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1 first HP 65 | 2 Ink Cartridges | Black, Tri-color | N9K01AN, N9K02AN HP 65 | 2 Ink Cartridges | Black, Tri-color | N9K01AN, N9K02AN By HP
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2 Homegear 110" HD Motorized 16:9 Projector Screen W/ Remote Control Homegear 110" HD Motorized 16:9 Projector Screen W/ Remote Control By Homegear
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3 best HP 65 | Ink Cartridge | Black | N9K02AN HP 65 | Ink Cartridge | Black | N9K02AN By HP
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4 HP Tango Smart Home Printer with Instant Ink 5 Dollar Prepaid Card, Certified Works with Alexa (2RY54A) HP Tango Smart Home Printer with Instant Ink 5 Dollar Prepaid Card, Certified Works with Alexa (2RY54A) By HP
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5 Akia Screens 110" Motorized Electric Projector Screen 16:9 8K 4K Ultra HD 3D Ready Wall/Ceiling Mounted with 12V Trigger Remote 8K 4K Ultra HD 3D Ready for Home Movie Theater AK-MOTORIZE110H1 Akia Screens 110" Motorized Electric Projector Screen 16:9 8K 4K Ultra HD 3D Ready Wall/Ceiling Mounted with 12V Trigger Remote 8K 4K Ultra HD 3D Ready for Home Movie Theater AK-MOTORIZE110H1 By AKIA SCREENS
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6 Best Choice Products Motorized Electric Auto HD Projection Screen, 100-Inch, 4:3 Display Best Choice Products Motorized Electric Auto HD Projection Screen, 100-Inch, 4:3 Display By Best Choice Products
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7 Elite Screens Spectrum Electric Motorized Projector Screen with Multi Aspect Ratio Function Max Size 100-inch Diag 16:9 to 95-inch Diag 2.35:1, Home Theater 8K/4K Ultra HD Ready Projection, ELECTRIC100H Elite Screens Spectrum Electric Motorized Projector Screen with Multi Aspect Ratio Function Max Size 100-inch Diag 16:9 to 95-inch Diag 2.35:1, Home Theater 8K/4K Ultra HD Ready Projection, ELECTRIC100H By Elite Screens
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8 Homegear 100" HD Motorized 16:9 Projector Screen W/Remote Control Homegear 100" HD Motorized 16:9 Projector Screen W/Remote Control By Homegear
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9 Elite Screens Manual B, 120-INCH 16:9, Manual Pull Down Projector Screen 4K / 8K Ultra HDR 3D Ready with Slow Retract Mechanism, 2-YEAR WARRANTY, M120H Elite Screens Manual B, 120-INCH 16:9, Manual Pull Down Projector Screen 4K / 8K Ultra HDR 3D Ready with Slow Retract Mechanism, 2-YEAR WARRANTY, M120H By Elite Screens
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10 Elite Screens VMAX2, 120-inch 16:9, Wall Ceiling Electric Motorized Drop Down HD Projection Projector Screen, VMAX120XWH2 Elite Screens VMAX2, 120-inch 16:9, Wall Ceiling Electric Motorized Drop Down HD Projection Projector Screen, VMAX120XWH2 By Elite Screens
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Top Customer Reviews: HP 65 | 2 Ink ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5 Adrianne
I have bought the new HP printer and subscribed for a so-nicknamed 'Program of Ink of the Instant'. It says that the subscribers do not have to when being preoccupied quite penuria of ink so that some printers are nexus in the system that monitor a stock of ink. Apparently HP has his typical level of penuria of ink. As I have maintained to take same new ink although my level of ink is still the averages. And when I have prendido a byline, could not use a rest of some inks that HP has had roads so that these inks are crafted only for a Program of Ink of the Instant. As I have changed in this regular ink and he spend it to me less.
1 / 5 Shery
I give that is to say to sell for the reasonable prize, but literally prints 25 pages before the race was- is ridiculous!! Very disappointed.
1 / 5 Joannie
Already it go it!? I have been due to travs of my history to purchase to confirm.... I actuate There It go It only this that hangs 3 month! I think that that I am paying $ 2/page for my printer. I am better of just road in the tent of impression and paid to have rid when required! I will try it or more time, the wait concealed to take through season of tax!

Here is requiring dyed again so punctual. I have counted each impression, has taken 85 impressions . I have begun to change the to paint so that an ink of room has run was so hurriedly, but that does not help a lot at all. No for apropar- a has alleged 120 black impressions!
5 / 5 Nadene
It have read to revise it and it was the small confused, like the people have declared that yes it was ink , but he no last long. I have ordered this and he return perfectly in my printer and has been doing for enough the bit to print. I do not expect it to print the tonne of pages so that I have not ordered some XL cartridges of ink, as I think that that it was the decent prize for your money. Less than buying he in the tent.
1 / 5 Ricardo
Only it take it 20 pages of impression of these cartridges and then was empty.
1 / 5 Roxane
The extreme disappointed in of the this. Hardly take it 8 pages of photos out of A cartridge!!! Also he bleeds ALLLLL in a place. Complete waste of money.
3 / 5 Jade
Only I can very anymore with these darn inkjet printers. I fulfil it it have to take the laser, but has wanted to something small, which 3755 east. It pays a prize even so. An ink is entered the minute and very he same impressions a lot. It opens it Looks it a black ink not even is doing so that I choose greyscale the shoots was pages of room. If I choose to paint impressions. HP Any one has to do to possess you.... The battle is vain.
1 / 5 Consuela
I have bought these cartridges of ink with the new printer so that I have known one ones have comprised any last long. A cartridge of black alignment has lasted much more concealed expected and does not print the plot but has to has taking 100 pages of him. A new cartridge exited of one has sealed still boxes a bit after a January 3 support of produced the end and the law very prende quite 50 pages after the headed to loses and the aim printed at all at all. It has not had any ink low indication; only pause to do. A HP boxes that entered it had 'the guarantee expra Can 2020' but apparently that is to say nonsensical. You are said that it is more to buy ink of a manufacturer. As it Can the the cartridge of worse cheap ink that this?
4 / 5 Peggie
So far, also. A prize was literally less than the half that would have cost me to it in him locally. A tip: it does not buy these estnfabricados' products-- contains less than means an ink of a product by name of the mark.
5 / 5 Chana
I have bought recently a new 8 lb wireless HP 3700 Deskjet
the series and he are wonderful! Fast and Claro! That is to say an ink
has Used by these new printers and he are the prize adds compared in other models and of the marks of printers. I have found that need more conceal 2 cartridges, then has wasted money so that quality of good impression any lie! Kmorris1-Tx
4 / 5 Glynis
I have bought the new HP printer and subscribed partorisca a like this-called 'Program of Ink of the Instant'. It say that the subscribers will not owe that be concerned roughly penuria of ink because some printers are links to the system that monitor a stock of ink. Apparently HP has his level typical of penuria of ink. As I have maintained partorisca take same new ink although my level of ink is still the averages. And when have prendido a byline, could not use a rest of some inks that HP has had to that send reasons these inks are crafted so only for a Program of Ink of the Instant. As has transmission to this regular ink and he spend me less.
5 / 5 Daine
Gives this is to sell for the reasonable prize, but literally press 25 pages before it run was- is ridiculous!! A lot disappointed.
5 / 5 Louise
Already was!? I have had to that look by means of my history to purchase to confirm.... Has has had so only this for 3 month! I think that that I am paying $ 2/page for my printer. They are better of just sending to the tent of impression and that paid for has it rid when required! I will try it a time of plus, wait that last by means of season of tax!

Here am requiring dyes again like this punctual. I have counted each impression, has taken 85 impressions . I have begun to change the to paint reason an ink of spatial has run was like this quickly, but concealed does not have very helped at all. Any to approach some have alleged 120 black impressions!
5 / 5 Starla
The extreme disappointed is. Hardly it take 8 pages of photos out of A cartridge!!! He also bleeds ALLLLL in a place. Complete waste of money.
4 / 5 Suellen
Had read revises and was the little confused, like the people have declared of himself be ink , but he no last long. I have ordered this and he return perfectly in my printer and has been doing for enough the bit to print. No the appearance to print the tonne of pages because I have not ordered some XL cartridges of ink, as it thinks that that it was the decent prize for your money. Less than buying he in the tent.
4 / 5 Grayce
So only has taken 20 pages of impression of these cartridges and then was empty.
4 / 5 Shoshana
Only tin a lot of anymore with these darn inkjet printers. I know it it have to that take the laser, but has has wanted to something small, which 3755 east. Paid a prize this in spite of. An ink is gone in the minute and any I same impressions a lot. Now it looks a black ink not even is doing reason choose greyscale the shoots was pages of spatial. If I choose impressions by heart. HP Will do a lot has to that do to possess you.... Struggling is goes.
4 / 5 Arlen
Has bought these cartridges of ink with the new printer reason have known a some included any last long. A cartridge of black alignment is lasted much more that has expected and no press the plot but has to that it has taken 100 pages out of him. A new cartridge is exited of a still sealed box a bit after a January 3 support of has produced the end and he have done well for roughly 50 pages after the headed to loses and has printed early he at all at all. It do not have a lot of dyes low indication; so only it takes to do. A HP box that went in it had 'the guarantee expíra May 2020' but apparently ossia without sense. You are said that it is more to buy ink of a costruttore. As it Can the cartridge of worse economic ink that this?
5 / 5 Monte
Has decided to use a HP dyes so only in mine HP envies 5055 Inkjet printer. These looks of ink to do better that some less expensive transmission can purchase. It have tried some of some less expensive transmission and have had subjects with some bosses of impression smearing. Still after cleaning an impression begins a smearing reoccurred. I have not had a smearing subject with a HP cartridges of ink. You recommend some XL cartridges, some the regular cartridges ran out of ink a lot quickly.
4 / 5 Corrin
Took it awhile before I have required for the use. But I although it was odd when a box looked the little raggedy but for the times have required to use some cartridges was too much evening to ask the repayment. But an ink has printed terrible with lines in a paper that has done some any readable word. I know six some cartridges and no my printer because I have been to walmart and bought new some and some new some have done perfectly different some cartridges have ordered here. I maintained him inner in of the pertinent conditions like this the know his at all has done. My joint is the not purchasing the on-line ink at all. Any one a product has received has suffered harm during shipping or has received faulty cartridges.
4 / 5 Debbie
Load easily.

Has printed of the colour aims light banding, but my printer is not the printer of photo of big final.

A real question with this product is that quickly the careers was.

HP Likes footprint out of the page or two when you reconfigure a printer. HP Likes footprint out of the page when a printer extracted the firmware update. HP Press the page or two when you change ink.

So much, if they are taste, of calm mostly received of impression, steps of joint, and the entrances have bought on-line. Moulds ten or fewer pages the month. You will take perhaps fifty pages of draft, any-photos of the together. Material HP neither is that it blows an ink was in boss 'cleaned', quell'ink of burn partorisca some aforesaid pages, or so only expiring some cartridges after the few months. I can not imagine they are in fact emptying him.
4 / 5 Laurel
Has bought recently a new 8 lb wireless HP 3700 Deskjet
the serious and is wonderful! Fast and Light! Ossia An ink
has Used partorisca these new printers and is the prize adds has compared to some other models and of the frames of printers. I have found that need more than 2 cartridges, then the money squandered because quality of good impression any lie! Kmorris1-Tx
5 / 5 Phebe
Like this far, like this good. A prize was literally less than half that was me cost to him locally. A tip: it does not buy these estánfabricados' produced-- contain less half an ink of a product of name of the mark.
4 / 5 Gwyn
Now know reason a printer was cost like this effective. They do on profits in some cartridges of printer. It buys these partorisca an office with my paper of the work and his so only do not owe that . It is crazy.

Knows could not have printed included 100 pages of blacks before has has had to that the to us substitute. It is dice .

An only thing that marks this currency that the cost is a fact that yes try and buy an economic plus some facts for an out of the frames will ruin a printer finally, reason HP launches so many codes when an out of the mark is used, has to practically unplug and reset he every day. As any one annoying .

My real recommendation is a lot never buy the printer that cartridges of needs like these. Spend an extra bucks at the beginning, and find the one of confidence refillable one. We use the refillable one in the house and last partorisca always like this, like this cheaply partorisca ink.

Require this mark, obviously buy it. But calm the favour and buy at least 2. You go to last so many less pages of impression that calms can imagine.
4 / 5 Krissy
Has received the cartridge of the bad black ink and any one there is @@give the to him until I substituted it. A quality of impression was terrible. I have it that has not had never the question with cartridges before so much it has believed it of course to be a printer . I have tried all partorisca take a quality of better impression but consistently empire. Because of a cost of a cartridge has not been had of the launch was has continued like this for the use and treated it so only. When finally it has had it I have bought enough the another cartridge. It was pleasantly he surprised it that a quality of impression was immediately behind the normal. For some times have imagined was is a cartridge and no a printer a window of support had closed and no longer can take the substitution or my money refunded. :( Alive and Learn ...
4 / 5 Tiara
Has purchased ink of several vendors and situates another that Amazon in a past. Some cartridges of ink resemble neither be grieve fill or dry on súper fast. This is not a chance with these. I have printed on 50 pages this in spite of has ABUNDANCE of ink. I am surprised that these have has not required already substitute. It is really good to take full, any easily has dried was cartridges of ink for my HP printer. I will continue to order while these are available.

My opinion is my own. I have not been rewarded in any way for my description. Ossia My sincere opinion of this product.
5 / 5 Sheldon
Has purchased this container in February 2019 and installed so only a black cartridge reason mostly write papers and a cartridge to paint that a printer has come with the abundance ink have for my type of work. Last November (2019), has tried installs a cartridge of the new colour and a printer does not recognise a by heart new cartridge. Comparing a by heart original cartridge that is coming with a printer and a one this is to go in a container , a one this is to go in a container can be fake or has not been programmed correctly. A one in a left of a picture is a one this is coming with one marks new printer. A one in a right side of a picture arrived in this container. I go to purchase so only a together with memory and take the casualidad because with which are opened is not returnables. Has restart a printer a lot the time and a result was one same
4 / 5 Miguel
has thinks that has valued extracted to add until I have printed perhaps 10 black pages and aim, and a black ink has run was!! Now a colour does not want to do a lot of
5 / 5 Pinkie
has Annoyed. A cartridge is still full but my printer has not printed black ink. They are skeptical in a colored the cartridge does because of an experience with a black cartridge. My printer is a lot has bought this in spite of the new cartridge of the staples and work perfectly. Ossia A first time has not bought never ink of amazon.
5 / 5 Matt
Has installed some cartridges that has to that have in mine HP 2652 printer. Both cartridges have done for several days, then a pointed colour 'out of ink'. I have very printed to the few elements by heart like him usually uses 'of black impression' for more everything. Mina black cartridge' pointed empty the few days after a colour. In both cartridges have done for down two weeks, then an ink was empty. I have used this printer for enough the moment with now to see one 'any dye' the exposure was bad, I refilled a black cartridge I(I this several times until a cartridge has died esaliado'. A black cartidge continuous to do after 3 weeks and impress them adds. I can no any transmission a colour a but knows an indicator was corrected that objective 'any ink' !
4 / 5 Josefina
My printer has run at the beginning both colours of ink partorisca one or two impressions. After a printer will not run a black and declares has to that be substituted by another cartridge how is defective. ? The disconnect and then reinsert both cartridges , and a colour done but again a black no. Because of a late date that has opened and use an ink has not contacted a vendor. They are unable to use a black cartridge. The printer has done fantastically with a shows the judge of ink is exited, like this now has to that it buys it the way also tip another cartridge. It can not be anyones failure, so only the quirk, This in spite of raisin.
5 / 5 Cleotilde
I order 2 Boxes of these cartridges each has has had 1 blacks and 1 colour. One first box has done sum. But I have been to change some cartridges have opened a second box
the black and the colour no my printer has maintained to say me the cartridges are in wrong. Looking in some old cartridges and some the new cartridges are different and now learn the turn of short amazon was to the date was January 31,2020 I any a lot of this. As I so only lost $ . For not doing sure these cartridges return when calm in the first place take them. Utilisation my printer offen but no like this offen so that to the amazon thinks to dip he the date of caducity of turn. So much control your cartridges when the lame.
5 / 5 Valentina
Is ink . It is B&W and bands of the colour in some boxes. It does quite pictures in my printer... One... Still too big for colored water this in spite of. The side for two bands is more than has paid for a printer.
4 / 5 Stephani
Has nettled extremely. I have bought this and has received yesterday, has printed 8 -5x7 written documents and is out of ink?! Needless To say I no for on-line again, so only will drive some 50 miles and take of the source of confidence. I am not sure but if his summer that seats awhile in a warehouse, am guessing a dry ink up? That can be a question does not know . But it is frustrating the not being able to take that it has required it the fact been due to of the this! I have bought this new any refurbished.
4 / 5 Cassi
Reward it are add, but these cartridges do not print hardly any pictures. Lucky takes 17-18 4 for 6 first pictures of an ink by heart has run was. I have bought another cartridge of the local tent, HP original, and a same thing is spent. A lot unsatisfied with both UPs cartridges as well as a printer that goes to.
5 / 5 Lannie
Was so only able to print 13 first photo of the courses out of ink. Any 100 announced - has to that be defective. Returned for the cartridge of substitution. You update if a substitution extracted in a quality has announced.


NOPE. That The cartridge Of substitution has printed so only 10. You do not buy HP cartridges for this printer.
4 / 5 Latonya
A prime minister 8 to 10 pages has printed in a new cartridge there has been empty in ink. A printer is so only the little old month and no this prime I so that it thinks that is a cartridge. Then that run quell'was much more quickly that it was necessary to have. A printer did not say me was down, so only begins to print lighter and lighter.
A reason buys HP the cartridges is to prevent this press of poor quality. With my old printer has bought an imitation some to save money and has had always subject. But if a HP some are like this bad, reasons paid an extra?
5 / 5 Misha
Has taken crazy in my old printer and launched it on an earth. Out of desperation to find the printer of confidence has decided to change of Cannon to HP. To do has discovered so a HP cartridges last for ever! The to plot to print and like this do my girls he so that it was wanted to to discover a the HP the cartridges of ink have such the long life. They are easy to install and substitute. Some impressions by heart on the vibrant and the professionals that the look has produced.
4 / 5 Terica
Had purchased the new HP Printer, and when I am coming time to buy the new ink for a first time has been terrified to take one wrong a. After reading the descriptions and the responses have left of other clients, has purchased is one, and work fantastically! It returns this model, as any worry is new to a HP to to the family likes are ( has had of the very old Cannon forward, as this was the big transmission on). Compraventa Happy, and thank you! :D
4 / 5 Fausto
has received the box that has had two has used empty cartridges in him and has been sealed behind up. Some the real cartridges have had not even a sticker to peel was and my printer registered them like this when being entirely empty. I have finalised that it has to that go to Walmart (like would have to that it has done to start with) and purchase new ink. This was the complete tears was and fraud. To the amazon would owe that be embarrassed.
5 / 5 Tobie
I have been buying these two bands partorisca quite the moment. Once for year, no for roughly 4 doing press for the party. This time, each cartridge has printed so only roughly 12 first pages to insist is out of the ink and that resist all tentativas of the take to maintain press. I am not sure if some the latest cartridges are swipe -offs or old and has dried was, but am trying a XL model to see if this is doing.
5 / 5 Laurena
Has taken fed up with that buys victim like this cartridges thus fund of printer of mecer priced that it has dipped them he in some rubbishes and has bought the printer of brother that has big cartridges that last next year with a printer. They are out of some tears of cartridge was game now. hp Is the loser and is bought for photocopier crummy corp. It buys brother to be happy writing for the Viet Nam veteran, see my novel in amazon
4 / 5 Fran
when in the first place it take some cartridges and installed the and with which 56 pages have printed an only turn was ink on page 57 and on, tip 150 pages more to print, a support has helped the plot but after taking the new one in a topmast 30 pages down and some levels of aim of approximation of ink to one halfway frames. Absolutely rasgando the people was.
5 / 5 Darcel
Has not had any subject with an ink. In fact I have not required to substitute my ink as of today. A lot of descriptions have mentioned an ink has run out of fast. I think that that ossia an element that is considered regime of a draw.
4 / 5 Yer
This ink any last longitude at all. Any I same impressions the plot of material, is like the the when being in my printer is as it has dried the up. It does not recommend that it buys this ink at all, as any hard almost long enough. Some external descriptions that says that they have taken likes 20 impressions out of him are well. Any I still says has taken 20 impressions out of this ink. I have purchased refilled ink that is lasted more along that this.
4 / 5 Shameka
Had been buying this product without questions until this time. I have installed a cartridge to paint roughly 5 weeks after the cost and was defective with ink not exiting legislation. It was so only too late to return for the week. We call Amazon and HP but has finalised to eat a cost and ordering more ink (this same product).
4 / 5 Natalia
A number alleged of the pages is reasonable. The reality does not match . HP Calms really wants to you partorisca subscribe to his monthly plan, and apparently does sure that otherwise your experience would be miserable.
Changing on to try his service, reason buying these cartridges will cost $ 2-3 for page!
5 / 5 Winifred
5 / 5 Catherin
Would owe that have 100 impressions for an ink of cartridge by heart - I has taken 3, has taken way more with an ink that is coming with a printer that is so only half full. It have to that it has read it these revise first. It DOES not SQUANDER YOUR MONEY Or YOUR TIME, BAD PRODUCT
5 / 5 Nguyet
A printer has done sum for a prime minister 2-3 month, and now so only felizmente documents of footprints of my computer roughly 25 of a time as it is not registering like this when being on-line (still when it is). I have tried the multiple fixed by on-line forums and HP personal of support and at all has done. I advise NOT squandering your money.
4 / 5 Coreen
I have printed four 8x10 and a 5x7 pictures by heart and when tried partorisca print a prójimo a, HP web page
Informed that that a level of ink was down and unable to print.
Is this the question with a printer or an ink of the colour has not been full.
Eddie Chattey
5 / 5 Victor
Unfortunately these cartridges any last long at all! Almost we do not print never anything, excepts if my need of daughters prints something was for colegiala ( which is not often bc the majority of times does in of the colegialas).
An ink that has bought in Oct is now almost in the hardly ever use...
Expensive ink, that unfortunately any one the waste of money. Unfortunately I owe that continue to purchase reason having printer for those in chance that moments, is necessary.
5 / 5 Anh
Has purchased these cartridges last month, and already run was! So only press the few pages for week, as it can not believe has been gone. In this tax has to that say that these are súper expensive. A lot of dissaponted. You are better was to subscribe the HP dyes of instant. They will touch me for month to print until 50 pages.
5 / 5 Robbi
HP The printers are always the ache. My late plus a, an ENVY 5055 uses in means of an ink in a cartridge and then begins to smear the lines to a point are unreadable. In this point applies all known fixed without success. An only thing that the works is to buy cartridges of new ink. Like this effectively this fold a cost of ink.
4 / 5 Dewitt
Has thought for real the people have exaggerated that a cartridge of ink has run out of ink quickly. Clearly it declares that one would have to that take roughly 120 b&w pages, was so only able to print around 50 pages conceal ... They are the user of house , the one who the conscious endeavour to not printing very thick. I have installed an ink in May 25, and last until July 13.

A claim of the cartridge of the colour is corrected, probably after taking to 100. I can not think that HP in fact evasions with touching these prizes for b&w cartridges, and essentially deceives his clients. The round afterwards will try some the XL cartridges, yes take a same result , this printer will go to some rubbishes.
4 / 5 Mai
There is cycled by means of a lot of printers, of Brother to Cannon the Samsung. I have had HP printers that has done enough well, as it was bit it garbled when this cartridge has run out of ink after the pocolos use. A printer there is at present does like this expected, but does not think a point of prize of these cartridges well that receipt. A calm description declare will take 120 pages (obviously diverse depends that it print). Probably I have achieved the averages of this estimativa that impresses only documents for my office. I will give this the second compraventa and see like him passages. It can be the -was incident.
5 / 5 Lois
There is at all bad in these cartridges of ink except a money. You think for now all some companies that cartridges of the ink of the mark would be able to sell in this prize, but for a XL is. I use biodegradable cartridge caseings please to do these things be situated besides easy.
4 / 5 Santiago
Ossia That is to require for my printer. Unfortunately some cartridges last less than 2 weeks with being so only has used once to print 2 pages. Really it is more economic to so only buy the new printer.... If you do not owe that have this..... No shabby, is the waste of money.... My husband and I both have to that have the printer for our works..... Any suggestions for the dependable compact printer that does not cost the small fortune for cartridges of ink????
5 / 5 Kerrie
These do not print so as another. Disappointed has changed my printer of cannon to this hp & I of the that impression that a lot & still has to that maintain taking new cartridges. It was to purchase the movement of new & printer on this on that spends but a colour is a lot & that vibrates
5 / 5 Cindy
so only has taken 30 pages, ask me reasons? It has been judge of the ink exited or as, could does not create, but bought it reason have required the cloth he with me. Well, I will do the decision for the maintain or the send behind, like this far like this well, so only have the question w an ink, no a quantity of pages
is supposition to print. Spent the reason is the HP. That the left down.

Top Customer Reviews: Homegear 110" ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Jin
I very like this protect for a prize, and while it does not have any one another screen of projector for the compare too much, has to think stack until it is compitition quite well. Some engines are calm and creature and fall a screen in 38 bren in the each direction. A screen protrudes of a case quite 1' when domestic, but think that it can be adjusted you it the problem concentrates. A screen took was quite smooth with very little perceivable wrinkles. A qualitity of a material of screen looks very good and reflects my BenQ image of projector very good. A unit was bundled well; a screen maintained in a box with a lot of styrofoam the suspenders to the long of him is period and has had plastic the embroil around an outside of a box to maintain out of humidity.

Has the pair of things to be conscious to purchase this screen. In the first place, included with a good packaging, the mine is come with the small dent in a half back of a case, and to read other descriptions sound what some casualidad to take one of these without some class the dent is unlikely. That is to say so that a case is so long (118') and a metal is quite thin. I think that that it is prone in buckling in a centre if any handled properly. It was able to exit a dent for one the majority of part,and does not look to affect a global action of a unit. Also, one announcing for these states of screen have a control GOES-- he the no. Comes with a RF far. This only will be the plan of problem on using the universal far like a Harmony to automate a screen that down and creating when ignite/of your system. Last, a power and the capes of control are the long bit and can be take in neatly issues yes is going for this habit installs look. I have finished shorting so much (goes beak) to take a box to control the part, that short and re-soldering both capes, the total of seven individual capes in both capes, as it can locate he in a ceiling by behind a screen with out all an extra cape to treat. It looks very well, but of course empty a guarantee, and will require some basic to solder arts, but in general the very easy modification to do.

So much, in an end this type is the keeper for me. My aim all to the long of era to pose joint the estimativa low, quality, theatre of the house and this unit matched with a BenQ W1070 the projector has filled a bill amiably.

UPDATE (4-16-15)
has seen a lot of commentaries for tongue in a screen very retracting all a road in a case. The mine for example prendera in an inch of a cup. It has discovered that it has to he two knob of adjustment in a screen that will change a distance of trip of a screen so much in an up and down direction. Some knob of control is localised inner a void where some circles of screen up (in an end where a cord to be able is localised). If look in a void will see two small controls, or aim and a yellow. In fact they have the arrows that signal up and down afterwards in the each control. To the experience bit it discovered likes law. In the first place you require you Allen small yours that access in a control. I think that the flexible tool the special plastic is fact concretely to adjust these controls, but found a correct measure Allen or hex work of wrench of the cape also.

Opens, says wants to adjust a screen so that trace in a plus carcass. It finds a knob of control with one up arrow and inserts/insert Allen yours in him. More under a screen the bit to use a button of boxes of the control, presses a button of decree and seeds the creature retreated up. Quan The pause visits a control, and likes to join you screen or will create or lower (according to that tower of road a wrench) the small quantity. I am guessing in the neighbourhood-the turn of a control done a movement of screen in an inch or so much. If you go too far a screen will tie up so that when a paste of inferior bar a casing. If this spends mere back of an adjustment only bit it. To adjust a low direction you a procedure still those uses an another adjustment of Mere down a screen all one issues those uses a box of control and he then done a fine adjustment to turn a knob to control those uses a wrench. One the majority of difficult part quite doing the this is trying to access some adjustments to control while trying maintains to fall out of some stairs. To well sure require you the torch or better even so one of this small FOCUSED headlamps to maintain both free delivery. To spend some time that mark an adjustment my screen fully is retracting in a case only well. It attaches the picture of some low controls.

UPDATE: 4/22/15
Like published in my original description was the small disapointed when discovered that a far projector was RF (radio frequency) controlled and not GOING (infrared) has controlled so declared in an advertising. That is to say only so that I use the far Harmony in easily control all my AV train with the mere click of a far, and he only works with GOING the device has controlled. Having a far extra in simply race and go down a screen very bugged me, since more all my house is automated in some measure and has wanted also a screen of projector to be included in this category. I have posed you go to do some investigation to determine yes owes each way could convert a RF to Enter a projector. Hurriedly Has learnt is afterwards impossible to discover anything in this screen... It can very still it finds a company Homegear, very less any type of schematic or wiring diagram for a controller or far. I even so, spent a piece in a AV forum where the partner has been there published the similar subject, no with the screen of projector, but instead the impulse of television. His piece turned me on a Velleman MK-161, the two canal (thinks above low/ control) the VAIN box of relay could use to this has opened/near or pulse the set of relays of change. Of a Homegear the screen also has the box of manual control can use to this shouted and go down a look of possible screen in cape in a MK-161 in a Homegear box to control to simulate in fact pressing some keys when an enclosed relay to create and go down a screen. It was able in easily open a box of control, any tool has required, simply break together, and examine some real changes in a joint. Sure enough it was easy to solder four capes directly in some changes of control in a Homegear and then connects the in some relays in a MK-161. A perfect thing prjima was that a Harmony has known already in a MK-161disturbances is database , as it was easy to attach some codes in my far and then attaches a device in my activities of Harmony so that everytime selected hows the film' in a far road he some VAIN codes in a MK-161, which the change presses a pertinent relay and manually do a change in a Homegear box to control temporally near of-- a same was has pressed a real button in a box of control. Work perfectly! I have finished to pose a MK-161 in the project and trace afterwards in a Homegear box of the control and the calm would think it has gone in fact with a screen. He included the beaks of pair of a box of control and like the looks are trace in a ceiling. Be conscious a MK-161 is the box, which the ways take some parts , joint of circuit and instructions for the pose each what together. You will require basic to solder arts to build this and some DIY the arts wants to he all look quite once is complete, but is possible to convert a screen to use so RF and GO to LIKE a lot of some screens some expensive plus has.

UPDATE: 5/3/16

is state the year now and I the clue has wanted only and leaves all the world knows that a screen, projector and MK-161 box of control continues to do perfectly. So far have it the has not had a problem with this setup and could not be happier with a combination. A projector and the screen are used in the semi-base to regulate (at least 3-4 times the week) and always records so expected. Honestly I Can say that it recommends this screen of projector.

UPDATE: 9-28-18
Yes, still is emits with a screen, engines, purchase of mine of upper subject.
4 / 5 Judith
That is to say the screen a lot of sum . It locates very well, well enough to give you and your guests this wow factor, and some spear by heart by behind your projector is better subject that to the wall has painted level. Mountain on quite easy, only hanged the pair planters hooks of my ceiling that matched in punctual a lot of using 50lb hardware of test, and is gone was perfectly a first-time and every time since.
My only complaint is that a screen has some waiviness down some way and roughly crimps of explosion of the sides in the small. Only remark it when some casseroles of scene horizontally or when is looking in the line of horizontal right that is to say static; like the card of DVD, while in the game, or with the roku controller of half comunicacionales of the type. Commentary that reduces this waiviness to pose weight of aixecar- of the weight in each side of a bar of cross of the metal in a fund of a screen.... You know some weights of the nets of plsticoes cheap concealed attaches in the dumbell concealed bought in 2 is in Wal-Mars think that you has been to take buff with Michael Julian DVD..... This aided to straighten a screen out of notably, as he only necessities the bit of tension in the. Has had to a bit weight even so so that it prevent a screen to run up and down. Any one that an engine could not handle.... It handles with aplomb.... It IS only that some weights would have attacked an accommodation of metal in a cup to locate and would have fallen murdered a dog.
Anyways So that it can do is purchase some stock of cane of the metal and place that in a bar of the inferior cross for the weight has attached. Cela And very dry frisky thinks that will locate a screen in my garage during a time of the summer when is quite 120 titles in there and the flavour extends a tissue the little. Then for prejudicing it will open a door of garage, left a fresh screen and hopefully posed directly. God of Pot he be with me while I this.
In general that is to say only that him the import fixed in the much smaller subject that is common in almost everything excepts some the majority of expensive screens. I want this screen and he utmost. I am only always tinkering with my material until it is juuuuuuuust right. I will update to to the this description likes him to him the change of things. It acclaims!
5 / 5 Taylor
It has Had this hanged projector in a ceiling for the few months that expects now to finish out of a rest of my room of new theatre - and has been using he for a last pair of month. That is to say a awesome screen, and is more concealed happy with him for a prize.

Does not have any idea that one issues 'correct' to hang the this is, but arrival to buy the pair to have to weighed drywall rays, mere fisheye hooks, as well as the pair of carabiners of Imposicin of House. Mark Sure to buy the pertinent supplies for a weight - has taken supplies that was to have to heavier that necessary just to do sure that this thing would remain posed. There are some hooks of triangle in a cup of a screen can use to this hangs; some supplies have bought provides a perfect distance of a ceiling, like the installation was supremely earnest.

A motorised screen is a awesome touch. There are two roads to control a screen: the far control and the controller wired with quite a lot of 5 feet of period in him. I have finished to locate a far wire fence in a wall (the necessary hardware in is is to comprise) and only use that. Of a screen is in the consecrated soyovie room,' a screen is down almost everything of a time. Even so, an engine is well and calm and has not caused any problem still. Taken 20-30 bren to take a fully retracted screen or has deploys fully.

In of the terms of 'waves' in a screen (which has seen some people go to complain quite), is to well sure there. At least in a screen took, is quite perceivable in the a lot of very ignited room without a projector on (voice a picture comprised). Even so, with a projector on is not perceivable and does not cause any problem with a quality of video. Still with some lights each a way up, is not visible with a projector on. It can problem some people for the this, but since is not perceivable when a screen is in fact into use and does not cause any subjects of action, I no very cured. A screen is well and robust and remains posed when deployed - included in my case where is trace directly under the ventilation of centrical air.

In general, is sper happy with this screen and to well sure would recommend it, especially is planning on installing the calm poses them of projector up in the place wants to be able to goes it a screen. That is to say by far a cheaper option compared in a lot of of other screens - especially motorised roughly - this has seen. The time will say with respecting in a durability of an engine, but like this far has has not had very subjects.
3 / 5 Raye
The band is come well, but a casing of a screen of projector has the light to dent. Quan A screen has been installed a dent was behind like his no a subject for me. Also a screen is the bit wrinkled in a side that is so clear when is trying look 4K films. His no the big subject but then when note some wrinkles, sound the bit to problem. A screen is bit he wavy same with a slightest movement of air. I think a tube duquel PVC is in a fund of a screen would have to when being more weighed to line a directly low screen. It expect that some results of screen directly since and installed the fact the week but apparently any change at all. Otherwise Some far works well and an up and down the motion of a screen is doing well. I expect some manufacturers something in a tube and some wrinkles in a screen after reading this description.
5 / 5 Sebrina
It IS thoroughly impressed with this motorised 110' screen of projector, especially in a prize that has paid. It was shipped quickly Ex Powered road and is arrived carefully bundled the few days. Had absolutely any harm in a screen and any macula or the defects once was opened . Very easy to install and operates down and softly. Instructions of installation very basic and could be it has detailed more. I am very happy with purchase of mine and highly would recommend in any one looking for the screen adds. Since some instructions of installation were quite poor, has documented my procedure of installation. I expect these helps!

Homegear 110' Installation of Screen of the Motorised projector
1. Installed to use a keyhole the void localised 3/8' side by right sideways and 103 7/8'
centres , 1' down a ceiling

2. Installed a box to control so that it protects the inferior bar clears a left side of a box

3. Revoked a control and to be able in electrical cords in a box for a unobstructed subjects in a outlet to be able to. The cord of excess control tucked has been by behind an accommodation of screen. ( It bursts a back dish of a box of control with cutter of pen down some sides)

4. Place for estacionar adjusted up for 1' to turn upper (white) Allen
scrapes of adjustment (4mm yours of cape of Allen) in an in a clockwise direction direction. Upper (white) and lower (red) that parks the place is controlled by Allen sells veiled in a right side (Side to Be able in). It uses the mirror to see them and listen his place to insert Allen yours.
5 / 5 Dalene
I have moved a gesture of my projector the bit and, as such, has owed out of 100' screen by so 110'. Some verges of one crimps of cloth inward only the touch, but very so much that significantly it distorts an image (crimps is more prevalent in a black verge- for a time takes in a screen almost has softened has been totally.) Duque a sense that that is to say a subject that could differ of screen to protect, as it was not surprised if another does not have this subject. This has said, is not quite severe to jump the point.

Has not timed exactly but would say that a low screen and up in just down 30 bren, and looks the fast plus bit that an anterior 100' possessed of a same mark. Any one a lot, but looks perhaps 2-3 faster bren trace and down. Of the this can say, this screen is almost identical (or perhaps totally identical) in of the terms of a quality of image would take compared in a mark appoints that it is offered in two or three times a prize. If you are preoccupied quite quality of image, is not . You have seen some other screens of projector in action and this one is at least also like another, and is vastly upper to project an image in the wall or the cloak.
5 / 5 Lesia
This screen is the subject - enormous, economic, and provides an excellent image. I use it jointly with my Optoma HD141X the projector and some images are supremely acute and vivid. I have provided the few pictures that to the show likes him the trace he in a ceiling and some captures of scene of the film. A one the initial problem is a smell . It has to to the left the down and the air goes for the moment - no very fragrant, that is to say sure. I go it a control wired by behind the curtain that is for a tram outlet, as it can not see. It comes with the wireless far control, which are supremely convenient. A screen is not the clear - is quality very good and looks it will be able in withstand years of use without the problem - while no the insults , of course. It IS supremely very bundled and arrived in excellent condition - enters the very long boxes, so careful the be that it move it around subjects that you any one above combative wind something down. For a prize, only has not beaten can be. Excellent screen.
4 / 5 Junie
I have bought a motorised 110' 16:9 white model. It IS the good roads for a prize. A screen has roughly wrinkles/of churns in him but forget to exist when is looking the film or touching the game. Had the dent in a metal in a backside of a projector but he are totally veiled when trace.

Has been confused by the measures other people of a screen. I think that that the people buy different measures but does not specify a proportion/of measure of his screen when sharing some external measures, to the responses like them sounds very always listened of of mark. In this 110' 16:9 unit:
- Quan retracted, the case of a screen is quite 104' yearn 3' big and 3' deep.
- A black verge in a left wing and the right of a screen is 1' wide. A black verge in a fund is ' big (among an aim of a screen and a bar of white drop). A black verge in a cup is adjustable (low voice) but wine in the default '.
- A screen is not centred in a case. The right verge of a screen is quite 2' of a final right of a case, and a screen remains the verge is quite 4' of a left final of a case.

For my particular installation, required to adjust the quantities of drop of a screen. I required it to fall further when ploughing, p. . The sample woven blacker in a cup when posing a low screen. I have required also adjust a retraction quantity; it does not pull a screen totally up all a road. That is to say to do with two little hex adjusters, while it has been remarked in other descriptions like this or:

A two tiny hex adjusters is in a case, in a void, in a right side of a screen (the side with one covers to be able in). This critic [linked] has said his hex adjusters was yellow and aim; the mine was red and yellow. And they were the real ache to take in, especially in the bad zone ignited these laws for me. But they a work. I fulfil it only necessities to be done once, in installation, but was to add if these adjusters was easier to see/achieve.
5 / 5 Darius
Absolutely I want this product. There is has not had any subjects that other clients have mentioned. Included A so the smell has nicknamed has not been the big roads. Like A person has declared, only left the down at night and a smell will dissipate. But, if you do not import it fragrance of new cart, this does not have to problem. Some sums of far works. A screen was easy to install and some looks of picture like clear. I use one optoma projector and with a screen, a picture looks it HDTV screen in my wall. Compared in other marks, this screen is awesome for a prize. It takes these types of screen!!
5 / 5 Beula
It was preoccupied in a delivery that arrives without the harm but was very-packed and arrived in three days to plant an order - without any harm. A time of delivery was impressive, while I have remarked very other screens like this would not promise delivery for at least the week or much more.

Was very mere to pose up with two rays, but after thinking quite two times decided to pose in walling of mountains solider to line arrive firmly (has not wanted to take a casualidad that would fall it to it on any one is very later!). It is not 'this' heavy but does not want it falling in all the case. Like this, it take other 20 minutes or so to drill holes to pose in of the very sure rays that the will line amiably.

The engine is calm and smooth. Works while it announces.

An electrical cape hangs by a right part of a screen and there is the box duquel the control is the small awkwardly -has planted enough in a half of a screen when hangs, so ideally would do this longer cord as it is easier in hide. Nevertheless, for this prize can not be too choosy. A far is mere to use (up, down, pause).

A screen and the material that the backwards look very big-quality, fat material. A screen has the little small wrinkle in him to be the trace supposes but these are not perceivable when seeing video (which are that a lot of subjects ). One 16x9 in this measure was hard to find to the point of low prize, but this does a trick.

Very sure that this screen will do over time, but at least for now is doing very good. Very impressed.

Top Customer Reviews: HP 65 | Ink ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Christin
Always I am buying these things partorisca my press, and can not comprise why these are like this expensive when they offer like this little ink. Material $ 5 that could be the price the just plus HP.
5 / 5 Chanda
The printer will aim low ink, take a cartridge was and attack it against an office the little time, much more dyed in there
1 / 5 Ernest
Bought this because it was in desperate need of ink. You do not buy again. The old look & I probably so only has taken 50 copies in a plus. The generic ink is much better priced and resupplies the plot more copies.
1 / 5 Humberto
Hanged these cartridges when full,empty and when they say that they are empty, using the digital stairs. A volume of the ink of the cartridge is arbitrary in better and congoja different every time, new used, empty, XL or solos. Then his pages of alignment of impression of car and another craps automatically so only partorisca do sure use more ink. Oddly, Some cartridges of Wal-Mart last 25 long more, in my studio. I have it quell'has used the transmissions and they weigh full every time. To good sure are that it takes the different mark of printer next time. Already I am taking a newspaper 'aprisa extends your guarantee!'. If it calms no an update will come by means of disabling a printer and you will require partorisca buy another at least ossia my experience with a last 4 HP printers. They are timed partorisca fail. So only it takes 10 people partorisca begin the dress of action of the class. Teasing Calm to the long of partorisca pay more partorisca a same printer the obvious fact that can do it after a guarantee until they closed it down. It is the lie for omission.
1 / 5 Lajuana
This cartridge has run out of ink with which roughly 20 pages of impression. No the enormous cartridge partorisca begin with, but ossia ridiculous! Not to think it will be partorisca buy more HP produced, again.
5 / 5 Janet
It is a cartridge of ink , as no really chair partorisca like there is anything spectacular to inform. Lol. I have ordered this because it is the one who my printer recommends to use. They are happy chose it on because Walmart has not had a lot when I am gone in a day this is to arrive. Needless Partorisca Say that reason have had some projects partorisca take that they go in and press, was happy purchased him here. I have bought this and a cartridge of ink of the colour also, both fact adds and was easy to install. I do not have any complaint because it has done exactly that it has to that.
1 / 5 Frederick
They are engredo HP is running the diagram. Almost each one another cartridge buys is not escognized.' And then I will take an email of HP saying me to buy more ink. Disappointing and no the good value.
1 / 5 Bethanie
I have bought 2 cartridges, tri-colour and black - although they look partorisca be in original packaging neither of has done :(
1 / 5 Darell
Opened the today. A total fraud-no HP focus and any interior of ink. Partorisca Do sure has purchased an identical ink in the aim and is doing perfectly.
4 / 5 Afton
Ossia The quite easy description . It is a cartridge of ink , is HP, installs easy besides HP printers. Ossia Roughly he at all much more to say. A so only another option is the estoallita humid-was' or the refilled cartridge.... I have had disappointing results of both of those comprising ruining the perfectly good printer! Spend the little bucks more and take a real shot

Top Customer Reviews: Akia Screens ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Tia
I couldnt is more be happy with this compraventa. This was my second compraventa with Akia and these times taken the 125' screen. It has been it bit it skeptical taking the screen this measure but work perfectly partorisca my need. I have had the 100' attractive down screen of the manual projector sooner and am happy has taken the version motorised this time. Partorisca Screens this measure, going motorised was surely a better way to go. Akia Was besides awesome in his service. They have offered a screen in an available better price and with flawless service. Very punctual with my questions, has shipped quickly and has been rid without any subjects. The installation was the breeze . And a 12V trigger boss partorisca be able to sync a projector and the screen done like the charm. In general the product adds and same better company partorisca buy he of!
5 / 5 Zoraida
A screen is sum , an engine is calm, is everything adds. I have bought this element to the equal that have read of a 12v trigger and mistakenly has thought could so only the boss among an audio was does not use in mine projector and a screen... Well, it conceal it is not that it operates. I need the consecrated 'exited of cause' in yours projector and then has to that sacrifice your far to be permanently wired his to cause a screen on/down. Meh.

Has tried also imagine out of a RF protocol/of frequency for a far to the equal that has some automation to house that could have be useful - but any regime there neither. Ossia Proprietary for some looks of him.

Like this so that it has not had the trigger is gone in my projector or found the way to cause a RF has bought an Inc. of Screens of the Elite ZU12V Universal Wireless 5-12V Projector (ASIN B00BU3ZPRO) - and that reads perfectly with this screen. It seats among- a wall outlet and a projector and causes a screen in RF based in current draw. League and controls this screen perfectly. How it is another cost , but with a price of estimativa of this screen I still think in general is the value adds .
5 / 5 Rosamaria
First time each one that purchasing something like this, and after researching multiple screen, has decided in this one because of a system of the trigger of the car has seen 3.5 mm boss... But still the did not try it was still this in spite of, there is wanted to so only that option. This was for the project in my church of house. I have read other descriptions and I see another says it shipped without harm in a box, but after the open, a casing has suffered harm. Felizmente Has not had this subject. I know some say when some drops of screen, there is wrinkles in him... Again, I have not had this subject. An engine inside a screen is a lot quite which know taken the little longer for a screen to go down, but in my opinion, cost the. In fact I am thinking roughly taking an of these for my house when I can.
5 / 5 Buena
Ossia The value adds partorisca the screen this big. It looks he adds, installs easily, and is easy to use.

Using the Switchbot, has done Alexa far there is enabled, like this now my voice can create and go down a projector!
4 / 5 Kattie
I have bought a screen partorisca create a 'invisible man-grotto' in a living room, as I have required partorisca do the little modification that is not authorised by a costruttore. Honradamente, Partorisca a price, has not been concerned with voiding a guarantee. Prpers Having said that, DOES not TRY THIS IN HOME Unless you are Had to that VOID The GUARANTEE. A GONE the sensor has been covered and a chance has been prepared with self-first etching and sprayed still match to a colour of a wall. I have followed he until painting a screen with money-produced of ash knitted. This two things - first, darkens some colours and prevents washout when a room is not entirely dark. As, it augments a depth when looking 3D film. An only part of an installation covered for a costruttore is cutting a cord to be able to and connecting he to exist can ( can see where a cord has been fallen in for behind a drywall and has connected directly to a 110 circuit of house). Final word: a screen is the very good quality and would have done how is - I there is wanted to so only something more than stock, but has not wanted to spend enough bit it more to have a fact of commission has done. So only reason can be fact , does not mean it would have to that be fact. It enters in your own risk.
5 / 5 Korey
I asked it have to that it has jumped it partorisca the screen the expensive plus but could not be happier with a Akia.
The screen adds partorisca of the money. The look of film to touch on that. Very happy with him. Arrived in perfect condition. Utilisation your own hardware. Some rays comes with him are not adds.
3 / 5 Ashanti
The low screen and shouted very dulcemente and the cord is quite short. Any big shot. My main question are has the new mark Epson projector that there is not coming with the headphone jack. The question here is that a jack is required to sinc a power of projector with a car of screen on/down characteristic, as it marks sure have this in yours projector if this characteristic is of yours entity. Mina another subject is that some sides are curling in all a way down each side. The quality of picture is like this as well as any one another screen has seen, but ossia an easy part for a costruttore to fulfil. I recommend this screen or buy it again? No.

In another note, the amazon has shipped this with USPS the one who any rid he because of a period. Had apresamiento has loaned the truck and go to choose it on I. Not cooling.

In general, no the good experience.
3 / 5 Hugo
It was very excited when in the first place it arrives. A box was in the condition adds, this in spite of partorisca any reason a frame of metal has directed partorisca have the enormous sent it. A quality and the measure of a screen is good but wish the few things were better.

1. A cord is extremely short and could very possibly achieve a outlet without and boss of extension.
2. A far wine with the cord an east partorisca an audio jack partorisca a backside of a projector.... But I do not think that it it was a better method
3. When you Trace or down a screen never partorisca on is adapted. If it do not press a key partorisca stop an engine continously run.

Gives to four star of any for a dent, but thinks that is very good.
5 / 5 Elenora
So only now installed a screen of projector. Very simple to install. An engine is calm while some circles of screen on and down. Far done like the charm. Amur A characteristic of stop of a far. We can take a screen in a place has wished. Installed the to a ceiling. The good-looking looks. A built-in characteristic of RJ-45 (Ethernet) port of trigger go in handy. While a projector is turned in causes a screen to go down and addiction-extracted.
4 / 5 Lezlie
A material of screen are adds. An engine is very calm and work perfectly. It was sper easy to hang of a ceiling that use some highland coverages attached in the each final, as I have used so only 2 rays of eye to a ceiling joist. Some flanges of a screen are slightly curled but any detract of an experience partorisca see. These looks partorisca be the subject common in of the motorised screens, and has read partorisca leave a screen down partorisca several days partorisca leave some flanges partorisca straighten was. My subject only was a dent in a weighted fences in in a fund of a screen. A house was dent release . It attributes this smaller defect to a nave and no a quality of this Akai has produced. They are an installer of electronic , and will purchase this screen partorisca future projects.

Top Customer Reviews: Best Choice ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Calista
Quan The unpacked, HAS REMARKED a bar that is attached through a fund of a screen there has been his final by right stored up in a main accommodation. If it have tried to go down a screen then only a left side would have been free and a right side would have remained stored in an accommodation. Felizmente, has remark in the first place and was able to fall he with the light nudge of the flathead screwdriver. Another that concealed, a screen is incredibly well for his prize. An engine is sper calm albeit the small lentil to create/lower, but his for my soyuna Cave' as it is not the big roads in me. A far and his mountain of wall is the good touch . It has remarked an infamous mell' in a screen but he are not that perceivable and goes was after the pair of hours. In general, I am very happy with a compraventa.
5 / 5 Elden
As it Describe. The works add and highly recommends ! Built the casing around
5 / 5 Josefine
As it expect it the month before I revised it but is highly sastified. It was easy to pose up and has not had to pose together anything. Literally stucked in a wall and plugged he up. Any troubling with an instruction. I am not a cookie a ready plus like any included try comprise that tongue of foreigner this was. All calm very the necessity is an up and down button. More a thing comes with stacks!!!!! For a first time in for ever, the stacks is has COMPRISED!!!!!! It IS still he comes with the far carrier in case perhaps wants the bond in a wall in the some place. Little side of note by side. Before begin it, there is some joint of card among a screen and a machine. Mark Sure to take it was or volume bonded when gone back he on.
5 / 5 Mohammad
It is not fooled for a prize, this thing is awesome. It does not doubt to purchase this. It IS to locate very calm and low and can be it controlled by a cord to be able in that has the control in the, or for wireless far.
5 / 5 Lisa
In to the the TWO THINGS LIKES them-THEM the PLUS Or LESS HE

1.) It produce of big Quality - had a time because of fall of bad human error of a ceiling, has thinks that was broken, but does not break . His quite solid and will say.

2.) The Plastic of smell - when arrives the plastic smells or some class of the chemist but the beginning immediately when go it all a road and maintained it only that subjects for 2 days and a plastic smell go era. I have thought if and toallitas humid he with slipping or any spray of vain debugging was but he any one same with a flavour of the lemon or that tried the all except any fact. ( I have tried only it marries the products used)

3.) Has the far what bad can connect he in the ready device and cimento all of my devices has controlled far or that advantage of appliances until ready house with integration with Alexa.
5 / 5 Michel
IMPRESSED!!! I honestly very still know like this screen of the projector is not $ 150 + like another ones there. My point is concealed ...The quality of this product is surprising, and is easliy more value what that is being the decrees have sold. It IS to win it to good sure. It avenges neatly bundled, in to any dent like him to him some other descriptions (which are not one the fault of vendors in all the case if that raisin). It IS easy to pose up. It can locate directly in a wall or buys some hooks or group. An engine in this thing is calm and smooth. A far is very responsive, and works of through a room. In general, the enormous wins, and I definetly recommends it. The calm will not be disappointed!!
5 / 5 Eusebia
Bought this together screen with a optoma dlp projecter and this screen is awesome. It has Had other screens of projection in some pasts but this one has suppressed the everything. If yours considering buying this then prender a decree in and consider that it explores for different screens, will be very pleased with easterly unit A nave has said that it take three days to ship but when being in my door sends a following day. Real description of the real person.. The purchase. An engine is very calm and is adds to have he in the room illuminates with all the open Windows. Any light reflects out of him. All the voice is place of clear glass. It attaches to buy for a money and im very pleased.. It expects these helps of description.. Only the buy and will see that the wonderful products of better election are..
4 / 5 Pearle
I add for a prize..Fast nave
5 / 5 Rogelio
In the first place go it... The client and the service of quality adds of a manufacture. It buys this element with confidence. Active HAS PURCHASED since 2 additional screens. NOTE: powercord is in a hand-right endwise has lined of unit. Something to consider when purchasing anything will be mountain .
1 / 5 Kay
Bought this same screen done two years. It was it adds for a prize. Meaning a screen there has not been nothing special but has not had any defects of entity. I have ordered then another so that my original screen has taken broke. Well A walnut one was the joke . I bad same for the cheap screen was objectionable. A material of the screen there has been the fold creases in him each which how 4 inches like a material have seated bent by the looong time before it was fashioned in the screen. An anterior screen has twisted the small in some verges, when being that a screen is not tensioned that is to say understandable and forgivable since was uniform and in a periphery and has formed any wave. A new screen is all wavy in a fund where satisfied to forbid of the the metal to the low plus likes him has not gone included extended directly when was fashioned. These all mark for an image that is troubling in better. Quan Has tried the return was said would have to pay to ship, which for a curiously shaped the big element probably would be so so paid for him, and concealed would be it inspected to desert when take what essentially means could say, 'a lot of sound the crappy the changes of screen so that it has at all 'defective' with him to the luck likes him take'. Buyer beware. My first screen WAS well for a cost but I would not buy this again so that a screen has taken a second time was essentially defective but would not know which are taking until the sound that calms of gazes in a face.

Top Customer Reviews: Elite Screens ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
3 / 5 Latasha
I have had to that modify mine for the take the included look has had tension. Has a Accuscreen concealed does not have any tension that was less wavy without a curled flanges. I have tried to regulate a tension that there was little or worse effect in a screen. When I have purchased this has seen them a reviewer with some pictures of a screen try the RMA and has thinks so that a lot of people have done positive critiques he like this has to that be picky or so only the complainer. Very lame mine and had it on the year and of day one some embroider where some series of tension is was curled so only like his photo. You instruct to you for the leave down to take a wrinkles was and for one the majority to separate these works leave it to him down for the pair of the days but I could any never take some flanges directly. I have had some series of the calm tension totally free and it presion to where causes a screen the wrinkle more at all has helped. With which have left feels and some waves solve a a reviewer concealed said you will not remark some the tiny waves is 100 corrected and some looks of picture a lot so only my flanges were always curled. I guess this is to consider the screen of low end reason the people maintain to say a thing that hate a plus when they reading descriptions. 'FOR I MONEY TOUCHES An A lot of ______' hate that reason $ 400 - $ 500 to the plot too much me so much for a money loves the product to be like this announced although it was $ 1. I am not complaining on some tiny waves reasons calms can no to see them looking the film as I gave it 3 stars. I know I have not bought a IMAX screen. But to have the screen of tension that curls some worse flanges that mine accuscreen without the tension is bad. Once I modded mine to take touched of of some curls touch the quite good screen. But it has had it it has thought of mine mod and used it on a Accuscreen before I have purchased this I probably would not have done this compraventa. I have added 3lbs hanged. I can require add 5lbs to a sinister side.
1 / 5 Dena
Ossia A terrible product and the worse same vendor!! A screen so only no once installed and the immediately has created the question of turn. I have called a person in a number that is to be print in a focuses of turn and he a lot they was to have the clue in a RA number of reference has given them. Besides it was extremely earthy and asked reasons produced is not doing as it was them expert technician in a subject. And reason has to that the be paying partorisca return the defective piece of crew?!
1 / 5 Tomiko
We use less than the little time and a train is not doing more. Screens of elite any honour a guarantee. The stay was with business that does not fulfil his commitments.
5 / 5 Alyse
Has a following screen: Screens of Elite Starling Tab-Tension 2, 120' 16:9, 14' Drop, Tensioned Screen of Electrical Motorised Projector, STT120XWH2-E14.

A screen is coming with 14 thumbs of black spatial extra in a cup of a screen. I have not been sure like this partorisca regulate at the beginning. Has not founding any instructions. So only I can assume that the people always scrape that on, so that it is reason has has not comprised instructions. Well, in a sinister side of the house of a screen there is two adjustment of screwdriver of terminals of small flat boss. A yellow a rule a stop-point for a cup of a screen (that locate to a house), and another rule a stop-point for a fund of a screen. Any way, both finalise is labeled with the plus (+) or minus (-). It traces it of plus (shouted on), while minus down (drop down). ..Turning a no yellow terminal to a positive shouted a screen a big plus and hides an extra of black flange any precise in a cup. The plus has shouted, minus down. Ossia The terrific screen . A white house looks better in the house that has the white ceiling and of the white flanges. I have called one of some trafficante partorisca instructions. The calm elite has said that it has to call them before you come from.
5 / 5 Vernice
Usually I go partorisca the screen of fixed frame, has possessed previously Carada and Seymour. But we have moved and it is renting, as I have not wanted to pay to plot and does not have a capacity to dip on the fixed frame in a new place.

ALR Are adds! I have not seen never a before and is not something had listened of previously. In the room with 8 (!) The small windows that line some during the day wall sunny, is the quite decent picture - ossia with white wall and of the pavings/of aims of ash of tile. The scenes at night take the little darkness. The control out of a picture has comprised, each side has 4 windows. So only the picture to try before projector of trace, Epson 5040ube. It can not be happier with a material of screen. I have listened some histories of his quality of build, but at all bad is one.

Has had the smell for the week or so much. Initially when I have fallen of the games of screen to lose horribly crooked and take on an hour for him to solve, think that an interior of circle was jostled during shipping. But now he well. A bit more you detail in that tight or free some tabs would owe that be would have helped but I fiddled and has imagined was. It installs it was quite easy (as easy likes lifting a giant screen in your boss while trying snap he to a mountain can be). Again perhaps some games in the distance among mountains could have helped.

Perhaps is missing something but a bit flimsy door that spent on some keys and GO covered can not be concluded calm in fact discharges in an infrared receiver.

In this point of tax would be likely to have taken the fixed frame a lot very also, has has had to that done my eye on one, but alas no in my space.
2 / 5 Lucio
A construction partorisca a price is utmost. A quality very so much. I have received a screen in 2 days with First street of nave Fedex. A box there has been the little dings of nave at all partorisca cause worry. When I have opened a box and a the packed has had 4-5 dents and chip in a product. Any one there is lined up with the dent of boxes. These were there when it ships. Big stickers in a box that says was perfect when it leaves a factory. I dipped it/ I dipped It up in all the chance that knows the era partorisca cover he with the valance and curtain.. When A screen has been hanged and has gone down commentary the macula in a down more rh side (hard has bitten partorisca see in some photos). After looking the pair of film with some girls, one something was noticeable in of the brilliant scenes.
Perhaps is the like this very sure, but the sound that goes back. We will give him to us one has shot more.
5 / 5 Janey
I have purchased this screen because it was motorised, has had the 12' black dropdown and could be trace any in a ceiling or in a wall. A screen is coming a lot good packaged, and a packaging was easy to open and without any disorder. All the hardware of the installation required has been comprised. They are trace a screen in a ceiling with a hardware comprised (has not required anything more). It takes two of us to in fact of hook a screen to a highland hardware, no because of weight, but because of measure. A screen operates well, develops a lot amiably, any wave or creases. Initially when a screen was down, there is the 'chemical' smell. I have left a screen down for the pair of days, and a smell has been was.an the only thing does not comprise is that a transmission of control, which are trace in a wall, work behind, ossia that logically yes mecer a transmission up would expect a screen to locate to his chance, but instead of the games of screen to lose. Similarly, when a transmission is mecer down a trace of screen. Any big shot, will take used his. They are very pleased with a compraventa, looks to be the product of good quality.
4 / 5 Eleonor
One of some group of aluminium that is coming with this compraventa recent has the misaligned scrapes pilot hole when that looks for to attach a group highland to armour plate smaller (sees pic and group in a legislation without ray). It looks this has been drilled manually vs. milled, How is chewed on a bit. I doubt this was to inspect never partorisca quality. I can not use he partorisca my highland situation.

Regarding a screen he, looks quite a lot of (I also possess a VMAX92UWH2). A house is much more attractive and a speed of engine is much faster in this unit has compared to a VMAX92UWH2.

Giving a company he casualidad to solve this subject to group before it return it. I will update a description after this experience.

A company has solved this for me, although a canal of service to take a substitution looked the bit has complicated. I have had to complete the form that would not take accepted on-line. Do finally was and the new parts have been sent is gone in any cost of mine. For this reason, moving an indication of 2 to 4 stars.
5 / 5 Nicolle
Partorisca Of the money, this screen has done well. I do not have the room of theatre partorisca house consecrated, as this is to install in our room familiarised in a same wall like our 50' plasma. A room has the plot of environmental light and in spite of having the projector a lot a lot (Epson 3500) requires shadows partorisca be drawn during some means of a day. Of course this is not an environmental light refusing screen, but has not seen a value in this when trying some samples have ordered of Elite.

Has chosen this model of screen on some other elites been due to like clean and thin a chance is. This goes in the loss of integrated far and qualified to cause this in spite of. A screen has an advantage of some group to mount that can slide to the long of a chance anywhere has required the paste studs or trusses in a ceiling ( has required that because of some have fallen beams in a ceiling there is hanged this of).

A cord to be able to has the 3-way toggle changes spear concealed in AC has beaten to 2 different legs of an engine (one for up and one for down). I plan in hard wiring the transmission in a wall and that cut a cord like his not ridding down a wall now. An engine has the stops have built in calm so much can leave a transmission in an on or down place of the pole and he prendern in his limits.

A screen leave to regulate a drop of screen on that. Has 12' of black screen in an upper that has done well to take a screen down down in our room (based on in the quantity in the 8' big ceiling). I have wanted to you love/ It To it to be right on the Sleeps soundbar is trace in a wall under a plasma. One 12' of the drop was also have Elite like this contacted on like this to regulate ( has to that this for them to send instructions and any to void a guarantee). Here it is where has run to an only question with this product.

In a chance (sinister side when looking in a screen), has two allen rays of boss in an assembly of engine that can regulate you some upper and more low stops in a screen. It agrees, any one anything until it contact Elite on like this to do this A lower stop the limiter is supposition to be under the sticker in a chance that says to the to something likes 'void of him takes'. A habladura of instructions in of the this and has done like this a CSR of elite. When Have takes that the sticker there was any hole!?!?! I have behind conversed to sustain of technology in his web page a type was a bit dismissive and has suggested could achieve he of a screen that opens. I have had to that send the pictures that the aim likes concealed has not been possible. His suggestion was ' can drill the hole in your own risk'. After suggesting that the has not been the solution and absurd for him to declare that it say that it can transfer my info to his department to guarantee so it can imagine out of the solution.

A lot that wants to return this to Amazon the so only take another and find a defect of same manufacture in a chance, neither that it wants to treat the department of guarantee of the elite (which have has listened histories to be extremely long winded) has opted to whip out of a drip and attentively measure/eyeball/etc. to dip the new hole in a chance where has thought it would give me access. Felizmente A hole was quite near, enough that it could it to it take a allen tool in and some adjustments.

A screen has resisted his adjustment and games to lose in a something still every time which is well. At night seeing, with one beats high have lucido (on-line of an image of projection) has turned was, an image of screen is phenominal. A epson 3500 and this material work a lot once some calibration is done. 3d it viewing is quite phenominal, this in spite of does not use 3d that a lot the discomfort of causes of eye. I have tried Avatar in 3d and my woman and I have said seats like this well, perhaps better, that that has seen in a theatre behind in 2009 in his emission.

A screen is surprisingly quickly both creation and that go down and no noisy for any half. The elite sells a box of the boxes/of the accessory covers it to a connector of boss/of the can that calm give you the far control and esmote trigger' the capacities for yours projector to create/the go down. Ossia The spendy the element and I can not justify he for the $ 200 screen like the assembly to wall to change the trace looks more logical.

There is so only the esligero' cupping in some sinister sides and of the legislations of an image the half of route down. A screen is so only never like this slightly bending in to a spectator. It is like this minimum this in spite of that I a lot really warns with any images of test in a screen (geometry). I do not have any defect in a screen and has had any creases/etc. That another has has mentioned having some first time fell it.

Has had the beautiful 'chemically' the smell that comes from/comes from a screen. Have hanged in fact he in my cochera for the few days to try and the heats/of air was. It was still there when installing in a living room, but ossia decreasing every time the use. To good sure a lot of overbearing likes was new.
3 / 5 Emelina
A quality of the picture in this screen is sum and of the works well with my new Epson Cinemas of House 4010 4K projector. Generally it looks quite brilliant and any graniness.

I especially like an installation flexiblity with some sliding group, of a studs in your walls can not be exactly varied to a centre of a screen and I prefer to install to a studs in place of dry-wall for stability. It was included better if some the sliding group could be closed to plant, but in general a weight of some looks of screen to prevent he of sliding around.

Has had a screen up for the month now and has found that there is generally a lot of waviness in a screen, which is the relief of a forward Mustang the screen had developed acted in a first pair of month. While some waves have not been noticeable in general, in of the scenes where a camera panned has left and well was noticeable. As I am very happy that this screen does not have this subject (as far). If a paving of rests of the screen, concealed will have saved me the chunk of money on taking a tab-tensioned serious, which run almost $ 1K more.

A subject a big plus has with a Spectre of the screen of the Elite is that a right side hangs roughly 1.5 lower thumbs that a sinister side. I have verified that this is not a subject of installation (verified he with the level), but in fact a way a screen is trace to a frame he. It was able to compensate for him partially to regulate some notes in some rays to hang but there still rests to 1/2 thumb lopsidedness. For scenes where there is the flange on and under a picture, is not noticeable. For scenes that is using a plenary 16:9 proportion of appearance, is noticeable.

Top Customer Reviews: Homegear 100" ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Karl
The cost has verified This is surprising. Perfecto partorisca any enthusiast of theatre of the house. The price adds, durable material, and good to have both a key of wall and a far. Material partorisca look that it locate and down is quite fresher that anything concealed is not never fresh state before.
4 / 5 Vasiliki
The cost has checked arrives quite quickly with FedEx, the quite long box I so that it follows happy was home why leaving he in a hallway active freaked out of my neighbours, LOL.
This was my first electrical projection screen to the equal that have been concerned roughly like a wiring would look dangling down to the to side likes had seen in of a photo of description of the product. BUT lame creative and coverage of the plastic boss purchased of imposicin of house and has stuck he to the along lateralmente my window for behind a shadow of window and was hardly noticeable at all. So that exited perfect for me. A box of control is gone in a half of a window for operative manually. I locate lateralmente like some bosses can be hid for behind a shadow of window.

A screen operates like this smoothly and easily, uses a far control that is to be comprise together with battery. There is the new vinyl odora quite strong of type (any totally unpleasant but some people will be annoyed for him) this in spite of fade in a course of the week at most. Probably for one 3rd day would owe that try and the smell so much was no longer obvious. I have left an open screen (gone down) for a first week to the equal that can air was.
These screens have gone probably on immediately after being facts so that it does not take the casualidad to the air was until calm ploughs them on, at least ossia my opinion because once they air out of a smell has gone totally for good.
Uses the small LG the projector DIRECTED with this screen and looks good-looking mine!
Thinks that a description has said 1.2 profit, would not know is concealed or any one except all can say is reflects a light fantastically and there is not remarked a lot something shiny or any type of the maculas in a screen have received that has been concerned roughly after reading descriptions of even more the expensive screens have sold on Amazon.
Now that has used this chair of sure screen in the recommend to any to all the cost of a price, a quality of mine is everything would require and expect in the screen of projection. Also a fact is electrical for basically a same price of the manual screens more economic is awesome mine.

Creates this company (Homegear) and a distributer (shop247) is trying to build the solid reputation for them and think continue sell the screens of the also done projection like one has received there will be sucedidos with that, the low price is only icing in a cake creates.
Ossia So only my sincere opinion of my own experience that buys this mark in the amazon and expect is useful to another on Amazon.
Thank you.
4 / 5 Akiko
The cost checked With which recently that purchases the powerful Big Definition 3D marries projector of cinema, I experimented with several diagrams partorisca project an image. I have in the first place tried to project to aim, crazy seamless background paper. An image was gorgeous, but a paper has not gone entirely flat, was tightened too much to give me a big image that there is wanted and has not gone quite reflective. I have after tried the lenticular screen of projection that has used for presentations. It was more reflective and more brilliant but a texture of a screen interfered with a 3D effect, a proportion of appearance was wrong and has not been quite big to give me the effect of cinema.

Seeing which has considered the price of subject of $ still the screen of 100 thumbs of width of motorised projector that comprises nave, has ordered is one, there went it quickly rid and has been wanted with him. It can be it traces in the wall, hanged of a ceiling or sustained with stands to walk to have that weighed like that is used for seamless deep of photo. An engine that down and has shouted a screen is calm, dependable and automatically for when a screen has gone down fully or retracted and can be controlled locally or for a far control has comprised. Considering some 8 feet 4 width of thumb of this screen, has found that a better way to ensure that a screen retracts smoothly without causing wrinkles was to use the spirit level to do sure that a house of metal is dead level . Otherwise A screen, answering to the attractive of the gravity, tends to move to an end a lower that a house of metal while it is retracted.

Any the one who possesses the 3D television or the projector knows that there is some the light loss has compared to 2nd because of some glasses and a need to leave an image has reflected of the half for each eye, for this reducing an in general brightness for at least the averages. This was where a smooth reflective surface of this screen has shined really. Any so only was some 3D brilliant images in this screen, that other surfaces, but is the smooth reflective coating shows an image that is like this realistic that looks to the equal that can step right to some scenes. I have possessed of this screen for only the short time, can not comment in his durability, but a quality of sound has reflected the images is excellent.
4 / 5 Josef
The cost has checked Wow! This screen is like this awesome. It was nervous after reading mixed descriptions, but has to that say that I love this screen. One packing was a lot of and arrives in perfect condition. It is a perfect measure and the law adds. Of the games of screen partorisca lose in roughly 30 seconds. He twenty on good and tight and is not strong at all. A picture also really the explosions is. A screen has the light chemical smell but is going was. So only the smell when they are 2 to 3 feet were. I love this screen and I am like this happy has been with him. It recommends this to any one looking for the screen abordable lustrous fresco. I am using a Epson hd730 and a picture is awesome. I trust, this screen is totally currency he.
5 / 5 Natalya
Spent the chair has verified bad partorisca which can have experienced something negative with this screen of projector, because partorisca me is been the compraventa solid . They are also one the one who does not believe in reviewing something legislation with which the lame. That is a point ? It go it really the term of reasonable time partorisca try? NO! So much in all the chance, a year that has had this Homegear 100' HD screen of Motorised projector, has has used easily among 50-60 times. A screen is always state responsive with a far control that goes both on and down. A screen is quite light to hang of a ceiling ( has used in fact 2 economic screen bosses of door of Imposicin of House and 2 locks to jump to ensure it to the popcorn ceiling) and is hanged securely. An only part of a creation that the desire somehow could do was with, is a boss of power with semi-detached/far manual. It is the bit of a eyesore. But I guess it is the good characteristic to have a short out of the batteries and a far control has died. Otherwise Ossia An only thing that maintains me to give these 5 stars. And for $ 99 that has paid the year thus (maintaining $ 89 only)...Really calm can any gone bad.
5 / 5 Keven
The cost has verified Ossia a unbelievable screen partorisca of the money. I can not believe something this well sells like this economic. A prime minister an I has received some multiple clicks have required far and a vendor has thought at all partorisca resupply focus partorisca exchange goes with the new a. A new one does perfectly. Be sure partorisca take an attentive level and regulate a screen that way. It controls your levels partorisca revoke them on the flat surface and see give you to you some same that read both ways. It forgets some levels that coming with some screens. They are way is gone in an average. If a screen is not partorisca the rooster of level to a side, he doing ravel on unevenly and could break a screen.
Has bought another screen partorisca my living room that was two times this price and yes a material of screen was different and shinier to the equal that reflect lighter but would be hard pressed partorisca see a difference.
Can say this one is fact of the different material reason this type of the vinyl or anything has his diverse smell, class of as the chemical smell that need the leave open partorisca the few days partorisca air it was. Another that that everything roughly is fabulous.
Has the projector in my fourth main, and one in a living room, and has found an experience of whole projector partorisca be as the special extracted. A 1080p the projectors resupply the quality adds, but calm can not compare some pixels for thumb on something concealed is blown until 100 thumbs in the side for comparison lateralmente. Also LCD is, and CONCENTRATED is does not have a same level of sensibility partorisca compete light. As they are used more in the dark room.
My projector of living room was the 16 :10 it like compared to a 16:9 that use in a chamber that is the one who this Homegear is, and is a level partorisca an industry of film. If another projector has not been the hour 16:10 I would have taken another of these Homegear 100' models.
Ossia Crazy nutso very partorisca of the money. When Have paste a far control and he falls out of a ceiling, calm would think you only paste a lottery or something.
4 / 5 Milford
The cost checked has supposed there partorisca be lines in this screen?
5 / 5 Silvia
The cost verified has read some revises roughly shipping subject and a project that is bent the arrival. It was concerned enough in that spending are houses like this remained when a screen has been rid for the ensure arrived without dents/dings. A screen was extremely a lot of packaged and is gone in condition of mint. A side was bit it twisted when I am gone down he for a first time, this in spite of, has left plough for the few days and his now dipping walk!

Are trace this with two hooks screwed directly to my beams of main ceiling. A motorised on/down the movement could be faster, but has the good effect when some lights are dimmed and some turns of projector on. I wish this there has been a capacity to hook to a projector to go down once the power is distributed to a projector (12v), but ossia extremely easy to use. Absolutely you buy this again and was the breeze to install - only has taken the little mins the latch he in!
5 / 5 Davida
The cost has verified This screen is the very good shot partorisca a price. Remonta and down quickly quite and is relatively calm. Also it looks to be the perfect 16:9 proportion of appearance. Has the few subjects with him, this in spite of. Has horizontal creases, ripples, those looks to be the smear, and curls slightly in some sinister flanges and of the legislations. Ossia My first screen of projector , like this far all was, a crease, ripples, and the curling could be adapted to go down the screens and these subjects can be present in everything but a tab tensioned some, as they are not docking the star for that. A reason are by train of the give 4 stars in place of 5 is because of a smear and a far. A smear looks to be some class of stain in a screen. It is a lot light and is only noticeable in of the very brilliant scenes, this in spite of, is noticeable enough to be that it distracts sometimes. My question with a far is that his RF in place of infrared. RF Is a lot when it calms can not have line of view for any reason, but can not see that any when never being a subject with the screen of projector. Infrared would be so only be well and could have it mark with devices like universal remotes and devices of ready house like a Harmony Hub. It is not the subject of entity, but is a far plus that I have to maintain clue of. Also, it looks an iPod and has left keys inclusas and right that at all. I am guessing they have used some generic far and repurposed the. In general, my complaints are mostly nitpicks. It prefer the good tab tensioned screen, but this some servants his good purpose and although not to recommend it can resupply better, is not bad is in the estimativa.
4 / 5 Renay
The cost has verified repeatedly is gratifying partorisca press a key in one this far screen and look your friends' the eyes grow wider and wider as quietly whirring the electrical engine develops to them so only that big and awe-inspiring the 100' the screen in yours living room is. If, this in spite of, your dog is likes mine and extracted each odd sound to the equal that to prjimo-invasion of sure house that need to be defended against, a constant whirring of a same (and at all calm to the dog, looks) the electrical engine can be a source of the frustration has repeated, particularly when one is daughter has been dipped down partorisca a night.

More practically, a quality of the reflector of a screen is quite good. They like him the most retractable screens, suffers folds of minute in his surface of his time has trace. These are not particularly noticeable at night, but if, taste, use of your screen in yours living room, is visible during evening of Saturday French New Wave matinees (and football of Sunday).

Has attached a screen to my ceiling. While there is has has manufactured the coverages in a device have drawn to do so only that, a costruttore primary intent is to have an user attaches a screen flush to a horizontal surface of the wall. Some coverages resemble has been a afterthought--his creation the difficult fact to take a screen flush with a ceiling. Besides, any ray-the hooks are resupplied in a packaging, that means that it have to that it enciphers out of a weight of a screen and the career were the tent of hardware to take one has estimated properly hooks.

My only another the smallest complaint would be a hardwired controller that comes with a screen, which looks unnecessarily redundant, quotes a far this accompanies a device. An integer contraption is fat, clumsy, looks the controller of bed of the hospital, is almost impossible to hide, and in no way belonging attached to a focal point of the mine living room.

Prejudices further when we begin the film, my woman and I be in our screen in marvel.

Top Customer Reviews: Elite Screens ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Rosa
Used this screen for the theatre of backyard and still although it uses the low projector FOCUSED Cheap of lumen, a screen still takes each what so bite of is clear. Very easy to pose up and descend, only hang was my coverage, and some soft approximations the characteristic is very good.
4 / 5 Salina
Has ceilings of 9 feet and has a trace of screen in a wall quite 4 inches of a ceiling. Work perfectly and a gesture of screen, with an extra drop, is perfectly in level of eye. Any dry to like am looking for up or pulling my collar. In general, the purchase adds and would take it again. But here it is any pros and gilipollas to use he for the few months and it moving once or twice.

- A drop is sum ; because of an extra drop, can locate this prjimo in a ceiling, veiling was when is not into use
- the quality of image is quite well in this
- a measure is awesome; our room is relatively small, only is seating quite 11 feet have been. A measure is very pertinent for this distance. Even so takings near, will see that he 1080p the resolution in fact has pixels that is quite 1/10' wide--craziness!

- Very verges of a screen (plus or 3 less-4') crooked for interior in a screen, those causes to distortion classifies shots

also there was rippling in a fund of a screen, but then adjusted (reinstalled) a screen with the level and some subordinated ripples was was. If your screen is backing in a left wing or a right, a fence of course will want to when being pulled in this direction, resulted in ripples. A better road to take drawee of is to verify to see all are first level . It beat he of gravity when being the real ache sometimes.
1 / 5 Lorrine
Quan Initially took this product, a box has suffered harm. It has remarked a harm in a slip to pack. Quan Has opened a box, has not had any harm in a screen, only the light dents in an accommodation of metal. Desprs Locates a screen, remarked 'V" shaped wrinkling in a screen. While the this was the result of a dent, the screens have contacted of the elite and was very useful in routing out of the substitution. Alas, I am not revising his service of client, is revising a screen. It take a screen of substitution, without harm in a box or an accommodation of screen, and trace. An exact same "V" shaped wrinkling was present. It would like him say that it does not remark a wrinkling while looking, but with any horizontal this classifies, is quite obvious. Any help that am the he quite present of the detail has oriented. Perhaps the low attraction the screen only is not for me if each which so one has this subject. For in $ 200 I attentive more than this screen.
1 / 5 Helaine
Some looks of screen have built VAL in general, but when arrives a case was angled outwards in the small section, any inward likes him to impact during shipping. There is something dotted black in several places in a screen that is visible when aiming the light colored the images and some looks of inferior bar to join slightly in a cup when retracting a screen behind in his case. A texture of some looks of screen to cause the esparkly' grain of effects to film that is to say mostly perceivable when aiming brilliant images. A lot it take sure scenes and listen me so is looking the sand coloreada shiny in the place of the image has projected. On everything of that, while I have expected churns in a screen, has not expected to be that it looks cual looks the low video wavy water with the bubbles in some means in classifying shots or a lot anything concealed is supposed to be flat or directly that finds a screen.

In general, included to consider a prize, is VERY unimpressed with a quality of this screen.

EDITA: there is the little more the things have wanted... A hexagonal tube that marries a screen when is trace is twisted slightly, and included still the little when a screen is was. Probably That is to say to cause for a tension of an interior of the roller but I are unsure if that is to say normal or no.
Has come to give also after look in a page in addition to product carefully that has the contradictory information listed in this product. A screen is announced that that has prendido of .78 inches. Even so, after around 20 minutes to try different methods to develop and retracting a screen, a more could achieve to the era for 5 inches averts. Moving on of that, under an initial description apropa a cup of a page, this screen is listed while having to 160 view of angle of title. Well, 160 it is enough. Even so, in a description has extended further down a page is listed while having to 180 view of angle of title. Which are? I volume still a screen has ordered based in some subjects at present is experimenting or was routed the waste for (hopefully) accident?

Has decided to comprise the few pictures that show that a screen is level of trace and also aiming a bad rippling / bubbles.
5 / 5 Ma
I have posed in the backyard the theatre those uses this screen, a Steel H5380BD projector and the VIZIO SB3820-C6 the 2.0 Sound of Canal of 38 Inches Escombra (vain with one 38', anybody 29').

This screen is sum . Skip A cloak, skip one he material calm of screen, and skip these goofy swipes-in-the-swipes of wind in of the things. This screen is durable, a retractor the mechanisms do well, a material is fat abundance . If you are by train to use it external likes him is, goes to have that takes among uses, but hang mine of hooks in my eves, and tent he in the 4' tube of PVC with cover of finals.

The laws add for the crowd of 4-15 people in my back yard and I would recommend it.
5 / 5 Kathey
I have bought this screen to be used with my Optoma ZH400ust ultra down launches projector. I have chosen this particular model so that it is one of a tab of only manual-the screen of tension can find in a piece. For my purpose, is perfect.
For UST projectors, is of entity to have the tensioned surface to project in, of a slightest the wrinkle is exaggerated because of an angle to say projection. One the majority of ideal option is the fixed screen , but like me there is an option to pose a screen was since is in my main room. Like this, that is to say an ideal solution .

How Expected, a case is sper very time, and the special delivery has to be fixed. But the screen of Elite is competent in shipping, and a screen is very-bundled. It IS very time and heavier (50-60 lbs for one 100 model of inch) this has expected, so to well sure the work of 2 people. The majority of this weight is in fact in a bar in a fund of a screen and concealed is cual provided a tension.

An only thing can think to improve is a hardware of the mountain included. They very cheaped-has entered the one of the east and an included material is unusable. I am only he spent the little bucks in some L the group sold by Screens of the elite and law very better.

With the 1.1 profit and white surface, images of mine 4000 look of lumen of projector of the laser that the surprises enmedio has controlled clear, and watchable during a day. If calm yours research, can see these screens of race of projection of $ 100 in the few dollars of thousands according to a material of screen. I think this one provides the prize very-balance of action.
5 / 5 Lashaunda
If you are unsure because of a prize... It is not .


Requires the screen for short spear or ultra down launches, then takes the 'Tensioned screen!!!!', you ignore my look lament yours, some wrinkles, all even so subtle is there, is more waves that smooth, but your image of sea in the low band.

Takes this if you are in the estimativa and has the traditional projector, one that you setup and install in a backside of a room.
A brilliance is perfect in this screen and some darkness are of sound.


1 / 5 Mattie
After reading descriptions and has thought this has been to be the good election when avenges in of the screens of projector but and was bad. First an and experience and has had to so that it avenges with waves in a screen. The bad tan that everything looked odd when has been projected. A substitution was included worse!! Has called Screens of Elite and has asked what could be it done in a screen. I have taken the beak and routed he in them so it can substitute it. It leaves to see yes that give me is any better. WOMP WOMP
3 / 5 Mimi
Have wanted to very this screen. The screens of elite are very revised, as it listens has been with the sure option. But at the end, it is not the enormous step on some the marks it the cheap plus has used in a past. A problem a big plus is to protect ripples, which was conscious of based in a lot other descriptions, but had expected that quotes a quality of a material has used, can not be so perceivable likes another has said that it was. It IS very perceivable. Some be said, this looks an unavoidable problem is going with the retractable screen. There it looks to be any road to take the totally flat surface without any one that goes for the tab-tensioned screen (this plus costs that twice so much) or the fixed screen. It was a road of the attraction-low protect so that I have fulfilled has wanted to to be able to conceal a screen when any one into use ( is hanging in my fourth and as much as WANTS my film-theatre-in-the-fourth setup, I very quite look only the fourth when it is not looking the film). So much, it is the trade has been. Volume to wall of fourth those clean looks during a day in a cost of the no-so-the flat image at night when is looking films. For some, can any one when being no that big of a subject, but is bothersome while has casseroles or movements of camera that goes of left in right. You will remark an image rippling, which only amiable of calm attractions out of a magnitude of him everything. I am the small disappointed, and probably will do my road until the tab-tensioned screen in a future. A quality of image of mine BenQ HT2050 is too surprised of just road to waste in him rippled screen.

Has included beaks, but is to take to aim what some the waves in a screen listen likes him without in fact seeing it. You can see what wavy some lines in a card of corner is, and also one letterbox verge.

In a side besides, one retracting the looks of mechanism really solid, as I am sad will last the moment, and a brilliance of an aim is impressive. Some looks of image very acute and clear. In this consideration, is happy with him. Quan Am ready to update, probably will go with the tab of Screen of Elite-tensioned low attraction.
3 / 5 Joanne
Has build of quality and good functions. An only reason will not give it more the stars are so that after the week some ripples and the waves have bent. He still the work well but some waves in a screen distort an image. If you are in the estimativa and does not have an option of the fixed screen or a money for the attraction of low tension this will do in the fixed.

Top Customer Reviews: Elite Screens ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5
I have purchased this screen so only he on done 2 years and he no longer works. It begins with the thumping to to the sound likes him to him the screen was trace, and now does not move in of absolute. A screen is entirely jammed up in a house. Has has contacted Screens of Elite roughly the and said to us that a 2 guarantee of year there was caducado. While this disappointed, asked him can send a screen behind to them and pay them partorisca the fix. We said me to us that HIS OF THE THAT FIJAMENTE HIS OWN SCREENS! I asked him then partorisca the tent of reparation that could send it to, partorisca has fixed it, and said to us there is ANY ONE NEGOTIATE of REPARATION That will FIX HIS SCREENS! Hard to think that is impossible to take his screens fixed. I have finalised junking a screen and buying the different a. I have expected the product that is lasted more along and could be fixed yes breaks down. A lot disappointed.
Screens of elite VMAX2, 150-thumb 16:9, Ceiling partorisca Wall Electrical Motorised Drop Down HD Screen of Projector of the Projection, VMAX150XWH2
3 / 5
It has Had this screen partorisca the few months now. I have loved the screen of fixed frame (the woman loved it to be able to retract) and now the desire had pressed a subject more.

In the first place to the left initiate me to say that it looks well in slope of a ceiling. Some works of good engine to extend and retract a screen - extend and retracts a lot of dulcemente. This in spite of, have found this to be the good thing of then was the little lazy when that locates my projector to the equal that need a screen to be arrive few thumbs of a fully widespread place and a slowness leave me to bulls-look a correct place with ease.

An only question has with this screen (and mean my only a) is that has the churn his (the screen is not perfectly flat). I have expected this he like this had law a lot of some descriptions and this looks to be look-for-the-run without-of screens of fixed frame. This in spite of, there is no to give that he bug me. Maintaining 95 of a calm time will not remark (at least I any) when looking the film or TV. This in spite of, any panning has shot will develop the no-like this-the pleasant wave to a picture likes fold in a curvature of a screen. Ossia Also very apparent when scrolling by means of selections in a Netflix or applications of instant of the Amazon but does not annoy me so there.

Runs this sum of looks of the screen when yours the projector is was and will be to please the majority of a time when you are looking something. So only be conscious that any glorious sweeping shots of landscape, or enough very shot where some movements of cameras will develop some imperfections in a screen.

Now have a lot of gamed in this screen, but would have to that imagine this effect would be exaggerated a lot with more than games so that has movement of frequent camera.

Still fairness has to that be remarked that my woman has said this effect he no annoying .
5 / 5
This description is partorisca a VMAX2 110' 16:9

NAVE: Cleaned and sure, the nave there is rid punctually.

INSTALLATION: you will require the fellow to install it, is not heavy but no easy to manipulate for your self.
1.- I found a studs and has used one EVERYTHING in one STILL & of ray of a DOG of MUR of the company sells them on any tent of department of the wife scrape just the without any pre holes, one some that has used is one 1-1/2' estimated until 175 books ( more then necessary).
2.- Be sure partorisca use the big level partorisca accuracy, need to shim a side I so only used some small washers among a ceiling a some bases of screen, can no to see them of a paving, cleaner of look.

QUALITY: sturdy, has taken a black model is and a material of screen is done out of glass of edge, a ESPECTRUM the SERIES is done of cloth if they are not mistaking ossia way ossia the series is more expensive.

SMELL: smells like dissolvent for some first days of use, that has done for some first days is that before it goes to the sleep will leave it down and some plough of windows likes the smell can disappear. The smell has gone Screen still there although lol.

QUALITY of PICTURE: FOR The price Is MORE THAN has EXPECTED, the quality adds I use he with my Epson 3500 and 3D film look of sound :)

CONTROL & of COMPATIBILITY: it comes with all the necessary controls, (ALLER) and Radio Frequency (RF) remotes, detachable wall of 3 transmissions of ways, built in 5-12V trigger gone in, and Cat5 boss( ossia for a 12V triger for which have the receiver with this capacity, finalises not using no of them.

The BETTER CHARACTERISTIC FOR me Is That it CAN BE CONTROLLED by the ELITE of HARMONY, can create activity and have a screen has touched to lose for him self hardly chooses of the ' shows the film of projector' under my activities. Also I can you manipulate independently I desire by means of a control of harmony.

On all add compraventa declare to have he for roughly 3 month now, but the only time will say.... LIKE THIS FAR very PLEASED and look small after taking his use,
2 / 5
A measure, the drop and the fashion were exactly that has looked for. Having such concrete preferences, any I really finds reasonable alternatives when I purchased it so only he on done two years.

A delivery has required multiple contacts with Amazon, shipping carrier and walk of mine that office of leases partorisca has fallen it in my paving more than in an office partorisca rent (gated community). This was of entity of mine because ossia the big and heavy element and could not have spent he for me. So only the bosses-until potential buyers regarding a weight/of measure.

A packaging was poor. A box of nave has been beaten down and an element has has had scratches and dents smaller in of the no critical zones. It is it has had to that the accept that considers the amazon has offered the partial repayment, factoring like the time that eats and painful is to have this big element has behind shipped, and casualidad slender to take another without the alike subjects been due to is hanged and unusual measure (also, has had to that expect the pair of month for this element to be in stock).

Had installed he for the pro considering has not had a time or a slightest experience with these works. His of the engine was acceptable. The quality of screen was well for a price and my use in dark or conditions read minimum. A quality of image was poor when the lighter is remained. But of course, the degradation of image is expected of the majority of systems of projection and is also addicted in a projector [BenQ HT3050] and launch distance.

Has been contained with using this screen the pair to time the week (trace when any into use) without subjects for on two years until an engine have begun to do he thumping/clicking noise while trace, but has done still. A pair of month later, an engine would not go in upper of a screen anymore and the engine has done so only he rattling noise without going in upper of a screen (like had it disconnect among an engine and a screen). Initially, it was able to drive a screen until at least the half of route for lifting an inferior bar weighed with my hands so that an engine does not have to that do very hard. Quell'Conceals has not done any after the pair of days. I have gone a screen on manually and ensured it to a casing (can do not leaving down because of one installs location and to comply with controls of security of the fire). Going down is not never be the question for me still during a process of failure. Of here, adivinos a mechanism of just engine succumbed because of weight over time.

Sees little other descriptions mention questions of alike engine. It looks to be the manufacture of poor quality esp. Considering the one who tedious is for an user of final to transport, installs or uninstall such the heavy and big element. Unable to give two stars more for such quality that considers this has not been the only/isolated question. My recommendation would be his strongly considers to take the fixed screen in place of motorised. If it conceal it is not an option (to the equal that in my situation), would consider some measures of the smallest screen (can situate more afterwards to a distance to seat to see experience 'elder') assuming these engines can be more prone the failure with the heaviest load (commentaries some models have purchased for reviewers those who mention subject of look of engine to be a big plus some). Or so only go down your expectations regarding the life of this product like six prepared yes fails on you.

Sees a costruttore mentions 7+ life of the year expected for an engine with use 'normal'. It conceal it does not look to be a chance based in descriptions. Reason not extending guaranteeed to 7 years (or was 5 years) if his for real stand for behind a quality? I have not contacted a costruttore still. I plan to. This in spite of, do not have any a lot of hope that considers another reviewers mentioning lack to sustain with which two guarantee of year expra. The May so only has to that give was to any uninstalls the or consider the using like the screen 'fixed when I move in the new house. Also I am contacting electrician and audios-visual people in my zone to see if any can be able to repair this in the reasonable price.
3 / 5
These produced is good and that says. It likes that there is of the sensor in a bar that drops a screen so that it does not have any need to attach a bulky external sensor avenges with. I seat this was slightly overpriced of then does not see the form of enormous difference a 50 one has had before that. Still they are well with a compraventa. My main complaint is that a screen is the little wavey and has a zone that always has the pointy dent in him. I owe that manually burst he out of a backside of a screen and run my hand by means of a backside also partorisca take those churns was. I am expecting ossia the provisional question and that after using he partorisca the few months a screen only drop out of planning like this has to that. You update my description does .
5 / 5
Ossia The description of a VMAX2 electrical drop down screen. To good sure recommends an electrical screen on an attractive manual down models.

This VMAX2 the screen uses the material has called MaxWhite FG. FG Stands Partorisca glass of edge. Although a regulate MaxWhite looks well, this MaxWhite FG exit you of looks and bounds improve. MaxWhite FG The material is more rigid and more reflective that a material used in an attractive manual down screens. Has my projector and the trace of screen in a ceiling. With a manual appeal down, was hard taking it down to a right bet every time. It was concerned also with accidentally yanking a mountain out of a ceiling. With an electrical drop down is very easy to regulate a vertical place and gone is some worries can yank the down.

Has comprised in a box is a screen he, a GONE far, RF far (partorisca any-of line-of-installations of place), partorisca wall wired-the trace of controller, level it, rays, and battery. A RF far this in spite of requires roughly another hardware that is not comprised, and has a controller wired has connected, a GONE far does not act.
4 / 5
Like this far like this good. Some looks of screen well, shouted and drop quietly, and is decent quality. A remotes resupplied is well, although they build-the quality could be improved like celery bit it economic.

A bit those that shortcomings:

a cord partorisca be able to is totally too short. Of of the east is the big, the screen of ceiling locates a cord partorisca be able of has to that be at least while a screen whrn fully open, of then can outlets is found typically near of a paving. The cord Of a short power mean enough has to that use a cord of extension.

The Highland hardware is woefully unsuitable.
5 / 5
These are mid screens partorisca level that servants a purpose of 98 of us there. Partorisca Another 2 the one who absolutely requires a cup of a material of line and arent shy to pay for him, could be the little slow in a rolling down and department of trace.

Are no expert but a difference in this screen and that you thousands partorisca pay more paralizacin while using a projector still is minimum to any one. As it suggest that it save that money, spent this one and go in the holidays.

Create there is not any need partorisca half Joes like partorisca be that it pays partorisca anything more than that this cost partorisca the esligero to any' improvement. Only mine IMO.
5 / 5
I have left he in my basement partorisca the week before it installs and has to that it has acclimated, as I have had subjects of zeros with a wet chemical smell or waves in a screen.
There is hanged he partorisca chain easily with to 1 piece of thumb of oval ray that attaches a frame of screen to a canal.
Has done well out of a box and can not expect for a lot of nights of film familiarised partorisca come. Has be worth it partorisca take a far and black version, as he blends amiably to black ceiling.
One a thing would change is upgrading a plastic in a far. It feels economic when after partorisca shoot clave and boss remotes.
4 / 5
A screen is reasonably priced. A white zone is quite brilliant. Some elements have shipped without harm.

A reason for four stars is that a white zone is not perfectly rectangular. There is the light rarity in shape. A sinister side is in a thumb or perhaps more two short that a right side. I have regulated a picture has projected to use so much of a screen to the equal that calms possible and concealed mean to good sure can remark an irregularity if some lights are on in a room. But once some lights are was, calm does not see an irregularity so much. Usually this class of what would annoy me. But a fact is that ossia a screen of the economy and a surface to see is optically uniform (any wrinkles or streaks). And the smallest squareness the error is, for me, acceptable.