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Top Customer Reviews: BELLA Two Tier Food ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 58 ratings
5 / 5
There is remarked that vegetables I steamed has not been a same vibrant colour to the equal that are when steaming a traditional way. When those Play out of excess water of a reservoir of steamer, have of then was tinged with ash. Unfortunately this steamer has the element partorisca heat of black metal that oxidizes. Some chairs of water in contact with an element partorisca heat and takes on the ash of colour, which produces ash of steam! Also, an element of metal and a gasket surrounding turn my black of sponge every time the grandson with which uses. I ask that metal an element is done of and is transferring to a steam also. I have not felt this was the way sã to steam my feed and there is prendido partorisca use the.
4 / 5
So only has taken a steamer yesterday and could not expect try the. It has dipped it stirs it of the broccoli frozen and the shrimp frozen with some leaves of bay paprika and pepper in a water. A lunch was infused with a smell of leaves of bay. Taking roughly 25 minutes partorisca some alimentary to be cooked.
5 / 5
Petit And light. Substituted an old plus Oster as I liked but was partorisca warn of of a lot of use. Note: some bosses of basket have the 1 or 2 molded to them. Basket 1 is 'always' an inferior basket or puddling of the condensed steam to your counter will result. We do not use two thirds like the general principle but there is remarked using 2 for him result in puddling but 1 for him a lot of reason seals to a base correctly. A look in a diagram partorisca see exploded in some manual shows 2 seating atop 1. He the difference!
5 / 5
Has done sure partorisca clean each part of dish with warm soapy water and a reservoir with humid cloth , cleaned before I used it. A course partorisca heat in a half of a reservoir is covered with chalky material after a first use, and only cooked potatoes :( That is this material , It can any one left to know? More, has used brita-water filtered partorisca a reservoir.
4 / 5
Has has wanted to really like this steamer. It was exactly that has looked for. Substitute the 2.5 year-old Oster steamer that die had finally was. Unfortunately, one a lot before time I steamed some veggies in him, something has been bad. To an end of a steaming, there is remarked the odd founding the plastic smell that comes from/comes from a device. With which have cooled of the bit, examined it and there is remarked that a centre of a coverage of the reservoir there has been the light bloodletting. Wanting to look further, has tried to take a coverage was, but is there is entirely stuck to a base and no budge. Further, there is remarked that a water that had collected in a coverage there has been a greasy look, probably of a plastic has melted. Especially this, a unit has left also the significant quantity partorisca water under the cookery for the moment. Behind it goes!
5 / 5
The steamer adds. The easy alimentary cooks and fast. Downside Is a reservoir is a lot too superficial. When you Feed it is finalised is almost to a brim if any overflowing. The frames that situates difficult water
4 / 5
loves this. I have it that has not possessed never the first steamer, and use this only roughly every day. It is extremely easy to use and do a lot well. Have Always hate use the stove, is hot like calm can not clean on immediately and always do the disorder, but no this device. A quality of lunch can do for a prep time and cleanup the endeavour is surprising. One to to a thing does not like on the one of of the east is a 'fill flat' where is supposition to touch in of the new water. This thing is useless, but felizmente is also pointless. Calm easily can take some upper pieces and have direct access to a basin of water, and is near to join it to him to tank likes him the mine is calm then so only can extend of a hose of tap and directly fill a basin of water, is quickly and easy, could did not conceal and has had to use a full plan to add waters probably was it returned, ossia the one who useless one fill the paving is. A basin of water is quite big to vegetable of same steam of root in a go. I usually green cookery veggies once the day and exchanges a water each one another day.
5 / 5
Looks well in a counter and of the steams quickly. I gave it so only 3 stars for a dial. Any only is some numbers in a hard dial to see, likes some of some other descriptions have mentioned, he also done an annoying clicking noise a whole time is into use. It is like a timer of old egg.
4 / 5
This product is very good. Work well for steaming any class to feed. We use for steaming Chinese dim utmost, squash, fish and a lot other things. It takes five stars if a slide was to add more waters can be main. A prize is right and a quality is well. It is relatively easy to clean.
5 / 5
In the first place would like me say that a fact that this is lasted 4 years was longer that has expected and to good sure aims that is not of to the the economic/rubbishes like them to them some has declared.

There be enjoyed to use a whole time and although it was not to perfect, really was to add (of here 4-stars)

A gilipollas was:
- Like this some have mentioned any one closes was when it waters is soothes so much can burn a piece of the centre but he will maintain working and am sure all the world has done he in some point
- taken the moment to take that it goes and he so that it takes the moment to in fact of steam

- is compatible
- very easy to clean
- very easy to operate
- flat stack for easy storage
- along durable
- the low cost has compared to another
- max waters of the roughly 45min to steam that is sufficient for same potatoes

That have cooked in him:
- beetroot
- corn
- very bondadoso of potato
- cauliflower
- turnips
- courgette
(Basically a lot vegetal really hard concealed to take too long to boil)

I cooked fish or has done my lunch in the reason to be sincere that the material is better roasted in an oven.

Expects these helps! Maintaining I needs to find the new steamer and can take this one again of another is much more expensive and a lot necessarily have better descriptions.

Top Customer Reviews: Oster Double Tiered ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
1 / 5
I have bought this in of the vegetables of steam for lunch of creature of the pure for my boy. I have opened on some instructions and the falls of paper out of that reads 'these products contains the chemist fulfilled in a state of California to cause defects of birth or another reproductive harm.' Afterwards looking for on-line learnt that there it have it bpa in of the this, which are effects would be seen in the creatures and a heat further would aggravate. I am so turbulent so that this would have to has been clears in an on-line description in planting to waste my time. Any dry comfortable prepping the lunch of my boy in something concealed could cause subjects for them. Seriously only steer clear
1 / 5
That is to say an improvement in an anterior model? Uh, Not even near.

During my first use, this esteamer' does not have products quite steam in fog some sides of a level a low plus in 10 minutes. After 15 minutes, the bit of the steam headed to to be apparent in a low plus tier, but an upper tier was still totally the free steam. I have maintained to pose my ear afterwards in a base to do the sure law and he still was so far so in impulse a third (after 15 minutes) to see a production of steam/of unit to heat. It IS smaller in better. Based in a same, this steamer is the joke /of the toy compared in an anterior model. Also, a plastic third is done of very more flexible/ thin plastic and listen/probably is much cheaper like the result.

An anterior version of this steamer was main, done of better plastic, and headed steaming almost immediately. I have used to to cook each which in him and has wanted to to use the (although it can be the $ %! In clean). Some vegetables have tried to steam tonight (broccoli and cauliflower) would have been done in 15 minutes with an anterior steamer and this creature had not taken included everything of a drop tier the vegetables have covered.

Too bad, really. I Like him his of a creation that saves spatial, a unit to animate of the metal, and an easy-in-annex-dial of time. Alas, these improvements are lost in comparatively poor action, material cheaper, and obviously Much more cooking time.
5 / 5
State that uses this steamer for enough 3.huesos Now, and wants to it. I steam each what which are the a lot of issues it the more is in cook. Work perfectly. I have not imagined as to take tasty the fish steamed up to now, but in time I so that it wants to fish also. So far I have steamed broccoli, potatoes, white potatoes, carrots, corn, squash, squash, grain of series, ochra, etc and has been very delicous and fully cooked. The steamer adds.
3 / 5
I disturbed This steamer. Has data he cual the present and gave it behind! That is to say what bad is. He the seafood has posed any one in a fund (like a picture) anything posed in in in the upper flavour like his the fish. The odd tan. Work well for other things, even so. Shipping etc was punctual.
4 / 5
Quan Has decided to try to do some lunch of creature for my threads, boiled his fruits and vegetable weekly before posing them in a blender. Later, when it was older, has discovered that doing this cookery all some nutrients out of them. So many, when have my next boy, decided to buy the steamer to maintain things the small more sos.
Has purchased a Oster Alimentary Steamer. To use fill an inferior compartment with water. There is the minimum line and the maximum line. Usually the full well among so much. Then it fill some plastic compartments with fruits, vegetal, the flesh or anything more cook of explosion. There is the plant of plastic point in a half to separate some two compartments. This calm leave you to do two different things a same time. It can use the so many or only unit Desprs layer he, has the knob to use to pose a quantity to time in a steamer. It can take the while. Usually I poses for enough 40-45 minutes for fruits and 45-50 minutes for vegetables. That is to say to do a very soft lunch in pure. You can cook he for the time the low plus to maintain a veggies more in firm. I actuate Never the used he for flesh, as I can not speak in that.
Some people have said that his steamer has filtered when used. Active has had to The only raisin or time when too much water of gesture in him and is spent a maximum line. You have to be careful any one to do concealed.

-Easy to use
-Easy to clean

-the himself filled leaks with too much of water
-Some bubbles of inferior compartment up and look foamy in timing when cooking, but does not look to hurt some fruits or vegetal

is the plastic steamer with the plastic compartments has compared in other more durable steamers, but takes a work done for me. It has Had he for almost 8 Month, he using quite once the week and he still does a same. I am happy with purchase of mine.
5 / 5
It uses this steamer for more concealed two years and conclusively can say that it is fantastic! Some two baskets for steaming multiple veggies and the potatoes have done immediately the life so much easier, any one to mention a fact these impulses my familiar to eat more sos. While it gives a feed a right quantity of time, all the delicious test.

A bit those that tips: 30 mins for corn in a cob, 10 minutes for broccoli, 15 minutes for carrots of creature and 15-20 minutes for cut or mini is records of the potatoes. The green bean Can take squishy has left the in of the pauses far too very time, as it maintains the next eye in the (10-12 minutes, usually).

If you are not fastidious quite that clean an inferior zone has been after a water has been drained, can accrue some funk. That is to say quite easy to clean has been with the tampon to record, soap, and warm water, even so.

Has possessed the few steamers, and this one east by far my favourite. It estimates each penny!
5 / 5
I like this steamer the plot, although it do not use it daily. I guess it is easy to use, and comes with instructions that says of how long in vegetable of steam and flesh. I fill a fund with water, poses a timer, besieges some lunches in some containers of steamer and chair behind. A timer is not too cement. Careful Be to look a time as when some arrivals of timer, does not have any bell or the indication is finished. I clean a fund of cauldron when he , apresamiento messy. Apresamientos steamed, any one-fried eaten in so little like 20 minutes. Some the plastic containers are sure dishwasher . Waters of circle in a subordinated and the drought of left wing totally before using again. A Mine was easy in mandate and paid. Any problem.
5 / 5
I have purchased this for my mamma that spends totally to the long boil and streaming veggies for my diabetic father. They use propane for his heating and cookery and when yours always using an oven, tends to cross the plus weaves duquel the gas is expensive. As I have seen this and thought it would be the alternative sum in steaming in an oven. They want the reason my mamma can touch the tonne of veggies in some containers, pose the and forget it until the fence was. It IS very easy to clean and so far lining until a veggie onslaught. It has Had he for enough two month, as we will see what durable is long term . Oh And his so easy to use included my dad can imagine was and that is to say the miracle in and of him. So far so good.
5 / 5
In me, that is to say the perfectly done steamer . I will say you why...
1. It is not also big or too small
2. It IS very mere to use
3. It IS easy to clean and the group was.
4. Very abordable
5. More importantly, veggies is steamed to perfection and flavour like delicious. Nevermind All these concerns quite he no when being any BPA free and any be certified or agreed for easterly an or that or, salvation, us all still goes to die of something some day lol. There is the plot of the things that affects our health these days that begins to count them, doomsday will take you and your list still will not be complete. Also it can enjoy the steam of flavour adds veggies while it is lives !

Tip: any pig of steam or sausage in him. Well, the calm supposition can, but has tried ribs of pig and sausage once and while some cooks of flesh well, was also messy for me. All a fat dripped down in a reservoir of water and still after the wash had it porky smell. Owe the diverse time with Clorox to take a smell has been. The chicken and the fish are less fat so perhaps has not been that malodorous but is not something wants to try. Only I will maintain to use the to steam veggies.
1 / 5
Sad abhorred this product. I have decided to buy of the each one amazing description. It IS flimsy and a unit of water is delicate to find a right quantity. So you have posed mass in finishing to boil a plus under tier - has also little then has to take and readd waters which are the total disorder and peril of heat. A burned unit and a next time a water there has been some burned particles in him. Neither I have been crazy on steam in plastic as it has launched in fact was afterwards 4 terrible uses. The May THERE HAS BEEN the problem with the small tender mine tier the stainless steel posed that it has to to the left in another country and can not find here below of EUA $ 100 : 0

Top Customer Reviews: Aroma Housewares ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
I have used this cookery of rice of the Aroma during four years, and still is going strong. You can take some rice of jasmine of good quality out of east is has to do around some smaller inconveniences:

1. Rices to wash the small time in advance to minimise water spillage in your contadora.

2. For a pertinent quantity of water, full level of water in in a knuckle of premier of your toe of indication when that touches a cup of a rice (for rice of jasmine). It covers in cookery ( has very on/was button) and down press the button to start with cooks.

3. The The rice will finish to cook besides or 20 minutes less. There is not any opinion excepts that a button to cook automatically explosions until a warm function. Immediately it unplugs a cookery or a fund of a rice will burn and be it taken to clean. A warm characteristic is useless.

4. It does not take a lid of a cookery of rice immediately or a rice still bond in a fund of a pot. It was not burned the different colour but he still will be difficult to clean without being drenched in of waters he for in an hour. Instead, I move a pot of rice of a burner of cookery, lid still on, and the place eschew the to cool for five in ten minutes. Quan Takes a lid later in fluff in a rice, any one of him will be bonded in a fund, and a pot will be the breeze to clean .

And that it is quite the. Marks the good quantity of rice for one or two people.
5 / 5
I have doubted to take this so that I have seen some revise enough that this 'to wall of ruins' and 'the rice/of sea of the burns'... It IS the steamer . He steams. It maintains that in importing when there is cook and no the plant near in a wall/down abandons in a cookery and has posed only the timer, and unplug it when a time is up and any a lot of problems.
Seriously any reason any one to take this. It IS perfect for 1-2 people. He steams veggies perfect, and has steamed whole (butterflied) hearts of the chicken and he cook it utmost. It attaches to buy and def value he.
5 / 5
It IS so excited after reading some instructions for this cookery of rice for Aroma, this does an amazing variety of different cookeries, that this an in fact asks different quantities to water so are cooking white or brown rice. Salvation, No a rest of some manufactures takes that very has the difference? The The brown rice requires more liquid to cook properly. You L enormous favour and sure when being to follow some directions and rinse a rice thoroughly. I can very emphasise this quite particular instruction, so that a lot the fact the difference and any only prevent spill on of liquid but also maintains a rice to burn or bond in a fund of a glass of cookery. Another enormous tone is to attach the teaspoon to cook oil for two has measured cups of dry rice. I use oil of safflower, so that it does not affect a flavour of a rice, the more is some uses of same oil in a wok.

That is to say in fact the small little cookery, well for only or or two people, especially yes is cooking brown rice where a maximum quantity of raw rice is 2 cups, resulted in 4 cup cooked. Since we are now empty-nesters, that is to say to perfect my husband and me.

Has done 2 cups of brown rices besides or 40 minutes less last night and 4 cups of brown rices in 45 minutes today. Both batches of rices are exited perfect! I have left then a unit cools was totally and has done 4 shorter of rice and steamed the green bean frozen during some last 10 minutes of time of cook. OMG(osh!) Quan Mandate in Chinese or Thai lunch, never the necessity to order rice again. This small marvel the cookery up at the same time takes for delivery.

Update 12/23/16: so still very enamoured with this small cookery of rice! I think that that this has been a better, forbids any one, the appliance has purchased while. This small marvel the only cooks are little heart has been! Perfect increase every time. Again, a real tone is in rinse a rice.

Update 09/12/17: Still awesome!!!
1 / 5
Usually it ignores or the stars revises what whiny minority and if the desire done a decree although it reads now.

Rice of cook? Yes.
Sprays starchy Water everywhere (i.et A fund, a counter, some cupboards, a wall, etc.)? He still
Incinerates a rice in a fund of a pot before it arrived them to him that cook a rice?. Yes.

Wants to when being turbulent and saddened every time do the rice to well sure buys this cookery of rice. Or it spends the small more and taken one that does not want to have an accident with the hammer every time uses it. The desire has had. 'Amazon' Apparently has not used never this cookery before he the one Election of Amazon.
1 / 5
WOW. Low pound an appliance of worse cookery has has not had never a displeasure to purchase. It prepares to redo your whole cookery uses this! He sputter steam and starch EVERYWHERE, and at the end Leaves everywhere he (and a day self-destruct and Leaves a cookery of rice he).

Colour of Cute red
Good measure for 2-3 people
Comes with the sake, solid lid, clear
Poses in 'warm' after your rice is done cookery

Oh so that of these!
The steamer racks is very thin
the buttons are flimsy
has any one 'was' button, regarding the turn was, necessity to unplug
HAS the smell of metal/of ardent plastic!
A function 'warm' will animate indefinitely if you do not unplug and will burn your alimentary
Any timer, any control of temperature, etc.
But worse of everything, produces the ENORMOUS current of steam that takes EVERYWHERE. Your cupboards, a cookery of rice he, that short together, a stove, contadora, anything in 3 feet will litter and will take you for ever to clean.

Returning immediately.
5 / 5
My cooks of rices so awesome in just 25 min. Any one has he in me preoccupy overcooks so that the visit was automatically when his loan and changes to maintain the warm rice. I have cooked my best Brussel sprouts yesterday using a steaming characteristic. It IS awesome! I also felizmente the green lentils cooked, quinoa, buckwheat and millet. With the grain has to exchange my pot with watering two times in having cook well. Cook during ~1 hour but tried delicious. I pre-drenches a grain next time. It exits well for some lentils also. This device is easy to clean and to store. It IS totally silent and 100% reliable. Very pleased!
2 / 5
As Another has remarked, this thing done the DISORDER. It depends in that is cooking and what, even so. My photo aims that it spends when cooks the mere 1 cup of quinoa, by far a worse. It remarks a quinoa oozing out of a hole of steam, and some puddles of liquids around some feet.

A prjimo worse is the cup+ of the rice has Forbidden. Quan Rice of cook of jasmine, a disorder has limited mostly in an interior of a cookery, but does not recommend using this without something by behind the to take each a spattering of starchy spray he sputters was.

In fact, does not recommend this at all. I know that there are other marks of this measure that is done exactly a same road, and he probably done the enormous disorder, also. A obligatory maintains the warm characteristic is not the characteristic, but the insect of the product cheaply fact. It means that you want to leave your house while cookery, can the no. wants the to Him has fresh for use in other dishes, can the Calm no. have house to remain and has posed the timer as it can go the turn was (maintains the mine plugged when that changes which are plugged in a outlet).

A worse part in this compraventa, for me, was that had and has given the cookery the smallest perfectly very which has not done the disorder and afterwards was when has been done, likes him would expect. I thought that it that it treat I in something cual the main quantities baked. That this , doing an even more the big disorder.

Yuck. Only no.
1 / 5
My manufacturer of rice of the old aroma still fact but a bowl of rice has taken grungy after the few so that it decide years to purchase the substitution. It was sper excited to take this red substitution (parties with a subject of cookery!). Even so, a first mark against was a cord was sper has cut compared in an old unit has used to be able to have an old plus some chairs in a tank to mitigate a disorder of cookery (water of horrible rice spitting). No a case with easterly a, but had ordered one of a big metal that caters tubs for the accident and he could not return, as I have posed a manufacturer of rice in that and law very enough. Although the fold a cleanup. Even so, not even the year later, a whole unit is died. We are speaking once the use of week in a max, as it ails 40-uses. I have tried multiple outlets, resetting outlets, enough each possible and any change. The tan here is in 40 extra cleanups and the purchase wasted. The desire had maintained an old Aroma and has taken only the bowl of new cookery.
1 / 5
Horrible piece of junk. I have bought this to substitute an identical looking cookery of rival rice that was at the end spent after 10 years of good service. This cookery failed after a second use when a cradle these wineries a dish of inner pot has broken. Quan Looked in of the descriptions of cookery of rice of Aroma in any signal to price some revise all has aimed the paste and lose control of quality and service of terrible client. Only I can adapt. I have bought an Amazon Hamilton recommended Beach 6 cookery of cup and is very pleased. It is it bit it the expensive plus but some descriptions for the cookeries of the aroma priced similar no adoptive - so at least did not waste more the money that buys another product of Aroma.
4 / 5
State that looks for the cookery of the rice and this are quite grain for my family of 4 for rice that is.. Do rice, steamed veggies(is cooking the arrest more concealed 1-2 people a veggie the steamer will not be quite big of calm), the potatoes boiled, steamed eggs, and the paste has done in of the this. My ONLY complaint is when done a rice has followed some directions in the T and the majority of a finance of a rice was the small overdone. You do not burn but overdone. Steaming Eggs(park of fresh use directly of a coop) has posed 1 cup of water in a subordinated but some eggs in a veggie the steamer but a lid on direct it on for 25 mins then rinse in of the cold water immediately. Some capes of a basket of the steamer any apresamiento hot that wants to! To boil potatoes, pose some potatoes in situating in quite a lot of waters only the cover them then checks the each which how 5-10 mins. Taking quite 12 ish mins in fully of potatoes of cook. This small thing can look barter but is powerful and is work !

Top Customer Reviews: Presto 06003 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia My second deep loan fryer the compraventa and love it. I have purchased this second a so it can fry more feed immediately partorisca more than people. I like this deep fryer because it does not have an element partorisca heat inside a unit where an oil goes. Ossia So only the cube of big/pot.Some mark more the types have an interior of element of the heating with an oil and I always felt that looked more than the hassle partorisca clean. This this in spite of is the breeze partorisca clean . Simply drain an oil when it is time and place or hand-held wash in a dishwasher. Some stays of oil the temp perfectly (but averting overcrowding while frying is rule key in any fryer). A cord of security can exit easily yes has attacked that is meaning partorisca do, but we so only wedge he with something so that it does not spend . It is not a subject partorisca we. You can cook soups, steam veggies, and use this pot partorisca just roughly anything. I want like this it is portable. We fry Outsides like our house does not stink up with oil and lunch. Totally it recommends this fryer. Hope This description was useful.
4 / 5
I have received this December of Saturday 22nd and has used he partorisca a first Navidad time day like this far partorisca fry shrimp.
In the first place was, an assembly is the breeze . Calm only need to ray in some 4 legs and 2 headlines. It has taken perhaps 5 minutes.
Cold a lot quickly. Shrimp of mine is perfect start -golden brown, crisp and good. My first batch of shrimp has tried to beat, the place in a test and then dipped in a fryer. The conceals has not done. It there is stuck to a basket. With which have situated a basket in a fat and has fallen a shrimp in a . I love a fact that can you perch a basket in a unit partorisca drain a fat. Ossia Well, very good.
Clean up was easy. It is no-stick like this all has touched well out of a unit. I have left a basket drenches in dishwater while I have eaten and all has dried immediately.
Two light gilipollas: (1) because of a measure of a deep unit that fries the lunches requires to plot of oil. (2) Another is a basket . I seat a basket would owe that be the little more sturdy. It feels the little flimsy, likes too use and a boss finally pause. Unfortunately baskets with other deep fryers has had also felt flimsy. Idk Perhaps is so only some companies of way the, but a basket is an only reason did not give it '5' stars.
5 / 5
Well I have possessed a model an old plus before and finally exits on me. You try to fry things of the old fashioned the way and I HAVE TO THAT SAY is SO ONLY ANY ONE THE SAME MINE! I want to crisp and has gilded & an old fashioned the ache that fries does not like mine a lot of ol' deep fryer. When I have found this one was like this happy! A prize was very reasonable, received it a day with which have ordered, and am pleased even more to know is multifunctional♡ HIGHLY WOULD RECOMMEND. Thank you Mina a tent of stop, to the amazon does not fail me never:)
5 / 5
I add small fryer / stockpot. It can use like this traditional deep fryer with holding of the temperature adds. It can use cookery like this slow without an usual ceramic inserts/inserts, or use like stockpot dutch the able oven to brown, transmission, etc. So much in the upper stove stockpot but with the control of electrical temperature adds. I clean up in the snap with nonstick surface. Works of compact measure a lot on hoards of cupboard like an expansion / of addition to cook options further of cup of stove or can be the main goes to cook utensil for small or Cookeries of measure of the paving. I can have cup of busy stove with several pots and have this unit that goes was to a side with another cookery. The prize adds, the unit adds, would not be without one.
5 / 5
I have not gone too enthusiastic on buying this when I saw it in the first place, but neither has wanted to buy the enormous fryer that would take on too much room in my small cookery. The boy has been bad! I LOVE this little type!
To date, there is fried chicken, fish, tempura, fries, diverse frito atascadas, twisted of funnel, dumplings, and more. A basket is sum to fry a lot of tiny thing immediately (likes to fry), as I can choose him all on top of a time.
A constant of stays of the temperature, and a dial are adds. When it Was little, my mamma has used a griddle with a same dial and am thinking can take that some hips.
Clean up is like this easy... So only touch your oil in yours pack of oil, and then washed with water and sweet soap. It does not drench he for too much long or will break an arrival.
A breakaway the cord is like this awesome. Has the toddler in home, and is a lot curious roughly cooking. They are usually like this fearful of the his messing with my material of cookery, but does not have to that me worry so much of of the this has a cord that short was immediately.
Honradamente, has not used this for anything more than frying, but will update my description one do one.
4 / 5
I have bought one prompt 06003 Electrical Options Fines-Steamer/of Cookery to substitute an older version that has has had to that done a lot of years concealed no longer done properly. Ossia The measures adds for families and does the wonderful work, especially for deep frying, which is that I use he for all a time. It heats on quickly, has a basket to resist and lifting a lunch out of an oil and the lid to store it when any into use. I maintain an oil in him, he changing like this required, without any questions. It likes-me a detachable boss and cord, which stores in a basket in a cupboard, together with a cookery. Appearance have this unit in fact a lot of years to come!
4 / 5
Calm can any gone bad with this fryer pot! Absolutely a lot of gilipollas! I have read all some descriptions and has ordered this. He camefast paged really well and works like the charm for deep frying whicg is a main reason ordered it. Has other pots can use for soups and steMing but will update like this use this. Amur A temp gauge and hot on really fast. Washes on really easily and an interior is done of durable material. Not To Look it the chip or the wear was, like the type of Teflon! Very very happy with cost of mine!
4 / 5
Amur This pot. It is slightly main that my old one but directs for the all, and he well. Has coverages of onion frita laughed deep , cooked, and has used likes the slow cookery partorisca to the beef and the pig roasts. I have cooked also chicken of curry, the chicken pulled, and BBQ chicken. A drier basket could be bit it better, but no cold that often. The so that it likes more in this pot is that of an element to the heat is not the interior to a casserole likes calm finds in a lot of fryers, as stirring and clean up is easy.

Some there is complained on that they have to that dipped are near, all precise is to regulate it Philips screwdriver of boss and roughly 5 min and is ready to cook. A cord will separate of a controller yes is clashed too hard, and yes considers this the drawback, but has seen also kids burned behind a day because the cord has taken pulled and the fryer full of loss of hot oil on him. It is drawback I gladly dipped up with. My old one has been given to the fellow the one who has required really the good fine cookery. They love it.
5 / 5
Utilisation this unit mainly like the deep fryer. But also I law adds like this to steamer. Really it appreciates that I can dip a whole unit (without unit of control and cord) to a dishwasher. Marcos cleanup incredibly easy. A magnetic control is also it good plus.

Mina a critic is that a boss of the basket and it look of clip bit it flimsy for the unit that also alleges to be the fryer. Be sure to bend control that a clip of sleeve is all a down first way to use a basket. I have learnt so only to use a still clip drain so only when draining the very light load, like steamed vegetal. If has the heaviest load, likes to fry wings of chicken, will want to drain him in an external metal colander. Otherwise A basket droops retreated down to an oil (and are not overfilling an oil).
4 / 5
I have used this last night to do lunch for one Súper Bowl. Taking so only the pocolos small to unpack a cookery and attach some feet and of the bosses with the screwdriver. I have washed out of an interior for a first use. I have read by means of some directions quickly to see information in deep frying (which is a reason has purchased this). It was pleasantly surprised to see enough the few recipes and cooking suggestions in a manual of instruction. There is fill line for oil that has been still in them or so only down. I have done two different classes of wings. These I cooke in 400 terracings for 10 minutes. I also fried breaded okra. This has taken roughly 5 minutes. A measure is quite very compared to other cookeries. I want that it is sure dishwasher and has a setting of adjustable temperature. Some of a fryers looked has had so only preset temperatures. I can not expect try out of another lunch in a cookery!

Top Customer Reviews: Instant Pot Zest 20 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I have used so only partorisca laughed and armour plate cut oatmeal like this far. It cooks both easily and well, but starchy water sputters out of a ventilation in an upper and pursue down some outsides, included when cooking so only 2 cups of dry rice. A lid and gasket is not removable, he doing hard to clean a gasket and impossible to clean down/for behind a perforated the metal baffles inside a lid. Further, starchy puddles partorisca water up in a rim of interior, requiring determination, and perhaps he Q-tip, the really cleaned was all a bit crevices. A no-the coating of clave is a lot well, as that the rice does not stick . I clean up in a COST of dishwasher. I have not used a steaming function still. I do not expect this cookery to last a lot long, but a prize is not bad... So much, I guess it is A lot for now.
5 / 5
My rice of amours of the husband and I amour partorisca cook with my wok- using it long the week. Well, some time , my husband has suggested that that buys the cookery of rice partorisca do the things the easy plus and partorisca take the rice the products of compatible plus every time. I finally relented with which that the rice of Jazmín has been to the sud!

The one who an amazing tool!

Used that 8-time like this far and every time, a rice is PERFECTO ! I have used he partorisca brown rice, long-laughed of grain, laughed of jasmine, and oatmeal and he all is exited PERFECTO ! It maintains an element animates to leave a lid on and swipe, 'warm' in a product BUT, has has left so only a lid on and is maintained an alimentary heating without paste the, soyaintain soul' key.

Are like this very impressed with this product. Some cooks of rices in 1/2 a time and is PERFECTO every time used it.

Like the opinion, does not use spoons of metal in this product. You owe that plastic of use, silicone, or forest like this like this any partorisca line a surface of a bowl. I have not used a steamer as I stir-fry mine veggies.

If you are an avid rice or oatmeal eater, ossia such the element adds partorisca have in your cookery. It is easy to clean also. I use detergent of the dish and to soft sponge partorisca wash it was but really- at all estacas. Not even oatmeal! So only use the bit of warm water when you empty one the inferior bowl and he will wash well was. ANY SCRUBBING!

My husband, partorisca YEARS, has loved the cookery of rice and I balked in an idea. It has given finally in a night when a fund of our rice was overcooked in a stove and a cup was still crunchy. They are the really good cook and has been ashamed. Still very sure that has spent there but now, I any need never concerns like this I so only dipped a rice in with which rinsing the, add a pertinent quantity of water, and close a lid and discharges in partorisca go. A rice is done quickly and perfectly every time!
5 / 5
Has done so only my first pot of rice in a llama Zest 8 cup. A rice is resulted perfectly, but my positive commentaries finalise there.

One drives that it is coming with a cookery has said that the white rice takes 25-60 minutes partorisca cook. That? As you Plan the lunch with this row? I take that a Zest is not in steamer and that a quantity your cookery determines a time of cook, but reason can any one a like this-the punctual program has called said me that the time goes partorisca take to cook? In place of the timer of account behind, of the transmissions of exposure so only law “ON” until 10 minutes before an end of a cycle. So only in a 10 mark of calm minute said that it remain of time. A map in one drives easily could comprise the concrete time has based in a quantity of rice is cooking, but he no.

Zest Comes with the basket of steamer, but no the word in one drives roughly regarding the use.

No the alone recipe in one drives. It does not squander your time that downloads an application likes suggested in one drives. Has recipes partorisca the pocolos other appliances of Instant, but no partorisca a Zest.

A lid does not exit partorisca clean and there are ANY INSTRUCTIONS of cleaners in one drives that it comes with a cookery. One drives a more complete is available on-line, but is so only unacceptable to have that looks for such basic information.

The majority of the cookeries of economic rices do the rices add. It has been to him it expects it better documentation and the exposure he useful plus. I will not recommend a Zest to any one. Some costruttrici of Pot of Instant and Instant Zest need to pay the technical writer partorisca produce the manual of the useful User partorisca each of his products.
4 / 5
Has taken this partorisca mine dorm room partorisca do laughed and oatmeal. I have had he partorisca the weeks of pair and utmost. An interface is very easy to cruised and a latching the lid the fact a lot the free disorder. Also it wants to as easy is to clean: a pot of cookery exits easy and a nonstick the coating of interior means clean in the minute (not drenching). His so only the small things would write against is some suggestions of cookery for the times/of water look the little was but those are easy to imagine out of to that reads more with the pocola test and error. It is also quite small, probably so only able to treat two cups of dry rice/oatmeal max, but this is not to treat it enormous when calm so only is cooking for one or two.

Is looking for An effective, easy to use/clean, and compact (good for dorms/the small walk) cookery of rice and calm so only require to feed one or two (perhaps three) people, ossia of the easy 5/5.
4 / 5
Am excited like this to this element but am really dissatisfied and disappointed when I tried it a water that the bubbles on flow to a ventilation and is the big disorder! Ossia Mine second returned but has included a first element has received. It is there is disappointed really.
4 / 5
That adds it compliment to Duet of mine. Taken the yesterday, has cleaned all, then done some rice using a esmart' a way to touch. 30 min Later, that the rice was perfect. When being the full Asian, as, respite, and laughed alive. lol. Here it is some tips . I have read some estacas regarding excessive foaming that they exit a ventilation of relief of the steam. Ossia Of a starch and another has has added coatings! People, forget the one who any-Asian, Uncle Ben that eats 'expert' saying roughly not washing /rinsing. Rubbish!
- Starch And has has added ingredients (the old days has used to be talc) is added to help to prevent sticking of humidity during accusing/nave. Also, some say a FDA has required strawberry to add ingredients more nutritious to a rice (apparently laughed any active a lot of). Like this added artificial chemicals.
- Roughly says does a rice more fluffy and sticky. You Better be doing soft Risotto. That The rice has like this the starch is always will be to be sticky, although down you add a water (will be dry but will stick/clump near)

A better way and corrected.
1) always try take new harvest short grain laughed Asian (his seasonal in Cradle). The old rice that takes stale and the transmissions of flavour. He really done.
2) After the rice is measured. It washes it and Rinse 3 times vigorously for 5-10 dry each one that like this with to your hand like them the one of yours amassing. It takes a bulk of a starch and the material added has takes. Still it will be slightly murky when fact, but ossia WELL.
3) Adds one the corresponding quantity of water (1:). You can add the little more water (1:1.5) calm loves that the little softer.
4) Cookery

ps. For Brown rice, procedure of rinse/of same wash. But after adding the water required (1:1.5), to the left it is to seat/drench for 3 hours. Then cook of click. Brown laughed is the little harder.

A rice will try 'cleaned' and like the calm Asian rice true go in Korea/of Giappone.
That foamy the liquid of a ventilation of steam will cease!

Enjoys that that the rice would owe that try and be poised.
4 / 5
Has not been that to cook this cookery of rice. I have pressed he for an hour or no, loves to know like this to cook laughed.
5 / 5
A main reason has taken them this cookery was because it looks well with a rest of my appliances ( split a look of stainless steel). But with which used it to them in fact, results that his the really good cookery and takes laughed to a perfect consistency.
5 / 5
Has has not possessed never the cookery of rice before or a Pot of Instant, but note, this is not in steamer, is the cookery of rice . I have loved the cookery of rice. The cooked rice and was happy with as it has resulted. Some books with a car comprise the map that objective what laughed target, brown rice, oatmeal, quinoa to water to dip in a pot. With rice and quinoa, has dipped in a grain and of the water and press a corresponding key, very easy! But there it finalises. A book has said that it arrest oatmeal precise dipped a time manually, but does not say for what time! A book says oatmeal takes 20-90 minutes to cook. Cela The big row! A cookery also comes with him steaming basket. To somewhere in some calm materials say you can steam 'veggies and fish!' YAY! Again, for what time? It can I steam he with rice or so only with a key of Steam, which calm to require you to dip time manually? It can I Chicken of steam? It has to that a veggies be frozen or defrosted or fresco? A booklet has said, ' have partnered with bosses, authors, and bloggers for recopilar the collection of recipes that expects that you enjoy!' I can find any Pot of Instant Zest recipes of cookery of the on-line Rice! In short, some looks of car well, but no the friendly user for the first time owner of cookery of the rice to to which would like me the use all one has announced characteristic (another it rice of cookery).
4 / 5
Has used this cookery three times with utmost results, this in spite of a last two has tried the uses were the total bust . An appliance does not heat , therefor does not cook a rice. My window of turn has closed like this now are in communication with a costruttore, the time will say to like boss a subject.

has been in communication with a costruttore, has required some photos of a unit and promptly honored his guarantee and shipped the new unit. I appreciate that they were responsive and responsible. Felizmente Will do business with this company again because like the chair of consumer that has taken well of priest of me.

Top Customer Reviews: Aroma Housewares ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
4 / 5
-I has wanted the main unit with him quite soiled for a rice to develop without pressing in a tray and lid, breaking a focus of heat.
-This model has no scorched a rice still like my old a, by the immediately a teflon.
-The necessities of brown rice 17-more 20% water in this model that my smaller unit
-Cooks of the brown rice slightly faster that an old unit
-Some holes of tray are HUUUUUGE; a tray needs the inner second of tray with small holes to maintain small elements to fall in a cookery (photo of views).
-An adhesive of the lid of the glass has impossible-take- adhesive (photo of views).
-A lid of glass has the hole of durable metal liner; my old my small more a there has been the plastic one this cracked, is fallen was, and has taken stray.
5 / 5
This mere creation is a better for the cookery of rice. You will see that a lid is not attached in an appliance he and a cookery of rice inserts/to insert and the steamer is not , or. That is to say which want to. All this enters contact with feeding can take the dunk in chair or of the soapy water in a dishwasher. Other models, the majority of elegant models, has a lid in the hinge and attach in an appliance he. That is to say the terrible creation so that it has to clean you a lid manually, especially a plastic gasket that goes around a lid. Has one during the year and launched it the frustration entered a night. I am much happier with this model and has not launched the once. He rice to add brown, also.
1 / 5
It IS so excited to take this so that it can cook fast of rice without could babysit. I have tried it is THREE TIMES , every time only my rice was not even after the be has done. And has waters he of still left wing in him where attaches in in the additional water like his instructed in the phases does not help. I have tried to adjust, to attach more water a time and less waters some next times and he have not done never. Mamma that does not have an option for the leave in longer. A cook/the warm options are not enough. So that automatically change it to animate when thinks that is done. I have tried also a steamer while cooking my rice and that has not done never. Idk Took the perhaps the defective one excepts at the end that any one to his emotion likes him try exchange and trying this throughout again. Has owed roads to pose something among a change/of warm cook to do sure does not move to animate so that it was not done. And trust me IS so to cook all the classes of rices, has wanted only something hurriedly for when in the left of a work takes.
4 / 5
State taking Bill Clinton when it says 'Well, that all depends in that yours definition of 'this' is.' With this 14 rice of cooks of cup he all depend in the definition duquel Aroma of 'cup' is. It results his definition of our level 8 oz the cup is '3/4 cup', therefore doing his 14 machine of cup a real 10 1/2 hoards machine. I am belaboring one 'cup' sew so that him it the person uses a std 8 oz cup to measure rice and water when that uses this machine, will finish to produce big clouds of steam and the big tsunami during your counter. The tan always takes to use the cup of the aroma. Or perhaps we would have to call the cuppie? Cuplet?

Alln Of of the this, a machine has done well. I have taken the small quantity of the rice these burns in some sides of a container. You are not so bad burned as to give very was to flavour a whole batch so simply scraped he in a bowl to serve with a rest of a rice and served it. Any one has remarked it.

A liner has cleaned up without problem. One has to take to treat a no-layer of clave very softly so that he in just no very resistant to line. This is disappointing so that there is some a lot of-coatings of clave around that it is incredibly durable, as why is blessed with easterly a? Probably so that it is cheaper that muck and using the best to the cover could attach as much as .25 In a cost of a unit.

Has given this unit 4 stars for global action. Give his department of engineering or whichever the department is responsible for an election the cover 2 stars.
5 / 5
Rice of state cookery in the daily base for in 35 years. My first year and has used the Japanese pot of similar mark in a pot of aroma. I have used also different methods to cook rices, also. By far a pot of aroma is a better. I have bought the cookery of digital rice a year and after 2 uses and has the data was- was terrible.
Aroma of confidences- is beat it very good !
5 / 5
It has Had this for the few months now, use he almost every day, and is doing like the charm. It IS it adds for rice, but good works to cook eggs, salmon, soups of grain and more. Clean easy envelope also. Definately The keeper.
1 / 5
We have been that uses this cookery of rice during 10 month and he have decided prender doing today. Had the painting of the metal/in to call them smells that catered /come from to him the small time while cooking rice. But today after the batch of the rice has turned only was and no anymore. Look In other descriptions, researches to be that it spends to plot in another.
5 / 5
My first Aroma has lasted the longest plot and was better quality. This one leaves to do after the use quite 10 or so time in 2 years. Stays of the change in him on place but does not ignite . Any heat. Any light. Different outlets has tried. Same results. During a last cycle of the cookery after the rice has been cooked, a cookery has changed to cook to animate and is died. Working decree. Very disappointed. Used the only to cook rice.
2 / 5
Incredibly mere to use, but word of precaution: If you any rinse your rice before you cook it an excess starch will form crazy bubbles in a pot, impeding optimum displaces of heat, therefore that causes a temperature of a water to locate and at the end resulted in the catastrophic eruption of molten that the starch is not amused to clean up. If it results the compatible problem , attaches the tablespoon of oil of vegetable in a water before visits a heat on for pause in a tension to surface and prevents a formation of bubbles. In general, it is the damn cooks of good rice for a prize. Last time has bought the cookery of rice this cheap a burned circuit was and only more or has caused less the fire in my room of sleeps.
5 / 5
-I has loved the main unit with him quite soiled for a rice to develop without pressing on a tray and lid, breaking a focus of heat.
-This model has no scorched a rice still like my old a, for the immediately a teflon.
-The precise brown rice 17-more 20 water in this model that my small plus a.
-Cooks of the brown rices slightly faster that some old a.
-Some holes of tray are HUUUUUGE; a tray needs the inner second of tray with small holes to maintain small elements of falling to a cookery (sees photo).
-A sticker of the lid of the glass has impossible-to-take adhesive (sees photo).
-A lid of glass has the hole of durable metal liner; my old my small more a there is had the plastic one this has broken, has fallen was, and has taken stray.

Top Customer Reviews: Cuisinart Digital ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
AMUR!!!! Fantastically Fact, is big but very on age for the only person. I am the vegan so veggies is my life and this are incredible ;) Very easy to use, steams hurriedly, mere to clean up, built and designed very good. Quan Promotes a lid to take a dish of metal these wineries a veggies, some capes is not hot - has been impressed with this detail. Highly it recommends!!
5 / 5
Has two of these - a house and one in work. I use the to cook quite each - vegetal, oatmeal, fish, eggs, and the lunch frozen. Often it uses a steamer a same road would use the microwave - eat posed in the Pyrex or Corelle dish, and then poses a dish in a steamer. This road, does not pose to wash anything except a dish. A steamer is almost so hurriedly like the microwave, and a road of better alimentary flavours. I have been of those uses a steamer, thinks that this was to deceive in does not believe never that to cook the lunch with microwaves was the good idea.

I especially like some lame results with the lunch frozen. The alimentary necessities frozen by the be extensive has entered a dish, and sometimes owes the tip was some water after cooking a lunch. But a flavour is surprising. The vegetables frozen is often fresher that anything can take in a piece, so that they are frozen well after they are chosen . A steamer melts the equally and then cook the only a right quantity, without destroying a flavour. In a flavour of the to to vegetables like them has coming from/come from of the very expensive restaurant. And it included I can serve the in a warm dish that it was to cook in - something some the expensive restaurants seldom can do.
1 / 5
Bought this steamer so that has the container of glass that the thought would be better that plastic to filter out of chemicals. Alas, totally prender to do after quite a lot of 30 uses. A timer acted bad so that the the decree that steams each 15 seconds and has to when being has restarts. Cusinart Has offered to substitute a product. But a apresamiento is has to issues this big appliance, weighed with a cup of glass and bowl of glass that the special necessity that sales BEHIND in them in my own cost. Pay besides $ 10 additional to have the new an envoy. I guess that it can do for some people but I live in Hawaii and a cost to ship this behind would be above $ 60. Almost the averages a prize of an original product. If alive in a mainland, perhaps this could cost yours while. But, personally, I will not buy never another cuisinart produced. I have bought the grill of gas of them concealed has failed after 4 months and would have to has known better but has been deceived in for one tez of glass and some descriptions. Less than 40 uses and he break? And more side that $ 130? Something is rotten in a state of Denmark. Or it has to say cuisinart. Obviously, it does not recommend this product. I am not for the return. Only it has to eat a loss. So that he enrages me to have an included raisin of thing again another 3 month under a line. Looking for it veg steamer? Cairo Elsewhere. Personally, I am returning in stovetop steam with the basket. And while I am in a subject, in case that any reader is has not known this -- steamed take boiled the eggs are UTMOST. And law also in a stove in the steamer. Attentive for a water to boil fully, annex of the eggs in basket of steamer, covers and cookery 12 minutes to take boiled and 6 soft arrests. To peel of the shells was really easily, texture of the creamiest yolk. May Any green.
4 / 5
It has Had this steamer for the month and a lot likes him in me so far. It IS easy to use and to clean. It Likes him that of a zone of main cook is done of the glass with the stainless steel inserts/inserts. I have not seen any evidence to rust at all in an inserts still. One inserts class of looks of thin, is not so densely fact likes expected, but also looks for to be quite robust in last the moment like the does not have to when being a subject. There is has not had any subjects to angle in the. It is not that thin. A dish of glass is fat. I doubt it is done of glass of big quality like Corningware, but has to last with worries a lot for the fall. A zone of cook in a tray of steam is approx 11 3/4 x 7 inches only to give an idea of which room has.

One of some big reasons has purchased these products is so that it was preoccupied quite cooking vegetal in of the plsticoes. Read that there is more the worries are past bpa so although the plastic is bpa free can have more perils. Only the has not had enough studio so far to say bpa-the free plastic is totally sure to cook in. This unit was an only one was able to find this similarity to be done material insurances so that it takes one submerges.

Something I very does not like him is a fact that a place a water is cooked (in a base of a unit) is contained totally and inaccessible in an user. I have wanted to to verify that a zone a water is baked is done of stainless steel. In a manual all could find like the description was that some bases had brushed accommodation of stainless steel. In me these ways that an external shiny material is stainless steel . It can be interpreted likes that it is in a unit also. It is not totally clear. I have tried to unscrew a fund to go to open a base and voice that was inner , but all a plastic is to break together cual goes apropar impossible to enter there. I have left on that, it has not left my steamer.

Has a lot of ventilations of air in a subordinated and was able in order of interior to look and see the dish duquel the big metal could have been where a water is stored, or can have been only the protective dish in electronic on call. A fact that an use of tongue in some material some cooks of the water is so blurred a lot is concerning, while it is an inaccessibility of him.

Has an additional 1 reservoir of litre to water stored in the plastic accommodation in a backside of a unit. It IS easily he taking and refilled during cooking. If some careers of the big tide will listen the dulcemente continual beep and the big tidal opinions in an exposure. Calm simply attraction of a reservoir, unscrews one covers to fill he with water and when posed the backside in has the plastic push-key that automatically falls it a water in a base. He able state to cook quite three things in the row before it owes change, as it takes the small while.

A tube that spends a steam of a unit of bases in a place where a lunch is is done also of some rubberized material and plastic. So you are sper-exacting with how much steam of contact has with these things this will be the strike against this product.

Decided to expect that a zone where a water is baked is in fact in this accommodation of metal. These ways that any one in those rests the worries are a tube some raisins of air through and a reservoir some chairs of water in in a backside of a unit. If you empty a water every time cookeries with him that would have to limit a quantity of leeching of material of odd plastic in a water, but that it is so inconvenient I never very empty a water.

A consolation of a cookery is that it is by train to have me eat vegetal. I am not sure and motivated would be to cook his alone names without this consolation. As I am ignoring some failures of a unit for a profit of the a lot of main quality to feed that a lunch of likely fast would be to eat. I listen me better that at least a lunch is seating in stainless steel while cooking. That bad is steamed air this enters contact with plastic and rubber? I do not know .

In a manual has time of cook for several vegetables, seafood and chicken. One of my favourite things to cook in this steamer are potatoes. If diced in 1 cubes of inch take quite 20 minutes and result utmost!

Something these problems me quite this unit is a beeping. I do not know why the manufacturers do not attach a capacity to turn a noise was, but I night of movements to do so that it is preoccupied in a beeping arouses in my roommate. If you are using this at the same time in the daytime would not have to have subjects. It IS quite strong to listen in another room but no so strong to arouse a fatality suppose. But you want the silence is out of luck. He beeps when the begin up, when mark the selection, and when is done. And I think there is a more beep when to the fence was after some minutes of inactivity. Beep, beep, beep. Arg. It expect to pose some tape in a port of the audio but I think a noise is exiting of everything of these ventilations in some subordinated and can not record these on without overheating a that the whole unit probably would be some class of peril of fire.

A consolation is that have me using this on and on. I do not have to be in the stove and worry in my lunch. I launch potatoes on, the walk was, and when is to launch of facts in mine veggies. If have want to could use it a button of pause after the sure number of minutes is fact and then launches on more feed this requires less time of cook.

Has tez of calcium up in a tube of steam has it descaling the method that waters of uses and white vinegar and that cooks that solution until it disappear it. Has does not have to that still.

A digital exposure is quite basic to comprise and use. It Paste a button to start with to arouse it up. Estrave A wheel until takings in the this wants cook. In my case is almost always vegetal. Desprs Click in that go a wheel for a time to cook and press a button to start with. A time is in 30 intervals bren. It do not give you precisely a quantity of second flight. But that it is probably unnecessary for to steamer.

One pros is that that is to say VERY CONVENIENT and easy to clean. It gives these 5 stars if a whole unit has been done of sure materials and has adjusted a volume of one beeping.
5 / 5
Opened Can fish it to cook consistently well thanks to this steamer! It IS very very done and a big reservoir of water is so useful. I use water to bounce and not touching water, while has waters am spent taken' where lives. A presets did well and a stainless grating is easy to clean and has aimed the zero oxides. A base and the lid are predominately fact of robust glass. Oh And veggies has results so crisp and full of flavour. Oh And steaming dumplings in the east is so awesome.

A trick has been doing is to use a steamer to do 90-95% of a cookery and then planting he in a grill or stove in sear a flesh or veggies for some flavour has attached.
1 / 5
I have bought this in of the marks the year to substitute another electrical steamer. It had liked him I join him to me-me to of him contrives of an against. Plastic but only glass a main bowl is glass and a tray some vegetables seat on is metal. I actuate There It go It alas multiple subjects with this steamer and now is in the substitute a year later. At the beginning it was only that take the place and has any place for the tent so chairs in my counter. Then, I have begun to see seaweeds in a reservoir of water in some sides but he have only in in to the tiny beginning like his 1 diameter of inch in a side and therefore it is almost impossible to clean. It was able to fill he with the vinegar distilled and takes the majority of some seaweeds was but has not had any road in thicket he in a reservoir because of a be inaugural like small. Then a steamer prendera in a half of the cycle--this does not spend every time but am out of a room then attaches more time. Also the has not liked him me that you can not pose a timer for the quantity given of minutes. You can pose in in manual but if you are not being there looking it, only maintains to steam and does not stop. A parameter of vegetable is that use more often but is exactly 10 minutes and a lot of vegetables take longer that 10 minutes or less than 10 minutes. A final thing that is by train to cause me for the substitute totally is begun to filter waters every time use it. It filters of the so much water that a reservoir is dry after steaming for 10-12 minutes. And these causes the big disorder--so much water that the fully drenches two towel of dish. Ugh---So thwart and then on that, cost 3-4X cual another mark of steamers.
5 / 5
So many dollars wasted some years in stackable plastic steamers! Desprs Possessing easterly unit.. The May will return in plastic! Cookery very hurriedly and thoroughly!
5 / 5
Desprs Gives has Required to take more veggies in my diet, decided to purchase this steamer based in the descriptions and a fact are the dish of durable glass .

IS possessed this product for the little of the weeks find me now taking 3-4 servings of vegetables the day, and more importantly eat house much more often. Has, and will continue in, recommended this product in any concealed does not have a time or patience to cook in an oven.

A container is quite big to cook the good roads of alimentary, and a function of marks of timer to cook supremely convenient. It poses it and forget it. Quan Arouses in a morning will pose in the pair of handfuls of carrots of creature and broccoli for 15-20 minutes, goes to take the shower, and for a time is ready for work I just container in a veggies in the box for my lunch.

Taking boils eggs so a lot of while I can apt in there (well in the dozen) in 15 minutes. Potatoes ready in 25 minutes, and does not lose any humidity while it cooks the in an oven or of the microwaves (yes, probably is doing bad in an oven, he so that it has concealed).

Some the main advantages for me are
1) A time. Any one while any one for an oven or stove to heat up.
2) Automatic shutoff. Xifra Out of a pertinent time for each dish and you can go anything wants to while cookery.
3) In me, steamed veggies wineries his better flavour what that enter an oven (again, is sure has roads to cook in an oven for the this can eschew this, but also voice 1 and 2).
4) Some looks of product to be very very done, and is expecting concealed taken for years to come.

To arrive to this point does not see any disadvantages in this product. Sure, you have to it exchanges a tank of water, but can take in the sake 40 minutes of steam for tank.
1 / 5
I possess dozens of Cuisinart produced in my cookery like the plot to me in cook and has found always the to be the very reliable mark and innovator among his competitors. Alas this has not been a case with a Cuisinart STM-1000. A unit was very built and robust like his others products, but no until his potential. A lid any one any sake to steam properly.
Has followed some time of the cookery suggested in a reservation of instruction that is coming with a STM-1000 and usually takes two times while recommended to take an internal temperature wished or doneness of a lunch. Desprs Very try take this product to do while it promise at the end left and has purchased another steamer to mark this law perfectly.
Has finished to sell a Cuisinart STM-1000 in the sale of yard this weekend for $ . It IS so happy to have he out of my cookery.
5 / 5
There is not any a lot of options for steamers of the glass and this are perfect and estimates each penny! Sper Easy to clean and the very big water resivoir so that any precise instead with to each use like him I steams of mine feed at least twice the day. A water resivoir chairs in a backside of one that unit marks a whole steamer take on bit it the spatial plus in a counter. Still with east, a peace of imports to learn my lunches are heated in the glass is worth it also. To well sure the must has steamer!

Would have to mention that an in the first place one has taken had a subject with warped plastic in a water resivoir. EVEN SO, the amazon routed produces it to me of substitution (a whole of new steamer) hand to touch as well as hand to ship the road an another product behind. Thank you Amazon!

UPDATE: has steamed fish, heart of chicken, and tonnes of a lot of veggies. Everything exits perfect and totally done with a presets!

Top Customer Reviews: Aicok Food Steamer, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
1 / 5
Quite disappointed with purchase of mine of Amazon lately. The descriptions are deceiving especially when declares that the products are BPA free or free of harmful chemicals. Hardly it take this element and has since nowhere in a show of boxes that is BPA hand routed retreats immediately. That the waste of time!
5 / 5
I want this measure of this steamer, and I especially like a fact that is BPA free. Has a characteristic of timer and that it is all precise. I can not imagine that it uses the beginning of delay in the steamer. If it runs out of water, he beeps and the fence was -- a lot of entity. Also it wants that it can attach more water while it is steaming -- all without taking some baskets -- just attaching water where a drips the capes of the floor is -- both sides are available for waters to attach.

An impression is smaller that my mark of Beach of Hamilton anterior. It Likes him that so that has 3 steaming bowls/of of the trays and they the inner nest each which so another for storage. 1 it IS a small plus , 2 is slightly main, and 3 is a big plus. It IS very compact a lot of lunch of still groups. Each what 3 walk has empty of egg, as podes steam the plot of eggs.

Some laws of sum of steamer and is very happy with this new steamer. I enable me to fish of steam or chicken and abundance of veggies. Highly it recommends this steamer. The calm will not be disappointed!!
5 / 5
Amur! Amur! Amur! I have eaten hardly broccoli, squash, carrots, and has taken of east, has bought very veggie group of Walmart and attached some salmon and has earthen is every day since. The easy tan, annex of the water, visits a time, attaches a veggie in a basket, stack 2 basket with salmon and 20-40 minutes later are ready.
3 / 5
Pro: The fast that steams, BPA free, can steam three dishes immediately.
Gilipollas: Only basket 1 access in a base, can not use a main basket for his sake. If you want steam only a thing and that the thing is on age to return in 1 but perfectly for 2, then will have to stack an empty basket 1 in a fund for place in basket 2. I have found that ridiculous. And while you know the steam takes less hot while it locate in a cup. Therefore it have to you adjust a time to steam. My old Oster left me to use basket of different measure one the times choose .
Also, when opened a lid, the clock has been for precipitation. These looks of lid to collect the plot more than my anterior old Oster.
In general, is VAL only. The desire has my old Oster. Too bad concealed is no longer available.
4 / 5
I actuate Only the used this two times so far, as I will update my description if anything changes for a worse. Even so, I am quite pleased so far. This alimentary steamer is hurriedly, compact, and very easy to clean. A last is sper that imports in me so that I am lazy.

1 cup of rice of jasmine in 1 cup of the water during 30 beginnings of perfect minutes. Boccoli IS exited the small also limps in 10 minutes, as I am going for 5-7 next times. The chicken and the asparagus are afterwards.

An only serious downside is that this contraption is coming without recipes or same time of the cookery recommended. Has had to do the small investigation before same principle. Since have never the steam cooked anything before, is still class to listen my road.
5 / 5
So far I am very pleased with this steamer for a prize! Having 3 separate cubes he very easy to cook multiple things and combine them together. On some last 2 weeks have had a steamer has eaten different combinations of rices, fish, and veggies for means of my lunches. Work very well for eggs also, and has also any one of these pre-the shrimp and the sausages have cooked frozen.
Has two complaints has in a steamer, but or the warrant that fallen the star. An in the first place is that they do not comprise cooking time, use Google so precise and experience the small to find some perfect to time for each type to feed. Also he differentiates it to it if a lunch is in an upper or inferior container, cookery so material in a subordinated first, then attach some extra times he poses in an of a cup two containers. I will share some time to cook has found down. My second complaint of minor is that a void to attach waters he in a side is quite small and hard to touch how has the container up. Has had to the funnel, but it considering was the just water is not in so need cleaned or anything afterwards. In general that is to say the road adds to cook some of these leftovers veggies in a fridge and eats the lean plus bit!

Time of cook:
Potatoes - experiences Still with these to take the potato 'baked' perfect texture, but is looking around 35 minutes
Corn - 20 minutes have done very
See big - the mine has result soggy in 15 minutes, so probably only 5-10 to take the good crisp
the onions See - No more concealed 5 minutes for some greens stalks, some the white funds are probably to enter for 10-15
Rices - Attaches rices in cube of rice, dump in some extra water, then cook for 20 or so minutes. Some rice will be done by then, but usually finishes to attach more water and doing 20 more minutes
Sausage - to the sausage has Melted was quite 15-20 minutes to cover, but probably would want to marks 30 if his crude. In the cutting down the half in the long can accelerate this in
Shrimp - 25-30 raw minutes and melted, according to a measure of a shrimp. If they are precooked is likely evasion you with 20 minutes.
Bacon - Yup, HAS TRIED this. I do not recommend it so that some pieces give of the plot of big, but is quite adventurous takes 25-40 minutes according to an explosion of texture. Generally it is not also so taking a crisp of the casserole or grill, but sometimes the prime laziness
Ham - have still one has an unforgettable luncheon
Eggs - the eggs are delicate so that they maintain to cook after takings to era. It recommends around 20 minutes, even so you go the to cool down immediately would do 25 or 30. Everything of this work well is only the subject of how calm like you a yolk.
Piscis (Salmon) - has done these that hangs 25 minutes when was, but wants experience with posing some fillets in of the small dishes as it can extend the in marinades

All this time was for an inferior cube, as if you are by train to move them up does sure to attach the small extra to compensate for the freshest steam. Calm also maintain that it imports that you cook the things so of the fish or the bacon can drip in lunches under the, if that is to say the worry . Just experience and at the end will find it easy to cook 4-5 things in this steamer immediately!
3 / 5
It IS easy to pose up and does a work. Even so, he no come with the manual to cook time, which has not thought would be the big roads, but left me without idea of how long to cook a lunch. That is to say enough of entity! He marred the few things that goes for the time of cookery I googled. Also I have any idea regarding the use to cook rice. Because of not knowing that time to cook a lunch, hardly the use, alas. The hard cook boiled eggs in him two times, and a first time, some eggs were undercooked, likes batch marred . A second time, was the bit bakes. In general, I have learnt to go with 8-9 minutes for steamed veggies. Would want to use it more, and perhaps one of this experience of days with cooking time; even so, any dry in how has has to. I need what-in manual.
1 / 5
I actuate Never the steamers have used before, but has done today the good dinner in 30 minutes: the rice cooked perfectly (loose, any sticky rice) and hammering seasoned fished with veggies. That the help adds for the the one who is looking weight! Easy to clean also. It attaches water, pose in a timer, rice of place with salt/of water in a container ( has the rectangular bowl special aim with capes for cookery of rice); the fish sprayed with tempura sauce, black pepper, coriander and vegetables with seasoning in a cup. The averages an hour- and has the lunch s!
5 / 5
That is to say probably one of a compraventa has done better in my life. It has done the much more convenient life. It leaves expensive he, for a time is to do with our day, sometimes the be and the cookery is a last thing wants mark. This steamer leave me to steam three elements immediately. A stackable the baskets have quite the bit of room. So broccoli in or, small potatoes in or, row of lobster in a third and everything owe the mark is to launch some flesh of steak in a frying pan. Some possibilities are without finals. Some cures of timer of a rest. Buns Of steam of hot dog, the hard mark boiled eggs. All the cookery in a something in or time. Then simply I take each what three baskets and the places arrive the in a bar like the buffet. Also, it maintains more than some nutrients in some vegetables to his steam more this boiling them all was.
5 / 5
Like this far I am very pleased with this steamer partorisca a prize! Having 3 separate cubes he the very easy fact partorisca cook multiple things and combine them near. On some last 2 weeks have had a steamer has eaten different combinations of rices, fish, and veggies partorisca half of my lunches. Work really very partorisca eggs also, and there is also any of these pre-shrimp and the cooked sausages frozen.
Has two complaints have in a steamer, but neither warrant falling the star. A prime minister is that they do not comprise cooking time, use Google like this precise and experience the small to find some perfect partorisca time partorisca each type partorisca feed. He also done the difference if a lunch is in an upper or inferior container, as it cook material in a subordinated first, then add some the extra time has dipped he in an of a cup two containers. I will share some times of cookery have found down. My second smaller complaint is that some spaces partorisca add waters he in a side is quite small and hard to touch like this there is the container up. I have had to use the funnel, but it considering was the just water is not for likes it has required clean or anything afterwards. In general ossia the way adds to cook some of this leftover veggies in a refrigerator and eat bit it leaner!

Time of cook:
Potatoes - Still experimenting with these to take the potato 'cooked' perfect texture, but is looking around 35 minutes
Corns - 20 minutes have a lot of fact
Hebrew see - the mine has resulted soggy in 15 minutes, like this probably so only 5-10 to take the good crisp
the onions See - No more than 5 minutes for some greens stalks, some the white funds are likely to go in for 10-15
Laughed - Add laughed to cube of rice, dump in some extra water, then cook for 20 or like this small. Some rice will be done for then, but usually finalise to add more water and doing 20 smaller
Sausage - to the sausage has melted was roughly 15-20 minutes to cover, but calm probably would want to do 30 if his crude. In the cutting for the half lengthwise can accelerate this on
Shrimp - 25-30 raw minutes and melted, according to a measure of a shrimp. If they are precooked is likely evasion you with 20 minutes.
Bacon - Yup, has tried this. I do not recommend it reason some courses give of the plot of fat, but is quite adventurous takes 25-40 minutes according to a texture want. Generally it is not like this very like this taking a crisp of the casserole or grill, but sometimes the first laziness
Ham - I actuate still a have an unforgettable luncheon
Eggs - the eggs are delicate reasons maintain to cook after calm take them was. You recommend around 20 minutes, this in spite of himself calm go them to cool down immediately would do 25 or 30. Everything of this work well is so only the subject of like this likes you a yolk.
Fished (Salmon) - has done these for 25 minutes when I melted, but love experience with dipping a fillets in of the small dishes so many can layer the in marinades

All this time was for an inferior cube, as if you are by train to move them up does sure to add the little extra to compensate for the freshest steam. Also maintain import that things of cook like this of the fish or the bacon can drip in lunches under his, if ossia the worry . Just and calm experience finally will find it easy to cook 4-5 things in this steamer immediately!

Top Customer Reviews: Secura 2 Stainless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 51 ratings
4 / 5
It compares the plastic steamers, Secura 2-Tier the steamer of Stainless Steel Feeds is the very better product partorisca use. Has right measure, easy to clean and more durable. I go partorisca purchase another when they have cut a prize.
5 / 5
Does not write never the bad descriptions but am disappointed with this steamer. State that looks for the steamer of stainless steel partorisca the while there it looks partorisca be the selection has limited real on amazon. I have used only mine 2 times and has had east rusts stain in a fund. I saw it spent to some another reviewers also. It looks bad and has not been it partorisca take touched of of him. With a paid of the good money would have to that metal of use of better quality. This steamer is súper the light has compared his measure. Disappointed!!
5 / 5
Functionally -- The works add. Starts on relatively quickly if you any dipped of the a lot of water, and produces resulted add. Some sleeves are big and quite strong so that you can take out of a subordinated uploaded racks with a delivery (while another hand is lifting an upper rack).
5 / 5
Has received so only this steamer, as there is still to use he for the variety of lunch. But with which two uses, there are some things add roughly the and some anything so much is.
In the first place, some things add: baskets to armour plate that is easily washable in a dishwasher and is not an economic, filtering to to the plastic likes like this of of some other steamers in a phase. A lid of glass to the equal that can see a lunch steaming which is also easily washable in a dishwasher. Simple to use. It looks to resupply a same quantity of steam very hot. A cord to be able to is removable of a base of steamer.
Anything so much is: A reservoir of water (bases of a steamer) stained after so only one uses to try a steamer without diet ( can be steel , but does not think is stainless” steel “). A timer is so only it dial and no digital (which have known when I have purchased), but concealed can be problematic reason I hard has boiled eggs in a steamer and to do sure is not overcooked but a lot undercooked also, some needs to time to be precise (to the ours old steamer was digital and could paste a precise time and I have taken steaming eggs down to the science and almost perfect eggs every time). There is no bondadoso of signal of indicator when a timer is done (ours old steamer beep noisily three times when a time has been done) and a steamer so only closes era. There is any tray to take any of some alimentary juices to fall directly down to a reservoir to water which that can do hard to clean. It takes way too long to take to pertinent steaming temperature (probably the good 5 to 7 minutes). Any bowl of rice, but so only will use the glass Pyrex bowl, as this is not like this big of the shot.
The inferior line is that I have not decided goes to return a steamer or any reason have not taken he by means of his quite still. Still we have our old steamer that still works, but my woman forced to buy to new steamer reason a cord in an old one east fraying the little bit ( is freaked was that I go to leave a room and he goes to burn a house down) more an element to heat the looks is burned of like this use. I can maintain both steamers and use an old an only for steaming eggs or so only use this one and try and the take down to the science again steaming eggs with the manual timer.
BTW – If you have not tried never steaming eggs in your alimentary steamer and you likes him hard-has boiled eggs, to good sure the try! It is an easier way and more effective that do hard has boiled eggs. So only dipped some eggs in a steamer for the roughly 20 minutes, then quickly take and plant them to the full bowl of cubes of geles and water (these just stops a process of cookery of some eggs).
5 / 5
With which frequently that burns my vegetables in a stovetop, has transmission to steaming in an electrical steamer with the yard was transmission. When I have seen this steamer are is looked forward to having the good plus that element of looks in my counter that my old plastic a. Mina the old plastic steamer has turned opaque and is the darkish colour everywhere. They are frankly state surprised in like this low quality this steamer of metal is resulted. That the disappointment! With which so only one uses a container of water has has developed stairs minérale. I have cleaned immediately he to run the 50 minute that boils round with vinegar and of the water. Some stains are remained. This metal is not behaving like mine other pots of stainless steel and casseroles! Besides a lid does not return both of some baskets. So only it returns closely in an of them. Cleaning some baskets is easy calms he immediately and does not leave an alimentary dry was. A characteristic to to that likes a better is that it closes was automatically yes calm dipped that to a time has wished. To the spinach has taken 25 minutes and Cauliflower 40. It was now of spear out of an old steamer with a rusty element to heat. At least in this one an element to the heat is not exposed directly to a water. An only reason am not returned this steamer is that it is done out of stainless steel and I plastic of hate!
5 / 5
A Secura to the steamer of Stainless steel is a better product in a phase. It was happy to be able to revise some commentaries, first to do the true commitment for compraventa. Wonderful temperature gauges, any excess water that filter around flanges like the majority of some the others to steamers like Oster,. The product has guard of coverage of the hule to maintain flesh of Steamer to surface without emotional. I clean up it is quickly,toallita humid was with soft cotton rag, maintain it shined with the small spray in rag with polish of pieces of furniture.
Steaming Is much easier.
The product adds, highly would recommend it, more plastic basket and leaky flanges .A negative with- fund of stainless steel where resins of aim of turns of the water with small accounts ,could be the defect of water.
5 / 5
Glass of quality and construction of stainless steel of coverage that was highly desirable versus plastic. Big 2 tier the capacity is very convenient. It resupplies the fastest steam and more powerful that other units. A steamer has found better.
4 / 5
Very easy to use and does not take long to take to know regarding the use! Wonderful steamer that certainly will be used for both house and travesía. We initially pensions to buy to steamer to be able to eat steamed vegetal when travelling and that remain in of the hotels. How it is very convenient, will be to use he in home too much!
4 / 5
Use mostly to vegetable of steam ( broccoli, carrots, potatoes, cauliflower. Law a lot well. I have not tried laughed still but slowly to. The chicken of steam, but thinks will continue to bake.

Are happy bought it. Can turn it on dipped a timer and does not have to that maintain the verifying. The mine has the way down below beep like this still has to that be conscious of a time to any overcook the.
4 / 5
The quality has not been stainless steel, feels more like plastic of light weight. An inferior part stained after so only an use, also please add at least 2 minutes to your time your time to steam likes him take the long time for a water to take hot. I gave it 2 stars because it likes-join me has measured.

Top Customer Reviews: Steami - Bamboo ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
4 / 5
The steamer adds, cooked corn in a cob, potatoes, broccoli, and snap the peas a time. Included It Has been the cookbook and the little liners partorisca begin. A precise steamer partorisca be drenched in prime minister of hot water, a first batch of vegetables has cooked tried likes bamboo.
5 / 5
Has bought this partorisca my first tentativa in doing cart siu bao and has done a lot well! Has two roomy third so that it does not have to that no a lot of batches and comes with drive of the comprehensible use in chance is unfamiliar with steamers of bamboo. Like this a lot that is coming with the little liners also!
4 / 5
Unfortunately, this steamer of period of bamboo less than nine month. Some coverages in a coverage has fallen entirely averts. My leading steamer of the different mark is lasted on 10 years.
4 / 5
Wants that he that is light easy 2 grandson and very effective n steaming my veggies and rewarming other lunches.
4 / 5
Is done of material adds,clean easily and has been using it nonstop still all the classes of steamable elements of dumplings to vegetable medleys. Value each penny has paid, produced excellent
5 / 5
Amur, amour, amour my steami! He exactly that it required it to do. He steamed my dumplings perfectly, after trying my quota veggies! Very happy with this compraventa!
5 / 5
Has bought so only this steamer and used it so only once, but clean easily and does the good work of steaming. I need the big 10' casserole to resist a steaming waters. All was described like this that. Be sure partorisca rid wash and air-dry thoroughly first to store.
4 / 5
These are steamers of wonderful bamboo ! I am not janky like some other classes have seen. They are returned perfectly together and his cane with a paper of parchment how were able to use them immediately!!!!! Like this simple to use. It would recommend!!
4 / 5
A product has received wine with the lid broken. A material of the bamboo used in a lid was flimsy. The amazon has substituted a steamer broken with the new a, which was better form that a prime minister a but still no a steamer has used better.
5 / 5
The basket of steam adds. Near easy on and go down. Any subject with cleaning. I have a lot of fact dumplings is and has resulted utmost. A basket has not had odd chemical smells or flavour of impact of dumplings. It would recommend this to another.

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