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Top Customer Reviews: Amazon eGift Card - ...

Rating: 1 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Shizue
I have bought this egift card like the present. It take a saying of email that goes it when being redeemed for a person has feigned, but in inspection further, had not obtained never a money. I tried it two times more with allocution of different email. Once again any luck. It does not recommend this at all lost $ 75 has asked the repayment and could not take the unit has been given the $ 10 promotional credit, but that never looked in my email.
5 / 5 Angel
Beware!! There is the fraud to enter telephones. You will take the call of tlphonique of the DIRECT television this declares that you take you the way down below monthly load for your Direct television and the service of internet will pay 4 month in advance with a card of present of the Amazon ($ 240). That is to say the very sophisticated fraud . If questions to think enough the and call them behind later, takes a tone of In&T and recording only like a real thing. We are to fall for him so that it is out of $ 240. In&T/the Direct television has been of any help and he in fact said does not have any intention to notify clients of this potential swindle. The fraud of amazon was very useful and in fact tried to back follow a card of present, but in an end could does not locate a call (probably be been due to IN&Ts lack of help. In all the case, give the thanks to Amazon to try. Our big deception, as it take, those paid for the card to give and giving a cash was numbers in any one those promises that the service is the no, the no. Listens stupid, be so ready.
1 / 5 Nancy
I Like him his of an idea of a eGift cards, but when chooses an option of delivery through the message of text, one can of addressee any hard. Also, there is any road to annul an order through your portal of account... You have to contact any one maintains of client of the Amazon that then the subjects join you email with the nexus this has to go calm in.

Would not recommend a eGift card through the message of text in any one.
1 / 5 Trudy
PRECAUTION! PRECAUTION! PRECAUTION!!!! Read this through before you go to purchase the Card of Present!

WELL, thinks that this has been patient more concealed with Amazon in this integer 'Card of Experience of Present. Last week has ordered the $ 100.00 Card of Present for the anniversary of Grandson and has used a hand for process of half comunicacionales social. A nexus was routed saw Messenger in my grandson and he looked to cross without subjects. As I routed a card has take the anniversary of my another the grandson was this week so immediately returned in a section of Card of the Present and has ordered another $ 100.00 Card of Present for him. I routed subjects include exact and in the first place one but this a seated in a screen and saying maintained 'process.' I have expected for the bit and has remarked an email in my inbox of Amazon. An email has said


thinks that an unauthorised the party can have accessed your account. To protect your information, has:

-- Deactivated a signal in your account.
-- Has revoked any changes have done for this party.
-- Has annulled any pending mandates.
-- Emitted The repayments for some loads have listed down in your final of VISA in 79.

Can take several days for some repayments that subject for these loads to look in your account.

-- 100

Recommends that you revise each recent activity in this card and informs any unauthorised load against your financial institution.

Will require calm in reset your signal when return in our place. In reset your signal, Accounts of click Vostre' in a cup of any page in Amazon.com. In a Sign In page, clicks a 'has Forgotten your signal?' Nexus To achieve a page assistive Amazon.com of the Signal.

After it enters your email or of the numbers of mobile phone, will take an email that contains the personalised nexus. He clicked a nexus of an email and clue some directions have provided.

The the yours the new signal will be effective immediately.

Also will require in:

-- Re-entered your complete credit or the card of debit numbers a next time that plants an order.
-- Re-Entered any allocutions that recently attached in your account.
-- Controls your bylines, yes has any one. You can require update them.

Has any problem resetting yours signal, Service of Client of the call in:

Clients in EUA and Canada: 1-866-216-1072
International clients: 1-206-266-2992

does not know like this the person has taken your sign -in information so that it conceal spent out of our web of places. Some technicians comprise to use malware to take the user keystrokes, trying common signals, and routing fraudulent emails that information of account of the demand (acquaintance likes him 'phishing').

To learn more in compraventa on-line sure, visits a esecurity and Daunt' section of our pages of Help.


Specialist of Accounts

immediately followed some directions and directed in animal-record-in a place of Amazon. I have called a number for service of client (appoints little pertinent total) and after answering all his dish of question of cauldron and then listens toe that could not speak with one 'Account' Specialist' has been ensured that all was very and has to simply reorder some elements. I am returned in a 'Card of Zone of Present and again has ordered two Cards of Presents one for my grandchildren is each what what. I have used a method of same delivery so before and they both looked to take. My grandson my old plus was able to redeem and use his card of present. Yes! A youngster more a has not been of then here every time tries to maintain to say has had balance of ZERO in a card. My bank has aimed two orders of $ 100.00 each what so of Amazon. After the tentativas numerous to take a card to do the amazon contacted again and after the long discussion with one of a centre of call of Philippine folks in a subject has been said...Sad... There is at all can do. I have asked to speak with the supervisor and has been said that a supervisor has not been available. In this point has lost the majority of my quota and has demanded that I when being posed through the manager of the level the big plus and/or transferred in the Stateside the service of client takes. Desprs Quite 10 min in the wineries was at the end transferred and aided by a supremely good lady. Account that has had to text/of message a Specialist of the account and she have been to try and help me straighten a disorder has been. Alas after the very long and a lot of conversation gyrations, a problem existed still and has been said...'Give it 24 hours.' I have said my very disappointed grandson, this has to expects, was very enough the and says no preoccupy , but know was very disappointed. A next day has nicknamed again, of a subject was still unsolved, this time spoken with the type in pupil' and try very hard to the help exits a situation, but again after his contact one 'Account' Specialist' and after the very long conversation that asks questions in the email of my grandson, his account of Amazon etc. At the end asked yes only can call the maternal grandmother of Grandson so that it live with his and takes an information and of the works with his to resolve a subject. They have called and after the long process has said his ATTENTIVE 24 HOURS!!! At the end the Friday of last week called and spoken with the very good lady that tried to help. It looks in some accounts and has said that it only can annul one ones concealed was was and then could try money of pose (reload) the card of present of account of Amazon of my on-line grandson in his account. This road there would be very nexus etc. And can use it immediately. Well It Was on board with that! My grandson gave me his name of account and PW and I logged in his account to do what a young lady had suggested . I have followed his instructions and was able to attach my card crediticia in his account and I then tried to attach $ 100.00 in his balance of card of the Present. This times a card of the present looked to take, but again a 'process' the opinion is come up! My grandson has taken the opinion in his email that his account has not been closed because of apparent fraudulent activity!!! The tan now here is, his account is closed. It does not take his Card of Present, has the money has joined up in the cyberspace that expects for the etc. Spoken repayments with my bank, only in an out of casualidad that somehow refused a compraventa. They have said that that has taken to ask payment with the 'Zero' quantity. That obviously can not pay. One has aimed three times that $ 100 dollars has been paid in Amazon. That of this date has $ 100 dollars behind in my account and there is two another $ 100.00 quantities that is still in limbo. My details to show to Order that they refunded a money, but will think it when see it! To attach insult to hurt the account of my grandson is the still lock and have me the road to take my Card to Regulate info of his account. It is not that it does not trust , but to well sure it does not trust the system of the amazon now. Active there was always the service adds of Amazon some years but this case very has posed the enormous to dent in a respect that has had! SERVICE of CLIENT VERY POOR And MANAGEMENT of ACCOUNTS.
1 / 5 Lynnette
I have bought one and-card of present with an intention to give he in the partner in Japan of Tokyo. Only to discover that it can redeem a card but he can not spend!!! I routed 400+ dollars in s woman of 54 years that has problems of serious health and any heater. Not even the working stove... It IS by train to freeze him But has been. Japan has Japan of Amazon but they any one honours a card, worse even so they a lot of repayment my money as it can issue Western Union. Amazon Of BAD FORM, is roughly to lose the client of long time if you any right east... On that does not say a word that considers restrictions of use for this card, which especially since has Japan of Amazon is the very crappy road to treat your clients.

UPDATE: I am spent in an hour in a tlphonique today, in the useful partner has appointed Mac. In of the Services of Client of the Amazon to Manila. It was able to obtain the repayment for me. THANK YOU MAC Since has routed a money in a woman to Tokyo this has tried to help and was very thankful... hopefully Animates the Eaten and the warm house tonight.
1 / 5 Marnie
The tests issues the card of present for email 3 times. I maintain to take a message soyust comprises one or another symboll'....And I have done! I have left.
1 / 5 Fredda
Has data the card of present in my threads for the Natal and he have been the nightmare. Still the has not been able of the use. All apresamiento is apologies. They have said then that it was closed accidentally and has had to to expect for at least the week for the use., This was in of the marks the week. Today when I have called a toe has to enciphers out of the this was bad. In a while attentive...Nadal merry. This has been entering arrests quite 2 month now.
1 / 5 Cortez
Card of the present ordered for the day of the parents for Son-in-law. Quan Tries to use it, has been already redeemed. The furthest investigation has aimed that for a day after I have ordered he and was routed in my email, has been redeemed (any one for me). The amazon has routed this in his department of the fraud but I was has said that so that who was that the redeemed, has used he immediately and there is at all can do to compensate for a loss. Also, they know that the redeem but can not share that info. He thank you for at all. The May will order another card of present.
1 / 5 Tabetha
Any Amazon to PURCHASE eGift cards! His system is broken and is not even conscious of him. If you purchase card to give and road in another person, this card of present will be redeemed before they take it. A eGift the information of card is routed a clear And has actuated. Those ways anything in an internet can intercept an information a money does a card in in 3 place of party to touch or redeem a card in Amazon with the bogus accounts. Any one still they preoccupy left only that pissed of the clients have or what the millions are being ready ..This preoccupies well?
And is such an easy fixed. Until they go fixed does not buy the.
1 / 5 Selina
Subject: Taking the $ 10 credit when issue the $ 50 Present of Card of Amazon for message of text

takes that ascending email of Amazon, when being very careful. My experience of compraventa with this ascending sense like the 'change and of throat' for website of Amazon. I clicked in a nexus of email of the ascent and tried to buy the $ 50 card of present. I have entered a number of tlphonique for texting a card of present and like clicked 'the compraventa Opens' button, website of Amazon reloaded a present-page of compraventa of the card and aimed me to enter an allocution of email so that an option of delivery has been changed (for Amazon) in 'Hand for Email'.

Has been confused and tried it to start with in two times more. Both times, after I have entered the number of tlphonique where a card of present would be rid in, and clicked on 'the compraventa Opens' button, website of Amazon reload a page and change in 'Hand for Email'. A bit out of patience, has been only to enter an email and has completed a compraventa whole.

After reading a fine impression of this ascent, gives that $ 10 credit is data only when one $ 50 card of present is rid by text in the number of tlphonique.

In me, a whole experience is the 'change and of throat'. Has wanted to $ 50 card of the present and have followed a nexus of email and has entered the number of tlphonique. As I Have wanted to to pay for a compraventa, the web of place of the amazon has changed an option of delivery in 'Hand for Email' to deceive me to enter an allocution of email to rid a card of present. The change, conceal it would disqualify me for one $ 10 credit. Franco.

Top Customer Reviews: Amazon Gift Card - ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Reynalda
This was the card of present for my daughter in law to use. I took it so the amazon has said that it take the $ 15.00 credit in my account like the promotional to buy this $ 50.00 card. But this has not spent. I enter in an email has taken of Amazon this says thank you for this order and this $ 15.00 has been regulated in your account. But you are not !!!! And, my account dictates has not been eligible for this ascent??????? So much, no, I probably VERY very cards of presents further of Amazon.
1 / 5 Nancey
I can not recommend that any one purchases these. Of course, my history is only an experience of a type in a compraventa tried of 3 cards of presents in of the separate occasions, but here is my card of present of the Amazon that buys experience:

has purchased one of this impression-in-of the cards of presents of the house for $ 250. A form of following day out of a card of present and place see clave of EUA in an addressee. Quan An addressee has tried use the, has been identified what prpers has been already redeemed. An Amazon of the addressee and the amazon have nicknamed said could does not help and would require to contact an original buyer of a card of present (me) which has done. I the amazon has contacted while I said me a card of present had been used basically immediately in purchase of mine he (in day 1, before it included the has not opened never a PDF) for some person with the name that was totally odder in me. A representative of Amazon informed me that an only road this could spend is if my account has been admitted. They have suggested essentially that any one 'cut' my account and has done very another hurts another east fly the code of card of the present out of the PDF that has not opened never . I find this supremely unlikely history and suggested in a representative of Amazon (in fact several different representatives) that could try it this theory or disproved for an analysis of my login activity, which the totally ignored amazon. Nevertheless I reset my signal like the amazon has suggested.

Has been said by 3 different Amazon people that mine $ 250 repayment already had been accused and would be to see that punctual. 'Well, I add.' I have thought to arrive to this point.

This wing left still me, even so, without the present for my addressee has feigned. I have decided while this has to when being an isolated incident so that it has then purchased another $ 250 card of present. I routed a number in my immediately that the immediately redeemed partner without subject.

Or as it has THOUGHT... I have been then to look in my list of mandates and does not know ... One the majority of present recent-the compraventa of the card had DISAPPEARED ! I have contacted Amazon in this new subject, which has supposed was only some mix-arrives to relate in my compraventa earlier, and has been said by a representative of Amazon that this order there was tate has suppressed for the reason' and this would take some information roughly further quite objective.

The May HAS DONE. A representative again said me my repayment for a card of the present earlier (those still looks in my mandates to date, a second card of present still any one) was accused already and concealed would see it inner the few business days. Val... Well.


Then tried to purchase the third card of present, days later... And after hour or like the compraventa had not crossed . So much, I have contacted Amazon still again. Basically a history in that then was ' is your bank not giving permission hurriedly enough, only has to expects.' Again... VAL, Well. I will expect.

A bit those that minutes later after it have finished his my conversation with a representative of Amazon, my account of Amazon was totally deactivated. Has had to then even more time in a telephone with Amazon to take my account re-instated. A type of one esquad of reset of the signal' this I spoken with in fact looked one the majority of the wise person of any one had spoken with like this far, and was able in re-instate my account, but said me was to sweep to purchase more cards of presents for at least 48 hours. I said me a subject of the security arrived so that I have purchased a card of present in my mobile device but has opened then a pdf of my computer of work (which any one usually use for compraventa of Amazon). This still all look quite odd in me even so, that considers that when using my computer of work has had to to cross extra authentication for the try was.

In looks them to him the has not been achieved counting very is in Amazon in such the road that any one comprises a problem. Down, any one of the amazon did not go never able to help me, wasted hours and hours of my time in this atrocity, and has not taken never one $ 250 backside.

He still, could contact Amazon STILL AGAIN (for now one 9 times or something what) to ask in a missing repayment that has been promised several times (writes, included), but that considers that it looks in the arrival that is punished in some road every time contacts Amazon in of the this, final to fall and resigned me to be out of 250. Any I very wants to lose access in my account of Amazon again or wants to finish spending more time in a telephone with them.

Listens likes him perhaps to amazon very really has a plant of pertinent infrastructure to be able in adequately back this product when the subjects arise. Of course only I am theorising in of the causes, here.

Has been a client of the amazon of reservations sold only. Has very had of the few subjects some years and a service of the client in a past has been always I adds. This was certainly any house here.

The May will buy another card of present of Amazon.
1 / 5 Evia
Please does not waste your time with these. I have ordered the in impression and present. Quan Has tried to print, a code of Recovery for a card of present and a message to give in an addressee that writes has not looked in a printable card after it print. I have conversed with Service of Client of the Amazon and has been said that an information would not print in a card of present real for purpose of security?! Well, then as it can these acts if I can not print out of a code of the recovery like an addressee can use a card of present? Asked the repayment. A person of the support of the Client has declared induct the repayment for some cards (5 of them). It opens, only I am purchasing cards of the hard copy of Amazon saws premier, which would have to has done in a first place. That the waste of time and ink and paper of my printer.
1 / 5 Malia
Looked the idea adds but I desire to have now only emailed a card of present directly in a person. Any only in $ 200 in the card of present for provider of childcare and now can not print a card. I can very he same accesses a code like the only could give a code in his of a card will not print . I am sure he will imagine something was before tomorrow. Quite thwarting and annulling an order has not been a same option although it takes almost 30 minutes before taking a nexus and then unable to print. I have had to to Season downloaded even so any success.
1 / 5 Erika
The card of the sums of presents has done. One heaves to buy $ 100 card to give and take the $ 15 promotional credit is the fraud . The service of the client says has not qualified included although I all has asked. That is to say one 2 month and 2 card of the present no prendido. It does not trust any ascent of Amazon. 1 hour 40 minutes on control for them to say me does not know why but does not qualify .
1 / 5 Lamonica
Very thwarting! It does not print
lives of Flavour for the party and takes one presents on the dot with the desires written in a card! OF THE THAT Cards of compraventas of presents of the amazon in of the lines! Only it takes a real card of a sper piece or a pharmacy!
5 / 5 Terina
Quan Gives my threads of adolescents has been in the party of anniversary a next day and I have had any time to take the present, this was the lifesaver. In less than 15 minutes had ordered and has printed a card of present, pose in the stock exchange of present with some paper of tissue and FACT.
Amazon Of amour of cards of big boys of present so that ' can take anything in Amazon'!
Quan The order was stumped during the minute on yes can take the $ 15 card of present (person of a default quantities), but then visas further in some rights of a pre-the quantities have selected can choose any amours of quantity. More the creations for manly the anniversary could be well.
Would recommend and is sure will use this again in a future.
1 / 5 Eleonore
Sol that it is very easy to print cards of presents of Amazon; but now or it has to Reader of download of Season, which took me extra time, and included then does not print ; and a technician of the amazon gave me then wrong information, so that a next time has tried to the use does not act! So until return in an old road to print some cards of presents, will not be purchasing them much more.
5 / 5 Paula
This was surprisingly mere! I have required the last present of minute and has seen this and thought and'd give tries it. In 5 minutes or less, wah the, has had a certificate of the present has printed was! PERFECTO! Especially well for those take to buy for people. I can not comprise some bad descriptions, has to when being marks something injustice.
Had the selection adds maps also. I have not verified, but expect that these are around available year. The anniversaries go to be so easy! I know the plot of the people very preoccupy for certificates of cards/of the present.... They say it that it have to have a bit it think it posed in a real present. But when it does not have any tone that concealed the to buy any one, give them the card to give and leave take them something in fact wants to or need! I think that that it is the wonderful idea !
5 / 5 Tiffiny
It was happy to be able to print this has been for the anniversary of my granddaughter in a last moment when she and his family have visited unexpectedly. It have planned on it orders for the email of alive 150 miles was, but was so happy to give he in his in person and takes a hugs in recognition. Amur A fact that was able to insert the picture of his when it was less than 2 years also. Sure it wants that daughter!

Top Customer Reviews: Cozymeal Private ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Jeanelle
An idea of present attaches for any one concealed wants to feed and wants to enjoy the only dining experience.

Top Customer Reviews: Tsunami Sushi Gift ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
The tsunami IS is not only the restaurant. It IS an experience ! A sushi is phenomenal and an atmosphere is electrical! The cards of presents my presents that gives so convenient.