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1 first VIVO 100 inch Portable White Frame, Indoor Outdoor Projector Screen, 100 inch Diagonal Projection HD 4:3 Projection Pull Up Foldable Stand Tripod (PS-T-100W) VIVO 100 inch Portable White Frame, Indoor Outdoor Projector Screen, 100 inch Diagonal Projection HD 4:3 Projection Pull Up Foldable Stand Tripod (PS-T-100W) By VIVO
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2 VIVO 84 inch Portable Indoor Outdoor Projector Screen, 84 Inch Diagonal Projection HD 4:3 Projection Pull Up Foldable Stand Tripod (PS-T-084) VIVO 84 inch Portable Indoor Outdoor Projector Screen, 84 Inch Diagonal Projection HD 4:3 Projection Pull Up Foldable Stand Tripod (PS-T-084) By VIVO
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3 best Elite Screens Spectrum Electric Motorized Projector Screen  &  6" Black Universal Projector Screen L-Brackets, Easy Adjustable Extension for Perfect Screen Placement, Wall or Ceiling Mount Elite Screens Spectrum Electric Motorized Projector Screen & 6" Black Universal Projector Screen L-Brackets, Easy Adjustable Extension for Perfect Screen Placement, Wall or Ceiling Mount By Elite Screens
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4 Projector Screen with Tripod Stand 100 inch 16:9 | Indoor Outdoor Foldable Movie Screen with Wrinkle-Free Design | Projection Screen for Home Theater Cinema Wedding Party Office Projector Screen with Tripod Stand 100 inch 16:9 | Indoor Outdoor Foldable Movie Screen with Wrinkle-Free Design | Projection Screen for Home Theater Cinema Wedding Party Office By ZUEDA
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5 Pyle 100" Portable Motorized Matte White Projector Screen - Automatic Projection Display with Wall /Ceiling Mount Remote and Case - For Home Movie Theater, Slide / Video Showing - PRJELMT106 Pyle 100" Portable Motorized Matte White Projector Screen - Automatic Projection Display with Wall /Ceiling Mount Remote and Case - For Home Movie Theater, Slide / Video Showing - PRJELMT106 By Pyle
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6 VIVO Carrying Bag with Shoulder Strap (Bag Only) for Portable 4:3 Projector Screen with Tripod | 72 inch, 84 inch and 100 inch Screen (PS-BAG-100) VIVO Carrying Bag with Shoulder Strap (Bag Only) for Portable 4:3 Projector Screen with Tripod | 72 inch, 84 inch and 100 inch Screen (PS-BAG-100) By VIVO
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7 STR-169100-G Silver Ticket 4K Ultra HD Ready Cinema Format (6 Piece Fixed Frame) Projector Screen (16:9, 100", Grey Material) STR-169100-G Silver Ticket 4K Ultra HD Ready Cinema Format (6 Piece Fixed Frame) Projector Screen (16:9, 100", Grey Material) By Silver Ticket Products
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8 16ft Inflatable Movie Screen - TUSY Projection Screen for Outdoor Parties, Outdoor Projector Screen with Blower and Portable Bag for Backyard Pool 16ft Inflatable Movie Screen - TUSY Projection Screen for Outdoor Parties, Outdoor Projector Screen with Blower and Portable Bag for Backyard Pool By TUSY
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9 Projector Screen with Stand 100 inch - Indoor and Outdoor Projection Screen for Movie or Office Presentation - 16:9 HD Premium Wrinkle-Free Tripod Screen for Projector with Carry Bag and Tight Straps Projector Screen with Stand 100 inch - Indoor and Outdoor Projection Screen for Movie or Office Presentation - 16:9 HD Premium Wrinkle-Free Tripod Screen for Projector with Carry Bag and Tight Straps By PropVue
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10 Jumbo 20 Feet Inflatable Outdoor and Indoor Theater Projector Screen - Includes Inflation Fan, Tie-Downs and Storage Bag Jumbo 20 Feet Inflatable Outdoor and Indoor Theater Projector Screen - Includes Inflation Fan, Tie-Downs and Storage Bag By KHOMO GEAR
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Top Customer Reviews: VIVO 100 inch ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Jonathon
After reading some descriptions, my expectations have been posed REALLY down. But, a prize was really down also he so that it think it would give it the shot in all the case. With that say, a screen that is arrived was perfect form. It IS packed very well with a lot of pillow and was very marks he new product. The assembly was very easy and was the small surprised in why any one of some descriptions read was so bad. In any And in action in less than 5 minutes. A thing in this screen is is down in an earth. Any sure what a reasoning was by behind the east, but a tripod in some looks of low the real life a lot is that down he so advance of plan. We use for the presentation for mamma 70 bday, and has to pose a whole screen up in the table so that a whole crowd of 150 people could see it appropriately. the screen adds and for a prize is very value he. Deduct The star so that a tripod is so down in earth. Although that is to say the screen 'portable' , will have to take your own case or stock exchange. It uses a goleada of goleada entered like the case and good works for me. I have done sure 2 people are spent he any one time given to do sure he no accidently apresamiento fallen or has attacked against something. Taken that decrees of paid. If you will be to use of is the small time here and there, probably paid for him in coast for hire. Your Mileage Can Vary. The good class!
1 / 5 Alise
It has wanted the screen for the moment and has been excited when orderly easterly a, but when takes here all had changed . It was not that I sing from here that the warehouse found this an except WTF. I am in a soldier and situated in of the seas like my options are limited. I will attach some pictures so that they have cost the words of thousand. Quan Has opened a box has remarked something bad some cover of finals has been missing in some verges of a base of metal of the screens. After inspection further, gives has been missing each internals to extend and retract a screen. It had included the oxide was these pieces would have to when being . To take it behind in a box has it that develops and re goes it where remarked some harm in a screen and an accommodation.
5 / 5 Jan
It IS to take to know that to buy when has no the tone quite where to start with. A main hailing that it had done the solid of compraventa is some lame greetings of my techy partner. There is the party to dine in my house and after the little of the hours have take of our projector and place in the Netflix the special comedy. A next day has been asked in a mark has bought therefore a projector and a screen. The May Am in this side of a fence. Always the council takes types.
5 / 5 Susan
A screen there has been the good image when distinguished my projector in the and has done well in a meeting room in a hotel. It was easy to pose up and descend and provided to spare spatial to project the big image. An only thing I remorse that the marks is buying this measure, so that it is not easy to transport, but that it is any one the fault of an ALIVE. A tripod has looked for to be quite robust. I any one forsee any problems with east, but was pleased enough in the concealed that shines and well aims my image. Still I am trying finds the case for him so I a lot of disorder he up but until that fulfils that, is using a box enters.
4 / 5 Kum
Bought this and a Andyer projector ( for external films with some familiar this fall. Still although it say it 'portable' is still 100' of very portable. The instructions are the odd bit. There are instructions for 1. It structures 2. Installing 3. Useful instructions 4. Opinions. Like the left wing is returns in 3. It IS 1, 2 and 4 any useful instruction? If you are the mechanic at all, would have to be able to imagine was that a dial of small blue drops a screen and some slide of cape up and down together with a dial of upper blue to adjust a height of a screen. It IS the well buys for the that is to say that it wants to do. Necessity To find the case to pose east maintaining.
5 / 5 Lavon
This screen of projector is to well sure a better for a money. Setup Has taken less than 5 minutes and he look utmost. Highly recommend it.
3 / 5 Florida
Has data 2 stars but I have bought to to use likes him of some the cosmetic defects have been expected. Even so, a support was really flimsy and has bent . He swiveled constantly and would slip included although it was closed in place, has to be something wrong with a latch. We have it to us be to return and buy included a new condition instead but decided to go with different mark totally.
4 / 5 Maida
It was able to take this in the roads of warehouse. A box is to come fraction and a metal of a screen has the little nics and wear in the Mays a screen is pristine. I am very satisfied with him so far. We use it to us nightly now for the week and really enjoys it. A truly ONLY negative that it can say enough is a measure and what of the ache is by train of the pose above nightly. Calm of the that has an idea of so big 100' is until calm posed it up in a room and his enormous.... It takes on spatial and of course is not able of the curve. You can even so swivel a headline of the screen and the legs and the places have been he in the corner.
5 / 5 Sage
This was the small main that(in fact the main plot) that very required. Quan A container is arrived has been daunted in these enormous boxes that is arrived. It conceal to be said that this took me less than 5 minutes to take place up and use. Because of his portability easily can move in of the different rooms in a house to use. This has entered handy since because of his measure can not use he in a room in the principle has had planned decrees. I have had anteriorly the bought one of this cloth hangs screens of projector and although that can be it bent up and stored in the cupboard a trace by those can be the ache and taken until 30 minutes after you take all some hooks have posed up etc... With this screen has opened only a tripod, extends a screen and whammo is time of film . If has the projector of theatre of the house and only does not have a room where can locate the screen the permanent plus this one am adds. Only the take was when is time to film and is well to go.
1 / 5 Miss
We plough a box and has posed a together screen. In a cup, six inches in a right side of a screen has been decoupled of a metal sweeps upper. These wrinkles of causes in a surface to see. He very disappoint that this product was defective and with so of small control of quality.

Top Customer Reviews: VIVO 84 inch ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Vivian
If you are looking for the screen sideways of projector by the low side concealed wants to spend you around is is good election . It see Tea He 100' that had purchased earlier but was on age for the normal house to mango wants to spend he with you. This 84' was apt for the night of film of good house in your house or your backyard.
Was quite easy to pose this up, really does not have to fix anything any ray or clamps to attach. It is ready to use.

1. Easy in setup, does not have to fiddle around with nuts and rays.
2. Adjusting a height of a screen of projector is easy only has to move a cape up and down one adjusts height. Quite handy.
3. Easy to spend around in your suv or mini-van.

1. A group that connects a screen in a tripod could listen flimsy and preoccupy concealed could break it. I have it wait and voice that spends over time.
2. Some verges is acute as it has to be careful while handling a case of screen of the projector.
3. He no come with the coverage of slip, would have been beneficial.
5 / 5 Cedrick
That is to say the compraventa adds ! I travel and it receives presentations often. Shipping the screen of the projector on and on is expensive and inconvenient as that is to say the perfect solution ! I have bought the little of these screens ( is so cheap for his measure and quality) and has had routed his via Premier of Amazon (2 day!) In the hotels where have received conferences. Every time I have received the conference there has been a screen conform me there and in an end of a conference was able to give a screen in a attendee. The crazy sounds but is cost truly-effective. Renting the screen this measure would cost the hundreds and he then would be bonded with him. It IS also oversize and to take in the tray of extra coast, the more is not easy to return a box in the regular taxi. These works of screen perfectly for the presentations where can leave it behind when is done. I have directed to fill the room of 60 people and he are quite grain that all the world could see only sake. Perfecto.
4 / 5 Nicky
I the plot in bus and the presentations and I use this cual the portable screen. It say of another way,, trips with me, no his in the room of conference permanently.

In general, has happy state with him. It IS quite the-has-done a lot.

But yes uses for mobile presentations, probably will be unhappy with him. There are two problems with him:

1. In 84 inches, is only on age and heavy. Has a SUV and still with that, fold to need down some chairs of back of the take to return. It conceals it it could not look the big roads but picture this; it is darkness of the tone was (5:30 a.m., And it is 30 down 0 or touching rain). You are uploading all yours to crap in a cart for a day. You have to upload your projector, portable, and screen in your cart. You sustain this enormous screen against your automobile while it is by train to upload you an another material, and in a same necessity to time to line a screen until impeding he to fall a side of your cart, that lines a painting.

2. Also, this thing does not travel well. A screen tends to develop it, and some legs of the tripod constantly wants to has opened. There is any case of trip.

Has fallen accidentally this or today and has broken the small piece was the. I will not buy a same one again.

UPDATE: I have purchased a case to spend for east of a same vendor, in planting to buy to nine unit This resolves the few subjects. No longer I need to preoccupy quite he developing or deploying he, and also protects my car (in some measure) of some scratches and dings has caused by this product.
4 / 5 Lona
A screen is easy to deploy but there is the few things that there is still to imagine was. Once a screen is domestic , tends in easily of pvot of left in sake so yes is using this prjimo the follower or the breeze, a screen easily transfers. Also, some legs tend for the deploy when are trying transports a screen of location in location. I go to choose up some bungee the cords and I think this will fix a problem of leg. A case would have been well, although it was only nylon unit
5 / 5 Stormy
I have posed in of the presentations during a place and this screen have been PERFECTA! It IS very easy to travel with in my SUV, sper easy to pose up, and is stable. There is has not had any subject at all. I am the -the woman aims so facilitated of the transport and the place up are incredibly of entity in me and this screen very cape a bill!
5 / 5 Angelic
The screens add! Sper-Claro and laptop still highly functional and incredibly economic. I run conferences in of the hotels and has saved the fortune in hotel Some/V costs to buy varied of these for each conference and having them shipping directly in some hotels (and in any extra cost via First Amazon). Giving some screens have entered an end of the each conference is cheaper that that ships the back and much more cheap house that renting screens of some hotels. May The problem still with any one of 20-more screens have purchased and shipped some years of diverse past.
5 / 5 Mose
Very useful. I have saved the plot in coast for hire. Very easy to use. If this product has lasted only 6 month saves the fortune. It looks it the line up for the few years. In some cases, to travel, orders the product as well as it sustains is cheaper that hire one for the few days. In the Then can give. But flight to plot and takes free luggage, as I have flown with him the number of time. Some measures any he on-sized, only long.
1 / 5 Marya
This thing gives was some quite toxic smoke, although any one at the beginning. It arouses this morning and the container has to until routing behind because of a terrible smell and now is using the follower to try and take a smoke of my workspace. I remember me of the cheap mallet has bought in a tent of dollar, has had to to rid of that also.
5 / 5 Fernando
It IS very based in a value. Has the plastic hook was a screen connects in one up cane, but strong investigation quite be. It buys it again. A tissue has looked for to be the good quality. I have used a Epson projector hooked in 1080P Bluray through HDMI and look very well in this screen.
5 / 5 Erlene
I have written the earliest description and gave it the star so that we could not take a screen the retract.
Has written in a vendor and has said the and answered hurriedly with this response:

when being a screen is not retracting! A tension of the cradle can not have been adjusted properly in a factory. It tries to take one covers plastic in a right side only enough to leave an axis has jumped exited an inch or two, and rotates he in an in a clockwise direction direction in an axis until a screen fully retracts, then poses some backwards of covers on. This would be necessary to take it doing properly. Included if it does not act, please in the contact directly for assistance further.

Quan Look In a screen, has undone some rays and adjusted it and now the fantastic laws!! I want a screen and now when is to do with our film, is very easy to bend up and tent.

Top Customer Reviews: Elite Screens ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Leon
Way: Tab of Spectre-TensionSize: 100' Diagonal, 16:9Colour: MaxWhite / Negre HousingConfiguration: has had to only mine to take he in looking still has had tension. Has a Accuscreen concealed does not have any tension that was less wavy without a curled verges. I have tried to adjust a tension that there was little or worse effect in a screen. Quan Has purchased this and has seen a critic with some pictures of a flavour of screen in RMA and has thinks so that a lot of critical people of positive lefts what has to when being picky or only the complainer. Well It Take to explode and has had he the year and in the daytime a roughly verges where some series of tension is was curled only like his photo. Calm instruct you to leave it down to take some wrinkles was and for one the majority to separate these works left it to him down for the pair of the days but I could any never take some verges directly. It has Had some series of the totally loose tension and has tensed where causes a screen in wrinkle more at all aided. Desprs Left the when being and some waves resolve a a critic that the calm said you will not remark some the tiny waves are 100% correct and some looks of picture very only my verges was always curled. I guess that is to say to consider the screen of low final so that the people maintain to say a thing that hate a plus when they reading descriptions. 'For the MONEY HIS A SAKE ______' hate that so that $ 400 - $ 500 his plot too much me so much for a money flies the product to be so announced although it was $ 1. I am not queixant in some tiny waves so that it can does not see looking them the film as I gave it 3 stars. I fulfil it the has not bought a IMAX screen. But to have the screen of tension these curls some worse verges that mine accuscreen without the tension is bad. Once I modded mine to take rid of some his curls the quite good screen. But it have thought of mine mod and used it on one Accuscreen before I have purchased this probably would not have done this compraventa. It has attached 3lbs weight. I can require attach 5lbs in a left side.
4 / 5 Jenae
Way: SpectrumSize: 110' Diagonal, 16:9Colour: MaxWhite / Negre HousingConfiguration: Only That is to say a terrible product and the worse same vendor!! A screen only no once installed and and immediately created the demand of tower. I have called a person in a number that was to print in one focuses of the turn and he very included have the tone in a RA number of reference and has data. Besides it was supremely earthy and asked me why products is not doing how and was expert technician in a subject. And why it has to and be paying to return the defective piece of squad?!
5 / 5 Venetta
Way: SpectrumSize: 100' Diagonal, 16:9Colour: Aim/BlackConfiguration: we Only use less than the small times and a train are not doing more. Screens of elite any one honours a guarantee. The stay has been with business that does not conform his commitments.
4 / 5 Aracelis
Way: Starling Tab-Tension 2.ura: 120' Diagonal, 16:9Colour: Spectra White FG / White HousingConfiguration: only I have a following screen: Screens of Elite Starling Tab-Tension 2, 120' 16:9, 14' Drop, Tensioned Screen of Electrical Motorised Projector, STT120XWH2-E14.

A screen is coming with 14 inches of extras of black room in a cup of a screen. I have not been sure so to adjust at the beginning. Has not founding any instructions. Only I can suppose these people always scrape that up, so that it is why has did not comprise instructions. Val, In a left side of the accommodation of a screen there is two adjustment of screwdriver of terminal of cape of small floor. A yellow one adjusts a decree-point for a cup of a screen (that trace in an accommodation), and another adjusts a decree-point for a fund of a screen. Any road, both finish is tagged with the plus (+) or minus (-). The trace of plus (races up), while minus down (the low fall). ..Turning a no yellow terminal in some positive races a screen a big plus and goes them an extra of black verge any precise in a cup. The races besides, minus down. That is to say the terrific screen . Some looks of the better white accommodation in the house that has the white and white ceiling verges. I have called one of a trafficker for instructions. The elite has said that this has to call the before you go.
5 / 5 Ji
Way: Starling Tab-Tension 2 - 5DSize: 135' Diagonal, 16:9Colour: CineGrey 5DConfiguration: Only usually I go for the screen of fixed frame, anteriorly has possessed Carada and Seymour. But we have moved and it is renting, as I have not wanted to pay to plot and does not have a capacity to pose in the fixed frame in a new place.

ALR Am adds! The May HAS SEEN a before and has not been something had listened of anteriorly. In the room with 8 (!) The small windows that line a during the day sunny wall, was the decent I quite a lot of squares - that is to say with fund and white wall/of aims of ash of tile. The scenes at night take the small darkness. The control out of a picture has comprised, each side has 4 windows. Only the picture to try before projector of trace, Epson 5040ube. It can any one when being any happier with a material of screen. It listens some histories of his quality of tez, but at all bad in unit of is

had the smell during the week or so much. Initially when I am fallen a screen goes to rack and sea horribly raven and taken in an hour for him to resolve, thinks that an interior of circle was jostled during shipping. But he maintaining the work well. A bit more detail in that tight or loose some tabs would have to be active aided but I fiddled and has imagined was. It installs it was quite easy (as easy what aixecant- a giant screen in your leader while trying the clash in a mountain can be). Again perhaps some tip in the distance among mountains could have aided.

Perhaps is missing something but a bit flimsy door that took on some buttons and GOES can not close covers he yes in fact limits in an infrared receiver.

To arrive to this point of the prize would be likely has taken the fixed frame very well also, has had to done my eye in or, but alas no in my room.
4 / 5 Dominque
Way: SpectrumSize: 106' Diagonal, 16:10Colour: MaxWhite / Negre HousingConfiguration: Only An edifice for a prize is sum. One any so much quality. It take a screen in 2 days with shipping Primes via Fedex. A box there has been the little dings to ship at all to cause worry. Quan Has opened a box and a packed had 4-5 dents and piece in a painting. Any diverse with dents he of boxes. These were there when ship. Big adhesives in a box that says was perfect when leaves a factory. I posed it up in all the case that knows and is gone the cover he with the valance and curtain.. Quan A screen was hanged and is gone down to remark the macula in a down more rh side (the bit takes to see in some photos). Desprs Looking the pair of films with some boys, or something was perceivable in of the brilliant scenes.
Perhaps was the very sure second, but his return. We will give it it has shot it more.
4 / 5 Toccara
Way: Spectre 2.ura: 91' Diagonal, 16:9Colour: Aim/WhiteConfiguration: Only One of a group of aluminium that is coming with this compraventa recent has the misaligned scrapes pilot hole when trying attaches a highland group of the steel the small plus (beak of seen and group in a right without ray). It looks this has been drilled manually against. Spawned, While it is chewed up a bit. I doubt this has not been never inspected for quality. I can not use he for my highland situation.

Regarding a screen he, looks quite very (also possess a VMAX92UWH2). An accommodation is much more attractive and a speed of engine is much faster in this unit compared in a VMAX92UWH2.

Giving a company he casualidad to resolve this subject to group before return it. I will update a description after these experiences.

A company has resolved this for me, although a canal of service to take a substitution looked the bit has complicated. I have to complete the form that would not take accepted on-line. At the end it has done you are and the new parts were routed has entered any cost in me. For this reason, moving an indication of 2 in 4 stars.
5 / 5 Tomi
Way: Spectre 2.ura: 100' Diagonal, 16:9Colour: MaxWhite FG / White HousingConfiguration: I have purchased only this screen so that it was motorised, has had the 12' black dropdown and could be is trace any one in a ceiling or in a wall. A screen is coming very very bundled, and a packaging was easy to open and without any disorder. Each hardware of installation has required has been comprised. I am trace a screen in a ceiling with a hardware comprised (has not required anything more). Taken two of us in in fact of hook a screen in a highland hardware, no because of weight, but because of measure. A screen operates well, develops very amiably, any one wave or wrinkle. Initially when a screen was down, has the smell essume chemical'. I have left a low screen for the pair of days, and a smell was was.an the only thing does not comprise is that a change of control, which is trace in a wall, operates behind, that is to say that logically yes mecer a change up would expect a screen to locate in his case, but instead a screen goes to rack and mar. Similarly, when a change is mecer down a trace of screen. Any big roads, will take used his. I am very pleased with a compraventa, research to be the product of good quality.
4 / 5 Brock
Way: Spectre 2.ura: 100' Diagonal, 16:9Colour: MaxWhite FG / White HousingConfiguration: Only For a money, this screen has done well. It does not have the room of the theatre of the house has consecrated, so that is to say to install in our familiar room in a same wall how our 50' plasma. A room has the plot of environmental light and in spite of having the projector very very (Epson 3500) requires shadows to be designed during some means of a day. Of course this is not an environmental light this refuses screen, but has not seen a value in this when trying some samples have ordered of Elite.

Has chosen this model of screen in other elites because of how clean and thin a case is. This enters the loss of integrated far and qualified to cause even so. A screen has an advantage of a group to locate this slide of pode to the long of a case anywhere has required the paste studs or trusses in a ceiling ( required that because of some are fallen the beams in a hanged ceiling this of).

A cord to be able has the 3-road toggle changes on concealed nude AC can in 2 different legs of an engine (or for up and or for low). I plan to take wiring the change in a wall and that cut a cord like his not ridding down a wall now. An engine has the decrees have built in him so that it can leave a change in an up or down posed of the pole and he prendern in his limits.

A screen leave you to adjust a drop of screen in the. Has 12' of black screen in an upper that has done well to take a drop of low screen in our room (based on in the quantity in the 8' big ceiling). I have wanted the to be right in the Sleeps soundbar is trace in a wall under a plasma. One 12' of the drop was also so that the elite has contacted on so to adjust ( has to this for them the instructions of road and no in null a guarantee). Here it is where run in an only problem with this product.

In a case (left side when look in a screen), has two allen rays of cape in an assembly of engine that can adjust you some upper and more low decrees in a screen. It take, any one anything until you contact Elite on so to do east A lower decree the limiter is supposed to be down the adhesive in a case that says in in to the something him 'likes empty he taking'. A habladura of instructions in of the this and he so do a CSR of elite. Quan Takes that the adhesive had any hole!?!?! I have conversed behind in support of technology in his page of web a type was a bit dismissive and suggested could achieve he of a screen that opens. There it was pictures that show that concealed has not been possible. His suggestion was ' can drill the hole in your own risk'. Desprs Suggesting that it was not the solution and absurd for him to declare this says that it can transfer my info in his department to guarantee they so that it can imagine out of the solution.

Can not return this in Amazon in only take another and finds a defect likewise manufacture in a case, or that it wants to treat the department of guarantee of the elite (which has listened histories to be supremely long winded) has opted in whip out of a drips and carefully measure/eyeball/etc. to pose the new hole in a case where the thought would give me his access. Felizmente A hole was quite near, enough that it can take a allen tool in and marks some adjustments.

A screen has lined his adjustment and go to rack and sea in a something still every time which are well. At night seeing, with some lights of beat big (on-line of an image of projection) has turned was, an image of screen is phenominal. A epson 3500 and this material work very once some calibration is done. 3d the viewing is quite phenominal, even so it does not use 3d that a lot in discomfort of causes of eye. I have tried Avatar in 3d and my woman and I have said seats also, perhaps better, concealed cual has seen in a theatre behind in 2009 in his emission.

A screen is surprisingly hurriedly both ganadera and go down and no noisy for any half. The elite sells a box of boxes/of the accessory to limit in a connector of cape/of the can concealed calm give you the far control and esmote trigger' the capacities for yours projector to create/go down it. That is to say the spendy the element and I can not justify he for the $ 200 screen as to the wall was the the assembly of the change is locates the most logical looks .

Has only the esligero' cupping in some sides of rights and left wing of an image the half of low route. A screen is only never so slightly angling in in a spectator. It IS so minimum even so it conceal very really warn he with any images of test in a screen (geometry). It does not have any defect in a screen and had any wrinkle/etc. That another has mentioned having a first time fell it.

Had the very 'chemically' the smell that comes from/comes from a screen. I have hanged in fact he in my garage for the few days to try and the heat/of air was. It was still there when install in a room, but this is reducing every time the use. To good sure very overbearing as it was new.
5 / 5 Jeanmarie
Way: SpectrumSize: 84' Diagonal, 16:9Colour: Aim/BlackConfiguration: Only A prize and service of the delivery for this screen was utmost, and was easy to install and operated so expected immediately. Had some challenges, even so. The adjustment of a period of black drop has been supposition to require the call to back, but could any never take any one to help me with east. Has found instructions in a FAQ page of his place and he all is exited. I have had also the ordered the RF controller that would accept an entrance of trigger of my projector to go down and create a screen automatically, but a first unit has not done. It controls a screen but he would not answer in 12 trigger of signals of era of the volt, and a cape has not comprised any access the port of my projector. The support fixed for me to take the second device, with going to comprise the cape with a required 1/8' pin. The law but a cape have not recognised an entrance in a pertinent side of a pin and has required the small to solder to revoke some capes in an end of projector. It opens Everything is functional. A screen is not totally flat and some paste to tend to look when has environmental light in a room. We are enjoying a screen and considers to be the a lot of updates of our background unit of old manual. It recommends to consider a VMAX line with a fiberglass that backwards, which would expect would be flatter.

Top Customer Reviews: Projector Screen ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
4 / 5 Lashawnda
I took it so only and now returning it. I took it setup and was able to look the film. When it go It partorisca dip has seen was a part that surrounds behind out of his side groves. I have tried to take the side and place he in a grove the would not go behind. I have had to that take a side was and the go manually he so that it can take he in a box for the turn. And a side is in a box. Any way of the take behind on. They have used also rays of car to resist some sides. Any podes any ray his backside in them any grip to the tight prójimo. Economic and reason because the tomb averts afterwards going it was. Ossia That I taking for not taking the mark of name.
4 / 5 Paul
Ossia Very heavy and big. Almost impossible to move for a person. It begins to come averts in a fund in some sides that has created wrinkling inside the week. Returned the.
5 / 5 Laticia
Open it so only. The box there has been the quite big hole in him so it has been expecting harm. A base suffers harm in 2 something and a screen is shredding in a cup. Obviously a harm done to the ship is not one the fault of companies.
4 / 5 Suzi
Good works. Always the bit of the ache to dip up and place down but no too bad. I recommend it.
5 / 5 Cleora
He 80'X60'or 16:12....
Ossia For there of the description in the place
5 / 5 Clementine
has Used he for chance of multiple and there is utmost fact.

Top Customer Reviews: Pyle 100" ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5 Buena
The majority of a time does not write descriptions, but this screen for a prize is awesome. Only a week of the use and he do to surprise. An only thing is designed more for 4:3 proportion any one 16:9. Yes, you can return your 16:9 in here but it leaves the plot of room of the room in inferior or cup (depends was project) a screen, he kinda problem me. But it likes him it has said it, for of a prize a screen is worth it, the laws add.
5 / 5 Kattie
Had at all to disturb. There be the small to dent in an accommodation of the looks of screen has been caused by the company of delivery has decided that it can live with that at the same time has it very that causes a screen in any acting properly so decided for the maintain. His hardly perceivable.
5 / 5 Korey
Received punctually. The quality has surpassed expectations. It recommends all over the world that wants an automatic screen.
5 / 5 Ashanti
The value adds. I have not seen very others screens for a same prize. Good quality.
4 / 5 Hugo
Awesome Produced
5 / 5 Elenora
The flight!
1 / 5 Lezlie
The engine has prendido to do after the week
4 / 5 Latasha
Any one usually takes a time to write descriptions, but a difference in a quality of an image of my projector aimed me to take the moment to inform all the world-wide to purchase the new screen before invert in the new projector. It was with this screen so that it was abordable and provided me a capacity the retract the to form that was not visible does not want to be. But I did not expect it to do such the enormous difference in a clarity of a picture.

Top Customer Reviews: VIVO Carrying Bag ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Sonia
A stock exchange to good sure is long enough for a screen has but is not quite wide in a centre of a stock exchange where a screen is spending the boss is. A material used in the construction of a stock exchange is very thin and light, as no the appearance to stand up to the plot of use. Be any one has reinforced describes at all. Some straps and the sleeves are very thin and down-notes. A zip is the very poor quality and expect it to burst in a centre where a stock exchange is long tight in a screen. I am not impressed with this stock exchange at all and the tent around time more afterwards.
5 / 5 Lizabeth
Recently we buy the new portable screen to take the meetings of client. Appearances find the chance to spend/stock exchange to dip he in. This was perfect. He one 84' screen easier to transport and has a prize added of the maintain covered, and protected while in storage. Has two straps, one can use to launch in your shoulder and another to spend in your side.
5 / 5 Taunya
We do not use our for the screen but of the use of long poles to build the backdrop. We buy 3 of these and like this far is that they resist until be loaded and has downloaded amiably.
5 / 5 Sherley
It trusts some leading descriptions regarding a stock exchange to spend that it is to small for a 100” screen. I discovered it a hard way. This screen does not return to 100” screen with the tripod. It is short for roughly 3 thumbs. Description of the stock exchange is not attentive.
4 / 5 Madelaine
My screen of projector there is matched a description of this stock exchange to spend, but, a stock exchange was in fact roughly 2-5 thumbs too courts. The amazon left to maintain he for free, then , use include although a screen is sticking out of a stock exchange to spend.
5 / 5 Vickie
I have required to have the multiple people spend screens of projection to the meeting. His all has used these chances to spend his 100' 4:3 screens of proportion to his respective airports and has had any subject with travesía. They do not return 16:9 screens of proportion, as so only does sure to order some screens of correct measure. Any complaint! Shipped quickly.
5 / 5 Antonetta
Any announced correctly, declares it 7.5' wide, not even 6'
5 / 5 Dagmar
like stock exchange this in spite of was too smal
5 / 5 Velia
Very happy with compraventa, stock exchange of simple economic door that does a work!!
5 / 5 Carlotta
It returns it adds to a screen that is to be buy the little month done.

Top Customer Reviews: STR-169100-G Silver ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
Excellent screen. It opens he totalled and used so much Money is an Entrance and models of Screens of the Elite, and the assembly is in fact bit it the easy plus with a Screen of entrance of the Money. Control out of my video of assembly.
5 / 5
If there is shopped for the screens probably already know there the enormous divergence is pricing, and has the plot of options to choose of. Some people try to take for with the smooth wall has painted white while another buys some tissue and builds the solution has done. Even so has problem in these options and calm probably does not take never so clear and crisp of the picture like calm with the true screen. Of the prizes are gone to rack and sea considerably in of the recent years, would be to take pressed to design and build anything of comparable quality for less than money that simply purchasing an of these screens of entrance of the Money. He can spend a lot, much more included it could spends more concealed $ 2,000 for a screen to measure although calm a lot of desires, but doubt you would find a result a final plus gratifies. I have read in fact it revises elsewhere concealed has compared much more expensive screens in easterly one and found a screen of the entrance of the Money was also if any better for the fraction of a prize. As it Says that it goes why paid more?

Before purchasing my screen, opted to project in a wall to take listen he so that measured more in my room. I have used tape of painters to mark some corners of an image projected and then measured to determine a measure of pertinent screen. Highly recommend it this the calm option since leave you to take listen he for an optimum solution for your concrete room factoring in location of of the one of the west, distance in projector, the obstructions etc. also require to accommodate a measure of a verge so pay next attention in any only some dimensions of a screen, but also some global dimensions that comprises a frame to ensure each apt as it feign.

Quan Took my screen and begun to unpack the hurriedly gives had done the good election. A extruded the guides of aluminium are very robust and very flexing AT ALL. A sense of the coverage is perfectly flat and smooth. The instructions of assembly are mere and in a point, but the videos of Youtube are available is more than the visual student. There is an advantage of the fund ping pong table (coated with the coverage) to use for assembly except an open zone to carpet would do also. Everything of a hardware of assembly was big quality and has done this the accident. They have provided also the clips of screen of small extra and at least or ray of extra assembly in case perhaps. Initially it was preoccupied that some two guides of piece for an upper and the fund would be the toneless point , but once he totalled this is not the worry like these guides is laser directly. Also, a joint in some guides is effectively invisible because of a sense in some guide they have any known that the joint was there, would not see it never so resulted to be the no-subject. A tensioning the left wing of system a totally taught screen with zero ripples or waves - even so have the smallest bloodlettings in a material of screen would guess would do was over time like the screen adapted in a tension.

Would owe the when being remarked a screen is the material of PVC with the coating so essentially the form of plastic very flexible more than the traditional tissue. It has remarked the smallest smell when the developing similar in a mattress of air or inflatable group, but this missing smell in the pair of hours. I can not say if this material is so strong likes tissue, but can say that the installation was easy and has not had any problem with tensioning likes some another fight of creations of the screen with, so perhaps this material more is pardoning ( has the sure quantity to extend in him). Any road a quality of an image is surprising so in my view that is that subjects.

Because of a material to be PVC this screen is not acoustically transparent. This calm mean you would be unable to install speakers by behind to a screen likes him muffle a sound. If you want the speakers veiled by behind the screen will have to opt for the true acoustically transparent (IN) protects cual wins or when being perforated or will be more than the tissue weaves material to leave his to spend through him.

An installation of a screen in a wall was a cual very only has required two people. After measuring, and that measured again to ensure had some rays in some pertinent locations found was useful to use the bit of tape of painters in a front of a frame to aim me where joins the group of wall was localised, and another piece of tape in a wall on some rays. This left wing us in impulse a screen up, field some two pieces of tape, and hangs a screen out of some rays with subjects of zeros. Even so, if some rays of wall are also loose or also tight can has to take a low screen and adjust - how be prepared to take the few minutes for this step.

Some four band that control a screen in a wall was an only part of a hardware that has not been 100% satisfied with. Philip capes in some rays have not been machined all that well so some minors that nude arrived while screwing in a studs. If it was to install a screen again, would launch these four rays in some rubbishes and install four big quality rays to build of cape of bugle instead. A smaller point, but the value that mentions. A highland group of the law to wall well, but would have preferred some type of French cleat system that would have been more pardoning and would not require alignment of precision of some rays. Also it was necessary remarks that a highland group of the result of wall in a screen these chairs in front of a wall to hover it a-half of an inch. These covers your room of toes by behind a frame when installing, and gives a mainstay of reinforcement of the head office the place to seat. Has thinks that that a screen would seat flush with one when installed wall so initially has not been sure and would listen in of the this, but once installed has any one has remarked included. This has said, thinks with the small modification in his highland group and the small change in a mainstay of the head office easily could design a screen to be installed flush in a wall. Why they no this is not sure since has very necessity to preoccupy soiled quite left for speakers in the no-IN screen.

All the things have considered is very happy. An image projected (am using a Sony VPLHW40ES 1080p 3D projector) is incredibly acute and brilliant. There is the perceivable improvement in an image projected in a wall and a detail are also that I am able to see pore in a rind of actors of in 15 feet have been... Tan Clearly so much a projector and the screen are doing his works. A sense to frame the fantastic work to absorb clear, like this has posed your zoom so that the small fall of pixels in a verge of a screen any one still the voice. A homemade screen with the forest or the frame of metal that is not coated with the sense could not have this advantage while they would tend to reflect some of that by behind light in you more this absorbs likes him one felt. This screen neither has any marks or names of the mark in a frame likes him some other screens looked in. It conceal it is not the big subject for more than people, but seat the lack of the marks by name of the look to mark more professional.


A Sake:
the Robust guide of aluminium
hardware of assembly of the Big quality
Softens material sense in of the guides
instructions of Good assembly
Easy and fast assembly
the packaging Adds
image of Amazing screen
Even more amazing value
Lack of the mark in of the frames

A Bad:
group of the mountain of Mur requires the precision these measures (unforgiving)
highland rays of Mur is not until pair with a rest of a container
desert of covers of Final installation among screen and wall

Some Ugly:
Averts of a fellow that has paid five times a lot for the screen that is not also like this or giving you the soiled look out of frustration very does not have anything to inform here.

If you are in a fence in this screen, would call you to buy it. It can any one when being any happier with a product finished and am bit it picky when goes in my AV train. I took me month and month to research before I have committed in the projector and the screen and I lament at all. I have been prepared to spend much more in the screen but after reading revise and comparing maintained to return in an option of entrance of the Money and I are happy has done. My complaints very smaller is so small is not even worthy of deducting the half star of an indication, so that is to say more certainly the five out of five product.

Would want to listen your yes come feedback in a same conclusion while I have done he so that it leave it the low commentaries and to the left know me!
5 / 5
I actuate At all to compare he in another that mine slightly textured wall of tan and boy what the difference! The assembly was easy and the material has been done with big quality.
5 / 5
Look one he 5 youtube videos that entered of the money has until that takes a low assembly. A clave of centre gives problems of people. After a screen has been attached at all some clips, is fallen a screen of a two upper/centre clips and two inferior/centre clips (where some clave of centre takes wedged in). Then, with far end of a clave of centre in a surca of a frame, was able to use my toes of indication and inches to oblige a clave and frames out of or another only enough for an end of a clave to fall in a surca. I then re-has attached a screen in an upper and inferior centre clips.

Has attached two 1/4' hooks ($ .98 Of HD) and has a screen that hangs in front of my plasma that is trace in a wall by behind the. I have had anteriorly there went it an elite B attraction of model under the screen that hangs of cape very strong through a ceiling and screwed in ceiling joists. No longer it can you take all some wrinkles and waves of an attraction-low screen. This screen is only quite 20 lbs or as it is guessing. It IS easy to hang without help. I only the supports against to wall of the side of room by side when using a television of plasma by behind the, which are the majority of a time.
5 / 5
I have purchased one 120' Acoustically Transparent Woven screen. Active there was only his up for quite a lot of 2 days so many wants to leave the description while all are fresh in my alcohol.
In the first place was, for a money, is an absolutely incredible value , especially go tent around for other screens. An assembly is not hard AT ALL, although it takes the small bit of patience. Quan I in the first place unboxed everything of some separates my initial reaction was was sper impressed with a quality of him all considering sustain me $ 400. A frame of metal is sper take and robust. A black velvet that embroils around is sper sake and clean, and a material of the screen is not roughly sper thin, easy of rasgar material. For any look in a screen Woven Acoustic, left me allocution or the majority of common worry, loss of sound. In a human ear, has Zero. It was in fact more preoccupied when open the to discover that it has to has done the tissue of secondary black this goes by behind a halftone of material aim. It IS only like a material the fronts of the majority of the west of the fund is coated in, but two cloaks?... It was preoccupied. A truth is films looked in fact pending of the few weeks in a room in the television, in the support until it take it a screen and projector up. As I know that sound in that before and now, and there is zero difference. Val As it guesses with a sound that device of measures, can have the small decimal of loss, but your ears can not listen and there is no muffling. A picture that the looks in an acoustic tissue is second in any one. Calm of the that included knows is perforated unless you are 1 ft of him.
Would guess it will take more people 1 hour the total a frame and 25 minutes to locate a group and hang it. It opens Cela do once, could do it everything in 35 minutes or so many.
Note: I am using a Optoma HD142x likes projector and one in the speakers of wall are all a Polk RC LINE. I have bought a totality is trace in Amazon and a screen, projector, 3 speakers and a PW 505 sub, has the theatre to house that is to say awesome in any one in the Estimativa even so like this it appreciates image and his well. It was in pupil of the film during 2 years has it so posed in the plot of 20-30K rooms of exploitation of the dollar, this is not that, but for 10% of a prize, a difference is so minimum. He wows my boys, he wows my friends. Quan The decent 75 television of inch of the cost of Club of Sam $ 2,000, will take the theatre of true house in that any day now.
5 / 5
Easy to install and looks to surprise! Used 2x4 is by behind a screen to install that it lights has DIRECTED.
5 / 5
This screen is surprising! Has my projector only projecting on in a wall in front of a screen entered and look well. I have posed once this ash 120' screen up, easily look 20x better! Has this up in my fourth master with the 200 lumens ultra down undress the projector that his 32' rear of a screen. A help of verges to be able to pose in a perfect picture and look awesome! A screen gave me to well sure the place of the better road. Better definition, contrast of road and better colour of better looks with lights on. It was with a material ash so that that is to say now my big television setup in my room where has the fund in window of ceiling. With some plough of curtains during a day, is still able in clearly and enjoyably looks it. They ashes he very done the difference in not leaving a picture takes to the wash has been with environmental light. The looks Besides adds only in a when yours wall not looking anything. The installation took me only the total of 45 Instructions of beat of min. When being the bit to confuse to read for some, but there are a lot of videos in Youtube concealed the easiest fact. That is to say my first screen of projector like any really has the base for comparison, but is satisfied further with this compraventa.

Side of notes by side: I have debated among a white material and ash for the while. Honestly I Can say that I am happy was with the ash given a quantity of environmental lighting in my room. If he some light in a room is posing your screen, would recommend to go the ash in of the aims.
5 / 5
I totalled and installed this today and very pleased with a product.

I all of an assembly I, but the help taken to hang he in a wall. The assembly has taken enough 1.5 - 2 hours of unboxing finally.

Needs the very big, clear background room to total this! It anticipates to require 3ft of clearance in the each side while you insert/inserts some canes of tension ( can carefully slide a frame around to obtain this clearance so required). I totalled mine deep down carpeted in a zone quite 14ft x 14 ft.

Some directions are quite clear, and warn you when to expect the defiant section (desquels there is only 2).

All are quite mere excepts 2 parts:
1. Quan Goes to extend a material of screen in some plastic pegs. Some instructions say you that a vinyl will extend and this will return - and certainly marks, without problem. But there is the moment of uncertainty while it is by train to extend you the when it thinks in you, ' does not have any road this goes to return.' But he , without problem.
2. Quan Goes to install a beam of half support. Val, IS lying. Another published that has massive difficulty or trepidation while it installs this last piece. In fact, has zero problem with him at all and I he for me. Taken enough 30 bren in slide a bar in place. It was not it take the box 'very' or has taken only my time to take everything of some properly split installed in the aim. In any case, has zero problem that takes this installed crossbar.

A quality of so much a frame and a screen are excellent. A product totalled when being robust, any one flimsy. Pop of colours and a frame of the widespread black velvet overscan perfectly.
5 / 5
Excellent screen and tez easy. I have fixed some FOCUSED in a backside. It maintains the approximation in an interior like the lip does not launch the shadow dondequiera your light. I have instrumented in the suspension as I do not have to fix in the wall of basement of the cimento. Very aided with leaving a DIRECTED his thing. The zip of control has DIRECTED joined in an of some mountains of wall have comprised. It GOES Veiled in a eyelet. Any wave or wrinkles the black velvet is very pardoning if you are not varied perfectly. We want to it!
3 / 5
I consider me a A/V geek. Only it purchase it a much better TVs, i.et My Samsung F8500 plasma, and a LG new and Sony OLEDs, but absolutely any rubbishes has DIRECTED TVs, not even one very very QLEDs. I know the projector any acostar in a picture of these TVs but that lacks in IQ, up for the big time in measure! You L can has done did not beat it concealed has the gigantic, immersive experience of theatre of the film with a measure of enormous screen. In all the case, before it take this 120 ' screen, has projected my Benq HT3050 in my wall. It is painted 'Grey to that likes him' - Sherwin Williams. A picture has surprised very well in front of a screen and I had posed up for 130'. I have had once a screen, has had temporally posed in subjects that the averages of an image has projected is fallen in a screen and average in a wall. It opens, it can say the difference, albeit light. It say that a screen was quite 5% better? No so big of the difference while it expect. Wait for the perceivable, the remarkable difference but was more like meh, is the small better I supposition. My woman and very others the guests could not say the difference at all, but his eyes are not coached likes him mine. In all the case, a quality of a frame, screen, etc is very good. Quality very big and durable. The installation was earnest and easy is handy likes him I. I will expect it to last the long time. To Tan Far likes him the action of screen, any one is prize of level of the entrance , he no quite wow me but also comprises the people spend 10x a $ in the screen to provide perhaps 25% action has improved. I can not provide in the screen him so much but was very while a screen of the level of the entrance would give me the perceived 10% increase in action.

Top Customer Reviews: 16ft Inflatable ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Silas
Really very shabby . Spent this in the so many could have some quality time familiarised and save some money partorisca look film with my family in ours backyard. If it think roughly he partorisca a prize partorisca spend your familiar to some films could use of the money partorisca purchase this !!!!! It is done with material of cloth of big quality. A defender is really calm!!! I love it, it can not expect the box takes warmer and dryier external.
5 / 5 Ingeborg
Bought this and he then rain partorisca 3 weeks so that it has not taken partorisca use it immediately. When finally we inflate a screen. We remark dark streaking entirely a centre, left to legislation. Of course, a window to turn has had has spent so only. A streaking was noticeable during a film, but very entirely terrible. If a window of the turn has not been closed would have asked the substitution, but I supposition is by train of the maintain he like this-east. A storage the costruttrici begin partorisca do stock exchanges of storage that in fact return his products comfortably?! I have not gone included that goes partorisca write the description, but with which wrestling that what to a stock exchange, are sweat of slime and feeling violent. I will see we take the photo that shows a streaking while a film touched and estaca he.
4 / 5 Pamila
I have been surprised in that easily a screen has inflated; it inflates in of the seconds! Processes partorisca begin to the arrival was 15 minutes less, partorisca unpack, inflating, and bond-downs. The detachable screen the mark of has it has cleaned. He desglosa there is taken on a same quantity of time, but it taking behind in a stock exchange was the little bit of the cry partorisca me of then has not taken a screen in closely packed to the equal that has shipped. Happy with a compraventa.
4 / 5 Earl
I love an inflatable screen. A lot very he he. I have it 4 stars so only reasons a white part of a screen arrived with the enormous dark ash smugded marks that other descriptions have mentioned roughly. And you look on anything is looking if a film there is alot to aim picturing in him.
4 / 5 Terra
This screen of projector was súper easy to setup right out of a container. At all roughly the mine has looked partorisca confuse any one. As the one who quality of picture, Goes prefers advances partorisca face, so only rear reasons facing does not look partorisca be like this crisp. All the taking stuffed to the stock exchange partorisca storage without subjects, and a screen there is Velcro in the he chosen take them down separate for the washed. In general I give it 4 stars!
5 / 5 Alden
The amazon will not leave me say that really it wants to say in this product. I have been in a holding of yard some arrivals to help a tiny bomb his work has has had to that then run to another end to impulse that final and behind and advances. It take it finally to be on possess and begun to dip a screen on. It is like the law of comedy. It DOES not BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!
4 / 5 Carmel
The easy Plus has dip poles until screen of bond in the helps the plot the windy days and he will have to that be really dark was to see picture in a good screen another concealed it love the the supposition are transmission , but thought it would remain up without that has to that join some cups up. No really I have two trees anywhere approximations enough.
5 / 5 Roxie
Amur This screen. It is like this easy to operate and give sustain a lot quickly. It stands up good and comes with ancore to join it down. We dipped it to us up beside our group and then use our projector to look film while we relax any in or around a group. Once a film is on, a screen can be deflated quickly and the folds to the stock exchange compresses for easy storage. Utmost cost!
4 / 5 Kaitlin
Ossia So only that has looked for! I have been looking for an external Screen abordable and Projector for meetings grupal of the youth that would be conjoint easy and clean up. This screen, together with a Vankyo the projector has verified both of these boxes. I can not expect for our Youth that gathers next week. Some boys go to be surprised!

Top Customer Reviews: Projector Screen ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Arnoldo
The May HAS BEEN the big adherent to revise the things have bought on-line, even so this screen he only the merit. Some boxes are come amiably coloreadas and painted to give you the pertinent perception of so to handle and use a screen of projector. An interior is fully coated with bubbles to air and protect foam, like the screen is intact and pure. With flavouring a lot to take my product unbent and unscratched.
100 inches look enormous, be knows that before calm buy it. Included even so, a fully described to list some characteristic and each a specs, is an experience that took you of an use. The straps are life -savers, in fact. If I need to spend a screen to plant to plant, likes him I , you better has ones. They line a tight and orderly screen, doing it unflimsy and poses convenient in stock change, which are also included.
Although, an edifice is clear, is very into use in my inner venues. Not going for the try external, but thinks in the sake unwind wheatear would do it only well.
The May had satisfied more. To well sure it recommends his screen.
5 / 5 Olevia
Very happy with this screen of projector and a vendor. A packaging avenges was solid and has lined each together amiably - aka had guards of foam in some verges and corners as well as buckled straps to maintain each in place. Very professional.

A reason has bought a screen was so that have wanted to issues it to look alive sports alfresco in a summer. Desprs Reading a description of a product, as well as some other descriptions, looks this screen could be too clear to use alfresco, but while each which more looking add, has given tries it and the unit bought

That founds was that in spite of his durability, a screen was, in fact, the little also clear for full air. So much to continuation very type, the strong wind will attack it down. BUT - after I have planted a screen apropa to wall, he sake quite only did. Still, for the precaution has attached, planted some weights in a tripod. This has done included better, but again, yes goes to be the using external as me, the cure of mark sure.

At the end would have to the commentaries is very happy with a picture, reflection, and measure of screen. Some sports enter utmost, and the premium, is also perfect for nights of film!

A compraventa that sure interests!
4 / 5 Kimberley
This screen of projector has done a ceiling coated upper a better same place to hang was! It IS easy to pose up, robust, and marks well with films of wide format. Although some dimensions are very clear in some specifications of element, wow - is very time! A period required for the storage is the bit to defy , but estimate an endeavour to find the place.

An only some negative to arrive to this point is a smell of a stock exchange of storage. Hopefully With timing a 'chemically' the smell of a material will dissipate.
5 / 5 Lawrence
I Liked him his of this screen has bought so much two of them! We use the for the mini film festival and ceremony of prize for our no-profit. We have been to go with an inflatable screen, but has learnt a blowers has to remain on and do the enormous racket. Some of a big plus-priced the screens offer some options and additional stability, but for the screen of estimativa, these looks and has done wonderfully. It has attached the cheap black tablecloth with magnets of scarce earth the cover the majority of a base and the looks adds.

This screen is objective mate . It is not it contrast ash , big, or account of glass. It finds mere mate the aim is a sure and more versatile plus for the variety of the reasons that comprises included contrast and better profit, angles of better viewing, and any esomething hot' in the rooms have ignited usually. There is so projectors and capacities, but joint the aim is a definite bond .

- Easy to pose up and adjust.
- Comes bundled a lot safely in the bubble embroils.
- Comprises to spend case.
- The cradles have listened tight with just a right tension.
- Very wrinkle or folds in the circle-arrives screen!

- The support can be the small wobbly. It seats he out of a road and calm is gilded.
- A cup of a support uses the plastic mainstay, so careful be when the moving. If these pauses, is in problem.
- Any capacity of back projection, but that is to say the Pro also. Any evasion and an opaque behind.
- Some supports and protect when cased is quite 8 long feet, as you could any one the access in your Prius. I have rented the van.

Very unwittingly burst a screen of a support when it breaking down. Has thinks that that it was broken, but there is the nifty little group that is meant to do that, as it clashes well behind in.

Likes him! It recommends totally.
4 / 5 Bambi
First left wing say me that this screen is ENORMOUS! I have read some descriptions, but do any give until it is by train to pose you he up. A picture am add, the material research to be well, and setup is the breeze. I deducted or stars so that it is not sure what durable will be for concealed it purchased for, external films. They the looks of screen to turn in a side the bit and any one when the be has not centred. I can be missing something with a setup those closes firmly in place. But for any concealed has OCD tendencies, is the bit bothersome. I will update a description after we use external. Considering packaging, arrives undamaged and ensure in a box.
5 / 5 Chelsey
This screen of projection is only well! A screen is to come spent up fully sure and intact. Besides, a support and a screen were buckled up already. So many, is ready to be deploy directly of a box. It IS sper easy in the assembly and the durable and long looks-durable. A tissue is objective pure , solid and without point, that exactly that has wanted for my projector. Screen, raisin-stock exchange for him, straps, instruction, bubbles of foam and protective air in good box. That is to say cual called the box of real continuation. Very which he and recommends! Having the good addition in a projector and when being fully instrumented for theatre of the house with this screen is totally estimativas!
5 / 5 Ariel
This screen is quite big to aim films in of the rooms where an audience is only ten people until 100 people. Some details of some films were very clear and some people that the chair chairs very exactly in front of a screen could see clearly mass. This has substituted the screen the small plus that a film has projected could not return in a screen without losing clarity of picture. Improvement of entity. That is to say the much more the screen but he are still very also heavy or weighed for a person to move for them of room in room. A support these controls are very strong and quite adjustable to give decent options.
5 / 5 Elisabeth
We purchase this screen for a night of external film. A screen was easy to pose up and was gigantic. A screen has the black behind to prevents clear to shine thru a screen. An only negative to use this outside is that he almost like the big sail - if a paste of wind the, a whole screen esfondra on. We join twine to ensure in the tree and he have done utmost.
5 / 5 France
The screen was very very bundled but still arrived with the little dent. It IS obviously very big as it require it at least the small SUV for the spend. A material is objective brilliant but does not look to have any reflective granules have attached in to a surface like him some screens of the film of old time has done. He still the very good work. It recommends it.
5 / 5 Hai
It does not have the television house; only use our laptop. Recently we take the projector - well in the wall, not perfecting .

Then at the end decided to try the screen has consecrated. I can say that this am adds. Very easy in tent and place up, and stain all the type of proportions of appearance - and is big. To good sure to look in our house. If you are thinking quite this for house or a dispatch, totally go for this product; purchasing and the nave was faultless.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Warner
Amur A measure and facilitated of setup. It estimates each penny has paid! It IS to take to return behind in a stock exchange so probably was more to take the container to pose he in. Some looks of the robust quality and a product is some in some dimensions have announced. It IS well for front And back projection. Quan His in fact dark outside, you wont included be able to say a difference. It recommends to purchase the tarp to pose this up on so to maintain a clean screen and looking walnut. I have not been sure like 3D the films would look in this screen since there was any description that touched in a subject but, WAS FANTASTIC! The calm listened You literally immersed in in in joining it to him to film likes him his era there! A blower was hardly perceivable once a film headed so that it was also the plus. It is funny so that the people literally pause in a road to see a setup! It says that more than half of some vehicles that directed to the long of the way has retarded at least down LOL! A screen to well sure takes your attention. In general I give it a A+++++
5 / 5 Kesha
Admirably Big and looks well even so has the wrinkle through a side of screen by side to sustain quite 18 inches of a tip of a zone to see. It looks as if they no in that have enough the cover a zone and has attached the piece. A lot of problem and take pleasure to see. Judged the before tried it in fact. As I have to I return and he the fact well. Sad yall. The Paste above hurriedly, deflates a same road. Very easy to locate and situates has been. A video looked adds in screen. The friends already are purchasing for them.
5 / 5 Lorette
I have used this for a first time this weekend is spent. Based in a side maintained and open alcohol. I have to say that I have been impressed. I fulfilled it very they go to be the material boot weighed of entity of the house but he are very enough for these films of back yard or in my case sometimes in the campground. An only two complaints have is a bond of wise could be the small longer and a stock exchange enters could be the small main so that no for the take never behind in a stock exchange after uses he. Only I will choose in the storage tote and some extra rope for him.
1 / 5 Coy
It avenges with two snags in a screen and the big seam in a cup in a real screen. Also it have it very something soiled black in the. It issues behind.
5 / 5 Jenna
The screen is coming while it describe. Had some black residue in a white screen that it is probably on the one hand of frame of a screen but sings it to you sees it when projecting so he very problem me. An only downside in this screen is trying to bend the up and the place went it after using! lol Any easy road to bend it. I have taken a council of another critic and has bought the plastic storage tote to do so easier. It recommends this product, 10/10!
5 / 5 Velva
We use this for a first time in Halloween. It IS awesome to have films of external clock. A screen was perfect!!! We go to use he in yard next week for the game of football in television!!! The flange Expects for warmer in of the days to have nights of film with some boys also!!!!
5 / 5 Abram
A screen of film was awesome! I have been surprised in how add the looked - especially when darkens. One locates of screen immediately and has not taken very time. The desire there was the better road to take it packed behind up even so - but that is to say a subject with inflatables - never look to return behind in a stock exchange :)
5 / 5 Shantay
This product has been point and averts for a prize. My only desire was that it can fill in an air and turn of a blower. Blower Has rests on for a period of an use.
4 / 5 Chi
To Pose this up and the bend is only to 2 work of person and taking less than 5 minutes. We are in the hill and he have begun to bend advance he so launches the hose in a backside of him to weigh he down and this was quite for the stabilise. Only to clear for some revises concealed says filters. You have to maintain a bomb to air these races or he deflate. That is to say as it is feigned to do.
5 / 5 Vance
That is to say a awesome the screen for party is and only hang out of use external the all some times have has not had any problem when the trace of muck only the hose was and looks new again. An only negative quite very only this or but everything of them is a wind will move it around likes to be sure to bend the bass use more twists then routed with him and has any problem now