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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 28 ratings
5 / 5
They are quite happy with this bicycle already. Enough I like him-him. It is LIGHT. Simple, and very planned. Good movements. At all to really gone bad.

Only REAL NEGATIVE: No the thickness or hardened does to paint. UTILISATION A PLASTIC TOOL to take and substitute some tubes or you will scrape of a product in a wheel. ( I have used the plastic Walmart paintbrush to paint.)

Imports has HAD ALSO my bicycle arrives with One of my tubes has BURST. No the big shot. Some tubes that coming with these ECONOMIC Chinese tubes . It would not trust him it takes long in all the chance. One he the @@tiredness PROBABLY ANY LAST a lot long. Some go celery like economic Chineses rubbery plastic. It has dipped Giant tubes in mine, and will do the good wheels when precise to.

Orders this PLAN of bicycle FOR NEW TUBES in the START, and when you ORDER 700C 20-25 with the valve of LOANS. It is not drilled for a valve of regular measure, and measures of the big inner tube/more along another it 700c 20-25 puff of tubes out of some wheels Of a wheel. (I has had to go to World of Bicycle 3 times. To take it well. Like this bosses up in that.)

FYI: There is not the tool for EACH MEASURE has REQUIRED to dip a together bicycle in the BOX. There is the double sided hex wrench And the spanner type FINE measure hex tool of ray. BOTH would do utmost in the small in a sale gone of tool. But you will require at least one or two other measures like this order the together of hexes CALMS OF THE THAT HAS Any hex English tones when I do.

In all the chance. I expect that it is the bicycle a lot the time has lived , and STILL thinks is the good value although the time will say. A model an expensive plus looked would have to that dip the bar of flat sleeve on. (No it likes him to Him a curley of bosses.) As at all it is to perfect any way.

Hope Ossia useful.
4 / 5
In the first place was, to the left say me that Jims the bicycles and I Joints is surprising! They are a a Striker of mine of the Golden cycle shipped of and when it said him was apprehensive roughly buying because of only having the pause forward has said that would add the backside one for free!

Now according to which building a bicycle- was súper easy. There is not coming with instructions but although has has not built never the calm bicycle can build it. Calm so only has to that dipped in a wheel forward, handlebars, pedals and chair. Súper Easy so only is presionando rays lol
is comes with some pointed tools in a pic which is all precise .

According to that the measures are around 5'8' that is in a cusp of the 52 and 55 bicycle of measure. I have decided to go with one 55 and his perfect. Honradamente Is in fact more run it thought it then would be. It has attached pics to aim you that has after looked his. Still it would recommend this measure to any 5'7'

has Taken around 3 days to come. Hope These helps!
4 / 5
Thus point of prizes , ossia really like this as well as you can take.

Has one 63 frame of cm. They are 6'3'-6'4' and it returns perfectly. I have had to locate on 58 cms before, and always felt too small. Like this sizing is on point for any one my height.

Are quite familiarised with bicycles, as it has dipped are near more than having any one has dipped the up for me. (The time of conclusion was in an hour with tuning end)

- A frame is simple, clean, and looks well.
- Some petals are in fact better that has anticipated, but still could be one first what would think roughly substituting.
- A together of crank is sturdier that has expected also. Too many times have seen bicycles in of the rows of prize looked with a flimsiest looking conjoint of crank. This looks the solid has bitten of metal that the looks can manage bit it more abuse that yours regular career-of -the-mill sub-200 hardware of dollar.
- Some rims are generic Deep Vs. Some wheels were quite true out of a box.
- Some wheels are the better quality that has been expecting also.
- A chair is basic and hard, like your buns will take the few days to take used his, but some works to seat as well as I require it to.
- Some grips are generic, and ossia one first what I swapped was. Without gloves, some the fat protrusions in some grips are class of annoying. It has dipped in new grips that feels bit it smoother but offered the same if any better grip.
- Some do any well enough. Any prenden in the say me, but ossia at all the little more the amour and the cure can fix.
- Some bars of sleeve are exactly which attended.

My only real complaint is that a geometry of the place of a handlebar feels funky. It feels as if a estaca of boss is really near of your organism, as when I turn his extremely responsive (doing the control feels the little squirrely).

Before this bicycle, has bought the Pure to Fix like a compraventa of emergency (of Sport Chalet) and the hated. Almost two times a prize of this bicycle with equal or worse quality parts. Some brakes sucked and squeaked, a together of crank creaked no-stop, and felt heavier. A Slick the wheels have is rubbishes and eat on the to to acute objects likes him-has him the desire of death.

The sum he up: Ossia the fantastic Bicycle for random riders, commuters, and 'looking for the be seen' types with a capacity for customization. It does not locate like this aggressive to the equal that have used to, as it acts well for any the one who locates easy.

The one who would not recommend these stops of bicycle: Riders of Serious Fixed Train ( the hard walk, confidences in stops of skid, etc.), Riders of Trick, riders of Clue and riders of marathon. Ossia To a lot of bicycle of level of the entrance; A hardware is unlikely to manage hard abuse. In an end of a day his still generic parts in the plot of a bicycle. If questions of the bicycle for these functions takes something that Fuji Feather and dip the up for your needs.
4 / 5
Spending $ 200 in the bicycle there have been bit it concerned in a quality that would be it to take. Of a moment I have opened a container has known has done a right election.
Sure, is the model of simple base , but with the minimum of extra that spends and imagination, is a perfect base to start with the fresh project and reasonably priced Fixie. It could not be happier with this compraventa...
4 / 5
A bicycle has arrived in good condition , a lot very packed and has protected. It has had no noticeable cosmetic nicks or scratches. If has some basic bicycle and of the skills maquinales, calm will not have any one @subjects the street to take ready. It comes with the pedal wrench and the dual allen wrench for assembly. You will require the phillips screwdriver to attach some stays of rear boss.

Some needs of bar of the boss to be gathered to a headset, pedals the arms of crank, attaches wheel forward to fork . A rear brake is preassembled and boss routed to manage bar. Seat And estaca of chair are ready to insert to a frame. Ossia For basic assembly. There is the pocolos other elements to do before that traces:

- loves the brake forward, is comprised, but will require to attach a caliper, crowbar, and issues a boss
- Both front and needs of shoes of rear brake to be diverse and has presionado
- stays of boss of the Hule (2) is comprised the street and ensure a rear boss to the long of an upper tube
- Suggestion: it issues a rear boss to a legislation of a headset in place of accident likes preassembled for the orderly more setup
- Presionar some two rays of alignment in some drops of rear iron ( was free and would have been lost finally)

If you are well for everything concealed, is the DIY. If you are not comfortable, the take to the your LBS for assembly and control.

Is the very built walk with good components and quite that lighter that has bitten that connects of leading steel fixies has possessed. They are 5' 10' and some 55.ºure Of cm is perfect.
5 / 5
In the first place was, are an avid cyclist and has built my own bicycles of a frame on I so that has the good sense for bicycles. I have bought this like the city commuter reason have grown concludes too nervous on mine better builds in of the shady parts of cities. That is to be mean likes fly he-me--calm-the bicycle of must has has surpassed really my expectations. It is the well has thought was to build and love an efficiency of an alone speed. This thing really the movements and a steel has a perfect quantity to give - effective but forgiving in of the hard streets. It is far of perfect this in spite of. Some wheels have not gone totally true, which could be easily been done. And I have taken my first to walk like the wheels is quite economic also. As no, at all like this plus of mine priced bicycles. But for $ 220 I can not complain. Some bicycles any look of good plus prójimo to go in on 400 and all one similarly priced some do not come with there is sealed bearings (like this a ). For all these reasons is A lot of value of the money.

Modification 5/30/19

Still pleased after several miles of hundred. Amur A minimalism and a fitness and the speed take with this bicycle; These courses of what by means of the traffic of city likes is the person is business.

But look it more observations:

A spokes is like this flimsy. A together of wheel is to good sure low quality and I any one suspect no these wheels will take to plot of abuse. (These looks, this in spite of, to be endemic in this point of prize)

is weighed for the fixie. Compared to armour plate to note main, aluminium and carbon fixies, is the tank . This has said, is still lighter that mine geared bicycles of steel.

In general, still five stars but maintains these lacks in importing when considering a compraventa.
4 / 5
Has bought like this this bicycle for my promise the one who has loved his own singlespeed. It has dipped roughly 1000 miles on he maintaining a last year and he so that it went it far súper dependable. I am rigging to change a canal in the and ossia all a maint. It does like this far. Any one had mentioned some wheels were economic, these am lasted and mark of new look. I owe that extend a fact that is 4'11' and is light. Quell'Concealed can be a reason some wheels am lasted. Have posted The few pictures because I have modified a bicycle and master concealed clear so it has been to maintain a bicycle how is, this will not be the good description for you. Has has added bars of drop with bosses of new brake, has maintained an original brakes him so only new bosses to achieve. Saddle Of skin of the new brooks, pedals of program and the new root. Has several bicycles, but ossia his gone the bicycle for just messing around in a greenways or horse riding of open street in the flattest terrain. In general, it would recommend this bicycle for the beginner as well as the majority of rider seasoned any one the solid foundation to build the steel has planted singlespeeder. A bicycle there has been the pocolas small maculas when you arrive but at all this would create an eyebrow, mostly around some stays of canal. A workmanship of a welds is so only, thinks that has been earth down before painting. After the year of the good horse riding there is any sign of cracks of estréses or failure in a frame and does not expect him . A rose is very vibrant and there is not turning, and again, will add a fact that this can any one is returned your levels for the description because we do not leave never our bicycles am gone in some elements, as I can not say like the bicycle looked the look has to that the left was all a time . It would buy this bicycle again. An only down the fall is a weight . It Likes him he says, the steel is real. And it is real. There is the formula for bicycles, light, strong, economic. You can have two of them, but never all three. If it is light and strong, will not be economic. Like this on and he like this advance. In all the chance buys this bicycle, exits there and tear on some streets with him. Can manage it.
5 / 5
Economic, appeal, basic this in spite of solid fixie. Purchased in Oct 2nd and received in Oct 3rd! Unexpectedly fast ship.
Are 5'7 and has purchased one 55' and the desire had gone a measure down but this totally still works. It is also very easy to peel some stickers was is looking to simplify one looks or take mark (which have done).

The mine has come without instructions (that assumes that the majority arrives likes mine) and like this for a half person with small to any expertise in assembly of bicycle, this can pose the intimidating task. With this said, has been still advances and with a help of instructional video of Youtube to dip the majority of him near (the brakes are iffy). So many for the reasons of security will be to take he to the tent of bicycle to have them tune he on and the mark sure is sure and his for me to locate. My recommendation would be to take a bicycle still in of the boxes to the tent of local bicycle and so only left them he- if possible.

In general, am happy like this far! I have appointed “Goldie”
5 / 5
A container has arrived quickly and without visible harm to a box. I have been surprised to find any instructions of assembly, but of the investigation of fast of Google there is of then that gathers this class of bicycle is considered sincere, as I have used the video of Youtube/of Youtube for the mark to do of the competitor sure has not done any deceptions. Handlebars, Pedals, and the wheel forward was easy, but when it has taken to a rear wheel, a no returned axial to one of a dropouts. I have seen then a question: a stay of right chair has been bent and a dropout there was state pinched. I have sent the message to a vendor on here, the bicycles of Jim, and has asked the photo, as I sent it. A next day has answered, politely thanking me and that says that they would follow on once his manager had revised an image and determinate if or no a bicycle has required to be substituted. I have taken a bicycle my tent of local bicycle and has had a mechanic an inspection. One first what out of his mouth was, 'Ah, some types in of the Golden Cycles, yep.' It has not been surprised by this defect at all, but said was the serious question , reason any so only was a stay of chair and dropout fraction, an integer of the rear triangle in fact there was state misaligned when it was welded to a frame. It has developed a dropout so that an apt iron and aimed the one who stop when a wheel varied in a fund, he veered left in a cup where a welding was crooked. It has said that this was typical for the mass has has produced bicycles like this (and other frames, to be just) and recommended that tries to take the repayment. To be just, there is still the possibility that will be offered an occasion for the repayment, but is been two days and to the majority of next reading of some police of repayment, repayments to manufacture the questions are so only eligible if a vendor is contacted interior 7 days of receipt, and had achieved was after 8 days. Besides, some police of repayment declares that I owe the topmast has retreated a bicycle and wait for them to revise a harm and decide yes to issue the repayment, leaving me $ 250 poorer and now without the bicycle. A whole reason that has chosen spent the cockroach of new bicycle to gather, more than the bicycle has used, was the not treating a possibility to buy has broken sakes and when being in a whim of more deciding yes will do a right thing and do a legislation of situation. As I have on data in the repayment and has asked our mechanic of bicycle of the neighbourhood yes so only could do a bicycle rideable. It has bent Things behind here and there and has then attached an axial so that it has been skewed among a dropouts but varied with an upper tube. If I am lucky and at all more goes bad, tampons of mine of the rear brake so only will spend unevenly and will require to dip in the little more esforzo that usual when that takes a rear wheel on and era. They are I happy to now have the bicycle can locate? Absolutely! So that the side, a bicycle is really attractive and the decent weight, and now locates amiably, thanks to an extra money are spent in the mechanic. But it is totally unacceptable for a costruttore to be that it sends has been damaged the sakes have taken.
5 / 5
Taking of another star. It liked him a sail yesterday and has not dried down some rays or canal when I have dipped he to a cochera. Supposition that is rusted today.

- Looks a lot
- Light Weight
- Among the small quite measured so that any with to 27 thumb inseam can be in an upper tube. (Ossia That imports because I commute in a city where sometimes has to that stop because of the automobile etc. Can a lot of that safely if your bicycle is too much big.)

- You can not regulate a height of some handlebars likes the geometry is of
- the wheels are not súper utmost as it takes the quite bumpy walk
- the crowbars of Brakes are the pocolos iffy. Any unsafe, so only... Annoying.

In general, would recommend a bicycle of Harper of Critical Cycles - a lot of walk quite - but no those quite small for any the one who is 5'2'
5 / 5
Gathered I in my house. There is taken on an hour. Ossia partorisca My edges those who is 4 feet 8' as I have purchased one 45 centimetre. It is in final a shorter partorisca this frame of measure but as you can say for a photo is still access and will be the comfortable walk partorisca the pair further of years at least. As with a lot of bicycles, character customization is has suggested always... I plan to substitute some grips and pedals; another that that this resembles point for mecer right out of a box. Súper Fast shipment - produced Flawless - fun partorisca locate fixie was the add to buy for only $ 200.

Modification partorisca mention, this bicycle is running orders still, with which some time and the few walks of dozen. We like him so much it has taken them the 41 in 'oil slick' partorisca my daughter. Now, it can maintain up with big bro GC and the dad is skilled
has has had to that loosen a crankset and a wheel hubs partorisca take a bearings partorisca turn the little more freely, but some tools partorisca do east is distributed.
5 / 5
Súper Happy with my golden cycles fixed train.

•The packaging was adds. I have expected more cushioning partorisca protect a bicycle he but is gone in felizmente without any harm.
•The assembly has taken roughly 45 minutes. It was my first time building the bicycle. There is a lot of video in youtube can use partorisca to reference likes a 6KU tutorial, or look the Zach Gallardo build of bicycle.
•The frame is light. It is in an end a lower that fixies likes frame of the steel is not a better quality. This in spite of, do fault well a past month.
•The handlebar is the regulate laughed handlebar that is quite tightened as I have decided to try different fashions.
•I pedals are better that has thinks that would have been. Yes, they are plastic but is well is so only the random rider.
•The wheels are thin (700x25c) but walk amiably on well paved streets. Mark sure to have loans it adapter of valve for bomb on your wheels. You can find portable bombs with adapters on amazon also.
•Sure mark for presionar arms of crank the assembly.
•A saddle is very tightened and long. If the speed is not your thing, can wants to exchanges your saddle to the wide plus a. Calm also can wants to add some lube to the yours stick to seat because it does not come with any one. My estaca of chair has been lined after regulating it a first time.
•A bicycle has come with an installed rear brake. I have decided to locate brakeless to be reasonably dangerous lmao, comes with the advance of brake but calm has to that it issues a boss and attach one his crowbar.

In general, is the bicycle adds to locate around city and take calm of One to B. If you are in university and like trace, this def be the good option.

A stock 700x25c go any last long in some streets where trace so I upgraded to 32c wheels. They have improved really his quality of walk. Still I have the plot of clearance with 32c also.
5 / 5
Like the bicycle is surprising!! Comfortable and easy to gather... The bicycle has come from/come from the bicycles and I Joints of Jim and a packaging was perfect, any hole or dents or anything of this class. The inaugural a container to start with my assembly of bicycle, a front whee has had the broken has spoken. A box was perfect and as well as the must to hang esees has come from/come from a costruttore. I emailed Jim' Bicycle and Joints in a question, but in a has taken while a wheel to the tent of bicycle to take one has spoken fijamente for 15 dollars. A next day has received to trust he of Jim is and said him has paid 15 dollars out of my pocket to take a wheel repaired and quickly issue me the 20 repayment of dollar and has sent the free pair of lights of USB for my bicycle. In general, I to tent sure good of the bicycles and I Joints of Jim again. Service of the excellent client and the swift response find the solution to my question! Thank you So many!
5 / 5
Very a lot fixie bicycle for a prize. Recieved Bicycle quite quickly after situating commanded. The bicycle was packaged securely in bubbling wrap and foam. This in spite of has had a golf goes sized dents in front of the rim of the wheel. A bicycle was quite easy to dip near and has come also with more than the precise tools gather further of this loses a allen English tone. If yours looking for the acute looking, of confidence, and easy in your stock exchange the alone speed suggests this bicycle of Golden Cycles. :)
4 / 5
I brakes were flimsy and the pedals have burst was during the walk of morning. I mark well but horrible wheels. There is not coming with instructions.

Update of April 6th 2020: I have finalised to go to the tent of bicycle to fix it and has finalised to pay $100 extra, has changed so only some wheels and a chair more a boss (volador) and now July 18th 2020, one of some wheels has burst. Worse investment.
5 / 5
With which having a bicycle 2 days and commuting 2 hours the day in this cycle has gilded the train fijamente are hands down absolutely impressed and happy in this compraventa.

Pros: Súper Light weight. Literally this bicycle hanged at all and calm really can feel it that they fly after the pocolos pedals almost took am gone in his own.
Pauses: one of some better pauses has seen in other bicycles of fixed train. The mine has come with rear pause so only. Another the one who commented had complained of only having the advance of pause and all some pictures in the amazon tip the front breaks like this im Jackson happy model has had characteristic of rear breaking. Some pauses are extremely smooth and stop in the say me.
The bicycle to draw adds comes complete and another that the few concrete modifications This bicycle enough comes with all some bells and whistles.
Toe flop hub in rear wheel
the bicycle comes with Allen yours and fine wrench of tool wich is gone in really handy and was the suprise addition.
The bicycle has come packaged very a lot well.

A chair to run is very hard and that annoying to the along commutes.
Some grips of the handlebar is not grippy at all and if your horse riding in hot time or is by train to sweat you can easily slip of a grip. You trace the gloves would do so only well or change it have been all near.
When those Pauses some cushions of pause leaves an ugly coverage around a rim of wheel wich can see photo.

Another that that really has any complaint in this bicycle. A 700x25 thin wheels together with a súper creation of the light weight of a bicycle has has improved in fact my time of horse riding that takes to and of work and is one everywhere the solid bicycle and sum for a prize.
4 / 5
There was not locating never the bicycle of golden cycle before and was pleasantly has surprised. Has a lot of bicycles, but this one east one of mine favourite. His simple, elegant and smooth. Hanged very light, but also strong. I near hanged to 300 lbs, but a bicycle manage with ease. Highly it recommends this mark and this bicycle.
4 / 5
Seriously a better $ 200 I has not spent never in the bicycle. Where Live does not have any hill and this Fixie the bicycle of Alone Speed was exactly which needs the commute to and of work. Very easy to dip near, has taken so only an evening to do, and everything is adjustable for my needs. Aesthetically a bicycle is a lot pleasing to an eye (I has a black with blue rims) and has taken the plot of compliments on he already and has had it so only the few days! I have received an a lot of faster bicycle of advanced, without curves or of the pauses to any parts. 10/10 it would buy it to it again! (And probably once my husband admits that I want to one he!)
5 / 5
Will require some basic tools that is not resupplied for assembly, as well as an adapter to pump wheels of the regular bomb. Besides this, a bicycle is excellent for use/of street of the city and is easy to be supported by one has has resupplied tools. The canal that presiona and the brake that presiona would have to that be fact occasionally with which assembly, but otherwise some careers of bicycle well in his own. It is light as expected, and can achieve speeds quite big, also like this expected for the alone speed. A main force of this bicycle is his prize. It is the good product for a paid of prize, and will last you the good quantity to time yes cure of him when I need to.
4 / 5
Ossia My first bicycle . I think that that it is a lot for now still although a bar of cross could be wider... I have had to substitute some grips, some the original grips were rubbishes . Material finally will owe that substitute a bar to cross also.
4 / 5
Ossia A bicycle absolutely orders ! A value is unbelievable. The Really sails and is very light to be steel. Highly it recommends this!
5 / 5
Cant Goes bad with this bicycle especially partorisca a prize!!! Already I customised it my way and the so only spend the little extra bucks partorisca take this bicycle a way likes them!!!
5 / 5
Has received money in place of the gold but a bicycle is well. Decided this'll is supported by a wrong colour.
5 / 5
A bicycle is well. Had the little bit of question with him but touch the good bicycle partorisca a prize. Also love a colour.
5 / 5
Clean creation , simple. Easy to dip near know the bit in bicycles. A lot of customizable and adds partorisca city biking. Thank you!
5 / 5
Sleeve too short and gave to us a wrong colour... Smh..
Does not want to all a question of the turn
5 / 5
the looks of Bicycle and trace adds. Although has economic components. Crank of mine any one last 40 first miles of mine pedal undressed was. I know sound the economic bicycle. . .But it would have to that it is it lasted more than 40 miles in flat earth.
4 / 5
Has bought so only this bicycle and I have to that say that I am a lot happy with him. I emailed a vendor (thru amazon) to do sure both front and the rear brakes are installed and has confirmed inner few hours (and a bicycle there has been both brakes). Easy to build, the quality adds.

Top Customer Reviews: Schwinn Stites ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 24 ratings
4 / 5
Alive in boston likes volume perhaps 5 month of good biking time. I have bought this bicycle the commute partorisca do that it is the 3 one thousand trace concealed is flat. When I have received a bicycle, has been missing separates. It has taken possibly 4 month of use of bicycle of real bicycle and has experienced he inside the pop of wheel, a canal that the explosions was, and then that follows this my breaking of canal and now my handlebars that shook while trace, which have presionado already everything. I have been to the tent of reparation of the bicycle and they have signalled was that my need of wheels partorisca be rebuit reason has any tension partorisca resist a weight of riders (explaining reason my explosion of wheel) and a canal was extremely poor quality. Any only this but I has been surprised when they have said that a headset has required partorisca be redone reason he wasnt done correctly, which is reason I has experienced partorisca shake when that traces. In general, this bicycle is rubbishes . There is very better the bicycles can buy for one 200-300 row.
Does not buy this bicycle, is extremely dangerous partorisca a rider.
4 / 5
Has purchased this bicycle partorisca campus regulates commuting. Some callipers of brake was bit it economic, as I upgraded he to Tektro callipers. These new callipers are to good sure a lot of wobbly like an old plus a. It does not take Me bad. Some the original callipers was fully functional, but so only has loved some solid callipers. An assembly was pleasantly quite easy same for the person the one who has has not built never the bicycle before. A frame of steel and deep wheels I to good sure cries that it can that to him takes abuse of urban horse ridings. If something raisin, will update in this description.
5 / 5
Has had to buys it with which my bicycle of leading alone speed had been flown. And I can not help comparing them.
A pair of facts roughly qualities:
- a coverage of plastic canal has touched a canal, has has had to that the take (this in spite of, would have done he in all the chance, but says roughly quality)
- some tampons of pause are some pocolos economic and his squeal mercilessly - a first time in my experience when it is a) as strong like the aghast pig b) would not go was with which some cycling to time still hope he

has taken used to a bicycle of half light weight, this one will look weighed. And a bar is quite wide, wider that has taken used to. Some bosses of pause are also bit it main and be further of a bar.

And has 700x28 wheels with inflation until 70 PSI, any 25 and until 100PSI, like this usually is when it is in fast horse riding.

A rest is well, I like an additional mechanism that helps to dip on a tension of canal.

A global impression is that this is not the only-accelerate / fixie the for real enthusiastic bicycle of this type. Ossia The very moderate version so that they love an idea, but prefer the most comfortable horse riding and relaxed.
5 / 5
Are very happy with cost of mine. It was dipped already to go to take to the tent of bicycle to take it dipped up. After reading some descriptions gathered it would be the quite easy work to possibly I. It results, it was.

To gather a bicycle all quite a lot of need to do is a wheel forward, some handlebars, and pedals. Like this easy the caveman can do it.

Three looks of bicycle to Surprise. Lean wheels. Any weighed at all. It would buy again. But reason I if I already have is one.

Anywho, Buy it.
5 / 5
I pedals have broken some brakes are bad sad bought it so only an I found a same bicycle for $ 175 has gathered the chair rasgada...
4 / 5
Has taken this today. Some directions are not very clear, black and white photos without closeups to aim you that the one of fact does. This in spite of, have taken an only together bicycle to discover a wheel forward has the hole in him. We take it to knots to the tent of reparation of the bicycle and a tube have required to be substituted. After spending $ 250+ in the bicycle is disappointing has had to go to spend $ out of our pocket suitable for averting that it has to that take behind averts and send behind to Amazon. We will be to contact Amazon .
5 / 5
Has looked for a quality of the Schwinn bicycle for my edges and decided is a reason prefers the bicycle of alone speed. It was put easily together and is the a lot of looking bicycle. Absolutely it is when enjoying.
4 / 5
Well, like reason do the people complain to say material as “oh some wheels have burst 3 months in” as if these parts are supposed to last for ever, is the add to frame which is an only thing that quality “of wise subjects”
So only think I aversion is a weight is very very weighed for the bicycle of street, and a rear wheel so only has the free wheel any fixed like the majority of the usually come bicycles with
5 / 5
I amour a bicycle and has not gone too difficult to dip near but a container arrived with the faulty tube in a wheel forward. It has had to exit of my way and buy the box of reparation of the tube and he still will not resist air. I will owe that exit again and probably purchase the integer of new tube.

Would not import this @subject @ has been caused for me that traces a bicycle but he has been the mine sent has taken.
4 / 5
Good bicycle. Probably I will be that it substitutes some pauses. They look quite economic and loose. His dulcemente a bicycle down but any he takes. I outrage ossia the street of level of bicycle of good entrance.
5 / 5
Need to buy additional tools partorisca gather it, but a bicycle looks very good : )
4 / 5
So only the bad thing does not have any train. He the hard fact to really of walk.
4 / 5
Has come partorisca lose one he true fixed train, so only has a free-wheel:( the Stock brakes are the upgrade.
4 / 5
Luz, quickly, easy. The point for of prize adds a value. They are zipping around a city now. More than any bicycle there is not locating never, this one feels likes is easy to move - included on hill.
4 / 5
Some pictures in a manual are impossible to see why are in black and white in of the ashes of pages. After waste 30 minutes unboxing all and screwing in a stubborn chair, there are them remarked the parts have been missing. Immediately returning this element.
4 / 5
Loves a bicycle. Extracted a lot well. From time to time I need for presionar some pedals reasons result loose after the long walk. The bicycle adds global. Very happy with cost of mine.
4 / 5
Is spent for like this fixies on some years, ossia for far a ticks all some boxes, has a perfect pedal the proportion of motion and extremely light. I buy it again? Yes
4 / 5
This bicycle there is not coming with a ray that presiona a chair.... That the bummer
5 / 5
the bicycle adds for a prize. Has has changed rims and wheels for 3 speeds hub the conjoint work adds
5 / 5
This bicycle is the value adds is looking for the acute looking and solidly has built bicycle that has any bell and whistles. How it is audience of the aim is a commuter steps, would say Schwinn there has been sucedido with east a. Meeting that locates this bicycle to and around city when I do not want to me worry roughly chaining on my bicycle of far subjects more expensive or hybrid. Outside of some brakes, little there is concealed requires interview. There is not any train or derailleurs partorisca dip up or regulate! An only down the side to ossia the bicycle is that it is weighed extremely. But partorisca a prize, really calm can not complain. Justo inc is is by train partorisca ask , a bicycle has come mostly dipped near. Has has had to that so only dipped in of the pedals, a wheel forward, a estaca of chair, and a boss-sweep. If there is never tinkered with the bicycle, can find this partorisca be the small frustrating like the instructions are not of sound - this are beside a point that a bicycle has come with instructions of bicycle of the street with wheels of fast emission etc. That this bicycle does not have . Also, some wheels have valves of loans like opposed to schrader valves. If calm any otherwise has the bicycle of street, will require partorisca take the valve of conversor to plenary some wheels with air. Finally, it is probably value while partorisca take some brakes have regulated in your local tent as they can not line on perfectly out of a box.
5 / 5
Ossia The good-looking and excellent bicycle , but a lot in fact he fixie. Calm apparently can buy the fixie cog (seperately) which is the little odd of then is appointed the estites fixie.' Have another alone speed with the toe flop hub that in fact has a fixie cog in another side. This bicycle any, as unless it buy an extra part and transmissions in still a freewheel, is more to good sure not buying the fixie (again in spite of a name). Assuming is well with buying the 'Fixie' that is not the fixie, ossia the street of the alone speed adds bicycle.

Left beginning partorisca say this bicycle looks fantastic and walks wonderfully. A frame of money with blue emphasis, blue main cog, and the blue wheels so only go joints wonderfully. I think that that it is powdercoated money, but any method has used exits adds. I am terrified partorisca do anything concealed could line an arrival. This thing is like the work of art in looks.

A walk is the joy - a bicycle is really light partorisca this class of bicycles, and is easy to locate, comfortable, and very easy to maintain controls. Some brakes are responsive (although they have required the bit of adjustment with which assembly) and in spite of being accelerates it, is geared really very partorisca urban horse riding. I took it up and down a lot of quite big hills, and found the much easier to pedal that an alone speed I usually walk.

Among the big box, and need some very simple assembly: attach a wheel forward, attaches some handlebars, attach a chair, and attach some pedals. A whole process has taken roughly 10 minutes, and has then required other 15 minutes or like this to fine tune all (likes a bit all the brakes of entities).

Commentaries that a bicycle has wheels of bicycle of the street, and the use loans it valve. There is does not loan adapter in a box, as you want to inflate some precise wheels neither the ready bomb consecrated or loans it adapter (which is comprised with a lot of regular bombs or can be bought for the dollar or two).
5 / 5
Ossia My first alone speed bicycle. In the first place it was, it is coming a lot of packaged and has had a lot of foams to cushion around some parts of metal of a frame to prevent that it lines. The assembly has required an annex of a wheel forward, alleged of a handlebar that requires to take 4 hex rays of socket of the boss (hex the no comprised tone), attaching some pedals, and a chair that also requires the hex tone. The assembly takes roughly 10 minutes has some tools. I really like an arrival in a bicycle and some the blue parts really look acute. When being prime minister of mine fixie, was the little hard to take used to no in that has train. My neighbourhood is quite hilly and has struggled the bit to create roughly of some hills and founds to wish has had me the train he down plus. It was surprised also in the lean some wheels are. Perhaps ossia adapted of this type of bicycle, but am not sure to the equal that will resist up in of the rough streets with the holes and one likes him. It looks he is better adapted for smooth pavement. A chair is quite comfortable and a place of horse riding is very comfortable also. It is the simple bicycle without coaching shifters and derailers and looks it would be the free and easy question to maintain. In general, it thinks that that it is the a lot of fact, bicycle of quality that has the concrete rider and purpose in alcohol.
5 / 5
Those looking for the fixie (bicycle of fixed train - p. p.ej., One accelerates only) really as the Schwinn is offering here. Reason is the fixed train , takings the a lot of smoother scrolling of your actions directly to some wheels (any train to spend for), a bicycle is lighter, and the the really seamless biking experience. Technically, this is not the true fixie - has to that buy the separate part to take a plenary fixie profit. But it is quite near and has the very good look and creation. This particular bicycle is sized for the quite big person - so it maintains that in alcohol.
4 / 5
Like another has mentioned, ossia the bicycle of alone speed , any he fixie. This has said, in this prize, is the fantastic value for the swipe around bicycle that any person of age would be happy with, looks adds also.

My main fear regarding an on-line order was that the assembly would be the giant ache . Like this happy that my wear was unfounded. Assembly VERY SIMPLE with easy to follow instructions. 30 minutes to start with to finalise to comprise that they plough a box and recycling he in an end.

Top Customer Reviews: 6KU Aluminum Fixed ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
I have been surprised partorisca find descriptions of zeros in this bicycle when it was compraventa around, as I assume is relatively new the Amazon. I have verified some opinions around a coverage partorisca this mark and found his quite favorecedor, when considering a point of prize, as I have taken a risk.

Has be worth it.

This bicycle feels big quality , is much lighter of the mine leading beater/commuter of the row of alike prize (flown): Takara Kabuto Bicycle of street of Alone Speed , and am really quite happy with him. Because of a ridiculously big number of flights of bicycle in San Francisco, does not look for expensive bicycles so that the value for money is of entity. The packaging was sufficiently strong to maintain all the mine of subject in good been and has had a manual has comprised that achieves construction of interview and basic bicycle. 6KU Also comprised some stickers in a box and some velcro records that have still to determine the stops of use.

- I rays and the canal were appropriately lubricated
- Welds qualities to look very big
- tape of the grip of the Handlebar there is a bit squish his
- expect it Visual is big quality , some crazy the black is uniform and adds that it looks
- the construction was sincere and has drive small markings in the pocolos put to help with alignment and setup (for example: advances to chair/behind and bullhorn corner of handlebar)
- Hanged less than has expected
- the brakes were a lot of aforados out of a box and apply equal and solid pressure

- Seat is moderately comfortable has bitten the embrague big and slightly long (contact of note with stock exchange in of the pictures), but can be in my cast to substitute over time
- the Rear wheel has been installed behind. A canal has been dipped in a side no fijamente but a direction of walk of the hule of wheel has been dipped for a reverse to the equal that have had to take a rear wheel was and deflate the and toe a wheel in a wheel
- the A lot highland points of cage of boat
- the tampons of Brake are quite economic and probably will substitute him (ossia almost the no-issue like this of the tampons of brake are like this economic)

- the pedals are quite economic and big.
- Reflecting Of the wheel is unavoidably wobbly
- mountain of reflector of the Front literally has any place to have trace

In general am going with 5 stars in place of 4 taste does not think an on gilipollas is of quite negative to go down an indication in this point of prize. So that it has paid, ossia the solid bicycle . If the half stars were an option would be the 4.5 .
5 / 5
Takes that paid partorisca, and then the little is your no that pays no a lot of. In general ossia the solid bicycle for a prize, but does not expect any frills or parts of confidence. I locate this bicycle every day like my primary way of traffic, probably around 50 miles weekly.

Mina 5 description of month (run for part):
Fork & of Marco - 4.5/5: Very happy, the smallest flus is the 'hard shell' produced fashionable of the enamel that chip easily and a lack to locate points for any class of water-headline to bounce etc.
Twists 5/5: Any complaint here, so only know a coating of black/product will be spent quickly of a rim for a pause-tampons.
Flipflop Hub 2/5: This there has been the small 'grind' and right to hold uneven out of a box. With which the month of the trace has worsened so only. Unimpressed, Punctual to be substituted.
Tubes 4/5: it has had some breakings quite quickly, although it locates hard in streets of rough cities.
Pauses 4/5: his well, and am happy to have front and behind. This in spite of some for forward is coming the little bent to mean some tampons are impossible to correctly row and spend faster. Also some tampons comes with this quite rigid but take a work done.
Crank And Sprocket 5/5: it loves him estimate lower to the equal that look very economic. This be has said that has had any question eats....
Pedals 4/5: they are good and big!! Although a plastic gives the little flex hanged full low when travelling sale. It could be more sturdy. I upgraded to metal quite quickly.
Handlebars And With the 5/5: it has been expecting to buy the together of bullhorns, but these really the chair adds. Corner and the a short period of a with the feels him very aggressive.
Chair 2/5: I mean technically have it at all bad with east. But the trace of earth BMX plastic chairs, and included those were somehow roughly more comfortable. He really dipped to plot of uncomfortable pressure on me when I have seated in almost any place. I have substituted this inside the week.

TLDR: Some the big parts take well, all more is where save money and spend a cost down. Still I treat it well, attended substitute stirs it of part in the near future.
5 / 5
Like other people said you simply can not beat which takings for a prize, has had a bicycle a week now are in that loves it, An only light drawback has is a bullhorn the bars are quell'has bitten too tightened for me, looks this will be prime minister of mine upgrade, there is remarked also a rear wheel has a slightest/smaller that the leaks but ossia to be expected with ready valves especially in this row of prize but at all drastic I just bomb he on the bit before some walks.

I light brooks remarked of a handlebar/of the root but that have been due to no presionando enough during tune of mine in synchronising on build.

Will update this description with which some more than trace but like this far like this good.

KUDOS To 6KU in a stock exchange of stickers has taken with a bicycle also :)

Update 1/29/17
A group inferior is creaking now, looks will require to substitute the, but has expected this based in another buyer that says a same thing, but the can not expect dipped in the more anyways, these bicycles are all in customization and upgrading.

Update: as I have substituted a BB and does roughly external cosmetic mods, and am loving a bicycle. Aggregated new up to date pics.
4 / 5
This bicycle is almost perfect. It was very easy to gather. A record was adds also. They are 5'11' and 160 lbs with the plus along torso and legs quite shorter, and 55cm is the perfect record. Each looks of component to be quite decent and durable except a rear wheel. It has been it bit it lob-sided and also a freewheel the component neither is that it loses it chaveta that resists or down lubricated, which prevents a wheel of rotating freely. Because of that, requires more pedaling and also hills of trace to plot the hardest that has expected.

Another that a rear wheel, taste all more roughly that. Abordable And well-has built.

results a sound has been caused for a tension of tight canal. Once I loosen the up for emotional a backwheel the tad has bitten more afterwards to a crankset, a sound has been he was.
4 / 5
In the first place does not locate every day, when I once the week I walk roughly 30 miles on that. I have had he for the month now I so that has bit it on 100 miles on that. With east says ossia which thinks in this bicycle.

A bicycle is solid, at all touches on he still although any good prpers dipped so only dipped the neighbour, well band and easy to dip near. It is fast and seat a proportion of train is Florido perfect , live all is slowly here so much is perfect, included when they are chair of trace well and light. The brakes are a lot also, all feels of boxes of good quality takings to some pedals. In fact one extracted in an of them was almost bad has had the hard time for the install. Saddle I a lot also, with which 20-25 miles he hurst without bicycle shorts with bicycle shorts is not like this bad.

In general thinks that a bicycle is taken all needs to surpass the expectations of any concealed comprises the one who this cost of bicycle.
5 / 5
Excellent bicycle for a prize. I do not think you it can do very better in this point of prize. They are the snob of self-proclaimed bicycle . Haha. State in increasing bicycles for decades I so that it sees to really appreciate good quality and scoff in anything ossia sub-pair. I have loved really the bicycle to locate to a tent and the use in the like this decided trainer is one. It returns a bill perfectly.

Has to that it weaves to like in 6KU bicycle. I mark of aluminium, (looks kinda fashionable carbon of a smooth welds, split to read , well, a lot of regular parts that can upgraded, looks really acute. A bicycle has come well punctually in the big box that was a lot of packaged. The majority of him has been gathered except a wheel forward, handlebars, and pedals. It has taken any time to gather it and calm so only require an adjustable wrench and some allen tones. The wheels were quite true, the brakes have good adjustments, drivetrain has been gathered and something has regulated on, good wheels, and regular parts. Really it likes that they use of many to the regular parts likes them to them the ray on root of tube of the boss, quell'group inferior is the threaded level , seatpost is to regulate, gearing can be easily changed, the majority of some parts is aluminium,etc. A bicycle is really light for such one economic bicycle. Mina 52cm hanged so only roughly .

An only thing can upgrade is some brakes specifically some crowbars of brake.

Sizing Is the little big but very inner some limits of measure. They are 5'7' with 29-30inch inseam and a 52cm gone back well.
5 / 5
Has purchased to plot of bicycles on some years, ossia is the a lot of one. If you are the estimativa the conscious father that looks for a fixie your boy loves ossia the decent judge of start. Some components are heavy but VERY FUNCTIONAL. Some measures of parts are regular, like this upgrades is easy. A fact to commission crazy the black frame is the fantastic cloth to do on for your stickers or creatively paints/ reflectize!

I walk on roughly 75-85 miles the week in California more orders, flatter,that the sacrament fences in. Out of a box gearing is suitable for travesía fast, but a cogs in a rear toe flop could have some weight trimmed was with an easy upgrade. A walk is the little rigid for me with which trace with forks of carbon.. Really they the enormous different in a street.

Upgrades Would suggest still consolation of term along

edge of forks of carbon
estaca of chair of edge of carbon

In general how is a bicycle comes mostly gathered (pedals, bars of boss, and advance of wheel) the tools have required is common, all precise is a Hex the Tone of wrench dips phillips engine of ray, and an adjustable wrench.

Are the man grown -40 with short legs -5'7' the walk in a 49cm but 52cm is a pertinent measure. I personally like a geometry of walk in the 49 vs 52 cm.
4 / 5
Update: the service of client is excellent. We send me to knots the substitution has retreated the free wheel of load but unfortunately with closing of worse subjects, a hub has had the wobble for the cup was. Finalising that it takes the wheel used in a tent of bicycle, tried and true, any subject with him this remote.

Same with a service adds resupplied, included with which exchange so many parts was, still can not recommend this company for the sure bicycle and of confidence.... So only appearance a frame is not that it fails in a long career.

Has had to substitute both wheels have comprised, one has blown was, the long piece of account has come immediately a wheel, could have dangerous state if I
has had a psi almost maxed in his, volume chunks of an account was with mine fingurnail, the brakes are terrible and no suitable for hills, combination of a highly unnecessary powder coating in some rims and subpar the tampons have comprised.

To top it all was, SO MUCH hubs has had to be repacked reason were overtightened, but the attended there there is more! It waters it somehow taken to a behind hub and destroyed it entirely, for some times have known something was bad a tent of the bicycle could does not save, is toast .

Absolutely does not recommend this bicycle to any any one has had to dip attribute of time, endeavour and thorough dipping ready the this bicycle, if yours buying this to gather and the call the day, the potentially fatal plan.

...Any impressed at all.
4 / 5
Ossia One first bicycle of clue has possessed them and is of excellent quality. It has dipped he together with a tool the received with a light in a 'Blitzu Cyborg 180T USB' container. It was extremely easy to gather. This also utmost bicycle of trace.

Pros: Some wheels are kenda k-193 a measure is 700X25c
Some rims are any edge of carbon or some poly carbonate .
A frame is light.
A bicycle is geared properly, always feels likes is in a right train.
I looks add!
Slips smoothly.
Any one a lot for gone bad.
Feels refined.

Some pedals are plastic. This will be well for the few years but the plastic degrades. Spent some good pedals, is not amused when they break on you.
A bar of sleeve is tightened. While this can be to draw the am not used to that it has to it to it express my together shoulders while it strolls them.
Some pauses are better way that the majority. They look to be of a eside of pívot Dual-pull caliper brakes the did not break him in fully but requires much more forces that the have the habit of with pauses of disk.
5 / 5
Of inaugural a container and setting all looked to be well excepts has no true instructions on where arrest to lubricate components. Of a box an easy bicycle to locate, súper the light weight and the just manoeuvres go in to the streets of cities like to of him has been done to take an abuse of the 5'11, 205 Lb adolescent,

With which more then the year to locate and almost 750 trace of miles in a fixed train sprocket can say that once rasgas by means of your wheel will require to buy the new wheel and inner tube,. When those Substitutes some wheels would recommend that to the more expensive and durable mark like 'Gatorskin'. After constant use, some grips tend to leave ware and residue in some palmeras of your hands and is in general an uncomfortable grip, recommends to buy any pair of 'Hear' grips, which do not leave of the frames in your hands and is more comfortable for 30+ walks of thousands. A proportion of the train in this bicycle is a level 44 to 16 tooth, ossia well for the horse riding regulates in of the flat zones, if you were in the more hilly describes would recommend them look in of the proportions of different train that home more on can that accelerates .
A chair takes easily rasgado on and is hard in a rear zone after the travesías long, would recommend 'Fizik mark' Last but weaves Less recommends them take the pair of metal of petals and the pair of 'Origin 8' straps of feet, this mark seats one with a bicycle, does not extend , and is the way adds to take some extra power out of a bicycle with a consolation of your feet that is attached firmly to some pedals.

In general this bicycle easily can be upgraded to adapt some needs of person in of the low prizes while still when being the bicycle adds of a box. It would recommend to another
5 / 5
A bicycle does not look like this very in person like fact in a pics. To good sure has the his economic chair. A frame welds has not been smeared on. Some mountains of cage of the he the boat was tacked on. It says double-butted tubing, but felt heavier that any bicycle of aluminium has has not possessed never. All my bicycles are big mark $ 2k+ in prize, but has not expected this bicycle partorisca be in a same category partorisca under $ 300. A main reason has bought this bicycle was paralizaciones there is sealed to resist hubs, which does not have . A lot of companies of economic bicycle say esealed that resisted to do thinks that a bicycle has cartridge that resists hubs. Buyer beware! This bicycle has free ball that resists hubs with powdering the nightmare to locate and maintain. Im Returning this for a frame to armour plate Retrospec has based in wheelset decision. Reason a 6ku the aluminium felt likes 25lbs in all the chance. Some bicycles of Throne are well is compraventa comparative .
5 / 5
This bicycle is even more good-looking in person that it is on-line. The assembly was very easy and am impressed with a quality for a prize.

This in spite of, a sizing the mapea thus produced is was for any in the a shortest side. It says that a 47frame of cm is suitable for people 4'10' to 5'1'. They are 5'1' and I can not be in a frame of the once gathered bicycle, a bicycle is everything on my crotch. I owe that be to a side and prop my leg on when decree, which really means a frame is too big for me. I guarantee person 4'10' would be able to without accidents use this bicycle unless has has reduced wheels, which a current brake dips on would not leave stops. This bicycle would not owe that be marketed the people down 5'2' big.

This has said, love a bicycle I so much will locate in spite of an inability to be in a frame when decree.
4 / 5
There is not locating the bicycle in roughly 20 years but decided it recently would be the fun way to take exercise while cruising to the long of a margin. After an investigation of days learns in the bicycles of basic street have opted thus model. They are not an expert in the bicycles but I know to that likes me and that feels/ extracted well. This bicycle feels mine very light . I can it stimulates with one or two toes. It was easy to gather and has come included partly pre-has gathered. I LOVE a crazy black arrival. Looks A lot of stealthy. Have take the tiny pair decals and there is rubbed was a gluey residue easily with rubbing alcohol. The stock chair substituted with much more comfy one and the seat likes trace in the cloud. The bicycle is very fast. Has quotes only career of the short test but the chair like me would have to that resist on well.
5 / 5
After my workplace has decided to not comprising parking anymore, has decided that has required to find the better way to take to do without paying an outrageous $ 15 / day for estacionar. Here it was my solution ! They are trace the trusty Micargi bicycle of fixed train all during university and with my workplace be so only roughly was, thought it would cost the shot to locate the bicycle to do. This in spite of, have not wanted to break a bank and invest in the wildly expensive is bicycle of trace so only for random, commuter use.

Comes this beauty. For a prize, is the shot adds and take me to and of work without the hitch. A welds and the frame is solid and was all incredibly easy to dip near (to the equal that would expect of the bicycle of fixed train). I have substituted a chair with the saddle of Spoon of Uploads it reason a saddle has comprised is not one the majority of comfortable and while I have taken has used his after the days of pair, has not gone exactly the pleasant walk. I have substituted also a laughed handlebars with the aggressive plus bullhorn fashionable bar, of then prefers to the trace bit it more aggressively and joy a look more. Although a laughed the bars are to good sure the solid piece of the hardware and I have not had any subjects with them.

A canal has been lubricated well out of a box and my brakes (front and behind, which is awesome) has not been raven or skewed like that roughly of another reviewers has experienced. Alive Los Angeles like this dodging the cars and that share a street is the breeze with east a.

Also, a aluminnum the frame is súper light and very easy to spend on flights of pair of stairs. They are able of the spend on three flights of stairs to my paving without breaking the sweat or breathing hard.

In general, gives this bicycle to 5 description to star reason thus point of prize, calm really can has not beaten he in my opinion and an only with era really an incredibly uncomfortable chair.
5 / 5
6KU has FOUND the niche in a phase of bicycle. I have been the rider partorisca some time and have several bicycles. Have Of then has created a prize in just a last month like so only paid $ 290 partorisca of my bicycle. Really it has not expected the whole plot for $ 290 but has been pleasantly has surprised. A bicycle is light, simple, fast and sturdy. It is resulted really my gone the bicycle to locate by means of a neighbourhood.

An only Negative for me was that a root of the handlebar is not adjustable like the height. I have loved the less aggressive walk. This was an easy to fix have purchased like this one extends in the amazon and you can see in a semi-detached picture has created a fence several thumbs.

Still in a prize a big plus of 350 I thinks a bicycle is worth it. Much bigger that that could buy you the basic HIKE commuter. I expect that 6KU no the tax out of a phase.
5 / 5
Has Had this bicycle for the month!

Taken roughly 30-45 minutes to gather, can take longer for another have done like this this before already.

A packaging and a way have dipped on a bicycle the build is very linear and better compared to other frames of bicycle have bought in an internet.

A quality is really well also! I recommend that has the little extra money, transmission out of some wheels for some abonos durable to to like him Panaracer RibMo is, Of Continental Gatorskin this or your favourite mark! It is the very good bicycle , but turned to the big quality a calm once take these creatures , will take less walk and feel that much surer that traces this bicycle on some good wheels.

Take this bicycle is in the estimativa, loves something relatively linear to build and enjoy simple bicycles!
4 / 5
Has bought this to substitute my commuter bicycle. I am not wanted to to fall the plot of money on something concealed could take flown, taking has closed is gone in a rain from time to time, etc. For a money, am extremely happy with this compraventa. With this said, possesses the plot of bicycles and have stirs it of extra parts. I swapped was and added it Ritchey root, Oury grips, 105 brakes, Skilled saddle, pedals of Face of the Race, and slick wheels. A bicycle is solid without a upgrades, but is more comfortable and the action is better with transmissions - especially some brakes and saddle. It would estimate a bicycle 5 stars if an action of some brakes and the saddle were better. This in spite of, love a toe flop hub and a bicycle feels really solid and extracted well. My commute is the combination of the route of bicycle paved, street of brick, registered, and some footpaths that cut by means of the pocolos parcos - a frame of aluminium feels good and absorbs the plot of an impact, especially in a street of brick. I am impressed in fact with a wheelset - some streets of brick are quite unforgiving and like this far there is not had to that true the broken. A gearing is perfect for my commute, but have elevation very small to treat. It would say that ossia in fact some of a better bang for my buck of any bicycle has purchased. It is the entertainment , simple bicycle that extracted a lot well out of a box.

Update: State using this bicycle in the daily base for almost 4 month now. Still like this happy with him so that it was on day 1. Working add - has not had the subject alone. For a money is the shot adds .
4 / 5
For a money.... Unbelievable. I have fallen enamoured with this bicycle has gathered grieves. Yeah yeah, Some of some parts look the little economic, but a frame is awesome. Finally I want to add parts here and there, and upgrades over time, taste to him has done with other bicycles in a past. Like this the bicycle is perfect so that there is wanted. One of some frames some the light plus can take for a money. The my hw before I have decided to buy. Other bicycles is $ the row is in meso 10 lbs heavier.
5 / 5
In the first place was, there is little on Amazon that of the east a lot of lovely legislation out of a box. A bicycle is gathered in 10ish the minutes yes know your way around bicycles. But although it calms no, grab the beer and calm quell'will have gathered before calm the finishings. I have ordered it seals it Anatomical H Chair, some upan bullhorn bars and tape and Look added clipless pedals and Panaracer Rey of has registered this (all experience to amazon) and this thing is the -all fixie that chooses now in the another bicycle I own. Walk of street?... Any $ 2000 Canyon, chooses this. Walk of has registered?... Still. I probably finally upgrade a BB and crank and add the wheel dipped for easy transmission outs but how is, this thing is quite sweet. If it locate fixie will be hard pressed to find treat it better. And if it do not locate fixie... “ You would be to the whole plot fresher has done .”
5 / 5
Love a bicycle for a pricepoint. It is light, looks adds, and is quickly. Some brakes grab quite good. It would recommend to order direct of 6ku this in spite of. I will say to be careful with a product, still looks line easily. I have ordered by means of Amazon for an ease of payment when being the first member, and also the member of first rewards. This in spite of a box has arrived beaten beautiful arrives and one of the rim has suffered harm. To the amazon has cured of course of a question for me, but my options were neither return a whole bicycle or take the %25 repayment. It has had it it has ordered by means of 6ku could finalises to take a wheel has substituted.
5 / 5
It is weighed partorisca a bicycle of league. Torsion Some axes and control because they have come loose on me (backsides of the turned and has stuck against the rests down uploads and front an east cross almost the descent issues w traffic). Tip of some curves of chair under moderate pressure. Economic pedals (but ossia the plus to those of us to those who likes him to him the transmission those have known the whole bicycle is much more economic that some components so only. The tampons of pause have come bad diverse but was easy to fix w/or that uses the strap of toe or third hand-held tool. Wears of boss of the brake in painting on tube of boss. Bearings Has come perfectly tensioned. It will love the bombs tires each one that 2 month.
4 / 5
Am not too familiarised with bicycles and that it is “good” but love this bicycle for one the majority of part. I have had he for almost the year commuting here and there in the short walk to do.
Are 5'2.5” and has purchased a XS but is still the little too big for me, has the hard time that leaves sometimes
Some wheels do not look to resist compatible air this in spite of, each few walks take the plan and has to fill up. It would suggest to improve wheels of qualities for a consolation.
A bicycle is EXTREMELY LIGHT, again, are 5'2” of the half build and I easily could choose up and spend down a bicycle of my stairs to walk.
4 / 5
Has been that locates this bicycle every day for the pair of weeks now and is the joy to locate . It feels reasonably fast and light, and the looks adds. I have it that has not possessed never the bicycle of street of the prize or anything, but easily can say ossia very better that anything would purchase in Walmart or the tent of big sporty sakes, especially for a money.
Has taken a lot of compliments of friends that actuates a lot of better bicycles, and does not have any question that maintains up with them (assuming any big hill).

Has had the little nitpicks will mention this in spite of-
Like the rider of bicycle of new street, has not been conscious that one loans the valves in these wheels require an adapter or special connection to air up. I have finalised to require to buy the new bomb to take that it goes.
A chair is the little uncomfortable. I have taken it it has used his, but probably will finalise to substitute he in some point.
A manual of instruction looks for to be fact for the variety of products and is not concrete to this bicycle. I have finalised to look the Youtube tutorial of the together place instead.

All the much smaller complaints- I follows extremely happy with my compraventa, and is state adds to take around my urban area. Absolutely any remorse.
5 / 5
This bicycle is admirably light. Clocks in in 21lbs. Ossia A frame of Aluminium , any to armour plate. Changed the few things on this in spite of. Origin8 Saddle And brake of tampons of substitution (of some tampons of brake comes with squeaked the little bit), has taken some pedals of my Giant, has changed on some inner tubes and rear wheel to the Gatorskin, has ordered the substitution freewheel of this one is quite noisy. Now, any of these adicións/the additions and the substitutions are necessary; a bicycle is gone in well of upper form out of a box.

$ 250 Comprising the first nave is quite a shot that the surprises ask me . A trace of smooth bicycle, a bit rigid, but very comparable my State Bicycle Contends has purchased 6 weeks ago. In general, very compraventa.
5 / 5
6KU has FOUND the niche in a phase of bicycle. I have been the rider for some time and have several bicycles. Have Of then has created a prize in just a last month like so only paid $ 290 partorisca of my bicycle. Really it has not expected to whole plot for $ 290 but has been pleasantly has surprised. A bicycle is light, simple, fast and sturdy. It is resulted really my gone the bicycle to locate by means of a neighbourhood.

An only Negative for me was that a root of the handlebar is not adjustable like the height. I have loved the less aggressive walk. This was an easy to fix have purchased like this one extends in the amazon and you can see in a semi-detached picture has created a fence several thumbs.

Same in a prize a big plus of 350 I thinks a bicycle is worth it. Much bigger that that could buy you to BASIC HIKE commuter. I expect that 6KU no the tax out of a phase.
4 / 5
Has dipped are near without any questions and I have not gathered never or has repaired the bicycle before. The arrival is well. A bicycle is very light and compact. The wheels are a lot lean. Seat Is thin and hard. I have had the question that regulates a front to back place in a chair how was too tight for me to loosen. An idea of this bicycle is to be undressed down and light and that is. I have bought a small frame and he is compact to a point that when my foot is in a cycle of before the pedaling and a wheel forward is turned/steered can contact a toe of my foot of before. This looks the question and have to that be conscious of this when that locates a bicycle. It is amused to locate so that it is like this light and responsive.
4 / 5
Does not take Me bad, is the bicycle that the fresh looks, but is not to value a seal of prize at all. Ossia Quite the glorified Walmart tier bicycle. It feels economic. There is absolutely at all in this bicycle that justifies to spend in $ 200. Really it complains to buy the. Has come also lined up out of a box. No the appearance to resist on partorisca very long. It is not fooled for a trendy to to the description likes them to them was it.
4 / 5
That this has to devastate him big indications? A bicycle has no adjustable speed, a chair is so that annoying a zone among my testicles and the buttocks was swollen, some wheels are extremely feeble and susceptible to burst on some smaller things, some pedals are at all durable (literally has broken one 3rd time has used them a bicycle and I weigh 170 pounds). Some questions are without finals and a prize certainly any value he. The desire could return it.
5 / 5
In the first place remained to say me that I lucked on when buying this bicycle on amazon. The condition fishes that the bicycle was cosmetically fraction with frames. Because of that has attacked of the 1/4 of a prize. Imagined hey the one who a heck, are in a phase of the bicycle of clue .. It can also the jump is to treat and see that I that takes. If anything is the first order and easily can returns. No a chance ... Some frames in a bicycle were at all complains roughly considering a mark down. It has taken in black. At all the pocolos produced can not fix. It has taken it it was for the walk and I was very impressed. In the nutshell, is bosses well, light, appeal and fast. I have had my action of fixie bicycles of name of the mark and this 6KU like this far is some better hands down.
5 / 5
Assembly and the initial interview of this bicycle takes some know-that. The half difficulty. If you do not know like the true wheels, the take to the professional before use. A rear wheel has been dipped on with a tread a wrong direction and both wheels were out of true (probably to ship).
Is sturdy and quickly. And it looks well. Totally it would buy it again.
4 / 5
They are the mechanic of leading bicycle like this taking the factory gathered (all the prizes out of toghether, any one necessarily regulated) the bicycle is any question . The wheels are some and headset was perfect. It would guess you it would have to that plan on in $ 100 more partorisca assembly of tent of the bicycle, the Or lock, some small lights. I also spent $ 60 on some Germans fenders. Now it is the perfect commuter bicycle!!!
5 / 5
Has had this bicycle (6ku urban clue) partorisca 3 weeks so many of this description. The bicycle adds everywhere partorisca $ 300! Light weight, strong and durable. I have read numerous descriptions on Amazon and Google in reference partorisca measure. They are 6'1 and it has purchased a half 55. Perfect access! So you are looking for a right measure, measure down one. And upgrade some plastic pedals the same time purchases a bicycle.
5 / 5
Easy to gather, looks comparable the bicycles that estimativa partorisca pair and has the pauses ADD. This fixie has not beaten can be partorisca a prize. If you are not the serious cyclist and so only require the solid bicycle partorisca cruise around city or take to do that ossia partorisca you. After using Quote bicycle partorisca years this bicycle is light that feels quite effortless. An enormous characteristic is a capacity to have a rear wheel in 'Freewheel' as his no the legislation fixie and can cruise.
5 / 5
This pocola what is really quickly, light, comfortable, and well looking. I owe that adapt that some pedals are so only crap, the brakes are WELL can use better tampons, and there is any one pierce highland for the waters of boat, but those are a lot simple fixed. The mine has come with a bullhorn which is a more look for the bicycles of fixed/ alone speed in my opinion. Highly it recommends this bicycle but, orders some good pedals. Besides some few things, give it 5 stars.
5 / 5
Is taking the quite bad bicycle for a prize. This thing is quickly, lustrous, and the comfortable walk. You will want to invest in to him some pedals like him these is plastic economic (an obvious zone for them to save costs) but concealed does not have to that any way is the breaker of extracted. There are bicycles twice a cost of east an and any one value it penny more than that these some costs. Ossia The good bicycle , period. No the 'presupposed' a lot of bicycle, but the good, solid, dependable bicycle. 10/10

Note: Some valves are valves of loans in some tubes, and yes calm there is not locating never in of the wheels of big pressure do sure to look on the map of drop of the wheel for a correct F/R pressure for your particular weight (Im 150lbs and have 100psi in a backside and 90psi in a front). The pressure of pertinent wheel will ensure that one he the @@tiredness is not creating excessive to tug when you are accelerating or maintaining the cruising speed.
4 / 5
BEFORE I Sent my first bicycle and during an assembly has found that a wheel forward rubbed a frame of main organism (could not turn a wheel to a left neither right) any one sure but perhaps a frame has been bent wrongly but is returned and has asked then the second bicycle. Taking a second bicycle was the fast turnaround. . Eservice Of the client takes the+'

Regarding a bicycle, this will be my first train fix the bicycle and I have to that say, for real loves it. For a prize, would recommend this bicycle to the each cyclists that look to just cruise. In time, will spend this on to the member familiarised then gone back for the upgraded model..

Considerations - Harm
5 / 5
Trace surprisingly well. Gone back the cycling after losing my bicycle of street the year. It has thought to go for the light, mid-vary $ $ bicycle of aluminium of street of the frame. Because of my experiences displaced with thieves of bicycle, has decided to go for this abordable only-speed, 52 cm (I follows 5'5') crazy black frame.

I swapped a laughed handlebars with bars of drop and crowbars of new brake. This has done so only my experience of better horse riding. I also upgraded some pedals to the majority of durable pair. Regarding a chair, is well, but looking the upgrade for more than consolation. The wheels and go them celery well and does not plan on upgrading his anytime punctual.

In general, any remorse with this compraventa when being my first entry-level so only-speed.

4/5 stars because some components have required a upgrade.
5 / 5
Has bought this to locate to all these calm places do not want to or needs to spend the bicycle the expensive plus. A texture of a product in a black a the recieved is awesome (better closing that some photos). I have been prendido the little time for people those who has loved so only the better look in a bicycle. It is amused like this to locate that person the one who the trace wants to leave (comprising me), and is in ways more fun a lot of that my bicycle of street. I want to give this he 4 reason a paintjob the easiest scratches that expected, and will cry when it ruins of then like like this. Also this chair is by train to kill me with which so only +20k around city yesterday (in the cycling cushioned shorts). A ridges to the long of a backside of some sides of saddle are too acute and company. I plan to change a saddle if it does not take 'broken in' and the spray he with the tray of clear upper discharge to preserve a paintjob. Also some grips of the bars of the boss have hard models and highly rectangular created so many is the ache to locate without gloves but I already bought bullhorn bars anyways...

If those do not exit well , then will change my description to the 4.
4 / 5
Absolutely stellar writing of simplicity in biking remained with prize. A frame of aims of Aluminium a lot of welds and a rest of some parts is well, and if no, cheaply upgradable. I have opted for the together of aluminium pegs when I have ordered with descriptions negatively effecting some plásticoes a lot that accompanies a bicycle. Previously that has possessed several downhill highland bicycles that achieves well to a diverse k row, was pleasantly surprised to receive such the big quality element in a prize. So only they are start a 'street' and world-wide 'fixed, but precise more at present? At all. Also a prize me any to concern leave in a backside of my truck unattended!
5 / 5
Good bicycle. Packaging Any one like this good. It goes forward bent but took it so only fixed. The proportion of train is quite big, would have to offer the few proportions.
The frame is tight, your toes goes of advance of paste when turning in slow speed. The arrival of bicycle and components notches upper. Seat Is quite comfy. It feels quickly in this bicycle - if a box of nave was better, would have been five stars .
4 / 5
A súper bicycle partorisca the good prize. A frame of the aluminium done the world of difference in consolation, walk, and facilitated of transport. Utilisation likes him my newspaper commuter bicycle and walk in the relatively flat city and in an end of a day haul he on three flights to my paving. Compared to my leading steel fixie (flown) locates better and is faster. I flipped a hub and has takes some brakes but calm can locate likes the conventional freewheeling bicycle if these works partorisca you. No the good election partorisca trails or of the big hills.
5 / 5
The bicycle adds are so only on day two I follows writes quite weighed roughly 240 and has dipped roughly 60 miles in the some last two days although it is the bicycle of the street mostly manages well in muck while it is hard wheels has taken is coming perfectly trued.. And they are less bad with which after more he up for 2 days like this far very happy a chair is very uncomfortable taste swapped that it was but the bicycle adds súper the light and the proportion of perfect train can paste the big speeds is a judge of fast plus of the start but the one who concerns
5 / 5
has Bought this for our edges to take in university. My husband and I dipped it neighbours in in an hour. An only question has had was one is too long. We try to dip a rear wheel more behind in a fork, but is not remained never. Like the canal is exited constantly. We take it to us to the tent of bicycle and has had a professionally returned canal, and the law adds now. For a prize, ossia the bicycle adds . My edges is 6'3' and a XL frame returns perfect.
4 / 5
Has had this bicycle for the month, and has dipped in enough the few walks on that. As I am sure that I 'know that I taken'. And that I taken is perfect for me! It is as if a folks in 6KU has had my needs in importing when they have drawn this bicycle. That has required was simple transport to and of a canal of train, where do the connection to a venue humane offices of societies. This has meant the bicycle of light weight ( is roughly 23 lbs.) It has been required, as it could haul the on and of a train (without pulling muscles in a process). And I have not required an exotic (and expensive) car; in fact, has does not love anything concealed would look expensive, of then has to that the prójimo up in of the public places. As I have said, this car returns a bill perfectly. A train so only also does well in a terrain I coverage (any flat streets or sweet notes). Extremely happy with this bicycle, and recommend it to in all the chance with alike (simple) need.
4 / 5
My bicycle is gone in form adds without scratches or other questions. An only question era that has been missing quell'a bit given of axial but that the question has been fixed for service of client. A sum of looks of the bicycle in person. I have had to it weaves of fun in the quantity but has taken in January as I have not taken partorisca to the use so to the equal that would like to been due to of a time. To good sure would recommend this bicycle to any the one who is not sure roughly that. Calm will not complain it . I have had the highland bicycle that has loved before this but I have loved only walk and any to concern roughly changing train.
4 / 5
Is the bicycle adds for a prize. It has dipped roughly 300 miles in this bicycle commuting by means of centrical Boston. It is light fast and amused to locate.

A frame is responsive and durable.
Is the perfectly rigid walk for sprinting lights.

Decent rims, easy to some
Front and rear brakes
Easy assembly, if you are mechanically bent

Seat is terrible
the tampons of Brake are the few feeble
the New model is flat bars ( the mine has had bullhorns)
5 / 5
is a lot last to find the decent bicycle that does not cost an arm and the leg this day. This bicycle returns my row of prize and is in good quality. It gathers it is quell'has bitten delicate and has taken roughly 30 mins. It seats big so that it has measured attentively and is among measures, decrease. It does not come with airing like this notes that will require gives an air of first wheel of the take was for the walk.
4 / 5
The box arrived with the fist sized hole in a centre of him and rear iron protruding was. Felizmente Any harm the axial but light 3/4 thumb scuff mark in rear rim the one who black sharpie has cured of. Front hub slightly on presionado but rear hub severely has presionado on. I echo another is commentaries in an economic saddle and pedals. I do not have the question with to to some brakes likes him to him another is has had. It goes forward true but rear wheel very so much. Light and fast because of frame of aluminium. These are so only initial commentaries been due to time limited behind goes. In general, satisfied with compraventa.
4 / 5
Has dipped roughly 20 miles in a bicycle like this far and I the enjoyed. It manages it adds, his very light weight and looks sum. A reason for some 4 stars is reason has the noise that comes from/comes from a group inferior that assumes will require to change punctual. For a prize is the good shot but has expected a group inferior of is lasted bit it more.
4 / 5
Looked to take to cycling but has not been ready for any how elite still. It has looked for the level of entrance of bicycle of the big quality where could go in the moderate workout, run local errands, and explore my city without breaking a bank. I have found so only-accelerate/fixie bicycles and beginning to do investigations on all an on-line bicycle companies that sells them. Have pulled finally a trigger in a 6KU Clues because it was lighter, has had the most aggressive geometry, and looks and feels like the expensive plus in common bicycle. When A container has come our door , was giddy like the little boy in Xmas!
A majority of a bicycle was gathered already but with his directions, has taken so only in an hour to dip a together rest. I took it it was still move it around a neighbourhood and was all looked for and more! A bicycle is incredibly light and easy to walk up and down stairs. It is a lot of responsive and can choose up accelerates quickly. Like the little another has mentioned, a chair is the little uncomfortable but this is to fix easily. They are happy has done this compraventa and look forward to dipping a lot of miles on that!

Top Customer Reviews: Eurobike Moutain ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 24 ratings
5 / 5
The bicycle is very built partorisca resist a lot of weight. Any vibration or wiggle while it locates. Very cleaned and comfortable to locate. They are 5' 11' 190 lbs and will except even the main and more heavy people. It looks this bicycle will last me while. Thank you Many.
5 / 5
This bicycle is very partorisca of the money. Calm to good sure can find something the better way partorisca slightly bit it more and am speaking perhaps 30-$50 more. A bicycle does not move partorisca coach a lot well. Some wheels do not pump properly and does not resist air partorisca a lot long. A frame is very strong but heavy. It would say partorisca take a rule has spoken wheels to the equal that are way more economic and lighter. A shimano the parts are real but touch a lower end shimano and does not move very good. In general during a covid pandemic is the reasonably priced bicycle and the delivery was quickly. It is the Chinese product and would say for the Chinese quality is not bad. Some pedals and some the basic parts are kinda economic but a bicycle is sturdy and can manage any terrain. It would say if your ready to improve wheels and good with regulating and adding the better parts is not the very expensive thing to do and this bicycle has way more way that more bicycles in his row of prize .
5 / 5
This description is for a Eurobike S7 with a normal has spoken wheels any 3 has spoken wheel. They are only trace backs this bicycle for 20 miles but to arrive to this point are happy with this compraventa. I have loved the bicycle for trails read and pavement that traces that it was it better that some bicycles of tent of the department without breaking a bank. This one has fulfilled my expectations. It goes easy and is smooth ridding without compulsory or tugging. With which a lot of minor derailleur adjustments a turn to coach smoothly and precisely. The assembly was easy and has found all the dice and rays in a pre has gathered the parts were tight of a factory. A weight of a bicycle, ready to locate, was 40.6 lbs which is not bad for the frame of steel. Some wheels are the small knobby creation, perfect for my use. Some bars of sleeve are in a root. I have substituted a root and the handlebars so much can locate in the most whole place. An only negatives has found was light harm to one of a decals in a bicycle to the arrival and some brakes are not very good. The well resists up over time rest to be seen but for less than $ am pleased enough.
5 / 5
The bicycles are not easy to find interior a moment because of covid. Originally, it has wanted to spend $ 150 or less in the economic Walmart bicycle but each tent of big box has been to has been sold was. Decided to give this the shot in spite of some mixed descriptions.
The short long history ossia the good bicycle for a prize, that considers the one who last the economic bicycles are to spend for today.
• Feels sturdy and has the really good look.
• The nave was punctually and the wine with each tool has required to gather
• Can be upgraded has wanted to dip some money in.
• A root was on behind when I took it in the first place, has has had to that loosen the on and turn he to a front
• the root is a lot the time and the handlebar is short. It dips calm in an uncomfortable place when it traces, has to sustain advances to a lot of
• grips of bar of the Sleeve slid during a place
• moving is not a smooth but acceptable plus
• Economic forks
• the wheel has burst some first time took it to a trail (can'goes state inflated down)
• the poor grip in wheels
• Really rigid nonadjustable suspension (behind is worse that front)
• the rims are quite tightened and deep, required to buy the extension of valve when I have changed tubes.
I really like this bicycle but I some upgrades and am planning on doing more. I have bought the widest handlebar, the shortest root, pedals of aluminium, and new wheels. Going to maintain trace like this for the moment but will consider upgrading a fork and rear suspension in a future.
So only can recommend this yes calm bicycle so only looking to do a little light horse riding and/or is if you are in the haste and would not import upgrading some parts. If frames of compraventas sure you lube on a canal, at the beginning, has thought has had something wrong with a bicycle but when I lubed the, has moved and is locate very better. You are better saved more money and taking the bicycle of the main quality, can or can not be more economic that upgrading this one but if I can not expect that long, will go for him. Also, it is weighed enough. It will upload the picture finally.
5 / 5
My edges has ordered this with his the hard gram has won mowing money. With which assembly, commentary that an advance of brake was in constant contact with a dish of brake. After regulating some callipers and the tampons of brake there is @@give that an advance of rim was in fact has bent. It has to that somehow it has suffered it harm during shipment. After contacting a vendor, his quickly sent out of the assembly of new brake. This in spite of, that really require was the advance of new wheel. After contacting them again, has sent out of a correct part. Some parts of substitution were each shipped of Cina, like the process has taken more along that would have liked, but of an always answered vendor to ours emails quickly, as I am happy with that. My amours of edges to locate it, and like this far no other questions.
5 / 5
Right out of a box, this bicycle feels really well, especially considering a point of prize of him.
Can not be be professional note, but if you do not want to pay the few dollars of thousand in the new highland bicycle, this would be an excellent option . A bicycle comes partly disassembled, as you will owe that dipped some wheels, steering bar of sleeve and some pedals in situating you. A lot informative is, that is quite simple and all one has required the tools are resupplied with a bicycle.
A negative little point was, that one of some coverages of plastic train in a steering wheel has not been screwed in right, which had broken an edge and has left a coverage rattling. When I have tried presionar a ray has broken was. It will not affect an operation of a bicycle or train, but is disappointing in the new bicycle. It has not gone quite a lot of reason for our edges of 13 years to return a bicycle.
Some train is quite smooth and solid, easy to change while it locates and a front and absorbers of rear accident some walks the most comfortable plot, although it takes the bit to take used to. Like the first mountain to time biker, felt likes a bit the wheels were has inflated down.
To good sure would recommend this bicycle for general and sweet use of roading.
4 / 5
A bicycle has come súper fast especially during a Covid-19. I unpacked Bicycle that was very protected and no the scratch a. I have gathered a bicycle in roughly 15 min. has regulated a front and of the brakes of rear disk as they like him with of travesía short. It has taken my first walk and 1-7 smooth turn. It was able to move an upper sprocket to as train but was unable to move to big train. I have done some adjustments and movements well. On question in a front sprocket a level a big low plus is a a that on-turns and a small crowbar downshifts, a backside sprocket is another way around. It is this corrected or is a boss of the level of the turn has connected bad? The sum of looks of the bicycle and return me well, Im 6'1 and 220 lbs, and Im 65. Highly it recommends this bicycle to any especially some groups of prize. An only on the notes is has ordered the chair to foam by heart main.
5 / 5
Taken awhile to gather it but of the looks of bicycle to ail and good walks. They are 200 lbs, 5 feet 11 and returns well. It would be very they has designated that goes was for the front and that it was for backside.
4 / 5
When I have taken was easy to dip near but unless you know anything roughly fixing a derailers is kinda expensive is the good frame but other parts are cheep and the easy fold and the brakes have dipped roughly 150 more his with brake of different disk and other things Anything the one who is the good bicycle would not suggest it to any more although
4 / 5
Súper awesome Bicycle. I have known a chair would be hard so that it is not really the with. To good sure would buy again partorisca of the money.
5 / 5
Like this far like this good. I have had he partorisca the few weeks and all the work well. It is coming mostly I joint partorisca plant which is the enormous plus and of the instructions of the assembly had and tools.
5 / 5
Does not want to when you go for the walk of test in the flat street and a first pedal taken some pauses of canal..... They are a lot disappointed in a quality of a canal. All more in a bicycle is well. But this would have to that be embarrass for this company and vendor!!!!!
4 / 5
The nave was a lot quickly and liked everything with a bicycle,
to the what Only did not like was while fill to air some wheels burst up and has to that buy new on all the really good bicycle and can not expect for a walk.😀
5 / 5
Bicycle really well, easy to gather, good walk when I take the softest chair . The way adds to exert of prójimo gymnasium of mine
4 / 5
Easy to gather and do quite well for the beginner highland bicycle of full suspension
5 / 5
They are a cyclist of avid street and has required one around city bicycle familiarised that it could occasional mtb trails. This returns that @it invoices perfectly.

Special thanks to a vendor partorisca support in correcting a disk brakes concealed has not been installed correctly. His he well in fashion very fast.
5 / 5
A bicycle is good reviews except a fake Shimano produced that it does not do or last. I have driven a bicycle two times & a turn of train there is prendido to do has to that way that has had looks in for the pro which has confirmed that this has not been Shimano but copies of poor quality
5 / 5
has Begun to break down after a course of 10k so only, used by mine 12I edges - 54 kg, trails of estacionar only

1. Saddle The fast emission there is broken has substituted down he
2. Crankset Arm - threading has gone with which trace 18K - has had to that has substituted the whole crankset
3. The saddle has begun takes to the tear averts in the side - substituted with better quality a

are fearful more questions to come...
In general, well is looking bicycle but pauses down very easy with minimum use.
Also, alleges to be the German fact, is not , his pure 100 chinese done (look in ebay vendors, a lot of identical bicycles, everything of china)

would not recommend it
4 / 5
Be careful! I have received so only the different model the one who is more economic that a one in some pictures!
Has received the model of regular wheels when the supposition to come with 3 spokes goes like this in some pictures.
5 / 5
Like this impressed with this bicycle is not sure state as to expect with a prize a low plus but is better that the plot of bicycles of big final that looked in
4 / 5
A bicycle familiarised utmost a lot of options of adjustment, reasonable prize, would buy another for my woman
4 / 5
the look adds, easy to dip near! Sound the little economic in of the places but like this youd expect with a paid of prize! In general it looks he values a lot well for money gustármeme all master is the good bicycle to locate around taking fresh air
5 / 5
three decu lucida the bicycle has had to that have give wheel with 3 section to the places has received his wheel regulates very a lot disappointed
4 / 5
He and joins it éraflure of the sud lucida bicycle when incursion of the box

Top Customer Reviews: Max4out Track Bikes ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
4 / 5
This bicycle is terrible. A lot cheaply do. Has a so only the majority of useless instructions has seen. But a main reason partorisca avert this bicycle is concealed any only stink , but wants to return it has to that pay a nave for him to go back in Cina. And they touch 50 restocking cost him it the together place and the hated.

To return this, thinks, would cost me more than that I has paid.

I economic hate craps of Cina.
5 / 5
Unfortunately this bicycle is cheaply done but volume that stops of has paid. Some pedals are to come undressed and the majority of some parts where done of economic plastic. A frame was a lot of and some wheels were quite basic. To good sure value a prize but any value is trying biking the new hobby
5 / 5
Ossia the present navideño as it has not located. I dipped it/ I dipped It near and found a course a harder that some instructions a fact that is not my bicycle esatta. At all for some elements and info in of the elements have has not had. A chair was to good sure a hard plus to imagine he with out instructions. I know odd but took awhile. In general it loves the one who sturdy is.
4 / 5
Walks of good bicycle. Light. The wheels are thinner that has thinks that would be. To the good sure street of only use paved on. Like this far I am happy with this bicycle.
4 / 5
Has had the few bad things with a bicycle. Some brakes do not do and one of some bosses was fraid. Some spikes of rear rim are free and does the noise when it traces calm.
5 / 5
A colour of a bicycle has done adds to locate at night

Top Customer Reviews: Golden Cycles Bike ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5
Awesome Looking and súper light bicycle! It was the bit of the ache partorisca dip near.. Any instruction has come with him. And the packaging was has beaten up but this could have been carrier.. But the seats if you arent mechanically has bent partorisca take some experts partorisca the dipped together! In general it looks the bicycle that will enjoy them!
5 / 5
The bicycle adds, although a box is partorisca come fraction with the giant hole in him, felizmente all the interior is remained. It would take the a lot handy person partorisca build a bicycle as so only comes with some pieces and has not done fully. Comfortable bosses.
4 / 5
This bicycle cost each dollar! I recommend this bicycle oh also an assembly súper light and easy in this note also the very light frame

Top Customer Reviews: Retrospec Harper ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
There is the tonne of a stars the descriptions have done of people that has to have has had so only the tent of bicycle gathers his bicycle partorisca they. I want to direct some of some people of characteristics of cast of common things like this bad of this bicycle and give you my experience.

Dud claim 1: Some arms of crank am too long and does not leave a wheel forward partorisca turn.

These people have not turned a fork forward around first to attach some handlebars. My unit has come with stickers of arrow in a fork partorisca indicate, a lot obviously, a direction that some forks are suppositions partorisca be situated first to attach some bars of sleeve and wheel forward.

Dud claim 2: Some pedals are difficult to install, or only ray for the half way.

Some pedals in my experience has has not required tools at all partorisca presionar and ray in. Some pedals And arms of the so much crank come with stickers partorisca indicate which is right and that remain. Some pedals so only can be installed in an arm of crank corrected. They are threaded oppositely so that presionan calm so that it locates. If calm install them behind will be a lot obviously difficult and can not even ray in at all. Also it will cause you partorisca undress some edges, for this doing requires the arm of new crank.

Other complaints that is bobo...

A colour has not been like this announced:
is bobo and if a colour of a bicycle goes partorisca do or break your experience. To the good calm insurance is not quite intelligent to dip the bicycle jointed for calm.

Some wheels do not inflate :
inflates him then? If you want to all does for you, then buy the bicycle of the tent, any something calm has to gather you.

Some wheels have burst quickly,:
He take the second to read a manual this comes with this bicycle, calm say in no uncertain terms that that locates this bicycle without fill some wheels to a pertinent pressure can easily walk of cause. Calm also has to that be careful when that continues in swipes, cracks, and the clock was paralización debris. This bicycle has any absorption of the accident and the common sense would say any that does this bicycle requires slightly more cured when that traces. Mark calms sure is not in a limit of weight also.

A bicycle is hard the pedal:
That thinks the bicycle with one accelerates goes to be like? Buy the bicycle with more gearing has toothpick for muscles of leg. Ossia More the critique of your physical fitness then a bicycle he.

This bicycle is weighed:
has said that? I can easily it stimulates this bicycle with a delivery. Ossia More the critique of your physical fitness then a bicycle.

After x years the part in my bicycle has broken:
Wow, really? You mean the things break over time with use? It loves something concealed will last for ever? I recommend that it begin to look in the fictional universe where unbreakable the materials exist. If you have had the bicycle for years, calm would not owe that be impacted or blame a costruttore when something breaks. Years of estréses in of the questions of cause of the components. Things have lifespans. Ossia More critiques it of you having unrealistic expectations. Buy a plan of widespread guarantee if you are one of these people. There is economic and generous in his coverage. Personally I do not have the guarantee because they are an adult and can exit like this to substitute something I pauses .


A bicycle has come with the big hole in a box, which was more to good sure caused during shipping. A bit more foam insulation would not hurt this in spite of, especially around a wheel forward. It has not had any defect in a product in my unit that was happy roughly, after seeing the photos of so that other people. A bicycle was relatively simple to dip near, so only sure pays careful attention to some instructions of assembly. You are reading some instructions of good assembly? After the assembly has taken a bicycle in the roughly 20 walk of one thousand to see all has to that way that be supposition to be. It locates well in my experience, and can be quite quickly in flat earth, with the only sweet difficulty that creates note quite empinadas (the experience will differ according to physical fitness). In general I have been impressed with a quality of this bicycle that considers his prize. Sound the good shot. Had some subjects during my walk, and this was one of some pedals have come loose (has not fallen off or anything). This was more probably reason no it presioné down enough, and has not spent again after the fast presionando. I have not had any need for the assistance of the tent of bicycle, and any with the brain the one who receives this bicycle in a undamaged the state calculates will have the alike experience. I will estimate this bicycle he 4 out of 5, reason for a prize are add, but a quality is in general well, but not perfecting. That more attentive that the bicycle priced like this economic?
4 / 5
With some mostly positive critics, has given this bicycle shot it. Bad idea. If it could give it fewer stars, I . In the first place, a boss of the brake of the front seats too big and prevents calm to turn reason the paste to a frame of bicycle. Have take an advance of brake because have has wanted to do fixed way anyways, but there is remarked then another glaring question that can see you in a photo. Some the pedal cranks are like this long that a swipe to a wheel and create the wench and I almost flipped my bicycle some first time tried it. Some positive? It is the a lot of looking the yes calm bicycle does not plan never on in the quantity. The maintaining opened it and gathered, as any included knows can that to him return! Another positive? A bicycle adds if your commute requires any turn.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. They are not an only one writing in this @@subject but this bicycle is the enormous security hazard. Some wheels are too many big that takes taken in some pedals was when turning some bars of boss so only the little bit (sees video). A photo has taken shows the one who next a wheel forward is to a frame has compared to a picture some vendors posted. Have Almost expensive-has planted the time of pair while it locates this bicycle.

Had contacted asking them the partial repayment so that I can take it to a tent of bicycle and take some wheels substituted but has denied my question.

Is thinking Roughly buying this bicycle, would spend the little more the money that goes partorisca of more bicycle of quality because you will finalise to spend more the money that takes this bicycle fixed.
4 / 5
I recently moved to a zone where daily bicycle commuting is resulted an option for me, as they are so only so only going back to locate the bicycle - My description is writing of this frame of reference. Also, they are by train for the estimate 5 star has based on value (obviously has better bicycles, but a lot this can included remotely compete in this level of prize). I have been using this bicycle like the newspaper commuter for roughly five month now. This bicycle is AWESOME for $ 199. You defy to find another bicycle remotely in bylines to a quality of this one for a same prize (besides used/self-built). I have not been ready to invest an endeavour/to time to hunt for the bicycle used (with potential subjects) neither have an expertise to comfortably build the bicycle of an earth up. My aim was to find a quality abordable, decent, good-looking, simple and comfortable newspaper commuter for the relatively flat zone. I critique it totally rid in the each front.

Unboxing/Assembly:A bicycle has come well-packaged and the assembly was EXTREMELY SINCERE. All the necessary tools are comprised (although the phillips the screwdriver is required to regulate/to take some reflectors). No, some tools are not the quality adds, but is buying the bicycle, no the box of tool. Some brakes have required some adjustment to take a wheel clearance right (easily done with the alone die). Unboxing The street-punctual was probably he 20-30 process of minute at most, and would be intuitive to any the one who has has not gathered never the piece of IKEA mobile. An element key that is not included is the bomb of bicycle to inflate some wheels. If you do not have one, be sure to order one. Also, as another has said, if you are not experienced with bicycles, taking for the professional/of tent to have your work has inspected.

First material/quality Impressions: A frame of bicycle is solid, has cleaned welds, and in fact does not have any a lot of plastic on he at all. In fact some the only plastic parts are some coverages that attaches a front and rear reflectors to a bicycle, some reflectors of wheel (obviously), a brake-clips of line and some pedals. I have seen in other descriptions that some pedals felt economic to some, as I have ordered an aluminium dipped for $ 12. Link here: they are trace some pedals of metal, but to see a comprised plastic some, has to very sure that they would be appropriate totally. Also, with reference to that roughly has said it in the weight of a bicycle: I do not have the good frame of reference here, but is certainly very heavy. A whole container feels solid, of confidence and of confidence. To good sure ' feels expensive,' And looks AWESOME - is really the fantastic looking bicycle. I have been with angria,' that is the little more muted that looks in a picture - a next plus to turn crimson or maroon.

Quality of walk: A walk are add, but is to good sure the bicycle of street. Some the thin wheels to good sure to the left know is in the bad street paved and remark each swipe. Ossia Well for my purposes, but is in a zone with a lot of broken pavement and holes of pot, this will shake you up. I took the few days to do by means of a esaddle soreness,' and a bicycle feels awesome now: it is quickly, stable, easy to control, and a proportion of train is balanced perfectly to relieve/to accelerate to start with/small hills.

In general: If you are in the mine besieges looked, and loves something of decent quality that is good-looking, simple, sure and that the looks adds, highly would recommend this bicycle. A prize is unbeatable, and an assembly is súper easy, and some rocks of walk. Happy horse riding!
5 / 5
This street of Harper of critical cycles the bicycle is the perfect judge of the bicycle exited so that they are interesting to take involved with biking or is by train of the choose on again. It arrives with frame and the semi-detached rear wheel in a side of alone speed. A saddle, the handlebars and the wheel forward owe that be neighbouring place for you. It would owe that take roughly 30 minutes. You owe attentively read some instructions And a manual during a process of assembly otherwise will finalise you with a wrong geometry in a bicycle. I see some complaints in a wheel forward overlapping with some pedals of bicycle. Mark sure that a fork forward is bending Out of a first frame to attach some handlebars in an OUT OF place, in this way a forward of wheel can clear some pedals when turned. If a fork forward is curve for interior, a wheel in front of fact will contact some pedals, rendering an useless bicycle. When Gathered correctly, the slightly applied fat where necessary, and has presionado firmly, a trace of splendid bicycle. Be sure to remark that some valves of wheel are valves of LOANS , any Schrader. He like this frames some necessary houses and buy an adapter or that returns that can matches a valve. If followers a like this-like this go that come with a bicycle to 80 psi, will be the bumpy walk for you. Search to inflate his to 65-70 psi and a street will feel noticeably smoother. Ive Been that locates this bicycle for a pair spent of the days and has on resisted well in some rough NYC streets, is the súper fast, lustrous looking, and simple bicycle. A quality of a frame and the parts leave many to be wished although aesthetically they look utmost. It would look to upgrading a saddle, handlebars, pauses, wheels, and pedals over time. For calm then would owe that have the quite a lot of-fact and pricey bicycle. For now I will be to give the 5 stars given a low cost of such the serviceable judge of bicycle is exited, but will update an indication after the little more weeks to locate a bicycle to see included resists on well.
4 / 5
I absolutely AMOUR of AMUR LOVES this bicycle. It is quickly, it is light for me to spend on 4 flights of then do not have any elevator, and is quite thin to returned in of the spaces in my small paving.

Outrage all concealed, is the a lot of speedy bicycle. It is quickly, perfect for communting. I live the upper Manhattan and I cycled all a way to Plant of Time! It was sooo happy. Honradamente This bicycle is order because it is simple and fact with good quality. Any to mention a colour, is beautiful.
4 / 5
WELL, probably the no.  But this bicycle is perfect for horse riding of city, commuting, careers of the beer or anything more could launch in him.  I maintain my lovely street and of the highland bicycles have closed in basement of mine to the equal that has bought this that the 'bicycle of cochera.'  Something can hop on with some boys and head to a park without concerning roughly taking it has attacked up or flown (2 flown last fall out of cochera enclosed)  
has read like this unfortunate some descriptions to star where the people was missing to read some instructions and gather a bicycle wrongly, and lacking Retrospec to draw the dangerous bicycle.  That The FORK HAS TO THAT BE REVOKED DURING UNPACKING!  It is illustrated in some instructions of assembly and there are stickers of handy arrow in some forks.  Please do east!  
I own and has built the few bicycles so that the interview is any question for me.  Has the together of tools and a knowledge, this in spite of, ossia the very simple bicycle the assembly correctly.  Some tools have comprised is pertinent but calm really need to torsion some pedals down.  If failures to do is, his loosen and undress some edges of some pressures of pedaling.  Again, this is not the Retrospec defect, enough the result of poor assembly.  This would arrive in 10,000 bicycle also.  It invests in some Tool of Estacionar PPL-1 Polylube.  Ossia A fat recommended in some instructions and helps to take a place of pertinent torsion in a bicycle, particularly some pedals.  Also it helps to delete creaks caused by the dry assembly.  It controls each one which fastener to do sure is tight, included some rays of crank.  If it does not feel sure in your capacity, please take to the tent of local bicycle for the once on.  Each new bicycle typically has the pause in period of the few months or hundred or like this miles and to good sure would have to that be verified periodically.  
A bicycle has come very packed and protected to prevent harm.  It is lighter that has expected.  Has has had to that do the pocolos minor adjustments to a tension of canal, has been dipped the tad too tight, but some rays of rear adjustment that easy.  I have inflated once some wheels (valve of loans) the trace adds.  A Kenda the wheels are of sound.  Any deflated tubes, which is caused usually for on-of inflation (any Retrospec defect) or spoke it final pressing by means of (unfortunate but raisin)  Some wheels are some and a spokes is tight. 
A bearings in some pedals are quell'has bitten tight, but is in an end a lower taste probably upgrade his finally.  Some brakes are utmost and has regulated easily.
Finds a comfortable chair, would not locate the big Funds on he this in spite of.  Some grips are well.  I have added the BVS kickstand and cage to bounce water.  It could add some class of luggage racks for picnics or careers of beer.  There is abundance to locate the points decide to.
Loves a global look of a bicycle that was that him the import that sells point.  A slate produced, blacks and brown emphases really the look adds in person.
Am impressed with what amused this bicycle is to locate and the one who easy is to take that it goes.  This bicycle is very better that a bookmark of half description would indicate.  Appearance this bicycle the last a lot of miles with pertinent interview.  It has dipped a fence quite down given a point of prize of this bicycle but has surpassed my expectations.  
5 / 5
Has taken this bicycle for a first time the medical school today. It took on the mile in and is locates it small hill perhaps 5 curves of the terracing and a canal snapped. I am fallen off a bicycle . Knee to the bleeding headed and has walked a rest of some 3 miles in 7am. This was especially adds reason was around 100 terracings with indication to heat this morning. Has has had to that also close my bicycle to the tree and walk behind for the spend behind home. When that Gathers a wheel that the tubes has has had to that also be situated on and a brake has had to be regulated reason has not been able to turn left. Brakes in a behind was way too tight and has had to be regulated also. All this is well but now have any way to take to colegiala and has to that spend money in Ubers reason a bus a next plus is 1.5 miles out of me. It is it has broken also like this now they are down $ 200 in this bicycle. Has work of laboratory the Saturday is and now have any method of transport.
4 / 5
Receive this bicycle yesterday take it, has purchased he for my promise the one who is in 5'0 big. This bicycle is the perfect access , spent a 43cm and has in a thumb clearance when when being in an upper tube. Ossia An excellent judge of the bicycle exited partorisca low $ 200, ossia some 5.os the bicycle of Critical Cycles has built of shipment and has to that be my absolute favourite. Front and rear brake, 2' risers, big bmx fashionable pedals that is opened for straps, eyelids for front and behind storm, a continuous cast in! The good-looking emphases that the aim was 'Harper', 'Critiqued and 'Critical Cycles' in a frame and neighbour of wheel, looks adds. I want a bit cages of dual water, perfect for the along commutes! (Sold for separate) will be to add the front racks punctual. This has 700c wheels with Schrader valves! It bit it unusual for 700c usually come loans. This comes with the toe-flop hub so that they enjoy to locate fixed or alone speed (arrived with side of canal in freewheel). I think that a proportion of train is level in 46 x 16, perfect for horse riding of city.

Calms committed when I purchase such one bicycle abordable, this is to do of salvation-ten steel, the free ball that resists hubs and generic components. To good sure any one the reason to deter to purchase this bicycle. The box is intact arrival without holes, a bicycle has arrived 85 complete, calm also receives drives to build a rest, together with any allen tones long with 15mm open wrench to complete a built. If ossia yours first bicycle never or has not built the bicycle, strongly recommends to visit your LBS (Tent of Local Bicycle)! If it plan you advance I can contact your LBS, has your CC bicycle has shipped there and can do a rest! Calm does not have to that concern roughly flight and your handy LBS will cure of you, so only agree this is not the free service! A LBS can touch anywhere of $ 25-50 for a build FYI.

In general, this has to that be some bicycle of the better Critical cycles of alone speed has seen still. The critic is around be for him handful of the years and some looks of qualities to improve every year. A prime minister two I has built was some fixed bicycles with BMX risers, a second two I has built was some bicycles of clue with a drop downs bars of sleeve. A fijamente/BMX is coming with rear brakes so only ( has found that to be really odd because of a fact the majority of your moment 70+ east in a front), a drop/of clue downs has come with braking advance so only. With this said, both of these models always look to have something missing. One Harper looks to close some empty so that these models have lost!
4 / 5
To begins wants to be 100 clear that ossia the positive critique of this product although they are by train of the give 3 stars. While it has been the joy for a month that possessed it and is spent significant improvement my quality of life, thinks that all know when it comes to the cars take that stops of has paid. It is, enough simply, to 3 bicycle of star. If you want to 5 bicycle of star, mark like those boots and pause out of another less.

Has bought this bicycle because I have loved the economic bicycle that has not been the piece of junk of Walmart. Alive in the big, city of the crime infected where flight of bicycle thrives like a business model actuate practically. Has another a lot well, $2000 bicycle that has not felt never sure leaving closed up for any period of time. That has required was a bicycle of pertinent city that yes has taken flown, would not lose any a lot of dream on. This bicycle returns that criteria quite adequately.

A sum of looks of the bicycle. It has taken an aim , black and red model that really access my flavours. Some lines are well, an arrival is excellent and one 4 red spokes in a rear wheel is contrasts it beautiful to another black spokes. In of the terms of looks, this thing is gorgeous. The majority of some components is well. They like him some few bars, a chair is not bad and a train of walk looks hard abundance. This in spite of, have had to change the few parts in a bicycle this has resulted problematic.

A root of quill accionaría is rubbishes . My bars have come free two times before I swapped has been, which is incredibly dangerous when you are navigating traffic of City. Take the tool of good bicycle, reason the casualidad is goes it to require in the most collected walk more than later. Also he any to plot to remark mine to have the root of drop and laughed bars a same time. This leaves calm in the slightly uncomfortable, advances to situate when you locate. It is neither a lot down or big quite depend that you look in him. The resulted has been to hurt gone back and spending to the z/to the rucksack was out of a question. I swapped has been for the most whole root reason are the very big person and is not to like precise to duck down to break a control of wind in bicycle of alone speed.

A wheel liner this comes stock is done of hard silicone and after the month to trace has begun to cut slits in my tubes. I have had a rear wheel goes flat 5 first times of the tent has corrected this for me. A pair of this time has had there is not locating included a thing. It has seated after mine in mine living room and I have listened some tubes deflate. My suggestion would be to ask cloth liners when you have gathered he for a mechanic. It is súper economic, as it takes it done immediately to save calm of a future headache has had to give support.

A canal is coming spent in the fat iron, fat black. An only thing could do in of the this was entirely the substitute. I do not have any idea if this was a tent that gathered it, that comes with or the one who a manual recommends. Also, you have to do very sure that a canal is a pertinent tension reason yes is too tight, a bicycle results difficult to pedal.

Otherwise, This bicycle has 100 has fulfilled my expectations. It is beater bicycle of city that does not give it damn that spends to so that it does not have to that dip a wear and tear or take a risk to lose my good whip. It is not well in hilly zones, but if you commute in the mostly flat city, will love it!
4 / 5
Writing so much of active built sub 24 and has was roughly 15 miles or like this in a bicycle. This bicycle has been purchased partorisca be the judge of bicycle of the pole exited until something bursts on used or can the together piece the bicycle of sleep. Like this far like this well in this front.

Things partorisca know: If you do not have some tools any build it to you . The, felizmente, has had the fellow the one who has been doing in of the bicycles partorisca 20+ years with the complete tent prójima of tools in his basement.

The fork was slightly out of wack, which regulate. The tube of boss has required partorisca mill. A tube of the chair has not been a measure has been supposition partorisca be. For this a stray rattled inner likes a bit the organs of the wry freezing have dried.

Certainly can order the tube of chair of the substitution ( has finalised partorisca be the regular measure but a lot something more the tents spend in 25.8), law around the this and fixed the different way.

Truing And stuffing some wheels was the task has amused also. In an end of a day does not perfect him I so that it will be partorisca attack this bicycle around enough the bit and reason annoying.

Has changed out of a coverage of canal and freewheel has based pole. Also, the pause forward was a so only install. Have Still to change a cog for fixie and as there is not locating like fijamente still.

In general... It does not recommend building this calm. Has the tent he, if has your LBS laws by means of these kinks there will be you the bicycle adds for down 300 work besides ( can wants to leave wiggle room for transmission outs of grips, saddle, chainrings and such.)
5 / 5
Follows the man that , and this bicycle is the value adds for a money goes to spend.

In the first place was, to counter some negative critiques in a bicycle, some instructions are clear (and have included dipped the sticker in a fork to the equal that to the direction is 'before') and yes calm is, setup is quite simple, included with knowledge any professional. So much, you attach a properly calm fork does not go to have subjects with your foot that paste an advance of wheel when turning.

Secondly, Be sure to order a correct measure for your height. I have been with desire and big extra I no. are 5'11' and a big extra is too big. Follow a sizing the mapea and calm will not have a subject.

Well, to a good material: so that it has paid, ossia a awesome bicycle. It is the bicycle of alone train that the utmost looks and is well has built.

So that they could have confused among fixed/train only, the train so only means that there is is any train to concern roughly and the train fijamente means does any 'freewheel' (the capacity the pedal behind without involving the brake).

This bicycle is both alone train and fijamente committed to the direction installs a rear wheel. So much, yeah, can not change to the train the low plus when some hills are empinados, but sister/of brother, is going the beef on your legs while they locate these hills in yours commute (agrees those?). While it calms it is not looking the slalom down the mountain or achieve ludicrous speed in flat earth, goes to have the good smooth walk by means of some streets and of the footpaths of your neighbourhood.

Has not tried out of an option of fixed train still, but that comprises is the totally different way to locate the bicycle that spends out of occasions and of the new challenges to result of the amazing bicyclist. I will try this option was one of these days and I masters to the equal that to remain wholes in a bicycle while when being still while it manipulates a fixed train.

Inferior line, if you are in a fence in falling two hundred bucks in the bicycle, concerns no more. Ossia The bicycle adds . I have taken compliments of esal' street bikers (that spends these spandex outfits) in some looks and options, and the majority of all a VALUE, available in this sweet bicycle.

Am remarking quarantine like appearance the plot of is for a be of time, and is for this that has taken a bicycle . Well, it concealed and something external to do with my girls, and this returns a bill. It is the way adds to take exercise and calm and your family out of a house until we can all be together again.

Desires all good health and happy horse riding!
4 / 5
Included this in spite of bicycles of entrances of the alone speed around this prize would owe that spend the so only bit it more. With all honesty this was to be my beater bicycle that would be any biggie has been flown of campus but he any one has included returned that function. Compared to the Pure Cycles the alone speed has on elected locally in KING for only $ 50 more a quality is night and day of components of brake, wheels and records-and-arrival. An ad is a lot of misleading in some components. It was turned like this has gone by this bicycle any I same annoying dipped the neighbour as I do not take any ache that returns it. It could buy one of a chrome give form and see is better but am not maintaining my hopes on and will update if anything changes!
4 / 5
A bicycle is well for the 'bicycle of Estimativa,' if ossia that is looking for. It has taken the few walks with him and is quite solid. It has dipped already fashionable handlebars of new drop in the, together with some straps for some pedals. The wheels are gone in some , perfectly directly, the chair is not uncomfortable, and use a fixed train cog in place of a free-wheel cog. Mina 3 main subjects he so that far it has been it tension of canal, canal straightness and one the majority of unfortunate, the canal bent-coverage. I have had to move a canal-coverage to a backside of a crank-dipped because of a canal any when be pas varied to a backside cog. ( Any one the dread of big mine ) But how was king-tensioning a canal, there is remarked has had some parts where a canal was tighter that that it presioné initially to. ( Roughly 1 game of thumb of upper in depth without forcing ), to take the most next look there is remarked a zone roughly 2'-3' a lot the time had been bent a slightest. Roughly 1-2 mm was and a cain-the coverage that the centres will not line on him so that it is that it causes a canal to take really tight and then behind the normal tension. I am assuming that it is because of thecrank arms or a fact that the circles are not never perfect. I plan on buying to the entirely new crank-dipped because of him, which any totally annoy me reason have planned to do upgrades on he to all the cost.
Ossia So only the bosses on my current experience with a bicycle, and pocolos details to look for delivery. Also it recommends to take some handlebars like this of the tight like possible. The mine has come free once and lucky there was the few tools that is coming with a bicycle on me.

Roughly 3-ish weeks with which trace for the long period of time, am coming to the next call with the automobile while it looks for to use the route to turn. I curbed one of pedals of mine. A pedal has been in upper of a curb and my hanged (180lbs) in a bicycle was quite for rasgar he out of an arm of crank. Rasgando A majority of some edges out of an arm.. Unfortunate How is, has finalised that it has to that buy the new crankset together with tools and the new canal (experience the coverage of the main canal) for the quite hefty compraventa. Reason the ray splits economic, and that they have to buy more reasons maintain to break. Finalising that paid in a same likes bicycle. As I recommend that you are looking for the bicycle of fixed train to touch in traffic, walk in of the streets, or have a risk of incidents like this one... Look Elsewhere for the complete setup.. There are better options for the little/moderate prize jump. Save your money for the quality puchase, or the arrival that buys the $ 200 bicycle and squandering quite money that could have you has bought the $ 400-$ 600 bicycle and has had separates of the better quality already installed.

Loves point out of that in no way are I trying negatively impact this company of his product. So only simply giving the sincere description in a bicycle, details to look for, and things that can.
5 / 5
Assuming some people of delivery are fallen a box, or was squashed to somewhere among his travesía whole but I have received the bicycle with the bent has spoken, fork, and uncentered front and rear wheel. Extremely unfortunate of retrospec does not have parts of the substitution and I no longer have a box to start with to accuse a turn of this bicycle that the fact extremely annoying. It will be necessary to take it to the tent of bicycle and expect one of a mechanics there can fix some subjects. I bought it it has gathered it around 7 bicycles already and has not had never this subject in the alone a. If this spends your, any one annoy contacting retrospec, so only dipped a bicycle behind in a box yes can and take the repayment. It is still the decent bicycle, and taken a concealed does not have these subjects (and dip the neighbour properly the difference of another reviewers) are adds. I have been still that traces a bicycle in spite of some subjects and feels well, has taken the new chair and bullhorn fashionable handlebars because it prefers them and he all go together amiably. Some 2 stars in my final are of any harm of nave or harm of just general transport, some bicycles is the good bicycle when it is not squashed and has broken. I expect that a tent of bicycle can fix this, and that does not cost too much. Otherwise I wouldve has purchased so only a 6ku bicycle of clue to the equal that have possessed previously and has not had any subjects. They are lucky to do like the mechanic and have access the a lot of tools and fats to be able to gather the bicycle properly and he the fact that much more that annoying that I will have to that go paid to take this bicycle has broken fixed.
5 / 5
Well, to start with the bicycle of fixed train 'any of walmart' for 200 bucks is quite sweet. I have possessed one 'fixie thruster' of walmart and there is @@give minutes after possessing he because he down 100 dollars. A retrospec harper moment when being two times so many leaves less to be wished. It is your basic bicycle with parts escoles old like the root of integrated quill and so only 25.4 mm handlebars. Dipping a together bicycle is easy like the hell and I have laughed at all some descriptions of some people that alleges a wheel forward seats too far behind. A company the very good work to add stickers of arrow in a fork that alleges a pertinent direction of him. It looks as if some people so only have not taken an extra five seconds to look in a first fork to install. Please does not leave these reviewers calm fright to purchase this bicycle. Im 6 foot 1 big thumb and have legs of long dancers and big feet. Any one once has my foot has touched an advance of wheel when taking gone back tight short. This bicycle any very odd squeaking sounds when it traces like a fixie thruster of walmart has done. This in spite of is taste then of second after buying a bicycle, will be rear right to the amazon that looks for aftermarket parts to beautify this bicycle. A frame welds looks something in minus a teeny something tiny in the weld where looks didnt produced enough. A chair is comfortable for the bicycle of estimativa low and some the pedal cranks are in fact substantially strong that a fixie thruster. I wish this in spite of that has actuated sound some deep v rims the one who believes them is 49mm any 42. Still they owe that bicycle of street of look of fixed train but not perfecting. Strongly it recommends lubing on any emotional part in this bicycle during installation of all that comprises a root downtube, of a bicycle was to good sure that call the dry bicycle of costruttore. A canal looked to be an only thing that has had any class of fat or lube on that. While I love this bicycle especially after installing the new root and handlebar, adapter of root of quill besides to take a root of quill of prehistoric rubbish that comes with a bicycle, will be surprised enough of a quite good quality of this bicycle in general. You the canal has added included tensioners to a rear wheel for this extra but of help of your canal that takes free. He isnthe the canal of low quality tensioner in general but the still work adds. If my daughter has loved this type of bicycle in geared highland bicycles, would buy another in the heartbeat in his election by heart and measures of frame!!!
4 / 5
Love this bicycle! I have bought a same bicycle 3 years ago (the aim and green a). I have assumed some wheels, wheels, and the chair would be junk and need to be substituted, but a chair was súper comfortable. I gathered it to me (I are not the bicycle pro for any half) has had any question that dips it near and never required to take he in tending it to him. In 3 years some wheels were still good and has not substituted never.
Unfortunately that the bicycle has been flown, as I have bought one same one again (in black and orange).
Is one same in the each way, except a chair is quell'has bitten less comfortable (more rigid) that a green one with a brown chair.
Some descriptions that says one forks forward is misaligned and a paste of wheel a frame is bad! Clearly it has to that sticker Front concealed on said “” with an arrow. A front of a frame is packaged turn behind to take on less space in a box. Read some directions before you write the bad description!
Any the one who alleges has been built bad has not followed some VERY CLEAR instructions.
Also, has in the first place ordered a frame of wrong measure. Returning and exchanging was súper easy. I so only packaged retreated on, has asked a transmission and they have chosen he on my door forward, there is rid then a new one in correct measure. It recommends to take photo of some parts of the bicycle how is first container to unpack, in the chance requires for the turn, how is easier that return behind in a box.
This bicycle is an excellent horse riding around city, taking to signal One to signal B. Alive in NYC and trace during a place without questions; the majority of some streets is flat, but included crossing the bridges does not retard down or fight to maintain on, like other bicycles have had. Perhaps any one a better for races of long distance or anything, has not been , but concealed is not that I need stops.
A bicycle of street abordable better there. It takes the bit of adjustment to take a chair and bars of sleeve in your ideal height, as any bicycle , if I do not want to pay one $ 80 to have the tent he for you.
A rear wheel is gathered already in a correct placing esatta in a box. So only add a wheel forward, chair, pedals, and bars of sleeve.
A forward flown one has has had to that done a still attached frame to a pole has been closed up in, so only each one another part has been undressed. Still I have a frame, and investigation during eBay, Craigslist, Amazon, and a Retrospec put web to substitute all some parts, but has finalised to be more economic and easier to so only buy a bicycle again. I give it 10 stars!
4 / 5
First time that traces a bicycle to pupil that was flat quite so only 3 small hills, in a way has behind stray can pedaling for the moment, remains the canal has checked was a lot. I locate and it has turned I have then had pode and house of street but has maintained to lose can from time to time. So only annoying for him to break in mine first walk. Going to take it the tent of bicycle that dipped the neighbour and ask them sure the one who a question is and try and take my money behind. The ailing update like this goes.
5 / 5
The one who the piece of junk ! Wine with bad tubes cant the same box of walk takes new some. It likes a lot other descriptions mention an iron of crank is way too long like some arrival of pedals to paste a forward of wheel during even a slightest turns as it is not so only dangerous but leaves an option of fixed wheel pointless the causes yes are turning without a free wheel a peddle goes to the paste neither a calm & wheel you causal to clash or will have to that peddle for behind that by train fix already so only cant. With a calm free wheel involved can slip a peddle behind way that is out of a way & can turn but doing so much for each alone transmission of direction is ridiculous. Waste of money. Waste of time. Honradamente Would owe that be interrupted for reasons of security so only. 0 stars, no SHABBY.
4 / 5
Are the quite handy type and can fix things around a house. This bicycle is an exception . Each one which separates this is to require to be gathered is easy; some bars of boss, wheel forward, chair. A question comes with a pre-has gathered separates. A pause forward is for behind one has spoken, that causes an extreme lack of motion of a wheel forward. Required that takes a pause forward. A rear wheel can not exit which is the question . Rays That was already screwed in, has not been tight and has begun to exit. Finally a canal has broken on literally my first pedal, which have had to substitute. I am spent the whole day so only that tries to take a bicycle to do and fix that it was has gathered already.

Once has taken to locate a bicycle I really enjoyed the. It is the good bicycle especially for a prize. If a bicycle can has gathered properly probably would give it 5 stars. If you are not handy does not plan on fixing this or slowly on taking to the tent of first bicycle.
5 / 5
I have bought this bicycle, has had was near in 15-20 minutes. It is trace adds, any subject... For a way, if your wheel is paste some pedals, gone back some forks an opposite direction. After the days of pair that traces, has tried to locate the hill, a pedal legislation stuck and then undressed was. It would suggest upgrading pedals quite quickly with which shabby. A pedal has not been to cross threaded... I have loved a bicycle untik then. It is the $ 40 fijamente, but is frustrating to spend after so only a week.
4 / 5
Some instructions are not too clear, neither is some diagrams. There is not even any instructions have comprised on like this to install a coverage of canal. I tried to install it but a piece of plastic any returned around a canal, curiously. Also all a Philips rays of boss to regulate some accessories of reflector are soft and will degrade when presionado, like these accessories remain loose. My failure suitable for not remarking this - May this bicycle does not come with has fallen is which finds to annoy. Last what, has the sticker in a rear wheel that says, 'the OPINION PLEASES to TAKE The REAR WHEEL And PRESIONAR The COVERAGE to CLOSE & COG PREVIOUSLY To TRACE. The fault to DO LIKE THIS MAY BE DANGEROUS...' Etc. But there is not any instruction on like this to do that, and when looking on calm really require the special tool.
4 / 5
Has bought two of these. One in a slate colorway and another in an aim and black. In the first place, these are the quite solid shot . My approximation was to purchase these and build out of here that with modifications. These have shipped crazy fast and an assembly is quite easy. I took 20 mins for each bicycle. Highly it would recommend to purchase a lubricador of tool of the Park and applying the parts as it gathers a bicycle. Has the pocolos critical. 1) it sucks That this does not come with the kickstand - I follows to try finds the a lot of one to launch on right now but concern me roughly any comparability 2) these tires come with valves of clue - no schrader. I have had to look on the tutorial on like this to inflate w an adapter.

In general súper happy. Súper Easy assembly. Really it can it did not beat it.
4 / 5
Update with which 4 month of daily use:
locates this daily bicycle like my primary way of transport. I have it quell'has had always bicycles of simple street, like the taste to him the bicycle for his simplicity. There is remarked to good sure in a past little month that this bicycle is done to good sure with some economic parts. Specifically a chair and a peddles. I have it it substituted him already and it could not be happier with a bicycle. They were very easy and economic modifications to do this perfect bicycle. Still 5 starts because only calm can not beat this prize for a quality.

Original description
Such the bicycle adds! Easy to gather, although some directions to good sure can be improved. It has dipped in the few things a wrong way and has had to go back and change them when have @to @give that has been bad. Has the place joints the tonne of pieces of furniture of amazon and IKEA, as it has to that it weaves of experiences to read these types of directions. To good sure could the be has explained better.

Has estacas of people that says a wheel of bicycle is too close up of a frame... Cela One of some deceptions that has done also and required to redo this part of an assembly. These so only dip people the together wrong reason some instructions are not quite detailed.
4 / 5
I mine taken so only this week, is trace roughly 35 miles a past 2 days. The assembly was perhaps 15-20 minutes. The wheels were flat and requires the only valve for a bomb, apparently the European fashionable valve according to my tent of local bicycle. I have seen the decent quantity of complaints in a wheel that contact with a pedal or a brake forward that paste a down tubes yes turn to acute - I follows 95 sure everything of these installed people some bars of sleeve with forks to face for behind🤦🏼‍♂️
5 / 5
looks of good Bicycle. The assembly is not too bad. But the different things have broken. Caveat: They are a miser biker - I bicycle almost every day in my bicycle of street and has loved an alternative for horse riding of city.

First walk was a lot. Has has required adjustments, but well. According to the walk has taken the flat wheel . And here it is a thing . I locate a trail where has taken a plan almost every day in my bicycle of street and has not taken never the paving. This in spite of in only my second walk has taken the paving of the staple has maintained that thinks more the wheels would be well with. Then in mine third walk my canal has broken. After exiting each pocolos small. Very very disappointing. Tried was launch only. It will take the canal of substitution, but the real bummer. I guess volume that stops of has paid.
5 / 5
Am disappointed with this bicycle. It has taken for 6 month now, and already is falling averts. A canal has exploded of the swimming, and a boss often takes free.

Has amused; I have had to change an inner tube and there is @@give Retrospec had dipped the too-big tube and the bent on he to returned inside a wheel. The folding tubes is dangerous because of uneven pressure that can direct to break or same explosion of an inner tube.

This chance, among a global quality of a bicycle, seriously questions the security of a bicycle and like mindful of a biker security this mark is.

There is doubted to plot among buying marks it new bicycle and so only buying the used one. You can take the bicycle of orders of street partorisca around $200 in Craiglist or so much.

Sure a sum of looks of the bicycle, but a canal, pedals, managing chair very economic; calm find you constantly fixing something. I complain my old Peugeot bicycle of street.
5 / 5
Has bought the new element of the XL measure (60cm) but was mine too big when I some measure according to a manual, as I have discovered that M measure a better for mine hight. (I follows 5'11) To the equal that has done the substitution and paid for a mould of nave, but when I receive the new bicycle a packaging was different although I have ordered the new element, any one has used. When I have opened a container all some elements were launched so only in a box the difference of a band of prime minister that has received concealed has been packed all tight and has had everything in some boxes and has had the protective wrapping around a frame. Again, I have asked to substitute a bicycle that was too big for a same type of bicycle but mark to measure smaller new! But it has looked I have taken used or the element is returned. Strongly it does not recommend this element and expect any one will squander to to the his money likes has done.
4 / 5
Still that looks for to imagine has gone by that a bicycle is like this economic. The assembly was the little delicate, but before this has not had any experience that gathers the bicycle and I was able of the imagine was. I have taken he to the tent and has said all looked adds.

Gives Retrospec could not appreciate this, but has finalised to return this bicycle because gathering it aimed the one who easy would be it to fix my old bicycle (which I ). A process of turn has done adds also so that the really felt like him seamless process. The way cools that you can buy the bicycle this good, this economic, on-line.
4 / 5
The guard of canal is to come broken.
Some have left the pedal edges are threaded crosses , the pedal will not attach in sinister side. Line of the service of client has called, any response.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Control out of a description of video. In the pleasant like this far.

Will see that well it resists up over time, but like this far is the compraventa well !
5 / 5
Very impressed with this product partorisca a prize. It has been tired partorisca buy this on-line, and dreaded it would be the Chinese piece of rubbish - with this bad is returned components. This in spite of, a bicycle has quality of decent build. It is steel , and bit it weighed, but much lighter that has expected. A bicycle was packaged a lot amiably, and the assembly was simple. The cure adds has been to one packing. The brakes are sufficient. Downsides Is that a bicycle does not come with the stand of has fallen, and some wheels do not use some valves of regular bicycle. The lucky adapters are economic and easy to find.
5 / 5
This bicycle does not have any bell and any whistle, but all are looking for is the bicycle partorisca take calm to signal A partorisca signal B in flat earth, this bicycle is perfect in $ 199. Probably I will be that it substitutes a cushion of chair and some grips of sleeve partorisca something the little more comfortable, but one some resupply is appropriate perfectly.

Considering some descriptions that alleges that this product is unsafe, are sure these reviewers feel bobo partorisca arrive to this point because clearly they have not followed some instructions of assembly. Some instructions can not be one the majority of intuitive, but one the majority of critical assembly the appearances are neither literally built to a bicycle (etched the instructions that objective a maximum chair and height of handlebar) or is stickered to a bicycle that does assembly quite brainless.

In general, the very good bicycle for his prize. They are by train of the give 5/5 stars in spite of a frame having an obvious scratch
4 / 5
are an inner cyclist (transfer) and has loved to continue my cycling workouts after a closure of my athletic club. External and inner cycling is different but very so much that the could not take a hangs to locate alfresco. Ossia The add judge of the bicycle exited but the mark sure is in shape decent or, does not plan to locate any hills. My bicycle is the model of alone speed . It is a perfect measure , hanged and force (train) for my needs. The prizes add also!
4 / 5
Has read some bad descriptions after buying but ten minutes to locate the edges in a crank were a pedal goes has been undressed and a pedal is exited, not even that goes to annoy that it speaks to service of client after reading the one who terrible was by all the world more this there has been the question, commanded the assembly of new crank different mark.
4 / 5
Buys this bicycle for our daughter done 7 weeks. Although a record and one feels of a bicycle is excellent some components are sub pair, specifically a caliper brakes and a headset. We owe constantly presionar both a headset And some rays of root (daily) like a the handlebar a lot rotate vertically (rays of root) and horizontally (headset). Today an advance of brake caliper has fallen to a forward of wheel like my trace of daughter. Ossia Unacceptable of both the security and quality standpoint. One could contest that these are easy fixed that the new handlebar/headset could relieve this in spite of unless one is mechanically bent and wants to spend the additional money that comprises work in the tent of bicycle a probably better east has to do fault to take the bicycle of the local tent.
5 / 5
Likes declared, solid of search more commuter and use of street, obviously any for trails of muck, has the light 'clink' sound where some pedals are but so only could me be nitpicking. Alone train, low interview, easy. FYI, Some have left pedal rays in an opposite direction that a right pedal for reasons of security, have almost has thought a pedal edge was messed on but has not been.
4/5 Global
5 / 5
If you are 6 big foot , no shabby XL, is impossible to locate. It could not return a bicycle because I have not gone properly presented like a process of turn is fact, neither has had time to in fact contact a Retrospec. After the month has purchased of then, a turn was overdue have tried like this to locate, was impossible to do like this. I have found the way to direct I to locate, but surprisingly a wheel was already flat, as it felt unsafe to locate. I have bought a bomb to inflate a wheel, this in spite of a wheel is valve of Loans to the equal that have has had to that in fact buy an additional adapter. I have bought this bicycle there has been of good descriptions, but mine a chance a lot really is exited. Obviously this was my first time buying the on-line bicycle, and to the equal that is returning such giant container, some the turn along planned would have been well for the university student the one who has not been like this conscious of him.
4 / 5
Has been pleased with one packing and solid construction of a bicycle. It dipped it near easily until it has taken to an advance of wheel that was it too wide to return to some forks. Examined the and fact with him for roughly 20 minutes. Compared the to a rear wheel to confirm it was a correct measure . Felizmente For me the tent of next bicycle was opened. Immediately my presentation to a tent of bicycle inform to us a bit the forks have been bent. It has said that they could fix he for $ 35 dollars in 24 hours have opted like this to have this fact versus a hassle to send a bicycle behind. Hope This does not cause the question down a street. It does not know if this was the subject of Control of the Quality or fraction during shipping but a wheel has not been to close to return to some forks.
5 / 5
A bicycle has arrived almost entirely gathered with all some tools. I have required so only a bomb to air to fill some wheels. Some wheels come with loans and valves of good tubes. A walk of bicycle is awesome is very fast and sturdy and some train was varied already when it has arrived. My only complaint is that some grips of handlebar are plastic hard and the little uncomfortable but ossia of the easy fixed.
5 / 5
I add partorisca look bicycle, easy to dip near, and the like partorisca locate; this in spite of, have received my bicycle with a ray of rear brake a lot that loses and has had to that improvise with quell'I has had. Also, a rear reflector has been missing. And the state had has sent a wrong colour (orderly black and aim received).
Could not find the place to contact... Now it possesses the bicycle and the helmet and the find the mark of quality, as I expect that I can take these issues fixed.
Will be to update my description consistently to a response of service of the client.
5 / 5
Unboxing A bicycle was simple and while they are some instructions , the assembly is an easy task . You will require the 15mm wrench or socket, but comes with some necessary Allen wrenches. Calm also will require the hand-held/foot manual bomb as they do not recommend using a compressor of air. My only complaint like this far is a chair. It is tightened and no comfortable (mine) at all! This in spite of, this will be an easy and economic fijamente. In general, for a prize, ossia an excellent fixie for some suburbs or urban means.
5 / 5
That I aversion in a product is a rear wheel and has not touched a rear wheel of a packaging took it directly to a tent of bicycle and has discovered that an axial or was messed on and has paid for him to be fixed how has gone enough reason is was threaded injustice of a factory. This was on that has paid already for a bicycle but has been once fixed a career of bicycle smoothly and has not had any question of then, in your calm instructions do not aim any way on like this to gather a rear wheel or for the disassemble just frames for troubling time with any the one who does not have a right tool goes to send is the bicycles was to please leave the people know the one who the tools are required.
5 / 5
Has taken perhaps 30 minutes to dip it near and the majority of this time has undone a packaging. It loans Valves, like this bosses on- calm neither will require bombs of loans or an adapter. Flipping A hub to coach fix the freewheel is súper easy and taken -5 minutes, and installing/that they take a rear pause apresamiento less time that concealed. The desire is coming with the better pedals, but anything, will take some in my tent of local bicycle. Both look of wheels was-centre. It likes, of the little mm on to a left of centre. Any angled lacking, but in fact was-centre. Walks well, but ossia odd, well?
4 / 5
Easily one of a better Fixie the bicycles have found during my investigation. It has looked for several bicycles of the fixed train and this was in a cup of my cast. I have been using this bicycle for the month now and has been I adds like this far.

The majority of an assembly was done already. I took less than now half to dip a together rest. A packaging is gone in perfect condition without any harms and has arrived punctually
4 / 5

Has been once the together place could not go 3 feet without a pedal in disposal to a wheel. I almost the face has planted. VERRY UNSAFE BICYCLE.

Has tried to return but could not return behind to a same box after taking the bicycle averts.

BUYING THIS BICYCLE will be the remorse of instant .
4 / 5
Bicycle of train fijamente utmost for a money. I have done some transmissions like the chair the comfortable plus. A measure was bit it big that has expected, perhaps would owe that it has gone with a smaller measure. The smallest question so only is some wheels is qualities smaller and does not resist well in a course of the weeks of pair.
4 / 5
Has read some descriptions for this bicycle and although the majority of appearance the rave roughly a bit had concealed me ify on purchasing it. They are still be he advances and bought it. Inside the week a pedal in a crank is exited as it locates. I achieved it it was in service of client (Javier 'that Directs of Experience of the Client' answered invernadero email) and has declared was my failure for any when installing properly and has sent link he for me to buy the new crank mass for the week old bicycle. First paid for a bicycle and he then paid for more crappy parts with which his no properly! That the joke. They are happy this product exited for some folks, but am disappointed with cost of mine this in spite of more disappointed in a service of client.
4 / 5
Are really happy with this bicycle and compraventa! A prize is a lot so that takings, in my opinion. A bicycle helps complete exactly that it loved it to do - commuting around city. The assembly was the little of the ache. Some directions have not been a clear plus, and my box was beautiful prank up. The wheels were also flat. Once it has taken all hover and the wheels have pumped, operates it so only to the equal that has loved the to. Súper Pleasant also. It has taken in a blue and brown chair darkness/of bars of sleeve. Retro Looking. Four stars so only reasons the packaging was has beaten up and directions a lot when being pas clear, another that that are to satisfy!
4 / 5
Has been quell'east of trace arrests the month and absolutely loves that. I have been trace so only-the speed but go to give fixed the shot after having another hundred or like this miles on that. People those who complain in a pedal that paste one turns forward looks for having installed some handlebars backward! Read some directions when gathering and will be well.

Top Customer Reviews: Rocker BMX Mini BMX ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 29 ratings
5 / 5
My grandson has received his on tomorrow navideño and is spent the majority of a day on that! You love it!
5 / 5
My edges loves his mini rocker. Of then the and his brother has bought these there is remarked 4 other boys with them in a skate parco.
5 / 5
My edges has saved his money partorisca buy this bicycle, his exactly which want to and has expected. Had the defect in a wheel, a company promptly has substituted any, but both wheels.
5 / 5
This was at all that wait. We have read some descriptions. My edges has loved the bicycle of trick. This in spite of, he 40 old year has written the description that was the measures adds. My edges is the small 10 year as we think it in us would be good for him. It was more than the measure for mine 3 old year.
4 / 5
My edges(7yrs) has has wanted to one , has not been crazy in a demonic sticker in a front of him. A bit creepy for my flavour.
4 / 5
Type of bicycle but entertainment of way. They are 42 and love this thing. I have left my walk of 7 years he also.
4 / 5
My grandson has received his on tomorrow navideño and is spent the majority of a day on that! It loves it!
5 / 5
My edges has saved his money to buy this bicycle, his exactly that there is wanted and has expected. Had the defect in a wheel, a company promptly has substituted any, but both wheels.
5 / 5
The pleasant bicycle could have done without all a satanic symbolism in the bicycle of the girl.
5 / 5
Was like this disappointed to see a logo of company is the Satanic Symbol (!?!). My edges has been disappointed incredibly, but can not sustain the company that use that symbol to represent they. A bicycle has had to that go.
4 / 5
I add it and spent of mine 10 old year is having the ball.
5 / 5
Well has built! We use it to us the motocross to clue like him some boys can touch.
4 / 5
Is very easy to do the mockery on also answers career and fresco.
4 / 5
His fun partorisca locate around with my friends and his easy to do amazing tricks on that.
5 / 5
A bicycle has arrived a lot of packaged with the big sturdy fat box. Very easy to gather with leaflet of clear instruction.
According to which Mini Rocker the bicycles go ossia the a lot of sturdy one. A bicycle is drawn partorisca tricks partorisca adults and of to the oldest boys likes him please be conscious of this when purchasing. A chair tilts behind slightly and is not drawn really partorisca seat in these bicycles have trace usually with a rider been in some pedals.
Has 3 boys and his all has had to that try he of a bicycle. A boy an old plus 13 easily could take used to do tricks in the and take it to us to a skate ramps the little time with him and was quickly to master a lot of different types of jumps and movements. It was happy with a bicycle in general. A bicycle has been purchased for mine 8 old year. In my sincere opinion thinks that that it was the little youngster for him. It has not gone really old enough to master some tricks in the and when quell'using to the touch was or go to some tents he easily tired like this mentioned first of calm stand up you on these in some pedals like any time to rest.
Surround - the bicycle adds really a lot done - but consider that it love a bicycle for him is the bicycle of the trick and the work a lot down conditions them
5 / 5
to the amazon is the grandfather is goes to! My grandson has has loved it rocker bicycle for his anniversary. I have not had any idea the one who that was! Found an on amazon. Perfecto! They are a fresh grandpa ,!! It loves the
4 / 5
Bought for my edges 11th anniversary, hes like this done up with took it to bed with him haha, very happy
5 / 5
Realy Well, My litle the boy was chuffed to bit, and cant attended partorisca fulfil up with his freinds the one who has all has taken a partorisca christmas also,, the swimming loses all has gathered well, ray on some pedals and boss. The bars and yours was! Excellent 👌
5 / 5
My edges loves his rocker and takes a lot of attention .
So only downside is is very heavy... A lot.
4 / 5
A wicked product very strong and the excellent quality has weighed to good sure would buy again thumbs on
5 / 5
ages of edges 5 want to this !! Colours of the always admired funky
4 / 5
Excellent 😁 my daughter wants this bmx, has bought he for his 10th anniversary.. Arrived in 2 days ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
5 / 5
Absolutely brilliant entertainment for all the ages. Taken my nipper this for Navidad and his die still join me motivation to go back in the bicycle. Quality of excellent and excellent build that looks too much.
5 / 5
Ordered in a last now and arrived in time partorisca Navidad, thank you a happy client.
4 / 5
Mina 11 old year is like this proud when it touches was cos looks like this fresh. Thank you
4 / 5
Speedy Delivery. It would recommend. It will use again in future.
5 / 5
My son has given 9 years is remained very satisfied, the door benissimo, felicísimo has given coloreé
4 / 5
Already has contacted and no of the informative sweats llantas is déformés and fissurée
5 / 5
the Worse thing has not bought never!! All the edges of ray have blocked with coating of powder. Unable to use and was the present partorisca the anniversary of my edges. Chico very unhappy

Top Customer Reviews: EUROBKE Bike TSM X9 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
Short description, has been happy with my Eurobike, as I have bought so only my spouse a (slightly different model).

Informs more along - Bought reason was the good prize partorisca some characteristic: brakes of disk, three has spoken wheels...
With which trace partorisca to the long of the year, am happy with a bicycle. It has treated well. Brakes, train, apple all good form.

The service of client is excellent. I have taken to an accident and has bent some forks advance (which are solid, based in my inability partorisca the curve behind). Contacted Eurobike roughly that paid partorisca the substitution and send me the new a, any one load.

Like this a lot dependable bicycle with service and very characteristic of good client.
4 / 5
Is the really good bicycle but has had a question there is not coming with some petals but a shipper shipped him was a following week and I love a bicycle.
4 / 5
In spite of being the highland bicycle under no circumstances would recommend to use the in a real mountain. Doing like this more probably will result in dead person. A spokes has broken after spending for the swipe of speed. Train shifter the indicator has broken day an and a rotor of brake has been factory bent incumplimiento this has had to that be hammered out of way that some tampons would not grind against the each half turn. A wheel bearings has begun to do the ticking noise inside weeks and shortly after that it could it to it feel small kicks in a whole frame to the long of a noise.
5 / 5
Has had question w be of wheel of the front untrue, his refunded costs of reparation promptly, everything is well, the product is awesome 👍
5 / 5
I like a look of a bicycle, ossia roughly that. For juezas to start with when I have received a bicycle and try together place, has discovered that has sent a estaca of chair of wrong measure. A vendor has regulated my account to buy the estaca new. It has had to that expect the few days for delivery. After the pair of month are highly disappointed with a bicycle, does not locate smoothly, feels like the stationary the bicycle when there it is tension . An advance of train (crowbar) for some reason does not involve at all. A crowbar of rear train has come to lose for any reason. It was able to fix concealed. But now I owe that spend a bicycle to the tent of reparation and have them fix these subjects. And all know concealed is not economic. So much, yes I am fallido and unhappy.
5 / 5
A bicycle is well, take which pays stops. Ossia The product of low dollar that the works add for the bicycle of level of the entrance.
Use mainly for the cardio workout in a street, more probably will not be using he partorisca a lot of was horse riding of street .
Has chosen a bicycle of money and dressed it up with some red quota anodized accesorias, hand-held grips, group of boat, spacers of root, bomb, peddles and the chair clamp. I have added also the boss behind swept bar and the root laughed. A bicycle looks more like the bicycle of consolation now, but are 64 years of the age and ossia to to a way likes.
An arrival to paint of the money of bicycle is to big gloss clear discharge that the utmost looks. They are happy with a compraventa.
5 / 5
In general, a bicycle looks fresh. A sinister hand shifter has broken that has known could be one @subjects other descriptions that alleges faulty shifters. I have had to that contest with service of client in the pocolos emails. His finally decided to send me the substitution. I have been moment I so that it forgot it long because it is now winter and are not that it locates a bicycle. September 12th this when they have said that would send out of the part of substitution. I have been while roughly three month now. It would not buy another product of this company.
4 / 5
I like a product
My husband is happy with you bicycle
5 / 5
Love this bicycle took it on the little bicycle familiarised walks. It takes to plot of compliments in a look.
4 / 5
The amazon would not owe that sell this element. A bicycle has fallen averts like this trace. Please does not sell this bicycle in any client

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