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Top Customer Reviews: Brother Genuine ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Iesha
This cartridge of toner is OEM, genuine Brother, but apparently is junk.

My printer said me that a toner was down in October, as I have ordered to nine unit Am the lawyer and can not have my low printer. It results a printer was the untimely bit so that a toner any career was until December. These results to detail to import later in a history. Desprs Has substituted a toner, has begun having problems of quality of the impression, with the toner scattered in a page. I can not have quality of bad impression. I have called Brother a first week in January and was in a telephone during an hour with them. Every time I call is an hour -nicknamed of long telephone, which hate. A volume there was update a firmware, and after a problem has prendido. Well, now it is a first week of the February and I are having a problem of quality of same impression with the toner scattered in a page again. It looks terrible. I have called Brother today and was in a telephone during an hour again while one takes the crusader sweats that problem of shoots and situate me on lines repeatedly. At the end say had the problem with a cartridge of toner. (To arrive to this point, was not if it is the problem with a toner, or has also messed in a unit of drum.) The question when bought a toner to see yes is still in guarantee. I looked it up and it has said that that has bought he in October, when a printer has said that it was down, but does not have to install until late December. Well, said, has bought since he in October, is now out of a guarantee of 90 days and I are out of luck, included although only posed into use done six weeks. I have said that that is to say any road to treat the client and she no preoccupy .

Does not go to buy the brother is another printer . That is to say only a problem a late plus has had with Brother. They have used to to do a bit the better printers and I have been buying and using the machines of the brother since 2001. But a quality has declined in some last ten years and I are done. It opens it is buying HP printers.
2 / 5 Jose
After learning a road takes on aftermarket cartridges and some negative effects in my printers now only buy OEM cartridges. This week is spent inserts/inserts the cartridge of drum and new Brother in the printer of three month only to have a cartridge erupted in the black cloud of toner. Felizmente, only a cartridge and the drum marred and was able to blow a rest of a material of toner has been with the compressor (alfresco, otherwise a dispatch would be laminated in black powder).
This has said, $ 98 for a cartridge and $ 116 for a right of drum in a dumpster. I am not looking for the credit only the flight has fulfilled that OEM is any guarantee of quality or.
3 / 5 Odelia
I am in 3 genuine Brother TN850 the cartridge and I can testify in a fact that a capacity of 8000 cloaks supremely is deceiving unless calm perhaps is printing 8000-the cloaks of the text regulates in the toner saves road. Obviously, it depends in that is printing. But in my case, was each text , but sometimes with big intrepid source. As I give it 3 stars because of a cost and that disappoints real-world-wide capacity. Changing now in Aztech compatible cartridges in the fraction of a cost.
1 / 5 Ellyn
A brother OEM TN-850 cartridge of toner MTSJ16B002042AD003H8 has purchased through the amazon.com gone to the left the ash of shadow through a whole page and I have had to another $ 100 for the substitute more a cost of the DR820 the drum has not required. Germano The quality of technical support has declined well together with his quality of product and terms of guarantee in a past 10 years. Still I owe behind 14 Brother MFC east and HL the printers and the need to begin substitute with reliable products. There is no longer the profit to use genuine toners. To the recent tan likes him the mark 2 years, USA of the brother the guarantee substitutes the defective products have purchased in some last 3 months but that it is no longer a case. Remanufactured The toners and the drums improve to back that it conceal offered by Brother. My last experience was of the gentleman with the fat indium/Pakistani emphasis in 'EUA of Chicago'.
4 / 5 Katelin
It has bought this toner 10 times now, for use in the 3 printers of the brother that uses of race of strong volume. A cartridge was bad, that spills toner in a page. The amazon quickly substitutes the. All another has been well. The printing takes the bit spotty in an end. There is far too much the toner that stays when a printer declares a cartidge empty - that is to say thwarting. Half impression quite 500 less pages that has announced.
5 / 5 Kathe
No very sure that to say in the toner...Another that the laws add in our printer of laser of the Brother...And I prefer to purchase a mark more than the substitute, included although a substitute could be cheaper. It has Had too many experiences with inks 'cheaper' and toner...And it does not want to cross these times again. East is a first change has had with our printer of new Brother, is not sure quite that times a toner taken, but is wins sure he well in our small dispatch of our anterior experiences with the products of the brother.
5 / 5 Emmett
The prize has found better, uses a subscribe and save roads. Has the small subject where impressions a lot of daily documents like each small penny has saved help! It IS also any one to have that thinks in reordering toner also! Only we use the genuine toner has found of a 'compatible' ones no also and when being can he of small subject very skimp in quality here. As it is not to estimate a esavings' on was-toners of mark.
5 / 5 Lu
It avenges hurriedly easy to install - once read some instructions... It Likes him that we can return a cartridge of toner of old to be reused. The smooth careers, clear acute text - no really marks a lot in the. It issues images, but the times there are logotypes etc, and an impression is acute.. Any smudging. Easy to clean, only movement a piece of the place has attached behind and sends the small time to clear a mountain.
4 / 5 Joline
A toner has done better that some generic marks. This one will last you longer that some generic marks. I have lasted 2 1/2 months. A generic V4ink, has lasted 1 1/2 months. A OEM the toner of the brother will give to print the more full and same pages without streaking. I Like him his of a quality, but well 3 times for a prize?
1 / 5 Damion
Desprs Looking the gradual degradation to print (occasional blobs, blotches, and the background ash), at the end has opened the up and begun to clean a unit. A roller of big money (roller of scrolling?) It was coated with toner. In spite of a difficulty adds to enter taking prende revolver, has cleaned he so less once, but a roller has maintained to come above coated in toner. Quan A rind in my inch has road of date, imagined there was enturbiado a roller of plus that once.

Had bought one $ 106 attentive cartridge of the long life of satisfaction, but yes buys the brother is another cartridge , was the small a, of a cartridge has comprised with a printer has data the service adds and continues to do so. My HP5P gave me 18 years of excellent service, but I the brother of suspect is jumping a shark. My experience with the cartridge of genuine Brother aimed me that it could it he very worse to experience with third-cartridges of party.

Suggestions for same is welcome.

Top Customer Reviews: Brother Genuine ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Tresa
Excellent product. Excellent prize. The nave was well in pair. A reason gave it only 4 star is not so obvious the problem - WHAT the MARKS WITH The CARTRIDGE have USED OLD? Quan Has possessed a HP Jet of Laser, automatically provided to focus to ship of the turn with a new cartridge. No so with Brother. I need to go in the place of web of sure Brother to generate one focuses of tower. That is bad with that? It is not A PLACE of SURE WEB. You are entering your personal data in a unsecured place of web where any trolling hacker can ROB YOUR PERSONAL DATA. One has to does not have to risk personal security to recycle endeavours. Now it included I am bonded with an environmental peril that can not launch in some rubbishes. Hello Brother! I give me the place of the sure web for my personal data / recycles focus of the turn and I will give you 5 stars. PLEASE NOTE: with all the justice, this problem will exist to purchase this on-line cartridge or in the tent. A subject is not a provider but with Brother.
1 / 5 Crystle
Bought the Twin of new mark HLL6200DW less printer that mark the year. Quan A judge to start with the cartridge has run down in the toner has substituted he with this TN880 cartridge of genuine Brother. In the daytime a toner of filters and gave me soiled impressions. It follow the instructions to clean brothers a system and then instructions to reduce a density of an impression to correct a problem. He at all the work. The brother has advised that has required to substitute a cartridge and possibly an also so drum in my cost. A cartridge of toner has less than 200 pages in the and a less drum that 3200 pages. I have said that the the printer was still under the guarantee and I could buy the new printer for less than a cost of the new drum and the cartridge of the toner has combined. They have said that I issue me the cartridge of new toner but has not taken so of the included publishes. I have seen since at least or another clave for the excess toner with this cartridge thinks that can have the subject of control of the quality with some of these units so that it does not recommend which the substitution.
5 / 5 Jeremiah
So far I think that that these are utmost!

Bronzed when Mandate this product, a prize can be cheap or the small pricey. Pay among 68-100+ for this element. I actuate Officially the orderly 4 of these for my Brother HL-6200DW the since purchased printer he in December. I print the decent quantity. Active began It only to use mine 4 a, and is ordering two more, since is cheap today (~$ 68/each which how). Well Before I have installed one the majority of recent toner (the 4 toner), has taken the account of page, of the that the pages have printed. I said me that in general during a life of my printer (which are when I has ordered in the first place my premier one of these), has to way that has far printed 35,514 pages. So in meso (for some 3 toners have used up), has taken quite a lot of 11,666 pages out of the each toner. It say that that it is quite near of in 12K estimativa of page that the brother say you can exit of a life of toner. As it say it that I am quite satisfied with a product. It can be the small bass , but no for many. Compared in another cost of toner, and a quantity of number of harvest of page, in to seat him like him these is the quite good roads . The majority of toners, chair, never fully yield some numbers of page allege his toner can provide. This a chair takes a number quite prjimo, and a cost is similar in toners those significantly less number of harvest of page.

Update (01/11/2019): still I like him his and order these toners frequently. Work well with the brother is my machine . Sometimes dry likes some careers of toner was hurriedly. My machine has the work around in the where can the fish of reset in a toner (thinks it resets a number of pages a toner has printed) and maintains to print without problems. Quan A toner at the end begins to the data was when I this reset, is clearly perceivable to be slightly the swipes was and some looks of toner more scattered in a page. That is to say when it knows it is time to to change a toner. But still it can find these for the quite good roads and of the tonnes of impressions of pages. Still Happy with a product.
2 / 5 Mariano
Bought this sper big-cartridge of toner of the harvest that thinks is the better bang for a buck. Without printing quite a lot of pages that included would require the cartridge of toner regulates (TN820), a cartridge has blown toner during an interior of a printer. Has had to an interior of a printer, a drum, etc. Has tried to again. A same thing is spent. Cleaned all again. Same thing. Cleaned he for the third time, although this time has taken my old TN820 cartridge (concealed had substituted with a big harvest a), and everything is doing well. So while it can think you that it is the better roads , if it does not produce that he the said , then is very is not . I will return to use a TN820.
5 / 5 Lakeesha
I have found he very time the fact that the cheap swipes of the toners are only concealed- cheap. It looks with the toners take that decrees of paid. It can buy some cheap toner but at the end apresamiento or these leaks or is not that full and careers out of fast. The toner done the bad disorder. This sper the toner of big harvest is more expensive then a generic junk but not having never any problems with leaks of toner or the toner these low races before it is supposed in. This toner is a lot of values a prize and last the long time. I continue to buy toner of Genuine brother.
5 / 5 Maranda
It IS toner . It IS the whole plot of toner. It Likes him, of thousands and valuable thousands of cloaks of toner that enters the printer that does not try and run over humanity down some heels of his corporate masters.

Seriously, wants the toner and you want the all, and wants the now? It buys this toner for your compatible printer. And if your printer does not take it , mamma. It buys the new printer.
5 / 5 Glendora
I swear it it can print a Health Abordable the law those uses only one of these cartridges. Matched With the brother is our printer , apresamiento almost for ever, and prints the plot. I in fact maintenances the tone of the pages impresas and these impressions of the cartridge more announced it then pages. I use the toner saves road, and the plot of our impressions very in fact use the full page of text, but still some beginnings of crispy and clear text and clave in a paper perfectly.
3 / 5 Marina
I dd Not taking % 10 of an automatic toner reorder -- same although it is announced. It IS convenient to have a printer automatically reorder toner, which appreciate. A toner took has been supposed in toner of true Brother through a society/of Amazon of the Brother. A toner filtered in a printer that caused very net ups. Control out of a prize for a cartridge of toner -- does not take 10% has been for an automatic toner reorder.
1 / 5 Elwood
I am spent up buying the cartridge of big harvest of a Brother a cheap plus and has bought. That the deception.

Constantly is taking toner in my documents and now an error of drum. Has reset an error of drum on and on to move a backside of advance and green slide but still long the day takes error of drum .

This was my first laser of printer of Brother, the looks will be to return in HP!
5 / 5 Elodia
When being the owner of small subject has chosen Squad of Dispatch of the Brother for his quality, dependability and side of efficiency. This TN880 Sper cartridge of the toner of the Big harvest provides thousands of crisp, flawless has printed pages. A prize is right and automatic order with the amazon maintains to run out of ink. We are very pleased!

Top Customer Reviews: HP 26X | CF226X | ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Jon
Any sure because but has bought these partorisca years a last cartridge has received so only roughly 3300 pages and yes a lot conscious of as some the different pages determine a start of a capacity of impression, does not have any way that am printing so only would print this low quantity of pages!! Any sure the one who HP is doing but this would not owe that be that it spends these cartridges are expensive!
4 / 5 Nubia
I have bought this toner and has situated he in service on 2/8/19. Less than two month, an ink is resulted a lot down without quality of the acceptable impression longer. Today (3/21/19) I have printed a report of supply and has discovered some pages have printed with this concrete cartridge was so only 6,272 pages, any 9,000 pages to the equal that have declared. A HP 26X is supposition partorisca be partorisca big volume!!! 6000 Something the pages is far out of 9,000 pages! Personally I think that that ossia fraud and totally unacceptable! It is there is disappointed for real.
5 / 5 Mika
A last two HP 26X toner the cartridges have purchased treaty significantly under a declared 9,000 harvest of page, in one the majority of recent chance less than half of that, and ossia for normal to step of light word that need of impressions. For a very big prize of these cartridges a prize does not comport with a value rid or a harvest has announced. This has repeated substandard the harvest of page will impact my printer that buys decisions in a future. In of the past years when buying the cartridge of printer of the big harvest side that pay a big prize for a harvest of page. HP Looks to be that they sell substandard cartridges in prize very big. A lot disappointed.
4 / 5 Mendy
Pricewise, Ossia the shot adds . Has the LaserJet Pro this there has been a cartridge still in him for well the year. We use this printer for my wifes subject and my general press. This particular cartridge is a big density an and will last much more that a CF226A. The venue that the prices was much bigger then a prize of Amazon.
4 / 5 Dahlia
HP The quality is as to any one. My company there is almost has tried each type of king-the toner has manufactured on Amazon and one of his hard like this long and work as well as a HP frames. Perhaps the local king-the costruttore could produce the product of alike quality but at all in the amazon approaches.
5 / 5 Emil
This week - with only average a life of the cartridge of the toner has used, a cartridge of toner has begun to leave the clue down a half of all my pages. At all it has cured them a subject. HP Has run the diagnostics and they could no to give me any instruction to fix this cartridge so that it could use them an is them past alot of money in a X cartridge to measure that has used so only the portion of his life, a date of turn is spent, and has had to them buy another new cartridge to be able to print presentable papers.
5 / 5 Conchita
The works add always likes to have the few extras manually.
4 / 5 Arminda
Press the plot for house of work. Mostly in of the weekends. They are the transactional lawyer and my agreements are long. This hard cartridge for ever and a quality of impression is excellent. A horse of work of true confidence.
5 / 5 Regan
Genuine HP The toner is to good sure a better. In my old printer has used to use generic and more the time no also reason have not had new drums in them. In my new printer has has used so only HP toner and has not had never the question.
4 / 5 Dania
I am taking 4-5000 copies for 26X. Average that is announced.

Top Customer Reviews: HP 85A | CE285D | 2 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Delores
Ossia One first bad Ink Cartridge that has received partorisca order on-line. You do not recommend buying of Deals on Broadway. Be careful when buying HP Cartridges of Ink! I have had purhased these cartridges of the ink done some time, and has discovered that a second an era Counterfit when I have been partorisca the use. Has has had questions that obtains the clear copy of all some copies have tried to do (15). I have been to a HP Put web of Authentication and partorisca dip in a number in a focus, has discovered that a Cartridge of Ink was Counterfit! Always verify your authenticaton first code of your time to turn is up! It supervises all the cartridges of all the costruttrici wherever purchase them (has an authentication wesite)!
5 / 5 Jennefer
We had it it has used it so only one of some cartridges two weeks and the impression are result faint. The printer has not aimed the ink was down. Any one imports that takes and shook it or has been, the impression is remained faint. Has has purchased cartridges of ink partorisca this printer before and any one has had such question. It is quite expensive and would have to that it is lasted much more to do.
4 / 5 Norbert
A lot of Hp material, not annoying with transmissions after the years to be a The TYPE of technology that struggles with the counters of corporate grain to press a saving of dollar in of the transmissions. It excepts they have not counted never the one who the cars there is ruined. This work adds and some cars last longer, cleaner of stay and produce better images and these works of transmission in some less expensive models. There is prendido finally use the transmissions after the printer by heart has been of the sud and sides to repair.
5 / 5 Tonja
The toner are add, and has been purchasing these of Amazon for my office for awhile now, but a lot disappointed that a prize is almost locates behind $ 40 of one $ 99 has been that paid for a last year.
4 / 5 Maegan
True original HP the supplies are always a better quality and one the majority of of confidence. It does not take casualidad. Aftermarket The supplies can ruin your printer.
5 / 5 Hee
I hate to admit he -- his so that it is pricier -- but these HP the original cartridges are appreciably upper in the quality of impression has compared to a no-HP the alternative of substitution has tried (two of them, a labeled Linkyo, another Prize, so also purchased in Amazon and estimated enough a lot). With a HP cartridges, an impression is darker and crisper, and does not have any question with, for example, shaded sales in of the tables.
5 / 5 Margart
A prize is reasonable based in half sales of HP and Staples. It likes to take he of Amazon because of a fast delivery in my door forward.
4 / 5 Lilian
Well value a prize. I have tried the transmissions the economic plus and his always have subject of qualities. With this I active closing to have any subjects.
5 / 5 Valorie
When I have opened a box a container of interior has been opened, installed and a next day was out of toner already. Our toner usually will last 2 to 3 month but a last 2 I has bought any last but the few days. A lot of dissatisfaction.
5 / 5 Wilfred
Solid toner - works perfectly with a HP 1102W printer. The engine of printer has recognised a toner immediately without subjects of installation.

Top Customer Reviews: Brother Printer ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Golden
This is not a Drum of true Brother. I have situated this Drum in my Brother on February 6th and paralizaciones partorisca do TODAY, February 27th! I lasted THREE WEEKS!! The drums usually have had to me a whole YEAR! This also dipped me in the terrible place in my subject, as I can not print some papers I needs partorisca print for work, and looks unprofessional. Now, I require partorisca find the new drum and will require partorisca find alternate ways to print my docs partorisca a rest of a week! A lot of fallido! This drum was $ 91 w/has imposed!
4 / 5 Elfrieda
Work so only well, does not forget you has to that go to a paper of printer and reset some settings of drum. I took the moment to in fact read some instructions lol
4 / 5 Phil
OSSIA SUPPOSITION partorisca BE A PRODUCT of the GENUINE BROTHER And The PRINTER is by train partorisca SAY ME Is not ... And THAT HAS TO CHANGE It... WASTE Of MONEY (WHICH Is EXTREMELY A lot HE) And produced
5 / 5 Yuri
of factory of Brother of TIME. No the cartridge of toner. My drum is near of an end of this life expected as I will maintain it until it has required.
5 / 5 Quincy
I have purchased this after trying the Unit of the generic drum failed in our Brother MFC-L2700DW. Experience in March, for December my pages have been turn . A place of official brother as well as this state of element that is very partorisca 12,000 pages. Lame by means of roughly 10 Reams of paper (1 chance) during this time, which is roughly 5000 pages. Today my unit declares that I require partorisca substitute a drum again. I have used this in the setting of office, impression mostly documents of word and bills, any photos or anything likes them concealed. Quite disturbed in a quality of this element given do to him grieves to 5000 pages.
4 / 5 Trista
I have purchased to be to be the NEW drum and one copy is the still saying is DRUM of PLANT'. This was to suppose to be a substitution of factory esatta.
4 / 5 Morton
I have ordered 09/21:/18 but it has not opened until today, 03/14/19. My shows of drum of the computer DR630 and ossia that has ordered. I have received the DR630 but is smaller and no apt ! I have paid $ . It is it would be necessary has it verify was sooner, but does not use my thick computer to the equal that am disabled and use my iPhone for almost everything. That I that maintains? I am ailing in of the this!
5 / 5 Abbie
Ordered this prime of a printer me substitute a unit. Of course when another is exited this one was spent a window to return . It takes messages of error that is not a unit of lines and true Brother streak has printed in pages. This is not the economic part as you do not buy here
4 / 5 Maddie
has ordered 2 drums behind in October the so only dipped one in my printer and he no the still said printer drum of substitutes. And of course of then I pre has ordered these so that there is when I required him a window of turn has closed. $ 160 dollars down a drain on 2 drums 'New' that no at all. I will not be in that order them again. Like the client of frequent Amazon am A lot DISAPPOINTED!
5 / 5 Roselee
You grieve that I last 2000 pages and already the printer is shouting for the new drum. Any Brother is doing useless craps, or these are fakes .

Top Customer Reviews: Brother Genuine ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
Final update: the April 23. Judge to start with The cartridge at the end says is run totally was (although the still looks to print). That is to say the total besides or 200 pages less since have taken in the first place the message. One 3-time-Go printout shows the total of 730 pages - quite what a judge to start with the cartridge is supposition to have , and has installed now a salvation-cartridge of capacity

----- first update
Update. It IS now April 11. Impression at least other 100 pages and the things still are going well. But I have discovered another characteristic. It outrage one 7-time-Go (describes low), has the 3-time-Go that it print the three report of page those aims everything has not wanted never know in your printer, that comprises a quantity of the in fact left toner. ( It notes that has the Brother HL-2270DW. A cartridge also returns other machines that can have the different road to take a same info.)

----- Original of mate
Likes Him another has begun to take the 'toner-low' message after perhaps 450 or so pages. Look for the road to trick a printer, reads a manual(!). It says to press a button Goes seven times in the row to clear a toner-low lockout, and that once that it was cleared a cartridge would continue to print until a toner had gone in fact.

Has done like the charm. I will update this when a thing in fact runs totally has been.

Sympathetic This, a mark of road has listened: the look a lot yields that has to order another cartridge - and he lockout that you can not ignore, maintaining calm of having the very bad day in a future.
5 / 5
My history with a HL-2270DW and a TN-450 cartridges:

Cartridge of Judge of start - 751 pages, has changed 12/27/2011
2 Cartridge - 1,999 pages (account of total printer 2,750) has Changed 03/29/2012
3 Cartridge - 2,559 pages (account of total printer 5,309) has Changed 07/24/2012
4 Cartridge - 2,627 pages (account of total printer 7,936) has Changed 11/19/2012
5 Cartridge - very record
6 Cartridge - Approx. 2,300 pages (account of total printer 12,585) has Changed 08/14/2013 (the DRUM OPENS is GIVING the opinion OF 0% LIFE LEFT)
UNIT of the drum SUBSTITUTED IN 14,908 PAGES 12/21/2013
7 Cartridge - 2,537 Pages (account of total printer 15,122) has Changed 01/03/2014

run the until it remarks the problem with a beginning he, a message of low toner enters very time before they have run in fact has been. You can press a button GOES 7 times in fast succession to do east.

Which of has prendido now counting exited of page, thinks that some results are quite reliable to form an opinion. My printer still is mecer in just likes him in day a!
1 / 5
This cartridge has failed afterwards quite 500 pages. He no the look can take the substitution. Bought this more or he less done 1 year like the backup after substituting a cartridge. As it listens for enough 6 bite. At the beginning do VAL, but after enough 500 or so pages, now prints unevenly, or really soft. Try each possible adjustment. More is to take of a cartridge and shake it. He then law for other 100 pages or so many. These the cartridges 'genuine' is too expensive to have them fail. And since always I maintain the backup, for some times discover is accesses well, the can not return. Very unfortunate.
1 / 5
This cartridge has produced vertical dropouts/fadeouts immediately in installation. I have changed behind in my old cartridge and a problem were was. As it is to well sure a cartridge and no a drum or another component of printer.

This is not an isolated case. Voice also a recent (July 27, 2016) description for J. Varner, This informs fadeouts with the mark-new cartridge.

Alas had bought this cartridge to have manually when a necessity has arisen, considering now a period of tower is spent. It does not buy this cartridge until right when the precise, in case that takes the futility and has to returns. Quan Law, the law adds. But conscious when being that it is taking it casualidad with this product and the be sure can return in a left wing of time.

Has to expect some futility yes takes bets it the cartridges have recycled on. But the control of poor quality is objectionable when in of payment upper dollar for a genuine element.
1 / 5
This cartridge lasted me only quite 600 pages of normal printing, mostly text and clear map. That is to say to well sure any one 'Big harvest'. It is announced likes 2600 pages. I have not taken 25% of that.
Lack suddenly in a midst to print the text only documents immediately in front of a last page. Usually I can see when a cartridge is descending for a change of quality of the impression and an on-look of screen. A last page has printed was the perfect impression. A printer has data the error of toner and would not clear in spite of endeavours to do function for a last page. Usually I take the 'Low Toner' look in my screen when is roughly to be exhausted, but no this time!!
The suspect was the defective element , since fail suddenly without the opinion and all the past identical units have bought always has quotes ideal action..
1 / 5
State buying this cartridge for a bit those that past years. Donat My use to change to print, mandate the nine an each which as another year or so much. In my surprise, this cartridge, the experience in the late August has run was totally, and has not printed anything those imports. It IS now November. Impossible that can have run was so hurriedly. It was not that to contact a vendor in of the this, but is not also happy to arrive to this point so that it look goes to have that designs another $ 55+ to take another. I will leave the better indication when this situation is resolved. So much, buyer beware.
1 / 5
I have bought only the new cartridge in January of 2018, three month is gone for and has has not had any increase in of the beginnings of the normal printing and a printer are asking toner. My last cartridge has lasted likes him 9 month. That is to say some rubbishes and is disappointed HIGHLY with this element.
5 / 5
Has turn the printer of Twin of monochrome laser the little the mark of month after the years of the frustration with another mark is each-in-a printer that has consumed enormous quantities of ink to paint included although I have printed each in black and white. A cartridge of toner that is coming with a unit of the laser of the Brother has run was hurriedly, while I have been warned, and takes the moment to imagine was so to substitute a cartridge a first time around but now is easy. Has a printer posed by 300 dpi (and for text in place of maps) to maximiza my harvest. It likes them to them another, begun to take the 'low toner' look around 1500 copies and if it was not to see other descriptions of Amazon for Brother is other cartridges, could have changed a cartridge shortly after taking a first look. Prpers Having read to join other descriptions, even so, takes a cartridge to exist, has shaken he the bit to ensure one in those rests the toner was very distributed, has run a 'carona cape' behind and sends the pair to time and is returned a printer into use regulates. So far, I have printed in 1200 additional pages of a first look and everything still are printing well, without lines or other problems that comes when a toner in fact is down. I am looking to see while longer an old cartridge will do, but wow, another the to good sure aided critical to warn of this problem. It IS something Brother ought to correct. For a road, has not posed tape in to some holes likes them another has suggested since does not want to very complications of that, although it can do like next time around. Like An additional note, unless the amazon has fixed a problem, ignores some of his cards of low drop when selecting a right cartridge for a unit of right Brother. They say a TN 450 is not to correct for the Brother HL2270DW when in fact is.
1 / 5
It has Had a same experience like plot another where that is supposed to be the mark the new cartridge does not give printouts that is to say very better that those that have taken of an old cartridge that has been exhausted and required to change. If has no known that this one was new and only installed, would be to say that it is time to to take to nine unit afterwards Times this takes the cartridge for my printer, simply will go in Staples and the take, although coast the little more dollars.
3 / 5
A quality of impression is well. A cost of cartridges of substitution, even so, is rediculous. At the end read all some descriptions and chooses the cartridge of substitution of Amazon (the be sure takes a correct TN for the brother is your Model ). A substitution will say you that that it has to do to do your cartridge esgister' in a printer; sure when being to read and clues some instructions. A generic substitution not having quite also the quality of impression, but is the plots the cheap plus, and give me so or even more copies that brother. If you use the cartridge of the brother, has called his number of the service when takes the 'new toner' message (probably was afterwards only the thousand or so copies)--insists to give you a code to enter to turn of a message ...Probably you it it it it has not used above still Half a toner in a cartridge has paid decrees so a lot of!

Top Customer Reviews: Brother Genuine ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Londa
I have bought this 'Genuine Brother' cartridge of toner of Amazon but has printed the pages are spotted and esoiled' throughout some pages. It would like me the transmission the and try another cartridge of toner.
4 / 5 Merilyn
These are not real HP Cartridges. I am guessing economic swipe offs. My pages are exited dirty. I have maintained partorisca think it was my mark new printer and has been about to the turn but decided partorisca dip an original cartridge behind in and sure enough, some pages are clear starts . For some time has imagined was was too late partorisca return. Find the Vendor that is not rasgando the people were partorisca sell them fake HP or defective cartridges.
4 / 5 Theodora
The works add perfectly. Of course it is genuine volume that stops of has paid. It takes economic refilled toners before and ruins a drum that there is ruined sure enough a printer. Never again! Better spend more on these and have peaces of alcohols that be the miser so only partorisca save the little bucks. Has a worse regime and does not love risk.
5 / 5 Annabelle
The installation was the snap! Good visual directions in a box and a propiciado by instruction. Some first few pages by means of a printer with a new cartridge there has been the dusting of black flecks in a cup of a page. This is disappeared. This in spite of has the ghosting effect with equidistant pale frames in a margin. Llamas Twin if they do not solve punctual. Otherwise, Work well.
5 / 5 Twanda
I have purchased this toner one first week of October; I changed it so only yesterday and it has printed 1,000 pages and my printer is saying toner of transmission. Ossia Unacceptable partorisca a prize that has paid. An usually last me the pair of month but too last only 3 days is crazy. It asks the repayment in the substitution. Like the agent of registration of the notary I need the printer of confidence and some supplies partorisca be effective and of confidence or more my subject will fail.
5 / 5 Amado
They are the notary and this cartridge does not have next form 3,000 copies, more like 1,000 to 1,500 in better. It is there is disappointed really.
4 / 5 Ola
State taking look of low toner, like this after 2 years that reads in an original cartridge, has purchased this substitution of factory. We print in the ream the month. Original still is that it goes...
4 / 5 Cherly
These works of product and has been recognised by mine Beother printer. Calm sometimes has to that be careful reason calms does not know never! But partorisca reassure potential buyers- this toner is true. 😊
5 / 5 Louie
So only it buys OEM cartridges of toner. Longevity? First a.
4 / 5 Gisele
That The excessive toner has printed in pages

Top Customer Reviews: HP 80A | CF280A | ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Scottie
I have taken exactly that wait. Too bad is like this expensive, would expect HP would reduce a prize in place of gouging his clients in of the elements like these. It guesses the acquisition of corporate wealth is the factor of behaviour in HP. They would owe that resupply crew and of the services partorisca his clients (subject partorisca a sake of business) ossia the one who Business is everything roughly - his very roughly generating wealth partorisca 1.
4 / 5 Rosena
It was almost ours of toner when this is to arrive. I have maintained to shake my toner that attended for him to last another day. This impression of cartridges of the toner out of thousands of pages and appreciate to the yes calm advantage gives it to the sobresalto good can take another 100 or so much. :)
4 / 5 Vita
Any one a lot to revise, a HP the cartridge of substitution are adds. See those that pages these some impressions.
4 / 5 Hillary
Any surprised - do so only. The prize of the amazon was very competitive.

Wish HP would simplify his number of cartridges of toner down to so only the very little.
5 / 5 Tameka
4 / 5 Angelia
produced Well
4 / 5 Johnson
My only disappointment is that these any one last very long. I guess it conceal it is so only a way is. It is more economic that when we use the 'announced copy and halving $ 300 the month. I have thought so only these would last twice while they do. Otherwise, has not had any question with like this impressions.
5 / 5 Tammy
It was reluctant to take toner that is not HP. Ossia HP. Among a HP box with a HP characteristic of turn. An old cartridge is HP returnable. It is genuine HP with all some characteristic -- for 20 less! The shot adds! I have not seen never the prize reduced in these cartridges anywhere more.
4 / 5 Alexa
HP Substitution of mark for HP printer.
4 / 5 David
The prize adds thus produced. Bought a lot. Had the subject of the nave and the amazon have come by means of fantastically. Everywhere, I produced adds and the experience adds.

Top Customer Reviews: Canon Original 128 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Shawnee
Sold me he faulty cartridge ( is the genuine Cannon ). I have called the troubleshoot and was confirmed the cartridge was faulty. It have purchased this in February as would have the backside up. Has the place grieves he in him look it in fact the days was obviously not doing properly. Because it was more be along that 30 days have refused to be any help at all excepts partorisca give me the conference that so only would owe that buy new some inside 30 days of use. But like six supposition partorisca do that it never calms exactly know when an old one will run out of ink?? Ossia partorisca My subject, can very so only be out of ink, concealed does not act.
In all the chance, an only solution would give me (after admitting it was faulty based in a troubleshooting): it can pay to ship to his office and he 'take some time' partorisca his partorisca look in the and considered it to him faulty would substitute it. Absolutely a lot reimbursement partorisca of the money partorisca send it behind to them, any term of time, and any email still me something partorisca situate in a box. His so only verbally gave an allocution in a telephone and said partorisca write the name of some type on that.
Ossia Cannon , the big company that thought that it could trust partorisca sell produced of quality. Instead, I have received the cartridge of failure and has had to that spend for the half an hour in a telephone only to take them to be quite generous for me to pay for the send to them to try. Like this bad!!! And they are bummed reasons I really like my printer but after this experience will not buy never something does for Cannon again knowing is not for behind his products!
5 / 5 Tom
It was a lot disappointed. Taken a cartridge in August for a half of the October has had to that substitute a cartridge. I have copied he more than me hard the year and a cartridge so only last me the months of pair. A an I bought in Imposición of Office, purportedly a cartridge still, lasted six month. I will not buy this cartridge on Amazon again.
4 / 5 Jesus
The works cost, but an impression is not like this clear as when I purchased them of a tent of office. My printer has been dipped in having of toner' and has taken include was that setting. An impression is quite light. It does not know reason, but is not quality very good. I have taken included a toner was after the few days and rotated/has shaken likes calm is instructed to do first installing it. It has not changed anything. Orders again of to the staples likes them the impression is darker. It is well for the day regulates to-printing of day, but the majority of some papers is a lot read and any all the papers are entirely visible. Any sure reason?
5 / 5 Lan
They are sure that has taken less than 200 pages out of this cartridge of toner that has purchased to house use fact a lot infrequent 15 month and am taking a message of error of my printer that advise me to substitute a toner. (Incidentally, calm can not dip a printer in a way to save of the can when it shows an error--- an exposure and error light stay on indefinitely until it is fijamente). It is certainly far less than the 10 % of a predicted lifespan of a cartridge. I marvel me if ossia really the genuine product. I have ordered so only the generic product, less than 1/5 a prize of an original--- will see like these works.
5 / 5 Carlota
Experiences this toner of Cannon on July 28, 2019. Beginning September, begins to flash a message:

'the TONER Is ALMOST WAS.' Have given a cartridge the forceful shake. Fact for the pair of weeks, then the same message is returned. Except this time, any quantity to shake solved a question. They are not the business owner. This my first time that toner of orders of Amazon, but has not had never this question with tent has has bought cartridges.
5 / 5 Marielle
SHAME ON CANNON to do cartridges of toner of the recycling a excercise in collecting die in his users. BEFORE: UPS focus in container, fact. NOW: it goes to his web of place, where REQUIRE YOU to you to give them one: First & Last Name, Allocution, City, State, Zip, Telephone Number, and Email address (any used in a process to print of focus he, like this probably to send spam). Calm then has to that agree to his 'Program to Recycle of the cartridge of Toner Designates'. Really?!?!
5 / 5 Santa
I have bought that is to sell like this it toner of laser of genuine Cannon the cartridge but is obviously he counterfeit cartridge of Cannon to the equal that begins to produce impressions that was too faint to read after less than 50 pages of text had been printed. I go to begin to buy a third toner of cartridges of party like this then am risking $ 10 in place of $ 77.
4 / 5 Teresita
I have bought these regularly for a pair spent of years. Consistently they have done well--I active has not had never the question with filtering or smearing, as some other frames have done. This in spite of, is clear that some cartridges rid more toner, giving clear impression , darkness, while another pound less, so that an impression is thinner and lighter. It is still acceptable, so only a lot like this dark. It is not something can fix for rotating a cartridge to distribute an interior of toner--some so only rid cartridges less toner. For everything of some cartridges has found that, when they take near of an end of his life and beginning to print unevenly, can create me to 100 more copies to take a cartridge was and rotating the to redistribute an interior of toner.
4 / 5 Despina
The deception Done and has ordered the recycling an and was mark and has paid a prize in of the lines on paper and interior of toner the unit that filter....

REAL ONLY ORDER to shout he of rooftops but true and reason so much the preach. They are sure you is in the estimativa in office and any paid or cure roughly that substitutes your printer of laser can take for with inner correspondence with the most economic transmissions, but love impressions of priest and good quality in a lifespan of a printer, and know is The REAL CANNON . I am spent the day to clean out of one recycling a this was so only $ 25 bucks but squandered $ of money to fix my deception.
5 / 5 Chin
This cartridge was in fact the cartridge of genuine Cannon. Some another reviewers has declared has taken an out of-cartridge of mark, but the mine was to good sure a real shot, complete with the Cannon-branded box that also can have the habit to return your old cartridge to recycle. If somehow it receives one was-mark, calm would be necessary returns it to amazon and inform of an error.

An in fact lasted cartridge while they allege. An ink is good quality , good and black, and compatible til an a lot of well of a cartridge.

This cartridge contains a toner and drum all in a piece, which is reason looks more expensive. In a long career, calm in fact is saving money and hassle for not requiring substitute a drum for separate. The calm help easily maintains your printer in condition adds with minimum interview.

A packaging of these are adds. They are very a lot of-protected while taking on cup of the minimum quantity of spatial, which a box like small like possible. The smallest boxes means less space of the storage taken up for your spare cartridge. As it has declared on, a box and his materials to pack then can have the habit to send a backside of old cartridge to recycle. They comprise the pre-has paid UPS mailing focus, and then easily can the covers was to be envoys behind.

Top Customer Reviews: HP 80X | CF280X | ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Eula
4 stars been due to big prize have continued; but a reality is that a lot another, bite a ball and paid for a OEM because of too many questions / of leaks with a knockoffs (was although they are the fraction of a OEM prize). A OEM is almost has done always perfectly (a pair of exceptions on some years, but quickly substituted spent by means of Amazon). Well a prize for our main printer, reason can not resupply for the have down and the be has cleaned of then is the printer shared and manages a bulk of a work for some 6 people in this paving. It has on dipped with some questions of a knockoffs for our colour HP printer, reason do not use a printer to paint so much, but is taking to a point where can finalise paid for a HP OEM cartridges to paint so only to save a stray time and productivity fiddling around with leaky knockoffs.
5 / 5 Bridgett
It weaves it to them of B&W Press and has found that, while this cartridge of the big harvest is not economic, extracted well and saves money for me in a long career. Utilisation so only HP-branded cartridges for my HP printer. They are not a less expensive option but does not disappoint never. With which have found this version of big harvest of my model of regular cartridge, is resulted a compraventa of only cartridge. The amazon is pricing thus produced is competitive; has not founding any need to buy elsewhere. For any the one who consistently done the plot of B&W Press, this cartridge resupplies good value over time.
5 / 5 Kathleen
I have bought this in April 2017. In operation, some part of a toner has been distorted for him photo like this semi-detached and does the jamming and is not entirely doing
can do not using anymore has included the plot of rests of toner.
When I have substituted another a new toner, 80A, my printer has done well. It means my printer is normal, an old toner catrige has some question.
Wants to take another without load.

HP 80X (h) the Big harvest Original Black LaserJet Cartridge of Toner
4 / 5 Eusebio
This supposition of toner can print around 6,000 pages but when it has used them until 1/3 of them, some frames of impression have aimed on he in the straight line with more than 6 points in the line. It schemes to control at all wrong and dirty. When I have substituted he with the compatible cartridge, a copy is cleaned. Ossia A second time has found in a genuine cartridge. So only it does not know reason!!! And of this orderly cartridge like the stock and state on 30 days that can do not returning. I have paid $ 142 + tax for this cartridge but so only state used 1/3 of them, ossia extremely expensive!!!
5 / 5 Harris
Orderly 6/18/18, installed 7/21/18, and an ink looks really faint of a start. Exp Quotes in inferior of the boxes reads 20180210. It conceal it is not acceptable for the cartridge that would have to last for at least 10 month. Any when I have paid almost $ 200 for him!
5 / 5 Lola
This hard cartridge almost fold his life has declared. We are heavy users printing minimum 5-10 discharges the day and in the so only has to that substitute once the year. Awesome!!
Proce For the page is more economic that the majority another laser and inkjet printers.
5 / 5 Becki
I have used this HP toner for years. It is quality adds . I have it that has not had never the question with him.
5 / 5 Olinda
So only buy a genuine new HP cartridges of toner: calm will not be disappointed, and will not break your printer. Perfect action with crisp black ink, any smears, streaks, questions. Well a prize.
4 / 5 Jacquelyn
HP The quality is as to any one. My company there is almost has tried each type of king-the toner has manufactured on Amazon and one of his hard like this long and work as well as a HP frames. Perhaps the local king-the costruttore could produce the product of alike quality but at all in the amazon approaches.
4 / 5 Fidela
The prize adds, fast nave, can any gone bad.