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1 Rechargeable Headlamp, Foxdott 8 LED Headlamp Flashlight with White Red Lights,8 Modes USB Rechargeable Waterproof Head… Rechargeable Headlamp, Foxdott 8 LED Headlamp Flashlight with White Red Lights,8 Modes USB Rechargeable Waterproof Head… Rechargeable
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2 Anker Bolder UV flashlight Rechargeable, 380nm Ultraviolet Blacklight Detector for Dog Urine, Pet Stains and… Anker Bolder UV flashlight Rechargeable, 380nm Ultraviolet Blacklight Detector for Dog Urine, Pet Stains and… Anker
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3 Streamlight 66218 Stylus Pro 360 Penlight/Lantern Combo Flashlight - 65 Lumens Streamlight 66218 Stylus Pro 360 Penlight/Lantern Combo Flashlight - 65 Lumens Streamlight
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4 GearLight LED Flashlights S1050 [2 Pack] - Powerful High Lumens Zoomable Tactical Flashlight - Bright Small Flash Light… GearLight LED Flashlights S1050 [2 Pack] - Powerful High Lumens Zoomable Tactical Flashlight - Bright Small Flash Light… GearLight
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5 Headlamp Flashlight, LHKNL 1100 Lumen Ultra-Light Bright LED Rechargeable Headlight with White Red Light, 2-PACK… Headlamp Flashlight, LHKNL 1100 Lumen Ultra-Light Bright LED Rechargeable Headlight with White Red Light, 2-PACK… Headlamp
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6 morpilot Black Light, 2 Pcs UV Handheld Blacklight Flashlights 12 Led 395nm Mini Light Torch Detector for Pets Urine and… morpilot Black Light, 2 Pcs UV Handheld Blacklight Flashlights 12 Led 395nm Mini Light Torch Detector for Pets Urine and… morpilot
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7 Streamlight 66608 250 Lumen Microstream USB Rechargeable Flashlight with 5' USB Cord Clamshell Packaging, Coyote Streamlight 66608 250 Lumen Microstream USB Rechargeable Flashlight with 5' USB Cord Clamshell Packaging, Coyote Streamlight
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8 Eveready LED Flashlight Multi-Pack, Bright and Durable, Super Long Battery Life, Use for Emergencies, Camping, Outdoor… Eveready LED Flashlight Multi-Pack, Bright and Durable, Super Long Battery Life, Use for Emergencies, Camping, Outdoor… Eveready
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9 SLONIK 1000 Lumen Rechargeable CREE LED Headlamp w/ 2200 mAh Battery - Lightweight, Durable, Waterproof and Dustproof… SLONIK 1000 Lumen Rechargeable CREE LED Headlamp w/ 2200 mAh Battery - Lightweight, Durable, Waterproof and Dustproof… SLONIK
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10 Rechargeable headlamp,Elmchee 6 LED 8 Modes 18650 USB Rechargeable Waterproof Flashlight Head Lights for Camping, Hiking… Rechargeable headlamp,Elmchee 6 LED 8 Modes 18650 USB Rechargeable Waterproof Flashlight Head Lights for Camping, Hiking… Rechargeable
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Top Customer Reviews: Rechargeable ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Ossia Something has required for the moment and am happy has expected until now partorisca buy, thoroughly that hanged this mark against another. An integer until it is built wonderfully well, a lot stitched, all some intuitive elements partorisca find and use. It touches exceptionally fast, producing the together light/powerful of lights. This calm leave you or work in of the tight spaces where light is delicate to situate while also leaving maintains both of your free hands partorisca do.
4 / 5
My woman has bought this partorisca me () to the equal that has purchased many of a shelf headlamps and has been anywhere of satisfied (with exception of a substitution of endless battery) to extremely unhappy. Included a better of some models have purchased by means of some tents of doors of boxes in comparison to the east a.

Is returned: While ALMOST too snug for my measure 8 returns of boss securely and more importantly is comfortable. A sale of the battery in a backside is balanced amiably with an assembly of light and a mountain of cushion in a backside so much ensures a strap to your boss and is a lot comfortable. The mine has beaten of the woman has measured he down to return also of some straps are adjustable.

Brightness: Ossia A brilliant plus headlamp has seen, period. Calm will not be disappointed.

Source to be able to: using 18650 battery means a lot so only can use a device for more along but can maintain the stock of battery of cariche and so only seldom purchase new some. This will be significantly more economic that any one another headlight has possessed.

Has not tried a waterproof characteristic, neither circle with him on. Have Still to be pursued this in spite of a next time am pursued while spending a headlamp will return to update my description. If turn...

In general, can any gone bad with this headlamp.
5 / 5
Book with in 24 hours to order. Packaged Amiably, has opened once a headlamp was in the clear stock exchange sealed. Nizza Manacles of anxiety of hard shell with the hook for tape or loop of rear band. All has comprised that has been remarked when instructions. Once the batteries have been installed has not had to touch some batteries for the try was. This was a lot. Resupplied is two pictures for brightness and strobe. Alive in a country and this will be good to use when I feed some peach and external pets. It was bought also in alcohol for my holidays of state to some Rocky Mountains. The characteristic added is the light of rear security . It returns comfortable and can be regulated. I have had 6 another headlamps and ossia a better creation . The prize is page of vendors besides abordable is excellent with detail and of the diagrams.
4 / 5
This headlamp is brilliant. There are 2 keys has separated that control 8 working ways that comprises a SOS strobe, the red beam, and a SOS red strobe. There is the brightness level for the wide variety of need. A headlamp the component has the tilting function with 4 different settings. I have purchased this product to use mainly when we lose electricities, and I the few tests with results that impressed really. In the walk in cupboard at night in the tone the half black tried it to see could read the book comfortably has chosen that. Wow, Work perfectly for this use. Also I have tried all some light settings and again some results were a lot of impressive. Wanting to see like a unit would treat in the a lot of main zone in of the very dark conditions, has treated the test in an early morning in my cookery/the familiar open space and a whole zone was illuminated! Ossia An excellent piece of crew. An USB that touches the options were the characteristic a lot of entities that has required to do the headlamp compraventa. A very good chance of excellent quality is comprised also.

There is so only the pair of negatives. A booklet of the instruction of small User has comprised in a container leaves the plot to be wished. In fact in fact it contains wrong information; specifically, tip the picture of a backside of a chance of battery and declares that it is the Indicator to Touch . An illustration that is showed in a description in the amazon correctly declares that ossia in fact the Light of Rear Security, no the Indicator to Touch. I have copied and it has printed a description of Amazon and photo to save with a unit how is the very better option that a booklet. A tape is not one the majority of comfortable but is to good sure any one the breaker of extracted. I have bought one of these headlamps for my woman also and there is not founding a tape to be of any consequence at all.

Has has had so only this unit for the short period as it has not been like this will resist up over time. Judging for this excellent quality and the big level of action has any reason to think that will not spend a test of time. I stick future updates if something changes. An inferior line is that you are looking for the device of big quality in the really good prize point, strongly would suggest that of the this element the serious look that compares it to another concealed is in a phase.
4 / 5
Has ordered 2 unit. These are better way that has expected, and extremely brilliant in some settings of distance. The lights have the big/‘low' setting and the setting of combination. A big setting is more (I trust up this) that calm never need, and a distance is easily 100 feet at night. The more there is the strobe setting. Some ‘wide' lights (a separate group) is to walk and seeing your surrounding zone clearly like this opposed to some lights of distance. You, also, is quite that shines enough. Besides, there are red lights to read at night and, the use to the telescope likes , partorisca of vision at night without ruining your capacity to see faint objects (the red does not hurt your vision at night). Also it flashes red to require the light to look. For behind your boss is also the light to look red for biking, etc. The straps are adjustable, and while you will know is by train of the spend, is not weighed. Oh, Almost the light has the tilt adjustment. Each unit comes with 2 rechargeable battery (which has arrived to shrink wrapped and fully touched) more the USB that boss of touches. They can be ordered with the chance that has done. It is the a lot of seeds-hard chance that can see it a lot other uses. I am cost a bit those that extra dollars. In some first 24 hours to possess these lights, used them for working under a hood of truck, while roasting in a darkness, and like the light of vision of the night while using a telescope. It could not be pleased more. It would owe that it has ordered it these 5 years done! And, thanks to a vendor for one with the accuracy described and produced of quality.
4 / 5
Buy 2 frames in chances some more collected starts.

A Foxdott is more brilliant, but still $ 5 headlamp of Army/Navy is comparable. The lesson has learnt, if calm for real cured in lumens, take the torch/of torch or the searchlight. Side for side, they all look near. This so only wins bit it.

For 24' (61cm) or big headsize, Foxdott upper-of-the band of boss is too tight, like dulcemente attractive on (not ensuring).
So much a front and the rear piece are quite fleshy. It does not import a weight, but prefer a lightness of a Foxelli.

Foxdott Fails here: 2 pieces, the big plus headplate, 3 straps + the cord to be able to. To avert it when being mangled for another material, has dipped he in the hard chance. Still without a chance, still takes on way too spatial in my rucksack. My woman Foxelli has beaten is returned anywhere, comprising his pockets of trousers. Still estimate having 2 frames and I like this what. So only Like me his more.
5 / 5
When first Calm look in a headlamp, probably will be tried to regulate a band that access in your boss. Attentive until calm try it on to do east. I regulated it before I dipped it on and it has required in fact not regulating. It would be returned perfectly have had left it to him so only so only.
This headlamp is impressive. One lighting is cut at all of amazing for such the small unit and has the little different lighting ways that can read you roughly in a description. A unit of light can be regulated. It comes with the a lot of very hardshell husband that control a cord to touch and headlamp. Some instructions declare that it takes 5 hours to touch like being prepared to be patient and has left I the load. There is the small light in a unit the touch that will turn he of red the green when one touching is complete which is a lot useful. Some batteries are enormous! If these never run was, am not sure where addtional to to the batteries likes them to them to them these would be purchased. I owe it does not have to that concern roughly this for the very long time.
Love this headlamp and think it would do the present adds for just roughly any one. It is awesome! Literally one of these tools of handy dandy that you any @harm require until has one. :-)
4 / 5
Loves this headlamp! It was easy to touch on battery with a usb boss. It stores a boss in a protective chance when any one into use. A chance maintains it sure when travelling.
A headlamp was súper easy to use. An elastic tape felt comfortable and sure. I do not have it has concerned roughly the when being too tight or that the explosions was when I went down. Some keys in a headlamp is easy to attain require to change settings.
Has 10 light settings in a front. It is easy to brighten a light to see more after, or soften a light for the passerby. Path at night (When it is fresh) for the exercise and I have found a red light to be perfect to alert cars my presence but any to blind another walkers. Have has had to that done the little of a walkers ask where has taken this headlamp reason him him like this rids the better free option that his torches. Another woman said has had one but an elastic was wonky and would not remain in his boss. I have ensured that this one felt sure and has not had any question with him.
Can not expect take a headlamp in my travesía of next camping! It will be like this convenient to have my free hands this in spite of being able to see that I am doing. Also I know it it will go in handy to be able to us loose during the hurricane. No more dipping a shutters up in a dark with which he , looking for dice and rays to feel. Will have abundance of light to do stops. There is so only like this time this headlight will do my easier life and more enjoyable. They are like this happy treated!
5 / 5
Ossia The very good creation . Some lights can vary of a lot of brilliants to dim. I have thought at the beginning perhaps the level of half among a highs and down could be well to have, but to the equal that have thought roughly the most coming to a conclusion would be scarce that the level of half would be required and would add an extra step to go among some big levels and basses.

A big goes quite big, comparing it to the mine others lights indoors, has not taken around to do external testing still. One has maintained is well, any one bluish likes some the economic lights tend to be. The low levels are well to read or another neighbour for tasks, the big levels do well where there is the need to see further was. A red light so that they do not know is supposition to leave you to see without hurting your vision at night, and is quite brilliant for prójimo on laws or finding your way around a camp for example. A rear red light is the good extra concealed is not common in lights of boss up to now.

Take the big measure for the hats and the helmets and I would not import seeing the tape the plus along, of particular use for when that spends this light in discharges he of baseball or some another coverage of light boss, although I say this for other lights of boss also, as it is not the swipe for this light. In general in a prize has paid during treating he of Lightning, and a prize that feigns the time of this description, ossia the subject . Some places touch this a lot of so only for a chance to spend comes with, which for a way is a lot handy to have and has done amiably. The only time will say in his durability. And it likes that it resists of two battery for capacity but can use so only a battery in the pinch when required.

For a way some do any this opinion but he is not to clear, does not try to extend out of a time of career of this light. When you See some battery take feeble, recharge he in planting to try to take a last bit of light out of them. I read him the batteries of ion can suffer harm or has destroyed yes drained too much. It does not leave a light unattended while touching. And unplug one uploads after touching is fact, does not leave it plugged in.
4 / 5
Experience this light to have that takes my dog of mine the old plus was at night. Has the question that sees like this has to them that walk to the pen to dip in. When it has received them a light the dipped the neighbour and touched it. A lot simple to do dips in some batteries and discharges in usb. Light goes of red the green. Last night it was a first time has used them the and was a better thing in a world. A lot brilliant, the light regulates up and down, can dip them on like the quota lights like this required and control a light for him in brightness once is in a pen.. It is in the leash and the past to torch now free delivery except a leash soiled of leaves for the bat for another critters to protect so only yes is necessary, the give it 5 stars no only because of a brightness and the quality but also comes with the chance to maintain he in. AWESOME Value each penny and a lot of abordable. Thank you

Top Customer Reviews: Anker Bolder UV ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 56 ratings
5 / 5
This Anker UV the torch is very durable and portable. It is a class of product that can depend you on partorisca years partorisca come.
A solid feels and definite click when turning a light on/was is a lot in satisfactory. It likes- one way to touch a light without unscrewing of the upper discharges. Also It likes Me a measure so it can spend he with me so only partorisca see that it could see in several places.

That me gustanuno the majority is a capacity of detection . It chooses on all the classes of materials! With a help of this torch, has seen all the classes of stains during my house, even more that urinates of pet. I still saws of the water that/clean splash frames in a wall of bath. Included where the people have had sneezed.

In general, is a value of excellent torch partorisca buy.
4 / 5
So only moved to R. The old house of Kelly and really lights a pee stains like the Albero navideño. In general much better that this UV torches with 16 has has directed Bulbs
4 / 5
has ordered a black light partorisca use in my garden. I shine it on my plants of tomato with which decadence, and a tomato hornworms lights. Doing it a lot of easy to find them and choose them was without using pesticides. A measure is in his point for that does in a plant the time, and can maintain the control of him without breaking some plants.

An only drawback is not the negative in a light but in mine housekeeping. A day has taken a light , has walked around my house, after all the world was slept, shined it on each surface and each walk. I considered partorisca be very orderly and cleaned. This in spite of, a light left to know that I need to thicket all some wall, doors of cupboard, and remop each walk. Each drip of dog pee has lost partorisca clean he on top of the look there is spilt can he of fluorescent yellow product in a paving. I have been bleaching and scrubbing every day partorisca a past week. Again any one the fault of a light. He exactly that has been supposition partorisca do .
4 / 5
Partorisca $ 26, this light was more than has expected. As announced, this 380nm uv light illuminates the plot of a otherwise stains and underlying zones of mine 395nm uv light. It is much more brilliant that a 3x AAA powered 395nm the light has had partorisca years, and this light is rechargeable of the micro usb port in a light.

A particulate what I desire Anker could have done partorisca do these lights the better whole plot, is partorisca do a compartment of accessible battery and a lot permanently welded has closed. Partorisca Battery of Lithium, as one 18650 used in this light, free is qualified partorisca take & load partorisca control over time. Also it is it was partorisca a long period of time, backpacking, expedition, etc, would want to partorisca the way to substitute a battery drained with the new a, in planting that has to spend it something partorisca touch a light and have the entirely unusable light while it is has touched. For this this door to 5 description partorisca star down to the 3.5 description partorisca begin.

Would have given it the swipe on and estimate it 4 stars, but an accessory that is coming with a torch was economic and failure. With other lights of other frames, any @@subject a prize, of any Fenix, Olight, Thrunite, Surefire, etc., A generally come light with the one of leftover or-coverage, the clip of pocket, the sheath (according to a measure of a light), the boss partorisca touch (if rechargeable), and the lanyard.

BUT this Anker the light has come so only with a level 12' touching boss and he lanyard. Any partorisca mention, once I looped a lanyard in a light & has given a side a fat more the sweet tug to loop he in my wrist, a plastic piece that maintains a lanyard near snapped the a lot of pieces. The maintaining rest with still like this another micro-usb boss and any way to spend a light. What good that has an extra sheath that loosely returns this light of the Thrunite has has bought years.

If it do not concern you partorisca the way to spend a light, or having to that uselessness of the light once some drains of battery (until tones a battery has retreated on), and so only was the good, doing, powerful uv light for the decent prize, ossia a a to go. Mark calms sure fully touches it before it leave a house.
5 / 5
Has impressed enough with this little UV light. It is Much more brilliant that a pair another some have tried on some years. My woman and I priest for the small TNR'd feral settlement of cat and from time to time the looks of new cat and starts spraying in some shrubs or of the shelters of cat, how is a lot of entity for knots to have the good UV light that can easily something all an urine and in the leave for the neutralise. Other lights have purchased that was to measure and the alike prizes so only have not had the strong beam at all. It was a lot of difficult to locate all some stains. This Anker the most Intrepid light totally fixed that question!

Honradamente Has loved really give these 5 stars. It is a lot of solid and well has built. Súper Brilliant for his measure, but has been them disappointed REALLY to discover that an interior of the battery is not removable or replaceable. I have lost entirely that tidbit of info and a lot included think two times roughly the reason possess two another Anker torches that both have come with replaceable 18650 battery. Like this unfortunately when a battery inside this UV the light degrades over time, a light finally results unusable...
Are sure will take alot of use out of him, but his closing kinda disappoints it to discover can not substitute a battery.
4 / 5
Resembles dim a lot long after turning it on. It pays next attention to 18650 Battery (any detachable) part. I have not gone included thinking in 18650 torch WITHOUT being able to change a battery. So much, my bad to spend for big that disorder. I bought it. Now volume to revise the one who terrible is the not having the battery in the torch can substitute. It would not buy again. It liked always of the material with a Anker name on that. Any this.
5 / 5
Has had the leak of small water in my paving and this have done the work adds that it finds all some zones where waters has had dripped - a lot of duquel was to grieve visible to an eye in of the skins.

To show an efficiency of this product, has applied patches it small of alimentary product to the chair of office of the skin, has take a residue with the humid cloth, and has left the dry. While a stain is not visible to an eye in of the skins, is a lot visible under a light. After using the product of pertinent cleaner, a stain is no longer visible under UV light.

Is clear mine that this product does like this announced, and a prize is well.
5 / 5
In the first place was, does not shine he in your bath. Calm immediately will be fill with the sense of shame.
Secondly, For some calm time a battery, the technology FOCUSED will be better and will have the new a, as it soothes in a no removable battery. The Concealed'd be treat it-breaker partorisca to the torch regulates, but will take use fallen this that yours go it torch for any one-of UV CONCRETE APPLICATIONS.

Find urine, semen, anything fluorescent or this has cloth whiteners in him, powder of paper, and a lot other things. I used it so only to find bodily flowed in a shag the carpet of the house has seen. Totally currency he.
4 / 5
Is diehard Anker defender. Never state disappointed in any of his products, and there is enough the little of banks to be able the main to small but a lot quickly chargers door in rucksack of mine together with one of some a lot of torches has bought over time.

This UV the light is any exception . Has the most focused beam that another has bought and is quite small to take with travesías .

An opinion, this in spite of: be prepared to feel thank you to clean your bath a lot immediately calms once shine this torch around. It will aim you each one that last something where a male(s) in your house has not aimed well enough. I gave a willies. Still with doors of cupboard of the cookery that it LOOK cleaned during a day...

Needless To say, also finds deceptions of pet.

Like this while you are in him ordering this, would suggest that it order to hand-held steamer also. The mine is not never far was and cure of these something tight for behind a basin and clean on some hinges of chair of the basin and such with ease.
4 / 5
This UV the light is so only second to the fact to commission one has. A focused is much more brilliant that a multiple generic has directed lights to see for sale. A transmission can turn on in the pocket in his own but is relatively sure. Touching is by means of USB micro port which is usual for lights this time. An ONLY thing does not concern me thus that a unit is sealed like the battery is not replaceable. Otherwise This would be the five description of star . It is relatively new mine so can not judge life of battery but like this far like this good. It agrees, to plot that need UV for him is not so much one can (brightness) but a wavelength, like sure mark this wavelength will adapt your needs before shopping. The measure is compact how is the a lot of everywhere light.

Top Customer Reviews: Streamlight 66218 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
This light has the arrival of big quality and feel. A casing is solid. There is at all economic roughly that. A beam is súper that shines 90 lumens. Still it comes with the tape of point pouch and 2 AAA Energizer batteries.

Now to the left is partorisca the compare to a Coast G20:

Goodness the Stylus Pro:
-brightness (90L versus 36)
-pure white beam while G20 has the bit of the blueish has maintained.
-Compact (which is relative; they are both compact)
-can turn you a light on without clicking he on
-comes with battery

Goodness the G20:
- the solid circle of light while streamlight the beam is more brilliant that centre then dissipates outward; ossia good to direct in to the the particular object likes him everything out of this circle will not be illuminated
- prize

definition & of Clarity of objects:
-both are excellent; Stylus has a flange because of goodness of luminosity

quality of Build:
-both look to be big quality, solid, and hard.

-The Stylus is the smooth barrel. A Cost has hatch of cross texturing and cutouts on two sides. Both celery grippy quite would not concern me roughly that resists to them.

Life of battery:
has not possessed neither long enough to comment.

In general:
is both value a prize of admission on Amazon. It is a common light value 2x a Cost? Perhaps. It depends in your personal preference? Be disappointed in any one? No.
5 / 5
This is not that there is wanted, but love this little torch and are by train of the maintain. In the first place, that has has wanted to was the torch that could use to improve when being able to see number very tiny in of the tubes in creature, critically ailing creatures. This torch is inappropriate for this function, reason a light is simply too brilliant. I can not resist this torch on prójimo my own face, included with my eyes have covered with the dark cloth, without him hurting my eyes. Yes, it is that brilliant! This has said, ossia the fantastic little torch that feigns in mine purse for these random emergencies or the time when I need the torch. A beam lights the whole room! Interior 24 hours of the taken has finalised to require the to see a number of tiny serial in a backside of my box of boss while it speaks to sustain of technology and could not believe the one who easy could read he with this light.

Wants to do the statement on some complaints in other descriptions that this light is hard to turn on and era. If it was easier that turn on and was, then would be constantly turning on in mine purse and a battery would be drained when I required it more. And it is not really very hard at all to turn on and era. They are by train to approach-me Age of retreat and am not very strong at all, more have significant arthritis, and easily can turn this torch on and era. I do not have any question with him at all.
5 / 5
Has lost this torch two years ago and so only found in the other day there is sotterrato down vase and of the leaves...... Still works!!!
4 / 5
Has purchased 3 of these in a past 4 years. Utilisation likes the daily spend of light with having to that very light. I do in an office. I am not saying has did not fall it never but with the daily use does not have to that stop the year or down. Each one which so it has had an included issue which can say is not of any impact of the fall ( has done in the laboratory of test for products like this). A key in a light he for operation (all 3 unit). It would do intermittently or the cause that flashes. If the ones of fact has taken a light to remain on he flicker when I have moved a light slightly or the turn was entirely. They are an electrical engineer and has tried to the question shoots a light and could does not take to do properly.

Has purchased a upgraded version 'Tactical' of this light also of thought it to them would be more durable. I am spent roughly 50 dollars on and has had a subject same less than 3 month of use!!! They are a lot disappointed in the durability of this product. Ossia One of some companies of upper torch and can not create the dependable produced to spend daily.

Gave it 2 stars because really it likes me a light when it operates. It is very brilliant and comfortable to maintain in your pocket. It would use it almost daily for a thing or another. So only it wishes it was durable.
4 / 5
There is wanted always EDC the torch, but imagined it would be too bulky to do like this. Now it spends one all a time and is any subject. Faster That exit that yours camera of telephone, and quite brilliant to use in a darkness in the park in a half of nowhere. Seriously. It was illuminating trees 100 run was quite easily. It is small but is the real torch . The desire had thought to take the photo that can it to it light the dark field. People of laugh and say 'reason spend the torch' until they try to find something in a darkness with his telephone. Then they ask where to buy one.

Is also extremely hard. I live the North Dakota, and because of a pocket of the pen maintained in in my trousers of work, has slipped was two times to the equal that am exited my car and is spent 15 or so that the hours that dipped in a snow in -20f without subjects. Also it uses it likes the little pry bar and hammer quite regularly. A lot of dings in an arrival now. The desire could give it 20 stars.

A better part is is quite economic to substitute the calm duty loses it.
4 / 5
Are the agent of corrections and has purchased this to complete controls in of the residents in his cells. It is perfect for a work. It returns amiably in a pocket of pen of my tactical trousers, and in fact like that a light is hard to of click all a way on. Wrist down on he for the momentary flash of light then emission. A light is sufficient for illuminating the dark cell by means of some small fat windows for observation. Clearly I can see the mine has assigned resident without blinding/wake them. A bit those that of has declared like this light like this opposed to a big plus Streamlights I use. Like this far this is lasted the month in overnights without requiring the new battery and has fell it also once in concrete without issuing
4 / 5
First of all to the left say me that I have not received the free light for the description. I am speaking mine 9 years of experience with Streamlight. I have bought my prime minister microstream fact 9 years. It was my prime minister EDC torch. It was a lot of frills, but has done. It has done always. It was simple. It has not been a brilliant plus and has not had some the majority of ways, but he always fact and did not fail me never. As I have bought the 2nd microstream when have remarked that a lumens has been clashed up. Do fault well for 4 years, so only like my in the first place a (this in spite of ).

Has changed recently works and required more lumens in my new work. A microstream is perfect for daily tasks, but found me in fact requiring lighter for once.

To the equal that has bought a Streamlight Stylus Pro. That a awesome light. It is brilliant abundance . Long it takes to wrap up in that is a more brilliant light , when in actuality, does not require blinding light. This light dips was roughly 90 lumens and probably was last a lot another AAA light in a phase for time of burn.

Has been concerned that a quality has changed on some years, but my surprised, there is no! Streamlight Still is pumping out of a big quality included lights like this never. If you want to something concealed turns on when you want to, take this light. For 19 bucks is the shot done .
5 / 5
Has been the Streamlight defender for the few years now. I have had 2 of an only AAA models of battery that can not be without at least 1 at all times. So much light for such the small device. Both am EXTREMELY be of confidence. If a transmission takes 'quirky', so only unscrew one covers & gives the quickly shot of WD-40 & is like this new again. NOW, has the 2 AAA batt. Version. So only to the equal that has bitten some, so only Much more brilliant. Still hanged very light how is easy to resist in my mouth for light when I do not have the free hand.
A transmission in a an I has taken was very rigid & did not like me in 1st. But One shot of WD-40 fijamente concealed. Even more rigid that an only batt. Model but no the question.
Spends in my pocket of trousers all some the calm & times can not say is there. The life of battery is surprising for both measures. Also, I am impressed by a QUALITY of construction.
5 / 5
Does not ask alot of the small torch... It has to that do at least when in the first place I take it.. This a no.. There is remarked alot of descriptions in an economic transmission... It is... It would not recommend it .
4 / 5
Please read some other descriptions that converged in a subject of discharges of the row. To the torch is unreliable unless you are has had to that shim/modify one covers of final to do work reliably. Any something has to that it has to that do in the product of name of the mark. Mina Fundamental issue there was also with connectivity to some discharges to row where the no at all. It did not try it it was until it has spent a window to return like this now am stuck with him and neither will owe that the to me fixed or begin the claim of guarantee.

Top Customer Reviews: GearLight LED ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Absolutely I WANT TO Gearlight torches! Last year more has ordered early the pair of GearLight M10 has DIRECTED Tactical Torches... They Liked him so much, I have ordered of another a following week, and again a following week! Like this now I have 6 of them they scattered everywhere convenient!

That... It was VERY EXCITED partorisca receive this S1050 2 band! To good sure has not been disappointed! These are noticeably more brilliant that a M10s (for different diverse transmission @@@18650s among a two)

A S1050 is roughly 1/2' longer that a M10 any zoomed in or era.
A S1050 zooms in/out to twist, A M10 is attractive/of push.
A S1050 hanged -121 grams, a M10 -93 grams.
A S1050 has the lanyard fashionable strap, a M10 has the clip of tape.
So much have key in inferior.

Would recommend neither according to preference of characteristics.

I own dozens of torches, but my Gearlights is my gone to!
5 / 5
Another product adds of GearLight. GearLight Done of the excellent products for everywhere of use. I do in a field of security. The train adds for security (excellent prize calm in the estimativa, produces strong fallen of still works, also has a self flanges of defence, hanged well any to resist you down if tape of tower or in the pocket). Also it uses my GearLight has produced to hunt and camping. Also it uses GearLight lights in a park familiarised. GearLights Is also lights of excellent work. Very brilliant and fact of material of upper note. GearLight Is a mark of torch I so only buy now. I have bought so only another band of a S1050 Gearlight torches for my dad like the present of then loves a well has thought was creation and quality of this light.
4 / 5
I stumbled by means of GearLight the few years does while dipping neighbouring some emergency prep boxes. These are mine purchases my late plus of GearLight. I possess the pair of GL S1000 that believes is a predecessor to a S1050. These have the slightly different look, but have the frame of metal resembled a S1000 with the key of big red power that is easy to find and press. A main difference with this model is a zoom. This zoom with the 'transfer' more than the 'attractive' like leading models. I will continue to both recommend and shabby GearLight the torches for his quality adds and service of client.
5 / 5
Has purchased multiple torches and headlamps and reading lights of light of train. Any reason have required more than one or reason have not done well or leave working but, purchased him like this of the presents for all my familiar and friends. These are some lights and the better torches have not purchased never or visas according to which this goes. A light is extremely brilliant and some work on is good and effective. There it has any too many unnecessary things in the and is so only utmost. I can not say quite a lot of good things roughly that. Geror The light is a better
4 / 5
Gearlight some better torches in a phase and his service of client is surprising!! I love this light reason you rotate the to direct a beam and he will remain where has dipped a beam. Has other lights that you attractive in and has been partorisca narrow a beam of light but does not remain in a calm place dipped him in. With this light is in the rotating to boss like him rotate a beam to a quantity wished and rests in place!
5 / 5
Like another eight GearLights possesses ossia the value adds and the light adds. Quite small to stow & go and quite powerful to be abundance of light. We have him to us in ours gone of the stock exchanges, in some camps for emergency or walking some dogs at night, & in our vehicles. Well fact, all the metal with or focus of coverage. Calm will not find the better light for a prize. A company adds to do with.
5 / 5
Has begun the collection to Coach Torches Read of several types. It can not beat a quality for a prize and his add to have these stashed in several places (cars, rucksacks, chambers, cocheras, etc.) Reason calms does not know never when you could require the light! It looks the brilliant abundance for the normal use and a house/of zoom is handy entrance several times. Easy on-was-dimming controls. Still while to a to exit with the momentary transmission!
4 / 5
Construction and good measure very solid. It likes-it join me key of the push and which well can regulate a light beam. Any insurance in a life of battery of then I so only dipped in a he 3 AAA is and has begun to use a light. But like this far I am very pleased and that treat he for two torches.
4 / 5
Petit, brilliant and adjustable one of one has bought more than this measure. The questions with another is an on was to change a lot always operates it or calm has had to attack a torch in your hand. It has not had Never this subject with to torch of Train. Highly recommend.
4 / 5
These upgraded the lights are awesome, is brilliant, extremely durable, the crystal clears brilliant aim leds and no expensive. My subject only has is a light has the purplish has maintained his but does not affect a brightness or use sweet of only mine OCD lol

Top Customer Reviews: Headlamp ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
It has walked down the dark ally that spends mine ' am Rich Assaulted the shirt when calm believe it, any has approached me partorisca rob me... I have had felizmente this headlamp! And with sensors of motion, he quickly turned on permanently blinding a thief and my surprise, Batman is looked! In general 5 / 5 partorisca headlamp 10 / 10 partorisca a capacity to call the superhero. It would be to except again!
--In the in the in the in the in the in the in the in Real reveiw--
In the first place, any prendió attention when I have bought these. I have had a energizer frames that buys of a tent. Those are enormous money grabs reason eat by means of to the the batteries like eats by means of pizza ( is quickly... Like this quickly of pizza). As it has looked for the headlamp that was rechargeable has seen these nabbed in, and are súper happy with a compraventa. I have been blown was when it has taken 2. A brightness is insane, is like this insane has had to that add the dim dimmer this in spite of more dim option. His recharge and have senses of motion, these are utmost.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. These are exceptional!

In this neighbour there is 2 rechargeable headlamps, 2 insiemi of instructions, & 2 touching bosses. They go in INDIVIDUAL boxes that says HEADLAMP in his & each box is packed like the together (the headlamp, instructions, & touching boss). Some boxes are good looking enough that they could be used so that the presents that gives, half stuffers, etc. Is the simple black with white writing on him.

Says that it is in a box, but could cover he with bookmarks/marcadors blacks, stickers, decorative tape, etc. & still be able to use a box for the present that gives.

Ossia Our 2nd headlamp compraventa, but our 1st rechargeable headlamp the torches & are PERFECT for our needs. Having to that change out of the batteries is the hassle; amour an ease of plugging these headlamps to a chargers, & Any that has to that spend extra battery with.

A light can be ANGLED to leave for better lighting in any one is that it tries to see.

A capacity the touch is FABULOUS! It touches quickly & it is ready for action again any time. There is 4 BLUE INDICATOR lights in a side of a headlamp so that there is not guessing the one who a level of battery is; some lights of the green indicator also to the left knows one state to touch. When All 4 green lights are acesas, touching is complete.

Has MULTIPLE of light settings (white alone light more brilliant, dimmed white alone light, white double light more brilliant, dimmed white double light , red light double, blinking red light double, & was).

There is also the esHORTCUT' key with the little picture that looks a wifi symbol, that prints you ONCE for an aim so only lights more brilliant or two times for a double aim light more brilliant. You can use this key of SHORTCUT when a headlamp is was or when you are using the different light setting to go back to an aim so only lights more brilliant or a double aim lights more brilliant, without that owes cycle by means of everything of some settings.

A headlamps has ADJUSTABLE straps, ossia wide & comfy. Easily they return toddlers to adults ( has tried the on all the bosses to measure as has the big family & when there it is something new, to the to all the world likes to try anything is was). They remain the stay & dipped sure. It was the sceptic of has bitten would not be comfortable reason there is no extra cushioning in a backside of a headlamps, another that a headlamp strap, among your front & a torch, but some league to spare is cushioning & is COMFORTABLE. Not undermining, rubbing, chaffing, etc. Of a headlamps.

Action with these is SPECTACULAR! Have On 2 acres & his door when taking was or tugging in of beat them of rubbishes, verifying in our chickens after dark in his coop, looking my boys run around our property in a darkness, etc. also will be a lot of gain to maintain an eye in our external dog when it calls of dark & external character .

Some boys WANT TO spend his after darkness in some transmissions, to touch seal of torch, etc. of then is rechargeable does not import some boys that uses him reason do not owe that maintain squandering battery. Also they maintain some boys out of my hand-held torches that is not rechargeable. WANT TO-WIN!

A distance of these are ADDS... These light things on a lot enough for me to do out of that is going in around me in a black of the yours for the good 50 feet to 75 feet, of like this which where are in our property. I can see clear down ours go slow in some beats of rubbishes when they are was front, & ours go is at least 50-60 feet long. They are quite brilliant that can see apples in our trees of fruit in a black of the yours, darkness at night (at least 50-60 feet was)... Very IMPRESSIVE!

These headlamps is PERFECT when walking down some stairs in the power outage, with the creature/toddler in my arms, & any that has to that resist to the torch & railing. Really it would like to add more these ours house like this do fault so many purposes.

My familiar really takes the plot of use out of these rechargeable headlamps & really gone back so much need have known not even existed, until we had them to us. Going to a coop of chicken at night, without that has to that juggle to torch, feeds excluyente, etc. Is SÚPER USEFUL.. & I leave to verify in a band while they are in his roost & in a place... If it calms it has not tried never to pursue the chicken, know the one who useful ossia! lol

Has attached is the video that objective a be light cycled by means of, as well as a headlamp having the habit of lights the big cupboard that is roughly 8' X 10'. He the work adds.

These headlamps take the SOLID 5 STARS of us. HIGHLY we recommend him that it would want to purchase it MORE they.
4 / 5
Looked for the light of boss to use while doing in my coverage. I do not have any in esclarecedor in my coverage and is the ache to use to torch while trying things of movement around. Some lights are excellent in this light of boss. Some the white lights are LEDs ossia extremely brilliant to the equal that can see of a picture. A headlamp also has the red light for biking/that careers at night, will not use this function, this in spite of a red has DIRECTED the light is also extremely brilliant. The characteristic of prize is that these lights have the rechargeable battery. I do not owe that look for the battery of computer/of small clock to substitute when a battery dies.

Has attached 5 photo of some functions read different. An only function that has not comprised was a flashing red light. Which can see of my picture that a red light is brilliant so only an extra function has it blinking.
4 / 5
Has not had some lights long like this commentary of cannon on longevity or life of battery. It has looked for an economic usb rechargeable headlamp with both white and red lights. A fact that this also has the riada the light way was in prize . I have fixed a rest of my description according to some characteristics that the clave was mine :

compared it to ANSI of mine 1000 lumen torch and while a headlamp looked slightly dimmer a hotspot has achieved further. Given a fact that a headlamp is less than a third a prize of mine 1000 lumen to the torch has not taken stars.

Control of water:
looks to like it could withstand splashes, likes rain, and taste that of an USB that touches the port has the coverage of hule and is under a light in planting from above for the this has bitten more resistant that water. So only like a manual says this in spite of, I any dunk this in of waters he.

The motion that Comment:
A light can do in motion or normal way that way of commentary. It likes that I can choose you want to enable of a sensor of motion or no. These works of way wonderfully. The only Thing any taste to him roughly is can see me turning a light on or was accidentally but a sensor has the row of roughly 12 thumbs he so that it is quite easy to avert that it spends my hand there. To the What only does not like on in this way are can does not take to do for a red light. He so only works with a main beam in dipping more brilliant or a light of riada in dipping more brilliant.

Luz red:
In this way is quite brilliant and is more than the light to flood that has directed that it is well for my purpose. It likes- one way to flash for emergencies. My only aversion is there is not the way to go directly the red light without cycling by means of some white ways.

Out of any way:
While a torch is on, in any normal way or the motion that way of commentaries, can resist down any key for 2 seconds to turn a light was. I like this the characteristic but think that 2 seconds is too long. I am used to 1 as or 0.5 according to so many with all mine other torches so much seat bit it slow.

In general love a light and amour that rids the one who dictate it . For a prize is a lot last to beat and wholeheartedly can recommend. It will use a light more and give any updates owe that arise.
4 / 5
Fully adjustable for measure of boss with or without the hat or swipe. Running in 5 ARE in a darkness, has 2 ways that is the sensitive motion. It likes a spotlight to the equal that can direct of him to any traffic of worry. A fast hand-held wave, is on. Another wave, is was. My vision at night is quite well, as whose need to maintain a light on always, but certainly could has required . This would be good to camp, but havent tried it there. Has not running a battery down enough for has it not turning on, was the 2 -pack like this one is always in one load (awesome creates). My impression is that the alone load probably will go the hours of continuous pair, then just transmission to another. It loves it.
4 / 5
Ossia The very brilliant light
looked in a light as it turned it to them on. Wow. It could not read anything for the pocolos small with which concealed. 1100 lumens Is brilliant.
Band of boss very comfortable. I have purchased this reason has had four lights to indicate one state to upload
Also reason uses the usb connection for the touch (any one would beat required). A port in a light where spent you in a usb touching cord to has the hule that spent to maintain moisture was when spending or it using. There is also the transmission can turn on to use detection of motion where churn so only your hand in front of him for the turn on or change a way loves use.
One has comprised usb the cord is so only roughly are thumbs. Probably I will use my telephone to upload bosses that is three and are feet in period in place of a incuded cord.
Obivously I like this light and purchse to again.
5 / 5
The Fantastic pair of headlamps in the prize adds. Here in Homestead of Heritage of the Grace, has Kiko goats those who has kidded recently 86 boys. A headlamp is an essential tool for me to verify, feeds, water, creatures of seal, etc after dark. A light is brilliant abundance to scan each one which as paddock to see all clearly and value. I have wanted particularly the brilliant of red light option to do on prójimo and not “blinding” some animals.
I amour that am able to know what uploads rest for some three blue lights in a side. This headlamp is the most brilliant way with much more of life of battery that my forward headlamp which have required to change out of battery daily. I have used a headlamp diverse time and some lights of the battery still indicates full load.
Grandkids Has loved a characteristic of detector of the motion and probably run a dead battery that touches with him. It acts wonderful walking to the edifice lit of outside and then external again. This light is like this brilliant that calms does not want to shine directly in any one is eyes .
5 / 5
I prizes adds for a tape, has left so only two.
During the brief blackout, has learnt that my hand-cranked to the torch does not resupply sufficient light to read stops. Assuming future blackouts, has bought these in chance that, and maintain one for my bed. Another east down, and has has used already he to take out of some rubbishes and recycling cube in a darkness, which require two hands, so that the torches are less useful. It has used also he to verify the levels have flowed under a hood of my car without pulling he out of my too-cochera dark. It feigns to use he by half night wanderings like the days shorten.
4 / 5
Looked for the headlamp to use while cross-stitching in a car when they are while to my descendants to exit to date/to practise/etc. will be sincere, has chosen mainly this one for a prize and a fact that comes with two (those imports of one of the some descendants likes him to 'take loaned' of tools and forgets to return them).

Is BRILLIANT!!! There are multiple settings, as you can choose the softest light has wished. But this absolutely fulfils my needs. There are multiple settings, also, as you can find one this adapts your purpose.

I amour that is DIRECTED and rechargeable. I plan to maintain this headlight in my stock exchange of work for years to come. And it is easy to recharge with your laptop and does not take long, likes retreat. Also, like this far I have it does not have to that recharge to again. As I am pleased with what time a hard battery.

To good sure the good value. In fact, I plan to buy more and use like this half stuffers this year!

1/1/21 - UPDATE! Him me like this headlamp so that it has given a to the fellow and has bought then the second set to give my descendants like mesos stuffers! They are already be in the use and some owners have pleased, and my husband was included eyeing has has had to that recharge a battery two times of a first description. The plot have of the use goes in! I have it quell'has used also this that the 'hey, are here' light when walking after dark with my neighbour. A red setting has given abundance of visibility without blinding coming engine and fact a lot well for a purpose. In general, I am pleased like this with cost of mine!
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. A light is very brilliant. It feels very light while spending it. It resupplies calm with 4 indicator of point for a life of battery. Any insurance like a sensor of motion will be used but that loves one the light characteristic. If it press and resist an in the key will turn of a device without that owes cycle by means of all some options read. State using this newspaper around a house or exiting to a nave at night. Among handy to be able to use both hands while doing or looking for something.

Top Customer Reviews: morpilot Black ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
They are class of old school when it comes to the things have taken. I have on grown in a 70 this when black light fluorescent tubes emitted the tonne of UV. A 24 thumb of thumb the tube could light your whole house. It is not that way now and has has not thought FOCUSED is would offer a lot in a way of quality UV the light start but the boy have been bad!
These few torches flood the small zone with the LIGHT GRAPE that does things that was once invisible, visible. Utilisation one of these partorisca inspect your bath or the cookery and I almost could guarantee to be cleaning punctual. Counterfeit Has measured of the looks of prevention brightly in the executive has issued GOES is and licences, focus of Postal service, money of Paper etc.. A FOCUSED is taking the few warm utilisations for a long quantity of time but of this torch would owe that be used for inspection and any to light a way, does not see any question with east .
Has loved these so many that has ordered 4 more to give to friends and to have the one of leftover on its own name. For an only calm prize can any gone bad.
4 / 5
Has found 6 scorpions like this far with these black lights. And a picture has attached is the pregnant scorpion that spends his creatures. Like this bad. In general I really like these black lights.
4 / 5
Has used he for fluorescent rocks and has done well. It has done the walk thru in a darkness in mine rented condo. Impacted st A spatters in wall, like the scene of murder. Washed all some wall with which conceal. It have to that use some yellow glasses to protect eyes. Any one has comprised.
4 / 5
Good quality like this far like this good. Utilisation for bone of gem.
4 / 5
Has received only mine 2 pcs UV TORCH and has been surprised by a fast delivery, packaged well and the prize adds. Some measures are 1' diameter × 3 1/2' it apresamiento 3aaa battery. I am not interested to look for stains of SAME PET although it does. Rings the small UV light to take on my kayak. Perfect measure to attach to the lanyard to the equal that will use to light my GLOW GRUBS when it fishes at night. ( A arrantzale secret)
For a measure, dips was quantity really well of UV LUZ. To good sure recommend bounce or fishermen of kayak and owners of pet.
5 / 5
Has bought this Black light flashes lights for my grandchildren those who alive in AZ. They use in a Museum to Desert to go hunting of scorpion. The odd sounds knows but when you shine the blacklight in the scorpion his glow. I have used a moment it visit with them and he was quite fresh. I a lot particularly like scorpions this in spite of so that the bondadosos of freaked was. LOL. They are sure these would be adds by other uses also. These few lights look enough very done and of my grandchildren are quite young was sturdy enough for them like this has been fallen would resist up. A prize was very too much. They have sold almost of the identical lights in a museum and touching two times so much. It recommends him.
4 / 5
These few torches do really really well. I have been concerned roughly that powerful would be reason really are the small measure , but kick out of a blacklight well and help me to find a pee something my leaves of cat of the harm around a house with ease. If you are living with the disagreeable/psycho/misbehaved to to the pet likes are, or has to that old animals that can do it not doing to a pertinent place a right time anymore, ossia an invaluable tool to maintain your clean and no stinky house. Otherwise Yours the nose confuses some scents and calm can any never find all some something require cleaned and a smell will drive you crazy.
4 / 5
Has to that say having the laptop uv the torch is awesome when visiting the hotel. They are sure it calms really it wants to know some discharges are cleaned and some chances of pillow. Be ware this device can disturb you when you assist some results. A flashing gr is very small and uses 3 aaa battery. A circuitry in a joint is very cleaned and think that this torch can easily withstand the drop. Any that goes to try
4 / 5
has Bought these while they create a room of evasion for my crew to develop the messages have hid writings in UV DYED. These few things pack the plot to be able to!! Very very brilliant. Any be in a light too long. The batteries are not comprised. It requires AAAs. Shopping a closing some require to duplicate this project
5 / 5
These do really well! I have bought a pleasure the present to use with some glow in a putty of dark game, but another I maintained and expósita that does really well to verify for accidents of pet! We have had one of some long lights has drawn thus purpose, but this was the averages a prize and has the beam slightly wider that really the easy fact to verify around for accidents after visiting Pugs leave a house!!

Top Customer Reviews: Streamlight 66608 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia The torch adds . Double click partorisca under on model by heart of the Coyote and double click for big in black model. Some starts of black model down and calm then has to that Double click to take big, a coyote one goes in big and calm then has to that double click to go down he like this the mark sure takes a one that want to. Both of them are lights add.
5 / 5
In of the scarce occasions in mine on-consumption-of-travesía of sakes, finds something extremely obliging. This would be this fantastic little light. It is like this light does not know is in my pocket. A floodie the model of beam is súper brilliant and very useful. Although AAA sized the note uses the different fashionable battery altogether . . The rechargeable lithium. Ossia The emergency adds and/or EDC/ projects-around a light house of general utility. Included that can be used tactically, if necessary, quotes a tailcap transmission. If big is your wished more-the way has used, take a colour of coyote. It is not dissuaded for a patient-has informed-descriptions that ding these light reasons ‘is not brilliant, or is in hard to take the big'. . They have bought simply a wrong colour of light and has not been informed. Another no-the colours of coyote begin was down. My smaller critics: certainly a secondary way Is hard to involve. You owe that master a legislation timing of partial press to involve secondary model. The times of cariche can be the few lens (4+ hours), and an always-in the full click of a transmission requires the plot of pressure, toes like this feeble can struggle the little.
4 / 5
Has had 5 elements of look of Amazon today and each suns an of them is going back. Although a king of a heap the battery is a Esee 4 knife, ossia the prójimo 2nd.

Has bought this reason have required the 'light of pen' and compraventa so only rechargeable torches. I made a mistake to try to save the pair bucks and not going with the 4sevens to light like the majority of mine other torches. Like another reviewers has declared, some fines the way does not act. Streamlight Would owe that be embarrassed of them. They owe that know that these things no except in planting to fix a subject, maintains to try the labourer of these defective rubbishes. Besides, in his endeavour to manufacture these things like this cheaply like this possible (while still touching north of $ 30), a lack of shows of qualities during a product. As mentioned, fines the way does not act, an on/was the transmission does not involve consistently, and possibly a worse blunder, they a lot of edge a zone that collapses around and protects a port to touch.

Will not buy never Streamlight again. Returning
4 / 5
On some years have purchased the dozen or more torches of Fenix, Nitecore, Olight, etc. Still EDC. I found him whenever lacking of in a way or another (usually in a department of measure). I will be his prime minister to admit that included this little micro the current is not to perfect but comes a lot of neighbour to be a definite EDC torch. Calm in fact can spend this torch in the pocket of trousers of the front all day without same remarking it. One 250-lumen the start is astonishingly brilliant. It maintains to import this has the superficial reflector as it is not feigned to give to add it spear, but a loss and the coverage of a light is excellent. Changing a start among a prime minister and according to lumen the settings requires the pocola practical reason owe that take a timing right. But the pocola practical and calm there will be it down so only well. Importing to a EDC to the torch is one momentary in the characteristic and these light leaves partorisca momentary on with the partial push of a key of row or calms that can depress all a way and close a light on. Be sure to order a right torch when you situate your order. It take a version of coyote that defaults the big lumens with a first press and down lumens with a second press. Some other versions are so only some opposite. If it love big lumen way to come on in the first place then would owe that take a version of coyote. If it love instant down in the first place then take one of some other versions. I can see pros and gilipollas to the each version to the equal that consider where and the one who calm go it to use and has left that the use is yours drives . In general, ossia an excellent little light. I buy another has lost is one? You have bet I .
4 / 5
Has been spending this light daily took it of then and my first impression was utmost. A measure and the weight is perfect to spend the whole day in the pocket without looking. I am impressed also with a start for the light of his measure. With which so only the few days to use am finding that sometimes a transmission is not that it operates a right way a right time and sometimes wont included maintain a light in constant. If he an even all a time this would be to 5 description of star . This is not that it would have expected of the streamlight produced of my experiences displaced. I can it has to that finalise to send this backside.
5 / 5
Ossia My second micro the current and love this little light. Súper Light weight in 1.3 ounces, 2 ways and a bezel can be slide on and down to direct a beam. A battery is replaceable and when being rechargeable is defiantly the plus. Any to mention, a colour is surprising. An only thing that classifies partorisca grind my train is that a boss to touch that it is included is 3 thumbs long, not comprising some discharge. Yes, you can use a lot of micro usb the boss and he will do, but is a fact that a boss resupplied is useless unless it plan on hooking he until the laptop. Enough it see the boss he big plus, or a no resupplied at all, that spends some savings to a consumer. With this said, this light is awesome and StreamLight has service of excellent client. I have used there guaranteeed in a past for burn has has directed bulbs, and is always be quickly and has surpassed my expectation.
5 / 5
Have Mostly positive thoughts in a light. To good sure the súper brilliant little light for a measure. It is not taken like this well of interest of battery to the equal that have expected partorisca. But I do not go to be spending $ 8-14 the week triplica the battery anymore.
4 / 5
Likes my investigation in of the products before I spend my money has won last on him. Ossia A second time has bought this little handy light, reason have lost a prime minister one that walks a dog (I think).

Based in mine estimativa & of need, this light (specifically a colour of Coyote, for this different functionality ) is perfect. Has not founding the best small, rechargable, light of row of transmission in this row of the prize for some characteristic has (lumens, deep spends clip of pocket, measure/girth).

All Microstreams have two ways, down and big, in this order, with an exception of a model of Coyote, which is big/down. Taking to down can be more delicate that other frames (like the double-clicks in a transmission), has to reads in a technician, but is doable.

A battery recharges in a light; different a bit where has to that take a rechargable discharges of battery he in a boss. Also it possesses the small Olight, but maintenances he in a truck. They are well, but more pricey and could not find one with any characteristic master concealed was better that this Streamlight Microstream, although master Olight MAGNETIC touching capacity.

Is likely find more economic (so only for the little bucks) elsewhere. It takes prime minister of mine one of OpticsPlanet, but believes it has been on sale for $ 26-ish; they are at present $ 30, as of 3/30/2019.
5 / 5
Experiences been due to Streamlight known reliability, and has not been disappointed. I have loved torch of pocket that was of confidence and brilliant, multiple brightness levels and initial lumen was a brilliant plus. It has loved also an ease of recharging with connection of USB and any hassle that has to that constantly battery of compraventas. His small, His brilliant, every time. A perfect Every day Spend Torch !!!
5 / 5
Exactly that has loved. I have spent a regulate micro for years and loves that. I have been exited when it has seen this element is exited. It is almost 3 times like brilliant and any much bigger. A colour of coyote is different of a blue and red version black. It comes on in max brightness (250 lumen) on first click and the double click ameno in a 50 lumen way. I am buying these like this splits of the self strategy of defence for mine so that it facilitate daughters of use and max brightness is key. Ossia Perfect. And a rechargeable the characteristic means my daughters do not owe worry in battery . So only it wishes all some colours are gone in this configuration because it is quite hard to take a second way on. Taken so only a legislation of double tap in a key that I active closing to master.

Top Customer Reviews: Eveready LED ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
It wins that it could it he take these there is rid immediately like alive in the zone of hurricane and when we have had one hard a majority (Dorian) has not had the torch or battery partorisca be found anywhere. They are not the súper quality partorisca have to that weighed but so only has expected partorisca of the money has paid. His well and do fault a purpose. I want First. Still it take my alimentary dog and waters it bounced there is rid while all the world has run more around. Thank you!
5 / 5
The lights do well, use 2 battery each. That the really has not liked him was a packaging. It is not the friendly consumer. I have had to that use the CUTTER of BOSS to cut opens a plastic packaging.
5 / 5
This quite economic celery but there is not costing the plot as I guess volume that stops of has paid. It was the little there is disappointed that the averages of some batteries have resupplied has had to grieve any one uploads in them. It has had to that buy battery for two of some torches in the first place use.
4 / 5
8 For a prize of 1 bad fact mag lite. My new mags so only last the days of pair. Here at all ventured at all has lost .
4 / 5
Be using these torches, for the little mesos stuffers
5 / 5
These are terrible. I improve light of some torches in a tent of dollar.
4 / 5
Often takes can outages so that I am very happy with these torches.
5 / 5
These torches are of sound! They are economic and so only can him situate in several zones.
4 / 5
Good mix of torches and battery for a lot of rooms of a house in a container
4 / 5
has tried him so only in a bath like this far but is to good sure more brilliant that has expected. They are also quite light.

Top Customer Reviews: SLONIK 1000 Lumen ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
This one dips some another in one the same row of prize the shame. These explosions of what out of legitimate it 900 lumens in a dipping a big plus. It comes with the decent lithium 18650 battery. Have Still partorisca try a longevity but certainly dips was quite can to light the room. Has the much more expensive 1000 lumen Nitecore that really taste. This light dips was light so a lot for less than half a prize. Well fact and detachable of a strap, which is really bondadoso of the good characteristic. It likes-me a fact that one covers that it spend a port to the touch does not exit like a one in mine Nitecore fact. It is there is always has concerned that goes to lose this thing. Calm will not find the better light in this point of prize in my opinion.
5 / 5
Quality of far better build that has expected. I have been doing in a coverage some last few days with this like this my only light source and is been to spare included down and is lasted all day. There is no audible coil whine when down dipping different some other alike lights have used and there are them still the experiance a lot of subjects of overheating.

A bit those that the things will mention like the documentation is the little scarce
- a micro USB that touches the port is found to try to unscrew one covers in a side of key of the power, will find that it is the dud coverage that will develop one touching port and light of indicator.
- One first press of a key to be able to situates it on down and the second hasten inside the short quite the time dipped the big. I want that it does not begin in a blinding big setting.
- Double clicking a key of power any time with a unit on or was cycle some ways of normalised betwen fast strobe, sos, and the effect of beacon that emits the flash each 3 second or so many.
- A lack of battery comprised of a differential swipe in a positive end that a lot of battery have do the hard to take to do with a wall uploads I already possessed, this in spite of this has not been the question likes built in USB that the touches does so only well.
4 / 5
There is doubted first to write this description because have has used so only this headlamp for the few days. But, I' m impressed with this product that has decided to write on the in all the chance.
A record and the arrival is imposed before and looks it will give to endure plots more abuses that any of the mine another headlamps could.
An adjustment of corner comprises 180-deg - different almost all another headlamps.
A corner regulates it to the stays dipped and does not shake or attack free.
A lithium-the battery of ion is of big capacity that time of half run long.
Originally has purchased this light for his brightness, but has found that included in of the lowest settings is more than quite brilliant for more than tasks.
Some double lights have launched the good wide beam.
A transmission is resistant water and very easy to operate.
A tape is a lot of-fact, comfortable and easy to regulate.
This headlamp is like this light in the weight is easy to forget is by train of the spend.
An only improvement can see like this far is one Or-focus them of the coverage has used for control of water. They are some thins wimpy the coverages find in the majority of this aluminium tac lights. I will substitute him with the hule stronger Or-coverages to the equal that have done in others such torches.
Inferior line: Ossia for far a more headlamp has not possessed never ( has a lot another.) And, calm can not beat a low prize.
5 / 5
Loves this little light. Like the mechanic he headlamp is one of mine the majority of has has used tools. I have used several different frames during some years, 9 hrs the day. To That I the gustanuno the majority of, is that of then already have it handful of 18650 batts and the separate load, can run this light all day without downtime to touch. Another wonderful thing is ossia LIGHT , and does not stick was the far of the mine front. I create, it imports when doing in of the tight spaces. Another thing, mine another cycle of lights by means of big/basses/strobe/anything every time is turned on. This one has the ready transmission that it is easy to do. I need this a, trust.
5 / 5
Has purchased this headlamp to walk in a forest and of the trails of bicycle at night. He the work adds with a light like the something and a plus of the riada.

A strap of boss is comfortable, and a quantity of vertical adjustment of a light in a strap of boss is very useful.

Comes a lot of packaged with clear instructions, 1 battery, and 1 touching boss.
4 / 5
Was the little sceptic that buys the 30+ dollar headlamp when I have very bought in a 5 row of dollar of Amazon that ( has thought) has done well.
But this thing is to good sure in the different class. A picture aims the cheapo Energizer headlamp afterwards to one the SLONIK headlamp, both in big. Some beams are situated a lot afterwards to the each one like this another. Calm are likely a lot of he same mark out of a energizer in a Slonik and an environmental light coming by means of some curtains.
Brightness Avert.... Also there is it a bit very characteristic.
A strap of the boss easily snaps on/out of an organism of light. A light also rotates the interior of one calms of trace of the boss so much can signal he in any corner prefer.
Rechargeable.. It is the thing . It was not never yes for the call the plus or he minus. His to good sure any one the pro to have to that the take was and recharge he for awhile yes is camping and is a half of a night and calm does not have any bricks to be able to or which have you near. But it is good to know you that could use for ever (basically) has had the solar usb upload and any battery. As it was the pro or the with as the situation and the use have feigned. More probably, usually you are the pro.
Prefers a method of ways of cycling to resist down a key to the majority headlamps has to that cycle with each press of key. It is good to does not have to that spend for a obnoxious strobe so only of the turn was. Desire that agrees a last way was on and use that in place of defaulting to half and that it has to press a key two times to take the big.
Good aluminium (perhaps?) Organism. It feels weighty in a hand. It can not be I add for backpacking how is quell'has bitten more substantial that it economic plus (or perhaps significantly more expensive) all to plastic alternative likes a energizer.
The strap is comfortable and the tension is a lot easily regulated without taking it was and that spends for the process of test and error.

Can not comment on life of battery still, but the ees seldom state disappointed with devices of ion of the lithium and his time to run, and any when finalising never touching cycles.

Still although he roughly 6 expensive times that my others lights of boss, to the chairs like is cost of a prize.
5 / 5
Has has had so only this headlamp for the few days. The quality of product looks very big, but while looking for a web to take more information in a company, looks that his (or any) has some personnel to plant incomplete web with a Slonik the on concealed name is not never state has completed. I have found a web of place, which has pictures of this headlamp, but wrong information of contact. In fact the significant portion of a web of place (I bear says the majority) is fill in with generic atrocity verbage this is found has been-personal of web of place of the shelf that has not been fill in. One 'Contact' the page aims the the USA direct concealed there is not , and he bogus number / of telephone of the email address.

Can have of the valid reasons partorisca east. A web of place can be be cut, but given a character of a text, the no. of suspect can be in a process to build a web of place, but this means is doing progress VERY SLOW, of a 'copyright' shows 2012-2018, and completing the web of place like this so only takes the few hours at most. Perhaps a barrier of tongue is too much for the - perhaps Chinese - startup undertaken to win?

In general, I precaution of impulse. It can have any way to contact a company for support of subjects / of the guarantee. A headlamp can be a lot well, but the only time will say, and like this far the red flags are created thus put web sure.
4 / 5
Frankly, I messed up. The life of battery is more than entity of mine that insane brightness. It have to that it has taken it a version FOCUSED so only like the result. But, although this was my failure , a reason for a light ding in an indication is that there is so only two ways to light in a light. Frankly, 'low' is still quite darned brilliant. In fact, it is way too brilliant for me when I am walking my dogs. The lowest light would have left a battery last longer and any blinded all the world with half the blockade!

So much, good brilliant light.... Not to use it enough to say if a battery will last a time declared BUT, more levels of brightness would have been a lot (and would have to that it has been drawn to a unit, IMHO).

Another nit is that one beat used does not have a traditional nub in a positive side. I am expecting it is not the proprietary battery in a otherwise generic creation.
5 / 5
Ossia The a lot of headlamp (in a $ 30 prize) loves the type of something of beam. This is not that it has loved, has loved the beam to flood fact of the tasks around a house. Ossia More like this to torch bream used to hike, jogging, or biking. Thus purpose would give it 5 stars for a prize because it dips out of the very strong light. It is also quite heavy, as it takes that the consideration.
5 / 5
Is decently lite hanged, but my question is a crazy recharging time and load of life of battery of shelf. Terrible. They are the zone of mobile of Boston maquinal and the confidence have weighed on that. Has two of these- a to recharge some batteries in a truck, and one to spend. I also maintenances 2 or 3 extras has touched to the batteries likes them to them the backup. To the left so only said is not exactly energizer, and there is almost any life of shelf has touched. I left him to touch and forgot him included at night, to find a light still has not been green. That an amazing hassell. Volume to plant a lot tight and place, as it can not have the band of battery in a backside of my boss. So much, ossia another expensive lesson . Oh Well. BTW, Some the extra batteries have bought is Samsung, reason have loved good quality some.

Top Customer Reviews: Rechargeable ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
Everything is so described another that a lumen. Still with maximum road, is dimmer that mine 500 lumen surefire and nitecore HC50. A supposition-timate the lumen is in 300 in 400 lumen. You DIRECT done well, any flickering or has cut was so far.

Would recommend this cual the casual use headlamps because of an integer headlamp sense flimsy. It IS no where after a sturdiness of Nitecore or Princeton Teak. So much for casually use it around the house or camping the trip would have to quite be. Seriously it recommends the backside in clear when use this even so.

Preoccupied Had weighed me also to consider a group of stack and multiple FOCUSED but in my surprise, is very comfortable! It IS any wobble or turns.

In general, that is to say the very very estimated headlamp. For less than $ 15, apresamiento headlamp and pre-touched rechargeable stacks. Highly it recommends to take that it likes him to him your secondary or casual use headlamp.
5 / 5
A system is main that some of his competition, as it goes east that knows does the smallest options and clearer.

For a measure takes to plot the change. Some lights are supremely brilliant. A side and the lights of centre are directed differently as you want to see something three feet was or thirty feet have been.

An indicator of stack is useful. It IS very useful that some stacks is rechargable issues the cord of USB (distributed) like any precise to take some stacks has been for his touch.

The life of stack is sum. If anything 2x 18650 stacks is overkill, but is very very prpers that has to preoccupy in a load.

Mostly use this for electrical work when needs to close lights to do in a wiring. It IS it adds for this purpose. The tan that shines while it can ask, and life of the stack is not never the problem.

For a prize is the roads adds . You can buy this with confidence.
5 / 5
My husband has the cart of fixed small tent alam this heda the help of lights the plot, and then has the walk of pastime mountan bicycle, at night time it a lot of help. That is to say very dign, left your free hand and an use of lights has DIRECTED lights with 3 elections, a stack can use the long and calm times do not require the preoccupy to change. For a road, this produces quanlity is very good. Thank you!
5 / 5
Amur A brilliance of a headlamp, and used to hike and projects of house, a last stack me 4 days of use. Luz of multiple function. In general I like him his no of those paid upscale prize still taking quality headlamp.
5 / 5
Supremely Shining and very time last. Exactly so described this headlight is phenomenal for a prize. It maintains in importing this thing literally creates daylight in your line of view, like the up resulted heats of time in when for the leave to cool down. I add to fish of external that camps that property of controls in the middle of night. It embroiders Emphasises quite only cual that shines this headlamp taken
4 / 5
That is to say the very powerful headlamp. Any one you queixars in his brilliance to find your road in a dark that law or any one another application. It IS also quite flexible and can lessen his beginning considerably. That is impossible to take around is that it is quite heavy and very bulky. Also it has less flexibility in a period of some joins concealed to that it would like me to it, but probably has of the slightly main that leader of half. If the brilliance is more than imports that volume or weigh this would have to be among your upper elections.
4 / 5
First I bad I like a clear, a prize was a lot. That I to of to the that likes him is what of small a strap of east of upper cape. I of the that has the big to listen or alot of the hair and I can only in apt he in my cape and he listen like his tension was. Also I have low hair, forgets to spend the beanie with this like me planned during winter/of fall... Luz Attaches very parameter that comprises the light that down thinks am to add when yours doing near with the cart and calm whose need 9993939393 lumens of millions. It writes with the leaders the big plus or any concealed wants to spend the hat beware
5 / 5
Sper Sper Happy with these and has bought 6 of them and turning them on well out of a box is already sper brilliant. And it take The in a load now to take them has touched fully. I flange expects to use them for fishing of mine of bond of time of the noche.ya does not require any one to line the light to flash for me. Im Goes to use or in my cape and the second a im goes the embroil around my wrist that and already tryed and is exited exactly which and the expect the graces but a box didnt has stacks in him but other boxes have had 2 groups of stacks likes atleast the all is exited
5 / 5
I require a more next illumination that a far unit HAS the mix of both capacity, can down to see slopes of next objects of the working interiors, and a sper far lighting brilliant and external works, a point of home is very natural as to our vision, the light adds. A red is sper useful, the insects can not see a red light. IF there are external insects, can not use some white lights, total around a light enter in your eyes, noses and ears. The combination adds of the each capacity, reasonable prize.
4 / 5
Some laws of product add and is very brilliant. A vendor there has been the prize adds for this element and has followed up in a cual compraventa thinks is the good touch so far like the service of client goes. To well sure recommend it this product.

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