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Top Customer Reviews: Ninja Air Fryer ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
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Estrany flapping His of an interior.... Turned went it immediately and prendido to use the never since.... Esperanza to listen of a punctual manufacturer or is by train of the return!

Update (1/28/19): I have been returning and attacker with a squad of Ninja of service of the client a past 2 weeks and has not going in the conclusion still. If it can and'd taking of another star of a description to do it 0 star.

Update (2/20/19): it does not listen of service of Ninja of client after more than the month, spoken with Amazon and has taken the full repayment.
5 / 5
State studying air fryers for quite a lot of two years. The decision was in of the contadoras-the against measured step of basket. A ninja takes up slightly he less soiled that a blender of support. It IS clear and easy to take of low a cupboard to use (to leave for flow of air). It Likes him so much, of desire for the big more an only to do my whole lunch in him immediately. For two people, he the just quantity of wings or tater all, or a potato fries pictured here. I have used a reheat the function and a shrimp of the bang of the bang is exited quite tasty. The steaks are exited moist and the scarce half, but no seared still in a crisper dish. It has done well with salmon and hearts of chicken. So much easier to clean that the casserole and my cup of stove. It cooks these breaded round of chicken, fish, and tater all and besides or 10 minutes less. Very less it times that the oven of toaster. A not coming Ninja with the annexes have attached by one roasts or that bakes like Phillips, but is $ 200 less. Nuff Has said.
5 / 5
In general, my woman and and wants this air fyer! Have wanted to very Philip a (after look in 10 random pieces different grading airs fryers but was 300 and this was 100). We use this basically nightly and now uses an oven and fewer microwaves! Hopefully This saves in some bills of electricity!

Pros: The Vegetable crisps, tofu,tempeh, kale piece,chickpeas, pizza and a lot anything! I any one same disorder around with a temp, and only change some controls of the timer and the air fry each which besides big temp for the do so mere like possible lol. Also, it is so easy to clean. It IS like the oven of toaster and oven in consonance in or. A microwave done each soggy and this does each crispy! A cube is quite big also!

Gilipollas: If you are expecting eaten frita deep, will be to disappoint. That is to say like the mini fast crisping oven.

In general, if and was to buy the nine an and probably would take to final of big plus a that Philip while I am anxious to see he so that it compares but is in a piece for the toy of new fun cookery and does not want to spend too much money, seeds and highly recommends easterly one! The ninja Also done the alimentary processor adds. My woman wants products of ninja now! There are other names of mark in Amazon but look directly of porcelain and has so many bad descriptions. There is has not had a emits with east a month or two since begin to use the. It opens My mamma has taken only one which mine come from familiar result more the plant based and eat less lunch of junk and animal products so using east arrests to air fry the vegetables do the crispy and delicious!

Pleases the useful click, as and is fostered to return to provide an update and maintain writing descriptions! It expects a picture and help of description! When being hand to ask any questions : )
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This Ninja Airfryer Can have Natural Rubber in him. Has the allergy of Rubber the severe latex. To unpack, has remarked the smell of rubber and feet of rubber in fashionable round in a crisper dish. Unbalanced ninja, the service nicknamed of Client. I have been ensured has been silicone. I have continued to wash before use and has had my typical reaction in Latex- the difficulty these drinks and breathes. Any Service of Client is misinformed or was lied in.
5 / 5
I try any one to eat frito alimentary and has not thought never has been missing has been for any in that has the deep fryer, like an air fryer the substitution looked only that I have not required. As it was sceptical on that would use this... Perhaps the little frozen tater all or fries for some boys. But oh my advantage wants to use this for everything. It likes him think of the same so the personnel sized oven of convection in steroids. Veggie burgers Crispy In an outside and offer in an interior. The vegetable that takes, clave of fish, chicken, burgers, fries, fishes everything with enough 30-40% low cook time that an oven and only he 3 minute preheat time (against 6-10 minutes of oven).

This would be perfect for sleep or of the pairs that wants to eat something another that microwaved mush. It IS also perfect for families that wants the better road to do in of the sides 'fritos' likes him fries them, mozzarella clave, or games of chicken. A grandson up is so easier these cloaks of cookie. A tub and a browning the air fries the tray so much has the very very any coating of clave that mark cleanup that mere as it rinse and the dry.

So gilipollas... hmm That is for the take the Roughly main unit gilipollas is that it can wants to take the cookery of the small extra in of to to the tools like them the one of the silicon has touched tongs to launcher or has said your alimentary and perhaps the small 7' casserole for copper likes his of an idea to do this yours primary oven also. He also precise of the apresamientos listens he for while faster this cookery so that you any one overcook your lunch, but the control in a lunch is easy and only the summit was. Once taken yours timing the right that pose some controls are sper easy and a timer the visit was automatically and does not have to preoccupy in the plot to spend on to the to to heat likes him to him the mark in an oven.

IN GENERAL... Highly I recommend it, a Ninja the controls are so mere and intuitive in this so much is in blender of mine of Ninja, he sper easy to clean, and cookery almost everything fabulously.
5 / 5
Been having this fryer during 2 weeks now and has not rested still. I WANT TO and the question as it has gone this long w/was the unit Before it begins bragging in this thing, is for any road lumbered with with arrest Ninja or taking paid by them. It possesses the few blenders of Ninja of products even so has or this has in 10 years. Machines of mark of quality. This fryer is the saver and of time of the life...Especially you are the lazy cook . State researching air fryers for a bit those that past months and at all puts to bed in a Ninja. One measures of the basket is not a big 5+ capacity of neighbourhood like a big plus fryers, (the ninja is only 4qt), but these cooks of thing like hurriedly will not lose one extra 1 qt. It comes w/ the crisper that law perfectly, the book of recipe and the very he cloak storm. A first night there has been to do the wings and I say you to you that the MAY will buy the chicken fried again!!! Yes, they were that crispy and has tried very better. I have bought Louisiana fried flour of chicken of Walmart, abused some wings, spritzed w/ the small oil of olive and there was frito chicken in 10 minutes. Any greasy disorder, any burns 3.as of title of hot oil, and your house does not smell like the joint of chicken for 4 days afterwards. So that a Ninja uses the ceramic coating in his fryers a grandson up is very easy. Afterwards, I have done the potato fries! There is the stock exchange of frozen ones in a freezer and has burst these creatures in for 10 min. Was crispier that McDonald is. I have tried homemade fries but a procedure takes also long. You have to peel, piece, drenches potatoes, dry the... I am only ready to burst them in a fryer and eats! It has been nonstop air fryer cook in this house! I paste youtube to take the little of the recipes and he are to be on never since. That I like better in this fryer is has the dehydrator characteristic and what hurriedly cookery. Wings of the chicken frozen? Any problem! It launches the in a fryer during 10 minutes and is defrosted. Pizza of cook, fries, wings, reheated lunches, the carbass fried, and tonight has baked the cake of chocolate. Everything is exited perfect! Afterwards up it is doughnuts ! In the One to him to only thing does not like him in this fryer is 30 bren after it finish it to cook the fence was. I know that is to say the characteristic of security but always has more than elements to cook. In 2 weeks, has used my microwave two times, and concealed was in reheat coffee. Before I forget, circle of cinnamon also! I have used a canned Pillsbury ones and he usually take 20 min in an oven. In a Ninja? 8 minutes and that it is calm like them brown. In fact it can there is prendido he in 5 min and would be perfect. My house smelt to like him Cinnabon factory! I use each characteristic in this fryer except a dehydrator but will be to do beef jerky aims. In general, I am VERY PLEASED! A better selling the characteristic was a prize and a measure. A Ninja is much more slender that some of a bulky plus fryers and access under my cupboard amiably. I am also happy used it only 1500W different some of a big plus fryers that burn 1800 which could kill your clear bill. An outside of a fryer any apresamiento hot as I do not have to preoccupy quite taking burned but takes precaution when taking your alimentary was. It IS strong? The mine exhausts the adherent in my stove is stronger that a Ninja. A cord of the extension on is very time so that it do not have to preoccupy enough listens limited on where can plant it. I think that that have coated everything? This thing is The BOMB ! If you are by train to ask you what cookware can use, only quite anything plants in can he of microwaves of poses in a Ninja. It was in a Tree of Dollar and has bought the little 7' casseroles of use of foil the reheat alimentary and bake in. Also, take you a bit silicone tongs while you are there so that it does not line a surface of your fryer. This thing has almost be also like the boy that takes the new bicycle for Navidad. The calm will not be disappointed w/ this compraventa. Happy cookery and s!
1 / 5
I think that that a smell has come from/come from a plastic cape of a basket and he have worsened after I pre-heated like the instruction has suggested. There are three knots of rubber in a dish of interior what calm strongly recommend you for the pose there when the air that fries. This surprised in me so that has any one says of the information is sure for the heat up. Another problem was a misalignment of a outsider of basket. In general, it is very disappointed and turbulent in this air fryer. Any sure if I do not want never take or in a future.
5 / 5
AMUR This air fryer, especially a ceramic coating and what hurriedly cookery. It has Had numerous marks of air fryers and so far that is to say a more has not bought never. My only complaints are that they require to do the big plus an and has it automatically prender when take the basket has been in planting that has to press it a button of pause. Hopefully Do at least he 5.6 qt or punctual and will be to buy ail mark. The cleanup IS the breeze and still although it is 1550 watts and mine another is 1700 watts , this a better and more fast cookery.
5 / 5
I am the big adherent of products of Ninja like all have bought they better that has expected. This airfryer the cooks fried eaten that it is crispy only a road would have to when being . It has remarked it runs any hot or a guidebook comprises some times are quite 2-3 long minutes that very precise the to be.
5 / 5
With all a hype that the floats around quite a lot of airs fryers, has been interested to see would live until him everything. It was really pleasantly it has surprised! I the plot to cook, but also does the work of full time, which the ways have little time to do stuffs that very impress me. In almost each road, this fryer has upended that reality and has changed my life!

HAS time and of the parameters of adjustable temperature that accommodates enough any class to cook you would do - dehydrating, reheating, roasting, and fry. Almost it does not use never my stove or oven anymore, so that using this air of Ninja fryer is so faster and more effective. And there are fewer dishes to be cleaned when is throughout! Since it heats things with air, uses so much less oil in my cookery. A lunch tries the plus is bit that only, but that it is quite the necessary tradeoff when is trying eat better.

I amour that big an inferior basket is, and is able to return two pounds of tofu and some veggies in there without active spilt in an upper or cook unevenly. A machine is very lustrous and some parts are each easy to wash, that ensures that you return you to him for the use repeatedly. My only complaint is that a unit is quite strong (classifies of as the dehydrator), so more to do all your air that fries in front of the guests arrive for the party vacacional.

10/10 would recommend!

Top Customer Reviews: GoWISE USA ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 53 ratings
4 / 5
Partorisca To period the scarce has had an air fryer, his summer that wings of surprises, fish and veggies. With which little month, has begun them partorisca remark an inner coating chipping was. Then BAM - RUST in inferior of my basket. As I have contacted GOWISE uses in a rusting and ossia a response has taken.
' Chair partorisca listen concealed. With GoWISE EUA, everything of our baskets, the sleeves and the casseroles are warrantied partorisca 30 days so only of a date of compraventas.
Is spent 30 days , will have to purchase some parts of our website.'
If you are in a phase partorisca an air fryer, choose another mark.
5 / 5
Wants this airfryer. Obviously with everything of these fryers is supposition to use liners, this maintains one any clave peel was. It do not take the description of any the one who does not follow use and simple directions liners seriously. Use liners, the rinse was after each use, any thicket, and last for ever.
5 / 5
Some results of cookery have been utmost. But a prime minister 2 times uses it to knots, listen the strong pop and discovered it hairline crack in our cookery of quartz countertops. Maintaining use on the big forest butcher blocks cutting joint. Any one @subjects of then. Bread of banana, thighs of chicken, Chip>s & of the fish has all be in amazing!
5 / 5
Was skeptical roughly taking this because of some descriptions of a product not exiting of a box, but has based the descriptions of boss that read (external of Amazon) has given this one the 'better bang for your buck indication'. Of my investigation Philips has a bar of better indications a lot, but is also more than pair a prize of east a. Based in has ordered a GoWISE for my first experience with an air fryer and like this far love this little car!
One first what has tried has been frozen the chip>s and was fabulous! It takes the small taking use to on like this to operate a car and some temperatures & to time to cook lunches for your favourite level of 'doneness' ( like the half scarce to half for flesh in my house so that it is the little harder that imagine was that well fact). They are finding one 'presets' is overcooking lunch for my preference but are by train to imagine it was quickly and that has amused the doing.
A pair of suggestions; Shabby perforated liners to use in a basket -- do clean-on the breeze!. And, take a basket to measure the elder can resupply to take. It was unsure duquel has measured would owe that take -- I has finalised to buy one 5.8 chamber and am like this happy has done. It is perfect for just 2 of knots, ( will give you that my husband has one wins extremely is!).
4 / 5
Ossia My first air fryer and loves it! Already I have the instapot and has been concerned would not use this a lot! It was BAD. Utilisation my air fryer at least 3-4 times the week. Chicken, fish, steak... All fabulous. Chip>s, the chicken frozen, dogs of corns, chicken nuggets... Like this crunchy!

A pair of tips:
1 - buy the oil sprayer/mister. It is not recommended to use cooking the spray like the additive can disorder with an arrival in a basket & fryer.
2 - Press a drawer all a way in first to think your new air fryer is defective.
3 - I has looked for big and down that tries to find an accessory dipped for one 5.8 QT... Everything of them will return in everything of them, any one extra raisin for the together big... It is not big.
4 / 5
Had been looking for another method to bake, the cookery is on its own name and family. His state the very hot and humid summer. An Air Fryer is the ours cookery of good addition has chosen classical black, his sturdy, easy to use, comprises manual with tips - recommend that all the world follows his tips before tweaking his, of then is some costruttrici , his way is a better in my humble opinion. Manuel comprises recipes, easy to follow no, can also now go to line to find more to recipes likes them . In general, we love that really calm does not have to that use any oil! Really his true, this model has improved over time, and continue to; sound the time adds to invest in to the this model likes him pay partorisca of him quickly. I recommend to any any one the comma is & excepts time. The prize is cleaned up is easy. I produce it adds, we love it to knots! GOWISE!! Thank you.
5 / 5
Buys another fryer. Ours is 90 old days less and has used perhaps the time of dozen.
When I Choose on a basket for a boss, a basket comes well out of an external basket. A very dangerous situation with hot lunch.

Looked in a guarantee and so only 30 days in a basket. That the piece of rubbish. Obviously they know it does subject with a creation. The desire would have seen this first. I expect help another averts the alike experience.

Perhaps the process of action of the class in his future.
5 / 5
This air-fryer is the beautiful, lustrous, schemes that Chip>s of cooks to burger together krispy perfection. Reason a poor description then? A potentially defect of dangerous drawing: one fries the basket has the tendency to release without pressing a fry key of emission of the basket. I have possessed this car for just the week and this is to spend three times while it was tossing the mine fries mid fry cycle (like the instructions indicate). Once an interior fries the basket has separated mid-toss, falling to an earth and splattering hot, greasy fries during my cookery. Besides an interior fries the basket is quite flimsy and after falling it had bent out of form and could no longer returned to a car ( was retreats of able curve ready quite easily this in spite of). It does not plan in those returns this car I of then appreciates his capacity of big cookery and in general does well, but yes calm whose imports to air slightly smaller- fryer I would recommend to look for the different model.
5 / 5
Really enjoyed an air fryer and has done to plot of investigation previously to a compraventa. One of some reasons has chosen this mark is reason allege to have to that no-clave FDA-certificate and PFOA free casserole.

Has a lot of be careful with using and that clean this casserole, uses the paper of parchment inserts/inserts each alone time I cook with him, utensils of use of only bamboo this in spite of like this an interior of a semence of the basket is peeling was. It begins so only after the pocolos use. You can see in a photo some something of metal already feigning travers and some bubbles of where some something afterwards will peel. This respecto, how is so only be the few weeks, so only can imagine that pass with the use has continued.

Would want to have a company sends the new basket that does not have this subject, like this ossia my only worry with a unit.

Is súper easy to clean and function, some settings are clear and easy to read and an alarm of timer is useful, and cooks an alimentary amiably.

Remains waiting for listening for behind GoWise.
4 / 5
Day a, has taken was and has done it handful of tater tots to try it... And an inferior casserole is fallen off a basket to a paving, that burns a tile and almost in hablador harm. Boxed the on grieving fresco and is returned. A tater tots was a lot... But a clip that control an inferior casserole to a law of basket so only when it is fresh. When it Is hot, one the plastic clip does not resist and a casserole falls off.,. Basically attack a purpose of the hot air that fries.

Top Customer Reviews: Ninja Max XL Air ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
I air The cauliflower roasted with the small oil, salt of garlic and pepper. It surprises. The circles of the pizza have done first to be and has not known regarding the use and was much more mere. The circles of pizza are to exit well and crunchy . It goes to take the steamer for veggies , even so with these heaves to air to pose has any necessity to buy the steamer. I have ordered the small air fries cookbooks to give me an idea in the that is to say some possibilities . A cookbook that is coming with him is not very very one, only the few pages . Very easy to clean. A prize is very better in Amazon then going direct in place of Ninja. No the fish eater , but and thinks and will give test he in this unit as well as salmon patties . I add for keto users of diet . A hard part is knowing how long to cook prisoner. I have taken some circles of pizza was 5 min punctual or could have been in of the facts . One schemes automatically poses for 20 mins that im sure can change a time . Only it take it his today so much and has the curve to learn to practise. It looks quite easy .
5 / 5
That the prize to win academy a same like his brother a 4 qt even so more characteristic
5 / 5
The state reading quite a lot of airs fryers for the year now, but never has considered seriously a so that it has not thought never the lunch fried could try also unless it is put in the big old tub of hot oil, and was bad. Quan Has Had the occasion to order this Ninja Max Aireja Fryer has decided to go for him and give tries it. A day arrives crossed a manual and a cookbook (one of these manuals with quite a lot of 20 recipes, no a real cookbook), and after finding some room in our countertop, decided for the give the hurriedly the flavours with something have had in a freezer. We were so hungry for the bite, as it decides on some tater all experience what initial. I have read that some adjustments can has to when the be does punctually and temp, as it poses the in max crisp and 10 minutes. You can slide a cube has entered any time to verify in of the things, and for a clock and all until you slide he behind in, where chooses in right where to the left was. After several minutes and many in/outs of a cube, has been done. I am the quite decent cook , and has cooked tater all in an oven and in a fryer (hot oil), and will be perfectly earnest, never tried as well as when and cooked the in this air fryer. They were something in crunchy, and still moist inner of potato. It was surprised enough, but any sold in a test. Next day, decided to cook some frozen fries and Tyson the Southerly the chicken of way abused. Again, any one when being very sure of time and only time still, has verified constantly the until fact (bakes the separately). Once again, they were also, if any better then when cooked in an oven or hot oil fryer. Any one has been only cooked much faster that any roads have cooked the anteriorly, but an only disorder to cook both was only that they have to dry out of a cube. Any hot oil to treat after cooling, any one can, baking casseroles, or utensils to owe clean, only a cube. It opens I am beginning in rethink a whole air fryer thing. We have cooked many other lunches frozen in this (fritos okra, different fries, points of onion, etc.) And has used a bakes cycle also for some chicken. Each cook of thing only in has tried adds, and have saved of an usual cleanup. There is a lot other parameters on here also that we have not tried still. I am taking around in some heaves of air, air broil, and dehydrate for jerky, and can not expect in sight likes him the law, but the can not revise still. I have verified since of on-line other recipes for airs fryers, and has the millions+ to try. Also, the ninja has the plot of recipes in his web of place, but a place is not in fact updated for this concrete model with recipes, although an another airs fryer the recipes are sure will do. That is to say an amazing machine . I am old school , and cookery of amour, and the MAY has thought that that this could cook anything as well as my methods tried and some old, but will be a premier to admit when is bad. Still I have the plot to learn on some a lot of uses of this air fryer, so there researches so roads to be for the use, and recipes to try. But, only of a time used it, is surprised in that well cooks, and supremely pleased with how few elements have to clean up after I am done. I am absolutely positive this will take to plot of use in my cookery like the time continues in and volume more familiar with him. Pose my calendar for 60 days of today to update this description and as it is going two month of now. In general, we find this to be a machine of excellent cookery, very easy to clean, has some accessories these looks would be handy to have manually (any comprised), and the addition adds in our cookery. Well it estimates a money.
5 / 5
There is the Cuisinart air frier and oven of convection as we compare something cooks in that in this creature and were blown has been!
These cooks some alimentary very better and faster. With a cuisinart the the ours the lunch was often down baked in some parts of any fully crispy. A Ninja 369 cooking so all are cooked equally and crispy. Taken less room of contadora, looks gorgeous and one locates duquel the heat is better for us (the cuisinart the heat expelled through a back and melted our invidente). Very easy to clean too much!
Wants this machine!
5 / 5
I actuate Never the possessed an air fryer but some of my active familiar members or and maintained to say me how much want to it. I want cookery artilugios and appliances and was was so blowing has been for this unit. Cookery hurriedly and easily and some results are surprising! Tan Very good and is since you and your family. I have tried at the beginning something mere with wings of chicken. Has utmost result! I have tried afterwards the caseous the potatoes and has cooked perfectly and hurriedly. I so that it has far used this every day for mealtime and can not think what a lot all begin. A unit is very easy to clean and is also quite small to pose in your counter of cookery and does not take above a lot of room. Very I can not say so left without an air fryer. I use it every day only. Absolutely it wants to it!
5 / 5
In the principle has ordered this cual a tool of occasional cookery for a cookery. It has resulted even so they go he in favourite in our house. It IS incredibly easy to use and situate up. The cleanup IS included easier. A creation of the basket usually lines quite eaten for the familiar lunch, and an air fryer the technology means it could be done the fraction of a cholesterol.

A container is come with the small recipe of sample creates, but has found the most on-line abundance. There have it almost at all that the can not be cooked in of the this. It is satisfied some wins of the multiple this grows boys and some of a pickiest eaters around. Compared in everything of one another cookery artilugios now take spatial envelope in a cupboard, is or has for ever and a place is a countertop is used almost every day. Abordable And mere to use
5 / 5
I have been always the sceptic again artilugios and Air Fryers was any exception and at all would have purchased . Quan Saw likes him the selection of the vine has imagined there was at all to lose. That bad was, this thing is sum . Sper Quickly, easy to clean and does the work adds. It was bad, would have to has bought in the mark of long time.

First flavour was mere doing just sliced potatoes, absolutely a plus fried ones have had. Good colour, crisp in some verges and cooked properly. Prjimo perforacin In was chili, file marinated Mahi Mahi and again well. So many roads to use this he the entertainment that experiences for some time.

Can not recommend this enough, any included think quite only the take!
5 / 5
I can not think what easy that is to say to use! Daunted At the beginning, reads all some instructions and give was (almost) test of idiot. My lunch is cooked always to perfection and so so fast. For the busy mamma, that is to say AHMAZHING! An only thing will mention is a basket is not fully waterproof. I have posed water in him to drench and the filter was during my counter. He so mark sure to drench in a tank. But that is to say more error of user that anything. One crisper the explosions of dish in a dishwasher, which are sper convenient. I am so happy has taken this ! It comes with the recipes add to try and and has joined it FB air fryer group to take even more ideas. This thing is to change lives.
5 / 5
Mina very first use for this air fryer, was for the whole peppers have roasted. It take the good peppers have roasted equally in 12 minutes without the creature those seats it absolute. Pose and forget lol. I want to it has roasted vegetal, but is the plot to do in brown equally, especially if any one want heat in the enormous oven for the pair of peppers in a height of the wave of heat.

I the plot of investigation and at the end resolved in the Ninja. All an air fryers looked to do well, but a coating of interior has been estimated so more durable and the tez better on everything,

has resolved in this new model bc has wanted the main basket. In of the terms of external measure, is quite a same measure like the model the old plus. An impression of feet is in a same, but perhaps a basket of interior is deeper. It has liked him to Him the main casserole, but at least this model this new plus is more probably to return the integer fryer chicken to roast.

This model is more powerful, with speeds of partidrio variable And the state duquel the dehydration will enter useful for my oven has roasted tomatoes that like me marks for sandwiches. This was the enormous plus w some models of Ninja.

This model this new plus also traces in 450F against an anterior 400.

But a main reason to go with a model a new plus is that automatically for when tensions a basket has been to verify in your alimentary and restarts when reinserted. That is to say the characteristic crucial . Otherwise, A model an old plus would do also.

IS very satisfied like this far. My husband has been cooking all the classes of things in him, steak, legs of chicken, wings of turkey, hash brown -- is each which adds. I will update so volume around to cook more. It has been only the pair of days :D
5 / 5
I have been interested to buy a fryer so that my adolescents want quickly eaten to like why any one when being more sos and house of mark for cheaper. I have discovered a XL is exited so expected the few days ninja so smaller the version has taken descriptions of radish. So far I have cooked wings of chicken and fries and my adolescents gobbled each which arrives he so that it is very happy with this machine. 20 wings and 3 pounds of fries has required only 1 tablespoon of the oil and all was crispy. The wings have taken 25 mins, fries has taken 20 (I overcooked the slightly). So far it is the laureate and that is to say day 1.

Top Customer Reviews: Ultrean 6 Quart Air ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 39 ratings
5 / 5
Orders of cookery artilugio. We purchase the air the small plus fryer first and used it mainly partorisca sides of vegetable, but was the bummer anytime require to use he partorisca more than the small do fault. This has been the lifesaver in a cookery. It is like this it adds partorisca roast vegetal like the side - especially wants to do broccoli in him! A square insert/insert the good fact to cook on bacon also. Has the good digital exposure and is very easy to use. A basket separates to do the simple to clean. One looks really taste is that of a boss has the mechanism that the slides was to leave you to separate some two pieces confine for the easiest cleaners, but calm does not have to that concern roughly he accidentally separating when into use. A tray is quite easy to go in and was and click to situate amiably. We have not had any subjects with him and to good sure would recommend likes the estimativa adds compraventa this resupply all some characteristics of the main mark.
5 / 5
First time that buys air fryer, very easy of the place up. Taking Of the boxes — take covered — of tap in.
The digital screen is easy to use. Predefined The setting is available for few things and concealed also can be changed for several needs.
Taken around 2-3 tries to find a perfect temp for a concrete lunch , mainly cooks to grilled chicken like him preheat he for 12 min in 370 terracing , and the chicken dipped then for 6 min and then the turn and go for another 6 min in still temp like preheat . His fast, simple, any oil and easy to clean. It would be to try another feed also , the final verdict recommends
4 / 5
Ossia an up to date description . I have used a product a lot times always successfully. It will take time to learn like this to regulate some time of the cookery but I look forward to a lot of uses.
4 / 5
The air Adds fryer, comes with free cookbook and the plot of characteristics of security. A casserole is quite big for the plot to feed to return in. It is the fast, entertainment, easy way now to cook. Very impressed !
5 / 5
The product is quickly and easy to use with hot a lot of small outside. Presets Is easy to access and the adjustment in heat and time is also real easy. It has arrived the day later that has expected, but shipped of Canada during the storm of snow to the equal that will give spends it.
4 / 5
Yep, Ossia the winner . A cost is not too big. I used it already the time of the pair for chicken fries and fried for my daughter. I have done also wings a night. Of frozen to frito in roughly 20 minutes!! Amazing. Ossia My fellow better new !
4 / 5
Has any veggie key, any one fries the key or is informed to like this key of chip. It can be imagined was easily, this in spite of, and is soooooo value he. It has taken for my woman and LOVES It the death!
4 / 5
Finally taken to use this this darkens and was adds.. First batch of potatoes fries burned haha but my failure.. Súper Harvests to use and excited to see that I can cook!!!
5 / 5
Law panko breaded hearts of chicken and perfect. Trying more.
5 / 5
My informative favourite cookery artilugio! I have not been never the defender of has fried eaten so much am very happy to be able to enjoy a flavour in fact feed with this fryer without all an extra oil. The majority of the lunches cooked in this fryer only takes the pocolos small so that it does not have to that spend a whole hour or like this answering to something am frying.

Top Customer Reviews: Ninja SP101 Foodi ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
At present it possesses a lot other products of Ninja ssdi when had an occasion to try this new one has jumped in the. This unit is supremely versatile and does not leave down. Of some boxes take a main unit , walk to jump to line a fund, the cape racks for toast, bagels and that lines a casserole of cloak or other accessories, to any casserole of cloak of the clave and an air fry basket.

HAS 8 basic preset functions: the air fries, heaves he of air, Air broil, Cooked, Dehydrates, Maintains warm, Toast and Bagel cual the times and the temperatures have eaten customizable. There have it also an internal light as it can see like you the things is going inner.
A pros:
Totally customizable parameters

Far more spatial that cook that the majority of fryers

the window of Glass to see cook in place of constantly ploughing a fryer

Powerful 1800w of the ways to be able the fast cookery
A lunch s full in a casserole in an average of 25min.

Has said up and out of a road that gives room of back counter.

The lustrous stainless Steel and the looks of black accommodation adds.

Because of one racks the system there is the limit of height, where other units another smaller is deeper and can accommodate the elements the big plus.
5 / 5
This element takes a hassle out of grandson up simply so that it can prepare you a whole lunch in or time. And, it serves so many uses.
5 / 5
Begun with a Emeril air fryer. The poster was small and take to read. Function of the grill has not done. Returned and has bought an air of Ninja fryer digital. The flight!
1 / 5
My futility of oven of old toaster a same exact thing. Surprising sound the television that announces it can have you fooled.
5 / 5
It takes this through a Ninja the web of place and he are SURPRISING! Ribs of the cooked perfect pig and fries my premier to try. It folds Up for the easy storage and he are easy to clean. Also it saves energy in of the regular ovens. I am so happy has taken this and suggests to do mass.
5 / 5
They are like this incredibly happy with this Ninja oven. I have used air fryers before, but has the sense limited with his small baskets partorisca cook for my family. But, a consolation, time of short cookery and facilitated of the grandson promoted until trying this ninja.
Is surprising. I am impressed like this.
1st, for some tools of ship of different cookery with east. There is the tray of point (partorisca fried okra or chicken) has the nonstick walk (partorisca pizza or veggies) has the slide in slowly partorisca nonstick walk partorisca seat on. There is the tray of crumb partorisca take all an excess.
2nd, An interface is simple to use. I have read some directions, but honradamente, is the place was like this easy. Calm could images was still without reading them.
3rd. Cookery without any one out of scent. Ossia A main question has had with another air fryer. He reeked when cooking. Any one was smell with east.
The unit is main! In fact I can do enough for my big family!! It is printed is main, but he impulses until tent in the vertical place. Then automatically it closes to situate to store it.
Also- • there is also a light of interior. The boys have loved peering in to look in of the sakes.
•After cooking, this ninja automatically maintains all soul also.
•His wise to dry a glass and everything down with which every time this is to use.
• With which are done cookery , can listen a defender for almost 10 minutes like the unit cools down.
• Has the cord keeper in backside. Orderly!
•The front entirely opens to clean it
has taken any pics of whole unit and a measure of him. Also, of one the majority of amazing pizza has has not done never! A crust was like this crisp and perfect. My boys and I have adapted, is a better!
4 / 5
Ossia Ours first air fryer and like this far is to impress.
Will begin with a good:
- cooks of the alimentary fast and without almost any oil or of fat. This would have to that mean a lunch is more sã. We cook 7 drumsticks in 40 minutes.
- Is a lot easy to use
- is versatile, can cook almost anything there is to cook. It can included bread of toast in the pinch
- the good looks and stows was efficiently, without taking too much space in a counter

A no like this good:
- cleaning is necessary after each use. We have cooked chicken drumsticks and the resupplied/of vegetable of the sausage and fat residue have during an interior, especially in an upper side and in some elements of upper heater. The cleaner is relatively easy to do, has used Clorox degreasing toallitas humid and is spent for roughly 5 first of an interior was decently cleaned. Some parts can not be cleaned, as some elements of inferior heating. There is no easy way to take some coverages of metal to take to them to clean. We take some fat on ours some first time have done chicken because we do not install an inferior fat takes casserole. To good sure use it concealed.
- The times of cook are slightly is gone in a booklet resupplies. They have said 30-35 minutes for drumsticks in 400F (the air Fries) but in my experience requires at least 10 smaller otherwise an interior will not be cooked. Calm also will require you toe a chicken halfway by means of otherwise a fund will not cook properly. We use WallyWorld chicken, like your results can vary.
-A anti casserole of warp of clave in 400F. It goes back to his normal dimensions with which is taken out of a fryer

In general is a lot happy with this fryer and will be to use to plot in a future. It is a lot quickly, a lunch is delicious (calm once imagine out of a time of cookery) and is.
5 / 5
Are the enormous defender of a ninja fashionable Air of the basket fryer and has had big hopes for an oven, unfortunately is the disappointment . I want that he toes until saving spatial but ossia roughly all I amour roughly that. There is not quite inner of room, has given very limited and width to included leave for the dish of casserole of decent measure. An external cup that takes extremely hot and remains that way for the long time. All have tried to cook the better starts in my fashion of basket ninja. I will be to return the, and looking for something different.
5 / 5
Has possessed two another airfryers this for far is a better. A fact that can turn it on way that does not take especially a space of counter is the enormous plus ! Amur A main tray. I have cooked 9 heart of chicken a time! Amur All some different options! Way of gone Ninja!!!!
4 / 5
At present possesses a lot another Ninja produced ssdi when I have had an occasion to try this new one has jumped on that. This unit is extremely versatile and does not leave down. Of a box takes a main unit , walk of crumb to line a fund, the boss racks for toast, bagels and that resists a casserole of discharge or other accessories, to any casserole of discharge of the clave and an air fry basket.

HAS 8 basic preset functions: the air fries, the air roasts, Air broil, Cooked, Dehydrates, Maintains warm, Toast and Bagel like the times and the temperatures have eaten customizable. There have it also an inner light as you can see like the things are going inner.
A pros:
Entirely customizable settings

Far more cooking spatial that the majority of fryers

window of Glass to see that it cooks in place of constantly inaugural a fryer

Powerful 1800w of the power means fast cookery
A lunch sã full in a casserole in an average of 25min.

Toes on and out of a way that gives spatial of rear counter.

The lustrous stainless steel and the black house looks sum.

Because of a racks the system there is the limit of height, where other units another smaller is deeper and can accommodate the main elements.

Top Customer Reviews: Instant Pot Air ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 22 ratings
5 / 5
It has received so only east airs fryer lid today partorisca the mine that exists 6 fourth pot of instant. Law astonishingly well with some two batches of wings of chicken and fries that I have cooked. Some wings of chicken have resulted crispy and juicy, and one fries resulted even better that a version has fried deep! I have tried also do crispy brussel sprouts which is resulted deliciously well.

A fryer circulates air effectively and to good sure takes quite hot to do feed crispy. Lifting A lid to verify in a lunch is easy, especially with a plastic tampon has comprised that it can rest you a lid on while it is hot. It maintains to import that this air fryer only works with models of pot of sure instant, like sure mark to verify that yours is compatible.

Any question like this far with this air fryer lid - my pot of instant is now my gone-to and appliance of cooks more has used! Very happy with this compraventa and can not expect use the more.
4 / 5
Conversed with the fellow the one who only has taken the ninja foodi, that says likes to love my pot of instant but has wished has had a Duet Crisp version. I had it it has bought it so only he 3fourth air fryer, but has liked him an idea to return that one and that uses my pot of instant for the everything. They are also be he has excited that this air fryer the mechanism is branded for and drawn for this pot of instant. I am spent to find this when it was still in stock and took it! OMG This is surprising!

I some fast comparisons among air have fried things that use this lid and in mine another air fryer (offered of chicken, mozzarella claves), and his both exit some same! There is the few differences to remark:

1 - An air that fries the basket has comprised with this lid looks the little in a narrow side. A one in my air fryer is quell'has bitten wider and shorter. This in spite of, this lid comes with racking can use, like this calm essentially take two levels to air fry on! Master it quell'concealed!

2 - does not have to that use an air fryer basket that comes with a lid - can use you Any oven sure element that access in a regular pot (or so only use a pot of stainless steel that comes with a pot of instant). At present I am looking for fine it rack concealed can returned in this thing like that can use like this he dehydrator storm.

3 - A 'gone back now' the characteristic in a lid is ordered enough. Nizza Little halfway memory of point (which is mine easier that agreeing to do like this.

Another prize is that some people of things lose in a duet crisp (cough of cough, yoghourt function) is not the things owe that give on just to have a pot of instant that the air fries.

So only 'negative' is that podes a lot so only maintain a pot of instant plugged like utilisations a lid. In fact , it covers he in a lid has this webbing type of what that prevents calm to use other discharges in a outlet. If you are air frying things that would not owe that be the question, but is doing to the to something likes to dehydrate, which takes of the moment, will have spent he out of commission.

Really excited to experience with new things!

The minor modifies: an annoyance is that the difference of the conventional air fryer, has no easy way to touch things of a basket to air to the dish. You owe neither use tongs/a spatula to take an alimentary or oven mitts to impulse a basket out of a pot of instant liner
4 / 5
so only has taken this in a topmast today and decided for the give the gone. I air fried Some chip>s frozen in 400° for 20 minutes. Halfway by means of a cycle of cookery he beeped to adapt me the toss my lunch. One fries is exited perfectly cooked.

A box comes with a lid, basket, chance of basket, dehydrator casserole, instruction and manuals of guarantee, and the base for a lid. Well value a side like this far.

Goes to try roasting and dehydrating punctual!
4 / 5
One hundred value of porcentual he. Bought the thinking it can no - nah. It comes with all a info and of the precise accessories, used it one first night for frozen fries and is exited to try like the restaurant. Calm will not complain it .

For a way has listened no with one 8 qt, so only FYI
5 / 5
is in a fence roughly buying this, says, “COMPRAVENTA!!” The mine taken last night fact & WW the air fries doughnuts this morning. Like this easy & Yummy!!
4 / 5
Used it three times of then receiving it and are for use he again. I have had the economic (enormous) separate air fryer before. All has had to be spent alone , has turned repeatedly. For my family of 5 this has meant anything I cooked there is taken on an hour. These some things can be in his together while you his toe around some. A capacity to first cook of pressure and then airs fryer is awesome for chicken. So only generally I love it. A pot of instant was already my device of favourite cookery and this lid the better same fact.
5 / 5
Some popcorn the chicken grieves to take here. It was súper easy to use and my chicken is resulted perfectly crispy. I can not expect do more recipes with east!
4 / 5
Has used this the little time in homemade fries, the house of potato fries, and that blew was homemade tostones. I will try this week in preasure cooking the whole chicken then browning with an air fryer apego and really rest waiting for doing homemade wings. This has been the transmission of game for me. I have it that has not tried never another airs frier so that there is at all for the compare to but ossia all will require.
5 / 5
A airfryer is to add but after using it, a pot of instant to do. It comes the pressure, account down, beeps to indicate feed is ready - and when I have opened a lid, the lunch is frozen still and waters he of rice was still there.

Has correspondent his sustain an email roughly 6 days without response.
Has then tried called and after expecting on-line for 40 minutes have required to hang.
Still has not received any support.

4 / 5
Received it so only yesterday Jan 19, 2020. It looks the product of quality, so only like my Pot of Instant Ultra. I have looked in some instructions and then Youtube and the cooked potatoes fries. It was easy to use and one fries was delicious.
In that said the one who, ossia probably any one an optimum approximation to 'the air that fries'.
Reason said concealed?
Usually do more investigations that this time before I order the product. Instead, this time, was a compraventa of impulse after active read to somewhere that the pot of Instant had announced the recently, based in my excellent experience with Pot of Instant Ultra and the fast gaze in some positive critiques in Amazon in this lid. This in spite of, took it once, “ has paste me” that ossia so only the half-appliance and that among a lid and his accessories, occupies like this spatial in my cookery or of the cupboards like the full air fryer; cost so as the typical air-fryer, and can do not using simultaneously with my 'Pot of Instant'. So much, it can be better to buy the stand-alone air fryer.

Top Customer Reviews: Dash DCAF200GBAQ02 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 54 ratings
4 / 5
These works of product extremely well. So only it take in today and it take it well out of a box partorisca do some wings of chicken and the asparagus and is result partorisca surprise. I love these products of pinch for far an easy plus partorisca use, and produced better in a phase. No utilisations another mark partorisca my products of cookery especially partorisca this air fryer when being economic and like this convenient to use.
4 / 5
Ossia The small air fryer this are add partorisca 1 or 2 people. We are very happy with some results. Very easy to use and a sum of starts of the lunch!
5 / 5
Has used this partorisca variety of lunch and utmost results every time. Time of short cookery, produced and uniform cookery is súper easy to clean.
5 / 5
This air fryer is like this easy to use. So only dipped anything loves in a cube and turn a dial to a temperature. This are so that it adds for Chip>s and another any lunch so it is that want to you more is.
5 / 5
Washed and leave dry for 15 mins before it uses but still can try/odorare a plastic. Too simple for a prize. You can take something better for less.
4 / 5
Like this happy I finally decided to take an Air Fryer! Very simple to use. The lunch is exited crispy and cooked fast ( has done the potatoes and has been done in 15-20 minutes.) Easy net up.
4 / 5
Is the present navideño for Grandson in university!!
5 / 5
Has purchased this to give like the present. A product has been shipped in his original packaging. A box is now really dirty, is coming with the tear, the hole and dented in several places. Embarrassed to give this like the present now. The box has not been sealed neither and missing elements.
5 / 5
A lot retro the colours are perfect for a cookery, and a creation of the boss is not never state seen before.
4 / 5
I really like this compact air fryer. A good... It is easy to use, compact, and quite easy to clean. This cookery of the compact unit slower that mine full sized air fryer has substituted. Typically it takes roughly 30 minutes in 380 for my hot wings and this have taken 45. The substantial difference but I have loved the small more an I so that supposition ossia my payoff.

Has not been happy that when I have received an element a box resembled has been returned. To my accident was in good working condition, this in spite of, would have to has been sold like open box or repackaged.

Top Customer Reviews: NUWAVE BRIO 6-Quart ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
1 / 5
The product headed out of adding but broken in 90 days. Quan Converses with company in having substitutes to expect me to pay to have walnut a shipped in me and expected me paid to ship the road a fraction or behind. That service of terrible client in place of me singing some praises of how many lesgustado we a machine takes to say all the world-wide to find an Air Fryer with the better reputation and of the descriptions of service of better client. The May will buy It another nuwave produced. Also only to start with a process to take a product is returned winery for in an hour and a message maintain to say you to use the characteristic of cat in his web of place that does not exist .
1 / 5
It does not act. I have purchased like the present navideo in early December. My threads used it once, and a second turn to time the on, has the big noise launched, and has prendido then. I have contacted a company and they have said would not accept the turn while it has been 30 days after purchasing. Some 30 days was almost up before I have endowed he in Navidad. I am so disappointed. Quan Purchases an element for $ 135.00, expects service of better client. The May Buys they again.
1 / 5
I have been excited to take my NuWave Brio 6 Fourth Air Fryer. The wonderful cooks, that is to say a good informative. It opens For all an a lot of bad informative. A machine there has been the dent in a right of basket out of a box. I have asked the part of substitution for a basket. No, they did not guarantee it the very dents. Val, Was cosmetic, as I maintained it.

Then another week later, has remarked that an interior fryer the cover of the basket was chipping. It says the sure dishwasher. Once again, I archived the complaint, and routed me the substitution. Val, will wash It has thought manually. A following week later, has pressed a button of the beginning but he would not begin . Even so, after trying the small time, begins and has thinks that was only the glitch.

A following day, has prepared to start with cooks, and the beginning pressed PREHEAT to start with and listened all the classes of noises. Then I smelt electrical cape and plastic smell, and all of the sudden my machine was streaming smoked. A machine is only the few old weeks. YIKES. Once again, I archived the complaint and was very responsive. They are routing me the substitution.

Expects this is not the model duquel the lemon would be very disappoint. It likes him-it cook me in him even so. Here it is to him it expect it beginnings. It expects another is not experimenting is.

For a road, can not purchase parts of substitutions. They are not available. Cela Surprised me.
1 / 5
It want to come on here and give the stellar description but I would be lying! I have ordered my device, among his marked box 'air fryer' for each a world-wide to learn that bought. I unboxed the, reads some instructions, pose the he up and used it A TIME... A next day was to limit he in and the use again after grandson out of my basket and he at all... Any exposure, any power, any function, any response anything... It IS the $ 140 plastic metal brick! I have tried multiple outlets and a response that /still! I have purchased an extensive guarantee in this product of asurion and that it is clearly the waste. Quan Communicated with a vendor all has taken was printable instructions the road a product behind in a the majority of sense of cold possible. They have had still an audacity the road me this nexus to revise his product!!! I want my money behind to go to find another air fryer of the better vendor! 30 days transpire of a time to purchase in when that is to say to resolve... The time and the money wasted! Please, thinks two times! If negative 5 stars was only the possibility...
3 / 5
I have purchased he in Kohls, and is happy has done. The law adds during the week. Then, a follower begun to do more and more noises. I am by train of the return Today. It plans it was the punctual pauses .
5 / 5
Very impressed. We take this fryer today and has done fries, points of onion, and wings. All was crispy and delicious.
1 / 5
It was very to disappoint to have one very beginning the cover of the clave to peel afterwards only 2setmanes
1 / 5
It possesses this fryer for enough 5 month now and has used the plus or 8 times less.

A premier 6 times uses it, has done well.

Even so now the fence has entered a half of the cycle of cookery and will not turn behind on until it has cooled totally.
Can take quite 11 minutes to cook out of him, before he overheats and low fence.
Has achieved has been in the vendor and the substitution have asked. I am by train of the give The star until it listens behind vendor and tries new unit.
4 / 5
It uses this for a lot of different type to feed and prep ways but no for lunches 'fritos'. Work supremely well and hurriedly the cleanest up is the easiest road that cooking in a stove. In a low side, an arrival in an interior of an inferior casserole has begun to the peel was begun shortly after to use the. Inside the little of the there remained months of small arrival of here a lunch has been exposed in a bare metal, anything concealed was. I have telephoned service of client with purchase of mine info and agreed to to substitute an inferior casserole but I have had to $ 14 to ship. Since you are defective, has thought he unjust to be done to pay for his substitution.
4 / 5
So far, it is easy to use and clean. I am preoccupied quite all some revises concealed mentions to peel no-layer of clave, and has the defect in a casserole of metal (that pictured in front of a first use) which can or can not cause a subject. It IS the small gouge in a metal, which have been coated with an a lot of-layer of clave. It can it costs to be. A subject to draw smaller: a cord of the power in a backside is situated so that it tries to hang down through a ventilation of heat! A very low cord the fact the bit of the challenge in re-subject, but can be it has done. Inferior line, even so, is that I am happy with some results and facilitated of use. A test of the acid has used he without reading a book of whole instruction. The poster of intuitive control is always welcome.

Top Customer Reviews: 10-in-1 Air Fryer ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Omg Pode Any rave enough in this air fryer! The ones of way that has the far fact fries and popcorn chicken in a rotating the basket and was besides perfect!( I have chosen to do the stock exchange of Rally is to fry) has not heated my cookery on a way my stove in 90 times of terracing ossia the thing adds . They were crispy but any one has burned or the greasy pieces feels to them. If I his cookery in an oven takes for ever and is greasy.
Has used one of a boss racks for dehydration to do my cakes of puff pastry on. (Huckleberry And cheesecake lol) has used also a boss racks like this baking it storm when I have done the loaf of Huckleberry bread. If it likes him to you the calm cookery then need this.
These would be utmost for people those who alive in of the chambers of hotels or small rented spaces concealed does not come with the stove. I have recommended this by all the world knows. Also it loves that has feet of cup of the suction! A real prize was some gloves (headlines of pot) has sent to match my colours of cookery coincidentally lol!
5 / 5
Loves this air fryer! Has such the small cookery and can not open my door of oven more than 40 terracings that he quite useless for anything another it storage.
This looks a perfect solution . It does not take until very spatial and the better same works that my real oven. I have compared the little premium buying and is finally be with east a reason comes with everything of some accessories and is a perfect measure. I am spent the whole day practising cookery with all a diverse different dodads comes with and has had the plot of fun. Also it appreciates that it likes the toaster to so that it is a less appliance that will require.
4 / 5
Has has used so only this for a first time, and am excited like this to have this!
Is like this easy to use. The clicked 3 keys and cooked. An oven is quite big in fact and could resist several propiciado by alimentary. There is of the like this accessories that is coming with east, also! A mitts was an unexpected prize. They are really thin, which me nervous at the beginning, but has not felt any heat at all when have pulled out of my paving. And they are pleasant! My Chip>s was crispy and delicious without preheating or any endeavour really. He beeps when a timer goes was, and a sound has not been crazy which is the far reason have had some mark of technology touch ridiculous. A surface of an oven was warm, but no hot to the equal that feels sure to continue a cup of contadora. A drip the attractive of casserole was and frames for the súper easy cleaned up. You can see a moisture that dripped of a fry, and so only has dried was. I will be to eat fries much more often now 😃 am excited to try some other characteristic punctual also!
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I love this air fryer oven, but a happier person in a family is my toddler. It was doubtful in the air regulates fryer or an oven, has think that this was so only the oven regulates with the defender, but was very wrong. This does not require any oil, has been frying different bites, fries, claves of fish, nuggets, and another eats frozen, and a final result is crispy and delicious.

Ossia Quite small to comfort the not using and electricity of waste in our oven of big/row, but quite big to prepare multiple material for 2 adults and a boy. We have prepared also bread of banana and is perfect. A pre-the settings for different preparations are the bless. I can not expect try other recipes!

An additional thought, in the difference of air regulates fryer reason a door is glass can see like all is going and stop before a time in chance is taking overcooked!
4 / 5
Has received this less than the week! The wine with all the accessories has listed & looks forward to to use them everything :). The desire there was more time to cook/temp or the book of cook but thats the one who google is stops. This car is súper calm, an outside does not take scorching hot & the amour like transports he shitd was when fact. Google has had to that temp & time to toast & frozen waffles but his both are exited perfectl crisp out of & soft interior. On to the main better lunches! This was the present of the Happy anniversary to me & is the keeper. Hopefully Hard for years to come but I have bought long guarantee in chance perhaps.
4 / 5
Has had this fryer for the week. It was very very packed, and very easy the setup. It is not strong at all (upgraded of the type of basket fryer that was much stronger).
Likes like this can use multiple trays to extend out of your elements...
Cooks faster in a backside... So much for anything more than reheating, would suggest rotating some trays.
An only thing that disappointed like this far is a lack of the esal' manual of users.
A description of this combo the unit dictate it can dehydrate, toast, defrost, roasts, bakes... Etc.
Are by train of the supposition Can do all concealed, but there is any information of reference. Test and error... Expósito That toasts the totally perfect bagel in a second rack of a cup... 400 terracings for 4.5 minutes (FOR REAL AWESOME)... So only it would have been very still to spell something was like the point for to start with some zones alleges it can do. Has any idea in hydrating or defrost...
4 / 5
Has taken this fryer/oven combo look it in fact days and really likes to of me like this far. It is a perfect measure for my family of 4 and comes with the plot of accessories to use. Has an element to heat in a cup with the big defender of upper of an element of heating (picture) that helps for circulation of air. A cylinder partorisca fries has the ridge in a half (picture) to help with stirring while a main axial rotates in the rotisserie-motion bondadosa how is quite effective. Roughly 2 lbs of proprietary Chip>s (slightly oiled with oil of olive) has taken roughly 35 min to be cooked well.
4 / 5
In front of all—the aesthetics of this thing is surprising. It is súper lustrous and looks the súper expensive appliance , big final. Some controls are intuitive and extremely the friendly user. It returns perfectly my cookery. It is big—but a quantity in feeding these controls of the what is extraordinary.

Is lustrous—but work?? This air fryer is PHENOMENAL. A lunch is crisp and delicious. We have done pizzas, chicken nuggets, quesadillas, mozzarella claves. Some options are literally without finals. Like the family of four with young girls, requires eaten to be quickly and hassle free. With this air fryer, has a lot while any to an oven to cover. There is no flipping the half of route by means of cooking. I clean up it is the breeze . Some multiple baskets he so faster and easier when I am doing multiple things for my picky eaters.

If it is on fences in—taken one submerges. Calm will not complain it . I have not tried out of the each characteristic in this unit still, but can say you now, will be to use this multiple time the day for years to come.
4 / 5
Has has had so only he for three days and has been wonderful! First prejudice has done pieces of the fish frozen (breaded) and frozen, the potato fries without oil added--just plain out of a stock exchange and cooked both in an oven. They WERE UTMOST!

This element is a lot done--quell'racks etc. All can go in a dishwasher and an oven is an easy wipe to clean surface!
Are very happy has taken one of these and the desire had bought a more collected! OH HE--I has had the question and a company answer me to us immediately inner 1 hr of the mine that asks the question! THIS ARE ADDS!

Has UPDATE: 11/2020 I amour this oven and feel sad for any with another mark! That quality and everything is like this easy to clean!
There is So only does sandwiches of the cheese toasted and was the picture of perfection---crunchy in an outside and delicious melted cheese in interior! I have been trying this for the years but a side always go soggy! It has cooked cranberry/orange pause loaf (gone down a temp. Down that request of Band) and was really good.
When Using a lot of packaged FROZEN FEED---I has REDUCED a temp. For roughly 30'F and a time for 10 to 20 mins.

Has done the potato fries, in inferior rack and breaded the fish frozen on storm and was DELICIOUS!
The DESIRE had bought this while the prime minister is exited! We are saving trams for some containers! Still it wishes his book of cook has had to sew it simple likes him to them to toast , sandwiches of grilled cheese and other simple things---I GOOGLE has the to do a grilled sandwich.
1/8/21---I would recommend does not cook anything TOO WEIGHED on shelf as mine a shelf, that has baked to Med/big sized baking potatoes now shelf often 'fallen' of a rim that resists it and earth in a fund of an oven. I have contacted ellers' and/or MFR. And immediately they are sending two flat shelves informative to substitute a one this is failing.
4 / 5
Has used to have the air regulates fryer until I have discovered this produces very complete! Calm here is able to fry the big quantity, baked without that has to that preheat an oven or simply dehydrate some fruits and frames some chips of good fruit.

Come with on 20 tools, takes 4 racks that it can be apt and use a same time. Spend the basket of special Chip>s that rotates like this his all take crispy. Also it has some tools to do the chicken roasted and the inferior tray that control some oils and liquids that exited of a lunch, and the pair of the light pink oven pleasant mittens. Has 4 tools of suction in the each corner like an oven does not move .

Has been doing a lot of recipes and love a fact that my house does not take all some smells. Has pre-dipping for Chip>s, the chicken has fried, shrimp, fish, cheesecake, pizza, the chicken roasted, and the fruit Dehydrates. And also a subordinated to turn in a light 💡 while cooking.

Top Customer Reviews: Ninja DZ201 Foodi ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
4 / 5
My woman and I have possessed (4) air fryers. We use him to us daily. Generally, two the time.
A concept of this one are adds. Also it looks a lot lustrous in a counter. To good sure would recommend to buy if ossia your first air fryer or yes has possessed so only small some ( or less). Ninja Air fryers cook rotate a good air and cook equally.

Some elements partorisca consider:
- Each container is 4 chambers . This in spite of, is not all usable space. It is mainly in height. A base or cooking the zone is very tightened. Roughly, a measure of the . Some pictures aim a Ninja AF100 4 fourth container (round) vs a DZ201 container (rectangle) .
A AF100 easily can cook the T-steak of Bone. But his only no possible in a DZ201. It would require partorisca be the smallest contents.

- Ninja Air fryers Has a stuffs downloaded inside a container and no the basket has downloaded. When Touching contained heats a dish can fall was and burn your hands or do the disorder. Other frames he easy to touch a basket to empty some hot contents on to the dish.
4 / 5
Wants like this! Easy to use, easy to clean. A key is totally understandable, so only touches around and see for calm on to the equal that would owe that it reads. Everything is beautiful with this product. It is the little heavy, to the microwave is more more has weighed that this, alive in a paving with small cookery, would have to substitute each one another material of cookery likes microwave, deep fryer, etc... With this product! Unless has big quite a lot of cooks then so only dipped this in as an addition!

Has read some revises to say alimentary dry results, there is remarked also my dry result feeds is possibly reason is overcooked, any overcook/in airs to fry your lunch. The mine fries dry and hard result when dipped for following a manual of instruction that comes from/comes from ninja, tries it again less than 13 air of minutes to fry the time and the mine fries to exit well! Sometime it calms it would not owe that follow a manual of the instruction where sees a map that will say you to him a terracing and frying time, so only go with your guts or follow a direction in a container feed likes terracing of oven and time or ask another the one who knows a time and terracing to cook your lunches well with an air fryer, has the facebook groups roughly that. Another thing is sometime would owe that look yours to feed to do sure he no burned or anything, yours control feeds often! The desire adds the his camera in the so many can see as ours eats is air frying and still take he to be low/overcooked. I know ossia the together and forget air fryer so that it does not have to that stand in front of him to look but will say this: it SHOWS YOUR sometime PRESENT LUNCHES!
5 / 5
I like a product. His very easy to use and wants a reheat the option but am disappointed that it does not go to 450F when air to fry a unit so only goes to 450F in an Air Broil a rest of some settings so only goes to of the this an only reason gave it three stars.

5 / 5
Wants to this! Utilisation this to do a majority of our lunches. Easy to clean.
5 / 5
The men and my husband can not think that does not purchase this more collected!!! Good measure, calm, and screen to touch A lot the FRIENDLY USER. Easy to clean with just to dry of the humid cloth and other parts are the sure dishwasher. An option of dual drawer is such to saver of time - especially when it can cook your lunch a same time.
A must compraventa!
4 / 5
There is almost has changed 100 the cookery in this Ninja. We have done fresh fish, hearts of the chicken frozen, reheated lunch, and at least a component of our dinners every night. An only thing that didnt results better that in a grill/of oven/fryer, was fingerling potatoes. But I have bet we regulate time/temp would be well. One nettling the part is trying to regulate/stop a side when another side is still cookery . It is easy to turn one was of what whole.
4 / 5
I of the that included know where to start with with this description. It would want to find some words the sum on quell'enamoured are them with this air fryer. It does not take any a lot of space on, comes with the book on cooking time, temperatures and recipes. Honradamente His amazing cook and short time for half if any one less. Im The mamma of two and the also do so that the dinner is usually quickly and easy things. When in the first place I have taken this has thought them touches of chicken and fries for a rest of my days of boys lol ive the so only that twice. In another hand ive has done meatballs, sausages of polish, ribs of pig, whole chickens (obviously small some), thighs of chicken, and drumsticks, all while im cooking my sides a fryer is cooking a flesh and his the life and saver of time. Cause im fact less a time and im relaxing more collected lol His fast plus then an oven and his like this well that everything is timed and the ones of the that has to that concern roughly forgetting anything. My husband and I am lover of supposition and enormous wing that he the so only better? Yup East airs fryer! Also he the wonderful work reheating his, leaves them like this crispy. When it Comes to some settings in what time to cook thats the learn calm so that it goes process and also as him you like yours feed baked. Calm once take a hangs that so much and like this calm take you can begin party and ready arrival. The arrival of party is like this some two baskets are timed a same and ready arrival is like this your cookery something concealed to take longer in a basket and another concealed take less will begin a less time one once one the plus along timed a taken to a time still has left.

Highly recommend!
4 / 5
A lot of sized airs fryer this can cook batches quite big of alimentary - the substitutes of good oven concealed yours taking feed crispy. Some baskets are also easily removable to be cleaned. Global good value for a money!
5 / 5
Air a lot a lot of fryer. There it is not using my stove for a past 3 days have arrived of then. If calm give it a calm right use will love it. Marcos the flavour Feeds better in my opinion. It reads first instructions to use another wise will take you garbled reason has the information of plot on like this to take feed cooked a right way. It loves it. An air fryer looks elegant good colour, ossia so only value of the money.
4 / 5
Any aversion. It has used an air that fries way partorisca steak, potatoes of elements frozen , frescos and last night the air has fried has has baked potatoes in a side and the salmon roasted in a second. So only it adds partorisca everything. Seldom they are 100 satisfied and can truthfully say that they are with this appliance.

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