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1 first Eutuxia Full HD Projector Screen 100" 16:9, Ultra 4K Projection Screen for Outdoor, Indoor, Home Theater, Bedroom, Office, School, Gaming & Movies. Instant Wrinkle-Free, High Resolution (Screen Only) Eutuxia Full HD Projector Screen 100" 16:9, Ultra 4K Projection Screen for Outdoor, Indoor, Home Theater, Bedroom, Office, School, Gaming & Movies. Instant Wrinkle-Free, High Resolution (Screen Only) By Eutuxia
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2 Yome 120 Inch Projector Screen, 16:9 HD Anti-Crease Indoor Outdoor Foldable Portable Movie Screen Support Double Sided Projection for Home Office Travel Party, 4K, 3D, White Yome 120 Inch Projector Screen, 16:9 HD Anti-Crease Indoor Outdoor Foldable Portable Movie Screen Support Double Sided Projection for Home Office Travel Party, 4K, 3D, White By Yome
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3 best erholi Projector Screen, P-Jing Portable Video Screen Widescreen Foldable Anti-Crease Indoor Outdoor Projector Movies Screen for Home Theater Support Double Sided Projection erholi Projector Screen, P-Jing Portable Video Screen Widescreen Foldable Anti-Crease Indoor Outdoor Projector Movies Screen for Home Theater Support Double Sided Projection By erholi
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4 120 Inch 16:9 HD Projector Screen, P-JING Portable Video Screen Widescreen Foldable Anti-Crease Indoor Outdoor Projector Movies Screen for Home Theater Support Double Sided Projection 120 Inch 16:9 HD Projector Screen, P-JING Portable Video Screen Widescreen Foldable Anti-Crease Indoor Outdoor Projector Movies Screen for Home Theater Support Double Sided Projection By P-JING
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5 STR-16992 Silver Ticket 4K Ultra HD Ready Cinema Format (6 Piece Fixed Frame) Projector Screen (16:9, 92", White Material) STR-16992 Silver Ticket 4K Ultra HD Ready Cinema Format (6 Piece Fixed Frame) Projector Screen (16:9, 92", White Material) By Silver Ticket Products
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6 Elite Screens Manual B, 120-INCH 16:9, Manual Pull Down Projector Screen 4K / 8K Ultra HDR 3D Ready with Slow Retract Mechanism, 2-YEAR WARRANTY, M120H Elite Screens Manual B, 120-INCH 16:9, Manual Pull Down Projector Screen 4K / 8K Ultra HDR 3D Ready with Slow Retract Mechanism, 2-YEAR WARRANTY, M120H By Elite Screens
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7 VIVO 100" Portable Indoor Outdoor Projector Screen, 100 Inch Diagonal Projection HD 4:3 Projection Pull Up Foldable Stand Tripod (PS-T-100) VIVO 100" Portable Indoor Outdoor Projector Screen, 100 Inch Diagonal Projection HD 4:3 Projection Pull Up Foldable Stand Tripod (PS-T-100) By VIVO
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8 Projector Screen 100 Inch 16:9 - Auto-Locking Portable Projection Screen for 4K 3D 1080P HD - Manual Projector Screen Pull Down for Indoor Outdoor Home Theater Office Movies by PERLESMITH Projector Screen 100 Inch 16:9 - Auto-Locking Portable Projection Screen for 4K 3D 1080P HD - Manual Projector Screen Pull Down for Indoor Outdoor Home Theater Office Movies by PERLESMITH By PERLESMITH
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9 VIVO 80 inch Projector Screen, Diagonal 16:9 Projection HD Manual Pull Down Matte White Home Theater VIVO (PS-M-080) VIVO 80 inch Projector Screen, Diagonal 16:9 Projection HD Manual Pull Down Matte White Home Theater VIVO (PS-M-080) By VIVO
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10 VonHaus 100 Inch Projector Screen - Manual Pull Down - 100" Widescreen Indoor Home Theater / Cinema Platform - 16:9 Aspect Ratio Projection Screen - Suitable For HDTV / Sport / Movie / Gaming VonHaus 100 Inch Projector Screen - Manual Pull Down - 100" Widescreen Indoor Home Theater / Cinema Platform - 16:9 Aspect Ratio Projection Screen - Suitable For HDTV / Sport / Movie / Gaming By VonHaus
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Top Customer Reviews: Eutuxia Full HD ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5 Eliza
Bad packaged with the bands of hule have directed to the wrinkly screen that was so only partially fixed with the dryer of hair. Be very careful when managing this like this any wrinkles, when pulled against him, will cause a screen partorisca rasgar. In general I do not have very expected partorisca a prize; so only utilisations this more paralización sizing and place before investing the little hundred in the screen of entrance of the Money. The global profit is well, but does not hang directly, some flanges were curled, etc etc. Is the economic screen .

Top Customer Reviews: Yome 120 Inch ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Mauro
A screen is enough to extend and while it is state pulled in all the corners is very flat and crease free. The law adds to project of so dirrections and hardly can say any difference of a video and has attached.
5 / 5 Melani
I want this screen. It IS fact very material and heavy. He the boss creases so your picture is flawless! Hooks that comes with a screen is cheap and will not line for longitude, as it plans an alternating road to hang. I to well sure reccomend this product!
5 / 5 Abel
That is to say the sum of external screen . I aim films in a backyard all the round of the year and this are by far a screen an easy plus to spend, pose up and descend concealed has used. Films of signal in my fence, but some lines in some slats do an image the small distorted. Pose in my old 8MM screen of projector, but that it is only too small. This one am to add so that, any only is clear, but so far Any one CREASE, easy trace, etc.!
5 / 5 Murray
Wine with each a essenitals to hang arrive which are well for a prize. It was objective net , pure and easy to use. Has the smell but once is hanged is not perceivable
5 / 5 Lettie
The screen adds.... It IS so announced. I use usually and project in him, but also adds projection that backwards. Purchase again but with 2 guarantee of the year does not think will require it while it is very has built
5 / 5 Tomeka
Enough level. Used he for Halloween. Coast he for a prize
5 / 5 Marianela
I have it that admits concealed does not have any a lot of experience with these devices. But I need the small projector for the small prize to well sure is work .
5 / 5 Scott
The work adds
5 / 5 Moshe
I have used different hooks (this there has been tabs to take them later) but another that this was perfect. Compraventa Easy.
5 / 5 Renetta
That is to say the good screen for occasional use. Utmost measure, can be it inner used or external while has the quite clear wall big. It IS thin but can be use for front or back projection. It enters the good stock exchange with everything would require to install he in the pinch. The prize adds for the this is feigned. It does not use like the permanent screen.

Top Customer Reviews: 120 Inch 16:9 HD ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 18 ratings
4 / 5 Cliff
A material is strong, robust, and light. If has the quite strong projector, can see clearly backside of a screen also which are to good premium for locations of ready projector. Some bass the side is over time if a screen is not taught, some wrinkles look, but is not perceivable in a glorious diagram of things.

In general a screen is awesome for concealed it required and that it is awesome for a prize.

Acclaims type
5 / 5 Madie
It buys navidea better! Our familiar amours this easy screen to pose up and low pause.
5 / 5 Cristie
Easy to pose up. Perfecto for night of familiar film!
5 / 5 Eunice
This was my race of the test with a screen has posed he in of the doors of sliding glass, estimates each which how $ , of an another side of the door also can see image clearly!
5 / 5 Tiana
Excellent product. Easy setup and takedown to look external. The flight
5 / 5 Alberta
Easy trace and express and the quality of photo adds
will take this camping also
5 / 5 Charlena
The utmost looks, easy to pose up. You see what elastic when posed the up.
5 / 5 Adrienne
My second room of entity has not coming instrumented with the attraction-low screen of the projector and the project in a white joint was the reflective disorder . I have launched for on some hooks as it can hang it when he the precise, then unhook and total in a side when I no. IS practical and abordable. Highly recommend it!
5 / 5 Addie
The screen adds, there is a bit extends that spent for the prefectly tight screen , has at all better that groups of float in the AZ the evening those looks the film in the 120 screen of inch, some laws of screen also your able to begin a film in the dusk and he rear, 5 stars the total recommends
5 / 5 Elicia
Shabby navideña better! Our amours familiarised this easy screen partorisca dip up and pause down.
5 / 5 Teena
A material is strong, sturdy, and light. If has the strong quite projector, can see clearly rear a screen also which is in good prize for placings of ready projector. A down the side is over time if a screen is not taught, a wrinkles looks, but is not noticeable in a glorious diagram of things.

In general a screen is awesome so that I have required and ossia awesome for a prize.

Acclaims types
5 / 5 Graciela
produced Excellent. Easy setup and takedown for outside looking. Amur He
5 / 5 Klara
My second room of note there is not coming instrumented with the appeal-down screen of projector and projecting in a white joint was the reflective disorder . I have on launched some hooks I so that that can hang when I the precise, then unhook and gather to a side when I no. is practical and abordable. Highly you recommend!
5 / 5 Bess
As I am not using he for the screen of projector, are in the test for the new car to regrow hair in of the men and has to that take photo against the pure white fund weekly. Has no @to @give until a first week, each alone wall in my house has the colour. I have chosen on the screen of projector reason my promise wants to have the projector finally in ours living room as I imagined it could do fault this purpose now and do like this feigned later. This be has said, probably will buy better a then. This one east.. wrinkly. Still with which steaming the, can see wrinkles. The Bondadoso of the wine stuffed in the stock exchange. If it calms quell'pull really tight and steam he, a wrinkles will go was but there is any slack, goes to have wrinkles again. A material is really well, there is not remarked a lot something bad or snags. His quite hefty, and thinks will last the very long time. Right now they are them by train of the go down and it dipping up for some photos constantly and the really does well. It comes with everything needs the trace, but can offer some joint in this concept.. My buddy and has dipped on marries it screen of the projector done for his house afew years behind. If it buy some forest trim and nail it on a flange of a screen, really does explosions in a wall more than looking unsightly like a screen otherwise.

1. His strong very material
2. Has the lack of yours utmost/white by heart
3. It extends well

1. Some fashionable needs of the nave to be revised. In in front of steam your screen multiple time to take a wrinkles was.. It is annoying in better.
4 / 5 Dortha
The screen adds, there is a bit extend that leaves for the prefectly tight screen , there is at all better that floating groups in the AZ the evening that looks the film in the 120 screen of thumb, one do one like this very yours able to begin a film in the dusk and rear work, 5 stars the total recommends
4 / 5 Maryam
At the beginning was fearful that 120 thumbs would not be enough for my experience to see, but was bad. It was spare for where dipped on my screen. I have had wide space and much more seeing spatial has required to dip on my projector in the furthest distance. It dips up it was quite simple and has taken so only the pocolos small to manage. A white screen has done to see of the mine projector very better that first when I have used to wall of spatial. Another thing that loves more in this screen is that it is light and easy to the band was. This the very convenient fact for travesía. Now that has this screen, seeing film, shows of television, sports, and touching the video games is much more immersive with the cinematic experience.
5 / 5 Zachariah
The look adds, easy to dip up. Pieces like elastic when you dipped it up.
4 / 5 Liz
Easy spouse on and the voice and the photo add qualities
will take is camping too

Top Customer Reviews: STR-16992 Silver ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
Excellent screen. It opens he totalled and used so much Money is an Entrance and models of Screens of the Elite, and the assembly is in fact bit it the easy plus with a Screen of entrance of the Money. Control out of my video of assembly.
5 / 5
If there is shopped for the screens probably already know there the enormous divergence is pricing, and has the plot of options to choose of. Some people try to take for with the smooth wall has painted white while another buys some tissue and builds the solution has done. Even so has problem in these options and calm probably does not take never so clear and crisp of the picture like calm with the true screen. Of the prizes are gone to rack and sea considerably in of the recent years, would be to take pressed to design and build anything of comparable quality for less than money that simply purchasing an of these screens of entrance of the Money. He can spend a lot, much more included it could spends more concealed $ 2,000 for a screen to measure although calm a lot of desires, but doubt you would find a result a final plus gratifies. I have read in fact it revises elsewhere concealed has compared much more expensive screens in easterly one and found a screen of the entrance of the Money was also if any better for the fraction of a prize. As it Says that it goes why paid more?

Before purchasing my screen, opted to project in a wall to take listen he so that measured more in my room. I have used tape of painters to mark some corners of an image projected and then measured to determine a measure of pertinent screen. Highly recommend it this the calm option since leave you to take listen he for an optimum solution for your concrete room factoring in location of of the one of the west, distance in projector, the obstructions etc. also require to accommodate a measure of a verge so pay next attention in any only some dimensions of a screen, but also some global dimensions that comprises a frame to ensure each apt as it feign.

Quan Took my screen and begun to unpack the hurriedly gives had done the good election. A extruded the guides of aluminium are very robust and very flexing AT ALL. A sense of the coverage is perfectly flat and smooth. The instructions of assembly are mere and in a point, but the videos of Youtube are available is more than the visual student. There is an advantage of the fund ping pong table (coated with the coverage) to use for assembly except an open zone to carpet would do also. Everything of a hardware of assembly was big quality and has done this the accident. They have provided also the clips of screen of small extra and at least or ray of extra assembly in case perhaps. Initially it was preoccupied that some two guides of piece for an upper and the fund would be the toneless point , but once he totalled this is not the worry like these guides is laser directly. Also, a joint in some guides is effectively invisible because of a sense in some guide they have any known that the joint was there, would not see it never so resulted to be the no-subject. A tensioning the left wing of system a totally taught screen with zero ripples or waves - even so have the smallest bloodlettings in a material of screen would guess would do was over time like the screen adapted in a tension.

Would owe the when being remarked a screen is the material of PVC with the coating so essentially the form of plastic very flexible more than the traditional tissue. It has remarked the smallest smell when the developing similar in a mattress of air or inflatable group, but this missing smell in the pair of hours. I can not say if this material is so strong likes tissue, but can say that the installation was easy and has not had any problem with tensioning likes some another fight of creations of the screen with, so perhaps this material more is pardoning ( has the sure quantity to extend in him). Any road a quality of an image is surprising so in my view that is that subjects.

Because of a material to be PVC this screen is not acoustically transparent. This calm mean you would be unable to install speakers by behind to a screen likes him muffle a sound. If you want the speakers veiled by behind the screen will have to opt for the true acoustically transparent (IN) protects cual wins or when being perforated or will be more than the tissue weaves material to leave his to spend through him.

An installation of a screen in a wall was a cual very only has required two people. After measuring, and that measured again to ensure had some rays in some pertinent locations found was useful to use the bit of tape of painters in a front of a frame to aim me where joins the group of wall was localised, and another piece of tape in a wall on some rays. This left wing us in impulse a screen up, field some two pieces of tape, and hangs a screen out of some rays with subjects of zeros. Even so, if some rays of wall are also loose or also tight can has to take a low screen and adjust - how be prepared to take the few minutes for this step.

Some four band that control a screen in a wall was an only part of a hardware that has not been 100% satisfied with. Philip capes in some rays have not been machined all that well so some minors that nude arrived while screwing in a studs. If it was to install a screen again, would launch these four rays in some rubbishes and install four big quality rays to build of cape of bugle instead. A smaller point, but the value that mentions. A highland group of the law to wall well, but would have preferred some type of French cleat system that would have been more pardoning and would not require alignment of precision of some rays. Also it was necessary remarks that a highland group of the result of wall in a screen these chairs in front of a wall to hover it a-half of an inch. These covers your room of toes by behind a frame when installing, and gives a mainstay of reinforcement of the head office the place to seat. Has thinks that that a screen would seat flush with one when installed wall so initially has not been sure and would listen in of the this, but once installed has any one has remarked included. This has said, thinks with the small modification in his highland group and the small change in a mainstay of the head office easily could design a screen to be installed flush in a wall. Why they no this is not sure since has very necessity to preoccupy soiled quite left for speakers in the no-IN screen.

All the things have considered is very happy. An image projected (am using a Sony VPLHW40ES 1080p 3D projector) is incredibly acute and brilliant. There is the perceivable improvement in an image projected in a wall and a detail are also that I am able to see pore in a rind of actors of in 15 feet have been... Tan Clearly so much a projector and the screen are doing his works. A sense to frame the fantastic work to absorb clear, like this has posed your zoom so that the small fall of pixels in a verge of a screen any one still the voice. A homemade screen with the forest or the frame of metal that is not coated with the sense could not have this advantage while they would tend to reflect some of that by behind light in you more this absorbs likes him one felt. This screen neither has any marks or names of the mark in a frame likes him some other screens looked in. It conceal it is not the big subject for more than people, but seat the lack of the marks by name of the look to mark more professional.


A Sake:
the Robust guide of aluminium
hardware of assembly of the Big quality
Softens material sense in of the guides
instructions of Good assembly
Easy and fast assembly
the packaging Adds
image of Amazing screen
Even more amazing value
Lack of the mark in of the frames

A Bad:
group of the mountain of Mur requires the precision these measures (unforgiving)
highland rays of Mur is not until pair with a rest of a container
desert of covers of Final installation among screen and wall

Some Ugly:
Averts of a fellow that has paid five times a lot for the screen that is not also like this or giving you the soiled look out of frustration very does not have anything to inform here.

If you are in a fence in this screen, would call you to buy it. It can any one when being any happier with a product finished and am bit it picky when goes in my AV train. I took me month and month to research before I have committed in the projector and the screen and I lament at all. I have been prepared to spend much more in the screen but after reading revise and comparing maintained to return in an option of entrance of the Money and I are happy has done. My complaints very smaller is so small is not even worthy of deducting the half star of an indication, so that is to say more certainly the five out of five product.

Would want to listen your yes come feedback in a same conclusion while I have done he so that it leave it the low commentaries and to the left know me!
5 / 5
I actuate At all to compare he in another that mine slightly textured wall of tan and boy what the difference! The assembly was easy and the material has been done with big quality.
5 / 5
Look one he 5 youtube videos that entered of the money has until that takes a low assembly. A clave of centre gives problems of people. After a screen has been attached at all some clips, is fallen a screen of a two upper/centre clips and two inferior/centre clips (where some clave of centre takes wedged in). Then, with far end of a clave of centre in a surca of a frame, was able to use my toes of indication and inches to oblige a clave and frames out of or another only enough for an end of a clave to fall in a surca. I then re-has attached a screen in an upper and inferior centre clips.

Has attached two 1/4' hooks ($ .98 Of HD) and has a screen that hangs in front of my plasma that is trace in a wall by behind the. I have had anteriorly there went it an elite B attraction of model under the screen that hangs of cape very strong through a ceiling and screwed in ceiling joists. No longer it can you take all some wrinkles and waves of an attraction-low screen. This screen is only quite 20 lbs or as it is guessing. It IS easy to hang without help. I only the supports against to wall of the side of room by side when using a television of plasma by behind the, which are the majority of a time.
5 / 5
I have purchased one 120' Acoustically Transparent Woven screen. Active there was only his up for quite a lot of 2 days so many wants to leave the description while all are fresh in my alcohol.
In the first place was, for a money, is an absolutely incredible value , especially go tent around for other screens. An assembly is not hard AT ALL, although it takes the small bit of patience. Quan I in the first place unboxed everything of some separates my initial reaction was was sper impressed with a quality of him all considering sustain me $ 400. A frame of metal is sper take and robust. A black velvet that embroils around is sper sake and clean, and a material of the screen is not roughly sper thin, easy of rasgar material. For any look in a screen Woven Acoustic, left me allocution or the majority of common worry, loss of sound. In a human ear, has Zero. It was in fact more preoccupied when open the to discover that it has to has done the tissue of secondary black this goes by behind a halftone of material aim. It IS only like a material the fronts of the majority of the west of the fund is coated in, but two cloaks?... It was preoccupied. A truth is films looked in fact pending of the few weeks in a room in the television, in the support until it take it a screen and projector up. As I know that sound in that before and now, and there is zero difference. Val As it guesses with a sound that device of measures, can have the small decimal of loss, but your ears can not listen and there is no muffling. A picture that the looks in an acoustic tissue is second in any one. Calm of the that included knows is perforated unless you are 1 ft of him.
Would guess it will take more people 1 hour the total a frame and 25 minutes to locate a group and hang it. It opens Cela do once, could do it everything in 35 minutes or so many.
Note: I am using a Optoma HD142x likes projector and one in the speakers of wall are all a Polk RC LINE. I have bought a totality is trace in Amazon and a screen, projector, 3 speakers and a PW 505 sub, has the theatre to house that is to say awesome in any one in the Estimativa even so like this it appreciates image and his well. It was in pupil of the film during 2 years has it so posed in the plot of 20-30K rooms of exploitation of the dollar, this is not that, but for 10% of a prize, a difference is so minimum. He wows my boys, he wows my friends. Quan The decent 75 television of inch of the cost of Club of Sam $ 2,000, will take the theatre of true house in that any day now.
5 / 5
Easy to install and looks to surprise! Used 2x4 is by behind a screen to install that it lights has DIRECTED.
5 / 5
This screen is surprising! Has my projector only projecting on in a wall in front of a screen entered and look well. I have posed once this ash 120' screen up, easily look 20x better! Has this up in my fourth master with the 200 lumens ultra down undress the projector that his 32' rear of a screen. A help of verges to be able to pose in a perfect picture and look awesome! A screen gave me to well sure the place of the better road. Better definition, contrast of road and better colour of better looks with lights on. It was with a material ash so that that is to say now my big television setup in my room where has the fund in window of ceiling. With some plough of curtains during a day, is still able in clearly and enjoyably looks it. They ashes he very done the difference in not leaving a picture takes to the wash has been with environmental light. The looks Besides adds only in a when yours wall not looking anything. The installation took me only the total of 45 Instructions of beat of min. When being the bit to confuse to read for some, but there are a lot of videos in Youtube concealed the easiest fact. That is to say my first screen of projector like any really has the base for comparison, but is satisfied further with this compraventa.

Side of notes by side: I have debated among a white material and ash for the while. Honestly I Can say that I am happy was with the ash given a quantity of environmental lighting in my room. If he some light in a room is posing your screen, would recommend to go the ash in of the aims.
5 / 5
I totalled and installed this today and very pleased with a product.

I all of an assembly I, but the help taken to hang he in a wall. The assembly has taken enough 1.5 - 2 hours of unboxing finally.

Needs the very big, clear background room to total this! It anticipates to require 3ft of clearance in the each side while you insert/inserts some canes of tension ( can carefully slide a frame around to obtain this clearance so required). I totalled mine deep down carpeted in a zone quite 14ft x 14 ft.

Some directions are quite clear, and warn you when to expect the defiant section (desquels there is only 2).

All are quite mere excepts 2 parts:
1. Quan Goes to extend a material of screen in some plastic pegs. Some instructions say you that a vinyl will extend and this will return - and certainly marks, without problem. But there is the moment of uncertainty while it is by train to extend you the when it thinks in you, ' does not have any road this goes to return.' But he , without problem.
2. Quan Goes to install a beam of half support. Val, IS lying. Another published that has massive difficulty or trepidation while it installs this last piece. In fact, has zero problem with him at all and I he for me. Taken enough 30 bren in slide a bar in place. It was not it take the box 'very' or has taken only my time to take everything of some properly split installed in the aim. In any case, has zero problem that takes this installed crossbar.

A quality of so much a frame and a screen are excellent. A product totalled when being robust, any one flimsy. Pop of colours and a frame of the widespread black velvet overscan perfectly.
5 / 5
Excellent screen and tez easy. I have fixed some FOCUSED in a backside. It maintains the approximation in an interior like the lip does not launch the shadow dondequiera your light. I have instrumented in the suspension as I do not have to fix in the wall of basement of the cimento. Very aided with leaving a DIRECTED his thing. The zip of control has DIRECTED joined in an of some mountains of wall have comprised. It GOES Veiled in a eyelet. Any wave or wrinkles the black velvet is very pardoning if you are not varied perfectly. We want to it!
3 / 5
I consider me a A/V geek. Only it purchase it a much better TVs, i.et My Samsung F8500 plasma, and a LG new and Sony OLEDs, but absolutely any rubbishes has DIRECTED TVs, not even one very very QLEDs. I know the projector any acostar in a picture of these TVs but that lacks in IQ, up for the big time in measure! You L can has done did not beat it concealed has the gigantic, immersive experience of theatre of the film with a measure of enormous screen. In all the case, before it take this 120 ' screen, has projected my Benq HT3050 in my wall. It is painted 'Grey to that likes him' - Sherwin Williams. A picture has surprised very well in front of a screen and I had posed up for 130'. I have had once a screen, has had temporally posed in subjects that the averages of an image has projected is fallen in a screen and average in a wall. It opens, it can say the difference, albeit light. It say that a screen was quite 5% better? No so big of the difference while it expect. Wait for the perceivable, the remarkable difference but was more like meh, is the small better I supposition. My woman and very others the guests could not say the difference at all, but his eyes are not coached likes him mine. In all the case, a quality of a frame, screen, etc is very good. Quality very big and durable. The installation was earnest and easy is handy likes him I. I will expect it to last the long time. To Tan Far likes him the action of screen, any one is prize of level of the entrance , he no quite wow me but also comprises the people spend 10x a $ in the screen to provide perhaps 25% action has improved. I can not provide in the screen him so much but was very while a screen of the level of the entrance would give me the perceived 10% increase in action.

Top Customer Reviews: Elite Screens ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Rosa
Used this screen for the theatre of backyard and still although it uses the low projector FOCUSED Cheap of lumen, a screen still takes each what so bite of is clear. Very easy to pose up and descend, only hang was my coverage, and some soft approximations the characteristic is very good.
4 / 5 Salina
Has ceilings of 9 feet and has a trace of screen in a wall quite 4 inches of a ceiling. Work perfectly and a gesture of screen, with an extra drop, is perfectly in level of eye. Any dry to like am looking for up or pulling my collar. In general, the purchase adds and would take it again. But here it is any pros and gilipollas to use he for the few months and it moving once or twice.

- A drop is sum ; because of an extra drop, can locate this prjimo in a ceiling, veiling was when is not into use
- the quality of image is quite well in this
- a measure is awesome; our room is relatively small, only is seating quite 11 feet have been. A measure is very pertinent for this distance. Even so takings near, will see that he 1080p the resolution in fact has pixels that is quite 1/10' wide--craziness!

- Very verges of a screen (plus or 3 less-4') crooked for interior in a screen, those causes to distortion classifies shots

also there was rippling in a fund of a screen, but then adjusted (reinstalled) a screen with the level and some subordinated ripples was was. If your screen is backing in a left wing or a right, a fence of course will want to when being pulled in this direction, resulted in ripples. A better road to take drawee of is to verify to see all are first level . It beat he of gravity when being the real ache sometimes.
1 / 5 Lorrine
Quan Initially took this product, a box has suffered harm. It has remarked a harm in a slip to pack. Quan Has opened a box, has not had any harm in a screen, only the light dents in an accommodation of metal. Desprs Locates a screen, remarked 'V" shaped wrinkling in a screen. While the this was the result of a dent, the screens have contacted of the elite and was very useful in routing out of the substitution. Alas, I am not revising his service of client, is revising a screen. It take a screen of substitution, without harm in a box or an accommodation of screen, and trace. An exact same "V" shaped wrinkling was present. It would like him say that it does not remark a wrinkling while looking, but with any horizontal this classifies, is quite obvious. Any help that am the he quite present of the detail has oriented. Perhaps the low attraction the screen only is not for me if each which so one has this subject. For in $ 200 I attentive more than this screen.
1 / 5 Helaine
Some looks of screen have built VAL in general, but when arrives a case was angled outwards in the small section, any inward likes him to impact during shipping. There is something dotted black in several places in a screen that is visible when aiming the light colored the images and some looks of inferior bar to join slightly in a cup when retracting a screen behind in his case. A texture of some looks of screen to cause the esparkly' grain of effects to film that is to say mostly perceivable when aiming brilliant images. A lot it take sure scenes and listen me so is looking the sand coloreada shiny in the place of the image has projected. On everything of that, while I have expected churns in a screen, has not expected to be that it looks cual looks the low video wavy water with the bubbles in some means in classifying shots or a lot anything concealed is supposed to be flat or directly that finds a screen.

In general, included to consider a prize, is VERY unimpressed with a quality of this screen.

EDITA: there is the little more the things have wanted... A hexagonal tube that marries a screen when is trace is twisted slightly, and included still the little when a screen is was. Probably That is to say to cause for a tension of an interior of the roller but I are unsure if that is to say normal or no.
Has come to give also after look in a page in addition to product carefully that has the contradictory information listed in this product. A screen is announced that that has prendido of .78 inches. Even so, after around 20 minutes to try different methods to develop and retracting a screen, a more could achieve to the era for 5 inches averts. Moving on of that, under an initial description apropa a cup of a page, this screen is listed while having to 160 view of angle of title. Well, 160 it is enough. Even so, in a description has extended further down a page is listed while having to 180 view of angle of title. Which are? I volume still a screen has ordered based in some subjects at present is experimenting or was routed the waste for (hopefully) accident?

Has decided to comprise the few pictures that show that a screen is level of trace and also aiming a bad rippling / bubbles.
5 / 5 Ma
I have posed in the backyard the theatre those uses this screen, a Steel H5380BD projector and the VIZIO SB3820-C6 the 2.0 Sound of Canal of 38 Inches Escombra (vain with one 38', anybody 29').

This screen is sum . Skip A cloak, skip one he material calm of screen, and skip these goofy swipes-in-the-swipes of wind in of the things. This screen is durable, a retractor the mechanisms do well, a material is fat abundance . If you are by train to use it external likes him is, goes to have that takes among uses, but hang mine of hooks in my eves, and tent he in the 4' tube of PVC with cover of finals.

The laws add for the crowd of 4-15 people in my back yard and I would recommend it.
5 / 5 Kathey
I have bought this screen to be used with my Optoma ZH400ust ultra down launches projector. I have chosen this particular model so that it is one of a tab of only manual-the screen of tension can find in a piece. For my purpose, is perfect.
For UST projectors, is of entity to have the tensioned surface to project in, of a slightest the wrinkle is exaggerated because of an angle to say projection. One the majority of ideal option is the fixed screen , but like me there is an option to pose a screen was since is in my main room. Like this, that is to say an ideal solution .

How Expected, a case is sper very time, and the special delivery has to be fixed. But the screen of Elite is competent in shipping, and a screen is very-bundled. It IS very time and heavier (50-60 lbs for one 100 model of inch) this has expected, so to well sure the work of 2 people. The majority of this weight is in fact in a bar in a fund of a screen and concealed is cual provided a tension.

An only thing can think to improve is a hardware of the mountain included. They very cheaped-has entered the one of the east and an included material is unusable. I am only he spent the little bucks in some L the group sold by Screens of the elite and law very better.

With the 1.1 profit and white surface, images of mine 4000 look of lumen of projector of the laser that the surprises enmedio has controlled clear, and watchable during a day. If calm yours research, can see these screens of race of projection of $ 100 in the few dollars of thousands according to a material of screen. I think this one provides the prize very-balance of action.
5 / 5 Lashaunda
If you are unsure because of a prize... It is not .


Requires the screen for short spear or ultra down launches, then takes the 'Tensioned screen!!!!', you ignore my look lament yours, some wrinkles, all even so subtle is there, is more waves that smooth, but your image of sea in the low band.

Takes this if you are in the estimativa and has the traditional projector, one that you setup and install in a backside of a room.
A brilliance is perfect in this screen and some darkness are of sound.


1 / 5 Mattie
After reading descriptions and has thought this has been to be the good election when avenges in of the screens of projector but and was bad. First an and experience and has had to so that it avenges with waves in a screen. The bad tan that everything looked odd when has been projected. A substitution was included worse!! Has called Screens of Elite and has asked what could be it done in a screen. I have taken the beak and routed he in them so it can substitute it. It leaves to see yes that give me is any better. WOMP WOMP
3 / 5 Mimi
Have wanted to very this screen. The screens of elite are very revised, as it listens has been with the sure option. But at the end, it is not the enormous step on some the marks it the cheap plus has used in a past. A problem a big plus is to protect ripples, which was conscious of based in a lot other descriptions, but had expected that quotes a quality of a material has used, can not be so perceivable likes another has said that it was. It IS very perceivable. Some be said, this looks an unavoidable problem is going with the retractable screen. There it looks to be any road to take the totally flat surface without any one that goes for the tab-tensioned screen (this plus costs that twice so much) or the fixed screen. It was a road of the attraction-low protect so that I have fulfilled has wanted to to be able to conceal a screen when any one into use ( is hanging in my fourth and as much as WANTS my film-theatre-in-the-fourth setup, I very quite look only the fourth when it is not looking the film). So much, it is the trade has been. Volume to wall of fourth those clean looks during a day in a cost of the no-so-the flat image at night when is looking films. For some, can any one when being no that big of a subject, but is bothersome while has casseroles or movements of camera that goes of left in right. You will remark an image rippling, which only amiable of calm attractions out of a magnitude of him everything. I am the small disappointed, and probably will do my road until the tab-tensioned screen in a future. A quality of image of mine BenQ HT2050 is too surprised of just road to waste in him rippled screen.

Has included beaks, but is to take to aim what some the waves in a screen listen likes him without in fact seeing it. You can see what wavy some lines in a card of corner is, and also one letterbox verge.

In a side besides, one retracting the looks of mechanism really solid, as I am sad will last the moment, and a brilliance of an aim is impressive. Some looks of image very acute and clear. In this consideration, is happy with him. Quan Am ready to update, probably will go with the tab of Screen of Elite-tensioned low attraction.
3 / 5 Joanne
Has build of quality and good functions. An only reason will not give it more the stars are so that after the week some ripples and the waves have bent. He still the work well but some waves in a screen distort an image. If you are in the estimativa and does not have an option of the fixed screen or a money for the attraction of low tension this will do in the fixed.

Top Customer Reviews: VIVO 100" ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Wynell
After reading some descriptions, my expectations have been posed REALLY down. But, a prize was really down also he so that it think it would give it the shot in all the case. With that say, a screen that is arrived was perfect form. It IS packed very well with a lot of pillow and was very marks he new product. The assembly was very easy and was the small surprised in why any one of some descriptions read was so bad. In any And in action in less than 5 minutes. A thing in this screen is is down in an earth. Any sure what a reasoning was by behind the east, but a tripod in some looks of low the real life a lot is that down he so advance of plan. We use for the presentation for mamma 70 bday, and has to pose a whole screen up in the table so that a whole crowd of 150 people could see it appropriately. the screen adds and for a prize is very value he. Deduct The star so that a tripod is so down in earth. Although that is to say the screen 'portable' , will have to take your own case or stock exchange. It uses a goleada of goleada entered like the case and good works for me. I have done sure 2 people are spent he any one time given to do sure he no accidently apresamiento fallen or has attacked against something. Taken that decrees of paid. If you will be to use of is the small time here and there, probably paid for him in coast for hire. Your Mileage Can Vary. The good class!
1 / 5 Kymberly
It has wanted the screen for the moment and has been excited when orderly easterly a, but when takes here all had changed . It was not that I sing from here that the warehouse found this an except WTF. I am in a soldier and situated in of the seas like my options are limited. I will attach some pictures so that they have cost the words of thousand. Quan Has opened a box has remarked something bad some cover of finals has been missing in some verges of a base of metal of the screens. After inspection further, gives has been missing each internals to extend and retract a screen. It had included the oxide was these pieces would have to when being . To take it behind in a box has it that develops and re goes it where remarked some harm in a screen and an accommodation.
5 / 5 Chantell
It IS to take to know that to buy when has no the tone quite where to start with. A main hailing that it had done the solid of compraventa is some lame greetings of my techy partner. There is the party to dine in my house and after the little of the hours have take of our projector and place in the Netflix the special comedy. A next day has been asked in a mark has bought therefore a projector and a screen. The May Am in this side of a fence. Always the council takes types.
5 / 5 Tawny
A screen there has been the good image when distinguished my projector in the and has done well in a meeting room in a hotel. It was easy to pose up and descend and provided to spare spatial to project the big image. An only thing I remorse that the marks is buying this measure, so that it is not easy to transport, but that it is any one the fault of an ALIVE. A tripod has looked for to be quite robust. I any one forsee any problems with east, but was pleased enough in the concealed that shines and well aims my image. Still I am trying finds the case for him so I a lot of disorder he up but until that fulfils that, is using a box enters.
4 / 5 Dessie
Bought this and a Andyer projector ( for external films with some familiar this fall. Still although it say it 'portable' is still 100' of very portable. The instructions are the odd bit. There are instructions for 1. It structures 2. Installing 3. Useful instructions 4. Opinions. Like the left wing is returns in 3. It IS 1, 2 and 4 any useful instruction? If you are the mechanic at all, would have to be able to imagine was that a dial of small blue drops a screen and some slide of cape up and down together with a dial of upper blue to adjust a height of a screen. It IS the well buys for the that is to say that it wants to do. Necessity To find the case to pose east maintaining.
5 / 5 Terrance
This screen of projector is to well sure a better for a money. Setup Has taken less than 5 minutes and he look utmost. Highly recommend it.
3 / 5 Nicola
Has data 2 stars but I have bought to to use likes him of some the cosmetic defects have been expected. Even so, a support was really flimsy and has bent . He swiveled constantly and would slip included although it was closed in place, has to be something wrong with a latch. We have it to us be to return and buy included a new condition instead but decided to go with different mark totally.
4 / 5 Leatrice
It was able to take this in the roads of warehouse. A box is to come fraction and a metal of a screen has the little nics and wear in the Mays a screen is pristine. I am very satisfied with him so far. We use it to us nightly now for the week and really enjoys it. A truly ONLY negative that it can say enough is a measure and what of the ache is by train of the pose above nightly. Calm of the that has an idea of so big 100' is until calm posed it up in a room and his enormous.... It takes on spatial and of course is not able of the curve. You can even so swivel a headline of the screen and the legs and the places have been he in the corner.
5 / 5 Marva
This was the small main that(in fact the main plot) that very required. Quan A container is arrived has been daunted in these enormous boxes that is arrived. It conceal to be said that this took me less than 5 minutes to take place up and use. Because of his portability easily can move in of the different rooms in a house to use. This has entered handy since because of his measure can not use he in a room in the principle has had planned decrees. I have had anteriorly the bought one of this cloth hangs screens of projector and although that can be it bent up and stored in the cupboard a trace by those can be the ache and taken until 30 minutes after you take all some hooks have posed up etc... With this screen has opened only a tripod, extends a screen and whammo is time of film . If has the projector of theatre of the house and only does not have a room where can locate the screen the permanent plus this one am adds. Only the take was when is time to film and is well to go.
1 / 5 Homer
We plough a box and has posed a together screen. In a cup, six inches in a right side of a screen has been decoupled of a metal sweeps upper. These wrinkles of causes in a surface to see. He very disappoint that this product was defective and with so of small control of quality.

Top Customer Reviews: Projector Screen ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Roseann
I produce it adds! Easy is trace. We hang it to us well of a wall was front of a television so that easily we can pull up or basses and does not look tacky. The picture is clear. Smell of strong chemical of the new squad but I are sure that will dissipate. Nice and has to has weighed. It weighs almost 20lbs.
5 / 5 Alec
Easy to install. We pose ours in an outside of our house in a back yard. It has been there for the month now and is adds! It see In WA been so that it takes the plot of drizzly days. This thing is perfect. One issues a coverage is maintains a real screen has protected. There is has not had any problems with a screen that takes put at all and still if it does not look for the likes would be turbulent. It IS quite fat and robust. It IS also easy to pull down and retract backs up. A picture is well and clear also.
5 / 5 Maryam
Absolutely the screen adds for prize. He retracts Up and down and the no DIYer likes hanged without problem.
5 / 5 Lonna
Has the room he coated alfresco for our nights of film. We buy this screen when an old screen resulted also weighed to pose in while we have wanted an external film. That is to say also, it is in of the hooks in a ceiling, and is veiled while any one into use - and only necessity for the attraction down like the shadow of window when wants uses. Since it is coated, will leave it up - and only the take down for San Diego takes 'winters :D
5 / 5 Rueben
Already it poses up and easy to adjust and a screen is very easy to select in joining it to him measured would like me.
5 / 5 Shirley
A big sells the point for am his strong edifice . I plan to use he for presentations of video in of the groups of until 40 people. I will be to transport the in of the a lot of far locations so many is of entity to be very done to give lean the sure quantity of abuse.
5 / 5 Benito
Good screen in a point of prize, any wrinkles or anything. The packaging was in firm, entered with protecting extra around some verges. Marks the difference adds that look in wall. Using this for my Optoma GT1080Darbee 1080p projector. The looks of screen to be done in material of good quality. That is to say to weigh also. It likes him to him another mentioned has strong smell of chemist but supposition that will go has been with time. Retraction Is not that it adds, is not in the delay that retracts he thats that is looking for. You have to pull all a low road and the cease haste. In general I think that that it is the very compraventa, properly priced compared in another
5 / 5 Adan
You will be SOOO happy yes buys this. In the first place, so that these works of mark and do very good and is SPER robust. I explode fallen accidentally when installed he ( was my failure ), but does not effect it at all. The I So that it adds. Segundo, when is seating behind and look in this thing. You will be which DDDANNNGGG that is to say awesome. As it buy it this!
5 / 5 Tequila
For a prize has not expected mass but wow am impressed. His robust and no the wrinkle in the. The looks of good picture with my cheap projector. I am using a artlii 3200 lumen presupposed 720P projector. It does not doubt so that a screen is economic, his better quality that my last THIS screen.
5 / 5 Portia
It IS sceptical when takes the moment to ship, even so it arrives punctually! :)

The quality adds, all the work(how far), even so you have feigned to pose this in the mark of room has limited sure for the open external and leaves it to the air was or more accidentally will take all the world in a theatre to house feeli some type of road(the chemicals use the bad smells and take you loopy)

Top Customer Reviews: VIVO 80 inch ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Roslyn
It looks for the screen to use my Optoma down launches projector. It looks for the manual pulldown the screen since has not been used as ours seeing of main television. I have wanted the screen the big plus that mine 92' television of Mitsubishi.

Looked at the beginning for the 120' screen. Some screens of the elite in this measure is around $ 250. I have seen the elite has done the 100' protect and was much cheaper. After some investigation, has discovered has not been compatible with basses of launch projectors. It likes I stumbled in east Saw 100' screen for only $ 68.

Was preoccupied that the prize was cheap and like this screen be. The box arrived in perfect condition. It IS the very long boxes , but any one weighed at all, only 18lbs. He no come with any highland hardware. My woman has wanted the trace in a ceiling.

Has been in in the mountain of principle in some beams of forests in a ceiling, but has not been to centre or row with points in accommodation of projector. I have decided to take 2 swag hooks in Walmart value in 30lbs for $ 1.67 each what so, and just mountain he through one 1/2' drywall.

A projector is quite clear in 18lbs and is not preoccupied quite the projector that goes to rack and the mar. has measured central to centre in some points in an accommodation and this was 91 inches. Then measure it a period of my wall and is remained 91 of that and hendido by 2 to see where necessity for the trace centred in a ceiling.

Has used my wireless hammer and 1/2 inch bit to drill some 2 holes in a ceiling. Used the T situates to mark 19 inches of a wall so much to clear a Ikea be when tension he down.

A screen is easy to pull down and situate behind up. A smell is not that bad at all. Desprs The few minutes that is down, any same commentaries a smell any one longer.

Has not had very wave in a screen, but he 7' scratch in a fund. This has not been noticable at all when the projector was on, and any value a problem that takes the substitution with possible worse subjects.

HAS my Optoma gt750 quite 4 feet of a screen. I will update in the Optoma darbee 1080p in a future. But for now some 750 utmost looks, included in 720p. A screen done one looks of picture very better that only that uses the white wall. I am so happy was with one 100' against one 120'. One $ 150 extra cost in addition to one 120' was also of the difference in pricing to justify a compraventa.

One 100' the screen is big abundance and so happy bought the. Definetly The value that buys and I again sure. Bought the Yamaha auricular for some tomb as it can take on Onkyo with surrounding speakers of his for our room for night of familiar film.
3 / 5 Lauran
The screen adds. Even so, there is his data 5 stars if it was not wrinkly. Yes, it is wrinkly when pulled the low (situates of the voice has attached.) Quan Look the film there is the ugly circle in of the effects in a film. Especially there be the scene where looks for some corners or landscape a circle in the effect is perceivable. Otherwise If it is action packed morely directed in a half of a screen hardly can say. I AM it disturbs it and it does not know regarding the fix. I am bonded with some wrinkles. Ugly!!! Otherwise The normal laws.
5 / 5 Manual
I have read all some descriptions besides or 30 estimativa low less different screens, and they all have his defects. The defects are minimum in this product if you are by train to pose it up in or plant and any one while any moverprpers the plot. It IS the cheap element , as it does not expect something can be attraction up and down in the daily base. If he that, can expect the dysfunction sooner or later. Even so, you are looking for a screen of projection of better house for your dollar, recommends to take easterly unit

Arrives form well, has had the trace of fellow help in the rays of pair, and was pleased further with a screen while I pulled it down and flipped in a projector. One of my worries more are afterwards read other descriptions was like a screen would pose era... There it was very of the folds or imperfections? A projection is quality like clear paste a screen? It has had mine up for the month now and think that is that it impresses that hell. Has the $ 500 projector and this screen take a better out of him. Also... That is to say massive. 100 inches are insanely big for use of house.

One a thing has remarked is the very light curvature in some verges where does not have so tension... Which are able of messing with, but is not perceivable when is looking something. I AM it beat so light any calm same aims through the photo haha. It IS only idiot in still complain- enough in this screen.

Finally, that is to say, by far, better that anything has seen more or used for this quantity of money. Supposing your venue UPS does not beat one craps out of him having to arrived, think you will want this screen.
5 / 5 Sudie
That is to say a screen of impressive projector for money. I had it setup any time and projecting on he in 10-15 minutes. A lot it has any necessity to spend the hundreds in protecting when can for this screen in the fraction of a cost. A quality of the pointed image in this screen is surprising. A video any one the justice, but comprise the video of me projecting the film of wide screen in this screen with the 80 lumen hammers the projector and a quality are awesome. The control has been.

IS only sad has not purchased one 100. Perhaps next time.
5 / 5 Ranee
Bought this or to use external with the projector and flight he.
A width is 90' longitude but 100' diagonal.
For quite easy and can be tight while precise.
Thought it would be to move around with a wind, but some helps of stay of inferior pole in place.
The people have mentioned the smell and I have remark a first day or two, but has it external and has been gone after it conceal.
Any sure if a smell will go was inner so quickly like him external but if anything, can not smell unless it is likes him 2 ft out of a screen and in the distance can not enjoy the looking in all the case.
4 / 5 Reinaldo
A quality of a screen is based in only material and is any expert on that for any half. Even so, I have purchased recently the cheap 720p projector and tired to use the cloak to bed like the screen so afterwards reading the bouquet to revise and doing some investigation of light and has purchased this screen quite 2-3 weeks ago. It IS the giant product built of clear metal like the dent or two is understandable. Included when being this product in his low final (how his 9 feet in an air) and it backing against to wall for the prolonged period of the time could cause the dent of tension in a centre and and thinks that is that spent to explode while the chair in my porch expects for me for the choose up. Even so some dents does not cause any functional subjects at all and is honestly only perceivable in me. That is to say an only with has and only the mention b/c returning this product because of such the smallest dents is unnecessary but wants to eschew perhaps schedules to choose up more concealed leaving he in your door.
In an a lot of more brilliant side big, some functions of screen perfectly and is vastly upper in the cloak of bed. An attraction-low laws exactly so described and while you operate with the patience and the competence would not have to have any subject. While some black sides of crimps of to the mine slightly likes him to him another has mentioned, this does not cause any subject with an image even so it likes him sounds very he pro or with only the fact.
Has taken this has thought could be it portable and certainly can be the low distances have moved enough easily (as in a fund in another) but be 9 long feet, trip with is not feasible for more than people.
In general, and would recommend this screen for uses in him soyakeshift' theatre to house setup (but yes has the professionally outfitted room of theatre, spends more money and takes the version powered).
2 / 5 Carmon
Ehh. The big expectations had based in other descriptions. The screen has down crimps that it imports a left verge that the marks these things of look in the difficult. There is also plots and very wrinkles in a cup of a screen all a road through.

Has to use bungee cords to pose quite a lot of tension in a fund of a screen for the do at least a bit better. While perhaps that he the help with some wrinkles and crimps in a long term, but to arrive to this point am by train of the thinks that would have to has gone he with the screen of fixed frame.

Will update this description if some wrinkles / crimps go was.

Edita: Quality of a screen certainly has not improved, but SIERRA has offered any one the repayment (if the product has been returned) or 25% credit in a compraventa. I have opted for 25% credit of a screen is not bad when the tension posed in a fund, and does not have a packaging anymore.
5 / 5 Walker
Any necessity to pay more concealed $ 100.00 in the screen. This screen has quality of incredible picture with my epson hd730!
1 / 5 Carlena
Wine and fast nave bundled very good. Only it take it do to install he in the 30ft. RV. The utmost looks and a picture are decent so that paid for a unit. A screen also takes place multiple while tension he down. A unit is also very a lot of this has weighed. It was able to hang he of a ceiling of plywood these uses (2) 1 1/2' the hooks of eye to have that has weighed. To well sure it considers purchase of this company again.

Top Customer Reviews: VonHaus 100 Inch ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Luann
Honestly You it can not find the best premade screen of projector for a prize. Any only is a better valuable screen, is very enough to be used like the permanent screen and he take a work has done. That is to say my first screen of the projector has not had never and although it is not to perfect, surely surpasses my expectations. I am very picky and has the enthusiastic eye for imperfections. In the principle was preoccupied with wrinkles, lines, and twists that it will be it too obvious and will distort/films of warp and games. Some screens are come with lines and wrinkles, even so, but felizmente does not affect action. Some lines are hardly visible of normal lighting or of a front but is more perceivable by a part with direct lighting. I have tried to look films and touching games on he for five more the hours and I have not remarked never anything distorted or bothersome.

Anteriorly Looked in 'tensioned' screens to take the screen of true floor but they usually when being $ 500-600. I have paid less than $ 100 for this screen that comes with some smaller wrinkles concealed does not affect an action is totally estimativas for me. An only subject is a light smell that has and a lack to locate rays. Another that that I am sper happy with a compraventa.

- Claro and easy in sleeve.
- The value adds for a prize.
- The works add for films and of the games.
- Smoother and more than shines that wall the aim but any too brilliant.

- Minor wrinkles but at all of entity. Predominately A OCD thing.
- Light smell that takes the moment to go was.
- The a lot highland rays.

(The pictures are taken with the aims of resplandor light direct to emphasise some wrinkles. With my light of room of normal yellow on is not so perceivable)
5 / 5 Adina
This screen is a material of excellent value to build and big quality. Walk of pose and is easy to install. A packaging is phenomenal. Two smaller things would remark is:
1. A screen done the noise to scrape against an accommodation when locate. It does not think this is causing any harm, but is not absolutely sure.
2. Anteriorly Has bought one 80' version of this screen (also excellent), but when compares the lean-for-side, one 80' an is the white plus that shines the 'daylight' the aim like opposite in a 'eggshell' objective for one 100' model. One has projected the look of images well in me on so much, but yes is looking for an aim a brilliant of possible plus, could consider one 80' model. A difference in material of the screen only can be a difference among plots in manufacturer, as any guarantee a 80' a would be more brilliant.

Has found the dimensional specifications of an insufficient manufacturer for my necessities, so here is some additional measures for the who can be interested:
Global final-in-period of final 94 9/16'
Centrical-in-central to locate holes 93 7/8'
Period of accommodation of screen 93 3/8:
Wide of accommodation of screen 2 1/2'
Date of accommodation of screen (that comprises the bar of the horizontal attraction has attached to protect) 3 1/4'
width of tissue of the Screen 90'
date of tissue of the Screen (fully widespread) 52'
width of Black verge around perimeter of screen 1 1/2'

Some last commentaries: A retractor the mechanism in these looks of strong screen and probably in last sake. I have considered the screens motorised a bit, but in an end has decided that they were ugly, complicated, and expensive. If you are doing the theatre of mere house, does not think you can go wrong with this screen. It does for the quite awesome picture.
5 / 5 Jacalyn
I have bought this cual the present of surprise for my husbands 40 anniversaries. We are in the estimativa but I very wanted to gives a house 'theatre' the experience has been that wants to. It Liked him that of a prize of this screen of the projector and I has liked them that it can be it the ceiling is trace . These two characteristic was so much a lot of entity in my investigation. I am not to update in technology or a later house and squad More i adds of theatre as I have trusted strongly in of the descriptions of amazon and the bit of google investigation for this project. I am pleasantly surprised and very happy with this compraventa. My husband was tickled. It was able to install it quite easily. Instructions very clear. And with the small fat of the elbow there went it the ceiling locates any time. Abad and retracts with ease. It comprise the picture those aims a comparison of this screen in our 65 inch television of flat screen to aim a measure. I have bought also the projector and for the use a screen has done wonderfully. Our room of means comunicacionales is the big 24x24 soiled without windows so that it do not have to struggles with external light. A left wing of screen a projector to aim characteristic and vibrant colours. I am very happy with this screen of projector and advance of look in of the a lot of nights of familiar film.
5 / 5 Sau
Excellent product, work perfectly for our external films with some neighbours! Fast sending, the packaging adds.
5 / 5 Milo
That is to say obviously any meaning to be the sper elegant, expensive, swipes-was the screen but I honestly would not be able to say a difference unless I have posed two side-for-side. An image is utmost- so clear that in fact can see a pixelations of one of my games of Xbox old (Xbox, yes, of 2004).

Some second shows of image published my Mate of Fire of the Amazon. I have posed an image to vary when is connected in a Xbox A, but supposition or my projector or a parameter of the fire of the Amazon done an image sightly smaller. Still it look it it adds in all the case.

Seating down in front of a screen aims the class of reflection of an image in an accommodation of screen, which take my eye from time to time but is not one the fault of screens- I the just hope has posed the more anti-layer of reflective painting in his next model.
4 / 5 Wendi
Good screen for a prize. Look in of the screens 2 in 3 times a prize, but was hesitant to spend a money so that very suggested in not using the low attraction protects for the projector of low launches. Has no another option that the low band and the low attraction protects, as I guess anything has taken would be to bet.

How has imagined would try this model while it was a less expensive or with decent descriptions.

An initial setup for a screen has not been hard. I have had already the mountain ready for him in my centre of entertainment. Of course I have had once he in place, has pulled a low screen and my mountain of forest has broken to crease my right of screen in a half. It was partially pissed in my poor craftsmanship but has relieved that I very invert in a $ 400 screen in only destroys in a first attraction.

Was able to retract a screen and imagined would improve my work to locate and try it again. At the end when it has had he in place, has pulled he down cautiously and stay . My oops was clearly visible in a half of a screen as I have imagined only would live with him for now until it can substitute it he with the better unit

But once turns in a projector, was pleasantly has surprised. I am using a new Optoma GT1080 darbee has cut to the launcher and a picture has surprised. A lot he only look adds in a screen, a wrinkle was virtually invisible with an image in the. I have tried my best to flatten out of a screen the small to see yes can reduce a wrinkle anymore and does the small. But for one the majority of part, is very happy with some results concealed is that I am spent under $ 70.

My only complaint is that a screen has some smaller waves in him and is not perfectly flat, but there is not a lot can do enough that in the retractable screen. But so with one wrinkle, some stain virtually disappears when a projector is on, so for my is not very a lot a subject.

Bronzed In my opinion, this is not the screen of bad judge of start.
4 / 5 Austin
It buys two of these screens and is so much very functional and decently has done.

An in the first place one was the small wavy plants that I am not to add but has control of decent light in your room of the theatre any one the a lot of note. There is also the bit of a outwards affronting curve in so much a left side and of right. This curve is mostly in a black boarder but continues the small bit in one that cause of white screen some perceivable distortion in an image projected but again I any one very commentary unless I am by train of the look for.

A second screen IS much smoother that an in the first place with far less waves in an enough melts the material where can not see some churns included when looking for during the film. Like A first screen, this or also has a outwards affronting cual has twisted verges still cause some distortion but again, is not that big the roads in me that considers a global big quality of a product compared in the low cost of him.

This screen is very easy to locate. Some highland holes in a flat side of an accommodation is 92.5 inches averts. So that a back side of an accommodation is flat the majority of a force some places of the screen in a low ray is meaning that you can not find studs the the molly would have to be spare to maintain one above same screen when is pulling a screen up and down. It was to good sure thoughtfully designed by still of inexperienced people to pose up in his house.

In general can recommend this screen to want the people have imported that looks for the screen of quality in the prize the plus under that or could expect if you are not too picky. This screen is the the thousand times better that project in the cloak or to wall.
5 / 5 Delbert
I see any one has written the description for a motorised version of this screen. I have bought a motorised an afterwards read a face of people of the difficulties with a manual attraction decline some (this and other marks). This mark there has been a motorised attraction cheaper down protects so and gave shoot it. A container has suffered harm in or finals in the delivery except an interior of product was valley saves for some dents in a metal casing. It is not the big subject for me.
The installation was the breeze . I hanged it on group how and has wanted a screen in my wall to exist the television is trace . There is not hardware very provided for the hang. A pair of metal carabiner the hooks have done a work.
So far has not had any subject with an engine or a low attraction/up mechanism. An engine is not calm but no very strong or. No the big factor for me. It leaves to see like him gone in in a long career. I guess it comes with 1yr guaranteeed of manufacturer but and has bought 3yr those extra offers of amazon saw the 3 insurance of company of party.
A screen does not have any perceivable defect. Some verges crimps to mark for inside the bit but and thinks is expected of the decrease of cheap attraction protects. It is not very perceivable when the film is touching. A fixed screen is always better but and has not had this election this time.
A projection is well. They say that the profit is 1.1. I of the that knows a lot of technical difference but necessities of room to be relatively dark for quality of better projection. I compound this would have to be some for any system of projection.
In general is satisfied. Decent value for money.
4 / 5 Hortencia
A quality of a 'white screen' is undoubtedly well. Project dvd films through my cellulon the beak and the work adds for nights of film. Although a product was delievered with the small dent (any one very preoccupied) the little the mark of days, retracting has been already the beginning. Desprs Has failed tentativas in time, takes a projector of a wall, pose in a fund and with some weights in some sides, retracts hurriedly enough. Of course it is tedious to do that every time only could leave in a wall of a future. It IS of entity to remark that multiple retractions would pull some screens to corner at the end out of an inferior bar... Interest to see how long this product would last.
3 / 5 Marion
Prize, value, the general quality is quite sake . I have had to to jump he for a difficulty in taking a screen the retract and so that there the horizontal lines are distorting an image ( that and only can suppose is of him when being gone until tight ). IN GENERAL his no the bad exposure, only would take annoying if every time the calm was you for the pose to era has had to to battle with him.. That im sure is why the state sound sold in this prize... A horizontal distortion of one packing creases is troubling in me so and is very OCD and that has done production of video during 5 years and remark it all a time now. If this was for presentations escoles or random or only something you didnt cure in a picture this am adds.. Perhaps it was consecrated in of the just video games? Any insurance.. But yes im that it spends any quantity of money and wants to so near to perfect so possible

has rid for the turn and will see yes perhaps a prjimo a better east.