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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
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Usually it likes-me the use the time of diverse product before the revise but has has had so only a legit snowstorm in CT this year, eats... We go partorisca do east. One download it of regular authorship resupplies: they are the military engineer as I am not particularly sweet in of the things and tend to be the hard critic in bad drawn craps. 5 very bad = stars drawn craps.

Has finalised partorisca take this thing roughly three days too much evening (my @fare, no the amazon this!) We take the 16 ' dump a day has situated an order. It have formed the fat crust in my ceiling and condensed to roughly 8 thumbs for some times have taken a rake of ceiling . Partorisca Any concealed is tried partorisca move nieva around, will know these are not ideal snow-moving conditions.

Some statistician of fast ceiling: my gutters is roughly 10 feet of an earth how is the relatively low ceiling . It is also the tone empinado, among 30-45 terracings. These measures have been purchased invernadero my aforados eyeball.

A day has taken a rake of ceiling , was hesitant to use it. Another had commented here in the rays that falls off and the things that pause. I have seen once a hardware, has comprised reason. It comprises given of lock, which are awesome, but needs to be torqued on quite hard with the ratchet/of wrench/etc.. If any calm properly gathers this, attended lose your dice, as to speak. I have gathered a rake quite quickly and has been impressed with a robust creation of a excluyente. A boss felt quite strong still although a whole assembly was much lighter that has been expecting. I imagined it it give it the gone.

Has finalised in in front of rib by means of a crust in a ceiling that use the forest has modified chopping motion. It does not think it it has been feigned to be used like that but law for me. I have broken once by means of a crust, I really sustained to a snow partorisca pull down 5 sections of feet the time. A wry pole of a physics of a motion but felt sturdy and has not broken. I have been impressed. With which conceal, have pulled the alike quantity of snow of a horizontal surface of mine trailer without any subjects.

Bought it at the same time, is one the majority of rake abordable that has not looked junk. In an end, highly would recommend this for low ceilings. I will be back here to update my estaca has any negative commentaries in a future!
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This thing has saved my house and cochera last winter. While his do not owe that it use s a lot this year. The frames that tug a nieva down of a ceiling like this easier. They are to 68 I woman and directed to clear my house and ceiling of cochera for me with east. I can no to create me to a ceiling to do this so much is too slick and can not risk the fall . It was the plot of work but like this necessary. I have bought this second a reason after several years of hard use a prime minister an I there has been has begun paralizaciones to break this in spite of like this he still lasted by means of last winter that was brutal for snow. Still I will be able of the use this season. It was well to have one of these rakes of ceiling in the each one a house and cochera as I have not had to maintain moving a backside and advances as it has involved to tug he by means of a house. Also I have bought of then two of a same was able to use some so that it maintain poles two of them with one and four of them with another. It is difficult to use four poles was but can be does if a nieva is not too iced up. I have seen some bad descriptions in this element. I do not have any idea reason. OH A good thing with some poles some new plus is some bosses was slightly ruff doing them less than slips partorisca pull with icy gloves on. I will buy another when I require it while it is not to aim. It was not with out two of a here now.
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There is to down addition of curve of alone history with armouring plate to be seam ceiling. We take horrid dams of geles and am tired to be in ladders pulling snow with the broom in -F'... It weaves it to them of investigation, a rake has required to be hule/plastic because of one when being seam. A rake with the bosses of extension is quite 'wobbly' and no really movement nieva wets that well. Obviously I did not expect it to take snow among one when being seams (thought in cutting a down measured rake to return among a seams) A corner any really laws for me. An Addition is on 2-1/2' the foundation and I can very in fact see a ceiling of an earth, so only flail he on and so only go back the few feet. So only to take to a ceiling is 12-1/2', as any a lot of 'the extension left' and no quite corner in a rake. Relatively easy to dip near.
5 / 5 By
The rake of ceiling adds. A lot of people have commented any one feels quite strong, but was stronger I seat was weighed too much. He to good sure done a work. There was so only of then last year like any sure that time last, but like this far like this good. He no gel, just snow, as be realistic in your expectations.
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Has used a rake of the snow after this weekend is (Dec. 10, 2018) storm of snow have left with 15' in an earth and in my ceiling. Some sections of cane coupled joint amiably and a whole unit has resisted joint without any defects. The desire avenges with stopping them sections more directly to the equal that was so only able to pull down roughly 5-6 ft. Of snow of a ceiling while when being in an earth. Once the utilisation the little more the time will look for to update this description but like this far are not disappointed.
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Has bought this an only for some extra poles. It is an exact one has bought he roughly done 8 years, and some together apt poles perfectly. It is very heavy and flexible with six poles on he this in spite of, be warned. It beats to tug a ladder is gone in a snow so only to be able to achieve a second-ceiling of history. Probably the plot more takes for me too much.
5 / 5 By
There is use this device for two winters now, that comprises a heavier snowfall has experienced in this house. (Measurable in of the feet.) It looks the little vulnerable the breakage, but is resisted on enough well. It is quite light to manoeuvre with small question. I have bought the extension of sleeve been due to a estretch' has required to achieve a summit. As another has mentioned, a sensatez of the second extension is questionable. With just an extension, is enough in a verge to result the highly skilled and a lot of buff arrantzale of cane of the fly for cradle.
5 / 5 By
Well of law. I have found some difficult sections to connect and disconnect with a key and hole fasteners when a rake is very cold. Of of the this is when he is likely use conceal is not the good thing. Some laws of rake well. With all 3 sections in place is quite unwieldy and takes some height and force to use. As to 115 woman of laws of book for me also although it is without the extensions have attached. I wish some extensions were shorter, 4 In place of 3 to achieve one same achieves. One the majority of the what advantageous in a rake is that it can be used of an earth around a first awning to walk.
5 / 5 By
I so only wants to do this clear. I have followed instruction, has researched included on like this to use this. Some first time have used was adds. A second pause of time in a base (run of scraper). It has not had more than 6 thumbs of snow in my ceiling. No very happy....
4 / 5 By
Has bought this tool after my dissatisfaction with an inferior model has purchased locally. Rings the main leaf. This be has said, some looks of creation how is of the entity is that some group to stabilise is in a cup of a leaf versus a fund. This leaves a snow to fall freely of a leaf when pulled in a flange of a ceiling in place of a snow that is captured by some leaves to stabilise when in some subordinated and doing a heavy rake and a difficult snow the dislodge. In general, the productive and useful tool. A brota an elder would do it more so much.
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It looks partorisca be a lot of-fact, but there are the subjects to draw of the pair. 1. Some poles are coated with the darkness, crazy has painted concealed has the texture like sandpaper. This can enhance grip, but the person will not use never the rake of snow without gloves, as it looks the waste ---two uses and one paints already tip scratches of the mine flange of ceiling of the metal. He , finally, the terrible look; 2. A period learns of the each iron has this rough product, which means a portion viril (with a key of lock) this has to that be insert to a forward of section (with a hole partorisca close) does not slip in smoothly at all. A product would owe that it is remained of some bits partorisca cross; 3. The majority of rakes is, of leaf the butt, enough directly. You can see of a photo that section the scarce more than entity---permanently attached to a leaf---has the good 10 or 15-the downward terracing cant, feigned to help a leaf deep terrace. This creation so only would be advantageous when raking fresh powder. All the world-wide the one who has does not have to that never nieva of rake this has been in the place for the moment knows of a constant need to do a leaf for the behind on and tilting the when it digs too deep and taking has stuck. If you are treating old snow that has had time to result in firm, this angled the boss is not the good characteristic. The visits my cabin is often three weeks averts and last it the snow has packed is normal for me. This one will be used so only for a fresh material
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are tired only companies that resupplies scarce and impossible to comprise increasing instructions, how is a chance here. You would think that the rake of ceiling would fall to an easy-to-gather category, but no... I have squandered Almost an hour and finally only place duct tape in of the zones that would not spend stops . So only touch me the reasonable $ 10-$ 15 to the equal that can take this fully or mostly gathered and does not have to that squander my time, or create the video with the step to any tutorial this all clear. This in spite of, has had a ray that so only not going in. So much time is squandered with increasing of products, and clients really needs to resist these responsible companies.
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My first description didnt spend a process of description? Well I will try again. I have been shipped the product that has not had any of a highland hardware. I have been forced to buy my own parts to gather.

Oh And has tried now use a one this is coming with all some parts and a an I has had to build. Snow was crusty and a rake could very included line a surface.

5 / 5 By
After reading the descriptions have chosen this rake of the fashionable ceiling older while with wheels to the equal that has a lot of subjects, this one has been the gem , alive in Centrical Wisconsin and have the tonne of snow this past two years, eight thumbs the drop lately.
This rake a work, min there was three ft of snow and gel in a ceiling, His closing in a piece, any @@subject here, but the mark sure spends to to the gloves likes him to him the course of the pole takes súper cold.
4 / 5 By
Liked a fact that some poles have one any-surface of slip and is not just aluminium; any aluminium that paints more ash in my gloves... My rake of 20 years has broken finally I so that it has bought is one. An only thing thinks could be better is some sustains lateralmente; my old rake had galvanised averts to armour plate lean him stock and these are the stock flat aluminium that easy curve; they do not bend bad but curve so that I am not sure the long term as it resist up.
5 / 5 By
A pros: good period and can extend easily the paste whole ceiling. Easy to out together.

A gilipollas: no like this sturdy to the equal that would like. Reason some poles are hallow and a leaf of altarpiece is plastic there isnt a lot of weight to a rake. This the difficult fact to cut down by means of a snow.

He his does. He no like this as well as other rakes that has used.
5 / 5 By
Live the Georgia as we do not take the plot of snow. I have bought this on foot of diverse rake of straw of muck and pasador wetted out of a ceiling of the nave. Tolerance on a lot well and was surprisingly a lot sturdy still light. If it can pull down several feet of the straw of pasador has compacted wetted then probably do a lot well with snow.
5 / 5 By
A boss is way too short. I have found a bendability of a boss to be bit it harder that do with, but no impossible. I have directed to clear was 2 ceilings but so only partly. They are 5'3' big, so it has had subjects to achieve some half upper of a ceiling. I recommend to clear so only 2 - 3 feet of snow the time. This takes more along, but really does sure that at all it breaks and any rasga a ceiling for gouging the. Masters a leaf to remain parallel with a ceiling (in the horizontal way).
5 / 5 By
Has bought this rake to take snow of my solar poster. To receive a box, resembles is previously open state, and has been missing the few pieces that done the impossible to gather. Felizmente, the amazon has sent the substitution. After gathering a substitution and testing, results a rake a lot fully achieves an upper row of poster. I will try again with the ladder some next time takes snow .
4 / 5 By
Has added the carport my house and sure has required now the rake of snow of the ceiling. Alive in Michigan. The amazon Trace, has been thru some descriptions, and has ordered a one that felt would do a good work. Free nave?? WOW!! Received the, admired it when I seen dipping he for my rear and very happy door have ordered prevails it of a nieva included thought to look. It has been ready to bond with a snow in a ceiling. The November is coming, any snow. The December is coming, traces of the look of snow --- no enough to use a rake. Beginning to beg for snow and has done also one bundle of snow in a way of walk with a rake of snow in my hand. I have had included a snow blower to the long to beg lateralmente for snow. I have loved to use this rake. You look to a ceiling of house and stir of the small tree remarked in my ceiling. I have smiled. You stir them of tree will owe that do for now. My rake of snow has kissed a ceiling shingles and I surgically take all some stir. After, have takes some stir of the mine carport. You look in some ceilings of house of the neighbours. They were cleaned. The January is coming and has been, still any snow the brag roughly, could feel some rasga that begins to form in my eyes, Febuary and now Leaves. I am depressed now. The temperatures are one he 50 east, big 60 east and a herb is greening up. Eye in my gram mower. They are begaining for enamorar with my gram mower throughout again. Weathermen Is predicting higer time for some coming weeks. Sadly I will owe that dip my rake of snow was but in the first place I rake a bit those that stir of a ceiling and feign some stir are snow . It has estimated a rake to 5 star like face a lot well with some stir
4 / 5 By
I have found this rake of easy ceiling partorisca gather and some describes that joins looks partorisca have strong support. A rake is relatively light using two sections but is the little weighed with all three sections have attached. Some keys partorisca join work smoothly the difference of mine rake of leading snow.
4 / 5 By
So only has taken this today and am very pleased. It is a lot easy to dip near. The instructions are good and easy to follow. All the parts have arrived in good condition . A thing I like better is an a lot of sturdy construction of a rake he and some bosses. A rake is plastic a lot fat that it would be necessary hard the lifetime. Some sleeves are aluminium and coated with the rough product that will do it gripping some sleeves essier and also some connections more lake. Any complaint here!
5 / 5 By
First time that use he on roughly are thumbs of wet snow. It has taken roughly 3-4 ft. The attractive every time done adds. Hanged very light, has gathered easily. It has had to that purchase my discharge possesses for an end of sleeve. It has been the imposición of House and has bought the 1' fund of leg.
5 / 5 By
Buys this rake to take a snow out of our solar poster. It is it adds!. They are the woman of 69 years and the request was quite strong to use it fully extended for my account, as I have asked my husband to be for the moment has the data comes from it. I have not had any difficulty at all.
4 / 5 By
Living in a zone of Boston has been exasperated for the rake of ceiling a past few winters, and has found finally the upper rake in east Guarantees Yukon rake of 24 thumbs. I have been taking loaned our neighbours' rakes (reasons have been all has sold is gone in our zone for the moment), and this rake has treated much better that his in comparison. It is light, and easy to manage - go where situate without wobbling during a place. A brota an excellent work to pull a snow. Highly you recommend that this rake has compared to another.

UPDATE 1/26/14: This rake still is going strong by means of several storms of winter!
4 / 5 By
Has bought for my help & of parents out of the plot. Any @@subject with which 2 years of use. To good sure recommend & am thinking roughly buying an in name right now that are in the place that need the rake of ceiling.
4 / 5 By
The one who the emotion to buy something manufactured in north Amsterdam. Easy to gather with part of quality. I need the 7/16 socket and/or a wrench of open end. Time of total assembly roughly ten minutes. Now for work, he yes fact. So only we take 14 thumbs of the snow and an utmost rake. It takes small sections and do your way on a ceiling. No more dams of geles for me!
5 / 5 By
This was easy to use with the very durable creation. It takes some taking used to reason owe that really balance when has all 3 extensions have connected. The quality adds! When Calm takes avert, returns easy in my truck to travel.
4 / 5 By
Manages/ the poles have the coating. Doing them easy to take when wet. The difference of my old fashionable poles more the gloves remain clean. Used extracted adds during storm of winter Harper.
Takes the pocolos small to gather with all a hardware accounted stops. Spent with confidence. I have ordered two unit and happy to have the little extra period of poles.
4 / 5 By
Looks to be the good product. You the assembly was quickly and some poles are decent. A brota of the snow is smaller that has expected. It has not taken any snow still for the try was.
5 / 5 By
The works add easy to dip pipes on and era. It has done several ceilings with him. We take alot of snow in Minnesota this year.
5 / 5 By
This work adds partorisca take nieva the big
In a rooftop
5 / 5 By
quite Easy to gather and use. One of some clips of cradle has been to lose mid project. Any extra piece has comprised has to that way that has had to that dip the ray by means of him.
5 / 5 By
Our rakes of snow take use near of constant in ours two houses again Hampshire. We have possessed and it has used four frames. It leaves it to some Canadians to produce some rakes of altarpieces and better snow. Estacionando I products are some better and more durable for far. Has two of these rakes in using now--an at least seven or eight years and a so only buy. The parts are entirely interchangeable-- find that effectively we can use our rakes with until four pole of five sections of feet.
4 / 5 By
Easy build, there was near in the pocolos small. It was external that saves my house any time. Some sections attach and detach easily quite and have the grippy quality that is enough of entity when trying different corners. In general the nieva relatively durable rake.
4 / 5 By
The rake of ceiling adds, easy to dip near and take averts to store. Works and good quality well. Lame snow of ceiling like any form of dams of the gel.
4 / 5 By
Used it on two snowfalls, a prime minister duquel was roughly 4' of wet snow , has weighed. It was able to the rake was all that required to be take easily. It is very light and I like a way some sections of sleeve snap joints. I recommended it already to the partner.
4 / 5 By
Has had so the snow and to wall/of the harm of ceiling has related this year that the rakes of ceiling were in the prize. It can not take one any where and when a bit those that tend of the hardware concealed there was has received the shipment has had lines an hour or more long to take one. Some rakes of ceiling that was leaves of available had aluminium and some dice and rays loosened easily and has been lost and has had to be substituted. I have not known that to expect when I have ordered one with the plastic leaf. That the pleasant surprise. Sturdier That a rake of aluminium and more rigid. You recommend this product by all the world. A last commentary: it buys it now! It rigs for next winter!
5 / 5 By
Alive in 8600 feet and this have taken is adds to clear light or heavy snow. Apresamiento Was a risk to fall off the ladder. Taken less then 15 to clear 280 feet of line of ceiling that use to take hours, and any trace of calm snow.
4 / 5 By
The product adds to pull snow of a ceiling, has not taken it casualidad still of the use but good looks
5 / 5 By
Any built a lot well with which 1 use a support that connects a scraper to a boss has broken
5 / 5 By
would recommend this element and would buy it again! It was easy to dip near, light and easy to use, and a grip in a boss is awesome!
To good sure the good cost!
5 / 5 By
Has loved mine and has had the friends that loves to take loaned! It has given a to the neighbour to share too much.
5 / 5 By
One of a ceiling some rakes of economic plus there. True to the race of him: to be quite light to use distance flexes some. He still done a work and compared to an external prize probably would buy this one again.
5 / 5 By
Has used the pocolos different rakes and this for far has been a better. A slightly angled snow of frames of the boss of rake moves much easier. It is light and easy to use.
5 / 5 By
A lot each one which so to gather. Any flimsy. Easy to use. A mainstay has given more support. Received the today and was able to use it today.
4 / 5 By
4 / 5 By
Really the good unit - easy to gather ( 5 min) and achieves very big up in a ceiling —-
the helps relieve dams of gel future on ceiling and calm give you a little peace of alcohol.
5 / 5 By
Happy that all a material has taken there. Edges really happy.

Top Customer Reviews: Garant Telescopic ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 35 ratings
4 / 5 By Aurora
It buys this produced partorisca take snow of mine gutters during winter.
1. The product is gone in the small container with a boss of exposed aluminium partorisca break. A box in that a rake and the parts are entrances was attacked enough on when I received it. A Manufacture could have packaged this better product.
2. The assembly is quite he directly-the advance and the directions are easy to follow. I have had a subject, this in spite of, with a bit key-clip that is supposition to return inside a boss (leaves an operator to press a key to extend a boss. My little clip of key has broken while installing it. Any that wants to send a product behind, has improvised and has done my own clip.
3. A product is light as it has announced.
4. I have not had an occasion to use a rake still. I estimate it 4-star for now because of a creation (suspenders of corner). You do not recommend using this product in gel heavy (nieva frozen). It have to that do a lot well in nieva has deposited recently.
5 / 5 By Gisele
Some joys of the hard winter where volume more nieva in 3 weeks that calm typically take all the parks is reason I has required to take the rake of telescopic ceiling. I have found this rake in fact of telescopic ceiling for Guarantees to be awesome. I have tried to situate some more pictures in this page to aim a real packaging that comes with him but the amazon has not accepted some pictures. Some directions are not some better but is quite simple to dip near. A telescopic pole is a lot of sturdy and the easy fact to regulate to diverse period.

A winter of 2015 in a Northeast will go down in some books records but this rake of ceiling any only help with scrolling of snow of our house but also of the ours on a group of earth. While it has to that two house of history, was able to exit some windows in a second paving to pull snow of a line of ceiling. A rake when fully largo is very heavy and uncomfortable like to be careful. Also, you spend gloves like this like this any to paste your hands in a window are exiting to use my technician. If one is able to not exiting the window, this could achieve a second history. My joint is to maintain your flange of your clear ceiling and hope for some sun. Has has had so only a day on to ice cream likes one funds is not well. Anything found early freezes like this cause some dams of geles.

A tip so that they want to rid dams of geles- take 100 chloride of football. The mark takes that it calms does not use rooms of regular rock (chloride of sodium) of then this can break your ceiling. This can help to relieve a need to have some one like the roofer (in the cost of $ 200-$ 400) clears a dam of gel in your ceiling. Ossia The last resource this in spite of but in an emergency, help.

Good regime to this struck for a snow. The cradle can not take here early enough.
4 / 5 By Mario
Very impressed with a quality. I have bought this mainly reason require some keys some big plus in some diverse segments. That is adds is that this calm leave you to regulate a period of the each pole (more than just take a whole pole) to shorten like this required that. Some helps of the coating of the powder maintains your grip. It is much stronger that another some have used. Note that is quell'has bitten heavier that the most economic models. He also ships without the box - just the box around a leaf (that calm has to attach you to a pole with tools).
4 / 5 By Kris
Ossia The a lot handy ceiling rake. My old entirely aluminium one this finally fallen averts. This one east a lot of lighter and a telescoping the boss is very convenient of then does not have to that fuss with wingbolts with gloves on, line ;on some holes, extracted fixed period or of the pieces of fixed extension, and does not have to that do a travesía behind to a cochera for another extension, and worry roughly where all some pieces are would have to that fall the wingnut or ray to the snowbank. Like this far a mechanism to close for a boss is resisting up but ossia so only is first winter .
5 / 5 By Elvira
Very better that a traditional metal some (this pause Often!)
5 / 5 By Mui
Alive in Colorado and has used this four times this winter, in our metal reasonably empinado ceiling, north facing appearance. It has done really well. He telescopes easily, and a tubing is oval, any round, with a long iron has oriented vertically considering like this resists into use, doing a stronger iron that was the simple cylinder . The descriptions of diverse other products describe breakage in a prime minister or according to use. This to some looks likes him will last, if of any abused. An only reason did not give it five star is that his record of the clue for me has limited still to four uses.
5 / 5 By Gary
The husband is pleased with this tool. We take a lot of snow in winter, and while the person maintains up with him and a lot to the left take too deep a time, this does well. It achieves the long way up!
5 / 5 By Eden
Use this newspaper in a winter to clean the ceilings were . Very good to so only press the key and place in a truck quite then hook all some together pipes!
5 / 5 By Ginette
This a first rake of ceiling has has not purchased never. The snow of laws of the rake of attractive good was good ceiling. Slide Of the poles of the @@@Extention were with eases with push of the key. So only the simple install of a rake to a pole. The hardware has been comprised. So only be careful any to dip the a lot of pressure on pole while it is extended fully or can bend. In general very satisfied. Agent D.
5 / 5 By Marylou
Are another victim of snow of Boston to dams of gel and this has helped to take a snow of a ceiling to prevent more accumulation of gel. They are five feet a woman of thumb and was able to use this. That the workout! It was easy to install ( has used the wrench of socket) and easy to use. Good regime!
5 / 5 By Dann
The rake of ceiling has possessed better. Works really the desire has done a the little longer. This one this 17 feet and no quite achieve where precise goes.
4 / 5 By Veronique
Having Some extensions retract to a main boss - does to store this much easier then one some have to that add sections. It feels much stronger that some rakes to draw of type of tube. It can be the little more expensive that another, but is the product of quality . It recommends it on other frames.
4 / 5 By Audrea
All the Guarantees has been I adds, among my ergonomic altarpiece and a rake of ceiling a nieva this year was any party. This was a first year I seriously concerned roughly harm of ceiling. It takes the bit to take used to when fully widespread
5 / 5 By Maya
receive this rake of telescopic ceiling a lot quickly the critical time of questions of experience with that dam gel and required to be able to clear snow of a ceiling. All the local tents have been sold out of rakes of ceiling, which in fact resulted to be lucky, of any of them spends this telescopic version This has the a lot of sturdy system of pole of the extension that is extended easily and retracted. A telescopic boss is very convenient both for use and storage. Found this to be really easy to gather and to use.
4 / 5 By Stefanie
The earliest delivery that has expected. Saved our ceiling of a Rhode Island of the snow of entity has been paste with this winter. You love it but the hope does not require for the use a lot in a . At least maintaining know without accidents can take the plot of snow with this easy to use, light tool.
5 / 5 By Nadia
Well produces fact , convenient. Prime minister an I recieved of Ron is has suffered harm, cheerfully relaced with the second rake. Highly recommend!
4 / 5 By Miriam
The day still adds has received. Easy to dip the quality jointed and sum. It was easy his is to have that heavy to the equal that can be weighed for some. Highly recommended
4 / 5 By Ismael
that Has to that treat some times that import this winter in a zone of Boston has had to purchase the rake of ceiling to take a snow of my ceiling and to help reduce dams of geles .. This element has been shipped a lot quickly, the assembly was very easy and do a lot well .. 5 Stars everywhere
5 / 5 By Analisa
Nizza That looks and rake of quality; last different year, there is has not had to use it still, has bitten ossia New Englang
4 / 5 By Alexandria
Snow battery up in 1 corner of ceiling. This he easier and surer to minimise snow buildup
4 / 5 By Yaeko
will use mainly like the rake of ceiling partorisca build of needle of Pasador-up.
5 / 5 By Henriette
The way has to that more it has weighed that rake of ceiling of old aluminium. Well of the money. It buys it.
4 / 5 By Lovella
Ossia The sturdy has produced without being too heavy. Well it build it. Highly recommend.
5 / 5 By Shaun
Has has had to that unfortunately the use the little time. But I adds. Light and eady partorisca buy again.
5 / 5 By Shirleen
Has had to that take loaned my neighbours and he have saved my ceiling, has had already to 2 crack of feet in my wall of living room sheetrock. His quite strong and long enough to do a work and I would recommend to any one.
4 / 5 By Carlena
The grandson uses a rack partorisca clean of my ceiling and he have done very real.
4 / 5 By Bea
Do quite well, although it has used it so only once has had of the sweet winter.
4 / 5 By Fannie
Ossia Some second an of these I have purchased why have to him legustado a prime minister enough. Fact exactly how has announced.
4 / 5 By Norris
Has bought this rake to substitute an old all the aluminium a. A lot sturdy construction and much easier to use. The desire had bought the most collected.
5 / 5 By Janean
The works add and easier in a ceiling that metal some.
5 / 5 By Whitley
When you Go in. It was anxious to use it. And the work adds. It is a lot of value he. Thank you
4 / 5 By Dusty
Has Run out of snow this season partorisca try it was. He lools likes it will be a lot helpfull partorisca next year. Sam C
4 / 5 By Timothy
has Used a like this done well. His still October like this last to estimate it honradamente.
4 / 5 By Nereida
Was in desperate need of scrolling of snow of my ceiling this past winter, when we have had more nieva that normal, and the has not had the thaw partorisca on 3 month! The person there have been in stock in mid February, but the partner had taken loaned one of the his fellow and has used that. The work adds! Has has wanted to do sure that has found a same model, as it was happy with him. It has had to that a lot of investigations for the find, but this was a model . It arrives quite quickly, just in time for another round of snow! Highly it recommends this, but also recommends some a lot sturdy gloves, like some gloves have used has been chewed up for a anti-grip of slip.

And also can use this for the upper organism adds workout! This snow of ceiling is very heavy!
5 / 5 By Harriett
Purchases this rake of ceiling the few weeks done. This winter a snow has has not melted NEVER! In a past has not had any use thus produced. But with which a lot of husbands in our zone of Búfalo, NY has has had the questions of the ceiling thinks that that we would have to be proactive and take snow of the go down enough digs. The law adds! It is light but hanged strong. My father of together used it and has thought was fantastic! Highly recommend this product.

Top Customer Reviews: Garant APP30KDU ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 By Katherina
Living in SW Wyoming where some winters can be brutal, has ordered 2 of this snow pushers knowing there is not coming with the leaf of metal. It was not that the time will last with just some coffins poly leaf. I have used this long now and better that has expected. They have cut by means of wheel packed and hard snow frozen slush like this does well or better that an altarpiece of metal has been using. There are barriers lateralmente that maintains the majority of a snow partorisca fall off to some sides. These accounts partorisca the plot. These altarpieces are to read, but a lot of sturdy, very done and well has balanced. I have ordered so only another today. It is always be my regime that and when I purchase an element that reads well and taste, has gone of some next time I need a. So much, an extra transmission that pode the squirrel was paralización when this one raisin was, if he inside 2 or 3 years. Some reviewers says has had his takes like this a lot of pleasure 7 years. The sinister hope is well. They are effective sides in $ and free nave with compraventa minimum.
4 / 5 By Tennie
To my edges of adolescents likes him altarpiece the driveways partorisca money during winter. They were quite hard in lasting ours shovel, as I have ordered this one to add to his arsenal. This altarpiece is really adds in scraping all a way down to a pavement-- which require reasons tend to drive in our snow and taking packed down. It has been it adds in lifting and breaking on packed down snow and has cleared go our really well. To the Mine to some edges do not like that no active a lot the 'cube' to choose on the plot of snow, especially a heavy wet snow. This probably more has the habit to scrape nieva packed up or gel or to clear the light snowfall.
4 / 5 By Malorie
Use this altarpiece to scrape one to our snow Zamboni brotas behind like this driven of the ours our skating rink. A flange of acute metal the work adds of of the this. It leaves to take each alone flake, of entity so that we do not take the build up. Has not founding never the better altarpiece partorisca east.

The Hips the work adds to soften of a band of wet snow to holes in a gel. An altarpiece of contractors also this, unless some player of hockey with something to try, er, well guesses concealed is the plot of them, takes creative and does the really big hole.
5 / 5 By Doyle
Has bought this after my altarpiece of old snow has broken near of an end of a season. I used it so only two times like this far but the looks adds for go it normal. Some first time used it has had roughly 4 thumbs of the snow and he looked to manage this good but take some endeavour to press all concealed to a side of a go. Has the boss along that he the easiest fact to press without bending on. I have cleared a go in roughly 25 minutes that takes my time that was much faster that has been with my old snow, the smallest altarpiece. Some second time used it, has had so only roughly 1-2 thumbs of snow. I have cleared a go in roughly 5 minutes with him. A difference of measure of the altarpiece done an amazing difference in timing especially for quantity of lighter that snow.

My leaf of altarpiece has looked the little release when you arrive like other people have mentioned in some descriptions. A remedy has mentioned fact for me also. I will repeat it. So only resist a leaf of altarpiece in the each side with him facing up in the solid but soft surface like a carpet in your house. Simply press a boss to a surface with the small quantity by force. You can listen the click and a leaf of altarpiece would owe that be tighter now.
4 / 5 By Shaunte
These are some better, studio and rigid. Material there is something in a boss of forest that is far upper the synthetic material. Has likes 5 of other altarpieces and hate them everything. It take my prime minister one of these in some tents of local hardware how is lasted at least 10 bad winters of Inghilterra New. I have taken another of Amazon for the substitute after a leaf of the metal rusted out of an altarpiece, which is really my failure for any when drying .
5 / 5 By Mindy
Now that has had the occasion for the use, highly can recommend. It is ideal for quickly clearing the few thumbs of snow of the big zone, as I go it or footpath. Ossia A class to shovel this leaves snow of press out of a way, assuming a nieva is not deep and/or heavy. (Yes, this can mean look a level of snow during the storm, and bundling until acting while he snows.) It calms also it can do a bit shovelling with him, again, if a nieva is not weighed. A leaf is plastic, but heavy and hard, with ribbing and sides that marks a rigid leaf. My only complaint is that a boss of forest is rough and could use the smoothest arrival. It fray good Gloves while managing it. I plan the sand and varnish he . . . Finally.

If the the situation of serious snow, and can not justify that it buys the good snow-blower, would recommend that it buy both this altarpiece and the small plus, altarpiece fashion excluyente. You will require the smallest altarpiece for these situations where has to that undermine out of the dense discharge, weighed of snow, or the clear snow compressed out of your car.
4 / 5 By Codi
Has had this same altarpiece for 15 years. Finally it breaks the pair in fact years been due to abuse, pressing in a cup of him with my foot to take under gel or nieva hard. In my test, a molded the plastic is is a lot of sturdy. A breaking of a forward one was had to entirely to my abuse. This type of altarpiece are adds to clear 1 to 4 thumbs of snow in the way to walk paved, quite wide to do the difference but no like this wide as to take too much snow. While a prize can look big so that one could expect paid for the altarpiece of snow in stock in the physical tent, simply has not seen one in the tent for the long time. An appearance adds of the amazon is that one can purchase this altarpiece without all one in current around the physical tents to find one. Although it have found one, a cost to run around would be More be adds them that any prime of prize. Also, a boss in a new altarpiece is fatter, which the majority of comfortable fact in a hand when pressing snow.
4 / 5 By Lavonia
Are small but does a snow that altarpieces.
This was exactly that I to press a snow to a side. So only drawback is is heavy and big that that it is more comfortable.
Has used he for a first time new Year with which in the 1.5 snow of the thumb and a leaf was/ is the little lose.
4 / 5 By Leonie
Really love this altarpiece and am like this happy has decided to take that hard year. It is big and like any one has declared more he among the piece of giant map. A boss is also much more that another altarpiece has had. When being the 5' (the stands to shovel quite like this big as me) and no-the exactly strong woman, was at the beginning the bit has concerned to be able to be uncomfortable for me to use. Nope! I want that I can clear so more w/much less endeavour. I have thought mainly it has been it uses the to clear my footpath along and go to press a snow before it take too deep to the equal that have been trying w/a small plus, far inferior mark of pusher way. ( Rule to shovel entirely me in last year; it was there constantly till all the hours of a night.) And mostly the utilisation that the way and calm really can press enough the bit of snow with this quite well especially compared to another pushers has tried. Snow does not fall off some sides or surrounds up and fall in front of your street; it is a lot it has drawn it.

But no along with which received it, I also found that that can use the class of piece down by means of almost 30' of the snow take at night. For me, faster and less behind fatiguing acts of this work to take the piece vertically w/this wide altarpiece. Begin reason this was a handy altarpiece and has required to find a fund of some steps and I later grab the most pertinent altarpiece but has finalised to go back to this. I assumed it it was way also weighed for me to be lifting w/nieva in the May my surprised, has found could stimulate and touch a piece of the snow and he am resulted in much less bending and tension in mine behind - probably also because of an extra of long boss. Perhaps an odd way to use this and that clears the snow but he have done for me. Ossia He sturdy, the altarpiece done well. To be like this wide how is, has not had any one @subjects w/a lot flexing etc. Rests and does well that it has to that and apparently more. I imagine a boss along also would be the very welcome characteristic for big people.

An only downside can find to this altarpiece is also one of favour of the his - this measure - can be the bit of the question in of the tight neighbourhoods. For the main zones , opened is fantastic; this in spite of, a period of a boss and the width of a leaf can do use and maneuvering a bit delicate in saying very tightened walkways, some few enclosed zones - on against/among wall or of the fences, stairways, there is estacionado closely cars, etc. If there is mostly these classes of conditions, can love the smallest version. Reason in fact can be too big for some parts of a work, sadly can not be my ONLY altarpiece but now that I have it, would not be without him. Besides possessing ways and numerous frames of altarpieces of snow on some years, has bought also 3 other new altarpieces last year; 1 of them it is also this mark in the leaf more regulates way that I also amour. (The one who would have thought you could love the altarpiece of snow!) Out of everything of them, comprising the very highly estimated ergonomic managed one, this and another of this same mark is now always my gone-the altarpieces. They look he likes resist on well but and when I require the new altarpiece, this will be a mark compraventa.

So that also have for behind the subjects or take fatigued w/shovelling, raking etc. I also found this little artilugio to be quite useful. (Recommended of the crew of 20 or so that it writes the one who has tried shovels of snow) Stout Backsaver Annex of Grip for Tools of Garden, Resupplies

Tip: A lot the altarpiece that comes with a boss a lot fully seated to a leaf. (This one of mine was but another has not been) A reason is that they are shipped sometimes the tents etc. W/the leaf and manage separate. So that he yours look loose/wobbly at all, gone back he to the rovescio w/the boss in the in firm but the surface cushioned a bit - as the coverage (and no inner spent so only of cold ice cream) resists a leaf w/both hands and the give the tap in firm. Calm usually will listen the click and would have to that the commentary is now firmly in a leaf. If you look in a where a boss goes to a calm leaf usually can see if it is not in all a way. (Looking closely in a picture for this element on, can see exactly that am speaking roughly.) It calms also it could try do this outside on herb etc. If it is not too cold was but would not risk that it attacks the plastic boss is cold . Hope That it help!
5 / 5 By Senaida
Am not sure if some people so only take the bad batches but my altarpiece was perfectly flat when I received it. You look specifically partorisca east of this appearance to be a main complaint but dips perfectly flush to the long of the each wall and the paving have tried he with. It is the really wide altarpiece perfects to press to the long of the footpath and so only has to that once. My primary purpose for him was to clean on mine go after my careers with the snow blower and is perfect for that. The same uses it to choose on show and launcher also and this winter if you are tossing the snow has to that it stimulates at least the foot or still until five big cost! This has done adds for him. One of the mine others the options was the 30 .ºn Altarpiece with some vertical bars to the long of both sides then the loop on that form a boss. The boy are I happy has not taken one of these reasons any one imports that loves so only nieva to press always inevitably love excluyente some and the launchers and has not been like this expensive that with one of these another. This altarpiece has done perfectly.
5 / 5 By Malcom
When that Presses this altarpiece, a sinister side is short and a right side is long. They would owe that be was to equally distribute a snow when that pressing.
4 / 5 By Claudie
Ossia A better altarpiece there is never has possessed. Yard my time partorisca clear for the half. I live the Wisconsin, with the decent sized go, and was able to clear he downwards 15 minutes. I can not it believe has expected this with a longitude partorisca purchase this. It have been looking in him partorisca the year and the half and has thinks that has not required he because of possessing the 28' snowblower. Chico, has been bad. An only thing would warn any of this that does not have the leaf. Has does not love one, but is good information for any that . Also, it is nowhere he approaches like this weighed likes some other descriptions proclaim. I find it to be comparable to another altarpiece has possessed. They are 5'5 and 145 lbs and are having any subject with pressing or snow of lifting.
4 / 5 By Clemente
HAS the quite wide swath like this less steps to walk is required to clear go it or footpath. Construction like this far is sturdy and has any faltered, but visually has expected a lot of heavier/construction fatter especially where some mountains of axial to a boss and leaf. The time will say.

If the depth of snow is 5' or more adds, a height of a leaf could have been 6-8' big so that the nieva does not flow in a cup into use, which a model of leading/mark ossia to substitute had. Like this in must of the deepest snow retrace the street like the snow is found a cup of a leaf and behind to an earth for behind an altarpiece.

More, as well as it is wider that nieva leave more manual of push and relatively light.
5 / 5 By Darrell
This altarpiece is big! I bought it to substitute for the 24' pushbroom had used in snowfalls less than 2' and he the work adds. Different one writes-arrive states, east shovels not having ametal games of flange, how is ideal for forest and composite decs where to any piece or damamge and does not take in the each imperfection. A boss is roughly 8' longer that the majority of altarpieces of the snow and ossia a lot appreciate to take the low corner a lot when quell'using to 'push' nieva vs shovelling. They are happy bought it!
5 / 5 By Rod
Had excited enough like this has Guarantees it 26 or 28inch that reads awesome and is snugg. When it Take this , was clearly free. Everything in a backside looks for to be lined on, but can move a leaf behind and advances. When you Choose on nieva movements too many. I have tried a fijamente posted on here and there is hammered a thing down with the hule mallet but can do not taking to snap. Have wailed On he also. Well, time to send behind.
5 / 5 By Laurinda
Has been that looks for the main altarpiece like this and person around his door. It avenges just in time for a first fallen of snow.
Are 6ft and ossia so only perfect to press snow. The look has said to PRESS SNOW. Always it presses a snow to a flange and I then stimulate with the smallest altarpiece like any partorisca pull. It does not take any time at all to clear a go. If there is the plot of snow I breakout a snow blower.
Ossia One of mine buys better. As any negative critiques have read to be sure to read among some lines. The only time will say resists up but that sees is built very good.
UPDATE: 1/11/14 - Still the cost adds. Tried a lot the.
5 / 5 By Hellen
More snowpusher has has not used never. A plastic leaf is a lot sturdier that aluminium that curves like this easily. A flange of steel scrapes a gel and nieva well. A boss is very strong. Perfecto.
4 / 5 By Fatima
Literal fat , boss of fat forest . A plastic boss is always a feebler link like the boss of forest is quell'has bitten heavier ( likes 1 pound ) but cut a cost for $ 10-$ 15 total . I have it and it is totally he values he . Alive in CT and gel and the heavy snow is the annual reality . It has not had Never the question with any boss of forest this thickness . It is like this big or main that the majority of armours plate to undermine altarpieces and armour plate flat altarpieces. There are games he of reinforcement of the metal riveted to a main flange also. It buys it now .
4 / 5 By Jan
Yes, has any one touches of wear of the steel. This better altarpiece without one! My altarpieces with the leaves of steel take on smooth surfaces was! A plastic leaf is abundance quite acute to move 5 or 6' of moderately the heavy snow in surfaces quite smooth cleanly, and movement nieva deeper is light and cold. If or not to resist it up for a lot of seasons, can not say, but so only shovelled 6' of beautiful heavy snow of the 200 foot (X 13 ft wide) go with the big car park up for a cochera, and resupplied walkways without the question and an altarpiece looks no worse for wear. A light weight and 30' the width the like to use. YMMV.
4 / 5 By Lessie
Altarpiece of better snow never. Seriously. We buy our in a summer when I have known would be available. The desire was now, reason take the second a today. My amours familiarised this altarpiece. Pressing a snow is like this better. A brota some wider discharges the a lot of main zone and does a work goes a lot quickly. Hardly I can take another I .
5 / 5 By Sharice
This altarpiece / pusher is fantastic partorisca these days when the few turns of snow to less than three thumbs. Easily, I can take some walks facts, a go there is scanning was, without too many steps. A perfect altarpiece, also, partorisca go it of brick - because it is done of hard plastic, which any mare a surface of brick.

Are happy with east. It is quite light, a pole of sleeve is forest of ash , and is completed with the grab boss for easy in slope. It have to that last the very long time. I produce it adds!
4 / 5 By Kayleen
A plastic altarpiece concerned, but this snow pusher has done well during one of a Midwest the worse winter is in of the years.

A 30 leaf of thumb taken excited to not having raisin like this a lot of behind and advances, how is the success there.

Spent it and has pressed some quite big load without buckling / breaking under a pressure like this far.

And surprisingly chooses on nieva quite near of a pavement, included when a snow is packed down and frozen on.

In short, the desire has had this in mine other two altarpieces a past 3 years. It has been the solid cost , when the amazon there is in stock anyways.
5 / 5 By Edmundo
Has had has not had never the plastic altarpiece before and a lot really know that to expect. But like this far after his first snow of storm of Michigan, has done adds. I have expected quite some flex because of him when being plastic , but a flex is very minimum. It looks to be a lot of sturdy, and a scraper of sum of laws of the steel, and does a very rigid altarpiece. A boss attaches with the clip in place of the ray, but looks to resist quite well like this far. A curve in a part of the plastic altarpiece done a circle of snow on in front of an altarpiece, in place to go in an upper and falling for behind an altarpiece, as I can press a lot of snow. An only thing would change is that I wish now I of taken one 30' altarpiece to the equal that can move more snow.
4 / 5 By Janae
East shovels does to clear a walkway and go the snap. It is light, but sturdy and a scrolling of snow of frames of width quickly and easy. We have had already this altarpiece, has purchased locally the year or he like this fact, and our neighbour has loved altarpiece, took it loaned frequently. We could you do not find anywhere locally. You find it on amazon and orderly…when you arrive the plant it ribbon in the, has situated the in his stoop (with the bond, of course) for his house of the turn of work…knows has to that it has been it to me, avenges on to thank me and has said them that a fairy of altarpiece has to that prpers have known loves it. Now it believes…..
5 / 5 By Phoebe
A same box said (in of the enormous papers) that was bases for the installation of shower. Where it is a control of quality in shipping?
4 / 5 By Mollie
Love this altarpiece but I have had any one the idea avenges with 3 feet of snow!!! Seriously this in spite of, this winter was horrible and am happy has bought this prompt in a season. This altarpiece dips a lot amiably in an earth so that the works add to shovel pavement and surfaces/of muck of the herb. If utilisations your altarpiece for grassy describes this has not beaten can be. It shovels The big street and movements a lot of snow but is easily maneuverable. Sleeve of big and plastic quality durable. Appearance have this altarpiece for years. (Unfortunately!!!)
5 / 5 By Lakita
Receipt 30 thumb Poly Altarpiece of Snow of the Leaf on 17-02-17 and now does not have to that have a program that are part of altarpiece out of my ways of walk. I shovel My own more to plot that some employees of a program are to complain roughly and a lot so much to the equal that has to that. I also like this measured reason in the light snow can so only has to that do one spends on footpath.
5 / 5 By Isabelle
Feels sturdy and well-has done. It is a lot he so only calms of precise press nieva around.
A plastic of altarpiece is fat, and a leaf of metal is sure.
In 5'10' has to that stoop too much to choose on uploads of snow, and a esgallinero' need the backsides of big plus to maintain snow of falling era. I took two times like this long to take snow with this altarpiece that has done with a one this has substituted.
To good sure would buy another altarpiece of Parking - just no east a.
5 / 5 By Lenny
Has bought this in September and could not expect use the. Felizmente The has not taken too much snow in Pa but enough to use this joy more than my snow blower. This is not the serious altarpiece for lifting but is awesome to press snow that is 2 thumbs less, enough; one classifies of snow that are really annoying and calm so only wants to be fact with him. This altarpiece pusher runs your time to clear for the half.
In fact will be to buy more next year like this present for friends and family.
5 / 5 By Augustine
Has taken to use my altarpiece once, as it does not fail never the buy something for the particular task and seldom take for the use. This altarpiece is quell'has bitten heavy, and does not have games he of wear of the steel, how is announced to have. Do fast work of the 3 snow of storm of thumb, and time saved in 24 thumb pusher. I like this and recomend the, if it do not concern on of the games of wear. It is very fat and has plastic tampons that the slides on. It take some odd looks of passers to be shouting yellow brilliant, but has been done much faster that normal. To the amazon there has been a better prize also.
5 / 5 By Jesse
Really It likes Me one 30' wide and a bit winglets in some finals. I add partorisca 2-3' of powder (only). This in spite of, a boss 'access' to a plastic house has too slop in him and will have to that shim, hammer the pair of extra holes, and add several rays attentively partorisca strengthen the-boss-to plastic access. It conceal simply it can not be sloppy/free. Estacionando Need to fix concealed. Still, I law adds and really saves some time.
4 / 5 By Britany
Has bought this with the certificate of present of the Christmas done the week and has used so only this partorisca a first time today.

Which well is this snow pusher? Place the one of in this way: I took more with a longitude partorisca clean-of mine car that he my front & of go stoop! Has the plot of cracks in mine stoop & go, like a poly the leaf was much more advantageous that a company is all the steel counterpart. More, ossia the averages a weight.

Has finalised like this quickly that some neighbouring' wife also.

Takes a do one roughly 4x like fast. A width of 30 thumbs easily presses a snow, as all have to that do is partorisca move all a snow to a big battery in a corner of the yours go and then spend the fraction of the small scooping and tossing this battery a lot afterwards his in a herb.

This tool is the saver of life !
5 / 5 By Gertrudis
The altarpiece adds! A brota the most durable fact and easier that press
5 / 5 By Josephine
Like this, finally take the value of snow that dips this thing to a test has bought of then he - a Blizzard Nemo. Alive in a zone with quantity of snowfall around 32 thumbs or like this, & this altarpiece has treated sum. He he really easy (and fast) partorisca clear a walkway & 'ploughed' the big space for behind a car of the take was. Shopping this altarpiece again in the heartbeat. If you are partorisca shovel partorisca he when being the workout - this could not be an altarpiece partorisca you, this in spite of ;)
4 / 5 By Norene
Ossia an excellent altarpiece , ideal partorisca press until you are thumbs of snow or slush that the snow blower can any launch . It maintains in alcohol, is drawn partorisca press snow. It uses this altarpiece partorisca fast grandson ups or partorisca scrape snow and gel after the snow that swipes. The materials are sturdy, a boss is ash and is very solid. Like this, a plastic altarpiece is fat with the flange of main metal that scrapes the pavement. Some insiemi of altarpiece arrive a lot of ergonomically. One signals of the disappointment is that a point of the connection among sleeve and altarpiece is quell'has bitten free and does not have presionado easily. This any impar action but some needs of costruttore to direct a subject. Ossia The terrific product and well value of the alive money in a Northeast.
5 / 5 By Marybelle
Relatively flimsy and difficult to balance (curves behind to a side or another) when used in anything more than 1-3' of light snow. I have bought this to substitute the shabby Suncast SP2725, but have a lot of be careful when using he in snow weighed like this fully expect it to break. A Suncast is significantly more expensive (which is reason I has tried this model), but Much more sturdy and value a cost. Probably I will buy another Suncast like the result.
A smaller note: a boss of metal is a lot cold compared to a Suncast!
5 / 5 By Jarvis
Way, the fastest way that some the regular old altarpieces have been using while I have possessed the house. Could kick me for not taking an of these two decades done. Boys, spend of the money. Western PA.
4 / 5 By Nevada
Are so only 5' 3” like the boss is the little yearn to to the short people like to of them (the altarpiece comes until my nose). A brota is not attached to a boss a lot as well as it is the little wobbly when shovelling snow. I love a fact that a leaf is very wide to the equal that does partorisca shovel the easy wide street to do. I love an angel of a leaf ( starts well for people those who are short taste and tend to maintain of a boss in levelling to squander when pressing snow.) In general I am happy with a compraventa another that a fact that is the little wobbly but concealed so only could be a one that has received. (I thinks that a leaf could be be attach to a boss the little better of the sturdier.) I have had to shovel the tonne of snow this year. ( Had on 12” touch it on all immediately and shovelled mine go whole all manually that uses this altarpiece.) It acts a lot well in heavy deep snow.
4 / 5 By Josue
Uses this altarpiece in my stairs, coverage and go. It is hardened plastic and will spend but is sure on forest. Calm leave you to clear the big zone quickly while a nieva is not weighed too much. It is the pusher more than the altarpiece but leave you the pickup snow and launch in a stair/of coverage railings. This altarpiece is hard to find like progress partorisca season so it sells out of each season. I have had to expect for the this season to cost likes the prize is trace last season to the equal that distribute is gone down. Highly it recommends this altarpiece.
4 / 5 By Val
Could not say of ad this altarpiece comes with the very light weight boss of forest and am concerned will break it !
4 / 5 By Rudy
This altarpiece presses the good wide street has done well partorisca help clear go it along fewer steps. It takes very heavy if a snow has taken deep or was wetted really. Because of a width some needs to surface to be quite flat or ot will lose th something down. Taken the 4 so only because a boss connecttection is the plastic snaps in form that is the little release. Has no increments for the tightest, But still no like this in bylines as it was so only screwed in.
4 / 5 By Boyce
Adds to clear snow, also possesses to 26 version of thumb of of the this, an extra 4 do 4 to clear faster.
I alive to Minnesota when it does not have quite nieva to justify that it uses the snow blower. Utilisation a 30 thumb and my woman uses a 26 thumb.
5 / 5 By Susie
Has had an occasion to use he hangs it that I expect to be a last storm of snow of a season. Work a lot well and almost identical to a one that has spent.

A smaller explanation. I think that that a description describes it like this when being 30' wide. The mine has measured 29 thumbs.

Also please the note likes mentioned in the mark evaluadora forward sure that a boss is fully snapped to a boss.
4 / 5 By Jaimie
Park Snow of 30 thumbs the altarpiece is utmost for light snow. A good balance of measure, weight, flexibility, durability. For snows read of 1-3', covers the a lot of wider subjects of some typical 18' altarpiece. It is not for heavy snow , wetted of an altarpiece simply can resist too much volume. They are not it adds the launch snow, but ossia simply is not to use feigned . As the majority of snow savvy the people know, precise a lot of altarpieces in a cochera for density and of the different depths of snow. So only like the golf stock exchange with stirs it of different clubs. A plastic leaf any imperfection taken taken on of go a metal of way- or metal-bladed the altarpieces do.
4 / 5 By Sabina
This altarpiece is solidly built, any particularly heavy, and fast work of snow in footpath of mine/of go.

Finds a excluyente plastic does not take taking like this often in some cracks like my altarpiece of snow of the metal. There is a durability added of touch he partorisca armour plate to maintain he in a cochera for several years.

Before I have decided to try the snow pusher, had purchased a the majority of altarpiece of expensive snow of a local canal. It is all the metal with the legislation and the axial mine backside hurt every time has had to that take snow. It finds that I do not have the sore behind anymore, and this a pusher the solid investment for me. I think that that you finalise lifting to the plot less than then can go enough the distance, according to depth of snow, before lifting.

Have the no-plot of the corner and I can clear mine go discover, footpath, and porch of street/of the front less than 15 minutes with the smallest snowfalls. Usually I extra footpath for my neighbours and still arrival for the half a time with less than @@tiredness that has used to with the altarpiece of regular snow.

Has considered the snowblower but will be able to dip that it go for years in a mitten be. We have had so only the little nieva this year, and nieva really deep would add time and endeavour but this pusher has been the real boon like this far this winter.
4 / 5 By Jessi
Ossia A awesome snow pusher. A durable, very easy to use and does the good work that presses snow. You recommend this to any the one who snow of precise movement.

Updates on 4/29/2017: Experience two of these behind in February of 2011 and these shovels still is that they go strong. Some wear but is been on are years and they have to that the long of. It wins shopping two new some but he would be sad to launch one some was has becasue is still in good form.
4 / 5 By Suzie
Presses the good zone of aim, fluffy snow. This in spite of, a leaf of the steel is not a lot of gain to create gel. It is also he pusher, no the altarpiece, as it does not try to choose on a snow, unless you like hurt of the yours behind! Has the normal sized go and can clear 4'' of fluffy (so only snowed does not drive on) snow of mine go in roughly 30 minutes. If you can take the wide plus a, included better.
5 / 5 By Marsha
Ossia The big snow pusher! A young person could do snow to press of a lot of money with this snow pusher and the few stock exchanges of rooms. They are 5' 4'. A boss of this snow pusher achieve chin of mine! WOW! A circumference of a boss is two big times like the regular altarpiece. This snow pusher is to die stops! A portion of ploughed of this snow pusher is 26' in period that is on two feet! Yes!! A boss is big to the equal that can take the good grip in the and to push likes a dickens. A metal has attached to an end of a snow pusher would have to that resupply years to protect of wear. This snow pusher is like this awesome that I can included nieva of push for my neighbours so only reasons will have like this entertainment with him. I have not believed Never that would say this, but can hardly attended for a next big snow! I will be to press snow like the professional. This snow pusher looks very professional. He easily clear footpaths, and driveways. If taken the little of them and the few strong hands, calm easily could clear to plot of estacionar any time! Buy the little of these and rake in a cash! Has entertainment with this snow pusher. I know that I . Good regime!!
4 / 5 By Alisha
Has used so only once. Bought he for these days when takings so only the thumbs of pair of lighter that snow. Any sure works a lot well in the wet heavy snow reason takes the little flimsy in some finals. But he a work in the light snow.
5 / 5 By Sabine
This fashion of altarpiece, used for years, is hard to find now. It presses, any one the lifting required unless nieva deeper and any lip of metal the one who leaves for smooth pressing in an old plus pavement walk. Probably you buy another but less than 30', which can be hard to press if the wet snow, to share shovelling has to that.

Top Customer Reviews: Garant YPP24EAKDU ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 By Camie
I imagine people looking was his windows while I use it and is speaking among them roughly that glorious the man are. You the conjecture where could do and assumes to do the six shows of figure. Surely any with this class of tool has the good work. Some women married probably find still thinking roughly me when they had mentido down for bed. They can not shake some have thought of me that uses this thing. His husbands can say that something is wrong and ask reasons has like this state reticent, but some women so only answer ' are the little tired is everything.' In a morning, the majority of them a lot they was annoying partorisca shovel. That is a point ? It is embarrassing that it has to that use his altarpieces.

So only take the foot of snow (literally 11.6') and has had to shovel the plot of estacionar in front of mine townhouse, that comprises my portion of neighbours. It approximates a lot it is roughly 1,500 square feet and can comfortably control 8 cars... More if his expressed in there. At the same time partorisca shovel, there was so only 2 transports have estacionado in him, as the majority of him required to be shovelled.

This shovels the light work done of -6' or like this of snow. Ossia The walk of cake for this thing. It is laughable. A foot of snow, in another hand... Ossia The workout ( has followed in fact he with my Clock of Apple. It sees pic). If you are expecting the plot of snow, would recommend to shovel the diverse time while it accrues. I trust, it takes any time to attack out of the few thumbs.

I, this in spite of, shovelled a full foot of snow in of the square feet. This would have exhausted an apt plus of character with the basic altarpiece and I can do not imagining to take much less of 2 hours... And really I think that that it is conservative. With this bad boy, has attacked among 1 freakin' now. My heart rate averaged 150bpm and has burned almost 900 calories. But any one could touch this time with the regular altarpiece.

Spent this altarpiece. He you the better person.
4 / 5 By Argentina
This thing cost each penny. They are the 5 '4' the woman in his 60 is, and can manage anything is. A key if a snow is weighed or deep is to take small band like altarpiece any overfill. You can also skim of a snow in of the discharges, he slides fantastically on snow (the push down in bosses like this you slide he, the east that takes pivoting the part rounded on inferior). So only I shovelled 10-tonne, ploughed wetted-pieces in a fund of my walk. So only take the small bite, slide he in a snow to a side, tip up and dump. It uses my thigh/of knee to clash a backside while it is poured whole , to do a dump of snow was. Slides Of a plastic a lot easily. Although ossia heavier that more altarpieces in 14 lbs, can take a work So more quickly without that has to that stimulate, transfer and launch the full altarpiece of snow. For real it takes the averages a time. Still he workout, but easier in a backside and FASTER.
4 / 5 By Alvina
Would have given this produced the triple-5 because of his action and utility; this in spite of, am forced to downgrade when regulating-3 because of reliability to draw. The work adds last season; this in spite of, in his first use this season, some main species-flange of an altarpiece detached of an altarpiece. When I have bought this product there is remarked that any revised that more and has mentioned a same lack. At the same time, I presumed that a OEM there is king-has drawn a defect out of produced for career of future production: nope! @@Subject Of the reliability is still insitu. I will owe figure out of the modification of field to solve a question because another that this shortcoming, a product are adds. Although it recommend a OEM taking to do reason this will give the hungry competitor an occasion to reverse engineer and fix a question like this nudging a current OEM has produced out of a phase.
5 / 5 By Althea
Are so only 30, but the'go state shovelling snow of the era likes 8. Alive in MN so that the snow is at all new mine, been here all my life. These laws of orders of what to press a snow, and lifting even quite well. It is also extremely well take compact snow of a go concrete.

The better way that these damn leaves of metal in an end of altarpieces that so only take taken in of the cracks and try the piece to a cement.

Can not recommend this enough. It was quite lucky to take them roughly $ 7 the piece, at present is $ 50 and the d paid $ 20 for them again.
4 / 5 By Howard
Looked to purchase the altarpiece of big quality of ergonomic snow for your to Inghilterra New snowstorms. This was exactly that has loved. It can look pricey although they are one to believe takings that pay partorisca in some chances and this altarpiece a lot of the storm. An ergonomic creation really relieves stress in a backside and arms. Literally I can press a snow and then impulse and launch it if need for (usually after the few storms). A 24 leaf of discharges of thumb to plot of zone with adding like this hanged that it can do not directing. Highly you recommend and after the comprehensible investigation ossia an only place was able to find this particular altarpiece. It was the decision adds . It was not been due to to be rid until roughly 3 days with which the ones of entities snowstorm in December. A lot my surprise has been rid the first day a paste of storm so that it was really able to try it was. Ossia The service of the client adds .
5 / 5 By Lionel
This thing is surprising. It slips by means of an earth. They are up in North Dakota where a snow is powdery but among strongly, this product is perfect for these conditions. As any those who is 6'3 and there is consistently has had for behind the ache that use regular altarpieces, this thing is the godsend. No more twisting or the snow that launches, simply excluyentes a snow and use a sleigh-smooth funds to slip to a next earth and dump easily.

Has finalised mine go quite big in around 30 minutes, without ache in mine behind at all. It can any never go back the regular altarpieces. Thank you The Park, thank you so much thus amazing product!
4 / 5 By Elton
Is very light, this in spite of sturdy. I open snow commercially and usually use ManPlow snow pushers, but has required something right now. This does a lot well. My subject is wear . I have used this on 4 locations in of the footpaths so only, and there is noticeable, almost drastic wear in a leaf been due to a cement. There is remarked blue plastic pieces in a concrete zone like east utilisations. After looking in him in an end of a day, This pusher need the leaf of metal like a flange. How it is, I can see use this for the month here in Hindú, and then require substituted. For the homeowner, this would last more along and is an amazing altarpiece.
5 / 5 By Khadijah
Master, calm frames to the man bobcat. I have cut my time partorisca shovel for the half. Any like this deep snow can you so only the push in one wide raisin and clear quickly. The big storms can take spent giant and relocated a snow and touch it dondequiera . My woman asked reason the piece of the crew of tractor was in a doorstep when it arrive but has been one of mine buys better. Pro The tip has chosen on other descriptions this in spite of before I took it. Spray A fund with cooking oil before starts and only slips.
5 / 5 By Lorna
Was hard pressed to find the snow pusher altarpiece to write to substitute my leading one this has given on a ghost a start of this season of winter, and has found is one. At the beginning it seats a prize could have been the little too compared to esgular' the altarpieces expósitas locally. When I have received this element, discovered it is cost each penny is spent! It is it has done in fact to the heaviest plot and a bit main that my old snow pusher and looks to contain a snow pressed for him, to better plot also. A new only thing in this snow pusher, or altarpiece of snow of any bondadoso that I seen is a device/of the click of the slide has attached to a (often) boss to resist a leaf. The jury is still was on is better that so only the simple old ray by means of a leaf to manage mentality of things, but am beginning for thinks it will resist on just a lot he/when it is pressed to a max with the heavy snow that is pressed or elected until sling. Fact VERY GOOD and the continuous hope treat around here likes there is like this far, for the long time. If it wants to or require the robust snow pusher,all can say is to take is one, of then in my chance there is still to find a locally this approaches!
4 / 5 By Svetlana
Like this for my electrical snow blower and a boss has bent altarpieces of regular snow. Ossia The beast of load and take big quantities of the snow without that has to that it stimulates the thing. It can move nieva several feet out of driveways and footpaths without creating the enormous snowbank. Some slides of excluyente plastic effortless on snow and gel , easy to pívot and manoeuvre, and like this far any snow there is stuck to a excluyente. A boss is enormous and can use my organism to press more than my arms and shoulders. It goes in a cup of frozen follows of the gel caused for wheels and of the impressions without jamming partorisca take likes enough of anything more. A quantity of available leverage to break on big masses of the snow compressed has left of a ploughed of the snow is surprising, so only presses down and push down a boss. It can take snow a lot afterwards partorisca wall, herb, and no. A lot of setup has required for the snow blower, not tugging the around, any cord, gas, oil, or the cord that attractive first of calm included can begin. It is it adds to clear some bits of the snow and he gel left behind with which a prime minister spends and a flange of metal will break, pause on, and excluyente up hiela that is not welded to a go. A work will be done any time. Drawbacks? An altarpiece is ENORMOUS, sustains it against partorisca wall and a boss is 5 feet on an earth and the claves was 20 thumbs, and is on 2 wide foot. Taking he by means of the door is quell'has bitten delicate. A weight is 15 pounds (has measured so only he) as no too bad.

Having has CLEARED SO ONLY mine go for a first good snow, here is tips. A excluyente/of altarpiece will resist more than thinking, so only prints it a bit that the plus and a snow will compact the excluyente. Created the ramp in some plants loves snow of dump and slide a excluyente until upper and attractive behind or has left the slide down a rear side. A ramp can extend enough the way out of a go, leaving a lot of room for a next snowfall. I have required to do to plot to walk at the beginning to clear the street to mine ramps but he hel'one'plot less than with the altarpiece of regular snow.

My edges have looked for to face a snow has left of a snowplow with the regular altarpiece. I have pressed this earth/of movement of bulldozer under one 2 foot big mass of snow and gel, levered he on, slid down the, and has begun to walk one 50 or calm so that the books were. You look behind in mine dumbfounded edges and says 'WHO Is The MAN ?' Heh. Highly recommended.
4 / 5 By Melvina
A better snow pusher never! Have been using ours of then November 2011 and now is February 2017! This year we are treating on 5 feet of snow in an earth. I have been that uses this snow pusher so only roughly every day partorisca maintain our uncovered covered and the ceilings of metal clear of snow. I so only tried partorisca buy the 2nd a, as he brota finally is spending down. Sadly, I see It it has been it has interrupted! Reason???? He fantastic! We live roughly 30 miles of a Canadian Flange, in a north end of Idaho Panhandle, like the soaps bit it roughly snow! Again, this has been a better snow pusher has not used never, and has bought enough the little diffrent fashions and frames. Always we combat the grab is one! Please, Estacionando Company, spend it behind!!!
5 / 5 By Heather
Has bought my prime minister one of these 7 years done. I have bought the new of the two years done. One touches of wear for a prime minister an east exited and any have @@give the until it have launched a band was like this of the rubbishes. Fabbed On touches he of tope to do, but has ordered the new altarpiece. This winter a new altarpiece has lost his games of wear, hips, but found that and reinstalled he with kerbs of pop. AS REMARKED in other descriptions, a crimps concealed is feigned to resist he in place was simply unsuitable. I have contacted it Guarantees, the Canadian company, and has been link games of piece given he of new wear, as I have imagined would order three of them. Wrong. They refuse to sell parts by means of a flange, that alleges that it cost it like this to take them mine like the new altarpiece. Like this calm probably remarked, a prize in these altarpieces fluctuates among $ 80 and $ 160 (question?); Any way that would cost it on $ 70 to ship me the $ 6 part! I guess it is simply more question that repeats it the client cost to them. When This two wear was, will be to look elsewhere.
5 / 5 By Onie
The people do not squander your money in east produces everything roughly is bad. Three questions of first order, an on priced, two does not have any flange in an altarpiece that will last a season because his plastic, need the flange of metal, three a quality is poor, I so only tried to shovel one in and a whole boss snapped was and of course has no snowed very bought that of then and one stupid 90 days are gone by and his no warrantee the, as to arrive to this point his value less than the star.
5 / 5 By Mui
Has Had this altarpiece for 3 years. This last blizzard east shovels really tried his value. Stacks Nieva On and in closing with a big 3 drifts of feet. Little or any wear to this point. It is not the snow blower likes all some neighbours have, but is very better that some smaller altarpieces as it digs and sleds (slides easily) to a battery of snow that can be ramped on quite big. The tool adds with flange at the head of the aluminium, and any gas has required....
4 / 5 By Gary
The NOTE has added 12/05/2013 I paid for this altarpiece. It does not pay never (that is asking today 12/05/2013. It take a tram joe altarpiece Snow Joe SJ620 18-Launch Thumb of Electrical Snow for and although it was the sceptic of an electrical vs gas a small measure and the low prize me it convert. A bit the tram is like this light and easy to use. My point is still would buy a tram joe altarpiece before this in the beaten of heart(reg on sale partorisca with frequency on Amazon). A combination of a tram joe partorisca and east Guarantees Yukon altarpiece partorisca east adds for me to clear the prójimo 1 walk of acre! Of course never I have left a nieva continuous in 3' is the a lot of zone. For the regular measure drives of the Guarantees/of trams combo would be adds probably for still 6' or more.

Like this attentive until I see this goes to - , will feel to pay then that it see it next week stops . And when lame mine one was marked not even like the sale. The amazon often changes prince randomly , this altarpiece was so only yesterday!

Original description - I amour this and for me is an altarpiece of the better hand-held snow never invented and that personally there is never has used. It does not pay never for him this in spite of as some units of trams of light weights that it is probably bit it better is in a row of prize. For the ossia to 5 altarpiece of star . For any so much. But ossia my lovely perception . If the prize is not considered ossia to 5 altarpiece of star .

Takes to skill to use it and all the thoughts to use likes the traditional altarpiece has to that be left behind. One a star reviewers is some people that so only cant comprise or master a technician or so only does not like a concept, but once mastered has bet 90 of the people will prefer this altarpiece.

Have go it ENORMOUS, roughly 1 acre of the coverage and I have used in fact this long to clear 3' fat snow of a whole zone. S For people with the simple two go car 20 feet jumps long is and practical with him. It goes to Youtube, the few people have aimed his technicians on using it. Utilisation this in gas of mine and tram while I can take to a wet snow when his 3' or less. If his snow of light powder I excluyente on 6' or more with relieves to use east.(Well Very excluyente, but push and movement).

Again, to this does not like the regular altarpiece, but can embrace a new technician required(Youtube/of Youtube of control) is far better.
4 / 5 By Eden
That marks the well of altarpiece or bad has to that it weaves to do with personal preference and to the equal that was used. Has 3 altarpieces of snow, each one that like this with weaknesses and of the different forces. I have bought this one to substitute the resemblance one that has spent finally go. It likes-me a boss has bent, a width in this one is well to treat heavy snow, and a lack of exposure of metal anywhere in a leaf means that can use to shovel a snow of mine car or another easily has broken surfaces. If, in another hand, has loved so only press nieva averts in the go, has better elections (wider and with touch he of wear in a flange).
5 / 5 By Ginette
Have go it that it is 100ft along and 2 wide cars and has cleared so only 8 thumbs of heavy snow in in an hour that use this altarpiece without Any tension in my back (I follows the woman of half age). Utilisations your legs, glutes and behind in the good way to press a show and tilt the to touch it. Any lifting has required. I gave the good workout without the harm and has paid for him long on. They touch among $ 50-$ 100 to shovel mine go like this when being able of the do has saved me the tonne already. My neighbours have tried and he and loves the hips. It is especially essential to take by means of this heavy disorder some trucks leave in an end of the yours go when they clear a street. You can excluyente and spend it was. It is quite wide that one attacks is sufficient to clear footpaths of mine so much is a lot quickly. If I need to impulse he, is not weighed neither, but is VERY DURABLE. I can see reason this is to sell was like this often and hope that a company the a lot of main production career next year as has several people that expects to buy these. It can take the second a, so only to have like the transmission.
4 / 5 By Marylou
The altarpiece of better snow there is never has purchased. The ergonomic sleeve adds, light weight, and hard plastic altarpiece. It does for the easy work that takes soft snow. This in spite of, does not have any leaf, is tightened more than the majority, and any one would have to that it pays 30 dollars more for him the accounting for inflation has paid of then 12 dollars in 2016 of Amazon for an exact same product.
4 / 5 By Robbin
I alive in Michigan lower. There is not any excluyente like this in any retail tent around here. Purportedly some the big retailers spend, but no in this phase. To good sure does not take nieva like courses or north Michigan of Canada, but is not out of a zone of danger when it comes the storms of big snow. I do not have any snow blower, so only the altarpiece of scraper of the snow. I have seen some video of these things in action have chosen like this to take this in place of the snow blower. I have been moment to write this description for the moment reason have not had a lot nieva this year, but finally has taken 5 thumbs and is a perfect time to see that it can do. A nieva like this used to take 1 now and 20 minutes with a scraper of regular snow. I have completed so only mine go (all to an enormous mound so only for fun) in 20 minutes. If I have not been messing around with a mounding described, has been 15 minutes . This excluyente is surprising and for mine go reason is faster that the snow blower. There is any prep/warmup time, I so only grab the and it beginning that it opens. If you are in the haste, so only press faster. Calm can not go faster that a max speed with the snow blower, but this thing dips CALM in control of a speed. I am not sure to the equal that can be drawn any better that this. They are 5'10' and 190 pounds and I have had any question that presses this in max capacity. This thing is very big. It is light, but because of an odd form is hard to store and the cup taken on of the plot of room. It is worth it this in spite of. This excluyente will clear to the footpath in one attacks. An only limit is your force of own pressing . There is also the profit to a lot of that has to that maintain the snow blower and buy gas and oil for him. Ossia The perfect product and would have to that possess one.
4 / 5 By Branda
I to plot to research first to buy east. It was the cost adds . It is quell'has bitten on are big feet and in shape good -- I career, I formation by force, etc. -- But for any reason while it shovel ours (longitude) go with one of this level, old fashioned snow shoves, so only calm mine behind. I mean, he the miserable bloody life sometimes for days afterwards. Usually it finalise that it has to that pay a chiropractor $ 35 to fix a question. And this is resulted something of the crisis because, where alive, has to nieva clear and in my house I a lot he, usually does not take done. But this winter has used this beauty of a start and am thrilled to inform some the rear questions are the thing of a past. It is better way that the snow blower, if I ask. It is roughly like this easy to move snow with him so that it is with the snow blower (but more than satisfies) and does not have any ache-in-the-interview of ass. Ascent all the world-wide to do his own investigation, of course. But in my opinion: this sleigh the altarpiece is a bomb .
4 / 5 By Hillary
Ossia The tool of the scrolling of snow adds . Like those times have and what calms want to you the walk really can clear the plot of snow with this sleigh. I have cleared until 6-7 thumbs of snow of a footpath of go with this tool - has cleared - in the foot that does the street to walk around a house. One issues to walk around a house is class of easy because it was able to press a sleigh before four or five feet the time then behind on and touch a snow was to a side. Of course during the chance of the snowy elder I boss out of multiple time - again the plot to walk. Mine go is not that big roughly 2000 square feet and parco three external cars - this sleigh are adds to clean around some vehicles - very better that shovelling.

I Centrical New York alive where takes wide quantities of snow of effect of the lake. For a winter of 2015 - 2016 receives 85 thumbs like this far - which is very around the our total of season - is supposed - the snow during a prójimo ten days in the so many can add in diverse more thumbs. Any I still begins my launcher of the snow this year has the 10HP Simplicity Pro - an expensive but awesome tool of scrolling of the snow - I highly recommend one has a half.

Our snowy this year has been extended has spent of a winter - some years take significantly more the snow and the main batteries in a yard. I imagine when some banks trace to a 6 - 8 row of feet for a street and 4 - 5 feet in a yard this tool can not be like this useful.
4 / 5 By Tameka
Seriously, has taken two of these and can clear ours go big and the first footpath of our neighbour is included neighbour to finalise his. More: we do not finalise covered with to the snow likes of his blower. A plus a big plus for me is that these things leave to do our batteries of the furthest snow aways of where is clearing. Ossia The big shot in of the years of big snow when management of the snow around a house can result critique.
4 / 5 By Angelia
Where is a 6th star for these descriptions?

Has in the first place discovered this element in Vermont in 2011. A snowfall was on 20 thumbs and that grow when I have seen any one using he in the plot of estacionar. I have been surprised in that quickly clear out of a snow. Of mine snowblower finalised to die, has decided that this would be the very stopgap.

Has used this several times, once to do my neighbour súper-go long. When I Have been done, my no hurt backside , and while my shoulders were the plague of has bitten , has taken 2 driveways done without an endeavour that pauses for behind the altarpiece. My neighbour (the one who has the bad back) is exited and said, ' has to the sinister use my snowblower.' Any need. This thing is all precise . First of all, there is almost zero tension in your backside because it calms does not have to that nieva of impulse, altarpiece like this traditional the fights are on.

As, yes take the PLOT of snow, can do two steps easily reasons he so only slides in a snow. One raisin and then clean it up with the second spend.

Tercero, is built really well. Strong, any weak spot.

Does not need the substitution thus snowblower, but certainly will be to take another of these. If any I in fact rest waiting for one cleaning mine go/walkway, does not have dreads so. And a prize added: it is the green way to go .
5 / 5 By Johnson
This my second that altarpiece of Parks. Mina another there is roughly 10 years this in spite of add, but gave it to my brother the one who could not resupply one. I love this altarpiece! It arrives promptly and in perfect condition. Any assembly has required. It is the perfect creation . He easily excluyente the widths swath of the snow and calm simply touch until custody to the battery. There is not any lifting, turning, bending and a fund is built like the sled like this easily can slip up in banks of snow to move a snow where calm the want. It is perfect to save your backside. They are so only 4'10' and I can use he without any question. Clean mine 2 go car ossia roughly 35' long in 10-15 minutes.
5 / 5 By Tammy
This altarpiece of snow is excellent for several reasons: 1) an ergonomic curve really, really the helps prevent rear questions and overexertion. 2) A light of looks of the weight for his measure, but manage strong 3) a leaf is ALL polyethylene , any brota of metal riveted on in a fund. Ossia súper Of entity for us because a walk is patterned cement and can not take metal edged altarpieces. 4) Two people of heights very different find it equally excellent to use. The prize is competitive.
5 / 5 By Malisa
Reason on the earth does not take this earlier thing?

Like the title suggests, ossia a better thing prójima to the snowblower. A quantity of snow can clear in a goes simply is in amazing. Shovelling Takes the fraction of an use to time to. It is ENORMOUS! A brota to have that heavy digs well to a snow. So only shove he to the long of until it is full and push down in some extra-long bars to impulse yours uploads up. He slides easily to a side of your street. It gives it the bit of the shove and some explosions to shovel on and in your battery of snow. Recognition on on is side and some dumps of snow out of good and easy.

Some bars are the sturdy, steel that feels heavy and a plastic is easily two fat times like the majority of altarpieces of snow. I seat absolutely any one gives in a same plastic with cariche heavy. One touches of the aforesaid steel in a main flange is also fatter that the majority of altarpieces of snow and would have to that resist on fantastically. It have to that last the good long time. A compraventa definite!
4 / 5 By Vi
Had purchased the snowblower done two weeks. A same time, has loved the altarpiece (to use when it was too prompt to use a snowblower to dread to wake some neighbours).

This thing is SURPRISING. Alive in NY and recently has taken the tonne of snow. My neighbours there was external state shovelling for a past hour. I have been to a cochera (where this has been boxed still) and there is pulled he out of a box for a first time. He easily slipped to the long of an earth and has cleared mine go of half measure, zone of rear parking, footpaths, and walkway in roughly 15 minutes. 15 minutes!!! I so only walked to the long of and has had to grieve to do a lot of work. When I Have been finalised, my neighbours still were to grieve halfway the facts that altarpiece out of a snow. Now I am contemplating returning my two phase blower that had spent $ 1000 on.
5 / 5 By Aliza
These are Fantastic devices for scrolling of snow, has been using them and his predecessors of then 1981. Basically it has no rear work and any lifting. Last year of mine 350' the walk there has been 2' of snow, the snow has compacted, and gel, (to be was for a whole month of of the one of the north of February of Pittsburgh, PA has cleared the street for a car in 7 hours.
Has used he for a big 30' snow of January 1996 (Bethlehem, PA) and the work adds for sleet, and the heavy wet snow same that blowers can not touch.
Takes my snow takes and the decent workout without going to the gymnasium. I have seen one in Svezia in an airport that is pressed by the man+ of 60 years and has imagined could do there is like this bought my prime minister noredskop' of Svezia in 1980 and has had the partner spends it behind for me. Cela One was aluminium . These polypropylene some are included better. Suncast The small version but these 27' the excluyentes is perfect for me. Now they are the man of 61 years and is not the tension to use. You can touch a snow like this far was as it likes you without lifting. When we Live in Bethlehem ,PA has taken all a snow of a go and walks (120' go with the 30' zone of wide parking) and dip the all to a big battery. He the launcher of sled adds for some boys in ours sloped rear yard. Snow with which snow, dipped in a same battery. A battery has grown to 6 or 8' big and quite wide and has compacted enough to be on. Really they like him to him these esnoredskops' is 'of green' also compared to the snow blower or powered ploughed. Adivinos Is 2 x fast that the traditional altarpiece, and when one has the big zone, the altarpiece would require multiple spear to achieve an earth to touch. Grace & Pace Roy Alexander
5 / 5 By Anna
With which 2 years to clear ours go with the regular altarpieces smaller, which always looked to take 1.5+ hours a lot @@subject the one who small or light a snow was, I finally caved and has bought Guarantees it Nieva Pusher in of the hopes that quell'would shorten a work. This there is routinely cut my time to shovel for the half, and has saved my behind in a process.

Which have found after a winter to clear mine go in southeastern PA:

Him him 3-4 thumbs or less than powdery snow, this will clear with small to any esforzo, and a better part - any lifting! Simply begin the line and push he by means of. More than 3-4 thumbs of the powder and calm will begin to have questions with him runs over it an upper or sides while moving by means of the yours go. You can still he, but will have to that do the second spend to clear anything is exited an altarpiece when calm pressed it to a side.

Is trying Claro wetter slushy snow, this can manage 2 thumbs without the plot of question, but calm then begins to have subject with a battery that is weighed too much to move.

For the light snow is the no brainer. Utilisation this altarpiece and calm is good to go.
For the heaviest snows or wetter, takes two elections:
Option A: yours Shovel go each few hours and stay at the head of him taking to be too much to easily of push. East shovels does to clear a go like this easy that usually chooses this option unless it means to shovel in 3FOLLOWS.
Option B: Take the Suncast excluyente of snow (Suncast SF1850 Altarpiece of 22 Thumbs of Snow of Excluyente Big with Games of Wear ) and use he for some some big plus, heavier. It is not like this quickly it likes nieva pusher, but to good sure done the better work in managing some heavier snowfalls.

Can not comment in a reliability of long term of this product still, having has used so only he for the alone season, but still looks like this very like this new after clearing mine go multiple time last year, and there is already more than paid for him. If and when he finally pauses, will buy another in the heartbeat this in spite of feels likes has taken extracted adds .
5 / 5 By Thad
Looks the little beast to be like this enthusiastic in the ... Altarpiece ... But this are ADDS! They are in 50s and any form adds. We can not resupply the new snow blower, and does not love relive last winter is shovelling fiasco. This snow leigh' has done shovelling nieva So easier and faster that it was in fact the little disappointed when has of a pair the next door there has been has used already his snow blower in mine main footpath. Some first time used it, shovelled my walks And these of the disabled neighbour, more his go, so only reason was bondadoso of invigorating -- grieve more work that pressing the cart of compraventa. Ossia The big-quality, the tool does although now it comes with the flange of metal, as some forwards reviewers has said has to that. A excluyente is in fact much bigger that has had envisioned - an altarpiece has been rid in several big boxes taped together to form a boxing in a measure of the refrigerator, which looked bit it outrageous. Ossia My only flu ! I LOVE this thing!!
5 / 5 By Cindi
A frame of leaves of width of horizontal boss partorisca 2 hands that prints and has included encircled yours in time. It is had to quickly to the his wide width. It does not line my Cevn composite plastic decking. Utilisation my ATV with the leaf of snow for a go and this for where a ATV can not go. When This one raisin was will take another. You owe also.
4 / 5 By Kasha
Has purchased a TreuTemper 1600900 altarpiece, one Guarantees YPSS26U Yukon 26' altarpiece, and a Suncast EXCLUYENTE BIG. A suncast well of law but does not have an ergonomic is probably more adapted for any one down 5'5'. One Guarantees 26' is the in FAST and easy snow scrolling! Very happy with a True Temper some hips. An ergonomic boss in a TT and G is a way to go .
There is doubted remorse to spend this a lot for the things of snow bet regular BEHIND BREAKING altarpieces the SHAME. It can not believe have doubted partorisca HIGHLY recommend these , EASIER, VALUE each penny.
Can create a lip when full and slide a lot on and in a snow to exist battery - or can fill, rock he behind and the appeal to where love dump. ANY NEED to CHOOSE ON Any SNOW has WEIGHED AGAIN!!! So only the advance of game and is empty. Clue: Left an altarpiece takes frozen first to use and a nieva any glielo will stick to to him the he :)
4 / 5 By Nelly
has taken this the Wednesday. We have taken the paste at night of Wednesday of the storm the morning of Thursday. One prejudices before, has used this, in concert with the altarpiece to widen some finals of mine go small. I used it to haul a snow was. It was also slightly snowing the have used like this in mine drieway and work. Or.K., As you cant toss a snow with him, but like that? It is not done for that. I used it more paralización hauling snow, Another tool in a process of scrolling of the snow for me. Ossia Also veruy rugged. I plan on wrapping some bosses with tape of cloth so as to take the better grip. Some finals of mine go are now much wider thanks to of the this and my no hurt backside . It can not have done that before. I reccomend this excluyente of altarpiece! UPDATE 2-2-11: Used this yesterday and has moved 3/4 of all a snowbank in front of my house, this, together with a snowblower moved it everything! Ossia The tool adds to have in a snow that struggles aresnal! I have ordered so only one guarantees 37 thumb snowpusher. UPDATE: 2-6-2011: the snow Takes of a backside of a ceiling, some of him have fallen to the mine go and has blocked my doors of tent. I have begun to take a wet snow very weighed with the shvel and felt my backside that attractive, has thought then: That a heck Are I doing? Somehow it has forgotten it to take a sleigh altarpiece, has taken concealed and the question has solved, take all a snow and NO REAR TENSION! It is not often I am satisfied extremely with the product, but are with east an and have any question prasing the. If it spends it was, I will buy another!
5 / 5 By Edie
This thing is the monster - both measures and qualified to clear a snow. I will say on front that does not think that is to say for your shorter/person smaller unless calm can manage you well. It is bulky but once take a hangs of him, moving nieva quickly without killing your backside is easy. A whole point of him is to take a corner of an altarpiece and the boss have situated calm so that press a snow (Any one IMPULSE) out of a way. Calm once take to a side, simply tilt he on and a nieva the slide was to the battery. This means to press the so only has spent a flange of a gram, go, or anything. Another tip is to press downhill when possible, any one up.

Recommends this altarpiece but calm also will love another esgular' altarpiece for stairs and of the narrow spaces.
4 / 5 By Bernetta
Has used this product for 3-4 seasons in the climate where receives in meso 35 thumbs of snow the year. I have been satisfied with him until a plastic altarpiece has begun to break/the crack was. I have contacted One Guarantees service of client to relay this defect in hopes that could this question. I inquired in the leaves of substitution of plastic altarpiece to change in a a that it has them. They said it that it was too expensive and that would require to purchase the whole new altarpiece. Any I seat conceal is right and if ossia a chance would be necessary offer a bit risarcimento to purchase the new altarpiece.
In general, am disappointed with this product/ of mark!
4 / 5 By Denyse
Ossia The altarpiece adds, light . Cleared mine go far faster that a snowblower with trying very small. Utilisations for all the storms down 4' or after the heavy storms to clear a go after a prime minister snowblower raisin. Mark so only sure leaves quite spatial where is pressing a snow to press more nieva of then is not easy to 'promote snow with him, as have paste the snowbank ossia.
4 / 5 By Eusebia
This description is for a 13.9 thumb poly altarpiece of snow, although a tent that begins is for a 24 thumb wide leaf. Ossia A second time has purchased altarpiece of east Guarantees of snow. A small altarpiece, light with an ergonomic boss really the helps prevent a backache after the morning that altarpieces. My opinion is that the light altarpiece with the smallest leaf is almost like this quickly clear snow like the big leaf reason is less exhausting.

Commentaries that of a leaf is poly door with use. Ossia Well, the metal edged the tugs of leaf to the long of some cements and does not choose of a hard band or gel as well as a poly embroiders of leaf.

Would be to add the guarantees has sold a substitution poly leaf in some the EUA At present a leaf is so only available to order for Canadian residents.
5 / 5 By Maisha
One Guarantees nieva sleigh is an excellent altarpiece to take nieva deeper or more weighed of go yours. I have purchased this altarpiece with which having some difficulty with an use of a Wovel besides deep and/or nieva heavier. A Wovel could not manage some 15 thumbs of snow have had recently, and also was more difficult with the heavy 8 thumbs of snow. You look on-line for the altarpiece that could choose on where a Wovel has to that the left was, and has found Guarantees produced. The test is the timely cost to the equal that receive 9 thumbs of heavy snow , has wetted a next day. The difficulties there was again nieva moving around with a Wovel ( tends to do better with powdery snow, the smallest quantities of snow, or when the ones of the open spaces in a go to press the smallest quantities of snow to), as I have spent out of one Guarantees to a front of a go where the good foot and the half of snow of ploughed of the snow has expected. One Guarantees easily slid down and scooped he all up. Almost like this width like the doorway, this altarpiece has done fast work of my entrance of go, and tried to be the lifesaver, helping me paralizaciones to shovel go it big in roughly 2 hours, likes opposed to a 3-4 more the hours could have spent shovelling the portion of a go. One Guarantees enabled arrest me to shovel more than just a street that directs era; I left to have a time to clear a go whole.

A challenge for me was a fact that already have nieva banks very big flanking a go. When Using of the Guarantees sleigh, one has to that slide an altarpiece in a bank of snow (perhaps has other methods) or to some another location where can touch you a snow. Of mine go discover is flanked for banks of snow, has had to that shovel out of the notch that would leave me to it to slide of the guarantees on and of a go to touch a snow. While this has added some time, has completed still a work in just down 2 hours. Calm once take an altarpiece slid of a go, calm simply stimulates up or turn it on his side to touch out of a snow. There is no real tension in a backside. Calm mainly use your legs and arms.

Thinks this altarpiece also would be the supplement adds to the snow blower when has question with a really wet snow or if he otherwise failure, like this sometimes do. It can you do not recommend enough!
4 / 5 By Chasity
Has used this for a first time today in the light 1' the snow and I has been impressed! Mine go and the footpath would have taken me usually 15 minutes to clear, but so only take 4 minutes today! Of the majority of an endeavour with normal shovelling is in a lifting, this strictly the method of push was much easier and has not built on the sweat in the a short time taken to finalise. It was also wonderful to clear a footpath in a clean sweep , fast more than all a forward shovelling the action has required to manage a snow spillage of some sides of an altarpiece. This snow pusher probably would not do very displaced 5' or 6' deep snow, but is adds for a light 1' to 3' snow that is typical for my location.
5 / 5 By Tommye
This is to produce adds . We have had one of some snowier seasons last year in Inghilterra New Of the sud in of the decades. The character of mother has launched each imaginable type of consistency of snow, light and fluffy to rain drenched slush. It was able to move all a snow of go ours and walkways a lot @@subject that the type of same snow has joined the bad batteries to the left there is ploughed of snow. Work much faster and easier that the altarpiece of snow because it calms does not have to that it never stimulates a snow, slide and excluyente just.

Some suggestions - Cover a boss with insulation foam. I have used pipe of hot water insulation and tape of Gorilla. This prevents a boss of metal to suck a heat of your hands. Advances of slowly for fall of heavy snow to establish the superficial ramp of snow the snow of slide of storms of snow later. Have has had to that you are battery of feet of the snow that extends on twenty feet of some flanges of the ours go. I slid snow of some storms of the snow later arrives and in a ramp of snow to a flange of a battery and touched it. It was not never able state to move a snow has had piled a snow to season more collected deeply to the long of a flange of go.
5 / 5 By Lavinia
I have it that there is wanted always the big snow pusher because mine go is roughly 42 feet long for 60 wide feet. It adds in 3 walkways and 2 coverages and we move the snow of plot manually when tomb. While I possess the snowblower which adds in of the falls of heavy snow and can clear piled on nieva of an end of a go in of the minutes, a snowblower is too slow and almost useless when we take so only the little snow (likes 1-3 thumbs).

Enters a 36 snow of thumb pusher. This creature can move 1-4 thumbs of snow much faster that the snowblower, to good sure. Of course, a quantity of snow will be able to the push depends in the variety of factors. For example, if a snow is fluffy, could easily movement 4 thumbs (has not had more than close it of the try was as it take this late plus in a winter). If a snow is wetted and heavy, then could do 2 thumbs.

A 'poly' he brota the smooth fact and like another reviewers has said, in fact prefers this reason is far less likely to 'take' that the flange of metal. Of then there is it so only has had it this for half the season, has not been times it a plastic leaf will last. This in spite of, other descriptions and other altarpieces have possessed, this would have to that be well for at least 5 years have based in that often I altarpiece. Ossia The add to buy and would not doubt to take another has to that need to.
4 / 5 By Mica
Are the enormous defender of this product, so much that has bought so only the second sleigh same altarpiece although my original an in fact four years is still in service. So only I do not want to be without this altarpiece. . . Ever! I can clear mine go of muck along quietly, in any much more the time that takes my ATV which is at present down with the second broken winch. These produced is more lighter of snowfall, and has cleared in the foot easily. But still they are that it looks for a solution of low technology the snow of heavy cradle.
5 / 5 By Harley
Shovels Ours go and the pair of our neighbours' driveways, and has had the difficult time last year when we have had a lot of deep snows , has wetted. I have loved the altarpiece that would not kill my behind, but would do in deep snow. When I have listened that Alaska the National guard has ordered stirs it of these for his heavy snowfalls last winter, has known has required for the try. Some first time used it, did not like me. A second time, have @@give that it had used it that the improperly, and now loves it! It is not to be used (in my experience, at least), like the altarpiece to press where a simply presses a snow by means of a go, but one fill a excluyente with snow, tilts behind in a boss, and then slips a excluyente by means of a go. I used it on heavy snow, and my behind was a lot. I feign to continue using and that recommends this altarpiece. For those without snow blowers, this are adds!
4 / 5 By Bunny
Am not experienced too much with heavy snowfall to the equal that have moved of the region of the sud to a zone of Lagos Adds the few years does. Prpers Have been in a paving with ploughing comprised until this past fall, has known has required to buy something for a go new. I have seen altarpieces looked in a zone, but a boss in this a intrigued me and to to appearance likes was more than easy for my out of-of-form, toneless self.

And boy, have gone well! It clear a go easily. It was easy in any toe or touch a snow. And he basically slipped on a snow to my point of dump in a gram. You are an extremely nieva wet , has weighed also, and was surprised enough in that quickly was able of the do.

Thinks that this was the compraventa well , and a value to draw of the boss of the extra money. And compared to a snow blower, chair well in an end of this day that this altarpiece was better for my organism and for a half.

UPDATE: it Does by means of the quite hard winter with this excluyente. Like Banks of snow piled on, still was able to take this excluyente on some banks and touch a snow in a far side. Really it slips on a snow, and to be quite feeble and so only 5'3, has been surprised in like this easy was able to take a snow on some 8'+ banks of snow. To good sure the good compraventa!
4 / 5 By Sonia
Like this, has bought this thing behind in June and I so only paid $ 33 bucks has shipped!!!! But same MSRP $ 78 ? It is still I adds to buy in the traditional altarpieces subordinated that considers some savings in timing spent in a cold and one hurting behind. As my first impression of any first few thumbs of snowfall tonight in michigan was a lot of favorecedora. I have finalised quickly footpaths of mine, and two of my neighbours also! One spends a way, one spends behind and FACT! You could included so only one raisin, like this the thing is almost a measure of the door! I so only read a the majority of the critical useful negation and I have to that disagree. An altarpiece is very heavy, but calm once situate it on an earth found it very easy to press and dump. It does not do stairs a lot well when being like this big without muscling the around taste , but calm so only can love a smaller altarpiece additional for stairs and any work of detail. Anyways, when we Take more than just the few thumbs of snow, will update this posting disappoints, but like this far am very pleased with this compraventa!
5 / 5 By Lizabeth
One Guarantees sleigh the altarpiece is the must has addition your snow that the movements is easier in yours rear and organism that that uses the altarpiece regulates reason calms does not stimulate an altarpiece and launcher to the to snow likes with of the small altarpiece that hurts your backside and exhausted and tired. Everything is for the slip in an earth and excluyente a nieva on and the spend was and battery he up in a gram or in a calle.un sleigh the altarpiece save to plot of the work and the time that altarpiece and moving can move big quantities of footpath and snow of go easily and he for the half a time or less than with the small plus are adds for emotional snow boulders and snow chunks that some ploughed of the leaves of cities in front of street or yours go. One Guarantees snow sleigh altarpiece a more 18'-26' two- stage gas powered snow blower and an altarpiece that pauses geles for icy snow and the altarpiece regulate for the emotional snow in your steps forward will help you be prepared to face storms of heavy snow all for calm and snow of movement easily.
5 / 5 By Taunya
Are not the stir of professional snow for , this in spite of when being it Michigander with go it along qualify me like this something of an expert--I supposition. Ossia An excellent altarpiece . Quite wide to press and launch a lot of snow, but no like this big that calms can do not managing. Speaking bosses, like the forwards reviewer there is remarked an altarpiece does not have the D boss (meaning the boss is right). Personal preference--I like my bosses directly--so many are adds for me. A plastic leaf is to have that heavy and does the good work that takes rectum down to a pavement, with only half a noise of the leaf of steel (calm altarpiece:). When being the plastic does not rust. Far like this construction and quality, ossia one of some better altarpieces there. Highly recommended.
5 / 5 By Andera
Ossia A snow of the altarpiece of better general purpose has has not used never. I have broken one 1st a with which 5+ years, and has bought immediately another. Living in Inghilterra New for almost everything of mine 59 years, has used shovels of snow at length. Also I have a same version that altarpiece of Parks in a version of straight sleeve. Always I go to a boss has twisted a prime minister.

Pros: Light weight, altarpiece of excluyente of form of good measure, easier in a behind that right boss

Gilipollas: No partorisca chopping icy snow. Wears of the leaf down bit it faster that would like me. Any availability of parts (I has wanted to substitute so only a leaf of altarpiece but does not sell them )

the diverse prize. I have seen this altarpiece listed of $ 18 until $ 45. $ 25 it Is reasonable.
4 / 5 By Roberta
Has taken an idea to buy the wide altarpiece when looking an interview of gel pending of the games of hockey.

Ossia He pusher, as you plough a snow. It is not easy to do scooping with east. If has the long zone with heavy snow, results increasingly last to press a snow. Work well with several thumbs of a light, fluffy snow, or a thumb or two of a heavy/wet snow.

The only complaints is that one of some rays of the die of the wing is start but was easy to find the ray of die/of the substitution and fix. This could be be avert has had king-has presionado some dice of wing each one once in the moment.

Can be very some finals lateralmente of a leaf has not been to open (at least in a side). A nieva that evasions out of the each side is not too big of the shot this in spite of.

Has used he for several falls of snow in a northeast for the pair of years and a leaf and the boss have on resisted amiably.

Ossia Also useful to take a discharge of snow that the snow blower leaves behind.
5 / 5 By Kalyn
First impressions are very positive!

Has been cleaning on a packed snowdrifts of Jonas and this thing is doing in amazing well! Loaded or downloaded it slides in a snow as it sled! In place of just shovelling snow to the battery ossia in a way can upload this with the enormous quantity of snow and skid the to where loves it touch! Any way am giving on my ploughed, but has bet does not see so to the action likes to last year! Oh I bought it to take snow of a ceiling of tent, but find it a lot of gain for daily snow cleanup also!


Top Customer Reviews: Garant True-Temper ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 27 ratings
4 / 5 By Alan
The parking Is the Canadian company , and this unit is done in Canada (any abroad !).
- The width is real 19'; it is 23.5' by means of some flanges of round.
- A focus said '45What assumes is 45 litres of materials; Estacionando also done to 55L unit estimated in 26'.
- Material calls 'poly' that is plastic with some vinyl partorisca give some flex & toughness (compared to hard plastic which is brittle).
- Like this described, has the guard of wear of flange partorisca armour plate that is pinched in place of both upper & down.

Has purchased this of HD partorisca $ 45 + tax with free nave to the tent partorisca pickup. It was in the box roughly 4 feet x 10', and is gone in 2 pieces, a sleigh boss & of push of steel of cube, partorisca be gathered.

Likes another has said, an altarpiece is pressed, spending the snow and the pressing averts snow, to an out of-of-the-zone of way. Then impulse, in any dump or the snow of slide was. Ossia partorisca Wide expanse of flat zone, as I go it. Calm still will require the altarpiece partorisca any, stairs and enclosed zones.
Has the Youtube posting for the Canadian aim in fact that uses an altarpiece in snow (roughly 9 minutes). I suggest partorisca see the to see like an altarpiece is used. [...] ( Guarantees of investigation in Youtube.)

One alternating to ossia a 'American' sled of Manufacture of Bear of Altarpiece of Money. It is it is ALL THE METAL, estimated in 22' wide, and available partorisca $ 90 (w/ Fedex nave) more optional $ 20 box of wheel. All the metal can be more durable that poly, and I a lot already spent $ 800 in the 26' gas blower, would go partorisca a Bear of Money a.
[...] (Manufacture of Bear of Money of Google excluyente of snow).
5 / 5 By Davis
Uses this snow sleigh in combination with to 36 snow of thumb pusher. I press a snow the batteries to a flange of my gram with a snow pusher and then use a snow sleigh partorisca take some batteries further have been my gram, if need be. It can move the shot adds of fast of snow with a 36 snow of thumb pusher while it is not to deep. ANY LIFTING has INVOLVED. If too much snow accrues so only uses one 24' snow sleigh, again ANY LIFTING has INVOLVED, and can move treat adds of snow. I see all my neighbours that strolls dulcemente for behind theit gas snow blowers and the look takes it done like this fast or faster and take the little exercise partorisca kick. Sometimes it can require the little muscle like this perhaps any one the election adds if your elderly or no athletic at all. If only calm go it small and the footpath do not see because needs the snowblower, if so only can press was quickly with an on, but to the each one which as his own. I hate to shovel snow, but with a snow sleigh and snow pusher so only presses was, now shovelling has involved.
4 / 5 By Devora
Has been that uses a main version of this altarpiece partorisca years. Absolutely it adores this altarpiece and this an also, which is smaller but easier that manoeuvre. Easily I can plough the pair of feet of light snow , dry of the mine go of muck that is an old logging trail almost of the neighbourhoods one thousand long. More is the add to exit without an intense lifting of traditional shovelling. So only it presses a snow of a flange of a go, which is the reef ! But the heavy wet snow is an altarpiece nemesis, as be conscious of your conditions of time.
4 / 5 By Catharine
This excluyente leave me to press a snow more than shovelling it. Has the good width swath. It is easy in mine rear and wider that the altarpiece. I LOVE it!
5 / 5 By Lou
The altarpiece has arrived quickly. Arrived has gathered fully. Has go it difficult (long, sloped, retaining wall in a side) and need to move snow for a part to another. I have bought this altarpiece to move big quantities of the snow without that has to that launch. Giving it 4 stars for now because it looks sturdy & a lot of fact but has not had any snow still. The sinister hope results the 5 !
5 / 5 By Haydee
Loves a measure of this altarpiece to take a snow of cradle has wetted weighed of mine go along here in some mountains of Colorado.
4 / 5 By Lucila
Is perhaps the bit pricey, as have has had to that already substitute a with which some seasons of heavy use, but is clearly a better altarpiece of his bondadoso there.
4 / 5 By Shalanda
This thing is sum , excluyente the tonne of the snow in one raisin.
5 / 5 By Drew
Has purchased this altarpiece for our Park of Terrain in Beech Mountain. Today we take it averts our impulse and has fallen an engine and gearbox out of him. A 800lb the engine and the box of train was carted is gone in this sled and so only has bent a flange at the head of the metal that curve behind well like this new. Any one breaks in a plastic and any harm to some clips of sleeve.

Ossia A sturdy nieva wheelbarrow is looking for.
4 / 5 By Kia
Has used excluyente of snow esatta while alive in Alaska. Envoy this one to the prime minister in Reindeer. You love it.,
5 / 5 By Adolfo
Material sleigh the altarpieces are a better way to move lifting and no rear question!
5 / 5 By Tessa
This excluyente is like this easy and effective to use. Mina taken 8-go it car has cleared faster with excluyente that nieva blower. I add partorisca this big chunk windrows has left of a ploughed. The investment adds!!
4 / 5 By Dwana
Very happy with this altarpiece. Desire I of has bought some years!
4 / 5 By Brendon
Does well. The amour that has it and use it all a time.
4 / 5 By Cassy
Has bought this exact product in Imposición of House partorisca $ 57 and the nave has averted.
Partorisca 7 years have used a 24 thumb that Parcos nieva sleigh in of the winters of Colorado and was the joy partorisca use -- I recommended the to all my friends. This was an old model 16009 with an adjustable boss and any steel galvanised in a main flange. With which a lot of years of use, an old one has spent was and has bought a new model -- 78051 be has sold here. No longer it quotes adjustable boss, but concealed is not a question. A flange of new steel grinds to a cement and is almost impossible to press. Like another reviewers here, one learns that you have to that use so only a right quantity of 'down of pressure' in a boss to leave the thin discharge of snow in a concrete surface, as it armours plate the main flange does not touch a cement. Included then, if you do not maintain a perfect clearance, goes to slip in a snow to the sudden jerk like the main flange grinds to a cement. The the side-for-side with my old model, and a quantity to force required to move a new one is at least two times the one who an old one was - try clean nieva down to a cement. And that it is a purpose of scooping a snow yes is walking in this thin discharge of snow that has to leave you to do a sleigh usable?? And in Colorado, yes leave a discharge of snow, he king freezing and turn the gel at night. Now, I am looking for the way to take one touches to armour plate to go back to, that was, the creation adds. Sadly, A lot of another snow sleighs ( has bought a big yellow a forward to find this) has gone to the steel main flange also -- like this this can be a better of a bad creation. So only be warned that that has used to be the small work of the scrolling of snow is resulted at least two hard times -- calm really wants to take a snow was.
5 / 5 By Betty
They are the lady janitor and owe of the snow is part of my work. I have purchased two of these sleigh shoves locally in December 2017. I have used partorisca 5 good snows I so that it thinks that can give the sincere description. They are the 5 '2 in a better form. Has an old plus 8HP launch of snow in my disposal but I prefer this altarpiece. They are not well take a launcher of the snow begun and his noisy.

This sleigh the altarpiece is the saver of life . AT ALL he the easy snow but this does the bearable snow. His much easier in a heart and behind, am not almost like this tired using this element. Same work for heavy wet snow.


can move very big chunks ( thinks final of go)

A fast flick and his empty. Not launching or the lifting has required.

Can haul to the something or slide he on your battery of dump and the fall in a flange. Perfecto there is so only the small zone to touch.

Has required can clear advance so only ( thinks to do the street out of housing your door) would fill a excluyente then slide until snow in any side of street.

Is in full control of as heavy of the battery loves can do for enough any one.

Has Tunnel of the carpel and the regular altarpieces are brutal for me to the what does not worsen my condition.

Pro Tips:

the Regular prize is in $ to $ . It considers to buy it was to season to take a prize a low plus.

This altarpiece can go down to crude pavement this in spite of to use easier ( and to save wear and tear in a fund of altarpieces) recommends to leave the skim of snow ( gel really ) An altarpiece will move like this easily in this skim has spent.

If you are still hesitant control out of youtube for video of the people that use this altarpiece.

Spent already !!! Sound an amazing piece of crew! A curve to learn is very small... Inside the minutes will be the pro! A next minute will be this type or gal saying complete strangers roughly you nieva sleigh !
5 / 5 By Trang
Rodeo: Value each penny (I so only paid in $ 40 although locally).

The prime minister very was I gotta says are in mine late 30 east and until now there is it always has used a fashionable snow the most economic altarpieces available. I have imagined hey reason paid more for the elegant ergonomic boss or anything. We have had some serious snow last year and my neighbour of next door has one of these and have imagined like this prendería to be economic and buy one.

Comparing this altarpiece the regular altarpieces, wow, does not have any comparison. With the movement of normal altarpiece less nieva, and calm then has to that launch a snow until a snowbank. With this altarpiece, calm does not stimulate he hardly at all, and calm does not stimulate he with snow in him, slip to the long of, and then play it lateralmente or tilt sends to touch a snow. It is so better in your backside is not even pleasant .

Does a bit those that the years have taken the Bull 1800 electrical snow the launcher and I have thinks that was one the majority of what amazing of sliced bread. Has-liked me is lack and compact measure of gas, oil, noise, etc. Now has not had any storms of snow of entity still this year but have my Bull 1800 in a cochera ready to go, but in fact chooses to shovel using this instead. In some ways this altarpiece of excluyente big is in fact better that the snow blower!

- Easy to move snow around
- Save yours back ( press he around, any impulse to touch)
- Still give you the bit of exerts to press the around
- measured of excluyente Generosa (would like me has bitten he of still elder)
- Feels light same when it is full of snow, only slips around
- Mark easier to move snow to a big bank in a half of my gram

- measured of Storage

This is surprising and is a volume of only altarpiece now. They are class to look forward to first storm of ours big snow to the equal that can decide if ossia better that my launch Bull of electrical snow. Suspicion in fact will prefer this reason do not owe that tug a cord of extension around.
5 / 5 By Enid
Has purchased this altarpiece in a fall of 2016. Had so only a storm that has required to shovel but this altarpiece is the charm . They are the lady of 76 years , still prefers to shovel my own snow, and with this altarpiece I not even laws on the fast heartbeat. Ossia, is like this user-friendly. It is also a lot sturdy utilisations sensibly. So only we are that they spend for a blizzard of 2017 and has been able to quickly shovel my footpath. Because of a severity of a storm in that turned the windy, could not finalise yesterday (run 14th), but I slowly to git er does today. Highly it recommends this altarpiece. As another has signalled was, can see use on Tube. That I to to the majority likes in this altarpiece is that I no longer owe that bend on, that breaks my behind.
5 / 5 By Danita
Are the woman of 62 years and has been that uses this altarpiece for the pair of years. It is it Adds!! I leave to clear out of a zone around mine 2 cars (zone of small parking in front of my house). The utilisation to clear a zone afterwards to a street, then some spaces among some cars and in front of some cars. A generous coating of wd40 previously to start-in an interior and outside of a cube and am good to go. That has taken 3 hours previously, is now 45 minutes. If you can walk he-can the to you altarpiece. Like this happy has purchased this altarpiece!!!!
5 / 5 By Wilford
Scrolling of Ergonomic Snow Effective better Creation

Ossia perhaps one the majority of device of effective snow of scrolling for just in any type of snow(wet/dry/icy) ossia able to move all these different types of snow in of the volumes that easily surpass any one another type of scrolling of altarpiece of device of the conventional snow based for the factor of three to four times(according to volume of wet/dry snow); the more to good sure leaves one to virtually manage any quantity of volume of the loaded snow until his generously sized 24 width of snow of thumb sleigh the excluyente of snow concealed also has bred similarly sidewalls to the long of both sides of a snow sleigh excluyente;

now besides a rearmost portion of a snow sleigh excluyente of snow sidewall comes until almost so only under a height of knee that is absolutely a deep plus in volumetric zone that has seen to date still to 24 snow of device of thumb of scrolling and add for optimally that spends a quantity more orders of volume of load of the snow that spends qualified while still when being able to efficiently pívot, movement and transport one load of the volume of snow has collected to touch literally without endeavour because of a slick has to that weighed the light plastic snow strong sleigh construction of device;

a literally can expect extend and prolong both some scrolling of snow endurance and stamina levels for at least five times on doing short work of any potentially wished snow volumes of scrolling; doing scrolling of snow like the physics that exerts extracted that some advances of looks was because of him not creating any unnecessary stress and/or tension on some organism especially in comparison to use some a lot of-the scrolling of conventional snow has managed ergonomic device of altarpiece;

one is literally able to enough easily and effectively astonishingly presses around, easily transport/of pívot and has included easily the games have included ten to twelve thumbs of deep snow without more than trying that literally using the steel to have that has weighed conventional rule bladed nieva pusher that would have the question that the bosses that prints ten to twelve thumbs of snow; and a still would owe that shovel a harvest ten to twelve thumbs of volume of the snow pressed by means of some go also also; this of course would head to one when being quickly physically exhausted if one was to try and that for a period of some go integer of course;

to good sure would say this reduces some endeavours of scrolling of global snow for at least 75 easily because of one has declared previously oblige reasons in an on paragraphs; I have had initially my reservations and the doubt have looked like this roughly eight to ten has uploaded youtube video of as one can use some snow sleigh device of scrolling in one the majority of optimum the possible productive way like this snow sleigh the device of scrolling is to good sure more expensive but also much more effective that any one another device of scrolling of manual snow in a mainstream phase at present;

in this example has uploaded youtube video a can easily directly press any snow has collected sleigh loaded volumes of snow literally on any mound of snow embankment quite easily and easily that slips on any already in existent geles/of snow embankment surface to press down on boss; without a lot of additinal physical exertion endeavour and/or tension of excessive organism at all; one can also literally quite easily only movement some snow sleigh device of scrolling of the snow on some the snow has feigned that zone of games of place and so only literally touches to send while yanking the hips behind to quickly and efficiently download some snow has collected sleigh load of snow without any tension or endeavour at all;

besides has looked included a partner in youtuber the one who has used a snow sleigh device of scrolling of the snow like the highly effective snow embankment chopping, slicing, chiseling tool for literally chopping/slicing deeply and effectively to a snow embankment to at least two depth of feet with each vertical verses up/for down chopping/slicing pressed and literally chiseling was potential very wished/of hard soft snow quite effectively and quickly; it was literally quite amazing to see this scrolling of the snow of video showed chopping/slicking technical
into use real; he astonishingly showed so only that easily they are for derrumbar the potential snow bankment this was on three big feet in time of record breaking without any endeavour whatsover;

now that uses this effective technician one can also easily dipped for behind a three to four foot big snow mounds quite easily and easily when a do not actuate more room the stack more snow; without duramente that spends this snow uploads the shovelful the to somewhere concealed time has not been stacked like this big; this of course resupplies one a capacity to easily stack nieva once again with which has been reset to level of earth;

the secret of course in fact there was mentido in a physical real mechanics of a volume of whole snow of the load of snow has harvests any when never being lifted or spent to use some muscles of organism; but instead when be slipped easily and transported in a slick surface of snow with embrague a lot down first to be touched with also augments the minimum has required; ossia able to be fact repeatedly in one the majority of the effective way potentially possible with a less endeavour has required; everything during a scrolling of real snow indictment some remains fully dipped of whole organism so that a does not have to that bend some backside or organism to the place of organism that would pull some rear muscles at all;

the bar of sleeve of portion of ergonomic centre of a snow sleigh altarpiece; ossia more afterwards to some key of belly is domestic out of some organism so that one can take like this effectively close in behind like this potentially possible to a snow sleigh altarpiece to leave an of more easily physically manoeuvres a fully uploaded snow sleigh altarpiece with a less than quantity of the physical endeavour potentially possible; to leave one to easily of push and then easily touch one uploads of the snow of whole full snow has collected sleigh the whole volume of the device of snow;

the only takes literally any plus of the half hour to take hang he of like this to do things like this optimally showed in some numerous loaded youtube snow sleigh video of device of the scrolling of snow has seen; looking them the time of pair in slow motion(half speed) an in fact can see that for real effective and revolutionary this snow sleigh device of scrolling of the snow in fact is; when a potentialy uses this snow sleigh device of scrolling as there is showed; so only take a time to be extra patient and also take some time to in fact leave oneself to progressively adapt oneself and learn as well as it adopts some optimum technicians for optimum snow sleigh technical of scrolling of the snow; once one there is optimally has learnt a memory of muscle of real organism the movements have required to use a snow sleigh device of scrolling of the snow a no only be able to take snow with minimum of physical endeavour but also take the highly effective stress and very sure of the low organism adds aerobic physcial conditioning workout also also;

agrees also that an also can use this nieva a lot still sleigh device of scrolling of the snow to initially the builds to help some snow berm ramp where one wishes to the slips/of slide some snow sleigh device of scrolling of the volumes of the snow of snow has collected to touch; it takes the little time to build an initial snow berm ramp; but also it leaves one to also a same time quickly takes rid of enormous volumes of snow without running out of effective vertial snow stacking the height does not space any @@subject that volume of snow one has to that movement and dump; ossia also like this useful in an a lot of heavy rooms, dense , wetted laden combination/of snow of the gel in a mouth of some go this has been compressed for these trucks of ploughed of massive snow; ossia literally impossible to break up and included take because of a sheer massive physical measure of a gel/of snow boulder formations when that uses the altarpiece of scrolling of conventional snow; so only use an already previously described and has declared chopping/slicing technician/of scrolling of gel of snow(s); I trust work a lot effectively with a lot of minimum the additional endeavour when compared to use the no ergonomic snow conventional altarpiece of scrolling(concealed literally can take hours in time-this will save you hours of backbreaking unnecessary work);

ossia definitively a scrolling of ergonomic snow 'tool of election' drawn of an earth on fundamentals wise to leave one to literally take tonnes of geles/of the yes required snow in the opinion of the moments without that have to that unnecessarily it goes and physically exhaust oneself prematurely while it takes some snow of some go and/or footpaths a lot @@subject that some measures of go and/or a period of some footpaths that one has to that take gel/of snow according to that the snowfall;

now my only remorse is not having this highly effective erogonomic snow sleigh device of scrolling literally decades more collected before; I mistakenly has thought initially has saved I a soyoney differentiates' to take an altarpiece of scrolling of device of snow more economic in some Home Imposición and/or Lowe is; this all this conventional economic snow the altarpieces have done of polyester to force big supposition that crack to look and leave all a time that requires substitution after so only one or two scrolling of seasons of snow;look the joke of both one effective human ergonomics point of view of action(any plus torquing was some rear muscles) and also of the durability/endurance value of device of scrolling of perspective of snow(his simply any last or give support);

besides, any that has to that it never stimulates the snow shovelful of the snow that pulls some back unnecessarily and also a same time having a capacity to go thru some motions by heart of the muscle learnt(cups of now half) of push(to fill), attractive(to the attractive was movement /), tip(rigs to touch), dump(to offload a volume of whole snow); it is both priceless and scrolling of characteristic of invaluable wished snow to have for any potential 'the field tried' device of the scrolling of snow has tried like this particular snow sleigh device of scrolling of the snow; yes his expensive plus for roughly bend a prize but is in good sure values he and is done on partorisca in a real long career macro/micro analysis of action also also;

more a fact that now have an additional capacity to apparently of gel of snow/of the movement roughly at least five times(snow of light powder) to ten times(the attacks of heart have wetted heavy snow) faster and more efficiently(of a never never volume of snow of the impulses out of earth-the volume of real/weight of the snow is not never in @@subject) timewise; mark included all a more obliging reason to pay for an acquisition of a snow sleigh device of scrolling of the snow in spite of his a lot of the prize has attributed first main of point; I concealed together with an only ache free experience of any that has to that experience some aches of the only organism and the organism hurts that resultant mates undesired Muscle to Begin Retarded Soreness(DOMS) that usually associates with a task of scrolling of arduous snow; it is not the free only ache but is substituted now for the gain and a bit more than likes highly effective and effective more productive useful aerobic conditioning workout(the heart rate does not surpass never 160bpm aerobic state) the fact the 'any brainer' in my chance;

besides this is not drawn fundamentally like a gel chopper so it can not cut thru a thumb of gel the solid frozen; it is simply a lot fundamentally drawn with that in alcohol; please the use the typical rule $ 25 rule sturdy steel of steel forged and revenido 4' to 5' gel chopper this is to draw to manage this type of gel chopping abuses all day without any typical wear and tear at all; barring that uses this snow sleigh device of scrolling of the snow like a gel officious chopper this would have to that last some a lot of seasons of the snow without that has to that substitute prematurely any time; while a time still he excels all day in taking thousands of books of snow with the relative effective ease same although his does not add esolid official gel frozen chopper';

Guarantees it True Tempers Snow Sleigh device of scrolling of snow of the altarpiece is not some new fangled device of scrolling of snow of prototype; it has been around a blockade used in Canada snowy, Wisconsin, peninsula of Michigan for decades that maintains(simply does to good sure); please agree to clear some sinister side of some go(at least twenty five feet) likes one has retreated some automobiles out of some go; in this way when a walk of ploughed of the games of snow to lose some street a walk of ploughed of the snow a lot replow a nieva directly in front of a mouth of some go;

now another potentially the useful alike phase is where this Snow Sleigh really done my day is when I uses it to widen a mouth of a go where I stack on a like this big snow vertically literally there is nowhere more to go; I so only literally hack and shear of the affected enormous of a snowbank embankment like me to him was the affected of glacier that is broken of cleanly out of a main glacier; where I so only the vehicle on a man a next plus has done the ramp of snow has created that has created to transport and then touch some cariche of the subsequent snow advanced of some have wished snowbank embankment requiring be reset the 'gulp' absolutely entirely level coffins level of earth; now ossia so only literally amazing feat in fact; doing it he ridiculously what easy to fulfil in time of scrolling of record snow;

besides another potentially tactical of the scrolling of useful snow uses this Snow Sleigh device of the scrolling of the snow is if one has the súper long section of straight footpath; now an easily can create the ramp of snow tangentially parallel right beside a same footpath in the each side of a footpath that one east take a snow of a main footpath(to touch some cariche of snow of the footpath advanced); his like this ridiculous easy to do; once any one takes a hangs of like this the one of fact moves some the enormous volumes have required of cariche of the snow advanced has required without lifting not even an alone snow shovelful of snow; an absolutely astonishingly wonderful lifesaving and the backsaving the dividend benefits additional to be doubly sure, to be able to do something literally like this amazing as it conceal; an also can use this to easily clear the quite wide street to some storage of loss of garden although his the substantial distance was also also quite easily;

this Guarantees Snow Sleigh device of the scrolling of the snow is an absolute lifesaver and also like this backsaver but I also in tuhe process to plan in those order the second that Nieve of Parcos Sleigh device of scrolling of the snow in anticipation of hose clamping harnessing(using multiple hose clamp point of annex) the second Snow Sleigh device of scrolling of the directly parallel snow beside a first Nieve Sleigh device of scrolling of the snow; in this quite creative useful addition utilitarian way;

now when it uploads drop of lighter that snow of down are thumbs or down; one can quite easily and easily then come from the routinely take a snow of until forty eight thumbs of width swath of snow with each successive raisin of both Snow Sleigh devices of scrolling of the snow that the together law in tandem;

now this methodology has anticipated specific of course is planned to be directly used to further cut down on some in general already highly time of scrolling of effective snow(s); for directly that cut for the half of the that exists fulfilled of scrolling of the snow with just using an alone that Nieve of Parcos Sleigh device of scrolling of the snow in comparison; with an use of two that Nieve of Parcos Sleigh device of scrolling of the snow that the laws in the tandem near will be able to hopefully give the essence of a neighbour of next door snowblower a real state announces his money; it was the arrival of photo now the one who in fact will finalise first; the stay dipped ready for a result alentador well!

So that I have been that asks this particular snow sleigh device of scrolling of the snow done for the guarantees has 40snow of Litre the volume that spends qualified; it Estaciona done another snow sleigh the altarpieces but ossia a one with a big plus for behind rear sidewall and is also an only one which has a rear fund rounded to touch some snow sleigh when those play some volume of snow; ossia also a a which has three adjustable sleeve the place concealed leaves one for the regulate more along so that they are main and also leaves one for the regulate shorter so that they are more courts; now they are avergage date 5ft 8.ºn. And I maintain a boss fully retracted to be able to take additional leverage has required;

now the majority is not familiarised with exactly nieva the one who effective sleigh devices of scrolling of the snow in fact is; of these controls 40Litre or roughly for chevron; or roughly 10.5 chevrons for excluyente; this snow sleigh device of the scrolling of the snow can fill on the level 33 rubbish of chevron can in three snow sleigh value of excluyentes so only less than the time of transport of the minute the location of the dump of the snow has comprised; and of then one can move that a lot of snow without lifting even like this like this included a shovelful of the snow that use some mucscles an easily can go much faster has required;

33 chevrons by minute or 1,980 chevrons of snow for now without using the snow blower; ossia quite nieva to turn the human being that uses this Guarantees snow sleigh device of scrolling of the snow to the human Snow Bobcat car of scrolling of the snow; and lame east Guarantees Nieva Sleigh in some Home Imposición for $ 45 bucks a lot of value he for a quantity of time and endeavour has saved; in some tiresome and scrolling of perennial ritualistic snow arduous tasks that an always looks to find oneself always doing a time to a lot;

now ossia literally the godsend after building the massive impressive collection of altarpieces of snow concealed tried the repeatedly that absolutely useless, easy to break, that often requires to be substituted and so only that expensive and inferior a quality of altarpiece of real conventional snow the creation in fact is in real life;

which is exactly reason am ordering the second Parking Nieve to spare Sleigh device of scrolling of the snow like this so only can be ordered on-line to be elected up in some venue of retail brick and Imposición of House of the mortar; taken on the week to take to some Imposición of local House retail tent for then be elected with which notification for pickup is received invernadero topmast of internet; but it is a lot of value a wait and well value some savings on taking for the much bigger priced on Amazon of course;

literally can not say quite positive and glowing things in a Garrant Nieve Sleigh device of scrolling of the snow; a more one uses this a plus effecitve and productive one finds new and different ways the shuttle, transport, pívot and management of practice of battery of technical active snow; as routinely ramps of the snow of the edifice to game was 40snow of the litre uploads expeditously with looking facilitated without pulling oneself at all;

now also plans to order for a snow of season of typical advanced/winter of gel also the element of name of the mark called 'A Snowplow' his fact of ultra big density urethane plastic ossia virtually unbreakable; invernadero youtube video of the people that takes nieva also using a 'A Snowplow' at length like a gel chopper without any typical harm and/or another tear/of wear; it is quite expensive but a same time is virtually impossible to break or crack also also(unless a runs over with the automobile);

but one instead can use 'A Snowplow' to do a gel/of snow that scrapes and gel chopping down to a cement pavement and/or footpath; as well as included do driveways of registered without breaking any Snow of Guarantees Sleigh device of scrolling of the snow; I remark that a flange of one Guarantees Snow Sleigh device of the scrolling of the snow is done so only to armour plate wrapped like this to good sure can not tolerate gel chopping duties without tear of harm of undue/premature wear; his hips simply to expensive an element to risk that the failure prematurely as well as the simple precaution goes to use a 'A Snowplow' so that his best in doing like the combination of dual purpose virtually indesctructible gel/of snow pusher and scraper/of gel of the snow; while also using a two Park Snow Sleigh device of scrolling of the snow so that his more do escrolling of snow of big volume' without any lifting anything and managing an inevitably required highly effective edifice of ramps of snow and resetting of snow embankments the time effective way without any organism to look that it pulls endeavour;

A snow sleigh tools of the scrolling of the snow is the subject relative in comparison with an altarpiece of venerable conventional snow; his upper capacity to move extremely volumes of the big snow with relative physical ease is also very known and does the plot of common sense; specifically it can manage the snow has powdered, snow to powder cover with pellets of gel, wetted slushy snow, the wet rain there is drenched dense snow, and so only in another class of form of snow thus subject; included súper truck of ploughed dense gel of the snow/frozen(if his broken up for altarpiece of metal before hand);

in like this far likes experience encourage physical exertion wise is looked to press the fully loaded cost cart; my heart of real real time has beaten seldom continuous in 155 beaten by minute(which is simply amazing-any attack of heart while the snow that altarpieces); also I breathe a lot hard is required when snow sleigh shovelling also also; an ergonomic boss is especially a lot of angled and place in a snow sleigh altarpiece especially very comfortable with one the section of centre of the a short handlebar dramatically swept for up out of a way of some front of organism; order so that one can improve corner to attack when that presses a snow sleigh altarpiece on the hill of ramp of the snow mound has required; a flange of the band of the metal leaves one to efficiently scrapes on snow but any gel of a pavement/sidewalf a lot easily and easily;

now yes is coming on to use the altarpiece of conventional snow; a literally will experience in the died that and gone to heaven; with an unexpected surprise when being a rear/plug no longer experiences any ache more any one subjects the one who a physically exerts oneself; I go to order an additional one in chance that some wears of game of the wear of metal was some years; like this snow sleigh shove is so only that well of an ergonomic snow sleigh altarpiece to in fact of use in real life as so only feels like this natural and effective when one uses it to take nieva in any extracted of the scrolling of snow has anticipated;

that for real is that it surprises is one can slip quite suprisingly easily with the fully uploaded snow the excluyente has uploaded literally with the big ten chevrons of volume of load of the snow; has quite have it overburdened frequently a snow sleigh way of altarpiece in his upper and scooping on even more snow; for tilting back in a boss of a snow sleigh altarpiece to leave more fully uploading a behind for behind vertical sidewall of a snow sleigh altarpiece; I same leave me to easily the slip and the push sends a deliberately overburdened snow sleigh altarpiece a lot easily for partially tilting for behind a snow sleigh organism of altarpiece and then simply pressing and the walking advances a same time;

now trust me will be literally ready for any type of situation of scrolling of potential snow; his like this ridiculously astonishingly easy to take nieva physically now I literally also helps out of my neighbours of next door to do everything of his zone of footpath with the spend so only each way; with literally a lot that very additional physical endeavour so that the gesture of neighborly soyelts of trade'; some clocks closely on literally surprised and disbelief of course;

one can also literally some wide footpath in only spend it so only in the each direction; and an also can press some volume of the snow takes until hilly mounds to form ramps of snow to that to slip further fully volumes of cariche of loaded snow on a slope formed by a pre-nieva created deliberately planned ramp mounds; this so only the fact the more buy characteristic for some scrolling of snow of season of snowy winter; so only imagine for a moment that one can included vertically stack on volumes of scrolling of future snow when one has run literally out of linear physical zone the stack and snow of battery(which is the quite common snow question of scrolling with which one on half snowfall);

for me saved personally of all this rear/plug wrenching aches of tensions and physical organism of having to that be experienced; I create personally I know other people that there is literally describes likes to take both aspirin and advil included first to begin his initial snow that fulfilled of altarpieces of scrolling; this is to do like the preventative just to apparently reduce a level of the aches of organism and tensions owe experience; also more subject to launch of scoopfuls of snow; a simply excluyente arrives nieva, excluyente of pushes of snow, excluyente of dumps of snow; astonishingly one can dip a excluyente of same snow in a half of some gram of herb so as to do room further for additional has has anticipated volumes of snow with relative ease(this except like this time); this snow sleigh shove is the lifesaver in fact when it comes to take volumes of big snow(one can move tonnes of snow easily; one can included literally tug/of attractive some volume of snow in planting to press some volume of snow-still a rid);

literally can exit in a half of a current snowstorm quite easily and comfortably and take until the foot to the foot and the half of snow without a lot of physical endeavour and relative physical ease at night with just a front and of lights of rear porch on; with literally any be of the stress has presented on some rear/plug at all; I am literally be that uses the altarpiece of conventional snow for thirty years so many was of course quite skeptical fo run; two words more describe this snow sleigh altarpiece more-'Enormous Difference'; literally it saves like this time and physical endeavour of having to that be unnecessarily squandered and expended;

ossia literally he soyiracle' altarpiece of snow in a form of the snow sleigh altarpiece; yes touch the physically big in imponente device of scrolling of the snow but does not concern in that; as when a literally experiences never a lot that has to that it never stimulates the snow shovelful of snow again; a quite literally be faith surprised further; they are never happy state to having tried this quite amazing and wonderful snow sleigh device of scrolling of snow of altarpiece;

now has had previously the snow of metal sleigh device of scrolling of snow of altarpiece; this in comparison direct is like this light and easy to use to take volumes of heavy snow that leave the further extend my scrolling of physical snow endurance and stamina for the factor of at least four to five times no that a lot is required to start with with; it does for even more stress and scrolling of amazing ache of experience of free pleasant snow of user; one is quite literally impacted, suprised and surprised in a big quantity of snow one can in fact movement in such the short quantity to time when compared to use the altarpiece of conventional snow(dipped the stopwatch); ossia probably a so only the majority of snow of the big volume that astounds manual scrolling that has had a pleasure to use and in fact enjoys it an experience of scrolling of the snow; simply reason requires an endeavour like this physicist astonishingly small to move and manuever volumes quite big of cariche of snow;

he an in fact can finalise some go it that it use a snow sleigh device of scrolling of snow of altarpiece; a time although a previously used to take snow of some fifty feet of the wide footpaths that use the altarpiece of conventional snow; no more torquing and/or twisting some behind when they take snow to use this snow sleigh device of scrolling of snow of altarpiece; to the equal that clears and lame to surprise volumes of cariche of big snow of snow with small physical endeavour and the scrolling of the efficiency of big snow has wished; now that it could it he take one the hour to take that it uses some altarpiece of the conventional snow literally so only takes roughly fifteen minutes that use a snow sleigh to the altarpiece likes a bit device of scrolling of the snow of election; ossia to a large extent because of a excluyente of physical cube that it is able to contain until forty five litres of volume of snow; roughly twelve chevrons of volume of snow for volume of physical snow scoopful; still in heavy and dense rain typical there is drenched scrolling of wet snow nightmarish situations this snow sleigh device of scrolling of snow of excluyente excels in both efficiency of scrolling of the snow and action benchmarks;

another has added the profit of dividing extra uses one Guarantees Poly Sleigh tool of the altarpiece of the Snow is one can also optionally drill some kerb sized holes of the mountain in some backs rear sidewall that will leave one to add the plastic composite Coroplast sidewall extension; this will leave a backside sidewall height to be bent leaving a to directly almost bend some load of snow that spends qualified for simply tilting some Guarantees Snow Sleigh Altarpiece behind to simply leave a holding more than load of snow.
5 / 5 By Philomena
Wonderful product. And a boss regulates out of longer that all another of this type. The adjustable boss are adds for big or short people.

A boss along and slightly excluyente shorter (slightly excluyente shorter that one Guarantees 26) means is easier the snow of the main battery that presses it up has joined battery beside a go and jerking behind in a cup of battery likes some falls of snow to a rear side of this long battery.

Begins some parks were to pack a snow in my walk of registered to drive truck in the informative fresh snow repeatedly. (Still in a street of county of has registered he in front of my house does not try to plough down entirely the coffins registered). Then one first half of a season More the thick mine of use 26 thumb for an extra width. Second half of season I use of mine 24 thumb to the main battery.

Sometimes in years a lot snowy (the next day shovelling) walks down mine go that it presses a nieva for behind cups of some batteries with the tip of flat metal combo altarpiece with the boss of broom of push along, and that the snow shovels “D” boss that has behind moved on that. As it walks down I piece/to press a cup 3 or 4 thumbs for behind a cup of battery. In a way has retreated up presses a prójimo 3 or 4 thumbs for behind a cup.
Has not seen any that on you-tube so that it can be a prime minister ? The majority of combo the altarpieces have the leaf almost directly down of a boss, and the rear end has on wry concealed takes a good snow. Otherwise Arrived with the most bloated altarpiece that presses in the increasing corner slightly harder, when push slicing an upper out of a battery.

Some the windy days uses a 26 thumb and does not press a nieva on a battery. Then attended for the sunny day without wind to take my essence snowblower was to launch a snow behind to recover the wide driveways have preferred.

I hate to walk backward so that it ignores joint to start with of centre of the go that you read outward. Also I hate to press the big battery in front of liking more pusher altarpieces when they press more than a thumb of snow ( is the sleigh and almost effortless). As I often beginning with the width of half cut excluyente in 3 to 5 thumbs nieva deep like path by means of a go, augmenting or decreasing a yard every time by means of so as to final with the excluyente full mounded on and sliding amiably.
(If necessary visualises to spend for a go half way down without house of yours new snow and 4 or 5 thumbs to another side of the yours sleigh altarpiece. You are slicing his with each spend).

Is the sleigh (careers of toboggan behind fact) and are quite lazy any to do operate extra.

The guarantees has has wanted to me do really happy could do a 26 thumb to some to same proportions like 24. It say of another way, one 26 has his front in a thumb to long and a backside the thumbs of pair too courts for me. When you Begin to press the on the battery needs the mecer rear motion in a start. A 24 thumb has a fund rounded in a right place to teeter totter the backside easily in beginning of battery. A behind a big plus in some 24 any only help for balance but prevents snow to go back in you if you take energetic and the excessively big battery, often in losing moment in an upper and it giving an extra push.

Likes that a front of one 26” is beveled outward to full width, where is in fact to 26 thumb that opens to accept snow. But a 24 thumb has to that the boss of the balance and the adjustable period adds.
4 / 5 By Kim
Has not received a lot of snow. But, I are driveways have duplicated in just in an hour. He behind the chair adds after all that nieva. They are sure he would do well in deep snow. I will have to attended and see. I have bought mine in hardware of the. It was more economic.
An only down the side is that an altarpiece does not travel well. I have not tried and take a boss was, but need the big vehicle when an altarpiece is gathered to travel in other houses.
4 / 5 By Milagros
This sum of laws of the what. It has done my walk in roughly 1/3 a time with 1/3 an endeavour. Had roughly 8.ºn Of snow, Any question for this thing. I have been concerned the would not manage nieva that deep.. Piece of cake. So better then the lifting of snow regulates so only touches it or the slide can take on to some mockery quickly.
Has taken mine in hardware of the the but material a prize here is the mine of deception was and value each penny.. Any often do descriptions but this one east the winner .
4 / 5 By Damien
Have fibromyalgia And the bad backside. Shovelling Was virtually impossible. With which behind-the-rear snowstorms, has thought would not exit never of the mine go. My fellow recommended this altarpiece, and is a better thing never! I shovelled Mine go whole, some footpaths in front of my house, and all a walkways in the fraction of some times taken before. The mine behind has any ache, and the chair adds! Well each penny! Has go it of registered and is not sure state like work, but do a lot well. He still better in a cement walkways and footpath. Ossia The fantastic product and highly recommend it!
5 / 5 By Helena
Awesome Tool! I can move heavy snow like fast with this like this with the half-sized launcher of snow. Negligence A name, is the excluyente and no the altarpiece. Calm does not choose it up. You finalise with some flanges of your walk slopped gradually on and was as you press goes to where calm touches it, but learn to plan advance and no for the game too close up of a walk. Another trick has learnt is that I take quickly while first of emotional and interior a moment included jerk a boss behind, a nieva just slides out of a front because of a moment ( help to treat a surface with silicone or something equally slick previously to use he). Available of your Hardware of the local for $ 50. Adjustable And rugged. An add Canadian-the product done.
5 / 5 By Leta
$ 1, ??? !!!

Partorisca One of these sleigh altarpieces ??? !!!

Is this ad FOR REAL ???
5 / 5 By Muriel
Has bought this partorisca clean snow of my ceiling . Law awesome thank you.

Top Customer Reviews: Garant YSP30LU ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 51 ratings
4 / 5 By Andrew
Usually I can take the seasons of pair out of this first altarpiece of a leaf of steel has spent down to at all. Has the 400 ft. I go Of asphalt in the hill and when I take a common thumb or two or three of the snow is not enough to break out of a ploughed, because this does more than the disorder that bands down a snow that shovelling so only. There have it always clean until doing. This altarpiece is not light and will give you the workout, especially a snow is wetted, but resists on better that anything has tried more - aluminium or poly - those do not have the occasion in MN/WI winters.

A main flange of some wears of steel was and the curls on/flakes was, but that always resulted in the acute flange as well as I can take the snow has packed down. Sometimes some corners crimp on calm like this precise be careful that calms does not take a flange. Expect a metal fasteners that controls a leaf to a boss to rust, but a rest of a leaf remains clean - I just desire would not dip these stickers bobas in a front of a leaf as it causes snow to stick.

A 30' the width is roughly like this big to the equal that can direct for very long, and usually take me 2-3-4 hours to do a work, according to a depth of snow. I can try one of some versions of D bosses, reasons typically will take the bruise/blister in a palmera of my hand after diverse backside to back days to shovel, and ossia by means of the spent double of skin mittens in gloves.

Today snapped a boss of just on a leaf, but is a start of mine third season is a so they are not really has surprised. They are in my fourth or fifth an of these, and to the equal that have mentioned before, usually can take the seasons of pair out of these before they owe that substitute - at all has found harder almost like this long. So only be sure to hang in your cochera with a leaf on, as any gel/of snow that takes stuck to a surface can run was.

Only four stars been due to a cost. If a steel was stronger and has not spent was to take five...
4 / 5 By Nery
Has bought this awhile behind in preparation for winter and taken for the use today. Shovelled My footpaths and cleaned on a zone of estacionar. Snow moves was painless, so only find your tone and the push were. The short leaf amiably and is a lot of slick. Circles of snow of this altarpiece with ease, doing the paralizaciones simple clean was. Sturdy Sleeve and solid hardware.

In general this altarpiece was the good election for a money and probably me do fault for years to come.
5 / 5 By Carletta
Perfecto for a work was feigned to do. In our zone of a NO, the winters no longer produce these good white powders but combinations of snow, gel and rain concealed is virtually impossible to contend with... A like this-called 'wintry mix' that is the whole plot uglier that a pleasant nomenclature that is used by services of time. With a heavy gauge leaf and creation of sure support, has included a snow-of the accumulations of gel can be directed. I have been with one 24-thumb because one 30-thumb I own (any one Guarantees it, this in spite of) result unwieldy when treating heavyweight snow or snow-mix-of rain. Have On 1K sf zone to contend with every year, some duquel is the note empinada like the leaf takes to beat he in a parking and surface of street. A brota of comparable aluminium last roughly 3 years and a poly w version of flange of the metal the year before some kerbs spends era. A notice to likely buyers, this in spite of: it is the pusher, no the lifter. It is more to move a snow to a flange of a zone that is cleared with a pusher and then use the poly or excluyente of aluminium or drift-buster to launch further was. A brota is not drawn the snow of impulse in all the chance, and that down to try such one action would kill your backside any time. I trust. To augment a pusher lifespan, recommends to touch on an inferior flange with the good rust-inhibitor and enamel after each season. Also, an annex of a support is something so only-welded to a receiver of sleeve to the equal that maintains east rusts-free also. All some kerbs can be substituted easily but look quite heavy and does not expect prompt failure. Certainly you buy another when this one raisin was which would have to that be several years .
5 / 5 By Gwendolyn
Ossia The snow pusher. It is big, weighed and at all adapted to shovel. 30' it Is the plot the wrangle and yes is doubt, commanded a 24' model. It is steel and will rust if any cured of. It is done in Canada. I love it.

Has bought one 30' snow pusher to clear our pond to skate of winter. I have had one 24' pusher for on 10 years, but has loved the new, perfectly bordos right to maintain ours skating pond clear. Mina 10 old year pusher has spent unevenly on some years and some corners are the result bent after the years to shovel a go and footpaths.

Was the little surprised in a prize, compared to a pricing in our tent of local hardware, which was for the half a prize here. Unfortunately any of some tents of interior of hardware 50 miles of my house have had these in stocks or included orderable. It was concerned also after reading descriptions that some altarpieces were has rid has bent. Now I comprise a prize and I think that the amazon has solved a subject with some shovels that is to bend during shipping.
My altarpiece has arrived double -there is boxed. A prime minister one was the 36 ' x 4' x 12' box around a leaf, and another an enormous box around an altarpiece and another box. An external box was at least 5' x 3' x 1', and a cost to ship such the big element is clearly responsible for a big prize. It arrives in perfect condition.

One first what I with which unboxing an altarpiece was to treat a leaf with Snow of Teflon of the Dupont Repellent to maintain snow to stick to a leaf. On first use, an altarpiece has treated perfectly while clearing a pond. If I resist down in the pressing for the moment, he the bit of resurfacing/scraping of a gel while it clears a snow. When he , take it inner, dry of a leaf and treat he with the fast coating of Fluent Film. A working flange of a leaf is coffins steel of the contact with some surfaces that is to clear, and need to be protected to maintain he to rust. If I take well of priest of of the this, he probably last for ever.
4 / 5 By Liza
Some parks in and this thing is no longer that resists until MN Winters.

Attractive looking
boss of Good Ash
Appreciate an extra bracing to a leaf


(CLAIM of AMAZON 1: Drawn for intense and continuous use:)

Real Life:
the leaf of Steel is the little thin for 'intense use and continued. Both corners of a leaf have has begun to bend on an earth of the common use that altarpieces.

(CLAIM of AMAZON 2: it stands up to some heavier snows and of the coldest winters)
has has used so only he for a winter and already am considering in the substitute. The leaf is the little too small for seat and big snows bit it too light for heavy wet snow.

Spent of mine prójima will be the elder of leaf more weighed to move some serious snow.
5 / 5 By Carissa
Has the 24' true Tempers plastic snow pusher, has a metal that scrapes flange. Snow ossia too dense, if it is state walks on or gone to derive, does not take it down to a cement. I owe that turn a TT on and to to use likes him the scraper for the take of clean.
This in spite of, with one Guarantees will clean it to him to a cement in one raisin, that resupplies that the has not been driven on too much.
Does not take your boys the ball marries come, the turn to the ball marries come, goes to a grocery and come house and expect an altarpiece to clean to a surface, not going to spend.
The only complaint is sometimes a fluffy the snow will jump right in a cup. The desire was the little wider, 30 or 32'.
5 / 5 By Hui
His Well, this was the substitution for one of his 30 Snow of thumb pusher, which come to discover was the better shot. This one is more manageable because of his measure but a quality or note to armour plate used in a leaf has suffered. After the ours the majority recently snowstorm has them the leaf has bent. I have used this altarpiece on 4 days to undermine was together with the diverse type of coal to have that has weighed altarpieces and this a bent. It Likes me one 'Of of sleeve in a right boss, the so only wish a brota would have stood up to a bit uses the dipped the too much.
Note: one 30' the flange of leaf has spent was, has been cut behind and the earth was and has spent was again first to be escansado'
4 / 5 By Major
is heavy, yes is unwieldy to use, and yes gives exits it. If you are smaller in the height would suggest one 24' model in a 30'. Utilisation this after using a snowblower to scrape of this last 1/4' thumb, or has the small snowfall that does not require using a snowblower.

Where is exceptional is a mixed snow the bad disorder frozen that takes frozen solid and quite hard to take plastic pushers in his clues. After the bit to use in asphalts a flange of the steel in this leaf results acute knife of honing against a surface and will peel of a icy to to the disorder likes him the butter a lot down to of a surface that leaves at all behind. Taking like this acute in fact that you really need to be conscious of a flange at all times. When Clearing after the snow that the swipes so only press some rests the batteries to the long of a flange and run a snowblower down and behind to clear he more than choosing and launcher... It is weighed. Also be conscious of where calm dipped that, is steel of carbon and will leave to rust stains if you are not carefull.

Thinks of this like this pressing the 30' leaf of knife by means of gel and snow. Highly recommend!
5 / 5 By Gerard
Estacionando YUKON Altarpiece - impress Initials: it Wins one all-the altarpiece to armour plate specifically to scrape hard zones in go where the wheels of vehicle have packed down snow and to press icy/wet heavy snow, because steel edged the plastic altarpieces neither spend is gone in so only a season or plastic warps so the flange of steel results bent and will not remain to walk to scrape. Also the durable steel has wanted D-manage that this 'YUKON' the model has in place of Plastic D-boss in Guarantee 'NORDIC' steel bladed altarpiece. When being Canadian-fact, has expected that a steel will look for to be quite hard to resist wear like hard for at least several years

has Update 2/2/2015 - after active used this altarpiece roughly ten times, CAN do not recommending. A metal is simply TOO THIN and more to good sure is not espring steel' as with which some the hard use that tries scrapes packed-down nieva some results of leaf WARPED (for of the this, means a 'Curve' of a leaf takes on the smallest radio and smaller). Unfortunately, this causes an effective Corner in that a leaf fulfils an earth to augment, which results besides far warpage. For like this, from time to time, I have to dip an altarpiece to the rovescio in a pavement and attentively steps during a backside of him (the side where some suspenders are rivited his) when being careful any to cause a lot of kinks, curves or something dish >>but the estraighten' a curve has retreated was -- as a Corner of the leaf to an earth will be more effective that scrape the hard snow has packed, likes is when it was new.

INFERIOR LINE: this altarpiece is so only 14 gauge in better, relatively metal of Soft discharge (ossia so only 1/16' or - 2mm often); for this is not DURABLE neither for real effective take packed-down nieva, included after the frames of vehicle so only A trips down ours go of asphalt in fresh snow.

Retrospectively, am believing a this altarpiece there has been two SUSPENDERS to sustain a leaf was follows it mine that a steel was TOO THIN to stand up for him against when being like this easily wry and has bent. NOTE: I have it that has not experienced still a lot of upturning of some two points of 90 terracings in any flange of a leaf... Which is evidence that are not quell'abusing or trying the 'rib' with him.

Any one KNOWS where can take one ALL ARMOUR PLATE altarpiece that has the thickness quite brota that does not require of the suspenders and will stand up to in fact having the habit to scrape last it the snow has packed was asphalt pavement? (The weight is not never be a subject with me)
4 / 5 By Crista
the heavy duty Adds shovels east scrapes all a way down to a surface (cimienta or asphalt) because of his weight. The gel hard takes the pair spends extra. It uses this altarpiece for a cleaner of serious snow, and the lighter of plastic altarpiece for a snow scooping and tossing. An only thing that the worries is if a boss will remain attached with some pocolos nails/the nails have used... It assume it it has done some r/d and has determined is quite strong. I will update a description if anything changes.
4 / 5 By Crissy
Ossia The snow pusher. It is big, weighed and at all adapted to shovel. 30' it Is the plot the wrangle and yes is doubt, commanded a 24' model. It is steel and will rust if any cured of. It is done in Canada. I love it.

Has bought one 30' snow pusher to clear our pond to skate of winter. I have had one 24' pusher for on 10 years, but has loved the new, perfectly bordos right to maintain ours skating pond clear. Mina 10 old year pusher has spent unevenly on some years and some corners are the result bent after the years to shovel a go and footpaths.

Was the little surprised in a prize, compared to a pricing in our tent of local hardware, which was for the half a prize here. Unfortunately any of some tents of interior of hardware 50 miles of my house have had these in stocks or included orderable. It was concerned also after reading descriptions that some altarpieces were has rid has bent. Now I comprise a prize and I think that the amazon has solved a subject with some shovels that is to bend during shipping.
My altarpiece has arrived double -there is boxed. A prime minister one was the 36 ' x 4' x 12' box around a leaf, and another an enormous box around an altarpiece and another box. An external box was at least 5' x 3' x 1', and a cost to ship such the big element is clearly responsible for a big prize. It arrives in perfect condition.

One first what I with which unboxing an altarpiece was to treat a leaf with Snow of Teflon of the Dupont Repellent to maintain snow to stick to a leaf. On first use, an altarpiece has treated perfectly while clearing a pond. If I resist down in the pressing for the moment, he the bit of resurfacing/scraping of a gel while it clears a snow. When he , take it inner, dry of a leaf and treat he with the fast coating of Fluent Film . A working flange of a leaf is coffins steel of the contact with some surfaces that is to clear, and need to be protected to maintain he to rust. If I take well of priest of of the this, he probably last for ever.
4 / 5 By Willa
Ossia The altarpiece of solid steel . It does not go partorisca be light. Neither it will break anytime punctual. It have purchased the plastic altarpiece with a flange of aluminium in the tent of local hardware partorisca my first winter in Colorado. Last roughly 4 month before a flange has broken was. I have ordered this bad boy and I am like this happy with him like this far! A lot of solid. A lot of sturdy. And has snow clearing OCD taste , calm goes it partorisca want to! Clear taste each one has bitten of of snow of mine go and a good acute flange in this altarpiece to the left are to this. Press by means of some clues of wheel and a gel partorisca the very cleaned arrival. You love it!
4 / 5 By Samatha
Well, This thing is anything but light, but concealed is not reason has bought the. I have thought in fact to be the altarpiece of simple aluminium with the tip of steel, is in fact 1/8 thumb steel, all the steel and can shovel gel as well as snow. A boss is sturdy and almost rest waiting for using the... Almost. It have to that last to the longest plot that any plastic or altarpiece of aluminium. Highly it recommends this to any the one who snow of precise altarpiece or gel. I have possessed probably the plastic of dozen and altarpieces of the aluminium and this can be one hard an I compraventa.
4 / 5 By Clarissa
Has taken it casualidad to use this after two significant snow storms this winter, and can not believe does not have to that change to one of this more collected. The law adds nieva wet. I used it the little time with 2-3 accumulations of thumb. In dry powdery snow, any real endeavour was has required really press that material around.

This really careers down in that time spends external, and really is easy in a backside. I do not owe that stop and take the pause because it was easy to press and my work has been finalised before I knew it. Only downside is a line to rust that it leaves in a paving of cochera concrete, but ossia to be expected with an use of rooms in our zone, and reason does not take dried dry with which use.

In general, highly recommends this to do life the easiest plot. I expect that this was useful. It gives the graces to read!
4 / 5 By Kristina
Alive in Idaho Oriental and has taken already the plot of use out of this snow pusher. It is súper durable and a nieva so only falls off a brota like help with pressing the plot of snow. A boss is comfortable (I follows 5'9') for my measure and he is light for almost any to use. My boys used it and has had any complaint.

Update (Jan 3, 2018): has-liked me a prime minister one of these so many that has bought the second like this my boys can use a moment am using another.
4 / 5 By Alejandra
This altarpiece is very heavy, and no for any the one who there would be lifting of question he. This be has said, a weight is one of this characteristic exceptional . Calm does not have to that undermine under a snow with this altarpiece. It is hanged a work for you. Calm so only dipped the down and press a snow was. You owe that it stimulates a nevar has pressed once the battery, and ossia where precise has some force in your arms to impulse he. It is 30 wide thumbs , which operates short to shovel footpaths and big driveways. Has go it and 200 feet of footpath to shovel (Reason buys the house in the corner?) This winter has been unrelenting few thumbs of snow each one another day. This altarpiece was perfect for this time. No quite deep to use a snow blower. A leaf is done of heavy steel, and there is not dented or has bent at all, which is awesome, reason any of my footpaths is same, and attacks a leaf to them where his lifted on has bitten it. I have had the a lot of aluminium shovels this take all curled in some corners, or plastic leaves that crack. These looks of altarpiece like good in an end of a 2014/2015 snow parca like face when it arrives.
4 / 5 By Ching
Am spent a lot of hours that tries to find the abonos pusher altarpiece of snow with the leaf of steel, and found critics very positive a lot in Estacionando altarpieces. It have had the poly brota pusher for years, which is lasted until the promised of a neighbour has broken accidentally mine to try impulse too heavy snow with him (could not complain, like search to be bondadoso and useful). I have loved a way a pusher the type shovels like this easily ploughed by means of a snow, as I am disabled. It is like the warm knife that cut by means of butter. It is loved when my new Guarantees have arrived. It looks a lot of sturdy and has suspenders of support of a leaf to a boss. Good creation. A brota looks last decades. And, reason a leaf is steel , boss at least the just load of snow, as well as when being able the rib by means of gel & nieva frozen clumps. They are happy with cost of mine. An only negative was then3 delay of days in delivery.
5 / 5 By Lanelle
Ossia The snow adds pusher and way more durable of plastic. It maintains to import ossia the pusher and no the altarpiece. It is feigned to press a snow out of a way any to choose a snow up. I have used he for the multiple winters and has done utmost. It recommends repainting a fund of an altarpiece after each season has used to prevent rust. Calm the favour and spend the little extra money and take the altarpiece of metal or pusher.
4 / 5 By Ebony
Ossia The substitution for an altarpiece of the snow of identical model has been using for a past 11 years. Ossia The solidly has built, produced of quality. It is the heavy gauge steel with enough heft his still enable it to slide to the long of and snow of piece and gel a lot down to a surface. There are suspenders to armour plate to prevent a boss to bend heavy load drop. A boss is the a lot of hard, thickness varnished forest. In 11 years, the mine there is no flexed or has broken. A sturdy boss of plastic push on my old a finally snapped was during the tomb of wet snow has weighed this past winter. Together with this altarpiece of substitution, has bought the boss of substitution here on Amazon that apt perfectly. So much, now I have two has to that heavy snow to armour plate pushers for when have the helper. I love this altarpiece! It is the product adds that it is built to last in fact a lot of years.
4 / 5 By Lynelle
Are lazy. I admit it. I do not want to shovel my walk. More because of the car accident has the bad backside. Some last times have used the plastic altarpiece to move all this snow lived with the tampon to heat in my backside for the week.

Ossia Weighed... But calm almost does not stimulate never he. It has fallen so only in my walk and has used my weight of organism and pressed and undermine down to a concrete walk and less than 10 minutes of mine walkway and a footpath was clear, and this was after one 6' of the snow had been walked on for some last 4 days (hey, has said to be lazy)! I have had to kick the little big chunks of the snow compressed that oozed for a part of an altarpiece out of a way, has been then fact.

Thinks powdery the snow could take longer reason can flow in a cup of an altarpiece, but I the suspect will be easier that press been due to less than weight of the snow and the second spend would clear it up.

If you are down 100lbs drenching wet (like mine 10 and daughters of 13 years) thinks that will have some questions pressing nieva heavier. They are 6'2' and like this weighed to the equal that are lazy, as I have not had any question.

A simple altarpiece can be required when those %%$ of a city in snowplows ploughed in yours go this in spite of.

Oh, And among the giant box. A person could return in him. My boys have been that alive in him the majority of a time of an altarpiece has arrived. How it is it likes two products in a, the toy for some boys and the tool for you. ;)
5 / 5 By Shani
Ossia Has to that the very weighed altarpiece of snow!! I have required a ossia all -the steel, reason when a snow takes hard packed down in mine go, my altarpieces that is all-plastic have any occasion to take that nieva out of a cement. This altarpiece, in another hand, feels likes hanged 10 lbs. It is it adds to press snow (ANY for lifting he), and takes a clear snow, well down to a cement. It is SO ONLY that has required. All some tents around here look to sell some cockroaches of plastic altarpieces, which can be well for snow of lifting, but is worthless to press snow and taking snow out of cement. A lot happy with this altarpiece. It is built like the tank and would have to that last for a lot of a lot of years.
5 / 5 By Alphonso
Amur Everything in a creation of this altarpiece except a force of a steel has used. Some needs of leaf partorisca remain thin like the weight does not augment , but a leaf has to that maintain his better form. My altarpiece is substituting an identical one has bought 4 years ago. The ends have trace, flange of leaf that spends behind. My new altarpiece has come a lot of packaged but with the already gone corners up. ( I will bend him behind and hope partorisca a better). I suggest that they study ASTM notes of Steel and choose the steel the strong plus. A more better company like a boss of the forest of Quality ADDS.
5 / 5 By Maisie
Loves this thing!
This pusher is to have to that heavy, which also the heavy fact.
Agrees that this is not the ALTARPIECE, but the snow PUSHER.
A SHOVE would OWE THAT BE LIGHT to the equal that can shovel a snow, but the PUSHER HAS TO THAT BE WEIGHED like calm does not have to that press down while you are pressing a snow.
Sees the plot of the people that complains in a weight and inevitably, is when any one is by train to to use likes him the altarpiece.
Has pressed this thing by means of two terrible Illinois the winters and is resisting up like the charm!
Use mainly like the pusher, but has used likes the altarpiece also.
He Uses this like the altarpiece, neither breaks your backside or grow hair in your @@@cofre. Has very hairy now
5 / 5 By Chung
Ossia the altarpiece adds to press the snow is the little heavy but am sure ossia still emotional a snow. Received the the little fraction in some finals of a leaf are sure concealed spent because of a weight of an altarpiece. The packaging could have been better bubble has used so only wraps in an end of a leaf. They would owe that it has used it something more sturdy to protect of a leaf.
5 / 5 By Vicenta
Has used an altarpiece today to rid go it long for the three cochera car in the suburb of Chicago of roughly two thumbs of fluff. An altarpiece is like this wide (30 thumbs) that has been able to clean a walk in for the half like a lot of step so that I am habituado to. A curve of the leaf of an altarpiece is also very very drawn to go a snow up in front of an altarpiece with any one escaping in a cup. It is quell'has bitten heavy (9 books) but see that like the positive like the weight maintains an altarpiece in next contact with a pavement and prevents to bounce around or requiring control very physical further pressing in the motion of before. To dip a weight to context, the chevron of tins hanged almost exactly one still like this altarpiece. Yeah, Is weighed more than plastic but entirely manageable. They are sure that this altarpiece will be my gone the election for scrolling of snow of until you are or seven thumbs without appealing to a snow blower.

Like an aside, is rid on Day before navideña and seated in ours porch for the majority of a morning to the equal that have run errands and is exited the desayunar. Although an altarpiece was encased in packaging of map emblazoned with logos of Amazon, has had no mistaking for the outline of a container that was the altarpiece of snow. Our neighbours owe that have pegged like this very economic or very pragmatic after seeing the altarpiece of snow there is rid on Day before navideña for UPS.
4 / 5 By Rosalind
Has loved the altarpiece of snow in this 'pusher' creation that has had some his force and could not find anything in some tents of local box. It was a bit reluctant to order the on-line altarpiece (in spite of the long history of good experiences with Amazon) but has had basically any election. So much, well, the delivery was has bitten interesting - with the big box and the pocolos pierce where some flanges of an altarpiece duked go with a map. But, you are received punctually and in shape well. It is the solid altarpiece and is perfect to press snow. Calm would not want to be snow of lifting with this altarpiece, but concealed is not that his has feigned stops. It liked Also one 30 of width of thumb - I had been using the 24' altarpiece and an extra 6 thumbs so only looks to do a work goes bit it faster. So much, in general, very satisfied. It is solid, built of forest and metal and any plastics as to plot of a junk find in of the tents today. Oh, And they are happy cradle finally arrived - this winter has been the bear !
4 / 5 By Carolin
In the first place this is not economic or light. This has said has ordered this when a time so only begun to turn and am happy has done them. A winter of 2013-14 was the snowy one this altarpiece has on resisted.
The thing to agree is his the pusher altarpiece, as when we take 6 ionches is them exited each hour and has pressed to be in an earth. Some the extra supports have prendido a leaf to bend. My altarpieces of woman when they are them work, there is complained was weighed too much likes has taken them the altarpiece of plastic leaf. We have had like this nieva his leaf has spent was.
Things to agree, when the season is dipped on was inner (to protect boss of forest), also of the that the external leaves in snowstorm this disapper in the second)
final note , comprise a second to last sew wants to do them is snow of altarpiece, a last what is has to that run to hd in the storm of snow because the cheaped is gone in the altarpiece.
5 / 5 By Ivelisse
Fed up With snow and has thought roughly snow blowers and leaf for a tractor but then paste in this altarpiece. Metal and has to that weighed with the long boss to relieve to use is big. He really the light work done if some four thumbs of slightly of the wet snow has had yesterday so only basically the walk down a walk and some movements of snow easily. It tends to go in on he, probably like my snow has not been just powder, how is easy to press the longitude swathe. Really so only the walk in a snow. An only downside is that it can be weighed for any nieva of lifting in the previously pressed axe but the has not taken heavy. I have not felt like quell'have had workout in an end.

The seat could treat easily with more icy the snow has based. Certainly the better way that a plastic one has had before.

I desire had bought a width more a now but is not sure state was more uncomfortable that use. My woman tried it and has thought was excellent. The desire had found this more collected.
4 / 5 By Ramon
Has required it pusher this was solid, stable and until a task in a longitude haul. I hate to buy tools that has to you toss after the few years because they fall to avert or desglosa. These Guarantees is in him for a longitude haul. Any plastic here - all armour plate & of forest. Yes, it has hanged - an of some reasons have opted for one 24' wide. At the beginning, has thinks that has loved the boss he long plus as it do not have to that bend on and pull one rear, but a boss with a yoke in some works of finals for mine 6'1.5' frame. Some movements of flange slowly well in cimienta black & smooth upper and a weight the good work to maintain he in contact with a surface. A cross bracing with a leaf maintains one stable of the sleeve run to the piece of gel or another small obstruction.

A challenge a big plus is shipping. There is no simple way to take this to the box with enough cushioning to maintain a boss of emotional around and a disproportionate heavy weight on some arrivals. Attended your to arrived in the jostled state - almost like one 800 lb gorilla in a backside of a truck of delivery has decided to toss the around for exercise.
5 / 5 By Tanja
Has bought this altarpiece last year after spending the few years that is the humans Zambonie in our local skating pond. It shovel While skating, and expósito that has spent to plot more time maintaining and less time touching with a family. I have bought two of these altarpieces last year and is fabulous! Two people can clear and zone roughly 120 feet x 50 feet in roughly 5 minutes, and then continuous skate. A steel is sturdy and a leaf is sum for these imperfections in a pond. I have used also an altarpiece for assistance with fill in of the cracks and another work of entity that is required to maintain the skating pond.

Finally, take the storm of snow of the monster and although I have not bought this altarpiece for mine go, has found that presses snow during a place with the minimum endeavour and I have begun to use the regularly. We have had deep snow, heavy snow and stirs it to jump icy mixes. He excels in a icy mixes, leaving mine go empinado to clear of a danger in timing very small. The deep snow is the little touch because I need to take the boss of steam wants to press a snow entirely, but has found of power the chip went in in the discharge and so only launches a snow like the snowblower .

A bit heavy, like this yes have some subjects with maneuvering the heaviest tools, would go with something more, but marvels of laws for knots.
4 / 5 By Debby
Have Roughly 1600 square feet of Aprons of Cocheras to clear and go it still match. When I Take down 4 thumbs take this Bubba was!!

Is quell'has bitten weighed for a 'old Type' except that is a good informative and a bad informative. Ossia The very durable leaf and a weight, while heavy to impulse, is the real plus in pressing a calm snow once taking has begun. With which to the,l ossia the 'pusher' and no the 'lifter'. A construction is far and on better that has very bought in almost 50 years. Hard to believe the product like this exists this day of light and 'low cost' construction. A leaf attaches to a boss with rays and these two supports lateralmente. I have had one for 10 years that limped together with that has not had these sustains lateralmente and when a ray to a boss loosened on one transfers in a leaf is result unmanageable. Lame 3 of these, one 24' so only like this and additional 30' without a boss in an end. Utilisation both a 30 east in a same application, but when I need to 'promoted a snow a boss takes a work done better.
5 / 5 By Kenyetta
I have had an aluminium bladed pusher and is essentially piece now like the aluminium has spent down and bent rendering an useless flange partorisca scrape. I snowblow a go and I have has wanted the brota partorisca clean on a spare snow after blowing leaving like this cleaned the surface like possible to avert icing. As I purposefully has been with the leaf partorisca armour plate that attended partorisca the strong right flange well and that a weight in fact would resupply some moment when scraping. This in spite of search to be the bit of the Take-22. They are six big feet and roughly 230 lbs and can so only roughly the mango. It scrapes well Until I have hid the snow compressed of the treads of wheel of the vehicles then can any the short and come to the sudden stops. There is not any way of mine 5' 3' the woman could use it at all. I probably for one 18' version partorisca his or he poly leaf. Had a defect of small product in my leaf of altarpiece, which is of course the worry of corrosion partorisca the leaf of steel. I will touch it on when a season is on.
4 / 5 By Jeannetta
So only love this pusher! It takes snow and he then rain and was included able to plough by means of the too. It runs a time down a lot. We purchase one 30-thumb to the equal that have loved the wide plus has turned. When you Press by means of a go all a way to a side, the looks has been ploughed. So only press a snow where calm wants to go it and use the altarpiece of light snow rule for the the launcher required reason ossia a lot also weighed to launch a snow with. It is it adds to press nieva down a footpath and when takings to an end, launches it to a side with the regular altarpiece. When you Come from to press the altarpiece of regular snow, some falls of snow in both sides and calm has to that maintain going back and advances multiple time for takes it has cleared. One attacks clears with this pusher. They are the woman of 64 years and was able of the do easily. I expect that I last in fact a lot of years to come. The cost has better done this winter!
4 / 5 By Reda
Is good work. Bought the to substitute the plastic pusher the altarpiece with which one touches of the scraper of the metal is start. This altarpiece would owe that last for years. Perfecto to clear of 75' go for anything of light dusting, the thumbs of pair of heavy wet, or 4 to 5 thumbs of powder. Tour calm to the ploughed of human snow! After the pocola practical that takes some corners to press well, has had a curling of snow of a leaf like the truck of state street. But be conscious that has uneven footpaths or pavement an acute leaf can take and spend you to the sudden stop. It requires the little finesse for optimum action.
This in spite of, this would have to that be so only a tool in your arsenal of scrolling of the snow. No attended to use this altarpiece if your aim is the excluyentes of impulse to exist battery. Included one 24' the altarpiece is quell'has bitten too heavy thus purpose yes has to that it weaves to shovel to do. You take the flat leaf smaller or way of excluyente like a Suncast SG1600 for lifting and breaking on some clods that some ploughed has left in an end of a go.
5 / 5 By Machelle
Like the boy when it shovel driveways partorisca $ $ $ , and has used shovels like this one. Strong metal, and configured so that a snow will fly was at the head of a leaf with the strong push. Run of leaf of the metal among a pavement and a nieva a lot well. The modern plastic altarpieces suck and pause in a cold brittle, and can not take toil. Recommended.
4 / 5 By Fanny
Where HAS east shovels been all my in fact did not use it a lot, reason felizmente in NYC has not had a lot has had recently the storm of snow in February, and was able to finally use done my life so easier. Really durable, and there is literally does to shovel the walk in a push and go and your fact. This altarpiece was able to go directly under a snow, choosing arrive gel and saving time. I have not had to that maintain that continuous in a something still on and on. Really very built and am appreciated has done this compraventa
5 / 5 By Mikel
Knots absolutley LOVE this altarpiece! It is like this light & sturdy to the equal that can take. Taken all a same & snow gel. Ossia A second parco has been the using now & is like this happy took it to knots.
For the reference are 5'9' 130lbs. I do not have any question that does ours go big as well as our porch & ahead has retreated.
This altarpiece has maintained his acuteness & feels likes was years until we will require another.
Give the graces for the product adds!
5 / 5 By Kira
Uses this altarpiece to clear light snow of a go and he that is supposition to do - snow of push. But another reason has bought this altarpiece is that has it pond for behind a house. When it Freezes, a hockey of game of the boys. When A hockey of game of the boys, requires a gel to be quite cleaned. When Some boys require a gel to be quite cleaned, look to some adults to clean a gel.

This shovels really done the work adds to clean a gel. Any only that takes the light snow, but also cleaning some shavings among games.

After laboring for the hours that cleaned a gel, usually will seat behind and beer of drunk while a hockey of game of the boys. Last weekend enjoyed the beer while some girls have taken the pause of his game. A boy closely, appreciating a gel clean, says soyr. H. - Yours shovels is a real shot !' For this reason so only gives this product 5 stars. Take a real shot! (Note: I have bought both a 24 and 30 models of thumb, as you will see a same description for both)
4 / 5 By Fatimah
uses this altarpiece to clear light snow of a go and he that is supposition to do - snow of push. But another reason has bought this altarpiece is that has it pond for behind a house. When it Freezes, a hockey of game of the boys. When A hockey of game of the boys, requires a gel to be quite cleaned. When Some boys require a gel to be quite cleaned, look to some adults to clean a gel.

This shovels really done the work adds to clean a gel. Any only that takes the light snow, but also cleaning some shavings among games.

After laboring for the hours that cleaned a gel, usually will seat behind and beer of drunk while a hockey of game of the boys. Last weekend enjoyed the beer while some girls have taken the pause of his game. A boy closely, appreciating a gel clean, says soyr. H. - Yours shovels is a real shot !' For this reason so only gives this product 5 stars. Take a real shot! (Note: I have bought both a 24 and 30 models of thumb, as you will see a same description for both)
4 / 5 By Danny
Good heavy altarpiece. My wine dented also. I took it on a Warehouse extracted attacked that so only was.
Has had one 24' first and the work adds and has has loved the big plus one for a coverage and yard..
5 / 5 By Lillia
He Find this element while it looks for the altarpiece of snow, remarks that ossia the 'pusher' and any he eshovel.' It is it is meant to press snow, any to impulse he and the launch. I am saying this reason is very heavy, included when it does not have any nieva on that. His hanged the fact cut by means of snow a lot easily. If has 1-3 thumbs of snow and master quickly presses out of a way, ossia the tool adds for that. They are able to clear mine go and footpath in just the pocolos small without being there is exhausted.

But ossia the also weighed way to use for tossing snow the batteries or to treat deep snow- tanks well to the deep snow and I can do not advancing he of press. Like utilisation this to clear small quantities of snow and have an additional light altarpiece. They are both gains.
4 / 5 By Blake
UPDATE 2/14/2020 Emailed Parking directly in his web of place and has behind answered that will substitute altarpiece. I add partorisca know that they are for behind his products.

The boss has broken is gone in altarpiece, but otherwise still like new. Used a lot little(perhaps 8 to 10 times) and has been inner has maintained. A forest is very dry and brittle? I achieved it it was to him Guarantees partorisca see yes will substitute boss. I will update this description when/ I listen behind.
5 / 5 By Kristine
Was in the to boat still likes him any the one who pauses his altarpiece of snow in that is can not buy another reason some tents are all has sold was. I baffle me that in February, can buy the gram mower, but no the altarpiece of snow. In all the chance, Amazon to a rescue.

Good altarpiece. Really it chooses on a snow and I poden the chip was gel easily. I prefer altarpieces of metal on some plásticoes economic some.

My only real complaint is that it is quell'has bitten heavier that my last altarpiece of metal. I know he partner of extra weight with altarpieces of the metal but ossia probably a heavy plus has has not used never.
5 / 5 By Lily
Had exasperated extremely partorisca find the snow of good quality pusher of alive in Head office NJ and the snow has been the common occurrence this season. Each tent of the hardware in my vicinity has been out of stock with altarpieces and rooms, as I have decided takes one of Amazon. At the beginning my husband was excited extremely when we receive and a quality of a unit has been full stop (to the equal that declares, 'this is old school, utmost mark, has to all is this a lot') but thinks that was weighed enough. They use for roughly 5 minutes and he has been exhausted, a weight of an altarpiece with a snow was also for him to do the 75ft+ go (the import is the man 'is' big). Unfortunately, it have to that I return it and he is trying to find other altarpieces of good qualities ossia much lighter .
5 / 5 By Delois
Has received an altarpiece was in the big box. An altarpiece is exited of an in shape perfect box. Any one has bent corners in an altarpiece. One first what there is remarked is an altarpiece is the little heavy. A quality of build is before class .
Has taken to use an altarpiece immediately to the equal that have had the storm of snow. The better work then has been expecting it . An extra weight among handy when that tries to take a gel of a go. My old a lot of lighter altarpiece would take the plot to do to take a gel of a go. A wide street of a Yukon the frames that clear a snow of a go the breeze. A way an altarpiece is drawn some circles of snow on the calm so only can maintain snow of press until an end without that has to that arrest and excluyente to a snow likes calm to do with the altarpiece of regular snow.
This is not the scooping altarpiece of snow of the fashion. It calms that can do but is hard to balance a leaf to the equal that are choosing on a snow.
Funds + to clear a fast of go
One+ to take gel was cimienta
C arrests that has to that it nieva of impulse and the launcher
5 / 5 By Indira
This was a second altarpiece has ordered, this time for my son-in-law the Minnesota of the sud.
I really like a flange to armour plate to scrape down to an asphalt or footpaths, and a curve is a lot enough to plough a deeper snow.
This one east the perfect width to manage, while the widest altarpiece would be too difficult to press..

Recommends spraying an altarpiece with spray of silicone to do it that slips nieva wet.
4 / 5 By Risa
A sum of laws of the altarpiece. I am annulling our type of ploughed and so only that uses this altarpiece and another grain-alimentary altarpiece to write from now on. This has to that it has weighed the laws in fact of bad boy quickly of light snow. An altarpiece is in fact quite heavy, which is well for me. An altarpiece is not done of any plasticy parts, which is excellent. A fund of an altarpiece cleanly scrape mine go. It rusts To the long of an inferior flange, this in spite of, of a product inevitably the peels was. My only flu is that an altarpiece a lot easily nieva of impulse, is so only effective when pressing snow like the ploughed. 10-20 years of now, if this vendor is still around, require the substitution, was where to go.
4 / 5 By Vivienne
The one who the deception this was -- I can not comprise like this the thing has taken any positive critiques . It is way too heavy -- that could be it the valley was durable and sturdy in snow and gel -- unfortunately, is so only an opposite. After using it two times a leaf headed buckling. A brota to armour plate bleeds rusts during a paving of cochera. There is so only at all good to say in this piece of junk.
4 / 5 By Ned
Happy has taken this , for these snows of the season of years used it at least 16 times to clear my way of walk. It can move the plot of the snow in one raisin and is really well take that it pack down nieva that the people have walked on. A lot of solidly has built, any so only a leaf but some supports and an iron too much to the equal that means does a lot of flex when you have dipped yours his weight.

Has considered that buys the snow blower for next year and this is not the snow blower but his quite well in moving big quantities of snow. His no the altarpiece this in spite of, calm still precise one of those for a snow that is weighed too much or too much to press. You can kinda altarpiece with east but with the load of snow in the heavy sound and any one which his has feigned stops.
5 / 5 By Hsiu
Ossia EXACTLY THAT it love and has been looking for! I have bought two true Tempers altarpieces of push of the steel (24' & 36') number it in fact years (14+), and is lasted and extracted , is not available of the which have seen, and has been looking for years! Everything of a Tent of the boxes and the varieties of local hardware are now this plásticoes/poly things that can not press heavy-wet snow, or scrape of a gel. This is not the altarpiece to use to impulse is to PRESS SNOW!!
For a prize, comprising nave, with the boss long enough for me (I follows 6' 4'), and fact out of hardwood, can not say quite a lot of good things, and a fact that this would be necessary hard at least 10-15 years!
5 / 5 By Haywood
Like one of another reviewers has mentioned, is more probably to require the new altarpiece in a half of winter, when your plastic piece of pauses of rubbishes roughly 10 minutes to the 45 altarpiece of work of minute. Ossia Exactly that past mine, and everything of some local tents have been sold out of everything but altarpieces of snow of the emergency. Felizmente, the amazon was here to save a day.

This altarpiece is probably different the majority of some tools possesses, if they have been bought in some last 20 years. It is a real tool , solid . Has heft. Has a lot of flex to cause you ache. Calm chose never on a wrench of old pipe in the phase of flea and has admired a craftsmanship? Yeah, Is that that. Some last times have seen the altarpieces of snow concealed gave the alike reaction, was done roughly 10 years, and that the altarpiece there was probably 20 years at the same time. They did not take anymore.

This altarpiece remember of Anthony Bourdain quotes to consider like this to select pots and casseroles. It is something to the long of some lines of 'was the paste any in a boss with him, which would break: a boss or a cookware? If a response is cookware, then is the piece of junk.' Of the Guarantees would spend this test with flying colours.

Is not so only the solid piece of crew, but is also a lot of engineered. A curve is a perfect form to press or snowplowing. If it is pressed quickly, launcher nieva advances. A lot little in fact it spills in a cup. If a lip is taking cracks, goes down a corner of a boss the bit and he will float rights on him.

Some Canadians really owe that know his snow, and this altarpiece tries it. This altarpiece probably outlast me, and are WELL with that.

Top Customer Reviews: Garant NPP21KDU ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 By Tracy
Ordered this the Sunday, took it today on Tuesday in 2 days for UPS. To him the focus in an altarpiece says soyade in Canada'.
Be that the like this shovels like this far. Good measure, good form, good weight. An iron of forest looks fatter that expected it would be, as I do not expect it partorisca break that any punctual time.
A red boss in an end is perfectly averts and has the very slightly grippy texture. A course of the leaf of this altarpiece is the durable thickness well, not thinning or flimsy in any way.
Has taken this partorisca maintain my advance of porch and any and down clear of snow. A footpath also.
Will have NO MORE EXCUSES partorisca my factor from now on! A topmast has to that spend stops!

UPDATE: 2/09/18

This year is a snowier winter agrees here in Cleveland in enough the few years. They are like this happy that has ordered this altarpiece when I have done reason are by train for the use almost daily now and is doing perfectly for me. It likes-me a plus tightened that the shoot regulates reason is easier that press by means of some harder snows. This altarpiece is a lot of sturdy and thinks it will last at least the few years, if not even longer.
4 / 5 By Moses
Ossia Well. I have had essentially an altarpiece of same snow of then 1987 (for a code to date molded to a leaf). I have maintained he in mine 4WD while going skiing and snowmobiling so that it takes some use has weighed on some years. It is turn but still like this strong like new.

Are happy I finally found one for mine another car. It does not squander your money in of the folding altarpieces. They are likely to break some first calm time uses him. If calm worry you roughly lining your automobile while undermining he out of the snowbank does not take the leaf of metal neither.

Has done still in Canada but a new one has the boss of the fattest ash and is the thumbs of the longest pair. A boss is finalised amiably vs some coffins forest in mine orginal. Highy Recommended.
4 / 5 By Grover
The altarpieces of snow are the subject preferably personal . They are on 6 big feet and more the altarpieces have used is neither too short, bent in a wrong corner, too heavy, or all three. One Guarantees NPP21KDU is an altarpiece of snow I better there is never has used. It is exactly a right period, and a leaf is in exactly a right corner, for my height. It is hanged also light and easy to manage, this in spite of solidly has built. Ossia A third one has purchased. Some other two still are going strong, but now have three of them in of the strategic locations in a front and for behind our house, and in a cochera, as one is always easily accessible wherever the precise. We are to locate in upstate New York, and I bad WAY upstate, so only to the sud of Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. Snow I moves can be the serious proposition on here, and would not be without my three that Estaciona altarpieces.
5 / 5 By Lydia
Are sure that this would have been an excellent altarpiece but arrives unassembled without instructions and in spite of a fact that the elementary looks there was at all could do to return a boss clamp to a leaf. I achieved it it was to a vendor and of the has received instructions very detailed on like this to take averts a clamp - although this has tried impossible and to achieve was again has been said these instructions were in the error and I have has had to that simply give a boss and brota the few strikes against cements. Which is that mine headed to when being in the NYC street in the summer that attack the altarpiece against a footpath, those results in breaking to an altarpiece but no a real boss that goes to a leaf.

A point is has been running around like an idiot and emailing questions in this altarpiece to like two weeks now and can be awesome but to good sure has not been awesome for me.
4 / 5 By Kiesha
Has bought this altarpiece in 2014 simply reason have required the smallest altarpiece decent in the good prize. Result to be one of some tools more are has not possessed never - is sturdy, a lot-fact, a good work. Give it was the years of pair later to the partner, when it move out of state (obviously the very good partner to deserve the altarpiece like this)

has loved this altarpiece esatta has included shortly after the concealed, but was always any out of stock or a lot-time-overpriced.

But thinking in coming winter 2018, I halfheartedly checked (while disappointment) and was available again! And so only the dollar more than me has paid 4 years ago. Probably have to that take the extra of pair to give like this present!
5 / 5 By Bettina
Ossia The altarpiece of orders of light weight partorisca to to the people likes them of those who do not owe that it weaves by force of upper organism. An altarpiece is light but really takes a work done. When I have used ours another metal shovels my elbow always would hurt A lot a weight, more has had question with a snow that sticks to a metal. Some emissions of snow well of east an and still after shovelling a go, streets, and ceiling of coverage my arm still very hurt. A form is well for scooting / scooping snow as well as lifting he on and tossing the. Not to use it to scrape or bang in gel heavy. Ossia Probably my altarpiece of favourite snow NEVER!
5 / 5 By Latosha
Has ordered these two sails the blizzard - has arrived punctually, easy to dip near. My fiancé has purchased the main altarpiece a day with which have ordered this, but does not receive his shipment because of a blizzard - this altarpiece was the life -saver!!! We take on two feet of the snow and I was able to undermine my car was, altarpiece the street to a footpath and mailbox, and undermine to confront in an advance of yard for our dog to go to a bath in. You recommend to spend this in your alive trunk in snow-prone zones, or like the backsides-on home. (I fully feign on maintaining this in a trunk of the mine car once the altarpiece of the full measure of the mine fiancé arrives). I add for maneuvering around the mine car to the equal that have cleared a go - very useful when sweeping snow out of low some wheels. This altarpiece is also quite short, as you can has to that bend more while shovelling, as it do not recommend for the oldest people or any with rear ache. Very convenient, to good sure happy has bought he - a must of emergency-have.

+Perfect measure for the oldest boys and/or the smallest adults those who can not be able to impulse the full big altarpieces of snow
+Easy to shrubs of low manoeuvre, car wheels, etc. to clear the hard-achieve zones
+Easy to store
+altarpiece of Perfect emergency for a car, or behind-arrive altarpiece in home
+Fast assembly

+the boss he the Short plus can require you to go down more when shovelling - would not recommend for people or of the oldest adults with rear ache
+boss of the Hard plastic altarpiece does not have metal-embroider lined to break gel, etc.
5 / 5 By Cathleen
When it Comes to shovel snow or raking leaves, movement a weight of a tool so as a weight of a debris. The majority of altarpieces to show today is to have to that heavy, which means too heavy. To the as it likes me is of the economic altarpiece with the plastic leaf and the light boss. (I has a gel-chopper, for when I dipped in of the questions.)

Ossia The simple altarpiece , better that the majority, but no like this well like two cheapos that has been using for a past decade. Looking for in local and on-line tents, could not find another altarpiece also to the equal that Guarantees.

Unfortunately, a boss of forest is longer and fatter that in my old altarpieces, adding hanged. They have required probably an extra thickness to leave an extra period. As with my old altarpieces, one Guarantees slips of sleeve to the socket in a leaf. A ray by means of a plastic has ensured my old leaves. In a Guarantee, has the elegant, click-in fastener, any place for the ray. If it can take one Guarantees brota was, still could not use my old bosses. ( They are perfectly WELL, so only spent down brotas - I could not find leaves of substitution, neither.)

To do the worse things, has had several stickers in a leaf and boss. I have not been able to entirely take a one in a boss, included with goo gone.
5 / 5 By Nathan
Ossia My second altarpiece spent of this measure. When I have possessed the car, has had one in my car, how is prefect measure to record in trunk, more now uses to shovel to to small spaces like a bit stairs that directs on forming my paving of basement. My edges now has the automobile and has loved to take my altarpiece that leave so only a big one which is harder for me to manage . I have spent this he so that has his altarpiece suitable for automobile.. Among two pieces that is returned a lot sturdily near, the difference of this fold-one-way some. I need the sturdy boss to shovel nieva on 2 deep thumbs, likes volume when a snow opens a car with snow around some wheels. If you are the big person (on 5 ft 8 in) can has to that bend the small to use this to shovel snow around a car. Otherwise Ossia An excellent altarpiece for automobile during some months of winter.
5 / 5 By Antoinette
Is done a lot well, hanged so only 26 oz, and is 38' big, the good measure to maintain in the trunk. But I will use it likes him my main altarpiece to the equal that can does not stimulate it brota the full elder of wet snow. A grip is quite wide to returned my bulkier gloves & mittens, and a poly the leaf is attached firmly without game. An iron of ash is so only in a thumb in diameter, sealed with the plastic-likes spent the only on a leaf; under this mine has the painted-in sealant (vs. raw Forest that some reviewers mentioned). This in spite of, the mine was the substitution for one with the defect of molding of the leaf, and an original one has had raw forest in a leaf. I took him so much a same week, like the current of the amazon (Sep. 2014) the stock is mixed. Also, both were has gathered fully. Like another reviewer , will substitute an acute protruding the ray that ensures a grip.
4 / 5 By Jean
I have required the flat leaf that would return partorisca narrow spaces. I have bought this a partorisca choose has accrued on leaves and vase that there has been composted in some walks, driveways, and street gutters while a house was empty. I have touched a compost to the long of a flange of a gram partorisca kill a herb and do the flange of flower. It was heavy work , as really it helps that an altarpiece hanged almost swimming.

In one a hand, found me wishing had bought one with the boss the long plus. Had more material to movement that had anticipated that, as I am spent the plot to time bent on. But in another hand, the boss he long the plus would be more heavy state. It is easy to store reason is tightened like this and short. There is rid the principle that is long that any tool I own must test really hard to return to a trunk of my very tiny car, and this one has sucedido; when I take the travesía to some mountains will be all has dipped. Like this in general I think that that this was a better election for me.
4 / 5 By Kizzy
In the first place, alive in Utah of Salt Lake City, as my snow is generally light and powder.

Ossia For far my favourite altarpiece. If has 1 - 6 thumbs of snow want to 'push' of the yours go or footpath, ossia an altarpiece has found better. An excellent form to press snow in front of where is going, this in spite of not building on too much quickly which prendería your progress. A lack of the lip of metal means that these slides to shovel easily in concrete, and work very better that altarpieces with the lip of metal.

So much a 26' and 21' work well, if you are a bit athletic of the 26' movements more nieva, but my woman prefers one 21' model. They are while to a 32' model that pode for 1-2' situations. While this snow of altarpiece 'launch' that chooses on, is used more like the 'pusher', then stimulates a snow of a surface when you achieve an end of a zone is clearing.

I highly recommend this altarpiece.
5 / 5 By Destiny
Any understimate this altarpiece. It is small and plastic but strong and a lot. For reference, has maintained this altarpiece in a trunk of mine 2003 Corolla, which is tiny, as I have appreciated a measure. This in spite of, in this way to shovel taken more use that I never imagined - I alive Boston and parco in a street, and with some 9+ feet take this winter , this altarpiece has tried his value. First of the each snowstorm, would take an altarpiece of my trunk and leave he for my door forward. Weekly for the month directly, would have to go shovel my car went in the foot of snow, more all a snow has packed some ploughed like this amiably piled up around my car. Take on an hour every time, and was 100 has convinced this altarpiece was to snap in some point - I has seen Like this broken shovels to litter some streets. But he any never. Some first few snowfalls were a lot read and fluffy, but finally took wetter and more weighed like the winter has spent on. And if you do not shovel your automobile was a moment some ploughed to spend of longitude, turned to icy, the snow has packed. But these altarpieces has done always a work and he well. I have very seen other people that use this altarpiece esatta to felizmente undermine out of his cars and any has been broken. If it can give this altarpiece 6 stars, I .
The UPDATE is now 2019 and this altarpiece has survived FOUE winters of Boston, some of them less snowy that another but everything of them on my same street where some ploughed to bury my car and use this ALONE tiny altarpiece to undermine my car was every time. It is it has impressed seriously.
4 / 5 By Ivana
Has bought this to substitute a stair shovels concealed has not survived Winter 2015. Ossia He sturdy little altarpiece, a perfect width for stairs, duquel has a lot of (4 value of histories in a backside, 1 in a front). Also it returns amiably in a backside of my small car, and is a lot sturdier that a folding variety. I recommend that this is looking for the altarpiece to maintain in your car. Has the folding altarpiece, but I the doubt would be a lot of use in the heavy snow. So only it wishes a boss was bit it longer. It is it grieves 5'5', and I have to that stoop for the use. The a shortest boss are adds to store in a car, but would love the model has managed longer that maintain house for stairs and of the tight places.
4 / 5 By Rubye
Love this altarpiece of snow! I have had one and I have spent a flange down and could not agree where has taken the. As I have verified Amazon and had it of course. Lame to use it today, has had the bit of the snow to surprise here in NY. It is it adds! The utilisation to touch up after using a snow blower, and to do some streets, yard and material. They are the 5 '8' woman, and like reason is of light and has the boss he long more that more altarpieces, which prefer reason am big. Also it clears snow a lot of cleanly. I do not know reason, but does. Ossia Have to that has tool of scrolling of the snow. Also the utilisation to the rovescio to pull snow of a cup of mine minivan. My only complaint was a ridiculous box goes in! It has to that be at least 48 x 48 x 6. My husband has thinks that has bought the table.
5 / 5 By Kaylene
Has bought six of these for presents navideños. It takes cold, wet, snowy, icy, and bad in Inghilterra New. These altarpieces owe that mania of ash that he his fact sturdier and a lot of flimsy when gripping. (Any one mentions does not freeze your gloves to a boss when they are wetted.) A part of the altarpiece of the base is works and plastic fatter a lot of lifting heavy wet snow without bending an end. I used it included to attentively of gel of chip out of my wheels without the suns knick in a flange.

A better part is a service of client . I have received some six altarpieces each like this in two pieces. Some sleeves and a base of altarpiece. Two of some bosses are not returned to a base. I have contacted service of client and has been said that would send was bosses of substitution. He this in spite of, taken longer that an original nave to take them mine. Take on the month and I was pleasantly has surprised. I have received two new altarpieces. Some sums of turn of the sleeves. They are very very pleased with cost of mine.
5 / 5 By Marisa
Has not thought Never has required the ' car altarpiece' except this winter of Chicago has changed the mine has thought. I can not believe while easier is to go in and out of snow-packed or icy something of parking - especially estacionando callejero. This altarpiece is light but sturdy enough to choose on the pause and the heavy snow on gel in an asphalt. I want that it is the material concealed does not line a product in my car when accidentally I scrape up against a car. Among handy some prejudices when some any one like this neighborly the engine there is estacionado too close up of the mine car so that it was unable to back up unless I have loved to spend a front of this car as to decoration of rear final. My partner has helped to drive me was of then has more experience of behaviour of the winter and has been impressed the one who faster was to shovel snow out of some first advance wheels. Immediately it was envious of my altarpiece. It says ' have me that takes one of these!'
4 / 5 By Lucius
In the first place, alive in Utah of Salt Lake City, as my snow is generally light and powder.

Ossia For far my favourite altarpiece. If has 1 - 6 thumbs of snow want to 'push' of the yours go or footpath, ossia an altarpiece has found better. An excellent form to press snow in front of where is going, this in spite of not building on too much quickly which prendería your progress. A lack of the lip of metal means that these slides to shovel easily in concrete, and work very better that altarpieces with the lip of metal.

So much a 26' and 21' work well, if you are a bit athletic of the 26' movements more nieva, but my woman prefers one 21' model. They are while to a 32' model that pode for 1-2' situations. While this snow of altarpiece 'launch' that chooses on, is used more like the 'pusher', then stimulates a snow of a surface when you achieve an end of a zone is clearing.

Highly recommend this altarpiece.
4 / 5 By Tifany
Recent bought one of these for a car. It has not had the occasion for the use still. BUT so that they mention a leaf that is wobbly in a boss, was able to solve this @subject to use the hule mallet and that attacks a connection signals the little time to take a leaf further to a boss 'a notch of plus'. Now it feels solid, and any rattling or wobbliness! Hope These products will last, the time will say.
4 / 5 By Shakita
Newsflash folks: These altarpieces of call of the things of snow at most the tents are a lot so only to cause heart and behind hurts attacks. They are so only too big and choose on too much snow in one times. You look in some altarpieces has used for more the professionals build the interview and calm will see that some altarpieces have used is a lot of pushers or the scrolling shovels this looks this product .

Has bought so only in a same altarpiece in a mid 90 east and was happy to find a same creation again. A leaf is quite big but no too big to the equal that choose on the practical quantity of snow. Material my ex woman still is that it uses an old altarpiece, and expect this one to last like this long
5 / 5 By Ewa
The altarpiece arrived in bad packed stock exchange. The altarpiece was in two pieces, any one has gathered. It do not have any direction on like this partorisca attach a boss correctly. A boss would not return to a leaf all a way because of some rays. It produces really bad.
4 / 5 By Burl
I movements/presses good snow. Easy to gather. Very durable. The long boss is ergonomic and easy to press. Laws like the mini ploughed of snow. Happy with him like this far and is January already.

UPDATE: it is almost February 2010 and east shovels still is that it goes strong. A boss along the big difference - is long and easier in mine behind that altarpieces with like this-called the mania 'ergonomic' has bent. If the snowy is more than 2 or 3 thumbs or heavy/wet, so only take the narrowest swipes by means of some driveways and walkways. I plan on buying another of these while they are on sale . Ossia My favourite altarpiece of my cup 2 altarpieces of all the times.

UPDATE: it is New Years 2012 and east shovels still is that it goes. We use it to us almost constantly last winter. A flange has spent down the bit but soften it to us on and maintain the using. I love a boss along reason can press a snow without killing my behind. Ossia The altarpiece adds .
4 / 5 By Theressa
So only undermine 3 cars and the front walkway of down 9 thumbs of snow with this handy little altarpiece of snow. It is a lot of sturdy and to to look likes will last partorisca of the long time. Highly it recommends for people those who require the solid altarpiece for occasional use. It is perfect to undermine out of your automobile or for uncovering your front walkway. It was not it adds for any the one who takes the frequent snow or the one who has to that it weaves of go still to shovel. He a work finally, but take more along reason is small. A boss is also shorter that the altarpiece of normal snow, how is less comfortable to use for big works. It is a perfect measure for boys to help with shovelling. I plan to maintain he in a trunk of my car.
5 / 5 By Retha
I alive California and have any snow to shovel, but abundance of leaves. This sum of laws of the altarpiece the excluyente on leaves or garden clippings this has been raked to the battery.

A period of some works of good boss for me, but the main person (5' 10' or big) could find a too short boss to be comfortable when using he for a long period of time.

My disappointment is in a colour. Appearances for the red well, brilliant but instead has taken for the dull, red turn.
5 / 5 By Hang
I alive Goes does not take to whole plot of snow, but when , need to take touched of of him. I have used this altarpiece for this first time this year and was adds! I think it that that can be the little uncomfortable for the main person (I follows 5'4 and has had to that go down to plot to use he) but think for short works his wonderful. His very light, and this has done the enormous difference for year has tried to shovel with the a lot stroll altarpieces more weighed any feigned for snow and he roughly killed me. This has asked a process to plot this year. It does not do a lot very once a snow or gel hardens on the bit, but has done to add before it conceal.
5 / 5 By Jackelyn
To Inghilterra new there has been the record winter in 2014 - 2015 and this altarpiece helped to undermine my car out of each storm. Alive in my trunk, and while we would take snow while it was law (quite often), would do fast work of a snow that piled on and be in my way. His very very built, although a piece of altarpiece is plastic to the equal that feels the bit thins like this he tapers down. A boss is solid forest , and was screwed in tight. Very better that other altarpieces of travesía, but any comparison with the plenary sized altarpiece - although the good partner for a car.
5 / 5 By Nicolle
Ossia An altarpiece of perfect snow for a car. It returns easily in a trunk and of the very better works that some of some altarpieces of travesía leading have possessed ( One some concealed has a telescoping boss but is wobbly). It is it adds to shovel around a perimeter of your automobile and go in has estacionó cars. Ossia An ideal altarpiece for people llving in condo and the paving that settings of builds, or that commute to do and parco alfresco in winter. Note: This is not ideal to shovel a go whole, but would do amiably in the yard walkway.
4 / 5 By Emelina
Originally Buy this for mine 3 old year ( pause his first altarpiece - the economic an experience in the tent of boxes). It loves this altarpiece - is sturdy, very done and so only a right measure.

Like a prize added, has had the storm of snow another day and my car have taken has stuck that looks for to go in our neighbourhood. My husband has walked house, grabbed this type, and was able to quickly and easily rooms and shovel us was. It say that this shovels the work adds to take a snow that was packed really to a street and was able to go down to a pavement so that we could take a traction has required for the do home.

One adds to buy And the prize adds.
4 / 5 By Monserrate
I alive in a complex to walk. A zone of porch is quite small. When He snowed this winter has spent to take roughly 6' to 8'. This little altarpiece was wonderful. It was so only a right measure for a porch and has done to clear some any one the breeze. Law really well in a car also without lining it. Done my day and my work like this easier!
5 / 5 By Margarette
Acceptable for the urban/scrolling suburbial occasional EASY of snow of clue of wheel. It is way too short and flimsy for serious undermining especially for the big person.. If you go to use this for the storm of the snow of entity undermines was is the toss arrive which will break first: an altarpiece or your backside.
5 / 5 By Classie
It produces purchased after a lot of investigation and found partorisca be Produced Very Good and true the descriptions. Durable and good measure partorisca manoeuvre down/ around vehicle, especially in of the spaces of tight parking, especially during this Storm of Winter of System of record Michigan. It has possessed another, alike altarpieces, and am sure ossia a better available partorisca this purpose . The only suggestion would do the costruttore, would be partorisca offer with games of metal in brota. The desire was available retailers venues , But $ can no partorisca annoy me a + $ S/H. It produces found partorisca be like this announced, a lot packaged, rid like this promised Better Prize. To good sure order of this vendor again. Client very Satisfied !!!
5 / 5 By Gordon
Has Had one of these partorisca the number of years when some plásticoes has broken finally after the years partorisca be in of the extreme temperatures in my car. Very happy of the find again. Modified some that of the mine original (worlds of sticker of versus logo permanent, different feels the sleeve of forest, but the same basic elements still have looked for! Now I am ready partorisca winters of Pennsylvania again!
4 / 5 By Elijah
So only take he out of a box and the use. It is really, really sturdy. At all partorisca gather. And it has to that the coverage of cedar likes, does not line or tear on your coverage. I love it.
4 / 5 By Danielle
Loves this altarpiece! It has Had one for 11 years but was spent enough in an end. His light and quite easy for me to press a snow. I do not owe that bend on and can do a sweep of a footpath less than time.
5 / 5 By Brigitte
Has purchased one of these altarpieces the few years does in the tent of the hardware and a plastic leaf finally is aiming wear, because of a hard winter has had here in a Midwest. An altarpiece is extremely light that causes less wheel when shovelling and is built material of quality. Some work to shovel more when pressing snow, but also can be used like the altarpiece of snow regulates takes heavy snow in of the discharges, which do not see like the question, reason takes the a lot of snow has weighed immediately can cause the attack of heart in all the chance. Ossia A better altarpiece has not purchased never, but could no to find them locally again, as I have purchased two more than them by means of Amazon.
5 / 5 By Essie
Canadian, know his snow, eh?

Have the pair of these, has to be 15 years now -- closings like new! The sleeve of forest gives quite heft to do sliding an easier altarpiece, less lifting to the equal that can press a snow. Snow no the estaca has left fresco for the external minute. Maintain your feet dry when turns to a car.
4 / 5 By Doria
Has bought this after a winter has decided to kill mine telescoping car altarpiece. I have been interested to take something with the boss of real forest and the solid construction. There is some assembly has required. You owe that press an axial to a leaf which can require some force. This in spite of, calm once takes in there, is not exiting. A personal annoyance smaller is that I can any the plan dipped by means of in a backside of my car (2006 Mini). My only complaint is that with which have bought this, does not receive another snowfall that could try this was. Perhaps next winter....
5 / 5 By Bree
Buys this in a cradle for residential shovelling next year. Not to use it but state doing this in fact a lot of years and I like a weight and look. I think it that it was well. I have had his professional model and like, of east is the little lighter and more economic, as that sees that it operates.
5 / 5 By Jules
Has ordered an on-line and arrive yesterday, with the boss broken. I have bought a same model in the local hardware look it in fact years and is the boss is fact of the different / material stronger. I think that that some sleeves are broken, in traffic, for a heavier leaf - both desquels is free in the cushioning-less, goleada of map, bouncing violently during a travesía to a buyer.

My suggestion to Amazon (although I am quite sure ossia impossible), is to ship a boss for separate / detached, so only like a leaf and leave a buyer installs it. This would delete almost everything of a breakage.
4 / 5 By Olin
Exactly that looked for and could not find in any tent of local hardware. Utilisation for the tight space in the flight of stairs, perfects. It is in accordance with it sticks that recommended using it mallet for presionar on an altarpiece to a estaca.
5 / 5 By Mahalia
Excellent the ees has tried another but because of material bad or workmanship has failed always this 'emergency' the altarpiece will not leave you down a plastic of hand-held grip is fat and sturdy a forest is big quality and a part of altarpiece is also fat and sturdy a boss is long enough to take a work done but quite short to return in any transport ossia any toy is the piece adds of emergecy crew that would owe in yours automobile yes bolt in the snowy climate the mine of amour and will be puchasing more for my familiar
4 / 5 By Ilse
This altarpiece is exactly that looked for - something small to dip in my Trunk for a upcoming month of winter in a chance of emergency. I have not tried nieva still - I will update my description in a chance I need he (which, in of the winters of centrical New York probably wins) - but looks to be a lot of sturdy and easy to gather. Some two pieces (a when being an iron/of boss , another when being a excluyente red) snapped together easily.
5 / 5 By Marion
Has dipped one in the each one of my cars of boys for a winter, has very bought, and is the light weight is durable to look for an emergency has been drawn partorisca, is not in to widths likes him I no for still scrolling of snow around a house, but for a car, a measure is perfect. I will update lame stuck and need to use it.
4 / 5 By Suzette
The excellent altarpieces are Done in Canada ( knows something roughly nieva). It likes that of these altarpieces do not have games he of metal to the long of a leaf. Ossia Especially good to shovel in surfaces of forests. It does not like using of the games of of metal I in cimienta neither. Big quality, well the durable altarpiece done, although a plastic will take rasgado up over time when shovelling in cimienta.
5 / 5 By Mozella
A prize was well, but is not really the a lot of sturdy altarpiece for wet snow.
5 / 5 By Doris
Like any in a factory is new mark reason this altarpiece was gathered partly behind. All the consumers owe that do is to attach a boss to a excluyente. Easy? Any if any screwed a boss to a wrong end. One finalises of a boss is tapered like this returns in the excluyente, another end is not , as he no returned. Also, a pocola how plastic the black in a boss was screwed on behind. I took the moment to imagine this was, but the transmission to us around and now laws.
5 / 5 By Candyce
Well is looking, light and does a work to take snow of my footpaths. They are 5'2' as some altarpieces are too long but this a perfect east.
5 / 5 By Florance
Fantastic altarpiece. It is not too big. I can move a snow around easily.
5 / 5 By Donny
Was economic and was a perfect measure for my car. But with which two uses, a course in a back where a boss connects to a plastic altarpiece is broken. Any sure has to that you the cold temperature. As it was not that longer can use this altarpiece. If a plastic has not broken open, this altarpiece is the solid five star and I would take another.
4 / 5 By Kristian
This altarpiece is ideal for women or of the oldest people to use so that it is light weight but sturdy. They are 73 how it is an only altarpiece
that could use in this age. It is quite also in slope in a cochera. Amazing quality in both a boss and a excluyente.
Will love this altarpiece. My garden there is NC to the clay and this altarpiece can barrel entirely that. I produce it adds.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5 By Fannie
It finds east shovels very well press 2-3 thumbs of snow near of go or footpath. It is well in tossing the snow on embroiders of pavements. The better works in dry snow in wet. Any very partorisca chipping gel (the altarpieces of the majority is not or take bent or wreck), more than 5 thumbs of snow (uses the snow blower)
5 / 5 By Nathan
This snow pusher the work adds in New Hampshire. My preferred.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5 By Lorette
Amur A creation of this altarpiece. A grip of sleeve is comfortable and work with powder and wet snow. Bought partorisca substitute ours this has broken with which 5 years,
5 / 5 By Coy
altarpiece of Good snow and comes with an ergonomic pusher boss. Shopping again.
4 / 5 By Carlita
This altarpiece treated as it has described. It feels a lot comfortable in some hands. The boss are partorisca add so I am short was able to change grip partorisca different applications easily.
4 / 5 By Jayson
The parking Done some better altarpieces in a world. Partorisca My blacktop go it will not use a lot another.
4 / 5 By Cristine
Ossia My favourite altarpiece . The weight adds, the creation adds, utmost ergonomics!!
5 / 5 By Dulce
The better altarpiece done partorisca take horse manure out of a trailer!
4 / 5 By Mercedez
Has bought this of my local hardware stores the few years behind. This altarpiece is an altarpiece of snow I better there is never has used. They are an out of hate of form and old crown that snow of altarpiece. But ossia like this a lot-drawn, partorisca shovel easy. A creation of a calm upper boss leave partorisca twist a boss with your wrist the snow of toe out of a leaf, and a calm half boss leave to impulse an altarpiece without bending on a lot remote. Mina the low plus behind feels absolutely well after shovelling the very big zone. My sides, with the, and arms, this in spite of, is feeling he of all one twisting and turning ( has done more shovelling that it could it images). In general, this will protect your backside while you clear your snow.
5 / 5 By Markus
There is broken after a storm. It ask that it orients it controls the leaf sheared was. Paid the prize for east, but has had cheapies last much more.

Top Customer Reviews: Garant 24" STL ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 27 ratings
5 / 5 By Roslyn
Well, this does not shovel snow, simply presses it, but that does a lot well. It is weighed more than a common plus poly pushers, but some helps of weights move a snow. It is also able to press down to a concrete level. It is weighed too much and, unwieldy partorisca lifting, but can turn a snow on. Partorisca Shovel, Guarantees Alpine 'Of the altarpiece of show is the small plus, but the show shovels more effective. Used near, has two of one the majority of effective, and the snow done well tools of scrolling.
4 / 5 By Lauran
Originally has bought this partorisca my father the one who is in shape well, but say that it is weighed too much partorisca he partorisca use. They are in shape and this is to weigh partorisca me, but he certainly done a work. No utilisations never this partorisca shovel snow, but ossia the tool adds partorisca scrape go your coffins. If has accumulation of gel in yours go, or the snow packed of frames of wheel, this certainly the will scrape up. Ossia Heavy reason is durable and fact of solid steel. A combination of a weight of an altarpiece and a leaf in a tip has any lifting of question on top of the east last it-scrape gel.
5 / 5 By Manual
Ossia To a lot of very built altarpiece, one that am sure will give a lot of years of excellent service. We have had several heavy snowfalls with which have received this element and I have any complaint in his sturdiness and qualified partorisca press big quantities of snow. A brota partorisca armour plate weighed easily clears nieva down to an asphalt or concrete and can scrape the gel better that any altarpiece has has not possessed never. There is absolutely any comparison among this altarpiece and these puny, poly-bladed some with the thin band of metal in a flange of a leaf. If there is anything negative to say roughly the, has to be in a weight, but hanged so much due to the fact that well it is built. It can not be happier with him.
5 / 5 By Sudie
Has purchased Guarantees it 24” Nieve Pusher 5+ years ago. You are done of aluminium with the band “of skid of the steel” (characteristic critic) in a main flange of an altarpiece. Law perfectly, but some kerbs that resists a band to an altarpiece has spent finally down and a band is fallen off. Without that, an altarpiece was the ache to press in a cement, reason a soft aluminium has maintained partorisca hang in mine go.

Any question … has bought that has thought was a substitution esatta. Any so much. A listing for a new a has not mentioned that a whole altarpiece has been done of steel. Hanged the tonne. Any question for some users, but is not acceptable for a way I use an altarpiece.

Is returned and has eaten in $ 15 in a whole transaction. The lesson has learnt.
5 / 5 By Ranee
Choose this up after my steel of 21 years nieva pusher has given finally on a ghost. It take a casualidad to use a pusher in a chance/of snow of the gel -4 thumbs. I have tried the plastic/aluminium of my edges shovels to the equal that has taken multiple pass to take the majority of a snow/of gel. They are then he is exited a pusher - and was able to clear a snow/of gel in some sweeps. A pusher the works more when there is at least the thumb of neighbourhood of gel and does not try impulse and launch with this tool. In the first place, a pusher is weighed enough. Segundo a creation will not sustain launching - in the half slide was unless you are really careful. Considering some leaves/of plastic aluminium have sold besides hardwares, those are toys and any drawn to last.

Be the little careful, some flanges are acute like my woman learnt when short self for the choose up for a support to reinforce.

Defenders of Time of the tool - ossia an altarpiece Tim Allen would recommend and like I!
4 / 5 By Reinaldo
Ossia The altarpiece of the snow adds . It is excellent to press snow but is very weighed like this probably more for the snow can press enough that the deep snow that need to be shovelled.
5 / 5 By Carmon
Update: Still an altarpiece more order has not possessed never

the altarpiece Adds, the little in a heavy side but is steel after all. I have installed the boss (clamp) in a half to help with a weight, extremely happy.

Is the pusher, like the ploughed, when lifting with snow, some slides of snow of some sides if you tilt.
5 / 5 By Kesha
Has bought this to substitute another altarpiece of snow of the steel that the just plain has spent out of all a nieva this year. A build and the quality are a lot well, but has been surprised that has weighed this altarpiece is. The fat steel would have to that spend a lot long, but is quell'has bitten heavy partorisca hoveling', but would have to that be Or.K. Like the snow 'pusher'.
5 / 5 By Adelaide
Very built, solid. Works a lot well in scraping the snow was go .
5 / 5 By Jerri
Is heavy, but is better that a plastic some which always finally pause. I will sacrifice hanged partorisca durability.
4 / 5 By June
Well built, solid. Works a lot well in scraping the snow was go .
4 / 5 By Sammie
Are señorade 77 years and have measure of go concrete that will resist 8 normal measure cars. This so only can be used like this snow pusher. If you are not the tiny person this does well but is very heavy and no practical partorisca the light person. I seat this altarpiece will last partorisca always and does not spend never has been been due to a construction of heavy steel.
4 / 5 By Gayla
Big winter , snowy and old beat-arrive the altarpieces of snow could any one a work. Taken diverse new some. This one are to add reasons: 1. It is steel and is sturdy, 2. Some suspenders in an altarpiece help an impulse of user an altarpiece without touching to a side or another. It is the sturdy altarpiece. Edges really like this one.
4 / 5 By Maris
Well and durable. A solid weight add when pressing the heavy wet snow same.
5 / 5 By Sherrell
My husband has loved the 'pusher' not shovelling. After several travesías local to many stores some so only one funds has not had a boss requires. Found this on-line and has been rid just in time for our prime minister of a lot of tents of snow. You take used immediately and has done to add for him.
5 / 5 By Hank
Ossia The good product . They have used to manage them in Hardware of IRONS, but no longer. An only question has had is that when a product has arrived, a person of the delivery simply has resisted a boss by means of a cup of a box of nave, with an entirely open box and no useful at all. They had it it maintain him so only I near to determine a ship to direct.
4 / 5 By Pamela
An only question has had has been there is had the corner bent when I took it. Any insurance like a corner has taken bent reason a box was in has not been damaged at all. This snow pusher does the good work and would have to that last for years.
5 / 5 By Jene
He the good work. We have looked for our zone for the pair of years and happy of the find. This in spite of appearance I do not require it anymore this year.
4 / 5 By Reita
The pleasant thing is has not bought he for snow but for the use to press Hay and manure and the work more adds slope less and is more substantial that a some sold in some tents of park for this use. LOL
4 / 5 By Kristy
The better altarpiece there is never has had. It can be mine buys favourite never. Extremely happy.
4 / 5 By Hildegard
Excellent partorisca emotional deep snow quite quickly. More to use before the snow begins to melt. Highly recommend. It can not find in of the tents of hardware in Richmond, GOES.
4 / 5 By Mildred
Finally the altarpiece of snow to owe heavy fact with materials of qualities. The law adds with gel and slush and pressing heavy wet snow, especially. A lot, much better that a plastic of light weight shovel which finally pause after the few seasons.
4 / 5 By Babara
This altarpiece is weighed but done the work adds and a flange will not fall off like the leaf is an altarpiece ..
4 / 5 By Phillis
Good and heavy construction. Pressed the plot of snow with him this winter. This element, because of this weight , is not for any with the bad behind yes tries to choose a snow up with him.
4 / 5 By Viki
Has had this altarpiece for several years now and any question. It is sterdy and some corners of an altarpiece there is not bending on closings.
5 / 5 By Sha
Has Had one and the 'has espent literally was'! It has given a 'old' one my daughter and has ordered a new one on its own name. Door in a snow!
4 / 5 By Stefani
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