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1 first Kootek Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan for PS4 Slim / Regular PlayStation 4, Controllers Charging Station with Dual Charger Ports and USB HUB for Console Dualshock 4 Controller ( Not for PS4 Pro ) Kootek Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan for PS4 Slim / Regular PlayStation 4, Controllers Charging Station with Dual Charger Ports and USB HUB for Console Dualshock 4 Controller ( Not for PS4 Pro ) By Kootek
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2 Kootek Vertical Stand for PS4 Slim / Regular PlayStation 4 Cooling Fan Controller Charging Station with Game Storage and Dualshock Charger ( Not for PS4 Pro ) Kootek Vertical Stand for PS4 Slim / Regular PlayStation 4 Cooling Fan Controller Charging Station with Game Storage and Dualshock Charger ( Not for PS4 Pro ) By Kootek
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3 best Kootek Vertical Stand for PS4 Slim / PS4 Pro / Regular PS4 Controller Charger with 3 Cooling Fan Games Storage, EXT Dual Charging Station for PlayStation 4 Console Dualshock 4 Controller Accessories Kootek Vertical Stand for PS4 Slim / PS4 Pro / Regular PS4 Controller Charger with 3 Cooling Fan Games Storage, EXT Dual Charging Station for PlayStation 4 Console Dualshock 4 Controller Accessories By Kootek
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4 Kootek Vertical Stand for PS4 Pro with Cooling Fan, Controller Charging Station for Sony Playstation 4 Pro Game Console, Charger for Dualshock 4 (Not for Regular PS4/Slim) Kootek Vertical Stand for PS4 Pro with Cooling Fan, Controller Charging Station for Sony Playstation 4 Pro Game Console, Charger for Dualshock 4 (Not for Regular PS4/Slim) By Kootek
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5 Kootek Vertical Stand for PS4 Slim/Pro/Regular Playstation 4, Controller Charging Station with Cooling Fan Game Storage and Dual Charger Indicator USB Ports for DualShock 4 Wireless Controllers Kootek Vertical Stand for PS4 Slim/Pro/Regular Playstation 4, Controller Charging Station with Cooling Fan Game Storage and Dual Charger Indicator USB Ports for DualShock 4 Wireless Controllers By Kootek
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6 Kootek Vertical Stand for PS4 Slim with Cooling Fan - Controller Charging Station with Dual Charger for Sony Playstation 4 Slim Game Console Kootek Vertical Stand for PS4 Slim with Cooling Fan - Controller Charging Station with Dual Charger for Sony Playstation 4 Slim Game Console By Kootek
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7 Kootek Universal Vertical Stand for PS4 Slim/Pro/Regular Playstation 4, Controller Charger with Cooling Fan Games Storage Dual Charging Station with Indicator for DualShock 4 Wireless Controllers Kootek Universal Vertical Stand for PS4 Slim/Pro/Regular Playstation 4, Controller Charger with Cooling Fan Games Storage Dual Charging Station with Indicator for DualShock 4 Wireless Controllers By Kootek
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8 Pecham Vertical Stand for PS4 Slim / PS4 with Cooling Fan, Dual Controller Charger Station for Sony Playstation 4 Game Console Dualshock 4 with 3 Extra USB HUB Port (Not for Pro) Pecham Vertical Stand for PS4 Slim / PS4 with Cooling Fan, Dual Controller Charger Station for Sony Playstation 4 Game Console Dualshock 4 with 3 Extra USB HUB Port (Not for Pro) By PECHAM
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9 Kootek Charging Stand with Cooling Fan for Playstation VR Move Motion Controllers, Fit for PS4 Slim/PRO/Regular PS4 Console with DualShock 4 Wireless Controller EXT Port Charger (CUH-ZVR2 & 1) Kootek Charging Stand with Cooling Fan for Playstation VR Move Motion Controllers, Fit for PS4 Slim/PRO/Regular PS4 Console with DualShock 4 Wireless Controller EXT Port Charger (CUH-ZVR2 & 1) By Kootek
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10 OIVO Regular PS4/ PS4 Slim/ PS4 Pro Cooler, Multifunctional Vertical Cooling Stand, PS4 Controller Charger with LED Indicators,Charging Dock Station with 12PCS Games Storage for PS4,PS4 Slim,PS4 Pro OIVO Regular PS4/ PS4 Slim/ PS4 Pro Cooler, Multifunctional Vertical Cooling Stand, PS4 Controller Charger with LED Indicators,Charging Dock Station with 12PCS Games Storage for PS4,PS4 Slim,PS4 Pro By OIVO
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Top Customer Reviews: Kootek Vertical ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
The people queixen in of the things bobas. A usb the clave of cord has been? Really? Personally it wants to this ps4 support. It has Had he during the month and he utmost. All has required was the basic vertical support to save spatial, so that is to say the sake 3-in-1 roads for me.

The adherent is quite so strong a ps4 internal adherent when shoe on, is not bad, a lot he same commentaries or the listen on a television. They are many -adherents powered also, more can and a sound of them probably would be too strong. I have not listened one fell of partidrio internal on like research to be that the mark is work well.

The better part is a support is not powered, as it does not use in a outlet in an already filled entertainment centre. It limits in a usb in your ps4 and fire with a console.

Really, yes has to say something negative... A usb the ports in a front could be better. I want the concealed has 3 usb empty, but my cape to touch any covers in them all a road. As I will think that that it is touching while I am touching, then voice that my controller is almost fatality. It has to use the tho, since has the 4tb walk of expansion, does not have carried he free in. No the big roads even so.

UPDATE: 4 month later, and an engine obviously is exiting already. He the horrendous noise on beginning up that they do not go era. For the few days that the unplug and plugging behind in of the pauses a noise, but now that no longer works. Perhaps a company will offer a change?? I will update my description yes so much.

UPDATE 2: I have contacted kootek and has answered immediately and envoys out of the new unit a next day. Still the happy client. Purchase again only because of a service of excellent client. Thank you!
5 / 5
For this prize, has the zeros complain. Has the people ask that it was and when says the, was supremely has surprised. It IS amazing quality and touches two controllers a same time very quickly. It takes this , together with a new PS4 like the present for my partner. It can be the bit cumsy so much wants to do sure has something to line a PS4 and he a work. It has Had he for almost 3 month without subjects. It IS always on and plugged in.
2 / 5
Predominately Has bought this for a capacity to develop my capacity of USB has used since 1 void to touch controller , 1 when titling place and has required 1 for external hard walk also.

My original level PS4 accesses well in an inaugural , conscious when being that the controllers have to have any rinds of rubber on for canal of apt touch. To Tan Far like him some adherents to cool go, view the plot of descriptions said is strong but has mine less unit that 5ft out of me on the gaming the desktop and does not remark one disturbs especially since spends the headset.

My looks of unit to run fresher now, before I have used to to listen hot air everywhere the but now does not except the small bit in a backside a PS4.

Opens in a reason for my indication my low plus: Some connections of USB. I plugged my cape posed in and while it looks to do at the beginning, at the end begins the disconnect me of capacities of cat and although I can listen gameplay, can not use my cat of voice. Has thinks that that something was bad with my headset the unit but I have bought the new mark the few cruises this. I plugged my headset backs directly in my PS4 and has had very subject anything. I am now that it has to touch sure games while my stays of external hard walk disconnected so that simply it can not trust the hollows of expansion of the USB of this unit to handle a HD , especially yes ot can not handle the mere headset setup.

Inferior line, is not able to use this unit for a main purpose has bought he for and that it is prettt disappoint. Honestly it was not which mine the manufacturer has developed some Ports of USB developed in case a look of the only thing in the support is only the cape for controllers of touch....But already it comes with 2 touching canal, so basically now has any use and I can has to look in of the alternatives for mine necessities of expansion of the USB.

UPDATE 6.2.2019:

Some ports of USB have extended now a lot remember same to touch my controller. It was not if a built-in work of canal of the load but I any preoccupy for those since A)can does not use the with while to the rind is in controller and B)predominately require my controller has uploaded against a half of gameplay.

The look of adherents to be that they still, as it guesses that it is well. Only it recommends this if it only wants the vertical support and perhaps has 1 or 2 additional controllers want to touch while using another. USB Has extended so far so, sper toneless, hardly touches my telephone (VERY dulcemente touching) and to arrive to this point or my controller or walks or headset profit of him. Basically I have it covers he of USB of a unit has used to to connect in a PS4 , now connected in the outlet to wall so that it still can use both ports of native USB of mine PS4.
5 / 5
This adherent is truly spatial to save with his slender and clear creation. Initially and it is preoccupied his life of stack but after this has discovered that it was armed with the canal of mountains or dual loads for my controllers of Playstation 4 with which can touch two controllers a same time. Well In value.
5 / 5
So that far I like him his of a base has tried only he for the few hours so far but some adherents are not strong likes him some are queixant- to be and looks to maintain a ps4 issues it the freshest some look of adherents to be in of the ways to garrison a measure of the adherent of the computer based in a computer possesses and'd likes him see a plus the follower semi-detached although the thinks could augment one that cools the plot more
2 / 5
I have bought this for my renewed Ps4 so that it was to clear an interior of follower done the small also take and overheats unless I have signalled the adherent of boxes in him. I have posed my Ps4 in this support, and look for when being that you mark his work. Even so, I aim found that the games would not touch - would maintain to say me 'Error: it Can not Read Disk.' It was preoccupied that so that it is the system has renewed, can have run in the defective walk of disk.
Has begun to remark, even so, that an any quite a lot of lean control a Ps4 in the angle of 90 titles- more than one 80 or angle of 85 titles (backing advance, as in, if continuous in this direction was the other way around). As I have posed a system behind in his side, and looked, the games run well again. A now his support wedged among a Ps4 and the small bookshelf for still marks his work while a Ps4 is in his side.

The Only takes two stars so that some adherents in him sew it at least laws, if kinda faintly.

Controllers Of loads also, but in his current that plants that the function is no longer available in me.
5 / 5
Looked for the adherent to cool for a PS4 and found this with cradle of touch... This has cost only a prize. It maintains some controllers have tent neatly while load and does not have to treat some capes

Some laws of adherent adds to maintain a PS4 of the overheating but I very exactly say is calm...Any real strong or but perceivable (mostly at the beginning then has the habit of to listen it regularly). A bit it likes him have the adherent of the box has posed down. No the problem for us but just fyi in those while he to be sper calm. Also, he cycles, as it is not whenever it runs an adherent.

One extra usb the ports are also to good premium!
5 / 5
Very happy, good product. Calm, convenient, and abordable ($ 15).
2 / 5
I have bought a unit 7/18 to move a PS4 of the horizontal location in the unit of storage in the vertical location afterwards in a television for the subjects of heat has related. So far, a unit has aided maintaining a speed of an adherent of low processor so that a now his unit in the a lot of situates fresher. So that it is very based in a mechanic (although I am sure if I only move a unit from below and posed it horizontally, would have achieved a same effect while I am not never using some additional adherents of a unit because of his loudness). My primary reason to purchase the unit was an occasion has announced to leave recharge of some controllers for just inserting in his storage. Even so, recharging only lasted for the month and then this has prendido. Any sure what a problem is but is not human error while I have governed that it go to have the multiple experimented gamers ( soyates' of my boy) plants some controllers in some moulds. Somehow it has the bass in a unit that prevents to touch of some controllers. In general, it does not recommend compraventa like the looks of the cheaply built unit and not taking . A profit to move of the horizontal in the vertical place can be much easier and cheaper has resolved. If you are looking for some profits of recharging your controllers opportunely, would look elsewhere. Like this, in general it give it 2 Star since is to weigh a recharging much bigger that usability or control of the temperature like anterior is only very subject and a last is physical basic and there is little to do w/the additional adherents offered (which are also strong to run at least in my house).
2 / 5
It was not that expected but has been disappointed in of the this. Tan 1 Comes with the cord of USB very a lot of way down below so you have to you limit he in your Playstation directly, this was a lot of until week 2 or so when some ports of USB in some leaves to Lean to do and has required then that port of USB for one Bequeaths program of Dimensions.
One uploads the controllers and the partidrios has done well but only was plugged in a Playstation and was powered on. It has remarked that often the go was when a Playstation was subjects of rest, supposed so that some controllers have been cold touched and no precise but often some controllers have not taken fully has touched. I go to look for an option that is powered independently of a Playstation - at least for a chargers.
Does not listen robust but has not fallen in still and is quite sure one 6 old year is not taking extra precautions for careful be.

Top Customer Reviews: Kootek Vertical ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Keeley
I have expected the moment to do my description. Active there was now a product ~6 month or so much. He all ask of him. My PS4 no longer taken sper hot, is able to touch my controllers while tone. Included can touch it my telephone with some ports of USB in a front if I can not find the brick for a wall. Some apt games snugly in a void and some feet line a level of whole thing.

I minus-ed one stars only so that the DOES not LINE a PS4. A PS4 just rests up in a void has designed for him. If your cat / of dog / wildebeest careers for, vain to fall. It opens, my PS4 is in the support / of entertainment of glass of forest - that is to say a whole reason has wanted the support to cool, so that any one necessarily he or pause he for me. But I need something these basses clamps in your PS4, this any one goes to do concealed.
5 / 5 Shanika
I have bought this for my husband for the Natal and he have wanted absolutely it! It says it that a better accessory could have taken. It touches Both of his far and lines each of some games wants in his plus of collection one for me with spare room. It IS durable even so the spatial saver. Still with an extra room for the storage of game was still able to return he in the small table afterwards in a lean television. To well sure it recommends cual the must has.
5 / 5 Hugh
At the end the value of product that buys, recommends this in any also the prize adds.
5 / 5 Yoshie
My husband is very in electronic artilugios, is not usually attaches in choosing them was - even so, was very thrilled with east. Of a functionality - in a lustrous the creation was the laureate here. Has ps4 slender. A slide of controllers in and touch very easily, can almost only fall the on there and load. Arrest of paid to bend that fact for east. 5value of star!
5 / 5 Shawna
A company contacted me after an original description. They were sake further and one disguises the service was stellar! We ship me to us the new unit immediately. It is doing wonderfully! Thank you Kootek!!!

A support is very practical but after enough 2 month both of some ports to loads have broken.
1 / 5 Janise
I have bought this element in the February of 2017 for my anniversary of husbands. Has the descriptions add and was more stylish that a a seen in Better Buy for less than money as I have imagined would give tries it. It IS state adds excepts only died totally without looking. Some ports of USB are fatalities as well as an adherent. A ps4 is very felizmente but is quite turbulent a lasted the little the year.
5 / 5 Peter
The works add! It maintains it fresh and for the most organised room. Well it buys!
5 / 5 Wendy
5 / 5 Mitzi
It IS cheaply he does so returns marries rough the, but with this prize has imagined would be. But another that that all perfect and looks last awhile.
5 / 5 Isaiah
Desprs Taking a support, gives concealed has not measured before mandate.... It IS the small longer this has expected.
I like a support, as I have imagined that the small modification has been required.
After contacting Kootek support of client, was unsure that it can separate a support of an organiser of game.

So much, looked and sure enough, a blue hinge nails that it controls some two pieces they together come averts with the mere screwdriver.
Has decided any one to use an organiser of the game and I no longer have a usb capes dangling of a front of a ps4!
... It opens I just necessity to organise a wiring bit it better. :)

Top Customer Reviews: Kootek Vertical ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Sheron
I will begin it it go it to say that so far is thoroughly impressed, tends to touch the long sessions when takes one casualidad mostly in 4k and upscaled he no. In the few games(gow/fc5) mine pro would take hot in a touch, sometimes same when in the common netflix cual has aimed this compraventa.

I flange said some 3 partidrios press the tonne of air, but enough to maintain my pro sensibly fresher in a touch, I flange says sure sounds a support or the be only been up, but any road is happy with a result. Like an addition bonous is well the stack games in a side and has the place to store/load the few controllers, the only looks bit it the clean plus imo.

In general does well, well of looks and clean bit of movement of the extra air and I do not have to preoccupy in a pro tip, is lined in solidly.
5 / 5 Ilse
Ps4 Slender access perfectly, the adherents do not listen very powerful in a hand but maintain a fresh system. The controller those touches the ports are awesome and some works of storage of the game also. Only the does not like him what far some games in fact bond out of unsupported but a material is done with the controls then plant perfectly. Only there is for the day as I will update over time a quality of him.
1 / 5 Rosaura
If you estimate your console and does not want the scratches do not use this , when being cheap and some adherents do not produce any noticable quantity to oblige and doubts this coast a hassle is supposes to touch two far and runs two adherents of the solos usb the beginning is to spend it taken for me. It do not go of the values a money. It IS in my available box of the yard now will not use it .
5 / 5 Nickolas
I very want my new Kootek PS4 Support ! It Likes him that all my ps4 controllers of games of the things ect is well and organised together with my ps4 the robust slender chair in the vertical support ! A follower to cool is the very good premium aswell !
2 / 5 Alica
There is more functional and stylish supports of loads for cheaper. An entrance of the power in of the this is or the majority of inconvenient thing. It seats a lot arrive front without road to goes it a usb cord down or by behind a unit. An adherent is manual, the button, which are an inconvenience when is looking for facilitated of use. Some supports of controller are the waste of spatial of any same touch thr controllers. Face of back of the game in a side, mark in easily explore your library of a front. In general the poor creation for a cost, to well sure goes for the better model.
4 / 5 Sasha
Some adherents are not so strong, while it would like him but of him a work. It Likes him that it can it he of you recharge extra controls also. It has it that adjusts has the PS4 or PS4 slender. Easy to do. It finds the base in firm to pose on, while PS4 can easily the slide was if any one levelled.. You can use a usb and connect he in your PS4 if it does not have an extra outlet. It takes the small bit of spatial, because of a part of spatial saving when lining games.
3 / 5 Luann
This thing is well . He cual ad. Bake my controllers and has partidrio fresh(s) the quota to help my PS4. Desprs The month some partidrios has begun to do perceivable noise as it does not use the at present. Since it is winter and my place is quite fresh I very any one need these adherents but when the swipes of the summer will require the. Since they are doing the noise probably will exit after any far too very time. I will see it can open a unit up and substitute some adherents. My supposition is used cockroaches of adherents without bearings. I will take adherents of good quality to substitute yes is possible. For a prize is well . It saves some room of the shelf since can line two controller and some games. I but he again. Probably any one, taking in in to the to something likes him but bit he of better quality.
5 / 5 Amelia
Some rests of the system the fresh plus in a touch now. Some adherents are calm and a support retreated my ps4 system firmly.
1 / 5 Naomi
That is to say one the majority of the useless nonsensical the thing has purchased any touches some controllers , tries his touch through Jack is a set of cape .... It conceal he no what a heck . Any COMPRAVENTA THIS any LAW.!!!
4 / 5 Ranae
A unit is doing utmost! An only subject there has been is planting some controllers in some ports of loads are the small uncomfortable. I maintain to paste a PS button while trying plants some controllers in some ports of loads and turning a PS4 pro behind on (but that is to say my own subject and any one the fault of a base). It IS very calm, very stable and easy to pose up. Highly recommend it these products want to maintain your PS4 fresh.

Top Customer Reviews: Kootek Vertical ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Julieann
Description of update: and'the voice took the substitution of Kootek except his only state the few days. There is not any a lot of other options still there for a ps4Pro but this the right of the product returns a bill...This produces perfectly returns a ps4 and has one prevails has attached to touch 2 controllers. A built in follower and taken this time is calm and a ps4pro chairs perfectly in a support. Access like the glove and his very stable. theres Tonnes of flows to air this enters and around one that is he a ps4Pro the stay cools in a touch when youre' touching these games that eats in an adherent...
So far so good and and'the voice has update my description. It gives these writes the casualidad and leaves your ps4Pro the fresh stay. Fact and mention that these looks very that the Support with a ps4pro?
5 / 5 Jim
It IS for the sale like the money has saved, but one by a part by side chargers has not done. Kootek Contacted me with my original description quite not doing and asks if I or like the repayment or the substitution. I Liked him still His of a product and chosen to take the substitution. A walnut one has done perfectly! This company will do sure is satisfied totally.
5 / 5 Anitra
I have believed at the beginning that that this was the quite good support for a prize, and perhaps some are but a one has taken has not been. For a first pair of days, was fresh quite external like any included turn some adherents on, but at the end covers the bit and I have thought would give them tries it. These flavours have lasted quite a lot of five minutes until it was so turbulent with a big sound these partidrios small has produced turned to era. It goes to ignore a fact some adherents were so annoying and continues uses a support, at the end that it has wanted it the to do that it was to be my PS4 pro vertically and touch my controller. But then, I have decided to try and touch my second controller, and has discovered only some touches the port has done. In then final, routed this support behind. It Likes him it has said it, it can have taken of the bad apple, but honestly on all a sense to sustain quite cheap but the supposition takes that decrees of paid.

Update: I am giving five stars immediately a bat so that and personally thinks a company and his service of client is which marks the product, and his service of client is surprising. Desprs IS to return a support that has not done properly, has been contacted and has offered the new support with a headline of game in any extra prize. I am happy to say that this one has so much chargers doing, sound very also strong and when being able to store the games wherever have mine ps4 in that then is well. Thank you A lot For your service adds and down waiting for subject of mark in a future
2 / 5 Brenda
I have bought this so part of my endeavours to clean in console of mine setup, and some results have been that disappoints to say a less.
Some works to cool when is on, but some adherents are excruciatingly strong and has not taken any remarkable action in a table.
Some looks are well , he kinda matches a PS4 tongue to draw, but one in spite of both looks to be of cheap plastic black afterwards in a PS4 pro.

At the end is a controller that canal of load... The words can not describe what the terrible test takes some controllers the chair is. You take that black and the flashes of aim in a infomercial where the people are hilariously the test acts the function of basic engine? This device that in me every time tries to limit in the controller.
4 / 5 Hulda
Pros: It Likes him when being of some consolations up so much can dissipate heat more effectively, and a two controller chargers and the ports of extra USB enter handy. It IS the tez solid .

Gilipollas: Some adherents in my unit are very noisy and a lot of difference in a heat of a PS4 ( when being vertical helps a heat the small even so) as in fact it does not use some adherents. That is to say an only reason this is not to 5 compraventa of star.

Thank you Kootek For a creation adds. To good sure compraventa of this vendor again.
5 / 5 Jeanine
This support was exactly that has looked for. It provides extra cooling for my Pro as well as a capacity to Touch 2 Controllers, More a capacity to locate Playstation on the way vertical saves room of shelf. USB powered well Of a Playstation. The only subject there has been was that it have to the my headset connector of USB so that a port used is now partially blocked for a support. Thank you
5 / 5 Shane
I have bought this for my fianc, since had taken the Pro ( heats up more than a rule PS4 because of some processors of the speed enhanced). I direct me madman with having the follower up in a dresser where a Pro was localised - takes on the plot of spatial. Quan Has seen this, has been immediately impressed so that it is also the cradle to touch for 2 controllers. Quan In the first place begin to use the, maintain a follower around simply so that it was paranoid. But honestly, no the precise ! Some marks of only modification was in impulse he enough the averages an inch of a surface of ours dresser - some adherents for a support are in a fund, as they pull in addition to airing yes bolster the up. Work fantastically, is decently calm, and touches some controllers hurriedly. An only thing would want to warn the people enough are that it pulls his' can of one PS4 directly, as if a system is was, does not touch controllers. It issues of rest, even so, he .
5 / 5 Michaele
There is a similar for first gene ps4. This one has the indicator for the light touch to this I likes him, shows when the controllers are full. The difference of my last support this one east sper solid and returning for a ps4. It likes I of the that concerns enough the falling on very solid.

The adherent is quite so strong what PS4 when his race each his adherents for the frescos down. But some utmost adherents, when theyre in some stays of system sper cools for long marathons.
1 / 5 Von
This thing is cheap, does not do so announced, and is supremely noisy. My old PS4 was noisy, but this thing is ridiculous. Sper Strong adherents, which alas CAN not be turned was once a unit is plugged in. There is the button to be able in, but he any one anything, as you are thank you to unplug a unit totally if it do not want to a bit sper noisy adherents. A FOCUSED in a front of a cradle of controller at all, they always green of resplandor just and has any road to say or any some the controllers are touching or Piece of no. Of junk, any compraventa.
5 / 5 Jacquelynn
Awesome Support. Having my ps4 the support all looks the most orderly plot . When being able to limit more than some 2 ports of USB that the cone with a system is the must has especially use the keyboard for some games likes him marks. Some fans the self maintain a console to heat and no strong at all.

Top Customer Reviews: Kootek Vertical ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Karan
It says his slender arrests or pro or regulate, but does not do to regulate. A lot he same returns a void..
4 / 5 Alva
This support was the small lighter in the material weight that would have liked me. For an old plus gamer, that is to say well. If you are buying for the young plus or rowdier crew, considers the most durable unit

Like Me that it can store it he of all together and decides a clutters. A support returns a slender model but no very snugly. No a subject unless you plan to travel with him in a support.

In general, the good election for the prize of estimativa. Four stars in place of five bc of a structure of clear weight.
5 / 5 Wynona
It Liked him that of one produces has not required any assembly. It looks to do he so that it declares to maintain a unit of Playstation cools for hours in of the hours to touch. My use of room of the boys to take so hot among his television and creates Playstation concealed apresamiento hot after the hours of game. It opens When walk in his room does not look to listen so hot as before. Hopefully Last for awhile, experience by the reasonable prize. Also I have to say that this has the small addition perks with east, cools your system, stores the few games, and touches your controllers all immediately!
2 / 5 Samual
It IS very very very robust, but estimates a prize. I can not take some adherents to cool to do.
5 / 5 Niki
I have bought this product for my new ps4 slender. I have bought the Playstation new bc of my original ps4 level of noise. It IS very bad. It has wanted to to help reduce noise for my new ps4 slender, as I have bought this system to cool. It IS very robust, and a noise some marks of follower is no where afterwards so strong like my old ps4s in common sound. Any one very fresh my Playstation, but to good sure builds of powder of the decreases up. A void of the game is well to have also. I any one lament this compraventa!
3 / 5 Hilary
A zone where one wins the support on is not robust and the movements or the slides and some games are always skewed in a side but some jumps to the load is quite robust and do a work. A support where a PS4 the chairs on are well and robust. Coast a money in a control and PS4 side only a side of games is that the desire was more robust but is better road that how had the before
4 / 5 Thomasine
Works of product and looks well. My PS4 is still strong. He the the small calmer very a lot.
5 / 5 Kamala
We buy this PS4 is for the anniversary of our threads of 23 years and wants to it. Has the slender PS4 and access perfectly, is relatively calm, does not take above a lot of room, has abundance of ports, maintains his PS4 has cooled down and the fresh looks. It is pleased and was economic. Present perfect for a gamer in your life!
4 / 5 Renata
My PS4 had been that runs the small warm, but this Kootek unit, and is three cooling the adherents really look to help. I the terrace!
4 / 5 Fletcher
I Like him his of a product offers a support for each playstation consoles. Owe follower to leave a cooling while it feign. The access adds and leaves additional coverage for controllers of touch.. The only downfall is a storage of the disk is unremovable which take up more spatial concealed has feigned. Global awesome product!

Top Customer Reviews: Kootek Vertical ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Gay
For that reading these descriptions to see $ 16.14 is very value to buy the support to cool this/canal of load for your PS4 Slender, has something to say you. If you are looking in this product so that you are fearful of overheating your PS4, then any compraventa this. If you are looking for something to maintain your PS4 and controllers in the orderly room and organised, then buys this element. It was fearful of my PS4 the overheating has bought since renewed. Desprs Doing the TONNE of investigation, is gone in a conclusion that my PS4 will take hot any one subjects that. Some adherents in this support is not a better but is not terrible. That I the amour in this product is a fact that has my PS4 and controllers everything in or plant. I recommend this element in the who want his PS4 the accessories in or plant, any one to cool down your PS4. Your PS4 will say you when overheat. Calm no precise adherents, a PS4 is programmed to fan out of any hot air. It conceal to be said, To well sure buy this to maintain all your PS4 the elements in or plant. Again, a help of adherents but only the minimum, likes him 1/16. In a picture, can see that it has ordered it looks and likes him ail that it takes any room. Val For an organisation and touching, any one to cool down the system that can . It expects this description aided
5 / 5 Carlyn
I have posed this service of vertical support with my Sony New Playstation 4 1 TB slender model. A console and some controllers of Duet of the Sony to Clash returned perfectly in a base. Based in other descriptions quite very quite clearance for the airflow has attached 4 x 3/4' the tampons of the pieces of furniture listened in a fund of a support. These are available in Amazon and the majority of hardware and centres of improvement of the house; and they look it it has improved it a airflow. So far this unit is doing perfectly and has not seen a noise of follower emits another has mentioned in his descriptions. Strongly recommend it that plants a support in the surface the hardest that the carpet like the carpet restricts a airflow of one 2 small cooling adherents. You can see some partidrios small in a photo those aims a location of tampon. This Playstation is mine but predominately has used for Grandson that posed in 16 hours to use on he in some Holidays. Based in a cost and the action recommend this support for a Playstation 4 slender version.
5 / 5 Merlin
In fact the leader a ps4 SLENDER. I have seen alot of descriptions of people that has ordered another quota is that it does not return his ps4 SLENDER. Any necessity the preoccupy in east a! It cools that field, any wiggle room. Supremely Useful in the sense that can touch you controllers without taking on the usb port. Has the keyboard and the receiver would like me load, on some controllers sometimes. As I WANT this support.

Has not founding very gilipollas quite he still..And it recommends.
5 / 5 Marlin
Has the half comunicacionales shelf quite small and has wanted to more out of a room to do a PS4 vertical. Neither I want a PS4 falling on accidentally and lining a disk... This in a Xbox 360 and took me hours to polish out of a deep scratch with toothpaste. Also I hated an USB that cape of the loads always hang out of a front of a PS4.

Designs clean adds. A built in chargers with the laws of sake of clear indicators. Only I upload some controllers when go down in a bar to maximiza a life of stack. Uses of May some adherents. No so sure when to use them and I game FPS all a time that represents is a record plus in a GPU. I guess I am VERY b/c has not had never any subjects with a PS4. I guess it is very b/c some adherents attach some noise. I guess it it was he adds the adherents kicked in b/c of the threshold of the temperature but then attaches to sustain and would not buy it .

The value adds, exactly that has wanted to that it is to pose the stable base in my PS4 for the have be vertical. Also it provides the most mere road in recharge controllers.
5 / 5 Tanesha
Perfect support for vertical location of a PS4. My television is planted in a mantle of the funnel, so spatial is limited. A support directs concealed and included a canal to load ensures some bond of controllers has entered the minimum distance. Some ports of USB are the touch buys well adds! Also supremely calm.
3 / 5 Lynell
Some adherents are the small noisy but there is the change to turn them on and has been; that and marks after the while. Some lights advances to ignite, and a far take touched. Still it uploads against road of rest. Mark sure takes a one for your type of PS while it has pegs in a support in firmly control in place. He slightly wiggles yes moves an upper but he wont tip on. So far so good.
5 / 5 Oda
I took this for my fiance when has taken the ps4 last black Friday. I need to be his ps4 in any subject, of his table is small and cluttered.
Absolutely wants a chargers for some controllers, and an adherent is the good touch .

HAS has did not try temperatures with an adherent, as it can not say his sake or bad, but researches to be that it does while it feign.
3 / 5 Savannah
It IS the lustrous and well of slender drawing and cools down my PS4 slender the small bit.
Even so weeks after taking this product a noise of follower was unbearable.
After consulting with the partner that often the changes was adherents of computer, suggests that I find some the dual balloon these adherents of wineries of a same measure in Amazon and substitute the with that. I will update punctual and see that it spends....
4 / 5 Austin
Some adherents are strong and very a lot. They blow in a side of a PS4 where some intakes of the air is to improve airflow, but very in fact cool a PS4 - apresamiento hot by everything means, but Sony has designed a console to be able to handle big temperatures of long hours of gaming in all the case. A cradle to touch for some controllers am add, even so. Having two controllers, not having never the data of controller on me. If one descends, the change has been for another, has posed then the both in a cradle at night. Also it take it arrive less room of road concealed having floor in my desktop, so that I can return my PC, monitor, and television all on him and any race in any subjects.
5 / 5 Fatimah
Orders to help to touch some controllers that and maintain the fresh system.

Pros: It uploads 2 utmost controllers, maintains the fresh system. The access of utmost slender drawing perfects together the zone of television. Easy to access buttons and of ports. Our system is using all a time as it is very state has tried has been. Any problem at all. It can change the controllers out of mid-game and other some touches behind up while you touch. Easy to dry under clean and . Slide Of controllers in and was very easily. Mere to pose up, only takes the few minutes.

Gilipollas: Any one. It IS state adds

Top Customer Reviews: Kootek Universal ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
3 / 5 Tony
A creation of a support am adds. Some helps of whole place save spatial. Some two far supports are very designed and has the lights of indicator two notifies a consumer when is touched. A two this cools the adherents are quite calm while they run and assemblar- pure out of the decent quantity to blow force. Some consolations powered for the USB this cover in a PS4 he that is although it is not plugged in a wall and take on the outlet of pode. A reason gave it 3 star is because of a storm for some games. It IS very cheap and does not line on some boxes of good game. In general it dies his work like the unit to cool, but one 1/2 some characteristic extras have announced of those who in fact does properly.
3 / 5 Estelle
I have bought this predominately for a cradle of controller, and one prevails attached of a hide-the able storage built in a base of a unit. Both load of cradles of the controller, and some connectors listen sure. A hide-was the storage of game is well, any sure if it do not use it never where has a console localised, but is well has built in a base to maintain each compact. A console has taken the little try take to situate, a trace of consolations in a support looks the heavy upper bit , and was well to have the system of better retention, but an arm to jump uploaded the good work to maintain a console in place.
Has to attack a unit for some adherents - the adherents are controlled saws the change in a front, like the unit can be on and load with some adherents on or has been. Perhaps I have the lemon, but some adherents are strong - can listen the ones of 10' ~was while it spends the headset. It is nettling in a point where the majority of a time maintains turned was them.

On everything, a sake of looks of the unit and controls PS4 Pro ensures enough, but desire some adherents were calmer.
1 / 5 Luana
It has wanted a concept but alas does not live until expectations. Desprs Only the week, some covers of the controller has pulled was and remained in a controller and they both have some corrosion has built up. One covers broken has been used with an original controller and another covers it has been used with marks he new controller. It IS to return the..
1 / 5 Felecia
It alleges to return slender pro and original.. While in fact it can seat in a floor.. Only it trust it the crowbar of small cradle has uploaded enough 5mm fat to line a console in place, while this can do a big more original sized console.. Calm slightly clash a thing and he esfondren well has been. Other supports of mark have seen and has used in fact has the ray in a base to ensure your system in him. I think that that this would have been the thing adds.. It controls a system, debits some controllers, cooling adherents, and storage of game.. Still he like this lack in his primary task.. Lining a system. Returned the.
1 / 5 Paris
He any one latch at all. As my PS4 very easily touches on with any light pressure and explosions out of a holding of wet he in place. And a cradle is not very strong with enough of pressure to maintain he in place. Has cats that wants to jump up in my desktop and the attack on. Return has had still a box.
4 / 5 Coletta
Tom which and expected of a description, and was exactly which and has looked for. It IS the lighter of weight of the bit concealed and has thought would be it that me it we nervous in his stability, but is state in the flat surface during the week or so now and not even budging, as it looks well. Also it is the audible plus bit that expected with some additional adherents, but and would not call it strong for any one half. And it is well with him.
2 / 5 Wally
It Likes him :alleged to be uploads it game and storage of partidrio external

Disturbs ps4 on heated in an hour that uploads the ports at random the decree that adherent of works extreamly the storage of strong game is flinsy
1 / 5 Karlyn
This produces marred my system of boys ails for the pose on there to well sure does not recommend this in any one
5 / 5 Fidel
My threads has bought this with his money of anniversary. It wants to be able to touch his controllers, has his games of favourites on and a PS4 each set.
2 / 5 Gertrude
Sure it looks well, smaller that the picture but he thing of only accesses PS4. Another that concealed would buy it again.

Top Customer Reviews: Pecham Vertical ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Winona
These products is by train to surprise me, quality and compatible measure very good. Perfectly it returns my PS4 and line it stably. Two chargers for controllers, and three extra USB port for other devices. A creation that when being with which button can turn of a hub of USB is very impressive. A prize is well for this quality.
Highly recommends.
5 / 5 Barbra
It take this cual the present navideo last year, no in surprised very while it was bought in my account of Amazon as I know that is to say a correct listing .

This small support is fantastic. A mere quantity to counter spatial to save of having my chairs of the system vertically maintains a support of means comunicacionales these orderly looks and clutter free. A dual controller chargers has still to leave me down. A load that bad the lights are easy to comprise and changing the controllers are much more convenient now that it is to treat some old cords. On him all an adherent maintains a fresh system while it runs which are perfect use your system for hours in finals.

My only complaint in a support is that occasionally when some beginning of the adherent above marks the strong whirling sound. Almost it likes him his is not seated is to house properly and is wobbling while the visit. Desprs The little of the correct minutes and a whirling prendidos of noise.

In an end this support is something each what so PS4 the owner would have to have . If you are still in a fence in this support only bites a balloon. Calm any one lament the.
5 / 5 Glenn
Sake Of vertical support that in fact works. Order these in some pasts and has failed to do. Any assembly required and limit well in and ignites. Some ports to upload against a side is also sper handy and do a setup very good. Some adherents are well and provides some level to cool. I have tried my system minus some adherents and he have listened sensibly warmer in a shell and in some ventilations after 2 hours of scratch of Aube of Horizon (clocked of 94.3-97.1 in of the ventilations). With some ventilations has been remarked to be operative 6.3 titles Fahrenheit lower. Some coverages of the clave of plastic inch is forgettable.
5 / 5 Ulrike
This support goes adds with my PS4 Slender, that well access ( has the group has comprised by a Slender model for the snug apt) in a solution of modest cooling, and at the end his two these ports of loads for some controllers. As I will continue these characteristics together with a hub of USB in of the mandates.
1. Each which as Playstation of a PS2 looks more when being vertically, but to good sure will require the support for his later iteration. A support comprises the group for a PS4 Slender, the mere tweak for the support in the principle built with a launcher PS4. Since I have a Slender model, take this support has had such the characteristic. I left me say has not been disappointed: this access to group snugly in some originals and my Slender access snugly in this adapter. Besides, there are big grips in some subordinated to ensure this does not slip . Unless I am using the plot of enough or purposefully that console of mine of the attacks on, this thing any budge. Also the help that a gold PS4 has black, which are an aesthetic premium for this accessory.
2. Sony IS notorious for slender variants of his consoles of his premier: a Playstation. His slender models are also notorious for subjects of excess heat. A prone PS4 Slender taking VERY HOT. A vertical a (with the decent support) is the touch the fresh plus. Sale in these two adherents for this support and some consolations go of hot to animate. They are only speed with the button of power for those which concealed wants to fan that it is not constantly race. It IS the solution of modest quota via USB that can connect it calm in a PS4. This USB provides pot in some adherents, 3 hub of USB, and the controller those touches scrolling.
3. A controller those touches the ports are protruding micro wets of USB for DualShock4 controllers. Simply it lines on some controllers in some outlines of some cradles and softly presses the down in slide an USB in place. They touch my very good controllers. Sometimes accidentally I turn in my PS4 to press a PS button, like the plant a controller in for some capes.
4. With 3 ports of USB, can connect extra controllers, devices of storage, or same devices of loads. Yes, they will touch only well. My loads of tlphonique same although I am using he for scrollings of file, as well as my controller. It conceal it is not too amazing, but has the universal USB has consecrated hurriedly upload for that. Also, a PS4 is powerful abundance to distribute pot in two small cooling adherents and touch the similar telephone in fast load 2.0.
Has admitted a point of prize, the fully functional support he like this merit 5 stars for affordability, versatility, and his capacity to achieve his purpose effectively. It likes him slightly main, the majority of the partidrios powerful but these are satisfactory. GT The sport can run my PS4 hot, like these adherents are doing the modest work for his measure and speed. Some ports of loads are to good sure the addition adds and save me a hassle to the poses was my controllers while in his now has touched. Also, my PS4 looks very better when being that my Xbox A S.
Ploughed If it only have the version of Change of the Nintendo....
1 / 5 Karmen
Ordered a Ortz in 2015, the thought was CRAZY, has taken 3 YEARS in the the end decides has not been, a backwards upload only very consistently touches a controller! At all worse that chosen in the controller expects to be fully the load and he are EMPTY! At the end in May 2018 has ordered the substitution, this times this Pecham, here is almost November and is directing madman me again! This is not science of rocket, or at least does not have to when being, but has chosen in my last dead controller! This material is just junk! Be it has advised! For a prize, is the leader treats big and could cost come from the and attentive this has better luck! Only it take, it is not YOU, it is not crazy!

Edita: FYI, some problems describe is not so that some ports to touch require a unit to be unit For one, as me fuels of fossil and my PS4 stays as it can do it, and when tries to go to sleep, will remain to wake the same if I am not using he inside a moment! :) But that it has to have gleaned of my description is concealed DOES not HAVE The PROBLEM WITH The PORT forward! It opens, why SO MUCH a Ortz and a Pecham so much test this behaviour, does not know . And it is not to estimate my time to preoccupy much more there for $ 16 but is everything still junk that any that alleges!
5 / 5 Jolene
Service of the client of the UPDATE has shipped the substitution in me in any load. This level of the service of client is enough for me to change my description in 5 stars. I am excited to take a substitution and give shoot it. In general it is the very good accessory for a PS4 with a flow of extra air, the controller that canal of load, and usb ports.

Some adherents do not flow the tonne of air and after some first few weeks resulted noisy in startup but a noise usually improves after the minute or two. It IS it adds to have two touching ports for controllers as well as usb ports so although some pause of the partidrios the law will continue to use the.
5 / 5 Elana
I took it one does week. My husband and I want to this. Opened HAS more room to pose the things and in the also can touch some controllers with him aussi.et helps it a PS4 to cool down of course. One the majority of awesome the thing is can listen a coolness of a follower those clashes in system.it is so enough. Some looks of product adds. The works add. The function adds. It recommends
5 / 5 Samuel
You can limit he (the cape of USB) in a PS4 and then do like the pertinent hub for a ps4, so much in load and other functions.

Or covers in the source to be able in of the USB and then was only the upload,
but in this way can touch your same controllers with a ps4 totally powered down.

Some partidrios have the change has separated to enable / deactivates the.

A cradle to load has the plexy cloak to direct a light of a controller in a side, as I can see is touching
(the light in a controller is otherwise any visible when is in a cradle).
My old ps3 upload the support has lights of independent state for each cradles to touch and wine with an independent PSU,
but - so that the value - this solution is VAL.
3 / 5 Carmina
Bought this so that why any one honestly. Shipped hurriedly, very easy to pose up. Very give it the fresh look in a ps4 be in his side. Also it save it the tonne of spatial. Yes it has the follower down to maintain it fresh. But once and connect he in a ps4 the automatically fire. Any one concealed to possess the ps4 . It knows a very low noise marks. So follower very attaches noise, included when his no required. Some ports to touch for some controllers in a side....It does not act. Yea To big slap in a face. Tried everything to see if law. The Very doesnt touch your controllers. So basicly and has taken the follower and the headline of controller. Yes he the ps4 more look that a future. But jeez why has somthing that does not act. Still I will use it until I buy the nine an of the different mark.
5 / 5 Sabra
Only it take it an element today. So much for also with a product. Some descriptions was the big in purchasing this merchandise.

Top Customer Reviews: Kootek Charging ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Rosenda
The arrival that access my PS4 pro perfectly!
Offers the ray has the slender or normal PS4 but a pro access very well without him :)
Tip... I plugged a usb of a support in a wall in place of a PS4 he, now always touch some controllers and no precise a PS4 to be on or subjects to rest for his touch! Very cleaned in my messy the lean television.
5 / 5 Dawn
I can not say Quite well in of the this. Totally chihuahua proofed my squad. Work totally what/that and has wanted 100%

Touches all a same time. Speed of follower of adjustable cooling, robust. One+
3 / 5 Keith
The product is robust and returns a current PSVR very good. Alas an only thing those looks to do on is an adherent , any one of my looks of controllers to touch while it connect it. An adherent is perceivable when turned in big but provide very airflow and maintains a PS4 fresh. I am in general happy with this product can direct take or with pertinent load.
3 / 5 Gabriella
I have purchased recently this so that it take it my husband the PS4 VR ray for his anniversary and I have done any give so instruments with him. This that touches the canal was a compraventa amazing ! Even so, it read other descriptions that the does not return a big PS4 Pro, which are that has. And he no... It IS so disappointed to know that it have to that it is by train of the return. Felizmente Even so, my husband is handy with the hammer and was able to do functions. As I warn other buyers, this canal will not return a big PS4 Pro so that a ray gives is too small.
Another that this subject even so, looks and works wonderfully.
3 / 5 Flora
I Liked him his of an idea of this unit......But it looks that some only consoles that can be it screwed in a base is a PS4 and PS4 slender. I have not been able to take a unit to vary with a hole in mine PS4 Pro......And some lips in a support are also down for me in confidence that will line it on a heavy pro. It has to return for this reason.
3 / 5 Karon
The good product does so signified. It gives 3 star so that the only has something for a controller and would have to have something of additional USB in basic.. Has external HD so that it takes it a usb something in ps and this cradle takes an another usb in ps4 only can use a cradle to touch a controller regulates the time.. Also a support of controller of the movement sloppy they whose chair closely in a cradle at all... Still it look it to do even so.
5 / 5 Oretha
Has a regulate PS4, and this support has done really well for me. It maintains the good and orderly things. Has some 2 controllers of gene of movement and so far as it can say, is touching! It IS better when a support in load is connected directly in a PS4 more than the outlet to wall to touch, in my experience; it is more dulcemente but work.
4 / 5 Valene
So far this thing is sum . An access of controllers, even so any one hasten a lot of drop in the, then the order to pop was and does not take touched. In general a support am add, has the follower also the quota to help a system so that it is cools. All my controllers and headset is now well has organised. I am very happy with a product besides a class of the controllers to canal was.
5 / 5 Arron
The product is the total of spatial saver for everything of your PS4 components - my PS4 Pro Access perfectly. My only flu, if it can call it that, is a weight of some capes that initiates of a VR the conversor tends to do backwards in a support some time. If they would do an external wall only the small main think it would relieve this subject.
1 / 5 Kittie
A product is built well and a built in the adherent is well. Even so, after taking all posed in my wireless controllers no properly. There is the delay. This is caused probably while you have posed each a VR the hardware in firm in a PS4 which interfere with a connection of Bluetooth in a controller. I have taken once everything of a support and has moved a hardware out of a PS4 some controllers no longer are having subject.

Top Customer Reviews: OIVO Regular PS4/ ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Lilli
So much, I like an idea of this element and a cooling and touching the characteristic has. My problem my big plus is some subjects can on. It IS the real bummer that for the turn on, physically has to press a button to be able up every time visits in a PS4. These a lot of stinks while I can turn a PS4 on of a controller where is not never around the. It IS very if only a power of a usb port of a PS4 would turn some adherents/of the support has been on. Another that this subject, is the good support and operates properly.
5 / 5 Vertie
That is to say the perfect definition to paste 4 birds in 1 bones, each flight in fact was to have the support for my PS4 Pro so obviously (first beak) race out of spatial in console of mine of entertainment for another gaming console. A whole intention was arrests is to pose in my subwoofer besides a television. To look for support, and found by so 4 in 1 fresh/ support/uploads/storage. Although, sound the $ 10 more compare in what and has seen in the mere support, creates his still the heck of the roads for me fulfilling you in fact can touch your controller on he also. One 2 controller uploads easily cost me $ 20 or more the poses averts of a room that would occupy it that and of the that has. It opens, it leaves habladura in a product. It IS obviously the support that could use calm in any ps4 model (normal,slender and pro) this has 2 cooling followers that could helps sucks out of a warm air that comes from/comes from a unit. Besides it is the 2 controller to jump upload with lights of fresh indication that could see you included of far (his company ignited enormous) and in another the side is 12 pcs storage of game. Alas, and only it has the game only now although I donwloaded of PS TENT as and that has grinded tried that side still with the PS4 disk of game; and test with a xbox1 an although and good access so far. Easily recommend it this especially in in these people has them the to me so limited spatial like this is the spatial saver very accesory.
4 / 5 Linsey
Used to posed my PS4 deep in my shelf, but now seats to be sure arrives and it fulfilling will not fall on. It uploads Records well, of loads of a ext port. (My micro usb the port is wonky and any one touches from here that anymore) An adherent is decent, quite calm especially yes use auricular. It owes law in cooling my system, so that I have not listened any beeping noises because of overheating so often. In general the good product for a money. Support + to upload in a = perfects = for me
4 / 5 Marta
So far so good. PS4 Slender access snug. Slide Of controllers very on.

Gilipollas:. The voice of only thing the value that the complaint enough is a void of organiser of the game. If or has the case of collector that is likes him done of metal or big that a normal gaming marries he VERY access. Another that that this support would be perfect
5 / 5 Sanjuana
That is to say sper easy to pose up and has not having d any subjects. If you are looking to pose it up in amall rooms I precaution you to measure it first. Be a PS4 in his final the fact the big bit. A support is quite wide with a chargers and case of game in a side. A follower to cool is afterwards silent, sometimes forget that it is on. Touching a far the wonderful works and only touches the in 80% like the does not spoil a stack.
5 / 5 Ariane
In general it wants to it. It has Had he for the month and any subject. It controls and it maintains my controllers each upload. An adherent is quite but was to take to follow so to use an adherent of some instructions has provided. A headline of the game am to add but becareful concealed posed in your game so that yes it obliges in then of angle in a plastic. Balance well when and has posed my PS4 in a headline. Has the PS4 Pro and returns perfectly. It recommends that this compraventa and a prize is utmost.
5 / 5 Beverly
Has this for several days orinally has looked for only the setup for some wireless controllers And while it explores in the amazon found this element, So far is very happy can maintain each orderly and organised and some controllers always are touching so awesome directly in a Playstation 4 and has a screen has DIRECTED that the when the far shows is touching I like an idea to pose your games after in him Although the no for me since has the enormous collection of the games even so they are the option adds for the prize adds, also would like me attach very when being no of the cheap plastic is good quality .
4 / 5 Jared
This fresher console is a int rest and option of the novelty for this flavour in safely be his ps4 vertically. I want a void to touch for some controllers, and A void for your cases of game, even so well-for-swimming at the beginning, is also the touch adds. A fresh plus takes a work has done. He no a fresh console, but think that the help a ventilation. More than everything, is compatible with each three iterations of a ps4. These costs to consider well enough.
1 / 5 Ethan
I create the plot of the people that vain to take that is to say so that an adherent to cool and with touching; even so, an adherent is so inconvenience, necessity to press that tiny button every time to actuate an adherent, which create the majority of one would want the in having us on every time? If any one only goes to take the support to touch for a controller.

Has bet 99% of a PS4 the user will use a controller to turn in a unit in planting to press a button in a PS4, and has to expects for a PS4 to kick up before it can press you a button for an adherent, his no the physical pop in and out of change. He so has to take you a controller and is there expects for bit it then presses a tiny change, forgot it always since automatically direct me in my sofa after taking a controller...

IS fresh to have the light show is touching for a controller, but any one touches when a PS4 is in standby road... That the cape of beat of USB... And his not touching any very quickly
3 / 5 Barbera
Good product of the first gaze. Things to remark:
1. Marks of page of the look of the product does not have the cape to connect in a front of a machine, but he the powers through a front like all other creations; very there is not any road around he alas and that it is the part of a reason has bought this model.
2. It looks to do well, another thing the note is owe careful when being to turn a follower on every time or overheat your system and although has quite a lot of lights well in the show that touches for some controllers there are not the clear to say if an adherent is on or was so has to listen carefully every time yes calm of the that takes.

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