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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5
I have it that there is wanted always one and this exeeded expectations.
Was under an impression, of some images, that there went it keys. My surprise, some keys are like this to to the sensitive touch likes him the keyboard of Google am using in mine telephone to write this description.
Is always curious state roughly like these devices have done. There is the curve of small learning of roughly 3 tentativas, but ossia so only to take an idea that of the empty precise among an element in a stock exchange and an end of a stock exchange. Some instructions are directly-advance but ignores that I need in a thumb or like this of the empty.
Last what wants to do is to dip elements in a stock exchange and finalises a lot when being any quite spatial. But that so only takes 1 failure to perfect sealing.
A last more than Worthy to mention the element is ossia has the few combinations of types of the elements that is dipped in so that well, but there there is also two options on sealing.
Has eseal' & 'Vac Focus'
to the focus is still to seal without a need to vacuum (cut the piece of a circle and need to seal a first side to seal an opposite side, in that then vac focus)
And Vac to the focus is a combination of vacuuming and then sealing. One notes key for Vac to the focus is that he a vacuuming his, and then silently focus (all sealing is slient). So much, with which a vacuuming stops of the his, pay attention to seal the key to turn was. Prematurely Open first to @give that a sealing raisin with which a vacuuming sound and no pending.
Cela Can be to somewhere in some instructions, but follows that it doubts lol
5 / 5
has received mine vacuum sealer today, the unpacked, read some directions, and gave it the test. I have used one of some stock exchanges of sample that is coming with a unit. I have tried to follow some instructions, but is not a lot of-writings and leave the number of questions unanswered. For example, you are using the pre-the stock exchange has formed, is quite obvious to the equal that to do, and a manual explains that well enough. This in spite of, if you have wanted to use a circle of bagging material, some instructions do not say the word roughly regarding the do. There is not any discussion of as to trim that the cut of a circle. WELL, it is quite obvious that I have to use a Focuses that it dips to close was some arrivals of a stock exchange are doing first to insert a lunch, calm then would use a vacuum/key to seal to evacuate your stock exchange and seal another end of him, but am sure some people will be to line his bosses. There is also the dry/moist setting, but any information roughly to determine if a lunch is sealing is dry or moist, or because imports. A push-the control of key is very sensitive, and calm easily can turn in an of some operative ways simply to spend your toe in a key without feigning to turn it on. A manual could use one of English tongue proofreader to clean on numerous errors in a text, also.

The Probably to to the sounds likes him to him a lot like this produced a lot, but concealed is not really true. It looks to be very done, and work exactly to the equal that has promised. I have not had any question that seals some steaks for the drop of empty session. It is compact and will not require to plot of spatial of storage. A vacuum the bomb done the little noise, but otherwise is silent. I have bought the container of 8 thumb and 11 circles of thumb, as it have to that be all the place for a foreseeable future. It have given a product five stars, but the manual of an user is too sketchy and incomplete, costing it a stars.

Update: With which five weeks of infrequent use, this unit has died. I have contacted a vendor by means of Amazon. A vendor at all more than sending me an email with the number of telephone of a costruttore. A costruttore there have been ship a unit to them in Brooklyn in my own cost - in $ 20. With which roughly three weeks, the unit repaired has been rid, and has done properly now for month. The lacking products, as I guess was my turn to take the defective unit. So only I am thrilled I has had to that ship a unit to a costruttore in my own cost, this in spite of.
4 / 5
Has hunted for the moment to find the reasonably priced tool for this work. Compared to some another has seen, a Nutrichef is:

• Petit (in a measure of the eggs of dozen)
• Luz
• Sincere
• Economic
• Economic (material of uses of generic stock exchange)

in some 48 hours possessed it. Have packaged On perhaps the dozen alimentary elements. A focus all look to be holding.
Has purchased material of stock exchange to the for elder of Amazon partorisca roughly 16c/foot (), which means some stock exchanges am cost 10c or so many. Ossia Less than the third of a prize of FoodSaver stock exchanges, and a-fifth of a prize of a Waring stock exchanges.

Some only things that maintained of the FIVE indication of star is:

1. It can be delicate to take some stock exchanges in a right place. If it calms no, it will not seal properly. It has attached the photo that objective he setup that reads for me. An end of a stock exchange has to that be roughly halfway in the 'Vacuum Fourth'.

2. Some instructions are not to clear, perhaps reasons have not been written by an English speaker. Some drawings to aim where to situate some stock exchanges would have a lot of be useful.

3. Once concluded and sealed, some stock exchanges can take on upper of the plot of spatial in a freezer, reason at least 1-1/2' of the extra material is required in an end of closure, doing them bulky.

4. Doing each stock exchange to seal each final takes near of two minutes, like the process can take slow. It is very simple to draw the unit that rows a material of stock exchange properly and seeds-automatically, which would do a whole process much faster (Nutirchef: you are listening? I can help calm with this).

The time will say roughly that well this work in alimentary isolation, and which time a hard unit. I stick an update later.

======== Has UPDATE 3/28/18 ==========

writes to plot of descriptions, but usually is very sober. This in spite of, this element is terrific.

Are so only, and often have the question that buys things in of the reasonable measures, as I buy extra, and the freezing. I have imagined that a NutriChef would reduce burn of freezer and maintain the longest things. He , May...

Of then buying a sealer, has found to plot of extra uses. Under empty The cookery is incredibly well. Simply take it skinless heart of chicken, heats it, in a stock exchange, to 160° for 40 minutes or like this, and produced a juiciest never the flesh for things likes salad of chicken. Salmon burgers Is object very delicate, still has found so you can vacuum seal them without excessively flattening him. Again, down empty to a temperature has wished, then a fry in big heat to sear. I freeze him, also, and can transport him in the house of my promise ( the master...)

Butchers Flesh of dry age on 35° for weeks. The mine literally has shouted a prize 3-fold for one ageing. This in your refrigerator, and calm are likely to has spoilt simply flesh. This in spite of, in the vacuum-the stock exchange sealed, can enjoy some profits to age without a fear of spoilage.

Tonight, has done on the a lot of 2 batch of book of mashed gingered carrots, and the big quantity of caramelized onions. These works take the long time to cook. Still although both of them am had to that weaves of residual liquid, a NutriChef there is him sealed well on, leaving me to prepare do fault sized stock exchanges for a next time. FYI: A pureed the carrots can be reconstituted with water and pureed to the delicious soup.

Has surprised really that I like this what. Shouted My indication of four stars to five.
4 / 5
Has ordered this one to substitute another mark that has broken. I have tried the container 15 containers tonight. A first focus has failed on in the middle of them and I could not complete a vacuum band. In next examination, there looks to be to imperfection/of the bubble in one focuses.

Also, a product is not stable and tends to touch when shouted a lid. I can not recommend this one and will look for the substitution.
4 / 5
This compraventa done my second vacuum sealer, and has the world of difference among a two. Both are to simulate small models, but of the old one has fill with anxiety when you use because of several subjects. A Nutrichef is the one who the vaccuum sealer would have to that be. My number a releaf is coming when open that. A Nutrichef is easy to open with some keys of emission in the each side,while an old one requiring me to press down last in the each side, (usually several hard pushes have been required for the take to unlock). It takes the bit of pressure to close, in indistinto to the mine old a. My old one was very difficult of the take to create a vacuum. Taking a lot of repositionings to create a vaccuum. In mine first tentativa with a Nutrichef, has seen one collapses of the stock exchange around my lunch likes the air has been expelled - and he then focus. Then in the each one like this of a prójimo 23 containers of alimentary has done, has not had any subject! A measure of a Nutrichef is compact returns in my cupboard without doing new marvel " it is value a stray space? " I have not used some extras that is coming with him. A cork for wine bounced looks really well, and am sure do a work. It does not possess the vacuum container, as it can not comment in that. They are very happy has ordered a PYLE NUTRICHEF VACUUM SEALER. I can no the images will not be pleased. It is the value adds , especially for a prize.
5 / 5
Does not comprise like this vacuum sealer has such big descriptions, is terrible. You save a time and frustration and go with another mark. I have bought this to feed prep days so many could store grab and go freezer. It takes TWO HOURS for me partorisca seal 8 bands of room temp egg muffins. Any quantity of moisture prevents some capacities to seal. I have tried each combination of the settings and any one have solved a question. I have finalised that it has to that seal each container an AVERAGE OF FOUR TIMES with taking, manually drying, and that moves a line to seal every time. Each line of focus has diverse empty in him. It take an absurd quantity of persistence and time squandered to take a lunch there is sealed. It does not squander your money or your time and go with the mark more type to save you a headache. Or perhaps only elements to focus so only without any quantities of moisture at all.
Vacuum Sealer For NutriChef | Automatic Vacuum the air that Fixes of Focus For Alimentary Isolation w Judge of the laboratory of Boxes is exited of the Compact | drawing has Tried | Dry & Moist Luzca of Alimentary | Ways of the indicator Focused (Money)
5 / 5
am pleased like this with this lunch vacuum sealer. Our another feed sealer has broken but has hated that what (obviously different mark). Take the place, strong, and difficult to nutrichef pkvs18 is slender, lustrous, and easy to use. More multiple time so only that tries to take the stock exchange to seal. Law perfectly and I really dipped he by means of him is a lot well out of a box with that has to that pack roughly 60lbs of flesh. Thank you To do similar products adds.
5 / 5
Has purchased this element in June of 2017 and has used perhaps 10 to 15 times. Law well in a start but then one has decided to not doing. An only thing used partorisca east my homemade beef jerkey. Originally I have thought that that you are some stock exchanges are not . A scheme so only does not suck still to suck suck likes in a start LOL... In all the chance. You take that paid for I supposition. They are in a phase for the big quality a now!
5 / 5
Does not have any base for comparison, but has received mine vacuum sealer today and are more than has impressed. I have had it stirs it of venison Jim slender is and jerky still seal and ice cream and has on used all some stock exchanges comprised and plásticoes gone. A process is easy and fast, and is very obvious if a focus had not formed. I need to give a sealer 40 seconds go in focus, which is not one @subjects that considers has to that upload some stock exchanges. Has has loved it sealer mainly to cook under empty, and has not wanted to spend the tonne or squander the tonne of spatial in the giant a. This little type are adds. Memory of a measure on the one hand of crusher of the crusher of paper. Easy to spend on a storage of basement and easy to dip up. I am not sure reason any one would pay more for him sealer that this? This all require it to do.
4 / 5
Has ordered this product because there are indications of client favorecedor. Some looks of product to do well for a prize but I have used it so only once. A real test will be to see that it does in a long career . I have been disappointed with his strategy of marketing - comprised with this product was the saying of the airman would give was free vacuum stock exchanges for clients'eligible' those who has left the description of product. Interior 30 days of compraventas are by train to ask me now if ossia reason like this positive critic has been written. Perhaps the clients were more anxious that take his free vacuum the stock exchanges that was to or really write the sincere description. As it Can I say in just 30 days anyways?. Appearance still will take my free stock exchanges. I will maintain you posted if this raisin or no.

Top Customer Reviews: LIZZQ Premium ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5
I am further happy with this product. Has the Treager roasts and had state that comes from my hand in of the cheeses that cold to smoke concealed uses his method, which are the casserole of cheese in the casserole of gel in a grill in some parameters of smoke. It IS the ache of entity to try to maintain a temperature anywhere fence well. I have bought this tube of smoker and and has done the provisional modification in a grill to attack a hot cane and a auger and only use an adherent. Overdraft That a Treager will close an adherent of a temperature is down he preset temperature for in 10 minutes. Again, the headache that flavours to maintain is going during several hours. At the end backed of one this thinks on and has posed simply a tub to smoke in a drips to park of casserole in a beginning where some drains of fats. Abundance had to air available to maintain some pellets that smoke. An environmental temperature of a smoke was relatively constant and in a 87 in 95 field of title. Quan A temperature has taken in 90, has posed simply he 4 x 8-the inch that bakes to stuff in a scrapes directly in a tube and has launched the handful of cubes of gel in him. A temperature returned in 90. I have filled a tube with the pellets and he still are going after three hours. It forgets Treager to to council on likes him to him the cheese of cold smoke; it poses this tube in a grill and a work are done.
5 / 5
It tries to take smoked of the box of smoke and stainless smoker of foil of the pouches of aluminium, but or fact very good. Then, I have learnt quite a lot of tubes of smoker of the pellet and has thought would give it shot it. I have bought this product so that it is in meso some prizes of a soyarca to appoint' tube of pellet.

So far, has used the two times and smoke taken very very so much time. BUT, you have to follow some directions or he will not do very good. Quan Igniting some pellets with to torch of propane, has to maintain a llama in some pellets for enough the moment, doing sure an end is very ignited and generates the solid llama. Then, you have to maintain this llama ignited by quite a lot of 10 minutes to ensure enough of some pellets are burning. If you blow out of a too punctual llama, a tube probably the data has been after the few minutes. You can it has to pose a torch in him the small time until you take some pellets that good burn. Both times have used a tube, has taken smoke very very prende quite 4 hours. A company said that laws for until 5 hours; perhaps a type of pellets has used the fastest burn, but is very happy with 4 hours of good smoke. Highly it recommends this product.
5 / 5
First costs was, was has said whenever you ribs of flange of cook and such and smoke.Them Lentil in the grill of gas, well that it is Dud!!!!!! My partner is the cookery of professional grill . Has 4 different types to cook elements in his coverage, 1 grill of charcoal, 1 smoker, 1 grill of gas, and the grill of feeder of the pellet, his election to use is each which bren what hes cookery. But it is a one concealed has Lizzq tube of pellet, and to the left borrow it to me, said me some easy directions on that for the use, and presto, has done the full to rack in damming tasty ribs... These products is done supremely well. The fantastic works, and in that have me to him legustado very was, this has planted in fact undertaken the Graces, in a box. This could look the no big roads in you, but think enough it. That often go in the tent, restaurant, or compraventa, and some responses of personnel, Thank you for your subject?? Hardly ever. Tan There for, appreciate this company to pose out of the fantastic product and in fact saying thank you for your compraventa
5 / 5
A UPS the type has looked enough 3pm and run in a freezer, has taken the sirloin and some haddock fillets. It was the work hurriedly , has melted a steak in a waver, melted some fillets in of the warm water while they were arrests to shrink embroiled. Has my pellets of forests have purchased of last year. I have filled a tube, tried to ignite he in an interior of stove. BAD IDEA! Filled a full cookery of smoke, has run alfresco has planted he in a grill and he are exited. Tried to ignite he with the lighter of cigarette, any luck. Return and read some instructions and found the propane to torch hurriedly took it up and smoking, only likes him suggested.

Inner behind, seasoned a sirloin with some season of Montreal of Samsclub. Poked A steak with the fork the small time of so sides of hundred in tenderize. Seasoned A haddock with seasoning Tuscany of garlic of Samsclub. Run alfresco planted all the flesh in an upper racks to smoke for enough and 1 1/2 hours. It take, I am the type , at all elegant. It bakes up some material of turkey of the instant, Jack hungry mashed potatoes and the stock exchange of 15 years of the peas frozen. Baked a 1' fat steak quite 7-8 minutes each side in a plus down storm. It exits med scarce and with the scorching perfect grill in a surface.

Some of a lunch of better flavour had had in of the years. A Haddock would have to has been cooked less time, but averts of that, a flavour was excellent.
5 / 5
Good product. A last full tube me quite 4.5-5 hours with pellets of quality, less with variety of Walmart cheaper. It attaches the good level of additional smoke.
Full with pellets and left the overhang quite 5 inches of a prep be in a side of my grill. Paste He with a torch of propane during 15 bren or so until the looks of llama. Left a burn of llama was or the swipe was after the pair of minutes. Then it poses a tube in a grill. An end in a self doesnt apresamiento hot as it is easy to choose up.
Has recommended in of the friends and would buy again.
5 / 5
Law like the charm. I took quite 4 1/2 hours of good smoke. Microwaved Pellets During a minute and ignited with the torch of propane. The burn of the fire left during the minute and has blown was and planted my equivalent MONTH. Have take of a tray of piece and a tray to water while I have not required the. I have pulled also a casserole to fall under subjects that the only small hole could provide draft of pertinent air. I have not posed any lunch in so this was the career of test . Well I law adds and can any one when being any happier.
5 / 5
That is to say a better tool to smoke colds. I used it well out of a box to smoke 60lbs of sausage. Last 6 hours in some first flavours. Before it use it my smoker of gas, but in a poses it more partially cooked drop some sausages. With this smoker of pellet uses a same charbroil smoker and a extenssion has built on him ( to hang and store a sausage) and use this interior of smoker of the pellet of him to smoke a sausage, does not turn a smoker of real gas on.
Is thinking to buy another to use two of them immediately.
5 / 5
First of all Im the Bbq.Smoker junkie. I want a flavour to roast and lunch to smoke and use a grill or smoker at least 4 times the week (still in a snow and rain!). Has 2 grills and 2 smokers. I am the sucker to try each accessory can take my hands on for my pastime. This a excelled by in other accessories have bought, building Very good. Has the be solid. Very easy to use, place of only crowd in smoker and ignites an end with the torch.

A suggestion for a product (concealed any one of some manufacturers have still) is to have the ray in of the limits of finals so that pellets whose fall was yes in the full. To use it while you are to have to very totally fill some to last two inches likes them the gradient of pellets in a fund.

Uses in a tram of smoker for the cooks of night. I give me 4-5 hours of smoke in hte tram of smoker while it takes my sleep of beauty . :)
5 / 5
State using this type every time smokes the mine feeds now. Only it sound easy to fill this thing with some pellets, fences in a door, and has smoked during 8 hours. I am using the master has built tram of smoker, and has posed only this in a fund of him. It says to maintain out of slimes (I the supposition is preoccupied in some liquids that pose some pellets was) but there is has not had never an only subject leaving he in a fund of a smoker. It uses this in a built in plan of piece of the forest my smoker has. Im No the competitive smoker, I only that it feed as if yours that me and only wants to smoke your lunch with endeavour like small like possible, that is to say yours to go in. I also never thought in a fact that can pose you this in your grill to smoke your burgers has wanted. I think an afterwards a volume will be the small main in of the hopes to produce the small more smoked.
5 / 5
This small tube of smoke I orignally bought by my small grill. This weekend has used my Hog cookery to cook the pig sholder, 2 storm of ribs and leg quaters for the group that owe us a big game. I have decided since have any one tried include this tube to smoke to fill he with pellets and has posed the in a grating where a draft of smoke would continue a flesh. Has 2 cookeries like this but these some cooks with forests and an another propane and is a one has used. Have had to refil a tube 1 times in an almost 8 hours to cook! We were to impact in that only that 1 tube left the point of smoke and flavour smoked in all a flesh! It have been impressed has so done in my grill of small coverage. It thinks it could give it a flesh the flavour has smoked decent in a small grill, but in fact done in my big cookery! I go to purchase another for use in a big grill to do sure a whole grill will take one has smoked result. I save me to spend each nigh coals of diet in my others cooks of the forests have shot to maintain a temp right and that it has to buy the small one for a witch of coverage will save me hundereds!! One+++++++

Top Customer Reviews: Vacuum Sealer Bags ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 39 ratings
5 / 5
Partorisca Some reason is the total ache partorisca cut your measure has wished. My shears of the normal cookery no at all, scissors of the office is not very better. It has to that dip the down in the cutting joint and use the acute knife partorisca take the clean yard. If you can take spent a hassle of this then a global function is well. It would not buy him again this in spite of.
4 / 5
Would not take my vacuum sealer stock exchanges of anyplace, but Amazon!! A quality and the quantity of one has gone the stock exchanges is some better!
4 / 5
The prize is in his point, and to good sure the helps maintain these fresh lunches!
5 / 5
Has begun recently partorisca use the vacuum sealer and love the variety of stock exchanges partorisca freezing elements. It likes that I can use these partorisca choose of a measure partorisca my needs. There are two circles or two different measures in this container. I have had several elements partorisca freeze and has used these two circles partorisca do it. I have frozen circles partorisca dine, pig tenderloins, and offered of chicken in a circle partorisca measure smaller. Still I have the abundance has left in a small circle partorisca freeze more! The the whole chicken in a main measure and he have done perfectly. And have the plot has left in this circle. It was able to easily write in some stock exchanges I so that it has smoked that they are grabbing. These have the good thickness and to to good sure seats likes him will protect some elements. They are the good value reason can cut like this small or big to return my needs in planting to the use measures it to him returns everything. Has two different sealers and these have done easily in both of them.
5 / 5
Is half on partorisca a winter, like this vacuum sealing partorisca a deep freezing is at present underway. We require the little more stock exchanges. We decide to give a RUCKAE 2 Circles 8”×10' and 11”×10' Focus the Stock exchanges of Lunches come from it. Here it is our thoughts :

- A tube of empty circle has in a diameter of thumb. It maintains this import when seeing some photographs of some circles. In fact they run it was quite quickly. House in some square images of a circle, no a visual.

- Action-wise, these sealer the stock exchanges are point and averts. This resupplies the plot to estimate when considering a prize to ask. Have has not had to focuses failure only still. We reorder this product with less than risking simply because of this experience.

- Some two measures in one order is useful. Sometimes we require the smallest stock exchanges, sometimes main.

In general, any complaint or has failed seals. That more could ask in sealant stock exchanges? A prize is well. Highly recommended.
5 / 5
Has purchased the vacuum sealer car and required more stock exchanges. These were the plus of good prize takings three circles to differ measures. It likes that they are in of the circle as I can do some stock exchanges a measure loves. It finds a material to be fat and durable. It was easily able to install a circle in my car and take to do. They appear to be so only like some stock exchanges that come with my car. They are able the stock exchange my flesh quickly and is lasting in a freezer. I have not had any questions with these stock exchanges. I will purchase more when the circle was.
5 / 5
These stock exchanges do so only very partorisca our sealer. They are partorisca have that has weighed enough to be durable in a freezer. We use him to us to vacuum focus and earth of ribs and enclosed beef of pig for ice creams. Of these is in the continuous circle, has to cut the to your period wished and seal a first end to dip a product in and vacuum sealing another side. This adds flexibility to take like this big or the small measures likes wished, but takes an extra step, compared to a pre-sized and perforated options, how is the bit of the trade was. After active used one some with the pre-ends sealed, thinks enough would have consolation that a flexibility, but ossia so only me. His exactly to the equal that are supposed to. Any complain so that it is.
5 / 5
Together adds for the buck—two different measures for NY Band and Ribeye. Personally it thinks that it is the neighbour adds to have in your house for the cook/of half beginner. The thickness is excellent and on point, near .75mm. I have tried wet aging for two month, and has resisted well with liquid that the rests confine and not filtering as well as I have tried to cook the bad for 24 hours and any @subject. Some stock exchanges are not stretchable and have fantastic structure. A Focuses to take well and if it grasps to the each side without questions. They are happy has purchased this together and would repurchase for my exceptional dinners.
5 / 5
While any really remarks these when being fatter that a half mark has bought in a past, a hatch-the model is the improvement adds in a kinda blurred screen-normalised of some another.

I no quite know reason, but a hatch-the model done any widespread liquid more equally like aproaches a sealer, and leave me hastens a key to seal so only a right time.

These also look to seal more easily that a blurred screen-normalised, included when the little liquid has taken pulled to a zone to seal.
5 / 5
This in spite of these are 10” and 11” stock exchanges. . . An interior is 9” and 10” like the sides are sealed.

These are your “regular” class of vacuum sealer circles. A side has the grille, and another no.

Although an information in some circles does not aim that these are BPA free. . . . It is written in a that lists that they are BPA free.

One a thing which would be well is if these have there was markings in the each side to do that his cup directly the little easier.

These stock exchanges are Done in Cina and when be sold by the Chinese company on Amazon.

Top Customer Reviews: O2frepak 6Pack ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 44 ratings
5 / 5
I have been using my Saver Feed and using some stock exchanges of name of the mark partorisca years and always have a subject with him sealing if a sale where focuses them that they take wetted in a slightest. These stock exchanges will seal by means of any water, fat, or juices that among a clue and work with even some models some old plus. I have read some was frames does so only with the newest models and this work with mine 10+ year the saver Feeds old adds! Well value a compraventa for the upper product.
5 / 5
Some stock exchanges were the perfect access for my saver feed.. More volume an extra circle for a prize I pay anywhere more for 5 circles of a mark of name.. It was to win he-win for me because utilisation my car the plot... I will be king-ordering these when the career of mine was!!!
5 / 5
Does like this very like this stock exchanges more types of saver feed. To good sure will order again when I require them and has arrived exactly when I have been said they .
4 / 5
Has a Anova Precise Vacuum Sealer and these stock exchanges do wonderfully with him. I love a variety of measures in the band as I do not owe that order multiple mandates. I am surprised that time a sale lasted. Any subject with leaks, any burn of freezer! Highly recommend. The money has saved that buys these in planting that Anova loved to buy by means of them.
5 / 5
Alternative cockroach sum to some options of mark of the name. I have used this all been to pack fish for a winter.
5 / 5
These stock exchanges no with my saver feed. Complete rubbishes and now a lot returnable. All require partorisca take buying sub regular products of Cina. Need of amazon to add the fact in option of filter of them the EUA.
4 / 5
Good stock exchanges. The prizes add. Work as well as it marks of name.
4 / 5
Prize and utmost container. Elected on this so much the together to leave on going in in of the laws that has alimentary savers also. The value adds.!
4 / 5
It loves him. Like this very like this of the stock exchanges of saver feed with out a big prize
5 / 5
Was the little sceptic when I ordered him, but when they have arrived and tried him, was satisfied entirely. Happy has done this election. More still bang your buck!!!

Top Customer Reviews: Metronic 8 inch ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
There is sealed on 200 elements, a light of indicator could do for some people but I found it more partorisca find to the focus is comfortable with and so only count you calm so that the to focus in firm every time. Otherwise This work adds with poly stock exchanges and helps partorisca do the mine has baked the sakes look pleasant and professional while giving me flexibilities partorisca bake and ice cream or leave clients to having produced fresh that the fresh stay longer!
5 / 5
Likes a lot another, has purchased this partorisca heat mine of seal has has decorated cookies partorisca maintain them fresh longer partorisca my clients. It has arrived quickly and works well out of a box. It covers so only in and it beginning that you focus. It loves it!
4 / 5
Better investment for cookies! I have had to that try sealing stock exchanges the little time with different temperatures before finally taking a sealing right. If you resist down a crowbar too long (and according to a type of temperature & of stock exchanges) some stock exchanges will melt. Any need to resist down too long to seal. Calm also can leave a car plugged likes focus to heat so only will do if a crowbar is pressed down. Utilisation polypropylene the stock exchanges for mine has has decorated cookies for the most professional look and to maintain the cookies there is sealed for freshness. The investment adds in my opinion!
4 / 5
Has the sake of the focus softens cleaned in the each one and each element! You focus my produced easily without fuss- Easy to store and easy to clean- Looks very good and is the professional tool for my business- has used he for diverse things already and am VERY VERY HAPPY! This company will go in And FURTHER to do sure is happy with your compraventa- I had not spent for with the description of the mine first order because of the subject small with an element- A company refunded of the money to the equal that could purchase another concealed was in shape correct and issue solved- I would recommend this company by all the world- I follows extremely happy and pleased with his service of client and my commanded- Some works of substitution soooo very better and seats flat-
5 / 5
Absolutely loves this produces was really nervous to purchase reason has thinks that that a prize was too economic so that it has seen these paralizaciones to sell in ULINE, am blown has gone by likes to owe easy and has weighed this car feels. We are using this car commercialally and like this far is state adds!
5 / 5
Easy to use. I have purchased he so that it could heat seal my cookies. The works add with some stock exchanges of cellophanes I use.
4 / 5
Uses my sealer to the container has has decorated cookies. Absolutely I love it! It takes the little focus to try to find a setting of perfect heat but is the place the and forget it bondadoso of what calm once the him. It can remain plugged in of has beaten of only uses when sealing and wants to concealed. Can dip it up and leave he in mine workstation. My cookies remain like this well like first day has been done for the few weeks. To good sure values he.
4 / 5
I amour to bake and work. Also I want to dip near treat stock exchanges-- a an appearance of goody stock exchanges that the hate is that it has to that seal some clear stock exchanges (of candies the cookies and confetti) with bonds of transfer. Ribbon Is well, only time to eat. Also, that has to that seal some stock exchanges (any with adhesive or staples) and dip toppers / focus in his only is annoying. I finally decided to invest in the heat sealer. Honradamente Do not know reason took like this long. I love this thing, work like the charm and is LIKE THIS EASY to use. Literally it covers so only he in, choose the setting, tries the stock exchange, and then mine of merry trace sealing way.

According to which the investments go-- although this is not something that will use daily, weekly, or monthly-- act it to you / cooked and like to the mark extracted for friends, coworkers, or celebrate ossia the tool adds to have in your arsenal. It is the lifesaver during some holidays when I have dipped joints of small stock exchanges for my daughter daycare.

So that it used it far to do extracted stock exchanges with candy, personalised confetti, homemade chocolates, cookies, and have more dish for this earring a upcoming holidays of parks.
4 / 5
This looks to be of a costruttore same like some units have used for more than 15 years. They are used in a setting of industrial production and has on resisted wonderfully. Mechanically HAS Has subject with a point of hinge, but ossia to be expected with our severe use. Electronically I do not create we have had the alone failure! Highly it recommends this product.
NOTE: A bit those that the people have mentioned that nude out of some bosses of ray when that tries to substitute an element to heat. Some rays are Phillips rays of boss... A primary reason the Phillips games of the ray of the boss is reason the people do not comprise calm precise use a screwdriver of correct measure, i.et., it does not use the 3 Phillips engine in the fastener having the 1 Phillips boss! In reality, it is difficult to undress out of the Phillips boss of the ray YES is using an ENGINE of CORRECT MEASURE. When Any one says 'each boss of alone ray undressed was'... You can bet a person thinks that Phillips is A-Measured-Access-Everything. The same what goes for the regulate slotted ray! With Torx boss and boss of Allen, the look of people to comprise or any one some accesses of tool correctly... It is so only a lot like this obvious with Phillips and slotted.
4 / 5
Ossia One of these descriptions but I hate to give reason this sealer could be the five-star wonderful car. When it Has arrived it has been pleased with a Construction to have that has weighed. It was a lot near built , tight and corners and there is sealed fantastically, there was roughly the month and there is sealed in that then several stock exchanges of hundred perfectly, is the horse of work . Today an element to heat dead and has spent enough a protective coverage in an element but concealed is not the question because this thing has treated wonderfully up until this point.
Finally has imagined was like this to change an element to heat and a backing but was hard and some rays have been undressed was and concealed is not a lot so that pode does not give the 5 but I upgrade the to the 3

will say that a lot of descriptions have spoken roughly too hot and of the cutting stock exchanges have had to that same question also this in spite of able era to correct he to expect until a stock exchange was fresh before I pull was a backing. Some materials require the time to cool longer that dip a plastic before they can be take of one any clave that has retreated.
Has then tried to change an element some rays are delicate and each suns an of them there has been a phillips the bosses undressed was likes tip of the ray there is at all be the grip on, this was each one which so only one of them more were in so many of tight that has been able up to now to take some pocolos fulmine. As I have had this sealer for the month and are that it has to that face a Dilemma of like this to substitute an element to heat and a shield without rasgar all up. I have had to that go down to a tent of hardware and take some bits to drill out of some rays, and try substitute them.

Now included am nettled like this hardly can think of any of a good to say in this sealer. I am spent a last 2 hrs and has had to that spend more money, gas, and the time that careers for all the city to take some tools and rays to substitute simply substitute an element to heat. I am nettled like this in this a thing there is clouded and corrupted that it was to be the raving and glowing description. A control of quality has to that be lax yes is spent with undressed out of rays. A manufacture has to that be low quality presionar a ray down like this stagnate that nude out of some bosses and takes several hours to substitute an element.
Would not recommend never for any to buy one of these seslers, reasons the month will owe that imagine was like this to fix low quality manufacture so only to change the element of simple heating.

Top Customer Reviews: FoodSaver 1-Quart ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 55 ratings
4 / 5
A concept are partorisca add - dipped in the stock exchange of lock of the zip, uses a small vacuum device partorisca create the vacuum and is done! Very better that tugging out of an integer Foodsaver unit. These things simply no . A first calm time rests of use sealed partorisca several minutes, and focus them subsequent is so only partorisca several seconds. We use our FoodSaver unit all a time, loves it, and has looked for the fast alternative, but this clearly a lot he. Unfortunately we purchase the pair of some bands how is stuck with them so only begin to use his after having for several months. Word to a wise: if it feels I like has to that try these (like ), does not order more than a band or will be stuck with them.
5 / 5
Has been using this system and these stock exchanges for 2 months now. I love it! Has read descriptions before I bought it, reason has the tiny cookery but is not sure state in this type of setup has compared to a main heat-fixes it sealed. THIS BETTER WORK THAT has has EXPECTED based in descriptions.

I place a stock exchange of open sandwich inside a vacuum stock exchange (unsealed), focuses a vacuum stock exchange and then vacuum. A result is that, like this far, each one which of my stock exchanges still is sealing perfectly ( has taken an idea of the description). I store cheese, flesh, to the vegetable likes-him him onions of yard, cucumbers: all can think of, tentativa. Really it maintains the fresh things much more. Nizza For the person that sometimes forgets the things are in a frig until run by means of them later. No more mystery yuck! Quite fun!

Has dipped these stock exchanges on Subscribe & to Save. Like this far, has has has had to that skip 2 month of the mandates of then are that they last so longer that has expected.
4 / 5
Amazon/FoodSaver I waste returns no further that the day there is rid. The product is paste and lose with some elements sealing, another sealing and immediately fill with air. Tried resealing a lot of seals every time. Any on fill. The air of appeals was then loses compression. No spent never of money. Clave with a Mylar stock exchanges and absorbers of oxygen. I am not happy! Spent $ 35+ in of the stock exchanges 20 $ more in vacuum. Produced.
5 / 5
Like a way this work of stock exchanges the vacuum focus on perishable lunch closely. My only complaint is that some lunches will cause the micro hole in a stock exchange and therefore not sealing closely still although they look to the the principle. Some leaks of air was dulcemente. As it depends in that dipped you in there. For example: grain of law of Caffè of sound, but caffè of the no. of earth looks a slightest speck of a caffè of earth takes taken in a part to focus sliding and loses is vacuum over time. I have tried to seal
my dog chewies like greenies, or denta claves but some flanges poked the teeny hole in a stock exchange so many for this the stock exchange there is not sealed properly. If it save these chewies the products of type are that quickly take hard and stale.
I also tried reseal the few stock exchanges and some facts and some no. The suppositions are the times has produced to use so it will not purchase them again been due to a cost. They do not come with a artilugio to suck an air was, but has had has had already an in fact years and law well.
Still am giving to 4 description to star reason when they do like this the time has produced, with the to right lunch likes him the rice, is utmost.
4 / 5
Has the FoodSaver FSFRSH0051 vacuum sealing car, and find that quell'use substandard the stock exchanges entirely have squandered a value of this unit. As we purchase the row of fourth and stock exchanges of chevron of both FoodSaver and Ziploc frames, and his all does well. A full recommendation for any of them.


1. A vacuum the valves are very done and easy to locate with our car.
2. Some stock exchanges resist a vacuum over time, which means a material is strong, some closures of zip are strong, and more significantly some valves do not filter .
3. His all have white marking band. We use the permanent bookmark, then dipped the small piece of magic tape in a writing.
4. They are of course entirely clear.
5. A prize is well for us.
6. They can be open, animal-closed and animal-vacuumed without any loss of functionality.
7. They can be washes and animal-used when they are empty.

So many, any complain any one. It say to buy a container of the each one marks at the beginning, and see has the preference (really has not seen any difference in quality).
4 / 5
Has used to use another mark of vacuum stock exchanges of storage of focus he for leftovers, but has been interrupted. You contemplate to buy the vacuum diagrams that hot of seals of FoodSaver, but when I have seen these stock exchanges, has decided to forego a cost of a car, and has bought the good supply of these stock exchanges. They are heavy more and seal better that any one other stock exchanges have used. Felizmente, one hand-held vacuum the bomb of another mark has done well. If you do not have one of the bombs of another mark, recommends to buy FoodSaver FSFRSH0051 FreshSaver Hand-held Vacuum bomb.
5 / 5
Has paid the small fortune for these Debbie any stock exchanges of QVC only to find that a first batch of stock exchanges has done well (half of some times have lost to suction and can also finalises to dip a lunch in the stock exchange of normal freezer) but a second set of the stock exchanges have not done at all. It was not if a hole so only there is not lined on right or that but he any included suction any air was. It take these Foodsaver stock exchanges with which have seen another reviewer has said has done with Reynolds vac. I have not had anything to seal still but has loved to try it was asap (because of some reviewers the saying loses his control after the few days) like me grabbed some wines of cookies to do and launched him in a stock exchange. They are happy to inform that with which several days some cookies are like this to to the tight air like them to him the day dipped him in there.
5 / 5
Sucks, Or enough his of the that sucks. Air renters In the middle of some stock exchanges inside the few hours to seal... im Following instructions, any esarpa' the lunches and at all is creating the barriers approach a ziplock or vacuum ports... The test to water the air has developed filters to surround a vacuum ports , these are quite rubbishes
4 / 5
has bought these to go with a hand has resisted the saver feeds for a refrigerator to give is gone in the conference of Nutrition goes to be hosting. I will be to speak to plot in a line of Saver Feeds and the one who wonderful is to preserve lunch. Still with some stock exchanges of refrigerator, can take such glorious results to the equal that take with the piece of Swiss cheese there is sealed in the stock exchange of refrigerator and has forgotten for a whole year. Had absolutely at all bad with this cheese after the full year in my refrigerator in a stock exchange of saver feeds for a refrigerator. This in spite of, does not use these in a freezer. They are not of the facts for a freezer and does not resist a focuses in a freezer. They will do marvels in the yours the refrigerator but these are not feigned for use in a freezer.
4 / 5
The same description has given for some some stock exchanges of chevron that has bought in the times still like these... This look to be of good quality. Utilisation and reuse the all some time and save me money for not squandering perishables in my refrigerator. I add to maintain to to the lunch likes-him the cheese, flesh of sandwich, etc. Lasting longer. Especially I use him for sliced fresh arrows in a small plastic container. Some arrows last for the days the plus along that before. So only it wishes these were more the competitive prize with saying ziplock plastic stock exchanges that does not give you a reusability but work in mine vacuum car of saver. A prize resist behind so only buying in the regular base.

Top Customer Reviews: GERYON Vacuum ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 57 ratings
5 / 5
I have had the PLOT of vacuum sealers in some last twenty years and has assumed that his all has done basically one same. A question is necessary to take attention the instructions. When I fist has looked for to use this is to be disturb that it does not seal closely. That have spent is that I had it on sweet way. I have not had Never this option in any cars displaced. Like this then, he no vacuum focus, has not closed he partorisca press some locks have located in a fund. With which one has been sealed has not released some keys in some sides. Have @@give Also that there is lag time, when the unplugged some lights is not exited immediately, but has discovered concealed is so only some those read. That I amour in of the this is is súper calm, is small and easy to store. All leading sealers has touched like the train of fright. I have not verified a star partorisca durability reason have has had so only this partorisca roughly two weeks. I expect that I have not scared any reason this are adds partorisca use of house and is not complicated while has read instructions. A reason has chosen this one is reason a an I actuate now does not have hoses of substitution partorisca vacuum sealing mason bounced or canisters, is the very known company and continue sell some same cars that needs the vacuum hose that can not be substituted so that it loses a capacity to seal mason bounced, and included his own accessories unless it buy the new car with faulty hose. They are disabled and confidence on preserving eaten in in everything of some accessories that has bought, reasons owe that eaten of hovered partorisca use of long term.
5 / 5
Used this car partorisca accuse a whole deer. Fact extremely well, the perfect work. Crazy easy to use with both some stock exchanges and circles. Has the model the expensive plus that it is much more finiky.
4 / 5
Are like this intoxicated to this thing! Have There was it so only the week but like this far like this good! There is remarked has to that add paper towel to the plot of things, or freeze them the bit, otherwise moisture affects a focus. It is not the big shot but to good sure take some alive paper towel
4 / 5
has has used so only this two times, eats... I will look for to update this if my transmissions of opinion. Also, I do not have any experience with another vacuum cars partorisca compare this one to.

These looks of what partorisca do add. I have used this on chicken in the marinade two times, once on broccoli, and once so only the sauce. Now... This car is not feigned partorisca such wet lunch...

Is resulted: had some pockets of air in some of a lunch. A broccoli was a worse. I think that that this owes his form. The broccoli has a lot of ups and downs, while the piece of chicken is more so only some blockades. I think that that it is useful to take an air bubbles all to a cup of a stock exchange yes can.

A latching the looks of mechanism... No very robust. It is doing well like this far. At least a reviewer said that his this has arrived broken, and can see like this would spend. I imagine that this hard thing at least 2 years, he then cost a prize... And like this far, I think it ... But I suggest partorisca be careful with this part.

Some keys are partorisca touch , any mechanic. Ossia Well in these keys maquinales lacking, and some keys partorisca touch look very spatial-ages. This in spite of, there is inadvertently touched him, and is very sensitive.

A way that a car comes averts in two thinks it to me has not been very dipped near, but I maintaining @gives that ossia the good thing . If the little liquid takes to a car, washing he out of a fund has died easy. If like this liquid among that among a cup... Well... I think that that you go to take the new car. Although continuous do, was not sanitary.

Has found this 'an odd trick' to do this work of car with liquids. IF calm this, so that in your own risk. The liquid in a car can ruin it. I relate this only to describe my experience, no like the recommendation on like this to use this car.
Has dipped a lunch in a stock exchange with a sauce. Any a lot of sauce is required like vacuum pushes a sauce to a lunch.
When A stock exchange dips down in a car ready partorisca pull a vacuum, a stock exchange does not have to that be like this full that clear goes everywhere. As it dips there, a cup... Perhaps 3 thumbs or more... Need to remain drought. I go like this far like this to dry he with the paper towel to maintain like this moisture like possible out of a car.
Has cut the paper towel to be like this width like inaugural of a stock exchange, then has bent a paper towel to on of the games of thumb, and three discharges. Then cut of a rest of a paper towel.
Situated a paper towel in a cup of a stock exchange in a dry zone. I need to far enough in that an upper thumb or as it is not blocked by a paper towel. Ossia Necessary so that a course of this car that creates some needs to seal to not having any paper towel that blocks it. But it do not have to that be like this far the like this to be drenching in a sauce. If your stock exchange is really saucy, transmissions some settings in a car to esweet' and soyoist', but note that these settings do not pull like this well of the vacuum. In another hand, use some normal settings, could finalise with alimentary juices in a vacuum car... yuck.
Like the car pulls a vacuum, will see a paste in drenching a paper towel, and beginning partorisca drench in, but then a car prenderá, and seal a stock exchange. This all the taking the bit of practice... I tried it two times with first just water to try with feeding... And I have maintained the toe in a 'annul' key.
5 / 5
Fact to the equal that has drawn a time. According to use and some starts of units to vac focus before it is closed even or has closed. Tecla of to swim. Tecla of seals to swim.

Has tried service of client and with which 15 min was disconnected without directing some subjects. I am returning he for credit.
5 / 5
Took more with a longitude partorisca unpack a unit then imagines regarding the use. Process very simple and utmost! My first project was some cheese has smoked so only. I am included impressed with a line of focus, some units so only have the thin boss and do the flimsy focus, this focus of unit almost 1/8 of a thumb!

A lid to close ensure partorisca focus pertinent when vacuuming and then sealing a stock exchange. Some clips that control an enclosed lid is plastic, this in spite of while it calms no the man manages a unit does not see them when being a subject.
5 / 5
The update am updating this description. My unit has done sum for the months of pair. Spend it go partorisca seal on the @@subject add for a freezer. Any suction at all now. It can no gone back and any repayment. A company does not answer for one of the company this wants to maintain clients. This was the waste of time and money.

Mina FoodSaver sealer dead and has bought this unit to substitute it. I received it yesterday and it is spent the majority of a day that uses it. A mechanism to close was bit it rigid at the beginning but easy prompt result to close and unlock. I want that podes only focus and can he take process in any point. It is much calmer that mine FoodSaver was and a better part is that some starts of cup easily to clean in a tank! This unit is hanged also lighter a lot of that it is really useful reason have limited mobility. This unit is like this useful that paving for the maintain in a counter. They like him some few stock exchanges that come with a unit but he would be well has had some class of frames in some sides for easy cutting. It likes the pre-do of my stock exchanges of a circle to save time when I am busy sealing. A so only another thing is that a unit that is black and a bar to focus is also black would be it much easier one was some class of bookmark that is easy to see. I probably dipped some tape of the thin masking in front of one touches partorisca seal for the easiest that see. I have it that has not used still he partorisca seal bounced reason have misplaced the mine bounces that it seals asks. I will update if some question comes to light but to arrive to this point am thrilled with my new sealer. It does not resist your respite in some free stock exchanges for your description this in spite of. It has not received any one. It does not change my description this in spite of.
4 / 5
Has not used Never he vacuum sealer before. A Geryon is simple to use, has the prize adds and good works. My first test was vacuum sealing documents of entities to protect them of harm/of riada of the water. Double-bagged some documents and the triple heat there is sealed some finals to the equal that have to that be very better that some stock exchanges of lock of the zip that filtered in mine last riada. Wine with focus of discharges he of boat avenges and the hose partorisca seal vacuum canisters and the judge of stirs it exited of stock exchanges.
5 / 5
Ossia A second time there is compraventa this produced, and some first time have not left the description, reason have loved really have time to use and see some results of some alimentary maintained in them, and the tin to honesty says, ossia an excellent product ! A measure the stock exchanges is perfect and work well for so many measures of flesh that tends in them. I have used one another mark in a past, the saver Feeds and comparing them both next side there is not founding any difference, a Geryon the mark is excellent, and how is a quality , a lot of fact and sized perfect for daily use. I will continue to order a Geryon vacuum sealer stock exchanges 100 pcs fourth measures in some futures again, and on and on !
5 / 5
Love this thing! I have bought previously another sealer in this row of prize and has been broken out of a box to the equal that was a bit skeptical when I have ordered this. Felizmente This thing is sum . It focuses everything now and save me to plot of time and money. I can stock up in deals abonos in a tent and any to concern roughly going them bad. Súper Happy with this product!

Top Customer Reviews: EZCO Bag Sealer ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. This stock exchange sealer is the I enough adds little tool to have around. It thinks more the people think to use he for the chips but calm can use he this in spite of more. I used it to seal my stock exchange of seeds of herb, grout stock exchanges, and all the classes of another material. You owe that be careful reason some of some stock exchanges of the type of the foil can leave yes calm take it the heat. Start in a half in some thicknesses of plastic stock exchanges with the seam in some means of then is a course a harder that a stock exchange. Also it has the little cutter in that has has not used really. And wine with battery that any all does.
5 / 5
Is easy to use and quickly (any time of discharge), but there is not any direction to dip some batteries in(the short goes all a way behind, calm will not break he). Imagined quell'has been when I have had to take. I will give the description in bylines when I reopen my stock exchange and see the one who usable is.
5 / 5
This product is wonderful. Our clips of the chip always takes stray or broken, and the hate goes the giant stock exchange when there it is so only the little has bitten left in a stock exchange. This any only king seals a stock exchange, but also run of an excess! 🙌🏼

Has struggled to use at the beginning, but after the few tentativas has begun to take a hangs of him. It is also good and compress cup like this pressed of the plot fewer spaces that my battery of clips of chip! 👍🏼

Does not take fallido tin a lot he correctly at the beginning. So only the give some time. There is the procedural has bitten to learn, but calm once take it, costs it!
4 / 5
Loves this. I have been that loves something like this for the long time but did not purchase it never so that it did not think it would do. I have received this another day and is already be the dipping to use add. It seals it adds. I took it so only like this I can not comment in the durable ossia (will update if any one subject in any point in time). I do not have prendido attention to some directions but you slide a coverage was entirely to dip some batteries have comprised in and also verify to do sure calm his the in a right direction. Recently calm this is ready for use. It would be careful with leaving the boys that use this so that has the a lot of little brota on he also. I want that characteristic how is acute but again girls. I want to that has the magnet to stick to a refrigerator how is always inner achieves and is where is at all times. LOL
4 / 5
There is enjoyed this produces the plot like this far! Have Always has hated clips, like this the element was perfect for our house.
A box has comprised also the container of direction and battery. Some batteries have taken the minute to imagine was that some works of device.
When sliding A piece for behind that has inserted some batteries in enough to see a little heated piece that hides down, then is ready for use.
Has not been if it is so only me... But I am not always able to create the straight line by means of. Sometimes a device leaves the small losing the piece sealed when closing. They are then unable to fix that a missing zone to seal and has to that create another line sealed on a forward a. This sometimes continuous process, which creates another hole so only in another location.

- Comes with Battery
- that Amour in backside for easy storage
- Amused to use

- Sometimes hard to the slide has retreated to cover a piece
- a lot always create the perfect line that creates empty
- Can odorare like this in of the llamas when using a device more than a swipe
5 / 5
has loved always try one of these and am like this happy has done. This law adds! Has three boys those who spend the peels to bites like does of any morning, he so that there is always a stock exchange of open bite in a pantry. This maintains it fresh. More is amused to use. So only I love point out of a “key” in a fund is the leaf of knife. Has not reading some directions in the first place (duh) and almost cut I. He so that there is concealed.
5 / 5
Has bought this of then I things to hate that goes stale and to the equal that have loved to pack some the individual cookies have decorated. A compact measure is sum , and amour that his magnetic so that it can it to them burst up in my refrigerator. In practical, was able to seal on cookies but has taken some time to take legislation and a battery has died with which two use as it has annoyed. To reseal my small sanding container of the z/of the sugar and the elements likes him that his add but honradamente for my cookies the arrivals to buy covers it the big plus in unit to the equal that can seal with a motion and take the clean line.

Is looking for Something to seal on atascada or stock exchanges of the chip to good sure would recommend, if that tries to take the professional looking focus for yours has has decorated cookies I snag the big more a ossia a width of a packaging.
4 / 5
Fast and easy way to reseal stock exchanges. The girls usually tear by means of a Doritos faster that we can use this, but is adds fun looking his puzzled looks when it has to that reopen the stock exchange has thinks that has had has opened already :)

the subject Only with him is that a magnet of refrigerator in his backside is not quite powerful to resist his own weight in a refrigerator. So as the swipe in a room, likes simply walking spent a refrigerator, is enough to send this sliding down a door. I simply dipped another magnet of refrigerator down he in a door to maintain he in place.
5 / 5
So that far it has been it using he for the pair of days. It likes to of me to plot. They are in here looking for all the classes of plásticoes to seal. It is a lot easy to use. It is not cheaply he he. They are very impressed with a quality of him. I have not known Never I required it but I really do.
5 / 5
A lot little artilugio. Clear instructions, easy to use. No more spoiled popcorn 😊

Top Customer Reviews: Presto 06300 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 56 ratings
4 / 5
Wow, I have taken to good sure my money cost of this little dehydrator. It is been running quite every day took it of then. I have bought he in the bit of the panic when prompt forecast and the deep snow that freezes require to us to pull in everything still in my garden. Without room in mine freezer, has turned to dehydrate. A last month, has done several classes of peppers; courgette; tonnes of apples; tomatoes; grain; and the pocolas other things. It has dipped a dehydrator in a cochera, load up in a morning, and control during a day until things is done taste likes him. The desire had taken the sooner, in fact; I will be to do to plot more than this next year. Some tomatoes of the pieces of & apple have dried is exited especially well; he a-dried' tomato pesto has extended concealed is awesome. This can not be the commercial dehydrator, but sure done a trick for me. The cost has better fact in the moment. Pro Tip: it does not sustain in the and dip your face in a steam when drying chili peppers.
5 / 5
Had been that loves the dehydrator for years so many, in the whim a day, has done so only one submerges and has purchased is one. It was relatively economic compared to another had seen has imagined like this if it does not act, or there is not enjoyed doing jerky after all, so only would be out of $ 30 or so much.
Are like this happy has bought this thing this in spite of! My first batch of deer tenderloin teriyaki jerky is exited fantastic. It is Keto diet and beef jerky is my gone-to bite of the protein and he can be quite an expensive habit. It tends-bought jerky tends to be very big in sodium also. I want to be able to do my own marinade for my jerky the way more sã.
A dehydrator comes ready to really is any 'assembly' calm once imagine out of the side of some trays fulfils on (which is not science of rocket). It comes with 4 slowly that it is abundance to start with but there is enjoyed the mine so much am ordering 4 flatter reason want to do the main batches of jerky a time. (Calm so only take 1/3 jerky of any calm flesh 3 lbs of the beef will yield so only A pound of jerky.) This means four slowly the full trays could touch like this to plot but is really no.
This dehydrator is simple and easy to use. You have dipped a flesh, dipped on lid and discharges he in. There is any transmission to be able to or temp control. It is dipped already for a perfect temp. I will say this, be wary of What time use this reason have taken has spent is gone in the December that does jerky like the presents and my electrical bill have shot on $ 70 thus month. lol
5 / 5
This are adds for which want to try dehydrating eaten for a first time. It is a lot reasonably priced and pode experiences without spending to plot of money. An only downfall is there is not the timer and calm can not dip a temperature that is dipped always around 140 terracings.

Stores easily and comes with a booklet of instruction that explains like the prep a first lunch of a process of dehydration. You can drench fruits in the 1:1 water to juice of lemon or citrus acid for 10 minutes. There is drenched in juice of lemon and water then patted dry. A fruit has not tried to like juice of lemon after a process of dehydration. There is remarked that a fruit in a fund tries dehydrated much faster that a fruit in a same upper tray although they were to go for a same quantity of time.
5 / 5
Mainly has taken this dehydrator to do the bites sãos/extracted/for my dog. Today, bakeries of the pet and the tents of pet sell natural/sãos extracted, but is not economic. I imagined it it can do a house of what same for the fraction of a cost. The ones of way that there is far has used this once ( apresamiento roughly 7-9 hours the time). I have done potato and chip of apple. Mina Corgi has loved really a potato (apples, any as much as I prepped he with juice of lemon for advanced like this arrived the @@@tart of has bitten. But ossia well, has done he for experimenting purpose in all the chance. I have eaten these I). You recommend this, especially for owners of pet!
4 / 5
This has been I adds like this far. It is the little has bitten main and there is more the room that has expected, but has been perfect to dry was some peppers have been that grows to finally grind to powder!
5 / 5
Has purchased this prompt dehydrator wants to begin prepping. I have been looking a lot of video on like this to start with and requiring the dehydrator was one of my desires. I have loved really take an extremely big model but I have decided to begin this one which perfectly for the beginner. I have used prompt mine dehydrator for a lot of vegetables and of the fruits as well as different types of jerky. Has dehydrated fruits, veggies, chicken, turkey, laughed, grain, paste, potatoes, and so more. Yes it is time eating but is economic. The ones of way that far has eaten the time of diverse boat as well as has has stored elements in mine vacuum has sealed stock exchanges. I use mine dehydrator together with mine FoodSaver to store a lot of different types of lunches. This loans the model comes with four slowly and is able to develop to eight slowly chooses spent more. I have learnt with using this dehydrator, a lot the times owe that dip a fat plus peices in a subordinated reason some the lowest trays receive one the majority of heat. Has has had to that also rotate some trays in occassion to do sure a lunch is drying equally. I used it to dry herbs also with the successes add. I have measured a temperature on 165 terracings with my thermometer of the instant read roughly 20 minutes after beginning a dehydrator to do sure has achieved is temperature of summit .
Gave it four stars simply reasons owe that rotate some trays to do sure everything of my lunch has dried was sufficiently. Pics Coming punctual.
4 / 5
With some modifications his work a lot enough to dry 3d filament. Taking roughly 65C-ish.
5 / 5
A bit bummed to discover dehydrates in around 140 terracings. Ossia Too hot sure things. But work well so that I am doing, which is mainly peppers and fruit.

The prize is well, can not beat concealed.

That it could say of my brief investigation, some trays to dry are BPA free.

No a quantity more orders of height among trays when stacked. If there is a bit to to big peppers like , will have to quite his down, or of his piece up. No the big shot I supposition. It was not a subject for more than things, as sliced apples, apricots, peaches, beef jerky. It was a subject for big plums this in spite of. It does not think calm will be able to do to plot of plums with east.

Is not súper strong, but is not to calm neither. No really the big shot, can always dipped he in another room if a calm noise annoy.

In general, am happy with him, but for my needs, will be upgrading punctual.
4 / 5
UPDATE - this has done. A second unit arrived in an external box, and intact. Original description down.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
When This prime minister has arrived, has think that a box looked perfect, as it was súper-surprised to find that a dehydrator the lid was irreparably broken, that does an useless thing. He simply the looks there is run over. I have then taken another look in a box and there is @@give that a packaging does not prevent this to spend, if the quite heavy but slightly the object it the small plus is situated on him. My box looked so only pressed in enough that perhaps this is to spend.

Has then read some other descriptions of some stars and there is @@give that in fact it can be useless for his purpose feigned in all the chance. The bad = fire, IMO. This in spite of so only want to dehumidify mine 3D printer filament (which any drip in an apparently bad engine the assembly/protected of heater) and is not looked forward to that spends to plot more in of the hopes to improve packaging.

There is almost has bought the hundred-dollar dehydrator, when you cross my alcohol that this thing arrived without an external box. You are not the present as I have not concerned me (and hardly remarked). Felizmente All have an option in checkout to ask that be it situate in an external box. I have ordered another, in this way, in of the hopes that will arrive it intact. Highly it recommends that this decides that ossia a right thing for you.

Still (grumble grumble) another focuses to return to print, another confrontation with a tape to pack gun, and another travesía to some mailboxes-r- plant to situate of him... ugh!
4 / 5
The works of leading descriptions, and imagined for $ 35, could any gone bad.

This little car does to the surprise has has dried fruits and vegetal. I have ordered a slick discharges and slowly extra.

A noise is not a is not dryer of strong hair, but is not defender of calm ceiling. Taken far less time to dry things that some manual shows.

-Chip of banana - roughly 4 hours.
-Tomatoes - roughly 3 hours.
-Apple/of pears - roughly 1 now.

Has used canned apricots, cherries and included pineapple. Everything is exited adds. We have used applesauce and canned fruits to do puree for circle-ups. We use it to knots to dry vegetal for stock of soup of easy instant.

This product has surpassed my expectations, and with all some compraventa of accessories, was less expensive of some of an elegant plus dehydrators.

the unit of Base is cleaned easily, walk stack nested and clear sturdy accesses of lid up.
Some trays are sure upper storm and can be used immediately without to a lot of cleaner for a same lunch.
Some tents of cord in a unit.
A noise is out of your zone of traffic, the knots mostly ran the at night, which is to spare time to dehydrate anything.

Some options have on elected:

Careers On Costruttrici:National loan Dehydro Alimentary Tram Dehydrator Spent of Circle of the Fruit
Slowly Extra: early 06306 Dehydro Electrical Feed Dehydrator Dehydrating Flat

Also add it jerky gun and grinder of sausage:

Jerky Sausage/of Cannon Stuffer: LEM Produced Jerky Cannon
Grinder of Flesh: Norpro Grinder of Flesh, Mincer, and Manufacturer of Paste

Top Customer Reviews: Pellet Smoker Tube, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
If it likes-you it my description, please give it the thumbs-up. So only I write descriptions partorisca help fellow Amazon shoppers. I am not compensated partorisca any produced, (I buys him with my own money, likes very calm) and write that experiment partorisca Amazon of mark Revises better partorisca we everything.

Hot smoke, cold smoke, smoked of coal, smoked of chip, chunks has smoked; as partorisca choose?

Like the quite fulfilled house cook and occasional caterer (to select friends so only), enjoys to do incredible lunch.

Has begun experimenting doing Lox, or Gravlax, after the travesía recent in Seattle, in that has been to impress with a variety and selection of products of fish during our travesía.

Having Heat-has smoked flesh, foul, ribs and fish in mine Weber Smokey Mountain (WSM), was until a task to develop my cookery and the cold smoke was a next challenge.

Has known my WSM would generate too hot for the cold-has smoked lox has begun like this my investigation for the generator of cold smoke.

And friends, this one east!

For my lox experience, has bought the stock exchange of pellets of forest of the arce and uploaded the to this generator of smoke. Fill a tube around half full and then levelling it to equally disperse some pellets to a tube.

To light some pellets, has situated an open end of this generator of smoke in the burner lateralmente of my grill and left it there for the pocolos small until has had them the current of good smoke that emanates of some holes in a tube.

Has then moved a generator to smoke to my cold Weber grill grates (goes pics) and has situated my brined salmon (atop cooks it storm for circulation of smoke/of maximum air) to a grill grates and has covered a hood of grill.

Basically, a method wished for cold smoking is to take and encapsulate yours eat that researches the cold smoke in like this small the space like possible to leave a cold smoke to wash on and bathe your lunch in smoke. Doing this is that it gives a flavour of smoke, everything without adding hot and cooking a lunch is smoking.

Has maintained a tube of generator of the smoke around 10 thumbs out of a salmon and leave a smoke waft everywhere he for 90 minutes.

OH MY GOD! A flavour in this salmon was incredible and a quantity of smoke has generated was PERFECTO!

Is looking for The quality, well generator in fact of cold smoke, this unit is! It looks no further.

Now yes go to use Traeger or other types of pellet to create smoked of, will require to take these pellets that smoke. A sweet party no . You owe that burn/ignite them for the pocolos small until they begin to smolder.

Can use the burner of torch or the burner lateralmente of the grill but estimativa at least the pocolos small to take these pellets that smoke.

Once lit, your pellets softly burn by means of a tube, eating/igniting some pellets another interior a tube.

And it folks your lesson in like this to take this tube to be a generator of perfect cold smoke.

Expects that your success is like this good or better that mine. They are 100 satisfied with this tool and look forward to much more sessions of smoke with a lot of different lunch.

And agree to click 'useful' find my lovely description. These votes to sustain promote me to continue writing the description of quality can all trust on, versus revises situated for shills or feign reviewers.
5 / 5
Has been using chip of forests for years, with my gas and charcoal grills. They are not never satisfied state with a quantity to smoke that I exit of some chips of forests, neither drenched or dry. After purchasing this tube of smoke, are absolutely overwhelmed to the equal that to that had been missing on some years, for not using pellets of forests. After purchasing some pellets of the most economic forests that I can take my hands on, is easy to fill a tube with any one classifies two classes or like a lot of flavours so many want pellets of forests, with combinations of different smoke. It has dipped a tube in a gas barbecue up under a burner, and the inner volume has smoked five minutes, concealed hard roughly two hours. During these two hours, a smoke is very intense, and gives a smoke to a flesh that are barbecuing. Some pellets burn entirely, and leave a lot little fine ash behind, which does to clean a grill to the easiest plot. For my cold smoker, has ordered a 6 version of thumb of a tube of smoke, so that a tube would return under a flesh in my cold smoker. I shoot some pellets in a tube up with the propane torch, previously to dip a tube to my cold smoker. In this way, scrollings of heat very small to a product, like some eggs, oysters and cheese. They are very satisfied with this product.
4 / 5
Loves a Traeger my father bought for Navidad. The BBQ and my subject only is a Traeger does not produce to plot of moke'. Reservedly, has tried this. No the defender to add chip in the hot box in a grill. This in spite of, a tube was perfect. He smoldered for the plenary 4 hours+. It was light and aim, perfect quantity. I have ignited mine with my weed torch and took it flaming for 5 minutes. It has blown a llama was, the centre has situated behind grill. Works for me, could not be happier.
4 / 5
Has tried the pair of methods of cold smoke, ruining the cheeit uploads eggs and cheese. This tube fixt everything. Already The plenary, already lights it, already the leave to do his work, already smokes perfect cheese. It does not comprise a silicone basting brushes this comes with him, but now I own two basting paintbrushes. Well build, included would have to that be able to stand up to my abuse. It will not go to like around some units of round, and comes with hooks to calm so much can hang an also hang a mother. Any to mention it was less expensive of the majority of some another. Fast and easy no longer wants to take your big smoker he everything in the casserole of discharge and launch the box on that. Burns pellets, small Chips, same powder (of a fund of a cube) loves it!
4 / 5
Have a tram of smoker to that likes me, but this tube of smoke adds a lot of versatility partorisca under $ 20.

Has has wanted to something to add smoked to mine BBQ the grill and that that could use the cold smoke. This perfectly returns a bill. It had used the box kinda smoker for years, but has burned chips really fast. This smoker of tube goes the long time on in the cup of pellets. They announce 5 hours and I believe it. I used it to cheese of cold smoke, has done adds.

Is looking To dabble in some arts to smoke, ossia the place adds to start with .
4 / 5
Has tram of smoker and a box of chip of the forest that is coming with the smoker was the joke . It could not take the smoke that goes in 8,500 feet.

Has thought roughly that taken that maze box of smoker but bed some descriptions that could it no well in big altitude but I also read that the way of tube can do better. As I have taken the casualidad and has bought this tube and pellets of the real forests bought (100 pure hickory no this oil of full fake flavoured pellets of hard forest - I continuous to look in you, Traeger!). Work a lot well.

Here that has done:
1) full on a tube with pellets until roughly 1 thumb under an open end. Any plenary until brim!
2) Touches a tube on table or something sturdy long to solve some pellets. This part is of entity!
3) Tilt A tube to you and light propane torch and aim a llama to some pellets by means of open end until it sees glowing pellets. It will take roughly 30 second or so many. So that we take maximum heat .
4) Dips the whole tube and leave a llama of pellet that burns for the minute or so much. Ossia Also of entity.
5) Finally swipe out of a llama and place down a tube the storm of smoker.
6) foil Of the aluminium Dipped (roughly 12 thumb for 4 measure of thumb) as 'tend' in a tube with both ends opens. This leaves some fats of flesh or any liquid slime to any to take to a tube and possibly that dips a llama was. These still leaves have smoked to exit.
6) has DIPPED a cold lunch in a smoker.
7) Closes a lid/of door.

Burn roughly 8 hours to fine ashes has dipped down horizontally. I any one annoy to clean a tube - just empty some ashes and transmission as it has required. Tent of aluminium on some helps of tube minimises disorder to dribble to tube. A tube is to have that has weighed the stainless steel but taking discolored because of propane hot but he doesnt the look hurt any integrity of a tube.

Roughly using propane torch - will exit directs a boat of torch in horizontal order. So much, calm so only can resist a boat in light corner and resist a tube in corner to you like this a llama can achieve some pellets by means of finals have opened without propane the llama that begin. Ossia Reason am giving these 4.0 stars. If they tube of redesign to have the side that uploads in place of upper uploading - could be to better plot.

These works of tube of the smoker well in 8,500 ft on level of the sea and I have been that uses it to plot in my round of year of tram of smoker with control of thermostat (sees outside 1500W discharges in thermostat for trams of smoker or fryer on Amazon).

Mina hickory to the pellet is of (also of Amazon). I recommend that this joins - burns and has smoked well.

Expect these helps!
5 / 5
1st. If you do not want to do the full burn of a tube, taking to to the some boss likes of the hanger of of clothes and insert in some holes of a tube of smoker to maintain some pellets to fall. They are getter roughly 5 hours of the full tube. Like rule a boss of hanger of the second of clothes.

First impressions is to a lot very compraventa for a money. The S the hooks and the paintbrush are the good prize to this element. For some do any very better lighting a tube when it is in the vertical place. It has taken roughly 30 seconds to take the fire that goes and with which roughly 5 minutes have blown was and has smoked for roughly 5 hours.

Has purchased this to see was better to use that a slow/smoker colder has for my MONTH 30. A tube does not dip was smoked like this(which is the good thing ) but still dips out of the plot(more than has thought he ). A question was having with my annex of cold smoker has been he has dipped out of the crazy quantity of the right smoke and I have looked for something concealed dips out of this coveted blue smoke a pros likes to speak roughly. I am not sure if east tubes that. Perhaps it is some pellets that is Traeger mixed variety, am not sure. I did not try it on with feeding still but this will be my next test and will update afterwards.

In general thinks that ossia the compraventa very good and is that it loves the cold smokes anything BUYS THIS!
4 / 5
Has had a subject with my Trager not producing quite smoked. I have purchased a Lanney tube of smoker and used it two times, work like the charm. I smoke it a lot of and he am lasted on 4 hours. I go to order another to have ready for a brisket. I do not have it expósito hard to light, has used my cookery propane to the torch and he have done utmost. A lot of smoke.
4 / 5
Has not done to plot to roast for some varied past years, but of then has taken this tube of Smoker , I in the quell'has been smoking something each weekend. He typically cut 3.5 to 4 hours according to some pellets have used. In the pair of smokes has extended a time of smoke for refilling a tube that use tongs for the resist and the pouch has done of foil of aluminium to touch some fresh pellets in of before it is exited.

The patience would owe that be used when quell'lighting. Left the burn for the good ten first minutes of the swipe was and using or probably only starts or a lot really take was for enough awhile
4 / 5
have the tram of smoker that use to take that in the deep flavour of smoke in my lunches, but has has wanted to something that could use with my gas grill to add the little flavour to smoke also when barbecuing. As has thinks that would give this smoker of tubes of pellet for the try. A product is very built and looks that it will last it several years. I have used to culinary torch to light a hickory pellets, and has had any question that takes him to burn. A question has had maintained a start of big smoke enough with which have blown out of a llama.

Some needs of units so only a right quantity of airflow to maintain some embers that goes and that generates the decent quantity of smoke. The little airflow and a unit does not produce quite smoked or some data of embers was. Too many flows of the air and some embers ignite some pellets and some products of units have smoked very small and burns your pellets up. I found constantly that it has to that regulate a lid in my grill to take a right quantity of smoke. Ossia More probably because of a fact that is the gas grill and is not drawn to be able to regulate intake airflow likes opposed to the defect in a tube of smoker.

Can see like this would be the add supplemental generator of smoke for my electrical grill, especially when smoking in of the very low temperatures.

In general, thinks for a money this product is at least currency to give come from that.

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