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1 first SuperSonic SC-1511H LED Widescreen HDTV 15" Flat Screen with USB Compatibility, SD Card Reader, HDMI & AC/DC Input: Built-in Digital Noise Reduction with HDMI Cable Included (2019 Model) SuperSonic SC-1511H LED Widescreen HDTV 15" Flat Screen with USB Compatibility, SD Card Reader, HDMI & AC/DC Input: Built-in Digital Noise Reduction with HDMI Cable Included (2019 Model) By Supersonic
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2 Supersonic SC-2211-WH White AC/DC HDMI 1080p 22" LED Widescreen HDTV Television Supersonic SC-2211-WH White AC/DC HDMI 1080p 22" LED Widescreen HDTV Television By Supersonic
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3 best Tyler 13.3-Inch Digital LED HDTV Widescreen Television - Full Ultra HD 1080p Monitor Flat Screen TV w/ Stand - HDMI, USB, RCA, VGA, USB, Coax Input - Wall Mountable - Mac PC - Stereo Speakers - AC/DC Tyler 13.3-Inch Digital LED HDTV Widescreen Television - Full Ultra HD 1080p Monitor Flat Screen TV w/ Stand - HDMI, USB, RCA, VGA, USB, Coax Input - Wall Mountable - Mac PC - Stereo Speakers - AC/DC By Tyler
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4 Supersonic SC-1311 13.3 LED TV electronic consumer Supersonic SC-1311 13.3 LED TV electronic consumer By Supersonic
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5 Supersonic SC-2411 24" LED 1080p 12 Volt AC/DC HDMI Widescreen HDTV + Wall Mount Supersonic SC-2411 24" LED 1080p 12 Volt AC/DC HDMI Widescreen HDTV + Wall Mount By Supersonic
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6 Supersonic SC-1511 White 15.6" 1080p LED HDTV with HDMI & USB Input + Wall Mount Supersonic SC-1511 White 15.6" 1080p LED HDTV with HDMI & USB Input + Wall Mount By Supersonic
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7 Continu.US 28" 12 Volt HD Television - LED Flat Screen TV Ideal for RVs/Campers/Motorhomes All Mobile Vehicle Use. 12v Car Cord Technology. Wide Screen and Lightweight. Continu.US 28" 12 Volt HD Television - LED Flat Screen TV Ideal for RVs/Campers/Motorhomes All Mobile Vehicle Use. 12v Car Cord Technology. Wide Screen and Lightweight. By continuus
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8 SuperSonic SC-2412 LED Widescreen HDTV 24", Built-in DVD Player with HDMI, USB, SD & AC/DC Input: DVD/CD/CDR High Resolution and Digital Noise Reduction SuperSonic SC-2412 LED Widescreen HDTV 24", Built-in DVD Player with HDMI, USB, SD & AC/DC Input: DVD/CD/CDR High Resolution and Digital Noise Reduction By Supersonic
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9 Supersonic 15 Class LED HDTV with USB and HDMI Input Supersonic 15 Class LED HDTV with USB and HDMI Input By Supersonic
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10 Pyle 15.6-Inch 1080p LED TV | Ultra HD TV | LED Hi Res Widescreen Monitor with HDMI Cable RCA Input | LED TV Monitor | Audio Streaming | Mac PC | Stereo Speakers | HD TV Wall Mount (PTVLED15) Pyle 15.6-Inch 1080p LED TV | Ultra HD TV | LED Hi Res Widescreen Monitor with HDMI Cable RCA Input | LED TV Monitor | Audio Streaming | Mac PC | Stereo Speakers | HD TV Wall Mount (PTVLED15) By Pyle
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Top Customer Reviews: Supersonic ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Bree
Works perfectly. I have bought this television for my cookery. Initially purchase it one down mountain of cupboard for him, but that does not exit . A television is so lighter that expected, was preoccupied that uses a mountain would cause it to break (press and pulling on he). There is the support of book of the recipe that resulted to be perfect. Besides, I do not want to unsightly capes, as in firm up for the television streaming service. Some speakers are very - quite strong and any too many tinny sound. It can not be happier with this compraventa.
3 / 5 Jules
VAL, The left wing is to take a sake of a first road. Desperately I Have wanted the objective small television like this or the blend in with mine all white desktop, white speakers, etc. IS the very cute little television and a picture are decent for ones so small. I recommend hooking arrives it road HDMI cape in planting to use a cape of company of the cape that goes directly in a unit. Only the does not expect enough a class of picture would take with the screen the big flat plus, so that you will be the bit has disappointed. Predominately Uses this television to look an informative in my cookery. It IS the sake looking the television and am happy with a road blends in in my half. It IS sper the light can can be it moved easily around in my table.

DEFECT 1: A worse appearance of this television is that an angle to see for a better possible picture is directly in front of him. If you are seeing he of the big more vantage point or of one or an another side, a picture degrades bad. A picture takes very washed out of a big more your eyes are and sadly, more the people will be to seat main that his television or it looking while when being in his cookeries. It IS so turbulent by so many that almost routed he behind. Even so, it was lucky has found the wedge-piece shaped of the plastic in of the works and of the juries-has instrumented the small wedge is that he angled a television backside. This has improved a quality to picture the plot. That is to say an unforgivable defect and or that a company easily can fix to create the new support for him concealed calm to leave you to bend a television backside. Coast to fix, so that it thinks the plot of people will be attracted in a measure and colour of this small television - the chair of glorious looks in my desktop afterwards in my computer (both desquels is sadly in my zone of cookery).

DEFECT 2: Some ports in a backside of a television is localised in the recessed spatial or depression. These marks to connect the rigid capes highly difficult, while precise to his angle enough the bit to limit anything in (has sawed-axial cape or HDMI). I have cursed in the storm that tries to limit in my HDMI cape. It IS even more difficult with the rigid has sawed-cape of axe. I can very still fathom like any one could design something like stupid. PLEASE FIX THIS, SUPERSONIC!!

A third problem, although no the defect, is that a sound is VERY tinny - totally bad - I supposition that is to say to be expected of such the small and clear unit. I have purchased the small cup-objective shaped Infinilla west of Amazon for a television that cost only around $ 29 and works with one To covers He in a television. A speaker is planted in the feet by behind a television, out of view. That the mark of difference! It can have purchased the most better speaker/ big, but a sound is acceptable and very better what that avenges with.

Can have data this product 2.5 stars in place of 3, . I think Supersonic seriously would have to consider updating this cute little unit and upping a prize for him. Certainly it has been his has had to to spend $ 30 in $ 50 more for one twists concealed and has the pertinent cover-in access.
4 / 5 Olin
We have wanted the small television in undercabinet mountain in our cookery. It IS to take to find the white television a right measure, this was an only one those accesses our necessities. We were the small wary when order it, but has done well so far. It IS supremely flimsy: a highland group is using is probably two times a weight of a television and is by train to be careful to take a mountain when turning or creating a television of the dread could break down the half. But a picture is well and has been reliable for more concealed 4 month now.

An initial setup was easy, but when was powered by one coaxial of our Comcast box (one of one tiny ones, any he DVR or X1 box) HD the canals have not filled a screen and has had to when being zoomed individually, which was almost the roads-breaker. But when we change on in a HDMI cape that the problem has disappeared. We have to take the flexible HDMI cape with covers he small to the access in a television likes him creation of entrance in a backside of a television is the tight bit. Had the small time is spent to try to imagine out of a far code for one comcast far (X2) but us in the ends stumbled through him: 10178. An only real complaint is with a sound, which are not utmost. There is difference very small like the volume is domestic. His sake to look an informative during desayunar or while it cooks to dine, but does not expect very much more. Taken to contest with a prize even so, happy with a compraventa.
4 / 5 May
This small television has been to perfect for my necessities (usually maintain it afterwards in a computer, but taken he with me while I relax in a tub of spa.)
Even so, has 2 things that could improve it:
(1) Better instructions. I have had to to sustain to discover what some buttons colored in some far is for so that some manuals only says esd, Green, Yellow, Blue' ( thought, 'That is change -- any one can see some colours, but that MARKS?'
A manual has the diagram for a far any sample in in to to the his functions likes them-him it to them in a diagram for other buttons
(2) was useful had the road in til a screen up and down.

But considering a prize, a picture is well and is very pleased with him.
5 / 5 Jess
The value adds for a money. I have wanted the small television to substitute the low drop Polaroid television in a cookery. It IS the small restless after reading roughly negative critics in a quality of his and sockets of the cape recessed but was advance in all the case since could not find very another television this has matched my criteria. As it Result it the has not had any problem with some annexes of cape, is not a uncommon the agreement and would have to has very said big or when being especially ham-fisted to have the problem. Regarding a sound is well for an application of cookery, can any one when being no the theatre Surrounds quality of the sound but I would not expect that of this measure of television. It attaches to purchase strong a prize.
4 / 5 Joleen
We buy this to substitute the 22-yr.-Old 9.5' screen CRT television in a cookery. We use during the week or so in front of writing this description to ensure was quite wise to like law and like law with the variety of canals. . . And or we did not go it to maintain. Considering a last, to well sure the gone to maintain. It IS perfect for the cookery or small room.

Pros: Supremely Clear weight (less than the lb.) And it occupies 1/10 a spatial an old CRT has done; his well, especially for us older folks this has listen of problem big frequencies; a sound has down very small, a lot of highs; responsive and full-looked far; reasonably the good picture that considers is low prize . Also, you are substituting the CRT concealed used you daily, will see the light drop in your electrical bill. Some television designs everything of 18 watts!

Gilipollas: It can not be matched with a far digital adapter provided for Comcast, as I have to use a far this is coming with him for everything excepts to change canals and a Comcast far for selection of canal. It does not know sure, but it is unlikely that far of any one ISP (Verizon, etc.) Can be matched with him. To minimise a black cup and the present of inferior margins in the each HD canals, has to pose an appearance of picture in 'Zoom'. Doing so also develops a width of picture, doing the people and the objects look a bit wider that a lot is. A picture does not have a brilliance of the $ 1000 television has DIRECTED, and has the 'blue bias'; i.et., Elements that would look the pure aim in a television type has the bluish tinge.

Decides to buy a television, suggests also that buys a guarantee has extended. Why? Two reasons: (1) the guarantee of A manufacturer is the scant 90 days and (2) one has extended the guarantees are ridiculously cheap -- p. p.ej., $ 3.83 For the extension of 4 years!
4 / 5 Jacelyn
So far so good.

This newer version of the same television (2/2018) has a support has trace permanently!
An only down the side has tried to take a support to locate it down the cupboard of cookery.
A fund of a support is exited easily but a soyast' no.

Has had to some 4 small rays to the long of a verge of culo inferior of a television then slightly opens in a television he in an inch, yup. Then it can I take the phillips screwdriver of leader and takes some 2 band that winery a support on. When being carefull any one to leave some rays and the pieces fall behind in a television when taking them was, can be take in retrive the. In fact only take 2 minutes and is quite easy to do.

Has matched He with one $ 22 Anker Soundcore putting for very better of sound. It IS USB powered, my boxes of cape have the port of USB in that used. You have to provide your cord of -to-3.5mmde own 3.5mm for a connection of audio in this speaker.
5 / 5 Shantae
It IS leary to buy the mark has not been familiar with, but this small television is very good. I am using he in the room to powder so that I am not particular in a sound. A sound is bit he tinny so yes is looking for something concealed to have add stereo his, this is not the. A picture is well and clear, in fact also while it has not seen never in the small HD television. And that is to say a small plus HD the television could find and is happy like chairs amiably in a counter. It was simply to pose up. A picture is the little retarded as when in the first place it comes on, but that is not the breaker of roads for me.
5 / 5 Kenny
I have posed he in the support of the cookbook and he look lovely in a counter of cookery. I left me listen in an informative while I am in a cookery of cookery. If has the small room, is adds.
5 / 5 Marie
The real clear picture has in my bath, has in with an antenna

Top Customer Reviews: Tyler 13.3-Inch ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Season
It was not easy to find the good television, small for my counter of Cookery, but this a full some requisites. Cape under my cupboards, but is quite big to have the decent sized screen. It has Had he for just the month, as too punctual to weigh in in durability.
5 / 5 Terresa
I attach little television. Has two in my room. My service of the new satellite does not comprise a canal looked a plus . The desire had purchased this television before I have signed the agreement of two years. A picture am add, the local canal varied. An only problem with a small television is is a sound. That is to say a fourth small television has purchased and a volume,, in some programs, is not quite strong (My ears are not young anymore). I wish some manufactures would correct that characteristic.
4 / 5 Apryl
A television is the sake but a far control is not the user that receives - some buttons are very small and too prjimos together cual he difficult to touch and locates functions.
5 / 5 Loyce
'Amur This Negre small 13'' television' the Complete 180% Angle of the Upper viewing Subordinated-Both Sides with the Crisp Claire Fotografien any one so 1080p in some Programs but enter well, Those that has 1080p or 720p- and so on...The Looks of Acute and Utmost canals almost like the television of Plasma, But some have recorded the videos are the small Distorted, But Salvation this Small television gives to good fight to Do looks Well, HAS had only he for the pair of Days Opens so and does not know is Life , But can Buy the Guarantee to Do yes Vain in the Bad Effect, is Coated by Amazon and the Guarantee of Vendors for the small bit... I attach Compraventa !!! P/S Fixed some Adjustments for this look Adds, and has my Picture posed in brilliance 47/contrast 54/pint 42/acuteness 53/backlight in 48/ colour temp:normal..Audio down/of User 83/offer 28 thru 54/PMC/AVL On/On/Was, 'Tyler has done there More in this Small television Pose' (Classify Bona)
2 / 5 Gordon
Bought to use like the television of cookery. It IS a right measure for a room, so far so good. It has scanned some local canals of my antenna of the main house and he have chosen in the good number of canals. Problem 1: I can find the road in directly access these canals. I have thought a -/- button in a far would leave me to enter in in to to the the digital canal likes him 2-1, 4-1, 5-1 of etc. there is not any response of a -/- button at all. If one wants local of access of digital canals one has to use a CH up or down in to button like him to him we 30 years ago. Problem 2: A Roku the clave will not return in a spatial left wing for a HDMI connection as I have to buy the cord/of man of adaptadora woman. Quan Has connected a Roku using an adapter has taken the 'any one compatible' message of error. Contact so Amazon and maintains of the client of Tyler and has any one helps to resolve these problems. If has a time and patience to cross a distribution of whole canal to find a canal wants to and any preoccupy you quite when being able to use Roku then this television can be VAL since you. I have found he to be very disappoint without aiding available to resolve my problems.
4 / 5 Elijah
I am very satisfied, in general, with a television. Only a right measure, the quality photographs very good.
Has two worries:

1. A far tin very when being pas matched with our provider; fault of Tyler, only a road is.
2. A volume is Very TOO STRONG. I have achieved among Tyler and has been said can he any one be tight. Since I can not match a far with my far provider, can not adjust he from here that. I am thank you to look the television saw some enclosed subtitles, more than the tolerable volume.

Will say that a service of the client of Tyler has answered very timely.
2 / 5 Danielle
Monitor could not touch .mp4 Files to use port of USB. The description has did not specify concealed can read the only photos.
5 / 5 Brigitte
It uses this television in my house of engine. Quan Has posed in my dish of satellite in the camping, need the road to find and direct a signal of satellite. It finds that some metres of the cheap signal sold for this purpose simply no well for HD common of satellite. I spend the portable dish, the SWM bloc to be able in, a HD DirecTV receiver, the compass and this small television with me. That is to say an only use has posed this television in. It IS perfect for my dish setup task, and is cheap, compared in of the metres of signal of professional note.
4 / 5 Essie
This television the fantastic for a prize. A sound and the picture are utmost. A far, even so, is more than problem. Some basic buttons, canal up, down, volume up, down is in a fund of a far. It does not have any idea what some buttons in an upper mark. An on/was the button is red. I think that that a green button is for change. At the end, I use this television with an antenna to air this chooses on canal with decimal points. For example, PBS has 5 canal, 7.1 > .5. There is any road to write in the decimal. I do not expect there to be or, but write in 7, a television any default in canal 7.1, reverts in a canal looked. An only road to change the canals are to use canal up and down, which, while takings, is in a half of a far and take to find. It IS painful.
4 / 5 Doria
We were able to connect to Direct the television those uses a HDML (?) Connection. Even so, we have not been able to download some far in a far Direct television. So much, we have to use one far TVs to turn in a set and adjusts a volume and a direct television far to change canals. We are doing to do except when being quite could use or far. We do not comment in support of the technology since does not use the.

Top Customer Reviews: Supersonic SC-1311 ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 6 ratings
1 / 5 Tashia
Power distributes was bad after the few days
4 / 5 Yun
The decent television for a prize wishes an audio was better, but that it is that already taken
5 / 5 Prudence
I add the television has in my cookery, the laws add !!!
1 / 5 Ima
Constantly delete it one the majority of-the canal looked. It has to rescan frequently for the take behind. Also it has to among a function of list of the canal to change canals. It does not accept direct entrance of numbers of canal. If any offers to GIVE YOU one of these, smack the with this television. Totally thwarting piece of junk.
5 / 5 Cris
Amiably-designed and controls amiably-tagged. Stinks Of the sound but that they can expect of the tiny television. I am quite happy!
1 / 5 Adolfo
No the good television.... Any last long!

Top Customer Reviews: Supersonic SC-2411 ...

Rating: 1 out of 5 with 1 ratings
1 / 5 Genny
A guarantee is only 30dies

Top Customer Reviews: Supersonic SC-1511 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
4 / 5 Denny
It have read some revise so that it know it cual to expect so far like the sound and the picture and he are well and adapted for the t.V Of cookery, the delivery was very hurriedly
3 / 5 Jeffery
I have bought this television for my cookery. A picture is well, but a sound is terrible....tinny And no very clear to comprise. I go to try new speakers. If the new speakers do well was satisfied.
4 / 5 Margo
Petit Very television for my bath in the good prize
5 / 5 Isabel
Good product
4 / 5 Herminia
After reading anterior descriptions, was preoccupied a volume would be the problem . Even so, I am very happy with one conjoint television.

Top Customer Reviews: Continu.US 28" ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5 Zenobia
It substitutes it was 19' 12v television in our RV with easterly the unit IS so easy to see, accesses a beginning for our original television, was easy in the cape takes in 12 system of volt and attaches in the mountain of wall of arm of change. In general you want to some updates. Especially with being able to use a television like the monitor of computer - does of my RV course of a year and this wins he much easier!
5 / 5 Irving
This television has all some entrances and is exited one could ask, a quality of picture is fantastic and returns one something where our 28' the television was in perfectly. It can any one when being any happier!!!!
5 / 5 Annamae
Very Pleased

Top Customer Reviews: SuperSonic SC-2412 ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
It IS a FOCUSED HDTV for low $ 200! I am surprised that for this prize could take a so amazing picture, the player of DVD and is 12 volt for one camps trailer. It has installed in the ceiling is trace swivel so that we can look he of a chamber or of a room and he will be wired in our stereo for very better of quality of sound. A 12 characteristic of volt is that looked for and in fact looked to install on of a 14 screen of inch the television is for SUV is, but when expsito easterly a (even more cheap that it can take the built in decrees) has to have it. It IS quite small for one camps trailer and quite big that can see it clearly final of a trailer. Still I am building a trailer, but installed this in cape and purpose of test. (gotta Knows where some cover goes, has had to to surface to locate to line he)
A downsides: it is DIRECTED so seeing subject of angle. You will owe angle he for better viewing (taken that coated with the swivel/mountain /of curves of folding ceiling ) Some speakers are small and does not take quite strong to listen (has the stereo this is being installed and has characteristic of entrance only for this installation of type) While installing it, coverage that some holes of ray in a back (for a mountain) is very superficial. I can cut rays, so in me is not the big roads but some rays that is coming with a mountain is also long it. They require to be 8mm long or 5/16 of an inch. Easy fix for me.
Since you RVers: These television draws can very small at all! In our 23Holidays of feet Rambler that is to say the bigscreen! You will require to pose the 12 power of outlet of the volt in firm in him and ready when being to pose the cape 3.5mm to start with of the west in also so that I can cape the in your system of sound. It can he listen he so-is in a Conditioner of Air, but only ail.
Will update this like the time goes stops... The stay has tuned!
Well After 6 month of use in our camp (while it still is doing on he also) is very happy with him. Has the few very severe storms concealed is coming even so and has had the strike of lightning. I have imagined that a television has been toasted while it no longer has had the good crisp clean picture. With the small investigation expsita that a cord to be able in and a cape of antenna has been burned. I have substituted the so many and is to look and looking an amazing picture. A problem even so; from time to time a picture assembla pixilate and freezing. It is remedied easily to change a canal and returning, but is still bothersome.
Has to buy another, still will buy this same a!
1 / 5
PERIL! PERIL! PERIL! Supersonic like the company does not exist anymore! They have melted with some class of company of software and when tries to take service of guarantee in [...] Taken the page that can any one when being pas found and the message that melted with another company... It goes in east another website of company has ZERO INFORMATION in of the clients what Supersonic can take work of guarantee... FATALITY

A real television and records of FANTASTIC DVDs! AC The cord no except using another cord of power of another monitor of LCD or a distributed 12V can the cord and some the television laws are!...

BEWARE! This element would have to when being pulled of Amazon or at least downloads he of responsibility this has to direct any subjects in a window of tower of the Amazon or your out of luck.
1 / 5
This television was a perfect measure for a spatial situated it my desktop. The anterior descriptions go to complain in an angle of the viewing and the suit is limited so horizontal and vertical. A vertical more so much. I have left a ray of of the one of the east the loose bit to leave me to bend a low screen enough to minimise this problem.
Also read some complaints that considers a sound but I have found to go in some parameters and adjusting some bass and the offer have resolved this in my satisfaction. It is not Fidelity of Salvation but certainly adapted for comfortable listens.
Some law of DVD very but seldom will use it. In general I am very satisfied, especially in a prize.

Update 10 month afterwards buys: After 6 months to use a change of the power in a far control has prendido to do. A cost for the substitution was almost to meso that paid for a television! I have opted into use only a change of power in a television. After 10 month to use a unit no longer can on at all. There is the reason a guarantee is for 90 days, that those times take in front of the problems begin to arrive. I actuate Never the used a DVD, has ignites less than 20 hours by the week and has remained motionless in the something very ventilated above my computer. A unit or has poor workmanship, poor components, or so many. It does not recommend this unit in any one. I will pay it it bit it more for the substitution and the MAY BUYS of Supersonic again. All some negative critics anteriorly has read was alas true.
I downgraded my Stars in 3 because of a far control. A button to be able in now is working harm (television to turn of the difficulty on or was). Yes, I have substituted some stacks. A guarantee coated this for only 90 days so many is out of the luck this has substituted. A cost of substitution is $ 25 10.Shipping $ besides- Ridiculous! I will look for the universal far that probably less side that half.
4 / 5
Claro, all plastic unit. Quite a lot of apple the sake and The DVD have done well out of a box. The instructions were clear and setup was easy. It take more canal of my RV antenna that expected and was to please with a quality of picture. The plot is descriptions queixen in a sound, but found the only very given a measure of a unit and a room in that the use. I actuate Only the used the in brief so much has to fail early from now on also bond these results. I am pleased so far and honestly can say for a prize, takes the plot . Has spatial for card by heart, usb, works with AC/DC and comes with both adapters. A lot it likes him his in of me.
1 / 5
I have ordered this element for some advances of porch, and know that it was soyade in China', has ordered one 4yr agreement of service also. Even so, in arrival, has the supply to be able to internal defective, and no , well out of a box. While occasional defects, would do state fashioned by Chinese boys, is returned he and has taken the substitution. A second a, again, right out of a box, has eaten a DVD, would not touch it , and would not expel it . As I have left, and it is returned that or also. Without the substitution this time. Has some good descriptions, and some any description like favorecedora, but my experience was at all except a worse.
5 / 5
I am that it wants this television. There was since last year in ours was cabin of grille. A television of quality that operates in 12 volt dc is to take to find. A colour and the picture are surprising. My only complaint is that a sound doesnt apresamiento very strong. I have fixed that with the usb powered place of speakers of computer. I mention a usb has entered in a television can usb devices also? Awesome For my necessities.
1 / 5
Or Stars, That is to say the piece of rubbish! Some first time situates in the DVD, does not leave it to expel. Too late to return because of the amazon that protects to be the rubbishes has sold has taken! Money under a sewer in junk. I have wanted 12VDC to install in my RV, to save convert 12V in 110V behind in 12V. I actuate Since order LG24LH4830, for less than money. Still I have to it way that plans on disassembling it so that I can recover my DVD. No the hate when purchases something idiot?
5 / 5
Installed he in my RV. I have cut of a 'lighter of cigarette' 12 adapter of volt after determining a + and - capes and take wire fence he in an electrical system. Since it is in a RV (aka, my house of exclusive devotion that roams a country), absolutely any problem of angle of the viewing. Incredibly clear. Seating 8 in 10 feet was, there is any subject of quality with an image. A sound sucks, but that it is some for each flat poster TVs. There is the headphone the jack was, as it issues a sound in some stereo system. The just mark sure has all some parameters of the sound in a television posed in 'normal' or 'fund'. Left a stereo the marks of system a lot of enhancements. Has a clave of the amazon bonded in a HDMI the port and law perfectly. A clave of Google also done perfectly when has had he in. 'Perfectly' mean it a quality of image was also so had in of the floors and a connection with a far through an organism of the television has done. If you are looking for the system of theatre of the house, look elsewhere. But you want the system adds in the prize adds since you RV or boat, this will do.
5 / 5
That is to say the clear television with the picture adds. There is plugged in to an external speaker likes him the sound am add, also. Still without that, a sound is not too bad. I have discovered to require select esource' and then 'DVD' in order for a player of DVD to accept a disk inserts/inserts. The law adds and the uses can very small. Has a RV and is well in does not have to induct in a generator to look television.
4 / 5
This small unit gives the plot of action for a money. A 15 screen of the inch is not big, but this can only when being an entrance for the small room like a one in that I am using he in my boat. A picture is very acute and crisp when the touches films on he through an iPhone those uses a HDMI port. A player of DVD is pertinent. A sound is not all these terrific but a lot of users will do so done and use outboard speakers. It likes Raisin, my boat has the very very built-in system of the west and is very easy in simply touch this television through these speakers. Suspicion more the users will come up with the solution to the long of this line.

For a prize, is to take to have too much the nights or the critic of the same television. He that is supposition to do . Or The smallest night is that when insert the DVD a television very automatically changes in road of DVD, has to that manually. No the big roads but another TVs this has has had to had built -in of the players of DVD automatically change when insert the DVD. Him him Like all has DIRECTED flatscreen TVs of subjects of angle of the viewing and yes is looking the television in this unit will want to be directly in front of him if possible.

In general does not have the plot to critique in this television. He a work with the crisp square acute these covers at all a lot to be has wished. RJB.

Top Customer Reviews: Supersonic 15 Class ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Deja
It does not look very when it take the but surprised me. It IS main that that look when or the visit on, the trace of colour , very easy, his and compact. It IS in my counter of cookery and or can hook up everything in him excepts a tank of cookery. I give it 5 stars. Only a thing has not tried matching he with a far cape still, took in 11/27.

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Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Tandra
Bought this the little the mark of weeks and like also, is buying of the second unit A screen is quite big to see through the room (while you are directly on-line with him, likes him more DIRECTED TVs). A sound and the quality of picture is well. I use with the clave of Fire of the amazon, in that I predominately In&T of use Or-application of television of the Verse. I have been pleased that under a eservice Only' adhesive in a backside is the outlet of usable USB that law to power a Clave of Fire. These ways a less cord to limit in a wall ( used a cord that is coming with some Clave to Shoot to limit he in a television).

A support is quite cheap and does not leave a television to be swiveled up and down at all, as if you do not locate, the mark sure is planted in the level of the calm eye will not be able to see a screen.
1 / 5 Ellis
It looks for 2 HDMI scrollings in the small screen HDTV (13-9'). I have purchased this unit so that it was a small plus one of this measure that announced (in of the multiple places in Amazon) concealed there went it these 2 ports. The moment has several types of ports, there is only 1 HDMI. I will be to return this unit only for this problem.

How The the television is very (for a prize). Decent picture directly on but the washes was hurriedly was centrical.

The quality of his of the VAL (that it would expect it in this prize/of measure).

Another disappointment was that it can not control he with my controller of universal cape or two other controllers that has tried. Very I do not want to has to attach it another controller in my cup of desktop.
4 / 5 Catalina
I have bought this television to serve the very concrete purpose - to aim the 'powers;' of the classes that use to Raspberry Pi Wireless Zero (thinks calendar of digital wall these cycles through visas, and class of the frame of digital picture these photos of changes each 90 bren). A port of USB is coated by the adhesive, but is enough in faculty a Pasador Zero W without any subjects (any icon to be able to down these looks). It was surprised also to find this television (at least a a taken with a number of same listing of part) has had the Player of DVD comprised (load endwise empty, right of a television). Any one that will use it very, but this could enter handy bass a road. The mine there has been a estuck pixel', but some a lot of on-line videos in the fixed reset arrives it to them in the few minutes, and any problem since. Has at least one of the each class of entrance, comes with a OTA Antenna, and do quite well for me.
4 / 5 Kelsey
Good picture. Any difficult to pose up. Access amiably in my counter cooks low cupboards. Terrible speakers that his that a transistor of measure of radii of old pocket. So that there is a earphone jack, will be able to attach the small external speaker. Firestick Records well in HDMI jack has entered. Coverage the code for my television of Plan far (526) saws method to scan dondequiera, change, on was all the work. Tried to take a button of the source programmed in a far DISH, but he only wouln't recognises it. I can live with that. An another with besides some speakers are a smell of the electronic fried . Hopefully, A joint of circuit is well. Another that these small subjects, I like a unit.
1 / 5 Deana
In a side besides, some works of thing with antenna or cape. Has the bouquet of entrances and beginning.

In a minus side, is dficient in of the a lot of roads; a small measure is any apology to arrive to this point of prize.
1. An angle to see of the picture is TERRIBLE! You have to when being almost directly in front of him to see a picture. If you are quite 4 feet out of a screen, only can move quite 6 inches in any side of direction by side at the side in front of some results of picture unviewable. This deficiency only was quite to cause me for the return (something I seldom ).
2. There is any easy road to change among 4:3 and 16:9 proportion of appearance. If you are changing canals these proportions of use of different appearance, goes to have a wrong proportion unless it sees in a setup card EVERY TIME.
3. A sound is terrible. It IS tinny and some adjustments to sound one can marks it any help at all. My iPhone sounds better, seriously.
4. A EnergyStar to the focus is bonded in a screen with an adhesive those REMAINS in a screen and is almost impossible to take without breaking a screen. (Rubbing an adhesive in fact moves a screen in an accommodation.)

Routed He behind.
3 / 5 Divina
I am happy bought this television for my cookery. This has said, his this takes a terrible plot of tinkering for the take to do optimally. It see In the urban area of entity and had expected takes a lot of local canals of a bat. While the scanner situates up and said me find 180, does not leave me to access them so stay with downloading applications so that informative sometimes law and sometimes no.

Could be error of the user and I will continue in tinker, but is envious of critics that plugged he in and taken lives TVs. It purchase an extra antenna and the WiFi the field extends and will see if these helps.

Besides some entrances are situated curiously in some back where any necessity of connections to compete with one basic television that unnecessary looks.
4 / 5 Gaynell
A television is the good measure for our cookery, but PYLE does not have the code of television. In this way that you it can not pose your universal or far cape to control this television. That is to say the big downer for us. Yes... I have written a company and they have confirmed this fact.
4 / 5 Rosella
The picture adds but the volume of his down same east when equally.
5 / 5 Romeo
I'been looking for the substitution for the moment and that is to say properly, compared with another mark can any gone bad with a prize and quality, use he for my CCTV and a quality of an image is very well, A quality of his east the small bad but very does not import . It IS compact and clear weight . I have purchased also a base to wall this is recommended for a monitor and he have done perfect for a location of my system.
1 / 5 Piedad
The product there has not been a capacity to accept the far of the provider of cape or very another far. Any revealed in description of product. The sound is tinny and any improvement with triple almost was and down in max. The quality of picture is well in right on seeing. The service of client has known that measured of the ray has been required to locate in the group.

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