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Top Customer Reviews: Brother Genuine ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
3 / 5 Kimberlie
Before you run out of a toner of plus of compraventa for your mark of printer of the sure Brother to go in 1. 'The conjoint general arrive' card, then in estner of option of place and change of'uperior' continue ''. This will leave calm in fully exhaust a cartridge of toner, and trust me... There is enough the bit of left wing of inner toner!

Then when at the end the races was to buy the new TN660 like the cartridges of big harvest are worth it.

Estimativa Of account of the page of the brothers is based in 5% coverage, that is to say quite this revises printed in the full piece of paper.
4 / 5 Garland
Prize of cost and good harvest. It does not forget in reset a printer like a harder cartridge very time that the brother the flight in. For mine DL-L2360D, goes in a together-arrives card --&62; printing --&62; continual. This takes an automatic decree when a toner is lower
5 / 5 Mervin
Like The printer of the brother bought student and one of these cartridges to go with him. The calm can any gone bad with printers of laser. 99% of my necessities to the impression is satisfied in black and white. A judge to start with the cartridge lasted me 700 impressions, and my current described big one has almost lasted 1200 without signs to retard down. I have not bought toner or ink besides that the year. To good sure estimates a money.

TIP: they Go in your parameters of printer of the brother and sure when being to enable 'Road to Save of the Toner','Road of Text of the Impression', esduce Frisia of Paper', poses a DPI in 300. These will go down your use of toner while maintaining a same quality.
1 / 5 Ria
There is not any road that is to say the toner of the big harvest ! We have printed probably at most of 400 pages and a printer are by train to give us the opinion of low toner. 2600 pages are that the brother says would have to take . We have used not even for above a ream of the paper since installs this cartridge. Only we use a printer for use of house. There is only 2 of us house and we only use for sporadic necessities. That is to say ridiculous for the this has paid. We remark that in 3 months of compraventas, was down in 50%. It expects this of an out of marks of piece but Brother??? That is to say totally objectionable!!!
1 / 5 Lavada
I want the brother is a printer . Buy his product very time. Even so, a last TN660 experience in November 2017 has run dry after the printing has limited. I will order again while it is part of my critical flow like the professor that develops original curriculum. Like An out of side of pocket, is expecting that a substitution will be useful for some 2600 cloaks promises...Anybody 350 in fact printed of a cartridge of toner of big harvest. I give the reception to entered of manufacturer!
3 / 5 Melody
Correction: This ink is arrival so promised and the packaging was intact
( graces !) Quan At the end took it the basically new mine ( 2 cartridge) printer to do, an ink was still fresh.
Apparently my printer was in failure.
The daughter is my Twin contacted and after the plot of work for my daughter and one taking, a printer is doing and an ink is well. It was not that it can have done besides sliding a cartridge in and has been !

Original to mate so much in in to to the people likes them-him he in can know that it is not an ink: My printer will not recognise this cartridge ( or does not have any ink in a cartridge)
has purchased this printer and a substitution tn660 cartridge.
Quan Has inserted a tn660 cartridge (which has done very), has ordered this cartridge of substitution.
Opens has changed any 2 so that time of cartridges that the can not take which are original.
Has been loaned a epson printer for my daughter and at present uses that until I take ink that law or the new printer.
5 / 5 Iris
Looked the video in Youtube so that I do not want to something wrong and do the disorder. My husband has not been house when a cartridge that is coming with my career of new machine out of toner or ink anything is. It IS so easy to change a cartridge! Only it take it the small black smudge in my inch. I have posed a cartridge used in a box a new cartridge entered and slapped one focuses to turn on concealed was comprised. Easy Peasy. A lot IT WANTS the brothers is my machine . This cartridge is easy to substitute and think me, at all is usually easy for me to do. Thank you Brothers to do he sooo easy!
4 / 5 Erlinda
That is to say the cartridge of decent toner , but has takes it. Voice, says that it is estimated by 2500 pages or something so, but a printer will try joshing calm in a quantity of toner has left a whole time. It prints the big project and he have begun to flash a light of toner after 200 pages or so many. It wants to know a cure? It takes a cart was, shaken a cartridge around. Calm the the then posed behind in, paste a green button and a printer are in in to the to everything likes him 'Oh of him, sad in east wins.
4 / 5 Karma
As my printer had been nagging me to substitute a toner for the moment and has ordered this of Amazon. So far the line on well and a quality of impression is excellent. 1 That is to say the genuine product and will print in big resolution with any toner spillage or disorder. 2 That is to say easy to substitute. 3 I attentive this to do for the long time. It has been several months and has has not had any subject.
Unit any M His like me that twin the force of toner you to substitute a toner before it has run really down all a road. My old cartridge has had still some good life in him. I one usually takes an old cartridge was shakes it left and right and substituted it but after the day or two, a printer again would be to complain- in low toner. Still although the quality of impression was a lot of.
B. It can be the launches to coin if the toner 'genuine' is better that any one renews it or one afterwards substitution of piece. It finds a last tends to be more uneven in deposition of toner and can more when being messy. I also with another printer there has been the bad experience with aftermarket toner 'puking' in a printer of laser and basically in that cause me to substitute a printer more harvest that had planned it the the .
C. Toner Of the mark of genuine Brother is overpriced. That is to say the element of merchandise and very does not have very additional explicit additional guarantee with using a mark by name.
Basically, has paid a premium of prize for a mark by name and so far this continues quality to print B/W and grayscale beginning of laser for me.
5 / 5 Marcene
I go me deceive to purchase Linkyo. The lesson has learnt, clave with a mark. A Linkyo the copies were horrible. A cartridge of the products of Brother clears and accurate copies. Coast to pay extra to take clean copies. Of a moment footprint, there is no smearing or anything...Only the perfect copy.

Top Customer Reviews: HP 951 | 3 Ink ...

Rating: 1 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Patrick
Has thinks that that this subject would be corrected for now...The cartridges have entered mere brown wrapper, any HP. Like Another buyer signified, HP clear in his web of place that unless has a HP packaging, can very sure when being is new HP produced. I want Amazon, but will be notified of the same misrepresentation. Has any one to pose in a printer still, but if a printer means is not new, is by train to return them.
5 / 5 Dina
It IS the restless bit to purchase this product that the voice like those so many people has had negative things to say enough it. A one the main thing was preoccupied quite has not taken genuine HP inner of ink of an original box. My only arrived container and has taken the beaks of all has had to in case perhaps he the complaint with Amazon.
In my surprise, took exactly what some shows of picture. He the pictures comprised for any one of those who dubious that it will take it genuine HP dyed. Desprs Installing, my printer has data a final approval with the 'Genuine HP cartridges of the installed ink' message through my screen. For a life of my printer, always will inform behind in this vendor for my ink.
1 / 5 Ying
Only it take some cartridges without a packaging. Has thinks that that it was the orderly idea to flavour save money to touch a packaging. Quan Has posed some cartridges in my printer, a printer said me was anteriorly has used. Look in some levels of ink in a HP utility and M and And the cartridges have not been full. There is not any packaging so that this vendor is up in half night refilling cartridges and selling them so new.
2 / 5 Conrad
I have ordered these cartridges like new cartridges. They were pictured in packaging that detail but arrived in the pure aim unlabeled the bubble embroils. One focuses in some individual cartridges has looked for to be genuine HP. Quan Installed the, they all has been identified by my printer as 'HP cartridges that anteriorly has been used'. It was not although these will do, but is not pleased this has ordered cartridges that was to present what new HP the cartridges and I final with refilled ones, and any idea what amiable of ink.
1 / 5 Susan
I have bought this product of Amazon so that it have ordered his a HP Officejet Printer. I thought that it that it require some cartridges of extra ink to go with a so the printer has ordered these HP 951 cartridges that has been announced with a printer. First of all a product has been announced like an original HP the pointed ink in an original HP container and was to suppose to be new. A product is coming rapped in brown paper, not even a envelope,a brown paper and recorded in an end, with one focuses of the tape broken. Some inks have not had any one focuses in an electronic side. They looked as has very been used and the frights included to try in my printer. In my disgust is marked clearly in some cartridges NO FOR RESALE. They have posed then the opinion of small paper in a saying of boxes 'helps a planet to go box-less, if you are unsatisfied with a product can ship a retail box separately'. Yes Well, it is dump to ask them ship he separately.
My accident is so can the amazon leaves this product to be sold in the web of place. They control very backdrop in this bogus vendor or any form of the diligence planned. That is to say the serious scum and this goes fraud further. The client does not have to stay in this class of vulnerability.
That will direct any one in this level of desperation and dish of blatant armour of innocent clients. I am really disappointed so that I am such the loyal client of Amazon and has not expected never this fright of the service. I am warning client to remain clear of this product if they do not wish to be scummed to separate with any money, although it sounds the cent.
IS the product of fake , used, at all fences in in the this is announced and more importantly NO FOR RESALE. These are shameless cheats .
1 / 5 Kum
I want to give the thanks to ones other critics for a look that these are not again fashioned HP cartridges of ink, but used, refilled cartridges. A description those aims a HP the box without looking is clearly deceptive. Test refilled cartridges before with several successful titles; some do well, but another have spewed ink during a printer. It opens Only use genuine HP, cartridges fashioned again.

For new HP cartridges, the amazon offers any advantage of prize. A real advantage of Amazon is consolation. But now I can very sure when being that it goes to take when order of Amazon. Compraventa Cartridges of OfficeDepot or the staples are inconvenient, but at least of insurances to take real HP cartridges. No longer I have to guaranteeed when seeing or ordering cartridges of ink of Amazon.
1 / 5 Lavon
I have purchased this in Aug 3, only done two weeks already are having subject of ink. They have been rid in the brown paper, no in a familiar green HP packaging. Any I same uses yellow likes 90% of my printing is black and aim. Buyer beware these looked changes in a hp cartridge
1 / 5 Florida
These have not been shipped in goleada of same factory although they have been aimed in a picture of product, or was some cartridges have sealed with a typically found crowbar in new cartridges. This direct me to think was cartridges of change , which do not want in any prizes and was the real tears have entered this prize.
5 / 5 Maida
I have bought one 951 group by heart of Planet of vendor of Toner.' You are a prize still likes him Amazon, with First nave, minus a tax. I saved me $ 5-$ 6.

Among the sealed, genuine HP 951 box and according to a printer, each what 3 cartridges are full and has not been anteriorly has used. Also it has the mid 2020 date of the expiration and he are Feb. 2019. As they are legit cartridges of this vendor.

Anteriorly Has purchased the $ 20 ink posed by LexTek and almost ruin my Officejet Pro 8630. Take the 'The fault of Printer' the message that says had something wrong with a system of delivery of the ink, afterwards be installed the few months, of these cheap cartridges. He eschews the.

So that a printer any same impression in black (that it was it a HP cartridge) although only the cartridge by heart is empty, decided in only substitute a seldom used colour inks with the cheap aftermarket with good descriptions (4/5 stars). I think that that it dyes of the cheap colour there was clogged in a printhead so that they have not been empty. Or that, or read that these aftermarket the cartridges can say that a printer is empty still if it is not, but so that a piece in a cartridge does not give a concrete printer info, likes him is empty, likes him some real carts , stays to ask you what a problem is.

When being mine 8630 was the printer quite type , no longer is risking changes of ink. I calm quite paid for HP dyes each which how 6-12 month that loses an expensive printer.

After installing a genuine HP dye by heart, an error was was, thank you God! But right after running a 'access of clean impression' tool in a printer, of course a printer say me that a black ink is now down. Ugh.

Like the planet of tin of Toner vouch prendido. Real ink, real boxes, full unused carts, any problem. Please it eschews some cheap inks has the decent printer. I know the ink is waaay overpriced, but is very any one the value those ruins a printer on.
1 / 5 Sage
I have bought this cartridge in an end of Seven 2018 and took Oct 3 2018. I did not install it immediately, perhaps two weeks. Seldom it uses my printer but finds is necessary to have to way that has to sew to print sometimes. I predominately printed in black to save of the ink is so expansionary. As I have to print something today in only black and take this opinion , that says that it only has Cyan. I the problem has shot this subject, has cleaned my leader of impression and now takes a notification that my ink is has exhausted totally. The active did not have it never this subject with any another HP cartridges of ink. I have contacted Amazon regarding this subject and still although it was the small past of days an on duty date, emit focuses it to me of tower. Cartridge Of bad ink - the service of client ADDS!!!! MANDATE in YOUR OWN RISK

Top Customer Reviews: HP 61 | 2 Ink ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 40 ratings
5 / 5 Kelley
The works add in my HP envies 5530. I have read a lot some revises enough that this combo group (black and tri-colour) has not done in some printers. Then when I have entered the number of model of my printer in amazon, said me that it was not compatable with my printer. Has thinks that that it was odd, so that I have thought each what '61' the ink would owe law in all the printers that takes '61' ink.
Has decided to take my casualidad and purchase this HP 61 together of ink anyways and is happy has done. Work perfectly in my printer. Quan Took an ink, has verified a side of a box and my printer has been listed. Here it is a list of printers that is to list that compatable in a box:

HP Deskjet - 1000, 1010, 1012, 1050, 1051, 1055, 1056, 1510, 1512, 1514, 2050, 2510, 2512, 2514, 2540, 2541, 2542, 2543, 2544, 3000, 3050, 3050A, 3051A, 3052A, 3054, 3054A, 3056A, 3510, 3511, 3512.

HP Envy - 4500, 4501, 4502, 4504, 4505, 5530, 5531, 5532, 5535, 5539.

HP Officejet - 2620, 4630, 4631, 4632, 4635.

Expects these helps and clears in a confusion that all the world could be he has.
1 / 5 Sirena
Form among 25 and 30 pages of basic forms and has written documents. Any picture or map. An ink has finished. Usually this cartridge would last me the few months so that I seldom printed and use of flavours Docusign or free DocHub to complete and rid on-line forms. This time last less than the into use clear month. Hesitant to pay so much again. It can try the generic ink of the worse starts any road.
1 / 5 Jimmy
If it can give these to 0 description, I . I have bought only these fewer cartridges that mark the month. Quan Was to take an orange of plastic tape of so much a black and tri-cartridges by heart, a tape was impossible to take. A tape there was hardened and was bonded, permanently, in a cartridge. I have tried to use tweezers and cutters of cuticle without luck.

By so, some cartridges are absolutely useless; and now I will have to cross a hassle to return somehow. But it conceal can print it the frickin focus without the printer of operation?
1 / 5 Dominga
The May has purchased 1 so that I thought that it would require for my decorations of party of the boys. Any precise to open it until the month later. The black has been opened, out of a foil wrapper. Had the piece of scotch tape through him and he are in fact empty. A colour was not even in a box. Quan Looked in a box there was the piece of scotch the tape that the fence that give me this was to return for more. It opens Need to spend more money in ink so that this was only the tear was.
1 / 5 Emerson
HP IS a worse company when comes to give you what paid for in a cartridge of ink. That is to say a last cartridge that buys for a hp inkjet since is tired they rasgndonos was. This load to write $ 60 for the printer and then wants tea to pay meso that costs again every time go to use a printer. Literally volume quite 30 pages of the impressions in front of a printer say me to us is out of ink. It does not import it is black or printed by heart, or last decrees more than the few works of impression. It saves your money and purchase the printer of laser. At the end do a change after purchasing these cartridges and have them has run was before could reload a machine with paper.
1 / 5 Celestina
I have bought these cartridges the pair in fact seven weeks so that my printer has run down in ink. At the end run was has so tried to install some new cartridges. Some the new cartridges no . A printer said that they are bad cartridges and has to when the be has substituted. I reinstalled some old cartridges and they still laws (although a quality of impression is down like the ink is beginning to the race was).

The amazon will not substitute some cartridges so that I have bought the more this 30 days ago. The tan now am out of $ 33. That the tear-was. The lesson has learnt is not to buy HP cartridges ahead of time. Attentive until they are was and then purchase more. A better lesson is not to buy cartridges of Amazon. It buys the ones of the local tent where can return was bad. If it buys of the amazon then has to install in 30 days and wastes a last bit of ink in some those old cartridges can do a cost of ink more then has bought local.
1 / 5 Doloris
Any insurance that spent here but a cartridge of ink of the colour does not act. And it poses in without touching a copper part and my printer immediately say that it is not installed. And'the voice has Researched the bit in the and can be the new subject my printer has to and'll has to look in while and in fact has some free times, but like this is only a third time that installs the new cartridge and any voice as they can be the error of printer . So thwarting
2 / 5 Emmitt
I have printed 5 pieces of paper in colour (any one the quantity adds -- just some art of clip and the colour verge). For some reason, a cartridge by heart is reading 'Low' already. Perhaps that is to say the error of manufacturer . There is not any road that after 5 pieces of paper that an ink would owe down when being. I bond in Costco or Staples instead my ink from now on. Any one pleased.
1 / 5 Clement
HP Opens IS having yours wifi the downloads of firmware of update of printer that third ink of bloc of party so has to buy you HP is. Cairo He up!
Has not used this still, but has had the anterior versions and any volume of the so a lot of impressions in my HP 4630 Officejet likes him used to to locate my old plus HP everything in a printer. I think HP does this on purpose to sell more ink. A day will buy another marked printer. I am done with HP for everything. They are JUNK.
1 / 5 Tania
BUYER BEWARE. If it can leave or stars, I . I have ordered this in June 4, 2017. Today it is July 14, 2017. We were to go 20 of these days are spent in the trip, and has used hardly this cartridge at all. Today, I the work of copy of the main colour of 10 pages. For an end of him, printed in the colours and a printer have informed an ink was down. It has had much more out of a paste-marks for means a prize. That is to say ridiculous. They are sold like HP the mark but this are the tear-was. To read other descriptions, this is not the case of time. BUYER BEWARE.
4 / 5 Maryanne
The works add in mine HP envies 5530. I have read a lot of some descriptions roughly like this combo sale (black & tri-colour) has not done in some printers. Then when I have entered the number of model of my printer the amazon, said that it was not compatable with my printer. I thought that it that it was odd, reason have thought all '61' the ink would owe that it reads in all the printers that takes '61' ink.
Has decided to take my casualidad and purchase this HP 61 near of ink anyways and am happy has done. Work perfectly in my printer. When I have received an ink, has verified a side of a box and my printer has been listed. Here it is a cast of printers that is listed like compatable in a box:

HP Deskjet - 1000, 1010, 1012, 1050, 1051, 1055, 1056, 1510, 1512, 1514, 2050, 2510, 2512, 2514, 2540, 2541, 2542, 2543, 2544, 3000, 3050, 3050A, 3051A, 3052A, 3054, 3054A, 3056A, 3510, 3511, 3512.

HP Envies - 4500, 4501, 4502, 4504, 4505, 5530, 5531, 5532, 5535, 5539.

HP Officejet - 2620, 4630, 4631, 4632, 4635.

Expect these helps and clears on a confusion that all the world could be have.
4 / 5 Oren
Has printed among 25 and 30 pages of basic forms and has written documents. Any picture or map. An ink has finalised. Usually this cartridge would last me the few months because I seldom printed and try use Docusign or free DocHub to complete and rid on-line forms. This hard time less than the into use light month. Hesitant to pay so much again. It can try the generic ink of starts that loses any way.
5 / 5 Deedra
Can give these to 0 description, I . I have bought so only these cartridges less than fact the month. When I Have been to take an orange of plastic tape of both a black and tri-cartridges by heart, a tape was impossible to take. A tape has had hardened and has been stuck, permanently, to a cartridge. I have looked for to use tweezers and cutters of cuticle without regime.

For like this, some cartridges are absolutely worthless; and now I will owe that spend for a hassle to return somehow. But to the equal that can print the frickin focus without the printer of operation?
4 / 5 Mac
Has purchased May 1st reason has thinks that would require for decorations of mine of party of the edges. It has not required for the open until the month later. Black has been opened, out of a foil wrapper. Had the piece of scotch tape by means of him and is in fact empty. A colour was not even in a box. When you Look in a box there was the piece of scotch the tape that the in firm doing me @give this is to be return for more. Maintaining I need to spend more the money dyed on reason this was so only the tear was.
5 / 5 Tatiana
HP Is a worse company when it comes to give you that it pay partorisca in a cartridge of ink. Ossia A last cartridge that buys for a hp inkjet of then am tired his rasgándonos was. This load of types $ 60 for the printer and then wants to you partorisca pay half that the cost again every time goes to use a printer. Literally I take roughly 30 pages of the first impressions of a printer say me is out of ink. It does not import it is black or printing by heart, neither last stops more than few works of impression. Save your money and buy the printer of laser. I have done finally a transmission after purchasing these cartridges and in that ran him was before it can reload a car with paper.
5 / 5 Stephen
Very sure that has spent here but a cartridge of ink of the colour does not act. It has Dipped he in without touching a copper part and my immediately said printer that it is not installed. Esees Has Researched the bit in the and can be the subject new my printer has to that the'll has to that look the while the ones of fact have some free time, but like this is so only a third time that installs the new cartridge the does not see like this can be the error of printer . As frustrating
5 / 5 Hipolito
has bought these cartridges look it in fact seven weeks because my printer has run down in ink. Finally the career has been has tried like this to install some new cartridges. Some the new cartridges no . A printer has said that they are bad cartridges and has to that be substituted. I reinstalled some old cartridges and his still laws (although a quality of impression is down like the ink is beginning to run was).

To the amazon will not substitute some cartridges because I bought them more than fact 30 days. Like this now they are out of $ 33. That the tear-was. The lesson has learnt is not to buy HP first cartridges of time. Attentive until they are was and then buy more. A better lesson is not to buy cartridges of Amazon. It buys him of the local tent where can the to you the turn is bad. If spent of the amazon then has that installs him interior 30 days and squander a last bit of ink in some old cartridges that can do it an ink cost more then has bought local.
5 / 5 Kasie
Has printed 5 pieces of paper in colour (any one the quantity adds -- just some art of clip and the flange coloreado). For some reason, a cartridge by heart is reading 'Low' already. Perhaps ossia the error of costruttore . There is not any way that with which 5 pieces of paper that an ink would owe that be down. I will stick to Costco or Staples the transmission my ink from now on. Any one has pleased.
5 / 5 Tanya
Have the quite good printer, but so only maintain black ink in him to save money. We so only documents of impression and coupons with him. But I have found this colour and the black band more economic that I can buy a black cartridge! It go to have that buys the colour a punctual for the projects are doing on. I know I can trust these cartridges to the equal that have been buying them paralizaciĂłn to our printer of then 2008. Has has has printed pictures and a lot other fines colored documents with this ink. And sometimes some chairs of ink for month before we use it to knots and has has not had never any complaints roughly that. I know he has recycle inks, but are fearful of a quality and enough would be able to trust an ink that saves more money. So only it uses an ink by heart for things a lot of entities - like this needs the one of confidence. They are also happy to having saved of the money this time!!!
5 / 5 Chris
HP Now is having your wifi downloads of printer firmware updates that third ink of blockade of party to the equal that owe that buy HP is. Look He up!
Has not used this still, but has had the leading versions and I do not take impressions like this a lot of in mine HP 4630 Officejet like it has used to locate my older HP everything in a printer. Material HP does this on purpose to sell more ink. A day will buy another branded printer. I am done with HP for everything. They are JUNK.
4 / 5 Terra
BUYER BEWARE. If it can leave a star, I . I have ordered this on June 4, 2017. Today it is July 14, 2017. We have been gone 20 of these days have spent in the travesĂ­a, and has has used partorisca grieve this cartridge at all. Today, I the work to copy to paint main of 10 pages. For an end of him, impression in of the colours and a printer have informed an ink was down. I have had much more out of a swipe-of frames partorisca means a prize. Ossia Ridiculous. They are sold like HP the mark but ossia the tear-was. Partorisca Read other descriptions, this is not the chance of time. BUYER BEWARE.
4 / 5 Alden
Looks another there has been a question still that has had. I have had a HP envies 5530 partorisca five years and has used ALWAYS HP 61, until this order. Trying instalarprpers so only repeated 'incompatible with printer' to the equal that has had to that call Amazon for the repayment. Sent the backside and the hope do not owe that send a prĂłjimo a backside; it is a lot frustrating and require a printer. If HP is having the returns and the questions with this ink owe that reevaluate a question and any to leave in slope. My joint: it does not order an ink until it plan the install or can take the bad surprise and need of the turn.
5 / 5 Cedrick
With a quantity that impression, usually on way of saver of the ink, and often in B&W, usually take the year to spend peel 2-band of cartridges for our printer, with one when being colour and a when being black . They are happy transmission the HP of the our forward Epson all-in-a, as we use to burn by means of ink with a Epson likes the person is business, without printing photo on paper of photo or anything like that - mostly documents or knitting models or D&D character spent and like this on. A burn of the only time by means of the ink is when in the has not printed for the moment and has to that spend for all some steps of cleaners and everything. One 2-the band is the @@subject this in spite of, for printers that takes HP 61, when some other inks of sides of printer $ 30 paralizaciones so only a cartridge and no hard still the averages like this long.
4 / 5 Nicky
Likes raisin occasionally, a cartridge of black ink is dry like the bone. A colour a has not been opened like this of closing. Has this question, thinks that is outdated and is a lot of dissappointing when they are in the haste to use my printer. I have had to that go to the local tent and buy another cartridge in black to do my work. Probably you do not buy again. They are not in to return elements, too aggrevation.
4 / 5 Charita
A quality to print for this printer and an ink is of sound, but is really expensive and raisin for ink like crazy. Material this probably was to add footprint so only once in the moment and really loves resulted of big quality. It can be I adds to print photo. But for daily press, to good sure is that lacking of. So only press the pocolos document small the week and I would spend for in the cartridge the month and some cartridges are not economic. And a time takes to print the document is quell'has bitten ridiculous also reason has to that chair and dry after each side of the footprint of double document sided.

Has finalised to buy it laserjet printer to print the majority of my documents now and so only uses this printer and is the ink requires to print the report that really concern me roughly like looks. It is the printer adds and ink of quality, but would not buy it again can help reason is been to confront of money and really any one value an extra quality resupplies. Oh, And installing a roughly is that one gives Vinci code up in there, take me 20 minutes for the take to return to an odd space in a printer every time, any @@subject that time he. Such the odd creation.
4 / 5 Ilene
Has the quite good printer, but so only maintain black ink in him to save money. We so only documents of impression and coupons with him. But I have found this colour and the black band more economic that I can buy a black cartridge! It go to have that buys the colour a punctual for the projects are doing on. I know I can trust these cartridges to the equal that have been buying them paralizaciĂłn to our printer of then 2008. Has has has printed pictures and a lot other fines colored documents with this ink. And sometimes some chairs of ink for month before we use it to knots and has has not had never any complaints roughly that. I know he has recycle inks, but am fearful of a quality and enough would be able to trust an ink that saves more money. So only it uses an ink by heart for things a lot of entities - like this needs the one of confidence. They are also happy to having saved of the money this time!!!
5 / 5 Rosalinda
Has bought this like this he combo band and at the same time, my ink by heart was was, this in spite of my black ink was a lot. I have resisted to a 'new' the black cartridge until a black has run was and changed it he roughly done 2 weeks. It does not act , and I have been of then driving mad with the on-line remedies that thinks was something to do with an update or perhaps windows 10. I some troubleshooting for my account to change colours of documents and there is @@give that one the black cartridge was to uselessness . When I have tried gone back the, has learnt that a window of turn had spent, included although I opened it so only. I guess beware of fines sales because no utilisations an immediately, the evasions of amazon with sending it faulty produced without recourse. If I have had an option, this would be minus 5 stars.
5 / 5 Sergio
Has bought this ink and installed a fact of black cartridge are weeks. No press often, probably less than 25 pages of then installation. Now a printer aims one substitutes of precise cartridge. HP Cartridge Of the ink is not to value of the extra money has compared to other frames and of the transmissions.
Follows up: I have tried to rid the claim of guarantee in a HP put web. This in spite of, that follows some link in a HP the place does not give never an occasion to rid demand it on-line.
5 / 5 Justa
Is gone in the original box sealed, well the inner date of expiration. A like this feigned work. A prize is better here that in my venue mart.
am returning these like this defective. They have done well a time of diverse prime minister, there is remarked then that a yellow printed muddy and a red was brown. I have followed the procedure of more cleaned of my printer multiple time, and so only take the little better. I have taken a cartridge by heart was and invernadero the visible ink down. When I seated It down, you filter ink. I have taken out of a black and do one same. Perhaps it sends these by means of a topmast was too rough on him. I will buy in a tent from now on to avert headaches. I am giving 2 stars because repayments of frames of the easy Amazon.
4 / 5 Cordell
Ossia The tear WAS !!!!!!!!! You are forced to pay 20 $ for ink of instant and blocks your printer of working. Alive in travesĂ­a and corporate motels and can not use a program of llama of the ink am not quite stable to having refused like this to use he for years and now to the AMAZON has given this as if it is the HP the produced and is not . It is Amazon and if your printer is stop HP tin a lot unstop the and some people of the amazon does not take any authorship thus produced.
Love my money behind!!!!
4 / 5 Carmel
Well, it was necessary has looked more afterwards in some recent descriptions. It have ordered a combo sale partorisca my old, trusty HP 1510 on done the year and has had any question with some cartridges. When An ink has run down, has looked for that order in my history. I have selected king order, presuming same results. Any so many. A black has given any messages of error, but a colour flagged like incompatible region. They were in a SAME container! So much, now I owe that buy another cartridge by heart... The end cost partorisca just some cartridges is roughly the one who the new (simple) the scanner/of printer would cost (that it would come it with these own cartridges ). Agree when the printers am lasted partorisca always? M Neither.
4 / 5 Roxie
My printer has said that a black ink is full, but at all impressions. I think that that it is dried on, although a portion partorisca paint impress still well. I used it perhaps once or two times, and just need partorisca launch it was.
5 / 5 Kaitlin
There is still partorisca use a black cartridge, but like this far a colour an east aiming like any when being no the legitimate cartridge. Has the Officejet 4630 to the equal that for all the accounts in a box owe that it has done. It looks exactly like a cartridge has substituted, and has had a same packaging, but waste partorisca recognise these new a. Tried troubleshooting partorisca in an hour and any of some solutions has helped. Felizmente He so only dyed by heart of the use each one once in the moment in an office, but maintaining require to spend money in the different cartridge and hope that an old one that has behind dipped will last until a new one comes. A lot frustrating in both the personal and business level. Has the big show this upcoming week as we can not have this class of delay.
4 / 5 Charlyn
Beware! Ossia The counterfeit cartridge of ink. It have been used and was empty, this in spite of packaged securely. My computer and the printer identified it immediately like this counterfeit.
5 / 5 Sonia
Very disappointing, this some second time have received defective HP cartridges of impression! It was not if a failure is Hewitt Packards step or provider of Amazons but to pay for the new cartridges plough the one who looks to be new container, take a piece that has spent a cartridge, & inserts/inserts in my printer so only to take a message of error that the ink is down & quality of the terrible impression is really frustrating! I have ordered felizmente 2 insiemi & a second set was a lot. I will not be taking my cartridges of printer of Amazon again.
4 / 5 Lizabeth
According to my HP 4632, this POS the cartridge was defective/fraction and would not recognise it . Thinking it could be the glitch in my printer, I swapped he out of several times, behind and advance, with a cartridge exhausted old and has recognised always an old cartridge without @@subject. It agrees now because hate HP - give the graces to squander my time with your low quality products. Needless To say, am not happy. That the ache in an ass.
5 / 5 Gerda
This was my first time that order this duet of ink by means of Amazon. I have used an ink of first colour with my forward HP the dye has bought in Walmart. I have not had any question with an ink by heart but when I have used a black ink of a band of same duet, a cartridge was no longer compatable with my printer. I guess you are buying this duet, any one beat of cartridges or can no with your HP printer. It have to that it has saved it of the money, but made a mistake to order another HP 61 black ink of Amazon first to use a 61 black cartridge of this container of duet. It does not squander your money. I have squandered Mine that buys this to so only take 1 cartridge that works.
5 / 5 Milton
In university, has bought the economic HP printer (around $ 75) to print fulfilled escoles. I have finalised to spend ten times that in ink in a prĂłjimo 4 years.

These cartridges usually print around 120 pages, but sometimes press less still pages. Any value he. If you are not frequently printing, his less expensive to use the public printer and paid $ for the black and white impressions (and individually print a colored pages in a main tax). If you are printing frequently, buy the expensive plus, any-HP printer ossia ink or toner in fact last.
4 / 5 Bridgette
Has bought these ribbons for my HP printer of jet of the ink. They do like this ribbons. So that it is not very thrilling. To the as it likes me there is in of absolute to do with quality and everything to do with practicality.
Both cartridges, painted and the black is numbered 61. I agree years to be in of the tents and that try to agree some numbers of some two cartridges in the printer of Lexmark. Finally, has have to that the dipped in the book to note raisin in mine purse, of some numbers have not gone inclusos alike. Having some frames to number the sense and am appreciated the HP for having that. Sometimes, some innovations some simple plus is some better .
4 / 5 Lucina
HP Quality--well, but grossly overpriced.
This is not the subject of an Amazon.
All HP the material is the poor value for a money.
Good printers; so only highly overpriced.
For a cost of an ink, some printers would owe that be free.
So only think to the in this way fat cats is sustaining when when being gouged for ink.
Company the scarce on innovation-- could very included do the competitive PC . . .
A low-finalise HP the printers are horrid (like a one this cartridge goes to; I have had to that buy four new units to take quite a lot of parts, software and cords to have a complete working unit). I bought it reason have given the leading model to the fellow and loves one everything in a figure. A one has bought the escáneres but calm requires two hundred software of dollar to use a characteristic to scan--that the software has been comprised in any cost with the oldest models--like this one bought for my partner.
Wake on, Cina! A phase is wide open!

Top Customer Reviews: HP 902 | 3 Ink ...

Rating: 1 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Christinia
That is to say my LAST HP products -- never. I have bought this ink after deceiving- to enrol in HP programs of Ink of the Instant, which are kinda the hybrid among a Church of Scientology and The Ours Sew. (Perhaps it attaches in 'California of Hotel'). Tax of brass, has had the 25 lb too many to seat plsticoes in my shelf that lasts several months (could not scan or printed after I am fallen by behind the payment ... At least they no kneecap me!) Then , I have broken down and cartridges of the colour bought by concealed it active absolutely any use anything, but which are required to print b/w or to scan. It IS unreal, but a printer communicates with HP (yes, these theories of conspiracy of control through RFID the piece is not totally was objective) in a point that the account is continued your works of impression and is has cut automatically has been afterwards prints that it is considered a lifespan of a cartridge -- has the left wing of ink in a cartridge or the Sad no., applicant McGyver, these diy boxes of change of the impression does not act, more not even to try. I know, it knows, this is not a Crisis of Cuban Missile, but, jeez, can has not cutting the type concealed has down in his luck the pause????
3 / 5 Dierdre
That can say, law, but HP the ink is sper expensive. My council is, only footprint that it is absolutely necessary. Or go in your tent of the dispatch the next plus and takes these refilled there to save the little bucks. Sad HP, but you gotta clients of cure. It reduces your prizes. Very it is not in that side you that a lot to do these cartridges and fill them. It IS so that it was in a subject of printer. It IS that the costs is.
1 / 5 Gigi
There is no such thing like the subject when comes to buy HP cartridges. An integer HP 902 has been dried has been. The impression was turn and in a be of point for undistinguishable. I have purchased immediately directly of HP, where some movements of product hurriedly. It IS very expensive, buying direct, but there is the guarantee with them. He been a HP buyer during the decades and this are a first time has taken bonded with dried out of cartridges and no in that has the backups in stock was the inconvenience of entity.
1 / 5 Heath
Similar in my others descriptions of a black ink XL, this ink run out of FAST. Seldom I same uses my printer and expected to take the time with a longitude of this cartridge but I have taken hardly 20 impressions before lining and other problems have begun to arrive. Law with printing well in 4 years so many is these is to good sure any one the new mark. It does not recommend buying these in Amazon. I want the amazon but this was only ridiculous.
1 / 5 Sharyl
These are dud cartridges . Quan Installed the first time some levels of impression were under a full line, after printing the page to try and that sees that had white lines during a text, crossed some steps of troubleshooting/follows all some tips in HP website. I have printed 3 pages and some levels are fallen in 1/4 (included a black XL measure). Any one COMPRAVENTA
1 / 5 Shalonda
The ink has run was afterwards only quite 75 pages... Any photo of full page or anything filled with map and of the images coloreadas... Cradle to print of just minor for the few months... And it is it was already! I have paid more for an ink that a printer. That is to say bad. I want my money behind!
5 / 5 Malissa
I use this ink with a HP OfficeJet Pro 6968 Wireless All-in-A Printer of Photo with Mobile Printing. Although HP dyes of Instant to offer them ready bylines for this printer, I any one quite printed in the warrant this takes ink in the monthly base.

With that say, this cartridge of ink, and is cartridge of the partner of black ink provides exceptional results in my printer. All printing, by everything means of yes for normal purposes, taking faxes, etc., The clear beginnings and treble. I want a capacity of my HP printer to do the double constant printing, which save the tonne of paper. I also like a picture of order in my computer these exposures a current state of a printer. It mean exactly what rests of ink, and results in the mine that orders so much this and a cartridge of black ink only before precise the.

This a lot-the cartridge by heart is first quality of tax . May drips, And always provide me with quality of perfect impression.
1 / 5 Maxwell
This particular container of ink was defective. That the waste of money. I always maintenances an extra container manually and a container of january 19 2018 installed is printing properly. I have to reorder again. An original container of a defective has been despised of.
Thinks that will order of staples in a future
1 / 5 Diedre
I have purchased this product in June 2018 down preparation to require them. But I have not installed some 3 cartridges by heart until mid July so that that is to say when some the old cartridges have not printed properly. It IS now August 5. A printing by heart has been order until 2 days ago. It opens Everything is printing very pink. I pulled it it was each 3 cartridges to take the look and a blue and the be dry looked for yellow. I no this a lot of printing by heart, as they do not have to be empty already. And a printer is in the room of climate has controlled. I am very disappointed in this compraventa particular. As much as I hate to do it, goes to have that buys ink of printer of my local Staples so many can do sure is fresh.
4 / 5 Estrella

Top Customer Reviews: Brother TN-450 ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
Final update: the April 23. Judge to start with The cartridge at the end says is run totally was (although the still looks to print). That is to say the total besides or 200 pages less since have taken in the first place the message. One 3-time-Go printout shows the total of 730 pages - quite what a judge to start with the cartridge is supposition to have , and has installed now a salvation-cartridge of capacity

----- first update
Update. It IS now April 11. Impression at least other 100 pages and the things still are going well. But I have discovered another characteristic. It outrage one 7-time-Go (describes low), has the 3-time-Go that it print the three report of page those aims everything has not wanted never know in your printer, that comprises a quantity of the in fact left toner. ( It notes that has the Brother HL-2270DW. A cartridge also returns other machines that can have the different road to take a same info.)

----- Original of mate
Likes Him another has begun to take the 'toner-low' message after perhaps 450 or so pages. Look for the road to trick a printer, reads a manual(!). It says to press a button Goes seven times in the row to clear a toner-low lockout, and that once that it was cleared a cartridge would continue to print until a toner had gone in fact.

Has done like the charm. I will update this when a thing in fact runs totally has been.

Sympathetic This, a mark of road has listened: the look a lot yields that has to order another cartridge - and he lockout that you can not ignore, maintaining calm of having the very bad day in a future.
5 / 5
My history with a HL-2270DW and a TN-450 cartridges:

Cartridge of Judge of start - 751 pages, has changed 12/27/2011
2 Cartridge - 1,999 pages (account of total printer 2,750) has Changed 03/29/2012
3 Cartridge - 2,559 pages (account of total printer 5,309) has Changed 07/24/2012
4 Cartridge - 2,627 pages (account of total printer 7,936) has Changed 11/19/2012
5 Cartridge - very record
6 Cartridge - Approx. 2,300 pages (account of total printer 12,585) has Changed 08/14/2013 (the DRUM OPENS is GIVING the opinion OF 0% LIFE LEFT)
UNIT of the drum SUBSTITUTED IN 14,908 PAGES 12/21/2013
7 Cartridge - 2,537 Pages (account of total printer 15,122) has Changed 01/03/2014

run the until it remarks the problem with a beginning he, a message of low toner enters very time before they have run in fact has been. You can press a button GOES 7 times in fast succession to do east.

Which of has prendido now counting exited of page, thinks that some results are quite reliable to form an opinion. My printer still is mecer in just likes him in day a!
1 / 5
This cartridge has failed afterwards quite 500 pages. He no the look can take the substitution. Bought this more or he less done 1 year like the backup after substituting a cartridge. As it listens for enough 6 bite. At the beginning do VAL, but after enough 500 or so pages, now prints unevenly, or really soft. Try each possible adjustment. More is to take of a cartridge and shake it. He then law for other 100 pages or so many. These the cartridges 'genuine' is too expensive to have them fail. And since always I maintain the backup, for some times discover is accesses well, the can not return. Very unfortunate.
1 / 5
This cartridge has produced vertical dropouts/fadeouts immediately in installation. I have changed behind in my old cartridge and a problem were was. As it is to well sure a cartridge and no a drum or another component of printer.

This is not an isolated case. Voice also a recent (July 27, 2016) description for J. Varner, This informs fadeouts with the mark-new cartridge.

Alas had bought this cartridge to have manually when a necessity has arisen, considering now a period of tower is spent. It does not buy this cartridge until right when the precise, in case that takes the futility and has to returns. Quan Law, the law adds. But conscious when being that it is taking it casualidad with this product and the be sure can return in a left wing of time.

Has to expect some futility yes takes bets it the cartridges have recycled on. But the control of poor quality is objectionable when in of payment upper dollar for a genuine element.
1 / 5
This cartridge lasted me only quite 600 pages of normal printing, mostly text and clear map. That is to say to well sure any one 'Big harvest'. It is announced likes 2600 pages. I have not taken 25% of that.
Lack suddenly in a midst to print the text only documents immediately in front of a last page. Usually I can see when a cartridge is descending for a change of quality of the impression and an on-look of screen. A last page has printed was the perfect impression. A printer has data the error of toner and would not clear in spite of endeavours to do function for a last page. Usually I take the 'Low Toner' look in my screen when is roughly to be exhausted, but no this time!!
The suspect was the defective element , since fail suddenly without the opinion and all the past identical units have bought always has quotes ideal action..
1 / 5
State buying this cartridge for a bit those that past years. Donat My use to change to print, mandate the nine an each which as another year or so much. In my surprise, this cartridge, the experience in the late August has run was totally, and has not printed anything those imports. It IS now November. Impossible that can have run was so hurriedly. It was not that to contact a vendor in of the this, but is not also happy to arrive to this point so that it look goes to have that designs another $ 55+ to take another. I will leave the better indication when this situation is resolved. So much, buyer beware.
1 / 5
I have bought only the new cartridge in January of 2018, three month is gone for and has has not had any increase in of the beginnings of the normal printing and a printer are asking toner. My last cartridge has lasted likes him 9 month. That is to say some rubbishes and is disappointed HIGHLY with this element.
5 / 5
Has turn the printer of Twin of monochrome laser the little the mark of month after the years of the frustration with another mark is each-in-a printer that has consumed enormous quantities of ink to paint included although I have printed each in black and white. A cartridge of toner that is coming with a unit of the laser of the Brother has run was hurriedly, while I have been warned, and takes the moment to imagine was so to substitute a cartridge a first time around but now is easy. Has a printer posed by 300 dpi (and for text in place of maps) to maximiza my harvest. It likes them to them another, begun to take the 'low toner' look around 1500 copies and if it was not to see other descriptions of Amazon for Brother is other cartridges, could have changed a cartridge shortly after taking a first look. Prpers Having read to join other descriptions, even so, takes a cartridge to exist, has shaken he the bit to ensure one in those rests the toner was very distributed, has run a 'carona cape' behind and sends the pair to time and is returned a printer into use regulates. So far, I have printed in 1200 additional pages of a first look and everything still are printing well, without lines or other problems that comes when a toner in fact is down. I am looking to see while longer an old cartridge will do, but wow, another the to good sure aided critical to warn of this problem. It IS something Brother ought to correct. For a road, has not posed tape in to some holes likes them another has suggested since does not want to very complications of that, although it can do like next time around. Like An additional note, unless the amazon has fixed a problem, ignores some of his cards of low drop when selecting a right cartridge for a unit of right Brother. They say a TN 450 is not to correct for the Brother HL2270DW when in fact is.
1 / 5
It has Had a same experience like plot another where that is supposed to be the mark the new cartridge does not give printouts that is to say very better that those that have taken of an old cartridge that has been exhausted and required to change. If has no known that this one was new and only installed, would be to say that it is time to to take to nine unit afterwards Times this takes the cartridge for my printer, simply will go in Staples and the take, although coast the little more dollars.
3 / 5
A quality of impression is well. A cost of cartridges of substitution, even so, is rediculous. At the end read all some descriptions and chooses the cartridge of substitution of Amazon (the be sure takes a correct TN for the brother is your Model ). A substitution will say you that that it has to do to do your cartridge esgister' in a printer; sure when being to read and clues some instructions. A generic substitution not having quite also the quality of impression, but is the plots the cheap plus, and give me so or even more copies that brother. If you use the cartridge of the brother, has called his number of the service when takes the 'new toner' message (probably was afterwards only the thousand or so copies)--insists to give you a code to enter to turn of a message ...Probably you it it it it has not used above still Half a toner in a cartridge has paid decrees so a lot of!

Top Customer Reviews: Epson T802XL-BCS ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Rosita
Colour: BlackStyle: So only I question if ossia the genuine Epson produced. It was not where the amazon takes these but has to that scrutinize a source a lot attentively.

Among a pertinent box, but when I have opened have no protective yellow tape in a cartridge (as had in some original cartridges that is coming with a printer). It has dipped he to a printer, which has refused to recognise the. When lame to substitute with one has bought locally, an ink has filtered throughout (and an after several pages have printed gazes has has had clues of wheel in some flanges).

Has initiated the turn (these are not economic) and when dipping a cartridge to the box to send, has to give that that I taken (in a XL box) was in fact the cartridge of alone measure (ossia, mislabeled, and I - and Amazon - had been touched like being a XL measure ). It conceal it is not the soyistake' this Epson would have done, as any one has been fiddling to somewhere. I will not be that it buys this ink by means of Amazon again.
5 / 5 Rufus
Colour: Black and colour combo packStyle: so only it was sper rasgado on like this partorisca write this description, but in an end has to that conclude that it is ALMOST CRIMINAL for this very small ink cartridges to cost like this. CRIMINAL! I mean, I am roughly so to the equal that have paid for a whole printer, and one the majority of what annoying is that if a black is full a dang the thing will not print without ink of magenta. Ossia So only I so that annoying.

Likes some cartridges of ink is well and work. If they were more economic would give him five stars here. But the price is the big part of the cost of product and value ... And this price is absolutely WAY TOO BIG. Ossia So only an objective truth. Way, way too big.
5 / 5 Buddy
Colour: Black and colour combo packStyle: So only A quality of this ink is sum. The look of photo of sound, there is no bleed in the level of the white paper and the text is crisp. Look, Takes that the printers are sold in the loss and Epson frames on partorisca it partorisca sell ink. I do not have any question with that. But seriously, two costs of containers more than a printer.
4 / 5 Man
Colour: Black and colour combo packStyle: I have purchased so only this element and installed in my printer yesterday. Some bosses of printer have required partorisca be has has cleaned based on trying of interview of a printer. With which two boss of printer that cleans cycles an ink was 3/4 empty without printing two pages more than test. I am not sure if this has been due to some cycles of cleaners of faulty cartridges. To all the cost, these cartridges are not to value of the money likes him run was of way too fast. They are more probably that launches a printer in some rubbishes and buying the new one this has cartridges of printer more reasonable. These cartridges still can have ink when a printer has said that they are empty because of a chip in a cartridge that so only leaves the sure number of pages to be printed by cartridge
5 / 5 Misha
Colour: Black and colour combo packStyle: So only You Buy these when I have bought a printer as would have backup when some the initial cartridges have run was. Burst the in yesterday and has run the pair of pages of test. They were instantly out of ink. All three colours. With which so only the pair of pages. Of these has been purchased in January like standbys, can no longer turn. $ 110 Partorisca 3 pages of test.....
4 / 5 Terica
Colour: Black and colour combo packStyle: So only I 'initial' receive cartridges of ink (802-I) which are some same as 'initial' cartridges of low capacity usually receipt when in the first place it buy the printer. I have ordered a XL set, but did not receive it. Also, at all like this pictured or has announced. There is disappointed extremely. Returning produced and buying of the different vendor.
4 / 5 Fausto
Colour: BlackStyle: so only it is the plot of ink, but also could buy the new printer partorisca a price of two cartridges...
5 / 5 Coreen
Colour: BlackStyle: so only it is ink , is of Epson, work. It is so only like this expensive. You can it wants to try some of some compatible cartridges. To arrive to this point in time is still little and far among but there are options more economic there.
5 / 5 Victor
Colour: Black and colour combo packStyle: So only a cartridge was empty
4 / 5 Anh
Colour: Black and colour combo packStyle: the ink Only declines too fast! Essentially partorisca a price

Top Customer Reviews: HP 952XL | Ink ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Adolfo
Way: it dyes A printer would owe that impression, well? Mysteriously My AIO (all-in-a) the printer has run out of black ink in spite of grieving about press anything. Then magically some cartridges partorisca paint all need that substitutes also? I have bought this this in spite of can not print. My old HP the printer would not print any subject that. I mean it it see that it do not have any ink. My new printer a lot included press the page of test or so only do grayscale. After all, the colour is good but no necessary partorisca impressions of text. While this could look a subject with a printer, any product has drawn take partorisca rasgarme was is rubbishes in my opinion. These produced is facts partorisca the printer that clearly misrepresents is levels of ink partorisca force consumers to neither buy expensive ink (almost a cost of the new printer) or subscribe to a way of the substitution of the ink is useless.
4 / 5 Season
Way: Ink Which can say? Ossia Genuine HP dyed. It is well. But we are so only it stirs it of 'dumb bunnies' partorisca pay still to the to something likes is exited of of the mine of diamond in Africa. And we treat involuntary servitudes (slavery) to some costruttrici of printer partorisca continue to eat a fruit forbids that called his printers. I give behind some days of matrix of point, ribbons and continuous feeds paper.
5 / 5 Terresa
Way: Ink Partorisca a price of the full reload of ink, could buy the new printer.
4 / 5 Apryl
Way: Ink So only your cartridge regulates of ink, to good sure more economic that in some tents at least one some have seen, avenges the fastest week that has expected that it was adds. An ink that among the printers is not never enough. I do of house and constantly am printing pages to sign, description, or the file was, he so that there is really another way for me to go that to invest the little extra compraventa some XL cartridges, is quite the bit more than a regular, but for which goes up they, is more value a price in my opinion. Always I owe that have the cartridge manually because of my needs of daily press. I have been thrilled to see this arrives like this punctual and will maintain this vendor in importing when I require to order again because a price was perfect. A cartridge is so only that, nothing special. A packaging has not been damaged, a box of the ink has not been opened, and a cartridge has been sealed still up. Ossia Roughly all a really can ask when ordering the like this on-line things.
4 / 5 Loyce
Way: Ink of the ink has not done. My HP the printer does not leave me partorisca print even I neighbour until black-white press. As I owe that buy the another neighbouring of ink to paint to do work again. It does not buy this black ink! Spent one $ 100+ combination although calm only precise black-white press.
4 / 5 Gordon
Way: it dyes Ossia a second 952xl the cartridge buys partorisca my Officejet Pro 8710 and in both chances, a printer there is showed a message of error roughly compatibility. I have looked for to update the software of a printer and at all, has tried contact even HP roughly the, and said to us so only partorisca substitute a cartridge and I , but the same what is spent. If you possess to to a same printer likes , please be of careful although it is listed in a box partorisca compatible printers.
5 / 5 Elijah
Way: the ink are the professional , and ossia partorisca my printer of house. I need reliably good impressions, and a OEM the ink resupplies it. It is there a lot aftermarket cartridges? Probably. But, I have been fooled the times too many. It tries to save money in a past, has discovered with which was too late that a toner of ink/of the estimativa that had purchased was to crap. You look bad.
4 / 5 Danielle
Way: Ink HP the inks always do well in mine Officejet Pro 8710, but there is cornered a phase and fixed a price everywhere.
Any a lot of reasonable option. A new printer would cost in $ 200 and would come with regular ink - any XL ink.
Like some profits of this option is debatable.
Taken a HP the printer is quite very stuck with HP dyes. A XL (Big Harvest) will save money in a regular ink.
4 / 5 Brigitte
Way: the ink has Tried other frames have announced on Amazon like cartridges of excellent substitution partorisca my HP 4 in 1 Printer
Everything except a HP filtered and any wrk and returned
So only a HP do to mark properly
4 / 5 Essie
Way: the ink are a lot disappointed in this product because HP has such the good name, but does not believe has built that the name based in these horrible cartridges. I have installed a cartride in mid-Feb 2019 and one has printed notified that has required partorisca the substitute on June 4, 2019. It is impossible that has printed anywhere after 1,000 pages and I find it very suspicious that some cartridges by heart have run was in the first place because mould very little in colour, never! It was not they were faulty, but doubt partorisca think that reason were 2 separate containers . Hate that am stuck w/a printer and horrible cartridges reasons are expensive and if they are not printing prjimos to 1,000 like HP announces, is was it of complete tears. A lot DISAPPOINTED....

Top Customer Reviews: HP 410A | CF411A, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Joann
The cost has verified These cartridges of toner have corrected multiple questions. I have had colour streaks to the long of some flanges of my paper. After installing the firmware update in my printer, he no longer function without-genuine HP cartridges of toner. Using this genuine HP the product has cured subjects. HP Apparently recommends to use genuine HP toner partorisca the reason.
4 / 5 Vanesa
The cost verified has purchased some cartridges of Magenta three times. I have thought finally it take a concealed has not filtered. It was bad, with which 6 weeks this cartridge filters all to the long of a side of some pages. It uses this printer partorisca my office of house, also have a same printer in my office of place. I have had a question in both places, so only with a colour of Magenta, this means is not a printer. I have been said by the Better cost has had the big opinion has sent to everything roughly done 2 month and there is pulled all his of this batch. It looks I will have to that purchase a cartridge in a tent like the amazon does not have to that it has received one takes or pulled them. If I had it it have not received another defective cartridge. Regretfully A cartridge is almost fill like me does not use to paint very thick, press more documents in of Blacks. Buyer beware.
5 / 5 Monika
The cost has verified This element of three cartridges of toner, while relatively directly advance, is upper to a lot of some toners that is offered partorisca sale here on Amazon as well as other places. Reason? Reasons are original and is not remanufactured.

Are all partorisca recycle, protecting a half, etc., But when you buy these OEM the products are (a) taking FULL cartridges of toner, and (b) to some laws of the colour of the toner likes him is supposed to and no bleed or smear for from everywhere yours has has printed pages. If you are looking partorisca save the buck, averts this one and buy remanufactured cartridges of toner. If you are looking for crisp and solid impression in a page that no smear, and hard more than the pair of reams of paper, chooses this one in a price a big plus. You will be advances of money in a long career.
5 / 5 Shakira
The cost verified has bought this toner with my HP MFP M477fnw so that would have all some cartridges of the substitution when required. I have substituted everything of them now, and after the few months a black toner has begun leaving lines by means of some sides of the each page that impression. I fold Checked of not being a printer ( has cleaned some bosses, has varied all, I each adjustment in a manual owner), but at all has done any difference. I have asked a The TYPE in the work and he have said to be the cartridge of bad toner . Partorisca A price, am very disturbed partorisca see that a toner already are giving questions ( objective 60 of a toner is although rests).

Probably are that it goes to so only take my casualidad with a swipe of frames in of means it a price that considers so only am taking the averages an use of HP mark.
5 / 5 Leontine
Works partorisca Purchase checked as it has expected. Read tutorial partorisca yours HP first printer to install. Shake each first cartridge to install. It saves box of original nave partorisca situate of 'has has used cartridges' that have the Any one Uploads UPS partorisca seal enclosed.
5 / 5 Kelvin
The cost has verified These are horrible. I have tried has recycle cartridges partorisca save money and his always printed in the blurred way partorisca some of some colours-inhabited lived and bluish. These are doing a same thing esatta. The desire has had payed better attention to a packaging-but all there is remarked is that looked original HP boxes. The lesson has learnt.
5 / 5 Tamra
The cost has checked cartridges of Substitutes of originals of regular measure and is excellent. This in spite of, is not some cartridges of big volume that has feigned partorisca order. If ossia that is looking for this neighbour is not the. In a side besides, these HP the cartridges are an easy plus , any cartridges of disorder has has not changed never. And they are recyclable, to the to the equal that likes.
4 / 5 Dorthey
The cost verified has bought knockoffs and his smeared throughout some papers. It uses these in our office where impression roughly 40 papers the day. Always clave with original toners from now on.
4 / 5 Lasonya
The cost has verified a lot disappointed with that quickly a black cartridge is start. I have printed so only 50 regular pages of the black ink and a cartridge is already was. A last cartridge is lasted several months and this cartridge am spent for ink less than the month and so only 50 pages have printed.
4 / 5 Jeanna
The cost checked has Shipped two correct cartridges, 401A, Cyan and Yellow.. A wrong cartridge 410X..
Cartridges of maintenances of ink in reservation... The date of turn is caducada ( 3/7/19)...
Any is not prendiendo attention partorisca ship details

Top Customer Reviews: HP 64 | 2 Ink ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Robbi
The cost has checked was so only able to print 11 measure of photo 5x7 and a printer is by train partorisca say me is down in good. I think that that I go partorisca cost too partorisca maintain that it uses this printer.
4 / 5 Dewitt
Spent the estimativa has verified can print 200 pages of this cartridge. So only we print the few pages for week, typical forms that the need has signed, etc. has said of another way,, pages with abundance of white space. After printing roughly 10 pages, begins partorisca take messages of low ink. After another 10 or like this pages, has had spatial streaks. Have take a cartridge and shook it. A next page has VERY PRINTED, but a cartridge is obviously down, as I am ordering another. I am worsened quite - this is resulting very expensive for page.
5 / 5 Mai
The cost has checked So much, clearly his east a subject with this vendor and this ink . There is not any way these are new/ full cartridges . I have purchased two weeks ago and they are out of ink. I have begun partorisca take the message of low ink after printing roughly 5 pages. Low ink in a colour and black cartridges. Big waste of money. I expect that the people read descriptions before buying of this vendor .
4 / 5 Latashia
The cost has verified This was neither the refilled, used or counterfeit cartridge. When the installed the all of my photos of pair is horrible start his all there has been the blue breast to them. I have contacted HP and said to us a cartridge was no good!! Ossia Entirely unacceptable. I have paid $ dollars partorisca swim.
5 / 5 Matha
The cost has verified would like me of clear ...Out of some two bands so only 3 of some cartridges of ink have done . A prime minister the black cartridge has inserted result in a message of error that say to reinsert a cartridge, this is to spend repeatedly , a cartridge by heart was in and GOOD. I have opened finally a second container and has tried a black cartridge and he have done well!! It likes 1/4 of some 2 containers was defective.. It can it returns a defective cartridge partorisca the new a?
4 / 5 Wilburn
Update of the description of Compraventa has checked: the amazon Contacted and is by train partorisca send me the cartridge by heart of the substitution in any cost.

Has ordered a black and cartridge by heart like the together. The black cartridge has done perfectly. The cartridge By heart has printed so only the few pages and has run out of ink. I have thought in fact I have had king-installed my old cartridge! After verifying that in fact it has installed it a correct cartridge, has had to that go to a UPS tent to print some documents have required for the presentation in a morning, printing in UPS cost $ ! A lot disappointed.
4 / 5 Jeanelle
The cost has verified A cartridge of black ink was defective
4 / 5 Epifania
The cost has verified These have had to that be swipe offs! It was so only able to print ten first pages of a printer was out of ink.
Was it of total tears!
4 / 5 Ashlie
The cost checked has Ordered a HP Cartridges of Ink of Amazon partorisca $ in Apr 12 2019. My woman and I am to take and does not use ours a lot of printer. A black cartridge stoped press with which roughly 20 pages of impression. I have thought at the beginning perhaps there it was something wrong with a printer or perhaps some bosses of printer have required partorisca clean this in spite of, after running the diagnostic tries a black cartridge has indicated way down below. So much, enormous defenders of Before Amazon this in spite of, we never cartridges of Ink of the order of Amazon again. We are it was $ .
4 / 5 Gregory
Spent the ink checked and the New printer is quite types. It can not expect for refurbished cartridges to be available, but this does for now.

Top Customer Reviews: Canon PG-240XL ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Erwin
I wish the costruttrici of cartridge has been required partorisca indicate a quantity of ink in some cartridges. Has has had cartridges last year that would last month ( has dipped a date on all my cartridges partorisca comparison). When My supply has run was done 2 month I order two of this thought would last roughly 4 months have based into use has spent. When A prime minister has run was after 2 1/2 week has thought that that it was so only the bad cartridge and has substituted he with as cartridge. Well a second period roughly 3 weeks. I any heavy copying so only do roughly 100-150 propiciadas by months. According to one has been so only the quickly like this again I although it have received the batch of bad production. Reordered Reason likes-me ink of use of original manufacture. Third cartridge is now in and am not while very better. So only read descriptions elsewhere (sad, has forgotten partorisca copy links) that been the majority of costruttrici is really that cut a quantity of ink in some cartridges significantly!! Some for 2/3rds. Ossia Like them sells some economic printers and kill calm with substituting cartridges of ink. I really ladies' wants to go to a question of refilling these pocolos jokers.
5 / 5 Lani
This was the product of genuine Cannon , he that says that it does.... You know, access in a printer and dips ink in a paper. ;) A XL measure resembles last longer that a regular measure and I prefer to take a XL in place of a XXL so only reason does not use my very thick printer. I prefer to use my old, the printer broken mostly reason an ink partorisca that one is more economic... But this ink is very better partorisca projects more than entities or printing focus of nave. A thing will remark is that I have used a esal' produced and some products of the transmission and I have of a esal' the products are so only slightly better that taking the transmission. Conceal so only it can be a place takes some transmissions , this in spite of. A main reason that like having a esal' of the product is reason my printer in fact can see what ink remains and leave me know when they are really going down. When it uses ink of the transmission does not give me that the option and extremely is annoying! This has done adds!
4 / 5 Donita
I owe that use these cassettes in mine 3-in-1 printer of Cannon, scanner, fax but was always like this frustrating partorisca go to the local tent and find that they were was, or that has had to that buy a one with less than ink in him. Buying these of the amazon is to good sure a way to go for my business reason in First I sometimes included takes some cassettes a next day, which has to individual. That does not concern for (common complaint) is the one who fast I course by means of an ink, which is like the cannon done his money of sales of this relatively-economic (but very good) copy, of here 4 stars in place of 5.
1 / 5 Beatriz
I have it quell'has bought now this concrete cartridge two times - and so only now taken on when you mark it new cartridge that is to be purchase in December of 2015 has run already was (is grieves run of 2016). So only press roughly 2 pages the day in b/w, at all elegant, not even full pages.
Partidrio Of leading cartridge out of fast also, but has not maintained good clue. These times have been impacted partorisca discover an alert is blinking already, with which two month.
Is kidding me?!
Calm ray. I am going with another mark that is not taking his clients partorisca the walk.
4 / 5 Pandora
It is more economic that purchase a combo black and cartridges partorisca paint it partorisca purchase each one that like this for separate. If calm any press by heart, would suggest partorisca take a combo the sale has included if any precise to substitute a colored dyes quite still. You can resist his and substitute a colour later. But yes it calms so only do black and white press, is the good option .
5 / 5 Lakeisha
It looks well enough. Ive Has bought these before exact mark and theyr is well, long that last etc. Unfortunately now my dang the printer is by train to give me the error of jam of the paper 6000 code that has cleaned was and has cleaned was and has take even a rear roller and taken a backside was and there is not ANY PAPER has left jammed but still after the reset of factory can do not taking the clea like this now no press and is been an excellent printer up to now. The printers are usually junk,...I will not be buying another once this one dies that that can have but we far as it dyes this in spite of 5 stars without the doubt. A last an I has bought is lasted for ever and would print the page or two once the week to maintain some juices that flow like this to speak. :-)
1 / 5 Ladonna
It finds that a black ink any last almost likes anxiety impress like this a lot like this announced, and I no really printed that very material. A cartridge of the ink of the colour resembles last more along that has expected, as any complaint there. A black ink to good sure does not produce so to the equal that has to that, as if they are so only the averages fill or something. And his very every time, occasionally a black cartridge will treat the decent half way, but lately look to be feeble.
3 / 5 Miranda
I have bought a XL a for use in mine MG3220. Here it is my commentaries :
- quality of Impression: it is well. It is quite that would expect to form such the printer. They are not the big defender of a fact that can you very really use the highlighter in such paper because an ink takes messed up. But it is that it is.
- Longevity: Bad in my experience. So much, it was not that main is a XL a but would assume is a lot of bigger data a price. I did not experience it it conceal. I seat that he no last while appearances. This could be my own misperception of any in fact counts a number of discharges that has printed but was arisen disappointed when it run was.
In general: it does not think has too many options there but the next time will try something new.
1 / 5 Terrence
Usually I take good action of inks of original Cannon, but this particular cartridge was problematic. An impression has not been partorisca soften included after doing the cleaner, deep cleaner, and printhead alignment. A cartridge of new substitution has purchased locally fact so only well, like SIX a question was a cartridge and No a printer.
5 / 5 Saran
In a signal, the cannon has not been my election because some printers print slow this in spite of sound dulcemente, but with unbeatable qualities, then , is going partorisca the printer with quell'I believes is unmatched quality, goes partorisca Cannon, and sure mark to ONLY use some original cartridges, any one some imitations. I have tried HP, junk, has tried Epson, very good but very expensive and has tried Lexmark very good but also very expensive. A better is Cannon, can buy a less expensive printer and some cartridges do not cost you the plot. In fact, a Cannon has, there is so only two cartridges have required, some blacks and a colour, so only uses a black and leave a colour partorisca dip empty, something could any one with some other printers.