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1 first VANMASS Upgrade Car Phone Mount, HandsFree Cell Phone Holder for Car with 2 Air Vent Clips, Universal Air Vent Car Phone Holder Compatible with iPhone 11 Xs Max XR X, Samsung S10 S9 S8(Black) VANMASS Upgrade Car Phone Mount, HandsFree Cell Phone Holder for Car with 2 Air Vent Clips, Universal Air Vent Car Phone Holder Compatible with iPhone 11 Xs Max XR X, Samsung S10 S9 S8(Black) By VANMASS
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2 VANMASS Wireless Car Charger Mount, 15W Qi Fast Charging Auto-Clamping Mount, Air Vent Phone Holder Compatible with iPhone 11/11 Pro/Pro Max/XS MAX/XS/XR/X/8, Samsung Note 10/S10/S9/S8/S7, Pixel/LG VANMASS Wireless Car Charger Mount, 15W Qi Fast Charging Auto-Clamping Mount, Air Vent Phone Holder Compatible with iPhone 11/11 Pro/Pro Max/XS MAX/XS/XR/X/8, Samsung Note 10/S10/S9/S8/S7, Pixel/LG By VANMASS
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3 best VANMASS Magnetic Phone Car Mount, Universal Phone Holder for Car Dashboard, Windshield, Air Vent, One Hand Operation, Compatible with iPhone, Samsung & More VANMASS Magnetic Phone Car Mount, Universal Phone Holder for Car Dashboard, Windshield, Air Vent, One Hand Operation, Compatible with iPhone, Samsung & More By VANMASS
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4 VANMASS Car Phone Mount, Dashboard Windshield Air Vent Cell Phone Holder for Car with Telescopic Arm & Dashboard Pad, Strong Sticky Suction, One Button Release Car Cradle, Compatible iPhone Samsung VANMASS Car Phone Mount, Dashboard Windshield Air Vent Cell Phone Holder for Car with Telescopic Arm & Dashboard Pad, Strong Sticky Suction, One Button Release Car Cradle, Compatible iPhone Samsung By VANMASS
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5 VANMASS Wireless Car Charger Mount, Qi Certification, Automatic Clamping, Fast Charging, Air Vent Cell Phone Holder for Car Compatible with iPhone 11 Pro Xs Max XR 8, Samsung S10 Note 10, LG V30, etc VANMASS Wireless Car Charger Mount, Qi Certification, Automatic Clamping, Fast Charging, Air Vent Cell Phone Holder for Car Compatible with iPhone 11 Pro Xs Max XR 8, Samsung S10 Note 10, LG V30, etc By VANMASS
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6 VANMASS Car Phone Holder, Adjustable Cell Phone Mount, Universal Air Vent Cradle with One Button Release, Sturdy 2 Level Clip, Full Silicone Protection, Compatible 3.5"-6.5" Phone & Cases VANMASS Car Phone Holder, Adjustable Cell Phone Mount, Universal Air Vent Cradle with One Button Release, Sturdy 2 Level Clip, Full Silicone Protection, Compatible 3.5"-6.5" Phone & Cases By VANMASS
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7 VANMASS Car Phone Mount, Universal Cell Phone Holder for Car Dashboard, Windshield, Air Vent with One-Click Release Button, Compatible with iPhone, Samsung, Google, LG, HTC & More Smartphone VANMASS Car Phone Mount, Universal Cell Phone Holder for Car Dashboard, Windshield, Air Vent with One-Click Release Button, Compatible with iPhone, Samsung, Google, LG, HTC & More Smartphone By VANMASS
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8 Baseus Wireless Car Charger Mount, 10w Automatic Clamping Air Vent Qi Fast Charging Car Phone Holder Compatible with iPhone Xs/Xs Max/XR/X, Galaxy Note 9/ S9/ S9+ & Other Qi-Enabled 4.7-6.5Inch Baseus Wireless Car Charger Mount, 10w Automatic Clamping Air Vent Qi Fast Charging Car Phone Holder Compatible with iPhone Xs/Xs Max/XR/X, Galaxy Note 9/ S9/ S9+ & Other Qi-Enabled 4.7-6.5Inch By Baseus
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9 VANMASS Car Phone Holder, Adjustable Cell Phone Mount, Universal Air Vent Cradle with One Button Release, Sturdy 2 Grade Clip, Carbon Fiber Backrest & Protection, Compatible 3.5-6.5 Inches Phone VANMASS Car Phone Holder, Adjustable Cell Phone Mount, Universal Air Vent Cradle with One Button Release, Sturdy 2 Grade Clip, Carbon Fiber Backrest & Protection, Compatible 3.5-6.5 Inches Phone By VANMASS
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10 MIRACASE Car Phone Mount Magnetic Phone Holder Dashboard&Windshield Adjustable Vehicle Phone Stand Universal Compatible with iPhone X Xs Max XR 8 Plus 7 6 Samsung Galaxy S10 9 8 Note 9 8 Edge (MM-018) MIRACASE Car Phone Mount Magnetic Phone Holder Dashboard&Windshield Adjustable Vehicle Phone Stand Universal Compatible with iPhone X Xs Max XR 8 Plus 7 6 Samsung Galaxy S10 9 8 Note 9 8 Edge (MM-018) By Miracase
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Top Customer Reviews: VANMASS Upgrade Car ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Rosio
I have used the trace of gravity of car telephone before, was convenient but a lot unstable. Later, I have used the mountain of magnetic car telephone, but has found of not being able to use a wireless to upload with which uses a discharge of iron. Ossia A lot disappointing. In last, am happy that has found this mountain of car telephone, as described in a description, the collection of advantages. This in spite of, a thing is that a chance of the special fat telephone can not be available, remain waiting for the his upgrade.
5 / 5 Joelle
I have bought a mountain yesterday and arrives a next day. I dipped it/ I dipped It on my car immediately. It is very easy to install and very convenient. It can be regulated partorisca telephones of any measure ,and can be situated partorisca any corner . It comes with two clips : one is soft and another hard east. It looks modern. Value of the money.
4 / 5 Roxana
Very stable.
Has bought another mountain of telephone of the first mark, his clip dulcemente slide down after several months, has to readjust he for the moment, a lot inconvenient, likes spear was and has bought this Vanmass mountain of telephone. This mountain of telephone with clip of mouth of the eagle clamps closely in a ventilation, very stable, has used 1 month and never falls. Good creation!
4 / 5 Merrie
So only it take this look it in fact days and like this near to the equal that can say, a course that clamps a telephone is one same like the little another has seen on-line. This in spite of, that dips it aside is a ventilation clamp. It comes with two, a concealed is silicone and trusts the access of tight pressure when installing, and another in fact has the hinged clamp with the hule has lined jaws that can be presionado down with bondadoso of the die of wing - all another that has seen trusts the loaded cradle clamp and a lot of some complaints in those is a headline that falls off a ventilation. I am using a clamp with a die of wing. I slipped it on a ventilation and it presionĂł and remains dipped by means of some quite tight turns. And it is quite stable of a fund of a telephone clamp rests against a dashboard. A course that clamps a telephone also does well. It covers a speaker and audio jack in my Galaxy s9+ but can listen a guidance of GPS so only well and does not use an audio jack in a car.
5 / 5 Ahmad
I have bought the highland plot of car telephone, am very happy that has fulfilled is one, extraordinary workmanship, convenient to use, easy to fix a telephone. And a service of this vendor is also very satisfactory, and some questions of a lot of buyers have been solved. I am resulted the defender of VANMASS.
4 / 5 Shonna
The big quality for a product,of prize adds
5 / 5 Hortense
I really like a creation of this mountain of car telephone, which is more stable that has used before, and is like this convenient. This headline of car telephone has two ventilation of clips of air, and a trader has promised the free substitution of a clip of ventilation of the air for 3 years, which are adds. Highly recommended.
4 / 5 Rich
Fact a lot well! This mountain of car telephone resists my iPhone XR perfectly, the work adds like this far, very practical and easy to use, recommended that to my friends.
5 / 5 Mel
I really like this title of car telephone. Originally Feigned to buy the headline of telephone with the cup of suction has had before but has chosen finally this product. It is much more convenient that other car headlines, and save me the plot to time for the install, sĂşper stable for several sections of street. I am planning to buy another for my partner.
4 / 5 Fritz
It is the headline a lot that have first.

Top Customer Reviews: VANMASS Wireless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Jeanelle
The cost has verified My car is one transports old so that has no Bluetooth and navigation in him. When I Have been to a place has not known, is hard to use navigation of telephone reason have to resist it and the walk for a delivery. It is not sure and has taken the entrance been due to resist telephone while driving like this now are that it looks for the car mountain for my telephone has found then this. It is the value adds with a quality. It is very easy to hook on ventilation of air. ALSO a better part is this mountain can touch telephone while I am using this in spite of wireless load. It is not you cool?? I love this function of a mountain and I highly recommend the people those who is looking for a.
4 / 5 Epifania
The cost has checked Want this car to upload, is really an upper quality.
1. Amur A car clamping, very sensitive, and able to take out of a same telephone turn of a car, the key in a law lateralmente adds.
2. Ventilation of air of the good and strong control, Like a creation to resist an air downloads really tight, and not shaking when driving.
3. Fast load, for my telephone the touching quite quickly compare to another wireless load.
4. Any noise. I have had a forward to do the noise when the gone back in a car, this a does not have any noise.
5. In general it is quality very decent , looks well in my car. Very shabby.
5 / 5 Ashlie
The cost has checked is done of good quality, comes with both suction and SC highland option of the ventilation. I am using he with mountain of suction in mine dashboard (in this way does not block my ventilation of air), and resists on very very strong, can regulate an elevation, and direction and have a perfect access. One changes/the stand has sensitive keys partorisca take and dip a telephone easily with a delivery and resists a telephone quite comfortably, some keys have included without plugged in, thinks that was to build them in battery, calm concealed mean can use likes the same stand if it is not plugged. Some legs in one upload had DIRECTED lights that shows in touching, or not touching . A light is a lot very at night.
5 / 5 Gregory
The cost has checked resupplies the stability and he does not leave your telephone wobbles around, although I drive quickly. Also it touches quickly. This Qi-works of telephone certificates in big speed without some bosses and with a chance still on. Yep, Any fumbling by means of your chance of telephone neither. The difference of another automobile chargers, this a so only will transmit by means of your chance.

Big-accelerate partorisca touch
Load by means of your telephone casing
Does like this he sturdy car mountain
Touches an additional device
Comprises the 2-port load
Maintains load when running navigation
protect of Security of overcurrent, overcharging and overheating
corner of Optional viewing

is not adapted partorisca ventilation of round air.
5 / 5 Jessia
The cost has verified Early Reviewer Rewards (That is this ? ) It loves my car to upload mountain... Has use so many car highland classes for my telephone ossia of the best an I has not had never. First or only place ur telephone in a mountain and he automatically prpers take, am using iPhone 7 and turn perfectly. I do not owe that me worry roughly that my telephone maintains to fall which spend the plot in a mountain that use before, and never spend is one which is more :) While a mountain has the load does so that it do not have to that spent in another usb to touch my telephone. Highly recommend for people of those who looking for the utmost car uploads mountain and value of a money.
5 / 5 Joann
The cost has checked partorisca facilitate driving when touching, has bought especially this support of car mobile phone, support partorisca take the test, an effect is well. Especially easy to install, spent in an air outlet is very stable. When it Drive and it has required you cruise it, a telephone clamped when I dipped it on a stand. Any loosen. In this way, calm does not have to that go down yours to head to see a mobile navigation, convenient and sure. Besides, the hole the touch is reserved in a fund of a group, which can have the habit partorisca touch a telephone while navigating. A creation is very sweet. Finally it say it also a stents down with purifying function, can take an odd smell of a car, a lot well the creature, likes, does not doubt, buy before it contrasts and another house partorisca the long time, ossia a lot so only, has the function of car debugging, this can save the plot of money, I mainly tried under automatic remarking and wireless touching function, is very sensitive, so only open, the wave of his hand-held telephone in him to begin to touch, special convenient.
5 / 5 Vanesa
The cost checked has Bought this partorisca mine has sawed worker with which see my upload. The container has come with 2 clippers the clip in AC ventilation, USB C boss, adapter of power of the cigarettes and cariche wireless. The difference of another wireless load, this one has build in battery of backup as I can open and close an automatic arm without the car power. Note, this battery of the backup will not touch a telephone. Of of the this is partorisca mountain of ventilation so only for this does not come with cup of suction partorisca windshield or mountain of pinch. It uploads the quality of build is sum, has bought already 2 of this mark partorisca ours families, will buy more when it has required.
4 / 5 Monika
The cost verified has bought this uploads/partorisca title for my woman. It has dipped all up for his and gave it the test. Everything does with his iPhone XS. Mark sure pulls an inferior headline to a model of discharge and telephone corrected in an USB-C boss correctly.
Once situate your telephone in a headline, a side will close and resist a telephone securely. A telephone takes for touch wirelessly. An indicator to touch in a left will turn blue when it is touching. Like this calm does not have to that supposition. A key of emission is in another side. A lot happy with a compraventa.
Now have this headline of telephone in my car, I any one precise to resist my telephone while driving anymore. It is much more economic that taking the entrance in NYC.
4 / 5 Shakira
The cost has verified the car of my woman does not have GPS that it is really hard partorisca me partorisca drive around. I try to find the headline of good quality of car telephone as it have bought two of these before but is not last a lot long. This one is coming with interior of engine to automatically resist your to telephone which is fresh dinner ! Work a lot well, has had to try the time of pair, and this has to that have inner of battery, reason does without being able to of the open. Like this calm does not require to concern roughly turning of a car and has forgotten your telephone in a headline. A quality of build is really well compare with an economic one has taken before.
4 / 5 Leontine
The cost has verified the Intelligent sensors leave fetching and placing. So only dipped a mobile phone and a clip will close. Touch a key of the Fast emission and he will open automatically. An automatic device is very convenient. A tram clamping arm and a upgraded exhausts clamp ensure stability in a surface of uneven street of a swipe. A chair of the communication will not be opened during driving. Effective chipsets resupply 15W big-accelerate partorisca touch for LG, 10W partorisca Samsung, partorisca an iPhone and 5W partorisca all Qi-devices of support. A VANMASS Qi the load of wireless vehicle has a overcharge function partorisca protect by means of this / FCC / UL authentication. It can ensure that a power is changed was after a telephone is full of electricity.

Top Customer Reviews: VANMASS Magnetic ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Kenneth
I can not say quite material add in this VANMASS the Telephone Car mountain Magnetic. Ossia So only the start. His service of client of a instructional email to everything of an assistance of email was the yard on also! The communication adds by means of a messaging and email.
Strolls some streets of service of the forest the Mountain of Springer the Georgia all a way by means of a Smokies in North Carolina. It has dipped on some quite hard swipes and hard behaviour in a vehicle, and a mountain of telephone, and this thing any slide or the sobresalto was, any lie.
Like pictured, has not used a transparent tape, and has attached a dish of metal directly to an outside of a chance. When I have contacted VANMASS, has suggested to use the directly in a chance, as I have had a subject with him not adhering too well. As you can see, my chance is the little textured. They suggest that a transparent tape is concerned roughly lining a chance, or facilitated of scrolling for future telephones. The no really cured in that. I locate to an outside, like the magnet tends to stick better, more than among a telephone and a chance. So only the personal preference.
Now to an installation of a dish of metal and a disk of pinch. For good adhesion, is a lot of entity to clean a pinch and a chance. I have used to rub alcohol for both surfaces, then left dry entirely. Some instructions say to apply pressure in both a disk of pinch and a dish of metal firmly for 1 minute, and has left the dry for 1-24 hours before it uses, Yes, has left feels for a maximum 24 hours. You will be happier calms also. It is the little has bitten to expect, but will be better was with the little patience. A temperature was roughly 60 terracings Fahrenheit, as it suggests any to install in cold time. You can cover your automobile simply to turn in a heat.
Absolutely would buy this again, but can does does not have to that . I will buy more for friends, family, and another partner Appalachian Estela shuttle engine that dipped in some conditions of hard behaviour.
Thank you VANNMASS.
4 / 5 Malena
I have bought this headline of telephone reason my forward a does not resist on sturdy. It falls often. But these works of product perfectly. It resists my telephone a lot sturdy in my car. Reason is fond , is also a lot easy for me for the take was and dip the backside while I am driving. A product is described like this, in good quality also. Totally I will recommend it to my friends.
5 / 5 Joy
The UPDATE has update my description and changed it to 5 stars.
Has dipped a disk of metal in an OUTSIDE of my Ballistic chance and a grip is much more sure. It do not have any movement during the relatively long commute on some bumpy streets. Ossia A perfect mountain for me. Not shaking, has built well and the simple creation that does exactly that I require it to. Also, for this worry, there looks to be any effect of a magnetic mountain in mine iPhone older 6s. Navigation (Waze) one same as always, and there is not any effect in of call them or on music/audiobooks the be has touched. Good work, VANMASS, and thank you! Highly it recommends this mountain for use in the windshield (or to pinch, if ossia your preference )

Now so only has to that expect this resists up and does not fail ...

Ossia A third mountain of telephone for use in the windshield that has tried and think that my investigation could be on!
Has averted magnetic mountains but decided to give this tries it after seeing some very positive critiques and after doing roughly more the investigations in some effects the magnetic mountains have in of the telephones. Because of a corner of mine windshield and some looks of way of the mine of pinch, has known has loved the mountain that would install in the windshield and this has projected was quite to dip a telephone next mine so has not had to achieve like this far for him (I has bad shoulders). I have loved also the mountain in that I could use so only a delivery to situate and take my telephone.

Was able to easily install this in mine windshield and solved in the something on prĂłjimo a rearview mirror. A approx. 8' The long period dips a telephone exactly where loves it. I have installed a mountain to clean a first window. The time Is in some adolescents here, as I have covered then a window and a cup of suction with the dryer of hair. A cup seats tight in a window without movement. A metal telescoping the appeal of arms was with enough to hold so it will not move in or was while your car is in motion. I have extended mine a full period.

A subject only (as far) is a trace of magnet . I am not sure that of one @subjects really is, this in spite of. Has the Ballistic chance in mine iPhone 6s. Ossia He 2 -the trace of piece concealed has the coverage of hule with another plastic piece that continuous in him. If I have dipped a stuffs of metal among a telephone and a chance of hule, a mountain will not resist a telephone - the just slides immediately. This in spite of, if I have dipped a stuffs among a chance of hule and a plastic external piece, resists much better, But does not add . I can try put a dish in an outside of a chance to see if this resists better. They are fearful that, a way dipped it on now, if have paste the swipe a telephone goes to exit. We will see, and I will do a punctual update..

In all the chance, for an import, ossia the quite good mountain in the decent prize. Some instructions are also very better that those that come with other mountains of import.

Any request in the question the one who a guarantee is. A bit paper that comes with a mountain declares 'guaranteeed of 365 days and lifetime service of client...' Sounds like the mine good guarantee.
4 / 5 Halina
Has has tried mountains of numerous telephone and expĂłsito that prefers mountains of magnetic telephone because of an ease to attach and take my telephone of a mountain. This one has the very strong magnet that control my undertaken of telephone to a mountain. Has in my truck and I can see it bouncing around the little because of a walk of a truck but is not exited never of a mountain without me physically takes manually. To the Another characteristic likes with of this mountain is that there are a lot of different ways for the trace and has the telescoping arm that leaves for much more done of commissions to plant for each engine.
5 / 5 Micaela
Ossia Telephones a lot well car mountain. It likes to of me this where can use still in desk, windshield, and dashboard. A small product where can spend around easily. The magnet is a lot strong and resist my telephone securely. I have used to have one this continues to fall when he the big turn. We are a lot annoying until I have bought this car of telephone trace. Any headache and any subject. A lot easy to install.
5 / 5 Kathi
A box comes with different ways to locate it, but has found that for my car a window a better. It is a lot adjustable to the equal that can locate almost anywhere. A suction to some looks of window well as well as a magnet to my telephone. Like this far my telephone has not fallen off.
5 / 5 Tonya
They are guilty, resist my telephone when they are in investigations of map and behaviour... (shhhh) Has tried other headlines of telephone, was well for the bit, but finally his hated. This one east magnetically awesome! I live that it is magnetic, if I need my telephone of a file is not the ache to take. Of then it has a magnet he same claves out of a car, likes is looking for your tones before among and your telephone is in your hand, so only stick it on your car for the pocolos second.. It comes with 2 headlines, to suction one for a pinch and one for a ventilation.. I have left a suction a hooked to a pinch for 2 weeks and still resisted strong. Ossia The question with another some.. I have loved a headline of ventilation, for far a better ventilation an I has seen. I have had once you ensure it there is pulled, has tugged, does not go anywhere... It thinks to have the idea adds for some presents navideños.. I love my headline of new telephone..
4 / 5 Estella
Solid build, easy to install and strong magnet.
5 / 5 Lauryn
Amur This mountain amena my telephone 6 next thumb! I have taken this substitutes it Scosche magnetic mountain, which has done a lot very also. An only question is with a Scosche the mountain would owe that sustain advances to touch my telephone.
4 / 5 Tora
Orderly and rid inside the few days. Easy to use. It has attached one the magnetic tampon circulates in an outside of a chance of the mine iPhone 8 S. I have loved this device as it still can see receive any one messages of text and also for my application when travelling. They are very pleased like this far with this compraventa. A magnet resists a telephone without slippage or turning of a telephone.

Top Customer Reviews: VANMASS Car Phone ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
More clave then the suction but I am pulled and repositioned to several times partorisca the take where has legustado me while driving. It is attached to the textured pinch. Need to be the flat surface but very necessarily the smooth surface. A flange pulled on when I have attached it to the wry part of a pinch. It takes the plot partorisca try to pull it release to reposition it. So only under a crowbar in a part of hule is the small tab to grab control of paralizaciones to peel loose of a highland surface. The pressure in slow bylines looked to do a better.
4 / 5
The mountain adds like this far. Easy to install and a cup of looks of suction to be that it sticks a lot well. Has an iPhone XS and he cuffs the a lot of well. It likes that of an arm extends further yes required and that I can create a height.
5 / 5
My husband and I have bought these for our cars. I have had already the mountain of telephone in mine car to to that liked, but when I have changed to the plus-sized of telephone, grieves returned. We are using these with iPhone XS Max in the chance of thin bumper with the Popsocket in a backside and resists a telephone snugly. We are very happy with these!

UPDATE 11/24/18: maintaining is using these mountains with Loopy the chances and a telephone is still very sure. We still just slide a telephone to a headline while it resists a loop in a backside of a chance likes flattens out of has bitten it.
4 / 5
It has not fallen off still, sĂşper tampon of sticky suction and then an aggregated lockdown the quite solid fact. It likes-me a click and emission, my iPhone and droid both apt amiably. Another good characteristic is that I have maintained my radio of the factory in my jeep likes run an auxiliary cord, a creation leaves an access of cord to a telephone without subjects and the cord to touch also. Sometimes a unlock the key is difficult to release but thinks that is so only reason a pinch in a telephone is like this tight.
4 / 5
I have bought this for my Deep CRV 2007 to resist my OnePlus 6T. A base has cup of big suction that expect will resist up in a heat of Miami. Vanmass Model: CTEZ58 is built sturdy, has closed a place in place, reason does not plan in those movements a base. I do not have remarked a lot of shake when I drove it on bumpy street. I have done also to stop and go test to see if a telephone would jump behind. Like this far like this good. They are happy with some results. My USB-C access of boss perfectly, can not expect go in the travesĂ­a of longitude of street for the try further.
5 / 5
I have been trying it and has moved he of one something to another and using so only a cup of suction is doing. I regulated it to several different corners and he king-regulate and king-presionar and controls. I have it that has not tried still use the hooked until a car uploads , but ossia afterwards. Like this far like this good. Thank you.
5 / 5
It has given these to our edges and daughter for his I-telephones. Controls his I-telephone perfectly. I add in a car when you are using an application of map and to see the one who is calling without looking down in your telephone.
4 / 5
The works add. Easy to use and install. So only be mindful with big telephones with big chances to the equal that can take heavy and an arm can begin to fall the pocola suction of has bitten stays in situating at all more than retreats of lifting on and presionando a @@@knob.
4 / 5
I need the mountain of telephone of confidence for navigating the trails am gone in a rocky desert and was very hesitant when I have purchased this mountain, this in spite of my fears have been relieved this week when I have tried among a Jeep in Sedona. A mountain of suction is big, sticky and durable. An adjustable arm a place sĂşper customizable. A device that in fact resists a telephone is that me nervous. Ideally It Likes to ray he tight, but some arms of squeeze have resisted on utmost like this far.
4 / 5
A quality of this product is very good. And there are two ways to fix it. It likes of a lot!!!

Top Customer Reviews: VANMASS Wireless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Wilmer
A headline is a more anticipated has seen. Any only touches your telephone, but the resist on automatically! Ossia The sĂşper characteristic convenient. I have very had title before and was always the nightmare to dip your telephone on in a half of the walk. But this a, calm so only falls you telephone and go. Very fast but also very sure to drive. Control went to my video to see likes the work.

Really appreciate this company dips thoughts in an experience of user of a mountain.

A headline that comes with both one mountain of ventilation and the mountain of pinch with cup of suction. Calm in chance perhaps is in the ask to you not aiming in some pictures. Also it comes with the micro USB that boss of touches.

What only I aversion is a light of respite while touching. It is the little too quickly for me. This in spite of a good thing is has taken so only your attention when it is dark and is looking in him (Eyes in some types of street!).

In general, highly recommended for some characteristic, more some show was estimate to surprise your friends. :D
5 / 5 Anette
My partner has bought this product for me also although the present. They are quite amour he. His box has the wireless car uploads mountain, it clip, a boss, and any drives of user. I owe that say that one drives of user is very useful, the has not used never this class of first product, but so only follow some drive, can it to them do a lot well. Like the vendor has said, prepare the fast 3.0 automobile uploads in the first place. It have to that be more powerful of the car general load. Then it gather a clip and wireless load to a ventilation of air, uses a boss in a box to connect them with a fast 3.0 automobile uploads. I am excited when a blue light on. Then the dipped in mine iPhone X, but some light turns to red and any one load. I have been confused, then read one drives of particular user. Have take a box of defender to try again. Then the expĂłsita iphone x could touching legislation without chance. A reason because red of aims perhaps a chance of telephone is too fat like the telephone can not locate in right place to feel wireless touching. Perhaps the also require find another chance of telephone to use. I have found some legs of support of the key tread also pulls down to regulate, is the one who the ready idea to help a telephone finds his right location. Now the have the convenient car load to title to use, so only dipped a telephone on, some arms resist a telephone for him. When it takes the telephone was, so only softly press a key lateralmente, an arm will open for him. I can finalise so only a hand, not liking another car headline has fulfilled them before, has to them that use all two hands together with them. This a wireless car uploads the headline is the one who the needs, touches and good control for my telephone, and is easy to use for a delivery. It likes of a lot.
5 / 5 Isobel
Amazing product! It can not express the one who those surprised ossia. I have purchased this product like the automobile uploads to use with my iPhone with the QI retrofit and work like the sleep. It have purchased this like the mountain of telephone so only like a QI upload is an amazing characteristic. Absolutely I love an automatic inaugural and closing of some arms. It is very convenient. A ventilation clamp is drawn also add so any semence or break your ventilation. To good sure recommend this to any with him QI touching able telephone.

Update!! It has had this uploads for the while now and is still fully doing. A subject only has had was a clamp a lot that resists like this tight as when it was new. I have contacted Vanmass and his service of client has been point and averts! They have directed a @@subject promptly and efficiently! I have it that has not had never such amazing and easy client service of another product of the amazon to the equal that has done with vanmass. To good sure recommend even more that before!
4 / 5 Colin
I am using this in combination with him Proclip mountain and a iBolt aluminium 17mm mountain. It is the perfect and slick looking solution to locate my telephone in my car.

A combination of part feels solid near, and the volume has fallen he out of the grips that afterwards in in my telephone. A built in the battery is the well has thought was idea as I can release my telephone after turning of my car. I am thrilled!
5 / 5 Cristen
I have been using ventilation-title of the magnetic telephone resisted for years, but has had two questions with them.
1: to use a magnetic some, has required to dip to magnetic sticker in a backside of my telephone. No the big shot, excepts that he neither a bit or totally blocks wireless touching!
2: Constantly that has to that spent-in a telephone while I am driving. Annoying!

This product solves both. The arms of a headline automatically grabs a telephone with the sensor. An alone to a one of some keys in some lefts or the legislations of a chance causes a headline to open again. Easy! Oh, Yes…and he wirelessly touches a telephone! No more than having to that cover and unplug a telephone each one which so and every time.

Worry: Another headline to touch I own has the arm to sustain to prevent a telephone to bounce on and down and that fray of causes and tear to some fins of plastic ventilation. When in the first place unpackaging this load, has not seen any support. Well, it results it does! A boss for a clamping action (sees picture: a piece with an I and II on is a support/of arm of transmission) also works like this quell'stabilizer. There is virtually not shaking, like the piece of support is doing is work .

Oh, The really good characteristic: there is the rechargeable inner of battery of this device, so that although a vehicle powered down, he still unclamp smartphone of mine! Mina another device maintains my enclosed telephone situate when there is not any power, like this kudos to this company!

Automatic grab/the emission that the convenient fact like quell'grip of magnet.
Wirelessly Touches a telephone.
Tecla in both sides, partorisca maximum consolation
inner of the battery like “open key” will operate although an automobile is turned was.

Any one!

A product for real adds. Well engineered, convenient and easy to use. Recommended!
5 / 5 Sharita
I really like this title, but does not like me AC mountains of ventilation ( is shaky and block a ventilation). So much, I have cut on my magnetic headline that I no longer use and cut a swivel the ball was and jointed it to a swivel goes that it is coming with this mountain. Result of final is the solid of trace of the rock that does not block a ventilation.

A headline are add, the car in bylines and opens for a push of the key. I am not seeing fast touching, but this could be because one lighter that the cigarette is also powering pinch of mine cam. Any one uploads still so that not to concern me that they are not that it takes one fast load.
5 / 5 Patrice
In a following, would like me action my experiences to use and impressions to:
VANMASS the Load of Wireless transport, 10W Qi Fast touching, Ventilation to Air Car Universal Transports to Title of highland Telephone the Compatible engine Samsung Galaxy S8/8+, S9/9+, Note8, iPhone 8/8 More/X More.
>1 x clip of ventilation
>1 x trace of car telephone with wireless load
>1 x micro boss of USB
>1 x the manual user
â–şStability and Quality
has Done perfectly. A headline of telephone has been fixed firmly although it was bumpy in a car sometimes. Once a ready telephone was clamped automatically, the rests where are and has not fallen was or shake at all. Some materials have used to build these looks of element to be durable and sturdy. Owing to an exceptional creation and innovation of structure, a headline of telephone has the strong stability when he clamps and touches a ready telephone.
â–şWireless that Touches
A headline can touch a ready telephone wirelessly (Qi). Has double touching ways: fast touching, for iPhone and 10W for Samsung Galaxy; 5W normal touching or all Qi-Certified of ready telephones. I have tried one wireless touching function with a protective chance, which is any question . Of course, it is so only possible for thin chance( less than 5mm). It does not sustain the chance of fat telephone likes Ottox, Sipgen. For a way, calm also needs it QC 3.0 adapter for one lighter that cigarette in a car for is not comprised in a delivery.
â–ş Compatibility
in a fund of a headline of telephone is the transparent hook that can be regulated in height. As it sustains the wide row of measures of ready telephone of , which is suitable for almost all some the current ready telephones main in a phase. Besides, some resplandores of indicator in of the different colours according to an operative state of a canal to touch.
One the majority of what magic in this mountain of car telephone is an automatic fixation. If you have dipped a ready telephone in a headline, some two clips will close automatically. It is possible same when it has not connected to power in a car. A headline of punctual telephone contains the battery for a mini engine. I guess that a battery is automatically recharged when one the wireless load is work , like this mini the power of the never run engine was. There is the key of emission in the each side in a subordinated concealed calm leave you to reopen a headline automatically to take your mobile phone.

always am trying looks for the wireless car load stable that can fix a telephone firmly and touch several ready telephones quickly and easily. Finally, I found it. It recommends it.
Expect you will help or like my description. If has any questions or of the suggestions, please feel free to leave the commentary and I will try to answer like this collected to the equal that was possible.
5 / 5 Sarina
I have bought this mountain because it appeal mine and is very big-quality . I have not concerned me on a prize in a first place. Like this far, I have had to it weaves of cellphone car mountains for my ready telephones, as has the very good comparison. This mountain is in reality as well as in some images of product to see, quality very big, stable and robust has produced . Has an option to install a groups neither in a dashboard or in a ventilation of air, has opted for a last reason annoyed personally in a dashboard. A mobile phone is dipped simply to a car headline and will be resisted automatically near, so that a mobile phone is fixed firmly in a headline. A function to touch the street does of induction perfectly, but has to that maintain in alcohol that can touch you so only with a thin protective coverage(specifically, a thickness would owe that be less than 5 mm) - With chance of telephone like Tech21 or Spigen, is unfortunately very possible and calm has to that take. But ossia that has thought before, with mine Tech21 and Spigen coverages, any induction that touches the canal has directed still to 'load' by means of a chance. Compared to another car mountain ossia for far a plus like this far, as it convinces in of the terms of qualities but also in a function to touch.

• Positive
+ big quality, stable and robust workmanship
+ good quality
+ 2 different installation options
+ quickly inductive touching function (of the entity is that a supply to be able to is given!)
+ The mobile phone is resisted 'automatically stagnated

• Negative
Unfortunately, a function to the touch is not given for chance 'fatter', as Tech21

thinks that has mentioned all on. I have added some pictures plus very impressive. A prize is slightly main that other costruttrici, but think that is justified. It buys recommendation very clear!
5 / 5 Jena
Rings the headline of car telephone that could be it managed with a delivery and does not need too spatial. This mountain of car telephone fulfils everything of my expectations.

When unpacked A headline for a first time, was impressed directly for a big quality workmanship. Everything looks very stable and robust. As I can not expect for the second to attach it on to ventilation of air of mine car - turn and resists a telephone firmly.
Some works of function of Fast Load perfectly and immediately looks a logo for the quickly recharge. An imperfect only thing here is the Fast touching Car to Upload (any comprised).
Has tried a mountain directly with mine Samsung Galaxy S9 and is fixed easily still with a chance in a headline. You are touched has dipped to grieve a telephone in a zone to touch. A speed to touch is quite amazing for has had the wireless car uploads before. But it covers really dulcemente like 3 for 30 minutes. I have used to touched my night of mobile phone. While, I can touch he in a car now, which is much more convenient. Included in of the unpaved streets, my telephone has been maintained sure and has touched.

In last, master habladurĂ­a in a prize. The dollars is almost a prize a big plus in a phase. It takings With $ , A mountain of car telephone with wireless load. You locate he of car of telephone only value and one wireless load . And that it is other stops? In mine dress, is for a sophisticated workmanship, innovative idea and good-looking perspective. That is more than entity, is for progress in industry. Something does our better life any to any all a time.
For like this, has ordered one same for the fellow the second time!
5 / 5 Sharri
With this mountain of excellent car telephone with Qi wireless load, can fix your ready telephone in your ventilation to air firmly.

A durable organism guarantees big stability and the longitude that life of uses. Silicone Gel and there is enhanced the clips ensure that a telephone does not shake or the falls am gone in of the rough streets and avert lining a telephone when it is bumpy in a car. A headline is universally adjustable and suitable for a lot of devices. It sustains measured of telephone of the better point in one wireless car load for me is is real a hand-held operation. One touches to close and a press to take.

Are the uber engine and I walk 10 hours the day. For this the mountain of the car telephone with wireless load is really of entity of mine because I can touch mine Samsung Galaxy S9+ while I am using Map of Google. As we know, the map of Google is application that will eat can quickly. It is it adds that mine S9+ can maintain 100 power. I have used the wireless car of another mark uploads. Some of them can not uploading included by means of the thin chance. Some of them uploads dulcemente. Some of them there is prendido to do 1 months later. But this one looks to be of confidence. Touch my mobile phone with chance of same telephone in bumpy streets.

In last, has 24 guarantee of month. I owe that say have not decided to the order is an until I see the offer has promised that such the long time has guaranteeed. $ It is not economic at all. You can buy to plot of things with him. It have to that have quite a lot of reasons for clients for pay. I have used to buy mountain of car telephone less than $ 20. This in spite of, have done usually in a first start and has broken after short time. As I have decided to the expensive a. Everything looks to be a lot up to now. I will register a time to use and some questions spend and update here.

Are happy of the recommend now!!! Wonderful product.

Top Customer Reviews: VANMASS Car Phone ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Collen
A VANMASS the mountain of Car Telephone is sturdy and is well has drawn. I have seen roughly quite flimsy the trace of car ventilation concealed search to balance the telephone has weighed on two lean clips. No like this with VANMASS Mountain of Car Telephone - a mountain has two sturdy clips And the thickness of plastic stand that sustains a whole telephone and mountain. I trust this mountain to resist my telephone at all times.

A mountain also has two soft rubbery tampons in the each side that extends to return any telephone. I want to this! I do not owe that take my telephone of a chance to use this mountain. Ossia Probably a winning factor for me.

In general, thinks that a mountain is terrific. It is a lot of-drawn, sturdy, and looks a lot good. It returns all the same — telephones with a chance on! — And insiemi amiably in a zone of car ventilation. I love it!
5 / 5 Eldon
This mountain of telephone is a lot easy to use. I love a key of fast emission in a backside, as I do not owe that struggle to take my free telephone. Has the Samsung commentaries 10 More, with a otterbox chance in the and returns perfectly, a sizing in a mountain is easy to regulate. Among my husband and I, has tried several quantities, ossia a lot better that a headline of cup some, is easier that see and emissions on a headline of cup to be used eats... The headline of cup! Lol
5 / 5 Sandie
First of all, my telephone is like this big that does not return in the normal stand. A retractable creation returns all the measures. As, some groups has two retainers concealed can be clamped in an automobile outlet. Some rays can be regulated manually, which can be fixed closely and will not fall with one shaking. Ossia The wonderful experience .
4 / 5 Joella
Ossia The mountain of the car telephone adds ! It is simple and easy the setup. It comes with the headline also, as it can resist a telephone quite still same when you try the use. To good sure recommend this!
5 / 5 Sarita
I have bought this product to be able to maintain up with my telephone while driving. It is easy to use and access well in a ventilation of Air in my Deep Odyssey. My clicks of telephone well in and does not move I once ensures it. It is also easy to take my telephone of the can do everything with a rid. It is done a lot of sturdy and works perfectly so that it has required. Amur This product!!!
4 / 5 Sunshine
It averts of a fast delivery, a headline of telephone he also satisfied me a lot. It can resist a lot of types of the telephones a lot @@subject that some measures is. And there are two classes of fixators, both duquel laws well. Like this shabby .
4 / 5 Gracia
I have had question with the plot of car mountains where my telephone fallen so only out of him while I am driving but this one looks sturdy. Perfect place to dip my telephone while I am driving I so that it can look in him for directions!A ventilation that dipped the be in firm reason among a telephone he and a mountain, can be weighed like calm does not love it to fall. But if a ventilation is skewed, a mountain is adjustable with him swivel like his a lot of when I am driving far because utilisation my telephone partorisca in everything, looks to be quite sturdy, the cariche wireless easy, and resists his mountain situates quite well. Happy with cost of mine.
4 / 5 Tamisha
Utilisation WAZE to plot and prop my telephone in a cupholder so it can see a map. Well NO LONGER! This handy little artilugio snaps well to mine car ventilation and resist mine iphone 7 more with ease! Any falling, not moving! It remains place and can see my telephone clearly without that has to that look the far out of a street at all. A bit key in a backside of a headline opens a wider headline for my more telephones so that it can accommodate the telephone the big plus. They are really happy purchased it finally!
5 / 5 Lashell
These works of headline perfect in mine Cadillac CTS this has vertical ventilations.
Was pleasantly surprised to find a unit has come with 2 different types that clips of trace that has not seen has announced.
One is the small 2 tension of trace of place, and another it big plus 3 tension of trace of place.
A big plus one has done a better in mine car maintaining a telephone lateralmente emotional near when driving.
He also done well with my telephone which is Samsung Galaxy that has the protective chance the one who the fact he 1/2 thickness.
Trace in a ventilation to a legislation of a steering wheel in a fund of him of then a telephone is big and interfered with a wiper control. A swivel leave me to regulate a corner of telephones perfectly. A main mountain maintains a telephone lateralmente emotional near. In general, the good mountain for a cost.
4 / 5 Millard
Easy to install and comes with multiple options that appreciates. It likes- one emission of key of the push in a backside. Ossia Good to have when using GPS! No more looking down or that resists a telephone. This mountain maintains an eye has expected telephone. Has the stock exchange of socket of the pop in a backside of the mine telephone as I have not been able to return my telephone. This in spite of when I took it was my telephone and access of coverage and felt sturdy.

Top Customer Reviews: VANMASS Car Phone ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Theresa
Received today and is coming amiably packaged and there is boxed. The highland look sturdy and stable. All the pieces amiably crafted. It has not used still but cant attended. Also a backside partorisca a placing partorisca your telephone is alot main that some of some another has had.
5 / 5 Neoma
Power of utmost suction! Some the sticky tampons are also very strong! This mountain does not have the wireless touching flat, but work wonderfully partorisca the ready telephones older! It returns well and it resists a telephone a lot closely. All some split celery a lot of sturdy and durable.
4 / 5 Yessenia
This headline of mobile phone is a better of has has not tried never. It resists a tight and easy telephone to take has gone by simply pressing the key. Access for my car. Also it resupplies mountain of ventilation of the air, which does not use .
5 / 5 Jerome
I have had the pair of these types of mountains, this a durable and a lot adaptable east the different configurations. A quality is sum , easy to use, a lot convenient to drive.
5 / 5 Rubin
This an east a 3 the together of telephone Ibought. It is an only to to one likes of a lot. Place on besides easy and that resists my very comfortable telephone. Going to buy another for my husband.
4 / 5 Quintin
This headline of telephone is a lot a lot (also that has ordered the second a for ours another automobile). It resists to a reasonably good ventilation ( calm could wants to verify weekly or like this to do sure that it is not that it slips was), is easy to install and take, and hold a telephone securely of three directions. An inferior shelf is particularly good (my leading headline there has not been one, and a telephone would slip down and sometimes out of a headline, and some headlines lateralmente have both accesses of embrague and small lips to resist a telephone in place.

Substitutes the headline of telephone that sticks to a windshield. Although there are advantages to this--easier that see--is not a lot of paralizaciĂłn (mine) telephones of Android, which tend the overheat when used like GPSs. Reason these mountains to title in a ventilation of air, is easy to maintain a fresh telephone.
4 / 5 Martin
It was surprised like this thus amazing product. A packaging is awsome. And you resupply to you two accessories that calm leave you to allocate your device both in a dashboard or stacked in a airconditioner.
5 / 5 Selena
I love a mountain of new telephone. It is a lot of sturdy and very done and resists my telephone securely. Has the key of fast emission in a backside to release a telephone when you want to take he out of a headline. It produces a lot good and value of the money.
4 / 5 Jaquelyn
I drive for the living and use my telephone like the GPS all day long. For this reason, my woman bought Very titled of different mobile phone I so that prenderá to resist my telephone while I drive. Any of some car mountains has purchased active has done in fact. Always they fall off a dashboard or shield of wind. I found it more unsafe to constantly regulate and reattach some mountains.

Finally, has decided to try to find one this would do. After looking by means of some countless options, has found is one. A creation looked to be better that some of some another has tried. A prize was also very the have given like this the try.

Are a lot happy with a product. It is sturdy and really claves. It has not fallen once. A lot easy to use also. This creation took it well! This one east the keeper!
5 / 5 Eboni
I am impressed really in that a lot this one resists my telephone and looks really durable. I have had one this has maintained to fall off some ventilations have then tried a concealed there is stuck to a dashboard that was really cheaply fact and would not remain dipped. This an east has to that weighed and is not going anywhere! Utilisation my telephone for gps and with any hands free laws, this does life so easier. Highly it recommends that it is one is looking for the mountain of durable telephone.

Top Customer Reviews: Baseus Wireless Car ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Shara

Some pictures and copy of ad really any one this justice of what. When I bought It, I have thought so only it take the wireless to upload with a cradle regulates loaded clamps in a side.

But no! Has the engine the one who clamps automatically to your telephone when it situates in a cradle. Of there that, it begins touch wirelessly. It likes management in your car, drop your telephone in this thing and boom, he all want to without plugging in, no presionando some arms of cradle for a part, etc. Is the ridiculous value , and sometimes the desire there has been when they are not in mine car touching my telephone with the boss.

He the emission Needs your telephone partorisca any reason, touch the contact of small metal in a backside and some emissions of engine. Calm sometimes can inadvertently actuate it when regulating a corner, but a telephone usually stays in a cradle in all the chance.

Wireless touching has done add (I has an iPhone XR) by means of two different chances, a duquel is like seeds-ruggedized.

A mechanism of the annex of the law of ventilation adds - in place of prying to two fins of ventilation averts likes them a lot of models (that finalises warping or breaking them), these some hooks around a fin of ventilation. He also a lot entirely block a ventilation, as it does not think there'll be the question with overheating in a winter.

The ONLY DOWNSIDE (That WANTS TO CALL CELA): no free your telephone when turned a car was, as you owe that agree to touch a contact of metal for the emission before management your automobile was; if it calms no your telephone is enclosed so only down tight. Perhaps ossia the good thing if the automatic start would do your fall of telephone in a paving every time, but the desire was different. There have it always soiled for improvement, robot butler!
5 / 5 Chong
Excellent functional headline!!! It LIKES like this. A function to touch is one the majority of what amazing . And automatically it seats your hand when dipping you a telephone in a headline, a headline will open and near to resist a telephone according to a measure of a telephone. Save the endeavour of plot that a tranditional some. Intelligent headline- hahah-
4 / 5 Eleni
Ossia the very sure and sturdy title of telephone for a car. SĂşper Convenient with an open infrared car and near clamps. A clamps open when you have dipped your telephone closes stops. Only touch a bit tab of the money in a side has left apresamientos a telephone was. With wireless touching this is a better for your car!
4 / 5 Maurita
Ossia Such the invention adds for a lazy person to touch a telephone without finding spent in some automobiles every time... Simply dipped the in the and take it was without messing around. I produce it adds! That a amaing
5 / 5 Ha
One uploads the works add. Work perfectly with my iPhone 8 is quickly and very easy ! It is easy to dip a telephone in this mountain and also easy of the take was.
4 / 5 Cami
It take this mountain of wireless car load , is very easy fixed in ventilation of air , will be not falling , does not concern your telephone falls in a paving, love this a lot of creation .
The car opens Adjustable clamp so only touch a light when you have dipped your iPhone in there . The easy load
5 / 5 Laquita
has bought this product for a travesĂ­a of street two month later. A product is packaged well and sure. I have looked for to install the in the car of my partner (because hires the car in August) and fix well and quite stable. An instruction is clear and easy to comprise. One touching is achieved. Any insurance in an adhesion when driving in the motorway but looks quite adhesive during daily behaviour. May (or can any one) gives more feedback after a travesĂ­a of street.
4 / 5 Mark
This wireless car load is really good! After connecting with cars usb port, then begin a car. An arm will open automatically.
Once a telephone is in one load, an arm in bylines and immediately touches a telephone.
Has the sensor in a legislation, calm once resists your next hand, an arm will release a telephone.
The creation adds! Highly it recommends!
5 / 5 Neil
The produced are adds! A lot of sturdy, and well looking. Work perfectly with my iPhone 8 More. An open and near act automatic are adds! This is not the simple wireless load, he also the headline of telephone that can be easily locate to an air that need.!
4 / 5 Julia
Ossia Prime minister of mine has produced the telephone mountain of wireless load. The whole product is perfect. If has iPhone 7 or on, to good sure recommend this wireless load. He clamp yours closely based telephone on measured of telephone. It is automative sensor with telephone approximation. Easy apresamiento was with only simply funds lateralmente of the touch.

Top Customer Reviews: VANMASS Car Phone ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Sharolyn
Pros - A mechanism that control a telephone is really good. There is a key of pinches in right side. Press it and some weapon the jump has opened. Partorisca Close it, only squeeze some arms and press against your telephone. Ossia Better that another loaded cradle caddy has used in a past. A two little fund 'the foot rests' add more security. In general, good quality. Gilipollas - Returns the ventilation of air of my side of engine but no the side of the mine passenger.
4 / 5 Leanora
Excellent cellphone headline, resists without question a Samsung Galaxy S9+ and a Samsung Galaxy A3 (2015) and in both chances a cellphone any drop or falls. Some remains to title in place in a ventilation of air, a clip is very powerful with 2 levels of the force but does not spoil a ventilation to air at all... Produced recommended!!!
5 / 5 Mila
I have tried the lottttt of headlines of car telephone. An only practical place for me to dip my telephone in my car is in a ventilation. Ossia An only one this there has been sucedido in doing his work. Sturdy And does not fall never was.
4 / 5 Hiedi
I love this product for my mobile phone - no more than resisting my telephone & is more more sure now. Utilisation this more when it uses a characteristic of GPS & return my telephone so only a lot - is easy to dip in a ventilation & is easy to take on & was with a telephone. They are like this happy has bought this.
Thank you
4 / 5 Venessa
Simple to use. Controls a telephone in place. It can use like the stand on office. The functionality adds! It do not have to that never take. It is better that any that have has not possessed never.
5 / 5 Jami
After using several mountains of the cup of the suction has decided to give that a ventilation of trace of air to try he in mine 2013 Deep CRV. It was pleasantly surprised in the very laws. This mountain looks a lot of-fact and is doing well for me.
5 / 5 Li
I have ordered this for my edges for the presents navideño. He texted me it saying later has installed he in his car and the looks go to be exactly that loves. All has done well. It is very happy with him, as it was very happy! It have read a lot of descriptions in of the headlines of different car telephone, and this was my election . I received it exactly when fiancé. It looks to be the a lot of one. Thank you!
4 / 5 Hilario
I have been the client of VANMASS for the months and his car mountains am far upper to another, more, his service of client is 2nd to any one. I have used his mountains of suction previously, and so only so only ventured to a mountain of ventilation with hesitation like the majority other mountains of ventilation fall all a time. His no, he no just slide to a ventilation, quite clamps to a ventilation with grips of hule. Utilisation this regularly in my spare vehicle and cars for hire for my plus sized iPhone and there is still to move the millimetro. It returns all the telephones and chances, and there are a lot of funds enough to resist the telephone with this chance and clave-on title of paper without slippage. It recommends without hesitation
4 / 5 Billi
did not give it to 5 star on versatility like pivoting mountain any quite maintain your telephone in a place when you go to grab your telephone, has to reset a place every time has dipped my telephone has retreated on. A thing does not move when a car is bouncing around! As his so only when you grab your telephone, could presionar a mountain of ball; but the risk that undresses some edges. A joint to pinch to resist to a ventilation, has has had to that so only use one dipping a light plus and he perfectly. Like this far like this well, a sum of laws of the emission and a cushioning to maintain a telephone in some highland works awesomely. Appearance these works of what for several years like my fashion to title of the cup has done.
4 / 5 Alishia
It has received so only this car mountain and is immediately state impressed because I credit has done is. My Samsung galaxy S7 returns perfectly. A mountain a lot budge when I am driving. I recommend it!

Top Customer Reviews: MIRACASE Car Phone ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Morton
Calm absolutely want this highland cart of the telephone. It have been that uses the mountain of type of the ventilation, like the winter apropat, my mountain of old ventilation has begun to give me problem I taken to choose among a tlphonique overheated and unusable ventilation. I have bought this new mountain when begin to look for other options.

This mountain is very very done, sper easy to install, or can bond in a windshield or a joint of pinch. I have posed mine in a windshield. A tampon of sticky gel in a fund of a base has done a very strong suction. One of some characteristic better of this mountain is pvot more concealed 90 titles. By so, the calm possibly can hang some dress tlphonique down so that the does not block your vision. A sper the strong magnets line some tlphonique firmly. In fact require it some few tries to take a telephone of a mountain. With an additional pivoting in a magnet, can rotate your telephone 360 titles (basically any direction). In general, the wonderful product, to well sure would recommend it.
5 / 5 Abbie
This mountain would not remain in my pinch, looks to bond at the beginning but then fallen was after the low time. I have not used an adhesive dish that has been provided so clearly say you can break your picture of mandate. Very disappointed so that has wanted to very this to do. It see In north Illinois and he are quite a lot of colds now even so perhaps that it is a reason . I have cleaned my picture of order with the anterior alcohol in trace and has attached he in the flat zone. A pinch has light texture so more marks, but at all would expect to be the problem. To arrive to this drought of point these necessities of element to be is returned. As he no for me.
Informs revised
has run hot water in a mountain the tlphonique and has heated so much a pinch and mountain with the dryer of hair of hot air before pressing he in place. Opened go It the week and a mountain are attached still in my pinch, very happy with this element and has ordered the 2 a for the cart of my woman. It takes the small endeavour but now is ready to recommend this element. It opens 5 stars
5 / 5 Maddie
I am sure he has the million of mountains tlphonique automobiles in Amazon, but this one of a bit those that that he beautifuly, very elegant and attaches the good touch in your car interior....
5 / 5 Roselee
These wineries my Galaxy of Samsung S7 with a Otterbox case of Worker without problems - very sure, easy to attach and emission. The assembly and the installation have taken enough ten bren. Some clips of ventilation are included cushioned to prevents line in your cart.
My only beef is with my ventilations of air - a weight of my causes tlphonique my ventilations of horizontal air to turn side by side in side. Any a lot of is like a manufacturer of this product could count for these subjects in the each vehicle, so that it does not affect my indication. I am toying with ideas to stabilise a ventilation these bits of uses of materials wedged in some cracks in any side. Produced of quality, to good sure pleased with my compraventa.
Solid product, after the tonne of the use and he follow form very well
the alimentary hand, like this the thing has taken the plot to use when was operationable. Basically, it directs that day, would use this thing 5-10 times. Bad would pose my telephone in the, taken in a tent, takes the telephone was, has posed then my backwards of tlphonique in the when returned in a cart. Work well so far.
5 / 5 Rosette
Absolutely happy !!!!! My fianc wants this mountain of new cart , always has to find problems a concealed has strong adhesive ! It IS the sceptic of bit on doing this compraventa because of some small descriptions but I have wanted a by heart big black in this mountain and decided for the buy . A material am to add and has strong adhesive!!!! I am happy with purchase of mine
5 / 5 Garth
I use in 2016 Toyota Rav4. It maintains the low profile only in a right of my navigation/behind-arrive screen. I use for Waze navigation with the iPhone big XS MAX. A screen is in the gesture of good viewing, company, and does not block my windshield has seen. A place provides excellent presentation of a map of navigation without distraction of a road. Hurriedly Can take and substitute my tlphonique and a mountain has the solid connection in a pinch. It tries several agreements with different mountains and a MIRACASE is by far a better.
5 / 5 Josh
The works add. Has an iPhone Xs Max with the case..The perfectly included controls in bumpy Mountain of the roads have not slipped a pinch-1fins and everything in a heat to Knit. Bought or for each cart and or has had a subject. I Like him his of a fact that can create you and go down an arm and a magnet adjust for different angles in safely see a screen while driven.
5 / 5 Treasa
This mountain of car telephone is exactly which needs to line my tlphonique while I am directing and the need sees a navigation of GPS or musician of game. It IS flexible and access in the plot of second different places where has room in your picture of mandate. An adhesive and the magnet is quite strong to line my tlphonique on some few swipes of crazy speed in my plot for estacionar of the floor!
5 / 5 Karena
A wheel to connect is main and the strongest looks
and has used another mountain of tlphonique of magnetic cart before ,all the things are well but suddenly the falls were with a balloon still in a socket,the cup of suction is still there,as and wants to find the up to date one substitutes it,and thinks this has to be a better election ,the left wing is voice that the times can last.
3 / 5 Mia
An adhesive for a mountain of pinch has road of date after the week or so much.
Will try a windshield mountain and voice if this work afterwards.
Has description of update:
A windshield the highland laws adds, but a reason has bought this was for some mountains to pinch so at all that bloc my view through a windshield.
The longest history very time, and'll maintains it and finds another adhesive strong plus for him.
Update in an update:
After 6 pause of month