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5 / 5
I have bought this partorisca add to all the flour of purpose when I bread. Really I have not wanted to have tent three different flours in my small cookery (wry, bread And One.P.) To the equal that after reading descriptions for diverse gluten of frames of different vital grain, has solved on Anthony is. My breads are súper soft and a crumb is perfect. My waste familiarised to eat the tent has bought anymore so that it will be to buy this again punctual! For any one looking for gluten of vital grain for the bread that , a recommended quantity of the gluten added in rows of Google of 1/2 teaspoon to 1 Tablespoon for 1 cup of flour. Utilisation King Arthur all the flour of purpose and has had the success adds that it adds a teaspoon of gluten for each cup of flour. You can require enough according to the temperature of your cookery, altitude, humidity, etc., he so that will have the bit of the curve to learn. Be patient and change a quantity until it find one something sweet for the conditions of your cookery. Happy baking!
4 / 5
Has used he in the loaf of keto the friendly bread and he have resulted utmost as I can say for my photos. Ossia A next plus to the bread regulates in texture and sweetness, with the good crust.
5 / 5
Like another reviewers I mark Seitan with east. Ossia My favourite big protein the gluten of Grain of the Vital of Anthony and the vegan lunch is perfect of the do.

Has imagined estaca my recipe for which do not know that to do with him or does not love disorder with has complicated more the recipes can find on-line.

4 cups of gluten
1 cup flax seed
1/2 boat montreal seasoning of steak + 1 tblsp
1 splash sauce of soya (optional)
3 water of cups

Begins the big pot of water (pot of big soup, any he 4 fourth casserole in drenching) heating when boiling. Add a tblsp still season and the splash of soya.

In the big mixing the bowl combines some mix and dry ingredients well. Confusion in a 3 water of the cups until things takes quite doughy. Kneed A mix until it is quite solid to cut with the acute knife. You can require add more gluten to take it quite solid. In the plastic cutting joint or another relatively a lot-the surface of clave goes a loaf was to the tube in a diameter of the small burger. Cut to 1/4 thumb patties and boil for an hour. Ossia 'Believed' seitan to arrive to this point so much in the raw ingredient. You can eat it likes him he is, but is so only have like this as well as it could be.

To do it tasty fry patties in the the oil of olive likes the burger or suffice with oil and grill. Servants in the toast or the bun like the burger, but try it before you go to add ketchup and mustard - you probably does not love . You can store in a refrigerator for the week any question. I can not it say will last longer like the batch is not lasted never more along that that in my house.
5 / 5
This gluten of vital grain is The MARK has used better. SO ONLY after reading description with which informs positive results, has decided to take one submerges & to go for him. The boy are I happy has done! Now that has tried a better, like the chair has been missing was! Down, it has attached the pictures of pair. A prime minister is with a mark used (sad, any rear-travelling sale now!) I have situated both side of frames for side to aim you a comparison of measure. I have not gone exactly sure so only that 4 pounds of product would be but has assumed was so only less than a 5lb stock exchange of sugar. A gluten of vital grain has arrived & was in fact the stock exchange the big plus that a stock exchange of sugar with slightly less ingredients how is 4lbs, any 5 like a sugar. Immediately it has wanted to give this product tries it, especially after reading so the descriptions add! More, has required more seitan for some lunches of following day. A second picture is simply a focuses nutritious . It can create all a protein?! It GOES VEGAN, the STRONG STAY! It has taken a lot his & has done the a same to the equal that have done another mark; 1 product of cup to 1 water of cups with spices/of the herbs mixed to a dry product then adds water. It bakes 350 for 70 minutes, the foil gone in, pinch some finals. EXCELLENT! A texture is smoother, softer, & more fluffy. Has the in bylines but not drying texture. I will not go back never to another mark & are happy so many people have tried these products & has left such sincere descriptions! Without descriptions, can purchase the does not produce so that it adds. With this product, can be ensured is taking the upper product! I can not expect try this in the recipe of bread!
5 / 5
Has done seitan for a first time that use this product. It was so only a right texture and has done some the majority of amazing vegan ribs. A product has been packed attentively and has arrived punctually. It can not expect try more the recipes and I am enough to share with friends. The point of prize adds, will look for other elements of this vendor.
4 / 5
Like my first stock exchange of this material was also a first time has done seitan (flesh sub). All the applications are begin quite well.

This in spite of, after a first stock exchange has run was, has discovered that this mark NO behave a same way that another does. When This first stock exchange has run was, has bought some vwg of a bulk cubes of my local cooperative. A focuses does not say it , but create it could be the Red mill of Bob. It finds that once liquid is addition to the gluten of Anthony, instantly transforms to the solid, forming these edges that marks seitan a substitute of excellent flesh. A resultant seitan also has the texture more in bylines. A bulk the gluten has taken more time to absorb liquid, and has taken also more amassing for some series to form. This is not necessarily the bad thing, Anthony is is so only the little harder that do with -- has to that mix a lot quickly when adding liquid or all some ingredients will not be incrustados. It is also harder that form. A dough esnap retreated' to this original place , which shaping cutlets difficult. Another gluten is easier that form, included although it snaps behind slightly.

Included Although it thinks slightly can prefer a bulk vwg, a prize is that me gone back and order another stock exchange of Anthony is. A bulk the gluten is $ the pound in my cooperative, and Anthony is is $ . The the good bit of seitan, like the difference of prize is worth it. Also, mine negotiate cooperatives a cube for a gluten in a paving. I take the little icked was when I am fill on my stock exchange, more is terribly uncomfortable to fill on the stock exchange. Also I take one on next look at all some bits that drop of people in a paving to use a big plus-on cubes -- yuck!

In general, is the good product with the little drawbacks that is easy to spend for big for an excellent prize.
4 / 5
Some do any well, has no qualms with him - a question was a packaging . When it Has arrived it has been spilt in a box (any of an upper seam, of faulty sealing elsewhere in a stock exchange), and once the cut an upper open, a resealable ziploc-closure of type in a cup has not done at all. Any @@subject that diligently has tried take there is it lined on and enclosed securely, would not seal . I have tried to exchange a product to take one this would close properly (and concealed has not been to open the arrival!) But it has had any option to return or exchange an element. Poor decision in the part of a company, reason the mark for clients those who receive produced defective to take the substitution of quality. Any one has impressed.
4 / 5
The product arrived with the hole in a subordinated and produced during a stock exchange. It was dipped included inside another stock exchange to maintain some other elements in a clean box. They shipped it knowing has had the hole in him.
4 / 5
The packaging was well, untampered with, has opened. This in spite of immediately a bat of inaugural a stock exchange of the gluten of the vital grain of Anthony has remarked stale the smell could that to him the call concealed. I had it that has not bought never this mark this in spite of era my supposition that all gluten of vital grain quite odorato one same by means of a joint any one @subjects the one who the frames have imagined this could be an exception and has been advance and taste has prepared a Seitan has done long before. After steaming mine seitan there is remarked a smell and now the flavour has not gone so only still one same but had intensified.
Am not sure if ossia an old batch said in a container any expíra until 2021 has not gone yes perhaps ossia of train of the cut too close up but to good unsatisfied insurance with this
4 / 5
I produce it adds, first use has done wings' and was hands down a More there are them never has had. It can not expect do more goodies
4 / 5
love this material. He wonderful seitan. Ossia A second time bought it. These times have received produces fraction, but this element can not be returned! They are a lot disappointed now because I can not use this material or take it has substituted. The desire so only could take the repayment.
4 / 5
Added it to the bread and a bread have had the bad flavour, rancid. This bread there has been seeds in him too much, and has not been sure as it has caused a foul flavour. Experimentally I have added this gluten to simple white bread dough and has a same paving and horrible flavour. It is this gluten . I am annoyed like this. A seedy the bread was an expensive batch of the ingredients and I have done two loaves this is to go directly to some rubbishes.
4 / 5
Has verified a container,there being nothing special , any breakages, and has said expired 2021. But odora odd, my husband has said that that has been expired the smell of the grain that has known roughly when it was little. I have tried to do a bread to add it some have bitten in a flour, and a smell of whole bread there is expired. Has has had to that discard the one of way that is not eligible to return.
Then buys another mark in Amazon, odora like this good. Until this am sure this container is so only simply expired for enough the long time.
4 / 5
Has the hole in a side of a stock exchange and the powder have taken during an interior of a box and and all more. Had at all in a box with acute flanges likes some integers has been able to probably there already. Unfortunately Anthonys does not leave returns I so that it thinks that prenderé to use Anthonys.
4 / 5
The gluten of vital grain of the uses Anthony in a 'Keto recipe of Car of Bread of King' that is given freely to do the Google looks for a video of Youtube. I am using the car of bread of Beach of Hamilton I only trace backs Amazon and results the lovely golden brown loaf every time. It is an easy recipe to do , to the test so only likes to regulate WW bread (YUM!), it Is REALLY down in carbs (2 grandson carbs/ask), and is recommended highly. It comprises gluten of vital grain, edge of oat, and earth flax lunch of seeds, and Anthony is does him everything. Súper Is, and the works of gluten of vital grain of Anthony so only adds in this recipe. It exits soft and pliable, but is VERY BIG in edge that helps with regularity. If you are doing keto, will love this recipe! To to you Toast Them it likes them-him the heaven and the sandwiches is possible again (thinks salad of egg, tuna, bacon and tomato), same French toast! Topped with just butter and do fault with the good creamy . It gives to try it.
5 / 5
This flour is not to return for consumption. It is inedible. Has the gummy, gluey texture and flavour. Any one @subjects that has used he for a texture and the flavour is potent.

A partner of mine, the one who is the cook in the restaurant, has used this flour to do to crust of pizza. This cook has done this recipe of crust of the pizza a lot of time successfully until that uses this flour.

A dough would not locate (still although the yeast has been added) and when it has baked a crust angered to 6 thumbs in an oven, and come from to deflate when it has been taken out of an oven to cool. Cutting to a crust was like this cutting the hule.

A crust was gluey, chewy, and inedible. My partner has declared that a flour was bad and was so only well to do glue and paper mache. For a quantity of money has paid for this I am a lot disappointed and would not recommend this to any one. You are better spent money in the flour of Grain of Red Mill of Bob.
5 / 5
My woman and I are trying to eat the more diet of plants has based. As such, this half has to that give on some of my previously preferred lunches. After looking on some recipes for any-alternative of flesh to some of the mine favourite have seen to the plot of them has comprised something called 'Gluten of Grain of the Vital'. Ordered this a mainly out of the proportion of prize : descriptions: quantity - and has to that save has been pleased like this far. My woman has used this to do some chicken of búfalo of the imitation cut them up and plant in mine salad, and was utmost. They were resembled a chewiness of chicken, but without a lunch in fact containing flesh. More than everything, looks this container probably last quite the moment. I me quite 'wings '' to last me the full week of lunch, and probably has left enough for 15 additional servings
4 / 5
My first experience that does Seitan of this flour of gluten was a unbelievable sucedido. They are the rigid vegetarian and has trusted textured protein of soya. Any one has mentioned once seitan mine, but has touched to be to plot of work. That have created in mine in the first place try surprised and delicious. I have used a simmering method to cook a dud flesh in the broth of vegetable. I have done slabs this has looked it slab of first rib. After cooking a seitan, has left he in a broth to cook down. It has dipped in refrigerator in prejudices. I took it it was and sliced the on and place in of the stock exchanges of freezer for future use. Some of a seitan, I sliced the band and fried, it Fajitas that was out of this world. A more was when I have created Acid and Sweet Chicken, using chunks of seitan, onions, pineapple, courgette, carrots, walnuts and sweet and sour sauce, in the bed of rice. This was one of my a lot of years preferred when I have eaten flesh. Seitan Is like this easy to use and like this versatile. I have ordered the book of recipe on doing seitan. I will order more than the punctual flour.
4 / 5
Ossia Cleaned and the versatile gluten in the prize adds. I seitan to mix roughly two cups of of the this with on means the cup of the nutritious yeast and any spices want to like fennel and sage and pepper for fashion of sausage, or powder of broth of thyme and sage and vegan chicken for fashion of chicken, or powder of broth and pepper for fashion of beef. Then it adds a liquid mostly waters it but which sometimes comprises the little smoke liquid or flavour of arce, until it is dough the consistency and I do not amass any a lot of he so that I am freer and then boil chunks in of waters he in the big casserole sometimes adding more broth or flavouring to a water until it is cooked by means of, roughly 20 min, turning once. They remain intact. Then I store him in a refrigerator for the week and use them in place of flesh, cut up in of the salads or wrapped in the lettuce on. It is the low cost , big protein, tasty way to eat sã. Quite all I need is this and mine CSA. It does not cook these with oil, any necessary. A yeast the a lot tender fact, any chewy. We have had hippie thanksgiving when it was the girl that grows up in Vermont and some adults would spend all the morning that does seitan and then baking it and has tried funky and has had an odd texture and has thought always struggled unnecessarily and so only would have to it kill damn bird. In the Then would feign to be dogs and of the cars of persecution, and one strangely and ironically the game of monopoly. At all a lot behind me then have grown like this up and now frame seitan an easy way and papers of game against humanity in mine hippie thanksgiving.
4 / 5
Ossia The clean and versatile gluten in the prize adds. I seitan partorisca mix roughly two cups of of the this with on means the cup of the nutritious yeast and any spices want to like fennel and sage and pepper partorisca fashion of sausage, or powder of broth of thyme and sage and vegan chicken partorisca fashion of chicken, or powder of broth and pepper partorisca fashion of beef. Then it adds a liquid mostly waters it but which sometimes comprises the little smoke liquid or flavour of arce, until it is the dough the consistency and I do not amass any a lot of he so that I am freer and then boil chunks in of waters he in the big casserole sometimes adding more broth or flavouring to a water until it is cooked by means of, roughly 20 min, turning once. They remain intact. Then I store him in a refrigerator partorisca the week and use them in place of flesh, cut up in of the salads or wrapped in the lettuce on. It is the low cost , big protein, tasty way to eat sã. Quite all I need is this and my CSA. It does not cook these with oil, any necessary. A yeast the a lot tender fact, any chewy. We have had hippie thanksgiving when it was the girl that grows up in Vermont and some adults would spend all the morning that seitan and then baking it and has tried funky and has had an odd texture and has thought always struggled unnecessarily and so only would owe that kill the damn bird. In the Then would feign to be dogs and of the cars of persecution, and one strangely and ironically the game of monopoly. At all a lot behind me then have grown like this up and now seitan an easy way and papers of game against humanity in mine hippie thanksgiving.
4 / 5
This are to adds wants to bake but reduce a carbs in yours has has baked sakes. You can use he with alternative flours likes almond and/or coconut and like this on, and the bit of whey, to create better under carb bread, or mix in grain of whole grain or other flours of grain for the soyedium carb' bread.

The gluten takes the bad rap these days, but a lot of people do not have any difficulties with him, and is a factor that creates a sponge in yeasted doughs. So much to add in a gluten with a starch of grain has washed was, can created yeasted the breads and another has has baked sakes with far lower cleaned carbs.
5 / 5
Uses the car of bread and has not bought the loaf of bread in the tent in of the years. Many of some recipes I use asks to add gluten when using rye or flour or whole grain of oat to promote that it locates. But with one 'the gluten released craze is taking harder and harder that find in of the tents. This gluten is exactly that has required to continue to maintain doing the whole grain is, rye and breads of oat in my car of bread.
5 / 5
Has has used so only three different types of gluten of grain, but prefer this one in another two. In the first place, I have done gluten of grain manually, washing flour to take a starch, and doing it down to a real gluten. Horrible work. As, it has used the Red mill of Bob, which was well, but has paid bit it more for him in the brick and mortar and has taken less than him. This big stock exchange of gluten stores easy, reseals, and an interior of contents are adds. I used it to do all the classes of dud flesh and to good sure will buy it again.
4 / 5
Modification has contacted Anthony is done directly 2 weeks has done like this another reviewer on here to the equal that had said Anthony refunded him. Never we offer me included a courtesy of a acknowledgement, much less the repayment as I have changed my indication to 1 star. Usually it buys this product to do seitan and has not been disappointed until this time. A flour of gluten blatantly stinks. I think that that odora like the dry wall but my daughter says smell to the equal that touches bad doh. It is affecting a flavour of the mine feed and are the little bit has concerned roughly the when the be has contaminated. I will owe that the launch was, as I have lost all of the money are spent on that. Unfortunately, has no recourse reason an element is not eligible partorisca turn. If it had bought he in a supermarket, would have exchanged he without the question. I have thought at the beginning that would give Anthony is another test but can not risk squandering more the money when you can very included try return this product, as I think that that I will be to move on.
4 / 5
Has done everything under a sun with this product and I LOVE it. Flesh of earth for espaguetis, cornamusas, sloppy joe is, sliced, diced, pulled, roasted, boiled, steamed, cooked, fried, goes a dstance taking on a has added flavours in shape perfect.

This product simulates a texture of real flesh and really bulks on the lunch. On it is suitable, a flavour is the liitle funky. So only add the little vinegar with spices and fresh herbs to a mix and you will do a bit good material.

Has added yesterday spices to link hot, gone rhe seitan in foil and launched him in a steamer. PERFECTO, delicious hot dogs. Doing seitan of all the flour of purpose is the work that arrived with the bland, bland, bland dough concealed taken FOR EVER to infuse with flavour. The cost will not feel .
4 / 5
Any the one who bake to know the one who difficult went it to take flour of a closed down. Suddenly all the world is the baker , which is not a altogether what bad, unless it can not take of the flour. It has taken several months and the order a lot of type of long distance for my husband (ours has designated shopper) to consider purchasing the 50 lb stock exchange. FINALLY he , when presented with an occasion. ( It beats a cost to ship in Hawaii, plot of worlds)! That has found was all the flour of purpose, which is a lot of stops to plot of things, but any one some better for bread. In some point has arrived mine to try adding flour of big gluten to an all the flour of purpose in my bread. It does not substitute all a protein that fails, but has done enough to plot to compensate for a difference. Yes, frame sourdough, has been paralizaciones more than 10 yeas, and a difference goes in of the flour of bread an all the purpose was quite noticeable. Substituting the cup of the flour of big gluten has done the big difference in a final product. ( It has done the enormous difference in my bread of rye). Ossia Something will be to continue hand , at least until I can reliably take of the flour of bread again (and perhaps still then). He the significant difference in a final product, and reason goes to a question to do your own bread if it is not very good?
5 / 5
Bake 2-4 loaves of bread the week to feed a family, ossia key to do my less brittle bread. I am impressed like this for a volume of gluten for a prize that launch in all mine yeasty has has baked sakes, all willy nilly, taste to him there is an endless supply. :) Good material.
4 / 5
Thanks God this finally arrived, can finally pizza to mark again! Has the tradition to do pizza in home each weekend but one of some first things to disappear of shelves of tent been due to COVID-19 penurias was of the big-flour of bread of the gluten. Has abundance of all the flour of the purpose but calm can any bread or especially pizza with him. I have tried xanthan gum like him stopgap until it could take the gluten and he have done well - at least to the pizza was possible - but a texture still has not gone quite right. This law adds - two tablespoons to one all-the flour of the purpose and I now have wonderful pizza dough! Nizza And stretchy, if it sticks to and no your hands. Material in fact like this more than flour of bread because I can tweak a texture of a crust. A better part are can use any flour now, literally anything, to bake any class of bread or pizza dough can think of.

Man, has done so only a perfect pizza last night, will see that I can come up with next weekend.
4 / 5
I have grown partorisca love the products of Anthony! A gluten of the grain especially is absolutely fantastic! To the left say why.

Because it has to that:

takes the gigantic stock exchange of this which is extremely convenient! In planting to order stirs it whole of small stock exchanges of the gluten of calm grain can take it all does immediately without hassle. This gluten of grain tries fantastic and has has not had never any question with texture or consistency anything.

When being the vegan confidences this material like the heavy source of protein and Anthony is always hands! You can do a bit the delicious lunches that use this product and I highly would recommend it, especially is vegan. It is always state packed a lot well partorisca me and has has not received never an order where a stock exchange has been rasgada open and a product is exited of him.

Reason has to that no:

One a thing that any particularly taste on this product is a fact that is packaged in the stock exchange. Really it would appreciate it it is gone in in fact the container of some class more than the stock exchange or has had at least an option partorisca add the container partorisca a first compraventa so that each cost with which can buy a stock exchange and game he to a container that you already have. This this in spite of is an extremely small flu and honradamente probably has to that a lot included be annoyed by him. It is a lot probably that using a stock exchange maintains a cost down partorisca a consumer.

According to which the side is concerned thinks that it could be so only bit it expensive but can very in fact say you or a lot ossia the just prize reason partorisca some prizes of reason partorisca the gluten of vital grain is very big on and a lot down according to a vendor. To the left it dips it took it to me, a cost has there is not me deterred never partorisca the buy!

In general absolutely would recommend this product! He fantastic lunch partorisca you and your familiar and will enjoy to use he because of his ingredients of the flavour and the big quality add!
4 / 5
After trying with a stock exchange has looked for to order more but was out of stock! The amazon has behind spent and has ordered 4 stock exchanges. I can not recommend enough this gluten. He your bread and pizza dough excellent. If I doing in an oven or the car of bread rids texture and perfect flavour. I have thought always a quantity of a yeast has not been well, is a gluten ! No each calm gluten of the one perfect texture, has tried the gluten done in some the EUA but somehow did not please me so as this one. Yes, highly it recommends to the each baker there. It buys it, you will see a big difference!
5 / 5
Has the hobby expósito new to bake bread. Covid Has done the few transmissions in the lives of my family. But it likes to bake of the bread. I am trying to perfect different types of loaves. Has my own idea of perfection of course. At present I am doing in of the French bread. A recipe is in fact bondadoso of simple, but baking is the bit of the science. In all the chance, I jack on a content of gluten in a flour of bread with gluten of Vital grain. It changes a texture and leaves a bread to locate wonderfully. It has used the competitor, it Red mill of Bob, but Anthony is better that Bob. It has finalised so only bake the beautiful loaf. A prize, the value and the action are sum. Good product.
4 / 5
Previously to this compraventa has been it seitan a 'old fashioned way' to amass flour of whole grain and then washing was a starch. In this way it is the short-cut, bypassing roughly 30 labour minutes. A harvest of this gluten (130 grams) was one same likes one and the half pound (625 g) flour. Based in that I paid for Anthony VWG $ 15/4 lbs.(), A 130g of gluten cost roughly $ while 1.5 lbs the flour cost roughly $ . It can be the simple 71 difference of cents but slope roughly 3 times more than a flour. The only mine in the first place tries but felt that a house it the gluten extracted has had the better texture and the flavour but I there is not remarked the difference in flavour. In the pinch Anthony VWG is a way to go. People that does not have time or an inclination to take his delivery messy with the flour would owe that find this the boon. I will continue to use this product and would recommend for people those who can tolerate gluten like him likeable alternating the protein of flesh.
4 / 5
My first description any estaca. The stock exchange have arrived sliced open. The contained was during a box, and the one who the enormous disorder. Unfortunately these produced is not economic. More probably it will not repurchase . It appears they are one of too many without response that this is to spend to. Unfortunately, we are to stick with an expensive product that has been busted wide open, filtering everywhere. We are curious to the equal that to like this was packaged. It is obvious would have be while when be packaged. In to a future would like to see the update revises people those who have had a subject same, where some responses of vendor, and corrects a subject. The desire there was the fact researches more afterwards.
4 / 5
Master. Utilisation he for mine Sourdough bread. He the enormous difference of then can spend of the Flour of Bread that goes in 12.7 protein and the spend to to the professional likes of of the flour. Utilisation 2 of a flour of bread in a recipe. (500 gr Flour with 100 gluten of law of grams for me).
Looks to be of excellent quality. The fresh smells. Your bread tries better reason leaves partorisca to the longest fermentation. It marks your mediocre dough to a ossia the like to do with.
The packaging Adds in the heavy plastic resealable stock exchange
there is at all to do with Amazon or some vendors. I have not been asked a description and has not been given anything instead.
I just amour as there is kicked mine Sourdough the bread that bakes on pocola notch.
And last, but much less, for your judge of start, use only flour of organic dark rye. And add 2 of him yours white flour. A REAL flavour enhancer.
Does not doubt. It tries it. You will be happy has done.
4 / 5
Is gluten , gluten of pure grain. Thanks to a opioid peptides (gluten exorphins), gluten of vital grain, although digestion, effectively results feeble heroin. Has so many allergies because of MCAS, intolerance of histamine, fructose malabsorption, and 20 alimentary allergies. I can not eat flesh been due to intolerance + of histamine of the allergies, but yes cook this correctly will have a same class of the profile of flavour likes pig/of chicken.

Here is the recipe I use, which is the modular recipe based in a macronutrient profile of pig:
200gluten of g of vital grain
200-ish grams of water
20olive of coconut oil of g / of oil
4g MSG / umami
pepper / of garlic

All the world boils seitan or the cooked. I hate to do both. By means of years to do seitan, found that can be effectively done in a microwave without @@subject, and is debatably better. Microwave that in big for 6 minutes, toe, and microwave for another 4-6 minutes. If you add to the to something likes him the powder of fennel to a dry mix, will not develop the crazy quantity.
4 / 5
Some produced was a lot. I add, still. A packaging was terrible. A stock exchange arrived with roughly 1/4' for a part seam open, which has meant has had powder everywhere. I have thought that that I only tape has closed in planting to spend for a hassle of the turn. This in spite of, a side seam so only continued to leave opened on and down where I taped the enclosed and would not have imported if a tape had done reason a focuses of the zip would not close at all. I have had to that go to buy bounce it big to touch a VWG to. Ossia Probably an exception to a norm but was quite of the headache to do me the look to another marks next time.
5 / 5
Has chosen Anthony is specifically reason my tent was out of the Red mill of Bob gluten of vital grain thanks to COVID, but am happy has found is one. Much more economic that would have been in a tent, and looks to be the quality adds. I will say that that has the slightly 'grain' quell'overwhelms smell when you plough a stock exchange, but that really does not come by means of at all in a real recipe.

Has bought this product for the note in some reservations of recipe concealed is coming with my car of bread, that suggests that that the gluten of vital grain is well to help increase of breads of whole grain and not being like this dense. A recipe has suggested the low proportion -- 4 teaspoons for 3.5 hoards of the flour of whole grain. After the pair loaves to feel likes has not seen the difference, has taken brave and has used 4 tablespoons (¼ short) instead, essentially tripling a recommended quantity. This has done the difference! A bread was a light plus and fluffiest the bread of whole grain had done still.

Has begun using this gluten of vital grain in cranberry of mine of lemon of whole grain muffin recipe also, and again, at the beginning has not looked to do the enormous difference, but when I tripled an original quantity had estimated of 1 tsp to 1tbsp of gluten of vital grain -- for context, this recipe asks 1 hoards of the flour of whole grain -- a muffins puffed on an incredible quantity. They were much lighter , but has not lost a lot of moistness. It is surprising!

Likes so much that I suggested it to members familiarised and sent some house of gluten of vital grain with them, also, saying them to use roughly he 1:4 proportion to the equal that think that is so only a right quantity -- very so much that a gluten of vital grain begins to take on a flavour (although it has not been if ossia possible?), But quite that he noticeable difference -- and because I use he in all the chance if he no?
4 / 5
Has been using this seitan flour for at least 2 years and mine seitan the flesh is exited always utmost. This last stock exchange has purchased has caused a texture of flesh any to develop and for this a flesh was compact and doughy. It could it does not believe and it has tried 5 different flesh recipes with methods of the different cookery and any one are exited 'as normal'. I do not have any idea because this stock exchange is like this different. I have purchased another mark and does roughly seitan flesh and any question. I then experimented and has done 2 flesh 1 using 1/2 of a flour of this stock exchange and 1/2 of another company and another flesh (same recipe) of another company. Calm really can see a difference. A one with 1/2 and 1/2 was more condensed an elasticity of a dough has been missing of. A question is a flour . Really appearance when I buy my next stock exchange of Anthony is that it is of to the the good quality likes is always state.
4 / 5
I have purchased this like the simple method, effective side partorisca add protein my diet. It is not the complete protein, but, here in Amsterdam, the protein is not the lack. For increasing protein, and decreasing my fat, headed to curb a lunacy of wins of time of the night. Obviously, an is not hungry after the full dinner, but any me prendió partorisca eat the second lunch in a refrigerator for the half night. Up to now.

For virtue partorisca be gluten of grain, this is not grain free, and, yes, is gluten . If have taken on cup of a fashionable way to refuse grain, or gluten, does not buy this. It goes instead to a venue butcher tent and buy the good yard, lean of beast partorisca yours lunch of evening.

I for real enjoy hearts and gizzards, and pode any retorted a flavour of rich, nutritious dense flesh, reason still after @@@salazón and drenching, a flavour of iron, and the flesh roasted well is so only. The goose is not chicken, although both are bird and, the cow is not venison, although both are beef .

While you are not trying partorisca substitute an alimentary (good flesh) partorisca another (gluten) this does a lot well. If you are using this partorisca do seitan, will do. Has mark , when I have been to a tent a Friday in April partorisca find my options partorisca the lunch of pertinent evening has been limited to fat-free cheese and one the majority of expensive container of bologna has not seen never. But I any lie. Any one @subjects the one who my 'grain' loaf has been enjoyed, has not been flesh, not even the leftovers have done to hash.
5 / 5
Has been the big defender of this mark partorisca the pair of years now, this in spite of mine the majority of compraventa recent was the disappointment . It likes a lot an another the majority of recent descriptions, while one produces has not gone technically there is expired has odorato bad. Have odorato this once before with shortening of old vegetable. They are still be he advances and does seitan, seasoning it like this usually do, and a final product was quite undesirable, this in spite of any technically incredible. I hate to squander such the big stock exchange, but does not want to force for the eat neither.
4 / 5
Always hanged my flour and water to bake and adding 10 grams of of the this to 300 -400 grams of all the frames of flour of the purpose for some fantastic bread and circulate of dinner dough. It was hard to find flour of bread during some premiers few months of a pandemic and has purchased any flour could find. Adding this to spend a level of the protein up has improved significantly a dough and a final product. The same adds it to of the flour of bread (10 grams of of the this to 290 grams of flour of bread) now when doing pizza dough to take to fantastic crust. I have it that has not had never better pizza dough on 15 to try.
Potato and circles of French bread to dine have the very better texture and structure.
Measured by volume. 1 flour of cup is around 120 grams and 1TBSP of of the this is so only down 10 grams
4 / 5
This mark of gluten looks purer that other frames have used on some years. The utilisation to do seitan (flesh of gluten). With other frames or when I my typical of flour, a seitan is softer with pockets of small air, class of as to sponge of cellulose. When I Use the mark of Anthony, mine seitan is solid and more in bylines. I do not concern for this texture and has to that way that be adding reconstituted TVP (granules of soya) his to take a softer texture prefers. I express it Was of the so much water to the equal that can of a TVP, the add to a gluten and game in liquid, mixing with my hands and adding more liquid or gluten to take a texture loves. If you decide to try adding TVP, yours sure mark TVP is in of the very small pieces, any chunks. A chunks will fall out of a gluten, giving he more than beef of free earth patty texture to write that it is not bad, but loves a TVP to remain in a gluten like this so it was possible. Have Also tried it recently join several recipes of gluten that adds pureed the grain but I find that textures to be gritty.

Add Stirs of Cookery Browning and Seasoning Sauce, your seitan will have the good brown colour. Unless I am doing 'ribs' use the scissors to cut unflavored gluten the pieces that the leaves fallen in some liquids flavoured in a steamer. A liquid maintains some pieces to stick behind neighbours in the solids concentrate which leaves a flavour penetrates better while cooking. They will stick for behind together but some pieces will pull aside easily like bread of ape. The pressure cooks a gluten in Unbeef Broth for 45 minutes in 15 lbs pressure (I use the stove to upper steamer and ossia roughly 2 'chugs' by second for the mine of then does not have the pressure gauge).

When Doing 'ribs' uses a broth to reconstitute a gluten, the piece is gone in the discharge to bake, the coverage with onions has fried in butter and butter of peanut and paprika and poke he in both sides with my then cut toes with the cutter of pizza the band and separate them, extending them was any plus (usually fill 2 baking spent). There are two recipes for ribs in a New Park Vegetarian Cookbook, but a a published in Allrecipes is not of this cookbook, included although any one has said that that is.

One 'beef' better that the flavours have found is in an out of cookbook of the Simply Celestial impression! A Monastery Vegetarian Cookbook for Abad George Burke. It controls your library, the mine has used to spend a cookbook. Has directions really good to do gluten of the flour but he is time eating and to plot of work. His Unbeef the broth is water flavoured with sauce of soya, nutritious yeast, stirs of cookery, oil, to the onion granulated, to the sage rubbed. Sad can not share a recipe been due to copyright, but some ingredients are listed to go down commanded for quantity.
4 / 5
Are in the low-carb diet to direct mine T2 diabetes, and lose bread. It was such the lover of bread that possesses 2 cars of bread. Has Dana Carpender down-carb cookbooks and in 500 Basses-Carb the recipes gives some recipes of car of the bread for low-carb bread.
Has bought this gluten of vital grain for these recipes, also some fresh yeast, and my low-carb the bread is exited very good. It does not locate like this big like this full-carb bread, but does not contribute to questions of health so much, neither.
Of course, people with intolerance of the gluten can not use this product, but if your system can manage a gluten, ossia the ingredient adds for a bread maker of house.
5 / 5
Has bought this to add to mine all the flour of purpose for the bread that does.
Found my bread was crumbley using so only a AP flour. I have tried some things to improve it but still has not been happy with a product has finalised.

Had used has added glutin powder for the bread that the years done.

Anthony glutin the powder was a better value .

Is coming a lot quickly and a packaging is resealable but moved it to a airtight canister.

Has done the batch of bread another day and was perfect. An aggregated glutin has done all a difference.

Has used 1 teaspoon of glutin powder for each cup of AP flour.

The included could be useful for rye or bread of the whole grain of flour to do locate more.

A container was very generous to the equal that go to share with my daughter but glutin does not spoil easily or quickly has tent properly.

Can try a vegan meatless material but I very sure.
Has found some recipes that looks to interest May.... It likes him-me the vegetarian lunches but are not the defender of vegan.

My edges have there is vetoed already try the.
4 / 5
Easy to use. Has any instruction or of the recipes. Experimenting With several tentativas in doing Seitan. A thing has learnt is has to that mix he with of the flour and add all the dry spices, flavouring etc first to add water. Calm once add water, results rubbery and difficult to mix in anything.

I mixed in Sheesh kebab mix of spice, flour of whole grain, rooms. The on-line recipes suggest shaping and then simmering a seitan in broth for an hour.

I also tried so only that creates the piece gone thin, mixed with star of Morning vege sausage and vege bit of bacon, so only fried in griddle, any simmering. It was quite good.
4 / 5
Awesome Gluten. I have it that has not used never he in seitan, which guesses is the one who the majority of people buys for (??), But I used it to do a lot of loaves of low-carb bread, and is done astonishingly well. There is a lot was flavour or smell, and give mine dough some good-looking structure, which leaves it to locate and bake on just likes to regulate, full-carb, give-you-diabeetus bread.
4 / 5
Are in a process to revoke mine diabetes diagnostic with diet and oil of limit and all the flesh/produced dairy. This in spite of, BrandNewVegan (graces, Spear!) And another sausage of offer of the bloggers and video of recipes/of the brat that gluten of use of vital grain (and beer!). If it is the lunch sã for newspaper or massive consumption, has not been , but when I crave sausage and knows can not eat pig or another flesh, returns a bill. Dipped the in a grill, in the circle, or piece on and do fault with potatoes and sauerkraut. And this product is like this easy to use. Preparing some sausages for steaming in a Pot of Instant (or casserole) apresamiento almost any time at all ... Place to steam and gone back in timing to dine. Obviously it has tonnes other recipes, also.

Top Customer Reviews: Wei Long Latiao, ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
It does not have on grown with east. We were poorer. As I have wanted to try it always. It has seen some good descriptions and has had big expectations. I have not been spicy, a lot very a lot greasy and did not give me a enjoyable experience. Calm import, likes fish of aspic, feet of chicken, year of thousand old egg and another like this called the odd Chinese lunch and I enjoy a lot. I trust, it is born them and domestic in a village and these are not well.
5 / 5
There is wanted always try these. A smell is extremely strong, any bad just strong, likes Rosemary. It is a texture and to to flavour does not like , has given 3 of stars for these suns. I have purchased the different version a time although it likes Very better. Only no for those like me exploring different cultures of some outsides.
5 / 5
Has loved spicy gluten like the boy. This mark has the packaging adds and is very portable.

Top Customer Reviews: 2 Pack Weilong ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5
Odorato Like the smell familiarised of the mine bite of infancy was excited like this partorisca try this but I felt really ailing after eating east. Any allergic to anything any
5 / 5
terrible flavour, tiny container any value... Very bad.. Not even value 50 cent
5 / 5
Is not partorisca VALUE I MONEY!!! To the Test likes them to them the oil of chili and sweet styrofoam. Any @@subject that well think that the look does not try good and seats nauseous.
5 / 5
Is too spicy, my fiancée can any the be, as it drenches in of waters he for the moment

Top Customer Reviews: Companion Mun Chai ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
This mock flesh is like this good and in such the prize adds!
4 / 5
I amour seitan and this mark of Mock Duck is surprising! Unfortunately it is quite pricey. I have found a same thing in the venue asian phase for half a prize.

Top Customer Reviews: Spicy Strip, ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
When Have in the first place seen this product I I thought it would come with 3 of the to the some containers like to of him aimed in some pictures, but has come so only with one, partorisca a prize any value so only 1 container will not be that it purchases again. A flavour is a lot this in spite of partorisca bite of Vegan flesh.

Top Customer Reviews: WeiLong Latiao ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5
It is a product expired. A spicy band is hard and bad flavours .
4 / 5
Terrible! We send me to us there is caducado elements ! Ossia The joint ! It does not buy this photo, the money of waste and calm can does not return!
5 / 5
Some bites is not spicy at all ,is too sweet and too greasy

Top Customer Reviews: Latiao, Spicy ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
In his own little container as it can not eat too many; salty, greasy, spicy, and deliciously the Asian flavoured umami and vegan bite, like jerky but more spongy and moist. It is well, a lot that satisfies to this vegetarian of long term. I plan to dip some in with ramen. YUM.

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