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Top Customer Reviews: Star Night Light ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
It IS a first time has bought such the toy for my boy. No so fantastic like this paper of wall of has seen of big technology in my house of friends. But it considers a prize only the little bucks, the values tries it and has entertainment.
5 / 5
That is to say the quite fresh nightlight/projector! A light comes with 3 different options for a clear exposure. As you Can see in a first picture, has 3 trips' and 3 disks (can be blended and matched). To use them, wheels in or band and plant it around a clear fixture. Then taken a disk and (using a comprised clean) spent some light bulbs. To do this, a resplandor of lights through and project in any next surfaces. It IS in fact the very small quota effect. A value of thing these notes, while it is aimed in a main picture of the same ready of element, does not like the same projector although it looks he in a picture. Using a dome will turn in the nightlight (beak 5 and 7). It provides the soft light that is to say easy in some eyes in low light. To use subjects of projector, has to take a dome (beaks 4 and 5).

A light comprises the adapter of USB that can be it plugged in any hub of USB, port, or covers. It has been well to have had covers it has comprised, but in a side besides, can can with 3 AAA stacks (any comprised). Quan Using a nightlight, has an option or actuating a lot of some 3 light bulbs individually or everything of them immediately. It recommends to use each 3 of them in very hard a full impact of a projector.
5 / 5
That is to say so good! As it has described! But plz the commentaries concealed is the nightlight and it projector in or. If it wants that it nightlight leaves a bit of the plastic dome has taken of form with a creation of constellation of small plastic in him also. I left me the dress can expalin the best. IN A plastic dome is another plastiqui thing (like an ones some toys come incrusted in when take the ones of these boxes when the new mark) with one constelations creation in the. I have believed at the beginning that that went only to embroil purpose that is gone there to give an illusion of him when being ignited and went it to the launch was but takings and plant one plastic dome on then some stars (althought a bit blurry) will project..So that any one quite be one nightlight subjects ( thought in me) How I wing left only he in a plastic dome. Another thing in note is that, to project clearly and sharply, one the plastic dome HAS TO exited! It have seen in some revises some people queixen quite that so that it look has not reading a very good description or take the look in the few pictures before mandate. It expects these helps! But I want the a lot!
5 / 5
I have bought 2 of these lights, or for the room of the each boy. Absolutely THEY WANT TO it. Some lights have 3 interiors LEDs. One is white, one is orange/yellow , and or is blue. You can turn in any one paints, he combo of two colours, each what three colours, or some paints constantly rotating. My boys wants a yellow/orange and blue joint.

Some lights have 3 parameters of brilliance. It use them DOWN, bc is quite brilliant. BIG is insanely brilliant. It is not confused by some 2 buttons without focus. Some turns of button in some lights. Other changes a brilliance. Quan Scratch Down one of some buttons, some beginning of inner point to turn, and then a magic spends.

Some beginnings of dome and then is the new integer nightlight bc of an interior of interchangeable films. They are the plot like old fashioned (my childhood lol) negative has 3 sets of the films have comprised, stars, stars and planets, and same films of Happy Anniversary. The tan has amused! Some films are easy to change to take the point these clips up.

A thing would change is a period of cord. One covers in the cord is ridiculously down. A cord of extension is absolutely necessary. It enjoys!
4 / 5
That is to say the sper cute little light of the night and my daughter want a projection of planets. It IS quite decent, for a prize, an only unfortunate the thing is a characteristic of the rotation is not exactly calm so that it is not well for bedtime. I have been disappointed with this so that when it turn it in the first place on, was silent but afterwards be on for the few minutes, begins to do noise. Still the good product for a prize and he are the primary function like the light is less bad.
5 / 5
Bought this cual the present for my nephew, when tries to ignite, only no at all. Or with a usb port or stacks. It does not waste your money that buys this product.
UPDATE: I have contacted a vendor after my bad experience with his product. After few emails and returning and advance; a representative of the service of the client has offered to substitute an element. I took it and it try it immediately. Work perfectly. It was preoccupies for some revise to say a light is also that shines, but in fact one of some parameters leaves me to change an intensity. My nephew is very happy with this element, and he so that it is now these works of product perfectly.
4 / 5
That is to say the very fresh thing in big, but a quality the build is being missing of. I have bought this to give in the boy like the present (to serve like the nightlight concretely). One covers, organism, and has to line the together film with tape so that a moment touch a clear or try change out of a tape of projection, never mark together again. So if that is to say something you of who alcohol, or somehow can use this without the touch, then this will be perfect. I am still very happy with him so this nightlight and is used nightly. One has projected the stars are brilliant and a colour those changes the parameters are very orderly. This has been the very well gives has wanted and has used
3 / 5
It has Had the few lights of projector in a past. I want to when your boy can turn to era and on and left the when being. This a seams unnecessarily difficult to use. It has to plant an upper disk properly. Long band
always is falling was. A boy is in fact meant to be by a part of a unit that uses some launchers /of disk. The tan basically there is 10 pieces is during a room. The majority of the problem of nights very still to pose the up fully the cause is such the ache . They use with at all and complain-is too brilliant.
Sadly Has bought he cual the present for one of my boys and for a time has given the and gives has not been the stop had lost us my window of tower.
Wants to something mere the and easy this is not the.
5 / 5
That is to say the well very acting nightlight projector and/or partylight! We have to it has done it to it used the so both.
Comes with 3 films; Happy anniversary, Stars and Planets of seeds! My daughter uses this for his nightlight at night. It IS versatile as it change it some films out of nightly. So there is nightly rotation among some stars and of the planets. It can not decide in that likes him more! That is sper fresco and convenient is a brilliance can adjust the levels. It does not like him to have sper of the brilliant lights when is putting to bed so gone back he down. And a level of light is perfect to fall asleep.
Second my favourite thing is ignited can be use stacks or cord of USB. The tan sure will take this camp because of an option of stack. Also I know for the fact was to use this in some marks of tents in a house in of the rainy days.
WANTS a bit few films of the Happy anniversaries only used for the parents is my anniversary . It wants an extra touch of the Happy anniversary projected in a wall/of ceiling. As this gave me the idea adds to use for the daughters is my anniversary every year. Quan His anniversary comes to the long of the will pose up like the surprise for when awake arrives and that prejudices for bed.
IS very pleased with this product so that final for more when be that it expect it. It IS multifunctional and that it is so of entity in today of busy world.
5 / 5
Tonight the clear projector is a perfect substitution for my toddler the at night old light. It IS well and good. It comes with different films; has some planets, some stars with a moon, and the happy anniversary. Some films are interchangeable, which are very convenient. Also it comes with a usb cord, but anybody covers-in. It can use he cual the light at night, with a dome and a dome of plastic constellation on; or like the projector, without a dome on. My toddler prefers to be able to see some planets and stars with a moon, likes I blended and matched some films and no in that have a dome on. One prejudices the clear projector has colours of roads and different light, and can rotate. It can be very brilliant, but prefers it on one calming blue light. It IS very easy to use, only has two buttons, and of good quality for a prize. My toddler the amours that look some stars, moon, and planets while put to bed and the helps falls it to him slept. Absolutely it wants his night continues and ignites projector to have it on nightly in front of bed!

Top Customer Reviews: Elmchee Star Night ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Holly
That is to say perfect for the room of my daughter of 6 years, this was downright giddy in the, and surprisingly, my institute freshman boy, that is to say was exact words: That is to say fresh (nonchalantly). I have asked want to one, and he shrugged and mumbled, does not import . Anything, which of course is 14 years and very fresh now tongue, the averages: YEEEES. Please take me one! I want the, but can not say so that I am also old for him and too fresh now! I am back today to revise since BOTH of our kiddos very amours he. They were in the house of his aunt this weekend and when was to pack my daughter is has shared in his case, has seen my threads had packed his to take with him. Lol

Notes: we take in our daughter of 6 years done 11 months, of a system of adoptive cure. Arrival his last month of adoption. It IS to be through the plot of messed in of the things in his low life, that comprises his biological mother this sound of covers in two years, but that explosions behind in and out of his life while his in how he, the dad that any one still conforms him until it was two, and this has been in and out of prison two times in five years. And last year, the woman of the dad (his stepmom), what has nicknamed mommy since is two years , these arrests to sound created almost four years now, warehouses out of dad and daughter, saying, knows is an only mother is not never very fulfilled, but is not my boy. I am moving on. I am sharing everything of of the this, so that, 1: I have looked this vain small daughter of the sad, angry, lying, flight, boy of paste of 5 years, concealed could not count in 10 or included say his ABC is, in the happy, giggly, DULCE, earnest and fond boy. The tan far progresses so educational, is now in a program given and talented, so that once it has stability and has thought our fiances that never left his go, flowered. It IS incredibly intelligent and talented, and prefers to swim, draw and practising his ballet or karate, in television or his Kindle (although the his Amazon of flight Kindle Freetime when exited in the dinner and she abhor while we are speaking afterwards - lol). We begin to adoptive the little the mark of years, predominately boys the few younger years that our threads, as it has playmates and just boys in mentor ( amours he). This small daughter was ours first adoptive boy under an age of 8, and first to our daughter never. It IS sooo difficult an in the first place little month, but everything of us could see something special there. I am daunted of chairs. It is changed our lives , massively. We look for out of his biological grandparents in both sides, and has the next relation, is with each four of them. And still although his so many biological parents have lost his parental rights, decides immediately that do our best to help so much his biological and biological mother the flavours of father in better his lives, for his sake and for his happiness of future in life. It sees the in vacacional and of the cards of changes with them, enough once the month. It knows has the problems and concealed is why is his heart mommy and dad, and his big brother. But, also it fulfils it flies in infinity, and only so that has problems, his amour for his will not go never was. Even so... Still although has the voice of fantastic therapist the pair to time the week, to plot of contact with his biological family, and is ridiculously has wanted by a three of nodes, still has the at night TERRIBLE terrors ( awake arrives cry, sweating, crying his eyes was - at least three times the week), related in case very traumatic during his life (predominately domestic violence among his biological parents and his partners, and the police calls that resulted in multiple stints in adoptive to continuation very emergency).

THIS LIGHT of the night of the STAR has cut his terrors at night for enough 75%. I am when blowing has been for that. I have used to read in his, he semence and sing in his for the solid 45 in 90 minutes nightly, only to take his quite calm to sleep, and to reduce some casualidad of the terror at night. A first turn by prejudices he this on in his room. I have had to to go call and control in my threads ( was in the school trip) before I have begun our nightly routine). It was in his PJs reads, touch with his wrists and admiring some light at night. Ten minutes later when returned, was his asleep. In a past 30 or so nights to use these light at night, is has had only 4 terrors at night! That opposite in 12 or more, and has each which be in of the ways like bad.

This light is not only calming, is the darn miracle so far as it is disturbed. Has three buttons these controls it. One visits a rotation on and has been. Some second towers a white light on and was, and a third rotated through some different colours and of the combinations by heart of red, blue and green. This life of changes for our family. So much, yes, highly I recommend it, especially for boys that has had any type of trauma or emotional difficulty. TEN STARS.
2 / 5 Mari
You mark strong Noise when visit. Some stars are not in fact stars in a ceiling at night, is distorted. A stencil of the star is not attached and begins very easily.
5 / 5 Dionna
That is to say a light by prejudices he better never
5 / 5 Dino
My daughter wants to these . In 3 months has been posed in the organism launched for dysplasia of hip . Nightly Turns this small thing on he so that it can enjoy some lights.
5 / 5 Millicent
I am the therapist of the massage has authorised , has wanted to something extra for in my room for clients to look in choosing maintain his eyes have opened. The majority any one, but that has has wanted this projector of star. It estimates each penny and he are fantastic!!!!! Highly it recommends!!!! I have read a lot of descriptions before chosing this lil projector. Has better descriptions that some expensive ones. I have purchased in fact or for each of the mine has sawed-hard-working that massage of mark. Enormous radishes in the!!!!!!
4 / 5 Leroy
My amours of 8 years this light. A brilliance of some colours is appealing. I have been surprised that or has to take a coverage of dome of plastic take of a cup to see a form of moon/of stars...This deletes a protect of a mould of thin plastic that some forms are stamped out of. I wish this has not been so.
3 / 5 Sammy
It IS cheap and works. Mere to use. I am using like the nightlight for mine 2 old year. A cord is way down below and use the stacks will run out of fast. Also an engine for the moves is quite strong when in the calm room. Another while it is brilliant or dim depend what light of poses is used. Has one this was the small more expensive before buying easterly one and an only difference is a noise of an engine was calmer but pause in less then year. The to time say in east unit
5 / 5 Barbar
My creature the flight. The flight the too many small bit. It does not sleep when it is on and it maintains to gaze in a ceiling. His very brilliant and masters of marks very well in a small room that it is his nursery . If a wall or the ceiling are mass far (7 feet or as) the stars result blurry points. Sake Of still looks.

Does not plan to use stacks for daily use. It eats in stacks quite quickly. It IS well for travelling even so.

Only with east has to press a button quite 7 times to go he in those paintings that blinks subject after it change it on. This would have to be a first option IMHO.

Neither would be adapted for the boy to touch with him. A globe is quite fragile.
5 / 5 Camelia
I have bought this light at night so that my threads ask me in. It opens and the brother is his amour to look some stars and moons in his room before it sleeps. A light at night has several roads, can turn in of the roads of colours and different light, some stars can move or be still. You can touch it see USB or AAA stacks.
2 / 5 Lanell
The very colored the lights have prisoner to do after the few months. ive Has Had another of these and a same thing is spent. It has to when being the subject of manufacture. And an engine those twist at the end begin to do noise. No a better for boys that can scare odd noises. In general his no bad, still done a same work without some well lights by heart, so that there is still the light of main aim, but wary when being that ive has had two of these, both have had some same subjects. If any one of this calm problem, then like me these! For a prize, really can any one complain mass.