for some holes of pilots when locate to wall of studs or similar structure. One another recommendation has is in Not using a level of tiny alcohol that comes has comprised. A one took was nowhere after accurate and launched me was at the beginning. I use the acquaintance-level of good torpedo before tensing some rays that control a group in a wall. A be highland to be very very done, offers excellent field of motion and comes with that research to be the proportionate very well of hardware for a lot of models of televisions. It was able to locate mine 40' the television FOCUSED by me without the subjects and this group was 'overkill' and television only weighs quite 18 lbs. Seldom give was descriptions of 5 stars - an element really has to do the good impression - and this or the fact for one reasons: it is an excellent mountain for less than $ 30. If it matches your VESA specs, does not doubt. It takes this one!
5 / 5 Chris
A dish of television is a perfect measure for a backside of the small television. I have tried another model/to mark this was to suppose to return small TVs but a dish was subjects in big. It IS easy to find the mountain for the big television but no so easy to find or for the small television. A dish of the highland television is returned was coated so big in a HDMI and a void to cover electrical. It was roughly he leaves and has posed this new television, feigned for a cookery, in a chamber of guest in the dresser in planting to wall to locate the. This has saved a day.

A step-for-instructions of the installation of the step is easy to follow. All a hardware was tagged. It had included the small leveler. Wonderful. A 'ARRIVE' the arrow in a unit has saved the '-on'. One issues some rays of dish of the television in a unit means a person can do these uses to with the small television. They routed a wrench of the adjustment of the end has opened also. I am recording a small wrench in a backside of my television in case perhaps wants to adjust an angle of television later. Then I will not have to hunt for a right tool.
4 / 5 Dani
A mountain is abordable and good works for my LG 27UD88-W Monitor of 27 inches. Still after paying two times a cost of a product to ship in me the external USA, has think that a prize was very reasonable. Has thinks that that a quality has built was solid, and has had to any one subject that nudes the rays or the rays that can any one when being pas taken.

A product that shipped in me is slightly different of the that is to say pictured in Amazon and in a coverage of boxes even so. The mine is come with three holes in place of two, i.et. A hole of plus in a half. In some photos in Amazon and in a box of product, a mountain of the wall only has a hole on and or down.

In a manual comprised, declares that it was necessary use 3 lag the rays and the anchors to wall were to locate in my concrete wall. Even so an only shipped product with 2 lag rays and anchors of wall.

Does not think that is the problem of my monitor is not heavy and a lag the rays are to have to weighed , likes two is probably enough. I have decided in email the in all the case. They have said initially that they had shipped some missing lag ray and anchor of wall in me, but after it discover is based the external USA , has been surprised and has asked my number of order of the Amazon. After some change, said me that two is enough for the concrete wall and this was that. Tan still although has or less lag ray and anchor of wall, and has not directed to take this resolved with them, his support was punctual same in some weekends.

Another subject was that a mountain is come with one separates that it was erroneously totalled. A portion that attaches a dish of television in a dish of wall has the hook that calm leave you to hang a monitor while you have posed in some rays to ensure a monitor. This has an advantage to leave you to locate a monitor for you, since does not have to balance a monitor while trying gesture in some rays. Even so a portion of a mountain in the mine is to come attached the other way around, as has one takes that the eschews and revokes a direction. No the big subject, but has surprised that avenges erroneously totalled.

At the end, a ray to centre concealed to leave you to tense a 360 rotation of one controls no really laws that well. I have not been able to tense it enough to prevents rotation accidentel of a monitor.

Some rays and washers is coming very bundled and orderly.

In general recommends this mountain in spite of some subjects on.
5 / 5 Lino
I am to me in the first place remained his reveals that never opened some instructions of installation, has taken only the hammer and engine of ray (and the little toggle rays), bonded he in a wall, screwed he in and has written this description...
That when being said, has been building 'things' that hang decades and has not looked in a manual of installation in of the years, this quite does not require unit

An installation was for the 32' Magnavox this is being that it hangs in or to the wall went in my desktop those uses only the perch of cloak - while this has done adds, does not leave any a lot of flexibility and was issues it has been in a side.

The installation has taken quite a lot of 30 minutes give or take predominately so that it was in the stairs, achieving in the big L shaped desktop and the set of monitors (2x2) - would expect normal installation to take perhaps 10-15 minutes with the zone of clean work.
A mountain is quite flexible to leave me to move it the right where has wanted the, only downside can see is concealed does not have a capacity to rotate a television (in an in a clockwise direction direction) like my monitor is which leave me in the mark soyinor' adjustments.
5 / 5 Latrina
Wow - An excellent product, comes with each bit of the hardware possibly could require, and - prevail - looks the speaker of native English has written some instructions (has lined your leader in of the Asian instructions, will know that I bad). It has to very heavy, easy to install - heck, included comes with the level of alcohol. Any one to mention the 6' HDMI cape (very braided has weighed a), velcro bonds, and each ray and the spacer could require. An only thing very stray was a HDMI the cape would have to has been the woman in viril, as the majority of people will require an extension, no the basic cape. For this prize, can any one complain. Still it comes with sets of the each metric ray possibly required to locate a dish in a television. You will require the hammer, a bit of pertinent hammer, the level of full measure to mark some holes of ray are the good idea , and the wrench of socket to install in forest regulates-studs wall (the lag the rays are also beefy for the screwdriver). For masonry, a hammer of the impact and the bit of masonry would be required. Also, a description does not look to mention this has very advance of titles-the behind available fold (to angle the in your posed to seat) and side of abundance by side-in-adjustment of rotation of the side for the take perfectly levels. It IS very the career of house.
5 / 5 Renita
Update 9/15/2019: I have begun compraventa for the 43' 4K television and found one ones and has liked him all has required 400x400 Vesa qualified of the mountain and this unit are max 200x200. Very I have not wanted to purchase another unit as I have contacted a company and of the demands can me sell a little weapon of extension. I issue me the together in the week in any load! That is to say the a lot of centric the client undertaken that will answer in necessities of client. Purchase with confidence that your necessity will be conformed!

That is to say the very sudden, and easily the flexible mountain installed by 100 x 100 or 200 x 200 television is. I am trace he in the woman is to give. I Liked him his of a solo studs mountain and was able in hurriedly level, curves, and rotate in my woman is wished place to see . Everything is too robust for his 32'.
Some tips: 1. If it does not have the level of torpedo, starts and takes the unit comprises the tiny one but a lot is the toy.
2. Predrill studs With the 1/8' in 3/16' bit for a comprised 1/4' highland rays. I am trace a first inferior hole and rotated a mountain plumbs and then drilled and bolted an upper ray. 3. Some the highland rays are the combination phillips access/ 1/2' hex. If has access in the walk of the socket highly recommends use he with the engine of ratchet.
5 / 5 Vernetta
I am very impressed with a MD2413 mountain of wall of the television to Trace Dream. As Remarked for other critics, this investigation is the product of the big quality (especially for a prize) that is to say to do of steel of heavy gauge this has the good arrival, smooth. Some joints are all very done and tight, but of each so it is done with the ray and nuts, looks that they can be animal-tensed yes precise. A system to connect a dish to locate this ray in a backside of a television in an arm to articulate is mere and easy, but in some same looks to time to be very strong. A container comprises very hardware to locate different TVs (p. p.ej., Eight measures of rays!) As it was very surprised if any one has required to purchase additional elements. The instructions of installation are very good. My LG of 32 inches have DIRECTED the television weighs only 13 hand - way down below a limit of weight of this unit - but has wanted the mountain that was much stronger that necessary to eschew a sagging or bending the problems have remarked for other mountains. Desprs Only the few days, does not see any inclination for a television in sag included in full extension of a wall.
5 / 5 Melissa
For a prize can not beat this. The mine controls 32polzada TVs w any subject. A calm arm leave you to move it around with ease.
5 / 5 Leopoldo
I have purchased this for the 24' television of Signs. A group almost more side that a television. Val, Any enough. Some work to group well for a television. Here it is the TIP : it controls your television to see yes has some rays of the Anterior correct mountain use a some concealed is coming with a group. The changes are , and will do the small better.

The installation was quite easy. So much he so that it was able to do he blindfolded. A leveler avenges with era the very had touch purchased the-mountain of inch. Really, he 1-2 inch leveler. That will level with that. 'T The responses concealed. I have used my six inch leveler instead cual has done well. The television is perfectly level. The left wing is leaves in that.