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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
I have done recently the refrigerant flush in my FJ Cruise, and through a process of burping/steps a radiator, probably directed to lose the 1/4-1/2 chevron of refrigerant. In $ 30 the chevron for Toyota SLLC, this waste instrumented in $ 7.50-15.

Has had to since do a same for our 4Corridor, decided to take this funnel to see that a lot of law. It have seen this creation in the video of Youtube anterior, and basin my interest. Any only prevents nave, but also maintain the things clean in case that went it in never of failures of need for the leak. I have been sold saw it hardly.

A video has attached is a process of burping a system to cool in 4Corridor with this funnel. Any one only was this effective, and hurriedly, but was clean also. I think that that I have directed to lose 5 drops of the refrigerant that scrollings a funnel of a radiator in a tank of overflow, and this was probably only that it was in an outside of a collar of funnel.

Highly would recommend this thing for your prjimo refrigerant flush. It IS totally he estimates a money, and all research to be upper quality. It can not being something of one Breaks -In truck, but last cure of him.
4 / 5
Amur This! Has the 2002 Subaru WRX. These carts are typically very hard to air of purge of a system to cool because of the lack of covers of radiator, and one covers that it is only in a reservoir. It has sealed one covers for my type of covers of radiator, and has attached a funnel. It was able to run a car while attaching refrigerant. This left wing to air to escape, flowed in overflow in a massive funnel and that minimum of causes of nave.

A focus is not to perfect, as it filters slightly when use it, but very better that an old road for me at least. Anteriorly Has tried to purge an air out of a system of the cooling and he have created the small volcano to refrigerate that nave during a place.

Besides yes has touched too refrigerating in a funnel, Any Worry! Calm only use a focus to attach some backwards of refrigerant in a boat. It Likes him it has said it of that has wanted to to use this product and has done that does the task that is usually the ache in a butt, very better.
4 / 5
The quality of tez is good but out of a box a colour has matched adapters
no in 2003 Camry XLE 3.0 v6.

Has directed to do law to use a blue inserts/inserts with an adapter of covers he green but have had to 2 or of the points (1' I.D X 1.25' Or.D WITH .125' section) among a blue adapter and an adapter of green of cover.

For explanation:

1- with the fresh engine takes some covers of radiator.
2- Insert/Inserts a blue adapter.
3- Install or clean 1 in blue adapter
4- install or clean 2 envelope or clean 1
5- installs adapter of green of cover.

Has had felizmente the Load of Port SAE Or-provided of Mesh . Element 67554
5 / 5
This was the worthy inversion .

Remarce: A tip in of the new buyers: if has the problem that access the in your system to cool, while I have done in the 2006 Kia Spectra5, look very closely so much what an adapter is returning in a beginning of a radiator or step-arrive point. A radiator has the treaty has the small lip only beneatht one beginning that it means the round inserts/inserts will not go far enough in to ensure with a collar. I have taken the quite acute cutter and the conservative small fact shave in a side of an end of adapter, giving it the something flat. Desprs The little trim apt snugly and was able in burp a system fantastically.
Still works in other vehicles and saved me massive hassles in a Kia.
5 / 5
This description will be down so that it is not concealed has complicated. This was my first time changing a refrigerant for mine 2013 Deep the agreement and he have been well. All was softly like some people in video of Youtube he, but for any reason only 1 chevron of refrigerant (usually was quite 1.6 chevrons for my cart) is exited so posed in in a same quantity behind in (so that that is to say each taking). The majority of carts will require more concealed 1 chevron so buying two chevrons of refrigerant more probably quite be for your change of refrigerant and saves a rest to fill out of a reservoir when races down. Always it looks in your manual own cart while in how much refrigerating will require calm for a change of refrigerant or flush.

EPAuto Radiator of Test of the Refrigerant to spill this Full the box of the easiest funnel with his colour has coordinated separates he so that it was able in hurriedly discover that vain part with that. I have required an adapter to cover Blue (or was green) to do a work while another box of refrigerant of the funnel of the filling is all a same colour , which the the difficult plus bit to find connecting parts. That I so that it adds in this box is that it comes with covers he, so yes has any extra fluid in a funnel while filling your automobile refrigerant can use some covers and move an extra fluid in the some place more (likes him in a reservoir of refrigerant or behind in a container of refrigerant). You advise you to express one of a hose of big refrigerant to press behind some refrigerant in a funnel so that after you have posed one covers in and takes a funnel was will not spill any refrigerant of a refrigerant full hole.

How Prevail this box of funnel has extensions these covers a funnel to achieve places that requires more period with ease. The majority of funnels is also down and main the long funnels usually are also big to accesses in the zones with clear room have limited. That is to say where an extension really the resplandores and will be happy is there when he the precise.

Can the to him , more the people can do it too much and with remarkable while they follow directions. It is not timid and only take this box of the funnel and one change you so that it is that easy and does not take up a lot the plus of time saves the little bucks it doing calm (how prevails it your self-esteem will shoot a ceiling). I expect that my description was useful in you and was , please give me what so another can have a same experience while you.
5 / 5
It have to it bought it to it this more harvest. Fact by mine 2013 Acura TSX and 1999 Deep the agreement and I are sure with all some adapters, law with a lot of other carts. Totally simplified like flush a radiator while it only can fill in a funnel and the left wing of gravity is work . Calm then can very easily burp a system to clear was arrests to air and leave the come up through a funnel. It does not filter in a point of connection. An only hard part pulled of a reservoir when has been done and no in that has a roughly flowed spillover concealed remained in a tip of a funnel among one covers and a connector of radiator. Usually only I layer a zone with paper towel down preparation for east.
5 / 5
If has the cart has problem burping a system to cool, the swipes purchase now. Has the 2006 Subaru Outback LL Grain that has a six boxer of engine of cylinder. They are notoriously take in burp when changes a refrigerant and thermostat. Read in some forums recommended one of these. I join us flush and has posed a refrigerant and waters behind in. Your, poses a front of a car up in of the ramps has the. Bending Some cart that help of trace. A profit of a funnel is, any only the easiest fact to touch in a content, but also gives surface to water to look for bubbles. Also it prevent the system to pull air behind in. A Outback has had the terrible time that takes in belch. A cart would heat up, some adherents would begin to shout and would turn was and leaves to be the few minutes. Do this quite three times. Your that is not doing, a hose of radiator the rests the frescos of low plus. Then at the end it begin it an engine and runs a RPM is quite 2500 for the little of the minutes and I have seen the bouquet of bubbles and steam, and has listened a hose of radiator that was now hot. A Thermostat had opened and leaves a raisin of air. We leave it runs another owes minutes that looks for some returns dreaded gasket bubbles but early each which that bubbles the decrees and a cart have remained well in 185 titles idling with AC on. Alas some the automobiles of still heats arrive when behaviour he hurriedly. Any insurance that is entering.
5 / 5
Some works of green adapter for one 2004 2.5x of Forester SOHC. Quite obvious as to use this. Also it use it his to do one 50/50 blend with the jug of the chevron has aforado. A funnel a big low plus this opens fluent impeded to build in a funnel to do an upper jug has weighed. Had the tiny slime when a full was complete where a funnel inserts/inserts in a collar of cover of the radiator, but this was my failure . I overfilled a radiator for a quantity in a V in a funnel and has not had a hose of siphon all a road inserted through a funnel where extends in a collar of radiator. Paying more the attention has rectified that subject. Perhaps when a radiator is full, a T covers it could/ would have to has gone deeper in a collar of radiator to cut of a level of refrigerant in radiator. Perhaps the slightly more radiator very time the collar there would be different resulted products. That is to say more than the subject to draw of the radiator that blames of this product.
-Sure and filter free access in a collar of radiator
-amply sized the side that funnel of fluxes
-T the fence of sleeve was fluxes totally (Careful here! This is not designed to leave pressure to build fresh system!)
-Carried of flexible black the pertinent coverages and the funnel of focus opens to prevents by behind splashes when burping system

-the black coverage any one prevents leaks of funnel if the left wing of funnel in his side with residue of antifreeze. (This was only the test and does not prevent recommending me this product).
5 / 5
Have wanted to do the refrigerant flush in mine 2002 Corolla of Toyota THIS has remarked of that refrigerates no of Toyota in my radiator. To do investigation for my premier that refrigerates flush, give this type to spill a lot of help of free funnel with a work. Some diverse annexes included to do east the product that will last for years to come with different vehicles. Some the mine of apt blue annexes 02 Corolla.

Has a same or similar cart, an adherent could be useful in you:
2002 Corolla of Toyota THIS has the capacity of refrigerant of 6 qts so for a manual owner and taking Toyota refrigerating living long (the red masses, any one is trace 50/50). A jug of chevron was $ 35 of a Toyota dealership.

Quan flushing With waters has distilled, 3 qts drained of a drain at the bottom of a radiator. I have filled/it it drained 4 times and after a last drain, filled in a radiator with 3 qts to concentrate for to final 50/50 mix.

After each crowds with the water distilled (the radiator has filled, then 1/3 of a road in a funnel), has run an engine for quite a lot of 10 minutes until it shout in operative temperature so that a thermostat would open and it beginning that it circulates to refrigerate during a system.

Then, turned in a heat in fully hot and has begun an adherent in a first pose to see if an air was in fact hot. If it was, it has run then an adherent in haste for quite a lot of 5 minutes to ensure a water has distilled crossed a whole system. If an air has not been hot, means the air was in a system as it turn it a heat totally was, then expresses a hose of air and upper radiator of bubbles of the clock gone in a funnel then heats to control again.
5 / 5
This together am adds. I have tried in burp a radiator of my Deep Civic before I have found this and he basically only spat refrigerant during my driveway. I have taken thwarted and found this. It IS the box adds , comes with four different adapters to accesses in your radiator closely and also has some elbows and extensions in case that yours chairs of radiator in an angle or further down in a bay of engine. A lid pictured accesses closely in a lip of a funnel and all some apt parts in a funnel, as it stores closely when is done. I any one flush the radiator again without this thing.

Top Customer Reviews: EPAuto 12V DC Auto ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Mohammed
I am the woman of 74 years that hates in hassle with hoses of air in a canal of gas, as it take this has thought at least could hassle in a intimacy of my own driveway. It IS no hassle at all! Easy tan to use - cover only he in in your lighter of cigarette, poses a pressure, and presses a 'on' change. That is to say! Work exactly while ad. I am so pleased!
5 / 5 Lakendra
That is to say perfect for trips of road and doing the sure wheels are inflated properly before long walks. Also it comes with the adapter of bomb for balloons of sports and such, but has not used he for that. One covers in a lighter of cigarette was the small tight, but access after the good push and he do.
5 / 5 Richelle
Thi9s EPA Transport 12v the compressor substitutes a oldie but goodie has had. And it is impressive. It IS so strong like my another (level for a race) but has the ray-in hose that is so easy to attach that a variety of fast click. One loses the small pressure while the unscrew so that it attaches the book or two in a parameter. And one poses digital was intuitive to learn and has done well. Quickly! It IS so impressed with a speed on inflating two different sets of wheels of bicycle. It IS the good machine .
5 / 5 Rudy
The desire has bought these years of mark of product. Work well out of a box. I plugged he in faculty of my automobile jack, pose the in a recommended psi for my car wheels, and has pressed one in button. I took me perhaps 5 minutes to fill all my wheels in a correct pressure of a consolation of my garage. It IS intuitive, and to good sure estimates a money these lives in the place where is very cold in a winter and a load of canal of gas for air. In the One to him to thing did not like him was that it was of the small delicate to take one covers of power to access in a jack, but once gives has to press some side of tabs by side in apt he in, was easy. It IS also in a noisy side, but still value he, and still merits five stars.
2 / 5 Boyce
Of an outside, these looks the decent emergency inflator to launch in your cart or truck, even so it does not expect he in last. Mina to use very time now and a button to be able in will not remain on so that the end will remain presses the small time and he then the line to take a bomb to do. An edifice is plastic economic , cheap , and a built in the light is quite useless. Work in the pinch yes has taken the fund in a darkness, but he casualidad is your mobile phone has the better torch.

Is not each bad even so. I can say that it is economic, give lean your wheels (dulcemente) in an emergency, but is not surprised if it is not also like all this cord of indican.un of the descriptions to be able is quite very time to achieve any wheel in my Tacoma pickup and a built in the storage for is very so he no unwind and take complicated up. Even so, it takes the small tight and is not easy to stuff it all behind in, could have has done the easily the tad main and fact to store an a lot of of the easiest cord. I think that that that is to say one of these products that the quality is the paste or lose, more the people take very some (or never required for the use and does not discover ) and has taken to sub optimum unit For economic material, taken that decrees of paid.
5 / 5 Lemuel
I have bought this so that the does not have to paid for air in a canal of gas anymore. It IS so easy to use. Look in a door and found a psi for some wheels and has programmed he in a compressor of air. Attahed A compressor in a wheel and covers he in a cart and paste one in button, fill a wheel in a quantity programmed and then automatically the turns was. It can he use very where anytime! Also it has an adapter for squad of sports. I attach compraventa, very pleased with this prurchase! I have purchased also extra plactic scopes of valve for some wheels, in case that unit of fall Victor 22-5-00709-8A Negre Carried of Plastic Valve
4 / 5 Hae
Active there was only this compressor for the few weeks, but has used the so time. It IS easy to use and very convenient. To to Any I likes him His of one issues a cape to be able is to store, is difficult to pose behind in after each use. A hose of air is easy to the poses was, but no a cape to be able in. When being able in preset a pressure and has to the closure was when this pressure is achieved is the very handy characteristic. A screen is very ignited and a torch in a device, while any one terribly that shines, is useful to find cover of valve in a darkness.
5 / 5 Jerlene
I want to it concealed it to it maintains your of a pressure to turn and the fence was when in a right place. It opens Cela has the house with the garage is incredibly convenient to be able to air on some interior of wheels in place of out in a cold in a canal of gas. To good sure estimates a prize.
3 / 5 Marcelino
This was arrests in mine sedan.me likes him that sale in a root of valve, while clamp the mountains can be uncomfortable to manipulate in time, likes him in cold time. Quan Initially blows my accessory of outlet of factory 10 amp fusible, installed another outlet under a hood has connected a stack with the 15 amp fusible. Has wanted to this in all the case for consolation, although it does not achieve an opposite rear wheel. He the decree that law altogether 10 month or so after I bought it, and I and-mailed a vendor. They were very responsive and routed me the new unit.
Has taken then was 5 band and looked in a case, that finds the piece of rubber anti-isolation of the vibration there was dislodged and was bonded in a gearing. I have pulled it go with pliers. If your covers of unit to do altogether, can wants to have the interior of look, if you preoccupy calm in. I go to verify inner a walnut a before I have posed he in a trunk. Only it take it the lean phillips screwdriver. I am sure a vendor does not want to all the world-wide this disassembles his units, but wants to this of confidence. I routed photos of a problem in a vendor and was appreciated sincerely that it can it to it have identified the subject of potential manufacture.
5 / 5 Carlita
So far I am very pleased with this unit.

So much a cape to be able in and a hose of air is quite very time to achieve all my wheels easily.
The digital exposure done his a lot of easy to fill some wheels in wished PSI. ( I have verified with my gauge of the wheel and the readings are acurate)
like me that of some rays endways on in a valve of wheel, which rid your hands.
The unit is the small noisy (but that compressor of the air is not ?), And it is more dulcemente that filling some wheels in the canal of gas. But some marks of factor of the consolation up for both.
Has read revises to say that a torch is useless so that it is in an opposite side of a hose. I do not comprise this logic. A hose is very time and flexible, can easily only rotate a unit to use a clear for the this is feigned by (that finds a valve and screwing a hose).