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Top Customer Reviews: FujiFilm FinePix ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 By Shasta
The photograph is one of my favourite hobbies. Has the pair of good Cannon rebels with a good lenses. But this'll Fuji the camera is honradamente my preferred. And on some years have has murdered in fact three of them. And I mean murdered. This camera are add partorisca take kayaking, trace to the long of adds in an a lot of dusty or muddy RZR. Included my three grandchildren used it partorisca take pictures. Like this when my last a dead east has had to that have an immediately. It thanks it avenges quickly and the law adds. And it is quite small to go to purse of mine or mine tejanos pocket

Top Customer Reviews: Fujifilm X100F 24.3 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Janyce
Like a X-Pro.2 owner has contemplated partorisca purchase a X100F partorisca month before same type, reason have possessed a X100S was a lot of familiar with that a X100F would spend. A X100S has had something that no another camera has possessed previously to there is , has soul. Sound the subjective conclusion my experience with a X100S, this in spite of, never has left of then go and has gone with a X-Pro.2 I lost it more, more. I have done one submerges and has bought a X100F, he knowing was the together very looked-until a X-Pro.2, Expect when I took it and has opened a box was surprised as well as to the that small a X100F has been compared to a X-Pro.2. Having has had a X-Pro.2 Like my only camera partorisca the year, has forgotten that one of some characteristic main that done a X100S such the beauty was a compact measure and one it effortless chairs partorisca the take everywhere. My only two downsides to a X100F is a lack partorisca hold/that it seals time and built-in GPS (I knows this can be done by means of an application but his no intuitive). One seals it the time is probably a main characteristic that doubts me on and on roughly doing a compraventa, knowing my X-Pro.2 With one 23 f.2 it has had to that advantage. This in spite of, remember the numerous times where have left my X-Pro.2 Behind reason was the hassle to spend around (he still with all a 'fujicrons' f.2 lenses I own - 18, 23, & 35), and has has had to that always do the election among managing a X-Pro.2 With the thumb-grip that believes is essential or the flash (prevail world-wide questions!)
According to your way to photograph thinks that that this camera is suitable for more than fashions of photographers, documentary, travesía, portraiture street and believe me photograph of landscape if your ready to think of him differently.
4 / 5 By Wyatt
Fuji X100F Is the wonderful camera. I have possessed a X100S and X100T. This camera is a better of a X100 serious in my opinion. The house is fast and compatible. The quality of image is maps with one 24 MP resolution, the noticeable improves in a X100T. A capacity to digitally the zoom is occasionally a lot handy and is like having another camera around the yours with the when calm the precise; another good upgrade of a X100T. The facial recognition is very of confidence, and a joystick is one inventive upgrade in this camera to regulate a point of home quickly while it composes an image. This can be one the better camera never invented to take photo of people. Fuji HAS some tones of better skin of any system of the colour and one fill flashes there is so only a legislation poof of light to dry was shadows while maintaining your subjects that the utmost look. An inaugural coverage has 1/3 stop adjustment. ISO can be regulated using a dial of mandate of the front, doing a dial of ISO on a camera unneeded, which is a lot of reason is not a lot of gain to begin with. Of then buying this camera, has all but there is prendido to use my camera of interchangeable lentil; this camera he all, included in holidays. A light weight and the good looks are unbeatable. It say a X100F is that the import upgrade in a X100S; it buy a X100F in a X100S every time. A X100F is the good upgrade in a X100T, but no the runaway upgrade. In a long career, think a X100F is the rich resolution more characteristic , flexible camera , main that a X100T.
4 / 5 By Lynwood
Loves photographs of films, will love a Fujifilm X100F. If it love point-and-consolation of shoot, will love a Fujifilm X100F. If it love quality of big image, good colours, lovely bokeh, and the focal period slightly wide, will love a Fujifilm X100F.

Are the young type , but has taken my start like the photographer in camera of film. A X100F, as with everything of Fuji X-serious, instruments with three things that personally estimate quite highly:
1. An optical viewfinder. As to prize, has the pop-on mini-EVF can involve you, which calm to leave you manually direct a lentil with the terracing of confidence while using a OVF. Framelines, Information of exposure, in remaining shots, the scale to direct, and has included the histogram also can be projected to a OVF, giving you all a precise information snaps the properly exposed photos and take full advantage of a 24MP X-Trans sensor. You can, of course, transmission to the fully equally EVF or use a backside LCD screen if ossia that calm prefers to shoot.
2. Controls of way of discreet exposure in a fashion of camera of old film. A lentil instruments with an inaugural coverage with third-click of stop, and an upper dish looks the combination shutter dial/of ISO of the speed. All three controls have an Automatic setting, leaving involve shutter priority, opening priority, full manual, or ways of the full automatic exposure without that has to that fiddle with the PASM goes. It thanks god. Besides, you can create car fact of multiple commission-profiles of ISO, specifying the minima and MAXIMUM ACCEPTABLE ISO as well as the acceptable minimum shutter speed.
3. Construction of solid metal that in fact feels likes metal. So many digital cameras are plastic-bodied, feeling economic and toylike in a hand. Even flagship DSLRs With his skeletons of the metal does not feel mine 'right'; I am much more comfortable with a solid construction of mine Nikomat FTN or Konica IIIa. Like this, a X100F sturdy frame of the metal so only feels well. It is the solidly-the camera has built that in fact it looks the piece of engineering of precision of big quality more than the mass-piece of production of junk.

Having A capacity to take manual control in a triangle of the whole exposure without that has to that undermine by means of papers or endlessly transfer nondescript black multifunction the dials is which attracted the Fujifilm in a first place, but that will maintain me is a fact that calm is not sacrificing consolation or quality of image to obtain these controls. A X100F is light and compact, easily pocketable inside the pocket of jacket, but does not feel never cramped. Like an extra prize, a X100F uses an astonishingly calm leaf shutter able of requests to 1/4000, and the difference of slowly focal traditional shutters, is able to synchronise with flashing unit by means of his integers shutter row of speed. This mechanic shutter is supplemented for an optional electronic shutter able of requests to 1/32000, but suffers some going shutter subjects, as many electronic shutters , and can not flash sync. Directing is done by boss, some critiques of only entity have against this camera. His WiFi the characteristic is excellent likes to stick in of of the half comunicacionales social, and a camera far application (in my experience) acts extremely well to photograph callejera, leaving shoot a camera without the touch. A icing in a cake is that a lot a camera JPGs look without any adjustment; so only apply the simulation of film and go. If shots BELIEVED, calm included can apply these simulations of films after a fact, creating JPGs inner a camera he using the simple-to-use but powerful built-in the processor has BELIEVED.

And, of course, a camera so only looks like this damn well.
4 / 5 By Santana
Modification: Spent a month in Giappone. They are an artist likes volume the plot of photo of reference, opening priority in f4 for one the majority to separate to take one the majority of detail. This camera has treated on and besides my expectations. The images are crazy acute and jpegs exited fantastically rendered. That The camera is very easy to use calm once comfortable volume with a UI and controls. I found it intuitive to so only choose on a camera, gone back he on, and taking shot it. With the first lentil, the zoom is one less what calm concern roughly. In a has turned of the month has taken around 1800 photo with this camera, like this around 60 images for day. I have gone two days with the load of alone battery. Very pleased with an action of a camera during my travesía.

Has sold my XT1 to try was some compact, I so that far it has tried it out of a Ricoh GR, and now a X100F.

- A creation is reminiscent of a vintage Leica Model 3. So only I love a creation of a camera in general. A lustrous creation give a confidence to spend a camera around and not looking the tourist with the DSLR.
- Compact but has some heft. So as I like my camera to be súper compact and ultra light, can appreciate a quality of build and heft of a camera that adds the plot of his character. It is around a weight of the hardcover book.
- Coming from a XT1, master that quota all feels. A upgraded UI and paper, a navigational keys, one can toggle all feel better that a XT1. A way some keys celery has been updated.
- I amour 35mm focal period. I have tried a Ricoh GR is 28mm focal period but found his pictures bit it also distorted. I have it quell'has used also XT1+35mmF2 and found a 50mm focal period to be too limiting for landscapes. A X100F is 35mm the focal period is the perfect returns for me.
- JPEG Is the look adds. So only it loves like easy is to take well looking shots. Some start of images to look natural, with colour and of the utmost shadows.
- I are not any a lot of the black and aim shooter but taste Acros like this far especially with of Red filter. Acros Give the brilliant, net BW image, with contrast good. Has the very modern chair his.
- Was bit it hard to take used to an attractive on dial of ISO at the beginning but with more the practices now can regulate ISO and shutter speeds in a fly. It likes having to that both settings in a same wheel reason do not owe that move my hand to regulate one or another.
- Joystick The law adds, did not use it at the beginning but finds that I am using a joystick more and more.
- The life of battery is quite good. I have used a camera sporadically partorisca to 6 now romp by means of NYC and there is around 40 has left, enough time the life of battery to transfer my images my iPhone has seen WiFi.
- Fuji JPEG Is work a lot well with VSCO filters. It is like the perfect pairing. I add has a instagram accounts.

- A thing that thinks that that it would have dipped in a camera is the other of thumb . A camera is quell'has bitten uncomfortable to resist without the thumbrest, although it is not any a lot of a subject for me. This in spite of am sure this subject can be easily fixed with third party thumbrests exited, as not to treat it big for me.
- I meeting moving a joystick unintentionally. A joystick is quite sensitive and sometimes my hand would graze it, moving a point of house.
- The sensor of eye is the bit to annoy in this yours the sinister hand unintentionally can cause.

That says, these gilipollas is mostly so only subjects smaller for me, and some positive far outweigh of the negative. In general, really I enjoy to use a X100F like this far. Ossia The camera that can see take everywhere travelling and taking pictures. So only it feels good to possess this camera.
5 / 5 By Odette
Excellent day the camera of day that far will surpass your expectations! I have had this camera of then November 2016 (version of beta) and is been my main camera never of then. If you like read of the full description can google my name to take my web of place and the description of full period can be found there with more than images and of information.
4 / 5 By Michal
Camera that has surprised. Ardent hobbyist - has begun my life of camera with the Nikon D60 and the pair of boxes lenses, has moved in the Nikon D800 and the pair of fantastic but heavy lenses. Two few boys have come to the long of, and felt that with my Nikon the box has spent the third boy. It has not been able to use my camera that a lot and really in the loser.

Has bought this camera grieves done 3 month and is like the new lease of life for my hobby. Extremely light , simply quality of amazing picture, a camera is very versatile and works well in poor light also. Some controls are intuitive, an organism and the texture of a camera is simply gorgeous.
5 / 5 By Lue
Global indication: 4.5 (out of 5)
Hybrid OVF: 3
EVF: 4.5
quality of Image: 5
Look and feel: 5
has Comprised strap: 1
the manual of the owner: 3.5
Lentil: 4.5

In general: it say with confidence this camera is a better Fujifilm the camera has possessed, easily. Quality of image, looks and managing is far and on my XE2 and X70. It feels like the lovely thousands of the camera more and a start of image is cut at all of impressive. If calm already possess a lot Fuji the cameras or this would be your before time that tries a X100 serious, simply can any gone bad with this camera. At present, IMO, has any camera to trip/callejero better in a phase.

Hybrid OVF: personally you look to of the east look which basically there is an electronic overlay on an optical viewfinder so that I can take information of pertinent exposure; this in spite of, have found framing is not varied enough with a sensor/of lentil, often creating súper that annoying frame of a viewfinder is was to an upper and to a side, so need to mentally calculate an offset. I think that that it was the good idea in Fuji is part, but require to improve he -- perhaps varying a viewfinder well on a lentil would help.

Electronic viewfinder: felizmente Fujifilm has comprised a capacity to turn a Hybrid OVF to the plenary fledged EVF with the turn of the transmission. A colour and accuracy of exposure of a EVF are enough adds, but not perfecting; this in spite of, behaves predictably quite so that I can compensate in your boss. To good sure one of one has used more.

Quality of image: in short, if in this appearance a camera is 10 out of 5. Some colours, an acuteness, a way, a bokeh, saturation, etc. Absolutely perfect. IMO, Ossia like this well likes to take. Absolutely exceptional in the each test has shot has taken (note, this in spite of, as of this writing has not tried ISO &62; 1600, as it can not speak subjects of noise, if any).

Look And feel: some looks of camera so only gorgeous. A camera 'classical' the look so only gives it the personality a lot often absentee in digital photograph. It manages a lot well and the breeze to operate (included some @@@knob small and the keys are easy to take to and work with).

Has comprised strap: honradamente do not know reason Fujifilm maintains to comprise this strap with all X-serious. Raisin quite uncomfortable, economic materials, acute sides. Etc. to arrive to this point would prefer has not comprised a plus that material of waste in the strap that will remain in a box of camera.

The manual of the owner: I can a lot of comprehend reason _all_ manual_ _ _ of camera, to all the cost of the mark is so only like this terrible, and a one has comprised with this camera is any exception . Need of costruttrici of the camera to start with that invests in much better, friendly manual user like opposed to the 4x6 booklet with stirs it of information.

Lentil: had some Fuji ardent the one who has been concerned a venerable 23mm/2L lentils have attached of older X100 the serious has not been to be able to do use of a new sensor and processor of image, can say confidently these fears were so only any one has admitted. One of a quality of the image of main reasons is perfect is because of a lentil. It is exceptionally acute and punchy same wide open. Prendido Down to f/4 is simply incredible. A bokeh is so only likewise and beaten creamy my whole collection of the primes of Cannon have used to possess. For real impressive seeing this level of action in the 'pancake' lentil.

Conclusions: if you are the street or photographer to trip simply calms will not find the camera compresses better in a phase now included -- at least a lot of w/or spending thousands and thousand more. I estimate cost in this camera is simply phenomenal.
5 / 5 By Patty
In that has shot he for a past 25 years honradamente can say that a FujiFilm X100 the series is my favourite camera of all the times. When it looks behind in my file are prouder that some photos of mine X100S and X100F reason his 'so only took a moment.' For me a focal period fijamente force to prioritise a composition and think out of a box.

Has shot with several systems, beginning with films of Cannon in a 90s, then on to Cannon DSLRs. Has transmission to a Micro 4/3 system done 10 years, which was the good transition the mirrorless but has not been until pair with a DSLRs at the same time. He roughly done 5 years have purchased my in the first place FujiFilm camera, a X100S. I have fallen immediately enamoured with him and ditched my Micro 4/3 system for a XT-1. Later substituted for a X-Pro2 and also possesses a X-E3 like the backside-arrive/camera of travesía. In some point has done a main deception of my photographic career, has sold my X100S. Felizmente, have @@give my terrible deception and has purchased a X100F. Has a same soul of an original X100 camera but with more than attention to detail. One same soyagic' in a sensor & of lentil combo is still there but with slightly of house of car faster and some whistles and extra bells the 'tweak' a yours way of camera to shoot.

A X100F has the tactile advantage in the majority of some cameras has possessed. Almost I any need never submerges to the card. Keys, @@@knob and changes everything perfectly situated in an arrangement that resulted second character. I have not shot Never the plot with flashing but a brota shutter leaves for any ridiculous flash sync speeds, leaving you to launch some additional light in the backlit @subject with a onboard (or my hot shoe Nissin flash). Swipe more backlit subjects now been due to of the this.

I also AMOUR of AMUR LOVES a ND filter. With the simple click of a Fn the key can select a ND filter and shoot wide open (f/2) in full day. Finally, a measure and the creation of this camera the like this easy fact to spend that it is with me everywhere goes.

A FujiFilm X100F is the brilliant little camera with charm and soul. It is not the camera for everything but is perfect for me. Kudos Fujifilm! I will take this camera to a tomb.
4 / 5 By Marietta
Has been looking for the camera of digital pocket for years. I have used to have Casio Exilim to the equal that has taken sweet photos, but the models the late plus does not have on resisted. Panasonic Lumix Has had a good model before unexpectedly resultant or lose. Olympus TG The series is good but has gone already downhill. Cannon SureShot Was the joke in spite of rave descriptions. I have continued to be frustrated.

I snagged this model without looking in a pricetag and asked, That so only does? Often when eye in some first images of the pocket digital camera I gasp. With Fuji X100F I gasped for a totally different reason - some images are spectacular. Hopefully Can see a first image of my camera so only messing around in low light of my light of office with some settings in transports-everything. Amazing DOF and paint which describes like this romantic. A B&W the way leave to pump on a shadow and/or the points have underlined for the tailored answered.

Some controls, again, has maintained to say 'wow.' A shutter the speed and the sensibility are cameras of way to film escole old. Ways of home is the transmission in a side like the plenary DSLR. A lentil has an inaugural coverage with abundance of row. Manual house mimics the fine control of the camera of film with home peaking or image of digital breaking that it directs. It is like this easy to use this camera. I have had to that hunt for perhaps 6 settings, asking, where has dipped THIS one? But, some another was easy to find. Right in a cup can nudge a EV @@@knob with my thumb to tweak in of the points have underlined without guessing.

Is perfect? It Camera is perfect? It likes, if I rest it on his behind rests well in a LCD exposed to the equal that have ordered of the protective screen. A strap of with the is perfect but any strap of wrist was has comprised. Autofocus The options are way overkill and movement was all this face and detection of eye. Transferring photo to the Mac? Be prepared to be disappointed as it does not look the walk of disk (GPS of mine inclusa looks the walk of disk)... But, you can import use 'Photo' application - how is slooooow and painful.

HAS the real rangefinder spectator with electronic parallax framing help. Shining. Appeal your eye was and a LCD snaps behind on for attentive composition. Watson Looks to have a better third-battery of party if you do not enjoy Fuji pricetag in of the batteries.

Oh - And is the fixed estreet lentil of camera of wide corner. This was the big decision . For a money, could upgrade and so only take the mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses. One 'zoom' does zoom in the mock 50mm and 70mm in a sacrifice of the bit of quality. It consider these settings to be 'toy' frame so only for game. If it love the walk of the main image more afterwards to your subject. A small lentil maintains a small profile for portability.

A fashion of an organism is sweet to look in - a lot of retro and does not look the big black brick. There is abundance of overpriced chance of skin and half-chances for a model as it goes given.
4 / 5 By Daphne
Is the solid camera . The factor of form is amused and intuitive. Has some quirks, and some are easier that look spent that another.

Took it on the recent at night the travesía and the few things like and has not liked him.

-factor of Form. Petit, light, and easy to just control. Has half sized hands of man, but does not seat bulky never.
-In the concert, in black, using a EVF, could shoot and the person there went around the clue has had included the camera, this was awesome.
-A lentil USUALLY takes good house , acute, and a bokeh is quite good. Especially partorisca APS-C w/ he 35 equiv period.
-f2 Is good to have, again in this factor of form. And a shutter speed sync and built in ND is awesome

has not LIKED him:
-A dial of ISO. Oh Mina gawd, could do not managing. It is WELL, but really it simple dial that is separated is required IMO. If attractive calm he up in the haste, sometimes he snags a shutter speed and the tug too much. It is the little hard to read some numbers by means of a window of ISO, and has to that it uses two hands to do an adjustment.
-An interface is so only meh. It is not bad, is so only a lot like this intuitive as it would have liked me. I am coming from the system of Cannon.
-Lacking, washed out of images of contrast low. This is to spend in fact enough the little time. As my camera has not felt likes rendering black and aims, as so only launches his hands on and gave 'the forget'. Still in the estaca was hard spending quite a lot of blacks behind in.

Has had the xt20 and has loved that. There it has any a lot of anything would change in this little system. It is so only the tad has bitten TOO SMALL for my hands so many was uncomfortable. Never messed with a xt2 or xpro2.

In general, is the camera adds , takes good images and ACROS is incredible. But, so only it can not justify a cost, factor of form not adapting my fashion, and is light quirks to love the treat. I need my camera the just work. If lame thinking roughly using a camera then has not been dipped out of legislation for me. Your miles can vary.

Top Customer Reviews: Fujifilm FinePix ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By
I have been the loyal Cannon shooter of some days partorisca film SLRs on done 20 years. In a past decade has bought two Cannon uper zoom' cameras: an original PowerShot S1 in 2004 and a PowerShot S5 in 2008. Lately they are itchy partorisca take another súper-camera of zoom partorisca substitute a S5, reason his 12x the no longer considered zoom uper' for today' of level. Of course my first election is another Cannon PowerShot camera, any one a PowerShot SX50 or a PowerShot SX500. With which comparison, this in spite of, has decided the escadera of jump' and go with this Fujifilm FinePix S8200 instead. Here it is my reasons reasons:

- A Fujifilm S8200 is powered for four EA battery. I prefer this creation because I can use the together of Sanyo eneloop Pre-Touched Rechargeable Battery in him, and maintain another dips like this backup. In chance of emergency, has included can use disposable alcaline battery partorisca be able to a camera. Early models in a Cannon PowerShot Pro seriad (S1 the S10) was all powered for EA batteries. But the models he late the plus is using proprietary lithium-ion rechargeable bands of battery. This half has to that buy another band of battery likes backup, and also require spend still another battery has consecrated partorisca upload for my travesías.

- A Cannon SX500 (which is priced similarly) has the big disadvantage in this failure a EVF (finder of electronic view). Using EVF in a S8200 the easiest fact partorisca shoot under brilliant sun, and help partorisca resist a camera stabilises when shooting in súper zoom.

- A Cannon SX50 has a EVF and offers the row of the zoom more along (50X vs. 40x). But it is also he priced 50 more than a Fujifilm S8200.

After touching with a S8200 partorisca the few days, am very happy with my election. Partorisca Shoot down daylight, a quality of image is a lot quite partorisca more than situations. Of course, a quality of image down-light can not compare to this of the digital SLR camera, as my Cannon EOS rebel T1i. Ossia partorisca Be has has expected given a sensor of the tiny image used in the camera this measure ( is a law of physics: zone of the pixel of the smallest sensor means worse signal-the-proportion of noise). Partorisca Drop-light situation, prefers to fix an ISO in 1600, and save in shopping centre' (4MP) measure of image.

Some other observations:
- A lentil of zoom of a S8200 is physically much more that that of a S5. It sees some pictures have uploaded the 'Images of Section of Client partorisca comparison of measure.
- A S8200 to lentil the strongest noise that a S5 while zooming (the last ad 'Ultrasonic' in a lentil)
- A directing is not maintained while zooming. Ossia A question still has with S5. It contrasts, EF of mine of Cannon S 17-85mm the image has stabilised USM SLR to the lentil maintains partorisca direct while zooming, but that to lentil is 2x a prize of this camera.
- A mechanism of the stabilisation of the image does quite well. It remarks that both Cannon and Fujifilm the stabilisation of use of the cameras of optical image that reads equally well by means of row of zoom. Other cameras (like a Olympus SP-800UZ) that use ensor-move' the mechanism no well in big zoom.

Does not have any question that emigrates of my old Cannon S5 to a new Fujifilm S8200. The majority of some controls is any identical, or very simple to imagine was. Basically so only it chooses on a new camera, dipped the to 'P' (the transports programmed) and the shooting headed. In another hand, there is still to plot of new characteristics in a S8200 that have still partorisca explode. Partorisca Examples:
- Fast shot of 10 frames in a second
- Automatically captures panorama of 360 terracings
- video of Shoot in big-accelerate to playback in slow-motion, and like this on.
Like this perhaps one of these days, in fact will take around partorisca read a manual of user...
4 / 5 By
Has had this camera partorisca almost 10 month now, and loves it. Still I am learning some different settings, and like his all does. Having to that shoot with a car that dips to plot of a time, but has begun branching was partorisca the explore more. One a thing I desire could learn is like this partorisca shoot lights at night. Has the really awesome light conjoint laser partorisca external, and can any partorisca a life of takes it to me to where the looks does with my own was prójimos.

Partorisca Other objects this in spite of, takes some utmost shots. Utilisation this camera daily, and loves the majority of some images are able to take with him. I require the new tripod this in spite of, like this economic one has taken with the band has bought has broken. Now in a look for it tripod of better quality.

Will say one a thing I desire was different in this camera, is where a SD the space is. It is extremely inconvenient of the have where some batteries are located!!! This means is in a tripod, and wants to take a paper was partorisca transfer images, has to take he of a tripod. The desire had dipped a space partorisca he on a side. Still with some batteries also. A lot of inconveniently has situated.

Another subject has is blurring on that I hang me film the video sometimes. Sometimes he no, and another time he , and can any partorisca a life of enciphers it to me was reason. Twists in and out of directing the bit, any to plot, but enough that sometimes it is a lot when I do not want to it partorisca do that. As I have said, still I am learning with him, as it was not if it is a setting has is something has control if it is for real a camera. I see some negative critiques that any really describe that @subject is having with a camera he. I see A lot of statements of coverage, ossia error of simple user , and no a real failure of a camera he. Such the shame.

In general, thinks that is the camera adds partorisca learn with, which is that I am doing. It is better that my camera of sure pocket, and no like this as well as the camera of main final. The so that main liked was that I do not owe that of transmission out of the know at all in this class of what, and that lentil partorisca use when. So much, this will help me learn that I expect, and then can advance to the camera of main final that will help me take some shots that loves to take. For now, ossia the fantastic camera partorisca me, and the enormous step on mine Panasonic Lumix 6x DMC-LZ7. This camera is the camera well so that it is, to good sure, and still use it when I do not want to spend this an around was and roughly, as it returns in my pocket quite well. This a, to good sure need partorisca be spent around the yours with the or in the stock exchange partorisca spend.

Has purchased this camera frankly partorisca my own personal use. It looks bobo partorisca comprise this in of the descriptions now, but is that it is.
5 / 5 By
Love his camera partorisca a prize. This camera are adds partorisca a photographer has interested. This would not be partorisca the photographer has experienced. If this compraventa is partorisca the camera familiarised any one can use this camera. A more anticipated shooter that an aim and shoot partorisca use manual settings partorisca the Objective plus for advanced and characteristic of shoot. You owe that read a manual game with some settings partorisca take pictures partorisca take to know this camera. A way changes your settings of ISO in a camera partorisca the particular shot takes utmost pictures. My husband does not take to the picture that takes and can dip it to an automatic setting partorisca he and he can take utmost pictures with him. I am anticipated more than Aim and photographer partorisca shoot to enjoy photo of the leisure of places goes. Amur This camera partorisca a measure and no bulky or heavy. Access in of the small hands well. A better course I amour is has the capacities of zoom adds and any camera lenses to lug around. This camera has the setting that you dipped partorisca some 3 different types of battery can use in this camera. You can use a battery of expensive photo, 4 battery of Lithium or 4 Alcaline battery in this camera. I have found one the majority of abordable and the easy accessible batteries and last the long time is Energizer battery of Definite Lithium in this camera. When I have dipped a type of battery has in a camera done a camera has life of excellent battery. The majority of camera has seen any one has this characteristic and the use of battery is the characteristic a lot of entity in the camera. Ossia Reason has chosen this camera in the cannon was some descriptions of life of the battery . This camera has excellent descriptions on life of battery. They are very pleased with this camera and have any remorse with this compraventa. Partorisca Take some pictures of the better quality with this camera has to that take game of pictures with a camera partorisca learn all that that can do. Calm will not be happy calms so only use some characteristic basic to take a better potential and add snapshots with this camera. I took the little time was partorisca find the setting adds partorisca exposure, shutter settings etc. In a camera partorisca my own in pleasant. Mark sure touch with a camera and calm will be an excellent picture taker and pleased with this camera and that they can do in the camera compresses everything in a. Mark sure fill out of a paper of registration with Escaped partorisca experience of excellent guarantee. And finally this camera not having WiFi uploading to facebook technology. The calm in fact can do like this a lot uploading to your special website that use a reader of paper of the USB partorisca easy scrolling of photo partorisca save to your special hard walk or special on-line storage of your photos. Reason need the special camera partorisca do Wifi when more the people have mobile phones partorisca do that? The better security when has more to the control likes the load your photos. I quite displaced less money partorisca the camera that takes the photos add that those paid partorisca the characteristic to do Wifi technology. Simpler a better partorisca the camera that takes utmost pictures. A thing with this camera has not been well partorisca a beach that takes sand in him. Highly it recommends to take the camera partorisca water abordable small partorisca a beach snapshots.
5 / 5 By
Always am looking for UTMOST pictures glielo be fauna and flora or rainbows-Fast in a something And absolutely loves one 3' LCD and option partorisca the transmission to a viewfinder because of glare in time And a viewfinder the helps stabilise your ZOOM that directs- A lot of characteristic partorisca choose of! I have had two comparable Nikon SLR cameras and a quality of this Fujifilm S8200 is like this good BUT a prize is included better-40X zoom is unbelievable. It takes the hand in bylines or tripod with a 40X ZOOM=shots of qualities/quickly and easy to use-I amour a EA characteristic of battery-You always can find the quota-new EA battery, has purchased a Fujifilm FinePix S8200 the battery of Digital Camera Uploads Substitution of 4 EA NiMH 2800mAh Rechargeable Battery, with Uploading of a same time and there is saved me already even more $ $ and works SÚPER SUMS. I am thrilled with cost of mine.
5 / 5 By
These works of camera so only like an old SLR east. So only a lack of mirror. An electronic viewfinder are add partorisca use. A LCD screen of exposure is brilliant and easy to read. Changing among a two is easy, so only press the key. Calm probably will use a finder of view more than a screen. A 44X zoom is wonderful. It is like having a 800mm lentil in a SLR. A M way of Car has to that individual, determines that it is looking in and some pertinent adjustments, SP the way is useful to dip a camera partorisca a same type of shot (i.et Shots of sports). A way of Car is a rule every day dipping, has not used tany of some other ways still. A Macro and Flash the settings are excellent. There is taken on 300 pics last week in holidays. When I have used a correct way that dips some pictures are very good. I have had some question that selects a right way partorisca a bundle of the inner graduation like this was my first day with a camera.Some alcaline battery that is coming with the camera is lasted roughly 25 shots. I have substituted with lithium, has taken the 'low battery' reading with which roughly 100 shots, but when I tried him in home was A lot. You do not leave house with battery of backup.
A manual downloaded can be has printed used to the PDF likes 8 of x 10 pages, a manual is very written and easy to the camera is like this as well as he DSLR for the half a prize, and smaller and lighter. But agree is not the point and he shoot and calm can not spend he in your pocket. You will love this camera!
4 / 5 By
Was in a way to substitute the $ 350 Nikon camera which had been fallen in the very hard surface. Several weeks have been taken researching frames of on-line different camera and with users. During a process a view has been found relating to a marketing of a Fujifilm FinePix S8200 16.2 Digital Camera. With investigation further, several rows of different prizes have been found. I have read all the descriptions could find relate to this camera. I have then visited with one of my edges-in-of the laws those who is the real Professional Photographer . All the specifications have been spoken. Knowing skills of mine of camera and future use, resupply the positive word that relates to this camera. When I Share a prize has favoured found, ensured that it was the very good prize partorisca the camera of this quality. Prpers Having used this camera partorisca the month, all a negatives listed in some descriptions am not surfaced. They are very pleased in his flash-less low of light results. It was finding very pleased a zoom partorisca be able to 40X. With some absentee of toes of my sinister hand, some locations of controls of cameras and the creation of a frame of main cupboard enables the comfortable a hand-held operation. A strap of with the resupplies security of drop of the camera partorisca the hand disabled character. I am looking forward to a lot of years of enjoyable service with this camera.
4 / 5 By
Still although it is last model of the years are pleasantly surprised with premiers of mine pocola use. The quality by heart is point and averts and is extremely easy to use in way of car ( has not had to weaves partorisca time partorisca try all some characteristics). My first shoot was in some mountains where alive. I love the balance of a camera (very better that mine DSLR with longitude lenses) and one the long zoom is noise free, the question with other cameras has used. One of some main reasons has bought this camera is an electronic viewfinder like this with mine eyesight a LCD viewfinders has been always the question with seeing and framing. Work as well as any optical VF has had. A negative point very small (but interferes with an ease of use) is of the discharges to plant of lentil. It is in a way, takes the moment partorisca dip properly and has to that be fact around when shooting. Hopefully Has been corrected in these models of years. I will do partorisca follow it on revising I so that it results more familiarised with some a lot of characteristic of a camera, but partorisca arrive to this point would say any any one the good quality a lot of-DSLR camera partorisca give this the pun has feigned.
5 / 5 By
Bosses of camera well, has a lot of characteristics (a lot of of the like a half user can not use), the images are glorious. One has distributed the manual of the form of owner is minimum. Printing the complete manual of a cure of DVD COMPRISED of this question, this in spite of. Some papers are the small confusing, but when all more fails, read a manual. A quality of some images and an image have associated stabilazation marks this the terrific instrument. A video is easy to use also. A CMOS the sensibility of leaves of the sensor a lot well while colour fringing, a machinery of CCD sensors, is essentially a lot-existent. Mina Nikon D 80 DSLR wil not requiring be substituted with the model the evening more very punctual time
4 / 5 By
has had this camera 1 year now.
Takes some touching around partorisca take familiar with some settings and qualities of the picture but ossia partorisca be expected with any camera. Dipping it on the car law adds partorisca just roughly everything.
In general some pictures are utmost. A speed partorisca begin a camera is very fast. A HD the video is fantastic. That The zoom has to that individual. Also I will add a spectator of Big Resolution is 3' and is beautiful, but can change among a spectator of eye or a screen with a push of the key.
Has dipped the 16gb big capacity digital paper in and can do not fill on, included taking pictures in a main resolution. The life of battery has to be like 300 pictures; utilisation a Eneloop EA rechargeable the batteries and treat exceptional in this camera.
Partorisca Of the money, chair ossia probably a better calm camera can buy in a $ row of 200 prize.
Any the one who says that this camera is difficult or does not take the good pictures is dazed and has confused. It is the Blue Ribbon winning in my book.
Has used previously the 'Cannon S3 this' and this takes better pictures that a Cannon.
4 / 5 By
Has used Fuji the cameras in some have spent to one has liked him always some the characteristic extras have had. This camera is any exception . Has the tonne of has added characteristic, comprising Wifi. One of the dipping likes is partorisca dip of a camera in P way and use a Car(xxxx) frame where xxx is 400,800,1600,3200. Doing these limits an ISO of upper final that dips it will use. It is a lot of calms that wants to force to use the lowest ISO while any to limit you , if a camera thinks it can go lower. Some pictures in general were good but anything on ISO400 aimed roughly some noise, which was bit it disappointing(ossia where a Car(400) go in handy). One directing was well, but have some subjects in time, when zoomed in.

A Wifi done well and mania Wifi points of Accesses properly(the difference of a Cannon SX510). A a subject there has been tho has used an application of telephone to explore material in a camera. Every time I have looked for to use in this way, does not connect . Otherwise Was adds.

A subject main has had has registered film. If calm any zoom, is partorisca exit well, although you have had to be careful of the leave refocus in time. A sound was feeble tho. It seats partorisca like it has to that be choose on more the sound that was. A subject real was when calm has used a zoom while registering. It take the noise of serious engine that has been quite strong to entirely invade any one the normal audio am spent partorisca be register. I have seen the few people mention this, but am surprised more has no, like this extremely is annoying and really dips the humid plus on registering film.

Has has wanted to really like this what but a noise of toneless/his engine in of the films(which use from time to time) and noise added in a big plus ISOs thinks is so only too partorisca me.

Top Customer Reviews: Fujifilm FinePix ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Mercy
I love this camera! Not to have it long but has taken some pics in the cradle of Florida and is exited really good. Easy application partorisca send street wifi to telephone or pill.
Remarks on application, has to have wifi and 4car of g toggling was. The law adds in both my pill and Samsung s5 telephone
Update: 6-8-15 These rocks of camera! The vivid underwater photos clear and easy to use. It was in the cradle and there is taken on 200 pics and the battery was still so only well, a fence down. If it love that the easy underwater camera goes partorisca east. I love it and the prize is down now too much.
Update Seven 19th 2015. Camera still doing wonderful and has taken several shots of thousand. I reward it they are much lower that when I bought it.
4 / 5 By Pauline
Has bought this camera to cruise it/snorkeling travesía in Bahamas. I have researched a lot attentively and read a lot of descriptions. I have chosen Fuji in
a Gone-Pro because of a screen of emphasis and big view in of the alone shots. I have had an earlier version of a camera that is lasted roughly 3 years then
has failed submarine.
On earth and cruising the pictures are starts awesome. First day in the coral reef a camera has done well. It is easy to use submarine. According to day
go in a water and has begun grieves to swim could see waters it that it enters a viewfinder and a screen of view.
The enclosed camera was and this has been. No more pictures of some coral reefs in a Exumas.
Would not recommend this camera to any the one who is counting on spending pictures of house. They are extremely disappointed
5 / 5 By Emerita
the camera Adds. I have purchased this for $ 189. I have possessed this awsome little camera for almost 1 year and he still does utmost. Has has jumped reefs, snorkeled in 40ft and fell it stirs it. Has not reading a book avenges with still roughly 2 month after the receive and ossia when it has discovered all this little type can do.

Characteristic: ways of multiple shooting, uderwater way, panoramic shots until 360, reduction of wind for video, photo of wireless scrolling, video in 1080p 60 fps, and more.

Are a class of person that likes to buy something concealed will last so that it follows happy has purchased this camera. Also it has the removable battery that is a lot of reason the batteries do not owe that for ever and if you do not owe that it upload can you so only the transmissions was.

Has read some other descriptions that has said the pause purchased it shortly after or with which one uses. You owe that agree this electronics is not supposed to go in a water. Like this before use you has to that do sure a hermetical door is closed correctly and after using you would be necessary the clean. If it cure of your camera last the long time.

Has purchased also a strap of interchangeable wrist for mine to the equal that float. A yellow float in a photo has been purchased for separate.
4 / 5 By Rodney
Have known has taken the camera adds when I have purchased the Fujifilm, but this camera has has SURPASSED FAR my expectations! Still I can not it believe has paid so only this a lot for him! So only spent in June and like this far, in only so only the month, this hard little type (that my boys fondly there is nicknamed pongeBob') has done he by means of the cruise familiarised, three submerging travesías, and was included present in a travesía to some Tones of Florida where has been obtained by the propeller to bounce and court Achilles' sinew! During a cruise, Each BOY, three of them; age 5, 8, and 11, has taken held of a camera for a day to document a cruise by means of his eyes! Attacked, beaten, fallen, dunked, saltwater, chlorine, and included swim he in the corridor of rum - the appoint, this camera can take it! And take video and of the phenomenal photos!

According to which the life of battery goes, is in a same like my battery of telephone; I can count on taking at least the full day out of him, sometimes more according to use. I can not say quite a lot of good thing in this camera. I recommended it already to all my familiar and friends.
4 / 5 By Kevin
My woman bought this camera previously to the ours 30th travesía of anniversary to Giamaica. They are the EUA leading Navy Vet and and avid diver. We enjoy some Fermi appeals like this dive is comprised in a container in any extra cost. Praise up with a partner of leading dive of Glasgow, Scozia in Saint Worry and have the camera of Cannon in the plastic house, which has been estimated for 150'. It takes some looks in a FinePix XP80 and has said has seen a lot of these cameras implode less than 30 ft of water and will be surprised yes survives our prime minister superficial dive. It take it to 55', any question, the second was the deepest dive , took it to 95' !! (Yes, go it to try! ) And it survive and it has taken some amazing HD video and still shots. In 40' you see a LCD result bit it concave and in 95', would say that it was roughly 25 concave. I ask they are using Glass of Gorilla in a LCD? Any Types of Factory? Any less spends each one which of my expectations and especially in a point of prize. I add HD, Shots Fermi and playback. It chooses on the mini HDMI adapter to the equal that can enjoy a pics and video in a big screen and explode some Applications.
4 / 5 By Venus
Has bought this for our travesía to Aruba to take underwater photo. The work adds. We take a lot of excellent underwater photos and video. To good sure recommend.

A wifi the characteristic also does sum. Has another a lot of pix camera, a s1. One of some appeals of this camera was that it can use a same application. This has done adds also to the equal that was able to transfer photo of both cameras my iPad without any one subjects.
5 / 5 By Tambra
Was excited like this thus camera to come reason go to Turks and Caicos and that goes to snorkel every day. A first day takes there is gone in a water and has flooded. All has been sealed correctly this in spite of him entirely the ruin. All some pictures in mine SD the paper has been gone, there is ruined a SD paper (which has not been economic), and ruin any future pictures for some holidays. Such the disappointment for the travesía that had been planned for the year. I have contacted Fujifilm roughly the and everything will do is for the substitute, no a SD paper. To arrive to this point, reason loves another of a camera still that has suffered harm? I have known that would be necessary has stuck it with the GoPro. Now they are out of the plot of money And has to that nave of turn of the paid thus piece of junk. They are not the happy client.
4 / 5 By Deane
Has bought he for the cruise in the February and takes utmost pictures. A down the pictures of water take is incredible for a prize. And a prize was more economic that buying in better buy or Walmart. And to be sincere liked a green of neon and better black in all the chance! Here it is the picture has taken with a camera in Messico.
4 / 5 By Alfredia
Surprisingly quality of elections and good picture of way. In a P way to shoot, can select ISO, measure of image, quality of image, white balance, detection of type, more and minus exposure, and other options. A Forced Flashes are adds to fill in of the shadows in of the portraits. A HDR and the ways of Panorama do quite well, also. It take some good shots that use an underwater way while snorkeling. Read a manual to take one the majority of out this camera. These photos of sample are directly of a camera without any one steps of estaca.
4 / 5 By Grant
Has purchased this for my parents those who am gone in a Alaskan Cruise. I tried it it go before his travesía with the few photos inside the edifice and also was able to create the 2 video of now that has turned to the timelapse. They have said to be really easy to use and convenient. A life of battery is shorter that has wished, but I also purchased some extra batteries ( any last while an original a). The original battery is lasted roughly 2 hours with right video, but slope of the pictures so only was roughly 3. Some the extra batteries am lasted roughly 1.5 now with video, and roughly 2 hours with pictures... The photos add on prójimos and far was. I can not expect use this submarine to see that it does. They are very impressed with this camera (that comes from/comes from the daughter the one who has the habit of 4K images) was although it is 1080p.

Has purchased also the stock exchange of travesía small, which was able to returned a camera, extra battery, extra SD Paper, and some units to touch.

Stock exchange of Travesía small: />
Extra Battery:

Top Customer Reviews: Fujifilm FinePix ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Mitsue
They are very happy with this camera! It takes utmost pictures. A zoom is awesome - I can take the pictures of things can ail included see it with my own eyes. Also I am enjoying a esuper Macro Way to take a lot look for-on photo of bugs and flowers and such. It takes photo quickly after a click (compared to some another Fujifilm the point and the cameras of shoot have possessed) and has the quite fast recovery times which is of entity for me when taking photo of mine wiggly boys. In general, I am very happy with this compraventa. So only I have two gilipollas to inform: 1. A weight/of measure. It does not return in the pocket, and is not practical to maintain in mine purse. I have known that when I bought it, and material a trade-was is worth it for some better photos am taking compared to the smallest models. 2. An indicator of battery is worthless. It begins to indicate inner of low battery any first few hours of use with marking new battery, but then continued to take photos without question for weeks. When Some batteries really had died, begins intermittently turning on and immediately was again (any that remains on), but when it was on he there is not showed an icon of battery down at all. As I will owe that judge your state of battery for the behaviour of a camera, and no for an icon. A smaller inconvenience, in my opinion.

Update with which 10 month: happy Closing! The photos add. One covers of the lentil does not remain on at all, which is to disturb it , but the minor a.
4 / 5 By Anja
After so only having this camera for less than the week, absolutely love a global action. I have it that has not used never the camera like this before, but with only the together fast-arrive and description of some basic settings, has taken some quite good shots well out of a box. As with any camera, a more practical and time you dipped to learn that it can do, some the better photos will take. This resupplies an ease of the point-and-shoot, with some there is anticipated control manual that is adds for beginners, taste. For the camera to estimate a 36x the lentil of zoom is impressive, and some details are crisp and clean even in his limit. They are in accordance with another reviewers that comment that a house of car will blur an image a long plus is resisted, like this require to find your shot, and grieve some kicks of control of the stabilisation in of the press a shutter key. I also like a Macro frame to take prójimo-ups, something was unable to do with my old camera. For external photograph, highly would recommend to take a anti-screen of the protective glare for a LCD will do to dip on shots like this easier in brilliant sun! Have Still to try a characteristic of film of the register, or any of some manual settings, but will update like this result more familiarised with them. For any that loves the judge of start, or all-the purpose, camera of quality, and is any one has had to experience and have entertainment with him, to good sure recommends a Fujifilm FinePix S8600. It is certainly that the camera adds for a prize.
4 / 5 By Jesusita
To the equal that am giving these 4 stars because a quality of pixel is utmost! Used the in our photos of honeymoon add, very clear and good. It likes-me that has video and of the records of multiple functions. It was amused really to use for shoot and aim just situations. Have enjoyed some registers have taken ( has lost the this in spite of with which were in my computer but this was my error) is small quite so that it does not take on upper of the space of plot. Has the very long zoom. I have been the Seaworld and has had the chairs approach some behind but still could see and everything. When I video taped has taken enough afterwards with a zoom to see an eye of whales. Characteristic zoom Really fresh.

Now one with.

Roughly with which three month of a honeymoon had limited use with a camera. I did not use it a lot and it pulled it it was for Navidad 2015. Sadly It Begins to give me question. It flashes same low Battery with the new battery in him. I have had to use Rayovac battery for him to finally operates it but he have begun to do the again Navidad of 2016. It has dipped new battery in and has begged so only that read. I have forgotten to use it day navideño but used it so only for two minutes to take the photo familiarised. Like this in general it is the good camera . Any sure reason has question of the battery but I know that a prize has gone down significantly bought it of then. As you recommend this camera for some pictures and of the video takes. You can have question the year or two down one issues this in spite of.
5 / 5 By Bryant
Was puzzled for an occasional highly negative critic in these cameras. Has the little observation. My example of this camera would return in a 'happy camp' crowed. First what has learnt roughly using this camera is acute master of the compatible clean pictures grieve a house is achieved and a control of active calm stabilisation immediately has to that take a picture. Some longer waits of the big more a possibility one will take you the substandard picture. Ossia Even more evident when using an excellent zoom in or approach his limits. They are at present I am looking in the picture of full zoom of my ski of jet of the neighbours in mine 64' plasma HDTV and looks very good. After,in situations read the obvious drops is not fearful to use of the excellent flashes. Reason has to that be manually he selected it suspects some folks is pressing some decreases of capacities read of this very hard camera. All the cameras any one was after this point of prize uses the 1/' CCD sensor of image. They are not that they go the excel in of the decreases of situations read but will do so only well if a flash is of the good quality and this camera there is so only concealed. If I graded in the bit of the curve factoring quality of build,characteristic and everywhere competence against a street cost of this merit of camera five stars. Look And see those that cameras that can be bought new for legislation in $ have control manual,36X zoom and all some other characteristic this camera has. I will save you some time has any one. A thing more than entity, use the fast (10) paper by heart of the quality yes loves a time of the fastest recovery among shots and a maximum action out of this camera. Continuous do thru The curve to learn that it uses all some work to there of maximum effect especially that that can be fulfilled with some manual controls. I buy it again? When being take and looking my money a response is 'absolutely ' this camera like this far has quite all have asked of him and more. Another good thing is one under odds will have the reparation of entity. Based in quare Trades' date' of reliability Fujifilm the cameras are each one has bitten as of confidence no more like this then Cannon,Nikon,Sony and the majority other cameras there if any better. To be just with an exception of Casio yours is and Kodaks cameras more digital is very of confidence according to CR S given with fujifilm the cameras that resists his own against all some big boys. If your example of this camera extracted likes the mine are sure you will be like this happy with him I so that it follows.
On date:
For these folks to to the one who would like me to him the decrease of better light action without using a flashes has found that goes to 'the way advanced' and selecting 'big-nail' will resupply the noticeable improves with some loss contrasts how is the trade was value having in some situations,calm of course can use some manual adjustments to fine dip ready an effect to the equal that see record or to your flavours. A next option would be to embrace a flash and use a forced flashes option when shooting in the decreases of situations read that it guaranteeed it consistence positive results. It is also he values to remark east is a first camera has possessed in the while this comprises the basic operative manual. I suggest that that has the habit of also assist take a plus this camera has to that offered. There is the much more operative available comprehensible manual in Fujifilms web page for down of load ,on 100 value of pages to the equal that will explain in detail each characteristic and function of a camera.
Here is something has done that virtually it deletes questions of the glare in a LCD show which can be the question in light of brilliant sun. Buy the soyatte textured' protective screen (clave on) for the mobile phone,Kendle or I tampon and cut the to return a LCD screen a question is solved. I can be with a sun that goes in my shoulder this in spite of sees an exposure a lot enough to see a @@@subject and house properly. This coating is informed sometimes to as 'anti glare' when it applies to application of mobile phone. This will be to thrill with some results.
5 / 5 By Letitia
LOVE this camera! It is all has looked for. I have bought he of Amazon seafurbished' except the absolutely new look. It was originally in $ 100 but lame for $ 60 after opening an account of paper crediticia of Amazon. He bandage to the detail in my venues Walmart for $ 160. I have paid for 2 nave of day so that that can take on vacacional to Boss and am happy has done. It takes good-looking pictures. I love a zoom. I used it on a glass strolls of inferior and included boat using a zoom has taken mostly clear pics. So only the pair has finalised to be blurry when a boot mecer enough there is not coming with the discharge of lentil has run like this down the Walmart to take one and a lady of camera said does not come with a reason any one will return. As I have gone back house , traces it of amazon and ' has found' here the new a partorisca in $ 10 and returns perfectly. It uses EA the battery like my compraventa afterwards will be rechargeable some. This camera is an extremely good value for a money.
4 / 5 By Armida
Perhaps has taken the uselessness , but has think that this camera has produced pictures of qualities very POOR. Has read tonnes of descriptions in of the cameras and of the different models, that tries to find one this was a smaller measure , qualified of good zoom, and the photos of good quality have produced, and I finally decided in this model, so only to be has disappointed highly! It has not had the setting has tried, concealed gave the fully directed picture!!! It likes me quell'has said, perhaps so only take a 'lemon' of one stirs, reason so the people gave it big indications. Felizmente, was able to return a camera without the question, and like my investigation begins again.
4 / 5 By Sook
Has possessed an old plus FinePix that has loved. I have substituted he with the Cannon, and the hated. This camera is the good mix among the point and shoot and a SLR. It likes that I can dip of a scene, control a white balance, and more. Very happy with east a!
5 / 5 By Freeman
Loves a camera and his in perfect condition an only question that has them with him. It is that it is hard to open on a hatch that control some batteries and SD paper.. Taking for ever for the take open and a latch on is the tad has bitten defective. I have had to use the knife of butter to take his so much can them upload my batteries.
5 / 5 By Remona
Ossia For far a compraventa worse has not done never in the camera. Interior ten minutes to dip new battery in, the light to look of the low battery of a camera comes on. Once this raisin, a camera does not answer while trying takes pictures until he finally so only entirely closes down. This camera looked well for on some premiers 6 months after purchasing, but has then begun to give me enormous questions to a point where could not take any decent pictures.
5 / 5 By Ceola
Of some times have used this camera has no the dead pixel that I can see and a same quality of far was the shots have surprised with just a together basic up. It was able to take the look to take prójimo ups forms 50 feet was or the picture of quality well in of the people or of the objects until 300 feet were. A quality is well. My subject only with a camera is that for my delivery this looks the little small. But further that ossia the good element to pickup if yours neither beginning was the photograph or calm so only loves something to take pictures of big quality abonos with.

Top Customer Reviews: Fujifilm FinePix ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5 By Tova
Original camera and big quality acessories.
4 / 5 By Cordia
The camera adds partorisca all the classes of the the free air.
4 / 5 By Malik
Uses this camera of kayaking and use it occasional superficial submarine. A 5X zoom and works of stabilisation well in any still pictures or video. You owe that be careful to clean and seal a door gasket partorisca a compartment of battery, but ossia true partorisca any underwater device. They are the serious amateur photographer (takes professional underwater photographer), and a quality of picture is quite acceptable. So only agree to press shutter emission half way down like this marries of camera of car first to take picture. A manual of instruction leaves the bit to be wished, especially in initial formatting. They are in fact be to or tube thus step, but for a prize ossia the camera a lot well as it give it 5 stars.

Top Customer Reviews: Fujifilm FinePix ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Lianne
In the first place of the discharges of lentil has to that be take first to turn a camera on.. This can not look the question but a fact that some jams of management of lentil in a camera with one covers of the lentil on is the question. Any calm always feign take the picture when turned a camera on. In these chances there is any reason another that a lentil is bad drawn reason would owe that take one covers of lentil. If all want to do is pictures of view or settings of transmission in a camera of the discharges of lentil is better left on.

According to a camera can be hard also regulate. Has question turning a flash on or era. Some controls are the quickly to the time was and has to that so only repeat a same thing until calm take it done in time. It have to that be changed in a setting of the paper where would be it simple to do.

A shutter is slow. It take the varied seconds partorisca a camera to cycle of shutter press and a picture that objective in a spectator. A camera also fails partorisca give the positive indication that has directed he in a subject.

A compartment of battery latch is also difficult to operate. Has a lot of camera, dozens, and a latch in this one is for far a worse.

If you are patient with him can take good pictures. His lentil gives the row adds options.
5 / 5 By Lorelei
Are the die of camera , likes them take same pictures although they are them so only one gives support, thats reason these works of cameras partorisca me, one a thing adds the really like in this camera, is that if a subject would have to that movement, calm still takes one has shot. It takes pictures of my dog the plot, and he wont chair or stand still very long, like this can them take one shot of him loves them. Mina, ossia really the plus.
I Still have a lot of things partorisca learn in a camera, but like this far, the honradamente can say, partorisca any one the done only scenery and animal or pictures of people so only partorisca fun and your own entertainment of some memories, these works of camera.
4 / 5 By Sharleen
Has taken this camera like the present partorisca the beginner and has a lot of fact well. Some functions are reasonably easy to use. You owe that have some knowledge partorisca photograph to use a lot of some characteristics but has 'the car calm ways so much can signal and clicks without fidgeting with settings if ossia that loves. A quality of picture is quite well, included in max zoom. A panoramic setting is really good and very easy to use. I have not had a battery issues another spoken in his descriptions but has does not have to that the along, this in spite of.

Is also the measures adds. It looks quite small at the beginning but a form according to your hand and is comfortable to manage. Some keys are easy to achieve and logically situated (the on/was the transmission is the little temperamental but the subject much smaller). It is not quite like this convenient like simple quare' cameras but still returned to the purse or included the pocket.

In general, ossia the very economic, camera of good quality, perfect partorisca any one looking partorisca take to photograph. One there is anticipated more the characteristic can be used once result more familiar with some settings but can also so only use basic settings partorisca results very good.
4 / 5 By Shira
This is to arrive yesterday and has taken he out of a box. Experience the chance of Logic of the Chance like recommended and returns perfectly. I have ordered also he 32gb paper by heart, which has not arrived still. I have had the 16gb paper by heart already and place on some settings in a camera.

A camera comes with the coverage of lentil, 4 EA battery, and strap. I have not been impressed with a strap and a way is is ensured to a camera. Has two few things of slide that is supposes partorisca resist an excess strap after the turn on a camera, but is like this free they easily the slide was. A strap is cheaply fact and is not adjustable to besides a point where hangs down my tape. My old plus HP camera this one will be partorisca substitute leave me partorisca regulate a strap as I hang so only under my @@@cofre partorisca fast shots.

My old camera there is so only be 2 mega pixel while this one has 16. Also my old camera there is so only be 4x zoom while this one has 30x zoom. I think that that I go partorisca want to using this camera because of that. Also it have it very characteristic additional my old camera has has not had. It can have taken video with my HP camera, but reason uses an old more main compact flashes memory has had so only 256mb. Any quite partorisca take the good quantity of video. It can have purchased the 64gb paper by heart partorisca my new camera and probably will do like this in a future. While this camera is for the half a measure of mine older HP the camera is comfortable to resist. The prize was also the factor, reason has a lot of some characteristic although some more the cameras of sides has. An only thing think could cause me the questions is a lack of the finder of view. You owe that use a LCD partorisca frame your shots and I have not used this camera in brilliant sun still, as it was not that bondadoso of the glare of impact will have.
4 / 5 By Maryjane
This camera is so only amazing - like this characteristic. It transports all and leaves real near he on photographs (macro and súper macro).
I camera that cost twice this a lot could have the macro characteristic of photograph - this has TWO.

Has begun so only so only partorisca discover all his characteristic is and stick an update partorisca leave knows like starts in a long term.

Update Nov 29th 2013:

This camera are partorisca add - I amour a macro characteristic - has taken near ups partorisca the elements sell in ebay and is exited crisp and clear.
Way of costs less in the amazon that does in Walmart - the one who priced this in $ - partorisca a still exact camera. You save some charge and
take the CAMERA ADDS partorisca the prize adds (at present $ ). It buys it here and give any one the Very Happy Christmas.

A camera comes with the DVD with a full operative manual and a software partorisca direct your photos in your computer. Also it comprises Battery (which is coming like the pleasant surprise) covers he of lentil and the strap of with the. You will require partorisca buy or use yours that exists SD paper with a camera.

All-in-all the compraventa adds.

I controls Was here - FinePix S4800 16 Megapixel Compact Camera - Black
4 / 5 By Caitlyn
Very disappointing.

Ossia Mine 4th Fuji camera - I bought it reason liked a forward three. Has a S5000. LeGustado To the plot, but was slow to begin and has has wanted to more MP and qualified of optical zoom.

Inferior line: it does not take of the very good pictures. I have tried all the qualities of image and conditions. Partorisca Such the big file that the uses have measured a setting of the main quality - his pictures are inferior to all mine other cameras. For enough the plot. My old S5000 outshines he 10 to 1 (subjective analysis.) My Canons are very better, but is cost 10X more also.

Does not help my feelings partorisca see a drop of prize 50 bucks the few weeks with which bought it. Still it has in an original condition with boxes, etc. And mulling himself partorisca download it on eBay or so only spend on. I have paid the plot in $ $ $ and quality of poor image partorisca take the fastest boot-on, ossia sure.
4 / 5 By Carie
A camera is light, easy to use and takes the photos add with a resolution that has been expecting. My only real flu is that some leaves of cameras partorisca be turned on when one covers of the lentil is still on, but then has to that be closed down, of the discharges take and then turned on again. A flashes the looks of units bit it flimsy, but does not use it that a lot. In general, I am very pleased with this camera, especially given a compraventa prices that was it very reasonable.

Has has used now this camera partorisca enough the bit of photograph of landscape on some last varied months and I have a lot of be pleased. An operation of paper is quell'has bitten fiddly when spending the gloves and I have found help partorisca use the tripod partorisca compose your shots, but once learn to use some settings and experience the bit with him, calm also can find to be the subject real.
5 / 5 By Ozie
A camera are partorisca add and taken really clear and pictures of big quality. It does not come with a SD the paper marks so only sure take one for separate.

In a thing the look was paralizaciones . . . If management a camera on first takes a coverage of lentil, a lentil will result stuck and look the dysfunction (although it is not really). Perhaps an amateurish deception, but he fooled ! Mark so only sure partorisca take a coverage of lentil was before.
5 / 5 By Melodee
Has taken this in the two travesía of week to the the sudeste Asia where takes thousands of pictures. It was perfect. We have taken the gorgeous sunrise, alimentary pictures, pictures of motion and animal. Ossia Seriously outperformed that has thinks that has taken. We have had the stand that helped in a sunrise and partorisca panoramics. It was lighter that has expected that it was adds partorisca travelling. Any subject technician, is coming as it has announced. We have read a manual ( has to that also) partorisca help in resetting partorisca a sunrise. Very convenient to download a paper every night to mine portable and delete he partorisca a next day.

So only teeny complaint: battery. We spend for 3 insiemi of them in 2 weeks. Although we have had a camera on enough bit it daily. In general any one an annoyance while has the together spare in your pocket.

Absolutely would recommend. It is not overtly elegant but respectable and some pictures have results really fantastic. Partorisca Of the money ossia a better one will find . Hands down. It takes some shots of practice in of the different speeds partorisca take familiar and will take more than your cost of money.
5 / 5 By Brady
Looks the camera adds. I have taken so only the few shots of practice, but still without a manual, was able to imagine was like this partorisca use some diverse characteristic. Has the habit of a point and of the cameras of shoot, but has has wanted to one with more zoom, like this the camera has been priced well. Of then it takes four EA battery in place of two, and with a long piece in a front, is a bit heavier that a camera has had has used previously. A company has ordered of has sent a camera promptly and in perfect condition. So only I can spend of longitude some descriptions that has read where the people give this camera the description adds, used it of then so only partorisca the few shots of practice. I seat a zoom has improved will cost an additional weight of a camera. I also like a fact that can use you a lot EA battery, comprising rechargeable some. Have has not wanted the camera that has required the special battery, like this the camera returns a bill.