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Top Customer Reviews: Sony UBP-X700 4K ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
3 / 5 Olivia
Interface of good user, the characteristic is, and easy to configure. The only complaint is a adaptadora of supply of the power that comes with him. It Likes him more than the people have posed this player in a centre of entertainment With the band to be able to in one retreated to limit each A/V notarise cords of pose. This adapter to be able is so wide these blocs some outlets to be able the adjacent.
4 / 5 Jacqueline
A Sony UBP-X700 is the substitution for an anterior UBP-X800. A new player is smaller and clearer that his predecessor. It IS in a measure besides Sony recent Blu-players of ray.

Produces the solid 4K marks that the looks was of the player the expensive plus. One is trace is very mere--just choose your tongue and situates in your wireless connection for a basics. The majority of a default the parameters do well for more than users.

An operation is very intuitive. Quan An inaugural screen comes up, press an open/expels button, inserts/inserts your disk and GAME of press and your fact.

This 4K the player has 2 HDMI exited--a for video/of audio and a second for audio only. That is to say very useful is using the receiver with this player.

Sony Has posed a technology of video later in a X700--Vision of Dolby. It produces the most vivid picture with better contrast. Be it has advised that this characteristic does not exit of a box. You owe update Sony firmware later to take this technology that has not been available in an anterior model, a X800.

Has some smaller complaints with a X700. A primary worry is that a comprised far is smaller that the model of last year. The good luck those uses some far has big toes. It IS well that an impression is smaller with a X700, but his weight of light can not maintain in firm while pressing an open/expels button. A X700 weighs only only in 3 lbs., While an anterior model was 8-1/2 lbs.

A Sony UBP-X700 is the solid 4K player. Quan Was has fallen in the first place has been priced in $ 250. At present it is priced down $ 200. Cela The The subject add for any one looking for the characteristic-laden 4K player.
5 / 5 Yolanda
ERROR: Erroneously has Declared Dolby the vision in firm has been for any-Dolby films of Vision. The interior a moment is not doing that and some necessities of characteristic to be manually deactivated. I am expecting that the future versions will correct this.

This player at the end checks each of some boxes: abordable, able, and Vision of back of Dolby with the update of free firmware.

A player when being the bit flimsy, very cual a sub $ 100 commoditized Sony of players and another gone in of the tents of department. But a visual quality is glorious and will rid better visual thanks to Dolby the vision has provided your film and your television support that HDR has formed. Some laws of player amiably with the relatively calm operation and he smattering of applications that is likely already in your television. Blu-The films of debit of ray hurriedly and game by behind reliably.

More details of voices in a description of the video has attached.
5 / 5 Quinn
It can any gone bad here. Only he he that says that it does. A beginning of separate audio is character . If you are not inverting in a Atmos system of the only sound still, and that is? A separate HDMI the port covers connect in your audio to exist. The controls are mere and if your loans TVs is until a task, and of the that is not ? You can control some functions through a far television. PS. Mark sure is buying a x-700, one 800 is a model an old plus and does not have a Vision of Dolby update (in an internet) and a built in WiFi is the big plus.
1 / 5 Tijuana
So foolishly I have decided to ignore some of some opinions of another concealed has purchased this 'unit'. It has had good luck with Sony some years and of the I chosen to go some data. Well, all this was to inform in other descriptions are spent in a unit took today. In the first place when it kicking has said had an update - cross a process of update without subject and at the end avenges until a screen of card (any DVD has inserted still). I have begun to revise some configurations to do sure was setup properly for my theatre of house. During my default the navigation of card has remarked a half low plus to go down third of a screen flashed white the small time. After a unit rebooted and returned in a screen of the card and he follow this sequence each pair of minutes. I have touched some videos of Youtube and the good touch looked for even so when it has inserted the Blu Ray and begun to look my film an unemployed unit and rebooted and after 10 bren or as it avenges it well behind where was in a DVD. This has repeated the time of plus of pair and seeds to the ice creams of only ends and was black and for some looks of an exposure in my Stereo Auricular simply prender to pose out of an audio or signal of video. I go to return this punctual and choose something these works. Goodbye Sony, will lose some old days with you.
1 / 5 Linh
Locks in the each few hours am looking streaming OTT video or the DVD. He only at random freezing in a picture of any source is looking. A unit is totally unresponsive in this point and only pulling a cape to be able in the fixed. Running a late plus firmware. Very Sony to expect fixed this punctual. I am spent a window of tower in Amazon.
1 / 5 Lindsy
If all are gone back he on and the turn goes for the Blu-the disk of Ray is 'VERY'.

This any common reliably, after the how many days or quite a lot of 20 hours of streaming totally hangs and need to be unplugged and replugged to be has used.

Segundo, so sad that Sony is using is products to limit functionality of competitors. Has Hulu Sierra and guesses that, Sony blocks lives streaming! disheartened That the amazon would leave this product in his place without an asterisk.
5 / 5 Elise
Easy setup and the laws add. Commentary a 4K UHD necessity of disks to be perfectly clean or he skip and freezing up. Disk like clean every time before I have posed he in and any subject.
1 / 5 Stanford
4K The disk consistently has frozen well out of a box. I have tried it ignore 15% of negative critics in Amazon and gives Sony shot it. It opens he $ 300 value of 4K films that the can not look. This player embarrassed me in front of my familiar this is coming on for some holidays. I shipped it literally behind in a vendor the few hours after book of FedEx. There are other options there. That is to say a worse electronic device has not possessed never.
2 / 5 Eleanore
A picture and the quality of audio is glorious. Has this outputting in the 4K Sony the projector and he 5.1 surrounds system through the Yamaha 683. In the principle took it he for him is versatility. He common, disks of games, and a second audio was aided me does not have to update my receiver. I have finished to update after the month in all the case.

Here is a downside. Fence up, the problem has to connects in an internet, and has not exited 24fps in Vudu or Amazon (could be there problem).

A subject a big plus is prisons in 4K disks.

Top Customer Reviews: Sony BDPS3700 ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5
Usually I want products of Sony, but this Blu-player of the ray truly sucks! It IS main problem is with a wifi streaming (which are why I has bought he in a first place. Durable streaming (predominately Video of the amazon but has listened also spends with Netflix also) a playback totally will freeze a unit. Literally freeze where can any one when being pas able in era. It have to to unplug a supply of power in a unit-and when this arrives a unit loses each of his parameters of point and has to be re-has posed up (this comprises each a logins and signals in some applications also). Firmware The updates does not help or. Sony The only response is in reset a unit behind in default-that help in brief. State in sufficient lucky that a Blu-the function of ray has been GOOD-but other descriptions say the different history. Sony Knowingly posed out of an inferior product and has any response or of the updates to fix it. If it was possible would estimate without stars. It saves your money and purchase the unit has estimated better.
1 / 5
A defect of entity in a otherwise good player. These laws of player add...Until your disk takes bonded in him. In two separate units, has had the problem where a 'lock of the boy gone back of characteristics on and can any one when the be has not turned has been. This is spent once, as we return a player. Only it spends again in the second machine. Opened has lost it two disks. Sony The backwards of the client was any help at all. Everything of a fixed was useless. You will see a lot another clave that commentaries a problem; it researches to be the serious problem with a unit that Sony can not resolve. We have tried a unlock process in a far. We have tried the reset to be able in. We have tried the update of firmware. He at all the work. And, if we are paste 0/2 with this problem, in two different units, can bet that there is casualidad well your player this problem, also.
1 / 5
Bluray Has done well for 1 1/2 weeks. Then a tray would not open and a message of the 'lock of boy' looked in a screen. I very knowingly gone back in any lock of the boy or I find any road to fix this. It was in page of product of the Amazon and has remarked that it has had it NUMEROUS reports of this problem without fixing - in spite of a fact that this player of DVD is estimated 4 stars in general with 208 descriptions. (Several suggestions have been offered - roughly so commentaries of Sony in some complaints, but any one of them has done.) It tries to contact Sony behind client - the totally useless adventure. Desprs Calling his number to back and that goes thru his cards in my class of product, a line has been died, two times. Tried goes in Sony cat and has taken the web of place that looked was under construction. Selected my class of product and has spent at all. Tried goes in his page of product and has selected my product and backwards. I directed me behind in a web of place under construction. I am Sony sure is fully conscious of this problem of product, but doing it so difficult to achieve any representative in this subject is unforgivable. The majority of some anterior complaints has remarked also this that reinforces my opinion and that is not only to arrive to this point of view. I am returning a unit in Amazon and eschew produced of Sony in a future. This is not only faults of product, is fault of Sony to Announce also. The clients will comprise these failures of product arrive and can aim some tolerance, but when a company aims any responsiveness, then his name and the future sales take permanently misty.
5 / 5
Apparently I any read everything of a description, and has done to any to give concealed has to purchase a big speed hdmi cord separately. I have not compared prize anywhere so that it was in the haste to take posed up. I have finished to go in the local Dollar General tent and bought or for $ 14. More has discovered evening that is sold on here for in $ 6. Some instructions me to us prpers believes has required a hdmi cord and the coaxial cape, but I no. A hdmi the cord done without one another unit

With this be has said, is still very pleased with purchase of mine. There is abundance of applications to choose of. You can choose which ones want to listed under soyy Applications in a 'House' or main screen. It IS very easy in setup and use.

A far is small. It returns in my hand. It comes with stacks. It IS mere to use.

Connects in my wifi with ease.

Has the characteristic has nicknamed to think to Reproduce,' those sounds awesome, but was unable of the take to do. Possibly it can the be so that I have tried he with an iPhone but I are not totally sure. Basically, you are able to look photograph of your telephone in your television, and does not require any cords.

Has read everything of some characteristic and go advances and orders a hdmi cord (if it does not have a). Drop under a product. It has to look under a section where says esuggested buys' or 'other people have bought also.'

That is to say my first day with him, as if anything changes, will update my description.
1 / 5
Where it Has to begin? It has Had a since Natal product and that low time have had enough the bit of problems. It can touch any DVD, but Blu-the rays are another history . It finds that on some Blu-rays for or is no-responsive with a far, to correct this subject has has owed to turn a machine was then on to take he in replay, then spent of card a course these decrees in. Has Has 2 updates since have a machine and in both updates delete my Applications, and a logins in these Applications. This was the ache for the take so time of reset. First amazon and Hulu does not touch properly or. It takes the moment to take them up and then when calm some aims sometime can prender or does not touch at all, or the volume takes and any picture. In these cases some diagrams totally for pot very he same turns some diagrams was. Has to unplug it then it limits behind in to touch again. Netflix Has not gone unscathed any one. HD Apresamiento awhile Before it can see you a picture clearly or the voice and the picture sometimes do not match . It is not a WiFi or one broadband so that has had augmented to go in them then and now, even so any change. As I or has the very bad machine or this produces only any value he.
1 / 5
Buyer beware. I have purchased this less element that mark the month and a lock of the boy can not be deactivated. It can not open a tray of disk.
3 / 5
A cheap Blu-player of ray with subjects, but has done well for me. Has no experimented a 'lock of problem of boy another has, felizmente. My main problem this when it use it to touch the sure videos in the amazon Prepare it will lose my login info when a video is fact , requiring me to enter in the mine GOES/signal again. Doing this on and on with a small far is the big ache. It can be a subject of server of the Amazon , is not very sure, but only spends with sure videos. This player also is bit it dulcemente when begins on some applications. The disk these touches have been utmost even so. A connection of point has been mostly costs for me, but think that suffers easily of interference.
1 / 5
In spite of being small and clear, is VAL, except the defect to draw OF ENTITY. Quan Prendiendo The Blu-disk of ray a player will close down after the few minutes. This am VERY annoying while you have to begin on, wait for a disk to upload and to cross a obligatory copyright and other screens, then before fast to find a place anteriorly has prendido in. This can take several minutes. Seriously, some designers do not learn anything of 10+ years of Blu-evolution of player of the ray? That takes possibly could be to the program restarts it characteristic? And the characteristic to leave you the deactivate having a low enclosed player after the period of pause. At the end, they were able to program support for tonnes of unnecessary applications!
5 / 5
Sony BDPS3700 Streaming Blu-Player of Disk of the ray with Wi-Final (2016 Model)

has bought this player in December of 2016. It IS now July 2017. Still it wants to this Blu-Player of Ray and uses it often. I am still happy has bought 2 of them.

Has been using this player of DVD for the pair in addition to weeks every day. This weekend looked some Sopranos in Blu-disk of Ray after the disk and a player done without the hitch. Also, a problem of Lock of the looks of Boy to be fixed in my unit. Do 3 updates in a player since I hooked he up. It listens the Blu-the player of Ray means is very of entity for him to have connected in an internet and in always the maintain has update. I need to update Blu-information of Ray to touch some disks some late plus.

A reason has taken or the stars of an indication is because of a measure of a far. Has the time takes with some very small buttons. I actuate There It go It only he for the pair of the weeks but I do not think will take any better to press some right buttons. Eye in him dimly the room ignited and any necessity to turn the clear on or use the torch to see some buttons. Also some of some buttons use the plot is down in a fund of a far which cause me to us to require to line a far with a delivery and presses a button with another. I like them-them some few things that is small but the far is not one of them.

A player is very small. It does not import concealed. It IS one the majority of the minimalist the unit has not possessed never. There is an on/was button, expels and a drawer of DVD and the connection of USB. Has the small light in a front when is on. Any one that distracts at all. Some slide of unit way down below mine Vizio television that was it very good.

A player reacts very quickly in some orders of some far. Also it begin it up very hurriedly visit in this option that done. Mina another player of Toshiba of DVD is very dulcemente all, although it has lasted for the long time and not having never any problems. It is not Blu-Ray even so.

Has bought two of these players of Sony. One east in a same room like my wi-final and another east quite 100 feet has entered another room. Both of them connected in wi-final without any problem. And they remain connected. Had can he outage the morning navidea and when a power returned has not required to do anything in reconnect the. I have been impressed. Two of can look us streaming contained a same time with our 50mb speed of download. Any one buffering has required.

A page to contain these looks when begins a player of DVD is mere and easy in navigate. My mother of 88 years do not look to have any problems with him. Although it complains in a small far also. You can forest a side of a screen with your favourite streaming applications like Netflix, Hulu + or the amazon etc. also can take Youtube in that like him. There are applications of musician and the extraneous plot. Down in a fund of a page of house is where can choose you more than DVD two in the the others to options likes them to them to them the entrances of USB. I have not used an entrance of USB.

Knows does to plot other things could say all the world-wide quite but these were some things of the entity has remarked since begun to use this player. I do not want to write the book but I expect this help a lot does the decision as if for the buy or no.

So far is very happy with him and would recommend in my friends.
2 / 5
It possesses two of these for a past 6 years. Like The Blu-player / of DVD of the ray and at all more, am adds. He exactly cual necessities to do.
Even so, is looking for something this Netflix of currents, HULU, Youtube, and anything more in an Internet, a technology behind is outdated and research to be insufficient. It has remarked that a system has frozen constantly, advertisings lag, stay of shows in uploading screens for ever while a sound is going but no a picture. I have imagined a hardware was burned was and was only the subject to substitute he with the nine unit
Well, a new mark a there has been some sake of same exact subjects out of a box. Any quantity to take-resetting goes to fix a fact that one produces only can no streaming services with any modicum of effectiveness anymore. Then I give that some subjects with an old one has begun to do in right around a Netflix of the time has done updates in his User Interfacing system (which are intense in a system so that now actively does carelessly of lives of trailer while it still is deciding goes to look a show or any one). At the end an another streaming the places have begun having subject of enormous action for some exact same reasons. The places are updating his coding and UI is and this player is only he has not built for the mango anymore. It does not leave any focus of cheap prize entice you, this produces directly-up will not be able to do.

Top Customer Reviews: Sanyo FWBP505F ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5 Jed
Easy to install, the law adds very convenient to having comprised a hdmi cord. They are very satisfied.
5 / 5 Isaac
Incident of zeros. It has dipped the Blue new mark-ray in and paralizaciones partorisca do. Never you touch it include a film. I owe it that has not bought never
5 / 5 Felicita
Good economic player

Top Customer Reviews: Sony BDP-S3700 ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Bernadine
I have bought initially an amazon refurbished player, that tries to save money, well, has finalised that it has to that return and has bought is one, which any only law fantastically but was more economic. I want that we can look our Netflix and surf Youtube on he also. This player is compact and feels well does also. I recommend this.

Top Customer Reviews: Sony S3700 Blu-Ray ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Jimmy
It can not beat this awesome Sony BluRay to touch all my DVDs is. A wireless WiFi is surprising to connect my television at all some applications. That is to say the perfect bang for a buck!!!!!BluRay The same player comprises a HDMI cape for mere connection.
5 / 5 Dominga
I maintain an old electronics for backup. Quan My player of DVD has taken wonky, has had two backups. A more behind in history of Sony was, a worse volume. That primitive! As I accidently order this or that it was esfreshed'. The sound is very better, a picture is surprising, and a streaming the works add. That the SUBJECT. Oh, A streaming the controls are utmost
5 / 5 Emerson
Any one usually writes descriptions, but my experience with this cost of product a description. It looks for the blu player of ray to look films of the big definition and this do a work perfectly! It take an element quickly and without any problems. An element is in perfect condition and is truly that new. Happy can enjoy films of look of big quality now!
3 / 5 Celestina
A reason of can bought this was to access application of Spectre in some hopes to return my box of cape. Quan The could not find an application of Spectre, was on-line and read a lot he no the available fact. The desire had read that before. Very it has bought it to it to him his!

Update: I have bought the Roku Expresses that I give me access in an application of Spectre together with much more applications. So far, fulfilling the a lot of faster laws that my Samsung the Ready television is.
1 / 5 Doloris
I have bought a first unit and out of a box. Has a subject, limit a power on... A green light comes on has exited then. I have tried to turn the behind on without the luck those uses some far or physically in a player. After the multiple unplug- and the law of limit retreated. Until I have turned you are and it has tried again to be able in him on...... SUBJECT SAME. Amazon Of the contact and they issue me the substitution immediately. Supposition that/. Subject Of same power, has outlets to be able to the multiple has tried. 2 units. 2 Adapters to be able in. SUBJECT SAME. One is the bad model . Wasted My time that flavours the esnewed' element... It has to;the voice listened in a woman and the mark have bought new. I am returning and taking my money behind.
5 / 5 Emmitt
The flight! It has built in WiFi and tonnes of applications! Netflix, amazon, Hulu, Youtube Etc... Very easy to pose up and go! Interface of easy user and a far is compatible with readier TVs ! Also it has it reproduces technology to reproduce yours smartphone or compressed in your television! Wine with a Hdmi cord and far. Highly recommended
1 / 5 Clement
This was the renewed the machine and he have not exited of a goleada. It was able to use a WiFi but some diagrams would not read a disk of DVD or the recognise was still in a machine! This is returning. That is to say a second time has bought the element renewed of Amazon. An in the first place was the computer that neither has done. The calm would find it would have learnt . :(
5 / 5 Tania
I produce it adds. The works that surprised that new. Amur All some applications that available.
5 / 5 Nia
The element is coming earlier this has expected. The element adds very pleased.
5 / 5 Leon
Wonderful picture

Top Customer Reviews: Sony BDPS1700 Wired ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Corrie
Prize very well in the Sony has renewed Blu Ray, and comprises a HDMI cord. The works add so far-has has had only he for the few days. The box has not been pristine, the unit obviously had been has opened/used, but while his in my centre of entertainment, would not fulfil never he- the looks marks new.
4 / 5 Heide
So far also, but any one my television is wonky (probably any one, of netflix and such is very) or this has subjects of picture- will be- halfway through the film and he are that 'why is so dark?!' It can be a fact that is the element 'used' . We have not tried any one of a streaming services on he still, as it can not speak with that.

A big failure can see although law perfectly- has any button of GAME! So has one of these DVDs those only touches a screen of main card on and on without touching a film, would be out of the luck has lost a far!
5 / 5 Merlene
Mina in-the laws have required the player of NEW DVD. It has to when being sper easy for them for the take up and running so that they are easily thwarted for technology. This was so mere like an agreement in a television and another in a outlet to be able to. They were happy with him.
1 / 5 Paulene
Spent $ 60 in this renewed Sony Blu-ray. The desire could say that has be worth it. Some freezings of thing up constantly. So much for 'inspected to condition of factory.' Failure.
5 / 5 Ilda
The headline is tongue in cheek. Windows 10 does not have native Blu-Scrape DVD that capacity of touches. Apparently extra gradient, in $ 20, but me listen so was nickel &dimed. As I have bought this based in some descriptions. My unit was a turn of the open/box , which saved me quite $ 10. Career 10 minutes after I took it, any problem, and has been very to estimate his prize. Highly it recommends, especially if your anterior plan was in current Blu-Ray of your laptop of big final that Windows 10 of races.
5 / 5 Fonda
This was the esnewed', the product used while it orders. Some tills obviously had been opened and resealed with clear packing tape. But a unit is exactly or an I orderly and mark of looks-new, does not create never has been used, does not think a player did not go never unwrapped of his stock exchange. Wine with HDMI cape, HDMI the cape was in packing original and has not opened never. The works add. Has connection of LAN of internet and 'roku'-how streaming the characteristic concealed has not used and does not feign to use. ( Has the roku but has required the DVD/BlueRay player of disk.) Has the beginning of digital audio to canal a sound when surrounding system of sound. Paid $ 60, good prize for the player of disk of blue ray.
1 / 5 Gilberto
This was the piece renewed of junk this was misadvertised. I am by train of the return Immediately.
5 / 5 Judi
This unit substitutes the player of Samsung this has failed. So far this has renewed the unit is doing only well.
5 / 5 Willow
It was hesitant to purchase the blue ray has renewed, but very only take the blue ray. Quan Turned it on, has had Netflix already available and has downloaded.
5 / 5 Nida
The works add so far. It do not fulfil it is the product has renewed. Used only 2x.

Top Customer Reviews: Sony Ubp-X800M2 4K ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Jacquelin
Oppo In that decided cease his production of universal player left me in lurch. It has had OPPO players all a road until my BDP-95 has wanted the universal player that also could touch UHD with DV. Alas BDP-205 was road out of my achieved and some prizes of current resale are insane. This Sony the player returns a bill. Here it is some observations :
1. It touches each a SACDs
2. It touches all some Audios of DVD
3. Games DSF files to the point that comprises MCH (necessity to use the connection wired even so)
4. DV Works but necessities to be manually enabled
5. SACD-R The No backed playback, necessity to spend out of my originals
Tan far what UI go, is barebones. Only 3 applications, all duquel is not necessity of the each another the exposure or the source of video has the. The noise is better that mine another UHD player(LG UP970) but very also so OPPO, one 95 has had the fat frame. The quality of video is well, at all likes him even so in a final, depends in your exposures renderer. The point of prize am adds for the universal player, comes with 2 free UHD disks. Inches on me.
3 / 5 Maxine
Quality and splendid look of tez excellent. Picture very good and his of BD and Netflix.
Even so has three problems:
1) Any automatic detection of Vision of Dolby. It has to when the be has turned was manually every time is looking the any DV film.
2) did not retreat Dolby More Digital (eac3 codec) when looking the films through the disk of USB takes.
3) Moure Through a Netflix the card is very dulcemente compared in my LG television of SMELLS or HP Notebook.
Expects that Sony resolves these subjects with the update of firmware.
4 / 5 Adaline
If you are looking for the modern 4K/Blu-player of looks of ray any far plus that a Sony UBP-X800M2.

That is to say some updates of Sony anterior UDP-X800 player. Sony Has taken that done this player adds and at the end Dolby of process of addition of Vision. These paintings, contrasts it and the optimum brilliance for your television, projector or mobile devices. Has update also a graphic interface that looked so cluttered in of the anterior models.

This player updates each disks to look 4K. All a newer audio the technologies are has comprised: Dolby Atmos and DTS-X.

To install this player in your system, covers only in your HDMI cape, updates a firmware, pose in the parameters and calm is ready to go.

This player 3D accuses films. But to do it, Vision of tower of the need of Dolby in a Out of place.

My only complaint is that Sony offers only 3 streaming services: Netflix, Youtube and first Video. If you want to attach additional streaming canals, only the forget. For now, Sony any left wing attaches any one!

Although this Sony 4K/Blu-the player of ray will provide an experience of exceptional viewing, does not choose it up opts for a lot of different streaming canals.
4 / 5 Su
That is to say possibly a better UHD player of the disk at present can buy for a money. It IS, even so, I do not add it streaming source. This unit does not comprise a same interface or streaming applications that is predecessor a UBP-X800 has done. Only it comprise it Netflix, Amazon, and Youtube -- no Hulu, HBO, or anything more. Also, of a three backed streaming applications, any one of them comprises support for HDR or object-the audio based like Dolby Atmos. There the does not look for when being any public plans of Sony to attach these in the future update. A real left wing-low of the streaming device in this age, if I ask me. It IS an excellent to buy feign to use it mostly like the UHD player of disk even so, and does not estimate a streaming quite so much. If, even so, you feign to use this cual your primary streaming device and wants to enjoy HDR and Atmos of Netflix, maintains to look.
5 / 5 Alla
I no the alcohol that manually has to actuate or deactivate a protocol of Dolby of Vision; I am not that lazy. So much a 800M2 and an earlier X700 the access possessed and admitted in Vision of Dolby in a same road. Even so, to to which likes him to of him one the majority of in a X800M2 in a X700 is that a unit, when being the unit of the more heavy and solid road, the races the calm plus. If has your isolated squad in him soundproofed cupboard or was-cupboard of squad of the place, this can not be the problem, but like my trace, a UHD Blu the player of Ray is well under a screen, when he 4K Blu film of Ray revs up can listen an engine this turns furiously in a Sony X700. It IS subject calmer in a X800M2, nowhere of the approximations as it distracts slope of the calm moments during the film.
1 / 5 Etsuko
That is to say a second sony uhd player a last month. A card will not look when turn in a player. Desktop Of Sony of the help of the service could does not help. Some works of finals of player to touch directly with a Sony television but no with the Sony 4k auricular of audio . A firmware the update does not help. So careful be.
1 / 5 Alexandra
TL:Dr.: after suffering through two of these terrible players, left and has ordered the Panasonic UB820.

A X800M2 looks for to be the player of sleep in paper - relatively economic, support for Vision of Dolby, quality of tez well. Alas it is hobbled for totally of behaviour of unreliable playback, included with a late plus firmware installed. I have suffered repeated and random (meant any one in a something still in a disk) freezings while I have touched the BD-100 (100GB capacity UHD blu-ray) disk: A Dark Knight, Rim of Pacific, and the Impossible mission: Fallout all has exhibited freezings during playback this has required the reset of player. Quan This past with my premier X800M2 has imagined had the bad unit and is returned he for the substitution. Then a second unit is come and has exhibited an exact same behaviour. It is returning in Amazon next week. I am substituting he with the Panasonic UB820.

A X800M2 only reason to be is to serve like the device of playback consecrated by 4K blu-rays. Donat My experience is returned at all for purpose. It averts by everything means.
4 / 5 Willis
It IS the player of blue ray . The quality of picture adds, streaming the applications do well although a selection is bit it limited, hurriedly begins up, and building of good solid. A unit looks the big plus bit these necessities to be. A far is well but is disappointed that it is still an old GOES technology, meaning need the line of view among a far and a device. PS3 Of marks a lot of years have used Bluetooth to connect a far and there are other technologies there also. For a prize, would think Sony would have incorporated in something him how concealed. Same situation with his $ 3000.00 4K TVs. Im The adherent of Sony of the data takes, but the left wing is to take with a time.
5 / 5 Alyce
Smaller in measuring the east has expected. No so toughly built but strong. Some in some advertising avenges with Jumanji and man of spider... The quality of picture adds. Had some picture lags with a Jumanji but punctual overdraft has not been of one when the player touched a Planet II/EARTH II 4k uhd bluray disk and has bought at the side it......awesome! Flawless.. HDR Picture... dolby Vision and atmos... The place up was mere with on-line update...Your sake to go. So far...Tan Well...
2 / 5 Lizbeth
One of some main reasons has bought this was for a video of audio/of the breaking HDMI so much can video of road directly in a television and bypass mine any one 4k auricular. The law adds -sometimes. During BD playback he prende a film and the returns there is casualidad a screen will return and only will take audio until I reset a player.

This also arrives at random while streaming through Netflix included endlessly and has still to find the cause or solution, has a late plus firmware. It IS hooked until the LG of new mark C9 which have been flawless and only experience this subject with this BD player.

A card for Netflix is smooth and gorgeous in a LG and done a Sony looks of application clunky and ugly and find me using a built the application of LG with SAME ARCH although it improve it audio through a Sony only because of ease of use and detection of Dolby car of Vision in a LG.

A lack of support for Dolby More Digital (eac3) the support for playback of USB is to import boggling. A lot I expect this takes fixed with the update of firmware while it is very disappointing since is such the amply used codec.

At the end, any car-detection for Dolby the vision supremely is troubling, that is due to the hand turns it on and entered some second parameters that is looking apresamiento old real fast.

Wants to want to this BD player really mark, has all precise to be add but the low falls in of the such significant roads in his execution that could not recommend this player in any one.

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Rating: 2 out of 5 with 3 ratings
2 / 5 Erminia
It IS hesitant on buying the renewed the unit and this have confirmed my subject. He sometimes the load Netflix, sometimes no. Almost always the fence up in some point. Changed behind in my Roku - any problem. I am routing this retreated so hopefully has not been repacked and routed has been in more.
1 / 5 Wilber
The prey of law in 2 days. Waste of money
5 / 5 Delpha
This was a compraventa amazing ! I produce it adds

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Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Wei
A player is died after the few months. Any one can and any illuminate. Included tried with distributing to be able the different.

Sustains of poor client. I have contacted the and has said initially that they could be able of the substitute, then was silent and prendido to answer in my messages.
5 / 5 Elna
I have required the relatively cheap player to touch some region B and C Blu-disks of ray and, has had a LG Blu-player of ray in a past this listens very cheap still somehow has outlasted my Samsung and players of Toshiba, decided to order easterly unit

Surprisingly, a player is heavier and when being more durable that mine another LG, which was a lot. It is not an eye-receptor, but is Blu-player of ray, as any precise to be flashy. In a box was has printed instructions on that to change behind and advances among regions. You have opened only a tray of disk, besieges a disk in the, and presses a button of correct region. A tray of disk in firm, and wham-- is looking your disk. Change behind and advances among all the regions multiple time with subjects of zeros and some rests of player in a anteriorly the region selected until you change it again, which the ways do not have to enter a code of the region every time only touches the disk while they are all codified some same.

A far is small, but personally prefers the ones of in this way. Among my television, boxes of cape, system of his, PS4 far, and he Blu-player of ray, any precise big monstrosities splayed during my sofa.

A service of a vendor was fast and hassle-free.

Opens IS enjoyed Blu-rays from everywhere some world-wide free of restrictions. It can not ask more.
5 / 5 Hyman
Quan The things have changed in Blue Ray, has not jumped on board, has taken one at the end like the work of form of prize of service, my threads my young plus has taken he and used it. Frankly, of the amazon Prepares Video, Netflix, and Hulu etc, we never cape of clock or uses a library of DVD this has built up some years. Recently, BrightHouse points in Bakersfield, has sold has been in Spectre, and the the internet dies the regular death, truly almost daily for sometimes until hours. Quan Has tried my player of OLD DVD, was fatality have so required to nine unit there has been any to give that I owe me this purchases that DVD would touch in the player of blue ray, but in the investigation expsita that in fact law, has looked for well the player of the region since has roughly DVD of foreign earths, concealed would owe clock in the computer or Xbox etc. This player for the reasonable cost has conformed everything of my expectations and flight in the player of means comunicacionales, comprising the port of USB to pose in of the half comunicacionales of the walk of inch etc.
5 / 5 Ardith
Decided to take the free region blu-player of ray as it can take it an a lot of cheap region B disk of the show I amour (already paid for him). The works add! Only it has to open a tray of disk and has posed a disk in. He then paste 1 for region A, 2 arrests B, and 3 for C and fences in a walk and changes on in your election. Dvds Games only automatically. It looks to remain in whichever blu-the region of ray chooses so that it does not have to maintain paste the number in advance which are well. It recommends this in any one regulates blu-player of ray.

Complains only that it is very the smallest is a far is sper cockroach and small feeling. (Blu-Case of ray and controller of Xbox for reference.)
5 / 5 Emmie
Since have a LG television, this player of disk is very convenient. Some units communicate through a HDMI connection - if both are WAS, igniting player of disk or uploading the disk also visits IN A television and change he in HDMI entrance. Quan The television is turned WAS, the player also will turn WAS (although the television has been changed in entrance of antenna.) A far for the television can also some disk-does of player.
DVD - the player tried with the DVD codified for Regions 2+4 MATE United Kingdom. It touches automatically, without setup required - a player of the disk converted a format of video of EUROPEAN MATE in NTSC of EUA. EZ-PZ. It is supposed that all the regions of DVD will do.
BLURAY - COSTS of the works with EUA describe A blurays - has not tried with B or C (has any one.) The player of disk is coming with page of instruction to change in a Bluray zones B or C. This is not automatic, but can be it done with a far when required the. It saves or scan this page of instruction, while the calm will not find it on a web of place of LG of support of the client ( an a lot of-region, fines it the modification of zone is afterwards-piece.)
5 / 5 Mafalda
Work. It does not forget to follow some instructions for blu-disks of ray. Blu-The regions of ray are changed manually with far control.
1 / 5 Marlys
Fact eactly two times since and took it. Last night and it is to look the DVD of MATE and shows a LG splash screen... Then at all. Beat-cycling, changing capes, changing HDMI ports, trying very NTSC and DIFFERENT MATE DVD... He at all the work. The unit can arrive and was, and open plan, but will not touch anything.

Quan Contacted, a company dictates 'Flavour and left and the chair unplugged during several hours and the view yes concealed the fixed.' I am not enough to try that, whereas it spends next time to do again? It remarks that a company does not loan the warantty of any class on is page of amazon . Cela The calm say you that all precise knows.


To the amazon has extended a window of tower for me and took it behind, thank you advantage.
5 / 5 Adolph
Absolutely surprising the works perfect so described any necessity to change any parameters only insert/to insert any DVD of region and if an error of the code of the region would have to look he so done in my version of MATE of Hollywoodland as and the buttons have pressed 1 and 2 and 3 and would not upload so in a LG guides quickly in an a lot of inferior of an error of show of the cloak of region (he takes error of code of the region simply presses a BUTTON to HOUSE then PAUSES,has PRENDIDO TWO TIMES THEN GAME) uploads a BLU-RAY perfectly and is very happy. And for the decent prize and will buy another for my upstairs room. Highly compraventa recommended or now will be the very happy camp.
1 / 5 Blondell
It was satisfied totally with this player of disk for the year... Until I have purchased the BluRay disk of United Kingdom. I have followed some directions have comprised in nhow for the touch. Some instructions have not done. He at all the work. These touches of thing all the regions of DVD WELL. BluRays? In my experience, USA, Japan and Spain he still. United Kingdom, nope. This is not the region-free player.
5 / 5 Mary
I am giving these 5 stars so that law for me exactly while it announces. I have bought this region free player as it can look it DVD that is not available for players of EUA, especially productions of OLD BBC how some 1958 six breakings serial Quatermass and a Pit. It regulates dvds game without adjustments at all. Bluerays IS very easy also. All have to do to change he in region B is to power of a unit, then uses one 2 button while in button. Only press a number 2 in a far and some powers of unit on so region B player. Easy! I am very pleased with this product and the advances of look find BBC SHOW more utmost.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5 Corrin
So much the dipped this in my room and he cant achieve a wifi in a living room. So only I can utilisations like the dvd player. He wont connect. Waste of money. Enough crappy produced
5 / 5 Rachal
has decided the upgrade of the player of DVD to Blue-Ray. I have chosen this particular model because it leaves the current Hulu, with a more addition of having the far application for my telephone. In spite of a fact that these functions are printed clearly in a box, Any IN FACT EXIST. Yes, there have it Netflix, Youtube, and the whopping 4 another streaming the available services in a device, Hulu is not in fact one of them. Besides, neither a Far Application for iPhone neither a LG software of Ready Action I installed in my computer (another function listed in a Manual User) can connect to a device.

Is looking for An economic Blue-player of Ray that also takes Netflix and Youtube/of Youtube, then ossia the good shot ; but you have expected for some other functions is promises , is out of regime.
4 / 5 Lauren
The work adds. It has not had all the applications in a picture. Hulu Is not there can not imagine was regarding the add. I go to maintain doing on that!
4 / 5 Kristle
Does not act. It gives the graces for an element used and no working.
4 / 5 Fredrick
Dosen'T There is hulu that loses some material, literally can not connect the wifi anything, you favour and no shabby so only well love the player of DVD.
5 / 5 Lahoma
Easy to install
5 / 5 Joane
Exactly like this announced
5 / 5 Linnie
I like a mark

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