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1 Raydem Video Projector 13000L 350Ansi Native 1080P 200' Display, 5G WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0, Outdoor Movie LED Projector Supports 4K, HD, Home Theater Projector Compatible with TV Stick,Phone,Computer Raydem Video Projector 13000L 350Ansi Native 1080P 200' Display, 5G WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0, Outdoor Movie LED Projector Supports 4K, HD, Home Theater Projector Compatible with TV Stick,Phone,Computer Raydem
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2 WEMAX Nova 4K UHD Ultra Short Throw Smart Laser Projector – Android TV – HDR10 150' Projection – UST Laser TV for Movies, Video, Gaming – Voice Command Remote – Projectors with WiFi Bluetoot WEMAX Nova 4K UHD Ultra Short Throw Smart Laser Projector – Android TV – HDR10 150' Projection – UST Laser TV for Movies, Video, Gaming – Voice Command Remote – Projectors with WiFi Bluetoot WEMAX
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3 Optoma GT1080HDR Short Throw Gaming Projector | Enhanced Gaming Mode for 1080P 120Hz Gaming at 8.4ms | 4K UHD Support | Play HDR for 4K and 1080P | High 3800 lumens for Day & Night Gaming, White Optoma GT1080HDR Short Throw Gaming Projector | Enhanced Gaming Mode for 1080P 120Hz Gaming at 8.4ms | 4K UHD Support | Play HDR for 4K and 1080P | High 3800 lumens for Day & Night Gaming, White Optoma
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4 1080P Supported Projector for Home Theater, MEGAWISE L21 Native 720P Video Projector for Outdoor Gaming Movie, 200' Display for TV Stick,Video Games, Smart Phone,VGA,AUX,AV,2 USB Ports &2 HDMIs 1080P Supported Projector for Home Theater, MEGAWISE L21 Native 720P Video Projector for Outdoor Gaming Movie, 200' Display for TV Stick,Video Games, Smart Phone,VGA,AUX,AV,2 USB Ports &2 HDMIs MEGAWISE
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5 BenQ HT2150ST 1080P Short Throw Projector | 2200 Lumens | 96% Rec.709 for Accurate Colors | Low Input Lag Ideal for Gaming | Stream Netflix & Prime Video,White BenQ HT2150ST 1080P Short Throw Projector | 2200 Lumens | 96% Rec.709 for Accurate Colors | Low Input Lag Ideal for Gaming | Stream Netflix & Prime Video,White BenQ
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6 Optoma UHD35 True 4K UHD Gaming Projector | 3,600 Lumens | 4.2ms Response Time at 1080p with Enhanced Gaming Mode | 240Hz Refresh Rate | HDR10 & HLG Optoma UHD35 True 4K UHD Gaming Projector | 3,600 Lumens | 4.2ms Response Time at 1080p with Enhanced Gaming Mode | 240Hz Refresh Rate | HDR10 & HLG Optoma
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7 Full HD Projector, EUG 7200 Lumen LCD Native 1080P Movie Projectors 1920 x 1080 HDMI/VGA/USB/Audio LED Digital Video Projector for Gaming TV Stick Laptop DVD Home Entertainment Office PPT Full HD Projector, EUG 7200 Lumen LCD Native 1080P Movie Projectors 1920 x 1080 HDMI/VGA/USB/Audio LED Digital Video Projector for Gaming TV Stick Laptop DVD Home Entertainment Office PPT CAIWEI
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8 1080p Multimedia Gaming Mini Projector - Full HD Portable Video Cinema Home Theater Projector w/ Built-in Stereo Speaker, HDMI, USB, Adjustable Picture Projection for TV, PC, Computer - Pyle PRJG45_0 1080p Multimedia Gaming Mini Projector - Full HD Portable Video Cinema Home Theater Projector w/ Built-in Stereo Speaker, HDMI, USB, Adjustable Picture Projection for TV, PC, Computer - Pyle PRJG45_0 Pyle
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9 1080P HD Projector, WiFi Projector Bluetooth Projector, FANGOR 230' Portable Movie Projector with Tripod, Home Theater Video Projector Compatible with HDMI, VGA, USB, Laptop, iOS & Android Smartphone 1080P HD Projector, WiFi Projector Bluetooth Projector, FANGOR 230' Portable Movie Projector with Tripod, Home Theater Video Projector Compatible with HDMI, VGA, USB, Laptop, iOS & Android Smartphone FANGOR
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10 1080p Multimedia Gaming Mini Projector - Full HD Portable Video Cinema Home Theater Projector w/ Built-in Stereo Speaker, HDMI, USB, Adjustable Picture Projection for TV, PC, Computer - Pyle PRJG45_0 1080p Multimedia Gaming Mini Projector - Full HD Portable Video Cinema Home Theater Projector w/ Built-in Stereo Speaker, HDMI, USB, Adjustable Picture Projection for TV, PC, Computer - Pyle PRJG45_0 Pyle
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Top Customer Reviews: Raydem Video ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
The prize is very reasonable. 1080P Quality of the picture and the clarity is in my expectations. I use it partorisca touch rhymes of nursery partorisca my daughter. My daughter wants it like this. It is very better that that leaves his clock in the screen. A built-in the speaker touches very good. It feels he likes in a cinema. Also come with the far control, very convenient. You can connect with HDMI,WI-FI,Bluetooth and boss. Utilisation my telephone to touch a film on its own name and cartoon of game for my daughter. Calm only precise connects to a WI-FI same. Very easy to use. Highly recommend.
5 / 5
Has bought this projector mainly because my woman and the girls complain that I occupy a television also when football of eye the Saturday is and the Sunday is during season of football, as I have promised that will find another place to look my games.
I hooked this thing up under my carport with the Roku the clave and am blown is gone in that clear a picture is. I can not expect until the season of football partorisca hang was under a carport and clock in the 100” screen. Until then, I think that that some girls will enjoy nights of films.
4 / 5
Does perfectly! It is exactly how it is announced! We are like this happy with this compraventa.
4 / 5
This product is a lot well, a picture is clear, a colour is vivid, and a sound is strong. It can use system of Apple, system of Android, wire fence of same screen, wireless same screen, multimedia, etc.
5 / 5
has tried so only my projector and has come immediately to write this description, this thing is powerful and the clear crystal! When Has more the time will add photo and give more details in a product, but first thoughts are qualities of exceptional image and súper big technology. A way is able to like this easily connect to my telephone is awesome.
4 / 5
Like this project reason is easy light weight to transport inner or external, is not big and clunky at all. A picture is quite clear, has used this projector to project on to my white wall without the screen and he have done a lot well. Obviously!!!If has uneven wall, a Screen of Projector will be a better election !
4 / 5
Loves this projector! A quality of the picture of a projection is excellent ( can regulate based in that far calm was is of screen) and a sound is surprising too much. It has taken this for my chamber in the place of the 2nd TV & are happy has done! His add the snuggle on & film or launch shows on with east, & has to this to enormous cinema likes well of of experience in your own room. The far control is handy & I amour having a far. I want to be able the tuck quell'has been when any into use, different having the TV that takes on cup of spatial! It was quite convenient. It can have a lot of methods of different connection.
4 / 5
Require to substitute an old DLP projector of then we ditched television and was a lot pleasantly surprised in a point of prize and then to discover a quality and upgrade of characteristics in ours last projector, WOW! We run a HDMI cord to the our laptop, hook on the pair of Bose speakers and a walk of EXTERNAL DVD and is dipped. We fill on the wall learns with a picture. So only like in some films. A picture is a lot crisp especially given a measure. We are very pleased with this compraventa in fact.
4 / 5
One of a better, now can enjoy the film adds 🎥
does not take me wrong I like my TV but ossia better way and can be used anywhere in a house.
A 4K the quality in this thing is perfect 👌🏼
And has each characteristic mentions, is the must BUYS!
5 / 5
Súper Easy to use, easy to dip wifi, easy to dip bluetooth, easy to direct, easy to dip colours/brightness. I love it! I have had 3 projectors and ossia of the best a for the half a prize! I quite this that mine 4K quality of picture of the television of then is súper clear and concentrated and can enjoy my external group.

Top Customer Reviews: WEMAX Nova 4K UHD ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5
Calm can any the place in the ceiling because it has not gone back of same lentil $ 50 projectors owes characteristic. If has the TV is concealed is main that 14 thumbs an image goes partorisca be in a ceiling and of then does not have the lentil moves an only thing could do is the Keystone correction but then done your image distorted and A picture takes wavy in an upper sinister corner. And you are a type of person that likes transmission a quality of picture like warm,theatre,way of the game etc. Is out of regime because a projector has the pathetic excuses partorisca a page of settings also A far control does not come with the batteries and I know it the power to sounds likes him are nitpicking but when paid $ 2100 partorisca the projector would be necessary to expect it partorisca come with some batteries in general are extremely dissatisfaction with a product and a company so only another Chinese swipe was would not pay more than $ 400 partorisca this projector.
5 / 5
Disappointing quality partorisca a prize. Sadly Subjects of qualities in manufacturing goodnesses to the warp in a picture of the warp in a lentil in a laser. Any quantity of keystone the adjustment will fix it. Defective Out of a door and massively in disappointing.
4 / 5
Has bought this projector partorisca substitute my old 60” TV, and A lot of investigation previously the compraventa. This when being my projector of prime minister , is not sure state that of the difference 400 lumens would do among east an and another have compared to. I finally decided in a New because of some good descriptions. Here it is a pros and gilipollas as I see it.


-4K UHD The resolution is all alleges (night and day differentiates of old FOCUSED TV)

-Vivid and brilliant colours, any washout (rule RGB yours preference)

-FPS the tax is VERY partorisca gaming – trying in PS5 (the hard data gamers could disagree)

-Relatively easy to setup

-the mandate of far Voice is very partorisca streaming

-No bulky, saves space (careers the launch needs to be at least 5” of wall)

-A lot of streaming the options have seen television of Android


-Lack of Netflix streaming (Apparently Netflix is stingy roughly authorising legislation. The support has said to use TV of Fire or TV of Apple)

-Soundbar is A lot of (I has the system of the his so it is not the subject big for me)

-Far does not come with battery (trivial, but annoying for a prize)

In general, has complaints much smaller in this compraventa – I would buy it again in the heartbeat. I have bought he for a quality of picture, and has blown was my expectations. I recommend to purchase the screen of GOOD projector to take one the majority of out your quality of picture, but he all is worth it once setup. Compared to some other projectors looked in, are engreído has taken a better one for a prize👍🏻
5 / 5
buying this projector is my decision of compraventa better in 2021, delivery down! My family is by train of the master, our Stitch of dog drools in him, and there is not going back to the ours 60” Samsung TV.

Is looking for The equivalent by heart television , better/brightness low $ 3500, and have your own streaming box/of clave, ossia a projector to buy . The mine researches for weeks like this here is rodeo of mine.

1. 4K Ultra Careers to Launch (UST) projector and 4k ALR the screen of projector is a way to go for substitution of television. It forgets some launches of level or projector of short launches that requires mountain of ceiling and laser of shoot by means of a living room. A UST projector only needs -6 thumb of a screen partorisca show until 120 thumb of 4k resolution. The works add with my stand of original TV.

Mentions has installed both projector and screen for me? A 80”+ TV will require 2 adults to spend and professional to wall mountain.

2. The majority of frames of UST the projectors are white labeled of a costruttore same. His all have alike looks. WeMax Is done by a reputable Formovie costruttore that has a more advanced laser UST technology with some the majority of patents. I have compared the little UST side of projectors to house lateralmente and New is a clear winner. It is a brilliant plus and has some the majority of vibrant colours. The wise specification is looked but a visual difference is looked to see Samsung TV versus another any mark of name in Costco.

Neither expects to see anything well to project 4k in the wall. It gives an effect of bacon and a glare the hard fact to see in time of day. The projector And the screen of projection goes hand manually to the equal that goes to buy the good 4k ALR screen. After installing a ALR screen, an image looks brilliant and acute in mine same living room during time of day. Personally I like a screen of fixed frame reason a scrollable agree me too much of the room or room of conference.

3. New Has come with television of Android and that so only very cut he for me. A native Netflix, HBO Max, Prime of Amazon, etc application all poden so only 1080p altho ossia any one the fault of WeMax. These providers to content so only enable 4k partorisca to some to big players like Samsung, of television of Apple, Roku, Fire of Amazon, etc. An interface of the user and the experience is also too basic.

I discharges in my clave of Fire of Amazon of confidence and the one who quell'I can current 4k contained of Netflix, HBO Max, Prime of Amazon, etc of a clave to Shoot HDMI gone in to projector any question.

Esperanza finds some times have taken to write this useful description. Hunting of Projector/of happy TV.
5 / 5
Has been the hard year and is home be the plot as I have decided the present I the new TV these holidays. After doing some investigation I @@give soyain is Better' and the projector of laser would do more in my house. It looked in a vava 4k, LG HU80KA, Optima GT1090HDR, and a WeMax New. Finally, I have solved in a New reason was a better combination of characteristics and prizes.

Out of a box, took everything of perhaps 15 minutes the setup. There is the driven setup tutorial that help the tonne. A quality of picture is impressive, to good sure better that a 4K Sony in my chamber. I have tried the 4K HDR film and was pleased really with a vividness and colour – is the really acute image . I have tried also a FPS to the prices likes him alleged to touch in mine Playstation – of any complaint there. It comes with television of Android but has been surprised Netflix has not been the native application. After contacting support, mentioned to you so only requires the clave of television of the Fire or produced looked. I added it concealed and am good to go.

Usually are the quite hard critic , and am struggling to find the failure with this projector. It would say a lack of Netflix is a drawback, but can not find the alike product that says has it. Inferior line, ossia the quality 4K projector.
4 / 5
Has had previously a optoma gt5500+ projector, and the gotta say, this a the swipe was a water in just in the each alone category. I touch video games the plot, as finding the projector of low latency was my aim . This one is probably a better of a category of projector. As I have tried and confirmed with his crew of service of the client, 40ms lag in the bad game at all for the projector.

A quality of image is very brilliant, in fact looks well both in light of day and in a dark - but the recommend find the good screen. A start of audio is upper shelf , but some could prefer to hook on surrounding his syste. An interface of user is a lot lustrous and a lot of thoughtout. I am using he in 120 thumb but can locate to 150. A 8 image to signal keystone the adjustment is the must that gives that borderless/inifinity look. Ossia The very good projector , the d contest a calm more can take in this prize.
4 / 5
Is quality a lot well , one of projectors of the newest laser. Manufactured in September of Cina 2020. Difficult to find rewiew of this product, has taken this in spite of him casualidad and am very pleased.
Am using 100' screen of projection, an image is excellent especially in 4K resolution so only stunning.
One of utmost futures is a Keystone Correction like an image in a screen is geometrically perfect, included although a place of the projector is not to perfect in report to a screen. In my chance has not required to buy the piece of new pieces of furniture for a projector, has used so only my pantry and tilted a projector that use adjustable rays in a backside.
A system of his good east, could use more options of adjustment, any control of just volume.
5 / 5
A projector does like this described. Easy the setup, install applications and of the video of current. His decent. This in spite of one has projected flange of the screens there has been an upper flange wavy. It was directly, it has not been twisted. Wavy. There it has not fixed he to regulate a screen. Some the sinister sides and the inferior legislations there has been also light corners that not regulating a screen would fix. An inferior flange there is also be the light curve.

Has seen other people having subject with just a corner. It thought it that it would try my regime.

Has decided gone back the for this reason and a fact that for something to be on 2000 dollars, a screen would not owe that look terrible.
5 / 5
Has has wanted to really like this projector. I have had the JVC DLA-X30 previously to of the this, as I am not new the technology of projection of the video. JVC Produces an exceptional 1080p device in a X30 but I wantred the upgrade to 4k HDR and also was intrigued for Ultra Short Spear technolgy. A unit has arrived to the long of the week later that has expected. It has expected this has not been portending things to come. A unit was a lot of packaged and the instructions of installation were appropriate. It was to arrive and that careers with television of Google immediately. Configuring a unit with my Denon AVR-750h was another history. Options of configuration and the explanations of some options are nonexistant. Both ARCH of support of the devices and CEC. Wemax Swimming to explain like this to dip on his unit for the sustain. Wemax The support of technology is the joke . If it call his main number, is informed that they can not take your called reason are occupied with other calls. Deliveries the question has seen the email and calm take the response in the pair of days or at all. His response to my ARCH/CEC the subject of configuration was to contact Denon. BTW, ARCH/CEC the fact adds when connected to the mine JVC. My subject current is that when one sees 4k material of source with HDR, a HDR the logo would owe that look in a hand-held corner upper right for the brief period of time in a start of a video. This does not spend in a Wemax New when seeing HDR video of Disney +, Paramount + or of the Sony UDP X700 that sustains 4k and HDR. This all direct me to think that Wemax New does not sustain HDR, which he true, is the vast misrepresentation of his product, which clearly declares that it does. I can not discover sure reason refuse to answer to mine emails with a response to a question or included recognise that they have received a question. It appears that I go to be forced to return this unit and purchase another product. Again, too bad reason have had big hopes for him.

Top Customer Reviews: Optoma GT1080HDR ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Shining! Acute! SÚPER Launches of court! The prize adds partorisca the piece of big quality of crew. It weaves it to them partorisca look for and comparing specs before deciding in this projector. Mainly they are when using external, with the 220" screen, and chairs roughly 9' out of a wall. Alive in the city, so that has the decent quantity of environmental light, but a picture was clear and that shines in 8:30 in July, first of a sun had dipped entirely. For 9:30, it has been it likes look the film in the good theatre. We look the BluRay film, and all the world has been blown has gone by a quality. Easy setup, basically discharges in, regulate a lentil, and keystone, and is good to go.
Had not listened never of DarbeeVision first of this product, but with which the reading bit it roughly the and some descriptions of client, decided it is cost an extra $ 100. As I comprise it, Darbee the main product is the little box that upgrades the quality of picture of your TV, and this sells partorisca in $ 250, as it feels like this the good shot partorisca have this technology in this projector partorisca $ 100 more than a version without him.
5 / 5
Ossia My projector of prime minister , and can not believe has expected this with a longitude partorisca take one submerges. It is returned the very concrete use requirement: it has required partorisca be the trace of ceiling in front of the partidário that has not been has had to that move, leaving so only roughly 4 feet among projector and screen. Cela Has yielded in 80 - 84 picture of thumb depends that I have situated a projector in a mountain.

Once dipped on, a picture was big, brilliant, and acute. In brilliant daylight, is the tad in a dim side, but in the slightly or the room has darkened entirely, would say it rivals very modern 1080p TV in quality of picture. My woman was sufficiently wowed, and has preferred immediately look television and of the films in a 'room of projector' as opposed to a main living room. Really it is the transmission of game - perfect to see parties with groups, that surprised with video games. The noise of defender can be the light distraction , especially has Dynamics of Black way on, which regulates bulb brightness in real time and like this, a partidário take stronger and calmer with him. Cranking On a volume relieves that question.

Speaking of the his, is using this for means comunicacionales, the external speakers are the requirement . In max volume a built in the speakers are still calm , and low quality. Ossia Typical partorisca projectors, so only something to maintain the import yes is pricing the things was. I have it hooked until the system of theatre of wife via HDMI.

And now, some notes in a setup. As it has declared this was my projector of prime minister , and has learnt diverse things for test and error:

Number a - situating is extremely of the entity is using the screen. If that traces in the to to the ceiling likes , will take of some experimentation. A distance of the lentils to screen is an only factor to determine your measure of image. A projector has a turn of looks of image concealed calm to leave you tweak an image on, down, to the left, and right for the few thumbs, more the zoom and an adjustment of mask of the flange, but any of these physically can change where a projector is launching his light. For example, you find that an image is not quite achieving a right flange of your screen, regulating a turn of image to some legislations of only movements he in for a SINISTER part, cut it was picture in a legislation. If it love an image to be directly and square and fill a whole screen without spilling on, some needs of place of the mountain to be so only like this, a correct distance of a screen with a lentil directly in a centre (horizontally centred, any vertically).

Felizmente, a universal mountain has purchased to leave me to move a groups around how is attached to a projector, without requiring to move a hardware to mount ossia screwed to a ceiling. Doing some calculations with one .49 Spear the proportion is the good place to start with when that determines distance. Of there that, has has had to that do the few tentativas in situating some groups correctly to take an image has centred exactly to some flanges of my screen.

A suggestion find that he that has done: it uses the model of test of theatre of house, no a projector is built in grille. When A grille is enabled, an only adjustment can do is keystone (vertical tilt). I have used so only the model of test in Disney blue-ray to do east.

Finally, the note in of the screens. I am using a 80' manual of retractable screen, which a costruttore recommends Not using with short launch projectors because it causes of waves of sprain of light screen of image. Unfortunately a retractable screen was the condition of my installation of the projector, so that a room has not had to result the 'room of television' permanently. Sure enough, there is the light ripple in a drop of right corner of my screen that sprain to cause very light ossia so only really noticeable when a side of casseroles of the together image. I can live with him, but you are the stickler, will want to use the trace of static screen, or any screen at all.
5 / 5
Awesome Projector. Really it enhances some details in of the video games!
Any so only concealed but has been surprised in as that shines an image is. It can be seen clearly still in the very lit room.
Has done the description of full video to aim write some details and like darbee enhances a video!
Has found this gain to please the give the thumbs up! It acclaims
4 / 5
Ossia to good sure one of mine buys better a past year. I have it that has not possessed never the first projector, but has has wanted to something to look film and gaming of my pc and PS4 and this projector is perfect for both. A projector has multiple ways, comprising one specifically partorisca gaming. In everything of some ways, a picture is súper brilliant and crisp (of darbee enhancement).

Way of game:
With 16ms of latency, this is not like this quickly like the gaming monitor but to good sure one of some faster projectors/TVs setups partorisca gaming. Colour and brightness is not compromised in this way of the fastest response for a projector.

Launches of court:
am surprised in a measure of a screen this projector is able to do so only in the pair of feet was. I have bought the screen of projector fijamente of 100' to use with this projector, and has has had to that in fact use a zoom was characteristic in a projector to do a quite small measure to return a screen of has bitten it on 4 feet were.

At present, has my projector that chairs in the shelf under a ottoman bank so that a projector is not is gone in a half of a paving and so that my HDMI cord of the entrance of my computer can be tucked was amiably under a couch. I have been concerned would owe that have dangling the cords am gone in some means of a room, but of a projector is like this small and pode the zoom was (measures of image of the decrease the launch distance) was able to use this setup.

Hot/of noise:
the projectors can take quite hot. Has has had to that do sure to maintain a projector in the something with a lot of airflow. This in spite of, a defender to cool is quite calm and can very included listen it when I turn on surround sound.

Súper Easy the setup. Unbox The, Dipped some batteries in some far, covers a projector in, covers your computer/gaming system in, and turn a projector on. Then find an optimum the something partorisca yours projector has based out of like this big love a screen to be (map of measure in manual of owners) and regulate a keystone and house. Although you disorder with some other settings in a screen of paper, this setup would owe that take the maximum of 20 minutes.

Once you setup a projector a first time and the figure was where need to be, calm easily could pack a projector was and the maintain was so only when calm the precise. Also I have the VR headset and has been concerned roughly that buys the television and in common his with a headset on. With the projector, easily can store a first projector to turn a room to an open space partorisca VR.

In general:
to good sure recommends these products have limited spatial and wants to use he partorisca gaming/film.
4 / 5
Is the decent treating Projector - but am unhappy with a documentation that OPTOMA has in a web thus produced.
Mentions that has the coverage of ZOOM to change a measure of an Image - but with which purchased it and an installer installed the in a ceiling - have @@give that there is any coverage of ZOOM and when being that it is the Short to Launch - an image was too much big and would not return a screen.
Is returned the AMAZON and has has purchased of a EPSON 1060 -which returns well in my space (trace in a ceiling)
A OPTOMA is the little less noisy of a EPSON 1060 - but of a quality of image - I could not say a lot of difference for my use in a room of Theatre of the House -to look Film, Streaming Sport and some boys that Video games of touch...

Has called OPTOMA and has adapted that his garbled documentation -reason they a Manual for multiple Products and for this a subject. It was able of the turn the AMAON.
5 / 5
Well, A projector _was_ to add until, 93 days with which rids a light has failed. We see the light to blink of red power and the light red light solid--the one who looks to indicate one the fault of early light. I am pissed to arrive to this point because we are literally so only the few external days of a 90 light of day has guaranteeed. That craps. Like this now I owe that spend the hundred of pair bucks that takes this thing fixed.

Before one the fault of light harvest an image was brilliant, vivid, and clear. But there is not any excuse for the fault of early light like this, especially of of the this is the known Optoma subject. Sigh.

If my experience is typical partorisca Optoma the clients then can not recommend purchasing this projector. A prize relatively abordable for one the excellent projector is undercut if some lights to do lacking just outsides of guarantee, necessitating the reparation of dollar of hundred of pair.
5 / 5
I primary games have touched: it Joins of Rocket (PC) Overwatch (PC), Fighter callejero V (local, PS4), BlazBlue (local, PS4), Histories of Berseria (PS4). Netflix (PS4)

Projector of mine is dipped on invernadero wire fence HDMI connection on the table of caffè. It is slightly less than 4 feet out of a screen and resupply the very a lot of -84 image of thumb. As with any expensive projector, will love the screen. I had it initially projecting in the textured wall how was while to my screen to arrive. An image was well, but does not add . After my screen has arrived , an immediately resulted image excellent.

Time of response:
maintenances a projector in Way of Game for all my games at all times. While you can purchase a Optoma adapter of some class for wireless HDMI, he negatively time of response of the impact. Ossia True for all wireless HDMI adapters and is especially some alive in a paving or big-location of interference.
That when be said, personally can not remark a lot of lag with any of my games. This comprises my two current struggling games that touch, SFV and BB Centrical Fiction. I have touched on some the leading screens where would lose combos and has to that regulate. This in spite of, touch identically in this projector likes compared to mine Samsung UE590 control which boast the 1ms time of response. Note that are not the pro and my perception quite possibly can not remark a 15ms difference.

Excellent. In Way of Game, an image consistently is dazzling in this row of prize. It is any 4 k, but has been impressed reason has looked very compared to the mine leading plasma roughly 2008, and to the mine current Samsung monitor. Slightly different images, colours, tones, etc. But in general 5/5. I am not in fact sure of a life of bulb in Way of Game this in spite of. A description has said the random number among 5000-10,000 hours?

With the big quantity of environmental light, still can see an image quite well, as expected of 3000 lumens. But like this with each projector, take an environmental light.
Like the note lateralmente, stay out of way of Economy. I have looked for to use he with Netflix without environmental light. It is dim, has washed was, and subtly flickers nonstop.

In Way of Game, an image is in his better and a defender has fallen in. But still in the silent room, quell'speaker of a projector on volume 1 still overpowers a noise of defender, which is well. In other ways, likes economy, a defender is hardly audible. But it does not use way of economy.

is there in calm chance the precise. And it can take quite strong with absolutely low zero. I mainly auricular to use so that it can not comment too here.

has had to return projector of mine of prime minister for two reasons: 1) A house was inconsistent by means of a screen. So only it would direct one separates of a screen the time. If an accident and the centre was in home, then a legislation was blurry. If a legislation and the centre was clear, then a left would be blurry. 2) A cup of an image has been bent. While an accident, well, and the fund was varied perfectly, a half upper of an image would show roughly 2 thumbs on a screen, and an accident and the legislations of upper flanges would show roughly 1 thumb under a screen, using a screen of 84 thumbs. Felizmente, to the amazon has exchanged he for another identical unit. A house has been fixed, but an upper bending still exists to the next-insignificant discharge. My screen has black velvet (absorbs light) around some flanges, as it is not noticeable unless you are by train of the look for.

dips out of the decent quantity, but a lot as much as my TV of plasma.

Gaming Is lasted:
quell'has touched max of 7 hours in the row without subjects. Mark so only sure to dip a timer to sleep to something longer. Once an account behind that the timer of the sleep comes on, can not imagine out of the way to say a projector to annul he without turning of a projector and it turning behind on.

In general:
5 / 5
Ossia My second projector . Mina old projector, new experience in 2005, was to long launch, and there was permanently locates behind in a ceiling roughly 10 feet out of the 100 screen of thumb. I have loved mine new projector to be short spear to leave me to use the portable screen in basement of mine, cochera, and backyard coverage. I have finalised to build one is of adjustable projector in rollers of a chair of old office. They are now able to properly regulate a grille of test in a screen each one which so and every time, any subject where is.

Considering a projector he, ossia one of a projector of better short launches there for basses $ 800. Mina 4K the TV spoilt me, but this projector comes quite near. It likes like this I can tweak of some settings of image for some different ways, and attribute an each one considering a basement, cochera, and backyard.
5 / 5
Has used a screen on 10-11ft the diameter and was very easy to dip up. Something to maintain in the alcohol partorisca short spear is that there it is any waves in your walls will look like this sprains in a picture. Not being any zoom that has to that move a device behind and advances physically. I have used so only my light blue wall and a projector leave rule some colours have based of predefined colours of wall.

Something that shines
sometimes could say that a picture was more brilliant in a centre and the side go down of a screen that was where a projector has seated. To the light Propagation likes trips like this of east is something to be conscious of. A neighbour more a projector perhaps a proportion more orders that will be it and more noticeable. It leaves to say had two lines of a subtitles in a screen could see one the low plus was more brilliant and was very apparent while seeing the model of test. This in spite of this really has not been that bad while looking the film unless I have tried to see the.

Visual noise
Remarked some visual noise in some tones plus very dark and some tones of skin. There is not any noise-characteristic of reduction in this projector. It felt that it was quite it distracts it but my woman any really look.

Some of some faces were so only there is detailed incredibly really has has had to that take the little time to take he in. It can see each hair in the face of the character.

Bulb Flicker / Noise
there is remarked like this punctual to the equal that in way to echo a picture flicker constantly in the solid colour that use a brilliant way. This in spite of this still would cause a picture partorisca fluctuate lighter / darker each one that 30 second or so that it was more noticeable enmedio very dark. The brilliant way also augments a noise of defender. The costruttrici really would have to it take cue of chance of PC and defenders of main use that movement more air without noise. But probably I have received so only the bad bulb.

A Far
This thing is ridiculously blue brilliant when you press anything. You will be blind for the second use in a darkness. There is not coming with calm battery so that it will require two triplica One east.

Finally was a lot of things quite smaller, except a bulb, that have so only wants the turn.
5 / 5
MODIFICATION: The response of costruttrici, flicker is occuring so only in way of ECHO, his in transeúnte in stable white funds like a web page of amazon... His no normal
15days: it has run well partorisca premiers few days, now of the light flickers, will be to return east.

Am using way to echo throughout, as for fast investigation around a Web, optoma wants to you for the ship to them more than sending you some separates of substitution.

Stick to Epson/benq, this is not on the dot for prime time

Try googling partorisca 'optoma light flicker questions'

Top Customer Reviews: BenQ HT2150ST 1080P ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia The description partorisca a BenQ HT2150ST. Seeing so that the amazon combines numerous models to a group of same description, felt a need to specify . I have it quell'has had so only a projector partorisca the days of pair so that it is partorisca say the honeymoon -informs of the phase and I will try to agree to update this description later on with which have had the moment partorisca dip he by means of a ringer. I will compare a 2150ST to a Optoma GT1080 in this description also. Prpers Having said everything of of the this, to the left is taking to a description.

Quality of picture
the quality of the picture of this projector is simply remarkable. They are highly critic of anything I compraventa with my evaluation of the electronics that is especially stringent. Compared to a Optoma GT1080, a BenQ has better colours; indistinto or better black levels; less effect of rainbow (abridged RBE); and uniformity of better house (perfect). A lot of people are concerned in an effect of rainbow, as they are here partorisca say that it is all but non-existent in a BenQ. A Optoma has had a bit rainbowing concealed has not been bad for any half, but is looked without even purposefully the looking for. It did not annoy me a lot, but having has used now a BenQ the chair spoilt. Enough literally an only way included can remark a RBE is to dip on the scene of contrast big like a model of test of the grille and darting my eyes by means of an image. Included then it takes the few steps with my eyes to find it. Some the black levels are like this dark as or darker that my TV (Sony KDL W700B). For empirical comparison a Sony the TV has the Black level of in cd/m2 (taken of a W800B informs on . A W800B is a W700B, so only with 3D). Ossia With my projector that is used in the light-green wall. Theoretically to wall the dark plus would improve some contrast and black levels in general. Some colours are included better that a Sony TV and much better and more natural that a Optoma (This and a lack of RBE is thanks to a 4X/6X speed, RGBRGB goes of the colour has compared to a Optoma 2X speed, any one-RGBRGB goes by heart). A full stop of the comparison in this category would be uniformity of house. Here a BenQ takes one wins to good sure. A Optoma has had quite blurry corners as well as chromatic aberration (especially an upper right corner) when a half of a screen has had the habit of rule marries. This result in me that has to that find the happy meso-earth among upper-house of house and right corner of picture of the centre. Well Q immediately the perfect house resupplied without any chromatic aberration by means of an integer -135' image. In short, a quality of the picture in this projector has to that individual.

Operative experience
This section is meant to direct an ease of operation, some operational capacities, and some things that can be easily spent for big for buyers of potential projector. First of all, a BenQ there is Much more the options resupplied in some papers that a Optoma. You both have digital, vertical keystone and some usual gamut of gamma, colour, contrast, etc. Settings. Well Q, this in spite of, has a lot other settings in offers for a person the one who really loves tinker with a projector. My personal favourite is an option of correction of the colour that regulates an image based in a colour of a surface is projecting to. A far has everything of some things that use you frequently/a bit frequently on he (I estaca the picture). Please notes that at least one of some keys (PiP) is the dummy thus model, at least according to which can say. A far also has the red backlight (Woohoo! Backlit remotes So only like some old days!). A brightness of this far is much more usable that a blue backlight in a Optoma far (the Optoma is was positively blinding).
A BenQ has the requirement slightly longer for distance of projection that a GT1080, but both when being careers to launch in character, this is not the enormous question. You can look on concrete values for calm loves more detail. A BenQ is also slightly more than forgives that a Optoma when it comes the placing been due to his capacity of zoom. This also has the VGA port and the Port seriáis like GT1080 no.

seeing like this the projector has released so only the few months (August 2016) is in full prize, $ 1000 (-$ 1060 with which imposed of Michigan). I am disturbed at all with a prize has paid to consider a quality has received. A Optoma left the little underwhelmed, has been missing of the bit of the colour and some subjects have mentioned more annoyed loan me enough to return it after the week, in those times have decided to purchase a BenQ instead. Now, a Optoma is around $ 400 more economic that a BenQ, so that he a BenQ would owe that resupply better global quality. A GT1080 is not the bad projector, know my words can do to the looks like is, but of east is an aim , critical description, does not have any participation ribbons when being given. For me, included although a Optoma is much more economic, think a BenQ has the better value, a point of the main prize is more than has done on stops.

Will maintain this short and sweet. There is no perceivable entrance lag. It would say that it is equal to or faster that mine Sony TV ( street Rtings W800B description). It agrees, ENTRANCE LAG And TIME of the RESPONSE Is not THE SAME WHAT. atleast 70 of a time when I see any one says essponse time' they in fact bad entrance lag. Entrance lag is that it marks your looks of controllers out of sync with your TV, like when have paste the key in a controller to do your character something and has the first delay of your character in the screen in fact executes that order. The common of the people can not remark anything less than 30-35ms, while some people can remark anything on 10 or 20ms using the controller, although in this point is not really the same question although it can be remarked.. Time of the response in another hand has to that do with that quickly some pixels in your screen can change colour (usually ash the ash or black to aim). Time of the response in any respectable exposure will be 5ms or less. A time of the slowest response will direct the esmearing' or 'blurring' in your exposure. It thinks of him it likes in of the film or show where a character takes the drugs and all looks to look really flowy when they move or likes to have the trail that follows them. Ossia An extreme example , but takes a point by means of. This projector uses Digital Light Step (DLP) to create his image, with DLP a lot ghosting/blurring is in fact impossible that has learnt by means of numerous pieces. I do not see never any one symptoms of time of the response to the equal that owe the no. thinks of him like this posessing the time of response of 0ms.

Some Few Things
So much a Optoma and BenQ is coming INCREDIBLY A lot of packaged. A BenQ even more-so much. A far for a BenQ has the in satisfactory click of his/tactile feedback. Both projectors have built-in the speakers owe calm to require them. I did not use him on neither a so it can not comment in his capacities, but is there. If you are buying the decent projector, would have to have something better that a built-in of the speakers to use, for this my avoidance to use them. This in spite of, has his place. It is really comforting to know that I can spend a projector on home of the fellow or external and, without crew further besides the Blue-ray DVD player, has the theatre of fashionable film of the experience, especially with a short-launch character that he the easiest fact to find the something to project.

Has had to choose was some negatives, would be that a black level could be better and could run bit it fresher. It is not to level of plasma or black of SMELL of level, but is more certainly like this as well as big-finalise FOCUSED TVs. A level of the temperature is not something concealed affects my half to see in any substantial way, this in spite of, when being the techie, annoy me when any piece of hot short technology. Perhaps this big heat is so only intrinsic of technology of light of traditional projector, but still annoy me. With all honesty, these are some the only things think could be improved in this projector. Also, in this point of prize, does not think you will find anything better. When I Update this description later on, will be sure to comprise any one new or exacerbated @@subject that meeting.

is deciding among a Optoma GT1080 and a BenQ HT2150ST, take a BenQ. You both am good projectors , but a BenQ is the tier or two on a GT1080 in quality and experience while going in in the prize that is so only 1 - 1.5 big third.

Full disclosure
has purchased so much a Optoma GT1080 and a BenQ HT2150ST with my own money. I am not gone in any way, form, or form compensated for a description of these projectors. They are so only he 22 year university student with big levels and a desire to give credit where the credit is planned and call out of any downfalls so that they can hopefully be improved to in a future.

Be one of some first descriptions thus produced, really expect ossia quite comprehensible for any one looking to purchase this projector. It gives the graces to read!
5 / 5
The product has been shipped with the defective hdmi space that does not resist a cord in closely. I have written to sustain of product and there was to us change a cord that assumes that it could fix it. The short long history I all this step and at all fixed a subject. A screen goes black once or two times each minute. I have behind writing to sustain to fix a subject original but now is “out of guaranteeing” like this loves me touch, included although I have achieved was in a @@subject the week after receiving a product. It is the good projector ; but you have to that decide wants to take a risk that spends $ 1,000 in the product a company will not be behind.
5 / 5
Ossia Mine according to projector . Prime minister of mine was a Optoma GT1080. Going of a Optoma to a Benq was the very main jump that that has been expecting, in the each way. A big quality of this projector done a Optoma look the toy. A device so only looks very better, a far feels better, he dipping up is far better and easier. But, to be just a Optoma GT1080 is the well has bitten more economic.

Quality of wise image a Benq has colours of surprise thanks to a RGBRGB goes by heart, is incredibly close to some colours of mine Samsung TV of Plasma, which is a lot impressive. Also it has the clarity and to the acuteness is, honradamente has not thought the 126' 1080p the image could look like this acute like the much smaller 60' 1080p TV of Plasma, but very done. Like the sum on a pros, a lot comprise reason like this another has given this thing 5 stars. They are by train of the want to Like this far.

For a gilipollas, does not have any a lot of, in general is at all of entity. A big one more this when I in the first place plugged everything on could not take the signal with my Sony auricular. The odd thing has been he has had audio, but any video. I took the moment to imagine was was a HDMI boss, which has done well for mine Optoma. It results a Mediabridge HDMI the boss used has had the connector viril too short (aims it), any one creates like this has done it in a Optoma, but an only way to take the signal with a BenQ was to press really hard as it would achieve a backside of an entrance, then touched it to him hardly, a signal would fall. Like this once it has taken the new HDMI the boss was perfectly well.

Mina another question is much smaller and has to that do with an adjustment of leg of the front. It is the bit of the ache to use and a lot exactly have one planting a plus end. This so only will be the use of question a projector in the table this in spite of. As all have finalised to do took it súper thin piece of map and dip the down a forward of leg like my image has been situated exactly in a cup of my screen. I outrage concealed has not had any one other subjects. A lot I am enjoying he with film and of the video games. A picture is so only incredible mine. A better way can describe is, so only looks well. Really it looks the screen of giant plasma. I have uploaded some pics of Zero of the horizon Dawns, SteamWorld Undermines 2, some parrot coloreado, and he pic of some mountains of a Fire of Amazon screensaver. (I also am using it Darbee @@@5000s)
5 / 5
has bought the Optoma GT1080Darbee prime minister, and while it concealed one has alleged to have 3000 lumens, has had so only 3000 lumens of AIM of light start. Some colours were to dull and darknesses. As I have done more researh and apparently, swipe of costruttrici of the projector on his WHITE start so that they can allege to have X number of maximum lumens, but in reality his real COLOUR lumen the start is mouch go down that an annex one. A Optoma has bought, for example, has had so only to the to something likes 800 lumens to paint lumens - of an annex '3000 lumens' is so only pure white light, which are adds to use like this it business projector or like the flash light I supposition, but horrible for theatre and gaming like me has produced the washed was picture to the equal that have experienced.

NOW THEN, has moved to this BenQ HT2150St. THAT A DIFFERENCE. Still although it alleges the plus under max. lumen Of only 2,200, his COLOUR lumen the start was, to mine untrained eyes, probably in fact close to 100 of his value has alleged. Like this basically, included although a BenQ specs say 2,200 lumen vs. A Optoma whopping 3,000, a BenQ is in fact A lot BRILLIANT and more brilliant and vivid that a Optoma. Sneaky Subject and his sneaky practical be damned.

The visual quality averts, an entrance of time/of the response lag is is excellent also! In this front, a Optoma and a BenQ has treated similarly.

Pair This creature with the lights of ceiling to refuse the screen and calm beat it that things to look day and night!
4 / 5
Quality of picture 10-10

A picture are add, paints a lot good and some blacks are a lot very too much. An image is pixelated when seating on prójimo like the text is not anywhere like this clear like him 4K, will see the difference. 1080P is not bad, but he 4K the resolution is far upper. Utilisation to 106” screen and I seat roughly 8 feet and a full image on a whole screen so only in 5ft which is awesome! Compared to a Optoma UHD50X a Ht2150ST the blacks are better way but a difference among 1080P and 4K is clear seat near of the enormous screen. An entrance lag is down thus projector and for 1st person shooters the sound adds but any anywhere like this near of the 120hz monitor this in spite of so much of the one who expect to be like this as well as your monitor will treat, also gaming in the enormous screen in FPS shooters is hard because of a measure of a screen.

Quality of build 9-10

A quality of build is a lot good! Compared to Optoma the projectors that comprises a HT143X/243X/UHD50X all look a lot of resemblances but being nothing special and look calm economic. This Benq the give form he so only the look adds.

Packaging 10-10

Benq The packaging is quality a lot well , foam, that the projector wrapped in his own spending the chance to good sure better that a competition.

Noise 10-10

A noise in this projector is grieve noticeable. Benq Ht2150ST Was a lot of humble and calm during all the operations has compared to a Optoma UHD50X that it was much stronger and was one of some main reasons displeased a Optoma.


Ossia the add 1080P gaming projector with dark blacks, calm operations, build of qualities, packaging of the quality and a global better value have compared to a Optoma UHD50X for $ 1,500. This in spite of 4K swipe 1080P image out of a water when it seats near of a screen but when you are further was that 10 ft some results of clarity less distinguishable among 4K and 1080P.
4 / 5
Has been the defender of BenQ for the moment. Ossia One 4th one has purchased, but ossia a prime minister one has bought for personal use. This projector has surpassed far my expectations. Spear the scarce is surprising. Has a projector is trace roughly 8 feet out of a wall and in the now has to that 155” “TV”. A brightness are add can see you so only a lot still with some lights on. Calm in fact forget that you are looking the image projected in place of the TV. We LOVE this projector.
4 / 5
Has purchased this projector after researching my different options. I have known a measure of screen I beloved distance and the maximum could be of a wall and he have had to be traces to a ceiling. Produced the good image with utmost colours. A coverage of home is the little finicky, lettering will be perfectly direct while to iconography in of the films is blurred slightly. If port a video to direct a lettering is then misty looking. The global cost has been order this in spite of. Attached some photos of my installation, in slope in a ceiling (7'5' of wall) to dial in a 135' first screen prejudices after all was installs to seat in a FireTV paper with some light environmental light of a hallway, touching COD WW2 during a day with only a invidente drawn (any black out of shadows so many of still) and finally... Looking Sport of Blood in your soiled black.
5 / 5
Has surprised entirely in credit it a picture is in a TH671ST. I have it quell'has had so only the occasion to use he for the pair of hours, but with or without some lights on in a room, aiming against the simple white wall, a detail is incredible. A setup of a system involved pulling he out of a box, that measured a distance to a wall and plugging in mine XBOX HDMI boss. Interior 5 minutes, was to arrive and that careers with the game of severe Measures 3. A latency is like this down that it is imperceptive. I am doing the subject separated with a BENQ instruments of support (the crew of support of better client that has has not spoken never with) and hardly is solved, feigns in posting some screenshots.

Purchases this projector yes is gamer with a need partorisca to short spear. Calm can any gone bad.

Has had to update my description with the picture. They are still he can not underline like this surprised are with this projector

Top Customer Reviews: Optoma UHD35 True ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
Update: I have left my original description down partorisca Optoma defenders partorisca read. Considering me, has had the question almost a day still that has written a description. A projector has begun flickering in of the monochrome colours and has not answered to a far of the turn was. It turned it it is gone in his own with which in the minute. Then a blue & red LEDs for the state has begun to blink near to form 'purple'. I have had to disconnect a cord of power after leaving a light cools to take a unit to restart and he have done. It looked to see if another has had the alike question in of the forums. A bit those that the people have done and a type has suggested to blow out of a compartment of light with the air compressed. Quell'Concealed that has not touched like the good idea to the equal that have contacted Optoma. A technology was a lot of brief and curt in his response. I said to press ync' is spent again. It looked that on top of then lame ync' so only helping with 3D subjects and this have had at all to do with the 3D Blue-disk of ray. This is to spend again several times and after a tentativa additional take the response of Optoma supports I finally decided to return a unit. There was reluctant state to change of LCD the DLP technology originally but the descriptions looked enticing. I wish my experience there was better state. Perhaps this was so only the bad unit likes remarked in at least one another description but a support was like this poor has not loved to continue down that subject. My leading experience with the SONY and a EPSON the projector has has not involved subjects of service of Any class for more than 8 years for any units. It remarks that this unit is so only roughly a month to the equal that write this update. Hope Any in Optoma learns of this description.

Requires the projector of short launches or wants to move a projector often maintains to look. My description so only will cover this projector in the theatre to house consecrated without windows and to 120 thumb fixed screen with abundance of period and height for projector and planting of screen. Ossia My third projector with a prime minister is the 1999 model Sony 720p unit that cost $ 6,000. A second was one a lot-lauded Epson 8350 3-LCD and 1080p projector that cost in $ 1000. (This unit is in a correct prize even for inflation.) A built-in the speaker is on that it would expect you to it but reason any one creates the theatre to house consecrated and not comprising at least the decent 5.1 surrounds system? Here it is reason I has bought this projector after considering roughly 20 of four costruttrici. A picture is acute, crisp and there is much more saturation to paint that my leading projector. Has native HDR without solving for 1080p unit of resolution that is 'compatible' and able to accuse HDR entrance. A HDR is manipulated to do it specifically function with this unit according to the descriptions and some results look as well as you will see of my sample snapshots taken with the Motorola the motorcycle Can of the telephones of G concealed has the good but any camera adds. A way of picture is dipped to Cinema like recommended in of the descriptions and brightness is Echo and that reads well in the dark room. Any additional brightness would cause tension of eye in my opinion. The saturation by heart looks a lot very in this way of mine and is miles at the head of the mine leading projector. Some images are free of effect of rainbow that some people have associated with DLP. There is not any screen something heat the difference that I expósito in some brilliant scenes with a Epson. Like this far, all the shots of action look very smooth but has not looked football as of closing. Where always remarked jutter with a Epson when some credits go does the light clue still there but has to look for it. The credits with small impression are much more readable. It has augmented brightness and contrast after taking some shots on but so only for the pair of points and far of the increase of entity. This was like the subject of curiosity almost like this like this very perceived necessity. A first picture, of TAXI, is of an old 4:3 DVD concealed is not Blue-the ray and was upscaled dramatically. A player of DVD is the SONY UBP-X700 connected in the good HDMI boss 30 feet in period. A rest of some pictures is of Life in colour (4k & HDR) and touched by means of the Roku 4k/HDR 8310X clave of then does not have mine 18Gbps bosses for the entrance of the mine DVD has taken still. My screen, for now, is one was-mark, economic-but-surprisingly-the increase of good external unit in front of mine $ 1100 of 21 years Gives-Lite fixed screen this has seen better days. Purportedly it has the 1:1 profit as it considers a quality of image with some settings of projector + some properties of screen. A centre of my lentil is inner 1/2 thumb of one 13 ft - 10 in calculation that brotas an adjustment of the lentil centred among rights and sinister adjustments. Also, a centre of lentil would owe that be 3' on a cup of your screen' embroider white end for mountain of ceiling and 3 thumbs down for a whole mountain in levelling to walk. I am spent less than 10 seconds that directed a lentil with text in a screen and am pleased with some results. It remarks that a Optoma the calculator yields more the scarce to launch for the measure of date of the image and he then tip a total quantity for behind here that that will do for a lentil. This bad precise to divide that max offset for 2 and add a result to a pointed dimension to take an ideal location. It does not forget to also add an offset among front of the projector and that fulmine of trace for your mountain of ceiling. I have used a back 2 rays and this have added to to other 8.5 thumbs like to remove it to this 13-10 of dimension. I have taken time to calculate all this reason have joined the majority of technical descriptions has said that using keystone and results of corrections of the offset in small-but-sprains of measurable picture. My images look clear to my eyes on all a way to some corners of a screen. @In rodeo, took several days to come up with my election but has dipped once my must-haves in a cup of a cast and has verified again in to my alcohol the like that imports those were, am coming up with this election. Btw, has considered another 1080p the projector has based to some discussions but has decided this was a way to go and am very happy has done. It maintains to import that I can not comment on reliability or Optoma the support has had of this unit less than the week.
5 / 5
With which 4 month to possess a projector has the alone white pixel in a sinister hand-held drop corners no pleased with him cuz now am stuck with him and I do not know that to do perhaps the amazon can help out of
4 / 5
To the equal that have planned to have is seating slightly to an accident or right of a screen, and use keystone to correct some corners. He no my deception - does not try to do he with this projector.
A UX to correct the picture is awesome and is very easy to do, this in spite of the sprain is a prize will pay. And you will pay a lot. Using this with 100” screen still the pair % of correction loves me barf.
In a brilliant side: it is very brilliant and responsive. I have finalised in fact decreasing a brightness to see of late rule.
This thing is virtually noiseless(seating his next right) but produced enough the bit of heat.
All and all - awesome piece of crew, but be sure to plan your front of installation and centre of a screen in the a lot airy zone.
5 / 5
Upgraded Of mine 3-yrs-old optoma HD27e, any one complain to buy it. A 4k the density of picture is unbeatable in the 100' the screen when it compares the normal 1080p projector.

Is more brilliant that HD27e. So much in the brilliant way is the little has bitten too brilliant for the film and a noise of defender is quite obvious (but so only likes hd27e, is still acceptable). When Touching film, is good to turn a brightness way the dynamics. One contrasts would be enhanced. In this way, a projector is result very calm. Of then I any precise to regulate a keystone correction, an enhanced gaming the way is perfect for me. It resupplies real 4k gaming with entrance a lot down lag. Comparing an entrance lag of the mine dell s2721dgf gaming monitor, does not seat any different. Any downsampling this time, a 4k the quality of picture remains one same under this way. It is a real shot for me of then am looking for the 4K projector that is well in time of response so that it can enjoy them both, looking 4k films and touching game.

A HDR the quality is inner compatibility quite acceptable of projector. According to my investigation, thinks optoma has done some adjustment in HDR remapping so much is better that give leading form. An only drawback is that the little there is wired bug to dip he in any-HDR way with google Chromecast. If it turns a “content to Separate the dynamic row” is gone in chromecast, a wash by heart was. As I require to maintain this function on to avert a bug . This means can not turn of HDR contained in chromecast.

In general, am a lot satisfy with this compraventa.

Amazing 4K quality of picture
Acute house
there is Enhanced the way of game improves entrance lag quite obviously
the way of game Enhanced can the real start 4k60hz, any downsampling.
Dynamic echo the way is useful to enhance contrast and life of light.
HDR The quality is quite acceptable.
A measure of projector is small and light weight .

There is ENHANCED way of the game does not leave keystone adjustment
Some bug wired in any-HDR way with google Chromecast. (Fijamente)
A lot of Len gone back. Only digital.
Some bug in far control when HDR is on.

Up to date May 3, 2021: Chromecast is to update a firmware and a bug is fixed. You have installed once a new software, will be able to undermine the little deeper to settings of video that was previously possible. In some controls “of zone of new advanced” video of settings, is given now a capacity to choose your format of dynamic row has preferred. You can always stay in WAY of rowing sports club now.
4 / 5
Ossia Mine 2nd Optoma Projector. A projector is fantastic. It was this in spite of a lot disappointed in Optoma support of technology. It was having the question with a picture pixelating and that short was. I have called Optoma support of technology and has been sent to the line to expect where the register said the one who those imports my call was. Each one that 20 second or have me like this given an option to remain in a line or leaving the message. With which 30 minutes have given in and has left the message with a king-has guaranteeed that would go back mine ASAP. They have not done Never! Felizmente Was able to imagine was that a question was with a HDR setting in my amplifier. I am not sure all the world will be able to imagine this was, like cost so only be conscious is the projector adds but the support of technology is terrible.
4 / 5
There is has not had descriptions a lot a lot of in this particular projector. We look the upgrade to 4K, but has not loved the súper seal of big prize. This was decent priced so that it has looked for. I have compared a UHD38 and UHD50X to this projector. An only thing that there is remarked the big difference was a lumens and a prize. This was so only 400 lumens less than one all have had more some characteristic esatti was on that. A UHD50X the difference is is easier that fine dip ready an alignment of image with the 5-15 % vertical lentil the tower and the widest zoom. I have had enough my together of leading projector (1080p HD projector) and was easy to dip this projector up. I have not required to regulate a lot at all. A UHD35 is quell'has bitten more economic that a UHD38 and he probably because of a lumens differentiates. I have purchased one 2021 model. Has the screen has done to do well with environmental light, as we do not have lighting is phenomenal how is a lot of crisp and clear included during a day. Calm will not be to good sure is very pleased! I have not had some subjects that some reviewers has said that has had. It was very easy to dip up and is very pleased with our compraventa.

11/24/21 - I has loved to give my experience with this projector after having he for some time. Still surprised for a product of beautiful picture. Some details and colour when we look the films is fantastic. My boys have his Transmission of Nintendo has connected and loves having his friends on to touch in a big screen ( has the 120' screen). Again, the picture are adds in the daylight and the shadows are down, but light going in does not affect a picture. An only thing is this does not have connection of blue tooth for the speaker to the equal that purchase the device connects to a speaker jack concealed leaves to connect the blue tooth / wireless speaker to adds!
5 / 5
Quality of squares very good. It is the noisy projector if you are not using an ECHO or ways+ of ECHO. Has the black was room , like this brightness is any question and this projector has abundance of brightness.

No in that has the turn of lentil is the enormous negative dipping this up. I have known the has not had turn of lentil when I bought it, but has known no that this has imported.

Any one the so only the limited launches distance, but you better have the really stout, fully locate adjustable if in slope of a ceiling. Felizmente I , but the one who the fines to hurt to dip ready the.

Again, if the to the permanent highland location likes there is, be sure of a launch distance. I squeaked for legislation in a flange, the wise distance. There is perhaps 12' of game with distance according to your measure of screen.

Now that is to install and dipped ready, taste, but no more projectors without of tower of lentils and adjustment more launch of distance.

Update: 8/26/21: Really happy with him now that is to dip ready. Again, you have limited extremely in planting. Taking it solved in the mountain of ceiling was the week long exercise without tower of lentils. If it returns your creation, will recommend it.
5 / 5
To resupply the point of reference, the upgraded to this projector after possessing a Optoma HD26, he 1080P projector for several years. While pleased with a HD26, has loved them more clarity of image, more lumens, the darkest blacks and paints more brilliant; Like Film like a dark knight, with so many dark scenes were almost unwatchable in a HD26. Utilisation my projector for roughly 6 hours+ daily, is the trace of ceiling in a living room, and is an option to see of only living room. A HD26 was the workhorse, has substituted them at least 6 bulbs and 2 wheels by heart during his 6 career of year. If the hadnt fell it on a paving of height of ceiling while uninstalling the, still would be working adds. A optoma UHD35 is trace until a same group had installed them for a HD26, with the different highland dish. I take a measure of the still exact screen that the enjoyed with a HD26 without transmissions to a location grupal of the mountain. A launcher is perfect for my phase. Once the turned in a projector, was them floored! A quality of image, included in 1080p is instantly recognizable, is glorious. All the images are crisp and there is detailed. A row by heart is surprising, this projector produced of the VIBRANT colours. In 4k is to good sure impressive, offering more detail, more colour and the majority of image detailed. I have compared this projector to a uhd38 uhd50 and very qs projector of level of the entrance, has found them this to be a better entrance/buget projector of level for sheer value:
3600 lumens, 4k, and the bulb estimated in 15,000 hours in echoing the way is the little of a tone specs to the equal that has helped to influence my decision. The ones of the that feels that this projector is the projector to estimate at all, while it is one of some options some plus abordables, is the very able projector with abundance of wow the factor has built well in.
4 / 5
A projector is 15ft of a screen and I can not take one the image to be in 130'. It is so only 100' in 15' out of a wall. I go it to return and take a Epson
4 / 5
While a lot of things are fantastic in this projector—particularly a lumens—can not take touched of of machineries very obvious that look when a picture is dark or black. Scenes of look at night Minecraft the blockades and I can not look for the fix.

Top Customer Reviews: Full HD Projector, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 44 ratings
5 / 5
I have not written never the description. Ossia The description partorisca a EUG Full HD 1080p 3600 Lumens LCD FOCUSED
has dipped a mark and model or full discreption because sometimes some descriptions that the amazon has is not partorisca a right product could be a right mark but no a right model has to that be reading descriptions really careful drive crazy.
This was mine 2nd Projector of Amazon. To the left give me a little history.
Was builing the room of the theatre in our basement was partorisca expect the for a 80and85 in TVs partorisca touch to lose in the tax is not never be the defender of projectors but the partner of the mine there has been has substituted so only his old projector with the projector FOCUSED new and spoke partorisca try an out of could not believe the one who abordable these the new projectors are. March 2016 of the amazon has in the first place bought the projector that was 2800 lum with 1500:1 constant proportion 1080p partorisca $ 170 joint with the $ 30 100inch screen.
Was better that has expected. I have been sold in some projectors. It has not been me partorisca concern roughly trying more projectors. I will admit that they are class of picky roughly quality of picture. One has looked more and regulated, so only could any one quite take some darknesses have regulated to a way likes inclusa although of a quality of global picture was utmost for $ 170. I have loved so only the little contrast better.
In Dec 2016 I was curious and looked again and found this a a EUG Full HD 1080p 3600 Lumens LCD FOCUSED
is specs was the little better that same mine although it was the different mark could say it was a same projector so only under the different mark. I have decided that test has been and yes is so only like my prime minister an I has used included my old far. This projector was more than double a prize of the mine projector of prime minister and concealed does not mean it was to bend a quality But has had deffantly has update a contrast dark electronic and has included some colours were better and the little more acute. They are very happy with this compraventa. I any upgrade until they exit with the 4KLED projector.

So only the little side of notes of useful entity and there is pros and gilipollas to everything.

Some pictures have been taken with my note 4 and a projector is better that some pictures I posted.

Is of entity that knows exactly as yours that goes to be using the yes precise projector use he in the very lit room has has DIRECTED projectors a darkness more a room a better a picture.

When it has looked for the projector read that a keystone the adjustment done a picture blurryg a more has to that regulate he with alot of this economic plus LEDs has done sure that when have hanged projector of mine that has not been to have use a keystone adjustment, and yes is distorts a picture that uses a keystone adjustment.

I also read that a measure of the screen is totally dependant in that far was or close your projector is. As have hanged projector of mine has been exactly required to be stop to 100screen of thumb.

Can here a defender but am looking he with the system of the his of theatre of the houses do not remark it when I am looking the show. Also so only I can be tune has been. Not annoying my familiar one a lot included think in a noise. But yes they are boys and a lot always attention to arrest to this bondadoso if things.

Speaking boys an of some reasons have bought the projector has DIRECTED a light CONCENTRATED is supposes to last 30000-50000hrs. The majority of the projectors of bulbs are 3000-5000hrs. My girls leave a projector on all a time.

Has bought this to do with mine Roku 4 and WiiU throgh a Onkio reciever and as built in system of the android has not been of entity of mine in my application. We look all our films by means of our plex server of half comunicacionales Netflix ext ext..

Does not know reason any one would want to use a speaker in the projector.

A lot of reviewers has given this to 1 star I so only does not know like this the projector deserves to 1 star and has purchased yes a projector and are by train for the use. I comprise that it can have the times can take the product that is diffective. When I have bought projector of mine of prime minister has ordered in fact 2 different frames and 1 of one 2 I has ordered was defective 1of one 2 HDMI gone in and far has not done sent it behind but has not felt the need to total rubbishes a mine of product has been the fluke.

If the money is knows option I then am calm sure can buy the better projector. If yours looking in the tax has not been would buy a projector DIRECTED less than the $ 100 for the room of theatre all some descriptions and specs has read so only has not gone quite brilliant or native of support 1080P. But it was to buy a pleasure prime minister of mine a $ 150-$ 200 has the picture adds for a prize. I have not given a mark that I in the first place bought reason is no longer available but here is believes one the mine concealed substituted with alike specs and prize:
Excelvan CL720 Projector of Theatre of the House (3000 Lumens,1080P Resolution ) $ 160
Yes can spend 350 according to your calm needs can any gone bad with a EUG Full HD 1080p 3600 Lumens LCD has DIRECTED. Has a lot of other models also so only does not know quite roughly him.
Good regime.
4 / 5
Like this far like this good. We install these outsides in ours covered/screened porch. We use it VonHaus 100 thumb widescreen tucked up under a rafters. Nizza And brilliant of dusk to dawn. A distributed HDMI the boss no with a unit this in spite of. When I have contacted support by means of a company his quickly answered, 'Yeah? That is bad with him, is sure is a question of HDMI boss? That roughly this, can go a local tent to buy it HDMI the boss and pays some costs, knows, sends out of knots, will take some days to achieve the respect run your decision, a boss will not cost any a lot of... ' I have left it goes and harbested an old one of a battery. Curiously, this a lot a lot looking the boss has done well with the Sony BluRay player. But I digress.

This unit is easy to use, very brilliant, resupplies the image adds, and there is quite a lot keystone correction (although I have had to go down a relative of unit to a screen in the foot to take the good house by means of a field of view). Besides, a projector is so only roughly level with a cup of a screen, like this keystone he darn good work. It has it hooked until a TV of Apple, and BluRay, by means of the 5.1 surround system of sound. Wow! Wars of star and Pray One was like this thrilling so much in a theatre.

Is leaving this unit in the shelf, outside in ours screened porch, all the parks, as we will see can resist until a heat and humidity, powder, pollen. Like this far, the month in, is well!
4 / 5
Taking this projector was idea adds , has taken them to the cause has not loved to locate the big TV in my chimney. Eye during a day and have any question with a quality of a picture.
Can listen a defender but he really any among a way of a sound .
Has bought it Bluetooth adapter to sync with my bar of sound. Highly recommend this projector, will not be disappointed.
5 / 5
Know that you take that paid for but this projector is quite clear for my careful HD eye for now. I finally upgrade to to the the big definition likes 4Of K when it is in mine estimativa but for now have the theatre of good house partorisca in $ 500 total. A projector was $ 350 - a motorised screen was $ 100 and a mountain of projector was so only $ 15. Near ups of some sports I look of clock that has surprised. Sometimes some the wide shots are so only good but wants to look his in the 100' screen in my own house and the films are so only fantastic. This setup remained with one 'uprgraded' firestick leave me to look so only roughly anything loves in an internet.
4 / 5
Has taken a projector and has had some hesitation because of a modest prize. The descriptions have helped bolster ours the confidence and the knots are felizmente state for him! Has has had nights of multiple film of then and our girls and the neighbours love it! We situate a projector roughly 14' of a screen to take the 10' x 7' picture that absolutely is in amazing! The clarity and the resolution are glorious and a simplicity of functions and controls is wonderful. UTMOST COST!
5 / 5
A person that installs our theatre of house has known has had a estimativa global for a whole project. It has selected this projector and when we question would have to that augment a estimativa for the projector said better will be quite happy with this selection. I ordered it and after a system of whole theatre has been installed, my expectations have been surpassed!

A fully regulated projector in my screen of film. A quality of picture television tone and Playstation Video games a lot amiably. We are VERY PLEASED with a quality of picture in this projector - very pleased with some adjustments for setup.

A far control on/was the key was having the question and turning a projector has used a far no therefore has has had to that then manually turn a key to be able to is gone in a projector. A company contacted immediately and has said could fix a @@subject - any question.

A company has sent the new far and all the works perfect now. That will say is a service of client has surpassed my expectations to the equal that go on down half of fully and verified in to ask has received a new far and like fact.

Him him A lot of hesitations roughly purchasing this projector, can dip your alcohol in relieving reason a projector is quality adds but further that a service of client is stellar! Perhaps some of a service of client has better received of any company or tent!
4 / 5
This description is for one 5500 lumens model. All any look of models to be quite different, perhaps included done for different vendors, but a vendor there is grouped all the together models on Amazon like the fact unclear the clients that descriptions and Q&One applies to the model.

A main appeal of this projector is that it promises 1080p HD with 5500 lumens of brightness to the point of prize roughly two-third that will pay it of the plus reputable mark. Calm quickly will discover that characteristic that you assumed would be there (digital keystone/wry/rotate/zoom, brightness settings, can-on signal in hdmi) failure.

Are not in fact has convinced is 5500 lumens, neither. 5500 lumens would owe that be spare to comfortably look the film in the dim-but-conditions any darknesses, but this projector really wants to be used in the dark room.

In an end of a day, this in spite of, some inconveniences am cost a prize an economic plus in my opinion.
4 / 5
Has ordered this like the screen for an office to look projects to plan and for descriptions of code and all of my employees are disappointed in as hard is to see to to the details like to them the text. Perhaps these works of good projector to look film in quality 'decent' but for a lot crisp images and big brightness tomb for behind other projectors dramatically.
Regarding brightness, compares to another projector that has had in a same lumens (3500) and a difference in brightness was dramatic, perhaps receive one with the defect but was very surprised for some basses brightness is one.
5 / 5
• Projector Of small light weight
• quality of good picture
• adds for film, TVs shows, and video games
• easy to use and places on
• excellent bang for your buck

• the occasional noisy defender on initiates on
• the inner speaker is feeble, recommends external speaker setup
• picture of quality of light harms outsides
• the Better picture this when a projector is level and directly to a screen
5 / 5
shipping fast and the product looks substantial. Ossia The present as we do not smoke more the box of details gives in August 2017. The company and the good prizes looks to concern in his clients. Very pleased like this far.

The company contacted with the questions and answer your very behind. Very pleased with a service of client as they do not leave calm while the same responses this in spite of has the transmission of time. Works of product a lot still although this was the present is all very pleased.

Top Customer Reviews: 1080P HD Projector, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Ossia My projector of prime minister as I do not have anything partorisca compare with him, but all my commentaries are subjective and based in my experience that use this projector.

-Value partorisca money
-1080p native king looks partorisca be some
-portable measure, comes with spending stock exchange
-reasonably brilliant projection (indoors) given his prize and measures
-the available multiple ports partorisca different types of connection
-wireless, bluetooth and wifi both available
-quality of the acute picture and the colours are quite attentive
-speakers of decent builds
-user configurable picture and settings of his
-mountain of tripod (has come with release it mini tripod)
-illuminated control of sensitive touch on a projector
-user friendly interface

-house and keystone the wheels for adjustment could be better, kinda hard to turn some go of then is plastic, the coating of hule could improve it or the redesign
-the boss of discharge of the can is too short
-no horizontal keystone
-any information roughly life of light, of then is LCD and any one DIRECTED, am not sure that time this would last
-the noise of defender could be improved
-only hdmi and av the boss has been comprised

am a lot happy and satisfied with this projector.
Ossia My prime minister a like this I the bit to research first to buy. His characteristic and price concealed me choose this on all some other projectors in this category and row of prize. I have looked for also the first plot to do the decision to buy this. It sealed it a shot was one discount of amazon of $ 30 at the same time to purchase more an additional $ 20 coupon of a vendor, doing this to only $ 130+ taxes. Sweet legislation?
But still without one discount of amazon, still could take a coupon of vendor that does this available partorisca in $ 160.
In this prize, does not have any comparison.
The majority of some projectors with 1080p native animal and wifi + Bluetooth initiates of connectivity in $ 250. Some a lot included have wireless connectivity, as this one having BOTH is for the fly already imo.
Has used all some ports except A/V, and they all does. This an also has 3 hdmi the available ports!
The wireless connectivity is easy to do and dipped up.
Has tried to launch of mine ios devices and they all does. The subject only is that there is a lot of lag when using wifi, and some delay when using bluetooth for audio. It is still usable but or loves a smooth plus playback and better quality, the connection wired is a way to go .
Neither can launch youtube, hulu, netflix, etc. Because of reasons of copyright. Instead, utilisation the connection wired to be able to do that.
Also, all some ports are in some sides except a vga like the mark to use this while in a bed and it projecting in a ceiling. But it would not suggest it it concealed.
Brightness Is also quite well especially in of the dark rooms, but also usable indoors with some lights on.
The quality of better picture would be achieved yes project this at most of roughly 7-9 feet and a house and keystone the adjustments are right facts and with the screen of projector has used.

MY COMPLAINT Of ONLY ENTITY Is The PETIT SPECK IN THE UPPER LEFT OF THE SCREEN to the equal that can see in mine last picture.
Has tried to clean a lentil but he appears that it is of an interior. It does not annoy me that a lot but the mark it the new projector does not have to that there is concealed.
With considerations to a noise of defender, has dipped likes the with reason can listen it when not being any one the audio that touches, as when you are trying to do of the presentation could be a subject for you. But you plan use this house for film, is not the question, a built the speakers are quite strong to flood a noise of defender.

@In rodeo, highly would recommend this to any concealed is looking for a projector of level of the entrance.
Has a lot of quality of picture, decent speakers, multiple ports and wireless connectivities for the low prize.
If also utilisations the streaming device like an Amazon firestick or Roku, this would be a perfect setup to develop some capacities of this projector.

The video has been taken with my light to subject on in 20 brightness, projecting in the porous white wall, any screen of projector, hdmi the connection has been used. That The audio is also of a projector on 40.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. It was sceptical roughly taking this reason a prize was economic but im like this happy has done them. This Projector is surprising easy to connect to wifi clave of fire of the amazon used has done quality of his add was a lot of amazing for the night of fun familiarised film or so only looking the shows have used with out screen on wall of spatial is exited still amiably!
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I have bought a projector to hook on my iPhone to project images to map. Then it could locate an image and products for our fair of book of the schools. It is wonderful . It has included I can use he during a day with a invidente enclosed. It has not gone so only further that has surprised to project images 5 feet long. Now I have the theatre of film of the house!! A video I estaca is in 60 thumbs. It would buy this again and the recommend to another.
5 / 5
A description of product any one this justice of projector. It comes with the far control, HDMI and VGA bosses, cleaning box, and much more. A projector is light and can returned in a delivery, but has each calm port so only could want to (HDMI, USB, SD, VGA, AV, etc.) And is one of some more brilliant projectors and clearer has used
5 / 5
has possessed other projectors but I have not known a picture could be to better plot . I can in fact read a small footprint how was usually blurry in mine other projectors. A brightness and the colours are besides my expectations. A tripod and spending the chance was the good addition . It would recommend. My room is kinda small like the screen so only goes to 60.ºn Or so much. This has all I need or master. I have painted my room eggshell the aim and some looks of orders of exposure on that. One to another thing like him on the one of of the east is looks to be the Japanese mark. Usually it indicates the product of quality that will last. The to plot of investigation in the projector to buy and ossia a one this has had everything for the decent prize.
5 / 5
Highly recommends this projector for any business presentations that requires Excel, PowerPoint, Word, or documents of Photos. A projection is clear and crisp. A autofocus and that the manual adjustment has resupplied extreme acuteness for professional presentation. A measure and the weight resupply utmost transportability for a travelling show as well as into use of office. Quickly setup the instructions were easy to follow and there was arrive and running quickly in both reasonable pricing and projection of quality. It would recommend this projector to any one.
5 / 5
A Fangor the projector has been a perfect solution to any when being pas able to exit to some theatres to film at night. At all better that taking your own personnel in-theatre of film of the house. Our discharge resupplies the 120' the screen and the knots would be able to go inclusos main has had the main discharge. One contrasts and the clarity is spectacular for like this big a screen is. It has been easy navigating an interface to the common that uses one of a HDMI outlets and was easy hooking on my Mac to AirPlay. RCA outlets Had resupplied even in the so many can have Mario Kart the competition that use of the old gaming systems.
A projector has been estimated to look in 2 weeks and he have taken so only the few days to arrive. Highly it recommends this projector!
5 / 5
A projector does really well with mine Macbook and a resolution of image is much better that has expected. A quality of his east also well quite spare another crew of audio. Taking the theatre of the house with this prize is to good sure treat adds!
5 / 5
In spite of feeling overwhelmed with everything of some options of projector there, knots persevered the finally decided is one. It was ours that comprises that we would be able to wirelessly hook on a sound to the ours bluetooth speaker and film of current of ours portable, iPads or telephone. Nope.
Has the light possibility that receives the busted projector that has caused some of our subjects because a box of real projector was really crunched and rasgado in the corner, included although a box of the amazon has not been.
With which second looks endless hours that tries to connect our WIFI to any avail, and with which purchase some pertinent HDMI boss that would connect of our device, was able to mirror our screen of device but not taking Disney+ film to touch. Still with which download it to knots, would not touch . Finally, we look the video of description in youtube concealed explained that everything. A reviewer was able to simply connect to the his WIFI, has not been, (for this ours HDMI compraventa of boss). He regretfully ad that any the one who expected to film of current of the provider like Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, etc, will not be able to reason has the encryption protected among a streaming provider and a projector that will not leave it . You would owe that be able to touch the downloaded to film of hard walk (any one downloaded to streaming accounts of the provider is not downloaded really) and has said that we could have connected my clave to shoot directly to a projector and he would have touched some films but have has not tried concealed. We return it to knots.
4 / 5
A measure of a projector is good and has to that it weaves of good characteristics, but a house/of clarity is terrible. It could not take some sides and centre of an image to be home a same time. Has read pieces and was has almost has convinced my wall has not been square or something was bad with my mountain..... I have then decided tries the different projector... To good sure any error of operator or subjects with my neighbours on, that the new projector is PERFECTLY CLARO. Sending east a backside. A lot other positive critiques is one , perhaps has taken the lemon ? The good regime goes this street.