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1 Sabrent USB External Stereo Sound Adapter for Windows and Mac. Plug and Play No Drivers Needed. (AU-MMSA) Sabrent USB External Stereo Sound Adapter for Windows and Mac. Plug and Play No Drivers Needed. (AU-MMSA) Sabrent
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2 DuKabel USB to 3.5mm Jack Audio Adapter, USB to Aux Cable with TRRS 4-Pole Mic-Supported USB to Headphone AUX Adapter… DuKabel USB to 3.5mm Jack Audio Adapter, USB to Aux Cable with TRRS 4-Pole Mic-Supported USB to Headphone AUX Adapter… DuKabel
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3 USB Sound Card, TechRise USB External Stereo Sound Adapter Splitter Converter with Volume Control for Windows and Mac… USB Sound Card, TechRise USB External Stereo Sound Adapter Splitter Converter with Volume Control for Windows and Mac… USB
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4 UGREEN USB Audio Adapter External Stereo Sound Card with 3.5mm Headphone and Microphone Jack for Windows Mac Linux PC… UGREEN USB Audio Adapter External Stereo Sound Card with 3.5mm Headphone and Microphone Jack for Windows Mac Linux PC… UGREEN
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5 AkoaDa USB to Audio Jack Adapter(18cm), External Sound Card Jack Audio Adapter with 3.5mm Aux Stereo Converter… AkoaDa USB to Audio Jack Adapter(18cm), External Sound Card Jack Audio Adapter with 3.5mm Aux Stereo Converter… AkoaDa
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6 Sound BlasterX G6 Hi-Res 130dB 32bit/384kHz Gaming DAC, External USB Sound Card with Xamp Headphone Amp, Dolby Digital… Sound BlasterX G6 Hi-Res 130dB 32bit/384kHz Gaming DAC, External USB Sound Card with Xamp Headphone Amp, Dolby Digital… Sound
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7 JSAUX USB to 3.5mm Jack Audio Adapter, USB to Audio Jack Adapter Headset, USB-A to 3.5mm TRRS 4-Pole Female, External… JSAUX USB to 3.5mm Jack Audio Adapter, USB to Audio Jack Adapter Headset, USB-A to 3.5mm TRRS 4-Pole Female, External… JSAUX
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8 MillSO USB to 3.5mm Audio Jack Adapter, Sapphire Blue TRRS USB to AUX Audio Jack External Stereo Sound Card for… MillSO USB to 3.5mm Audio Jack Adapter, Sapphire Blue TRRS USB to AUX Audio Jack External Stereo Sound Card for… MillSO
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9 Creative Labs Sound Blaster Play! 3 External USB Sound Adapter for Windows and Mac. Plug and Play (No Drivers Required… Creative Labs Sound Blaster Play! 3 External USB Sound Adapter for Windows and Mac. Plug and Play (No Drivers Required… Creative
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10 ENVEL Headset Adapter 3.5mm Female to USB Male, Built-in Chip External Stereo Sound Card,TRRS 4-Pole Mic-Supported USB… ENVEL Headset Adapter 3.5mm Female to USB Male, Built-in Chip External Stereo Sound Card,TRRS 4-Pole Mic-Supported USB… ENVEL
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Top Customer Reviews: Sabrent USB ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Opens has has multiple commentaries in this description that declares that has have the drop in quality with east Court External USB Stereo Adapter of Sound. Has Has reports of the sounds distorted when using a microphone. While I am for my original description, has listened was right to attach these new findings, of this description is estimated commentaries what upper and more probably when being dressed for future clients.

has had the port of the microphone broken in my computer, so alas, Neewer 2X the hand-held Clip of Free Computer in Mini Lapel Microphone (2X Lapel Microphone) that had bought has not done. It have bought that cheapo mic so that has of the so complained in my build mic be grainy and unpleasant to listen in. As it take it a new mic, and no in my computer. I have tried included a mic in other computers, which perfectly. At the end it is gone in a conclusion that a jack of the microphone has to of state fraction and or the signal has not crossed. I have bought this type in how $ 6, plugged he in, and now does perfectly. For the who is curious, yes, can pose your into use still speakers yours built in system of his, and not using an USB. Only go in of the parameters of His of the Windows and the change. In a tab of Playback, marks your built in of the speakers a default, and then vain in a tab of Register and then an USB a default for a microphone. Has attached pictures as it knows that looks. The audio of USB is one Cut. Opened has Tried it a capacity of audio also, only to see so was, and the sounds find. You can limit your headphones in a green port. It has attached some pictures to give an idea of measure, and as it use it. Here it is my recommendation . A thing takes the place compared at most of devices of USB, which date a fact that is doing is listened mark of own past . It tries to do sure have a set-until where does not take yanked. I can see that be bad. I took it October 17, 2015. If it breaks or in in to the to anything likes him that, will try to take to update of this description of when raisin, so rough was in the, etc. So much of right now, that is to say the motionless computer with the mic that never volume of a desktop, as it can not imagine taking broken anytime punctual. Green = headphone jack. Pink = microphone Jack.
4 / 5
Uses C Half comunicacionales HS100B, glass free, likes imposed to try can any one when being pas synchronised with other cards. The accommodation is quite strong. The test of latency aims this piece is very hurriedly, only 10 mS.
1 / 5
For the who has informed that the law only imitates, has been disappointed to find a same. assembla Only enter stereo if you have not pressed a headphone jack all a road in and has moved was only ... I eat. I have bought two and this was case in so much; I have tried different headphones, as it knows is a port of USB , any some headphones.

Weirdly, Spent in that thinks could be the solution: I plugged a headphone jack all a road in an adapter of USB before posing an adapter in a computer. I have listened the crackling sound. I have posed then he in a PC and now is taking stereo when a jack is pressed in fully.

Remarks these products is not returnable (is not declared when the control was and very has to be -- please fix this Amazon).
5 / 5
It was cover and game for Mint of Linux 18.1, and almost certainly anterior versions. It laughs when it considers how long spent to try to do a Realtek laws of audio in my motherboard. All has required was $ to take this dongle.

Use 'audio of powder' as scripting a volume of the file of order is conformed in this way:
$ pactl conjoint-tank-volume 9 -5% low volume for 5%, also accepts +10%, 20db, 50%, or multiply p. . 1.1 .
A 9 has been obtained to write 'pactl ready' and looking for 'Device of Audio of the USB'. In my case, to listing likes him to him the ink 9'.

A quality of audio is 'very', but can find better. Some of some revises also queixen in entrance of low microphone. It has not tried. Perfecto for me.
4 / 5
Still although my Mac(s) has any problem with his built-in of the sounds to accuse hardware, chosen for on one of these rigidly to use with some program that uses to signals of processes of audio for my give support (Ham) radios like the mere solution to prevent unwittingly broadcasting something does not want to go in an air like iMessage pings, new email bongs, and my iTunes. The works add. I have configured my radio programs to use this usb dongle to handle audio, while all more goes in a native built-in audio. It opens No longer it was necessary preoccupy in accidently that resulted the radio of musician that canal of emissions...!

That is to say for digital roads like APRS/PSK31, SSTV. For roads of voices of equivalents regarding a EchoLink knot, look elsewhere. Work, but is very tinny.
4 / 5
My headphone the jack in my laptop has broken, as I have purchased this cual the substitution. Work well, although I need to do sure yours USB is plugged all a road in, as well as your receiver otherwise will remain without audio. I seat like a jack in this USB is the small loose, so that my headphones are exited from time to time. Another that that even so, does not seat his changed a quality of an audio. Still Strong and well so never. It IS easy to use too much, covers only calm he in your laptop and you are well to go. A thing will mention is a microphone. This has the mic jack, and interferes with your built-in mic. It does not have an external mic, as I found it that nettles that an USB took on my mic still although at all it was plugged in. There it is fixed he in that, even so! In of the windows, many-clicks an icon of of the one of the west and the click these devices of records. Right click your laptop mic, calm click what default device' and again as'calm what default device comunicacional' and is fixed. I have to do this every time can in my laptop and he are troubling, but only necessary to do if you skype or record often using the microphone of your laptop.
5 / 5
TL;Dr. (Also, Long; he no read) Version

has Bought to fix the port of the audio has broken.

A sake
- alternative Cheap and mere/fixed for the port of the audio has broken that it cost it the pair of dollars of hundred to take fixed.
- Mere and easy to use. It covers only he in and your computer automatically will install a necessary engine (has taken less than 30 bren).
- The quality of his comparable east in your audio regulates port beginning.
- A Type of USB of uses of connector-A; Stereo jack to start with and Cute microphone-jack of entrance.
- No the external power has required.
- Driverless And compatible for Windows 98/10/ME/2000/XP/Server 2003/View/7/8/Linux/Mac OSX.

A bad
- Only compatible with computers with the port of USB (these users of ways of Apple with a laptop of new model would require an adapter.
- IS quite bulky to limit-in and the clave was (like any adapter). I add for motionless uses or connected in the canal of work.

IS value he? Yes. It IS cheap and an easy to use device to take your beginning of audio of your computer.

The yours responses, Our Questions:

has required has built-in card of his in my laptop to use this?

No. This jack of USB is all a software /of necessity of hardware.

These laws with Windows 10?

He still. Work with Windows 98/10/ME/2000/XP/Server 2003/View/7/8/Linux/Mac OSX.

Owes the limit in a short usb external stereo adapter of his in my computer and seeds my headphones well?

He still. It leaves an USB to install a first necessary engine before you use some headphones.
5 / 5
Petit, economic, COSTS of sounds, and work! I record the audio maintains of church in the morning of Sunday. Had the bit of the buzzes which are common when using the ports of his interns of the laptop, as I have bought this to isolate a problem. The still calm the noise of small backdrop, but was able to imagine the era is coming from a blender in place of a laptop. This was to limit 'n game without the necessary additional engine in of the Windows 10. Just works!

Is not a audiophile, but these looks to produce quality of audio so decent in an entrance and beginning.

Pro Tip: leaves of Windows to appoint your devices of audio. This one is appointed now 'USB Thingy'
-parameters of His
-Selects entrance, swipes [Properties]
-Renames in a box in an upper then punches [VAL]
1 / 5
I have bought recently the Sennheiser Touches A gaming headset ( And has bought one Short Adapter of USB since was the compraventa suggested with a headset. Has a lot of descriptions add. He no right. Has the Mac, and also has Windows 10 in Bootcamp where touches some Windows only games what Overwatch and Fate 2. Using a device of Cut of USB with a headset, had his decent, but mic the entrance was supremely down in so good and Windows 10. I googled all the classes of fixed and has downloaded included the volume booster that only done in my sound of voice likes him craps. I reread Some revises more carefully and found a critical description, this there has been an explanation of why these adapters of USB no anymore. It counts that the cut is gone down a voltage in his product and obviously has not said any one, or offers a difference in a description. It open it there is the dynamic mic headset can do of any need any power.

In all the case, has bought a Sennheiser PCV 05 Combo Adapter of Audio of Amazon ( And when plugged in in well had the ENORMOUS world of difference and sounded fantastic. Each did to comprise a microphone. Quan I rebooted in of the Windows 10, headset sounded awesome, but Windows 10 would not recognise a microphone and has had generic recognition of a headset altogether. Has had to Mac the computer built-in mic for tongue with people. I have called in Sennheiser directly. They have counted that a wiring in Mac and PC is is different, and still although a Windows 10 east in the Mac, still sees devices differently that Mac. It issues it was his adaptadora of USB of the mark for free since has bought already his headset and another adapter of his mark.

Took it today, and is blown out of a difference. Perfectly it does in so good and Windows 10. Have had to headset volume and volume of the microphone entered so that it was so strong. The tan there is not any apology for the adapter Cut of USB any one to do. I have called Amazon and was refunded a money of Cut has the any one civilises of tower.

Pay the small more and for a mark instead. Any sure if some the good descriptions are bought or of a creation of anterior product, but again very COMPRAVENTA to save money. It is not to estimate he.
5 / 5
I have bought this for my Mac so that have wanted to to record and be able to listen to control auricular a same time, and this has done adds. Having two jacks in place of a level of Apple the jack only was really well.

How take it the small Lenovo to run the program of the musician in satisfied, has Taken he when conforming and hooked he up, and has spent at all. Doh! I have launched felizmente this in a stock exchange. Hooked He up and law perfectly. I have required access of internet for a PC to recognise an adapter, but once take concealed and restarted, all was a lot. I sound has had to repente in a PC. I have changed behind and it advances among a MacBook and a PC in a satisfied in four days and a lot once has the problem. His in a conforms was adds.

While Remarked in another description, is the small big, as I plugged he in the usb hub when required in. Any subject there. A lot it is the tool adds that it gives to estimate for a prize. In light that required, could buy another he so that it can have or in a desktop in a house and one in a stock exchange if trip. For me, this was money is very past.

Top Customer Reviews: DuKabel USB to ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
The cost has verified This adapter gives and receives quality of his excellent. To good sure prefers this adapter with a pigtail likes to take more room that the normal USB, when plugged to the laptop. A product is of exceptional quality, and a pigtail the boss is of a same big quality. It covers so only your headphones to adapter, and adapter of propiciadas your computer, your computer will recognise an adapter, and will have reception of convenient quality. I have not received any type of risarcimento partorisca east or a lot another of my descriptions.
4 / 5
The cost verified does not want to rebuy each boss has when I have bought the new telephone with USB c like this this was perfect. That is has included he better is that This also works with Micro accessory of USB, meaning some lines of law of data. Has the usb inspection cam and the USB the thermal camera and other adapters have failed to leave them work with my note 9 but this law of adapters.
5 / 5
Verified purchases It just works. It covers and game, any gimmick characteristic, the sound is cleaned and decent. No a quality of his better (i.et., Any audiophile quality), but enough well to be used with headphones of big final. Very better that Bluetooth audio. It give 4.5 stars to a sound, but does not leave me to give half star. I do not want to mislead another that ossia the poor product , as I gave it 5 stars.
4 / 5
The cost has verified These adapters are awesome! My sister and I were in the travesa and both of our telephones have died. Still although we have had our banks partorisca be able to fully touched and with us, forgets like this usual a boss partorisca light so it could not touch until we are partorisca go back in a hotel. These would have saved a lot so only in this travesa but a lot another time. These are to good sure something partorisca have around. The maintaining his maintenances with my bank partorisca be able to and that way not having never a subject forget my boss of lightning again.
4 / 5
The cost checked has Bought this reason my gaming the laptop so only has an audio in jack and my gaming headset has the entrance of speaker jack and the entrance of separate microphone jack. This adapter is exactly that necesit.un the adapter is excellent. It looks and it feels he likes quality of the price and some connections are a lot stagnate to which like him to him the plot. I have not experienced any reduction in quality of his for some speakers or microphone neither. I produce it adds in the price adds!
4 / 5
The cost has verified This was the compraventa very economic and law perfectly with my computer. The audio of my computer jack has failed partorisca do properly, as I have used a conversor of the his of the USB and cast! It was once again able to listen my music, and video in my computer. A quality of his east orders, without any sprains. Compraventa Excellent, in the price adds.
5 / 5
The cost has verified A adaptadora the work adds. It feels sturdy and well has done. A quality of his excellent east and can listen all a lot clearly. My works of microphone perfectly when I use with this adapter and my voice is chosen also on a lot clearly.
5 / 5
The cost has verified A cord is to good sure any 30cm. Although it calms partorisca some reason has added one covers of USB he and of the discharges, is cut still for 2cm.

Are sure is a lot of stops more than users, but has required unfortunately accuracy.
5 / 5
The cost has verified This element has arrived is own packaging and was a lot of packaged. Look so that it describe. This in spite of this has not been a type has required. An USB in this device is viril. I have required the woman of USB so that I need.
5 / 5
The cost verified has attached this usb the adapter to mine controls which is connected my laptop . There is remarked any degradation of his or sprain. It say that this device is the success . A usb the adapter is quality quite good. A boss has a weave feel, as it feels hard. Highly it recommends this product.

Top Customer Reviews: USB Sound Card, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
The cost has checked I recent found treat it a lot well in the professional note has suspended mic partorisca std mini discharges (the measures have included like telephone of typical boss jack would find on more portable and computer) entrance. I plugged that mic to the mine newish MacBook Pro and expsito that Each SOUND was has collected precisely! Using auricular of studio, replay of a register of voice has collected was perfect to the equal that was ALL of some small sounds in a background that there is not remarked was there, clear to the equal that can be. The mine that registers A lot early in the morning of Sunday before any one would be up. Brooks Subtiles in a house that does not hear never was stunningly clear, the birds am gone in an external distance, the windows and the doors there is shut, was also stunningly taken in perfect replication! Like this yes, you take the shot adds in the really good mic but this adapter resembled NO muddy a resultant register in a slightest! I am pleased enough! My only worry was a unit felt the little economic, leaving with a sense that would require to be very sweet with era I to take the decent lifespan out of him...
5 / 5
The cost checked Partorisca $ 13 ossia the paper of external sound quite good. My headphone jack for my computer is in a backside and is too of the hassle for me to achieve behind there covers he in my headphones. Ossia The alternative sum . No longer I owe that achieve around my computer every time wants to use my headphones. Also it has his control of own volume how is a lot if your headphones do not take like this strong to the equal that want of just the volume of your computer.

This was a lot covers n the game and any engine has been required. You grieve I plugged this in has begun to do. I can not say the difference in quality of a headphone jack in my computer but a quality of his to good sure does not diminish . Ossia The paper of his utmost external for the price adds!
5 / 5
The cost has checked I work in a L world-wide and chair that this is not so only the good solution partorisca the consumer but also partorisca we the one who does there like the tool partorisca try, yes has limited the crew and calm wants to verify him he peripherical is broken or a computer is, can spend this in your box of tool and the try quickly. A sound is quite decent, is not an amplifier and will not augment some bass out of expensive headphones like the FiiO will do, but is the solution adds especially for the oldest computers.
4 / 5
The cost checked If you do not have the Microphone, Headphone, or Combination jack in your computer, this to the solution adds. I leave partorisca use my cellphone auricular like the microphone also.
Has two main subjects have with him. A prime minister can be the subject of engine or a subject with my PC, but there is the hissing his that takes stronger when a volume of PC is gone down to 86 of 100 and then progressively calmer. If management a knob in a paper down the bit, a hissing goes was, but lose some volume. Another subject is a knob he. Any one a detent one gives it a clicky feedback when I twist failure, or is otherwise so only does not do a lot very the done a knob hard to turn sometimes.
4 / 5
The cost has checked has taken this reason a mic was key in mine real headset is strong when they are in the cat of party and this without doing the sound mutates my mic, look of same person. More comes with the separate mic and audio jack as well as the only 2 in 1 jack and control of volume. The device adds that the yours audio gone back jack headset to the usb headset more joined another characteristic has mentioned, value a compraventa.
5 / 5
The cost verified has had the laptop with the broken headphone jack, as it orders this paper of his like this the substitution and is taking a work done. It averts partorisca hang of a laptop, and be of knob of the volume kinda wobbly, does not see a lot another with. Work with the sonic windows partorisca auricular, where can take you virtual surround his of any stereo auricular. I also like a fact that takes separate mic, auricular, and headphone mic combo (headset) jacks together with mic transmission and audios keys mutate. I add compraventa!!
5 / 5
The cost checked in my description of this product, was unsure if his use would cut of a start of a headphone jack in a computer. A response is ' '. More precisely, a computer (at least Macs) so only will recognise a device of the start and an user has to that do the election duquel one. If one east looking for ways to leave touch, concealed probably will require an expensive joint. Otherwise, This little type a trick and I have it plugged to the hub.
4 / 5
The cost has verified An audio jack in my leaves of laptop partorisca do. This was a 'easy to use & connect' fix thus question! Hostel and enjoy a fact that comes with soyute' characteristic of mine headset has not had this option (control of only volume). Like this far a product has done well and is quite easy to ignore a dangle in slope for a part, lol. I add the nave fixed , quickly, and the reasonable price also :)
5 / 5
The cost has checked oh man, this thing has saved my life! (lol More as my patience, but right of what same?) Has the neewer mic that my fianc left the use and I could do not taking to do for anything. All has required them was this. Now you can them easily record with my microphone and listen to the that im producing. More this second headphone jack is awesome, ossia the election adds partorisca podcasters that loves the together economic up!!
5 / 5
The cost has verified at present are having subject with any one my paper of his engine or my audio jack but, am too lazy to imagine was that. Buying this Paper of his of the USB was an easy solution and has been doing perfectly partorisca me. It is annoying partorisca have the dongle partorisca connect my headset but, some works of product well without audio lag or static. Highly it recommends that these products want to be lazy taste.

Top Customer Reviews: UGREEN USB Audio ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Wow. Very you it does not fulfil to require something tills for the buy. I have bought the new dell 3650. I plugged in my speakers of computer that is Logitech Z323 2.1 gesture ( two satellite and a sub-woofer). Quan Turns a dial of volume up in 50% could listen the static noise that comes from/comes from my speakers. To arrive to this point am coming to conclude, has taken the Dell defective. As I exchanged it a next day for a Dell same exact models 3650. Although, included in an again exchanged PC has remarked a same static noise was present still . Also have the Dell 660s cual has tried my speakers on and work well. Cela Took me to imagine that had the defect in a creation of a motherboard in a new dell 3650 which are the disappointment . So that it is that I took me to buy the UGREEN card of his external. Chico, has to say that the has not listened never my speakers sound so utmost in my life. Included when has my speakers they plugged in my Dell 660s embedded card to sound some speakers do not sound so crisp while they do when using a UGREEN card of his external. Any one only was a static gone, but a global quality of sounds to come from my speakers was far more upper, period. It opens Cela has this very small card of the sound does not think can do without. Although and purchase another computer with Defects of Zeros, goes to use still this card to sound to take that the extra rich quality sounds these products of card. Defiantly Appreciates this small device. The better part is different other cards of his external that has the escuba' creation. This one has the low extension designs that spent and ensures your not blocking of any another usb the ports or cover them in back of your PC while it uses this card of sound. Finally, Two inches up! He thank you UGREEN!
5 / 5
First - I am old. I am frugal. I am hardheaded.

HAS (any giggle here pleases) an elderly homebuilt desktop 'puter running XP-Pro. Has the very powerful SB! Card of audio that is not the past backed Wins 7.0, likes I bond with XP so that has 13,000+ MP3s this attaches in some files constantly. Has the extensive experience that Audacity of uses, so at least that you are not the problem for me.

Also touch the few musical instruments and I like record and loop that I game. Also I have the Raspberry Pi-3 and the machine of Cinnamon of the Linux and they all come alive with this USB "card" and it has bought only.

Linux is not a system a cosy plus to do with you he wrinkle write codifies of line, and a Pasador has been a bit of the mystery in me mass. As one can detect the master of ignorance of computer here, but this UGREEN the unit has been the P-N-P sleep.

Simultaneously can line-in -- record monitor -- loop and annex-in the data has recorded anteriorly. This device has opened several doors for me, and is sure will find more.

Posing the 3.5 splitter in a UGREEN gives more options losslessly emparentas at all. I in that posed the the in the hub of USB powered still, but the creates will do only sake.

BTW & FYI: IF you use the microphone that requires 48 VDC to heat a cartridge, will have to take your XLR can of phantom of the different source. This will not back way of condenser mics from any active phantom the available power.

The majority of a lot stomp box or pre-amp or the blender phantom the available power, likes race through one of these first options then go in the 3.5 TRS the jack will relieve this problem
5 / 5
I have purchased recently the gaming headset for my PS4, but a clear characteristic was powered by USB, and has to use an adapter for mic&headphone, but a cord of USB is down to achieve console of mine while headset was plugged in my controller. As I have found this adapter so that I can use a clear characteristic and my headset. I am very happy with this adapter, the laws add with PS4. To well sure recommend it this in another PS4 gamers!!
5 / 5
I have purchased this adapter to bypass a noisy mic has entered in my ASUS x99 Sabertooth motherboard. After hours of troubleshooting a hiss/noise of backdrop in my microphone I stumbled on in the very interesting detail - same without the microphone plugged in in a jack, a noise was audible when 'Listen in this device' has been verified! This noise was audible in VoIP calls and gaming sessions, and although it can listen you my voice in a noise was the enormous distraction .

Was hesitant to purchase to this adapter like him some another has mentioned concealed does not have quite a lot of pot/to benefit to direct his microphone, but has has not had any subjects with mic level. An adapter also uses 'AGC' or control of automatic profit in an entrance of microphone that a lot augments a volume to start with without any perceivable noise/hiss. I am 100% satisfied with this compraventa and the desire would have bought an adapter sooner, in planting to spend uncountable hours troubleshooting with ASUS support.
5 / 5
My Change of Nintendo is connected in the monitor through DVI. Usually it limits the cape 3.5mm of a speaker in a 3.5mm of port Change to take my sound these laws and sound the small problem that the fact while I jump mine which Change also do the plot of his static in a process.

Of an audio of USB of supports of Change, in these works of adapter likes them wants it to them. A sound is if no a same, better that carried only in a port 3.5mm of a Change in a speaker. I am satisfied so far. I expect his quite durable. For now my indication is the perfect 5/5
1 / 5
It takes it casualidad with east to use with a EchoLink knot. It have been using the SignaLink USB, which utmost records (but is overkill), even so I am not using a SignaLink for HF digital roads. It purchases this has thought could do it since a (even more cheap) USB of Court Soundcard dongle law (quality of the audio is not that it adds even so, has expected this would be better). A problem is a hum. Of only I am using VOX, a hum causes a radio in constantly transmit. Any sake. Perhaps take it the bad unit will substitute and yes new some works, will revise feedback. If no, I will try out of Creative Laboratories Soundblaster dongle (which to well sure would owe law ).
5 / 5
Exited of a box in the Raspberry Pi 3B, any subject, any special engine or configuration ( used Ubuntu Partner 16.04.02). A cord (versus similar some that is to say the plastic takes dongle without cord) the easiest fact to treat a proximity of some ports of USB in a Pasador, while I can take a portion of the main adapter out of an organism. To him focus in some two ports are the bit takes to see in dim ignite but is the colour codified.
1 / 5
Here it is my list of complaints.

1. It covers in the microphone only does not act. 2 desktops And 1 laptop has not been able to use the mic plugged in this device. I have tried 4 mics in 3 computer, and has done at all.

2. His that comes through a headset is supremely down. A volume is quite more 70% calm that only plugging my headset in my computer. This was with maxed volume in of the parameters of volume and volume in 100%.

3. There the constant buzzed when has had so much the mic and headset plugged in that the would not go era.

4. A volume changed while touching games or looking videos. A sound everything of sudden apresamiento calmer or stronger at random intervals when doing material in my computers with the headset plugged in this device.

Good thing my window of the on duty fact closed 2 days so now is bonded with this piece of rubbish.
1 / 5
An adapter has done up until marks the day for me. I actuate There It go It probably he for the week and he have done perfectly until I have changed my mic and headphones on of an adapter in my PC and behind in an adapter when has wanted to some games of PC with my friends. A headphone good port works, but a port of the microphone no at all now. I fulfil it is not my microphone so that it does in so much my laptop and PC. It does not recommend this product. Active messed With him for the little of the hours that likes him imagine was why does not act, that restarts my ps4, trying he in my PC, unplugging and re covers in an adapter and a mic in any utility.
4 / 5
It asks very well of squad. We have used other adapters of audio of the USB in some pasts and has to substitute the over time so that they have broken. This model has the cord as it covers of audio ins has not connected directly in a computer and in danger to be clashed and fraction of lack of flexibility. The unit has the habit of to transmit of a main computer in our system of the sound and the cords are in danger to be clashed and moved in to the daily base likes him the cord has saved organism very time. It has Had this model this long plus that another unit has used and has had any subject with him.

Top Customer Reviews: AkoaDa USB to Audio ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
5 / 5
Had the beach of turtle headset with the only jack. NEW PC that has required two entrances. USB Fixed that, discharges and game setup, now are yelling in other players partorisca take to a choppah.
5 / 5
These works of small device of a moment cover he in the empty of USB. My audio jack in my new mark Dell no . This device fixed that @@subject to give me the working audio jack.

A word of precaution: the calm mark sure in the first place connecting your headset to this device and then covers to a port of USB of your computer. Any in the first place connect a device to an USB and then discharges in a headset. An USB will not relieve a headset in a second method.
5 / 5
Has taken this type so only partorisca use in mine Playstation 5 with my Sony WH-1000XM3 auricular.

Reason on of the green earth these Sony the headphones no with the Sony Playstation Bluetooth is further me.

This returns a bill partorisca me concealed to leave me partorisca connect these headphones to mine Playstation using Jack.

I his so only required in these so that it has not been concerned with any mic action with a boss.

Covers so only to your port of USB in a front of the your Playstation and is in business.

When I Need something concealed has the microphone and another characteristic on-line partorisca gaming I finally has taken a Sony 3-D wrist headset this is to be do partorisca a Playstation.
4 / 5
Looked partorisca do well but when I have attached it to the mine PS4 USB has not taken the very strong sound. My speakers have had to that be turned all a way until taking his decent. It concealed typically it would shake my house in this level. All dipping in PS4 has been looked also. Any sure he is a product or if a PS4 his by means of an USB is not amplified enough perhaps. I have had a same feeble connection by means of my controller and has expected was so only of a Bluetooth but was bad. Ordered the 25ft To the to run directly to the mine projector. Hopefully Cela Will fix it of then running directly my TV resupplies awesome sound! The drop HAS his big when gaming in 100 thumbs lol! But some laws of product so only a lot he like this has to that in mine PS4. The element has been returned.
5 / 5
Recently, has mediated in two Virtual Retreats of a Monroe Institute, which uses the technology of his of big quality. In a first program, has used an excellent headset with the 3.5 jack which could so only covers to speakers of mine of computer because of a way my office is dipped up. With quell'arrangement, a volume was still to grieve audible. An alternative was the music of USB headset which flies a volume in closing some levels some low plus. A Monroe the record has suggested tentativa one of these adapters. It looked! Mina trusty Ultrasone headset plugged to a computer has seen usb and a sound was perfect. The question has solved.
5 / 5
Had an accident in my studio that involves my ancient black laboratory and my computer. It Likes him the train wreck unfolded, my laboratory has taken complicated in a boss among my headphones and my PC, tugging everything of my office and finally mangling a jack where covers my headphones in mine desk. Choosing on some pieces have @@give would not be able covers it my headphones to a computer. Felizmente, a AkoaDa USB to Adapter of Jack of the Audio leave to do around this catastrophe and use the port of USB.
4 / 5
This touches a better of 3 types has tried them sound well and is easy to install any with just 96kHz or 192kHz this is not 384kHz and 32 bit but the really help a time of Covid-19 to say yay has taken extracted adds afterwards paying $ 89 this in spite of more this delivery and one 3 ft of excellent boss with this only improvement that feels in AkoaDa ,first imposed, and a a that right record my USB A ,although I have tried the pair of USB C too has taken 384 kHz 32 has bitten fromThank You rsdno
4 / 5
Windows 10 recognised it immediately. I do not owe that anything. Mina earphone jack in a computer is broken. A reparation would have been $ 50 more parts. This saved money. Adapter of USB to telephone jack the works add.
5 / 5
Has used this product to take his out of mine VFIO qemu car and add he my in existent mixer like a source of entrance. It has done I add thus purpose, was relieved properly like him Realtek device of audio and has the USB go in lsusb commanded. It has Had any 'noise' effects added and has done adds in general. An only thing could imagine improve is doing a to the connector bit it tighter to ensure the tightest connection, although has has not had never a boss exited but with repeating league/disconnects could imagine a a small oft' resultant record lose it '' access.
4 / 5
Has taken this reason a earphone jack in mine portable was intermittently that short was. In fact I have this plugged to the USB extend, and work perfectly! And when I want to take a earphones, leaves this little piece in and is ready when I the precise.

Top Customer Reviews: Sound BlasterX G6 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
It have been using a G5 for the few years like the means to take decent headphone audio of my PC, as well as my television through his optician was. A G6 improves on he in almost each road.

A sound is better, and was already quite sake. The be touching tones of the Master audio in tide and improving selection of some instruments and can better, or a visceral emotion that the selection and the punch take to touch Battleground 1. A sound am adds. It excepts fire 32 the bit 384khz fact clicky sounds and have it his he hiss sometimes in front of the audio begins to touch. I am perfectly happy with 24 bit 96khz even so. As I do not take too much it go it he for that. Deja says 1/2 the star.

A Dolby the Digital decodes taken one something what the characteristic has attached better. A difference in of the games of console, television of look and films. His very perceivable in a stereo pcm before.

Then at the end or a thing concealed is worse that an original, The STUPID LIGHT IN FRONT OF THAT the CAN not TURN WAS, or easily tape on. It uses this in my chamber, sleep in my chamber, a computer provides it quite can while it turns goes to maintain a clear on. Wisely Tea T has given an option to deactivate a light of RGB in a cup, but no a clear for a dial. I am reduced in draping black cloth in the before I put to bed me.

Please pause he with these LEDs! It IS unnecessary!
5 / 5
-Has bought this product for Production of musician and Gaming
-That is to say a first time buys the Blaster or any one another product of Creative
-That is to say a first time buys the Soundcard that any come with the mother is my joint
-am moving in 32bit of 16sees bite

after researching for enough the moment, has discovered that the majority of 32goes bite soundcards side around 50 -00 and is not portable.
Since move the plot among PC and also uses Change of Nintendo, has thought can estimate tries it.
Cairo Of product:
-A device looks very well, has the creation of ready button and is not heavy while it can look
- has lights around buttons he so that it is able to know that road is on when is dark
-A RGB the logotype in a half is very fresh and has options for colour, speed of cycling and more through a esound Blaster Connects 2' software in his place
- has the good light around one 'wheel of volume' but alas can not change is the colour averts of red/aim
-An upper surface is quite reflective as it look it very well around Leds/Lights (voices in of the pictures)
- has the Engine, Update of Firmware and esound Blaster Connects 2' has to download manually of his place.
Can take problem in re-downloads in multiple PC but goes quite fast.

-In a software can change among several roads of parameters of the sound that is to do for concrete use
has prendi roads: Gaming, Musician, Film, FPS and famed his-in in to to the sensitive games likes them-them it:
CS: they GO, Fortnite, COD, Overwatch, Joins of Rocket and Endows 2

- has also 'Voice Morphing' options that is disturbingly realistic
- amplifies sounds VERY potently, to the point can use my receiver like Speakers (DT 990 PRO)

- leave you to listen the TONNE to detail you never listened without him, some products of musician before using sounds 5x deep and has detailed now, to the point is augmenting a confidence has in a quality of my material.

-Listen likes him now can master my tones and harmony at most the depth adds, wants a level of sensibility give me to touch around with.

-The Also reduces potently a delay enters to press my keyboard of midday to listen a result, included with multiple of heavy samples (Marks sure this chooses 'His Creative Blaster Asio Device' and the device of his in your CORNELLA)
-Some looks of main material species but is not
-A device CAN take quite hot after few hours to use
-A fund of a device listens fragile and feeble applies same minimum force on he
- has no physical Was/On 'button to Be able in' anywhere in a card, means can any one instantly listens my material without enhancements
- has any option to change the intensity/by heart of the-wheeled colour of adjustment (why was)
-An USB comes with east subjects too down for the card 'portable'
-A lot of VERY SMALL cards in an information to Guarantee this comes is in a box
would have to use the long plus Mini-USB
will require in re-adjusts in some of your games, this calm card give you depth and the calm intensity never touched with before
would be necessary to find you some few parameters of blender/of right software that will return your game-game and auricular
has required to Manually change a Hz/Value of Bit in 32sees Quality of bite of Studio in the options of Device of the Sound of your PC
Some applications/of the games very behind 32bit, in these cases will require to go down in 2444.1hz of bit .
(The examples know of: Osu!, it Joins of Legends, Borderlands A Pre-Sequela)
5 / 5
Bought a SoundblasterX G5 while I have wanted an alternative in a Star Mixamp. I touch in PS4 only and possess so much a 2013 and Mixamp TR versions but wasnt happy with a quality of sound. Im No the adherent of virtual surrounds sounds so and has not used never that characteristic. Basically use it a mixamp like the amplifier. Some investigation in a G5 and bought it. Setup Was sper easy and work incredibly. A global volume is much stronger that any mixamp still has quality very better. At present alternate among the Logitech G Pro headset and a Hyperx Alpha of Cloud and a G5 directs the without breaking the sweat. Very impressed with a G5 and highly recommends to want the dac/amplifier but does not want the mixamp.
5 / 5
I am the enormous adherent of Creative and an integer SoundBlasterX series of G. There is a G5 also.

A sidetone in this thing is surprising. If it is connected for his sake saws USB or double amped in Xbox the feedback takes very well in my voice that habladuras. It IS also I attaches that it can adjust you a sidetone in a fly with a wheel of volume.

How that there is basically backwards very static in a headset. I use 150 headphones of ohm and when posed a amp in road to be able in big any when being hiss noise. Also I like him his that a amp presets is posed by 16 - 149 ohm and 150 - 600 ohm. With an anterior gene G5 has not known that to pose to use so that my headphones was 150 ohm . I am happy clear this maintaining.

Mamma that does not have any button of the hardware of the profile has based anymore. With a G5 used to that attaching more and fewer falls in a fly while it comforts but now has to hook he behind until the PC to adjust parameters.

Does not like Me that of cat of USB doesnt work for Xbox.

There needs in him the hardware or volume of software of game/of balance of the voice based for console also.

This thing is sum in PC. A left wing of software is to adjust anything wants to. Still it has RGB this ignites for a X logotype.

A new discreet X amp provides the difference. The sounds look more separate and independent of each another. There is the integer of cleaner of his in this compared in a G5.

Likes him that now it recognises Dolby Digital through optician.

In spite of any missing characteristics of a G5, attaches the bouquet of plus as it is more to compare a specs. The quality of audio is better road is in my opinion.
1 / 5
I the plot of investigation in this product. A DAC the uses of piece is used in fact in the plot of sake DACs also. A AMP in the east is quite powerful, which are very good. But for some reason, any import that done with all some never looked parameters to have one 'presence' or soundstage of a E1. I tried it on all some albums know more, and sure enough, only sounds very tame and almost muffled.

That in fact would have been acceptable, could perhaps EQ some parameters plus very big... Which are the bad to admit... But then a Software for a Blaster X series against one And the series is only mere terrible. It comes uploaded with the bouquet of presets for games I any same own and can does not delete the. Posing them up is far more difficult this was in an And software of series.

On fail him to produce the good sound in spite of him is better hardware, and worse was experience of user, a thing also clashes the window every time unplugs my headphones.

Sad, that is to say rubbishes . I am returning this hardly can and changing behind in a E1. They require to do his his software new plus like his old and the figure was so to do his perfectly very DAC the piece does not sound in how is under waters. Any volume and mastered this in 2015 with elements to want to lower and somehow has lost he for 2018 with his estimativa main ones. You are the quite Creative follower loyal until this. (Still it wants mine E1 and mine GigaWorks T20 speakers even so.) I am not them swearing was, but will be very hesitant next time.
3 / 5
I have bought this product as and can improve his and competitive verge out of my ps4. This product has announced that it was done by a pc and is fully compatible with councle. The part of of the this is true. Out of a box with a new firmware subjects to update pc takes his and mic use of a ps4. But you can forget use any profiles have done that has he of the offers. An any parameter of port on in councel. On that an announced scount the road is wonky in better. Only he the the strong random sounds destracting quite since taken murdered in bo3. Fornight The utmost sounds without one scout has enabled. I have tried to contact service of client in of the this and after the week of questions, an only respince and has taken was. We the flange duplicates your problems like his in your final. Whcih He Take the look in these commentaries there are problems.
His the shame that ths is the idea adds in paper but a lot in reality the majority of some people of problems are having comprising I. He the profiles are not saving, scout the road is continuation of terrible horrible software. That can fix everything to update a firmware and software in the user of more cosy version. That is to say the product adds sold by the bad company. I give it three stars becuase this thing is surprising in pc but no in another program,
5 / 5
It was easy to install. The device is smaller that the view has expected. Mays! It does not leave fool of calm appearances.. This badboy has given the good improvement quite a lot of quality of his (Anterior:Realtek Audio of Big Definition.). Lows Is kicking better and highs is shining. I am supremely happy with a compraventa. Headphone amp Am adds. It poses he of the big amplification is too much for my headphones (Kingston HyperX Cloud). Also I see plugged my Creative GigaWorks T3 2.1 to the line was. Quan jack Of 3.5mm of the auricular stock exchange automatically begins to use speakers. I am touching Battleground 4 regularly. I can not say much more or less the supposition of Mays I bookmarks/marcadors better when is using scout road .

Why I didnt bought a card of his internal? It listens interference of my auricular when uses my mobo beginning. Also I decide build the micro ITX the system can use this device and the GPU. I can use this quite a lot of device with each device. You would have to consider this also ;)
3 / 5
This amp has the very concrete subject any import that marks. The subtle newspaper that the clicks sounds concealed calm stroll you on a wall when remarks the. It IS worse a big plus posed a tax of sample.

Absolutely objectionable to arrive to this point of prize. Has data His blaster another has shot, and again, left me down.
3 / 5
I have wanted to when being blown has been for the this. It do not take Me bad is better that the mine embroiders it audio. As I will begin it it go he with in the to the east likes me. It Likes him that it does not take on another pcie void in of my computer. Flavour be able to change profit of entrance and a sbx parameters of a unit. The tan why am any one sold it totally? I take some static same of ports of different USB. It does not have the bad mobo or. Has the asus sabertooth. Also a blaster x program of the audio any same recognises is own device . The look and he has looked for solutions in any utility. That is to say to match with my sennheiser touches ones.
4 / 5
I have begun with a Sennheiser GSP 500 headphones. Utmost headphones, But my Predatory Steel Helios 500 laptop the could not press. One onboard the card of sound has been adapted, but could not take a very strong volume. I have tried a Sennheiser GSX 1000 amplifier. First of all, WOW, one surrounds the algorithm has, is awesome! Mays.......Still very quite powerful to press a GSP 500s, looked the small stronger that mine onboard card of his, but ail. As it is returned and has ordered a Soundblaster G6. First of all, the wise power, this has spades, a low profit has abundance of power to press these in the sake, he borderline the also strong volume in 100%. In hello profit, goes the comfortable road further that listens volumes. Much more customizable that a GSX 1000. But that it is in fact in the one to him sews likes him in a Sennheiser, of game and covers only, and only done fantastically, besides to be able in. I very enough takes a WOW listens of one surrounds one G6 offers, but think that widens/develops a sound and the marks sound better with one surrounds effects. The more achieve until 32 bit in surrounding, where one GSX only paste 16 bit. I think that that a sound is clearer with one G6, while one GSX has had better surrounds. Perhaps a G6 has a potential to sound also spatially, but take any tweaking through all his software and of the extensive parameters to find that his same. But really, that is to say the thing of flavour , in in to to the a lot of people do not like them surrounds them of period of effects.

Where have Me taking the star was, is a key side by side. While in the one to him sews likes him, is one Sidetone taking well and of strong. One GSX 1000 has had two levels, a premier ails audible, and a second, only audible when each more was silent, but he a lot of ramp up with a volume of game, as when had any musician or the action that enters in a game, still could not listen. One G6 is the strong abundance and can be posed in any level. The more there is some quota to sound the effects can attach like the deep voice etc. Even so, one sidetone has the perceivable delay very import that marks. Everything is until date, firmware later, the engine etc. Has tried numerous parameters. Tour of one SBX the looks of acoustic engine to help the small. Which have me to us ask, why is one sidetone cross all that processsing anyways? I any one precise to listen my voice that comes from/comes from 7.1 different directions. It sounds better with him has been. But included still, has the perceivable delay that is very annoying, and the marks take for me to speak clearly while using it. I have achieved among Creative, kudos in them to return in me the days of pair. They have suggested the etc that reset still necessity to try, but has said it firmware the update is coming which will direct one sidetone, is not an only or experimenting is. Quan That spends, and improve it to him, will create my description in 4-5 stars. If they can improve one sidetone situation, to well sure deserves the Better indication.

Top Customer Reviews: JSAUX USB to 3.5mm ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 35 ratings
5 / 5
TRRS CTIA/AHJ Level partorisca wire
AKA Iphone 6 analog audio headset with mic
Spent and Touch any engine partorisca install
4 / 5
has bought this adapter to the equal that could cover he to the 4K/60Hz, 4-port KVM has purchased here on Amazon, for this leaving me partorisca have an audio of whichever the computer has had a KVM has transmission to. This was to fulfil easily for plugging this little adapter to a port of USB in a backside of a TESmart KVM.

Am surprised that these few sounds of adapter like open and to to solids likes him to them , especially partorisca less thank ten bucks. I am listening his in the room of control of the world-wide class in that any sound evades an auditor, and with the very expensive nearfield monitor + subwoofer setup staring me in a face. If this adapter has not been linear and that touches open, would be able to say, but this pocola what is the beast .

Had bought three another of Amazon a same time, imagining would use whichever one has touched a better. Well, this little unit is some hands -down winning. One of some another was the clear second ( but 3 and 4 was far behind in a quality of band-wise and will not see use in my studio setups.

Am impressed like this with this JSAUX unit that has ordered more partorisca use in another control setups ossia also expensive, big-definition and full-bandwidth.

Highly recommend this unit.
4 / 5
Always having question with bluetooth, discharges in headphones, that has to that I telephone mobile of use partorisca my source of audio, with my laptop of work. It has sawed-The worker recommended this concrete adapter, the whole family has them and has been using them without question partorisca several months.
The mine has done well add out of a box, any special engine, quality of his add included with economic earbuds.
After the few weeks have begun partorisca take random disconnects. Tried he in east of DIFFERENT PC and with different headphones, was this adapter .
Has given four stars because it has taken the defective a, and has exchanged he partorisca the new a. Otherwise Five stars partorisca the adapter adds that works so only. I will be the very happy client this substitution one continuous do without @@subject.
5 / 5
Update: had a delay of audio of until the second partorisca all, comprising applications of system. For example, some clicks of keyboard of a onscreen the keyboard was has retarded notably. But I have then tried all 8 of my ports of USB and a pair (still USB 2.0 vs 3.0) has done without takes. As I am guessing under powered the ports of USB have caused some subjects of delay.

Has used a SYBA adapter of the his of the USB this is to sell also here in Amazon and has had the constant hiss. With this adapter a paving of noise is at least 15 dB lower. It is still detectable when using quality in headphones of ear but is too thin to be that it distracts and is entirely inaudible when have has used speakers and on/in headphones of ear.
4 / 5
Has purchased recently to pill for my edges for when it goes back to pupil the days of pair the week. Thought this would be the better option that spending his laptop to campus. And a pill was to add, but has required to spend auricular, and has loved an external mouse. As I have purchased the USB hub for both elements. Although a pill has it mini usb port, has not gone really sure this would do. But it does! Has 4 space of USB in the so many can use a lot so only a mouse, but also some headphones. Utmost cost and good value for a money.
4 / 5
This small and economic device is the saver of life !!! My port of audio to my no longer done computer so much could any one covers any device a computer for volume. With this device can simply covers he to a usb port and turn in mine external speaker and listen anything like strong to the equal that want. That the WONDERFUL device. Thank you very much!!
4 / 5
Speakers of mine have done the noise when a computer has been turned was. I have tried everything for the imagine was. Decided to go the different street and has bought these to see that has spent. The question has solved!!! The work and the sound add!!
5 / 5
Laws like this announced in the Windows 10 Car. We have had the law of PC concealed has not answered when plugging in headphones. Plugged This in a success of instant! Of of the this is the Paper of his of the USB, he bypassed an inner paper that no . Very pleased.
4 / 5
When So only an adapter was plugged to 2019 Deep entrance of Apt USB, car of message of the exposure taken on 'the no recognised device.' Same message when Sirius the receiver was plugged to 3.5 mm side. It has decided any to return he because of low cost of element.
4 / 5
He exactly that it said it would do. I can use any regular console to do in my PC. Work like him mic and headset.

Top Customer Reviews: MillSO USB to 3.5mm ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Well, I think that that ossia the add little container partorisca people those who go partorisca be doing of home, but there is enough the noticeable hiss or walk of noise for an entrance of audio. I have uploaded the video to compare an audio of my mobile phone with the headset plugged in the audio of the headset plugged to an adapter of audio of the USB. Because of this I could does not recommend like an interface for something like twitch streaming, but will do a subject calms so only is trying of house!
5 / 5
Has loved to find the TRRS headphone with mic adapter for use with computer of Windows. I have purchased this in the believer that would operate to like would expect... It listens the Zoom/Skype/WebEx calls and habladuría behind to all the world-wide using the headset is built in in-line mic. While technically it acts, has an annoying echo where a incoming audio to visit that would have to that be go so only to your ears are spent behind to a canal of entrance and then has sent was to all the world in a call. A result is that when any another that speak, my system takes his audio and presses it behind in a call. It is class of like to be in the small canyon. An echo is probably 100-100ms is the delay and raisin to multiple times likes the audio to call of that has generated then goes back and then exits again. I a lot annoying.

There is pulled my headphones out of an equation and still without headphones plugged in at all, echoes a incoming the destined audio for headphones behind to a soyic' entrance. Again, he this still when some headphones are disconnected.

Has tried this in of the applications of multiple software. I have included uploaded on a Ableton session (a DAW) and setup a overdub. Listening the sealed in-auricular of ear with a inline mic. A Ableton register of a mic has not been to clean and has contained the clear audible copy that have listened in mine in-of the ears. It was roughly -20db down of full, but was there clear like this day. This has not been to touch of the mine earphone travelling behind to a mic. It was audio of the full bandwidth has behind registered to a session somehow of an adapter. He this with some auricular disconnected totally. If I have dipped an audio to start with to something another that this adapter, a question has been he was, but this attacks a purpose of having the headset mic + headphone adapter.

Especially of of the this, a mic preamp is very noisy. I suppose that it is the satisfy to ask that the usb discharges sized the device could have the decent mic preamp. This thing is tiny. Like the headphone adapter, touches well, likes 2 stars for that.

Am returning this so that he no so that I need stops.
4 / 5
This boss left to connect audio by means of my usb-c hub so that has of the discharges of what he in when I seat with my laptop. Also now I have the entrance of free audio in mine Macbook so that I can have the headset mic and separate speaker hooked up. It likes-me this sometimes reason an audio in my speakers is surprising, and a headset is mediocre.

A quality of audio of a mic by means of this adapter are adds. I have had to look a profit in mine place of entrance of audio of computer to take a volume has loved for my headset mic, but another that those looks in a quality of same audio like the entrance of my computer.

I really like a quality of build. A boss is amiably flexible. An end of entrance of the audio of the chair of metal adds, and an end of USB has the solid feels his. So only it feels like the product of prize.

In general, he that has loved, has has not had to do a lot of setup, and to the chair likes will last of the long time!
4 / 5
To the equal that can see in an image, has an icon of the headset and the microphone. This in spite of, this element does not accept of the microphones. I have known probably that have read a fine impression. But that the icon is quite deceptive. It is useless for me, of then has looked for an adapter that can accept start And entrance.
5 / 5
Uses this headphone the adapter covers it my headphones to some ports of USB in mine monitor situated on my office. A headphone the bosses are too many courts to achieve my computer in a paving this in spite of leave quite period to move roughly comfortably.
My headphones have done immediately without any class of setup has required. I am running Windows 10 YOU.

That quality of his for some speakers and the microphone in my headphones looks to be equivalent am using this adapter or plugged in directly to the 3.5 audio of a computer jack.

A blue anodized the connectors of aluminium are the good arrival . One 3.5 mm the connector has the logo that indicates it can be used for both audio in (microphone) or was (auricular, etc). To good sure would buy this adapter again.
5 / 5
While he so only well, a one with would have to that give his is a fact in fact under a volume in comparison to some 3.5 discharges, usually is another way around usb the devices of audio are usually slightly stronger then one 3.5 discharges, but no east a. It would compare this usb adapter to a one this comes with east a usb the adapter some sounds bit it stronger, but no east a.
4 / 5
No really need now finally taken Bluetooth HP
That read with New Samsung the TV is Any way to
Use3.5” bosses anymore. I am spent the fortune to try to take all my crew to do with HDMI
lines that Put you of Leaves with 2- way spillers swimming
Really works. I require to take mine IN & T Type of television was here. At least my insiemi are more working now can use paralizaciones auricular later at night.
5 / 5
Has taken this he so that it could use mine gaming headset with both my PC and PS4 hooked until the transmission of USB. Work perfectly and has quality of audio quite decent for less than ten dollars. It is limited to DVD QUALITY in 48000 Hz in of the Windows 10 this in spite of. This adapter also sustains several Windows 10 enhancements to the equal that Stimulates of Basses, Loudness Equalization, and Virtual Surround which help a quality of sound. No like this as well as headphone jack in my computer, but a consolation of having USB is worth it.
4 / 5
Any instructions of user very good. It involves that there is the 'engine' required but any expósito in his web of place. Achieved was to sustain without response. I have finalised to imagine it quell'has been but was after when the thought was the doubt
5 / 5
This was to spend and game in mine Ubuntu portable. I so only uses for start of audio and work with plugging the regular headphone his discharges without using it TRRS adapter (this in spite of, if accidentally selections likes your entrance and go the Discord or something another party will listen a sound of interference). I have not used he with the TRRS but the suspect would do well and some entrances look like this of the options for me on Ubuntu also.

Top Customer Reviews: Creative Labs Sound ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
A card of his of USB adds for a prize.

For default, this card has control of microphone/sidechannel. These ways that use the headset with this card of his, will listen an entrance of microphone. This characteristic is use very useful hover-back headsets. Even so, this also resulted in the basses hiss that is to say audible at all levels of volume.

Without sidechannel, a card to sound still hiss has the way down below auricular impedance. I have found only a hiss perceivable with a slider of volume in my headset together in 90-100%.

To the turn was control of microphone/sidechannel:
1. It installs a Sound Blaster software that comes with a card of his
2. In a Sound Blaster Game! 3 Poster of Control, go in a [Blender] tab.
3. Under Playback -&62; Speakers -&62; Control -&62; Microphone, or moves a slider in 0, or clicks a change of button in a right of a slider of volume.
4 / 5
This adapter sounds horrible, included after going back my engine of sounds and turn was each enhancements of audio. A signal is not pure, and looks that poses of Creative implemented sound of enhancement of own audio (that SUCKS). Mina 8 dollar Cut the adapter has provided his best , PURE, and is very disappointed.


the tan apparently has to download a Sound Blaster 3 software of Creative for enclosed of the bouquet of 'enhancements' posed in an IN rights of plant out of a box, therefore producing his of rubbish. It opens That everything is turned was, honestly can say that in spite of a light HISS that comes and continues in this device (unplugs and the limit retreated it and that usually resolves), this device has the strong sound, clean , warm. Some the big frequencies are the hard tiny bit for my personal flavours, but in general he 4 endeavour of star (after the plot of endeavour)
3 / 5
I am very impressed for a quality to sound of the same 'DAC dongle' quotes his prize; EVEN SO, you plan on using this with headphones with down 100ohms of the impedance there will be the perceivable hiss because of a DAC providing too profit, included in a parameter for headphones of low impedance. I have listened this hiss through mine 63headphones of ohm and a parameter of low impedance is meant by 32-64headphones of ohm. It conceal to be said, easily can win this subject to buy the $ 5 control of extension of volume splitter cape to augment an impedance and deletes a hiss. Easily they could have fixed this subject to attach control of profit in his software... Why Creative...
5 / 5
I EAT... My elegant THX DTS Dolby has certified card to sound this focused with my THX has certified the speakers are exited without opinions. As I Plan to build the integer of new system 6 month of now does not want to invert a box of money knows what a new hardware would look. Tan Basically like the box of substitution that the time comes around and has bought this. I choose this b/c the better hardware and specs that the majority of an another economic usb cards to sound there and b/c of my history with creative products. Also I can use this to direct/amp my covers in headphones in my laptop and tlphonique afterwards.

As it leaves only earnest be 2 canals 24 bit 96hz his also my card of his original? No... But I didnt attack in in this cost. Surprisingly for a his prize truly the very good value. Claro Very highs, full mids, and low deep. I am personally very experimenting any one hiss, bleeds on, distortion, or subjects with a mic (updates of software perhaps?). He only carried in and work in of the windows 10 pro. But also it is in accordance with other descriptions at the beginning download a software and adjust in your preferences. And also it adapts an interface of software could use some updates and of the simplifications. But and it is very pleased in general with this product and especially in this prize. Recommended!
5 / 5
I have bought this to touch some 24goes salvation to Bite animal files of audio. It chooses in some opened-boxes for $ 16. That is to say it covers and game with Windows 10. All has to was to go in of the parameters of audio and chooses 24goes bite 92kHz. I am taking a sound a clean plus and'the never listened voice out of of the this. I am using ATH-SR5 auricular of animal salvation. There is no hiss or noise of backdrop. I change an entrance of microphone. I doubt it it do not purchase never any receiver of big impedance but a amp looks quite able. That is to say able to direct mine 45 ohm SR5 is with ease. I can not continue 10-16% volume in front of my ears begins to hurt. Highly it recommends.
5 / 5
Bought this so that I use a HDMI monitor without speakers for my PS4 Pro.

Law! Also have my gaming headset USB mod plugged in a front of a unit with a optic nexus in a backside. Basically give my PS4 it 1/8' the audio was concealed alloy in the set of speakers of strong computer that uses 1/8' in RCA capes. It covers and game with a PS4 PRO
5 / 5
The works add in of the Windows 10 and Mac the calm saw You, has not tried he in linux. His clear. The May HAS Thought that that another sounds Blaster with an increase of his of motherboard but Here is.

Can not say sure, but think these sounds this clear plus that a sound of motherboard. Has some 3d the calm effect can ignite but to the left was. I bought it so that my motherboard the sound no with Good and these marks.

Uses with USB 2 and the law adds, any lag, the sound adds. Has the characteristic that marks some voices in filming easier to listen that useful meeting.
5 / 5
It takes this he so that it can take some decent power in my gaming headset after accidentally it break the mine embroiders it his slope he GPU installation. He that says, and like me concealed has a jack of microphone there for the easy in fully connect my HyperX Cloud headset.

At the beginning was hissing enough the bit, but give concealed has required to turn down a slider of volume in my headset he so that simply the does not require to be up so big with this adapter. Taking abundance of the volume and all coming through sake and clearly, which are all has expected. A microphone also sounds very clear using this adapter, so that it is the definite plus also.

Has recommended.
3 / 5
The better sounds that onboard card of sound. Game and covers easy. It sounds quite well for the $ 25 DAC. Good software

Gilipollas: there is any control of profit. Using the low impedance earphones the plot of hiss.

Wants control of profit, takes a ASUS Xonar U3 instead.
5 / 5
Setup Was easy, this has substituted the similar knockoff fashionable adapter. I think that that a sound is the small better, but is not pressing he through any big quality setup. It is crossing the Fender amp right now. My only downside in the east is that it was to take to find which to take to take some of a software require. This has the very mere control poster and interface that no the vain to cut. An old SB has the habit of come with the tonne of software, some useful and some no. want to very blend taking the different unit is not happy with a beginning of your embroider it card of his in your computer And has the port of USB to spare, this would be the option adds .

Top Customer Reviews: ENVEL Headset ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
4 / 5
An adapter is extremely handy partorisca any the one who needs to connect the headset to USB.

Unfortunately, a quality of the audio is not orders. It is perfectly usable, this in spite of does not take a audiophile partorisca say that a signal is not partorisca clean. In the volumes the big plus there is the light whine in a fund, and sure sounds occasionally, but noticeably be distorted. This is not a subject with other devices of start I own.

Is not year 2000 anymore, expect each device of the audio done in some last 10 years partorisca rid the signal that the normal looks to a half person. Ossia An obvious sign that some corners of yard of the manufacturer to a max partorisca do these.

Has taken some looks and rights of factor of the form, but has forgotten a main function of a device.
4 / 5
Was having the question that is able to transfer and convert tapes of cassette to format of Mp3 in my computer. It was able to use the 3.5 mm to 1/4 telephone jack conversor in a side of coverage of the tape. But a computer and software of the scrolling would not recognise a coverage of the tape when attached to a 3.5 mm female jack in my computer. With which some investigation and leading experience felizmente doing this partorisca the records of vinyl have concluded that would require partorisca purchase the adapter of paper of the sound partorisca one 3.5 mm boss viril partorisca connect. I have read a lot of descriptions of alternative device. But more the descriptions have declared that to a device does not like the microphone. These produced this in spite of can received the positive critics and they have declared clearly that that .. With which have received a device taken the moment partorisca imagine out of the settings of pertinent register of my computer. Once I this my Sony software of the phase of the Sound has done perfectly.
Highly would recommend this ENVEL headset adapter partorisca the alike use.
4 / 5
This little device is covers it perfect and USB of game dongle this connects microphones/of speakers/of the headphones quickly in any PC. It is spent and game , works with gaming headsets with microphones, and installs in of the seconds. They are by train partorisca use it On partorisca build of PC with the regular headphone connection but any support partorisca the headphone/microphone combo. This little type adds both to a PC and of my headphones have USB powered has DIRECTED is, both discharges so only to space of rear USB and all the just works. A quality of audio is easily like this very like this PC, and any engine has been required partorisca Win10. The value adds partorisca a prize, and very built like this very partorisca laptop/of mobile use also. Hope That it help.
4 / 5
Is this perfect adapter? The no. there is defects. This in spite of, consider a prize, ( has paid $ with 20 was coupon that shaved a prize to $ ), has solved on 5 stars.

Installation - ossia the any brainer, covers so only a headphone/the microphone in some arrivals. An end of USB goes to a computer.

Compatible in both Mac YOU and Windows 10.

Quality /of the microphone of the audio depends in some propiciado by device you in.
An only macula is while both Mac and the windows recognise a usb device, shows a device as 'device of audio of the USB'. Like an alternating, has the Jabra USB headphone/microphone the one who MacOS/the windows would show 'Jabra usb microphone/of speaker'.
5 / 5
Really gain little adapter. Sometimes I of any one spends my big on some headphones of the ear especially yes needs to be conscious partorisca another. And this adapter leave partorisca connect mine in headphones of ear my USB hub partorisca consolation. A quality of his these resupply is like this fuller. It marks one in ear headhones the better sounds included and almost like this very like this on some headphones of ear. Absolutely currency has a space of extra USB or your headphone the port suffers harm in your pc husband or too hard to achieve.
4 / 5
Has bought two of these for my woman and I. Some computers have separated mic and speaker stereo jacks, while my decent headphones have of the integrated 4-connector jack. I have tried simple wired adapters, but has not been utmost. These solve a question perfectly. Quality of his very cleaned for general use - Skype/Zoom and looking Youtube etc. Quality of Good microphone for meetings, etc. Have very better DAC/Amp setups for more serious listening, but these do a work that bought them for really of well and he for the good prize
4 / 5
Laws well, any @@subject and tried with multiple earbuds and TRS headsets to do them ports of USB of the use. When Trying with the consecrated mic, work but does not give any one a lot mic amplification of profit like any used thus purpose.
5 / 5
Already have the VOIP speakerphone that use for working of house. This in spite of, have loved also a capacity to attach mine $ 300 wired auricular with the jack and builds mic, and has it does via USB. This has done a trick!
A mic works, a work of headphones, he a work! A quality of his utmost east and fulfils my levels. For a prize, was in good sure values he!
4 / 5
Has done so only well in of the Windows 10 Pro and Mint of Linux 20.1 Cinnamon. A sound is dulled by means of this adapter. This in spite of, is not drastic, does not take this idea. Ossia Common 'tick' go in all down priced adapters. This in spite of, 'for a rewarded this adapter still qualifies like this he 5 product of Estrella.
5 / 5
My office landline has the port of USB to the equal that has bought this one and connect he with mine regulates headset ( jacket). Work well. A téléphonique has relieved correctly a connection and leave me to change to a headset way. Happy save me to buy the port of USB headset, which is expensive and not populating

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