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1 first Mounting Dream TV Wall Mounts TV Bracket for Most 32-55 Inch Flat Screen TV/ Mount Bracket, Full Motion TV Wall Mount with Swivel Articulating Dual Arms, Max VESA 400x400mm, 99 LBS Loading MD2380 Mounting Dream TV Wall Mounts TV Bracket for Most 32-55 Inch Flat Screen TV/ Mount Bracket, Full Motion TV Wall Mount with Swivel Articulating Dual Arms, Max VESA 400x400mm, 99 LBS Loading MD2380 By Mounting Dream
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2 Apple Lightning to Digital AV Adapter Apple Lightning to Digital AV Adapter By Apple
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3 best VideoSecu ML531BE TV Wall Mount for Most 27-55 LED LCD Plasma Flat Screen Monitor up to 88lbs VESA 400x400 with 20 inch Extension Arm, HDMI Cable Bubble Level WP5 VideoSecu ML531BE TV Wall Mount for Most 27-55 LED LCD Plasma Flat Screen Monitor up to 88lbs VESA 400x400 with 20 inch Extension Arm, HDMI Cable Bubble Level WP5 By VideoSecu
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4 Logitech Harmony Remote with Customizable Touch Screen and Closed Cabinet RF Control - Black (Renewed) Logitech Harmony Remote with Customizable Touch Screen and Closed Cabinet RF Control - Black (Renewed) By Logitech
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5 Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar Sound System with Universal Remote Control, Black Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar Sound System with Universal Remote Control, Black By Bose
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6 AmazonBasics 3.5mm to 2-Male RCA Adapter Audio Stereo Cable - 4 Feet AmazonBasics 3.5mm to 2-Male RCA Adapter Audio Stereo Cable - 4 Feet By AmazonBasics
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7 ECHOGEAR Outlet Shelf - A Space-Saving Solution For Anything Up to 10lbs - Built-In Cable Channel - Easy Install With Hardware Included - Ideal For Sonos and Smart Home Speakers - EGOS1 ECHOGEAR Outlet Shelf - A Space-Saving Solution For Anything Up to 10lbs - Built-In Cable Channel - Easy Install With Hardware Included - Ideal For Sonos and Smart Home Speakers - EGOS1 By ECHOGEAR
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8 HDMI Switch 4K HDMI Splitter-Techole Aluminum Bi-Directional HDMI Switcher 2 Input 1 Output, HDMI Switch Splitter 2 x 1/1 x 2. No External Power Required, Supports 4K 3D HD 1080P for Xbox PS4 Roku HDTV HDMI Switch 4K HDMI Splitter-Techole Aluminum Bi-Directional HDMI Switcher 2 Input 1 Output, HDMI Switch Splitter 2 x 1/1 x 2. No External Power Required, Supports 4K 3D HD 1080P for Xbox PS4 Roku HDTV By Techole
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9 J-Tech Digital HDbitT Series Wireless HDMI Extender 660 Feet Supporting Full HD 1080P with IR Signal Transmission (Transmitter and Receiver) J-Tech Digital HDbitT Series Wireless HDMI Extender 660 Feet Supporting Full HD 1080P with IR Signal Transmission (Transmitter and Receiver) By J-Tech Digital
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10 Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control (915-000256) (Renewed) Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control (915-000256) (Renewed) By Logitech
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Top Customer Reviews: Mounting Dream TV ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Sha
That is to say only which want to be looking the arrests to wall was to locate your television of big screen. State using this highland type for years. And, in that am, that is to say of entity...This unit comes totalled. Only it take of a box and he are ready to locate. Any assembly has required.

A sake. It IS well it has done it to it to him. Can have it trace by a person...If you are experimented. It articulates easily and in the field that surpasses a mountain is using now. All some parts are there...

A bad...At all.

Only take in predrill your studs before you try to direct a lag rays that has the habit of to ensure a mountain in a wall. And, you would have to use some external holes in a mountain... They are 16' eschews and that coinsides with a distance among studding centres.

A word of precaution...If it locate in drywall, always would have to find a studs, and then this mountain would have to when being screwed in a wall studs. Your television could not look how weighs a lot, but can created the plot to oblige when is to take of a wall, and unsupported drywall will not handle some force generated to move and adjusting your television on and on.

Only my observations. It buys unit
5 / 5 Stefani
Versatile articulating group of the television of the poster poses your television exactly dondequiera the! It takes an angle to see a lot calm twist you some television or objective bass he in a left wing or for a better view.

Has found this to be the quality, solidly has built, articulating mountain of wall for mine 55' television. This model is designed for to wall studs with 16' centres. He studs Further the eschew to require the different model.

1. Drywall Only will not provide pertinent support. A mountain is weighed and built for big TVs and a overkill in the small television.
2. Centre in the wall. If it locate in the forest studs with 16' centres, can not be able to plant a mountain exactly where amours. Some the highland frames are quite 17'. The centre can require additional materials.
3. It tries to obtain the highland personnel of a vendor before the purchase to eschew the turn.

The Also can be trace in solid or concrete forest. I am trace the mine in cultured
bone, which are done of cements. It is not real bone.

The mountain in concrete requires the 'hammer of axe' and the hammer of hammer bit for concrete, like inversion in the squad can be required. Tapcon The concrete rays usually can be screwed in some holes drilled and provide strong support. It IS much easier to attach in the wall of forest studs with rays of forests. He studs Can any one, even so, always when being exactly 16' eschew.

Takes two people in impulse the big television in a mountain. A lot a wiring could be done in front of an impulse. Of a mountain adjusts, active clearance adapted to plant wiring after a television is installed.

A mountain is very compact and is inconspicuous. Some movements of television freely to bend up or down, or side in side. A more is tight, a plus clearance of the wall is required, like this requiring you to pull a forward grupal.

Some instructions are excellent. Parts to install very TVs is provided. A delivery HDMI cord, the level and the proportionate spacers is has comprised. Some personnel is provided also to mark where fasteners would have to be localised.
5 / 5 Cherish
It was suprised with all a hardware this comes with. It avenges with multiple of metric rays for measures of the different nut for different television is. It comes with all precise. While it locate in the stud his not going anywhere.
5 / 5 Emelda
Returned my Samsung 55 perfectly. Some directions are easy to follow and before right. All a necessary hardware has been comprised and a group is each what so bite a quality of some marks to appoint gone in some tents of big boxes for five times a prize. The level and that bends a unit was the cinch.

Has found this description to be useful to please signify so much. If there is something has disappeared, or would like me additional info, does not doubt to ask. I write these in a hope that helps the others the buyers do the decision with so many available similar products for compraventas.

Update: After several months of use, these groups continues to impress. Has no loosened in a slightest. Still it have greetings of the pair of fellow this installs professionally.
5 / 5 Enda
This was easy to install, taken quite a lot of 30 minutes. Mark sure has studs the finder (be it the strong or more electronic elegant magnet studs finder) and the handy hammer. This mountain of wall extends quite 2 feet of a wall swivels and curves sufficiently to have it anywhere in a wall and voice be angled to see of good television. Still although there is an idea of while more spatial would fall it up down and around a television was still the bit to impact to see each clear and in an earth. A profit to be of an earth, would be for prender a main cause of avoidable death, stubbing your toe. Some rays in a fund prevents he of sliding horizontally when that adjusts a television. I will be to buy another of these for our television of chamber, 10/10. One+.
5 / 5 Bruno
A name of mark says it everything! I am mine of trace 2010 Panasonic has Seen 50' television that weighs the tonne besides or 40 minutes less than a container that arrives in my door. This thing has a lot of a lot of capacities of adjustment and when being absolutely solid!
The May HAS OPENED included a book of instruction. Didnt Has to. A whole mountain is pre-totalled. His at all more concealed doing sure your studs is 16' in centre, finding a studs to want to beginning with, centre of mark of a studs dondequiera trace in, hammer, inserts/inserts a ray and snug to do sure a group will not move on you, levels a group, the mountain that oposa ray snugly, hammer 2 inferior holes, inserts/inserts some rays and tense each thing up and locate a television. Your fact!

Looks no further, in this prize and an exceptional quality, will not be disappointed!
3 / 5 Cinthia
It possesses this mountain for enough 4 month now and continues has to adjust a television to bend descendant where my television curves all a forward of road. I continue to have to unscrew some rays to bend and animal-has posed a television one issues the flight and then the tense behind up for him in only curves advances again after the few weeks. I have found that these rays that control a group in the place is not designed very good or has notches them left for the road of better together to maintain the television diplomado in a correct gesture for longitude. Probably I will finish to modify this part of a group so this will not be a subject anymore, was very if this group has been built better in of the terms of those poses some parameters of curves of a television.
5 / 5 Penelope
I have installed only this mountain. The back surface was concrete/ stucco like any delay in localising studs. Once there is localised my hammer and bits and rays, took me perhaps 15 minutes to take television up. One installs was very easy for 1 person with some experience. Anteriorly Uses the $ 400 sanus locate which has done adds but substituted it so that 1) any apt newer TVs so that too narrow among TVs holes grupal and 2) has required to be able to pose in a television and the take down slope of the storms of rain of the summer without assistance and one 8 old year Sanus which had lined 3 anterior TVs was incredibly heavy and was to 2 work of person. In all the case, this Mountain when being solid real and looks to rob he for a prize. Well smooth motion and included has vertical to bend. Some rays to attach in television was very and return my cheap 55 Roku television (the flowering is to take in outside TVs). I can not comment in a hardware to locate so that always only buy tapcon boxes for concrete hardware and weighed for another installs the eschew subject of hardware. Honestly it can not think in all the case for the best excepts perhaps some annex for the one of the west of centre. Attached is photos of my old sanus, an installed poster in a wall, the television is trace with the orderly coverage in amazon, and behind the television is trace .
A thing of entity to mention is that each television has the different heights in that some the bars are attached in a backside of a television. As it is that it imports - before the measure and that locate a dish in a wall - to attach some bars in a backside of a television to determine a height in that a television will rest in a mountain. A Roku trace next fund to the television that mark some chairs some big television plus in a wall as has a more under a dish in a wall whence my old Panasonic had been trace.
1 / 5 Devona
This is not the soyounting sleep' been been due to a fact that a wall studs in a wall HAS TO when being 16' or less centre that and any one have.Also for studs in that has another part of extension MD5232 'available in Amazon.com' for an extra load of course.
Well, the mountain is in a wall. It opens it Leaves mountain any 2 group in a backside of one 37' television, but expect... Some highland holes in a backside of a television is 20' eschew. A soyounting Sleep' MD2380 necessities 16' or less only like a wall studs. I build and modernises elevators and will create the solution but and even so the any aide any one to buy this mountain because of some extensions of the missing width And a group a next plus in a television when being too narrow. Any routing some extensions of the width of the wall is sleazy road to attach profitability in this line of element. Update- the television is trace and and invents 2 pairs of extensions, 1 party for a wall 21' wide and 1 pair for a television 20'. ANOTHER time.
4 / 5 Cole
That is to say the add little mountain of television. The installation was mere, and a capacity to move a television is very good. My new TCL 55P607 the look adds in a wall with this mountain. When being very robust, and has abundant plants to comprise vertical to bend (which are utmost if your installation has not been 100% level). The movement is smooth and easy, and the scratches plants very good. Some instructions are some of one has seen more with the mountain of wall.

Some personnel comprised with the bond in the level is more the problem that he well. I need in 'level' a level in some personnel to do it in fact usable, and is only easier to line a mountain in a wall with the level those seats up. Taken the much more accurate location and concealed. While it comes with the full together of rays and spacers, spent some necessary spacers for my concrete installation has not been to returned well so has to and purchase 4 additional M6 rays. It can have planned the fact with a hardware has comprised, but this gave me the most professional installation. Also it go it the smoothest plot with 2 people, although it was able to do a whole installation I.

While a comprised 'freebies' is well, the plastic level, Velcro straps, and a HDMI cape, but has maintained enough those was and is gone down a prize. A level is very small and fact of cheap plastic, but the supposition could give he in any one that any one already possesses the level. A HDMI cape while of the decent quality was also down for my installation, but 6' would have to be quite yearn a lot of applications.

This when being the mountain of full motion, the clave sufficed the bit of a wall. If I need something tight against a wall, the mountain of crowds of the motion is not a road to go.

In general would say that that is to say the mountain of television adds for a prize. Highly recommend it his.

Top Customer Reviews: Apple Lightning to ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Stephanie
The works add and left you to look anything of your iPhone in any television concealed has the HDMI port! Some people on here say no for some look of left wing of the reason streaming applications (Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, or only any application that common any content of video) but is only simply very true! In any television this has a HDMI port, which are insanely scarce that calm included own or use the television concealed does not have a HDMI port, calms 100% be able to look anything in television with this device that can look calm in your iPhone.

Even look DIRECTV Through my DIRECTV application in any television. It IS the must has especially in the place where does not have the connection of the internet likes him in of rural or only describes any place without internet.

The Only all depends in a type of service takes even so there it is any connection of internet. But, he all boil down in can the to him look in your iPhone then can look in the television with this device. Only simply it reproduces any one is looking in your screen of iPhone. So much, calm hardly limits in your iPhone and he then limit in a television immediately will see anything yours the screen in your iPhone is aiming!

Takes this with me every time trips only Incase a hotel, house vacacional, lakehouse, or anywhere that the could not have internet, signal of Wi-Final sake, or only Incase a place is raisin in service of loose internet for the moment or something? Only it take to invert in the longitude hdmi cord as it can the yours use while you are in embedding or chair in a sofa.

If I do not want to buy the longitude HDMI the cord and you have two in your house then always can buy one hdmi adapter of extension to do two smaller hdmi cords only or longer hdmi the cord the help achieves wherever is in. Compraventa, highly recommends to buy so much (longitude hdmi cord and adapter of extension) as in the case perhaps enters the trip and a cord are not to leave very time quite only can attach another of a place is in, that is to say has another?

Has bought the 15', 20', and included it 25' hdmi the cord and I have to say one 25' the cord is a one uses one the majority of so that the is not never very very time quite and always can use a device while I am read or wherever very comfortably.

At the end, since has the port to touch in the which are a better course could attach because of a consumption of stack that streaming the videos take up in the telephone. It IS SUPREMELY OF ENTITY to buy the iPhone chargrging cord (usb in cord of lightning) that is to say much more that a level of iPhone this cord of load. If you want to use a longitude hdmi cord to use it while in of the embeds or in a sofa and does not have it touching then is nonsensical into use still a longitude hdmi cord or included a device he. The calm does not want to be using this and then the beginning and your telephone are almost fatality or yes wants to use a device to look something in a television and your telephone is almost fatality. My point is not never to know where some outlets gone to be in the place has not been never and is that it wants to have in a nightstand or only after in you so that it do not have to race and go paste of pause, game, or change in something more in look.

Expects that this was quite thorough and the helps answer any one questions some of you could have. But, I promise that these touches any one streaming application to your television likes him please does not listen in any one that says that he no so that they are for some reason lying or only have any idea that is speaking enough?!

Well, has the day adds!!
5 / 5 Louann
This device is by train to save of the hundreds of dollars the month in Comcast Xfinity costs. Us All knows that on priced and out of control Comcast the prize has taken, since updating in Unlimited dates w/ Verizon is able to use my iPhone w/ this adapter to maintain my necessities of entertainment and saves approx $ 160.00 the month.
UPDATE 5me he compraventa of clave: Still doing perfectly.....Any subject at all. If it is it has to expect 24-48hores can look virtually anything of any Chanel/clean saw his plants respective web. It takes advantage of this device before any one in the some ruins of place for us.
5 / 5 Kenya
I have tried two swipe of capes and or some did. A fact for the pair of days and work left. An another has not done never. I am connecting an Air of iPad 2 with a television.

Bit A balloon and paid more for a product of apple. This one does perfectly every time. Besides, an iPad in fact touches while connected and into use. With a paste of that work, an iPad has maintained only his load.

Seldom buy some capes by name of genuine mark but, in this case, was very value he.
5 / 5 Tami
Only like my adapter duquel original apple still works but hated to change he of TVs in TVs the dread concealed it prendera work. It can look amazon of launch television of Netflix Youtube prepares, etc. very pleased that I do not have to pays 60 through Apple. The averages paid and has taken a real thing.
1 / 5 Ethelene
Among a Box of Apple, is Marked like Apple, and research to be the product of the genuine apple but he are junk.
Some covers of lightning is ailing to access and no the solid connection in any one of one 4 iPhones in a house. I have tried included he with each four out of his cases and a connection are still bad. A man of looks of lightning also down.
Has tried he in 3 iPhone different 6S is and an iPhone 7 and everything there has been a same problem.
5 / 5 Albertha
It take this adapter while it travels enough the bit for subject. Has Netflix and Hulu house of Alive television and so that I look me my regular shows and DVR when in a road. Hooked This until my ipad/iphone and connect HDMI in a television and has my system of own personal entertainment. Also it can it touches your device while look.

Has remarked that this better work with my iphone that my ipad but this could be my device . It looks a ipad takes the time of plus of bit and fidgeting to take it to do.
1 / 5 Lyndia
The works add during the months of pair then to do. Bought the second a so that has thinks that that something has done a premier a decree these laws. Last cape while a premier a same with the extra cure apresamiento to be supremely soft with him. His awesome when work, but yes go to have that buys the new a never 2-3 apple of precise month falls a low prize. You would imagine with everything of a negative feedback in this exact problem that Apple would imagine out of the fixed. Or at least not touching $ 40.00 the piece for them. I will not be buying another until they exit with the new version or I can provide to buy 5 of them the year. Mamma so that they are awesome while they do.
5 / 5 Lester
It was preoccupied quite each which a description of star but gave it the shot in all the case. I am happy this work of adapter without any subjects with my iPad 3 and iPhone 7 More. The sound of a television is strong and clear and there is at all to complain- enough for a quality of picture. Application of Youtube does not look to fill in a whole television but am touching any clips of video of an application 'television', full in a whole screen. A connector of lightning has the very snug access. It opens The only time will say how long this adapter will last. But so far that is to say to 5 indication of star .
1 / 5 Kylie
That is to say one 2 an of these in 4 months. Work mostly when new out of a box, but after 3 month has prendido totally, as he an original unit has tried 2 iPads, 2 iPhones and no longer works with any one of them. We do not look commercial television any one longer, only Netflix, Livestream, Prime, etc. In the quandary to learn that to do now. The films only are some same in the 9' screen.
5 / 5 Corinne
In the principle, has had the cheap HDMI in alternative of Ray of the Lightning, for ~$ 20. Work for the moment and then suddenly prendido to do. It uses it to connect my telephone in my computer Elgato for streaming/captures of video. It begins for gone wonky and would owe reset he to unplug and plugging backs then, then sometimes does not act, then only has prendido frankly. In some signal prendida also to touch my telephone, included although I need to be plugged in the source of capacity to do.

With east, even so, can limit directly in a Elgato and does not have any fuss. Any touch but comes with the void to leave that it touches, so that well. Also I have the plot of capes in some loans with my desktop setup so that it is not the roads of bit.

Although, ironically, also at the end has to update my device (iPod 5 Gene -&62; iPhone 8) as I can capture only calm of video directly. Whoops.

Top Customer Reviews: VideoSecu ML531BE ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5

in November 2016 has ordered this product for my LG SJ800 65'television. It promises to 24 extension of inch and that it is exactly that has required. An orderly product in 2016 has been oustanding and use an extension all a time.

Was in necessity of the to to this product once again this year likes him to of him reordered a still television for another zone of my house.

Imagines my surprise when in December 2017 click 'purchase again' in this product of my anterior mandates and I take the TVs mountain that is smaller, does not have the fast ajdustment bar for change of angle, any fully articulate left and right wing without shortening an extension, and (the worse part) an extension is only 16 inches. This has done effectively an useless product in me so tried to locate an exact same 65'the television had installed last year in the gesture of corner.

IS of entity to remark one 16' the extension is listed in some details of product so much of December 21, 2017, but trusting the product of this company has retained is big levels of November 2016 failed me. They have changed a product has sold, retained some big descriptions, amd has changed a product for a worse.

Changing a quality and specifications of your product in such the road loses to repeat clients. I will be to complete a process to turn today and our new television will not have the trace for Navidad is our party .
5 / 5
I have used to to install TVs for people professionally, as I have used a lot of different highland systems. It looks for something cheap, but reliable to hang the 50' LG 50LA6200 television of LCD. Look in the plot of options so much in Amazon as well as elsewhere before resolve in easterly the unit Am happy this has done!

For judges of start, this comes with ALL that can you possible necessity to hang your television, with an exception of the 2 phillips screwdriver of leader and the hammer. Included IT IS the proportionate complete of rays, rays and washers (all neatly orderly and tagged in individual containers), folds he-sustained spanner wrench, the magnetic level very well, and included he 10' HDMI cape. Some instructions say to use an expansion tills 'optional' for big TVs. Usually, that is to say code for 'the no comprised box.' It was pleasantly surprised to find that it conceal has not been a case here. For once, a box 'optional' was in fact included!

The installation was the breeze for me, included without the instructions since already know like these works, but found some relatively easy instructions to follow for the those who need the. Everything of some diverse configurations for some arms of expansion can take confuse, but only try each an until you find a right setup for your television.

has some changes in some instructions that highly suggests, even so. Some instructions say to drill the 7/32' pilot hole in a stud for each highland ray. Then it line a ray in with the phillips screwdriver of cape. Quan Has trace in the first place this (wound envelope moving the shortly after), followed some suggestions for a pilot hole. Sure enough a threaded ray in easily... The little TOO easily. A second hole of an upper in fact undressed was and has not posed very enough by behind a screwdriver at all! Quan Has moved this in an another side of a room, decided to go with the bit of pilot smaller. I have used the 3/16' bit instead. Admitted, any thread a ray in with the screwdriver - will require you the 10mm socket - but doing in this way, these rays are not going anywhere! The calm would be likely evasion with the 13/64' bit, but in a lot protect your expensive television, would want to all of a bite could take!

Also found that a diameter of interior of one of a washers was the smidge too small for a ray to cross. I have developed only he with the file of needle of the round, but since does not comprise any changes, if it does not have the file or another washer posing around, will require to take the unit thought it only his would launch that there in an interest of full revelation.

Once this was to install, has been impressed without only a sturdiness, but also with a complete field of motion. That is to say it has articulated it fully. You can pose your television quite anywhere want to. One can of the only thing is not movement your television arrives or down, although it can bend you the in the sure title.
1 / 5
Quality of absolute rubbishes! Shady in better. The majority of these positive critiques is for the mountain of different road.

This one comes with cheap rays that has broken was while tensing included before an intrepid included contacted with a mountain. That is to say the peril of ENORMOUS security!!

I predrilled some holes of the pilots how instructed, has used then the wrench for collar a ray in. Still accident!

That is to say the accident massively expects to spend. The look on guiding that imports of the ray, these are ungraded and the cheapest quality.
5 / 5
As it was very sceptical of this product when in the first place looked in him, a lot of people that says it rasgara out of a wall shortly after the installation and everything concealed. Lemme Say, they only he bad or idiots what complete; you any mountain of use of drought of wall for the heavy television, possibly the clearest television, and can not stress a word "Claro" enough. Any one would have to be mountains to use to dry wall of a first place, is not reliable... Mere and mere.

Anyways, Behind in my experience with a product. It is trace in my Xbox A plus or 4 feet less than an earth. I am trace in the stud in a wall and right after it conceal, my roommate this weighs around 150 LBS hanged out of him for enough 5 bren in a base and he any one same budge; now that it is the mountain of hard wall if it has not seen never one! I have posed mine 40" television of Samsung in a mountain, and can extend/swivel/the curves/of angle even so I want to.

A train comes with this quite big quality and especially a level. For an attaches on in a product a level is quite decent for this purpose designed . A packaging is very done and some parts are all tagged well and consistently. Mark uses sure washers in an outside of a mountain before you have posed an adapter of television in your television, will save you the plot of ache.

Has Had this mountain of wall during the month as it listen it quite sure write the description. I will attach some pictures to leave know a field of motion as well as those some looks of television this has attached an adapter and a course where are trace in a wall. I can seat concretely has been he in a side and enjoys a television to the long of, can turn it to look in my zone of PC as I can touch while I speak with friends in Skype or other programs of the cat and I can turn it to look in my bed and I can enjoy Neflix or Hulu while I have posed reads, sake and cosy.

Expect that each enjoyed my description, is been the explosion and will be has had to question very calm could have.
5 / 5
Esquerra induct M Only to say while it was Blown really has Been for a quality of this mountain of wall of the television this has had to my garage to hang to 50 television of inch up in planting to have he in the bank there is there. As it was quite anxious of the opened up and the flavour was in fact really surprised in what I weighs a product in fact has a group in looks very has very built all research to be very robust and any flimsy. The tan Has imagined once was where a studs was and mark the with a studs the finder was really easy to install and took me perhaps 30 minutes for the install took me more with a longitude to find a right bit to install a lag rays in a wall. It was amiable of nervous when it installing so that that is to say a first mountain of the wall has not installed never for me. It was in fact really surprised in so was easy. Mina 50-the inch very is not concealed weighed of the television was able to install he for me without help and lines a television to arrive why has taken a group to situate for a television to have trace on. Also I like him his that it is very easy in of a television swivels and lines a television quite firmly also. In general to well sure recommend it this mountain of wall in any there considering taking a this one is to good sure estimates a money and also the cheapest plot that some of an others some I dresses on there can read some other descriptions that converts to have add it this produces in fact is.

Has any questions in this mountain to wall to be hand to ask me also has listened my description to be useful to please control this was useful... Thank you!
1 / 5
I have purchased this mountain in 2013. The flight his surprise. I am returned in this page to see quite taking new group for my television so that and misplaced the. Quan And purchase of mine found, june 2013, and was routed in this product. AT ALL like a an and has. A an and has, only for looks only, is the upper creation and can extend much more there.

Would verify descriptions of compraventas of a last year as and has very when it creates changed.
4 / 5
It has to 40 inch Roku the television and this has been bought to go with him. Some instructions are easy to follow and has not been difficult to locate in a wall after finding a studs, except a fact that some rays that is coming with prender easily and has had to to find substitutions. Once it was up in a wall, was easy from here that. There is the lip that some television chairs on that it is easy to click in place and then two rays that hod he in. Has bends it the function and an arm are well and very time he so that it can me moved around wherever need he to be. He kinda remember me of one ones see in of the hospitals, where the power in swinging continued the bed or another fixture.

In general, this was an easy installation and the good election.
5 / 5
8/28/2017 UPDATE: A description and some the low pictures are accurate for a mountain of the television experience in 01/26/2015. Of some commentaries are taking for a past 6 month, looks that a vendor could have changed a product since, and my description and the pictures could not match a current product. It conceal it is not under my control, the vendor would have to has created the new listing for a new product but chosen instead to use a same to list because of some 19000+ descriptions have published. It likes to please no the failure on me, is only the client that has written the description in a product gone back in 2015.

The writing of original description in 03/02/2015:

bought it to locate 3 has DIRECTED TVs (2x65', 1x50') in a dispatch, chosen this model mostly because of a lockable characteristic. I have not used a comprised lag rays because of some complaints of poor quality in of the anterior descriptions. I have it did not want the take one casualidad to undress some rays comprised so bought 5/16-9 2-1/2 lag Lowe rays (element 63396) and the box of 1/4' Toggler rays (Lowe element 118084). In an of one 65' TVs and one 50' television, one 2x4 studs has been spaced perfectly and was able to locate them using 4 lag rays each. In an another 65' television, a studs was quite 2' was to centre so posed 2 lag rays in a studs and 4 toggler rays in some lefts and well the majority of holes. I have posed my whole weight (200 lbs) in the each mountain the road of half extensive and lined in just sake. Here it is a pros and gilipollas:

1. Mountain of good quality
2. Described as it adjusts a horizontal that levels (more/minus 6 deg)
3. Lockable Mountain with 5 mm holes. The majority of the next tampon can find calm in the tents have 6 mm diameter of shackle, but found a Master Lock 131Q has 5 mm the locks and he are returned properly.
4. 10 ft HDMI The cape has comprised
5. The long arms give you an option to move a television in almost any place.

1. There is at all for prender a television of sliding of a road in another in some two horizontal bars. This ray in a horizontal alignment every time a television is moved. To Any sure likes him has not thought in of the of east. I have used some black duct tape to prevents concealed. It can have he the holes have drilled in some horizontal bars and posed some rays in but the tape of duck was faster.
2. The desire could have been able to use bonds of zip the road a cape in a side of wall by a part a low plus in an upper side or a mountain, but has any hole to take some bonds of zip in.

Very happy with a compraventa in general, would buy again in the heartbeat.

Can see that it looks with the 65' the semi-detached television in some low pictures.

5 / 5
It IS solid. I recommend eyeballing one 2 arm flat assembly to do sure was welded properly and no crooked.

A course a feebler is a mountain of wall . A pilot hole would have to be 5/32 has to use some rays provides ( a diameter of a ray in a root) ANY ONE 7/32 recommended. If you use a measure of the hole of recommended pilot has too little left for some nuts in grip in in a wall stud forest.

Recommends discarding some use and proportionate rays 1/4 inch X 2-1/2 Spax lag the rays since some holes grupal is 1/4 inch. I use these to locate perch of cupboard of wall of guides of cookery, and have the built in washer, requires any hole of pilot, and will not take of a wall studs.
Can purchase these in Amazon or HD and this only augments a global cost for the dollar or so much.
4 / 5
This mountain of television am adds. Easy to pose up and very strong. I took me quite 30 minutes to install to start with to finish. The material adds and was although you issue it the HDMI cape with him, never hurts to have one extra one of those.

Downside IS that one of some highland rays was angled and has not been enough to pose he in a wall through a mountain. Felizmente A 2 other rays were quite strong to line in my television. It have been well to have one 3 ray for the extra stability but I listen likes one 2 will suffice.

Recommends sure but class of the bummer in a ray

Top Customer Reviews: Logitech Harmony ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Dawna
The cost has checked Upgraded of an old 650 model, that one do fault very partorisca the long time until it take the bath in some water. With which logging in the MyHarmony The majority of mine place has transferred so only well, but the little key done controls the no. is the trivial work partorisca reasociar some keys behind to as has has wanted to him. Setting on a hub was really easy and was able of the take to speak to the mine Roku. I love a GONE new blasters, when being able to control my devices of my telephone is the really good characteristic. Works with Alexa also, but some mandates have limited enough.

Now a bad: they are a The PROFESSIONAL with 20 experience of years, and was I has had to spend some considerable time tinkering with a software for the take to do exactly to the equal that has loved the to. I have dipped any the one who is the novice in front of him, and well... Appearance Logitech the support of technology is well has coached. Well I can imagine this would be the A lot of frustrating experience otherwise. A software is one same regarding my old far and is beginning to aim his age, the redraft is in mandate. Another complaint is a screen to touch , is the good characteristic but is really easy to accidentally nudge the and of a incumplimiento is to dip a front of keys of the power and centre it are liable to accidentally turn a TV was until you rearrange his (or so only take entirely). A WiFi works of support of the device, but is spotty. Sometimes my Roku just waste to speak his at all.
4 / 5 Rosalva
The cost checked While it is not easy to dip on, can be done. The question am having is by train of the take to answer correctly. No selections the canals his same know regulated and has programmed correctly. Any responsive partorisca Direct television Genie far box. Works Denon and television correctly but ANSWERED very bad IDA otherwise. Justo that owes boxes also! All the world in a house has given on on that. It can do face with 3 or 4 trys partorisca to to the orders likes him-gliela pause, rewind or changing to concrete canals with order of number or has included pre has programmed the canals but in the simply use it partorisca turn on and was all the devices and then rear rights gone to a directv far to look. Real Bummer! Has a RF version in a house also and that a better work but this a will not learn a TV was commanded partorisca a TV of mark has in this room. I taught it his and accepts a mandate but instead goes to the screen of paper of Ready TV in planting to turn a TV was. Again the real bummer concealed partorisca have in a place partorisca use 2 remotes in this room also. Tried all the methods of support have like this really want to this to do except even knows are very technical, so only does not act . I have shared a subject but any response. While for the software on dates to sustain my Hisense 65 TV of thumb for that a. No spent until you see these things that reads. Also, it has bought a referb unit a first time and has had to that send them behind. Bought new in substitution but still have some the annoying subjects on have appointed. Any he 1 far system but instead 2.
4 / 5 Isidra
Checked Purchases No sure because it is taking of the like this negative critic. I have bought this in spite of them and am pleased like this far.

Avenges with:
- far
- touching cradle partorisca far
- hub
- two IDA blasters
- mini boss of USB

does not comprise Any instructions or documentation. (Then , they are docking some stars partorisca that.) But, everything is available on-line with the fast google investigation.

Reason spent this remote? Well, I have loved a version to House so it can control automation to house also. But, I have read that this that could do also after the update of software. Well, with which finally take all setup (in in an hour), was bit it concerned when he so only distinguished Phillips Boos and an another like this of the options of automation of the house. (I had done several syncs which are suppositions to update a software to the equal that have thinks that was to update.)

Results precise to go to a MyHarmony software and click in a upgrade key in a sinister side of a poster. Once I concealed and it is spent peel 3 -5 software of small upgrade, now can interact directly with mine Smartthings Hub and Nest.

Remarks that I also have a Harmony wants to spend of the extra money, is worth it will be to use the newspaper. A physically the creations of key are very better (and how is a quality of screen). But that when be said, is looking for something for occasional use, is extracted has not beaten can be!
5 / 5 Sheri
Laws of cost have checked well but I supposition esfurbished' meso that was the turn as they have launched he in the box with some bubble wraps, has not inspected or esfurbish' this device at all, this in spite of consider it ready partorisca ship to a next client.

A far wine has programmed the another person Logitech account as I have had to that dry that first. An official box and the instructions have been missing. One of some supplies to be able to has the tip broken to the equal that are that it has to that use an iPhone old upload with the one of leftover micro boss of USB to touch a far (hope a difference of voltage any one calm no a battery prematurely).

A profit this in spite of is no electronic visible that feels is a lot of value some hours of pair of troubleshooting and that looks for that has has had to that do for the take working. I do in to technology likes to learn that/investigations/setup the process has not been that bad for me.
4 / 5 Lyn
The cost has verified A Far Definite Harmony is awesome. Perfecto partorisca multimedia installs with has has closed cupboards thanks to a be far RF. A far has some functions of good ready house. Has an Echo of Amazon? Then this far is the must has. This thing has the built-in battery like this undermining around partorisca EA or AAA the batteries is the thing of a past. So only jump a far and tone. A screen by heart is brilliant and easily read. You can customise your favourite canals and the mark that the television looks effortless. The activities and the far programming is easy the setup. An Application of Harmony can do the one who a far can do is feeling lazy or wants to take a television that goes before taking in a living room. Works with Roku, AppleTV and much more. If the harmony does not know your device, can learn it.

Ossia A far to buy.
4 / 5 Brande
Spent the defender checked of Harmony of Long time ( company of Logitech there is taken on) but can not recommend this.

-Looks And feels well in a hand

-life of Terrible battery (3-4 days with low half use) and will die without warning
-creation of Terrible key; keys of control key on screen?!
-Hub Is wonky, could not take mine to do
-the devices answer much more lens to these far that devices of Harmony earlier (eg 880, A)

Rodeo: Avert if elections there ( looked far and width for the pertinent substitution my Harmony A & 880) but this is not a better election or has included the good election anymore. A lot disappointed in that has spent it to a mark of Harmony.
5 / 5 Markita
The cost has verified These far frames my leading Harmony looks the dinosaur . A capacity of him to 'fix' any questions with user very small the entrance is impressive. Really it likes having to that some icons of canal partorisca when the people are by train partorisca remain with us those who do not know some numbers of local canal. It manages all mine mean comunicacionales that touch by means of my XBOX One like the field. Like this always with Harmony a neighbour up is quite simple.
5 / 5 Aurora
The cost checked Like an owner of the AV the company uses these far partorisca a lot of a lot of clients of the oldest clients to our clients of the youngest hip and all the world loves it. A better part is that when there is the question can paste a key of help in a far and usually corrects a subject without his has give me call.

Has used on 200-300 of these units and WANTS TO HIM!
4 / 5 Mario
The cost has checked directs some work well, so only thinks a far is not a lot ergonomic. A game of before quickly//rev/the keys of stop are in a very very upper and can not be pressed while it resists a far in a delivery. And you can any one And everytime choose it on accidentally touches a screen and the disorders on that am looking. And calm can not press some keys while it is in a table because it is wry and mecer to his side.
4 / 5 Kris
The cost has verified This thing takes partorisca always the setup. Still I am doing on dipping it up. Perhaps it does not look television or Netflix or anything enough to fully the use. A screen to touch lag is terrible, like this terrible in fact that often it finalises clicking elements I t loves click because some transitions of paper like this long with which I click me it element of paper that chair a first click has not been recognised.

Top Customer Reviews: Bose Solo 5 TV ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Marlys
He been that has more the difficulty that comprises a dialogue in sample of television and films lately... I am taking older and yes, listened in the strong musician in a 70 is. It tries the pair of different solutions like the bluetooth auricular and of transmitter, which has done well but does not like me to have to a bit auricular on for long and has to be class of strong for me, and with the bar of his different that very does not help any a lot of in the own speakers of a television. As I have ordered this Bose Alone 5 system since mentions to improve a clarity of dialogue. Well I have to say that it does. In the first place it ignites in the estandard' road and sound very esgular' in this road; a lot of very big difference among him and my bar of his anterior. But calm once press a 'dialogue' button in a far, to well sure can listen the difference in clarity. It was quite sceptical, but a lot of helps comprise me very better what the people are saying. It IS an obvious improvement . I am attaching the photo of a button in a far necessity to press to enable a road of the dialogue since has not been obvious in me. Quan A road of dialogue is on, a light of green state in some changes of bar of the sound in colour in amber, but will be able to listen a difference, or at least could. It have to mention that some of some looks of basses to be reduced when issues of the dialogue but he also me assemblen some frequencies of voices are enhanced and no only bomb in an offer. With the very to the left flavour some of some bass for a clarity. You can always only press a button of dialogue the second time in toggle the back in some parameters to sound regulates to prefer . Truthfully, has thinks that issues this system behind if any fact the big difference since is bit it pricey, and is to well sure any routing this behind.

Knows what some the people take free material to revise? Well, the desire has taken this for free, but the no. Has paid a full prize. Only tea't thought could wants to know.
5 / 5 Adolph
I will maintain this low and sweet.
1. Small compact creation, does not take on the whole plot of spatial, as that locates the options are extended.
2. Bluetooth! It connects with my television of Apple without a necessity of the cape.
3. A sound am add, but a better characteristic is an enhancement of voice . It opens can listen You the conversation without that has to anything. A musician and effects of his of the film any cover in dialogue of voice. No more turning a volume up when any one is speaking and that it has to turn down so that some effects of sound are in strong.

4. The cart has closed was. The walk was and the turn was after the period of any activity.

Which has required more?
5 / 5 Blondell
I have looked for around Amazon and an internet for the west (without satellite or of the speakers of separate basses) system that could in our room. My woman gave me orders a lot CLEARS having something concealed would return in our centre of entertainment without being a plague of eye while still sounding quite sake to look shows of television or films. Well, now that it has said me to it to him quite that could it to it be sleep with a dog, and trust me in to the to dog does not like him or! In all the case, look youtube videos in a Bose system and some competitors. I have chosen a Bose Only 5, that begs that I have not required to buy the bed of the dog the big plus also. This speaker am adds! Has down good but no overpowering some words spoken or some effects of the sound in any one is looking. WHEW! Has the very rounded sound, and can take quite strong that can find a right volume for any one is looking! I have not required still in max out of a volume still, excepts to flood out of the voice of a woman!!! Has another Bose speakers and has been satisfied with a quality of his products. Felizmente For Bose, has not required to buy sales, so that, if I am earnest, a dog and a so bite of woman! Work as I add Bose! It do not take Me a wrong, still can not sleep in a bed, but at least is in a a/c!! I am very satisfied with a Bose Only 5! I have wished only Bose has done women of substitution?? (I am not to disturb, so that a woman will not read this! :)
A universal far this comes with this system is also, this has cual our primary far for a room. It controls that the box has seated, a television, and a Bose putting. I want that far. Some instructions were clear and has substituted a television and seated far. Almost it estimates a purchase for a far. As we are very satisfied with some far also. Easy in hook up and setup. I add!
1 / 5 Mary
Desprs Very fussing and confusion, could not take this to produce any sound. A LONG control in Bose service of client, which also thwarted. They have not wanted to go without my allocution and number of tlphonique same although it has had already my email. At the end it imagine it was that a unit was defective as it issues behind. An experience was so thwarting that decides in the Yamaha, which was easy to pose up, the utmost sounds and less side.
5 / 5 Kendra
It has wanted the compact soundbar to enhance a wimpy his of my Sony Bravia HDTV (models KDL-40W650D), experiences in 2016. So that it lives in a floor and does not want problem my neighbours, does not want to explode, surround-system of his with the sub-woofer. Neither I want the bouquet of messy capes and speakers during a room. I have wanted only the decent soundbar that would enhance dialogue and of the films of his of respectable mark...And this Bose Only 5 Sound of television the marks of the system only concealed. Look a 1959 classical film Ben-Hur last night and a soundtrack has sounded impressive! It was mere to connect in my Sony Bravia HDTV with a cape of optic the digital audio has comprised. I have verified an on-line manual for my model of television to do sure has a correct beginning - voice my photo of a beginning of optic digital audio in my Sony Bravia HDTV. If your television does not have a beginning of optic digital audio, has another setup options, but will have to buy your own cape. Visits of some speakers in your television and then control a volume of of the one of the west those uses one has comprised Bose far. Also it can enhance a dialogue to press a button of dialogue in a comprised Bose far. I have possessed already the Bose Soundlink Mini ii bluetooth west for my tlphonique and portable, which fly. As I thought that it that it buy another Bose produced. Bose IS expensive, but quality of his excellent. Only that has wanted!
5 / 5 Gretchen
Setup Was sper easy, some sums of far works, and a quality of his is awesome! Has Vizio television, and a built in the speakers suck! Like The speaker of Bluetooth, distributes his add for musician of backdrop when a television is was also. Yes, it is not the 'bangin'' system the launch parties to bellow house, or is the full 'the theatre of house surrounds' system, but is a awesome update in some speakers of normal television. The voices are much more clears with a Bose west in some normal speakers also. If you are looking for the update of big quality for your room of television, takes this! It IS compact, easy to pose up, the utmost sounds, and the value adds for west of big quality.
5 / 5 Natividad
I am having the very hard time that writes this description so that a Bose the bar of his perfect east for the that is to say, but is not sure that the bar of his east that has wanted to to buy. A sound is very crisp and need - the sonata of piano, for example, the flawless sounds - habladuras (especially with road of the dialogue selected) is very clear and easy to listen in. A full volume (but any overpower) the big room. A problem is that it expect for at least the version of small stairs of experience of theatre of the house, and that is to say to good sure very concealed - and doubts that any bar of his east. There is not even the background tone-thumping sub-low. Posed-up was sper-easy - so much a optic cape in my television and Bluetooth in my iPhone. A pair another negative minor is that a optic the cape is relatively down and can require buy the long plus a to take flexibility in planting a bar, and that there is not beginning very available to attach-in the subwoofer has wanted to concealed. I have chosen this product because of a respected Bose name, and so that I have possessed very wonderful Bose products some years. A challenge to choose the bar of his east done much more last for an enormous number of description of fake of 5 stars of bars of his - especially Chinese products. Before buying this Bose has bought the $ 90 Chinese unit with a lot of 5-the star revises that it was only junk (and is returned he).
5 / 5 Ashlyn
A bit odd in not seeing your level of volume (any exposure), but a quality of his fantastic east. It is trace in my television, which are trace in a wall - the all look very good and clean. Bluetooth The connectivity is order - can match the in my tlphonique to touch musician or podcasts and simply change it behind on in a television.
3 / 5 Dawne
It IS small and appeal, easy to pose up, and pair well with my Comcast far (attentive for a button of dialogue that need to press every time in a Bose far). But I have expected so much more than the Bose in of the terms of quality of sound. The clarity of dialogue is improved, but a the global sound is flat compared in some speakers of television in his own. Anteriorly Has matched mine Bose Mini putting of Nexus of the Sound with a television and blow this soundbar has entered each category. Control to see can return so that it is not defective - is only any value a money.
1 / 5 Miyoko
A low audio priced to compose of big final audiophile provider!!
Setup :- The connector of optic the cape is push in and the coverage has broken that inner carried rests. Owe minutes to connect because of creation of poor hinge that the fault likewise depends point of the corner.
Universal controller setup the nightmare. For source of the cape entered of necessity of multiple codes repeatedly. Even codifies Of the manual states can require the be has entered 30 times repeatedly!!. Still the can not take Samsung television to be able up/was or Samsung blue-ray to do. The basic material has represented tortuous.
Quality of sound :- so rid, supremely tinny sound in jarring extremeties. Pathetic Response of frequency of big final. If it can achieve he, to the bet would see cut of severe wave in still 15K hertz. Upper midrange around 4kHz the sounds augmented - borderline listening tiredness.
Has run my repertory of musician - Last CD of Bonos, Coltrane, Lluna Dark Side, BBKing, Delighted Shankar, Nina Simone and Aretha. All has sounded plan - used to listen in my Klipsch Horns like the bit to demand. But a sound is ugly in time.
The controller has button of only bass - very triple!!. Reducing the down does not have any audible effect. Increaing The basses assemblen simply mitigates triplica - not augmenting sub 250Hz frequencies. Beaten Of drum of southerly indium - miridangam to be concrete where jackfruit has done the drums are beaten with the toes and the part of my culture has sounded muffled and the vibrant clarity has been missing of.
Cynical In bad me Bose sourced the Chinese has designed/done/the component totalled and fixed his focus in him for penetration of piece of the EUA wider. But I am sure Bose management with his founder of indium ethos has ethics.
Conclusion :- These sounds of the compose likes him the sake how mine Bose is/fm radius, alarm , system of exposure of the clock and priced so much.
Defintely Any one audio of big final. Still among his equivalenly priced peers, disappoints in alll appearances of sound. Mina Samsung soundbar is infinitely upper.

Top Customer Reviews: AmazonBasics 3.5mm ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
5 / 5 Hye
I have wanted hook in my new television in my Bose Wave radio to use likes him the soundbar. A Bose is quite old that used it still an old plus RCA jacks of entrance, using this cape to connect he in my headphone was jack of audio in a television in my radio fact like the charm. It opens Duke to look television with glorious Bose stereo sound.
5 / 5 Kimberlie
It was blown totally has been for a quality of this cape, and has purchased a RCA cape of mark of a Walmart of the venue done 2 month and begin the click and that bursts any time has touched a cape and any left wing listen flat, at the end prender to do totally. And it was cautious because of a 'AmazonBasics' but comparing he in a mark of cape of the Monster and has for my television sound in pair equally, the connectors are undertaken , a fittings is polished and metal of big quality, the cape is fat and looks very robust still flexible. To good sure purchase he again, hopefully in the distant future!
1 / 5 Garland
Hooked This up in of the marks the month. A first time has used was adds. A second time used it 9 July 2018, a left canal has not done. Wiggled The, disconnected the and has cleaned the. Reconnected The Even so doing bad. I disconnected to again and has substituted the w/ my old one more had connected anterior in a basics. Work. Ordered a basics so that I have wanted the cape the long plus in black. It orders another mark in a future.
5 / 5 Mervin
I have bought this to connect the 3 point of gene in my system of audio. The visual quality is well and the sound is excellent. Tip for any one that does a same thing: sure when being to turn a volume to signal up all a road or your amplfier the hard time that achieves an acceptable volume. I have supposed a volume of point-was was in the fixed level---the volume -ut is joined in some parameters in a unit of point. Good cape for the permanent installation.
5 / 5 Ria
I have required basically one to the jack so many can listen in a Ipod, telephone, etc in my system my old plus that has any one to the. Has the tonne of now basically useless RCA jacks so that it buys this to take a place of one to the cape.

Took it Literally more time to move a system that to limit this in. In second plugged in a ipod and the musician there has been these touches in my gameroom.

For 10 dollars was able to take my old system in a new millenium and listen in musician when want to.

Was the good inversion that does not go to be used all a time but is ready when the precise. A quality of his east only well. I can not say a difference of of the one of the east and my player of CD older. This will do well to update an old system.
5 / 5 Lavada
Has an old plus Bose Ona, as it is not the tooth of compatible blue. It was able to use some connectors, and covers in my jack of mobile phone (still have an iPhone 6 Plus). Some speakers the still sound add when touching my musician has downloaded. Any insurance that will do when it has to update my telephone, but for now is very pleased with purchase of mine.
5 / 5 Melody
That is to say the big-quality RCA cape of adapter. One of some better things quite is that it is designed to limit in the jack of tlphonique without that has to take a case. Highly recommend it this product in any one and would buy it again has required another.
5 / 5 Iris
Fact perfectly with my Point of Echo and A/V receiver.
4 / 5 Erlinda
I use this cape to connect my beginning of computer in my Pioneer of vintage amp. These would have been five stars but a an I taken has some canals of rights and left wing behind. Any one in a factory has to has posed some signals by heart in erroneously. No the problem really, only race some controls of balance by a part in another when tea the hook arrives the and the change is of tower. Otherwise The heavy big quality protects and isolation, a plastic welds is solid and some connectors are hefty and tight. A big improvement in quality of the sound in a lean cape has had.
5 / 5 Karma
It IS mere quality , sum , & the work instantly has used the to limit in a CD/of the radio/player record RCA course in Bose soundbar this has the 3.5 jack & these works of cape fantastically. It opens The mamma can touch each his laws & it listens with Bose his phenomenal thanks to this cape.
4 / 5 Roseann
It is simple quality , sum , & the works instantly❗️ have used covers he in a record/CD/radio player RCA splits the Bose soundbar this has the 3.5 jack & these works of boss fantastically. Now the mamma can touch all his records & it listens with Bose his phenomenal thanks to this boss.
4 / 5 Ivy
Liked this boss of adapter the plot because it feels the better plot that a one has had before Phillips. An Amazon Basics feels slightly has to that heavier and can withstand some attractive and tugs partorisca Ail partorisca be doing to a boss. I have bought he partorisca a reason that my vehicle there is not coming with one to the port, so only the RCA port (2008 Infinites G35S) and that that that can connect his my port of audio in my telephone. An only thing that disturbs roughly is that because of my chance of new telephone am spent unable he in, well unless sack of a chance; a sturdy the chance no accident for one covers among, could has to that consider investing in another boss.
5 / 5 Mardell
An adapter arrived with a legislation Chanel no-operational.

Any value a question to return it so that it choose an on locally.

Dissapointing Quality with the name of the amazon on that.
5 / 5 Vernell
When My tentativa to use the Bluetooth connection among my projector of video and my stereo the receiver was unsuccessful, has looked for another solution and found this boss. A distance among my projector and a receiver that can our speakers have required the 25 foot boss along, but has been concerned that a quality of sound would be diminished travelling such the distance.

Am pleased to inform that a sound has not been diminished and is both glorious and noise-free. My Epson projector 3.5 mm audio jack the mates with one covers in this boss in an arrival while a two male RCA spent in another end of these discharges of boss directly to an audio to match jacks in mine Yamaha surround-touch stereo auricular.

My woman and I now can enjoy audio of excellent wide spectre that touch as it is coming from our screen of projection.
5 / 5 Nova
Has required the way covers it my PC to an old AV auricular that still fact, but was seeds-has takes . Reason not piping my tunes by means of him and some 10-thumb loudspeakers, has thought I. Reason not having the watts of hundred of the pair of the his in place of the simple 20? For this this boss is coming to game. You take good connectors in each final. An announced 25 feet of boss among them. The electrons flow freely, nay, included joyfully! The surfaces of music! My laws of the heroism of pixel is given volume, depth, and row! I health this valiant boss, partorisca is trace to an occasion! Gilipollas: Flavours the bit like the new radial wheel. Waste for touch fetch. It is emotionally far. But hey, can not have all -- but can have this fine boss!
4 / 5 Elyse
This to good sure the yard on some economic bosses that typically come with components of the audio and a prize is unbeatable. Some connectors are solidly built, it able look to resist oxidation and look able of years of question free service. It was impressed like this that has decided to substitute all some other bosses in my system with a same boss in a 8 period of feet and in a RCA-to-RCA phono jack formed also.
5 / 5 Iesha
Has bought this to hook on my PC to the system of audio of the component. I have it quell'has used long quell'USB of big final DAC but is not sustained by Windows 10 to the equal that have opted for plan B, that runs this jack for the leave was to stereo. The quality of sounds is roughly like this as well as it can expect given a DAC in a onboard paper of his of the PC; no like this well so that it uses a start of USB to the skilled DAC but does not go to buy the new DAC now this in spite of a lot has to that do.

Looks quite very done, the a lot of up in quality of the build of something would take in Walmart but no like this well like something would take of Speltz, Audiolab, Zen, Audioquest, etc. Still for this application any any a lot of difference.

A good value and he will do a work.
5 / 5 Jose
Has bought this to connect my Point to Echo to mine Klipsch soundbar and while the sound adds, a RCA the connectors are not flexible and cause a backside of a soundbar to create on been due to what time is.

A lot sure reason RCA need of connectors to be this longitude or unbendable, but am sure can MacGyver the solution or trade them in.
4 / 5 Odelia
Two do Two this connector a lot of value a compraventa.

Estimativas - AmazonBasics Produced , of course, tends to beat some prizes besides competing produced. But different a lot a Value adds or the club of Sam experiences that very had with the retailers that come from his hand in manufacturing, he no detract of a quality, which directs to the mine second point...

Material - To the-In the connectors often can be finicky, and has swim more annoying that trying yank an out of an electronic device that wish a lot to yield. Especially like this when a product has the plastic frame (p. p.ej., TV, Bose touches system). There it is not sticking with this cord, and a coating in some places of adapter the easy fact to grip and smoothly disconnect.

My principle is to think to your cords when you buy him so that it calms not having never a headache to think roughly the while calm uses them. AmazonBasics That an easy principle to live stops.
5 / 5 Ellyn
Has left side of a no exited boss any current. Tried with the multiple devices and a question is to good sure a boss.
5 / 5 Mackenzie
Once to the time, two houses in sound of war there is battled bitter contention. A prime minister, a tribe, the nomadic race of transitory musics there is poured in sharing songs with any those who would listen him; free and uncaring. A second, a RCA tribe, the one who has thinks that that the music has been meant so only partorisca the royalty and one daunt of his chambers. Some two tribes fulfilled and at the beginning, look to the equal that could any never has spent. Then, it is coming some fray of a Basics monasteries, of an earth of Amazon. This fray have think that that some two worlds would owe that be joined, and one has known so only a way. His masterfully crafted the able boss of such the feat, and do like this, has finalised an age-long contention, and spending peace to some realms.

Remarce: Yup. I have required the way to hook on mine 5 old year Philips sweeps of the his to my PC to the equal that has bought this.
5 / 5 Timmy
Both bosses lose connection in both ends in bases regulate like this fulfilling my self losing the varied canals time weekly. I will not buy of the bosses another terrible time!
5 / 5 Mitzie
Ossia The basic boss like any one another as it covers him in to any port like him to him those in a Iphone, Android or another device and laws partorisca leave a sound to 2 canals. This fact partorisca some 1.os time used that and has been stored with my crew of audio. Some second times have been partorisca use it one of some canals no . With which troubleshooting my crew and the device there is @@give is a boss . Poor craftsmanship. No the value that shabby.
5 / 5 Darcie
Receives interference of any electrical source. Terrible. It averts.
5 / 5 Cornell
I fixed on the desktop computer partorisca substitute an old laptop that is to be connect to the soundboard and projector. One to RCA boss of adapter that is to be use partorisca a laptop has been bent in one covers like this have required the boss of substitution.

This a floated to a cup of has the revised bosses have to that way that be partorisca he. Like this far it is doing well and has situated this desk more afterwards to a soundboard so that it does not have any tension in an end. Like this ossia the desk is plugged to are unlikely will move it around and the curve to some discharges likes has done with of another this is to be connect to an old laptop.
4 / 5 Stefany
The product has not done he so that it was returned without any hassle
5 / 5 Zenaida
This boss is that I use partorisca connect my bluetooth auricular to Roland KC500 amps in my room of music so that I can wirelessly connect my iPhone and iPad to a amps. Love it!
4 / 5 Ardell
Has required the simple way to connect my chromecast audio my stereo for boss. Of a chromecast auxiliary of only uses, has opted was partorisca a rca adapter partorisca the boss. The amazon has bosses of the good quality partorisca the prize adds. Everything touches adds that it spends for a chromecast. I do not use it all a time, but when I love music of game in stereo so only that uses my voice, the work adds.
4 / 5 Kai
Laws when I took it and a day after a window of turn has closed some lateralmente sinister leaves partorisca do
5 / 5 Martha
has Required something 20 ft + to the hook surrounds it tuner of the his until the PC and has imagined this would be less convoluted that taking stirs it of adapters and extenders has involved. This boss has done adds. It is now a lot of plated and I especially like some seeds-closing mechanism in a RCA side. So only it give it that no-tent of dollar-ish feels. Today everything is by train of gone digital, but yes calm finds you in a need partorisca the jack to RCA boss, highly recommends this boss.
4 / 5 Glennie
This boss is exactly that have required and resupplies awesome quality of sounds. An insulator in some bosses is the class of hule flexible that was like this easy to pull by means of a wall. A fact that was able to order he in the twenty five feet the period has resupplied wide capacity partorisca achieve my unit of boss. If you are looking for the product partorisca connect your television to the yours surround his and does not have audio out of the the jacks but has the headphone jack this product is perfect.
4 / 5 Cecilia
Has the pair of speakers has tried hook until my TV for basses and his best. Has an old TV to the equal that can any one except some of some options of better audio in Walmart. As I have turned where I always - the Amazon. There, I have found this. 25 feet was more than has required, but all some other options were less than. I have required. (When they Are these economic, this in spite of, the one who really cure). I plugged these bad boys arrive and my speakers have done. They are happy that the amazon has not sacrificed quality to do this economic plus.
5 / 5 Chau
Has dipped on my new projector outside with enormous 120 screen of thumb likes some girls could have nights of films of the summer. The only question has been he has loved a sound to come from a screen and no of a projector. To remedy this, has taken the soundbar to situate under a screen and has purchased THIS a lot of abordable durable stereo boss to connect a soundbar to a projector and this have done a trick. It was to spare long. A quality of sound was perfect. To good sure recommend. I want to AmazonBasic has produced.
5 / 5 Jetta
This tapered creation of RCA the ends no with everything. It can do with female sockets that clave out of a poster, but my turntable has sockets flush with poster, and while rule RCA the bosses are returned well, this tapered creation simply any one is returned. It gives 3 stars been due to prizes and qualities.
4 / 5 Terese
Has bought this 25 boss of feet to listen to player of cassette and movement in a room.
A male esd' and 'white' any hook until television a lot very
purchase the 2 female to male (3.5) and the use to hook until television he a work.
Which is the fact so that the sound comes by means of both accident and right earphones.
A sound, that adds a woman (2) to male (3.5) is better.
He (this 25 boss of feet) the starts buy an adapter.
5 / 5 Edris
In the normal RCA connector viril, some the external contacts are flat metal , so that they can return in a RCA female connector although it is inner place of the house of device. In this particular product, some the external contacts are not of the flat discharges, is the piece of fat metal that tapers was measures it of a house of discharges. This means that these connectors so only can be used in protruding RCA connectors, and no inset some. Some connectors were done undoubtedly in this way like this looked sleeker and more modern that the oldest bosses, and his , but the lustrous boss that the can not connect to the mine record player is the useless boss .
4 / 5 Velma
Not going the lie, has has had expectations quite down thus produced to the equal that was amazon generic product. But have a lot of be pleasantly has surprised. A boss is very flexible with the durable looking coating in the and all some connections are plated in any gold colored metal and mark for conclusive connections. A jack is smaller in diameter that very other bosses like this turn by means of the chance of my Mobile phone covers it to a headphone port snugly.
5 / 5 Portia
So that the cord there is prendido to do the week to use it :( súper disturbed bc has wanted it at the beginning. Included revised That and gave it 5 starts. I am expecting there is the way can substitute it w the new a?
4 / 5 Refugia
Has bought this for the party there is every year of mine Bluetooth has maintained disconnecting has loved the hard connection. A sound was horrible. Static A whole time, and the sound was far was. I have thought perhaps it was my port in mine ipad or telephone like this tried other devices And has verified some bosses of speaker to be sure is not this adapter. You are. I have finalised that it has to that I use Bluetooth and so only the connect during an evening.
5 / 5 Ozella
Buys this for a DJ in our pair to touch music of music of apple to dine. This law adds!! Clicked Buys it maintaining has taken 2 and chargered for 2. Included spent with another compraventa of product. Returned both in a container already knows bc the easiest sounds is not or does not take your money behind. The majority of uneventful $ 6 I has not spent never. The positive note has taken my money behind for another element.

Top Customer Reviews: ECHOGEAR Outlet ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Asha
The cost verified has run by means of this artilugio totally for incident, any included know such the thing existed until last night. When being a definite artilugio the doubt in 10 seconds has had already 10 ways in importing that can use it. I have situated my mandate partorisca my prime minister an immediately; something say has not been my last a.

To the equal that read a page of product there is of then in fact has the pair of another resemblance outlet shelves, functionally looked and has included to sell paralizacin less but any looks like this fresh. And any looks in fact could sustain a measure and weight of the speaker of Sleeps. And some another look would do accesses to a outlet more difficult and leave a messy the cord that hangs in a flange. And partorisca be sincere a vendor hilarious the description of ad is one of one has read more recently and know that says roughly buying of to the people like.

My first idea was FINALLY I could find the place partorisca take my electrical toothbrush of a counter of bath and wrap a cord in such the way that could so only covers he in when I need to be touched but when it is unplugged a cord any among my way. This would do with any rechargeable thingie like the shaver (so that still shave) or he rechargeable beard trimmer, so that they do not dread a beard.

There has no the plot to a artilugio, so only choose of any one levels duplex outlet the dish or one Decorates-write outlet flat (both comprised to COMPRISE rays so that any volume , well know) and attach to an already in existent wall (walls NO COMPRISED). Fact. Oh And those have comprised outlet flat? Thin patterned plastic? Nope, Is SOLID fat enameled steel! An integer artilugio is heftier that would expect to look in some pictures, on 10 ounces, and looks really very done, likes something your grandchildren go to find in yours want to.

Although Echogear is established already like the vendor of some quite well the television mountains of wall was this artilugio is the new mark of them like this of the pair in fact weeks and is in decline for suggestions of opinionated to to the people like to of them like this here goes:

1. Precise black of fresh colours, now well, teal, rose (for the baths of these 50), purple partorisca Barney room, etc.

2. It was well to have some class of clip of tiny cord to resist a unused cord to a underside of a shelf when it is not plugged in (any well to leave an electrical toothbrush plugged in 24/7 or mine $ 1k iPhone neither).

When being a better better mousetrap have seen like this far in 2017 has to that give this thing my better indication.
5 / 5 Tanna
The cost verified has been confused. Because of a picture and a description that says has the canal of boss, has think that a the excess cord could be business in a fat part of a stand, under my device. It was my failure for any that pays more the attention or that asks the question. Unfortunately, you have to something with a cord, as I have had to that wind he on low my device: any one the majority of elegant solution. ( It sees picture.) Oh Well, A rest of a product is described like this: the strong stand that sustains like this classes of levels outlets. The desire had comprised the short cord to substitute a one my device is coming with, resembled other products have sold on Amazon like a CloverTale manacles outlet the highland title of the wall. ( />
With which posting my description, has taken notes it really well of a vendor that excuses and offering to help paid for the cord of short power. Ossia Service of client to notch upper ! Highly you recommend this vendor.
4 / 5 Bryce
The cost has checked Loves an idea of of the this, and is sturdy. But so only roughly all want to dipped in a shelf has one of these bulky boxes around a prongs and blockades like this outlets.un fund of a shelf and a protruding the sides are annoying and discharges of mark he in some things. You are only plugging in to cover them regulate, slowly to use so only one of a two outlets.
5 / 5 Reba
The cost verified has run by means of this on incident. I have bought 3 like this far. A the use partorisca my echo in my master bath and then another two use it to them partorisca some sleeps game 1. I have moved in fact two sleeps touches 5 is out of my living room because it has liked him to them a location could dip them this game 1 is instead like the result of a shelf.

I also looked for "boss partorisca be able to game of sleeps 1 black 8 thumb" in the amazon and you can take the cord of power of the substitution so that has no slack aiming while it seats in a shelf. My only complaint is that probably I need to buy a plus but is out of stock. ugh
5 / 5 Edwardo
The cost has verified This was exactly that temporarily rings! I have been spent around partorisca the table of console or some type of mobiles partorisca launch against a wall that could do like the decorative piece, while also doing mainly partorisca leave my House of Google the perch to somewhere. Well, this process has taken more along that has expected, something has required partorisca be fact.

Enters a ECHOGEAR Outlet Shelf.

Has opted partorisca this outlet shelf partorisca two reasons: 1) prices, and 2) creation.

A creation looked more sturdy that to the to another likes. While a creation looked partorisca promise the way to hide a cord 'partorisca the lustrous look,' resulted ANY partorisca be a chance. This in spite of, have appreciated to some to small touches likes him comprise the substitution outlet poster, done of thickness gauge steel. It adds to a sturdy character of a piece. A hole of drive small partorisca a boss was a lot also, he doing easy to snake a cord of USB by means of.

A pair of transmissions would comprise partorisca leave the inferior poster or an upper poster partorisca be take so as to snake the boss.

Another that that, adds little produced that solves the question partorisca those with spatial constraints that the works add partorisca this new voice-has has actuated devices!
4 / 5 Pansy
The cost verified has bought a Echogear Outlet Shelf together with a IdeaWorks Wall Outlet Organiser partorisca see that it was better.

So much the products are done of plsticoes but a Echogear has the most first feels. It does not have the acute flanges and is stronger that a IdeaWorks flimsier construction. With a Echogear Shelf, some crazy the soft white colour is easy in some eyes and has minimum crevices partorisca clean. It comes with the dish of wall of the metal and necessary rays. Any one has drawn these products has thought out of some details and I applaud. Partorisca The shelf of plastic wall, is a bit good to look in. The desire could have it has maintained.

Unfortunately, has had to that return a Echogear Shelf reason one covers upper on in my wall is in fact the light transmission and is that annoying sliding my low hand a shelf to access a transmission. When The device is in an upper shelf that the touches is even more that annoying accessing a light transmission reason an electrical cord that touches my device among a way.

Echogear Could do another product resembled this would suggest to do a reversible shelf so that a shelf can seat on a wall outlet (how is now) or, when turned to the rovescio, low chairs a wall outlet. If a conference of shelf under a wall outlet was easier that use a light transmission and some the electrical cords would not go in a way.

A to to another characteristic would like to see in a Echogear the shelf is something that could wrap excess cords around in the abonos, tight way , has ordered. How it is now, the chairs of excess cord on or under a shelf in the dangled disorder. A IdeaWorks Outlet the organiser has the zone of management of the cord under a shelf and is useful. A creation of a IdeaWorks Organiser, this in spite of, leaves the plot to be wished. It is thin, acute, and cheaply does this in spite of, for now, a IdeaWorks the better organiser that a Echogear Shelf for my needs. Still, I am impressed with a Echogear. If I need the little extra space to touch your devices, and period of the cord is not a subject, a Echogear is recommended.
4 / 5 Jina
The cost has verified This is surprising, really likes to of me , has read some Subjects with a boss and I have found the good way of the place he like this look well, control a picture the estaca
4 / 5 Xochitl
The cost checked has Tried the pair of another economic plus some but they were bit it too big and flossing access to a space. So as I have not wanted to pay this a lot for second looks what simple, has not had any election. Arrived today - was pleasantly has surprised. The shelf is very done and surdy. Also it avenges with his own outlet spent that it is metal and returns perfectly to a shelf, which has done an easy and professional installation of looks. Very happy!
5 / 5 Forest
The cost has verified This shelf is a perfect solution partorisca so many things, of a Bluetooth speaker in our bath to a diffuser of oil in a living room. The only desire was more afterwards to $ 10 as I can buy more!

A shelf is the breeze partorisca install , although they use directly-fulmine of boss ( is 2017, reason is not all using Phillips fulmine?) To the equal that can be the bit of the ache partorisca take a dish of metal fastened to a wall. But I took perhaps three minutes partorisca install. A shelf comes with the dish partorisca accommodate both rectangular receptacles, and some separate oval outlet receptacles of type. Some rays have comprised with a shelf is also bit it more with a longitude partorisca ensure is returned.

Has taken so only some stars of only reasons there have it really any management of boss averts of a small passthrough canal in a backside of a shelf. It was very partorisca have a zone where you pode material extra boss or included it clip of some class.

Averts of this only shortcoming, these shelves are of sound! They are sturdy, well of look, and is in fact bit it big that a picture would direct you partorisca believe. A must-active anywhere the small device of any class is permanently plugged in, but does not justify to big shelf, bulky.
4 / 5 Stepanie
The cost has verified Ossia the solution adds . I recommended it to several people and everything am pleased. I use it partorisca locate the SLEEPS touches one and is adds. The stable of abundance and looks adds.
Of the smallest SLEEPS the cord is a lot long and still although a 'canal' in a Echogear are add, there is the plot of extra boss partorisca stick to the some place. Marcos the clean installation the little messy. I have suggested to a company that could do a shelf the little deeper that leave for storage of cord, or the included sell the short cord with some SLEEPS especially shaped discharges partorisca perhaps $ 3 or something.
My daughter has wrapped an extra cord around a base, which works, but looks the little messy.

Ossia The solution adds and list and go to buy more they.

Top Customer Reviews: HDMI Switch 4K HDMI ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Devin
Work well, but that he no said is not that I need the supply to be able to look in him. I guess it it was necessary imagined it since does not require stacks or anything.

Is doing The 2-in-1 setup, likes two systems of game in a HDMI, no unless port 1 has can constant. Has my XBox360 in port 1 and PS4 in port 2, a PS4 no unless a Xbox is on.

Posed it instead up with my box of the cape in of the scrollings 1 and PS4 in port 2, of a box of the cape always has pot. The smallest inconvenience, but in general is well.
5 / 5 Serena
Has the small television, older in my chamber with only a HDMI port in an uncomfortable angle. I have been tired to change out of my Chromecast and PS3 HDMI cape as I have decided to give that this shot it. He exactly cual required the to do: it attaches a HDMI scrollings and leave me in easily of change among some two devices. When being more robust and substantial this has expected he in also.

Cuesta to remark any come with any capes so if it does not have the one of leftovers HDMI the cape that poses around to connect he in your television, will require to choose or up. It take the small 1ft an and was a perfect period . I order used also undress to locate a device in a backside of my television for the cleanest look.
1 / 5 Asia
These products would not have to have 'HDMI Splitter' in a title. It IS the change , but a description involves that it can both change and leave the signal.
5 / 5 Dorethea
I have purchased this splitter for use with my television and the console of Playstation of Vita television and Nintendo Wii Or console. I have run out of ports, like the splitter has looked for to be a perfect solution, very better that unplugging to every time required devices to change. These products is mere to use: it covers some two sources in a side and a location to start with in another, and is done! Also it can having the habit of party a device in two locations, likes him objective the video game or television show in two different monitors. There is the press of small button in a centre of a splitter to change among some selections to start with. A quality of video was well in a same exposure although it is crossing a splitter.

In general, highly recommends this product in any these races out of HDMI ports in his television. Has not founding any defects with a product. 5/5 stars.

Has found this useful description, please sample some amour to click one 'He same' low button. If no, he clicked Any one. Very I help me to know which of my calm descriptions write you and to French likes them and of aversion! He thank you stops to read!
5 / 5 Precious
This aluminium brushed little splitter is surprising for several reasons.

In the first place was, wants to use he cual the small extends work only well and does not require to beat it external. Please notes that has attached it only other three feet of HDMI cape on some 12 feet of the cape has run already.

Segundo, is incredibly easy to pose up and use. I have tried he with a SNES Mini and my Dreamcast VGA -&62; HDMI adapter. A bit of the button on change of leaves among the sources and some see has DIRECTED to aim you which are selected. Sper Mere and sper fast.

Opens, a manual of the calm instruction in fact say you to limit a cape of entrance in 5 metres (plus or 16 feet less) and a beginning in other 5 metres. HDMI Can go quite 50 feet usually and a reason for this difference is of this device does not take to beat it external, any HDMI the signals that crosses it, ESPECIALLY yes is by train of the leave, will take feebler. I seat that prende more people this would not have to be the problem but plan on in common devices of the different rooms in fact can run in of the subjects of the integrity of the signal uses this. It excepts more folks does not have to race in any problems.

In general I really like this little device and he adapt my necessities quite (requiring gone in of change).

I the small test to leave that it begins and he the wonderful work, although any one really has the necessity for this function is good to learn that it is truly the bi-directional change.

The photos have attached to aim that there it is not blurring or the quality of the stray image likes raisin through a device!
5 / 5 Danika
My television chairs flush in a wall and has only 1 HDMI connection in a side of a television. A rest is in a backside of a television and once was installed in a wall, there is not achieving these 2 another HDMI connections. This device has resolved my problem. I have had to to change out of a HDMI cape for a player of DVD and box of the cape and a connection have begun to spend was. Thank you To do this product! Well fact and works like the charm.
5 / 5 Marg
Surprising - has conformed exactly that has wanted with this device. There is the Change of Nintendo plugged in a my my HDMI ports and when has wanted to XBOX, has had to to change a cape among consoles. This was the real ache in a unit Opens to have both consoles plugged in and easily can change among them. I actuate There It go It only this for the day, but can confirm that these works of device, and well. Quality of the picture and the sound are fatalities on. It was compraventa in Compraventa Better the little the mark of days and has not had anything like this at all. His HDMI the side to change required and can external $ 50. This does not require side and can external $ 10. That is to say the real no-brainer.
5 / 5 Rufina
These laws add only. I am by train to use it to combine the powered Roku clave with HDMI beginning and my security DVR beginning in a monitor of television. Only he he adds. It IS apparently powered for a HDMI and some changes of button only among some two entrances. It is built-a lot, does not listen cheap.
5 / 5 Rosanna
First impression is the metal to have to weighed AB change. It Likes him and it looks of good quality . I purchased it to use with our SNES and NES classical consoles. My boys was capes to change to do or or one another work. I have known in some point would destroy some cords and/or some consoles. This was an economic fixed. The mine only hangs was a heavy duty hdmi capes to exit a front and behind. Some cords were everywhere and a change is to ignite and would not remain gesture. It can not plant a change without some cords that movement a change around in a centre of entertainment. I have finished looping some cords together with bonds of zip and attaching them among some consoles in a AB change. Some loops are behind some consoles and a AB the change is in a half. The left light means the left console and the ways of right of light right console. My boys the flight and his mere same for mine 4 old year. A change is now motionless and functions without subject.
5 / 5 Lucia
I am going in this of a box of of the this of cape that uses he 1ft HDMI cape, he 3ft HDMI cape of this adapter in a television, he 10ft HDMI cape of an adapter in the 4cam powered HDMI splitter, and when finalising a 4cam in three another television is in a house those uses 3 50ft HDMI capes. Each what 1080p and some looks of picture adds! It take some time but happy I he. If it is the calm low race not even could require the booster. To the good sure estimates try it compared in those other marks are touching!

Top Customer Reviews: J-Tech Digital ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Shawn
Period: 1080P60HZ 660ft has built the house in 2009, and boss, is supposition partorisca be state of art.. And I have had 'Handshake' sporadic subject with my Audio/of television partorisca almost 6 years, I never pre-wire the house again. He roughly done 3 years have transmission to wireless HDMI, and has given up in a cabling.. But it has required one wireless as it can still use of the mark of some speakers has in a ceiling, which require a AV Box in the be in the cupboard in an opposite side of a house.. I am using a together to write rule-on available of the to to places like More Buy for $ 150/$ 200, and has lived with of a fact that every time turn a system on, has to king-dipped some boxes like the minimum, and then because of sporadic loss of picture, and sometimes his, would require to Power each thing down, and then turn each component on in a right order, like the maximum; DirectTV, AV Box, Transmissive Wireless, Wireless receiver, and then a TV.. On some 6 years have bought new HDMI Bosses, and New AV Box.. But at all fixed my subjects entirely.. On done the month there is annulled DirectTV, reason have been tired to pay in $ 100 for month and changed to boss.. And my questions of Handshake have augmented.. Anything has tried would fix a subject for the few hours, and then booms.. Green screen, am spent 1,000 is of $ $ and pode any only turn a television on in my house and look it.. Absolutely angering.. It enters J-the Digital technology.. The some research and decided to try this upper product like the last endeavour of solves before just giving in and writing of a fact that my house is wire fence .. And that sticks a television and Boxes altoegther in the corner, and buying new speakers.. It was skeptical.. But you know that he so only works.. No appearances that.. Turned a television on, and there is the picture, transmission of television of Apple to boss, and there is the picture, and has surround his, and he so only works.. I can not rent this product enough, has admitted am not transmitting 650 ft but am spending for multiple wall, and is perfect!! Thank you J-The Digital technology!!
5 / 5 Latarsha
Period: 1080P60HZ 660ft Some two units are separated for a door and enmedio sized hallway value of distance. I used him partorisca roughly 40 minutes and this was my experience.

1. It GOES partorisca send randomly can exit of control. You send an order and he then begins partorisca fly endless bogus commanded.
2. ALLER blaster Continuous the solid explosion, which jams each another GOES device in a room.
3. The image can be randomly pixelated? It does not know . When I ran It a first time, all was horribly pixelated.
4. Constant freezings. Freezing partorisca 5-9 second and then continue, skipping a freezing of part. I a lot annoying.
5. Entirely it can lose connection randomly? You look, then a thing suddenly the freezing and say to connect.

Seeds-Well, but is any substitution partorisca the agreement. I am not exactly happy with him, and partorisca 300 I expected partorisca something concealed has done better : /.

has changed out of a HDMI agreement that was apparently overheating and are now so only having questions with a sending GONE. I spam a key and he will not take sent on. A sending GONE is by train partorisca do me crazy and probably so only buy the device partorisca substitute this an east GONE MATERIAL &62;.&62;.'

So only am using this partorisca go 30 feet by means of a door.
5 / 5 Julian
Period: 1080P60HZ 660ft are trace the TV in an external wall of my house as we could look TV of a coverage or a SwimSpa, but _has hated_ having a boss run by means of a house, out of a rear door, and on a wall to a television as I have decided to give that this device shot it.

Am using a boss feeds in the chamber of guest that is roughly 40 feet of a unit partorisca receive. A house has been built in 1940 to the equal that has metallic point w wall of plaster and the looks of recent renewal partorisca have layered drywall on that. WiFi And the cellular coverage inside my house is abysmal how is so only a Faraday Gabbia giant.

Has been wanted to when a transmitter and auricular synced up without the accident and a quality of picture is perfect.
5 / 5 Myrtle
Period: 4K30HZ 100ft Zero Latency was the disappointing result . I have bought this model (JTech-WEX-60GA) partorisca be a primary connection wirelessly among the 4 in, 1 out of switcher has linked to a projector less than 100 feet was and fail big time. Connect a time in brief has failed then a rest of an alive show. They are by train of the turn. It is unreliable. Another JTech Digital wireless HDMI (JTECH-WDEX-50M) also is going back the Amazon. Both JTECH wireless HDMI the transmitter/has received has failed. An only one these works (out of 3 wireless HDMI auricular/of transmitter) for a show of 12 jointly alive hours was a Nyrius Aries Pro Wireless HDMI auricular/of transmitter (model NPCS600). See my description in this fantastic product for a Nyrius Aries Pro NPCS600.

Although a specs for a JTech-WEX-60GA was very well on paper, failure to rid in real application. An element key that took to buy this product has been he there has been down latency. I have required latency under reason he beam a video of a camera of the video to a screen has projected big and has not loved a lip sync the subjects have had the delay in a video. It was low latency can the take to do. Line of interior of Even of view, trying it 5 thumbs averts, still can not resist the strong connection.

A total disappointment partorisca J-Instrument of Digital Technology. No longer I will buy J-Instrument of Digital Technology again owed to the this fiasco in an alive show. I have had felizmente a wireless HDMI auricular/of the transmitter has left of Nyrius frames that has done perfectly for a show of 12 hours with these saved a day.
5 / 5 Ivan
Period: 1080P60HZ 660ft has looked for the product like this and read so only in the each on-line description partorisca comparable products, the majority of them significantly less , has been concerned roughly transmitting of the basement to a second walk and has has wanted to something concealed has been described with a maximum distance to the equal that have opted partorisca an expensive plus J-Technology. They are happy has done. Setup Was the breeze and he perfectly! I have added the J-Technology hdmi splitter after a fact so that it do not have to that maintain transmission out of a boss of a box of boss to a TV and a J-Technology. You recommend this product without hesitation
4 / 5 Fabiola
Period: 1080P60HZ 660ft no 664 feet was - the quality of picture is very good but a distance that this will do is overstated partorisca say a less. My house is blockade and have some 2 units inside the 100 feet of the each one another - is to coach to think you can hide these units was this is not a device partorisca you, a picture and the sound disappear unless they are in wide open spatial. Perhaps the straight line of the view without obstruction will do like this announced but is not fooled that will operate the distance adds with walling etc. In a way. There are a lot of more economic options that will produce some same results like this of the exposed devices.
4 / 5 Rosita
Period: 1080P60HZ 660ft Easy to install, has done instantly. I have taken a HDMI out of my Comcast box of boss in a living room, has left he with a HDMI splitter, has connected a HDMI boss my regular TV and another to a transmitter of this unit. Dipped a receiver in an external yard (the a lot of feet was, any line-of-dress anything in a living room) attaches perfectly to a rear poster of the little external TV, and wow, his and utmost picture. Any question any, used it every day now partorisca weeks. A Comcast far uses RF, not GOING, as I seat outside in a yard and TV of clock, with full access to my saved aims more on-ask, thanks to J-Technology (has not required and has not tried a characteristic GONE of transmission of this).
5 / 5 Rufus
Period: 1080P60HZ 100ft has had the 25 feet run of HDMI boss among a tall projector and mine A/V system that looks of the DVR, Blue-ray DVD player and Apple TV. Over time, there is remarked that the random noise has tugged to some the deep blacks in an image have projected, and finally look it in fact weeks a boss has failed entirely. Snaking The new HDMI boss by means of a ceiling to exist and has spent a screen of exposure to one crossing to exist the box was the nightmare has not loved to live by means of. This device has saved a day -- sper easy to install and glorious, noise free exposure.

So that use HDMI transmissions, this in spite of, has the caveat. He no with the sure sources when attached by means of a HDMI transmission. Curiously, my Verizon together-the upper box would not show by means of the transmission to a HDMI transmissive, while some other two devices . This is not to treat it big for me, how is trivial to use a HDMI coupler and simply manually bosses to change yes required (ossia done like this infrequently in my chance). If you are looking for the fully automatic, source-switchable interface, this is not a one for you. But, in another hand, if podes manually bosses of source of the transmission, this device will save you an immense quantity of ache in substituting the boss in the structure has finalised.

Gives this unit 5 stars for action -- beautiful HDMI exposures and trivial to install.
5 / 5 Buddy
Period: 1080P60HZ 660ft Wonderful product, the room of new sun is wireless and this product do fault well. From time to time it has the lip sync subject and one or both precise units the reboot. Which is easy, there is the little key. My two are in of the opposite ends of a house roughly 46' avert, raisin for two rock of wall of discharge and an originally the external wall with metal has faced insulation under a Sheetrock. It does not think these would do well with much more or the distances more are. I think that a claim of distance is attentive was line of view. In general very pleased with a product. Shopping again has required it .
5 / 5 Man
Period: 1080P60HZ 660ft was excited really in this product. It installs easily and a video to the mine projector was fantastic. A question has been he could a lot of sync an audio with a video. Partorisca The week has tried all imaginable partorisca do do. Tried he with a 'lip-sync' function, has used a 'delay of audio' function in m projector. At all I have called the support of client has suggested I cycle partorisca be able to joined the units on and has been partorisca see it this has done. Fact partorisca roughly 20 seconds then was out of sync again. A technology to sustain said me then was necessary only cycle partorisca be able to some units every time this is to spend. Yeah Are by train partorisca send them Behind and moving on partorisca try to find something concealed. There is disappointed really.

Top Customer Reviews: Logitech Harmony ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Misha
Way: Definite A GONE A vast improvement in a Harmony 650 has been using partorisca the few years. Very easy to use and a My software of Harmony has been quite improved the bit in an older version. A software left to copy a configuration of device and activity of some old far to a n ew a. nd A first time. A question with a far eating the batteries has been solved to comprise the rechargeable battery in a far and resupplying the stand to touch like your electrical toothbrush or cordless phone. It is hard to find failure with a creation, but is not like this as well as it can be. For example, some keys of the control of the volume is trace too far down in a control how is difficult to regulate a volume with a delivery without perhaps falling a control. It has used seldom controls, as these takes CD and DVD PLAYER is in a cup of a far where a volume and keys that the canal of transmission would owe that be. In another hand, his cleverly coated a rear side of a far with the no-the surfaces of slip calm so much is much less probably to fall a far. An exposure to touch of the colour is excellent. A price for the refurbished far is so only, but a new price is so only too big compared the leading Logitech remotes. If you are considering an of these remotes, the mark sure studies a difference among some varied models of a Harmony seriis Definite - is not easy to imagine was like differing, but do. Logitech Need to learn like this to differentiate the better products.
5 / 5 Terica
Way: 650 you certify it that? Reason? Sure, he powered on but would not be recognised by a computer/MyHarmony. Of then I have the new mark 650 (which is reason I has has wanted another partorisca the room with just television/BRD player) has tried a boss of him also -- included any-recognition. I guess they are insane, reasons am exchanging this partorisca another partorisca see if perhaps I have won so only a lottery of defect with east a.
Still, something the basic as when the be has recognised has seen the boss would owe that be the part of the certificate refurbished test. Sad.
Fool Join me time, shame on you, fool me two times...

This description is in a SUBSTITUTION has certified refurbished Harmony 650 far.
Has thinks that perhaps a bad one was in a batch of crew the one who Blutek Intl is selling, likes I the king-order of a certificate refurbished Harmony 650 -- and expected partorisca return a prime minister tries until a second an era has shipped officially.

And a substitution fails with some same subjects -- the computer can not find a far.
To be clear, is in fact the computers can not find of the far. Two W7 portable, a W10 portable, a W7 professional desk. All can not connect to some far. Everything there has been a AV and cortafuegos disabled. Tried each port of USB in the each unit. Tried with a boss of the mine new-in-Harmony of container 650 I taken for Navidad (which is that begun me on that it wants to one for another room) without regime.

Sees other people now posting recently is having some same subjects. This says mine that a vendor Blutek Intl neither is adrede a lot refurbishing these and selling poden on, Or vendor Blutek Intl takes him of some bulk the step situates as it is failing the one of fact refurbish these units. Any way, the buyers would not owe that be purchasing these 'Certified Refurbished' Harmony 650 of vendor Blutek Intl reason they any LAW .

Are so only totally sad in this situation and the hope sometime there will be the true certificate refurbished the available unit for those of us the estimativa has has imported people.
4 / 5 Fausto
Way: the elite Was very excited partorisca take this product. Has in a past baught refurbished Logitech remotes had had any subject. This one in another hand has had subject during programming quell'exited after the pair of test. But a very next day no at all. In the first place it say that a battery has required partorisca be touched and partorisca the dipped behind in a cradle. It have been touching partorisca 24 hours. It dip in a cradle and took it immediately behind was and the full load has said. Then any of some keys has done. Dipped the backside in a cradle partorisca the pocolos small and he have done so only well. It has not felt like messing with him afterwards as I sent it behind.
5 / 5 Coreen
Way: there is Anticipated the Sinister start was with my opinion and in the then can direct another reviewers statements and a technological side of things. Hopefully This description helps another does a decision has informed.

Harmony remotes Has been always deeply offers rooted a more rounded approximation while sustaining joined the majority of options. This has said, is not partorisca any with less than the level of half of knowledge of technology and savvy. Any big the one who has the limited comprising of as techie work of elements, any those who poden a lot reformat the hard walk, will struggle with the far harmony.

This far is one 950, has had previously the harmony a. A harmony an east of the old years, and is desk the only software has required manual programming, has had to that gonthru each mandate, uses some original far signals and select of the number limited of the options to the piece have jointed the remote that could it to it control multiple elements like a centre of entertainment. This only fact all the elements are on or was, if a unit was was when I need to be on, has had to that cruised the troubleshooter to rectify some mandates subject so the future has sent of some far would find all he like this has to that be and initiate a together of orders asks later without failure. So that they have comprised that, it was still the enormous improvement on 5 remotes. Those have has required hours to program, the subject that solves and more is for any with half techi knowledge. Each negative critique has read almost always falls behind in a level of character of sympathetic of like this he vs as it thinks it would have to that it reads. The technology is to come jumps and bounds further in some last two decades that the 1000 first years of the , probably out of our history has combined. But it is not to perfect, is created still for humans, and still there is quirks. The people have this expectation pocola realistic of things these days, if he any all love it to, when I love it, as it loves it, then is broken or defective, and ridicules will follow.

Onward To a side of technology of this 950! This type is surprising, especially when compared to a technology has had several years. It does not use a desk software, is drawn for 6+ Year remotes. It marks an on-line account and link it to your desk the software yes has had the leading harmony that the programs wants to take to leg on on. If you are not coming from an older harmony, the fresh start with an application, and avert a desk the programming yes can. Firmware upgrades Does not require a desk version neither. Left the gonthru is motioms without you when being like this impacienta you frenetically the keys of paste to see is closed on, which will cause it to close up. Calm once begin a process to update a firmware, assume it will take all night, wind down and put to bed. Ossia Six impacienta. If podes refrain of key mashing in a moment, shows just TV for an hour while it is what . It is by train of the wirelessly, To the far, not going to have the chip of connection of big speed in him. Arrival finally, and so only then has to that begin your approximation in sync programming, reprogramming or initial programming.

On its own name, has connected to my application and he have uploaded my leading elements and left then to try each segment and there is subject, solve them first to move on. He so that it solve him to him far everything. Once ossia fact , looks for your WiFi for other things can control and will give you the cast of control that finds. It verifies that loves the control and he goes thru a forward setup and phase of test. With which conceal, if anything remains, so only calms then is required to manually things of program. Has the ready house and the harmony hub, like the prey of mine in a WiFi investigation. It controls all can, and give me another facet reason to control my ready house. Like this far have it glitched the little time and when the turn of pause of the paste of my TV, this in spite of a third time spends a remote there is it remarked and ask all the elements were in a state would owe that be in, and then come from to repair a subject and save this to a far for me. Like this far, less than the week in and there is unplugged mine other rests of harmony, does not have any need for him. Another orderly characteristic is one vibrates to press of key, can modify a level, and calm say you to good sure when you have pressed the key. This in spite of like this another characteristic is a sbility to look or down a brightness of some keys, and a column of a far. All orderly calm little look calm never has known have wanted, this will spend your recognition when levelling it big plus.

Afterwards has wanted to add the little something in a harmony hub. You can buy a container of elite of the harmony that has the hub and one 950 but slope much more to buy in this way. Buy the used hub (the mine has bought here) and he remanufacturer far. It finalises with around the two hundred investment of dollar the value folds that new. All some profits, the averages a cost. Spent a hub, leaves a far to convert radio waves to infrared signals, and like this opens on a capacity to control much more. A hub also there is WiFi and Bluetooth connections, which augments qualified to control to the limitless has dipped. Some controls are snappy, and faster that answer, does not have to that be on-line to see to use a far, could turn in my TV of a chamber there is wanted. This calm also give you on-line controls, and turns your telephone to the far loan. Enormous profits for chump transmission.

A combo is some cats meow for control or House ready of ready entertainment. I do not have any remorse, and am very happy to have has done so only one submerges. If you are in a fence, he.
5 / 5 Victor
Way: 650 A far is add, has had this model before. But calm can not it program refurbished unit. When that Come from to the program has taken a 'number of invalid serial' message. I have called Logitech and his no refurbish remotes and does not sustain refurbished unit. Highly it recommends a far, but does not take it refurbished one.
5 / 5 Anh
Way: 650 I has purchased now, and used partorisca several years, three of these programmable remotes. A programming, that uses an on-line application, is simple and has done perfectly. My only complaint is a fitness of a unit. A behind is rounded, probably to better access a hand, but results in a unit that is unstable when rested in the flat surface. Adding the pair of small clave-on bumper of hule to a rear form the contact of three points when it remains and also do a less slippery unit in the hard surface. I trashed a unit for accidentally in the amazing was the table of tray of the television and to the paving of the tile because of a rear surface rounded unstable. So only that adds the pair of molded-in of the swipes in any side of a surface of the obverse in a cup would fix this question without interfering with one 'the hand feels of a unit. Logitech, is listening?
5 / 5 Robbi
Way: 650 Dead persons has arrived. Inserted a battery and an arrow of screen said of use partorisca more than info and does not answer at all. Connected the to two computer and a computer a lot they was to see it. It refurbished? Probably you are defective, returned, and has been situated in a shelf partorisca resale.
5 / 5 Dewitt
Way: 650 I has bought 2 of these like this far. It Likes him the most economic harmony with the screen (this am conscious of), is an action/partorisca price something sweet.

Like this far so only two devices have any subjects with them, but both work with the bit of the curve partorisca learn.

My main complaint is that a setup the software will count devices against your limit of total device (I thinks is 7) although a Harmony can do not to control them. Ossia Easy the sidestep has seen the fact of commission setup but could see the less savvy consumer essentially gimping his total of device because of a way a setup users of drive of the wizard.

In my chance has the console of video game that can not be controlled invernadero a Harmony (any sensor GONE). As I have dipped on a 'Game Played it the key ask for the name of a system. Surprised, give it to them (Wii Or) and a setup the same software aims the picture of a console among mine other devices. Then I alert that a Harmony can not control a console. He so that has 6 controllable devices and 1 device is not , this in spite of still counts a uncontrollable device against my propiciado by device (which is arbitrary and also easily sidestepped, but I digress).

Is the smallest and for more than people an easily averted annoyance, but one thinks that could be remedied easily for Harmony.

This has said, would buy this again, any question.
5 / 5 Mai
Way: 650 Never have the full table of far controls?
Perhaps a one requires is not near.
Quite investigation an or a lot?

Does not like Me looking for so only one of one master,
' tin very always take that it loves, but calm always can take the one who required, any one once said,
and has found a 'a .

A five I once used for my time of television is now one.
Each one that like this of a five has has had to that a special key that has customised a picture or touch one of some another no.

Now is so only a far with all some keys I needs.

Is good to maintain the simple things.

Seven. 4, 2017 Update: A month is spent and a far has begun to do erratic with which three weeks, not beginning my crew as when new. Some batteries were down and without indicator to verify has has solved/guessed a question was some batteries . Perhaps some batteries do not owe that long, but for me a remote there is so only two to concern for compared to some ten battery in a five remotes substitutes. Figure to substitute battery once the month.
5 / 5 Latashia
Way: Anticipated has had a Definite Harmony and has not liked him never a place of key. A hub are adds with blasters like my Bose soundbar hides one HE in a TV. It was easy the setup in a Harmony desk but when something will not spend the hours that imagines era. As I upgraded to a 950 partorisca go with mine in existent hub. An initial setup the breeze has copied so only my setups of a Definite to a 950. To pair a far has to that be on a hub. I took a same quantity partorisca time to king setup Alexa connection. Has the smartthings hub and touch that confuses the one who hub would have to that be control. His no a Harmony hub but a smartthings hub. Alexa Communicates via my wifi subject. Only desire Logitech would do simple to follow the instructions but I guess does like this setups the difficult. You will want to use a community support will find more useful like the majority has setup questions. This is not fault of the harmony but simple fact that his product tries and sustains so many configurations. Like this now I can say Alexa TV1 on or was and a box of boss, system of the his, TV all startup. A screen in a 950 is acute and easy to read. Luz of keys. The only desire would have dipped one drives and info key on a good zone and a lot down. Another concealed it. Partorisca The far triyng to really be universal his defects are pocolos in his own.