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Top Customer Reviews: Elo E829550 1517L ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5 Berry
There is a same monitor before. One orders to reason another era has taken broken because of the can outage. We want to this controls thats why mandate he again!
5 / 5 Tamie
Excelent Better concealed and expected by and is brilliant. He plugged in and law in of the Windows 7
5 / 5 Kermit
Wow Some looks of works and utmost monitor while ad.
5 / 5 Becky
Monitor was easy to install and the looks adds. Amur That has no bezel.
5 / 5 Ruthann
Likes too gone back if the turn is possible.
Does not buy this monitor partorisca touch.
5 / 5 Ophelia
Has had a same monitor before. A reason orders another has been he has taken fraction owed to the can outage. We love this monitor thats reason commanded he again!
5 / 5 Corine
Excelent Better that has expected them takes and is brilliant. Plugged He in and work in of the Windows 7
4 / 5 Galina
Wow a look of monitor adds and works to the equal that has announced.

Top Customer Reviews: Elo LCD Monitor ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Verline

Top Customer Reviews: Elo E045337 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
3 / 5 Kayce
This was very but troubling that a usb Has to when being connected to be able in him on. It can not use so mere secondary screen if the touch has not been required without plugging in usb.
5 / 5 Jeffie
Sudden, built like the tank. A routing of cape and control downs is the road in of the averages. It take an abuse enters gives.
5 / 5 Hortensia
Compact Good touchscreen for my application of interface of industrial machine.
5 / 5 Cecil
This was a lot of but that annoying that a usb has Had to that be connected to be able to him on. It can not use like this simple secondary screen if the touch has not been required without plugging in usb.
5 / 5 Janina
Rugged, built like the tank. A routing of boss and control downs is way on half. It take an abuse goes in gives.
5 / 5 Jacob
A lot compact touchscreen for my application of interface of industrial car.

Top Customer Reviews: Elo 1515L Desktop ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Cathi
The screen of the touch is not quite sensitive

Top Customer Reviews: Elo 1537L ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5
This has done well for the project of the kiosk has built. It looks expensive for the that is to say, but has done well in an application.
5 / 5
Dependable And predictable. That is to say all these subjects in me and these monitors of screen of the hand to touch.
5 / 5
Monitor excellent! A screen shined like the monitor has directed could be.
5 / 5
That is to say to use in the computer has generated machin and side only more than half of that OEM amours for a same thing. Taken to want to that to maintain the estimativa.
5 / 5
This has done well partorisca the project of kiosk has built. It looks expensive so that it is, but has done well in an application.
5 / 5
Monitor excellent! A screen was that it shines like the monitor focused could be.
4 / 5
Dependable And predictable. Ossia All these subjects of mine and these monitors of the screen of the touch rid.
4 / 5
This is to use in the computer has generated machin and side so only more than the half of it OEM master for a same thing. Taken to want to that to maintain the estimativa.

Top Customer Reviews: Elo Touch E396119 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5 Joya
Plugged In and has done perfectly out of a box - the exposures looks very good. It prefers the built in supply of the faculty since has the portable application, but there is not any a lot of an option for that in any monitor of any manufacturer.
2 / 5 Rema
It IS very robust, and some responses to touch well. Even so, a screen has the misty look in him. Only purchase this if the durability much more is that it imports that quality of map.

Am adds concealed has support for windows, linux, and mac.
5 / 5 Argelia
Always it have Elo screens to touch for my subject. Mark very reliable. This monitor is lustrous and well has designed! Management of the cape in a base is well and a sum of looks of the screen. The touches are very responsive. It attaches in general.
4 / 5 Daren
Plugged In and has done perfectly out of a box - the exposures look a lot good. Prefer the built in supply of the faculty of then has the portable application, but there is not any a lot of an option for that in any monitor of any costruttore.
5 / 5 Tracie
Is a lot of sturdy, and some responses to touch well. This in spite of, a screen has his misty look. So only buy this if the durability is much more of entity that quality of map.

Are to add that has support for windows, linux, and mac.
5 / 5 Troy
There has been always Elo screens to touch for my subject. Mark very of confidence. This monitor is lustrous and well has drawn! Management of the boss in a base is good and a sum of looks of the screen. The touches are a lot of responsive. I add in general.

Top Customer Reviews: BenQ GL2460HM 24 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5 Denver
These are utmost monitors , but some speakers are a lot of calm . If you want any volume, buys a 'AmazonBasics USB-Speakers Powered of Computer' to go with this monitor. These speakers are in $ 14, and is adds.
1 / 5 Chantal
I am happy this has bought the SquareTrade floor in this exposure. 4 month to use this exposure, begun to take green lines and white lines to the long of a right side of a monitor. Quan Has taken this until BenQ, take them almost a whole WEEK to return in me considers this subject only to say issue me the new unit was, in that THINK that it was adds. That failed to mention in me before taking another WEEK to return in me to continue with a RMA the process is that only I issue me the new unit was if I routed this in. If it takes this , takes the SquareTrade guaranteeed in of the this and any troubling with BenQ is. IF it takes this , which do not recommend to do. The good poster backed by cheap components that only is not reliable. You are more it take another monitor to arrive to this point of prize.
5 / 5 Jeanetta
Pros: The works add and while it announces. I use for gaming; response and lag the times are any subject at all. Profit also of some angles to see improved (had the TN monitor before). It has Had he that hangs ~2 month now with 0 subjects. The parameters are the breeze in the change and some cards are intuitive to explore through. I do to house also and has gazed in excelling cloaks on here during the hours with attraction of minimum eye so anything his system of priest of the laws of eye.

Gilipollas: The brilliance Was the small a lot for me at the beginning. It have to the all a low road and thought it still was also brilliant but has taken used his.
4 / 5 Neville
-His noticablly more colored that traditional TN has DIRECTED control
-Claro ultra the slender bezel is acute to look.
-Zero and blue light flicker
-Vesa mountable (that use the set of dual monitor -arrive)
-personally has not seen any limitations in lag or sloppy time of response still. Has my parameters maxed in some games I game.
BenQ Has to three guarantee of year on there screens.

-Very almost so in brilliant monitors what traditional
-screens of IP in general and this one very bleeds clear out of some corners.
-The trade of slender bezel softens to look creation for weakness and a potential of the powder that takes under a screen while clean
-the speakers are terrible but that can expect it. So that it goes it when being bought for his sound to have where they very now.

My aim was to pose in the situation of dual monitor for my dispatch of house. As I have wanted to to have the gesture of party to relieve to use and matching some parameters of screen. As I will be to buy the second a to finish a pair. Tan still although this will be used in my business centre, I in the first place hooked he until my gaming squad and has done the small bit to represent to photos to see likes them his of a screen. I use this with confidence for gaming , especially to do with photos. The games and the pictures look much more vivid. I think that that a problem a big plus is that dark looks in the dark room. Still I am doing with some parameters bit it. It looks the Kong island of skull on here, to try some scenes of special effects, a hemorrhage in the wide screen with some black bars arrives and inferior really, a lot the clave was. To well sure it can see bleed of corner. It conceal to be said a quality of a video was utmost, as it was the trade has been. It does not look television on here a lot, or at least without taking some speakers in all the case. I have wanted a low prize even so it takes the product of quality, sweats this was good access .
5 / 5 Alysha
I am substituting my old iMac with the new PC but was very preoccupied quite finding the comparable screen for the reasonable prize. I the plot of investigation, reads lists of 'presupposed' editing screens, the majority of the this was $ 300-$ 1000 -- still out of my estimativa common. At the end after reading tonnes of the descriptions in amazon have decided to try this one was and is very pleased with this compraventa! It take a 24 inch and has touched around with some parameters the bit but he very was quite adds directly out of a box.

I portraits of photograph and the pairs and I have the very vibrant way. Because of this I required to do sure a colour was quite something-on. It have used my computer of husbands to edit the small time and has discovered one issues to take that his colour of screens was subject was and can do look of tones of rind of the sickly villages. The tan hardly takes ones pose to control up pulled in images in so much my iMac and some new BenQ the screen and looked very afterwards! In fact it remarks that my iMac the aims are the small warmer as have take of the bouquet of impressions has had done and begun to compare and a BenQ has looked for to be even more accurate in those my impressions looked!

A lot of people go to complain that this screen is also that shines, but does not know changed the to him since these descriptions have been written... It does not look also that shines in me at all, has posed he in 100 brilliance. Another critic has published parameters to match a iMac exposure, but when posed a level of brilliance in 50 was wayyy under a brilliance of my iMac. So much, I have maintained some parameters quite prjimos in some automatic parameters, has adjusted one gamma the small and the pair other things here and there.

So many is very happy with this compraventa, will be sure to update yes has any subjects or anything more to attach!
5 / 5 Roselyn
Wow. This monitor is something more. Everything and can say is for a prize of east his monitor really very good! And my gaming has improved by so with this thing!
5 / 5 Inger
Doing like the programmer, has had constantly headaches before because of a tiredness of eye. Then this 'the eye concerns the monitor has taken my attention, has wanted only try and view if work, if I will not return. In fact it helps my problem of eye.

Has tried a lot of monitors in work, cheap and expensive ones, to find or that helps my symptoms, spent the little, but a prize is or very big or many to require the better computing setup to use his full potentials. For example, a better or used is Dell 4K ISP, but side in $ 500 (2018) and is for sale. Other marks are well, but dulcemente prpers gives is only the a lot of mark of them uses a same manufactory. Like the prize is basically bren what popular a mark is.

BenQ Is not the very familiar mark in some the EUA, but used to has the BenQ portable I very which, as has the very positive feeling in this mark. Interior a moment of compraventa, has had quite a lot of 3 options: this monitor, the Dell a, and a unit to Armour plate has had a monitor to Armour plate before and is bad, looks very well, but when used the, will know is 'cheap'. Behind in 2015 an Armours plate the cost of monitor in a same prize like easterly a, any value he. Dell One was more expensive, in $ 400 dollars and 4K, even so, knows 4K the monitor usually requires the best setup, has had the mac mini (hard generation) house, any behind 4K, why problem to spend so for that.

This monitor is so described in his page of amazon. I took it only enough the few days, and after the day of work, and then uses this house of monitor, has not developed some headaches and used to stops to have. Esperanza is the durable an also.
1 / 5 Regine
It is necessary utensils of looks of same compression although some looks of image very well in my another monitor. A colour is also very unsaturated. It can very anything to fix these same subjects when using parameters of user and tinkering with saturation, contrast, brilliance, gamma, etc.
5 / 5 Dexter
Sound the product adds, has purchased 3 of them for the triple monitor setup in my current workstation. All three has paints very vibrant that good pop. An IP the model has angles of amazing viewing. Do also some gaming in the, the law adds with my crossfire eyefinity setup. I a unboxing and description of these in my canal of Youtube is interested my canal of Youtube is 'the technology adds' and a name of video is 'BenQ GW2480 - Unboxing and Description - Eyefinity Setup'.
3 / 5 Salvador
The mine was defective and BenQ has said to return it. I am exchanging he for a same model.

A problem was that an exposure has been often wash has been. It was not compatible. The majority of a time was a lot. Raisin with three computers (Wins 10 and OpenSUSE Linux) and three entrances. I wasted The plot of time fiddling with Winner 10 External Exposure and Management by heart and with adjusting parameters of monitor. At all resolve it a problem.

In Joining it to him to thing does not like him in of this monitor is a location of some buttons of control. They require to achieve by behind an exposure. In this way that yes it has the dual or triple monitor poses up and there is not any desert among some monitors, these necessities to control to be a rightmost monitor. It have planned it uses that monitor of centre in my squad of triple monitor, but could very been due to of the this. I even so it gives BenQ credit for having buttons to control that is to say the intuitive plus bit to use that more monitors.

Gives BenQ support of mark of big technology to answer a tlphonique immediately, without retarding at all, and to be very useful.

Afterwards takes a monitor of substitution, will update this description.
4 / 5 Kenny
Had this monitor partorisca almost a year, begins glitching was, has called Ben Q, has said the cause boasts that everything there the monitors have the three guarantee of year, that reason some pictures sent has looked has the harm is not warrantied, of course has contested them a point, has said a lot there is not any harm, is spent almost 30 minutes that has to listen to the his rep say me that the majority of people that sends there supervises lie in whats injustice with them, the short long history will not buy never Ben Q anything never again, his service of client is horrible!
5 / 5 Marie
These are utmost monitors , but some speakers are really calm. If it love any volume, buy a 'AmazonBasics USB-Powered Speakers of Computers' to go with this monitor. These speakers are in $ 14, and is utmost.
5 / 5 Grazyna
Update: my first monitor has suffered harm, like this the portion of my description is for a second wash has received. It finds that some very washed pictures-was, too white, no too brilliant. There is the difference. If I have dipped the picture coloreado up in a screen in fact looks very good. But I am using any program that has the white fund is so only too white, also has washed was. It is a lot I last in my eyes. I have purchased this because of all some descriptions add, but can do not recommending. Has has looked video and read descriptions on that for aforar a Monitor, and still finds that a picture is subpar.

When I have received this monitor suffers harm. There is streak down a screen. They are while to the substitution, and will update my description then. Another that a harm, find a screen to be very washed-was. I am not sure reason, as have aforado a screen and he would not owe that be in this way. I cause tension of eye. I am expecting that a substitution there will be this subject, and again will update a description once arrives.
5 / 5 Thresa
Is reading This, calm then is neither at least considering taking the new monitor or ready to pull one causes on buying a. To the sinister calm help was, compraventa of window of the stop, and order this monitor. When it Comes the compraventa of technology, spends the time of wild quantity that investigations my options, his companies, his reliability, some descriptions of course, comparing some technicians specs, etc... I have solved in this BenQ monitor quite quickly and has done to good sure a right decision. Here it is reason:

are the medical student , as I spend an inhuman quantity to time to read of my computer. Recently it take the control up for my eye doc and comment it are having light nearsighted vision (+, as swimming of entity)...But compared to a 20/17 vision has used to have, this was quite impressive informative for me. It seats tension of eye and headaches in an end of the longitude that days of studios and decided to look to an external monitor for mine 2013 MacBook Pro Retina that has had the blue light setting down to help relieve tension of eye.

The short long history: this monitor is thin, light, and is built extremely well. It is lustrous and looks very cleaned with my extremely fastidious/the office has ordered up. Resolution and colour richness is fantastic (I league to mine MBP has seen HDMI). I locate on a extendable arm which is trace to my office (sees pictures). It dips up it is the breeze (automatic, basically) and regulating some settings of the screen could not be easier. The , in fact, feels less tension in my eyes after reading of this monitor for long periods of time (4-14hrs for day). Honradamente, Partorisca low $ 150, ossia absolutely ridiculous. I have considered some of ViewSonic blue light decrease and flicker free monitors, but was bit it more expensive, and was curious to try the newest company like BenQ the one who was cranking out of awesome technology for low cost (reason so that cost to do these monitors, has no valid reason to touch $ 300+ for the 21.5'' monitor).

In general, am pleased extremely and further impressed with this compraventa. Well he BenQ. If has any doubts or of the questions, will be happy to answer them. I have taken also too time out of studying to write this, as I expect that that costs yours.
4 / 5 Torrie
Are happy that has bought it SquareTrade paving in this exposure. 4 month to use this exposure, has begun to take green lines and white lines to the long of a right side of a monitor. When I have spent this until BenQ, take them almost a whole WEEK to go back the mine that considers this @@subject only to say would send me the new unit was, to the to the equal that has THOUGHT was adds. That has failed to mention first mine to take another WEEK to go back mine to continue with a RMA the process is that so only would send me the new unit was has sent this in. If you take this , take the SquareTrade has guaranteeed is and no annoying with BenQ is. IF you take this , which does not recommend calm to do. The good poster backed for economic components that so only is not of confidence. You are more lame another monitor in this point of prize.
5 / 5 Oneida
Has been purchasing monitors for some purposes of gaming and films for on 20 years. My old monitor was 24 thumbs and has loved upgrade measures. Based in some descriptions for a monitor, felt it would be the good cost.

Was dead injustice .

Ossia, delivery down, a worse monitor has has not possessed never. It is spoilt essentially in of the decreases of conditions read, as it can does not look to rid smoothly that spends for all the shadows of dark greys and blacks. Besides, some flanges of a monitor are brilliant, and underline in of the dark scenes. Finally, I am recently state remarking (slope of the dark scenes) the light white band that pursues horizontally by means of an average of upper portion of a monitor.

Complete rubbishes. Spend the little extra bucks in the more reputable mark.
4 / 5 Leonila
UPDATE: Three month later (late Seven 2014) - I still love this monitor -- in fact, has bought so only the second a to the equal that can move an exposure of Ray on and use he with my new MBP, as I will be to connect two of these to mine mini.

Has the Mac Mini (Late 2012, running Nonconformists) -- I follows to use an exposure of Ray of the Apple like my main exposure, (by means of a port of Ray, of course,) and a BenQ monitor like my monitor lateralmente has seen a HDMI connector. (I mentions this reason has had the question roughly this exposure would do with the Mac Mini, like this the description is aimed mostly in Mac users, although the majority of him probably applies to all the users.)

In general, am quite happy with this exposure - for a prize, has the good picture, any missing pixel that I can see [your mileage can vary, of course,] and reasonably basic plastic appeal lustrous black, with tilt control.

To the Things really like roughly that:
1) comes without being able to or state LEDs in a front; the hate controls east blinks in me when I am trying to look the film. My leading monitor there has been an eye-searing the blue power has DIRECTED, knows, in chance that a picture in my screen has not been sufficient indication that a monitor was for real 'on.' ( There is dim the green FOCUSED in a side when it is powered on, but because of a form of a screen owes crane your boss around to a side for the see, which is like this has to that be, IMHO.)

2) Is almost exactly a height of same picture like my exposure of Ray (perhaps 1/4' difference) which is the good perq in the second monitor.

3) A combination of flicker-technology of free exposure and the configurable 'blue-reduction will read the characteristic tension really reduced of eye when using this monitor. Nizza.

Has the few things to be conscious of: any necessarily questions, but will be happier knows roughly his arrive front.

1) A monitor so only comes with the 15-pin (VGA) D-Sub boss in a box, which is annoying in 2014 - need buy your own HDMI boss (does not want to use this with a MiniDisplayPort->VGA adapter, this stink of adapters, and some colours will be to crap) Felizmente, some bosses are in $ 5 of Amazon Basics: (p. p.ej.[...])

2) A monitor does not resemble car-relieve that class of boss is used - at the beginning this freaked have been, reason my Mac has relieved the second exposure has connected, but a monitor has aimed so only the screen of spatial with a unhelpful 'any semi-detached boss' look, and has think that something was hosed, but once manually has selected a HDMI gone in of video by means of the system of paper of a monitor, law well.

3) A monitor has the 'down-blue-will read put ossia a lot of (e.g. to turn down a blues while law to plot of text in a screen, reduced eyestrain) but once turn it on (easy to do) is delicate to turn entirely was: there is a paper to select that porcentual of blue-the reduction loves, but to go back to any blue reduction at all, has to go to 'the picture Advanced'->'Way of Picture' and king-select estandard'. (Then again, a incumplimiento 30 looks of reduction well, so only can leave there.)

4) Audio: a device sustains HDMI exited of audio to the headphone jack, but does not have any speaker, and any entrance of microphone; this is not the question for me, but is something to be conscious of if this will be your main monitor . A headphone jack is quite inconveniently situated in a backside, afterwards to some entrances of video, how is well for permanently connecting arrive some speakers, but calm will not want to be frequently plugging and unplugging auricular to this jack. (Mac Commentaries of user: you owe that select a monitor like your device of start of primary audio in ound' preferences the street a sound to a monitor; it is not automatic a way was if you plugged to a backside of a Mac directly.)

5) A base there is tilt qualified, but any swivel. In another hand, an impression of a base has gone almost, how is really any one the question to so only rotate a monitor yes need - this looks the wise cost -reduction.
4 / 5 Bryan
Less than 1 year and a screen have maintained has gone the rose/of tone has lived. unusable Mina now. You do not buy this again or the recommend to any
4 / 5 Lanell
has the one who machineries of looks of same compression although some looks of image perfectly well in mine another monitor. A colour is also a lot of unsaturated. It can a lot of anything to fix these issues inclusos when using settings of user and tinkering with saturation, contrast, brightness, gamma, etc.
5 / 5 Raylene
In general ossia the quite good monitor . Lame 3, each one that like this down $ 100, and for a prize thinks that that they are extremely competitive against other monitors of name of the mark like Asus and LG.

-Weigh quite light.
-Decent brightness levels.
-Easy options to turn on reading ways and lessen blue light (although I can do it on Windows 10 by means of light at night).
-I colours look quite well, although I am not using these for production of means comunicacionales.
-The speakers are so only an extra when it comes to monitors of computer. Handy to have if any one the any speakers or so only required to try some sound.
-Bezels Is quite small. Any one distracts it at all.

-Quality of the speaker is not to order, but this is to expect. It can any one really max went him without sprain.
-Navigation of paper the fact the little hard to regulate brightness quickly, but ossia so only he nitpick.

Other thoughts:
For clarity, one 22 model of thumb has is GW2270HM but has the FHD and GOES IT version. A FHD the model does not have the HDMI port or integrated speakers. As to my knowledge, a number of model is one same for both versions. But in mine real monitor, says HDMI in a bezels.

I like this reason is light weight , thin, flicker free, 1080p, and so only simply looks good to an eye. A lived BenQ logo in startup is class of 'eh', but is not to treat it big. To good sure recommend these to any, if FHD or GOES version. So only it take one GOES version for just-in-of the phases of chances have required his without that has to that spend speakers or headphones around or am spent to be emotional some controls around.
5 / 5 Carissa
I am 25 years old in CGI and work of video and has purchased this like the monitor of utility, has required purely partorisca dip cue aim in of the video. Although I have known it is it was the compraventa of estimativa down, has another BenQ the monitors have been satisfied with, as I have taken the casualidad, based in a description. This description has looked for to be almost totally inaccurate. I am not annoyed with BenQ thus that results to be a inefficient monitor. I am annoyed reason a description deceived to think perhaps would found the way to in fact produce the monitor that returns a description, thus prize. Has no, and does not appreciate having my time has squandered so much could sell the monitor in a hope that a buyer would not annoy the returning when it result to be no like this described.

Two points here, among another:
1: it can not achieve anything closes to the black, using any or everything of one contrasts, colour, brightness or gamut controls. One contrasts has been compressed, blacks very feeble.
2: A corner of view is described like this, '178° H/V wide viewing corners for clarity of any point of view.' A word 'the needs of clarity to be take of a description, reason is not . The lava was almost immediately when a view roams was-axial for more than 15 or 20 terracings.

This would be the good monitor for any one doing work where accuracy by heart and angled the viewing is not anywhere prójimo to critic.
5 / 5 Hui
Wow. This monitor is something more. All can say them is for a prize of east his monitor really really good! And my gaming has improved for like this with this thing!
4 / 5 Charlette
Note: This description is for a GW2280.

Ossia The good monitor drawn for a prize. A lot of monitors in this lack of the row of the prize looks that this monitor has. Here it is things like roughly that:

- 2 HDMI ports, as I can cover one to my computer and one to my game console

- Monitor awake on quickly of standby (compared to other monitors have used)

- Any DVI ports (reasons annoy, of then DVI does not spend audio. Some monitors in this row of prize has 1 DVI and 1 HDMI, but thinks 2 HDMI is better)

- Built in of the speakers (the quality of his is not that it surprises but is a lot date a prize)

- Line in port (In the chance loves audio of scrolling of your computer to a monitor has seen jack)

- Line out of port (In the if it does not like a built in of the speakers or auricular master of use)

- Intuitive OSD (in writing of screen)

- the control of Volume is easily accessible of a OSD

- changing the way of picture is quite easy of a OSD

- there is VESA in the increasing holes in chances want to locate to somewhere

- A bezel is quite thin

- Uses the boss to be able to regulate without requiring any brick to be able to

A subject smaller so only has with this that a standby CONCENTRATED is the brilliant of has bitten, as I can loves the tin was is trying sleep afterwards to the. I have added instead the piece of electrical tape to a front of a FOCUSED. ( It sees a semi-detached picture) This blocks the majority of a light. Still it have some to of indirect light mould down but does not annoy me .
5 / 5 Terese
The mine was defective and BenQ said to return it. I am exchanging he for a same model.

A question was that an exposure is often state has washed was. It was not compatible. The majority of a time was a lot. Raisin with three computer (Wins 10 and OpenSUSE Linux) and three entrances. I have squandered The plot to time fiddling with Winner 10 External Exposure and Management by heart and with regulating settings of monitor. At all it solve it a question.

To to A thing does not like on this monitor is a location of some keys of control. They require to achieve for behind an exposure. This means that has the dual or triple monitor dips up and there is not a lot empty among some monitors, these needs to control to be a rightmost monitor. It have planned to use it likes him to him the monitor of centre on mine rig of triple monitor, but could a lot of been due to of the this. The this in spite of gives BenQ credit for having keys to control that is quell'has bitten more intuitive that use that more monitors.

Gives BenQ support of mark of big technology to answer a telephone immediately, without retarding at all, and to be very useful.

After taking a monitor of substitution, will update this description.
4 / 5 Corinna
My images are aiming a BenQ monitor in a sinister side and my old ASUS (a lot basic) poster in a right side

does not comprise these descriptions, has to has received the defective monitor, or these people have has not had never anything more the sample of. Instantly As I turned it on it can see a turn, washed out of colours. I have begun to use the usually and there is remarked also an excessive motion blurs. I tweaked some settings by heart and diverse settings of paper for three days and I took it to a more can be , this was in pair with some LCD screens have used to have behind in 2007... You owe that turn a brightness all a way on, and a colour so only takes prójimo to regulate if you max a saturation and then some red, yellows and neon of look of the greens and ugly.

This look of what terrible prójimo to mine 6 old year basic ASUS TN monitor of poster. You calm to grieve the raisins like a screen FOCUSED. No appearances any a lot of in this row of the prize but this control still left down. A proportion of contrast has been announced main that mine 6 old year ASUS and concealed is not some at all. Some blacks and greys is lava like this bad was can not be looking in him. I have seen BenQ everywhere lately have imagined like this would try him was finally, this is not the first good impression in a slightest.

There is also bleeding of entity in of the darkest images that it is honradamente inexcusable in any poster has DIRECTED.

This monitor will be returned and will save up for something more the third of pair up.
5 / 5 Annett
WELL, has has had so only this supervises that is announces 10 minutes and work well, but he NO AUTODETECT HDMI entrance!!! They are in fact he is returned a prime minister an and reordered a same model with which have tried these troubleshooting no:
- @@Subject: he Tin-on, after splash screen, the monitor shows 'Any boss relieved' message.
- I has tried the settings of dual exposure of a laptop, any one abonos.
- I has has verified bosses, everything well.
- I unplugged my big more BenQ monitor of another system to boss of thesis - the exposure has done.
- I has tried a new BenQ GW2265 in a power and HDMI the bosses have connected to another system - still 'any boss' subject.

In this point has been convinced that has had the defective monitor. After a substitution arrived and has had a subject same, has looked for BenQ support. I took a lot of test before I found it troubleshooting piece that says to try some keys of paper to select entrance. Sure enough, it conceal fixed a subject.

Now need the segment of esALIADO!!' With Seth and Amy...
4 / 5 Oda
Has taken this controls the few days does for the new build that follows all some positive critiques on here. Finally unboxed he tonight, hooked until my old laptop for the try was...... And touch the flaming rubbish heap. It is, in no way, 1080p that can see. I tried it on different settings and fiddled around and can not look for the take to look acute. The only video look acute a lot of brilliants and some blacks have the odd pixelated look to them. It maintains fiddling around and update if anything changes. As of now this in spite of, 100 the would not recommend . I am not a lot to to which likes 4of k. I prefer mine 6yr the portable old looks better that this.
Modification: I have finalised returning it. A measure of a monitor with a resolution has not looked good in some blacks. With which hooking he until my new build a quality was improved slightly but any one quite so that it has loved.
5 / 5 Winston
A monitor is on be 5 minutes. It is all said it would be. Side for side with my old monitor(I use duals) is clear will require to purchase another BenQ(24' or big) for my primary! And ossia with an old VGA connection, not even using HDMI. A prize was unbeatable, also. Look In a pic. Some uses some old more HDMI and a colour is no where next to an accuracy.
5 / 5 Tarra
First of all, ossia the a lot of looking monitor. I am surprised for a side that well looks. A lot a lot crazy arrival and second looks decent colour. Not to measure it still, but is pleasing to an eye. It is this in spite of, a lot of dim. If it plan to use this in the brightly soiled lit or afterwards to the window, the forget.

Some speakers are terrible. It is it likes to listen to something in speakerphone of another end of the dark tunnel. You can also it covers in headphones and dip his in an earth, will listen better.

Only HDMI and VGA. Súper Odd that he no active DP. After all, all the majority of world-wide changed in half done the decade.

Precise supply of external power. This this thing is enormous and bulky for the flat poster.
4 / 5 Bernadine
It has Had this monitor partorisca the while now and want it. I use it mostly partorisca gaming with my ps4, but also when I am not touching maintains my laptop hooked until him. Partorisca gamers Has thought emotional to the monitor of the TV, he. This one is more economic that the majority and a quality is sum. I have it quell'has touched again in the just TV to see a difference and I can not believe the one who big of the difference lol. An only thing would change is having the second usb port as it do not have to that maintain changing cords but for a prize is not to treat it big. I have ordered a 27 thumb and has been surprised in like this big is when it take here. Almost decided to send it behind for 24 thumb but after using he for the days of pair decide has liked him the one who big is.
5 / 5 Jed
Sure, ossia the monitor of estimativa . No, it does not go to be like this exact in of the colours like the monitor that cost three times a prize. ...But you know that? This monitor has been I adds for gaming, some light graphic drawing, exploring, writing, creation of page, and all have launched more in him. It is experience to result my primary monitor like my forward (solitary) controls moved to do fault like the secondary screen and I have found I turning of an original screen and so only leaving east an on to help the sure mark tire me bit it more collected. A low blue light (this in spite of them he) looks to do the work adds of any to maintain me arrive longer that it would be necessary to remain me up and has been súper easy in some eyes. You recommend this monitor to any one.
4 / 5 Isaac
Very Like this when I have purchased this monitor, is , there is remarked a prize fluctuates and falls enough the bit but to all the cost, a value of a monitor is a lot of value he.

Material quality- does not feel flimsy and feeble, a stand is solid but no adjustable at all. As the one who resist up is to take the drop or fall, probably a drop is small and no in concrete.

Squared- For $ 150 monitor does not have very expected to be just, has loved so only a time of good response in the economic tax, was down in of the funds and has required it gaming monitor, as I have given this one shot it. Surprisingly, for a prize is excellent.

Prevails- A cure of eye announces is true, before I have used to game on 4K LG the television and constantly felt tired and my eyes would hurt I gamed for more then 3-4 chairs of now, which I a main thing that inspired me partorisca take it gaming concrete monitor. I have had the estimativa and this monitor has fulfilled a specs has required at the same time, as I bought it. It is there better options according to which monitors? Of course, but no thus prize. If yours in the estimativa or having subject with your eyes during long gaming sessions, to good sure the monitor to consider.

Time of response- is fast but no a better, is better then any TV is this in spite of lol.

Would recommend for the monitor of estimativa.
5 / 5 Felicita
This description is for a BenQ GW2283 1080P IPS 21.5' monitor. As another there is remarked, some speakers are not anything to write home roughly, but a monitor is solid, calms that can configure the not changing automatically, and has three programmable keys to treat fulfilled common. Also it have it VESA that traces that it is not used or blocked by an office is like this easy to use for the self-has contained all-in-a system (that it has done it with a Intel Nuc). One is also hides and organises a cabling. Any dead person or has has stuck pixel still neither. It comes with the regulate VGA boss. The mine there is not coming with a HDMI the boss but I have had changes.
4 / 5 Felicitas
My initial reaction to this unit is extremely positive, especially considering it was in $ 100 less than a last resemblance BenQ monitor I experience (which I still amour and use every day for more than hours that I priest to admit). If it was necessary questions to try down a line, of course will amend this place, but for a prize does not see like this can beat a GL2760H. Has all a basic functionality I need, look add and functions as it has announced.

Mina a big flu - and a reason for only 4 stars - is that it want to know those who green-has lit an idea to dip the controls of a monitor IN THE BACKSIDE OF THE UNIT! This no any sense in today gaming half, where the people frequently have multiple-monitor setups. Felizmente, this monitor is trace to a legislation of the mine primary monitor, as some controls are accessible, although still uncomfortable to use. Also, it wins to see costruttrici to control dipped the little more cured to take his VESA highland dimensions compatible relative to a zone of exposure. It traces it lateralmente-for-side, some exposures partorisca east and mine RL2755HM is roughly 1/2'' was, vertically.

To those having subject with a brightness or 'washed-was': it tries to regulate your Gamma (in of the Windows 7, ossia breakings of Aforar Colour). This can no with each system, but in my chance once has taken this dips a lot of all he so only look adds.
4 / 5 Nella
Has bought this to substitute my current monitor that has had sprain by heart like primary and to use an old one like the secondary monitor. To the left say me having the 2nd monitor is a better thing never. The place up was simple and a difference is further compare. The image was in plot more brilliant that has had the habit of tho. It take this a same time as WOW upgraded visuals and technology in alot of things and has begun to give a lot of questions of people. It take bad headaches and tbh am not sure was a game or monitor or combination of both. I have bought the pair of yellow tinted glasses and has turned some settings in a monitor down and the things have taken alot better tho still take headaches of long use. Neither I am touching WOW so like this Idk that it was a question or that it was a solution . You look in alot of the monitors and this was for far some better in a estimativa I neighbours. The value adds and very characteristic.
5 / 5 Briana
Has experienced the horrible eye that burns and @@tiredness after several hours of mine 8-10 regiment of now for behind the screen of computer until I have purchased recently the system of NEW PC and has comprised two of these monitors. That the difference in my eyes, immediately! No more in of the llamas! No more brilliant floaters! It feels like this of the fresh drops of refresher has been fallen in my eyes. It does not look to have some questions of @@tiredness of the eye anymore and a clarity of a screen has compared to the mine leading is undeniable. I a lot gaming so has any idea if these do a work but for business purposes, these are a real shot in a point of right prize. Simply, when dipping all the neighbouring, at all beats him in my book!
Some keys of adjustment are soft but crisp that adjustments of frames easier to do. A resolution is acute and easy to read the finest details that my forwards HP monitors. A screen to measure main is the surprisingly robust exposure of anything in writing and a together of duplicates to control on comprises 50 thumbs. Using these mainly for my subject is so better that before and again has to that underline a low level of tension of eye.
Pros: Easy setup, clean imaging, darkness of towers of the screen in resting, keys of adjustment sooth & crisp, little to any tension of eye.
Gilipollas: Boss plugins is difficult to see, any horizontal adjustment, bezel too thin up for camera ( mine Logitech highland touches of base of screen of monitor).
4 / 5 Lila
Has ordered two of these for the exposure of dual monitor. A work wonderfully and some other works wonderfully averts of frequent random flickers in a screen that are quite annoying. Unfortunately, it have assumed it quell'has been a VGA the boss has used temporarily until that can take DisplayPort boss and I tossed some boxes on day of rubbish like any turn for me. I thought it you can have been my paper of video, but after rotating monitors and several ports/of bosses around, always follows that monitor. For a prize, can live with annoying like all salan like my primary exposure, but will not be like this noticeable in mine secondary. It averts of this defect, some monitors are really well in general. I have ordered a HDMI version with some speakers (GW2280). It does not use some speakers so it can not comment in his quality, but has learnt a description of the element has not gone totally attentive. A GW2280 has been listed like that has HDMI, D-SUB, and DVI-D but in fact has 2 HDMI and D-SUB. Be any DVI-D port. This also, is not the breaker of extracted for more, but yes is ordering bosses, will want to do sure is ordering a legislation some (ie HDMI to DisplayPort).

Update: after trying more thorough, has learnt that my subject was my paper of PC of map for some reason so only that causes flickering in this monitor when setup like the dual exposure. I swapped the towers and work perfectly in both alone exposure and of the ways of dual exposure in this car. Has update an indication to reflect this discovery.
5 / 5 Theodore
Has had some small difficulty taking it work in the Port of Exposure to HDMI boss at the beginning, but once reads it and he look adds. I use it on the Solar powered system like this really likes that the only uses 30 watts, and of the turns was when transfer of a computer, so only using 3 watts while in standby way. If calm in fact turn it was does not use any electricity. It creates it or no, it conceals it is not true for more than desktop computer his and almost all TVs used like this of the monitors, and included the pocolos monitors there. So many, in the real cloudy the day where am not taking a lot of can, can do this election without that has to that dipped in the separate transmission. I know, it is the small thing . Also, if this imports to any, use he in both Windows and Linux (diverse different distros). When being economic is all the big plus.
4 / 5 Maricela
Has the small to say in the product that arrives in conditioning any working. A backlight looks for to have died or to the to something likes concealed. This tip a QA level of a producer and vendor both.
5 / 5 Ivey
A monitor is good and sturdy partorisca be light and thin. It is crafted amiably. I have tried it connect to use that a HDMI and other options and utmost, so only some options partorisca regulate a vertical/horizontal navigation is greyed was and some options of paper of the map does not change a monitor at all when selecting them. I have tried to restart, it saves, etc. Neither I can it imagine was partorisca a life of me like this partorisca have a senseye seen in a full monitor. I give the preview, the averages a monitor so only. I also tried all a different monitor ways (game/of office/etc) and can not find a ossia easy in my eyes. Has my control of economic scepter that the easy pause, but a sum of laws of the exposure, as I have tried this has thought to the look bit it better fact, but now an only annoying map my eyes. More question that he well.
5 / 5 Clotilde
Has to that maintain import this was the compraventa very presupposed has imported. He so only required partorisca be big then one 20' substitute because my vision so only can not manage the squint and tension partorisca see small type. Ossia In the computer that use partorisca basic email, partorisca control a start my main TV partorisca see of film, and from time to time I small projects in Photoshop and Illustrative. No comparisons this in any way to some monitors in my subject of map, but is 1/3 a prize, and perfectly appropriate partorisca use of house. Shopping this again partorisca any computer of basic use. Not to think it would buy it utilisations partorisca hours on day of final with which day. I have not had any question that takes it doing immediately.
4 / 5 Chase
Has taken 3 of these it course in a Nvidia NVS 450 4-street of port paper some active DP to DVI bosses. All 3 was free defects and pixel like this far a lot bad. I have been concerned with buying 3 that could take some but mine all look utmost. It likes-it join me navigation in some keys of power in a side because has all 4 trace in a wall for behind my office in way of portrait. Used mainly partorisca write the code and some the main vertical careers is utmost. It was a lot of some papers have been ready or could be oriented partorisca portrait. It has to that look lateralmente partorisca do anything has seen a paper with them portrays. Ossia The bummer.
A brightness diverse partorisca treat it well in of the corners lateralmente with them traces it portray so it has had to that toe a one in a legislation. It looks he is not really geared to this but is a lot quite so that I am doing. For a prize thinks that that ossia the monitor adds in this measure.
4 / 5 Austin
Has bought so only two of these monitors last week, and there is wavered for the moment among giving these monitors four or five stars. An only reason has considered included go down an indication to four star is reason some speakers in these monitors are like this feeble as to be almost useless. But I did not buy him for some speakers, so that it does not import mine. For more, concealed can be more than the consideration.

Pros -
Crisp And clear picture. (1920 x 1080)
the prize Adds.
VESA Compatible. (100 x 100)
VGA, DVI, HDMI, and 3.5 mm go in of audio.
Exited of audio (he auricular master of use with them.)

Gilipollas -
Terrible speakers

Like another reviewers has mentioned, these could not be a monitor for you has questions of heavy map (on-line gaming or the video that modifies). But for normal day to use of day, can any one much better that these for a prize.
4 / 5 Roberto
Pro: Good house. Easy to use OSD. VESA Highland compatibility when VESA the highland compatibility firmly is disappearing of low monitors and was of row of the half and when be substituted for still the cement of side of the mark 'VESA highland adapters.' HDMI.
Cover them signal down to mount options more flexible.

Gilipollas: Terrible absurdly uniformity of screen terrible ash. Shockingly Terrible. Blotchy Terrible. Seeing the corner is also quite bad for a IPS exposed. Marginally Better that GOES poster but without one GOES decent blacks when seeing directly. To the his of speakers likes him is earbuds of place inside a monitor. Technically a monitor has speakers. Functionally, it does not have speakers.
5 / 5 Sharan
Has 2 of these to complete the triple monitor setup. Because of mine gfx the paper has to them use like this variety of setup so that one this DVI and one is HDMi to dp thinks. A a ossia DP is for the pleasure slowly on uploads on when I turn some monitors but the works adds. A a ossia DVI is sensitive and if you wiggle a turn of boss to error of stray signal, but does not move him often and is to the wall is trace , as I have not annoyed with the transmission/of turn. It is been roughly 5 month, so that far it adds. They run eyefinity (AMD triple resolution) well can do do with Windows 10. Each new update with Windows 10 and usually a eyefinity failure and sometimes any for the take never behind, likes I a lot usually run eyefinity anymore because of Windows 10 (I has 10 pro, work of same doubt on 10 house). Any one I in fact uses these still monitors gaming, but tried it and looked adds. Has a ips like my third main half monitor. You recommend these and buy another.
4 / 5 Krystle
Takes migraines easily, and a 'eye-technology of cured' helps to plot. Has feels afterwards to a ASUS VG248 24' 1080p 144hz monitor, and I like this more economic one to plot more. It is not never so that the shines hurts my eyes and has the options of blue light filter that help also, but any looks of bad image. I can take the 1440p version to substitute mine ASUS - I to good sure will maintain to buy of Benq.
4 / 5 Booker
Loved Really like these monitors. They were so only that looked for and in a point of right prize, as I have bought two.
Unfortunately once I plugged to mine portable I @@give reason was like this economic. A incumplimiento the colour and to the calibration out of a box is abysmal! I have not imagined any question so only would define settings of user of a OSD keys, has included these settings a lot @@subject after spending several hours that touch and tweaking in comparison when controlling it good plus, could not take anything that satisfies.
Worse still is that with which I neither undocked my laptop or can cycled a monitor or portable, all the settings were reverted behind to incumplimiento... Every time.
According to has not been to use a Win10 settings of calibration and my software of paper of the map in place of some monitors; the vast improvement... In fact to sound almost perfect. Until... I neither again undocked, dipping of the projection has changed, or can cycled any one portable or monitor, boom. All the settings were still again has ignored. I am spent two full days that read and that researches as to fix and place correctly but to any avail. I am convinced these was more economic for the reason to the equal that are is returned. Supposition a next step is to @give still again take that partorisca of has paid.
4 / 5 Meda
These monitors are lustrous and perfect for work of office. Some leaves of the his a lot of to be wished but ossia some a lot of speakers of monitor. A thin bezel looks really good and a margin is roughly 1/8' to an exposure of real screen. No never it have considered Benq but with which some investigation has found has not been in a category of same piece likes quota of these crappy exposures in a phase. One crazy the screen is the good balance for anti-glare but reduces an acuteness the little. But I have not bought these takes gaming or looking film, strictly to program.

These are súper-light, VESA mountable control that, for a money, is the addition adds to an office. Some the light sensors are the big plus and some looks of blue light decrease to be much more pleasant to look in when the night comes. A paper is directly-advance and hopefully, these will last some years to come.
5 / 5 Darcy
(Initial week or possessing, will update if never there is subject)

A GL2760H is surprising, has been concerned after seeing some descriptions in groups of death of the pixel but the mine has any subject.

Some the stock settings have good-looking that dye of explosion and a 1080p the resolution is extremely clear, could any never go back to the bellow to be of main monitor 1080p.

Has the a lot of handy light way blue down, likes the one who the telephones have the way of tower of the night, so only the turn on at night and is easier in your eyes. ( You can save options to some keys in a side, comes with blue light way down like a key but I highly recommend to change the the 'Way of Picture' reason this leaves to go among low blue & level in planting to dip blue and then that spends for a paper to find a regular option to go back the normal.
4 / 5 Gerry
Monitor very odd. It can very manually regulate measure of picture. There is an option of measure of the car that no correctly. The picture is chopped was partorisca arrive And inferior as it can not see bar of task or tabs unless it regulate a horizontal setting. But calm will not be never able to see both immediately like the normal monitor. A calm fact can not regulate measure of the picture manually is ridiculous.
Picture flickers. It transports dimming is really in entertained. If there is the dark box in a screen a whole screen dims. No like this big a subject in the game but extremely annoying when used like the monitor of work. Using this monitor give headaches. The paper dips on is not easy to cruised a way some keys are dipped up in a rear side of a monitor. There is behind envoy but situated of packaging and has not wanted to annoy with the ship. Definately Does not treat It well thus prize. A lot on it price to consider some failures. There are monitors very better thus prize. I square any like this as well as other monitors with statisticians was.
4 / 5 Keena
Ossia For a GW2280.

Sometimes, precise connects multiple devices (PCs, Worse Raspberry, Console, etc.) To the monitor. If has has not tried never the to something likes that, could know of an annoyance of rebooting a car (p. p.ej., to enter a BIOS or boot of view on messages) and then having a transmission to control the another entrance because it no longer receives the signal. This monitor that for incumplimiento, but in fact has an option to turn that it changes the transports WAS. So that I select VGA, HDMI 1 or HDMI 2 likes entrance, rests in this entrance any one @subjects that. Ossia Very useful!

Is VESA mountable also, and has the pertinent 3 prong gone in of power in place of still like this another brick of external power. It averts of that, any a lot of to say: 1080p monitor with Speakers, looks well, is priced really a lot ($ 90 at the same time of this description), thin frame, light weight - the monitor that positively is boring.
5 / 5 Solange
Mina Acer the monitor was bad, as I have loved cost it effective substitution. Based in some descriptions, this would have to that it has been a response . This in spite of, once hooked on, a quality of the picture there has been the thin to blur and was so only very acute. For some games of diverse low technology I game, was included worse. Mina be well for any the one who any precise HD graphic, but has not been for me.
Am returning and has ordered a BenQ ZOWIE RL2455S 24 thumb 1080p Gaming Monitor, which am using now. An enormous improvement for the small quantity of extra cash. Like this down to mid-level gaming, as well as pictures and video, take spend it here and go for a BenQ ZOWIE RL2455S.
5 / 5 Ossie
Has ordered this Monitor and has received he in two days with cousins. To use he for the few days there are them remarked there is the point lived in a screen. (Assuming is has stuck the pixels have tried to do that Google has said to fix he) to any avail concealed has not done. As I have contacted to amazon and is by train to send me another monitor of mine. Disguise The service was excellent. And another that it point has lived this Monitor are adds! A lot of options to cover ins and is ENORMOUS. (27 Thumb) ossia the Monitor of estimativa partorisca w the estimativa adds!!
5 / 5 Fallon
Need some controls QUICKLY..
Offered so much VGA and HDMI ports
Easily the attachable base is sturdy and has fallen has balanced.... Also it take entirely for VESA mountain to wall or arm.
LOVES a fact that has the inner power distributes like this discharges you in the cord of power of regular computer. ANY wart of wall, or the supply of proprietary power has required.
Controls simple and sincere for office or use of house. It can not be a better for gaming but the monitor of general purpose adds. Good colour, easy to dip up.
4 / 5 Nickie
Has bought this monitor more than fact the year and he still resisted up with virtually any wear.
Personally a lot really like to like looks of one rear. Corner / of the height is not adjustable. Built the speakers are not quite strong.
5 / 5 Theron
Quality of picture: enough I like him-him. A screen resembles not having a lag time of mine leading monitor. It does not touch the tonne, mostly Warframe and state of decay 2, but looks a lot well in these games. They are colorblind so that it can not speak to a richness of a colour, but some colours can see blue/yellow looks well.

Has had the complaint in this monitor. One is is the little economic and still looks snap in and was when regulated. I have changed to the arm of monitor and has used a vesa mountains.

Mina so only another complaint is some keys . They are easy to clash when regulating a monitor. The desire has not gone enough like this sensitive like clashes a does not change your settings. Probably you buy the second a for the dual monitor setup. I seat a quality is well for a prize.
4 / 5 Carri
Was the little hesitant in this unit, but has been advance and bought it. Very happy has done. A lot well, and for the monitor a sound is well. No, it does not mean quality of studio, but good for use in work of normal computer. I have had the unit to regulate television that is to be return this there has been his terrible, and this one has gone by has shot it long. Considering the quality of picture are adds. To good sure was to consider it BenQ again yes has required the monitor.
5 / 5 Leisa
Has had to that substitute the pair of Dell Ultra Acute Monitors of an early @@@2000s, has ordered something looked of another same mark although this was my first election , but in a last now, has decided to go for another mark... BIG DECEPTION! It have to that it has gone it with my first instinct. Really I enjoyed these monitors. My subject with another 2 was that still although they have alleged a VESA was to regulate, no with a mountain has them has wanted king-use. These monitors are awesome! VESA Returns perfectly, my only complaint that the rays have not been comprised. Felizmente I reused some rays of a Dell monitors. Any complaint still, another that is brilliant crazy , I just need to touch around with some settings and I has had the habit of monitors of 15 years. Utmost cost, planning on taking another for my office of house. Utilisation mac and has had a lot of @@subject. A good compraventa!
4 / 5 Mechelle
A his monitor self the works add an only question is that my father is having the very hard time that dips it up. I have purchased this for him likes the present and has spent far too long he dipping up. A monitor there is not coming with a manual of the owners and he so only have known could find you a manual of owners in an internet. I will not be able to take on to my parents for the pair of weeks now but ensure me that it can it to it use a monitor a way is now but would like me to regulate a brightness now. After spending roughly 12 hours in a monitor now has a brightness like this brilliant that some web pages can not read reasons am so only too brilliant. It thinks the part of a question is that my father is so only bit it too old. But they would have to that have a monitor setup like this all have to that do is spent he in. If it have known that my father would spend for everything of this I would have chosen the different monitor.

Top Customer Reviews: Elo E000444 4243L ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
4 / 5 Sarah
The compatibility and the reliability are of sound. The only commentaries can do is taking the little more enough to tug the elements then would think. The works add in all other appearances.
5 / 5 Eleanor
Similarity quite easy in setup with a cup of small foothills. Some rests of capacity of the touch to be seen - has has not had the occasion to explore this too much
5 / 5 Chassidy
Good prize in this Elo monitor to Touch. A sending resulted in some harm of impact in a goleada in a nave pallet but has taken lucky and has not had any harm in a real monitor! Elo A lot of containers his good products to protect of such incidents.
5 / 5 Linda
The compatibility and the reliability are of sound. The only commentary can do is taken the little more force partorisca tug the calm elements then would think. The works add in all other appearances.
5 / 5 Malka
Looked quite easy the setup with a cup of small lap. Some rests of capacities of the touch to be seen - has not had the occasion to explore this too
5 / 5 Gwendolyn
Good prize in this Elo monitor to Touch. A shipment is resulted in some harm to impact to a goleada in a nave pallet but take lucky and has not had any harm to a real monitor! Elo Really containers his good products to protect of such accidents.