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1 first Fortress Mount TV Wall Mount for Most 40-75" TVs up to 165 lbs and 9-feet HDMI Cable Fortress Mount TV Wall Mount for Most 40-75" TVs up to 165 lbs and 9-feet HDMI Cable By Fortress Mount
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2 Fortress Mount TV Wall Mount Bracket for Most 40-65" TV Flat Screens up to 165 lbs and 9-feet HDMI Cable Fortress Mount TV Wall Mount Bracket for Most 40-65" TV Flat Screens up to 165 lbs and 9-feet HDMI Cable By Fortress Mount
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3 best Fortress Mount TV Wall Mount for Most 40-75" TVs up to 165 lbs and 9-feet HDMI Cable (Renewed) Fortress Mount TV Wall Mount for Most 40-75" TVs up to 165 lbs and 9-feet HDMI Cable (Renewed) By Fortress Mount
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4 PERLESMITH Full Motion TV Wall Mount for Most 37-70 Inch TVs up to 132lbs - Fits 16", 18", 24" Wood Studs - Articulating TV Mount Dual Arms with Tilts, Swivels & Extends 16", Max VESA 600x400mm PERLESMITH Full Motion TV Wall Mount for Most 37-70 Inch TVs up to 132lbs - Fits 16", 18", 24" Wood Studs - Articulating TV Mount Dual Arms with Tilts, Swivels & Extends 16", Max VESA 600x400mm By PERLESMITH
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5 AXXIS LARGE TV MOUNT - FIXED Low Profile TV Wall Mount Bracket for most 32-80 inch TVs - Holds TV 1.25" from the Wall - for LED, LCD, OLED and Plasma Flat Screens AXXIS LARGE TV MOUNT - FIXED Low Profile TV Wall Mount Bracket for most 32-80 inch TVs - Holds TV 1.25" from the Wall - for LED, LCD, OLED and Plasma Flat Screens By AXXIS
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6 Ultra Slim Flat TV Wall Mount Bracket for LG Electronics OLED55B8PUA 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV (2018 Model) Super Low 1.4" Profile Design, Heavy Duty Steel, Flush to Wall, Simple to Install! Ultra Slim Flat TV Wall Mount Bracket for LG Electronics OLED55B8PUA 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV (2018 Model) Super Low 1.4" Profile Design, Heavy Duty Steel, Flush to Wall, Simple to Install! By ShopSmart Deals
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7 ECHOGEAR Tilting TV Wall Mount with Low Profile Design for 32-70 inch TVs - Eliminates Screen Glare with 15 Degrees of Smooth Tilt - Easy Install with All Hardware Included - EGLT1-BK ECHOGEAR Tilting TV Wall Mount with Low Profile Design for 32-70 inch TVs - Eliminates Screen Glare with 15 Degrees of Smooth Tilt - Easy Install with All Hardware Included - EGLT1-BK By ECHOGEAR
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8 Echogear No Stud TV Wall Mount - Low Profile Design Works with TVs Up to 100lbs - Mount TV On Drywall Or Concrete with Fast Drill-Free Install - Heavy Duty Steel Frame Securely Anchors TV to The Wall Echogear No Stud TV Wall Mount - Low Profile Design Works with TVs Up to 100lbs - Mount TV On Drywall Or Concrete with Fast Drill-Free Install - Heavy Duty Steel Frame Securely Anchors TV to The Wall By ECHOGEAR
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9 ECHOGEAR Low Profile Fixed TV Wall Mount for TVs Up to 85" - Holds Your TV Only 2.25" from The Wall - Fast Install with Template & You Can Level After Mounting - Pull Strings for Easy Cable Access ECHOGEAR Low Profile Fixed TV Wall Mount for TVs Up to 85" - Holds Your TV Only 2.25" from The Wall - Fast Install with Template & You Can Level After Mounting - Pull Strings for Easy Cable Access By ECHOGEAR
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10 Sanus Premium Full Motion TV Wall Mount for 32" - 55" TVs - Stainless Steel Finish with FluidMotion Design for Smooth Extension, Tilt, Swivel - Low Profile TV Bracket Plus Easy 3 Step Install Sanus Premium Full Motion TV Wall Mount for 32" - 55" TVs - Stainless Steel Finish with FluidMotion Design for Smooth Extension, Tilt, Swivel - Low Profile TV Bracket Plus Easy 3 Step Install By Sanus
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Top Customer Reviews: Fortress Mount TV ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Sook
Recently buy it the new 46' television and tried to choose in the mountain of wall of Compraventa Better but was ridiculously priced.
After some investigation in the amazon resolved is or like value. Nice revises for real users, reasonable prize, lifetime guaranteeed. My thought procedural is that any company would allege lifetime guaranteeed unless has absolute faith in his creation of product.

This was my first to time it installing mountain of television I, and some instructions were easy to follow (thinks the total ikea pieces of furniture). A mountain is very robust and clear (any force wasted of to lean him like him some of an another beefier mountains). I dind't thinks would be to use a characteristic to bend when bought a thing but he have entered handy to optimise angle of view. It IS pleasantly it has surprised it it comprised it include the longitude HDMI cape. He only so that it spend it that my existent HDMI the cape would have been also down has used he with this mountain and I would have has had to to exit to buy the nine a! In Some looks of company likes him poses them the plot of thought in this product.
5 / 5 By Freeman
In today world-wide concealed does not want the wall of the television is trace? Especially in our house, maintains all these tiny hands of a television. We have moved recently and it has purchased this mountain of wall, and has purchased other mountains in a past, was surprised felizmente for an ease of installation. A box is not very big, even so it was place quite together a lot of providing conjoint multiple of rays in television of accesses of yours habit and the mountain of the handy level directly magnetised in a mountain. Any personnel to locate or unnecessary work. Simply it finds your studs, hammer and mountain. It say less than an hour for us to install and is very satisfied with a quality of a mountain he as well as an ease of installation. If yours is looking for some economic ways to locate your television, that is to say the option adds and highly recommends to have our safely locates backwards television and out of tiny hands' achieve in our house!
5 / 5 By Remona
Pros: I have wanted the mountain of wall of the television that easily could handle mine 55' Samsung television, but the majority of a some expsitos maxed has entered 55'. So many, this a perfect east since he maxes has entered 75'. A lot of highland holes in a group for variable studs width and/or preferences of trace in a wall, as well as highland configurations for almost masters a lot highland of the television. It can bend up (slightly) and down (much more) for loosening/tensing the knob (goes gilipollas).

Gilipollas: Quan That Uses a function of television curves, is almost impossible to adjust a knob once a television is trace in a wall. So much, I recommend to determine a correct angle of a television and tensing down a knob before attaching a television in a group of wall (a bit counter-intuitive of necessity to have a television in a wall to determine a correct angle, is). That is to say my complaint of only entity . A subject a small plus is an attraction -cords these covers some television to be taken of a group of wall, which hang down some television and like this is visible when looking television. This is fixed easily the tuck arrives the/recording them behind a television.

In general, for a prize this product is quality adds and has done the work adds to line ours 55' television in a wall. Mark Only sure to measure two times (or three times) and hammer once! If you use the cheap studs finder and is the unsure bit while in a precision of his readings, can drill holes very small where expect locate a group in a studs so it can verify has that has done studs there/yes was centred in a studs. I this cual the precaution of my studs the finder has done the cute bit, and has determined felizmente was was-centrical in a studs. Quan Is ready in in fact locate a group (after the mark that/finds your holes in a studs), mark sure to drill pilot holes with some rights-sized bit before screwing in a lag rays.
5 / 5 By Ceola
Recently take it the 55' LeEco 4K television of Walmart and has looked for something to locate he in my wall. Some indications for of is was ridiculous big as it was sceptical was the descriptions paid but after I record for awhile. Cairo legit. It say that a main reason has chosen this mountain was so that it avenges with the free HDMI the cape and I have listened quite loafers and cheap. Even so, you are pleasantly surprised in a support. It have averted in meso the day to pose this sucker on forming that I am notoriously bad in posing the together things. Even so, I think it can have me taken 30 minutes? That is to say with me the double control and supposition bren I. It guesses that any one concealed to know that it is doing would be able to take this thing up in 15 minutes or less.

- Suuuuuper Easy installation: An instruction boooklet was sper clear and a setup and the installation did not take me any time at all
- Robust: Your television is one of entity inversion and obviously any one the flight to fall. This thing is very robust. I yanked the the pair of time for the good measure since does not want my television to fall
- Lifetime guaranteed- not having since when has ordered the but there is the lifetime card of guarantee in a box
- Scrolling: I messed the time of the pair and a television do not have enters right but taken he of a mountain was sper easy.

Any one so far. I will update something crazy raisin
2 / 5 By Sybil
After reading critics of numerous positive has been excited to order this mountain. The process of assembly was sper easy and the instructions were very useful. BUT in my case this mountain could not conform my expectations. An only place to hang the television in my floor is among two windows in a room. I have taken all some measures to plant television symmetrically so that has same distance in both windows. One would think it would be an easy thing to do so that podes television of slide in a guide that is to locate in a wall and has equal distance in both windows. But so that it is the two guide of piece that is to connect with the group in a half, can very television of slide far enough. Mina studs the place has required to attach one such guide that a hook that is attached in the television has to seat directly in this group in of the orders for television to be trace symmetrically among two windows. But it is impossible, so that has two rays in east that short group a side of a television and looks to bend... Perhaps I am only miserable, but does not want to return a mountain like totalities has been drilled in a wall and the rays tensed. The data is the spatial for hire , is not to do more totalities in a wall to accommodate another mountain. When being bad like my television now his unevenly and visually distorts a balance of a room. To eschew this subject looks for the guide of piece only.
5 / 5 By Nikki
It installs the number of monitor and mountains of television. It tries mountains of desktop and diverse fashionable wall and more to the left that asks that it decides cual to pose in a box. The majority of a time has to think a vendor has not tried using some products afterwards have been ready for piece.

Or Mur out of television highland of Fortress the mountain is not one of these products. This mountain of wall retreated 200400 in 600600 VESA mountains.
Found a band to be deceptively compact for that enters a box. This unit is broken down in his pieces duquel accounts of component of helps for an excellent packaging but everything are orderly and is easily recognizable in some instructions. That take me in a something that shines afterwards.

Some instructions are a lot of (Very) clear and his easy to match some parts of boxes with some illustrations. Some instructions are writings clearly, in English for purchase of mine without typos. Any odd tongue and any one wasted words. Some instructions say you that to install for diverse wall, forest, brick, cimento etc and what breakings to use. Some tills also comprise a lot of rays to apt a lot of TVs. One of some main flus has is VESA is level but in increasing holes in TVs is not so many....

A better part, for me, is a fact that the group attaches in your television then hook in a frame. Quan Locates the television big plus this does the a lot of easier things that trying trace the TVs in a back dish to locate already attached in a wall. I admitted that that is to say to recommend for two people but I very always have an extra pair of tame around when required to locate or move the television.

IS yours wall, really needs to locate this in studs or the hard surface to back your television. Then the installation would have to be relatively mere using listens tools.

Is looking for The robust, well the wall was done and complete boxes to locate concealed your television arrives and run any time, this or will not disappoint .

Mur Of television highland highland of fortress for the majority of 20-75' TVs until 165 lbs with 9-feet HDMI Cape (2018 Edition)
5 / 5 By Gerry
My first impression of this mountain was 'Wow, this box is tiny, is there the whole mountain in there?!'

Rest to be ensured has the full mountain in there. Some assembly is required, took me quite 30 minutes the totals a mountain and hangs my television. In general a process was directly advances.

Hanged the TCL 40' television in my wall. This television is quite clear, has used only two of a four lag rays in this mountain. A lag the rays were both installed in a cup of a mountain and was far eschew. These lag the rays are big, listened likes him could do the attraction up in a mountain as I called it well there and has opted any one to pose more holes in my wall.

In general this mountain has done well. Decent field had of adjustemnt for one folds . A group of television accidents in a mountain firmly and has two agreements of attraction to fall a group. A television when being very sure.

IS sure has the better trace in a piece but of my perspective would be has built on. This hanged mountain my television amiably in the prize that is to take to beat.
5 / 5 By Keena
That is to say the mere still the functional metal French cleat highland creation of wall of television. Some instructions and the illustrations were directly the advance that identifies all some parts and the tools have required. A level of small alcohol is comprised but to take the most accurate measure has used the 24' level.

Determines your height of the mountain has based on that it will be it in front of a television. P. p.ej. Putting of canal of the centrical or anything more. My LG the television has a far sensor Goes in an inferior centre as I am trace a fund of a LG so that it is the few inches above a cup of west of mine of canal of the centre.

Some highland processes is easy, only determine some rays of correct measure (distributed) and bandage a vertical backing bars in a backside of your television and a portion of the television of a group is trace. That can take more time, that depends that absolutely it levels flight your television to be, is to bend verify your measures. Lag The rays are comprised to drill to wall of studs, or if a location has chosen to drill your holes any paste studs the, the anchors of plastic wall are comprised to use. After marks where your holes will be drilled and drill your holes, lines a portion of wall of a highland group (fence of metal) in a wall and vary some holes in your wall with a slotted holes in a bar of metal.

Using the socket and the ratchet hurriedly can scrape a lag rays and washers through a slotted holes grupal of the wall in a wall. A slotted the holes left you some wiggle soiled to move a side grupal of the wall in side. Calm then hang your television in a group to wall until you listen a two this closes click of mechanisms to situate. A French cleat the creation still leaves calm in slide your side of television to sustain to centre he for pertinent location. To take a television of a mountain, low attraction in a two 'cords of rasga' to fall some mechanisms to close and promote your television was. I want to reposition some points of tear of attraction of the cord like the can not see dangling under a television. (Picture 1).

Can buy threat of the breaking of cape or plastics or canal of metal raceways to conceal and cimenta all your capes that hangs of your television. It takes some matching painting by heart of the wall and pint a raceway a same colour to mix of help in with yours walls. If it wants the to look the pro the work can buy in-to wall recessed boxes for some capes to enter/beginning of.

So that flat poster TVs has the superficial behind, a desert among your wall and a backside of a television is only diverse inches with these types of mountains of wall. If calm curve you some television bass, a desert among a wall and the fund of your narrow television. To connect mine 75 antenna of cape of ohm, has used the 90 'F' connector that prevents a cape to angle in an unnatural angle. ( It situates of voice 2 and 4). Has the small bit in curve of mine optician (toslink) digital cape of a backside of a television in mine AV the receiver but he are not too drastic. To the amazon sells the right angle toslink the connector yes decides that I want to you unit

LG Distributes the 90 cord of power for this purpose, but has substituted he with a Audioquest cord to be able in. If you have left a television to bend all a low road, oblige the acute curve in my cord to be able in so much will minimise one bends angle. (Picture 3).
5 / 5 By Solange
It was nervous quite installing something like this on my own, is not exactly the handy man, and does not want to break my television...

But lucky for me some few instructions that is coming with clear quite was and was very easy to install. The signals of premiums that included the thing of bubble of the level to do sure has rows properly. His the small thing, but I to good sure didnt has or posing around, and would have has had to do the trip has been to deposit of house or something, as I have appreciated that has comprised one for me and save me the trip

Some bars are adjustable and so law with any television, and once semi-detached pode the angle join you screen to eschew any class of glare.

HAS first of amazon, and has expected this to enter two days, but arrive in or, in any additional cost, main for me, but your perhaps different experience that mine.

IS happy took it, and could buy it again, there is another television has thought quite a lot of poses in the wall, of this installation was also can do again
5 / 5 By Ossie
This mountain of the wall of the television is arrival hurriedly and without harms. It IS bundled up in his box and the new mark. Everything in a box is embroiled in plastic. All the rays are many -orderly and in of the small stock exchanges. This mountain of television still comprises the small level to assist calm to do sure locate the properly.

All feel very very done and well-has built. Some dishes of the mountain of the metal is finishing very well, not having verges very acute or burs. I am very pleased with a craftsmanship of a mountain and a quality of an included screwed. I am used to to take my own rays or rays with products like the this, has not had to substitute anything in this case. It was able to use everything out of a box.

Does any stun with this mountain of television. If I can install this mountain that any pot. Quan All are out of some looks of boxes has the plot of product. Following some instructions this the breeze. You use a big lag rays to locate some dishes in yours walls. Finding a studs in the yours wall is easy with studs the finder or experience in your work in frame. Everything of some rays that is included with this mountain is for several types of TVs. You imagine out of that type of use of ray in your television and a rest is extra only.

Installed this mountain in the cabin for hire here in some mountains. It IS quite strong in any in that has any worries with renters enter and out of the each weekend. It is lining the 42 plasma of television of inch in the basement. A wall is tongue and grooves with 2x4 studs. Everything is very solid. I have posed a television in a wall for me. I have used my four level of feet to ensure the quality these levels, except a tiny level included was also useful.

Some 9 feet HDMI the cape is quality very good . It was able to use this cape and not listening a necessity to substitute he with anything better. Have trace in that the has not been necessary and there was enough to limit in a box of cape.

If anything changes with this mountain of television to well sure will update this description. If you are reading this without one edits then a television still is streaky when being in a wall only well and without any problems. That with any one of my descriptions, listens free to ask questions.

Top Customer Reviews: Fortress Mount TV ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Percy
This mountain of wall is perfect for my room. Easy the total and install. I totalled and install this mountain for me but probably would take less time with help. The total totals and the time of the installation was in an hour, only so that in in to to my woman did not like him that down it was so that it owes the race quite 5 inches haha. Another that concealed, some instructions were easy to comprise and the assembly and the installation was the breeze . Perfect product for mine 55' wry UHD television.
Wants a characteristic or qualified to be able to bend the up and down. He he so easy to determine that it is a perfect angle of your sofa or wherever could be television of look . To well sure it recommends this mountain!
5 / 5 By Nieves
Quan Took this container, has been surprised by a small measure. You are the bit preoccupied that has had routed a mountain of the smallest measure. This has deceived. All some parts were there, that comprises the variety of rays to locate a television, and a HDMI Cape! Also it comprise it was the clear instructions that strolls calm through assembly and mountain of options of wall. I took me quite 15 minutes to pose a together mountain, and was hurriedly obvious that this mountain easily could handle mine 50' screen of LCD. I have installed this mountain in our low rec room, once again preoccupied so that a wall studs has not entered the level 16' eschew. It was only able to ensure a side in a wall studs, and has used the heavy duty toggle ray in another.
A mountain was solidly installed, and has not had any worry quite the scratch in this television. Attaching some highland bars in a television and planting he in a wall was mere, and was able in fully ensure some highland bars in some guides. A mountain is very near in a wall, but there is only he quite soiled to bend a television in an angle has wished.
Has purchased trace of Fortress in a past, or has lined in the 55' LCD for more than the year now, and is so solid as never. That is to say an excellent product , a prize is more concealed reasonable, and a lot appreciates that all a hardware has required has been comprised. Certainly I will recommend in any this question, and to the good sure purchase more than this manufacturer requires another in a future.
5 / 5 By Dudley
A lot it researches before it decides in the final product in compraventa. Sometimes, this task is daunting so that has so many available options. This was to well sure a case to buy this mountain of television. After a lot of descriptions to read, comparisons and videos, decided in this model.

That Calm undoubtedly notes, these revise field of overwhelmingly positive (that me skeptical) and overwhelmingly negative (also me skeptical). Desprs The purchase and that uses this mountain, can say that there are too many negative people in some world-wide does not think some naysayers.

Bronzed More marks, a mountain has achieved piece in the long box. Any one when being any very well with DIY projects, was the small has scared. Any necessity. Some directions are very directly advances. It IS cautious has trusted of my new 50' 4K Ultra HD television (my Black Fridays rob!!!) With the $ 25 mountain, but my precaution was unwarranted. Desprs Using studs the finder to find a right place to install a mountain, felizmente hanged my new mark awesome television in a wall. I did not require it since my HDMI the cord was already quite long, but a mountain comes with an additional extends in case that yours is not .

Has thinks that has wanted my new television once takes hooked arrive and current, but wants the even more now that his trace in a perfect angle in a wall. It clears for above background room and leave me to see he of a cookery when is cooking. Any problem with assembly (still although I am technology -defied), any problem with fixing he in television. Only there is for the days of pair, but his interesting inversion.
5 / 5 By Leoma
Quan Has ordered a mountain has not been sure that a lot it can line in my television. Has the 60' FOCUSED that it does not weigh anywhere afterwards in a limit but the road looked still in big for this mountain. I have bought this so that the partner had recommended the so thought cost flavours he in a prize. Desprs Installing it and in the first place having my boy hangs of him, is no longer preoccupied. It has Had the few mountains to articulate some years and would not recommend never any one leaves a fully extended television of a wall but I maintained it quite 50% extensive and listen totally comfortable with that or less. It installs in the stud is to well sure a road to go. A three lag the rays easily will line anything less than 100lbs. It do not say this mountain would win any contests of aesthetics but I necessity very only my mountain to line a television arrives and attach some ease to use when attaching capes. An only thing has enjoyed more than other mountains was the better road to capes of goes it.
5 / 5 By Tonisha
Has an old 50 plasma of television of inch of screen that weighs quite 5,000 hand to give or take (well, is not that weighed but to to the chair likes him.) It was enough to take to find the support to pose this beast on, left only find something to locate he in a wall. Why I locate in a wall yes has the support? Small boys and his sticky is why. I trust that this vain thing to line my television of dinosaur in a wall and he will not fall since is lined in for some giant rays have planted directly in a studs. I totalled a thing I, as it does not have to fall eschew unless the things take loose. I have had once the squad of 10 strong men in impulse a television in a mountain, all was smooth. Easy the total, easy to install, materials to have to very heavy, and premium HDMI cape. I will have to say that a good thing in my dinosaur is that when has posed a highland group in a backside of a television, can move the up and down on there to adjust a height, any only a left and right wing. As I guess I am lucky for now!
5 / 5 By Daniele
The hen has purchased my television and has wanted the mountain in a wall has looked for a manual to find that it has been it recommended so that has so there and last thing wants the mark is uses a wrong mountain that could break it your television. This mountain is VESA although I of the that knows what this half was what Samsung recommend. It IS so easy to install, thinks that to take at most of 15 mins and this was only so that it comes with so many rays for the wide variety of measures of television and more than everything articulates, can not see of another part of a room, can move it.. It can be used with of forest studs of masonry. Calm leave you to adjust a television to bend yes precise. It IS very sure and declares two easy to achieve tabs so that a television will not move unless you pull the to take a television. You have posed once a television in a mountain in a wall automatically fences in to plant like any worry that will be necessary line he up while trying adosarprpers in a mountain of wall. Also it comprise it the HDMI cape and the lifetime guaranteeed. With so mountain to confuse this one was surprisingly easy to use. You could spend the plot of money in the mountain of television but that is to say one that firmly line your television in place and is very abordable. It recommends.
5 / 5 By Lourie
It take this mountain to wall was and the threads had is my mountain in a wall of a corner of a small chamber. A back dish has abundance of holes to adapt in a different measure TVs. I used it to locate mine 42 Samsung of television of ready inch. It IS it adds to fall in a cup of a dresser. When being very solid and can extend was. Calm only precise sure when being to find the stud to locate he in. It comes with the clear and calm instructions can extend a television out of some laws of wall adds in a corner. I have been surprised in a weight of a box, and is impressed in a sturdiness of a mountain. You can swivel a television also. That is to say a first mountain has purchased. It IS the product of quality and another perk is a reasonable prize. I have been surprised to find the card of guarantee, and do so expected. I am impressed with this mountain and of the happy backwards until 100 lb. A premium is a 9 ft. HDMI The cape comprised. The calm can not beat these roads to locate in 55 television of inch down 100 lb. It recommends this product for a quality and prize.
5 / 5 By Charita
It was impressed really with this mountain of wall of the television. I have hanged the 32' television in my Fourth Master in of the levels of cape in the corner. Of a mountain of television swivels and curves , was very easy to adjust a television to see of my bed. I have used also cutaway receptacles to wall to the goes a cord to be able in and coaxial cape in a wall so that any cape was visible under a television. This mountain of the television has not had any problem any mark in a 32' television, and is sure easily controls in a maximum weight declared of 100 lbs. I localised a forest studs in a wall to attach a mountain of wall in, and is sure that could have it hanged my weight of whole organism in a mountain, was that sure! With a prize adds, and an ease of annex, that is to say one of some mountains of wall of the better television has not purchased never. Certainly recommend it this mountain in any one!
5 / 5 By Ilene
Perfecto to use recessed. In our give, has the room recessed in our shelves of wall for the 50' television. I go me it deceive last year. Quan Took it the mountain of regular wall , so that an angle to see of the side was terrible, while any one has had to to seat and television of clock in our loveseat. At the end broken down and has bought this one and is so happy has done. My husband posed it up in less than an hour ( measure 100 times to do the sure things are perfect). Last night fall slept in a sofa and for a first time was able to see a television while seating in a loveseat. This mountain comes with the lifetime guarantees which me chosen this or in another. I very cual a fact that can retract the to seat flush with some shelves. My only desire is that they would do one with the engine and far like me any one have me race for the adjust/ But then is guessing, the engine one would cost to the plot and I are also cheap to waste money, when only can me race.
5 / 5 By Rosalinda
Another product adds of this manufacturer! Has two other mountains in my house of them and I absolutely want to it! Although I have not installed this or still, research to be included better that an another which are motionless. In inaugural a goleada, everything is neatly bundled and embroiled in plastic so that it does not have any scratch or scrapes. Some instructions are very written and clear. Of them, it looks that a swivel the arm has multiple points of hinge and that when a television is pressed against a wall, was almost flush with him. Based in anterior experience, in to the the look likes him will take in of the half an hour to install this. It IS always the more taking a comprised HDMI cord.

At the end, is reassuring that there is the Lifetime card of the guarantee bundled with some components. He his has comforted. I am looking it advances to install this shortly and will update this description there would have to when being any changes - but does not expect it . Everything looks adds!

Top Customer Reviews: PERLESMITH Full ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Carie
This mountain of wall is surprising. It IS very robust and does not look or listen cheap. The assembly was the breeze . Mina 65' looks of television to surprise trace in my wall. When being able to bend a television and also the turn leans to sustain for helps of angles of better viewing for the experience of better entertainment. If you are unsure in this mountain, to the left say you to me that conforms to him or surpass your expectations.
5 / 5 By Ozie
It was sper easy the total. I took me around 30 mins to pose it all up with some pertinent tools. It IS very stable and durable. I go to buy another box for my another television. The calm will not be disappointed.
5 / 5 By Melodee
This mountain has been purchased to locate the 65' the exposure has DIRECTED. This exposure weighs 58.2 lbs. A thing that is curious in me, perhaps any one or a manufacturer could direct, is why an indication for this mountain is 'until 70'' exposures and 132 lbs. There it is DIRECTED aim concealed is 75' even so like this weigh only 60 lbs or so much. Look was necessary has it a capacity to line the 75' of a weight is well under a capacity of maximum weight of 132lbs.

In a description of a product. It comes closely/efficiently bundled with separating embroiled or tableware of money to prevents lines. Some the majority of the characteristics of the entity in me is a flexibility of a mountain that considers some holes grupal/of the mountain and moving a when trace of exposure in a wall. Had the situation where some highland holes in the a lot of smaller exposure that one 65' mentioned has been down spaced significantly more far eschews and no with this particular mountain. Conceal when being critical and considerable investigation of options, this Perlesmith the mountain has the plot of options of flexibility without only mountain in an exposure he but ensure in a wall also.

Has separate extensions that it is to attach yes required for highland holes of the sample until 600mm. There are additional highland rays and washers to accommodate the majority of exposure in the group that need of trace. A highland group attaches easily the hardware has determined once required to accommodate the particular exposure.

The mountain in a wall was the breeze once that determines where studs is localised. If that is to say the DIY the project always soyeasure two times and has cut once.' This mountain of wall comes with the level of small alcohol. You are launched the eschew in favour of the 2' level. If it does not have the level then is the convenient element included in a box. To locate studs, is the small pricey but that is to say a studs the finder has used to to ensure precision: 'ProSensor Franklin' 710 Sensors ProSensor 710 Precision Stud the Yellow finder' (the nexus of the amazon was SUPREMELY very time so included only name of finder!). For more the precision uses this jointly with the magnet studs finders. A Prosenser was supremely accurate in my experience.

A mountain can have been only the hair was at the end one measuring in relation to level. There is abundance of the options have built in a mountain these covers to adjust a level pre or the clave those locate an exposure. Besides, there is bends it characteristic these covers for significant curve for your spectators your small plus that it can choose he in lie in a fund. One another flexible option is distance extends of a wall. That is to say to prefer when changing, attaching capes for squad without potentially taking an exposure of a wall to do so prendo less mountains of flexible wall.

A mountain of wall comes with a HDMI cape. It does not look for when being the salvation-cape to accelerate how the any one rids a quality required for a semi-detached squad. An exposure is 4k and has errors of date to use. Felizmente An extra salvation-the speed has posed around to take things up and race. The only note can require you the best HDMI depend capes in a type of the combination of the squad has possessed.

This some second times are installing the mountain of wall. A bit more the investigation was is or since was the exposure of big plus and learns can have the holes of trace of significant differences in exposures. I am supremely pleased with this mountain. A prize is well for some characteristic. I will reaffirm again, it was well to learn if this mountain, based in a weight of exposures, could accommodate big that 70'. One 50'-90' the option is available but in 50% increase in tax. In these times are not to cost effective or necessary to take a main mountain. Like the exposures take the main and clearer looks this would be sufficient for more adds that 70' exposures. I will remain compliant in a listing specs.
4 / 5 By Brady
It installs 2 of these, or for the 60' plasma that weighs 80 lbs and one for the 60' LCD this weighs 45 lbs.

- The assembly is very directly advances. I have been launched has been for some highland extensions of the wall at the beginning, but is coming to appreciate them so calm of the that takes closed to have the dish of the main mountain that need, based in your studs sifts. There is a where required everything of some extensions, and a where has required only 2, and when semi-detached, theyre very sure.
- The materials are very solid and robust. At all in these listen flimsy or cheap, which are especially a lot date a $ 50 focuses of prize. A movement of a television around with a mountain is also very good. His very seamlessly, but seat concealed is the reasonable trade has been he prende this that robust and what big my TVs is.

- Some rays that trace a group in a television can interfere with some rays that takes that groups in a mountain of wall. In a television this wasnt the problem so that we line them to them go down done well, but in a second, has had to to use a long plus ones and several spacers what didnt work with some rays to ensure. Workaround Has finished to be taking he in a mountain, screwing some rays to ensure all a road and then doing some rays grupal inferior. Any sure can comprise the 3, soyedium' ray of period for a group of television or no.

In general, is happy with this compraventa and to well sure would recommend it.
5 / 5 By Mitsue
It IS to take to find the mountain to wall to accommodate 24 studs. This has done adds. I am the woman of 38 years and installed I. Only it have it the impulse of help of the partner a television in a group. This is lining the 65 television. The movements was and in, also curves . I have used also the level of laser and studs finder. (Any comprised) but has comprised the basic level.
4 / 5 By Anja
So far so good.

Will say this. Mark sure all some rays are is tight in front of mountain. If no the sag, but has the feeling that it is the plot of mountains to do concealed. In the principle when trace the sound cual a television has been to the fall was and was so aggravated. Desprs Looking in him gives had some rays that could tense so do so much and the flavours remount he without subjects. The instructions were the small to take to comprise I so that class of winged the, and is up there. Has the 65 in TCL Roku the television trace in a wall. It have to tense some rays the small time in any last few weeks but I do not have any sagging and robust investigation quite be.

Leaves these hooks in some bars that scrapes in a backside of your television could be the small better. He slide behind and the advances yes have posed too much pressure in the so there has lined at all he in place of sliding left wing in right.
Has not required an extra extension but has imagined enough would be sure that sad

research to be that scratch up very very

My boxes has been missing a level and the bonds of cape likes them volume the four out of five

Purchases your own lag rays!!! It does not use one ones concealed is coming with him so that they break easy mass. Also it was necessary buys your own rays and substitute some rays in a portion to bend also. They are cheap and breaks quite easy.

Decided to substitute a bowl and has taken the lock washer to do so. They use plsticoes cheap washers to separate some nuts and ray.
4 / 5 By Jesusita
Very very he he. The durable looks. I have been in fact able to pose the majority of my weight of organism (180lbs) in the. To good sure need to be the hands on write of person to install. 2 people are almost the must but can be 1 if he experimented. Has the 65'' 4k the television is trace . I seat very sure that is to say very ensured with this mountain. Highly it recommends.
5 / 5 By Bryant
I have used this mountain for the 65 LG 4k television. The nave was hurriedly and a box is come the free harm . All this would have to has been in a box was in a box and some instructions were easy to follow and surprisingly thorough (has given included a measure of hammer bit to use when hammer in a studs. Very very) Pro is: easy install (for the mountain of television). Has one another help of person me with one installs and was very hurriedly, quite 30-45 minutes that begins to finish. There is an amazing quantity of adjustability. Date, fold, side in side and advance and behind is each available. A dish that the rests in a wall are a perfect distance to be planted in covers he. This he easier to the goes a power and coax capes to the long of an arm of change. A motion is smooth and easy to adjust. Has the very robust listens. Gilipollas: One issues a group of highland chair to the long of a backside of a mark of television that could it spend calm in ports for your television. This was almost a case for my television but so that has the plot of the available adjustment when that trace and was able to take only quite clearance to use an end hdmi port in a backside. Bronzed Any subject for me but I can see so can impact sure tvs. Second thing very smaller. They routed the 3 feet hdmi cape with a mountain. That is to say only useful has your box is trace very behind or below a television. I have to I use 10ft capes because of a height and taking some capes under a wall in a centre of entertainment. As this 3ft the cape has not been usable for me. Again subject smaller and or that does not affect an indication. Has data still the 5 stars for the a lot of of the product has done well
4 / 5 By Letitia
It produces very good. Tube of solid steel normal quality, any metal of cheap pot. One installs was decent and took me quite 1hour since has to one little work of patch of a mountain of the mark and the anterior wall taking also measured where a height of a television would seat. The directions could use some simplification. I Like him his of a fact has extensions for until 24' studs to space since attribute of use of the newest houses 21'in of the centres to space. The law adds for me and has comprised a lot of extra rays and washers which has entered handy.
1 / 5 By Armida
It takes a work has done, but for the minimum increase sustains can take the a lot of wall of elder of trace of the quality this comes pre totalled and listen the most robust road that this unit

Top Customer Reviews: AXXIS LARGE TV ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
3 / 5 By Leia
Purchased this mountain to line the 80' Samsung QLED. If the calm has not locating never the Samsung newer of any then calm measure now that requires 8mm x 55mm rays of fine nut to line a group in a backside of a television. These take to find the rays come with the majority of highland boxes (except easterly a). Felizmente Excepts some very required rays of another box otherwise I any able state to locate a television with this box.
2 / 5 By Vonnie
Very hard to locate.
5 / 5 By Trula
Easy installation
4 / 5 By Gudrun
Work so announced and has expected
3 / 5 By Georgine
Fact by concealed it required but is delicate to install, a fastening the ray is very hard to take also once the television is trace
4 / 5 By Jackie
The flight!
5 / 5 By Kyong
I Like him his of the element!! goooooood!!!
5 / 5 By Lyle
I produce it adds!
IS very easy to install and still comes with a hammer of bit of pertinent measure for the perfect access and sure of a Lag the rays in a forest stud.
Will be to order one of sound 'bending' versions for another television.
5 / 5 By Rachele
I produce it adds

Top Customer Reviews: Ultra Slim Flat TV ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5 By Berta
It was unable to maintain this product like my wall there has been the room of the recess but he are very lustrous and hs slender profile. Has had to something concealed could the turns was where so these wineries TVs in a something.

Top Customer Reviews: ECHOGEAR Tilting TV ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By
Exceptional mountain. Experience after revising dozens of the at all objective elections of prizes. This trace to locate easily and the support of client is point and averts. 15 curves of title provides more then quite flexibility. This mountain is the laureate . The manufacturer has trusted. 2.5' clearance Goes in to wall and the abundance of television covers of spatial to accommodate capes, cover, etc. Very better then one 1' or 1.5 ' spatial offered by some. An only downside is a width of a back dish. Certainly it can the be wider besides well cape a expanse of 16' the centre studs in some situations of installation that is not typical or can not be 16' in centre, as in in some funnels because of exhausting the tubes etc. Locate my unit in the funnel of gas that has been planted in backside drywall. This section, in a centrical, has not had the centre studs that careers until a summit of a ceiling in this point of installation. Like this our studs on the dot to install was 32' eschew on the dot of centre. Bear in importing a back dish in this particular unit is only 25.6 wide inches. We were able the paste two studs in my installation only after moving a frame on in a right extreme and then while it still can centre some sustains behind in a left wing for the installation has balanced. We the to us but ail. My threads has the unit of competitors that was wider and left him in better field his unit in a head office in his funnel even so paste one has required two studs easily. It maintains this those imports when ordering and plan consistently. It averts of that, this was the strong unit , economic , compresses adapted for the majority installs. For any one 'a-typical' install, considers the unit with the most back dish width.
4 / 5 By
The installation and the prize add was the breeze . To well sure recommend it and included purchase another for other parts of a house. Has the few subjects very smaller: (1) Or the group of the wall enters two pieces that has to when being screwed together. There is quite game in some holes of ray that is possible to the ray joints them in the light angle. It has remarked this when the side would be level while another has not been. Only it takes a time to do sure joins in the right verge. (2) The curves of desire could do the adjustments while a television is trace . Alas, they can very been due to a down can not take your arm by behind the. (3) Like your television, could require the Phillips screwdriver a lot with a longitude of cape to tense some grub the snails after a television are trace. They are quite 8 inches of a fund of a television in my installation.
5 / 5 By
Fantastic mountain for my Samsung 65' FOCUSED. It IS profile way down below he so that it recommends that it locate the bent up as much as possible so that a fund two rays are accessible (sees semi-detached photo), otherwise could not being able to return your hand-held arrests to tense them. Once those are tensed, can be it has bent behind in a place has wished.
1 / 5 By
It speaks it undertaken with me for several days on that this highland access with my television and is well, spoken with Samsung and my television more the pair of plus that there tvs any access in this group anything. The company was very after I have tried the harm. It does not pose more then 50lb in this mountain unless or can drill in 3 struds. It goes to bond with a plasma ones my family has been using for ever on while they are main and the confidence them prende heavy tvs. Any sure why this was reccomended with my Samsung nu65un8000 when was for the buy. Or I comprise that any one would want the the television groups that has the rays that distance less then 6 big inches to line in general television then 47polzades because of volume of the weight distributed in the small group.

Television cut always indications of weights of the mountain down the half when look in the

the group has been missing several tones weld something concealed has to of been welded in some corners
4 / 5 By
Trace this in my place of funnel in a room very can go. My television is heavier that more newer ones so that, although it is the small plus 37-inch, has been purchased in 2008. Probably weigh it quite 50 lbs, in meso a maximum this device would have to scratch , and while a mountain is very sure, a television is difficult to bend , predominately, thinks, because of his weight. Otherwise, That is expected in. Guide of easy installation (compared in another concealed IS not so free to see my description in another the mountain tried in front of the east a).

A note in installation: there is the devil of the time that takes a two posed-the rays tensed in a underside of a highland group (he a fund of some guide that attaches in a television he). So that I do not want to this the television of road of the increase of small measure in of the big approximations a ceiling, seats relatively down in a wall on one was a lot, very difficult to take access with the long screwdriver to tense these rays. Highly it recommends that you are trace this, USE The PIECES of EXPANDER PROPORTIONATE to take a real television the wee bit further out of a wall. It marks this final step much easier (unless has tiny carny tame, which are well, but I any one).
5 / 5 By
Controls in mine 60' Sony of television of inch. Any problem. Only give that your television any one to bend left or right. Trace in funnel of marble.
5 / 5 By
It take this group to wall was -hang the 60' television of plasma that weighs quite 75 pounds. It IS the solid , group very built that it is easy to install and give you an option to bend advance until quite a lot of 15 titles. An abundance of offers of the creation to locate options for just in any way of television of leaves and flat screen quite 2.5' of spatial among a wall and by behind a television for cover and of the capes to goes it.

Had looked in another, groups more expensive, but returned is or has based in other descriptions and a prize of in $ 35. It have verified in some retailers of big boxes and found inferior group for almost two times a prize.

Has Had the professional installation has done like this is the work of two people a lot subject your level of expertise because of a weight and volume of a television. An installer has said that it was impressed also with a quality and facilitated of installation.

My television is class of my pride and joy (the plasmas hurriedly is resulting extinct) and is chosen happy a group of Train of the Echo to back it. I think that that a television is sure and sounds in his new house and I felizmente would recommend this group.
4 / 5 By
It does not have the problem with a mountain he even so some rays that attaches a group in a backside of a television is too down. Has the Samsung 32' the television FOCUSED and is not flush in a backside, therefore we can not take a scews to ray all a road in. We expect too late to pose a television in a wall as it is too late to return a mountain as we will have to look to purchase rays longer to do functions :-(

after read through other critics that goes to complain in a problem still has decided to call EchoGear to ask the rays the long plus. I have clashed my description on 3 in 4 stars. They take 4 stars so that the service of client was cosy and knows immediately that type of television had and was familiar with a problem. They have lost some stars so that they know in a problem with Samsung TVs how think it would have to be remarked in a description. Also, today it is the Saturday and has to expect until Wednesday for some rays some long plus in drawee like any television for me today!
5 / 5 By
Used this to locate my ginormous LG 55' (55LH90). It IS the 6 old year 80 book the behind ignited beast, very bulky for a set has DIRECTED.

This mountain is estimated by 125 lbs but tried by 500 lbs, as has the confidence in crossing with easterly. Only for my own piece of alcohol, tried to take the and hang of a mountain I after posing he in a wall and before hanging a television. It does not suggest test this, fyi, like the distribution of weight of the person and the advantage against a mountain is different of the television is. But so that well, his rock -solid.

Leaves the hardest is, while with anything like this, that finds a wall studs and his centre. Has a tram studs finder and blended apresamientos of readings, doing of is cries it, but that it is obviously any paste he in this mountain. It IS of entity to take prjima to stud centres, even so, likes line these anchors this mountain is quite big.

The Also would be useful avenges with the personnel of goleada of a mountain to do all that pre-do to mark sweat something in a wall an easy plus.

Once all this is fact , posing a group in a television is mere (uses your manual of television to imagine out of a pertinent ray is comprised to accommodate). Then, it has posed only an angle of curves of a group. It hangs it is laughably mere, likes to take in reset an angle is quite easy. Taken 2 people with my television but has taken only bren.

Has rays in a fund of a group that necessity to be tensed to help to maintain the gesture of a television, and can be take to achieve. Even so, the engine of long ray is all precise, and any a lot of the advantage is necessary while they do not have to be terribly tight.

In general is spent 90% of my time only imagines out of one studs and in pending location. The real installation was the breeze .

UPDATE 7/22/2019: I actuate since it locate the 65' TCL 65R615 in this highland group/still. Still he he adds. There is not a measure of right ray to attach a group in a backside of a television but the fast trip in a tent of hardware and $ 1 or so resolved that problem. Probably go to have this mountain for the long time, long.
4 / 5 By
That is to say the very good strong (commentaries some limits of weights) mountain of wall. It comes with a HDMI 6' cape and very hardware to match until your install necessities.
Please careful to be and recommends to use the helper in impulse an assembly to situate in a mountain of wall.
One a thing that maintains in 4 stars is a difficulty to do adjustments to twist when in place in a wall. A room is narrow and has the big hand-streaky and the weapon is defying and the stairs of does not enter handy. It suggests that a manufacturer comprises the cheep tube of PVC with the arrival of empty piece to facilitate a turning of a knob of inch while trace in place. I am in general very happy with this product.

Top Customer Reviews: Echogear No Stud TV ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5 By Thurman
Easy checked cost partorisca install, essentially the French Cleat. Used some Spax rays in place that the be be resupply and like this so only used half some nails. The mine controls 75 Samsung very like this far. Highly you recommend partorisca any that looks for the basic mountain.
4 / 5 By Windy
The cost has verified loves it!! Like this easy to install has taken 15 mins. Calm give you instructions on like this to install in dry wall, with stud, or cement.
4 / 5 By Simonne
The cost has checked was skeptical in the stud free mountain partorisca mine 65 thumb TCL. Looked around and has gone with this mountain. Any remorse. It was easy to dip up with 2 people, the screwdriver, and the hammer. I dipped it/ I dipped It up in my chimney and has had a lot subject like this far. They are like this happy has been with this mountain! I recommended it already to another.
4 / 5 By Dawna
The cost has verified Early Reviewer Rewards (That is this ? ) To good sure buy this again. All the hardware is has comprised
5 / 5 By Rosalva
The cost has verified Early Reviewer Rewards (That is this ? ) It has to that weighed and easy to install. No The whitewash on your toe!
4 / 5 By Isidra
The cost has verified Early Reviewer Rewards (That is this ? ) I have used this mountain partorisca install the 55 Samsung Ready TV. Unbelievable That this thing can resist on such the big TV. A lot of sturdy, extremelly easy to install, and a level has comprised was the big help ! The only remorse is not knowing in this product sooner! 10/10 it would recommend it to it to any one looking partorisca locate his TV.

Top Customer Reviews: ECHOGEAR Low ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Sergio
Fact perfectly for my Samsung UN82MU8000 and is VERY slender. It was nervous to locate mine 82' television so that the majority of mountains announces until 80' even so a capacity of the weight matched and he so do a highland alignment. I have not had any subject and when being very sure that this mountain will line a television for ever. I am trace a group in two studs 16' eschew even so this trace also behind 24' has to setup. He studs Trace in highly recommended for big tvs.
5 / 5 By Justa
I have purchased recently he 65' television of Samsung and has wanted the mountain of low profile for him -- after doing some duties, is gone in this EchoGear mountain and seen has fantastic descriptions, as I ordered it up and arrive the few days later.

Has nicknamed in the fellow to help with a mountain and took us to do. It does not take very time to discover that a no come mountain with rays that was quite yearn a television has purchased. So much, I have called in EchoGears' support of technology and has taken the human lives in some seconds of interior tlphonique and has counted a situation. A person spoken with era sper useful and offered to ship me a bit of the rays have required FOR FREE. Saint smokes -- habladuras quite service of client!

( Costs to remark one that a mountain comes with the enormous variety of rays, spacers, washers, etc... I have finished only to pull a low end of a clave with my television)

Some days of pair after it conceal, some rays are arrived so promised and has done perfectly. Once a group was in a television, only take perhaps another 25-30 minutes to take wall-the side grupal by the trace sideways and the television has attached. Quality on everything of some pieces looked very big, and my brother-in-the law and I have adapted a television has not been anywhere once installed. Very robust and sure.

No the a lot of products would say that it gives 6 stars in, but this mountain of television would qualify. It IS certainly product very expensive, but a bang:buck the proportion is very big. Absolutely recommend it EchoGear mountains for friends and family.
5 / 5 By Cordell
Easy to locate and, does not say any one has had to but, easy remounts mass.

Designs perfect , mere that it is easy for DIYers and leave you sure.

If you are how me, can be look in a picture and going, 'like mountains a centre of television in a wall if this thing goes directly in a studs, which are not to centre?' But he no preoccupy - for a thing, can pose some rays in a studs in any one of some long rooms of a base. This calm leave you to locate this part of him slightly was-centrical in a studs, leaving you to centre in a wall or more pieces of furniture that only a room of one studs, whereas wide eschew your east. Segundo, some bars that attaches in a television he easily slide behind and the forward to the long of a base fixed in a wall, which serve like the class of guide, complete with decrees of security to maintain calm of sliding immediately.

Bronzed Said of another way,, has to weaves of 'game' once takes some bases is trace , and is very easy to vary a side of television to sustain after has mountain.

And boy, is this thing never FLUSH. That is to say so near in a wall this has to take a television has been to take my capes in. But once I , accesses fantastically.
4 / 5 By Lisandra
Do the any to give this television the mountain was two pieces for a main group. But, posing it together, has not had any subject in total a group in a wall or a television in a group. These highland works of the wall and a prize was a lot of. There are any options of adjustment in these TVs mountain of wall. It recommends this mountain of television to wall if I do not want to spend to plot of money and no precise of the have adjustable.
2 / 5 By Lianne
Very easy to install and has handled mine 75 television of good inch. Even so, with a low profile, and the big television there is any room to take your hand and weapon by behind a television to adjust capes, Plan of hide Joeys, Samsung of hide Or Connects box or soundbar connections. Has update in a Echogear the full motion that articulates mountain and is satisfied totally with this product. Moralities--has an extra of big television and knows will require boxes to goes by behind a television, saves to time wasted and purchase a more versatile mountain.
2 / 5 By Lorelei
The mountain is very robust, but a hardward has comprised has not been compatible with my Samsung 65disturbances MU8000 television of series.

This television of series necessities M8 rays and any one of a M8 the rays in this box of wall was a right period for my television. One has comprised M8 the rays are 16mm 20mm and 35mm. My television finished to require M8x30mm for some upper highland holes and M8x40mm for some inferior highland holes in a backside of a television.

If I have not had a headache to measure and totalling my group of own hardware, would have been happier.
5 / 5 By Sharleen
It uses the few mountains of television some years, slender profile in fully articulate and different marks to the long of a road (Monoprice, Cheetah, OmniMount, etc.). Consider a cost and quality of a product, together with instructions of installation, process, facilitated of scrolling of television when locate (amour an option of bows of low attraction), ECHOGEAR impressed me a lot with this mountain.

Very only has been impressed with all the appearances of this mountain, has considered included to substitute one of my existent fully articulating mountains, which at present do not have any subjects with, simply to reduce is printed and based in my experience with this unit.

Highly would recommend ECHOGEAR the mountains have based in my experience, upper product in the reasonable prize.
5 / 5 By Shira
The mountain adds. Two subjects while posing arrives run in two things - 1-the rays didnt accesses in an older television, as I am trace the slightly smaller, slightly television newer. 2-His so near in a wall, and one covers to be able up in a wall (right in mountain, by behind television) impeded one hangs. I have directed to vary some room in back of television to stuff some covers and now the utmost looks. I took me quite 90 min for total setup because of some problems but im 100% happy with him now that his up. Excellent product, well has done. It buys another, especially of the rays are cheap, and could locate in the slightly different place to help sew smooth. It buys this, you wont lament the.
5 / 5 By Maryjane
That is to say the highland group of fantastic television in an excellent prize! I have wanted the group of slender profile that would line our new 65' FOCUSED HDTV. I have ordered a ECHOGEAR Mountain of Low Profile of Mur grupal of Fixed television (for 32'-80' the television is), priced in $ . (The similar elements have been listed in in $ 100 in another electronics of big boxes-tents of type.) This ECHOGEAR the product am ADDS! A group looks two pieces of heavy gauge of metal that overlaps and ray in a wall. Then it has two suspenders of heavy gauge of metal, which each which as apresamiento screwed in a backside of a television, and then can be clipped in a group of wall. It arrives quickly with clear instructions and very different-rays sized to accommodate manufacturers of rays and different television to annex in studs through drywall. ( Had instructions to locate through cimenta/cement, but would have has had to to go and buys some anchors/of rays said you to you to take, so that it have been the bit of an aggravation has been ready to locate necessity has discovered then in beginning and buys additional tools.) It results it a type of ray and necessity of the period was one of a measure of only/type that has not BEEN comprised in a container, but ECHOGEAR the service of client was very responsive and has said to publish out of a necessary four rays in us immediately. [Update: we were impacientas to locate our new television, and some rays of ECHOGEAR had not arrived still after 1 week, as we have been to go in a tent of hardware and prpers purchase the, but results these four required of the rays has been comprised with a television! ]
Attaching a group in our studs through drywall was the BREEZE. ( Precise have the reliable studs-finder, even so.) Some proportionate rays for annex grupal in a studs was very big and robust/solid. Once a group has been attached in a wall, and some suspenders were screwed in some holes in a backside of an accommodation of television, was so easy in slide/of clip a television on and in a group of wall. One beats television that it is slid in a group (in a wall) side-in-the side for purpose to tune adjustment to centre horizontally once a television is clipped in a group of wall, but does not have movement very possible vertically or pivoting once a group of wall is screwed in. (Note, while we are speaking this, this could be the bit of the defect of potential drawing; in theory, if a group of the wall has not been ensured enough afterwards to centre and tried to do up for him for sliding a television on, or could in fact slide a television of a group! This be has said, has had at least 12 inches in any side whence ours chair of suspenders in a group, but is believing could bond some putty or clay in some finals of a group to wall to eschew a inadvertent disaster, has to ones the debugging or the painter decide in nudge a television in a side!)
Some loops of fast emission are the good characteristic , and those have recorded up with the tape to mask of the painter to the goes but maintain access. (Tan Where in a ray-the supports/of hole are localised in a backside of a television, already can look some loops for an inferior part of a television. In a same television in 55', a group of support through a backside of a television was more in a half of a television; I think for a big plus 65', a group of support is lower because of centre of gravity and stability.) A group lines a television against a wall with the very slender profile, but there has still 2.5' clearance so that HDMI and the ports of audio could be accessed, if necessary.
In general, very happy with purchase of mine. Highly recommend it.
5 / 5 By Caitlyn
These are a robust more the available mountains. They could be the small more expensive that some other marks have sold here in Amazon but, costs an extra money and is still significantly cheaper that some rubbishes will find in your local tents.

These come with all some right rays, some rays for a wall ensure it amiably, and some instructions are very writings so included the newbie can locate the right of television. Use easterly an as well as one bends and models of full hinge to install TVs house, my mamma is and still in a dispatch and I are by train to say you, is a better.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5 By Gudrun
It is an absolute better TV partorisca wall the trace can buy in my opinion. Mark so only sure has taken the stud finder and take he in a stud and has not been that goes nowhere while yours the TV has trace amiably in a wall!
5 / 5 By Fred
Has bought he partorisca the 42' near. It looks very solid and build, functions smoothly. The installation was simple with the instructions resupplied but to 2nd person partorisca help situate a together in an arm is the very good idea. 2nd any person has comprised...;)
4 / 5 By Antonio
Said it everything in titling.

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