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4 / 5
I do of the house and that tries to lose hanged, as it has required something partorisca add some activity. Neither I love the car that takes on soiled in my house all a time. As this looked the good option . Dipping it near: the wine with some rays has ensured in some something goes. The assembly done so easier then imagining them was. All the pieces were wrapped amiably partorisca any one give. Wine with one 2 AAA would beat an exposure has required. It has not taken long partorisca dip near at all.

Are 5'7' and does not need a chair on a lot of remote. Like this definately would do partorisca the main person. Some really short people could be the piece . He peddles smooth and done any noise really. Has a basic readouts. I mainly time of use and distance. Calm so only resist down a one key to reset an exposure. A chair is comfortable in a whole place. I have tried a prójimo a down, a chair has the odd corner partorisca this place like any one súper comfortable, but can manage he partorisca 30-60 minutes. Some small launches the calm pillow behind would do partorisca more than consolation partorisca compensate for a recline of chair.

Some transmissions of control smoothly. I thought it that it would be it too easy the peddle, but can resupply enough the bit of intensity. Level 5 was the comfortable judge to start with of then was easy to sustain for long period to time while still that resupplies the burn. As has 5 more levels to augment to as this level takes too easy.

A @@@knob to release a place and the fold up can be delicate to take used to, but folds on easily and results the small quite a lot of measures to store. It was quite light to go in our room of utility for storage with small endeavour.

Are like this far really happy with cost of mine. For a prize, could not ask more.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. It was excited like this to use this bicycle of the exercise and I have received a product punctually. It has not been hard to gather and has taken around 20mins.

A reason has dipped two star is reason each one-time I use a product, begins mark clattering noise. I think that a dish of metal is paste a plastic organism each one-time I use a pedal. It is a lot annoying.

Will ask to repayment or exchange a product to solve this subject.

Any response of support of the client(giving you a stars now) as fixed that to me. I have taken the whole parts was and expósitos that the ray and the dice have not been for presionar quite down & rear side of interior spinner plan. Like this lucky that it was able of the fix.
5 / 5
Easy to gather.
Sturdy With 330lb capacity of weight.
Comfortable to locate.
A lot calm and smooth horse riding.
HAS wheels to move and can bend up.
HAS the headline of telephone behind @@@knob of control.
Any need a outlet.

I desire there has been bit it more control but in $ 150 can no attended to be as the $ 300 bicycle.

Sensor of wrist a lot always laws.

For the reference are 6'1 and around 300-305lbs. I have had the harm of the on done knee the year and I still annoy me from time to time. Ossia One of some exercises a physical therapist there would be me do to strengthen my knee. They are out of the form and that creates and rigging to go to a gymnasium has been the question for me there is like this decided to take this. My never hurt knee when that traces. I have tried a bicycle in my gymnasium and the physical therapist and I has been surprised in while more comfortable this one east to seat on. Perhaps it is a protect also but like this far has not had any one questions that chair on he for 30 min. A way was packaged and setup for the assembly is a more has not seen never of the product has taken of Amazon. All has been wrapped and has had some rays in some holes so only has to that it takes some dice was, his line on, and presionar. Some pedals are really comfortable also, in fact I use he without the shoes and he hurts less than a bicycle in my gymnasium with shoes. It grieves done touch it and has not felt never unstable with me on he still although my paving is uneven.

A picture in a page aims 3 usable place but there is in fact 2. A first hole is for when it is bent up. A second is an integer and a third is a recumbent but has not tried that one.

A car is utmost for cardio but if yours buying he for the force that bus you probably max out of a control immediately or interior 6 month. There are 10 levels of control and can feel a difference but I have begun in 8. After the workout my legs are the pocolos heavy and feel more in bylines as it is doing but can not compare to that it can locate it the bicycle of gymnasium or the bicycle the expensive plus. But if your just in still a cardio is awesome although you max out of a control can so only pedal faster that sweat more. With which 25 min on 8 control my shirt has been covered in sweat.

My only question was a sensor of wrist . Some first time used it, has done adds but after a right sensor was free and slide around when I gripped the. But there is the ray behind connecting to a boss as it presioné and is remained in place. But I am not sure if the mine is broken or is so only the coincidence I grabbed he correctly a first time. It will aim a wrist when I grab the May if I am not resisting he with my whole thumb in a sensor and my indication of toe in a ray behind will not update in real time. If I grab the others the ways will aim the reading of wrist but seldom transmission.

But still with this I to good sure would recommend to buy a bicycle. Calm always could buy the tracker of fitness/of the wrist consecrated for $ 15-20 him him the subject of sensor of the wrist and of some bicycles on Amazon that curves on top of the east a there is had a capacity of control and hanged better. It has had one with the capacity of the main weight but has had so only 8 settings of the control and the descriptions have said was hard to setup and same when doing has not felt to like a lot of control. So only it has one spatial and of the money I then said to take a concealed does not fold but has the better control.
5 / 5
Like another reviewer has said, has squandered an hour or like this of my life that gathers this thing. Looked well at the beginning. But a next day a computer has died totally. It will not show anything. The new batteries have tried. Still deader That box. The bicycle is also the little hard to locate and is gone in whole place. It has to that stimulate your leg arrives really big to clear a beam of centre. It could live with that. But I will not live with something concealed inner of pauses 24 hours for the buy. Maintaining I gotta squanders another hour or so that it disassembles a thing and packing it up for a turn to Amazon. The endeavour and the time have squandered that spent east.
4 / 5
Loves this bicycle is perfect measure and any one the big, and does not take on a lot of space! My husband has dipped he together with any subject!
5 / 5
Any hard to dip joint but there is the noise to attack that it comes from/comes from a main unit when pedaling. It is class of annoying. Otherwise, is not the bad bicycle for a prize. Also have the question that contact Lanos, his email of the support does not operate.
5 / 5
Has has not had never a stationary bicycle before to compare. This one looks well,the chair is class of wobbles. A thing to the equal that could be of interest,the work of the paper so only declares to 90 guarantee of day any one 1 year. It has taken one 3 year so only has two place does not seat cushion that the accesses there is not founding a still,using works of the pillow for now expects rear of mine takes use to this an is not that bad I follows 64 and out of form with bad knee until punctual to comment on durability of bicycle or I. I think that that I will be happy with bicycle,can move it around ossia in my limit of weight,joint of plant he for me so only a ray looked hard to edge.
4 / 5
Unfortunately any one instructions of the assembly written has been comprised in a box. ☹️ With a help of the video of Youtube of alike car, took it near! It is solid and good functions . The tools have comprised acts a lot of - sure presiona all the rays behind and advances for better results; then súper tight. Value a prize creates. I will update if my transmissions to experience significantly.
5 / 5
Has ordered this bicycle to exercise on 7/2/20 with the date of delivery of 7/17 to 7/22. It has arrived via FedEx on 7/8/20. These produced are shipped for a costruttore. It was astounded and like this a lot pleasantly has surprised.
Has taken today a bull for a horn and the place joint it. They are to good sure in an older category (66) and woman. It would say, if any takings to the a lot to pauses like , of this can be dipped near for a person easily in 30 to 45 minutes. It is a lot of sturdy and class of heavy which are things a lot well with a bicycle of exercise.
Am pleased like this with this compraventa and to good sure would recommend.
has TAKEN was 2 stars. Has a question to attack and is annoying. The still works but I does not like him to listen to this noise. Send an email to an email address to sustain on done 2 weeks and like this far any response. Ossia Service of terrible client .
4 / 5
In general the bicycle adds and highly recommended! It is a lot easy to gather. They are on state and further to dip all a ray, washers, and rays in some pieces to attach! It is a lot of sturdy and looks to be a lot has built. They are also able state to be and pedal, but are the very small woman. Some works of good screen he like this done some controls of tension (which is a subject with some other frames). A chair is comfortable for the chair of bicycle. Fold And movements easily.
A negative, is so only he 2-1 any he 3-1 likes has announced. So only it has an integer and seeds recombant/stationary dipped and any one some plenary recombant. It is still value he for me this in spite of! Also, it is not meant for any one down 5'2, although it says it can accommodate any 4'11 and up. They are 5'2 and have a chair like this down to the equal that can go and so only can grieve to achieve some pedals in some seeds recombant/stationary dipped. There is also more room to add an additional hole to do goes lower.
5 / 5
The bicycle is in fact dangerous, when when be used in a whole place a bicycle has fallen to a recumbent has dipped. It would not remain in a whole place. I have sent the message to a eseller', while it would go back with me and perhaps substitute the part, has not answered never. The also done bicycle the clunking sound when the be has used.
Will be partorisca send the backside, hopefully will take all my money behind.
4 / 5
Received and has used a bicycle daily partorisca a past 10 days. Esees Declares that goes to the gymnasium daily partorisca some 40 years and has used recumbent bicycles on and is gone in of the gymnasiums all this time. Here it is a pros and gilipollas of this model partorisca me like this far (I follows the 63 yr old woman)
- relatively light (47 lbs believes them)
- do assembly a lot doable (for any the one who hardly possesses the engine of ray) partorisca dip some rays and the dice where belong more than giving you the stock exchange of parts. He I (!) The tools are resupplied
- the chair and the rear adjustment are not difficult, neither is bending/unfolding.
- Go easily
- smooth pedaling, calm (some that attacks his interior a flywheel the time but looks partorisca depend in a place of a foot in some pedals
- I follows 5'3' w/relatively short legs; partorisca me, a place partorisca seat lower is almost too big and as informed by some another, that traces and was requires to step big in a bar (doable for me but would have to that be remarked)
- like this remarked for diverse another, one protects is not comfortable; the could not use a bicycle without rear cushion to a) discharges in some empty in a behind a low plus) and b) leave to seat correctly with rear legislation (sees on, height of chair)
- the ees done a bicycle so only 20 min the time like this far, like the quota down after other exercises, but am not convinced this would resupply the bona fide cardio workout to any one doing so only that bicycle, a way the gymnasium recumbent has beaten of bicycle. [For me it goes back to a height of chair and the subjects of rear rest that the would not leave me for the on levels big that 7 or 8 for any period of time)
P.S Begins up: opened a box and gather in plastic or external, like some tonnes of small styrofoam the spheres will escape and stick to all
4 / 5
has has wanted to really like this bicycle bc was the perfect measure , looked sturdy for a prize and I have directed to build he for me. 2weeks in and a foot paddle has broken was like this used it to them, The one who the bummer! He screwed was and the tears in the wine of looks likes that of factory. For this im 5'2 and weigh 130lbs. So that the weight was clearly any one a subject. While to see the one who a vendor says roughly returning & taking my repayment as there are them remarked there arent more than these at present available bicycles.
4 / 5
A piece that a pedal would owe that attach to east undressed. We have tried everything to force the connection without regime. It is a right side .
While the part of substitution can be resupplied.
5 / 5
The bicycle adds for prize. But a pedal arm wiggled and is not sure state regarding the fix. It was that annoying to pedal while wiggling with each rotation. It likes I emailed lanos roughly the and sent him video of a question. They have finalised to send the whole new unit down guaranteeed inside a week!!! They are more than pleased with his service of client and highly recommend this bicycle and his company. 🤗
4 / 5
Are posting this description to mainly compliment the service of client of a company. I have gathered a bicycle, which was easy, and when I have begun to use he - I there is remarked the 'clunking' the sound sometimes would arrive in a house of magnetic wheel. I have sent the message to a vendor. We ask me to knots to do the short video and the send to them. A company answered and is by train to send me another bicycle! I am expecting that this one will operate smoothly without clunking sound. I stick some results. It FOLLOWS UP: A bicycle of the substitution arrived inside the few days of email of Lanos. I have gathered a bicycle (a lot easy) and is trace 5 miles. Absolute calm! The works add! It would imagine that a Lanos the company has the department of control of the quality that the controls that breaking of movement previously to shipment. It does not think adrede would ship the system of magnetic wheel that noise of frames. As it is likely that an original bicycle has suffered harm in traffic (the box has had the something of tear in him). But Lanos was a lot of punctual in answering and a lot proactive send out of the bicycle of substitution, down guaranteeed, and works perfectly. Highly I can recommend Lanos and a bicycle of exercise!
5 / 5
Title, a pedal has broken was with which so only the week of use. A pedal accident rotates of a base with which 5 minutes of use, especially of then is not the bad bicycle, so only economic parts. Any response in that taken the part of substitution, likes 100 satisfaction is the lie
5 / 5
I in fact really like this bicycle of exercise - is sturdy, a chair is comfortable, and a neighbour-on the time was reasonable (roughly 2 hours). THIS In spite of, a LCD screen any one some works of function of the wrist and am unable to see a speed, time, distance, and calories. I seat that has squandered 2 hours of my life that dips this on and I maintaining has to return it. UGH. A vendor will not answer . Also risked to purchase!
5 / 5
Are the woman of 63 years , and 5'2”. It was apprehensive in an assembly, but was easy. There is any container of hardware to imagine was. All some rays are pre-situated in some correct holes. Calm so only has to that follow some simple directions.
A chair is more comfortable that had expected partorisca, and an operation of a bicycle is smooth.
A bicycle can be regulated for storage, or whole bicycle, or to the recumbent bicycle.
Has been using he for the week, and very pleased like this far.
4 / 5
With which 3 days of use, a crank of sinister bicycle has come free. I achieved it it was to Lanos several times in a past 3 weeks and has not received any notification on to the equal that can take this fijamente or has substituted. I really like the response. Thank you!
5 / 5
The bicycle adds partorisca a prize. I am recovering of surgery of knee and has required something partorisca help strengthen and loosen he up. This returns a bill. Relatively easy to dip near. Simple interface. An only with having like this far is squeakyness of a chair. It could try some wd40 and see yes concealed the fixed.
4 / 5
Happy has purchased this! I have loved the bicycle that was functional still small for my paving. Ossia Both ! It likes that it folds until being of the place was and give you an option of an integer and the recumbent. Def Like a wide chair and a backing in a chair. It would like partorisca of him to be main but will do.
The only thing there is remarked was a fast plus has been in a control under a boss of chair squeak, so only has to that regulate the mine that seats and then goes era. It averts of that a bicycle is calm! And súper easy to dip near! It has taken roughly 30 mins and happy was in the relatively small box for easy transport to mine 2nd apt walk, has weighed less than 50lbs. Like this far happy with cost of mine!
5 / 5
I facts have amused roughly prevail me.. They are overweight and the beginner to exert. I full time and take classes of evening. I have required something for home reason are already out of my edges the plot. Has the walk the small plus. This bicycle is sum for spatial. They are able to bend it up and place he in a cupboard and hide he of my boy. It was incredibly easy to dip near. Some directions have not gone exactly a clear plus but the common sense has spoken where a no. of costruttore Has 2 complaints but to arrive to this point can treat him. 1st. A box that follows everything; if calm has to that create you for anything and calm is not incredibly quickly everything disappears. Ossia The bit to disappoint . Enough it would clear it it was I. One 2nd subject is sometimes has the clicking noise of an interior where some pedals are. Hopefully Cela Does not cause the question later on. I have it quell'has had so only a bicycle for 2 weeks-ish. I have not been able of the use every night... Well Reason has spent of some laziness. 🤷🏼‍♀️ But like this far like this good. And it would recommend to take he partorisca beginners.
5 / 5
Are LIKE THIS HAPPY has bought this bicycle! Has the recumbent look which am wanted really. It is sturdy. Has 10 settings of control, has begun is gone in 5. These looks to be a setting will use for the moment, as has subject of knee. Has the rear mainstay well to resist you comfortably situate like this you pedal. There are 2 bosses for a chair to take to. There is the screen that has to that with speed, time, distance, calories and wrist.
This bicycle could be be sell for two times so much and would not be too much. They are very happy bought it!
4 / 5
Ossia The bicycle adds , especially for a prize. A recumbent the place is quell'has bitten uncomfortable in a zone to seat, like another reviewers has signalled was, but is not outrageously bad. A whole place is much more comfortable and the law adds. I wish it quell'has had a @@@knob easier that regulate (joins these attractive am gone in the place to twist would be awesome), and an adjustable screen tilt, how is almost impossible to see a screen or any telephone or compressed in recumbent dipped yes is short. But in general, to good sure happy with my compraventa.
5 / 5
Likes any one has said more can listen that it attacks' the sound that comes from/comes from a mechanism to hold magnetic when pedaling. It could not identify a question. They are to decide returning the. Any commentary?
5 / 5
Personally thinks this the good product. I usually uses for 20 mins the day and have any subject. Mina gf is more sensitive to a chair but also goes for 45min-1hr in a bicycle.

Mina gf was able to easily gather a product in 25 mins although it has not thought some instructions were too many clear.

This device is the committed among a whole bicycle and rear mass setup. Unfortunately it is not one the majority of industrial product and an engaged the creation means does knots of failures so many tend to find with him.

Inferior line Pros :
Some levels of control are utmost.
The creation of sleeve is awesome still grip.
@@@Knob Of attractive easy to change among planting
reader of Good wrist

Inferior line Gilipollas :
A beam of cross in a half is quite big and can be travel it hazard when leaving. I wish a screen there has been the backlight.
A chair can be sensitive to some people for periods of long exercise.
Wishes wine with the headline to bounce water in place of the title of mobile phone.
A key/of reset of the power for a monitor would owe that be moved-Easy to accidentally press with the telephone or compressed during exercise.
4 / 5
An electronic screen does not operate. My edges dipped it neighbours in roughly 30 minutes. It looked well and sturdy. And then with which locate for the pocolos small begins to squeak. Reason does not listen to everything of a negative critique.

Has received an email roughly 1 month and the half fact that quell'was to take a screen of electronic monitor for my topmast of bicycle of mine. But so only I have received to this day. Please send me a screen of electronic monitor for my bicycle.
4 / 5
After the surgeries of multiple knee and the car accident that hurt my backside and hip, was no longer able to use an elliptical. I have looked for big and down for the bicycle and decided to give this one tries it. I love it! I love a chair, resupplies the support has required a lot to the rear mine of low plus. Some 3 place is perfect. A mine of parties of the heart rate fitbit, as it would trust it like this of confidence. A control is not a lot a lot of, but is enough to add to mine workout. I have decided to take some bars of the sleeve for a chair was, but this was so only the personal preference and has not been required. A bicycle is a lot of sturdy and doesnt wobbles at all when it traces, included in of the fastest taxes.

Absolutely love this bicycle and highly recommend it.
5 / 5
Likes the one who some a lot of descriptions have read for this bicycle, am taking one same annoying and strong in amazing noise of my bicycle also. A first small or like this of pedaling, everything is well. But then, once a flywheel discharges, one those strikes begins. For a life of me, can not determine a source of one in amazing. It likes-me it my bicycle, but am not happy with one in amazing. At all inner of free eye a flywheel mechanism, as they are stumped. In a moment, a noise is by train to drive me bonkers and doing me does not want to use a bicycle anymore. All can do is house in a noise and not directing in my fitness. If ossia the common defect of a bicycle, then one would think that that a costruttore prendería to sell some bicycles until they fix a question to attack.
5 / 5
Faulty Has produced, does not order under any circumstances! I have ordered this bicycle and there is remarked immediately the strong clanking noise during operation, on some looks of investigation ossia the common, but fixable @@subject that requires some disassembly to repair, and this was so only a start.

Less than two weeks later, while exerting, a right pedal snapped of a bicycle. Some edges that resists it screwed in era misshapen, and undressed was that it causes a whole pedal partorisca fly immediately.

The credit where is planned, a company was quite quickly to answer and send out of the substitution, but so only roughly two weeks later a same thing is spent again!!

Does not buy this bicycle, people, so only is not to value a question.
4 / 5
Has decided so only recently to go back in the regiment to eat is and creating the workout time to mine in pleasant. A bicycle of exercise can help to establish another way to involve cardio in your daily or weekly routine. This bicycle has been the addition adds in my house and my lifestyle. A bicycle is very small and rests in a corner of the mine living room without having the big presence or that interrupts an atmosphere.

My only subjects are that a chair in a bicycle is quell'has bitten uncomfortable and can result a subject when biking for long periods of time. Also, a screen of exposure feels slightly fragile and a key that operates an exposure is located in a same place where is supposes to dip your telephone or table. Reason a key is very sensitive, every time has situated my telephone in a zone of the exposure constantly presses a key and changes an exposure without my intention. Honradamente Thinks that that it was the defect to draw and because of this I does not think that it would have to that cost in $ 200.

To compensate thus defect to draw, suggests to order the mountain of telephone that it can install you in a bicycle to relieve this question. My last subject with this bicycle is that some bars of sleeve to seat lateralmente feels quite fragile same with which have presionado some rays. It does not suggest sustaining in some bars to seat the plot because they feel likes could break was.

In general I still really like this produced but would be more be happy with out these discrepancies and possibly to seal of the lowest prize.
5 / 5
Was easy to gather, and looks good and sturdy have liked like this this bicycle to exercise in general, until after the week listens strong in amazing noise when into use. It is not any a lot of the big shot calm reason usually auricular to spend when you exert, but a noise in fact is annoying. It would be it returned yes was the small and easy element to return.
5 / 5
Has bought this bicycle been due to a pandemic. I do not seat comfortable in disposal in the room of exercise of a complex and a fact that has the “reclining“ dipped. This is not the bicycle for any the one who can not give a very on and in a 18” big barrier with small room to swing your leg on. Some three place is: integer, “reclining” and fold up.

A bicycle is weighed but, included like the “youngster” of senior woman, joint and impulse direct of plant he for me. Some instructions while any implicit, is quite clear to follow. Everything of some dice of necessary/rays are already in place, has any need to look for and pieces of account. Be sure for presionarles entirely.

Has been using he for the pair of days, after adding a coverage of additional cushioned chair, In a reclining place and like this far are that it enjoys a walk!
5 / 5
I aversion that has expected some descriptions on one it strike has not been to apply has thought it. One those strikes is annoying and can be random, doing this no the calm car. I have had another magnetic bicycle for 20 years and was more economic and has not attacked never.... Unless a fixed company this, does not recommend this product. Also, they say that that has 3 place, finds this untrue. According to a calm available tone can dip it full whole, whole and is only whole, recumbent and has bent. If I am bad, say me reason.
4 / 5
I desire could give this to 4.5 indication of star. My subject only with him is that a control of the pedaling is not very big neither noteworthily adjustable. This can be adds for any start out of biking but feels the long way of just in the external disposal and that locate the bicycle. I have finalised to take a chair-sweep of sleeve of the side without compromising a whole structural stability. As when being overweight and particularly in a zone of legs, has found that my legs have run against some bars of sleeve while biking, that leaves the plague in my leg. I also precise use the stool of any to locate a bicycle but ossia so only the question of short person thinks 😂

A bicycle is easy to gather, extremely sturdy still for a overweight present like my self, and folds on quite easy. I have had doubt on some sensors of heart rate in some bosses, but utmost when both hands are on him. A sum of laws of the screen with this timer and distance in following. It would not trust a calorie that reads in the reason is not taking the account your measure of organism. It is well for the estimativa rough of the burned calories.

If you are in a fence roughly taking this bicycle, would say calm would be necessary to take it.
5 / 5
Has had this Lanos bicycle of exercise for ten days now and has been quite pleased with him. My woman and I am both in ours 70 east, and has been exerting on he regularly. I have been impressed with a sturdy and solid character of his construction.
A bicycle was a lot of-packaged, and some small rays, washers and the rays have been seated in some pertinent holes. I have been fallido that one of some insiemi of the entirely lost ray of one of some supports of inferior paving. Felizmente, was able to find the ray of insiemi of serviceable metric substitution in a tent of local hardware (a place I really does not love recognition in these COVID days!).
Once put together, a bicycle has been excellent; rule of integer the recumbent quite easily, settings to hold resupply the decent row and a pedal action is smooth. Any question with clanking to to noise like him to him some has mentioned.
One the smallest complaint is concealed the exposure has DIRECTED is not readable of recumbent dipped because of a corner.
In general, the quite strong five indication of star.
I updates to stick yes changes things.
5 / 5
Has looked for an inner bicycle and bought and is returned another mark. For this bicycle here is a pros: operation very calm, sturdy, compact screen , big exposure. Arrived with rays already in place, as done an easier assembly that other frames. Gilipollas: A backside of a chair is too down , how is in fact painful in a reclining way, and has to that dip two pillow for rear support. It has liked him a backside of a chair to be main and adjustable. A bit those that the dice have been missing, but the vendor has resupplied the service of client adds and mailed joined missing dice. In general, I like a bicycle and use them daily while looking television
5 / 5
A bicycle was quite easy to dip joint. It looks sturdy like this far and a chair is reasonably comfortable. They are happy with him like this far!
4 / 5
Gathering this bicycle was quite quickly and easy. At the beginning it has taken really a lot of workouts, although it follows 6' same and in a setting to seat the elder can not straighten my legs (the specs in the amazon said until 6'7' but concealed is utter b.S.).
Shortly after that has begun to use a bicycle, this in spite of, has begun to do the clunking noise in an assembly to walk while I pedal the. It has been Fulfilled For Amazon to the equal that have ordered the substitution. This is coming quickly and has developed a same question shortly after that. But a clunking would come and go, as I have decided to maintain a substitution. (Disassembling an original, taking some parts behind in an original box and packaging, then lugging he down the UPS was the use adds of time. NO!!)

For the while a clunking the noise has been he was. But it has gone back then. Now they are so only roughly you are month of receipt of a substitution, and a clunking arrives every time the use (five times the week). Also, he at least done the month an exposure has the data was. Usually some turns of exposure on and begins to count time, distance, etc. Automatically once any one begins pedaling, and then stops when some stops of pedaling. Now my exposure a lot included turns on; it does not recognise when they are pedaling !

A last month has and-mailed a vendor/of costruttore three times that asks the full repayment, as I do not want another substitution. Any answered still...
5 / 5
I have been that goes in my typical 4 one thousand (a lot socially distanced, proudly masked) daily brisk walk of a pandemic has begun partorisca remain a bit active. But that same walk in a same street each day so only is resulted extremely boring, and has required something partorisca the transmission up. It liked always the cycling but never really thought in of a bicycle of exercise. I will say that they are cautiously optimistic this will be the transmission of game partorisca a prójimo the one who knows what time this goes partorisca last. I am impressed really with a quality of build, and facilitated partorisca gather. It is solid! A control of tension is like another has mentioned, the light of has bitten, in this I knows finally will want to bit it more the tension that offered. They are 5'11” and an adjustment of chair, height, etc. Is perfect partorisca me, in both a recumbent and some regular place. I have found a chair partorisca be very comfortable partorisca an hour workout. I know it quell'has been so only a day, but want it. If you do not want to break a bank, or is new to to the inner cycling like him, of east is the add compraventa. So only agree, is not the bicycle of the transfer in chance is looking for gone wild. Update 2 weeks later: this bicycle is perfect. I used it every day for an hour workout and are adds. It is to good sure more intense that the daily walks— calm wants to be it, calm of then controls that quickly you pedal, a tension, etc. Take a sound to attack a lot of experience, but is not annoying.
4 / 5
This bicycle is lasted roughly 6 weeks before some rays in a sinister hand the pedal arm is exited. It was able to have to that the amazon returns it and give me the repayment. I owe that reorder the substitution and ship this one rear. Ache in an ass because now I owe that disassemble this bicycle, tugs it to the USPS tent (not lighting for the woman to spend around), and dip a new a neighbour. Again.

On until that there was has loved that. While a hard substitution.
5 / 5
After the few weeks, there is now the strong swipe in the each rotation of some pedals that come from a chamber to hold magnetic sealed. I have written to Lanos and will update with his response.
UPDATE: LANOS the support has been extremely responsive. I am doing with them to rectify this subject @of raisin and once concealed, will update this description consistently.
UPDATE 2: LANOS the support has rectified a subject for knots and is now able to use a product 'the swipe released. Changing our description to 4 stars given an excellent support and followup.
4 / 5
Am giving 4-stars because I think that that this title is quell'has bitten misleading, in my opinion. It likes-me a consolation of a bicycle, but feels more likes are locates it cruiser bicycle in planting to do the cardio workout. I have bought this bicycle to add mine cardio crew. At present I have the treadmill and an elliptical, but has wanted to add the bicycle to be able to change on a cardio workout. This bicycle is the bicycle adds for any only start is gone in his travesía of loss of the weight or for any the one who does not have to that it weaves by force of leg but that it wants to add some cardio. A control of 10 levels is that it finds misleading in a title of description. For me, this bicycle is a lot for now, but will be to sell the latest to upgrade for something with enough bit it more control.
5 / 5
First impressions: squeaky bugger (but with the headphones so only can listen among songs). Súper wobbly Also. It was big that has expected, but collapses to the good measure.

Was very easy to dip near. I took some gross force to take it to close to a whole place of recumbent.

Has tried this cause of model was a faster delivery available after the mine has broken. I buy I try it has driven it in the first place, probably no. But no the hate.
4 / 5
This bicycle could be to 5 bicycle of star for a fact that is the prize adds , easy to gather, easy to use, and service of fast client. A reason for a loss of two stars is that a description is wildly inaccurate. They are 5'8' and in a dipping a big plus, a bicycle is too small for me. My edges this in spite of is 5'2' and a suitable bicycle his very better measure. Reason a description has said some accesses of bicycle until the person 6'7', chair ossia incredibly inaccurate. A service of client was quickly this in spite of, and have sent to focus of nave of the turn.
4 / 5
One the possible only adjustment in this bicycle is height of chair . With that totally widespread, a bicycle was far too short for the 6 feet presents big. At all more it is adjustable: calm can not move a chair behind, can a lot of tilt a chair or regulate a chair remains retreated, can not regulate some sleeves or rests of arms. Ossia Measures it to him return all the bicycle. Quality of the cushion of the Chair is terrible, too wide and not cushioning, the coverage of chair is simply stapled in place. The global quality is poor, any comfortable to seat on, any probably to last with regular use. We return it to knots.
4 / 5
This product could be a compraventa big worse has not taken never of Amazon. Literally everything in this bicycle is quite well for a cost, except a constant that strikes that the can not be fixed. I have looked on descriptions on here, on-line and has called a help of client . And before you say his just noise, vibrates during a whole bicycle in the each one 3 seconds. They are further disappointed and entirely not recommending.
4 / 5
This bicycle is sum for a money. Fold On quite small and is very easy to move once has bent. Having All some rays already in some something goes is really good. Some instructions could be the little clearer, but quite easy to imagine the few exceptions. I have had to that pull on an ad of Amazon to see like the things has been situated the little time . And some pedal straps - does not have any explanation on like this to take them on. It looked obvious but has not been . It results calm so only has to that muscle of use and force them, but the picture that leave to know would have been well. And still with which has taken a prime minister an on, a second a very difficult era physically for me to attach. Finally, it sees picture that is quite self explanatory like the with still these produced - ossia for a right pedal, need to be screwed in a clockwise direction, No a direction pictured which is counter -in a clockwise direction 🤦🏼‍♀️(another pedal is opposite, screwed counters in a clockwise direction and labeled and pictured like such, and that the booklet of instruction has this all has listed correctly. The frames remark the pedal left would be opposite because of direction of pedaling, but reason any word of party of the pictures?!). Bending it up takes the little bit of practical - I need the pieces of impulse each one another first of even that looks for to pull out of a nail or more he no budge. It holds I thought it that it was the joke at the beginning - 10 felt likes at all when they are trace but admit once I pedal the pocolos small does more sense. They are fat and out of form, but am beginning in the 4/5 and to an end of workout (likes to last now) will press until 10 and is difficult for me. I ask if I do not take never ready if the control will be it bummer mine. They are happy has bought this.
5 / 5
In general, some works of good bicycle but has some issues that, can look past, a bicycle you do fault well.

Has had he for the month now and a computer has has not done never. I have used different battery and still at all. But, it concealed it is not the breaker of extracted for me. A second @subject is that my swipes of units while pedaling. It is quite compatible but can ignore it.
In a positive side, fold on amiably and is very easy to burst in the corner or cupboard. Again any one the horrible experience but there are some subjects.

Top Customer Reviews: Original As Seen On ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
5 / 5
A bicycle is hanged very light , easy to move around, and do quite well. A one question has is that a mechanism that opens and closes a bicycle to the equal that can bend he the tent has fallen averts in my hands and the pieces have flown everywhere and somehow has lost the cradle that goes inside a @@@knob. When I have contacted a company to ask the new cradle, said concealed ' does to 30 guarantee of day, and stray elements or flown has not been covered.' Well... It concealed it is not quite that has spent to also offered to purchase the new cradle, this in spite of would not give . Any way will not offer any help if anything spends like this buyer beware. Also they want to touch $ 200 for these classes 'free' after a test.
5 / 5
Has bought this cycle mainly for my husband the one who had been inactive after the long illness. A cycle is small , this in spite of, is effective. My husband is on 6 big feet and is very comfortable in a bicycle and loves it. They are 5'4 and I love it . It would recommend a product.
5 / 5
Can locate without ache! I can not walk far without hip and of the ache of culo terrible, but can locate my Slimcycle to the mine contained of hearts. It returns in a zone has had in alcohol, but moveable has to that it loves it move. I dipped it/ I dipped It near in the evening of Saturday. All has required is distributed.
5 / 5
Has bought this bicycle like the present and required it days of interior. It was fearful would have it quite time to gather have ordered of prójimos to a b-the day has given stops. My fears were a-has founded took it of then dipped together with relative ease in two hours. I streamed one 'as to' video of a page of order of the amazon in my TV and followed to the long of any to the no. was in fact quite proud when I have taken fact and gave it the fast pedal for the try was. Some pedals of bicycle smoothly and quietly, and some bands of arms in just my fast pocolos small have done really my arms celery the little tired ( has known some bands have said of another way,) For a money is past, thinks that ossia an incredibly good exercise bicycle. A digital programming has not been súper to the big technology likes in the gymnasium or in of the unit that thousands of costs, but concealed is not that the exercise is roughly. If precise takes to move and begin an easy daily routine in home ossia the winner in my book!
5 / 5
Has received in Navidad,the box was kinda has weighed. It was able to follow directions of booklet to dip the together cycle for me. When being so only 5,3' has been concerned roughly when being able to touch pedals! But it locates calm mechanism. It does not take on a lot of space on walk. Well built, readout easy to see. Satisfied with compraventa.
4 / 5
Knots really like a portability of this bicycle. We do not owe that it weaves of room in our house, as they are adds to dip in front of a TV and when we are to finalise, easily fold up and is has tent easily. It is also good and light but sturdy also. A big chair is comfortable and some a lot of different corners and the place of a bicycle he well for multiple people to do is returned the needs of his organism.
5 / 5
This an only bicycle can seat on and achieve a peddles , are so only 4' 11 and has had the hard time that finds the bicycle could use. Also my husband that uses it to!
5 / 5
Enjoys to use this bicycle of exercise and is quite light that the majority of seniors will be able to direct wheel and whole place to storage. I have purchased prime minister of mine one in the tent of department and has used long the week. The stray so after coming Florida this winter that has ordered the second an of Amazon for our condo here.
5 / 5
My mother of 78 years has ordered one of thes Slender Cycles behind in February of this year (2019). It was overweight at the same time but no bad. There is osteoporsis real bad and has loved to strengthen his organism. I said to have trace every day of then for 30 minutes the day yes feels to like or of his legs of no. are smaller and in bylines and is taking around so better! I have said that it is my inspiration ! I require to lose some weight and take firmed up likes there is and has regulated a Slender Cycle with his success. It has said, ' I will take you one loves one.' I eat... It has done and it is at least it locates behind 30 minutes the day of then July 13, 2019. It is so only be 3 1/2 weeks and I am until level 4 in a tension and mine sciatic the question of nerve has gone almost entirely. I have walked like an old woman been due to an ache has has had to that a nerve pinched but this Slender Cycle strengthened already enough for normal paving again and have the along easier in stairs. They are very pleased with him. I love a timer that reads so only when you are pedaling . The reset every time locates to be sure I walk in a minimum 30 minutes the day. It likes- one digital exposure. Measure your heart rate and calories of shows burned distance and also mph. Also I love some few bands for an upper organism workout. I have known that once I this the HABIT, then does not have any way that can does not locate every day. It is really in that help me go back form after being diagnosed with APL (Leukaemia) in October of 2018. I have been of chemo of then June 21st and this bicycle is by train to help me take stronger every day. I love it and recommend it!
4 / 5
Am impressed with everything! In the first place, it has been expecting the to go in the enormous box. Nope. It was a lot of packaged and manageable for me to move without another adult for help. As, some directions are point and averts! Very detailed with utmost pictures. Some parts are all a lot well build--has meant all has varied perfectly when gathering. All the pieces have gathered of sound! It has comprised all some tools would require, as I have not had to undermine my own was. An adjustment of height is good and an adjustment of place is well. Some law of resistant bands of sound! So only it wishes an exposure of computer was bit it more sturdy to dip my laptop angled on. This in spite of, could manage the electronic or small book small. A screen has abundance of options to do it impressive for one in bicycle to house more economic. It is sturdy, still easy to move. Mina inclusa 7 old year could scoot he around. Ossia Has to that has!
5 / 5
The bicycle has come with the bosses undressed; little I list to substitute. The bicycle is not sturdy and is done of mostly plastic. The chair does not regulate and so only can grieve partorisca achieve pedals in a flange of a chair and are 5'4. In my opinion this bicycle is horrible and no like this announced.
4 / 5
With which 1 month partorisca use a digital screen has @knob and working @@prisoner partorisca regulate a place of bicycles has broken. Ive Spoken with Amazon and his arent helping at all and gave partorisca contact a company directly. Ive emailed But any response.
4 / 5
Any to stabilise you will fall , a support of base is way too tightened.
5 / 5
Buys this on done the month. My daughter has used this newspaper and loved it so only. A quietness has left partorisca exert while looking his show of favourite TV. This in spite of, an edge in a right crank that connects to a pedal is undressed already! He a bicycle unusable. We will be partorisca return the, unfortunately.
5 / 5
This bicycle of exercise is the element priced reasonably well. A significant loses is that it does not regulate to legs of any reasonable period. With a estaca of chair in his his level the big plus has measured 27' of a front of a chair to a centre. In 6' big mine inseam is the quite short 32' except a bicycle is still too short for me and does not leave extension of full leg. So you are of height of meso or main can love you look in another crew yes loves the period of full leg workout.
5 / 5
The client and the horrible product is included worse!!! The bicycle has arrived the d was easy to dip near. This in spite of, one the sinister pedal was defective and would not return in a spindle. I have called the service of the bird of client has been said would take it 3 weeks to ship out of the new pedal. It is now be 5 weeks this in spite of any pedal. I have called service of client today and has been said “Because of the overwhelming question would be at least 60 sail included could take to my mandate”
4 / 5
My parents of 88 years have has wanted to one of these for the exercise but I thought it would be the waste of money.
Ordered him finally one and he have arrived inside the days and am very happy to say is not the economic excuse for rasgar of old people. It is very good engineered and built, is well has thought was to be really usable and any he gimmick.

Has taken perhaps 15 minutes to gather and is much more stable then has expected, included in a carpeting no to calm seat likes goes to fall on, or the fall averts. A folks uses long every day for just the minute or two the time but is by train for the use and the pleasure. It likes all exert of the crew so only helps yes calm uses it.

Folds On easily and still in a carpet is quite easy to go to a cupboard every night to take he out of a way.
Are very happy to say was bad, is the good piece of crew that justifies a prize. It is not economic, is quality very good . You can buy economic material and often an only good thing roughly is there is not costing many.

Recommends this to my friends and family.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. UPDATE: it is now 5 Weeks later, June 28, and still love this bicycle. It is still calm , in bylines and strong. Utilisation a bicycle 3x the week and I have lost 11 pounds. As I am thrilled. They are on level 6, as if you are in rat of real gymnasium , could be the little too easy for you. Utilisation for 30 minutes, with some bands, and when I tire me bands, to mix things on, the movement to my arms likes them am running. To the left say, when I am fact , am drenched in sweat. As he a trick for me.
Are very happy with this compraventa! Highly it recommends!
Original description, May 15: This bicycle is like this better that has expected. The quality adds for a prize. They are A woman of 52 years , weights 250 pounds, 5'6, inseam 31”. They are not handy at all. Some instructions are excellent. Like this clear. I have not required to look the video for the dipped near. I took 2 hours. I have taken my time, has dipped all was. At all it suffered it harm, a lot of packaged. A chair is quite comfortable. It has to that big butt, as it seats some bars in a side, but does not annoy me when pedaling. A rear rest is well. A bit main would have been perfect, but quite good. It is calm like this far. Hopefully, Concealed will not change . A screen is well, simple. I can dip my iPhone or iPad on that. A bicycle is in bylines and strong. I have sustained on to grab my telephone, which was in the next table. Any wobbles at all. A half part is big, as you owe precaution to use when that traces and dismounting. You owe that create your leg and big foot to take on. Be careful and attention to arrest when you are leaving, especially has had the good workout and your legs are wobbly. Some bands and a fact that can regulate you a bicycle to the recumbent the place is fabulous prime. More is foldable! Calm can not regulate an intensity of some bands. But I have read the good tip of another reviewer this has said she grabbed both bands in a rid to augment a difficulty, as it could try that later. I am thrilled with this bicycle like this far. I will give an update the month. I am not sure if this bicycle would adapt the big person. I guess it depends in that time your legs are. This bicycle is perfect for me and I highly recommend!
5 / 5
Loves some few bands & of bicycle combo!! It has given my prime minister of mine of old bicycle. I dipped it/ I dipped It near for me and it has had any question!!! It is the good product how is all my Boss of material Bulb.
5 / 5
Has received so only this bicycle on 1/31 so only be on he 5 times that does the noise to attack that I drive crazy need the repayment or substitution.
5 / 5
Yesterday it would have given this bicycle he 5 - is calm, easy to locate and my husband and I am by train of the enjoy immensely. This in spite of this morning remark that our Digital Exposure already has the crack in him. We have had a bicycle a week. This has done my opinion of a quality the bit less than my opinion yesterday.
5 / 5
The cycle was very easy to gather. Experience mainly partorisca my woman and has a lot of satisfied state with a smooth calm action. I have had surgery of knee last month and is also state using a cycle partorisca rehab. In 275 lbs. A cycle is very stable and has been key in rehab. We would recommend this by all the world and would purchase again without hesitation.
5 / 5
Looks so that it adds Visual in television when marketing...( Partorisca Take sales of course)..The inner walks cost a moment.

Gathers so only well..

The desire was an easier way to bend .

Seat And the Rear cushion feels so only well.

Will give an update.. In the month.

If not doing the decision partorisca maintain or no.
5 / 5
This there is not coming with instructions of user. Any workouts. At all. It can a lot of really send it behind already together place like material am stuck with him.
4 / 5
So only has taken this bicycle today and am a lot disappointed. This bicycle is not described like this. In the first place it has said that it is partorisca any the one who is 6'4. In that planet? They are 6'1 and hardly it could locate and when I , has had ANY SPATIAL to move my legs. Ossia One the majority of uncomfortable exercise , small and stagnate the bicycle has not seen never. It alleges partorisca be partorisca the main and big people but there is not any way any 5'9 and on could seat in this comfortably unless they do not owe that the legs. I do not create all some descriptions of the supposed big people that alleges can locate this and traces it. It could pedal very included unless reason my knees were in mine @@@cofre!

A bicycle is also hard to gather (has taken at least two hours) and is a lot last to move and partorisca change his place. They allege it is like this easy to regulate a bicycle the foldable, recumbant and integer but concealed is not true. It looks he like all announced in this bicycle is the lie . I have contacted vendor partorisca return it and will not order never another SlimCycle. I will stick with to frames likes him ProGear that in fact bicycles partorisca mark that apt adults!
5 / 5
Order two of these bicycles a for me and a partorisca my daughter. A one has the place near was relatively easy to do like this and under a time of hours. It is compact which want to and any noise at all. I add for that. This in spite of afterwards a month of use, every day, a right pedal is fallen off. Two days later, a sinister pedal is fallen off. There is any way to fix this question like pedals is inner threaded and an edge is all undressed of pedaling. There is any die partorisca attach a pedal so much with them falls off it, is useless.
Has contacted a company and said to us would send me a Unit 1 with some pedals but did not receive it still. Today it is June 8, 2020. I have ordered an April of bicycle 16, 2020 and received it April 20, 2020. (The fast service appreciate).
A way to fix this question is the redesign some pedals so that there is at least the die partorisca resist it on in place of a be the just pedal turned in the threaded hole Or the glue he in. I seat and attended partorisca my new part partorisca come I so that it can use it again. $ 199 Partorisca this bicycle is not a question, the prize adds, but is been unusable after the time of a month. Really it would owe that it sent it behind but situated of a box. I know, I know! It does not situate never of a box until utilisation any produced partorisca at least two month. Reason I that, am not sure but has done. So much, I owe attended partorisca one part. An only thing that concern roughly is although a new part is envoy , some pedals that falls off raisin again?
The desire could give this 5 total of stars because a factor of noise is surprising he so that has any one. It is compact and easy to move if need be and easy to gather. So only please fix a pedal situation and you would have the product of dynamite.
4 / 5
When I have received my slender cycle was excited like this partorisca begin. I have had the substitution of total hip in November and has wanted to strengthen my behind mine low plus and of the hips to avert another substitution of hip. It has dipped among 2.5 miles/5 miles for day and feel wonderful. Thank you To help me take my life retreated in clues.
5 / 5
Of a picture can see that ossia the solid piece of crew (the no comprised cat!). My husband tends of the bicycle possessed and knows like this to build the bicycle and has been impressed by an ease of assembly. It is very calm and easy to use. I want that it looks like this lustrous and is really the fine piece of ingenuity. Very happy with him in the each possible way.
5 / 5
Of a picture can see that ossia the solid piece of crew (the no comprised cat!). My husband tends of the bicycle possessed and knows like this partorisca build the bicycle and has been impressed by an ease of assembly. It is very calm and easy to use. I want that it looks like this lustrous and is really the fine piece of ingenuity. Very happy with him in the each possible way.
4 / 5
The product there has been the plot of subjects with pedals and frames a lot when being pas still. Tried taking avert and reconstructing multiple time. I have not known like partorisca contact them directly partorisca solve. Now I owe that return this bulky bicycle!!!
5 / 5
Has to that be neighbouring place. Several parts. I am 68 years old and it does not have it he still. There it would have been it preassembled has known that would be complicated like this.
Addendum: I faced It once, it has not been hard to gather at all. Works like the charm.
5 / 5
Originally has ordered a bicycle of exercise of Slender Cycle of Bulbhead directly, but with which almost two weeks of rear and advance of the conversations of telephone roughly taking it like this long to ship, there is annulled an order, and has ordered he of Amazon. It has shipped out of later that same day, and has arrived 5 days later.

According to which a bicycle he, has not imagined was still to the equal that can produce results, so only exiting on he for 10 minutes the day, a characteristic that impressed one the majority of in one announcing. If any one can help me with that, a lot would appreciate it. Otherwise, Taste a lot, and use it each morning.
4 / 5
Loves this! Easy to gather and easy to use. Now I can exert when it is too cold and icky the external time! So only that has loved! Really calm, also. And works for my short 5 ft 1 height.
4 / 5
Has loved really this bicycle but now am unable to without accidents the use. With which less than three month of use, a strap of sinister foot has broken. Now my slips of the feet every time uses some pedals the one who do to feel uneasy to use a bicycle anymore. Has thinks that has taken an amazing shot in this bicycle but now feels like the waste of money. I have tried to take help to substitute a strap but was unsuccessful. They are a lot of bummed was reason have taken some exercise adds in a bicycle how has been I adds for any the one who struggle with ache and chronic illness. Now it goes to take so only on spatial and collect powder until I can take the part of substitution or fix for my account some that.
5 / 5
I really like a bicycle. They are by train of the give The 3 been due to protects having the tear and has asked the substitution. It has been said any question, has expected the little service of weeks of the client contacted after any part of substitution, to be said to disassemble bicycle and send behind to take bicycle of substitution. I owe that be inconvenienced to so only everything for the replant rear rest.
5 / 5
Has been rid punctually, and very easy to dip near. It is all this is to require to take the house of convenient start. A prize are adds for this crew also. His small, calm and returns lovely in my paving of living room. An only thing is some bars in a side, has not gone quite wide for me. So much, I take for now until me trim down some.
4 / 5
Has received a product punctually. It was in the box that resembled has been repackaged after being envoy behind for the leading buyer. I have verified to ensure all some parts were there and era. An assembly was quite easy and some easy instructions to follow. After completing an assembly, there is remarked that a bicycle wobbled the little. I thought it at the beginning it can be been a paving and moved it to the different zone and has had some same results. I then checked and one of some bars of the inferior frame has not been to level. I have had of then already it has gathered it a bicycle could did not send it behind having it like this maintained and has used other methods for the balance. A right pedal done the clicking noise in the each rotation. I have tried to contact a company bubblehead via email on two occasions and has received the message behind that it would be it inner has contacted 48 hours - has not gone never. I have called also two times - a 2nd call I finally spoken to the agent of service of the client the one who have me advised so only for the send behind . It can a lot of this he so that it would owe that disassemble a bicycle and I have launched already was a box has come with.
4 / 5
I love this bicycle. I use it every day. A subject only am having is that a ray that control some pedals is beginning arrest partorisca undress. I go partorisca see can find fix it. It would hate To not being able of the use after only 1 1/2 month.
4 / 5
Could not gather a cycle and has required any partorisca contact me or come and help me partorisca the gather, please would pay almost anything for help!!!
4 / 5
Can not say enough in this product.
This time of C19 or any time, any one so only he
help our health but also our sanity.
Takes gone back in this bicycle each one another day and
included take pictures to send to friends and family.
Perfect measure for any one of people too big,
accesses in the corner of our room familiarised w television on,
easy to gather , never like this calm,
the arm adds workout also, together with ours down more
exercise of organism. A fellow that has received our photo
has ordered immediately, to to a main pair so only like him to him
loved quell'absolutely! If it could give the indication of 99.9,
would do like this- is so only that would have has wanted to
a then black ash. Picky'!
Oh, A thing more- prize abordable , adds!
Thank you To do them.......................
4 / 5
So only has taken my car today and is coming a lot of packaged. Any one run that loses. The instructions were easy to follow has taken me so only an hour to gather (I are not mechanically bent) and everything returns in place. It is trace he for 10 minutes and is calm. They are 4'11' and have a chair is gone down to a subordinated that turn perfectly! They are short how is difficult to find the car that my feet can achieve a fund. Seat Is quite comfortable and bands of law of control of sound. Some two things that I no quite so it is some mangos lateralmente how is slightly too far behind and some levels of control of the pedals are not quite strong for me - I start was with level 6 and a max is 8. To the Some things like more is of a colour, bands of control, the digital screen where can dip my telephone, portability, any one-tram, and especially bending mechanism. I will be to maintain this bicycle , thank you!
5 / 5
Has ordered this bicycle to exercise almost done the year, and have it almost used every day. Has not dipping a together bicycle as they are not like this mechanically has bent. A person that has gathered he for me has said was easy. I have tried out of some bands of control and law well, but has not bought a bicycle for this characteristic. I have bought this bicycle to the equal that am unable to run more. This bicycle has been the very good alternative . I maintain a bicycle is gone in a T.V. Room. My principle is that I love sample T.V., I Have to be in a bicycle. Have binge has looked the few shows entirely guilt free. This is not the elegant the one of gives bicycle to turn with all the classes of bells and whistles or the $ 2,000 + seal of prize – I mostly walk in the state tax in bylines, but I some intervals some fast plus also. They are so only 4'10” but it was able to regulate a chair to the equal that can pedal comfortably. I maintain a chair behind in the half bet – a lot totally whole or recumbent. It has a lot of state pleased with this compraventa and would recommend it to any one.
4 / 5
Which with social distancing and that remain in home, has decided to purchase a bicycle of exercise for a first time. This bicycle is exceptional in a lot of ways. 1. It was impressed really with a packaging. All the parts have been resisted securely in place and has been protected against shipping harm. 2. Some instructions were among a more has not seen never. Any instruction written so only, but pictures also for each step of an assembly. They are the mechanic of tree of the shadow , like this instructions very simple would have done for me, this in spite of, these instructions would have done it easy for almost any to gather. 3. The quality of a product has finalised. A bicycle is totally stable while in the quantity. It is incredibly calm. A calm computer say exactly that it would be it interest to know. Some chairs are comfortable. An addition of a bungee the cords of exercise is the real plus , like this calm also can take the workout for your upper organism. In general, the bicycle of big quality in the reasonable prize.
4 / 5
Takes of the person the one who strongly disturbs assembly and used to be the rat of gymnasium. This bicycle was súper easy for me to install for me. His comfy. I take the decent workout. I have been doing diverse 15 sessions of minute. The heart is beating amiably! A lot simotenous upper organism and go down workout. Also, master that a bit title of telephone/the shelf there are few walls lateralmente like your telephone any one dulcemente slide by means of and fall a flange. Included some cars of the gymnasium does not have this characteristic lol. They are like this a lot happy with this compraventa. If anything changes, will update my description.
With which two days, am remarking the I a lot annoying 'thumping' that comes from/comes from a left peddle. Still doing well, but to seat likes him the touch when I peddle. I have taken a section forward averts to see can imagine out of that is causing a touching. It could it does not imagine.. hopefully Will go was on is adapted. If it worsens, will have to return it.

Update 5-15-20. A clicking of a sinister pedal is still there. The bicycle still does well this in spite of. Volume sweaty and is the good workout. It has saved my butt during a lockdown the period and I probably will continue to use until it is in his last leg. The only desire could imagine out of a clicking sound. Ossia My only complaint otherwise would be 5 stars .

6 update of month: still it is going strong. It has not been that would have done with my routine workouts. Clicking The sound still comes and goes but still take my sweat on. I recommend a slender cycle!

Almost 1 update of year: I use it 4-5 days the week and still is that it goes strong. I have had king presionar the pocolos fulminas, another that that, am still very pleased.
5 / 5
The level of noise is a lot a lot strong, clunky. Any value a quantity has paid. The vendor has not been easy to do with. It says that it is foldable any direction in folding. Any that is to announce. An element is gone down in pricing a day with which have taken $ 200 and the vendor has refused to give join me difference. Then a prize has gone back up. Like this disappointed with Vendor and Amazon. It seats it likes me quell'has been deceived.
5 / 5
Has has wanted to really like this bicycle. I took it all has gathered, but then has taken to a last part: some pedals. Any subject like hard has tried, some pedals simply any ray in. Has thinks that that this would be easy to fix. I messaged the support that asks to take pedals of substitution, and inform me the Amazon. I have spoken the Amazon in a subject, and inform to a vendor. I have not had any election but for the turn, and a vendor has not been able to fix for has it has on elected. A lot disappointing.

Top Customer Reviews: Cyclace Exercise ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
An adjustable chair feels súper comfortable, and has the powerful and also very smooth 36 lbs hanged flywheel. He ours workout easier. It instruments very very partorisca inner exercise. It is not too hard to begin, and easy partorisca we partorisca maintain the using, doing apter and more is, and the easiest life and happier. Hope I can take touched of of 10 lbs with this bicycle. Highly recommended.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. This car is very easy to use, and is very good to weight of loss, has had use every night, felt leaner that before
4 / 5
love my bicycle of new exercise. I used it it has spent few days. It exits it adds. I love a colour. Usually it strolls 15 mins will be sweat partorisca begin. A thing adds is has push partorisca take inferior and have the place partorisca dip my waters of boat. Has extra tools if needs. Partorisca Plant on, my dad and I use 2 hours partorisca dip on a first ship of bicycle in. The Value he!
4 / 5
Pleasantly Surprised in a sturdiness and quality of a bicycle. A course a harder that the assembly has taken a box by means of a door. One bases of a bicycle gathers all need attaches is a front and stands of scarce leg, bar of boss, chair and peddles. A whole assembly for me has taken 20 minutes then has been ready partorisca locate. Once on, a bicycle feels studio and like this comfortable like some bicycles of the transfer of the theses can take. I have received my bicycle the Friday and has used in the each day so only of then. Very convenient partorisca the fast 20 small workout or an hour strolls long. I also signed on partorisca the free test with sweat of the studio on asks, has hundreds of classes of available transfer. Very happy has been with this bicycle vs something the slope concealed so as the payment of mortgage.
4 / 5
My woman has taken this partorisca use with an application of crew. It has dipped now almost 1000 miles on of then shabby. A bicycle has been solid, has had the subject small with a chair and we emailed lean it and they send parts of substitution in just the few days. A lot of responsive.
In general is been a lot of value of the money.
5 / 5
The assembly has taken 20 mins, each piece only has been sent free and has varied perfectly. A headline of telephone folds like a headline of iPad( will block a monitor). If your paving is uneven use some tampons of adjustable foot in a fund. These produced is the plus and recommended to any in needs of the bicycle to turn of the quality.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. It is easy to gather, and looks quite strong. He‘s calm when the working. A stand is prefect creation, the flavour dipped my Ipad on there to look film during exercise. A “well” of key of the stop to protect legs to hurt reasons can take flywheel immediately. A tampon of chair is little has bitten hard, but does not import . It likes to be to locate. I expect that I can maintain exercise and lose hanged to the equal that has expected.
5 / 5
My husband and I leave the late daily work, does not have time to go to a gymnasium. As I have bought this family can mediate in consumption of calories of exercise of house of aerobics. I expect that this bicycle can help lose weights. This bicycle of exercise is the comfortable solid ,smooth transfer and calm bicycle. Headline of iPhone, dipped my telephone enjoys music,film when exercise. A 36lbs flywheel resupplies the walk of smooth spinning. Tampon of brake of pure wool the embrague almost calm and a chair is more comfortable.
4 / 5
A bicycle of exercise is surprising reason can exert with to him likes me to him the one of your that locates the bicycle. It is very easy to build reason has the discharge of the instruction in calm concealed helps to do it easier that build. Calm included can take he to press the key that is in a bicycle of exercise. A bicycle of exercise is a crew of better exercise reason can burn to the plot of calories and help goes in better form. It is amazing cause is very easy to build and very easy to use.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Taken a bicycle today and gathered it a same day. Any harm or subjects during shipping. The assembly has taken roughly 10 to 15 mins and comes with tools. His quite heavy but was able of the together place for me. Some instructions were quite easy to follow and I wasnt that loses any one separates. I plan to update this description 4-6 month of now or possibly sooner has anything significant for future buyers to be conscious of. It loves it like this far.
5 / 5
This bicycle is the option adds partorisca a row of prize - so that they do not want to spend the fortune in the Crew. It was relatively easy to dip near also!
4 / 5
Has purchased this bicycle look it in fact month, easy gathers the fact adds was very happy. Last week, the bicycle has broken! A sensor has broken, some pedals have frozen in place and has had smoke very strong of hule burned in the pertinent. A whole room reeked with this smell, was really concerning. The odometer was down 600 miles. Achieved was in vendor any response. These ships of bicycle directly of Cina, takes time to google 'Cyclace' and research this calm bicycle @gives this is not the real mark. I seat transmission partorisca buy this bicycle and falling partorisca this fraud. This time, are almost has spent 6 hours that Amazon to contact roughly gone back and repayment. That the waste of my time and money. He no my deception buys the real bicycle instead.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I love this bicycle! I have used to do classes of cycle in the studio but a schedule have not been to do for me with which my boys that begins school. Then I the little achieve and compare the one who my partner has paid . I have decided to try out of this bicycle. It is awesome. It is smooth, calm and has control of key of the push. Has title of screen. I really like a bicycle.
5 / 5
Has had this bicycle for the month now. It is perhaps it locates behind 12 total of time and there is the strong grinding noise every time I pedal now. A sound goes was when I back pedal, but the normal pedaling is extremely strong now and a crunching the noise is unbearable. I will try to return this for the new a, but no alentador to arrive to this point. Extremely unfortunate like this is that it has been doing for exercise during this sure plus for order of house.

UPDATE 7/6/20
updates my description of 1 star to 4 stars. The service of client has achieved was ours in a subject with a bicycle. Jane was extremely useful to try to solve a subject. Accompanied with sounds to send new parts and the little bit of WD-40, take a noise to go was for one the majority of part. He still done the light in amazing noise when you have shouted/to go down a control, but a bicycle is still useable. I have been to give the repayment for a question and Jane am agreed to continuous do with us to take a subject has solved. Although a subject with a bicycle was inconvenient, is happy with a service of client receives of Cyclace for the do well.
5 / 5
Would want to say something positive but can the no. In the first place was, any instruction has been comprised. Any one links the instructions or anything. Strike a. It takes of boxes and all some parts and these few black accounts spill everywhere. As any so only owe investigation by means of each little prize of styrofoam to ensure have all some pieces, but these few black accounts (any clue that is) is during my carpet. Strike two. Tried to install a mountain of chair. A course some closes a height of the chair would not unscrew so that it could not install a mountain of chair. The edges are spent probably by means of. Strike three. Tried reassemble a styrofoam back in a box, any data. As they Take this in a box? Strike four. An only positive part of of the this is that Amazon reembolsa my money for this bicycle of rubbish. It has expected for the good bicycle based in some other descriptions but no such regime. Spent this in your own risk, hopefully does not take a 80 piece of book of junk.
4 / 5
Easy to gather. The main quality that has anticipated. The car adds for us on fifty looking for the basic bicycle that maintain returned and active
5 / 5
This bicycle to turn is really good and quality! The installation has spent very simple a zone of one describes no very big also very convenient very practical when the installation is quell'has bitten heavy reason the quality is installation a lot well has better had to be two people gather neighbours to the equal that can compare relaxed and simple still can try buy his another crew of fitness to believe also can be very a lot of
5 / 5
was very hesitant to buy a bicycle of first on-line exercise of the try in person. But this was the shot adds and the good descriptions takings. I owe that say annulling my affiliation of studio of the transfer, buying this bicycle and using he with a Crew the application was one of some better decisions have has not done never! This bicycle is a lot of sturdy. It is easy to dip near. A headline of telephone is a lot handy. My only complaints are has had to buy separate pedals to use with mine SPD shoes of the clip and a chair is too many widths for mine in pleasant. Another that that highly recommends this bicycle!!
5 / 5
This bicycle is horrible and the waste of $ 400. The interest is a main deception has done this year. It was easy to gather, and has been rid punctual. It was excited like this and alentador.

Dipped it once joints downwards two hours have had my first bicycle. A first walk was well, was the 20 walk of minute . A second walk a next day, also he 20 walk of the minute has not been like this well. Some pedals have begun to feel wobbly. And I have decided presionar on pedals, which has helped.

A third walk has been horribly. Some pedals have spent already. Literally a medal is undressing. I am disgusted reason that are supposes to do with the bicycle that 't pedal. I have had a bicycle less than a week(7days), has been in fact 6 days. And it is already the $ 400 storm of discharge.

That they are I to do with this useless bicycle?
4 / 5
This was my present woman navideña. Yes, it asked it, any is not the esquad phase of woman, there is wanted to so only an alternative to the his treadmill.

Installing it was simple, so only the pocolos fulminas. Screwing Some two stops for a estaca of the chair and the handlebars was probably harder that all some other rays have combined because of a way requires to line up. Still, very simple.

Has both used it like this far, but is the challenge for his same in a estaca of date of possible chair drop. They are 6' and it has had any question that finds the pertinent height.

Regarding following exercises, a computer is WELL. If utilisations to the to something likes him League of Garmin (and Strava for of extension) can wants to invest in ANT+/Bluetooth cadence and sensors of speeds. I have used Wahoo box () and has done extremely well. If you are in an ecosystem of Garmin, a wheel forward is 1,357 mm in circumference, will require this number like your Garmin calculates speed and distance correctly.
5 / 5
A bicycle is easy to gather and is a lot of fact, this in spite of a digital clock in the mine does not operate. I have verified a connection, takes and reinstalled some battery, and tried all the levels of control in a flywheel, but still locate a screen for everything of some criteria. In a espuede' way a clock will move of still time to accelerate the distance, etc, always reading , as it thinks that that a question is in a sensor in a flywheel, which is not accessible but felt likes is the hard wire fence when expressed my low toes a hood. I do not want to return a bicycle, but loves it to do like this announced that. A recommendation would be appreciated. Thank you, WBJJ

A bicycle of substitution has been mine sent and some works of digital clock well, as I am happy with a bicycle and to good sure would recommend it to potential buyers. One first bicycle is in my cochera, fully gathered , and there is not any way can return he for repayment, like the original packaging has gone long. Now I am said will be touched for a bicycle of the substitution and my SEEN has been touched. An original bicycle is like this new and ready for pickup concealed can be fixed, likes to please consultor like this can solve this subject without me that spends an additional $ . Thank you, WBJJ
5 / 5
So only moved in the small paving, has used to have the treadmill, but too big for my paving. Find this bicycle on Amazon. Ossia The very pleasant bicycle , really likes to of me and good prize , has taken so only my extreme husband 30 min to dip evryverythings together . After each part have gathered, this bicycle looks a lot of sturdy, has tried a first bicycle, very calm, ossia that likes me, causes my old treadmill marks too many noises. Included my adolescent edges loves it too much. Hope This bicycle will do room more instead touching game all day home.
Is a awesome the bicycle and I totally recommend it!
5 / 5
Has bought this reason all other inner bicycles highly recommended quite calm to be in some complexes to walk without disturbing any one has been sold was because of COVID19....

To purchase the investigation has extended, that tries to find the very very calm inner bicycle, a concealed no any noise like alive in a second complex to walk of the old paving and my neighbours and lady of the earth so only are leaving use my tredmill until any new movements downwards. Well, with each another good bicycle the be has sold was, has decided to take my casualidad with this bicycle. It has not had the plot of the descriptions that declares was a lot of was calm, but the little said it done with the gymnasium kills. I have not bought it kills it, reason have wanted to discover that it would require in the first place first to purchase a (like fat for barrier of noise).
After gathering a bicycle, has tried was and Oh My GOODNESS. It is SOOOOO calm!!!!! They are like this like this like this happy with this bicycle! And it does not vibrate a room is in at all!
Are like this happy with this compraventa. To good sure will use it to a max until this stupid COVID the fright is on and can run again in my ease/of fitness of the gymnasium again. Until then? This bicycle goes to be my pet .
4 / 5
Are the 30 and/or female the one who has purchased this bicycle to use with an application of Crew. A bicycle has come punctual and was able of the together place quite easily in an hour or like this for me using some tools have resupplied. As of a date of this description are trace approx. 220 miles in a bicycle in a past little month. Here it is that it would say roughly that:

-the prize Adds so that it is (the investigation has extended first of time)
-the handlebars are very done and versatile the
-Ipad/headline of telephone resists your artilugio conclusive and any worry of him falling
-Seat is very comfortable
-Very easy to move

-A squeak in a 'jogging' the level really is frustrating and a @@subject a big plus with this bicycle. It was conscious of an infamous squeak has based in some descriptions but has chosen to ignore and mine of the hope would not have it reason a bicycle has had to that way that other things looked for (sees: pros). I have contacted service of client and has answered quickly that asks the video. We finalise spraying the silicone WD40 and a crew of service of the client refunded me $ 30 that was it a lot. This in spite of, a squeak goes back weekly and, unless has auricular quite well on, is a lot distracts it especially reason is well among some easy and hard levels (for my bicycle in all the chance).
-A spent in to control calories, distance, etc. Is quite economic as extracted with the cure like rear plastic portion will break quite easily. No the enormous shot has the tracker of fitness, this in spite of.
5 / 5
After reading some descriptions and researching other bicycles in this point of prize, has decided to buy is one.
Loves some pocolos dye and a quality of a product is to add this in spite of a chair of bicycle has the plastic piece in a fund of concealed has been broken and didnt feel very sure. Also, it has had no manual for setup or any on-line video that could has to that way that be out of a picture in a box.
5 / 5
I the tonne to research first to solve in a Cyclace for my DIY Crew setup. I swapped out of some pedals of cage for some Look compatible pedals and has been turning was of then January. I will say that a thing to control that comes with a never done bicycle for me, but personally has not loved this characteristic in all the chance, uses my clock of fitness to follow my metrics. I disconnected the and has wrapped a free boss around my headline to bounce water and did not give it never another has thought. My bicycle feels sturdy, has included sturdier that my fellow Crew (but his is on plywood on carpet), and calories of burns like this a lot of in mine in-bicycle to house so it classifies of transfer in the studio. It is not like this calm likes the crew and a control does not feel like this smooth or strong likes Crew, but is paying less than $ 400 for the bicycle, this is not the $ 2500 Crew. It would recommend for a point of prize.
4 / 5
Surprisingly a lot too bad to gather, has taken so only in a same hour with an unsuitable tool has resupplied.

The mostly done bicycle a work. It looks sturdy another those handlebars and seat which has not shouted quite big for the main character and probably requires extra tools for presionar properly respectively.

A chair and one has resupplied the tools have some questions. It has not been able to sufficiently presionar a chair with a tool resupplied in of the box to the equal that has broken. Felizmente For presionar a chair has required so only he 13mm hex wrench of socket, but has had to that exit and buy a when a tool has broken. Without the pertinent tool can not disassemble or reassemble a product, as I have had to that buy the $ 40 hex box of wrench of the socket. With a box was much easier to properly presionar some dice, included better that when a tool resupplied has not broken. As it maintains that in alcohol, if you do not have the box of wrench of the socket probably will owe that buy a before calm really volume to use a bicycle. The company gave the $ 20 repayment, which help to paid for a box of tool has required.

Otherwise Does quite well. A measure to good sure goodness of the shortest people. In 6'3' a bicycle is slightly uncomfortable, mainly some handlebars (in a main place) there will be you extending your arm full period to achieve if no in the one of then sustains advances. If balances for on top of a chair could be the little uncomfortable, but your mileage can vary.

A place where can dip you the mobile device to clock is also well. A sensor resupplies another statistics, but is a lot that will register how long has been in him, and stop when prendes pedaling. A bicycle is not very noisy at all in my opinion, as it would not owe that annoy people in a next room.
4 / 5
This inner bicycle is sum for a prize. Has has wanted to something levels of entrance to take me behind in the bicycle until I can resupply the bicycle with all a gizmos. I.et. The Crew.

That when be said, a control is utmost , a walk is smooth, and a level of noise is minimum. Very calm, like the low hum. A chair is very comfortable. Perhaps too cushioned for me, but is a lot when it seats in a saddle. A walk feels extremely stable and have my bicycle on carpet.

A bicycle has the low profile, does not take on upper of the plot of spatial, and is good to look in. If you are in the estimativa, and have tight space, ossia the add finds!

Has used an application of Crew with east and has had to that add it workout. Usually I do not check cadence or the one who any, and is that it arrest to press me without requiring all a gizmos of the bicycle the elegant plus.

The assembly was easy. It has taken roughly 30 minutes or less. It is surprisingly any quell'last to move neither. It feels quite light.

Would buy again.
4 / 5
Love our bicycle of new Exercise, and a service of client for Cyclace has been point and averts! While we gather for a first time, there are them remarked the small crack in a @@@knob of adjustment of the chair , probably to ship. I have sent his department of service of the client an email that loans my commanded info and the photo of a subject, and interior 24hrs has received them the response that the substitution already was overnighted my direction. It was also a upgraded @@@knob of an original this is coming with our model. You would think that that this would be enough, but for a question also sends any sides the ball of good Yoga with the band of hule excercise has dipped. I have been to good sure an extra mile, and certainly will be future clients!
4 / 5
Ossia The little premature of only has taken a bicycle the few days , but am happy with him initially. They are 6'4' 200 lbs and my woman is 5'4'. This bicycle returns both of us. It looked in of the bicycles partorisca roughly two months and finishings with east a.
Looked the some those that recumbent bicycles also but has read requires at least he 20 lb flywheel partorisca those partorisca be the good walk like this really need the commercial one which is the plot of money and really heavy. I have chosen this bicycle because it looks partorisca have a row of the main of available chair on Amazon and looked partorisca be the good value based in other descriptions have read. It looked partorisca buy the bicycle because I am too lazy to go to a gymnasium (also far was) and am tired with which does. So only I want to burn the few calories while looking TV. I will update later with which have used partorisca the few months.

Book: the in good condition box - at all broken
Setup: Súper easy. It has taken perhaps 30 minutes. A bicycle is gathered enough already. Calm so only has to that scrape in handlebars, slide in chair, and ray in some bars of base. Wine with extra brake and the few spare rays,etc
Walk: Control a lot enough for me, easy to regulate chairs for different height, quite calm, looks to be quite sturdy.

Other things to remark - For me there is less pressure in my knees when it turns some pedals to the rovescio when horse riding (any in a stirrup things) but ossia so only my personal preference. Also an odometer is quite basic but he a work. You can buy substitutions for $ 20 to the equal that can do that later. Also, it has taken a 3 guarantee of year so only to be sure. It was so only $ 30 and I see this like the investment of long term. It does not want to be out of regime something breaks the year.

The short long history - good bicycle like this far - recommended for big people (compared to other available options on Amazon). Material 6'5' or 6'6' is probably a max quotes for this bicycle.
5 / 5
His summer on 1 year the 3 months have bought of a bicycle. I use it almost every day, like the bicycle has suffered to plot of wear and tear. I have had of course some subjects with some pedals and other parts to use a bicycle so much, but was able to contact a vendor send to us parts of substitution and tools a lot quickly. Have had included link you of Youtube easily available to aim me to help me fix some subjects have treated. Now a bicycle is doing utmost and are not having any one subjects.
5 / 5
A function of the tension in a bicycle has prisoner doing like the @@@knob feels likes is undressed was. There is no troubleshooting the available help to the equal that has any web of place of company, and a manual of owners there is at all but an email address. I achieved it it has spent for email and are while to any response.

To follow on, Cyclace the response was quickly, sending out of the cane of new tension. Installing was quite easy and a bicycle is doing well. Mina wifey is happy!

Well There Is undressed was again. My woman is bummed. Have emailed Service of client again to see in another part of substitution. Hopefully Can send out of another. It would be good to see a part done of the metal the strong plus.

Ossia The good bicycle . My woman loves it. After achieving was the Cyclace once again, there is upgraded a mechanism of cane of the tension and a substitution like this far is doing well. I will continue to update like this it required it. Ty Cyclace!
5 / 5
Has had this bicycle almost all gathered and was excited enough. This in spite of, when we try to dip a tube of handlebar in a frame that opens, the big ray was protruding in an interior. Had any way to dip a tube in. We have tried a lot of ways to unscrew a ray was, how has been done in a frame of tube of the chair, this in spite of, he no budge. We sprayed with W-2 40, and tried to use the wrench for the turn. ANY regime. As frustrating so many was the setting does almost . It would not risk it it wants to begin to use the bicycle immediately, and returning such the heavy element is the ache .
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Take your stationary bicycle elsewhere. My chair has come with the tear in him and a sobresalto of bars of the boss (still when ensured in properly). They are a lot disappointed in a quality of of the this.
5 / 5
Has bought this for my familiar to lose hanged. This bicycle was easy to gather but the little bit for me to spend of then are not the strong women. But a global condition of a bicycle was worthy to buy. It likes-I one LCD monitor to maintain clue of my time, speed, distance, the burned calories when it was cycling . I can dip my drunk and telephone in a headline, which is very good. My same edges like an adjustable chair. In general, I think that that this bicycle is well .
5 / 5
A claim of the limit of the weight is the joke . They are 6'4, 265 pounds. A bicycle has run well until roughly 450 miles has begun then do a terrible sound. I took it all avert, lubricated, verified for any harm and could not find any one. It touches to like when the callipers of brake goes bad in the car. So only it spends when they are trace . My boys and the woman can locate he without any sound as I am hanged obviously that resists has related. A lot frustrating, is the daily rider of COVID has begun. I go to maintain he for all the world-wide more to use but has to that find something concealed will take a wear and rasgar better. If you are not the big person I highly recommend, otherwise looks elsewhere!
4 / 5
In the first place was, a bicycle is surprising. It is easy to dip near and can remark a quality that has gone to one all excepts a LCD 'll goes to that shortly. Before I have purchased this looked in enough the pocolos other costruttrici and has considered included some this was considerably more expensive. After looking in some descriptions, I finally decided for the May of cost of 2020. I love a fact that can dip my iPad in a headline in some handlebars and chairs snug and sure while it exerts. There is abundance of Applications of cycling there and this does an experience that very better. The LCD monitor, to good sure that . Has plants like this endeavour to draw a bicycle that this was an after thought reason is a lot of flimsy and a way is trace in a bicycle, broke it accidentally 4 times possessed it of then. So only it takes the light swipe and a harm has done LCD holding of empty . I maintain to reinforce the and maintains to break. I a lot annoying and yes calm purchases it, my joint is while a bicycle is not when be used, takes a LCD monitor was.
Update 12/24/2020 has had to update my description today. More yield this week the service of client rep has achieved was mine roughly giving me the credit for a LCD monitor that has has maintained pauses but has not had never the occasion to answer because of work and some holidays. Today in a topmast, has received the new monitor to substitute one broken one. It was pleasantly surprised to say a less like this to the credit of a company, has changed my estimated to 5 stars. Thank you And Happy Holidays!
5 / 5
The element has been announced likes 330 lbs .
RecevedI One 270 lb two times.
A lot disappointed.
5 / 5
1. The bicycle has taken for ever to come but has taken here in my anniversary. Heavy but the help has had appreciates to God.
2. Unboxing The: A lot of microbeads has fallen was. The ones of the that knows where is of? A wheel? Any clue, but am maintaining my eye on that. It has taken during a place this in spite of and has has had to that vacuum several times. I do not see anymore exiting.
3. The assembly was easy peasy with help. So only it would have been the bit to frustrate but still -able.
4. Seat Is probably a more cushioned cycling the chair has has not used never. After my first day to use am used his already.
5. It has begun squeaking while I have been seated so only have imagined like this was where a noise has catered/is come from ( a chair adjuster) and I sprayed some a lot of WD-40 in this joint and now, silence when it locates.
6. An odometer/ of economic. Any this has pressed roughly he this in spite of, did not expect it to be attentive. I think that that I will try to find my polar clock and strap.

Like this bicycle alot. I give the hard workout. I add thus new COVID-19 era. Included when the gymnasiums plough behind on the class of the cycling so only does not touch sure or appealing. Now, volume to do he home for free :)
This bicycle is sum for a prize. While a resistence maintains to do and there is no squeaking that it can not fix will love this thing. 1 star was for some accounts. I require an explanation so that concealed is and like this will affect my bicycle yes at all. Appearance no.
5 / 5
We buy this bicycle in late December 2019 and has arrived in January 2020. It was easy to gather and has done well partorisca our needs. This in spite of no longer can use a bicycle, a metal in a pedal has broken with which roughly 2,000 miles. Like this basically, this bicycle has not even done last the year. If you feign partorisca use these 5-6days the week partorisca roughly 1 now, does not buy this bicycle. He no the the year.
5 / 5
Before Bicycle of Transfer partorisca our highland miser familiarised Bikers and wants to having the way to maintain our legs, lungs, and the strong heart while we expect for a season of cradle. We have chosen this bicycle because it could accommodate some varied measures of riders in our family. My husband is 6'8 280 lbs like the big type and he can regulate it to return. A small plus to use a bicycle regularly is mine 10 I edges those who is 5'. A bicycle is sturdy and sure. There is the Little shimmy in some handlebars when it traces aggressively. Has an on hid bicycle in the basement and find that it is very calm. There is the whisper of motion as you pedal but substantially calmer that a treadmill and easily can listen the TV in a noise and no awake a lot still sleeping while exiting. A @@@knob of control is perfect to regulate an intensity of a workout. I can augment my heart rate 20 bpm with moving it small. A chair is not a better same with cushioned shorts. Honradamente Does not think cushioned shorts mark to the a lot of difference likes them to them the chair is quite cushy but has of the wide canal that mark our sensibilities feel the little numb when the hard trace. (Female and the male there is complained in this) maintains to speak roughly changing it. Mountain biking advances of trace with the chair of the narrow canal but I find has to that locate mainly integer in this stationary bicycle although I force to locate crouched for bit it each miles of pair. A bicycle can a lot securely pills of control, telephones, or remotes. There is also several calm places can take you some few bars to accommodate your to dip of horse riding. A headline of cup resists the variety of measures to bounce water. Some pedals are quite courts but have the good grip so only slightly less aggressive of a some I places in my highland bicycle. A side has the cage but calm can locate without a cage for flipping a pedal. My walks of husband with clip ins generally but chooses any to ensure his foot in a stationary. Almost it has dipped it 300 miles in a stationary and is really happy has chosen spent the. No one same as when being in an alfresco but hopefully maintain ready for some trails.
5 / 5
A Cyclace the bicycle of transfer is incredibly SOLID stationary bicycle. Hanged so only on 300 pounds - and this bicycle felt like this sturdy like any ‘pro' bicycle to level that are trace in my local gymnasium. Has the súper build of big quality, sport the broken to fly to have to that heavy chair , comfortable, and has the a lot lustrous fashion. I have had the z/the zero subject to locate the and the look sends it his each morning.

Unfortunately for me, one of some main components has suffered harm during his traffic - and has finalised to require to substitute a whole unit. And a reason am leaving the description of 5 star is been due to that sincerely useful and supportive a Cyclace the instruments of support was. It has treated other companies in some spent those who gave a ‘run around' for weeks and of the weeks while I have had subjects of hardware with his products. Any Cyclace. When in the first place I have achieved it was and it has explained the one who past, has taken fill responsibly for a @@subject - and has taken immediate steps for the solve. To be sincere, has been impacted in like this bondadoso and considered his crew of support was — and for this reason, absolutely would recommend this bicycle to any the one who does not want to spend $ 2,000 or more in the esquad bicycle of way.

And a better part is that you are not thrilled totally with your compraventa - I knows that his of crew of the support everything in his can of the do well for you. Cyclace Is the really fantastic company - I literally can not say quite a lot of good things roughly him. Thank you!!
4 / 5
Ossia My first inner bicycle to purchase. I have been that loves one of some mark more types for the long time of looks to be all an anger but has not had any way could justify spend a quantity of money on him. I have read some descriptions in one this bicycle and has thought would give it shot it. It is the fraction of a cost has compared to another so that it has not been such the hard upfront swipe.
My adolescent edges has gathered he for me of then did not trust me, there is! It has been once gathered and quoted to take my first walk on that. I owe that say that for real they are in that loves it! I have decided to download an application of crew to use to the long of still some walks, and other exercises also. I have purchased the Wahoo tracker of cadence that syncs up with an application of crew to take an attentive reading of my cadence.
In general, am extremely happy with this compraventa. My husband uses this newspaper and pleasure I. If you are considering purchasing a bicycle or is in one fences in reason are concerned that he a lot of way until competitors been due to his efficiency lateralmente, the other has ensured to know that this bicycle to good sure can stand up to his competitors.
4 / 5
Are the cyclist the one who dips among 100-130 week/of miles in a street. With winter here, has loved the ready trainer that can not resupply woman besides and girl also cycle. Opted for this bicycle to turn so it does not have to that it change among three bicycles every time one to want walk. Any smarts but the estimativa friendly. I have changed a saddle of factory to a saddle of the bicycle of the street has had in my spare box. Also substitute some pedals for one with SPD clipless a a side and strap of feet in another side (for a boy). I need to be clipped to really the hard push. The installed cadence/sensors of speeds. They are 6'1”/210lb and was able to find the comparable place to the equal that has in my professionally returned street bicycle. I will be to install tape of bar in some handlebars because a diameter is too small so that I earth and when his is quell'has bitten slippery for my flavour in a material of factory (I finds one spends of what same on the bicycles of studio). A fence of the boss does not have any adjustment that is the bummer. A down the tube in a bar of sleeve has some free moment, no a chance in a tube of chair. I have done two workouts on he for an hour each one that that. There is quite control to do beat up. I have turned a way of @@@knob of the hard control. He 8mph in the cadence of 56rpm how is that in 15 tax of the curve of hill was 88 the maxout. Has has used bicycles/of studio of the gymnasium in some pasts and felt alike mine. A sensor of the speed of the factory has while broken gathering a bicycle (which is very easy). Send an email to priest of the client and they will be sending one for substitution. A speed of the factory and another exposure is rubbishes. I am fixing he for my use of boy. I am using the combination of Garmin and Wahoo sensors and my application of telephone for exposure (more the clock of the sport connected). It would recommend this bicycle with an experience has limited to have in the like this far.
4 / 5
Has bought this bicycle in an endeavour to DIY the Crew to use with his application. For a prize, and with the small (optional) upgrades, has been adds! I locate every day, mostly 20-30 walks of small, sometimes multiple the day to the equal that takes compatible use .

A pros:

-A prize, obviously - I has saved well in the dollars of thousand, included with which some extras have added

-With pertinent interview a flywheel is silent. We use the pair of drops of 3-in-1 All Temp Silicone in a tampon. My husband applies it while I pedal to the equal that applies equally. We do not owe that do this often but listens any sound in holding main, apply the drop or two.

-I am big and measures besides to the equal that have been concerned roughly feeling likes would fall off a bicycle but a frame is súper sturdy. I stand up slope of the pushes and to do pieces and has not felt never once like a bicycle would fall on.

-A coating of handlebar is really well, the free and easy slip to clean. I never worry in mine telephone falls off it.

A gilipollas:

-Some pedals that come with this quite small (I wear the measure of ladies 9 shoe) and has begun clicking after the weeks of pair. It has not been the enormous shot for me because he already planned on changing them was paralización SPDs but has been surprised in that has spent it quickly, especially of then am a lot down a limit of weight. Any harm, any foul - I upgraded Wins it SPD pedals and use them with Tommasso Clues Air Knits shoes with Shimano SPD the clips and this sustains my foot perfectly.

-A root of the handlebar is not quite tight. I have had my husband it presiona several times and he is so only slightly wobbly lateralmente near because of extra space in some sides where inserts/inserts to a frame. It would be a lot if a with the plastic around he hugged the best. Included better would be has had the little focus of inner silicone likes the búfer. Ossia An only place in a bicycle that noise of frames for me and I think that is the plot of a squeaking that other people listen too much.

-A headline to bounce waters is not well. My boat has maintained to the fall was when he was full and is in a way when I am doing pieces. So many, has taken was and dip an adjustable headline in some inner handlebars. Again, no the enormous shot but so only the little something to maintain in alcohol.


-Is using Crew of paralizaciones east and concern you roughly matching a call of cadence outs during the walk, will require the sensor of separate cadence. Has a Wahoo sensor of Cadence that integrates with a Crew the application and work wonderfully.

- Has any sensor of heart rate/shows like this wants to see that in application, look to any one using your Clock of Apple joins them to him or buying the monitor of heart rate like the Schoshe.

-To good sure grab bounce he of a lubricador of silicone and that small has bitten to interview before starts to locate. A tampon that comes with him has not been lubricated at all and need the little prep or he squeak quite quickly once calms on yours holds.

-When you Install some pedals (or any pedals really), the mark sure is by train to install them a correct way or you will undress some edges in a pedal arm. One of them goes in one in a clockwise direction direction, another counter in a clockwise direction (I believes is counter in a sinister pedal but that info is in some instructions - there is also the tonne of video of Youtube a lot roughly installing pedals of bicycle of the transfer that is very useful). Some of some descriptions that complains on to a sound of pedals likes him could have put one of of them on in a wrong direction (which is not like this last to do calm so that it would think). Also, launch the little white fat in these first edges of calm dipped the on. We no reasons think that that they have had enough on there. You any and taking a right pedal was when we has been to change them was was the little delicate (but assisted for which leaves the drop of one 3-in-1 silicone drenches in for prejudices he first trying again).

-In east vetoes, take the wrench of real bicycle while you are while to of the east to be rid. This comes with the small one these works but is very uncomfortable to use. Save your hands and take a wrench of full measure. It does not have to that be an expensive a, the mine was down 5 bucks in the local tent.

-A chair is the pocola main of the chair of Crew but no like this big like the majority of some “chairs” of consolation sell on here. If you are looking for the gel spent of chair thus while yours seats the bones regulate to cycling, an only one that founds would return is done for Bell. I have found he in a section of regular bicycle in Trget.

-To Justo likes him anything more with moving parts, the mark sure checks periodically to see if anything needs to be presionada. I check Once weekly or two and occasionally I need for presionar down a ray that control a handlebar to a root. Any big shot and so only takes the second. I check Everything of a adjuster @@@knob also. An only one this never is included I slightly free is a one in a root of handlebar, as mentioned sooner. Included then it is so only less than half the turn of a ray.

In general ossia the really good bicycle , especially for a prize and yes is looking to take returned in the estimativa, is the election adds .
5 / 5
Has expected several months to write this description. Prpers Having dipped several miles of hundred in a bicycle like this far, can say that really I enjoyed an a lot of bicycle. Usually, I walk partorisca in an hour each session in the no quite rigorous (15 mph avg).

Was able to gather a bicycle for me with a help of some instructions of paper in roughly 1 now. If you have had an extra (able) helper, could be able to gather faster that has done. Both my woman and I enjoy to locate a bicycle after the work and does not take on too many spaces neither.

Has some creaking noises that is result noticeable of a frame when it locates but is something can live with. They are 6' 1' in the height and I find a comfortable walk. I have been concerned that this model has the tampon of control in place of magnets. This in spite of, have not seen a lot of wear in a tampon to hold like this far - I still am maintaining an eye in the each one another week or so much.

Has had several bicycles on Amazon that considered, but decided is one. Calm perhaps is looking for a bicycle 'BETTER' there? It would be leary of any product that demand to be more. I will say that I like him to him a bicycle and am happy that bought it. Hope This description is useful.
4 / 5
Modification after almost 2 month
master that. I have read other descriptions and has to them that well sure that has experienced issues. I seat with to to the products likes him to him-the these, control of the quality is not 1, is more like this pressing the quantities were for supply and question. I suppose that it was lucky to take one this acts well. Not saying that my next walk a lot entirely the falls averts. I disconnected a device of computer. It is gone in a way and is really useless. I have taken the pause to locate and of course butt of mine has begun to hurt again because it had not been that traces. Thicc fam, Already gotta maintains to locate by means of an ache. It gives it 6 walks and I swear you to you will not feel an ache anymore. I am impressed with him all and am happy has chosen this bicycle. You take the affiliation of crew, follow a HBIC Cody Rigsby, and yours that goes to look a lot of af for a Cradle 🥰

Modification after 8 walks.
Has found that a squeaky the noise was! It is in fact a tampon felt that creates embrague in a flywheel when you regulate a control. It has been recommended by the fellow to use fat of silicone in place of WD40 and has done like the charm and no longer squeaks!

One of some cages to shoe spent, but a vendor is by train to send me the new a. >Probably it will finalise to buy new pedals a day with shoes of transfer, like this im very concerned roughly that spends again.

Fixed a height and a chair and now my walks are much more comfortable. IF you ARE in a BICYCLE of CYCLE of the soul Or A PELETON BICYCLE, YOUR BUTT GOES to HURT A trick is to maintain horse riding. After the few calm walks grieve the commentary.

Has take a headline to bounce water because it felt to like it is gone in so only a way. Also it finds a computer of useless bicycle. They are sure I has had patience to imagine it was would be useful, but has finalised to buy 2 sensors, 1 for speeds and 1 for cadence.

I upgraded some stars to 4 stars. Any when giving 5 stars until they are out of this zone of uncertainty. I will update the months of pair. :)

Sadly The mine has come without the manual. Felizmente A lot posted the video on installation on Youtube/of Youtube. It has finalised to take me perhaps 30 minutes to install without the manual.

First impressions
Wow! Ossia sturdy. The quality is enough in pair for point of prize. A sinister pedal strap looks the little shabby, as I have contacted vendor roughly substitution.

After my first walk
Taken the good sweat with an application of Crew. I have bought the sensor of cadence, no a Wahoo a, one $ 20 a. Any really imagine it is gone in time for my first walk. In an a lot of well of one 20 walk of small, some pedals have begun squeaking quite bad. I didnt warn the squeak with big tension, so only with some pedals. I will owe that presionar and regulate a chair because I think that that it was the little too far out of some handlebars.

Final thoughts
am concerned in a squeaking and yes wd40 will fix it. Also concerned roughly a bit those that descriptions that converged the pedals broken roughly or cranks. Im While to listen of a vendor in of the considerations to one of some pedal record that is to spend. I will update after the week or so much and then from time to time for one the majority of attentive description!
5 / 5
Bought to use with a workout the application offered for one transfers of mark of the big name undertaken of bicycle. You know a a, “Group of Bicycle Racers.”

The assembly was quite sincere and has taken roughly 20-30 minutes to take place up with a multipurpose tool has comprised.

The apt adjustments are quite good (movements to seat on-down-front-rear) but some handlebars so only move up and down in a corner, which can do take some esatti returned the little defiant for riders with short arms or twisted. If you are using this bicycle to go in form of not exerting to plot, can wants to substitute a saddle with something the little more accommodating, like the saddle has comprised is tightened a bit and company.

A onboard speed of clues of the computer, distance and time but any cadence, as it considers to invest in the Bluetooth sensor and attaching it to a crank.

A headline of pill molded to some handlebars securely controls an iPad of 10 thumbs Pro with the folding coverage and is perfect to use a “Group of Bicycle Racers” application.

The control is regulated for screwing the tampon felt up or down to tug in a flywheel, as it can be hard to quantify what control there is dialed in, but the full turn of a @@@knob done the noticeable differentiates in level of endeavour. Still in holding big a bicycle is quite calm although any silent.

In general is the solid piece of crew, at least like this far, with which roughly 20 walks among four people of variable measures, ages and levels of fitness.
5 / 5
Has bought this bicycle he roughly done 6 month like the swipe of Bicycle of Crew. Utilisation this bicycle the little time for the week and I have had any real question with him. They are 5'3 and 130 pounds and am very comfortable in a bicycle. It has taken a Wahoo Candance sensor with him and strap he to my shoes to agree some walks of Crew. I have substituted some pedals with some old clipless pedals of my bicycle of the street and I enjoy that very better that some pedals that is coming with a bicycle. A bicycle has the good program for my telephone or compressed when I locate with Crew. It does not use a headline to bounce waters of then has the big table that chairs a lot afterwards my bicycle, but will say that a headline to bounce looks to water flimsy. My only complaint is that sometimes the squeaks when it locates, honradamente does not annoy me a lot a lot of reason has headphones on like this seldom listens it on a monitor in mine workouts, but if the very calm walk is of the yours the entity or a sound so only will drive you bananas, can wants to consider the different bicycle or the figure out of the way to do leave squeaking. They are sure that that can be fixed, but so only has not taken a time for the imagine was still. It is this bicycle the bicycle of Crew, any way, but yes is in the estimativa thinks that that this bicycle are adds!! It would buy it again I have it has had to that and recommended the to any one looking for the bicycle of estimativa! Oh, And according to which the assembly goes, has no the dipped near, my husband , but has not listened cussing too while gathering it so that it assumes has not gone too difficult or frustrating! :)

Top Customer Reviews: Sunny Health & ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 56 ratings
5 / 5
Economic Very recumbent bicycle. It can not ask more out of the bicycle that cost only 150 dollars. They are 6' 6' and 530lbs and have any question with this bicycle. Everything does likes has to that and yes, has included them returned in this thing.

Assembly: dipping a together bicycle was really simple also. Instructions a lot clear and each stock exchange of the hardware numbered with each step. Some tools send is the little economic but any he yourselfer will have some pertinent tools partorisca the gather.
5 / 5
Such the cost adds! I have loved the bicycle could seat comfortably behind on and not sustaining advances. Also rings the 60th present of the anniversary to me likes an investment in my health and future-this was a mine gives perfect!

Dipped the neighbouring all for me, and WORK!!!! Some the small containers are numbered by steps-perfect! It does not read advance-a step the time, and calm will not take too freaked was!

Dulcemente But has used surely so only the pair of the scissors together with some 2 tools have comprised, and at all is more be required. I also dipped the in the coverage has has had to that do perfectly to do looks well of then does not want to tuck was and forget he in the spare chamber but are by train of the leave is gone in a zone/of living cookery to the equal that can look television and take the trace.

Takes roughly 2 1/2 hours to dip near, but was a lot of slow. Any deception has been done, and he in fact works. A wiring has daunted, but has followed so only some good directions and there is forged onward. Such the value adds!
5 / 5
Totally pleased with this bicycle -- like this far at any rate -- and a provider. The bicycle has come the earliest week that expected, packed taste could survive of the direct swipe of the shell of cannon. A bicycle was easy to dip near. Some instructions were clear and some pieces -- dice, rays, etc. -- For each has not been for separate packaged. It was not that a level of capacity is of a folks the one who there is complained that the assembly was difficult. It has put neighbouring a lot of topmast-order artilugios my time and this one was the snap. Taking roughly two hours of plough of boxes the bicycle on walk. My only complaint is that a diagram that objective an inner wiring was bit it difficult to see. But some connectors are all slotted and would be necessary forces him to do a wrong connection.

Some looks of bicycle to be a lot well and sturdily done for the bicycle in this row lateralmente. It is sturdy and solid in an earth and a pedal action is a lot smooth, excepts in some settings to hold big where tends to take the little jerky. They are 5'8', my woman is 5' and can both use it comfortably. A computer/of exposure is quell'has bitten economic, but that expects for basses $ 200. They are happy has dipped of the money to a bicycle he.
4 / 5
It instruments of quality that considers prize. All the dice and the rays are separated for any one of installation, take your time and follow instructions during assembly and would have to that have any question. The element is estimated in 300lbs but chair and behind looking small for the very big person. It cushion Of the extra chair is the one who recommends them. The majority of difficult part to install was connectng wiring still to tube forward. Be careful any to take rubberbands bosses to hold until the connections are completed or can lose bosses down tube. Also it can it require helper to resist tube while connecting. The feeblest course in integer setup was a dispaly/computer. His a lot of interior of the joint was rattling free but work well. It does not know the one who estaca attentive once on me while using. It owes keys of centres of push more than out prójimos. Otherwise For a prize this bicycle is sturdy. Any wobbles like leading version probably because of leg of support of the front that is twisted more than legislation. A bicycle do fault his purpose. It has broken the a lot of first sweat now mediates on he on level 2(I are to good sure out of form). Also bicycle a lot calm. You could spend more money for more than bells and whistles but for a prize this bicycle is the good place to start with first of emotional until the bicycle he expensive plus. This was the new element of Sunny and the experience without any descriptions has found. I have taken the bet and was very pleased with cost of mine. Highly recommend for those looking for his prime minister recumbent bicycle.
5 / 5
It have given these 5 stars for a cost and ease of the together place (which there is taken on an hour) This in spite of, after the take all I together commentary that no rule a tension. Coming to discover a tape was was inner a casing this comes already together place. It likes 2 hours later, tonnes of rays, taking the petals was, taking a tape behind situating then a fun course of the place I for behind near has been ready. It was to add it compraventa, the good product has built QA has done the fast control of a first tape of the sending was.
4 / 5
My husband and I am very satisfied with this stationary bicycle. It is a lot calm when into use. A lot comfortable also.
4 / 5
When I have ordered this bicycle there was any description and has not had any description in another web of places on Google neither. They are happy to say that after using he for the month ossia a very good bicycle has built. It is a lot easy to move around and calm. Built-in the metre of heart rate is also really well
5 / 5
has Gathered he with my daughter. The instructions are well. The bicycle has been doing add and an adjustable chair a distance to some pedals perfects.
4 / 5
Ossia In a bicycle of substitution. It is junk! It does not order this bicycle. To the to Another likes sell partorisca $ in the amazon but is still junk. No extracted Fitness and Hail Sunny! They have offered substitution, any one a question still again. Any value $ too much without controlling light. We owe that use to torch to see some ways. Transmissions of creation. It says ANY ONE the Sunny Health and has tried he for the few weeks. Now a resistace movements of @@@knob of one to another while pedaling, from1 to 5,so only random.
4 / 5
Economic Very recumbent bicycle. It could not ask more out of the bicycle that cost only 150 dollars. They are 6' 6' and 530lbs and have any question with this bicycle. Everything does likes has to that and yes, has included them returned in this thing.

Assembly: dipping a together bicycle was really simple also. Instructions a lot clear and each stock exchange of the hardware numbered with each step. Some tools send is the little economic but any he yourselfer will have some pertinent tools partorisca the gather.
4 / 5
Such the cost adds! I have loved the bicycle could seat comfortably behind on and not sustaining advances. Also it has looked for the 60th present of the anniversary to me likes an investment in my health and future-this was a mine gives perfect!

Dipped the neighbouring all for me, and WORK!!!! Some the small containers are numbered by steps-perfect! It does not read advance-a step the time, and calm will not take too freaked was!

Dulcemente But has used surely so only the pair of the scissors together with some 2 tools have comprised, and at all is more be required. I also dipped the in the coverage has has had to that do perfectly to do looks well of then does not want to tuck was and forget he in the spare chamber but are by train of the leave is gone in a zone/of living cookery to the equal that can look television and take the trace.

Has taken roughly 2 1/2 hours to dip near, but was a lot of slow. Any deception has been done, and he in fact works. A wiring has daunted, but has followed so only some good directions and there is forged onward. Such the value adds!
5 / 5
Would have given these 5 stars for a cost and ease of the together place (which there is taken on an hour) This in spite of, after the take all I together commentary that the would not regulate a tension. Coming to discover a tape was was inner a casing this comes already together place. It likes 2 hours later, tonnes of rays, taking the petals was, taking a tape behind situating then a fun course of the place I for behind near has been ready. It would be the add compraventa, the good product has built QA has done the fast control of a first tape of the sending was.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. UPDATE: I have contacted a company in this question. We send me to knots the new bicycle and has included paid for a cost of nave. They were utmost to exit some questions with. Like this far a bicycle is Bicycle of working Exercise !! The video point trying pedal the and a noise done. With which dipped it to together knots, which has not been easy, he never done well of some time begins pedaling. A @@@knob of tension in a setting of 1 is likes is on 10. A never regulated tension right and when you are exited in a bicycle was to like you was uphill in a setting of the lowest tension. After struggling with him for 3 month, an interior of tape is exited of a clue and an electronics there is prendido to do correctly. It has been the stressful piece of crew of exercise of a start. A guarantee is terrible also. You touch to you shipping cost for the turn. It likes him he is physically possible to pack this bicycle of crew has retreated up and return it, more has to that pay of the costs of nave to the equal that would be practically a whole cost of a bicycle.
5 / 5
Was adds for a first week then a metal that tubes that resists a chair up with my woman that use he in causes it to fall off and bruise on his quite bad hip. It will be well but the one who is for says it will not spend again of more, is so only around 180 his estimated for 300. It has not imagined could resupply them for the ship behind like this I trashed the. It has not been fixable anyways. There I need to be control of test and better quality to stress fact in a tubing under a chair. Any that loves the repayment so only that it wants to leave some people that sells this knowledge, an after @bruise on the woman caused for the metal that tubes the breaking could not be like this fresh.
5 / 5
Totally pleased with this bicycle -- like this far at any rate -- and a provider. The bicycle has come the earliest week that expected, packed taste could survive of the direct swipe of the shell of cannon. A bicycle was easy to dip near. Some instructions were clear and some pieces -- dice, rays, etc. -- For each has not been for separate packaged. It has not been that a level of capacity is of a folks the one who there is complained that the assembly was difficult. It has put neighbouring a lot of topmast-order artilugios my time and this one was the snap. It has taken roughly two hours of plough of boxes the bicycle on walk. My only complaint is that a diagram that objective an inner wiring was bit it difficult to see. But some connectors are all slotted and would be necessary forces him to do a wrong connection.

Some looks of bicycle to be a lot well and sturdily done for the bicycle in this row lateralmente. It is sturdy and solid in an earth and a pedal action is a lot smooth, excepts in some settings to hold big where tends to take the little jerky. They are 5'8', my woman is 5' and can both use it comfortably. A computer/of exposure is quell'has bitten economic, but that expects for basses $ 200. They are happy has dipped of the money to a bicycle he.
5 / 5
Crew of quality that considers prize. All the dice and the rays are separated for any one of installation, take your time and follow instructions during assembly and would have to that have any question. The element is estimated in 300lbs but chair and behind looking small for the very big person. It cushions Of the extra chair is the one who recommends them. The majority of difficult part to install was connectng wiring still to tube forward. Be careful any to take rubberbands bosses to hold until the connections are completed or can lose bosses down tube. Also it can it require helper to resist tube while connecting. The feeblest course in integer setup was a dispaly/computer. His a lot of interior of the joint was rattling free but work well. It does not know the one who attentive has stuck once on me while using. It owes keys of centres of push more than out prójimos. Otherwise For a prize this bicycle is sturdy. Any wobbles like leading version probably because of leg of support of the front that is twisted more than legislation. A bicycle do fault his purpose. It has broken the a lot of first sweat now mediates on he on level 2(I are to good sure out of form). Also bicycle a lot calm. You could spend more money for more than bells and whistles but for a prize this bicycle is the good place to start with first of emotional until the bicycle he expensive plus. This was the new element of Sunny and the experience without any descriptions has found. I have taken the bet and was very pleased with cost of mine. Highly recommend for those looking for his prime minister recumbent bicycle.
4 / 5
Want to having this is handy and has given an occasion to augment my exercise of the little time the week to 5+ times for week. It is sturdy and comfortable to use. Highly recommend.
5 / 5
Has gathered he with my daughter. The instructions are well. The bicycle has been doing add and an adjustable chair a distance to some pedals perfects.
5 / 5
When I have ordered this bicycle there was any description and has not had any description in another web of places on Google neither. They are happy to say that after using he partorisca the month ossia a very good bicycle has built. It is very easy to move around and calm. Built-in the metre of heart rate is also really a lot
4 / 5
A lot disappointed. I have bought this in an end of August. I used it moderately, roughly 3 times the week. Punctual january are in the, and listen the clunk and a peddles has begun partorisca turn freely. I took it it averts partorisca find a pulley has connected to a peddles had broken. I achieved it it was the Fitness and Sunny Health and has offered partorisca substitute some parts partorisca half prize, as it would be $ 10 partorisca a part, and $ 11 partorisca ship. I know it has bought economic, but expected it would last partorisca the year or two.
4 / 5
There was almost gathered , when it has been now of league some three bosses there were two bosses viriles has left on, has had state gathered bad in a plant. I have done several calls to service of sunny client and emailed pictures of a defect and I has been said, soyrs. ---Calm is not our only client and will answer to the your email in 5 business days.' I had it it has shipped it at night reason have wanted to loved/ it to it now! It could have jointed a boss and has done the reparation has offered a part! BUT they are occupied like this with of the like this complained, perhaps Sunny is not quite like this sunny. They would owe that be embarrassed. For a way is to be to the long of the week this in spite of any contact.
4 / 5
Good bicycle to have in a house to maintain emotional. It was easy to gather with all the hardware clearly labled. It is very calm. Seat Is protects & comfortable is has situated amiably. Has in a chamber of guest, in front of a TV, as I can look some walks of virtual bicycle in youtube & feigns are really trace anywhere but
4 / 5
has not expected the product of quality of the gymnasium thus prize but expected better that has taken. Some resets of screen mid exit all a time to the equal that lose clue of everything. Something in an interior of some explosions of car constantly with which so only the month of use. It would not be surprised yes to do entirely any day now. It has not been abused. They are 6' 200lbs and my woman is 5' and 120lbs. It would recommend to spend the little more and taking produced that will last.
4 / 5
Has taken it casualidad in the product of Sunny exercise again because a last an I has bought, one of the his mini-bicycles of exercise, attacked and shortly after, has broken so only down, as we send me to knots the new one for the substitute (which has some smaller but at all to crazy questions likes him a prime minister).

This Sunny recumbent the bicycle is really so only the battery of steel, the few thin and economic bosses add-ons. Yes, it was quite easy to dip near. This in spite of, has stirs it of subjects. For chances, one seating is uncomfortable. Images for this money would take something the little better. A 'computer' it gauges yours distance, the calories etc. Is literally so only he weightless piece of junk that probably cost fifty cents to do and is on sale in a Tent of Dollar after the assembly-line economic digital clocks. The bad rubbish. A tension always is changing when you begin to pedal - begins on '5' for example, and then begins on 5 a next day, will not be one same, to good sure any for me on my bicycle. And to do the same worse, included changes like this in fact am using a bicycle. And oh he, this one has some the odd noises that come from a pedal casing concealed come and go but look to take stronger and more frequent with each use, as they are by train to ask me what time this thing in fact has before it breaks down.

Same with an economic 'computer,' an account of calorie (the only thing has cured roughly) goes behind to '0' after 999.9 calories. In a Sunny mini, at least with which has paste that, a then missing decimal and some calories have continued to build to some thousands until has paste 9999. No in this bicycle. Some can not concern roughly that, but I , that can calm said you.

Has not been , are I wrong to expect some terracing of real quality for two hundred dollars with a tax? It is this a norm, taking economic crew , low quality still when paid $ 200? Now that they are I supposition to this thing averts, dipped the backside in a box (or any box) attentively, spending more money on packing material, that paid for the turn (like any one says in another commentary), and hauling all 60+ more books of this thing to an office of estaca or UPS?

Are so only like this tired to spend good money in sub-regular elements. This would have to that it is cost fifty bucks, cups. I owe that it finalises to take of the money and has joined the gymnasium.
5 / 5
Piece to crap! The tape maintains to exit and is new mark! It is exited so only again and concealed is a third time but any charm.
Also of the hassle to send behind like this beware.
4 / 5
Yes, can take 90-120 minutes to gather, but ossia the -operation of time. A chair is easily adjustable and quite comfortable; this in spite of, I use with still thin pillow behind me and concealed the most comfortable fact. A computer are not to add but has known that that goes to the east; this in spite of, a metre of the never done wrist even with which send me to knots the new computer and then new handlebars. It suspects a wiring is faulty, and has has tried connections to exchange so only to see had some combination to cable that could do it a trick. Some 8 terracings of tension are to good palpable insurances. I have begun on level 2 and has done my way until regularly using 3, as if a tension is not quite drastic among turns of a @@@knob, then has connected him to him wrongly. Finally, utilisation this 5 days the week and legislation around a mark of 90 days has begun to listen the interior of click, and is not compatible with each rotation. I have taken a bicycle averts two times in investigation of the free part and found at all. Usually it uses this with a television on go to go so only with him when being the little stronger, but has has had bicycles that was like this calm in a past that am taking of the star for a click and the star for a wiring of poor/computer.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Experience this product with guarantee. I have had big hopes for this bicycle, but is remained down. Gathered a good element when I recieved the, and a fund of a main frame has been rusted out of a box. I have continued to assmble the and has found subjects with a line of the tension and another wired connections. Not being any focuses in some bosses, like this calm can not say which to connect to the each one like this another. A tension has 8 his levels and is channelled for the dial. A dial of tension requires to plot of muscle to turn it to level 7, and will not remain in level 8. Lesson: takings which pays stops. You save a question and spend one hundred of extra pair in the bicycle of better quality.
4 / 5
Like this far, absolutely terrible service. In the first place, a carrier of nave has chosen (USPS) has refused to rid this to the ours walk ( has maintained partorisca allege the person was home, but has had any house whole day) as it has been the venue USPS partorisca choose a 60lbs sew. But ossia hardly his failure and maintain the base of a third paving, as anything, raisin.
Then during assembly, results one of his crucial parts (fence of centrical metal that slides partorisca regulate a place of chair) LACK of the HOLES of RAY. I am assuming it is the defect of factory .
Partorisca Arrive to this point, are really annoying, but to to looks likes him to him something concealed easily could be fixed by them that send the part of substitution. As I sent him an email with all necessary information and said to us will take me the inner mine of new part 1-4 weeks.
A bit those that weeks later, take the container of them, And is The WRONG PART . We send me to knots a correct part , but has been missing a real bar(which is the portion of this part in a manual of assembly). Some photos resupplied clearly tip that the portion on the one hand is defective.
Partorisca Arrive to this point has paid full prize partorisca a product and is state so only seating in ours living room that takes spatial partorisca to the long of the month. A real scary the thing is, once half way by means of the assembly there there is virtually any way to return a damn what in an original box again partorisca turn. And although I have directed that, I will have to lug a damn what to the USPS or something partorisca the turn.
To the equal that of now, can not recommend any one takes his product.
Now I client of service to act also and takes crazy around a season vacacional. Hopefully A service has received like this far is not representative of his usual quality. It has dipped in another question of service partorisca send me a part of substitution corrected, and will update this description depends that I am answered.
5 / 5
Has taken the casualidad because has two other Sunny products, he treadmill and the ab cruncher and any subject. I have taken this on 11/15 and the place that joint, this in spite of a chair does not move and a tension is one same on 1 how is on 8. Service of the Sunny client contacted and 5 days more have answered late. Then we ask me partorisca the video! As if they did not believe me. I have received partorisca follow it then on the email that asks am moving a chair to the equal that operate an arm and I gather a tension correctly. If then it would not have contacted you! Like this far I have not taken any response has retreated of then. If I crunch my feet and just peddle was, some works of bicycle, but would like me to not feeling cramped and build on my control. Taking avert and/or sending it behind the is not an option. Very disappointing with Sunny and any value of the money.
4 / 5
Following some instructions partorisca gather, was quite easy and has gone well. It excepts, Those some pedals would not turn . I have taken finally it averts a big hood that has spent some interiors, and expósitos that 4 of some 9 magnets that is attached to a steel that regulates the rim had fallen off and was wedged in a mechanism so that a wheel would not turn . Have take some 4 magnets looks like this a epoxy or any glue has attached him had failed. A rest 5 magnets were all that requires reason do not use a max control it and do a lot now. Of the product like this is almost impossible to return, was lucky to fix a question.
5 / 5
Likes that it is easy, and abordable.

But a level one feels as to a control still likes first 4 levels. They are the little confused, has said that has run 15 - 17 mph for almost 20 minutes directly, and so only am beginning to exit after seating for some last 15 years. The end with 7 miles has run in 30 minutes?

The pressure is a lot of inconsistent, like this like this you pedal like the pressure goes was and on constantly.

The inner wheel or something touches likes is rubbing on something. As it touches like the be plastic rough there is rubbed against.

Update: tried 30 session of small, looked to the balance was, and feel smoother.

I thighs are by train to kill me, level an east the considerable control has compared my whole bicycle. It would be an equivalent of level 3 or 4 in my whole.
4 / 5
In the first place to the left remark me some positive. One packing of a bicycle was utmost. Prpers Having done to manufacture and the shipping @gives the one who easy is the launch thing in the box and the hope takes there undamaged. This has not been a chance with a bicycle. All has been ensured and cuahioned and arrived unscathed. Some instructions were easy to follow and all some tools have required has been distributed. An only complaint II has has to that do with a prize of a bicycle. We order a bicycle on August 4th and paid $ 269. Today, one 9th, looks it to the knots on the partner has loved to verify it was. I have been surprised to see a prize was now $ 179. And a prize of cast was $ 229. If it had expected five days could have saved ninety dollars. Contacting to the amazon has tried fruitless has said of then does not do adjustments of price of compraventa of estaca. It could not take the satisfactory response to the equal that to is a manufacture or Amazon the one who has changed a prize. It has said of another way, am stuck.
5 / 5
Less than 1 element of month has begun to do the strong noise when used. He tentativas The multiple has been done to contact undertaken for telephone and email. ANY RESPONSE. Put web of the company still is selling element but will not answer to questions. Strongly it would recommend that it buy another mark. Service of client very poor (in fact any).
Would avert Sunny!!!!
4 / 5
Solid of look, but he emit the little noise while using it. I think that precise to be regulated slightly in an interior of a mechanism to turn, but has not taken averts still to see whats that goes in. There is remarked that press both pedals outwardly a same time with legs of mine while in a place has seated, some stops of noise for the time. I think that that ossia one the fault of poor assembly, any poor mechanic or quality to draw. Some settings of control are well, and certainly take the good regime. This is coming from a lot with force of excellent leg that can squat 500pds 50 times. So much, has control well.
Hanged 400 pds, and has not had any questions with him that wants to give way. If it was to give way although it would be where a chair of forest connects to a frame of metal. Again, has an excellent solid frame, but take it easy in this chair is the Chunky Chunkerson!
A wiring of the computer has not been installed properly in a with the, but was able to fix that to pull one of some bosses was, he revoking, and it dipping behind to a with the. Again, poor manufacture. A computer looks functional, but very sure the one who attack an indicator of wrist is. Work, but jumps around the plot in a screen. A distance, and functions of look to time to do a lot well.
Now this next critique so only can me be as the man he big plus of 6'5 and 400 pds, but a rear rest is extremely uncomfortable. It sustains behind to far for one, and a protect is terribly small and uncomfortable, any to mention the way has seated the down. Has ache in my half behind while using it and so only can go roughly 15 minutes the time. The person more the scarce can not have this question this in spite of. In general I think his a VERY spent for around with which I mine protects own.
Some prizes fluctuate on Amazon go in , which has to be the joke , and around 200 something. His to good sure ANY VALUE like this buyer beware. Considering this is not done for any one my measure gives it to 4 indication of star for a prize of .
4 / 5
Ossia The bicycle of the exercise of bicycle adds in any prize and the subject in his current prize. This bicycle was is sturdy and well-engineered. The assembly was was quite easy but is useful to have 2 people like this any one can resist some together pieces while gathering. Some dice and the rays go in individual containers labeled with a step of pertinent assembly. Calm included take some tools have required for assembly. An only delicate part is connecting some bosses for an exposure and a boss of tension. It was finally able to complete this any felizmente I so that it assumes any one can also. A bicycle is calm, sturdy, and give you the hell of the workout with his 8 levels of tension.

Has bought a bicycle to exercise matt ( with this compraventa to protect mine hardwood walk of scratches and sweat. There is any headline to bounce water but calm easily can maintain a boat in a paving.

Some reasons have solved in this bicycle is an ease to move a chair behind and advances partorisca consolation, some sensors of heart rate, and an incredibly low prize. I have used he for 3 workouts already and am very happy with cost of mine. Highly it would recommend this bicycle to friends and family.

Gilipollas: Some keys in an exposure often takes stuck in an in place but is corrected easily, a chair could use bit it more cushioning but has cushions to chair that that can be purchased like a an I only orderly (
5 / 5
When a box has arrived , has been surprised the one who small was so that it had ordered - but a packaging has been optimised and effective.

Some instructions were really good! The tools have been comprised, and some dice and the rays have been separated the stock exchanges labeled with some steps that is to use! It was the experience adds - especially compared to a gamer-chair that I have bought so only that took hours... This one has taken some cups of now.

Taking some feet have attached was the little delicate - is possible has two do two a work, but if no, just note that for a front - will require to impulse a heavy side while it connects a bar forward. Also, a boss-do to connect a control of tension was has bitten it fiddly - took the little bit (likes 2 mins) to comprise like this has required it to connect... But again, some instructions were of sound - the logic indicated to the equal that would owe that go near.

Are súper-happy with the mine purchases like this far... I had it the week, and has begun to exit slow (had the bad rear harm last year, like this ossia both exercise and therapy). Totally it would recommend this bicycle to any one.

Some only things can think of that to another could not liking is that of a placing of chair is tension -based, as has a capacity to slip (but also has a capacity to take very concrete, while it notches-has based some are surer, but less cement). I have not had one slips to seat on me, as it looks quite good. For separate, a tension of the difficulty has not taken the hard strong core... I accustom a recumbent bicycles in a gymnasium... This one this upper tension of '8' is likes ... A setting 6/12 in a one in a gymnasium - perhaps? Any súper hard-core - better for lighter workout with more rpm.

- The instructions add
- Tools and Pieces of Connector a lot labeled

- planting of Seat is tension -has based
- RPM Tension very súper-strong

No the tonne of extra, but the one who requires him well? This thing has the timer, and the heart-monitor of tax... Everything that you really need. (I bad, there is more, but does not use any of those.) But, for me - the write it big plus the one who precise takes chair-down workouts in when it can not exit, or when you are in Covid lock-down... Totally value a low prize.
4 / 5
The widespread investigation for both integer and recumbent bicycles in any last few weeks. With almost everything of some bicycles on Amazon having mixed descriptions (many of the which are clearly fake or insider descriptions) and the majority of that is $ 300+, has decided to save money and take one without some bells and whistles, that result less than risking to fail. For a prize (paid $ 170) is the solid bicycle that can use it like the good cardio/warmup session. Easily it sustains 200+ pounds and pedaling quite aggressive. Some comfortable big looks at the beginning but with which 20+ minutes begin to take the plague of has bitten and need to regulate. Now I am looking for the tampon to seat to dip up. An electronic screen is so only that look - economic and very basic. If this there has been the better chair (easily fixable), monitor and perhaps the headline/to bounce of the telephone (any easily fixable), would be the piece of 5 stars of crew in this point of prize. While it resists up for the years of pair, will be worth it.
4 / 5
I took roughly 3 hours was and on partorisca gather a bicycle for me. Some instructions were a lot good. All the parts were in a box and has resupplied some necessary tools for presionar some rays. It will sustain the person bit it on 300 books and a better part is has an adjustable chair like this more than a person can use if they are the different height that calm. An only thing could say is to be patient dipping it near. There is the plot of part and insiemi of rays and washers this has to that be presionado. All some rays are numbered in small containers. A plus when yours looking for measured of correct hardware. A digital indicator in some bars of the sleeve of the front can be dipped for any time, distance, calories, and like this advance. Besides it has the sensor in some bars of rear boss afterwards to a chair that will remark your heart rate. Mark sure read you a bit instructions on like this to use an indicator, as takings some better results . They are a lot happy with a compraventa.
5 / 5
No a more advanced bicycle or comfortable in a phase, but for a money can has not beaten the. Ordered the reason the gymnasiums are in lockdown and probably will be for the moment, and am recovering harms, and ossia resembled that have used in a rehab has facilitated. They are the big type (5'11 and roughly 250 lbs), and feels sturdy and comfortable. Of inaugural a box the assembly to clean has taken arrived the little in an hour. Careers smoothly like this far, works of digital exposure. I love a fact that has separated some separates the stock exchanges labeled tep One', estep Two', etc. Read has been ready assembly and done the fastest plot. To good sure would recommend is looking for something simple for use of house.
4 / 5
Has taken my husband in an hour to dip are near. It has said that some instructions were easy to follow. A chair is a lot easy to regulate for the different people that uses it. They are 5' 9” and my husband is 6' 2” and both use it the plot. My acequia the one who is around 5 big feet is also state using this and the enjoy. Regulating a dial to augment the difficulty is also easy. Calm easily can begin the workout in the 2, moves it to 4, moves it to 6, and like this on to the equal that has wished. A chair is like this comfortable to the equal that would expect for a bicycle of exercise. It likes that there is so that it will scan among a different info in an exposure to the equal that can see distance, calories, heart rate, everything of them cycled by means of. Has plant fasciitis in my feet and behind issuing so that I am a lot happy to have the way to exit now ossia comfortable. This car was totally value a prize. I have purchased also it kills it for separate to situate under a bicycle to protect our paving.
4 / 5
Has been excited to receive this bicycle. I am spent 2 hours that dipped the only neighbour to take to an a lot of last piece, a sinister pedal and he will not attach . He doesnt apt and now has to that has has sent pictures and test of compraventa to a company and they will send the new pedal and the new arm. To take to the law will owe that disassemble a main part (this has been neighbouring place when recieved) to substitute an arm some pedal accesses to. Ossia The ENORMOUS hassle. Disappointed in this element. It appears to be sturdy otherwise and expect that it is worth it after all of this hassle. I owe just bought the used one.
5 / 5
Is good to be like this economic. This in spite of has the questions of pair.

Can does not use on dipping 8. So only it locates to seven. If I dipped it/ I dipped it on 8, then he ticks behind to seven. They are so only state using roughly ten days and he have not done never.

For more this could not be a subject, but for me are this in the good row for intervals. I want to go main for the minute or two paralizaciones to press me, but can no. The supposition is a lot for now, but has learnt that requires the main control. In my next car will buy one with the main east control.

Another thing is some looks of tape to slip on are or on for a control? When they Are pedaling feels likes it every time goes around has a thumb or two of slip. Unfortunate, But yes down to five is not noticeable.

Well For my woman and of the people that does not require a big control, so only a lot that adds for me.
4 / 5
Is not the bicycle of big gymnasium - but is able to give you the a lot of resemblance workout in home while some gymnasiums are all has closed. It uses a same class of flywheel and hold magnetic a big some , and while it looks simple, a monitor there is on does well and is in fact quite comprehensible in a info available to an user.

Gives 5 star has based on prize and of the capacities. You would owe that plan on at least an hour for assembly, and has found the few modifications that he better for me. Having to that toe-was when it traces, like paste of mine of right ankle a crank in a pedal assembly. I have bought pedal extenders and this has solved that question ( master 1/2' to 1/2' edge - do/female - roughly 1' longitude), and butt of mine has taken sore. A cushion of the air has had has solved around the question.

30 minutes the day in a cochera with looks to be that I help to maintain mobile..
4 / 5
There is taken on an hour to unbox and dip near, has been smoothly and was easy to gather. The law of amour adds for people with bad knees and for me short volume of the easy respite and this does well without taking respite of mine was.
4 / 5
A 'Computer' that prints of monitors, time, etc.... Has subject with a digital screen. It has had to send me the whole new bicycle and a new one was one same likes one am returned. It CAN it DOES not SEE WHEN you TRACE CORRECTLY, calm has to that locate to the rovescio to in fact see and read the. Like being prepared to read to the rovescio himself calm the maintenances. Of course, takings like stops of pay. Still with him like this, he still jumps and does not read legislation. Maintaining a second unit, of a bicycle was like this economic, compared to another. It will do so that I need stops. Another while, ANY ONE BAD for a prize.
4 / 5
The mine has come with the exposure that does not operate. So only tip stirs it of 8s and does not turn never was. I have verified some connections of boss and has changed some batteries. To do my worse same experience there there is apparently any way to so only contact a vendor directly and ask to try the shows of substitution so the supposition am packing on a whole bicycle to send behind in a subject small. Some massive waste of my time.
4 / 5
I have ordered this without too big of expectations, he assuming would be serviceable but does not add . It has fulfilled my expectations in this consideration! It is gone in the million pieces but this was also very unexpected. I used it every day partorisca roughly 10 days, in that time one of some pedals is partorisca come unscrewed and required partorisca be refastened. Well Sure, this is annoying but dealable. After other 8 days this in spite of, this pedal has been wobbly again. To examination, a pedal has not looked free but is partorisca exit well my hand. I have tried king-ray he but any of some edges taken and has slipped entirely.

So many, this is not immediately apparent in a has has attached photo, but some edges in both a pedal and a take which he the rays are substantially undressed. A metal here looks quite soft and in fact, has has had to that vacuum on stirs it of shavings of metal of my paving. (Any pictured!)

TLDR... It averts of as it has ceased to be functional in just on two weeks, this bicycle is well. It likes 3 of stars. Seeing like this no longer can use this in spite of, estimated it so only 1 star.

Can have the better regime that has done!
5 / 5
Am stuck with the bicycle can not use reason a pedal does not return , a ray not returning . I emailed the with all an information, has taken a response has automated behind and never listened behind.

Test and try calling but does not have the response of person and his system of telephone is not that it leaves recognition to leave the message.

Has done the deception that buys it, but has believed at the same time a plus glowing descriptions.
5 / 5
Like the title indicates, there is the significant quantity of the assembly has required. For this reason, lacking of friends or mechanics described with has said described, movement on or will be one of these people that leaves some descriptions of star.

In that said the one who, ossia a subject excellent so that they know a difference among the Phillips screwdriver and a allan English tone. The minimum tools are required and included is has comprised. The excellent instructions harm a step a buyer by means of the each phase of a process of the assembly with the pictures has drawn clearly and the decent directions the English Chinese / writings. Returned of the pieces was almost perfect, any alteration has been required any where, so only some wiggling of part to take the holes have varied. The time of assembly has taken slightly in an hour, thank you in separating my puppy the one who has thought some of some parts were new toys.

A product has gathered is a lot of sturdy. The chairs of mine in the carpeted walk and has any @subject anything with mine 250 Lb Covid inspired organism. A computer is small but full of functions and easy to read and use. A car is also compress enough to returned in of the smallest zones.

An only nit-choose l can come up with these some straps in some pedals. My feet are a lot of widths, 12.ºEEE, and so only a portion at the head of my shoes is returned inclusa in some straps frame wider. Simple solution: it leaves some straps was!

In summation, this bicycle of exercise is a subject excellent and l would not doubt for the recommend to fellow - unless they were mechanically inept.
5 / 5
This recumbent the bicycle of exercise is the basic model . It aims time, mileage, the burned calories, and BPM, but those who know the one who attack those are. Has eight levels of control, which are changed to turn the @@@knob. He pedals smoothly and quietly. A chair is quite uncomfortable, as I have added the gel chair. In $ 400 less than an entrance Schwinn, is the value adds . He a work, albeit without bells and whistles. It does not expect a world for a prize, but attended a capacity the hop in while master and take the good the low prize.

A bicycle has gathered easily and arrived without any harm. It is the heavy box , like this calm probably helps to need that takes it to where calm the gathered. With which assembly, moves easily for lifting he and using a has has attached wheels. Accesses in the small space.
5 / 5
In general, a bicycle was easy to install, and class of laws of. A computer the one who calm give you a heart rate, speed, and the distance has not been in a container. I have called service of client of the Amazon to ask the part of substitution, has said that it would have to that return a complete bicycle.

Civilises of Warehouse of the amazon in his products declares this: Used – Like this New An element in perfect working condition. The original of protective wrapping can be missing. An original packaging can have the smallest harm, or the element can come repackaged. The harm of container is defined clearly for each element. All the accessories are present.

To the equal that can see in his own police, 'ALL ACCESORIES Is PRESENT.'

A computer of control of the heart rate has not been in a container and I could not take the substitution. To substitute so only a heartrate computer of monitor, would have to send The REAR WHOLE BICYCLE.

With this small part, which is smaller that my hand, goes to choose to squander hundreds of hours of man and a cost to ship a bicycle has gathered. I will be out of a time has taken to gather a bicycle, as well as be out of the bicycle during a process of turn, which the service of client has declared that would choose on a bicycle gathered but, ' takes the moment.'

This does absolutely any sense. For this mine 2 indication of star. Everything would require to do is to send me one $ 10-20 part of dollar and be fact with him.
5 / 5
Has purchased this bicycle on its own name to help me take moving after chemo and surgery. A whole place is utmost of my surgery was in mine @@@cofre. It was a lot of easy to gather for my account and has taken perhaps 30 mins to do. It is a lot of solid. His a lot extremely weighed so together with some wheels he the easy fact to move around. Some basic functions in a work of monitor adds. Still although this bicycle does not have all some bells and the whistles of some start of the bicycles, he the work adds. To good sure would recommend this bicycle.
5 / 5
- The tape is exited to first use and again 2 more time after being fixed, has finalised to send the backside for the repayment
- the delivery was quickly, any sign to ship harm
- All the tools have required for the assembly is comprised
- the directions are clear and easy to follow, drives visual is small and hard to see but manageable
- the computer is a lot basic and economic
- Seat is big and comfortable
- Same in maximum level(8), a control is not a lot powerful, there is almost any difference in of the levels 1-4
- Sturdy, any @@subject to wobble when used in hard flooring
- Calm when pedaling
- Petit, does not take on a lot of space, easy to move around yes has required
- Ossia the good bicycle for overweight beginners and main people. If you are already in shape good and habituada to the exercise regulates does not expect an intense workout because of a relaxed seating place and control of low pedaling

has received an a lot of earlier bicycle that has expected. All has looked to be in good condition. The instructions were clear and easy to follow with an exception to connect a boss of tension and 3 bosses of computers, but included concealed has not gone too difficult just hard to see in one drives visual small. I took 2 hours less to fully gather a bicycle with the helper. Inner some premiers 5 minutes of one 1st use a tape inside a chance is start. At the beginning I have known no the one who a question was and has taken averts a section that contains a boss of tension to research, results a boss was a lot have like this of then for behind near and opened on a chance. A chance are A lot ANNOY to open and is blocked directly of inaugural fully for some pedal bars, there there is so only the small space to try the returned your hand-held interior, this in spite of were able to dip a tape has retreated on and ray of the joints of chance have retreated, but roughly 15 minutes to a 2nd tentativa to use it, snapped was again, once again take a chance averts and dip a tape behind in only to have raisin he 3rd time shortly after. There is remarked in other people of descriptions have had subjects looked with the parts that is defective, but has seen also has done well for another, I class of has expected so only would be one of a lucky some without any subjects, if a tape is remained on would have been the decent little bicycle to have around a house. If it result to be one of a miserable some are in still the plot of frustration and time squandered with assembly, disassembly, repackaging, and calls to a costruttore and service of client of the Amazon.
4 / 5
Had been looking for the recumbent bicycle of exercise for the long time. It could not use to to the regular bicycle likes them to them the chair was a lot painful in mine tailbone. My prime recommends this bicycle of the mine and I was the little concerned reason was a lot of economic and said it only controls until 300lbs. An another reviewer has declared was on 500lbs and used it a lot have taken like this the casualidad.

Is coming 2 days later and has taken less than an hour to gather. So many bicycles require you to dip a flywheel the assembly jointed but this a a main organism he already together place all are by train of the some pedals, chair and bosses. A lot easy and unit a lot compact as it will not take on upper of the plot of spatial.

Resists all 360+lbs of me without the question and I want to that finally I have the way to spill some pounds and with which so only 2 weeks already am seeing and feeling results. So many of is the to anything likes and gymnasiums of of hate or have the schedule of crazy work (for me is both) and loves car and calms simple of qualities to lose some weight I highly recommend this car. Calm simply can much better partorisca low $ 200.

But skip a guarantee he so only the waste of money. L The separate company and any looks shady police .
5 / 5
Felt well in some fines-assembly of part and was in an of some final steps. It has discovered that No. Of Part 73, Boss of the control of Tension has called, which has looked three part have gathered in a factory, had been put neighbour in a wrong order, for this preventing any game to arrive in No. Of Part 72b the tension has called also Boss to Control to the how was to be semi-detached. It could not change a No. Of Part 73 without tools of car. I have connected 73 to 72b with some difficulty and has expected that it would not be able to change an eventual tension in a boss. Ossia That has spent. There is difference a lot small among Level of Tension 1 and Level of Tension 8 in a bicycle has gathered.
Has contacted Amazon for the repayment but when I have considered that it would have to that disassemble 90 pieces and of the backsides his places to some enormous unwieldy box, has given up and decided to maintain a bicycle with his level of alone tension.
I otherwise like a bicycle a lot but does not have to that it has paid stops.
Has asked Amazon to annul a repayment. I have been said that it could not be fact but that when a turn has not arrived, would be recharged with which January 31, 2021. A repayment in my on-line bill prevented to take the repayment of sure of the health thus piece of crew because one load has had to arrive first of an end of 2020.
The one who the disappointment. Also a bicycle has the strong squeaking which have decided also tolerate.
Today have it recumbent bicycle in a level of tension that squeaks so that I can not take an offset of the mine undertaken of sure reason has the repayment listed which will not be revoked until 2021. Oh Chico!
5 / 5
Have you never will be the cycling taken in the hailstorm? Has and thank you I goes to try and avert that again. Behind when this past mine locates the highland bicycles and I have moved on to recumbent cycles and this stationary the cycle is really good. It returns easily to the ours fines-soiled of art/of office of function. Different some cycles to exercise that mimic regular bicycles, this remains down so that it does not block light or line of view. It remains a lot out of a way until it is required. It is calm and quite light to move when we require to. It is the good piece of crew to have them you or any in your family is not able to take outside so much because of conditions of health like my partner.

Top Customer Reviews: Schwinn Recumbent ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
@In rodeo, ossia a bicycle of excellent exercise with all some bells and whistles. An addition adds my gymnasium of house.

After trying Schwinn 270 recumbent bicycle in my tent of local sportive sakes (the Sportive sakes of Dick) and in that likes it to him the plot, contemplated among one 270 and one 230. Basically it has three main differences: (1) One 270 has 25 levels of control versus 20 levels for one 230. (2) A chair has cushion in a 270 while one 230 has the plastic chair with holes partorisca airflow. (3) One 270 could have until 4 has saved the profiles and one 230 could have 2. Number of the profiles in a 270 could be the good characteristic partorisca folks the one who would share a bicycle with more than 2 people but I so only shared with my woman as it has not been the big shot for me. And of one 230 is the new model (2016 vs. 2013), has decided to go with one 230 and could not be happier.

Before it speaks in pros and gilipollas, has loved so only speak so only the little has bitten roughly I so that it takes the better perspective . They are 5'9'', viril, 160 lbs, in mine 30s, in the relatively good form but at all close to the athlete of triathlon or constructor of organism. They are so only the random rider the one who dips in roughly 30-45 minutes, 2-3 times the week.

- A bicycle has the very smooth walk on all hold. Any squick, any thump, so only the smooth sound of the a lot of-diagram-of oil probably a lot near of this duty of the heavy bicycles of the exercise of commercial note sees in a gymnasium.
- Slider The chair is like this easy to regulate. I know for this row of prize, ossia the requirement especially when two of is sharing this bicycle that regulates behind and advances.
- Sturdy! Of course to the equal that have described on am not trying this his bicycle max the limits of then are so only a half type with half use but like this far, at all is shaking and at all am free.
- Low impact in your knees and the joints but calm would be likely to say some same on all the bicycles and elliptical cars.
- Programs. A lot of program to choose of. Some are amused while another are not never going back to but this is to base in only my personal preference.
- Two LCD monitors. This leave to dip my iPad on while clues of maintenances of mine workout in a fund LCD.
- Add, learnt client and friendly service. Registering produced and basic troubleshooting was easy.
- The assembly has not been the science of rocket. It looks all some separates that thinks could be gathered in a factory, has gathered in a do one like this a lot of Schwinn. But it concealed it does not mean it it has spent so only 3 minutes that dipped to this together bicycle likes dipped the hot pocket in the microwave. It thinks of a process of assembly as preparing the delicious to feed that uses the slow cookery. It takes time but no difficult knows that I bad ;) To the equal that would say 1-2 hours according to your skills.

- 2 Profiles. Now this is not the with for me of then so only am sharing this bicycle with my woman but has 3 or more the people that action and wants to save your workout results and progresses, can a lot of he with this bicycle. Some 270 leaves 4 profiles so that a FYI.
- A forward of poster / LCD dashboard does not look a a pointed in a page of Amazon. Please inform to my picture. It is less shiny and will remark a logo on is not red in real life. Also some keys are a colour still likes poster but when you look in a picture on to the amazon is darker and shinier. Ossia To good sure a lot the breaker to treat and perhaps so only are when being picky but has loved only commentary.
- Plastic chair and behind. Personally I have not had any horse riding of discomfort in the plastic chair but I could see that this can be slightly uncomfortable trace more frequently. Again, ossia a bicycle of exercises any the The-Z-Chico recliner so that attended less consolation of this bicycle. But then again, it could see that this potentially could be a subject.

Another note - I also experiences Supermats Has that has weighed . Foreign Partorisca Treadmills/Car of Ski ( x 6-Feet) to go with this bicycle in chance is by train to ask you.
4 / 5
Been using a bicycle for almost two weeks now. In general, I think that that it is the piece adds of crew with just the little caveats has mentioned down. I have been with him recumbent bicycle for several reasons, but mainly reasons my knees can not resist until a stress of the treadmill still. They are the quite big character the one who is requiring to lose hanged to do sure are around to see my edges grows up.

In the first place, a bicycle is estimated for the maximum weight of 325 lbs. They are more in a 350 row, but has decided to take it casualidad that a max the weight is probably less than that a bicycle can in fact support. Felizmente, was corrected in this supposition. This in spite of, if you are on a maximum weight, so only know that you are using a bicycle in your own risk.

A main thing to comprise this in spite of, is that to treat cardio exercise, a bicycle is sum . It is calm, does not draw the tonne of electricity, is a lot of fact, and is not too difficult to dip near. A figure all does like this announced, with some smaller exceptions will take to in the moment.

When A bicycle has arrived , is in the box of alone big map. It is weighed a bit, although my woman and I the one who are each one has bitten an opposite of constructors of the organism has not had too much question he moving upstairs his is designated something . The one assembly I which there is taken on an hour or so much. The tools are comprised with a bicycle, but has the together of allen wrenches and the pair of decent phillips engine of ray of the boss, probably will want to use those. Some instructions of assembly were quite well, looking of just diagrams.

A chair is reasonably comfortable, mine dates included... ahem... Main measure. A built in the look of programs to be quite well, but are not any one a lot an expert in the effective is for several aims. I have been using some intervals program mainly of my aims are mainly loss of weight and has improved cardio fitness. Changing the levels of control is a lot directly advances.

A thing I highly recommend is visiting a Schwinn put web and downloading a manual for one 2017 model (as mentioned by another reviewer), so that has some differences with some varied characteristics among a manual of paper resupplied and like them in fact laws.

So that it is a negatives?

- A built-in of the contacts of heart rate in some bosses lateralmente are scaly in better. If you want to control your heart rate, to good sure will want to order a Polar T31 A lot-Coded the transmitter and The Tape have Dipped . Work a lot well with one 270. Occasionally it gives an anomalous reading where looks your jumps of heart rate for 10 or like this bpm for now, but another that that, is to declare a lot useful. So only it does not take the 'coded' strap of Polar @@@cofre like him no with a bicycle.

- A built in of the speakers quite swipe, but has not expected any a lot of they and verified him so only has been for a sake of this description.

- Has to that small shelf that can dip you your pill or telephones on to the look means comunicacionales while you are exerting. It blocks a main exposure, but in fact like that as they are not so only staring in of those that small have left in a workout. This in spite of, situate the iPad rule-sized the pill bit it too far to an accident, looks to interfere with receiving a signal of the strap of @@@cofre. Dipping my iPhone 6 More there in way of the landscape does not look for the annoy. No the enormous shot for me, but something to maintain in alcohol.

- Be a lot if a built in the defender there has been the little more oomph.

Finally, for me, an account of calorie is always quite far out of that that would be expected. This in spite of, as mentioned sooner, are are enough in a maximum weight for a bicycle. When you Configure your user in the console of a bicycle, does not leave you to dip in the weight on 325. Obviously that would have some that resists in an account of calorie that is different. I have been that uses my Clock of Apple to imagine out of the most attentive evaluation. This in spite of, is probably he values that it comment that although my weight was exactly 325, an account given for a bicycle is no where near that the majority of on-line found the formulas would indicate. Suspicion ossia mainly because of any factoring in a half heart rate, but does not know sure.

An application of iPhone is functional, if it bit it rudimentary. Linking workout the data to my Mate of Fitness acts a lot well, although manually modification an account of calorie in a My Mate of Fitness besieges of web.

Inferior line, this in spite of, is is looking for something to take you that goes in the street the better fitness or less hanged, a bicycle is sum . In fact really I enjoy to exert with him. My plan is that I have lost once some of this weight and in a little better condition, will invest in the treadmill. For now, this in spite of, a bicycle do fault my needs and I already am seeing light improvements in a stability of my knees and ankles. A lot especially, exerting remained with to the better diet is resulted already take the few pounds was.
4 / 5
Has ordered this he roughly done 3 month. My husband uses it daily for therapy. It has begun to do the noise when pedaling. I have called a costruttore the one who has listened to a noise in a telephone. A representative of the service of the client has diagnosed a question like the bad in resistant. They are now while to the special tool to take a crank. Reason are I a repairman? Among while to a special tool and then a course like that can repair, will be down for weeks to the month. Really? I have paid extra to take the product of confidence! That spends in other 3 months? I owe that substitute one that resists again? An idea that are suddenly the bicycle repairman is ludicrous. A lot disappointed in the guarantee of this company.
4 / 5
Schwinn MY17-R270 Stationary Recumbent Bicycle to exercise

1. It remarks a model “MY17-R270” – be sure to take one 2017 model.
2. The mine has not shipped with the manual of instructions of user of only assembly. As of this writing, an only available manual and downloaded of a web of place is for one 2016 model. It has taken one 2017 manual to call support of client.
3. Some things have found (2017 add):
a. There is the capacity of Program of the user Done of commission, but is not listed in any manual. (It has not been difficult to imagine was)
b. One 2017 there is Bluetooth® that the leaves qualified at least automatic upload sessions to a Schwinn application of Trainer.
c. Some class of “VR capacity” of Experience – has the full page to look for precaution when using VR – but does not have any instruction or description of LIKE THIS to use VR with a bicycle.
D. I am thinking there is another “Easter eggs”, but has to that any to found them … and will bet a programming can be up to date/upgraded!
4. “Schwinn The trainer” is the application of smartphone . “” It is the web of place .
A. Both sync with MyFitnessPal.
b. Your session(s) can be downloaded to the thumb of USB-clave, and then uploaded to PC of street. If you choose to enable syncing to MyFitnessPal, an exercise is defined like “Stationary bicycle, general (bicycling, cycling, biking) “.
c. Alternately, Yes you plough an application, “Schwinn Trainer”, your session(s) automatically will be uploaded to an application.
I. Ossia The application adds . All the appearances of some sessions are retained and there is showed.
ii. If you choose to sync this application with MyFitnessPal ( any sync both; you will take double entrances – duh!) – Define an exercise as, “Stair-treadmill ergometer, general “ – which is bad, and when synced with other applications/programs/the web of places are treated differently that “Stationary bicycle, general (bicycling, cycling, biking)”
iii. Against so much a manual of user and a description of an application in a tent of GAME, this application does not upload some sessions to a place.
1. Curiously, I have sent an email to Nautilus (costruttore of one 270 and an application) questioning so much a wrong definition of an exercise And an inability to upload a data to – his response has ignored a wrong definition and confirmed, 'A Schwinn application of Trainer a lot at present sync directly with Schwinn League. You can still given of scrolling that use the clave of USB this in spite of.'
5. Control of heart rate
one. One 270 is Marks the rhythm “ cardiac of Contact (CHR) build-Sensors” quite good – but has to that maintain contact with both hands and until they are 5 or 10 minutes to a walk (when my discharge of hands) law very big (180-190) – this in spite of once a contact results better is a lot near of mine FitBit Load 2 reading – And is ”Half HR” for a walk looks correct –still although frequently I do not have both hands in some contacts.
b. One 270 league (wirelessly) with another HR monitors like the strap of @@@cofre – but take note:
“A strap of @@@cofre of the heart rate has to that be a uncoded strap of heart rate of Polar Electro or a uncoded POLAR® compatible model. (Coded Straps® of POLAR heart rate like POLAR® OwnCode® straps of @@@cofre no with this crew.)”

6. I had it 10 days and used it every day in quantities until 45 minutes in the session.
A. A chair cushioned and perforated seatback is a lot comfortable, and feels a lot of solid during a workout.
b. A face of 3 law of speed of defender.
c. A boss of means comunicacionales comprised connects a source of Mp3 to a built-in stereo speakers.
D. It is like this calm while pedaling that can you easily television of clock or look anything touches in your smartphone or pill that can situate you in a “Tray of Means comunicacionales”.
And. An exposure a low plus (under a Tray of Means comunicacionales) is configurable and can show a current workout values.
F. A “Headline of Waters of the boat” in fact has 2 compartments and can resist things like the far TV or telephone further to bounce it water.
G. A chair regulates enough the bit (I follows 6'1”, my woman is 5'4”)
and would accommodate the wide variety of heights.
H. Some stairs of the slide of the chair is quite useless – is hid under a chair – would be necessary to be it moved to for behind a chair…
the. It was a lot of easy to dip near – some main components were gathered already, has had to attach so only some stabilizers, exposure/of handlebars, chair and pedals.

Buy again and would recommend it to my friends.
5 / 5
A bicycle is well. Comfortable, sturdy and some programs are easy to imagine was. Probably it would give a bicycle four stars if it has not been for questions with a guarantee. My bicycle done one annoying in amazing noise with which fifteen to twenty small of exercise. If on-line investigations, will discover that a lot of people experience this question. I have called support of client. To his credit, some people of support are relatively easy to achieve, friendly and try be useful. Still although I have had the good register of a sound some frames of bicycle, has been said that it would have to that take a shroud (ossia a big plastic shell that has spent a mechanics of a pedal mechanism). I have explained that they are not handy with tools and had paid Amazon to gather a bicycle for just that reason. I have been said would send an easy to follow place of instructions for email and a disassembly has involved so only take out of the pocolos fulminas. It concealed it is not true. To take a shroud, has to take a clave (the pole that has a handlbars and screen of control), disconnect a wiring, takes some pedals, take a sinister side of a shroud, disconnect a wiring that it connects to a connection to be able to, and then take a right side of a shrouds. Some instructions a lot adequately explain like this to disconnect a wiring, as have has had to that do the second call. With which two hours, has had finally a shrouds to take a shroud and has done my third called to start with his process of diagnostic. Basically, they have loved to see if a bicycle has done a same sound with a shrouds takes. It has done. They are by train to send me The new pedal, but wants to me to knots to leave a bicycle disassembled for diagnostic further a pedal does not correct a question. Here it is an inferior line . Still although a guarantee comprises three work of month, Schwinn/Nautilus will touch you $ 130 for the technician unless it cooperate entirely with his procedures of tedious diagnostic. In this chance, are speaking roughly more than two hours partorisca disassemble the significant portion of a bicycle, while of more than the week (with the battery of components of the bicycle disassembled) for the part that can or can not fix a question, and then that spends another pair of the hours that dipped the behind neighbours. If it had been to fifteen task of minute to take a shroud, would not complain . If a guarantee is of yours entity, suggests that you look in another product.
4 / 5
The mine so only arrived and there is enjoyed prime minister of mine workout. Here it is a good and a bad like this far.

A lot of - I was one of a lucky some the one who has received the quite intact box. A Styrofoam was bad rasgado averts, but has taken some swipes and has protected an interior of parts. Taken roughly 1hr partorisca unpack all so it gathers a bicycle. Some instructions are excellent and some very dipped separates era. If has an electrical hammer or things of the engine of the impact will move to the long of faster, but the tools are comprised with a bicycle and will suffice. They are 5'11' and one all returned perfectly. I have found a very comfortable chair and a brilliant exposure in spite of being in the a lot sunny room. An exposure is easy to read and comprise. Some works of monitor of the heart, but is quite rudimentary - I slowly to use the monitor of @@@cofre instead. I found it a lot calm and one of a better recumbent the bicycles are trace .

BAD - When I have finalised assembly and turned in a monitor has discovered quickly that a magnetic control has been closed in big. Repeated tries to reduce a control has failed. I have called a helpline and have wanted to me partorisca disassemble a plastic house that has spent a system to hold magnetic; I agreed to that I eat. Interior, has two wheels. One turns the tape that walks the second iron goes weighed. A powerful magnet, driven by the engine, is moved near of a wheel of iron and some to force magnetic laws partorisca retard a wheel down requiring you to press harder that maintain a wheel that movements. In my chance, some magnets have seated in a max control. An engine that movements some magnets behind and the advances have not answered to the tone presses in a console. I have discovered quickly that the tiny boss that goes to an engine has taken kinked during assembly. With a plastic house unscrewed has had so only he quite soiled to repair a boss broken - the real ache in a a. This has cured of a question and I reassembled a unit and has been advances with the workout.

Has attacked of the star so that it has to that touch recumbent bicycle repairman. I am not sure like this the bicycle exited of control of quality because turning some pedals would have developed that he no that is supposed to. A folks in Nautilus was quite useful and was necessary help diagnose a question, but did not call him never for behind a question was easy to something and reparation. I have read several descriptions of the people that experience a question still - any response to adjustments of control. After looking under a hood this could be caused peels bad console, the boss broken, the bad connection among a console and an engine ( has to that do this connection during assembly), or the engine has failed. If it results to be an engine ships it behind reason in the substitute would require to take a plastic house entirely was and ossia more than any one would have to that be request to dip up with.

More later as I dip more miles in this thing...
5 / 5
A bicycle arrived in the box that is to be fall like this time, or like this hard, a styrofoam in him protecting some parts was pulverized. It has had the parts have broken like the result. A number have to you the call is sending was a, but a lot everything of a broken separated---and was taste 'That wants to take $ ?' I have not loved my experience ruined and beats it on the car with a heart rate controls not doing . Ossia That have wanted to take $ .
5 / 5
For real love this bicycle. I am 82 years old with degenerative arthritis in my plug and two substitutions of knee and expósitos that almost any type of activity caused the ache that directs to the a lot sedentary lifestyle. I have purchased this bicycle after verifying was some looked some comprising an old plus Schwinn 270 model in the tent of sportive sakes. (A model an old plus has the hard plastic seats no like this comfortable likes the chair cushioned in a 2017 model.) I have found that for a point of prize, a Schwinn was sturdier and has had much more qualified that give form looked in his class. It is extremely comfortable, easily adjustable for my needs, absolutely silent and roughly like this as well as it can take to resupply exercise for the senior. I have been using he for at least a half hour to an hour almost every day without discomfort or residual ache. I have directed to augment a control slightly of when I in the first place begun, has lost some weight and feel emotionally and physically better.

I indulged I in an application has called BitGym that can be purchased for any pill, in my chance an iPad Pro. It is exceptional for any type of crew of inner exercise like the bicycle, elliptical trainer or treadmill of then resupplies gorgeous hikes during some world-wide sometimes coached, sometimes no. One can submerged oneself in a beautiful scenery and in fact feel likes is hiking or biking Paths, our Southwest, New Zealand, etc. A do one in a fly of bicycle for and is to the entertainment adds. I in fact rest waiting for my time of exercise.

A final recommendation especially partorisca seniors, I indulged purchase an Assembly of Bicycle of the Exercise. It was a lot of value he. A bicycle is weighed enough and would have been difficult for my husband and I for the have prpers has managed and probably almost impossible for knots to have grappled with everything of some parts while trying kneels in a paving for the joint dipped. An individual the one who was a lot of professional, dipped on a first date of time and has arrived punctually (the next day a bicycle has been rid). It has taken almost an hour to dip it on same although it was familiarised with him and has had some tools of pertinent power.

The sum he on, has been using a bicycle for the few weeks now and find that it has surpassed it to it to him my expectations. I find it to be aim and aside for any with physical inabilities that could prevent him to use the treadmill, whole bicycle or elliptical trainer. Also it has the fun variety of programs that goes of easy the quite defiant with the control levels this goes of easy the quite that challenge that included could give the physically returned person the a lot of workout. For me a recumbent the bicycle is in plot more comfortable that a whole bicycle and for any one looking for defiant programs, has the number of third applications of pill of the party there that that that can be has explored. Some a lot of so only have scenic walks but resupply demanding coaching also. This has been the investment adds and highly would recommend so that they love the convenient and well cardio workout but can not use some of some writes some traditional plus of crew.
5 / 5
As it rigged to write this description, has discovered that this bicycle now is priced in $ 100 less than that I paid for him a month done - this was just insult to hurt.

Has had an older version of this bicycle that, after the little more than 13,000 miles, some leaves of computers. I have tried to find the substitution, has contacted Schwinn, looked for on-line, any regime. My only option was to haul the to a dump - wasteful and extremely environmentally unfriendly.

Was a lot of happy with my last bicycle to the equal that have purchased this bicycle with big expectations and could not be more state disappointed. There are plots more bells and whistles, which could any me worry less roughly, and still am trying imagines was like this to use. So only it uses a bicycle to go in my aerobic exercise. I have read some descriptions and can not imagine was that any one finds a comfortable chair - is any how May! It is the bicycle , is there some reason Schwinn there is not dipping the chair of bicycle on that? It adds to this a backside of a chair when being the economic piece of plastic and angled behind in such an uncomfortable place that has to it folds on the towel and dip the backside me so that in fact I can seat up. And it is not adjustable as so only has to that it enciphers out of the way of the work.

Has bars of boss afterwards to an exposure that is the waste complete unless yours is an orangutan or contortionist. There is no comfortable way to use them.

Although I have presionado on each ray and ray, he still to to the sounds like are trace of some drive with the clickity-clack his so they are pedaling . I further annoying to a point that has to that spend my sound that auricular of cushions so only to take by means of the workout.

Will admit that I am not fond to exit, in fact hate it but at least with my old bicycle has taken by means of him without too much of ache. Now this in spite of workouts is miserable. Really I wish it it had sent this behind first of a window to do like this enclosed.
4 / 5
Has had this bicycle less than the week and are by train of the master! I locate every day. I have had surgery of substitution of the hip behind in 2005 and has has had to that always treat arthritis in both hips. In the Behind had then in the recumbent still rehab and ossia when it has known this was an only fashion of bicycle of exercise for me. (I also possess it recumbent subject trike). A recumbent takes a tension of your hips, knees, and go down behind for a enjoyable but effective form of exercise.
A bicycle is sturdy and extremely calm. I mean any one could be sleep in a calm same room, is crazy. They are the 61 yr the old woman and that follows a very written instruction the manual for assembly was able to dip a together bicycle in roughly 1.5 hrs. Like this far everything in a console of looks of computer to be that it does properly comprising a defender. I have not connected to Bluetooth but a connection of Mp3 is good to have and some speakers touch surprisingly well. A headline partorisca bounce waters is handy and has another little pocket for perhaps the far.
Still are that it learns like all can do with this piece of crew but a thing I really likes is like this can choose one of a pre-has programmed workouts and regulate your aim of time. Each program is preset for 30 minutes that takes calm by means of alternating the control levels each one that 2 minutes. But have so only 10 or 15 minutes to take it workout in or says want the pedal for an hour can regulate an aim of time in any of a preset programs. Calm still will do a program in his entirety only in holding the shortest intervals or longer. (For 15 small workout will take calm by means of a whole program but will change the control levels each one that 1 minute in place of each 2). Before I have been to do a day has been pressed for time but so only for fun has done the 4 small workout! A level of control has changed each 16 second and took by means of some program entirety.
Are a lot happy with this compraventa and would purchase it again. Also it would recommend it to the partner. It is the good solid piece of crew of exercise.
NOTE: I have ordered this bicycle by means of PlumStruck on April 2nd. A delivery has estimated was April 20-28. I still the free nave that takes and my surprised a bicycle has arrived 2 days with which have situated my mandate! Excellent service.
5 / 5
I have had the bought the leading model of Schwin 270 the few years done and has loved that. It was comfortable and and sturdy. Alas an electronics has begun partorisca give have imagined like this would stick with a same mark and give form. This new model looks elegant and everything but comfortable to good sure is not . A cup of a chair is plastic (the difference of a fat skin of an old a). An inferior part of a chair has been drawn so only could be seat in 90 place of terracing without taking behind hurt lower. It likes 3hr30min cardio as seating in such of the place is simply very possible. With which 45 min has has had to that the the only turn was like my low plus behind was in ache. To good sure would not recommend it wants to do more than 30 min workout.
5 / 5
Can not take a Bluetooth to connect to anything except a Schwinn Toolbox application this is to use so only partorisca firmware updates. Bluetooth The connectivity has limited useful applicability, p. p.ej., -- Any to connect an exposure of console to Explore A World-wide or anything has tried more. There have it also any speaker in some applications of consoles likes them music (any speaker in a model a new plus) work with mine Fitbit. Schwinn The marketing has said that leaves 2 profiles of user but he the no. am happy has taken an Amazon the First days price on that. Any way costs retail estimate.
5 / 5
A description of a bicycle is inaccurate on Amazon and one of some reasons has bought this bicycle was that an ad has said that that has had the chair cushioned. But no - chair and behind is plastic hard , rigid and a lot uncomfortable. Also, it does not have some of some characteristic would owe that have. Reason? I have called Amazon and has taken any help at all. I have called a Schwinn the number has been given and this was any help neither. I have had to that expect like this anxiety an order to come and has not gone back in to verify other commentaries or I am of then another has had some same complaints. It was difficult to gather like this some of some parts am not matched on correctly when we have tried to the ray joints him. It would have paid for professional person to dip it near taste has taken of the long time but a soonest any one could come was an end of January.
An Up to date 2020 230 recumbent the bicycle is not that I have expected or that have researched and has thought has taken. For some reason, a costruttore has takes?? Some characteristic is of 230 model that comprises the port of convenient USB, some workouts, and the defender forward. Secondly, it Is announced that this bicycle there is Bluetooth compatibility with an Explore a World-wide application. After contacting the support of technology of a costruttore, was has said in the first place an up to date model there has been bluetooth qualified. This in spite of, when I have showed a bicycle could not connect, a developer of the crew of the application has confirmed the bug with one 230 model that prevents to connect with an application and he will not be fixed until 1st neighbourhood 2021.
4 / 5
There went it three weeks and he is has broken already. It has taken a guarantee and am expecting to listen go to honour he. I have had big hopes. After the pocolos second of pedaling comes on 'workout decreed. These looks to be the subject common with Schwinn models.
4 / 5
When A box has arrived was súper heavy and the little beaten on I so that immediately the be be concern in the quell'had taken me to. But they are once past time dipping out of some parts have @@give has not been to be that difficult of an assembly at all and all has arrived in shape good (all except a box that is). It was able of the together place a lot simply for me in roughly 1.5 hours (some few distractions go in). In of the considerations to a functionality of him, so only can not take on that this calm . Ours last bicycle was like this strong that has wanted to look TV and bicycle a TV the volume has had to that be very big. All another characteristic is like this to be expected. 2 profiles can be tension has created , adds the chair qualified , comfortable, etc etc.
5 / 5
Buyer beware. Some pictures say a history. It is returned for obvious reasons.
5 / 5
Has bought this for my parents in his 70s, to maintain them active during time/of inclement winter. They want to use the and there is remarked his movement esp in his legs have improved after using this newspaper/each one another day. My dad has ache in his right leg when walking too long so that it is to say ideal for him so that it can seat whole with the dipped good and the just pedal was. This bicycle is adjustable like the people of different heights can share it, and no the precise programming complicated like my parents those who are not digital savvy is able of the use. When I Visit my parents, use he once in the moment can does not do to a gymnasium and think is better that an integer stationary bicycles that tends to do you first sustain with bad place.
5 / 5
A product: A lot of places have cut corners. They could have done an adjustable chair but welded to a mountain likes them the only trace or down, any tilt for the adjustment of comfortable corner is long-legged. One drives of inferior centre has the acute knife burr where was welded, those results in the bad toe cut while moving it. A defender to cool is the joke ; in a 'big' dipping it could ail swipe out of the sail, and is angled roughly 15 terracings were to some have left like this mostly loses your face. A monitor of the heart no at all unless both hands are in the, as it goes of any time take your telephone or waters of boat. More, is terribly inaccurate, constantly jumping of sub-100 to 121 to 155 and behind down. It is remained in 121 more along, and when I have taken wrist of mine and he was in fact 147. If you are wounded, or a amputee, or for some reason can not maintain two palmeras in some bosses, a monitor of heart is useless.

A service of Amazon: they offer free setup the delivery, and two times have ordered a bicycle with a setup and interior 24 hours am annulled some free setup, saying the person has had in my zone. A second time, called them and gave to knots a name of two companies that setup and has said they 'dipped in the entrance' in this @@subject already. I have expected the week, has ordered again, and these times am annulled a setup has shipped grieves. If they know it is the question , would think that could attribute a real person to call a setup people and fix it.
5 / 5
The bicycle has gathered today for amazon 3.os instruments of party. The service adds. The walk adds, smooth walk , easy by means of, the think it will be one of some compraventa better has done them. cant Do the weight that resists the exercise and ossia so only an entrance. Smooth, Calm, easy, well looking, the easy chair situate -5 ft, hubby 6 ft. Easy. The only thing wrote any manual to the equal that will owe that go to plant of the web and the control was all some bells and consoles and all the needs and then to walk and only trace. I cant Achieves a reg bars of boss, as it has to that resist some grips lateralmente, which is well and comfy. It will take the chair cushioned. Very smooth, very calm, work a lot well of the joint has dipped. The type was well, useful, connoisseur,is exited of his way and has on cleaned all, comprising breaking down box, tieing he on and has gone to curb. It could not ask more. Impressed with bicycle and service of assembly. Just desire for manual., But any biggie - will look in ph and take he of trails! Solved my prob of heat and mosquitos in fl be me him.
5 / 5
This bicycle has not gone too bad to dip near, all line & of the dice have been explained & comes with some tools for the do. Like this far I like this bicycle of exercise. You can dip on yours holds own when pedaling. It has miles, small, heartbeat,the etc. Port calories of USB, speakers, adjustable three defender of speed. My husband uses it to plot, has bad knees & when it uses this & gos still bed later, has no restless sleepless nights, likes has used to. Bicycle so much sum, good exercise, good strong car.
5 / 5
UPDATE: With which 8 month, a siervo the engine prendido and has had to that be substituted. A siervo controls a control, and changing it was no @@subject small. I have had to that disassemble a bodywork and wiring and take a system of crank (with the special tool has sent). Roughly 2 work of hours. Some the on-line directions were excellent, but a reparation was besides a realm besides a lot-maquinal folks. Once we were able to confirm a siervo the engine was inop, has has had to that then expect 10 days for the part of substitution to be shipped. An installation was quite he directly advances, and a new part has solved a question. Roughly 4 hours of time of reparation and two weeks without a bicycle.

Then, five month later, a main console there is prendido to do. Schwinn The support of the technology there have been tear a unit averts and some first tests to determine that some consolations has required to be substituted. It was now 13 month to service, and an electronic is only warrantied for 12 month. Has has wanted to $ 250 for the substitution 1/2 a cost of the new bicycle. It has declined. A lot disappointed.

Here is my estaca original: I have taken so only it hands of this bicycle and I have some initial thoughts to share. (1) it Has arrived street UPS in the quite big box, but was a lot of-packaged. In fact, my first order of business was to take all, a census, and place out of some parts for inspection. All was wrapped attentively and has protected. A quantity adds of has thought has been to a packaging to prevent harm. It was VERY IMPRESSED. (2) On first looked, was clear that a bicycle was fantastically engineered and amiably machined. Some dice and the rays were in the solos shrink-the container has wrapped, clearly identified, and attentively packaged. Some three tools have required for the assembly has been comprised. (3) A Manual of Assembly was brilliant and would have to that be used like an example of 'As To' write an owner' manual. A step-for-directions of has not been to clear and easy to follow. Some illustrations have been detailed. Some parts are returned perfectly. (4) The assembly is supposed to take 90 minutes, but has taken my time and finalising in roughly 2 hours. In any point has been he has frustrated or has confused. In fact, have enjoyed really a process of assembly. And I am so only LIKE THIS IMPRESSED with an endeavour that has gone to draw, engineering, edifice, nave, and ridding this product for consumption of house.

Like reason does not give it FIVE STARS? In the first place it was, a flimsy the electrical cord terminates with a ungrounded two-terminal of horizontal of discharges that any returned to any class of recessed AC receptacle. As, a connector of the audio distributed for an iPad or iPhone has the heavy L-shaped discharges that that no with any telephone with the protective coverage. A legislation-in discharges would have done, like this now will owe that mix to find one. Tercero, a screen of information looks an old PacMan game with terribly antiquated map that the economic and caseous looks. A screen any aims inclusos RPMs, which is critical to maintain the pedal step. For such the fantastically thought-was piece of cars, of the electronic is ailing-considered and defective. This has said, a chair is comfortable, some pedals of bicycle smoothly and is surprisingly calm. It could have been the career of house . Instead, it was one had been he-triple of wall.
5 / 5
Has possessed the Schwinn recumbent bicycle before this and was utmost. Lasted me almost 10 years. This one east junk and no the value that shabby. Confidently It Can say. It DOES not BUY THIS BICYCLE. It feels like this it goes to the fall averts in any minute, the nd has done finally. It AVERTS. Compatible explosions, grunts, clicks of some cranks. You can feel a vibration of these incongruences in some pedals. Not even close to soften pedaling. A lot of unsettling. Finally, WITH WHICH 6 MONTH, ALMOST Each APPEARANCE OF THIS BICYCLE has FAILED. I SO ONLY TOSSED in the RUBBISHES.

A reason this bicycle is abordable is reason the like this cheaply has built. Some handlebars are not to ensure and shake to the equal that are for the free fall when the normal pressure is applied. Any of some parts of this bicycle am returned snuggly. I have contacted Schwinn to ask help, and reason this bicycle is like this bad built - help a lot a lot of there.

If your feet are not absolutely, perfectly situate while pedaling, your paste of heels some cranks. If there is W Shoes, your paste of shoes some cranks every time, and is literally unusable. Some cranks the strong intermittent sounds for all leave cycling. This sound does not disappear over time to the equal that has expected paralizaciones.

Could not be disappointed more with this compraventa, service of client and satisfaction of this bicycle. It DOES not PURCHASE .
5 / 5
Are very happy with east. It could not find one in a Schwinn the web of place and I have found this listing. It is like this calm while it runs and was quite sincere to dip up.
4 / 5
The instructions were clear, but a frame of chair was both heavy and difficult to locate. It is trace in a corner with two fat mountain the dishes that use four rays, lock washers and flat washers. Ossia The total of 12 small parts that needs to be traces. Some edges to receive have not been a lot boring like this driving in some rays has not been easy that the cause that movements of a frame as I have struggled to maintain some dishes have varied. Like the result of the smallest turn that tries to maintain a two angled flat of trace in alignment to the equal that have presionado some rays, a frame dips moved (a very heavy part) and cut a thin signal directs that claves out of interior of hole of a frame of chair. His my failure and I will not return a unit of then is very functional and a lot of fact without this characteristic. But frankly of the point of view to draw there does not look to be a lot of consideration for some intrinsic risks in a process of assembly-just the statement to look in some instructions. Ossia Insufficient date a mass of a frame. Material in a next iteration of this product partly would owe that direct on facilitated of assembly and risks intrinsic in a creation like the result of easily foreseeable ways of failure (moving dipped during alignment to locate plans) in a process of assembly would owe that be has accommodated better. An alignment of small/hook fixture in a frame to relieve a weight of a frame during assembly would be the simple solution. We will see.
5 / 5
Like this far, has been impressed with a Schwinn M17 270 Recumbent Bicycle. It was easy to gather (has taken on an hour), and some directions were easy to read and some tools and all the pieces have required was packaged clearly. A bicycle is very done -- is sturdy. When into use, it is relatively calm and very smooth. Like the person of the shortest height (5ft), I I has expected would be able to achieve some pedals (has!) And quell'concealed that has not been the question. In fact, a chair is dipped not even in a level a low plus for me, which means that any even more short can use this bicycle. I have downloaded an application to use and maintain clue of mine workouts, and like this far like this good! They are really enjoying using this bicycle, and absolutely would recommend it.
4 / 5
An iron of the right crank fracasada been due to undress where some pedal rays to an axial with which in only 20 hours or like this of use. Parts of the substitution under the guarantee there is taken on the month to ship, has comprised to confuse and incomplete instructions, and required to spend money out of pocket to buy the wrench of socket and 9/16' returning.
5 / 5
A bicycle has been rid in prompt June and has begun having good questions with which assembly with to the leg broken in the first place and inaccurate readings in consolations afterwards. A question that tips of shoots of Nautilus is very poor and in spite of visit them multiple for his technician have designated, any one can imagine was the one who a question with a bicycle is! Looking for substitution here.
4 / 5
In general, thinks that ossia an excellent bicycle . It would say to be careful when regulating a chair, this in spite of, reason there is almost be to fly. Apparently, calm is not supposition to do that when you are seating in the, but that has amused is reading some instructions? In all the chance, mine hubby there is stubby the legs and I have long legs, and can be regulated to adapt both of knots quite comfortably.

A thing of the heart rate does not look to do a lot well. Finally I have imagined it was that he he by means of your hands that resists to a side thingmys, but same when lame so that it looks an uncomfortable quantity of time, neither has not registered at all or would register like this when being neither like 220 or 50, neither duquel has been able to probably well. (Mina fitbit said mine heartrate was among 90-120 for the majority of a workout, and create them.)

Like this, in general, is the good and friendly bicycle partorisca to to the people likes them of those who is not to like, athletic or to the to anything likes concealed. So only it likes him the trace and sweat the bit while looking television as I do not seat like such the piece. My husband is more serious and continuous in him for the long time and uses some elegant controls and the materials and says is really well, as I will take his word for him. They are class of fat and so only trying a lot to die.
5 / 5
Typically does not write descriptions, but are thank you to share my experience with an Up to date 2020 230 recumbent bicycle. It is not that I have expected or that have researched and has thought has taken. For some reason, thr the costruttore has takes some characteristic is of 230 model that comprises adapts it port of USB, some workouts, and the defender forward. Secondly, it Is announced that this bicycle has Bluetooth compatibility with an Explore a World-wide application. After contacting the support of technology of a costruttore, was has said in the first place an up to date model has had bluetooth qualified. This in spite of, when have showed a bicycle could not connect, a developer of the crew of the application has confirmed the bug with one 230 model that prevents to connect with an application and he will not be fixed until 1st neighbourhood 2021. It is there is disappointed deeply. This in spite of, am happy with a service of client of Amazon of way has managed my complaint. Kudos Yours.
5 / 5
The chairs there is robbed absolutely. We buy this bicycle before a pandemic and has broken down after the week and the half of light use. Suddenly it produced it the tonne to hold while in dipping lower with a unsettling grating sound. I have opened some shrouded (casing) to look under a hood. A tape to walk slipped a walk-pulley (the big wheel has attached to some pedals) and has begun to grind up against some adjacent part, dulcemente shredding a tape in a process. I have tried to regulate a tape in the each way imaginable to any avail. A tape of walk has maintained to travel.

To arrive to this point I chalked he until the tape of low quality walk and opted to buy another A20 an on-line. I painstakingly installed a new tape and he am looked to do well, for everything of two days. Now some slips of tape in place in a walk-pulley. You grieve a control to fulfil of the pedals. Reason ask? Well it results that Schwinn, in his sensatez infinite, has drawn the car where some travesías of tape (walks ) of a walk-pulley the he invernaderos, and slips to situate if you loosen the.

'But perhaps is on/down presionando a tape?' You could be say to calm. It results a real question here is a fact that a walk-pulley and flywheel is was centre. You grieve a tape is presionado so only enough to not slipping in a pulley of walk, begins to walk of a pulley to walk reason a corner of a tape does not coincide with a plan of a walk-pulley and flywheel iron, reason these pieces are not varied. For this is impossible to have control and not walking a tape of damned walk of a pulley of walk.

This could not be the fatal defect if some components on could be varied without cutting metal and king-solder he in place. Ossia The error of manufacture Of ENTITY . The reading by means of some descriptions sees that Schwinn is an absolute nightmare to treat when his lacking products. Tugging this piece of the rubbishes to an office of estaca is unfeasible in a half of this pandemic. I seat like Schwinn mugged take me $ of my cash has won hard when I required it more, and dip the complete piece of junk in walk of mine like the graces. They are money and past time that tries to fix this thing. I mention that I have bought this thing in Leaves 3rd? Yeah, Marcos freakin new.

Thank the plot, Schwinn. $ 250 it is not exactly easy to spend for these days and I sure could have used the new recumbent bicycle a lot roughly now.

Consultor Any one reading this to never buy this product like this the error of manufacture is likely to look again. Also it would advise you to never buy Schwinn has produced. A company that sells lemons and does a process to take your money costs it hassle is not a sincere actor. It is to racket .
4 / 5
Good car, some weak spots are a chair is the bit flimsy. A @@subject a big plus is some sensors of the heart rate has done partorisca 2 weeks now they the no. are an only a the one who locates a car. A boss is plugged in correctly.
5 / 5
Are very short and my husband is big, requires partorisca regulate a chair every time uses it to us, but is very easy.
His calm and easy to use.
HAS any excuse any partorisca the use has included so only partorisca the short time.
5 / 5
Loves a bicycle. It is like this comfortable same with my harms. It has arrived early, it returns fantastically in mine living room afterwards to mine couch and is very calm.
5 / 5
The delivery was at the head of ETA has ESTIMATED. The instruction of assembly was easy sum of the gather taken less than two hours. Only start with using it but law like this far adds!
4 / 5
Excellent bicycle! I am ailing, but this bicycle is really in that help me go back a force in my legs. It was easy to dip on I. It is good and calm. It is it was in the prize adds also.
4 / 5
I really like a bicycle like this far. A lot calm and smooth operation. They are 250lbs and feels solid like the rock when they are on that. Utmost cost!!
5 / 5
Some questions of assembly of the factory. It has had to that some smaller adjustments. Also when the product has been rid the coverage has suffered the harm and a product looked to be has used previously. Another that that the product looks durable
4 / 5
bicycle So much sum !! The only thing has the rant roughly is .. Has thinks that that a screen would be lit on , need to use my torch in my telephone , exerting for the prejudices can not see a joint of exposure .
4 / 5
Are 6 feet the the big thumb and has required a maximum setting. 6 ft 3 thumbs can be too tight the access. A monitor of heart rate a lot always laws for me.
Easy to gather, the calm whisper. If an is not too big, the add buyY
4 / 5
has begun so only use this bicycle, but looks quite comfortable, and very easy to operate. Still I can look TV, how is like this calm. Also I maintain fresh with a defender that operates. Also I can use different program this is to be dip up in a car, so that I did not hold. Very happy.
5 / 5
The defender is not that powerful, and the mine is angled down the bit
4 / 5
is the sturdy the bicycle built and use it partorisca take one uploads of mine arthritic hip. A manual to build a bicycle is excellent except a step has ignored that it aim know partorisca comprise. Unfortunately, some 22 programs are not partorisca line listing for the line and calm owe click by means of the maze of them partorisca find that it wants to. The smallest detail. A bicycle adds!
5 / 5
When that Gathers a clave of console (step 6 page 12) sure covers an open cup of a base with the towel. If calm any and fall the ray/of ray or the tool in a hole, calm that goes to have the hard time for the recover.
5 / 5
Has purchased this for my woman and loves it. It was easy to gather and finds it enjoyable and easy to use. Highly we would recommend.
4 / 5
Am using the paralizaciones cardiac rehab and find it comfortable, work a lot well, easy to gather. To good sure would recommend.
5 / 5
A box is weighed, as you will require any to help calm moves it. A bicycle was easy to dip near, has taken roughly 90 minutes. The law adds. My woman and I so much use it and is easy to move among exiting the settings have read once a manual.
5 / 5
Amur Of amour of the amour. There is taken on an hour and the half to dip up. The quality adds! Used so only the time of pair but like this far his amour. It would recommend. The box was bit it destroyed when rid but didnt ruin a car at all.
4 / 5
The assembly has taken 2 people and the bit of time. But once done, some functions of car to the equal that has announced. They are quite happy with this compraventa, will see like this resists up in a long term.
4 / 5
Has received so only a bicycle and a sensor does not operate. A car maintains to say workout is prendido. They are a lot disappointed like this was the present of anniversary for my dad.
5 / 5
Loves this bicycle. I have had substitution of total knee and are while the surgery of another knee. It is an activity of to the entity likes them the course of a physio program. It is the a lot of sturdy bicycle and does not take on too much room.

Top Customer Reviews: XTERRA Fitness ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
I want to it. The joint of plant he in the little of the minutes and I are an old lady 69 years. It IS calm very a lot of . I have posed he in my room, which are not the big room and he apt adds. Opened Can locate it while television eye and take the small exercise. It IS comfortable and easy to use. Only it wants the and a prize was adds. A chair is the big small for me but I posed it all a low road and leave a tense the knob was and the law adds and a stable to be of the chair, is 5ft 1 in. I am not the person of big exercise as it was not alot quite the squad but I know these laws add for me and I recommend it all over the world that is thinking quite taking an of these. It forgets to say, concealed arrived the 2 early days.
4 / 5
The contrariedad has bought the one of is this considers that cost. That Expsito after I like him that it hangs 10 minutes, can do in the quite good sweat, and takes the sake cardio workout.
IS the solid compact machine , for those of us with the room have limited, and fund, and wants the impact under workout.
With this said, disagrees with some of some descriptions. If you are the big person , does not recommend this bicycle.
Any one concealed is an avid biker, which has used to be in or time. Your knees would have to be slightly angled when a pedal is down.
IS 5'6, and has a so big chair while it can go. And it is still slightly down.
That is to say an only reason for 4 stars, another that this recommends this bicycle.
5 / 5
I am the 72 year -young woman that was able the total he for me (the voice fucks in a box and then totalled in front of a television) in front of beginning, reads all some descriptions of client And some responses and of questions. Here it is my suggestions for those also inexperienced:
Takes stock exchanges of the big rubbishes to take styrofoam/the goleada that material of groups while you do not unpack any disorder
Control that ALL SOME PIECES are comprised in front of beginning ~ the mine was complete (a bit of the pieces have trace also in a frame)
Pay attention in some rays/of nuts while it takes to plant some together and then tense pieces behind afterwards ~ looks carefully
Clue some instructions in order, page-for-picture ~ of page in your alcohol that is a front and by behind a bicycle
using tools to tense rays, any totally tight until you are each fact and has done very the deception done ~ then the end this tense
Take a lot of subjects quite attaching some pedals ~ in the left is threaded BEHIND MENTIONED and in some instructions
Attraction and of Push with power to pose in some pedal bends ~ no easy to ensure
Take some capes of the console mentioned in the description of client embroiled around some bars of cape before attaching that piece
Failures some 3 capes of console have been connected properly ~ works of mine perfectly (button and of control of the push to go in zero for next time)
is BRONZED FELI this was my election will be able to exert inner during some months of colds of rainy winter.
5 / 5
Amur This small bicycle. I am of the lowest height 5' 2', and was preoccupied quite buying on-line, but read some descriptions and I have taken any one has written was in my height and has wanted to it. And it is comfortable. It has Had the bicycles where has to attach tampons in a chair but this are very well while it is. I can not think what small and small room apresamiento up but is robust a same time. The tez sold and quite small to move of low in upstairs without any problem. And an impression is centre to purchase when left open. And included smaller when in enclosed arrives to plant you can return this in the sure cupboard. Oh And I can not think which calm this bicycle is. Maye Has the habit of bicycles in a gymnasium that is so big and bulky and strong, but is sper happy with my bicycle.
5 / 5
Amur, amour, amour!! I think that that a digital monitor is the small was (thinks says that it is by train to do you better that in fact is so far like calories, distances, and the vain speed), but in general, is literally my favourite buys never! It IS sper-calm (beats very included listen mountain he), and is perfect to maintain you has motivated. No more apologies while in why can any cycle! Also! I am 5' (the good day), and this access me pose perfectly a low plus. Thinking although it was an inch or two below more, still would be able of the do. This was my main worry when it purchasing :)
5 / 5
I want this bicycle! It IS silent and some parameters are perfect. It IS so easy to pose together and can not think a value for a prize. I seat that robbed the! If you are thinking quite taking this no preoccupy and does not doubt. It likes him-me the punctual start in a morning and I do not arouse any one in a familiar up in this bicycle! Included can have it a television down even so it listen it. A chair is comfortable. I am very happy with this compraventa!
5 / 5
I have ordered this for fast and easy house- workouts while looking television in some evenings. I have read some revises at length before I have purchased. A bicycle is come very hurriedly (free nave, has entered 4-5 days max) and was moved easily in a house. It was able to pose a joint of whole thing, for me, in 10 minutes. Some directions are very clearly scriptures and easy to follow. It IS also quite common-sensical.

IS compact, accesses amiably in my small room and of the folds up. A bicycle is quite robust and tin to good sure laws in the sweat. The quality adds and the prize adds. Perfecto for the health has interested moderately or health folks that looks for the piece of low inversion for his house.
5 / 5
Absolutely I want my bicycle. The assembly was so easy, and does not take up too spatial at all so much am adds! I have not tried to close a bicycle for storage as I am jumping a pistol the bit with my description, but is very satisfied with my compraventa.
Even so, is very confused for some of some critics on here that says that it has to be you down to be able to use this bicycle... One quotes of the chair is adjustable... I have posed mine 6 ft 3 fianc in a parameter a big plus and was a lot of. I am 5 ft 2, and has to be in a parameter a low plus.
A bicycle is well and calm, and is perfect for me to be able of estacionar I in front of a television and look anything wants to while exerting, in place of the uses of flight sweaty squad of gymnasium and listens bonded with an informative. I am not a class of person that can only 'the zone was' while exercise. At least very still. As I am very, very happy with purchasing this bicycle.
5 / 5
I want to this small bicycle of exercise. After the serious fall alfresco in my walk, was nervous quite walking too far out of my house (am 78 years) how has opted to bet in of the this. It can not be happier. Some looks of computer to be quite accurate---the burn dictates around 200 calories besides or 25 minutes less as it sees to start with the doing twice the day. I posed it up in my dispatch where can look informative or anything and the pedal have been. Easy the total, enough moveable still for the 'little old lady'....That the subject! It buys this bicycle!
4 / 5
Excellent so far. Calm very wants this bicycle and everything are characteristic for such the decent prize.

Has not been difficult the total (plus or 20 minutes less than reads instructions), has the good sound while travelling sale (any strong) and folds up easily in tent. Amur A characteristic of rhythm of heart, although any one totally sure what this accurate.

Only qualms has so far with era 1. A chair results uncomfortable for me during my workout. Any enough to deter me to continue to use it. 2. A knob those changes a level to hold done the very strong that the pauses that/crack the sound when turn it. 3. The desire could enter some of my statistics to take the plus caloric reading accurate. (I uses an application to measure that based it afterwards was speed , distance, rhythm of heart and weight.)

Still recommended this bicycle highly for any one in the estimativa that looks for something decent in this field of prize.
4 / 5
I do of house and the plot of this time is spent seating and controlling call them of telephone other people, practically COULD ME LISTEN taking fatter. Has the treadmill has used them every day partorisca 30-45 minutes but has been them and taken old (against of the mine win) so that he so only any a lot of a lot of partorisca me much longer. As it take this thing . Súper Easy to dip near, yeah a chair hurts but all the bicycle seats hurt and 6 days in using it already can say my backside isnt hurting so much.

Well, like the thing is calm, can use it listening to calls, doing calls, touching video games (zelda breathes of a wild yesssss) and already am finding I on he partorisca 2 hours the day. 2 HOURS A DAY! Ossia Like this more movement that before. And yeah does not go partorisca be when being in some pedals and cranking was the 'on to some prójimos a while looking majestic and sweaty, but, yes has wanted to be in some pedals and be majestic know the $130 the bicycle is not a one for you. But you are beginning , and calm so only loves something to maintain you emotional and healthy this thing is perfect. Or really for any one looking for something small and to calm can pedal while they explore an internet in his telephone or look in tumblr or game zelda.
5 / 5
Stands out like this far. Really love this bicycle and everything is characteristic for such the decent prize.

Has not been difficult to gather (roughly 20 minutes that reads instructions), has the good sound while travelling sale (any strong) and folds on easily to store. Amur A characteristic of heart rate, although any one totally sure the one who attentive is.

Only qualms have like this far with are 1. A chair results uncomfortable for me during mine workout. Any one quite partorisca deter me to continue to use it. 2. A @@@knob that change a level to hold done the a lot of strong snapping/breaking sound when you direct it. 3. The desire could gone in some of mine statistical to take attack it more caloric reading. (I use an application to measure that after base was speed, distance, heart rate and hanged.)

I still recommended this bicycle highly for any in the estimativa that looks for something decent in this row of prize.
4 / 5
Loves this little bicycle of exercise. After the serious fall alfresco in my walk, was nervous roughly walking too far out of my house (I follows 78 years) to the equal that has opted to bet is. It can not be happier. Some looks of computers to be quite attentive---burn said around 200 calories in roughly 25 minutes go so that it begins to do the twice the day. I dipped it/ I dipped It up in my office where can look informative or anything and the pedal era. Easy to gather, enough moveable still for the 'little old lady'....That the subject! Buy this bicycle!
5 / 5
Locates a bicycle each day only for four month. It was really enjoying it.
On April 25, enjoyed my walk of the bicycle when it SNAPS one the right pedal SNAPPED immediately of a bicycle! They are like this sad, felt like this very roughly doing something well for my alcohol and organism.
Of course, a date of caducity for the help of product was ABRIL 23 and a bicycle has broken on April 25.
Am expecting that any one sees this and contact me. They are not the rich person and I can not resupply to buy the new bicycle.
Has tried use duct was USELESS. A bicycle has DIED .HELP?
4 / 5
Has purchased this bicycle because has both the good indication and the reasonable prize. This in spite of, after active has used he for a week, here is some points of entities:

1) Uncomfortable bicycle , economic chair. When being uncomfortable is subjective, as I deducted any star partorisca east. Reason is economic, maintains a cost of a bicycle down and steps of leaves of the money saves in the chair of bicycle that will do for you.

2) One the sinister pedal has the tendency to take free. When I am seating in a bicycle, a pedal that remain my sinister foot on has the tendency to unscrew he the a lot of little has bitten the time. They are that it has to that king-it presionar after each few sessions of use. I am considering buying threadlocker and seeing if these helps. I a lot annoying. A stars was partorisca east.

3) A heartbeat the monitor there is prendido to do. It was not that has spent. Law, then a day arrest only. When I have dipped my hands in some contacts of metal, no wrist of record mine anymore. Probably bad soldering or something. Like the workaround, am using a heartbeat monitor in mine Samsung telephones of Galaxy. A stars was partorisca east.

Does not seat likes ship this thing behind reason still is work : I leave to exert while taking on spaces very small. This in spite of, if have have to that do the decision of compraventa is again, would not buy . I casualidad he with another bicycle.
4 / 5
Loves this bicycle! Has has wanted to something sturdy, light, calm, and relatively small, and this returns a bill perfectly! It is extremely calm like this the mine that uses not annoying another folks in a house. Can bend it up and easily move the other breakings of a room when I am finalised the using. A readout give me a lot of information (more than has expected or required). And a whole thing feels a lot of sturdy while they are biking - no wobbliness at all. A lot happy has purchased this bicycle!
5 / 5
A delivery was to the fastest plot that has expected. I ordered it the Friday a 22nd and received it Sunday a 24th when a date has expected was one 25th . I am not complaining this in spite of lol.
Is really good and compact, easy to store. They are 5'8', as they are among a minimum and maximum height (any one sure that a max the height is) recommended. My woman is 5'1' that it has to that take a nails dipped a chair all a way down, but is able of the use very enough and says that it is still comfortable for his height.

An assembly was quite easy. I not having of then has had it promo for free assembly, but really is not that hard to gather. It comes with some tools required and some instructions of course. I can not agree how many time taken for the take place on, is 30mins or less because of my boys that tries to see that .

Begin to use the immediately after having it dipped up. A selection of tension and a metre for your time, speed, distance and such is really useful. Especially you plan dipped he in the room without distractions.

In general quite happy with this compraventa. It recommends it, especially for a prize.
5 / 5
Easy to dip joint, a lot calm, well that follows and statistician in a bit monitor. My only complaint is that a peddles is súper the far forward and he does for the really unnatural-feeling stance. I seat it likes me so only I am seating in butt of mine and not involving my core in any way, as it feels like half the workout. Basically they are that it thinks that that I will use this bicycle like the bone to step to something better: lame in a habit of first cycling to spend money on something the main and more effective quality.
4 / 5
Has had this for the pair of weeks now. They are 5'2, 69 years and 35 pounds overweight. A question a big plus is some fences has to that ‘locate on' to locate a bicycle is too much big for me and is hard for me partorisca take on it. After, if has a chair in a lower place, my knees are bent too much more than in the light corner, as I have had to that create a chair a big plus, he doing included harder that create on that. Last, an exposure is totally was. An attentive only thing is a clock . The calories are way more than that that would be necessary to be it, wrist of mine read in 147 when it is 110. The distance could be attentive but the doubt.

Now for a good. It likes owing the bicycle to be on while looking television at night. It is calm and smooth.

To good sure will not buy never anything like this on-line. I will have to done to try and locate a prójimo a previously the compraventa. I more probably sell is one, probably for the loss. I have had big hopes, so only need something easier that locate and era.

Expect these helps.
4 / 5
Are a lot cut 4 foot 9 I has the little bit of the question that takes leg of mine in a half bar but once are on is comfortable and is a lot calm to the equal that are pedaling are also the patient of heart and finds a very easy bicycle to use a so only another question has with east has a lot on/was key for a poster to control so it maintains to run until some career of battery was gives it 4 stars because, 1 taste a way operates, 2 I that can bend was for storage and, 3 is easy to manoeuvre to situate when I the precise
4 / 5
They are the 72 year -young woman the one who was able to gather he for me (sees photo in a box and then gathered in front of a television) before beginning, has read all some descriptions of client And some responses & of questions. Here it is my suggestions partorisca those also inexperienced:
Takes stock exchanges of the big rubbishes partorisca take styrofoam/the mapea that material of bands as you unpack - any disorder
Control that ALL SOME PIECES are comprised before I initiate - the mine was complete (a bit of the pieces have trace also to a frame)
attention to Arrest to some rays/of dice to the equal that take partorisca situate some together pieces and then presionar behind after - look attentively
Follow some instructions in order, page-for-page - picture in your alcohol that is a front & for behind a bicycle
using tools partorisca presionar fulmine, any one “entirely tight ” until you are everything does & has done any one deception - then do final presionando
Agree a lot issues roughly attaching some pedals - sinister is threaded BEHIND MENTIONED & in some instructions
Attractive & of Push with power to dip in some pedal straps - no easy to ensure
Agree some bosses of consoles have mentioned in the description of client has wrapped around some bars of first boss to attach that piece
Verify some 3 bosses of console has been connected correctly - works of mine perfectly (key & of control of the push partorisca go to zero partorisca next time)
am LIKE THIS HAPPY this was my election ‼️ will be able to exert inner during some months 🥶 of colds ☔️ of rainy winter.
5 / 5
Am not sure like this partorisca take this focus partorisca look. It says Prop 65, 'cancer and reproductive' subject. I assume that it informs to a material of chair. So much, I probably always trousers partorisca spend while it locate this bicycle. I owe that thank California partorisca require this focus. ( It sees accompanying image). Regarding a bicycle he, goes near quite easily. It goes easily without folding likes signalled in a video. An operation is simple. I leave a monitor in espuede' to the equal that sees of wrist, to accelerate, distance, the burned calories, etc. The like an adjustment for control. It is easy to change the one who hard is the pedal. It likes but it give he of four stars been due to one focuses. Like a cashier to answer here and explain an opinion.
4 / 5
Master. Joint of plant he in the pocolos small and are an old lady 69 years. It is a lot a lot calm. It has dipped he in mine living room, which is not the big room and returns utmost. Now I can locate while television eye and take the little exercise. It is comfortable and easy to use. So only it loves the and a prize was adds. A chair is the little big for me but I dipped it all a way down and has left one presiona @the @@knob was and the law adds and a chair feels stable, are 5ft 1 in. They are not the person of big exercise as it was not alot roughly instrument it but I know this law adds for me and I recommend it by all the world the one who is thinking roughly taking an of these. It has forgotten to say, that arrived it 2 early days.
4 / 5
The regañadientes has bought is that it considers that it cost. That I expósito after trying he for 10 minutes, can do on the quite good sweat, and take the good cardio workout.
Is the solid compact car , for those of us with spatial limited, and deep, and loves the impact under workout.
With this said, disagrees with some of some descriptions. If you are the big person , does not recommend this bicycle.
Any concealed is a miser biker, which have used to be a time. Your knees would owe that be slightly bend when a pedal is down.
Are 5'6”, and have a like this big chair to the equal that can go. And it is still slightly to down.
Ossia An only reason for 4 stars, another that that recommends this bicycle.
5 / 5
Amur, amour, amour!! I think that that a digital monitor is the little was (I thinks says that you are doing better that calm in fact is second the one who calories, distances, and the speed goes), but in general, is literally my favourite cost never! It is súper-calm (tin a lot included listen trace), and is perfect to maintain you has motivated. No more excuses as to reason any podes any cycle! Also! They are 5' (the good day), and this turn perfectly in dipping a shorter. Thinking although it was a thumb or two short more, still would be able of the do. This was my main worry when quell'purchasing :)
4 / 5
Loves this little bicycle. They are of the shortest height 5' 2', and has been concerned roughly buying on-line, but has read some descriptions and I have taken any one has written was in mine height and has loved that. And it is comfortable. Has has has had bicycles where has to that add tampons to a chair but ossia really as well as it is. I can not believe the one who small and small space takes up but is sturdy a same time. The build Sold and quite small to move of down to upstairs without any question. And an impression is shopping centre when left open. And included smaller when it has on enclosed situate you can returned this in the sure cupboard. Oh And I can not believe the one who calm this bicycle is. Maye Has the habit of bicycles in a gymnasium that is like this big and bulky and strong, but are súper happy with my bicycle.
4 / 5
Has ordered this for fast and easy in-house workouts while looking TV in some evenings. I have read some descriptions at length before I have purchased. A bicycle has come a lot quickly (free nave, is gone in 4-5 days max) and was moved easily in a house. It was able to dip a joint of what whole, for me, in 10 minutes. Some directions are a lot clearly writings and easy to follow. It is also quite common-sensical.

Is compact, returns amiably in my small space and folds up. A bicycle is quite sturdy and tin to good sure laws on the sweat. The quality adds and the prize adds. Perfecto for fitness has interested moderately or health folks that looks for the piece of low investment for his house.
4 / 5
Loves this bicycle! It is silent and some settings are perfect. It is like this easy to dip near and can not believe a value for a prize. I seat it likes it to me he flew it! If you are thinking roughly taking this does not concern and does not doubt. It likes-me the punctual start in a morning and I do not wake any in a familiar up in this bicycle! It has included I can have a television down this in spite of listen it. A chair is comfortable. They are a lot happy with this compraventa!
5 / 5
Absolutely love my bicycle. The assembly was like this easy, and does not take on too many spaces at all so much are adds! I have not tried to close a bicycle for storage to the equal that am jumping a gun the bit with my description, but am very satisfied with my compraventa.
This in spite of, am a lot confused for some of a reviewers on here that says that I have to that be short to be able to use this bicycle... A date of the chair is adjustable... It has dipped mine 6 ft 3 fiancé in a dipping a big plus and was a lot. They are 5 ft 2, and has to that be in a dipping a low plus.
A bicycle is good and calm, and is perfect for me to be able of estacionar I having to that a television and look anything loves while exerting, in planting that has to use it sweaty instruments of gymnasium and when be stuck with an informative. They are not a class of person the one who poden only 'the zone was' while exerting. At least a lot still. As I am a lot, a lot happy with purchasing this bicycle.
5 / 5
I to plot of investigation in whole bicycles abordables and has gone with this one because of a rave descriptions... The desire has had the no. There is something wrong with a bicycle has received. A pedal (?) The Paste something on almost each one downstroke. Entirely it is that it distracts calm reason constantly seat a swipe to be pedal and a strong in amazing sound. Taking really annoying.

Has known has had the guarantee, as I have called and... There it has no really the guarantee. They are out of part for this bicycle. All can say you to do is goes back to a vendor and ask the repayment. I have gone back to the amazon and was extremely useful. They will pay for reparations and/or the repayment. But this still means a guarantee has thinks that has had is invalid and has to that 1.) It imagines it was like this to ship this thing massively behind to Amazon and pay all a nave and managing costs or 2.) It hunts around for any the one who can fix a bicycle, tug he there, possibly take the time was work , etc. This mark is like this uncommon included Sears does not repair on that. Any one same was how is fixed. You can he take was all some rays around a car but you can so only extended out of a coverage second the one who where some arm them pedal are attached that I am not even sure is exited? It has dipped the interior of torch but can not see enough. And really, it is all this value of frustration he for $ 130? No in my opinion. I have loved to love this bicycle but he has been he at all but the headache and the waste of time and money.

Buys a bicycle, taking to a box in precise chance returns it, and be conscious that has any one issues a company can any one/do not help you .

5 / 5
A bicycle is well. Simply easy to dip near. A LCD, (computer?) He no . Call 'technology,' spend 1/2 now that looks for to imagine has gone by that a lot a bed-outs would do, any regime. The instructions are useless. The technology has called for behind a next day and is spent an hour this in spite of any regime. The technology has said that that sends out of the new one and I owe that called and would take it to us partorisca operate. It declares that it have to that receive a new one in 3 days, took it nine days later. The technology has called two times, any call of turn. Tried partorisca take a readout partorisca do, any regime. The technology has called again, has taken the new to write the one who was any help at all. Left the message partorisca an original technology partorisca call me. Any regime. It has been partorisca send it behind but squandered so the time that extracted technology upport' or has to that say while to the call behind, was too late, is spent a date of turn. Hmmmmm! The lesson has learnt? If an element is defective to SEND IT BEHIND! Early! It does not squander the time that lean of calls of technology, at least any with this outfit. With all the justice, has tried in a start, but any there has been any knowledge of a product. Like this unless you want to pay full prize partorisca the defective part, beware. There is remarked that an element is now, 'Out of Stock.'
5 / 5
Like the fitness junkie the one who read of house and can not take to a gymnasium all a time, ossia a perfect addition in my house workout. Easy to gather, easy to use, and perfect for the short person of 5'3 height. The pedal hard and fast, and this bicycle can withstand the hard cardio workout. Perfecto partorisca my small paving also! I add partorisca my current needs, spatial pension, and estimativa. It can not beat a prize.
4 / 5
Look of cancer in manual of the instruction would owe that be produced info calm so much can avert compraventa
4 / 5
has purchased this bicycle with cautious optimism in thanks to a prize. As they say, takings which pays partorisca, as I have been pleased partorisca find this bicycle partorisca be a lot of sturdier and of the better quality that initially has expected. He pedals smoothly and any any clunky noises. I also found the easy to gather, door, fold and tent. I have been concerned to be able to no partorisca to to the short person likes, as they are down of five big feet, but has had any question. My only complaint would be a chair , which is not all this comfortable, but has solved that easily quite adding any extra cushioning. Very happy with this compraventa.
5 / 5
Adds standstill bicycle, can move it around dipped he in a living room or chamber; this in spite of, have required the little help in increasing the! The maintaining uses it all a time. Really helps to free weight around a tummy zone and your kegs. Very useful and useful prize , adds for a buck also!
5 / 5
ASSEMBLY: it has Taken perhaps 30-60mins, all the tools have resupplied. It can potentially build without informing to a manual

USABILITY: A poster scans all automatically, as some transmissions of alone key by means of ways. Has a lot ON/WAS key, as you want to save a life of battery (2AAs, comprised), take them was. A poster does not affect a bicycle directly. A bicycle has 8 ways of difficulties, but is all quite easy. Well for the warm-on/endurance, but no the compraventa strong for intensity

CONSUELO: main flu here. A form of a chair is very uncomfortable, and some adjustments of the bicycle does not go down enough to do the pedaling has seated comfortable. I have decided his at least looks for to be and pedaling, but my knees have maintained to paste some bars of sleeve. Like the man that is so only 5'7', chair this would not owe that arrive like this easily. You recommend to do a bicycle potentially elongate more, how is too big/tightened to take the comfortable exercise. Quite easy to the tent was and near-on
4 / 5
This bicycle is quite a lot of orders , but can do not giving 5 stars. For a prize, thinks that operates really as well as a bicycle of exercise. They are the short woman - roughly 5 big feet, and a measure of of the this is perfect for me. It feels sturdy to the equal that locate, but is quite light for me to move around a house easily. Like other descriptions have said, a monitor is to good sure was when it comes to charge of calorie, and also can be is gone in other things, but hard to say. In general, work as well as a bicycle of exercise - I use he for 30 minutes to an hour the time the little time for week. Still doing adds!
4 / 5
Has bought this bicycle so that it can rehab my knee after the second surgery. And it is perfect! They are an avid cyclist , like this usually hate stationary bicycles. But this an ideal east for my purposes. It is compact, sturdy, solid, with just quite variety of tension. (I cyclists of street would owe that remark that this very retorted a movement of the bicycle of street; ossia, the pedals are not directly under your chair to the equal that would be in the bicycle of street.) But I am not using this to coach for the century. The utilisation to rehab my knee so that I can go back is gone in a street and train for the century. To the as it likes me more in of this bicycle is his simple creation , inventive . Any bell and whistles but sturdy, ready creation. Seat Is wide and comfortable, and is very easy to bend and tent. You love it.
5 / 5
Has bought this bicycle 3 and the half months does and has spent so only 1000 miles on he (resetting an odometer). To turn he to the workstation, has taken the book to title of big/acrylic magazine and mine dipped 15' portable in the and work!

- The works with the magazine rack
- my behind is comfortable, included without protecting it
- the bicycle is sturdy, included although it is light
- hard to topple - trust me, have almost wrecked this thing two times
- is low profile (I never annoy to bend mine)
- odometer (ossia like me knows are past 1000 - the resets in 1000, for a way)
- distance, time, calories, etc. Persist prendes and go back later. It controls down a key to clear a data and reset to zero. I leave it all day like this after all my sessions can see my total.

GILIPOLLAS (Plus or less, any breakers to treat this in spite of)
- complained main: A chair is more in bylines that would like me. It would like to take one of these cushions of silicone for him, but the interior a moment finalises to dip the pocola pillow on there and work perfectly for me. Seat Is wide like the beach cruiser to which likes.
- This is not the question with a bicycle, but was so only the light turn for some designers to do. A revised racks no quite chair equally been due to a bit screen protruding on top of bigger that some handlebars, but yes is handy with things that configures the animals could rig a thing of screen to not seating very where is for incumplimiento, like the magazine racks would seat there perfectly. I have not changed mine of like this is manufactured and my computer is been well in a racks. It can occasionally wiggle in this way or that, as if the concealed you nervous, considers master rig your bicycle or no. The confidence of mine ultra computer of his lovely work daily, any question.

Ossia The no-@@subject, but another reviewers has mentioned that it is súper calm. The mine done the half/soft-ish whirring noise like the utilisations but any I same remarks it reading/the writing/has thought, etc. is not entirely silent, but is not strong. You could have the conversation or look the film while using it. Baby Could probably nap while it use it, etc.

Are 5'4' and 108 pounds and this can accommodate an extension of legs of mine a lot (and my hanged does not wobble he). Material any same shorter could use likes leg of mine does not extend of all a way to the equal that have dipped. And I am sure he could accommodate the main person easily how is sturdy. I use it on low tension (setting 2) and can not speak on some main tensions.

Ossia The good value . So only a basics, but hey, is taken me of 5 miles the day in a start to maintain 20 like my regulate. If I spend this an out of, will go back to this same company.
5 / 5
Bicycle of folding Exercise
quality of construction - a lot of very
facilitated of assembly - excellent
calm operation - excellent
selection of height of the chair - very a lot of (if down 6 big feet)
consolation of chair - just
settings of control - a lot of very (30 small workout)
sturdy (when travelling bandage) - very good
characteristic folding - a lot of very
has not installed a console
For mine comfort there is revoked a handlebar
5 / 5
This was súper easy to dip near in roughly 30 minutes everything for me and are the small daughter. It runs the calm whisper and was so only adds out of a box. The directions were clear and easy to follow. It calms that can move anywhere and have for just going it dondequiera . Any one súper has weighed at all.

Still can not imagine was like this partorisca take a heart rate partorisca do in a monitor but I use my Fitbit partorisca that in to all the chance likes any extracted big partorisca me. A rest of an information gives is easy to follow and partorisca see. He rotates go in miles, time, calories, does not have to that click by means of manually. He he everything for you.

Are the gymnasium regulates goer and are so only until level 2. A control is awesome and a bicycle is sturdy. No attended to take to plant of race or stand up to locate. Ossia For the seat and the trace was bicycle and he a work really well for the explosion of cardio or formation of leg. Compraventa Excellent!
4 / 5
I usually walk for exercise. But because of a harm does not go to be able to do that for the moment. Mina orthopedic dr has said that could locate stationary bicycle. I have chosen it is one .
Mina 10 old year near of plant he for me. It is mechanically bent, but is so only 10. And it does not use some directions, is that intuitive.
A chair is good and big. Some straps resist me feet to some pedals amiably. Some works of the exposure well excepts in dimmer light. It does not think a thing of wrist is a lot attentive but I no really cured.
This bicycle is calm! I can contest my boys on stuff while trace. Or listen the music. It can probably read the book while in the quantity.
Has had some decades of bicycle of the exercise done. It was also the economic a. But this one is so much better that that one was.
Like this far, am more faithful that exert. I am not addicted a time or it darkening.
I amour, amour, loves it!
4 / 5
Has had this bicycle for two years and has been perfect for me. I hate Gymnasiums, but this leave to do on the sweat in a consolation of my own house while looking it fav show of TV. It likes to remain among 115 and 120 lbs, but occasionally can create to 130. When consistently using this bicycle are able to maintain or go back to my weight has preferred. I have not had any subject with him and find concealed is súper easy to move around. Hardly it takes on upper of any space, especially when bent up. In general it is the bicycle adds , especially for a prize. If I need it dependable small and simple bicycle, then to good sure would recommend this bicycle. Note lateralmente: If has any one subject/of with the backside, find the bicycle with the backside to a chair. For example, this bicycle is sum for me (I follows 29 without any leading harms), but no for any those who sustain behind precise.
5 / 5
This element does not return you comfortably if your short. Neither it produces quite a lot of tolerance to do the sweat. The desire did not buy it never. I used it once and now to the amazon will not return it . Not to buy it .
4 / 5
Has has not had expectations of big/hopes for this bicycle of exercise, especially for a prize. I have loved to buy my husband he Peleton for Navidad last year but for a prize could do not justifying. We are quite lazy but mine hubby likes bicycles of exercise. We do not owe that it weaves of room & any when being pas has convinced this would not take never used for any one another that my boys (those who want to locate he for 12 seconds to see that quickly it can take a speedometer until) has chosen basically this one for two reasons; it is súper abordable & is portable (aka easy to pack on & hide after the week to feel culprit roughly looking in him but not using he). It avenges punctually & adequately packaged. My edges of 14 years dipped it neighbours in the pocolos small without any complaints. Really it is quite compact & is súper easy to move around. I used it two or three times & is calm & sturdy. Has the screen with a speed, time of workout, the calories burned etc but when I have begun my Clock of Apple a same time like the bicycle & maintained for hands in the sensors of a bicycle a caloric the burn was not even close in an end of the 20 walk of minute. But no respecto . Some levels of the control in a bicycle is changed easily with just a turn of the dial. I use it on 1 & 2 mostly. It is súper calm, súper portable, relatively sturdy (I follows 135lbs & felt entirely sure on he) & treats it fantastic. We use it to knots on walk of tile. And for a prize has paid already for him in comedic relief. My two adolescent boys younger (12 & 14) amour to locate it & pedal that quickly likes him has beaten to see of the that can take a faster speed. You this in front of pedaling & backward; it is hysterical. If you are in a phase for something like this, this one is the solid election . Has read descriptions in these & other stops the first week to decide is a & I am satisfied entirely with cost of mine. And guess that?! Mina hubby quell'has used has included!!
5 / 5
Has been using this bicycle of exercise for the little on 2 month now and am happy has done a decision the compraventa is one. It is the prize adds ! Fold On easily to store. I dipped it/ I dipped It near that follows an easy to read instructions. It avenges quickly and it is packed a lot well in a box. Has 8 different tension settings, height of adjustable chair and the digital exposure that diverse monitor different things: Time, which is attentive. Speed, does not think is súper attentive. The distance has travelled during your current walk, quite attentive I thinks. The distance has travelled total, again probably quite near of attentive. The calories have lost, ossia where thinks it can fib bit it. Heart rate, to good sure control it but think that is was also. Calm can have plant to control one a whole time or have it scanner by means of everything of them in roughly 30 dry intervals. A bit of wrong information in an exposure does not annoy me . While you are travelling the sale is all currency he. A chair for me was one @subjects a big plus. I seat a nose of a chair could be narrower but has taken his use with which some time and now a discomfort is to go. Again, I am happy bought it.
4 / 5
To be sincere, has not gone really sure to the equal that to expect with this bicycle, but took it on sale for the really good prize and thought it would cost a risk. You are. A bicycle has come enough quickly and gathering it was the breeze (really so only he handful of rays and so only the few pieces the launch joint). Once he all has come near, was pleasantly surprised with as compact it in fact was but the one who cosy was included when open for use. Perfecto to tug around and has included to use he in of the desire of multiple rooms . When he , returns amiably to so only in any corner or has included the decent sized cupboard. It do not have to that whole plot of elegant pizazz, but has everything of some characteristic basic precise with his simple computer and of the hand-held sensors. It is quite comfortable and easily adjustable. It strike it Adds for your buck if so only loves the simple, down-estimativa, still bicycle of effective exercise that will not take to plot of spatial and is a lot mobile.
5 / 5
Has satisfied extremely with this bicycle. To that buys this bicycle recommends to pay next attention when gathering reason one of some bosses to a monitor is joined around a handel bars and will be pinched or cut when some bars are bolted in place. This obviously will cause the question with a monitor likes to be sure and untie he first gathering. I have read a an and critical only negation and so only can assume that this person there has been a question with his monitor because of this reason because almost it has lost it to see a boss I during a setting.
5 / 5
A LCD screen does not act. No measured any function is supposition to measure . I bought it he on done the month, but the did not gather it until last week. Now that a period of turn is on, and there has been produced defective.
4 / 5
Has chosen this reason is supposition to be a lot compact,foldable,easy to gather & the use & adds & partorisca court ppl fulfil everything of those. So only it take roughly 10 mins to dip near like this a lot easy. A reason to take 2 stars was is reason an exposure of computer is at all attack especially a reader/of wrist of the heart rate. In fact think it that it was a unit and to receive the substitution today now knows is the defect to draw apparently. Mina a hook in the portion of computer is the toy in better. A wrist reads during a place that jump among 70 to 120 & everywhere go in in of the simple seconds on all the world in a house a lot so only me. I sigh it it wants to use he for just a counter of laws of timer lol the burned calories locate every second & is not attentive. The desire now would have spent one $ 20 extra in a w/thousands of descriptions

Update after the year of the possess. The desire had spent an extra $ 20 bucks in a upgraded version w/some bosses & of rear chair reason this thing will kill your backside. I ignore a poster because it is like this inaccurate. There is not ANY WAY knows the one who the calories burn a lot still knows your weight or a control yours using lol For the bicycle of ECONOMIC exercise that will bend up is a lot if yours looking for anything comfortable, loves to use often or at all attentive look elsewhere
5 / 5
I have received this of a department of returns of the amazon and I have owed to seat that it was odd. When I have opened a box, everything looked well and packaged well. But to the equal that build a bicycle there is @@give that a main frame there has been this subject of lip in a fund when I opened it. I have verified and it was still quite sturdy. Calm to good sure take which pays stops. A bicycle a trick but am not thrilled gave to knots the bicycle any one is returned more.
4 / 5
Are very happy with a bicycle.
- Is easy to gather. Calm does not need any tools, comes with all precise dipped the neighbour, and is really easy to dip near.
- Is calm and tents easily. Alive in a paving so that it is the big plus . Can bend it and place he in the cupboard, any precise to permanently seats to somewhere.
- An of some main reasons have bought is reason the short people have said this bicycle done for them. They are roughly 5 feet 5 big thumbs and some works of bicycle so only well for me, any I same have a chair like this down to the equal that can go.

HAS the few things other people could have questions with. Any of these things impacts me, but could see him when being the question for other people:
- A control in his max the setting is not like this difficult like the bicycle of exercise of the gymnasium. If you are looking for big tolerance this probably will not resupply calm with that master.
- A distance and speedometer the inaccurate look, which means a calorie the counter in of the llamas is also probably bit it too generous. Personally no respecto on some bells and whistles all this a lot, but yes calm , be conscious is not one the majority of attentive.
- A 6 person of feet has tried a bicycle with a chair in his big plus and felt was too short for him. If you are big, could does not like you a bicycle.
5 / 5
In $ 100, this bicycle is good-priced. It is light, which the easiest fact to bend and circle. It is very easy to dip near, and frames practically any noise anything. It is slightly wobbly during use, probably because of a navigation of some wheels. A chair is wide, but no soft. After a session of 20 minutes, already have minor bruises. This in spite of, have not been in the bicycle the very long time - stationary or otherwise, like @ @bruise will be had to partially to a relative virginity of the mine own cushy laurels. If it is taste and spend more than time in a sofa that in the chair of bicycle, can wants to invest in the coverage of chair cushioned. If you are the cyclist regulates , this can not be a subject. Otherwise, Ossia the add stationary bicycle.
4 / 5
Has looked for a bicycle to exercise that would return in my house so that it can more consistenlty access some form to exercise my crazy life, has occupied. This bicycle of compact exercise is perfect for my needs: it was not difficult to gather, has the small impression that it is perfect for my measure of house, is easy to manoeuvre with a built in of the wheels I so that movements of room the room, rule my height easily to leave for comfortable extension of legs of mine while cycling, has the amiably seat cushioned , comfortable, resupplies the quite a lot of walk, a system to control gives me a basics I need - time and distance, calories expended. A bicycle is the colour of good money with blue emphasis. Rings the compact bicycle, economic. Ossia A perfect bicycle for me! It resupplies the stable, solid base and has the motion of smooth cycling. They are able to regulate control to go of the easy walk to the regime of intense plus. After several months to use are still extremely happy with cost of mine.
An only question that has had arrived when a puppy has eaten a strap of feet out of one of some pedals. A bicycle still does perfectly, so only have the more comtable walk with my foot that remain in a pedal and ensured with a pedal strap. Like the signal was that this individual puppy has destroyed also 'practically indestructable Nylabones', has eaten mats of door of the hule to puzzle sized pieces and requires that all the shoes be enclosed was or will be destroyed in of the seconds. I have called a company and Amy was for real useful. Apparently, having the pause of strap of the foot is not something a company usually meetings. Amy Is entrance and further, has included that it contact a manager of warehouse to ensure that an I has received a part of available better substitution without takes. My bicycle is once he more look beautiful and is fully functionally!
4 / 5
For a prize, ossia the good bicycle . It is mostly calm. To good sure can take the very workout. Turn quite a lot of (5'5” female). I have possessed this and an expensive more Exerpeutic bicycle and a chair in a XTerra is infinitely more comfortable. This in spite of afterwards the month of use, has to very sure to to the few things do not like .

In the first place, really wishes an exposure has been lit. Utilisation this punctual in a morning in the a lot of dim room like this like this any to disturb my husband, and can not read a screen at all. I have purchased the clip in light to solve this question.

As, a monitor of heart rate is sketchy in better. It was to do well and then all of the sudden the only begins to fall. I will be to exit in the compatible 135-140 hr and then was it of only falls. 120, 111, 98... I owe that take my hands of some sensors for the pocolos small for the leave “reset” and then does again for the moment. This will spend 5-6 times in the 30 small workout and is a lot frustrating when that tries to maintain the sure hr for loss of optimum weight.

Tercero, a @@@knob to regulate a control is a lot of clunky, strong, and that feels economic. No the subject big are trace in the constant of control, but loves that to him change frequently, is annoying.

Finally (and a reason for 3 stars in place of 4) after a first week to use a bicycle, has begun to remark an occasional little thump in a pedal. Can feel it and listen it and I t looks to be that they worsen. To an end of today workout, there is remarked a thump with each pedal. It feels he likes something is free or out of balance. Of then, I am skeptical in a longevity of this car.
5 / 5
Initiates was to say are inexperienced total with cycling, has bought this one because of a prize and some descriptions and am saying I I this newspaper for the month then I splurge in a paleton system of bicycle. For a money ossia the good bicycle , a chair does not locate quite big for me to take a pertinent access but is not bad. For the reference are 5'5, is not súper wobbly, would not recommend that he a lot of fashion to be exercises. I have been using he with a pelaton application and doing some classes of cycling has and is doing well. Butt of mine is sore but ossia reason are the newbie lol some levels of control are good and was súper easy to dip up. I have had arrivals and utilisations downwards 8 minutes. Shopping again mainly reason love this month to be on I so that it can take a pelaton lol
4 / 5
has Bought to assist rehab with which surgery of knee - has not looked for anything elegant. It reads descriptions to the equal that has known of shortcomings. It produces like this you expect it & that I have looked for. Ossia The simple, almost a lot of frills stationary bicycle ( has the simple computer that time of shows elapsed, speeds, distance, odometer, calories, & wrist). This can not do fault is looking for the car of formation of the cycling & am not sure the one who durable will be he in that had it the so only the week.

Quickly, easy assembly
Small impression, included smaller when stored
Easy to move
the pertinent attributes for needs

the chair sticks Too short, included tho are so only 5'9'
the Uncomfortable mountain that resulted of construction of X frames
4 / 5
has purchased this bicycle like the substitution for a third Sunny Fitness bicycle to exercise that had broken it after the year of use.

A bicycle was easy to gather but some of some leave - wrench, pedals, and base of bicycle - was bit it greasy and grimy. In general, takings roughly 30 - 45 minutes to dip it near.

A bicycle is not structured well for big people (6 feet) - while in a bicycle with a chair has extended to a max, my knees felt bit it cramped likes I pedaled. Besides, some bars of the boss is not adjustable, as seating in a bicycle is not very comfortable. In general, I have not felt like one 50 small workout was very effective. I will maintain to look for the bicycle that reads for me

is small and simply love a bicycle of exercise in home to use from time to time, then this bicycle can do for you.

Has the chemical smell very strong concealed has not gone was after 24 hours. It is like this strong, has wake in a half of a night. Be conscious.
4 / 5
OMG This bicycle is surprising! A chair is a lot cushioned, a bicycle is súper enough, a computer say the burned calories, that traces of time and much more. Some folds of bicycle up like the joint to spend and easy to store and any to mention has wheels for the go where calm the want, am like this very happy with this bicycle and like this happy has done a compraventa. It recommends this bicycle to any one looking to exert. A lot that has not received any discounts or special ascents I amour so only revises to give in of the products with details
5 / 5
Súper disappointing. Used the last night and was adds! It has been to use it today and at all is registering in an exposure. Wrist of mine , but not timing, calories, distance, or anything more. It does not recommend .

Top Customer Reviews: Marcy Recumbent ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
It finds that this was exactly that has looked for. I am the woman of 72 years and was able of the take upstairs and posed together for me. It IS very packed and some instructions were clear and comprises the pair of wrenches for ease in of the tense rays. A notice - does not take a group of rubber that control a wiring for a computer separates that it is in an end of a tube until you are ready in hook he up. If you , a cape will fall in a tube! I have directed to recover he with the hook of long hook! An only problem has found.
Regarding his operation - is totally calm, smooth and easy to move around. It can locate it feels behind or before lean, takes some handlebars like the regular bicycle. I so that. It recommends this bicycle for any concealed wants to exercize in a intimacy of your own house. I 10 miles in my first session!
5 / 5
The value adds for the motionless bicycle. Easy the total. I am the 61 yr old, 5 ft, 120 lb grandma and directed it on my own. It have to last notch because of low height. If you are down 5 ft, can have a subject. The quality is the sum for a prize, robust, the small heavy, the chair is roomy, by behind the rest is supportive, rests to help to arm to stabilise while pedaling and gives the good place to rest arms. Comfortable to seat and read or television of clock while exerting, doing the time spends very hurriedly. Any one when being very to like is by train to torture you exercise. Easily shout it my rhythm of heart in some parameters of the lowest tension. It researches to be done material of good quality, any also bulky looking, able to leave in living zone without cramping my room. Computer readouts well to maintain your of progress. All some separates returned very together, any problem with assembly. It uses another tool to tense some same rays although the tools have required for the assembly is provided. It recommends this bicycle.
5 / 5
He this bicycle has all some bells and whistles of one ones would find in the gymnasium? Of course the no. Takes a work has done? You have bet.

A bicycle totalled quite easily (probably will require another pair of hands to attach a tension and capes of computer, but is not the value to do one $ 80 cost of assembly), lines my weight, looks robust, and is calm. A parameter of the control does not have the plot of gradation (Justa 1-8), as this probably is not the bicycle for any buses to be in the triathlon, but for something to seat in front of the television and burn some calories, which are all has wanted really, is add, and can not beat a prize.

Update: After the month of heavy use for the big type (daily to hover he of an hour) a bicycle still is lining adds. Also, I am apparently more than the wuss this has thought, so that some the levels the big plus of control is quite darn resistant. My supports of original description - is looking for the cheap bicycle to take a work has done, recommends this wholehearted bicycle.
5 / 5
It have been looking for the sake, solid recumbent bicycle for the long time. A problem? It does not have abundant room or the estimativa big. I have required also something that easily could move around in the daily base. Coverage this in Amazon and could any one when being any happier.

To to which likes him:
- Sper abordable
- borderline of Big weight (next 300lbs and cross). Almost each bicycle in this class there has been the very the weight limits lower and for me these ways the chincy bicycle. I am no where near 300lbs, but has wanted to something barn that the would not listen for the likes has been in the bust eschew for cycling in the big speed. This bicycle takes a work has done.
- Low profile, is quite down in an earth these ways he isnt a plague of eye and is easy to the goes when the company is visiting.
- Weight, listens around 50 or 60 lbs but is very easy to move around and has glider 'wheels' in a bar of support of the front if the precise.
- Global value, looked in of the bicycles around $ 300 which have not matched in this bicycle (for Necessities m.et and wants to)

Which and does not like him :
- Lack of parameters of big tension. Has eight levels of tension in bicycle on, chair that only 6 through 8 I give me any class of challenge. I have been enough with some of some parameters of the lowest tension and attaches the little big ones.
- Any program. Different bicycles of the final of big plus, a 'computer' in this bicycle recount only your time, speed, distance for session, the calories burned and total distance lifetime. Has any one 'loss of weight' or soyountain' programs that automatically changes a tension since likes him calm in of the bicycles of the final of big plus. It opens, it has known to enter east and felizmente saved a bit those that dollars of hundred for not taking the 'bicycle of program' excepts still is the draw behind if to any calm like him his of an idea to change calm tensions. I change some tensions to create my own programs, but can be nuisance . If yours estimativa is down for the bicycle, leaves some characteristics of program have been.
- Account Of inaccurate calorie. I neglect This characteristic while it does not look for to be accurate at all, said and'the burned voice 50 calories after an hour of biking (by everything means of him and bicycle a whole hour by train 1 or train 8. Since and it is doing much more last by train 8, and would have to when being burn more calories).
- Seat. Some rests of arms are class of in the odd level (only can me be, and is the type the big plus). And a no active chair so deadening so some of some bicycles some expensive plus but he are not uncomfortable, only less comfortable that other bicycles another more expensive.

In general, recommends these products if you are in the estimativa, does not have the plot of room, need something ignites and easy the total. It IS the laureate in these categories and I any lament the mine buys an apex. A bicycle has aided achieve me my aims of health and for this I am happy.
5 / 5
This bicycle is fantastic for a prize! It IS easy in a backside; well in some eyes; and it gives the good beginnings. It IS stable and easy to locate and has been. It IS in fact one 2 Marcy the bicycle of exercise has bought. I have sold my premier a when has moved. Quan Has decided to take the fish of substitution a lot of descriptions in several different bicycles. I have decided to buy a Marcy again -- and is not disappointed. The calm can not beat a prize or value of a Marcy! The delivery was also excellent. A type of Powered Ex has taken a bicycle in a house for me. A box was still in good condition. If have have to one bicycle, any road could have entered behind in this box! Felizmente, the assembly was pauses he -- all some parts were there and with at all angled or fraction.

Highly recommends this bicycle!
5 / 5
Recently purchase it three of these. In the first place one was for the lady of 90 years we watche after and has asked that finds a bicycle of exercise. The sister is my nurse recommended the recumbent. A crown 90 years the flight, using he daily. It says sound a leg that has data his problems are very better. My woman of 70 years has tried out of a bicycle, wants unit Another partner of main pair of our and a lady of 90 clock of years has said has wanted to one but no on-line purchase. In some last 3 weeks have ordered 3 of these of Amazon, place two of them together. Everything is coming firmly packed and rid earlier this has wanted. I only 30 min while looking television, with the parameter of control of 5 which are similar to locate the small hill in the bicycle of road. Very relaxing exercise and well cardio workout. The control goes in 8. Easy the total, only has to pull up slightly in a cape sheathing after hooking an end of cape of a knob of control in a eyelet of cape to take a cape grommet to burst in a hole in a cup of a eyelet of cape. Highly it recommends this recumbent exercise at all the senior citizens. M The woman And I HAVE POSAT 1000+ MILES in this BICYCLE of EXERCISE IN 3 MONTH. THANKS TO MARCY And the AMAZON FOR A PRODUCT ADDS.
5 / 5
Awesome Potential but subjects of the quality of the tez embattled me. Some look of materials to be big and durable quality, even so a workmanship in my problems of the unit of action has caused that initially guilty in a creation he, this has tried to be untrue and was totally fixable. It have used this bicycle for quite a lot of two weeks and was a little dissatisfaction up until today. In the principle a product there has not been difference very perceivable of control of parameters 1-4 and 8 (the big plus) has had the mediocre control. Typically my problem has not been able to maintain my rhythm of heart up because of lack of control. I have disassembled a front those houses only now and expsitos that or tabbed washer in a flywheel accommodation of axial (yellow arrow in some beaks) has been installed by behind that has left wing a big flywheel to be out of place with a rest of a unit, fixed a washer and re-has seated an axis. Also it has the grub snail to limit which limit what next some magnets can be in a flywheel (Red arrow in some beaks) and designates a control for each parameter. In my unit, a grub the snail had been quite posed halfway has been. I am supposing this era to compensate for a wheel that is out of place when has been built. I have posed a dial of control in 8 and has moved then a grub snail as it can take it some few magnets to be so near that possible in a flywheel without the contact when I pedaled (has taken the flavours of pair). A parameter of the main control is now in the to to something likes him to him the pedaling up hill through the wet cement like dry, truly some game of pico to hold brutal right there. Also, now 4 it is quite so that it resists that old 8, appropriately mediocre. There is absolutely 8 level of diverse control now and seat that is to say probably more afterwards in a road a manufacturer has feigned a bicycle in work. It IS insane like such the small adjustment has taken this bicycle of forgettable in amazing. Highly it recommends any affronting the lack of control of this bicycle to take the look through his setup and marks some adjustments. At the end a chair is not anything to write house enough. I think that that it is quite common among these excepts has to be the costs have mentioned to take some class to cushion for any serious use.
3 / 5
Pleased so far with this recumbent bicycle, the problem Of entity is looks almost impossible to move an adjustable inferior bar so that my woman, with his lower legs, can use it. Some slide of back bar in a front a, and the ray in knob crosses the hole that tense to line he in place. It IS very difficult to win control to pose he for me ( has had to to promote a big arrival to leave he in slide; an only problem then is that the calm can not see where some holes are varied in an inferior bar). I have tried included squirting the small HD-40 in. Today, I have tried to adjust he with my woman, and was as it takes that my woman left in the and decided to continue using his old Norditrac instead. I have said a Marcy people in of the this, while had the esecret' that has been missing as we could readjust he for multiple period. The May HAS LISTENED behind they--that was it the surprise so that other critiques have said that a company was very responsive in of the people with subjects.

In a side besides, some looks of bicycle solidly has done. It was surprised felizmente in that bono a back and the chair that was pillows. And when operating, is, while another has said, virtually noiseless. Some directions were mostly well; only I made a mistake, blend in a hex rays for some rays of transport, which was part of a premier any ( is a same period and diameter).

Some negative minor: the straps in a pedal is not quite wide to accept my men sneakers; right now, I am using the strait lounging slipper; Some directions do not have does quite clear as to operate a computer--would have been it his well to count so to use a eset' and estpuesto' buttons (how those roads can use he for, those times maintain the buttons have depressed in reset) in place of experimenting while I am now. At the end, any critic that has said that that has posed this set in less than an hour is kidding; I took me in three hours, even so almost the averages of that do sure followed some directions properly (the installation of some capes of computer was particularly delicate for a person). It takes the amazing quantity to time to take the hardware of one shrinks the embroil. And that little wrench retarded me low road, also (better using your own rachet and adjustable English tone); I have prendido to use the afterwards almost an hour.
1 / 5
A recumbent the bicycle is sum ; easy the total ( totalled the in me) even so; you have to measure the sure height for the use. I am 5' big and my legs have not achieved a peddles. That was enough to disappoint for me so that I shopped enough the bit for a right bicycle. The desire could return it but probably would have to disassemble and box it up, of more raisin in a UPS store which there are any road can do concealed.
1 / 5
It IS very excited for this bicycle. Taken the punctually and totalled he carefully. A premier workout was quite well, although a control any one go very big and has had the times take concealed taking my rhythm of heart up (in spite of being ROAD out of form).

Quan And seated in bicycle again, has remarked that a bicycle has done the problem, the fast that noise of clicks8 times for revolution. I have opened in a case and expsito that the cradle had been installed erroneously, with the acute metallic point this clave was and taking a tape like flywheel rotates. That is to say shredding a tape of the walk and I have any road for the fix. A cradle can any one when being pas taken and has any half to cut through metal to take an acute end. He very disappoint that quality of tez poor marred the product that otherwise has been a value adds global and experience.
4 / 5
He this bicycle has all some bells and whistles of one some would find in the gymnasium? Of course the no. takes a work done? You have bet.

A bicycle has gathered enough easily (calm probably will require another pair of hands to attach a tension and bosses of computers, but is not the labour value a $ 80 cost of assembly), resists my weight, looks sturdy, and is calm. A setting of the control does not have the plot of gradation (Justa 1-8), as this probably is not the bicycle for any coaching to be in the triathlon, but for something to seat in front of the television and burn some calories, which is all I really beloved, are add, and calm can not beat a prize.

Update: After the month of heavy use for the big type (daily partorisca around an hour) a bicycle still is that it resists on adds. Also, they are apparently more than the wuss that has thought, reason some levels some the big plus of control is quite darn resistant. My stands of original description - is looking for the economic bicycle to take a work done, recommend this wholehearted bicycle.
5 / 5
The value adds for the stationary bicycle. Easy to gather. They are the 61 yr old, 5 ft, 120 lb grandma and directed it for my account. It has had to regulate to last notch because of short height. If you are down 5 ft, can have a subject. The quality is sum for a prize, sturdy, the little heavy, the chair is roomy, for behind the other is supportive, rests of help of arms to stabilise while pedaling and give the good place to rest arms. Comfortable to seat and bed or TV of clock while exerting, doing the time spends a lot quickly. It does not feel to like is torturing calm exerting. Easily it believes my heart rate in some settings of the lowest tension. The investigation is done material of good quality, no too bulky looking, able to leave in living zone without cramping my space. Computer readouts good to maintain clue of progress. All some separates the turn well joints you, any question with assembly. It has used another tool for presionar some same rays although the tools have required for the assembly is resupplied. You recommend this bicycle.
4 / 5
Has found that this was exactly that has looked for. They are the woman of 72 years and was able of the take upstairs and dip near for me. It is very packed and some instructions were clear and comprise the pair of wrenches for eases in presionar rays. A notice - does not take a band of hule that control a wiring for a computer separates concealed is in an end of a tube until you are ready to hook he up. If calm , a boss will fall in a tube! I have directed to recover he with the hook of long hook! An only question has found.
Regarding his operation - is entirely calm, smooth and easy to move around. Calm can locate to seat behind or first of lean, grab some handlebars like the regular bicycle. I both. It recommends this bicycle for any one any exercize in one daunts of your own house. The 10 miles in mine first session!
4 / 5
Has purchased recently three of these. In the first place one was for the lady of 90 years we watche with which and has asked that finds a bicycle of exercise. My nurse of the sister recommended the recumbent. A crown 90 years loves it, using it daily. It says sound a leg that has given his questions is a lot better. My woman of 70 years has tried out of a bicycle, loves one. Another partner of main pair of the ours and a lady of 90 years looks said has has wanted to one but no on-line purchasing. In some last 3 weeks have ordered 3 of these of Amazon, place two of his neighbours. Everything is coming securely packed and rid sooner that has estimated. I so only 30 min while looking TV, with the setting of control of 5 which is looked to locate the small hill in the bicycle of street. A lot relaxing exercise and well cardio workout. The control goes to 8. Easy to gather, calm so only has to that pull on slightly in a boss sheathing with which hooking an end of boss of a @@@knob to hold to a boss eyelet to take a boss grommet to burst to a hole in a cup of a boss eyelet. Highly recommend this recumbent exercise to all the senior citizens. MI WOMAN And I have DIPPED 1000+ MILES in this BICYCLE of EXERCISE IN 3 MONTH. THANKS TO MARCY And the AMAZON FOR A PRODUCT ADDS.
5 / 5
Awesome Potential but subjects of qualities of the build plagued me. Any look of materials to be big and durable quality, this in spite of a workmanship in my questions of the unit of action has caused that I initially guilty in a creation he, this tried to be untrue and was totally fixable. It have used this bicycle for roughly two weeks and was a little dissatisfaction on until today. Originally A product there is no state noticeable differences of control of settings 1-4 and 8 (the big plus) has had the mediocre control. Typically my question has not been able to maintain my heart rate on been due to lack of control. Have disassembled a front that marries so only now and expósito that a tabbed washer in a flywheel house of axial (yellow arrow in a pics) has been installed for behind that has left a main flywheel to be out of square with a rest of a unit, has fixed a washer and king-has seated an iron. Also it has the ray of fixation to limit which limits the one who next some magnets can be to a flywheel (Red arrow in a pics) and designates a control for each setting. In my unit, a ray of fixation had been dipped roughly halfway was. I am assuming it is it was to compensate for a wheel that is out of place when it was built. It has dipped a dial to hold to 8 and has then moved a ray of fixation to the equal that can take some magnets to be like this near like possible to a flywheel without the contact when I pedaled (has taken the pair tries). A setting to hold main is now to to something likes him the pedaling on hill by means of of wet cement like dry, for real roughly game of epic to hold brutal right there. Also, now 4 it is roughly like this resistant like old 8, appropriately mediocre. There is absolutely 8 level of diverse control now and seat ossia probably more afterwards to a way a costruttore has feigned a bicycle to do. It is insane like such the small adjustment has taken this bicycle of forgettable to amazing. Highly it recommends any facing the lack of control of this bicycle to take the look by means of his setup and frames some adjustments. Finally a chair is not anything to write home roughly. I think that that it is quite common among these but has to that be mentioned well take some class to cushion for any serious use.
5 / 5
Had been looking for the good, solid recumbent bicycle for the long time. A question? I do not have abundant space or the estimativa big. I have required also something that easily could move around in the daily base. Found this on Amazon and could not be happier.

To the as it likes me:
- Súper abordable
- limit of Big weight (next 300lbs believes them). Almost each bicycle in this class there has been the a lot of hanged limit lower and for me concealed means the chincy bicycle. They are no where near 300lbs, but has has wanted to something stable that would not feel for likes it was to the bust averts for cycling in the big speed. This bicycle takes a work done.
- Low profile, is quite down to an earth that means it isnt a plague of eye and is easy to hide when the company is visiting.
- Hanged, feels around 50 or 60 lbs but is a lot easy to move around and has glider 'wheels' in a bar of support of the front if I require it.
- Global value, looked in of the bicycles around $ 300 which there is not matched on this bicycle (still m.et Need and estimativa)

The one who the does not like :
- Lack of settings of big tension. Has eight levels of tension the bicycle on, chair that so only 6 by means of 8 I give any class of challenge. I quite was with some of some settings of the lowest tension and add the little big some.
- Any program. Different bicycles of main finals, a 'computer' in this bicycle so only counts your time, speed, distance for session, calories burned and total distance lifetime. Has any 'loss of weighed or soyountain' programs that automatically change a tension for calm likes in of the bicycles of main finals. Now, I have known it is going in and I felizmente saved a bit those that dollars of hundred for not taking the 'bicycle of program' excepts still is the draw behind if any like to him an idea to change calm tensions. Transmission some tensions to create my own programs, but can be nuisance . If your estimativa is down for the bicycle, leaves some characteristics of program were.
- Account of inaccurate calorie. I neglect This characteristic as it does not look to be attentive at all, said the ees burned 50 calories after an hour of biking (to all the cost of if the bicycle a whole hour by train 1 or train 8. Of I am doing them I much more last on train 8, would owe them that be burn more calories).
- Seat. Some rests of arms are class of in the odd level (so only can me be, are them the type the big plus). And a chair does not have like this cushioning like this some of some bicycles plus a lot expensive but is not uncomfortable, so only less comfortable of other bicycles another more expensive.

In general, recommends these products if you are in the estimativa, does not have to that it weaves of room, need something light and easy to gather. It is the winner in these categories and I do not complain my compraventa an apex. A bicycle helped to achieve my aims of fitness and for this I am happy.
4 / 5
This bicycle is fantastic for a prize! It is easy in a backside; well in some eyes; and it gives the good regime. It is stable and easy to locate and era. It is in fact one 2nd Marcy the bicycle of exercise has bought. I have sold my prime minister a when I have moved. When I have decided to take the substitution I a lot of descriptions read in several different bicycles. I have decided to buy a Marcy again -- and are not disappointed. Calm can not beat a prize or value of a Marcy! The delivery was also excellent. A type of Fed Ex spent a bicycle inside a house for me. A box has been still in good condition. If I have had to return a bicycle, any way could am behind gone in to this box! Felizmente, the assembly was pauses he -- all some parts were there and with at all bent or broken.

Highly recommend this bicycle!
5 / 5
Pleased like this far with this recumbent bicycle, that Imports drawback is looks almost impossible to move an adjustable inferior bar so that my woman, with his shorter legs, can use it. Some slides of rear bar to a front a, and the ray in @@@knob spends for the hole that presiona to resist he in place. It is a lot difficult to win control to dip he for me ( has had to stimulate one finalises big of the leave to slide; an only question then is that it calms can not see where some holes are varied in an inferior bar). I have tried even squirting the little HD-40 in. Today, I have tried to regulate he with my woman, and is like this last that my woman has given up in the and decided to continue using his old Norditrac instead. I have said a Marcy people in of the this, while it has had the esecret' this I has been missing as we could readjust he for multiple period. Never listened behind the--that quell'was the surprise because another reviewers has said a company was a lot of responsive the people with subjects.

In a side besides, some looks of bicycle solidly has done. It was it has surprised felizmente in credit it a backside and the chair that the cushions was. And when operating, is, as another has said, virtually noiseless. Some directions were mostly well; I have done so only a deception, mixing on a hex rays for some rays of transport, which was part of a prime minister any one ( is a same period and diameter).

Some minor negatives: Straps in a pedal is not quite wide to accept my men sneakers; right now, I am using the tightened lounging slipper; Some directions do not have does quite clear to the equal that to operate a computer--would have been it well to explain like this to use a eset' and estápuesto' keys (like those ways can use he partorisca, those times maintain the keys there is depressed to reset) in place of experimenting to the equal that are now. Finally, any reviewer the one who has said that that has dipped are near less than an hour is kidding; I took on three hours, this in spite of almost the averages of that has done sure followed some directions correctly (the installation of some bosses of computers was particularly delicate for a person). It take the amazing quantity to time to take hardware out of a shrink wrap. And that little wrench retarded me way down, also (better using your own rachet and adjustable English tone); have prendido to use the after almost an hour.
5 / 5
Was very excited for this bicycle. Received the punctually and gathered it attentively. A prime minister workout has been enough well, although a control does not go a lot big and has had the hard time that takes my heart rate on (in spite of being WAY out of form).

When I have seated the bicycle again, there is remarked that a bicycle has done to disturb the, quickly clicking noise—8 times for revolution. I have opened on a chance and expósito that the cradle had been installed wrongly, with the acute metallic point that the estacas was and taking to to a tape likes flywheel rotates. Ossia shredding A tape of the walk and I have any way of the fix. One jumps can not be take and have any half to cut by means of metal to take an acute end. A lot disappointed that the quality of poor build there is ruined the produced that otherwise has been a value adds global and experience.
5 / 5
A recumbent the bicycle is sum ; easy to gather ( has gathered the to me) this in spite of; you owe that measure the sure height for the use. They are 5' big and my legs have not achieved a peddles. That was quite disappointing for me because I shopped enough the bit for a right bicycle. The desire could return it but probably would owe that disassemble and box it on, the plus spends it to a UPS store which there is any way can do that.
4 / 5
It does not believe some descriptions that says a clicking is fixable. I have taken some main coverages was and a clicking is not caused by a tape or any of some magnets. He the clicking noice when the pedaling sends no backward. Still it have it not founding a solution but my joint is this:

If you are, likes , thinking roughly buying this because of some descriptions that says a clicking is easily fixable, no! It is not !

Will update can any never direct fix the.
5 / 5
The tension feels likes pauses with which mine very first use! I am worsened like this in this bicycle, has tried to fix the and at all, I posted the complaint and any response, is there has included the guarantee is?

A creation is defective and a tension will not remain in a hole. I am spent of the hours that disassembles andtrying for the dipped behind and mine last tentativa has tried included dipped the glue but he have taken loose again. I am feeling scammed in this $ 100+ has purchased!
5 / 5
A product is gone in with the poster to control broken, the big hole on that. Ossia Well because this thing spends. That annoying is this, is apparent that this container has been opened before and resealed. It is obvious that some one is returned this defective product and a vendor has decided to sell the again how is. That the idea adds to do profit. You do not buy never of this vendor and this mark again, any of confidence.

Be warned, is the question of plot for me to spend a big heavy box in, opens them on, dipped some parts in an earth to gather, then find a poster to control broken, then dip things behind and reseal the, and spend this big heavy box was for the turn. You can save your energy for something more for any that deceives .
4 / 5
Has taken this bicycle for my Mamma to the equal that can treat some interiors cardio workouts. A bicycle looked very done and well has done. This in spite of, have gathered once a result of bicycle clears that a chair to the pedal adjustment has not contracted sufficiently. Resulted my Mamma was too much short (5' 1') and could not achieve some pedals. Other descriptions of Amazon is apparent that ossia the frequently sited empty that it is unfortunately very documented in a literature of sales. In place of the turn or trying stopgap measures (this was unsatisfactory) like some pillows, pedals of big blockade, etc. has decided to drill some holes of new adjustment. A fence of adjustment he so only left for a drilling of the hole that so only would add a thumb of additional extension. I have decided instead move a forward to chair to drill 4 holes in a stick to seat that was 2 next thumbs to some pedals. I have left a bar of adjustment has closed to this shorter place to insert a @@@knob of fast emission to a last hole of the factory drilled in a bar. With some bits of right hammer was able to do this with my battery powered hand-held hammer. Now a bicycle is perfect for the 5' 1' biker.
5 / 5
Locates a bicycle and he have begun to do clicking sounds! Everything of the sudden wheels has been I very free! My husband is the character in dipping the together things to the equal that have known has not been his failure! It has taken a bicycle averts and @give a sale was in an injustice of wheel! Ugh The one who the ache but work now!
4 / 5
Sadly This was the present navideño , and a new owner is a lot disappointed with a bicycle. Although it Is quell'has bitten compact, and go near quite easily, is not like this stable how is described. A period is adjustable, (clumsily) and the ENORMOUS drawback to this piece of crew is a shortness of an arm of crank, which can compare so only to the tricycle of the boy. Really resemble it that has been to draw for the 10 old year. Ossia A thing that absolutely would owe that be declared in a description. It is horribly uncomfortable for the person of one on half height. Also, an electronics, (although quite big and readable) is being missing of in friendliness of user. If it does not cost the smallest fortune to send behind, already had gone. Please do your first investigation to purchase east. Any so only spend of longitude some descriptions on Amazon.
5 / 5
Will take a lot of his .........
- the structure of Bicycle looks solid and in general good-built
- Quite easy to gather; instructions quite clear and all the parts & of tools have resupplied; I took roughly 45 minutes
- the Pedal action is quite smooth; the woman is pleased so that it is all these subjects suppose
- Two defects the inaugural a container; big yard on chair and another in a handlebar
- house of Rueda (plastic half) does not gather properly (pinched). No the breaker to treat, so only poor QC work
- A chair regulates enough bit it behind for any big with long legs. Has regulate all some advances of way to a more next place and is correctly for me and my woman. It is 5' 3' and they are 5' 10'. It can be the question for any really short.
- While my woman is pleased with a movement of rotation of the cycle, has found a pedaling to be no like this smooth by means of a rotation of stride/discovers, but perhaps is so only me. It is not the $ 700+ car, so that will have some trade-offs, but again, to to my woman likes so that it is of all these subjects .

Has given initially this description 2 stars been due to some two tears in of the materials of a factory and an improperly gathered house. A company has said that expected in chairs of substitution to arrive. Once his well in some substitutions of reparation, will be happy to update an indication of star for this description. ( It sees update down).

21 July 2019 UPDATE:
has augmented my indication of 2 to 4 stars for two main reasons:
1. Service of client promptly mailed me two containers to substitute a chair rasgada and bar of sleeve. A new chair is perfect. Unfortunately, a 2nd bar of boss has sent was worse that a prime minister one with multiple courses. I do not comprise that at all.
2. My woman really enjoys a bicycle. Ella grab his pill or TV of clock and easily walk for an hour or so much.

Is the shame the pair of some parts has has had to that looked to be box-cutter slits on him. But in general for a prize, is to please and now gives this element 4 stars.
4 / 5
Ossia The car adds for my woman 5'0' to exert on, and is a lot well for me 6'3' this in spite of is such the ache to change to plant a shorter to the much more place, is worthless for me. Admitted are 83, but one the sliding adjustment is almost impossible to use. I have bought to foreigner, which have not used still, like the unit is dipped on on carpet. I will situate it on one kills and tentativa to silicone a slide to see yes concealed the manageable fact. I seat I have not purchased one of some whole models that looks to be like this easy to change among users. I am surprised has had no leading commentaries in this shortcoming.
4 / 5
Has received so only this element and has finalised to dip the neighbour. Take on an hour and the half (this has comprised to unpack all) and was quite easy. Some instructions were humorous. It asks one writes of ray that was marked injustice in a neighbour that has spent all some dice, rays, washers, etc. calms clearly could see scrape it asked in a picture this in spite of. Had also the pocolos put where some instructions have asked 4 rays, and 3 washers when clearly it was supposed to be 4 and 4. While calm stick to a picture is the piece of cake. At all lacking that, at all suffer it harm, and solid of looks. Some works of the computer well follows distance, time, etc. Can see of a pics that a chair has been crunches ship, but concealed can do was over time. Calm not to feel it when you are seating in the, as any worry there. Maintaining will see like this resists until 4 people that uses it!
4 / 5
Ossia The light weight recumbent bicycle that to good sure can maintain your heart rate on while you multitask. You can very exactly expect the bulky car to bend on, but this bicycle a better thing prójima to leave you to go he his is advance lateralmente to store out of a way of traffic in your house. Taken on roughly like this to room likes one in-any to use ladder.

Are a overweight viril of 40 years and I have bought this bicycle to use in my studio of art of the house to take my heart rate on the little time the day. They are able to take my heart rate on while looking documentary or listening to podcasts so I like the chairs are maximizing my time. It is add lame-rear-the-bicycle of the form and the I adds on ramp to go back to the workout regiment.

Are happy bought it. There is more control/of tension. Shopping again, literally calms can not beat a prize and was súper easy to gather. In the any chair of time likes the falls avert or cheaply has done.
4 / 5
I have had recently the surgery of substitution of total knee and with which a lot of weeks of long PT, are now for my account. My surgeon has suggested partorisca use the recumbent bicycle as have in the first place taken has loaned this same bicycle of the partner partorisca several weeks. I have then decided liked having an of of mine own so much that would buy my own bicycle. My husband and I have read many revises in a lot of bicycles and this Marcy the bicycle has maintained partorisca come up as you estimate it highly one. I have known already it liked and after trying was of another in of the tents, has decided to the order is one on its own name and return my partner is bicycle very same . I like this bicycle because it is sturdy but easy to move and use, and does not take on a lot of space. I any precise all some bells and whistles that partorisca me, so only do the bicycle the heavy and more hard plus partorisca move or use. So only more things partorisca go wrong also in my opinion. A Marcy the bicycle has all I need partorisca my start. They are 5'10' and it is add partorisca my height. A chair is comfortable also. I am beginning partorisca augment a tension in some settings to the equal that improve of my surgery and am conscious other commentaries that some settings are not like this difficult to the equal that would owe that be in an upper end of a tension. But like this mine physical therapist and that the surgeon said, soyotion is lotion' to the equal that are on this partorisca maintain my organism that the movements and the recovery on follows partorisca follow the difficult surgery, painful. And also while it averts the surgery in another knee. My husband and I have opted partorisca order an option of Amazon partorisca have any one coming our house partorisca dip a bicycle jointed partorisca knots. That the service adds. While prpers that could have done, these two people are entrances and there was all does interior 25 minutes. It is worth it ours.
4 / 5
Could write the novel roughly me and this bicycle of the exercise but I will cover one the majority of of plough of entity that there is remarked.
1. Easy to gather. I took roughly 30-40 minutes. Mark so only sure that some rays are tight but does not have presionado on.
2. Very comfortable in general. An only @@subject that is arisen was mine tailbone really hurt with which some time partorisca seat on has bought it like this the cushion of foam of the memory with a tailbone the yard was. (It goes pic). This has solved any Glut/tailbone subjects of ache. Now I can seat and exercise while master with nolower rear ache.
3. Very calm. When they Are in a living room that TV of looks, am seating in this bicycle that exerts.
4. Partorisca A prize, ossia exactly that has required partorisca to calorie that burns. Has subject doctors and am very limited in my options of exercise. This fijamente concealed.

5. I am not sure that it is up with mine LCD exposed. The mine so only has (Total Time:At all: Calories: and At all Total). A program of the real exposure does not match a wording under an exposure. They can have changed a program of exposure without updating a info has printed in an outside of a LCD exposed. But his quite info for me.

6. So in general this bicycle is perfect for any with subjects down some waste and can not exert that biking, walking, giving a very etc.
4 / 5
has LOVED this bicycle, until a pedal snapped was. I also deeply cut my toe while it researches that it has been it bad. It looks to be that a metal for a pedal stalk (run that connects to a main car) is the softest lunch and a threaded connection among a pedal and stalk wears down quickly. Of then it breaks so only after the guarantee there is caducado, looks it so only will be launched was. They are súper there is disappointed. Looking behind by means of descriptions, this is not a uncommon question.
4 / 5
Are trace stationary bicycles for more than 30 years. For me this crew is not to value his economic prize reason a control is rough and not softening like the control of amorous any stationary bicycle. A @@@knob of the control is not strictly aforado and a poster of control is hard to read of a chair. A recumbent the chair is well and has quite a lot of distance among a backside of a chair and pedals for more than riders. But it is taste,, of calm will not use it reason a rough control avert using a bicycle.
4 / 5
I like this but does not find it comfortable to seat in still the looks of long setting to be on sale travelling average in the bicycle of mine alone speed. My five old year thinks to dip of 1 to 3 is good and four in a hard side. My edges of nine years will seat and pedal on he in the 7 or 8 dipping a hard plus for more along then well can plan on using he for more along then 15 minutes would find some extras cushioning or cushions to seat on. I have it so only some notch behind like this closed in place in as hole. Mina GF in 5'7' is able to use he in that dipping my edges of nine years can use it seating on embroiders of a chair. And daughter of 5 chairs of years in a plastic coverage for some pedals. Hanged roughly 40 lbs. It maintains in feet in some pedals and use it that way the majority of a time. Found the easy to dip near for me but the extra pair of hands would have been gains. To do sure takes chairs of good use in front of a TV in a living room. The boys will contest on those who takes to seat in him while touching xbox. A period is more along then a width of the our couch and would be the longest way has on seated for the big person. With some adjustments on can see the person on 6'6' still when being able of the quite easy use. It discover the few months when that the grandpa comes to visit the boys is 6'5'.. If I where for the transmission would use different type to seat cushioned or perhaps it plus molded a then so only walk simple. Also transmissions a corner of a chair some that. Bosses that goes around a do one to regulate able or have a front of his corner up for look of mine of the better use down bit it down. They are 5' 11' and so only you use me it could that to him dipped behind a notch of plus but same where is does not feel bunched on while using it. It gives it the bit of spatial in any side and not having some arms of him afterwards to anything like the table like takings some transmission in him when when be used so only like the normal bicycle. Like this yes to close to say the table of the caffè or the table of finals is the casualidad of the be of the toe pinched.. A lot of sturdy, find it easy to move, and am sure has asked a five old year of the movement was able to afterwards dipped roughly has thought his same although it is total weight is 70lbs, A new old year has any question that movements he around. Ossia On carpet, in hard paving more probably be included easier....
5 / 5
First: that the packaging was adds. It is a lot cushioned with Styrofoam and map. Any of my part has suffered harm or defective in any way.

Segundo: the assembly was easy. It was able to build this for me and has has had to that so only ask help when it connect some bosses of computers. ( It can not resist a bar and attach some bosses and boss of tension)

Tercero: it looks sturdy enough. I deduct the star because a backside wobbled the bit but ossia so only because of a bar of adjustment. Has a backside of a bicycle against a wall likes any jiggle. Neither you recommend to dip your full weight in some bosses when that creates is to the big daughter the taste. They could not bend but they are not that it goes the casualidad he.

Fourth: A bicycle is well. It is calm when they are pedaling like me wont disturb more in a room. A chair is big. Also, it seats on quite big so that any only is easy to exit of still those with bad knees, but can see a TV in a sofa while it has seated. Has adjustable tension, in a big plus that dips seats for the pleasure control of half has offered. But I think that that it is well. My mamma has the bad knees and I have bought this mostly for sound. He no hurt to to the my knees like to them a bit the bicycles do.

Fifth and final: it is the good weight . It is weighed enough to feel sturdy and no for the pleasure buckle under my weight. Any creak or groans. But, I am able of the movement around my paving with him is few wheels. I recommend that when calm in the first place takes in a box there is the hand-held truck or the partner calm has to spend it far.
4 / 5
A tape inside a bicycle entirely shredded and that tries to achieve was the the company taken any where. So much for the guarantee. Spend the little has bitten more money in the bicycle he well plus and hopefully will receive the product with the department of service of the client that uphold his agreements.
4 / 5
When A box has arrived has had the very bad feeling, as it was bondadoso of small and compact. Sure enough when I have opened a lid of a box, looks the million and one for separate wrapped separate concealed has required to be gathered. I cringed. To good sure has not done this compraventa had to then box at the beginning parts. Felizmente My husband is very very dipped these classes of the together things. Among a two of knots, that looked it would take the averages the day to gather, probably has not taken more than an hour, hour and the half.
Once gathered, my husband has gone back and tighted some bolds for a chair and rear rest reason has had any mecer movement in them, but one presionando of the rays fixed that. No too crazy in a computer has compared to exercise possessed previously bicycles, but is well.
A pedal motion is súper smooth and mutter calm. In general I am very happy with this compraventa now.
5 / 5
Has done well for the moment, until a weld that control a handlebar has broken on (in your hips, any stubby some in a front). My disabled woman has taken it tumble to a paving when it breaks. It does not use iot anymore reason does not feel sure that traces and was or while pedaling without a handlebar. We buy a Model X-3519, which looks exactly like a M-709 in the each detail. My no obese woman, which could cause the broken weld. Hanged 105 lbs. It is an only person the one who has used a bicycle. It tires of the metal has broken a weld. Given his location and purpose, this weld looks the very poor creation decision. Another that one broken weld, a bicycle has done perfectly.
4 / 5
So only has taken my bicycle the Monday, as it can not say still the one who a longevity will be. A bicycle has come packaged well and was easy to gather, the mine has the small piece of plastic broken out of a unit of exposure, but does not affect is action and was easily glued retreated on. The the majority of assembly I first of my husband is coming house and helped for presionar all up. A bicycle locates very smooth and calm and like this far loves that! Has the good row of settings of control, a chair is comfortable, and has the quite small profile to access in almost any room. They are 5'4' and I dipped it/ I dipped it to a second to dip shorter.
5 / 5
Folks, does not believe all have read. Especially on-line. One write the one who has said assembly of this puppy is the pauses has to that it has done in a factory where was done. The assembly is an absolute nightmare of 3 hours that requires two people and a patience of Job. The parts are identified wrongly, a manual of instruction is written in an inscrutable facsimile of English, and some of some inner connections have required is virtually impossible to fulfil for toes of adult. Then, when you are finalised finally, that has is the shoddily-built, miserably uncomfortable, rickety bicycle of exercise with uneven tension in some pedals and stirs it of stickers of opinions of California that some components are extremely flammable. Included worse, is buying this bicycle partorisca calm and the partner, regulating he partorisca the period of different leg requires a Herculean calms — of impulses more than him less has to that it stimulates a bicycle of an earth ( is heavy quite) and go down in your hands and of the knees before you can regulate a place of chair for the period of different leg. Any one thanks — this backside headed in Cina where coming from/come from. And for a way, arrives mine that descriptions of outrage, the amazon could wants to publish one another essential piece of information that would be a lot of gain to client in doing the decision of compraventa — statistical simple in that porcentual of has sold the units are returned. Ossia A definite description .
5 / 5
The box has arrived light dented. But the interiors was very packed and protected of some obvious bangs & attacks found during shipment. Unpacking Was easy and each one which easily identifiable part. The free parts shrink wrapped w/ focus (any missing or external part). Instructions mostly understandable (with same typo /deceptions other descriptions there is remarked). The majority of complex part has attached a control of adjustment of the tension. The tools have comprised is passable. But you would be better was with your own. It was able to gather while looking the film. Any this has complicated.

Likes another there is remarked, incumplimiento dipping of the factory has meant has had difference a lot small among 1 and 8 setting of control (sees another description on like this to open unit until regulating). It has had to drill an additional hole for rider a lot short (5'2' with arms of short/leg).

Experience of the real use like this far is well. A lot calm... Almost a-noticeable... Especially if the television that careers. The travelling available mechanism is smooth (any clicking, grinding, rubbing, vibration, etc). The unit is stable (-230 lb rider). A step thru the creation are adds for a vertically defied (a main reason has been with this model). Seat is not more comfortable for long use. It has been he advances and has taken to add he-in gel cushion.

Does not expect any one a lot a comprised (the battery has operated/any one comprised) sensor. An only thing can be of confidence for this elapsed the time and the distance have estimated. It goes with something more like the clock of band/of the fitness or application of telephone (eg Samsung telephones w S-Hail) for a rest.

The guarantee squared in fact quite reasonably priced. Swipe in the drinks has not been required never.

Minus 1-star for an ambiguity of errors/of the instruction and creation of consolation of minimum chair.
Minus 1-star for a setting of control of feeble factory (and need to open on unit to regulate.. No for more than people).

If any surface of subjects maquinales with which first month or so much... Incident to estimate until 4 stars.

Update 1: any one feigned to be moved around a lot. endcap In the feet of stabilizer falls off when moving (so only inserted, basically trusts on embrague to remain on... And any to plot of control)
4 / 5
follows 5'1 and with a chair entirely advances, has to slouch so only he tad for comfortably achieve a peddles. Any concealed is defied vertically would owe that comprise the one who difficult is to find the car, like this one, concealed in fact will accommodate your height. The interior has gathered 20-30 minutes and is enough calms that it can it the to you use anytime of a day. An only flu has is that you peddle for behind to the sounds like goes to break (Of me so only he for roughly 30 second). Any one sure he or a lot ossia something calm is not supposition to do to start with with. Everywhere, you recommend this.
5 / 5
Go to direct assembly, reason ossia the worry to a lot of. Like the woman of the half age of any force adds, was able to gather an element without too much of question. Taking roughly 90 minutes, but this was reason have dipped something on behind and has has had to that the take avert and he again. I a lot faulty some directions, which are quite good. An English is clear and how is some pictures . Had so only one separates that it has been it impossible without another pair of hands and eyes, which was threading a boss of tension. This has given some ache, but the imagine to the knots was. For a prize, looks quite stable, but question for the people that hanged on 200 pounds. Taking wobbly? I used it the pair of time for roughly 30 minutes each, and has not had any question. It likes that of a digital law was is down I so that it can see on that. This are adds for gaming and looking television while exerting. They are very pleased with a compraventa.
4 / 5
Has been looking for the used recumbent bicycle in the decent prize for awhile. This in spite of, there is no @to @give was like this reasonably priced new. As I have been excited when it has found this on-line. When I have received my box, to the amazon had sent to join me wrong element, this in spite of them quickly fixed the. When it Take my new bicycle was a lot of easy to dip hanged together and light. I took so only roughly an hour for the joint dipped. Still although this bicycle is hanged very light is a lot of sturdy and comfortable to use. It likes that it remains of place, feels sturdy, and does not wobble when yours on that. Also an exposure follows a lot amiably and has good options. This in spite of, hate that every time ran of him, he a lot automatically reset a time. You owe that manually go in and the have reset your time every time, which is annoying.
4 / 5
Pleasantly has surprised. I have been concerned roughly achieving some pedals comfortably, of then are so only 5'2', but was pleasantly has surprised. A bicycle is comfortable and a lot calm. I have it there was so only the few weeks, but am pleased with my compraventa.
My only complaint would be that it is difficult to regulate. My husband is trace & forgets to readjust it with which was fact . I have struggled the little has bitten to readjust it, but was able to do an adjustment I. It mentions that they want to regulate some straps of feet also but know those will be even more difficult, of then are a a those who originally dipped his on. So you are looking for the bicycle ossia easily adjustable for multiple users, this is not the.
5 / 5
This product has arrived a lot quickly with all the working parts. A backside that the cushions looks to be 2 foam has separated the pieces but is not noticeable or change an operation or look so that it has not gone quite concerned for the send behind. Ossia So only an observation. Also any one I seat when seating. It was easy to dip near to the equal that follow the video of Youtube when gathering. Help to have another person podes but can be able to gather well with a person. We have not had any one @subjects to dip are near.

This concrete element has been mine recommended to use for my doctor to strengthen my knee. Originally I have tried a exerciser pedaler in the a lot of more economic prize but I have required more control to strengthen my better knee. They are 5'2 with the 30' seam and am able to use this bicycle so only well. If you are shorter and concerned in an extension of leg and when being able to achieve some pedals would think you would have the question if you are a thumb or 2 shorter but calm always can use the tampon of rear rest to dip you more afterwards to a pedal.

Likes that it is light weight and easily can move the another zone of a house or still in a yard has loved . Some rollers no some better but is quite light that I so only the slide where loves it to go and can move he for me without question. It is also durable and seats it will last me for years to come.

A cushioning is in bylines but no uncomfortable mine so much some have declared. If calm has has wanted to could utilisations the tampon of foam of the memory to seat or sustain behind on. The look really closes at the beginning but has taken has used his and does not require a cushioning. It looks of the good solid structure and I likes him concealed.

Some chairs of control is a lot good. It was quite feeble and has has had to that take the pair to time on level 1 just but is not the question - I was so only out of form. Now that has been using he for the little chair of weeks am ready for level 2.

Is calm but there is the noise under a lot of light in a pedal. Utilisation in another room while another is sleeping and no awake a lot on at all. I will look for to use the lubricador of spray (ANY WD40 so I am said this will dry out of working parts) to see help . In general it recommends this product for a prize, the value and the durability are happy with him.
5 / 5
Buys 5 to 10 elements the month if no more in the amazon and I probably have done so only 5 life of descriptions to date. It has dipped this together with my sister in roughly 1 slow during the TV some tools have resupplied. The directions and the illustrations are a lot on. Some rays have resupplied has ensured the solid car. A schemes no any one touch and has the relatively small foot has printed. They are by train to use it to recover of the surgery of leg and am finding a control of tension to be well for me in 5 of 10. Well looking material. They are the 53 old year 185lb viril that walked to plot in Montana. So that it is , Raleigh
4 / 5
has had the substitution of full knee. So much, with which 3 weeks of Health of House, part of my exercises, was to exert in a bicycle. I have thought a tension, at the same time was in right, until I have been to the Ease of Physical Therapy. Part of a program, was to locate his bicycle of exercise. He PT in a morning there and do more home in an evening. After the week of PT, a setting 3 in his recumbent bicycle of exercise, was way less than an upper setting of 8, in a Marcy. As he me a lot a lot at all likewise that tries to take any conditioning out of him home. I owe that bend verified to ensure a boss of the connection of the tension was installed correctly during assembly, is. So much, this product is the total waste of my money!!! I have been limited on mobility and doing icing in my knee after routines of band of the exercise, has has has had to that do other exercises with weights of ankle to do up for any one in that has the house of bicycle. This was the very poor decision for my part, in mine compraventa of this element.
5 / 5
Obviously yes loves plot of bells and whistles, this is not a bicycle for you. This in spite of masters the basic bicycle to move your legs and build on forces, some cardio this bicycle will do. A PROS is that it is economic and quite easy to gather, although would have another together of hands. A hard part of assembly is connecting a boss of tension among a with the and an organism. I require two people. Also it has the die under an assembly of boss. Mark sure ossia down to hold minimum and big up in a die to hold main. It has known no this but I have spoken to Christina in a mfg service of client and she like this a lot useful. A GILIPOLLAS is that it is not to look rich. Some habladurías of booklet in the cardio workout and your row has based in the age but a bicycle has any cardio monitor. Another negative is that podes a lot easily regulate a chair. To do that you have to that unscrew the die of stabilizer under an until, then unscrew and appeal on an upper ray to move a chair behind and advance. Once in place, goes down an upper ray and retighten a ray in a fund. It is not the question of first order unless has different people of the different heights that use a bicycle. Like the place to dip boot waters also but the calm supposition can attach something to some arms has seen the third party. So I need some bells and whistles, spends more money and take the bicycle that is estimated highly and has some characteristic. If calm so only love the bicycle of basic exercise to build on forces of leg and help with cardio and loss of weight, this will do a work.
5 / 5
I have purchased this element after the just quantity of investigation. It is the quite solid shot .

Leaves to start with with some positive:
1. Prizes - You can not ignore what bang takes for your buck
2. Quality - I follows the big 6'5' the type and are not to sustain. Still although a bicycle is small, does not seat unstable or concerned in a device at all.
3. It feels - solid Justo, can do on the serious sweat quite easily.

1. The main control is not quite like this strong as it would like.

As because they are I giving this device a calm star could ask? Well, to start with a device arrived with the part broken. A computer/of exposure has been shattered, and while calm still can use a bicycle without a computer, the find a lot of entity to have the be able to follow my time, speed, etc... Which is something that the key to maintain me has motivated.

Inside a box is the big flier in red brilliant saying you A lot to return an element, and instead to call them. So many in planting to return an element the Amazon and ordering the new a... You accuse it which would be me cost swimming and taken the few days at most, called him until taking the new part.

In the first place, has expected enough the long time to take by means of the the person, and when I finally taken by means of a person dipped on control 4-5 times. Finally we finalise a call, and an agent of the service of the client say that they will ship out of my part of substitution for an end of a week. Well, like this ossia much slower that returning, but a lot entirely unreasonable.

So much, the time goes by and literally the day or two WITH WHICH one 30 Amazon of the window of day to return takes an email that says that a course I need is on duty orderly, as it take 2-3 MONTH for me to take my part of substitution. Súper scummy imo, and entirely unacceptable.

Modification: the bookmark has created to 3 incident has received of breakings of substitution sooner that has expected.
4 / 5
Update: have downgraded my indication to 3 stars. After using a bicycle so only 6 times a control has broken. It takes 5 weeks of emails and calls of telephone with a company and looking the video send me to us, that looks for to imagine was that it arrest for the fix to me; so only to have them decide it has not been fixable and in that send me the informative main part that marries a flywheel and tape. They are not a handier person around, but was has had to that to try have my bicycle on and that careers again like this collected to the equal that was possible, but in hindsight I messed with him far too long. While I appreciate that they have sent finally the new mainframe and a bicycle is doing now (the toes crossed) really has not been to value a hassle. Wished like this time that had bought the locally and so only could take behind to a tent.

Instructions to dip it together was adds. I took several hours but I am slow and feeble and has not been in the haste. Included attaching some bosses of computer was able to be facts by me so only, he 62 et.ou. Female. The joint dipped so only he yesterday I so that there is so only used it two times but want it like this far. Has all I need in the reasonable prize. So only two things have not been to perfect. It remarks an imperfection in a a side of a chair. A second picture is which has to that look. Of then it does not affect an action in any way will not annoy the sending behind, but are the little curious that the controls of qualities would lose something like this obvious. Another thing is that some instructions to use are skimpy. It says a soyoda' the key scans all the options each 4 seconds. He finally that for me but a lot at the beginning, and has not had the clue as to question-the shoot. Also, you think a eset' the key would resist it on speed, or distance, or time, or anything is showed at the same time it press is to except this is not so much. And there is at all in some instructions to the equal that to as it is supposition to do. Of some instructions to dip it together was like this well has been surprised in a lack of help in his use. Neither of these two things changes mine 5 indication of star. It is that I have loved in the prize was has had to that to pay.
4 / 5
This bicycle is economic. It does not expect súper the hard control or anything, is magnets and setup is in an economic/toneless side like this still in a main tension, a control is quite feeble compared to another stationary the bicycles have possessed. A digital readout is also has bitten it dodgy. When Pedaling in, that is to be stop on on 20mph, a readout the claims not even are paste 1mph. Like a so only a lot a readout is (at least a an I has taken) to do like the timer. All has joined other readings are without the senses of then is not doing properly.
The assembly is easy and directly-advance, any difficult at all. A creation is comfortable and he the very easy fact for me to spend the time the plus along that traces. When it has seen a tension has not been very difficult in a dipping a big plus, has opened a bicycle until seeing the one who next some magnets were goes it of metal, and can that to him regulates more afterwards for tension more orders. As I have seen, it has had no more the control could add, as I dipped it behind near. It is a lot quite so that I need, but it was pickier, certainly would return this bicycle. Felizmente Was economic.

Is the economic bicycle with holding feeble and low quality digital readout, but yes so only need something to locate for some light exercise, is very good.
4 / 5
Has bought this for the neighbour the one who is the veteran and can not walk. It is in the wheelchair but has some use of his legs. This in spite of, can not be. Need of build on some muscles in his legs. His arms and the shoulders are utmost reasons presses around all day with his arms, but his legs are not strong (understandably). Has has wanted to something to help like this when it asks help to find the stationary bicycle, has jumped in a casualidad. I have ordered this, and said is perfect for him. His woman has been concerned could fall off, but with some bosses in a side, can easily stimulates to a chair and exercise every day for bit it. They are like this happy this is to exit adds for him.
5 / 5
My backside and the feet have been hurting me, and know I needs to be more active. This was an Amazon more buy, and has been on sale as I ordered it. It arrives via prime minister, punctually and to the equal that has promised. Hanged roughly 65 lbs in a box, but was able to take a box upstairs ours room of spare bed. A product comes a lot very packaged, but will have to that it weaves of map and plastic stock exchanges to take touched of of. Some instructions are very clear. A hardware among the container sealed with some separates a lot of labeled. I took roughly an hour to dip the majority of him near, but one gives an any profit of having two people to resist a bar of sleeve laughed while the cords are connected. It is a lot of sturdy, material of rays and heavy steel very solid. It seats a lot of securely in a paving and is very stable when the utilisation. They are very happy with a prize and quality, and would recommend it to another.
5 / 5
Has received so only my bicycle to exercise today. They are 67 and woman. I have gathered a bicycle for me. It avenges with all this is to be require for the dipped near. If they are, everything is easier that do has two pairs of hands, but ossia to good sure something can do for calm. I have had so only my knee substituted like rings something to use to exit a knee. This give quite control for the give the little extra push. I used it two times already today. Once it was so only to cover my first knee to do my exercises. It is totally calm like any question that TV of looks while you bicycle.
What only that has no expósito is easy is changing a bicycle for the shortest or longer in period. I have had to turn yes to a front of him for the take to slide to a next hole for the shorten.
Would buy this again.
5 / 5
The product has arrived in good been without the parts issues
assembly with some help of my woman that resists some elements have taken roughly 45 min with the tool has distributed
the only light difficulty was in 2 diagram 2- attaching a boss of Tension 7 I finally found that after attaching an end a lower that a boss of tension has required more period to attach a cup of 7. One has been fulfilled to pull 11 up with the pair of nose of needle pliers to obtain some period and then slipped it easily to plant.
There is still to imagine out of an easy method to regulate a period of chair. It is the little difficult. It can have something to do with course like this stagnate 20 is installed . If I come up with the solution I estaca he.
Like this of now my woman, the one who will be a first user , is satisfied totally.
Leaves 16/2020
Like this have continued to use these a lot of defects have burst on
An exposure of computer has the defects and some pixels are spatial
the pedal straps do not remain to situate
is the real ache in a butt to regulate a period of leg he for different users
5 / 5
Arrived with the container broken and packing material and lose elements inside boxes ( at all lost ). It looks the container has been fallen.( It sees the photo of the metal has bent that tube of bands )
the unit has sustained to dent in plastic house - some looks to dent to be pressing behind in normal order with time. But his of scrapping of frames of the unit when conjoint of tension &62;5.

10/15/16 - Up to date description to 4 stars.
Be WARNED that trying reparation the unit for calm can VOID any guarantee.
My unit, which have planned on maintaining, done like this described EXCEPT when a tension has been dipped to 5 or more add - then do the sound to scrape.
After taking some pedals and using the long 2 Phillips engine of ray to take 10 rays (of 3 different types ) some sides of a house have come of easily.

A flywheel is ferrous steel, turning a @@@knob of tension causes a fund of a bloated magnetic band to take more after or further of a flywheel. A sound to scrape, in my chance, has been caused by an upper the majority of magnet partially in that has fallen he out of a hule/plastic molding ( undoubtedly of a fall that was evident for a packaging has broken. ) I have used my toe to press it behind to plant; there was it clicking touch it and he am remained in place. ( It can not take the good photo )
SEE some 3 pictures of one 'guts' of a unit: my indication of toe that presses a magnet behind to plant, closes on a magnetic band ( of accident ), right side of unit. It was dipped easily I for behind near.

An inner unit is a lot well has done. For a prize is the value I really adds .
Now can turn a tension on all a way and a unit is entirely silent! Yeah.
5 / 5
(Will Update after listening behind company) has to that it has taken the bad bicycle, reason this thing is terrible. It dip it up without subjects. In a first walk, some odd noises. I have assumed some noises were so only an initial breaking in. A second walk listens the sound to scrape and has had the smell in of the llamas. It has taken of a plastic coverage and see a wheel in fact is when being shabby averts for a mechanism of control. I have seen the number of the descriptions that declares a subject same, as I slightly tweaked a ray and a scraping has finalised. But then the subject new is arisen. A dial of control has to that be defective reason dipped it on one dipping a light plus and he feels like the control of the upper half level in a last bicycle has possessed. It can very included locate a bicycle now and so only is collecting powder.
4 / 5
While like the plus refined bicycle with near and of the courses of variable controls, this so only would confuse my woman. This bicycle is perfect for his and taste use he too much. Simple control to dip control, and the exposure for time, distance, speed, and calories. Some descriptions say that they can no any reset an exposure, but yes resist a key of reset for the pair of like this he reset. He a lot of reset an odometer, which aims the total distance has travelled, but he reset a way of distance,which is distance of then last reset. As you can take the distance travelled in this session, and total distance over time. The assembly was dulcemente so only lame reason my time and tries to do sure I he well. Mainly, it is dipping the together elements and screwing or bolting the together elements. An only confusing the zone for me has attached a boss. An end of boss has it @@@knob that you returned in the clip for the resist. This looked the little lose the mine and I could not comprise like a do one if this has not been tight. It has given finally on, dipped the neighbour, and work well. All the materials are has comprised.

Top Customer Reviews: Marcy Foldable ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Ossia PERFECTO !!! Exactly that looked for in a bicycle of exercise -- and was surprisingly simple to gather, the believe or no, and my husband is on 70, are on 60. Like this there already go. This in spite of, offer information on like this partorisca take assistance with the dipped near -- but - proudly, LOL -- did not require it. AMUR Some laws of way -- dipped you yours hold own and other elements -- and the one who easy is to the movement has required I the maintenances dipped on, as we use it to us all a time, and there there is so only one 2 of us and occasional company. But it is TOTALLY LIGHT-hanged enough, and easy to bend on, movement and tent inclusa /when it has required. We purchase this June 27th, and go in to diet and this, has has lost already 12 pounds (August of current date 29th). Wheeeeee! And it is maintaining my in shape good organism for my long walks, etc. shabby Really happy this element. Highly recommend it. ( You have found this gain, please the click where remarked down, and thank you!)
5 / 5
Was pleasantly surprised with this bicycle. It has looked for something to keep in shape in a winter, when it is too cold to locate external where alive, in Philly. In my bicycle of street I I usually strolls 5 or 10 miles look it times the week. Once in the blue moon the 20 or 25 walk of one thousand. When I have bought this bicycle had not been trace a lot and was the little out of form. Still, thus prize was fearful a bicycle would not offer quite control to defy me. Surprisingly, I take the quite very workout in this bicycle. I have been using it quite regularly for the extreme three month. I roughly 30 or 40 minutes, takes an odometer until roughly 9 or 10 miles, and take my tax of wrist on enough to do on the sweat. I take a control until level 8 but so only for the perhaps 5 minutes, can not maintain this level for a lot long. This bicycle is not for avid cyclist, a control would not be enough for any forms of real bicycle. For those of knots so only that looks for the way to take the half hour cardio workout two or three times the week this bicycle will do a work. A walk is smooth and calm. A chair was bit it uncomfortable, as I have bought the gel spent of chair and can do 40 minutes in a bicycle comfortably enough.
4 / 5
Ossia Perfect. They are the short woman (according to my husband), roughly 5'4' and alive in the small condo in an upper paving. When I have dipped a chair all a way down, this turn perfectly. It is very calm as I can create me prompt and peddle partorisca to 1/2 now without wake a lot up in a condo down me. Some looks of qualities to be very good.
4 / 5
Has had to return a bicycle to exercise reason a chair, included, in his his place low plus, was too big. They are 5'7”. It is the shame that a costruttore has not offered the grasp to the low seat for shorter folks or for the oldest adults those who have lost some flexibility in his legs.
4 / 5
So only has taken a bicycle yesterday and dip the up. There is taken on the half hour, all some parts were included except 2 AAA battery. It has not been difficult to dip near, looked to dip near a Ikea piece.

Are happy with a measure and look. I have added the coverage of chair, which grieve returned and am not sure is by train of the do much more comfortable, as I will look around for the different a. I have found it sturdy the sale of hule is all precise to attach the telephone to look TV.

Has used he for roughly 45 minutes yesterday and some works of control. Level 3 looks the fresco of discharges/very down, continuous in level 5 paralizaciones more than the challenge. I do not think you you can safely pedal of a chair, is not sturdy enough, but while seating is a lot of sturdy and calm.

Will update later on, but for now thinks that this bicycle is well for the simple folding bicycle. FYI Has to that it weaves of packaging to take touched of of.
5 / 5
So much wants to love this bicycle but I so only poden the no. are 5'3' and a chair is WAY TOO BIG. A chair is horribly uncomfortable and to substitute it, will cost so as so only buying the better bicycle. Returning and buying the different bicycle.
5 / 5
Are adds! Have There was it so only two days now but is the really convenient little bicycle. An assembly was quite easy for me to direct for my account inside the half hour.

Are 5'4' and my husband is 6'3'. For me, a setting to seat lower is the tiny bit of the piece but I still can use he without @@subject. If you are down 5'4' this in spite of this is not a bicycle for you. My husband can use it perfectly with his height. There is not the tonne of difference of control among Level 1 and Level 8, but calm really seat a burn after included so only the pocolos small to use if you have not conditioned some muscles have used frequently in biking. My uses of husband likes spent prevails it of games of football, and the use when I do not want to me peel out of Netflix but also loves burn of this 2nd glass of wine. ;-) It is no treadmill or substitution for real out of biking, but sure will take your muscles that movement.

Is easy to use without hands (just seating arrive), with your hands that remains in some bars, or sustaining totally in some bars to give your bum some relief - a chair is very hard. We are expecting that it will break in and take softer :)

The BETTER PART IN THIS BICYCLE? Fold On like this easily and like this compact to store in probably a cupboard a tiny plus in our house. Taken on roughly like this room like quell'whole of big plus vacuum. It is so only roughly 40ish the books and I have force very small of upper organism, as that moving around without @@subject among a cupboard and a living room has been utmost. Ossia A compraventa excellent .
5 / 5
Are a lot a lot pleased with a Marcy Foldable bicycle of Exercise. It was easy to dip near, is a lot of fact and seat a lot sure on that. Like another reviewers has declared, is incredibly calm and a pedal motion is like this smooth as it can be . It likes that there is of eight levels of control. A better characteristic for me, is one of legs of mine is in when pedaling. They are more advances that the traditional bicycle - more like this he recumbent cycle. Been due to of the this, does not experience any discomfort of knee to the equal that do in the regular bicycle.
A smoothness of a cycling creates the a lot rhythmical motion that finds to be the tension adds reliever. A handlebar is a lot cushioned and very comfortable to take to.
An impression of a bicycle is not that much smaller when bent on, but is the good characteristic to have . There is so only nails that the attractive were to bend a backside of a cycle to a part forward. Calm then insert/insert a nails behind in to resist he in a foldable dipped. He a lot amiably has drawn. Still with a no bent bicycle, a creation of him the easy fact for me to spend in the different room to exert in.
Mostly uses this in my office to house when I require to take the pause to seat in a computer all day long. It resupplies some exercise has required a lot and emission of tension.
In chance any one is looking for the coverage of chair:
has loved the little more consolation to a chair and I so that there is also has purchased a Sunlite Cloud 9 Gel spent of chair of the bicycle for exercise and cruiser bicycles. It returns a chair perfectly and resupplies some additional consolation.
Are happy has done some compraventa.
4 / 5
The chair can not be regulated, is so only for big user, are 5'0' big, the feet can not achieve paddles reasons the chair can not be regulated more under the apt creation , poor. It will not buy again. Confusing service, gone back an element because of defective, and has received the substitution, but this vendor deliberately has shipped a bicycle of plus, the on looked knots and when be touched for a 3rd bicycle while we buy so only 2 bicycles, but the be has touched 3 bicycles. Never buy again.
5 / 5
My husband and I so much love this bicycle. Have has wanted to one this was almost silent, light but a lot of sturdy, easy to regulate height of chair and tension, does not take any a lot of space, foldable, smooth and easy action to move of a room to another. I have not thought never in fact it would find one with this cast along some needs but this bicycle has it everything! I want that when has the pocolos small, can so only the jump is and take my heart rate on a lot quickly. I home I so that use for short intervals during a day. I maintain having to that a couch, like this yes am tried to seat to locate a bicycle instead. It does not flood out of a TV, calls of telephone or conversation at all, is extremely calm. It dips up it was easy for me, I so only seated in an earth and has looked my husband he!! It has taken so only roughly 20 minutes. Ossia An excellent bicycle !
4 / 5
Amur This bicycle, partorisca a prize, unbelievable value. They are 5 feet 4 thumbs, and can achieve some pedals without the question. My inner leg to the paving with the shoes of tennis is 30 thumbs if this helps any one.
The people have mentioned a control, I so only headed biking, a main control so only is enough for me. I am going the outgrow this bicycle, but hopefully, no for the year or two.
The people have mentioned a chair. In fact, has the chair quite well in the, but has dipped all your weight in the chair like this, goes to hurt after awhile. I have bought extra cushioning, still hurts after awhile, but better.
I deducted a star because yes you are short (or down 5'7'), leaving of this bicycle is delicate. A half bar is 20 big thumbs . To leave, has to pull your leg by means of and on a half bar, which results to be the little delicate is short. It would not recommend for any one down 5'7' the one who has subject of mobilities or is fragile. This in spite of, although you are short and reasonably agile, work well.
Would owe that it has bought this the fact of long time.
5 / 5
Are in 80 east and a bicycle is so only perfect for me. I have had harm and rear surgery of permanent nerve to my sinister leg and this exercise help me to strengthen my leg and behind.
5 / 5
There is enjoyed really this product like this far. I received it so only today and lugged he in a house. It dips on it took it probably among 1-2 hrs. Any part has been missing and the instructions was quite simple. Mark so only sure calm only plough some pieces when his during a step of installation is doing on reason can be easy to lose. I have done sure all was tight and ensure think that ossia the solid little bicycle. The didnt given when it tries to locate on that. It has been expecting my clumbsy self to fall on but was in bylines. The cushion Of butt is quite comfy and no irritably uncomfortable. A portion of computer takes 2 AAA to battery like to take the notes. Reason knows does not have the weight to calorie checker so that I am not sure the one who attack an account of the burn of the calorie is. To good sure would recommend this bicycle. So only it thinks that that I have concerned it is that they are 5'2' and a chair is in the a shortest setting and I have struggled for the trace and achieve one is 5'2' like me calm still can purchase this. You can struggle but itll still work. Any shorter that 5'2', probably would recommend to find the different bicycle. Too much of the hassle the uninstall, repackage, and send to good sure wont be returning. Another worry is that a pin that is removable isnt a lot sure when in place, are by train to ask me is can shake out of place and will discover punctual. I comprise his probably to do a unit 'curve' except precise has more stability when in place. In general I think that that it is to add and to good sure value a compraventa.
5 / 5
Has bought this for light use when I camp in front of a TV. Gathered the last night and tried it two times.

1. Assembly: Relatively easy, although I owe that dip the in a side for some premiers pocolos no. will require some force of wrist for presionar some dice and rays.

2. Measure: they are 5'6 and in a dipping a low plus of a chair, still has to that stand in my toes, or sustain on something to locate. No too bad, but has question of motion, be careful any to fall. Utilisation the stool of stops to be in a sure side. So much the one who other users have said was true, could not be for the shortest people. Once in a bicycle, is a lot of then like fully extending my legs in of a point a low plus.

3. Noise: No. A lot calm. Ossia Mine 1 criterion . I guess if he noise, is the faulty element. Of a box is big, any one sure like the lug the backside to any uses of Amazon of company of nave to return for a transmission.

4. Joint of computer: Simplistic, but work. I have maintained to paste a thought of the white zone is a joint of transmission , but an only clickable the thing is a red key . It does not use this characteristic a lot in all the chance, as it is not a lot of entity of mine.

5. Use: A level A hard plus was appropriate for me (I thinks this for real depends in an individual), and a level a low plus was too easy. I have finalised to use so only one 3 main level settings. It could update later after a plastic timing the tape is spent in, to see the one who different will be. I feign to use this unworthy my daily walk this is to be cut down foreseen a overcrowded subject in my neighbourhood. Probably for a period of the film (1.5 - 2 hrs, light cycling). It does not think this is to draw for heavy use like the car blown full like a Crew (but in $200 vs 1-2K, well for me). I have had upgrade to the car looked full if it is my only biking method.

6. Prize: I think that that it is reasonably he priced. It was much more economic pre-covid, but is still acceptable for me (July 14, 2020 for $ 200).

7. In general: Quite happy with a compraventa with which 2 uses. It will know in a future yes resists up after the months of pair.
5 / 5
Honradamente, am not quite sure reason has chosen this particular exercise is a lot of this creation , everything relatively inside a row of same prize, and I wager all relatively a same quality. I can say this same bicycle in of the casts of Sports of the Academy for $ 199 and is so only available on-line.

Has bought a bicycle of exercise of drawing looked in 2009 and can say you a first what that has been he was an odometer, then a pin of chair has failed. I have stored the complaint with Amazon against a vendor, although it does not agree any one doing anything, and returning an element of this bulk is almost more the question that he well.

Has taken some JB Weld and reaffixed a pin of chair, snapped of an odometer and tossed he in some rubbishes, instead--I revolutions of account and has been using a pedometer in mine iPhone to measure my progress, and some handlebars are resulted the towel racks, and has been that locates a hell out of him for some last 8 years. Sadly--The tape has been that slips for the months and I so only could does not take anymore.

To the equal that has mentioned first--I thinks a quality of this type of the bicycles of exercise is relatively of the same does not have a room or can resupply to the better bicycle likes the fact that is compact & abordables is the enormous sells; If I can take years like this a lot of went to this bicycle like them my old a, although I owe the glue has retreated near-- will be happy.

Will say that a chair is wide and more comfortable that has expected, although probably I will take the tampon simply for the protect. Also it is in accordance with a a reviewer the one who has said that a control is a lot light, included when calm turns it all a way up. Of course, it likes me to me the chair has been pedaling the tractor for some last are months so that it can have something to do with him but for real a control is not like this as well as my old bicycle was same when it was new. This in spite of, are trying loses the weight is on some repetitions, no a control.

Reason my pedals of old bicycle likes them John Deere-- has dipped on 10 lbs of muscle I really does not love dipped on to start with with.

This has said, is looking for consolation, that saves spatial, and affordability, if it is this bicycle of particular exercise or no, chair this type of the bicycle of exercise is a way to go . This in spite of--does not expect some odometers to last and maintain some JB Weld handy.

For me, in general, a bicycle is average.
4 / 5
Love this bicycle! It is quality really good . You can regulate the control and some laws of exposure of sound. Fold On enough amiably and accesses in the quite small space when any when using . Really value a prize, especially took it of then on relieving extracted for $ 99. It would recommend this to any any one takes the decent workout with minimum endeavour!
4 / 5
Inside the month to use one of some pedals there has been nudes around some edges. It has had to order new pedals. Then after so only 10 month of use (Only some last 60 days had been regular use , before that has been so only occasionally) a tension has the data was. Now it is the heavy piece of dumpster decoration.
5 / 5
A bicycle was easy to dip joint. It has not taken two people to fulfil! When being to a side of a bicycle and class for the press, a bicycle looked unstable. IN A bicycle, a bicycle was a lot of stable. An adjustment of chair was easy. In 5' 9' and shrinking, an adjustment of chair was easy. A chair is like the chair of tractor: big for my big butt! While it has not gone really uncomfortable for each 20 period of minute has exerted, goes to verify still to extra cushioning! A bicycle positively will add to my exercise regimen. Can use it while looking a tube. Also, a bicycle my muscles differently that my walk in a treadmill. For a prize, would recommend this bicycle to any any one takes some activity behind his life!

Additional commentary: A fellow the one who is 5' 2' has been interested to purchase this bicycle of exercise. It has tried mine on for measure. It has found that a chair could not be descent to a point where his place of leg was 'appropriate.' [His legs in extension were to a point to be hyper-extended - a chair would not go down further.]

Now, in a risk to invalidate a guarantee, if any of you is 'handy', a estaca of chair can be easily modified so that a bicycle in fact laws for mine 5' 2' partner. So only use the hack has seen to take thumbs of pair in a fund of a estaca of chair. Utilisation the hammer to drill the new hole in a cup of a estaca. [My partner has declined to do east. It has Had another subject. It is in the small paving and has not had space of extra cupboard for a bicycle.]
4 / 5
The bicycle adds. To good sure any one ideal for any one on 180 lbs, but is the good bicycle for any that tries to take some house workout in. A bit I last to dip near ( need the second person, sure), but once is gathered, is the breeze . Entirely silent to locate, moderately comfortable chair (although some people felt it has required the tampon). Has 10 settings of control, although 3 or 4 is hold quite strong for one in bicycle of house, IMO. Some bars of arms are calm also add - multiple ways to resist or lean. Cushioned And quite wide to comfortably of control. It comes with straps of feet, but some petals are textured/ribbed, as I have chosen to any to use them and my feet do not slip with socks on.

My only one with this that a chair so only has 3 settings - so it is short (down 5'4' ) or big (on 6'2') calms can not be able to find the setting of height of comfortable chair. They are 5'8' and use one dipping a low plus.

A bicycle has a counter of electrical calorie, etc that it can it you to him the use has dipped in the little AAA battery. In fact I have not used that, as I can not comment in this component.

Expect these helps of description! For a prize, could not be happier. Investment of the gymnasium of house has done better. To good sure take it casualidad in this bicycle.
4 / 5
So only With: I wish this bicycle there has been wheels to manoeuvre he around. Easy for me to move, but the little difficult for a GF.

A quality and the craftsmanship of a bicycle is excellent. One so only two calm questions require to ask is will level 8 resupplies quite control and a height of a work of bicycle for you. They are -6'2 (so only down) and utilisation a bicycle perfectly well in a chair a placing of big plus without shoes. My legs have the light curve in a knee for a fully widespread place. I consider it a lot comfortable and work well.

My GF is 5'4 with slightly of the shortest legs that mediates of presents his height. It has to that dip a chair in a lower place and shoes of wear or more can a lot comfortably achieve pedal. If you are on 6'3 or down 5'3 that could you finds this uncomfortable according to a period of your legs.

For a control: The majority of men those who are in the half form with the force of half leg will be able to use this bicycle any question. A vast majority of women will be able to use this bicycle any question. For professional athletes or those in a sub-pro the level will require to look elsewhere. If biking is your strong and the main athletic activity would not owe that purchase this bicycle. It would recommend the inner bicycle more serious that fully can fulfil your needs. They are the corridor and use this bicycle to cross train in days of not running. They are 175 lbs (6'1') and on average of athletic form. When I Use this bicycle, levels 1-5 is mostly to cover. I spend the strap of @@@cofre and aim to have my HR in 140-150bpm for a session. To achieve this has to that it turns 16 mph (according to bicycle) and be on level 6. Calm would not owe that use this bicycle to coach by force although the page of product could say. Especially you are in any one classifies of reasonable form. This would have to that be seen like the cardio car. It goes to do squats for edifice of muscle.

So that this bicycle has been drawn to treat a lot well and would purchase again.

Loves the bicycle to cross train or cardio this takes HR the mainly of zone 3 but possibly zone 4 then ossia for you. If you go to try to do a bit few classes of the calm on-line transfer probably will find this bicycle underwhelming. It would like to see 3-4 more train for him to be the solid hardcore bicycle of transfer.
5 / 5
So only it has taken my stationary bicycle today. Like this far, any noise any (which is that it imports reason exit at night when my toddler the edges is sleeping). It is easy to gather, work as well as so only want to be in a bicycle partorisca an hour partorisca do in mine cardio. Has plant fasciitis so much is hard partorisca me partorisca exit and obviously because of covid does not want to risk that it goes to a gymnasium.

Súper Calm
Easy to manoeuvre(beautiful light for the stationary bicycle)
the works fine

Unless you are 5'7” and on does not buy this bicycle. A chair of bicycle is enough on big same in a dipping a low plus. It does not import reason are 5'7” but with shorter folks to the calm chair like them there would be of the time the hard plus that traces a bicycle

A chair is really hard and my bum hurts the same plot with a tampon of bicycle to foam by heart that has bought

When it folds a bicycle there is this tone of metal That has to that insert you in a hole, is class of ache in a butt for the take all was and dip the backside on and on. The desire was more as the @@@knob that the tone.

For a money thinks that that it is the quite well staionary the bicycle yes loves so only use a bicycle for an hour. To good sure any to turn class.
5 / 5
Has thought roughly buying an of these for some time. Alive in the small paving and has has wanted to something could use in some evenings with which does. I go to a gymnasium in some weekends, but are not the defender of an after 5pm energy of work in weekdays. A quality of this bicycle of exercise is excellent, more so much that has expected.
Dipping it near is easy. A main organism is has gathered already. All a really has to that do is to attach a stabalizers, pedals, chair and bars of boss- roughly 20--30 minutes max. It is a lot of sturdy and practically silent.
Mine downloads of authorship is this : you owe that be realistic in your expectations of the product like this. It is around $ 130, as it does not buy this loves 'quality of instrument of gymnasium. Calm does not go to take the big impact workout or súper the strong control. It is perfect loves moderate exercise. The marks the rhythm To you cardiac will locate, will break the sweat and calories of burn. A control goes of 1-8. You can definitly feel a difference- but to the equal that have declared before, is not 'bicycle of control of gymnasium. My subject only is that a chair is not a lot of cushy, but owe question with the majority of chairs of bicycle. I will be to take the gel has spent for more than consolation.
Still gives it 5 stars because they are extremely please with a global action of this bicycle of exercise. It is perfect for me and is exactly that precise. I have recommended already this to product to several friends.
5 / 5
The chairs could be the tad lower - 5'2” and some pedals are to achieve it. Neither I will modify a estaca of chair (requires to drill by means of steel and threading a hole, but a sure plus) or some pedals (adding blockades). One achieves cause the hypertension that is more than uncomfortable, but could cause harm to knees. A bicycle is sturdy. It is not really foldaway foldable, but no very big. It is calm. Tension and transmission of decent interface. Any sure that the time will last. Some sleeves are too down, but am able to balance seating directly up without taking . Some the low bosses could be a subject for people those who have subject of balance, rear subjects, or require more force of core. It is simple to dip near for a person - took thirty minutes that comprises to unpack, reading manual, and installing AAA battery. If has more than a person involved it will take more along, am sure. In general, the good value.
(A USPS has considered this too heavy, requiring me to choose arrive - yours estaca local can also. It is not crazy heavy. I have not had any question that spends it to my car, uploading, downloading, and on two flights of stairs.)
4 / 5
This bicycle is sum ! It was able of the together place easily for me. There is taken on an hour and some instructions were a lot concise. It was the little hesitant to the equal that are one alfresco the person and I was fearful would not use it . It has been rid so only yesterday and am enamoured with him. Has a NY application of Crossword of the Time in mine telephone and deep to do the puzzle was an easy fun distraction . Before I knew it, it was in a bicycle firmly travelling sale for 15 mins. I have begun with 3 like my setting of tension. After a time was to arrive (my puzzle has been done) felt my heart in current and was the little sweaty. Has has wanted to do another puzzle and stay on that. If you are looking TV, a bicycle is SOOOOOO calm. My way has been of, 'bleh, exercise' to SPEND IT BEEN!
4 / 5
Has used so only he for a first time like this this is not the description of long time. In general I am satisfied with this compraventa. Well for a prize. Easy to gather, has taken roughly 1/2 now. Folding/unfolding a bicycle is easy. So only I am beginning out of a program of exercise, are enough out of the form and I have dipped a control to '5' (out of 8) that means that some levels of control go down more probably be useless for more than people. A bicycle is calm whisper . The adjustable handlebars would have been good (so that one can the whole bicycle like opposed to sustain down) but in this prize are not really also disappointed in of the this. A chair there is garnered mixed descriptions, finds it too hard, in spite of being cushioned. For the suggestion in a Q&An I has ordered the Sunlite Cloud-9 Gel Spent of Seat, Cruiser/Excerciser (11 x 10') but did not receive it still as it can not comment on that. In general, good value for a money.

Update: An on mentioned chair the coverage is the perfect access , but so only adds the moderate quantity of consolation. I am expecting some pauses of chair in the little, how is quite hard. I am gone down my original indication of 4 stars to 3 stars been due to a chair.
5 / 5
Marcy Foldable Bicycle of exercise with Holding Adjustable still Cardio Workout and Formation by force NS-652. I have bought this behind in March while sheltering in place. Works of small impression in the office of house. If you are on 6ft. Take a next measure on, but for me bicycle in full extension, 5ft 11.ºn And 210 is more than pertinent with 8 control of level. I have gone 850 miles like this far and is well. I have added the waters of boot, hanged to be, and the baton of monitor of the wrist. Has an appeal of low prize, but is the product of quality . Exceptional value. I seat thank you to write the good description reason inform of the amazon is mine like this useful . The bicycle is calm; one feels is sturdy, and a bicycle can be easily moved out of a way in a room. Fold To even the smallest impression, but quite small same when left open. Terrific for the small space.
5 / 5
My woman and I so much love this bicycle. It was very fast and simple to gather and to seat likes is good quality and is sturdy. I want that it is light and portable, which the easy fact to dip in front of a TV or computer when that traces. It is also very calm. It is like this calm that one of can the to us the trace even when another east sleeping. It is sturdy in hard paving and has included sturdy in thin carpet. A chair is not very comfortable this in spite of, but am sure will be able to exchange a chair was or take the gel tampon to go in. This does not have the tonne to hold this in spite of still in a level a big plus. It is abundance to the control is taking ready, but is already an avid cyclist I doubt this will be quite control for you. Sound the good bicycle, the recommend it!
4 / 5
A car has arrived yesterday. I gathered it and immediately hopped on he for 30 minutes, and trace again by other 30 today first minutes to write this description. An assembly was quickly and painless, and has required any additional tool that that is to be resupply. The weight roughly 220 pounds and a car feels almost like this in bylines like stationary car of bicycle in my local gymnasium. Some first trace of time, some diagrams if they wobbled enough the bit, but was reason have forgotten to dip in a pin of security. A second time felt entirely stable.

Perhaps one the majority of what of to the entity does not like : A chair is quite bad. It is very hard (I knows need of chairs of the bicycle to have some hardness in them. Ossia More than this) and has the bad form. A front of him is tightened too much and pushes on a perineum while you are by train of the trace. Without some class to cushion and/or bicycle shorts, your backside will begin to hurt any time, likes the mine has done.

An upper poster that has a screen in looks and seat likes is done out of economic, flimsy plastic, and if it wobbles when they are trace a bicycle with my hands in some bosses. Some straps of the feet in some pedals are fallen off while it locates today. If this already is that it spends my second time, ask me that often be spending down a line.
4 / 5
A lot usually write the descriptions but I have felt thank you to do like this for this bicycle.
For $ 130 and some transmission with which imposed, ossia absolutely value your money.

-Dead silent, there is absolutely any sound that exited of this car, legs a lot of wiggle, the pedals any noise, ossia calmer that my computer.
-When bent, Is quite slender and big, can situate this in a corner of your room.
-Easy to gather, has taken so only roughly 30 min, any precise any one other tools.
-I has done so only the test run of 30 min on control 4, until 150 in exposed calories, am sweating and ossia the good signal .

-Seat and pedals am far out of each another, are 5'8' and has to that dip a chair in levelling lower.
-Seat Is very hard and no comfortable, is not painful but recommend dipped in the towel on.
-I pedal straps are hule material very hard , needs to spend socks/sneakers or will cut to your feet.
-The settings of exposure are really a lot of gains another that time and calories, there is so only 1 key to change by means of some settings.
-Levels of the control is not that strong, does not seat that a lot of difference among 8 (max) and 4.
-Tin a lot really stand up and burst by means of liking cars of cycling of the gymnasium, this is to mean for you to cruise by means of a workout.
-Although a lot sturdy, this bicycle is weighed and does not have any one goes in some legs, calms that has to that choose up and the spend.
-Need 2 AAA battery for an exposure, which are not comprised.
5 / 5
Has bought this legislation of first bicycle of Covid 19 quarantine and Was the add compraventa. A bicycle is very calm as it will not disturb together down. They are 5'1 and it has been easy to use for me but is much bigger the could not exit too well. Has settings of control of 1-8 which will give you the good starts especially find the cycling exits on-line to follow! My subject only with this bicycle together with more the bicycles is a calm chair leave feeling sorer that a real start so that to good sure recommends the cushion of chair. A one has purchased was the cushion of wide chair x thumbs (LWH).
5 / 5
They are the university student (female) and are 5ft 6.ºn. One dipping a low plus for a chair is still bit it big where extend the bit when pedaling. Now it is not like this bad for me or my sister the one who is a thumb a big plus that me but for my mamma the one who there is not even 5'4'... It has to that spend his shoes to run with some fat funds... We think roughly sawing the bit of a bar was but has decided was manageable. In general although it is it schemes it it adds with the prize adds and was very easy for me to dip near. It is heavy quite that calms does not seat to like will fall on when calm uses it and is quite light to move around.
4 / 5
Has looked for to order a Proform X Folding Bicycle with one 2 hanged to reserve the together but he had sold is gone in HSN. I have purchased one for my husband the one who the travesías and goes with him. Has has wanted to one on its own name after the try was. It has Had the comfortable chair and was a right height . A chair in this Marcy is very uncomfortable but treat it. Also they are so only down 5'3' and a chair was the little too big. I have had my yard of husband two and the half thumbs was and a height of a chair is now perfect. A bicycle has the pin to resist he in place for when it is bent and unfolded that it is well. But a Chair! Ouch Hurts! East need the better chair. Have has not wanted the send this behind reason is too question . It likes him the trace while in a telephone and looking TV. A control is well and help to burn fat and calories. I try to locate 2 to 3 times the first day or with which lunches. It is good and will do for now.
5 / 5
Update: I have had a bicycle partorisca to the long of the year. While it is not my main source to exert still uses it. I have gone 275 miles and is still extremely calm. Absolutely it would recommend this to any in the estimativa and with spatial has limited.
There was now for the months of pair and has to that say are súper happy with him. It is calm, easy hanged fold , light and sturdy. More volume the good workout. I store in a cupboard of discharge and take it was 5 days the week. Now I do not owe that worry in my crew that takes on upper of spatial in a living room all a time or that my boys go it to brake. I have had crew of expensive house for some last 13 years and has has had to that the sell reason were too big for my new space. This really is the wonderful bicycle.
5 / 5
Has seen this bicycle in Faculty of Sport and while it was in a tent, has of to the amazon sold for $ 30 more economic then , under a bicycle and has situated my mandate. Assembly of a bicycle to good sure takes two people and is quite easy but taken at least 30-small to complete. Calm once take your chair has regulated, a bicycle is ready for you to peddle. Any keys of funky the disorder with, beeping noises, or elegant artilugios. A little exposure with the push of the key can aim you your time (while travelling sell), distance, the burned calories, speeds, etc. A dial of tension is also easy to regulate to the yours in pleasant.

So only the things of pair to remark in this bicycle:
Seat - look like this soft and feels soft but takes uncomfortable after the pocolos small available travelling. It locates on he for roughly 30-the minutes and he does not feel to like am seating in the rock or anything but, is so only very soft; any ache any profit, supposes.
Salda - Sustains far enough, advances or behind, a bicycle will touch. I have looked for to be while travelling sale, how was mountain biking, and has not looked for likes it was the good idea to the equal that have prendido.

In general, is the bicycle of utmost basic exercise where all want to do is pedal, ossia a bicycle for you. If anything, prefers this bicycle on some elegant models that hundreds of sides of dollars as it does not have the wheel, is lighter, taken on less space to walk, and is significantly more economic. To good sure would recommend this bicycle!
4 / 5
Note, are 5'0' and this bicycle is slightly too big for me. The desire there was a notch of plus for a chair to go down; it would be perfect. I have opted instead to spend trainers with having the habit of fat to achieve some pedals comfortably.
My fiancé, this in spite of, uses it a lot comfortably ( is on 6ft).

This in spite of, as any that lives a life of cubicle that begins of 0 fitness, this bicycle is well for cardio. A main control is not that big this in spite of, has begun was immediately in level of control 4-5 (of 8), like six returned already I can see is when being the bit of the waste. Adapted my needs I so that it follows happy with him, but would consider it gone in-crew of house of the level that more probably will take substituted like our fitness escalates.
5 / 5
Loves this bicycle of exercise! It is calm, smooth, taken on room very small, is foldable and storable. The majority of everything, the easy fact to just jump on he for the pocolos small and walk more than procrastinating reason is complicated, inconvenient or difficult to use! It would recommend it to any the one who has had surgery of substitution of the knee to the equal that have had. It has done my faster recovery and is maintaining my better flexibility that would have been without this bicycle.

An only downside can think of these some needs of adjustment of period of leg to be the widest row. Has long legs, and with a bicycle dipped in his short plus, is the piece for me. Another do another is for a costruttore to augment a row of difficulty. Has the mine dipped in one the majority of difficult setting, and is not defying quite when it comes to edifice on a force in my muscles of leg. This no in any way discourages or deter me to use a bicycle--just some useful suggestions, I hope.
4 / 5
Has ordered this bicycle to maintain in the small space. I exit while looking television and place he in a cupboard when I am finalised. Have So only he around 20 miles or like this in this bicycle, but really likes to of me. It feels solid and I really does on the sweat. My only complaint (looks it common with this type of bicycle to all the cost of mark) is that this bicycle a lot really accommodates the shortest people. They are 5' 3' and I have to that seat more advances in a chair to be able to achieve a peddles more comfortably. Probably it would be more comfortable if a chair is gone down a notch of plus ; but still I love this bicycle. Some people complain in a lack of control in a bicycle. Perhaps they are so only of the better rider, or better in shape that I, but has found a control to be utmost. This bicycle is SÚPER quite and I any precise to look a television to listen it on a bicycle and I still can locate when mine roommates is sleeping. A chair is the little uncomfortable, recommend this coverage that has bought (
5 / 5
Likes more other descriptions, commentary that is quell'has bitten difficult for me (5'4') to locate a bicycle. I imagined it it was that I swing leg of mine up in a chair, more than trying step in a half, is easier that locate a bicycle. It likes-me a fact that maintains clue of any only a mileage but a time, the calories are spent, speed, and plethora other things. My husband was able to gather he without subjects and dip a level of difficulty in 5 (of 10) to start with. It does not take long to do your way until a estaca of next level with him. Felizmente, hubby and am able to both use he without that has to that regulate a chair, included although it is 6'2'. He the easiest fact. Occasionally it will do noises with each rotation, but is not compatible. We had it to knots the pair of month now and am using this like this splits of mine regimen to lose hanged. Like this far it is doing!!
5 / 5
To the equal that have tried this one was randomly in my house of parents and was surprisingly solid to be like this compact. I have been he advances and there is pulled a trigger and bought one. Súper Easy to gather and use. You regulate a tension manually and for this I am happy. After buying the $ 700 elliptical years for behind the east has used magnets, will not buy never instruments of amorous again. Long history. I have been using this newspaper to add to mine workout the routine and want to it! They are like this happy bought it. It is insanely calm, solid enough to manage the half sized the adult that traces And easily can move he in and out of a room forward. In short I highly recommend this bicycle and am looking to another Marcy car to add punctual, perhaps treadmill or elliptical.
4 / 5
This bicycle is so only for big people with a inseam of 30 thumbs or more. I have measured a distance of a chair all a way down to a lower place of a pedal and has taken 29.5 thumbs. They are 5ft 9.ºn And hardly can achieve some pedals. I have bought a bicycle for my woman the one who can very included approached to achieve some pedals.
To return my woman with the 25-thumb inseam would have to that cut the 4 thumbs less than a estaca of chair. I can squander my time and disassemble a bicycle and send it behind or launch he in some rubbishes.
This need of vendors of bicycle to exercise to declare a min and max distances among a pedal and chair. Declaring the heights have at all to do with period of leg.
4 / 5
I think that to properly revise this element, in the first place would owe that explain REASON has purchased the. After all, people with enthusiasms and the different levels partorisca fitness could have the different opinions in the product have taken. Basically, I the plot and so that it does not want to sacrifice my lovely free time in the gymnasium. This in spite of, am really be that requires to augment my routine of exercise (or begin a routine of exercise would owe that say). Has has wanted to something economic and calm that it could dip he in mine living room and use while television eye with which does. Basically it has wanted to situate exercise in a half of the mine normal relaxing routine. Enter a Marcy Foldable Bicycle of Exercise. He all require it to. It is small and light like this easily can be dipped was has undertaken , this in spite of is quite big for me to take the good workout. It is also extremely calm to the equal that can listen a television perfectly while using it. I have it it used it so only the time of pair so that it can not speak his durability still, but is perfect for any the one who is very random roughly fitness, and so only wants to take the little exercise that hangs his day. The low prize was also enough the must for me, and this bicycle is extremely abordable.
4 / 5
Has been using this bicycle of exercise for almost two years now. It is simple but effective and taste like taking on like this of small room. Last week, this in spite of, are the trace and a computer would not come up. I have substituted some batteries and he still have not done. I have been to a Marcy put web and there is rid the report of service of the client. They have asked to see my bill, and interior two days have said that envoys out of the free new computer! Taken the today (four days with which said it would be 5-10 days), has substituted an old one with him, and is very better! Mayor readout and easier that see that it is informed on screen. Marcy Me Very happy!
4 / 5
This bicycle is excellent wants to save spatial reason is real compact in measure. With this be has said, returns really well in my small paving, but a question is, a height is too big for me. My husband thinks that that a height is in his point for him. An only question finds that the both a lot really likes him was of a chair of bicycle. An end forward, which is a tip , of some curves to seat for until where to seat likes him something is constantly poking yours 'zone.' It is probably one the majority to seat that annoying has not seated never on, but has ordered this in spite of a coverage to seat cushioned and another gel chair hopefully that help.
5 / 5
Ossia The shot adds for the space of small/and ideal room. It is calm and easy to gather (faster with 2 people). It is compact and any to heavy to move around.
A reason gave it 4 star was reason
are 5'3 and are in a lower hinge that an adjustable chair; and I chair to like has had a notch of plus would be perfect.
Another complaint that is comparable to the plot of some descriptions (the chair) really takes that annoying in of the minutes. But I am expecting to take the cushion to help this question. Finally, a work of control, says does 8 levels, unfortunately so only seat the light difference among some levels and would say it there is roughly the averages concealed. A control a harder is not hard at the beginning; but you cycle for 20-30 min and launch some weights in your arms and of the legs can take the good sweat in.
For a prize, is not bad, if not to impose you doing some adjustments to do up for a lack of.
5 / 5
An assembly was sincere and was able of the I without help. I am satisfied with a quality of a bicycle, and once are in the, fulfilling the law adds. My question of mine the big plus is that it is hard for me for the trace. They are 5'4' big and has to that really stimulate mine big leg to take on a crossbar in a half. A chair is too much big also, and ossia in his his place low plus-- although I can achieve some pedals comfortably once are in a chair. Respecto Roughly that traces and out of him without accidents!
4 / 5
Am impacted in as that surprises this bicycle is!! I can not expect the start every day took it of then. It has taken my fiancé roughly 5 minutes to dip it near for me. It was pleasantly surprised in as sturdy was and loved it immediately rid. It is like this small, calm, and comfortable. I have not had any question with a chair that is that annoying neither and have it boney butt! They are 5' 7' and an access is perfect!
4 / 5
Has had the substitution of knee six month previously to purchase mine Marcy bicycle. It is a compraventa has better done the long time. It was easy to gather and very stable. An only thing would change is a height of a chair. Has mine all a way down and is still has bitten challenge to leave a bicycle. I love a fact that curve up for travesía and easy storage.
4 / 5
Has had the habit to use it Pelaton bicycle in work. When I Have been dipped has been been due to Covid-19, has known could not resupply the Pelaton or to the to anything likes. I shopped around, read the few descriptions and solved in a Marcy bicycle of exercise. Now, obviously, it is not quality like this big like the Pelaton ( is light and foldable), but am able to use Pelaton and other applications with him so only well. A level of the tension so only goes to a 8, like this calm is not that it goes to always take a same type of heavy workout like calm with the Pelaton, but has done really well for me. The volume adds it workout going like this big to the equal that can, and create -- I am sweating like this a lot in an end of a walk to the equal that have done to use a Pelaton. I love this little bicycle and I am appreciated like this that chose it. I gave it four stars SO ONLY reasons a tension does not go like this big as it pricier bicycle, but can compensate. Calm still take the dynamic workout , so only really loves it.
5 / 5
- Very easy to gather. Súper Clear instructions.
- Foldability And the storage is cleaned and simple.
- The short legs are not the partner of this car. Still although I do not owe that the short legs have required still a level a low plus in a chair.
- Seat Is a lot of comfy. To the butt hurts after the moment but this calls exercise!!
- Fun and value he.
5 / 5
Are 5'2 and could not achieve some pedals. It has had to that return is to good sure any fact for short people! I am returned this element .

Top Customer Reviews: pooboo Indoor ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Has gives to a fact that COVID and California mediates of smoke of wild fire that has to that do workarounds in life to the equal that have bought this bicycle. With which investigation, has chosen this bicycle and has crossed my toes that was the compraventa well. I do not want to it has to that treat the turn.

One first what there is remarked was partorisca have to that as it has weighed some parts of metal are. Very fat and sturdy. My husband and I have gathered a bicycle in roughly 30 minutes. It was assembly very easy . Could have it done so only. It comes with all some tools and the parts have required partorisca assembly.

One on board clues of distance of the computer, wrist, speed, heart rate. A peddles is removable loves substitute with clip in peddles. A bicycle is silent when there is not any control. When The control is addition , has the low swooshing sound, so only likes is in of the bicycles of professional transfer in a has has paid gymnasiums.

A bicycle felt really stable when the utilisation. My husband hanged 245 pounds and he have said a bicycle felt stable his too much. There is not any game in a chair or some handlebars.

A bicycle has wheels in a front, so only like this of the bicycles of transfer of professional gymnasium I so that it can tilt and goes exited to see when they are not quell'using.

A chair is comfortable. Usually I have subject with the chairs that hurt my parts of organism but this a comfortable east. A lot cushioning.

Can not think that take for a money with this bicycle. To good sure recommended!!
4 / 5
Orders this in a start of our 'COVID social distancing.' It likes him-me the classes of cycle. To the My husband likes run in a treadmill. We compromised to take that there is wanted. :) But seriously, ossia much more compress that he treadmill like this returns better in our house. Utilisation my iPad 11 thumb pro (access perfectly) to register to a Peleton application and
classes of cycle. My TV of clocks of the husband and cycles. Has has used bicycles of cycle in a lot of gymnasiums and study him and I would say that this in pair with everything of them - some only downside is that it does not look to measure your RPM/cadence.
4 / 5
Update: 1/20/2020.

During prime minister of mine 5 workouts a flywheel has done continue it clicking noise and a bearings in a right pedal has way of date to the equal that could a lot of pedal anymore. I had it it has initiated it already a turn before I have decided to sustain of client of the email. Interior 1 now Nancy has answered and has explained a question has sent the pictures of pair of a pedal. The short long history Pooboo has substituted a whole bicycle and he will arrive in 2 days. A service of client is faith further especially for today of levels. After purchasing new pedals and presionando on a flywheel looks a 2nd week of workouts has been add (in an original bicycle) and no new subjects with a bicycle. Like this for now I love a bicycle and a service of client adds! It would recommend this bicycle.

The bicycle was orders on first workout. Each day has been there new noises and squeaks I cant taking rid of. Bought this based of some descriptions like any insurances yes have taken the lemon or that. This could be go back.
5 / 5
Ossia The a lot of the bicycle has built well. I choose because of a magnetic control, computer, and title to bounce water. It liked a better yellow colour and was $ 10 more economic. BUT - it CAME WITH A TAMPON LIKE The CONTROL, Is not MAGNETIC. I do not have any idea because has the different bicycle drop a same element. It is misleading. I have gone back and looked in some descriptions and a yellow bicycle does not announce the magnetic control. It is too big and weighed to return so many is in the now but there be wanted to to take more than making a mistake has done.
4 / 5
With which 3 rear surgeries and the profit of moderate weight during a downtime thought it has been now of gone back ready for a winter. Surgeon of mine recommended something comfortable and easily accelerate adjustable. I have not wanted to spend space of money as they are not the data-hard cycler. After reading stirs it of descriptions in of the measures of the models of the prizes and the different frames have found this little gem. I have been he advances and has bitten a ball and ordered it. A bicycle has arrived incredibly very packed in styrofoam with more the already has gathered pieces the one who the relief. In the first place some feet , then some handlebars , follow-ups for one the unit of exposure and finally a chair and pedals and rapes my bicycle is ready to hop on :). First things in the first place some records and the arrival is fantastic ,very a lot well has built. The durability will not be the factor like this the bicycle will cruise the long long time. I hopped on and immediately cranked on a TV ..Turned a power on ..Put a @@@knob of control and was to go pedaling. First things in the first place a TV has taken has turned behind down like this the thing is not so only calm is ultra calm !! ..As it has taken to a rythem of the pedaling has begun to touch with some different functions in an exposure ... The burned calories , heart rate , speed of distance ..Santo moly this thing has all an avid rider would want to. Total consolation his place corrects this thing is a bomb ! So only try that goes to go to the east is mustering on an energy to hop on and take my exercise. Seldom it gives things 5 stars and usually can find the complaint roughly something but I simply poden no. This bicycle is exactly that has looked for. 100 stars
5 / 5
June 18, 2020

was able to go in touch with any in PooBoo the one who sent the new pedal that it was able to solve a squeaking noise. A bicycle is of tower in action and working adds! Esperanza remains that way! A contact in PooBoo was a lot of responsive and useful solve a subject!

June 1, 2020 Description

A lot of - is been two weeks and something is was with a bicycle already. It was in a half to locate and all of the sudden when I am exited of a saddle a pedal accident beginning that it does the really strong grinding the noise every time has given one a lot on that. It looked during a bicycle to do sure any of some rays has had to come free. It looks he likes is something internal grinding. I have called support of Product of the Amazon to see if ossia the common @@subject - I has not looked for the repayment or the substitution, so only some idea on like this to fix this in chance was the common question . An agent of support of Product of Amazon, while like this useful to the equal that could be, has had any affiliation with PooBoo and any knowledge of a bicycle or regarding the fix. Has think that the support of product was any the one who could speak to a product, was more like Cure of Client of the Amazon. Again, it does not blame of an agent, but so only frustrating of his joint was to soyonitor a product.' Also, I informed that PooBoo does not have the telephone numbers so that has the person can ask help on like this to fix this. It is not so only the smallest click that it could ignore, is the big screeching, grinding noise that to to the sounds like to them something is for still pop every time I walk. While any one has treated and has corrected this subject! Amado a bicycle until now and so only love this question has solved!

May 19, 2020 Description

was very excited but sceptic to purchase this bicycle during our NYC to quarantine but has surpassed our expectations like this far! It is really easy to dip on, all some tools for the dipped up is comprised and some instructions were easy to follow. The majority of a bicycle is put already together. It would say that we wrap it to knots on downwards 30 minutes of boxes sealed to finalise.

Has tried moves it class quite intense out of a saddle with a Crew the application and a bicycle have on resisted! My fiancé the one who is weighed more than traces also quite hard and a bicycle has not done any noises or wobble. It is day 2 and has used a bicycle 3 times like this far without subjects! We will update this description if anything changes! Utmost alternative to a $ 2,500+ Instrument - this was so only not going to spend.
5 / 5
To start with I Any soya a soya of expert turning of Bicycle a normal person 5'8 200lb that looks for an alternative to go down of weight and keep fit me well
In the first place very easy to gather any precise tool pq door all that precise, first impression very solid and in bylines sees of a lot of good quality for the prize,something that I personally this looking for
Was one Is for my IPAD very easy to regulate the saddle and the manubio,very comfortable very silent does not listen to swim when they are in a section
The only that to to any one likes a lot is of the computer sees no of good simple quality a lot of but does the work the pedals the normal edges in a future changed him some clips, the same with the computer thinks for the transmission the most anticipated
For the prize an a lot of selection to do in your house
4 / 5
First time have bought to inner bicycle likes I a lot of investigation to find prize abordable with good quality.
Has been using this for 2 weeks now. It is it adds! He to his good work.

1. It gathers - the has not been hard. I have had little hard-time to attach a pedal reason have maintained to try in opposite direction. :-( Precise presionar on hard to avert squeaking noises tho

2. Easy to use - Well, so only pedal the. Ossia. That calms more precise that the inner bicycle? A LCD calm monitor of the quite info like this of the miles, calories, wrists, time, etc. Title / of the pill of the Telephone is perfect measure also.

3. Additional free accessory - calm Once plough a box, will see the paper with email address. You Email the like this said , then will send you the small boss that connects your telephone with line of sensor of a bicycle. Calm now can touch game of bicycle in your telephone. Little it is that annoying that it is not wireless, but with this prize, is spare. Some games are in Chinese tongue, but does not annoy you to touch a game of bicycle.
4 / 5
Ossia The solid product with the service of client adds. One installs was easy in spite of instructions quite poor. Given a right prize ( am spent to paste the $ 50 coupon) does not have any remorse after the month of normal use. I have required a monitor has changed in EUA of metric but a service rep this spends quickly.

Reason 4 stars? A chair is not that comfortable likes another has suggested. A fence of sleeve versus the adjustments of chair have his limits. A flywheel has done the noise that resembles has been solved with WD40 - at least like this far. Also it has taken the boss dipped to demand for a Qber application but does not have any information on to the equal that would do except personally does not concern me .

Any of these points is serious but he warrants stars it deduction. In general the good value for a prize and I likes him one a guarantee of year together with a good service.
5 / 5
Has been near quite easy and am assuming some instructions are well, has not required to use them.
In general ossia the decent piece of crew of exercise. It is not the crew: I have not PAID for the crew. He a bit noise; there is creak and click while it uses it. I am concerned roughly that the time will resist up. Although there is properly torqued all at all is “tight;” I can feel movement in a root of chair and handlebars while it turns. I have paid paralización “well” and ossia that have taken. It fulfils my expectations.
A computer so only feels economic and is flimsy but work. A headline of pill is so only junk, any comfortable roughly that resists my telephone and returns very bad.
In general am happy with him and I probably will buy another when I spend this one was (while the concealed does not spend too punctual).
4 / 5
This bicycle is awesome! I have been rasgado among taking this and taking a “free “ “ “” preform that had to 3 byline of year to. They are like this like this happy has been with east a! It was the piece of cake to dip near, trace every day (150lb female) this in spite of is when being sturdy after the month. Some wheels in a front he easy to move want to . It is calm whisper , included with a control cranked up.
When I have opened a box there was the paper that has said has had another piece of the free crew would send me contacted him . Well I have done and it has come the week later. I have not interacted with him a lot still but it was easy to install also.
Am giving this bicycle the solid A+ and will update my description like the continuous time in.
5 / 5
A bicycle has done like this feigned, enough a lot considering a point of prize. This in spite of, a @@@knob of control is undressed, rendering an useless bicycle. (Likely only 200 miles on bicycle) are a week out of a window of support of Amazon, but period of still interior of guarantee. Taking support of PooBoo looks the big mountain to locate. It has to that be an easier way to sustain clients by means of Amazon. Spending 8 hours that pursues the $ 5 part while still under the costruttore does not look the reasonable approximation for clients to be able to of the Amazon. I have not been never particularly diligent look in an equation of service of the client when compraventa, but first to move.
5 / 5
Goes to be now sincere here, are the quite big type . My waist is like this dense that swears has his attractive gravitational own! So much, I have been concerned in this bicycle of exercise and that well would resist up. Obviously, I require it to help me take my weight under control, but to the equal that resists until classes of transfer, especially that stands up and hammering in some pedals? Any worry, this thing surprised really. It has not gone so only relatively easy to dip up and easy to regulate, but is built also really well. It is extremely stable when I locate, included when when being the big low control and pounding was. A quality of build is quite evident when in the first place the unpack. They are an engineer likes eye in these classes of things – a fasteners (rays and dice) has distributed is quality very good and was quite thoughtful to comprise one to spare fastener in the each measure. Cela Say me that has has had people that draw this thing that has sweated even some few details. In general, my woman and I am very pleased with this compraventa.

A final note – a headline of pill in some bars of sleeve does quite good. We can slide our computer of Surface of the Microsoft to, any question, and will not move . There is the tonne of utmost video , FREE available in your video of big name streaming services. There is the plot of options for classes of transfer but also only walks of scenic bicycle together with inspiring music. We Bluetooth connect our computer to the ours stereo system and then mecer was to the class of transfer. Ossia The really fun, promoting way to go in form!
5 / 5
Full disclosure, of this bicycle has been aimed like another option to the magnetic bicycle and so only $ 10 less (the yellow/black option), purchased it not even that it comment that the has not been the magnetic control. They are by train of the turn, And some services of client has been excellent. This be has said, was still the bicycle adds is looking for physical of control. Nave quite quickly, very easy to dip near (less than 30 minutes with my husband). The calm whisper, chair very comfortable, good tension. It is a bicycle of whole horse riding , less than the esalfiler' bicycle and more than a bicycle of exercise, which any really taste of then has found of a lifting of bicycle up in a front when it jumps' (going in and out of a saddle) which does not have does feels very stable for me. They are also 5'8' with an athletic build like the smallest person can not have a subject same. If you are looking for the bicycle of exercise of the horse riding with physics to control that is solid and comfortable, would say that ossia the good election !
5 / 5
Has description of update:
the service of client Adds! The vendor has achieved was and troubleshoot some subjects.

Has liked him really he for a first month. He now squeaks when used. It has used to be very calm and enjoyable and now to the chairs like can break in of any time. An odometer is quell'has bitten economic and a plastic where situates your telephone does not remain never on and fall if your telephone for accident takes stuck under an odometer
5 / 5
A bicycle was easy to gather - has taken roughly 15 minutes.
A digital readout speed of record, wrists, etc. And looks to do at least as well as a crew in a gymnasium has used forward to a compraventa.
All celery a lot of sturdy and strong - I is still in an upper end of a limit of weight - 275 pounds, and looks to do for me.
He Prefers whole of seat (more than looking for, etc.), This in spite of, thinks roughly 5'11' is in a maximum useable date. If I situate a chair so that legs of mine are directly when long, is in a dipping a big plus. Then, included with some handlebars in a dipping a big plus, am bent a bit on. If under a chair the little I so that I am more whole, my curve of the knees more than me would like. It is not the dealbreaker, and yes was so only the little shorter or is spent a whole time that is/looking for in your handlebars, ossia the no-@@subject. But I am old and fat with bad knees like this seating wholes with knees like this directly like this possible is to that likes me. We send me the little adapter and code for the video game that gone back your mobile phone to the virtual run which looks quite fresh (although usually I am looking financial shows when I am biking in 5:00am).
5 / 5
These returns of bicycle well in a space has had available in mine living room, and was relatively easy to gather. This in spite of, when I have tried to regulate one seats how was able to move up and down to regulate for some different heights, could not regulate a chair so that it has not been skewed. This was a subject for me because it could not achieve some handlebars. I have tried to create a height of a chair to the his his level big plus, and this has created the bit of the wobble which has meant could not locate a bicycle in his his level big plus.

Has contacted a vendor by means of Amazon , and has answered a lot of promptly to see could me send another chair. Unfortunately, another chair also would have been skewed which would not solve my subject with a bicycle. Have there have been emails and diverse back of before until it has offered to do the risarcimento partial. It did not love me to return a bicycle because a nave would have been very expensive. I then, the service of the client of the amazon has contacted, and has communicated with this company. Like the result, receipt d the full repayment by means of Amazon.

Included Although I have had personally subjects with this bicycle, thinks more other buyers more probably no. Like the result, certainly would recommend this bicycle to another if a chair slant has not been a subject for them. Certainly, a company has tried to do the one who could to be useful for me!
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Some gymnasiums in my zone am closed still have decided like this to look for the bicycle to the equal that can continue my travesía of fitness. The setting on a bicycle was quite simple. I have taken roughly 45 minutes to dip all near. A bicycle has the good solid frame and does not wobble when they are on that. Easily I can turn a @@@knob to add more control in a bicycle for the more workout. There are the empty approximations some bosses I so that I am able to slip my telephone or to pill to look the film. An exposure in a bicycle has all a basics like a time, distance, speed but elegant swimming. Very easy to move a bicycle of one something to another. A bicycle is not like this calm like thought that would be but is looking for an economic inner bicycle to seat on and peddle to take some movement in then will recommend this bicycle.
5 / 5
Pooboo 525 In black and yellow. Received a bicycle today. My edges and I have looked a instructional video for the dipped up. A hardware was a lot well has organised. All the tools for gathers it has been comprised. I have taken the painful splinter of metal in my toe of one of some main rays. Raisin. It was happy has not spent to my edges. It recommends to consider spending gloves.

Sportive, well looking bicycle. So only looking in doing me wants to jump on and traces it. We weigh in 120-150 lb row. It was sturdy and stable for knots while it locates. I have found a chair to be comfortable. It was easy for me to manoeuvre around a room and are 5'2.' It gave it an evaluation to the equal that to reason any one can wants to spend more in the different bicycle. 1) A front fender is 2 plastic pieces have joined in some means. A decent swipe can leave it. 2) A toneless point can be that some feet in some 4 finals and a levelers is done of plastic. This is not a subject for knots so many there will be it mostly in a place, but could see this like the consideration one was to be wheeling the around often. A decent swipe in the doorway the corner can break it. Some feet are not done with economic plastic for any half. These are just observations . They are very pleased with a global quality and think it would fulfil some expectations besides a lot well.

Another reviewers has mentioned the noise when travelling bandage. A creation has to that it has been corrected. It is like this calm, does not have any sound until presiono down a @@@knob to control bit it. An impression is small. It returns perfectly in a foot of a bed and inside a width of the only sized read. Ossia To help my edges of special needs takes exercise during a winter COVID season. It locates felizmente 3x today and there be enjoyed to look some numbers in a metre. It is perfect. Highly recommend. It will update if any subjects arise. Very pleased with our compraventa. It has done for the special day.
5 / 5
Has looked for an inner bicycle to exit on. Reading all some a lot of different descriptions of all some the available different bicycles in the amazon had me has concerned that would take the lemon and has to that treat all a service of client hassles.

For any reason especially, has solved on ordering a L-NOW D525 and expected for a better. They are happy to say that this has surpassed my expectations.

Rids - Amazon there has been the mine rid in 2 days. For such the bulky element, would have comprised yes has taken the little more along but very happy has taken a bicycle in 2 days.

Packaging - Very very packed in a box. It sees photo of a box for behind a bicycle. It has forgotten to take photo that the look when pulled out of a box. A way has been packed, any part has suffered harm, lined or dented.

Assembly - All some tools require is in a box. I have not required to achieve to mine @@@cofre of tool. It has dipped a together bicycle in roughly 40 minutes. It would have been less I there is not dipping some bosses in a wrong side. It sees mine 3rd photo. Mark takes a wiring is on front of a bicycle to the equal that connects to a LCD properly. If you have dipped some bosses in a wrong side, will not achieve a connector. There are 2 bosses covers he in but a manual does not say that it goes where but is quite intuitive. Some bosses that come from a bar of sleeve connects to a jack labeled WRIST. Another boss of prójimo a wheel of fly connects to a SENSOR jack. There have it really any that a lot separates to dip near. For me, a course a harder ensured a ray/of ray in a fund. It sees mine 4th photo. There is 2 more rays for a backside of a bicycle. I have used any duct tape to resist some rays in place and has situated then a bicycle up. Then after ensuring a ray, so only has peeled a duct the tape was. Mark so only takes any tape is using any rasgará of a product when it takes for the try in a zone that is not visible in chance. A work to product is quite smooth, this in spite of...

Use - has to that say that a bicycle has surpassed my expectations like this far. Have So only has taken place together for the week. It is quite calm. A LCD exposed is functional but no attended to whole plot of options of exposure. Has an iPad Mini and is a perfect contingent. The mobile phones am returned well in a headline under a LCD exposed. It has it Fire10 that access perfectly. Anything owes apt main but could require you to move a LCD exposed. It remarks that a headline of device is the plastic piece that it is overlaid on some bars of sleeve of the front that hide some rays. If it would like me to you he maintains situates seeds-permanently, would owe figure out of the way to fasten calm. Has not founding this to be the question. If some begins to title when I take pill of mine, I so only plop the backside in place. That The adjustment Of height are adds. My woman is 5'3' and could achieve some pedals without questions. You trace and trace is the smooth experience . I have it it used it so only when I am looking something in a Fire or iPad Mini with the audio that touches so that there is not remarked any sound of a bicycle. A chair is not one the majority of comfortable in a world-wide but is not quite bad closing to convince me for the substitute but ossia always an option.

Good regime and expect your experience with this bicycle was like this smooth likes mine. The time will say like this resists up.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. The labour packaging adds and delivery. Any dent or scratches during delivery of this heavy bicycle. Ossia The populate and abordable stationary tape of bicycle flywheel option of bicycle of the tension. All of some components are solid of rock except a computer/of distance of the heart rate that is done of light plastic. Seat And handlebars are fully adjustable and returned and my good woman; they are them on 6' and my woman is on 5' big. A bicycle is relatively calm and can locate he without wake on boys but calm to good sure can listen a tension of tape. Ive Has comprised the video of him. A chair has resisted on final partorisca we after 2 weeks of almost of daily use but like another reviewers has mentioned has to that presionar a ray of the chair or he can move under heavy pressure.

In general, the value adds for a prize. Solids of components maquinales, big flywheel, abonos adjustability row, row of good tension, could be calmer and have the beefier computer casing. But to the final of a day resupplies the compatible walk and to good sure pauses the sweat.
5 / 5
Was in a fence for weeks roughly committing to buy a Pelaton. I have decided to try the a lot of more economic version prime minister to do sure has been committed.....
Based in some a lot of descriptions, has chosen is one.
Took 30 minutes to gather.
Downloaded Pelaton application to mine IPAD for
Bought a Wahoo device of cadence on Amazon, has stuck it in an interior of an arm of crank of pedal of mine.
Are like this a lot happy and has saved the ridiculous quantity of money and am saying all the world knows!
5 / 5
Well, A gymnasium is closed and again am obtaining hanged. To the amazon there has been this bicycle of on sale exercise with the coupon. The indications were a lot. They are not a better person dipped the together things. This is coming with the magic tool (sees picture) and an Allen wrench. These were all this is to be require to gather a bicycle in roughly 30-45 minutes. The instructions were the pocolos better that some Chinese means-English instructions takings with more than elements. It has arrived in time and has been rid for UPS. It is the heavy element .
Has used a bicycle long now and me sweat. Some controls all the work and a pedal action is well. He noise very small. A chair and the handlebars are easily adjustable. I find an a bit uncomfortable chair, but are not that it goes down my indication thus reason suspects a measure of chair is the most personal election . They are happy with a bicycle and recommend it.
5 / 5
Has purchased this bicycle to exercise the pair in fact weeks. It has arrived sooner that has expected. When I Gather a bicycle, has discovered that a coverage of a wheel has to that break on that. I have sent immediately an email to a provider with a photo, surprisingly his replay join me following day and has declared that they will send me a part of substitution without side. In just the week, has received some parts of substitution in both sides of a same wheel although so only require one of them. In the separate container, also send me the device like the present where pode hook on some sensors to mine telephone or IPAD; I enjoy to use this device that helps in mine routine of the exercise by means of an application has called Qiber where pode bicycle together with another. It would promote you to inform any question can have collected like this how was possible to his service of client in to solve any @subject to resupply like this to information likes podes.
A pair of things I needs to mention during a setting of a bicycle: (1) when dipping in a pedal of sinister foot, a direction of fastening is anticlockwise (contrasts the usual in a clockwise direction direction). It is my deception there is not reading a manual more attentively. (2) Some needs of chair of the cushion to be very very presionado, otherwise, will lose easily during exercise.
Am impressed like this for his fast service and because it was the product a lot very also. As I gave him five stars.
5 / 5
BETTER BANG FOR The BUCK!: I launched it it was 1/2 dozen bicycles of exercise in my life. They are not one of this power cyclers. I have decided after reading adds it a lot of descriptions to buy a one has attached to this estaca. This bicycle costs a small quantity of money has paid in $ 309 of amazon. It was a lot of easy to gather and a slender creation and weigh it are perfect for me. A course of the sensor of the wrist was also easy assembly. In a past has had to weave the line up by means of some collars of bicycles to exercise that expects it a lot of disconnect while it has gathered a rest of a with the. They have drawn for easy league. I am impressed totally with this bicycle. It is not enormous, bulky and heavy. Has wheels for easy movability. It is A PERFECT BICYCLE FOR The PRIZE. The chairs were another subject for me also and still although a chair in a pic the uncomfortable looks, is not . You the good work everywhere in a bicycle to exercise so it is looking for the bicycle adds but does not want to spend the glorious, ossia in fact the compraventa adds. A one in a pic in the amazon looks pale ash but has purchased a black an and is classy looking with an impressed with this compraventa. A subject small only has had was screwing in a LEFT peddle. You Scrape you he in an opposite direction that scrapes you in a legislation. It would owe that prpers have known that !
5 / 5
Has used this bicycle two times took it of then yesterday and like this far are in that loves it! My only complaint is a device that has measured a time and the distance does not look to do for anything but a cadence that is all I use anyways. They are not súper concerned roughly the and would not be enough of the complaint for me to go down an indication based in that. A bicycle is sturdy and a chair is comfortable. It was easy to gather and regulate like this required that. An I amour some straps of cage in some pedals, my feet sure celery and am not concerned roughly that the slips was. A bicycle is SILENT. I can it does not listen at all when they are trace . I have been looking in of the bicycles for the moment but some things, specifically the main elements, with regard to me when it comes to buy on to amazon but am like this happy has taken this casualidad and finally have my preferred workout behind!
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Had this bicycle almost for three weeks. Ossia A first time has bought to such crew of big fitness of Amazon. Because of a pandemic, has not gone to a centre of fitness for the moment. As they are usually jogging around neighbourhood in a morning. Now a time is taking cold, as I have decided to buy the bicycle of cycle in exercise of house in a winter. I love this bicycle. It is like this easy to gather. It comes with the instruction of detail and took so only roughly 30 mins to dip joint. A bicycle also comes with exposure, which counts time, distance, speed, and calories. It likes-me a colour of wheels with yellow also. I have been biking for two weeks now celery well like exercise in a room of gymnasium. Hopefully The punctual will help to spend my weight down. Highly recommend this bicycle.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. As has profit 20+ lbs to remain house during a pandemic. I have decided to look for an inner bicycle for some exercises to lose hanged.
Found this on Amazon and decided for the give shot that.
The setting is easy and took less than 20 min. is coming the tool to gather as no other tools are required.
A bicycle is weighed enough, the suppositions has to that be in this way to sustain the weight of a rider and maintain when being sturdy? It has not gone to balance entirely well after increasing. This in spite of there is adjusters in the each side of a leg to level it on earth so that it will not shake when that traces.
The level of noise is well, will not say is enough, expected it to do a bit remark which is totally acceptable mine. It does not annoy me while they are trace and looking video of Youtube in mine iPad without headphones.
A resistant level is controlled manually to be the red nob in a bicycle. It takes some taking used to like this of earth these bicycles with digital controllers in of the gymnasiums (but those also cost to plot more than this).
Once has taken a legislation of control , then was well to locate!
Some extra tips, could wants to begin with the low control then shouted it with which some starts of wheel to turn. I have found a wheel could be quite difficult to begin to turn when I have begun with the big control.
Finally is the good touch for him to have the pair of small wheels to help me movement a bicycle around in a room. It would be hard to move he without these wheels to the equal that have mentioned a bicycle is in fact quite heavy.
In general a lot well the inner bicycle and he to good sure do fault a purpose
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I have been looking for inner workout crew with which all has begun to remain the house and my girls begins to do virtual learning in the needle. It does not love any of treadmill or interior of crew to measure main of our small house. So only we are looking for small crew for this special time. It is a prime minister a pop up in an amazon looks for bicycle. Has so many descriptions. And I am them a lot attentively the bicycle of tent becuase still with the prime minister is not easy to plant behind to a box and turn. Has so many descriptions of people for this bicycle. So much the orderly and a nave was quite fast. A box is gone in the fact looks smaller that has thought them. But we plough, and has different pieces. It is a lot easy to install and taken roughly 30mins for my husband and of the boys, a good thing is that so only occupies the small place and he can be easy movement the different rooms with two person. It has dipped he in my cochera during a day for my boys could take turn for some exercise during a pause of class becuase three of them the schedule is different ...!! . We also moved to a yard sometimes during an evening with my older help. So much it can him to them look game while the use a bicycle. It is resulted my boy favourite “toy”, my edges would want to use he to exert while it has had the pause during virtual learning. It is perfect partorisca to to the people likes them of those who not having long to exit of workout, and one the majority to separate likes them is that so only takes the little has bitten spatial and can move around easily. I will move interior of my fourth when it takes fresher.
5 / 5
Buyer beware! The bicycle bought in December of 19 and the cane of tension is already undressed was. Tried that it contact poboo the company without regime likes is out of business.
4 / 5
It has looked for the most economic alternative to the Crew while any when being any like this janky would fall averts. This bicycle isnt Quality of Crew but he a trick. In general it is quite calm, has had to add some WD40 for some squeaks and this has done a trick. I want to that has a headline/of telephone of the table. He the really easy fact to do workout video. A @@@knob of control is the little finicky and no súper compatible. In general it would say it that it cost it one $ 300 I has paid, although I think that that it is trace in pricing of then quarantine.
4 / 5
Recurved Before it quotes of delivery, and packed súper well. The pullednitnintonour living room and has begun a process of assembly. It has taken my woman and me roughly 25 minutes to dip near! Once I have gone down he for an initial transfer. Had the substantial whirring or to the noise of whistle likes some other descriptions have mentioned, but with the pocola logical (and a resupplied fine tool) a subject has been solved for loosening on a guard of tape so only the smidge. Boom- not rubbing = any noise.
This morning marked my initial walk on that. I have not used a bicycle to exercise the long time but has required the low impact in-regiment of house been due to rear surgery last year. This for a bill!
Is small and access among a bed and a wall, which means it can store in a half cupboard. It is quite easy to go around and sturdy enough for the 200 lb doubts to take some going hills in without worry. One locates down and that looks forward to tomorrow morning! The bicycle adds for the prize adds (and a coupon has helped!)
4 / 5
I gotta admits that originally I have bought this bicycle for my woman so only, reason likes them the trace in a bicycle, and taste run in a treadmill. I surprised that like these works of bicycle. First of all it is inner bicycle easy laptop to move anywhere in your house so only takes the small quantity of spatial required, and AC can it is the thumb “of the need is Up” !!! As of all all is adjustable for your personal consolations of kiddo to elderly, which is One + been due to has edges of 4 years until 65 old dad !!! Everything of my members familiarised loves this inner bicycle !!! To good sure roughly that !!! It has forgotten to mention is the big quality and the a lot of looking bicycle...!!!
4 / 5
After a lot of debating, has ordered this reason have loved to begin to exit of. There is a lot to choose of on Amazon but this one looked to be one of one the majority to populate some. The delivery was quickly, and in mine leading of door in 2 days. It was so only the few pieces for the dipped near, has taken perhaps 30 mins for me. They are 6'2, 250 pounds and I felt comfortable in this thing. A chair is cushy, and a bicycle in general is a lot of sturdy. It is easy to move around, yes has required. It was able of the spend upstairs fully gathered for me. I have used my pill of Fire 10 like my screen and he return perfectly in a headline. I do not have anything to compare a sound to, but is quite calm in my opinion. The mine in the first place goes, has found the video of class of the transfer on Youtube and followed to the long of a more could and burned 500 calories in 30 mins! I have used a info of my clock of same fitness although a LCD screen aims all a info will require. Also, I have used my clip in of the pedals of my bicycle of street, a better same experience! I think that that this was the add to buy in planting to spend thousands in these 'another' bicycles of fitness.
5 / 5
This bicycle is so only WELL. It is not súper sturdy but no súper economic neither. All some parts of him “operates,” that means that some pedals turn a flywheel. A brake resupplies control. A chair resist (I follows 6' 200lbs).

1. Work.
2. No TOO wobbly.
3. Onboard Heart rate of measures of the computer.

1. It is still he has bitten he wobbly same with which cranking all tight.
2. A computer is so only metric / km. Any way of the transmission to imperial / miles.
3. A computer does not measure RPM
4. Some pedals do not have option of clip.
5. Some handlebars do not move front-rear, so only on/down.
6. A chair has the small row at the head of motion-rear, without frames to measure a location.
7. A screen of computer is a lot of dim, included with new battery.
8. A computer is very light and that feels economic.

In general is probably on that would expect when it buy a bicycle to exercise more economic available.
4 / 5
Ossia My third inner bicycle and fondly informs his like this mine, “covidcycle” reason really need the way to direct on at least thirty minutes to exert the day right now or will go given. I have had the cup of a bicycle of mark of name of line and the economic bicycle before this and this one east the half earth really orders . It is a lot of sturdy and absolutely done a work of the bicycle of big prize. He not having súper extra elegant, but those who still requires these when has telephones and of the applications? For a prize is to fly it absolutely. Calm will not complain it ! I have taken a decals out of mine because it likes the simple vibe, was very easy to do.
5 / 5
With a pandemic continuing bellow and the winter that whips, has decided to take this in planting to risk my life to go to the gymnasium. In the first place, a prize has not beaten can be— is the fraction of a cost of a mark 'elegant' and does a same thing. It is some people of bicycle of the exercise , calm does not need some bells and whistles! Especially utilisations with an iPad or another pill (the headline returns a perfectly) and a aftermarket sensor of cadence (I like a Wahoo, which is in $ 40), he the utmost pairs with an application done for a company 'elegant'—so that well that my partner and I call this a 'Poobeton.'

As the one who quality, is all the metal minus some of a fittings, has come packaged well and has gathered easily in roughly 20 minutes. Some transfers of wheel smoothly and while a control is embrague just in the felt (I think) tampon and a lot really there is markings, can crank he on quite big and feign is trace the mountain or anything. Considering you can take this whole bicycle for a cost of some trainers, is the no brainer. In general highly recommended and to the looks like will last of the long time for us.
4 / 5
The bicycle is relatively sturdy and easy to gather. I question a level to hold this in spite of, as you can see a tampon seats quite offset to a wheel when committed. Of note, this part is pre-gathered by a costruttore, any gathered by a consumer. It has tried to regulate several times without successes.
Modification 11/6 Interior 2 weeks of the bicycle of use has begun to do strong clicking noise of axial of pedal crank, squeaking in holding heavier. Unable
to fix a question, too late to return a bicycle. It would not purchase
5 / 5
the assembly was quite easy, included although some rays, washers, lock washers, the dice and the @@@knob have not gone easily has identified. Some instructions for assembly are bad writings. An identification of part in some instructions is not some same like some elements in a container of part, how is until you for the imagine was. After the assembly has been completed, is remained there a @@extra of @knob that has any purpose. A chair is hard and uncomfortable and has ordered the coverage of chair of the foam to hopefully fixed that question. Of then they are not the spinner or the cycling of street, a bicycle will satisfy my need for newspaper cardio exercise.
5 / 5
Ossia My second bicycle . It is Returned another and was terrible. It was same mark but the quality was literally terrible. But this bicycle has paid them so only 30 bucks extra and the take the really good quality bicycle. Very impressed with east a. It has Written the really bad description for quell'another although he s a mark has included this model is def amazing.

Updating mine rewiev. It causes the m sooo happy that has purchased them my bicycle. Yes it is the well a andso far a lot of @@subject. One the bought first of this one has broken the week. But this bicycle is really be although the has not required to return thank god. After a month has decided them say the better things of the recommended this bicycle to 3 of my friends already, but the m in fact happy cause my life there is cambiado.yo m in my daily bicycle for an hour for the month now. This to good sure is resulting my lifestyle and the couldnt be more happier. im Appreciated for my bicycle , itwas economic thought it to them would break but like this far eventhou
4 / 5
Ossia A awesome bicycle. Súper Easy to gather. Calm. Has all some the calm controls possibly could wants to follow progress. You can regulate he for any control wants. It is a lot, very calm. Easy to move around. I love it. A subject only is a chair is like this horribly uncomfortable. It will leave calm in ache for days with which trace. I go to order the gel has spent to see if these helps. Otherwise So only can locate he with the pillow situated among me and a chair.
5 / 5
Has loved a bicycle of exercise abordable for a house and this have looked for to be perfect. It was easy to install with a comprised fine-tool, and has taken so only the pocolos small to gather. It is relatively calm and like this far subject a lot of mechanic to speak of so that the toes have crossed. Utilisation an application of Crew in mine iPad to the equal that am able to mediate in some classes that to good sure motivate me to locate more along and in the level the big plus of intensity that I music has touched simply etc. The point of the prize of A bicycle is extremely attractive and expect that it is in stock again objective for another to try, for me highly recommends likes the a lot of built alternative and abordable to some more expensive offerings in a phase of bicycle of the house.
5 / 5
Has dipped are near for me. I know person the one who reads this know. They are unable to dip quite anything together. They are terrible at all of him. My husband he for me.
But was impacienten and dipped the neighbouring for me. It was súper easy.
And trace súper well. Súper Easy to use. I add workout. 10/10. It would recommend. I add workout.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Like this far we are to please extremely with a big quality of this bicycle, and look forward to years of use. A bit LCD exposed the unit looks the little economic, but work well. It was satisfied like this with a bicycle and his service of client that has has had to that but the second for my woman! This was a better investment could do reason is in a bicycle each morning! I want to one looks, a quality and some operations of some characteristics. Wonderful
4 / 5
Very strong and feels jerky. Highly it recommends to invest in the different product like this one was money is past bad.
5 / 5
Still although a container was slightly broken when arrived, am still happy with this bicycle of inner exercise, all a material still in shape well. Reason has all some characteristic common and basic, of course, worthy for a prize has compared to a professional one more has tried in a centre of fitness. Especially during a pandemic, has not been to gymnasium anymore. Instead, I have preferred I remain home and exit any time want.

The installation has not been hard. I took basically roughly 1 now to gather all some parts and components with my common sense and experience maquinal. It is the little has bitten heavy, as I have bought included the coverage to protect to walk. I create it it will be strong and durable for long time. I have situated a bicycle of exercise in a corner of a living room, reason I in fact liked to do a boring workout while looking TV.

During a whole installation, this in spite of, there is remarked that it could have the few points to improve a quality and I really want to share my experience. 1. I suggest to have more washers for a mountain of a handlebar.
2. All some parts (especially comprising ray, die, ray, and washer) would have to that be appointed and labeled more clearly in both manual of instruction and container of part. 3. I recommend to dip more the paste of ray (edge locker) in some rays and the rays for one are and pedals of cage. They have not applied glue of ray for some rays, but
so only the little bit for a pedal of cage. We would owe that take more consideration of these joints and connections with more than possible frequent movements. 4. A LCD exposed has been supposed to the slide and to close to a space has designated. But it was still I very free (any enclosed), as I have had to use tape and glue for the stabilise.
5. A headline to seat/tightener down is done in fact of plastic, any strong and quite durable. 6. Like the continuous time in, could require substitute a brake for increase or decrease a workout intensity. As I suggest to have cast of spatial part.

Another that that, in general, a bicycle of whole exercise is still worthy and abordable mine. It would recommend my family, reason also prefer to workout in home without accidents.
5 / 5
This really is not the bad bicycle for a money. A 'computer' the system is not a better but work. I wish it would have comprise a cadence/rpm is but has known that before I have bought 2 of them. Yes, I have bought 2. One for me and one for the forward GF. WELL, some be said, she reimbursed me. Hahahhaa. The communication adds with a company saws email. An instruction of the assembly is not in a clearer grammar but he so only take me roughly 30-45 minutes to gather a prime minister an and 15-20 the assembly a second. I have substituted some pedals with clipless pedals partorisca match these in my bicycle of street, but some pedals that was included was so only well. Only noise like this far is the squeaky estaca of chair. It can take annoying but for a money, does not have any sense that complains.
4 / 5
Mina hubby and paid $ 120/me he for both of knots to go to ymca. With which two months annul an affiliation. For 2 arrival of month to pay $ 240 and has gone so only once. It has thought perhaps it would owe that buy the inner cycling in planting to go to gymnasium. This inner cycling has awesome prize! It is down $ 300. And has big quality. An assembly is Easy have taken so only roughly 30 mins. A wheel is quite and soft. Im Happy that has done a right decision and save $ $ $ of a gymnasium. This bicycle is all I need!
5 / 5
The bicycle is really calm, with which trace for the week does not have any complaint for a prize that has paid. I have used a trainer of portable bicycle with my bicycle of street before and begun to spend down a rear wheel, so that there is finally has bought a bicycle of inner cycling. Ossia The calmest way that the trainer, can be in the call to fulfil and the person really can say are in the pedaling of the bicycle of the transfer was.

The assembly was simple, comes with all the tool has required a person can do it so only. Resisting with a flywheel is well, pill of use of the mine to look video to transfer workouts and one the simple stand is decent. An electronics for speed and heart rate is being missing of, but thus point of prize takes as it pays stops.

In general, the bicycle of transfer adds, pro is is his very built, adjustability is good and easy to do, and very calm when into use. With East is a chair looks it no last long, and electronic is basic, but for a prize ossia to be expected. It looks he uses the parts of bicycle regulate like this can seat of bicycle of street of transmission or more chair of consolation easily.
5 / 5
Absolutely love this bicycle! It is easy to gather and súper calm which want to because my boys are light sleepers like this taking it casualidades to really the exercise in some mornings is surprising for me.
Likes more already said, an only negative is a chair is too much small. With which roughly 3-5 minutes to locate your butt sees numb and his painful. I will be upgrading a chair asap, but ossia that the simple adjustment and all more is awesome!

Oh, And does not like me a monitor, his kinda flimsy and has done bad. But there are tonnes of the applications can use like his another of these smaller things.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
4 / 5
Good product.
1) easy installs
2) very partorisca working in office partorisca whole day

A bit heavy
5 / 5
Cool little car. I have been that tries to find ways to remain the little more active while in my work of office, has seen this and has thought would try it. The assembly was easy, didnt included require some instructions. Based in other descriptions have used some loctite in some pedals so that it will not unscrew. Has the adjustable control but yes go to tight is the little rough.
4 / 5
I recently moved and has had to that leave for behind my treadmill. It has looked for something to help me maintain active and does not have to that walk outside now that the bad time is here. Like another reviewer‘s has said, this is not for the diehard exercise freak. But to burn the few extra calories while you are seating in all the chance, ossia perfects Can not beat a prize. Súper Easy to gather.
5 / 5
Has had recently A substitution of total knee and has required A bicycle to exercise to strengthen leg of mine. This car will do a lot well for a purpose.
5 / 5
This pedal trainer enhances a knee and relieves ache. Also the utilisation to strengthen my muscles of arms. Lcd The clear aims, know a progress. A car is rugged but light and easy to move.
5 / 5
This car is compact and easy to gather. This in spite of, no really does like this smoothly to the equal that has expected.
Has ordered one, gathered and has begun to use the but there is remarked immediately that a side there has been more control that another. I have tried several different settings, but at all has changed. I have decided that substitutes the, that thinks that this one was defective. A substitution has come with an exact same question.
Yes, is possible to use it so it is, but certainly does not feel like this comfortable and soften he like this had has expected.
4 / 5
Has had the substitution of knee the little month behind and one of some exercises was biking in the chair to exert a together knee with another PT exercises. After finalising on a PT has wanted to be able to use something like the bicycle to move a knee.
Weaves to have of expensive models that has thought in a lot to spent this model was reasonably priced and does exactly that precise. I enjoy to use the two times the day and together with my exercises of usual knee maintains my very happy and flexible muscles.

Does not doubt to buy this. It is perfect.
5 / 5
Has purchased this for any the one who suffers to the sinister-sided negligence, because of the stoke. Having any function of a sinister arm or leg this compraventa was to help in a movement of this side. Of a right side has the full movement is able to do both an arm and a leg for a sinister part. According to a severity of a negligence can require use your imagination to resist a foot to arm/neglected the pedal but can be done. The crew of exercise adds. This also would do adds for any with the work of office. You can workout while seating in your office.
4 / 5
Easy to gather sure but is reason is junk. Like this light each one which as the pedal movements further were. An adjustable tension a lot anything at all. Also which annoyed the majority is that any where in a description or some descriptions declare a distance is calculated in of the metres. Seriously? It has had I known concealed and that cheaply has been the active fact has not purchased never. A lot he.
4 / 5
Broke it constantly. One the sinister pedal would not remain on. My husband has has had to that it presionar after each use and with which 6 weeks an edge has been undressed. I need it castellated die with the cotter pin. Like this disappointed and the hope has time to send it behind and no just dump in landfill. Reason he to amazon maintains to buy this junk for a PRC? With a lot it likes me he would buy of one to Amsterdam . A cost to ship a do one up for labour differences. The reason dipped all a computer/has DIRECTED characteristic on? So only something sturdy that I do not owe that to the launch was and forget all some artilugios.
4 / 5
It likes a lot another found doing of house. Sending 9+ hours the day in my office has been difficult. I have decided to buy this mini bicycle partorisca fall my office and is a better investment never. Any I so only leaves me partorisca go in the small regime, there is remarked that the utilisation when I am taking fallido, nervous, or in the call of telephone. They are like this happy that bought it. It was abordable, and the start adds my travesía of the fitness and that litigates against all my hours that chair. Highly Recommend!!!
4 / 5
The walking is a better excercise but him him of the subjects of knee or the question that is this little bicycle is sum . Easy the pedal with different levels. There is the @@@knob partorisca leave you partorisca augment tension on pedaling. It comes with the foreigner of light weight partorisca maintain he partorisca slip. You will require partorisca substitute this with the sturdy carpet a lot- matt of slip like calm with a unit will not sustain heavy use. The value adds partorisca a prize. It loves it!
4 / 5
Roughly this for my mother the one who has subject of health and during some a lot of surgeries is had and so that the time spends of longitude with all a time of quarantine in home does not exit so to the equal that has used to to do workouts, would complain in his legs and now is not really that moves the plot and sleeping all a time to the equal that have bought this for his and the enjoys. It is for his legs and his arms.
4 / 5
My exercise pedalboard the crew has arrived promptly like this fiancé but a frustration with a unit was initiated quickly reason has had separates that loses that I maintained to be able to gather and use a crew. I am returning he for obvious reasons! More control of quality is necessary in a department of nave!
5 / 5
For a prize, this are the treat well . It is very light like precise dipped the foreigner of hule (fat plus that a one this comes with him) down to maintain he of sliding. It is easily tucked was when no in-use and of the attractive was calm so much can peddle while reading or looking RV for some good exercise.
4 / 5
Was excited like this to give this to my dad the one who is an avid cyclist stuck in the office the plot. This in spite of a bicycle was unusable is like this light. Everytime He or I (when I have tried was) has tried pedal a bicycle would move and side to fall near of a point not even could take the full rotation. I gave it included my mother of 75 years in law to try and she have had a subject same. These only looks to be well for any the one who have had surgery of knee and cant still pedal all a way around or so only can go in a very extremely slow. A good informative was a turn and the repayment were a lot quickly to the equal that thanks for so much.
5 / 5
Has think that this would be adds for my grandpa of 84 years. Unfortunately it is not stable and a lcd only accounts to six and a time no tale. I have substituted a battery and at all helps. Has has had to that also tape a cord on or like me peddled is a lot disappointed in this product.
4 / 5
Was very easy to gather.. Any direction has required to gather.. My question is I desire has known as to read a box partorisca scan. It is frustrating not knowing the one who each stands of stops of section. Each section has the scanner does not know the one who each stops of stands. A lot the bicycle the main mamma has the hard time that uses it. His small feet maintain to the slip was and there is not any way of presionar some pedals
4 / 5
Sum of pedal bicycle. Works ledg muscles. Using he to coach for a club of cycle am joining a cradle. That can be bit it wobbly and movement during cycling. You owe that regulate some pedals and tension to walk smoother.
Has to that the use kills that it comes with or take to any coverage of slip. I enjoy this produced and calm once volume to the rhythm does not move so much. The tools and the hardware have comprised. Also it would suggest to change a pedal to returned your foot or shoe better, will require the Philips screwdriver for that but done the pedaling of enormous difference, stronger when it is a right measure and there is less movement of a bicycle.
4 / 5
The pedals fall off every time use this....
Like turn, but is spent a pension of window of the turn....
Are was in $ 100 reason have bought one for my sister and is having a same question.
Would like me gone back so much takes full to send the fix!
4 / 5
Hard to imagine was while dipping it near. The no returned ray . It has had to that imagine out of the way for my account. This was with which have asked the 2nd an of one 1st there is not matched some directions. This will do for now.. It would have liked him to be of the little more weighed for durability while using it. More to use in the any one matt of slip. The active rathered dipped further of money to take the better quality a.
4 / 5
This mini gives to add it workout these days does not feel likes to go to a gymnasium! I love it, and I have taken included my mother to use it; and it hates to exert! It was the add to buy and is transportable. Light.
5 / 5
Squeak, squeak, Something can use quietly. Also, it likes him I pedal, maintains to move out of me on a paving. A sticky tampon is not useful. In general, the desire had not spent of the money is!
5 / 5
Received it so only, having surgery of knee tomorrow. Easy to dip near but to the equal that presiono a tension he squeaks and any pedal smoothly. Any insurance to the equal that am going the like this. It will see to like work
5 / 5
has bought is a reason some descriptions say it would return under the office. This will not return under the office. Neither he well with going chairs unless you have dipped the chair against a wall. There is the way of the work.
4 / 5
Taste bc is of easy accessible & excercising while seating frames the difference. It can be moved to other zones of room bc of of the this a right measure . We use for our hands & of feet.
5 / 5
Has purchased for my mother to the equal that could continue house of physical therapy. It had been in that has it behind @@subject and has gone to be very active his hurt to walk, in order for his to take some exercise has wanted to be able to seat. It uses it at least once the day.
5 / 5
Works but is weights too many light. It moves by means of a paving into use. It is hard to dip your feet in some pedal straps
5 / 5
has bought this like the present navideño for my husband in October and does not have @to @give has had such the small window to return an element. Now I am stuck with the device that has the no adjustable strap that is too short for the wide foot of my husband. It is the survivor of shot and has expected this would help to build a force in his legs. I need the sure strap and this a does not maintain his sure feet and maintain sliding of a pedal. A pedal is also too close up of an earth and his paste of feet a paving when it comes from the pedal.
5 / 5
Has bought this for my dad the one who is not very mobile and uses this long the day!! The works add for him! His only complaint is his big feet , this in spite of that can not be helped ;)
5 / 5
I have bought it is a reason some descriptions say it would return under the office. This will not return under the office. Neither he well with going chairs unless you have dipped the chair against a wall. There is the way of the work.
4 / 5
Hard for the woman to dip joint. Any real sturdy. It has to that be resisted while when be used or is during a place.
4 / 5
This was the present in my mamma and loves it. It was easy to gathered and a lot of sturdy!
4 / 5
A bicycle taken 2 hours that tries to dip near n still could does not take near. Some advance of rays was in courts n a pedal was hard to attack
5 / 5
Can not follow any time neither distance. It has written the company and has not had never the response.
5 / 5
Partorisca A prize ossia the good piece partorisca have partorisca around a house. My only complaint is that it has them the foot the big plus and can not use he with shoes in
4 / 5
like that it is of light can move he of a place to a prójimo easy.
5 / 5
Has not been easy to dip near and the parts are not returned well
4 / 5
A piece adds of crew partorisca exercise that can use you literally anywhere, law while seating in your office, in home looking TV, or still while reading the book. Easy to gather, so only find the comfortable and pedal chair era!
5 / 5
I hate partorisca give the bad description, but partorisca me this was worthless. If I have added Any control has touched at all during a place when
has tried the pedal. Would have has had to that devise some way to anchor to a paving to be able of the use all
5 / 5
has Required the countertop bicycle for the therapy that follows harms of shoulder. He a work well, no like this heavy can does not stimulate he on and of a counter, but quite weighed to be stable with smooth movement. Digital setup was easy. The subject only takes a unneeded straps of feet, which was hule stinky . Good element for a prize.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Quite noisey and very light. It is not very stable same with all some extra. But I maintain to use the. I upgrade to the best a. For a prize is work .
4 / 5
I straps have maintained to exit a ray
him presionó multiple time
A foreigner has come with him has not resisted
the unit in situating sliding like crazy
the better work without one kills but
the stops of hule am fallen off the few times too
Perhaps the paste some stops of hule in situating
would do better.
Has tried the multiple paving surfaces
tile of forest of the coverage
better Work on forest flooring
Some grips in a background look to resist better
5 / 5
Looked easy to gather until there is @@give one of some edges for some pedals of feet was has ruined entirely. Calm does not have to that look in him for more than the second to see that I damage that the part has been manufactured. While ossia the so only he fluke and a substitution there has been the little better quality control.
4 / 5
Has has wanted to something light weight that could dip it under my office and use during a day. Bought to help strengthen my knees and of the legs after the car accident. State using for 3 weeks and I can say the big difference already. Very pleased with this element.

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