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Top Customer Reviews: Opinel Stainless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5
They are not the enthusiast of knife and has looked for the small, looks it a lot of (read: no-scary, any-'tactical') knife of pocket. My investigation will be partorisca finalise with a Opinel Any 6. Ossia The wonderful product in the wonderful prize!

Are the woman and a measure of one Any 6 is very good. In fact it prefer the little smaller, but some the smallest measures do not come with the coverage partorisca close. A knife is light but sturdy and well-fact, and if a stiffness of an inaugural mechanism is not your satisfaction, the little sandpaper to a forest of a zone of folding hinge can fix it. A leaf is the good form partorisca be stressed easily in the bone and is the little down 3 thumbs, like right measure partorisca be spent legally further of places.

When I received It in the first place, a coverage to prójimo has done the tiny grating noise when opening or closing reason uses a embrague of a steel external coverage in a kerb that control a together knife, but after the while a kerb softens was and now a motion partorisca close is without sound. A lock feels sure and is easy to use.

I use he partorisca do sandwiches in some gone sometimes, as I have dipped down a discharge of polyurethane in a boss and the rubbed down with petroleum aspic, which the fact of the water-quite resistant to the rinse is gone in a tank.

One a thing does not love in of the this is a roundness of a boss. It is the little fat to spend in the pocket, especially if you do not have big pockets. But there is the long tradition of 'customising' Opinels reason his simple build, classical is like this easy to do with, as so only have used any sandpaper and fat of elbow and sanded down a boss to the shortest form, flatter I like better, and could not be happier with him.
4 / 5
After knowing roughly these for years, has bought finally one to verify was. Well, now that has, honradamente does not take a big draw to these things. That the people see in these economic pocolos kinda flimsy knives. Well, perhaps you want to stash an economic knife in a box of emergency, or the box of car glove, or something, but to good sure any for daily door. So only I do not see a point of them. Sad to all you Opinel fans there.
4 / 5
Has the bit of an addiction the knives of pocket. I have seen this knife while exploring Amazon and really liked a way and classical look. After reading some descriptions and seeing a prize, has been sold. I have decided in the No.6, Like any like him to him the big knife in my pocket, and this knife has the most rounded organism. They are very happy has been with this measure. First impressions - is to read and a leaf is very acute! I have bought a beechwood model and decided to do one bakes that another reviewer describes - rubbed some oil of olive in the, and place he in an oven in 350 terracings for roughly 35 minutes. This has given a boss the arrival has darkened really fresh and loosened on a tight leaf bit it. Súper Fresh and classy little knife.
5 / 5
Quite possibly a perfect knife. I have not spent the knife of pocket in of the years until I have discovered a Opinel No. 6. When discovering, mine the only beef was that it was steel of carbon and am hard in of the knives. In fact it prefers to use carbon in stainless, but tend to leave my knives in my pockets of trousers the time and take wash. Any well for carbon... Any big shot for stainless.

To the equal that have jumped for east an and I love it. It is all I amour in my steel of carbon, excepts does not rust or suffer moisture harm like this easily. A version of carbon takes more acute and remains more acute, but this still done a work a lot, a lot well. The common of the people would not remark the difference. When you Can shave hairs with him, esharper that this' classifies to result without sense.

A pros:
- Utmost traditional looks.
- Simple form. Simple function. I turn a coverage to unlock the, opens a leaf, turn a coverage to close again.
- Steel of quality. It takes acute. The acute stays. Has the very acute tip.
- Measured of the pocket adds. I find a No. 8 Is big and some smaller measures that this does not close . The leaf is '. Perfecto.

- A leaf is the little thin, included in a backside. Any I really import, but for users those who are hard in his knives and use them to pry, transfer and jimmy things, a leaf is the little delicate.
5 / 5
Adds little knife for a prize. Rings the basic no-tacticool EDC file that could anywhere without creating any eyebrows (parcos, work, etc). It remarks that a knife is the tad has bitten small for my hands of the bears but he would have to that do so only well for some tasks manually. It can go for one 7 or 8 while I require the knife he new plus.

Has chosen a stainless (INOX) version of a knife because it was to live in my pockets the majority of some times and I tend to be in humid/sweaty situations. It saves on some interview. With this said, a knife comes súper acute. It was able to paper of piece and shave the bit of hair of arm of a bat. Stressing will be quell'has bitten harder that a version of Carbon of this knife but still manageable (or so only buy the new knife of then is súper economic).

Commentaries lateralmente: the knife among BULK the packaging likes remarked in a listing. Thought would be necessary to say it here in the chance has lost a description. There is at all bad with this cost for calm. You could it wants to look for another listing needs a knife in OEM packaging like the present, etc.
5 / 5
has possessed the little of these, and has given the little more like this present. A no6 the model is a model a small plus concealed has the coverage to close. I spend this knife regularly. It comes the acute knife, resists his flange well, and is easy to stress when a time comes. It uses to do the piece by means of corrugated map, the task is very adapted partorisca with this thin , but sturdy leaf. A model of the stainless steel here has a profit added to be the resistant corrosion, but still takes the flange adds likes a bit original of steel of the carbon.

Compraventa. Calm will not complain it . Surprising for a prize!
4 / 5
Is light, but feels excellent and sturdy in my hand. A boss develops the little bit when it takes wet and class of movement of leaf of frames of rigid until dry. A leaf is very thin and a flange can be unforgiving a handler does not know like the properly stress a flange (averts wheels or 'tug-write' sharpeners this takes significant quantities of metal. A together good of whet the bones will maintain this quite acute leaf to last the lifetime! I add for basic whittling also.
4 / 5
Has ordered this knife for his value of curiosity, as it was pleasantly surprised to find that it is the wonderful knife .

Advantages? The steel adds for a leaf -- very acute. Also, a creation is quite elegant, and a knife is well has done.

Disadvantages? A knife is inconvenient to spend and use. If has the habit of the modern lockback knife, this throwback the creation will be clumsy to deploy -- taken two hands for the do safely, as I owe that take a knife was and ready FIRST OF calm the precise. Also, this measure is quite big for the pocket spends -- a boss has gone and taken on a lot of space. One of a small plus some could be acceptable, or could buy the tape holster.

This in spite of, yes collect knives, is a lot of value a compraventa. There is the big 'judge of conversation to value exited to this knife, but there is certainly knives more practical for daily use.
5 / 5
This little knife was a lot of value of the money. I have had the collection of knife of the pocket and I has loved to try the leaf of carbon because it have listened and read can be stressed to the point very end. Mina opinel is exited of a very acute box but I stropped he even more there.
A leaf is thin - is not the knife loves use like the tool to pry elements. This be has said, is very very built and a creation is so only. Short by means of boxes like the knife. One the majority of mine the interesting part was hanged . Often I will spend to run shorts while doing work of the yard and a knife was like this lite has forgotten there was. A boss of forest hanged afterwards to at all and seats taste has had the small coin in my pocket.
Like-you the knives, calm will find you falling enamoured with east a fast and choosing llevarprpers on yours more expensive another.
5 / 5
Has discovered Opinel recently after the fellow recommended eat them the file of the classical gentleman. With which some investigation, has discovered that these knives are extremely popular and that it is more is that I am a lot of abordables. I have contemplated that measured to take without any that there is never has resisted one and there is pulled one causes in a No. 6. It has loved to measure it that would spend he in my careless pocket and to be used for simple slicing works like inaugural containers. It have to that say a No. 6 Is a perfect measure for me. Probably I will invest in a No. More populate 8 measure in some point also.

Top Customer Reviews: Kershaw Leek, Black ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I realllly like this knife--until it breaks. It is a perfect measure , resists the decent flange, and fulfils everything of my needs in work and in a forest. In fact, I have purchased 3 of them. Reason 3? Reason some leaves have broken out of a prime minister two!

No his insult and no very prying or cup of flesh or jousting with them, but resemble the just pause was after the year. One has flown directly up in an air and I have has had to that do the little irish jig partorisca maintain he of skewering my foot.

In general, a fact that gave it 3 casualidad speaks to my amour partorisca a Leek. But, I lovely longevity in my train and am moving in the investigations of something can count on in a forest.

FYI--Kershaw There is agreed to reparation or substitute some knives ship him in in my cost (and expect the few weeks), but can not take for behind the piece partorisca coach that require partorisca the send behind every year.
4 / 5
This knife is a lot good. Of the visual standpoint, is simple. Any one a lot that spends of long way of frills, is drawn partorisca do is work and concealed is. Like an American, appreciate a fact that is American fact, as well as an American flag has dipped on that. Now I will go partorisca detail in of the different appearances of a knife.

Acuteness: Still out of a box, this is coming the acute knife . Any 'the acute knife' as the majority of the knife and the costruttrici of sword say his is, but legitimately the acute knife. Short by means of a very thin page of the telephone-book with ease, and included can press cut by means of the page of him is own weight to an end of a leaf. They recommend resharpening he in a corner among 18 and 22 terracings, which is among some corners of durability of retention/of the flange and acuteness. To the pure acuteness would go down to roughly 15 terracings, Durability in the relevance to acuteness would be roughly 25 terracings, as has he abonos committed in a corner.

SpeedSafe Has assisted to Open: works like this feigned, how is quite easy of the open. With like this easy is to open, they basically required to comprise A Lock of Leaf. A lock of leaf is the manual security that maintains of flipping was unintentionally, and is the very good security characteristic for them to have with a knife, although it can be slightly annoying to owe lock and unlock he constantly (at least you sheath the often). Also it has the clip of reversible pocket, which is good to have (although I have not changed he).

Now will go in a metallurgy of a knife, which can bore some of you. Skip The TLDR if it do not concern on this part.
A knife is done of Sandvik 14C28N, which among other chemicals, is around % Carbon, 0.2 Silicon, % Nickel, and 14 Chromium. A content of Carbon is in an end a lower that some levels of Big Carbon (0.5 - 1), and has a HRC of 55-62, doing it the very hard knife, while doing sure that it is not like this last regarding the cause to be too brittle. Some percentages of the nickel and the help of Chromium gives it the very big quantity of control of corrosion.

A Downside; texture of Grip, or enough a lack of. If your hands are wetted or sweat easily, can result slippery. It would prefer the texture of grip, although they are well with a smooth metal this comes with. This downside has the preferably personal has bitten his.

TLDR; A material mark for the very good knife, and has done the very good knife with the good election of materials. They rid it American facts in the good prize. Certainly it would recommend this.
5 / 5
Knife very good. It is thin and discreet. A stainless steel and the leaf are flawless. A lot very gone back and arrival. A flange is cleaned and acute. It likes a good reason podes clip he to your pocket of trousers or drop he to a pocket of the pair of dressier trousers. Absolutely I want a SpeedSafe assisted ploughing. It likes that I can of toe a leaf and quickly deploys. But it likes that I can also of toe change it and does not have to that concern roughly stabbing I in a leg has to that something freakish spend and a SpeedSafe has taken opens a knife in my pocket. It likes having to that an option to close master . They are always be he Gerber defender, but a lot so much anymore. I am impressed with this Kershaw. It is the really good knife that does not break a bank.
5 / 5
Roughly done 14 years, the wine of police agent takes to the business establishment that has directed and place of a detector of metal. I have said that it could go in but it would require his knife. It has said my people “any question” and when it looked in him has asked where has taken the reason was a lot. He then said, will be of tower next week and will spend you to an only likes to of him. Well, still I am not giving on one looks for this knife. I have had he in my pockets for 14 years but of then in fact use it has required to find the substitution. It has taken the money an exactly like an original excepts has some two different metals. The mine has not had serrations neither like me reason calms can any the estreses in the bone. It was very acute out of a box, pieces by means of paper with ease but a lot that would call scary acute. A one has lost there is redone entirely a geometry of a flange and has spent down some corners to be a lot of enthusiasts. In all the chance, something that has not taken with a mine the fact of gifted knife 14 years was the box and “manual”. I so only read in a thing and here is two BIG takeaways you probably does not know roughly 1) Free Life-Leaf partorisca time quell'emphasis. Ossia The big a. I have it that has not used never a service as I can not speak to turn around time, it metal is take, etc. But, calm there goes. It is free of for life. 2) the substitution of Leaf is $ 10. Ossia Well, if you have beaten entirely a knife of three thumbs of life is $ 10 to paste one restarts key. I have not known Never that. A brota is the solid 4. A service of the time of free life is that it marks some global estimating the solid 5 stars. I have possessed an a lot upper shelf type (denies how much calm in fact paid for) the knives and does not go to seat here and say calm out of a box ossia the screamer, will require to strop concern that a lot. No the big shot. And regarding metals, law a lot enough in my line of work partorisca EDC. I any one need anything concealed ploughed on and screens “ any disorder with me are that wants to be Navy FOCUS” or the knife that is weighed also to need a space for another material. Also, 3” it is for one the majority to separate compliant everywhere go. Calm will not find me using a lot of mine $ 300 queens of pocket like EDC neither a lot @@subject that well it is the build how is so only “too quite” (probably that goes to offload the little a new year). Functionally, A bar of torsion is only orders. Had several times when I dissassembled an original Leek that has had to clean and the oil and I have not had never a subject with “game”. There is not any game in this marks new Leek that I so only bought, neither. I have fallen he in any vinegar ( has some pertinent acids for Damascus of etching but has not felt likes messing with him because of timing restratints during some holidays) for roughly 5 hours. Taken some uneven burn was but class of looks of quota. Mark feels less new and likes is been with me partorisca awhile and like me concealed. Calm always can revoke this btw. Strop With polish of diamond if it does not like and of only buff quell'has been to haze or arrival of mirror. An only with would warn roughly is having the boss of steel can be that it slips afterwards or that is doing with. It is not the factor for me because it uses other knives in a field for slippery material. In general, it is it adds to have it behind in my pocket. THIS In spite of, I still hope finds a one has lost. Wishing all the world-wide Good Regime in his investigation or compraventa for the knife of pocket.

Update of photo - has Added on 12/18: it has been the few days , now and my description has no posted. This in spite of, has loved to add the photo that objective the one who some looks of knife now that I gave it a treatment of vinegar and stropped the to the bordos of knife of the mirror that would spend the majority of some critique some hard plus around. Still appearance find an original that has spent for 14 years and has feel the one who will look he in a joint to walk to somewhere. This knife is to good sure dinged on being the horse of the true work and I would feel better roughly using he in place of east a. I have seated in the register today for 2 hand of hours stropping a new Leek with a composite leaf and gave it to plot of has thought. So much, I have taken the only fact that explains to my dad of 70 years to the equal that to these works of knife likes him these “stiletto of knives” but without cradles. It opened it and it closed it and it thought it that it was ordered. I have said that that has thought this knife for the moment to substitute one that has there was take to the long of the decade but I have not given on lookin for him and really has wanted to partorisca have a new a. It has said lucido is not the present navideño neither, has loved so only to have the very one this will last the long time. It will give it the little more days. If I find an original a, side of estaca Ailing for photo lateralmente to update a description with. - Argus
4 / 5
Has received so only this knife to the equal that are in some early phases for the use but felt a need to answer to some of some poor descriptions. With which three days of use felt that a clip has required to be in another direction. I have used it T6 screwdriver and has changed he without any subjects or of the questions (has taken around 2 minutes). When Recovering a knife of my pocket, using my third toe I movement a pin of security to an open place (the pin of security is closed that prevents accidentel ploughing while in your pocket), and then touch my thumb to a flipper for an inaugural knife faster has has not possessed never. If you do not have a manual dexterity to treat these operations does not recommend this knife, or that would have to that be you manages any knife another that a knife of butter. To all another, ossia the knife adds in the value adds.
5 / 5
I really like a Leek. I possess 3 versions: I level it, one all-black serrated, and he blackwash composite leaf. I will not repeat all some good characteristics of this knife that is underscored in other descriptions. Really it is a perfect EDC for my needs. Two things to maintain in alcohols. It is not the rugged knife. Light and slender weight the returns in the pocket maintains to be appropriate to have to that really the abuses or the works have weighed. I have lost my pocket that returns a regular version and he have fallen (enclosed) to the concrete paving. The sure speed has assisted to open has not done well with which concealed. I have had to take a knife averts and readjust turn and tension of ray (youtube available for that) and is doing well now. For a composite brota blackwash model, taste of a finalise which he the fact less noticeable in a pocket. A D2 will resist a better flange. A photo in a web of place has a copper braze the line there is enhanced. Calm in fact can see is state photoshopped expands an image and see in the pocolos put a line deviates slightly of a joint among some two steels. A real appearance of a braze is aimed in a semi-detached photo. It likes- one the thinnest line better, so only does not expect it to be like this easy to see like this in a photo in a place of web of the Amazon. A so only another reservation is that an appearance would be improved a clip of pocket was also in blackwash in the place of solid black has painted.
4 / 5
This has been my newspaper spends now of then shabby, that goes in the year. It is my favourite knife for some reasons have listed in my earlier description down.

A lock of the security in the mine is disappeared finally. Have Still to have the explosions have opened in my pocket. :)

Ossia The knife of the pocket adds . Kershaw I knives come ridiculously acute, Like beware!
For one all the knife of metal, one there is rounded the flanges he a lot comfortable in a pocket. It has substituted the knife he small plus, with 1' less brota, this in spite of like this some twist he less intrusive.

4 stars to the equal that has two subjects with a creation.
- The can not decide wants to be open easier that another knife possesses, or harder. If one 'lock' the rests was, opens almost like the switchblade. Ossia Well, and a lot handy in a lot of one has rid operations, but I supposition Kershaw has scared that the power the toe opens in your pocket and stab you the death. As they have added the tiny few transmissions of security concealed prevents it ploughing at all.

This leaves calm with the election when calm the doors, leave a security on, and totally attack a whole point of an easy one there is rid to open, or does not involve a security, and live with a fear that join day sever yours femoral artery while it looks for to use the public bath and bleed is gone in a jon..

The Really so only would owe that it is less state springy in a ploughing a one operation still works rid without him that the flies have opened like the switchblade.

Another question is from time to time he likes near opened in the way that is hard to close again. This could be unit concrete defect, or the defect to draw, does not know .
5 / 5
Adds upgrade in steel and scales of edge of real carbon. Downside Is the horrible leaf that centre. The leaf has touched in fact an interior liner, but has done. Adjustment Of pívot at all to help the leaf that centre. Has another in a way. It will update when received.

UPDATE: has has received substitutions. Third time was the charm likes according to on has had also a subject same. This pívot of the time was able to be regulated partorisca prójimo perfect centring. The stampings In the leaf is the little different and a cradle has taken is not all a same force, but these are things a lot tiny . Also some will have the arrival of edge of the shiniest carbon while another is more dull. Any one two or three will be one same, so only saying.
5 / 5
The mine is cursed. I have had he less than the week and there is not cutting so only a side of my quite bad thumb some first time used it, but he so only cut me again tonight by means of two of my toes when trying cerrarprpers. I also the wear Reads black of extreme consolation of random trousers, is coming house last night and a knife, this in spite of has closed all day, dipped the hole in a stitching of one any, but two mark partorisci new of trousers. Has come the only house and he was the copy of carbon of last night. It has been to take everything out of my pockets and has had the hole in an a lot of inferior in the in exact order still likes him the pair has spent yesterday. I have had to rid the sew concluded, which is now that I have to that do with this pair am spending now. Ossia Any 'gentlemens knife' as any one has declared here. It is acute and dangerous knife . It does not like like this you owe that close of a leaf neither, that has to that stick your toe to a space of leaf to move a metal tang out of a way partorisca unlock he of a place has opened plenary. Ossia That a damn the thing nailed me the second time tonight, bleeding during a place after, reason is too easy to slip on, and this leaf is unforgiving. It is it likes the farmer Franco is samurai sword in Some Bodyguards. It is good to have the acute knife, but this thing is so only also damn acute for his creation. They are frankly state pissed when I cut again tonight. I am spending two Bandage- Helps on two toes in my right hand thanks to this thing, and has to that pull a needle and the box of edge was again for trousers of mine. If you go to buy one, dipped he in your box of tool together with your knives of utilities, reasons ossia where this sews to belong. Ossia Any knife of pocket .
4 / 5
This knife is astonishingly light and slender.
One first what was to take a esafety' and a clip of tape. I have had then he 2.5 oz the knife grieves the neighbourhood of a wide thumb.

Slips to a mini-trousers of mine of interior of pocket and has to that maintain verifying to do sure is still there. It is entirely a-intrusive.

A cradle has taken is sweet, and my friends all think that that it is an automatic knife with as fast and slick the transmissions was.

Would not try prying anything with him, but yes is buying the thin leaf like this, the doubt is planning on the one who .

Mina a question: This is coming mine to the equal that dulls like the clave. Kershaw Is reputable frames ... It was almost he likes has forgotten for the stress at all, this in spite of. I have run he by means of my Boss is Election (asian-way 18 terracing) cookery sharpener and easily dipped the wicked-acute flange on that. A quality of looks to armour plate to be excellent, so that it is the plus .

Top Customer Reviews: Spyderco Para 3 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
The empathize with a folks the one who has experienced apparently subjects of control of the quality-- a prime minister Dyed Golden has produced Paramilitary 2 I receipt of Leaf HQ was of terrible quality; a brota wiggled lateralmente near, is coming partorisca dull enough, and a leaf was discolored, as they have had screwed on a heat extracted. I sent it to Spyderco once, has gone back tight, but begun to wiggle again two weeks later, any @@subject that has presionado some rays of pívot. Has has not had never such subjects of control of the quality with any of one a lot of Spyderco is has purchased on some years that has been manufactured in his Taichung factory of Taiwan. Generally, Spyderco is the first class company of confidence the one who gives unparalleled value.

Felizmente, Golden Colorado Spyderco For 3 I so only received is one of a better Spyderco is has resisted. Arrival and excellent accesses, any game of leaf, and a new For 3 creation is absolutely fabulous for every day spend. I have found a PM2 the little big-- well for types those who are concerned with having the weapon in his pocket but no a better knife to have in your pocket every day. But this new For 3 is the one of truth fabulous knife to resist and to use. It could not be happier. And it has come more acute that any Spyderco has purchased-- leaf of acute knife. Strongly it recommends a knife. If you receive the knife this has slipped control of past quality, so only burst the behind to Amazon. I am fabulous with returns. But order another. Calm will not be disappointed.
5 / 5
Hard to call the knife in this diverse prize the 'beater', but ossia the one who this is. A knife can use - hard - daily without worry. This is not to disappear he-in-yours-pocket light file (especially with a placing of clip accionaría). But I need the 3'-knife of limit for hard use, is hard to find anything more in this diverse prize concealed is done in some the EUA, is this ergonomic, has this good of the-there is rid to close mechanism, and parties Spyderco has guaranteeed. Ossia Now my only knife, and the expect be my only knife for the moment.

Regarding subjects with taking returned or repackaged knives: the mine is gone in beat it slightly on boxes of Amazon, but a tape of factory was in the place and a knife was clearly new, perfectly centred, and has had smooth flicky action out of a box.
4 / 5
Has purchased to this knife likes a EDC option. It is really overkill for my needs, which mainly looks inaugural boxes and other types of packaging, and he excels in these tasks to the equal that would expect. A leaf has come the acute knife and perfectly centred, and the minimum use has required to break in the signal where a leaf has fallen freely when disengaging a lock of compression. Also, it has had zero game of leaf. Really it could not be happier with this compraventa with an exception of one spends clip like another reviewers has mentioned. With the point of prize of $ 120, that has to that spend another $ 25 in deep raisin that the clip is the bit to frustrate . I have known it is going in based in some descriptions have read, but a clip of factory causes a knife to locate like this big in a pocket, one deep spends clip more than the necessity that the luxury. I have purchased to deep spends clip of MXG Train, and while it is certainly of big quality, a character of his creation interferes with my capacity to take the cost without obstacles in a boss for the tip up spends application. I can live with him, but it has thought so only it would owe that signal this was to help dipped an expectation for another.
5 / 5
Has purchased recently one For 3, and am in general happy with cost of mine. It is it measures it it adds , going in in JUSTA down 3' (I thinks to convert one ' Spyderco specs he in, falls well among 2-15/16' & 3'. A lock of compression (reverse liner lock) is awesome, included for the one of the of the sud paw taste. I can press he with my thumb & uses my indication of toe to start with a process of closes. Amur A thickness of leaf and a G10 bosses.
Has So only two subjects : As with a lot of another, has taken to deep spends clip (MXG Train). To good sure seats until big with a stock clip. Mina another subject is concealed based in a specs, has thought has had the little more the urban nails in a boss in a Delica 4. Some sleeves are basically a same period. Material Spyderco has comprised a toe choil (that in the middle of of the east inside a boss, and another half extends besides to to a boss likes him the course of a leaf. Of the options of grip, but has thought really a real boss would be longer. In general, very pleased with cost of mine.
4 / 5
Are very pleased with this knife, is one of some knives plus very good has had a pleasure to possess and spending. A creation is not without some quirks, but are his.

A global quality is exactly that would expect partorisca in the knife in this prize of an American tends to the manufacturer likes Spyderco: awesome. Everything is tight, precise, and has finalised amiably. All some few details are there, down to a machined Torx rays that chairs perfectly flush with a boss. A full paving grinds the leaf is attractive, a form is handy, a measure and the proportions are mine in pleasant, and like quota another reviewers has mentioned, a flange of factory is absurdly acute. Mina, the quality of steel is really something concealed so only can be determined with hard use and long wear, as I will owe that update this description down a street to speak to this.

That was to attack really for in my initial impressions of this knife is a spiegamento. They are the big defender of a Spyderco thumbhole opener in general, and ossia a better implementation of him there is not founding never, fences in any one. It is not so only fast and easy, included with gloves on, but a tactile feeling is exceptional. A level to hold like this ploughed a brota is, in the word, dialed. It is so only enough to feel solid, but any so much like this for the retard down. It closes up with the extraordinarily that satisfies confidence. Right out of a box is a lot of, much faster that my old Delica or any of a thumbhole-way Benchmades possesses, that comprises mine very a lot of-shabby 555 Mini Griptilian, which had been my daily mate for roughly are years now. A prison is like this positive likes 555, which uses Benchmade excellent 'Axial lock' system. Ossia Saying something, as it always felt a prison was the force of this a lot of-lauded creation. It is also noticeably faster and more limber that my woman is quite new Manix II. This appearance of this knife is exemplary.

A measure of the sleeve and the form goes to be the subject preferably personal, but in my relatively slender hands are adds. A G10 is wonderfully grippy and has a crazy appeal appearance. A creation is well, if quite spartan. There is really any a lot of shaping or profiling to a boss to speak of, but there there is also bordos very acute or pressure omething hot' in a hand, as I guess less is more. As better that of a more rounded profile of mine 555, and is a lot of grippier, especially wet. A creation of good grip is backed up with texture strategically the good grooves have situated in a leaf behind and liner.

A mechanism of lock is cleverly built to a liner, manufactured of a piece of steel. Ossia The very robust creation . There is not any leaf grove or the ball that resists to accrue schmutz, neither any little cradle to spend was or pause, as in a Benchmade axial lock. Debris This enters a side of a liner is free to fall out of another. This lock is extremely positive and sure. I conclude it found initially he with a very uncomfortable book. Like the knife there is limbered up with use, has resulted possible to resist an emission of lock with my indication of the toe and the toe has closed with my wrist. Can actuate it easily with maquinal-gloves of work of the fashion on, although the hard meeting to take in with the fattest gloves. I can it does not take closed with just my sinister hand. They are sure lefty the users can imagine was some technician partorisca east, but does not find this mechanism to close to be ambidextrous.

One a oddball the characteristic of this creation is a clip of pocket. It is very rigid, do not twist era the clip until the neighbourhood-thumb down of some rays, and is trace quite down in a knife under a lanyard tube. This leaves the solid thumb of a knife that estacas out of your pocket. This is not an end of a world-wide to the discretion is not upper priority for you (in fact, the easy fact to take in a knife), but attack me like the election of odd drawing to give a lanyard priority of hole in a clip of pocket. If you prefer tip-down spend you so only can changes around, a tip-down the holes are well in an end of a boss. A clip is very sure, if anything surer that would like me, especially in flannel of mine-streaky Carhartt trousers of of work of the winter. As with everything in this creation, is extremely robust. An arrival polished is a lot of-executed and appeal.

In general, ossia the very good container . It is robust, a lot-proportioned, and comfortable in a hand. And that spiegamento: just wow. In this point of prize would want to have the more refined creation of clip of the pocket, and a ambidextrous to the lock would be well, but this recently to dampen the mine excites global thus knife. The appearance will result my gone-to.
5 / 5
Are the shameless spydie defender. I have bought prime minister of mine Spyderco in 2014 (a tenacious) reason at the same time has had the penuria enormous of Paramilitary2 is. I have had the asked slope in a web of place of Amazon for him PM2 for perhaps a whole year, and has come finally. A PM2 had been my primary EDC for some last 6 years, and could not say quite a lot of good things roughly the neither a company he. I sent it to take stressed the little time to take it acute extra, which Spyderco done for free. Has excellent client enough in mine PM2.

Has been lately that loves something quite smaller for EDC. A PM2 is the very comfortable knife but after spending he partorisca like this long, has felt is class of big for my chance of use. I have researched and it has tried several knives, that comprises a dragonfly, a manix 2, and a FRN version of one For 3 and so only has not liked him any of them at all. A FRN version of a Para3 has to that it weaves of questions, mostly a distribution of weight. A boss is really light, which a very uncomfortable knife to open. Some stinks of clip of the pocket on he also, and felt at all like this it small plus verison of mine PM2. My hand has slipped to plot that uses a FRN boss and a steel of this version (which is not S30V) so only felt was mine. Almost it has given on on finding the spyderco knife in a sub 3' row, which is the one who my aim was and has begun to look in other frames. But I have found a G10 version of a Para3 with my familiar S30V steel (which have known no existed), and has imagined would give it the shot first of emotional on to another mark. I mean, I have it to me because of Spyderco after a lot of years of excellent use of mine PM2 (that is still in excellent form, for a way) for the give a plus tries.

After opening a box, gave it quickly it flick open and has known immediately - this was my knife . An inaugural feels almost EXACTLY like a PM2 (although smaller, of course) and manages really well. I am nailed a distribution of weight is. It is not even close to a FRN version, and is 100 value any extra money on that. They are the spydie defender of for life.
5 / 5
A ray in a clip is very soft, can does not unscrew was anymore. All was to take a cip was and switcj the to touch down place. Calm import that a leaf was new mark when it is spent.
A crompression to the lock is hard and tight, has to use to plot to force to compress a liner to close a knife and does my toe hurt after continuous test.
A lock of compression can pinch your hand. It does not hurt too much but it can startle you sometimes.
A eegonomic of a knife are add, feels solid in your hand.
A leaf is sum , solid of rock, any game, centring are adds.
5 / 5
Ossia One of one the majority of knives of popular production in a phase right now, and for good reason. Decently Priced So that volume, one for 3 is one of some knives 'decent' more economic can buy. Here it is that takings for roughly 130 bucks: S30V steel of leaf, G10 scales, the full paving grinds, lock of compression, 3' cutting flange, and fact in some the EUA. Materials really good and workmanship, apt and arrive it can be the little vary in these this in spite of. A black coated the version is the little tighter in an action that a satin is, but a version of satin has taken will not swing opened with a lock of compression- my black coated finalised a . QC What I supposition... But in general for a knife of prize very decent.

The main competition of this knife in this point of prize is a Benchmade Bugout, and like an owner of the each one, there is pro is and gilipollas to both. A Spyderco For 3 is more acute as it slicer for creation, and also heavier that a Bugout. One for 3 has full stainless steel liners and G10 transmissions like opposed to a Bugout partial stainless steel liners and a Grivory scales. To good sure prefers one For G10 the Bugout Grivory, any question. A Bugout has the form of better leaf in my opinion this in spite of, a tip is much stronger that the For 3. One for 3 has the tip of precision, and that the thing will bend/pause yes to the work likes goes to cut of anything another that perfectly directly. Also it prefers benchmade axial lock to spyderco lock of compression, and mine Bugout will swing was without any control. Mina for 3 is... Any so much. Precise breaks him in and have some intent. If calm so only could have 1.... Well Ossia the hard a. It would buy both!
5 / 5
Liked always Spyderco of the knives but I honradamente have not fallen never enamoured with them I so that has mine Benchmades, up to now. A PM2 was so only the little big and a ergos so only very returned for me. A Para3 is something on and loves it! Especially I love a lock of compression. I find a toe choil to be the little superficial but a lot enough to break of our report. One reasoning for 4 stars in place of 5 east because of a clip to plant of pocket and a fact that Spyderco does not offer any clips of alternative pocket. Having to that spend an extra $ 20 for the clip of pertinent pocket is the small frustrating but Lynch Northeast does the deep cement spends clip for a Para3 which there is sealed a shot for me in fact maintaining this knife and any when selling was after the month in an of some groups of knife of the Facebook. Without a aftermarket deep spends clip in this knife there there is so only the ridiculous quantity of a knife that estacas out of a pocket that finds to annoy. Look On Lynch Nord-est and email Casey directly to purchase a clip this knife would owe that be sold with and will love this knife! I trust
4 / 5
Ossia my favourite knife has has not possessed never. Like this far for pocket 'a lot of' the knives have had it kershaw blur(stray) the benchmade mini griptilian(stray) the benchmade griptilian(returned) and now this. I am returned a griptilian reason so only felt crappy, has not been 'dense' and a lock has not felt almost like this as well as it has done in a mini grip. It was also so only the little has bitten big. Ossia A goldilocks knife; if a griptilian is quell'has bitten big for you but a mini the grip is has bitten small, ossia a perfect measure . Amused to flick open and a lock is like this as well as axial lock. Prime minister of mine spyderco but no my last.

Top Customer Reviews: Spyderco Delica 4 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
A description of a Spyderco Delica 4 knife.

When it Was the boy , has been said a history of Goldilocks and some Three Bears. In this history, a little daughter would try out of things in some Three Bears home until it has found so only a right thing has looked for. Partorisca Choose an element that record lucida more would say, “ is correctly!”

And that my friends, is so only the one who a Spyderco Delica 4 (FFG) is everything roughly, “ is correctly”.
Like this, that this knife, “Correctly”, a lot to the left say.

Is not weighed too much or too light.

Is not too big or too much little. (4 ¼ enclosed thumbs and 7 ¼ thumbs in general)

returns small hands or of the big hands.

His leaf is not too long or too short. (Three total of thumbs)

A leaf has the big hole partorisca easy ploughing.

A leaf comes well very acute out of a box.

A leaf is the true Full Paving Grinds aka FFG.

HAS the clip of functional pocket adds.

A clip of pocket can be dipped in any side and in any final.

A knife is so only a right measure partorisca cutting or peeling all your fruits and vegetal. (Ossia My number an use partorisca this knife and is for real exceptional in this application.)

A knife can be had in the plot of utmost colours. (But some paints transmission year after year, as you see to to the colour likes orders it while you can. I have chosen blue, my woman has the rose a.)

Some scales (boss) has the texture of utmost grip, that of course, is not too rough or too smooth. A model of stairs resupplies the same good grip when wet.

Now to the left says has not been always he Spyderco defender. I mean “Spyderco” is so only any one the name of knife has on grown with. They are old school , the real knife was the Buck, the Chance, or he Boker. You know EUA or of the German knives like your Dad or the grandfather spent in his pockets and is spent down to his boys. Still it possesses these frames and wants to him but is not even that I raisin now.

Now, after spending and using knives of pocket for on 50 years, want to something light weight, acute, easy to king-stress, easy to spend and easy to open with a delivery. I want that “Goldilocks Knife” and in a Spyderco Delica 4, thinks so only can have found that has been looking for.

Does not leave your porridge takes cold before orders one for calm!

To continuation well, Your Ol' Uncle Sawberry.
5 / 5
Had listened in a Delica for years and finally decided to try it. A Delica has helped to start with a Spyderco phenomenon in 1990 and has loved the piece of history of knife. Anything concealed is remained the upper-the vendor for 26 years has to that be special, more is now in his 4th evolution (run of Spyderco Improves of Constant Quality (CQI), for which continue to tweak an ergonomics, way of leaf, and steel of leaf to maintain the fresh things). In the whim, has opted for a Japanese, hand-tinted, Zome bosses, so only for the do the subject of conversation.

A knife has been my constant mate has arrived of then. It is light, comfortable, and constantly useful (inaugural containers, breaking down map, cut it down weeds, slicing watering flex-pipe, etc.). It is quite big to manage treat more serious without being too bulky or that worry to cause to any-knife-present. A continuous belly and fill the plan grinds to do it an effective slicer. A light drop-point in an a lot of the end of a leaf strengthens a tip considerably. A VG-10 steel is the good balance among durability and easy stressing. A big more Spydie frames of hole for easy start (although some flanges are acute). And a lock-the looks of rear mechanism to be a strong plus of a Spyderco lineup, as it has controlled test viewable on Youtube.

Some am complained in a lack of the toe choil, but can still choke up in a leaf without cutting calm. A Zome bosses (in my knife, at least) is has bitten it soyurky' - essentially the muddy black-and-green camouflage that would be difficult to see yes fallen in a forest. A pocket-the clip is painted so only, any parkerized, and spending quickly. Also it would prefer raisin of deep plus to protect against taking snagged and there is pulled was when walking by means of paintbrush. But I have to that say, a knife is very easy in a hand, like this ossia so only nitpicking.

Was in him wilderness situation of survival, would love the different knife, but for rural, around-the-held EDC, a Delica 4 looks to prójimos-perfect election.
5 / 5
Can see reason a Spyderco Delica is the popular knife. It is a perfect measure , with the grip that access perfectly in any hand. Fully widespread, a Delica is the little on 7 thumbs, with a leaf the little down 3. A leaf is so only with gimping ossia this creation of increasing slope , which leaves a handler to add pressure without loosing control. A leaf is súper acute, probably one the acute plus has had a pleasure to use (more than mine benchmade griptillian).

Has not estimated this knife 5 stars, reasons does not think his perfect. Although a boss is ergonomic and access perfectly in a hand, feels class of economic. I love a creation, but he doesent quality of cry.

His flipper the action is very rigid. It is with which time or with the little tinkering, would have to open with ease. I seat like his in disposal to take some time and endeavour in my final of the do the toe opens likes a griptillian or still one 30 dollar Ruike I own.

Shut a brota is not the action rid. A lock of frame is really fresh, (his situated in a backside), but his impossible for me to close with the motion rid without looking am touching itsy bitsy spider down a boss.

A clip is fantastic. His any the clip of deep door but his one of mine favourite that has used in the knife. It feels sure and does not have to that it uses two hands and the prayer to a God of Knife is to clip he in trousers of mine.

In general, thinks sound the good cost for dollars (ossia that have paid for this on peel of Amazon reputable trafficante). I plan on updating my description after the few months of use. They are happy with cost of mine, is so only any mine preferred out of one a lot of knifes very precise to possess in a first place.
5 / 5
This knife has to that be a better knife has not purchased never in my whole life. A VG 10 Steel is very easy to stress and resists a flange for an insane quantity of time. Ossia A prime minister Spyderco the knife has bought on its own name was previously he Kershaw man but has changed my alcohol of cost of mine. This knife is better that mine Kershaw Blur and that the leek combines. Of grip and ergonomics, to armour plate of leaf and lock up. There is not any game in any direction anything. The knife has come acute likes hell out of a box and there is stressed so only once in some last 2 months with heavy use. I mention a sweet vg10 steel with a grippiest jimping ive has not felt never? I will be to buy two or three more in the near future so only to have around in chance of an emergency or to give was like this of the presents the familiar and friends. Very of confidence and tight action of spyderco.
4 / 5
A Spyderco Delica 4 is the perfect knife for daily tasks. A leaf was ridiculously acute out of a container and any look of grips to be durable, as well as a clip. I loosened a ray of leaf for the draw of the fastest knife.
4 / 5
Has wanted to love this knife. I have done really. So only it could not take spent a quality and prize. In the first place to the left initiate me to say the prime minister of mine never spyderco the knife was the tenacious. I have possessed 2 of them on a past 10 years. Any those who has possessed the tenacious knows the one who the value adds that the knife is. It is the very big quality the knife has built well for roughly 40dollars. And it measures it knife quite well in that for a prize. It has g10 scales. Absolutely flawless arrival. Sum of inaugural action. Any game. Acute. Beautiful knife. Like this obviously when I have begun to look to something the little smaller that spyderco the found a delica and has listened at all but praise of a Youtube/of Youtube so that it has called expert and other users. Now I left also state that thinks them a delica is the knife adds especially for daily light use that the majority of people does. Has the beautiful slicey leaf. His comfortable in your hand and so only an ergonomics and the creation were has thought attentively has been for the do a perfect edc. A question has with a knife is a quality of some materials used and a particular level of QC my wine of personal knife with. Expensive accident he. A Steel VG10 are adds to rust resistant and good use to resist his flange. It does not add . Some scales of sleeve is plastic economic and ossia well but is also has finalised bad. Or at least the mine was. Flashing Everywhere in some sleeves and a backspacer and a backspacer didnt line up with some bosses at all. A game lateralmente at the side in a leaf was a lot of noticeable well out of a container. Which is unacceptable for the company of the mark of the name likes spyderco. A bevel in a cutting flange was was. A brota was to dull and has had the less than the arrival adds. This was all a lot of disturbing for me considering had listened such big praise in these knives. And a main point im that tries to take to of the one of the east a prize. This knife is anywhere of 66-75 bucks right now. Thats For real preposterous so that it is taking. Now of the that takes me bad. Ossia The good knife . Only no for a prize and no thus level of control of quality. It would pay 30 for him all day. But they are fork on 70 bucks expect you his at least does sure a knife has no poor craftsmanship. Ossia A less can ask. It is there is disappointed really. It was really while for the tool of big quality a lot cutting built and instead has taken to uselessness . I expect that your experience of types is better that the mine was and expect any in spyderco go this and of the frames some improvements. Calm can touch that it loves and the people will pay until the point but have some respect for knots and a quality of your product pleases and send me the defect free knife next time! Now I owe that expect the week for the repayment and try decide that to do. If it would owe that risk this predicament again or find to to something more likes. I so only cant believe a level of quality are entry a tenacious for 40 bucks and a drastic down the movement am gone in a delica to pay more. It thinks perhaps it has to that at least dipped any g10 balances it or something bit it better in a delica thus prize and sure mark that these knives are flawless that is exited a factory. Any covered in flashing of a mould with dings in a leaf and the not matching cutting corner. It sucks it was really in the rest waiting for.
4 / 5
That can be said in a Delica concealed has the no. Has a better ergonomics of any knife has has not used never. I have done in a line of the leanest production in a world, and that the experience taught that an ergonomics of the tool would not owe that be understated. A knife there is extremely tolerances stagnate, but with practising very small, opens easily and quickly with a flick of an indication of toe in a espyder hole.' A backside-to the lock is located half way on, leaving for one there is rid to close. A FRN the bosses do not spend so as g10 or micarta, and is textured in of the opposite directions of a centre, so as to prevent that it slips up in a leaf when pressing or slipping a boss when pulling. It is it adds it slicer; a leaf is flat earth and thin with a corner of a tip that expands so only before termination. This reinforces a tip. A Delica comes the acute knife, but VG-10 east in no way a steel a hard plus, and will dull after prolonged use; this in spite of, can be easily restored to shaving acute with the regulate honing steel like a one this comes with the together of knives of cookery. I love mine Delica.
5 / 5
Mina Delica 4 has been mine EDC now for 4 years. It is the fantastic knife thus purpose! It is a perfect measure to hang inside tejanos pocket, opener of perfect box, perfect apple peeler, perfects whittler, included can open bounce it beer! With which four years of literal each one-use of alone day, he beginning to the aim is age . It has been stressed like this time now that the so only can not resist that fresh-acute flange for more than weeks of pair. (I use a spyderco sharpener). It has been the knife ADDS for a purpose.

Likes: When new, VG-10 controls the knife-embroider acute for the long time. One measures of this knife is perfect! A jimping in a ramp of leaf leaves glorious control with your thump to the really dipped pressure in a leaf when cutting something hard or whittling. Ossia Is the characteristic besides Spydercos, and reason am resulted the mark loyalist. A record and the arrival has been always something-on, all the mark up as it has to that. A internals is almost like this tight as never... NEVER there is accidentally unlocked a lot @@subject that the pressure has been used. Speaking of a lock, loves to have the in a backbone. Yes, it takes two hands to unlock, but this type of the mechanism really go in handy when coaching Cub Scouts security of knife so that has any way to “look fresh” shut it a-there is rid. This creation has sold the few parents of Spyderco.

A bad: retention of Flange after the years of use (mentioned sooner). A plastic in a boss is not like this acute to the equal that has used to be and as taking bit it that it slips a wear. An also taken boss some nicks in an end (of prying spent to bounce). One paints chipped of a clip of pocket quite punctual, but a stainless down some polishes of products on amiably.

On-all am satisfied extremely with mine Delica 4. I have purchased to Dragonfly VG-10 the few years done, but is quell'has bitten small for my fashion of EDC (to the dragonfly is not quite deep quite the piece an apple where the Delica beat). Some resplandores of Dragonfly this in spite of when spending gymnasium-shorts or for the knife of light weight for backpacking. They are now in a phase for the new EDC knife. I have solved in Spyderco for an easy-open and jimping, and solved in the backside-creation of lock. I have considered to move until one has endured 4, simply reason still have the perfectly a lot of Delica in my arsenal. So only discovered today Spyderco has the new measure among one Gives support and Delica, has called a Endela. The May tries to find one of them. If no, so only I can finalise with 2 Delicii.
5 / 5
Has bought this knife with big hopes how is very considered in the on-line numerous sources and has had informs of sound. I have ordered a knife with the smooth flange the full paving grinds.

Unfortunately, an element I receipt has not lived until one $ 65 point of prize. A finishing of a leaf was done bad. Some hole and the rear flanges of toe would owe that be rounded and polished. In my knife, a rear flange that the rounds was uneven among some two sides with rough grinding frames. A hole of toe has been rounded grieves and also quite rough. Both chances have looked as if the worker has done spends it quickly in the coarse gringin tape without the subsequent raisins besides final grit tapes.

If this was the $ 15 knife, could comprise this class of corners to cut. But the $ 65 knife with the simple leaf and any one have taken to have that has very better when finalising.
5 / 5
Update, February 2018
After reprofiling and stresses it this leaf, resists his very acute flange a lot well with just the little strope weekly.
This knife is resulted my preferred EDC and could not ask the most drawn daily spend knife. It is a first knife takes when that leaves a house. Very light and comfortable in a pocket (I mine of the use with clip has takes, deep pocket) can direct fulfilled more common has required of a EDC and so only feels well in a hand.
Has has changed also my description of 3 stars, to five stars.

Loves a knife, to close and the action adds on-of the measure adds for deep pocket, minus clip, like a leaf but has to that stress a way of flange too often. Has another VG-10 leaves that control his very better flanges. Perhaps it is a leaf of flat earth very thin and flange very thin. So only read that Spyderco VG-10 was better concealed it.

Top Customer Reviews: Outdoor Edge ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
Has the pair Havalons and wants to him. I have bought this because it is quell'has bitten more rigid and less likely to break the leaf yes takes bit it crazy boning or caping an attacker. Still I will spend a Havalon also for real intricate material or easy works but yes has to that undermine bit it these leaves will not break like this easily. Absolutely hate that is to do in Cina although it was necessary has verified before I bought it and would have to that it has known better. I look for to avert the things have done in Cina so to the equal that was possible and will pay much more for the things have done in some the USA when I can but this looks to be of good quality.
5 / 5
I have bought this knife after my neighbour has used his to help me peel the big fact has shot. It was impressed like this with him, has chosen an on and used it on my woman buck. The work adds. After reading a lot some other descriptions, will comment in the pair of things.
1. A replaceable the leaf is easy to take using the thumb and toe (any pliers required) and I mine never had fallen was while using it. A key of the emission of the leaf requires the just quantity of pressure partorisca release a leaf as I am not sure like one could accidentally that.
2. While one beats partorisca title of the leaf and takes fat and some cloth in him, has found any cleaner of question he with hot soapy water and the paintbrush of thicket of tank of cookery (as it accustoms it potatoes or clean carrots).
3. A headline of leaf resupplies leans a lot well for a leaf.
4. I have read on-line where another there is stressed some leaves once dull. Have Still for the try but feign on doing so much.
5. With which gutting and skinning a buck, uses it to quarter a deer (with a help of the flesh has seen in some chances) and also like the boning knife. You are not until we begin boning that has arrived to spend for the pair of leaves. My woman has used the joints of glass to cut and has taken once to change to the cutting joint of forest, the life of leaf was has extended notably. Trying glass of cut, as to speak, the life reduced of leaf.
5 / 5
I possess the Buck 110 that I exclusively used partorisca dress of field and skinning deer and other animals of game partorisca a past 2 years. While this knife has the special place in my heart because of his history, this one has taken now his place in my tape to hunt. Also it possesses a havalon piranta the knife and I HATE a leaf that the technical transmissions.


Grip Of hule
Ease to change leaves
Sheath is solid and apparently very done
Accesses amiably on hunting tape
the Extra leaves are in the very good container and sure
the price is reasonable so that it is taking


the grip of Hule is hard to exit of a sheath sometimes

In general, Im very happy with a knife like this far but will be to dip he by means of his steps in a next animal volume

UPDATE 12-21-14

has used this in the deer another day and he have done well. Dressing Of the field in a field was awesome and is very easy with a leaf not taking never dulls. Skinning wasnt His strong point this in spite of have spent of then for two leaves because it dull in a hide and paste some bones.

In general still very happy with a knife and he have won the something in my tape.


Still using this almost daily with chicken or of the steaks in a cookery, preparing them to cook. They are very impressed with this knife and will be to order another, so only I so that has the backup.
4 / 5
The knife has resisted arrives well when bison partorisca dress of the field. It was able to resharpen a leaf and maintain it acute during a process. Used a same leaf a whole time. The leaf inserts/inserts has not gone too different to take afterwards. The leaf is remained ensured in titling of leaf during a process. I have added some blue loctite to a fastener rays and verified to see was snug like this had the minimum leaf wobbles, but no too tight that a leaf would be difficult to open and near, before I have used this knife. In general quite pleased with this knife.
2 / 5
Partorisca Be just, are the esesnob of harp'. I stress my hunting and fishing leaves to a point where shaves hair without the feel appeal. These leaves are not concealed.
Would say that they are 'the acute cookery' except far of the brota an archer would be proud of. So much, now my woman has the knife of cookery of fast transmission and are behind to the 1200 bone partorisca my hunting and net leaves.
5 / 5
I have purchased this knife partorisca hunt travesas of skinning the deer or that has to that it dulls the quite fast knife and the dull the knife he so only done a skinning gone back to do. Well needless to say are very happy with a quality of a knife and leaves of substitution. Only question like this far two of my hunting buddies has taken to to that likes to of my new knife, neither has to that but his mine of sound or knife typical of hide. Very happy with compraventa.
5 / 5
The element has arrived on-time and as it has described. The nave with the prime of the amazon was adds. These are excellent knives and is the acute knife! I skinned the deer with him and has been surprised. A knife of the still remained leaf still acute when finalising skinning a deer. It avenges with 5 extra substitution leaves that would have to it quite awhile! Amur That when one dull the just transmission goes with the acute new knife a. A chance to spend is good and wil to good sure protect element. To good sure recommends this product to any one looking for the knife acute leaf!
5 / 5
I have bought one of these after looking the type quarters a forward on Youtube in roughly 10 minutes. My boy and I used it partorisca quarter, skin, and boss two that it has to of bull in October. The work adds. I have used all some leaves, but the leaves of orderly substitution are partorisca grieve gone back. What good: I have used a partorisca help my brother-in-the field of law has seen the forward of cow recently. You are impressed with a knife also. A note: it is more economic to so only for leaves of substitution that partorisca send them behind the OE partorisca have them resharpened and has behind correspondent.
5 / 5
Before I have received this knife, was apprehensive to him or would not return it . I have not used Never one or has resisted included one, as I have not known to bear expect. I owe that admit, to the date is the knife adds ! It is solid, tight, acute eats !! And well you draw it. I have been concerned in replaceable knives of leaf owed to the his flimsiness. No east a. Hopefully Is like this durable as I create it will be. Thank you.
5 / 5
Amur This knife. Has an I and has taken a pleasure the present. Sper Acute and has quite solid and durable leaf. Brotar Is not flimsy. Has the Havalon as it could be bit it more acute but is flimsier and doesnt feel like the traditional knofe like this a fact. It uses this leaf of the field that has seen to accuse game.

Top Customer Reviews: Stainless Steel ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I say more it would have to that be sold, because of his value adds and has done really. 100 it recommends.
5 / 5
This trainer is very good. Highly I recommend it. It feels he adds to toe. It would buy again.
5 / 5
Has taken for our edges of 8 years. I produce it adds, a lot sure and easy to use. It loves it and I eat !
5 / 5
Are very pleased with this trainer. To the arrival was in the very small box, comes with the headline, and 2 good quality bracelets. A thickness of a knife is a lot well, and returns amiably in your hand. To good sure value of the money.
5 / 5
Is very good to the practical wants to take the real a some day. It is not weighed too much and easy to use. Some creations are fantastically engraved and thinks that is well for a prize has taken stops.
5 / 5
A switchblade is coming exactly like this aimed with some bracelets and everything. It was perfect. The law adds and love a leaf of practice. Now I will owe that order one with the real leaf! I produce it adds!
4 / 5
Has shipped súper fast and ossia utmost material bosses a lot well.
4 / 5
Looks exactly likes in a picture. A bit in a side a heavy plus, but to the looks like is a lot of durable and amiably does
5 / 5
Toes really smoothly, has weight a lot his, and is the trainer as I do not owe that me worry when they are flipping this knife. And still it comes with 2
bracelets. In general it is really good.
5 / 5
Take stuck sometimes but otherwise a knife is recommended highly partorisca beginners

Top Customer Reviews: Buck Knives The 55 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Has the number of different Buck Knifes. Everything of excellent sound. A 55BRS is a knife of perfect pocket. It is quite small to return in the 'pocket of clock' in yours tejanos. It is quite handy to use for more around some tasks of house. Has the lock-rear leaf for security and resists the very acute leaf. I can see this like my daily knife. Also I have the 112BRS knife of Folding Order and he 110 Folding Hunter knife. They vary in period and measure. You can see one 3 of them compared in a photo. One 55 is on, one 112 east in a half and one 110 east in a fund.
5 / 5
Has been the snob of knife my whole life in a form of ' has listened of him? It can a lot possibly be good.'. Spyderco, Emerson, Benchmade, Nomination Now that am older, are the little less susceptible to marketing hype, and much more susceptible to an idea that functional things that has been doing for decades and is still in the production probably knows a bookmark.

More recently, has read one of these pieces that detail a hort 10 pieces of use of coach', which is really more than the clandestino ad to satisfy sponsors. In a piece has underlined the knife of the pocket for office spends, or if you do not want to be one of these dorks with a clip of pocket that the calm aims everywhere go, for James Mark. It was beautiful to be sure but was pricey. I have asked my grandfather. It has taken the look and says 'Buck'. Itook The look and expósito that could take 5 five of these buck knives for a prize of James with one same specs and purpose.

A knife: excellent in the each way. Solid snap when it closes on, súper acute measure , perfect and enough.

You will not feel .
4 / 5
Likes it has said that it is the genuine buck the knife and is done of real brass reason hardly touch it a dang starts of thing the tarnish. It has taken the tonnes of pictures took it in comparison to the neighbourhood and all the classes of materials and for you the Europeans there included have taken the 50 Euros of piece of cent. It does not judge Me on my hammer or my extension of has bitten or my boss strippers but can judge me on a maraca... Has the tiny maraca.

4 / 5
are the big defender of buck knives and that it is for, and this little knife is to good sure any exception. It resists a flange, is easy to stress, and more adds of everything, is a perfect measure to do more anything in some smaller stairs. Included that could be quite big to clean the small trout if you are an angler has fulfilled . Already possessing a venerable Buck 110, has known has required the smallest version of him--which 55 is exactly concealed. This in spite of, as with any product, there is pros and gilipollas has discovered.

To That it liked him to it on this knife:
1. 420HC Is has considered generally the steel of low/arrival of the softest leaf, but with Buck is tempering process, results hard to beat, any pun has feigned. Place simply, Buck 420 is a better 420 has. It resists a flange so only well. It could not cut down trees without taking dulled, but ossia the one who chainsaws is stops. Has has not had never questions with rusting or corrosion in this steel, which is in enormous prize too people do not consider .
2. A mechanism to close seats a lot strong and smooth--a big factor when that considers both personal security and reliability in the file. Calm once see like work, wins calm @to give his beefier that more creations.
3. A leaf there is little state to any game in him the inaugural a box, which is the sign of better construction.
4. A polishing in a brass was excellent--no the scratch.
5. A measure, so that it has mentioned before. It is the Knife of Swiss Army without some excessive and unnecessary bits and bobs calm never use. It is perfect to do more anything, unless you are skinning the bear or something likes him concealed.

That improves need:
1. I personally felt like a forest in some sleeves was the little has bitten lower-final, which is reason I has not felt totally sincere roughly giving a knife five stars. Has has had to that so only more economic feeling typical in the knife has manufactured abroad, this in spite of that the description could be overdoing bit it to him. It was so only 'a lot of', no a 'add' has seen in Buck is other knives, for the dipped more.
2. A record and the arrival was excellent according to which the functionality is concerned, but has had flanges that has has had to that so only acute, unfinished, unrounded feeling. To add to this, has had the considerable quantity of muck of factory in a knife out of a box. After oiling and cleaning a mechanism and leaf, this in spite of, is coming immediately.

In general still considers it the knife adds, included although it could have the little quirks that maintains of the full indication.
4 / 5
Has been the Buck man for 70 years, so only this a model. It is not so only the knife. It is the tool ! This knife is the instrument to have that has weighed that withstands punishment! It is always in my tape! They are the handyman and when they are on the twenty foot ladder and in need of the knife, screwdriver, hammer, prybar, or so only the persuade ossia that I taking. The appeal was and snap it opened with a delivery. It is heavy, solid and, with a tape is trace scabbard, always the interior achieves. Yeah, Goes thru 'in and substitute each few years but he is the tool and the mate that can any one without! It will not break easily, it beat it to the hell and stands up proudly. Any plastic here! Just Solid brass and steel! It would not go anywhere without him.
4 / 5
Has had to return a prime minister an I has taken. A box is entrance has been dented and scotch-taped, a knife there has been the crack in a boss of forest, and a brass bolsters has been covered in fingerprints and misty. Obviously it had been sent more is waste. Any well.

Returning to the amazon was the cinch (after the hundreds of compraventas this was one first what I never returned) and has had the new 55 in my hands less than 2 days.

A knife is to add it small file. I have not gone too impressed with a flange of factory, as I have taken an hour with some bones and strops and took it to shaving acute. It would not trust a lock to resist under the tension adds, but this knife is not for these classes of works. Ossia Some inaugural containers , trimming loose edges, that eats an apple, mortifying my promise in the restaurant when it pulls out of my pocket to use in stead of a knife of butter gave to cut my class of steak of knife. This is not a knife would spend hunting (although it is big bro a 110 east until this fulfilled) or to battle (but does not go to a lot... Any one battles) - but for the knife of simple pocket- takes the thumbs up.

Collects knives, and any day now the data will be to spend the personalised $ 8 Opinel No. 6, Or the $ 350 Chris Reeve small Sebenza 21, and a lot other knives that fallen among a two. This Buck the knife to good sure will have the place in a rotation.
5 / 5
Probably would go with 4.5 stars could .

Has bought the little Buck Knives, and everything to touch a lot crafted tools. They have had to that 3 I has purchased is American fact, like this one, and sure is well. I have bought this knife, one 55, reason have has wanted to something smaller for my pocket in work. I also maintenances the knife of the main toe in my office, but is so only too big for the pocket.

A 55 is the lustrous little knife. It has required some stressing but is the brota adds , attractive boss, and conclude it tight real snaps. It would be a awesome first knife for the boy, or so only the handy tool for a pocket or purse. It is so only you grieves big that the Bic lighter, but a leaf has the plot of period for his compact measure.
5 / 5
Any a lot of to say concealed has not been said: it shaves acute out of a box, any game of leaf, arrival and excellent accesses, solid lock. I have loved the knife of solid pocket could pull is gone in an office without creating the eyebrows and are not to a tactical look, a styling and the measure fulfils so only concealed. This knife easily can manage every day fulfilled and then some, can do the knife to fish a lot has required.

Has not looked for the knife to leave forest or use like the automobiles jack, has loved so only the solid every day the knife and ossia. My only flu (and the small a) is that some scales of the forest does not look for being sealed but any biggie. Anything requires this knife to do he well, of inaugural containers the gutting has fished. Admitted, this is not my knife to fish but in the pinch will do a lot well.

Precise comprises, there is not any bell and whistles here, is the traditional knife . Inaugural is to 2 work rid so it can live with the calm then will be well.

I extra points for when being EUA has done.
5 / 5
Has bought this has based out of a description that says it would be one 2020 model, which among ebony like opposed to an older walnut. As it has taken it was a model an old plus in walnut. It has not been that I orderly and expected, how is returned and found a correct 2020 ebony locally. It does not think that it is to say the subject of deception but that a description has been here updated for 2020 while and-tailers still is selling by means of stock older. Both have to that it focuses that aims to 2019 date of manufacture, but one was for a 2019 line, another for 2020. They require to create the listed new for an old plus some in walnuts. I will upload pictures of both for reference, a difference is clear.

Otherwise Ossia The BRILLIANT little knife. Perfect measure for your pocket of transmission. Light, but the good feels manually for something this measure. Acute as it would not expect never of the knife of this character to come. It is not finely polished but looks well. If it was the nitpick, would say this compared to the mine old 110, a brota grinds is not like this well and this underlines. It does not look to affect a function of a flange of leaf, how is well. A paving of a leaf is not a lot polished, in fact, looks quite 'the shabby pocket' likes is the state has spent the moment. In fact it looks well, I am not complaining. There is not A lot EMPTY anywhere to be seen, a leaf is centred, a brass to the forest that joins is absolutely smooth, any leaf is the a lot tight knife . I am impressed. A cradle is perhaps the little soft, but inaugural finals in the a lot of that satisfies snaps in enclosed order. It would compare it to the mine SOG Blink in weight of width of low/profile, although ossia where final of similarities. Ossia The better measure and prefer the fashionable leaf of the clip as well as classical look. The a lot of fashionable knives newer has leave that is so only too big for his general daily purpose and look disproportionate. We are not leaving registers here. One 55 is forest and classical metal , a way the knife would owe that be and a right measure. I really like this knife.

Give some 55 5 stars in everything except value for money, so only to do the point. In the world where easily can find a venerable 110 for $ 45, a knife this one alleges to be half of, any sense to pay MORE partorisca east. In this prize would owe that have the leaf in 5160 steel of carbon or a S30V some Bucks there is now. This has said, am a lot happy with this knife. It would be good for one 301 stockman to take treaty as well as one 55, to improve cradles and an ebony, as has the reason to rebuy that one.
5 / 5
Is looking for Something basic and all-the purpose, ossia the add little knife to consider. He no bulk on your pocket, is easy to open and after, and has the hard leaf, acute, especially considering a reasonable prize. It resists a flange for the long time and is easy to stress - I use my knife of electrical cookery sharpener. (It has not been if you are supposition to do this law of May adds for me.) I mine has lost recently because of the hang-up of travesía and immediately reordered one same a. I any included look in another. It is always he adds to find the product loves and to @give that ossia my knife , period.

Top Customer Reviews: SOG Tactical ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
3 / 5
I Liked him his of this cutter ordered enough to again. An in the first place one has had during several years. A last an orderly has to 2015. Here it is a reason like me enough to possess of the second time but only the give 3 stars. A clip of pocket is of the different creation what that is aimed in some pictures. Desprs Having A new cutter for only three month a clip of tape has broken has been. That is to say because of the beginning the big plus for a revised SOG has located in a clip. Quan An old one has taken snagged while in my pocket never angled out of form. A new clip is much feebler and after the pair snags when start of my truck, has broken has been totally.
Has Had an old cutter during several years and an only problem are a cover that takes to dull and requiring re-has stressed. But, I take this new cutter and arrives with him sper acute cover only like an old one and has had included the point of breaker of better glass, BUT with the clip of the tape the feeble more than finishing to break after only the little month of use. A clip of tape is almost so essential in the function of a cutter likes him cutter he. Without a clip of pocket a cutter would be free in my pocket and a tip of the breaker of the glass would spend of the holes in a lining of pocket.
3 / 5
Bought this for my husband of fireman to maintain in his train of bnquer.
Informed me today after running hammer that a portion of cutter of tape to seat of the same has not done the dent in a tape. (This was a first time has used this cover, as it do not have to when being dull or anything.)
A cover of cutter a trick without the problem.
Has not tried a portion of punch of the window still, but will update once marks and adjusts a description consistently.
Is being Sold like a cutter of evasion, has to be able to do only concealed. Disappointed.
3 / 5
Very fresh looking cutter, with some characteristic orderly, but that is where a pros final.

As much as wants to SOG cutters (I own 3 another; it Flashes 2, Aegis, Trident Mini) these falls of low thing.

IS uncomfortable in a hand, and his inaugural is VERY HARD, included after the small beginning of hundred and ploughing it to apply some fat.

If you are anywhere apropa the city of entity, control out of the tent of flavours and local cutter to line the dozen or so cutters to discover that it is comfortable since you.
2 / 5
It has to it was it obvious to arrive to this point to price that a SOG the evasion is Chinese has done. That to be expected, a mamma of apt quality; the side bolsters the desert is big and inconsistent, clip of pocket and a tip of the pause of the glass is loose. A clip of loose pocket digs in a cape laving the significant gouge in an arrival. This cutter only will be used like the backside-up in a console of my truck. It IS subject also embarrass to be used like a EDC. Shame on me, continues to learn lessons in Chinese manufacture (some of my own subject) and this was still another deception. I think SOG has creations of good cutter, but and ALWAYS will look for done in EUA and CAN purchase another Chinese POS. Sure, any one is joined to say 'that expect for $ 40?' In the general sense, is correct...But c soyencima, that is to say SOG!
5 / 5
State that spends and using this cutter since December of 2015. Has 3. Some stops of service, or for off duty, and or extra. I am the swipe , paramedic, the enthusiast firearms, and hunter. For a prize, this cutter is one of some better dossiers has not used never. A verge of low factory very good. Field of rinds preps game with ease. Glass of pauses easily, and lines a verge well. He no well for the pry tool, but concealed gave me an occasion in reshape a verge in the so much :)
5 / 5
State using this cutter for enough 6 month now. Has thinks that that a cover would begin to aim a metal of steel, but that the has not spent the. It IS still totally black. It has not tried a breaker of glass. In difference other cutters, a chair of cutter of / cord the smallest cutter of tape is in fact the separate cover. And still it comes with the spare cover for a cutter (the cover to spare is veiled in a cape).

My only complaint is that a clip of tape is the small loose. I have tried to tense the, but a ray is in fact on a lot tight. It IS only the poor creation in a clip of tape.

In general, has any reason to spend $ 60 - $ 100 in the cutter. This one am adds! I will be to buy more.
5 / 5
I am spent 13 years in the department of fire. That is to say one of mine spends daily of the tools. Layer very acute, easy to open, has cutter of tape of the chair concealed has not tried and the attack does not have to never, and the breaker of glass. Only real bass the side is that a 'pin' breaker of glass in an end does not have the coverage and bonds in a material in my pockets. So far the there is not rasgado any one, but the delays that takes is and sometimes pokes. No quite negative to maintain me for the spend. There is the LAPD model of of the this, in fact multiple of those and is fallen the eschew and can see why LAPD has given to era. It say that a family has wanted the sake or for my anniversary and come up with east. The tool adds.
4 / 5
That is to say mine 3 SOG cutter of pocket, a fly of covers out of fast in my others two models and has robust clips of tape. I have chosen this model for a breaker of glass and characteristic of cutter of the tape. Like Other descriptions, a clip of the looks of tape likes him the pause was punctual, and a cover will not fly open hurriedly like my another two. My inch is treacherously afterwards in a serrated verges when using an inch has taken. Tan still with some lubricador, a cover is still dulcemente start. In general, I like a weight, balance and a global sturdiness of a cutter. I will try to use Real Purple, said that marvels of laws...
3 / 5
Decent cutter; taken that decrees of paid. This goes to locate around in my car in case that never require to help any one has entered an accident; it is not my EDC and any one where next to a quality of a butterfly is that no. Even so, has the good grip, to well sure does very that the breaker of glass and/or seatbelt cutter. Serrated The cover is well to have mass.
An inaugural and closing the action is the difficult bit compared in some cutters that possesses. He no flick opened easily with a delivery and closing a cutter safely requires two hands. Quan A cutter is looks has opened quite strong to line until the occasional use but I remark some flex when scratches a cover in a delivery and a cape with another and applies the soft tension.
All has said, for low $ 40 that is to say the compraventa adds !.
5 / 5
I do for the company of glass and has tried a breaker of glass in the cloak of 1/4'' glass revenido, not even required the paste he very hard and explodes in the million of pieces. The glass revenido is 5 stronger times that regulates glass annealed, is very difficult to break the glass revenido that flavours pegarprpers in a same face with the hammer. If the calm does not need never break revenido and does not have this awesome cutter, paste the a verge with something takes like the hammer or bar of raven. That is to say my walnut goes everywhere cutter of pocket, the flight!

Top Customer Reviews: Benchmade - 940 EDC ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
It is my opinion that a Benchmade 940 is a better everywhere EDC knife never. If no a better, is the cup 5. If reading you east, I of the that need of the sell yours because I already know. It looks each good knife has the careers of sprint like your remorse that buys an original. While an edge of carbon 940-1 s90V is not the career of Sprint, are having zero remorses. Now I have two masterpieces. This original 940 already scores10 in the 1-10 scale, one 940-1 bookmarks/marcadors the 12! It is now my favourite knife of roughly 30 I own. There is something in a period and reverse so much, a feeling the indestructibility. If you are the owner of new knife /hobbiest and desire to try out of this Benchmade the mark listens roughly, will be tried partorisca purchase the Mini Graptilian. It is the brota adds , this in spite of saves the little more bucks and leave his best to be your prime minister. Calm will not have the remorse of the buyer.
5 / 5
Ossia The description partorisca frustrate to write, like this up to now liked really Benchmade, and has taken of all a critical invariable negation of his knives with the grain of rooms. Any anymore...
Has possess the 551 Griptillian ($ 114), and an access, arrival, action, and the acuteness of leaf is point and avert - an of my favourite knives. Also it possesses the 535GRY-1 Bugout, and the to the east adds it knive partorisca this purpose , another the one who is cost ($ 134). Because of my experience with these knives and all a ecstatic the descriptions have decided to take a upgraded classical 940-1, in spite of a cost ($ 260). Here it is my experience :
A knife has arrived a lot of packaged and looked new, but an action of leaf was sloppy with side to game lateralmente, and an AXIAL lock has not gone so only rough but in fact would tie up. Besides a brota has not been that acute. It felt he taste quell'has had the swipe-was and was in a process to send it behind for the repayment when I have had second thoughts - perhaps has required so only the little TLC. Ossia That has found:
1. A sloppy the action of leaf is due to aloose ray of pívot grieves to involve some edges. If calm presionarlo anymore a brota entirely closes on, like an only way for a leaf the transmission is to have an essentially free ray. An only way to take any bite without closing on a leaf is to wrap some edges with tape of teflon, which I - in the $ 260 marks new knife...
2. A ray of pívot copper washers in any side of a leaf was both rough and gouged in a outboard expensive. I sanded his down and lubed his until helping smooth out of an action of knife - in the $ 260 marks new knife...
3. An only way could soften out of an action of AXIAL lock and maintain he of compulsory was to involve and release a mechanism the little time of hundred while applying lubriplate. Finally it is tolerable result, but any that has been expecting - in 260 marks new knife ( goes where this is going...)
4. A CPM 590V steel he brota has not been very acute when it has taken a knife . Finally it has taken a flange closes to where has loved the, but have a lot of more acute knives well out of a box for far less money that control a flange, comprising a two another Benchmades I own. Any impressed with a leaf...
5. A boss of the edge of the carbon is well, but not seeing that some reviewers is going 'Gaga' on. Has better looking kydek holsters in arrival of edge of the carbon.
To the equal that am returned finally a knife - was so only too subject for something in this row of prize. It has wanted to like and it has dipped of some endeavour of his entity, but there is something bad when the $ 260 knife takes thru control of quality and is this low quality. It is not to value he (mine) in any point of prize. Has $ 20 CRKTs ossia far, far better together place that one 940-1 I has received. They are in fact state convinced for the time was the fake , but that it could determine on-line is a real shot .
My recommendation yes loves the Benchmade clave with one 551 Griptillian (awesome knife). If it love a rovescio simple still so much way of leaf likes 940-1 sees with a Kershaw 7777 Bareknuckle. Fantastic knife, flipper action, lock of frame, and a lot, very acute - an of my favourite knives, and $ 190 more economic that one 940-1 paralizaciones, in my opinion, the very better knife!
5 / 5
Ossia A perfect knife ! (For me)
has been that loves this for the while now. I possess an original 940 Green osborne and multiple flavours of a Spyderco Still 3s. In general his all am utmost knives . Reason I gravitated to this 940-1 is a following.
- Doesnt jack On my pockets
- clip of the pocket of Original spoon has perfect retention and easily pulled in and out of some pockets
- Love an edge of carbon slabs - perfect proportion of traction and grip, doesnt takes cold likes a bit scales of aluminium
- Aesthetically touch the beautiful knife of some material the leaf grinds and the bone has washed s90v steel
- Light, walks in a pocket really well, too much damn a lot in fact (impression of foot very small)
- I work in an office and the field like him transitábamos well in both half, for real done for EDC purpose
- With some stairs of the edge of smooth carbon is easy to clean together with a rear creation opened, while in mine G10 pm3 he atract alot of dead skin, little more difficult that clean but no impossible, my original osborne any active
a flow by means of drawing like this debris will begin to collect inside
- A lot of fidgety knife, the cant to touch with him LOL

With: So only with him it would be a pricing, my record and the arrival was a lot especially for a prize.. Has has had to that tweak the the little has bitten to take the good leaf that centre. An action is a lot with which have applied some pívot of knife lube, and loctite to the equal that maintains that perfect tension. I rotate mostly go in east and a Bugout with Praying Bladework scales of edge of the carbon, my PM3 is takes time of pocket of the weekend. My original 940 Osborne is now the nightstand knife

UPDATE omega jumps to send the backside the benchmade; his wont send out of substitutions
5 / 5
are not the hardcore type of folding knife. Have has has not possessed hundreds of different folding knives, and does not love of the own hundreds of different folding knives. My aim is not to collect, but to use, and so that I my investigation and found that I crude to be a better tool could find for a class of cutting I need to do. This investigation headed to this knife here, and loves that! It is very light, comes with the very acute flange, a measure of the leaf and the form is so only that has looked for, and opens and closes a-rid like the sleep. It fulfils each requirement has looked for. An only downside is a prize, but ossia to good sure the chance to take that paid partorisca, and confidence that Benchmade will do things very anything goes bad. Has the reputation for service of excellent client, and has to that well sure a company will be around for the long time, with his free lifetime king-stressing service and excellent guarantee.
5 / 5
After the few months to possess a green 940, has loved a upgrade but has not wanted to give on a fashion and leaf of one 940. As it has taken one 940 -1 and am impressed like this with him. Against some descriptions, does not have any defect and the action adds and centring. A leaf is the little darker that one 940 and looks like this well with a CF and blue stand-offs. It is like this light and a CF the chair adds. It came outstandingly acute. My only with these some rays for some scales extend to an organism the little. More probably grind them down bit it. Any biggie. If you are in a fence, he and the hope take to to the clean example likes him the mine. Any remorse.
4 / 5
Love this knife. It is my EDC knife. Have Enough the little benchmade knives, but ossia my gone to. A S90V is not easy to stress. A S90V will not resist the estáteniendo' acute flange while S30V, but will remain acute for much more.

There is not stressed this knife in 16 month - I stressed join it time to redo BM uneven bevel and he shaving acute. S90V The steel has big grains of carbide of vanadium. A esofter' grains in a wear of leaf was until it is directing with a carbide of vanadium. Then a leaf will cut until your heart is contained . My leaf will not shave , but he still the short map properly. I have cut at least the few boxes of map on newspapers with this knife and he will not retard down.

A clip of pocket are to add and securely maintains a knife in my pocket. I do not concern on this knife that takes taken likes some of mine another BM KNIVES.

Some looks of sleeve of to the carbon also likes him the day a knife arrived and leaves to the light weight.

A knife opens with the flick and a leaf has come almost perfectly centred in some bosses.
4 / 5
Love this knife. One 940 program is around be for 20 years for the reason, and some materials and look of one 940-1, likes another has said, marks this a version of better production of one 940. Some scales of the edge of the carbon feels orders manually, the better look in real life that in of the photos, and a stonewashed S90v the leaf is gorgeous and súper functional. I have sold my prime minister two 940 east pursuing other knives, with which has had the 940 shaped hole in my heart. This the plenary, and I slowly to maintain this one for ever!

Knows is cliché the bash Benchmade QC in a world of knife, and that these complaints could be inflated on to the terracing. This be has said, calm is not falling almost $ 250 in the knife if you are not the die of knife, and we the dice of knife can be quite particular in QC and apt and arrival. When I have received this marks the new knife has had to that wash a pívot was with soap flatly three times to take all a factory grit of an action, and has had to that centre a broto for loosening some rays of organism, that presses a leaf in a right direction, then that it resists it there while I have presionado some rays behind up. Now it is almost perfect, has the tiny has bitten lateralmente to game lateralmente with a pívot has regulated to mine frictionless in pleasant.

Any of my complaints is big deals, took perhaps 10 minutes of fiddling to take one his knife is almost perfect state, and am coming to accept a fact that the axial locks have the little side to game lateralmente when regulated properly. But go in Benchmade, I so only fallen almost $ 250 in this thing!

Still think you would have to that buy this knife loves one, really is phenomenal, so only expect the give the little TLC when it arrives.
4 / 5
Is the leaf of form adds . Amur An Axial-Prójimo the death. Some frames of company some serious material and excel in his guarantee. There is not coming súper acute but are the acute freak. I have used Japanese stressing bone to take the flange of polish of the mirror. It does not expect that here.

Has bitten Of game of leaf when I took it. Presionar A ray of pívot, fixed. But then game with a knife the bit with flicking the open and has closed all day. Free taking again. Fijamente That scrape of pívot with some blue loc-tight. Game all day and no more wiggle. So only maintain quell'import also. Centring was perfect has presionado once a ray of pívot.

A grinds in a flange is not even. It begins millimetri and in a tip goes wide!
4 / 5
In almost $ 300 dollars a joke is on you. In the first place to the left say me in a past has helped my brother purchases the big quality Benchmade has done of M4. I possess the s30v Benchmade ulu skinner which is easily a better treatment of s30v in any brota I own in this súper steel. This in spite of this 940 - 1 Osborne in s90v is not the value that buys in 1/3 a prize. In the first place a leaf is like this small and thin would call it delicate. I expect mine EDCs to be something that could with and this comprises prying. You could a lot of pry with east.

According to this knife does not return the big hand well and calm could any never take the strong grip well for heavy work, which you would not want to do with this insanely expensive delicate little leaf.

Tercero, if it wobbles in a place of lock... My Code of Cold Steel 4 s35vn in the 1/4 a prize of this knife, does not wobble, mine LAPG in s35vn in the 1/5th a prize does not wobble, Mina Gerber gator in s30v does not wobble. You know that it wobbles, mine CKRT Hammond in 8Cr14MoV concealed wobbles. It is the less then $ 20 knife, this in spite of.

Am sending this knife behind, and if ossia a benchmark of Benchmade quality these days then there are very better EDCs available there.
5 / 5
Are disappointed in a quality that ship this knife was with. It is like this far to a left rubs it like this ploughed and closes . They would owe that send these were inspected and good and some. Sad day! I have loved this knife for the long time now. Mina 470 is like this the main quality . I go to contact Benchmade and see that says that it would have to that do.

Well after the few days of the possess are the little less disappointed in him. I am exited mine strop and has begun stropping the to take familiar with him. I have begun to dip the little pressure in a sinister side of a leaf to take he partorisca take rubbing and has done. It is opening and closing without rubbing but still very centred sure. It has opened/closed the the little time of hundred and am beginning to think while it does not look down a knife will enjoy likes the usable EDC knife. It is still a lot material of prize. As I am going to up my indication of one to three stars.

Top Customer Reviews: Spyderco Dragonfly ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
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A Dragonfly 2 hawkbill was expected long after a lot of questions in a Spyderco forum. This little knife the utmost ergonomics rid in the small container and some teeth the the workhorse of the small knife! Pros: ergos, H1 The steel is rusts test, like this light or forget is there. Gilipollas: That has spent to choil jimping? Choil Is slightly more superficial that rule dfly partorisca accommodate a form of leaf. It could attack of half the star partorisca one missing jumping; otherwise, ossia another variac. It adds that it believes it is a calm small knife better can possess. Bands to yearn and bonds of zip beware, this knife means business. It will not be the primary door, but can see is when being the perfect compliment to the simple flange Spydie partorisca the plot of days partorisca come. 4.5/5 Partorisca me.

Update: Lost this knife, in that buys it again. Tried he partorisca be the add small knife especially partorisca hard cutting works. Really it is the add secondary door partorisca agree the knife of the main simple flange.
5 / 5
Has been using Spydercos partorisca varied fulfilled on some last 20 years, reasons are small, light, strong, hard, and acute likes heck! Ossia A better one has seen.

And so that they say that a boss is too small: they are on two big metres and can still is well with complete it 4 grip of toe, which more could calm possibly ask of something this measure?

4 / 5
Are always in a lookout partorisca light, access in my pocket without too bulk, still powerful knives. Ossia. It is very light. Very acute. And very strong. I do in the tent of the pieces of furniture and the cutting open boxes is quite frequent. An acute hawkbill flange with a serrated the leaf is perfect. It loves it, it loves it, it loves it.
5 / 5
Ossia The leaf adds . Utilisation to cruise and diving. I have cut the better line that another knife has used and does not corrode. BUT, I have lost this knife because a clip is terrible! The clip the to mine PFD when cruising. A clip of explosions of boss out of a ray to retain. It is spent the little time before I have lost a knife, as I have done sure a ray to retain was tight. I buy knives to use, any to look enough in the shelf. A clip is not usable. Would want to buy it again, but it is too expensive to lose.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. The knife adds acute wine out of a box. 💯 SATISFIED!
5 / 5
meh Clave with a salt of normal dragonfly. This longer leaf a choile smaller like lacks that excellent grip a normal dragonfly has. Also a choil is not jimmped which have found odd. A form of leaf also the estacas am gone in an odd way. If has the main hand can finalise nicking a fund of your palmera when that closing. I possess to to several dragonflies likes them to them the sound my preferred of global knife. This maintains to bite me when that closing. I have had perhaps it hands smaller he wouldnt. A short of a protrusion of leaves is in the different corner also. The good idea sees any reason to buy it now that have tried was.
5 / 5
Add little knife! Acute out of a box and rustproof cant beat it!
5 / 5
Is a awesome knife. Obviously it is quell'has bitten limited in that that can do he with a form of different leaf, but like him he excelled in. Highly recommended.
5 / 5

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