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Top Customer Reviews: Seiki SE32HYT ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Ariel
It IS very so far. It takes this for my parents for Christmass is some early presents. As you Are for an older pair without a necessity for all some applications, has been for him. The calm can not attach applications in this television. That voice is what apresamiento. It IS minimum. A quality of picture was acceptable. It IS supremely clear weight. I have not been sure it included chosen the in the television. Very surprised for east. On hooking he up, does not remain connected in an internet. Every time calm turned was you disconnects and would have to re-enter your wi-fine signal with a terrible long and less responsive far. ( It has to be you signals the directly in an inferred in an inferior right of a screen for a far to answer well.) It have read to spend this with the plot other descriptions and I has been prepared. To fix this problem, has moved simply a modem and one issue where a television would be connected and has connected see a LAN in a backside of a television. No more disconnect and a Wi-Fino was now in the centrical part of a house. Any one all the world can do east comprises. A Wi-Fino did only well in a television when was 'connected'. Why they would not offer the road to do alloy automatically, does not know . I each possible and checked and re-has verified each parameter. Any road, was happy to have the 43' the television concealed connected in Youtube. They are quite easy to please and has taken a 3 guarantee of the year of the trade has squared in case perhaps.
5 / 5 Elisabeth
Desprs Using this television during 3 weeks now, simply wants a simplicity. A main screen after shoes he in on is complete mere. There is the few low objects a left side of a card with options for each out in to some rights likes you to them navigate. At all more. Mere. It IS so easy was almost try it difficult apresamiento spent a thought to require to do more. A lot we enjoy a television! As Another has written, there is little in any his of the basses but some speakers are certainly quite strong. Because of any in that has any sound of low, buys the Sony of sake Blu ray and bar of his w/ Sub woofer. It opens it IS the strong system of thunder, awesome quality, simplicity and adds for the television presupposed. If you want an experience 'perfect' of ready television with all some bells and whistles, the only far control for your system of whole entertainment, then this television is probably a lot since you. I will attach that so much Sony far (fence of his and blu can of ray a television on/was and volume above low/ without setup required).
Ref Our Blu Ray hooked until this television: Sony BDPS5500 3D Blu-Player of Ray with Wi-Final (2015 Model)
Ref fences in ours of His hooked until this television: Sony HT-CT370 2.1 Canal 300W Sweep of His with Wireless Subwoofer, Bluetooth, and NFC
5 / 5 France
For a prize, is to add it gaming television for some boys. The sound is meager but sounds well, recommends alloy in the system of of the one of the west for better entertainment. A WIFI is not a subject for us and have us in a basement. Netflix Works, works of Youtube... It IS the very compraventa .
4 / 5 Hai
Taking quite 15 bren to ignite. This investigation is the time of boot of the computer. Also a control of volume is additional time retarded of this beginning up. Only I say this so when gone back he on in a half of a night, wants to take a low fast volume in not arousing any one.
Has purchased this so that there is wifi, and is used by streaming. Netflix IS built in. Also it is slow to upload.
Otherwise IS used with HDMI entered of the master of canal DVR, and entrance of antenna. It finds one in a canal of emission of the air relatively hurriedly.
5 / 5 Desmond
Bought this television as to 2 television for the anniversary of my husband....... It is been the television adds like this far (a pair of month)....The prize was to well sure adds and a picture is very well for a prize. A complaint (which are not only with THESE TELEVISION but with each flat poster the READY television is) one his east to take for those of us in 60 concealed has to listen subjects.......I am not to take to listen for , but a VOLUME vacillates among strong mass for HD and then behind to sound REGULATE for normal definition--MORE an AUDIO in general is feeble in these types of units of television. All this has said, need more probably to do another compraventa for these types of television is to take the decent volume ---a BAR of SOUND. Another compraventa type of my investigation so far........Another that that that is to say the television adds .
1 / 5 Ona
There is 10 month and he no longer laws. The freezings in inaugural SEIKI screen when first powered on. If it leaves on for quite a lot of 15 minutes, changes on in the green screen with green lines and of the blue that race in the diagonal. For some premiers 10 months, the law adds, any subject. I have bought the 2 television of a same model some same time and he intermittently enclosed was while looking television so that it do not expect it to last much more
3 / 5 Lonnie
Very happy with some characteristic, quality of picture, and quality of sound. A WiFi, even so, any also. A WiFi maintains the disconnect. Constantly I have to maintain it poses in a connection of Grandson, on and on again. Enough nettling. Even so, it conceal it is not almost so that it nettles that Seiki service of client. Very unhelpful. The calls of tlphonique concealed am said will be to go in me of supervisors, never come. It looks so obvious that the calm only amour goes ' was'.

If it was not for a WiFi subject, and a service of non-existent client, easily could estimate this unit he 5-star.
5 / 5 Aimee
We take this television for the song. A picture am to add and good records. A onboard applications Like Netflix and work of Video of the Amazon well. The law adds in our chamber since one has the timer of the sleep and one beat of picture that is dimmed. Very refresh Tax and colour. My only flu is that to change the entrances have to cross the card and the calm can not jump in them directly. It does to change heavy. Felizmente Has the far Harmony that cures of that for us, the majority of a time.
5 / 5 Juliana
Television adds! Value an extra $ 10 dollars for built in WIFI for a Netflix, applications of Youtube. This 43 television of inch. For low $ 300 is the no brainer.
4 / 5 Danilo
Television adds for a prize! The happy tan with him. It IS for one 4 service of plan of year in case that, but so far so good. Slightly the turbulent that can not use to take Amazon, since is the first subscriber . Oh Well, only it uses my PS3 for the amazon these looks.

Top Customer Reviews: SEIKI SC55UK700N ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5 Luise
Has an excellent picture and the characteristic lists are,likes him more newer tvs,has required the soundbar to take Exc of full film.
1 / 5 Liane
Seiki Has HDCP the subjects do not buy .

Top Customer Reviews: Seiki SC40FS703 / ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5 Scarlet
This television was the purchase adds .
Records perfectly.
A picture and the sound are utmost.
If it is not sold never in Amazon again, is buying TWO MORE.
5 / 5 Karyn
Used like the pc monitor - a lot of image of crisp. Any subject
3 / 5 Boyd
My old eyes are bad blurred similarities any offer blurs refresh prize perhaps him them the money was refunded fast
5 / 5 Gilberte
I want to this that shines television.Very and clear picture. Excellent value.
1 / 5 Yu
Piece of junk. The sounds resulted intermittent after 1 week of property, and some options to change the also resulted sources wonky for not leaving sure selections. They go with the better mark.
1 / 5 Bebe
Evita Seiki has service and of the poor products of bad client.

Top Customer Reviews: Seiki SE43FK ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Kera
We possess two of a 50 inch Seiki televisions in our house and wants to it. Give a day that had state that paid for ready functions in other televisions that never used so that these functions were in our Blu-players of ray, and that also paid for circuit of his and the majority of elegant speakers that never used so that we use systems of theatre of the house for our sound. A Seiki the televisions have the very good picture and with the bit of tweaking in some parameters of slider, can do it the picture adds, more on-line with a class of luminance and saturation to paint to the to this likes him. Some televisions come with a lot of states that it is of entity in a lot: numerous HDMI ports, ethernet ports, bypass of optic audio, and a lot other circuits can access according to your necessities. There is included VGA ports for the who could wants hook he until a system of video of the aging.

Commentaries that that gives Seiki televise the stars to estimate, almost always fallen in an of two categories: that explodes some television to ship subjects this cause breakage (which are the nave emits any one the subject of product), or tend to fall in some cheap speakers and category of sound. These televisions are not feigned to use some speakers except when absolutely necessary. We turn our sound has entered some parameters and can all through our systems of theatre of the house. We do not fly paid for the bouquet of the circuit does not use never, and cual we purposefully for ever bypass. Low help some costs, as no that pay some programmers to emulate surround function of sounds and tricks your ears with just two speakers are trace in a front or side of the television -- such trickery money of costs and Seiki has aimed clearly the piece that knows that it is the picture his audience is afterwards, and will take his functions of ready television and his sound elsewhere. He each bass a cost, while leaving Seiki to direct in developing some numbers and writing of the entrances and the lean beginning, while leaving another to do a bit that the majority of the users never need or uses in his sets of television. Kudus In Seiki to imagine out of that piece serves and serve well.
5 / 5 Mana
It take this television so that my Sony old HDTV has not had HDMI, and has wanted to to touch my PC, PS3, PS4, PS TELEVISION, and Wii Or in the. And the boy does not disappoint . Any one only the a look of crisp of screen but an audio/of sound was adds also. Half life 2, Project Diva, Witcher 3, Accident Bros Or, Sper Mario 3D World, Fighter callejero 4/5, Tales, Ass Kong, Age of Dragon, Xenoblade X, Splatoon, Senran Kagura, Mortal Kombat, Alma Calibur, emulators, all look utmost in the. Netflix, Hulu, And Crunchyroll is exited perfect in the. An only defect can think of of the this a lack of 'backlight' except a screen already is that it shines quite he so that it is configure some parameters by heart in 'fresh' to take some better results. The television is perfect for the small room or chamber.
4 / 5 Janina
For a prize that is to say to rob it included wallmart the flange competes with this (he same and was in a tent and looked)
pros: low prize
looks wonderfull

gilipollas: his which and went it to break when and tryed for collar in some 4 rays in inferior of a television for his support maintains to do noises a whole time
a far has the cheap to listen in him but of the still works
and at the end some of some ports in of the things to limit in a backside is in an angle without some class of cord that can be angled in this angle or hdmi this has the hook of the right angle above bad can has to angle the cord in hook he up

again tho all the work and for a prize an epic of looks of the picture only 4 rays for collar in a fund for some two supports and limits in and work
5 / 5 Jacob
I have been only that uses this television for quite a lot of 6 hours.. But so far I am pleased enough. I have wanted the big television for my room to substitute my old 40' this burned out of the little the mark of weeks. I am totally unconcerned with listens the television of loan (is not ), or preoccupies me quite that puts/any compatibility or anything remotely special. Lol Only the television of rule to look. That is to say perfect for mine necessities. In fact it has very void (5?) For different entrances (speakers, dish, etc). It was also sper easy the total.. Only it has to attach some mountains in some subordinated as it can them his poses in dresser of mine. It will locate while I can take it handyman on. Or it can say in the sure zones why are the low prize - but At all that causes to him for the return. I have bought a 4 guarantee of year, as while it takes some 4 years im happy. A lot the can not beat a prize for the typical television. It can have a lot of works that am unconscious of, but is still very happy with him.
4 / 5 Bruce
So that it was so economic, chosen to buy this television more than paying to have my older machine has repaired. It has done it issues besides my expectations of a pertinent quantity of ports in a backside in a quality of his, perfectly adapted for the chamber. A quality of picture is certainly very enough for my necessities.
5 / 5 Cherryl
Better television. There it go it since 2014, at present his 2018. Work to surprise, left he with a Clave of Fire of the Amazon, which alows me to have canals so a lot of while it wants to as well as a Netflix essential. It IS the small toneless in his frame but thats why trace the to start with with besides some in fact modern looks and classy. The mountain maintains out of childrens tame and a possibility of esfondrant- on. I recommend to locate the. Ive The May THERE HAS BEEN a subject in some 4 years Ive there was. A wifi and bluetooth operates in %100.
5 / 5 Jennine
Television adds, especially for a prize. Has the quite outdated television in front of is a so it was the enormous to update for us. It was preoccupied in a sound has based on some revise read but decided to expect to purchase a soundbar until it take it ones pose television to arrive and is happy has done. A sound is very clear and he same uses a television to listen in Pandora Irradiar and in my opinion touches his to add. I am sure you is the film buff or has the habit of one surrounds to sound this television could be lack but to join us sound and the quality of picture is phenomenal.
4 / 5 Nohemi
Desire that there was more HDMI outlets in the. Also I wish that more than some outlets was localised in a side of plus that a back where has to be by behind a television or has said he the other way around to limit he cords in in some correct outlets. Work well. It can connect in my computer with a HDMI cord any problem. Some the internal speakers in a television are decent. Sometimes in HD the television shows a quality of picture is the small grainy. Considering that I have paid less than 00 for him, is satisfied with a set of television.
3 / 5 Annemarie
A 43 inch 1080p the television for this prize is quite the sake but a picture does not look totally in signal in me. A first time took a television , a screen has been cracked so it has to it change and the ship behind cual was the hassle since was the quite big box . I am not sure what reliable will be it so that there is has had only he for enough 9 month.
5 / 5 Milda
This 43' the television is to rob he for a prize. I bought it to substitute the television of chamber, and my woman and I want to it. It can not be ready, and it can not have some characteristic a bit wants to, but is perfect for us. A packaging was very and arrive in two days in perfect condition. A sound is not to perfect, but the volume and the quality are arrest very very ours application of chamber. To well sure buy it again.

Top Customer Reviews: SEIKI 85 Inch Smart ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Margarito
85 INCH WESTINGHOUSE 4K television (SEIKI television)
The BEST 85 television of INCH HAS USES SO FAR, AMUR HE
I 100% RECOMMENDS THIS 85 INCH 4K television In Any one

Top Customer Reviews: Seiki LC-32G82 ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
3 / 5
Research he 1080p 32' to substitute a Olevia 720p has posed that it was moved in the different room. It does not want to spend the fortune and was just class of compraventa of window when I stumbled in this set of amazon for $ 199. They have sold since it was and other traders are selling a set for $ 316. It IS hesitant so that it have not listened never of Seiki but then had not listened never of Samsung or when bought my premier 13' Sammy in 1983. My first impression was that it was better that a bit so far so edifice, but worse that another. An a bit flimsy plastic base with the reinforcement of metal in a centre that in fact retreated a set. This a lot any problem me so that a quality of a picture and the entrances/of characteristics are that I very amours. Some connections of back poster are numerous with 3 hdmi, 2 component, 2 compound and 1 VGA. There is also the side is compound go in trace . A picture was initially a lot disappoint. I hooked in my TIVO HD in an of some entrances of component and has thought had something wrong with a set. The parameters of factory were no where hover where would have to when being . I jack has had to one contrasts considerably, goes down a brilliance, saturation by heart of the increase and acuteness. I took it once tweaked in, has been pleased. Still you are not so that shine like my Olevia but is was afterwards and perfectly acceptable. Some cards are many the cosy user with the majority of some characteristic that looks for present. A far is well and of the easy buttons to find. In everything, is very value $ 199. I'm sorry it has taken the roads but I would have chosen probably another mark in a $ 316 point of prize.
5 / 5
Has arrests in 4 years and he still are doing utmost
5 / 5
I have purchased this cual the monitor and behind above television in my dispatch. The May Can use the s the television. The works add and and a quality of picture is phenomenal. A prize was perfect!

Thank you!
4 / 5
I have purchased a Seiki LC-32 inch because of a point of prize. In $ 199.99, dry was an incredible value and has not required to take taken up in a melee of Black Friday to purchase in this prize. A quality of television is very enough, the installation was the breeze , and is pleased. Admitted, would have appreciated the 120Hz, but one 60Hz law only well to look a NFL. The picture is clear and some colours are brilliant. I think that that it was the very compraventa. Test.
1 / 5
I have purchased this television in the September 1 and took it very hurriedly in the September 5. I have chosen this television predominately because of a prize and one 1080P. Even so, it has been the nightmare never since. I have tried to do really this work of television. I have known has the problem of tuner but maintained to try to take it to pose on some canals. Apresamiento bonded In a beginning-arrives card on and on again. It does not tune in all the available canals. I discovered it it was too late to take the repayment of Amazon as I have been thank you to try to resolve a problem with a manufacturer, Seiki. I have downloaded included the update of firmware in my computer and installed he of the Walk of USB. This has been failed. To do the decrease of long history, has nicknamed Seiki a lot of a lot of time. I at the end mailed a television back in Seiki which cost me $ 62.64 arrest UPS nave. You are shipped in 10/19/12 in Seiki. They have said that subjects the television of the substitution when apresamiento the. It IS now 12/4/12. Some people in Seiki can does not say me when my television of substitution will be shipped. I think this clearly aims the enormous problem in Seiki! A result of final is the amazon has my money, Seiki has my television, and there is at all! It gives these stars of television zero can. Please does not buy this television!
4 / 5
Bought this the television more or he less done eight month for $ 200 here in Amazon. It says that it ships in 2-3 weeks, and has taken he the week and the half, which well took it sooner this has anticipated. Among a box of exposure more than the container to ship classes, which the supposition is very since has decent packing inner of him. The corners were bit it beaten up in a box, which suppose would be UPS' doing more than a manufacturer, but a television has had at all bad with him at all.

Opens, for a television he. A picture is well, the full 1080p for entrances these offers the, and low scales properly so that the no. Has abundance of jacks of entrance for different gaming programs, bluray/players of DVD, etc. An entrance of USB that has is only to maintain, so calm will not be able in hook in an iPod or similar device. A default parameters of exposure (brilliance, contrast, etc) any preoccupy me prendo, but has the little different pre-the parameters have programmed as well as the User has saved that poses that can be it changed and easily changed entered. One poses of the initial canal up takes generally 5-10 minutes. If has your cape directly the plugged in more concealed through the box of cape, changing some canals can be a bit slow and earth in the canal does not have , takes the quite long time and a television will delete for future reference. One bases that it comes with this decent, even so sure it has some tight rays while it was quite wobbly you no.

At present, has the PS3 hooked until him, and games and HD the films look really a lot in the. Has in my chamber, which are the decent measure , but a sound is well for my necessities. Has the headset uses for gaming, as I can very a lot comments too much in this end. Concepts of consolation 131020 3-Tier Support of television for the television of Flat Poster is until 32-Inch or 80-Book, the black is a support has bought to go with him, and the very together look.

In general, is quite all expected by the television in his field of prize. At all real big final, but good works for the place/ of chamber of small floor for people that does not want to spend the whole plot.
1 / 5
While a television has contrast he of good/picture, a quality of tez of some covers of electronics/of internal joints many to be has wished. Bought this unit (of another retailer) and last the year with daily use has moderated. It opens, Any one can, any light, any one anything. Desprs Doing the few investigations, looks that is to say more concealed common problem with this model. Has the MAY there went to him the television that has lasted only the year! It opens With him it DIRECT it together and prize to go to rack and sea (especially during a season vacacional(s)), raisin a bit those that extra $ $ $ and take the mark by name with the guarantee. Probably I joint of substitution of the order, even so, after this cost, practically could buy the new together. I suspect that some parts of substitution will leave me with a same subject immediately, as it can title this for one recycles centre. Arrrgghhh!
5 / 5
I have purchased one of these to ship amazona.el was quickly and the element was forms perfect manufacture.Each how has the bum television out of the batch once while. You are one of a lucky ones to take the add one without asuntos.no can comment in a television tunner problems so that it only uses this for the monitor hooked until my ibuypower gaming quality desktop.un of the picture is surprising and some colours are so vibrant. Have had to coustom parameters and has adjusted a picture in my own flavour. I touch crisis 2 in this creature and my friends are surprised in a surprising quality.This television is the deffenite buys so far as it is disturbed. It possesses this television for the year and he never to surprise me.
1 / 5
Half picture, response very slow far control. The picture exited in 8 month (common w/ Seiki). Desprs In 1 1/2 months, emails, and 10 hours to be in control and of the conversations w/ Seiki Support of Client, still is expecting in the to accuse and ship my substitution.(Although I have been said very the time is expecting in UPS...Any true!) A mere investigation in on-line expsito that very another has an identical experience with a product and company.
5 / 5
In 1080, it is the plot of stock exchange for a buck. The picture and the sound are utmost. Also I am using this for my monitor of computer of desktop and finds that he only well.

Top Customer Reviews: Seiki SE29HY34 ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5 Sharilyn
Good picture, poor audio. Some speakers in this together is terrible, not even the value those uses at all. Shame so that I have wanted the but arrival plugging some external speakers in a together instead. A base was hard the total, some any quite a lot of rays left a moulding, and has used only 2 out of 4 to attach one bases instead like the could not direct in some holes to line a base. In general I like a picture, some deficits here are quality of tez and the sound but was a right prize and a sake of looks of the poster. He a work, but takes some external speakers.
5 / 5 Rosendo
The amazing product in the prize adds. Experience for the chamber of my Threads. One 3 HDMI the ports and other entrances leave to connect a lot of devices in a television.
5 / 5 Meri
Good television. Good picture. The sound is not that well but but still would recommend this television
5 / 5 Arlean
Excellent television!! I attach purchase!! It do not go sure in this when the model bought the, but in my laws to surprise like an expensive together.
5 / 5 Arlyne
The quality of picture is well. The flight.
1 / 5 Alphonse
This television was horrible picture the sound of bad sake
5 / 5 Jesica
I am not totally sure why all a hate by so television. I have bought to explode the mark of long time after learning the hot vendor was has been afterwards sold has been/in back mandate as I have looked for something in my field of prize and for something to return in the small chamber without being the load as I have resolved in of the this. It IS state handled well, runs one covers-ins how one would expect. A picture is very acute. I comprise has 1080p upconversion for a touch to time Blu Rays but same with a level 720p (when streaming Youtube/of Netflix saws BluRay the player or The Fire of Bond of Amazon) is still very acute and colour.

Can not comment in a beginning of too much of his so that never operate the flat screen without an external speaker setup but can say you so far each which or has posed up has terrible action. I have posed in of the systems for some elderly of who amounting TVs at the end burned was but have any idea like the work of modern technology as it say the in detail that to look for based in his flight, gives of the cost-effective roads, pose up and unless it is the dollar of the thousand has extended any go to have the plot to listen unless a level of volume is around 40-60 field like the bar of the sound or something are necessary especially for a taken to listen. It does not help some speakers are in a backside affronting some last on everything of them.

EDITA: I have pulled one covers of audio of an entrance and he sound likes him almost each which as another the television has posed up or listened in, of 20' in 40'. This is not surprising but is enough in warrant -1 star of his indication even so that is to say the typical problem with more flatscreens in a piece as it leave in 5. Some acute and brilliant images marks of products up for odd speakers. It can take strong in his own but is the stickler for his of big quality.
2 / 5 Florencia
Any QAM tuner. He no with on-the-air digital transmissions without the conversor, or in the system of digital cape without the set of a provider of cape upper box or adaptadora digital. Another cost and another far to treat. The picture is well, fair of sound. The better applications are gaming systems or other uses of monitor.
1 / 5 Nadine
Any QAM Digital tuner??? Really? Useless without him for me. I screwed in my line of cape (unscrambled), has looked for canals and found Any one... Only to discover this does not have the digital tuner built in.

Top Customer Reviews: SEIKI SC40FK700N ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 2 ratings
3 / 5 Sherwood
The quality of picture is well , my only negative feedback is was able to connect in wifi once when a television was posed initially up and has not connected since, concretely purchases the wifi television in does not have to connect in my LAN
4 / 5 Jarrod
It has to do wifi the time of pair before he , and the flange finds code for a Xfinity XR 11 far

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