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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 Laurence
Coming from the Pixelbook, has included after so only 1 day partorisca use a Pixelbook Goes, am finding that I prefer so many things roughly the, particularly an excellent keyboard, speakers, and life of battery. A trackpad is also very good. A mine of looks of the screen a lot well with abundance of brightness and good resolution partorisca the internet that explores, documents, photos, spreadsheets, and to the likes. It likes that of a Gone is quell'has bitten smaller and lighter that a Pixelbook. It feels mine very solid , more so much of a Pixelbook. It is the keeper partorisca me. Has a more economic version with a M3 the processor and looks perfectly very partorisca general use. I have not run in any slowdowns still, but I also very a lot of gaming or the video that modifies, only use of general internet.
4 / 5 Naomi
Portable brilliant! A quality of build is upper notch and everything of a keyboard and tampon of clue to a plenary HD the screen is the very pleasant and experience of prize.
Has taken a model of base and think for more than people this is all need unless I need more storage. Chrome Is light already, like the laptop there is absolutely subjects of zeros of the action with him is configuration.
A battery is stellar, am taking almost 12 hours before they owe that touch, and is necessary touches quickly capacities when you owe that.
Some only limitations are Chrome YOU, which is not the question for me of then so only am using things like google docs and discharges for colegialas. If programs require for video or heavy photo that modifies or is planning touch anything more intense that a game of android that this laptop is not for you. But I need the beautiful, fast and simple concealed calm to leave you to answer emails, write the pocolos document and shows any Netflix with relieving that it looks any far plus that this car.
4 / 5 Tamara
To the left is to be sincere, the laptop is the laptop , in an end of a day any one a lot to them except screen, looks and like all is neighbouring place . Has the windows pc for gaming, but when I love an easy to use all arounder loves use chromebooks. Has the pixel slate but has loved the laptop to regulate for school work to take with me anywhere go to go. More than going in another description of typical laptop I bad has really at all can add except say you reason choose it on a competition.

That loves in the laptop: looks, life of good battery, good keyboard, good exposure, thin/light, prize of confidence , good and decent action.

A gone versus:

Asus 425/433/434: these are probably a main competition in prize, looks and action, A subject with one 434 is a lack of reliability with numerous reports for users. In 3.2 lbs is kinda heavy, and one 433 has the coverage of economic keyboard

Hp/Dell 14 thumb: it has dipped these both neighbours because they are alike and his both am very heavy that the most next approximation to 4 lbs. To give you an idea of mine 15.6 gaming the laptop hanged 4.8 lbs. A dell is not mine very attractive and more bland. A HP is attractive but still heavy, no the bad election, but no a better option IMO.

Acer Turn 13: very first, but more than an industrial drawing, also heavy action , orders this in spite of. UHD Exposure.

Pixelbook: Probably a better alternative, and controls to plot of the boxes but I find some big bezels very dated. Expensive closing loves it buy new.

Samsung More V2: another good alternative with the lid of metal. Down 3 lbs and no bad looking. An inferior portion is plastic and feels to like it. Simple 1080p poster.

A pixelbook goes has the good 1080p poster that does not find often in chromebooks unfortunately. Outside of a pixelbook a gone is an only another a down 2.5 lbs. It is also thin. Slender side bezels. Keyboard and utmost speakers. A gone of the controls all my boxes for the laptop perfect partorisca east my program of masters.

When Have in the first place listened a gone announced has been disturbed in a pricing, but compared it then to a competition. In the prize regulates almost all a competition sells in $ 599. One bases pixelbook goes that I have bought is $ 649. A gone is $ 50 dollars more but compared to some rivals has to that leg on on quality of build and looks with a lot of of them. Now the majority of some other laptops mentions it has been on sale for significantly go down that msrp so that it could wants to consider concealed. Also it has any one bends it able exposure likes a lot of some another, which partorisca me there is meant less for a way I use a device.

The one who google was refine a basic laptop and has wrapped he in the quite a lot of bond, which is a same thing that portable of surface, macbook the air has done.
5 / 5 Orval
Has loved really love this unit but he has the screen flicker the bug and the support is refusing to resupply it timeline for updates. As with more than things google, if the law adds, if has the question expects to take lost in the maze of different departments all that have any real response. You take a software when they rid it and there is the question expects month for them for the solve.

For which could be use this like this some alternative to linux. There is still to the plot of things can any one . Calm can not attach devices of USB to a linux container ( unless it is android ) to the equal that to to the things like the ethernet or of other devices are a lot was. Calm can not have inbound port access without 3rd party chrome applications that do port redirection ( and clobber an IP to cause ), while they allege GPU the support is quite lackluster to arrive to this point. They are doing movements to take hyper-threading totally of a software to the equal that would be 30 -40 negative impact in the action has compared the resemblance outfitted notebooks.


With which almost the looks of month to having corrected one of a flickering subject, one the majority of annoying one at least. The creation Informs two 3 stars for a be of time.
5 / 5 Sherrie
One first what there is remarked in a Gone was so only that the light was, had read some descriptions and looked some video but until I a-that there is boxed there is no @to @give the one who light the one of fact was. Still although it is light the closing feels solid in a hand and in no way feels economic. I really like a creation and feel this Google has done the work adds in this device.

A chair of keyboard adds and is very calm when writing in the, hardly can listen while I am writing this description. A travesía key feels good and is the measures adds .

Some speakers take very strong and am impressed in credit it a sound is. Impressing for the device this small and light.

A tampon of clue is one of a better some have used, so only feels good and is easy to use and resupplies the good click.

A screen while no a better, is work . It takes brilliant abundance and is a lot usable in all the conditions. All wish for the better screen but work well in this container.

Has opted for a i5/128 version to the equal that plans on using this for the few years and has loved to ensure has had a better processor and more storage. He so that it treated it far without the @@subject and a life of battery is surprising. Really it likes that it can touch it you of him has seen USB-C. All of the mine USB of use of the devices-C and is good to spend a boss and a band of battery in of the travesías.
5 / 5 Ardella
Has bought a Pixelbook Go reason have loved a light weight and fixes operative simple. My leading device was an old MacBook, and expected for the alike experience without a point of big prize and unnecessary functionality. I require a device for applications likes Word of Microsoft and PowerPoint, as well as Google Docs.

Inside the few weeks to use this device, has been ready to launch he to the lake. In both Word of Microsoft and Google Docs, has the 3-like this lag while a modification or write the word. In Word of Microsoft, can add commentaries until a cast of full commentaries a screen vertically. Then, clicking a esubmit key of commentary no longer works. And in PowerPoint, can very included insert an image. (Ossia An only thing has tried to do first giving up in a program.) I go to Insert >Photo >of Pictures and select an image loves. When I Open click, the screen with the blacks of background looks, with the key to disappear in a plus under a lot of this says 'Done'. A key looks for the second to break, but is impossible to click on. I can not find another way to insert an image. In general, included one the majority of simple and essential tasks is frustrating and/or impossible in this device.

Netflix Laws well. If literally it calms so only need the light laptop to rest in your belly like binge of your favourite shows law, this one is the election adds . I am planning to return this device and fork in a money for the Macbook Air, this in spite of.
4 / 5 Viola
The piece adds of hardware here. An external integer is the light metal that agree of magnesium, but could be wrong. Of pictures, has assumed that a ridged underside would be the glued-on tampon of hule. No a chance. This' looks to be a same metal to the equal that embezzle of an organism. There is 2 travesía of hule ' in a front and behind to resupply any grip, but the majority of a underside is metal (Good for dissipation of hot, the really ordered creation there).

I laptops the thin often have flimsy screens. When you Go compraventa of laptop, tries a screen for 'flex'. It does not like flex in of my screens, and these steps with flying colours.

A chair of keyboard adds. A trackpad is a lot of responsive and good works. A click of a trackpad is the little in a strong side for my flavour-- I desire had been haptic the feedback resembled a macbook pro.

F I tones are delicate. You can resist down a 'application' key (where some lives of lock to cover them) and the use to an upper row likes F1-F10. Need F11-F12? It is in any one leaves could find in a place of support. I have had to begin on the cat to sustain to find that using a key of same application combo, uses some tones to number F1-0 (F1-10) and then - = for F11 and 12. These works, but does not like the one who last I has had to look to follow down a info. I know that you can treat an upper row like F Tones for incumplimientos also, with a toe of the toggle in some settings.

Chrome Is well. I think it that it will improve it. It would like to see more than a trackpad the gestures have learnt to love in Macbooks. Three-toe-attack to see virtual desktops would be the start adds.
4 / 5 Wes
Loves everything in a physical device. A model to base M3 is perfect for 95 of clients, I wager. I can run 60 tabs in Chrome without experiencing the slowdown. There is the fair has bitten of wonkiness with ChromeOS, am surprised for as UN-polished one is. Applications of Linux does not run properly, included a lot of applications of the ANDROID does not run properly or he same download in a car at all. To Some looks of integer likes him is in permanent beta, which Google is second looks uninterested improve. It recommends this to any the one who needs the laptop of work (the one who any precise to do anything averts of the web that explores or writing so much part of his work) and master it slick diagrams to write of the email.
5 / 5 Concha
Yes, Chromebooks is coming the long way. For those of you the one who is not like this technology savvy and could be has bitten has confused like this to the model to buy, the one who ossia partorisca, etc, to the left say roughly as it uses it. They are the writer . It surrounds my own place and are the collaborator by other places. This means I need to write and a lot always have wifi. Any worry, can write docs and save them off-line. Ossia One same with emails and other applications. Calm can save him and will upload and send calm grieves internet of the. So much, calm absolutely can use this without internet. Another more is has the flagship the android can piggyback of your data of telephones, and can use Messages to send and receive texts of your telephone. As I have said, circle my own place, sometimes the code is was and I need for the fix. Any big shot are in mine desk but if they are not in an office I often has had to fix code in my telephone. This is not optimum. Those read is this Chromebook. It is much easier to code in that using a keyboard in my telephone. Also it modifies photo. A lot of editors of photos of the law of Android well in chrome comprising you Photoshop. You can modify photo without internet also. This also has the touchscreen like this the photo that modifies and the control of application are adds. So much, like the writer, owner of web of place, coder, this does well. I have bought a M3 version because a i5 uses twice so much battery and an impulse of the action is not very very better especially with an use of battery has added. A i7 would be to add but the one who in the earth would spend 1,500 for the Chromebook is further me. I adore this car but thus prize would buy something more or included build it specked out of desk. This has said a Pixelbook Goes is the add compraventa. It returns my needs, does not retard down, is súper fast, and the stays have update with guaranteed support for 6.5 years with which quotes of emission. So much, if you are the writer , blogger, owner of web of place, coder (this also Linux short loves /need to the code that Linux of uses), editor of sweet photo, or so only loves half comunicacionales of clock etc; a M3 acts a lot well. A memory would owe that be abundance also of then is mainly for applications to the equal that can store your photos and of the mean comunicacionales a cloud of Google. Also, this has of the tents of Game calm so much can grab any application of there that that master. I have not had any subjects that applications of career or navigating by means of one YOU. The majority of a car of applications has downloaded as I have signed in my account of Google. Honradamente Can not think of anything I aversion. It is sleekz appeal, andbwell has built. A Google of G situated in place of a chrome the symbol is also he touches of prize. I expect that my description is useful to clear on any confusion. Unless I need it supped on rigs for 4k gaming/ the video that modifies this M3 the version will be a lot of gain for your daily life. They are very satisfied with cost of mine.
4 / 5 Kelli
Wants to order some data in Excel? No.
Wants to open two documents of Word a same time? Nope.
Loves a lot of click in the misspelled word? JK. LOL. Nope.
Wants to save to file and then attach it to an email? Any today my man! (Note: there is the odd workaround where can save you things to a file of Download in a hard-walk and then attach of there that. Otherwise Is useless.)

Can not begin the image that marks this an expensive computer. It is alarmingly difficult to treat joined the majority of basic functions. They are the graduate school student and has bought he for on-line classes. It fails like this miserably that I have to that everything of my work in an office.
4 / 5 Susanna
If you are looking for the laptop adds so only buys this and calm will not be disappointed. Of course Chromebook has sure limitations but with a variety of web applications and applications of Android, thinks his sure partorisca say that it takes more people Chromebook would have to that be so only well.

But a hardware of this device especially is so only out of a world. Amur A keyboard, a speaker and the one who snappy all is. Google certainly is doing some optimisation that mine of frames m3 the model feels more snappier that core i5 2019 MacBook pro.

To That that does not like ?
Could have done the best trackpad. His no bad but is not macbook likes.
4 / 5 Granville
I really like this portable. While I am spent to plot more than way that another laptop, there is little any comparison in quality and action. There is the curve partorisca learn in changing windows 10 device to Chrome YOU. Like this far I have not had a lot of difficulty with this like this the help is so only the tone has shot was.

Are still learning and there is a lot partorisca learn, are not some presents HE quite the take senior with has has limited skills. Any one looking for the new laptop really would have to that consider one of these.
5 / 5 Catrice
Has Loved: the light, portable car , able for work, travesía, and need of personal computing

my uses: google spent/docs (extreme), hoarding chrome to to the tabs likes him-are toilet paper during the explosion of virus, youtube constantly running, messaging/emails, meetings and light mobile games

all my work is done remotely, everything by means of web applications and google continuazione. Ossia A perfect access for me- any winced when it has used them a built in mic in the meeting, has listened them any echo for behind speakers of mine that is surprising, reason honradamente heck dipping on and taking of headphones each half hour. I can choose this on and take he with me in any room- is lighter that mine ipad. It touches fast- but with my extreme youtube use, also drains quickly. The one who cure, takes 7 hours more life of battery that mine gaming portable (that takes 1).

The bad:
some applications really suck is. My sympathetic is that the things are firmly state improving in chrome, like this the look forward to improvements further. My interior of the main flu a moment is that slack does not leave me to ctrl+c text, or look for in emotes to see if my boss has contributed to one 'LuL' the faces have low collected a joke has done them in his cost (seriously ossia that imports). Both shortcomings is quite frustrating in the base surprisingly rule. It has to that use a web of place that is transmission, reason like this the mentioned, the collect tabs basically for the living.

My second flu also has to that do with one you: reason he google the walk sucks in chrome? They are the an only one copying and pasting things among discharges? They are the a so only an emotional data of web of places to docs and presentations? It feels like an only real time the'd uses an application is am creating them the writing doc without material of support. (Or perhaps google maintain.) But, of my work almost does not require never gone in of personal newspaper, concealed some useless applications, and of the constant berating the taking of a browser to use an application instead equally is annoying.

Big ups: keyboard, as mentioned peels each reviewer with the youtube checkmark, is quite darn patient. It writes to the plot and his solid likes him all the start.

To build in general is a lot of sturdy and quality. A whole thing reeks of 'is them spent my control of stimulation in this chromebook', which am them sure will win me fresh points.

Has Bought a model of base, and still with my extreme tabby lifestyle the ees still to run to any subjects of pasts, but the wish this model is gone in any rose . Sad. Very sad. A lot very a lot very very sad. Two stars! So only kidding, the master he in all the chance.

....But the the desire was pink.

UPDATE: state using this like this my daily engine for the month, is on 24/7. It is doing I add. copypasta In big spreadsheet the data has the big thinks, but has taken them a M3 any i5 like this perhaps ossia my own failure .

Has given slack feedback of direct application, said a lot to use an application. GGs.

Still really wishing it was pink.
4 / 5 Britta
Has purchased a Google Pixelbook Goes with which he to plot to research on all the frames and models of Chromebooks. They are the developer of web and internet marketer the one who goes to the plot of offices of clients and has has wanted to something small, extremely light weight and very portable. I possess the pocolos portable the, MacBooks, and desks PCs as well as an iPad Pro 11 which want to. Sadly, iPadOS is not quite sufficient for me to use all day while out of an office and lugging the 15.6” laptop around was bit it a lot never import a boss of giant battery. This car has solved everything! Highly recommended!
4 / 5 Chet
Adds Chromebook , Perfect measure and the roughly 2 lbs lighter that is predessor . Taken the on and that careers in roughly 5 minutes and transferred all my Pixel XL 2 files on day 2. Too bad this Pixelbook Goes has not been last available year. Going to give a Acer is gone in Navidad my Law student niece . It will update this description after the few months of use , like this far very pleased with a compraventa. Remarked has not had a lot revise like this decided to add one . Well It Has been 2 month now like this abundance to time to find anything annoying. Pleased to inform that this Pixelbook is all have said in an initial description and some speakers are excellent for the 2lb unit. Bravo - Google and Amazon , This some the Winner !!
4 / 5 Illa
tldr: Inferior line, am disappointed in a quality of this thing for the $ 900 laptop. Any main taking that one bases $ 650 model loves one. 1) it Revises understate a quality of a screen. It is not well. Video rendering, included using netflix, is poor the resulted in strongly pixelated patches that sometimes totally dark chances on-screen when looking video. 2) GLARE. SO MUCH GLARE. In any that dips that has any quantity of natural sunlight a glare is like this intense that he almost renders a laptop unusable. 3) Some works of screen of the touch well, but is the throwaway characteristic in this laptop. A touchscreen functionality of lacks in the laptop that is not convertible. The desire had done was with him and dip of the money to the better screen. 4) A trackpad works, but is a lot of inefficient to use with anything but tap to click, and a sensibility is quell'has bitten wonky. Sometimes it is too sensitive, to another likes me the chair requires the hammer to take a darn what to remark the mine that touches he-click. 5) WiFi Class of connectivity of sucks? It loses connection the same plot in short row (in multiple routers in of the different settings). Now some good things: 1) Very light, I like a measure and formfactor. 2) The keyboard is well. Any that 'awesome' as the descriptions will have think, but for the laptop this measure is well. 3) The speakers are excellent. In general, it is frustrating to spend almost like this in this like this the Windows of main finals/Mac and take something concealed feels class of bad conceived and overpriced for a money.
5 / 5 Lionel
While I have used Google Chrome at length, has has not used never he Chromebook until it has taken this . It has to that say I absolutely loves the, and can substitute mine Macbook 12' as my device of travelling computing has preferred. 99 that use any computer partorisca would be internet surfing & compraventa, organising photo, email, spreadsheets and word docs, video, and half comunicacionales like Netflix or Prime of Amazon, or to the applications of managing house likes them the nest. You can easily everything of that in this device.

Has bought a configuration of base with a m3 processor and 8 GB RAM.

1. Quality of exceptional build - extremely solid, light (perhaps 2.3 lbs), ANY ORGANISM flex at all, and really likes me a ribbed rear the one who looks less slippery that, dictate, mine Macbooks. Very thin, and easily returned to the stock exchange of laptop like the travesía of secondary computer (I travesía for work).
2. It bases m3/8 GB the configuration by heart looks a lot of snappy and responsive. I can not imagine requiring a i5 or i7, which look overkill mine for this device. A m3 the version would owe that be more than pertinent for a vast majority of users.
3. Average on is extremely quickly, so only the pocolos second. After initial setup, which was very easy and fast and totally driven, your signal of Google (still an use for your gmail) will be your register-on signal.
4. The screen is a lot clear and brilliant, and dipping a slider diverse notch main basses brightness would owe that be a lot that satisfies takes more people. A 1080p the screen is a lot clear and acute. It does not think calm will require a big-king screen, but yes calm , so only can take he with an expensive i7 version.
5. The applications are easy to install, and to to the things likes them to them-him him applications of office of the Microsoft, comprising Excel and Word, is available in a tent of Game of the Google, In fact, to launch Excel and signing in with my Microsoft GOES, everything of my Waste of LADY docs was immediately available same without installing A Walk.
6. Keyboard, speakers, and that the tampon of clue is everything upper-notch and very comparable to that would find in any offering of Apple. That The sweetness and travel it key are exceptional, one of some better keyboards has used anywhere with attentive keystrokes.
7. Terrific integration - all of the yours Google Chrome bookmarks/marcadors, applications, signals, etc immediately will be ported on to this unit. If has the installed applications have seen Game of Google in other devices, as I have done in mine Samsung compressed, has been feigned automatically install everything of them here, comprising stirs it of games. Saver Of real time.
8. Learning curve on like this to operate this device was a lot quickly. The majority of functions is intuitive and the investigations of the pair in an internet teach to knots to the equal that to treat the functions have not been familiar with.

1. During setup or some forms of heavy use, can feel to plot of heat in an inferior centre of a unit to a hinge with a keyboard. A subject of looks to heat to dissipate into use normal.
2. Any SD space of paper, as any external storage will owe that be has seen the USB-C connection. Some portable the of Surface of the LADY and included a Samsung the laptops there is concealed amiably micros-SD space of paper for easily adding the permanently semi-detached storage and hid, which can you any with east . This device has two USB-C connectors, one in the each side.
3. One bases 64 GB the looks of storage to be missing of, and would be very Google had done his configuration of base 128 GB, or at least yes had offered the 128 GB option for the reasonable prize without being forced to move to a i5 processor, which the mine looks unnecessary in this device, at least for my use.

Has not experienced flickering, WiFi subject of connectivity, etc to the equal that has been mentioned in some of some descriptions. A device has been solid of rock in of the terms of usability and connectivities.

In general, the device adds that it feels to plot more as he esal portable' and the feasible competitor to an Apple or device of CUPS that thought it . Calm is not roped to use applications of Google, and in fact can applications of Office of the like this calm LADY in the Mac or Surface. I really like this little car, and is thin, light, still the strong creation with life of solid battery the fact the mate of travesía adds.
4 / 5 Palma
Can not believe the person complains roughly this in of the descriptions of Youtube: of a zone for behind one “9” tone, has the crackle/hiss his that games while the power is actuated, if or no a device is plugged in. I have received two unit (one the substitution) and both have had this subject. It has been of more Buy and has resisted my ear until a model of exposure same question. Apparently all the models of base have this hiss and, insanely, the person mentions it. Admitted, has to be in the calm room for the listen, but once calms no prenderá never listening it. Fatal defect. No shabby.
5 / 5 Rupert
Has required the laptop for pupil been due to a coronavirus, and has bought this reason has the telephone of pixel. Of then I love a telephone has decided already purchase a pixelbook goes also. It is light weight , a battery last the very long time. It touches fast and a screen to touch is well. Some to the only things did not like is that I have had of the hard time that downloads the sure program is for pupil. There is remarked that pixelbook goes is advanced too much for our now the technology of days. But I have found a solution to download virtual desktops and my question has been solved. I am satisfied with this pixelbook that comes from/comes from it MacBook pro user. Thank you google! And one any like this pink colour is like this enough!!
4 / 5 Claudia
Have fallen enamoured with products of Google that begins with a Pixel of Google 3 and at the same time has used the asus portable of windows, of then was impressed like this with a pixel 3 the decided to buy a google slate for mine new pill, also has taken a keyboard for him and has begun to try out of chrome you, and enjoyed it so more than windows. As I finally decided to do a complete transmission to the chromebook and windows to solve when a Pixelbook Goes has been announced, took the little while to take around to in fact purchasing my own but now that there are them can say them that it loves it to them! There are so many things that prefers in mine portable of old window, has had a Asus zenbook and the plot have there is enjoyed roughly the Window of May there is ruined he for me. Now using a pixelbook has stirs it of difference among him and a zenbook that really prefers with a pixelbook, probably one the big plus is a keyboard and tampon of clue, there is has not wanted a zenbooks keyboard and a click of a tampon has not satisfied . But a pixelbooks the keyboard is perfect! Some tones are like this calm and feel add writing, solider goes to say, and a tampon of clue resupplies the a lot of in satisfactory click. There is like this to love in a pixelbook, could go in and on comparing it, but instead only action patient that more the amour roughly the, where to start with? Well a front that shoots the speakers are utmost, touches like this good! And a screen is beautify and one touches is the good touch (sees that it has done them there;) also so only that resists a pixelbook feels a lot that satisfies is light but any to light, feels solid and easy to grip, súper soften with has rounded flanges. Really I love it:)
5 / 5 Emelina
This device me the chromebook defender. It is awesome. Light like the feather but sturdy and solid. The keyboard adds, responsive trackpad, so only feels well. A screen could be better. But a life of battery is insane, 11 hours is incredible. It adds access of line of the cell and this thing would be maps.
4 / 5 Nicolle
Loves this Just Black i5 8gb 128gb Pixelbook Goes. Memory of 2006 Black Macbook I really enjoyed in fact a lot of years. Has the clean simple appearance and is a lot comfortable to resist and spend. It is minimalist creation with all I need and swim no. All his components are abonos the excellent quality and well there is matched. His action is a lot well for a vast majority of my needs, and when I press it to a flange begins still to retard down, but he still done a work with the experience of decent user – quite so only with at all has squandered.

Likes that, and take me to plot.
- A light and more compact plus 13' to the notebook has has not possessed never.
- Terrific all day life of battery and silent fresh operation.
- A screen by heart good brilliant to touch attentive with good resolution.
- The video adds conferencing / qualified to fulfil of the web
- sound and Utmost speakers
- Of the terrific easy to read, backlit the keyboard ossia calm and the like to write in
- A very good precision glass trackpad with excellent feel and predictable soft clicks
- Two full function (can, video, die) USB-C put you (one in the each side)
- Quite CPU, memory, and storage for the experience of user adds for almost all I use he for
- Excellent materials, accesses, arrival, and creation with hardware very integrated and software
- A prize can live with

has any technology of main flange, does not have a main action or capacity or some the majority of characteristics, and is not an economic plus. One or more than these things can governs was like the good option for you. Like the technology junkie am surprised he no for me.

But does not have any question that bosses the dozen or more Chrome windows/of tabs, the few applications of Android and the applications of Linux of the pair. Connecting to the USB-C behaviour of cradle two additional FHD exposures, Gigabit Ethernet, Webcam, Mic, Headset, Speakers, Keyboard, Smile, and more starts to register a CPU. But an only time I look dulcemente down is pending volume and the big speed date or transmissions of video – then copies of the file of the coverage will retard down and the moving windows around additional screens results less smooth, but is still the experience of decent user. And it does not finalise in that presses it that far a lot of thickness.

For me, an action and the characteristic has, remained with the minimalist flavour, and integration and utmost creation, the value done a prize of prize.

UPDATE - Google for incumplimiento has had hyper threading disabled that has run so only the alone edge in the each one of some two cores. For enabling hyper threading has seen flags, has used 2 edges for core for the total of 4 edges, and a bit those that @@subject of the action has had when I have pressed is disappeared.
4 / 5 Thaddeus
A laptop adds for students, professional, or any -- in a house, office, or in a street! Quality of incredible build, life of battery, resolution of screen, and action. Fault of at all!
4 / 5 Alfreda
This car there is vastly has surpassed my expectations. It is to good sure a lot economic, but some frames of qualities up for him. The quality of build is flawless, easily comparable to the $ 1000 Macbook.

A screen although so only 1080p is vibrant and quite brilliant to use external. Oh, And it is the screen to touch !

The life of battery is incredible. It calms that can treat more like a ipad that the traditional laptop. I touch this device once each few days more than every night. Standby The time are adds also.

A keyboard and touchpad is also a lot good. Enough it travels key to be comfortable, but obviously a lot like this as well as the keyboard maquinal. A touchpad is not a big plus, but is a lot attentive and the joy to use.

Has bought an end a lower M3 version, but this thing absolutely flies. My car of daily work is to 2019 16' Macbook Pro and into use normal (the web that explores, video, the document that modifies/to see), can not say a difference in speed. Also I have it gigabit connection of internet in the house and this device takes on 500mbps in wifi, one same likes Macbook.

Oh, And google has fixed FINALLY a bluetooth the subjects concealed has plagued chromebooks for years. It was able to easily connect mine Airpods Pro to this device, and no the utmost only sound, but connect perfectly every time.

In general, is using this device like any one the secondary device or so only the office that/explores/device of consumption of the mean comunicacionales, would recommend to save your money and taking a M3 version. It is spare.
5 / 5 Ramiro
Has bought this reason have loved the portable light with life of battery of the murderous and the keyboard adds. I have been tried for Mac, but these days I Google to use docs / spent so much that prefers a continuazione of Google the Windows in Mac. Also some descriptions of a keyboard have touched to better plot that requiring the program of substitution of the keyboard - and a prize was a lot. I have had big expectations for this device - I had spent he of EUA in United Kingdom to the equal that considers that I realllly has wanted to this. I can say that these expectations have been fulfilled and has surpassed perhaps. Ossia The one who the laptop would owe that be. It is fast (does not stutter at all, any one @subjects that), is light and is the joy to use in a lap (the keyboard adds, does not take warm). Sure, has the PC of Windows for work but a Chromebook has dressed 90+ of my tasks. I felizmente travesía with just this and has required to, could do 100 of my work (the material of office regulates) of him. It has taken a i5/8gb a to the equal that has scared to go for less, as it can not comment in a level of entrance, but this one is simply exceptional.
5 / 5 Mayra
Is the good computer, basic for a half user that looks to do work of basic office. It is like this quickly like the Pixel of Google 3XL smartphone, perhaps he tad faster in some download. Some law of applications of sound.

So only did not like me that it could it does not leave on and so only for roughly 20 of minutes to go to eat or shower, or anything, and then gone back and a computer and some applications were extremely slow-- not kidding, on 1,000 drop in action that the so only could be solved to restart a computer. So much, in general, it is well for a prize and so that offered; bad for people that does not seat in front of him all day. Ossia Everything .
4 / 5 Garry
Was enamoured like this with a quality of this Chromebook. A creation, one feels, a keyboard, a look... It has it everything. This in spite of, for some reason, the mine there has been a subject where he randomly flicker without clear resolution to a subject.

So that well, are adds for working on-line. It was able to direct my web of places of Wordpress without any questions. It was able to look Netflix, Youtube (in 4K), TV of Apple without a subject (except a random screen flicker).

The sound was A +mazing. It could it does not think that it that it has catered/ it is come from such the tiny device. So much so that often it would look around to see touched by means of mine external speakers.

Backlit The keyboard is easy to use, soft to touch, and calm to write. Some applications of Android have run smoothly while another has caused ad of random accidents another glitches so it is the swipe or lose with a Tent of Application.

In general, adds it Chromebook. Sadly The mine was defective and has chosen gone back the. Also, the support of Google is being missing of in each possible alone way.
4 / 5 Jamar
Good product.

I stops of use:

answering email
conference of Video
Cat with friends and teammates in planting to telephone
Exploring an internet

in my office has the gamer portable for hardcore laws of engineering with solidworks, cad, and office... But this little portable give a casualidad to remain connected with my crew that does way more effective.

Is not expensive.

When it opens It, in 5 seconds are on-line workig.

For a way, the creation adds... Keyboard of cost (asus c302 has the best a)
5 / 5 Evan
is quickly. It is incredibly thin. A quality of build is fantastic. An arrival is sum . Ossia Adds it Chromebook. It is the pleasure to use . If it could complain roughly anything, would be a dearth of ports of USB and some tiny (and that it can finalise be fragile) touching port/of discharge. It is a lot small and are fearful will break it every time I discharges he to a Chromebook. I have not had any one questions so only looks like this fragile.
4 / 5 Trinity
Like this far a Pixelbook Goes has managed all have launched in him. It returns my needs perfectly and works seamlessly with my telephone of Pixel. I think that that a prize is quell'has bitten big, but can not contest with an action.

A keyboard is quite possibly perfection!
A mine of order of looks of screen and is the brilliant abundance.
A touchscreen is the good addition.
Integration of telephone of the pixel.
A lot easy to use and familiar to any with a device of Android.

A prize is quell'has bitten big.
There is taken on the day to take used to no in that has it desk icons (any one the subject big but was different).
4 / 5 Sabine
Purchased this partorisca the on-line learning of my daughter during a pandemic. It has been perfect partorisca a task. Work smoothly and relatively the free frustration. We purchase a i5 version. It would be included better could detach a screen and use like the pill. Also, it does not recommend using he in brilliant sun. Another that that, to the look likes would fulfil more than the needs to compute of the people.
4 / 5 Belle
This little beauty has arrived yesterday. It is the picture -portable perfect, and although it was hesitant the upgrade of a 'economic' Chromebooks has used partorisca years, is partorisca add and the money is very displaced. I find it hard to believe has liked him me his plastic of low quality-cased far cousins.

Sleeve-on legislation out of a box downwards 5 minutes, is the very big-build of quality, utmost speakers, scorching-fast, and ticks each box partorisca me. A resolution of screen is fantastic, some cries of car was quality, and am happy happy with a compraventa.

Highly recommend this Chromebook.
4 / 5 Susy
This computer has a life of incredible battery and is something concealed I look in the stops of laptop. This laptop there has been partorisca almost the year and laws to surprise. I love a resolution of screen, some tones of keyboard, and some gems have hid inside a computer. You can do Linux in a computer and have the account of guest like this giving your laptop of more to the use will not interfere never with your account.
4 / 5 Ricki
There has been shopped, researched and has bought a Acer R11 Chromebook and has finalised to return the. It could not find the Chromebook this was the car of quality and every time has been to a retail tent, an only one this has jumped was was a Pixel of Google Goes. I have pulled a trigger and bought it, knowing paid the little more, but a quality could not be matched. It was corrected, has arrived yesterday and of a unboxing, the setup, to do for hours, ossia a real shot . Spend of the extras pocolos he beats of calm dollars to buy the Pixel of Google Goes.
5 / 5 Aleida
Has taken a M3/8GB version because I have loved a life of better battery, and does not disappoint . Hard so only roughly all day long with moderate use, and load quickly. I love a grooved fund, and is the a lot of stylish piece of hardware.
5 / 5 Cecilia
This product has been and continue be touted like better Chromebook. No for me! In a first place, the bookmarks/marcadors does not answer with mandates and fail to look in a half of screen, perhaps involves a process of difficult navigation in a Chrome YOU! A pixel goes does not leave manipulation of source the inaugural a shell of anxiety. A sound is good and a battery 👍! I have purchased the refurbished pixel again!
5 / 5 Berta
Ossia Which follows to write on now. So only I want to all roughly that. A measure, a weight of him, very light, and one has has lit tones. And an ease to take to different subjects. I use it daily. It has loved also something sturdy that will last. Has the black chance a lot well that the access perfects.
4 / 5 Beatris
This Chromebook is an excellent car. We are súper happy with a speed, functionality and aesthetic of this computer. These are drawn for working with program of cloud, programs and storage. We opt for the hard walk main interior in all the chance, but probably will not require everything of a storage.
Ossia The device of internet to notch upper and has done a transition to my edges homeschooling very smooth, although it jumps on he regularly also to do in docs and spreadsheets and pdf modification.
One feels and the quality of a keyboard is utmost.
Is very happy to opt thus expensive plus Chromebook. We have not used he for gaming, but has been relieving fast in all other zones for us, as it assumes it will do highly with program of game.
4 / 5 Delta
This car is the joy to use . The well is built me in fact wants to use a computer. The utilisation to mainly yeetcode the questions and another algorithm questions on-line. Thus purpose, is surprising and promote me to study more.

There is VSCode and the installed knot in a linux VM, but a lot really uses it the a lot of truth develops. For one, does not feel quickly when coding in the, probably because of an ETC memory and DDR3 RAM. It is not fooled for a i5 and i7 processors, is not enough to do this computer feels quickly when doing developer of laws.
5 / 5 Willena
Rids down portable I better there is never has possessed. The functionality of browser is like this good to arrive to this point that you very precise to download the applications of only career all by means of chrome. While expensive (as compared to another Chromebooks), a Pixelbook is oozing with characteristic of quality (keyboard, touchscreen, tampon of clue, and a lot especially life of battery) that has has not questioned never one raisin. Also, so only to reassert, a life of battery is bananas ; I can last 18 hours in the alone load and go 4 days without changing with intermittent use. Big thumbs up. Buy this thing.
4 / 5 Peg
Before buying this Chromebook, has used a Asus Chromebook Toe. It would say that ossia the very up. A together tone and the screen are well. A thing that underlines is a volume and his of this Chromebook. Calm no precise extra speakers. So that I , a battery does not look partorisca last while declared, this in spite of is longer that the majority.
5 / 5 Cara
Are the big defender of Google and use he partorisca do the plot, as taking the laptop like this one was perfect partorisca me. It is really quickly, touchscreen does well and looks well. It has taken the bit partorisca take used to a keyboard this in spite of.
4 / 5 Ai
Has bought this during a covid crisis and has had the hell of the time that returns it. I can not look film, currents of clock on Youtube. Has the hard time that uploads Facebook or Instagram. Has the screen flicker. Have NEVER has BOUGHT this has known so only that bad would treat. I think that that it is announced falsely likes one of a better. I have had 200 chromebooks extracted better that this piece of junk.
5 / 5 Jeramy
Love a pixelbook. Some 3 star is reason have paid partorisca the new unit and has received an out of a plastic packaging with fingerprints throughout that.
4 / 5 Thora
Was the little apprehensive roughly doing this compraventa simply because of a prize for the chromebook. It has been a lot of value he this in spite of! Everything roughly is lustrous, stylish, snappy, and responsive. Utilisation for my daily computer, and fulfils all my needs, and he same offers more the functionality that have @@give would require. It would recommend this a lot so only to enthusiasts of Google, but to any one looking to move to or movement up in a chromebook line of laptops. Compraventa Excellent, and well the lovely money spent for this 5 car of star.
4 / 5 Chi
In of the terms of action this chromebook is for far a bet has has not tried never. It is quell'has bitten pricey but well each penny. Running almost all launch in likes the field that comprises applications and games. Any to mention is light weight and súper portable. I love this laptop.
4 / 5 Verlene
Any precise very a lot in of the terms of storage or anything more for my day to the day that bolt and work. The one investigation and this chromebook was a big plus estimated but one the majority of expensive. It is to good sure value of the money. A keyboard is súper slick and easy, a screen is point and averts, a weight and life of the battery could not be better. If any need the bulky and traditional computer with the plot of storage, recommends this device.
4 / 5 Raquel
Has moved on the Samsung Chromebook Pro ( which is the good car , but the little pricey now) to the Pixelbook Goes M3 and is all has expected paralizaciones.
4 / 5 Sadye
Using this laptop for travesía of work. Perfect measure, easy to use, powerful, happy with cost of mine. The speakers of audio are surprisingly well, the keyboard is surprising for the laptop, life of looks of battery to be like this announced that. Perfecto so that I have loved in the laptop.
4 / 5 Millicent
Am enamoured with a computer. Chromebook Is surprising and already in sync with my telephone. The computer adds for pupil.

Top Customer Reviews: Google Pixelbook ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5 Linsey
15 years in him.
As I am gone through the plot of cars of Thinkpads the Apple.

Ossia A perfect car requires the thin client ( SSH To the car of PC partorisca have to that heavy).
Is slender and can take it anywhere without subjects in of the terms of weights and usability.
He Trusts a cloud partorisca applications - and no precise to 5 pound is almost perfect.

What only to critique - resupply Linux official that has fallen option (that Google purportedly is doing on right now) and life of better battery.

I in fact traded in mine Surfacebook ($ 3,000 dollars of EUA) and has taken this instead - never looked behind.
But will have to that has better stylus lean it but concealed does not affect me too much.
4 / 5 Sanjuana
As there is not founding any Linux (Debian based or of source) application that no in a Pixelbook. It enables some applications of Linux was like this easy the click of the key. A i7 and 16GB of RAM maintains it running smooth. I write code in PyCharm and WebStorm and I often run the together with any subject. In fact, I have run so much while presenting in the Google Hangout without subjects. An only @@subject that has had was Bluetooth but of a later update has come by means of this has not been the question neither. Utilisation some versions of Android of some following applications without subjects Slack, Audible, and Spotify (although it prefers a version of web). The compatibility of dual screens has been orders also. A incumplimiento the terminal leaves to plot to be wished but install gnome-terminal will be well. He so that it went it far a better of all 3 worlds (Debian, Android, and Chrome YOU). I expect that this helps any one.
5 / 5 Jerry
Hardware Really good but subjects of numerous software he hard to recommend interior a moment. I think the year or like this Chrome goes to mature to the able plus desk YOU with applications of Linux, applications of Android, progressive web applications, and traditional web applications all coexisting, but for now is hard to recommend unless you are by train to stick to you just web applications.

The applications of android are hard to use because of scaling subject, poor implementation of pill sized creations and states of pause, and some quite significant instability (was in the own applications of Google). A scaling the subjects also extend to Chrome windows - the creations are broken less than in some applications of Android but if you are not running in 2x (slightly too big) or 1x (way too small) takings some scaling machineries that can be enough in entertained. Less screen bezel so that it has not required the stairs down of 2x would be a fijamente partorisca east. In a incumplimiento scaling to the plot of web of places are drawn for the exposure so only the little wider that a Pixelbook screen.

Bluetooth Is quite buggy. It is it likes to go back to a Bluetooth stack of Android 3 years ago, devices not connecting never and disconnecting during the use is common. Gentleman T taking this confidence Bluetooth. This also affects a Ready Lock and tethering characteristic, is quite unreliable. A so only another way to login is your signal of account of Google main, like utilisations the signal has generated, is quite inconvenient to login if the loans of the lock is not doing.

Has given a dev the canal tries goes has improved any of a Bluetooth subject and try was applications of Linux. Bluetooth Has some same subjects in some later builds. It does applications of the Linux but a lot require GPU the acceleration and ossia still upcoming (this looks actively is done when being on).

Material well in a hardware, a keyboard are add, is the a lot of the car has built well, the chair adds to write on and use a trackpad. In the way of pill is quell'has bitten uncomfortable because of a weight and some tones in a backside, but is usable. If it love the first laptop and use of just occasional pill, thinks that is quite good. If you are looking for to pill mainly, other devices you do better fault.

Is reading These six months or the year of now, a software probably will have improved and then really would recommend it. But for now, it is a lot of quality/of beta of the alpha according to your chance of use.
5 / 5 Beverly
I never @@give that clunky the windows is until it has taken my hands in ChromeOS. Everything is CLEANED like this. Some things have thought would go in a way to be productive (like a system of cloud to file based) in fact resulted to be blessings. A quality of the build of this car is unbelievable.
4 / 5 Macie
Has had the a lot of highend Macbook Pro, which now is collecting powder. 99 of my life arrives in the window of browser, and this car is so only and fast stable.

The also driven mine widescreen LG controls perfectly, and each peripheral the ees has tried just works (headsets, Kinesis Keyboard, etc). An only bummer is can not take imessage in mine desk more.... But a stability of this car he all value he.

Google And Microsoft OSs is fat and slow.... Too cruft. This car is the fast and simple.
5 / 5 Marta
Súper-Portable system and highly flexible. A keyboard is surprising for long use! The better way that a disgustingly keyboard any ergonomic in mine Apple MacBook Pro 13' (2016).
Criteria of decisións key for me also was able to run applications of Android of a Tent of Game of the Google and applications of Linux full in Chrome YOU by means of the project of Google Crostini.
4 / 5 Beryl
Has had this for 3 month, cure and extreme of light use when quell'using. It is one the majority of what expensive has bought one, averts of the automobile and a paving, and treat cure.
A week a screen of touch there is prendido to do, use for the graphic arts and ossia obviously the subject ENORMOUS. Disguise The support has not been able to help like this far, and are doubtful will be to receive the substitution . If you want to spend $ 1500 on something without the properly working touchscreen, goes for him. If no, well, no.

This experience could be scarce, your investigation any way.

Although supports of the client has not been able to solve a subject, was. After the few days of 'jumping by means of hoops' and trying solution with which solution, I stumbled in a subject.
Has had a characteristic of the accessibility turned in that interfered with a screen responsiveness. With which turned it was the functionality is returned the normal.

This device, and Chrome you, is entering new realms for an operating system. This means there will be occasional hiccups.
Averts of this experience, a laptop has been able to manage all have launched in him (comprising some questions of relatively intense multitasking).

If you are well with a curve to learn and managing some A lot of transmissions chrome looks to be that they take (to a large extent to improve the functionality of an operating system), then ossia the solid laptop .

Like this always, yours first investigation. This description so only would not owe that be enough to change your alcohol.
5 / 5 Marietta
Pros: The keyboard adds (although a tone of assistant is class of useless, one would have to that be able to remap the to Aim), the screen Adds. A pencil of Google is quite responsive.

Gilipollas: It bit it overpriced for the Chromebook. Any support of Office of the Microsoft (still of a Tent of Game of Google of Android, does not touch well with Office 365).
4 / 5 Patty
Will be sincere. Any fully comprise that it has taken when I have ordered this Pixelbook, and the remorse of the buyer kicked in hardly I clicked 'Besiege your order.' Has has had to that attentively consider that I so only fact, and quickly, reason this pricey the piece of hardware would arrive a next day!

Asked that in my situation of current computing has been missing of. Mina desk adapted my needs for photos to have that has weighed that modification and storage, but am tired to be tethered his for everything. Pill of mine has been the useful friend , but his use is limited And his battery is degrading quickly. I have not loved never cart around the laptop, and has not thought taking another pill was a response . I have loved also the good solution for travesía, comprising qualified of backup of the photo.

After looking and reading all could find in a Pixelbook and his rivals, felt better in the mine snaps decision. A yard of recent prize has offered in the amazon was sweet, but a fact that calm that takes like this well with a telephone Pixel like me recently changed to era also the big factor. There is qualified adds for storage of photo; this in spite of, have had to buy the USB-C reader of paper to touch his. (Up to now, untested.)

After spending the week with him, now seat positive and pessimist a same time. My impression of an original Chromebook formed of the his inception was that it has limited. Ossia Less like this now that applications of careers of android. Of then I will not require it to do all and is portable and amused to use, the think amiably fill my empty of technology.

Is light and lustrous but also has a flexibility to do like the laptop or to pill. A semi-detached keyboard has the good touch with has created bars in a f and j tones to help find a right location. A pen is essential loves tap, writes, or draw, especially if you atascada in popcorn like works in an evening. It is a lot of responsive when you clicas a power on key that is handy except a calm time accidentally paste he.

My main worry is a battery . I have been dismayed when my battery is spent for 10 of the full load when it had been seating in shelf of mine that does at all after his half prime minister the day. I have turned of Bluetooth and a soyaintain Wi-Fi in pending sleep' setting, and no longer loses load when seating unused for long periods. I have learnt also to look a screen brightness ossia usually automatically plant big that requires it to be, and has changed of a keyboard backlighting.

Another subject of battery, this in spite of, is still worrisome. A life of remaining battery has calculated the estimativa is totally erratic. It is quite disconcerting when you begin up after the full load, and tip your life of battery is around 2 hours. And then after the pocolos small 6 hours, and after the little smaller 4 hours, and like this on. After doing to plot of investigation, thinks this still was and take more predictable like the battery is “broken in,” if has such the thing with battery. Now, on in mine 3rd load, am seeing the estimativas main—9 and on—interspersed with a plus down some. I have learnt in Crosh and as to verify a battery with crosh commanded. So many, am feeling better but no still totally sure.

Has been the curve of big learning for me, but there is abundance to help available in an internet, especially in the place of support of a product.

To arrive to this point, would give it 5 stars according to which that rids a functionality I need, but 1 star until this question of the life of the battery is solved more. This has to that mediate was to 3 stars, but I that goes for the give 4 based in to that I likes. I expect that a subject of battery will exit. If he , will clash until 5.
5 / 5 Ellena
Loves the versatile, user-friendly, quickly, laptop of pill/of the combination that applications of Game of Google of careers, ossia the product adds .

- Rugged metal casing that also disperses hot
- Linux of Careers with some games of Steam
- Brilliant ,colours, and clear exposure
- A lot quickly
- Light weight
- Portable
- Can extend desk the another exposure with addition of the USB-C minidock (I follows to use a UtechSmart 11-in-1 USB-C hub)
- Touchpad is A lot responsive
- Shoe on A lot quickly (roughly 3-5 seconds to be able to-on to login screen)
- the applications upload quickly and internets surfing is a lot quickly
- the photos plough quickly and can be modified on-the-fly
- has the big number of the already available applications concealed is geared to a Chomebooks to explode some more powerful processors/memory
- there is QUALIFIED of Linux already built-in
- Possible future support for Windows 10 (informed to like this eve-campfire project)

- Some applications have of the visual minor glitches when changing among way of laptop and way of pill (anticipates to fix he with the newest patches)
- A sinister USB-C port occasionally to do when it connects a mini cradle to one lateralmente left port but is fixed easily with the hard closed down and restart
4 / 5 Shemika
When I have seen the descriptions of this laptop have listened was very partorisca program because of this robust hardware . An apparent taking is that Chrome does not sustain programming the software and calm has to that all your on-line coding (like any Eclipse, any Anaconda, any MATLAB, swimming). Have Of then can change to Linux but fully doing like this calm to require you to essentially cut a laptop and solves all the security. So you are the youngster and naive student to compute that it looks for the economic but powerful laptop, maintains to look.
A screen is also the defect of entity. I outrage a fat thumb bezel, a screen is squared surprisingly. This means that any video loves the sample has to that neither shrink down to return a full video in your screen, or the cut was roughly 10 in any side. So much to look the films/of video are really taking a 10' screen in the -12' portable. So only it does not squander your time with this laptop unless so only plan on using it to write papers, which is the shame because a hardware has had such potential.
4 / 5 Jared
Had been looking to take something different for enough the while it has used for the win 10 Toshiba portable and the Macbook Pro on and has gone for some last 6/7 years and a Pixelbook looked to return a bill. Chico is returned a bill ! In a first place is the good-looking car , quite stunning in fact, very light also weighing in in just in the pair of books. It is also astonishingly quickly, easily a computer a fast plus has possessed (and this comprises my self has built i7 pc). Although I possess several telephones of android and compressed ossia my prime minister Chromebook and the have a lot of expósito easy to regulate the Chrome YOU. I know that it looks to be the very expensive laptop (especially for the Chromebook )but for me is everything in a quality and my experience with this Pixelbook has been the joy. A big deciding factor in purchasing EUA of the amazon was a difference of the prize has compared to United Kingdom. At the same time of compraventa, the amazon there has been an offer of Pen of free Pixel in the prize of $ 1649 which at the same time, comprising the taxes and the delivery to United Kingdom was £1475. If it had bought he of Amazon or Google with the separate pen(any offer of free pen here!) It would be me cost £1800 to the equal that have saved £325... $ 450! A very happy chappy 😁.....Picture of mine wallpaper in my book of Pixel (My Farmer Milly) a lot clear and the screen detailed.
5 / 5 Remedios
This just element wasnt for me. It was beautiful and could do well for another, but basically is the really good pill . A software so only wasnt useful for me for a prize. It has been with the samsung portable convertible that work like the pill but also short software of PC.
5 / 5 Daphne
I desire his so only laws. Frequent reboots, while in of the updates that disappoints, glitches, questions, questions, questions.
5 / 5 Kaylee
Has had this the small to the long of the month and, to date, his working better that has expected. Although I can not upload some of some programs to the to the equal that are the result accustomed on some years, the game of Google has the plot of work-around applications and, when I seat thank you to use the desk program, connects to my PC of office that Jump of uses OpenVPN, which as well as GoToMYPC or Teamviewer, IMO. I have bought a pen with him and a pen acts better that some descriptions would read said the . They are very pleased to this point.
5 / 5 Yasuko
This car headed was adds at the beginning but has begun progressively having subject. I have had only mine for 6 month and are like this disheartened. The battery of a car any last and once a battery dies, taken for ever to touch. As of now, my car a lot included turns on to all the cost of what time a battery has been touching today. There is any way to take this solved reason podes only cat with the representative- does not have the number of telephone to call.
4 / 5 Deirdre
Is the 'techy' family... All the world has the desk has built and all have some version of the laptop and pill. I have resisted a thing of iPad... All have is Android, as it feels like the waste, as when this is available result and the majority of my applications is accessible has done mine of sense for the try. It was it has bitten it sceptical initially but has bought the hub with some additional ports and now has not been that I never left without him... He seamlessly integrates with my telephone and he easily ameno the files have tent in my PC for use in any TV by means of our Coverage. If you are not they are person of Apple, ossia the laptop of fantastic/pill combo!
5 / 5 Barb
My prime minister pixelbook. It has it now for the few weeks.
Has has paid prizes of prize and taken lagging hardware (hot on quickly, drains of battery in 4 hours, EU covers it electrical any comprised) and same worse software (freezed entirely already 3 times, the applications have installed not doing properly, changing way (portable to pill) any always responsive.
Takes your cash has won last elsewhere.
5 / 5 Clarita
This vendor sent the defective car - that it is defective? One of a two USB-C put you - as it will not spend HDMI - perhaps ossia reason a unit is like this in the discount.

Please note: calm so only take a month of support.

- Although this is not legally tenable one. In United Kingdom, where read to protect of the leaves of client at least the year.
b. The guarantee of a costruttore, which would have to spent for five years.

Amazon shuttle Calm behind and advance among Google (the one who says 'is is a vendor' authorship' and a vendor - the one who says that to the odd material like ' has to that it covers he of EUA and as it can not be used in (inserts/inserts country)' (although they are selling he in United Kingdom.

In general, would think long and hard first to purchase of this outfit like this have given the complaint of legitimate client quite short shrift.

The surgeries are current...
5 / 5 Alba
Unfortunately, a Pixelbook died with which 11 month. Google Any warrant the reason Elite100 is not an authorised reseller, and can not find links it the Elite100 support.

Has updated: Found the number of telephone for Elite100 support of client. When I have called, it has gone to topmast of voice and has informed that I can not leave the message because a mailbox of voice is full.
4 / 5 Richard
Has a i7 512Gb Pixelbook and is easily a laptop I better there is never has touched. Better that a Surface of LADY or an Apple Macbook, absolutely mecer solid hardware, brilliant flexibility, speed, reliability and security. And better value that these another, partorisca some same spec.

Application of the browser of the file could be the little more has looked fully. He no run of the full versions of applications of Office (but the utmost mobile versions and coverage 90 that need). In a glorious diagram of things, these are smaller drawbacks data an exceptional action of this device in the another zone.

Characteristic of new prize: turn on support of Linux in some settings and calm can install any application of Linux as well as all a Chrome YOU and applications of Android. There is a lot little that this thing can any one .
5 / 5 Hugh
Fantastic little laptop/2-in-1. Incredibly thin and speedy.
5 / 5 Keeley
A sinister side of an USB-C has been died in HDMI playback, shoot of question with support of Google, and has has had to that do the new to install in a software, the car is doing a bit still loosing the video feeds of HDMI but he reconnect all for him. The car is roughly two old weeks. Quite expensive for the car that does east.
4 / 5 Barbera
In a the start was the good and fast simple pc. I have paid prize of prize and has taken the mediocre computer. It has spoken the google roughly the, would not substitute it reason his be the little past of weeks a period of guarantee. A computer is not usable. The by means of $1800 to some rubbishes so only now after the year and worries of person .
4 / 5 Yoshie
The battery is deteriorates quickly like this steer clear of this on priced product. Both a king-vendor 'By all the world Revendedores' and Google he distance of any support of lemons and your only recourse will be by means of a process of complaint of the consumer of your state. Calm the favour and buy the laptop of quality Dell, Lenovo or Apple directed of these companies so that it does not take stuck.
5 / 5 Latricia
This is to be use in one the majority of careful way that has has not used never the device - has covered a screen, dipped in the protective plastic chance, has left seldom a house with him, etc. is not never state fallen or abused in any way. I have purchased this in Feb 25, 2019, after reading rave descriptions in the and was very happy with his action, but the little there is disappointed that they have not had a forecast to comprise way of aerial, as it could not use some airlines' options of free entertainment. Still I think that that it is more some airlines' lacking and any Google is.

That it Is Google the failure is his unwillingness to help me was at all after an entirely failed device almost specifically in a date of anniversary of my mandate. For a time has taken around to try to fix it (any fact of time), was the week or like this after a failure. I have done it it has seen to converse a lot diligently with his support of technology to try to spend a unit behind the life, but without success. With which his purportedly 'escalated' a subject, has been said that my chance has been revised and there was at all could do to help me. All was to give me an allocution of web of the agency of reparation that could send a unit to still potential reparation.

The to be that I kid - the year and goes kaput? $ 1200 For this thing and his will not be for behind the? I a lot at all . I left him it knows it it would be to leave all some people could concealed this was the compraventa disastrous and would not recommend NEVER this to any one. Continuous read like Microsoft, Apple, and Samsung stand for his products and I will continue to buy they and use them. Google would be necessary sticks to software, I supposition...
5 / 5 Peter
An USB-C port in a sinister side of a comptuer is not doing anymore with my UtechSmart hub SVGA covers that I use for my long exposure ( work well in a right side). I have called Google and all have said to try for the take to do, but in looks it of to end like them is of the defective port . Google has said could not substitute a portable reason has not been purchased by means of them, but the amazon has offered the full repayment, which are has appreciated stops.

In my opinion, a Pixelbook is overpriced compared to another Chromebooks. Ossia A second product of Google I own concealed has not done as it has to that (the another when being the telephone of new Pixel 3 XL this has been kaput after so only 10 days), like the record of clue of Google with respecting to the reliability of product is spotty in my book. Integration with Microsoft and Season the products is well, but can use a lot of improvement. They are everything in with Google (Continuazione of G, Chrome browser, Slate, telephone of Pixel, Google Fi), but am beginning to the question has done a legislation probably would be more wise state to go with an Apple or Windows-compatible computer.
4 / 5 Kimberlee
Loves this Chromebook, in the first place a quality of build and feel and the touch is fantastic and one of some better keyboards has experienced! This has substituted the forward Chromebook, different mark and are adds to use, although some of some applications of android are still telephones sized, although it knows done on adaptation. There is the plot to add Chrome YOU The applications and a number is growing, but for the daily use or the thin client likes him any one has declared more are adds. It has taken one 512 gb which would be necessary hard the moment and a response is lightning quickly. Highly it would recommend that it likes Chromebook and love of the experience of prize. And a screen is quite well too much.
4 / 5 Angelina
This chrome Pixelbook far outshine a lot another laptop has had. His easy fast and of confidence.
5 / 5 Shanika
Initially, has been pleased with this computer. With which 3 month of use, a computer is taking glitchy. I owe that admit that it demands the plot of my computers. Doing in several projects immediately, could have 10 plough of pages for each project. Initially, this computer could manage it. But with which 3 month of use, a keypad there is prendido to do for the week. A claim that a computer will not retard down over time has not been my experience. One the plus along has it a more the look of things to be that they go wrong with him. They are this in spite of very impressed with my new husband Lenovo Yoga 930. A computer a fast plus has not seen never. It has expected a Pixelbook would treat like that. Unfortunately, they do not like him of of the operating systems of windows. If has has had no of state for that, would be returned this computer in the heartbeat and taken the Lenovo. So only it does not look to it likes it does options very feasible there these days for solid action. This be has said, master Chromebooks so that it is to say my third cost . Prime minister of mine one was a Acer. I have loved mine Acer computer. Afterwards it was the Samsung. A lot disappointed with a Samsung. Experienced some of some same questions am experiencing with a Pixelbook, but 10x worse. After active possessed 3 chromebooks of three costruttrici different, which is apparent result is that some of some questions am experiencing is not the hardware has related, but the program has related.
4 / 5 Kellye
In 17 month one CLASH and is now an expensive brick. Google Said are out of regime. If his cup of a product of the hard line less than 18 month is useless.

Has purchased a i7 version and could not be happier. A quality of build, screen, hinge, and the speed is everything impressive. I have purchased this during the first days and one discount have done a prize an easy plus partorisca swallow. As with any one portable new, has had the curve of small learning but was smaller that with the car of new windows. Also, setup was much faster and more painless that any car of windows.
4 / 5 Ashley
This Pixelbook is often last partorisca find he in this configuration in of the tents. A prize is like this like this $ 500 less than some competitors. A screen is vibrant and acute. I have not written never in the most comfortable keypad. When being able to run the chrome YOU and applications of Android in a same device is such the plus. It is gorgeous, powerful, and work perfectly. Average of an use of time likes the laptop and another half like the pill. This easily could take a place of four or five devices in my house. One uploads that it came it he with touched like the creature rattle when you shook it. A vendor gave the repayment to a compraventa of the new load. The service of client adds and a subject has been solved.
4 / 5 Dyan
Are the scientist of data . Fact in Jupyter Laboratory by means of Program of Cloud of the Google (GCP). Sometimes Rstudio server by means of GCP. Sometimes Google Colaboratory.
5 / 5 Yon
My pixelbook disappointed me reason pode a lot simply launched to Samsung screen of television without the Chromecast. I owe that buy the Chromecast. Ossia Extra costs very required.
4 / 5 Waylon
So only expected partorisca be the simple computer where so only could explore an internet and film of clock in a gone. This in spite of, a pixelbook with the android and The Applications of Linux sustain, has looked for to be like this as well as my cars of Linux. I can do almost anything that can do in the car of Linux, sometimes included easier and better. I can use jupyter notebooks and program like the normal laptop. Still it has the pocolos rough flanges, for example, has not been able to locate a SMB action of the Synology IN The and no clear way to troubleshoot the. In general, incredible portable car with the very comfortable keyboard.
4 / 5 Hermine
Several chances of has broken screens without mine-use described in of the joints of message. I have corresponded with Support of Google on 5/14/2019 for an hour to see would cover for guarantee. Nope, has recommended that it pay $ 450 to substitute a street of screen . :-(

His recommendations for pertinent that boss - 'have the laptop/Pixelbook sleeve that has the good cushion, also, always does sure that at all it takes situated up or use both hands when transporting a Pixelbook to lessen a casualidades of him spending.'

Really - you can not manage this thing with a delivery??? Too fragile to be the useful tool.

Otherwise The good device...
4 / 5 Clinton
Like thin like the pill with a consolation of the keyboard and trackpad.

The able good screen of HD playback. Comfortable to use keyboard and trackpad. Chrome YOU That cut of the applications of Android the successful hybrid. A Pen is not necessary but the tool to draw/of convenient writing. All a power of the laptop with a portability of the pill.
4 / 5 Tana
Like the user of Windows of long time, still am learning some functions of base of the cloud of a Chrome YOU.
Am pleased with a measure and response a lot quickly of this Book of Pixel of the Google.
Seal of big prize, but the chairs was the money is a lot displaced. ( You take that paid for)
would recommend it.
5 / 5 Brooks
Am not still sure, but can have some subjects with a tampon of clue: sometimes it recognises my time, need to (try) uses an accident-click.

Also, sometimes, has has 'glitches' with Chrome YOU on that: ...

Mostly, am impressed with quell'I received for a prize has paid.
4 / 5 Alaine
Writing on he right now. The delivery was faster that has expected. The keyboard are add, the hinge is solid, quality of the build and the screen are fantastic. Any subject with speed or action at all.

So only quibbles is in a side of software - a blend of Chrome Applications, Crostini and support of the application of the Android is still the little rough around some flanges, but constantly evolving and improving the month-for-basic of month. Another that that, ossia the car adds to do dev and techy- has weighed on.
5 / 5 Alfredo
This Chromebook is to good sure overkill. It is not the good value because this really can not explode a full power and a life of battery suffers. It likes to go overboard and ossia to good sure overboard. I am returned this reason found it economic elsewhere but love this car.
5 / 5 Jo
Beautiful to use. A lot powerful. Incredibly quickly. Faster That an excellent basic $ 200 Chromebooks. Quite powerful for me for touch Minecrafte. At least to my old toneless eyes. You can find the difference. :) But a lot expensive for the Chromebook or any upper level lpatop thus subject.
4 / 5 Ward
Is not lasted the year. Horrible experience with Pixelbook after the few months. The constantly blinked keyboard, the question that touches, would freeze often and finally would not turn in closing when it has touched fully. A lot, it produces a lot disappointing. I have expected more than the product of Google and in a point of prize so only more in general. Please consider other devices, this one is so only any one the winner.
5 / 5 Tammie
Is not sure state roughly the when I bought it, but has to that say that it is to good sure value of the money! Simple, still versatile. Utilisation for both work and freetime. Quality of amazing screen and useful characteristic to help these working long hours. It has taken the bit to time to take used to as to cruised, the few hours, but with which concealed, all smooth and well!
4 / 5 Refugio
Is a device has used better: fast, well looking, very light, long battery, etc. An only thing that would recommend is to do a screen a wide plus. It is quite big, need to be wider. Some of mine emails is difficult to see in a creation I use.
4 / 5 Rebecka
A Google Pixelbook is an excellent Chromebook (he better be the data is big to cost compared to another Chromebooks). I have opted for a big more specd model so that I can run Docker without subjects (more roughly another dev tools). For more folks this would be overkill and would be better was that it takes an end a lower Pixelbook. In general I am very pleased.
5 / 5 Mariam
This does really well. They are happy has found am extracted. It is much more quickly that mine another Chromebook. It is more powerful and I like one looks and feel of a device. Ossia The shot adds thus Chromebook. I recommend it podes this model for a roughly $ .
4 / 5 Nicolette
Smudges Easily so much could love the coverage or cloth. The battery dies quite quickly still in way of sleep. And for some reason doesnt remains connected to an internet when the fold has concluded, but this could be the thing of settings . It does not have the port of USB to the equal that can require the USB-C adapter to write to use your still to flash walks as so only has two USB c
ports, one in the each side. Otherwise He that is to suppose to A lot of well and his wonderful for pupil when being such the light compact creation that shoe on incredibly quickly. I have bought mine with a pen and havent really required to use it that a lot.
5 / 5 Johanna
The lame battery by means of a whole work day of constant use. The screen to touch is a lot of responsive. The keyboard feels well after the bit to take used to a measure and spacing. Has prisoner that use my main laptop for anything another the pc play, and there is prendido to use pill of mine altogether.
4 / 5 Christina
A quality of the build and the factor of form is incredible. Sound the little pricey for the chromebook, but thinks that is worth it. Mainly it uses linux like this really enjoyed a new linux container for chrome you. It integrates a lot of course with one has compared to run windows with the VM for linux.

Top Customer Reviews: Google Pixelbook ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5 Zandra
An element is the fantastic product and or the majority of premium chromebook can buy. Even so, it say that unless concretely wants a pen of pixel or a google characteristic of assistant, can take another chromebooks costing $ 400-500 and enough has a same experience. Even so, since it wants to having a better and is enormous adherent of chromebooks, to well sure would buy again. It IS thin, hurriedly, well, and when being adds in your hands. A pen is useful although any one absolutely necessary. Cost the he calm take it cheaper that full prize.

Again, a point to sell (in comparison in another chromebooks) is a pen of pixel and google characteristic of assistant.

(Abril of update 1)
So that it was accidentally messing with a Chromebook and cracked a screen. And I have researched he and found concealed has the program to fix through uBreakiFix, has taken he in an in a tent and for $ 480 will fix a screen. In fact that it is roads a laptop behind in Google and road of Google marks it to you portable new. Obviously although that is to say quite expensive, that is to say a characteristic amazing so that taken the totally new pixelbook which in fact comprises the new to upload. It IS very pleased with this program at night has shipped he and has the new mark pixelbook. I am very impressed with Google in of the this.
5 / 5 Ed
Recently it chooses to change Windows the Chrome you. I have purchased a Samsung Chromebook Pro behind in May of 2017. It Liked him enough of the bit, even so I have not been impressed with a keyboard. I have decided to update in a Pixelbook, included although it takes some convincing on my part so that one $ 1,000 focuses to price looked supremely big. I have to earnest when being, has no lamented a compraventa for same or second. That is to say, by far, a laptop More i adds never has possessed. A creation is flawless, some rests of the palm of the silicone is the fantastic detail , and there is at all can launch in this machine that will retard it down. It IS the monster of productivity . In 15 in 20 bren to turn a laptop on, is on-line and work. There are not shoes very slow up, any troubling update, and expensive antivirus cape the necessary program. More, the software of productivity comes free. Any necessity to purchase in to the the separate program likes him to him the student of Dispatch of the Microsoft or anything. Google Docs, The cloaks and The Slide comes pounds with my account of Google and provides all precise.

If any one there is in a fence quite buying this, to the left mark me your decision your easy plus: absolutely it wants to you this laptop, and yes already applications of use of Google, or is considering to change to Chrome you, promise that you very lament this compraventa at all.

Thank you, Google, to do a better laptop of a year and one of some better laptops have not done never.

Update, 2/8/18: Well, it has almost be four month, and still is that it wants my Pixelbook. It is resulted my an and only daily engine, and has sold my PC of Windows of old desktop. I maintain to discover more and more things that pode with this awesome portable. Down it is the beak of Starbucks last night, while I have conversed with the partner in Google Hangouts, done in the spreadsheet for work, has edited a file of audio, and listened in the video of Youtube.

Has converted fully the Chrome you, and foresees my Pixelbook listens my an and only computer for the long time to come.

Absolutely buys a Pixelbook yes is in a piece and has some available fund. Once calm gives that it can do absolutely everything needs to do in or, will not use never any one another type of computer.

Edits Tuesday, 8/21/18: Business trip, and while you can see in a picture, has my Google Pixelbook with me so always! Has almost be the year has taken of a "Pixelbook Submerges", and it can any one when being any happier with my decision. A Pixelbook have me inspired by totally embrace the vision of Google of a method of cloud of personal and business computing. And my only remorse is that I very he more harvest. And now that a Pixelbook is discounted down in $ 749 and a pen is down in $ 82, could not have the better time to take yours. It buys a Pixelbook, any one lament the!
5 / 5 Alton
I have bought a Pixelbook model of base (i5 128GB) through the different retailer but the saint cow only have to give this thing the fast description! These swipes of thing all the competition out of a water. It is relieving in the boat! If you comprise what Chrome CAN do YOU and wants the product of looks of premium any far plus. It IS an expensive Chromebook? Yes. It IS value he? Yes. I have wanted the experience of upper final with hardware of the upper end and this device does not disappoint . A keyboard and the tampon the touch is upper notch. An action is surprising. The majority of people uses his computers for internet-centric the uses and this thing do not disappoint . If you are new the chrome would DO YOU a bit research so that it is the different experience but is very hurriedly to take one hangs of. It opens That there are applications of android this program is surprising.

Asks anything and I will answer so harvest as it was possible!

EDITS 1: 3 weeks in and still is going strong! If bylines in a device on the way of the guest can take big benchmarks that one ones have in some photos. Everything of some applications of the use of android records very well so far: Netflix, Musician of Game, Metre of Time, MyRadar, Photos of Google, Confrontation of Clans, Bang of Bang of Mobile Legends, Minecraft, Container Buddy, Radiates to Scan, Monitor of System, Snapseed, Sand of Enough, and the handfull extraneous. Wow I has done any one gives has used that a lot of applications of android! :Or
4 / 5 Golden
This chromebook is very able with the powerful i5 the processor and a quantity adapted by heart to maintain dozens of the tabs that operates to all the speed. The desire there was the version of a i5 has based Pixelbook with 16GB memory. A i7 has based pixelbook with 16GB the memory is almost two times a prize; the memory is what chromebooks want to one the majority of, little will require a power of a i7 processor. With 12 open tabs is consuming 6GB of one 8GB available, so that has some wiggle soiled but no the plot. I wish a memory was easily upgradeable.

A change to be able is near a front of a laptop in a side and I find I the pressing accidentally while I reposition a laptop in my foothills. One can more conventional the button in a keyboard would do more listened. Felizmente He chromes to aim me in calm for the this wants to do when his pressed.

A screen is crisp and clear, but has the results accustomed in of the monitors and laptops with 16:9 factor to form his odd return in the screen that is 4:3. Youtube IS more cramped in 4:3 format.

USB-C east in the theory that surprised, the only connector that can have it the habit to be able in, video, audio, everything. Even so some realities of USB-C is that a lot of devices are incompatible with each another. Has a HP USB-C docking canal that is very good. A Pixelbook very still recognises a device or accept the load of a docking canal. It prefers or HDMI port to be present to delete a necessity for the dongle for presentations.

A case of aluminium is very lustrous looking, but finds it the small slick when that spends a laptop. Can see me falling this if I do not cure.

A touchpad totally is surprising. Until you experience you the touchpad this well, does not know that it has been missing it. A pixelbook is totally silent thanks to him having any adherent.

Shortly after setup experimented stack life very poor, less than 2 hours and a laptop have taken quite hot. A service of the android has used each cycles of available CPU constantly. I the powerwash, included although has a pixelbook just 24 hours, some laws of laptop adds now. Any insurance that was bad during initial setup. A beauty of a Chrome the program is that rests and washes to be able is the small inconvenience , setup is quite seamless.

You L keyboard is the small cramped compared in general portable, find me pressing a tone of wrong plus often to that likes him. An operation of a keyboard even so it is awesome. A characteristic of the assistant of the Google is more useful this has thought would be it. It can result one of my characteristic favourite.

A capacity to run applications of the android coupled with messages of android everything in a Pixelbook the ways can do quite all the need of things in of this device. I can relegate my telephone of the in timing the only pixel is out of house. This device can do quite anything precise, and does so hurriedly and without fuss.

With some chromebooks has run down in storage, very coming with just 16GB. This chromebook comes with 128GB, the enormous quantity of storage to Chrome you. I do not have to soiled of road of time of managing disk with this unit.
1 / 5 Elfrieda
I have wanted this product. Simplicity The chrome you, good screen, good creation in the compact container. Had inconvenient and has known concealed goes in him. All was well for some premiers two months, has not had any remorse, was that it was. BUT, something begins only recently that I can not accept. A speaker only at random directed the taking distorted and crackle in normal volume. One pixelbook is no longer praise for this west and playback of audio, and has known that, and could live with that. That can not live with east this distortion and crackling, mark to listen or touch anything. If you look for a web, there is the long nut in some forums of user for one pixelbook return in a principle, and does not have Any solution. As it disappoint it.
5 / 5 Phil
I have purchased a model to base Pixelbook quite done three weeks for $ 820. I want to it.

Has the plot of another sake Chromebooks - comprising a Samsungde final big new and HP ones. The tan why drought so obliged to buy this pricier Chromebook - and written the long description in the morning of the Saturday when seldom written of the descriptions?

HAS the PC of Windows 10, but has bought the Chromebook so that it estimates a simplicity, speed, and reliability of him far more than esteem a capacity to install desktop software very concrete.

Has been tired of everything of some automatic and characteristic updates inflated that Microsoft at random would go era. I have remarked it the has not installed software sometime.

Instead, is spent almost everything of my time these laws in Chrome - among Applications of Google and the variety of web-the software based (which are far upper in his counterparts of desktop in addition to case, is with technician very concrete/of creative work). And in place of in to to the things likes them-him it to them the dispatch of Microsoft, confidence GoogleDocs so that it estimates an ease of creation and sharing far more this estimates everything of some characteristic extras do not require .

Afterwards give that spends 90%+ of my time those uses my browser of web for all (comprising work), a decision to take the Chromebook was the no-brainer. And help that begun in a HP Chromebook 14 5 years marks - cual still fact, although has wanted to something faster and sleeker.

While it declares it on, there is the little another big-has finished Chromebooks to choose of, as well as some good half-vary ones, as why a Pixelbook?

Will say that a discount in a device in $ 820 (of $ 999) was a catalyst.

Has determined that very enough spends one extra ~$ 200 in an absolute better Chromebook in another certainly very Chromebook - to take a quality of the tez improved and more optimised Chromebook that could take it, comprises with an ecosystem of Google. I want my Pixel of Google 2 telephone, as I have seen like the hardware of Google is upper-notch. Also it was HP and Samsung the hardware can be the bit iffy, and Samsung has had the bloatware subject with installing extra things.

A Pixelbook the looks/listen sper lustrous, a keyboard + trackpad is fantastic, and some rests of wrist are the very good touch . A screen is brilliant with the resolution adds.

In the little of my anterior masters, us all took the Macbook Air. Essentially look for it a sleekness and quality of tez of a Macbook Air, without a CALM Apple (which could not be / always expsito heavy). I create a Pixelbook achieves that level.

Quan Goes in action, this computer is sper fast, with the tonne of RAM and the processor of big final. You can be sure this thing will continue to fly through any extensions of Chrome / of tabs (and probably applications of Android) bandage in him.

Has only or main qualm with a Pixelbook cual any problem me also - some bezels (the black of empty room among real exposure and a frame of a computer) is insanely big. I share a same flu with my Pixel 2 telephone. Hopefully Google By so in a future.

An only another qualm is that a Pen of stylus of the pixel is insanely expensive. With the plot of investigation, has purchased the $ ~15 was-stylus duquel advance of marks of look in softly tries (researched to ensures does not line a screen).

That wants a Pixelbook: any concealed uses mostly the browser of web when in a computer (and opened to continue to use applications of web in desktop some) - and a lot estimates a premium in hardware of the big end and that ensures that has a better action. Of the web regulates that it explores in a constantly increasing number of business applications that for default career in a cloud.

Is returned the plot of an on in of the instructions for use of computer but very usually has the tonne of tabs opens / does not need a faster thing and the prize are to good sure more than the priority, has some utmost Chromebooks of marks like ASUS and Steel in a $ 250 - $ 400 field, some duquel included has organism of metal and touchscreens, which probably would be very pleased with. My mother is apropant- 70 and consistently has the tonne of problems with his Macbook Pro, as I am continuing to do to take him to sell concealed and taken one of these instead. I think Chromebooks in general is perfect for seniors and young boys.

In that the will not like him a Pixelbook: if you are sper Mac enthusiastic enormous and wants his ecosystem (takes the Macbook Air then), if you are sper in gaming, or you the confidence that software of demands of desktop for creative/technical purposes. That goes in the alcohol is if you are the exclusive devotion pro and necessity some characteristic has advanced of software for production of video, Season CC, the skilled finance that requires supremely the complex Excel functionality (even so perhaps a version of cloud the Excel has these characteristics), scientist of data that requires desktop-only software, or included any one cual an Architect that industry of necessities-regulate CAD software.

But for a majority to do us things of basic computer, he Chromebook is one supremely breathes wonderful of fresh air. It whitewashes Sper quickly, the updates are hurriedly and ail perceivable, and is the reliable computer . If the prize spends to be the priority, Chromebooks have you very a lot of-coated.

IS the enormous relief not thinking quite renewing licences, installing updates, or other things that enters a road of you presses only in the browser and doing your normal things.

And having a better speed and the hardware are something very appreciate -- highly would recommend a model to base Pixelbook. To be totally earnest, is not sure yes recommends in $ 999, but would recommend for so big as $ 850 (taking bought he for $ 820). Well the informative is that I have seen the bouquet to other sales likes them that, and is included of the multiple time gone down in $ 750. Personally I do not see a value in a big-final Pixelbooks in of the terms of perceivable differences of action for an impulse of significant prize in a model of base.
2 / 5 Yuri
I have purchased a level of entrance Pixelbook for the familiar member in this that it is the longtime Android and user of Google. ( i5 CPU, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD) After the few hours the thwart, decides to return it. I do not write any a lot of descriptions, and usually any one this very time, but this experience was so maddening has wanted to to share he for other potential buyers.

A Pixelbook is far too limited to call the true laptop; his not even so able like the smartphone of current Android. It looks an expensive toy has designed to promote Aiding of Google.

Here is the subjects of the list have detailed finds through basic daily use in some first 2 hours.
- Google 'Applications' in a taskbar -Cloaks, Gmail, - is not 'applications'. They are nexuss in connectors of browser. Tan Afterwards only signed in a laptop, has opened a Gmail 'application' and take aimed to sign in good-looking walnut. That is to say the experience of worse user then the telephone.
- A capacity to install the applications of a Tent of Game is the big to sell point. As it can install you a Gmail application of Android to maintain the persistent login. But guess that? There is not any system sounds installed, so calm does not take notification, which are a next problem ...
- The notifications are useless. There is the counter in an inferior tray but there is no visual popup or sound to alerts it to to him likes him to him his Android of Of Windows 10 or iOS or any electronic consumer has done CALM in a past 25 years. Quan Take an email does not know until he a 'application' in a browser.
- Verifying a interwebs find the 'workaround' to install an application of the android with his own sounds has built in. Or it copies your own sounds of another device in a dossier of Notification. These leaders in t he afterwards problem, Management of venue of Lima .
- A Manager of native of clock of Lima more files of you. The calm can not access a dossier of Notification to import sounds of the clave of USB. Or easily it can think the new dossier, tugs and files of drop, or do other tasks of core any laptop would have to provide . You have to download to 3 file of browser of the party of a Tent to do concealed. We cross all this even so a system has not recognised the sounds have attached. Notifications foiled again!
- Back in a system of file. It looks Google calm expect you to synchronise everything in my Walk. But in the laptop any people of plus have a bit of the sensitive files store locally only? The good luck that this with a built that Directs of Lima.
- Like this, can not open files of signal of Dispatch of the lady protected in of the applications of Google. His no backed. I have found the very crass commentaries in of the forums to sustain this says 'the walk is signal has protected, why necessity to protect individual files?' Losing a point totally.
- Any worry although it can install you one free Android Excel the application and the open signal protected in in to to the files only like them to them the in your rights of tlphonique? Injustice. Microsoft Requires one O365 byline to use his applications in a Pixelbook or any device with screen in 10'. As something can do or hand in any telephone of Android cost you $ 10/me he in a $ 1000 and in Pixelbook. Foiled Still again
- Chrome listened Perhaps CAN run applications of subjects of Linux of Developer. No for a half user, but your exasperated now. The add while, can install LibreOffice one opensource alternative of Dispatch of the LADY. It excepts Need to know so to use a terminal of Linux of the do. Although you the applications of Linux are careers in the sure container. The calm can not access your structure of dossier, owes the archive of the copy wants work with in the Linux the only dossier then moves backwards them later. Another half-the idea has baked very ready for first time.
- More Applications of career of Android. Chrome Is not a same like CALM Android. Below a hood ,he late more Chrome CALM 71 still is using an out of version of Android of the support 7.1.2 Which no longer takes the updates of security so much of Nov 5, 2018. As one marks the new device only bought is already unpatched! Google brags so Ensures a device is which this even more taken in stomach.
- And last, included something that mere as touching the musician has not done well. I have uploaded the few albums of the clave of USB. A normal barebones player of musician and applications of Musician of the Game could not aim one .JPG albumart. GMMP Player of the android of a tent could. These are some same albumart files that laws in of the telephones of Android for years...

Everything of of the this is that two reasonably technology savvy the users have discovered in just the few hours with one Pixelbook. So longtime the users of Android know his no unusual for products of Google to take fallen in the nascent then been when being refined over time. But this product has been in a piece during the year already and still listens like his badly the version of Beta. I can not think do the $ 2000 i7 CPU, 16GB RAM, 512 SSD version for something with so that that browser of subject of can run only and applications of Android. I can not recommend one Pixelbook in any one in any prize.
5 / 5 Quincy
State reading in chromebook for the year and the half before it pulls a trigger. State trying a keyboard and responsiveness in the each tent that sells chromebook. It was impressed always with a book of pixel but because of a prize empinado always the flavour justifies why one another is better. It goes to buy a C302ca of asus but did not like me a be of road and in of the terms of responsiveness a pixelbook is better. It opens When I have seen a priced fallen has not doubted and has bought a pixelbook yes is still 300 more than c302 but is satisfied that bought in that a lot likes him. It does not leave some descriptions decide your futures chromebook. Everything has the defect any one that computer of subject compraventa, but purchases a one that you very that then will be satisfied included with some defects. It opens That I very amour in this Chromebook. It IS hurriedly to kick, restarts and situates has been. My main reason to buy this Chromebook is for email, descriptions, compraventas, google docs, the picture that edits, half comunicacionales social occasional, streaming films of netflix, hulu, crunchyroll, and in the on-line ends that bank. I am the PC gamer and now does not have to preoccupy in antivirus in my PC so that an only thing has is steam. If I require some fast guide in of the potions or crafting for my games then can hurriedly attraction out of my chromebook and surf unused 1 of mine to 3 monitors likes him to them surf monitor. Also I am looking advance with a linux support so probably will try runescape again. It do not dive down in a HE tools that can calm because of google integration of game of any one all the world-wide here is the administrator of system. It opens it Goes to visit some brick and tent of mortar and tries these chromebooks then amazon to control yes has a better prize. :)
3 / 5 Trista
Like the google fanboy, still can not recommend this device for a prize is asking. Even so very well, it is bonded in BETA. Google Fresh-the entrance affronted in a subject of the flavours of hardware has the plot to learn, so there is not quite Google exclusive 'goodies' - another that a built that took - in warrant a compraventa. They go with the cheap plus Asus Chromebook C302 has to, or a less expensive Macbook Surface/of Air (yes, absolutely can them find the new mark, for less than the Pixelbook - does not give me that look).

A creation is likes him at all has not seen never. Lustrous And sexy. (Even so, it sees gilipollas in this)

Touchscreen is very fast and responsive.

The chrome IS sper fast and the joy to use. Any fuss, any interview.

Scorching Fast processor and heats very small to come from a device.

Issues spent of tablet for angles of multiple viewing (but also sees gilipollas in this)

the keyboard is phenomenal and has trip of excellent tone w/ backlight.

The assistant of Google is built in and can recognise a 'good/salvation google' word of mandate.

The applications of android are available and constantly is improving.

A creation is uncomfortable. It issues of tablet, some corners are acute a device is heavy. It issues of laptop, an impression of cause of small keyboard my wrists to rest in a verge of a device and in a table -- no in some tampons of silicon. This could not be the problem has the smallest hands.

The accessories for this thing are non-existent because of his 'newness,' or often has poor indications.

A screen is very blue with big contrast - so blue that hurts my eyes. While logging in a device, my picture of the profile often looks the shiny phantom. That is to say also evident when that compares a colour of some icons of the application in my telephone is.

Applications of android... They exist but listen many.... BETA -- No preoccupy that Google said. A lot of moment of them work, will remark the pictures there are subjects of alignment. Some applications only are not designed for screens of the laptop so often the looks have extended was or like the jumbled disorder.

Aiding Of Google. It IS the lovely lady , but has his insects. Every time it asks to aim my memories, confrontations... It slaps That it focuses of BETA of big fat in your front. Side-commentaries: One instruments to build said am doing in this subject.

EXE The programs are missing totally. Yes, us all know chromebooks can not run full programs, as why is this the with question? We have to returns in this big ole focus of BETA besides harvests. I want to Excel? Perspective? Word? Sure, it tries an application of Android, but only beware need a dispatch 365 byline -- any one to mention this accident of applications and characteristic of failures of entity of his counterparts. (Example: I can not open two spreadsheets in or time.) He bonds in Google Docs/Cloaks.

Very quite exclusive YOU characteristic to design consumers in a 'Pixel' thin brandname. Bear with me.... I comprise Google wants to extend his services around in of the so a lot of devices what possible, to achieve people so a lot of what possible -- but that in a level of the software done this laptop any different of Asus or Steel? An only semi-detached addition is a google aiding which still looks for to be in BETA. Where it IS some exclusive synergies among a Pixel 2 tlphonique and this laptop? Why I can no any file of routing/of texts and verify the state of my telephone of this device? Why precise 3 extensions of chrome of the party to do an aforesaid characteristic?
5 / 5 Morton
The user and The Experience of Device adds. In the chrome is much faster that mine 4K MacBook Pro. I want a Creation and a Hardware are the upper notch. There is quite some situations has been opened in a Pixelbook in the meeting and has had jealous looks. I use in the daily base and can do 95% of my work in a device. Webapps The laws add and the majority of applications of the android also laws of sound. Being missing of the only thing is the editor of pertinent but the wait of left video for containers of Linux in Chroma eat you this will open in of the endless possibilities.
5 / 5 Shandra
An element is the fantastic product and one the majority of prize chromebook can buy. This in spite of, say that unless calm specifically love a pen of pixel or a google characteristic of assistant, can take another chromebooks costing $ 400-500 and enough have a same experience. This in spite of, of then loves having a better and are enormous defender of chromebooks, to good sure would buy again. It is thin, quickly, beautiful, and feels adds in your hands. A pen is useful although any absolutely necessary. Side that he calm take it more economic that full prize.

Again, a point to sell (in comparison to another chromebooks) is a pen of pixel & google characteristic of assistant.

(Abril of update 1)
So that it was accidentally messing with a Chromebook and has broken a screen. And I researched it and expósito that has the program to fix by means of uBreakiFix, took it to a to a tent and for $ 480 will fix a screen. In fact that it is it sends a laptop behind the Google and Google calm send you the new portable mark. Obviously although ossia quite expensive, ossia a characteristic amazing reason taken the entirely new pixelbook which in fact comprises the new to upload. It was very pleased with this program for prejudices has shipped it and have the new mark pixelbook. They are very impressed with Google is.
5 / 5 Gregory
Has chosen recently Windows to change to Chrome YOU. I have purchased a Samsung Chromebook Pro behind in May of 2017. It liked enough of the bit, this in spite of have not been impressed with a keyboard. I have decided the upgrade to a Pixelbook, included although it take some convincing for my part because one $ 1,000 seal of prize looked extremely big. I owe that be sincere, has not complained a compraventa for even a second. Ossia, for far, a laptop more adds has has not possessed never. A creation is flawless, some rests of the palmera of the silicone is the fantastic detail , and there is at all can launch in this car that quell'will retard down. It is the monster of productivity . Interior 15 to 20 seconds to turn a laptop on, are on-line and working. There is no slow boot on, any annoying update, and no expensive antivirus the necessary program. More, the software of productivity comes free. Any need to purchase to the separate program like Student of Office of the Microsoft or anything. Google Docs, spend Them and I Slides come free with my account of Google and resupply all I need.

If any there is in a fence roughly buying this, to the left mark me your decision your easy plus: calm absolutely will love this laptop, and yes calms already applications of use of Google, or is considering changing to Chrome YOU, I promise that you will not complain this compraventa at all.

Thank you, Google, to do a better laptop of a year and one of some portable the best have not done never.

Update, 2/8/18: Well, there is almost be four month, and still are that it loves my Pixelbook. It is resulted mine an and only daily engine, and has sold my old Windows desks PC. I maintain to discover more and more things that pode with this awesome portable the. Down it is the pic of Starbucks last night, as I have conversed with the fellow on Google Hangouts, done in the spreadsheet for work, has modified a file of audio, and listened to the video of Youtube.

Has converted fully the Chrome YOU, and foresee my Pixelbook when being mine an and only computer for the long time to come.

Absolutely buy a Pixelbook yes is in a phase and have some available funds. Calm once @give you that it can do you absolutely everything needs to do on one, calm will not use never any one another type of computer.

Modifies Tuesday, 8/21/18: travesía Business, and to the equal that can see in a picture, has my Google Pixelbook with me like this always! Has almost be the year has taken of a "Pixelbook Submerges", and it can not be happier with my decision. A Pixelbook inspired me to entirely embrace the vision of Google of a method of cloud of personal and business computing. And my only remorse is that I a lot he more collected. And now that a Pixelbook is discounted down to $ 749 and a pen is down to $ 82, could not have the better time to take yours. Buy a Pixelbook, will not complain it !
4 / 5 Jessia
Has bought a Pixelbook model of base (i5 128GB) by means of the different retailer but the saint cow has has had to that so only give this thing the fast description! This thing blows all the competition out of a water. It is relieving in the boat! If you comprise the one who Chrome can do and love the product of prize looks no further. It is an expensive Chromebook? Yes. It is value he? Yes. I have loved the experience of upper final with hardware of the upper end and this device does not disappoint . A keyboard and the tampon the touch is upper notch. An action is surprising. The majority of people uses his computers for internets-centric the uses and this thing does not disappoint . If you are new the chrome would DO YOU a bit research reason is the different experience but is a lot quickly to take a hangs of. Now that there are applications of the android is the program is surprising.

Asks anything and I will answer like this collected to the equal that was possible!

MODIFICATION 1: 3 weeks in and still is that it goes strong! If bylines to a device in the way of Guest can take elder benchmarks that one some have in some photos. Everything of some applications of android I do I a lot very like this far: Netflix, Music of Game, Underground of Time, MyRadar, Photo of Google, Clash of Clan, Bang of Bang of Mobile Legends, Minecraft, Container Buddy, Irradiates to Scan, System Monitor, Snapseed, Sand by force, and the handfull external. Wow I does not have @to @give has used that a lot of applications of android! :Or
5 / 5 Joann
This chromebook is very able with the powerful i5 processor and a pertinent quantity by heart to maintain dozens of the tabs that operates to all the speed. The desire there was the version of a i5 has based Pixelbook with 16GB memory. A i7 has based pixelbook with 16GB the memory is almost two times a prize; the memory is that chromebooks loves one the majority of, little will require a power of a i7 processor. With 12 plough of tabs am eating 6GB of a 8GB available, so that has some wiggle soiled but no the plot. I wish a memory was easily upgradeable.

A transmission to be able to is near a front of a laptop in a side and I find to press the accidentally as I reposition a laptop in my lap. A power a conventional more the key in a do one more felt. Felizmente chrome FEIGN ME To you that wants to do when his pressed.

A screen is crisp and clear, but having the results accustomed to monitors and portable the with 16:9 factor to form his odd going back to the screen ossia 4:3. Youtube Is more cramped in 4:3 format.

USB-C east in the theory that surprised, the connector only that it can accustom it be able to, video, audio, everything. This in spite of some realities of USB-C is that a lot of devices are incompatible with each another. Has a HP USB-C docking canal that is very good. A Pixelbook a lot included recognise a device or accept the load of a docking canal. It prefer a HDMI port to be present to delete a need for the dongle for presentations.

A chance of aluminium is a lot lustrous looking, but finds it the little slick when spending a laptop. Can see me falling this if I do not cure.

A touchpad totally is in amazing. Until it experience the touchpad this good, does not know that it has been missing it. A pixelbook is totally silent thanks to him having any defender.

Shortly after setup has experienced life of battery very poor, less than 2 hours and a laptop have taken quite hot. A service of Android has used all available CPU cycles constantly. The the powerwash, included although I have had a pixelbook just 24 hours, a portable work adds now. Any sure that has been bad initial slope setup. A beauty of a Chrome THE PROGRAM To you is that it remain and washes to be able to is the small inconvenience , setup is quite seamless.

You L keyboard is the little cramped has compared to the main laptops, find me pressing a wrong tone thicker to that likes. An operation of a keyboard this in spite of is awesome. A characteristic of the assistant of the Google is more useful that thought it would be. It can result one of the mine characteristic favourite.

A capacity to run applications of Android coupled with messages of android everything in a Pixelbook bad can do quite all the things I needs to of this device. I can relegate my telephone of the pixel to only time are out of house. This device can do quite anything precise, and does like this quickly and without fuss.

With some chromebooks has run down on storage, a lot coming with just 16GB. This chromebook comes with 128GB, the enormous quantity of storage for Chrome YOU. I will not owe that send spatial of time of managing disk with this unit.
4 / 5 Vanesa
Has purchased a level of entrance Pixelbook for the member familiarised to to which likes is the longtime Android and user of Google. ( i5 CPU, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD) After the few hours to frustrate, decides to return it. I do not write any a lot of descriptions, and usually a lot this long, but this experience was like this maddening has loved to share he by other potential buyers.

A Pixelbook is far too limited to call the true laptop; his not even like this able like the smartphone of current Android. It looks an expensive toy has drawn to promote Assistant of Google.

Here is the subjects to list detailed finds by means of basic daily use in some first 2 hours.
- Google 'Applications' in a taskbar -Discharges, Gmail, - is not 'applications'. They are links to browser plugins. Like this after calm so only signed to a laptop, ploughed a Gmail 'application' and take aimed to sign in again. Ossia The experience of worse user then the telephone.
- A capacity to install the applications of a Tent of Game is the big selling point. As you can install a Gmail application of Android to maintain the persistent login. But guess that? There is not any system touches installed, like this calm does not take notification, which is a next question ...
- The notifications are useless. There is the counter in an inferior tray but there is no visual popup or his to to the alert like him to him Windows 10 Android or iOS or any electronic consumer has done in a past 25 years. When you Take a calm email does not know until plough a 'application' in a browser.
- Verifying a interwebs find the 'workaround' to install an application of Android with his own sounds has built in. Or copy your own sounds of another device to a file of Notification. This heads to t he after question, Management of local Lima .
- A Manager of native Lima hides more files of you. Calm can not access a file of Notification to import sounds of the clave of USB. Neither it can calm easily believe the new file, tugs and files of drop, or do other tasks of core any laptop would owe that resupply. You owe that download to 3rd file of browser of party of a Tent to do that. We spend for all this this in spite of a system has not recognised has added touches. Notifications foiled again!
- Rear to a system of file. It looks Google calm expect you to sync everything to my Walk. But in the laptop more people have a bit pocolos the sensitive files store locally so only? The good regime that this with a built in Manager of Lima.
- Like this, can not open files of signal of Office of the LADY PROTECTED in of the applications of Google. His no sustained. I have found the a lot of crass commentary in forums to sustain that says 'the walk is signal has protected, precise reason protects individual files?' Losing a point totally….
- Any worry although I can install a free Android Excel the application and the open signal have protected to to the files so only like in of your legislations of telephone? Wrong. Microsoft Requires a O365 signs to use his applications in a Pixelbook or any device with screen on 10'. As something can do or free in any telephone of Android cost $ 10/me he in a $ 1000 and on Pixelbook. Foiled Still again
- has listened perhaps Chrome can run applications of Linux in way of Developer. No for a half user, but your exasperated now. While I add, you can install LibreOffice a opensource alternative of Office of the LADY. It excepts Precise to know like this to use a terminal of Linux of the do. Although the calm applications of Linux are careers in the sure container. Calm can not access your structure of file, owe the files of copy love work with to the Linux the only file then moves him behind later. Another half-the idea has baked no ready for prime time.
- More on running Applications of Android. Chrome Is not one same likes Android YOU. Under a hood ,he late more Chrome YOU 71 still is using an out of version of Android of the support that no longer takes the security updates like this of Nov 5, 2018. Like a mark the calm new device so only bought is already unpatched! Google brags like Ensuring a device is like this same harder to stomach.
- And last, included something that simple like those touches the music has not done well. I have uploaded the few albums of the clave of USB. A stock barebones player of music and applications of Music of the Game could not show one .JPG albumart. GMMP Player of the android of a tent could. These are some same albumart files that does in telephones of Android for years...

Everything of of the this is that two reasonably technology savvy users uncovered in just the few hours with a Pixelbook. Like this longtime the users of Android know his no unusual for products of Google to take released in the nascent been then be refined over time. But this product has been in a phase for the year already and still feels like his badly the version of Beta. I can not believe do the $ 2000 i7 CPU, 16GB RAM, 512 SSD version for something with so that it issues which poden the browser run so only and applications of Android. I can not recommend a Pixelbook to any in any prize.
4 / 5 Monika
Has loved to love this product. Simplicity Of chrome YOU, beautiful screen, good creation in the compact container. Had drawbacks and have known that in active his. All was well for some premiers two months, has not had any remorse, is that it is. BUT, something has begun so only recently that I can not accept. A speaker so only randomly has begun to take distorted and crackling in normal volume. A pixelbook is no longer known for this speaker and audio playback, and have known that, and could live with that. That can not live with this this sprain and crackling, mark to listen or touch anything. If rings a web, there is the long edge in some forums of user for a pixelbook going back to a start, and does not have ANY SOLUTION. As there is disappointed.
4 / 5 Shakira
Has purchased a model to base Pixelbook roughly done three weeks for $ 820. I love it.

Has to that it weaves of another a lot of Chromebooks - comprising a new big-finalise Samsung and HP some. Like reason seat like this obliged to buy this pricier Chromebook - and write the long description in the morning of Saturday when seldom I write descriptions?

Have the Windows 10 PC, but has bought the Chromebook because estimate a simplicity, speed, and reliability of him far more than estimate a capacity to install very concrete desk software.

Has been tired of everything of some automatic updates and bloated characteristics that Microsoft randomly would go era. There is remarked has not installed software some time.

Instead, has spent almost everything of my time that read in Chrome - among Applications of Google and the variety of software of the web based (which is far upper to his desk counterparts further of chance, without with a lot of technician of cement/of creative work). And in place to sew it to to him likes-him the office of Microsoft, confidence GoogleDocs because estimate an ease of creation and sharing far more than estimate everything of some characteristic extras very precise .

After @giving that any 90+ of my time that use my browser of web for all (comprising work), a decision to take the Chromebook was the no-brainer. And it helps that has begun in a HP Chromebook 14 5 years - like still fact, although has has wanted to something faster and sleeker.

To the equal that has declared on, has the little another big-finalise Chromebooks to choose of, as well as some good half-vary some, like reasons a Pixelbook?

Will say that one discount in a device to $ 820 (of $ 999) was a catalyst.

Has determined that a lot enough spends an extra -$ 200 in an absolute more Chromebook in another certainly a lot Chromebook - to take a quality to build improved and the majority has optimised Chromebook that could take it, comprising with an ecosystem of Google. I love my Pixel of Google 2 telephone, as I have seen like the hardware of Google is upper-notch. Also it was HP and Samsung the hardware can be bit it iffy, and Samsung has had it bloatware @subject with installing extra things.

A Pixelbook the looks/feels súper lustrous, a keyboard + trackpad is fantastic, and some rests of wrist are the very good touch . A screen is brilliant with the resolution adds.

In the little of my emprendedores leading, all has received it Macbook Air. Essentially rings a sleekness and quality of build of a Macbook Air, without an Apple YOU (which could not be / I always expósito heavy). I create a Pixelbook achieves that rule.

When it Comes the action, this computer is súper fast, with the tonne of RAM and the processor of big final. You can be sure this thing will continue to fly by means of any Chrome extensions / of tabs (and probably applications of Android) launch in him.

Have So only a main qualm with a Pixelbook which does not annoy me too - a bezels (the empty spatial black among real exposure and a frame of a computer) is insanely big. I share a same flu with my Pixel 2 telephone. Hopefully Google Partorisca east in a future.

An only another qualm is that a Pen of Pixel stylus is insanely expensive. With to plot of investigation, has purchased the -$ 15 was-mark stylus that subtracts waiting for softly trying (researched to ensures does not line a screen).

The one who will want a Pixelbook: any the one who uses mostly the browser of web when in a computer (and opened to continue to use web applications in desk some) - and really estimate a prize in hardware of the big end and that ensures that has a better action. Of the web regulates that it explores to a constantly increasing number of business applications that for incumplimientos career in a cloud.

Is returned to plot of an on in of the instructions for use of computer but a lot usually have the tonne of tabs opens / does not need a faster thing and the prize is to good sure more than the priority, has some utmost Chromebooks of frames like ASUS and Acer in a $ 250 - $ 400 row, some duquel included has organism of metal and touchscreens, which probably would be very pleased with. My mother is by train to approach 70 and consistently has the tonne of questions with his Macbook Pro, as I am continuing to do to take to sell concealed and take one of these instead. Material Chromebooks in general is perfect for seniors and young boys.

To the to Those who no will like him to him a Pixelbook: if you are súper enormous Mac enthusiastic and love his ecosystem (taking it Macbook Airs then), if you are súper to gaming, or yes trusts that it demands desk software for creative/technical purposes. That comes to the alcohol is if you are in devotion excluyente pro and require one there is anticipated characteristic of software for production of video, Season CC, the skilled finance that requires extremely complex Excel functionality (this in spite of perhaps a version of cloud of Excel has these characteristics), scientist of data that requires desk-only software, or included any as an Architect that industry of need-levels CAD software.

But for a majority to do things of basic computer, he Chromebook is one breathes extremely wonderful of fresh air. It whitewashes Súper fast, the updates are quickly and grieve noticeable, and is the computer of confidence . If the prize spends to be the priority, Chromebooks have you a lot has very covered.

Is the enormous relief not thinking roughly renewing licences, installing updates, or other things that goes in a way of you so only shooting on the browser and doing your normal things.

And having a better speed and the hardware is something calms really appreciate -- I highly would recommend a model to base Pixelbook. To be totally sincere, am not sure yes would recommend in $ 999, but would recommend for like this big so that $ 850 (the memory has bought he for $ 820). A lot informative is that I have seen stirs it to other sales likes them that, and is of the multiple time still gone down to $ 750. Personally I do not see a value in a big plus-finalise Pixelbooks in of the terms of noticeable differences of action for an impulse of significant prize in a model of base.
5 / 5 Leontine
Has been reading in chromebook for the year and the half before it pulls one causes. I have been trying a keyboard and responsiveness in the each tent that sells chromebook. It was impressed always with a book of pixel but because of a prize empinado always try justify reason any one another better sound. It go to buy a C302ca of asus but did not like me a way feels and in of the terms of responsiveness a pixelbook is better. Now when I have seen a priced fallen there is not doubted and has bought a pixelbook he is still 300 more than c302 but am satisfied that has bought to the as really it likes me. It does not leave some descriptions decide your futures chromebook. Everything has the defect any @@subject that computer compraventa, but buy a one that you really like this calm then will be satisfied included with some defects. Now that I really amour in this Chromebook. It is quickly to kick, resume and the place was. My main reason to buy this Chromebook is for email, descriptions, compraventas, google docs, the picture that modifies, half comunicacionales social occasional, streaming film of netflix, hulu, crunchyroll, and finally on-line banking. They are the PC gamer and now does not have to that worry in antivirus in my PC because an only thing has is steam. If I require some drive fast in of the potions or crafting for my games then can quickly appeal out of mine chromebook and surf without using 1 of mine 3 monitors like him surf monitor. Also I am looking advances with a linux sustain like this probably will try runescape again. It do not submerge down in a HE tools that can use you because of google integration of game of any all the world-wide here is the administrator of system. Now go recognition some brick and tent of mortar and try these chromebooks then amazon to control yes has a better prize. :)
5 / 5 Kelvin
While work, this was the a lot of Chromebook. Unfortunately, failures after roughly 6 month (some bondadosos to manufacture defect), with frequent accidents and finally failing paralizaciones to kick at all. Google Maintains that this is not an Authorised Reseller, like the guarantee does not apply ; a vendor has said that it is Googles authorship, and everything remains with east an expensive-to-repair nonfunctional device.
4 / 5 Rogelio
User and Experience of utmost Device. In Chrome is much faster that mine 4K€ MacBook Pro. I love a Creation and a Hardware is the upper notch. Had quite some situations have been he has opened on a Pixelbook in the meeting and has had jealous looks. I use it on the daily base and can do 95 of my work in a device. Webapps The work adds and the majority of applications of Android also law of sound. The fault of what only is the editor of pertinent but attended of sinister video for containers of Linux in Chrome eat you this will open on endless possibility.
4 / 5 Christian
Like the google fanboy, still can not recommend this device partorisca a prize is asking. This in spite of a lot of beautiful, is stuck in BETA. Google Fresh-the entrance has faced to a subject of hardware tries has the plot partorisca learn, like this there is not quite Google excluyente 'goodies' - another that a built that has taken - the warrant a compraventa. It goes with the economic plus Asus Chromebook C302 has to that, or a less expensive Macbook Surface/of Air (yes, absolutely can him find the new mark, for less than the Pixelbook - does not give me that look).

A creation is likes at all calms has not seen never. Lustrous And sexy. (This in spite of, sees gilipollas in this)

Touchscreen is very fast and responsive.

Chrome Is súper fast and the joy to use. Any fuss, any interview.

Scorching Fast processor and heats very small to come from a device.

Way of leaves of pill for corners of multiple viewing (but also see gilipollas in this)

the keyboard is phenomenal and has travesías excellent tone w/ backlight.

Assisting of Google is built in and can recognise a 'a lot of/hey google' word of mandate.

The applications of android are available and constantly is improving.

A creation is uncomfortable. In way of pill, some corners are acute a device is weighed. In way of laptop, an impression of small keyboard causes my wrists to rest in a flange of a device & in a table -- no in some tampons of silicon. This could not be the question has the smallest delivery.

The accessories for this thing are non-existent because of the his 'newness,' or often have poor indications.

A screen is very blue with contrast big - like this blue that hurts my eyes. While logging to a device, my picture of the profile often looks the shiny ghost. Ossia Also evident when that compares a colour of some icons of the application to my telephone is.

Applications of android... They exist but feel a lot.... BETA -- I does not concern that Google says. While a lot he the, remark the pictures there are subject of alignment. Some applications so only are not drawn for screens of laptop like this often the look has extended was or like the jumbled disorder.

Assisting of Google. It is the lovely lady , but has his bugs. Every time it asks to aim my memories, focuses concealed of BIG FAT BETA in yours front. Side-commentaries: One instruments of the engineering said is doing in this subject.

EXE I programs are missing totally. Yes, all know chromebooks can not run full programs, like reasons is this the with questions? We owe that go back to these big ole focus of BETAS besides collects. I want to Excel? Perspective? Word? Sure, try an application of Android, but only beware need an office 365 byline -- any to mention this accident of applications and characteristic failure of entity of his counterparts. (Example: I can not open two spreadsheets a time.) It takes the Google Docs/has spent.

Any quite excluyente YOU characteristic to draw consumers to a first 'Pixel' brandname. Bear with comprising Google wants to extend his services around to like this of a lot of devices like possible, to achieve people like this a lot of like possible -- but that in a level of software this laptop any different of Asus or Acer? An addition added only is a google that has taken that looks close to be in BETA. Where it is some synergies excluyentes among a Pixel 2 telephone and this laptop? Reason can does not send files/of texts and verify the state of my telephone of this device? Precise reason 3rd party chrome extensions to do an aforesaid characteristic?
5 / 5 Alecia
Has bought this in the whim during Amazon first Day. Chico, love this little car! Meeting taking my Pixelbook much more that mine (apparently) more useful Macbook Pro, so only reason a Pixelbook is lighter and so only the joy to use. Ossia For real a Chromebook to beat all Chromebooks in of the terms of hardware and specs. With a i5 processor and 8 actions of RAM, a Pixelbook flies by means of any task. A characteristic addition of applications of the also done android this much more useful car. Some the essential applications that fulfils a lot of gain comprises Word of CUPS, Dropbox, Skype, MightyText (for SMS messaging), and Maps of Google. Really it appreciates a craftsmanship that has gone to do a Pixelbook, especially a quality of build and backlit keyboard. I have possessed previously the Samsung Chromebook Pro, but this was like the toy compared with this thing! 5/5, Absolutely any remorse that buys this computer!
5 / 5 Merideth
Has purchased my Pixelbook for 2 reasons:

1) after using my woman Chromebook in the conference this summer, was enamoured with an ear of use, an integration of application of the Android, and a character a light and portable plus. It has discovered that because of overcrowding, would be to share my room with another professor and I have thought a Pixelbook would be the solution adds.

2) A prize has come finally down to the reasonable level. (Although we will fall near of the glorious in the ready telephone, but does not think that the prize is well for the laptop? It classifies of odd like these works)

is entirely state pleased and satisfied with a product. It is quickly, of confidence, sure and all I need to do in my room, is managed efficiently.
4 / 5 Tobi
Ossia A second substitution that has broken also. The stop that takes the load and would not turn behind on. Less than four month. Any able of the turn. Certainly you recommend the person that buy this element.
4 / 5 Olevia
Master! It can not say quite a lot of good things in this chromebook like I no! All the world has paste more in the plot of some characteristics is of this laptop as I will not repeat .

Mina a flu, and a reason am writing this description is this : Pixelbook now leave you to download applications of Android. I add! The TV of Youtube has downloaded (also the google has produced!) It has signed in, and he TV for the android is not sustained in chromebooks....

Now knows could go show in mine chrome browser, and will do that. Also it has been it concealed any all applications of law of android perfectly in chromebooks still. Prpers Having said that,.... Really Google? Really? I can not look the application of television of the Youtube of GOOGLE in the GOOGLE Pixelbook reason is a unsupported device? Really?

Can see a meeting of crew where this was pitched.... Cela Go to add a capacity to download and applications of Android of the use in Chromebooks!!' (It stirs Of people clapping) ---Type in a backside: eshould be sure mark that at least our own applications are compatible before we release it to us?' (Crickets) ---Original Type: 'Well I add like this we release morning!'

Ossia All lol. The laptop adds!
5 / 5 Kimberley
Graying Screen
Terrible Bluetooth connections
the applications have been missing characteristic in of the different ways.
The screen of touch was at all of confidence.
After jumping by means of a lot of hoops with support of technology of the Google, has denied any claim of guarantee.
Has not had any way to know Google would fail to sustain the product of Google has sold of a “trafficante“ unauthorised.
Spend the number of the hours of our times is comprising the hours of pair of my professional time. Any to mention a time is spent to struggle with a product a last year.
Has given his service the upper indication, was had to so only to a presumed resulted of final of my contact with support of client, which have been directed to believe would be substitution.
Will not be for behind his product.
Possess three Pixel XLs, the device of House of the Google and this piece to crap.
Has failed to be for behind this device, and will not buy NEVER another device of hardware of the Google.
This looked likes at all more than the way to avert a loss to a company. Instead it is our loss .
Is STILL the product of Google and fail.
4 / 5 Lawrence
Has possessed the Pixelbook (model of base) for 45 days that maintains (that has possessed the Chromebook Pro, my prime minister-never ChromeOs produced, for 30 leading days) and after reading the owner and the countless professional revises has loved to write a taken an essence of a Pixelbook and that marks like this attractive and because I credit his prize to a lot of the one who would cross-tend he with Windows and Mac alternative. I will try to explain reason ossia a convertible better /laptop at present sold for those with a estimativa to spend $ 1,000 gives/to take for the laptop and, importantly, so that I have been able to determine neither that ChromeOs (comprising accesses of Application of the Android) will fulfil his needs and/or that possesses the Windows or Mac device that will resupply a capacity required for chance to use that a Pixelbook/ChromeOs at present does not sustain .

Are roughly to go down a street of paraphrasing the one who another Amazon reviewer, Dave Levies, already declared more succinctly that I , but a purpose of my commentary is to add depth to the description of Ladies Crowbar so that they have found his words persuasive but still can feel some hard--describe level of skittishness the 'attractive a trigger' in the Pixelbook. In any particular order:

1) A Pixelbook ('PB') is absolutely on-pair with or on is competitors in a laptop of first/convertible phase with Mac You or Windows 10 of a standpoint of experience of user.

2) A PB is more-classify- (again, a main end of a portable/segment of convertible phase) - or joined for better - in these zones of look of hardware, feels and answered: a) keyboard; b) trackpad; c) exposed; d) stylus (with both a Google branded version or a lot another 'Wacom AES' the alternative has tried); and) connectivity (both wifi and bluetooth [4.2].

3) A PB is down class-main, but still fully acceptable, in some following zones: a) quality of audio (acceptable for the majority of chance of use of the laptop, but so only to say the headphones or the auxiliary speakers are required for room of big/quality-fill his); b) keyboard backlight (good for darkness of half light environmental but feeble for 'dusk' the environmental type that lights, when some assistance is useful but a backlighting is not like this brilliant or complete like this preferable and like this resupplied for some of the his peers, comprising roughly down priced devices; Google would have to that improve this by means of update of software or cycle of update of next hardware, but is very remote of the shot-breaker); c) authentication of user (in 2018, the device of prize would owe that have easy, quickly biometric authentication like an option and a PB no; ossia the must -fix in the first place cycle of update of the hardware.)

Another that the elements there is remarked in 3), on, there is not any appearance of an experience of user in that PB can not be described likes the portable experience/finer that available convertible user today - or never produced - in this measure and class of prize.

4) Is in no way attentive or so only to call a model of base 'overpriced 'for the Chromebook'' or 'overpriced' in any way. This device is like this fantastically drawn (this in spite of ossia the subject of flavour) and so much has executed brilliantly that, IMO, is a finer piece of the boxes of electronic device have has not had never a pleasure behold and use. It is really that gorgeous, that perfectly fact, this smooth and fast to answer - in some ways that the well of fine luxury (computer of outrage, smartphone and pills, the automobiles come to import in comparison - could underline so that be. Them me smiled. Down waiting for any task I approximation when @I give are roughly to use my Pixelbook for the take fact!

I supposition has to that be the person that really look and cure roughly creation and quality partorisca east to import yours. At all bad with any the one who any - in fact, calm will save you a lot of hundreds of dollars to purchase neither the Chromebook Pro or Asus Toe CS-302 masters the good, strong, a lot-fact Chromebook and so only does not concern so on some signals some final plus to draw, engineering and craftsmanship because these alternatives have all a ChromeOs the advantage and the same characteristic likes them PB although they can be missing of only in some margins roughly of a storage (although some another 2 have micro SD support of paper while a PB any) speed, thermal control, keyboard/trackpad quality and Exc global of a PB (and, in a chance of a Asus, active stylus support.)

Ossia Clearly the compraventa of luxury. And, in fact, I am spent 45 days - last day of window of turn: morning! - equivocating On yes can justify to me indulging in this luxury. (My decision is the little easier reason take my PB when to the amazon there has been the pre-treats of Christmas for $ 800 and Google there has been ascents, comprising the $ 62 credit against my Netflix bill, $ 40 value of byline of walk of Google cost release - that has been and would have continue paying - and the $ 50 credit my account of Tent of the Google - for applications or of the devices - as the concession because to the amazon has not offered a device of House of the Google and Google have launched in the speaker of free House has bought he of Google. For this my true cost for a PB was effectively $ 710, the prize signals that very there is remarked would feel more comfortable in of payment. So only among you and me, still it has been spent the if my cost was $ 999 ;)

can the resupply and love the very big end the device and calm has determined the Chromebook has a place of entity in your arsenal of device, calm could not find the way more takes to spend $ 400 extra and be sure would spend you to him so much entertainment. I suggest that it buy he of the vendor the one who resupplies preferably 30 test of day with option of full repayment. Again, presuming there was has concluded already want to/need the chromebook and has to that have quell'paralización chromebooks is a main end spes, imagine you can spend for a same process to the equal that has and, that decides like your window of turn in firm will inform you like this to what calm for real adore an execution/to draw of this product and can justify one $ 400 indulgence of luxury. My supposition is that you will do to to a same decision likes , included in of a full retail prize of $ 999!
5 / 5 Bambi
Has Had a subject where my Pixelbook would not turn on, not touching has DIRECTED. Tried three bosses, two bricks, and two discharge of wall.

Has tried all troubleshooting the ideas have spent on on-line and for Google in a telephone.

For a device purchased in January '18, the guarantee caducada in March, as any substitution of possible guarantee.

For the instruction of Google, has gone to UBreakIFix to exit-of-support of guarantee. A type in a counter initially say that they would have to that be able of the reparation if his a PMIC (mobo) or a Battery, but a volume of next day the call that because of his society of Google, so only can do substitutions of whole device. Has a less type of configuration (i5, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD) and that the substitution is $ 550, which is more than the half of a compraventa original prize. I am expecting for behind a tent of reparation to confirm sounds the substitution of new device or the refurb.

In my opinion ossia entirely unacceptable. To have the device that bricks without warning 18 months less than light use with which shabby. I have called Google and informed him of this fact, that requires to do better and that they are roughly to lose a Google for the half client of Hardware (Salvation, 2x Hub, 3x Marie Mini, 3x ChromeCast, 3x Chromecast audio, WiFi, and YTTV) in this @@subject he can the no. was unable to do a lot of adjustments to the his police of guarantee. Seriously I am reconsidering compraventa of Hardware of future of Google because of this experience and to good sure does not know to go to take a substitution of hardware if I can not count in the to last included 1.5 years.

For my prójimo 'couch the potato uses will read the device goes to buy an iPad.
4 / 5 Al
Has the pixel 2 telephone and the house of Google, and has been that loves to add the pixelbook for the moment. Sadly, I am returning this product. Have has wanted the take any to pill or the small device for work. Frequently I go to habladurías, seminars, and routine meetings. It take a pen together with a device, and wants to be able to write my notes and diagrams of draw. A device is a lot of slick, well looking, and chrome is fast and is sufficient for all I need to do work.

Unfortunately, this thing clashes all a time. Frequently I owe that do the resets of hardware partorisca odd bugs, sometimes so only does not turn in still although it is touched. For something concealed slope this a lot of money, the expect be robust and free of these a lot of bugs and applications randomly that clash for any apparent reason. This for real feels like the beta. And, they are the quite simple user . I am not using linux, or far desktops, or anything more to press this past device that it is supposition to do . Utilisation this device likes feigned, and is still any until sado. Like the enormous google fanboy, expects that this device improves like this future pixelbook exited, but for now can do not recommending.
5 / 5 Virgina
Has had the Toshiba Chromebook 2, which have loved. They last it takes almost 3 years and has not lost never the the defender has taken noisy and the battery has begun to I upgraded to a Pixel of Google. It is brilliant. We run our subject integer besides old Toshiba Chromebooks and now that has tried a gradually will substitute all the cars with these.

While it is more is fast and of confidence. Mina bluetooth smiled looses is connection after the few days, as I give a schemes the reboot (apresamiento 30 dry) and is good to go by other few days. The resolution of screen is awesome and a sound is very better that an old Toshiba.

Unfortunately, has had to purchase my Chromebook of a sound ridiculously expensive here in Australia. A 'Imposed of Australia'...Everything is more expensive here. Also of the propiciado by EUA has not done to use an adapter.

A screen has taken the bit to take used is almost square. It has not taken to yearn me to regulate.

No in that has the HDMI the port was the surprise , as it uses the second screen. I have purchased the USB3-HDMI the adapter and a second screen now does perfectly.

Emigrating of the mine old Chromebook to a Pixelbook was like this simple as so only logging on with my User of Google goes. Gotta The amour to the new car is effortless.

Suspicious that excepts 30-40 hours the year now that uses the Chromebook, in place of WINDOWS of LADY. There are any worries to protect of the virus, any neighbour on, any noise of defender and not backing on data. Amur A really love a Google PixelBook
5 / 5 Sibyl
Google has built that considers partorisca be a better hardware never fact partorisca the laptop. The quality of build is upper notch and unmatched. A hinge is rigid and sturdy, a screen is brilliant and crisp with his exposure of big definition, and some tampons of silicone are adicións/the additions a lot is and extremely inviting partorisca some palmeras when writing. The software and the action do not require partorisca be spoken. Partorisca A Chrome half, this device surpasses besides expectations, and in the continuous daily base accelerate by means of all can launch in him. A subject smaller so only partorisca me would be his life of battery, which in meso give me the 6 hours. In spite of, it is still an all day same interpreter in that.
Partorisca Students, business professionals, and users of house, this device can treat so only roughly all your needs with a unlocked qualified of a tent of Game of the Google. To good sure maintain your expectations down this in spite of have gaming and creation in alcohol, if those are your priorities would look elsewhere with the Mac or device of Windows.
4 / 5 Landon
Has had this device partorisca several months now. It is only bugged was on me he little time and a scratchy audio playback has spent so only two times and has not been bad. A device is built like the tank this in spite of is súper light. Some rests of palmera a lot of gunk on or accrue muck (likes some of a reviewers has anticipated he ). It is súper fast, a tampon of clue are add, is easy to write on, is virtually impossible to take the virus on, and an exposure is awesome. A life of battery (partorisca me) the average was partorisca be roughly 8 hours for cariche. Also, a Google PlayStore the applications do well partorisca one the majority of part. They are not partorisca perfect, but is to good sure a lot of horrific like the plot of early descriptions has alleged. 9.5/10 it would buy it to it again. Also, it does not squander your money in some models some expensive plus. A one with a i5/8GB RAM/128GB the storage is more than calm probably need.
5 / 5 Vina
Begins downwards 10 as -- every time. I do not owe that it never concerns on virus or that paid partorisca software partorisca protect of the virus. I can do all has not done never in mine portable old, but much faster. If I require partorisca write a test, the business paper, marks the spreadsheet, marks the presentation of slideshow, modify photos, films of clock, writes music, take notes, and to the -- is literally EVERYTHING THERE BUT FASTER! And yes somehow I screwed on when that looks for to install some crazy program like Crouton and is caused some programs partorisca close down -- I so only selects 'powerwash' and bam -- the laptop is a lot behind to his place initial, all has retreated to a day bought it. Any hassles. Any slowdowns. Any blue screen of death. Justo powerwash and Pixelbook is of tower partorisca be MARKS IT NEW computer.

An ONLY flu has is that management of the file is not like this very like this of the Windows. If anything, is TOO SIMPLE. I can save, it deletes and the movement does not file any question. But it prefer the little more can on him. This in spite of, like this with everything of his past shortcomings, Google is doing and working and will enable management of file of the prize finally also.

Google Chrome Is an ASTOUNDING YOU partorisca a vast majority of knots. Unless you are the programmer or the editor of film, Pixelbook is a calm only laptop will not want never or need. And different Mac and Windows, DOES not RETARD NEVER DOWN.

4 / 5 Chelsey
A Pixelbook is the computer adds. I bought it after doing enough the bit of investigation in Chromebooks and a Chrome YOU and am happy to say, is quite the lovely little car. I will break on my description to the few sections thinks is of entity and was to good sure the things there is remarked almost immediately.

A build:
A quality to build absolutely is in amazing. The majority of Chromebooks is the bit in a flimsy side and can have some curve approaches a keyboard. This thing has the z/the zero gives in this zone. It is a lot of sturdy, but still very comfortable with a built-in the silicon that writes tampons to rest your hands. It is extremely thin, like this thin can the very included is returned the USB in a side, which is easily solvable with a compraventa of the type of USB C dongle (roughly $ 33). Of course, have has loved that if both a dongle and a Pixelbook the pen has been comprised in planting to require to be purchased for separate, but still it fulfilling a lot of value he. The way of pill is extremely comfortable and looks to be magnetised once flipped around, which is a lot that satisfies and gives it very complete feels. Some tampons of silicon do fault like the protective for a backside of one controls how is well. I have read it revises in a bezel when being too big, but does not comprise a question. In my opinion, having the bezel-less screen so only creates more than subjects for errors of software. A bezel is measured adds and could not be happier with a measure of screen. It is spare. A keyboard has an extremely in satisfactory click and is one of some better keyboards has written on. A click is satisfying, this in spite of any annoyingly strong likes a bit portable the.

A software:
A Chrome is in amazing. I have loved always produced of Google and the services and this computer so only adds to this. Habladuría Of on-line descriptions in multiple applications, and that when being a subject. I do not see a question at all. If a computer does not have an application, there is still 'applications '' in a finder that will open the application has said, but in the tab on Google Chrome. A question is not some additional applications, as it calms does not have an application and finder of type and calm press, for example, 'Gmail', opens the tab for Gmail. If has an application downloaded of a Tent of Game, opens an Application. Also, there is the logo small in a built-in of the applications that shows that is integral to a computer (, that Goes to open to the Chrome tab). A qualm has is some applications they. Apresamiento OneNote, EverNote, and Google Docs for example. These probably poden applications any one purchasing the Pixelbook would like me have work efficiently or at least better that a Chrome version of Tab of an application (or reason that the plus there would be an application to download), but the no. of majority are to good functional insurances, but some applications have mentioned work very better in of the Windows. I found using a Chrome versions of Tab of the majority of these, and so only taking used to EverNote and OneNote any when being any like this robust. Common hotkeys with all three applications I mentioned no of the same likes him both in the Chrome tab or when used like the application of Windows. Again, no the subject enormous, but would want to have a functionality an usually offered program in planting to use a Chrome version of tab further of applications. These are small things , but things I opinions and to good sure things that change to use some versions of application to a Chrome versions of tab of these applications while I have loved to use these applications in the computer of Windows. A subject small sometimes arrives with Chrome also. Some bars the ash results visible in a cup of a screen when opening some applications (the entirely random looks) but felizmente has the very quickly fix. If you write 'chrome:// it restarts ' to the window of browser, entirely restart all the chances of Google Chrome, taking rid of a bar to the equal that obtain function of all some windows again, as well as it restores all Chrome the previously has opened windows together with his tabs. No the big shot, considering. Outside of of the this, everything does in this computer has been smooth navigation .

Life of battery that / Touches:
A life of battery is absolutely ridiculous (in a good sense). I last an extremely long time. It say roughly 12 hours when when the be has employed fully. I have had several laptops the (MSI, Alienware, another 2-in-1 laptops the, Macbooks) and ANY of them is lasted anywhere near while this computer. Chrome Tabs, Especially, has been always battery eaters. You would think that a Pixelbook would run Chrome more efficiently that any competitors been due to he when be Chrome YOU, and would be corrected in doing this supposition. So only reason is obvious, still finds it the value that comment that any laptop has not used never has maintained this class of life of battery while having the big number of tabs opens. Almost every time utilisation a computer there is around 15-20 plough of tabs so that they are at present schooling and use them class of like this different desktops, and a life of the battery still remains a lot of longlasting. On that, it touches extremely quickly with a type of USB C load. One load is looked to the MacBook uploads measure, as they are adds that it touches like this well while at all that takes the place. I will give an only measure has taken in fact like this like this any to distort some facts. I plugged he in still 12 minutes in 29 and copper a laptop to 49, likes to time to the touch is insane ( will leave calm a mathematics until in fact chronometer the full load).

Prenderá A description here for now. You update later with any limitations can find, he so that has a lot of things have still to try in this computer, but given my fund to compute, I 100 push this car to his limits and will inform any findings in of the hopes that reading of people this will find help in his decision of him or any to buy a Pixelbook. It acclaims :)
4 / 5 Ariel
Any to modify any class of video! A laptop is more as the giant telephone that the computer. Any Seasons the products are compatible with this laptop excepts some mobile versions that can download you of a tent of application EXCEPTS haste of Season.
5 / 5 Elisabeth
Does not buy this for $ 1000. Lame for roughly 33 was, doing value he. If you go to fall $ 1000, goes to take the refurbished Macbook or a Matebook.

Fantastically Drawn (the appeal of Light+weight)
Awesome life of battery (neglects that a pixelbook calculates, sometimes the say so only has 4.0 hours in the full load, but I always +)
ChromeOS is surprisingly awesome. (Quickly, low barrier the entrance, more resilient that windows)

A technology of blue tooth is is directly dumpster compared to some levels of phase. ( It has to that do several tentativas in connecting to any bluetooth device and connections randomly drop.
All USB-C put you (Owe altarpiece out of additional cash for other options of connectivities likes them HDMI, USB, etc...)
A more technically geared the programs have not been ported to ChromeOS still, or yes have a port is dumpster (OriginPro, Mendeley)

In general:
Any value one $ 1000 seal of prize this in spite of himself can take discount it significant, a Pixelbook is resulted a abordable ultra book. Any to first tentativa bad for Google. If you are rich and calms that wants to stick the Apple and of the users of Windows with an aesthetically pleasing manifestation of contrarian smuggery, for everything means, compraventa.
4 / 5 France
A concept is well, has liked him a schemes at the beginning and has been pleased in his looks quickly bootup and good screen. One first question was that a touchpad scrolling hitches when it try to move for down for 'flinging'. Ossia The subject known and has not been fixed. I annoy at the beginning maddening them he like this result noticeable. Any fijamente still at least in canal of main update. Works well with a touchscreen.

A second @subject was when a computer has begun powering down for him suddenly. This was scarce and bootup is quickly as it have not concerned roughly he too much, but is the new computer . Reinstalled One YOU and has not helped as it assumes the subject of hardware.

A last question done an on unfixable. Fall of mine couch to a paving of forest and a rear poster broken and in fact is missing the piece. @I give calm is not supposition to fall these things, but of then changing to macbooks has has not had never something this fragile. Difference among plastic/of glass and the metal and I think experience of edifice of just laptop. They are not in fact telephones.

Like this now can very included return this dog of the computer. Trackpad Still stinks. Power went by more frequently. Bad crack. Ossia Everything inside a first month. If that can do again take the economic plus chromebook and not being like this disturbed when it takes to do, or just clave with a mac still although any still have the 3 in 1. In fact I am writing this description in mine old mac now reason a pixelbook is like this frustrating.

Any question with vendor was a lot.
4 / 5 Rubie
Has purchased this in Mid-November (2018) when it was on sale . I have possessed also one 1st model of generation. This model is much lighter and there is a lot, life very better of battery. Has the clues add-tampon, good screen, is a lot of snappy in operation. This support of Linux of applications and new models of Android, yes the desire uses him, also. Also it has the assistant of Google has built-in and still has the tone consecrated for him. Also it has a new 4-in-1 ways: laptop, pill, tent and entertainment. A keyboard is very good. It Likes him a rubberized tampons (of rests of palmera) and a glass in a backside of a lid (improves it WiFi action). I do not have a pen still, but probably will take one in some point like this is the good plus also.

A life of battery is point and averts. I am taking a fiancé 8-10 hours of daily use. Also exceptional is a fast touching. I can fully recharge in 60-90 minutes with 60 or like this typical. Ossia For real exceptional and the very welcome improvement. (More, if required, during the day long, he 15-min 'touch on' recharge can maintain you that it goes for hours.)

Have a i5 the give form and is quickly of abundance, actuate there is not remarked never a lot lag at all. As with more Chromebooks, startup and to the closure is very fast. Calmer so only can close a lid and he will sleep and eat the battery beats very small. Like this generally so only I leave it on all day in this way like the utilisation. Very convenient. Awake arrive' almost instantly.

So much with all Chromebooks, takes good security , painless updates , calm 'behind some scenes' and any needs for all this the ones of software in of the windows so only for the do sure and of confidence. Everything is quickly, easy and good. It is longtime ChromeOS user, as that want to, and think the majority once takes by means of 'adjustment' a short period. A fast painless operation is the delight .

My only nit is that, like the photographer, lose a built-in SD reader of paper more Chromebooks has has had traditionally, but can hook one on invernadero USB-C, of course, and with one 128 GB SSD has less need for him, of course.

So much, in general, am very pleased with this new model that it is the delight to use and act a lot well.

2019-11-28: 10 month later & although it loves this excellent Chromebook! Súper Pixelbook.
5 / 5 Tama
M It chromebook user? The no. Of hell has the gaming portable and like I one the majority is gaming. Has the heavy HP Omen for my things to have that has weighed. Ossia Mine stationary. I have required something light that reads as I study coding and of the plots of work with office.

A device of surface was an ideal , but is really hard to take the Windows with the device limited when I am used like this to a snappy answered of mine portable of big action. It does to look another PCs frustrating. I have then decided perhaps have to that go for Mac. It takes it Macbook taken loaned of an Office and used for bit it. It was well, you think roughly the, but the really never grow mine for the use. It was well, it can do that I have required to, and it seats responsible and beautiful. It was kinda convincing I to purchase it.

And then, Pixelbook is coming to the long of. When I have seen a device specs and hanged, has been for him to try. And that in a start has begun to be the marvel of like this to do things and the one who different is to another robust plus YOU, finalised to be an amazing experience of beauty and smoothness that any one complain.

First of all, a quality has built is like this amazing. A creation feels sexy and accessible all a time. It feels manipulable and durable a same time. It calms that can move around without the fear of something will jump out of a device was. It is surprising durable.

Have come to know Chrome You the time when he Linux has taken only support of application. This does the enormous difference. I have tried diverse to Go of Chrome Web application and same application of Android and at all has compared to Group. I have required Group. Now with support of application of the Linux, has Group, and I Google installed Chrome for linux and have alive preview. It is so only perfect.

For Office I use a free version of OfficeSuite until I have purchased a version of prize (I byline of software of aversion), but Excel, WPS and Polaris is alternative is.

For now, has used like this his that when I seat in my beast of Windows, still looks for to use some shortcuts have taken used to already in Chrome YOU. It is sooo snappy, is sound there, ready for you when it has required. It is so only there, of while you are. So only it acts.

There is not using a way of Pill a lot, I laptop has used mostly way, but need a way of pill, there is, and is surprising that these times that the precise, is so only there. Calm does not have to that think , HAS an option loves , and is there for you, when a time comes, was has appreciated a lot.

Is doing for me, and thinks it would do for any one. Compatibility of the applications of the Linux opens to plot of limitations that was before in a horizon. Ossia, thinks, a future. It is a perfect balance among lustrous creation , ready and action.

MODIFY: With which 6 month. The paralización of tones to do for any reason. Several tones of a keyboard, G F 4 5 9 Or the LAUNCHER and another so only suddenly prenden to do of a second to another. Any fixed, any reason for him to be as that. Literally use it when it begins to spend. I give it the 3 starts because a device is surprising to use, awesome and responsive. Light and enough. Sturdy And professional (excepts a late plus Chrome update), but a device was the letdown. A half working keyboard without reasoning left like this disappointed only tin look very included in him.
5 / 5 Annetta
Left state arrives front, this description is not meant to compare a Chrome experience vs. Windows or MacOS. Ossia The subject integer has extended he and the suffice to say that like the (mostly) Mac the user am enjoying a Chrome experience like this far, but again concealed is not a house of my description. Instead this description will direct on 'all except one YOU'.

A quality of build, material, look of Industrial/drawing-and-feel, packaging of beautiful product, etc. All look a lot of 'to to the Apple likes' (and am saying that it like complete of him). It looks mine that Google has equaled Apple and Surface of Microsoft in of the terms to build the product of beautiful prize. In the sense has outdone Apple in that you can not take anything like this of Apple ( The apple does not sell the 4-in-1 ... The laptop that curve as to pill). And in my experience, any one the pill with the keyboard is like this rigid like the true laptop for this any of them feels like this well when you are by train to to use likes him the true laptop ( It is seating in your lap and you are attacking was something longer that it tweet).

Now will cut to a persecution and mention one a thing that there is not remarked when I have tried out of a Pixelbook in the retailer, but inside the half hour possesses to possess the one of repente there is it remarked and now he bugs me: it is a big black flange on all 4 sides of a zone of active screen. I guess I have taken spoiled for a MacBook Pro Retina, which has the relatively thin 0.3' flange (gives or take) on all 4 sides. A Pixelbook has the flange of roughly 0.6' in an accident and right, and ' upper and fund. This can not look so the big shot, but with a Pixelbook when being quite compact to begin with, this effectively done a screen enough bit it smaller and less usable that was to extend almost embroider he-flange. I have thought roughly deducting the star of an indication been due to this big flange, but I googled stirs it of pictures of Chromebooks and looks ALL I FRAMES are some same ... I guess it is so only he Chromebook what. More hey is announced like him 12.3' screen, which is attentive ... The only desire could have expressed the 13+' screen to a 14' lid.

That when be said, master so only roughly all more in a Pixelbook. It prefers a keyboard on some keyboards of Apple newer, and A lot prefers a touchpad to a Macbook Pro touchpad. The life of battery is sum. Screen brightness/the resolution/of contrast is awesome. It feels a lot quickly and responsive with a small exception that will take of later. But mainly so only it feels very solid, looks gorgeous, and has the add minimalistic creation.

A small exception there is remarked on has to that do with scrolling of interior of screen a Chrome browser. It classifies of hard to explain, but go quickly is very smooth and responsive until aim it, but yes quickly move for down more than perhaps the averages the page there is the pronounced lag. Again ossia prime minister of mine Chromebook as it was not if ossia he Chrome sew you, or the limitation of a CPU or processor of Map or neither, but anything is, he detracts slightly of a otherwise a lot of responsive feels.

Like this behind to a positive, I really really like this device. In my book costs a prize of prize in an economic plus Chromebooks has seen, and in a $ 699 Black Fridays/Cyber the prize of Week was the subject has compared to the Macbook Air or Surface Pro. In a plenary $ 999 estimativa details it a lovely proposition is more questionable compared to another prize Chromebooks looked in like this Lenovo and Samsung, as I am expecting that Google spends for behind one $ 700 available price punctual.
4 / 5 Young
The laptop adds. If you are looking for Windows or Mac has described calm then will be disappointed. But you are looking for the lustrous laptop with life of long battery, almost instant on and has been qualified, and calm the majority of your work in a cloud, I, email, Netflix and HULU viewing, compraventa, and with the security adds, this could be for you. Any anti-virus to hassle with. Virtually virus and test to cut especially yes is travelling, and connect to Wi-Fi where calms could not be sure of a security. Calm can dry clean in the subject of the himself has required small and when you decide to register behind in with your google accounts, everything of your bookmarks/marcadors and the preferences will return so that it was. Ossia My laptop of backup my Mac and has to that be treaty like such. Maintain your Windows and Mac for your esal' work.
5 / 5 Hattie
A Pixelbook is an incredible car in this prize ($ 749) so that they comprise the one who Chrome is able of. A quality of build is excellent, a Samsung the screen is brilliant and crisp and a keyboard and that the tampon of clue is the joy to use. A capacity to toe to the pill is not like this the orders like the car is quell'has bitten too weighed to use like this to pill for long periods of time. The tent and the way of exposure is very good to look video or TV. Of a Pixelbook applications of the android of the careers can run Directv Now, HBO GOES, Netflix etc. These are also available like some web applications. Life of the battery has not been near to some 10 hours announced but volume the solid 7 low hours daily use.

My primary use is for the programs of productivities likes them step of word and spreadsheets. While utilisation some Applications of Google, web applications of Office of the law of Microsoft so only well. Also it uses mine Pixelbook for the video and the photographs light that modification. There are applications that will leave for 4K the video that modifies and a Pixelbook has quite horsepower to use them. I have it not trying personally but know folks the one who have.

In general, unless you are involved in photograph of videography or professional level a Pixelbook is the fast program, sure that it would be it necessary do fault your good needs. Chrome Is different of another OSs like being calm sure yours researches before buying. If you are already in Chrome YOU, ossia the no brainer. Calm can not buy better.
4 / 5 Phung
Although this Pixelbook is now 2 years, is has considered still one of an upper-estimated chromebooks. I have purchased this on Amazon Seven. 2018 when you Are competitively priced (750) with a google pen and has a lot of be happy with a compraventa. While the new characteristic for one is announced, always looks that a pixelbook is one of a prime minister chromebooks that any one has a new update or is able hardware of the boss. Although I lose a lack of a earphone jack, and hdmi port and the micro space of paper, honradamente that pause, any of this characteristic losing left unable to do my work. I love a fact that take calm he immediately with mine OnePlus 6T telephone of Android, and of alive in an android/google world, everything in mine pixelbook is syncd to the mine telephone and my house.
Although there is still to use mine chromebook to the equal that to pill, I like a fact that is can bend 360 terracings; a keyboard is tactile and responsive, some updates of software perfectly and a power of the battery has not been never the question.
Yes, doing in the chromebook is different that the car of windows, but like this far a google the software of productivity has managed all I need to do (step of word, powerpoints and excel spreadsheets). And a screen to touch is wonderful.
Like this very happy with a compraventa. I am surprised to see that he still resisted up in value (in fact costs more to purchase this today that does the year).
5 / 5 Numbers
Liked a creation of a book of pixel and a key of assistant of the Google. I have not taken the disorder with him to whole plot before it begins messing up. I will upload the video of some questions has had with him. Unfortunately after contacting Google and that come from diverse different things said me to knots to do, any of them fixed a subject. After doing some investigation this looked to be the subject common with a book of pixel. It was disappointed also in a lack of things a book of pixel has had to offer especially is point of prize . A screen has really bad to blur when scrolling and for some reason a red of tower of the words.
4 / 5 Chance
A battery there is prendido to do in 3 months - RIGHT with which some options/of turn of the guarantee - has has not had never such unreliable has produced without options for substitutions/of reparation. It is insane.
4 / 5 Tonie
Has substituted another Chromebook because of the lack of RAM in an old a. Do fault his purpose, but has required the strong plus a. A Pixelbook has surpassed everything of my expectations!
When Shabby he touchscreen computer (at least in my chance), is usually the thing of novelty that does not take never used, but there is already flipped a Pixelbook on the way of pill to read in a Kindle application and clock Netflix.
A host of applications of career of Google incredibly and Word and Excel same wonderfully, also.
Does not think fully can express that I amour this laptop!

An only drawback is that it does not have any USB 3.0 space, but has known roughly that before I bought it. All precise is the USB-C splitter, and is everything well.
5 / 5 Nicole
But, has known already this. Also it possesses a Asus Toe that is an upper selling option of estimativa for a Chromebook. I have been that loves the pertinent PixelBook (PB) of then his in the first place launched but in $ 1K, can not justify. It was quite lucky to find a PB on sale here on Amazon for <$ 800, it conceal it is the good shot and has had to jump. If you are sold in a Chromebook operational model and love a better option in a phase, ossia. A Asus is the device adds also but nowhere approach a quality of build of a PB and yes thinks a PB a lot 2x a cost of a Asus.

Has to that to 3 primary reasons reasons the taste to them some official PB better that Asus:

-the quality of Build is unmatched. Aluminium, glass, exposure of big density and backlit tones. Included a touchpad is covered in glass that marks for an amazing experience! This thing is same 1oz lighter that a Asus which is the fresh surprise . A lot, device of quality very big.

-The updates direct of Google. Day 1 emissions, updates of security etc, directed of a source. A way has to that be.

-Try future - with 128GB storage, a i5 CPU and 8GB RAM this thing has abundance of horsepower reservations for today And morning. Appearance have zero need to substitute this device for a prójimo 5 years, minimum.

I amour this Chromebook and am happy was quite lucky to buy one!
5 / 5 Sharika
Has bought this element specifically to use like the computer of travesía. For any apparent reason, he simply died while it was in Honduras without backup. Now, @I give that anything with an on/was has beaten of transmission and will fail for any apparent reason. Cela A car has done, has found a keyboard to be awkwardly small to the equal that has the habit of the plenary sized keyboard. On balance, is not to value of the money.
5 / 5 Siobhan
therer Is some really good things in this computer. It is fast and easy to use and is simple. But it is also really limited in that can it to it do. Also it has it leans very limited. A glass in a backside of a cup has broken. I didnt The tomb or paste he. In fact I have any idea like pauses. Pause of things, thats right of just life, but there is absolutely any way of the take fixed. google Justo wont sell parts. The Supposition is looking for to be like apple? His amazing mine there is any way to fix this. He doesnt affect a functionality of a computer is corrected but affects an aesthetic and an aesthetic is the part that likes them in pixelbook and is reason google has assumed Alberto Villareal to draw a pixelbook.
5 / 5 Laurence
Has bought this and interior 3 days have fallen absolutely enamoured with him so much that has decided to sell mine Macbook Pro. It is an amazing piece of hardware. It is light, slender,looks gorgeous and is extremely portable. Has access to everything of some applications I use in an every day basic of Gmail, office 365, to lightooom CC. Some services of cloud of the Google and echo the system is among some better options there. I want to know that any photo take during a day with my Pixel 2 immediately will be accessible in mine Pixelbook when it turn it on. So that it possesses a Pixel 2, Google also the extremely easy fact to tether your Pixelbook to a Pixel 2 to the use am given /cellular connection when WIFI can not be accessible.

Was that a Chorme is the little limited, but for mine every day needs and use, ossia a awesome the car and I have any remorse that buys mine.
4 / 5 Dollie
Amur A Book of pixel. My HP pc with windows 10 took me crazy I in fact cry in him every time turned it on. Each update of microsoft scrape something further up. It has taken 5 minutes partorisca kick on and 5 minutes partorisca close down. Windows 7 Was quite good but still so bad ware and soft ware subject. Well riddens to all this time squandered and misery of an experience of ache of boss of windows. Some turns of Book of the Pixel on in 5 seconds. Ready for gone súper quickly a lot anti virus to buy and spend the hours that update and scanning for junk in your computer . A better computer has not used never PERIOD!
5 / 5 Sidney
Knows this 'computer' is a lot of pricey but like the user of earth of raisin of ex apple also so that takings. And it have said one same roughly this in some signals also. ButChrome YOU So it has used Chromebooks in a past has opted them for an end of estimativa of things and has taken that have paid partorisca in of the terms of qualities of build. A Chrome You the experience is one same by means of all more all of them. Look for the very up in of the terms of the build and the quality and ossia that have paid partorisca with a Pixelbook.

Of course Chrome pursue perfectly same in a model of base has paid them takes, that runs several tabs immediately does not have the clue of lag. He yes cut of the applications of android but his still laws to need on some fronts. The screen is beautiful and well has lit. The resolution is stunning in of the video of pictures and big final. Touchpad HAS the crazy to to the glass likes to feel and is responsive. Rests of the palmeras of the silicon are very good but requires to regulate more cleaned or can begin to turn yellow with oils of your skin. The frame of aluminium is solid and the hinges are quite rigid that some stays of screen have dipped. The keyboard there is well feel and the tones have the travesía good although a backlit need of keyboard some work how is hard to read in borderline light with tones ashes read with papers that luzca further of dark ashes to an ash of light plus of some tones in that among light. The sound of some speakers has located under a keyboard is quite strong for daily use but will not blow your hair behind.

In general love a Chromebook the pixel but I probably would not have appreciated he without coming from a first low end. You do not recommend this model for the first timer. So that it was necessary to take you to know Chrome YOU and is limitations in the first place of the model the first economic plus to take something has taken.
4 / 5 Estefana
Has possessed the chromebook of then 2015, and felizmente has saved until being able to buy a Pixelbook. They are the partidário enormous of ChromeOS and has had any question or slowdowns with my old Acer chromebook for a past 3 years, but has imagined was time for a upgrade. It has not possessed Never the laptop of big earth first like this this would be my prime minister a. It was a lot disappointed to see that I have begun grieves about on a Pixelbook for a first time that has received an error this 'Chrome WAS MISSING or broken'.

Now a Pixelbook forces-boot and has gone the way of recovery, and after a Pixelbook looked to do well. But honradamente for a prize has paid for him has not expected something like this to spend. A Pixelbook was súper fast and soften after this error but I so only do not have the right sense that continuous utilizarprpers so much could have more than questions down a street. I will update this description with which receive the repayment and order another Pixelbook to see if one spends of what same again.
4 / 5 Fredia
Will begin to say that ossia in no way my primary computer. Has the desk the one who the uses mostly for gaming and heavy material has required.

My idea in this computer was to have the light, fast crew that can use them to relax and a occational Excel/things of Word.
A Pixelbook are adds for that. Calm ploughs it and is ready to do. The hardware feels well, the construction feels big quality and is really beautiful.
A trackpad is spectacular, has them has not used never something are to add before.
A google access of applications of the game done this computer really gain taken a right material .

Downsides: It is pricey, touch it are not to add (but have the out of), the battery is GOOD but expected it to them to last the little more along (this in spite of touch really fast)

I understamd this can not be for all the world-wide but the sound more than happy wih shabby of mine.
4 / 5 Frankie
Loves this laptop / of pill. It was incredibly easy to dip on reason he hooked well to all my Google / Chrome preferences of mine leading (any-Google) Chromebook. It likes that I can use a touchscreen in of any moment -- I tends to alternate among my Mouse of Surface of the Microsoft (which I also AMUR) and touchscreen. A measure of a laptop is perfect -- is smaller that he 13'' except any too small that requires the second screen, and is thin and light.

An only downside have discovered like this far is a cost of a coverage of Google. I have purchased an alternative this has been supposition to return this pixelbook, but was built really for laptops of 13 thumbs and has had space a lot sliding for a laptop inside a coverage. I have read the tonne of descriptions but could not find other options that in fact is returned this laptop. Like I splurged in a $ 99 coverage of Google. It likes, but it is not of special another that returning a laptop. Still, I imagine well a cost to 1) protects my investment and 2) leaves my pixelbook to return in my stock exchange of work.
5 / 5 Nidia
Development in the middle of cloud (ServiceNow), where all a development, testing, and the spiegamento is done in the browser. Ossia Perfect - I use he 8+ hours the day. I have used chromebooks in a past, but when I your money in the chrome to to the browser likes master of something fast, something beautiful, something can spend in front of the client. For my purposes there is at all better. I have substituted my macbook pro with a pixelbook i5 model, and are not never going back. I pre-order a pixelbook 2.
4 / 5 Shayne
Has had my new pixelbook for the few weeks now and master that quickly fall up and in firm down. One feels of a keyboard is really well, and like the traveller of frequent work, loves which light east. I am taking used to Chrome YOU and have good regime with some applications of Office of the Microsoft (although I lose icons in Word and PPT, something uses a lot frequently).

A life of battery has said that it is long in a description, but looks to decline quickly based in an icon of battery in a fund of a screen. I have not used he for the really extended period to time to verify this, this in spite of. It likes like this I can of cover he in to touch in any side of a device. I have purchased the HDMI/conversor of USB of uses the projector often. Has no hooked a two on closing.

An ANNOYING any one said it to somewhere and lost it, but Google he the almost impossible fact to dip on an Assistant of Google and take access to a tent of the game of the Google has the Earls of Continuazione of the G (, no the email address). I am spent of the HOURS that imagines out of the way around this reason are an only owner /admin for my Earls of Continuazione of the G by means of Wix. An assistant has not been the must-have for me at all, but annoyed that no lame full functionality.

To dip it on, I quite a lot of clue Tickmc joint in a Google Pixelbook forum (to the amazon will not leave me publish link). Has has had to that unistall and reinstall my account in mine Pixelbook for transmissions to take effect, which is not mentioned in some instructions but has done a trick for me. Has has had to that also do a bit another junk has seen my admin the side of things has seen to give permissions, but the assistant of the cat of the Google helped.

In all the chance, looks to be the orderly device, so only be conscious that calm active hoops to access an elegant material him him it Continuazione of G (and if you are not a admin, 't has said.)
5 / 5 Corey
Loves this pixelbook. It is a measure for real perfect for viewability + portability. Has abundance of the power and I has been blown was with a level of the application of Android sustains like this complete thing for functionality. Also I have a pen and ossia slick also. At all it beats circlinf elements to launch your investigation when calm really a lot included know that for the call. Lol. If has the newest USB c telephone, some ports are the good touch of then can touch immediately the or use a pixelbook upload direct. A less element to haul around. The screen really is good-looking and all some details are upper notch ... Backlit Screen, rondwd signals underlined of surface, etc etc
5 / 5 Avis
WELL, has has received so only my Pixelbook like the moderate upgrade to the mine Asus Toe 302, which is the quite a lot of chromebook in his own legislation. To good sure a Pixelbook is the screen of has bitten/faster/faster bit it better/more brilliant, and I like a creation of better exposure. I have not had the occasion to do with him a lot, but enough to knows does a significant negative to a Pixelbook. Now, this can be been due to my subjects of personal vision, but the also pride I be able to resupply unbiased analysis among appearances of different devices, and characteristic general of the device given. A keyboard in this device is extremely difficult to esee' for me. And they are not that it break a vaunted backlight here (which was like this to turn on, and which in fact has extracted adds of the discussion roughly yes is really like this well like some claim in an internet). Reason any costruttore chooses to dip symbols in some tones that can not be seen easily (súper easy is better) in reasonable light, or still in light 'very'? They are practically a same colour like surface key, and is súper thin to kick. They would owe that be Intrepid, thicknesses, and highly contrasting in viewability to a colour of surface key. No, I any be in a keyboard when they are to touch writing, but can not see some alternating symbols, tones of function, or special tones. I imagine I learn where it is 'to blind' except even ossia last to do when I can not say that it is which in the simple gaze in good light. It has supposed that ossia critiques it of any number of configurations of type of the laptop there, but can not imagine was for a life of me because Google would draw a keyboard in this way. They are it has had to that to accept external ideas so many the 'advantages' of any when being pas able to easily see some symbols in some tones, but precise any to say mine which this could be. In a moment, it will give it 4 stars, which could change I so that it uses a device more and more. This assumes does not return he because of a frustration on some tones. It does not blame of the amazon, of course, so only sell it (and utmost, the first day adds extracted discount it extra that use my paper of tent of the Amazon to purchase - an only reason has decided to go for him to arrive to this point in time). But, hey Google, something on visibility of symbol key in future, please!
5 / 5 Rosalie
For such one expensive piece of crew, is the terrible disappointment . A system so only no properly. The majority of some applications wants to use any no (likes the zoom will not open , tent of Game of the Google often will not download applications, Chrome is paste or lose). It is terrible. I have had this Pixelbook for almost the year now and has tried to do do. I can not comprise some positive critiques here. It have to that say, roughly 30 of a time the search to open an application, opens to the screen of spatial. He so only any career. This still comprises to open an application of Settings, or has included a MyFiles application. These are not even applications of party. They are build to a system and they a lot included does consistently. So only after the number of tentativas, these applications finally will open (excepts Zoom, or Skype - only no ).

Also, himself applications of use of the plan of Office of the Microsoft (likes Word, Excel, etc), does not take this. These applications are like this functionally limited, is almost useless.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5 Argelia
So only it has taken a Pixelbook. A lot he same turns on. Plugged In, at all but flash a backside that luzca partorisca some tones each pocolos second. A box was taped closed with tape of packaging... Obviously it tried it not even. Fraud.
5 / 5 Maddie
This product is coming súper fast and works exactly like this announced, unfortunately Chromebooks still lack some functionality and is still súper wonky in time. Hopefully Google Can take that fijamente but in general is state adds, more Chromebook has used.

A bit those that concessions this in spite of, does not have any USB put you female, just type c. One in the each side. Has the microphone adds partorisca choose on the voice but some speakers are atrocious... And I mean absolutely brutal in this product.
4 / 5 Noelle
chromebook The pixel is the very good laptop and would recommend it to any I expósito

Top Customer Reviews: Google Pixelbook ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 14 ratings
4 / 5 Stewart
It is the car of good quality , obviously. It is very light, as that spending around in my stock exchange is not a subject. This has substituted my Macbook Air. It is any 1 partorisca pull out of Apple I supposes. That fact me gravitate the verse is my use of Google Chrome. I imagined it it would go legislation to a source.

So only so that it is the one who is writing this, has been that uses this car partorisca the few months. Probably I do not know it as well as my forward Macbook.

Some annoyances in this car are a low quality version of multiple desktops. This was the characteristic I really liked partorisca use in mine Mac. In a Pixelbook, is so only a lot like this smooth. Another thing that take is a flimsy the keyboard that lights. Unless it is really brilliant or really dark in yours workspace, taking some tones partorisca be very lit and readable is the manual and tedious process. Finally, it finds that a mousepad is not like this responsive like Mac. Sometimes I owe that try to underline text partorisca copy/pasting the little time partorisca the take exactly like precise. A centre of a mousepad does not choose on my motions and gestures as well as a Mac.

Roughly liked of a Pixelbook, in my experience, has been a capacity to use all some windows of browsers love without sacrificing operative speed. It felt he likes I really taken 'punished' with a Mac. It weaves it to them of my work 'in the cloud' and by means of a browser how is good to know that I do not owe that worry in my car not doing in my step.
A capacity to 'toe' this thing on and to use likes him the pill is of the characteristic handy . Although any always likes to go to a soyobile' side of places, lack of workspace when travelling or touching poker (I alive in Vega and use this in some subjects the plot) really this looks the big profit .

In the sidenote, still uses an iPhone and the Mac Desk. Any when being pas able to take some Applications of Android is to disturb it . They are not on the dot partorisca give on my telephone so only still.

In a whole, thinks partorisca maintain some feet with Apple and an external foot partorisca maintain me partorisca take all a bang partorisca my buck that can out of the this. They are a lot still with a compraventa. Down some conditions have mentioned earlier, another Mac the laptop was only no in some papers partorisca me. Still I am regulating to a car. So only it wishes a transition was the little smoother.

Boston Jon
5 / 5 Haywood
All in this device is elegant and powerful. A speed of a device and is the capacities are of sound, and refined. Really impressed with the well this device operates. The prize feels in the prize felt he has has been worth it this in spite of doing!
4 / 5 Dannielle
Has possessed the HP and Mac portable but my Chrome Pixelbook is a better and fast of lightning.
4 / 5 Keva
Has to that say, am very impressed with Google Pixelbook. The lovely works like the laptop or like the pill. A trackpad has one of a good plus feels, has included better that Mac is. 10/10 it would buy it to it again.
4 / 5 Hsiu
My daughter loves it! Fast, clear, the friendly user. Exactly the one who precise career CAD and other programs of engineering partorisca colegialas. This in spite of, a protect add-ons is useless. A screen protectors does not leave the screen to touch of a Pixel partorisca remark with the accuracy and an external coverage does not leave it to bend to the pill. In general, it is happy!
4 / 5 Marlen
Are happy with this car of upper thorough. Perhaps any one a prize, but was has had to that to pay he for a quality and and the not having a bloatware other places in his Chromebooks. They are happy am spent of the money to take a quality and speed.
5 / 5 Mia
This has been a compraventa better there is never has done. I want to all in a pixelbook.
5 / 5 Rossana
Has bought this computer for my edges in law the one who found the partorisca be a better computer there is never has used.
5 / 5 Gino
Súper Fast Chromebook... A lot of storage SSD, Memory and Android compatible software. I install Office 365 and to the work likes to win the version.
5 / 5 Gemma
Has bought likes the xmas of present partorisca one fiancée and loves it. It uses it is for his art.
5 / 5 Hoa
Arrived in perfect condition and has done well out of a box
4 / 5 Florence
am very pleased with this Chromebook, with which a lot of years with MacBooks and the compatible Never-PCist, this was a personal computer prójimo better. A capacity to add applications of Android this far more useful that the classical Mac or PC. It has drawn amiably.
5 / 5 Candelaria
Has bought this Pixelbook directly of Google, and is a worse piece of technology has bought in of the recent years. Applications oftentimes does not look well, reasons have been built for screens of telephone smaller (for chance a Calendar of Google. You are better used a browser to see your calendar more than a native application.) A Evernote the application is almost unusable in this device.
Occasionally some freezings of device, and swimming, for any good reason. I reboot he at least once the week been due to this odd 'in slope' question. A pen ($ 100) the majority of a time, but results unresponsive also (Apresamiento out of a battery, dipped the backside in, and work!?) You can access an assistant of Google in several ways, but any of them is intuitive: Simply pressing a key to Assist still any active an interface of microphone - another click is necessary.
Using an Amazon Kindle the application is nightmarish, and has given on on that.
This container/of the hardware of the software comes with the plot of marketing of Google hype, but is not very integrated, and feels like the version of beta: We the clients have one $ 1000 privilege to try he for Google.
My joint: If you are it has had to that to spend this class of money, save you a frustration and take the laptop of Windows in a row of same prize. You will be very better era.
5 / 5 Mozell
A lot really the computer. If has the Youtube, netflix, Hulu, twitter or addiction of means comunicacionales. Ossia For you.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 43 ratings
4 / 5 Deandre
Dear amazon And new clients ,this are more add chrome the reservation draws very beautiful and hanged very light,the laptop more adds has has not possessed never. A creation is flawless, some rests of the palmera of the silicone is the fantastic detail , and there is at all can launch in this car that quell'will retard down. It is the monster of productivity . Interior 15 to 20 seconds to turn a laptop on, are on-line and working. There is no slow boot on, any annoying update, and no expensive antivirus the necessary program. More, the software of productivity comes free. Any need to purchase to the separate program like Student of Office of the Microsoft or anything. Google Docs, spend Them and I Slides come free with my account of Google and resupply all requires to plot The characteristic Amazon a lot lustrous.
4 / 5 Deshawn
Google has done the good-looking car, light that is very fast. If I have had the plot of personal money to blow in well looking hardware and was well with just the browser of web, would buy this car. But like the Client of Continuazione of the G, taking some characteristic thrilling extras the work has been the nightmare . With which a lot of Googling, that speaks to some Google sustains very useful reps and some a lot unhelpful support reps and to plot of time and endeavour, was able to take a Tent of Game that read and Assistant of Google that does in these devices. But that has not been able to take working is Instant Tethering. When A boss loves his mark new Pixel 3 to be dipped up with Instant Tethering with his Pixelbook, an only response that has is to powerwash a car and dip the like this unmanaged. They are quite disappointed in Google right now.
4 / 5 Sharita
Has decided for 2 weeks would owe that take the laptop or he chromebook. Has the quite well desk marries and the old fairy (5 years) portable the this has begun to retard down. It has researched among one 'Pixelbook', 'ASUS c302', and a esamsung Chromebook Pro'. At the beginning I have it has wanted really a Samsung reason has like this samsung appliances in my house, so that the decision was a lot of sprain, has maintained to try to find reasons to do a Samsung more upper. It would look in of the descriptions and usually his a ASUS up. It would not be he in accordance with and have look for more descriptions until I see that a Samsung was in 1. There is so only small occasions where a book of pixel there is topped, but on more occasions, a Pixelbook has been estimated 3-5. In all my investigation, a ASUS was a better option for a prize and quality. It has done one the majority of sense. Chromebooks All operate on some same. The serious hardware is not required really for operative chromebooks. Coming to 2018, has decided to lessen purchase of mine sprees, so that the decision has effected my decision to buy a pixelbook. I have opted for an available better option in an end of 2017.

Like this decided to take a overpriced Pixelbook. But, in comparison to some other options, which have tried in of the tents of electronics, a Pixelbook has had a better keyboard, a better monitor (4:3), and some better speakers. Considering a touchscreen has read revises of another chromebooks where a touchscreens tends for gone bad after the moment. I have not seen any descriptions with report to a Pixelbooks touchscreen in bad disposal, but then again, this chromebook he very new. It has not been out of enough yearn him to take to this phase. Finally, I am spent the roughly $ 800 more to take the device that probably will treat in a same like prójimo better chromebook, ASUS 302 in my opinion. But in comparison to a cup 3 that had chosen (comprising my sprain to Samsung) has paid for the product that IMO has had a better keyboard, monitor, speaker, and touchscreen. I am banking in his longevity, and I hope are them well in that.

Are happy has taken the chromebook like opposed to the laptop. I can not take any virus - all upload on almost instantly - All the never do in my PC is clock Netflix, surf mesos comunicacionales social, Youtube, 'legally' games of basketball and Film/of television, a continuous cast in. The only difference are can not touch games, but ossia that he desk/to the console is stops . No the laptop. Chromebook All faster and is surer. It is súper light also.

Is looking for The chromebook, really would recommend a ASUS 302 him him he estimativa. If no, a pixelbook is your next better bet. There is a downside to this, not counting a prize, a legislation of the zone on a keyboard can take quite warm in time. This displaced when I have had Netflix, Youtube, Music of Amazon, and Google Chrome all has opened a same time in background. This usually spends when I am looking the film, and take the side has followed likes, 'Oh, has forgotten them that actora/of actor', opens chrome appeals on IMDB, 'oh yeah, was/ in this film' open youtube and clips of clocks, 'Damn, which the song is concealed ? It opens application of Music/or go back on Youtube and like this on... I know they are not an only a concealed that... Appearance. Anyways, Included although it heats on, all the still extracted thing in upper speed, BAM

the Sad thing is, expected for a i7 to be liberto so much can buy that in place of a i5 (really very necessary this in spite of. chromebooks Can operate well in i3).
5 / 5 Maile
Really have loved this computer until there is @@give that there is calm program can not use in the, included although it costs almost like this like this he mac book!!
Has thought that was a definite solution to the computer and chromebook in the mine dismays, can any one plant he in 'way of computer :(
4 / 5 Kayleigh
Buys this in the pill ANYDAY (although his expensive plus) really is an amazing laptop for the traveller likes. Also it possesses the Macbook Pro 13' but travesía with this pixelbook. A OEM the sleeve of Google is surprising also although EXPENSIVE!
5 / 5 Lissa
First of all, are the Totally Blind person , as my perception and the experience can be different then he sighted people. When I unboxed a Book of Pixel of the Google, felt the lustrous, lite portable of weight. I have loved a fact that could change among pill and of the ways of laptop. A keyboard felt awesome and was easy to use. I then powered on a device, with some help of the sighted person, take a reader of screen in current, as it could spend for a setup process. Then some subjects have begun. With which 30 minutes, an abruptly enclosed sound was. I have had it sighted the person taken try take it behind on to any avail. We finally powered was has had of other things to do. Later it was powered behind on, some lights in a keyboard flickered in brief and then swimming. Of then, it will not turn on. It is resulted the $ 1000 hanged of paper. As they are by train of the box on and sending he in still the repayment. I create it it would be the very good product , if it has done, but thinks that will use a repayment for the iPad Pro, which have used before.
4 / 5 Brain
Has taken awhile to take used to a fact that when it use this computer to the equal that to the pill can feel a together tone down. Honradamente, Love this device. It is simple and easy to use. I am going back the scolare and this computer will do perfectly. I can access the tasks escoles on-line and use concrete applications, like refworks, when I am doing investigation. When I Write papers in google docs, can export he the word of Microsoft has required. I have possessed both mac and produced of windows. Although they are the defender of windows , so only loves a google YOU. Also, any prpers that has to concern it roughly that paid for the system of the security of confidence with this device is well. If you are loving the alternative of confidence the windows/mac, ossia the good option .

Be conscious: it can have some smaller glitches occasionally, but google has been a lot of update his system and fixing these subjects.
5 / 5 Bunny
Has read a lot of descriptions previously to purchase so that it has not had access to the physicist Pixelbook for the verify was. After several weeks to use are very happy with a compraventa. Some the negative critiques had seen result to be the irrelevant mine and a reality is that I use it felizmente every day. A 'big' bezel, 'integration of Android 'poor' and functionality 'limited' of Chrome is not of the subjects for me and look to be has exaggerated of some reviewers.
5 / 5 Colin
Ossia One the majority of functional, fresher, and portable easier has has not used never. I love it! These commentaries are coming from an old Apple fanboy the one who there is not looking behind!
5 / 5 Karima
While dipping on mine Pixelbook, has tried the touch (like the instruction said) with an adapter to be able to and type-c the boss is coming with a box. I have then found has not been touched. One touching has DIRECTED has not been illuminated and an icon of the battery has not changed. With which few tests, have @@give a boss to touch has been broken already. ( I have used my own type-c boss, then laws.) I have verified a dysfunctional boss. It looked different of a type-c boss I already have (for my telephone of Pixel). A type of USB-C supposes to have 24 pins, this in spite of a an I taking has been missing a lot of pins (in both sides). It is really difficult to comprise like this could this raisin to the new product. It classifies of him there is it disappointed.
4 / 5 Alanna
It is the device stuck in 2010. Assisting of Google is useless because you can a lot of anything partorisca you. Never it has imagined it was like the unlock a screen with my telephone. The majority of applications is really buggy when quell'using in a laptop. And it operates it off-line is quite impossible which is the shame so that it wants to write documents. A pen is like this buggy and taking the notes is really fumbly. Another day has seen the mate takes notes in his ipad and in fact was jealous. Ossia Bad. I do not take never jealous of products of Apple. But, amour a keyboard is. A screen is gorgeous and the speed and the action is quite very this in spite of has the good number of incidents and reboots - but at all like the computer of windows, but still spends.
5 / 5 Tory
Has received last this device last week and has been using he for some last diverse days. Here it is my impressions like this far.
- The quality of build is order - is the beautiful device - very light and easy to use like this to pill
- the screen is brilliant and the colours are true but no too saturated
- the keyboard is one of a better that has used in the laptop - MacOS or Windows
- Trackpad is excellent - prójimo to the MacBook and better that any device of Windows that has used
- the pen is very a lot of - to the latency is not a subject for applications that has been optimised for a new pen. Unfortunately no where to store a pen but Google is doing the optional clip.
- The battery resembles last for roughly 6-7 hours

Like this far love this device - is the joy to use . Any entirely substitute the traditional laptop for everything but is very together.
5 / 5 Tula
Has purchased this after several years of MacBooks (Never the PC of Windows). Ossia An astonishingly useful product with the functionality augmented thanks to an option to download applications of Android.
5 / 5 Amee
Was happy with a pixelbook. Good looks. Well touchscreen. A lot quickly. Decent battery. Solid build resembled. After the year, the things have begun to do bad. When A device would go for the sleep would take tentativas múltiplas for the turn behind on. Taken to a point has turned was way of sleep, and has prendió having a subject. Recently it was having question with the applications that clash, as I have imagined I reboot. I have turned of a device and now will not turn behind on. Spent a device to the place of recommended reparation and says can any fixed , probably he motherboard @subject. Less than 2 years and a device is the brick. Too expensive for that to spend.
4 / 5 Dia
Are usually picky with the laptops but ossia very MINIMUM and easy/plans to use. Toes behind like this to pill, screen to touch and Microsoft of easy interface or different Apple. They are always in google like this this exits perfectly!!!

My subject only is ossia does not have the CD, usb annex for walks of USB and the battery tends to on heat. But a processor is fast and mine desk and the applications are not cluttered never.
5 / 5 Inga
Mina PixelBook is a lot unsure of him. It does not know it is the ChromeBook or the PixelBook ( has said me both in of the separate occasions, and sometimes was in a same occasion). Confidently Say his speed of processor is one of three possible options. And it says one same of his capacity of storage. Everything of these details aims the lack decided of attention to detail for a folk in Google the one who tried to imagine out of this computer. I do not concern too much in these things, included although they aim neither the cavalier or incompetent approximation. That I worries roughly is like an only short sound was randomly when I am touching the video. Netflix, The program of confidence, sometimes listens it, sometimes I no. And he quell'concealed can be inside a space of a minute. It is that random.

Google: DO BETTER, especially for a money.
5 / 5 Sylvester
The life of battery adds. It takes some taking used to the operating system after the plus of decade like the user of Windows.. Happy with a transmission
5 / 5 Jeannine
Overpriced in my opinion
Limit that can do it
Feels expensive and quality
Some Applications of Android I use in of the pills and cell
For some reason no compatible and that really burn me.
4 / 5 Ericka
Has had an apple pro for the long time. Have has wanted the try this was and is not returned. Assisting of Google is perfect, a laptop can do it all and a storage of cloud is all I never need. His fast, responsive, and will not leave never google now. I go to change in fact to a google pixle telephone and google out of my house!
5 / 5 Celena
Very good. Light, quickly, and both a keyboard and the screen to touch is excellent! It is value of the money? Calm am likely to take equivalent functionality for the hundred of pair less dollars. For a record and arrival, and a quality of keyboard, think that cost has of the money to spend. If you are in the estimativa perhaps looks around.
5 / 5 Cira
All I expected and more! ! ! Calm will not be disappointed.
5 / 5 Marylouise
Uses my laptop partorisca basic things - email, exploring, yotube, netflix and some presentations. I have loved the hybrid among the laptop and the pill and this returns a bill perfectly. His hips the good build. I have had he for the month, the product adds.
5 / 5 Toshiko
Powerful and versatile. I love a touchscreen and when being able to access applications.
5 / 5 Tish
Fast response and qualified of big storage A differential action used for a studio of human medicine
5 / 5 Dania
The look Adds, smooth operation, a better chromebook has not possessed never
4 / 5 Austin
Still the generation or two out of being adds. A screen goes spatial on me partorisca any reason emparenta frequently and is difficult of the take behind on. If has the Google business hosted the account does not buy this. The work of free accounts has paid well the accounts is horrible. For has has paid the accounts are limited in that can you to it upload even partorisca administrators.
5 / 5 Junior
More Chromebook can buy now still for the big margin and one of some portable the best in general if it do not plan on using he partorisca anything strongly graphic. A better course roughly is that this thin ; seriously each one which so the averages when open is thinner that mine telephone and when enclosed is more as the fat pill that the laptop. Speaking duquel is the Android enough adds compressed to kick which is a lot of then any one does pills of Android of the first anymore really.
5 / 5 Mitch
Perhaps are, this in spite of, with which am on be he for the moment, so only takes up for bit it. No it likes him to Him he concealed.
Does not like Me that of some programs will not upload on (or at least any for me).

To That really likes is of an agreement to touch. It will go in any side of a computer.. To the rovescio or right side up. It does not import .
4 / 5 Lee
To good sure adapt it was pricey, but has taken that has loved. A product of Google of big final that satisfies a lot like stops of need.
4 / 5 Nena
A Pixelbook good a prize. It feels well in every aspect. It returns all the world of my needs minus heavy Photoshop. Still it substitutes my Pixel 2 when I am seating. Has a factor of perfect form for one in a lifestyle gone. It is light this in spite of sturdy. It is very comfortable with an attentive keyboard and the smooth responsive tampon of mouse of the glass. Some emphases of silicone to touch soft is the rests of palmera adds and really add to a prize feels. An instant tether among a Pixelbook and Pixel 2 works add. I do not have anything negative to say roughly that.
4 / 5 Sharice
A marvel of engineering. It loves this car. Going to dual boot linux on that. This will be my main device for pupil.
5 / 5 Florence
A lot that has expected. Seldom it maintains the load and some applications that is used will not open the majority of a time to all the cost if he applications of Google or no.
4 / 5 Cammie
In general ossia the decent product , ossia to prize chromebook. This in spite of, there is the few subjects. Some flanges are class of triple when it is in way of pill. There is also the question with some speakers that do the static or crackling sound.
5 / 5 Ashly
Interior 25 days of compraventas (FELIZMENTE any on 30) a trackpad there is prendido partorisca do entirely. The googling a subject has found other users with an exact same question and timing ( Roughly 30 days with which shabby). A powerwash do not fix it , the rebooting a trackpad still does not operate. Besides, 'instant tethering' is an absolute joke. Sometimes he doesnt find my telephone at all unless I reboot both. And then often it has the first substantial delay of a telephone would look in a cast to click on, much more that that goes to my telephone (a google pixel 2 XL) and clicking in a hotspot key. Besides, a connection disconnected like this often that has begun partorisca spend the usb c -usb c cord partorisca connect my internet of telephones of that was like this more than confidence. I also found that a VLC application would have the empty of the his where a sound has fallen was randomly partorisca for the half the second, in habladoras words in a dialogue of a film/of TV partorisca be stray. Using MX player fixed this @@subject this in spite of, like this ossia the player of video @cement @subject. A bezel is laughably enormous, will not find the big plus bezel in any modern laptop anywhere, comprising all another chromebooks.

A quality of build of a keyboard and trackpad is fantastic, better that a macbook 12' 2017 I has had before. And a convertible and upper appearance Chrome is exceptional. His really too bad in a trackpad, otherwise would have has wanted to die this laptop 4 1/2 stars (minus partorisca advertising instant tethering which is essentially very existent).

A final of worrisome note, if the this has shipped to the any allocution of EUA when travelling likes it has done partorisca use the global amazon and pauses with which partorisca date of turn of the amazon, is ALONE and Google will not fix it ! It has taken really lucky my touchpad has broken in 28 days any 30.
4 / 5 Lynetta
Has has had to that the like this @@subject with this dang what. Have Accidentally squished mine with my pixelbook pen (quell'the ees has had my host typical of subjects with) and in my stock exchange partorisca reserve like this taking disturbed sometimes and a esilicone' the material in a rest key has the subject good documented of staining over time and Google does not give two hecks. Taking used to all the applications was the ache and a system of files is the disorder because really you want to you partorisca use your google walk partorisca your by heart main storage. There is the cast of dirty clothes further of subjects that has been having but can not agree right now. But also it uses this computer every day and is one of one the majority of innovative, entertainment, and the thrilling pieces of hardware have had a pleasure of working with in place of against. His name is Beverly and wants to.
4 / 5 Mozell
Pixelbook Was present for daughter. It looks to do well and is much lighter of the plenary-PC soufflé.
Has purchased also a pen/stylus and ossia the good addition to a capacity.
Has arrived punctually and was a lot well has packed.
5 / 5 Janae
Has produced of Google excellent. My Pixel of Google C pill is flawless and ossia included better.
4 / 5 Judith
Has purchased this Pixelbook in december 2017, today a computer has questions with papers c,and and hastens one of these papers a computer written to plot of papers and symbols and does not leave me byline in. In this moment a computer is useless and does not know that to do. I have then read that a google the guarantee is so only to a 28 of january, said of another way, Google does not protect clients of dysfunction of product. Too bad.
4 / 5 Tisa
A lot that has been expecting at all. I have loved the laptop (and in a description this is to describe like the laptop long) that could use it to go back in the pupil where requires full versions of photoshop and autocad. Instead I am forced to have watered down versions of these programs. I can access very same WhatsApp. And before any one says “but can do that with your telephone”... If has has not had never a conversation of long video with your telephone in your hand, will comprise this frustration.

Ossia To notebook , no the laptop. He any one anything more than that my iPad can do. It has not looked for a google version of an iPad. An only “upgrade” is that a keyboard is attached. Whoopty Do.
5 / 5 Maritza
Rids down a good plus, lighter, more gorgeous the piece of hardware has has not possessed never. I maintain to see the descriptions that has called he 'also expensive' and saying 'the one who is this does stops?'

Well, Clearly is not too expensive, like the people are by train to buy them. If they were too expensive, the person would possess one. Secondly, they The probably for some people those who are by train to buy them.

Are happy could have this little habladuría.
4 / 5 Sunny
The computer adds. Fast, functional, tones have so only a right quantity to give, the hinges are sturdy, to looks and seat likes him to him the quality. Marcos the smooth transition of laptop the way of pill. There is the curve of the small learning that movements of Windows to Chrome has taken like this some taking used to! Almost everything is to store in a cloud, as this was has bitten baffles at the beginning but am coming around. A lot of programs can be opened both in a browser and in an application. Some of some applications could use some updating to be friendlier to Chrome YOU (Instagram and my banking application come to import but has another), and my Brother fine-printer to act no longer does fine-functions because it does not have compatible software, as so only has printed. (The supposition is the good excuse to update my printer.)

Here is my main complaint: ANY REAR CAMERA. When I bought It, he mine has arrived never there would be the front and rear camera like other laptops it. They are not it selfie class of person, does not do video of Youtube of me, uses a rear camera for more than things. Without one the rear camera can any imposiciones to the banking application, can not register my dog that does things bobas and send to my edges, can not seat in porch of mine and dip a computer in situating to register a osprey submerged to the ours pond. Yes, has the smartphone to the equal that will owe that do do. But a pill has had before a Pixelbook has had both cameras, dammit. I really, really lose a rear camera. Ossia A main reason can no to spend me for the give 5 stars.
5 / 5 Gino
Pixelbook Is a better Chromebook, like this far. Screen, tampon of the clue and the keyboard are near perfect. It is light and good-looking. It runs it likes him the lightning. The speakers are a lot enough. But life of the battery and the management of local file is questions, as it does not think this will substitute your Windows or MacOS portable the.

Wants to store to plot of film to look in of the flights, some big HDD is useful. If you want to store a lot of photo or video to modify, calm will not find good applications to modify with. If you want to store a lot of docs/spreadsheets/presentations to do on, can find applications for these, but a system of files does to find and saving your material the miserable experience. Applications of android (likes Word of CUPS) does not use Chrome utility of Files, as it can not find your files of walk of the Google (comprising some venues a bit). Dropbox Looks to use his locations of own file, and Chrome utility of Files, while it can locate Dropbox, can not select Dropbox files for the local storage easily accessible for applications of Android. It is the disorder , as Google has added only hundreds of actions of storage without planning the gain. If you have used Windows or MacOS will be boggled for this complexity.

The battery is estimated in 10 hours, but like another reviewers mentions is more like 6. Like laptops in fact 7 years. It would have taken one 8-the paste of ounce to Pixelbook hanged for other few hours of use.

A pen is almost useless according to which can say. Your toe, or plastic swizzle clave, will do like this well. Has not founding an application that register tilt or pressure of a pen. Near to the equal that can say, a key of Assistant is an only reason this thing needs the battery.

Ossia My fourth Chromebook, and also possesses the Dell XPS 13.

UPDATE: ArtRage (application of Android) uses tilt/qualified of pressure of a pen. Good application. Any enough of an appeal to buy a pen, this in spite of.
5 / 5 Willetta
Has had this of a day has been released. It is excellent -- still a better, as of now, November 2018 -- but has defects to draw. Some rests of the wrist of the silicon feels well, but leave frames in a screen that need to be cleaned every day. (And a smears leave really need to be scrubbed.) Some tampons are also oddly situated, he leaving surca small that collects powder. There is an on/was the transmission in an advance lateralmente has left, which constantly am causing for deception. Still I do not know reason is there. An assistant is minimally useful (like another reviewers there is remarked), and can not be reprogrammed. It is situated among CTRL and ALT, where there there is usually any tone, as have paste he constantly for deception.
These points can look minor, but is byline that any one was slept in a wheel, and is the small annoying each day only. A current generation of products of Apple does not have these defects; Jonathan Ive would not have spent of big details like those.

Top Customer Reviews: Super Google ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 41 ratings
4 / 5
So much, this laptop is 4 years old now. But it is also priced consistently, and while $ 1449 partorisca he Chromebook in 2013 was absurd, taking he partorisca roughly the third of that in 2017 is the quite sweet shot. I have launched immediately a device the way of developer, and then installed Gallium linux, which basically does east the fully sustained linux portable with the brilliant hidpi exposure that beaten out of the retina Macbook Pro for less besides the-cheapo notebooks of Windows. In some ways a 3:2 screen is included better partorisca developing to be big in place of width. Obviously, this is not for all the world, but is the linux/unix to to the developer likes are, of this thing is so only fill of awesome sauce. It is compact. It is sturdy. It is lustrous. Has components of upper line. It runs all some tools I needs to develop code. An exposure is the joy to do on. I any one need the tonne of spatial of disk so that utilisation stops. Would have has wanted to it 2015 model for an extra RAM and life of battery, but for a prize, the this is side of the money -- I bad can not stress enough, ossia the laptop that is built like the macbook, and has the screen that in fact betters a retina macbooks, partorisca low $ 500.
4 / 5
WELL, to the left is to be clear. A Pixel is something special. It is the work of art , a triumph of engineering, and the transmission of game. Calm really have to it that experience the fully the comprise. I have been using Chromebooks for the pair of years, a prime minister Acer model, then a Samsung 5 550 model. Both decent so that it is side, but with limitations second the one who qualities and action. Samsung Has treated better, Acer has has had to that done an exposure a good plus. Like the utilisation and comprise ChromeOS and an experience rid. Also I comprise some virtues spends and a trade-offs instead. Has some Notebooks of excellent Windows have accrued on some years, to pill and other alike devices. Like six a train, one YOU, and that to expect.

Has read probably each description of a Pixel of Google on-line and all some commentaries. Felizmente, has had some good descriptions in all a chaff. Really it has to that see, touch, and use a Pixel to know. This has said, has ordered man of view of the mine of faith. ;)

There is always felt some physical limits of some devices of low cost were the mixed blessing. Yes, economic is good and has is attractive . But steps untold to to the on-line hours likes them-me , begins to yearn the good keyboard and, especially, the good exposure for tired eyes. Also, as any the one who enjoys art, photograph and videography like hobbies, the good exposure is something requires. I appreciate a value of having the a lot of one and are has had to that to pay for him. The life is too short to give lean a crappy exposures like this prevalent these last a lot of years. Felizmente, concealed now is changing.

M, a Pixel of Google, while expensive, was something duquel could comprise a lovely proposition in offers. A minute has taken mine , has known. This was that it had been looking for, any one only in the Chromebook, but like my device of primary computing. Yes, damn expensive (still although it has taken the treat a lot very on mine), but value each penny of mine.

Incredible exposure, gloriously images and clear text and good-looking colours. Excellent keyboard, one of one has used more in the notebook. And absolutely a better trackpad/touchpad has not used never in my life. That the joy! I seat any need for an external mouse at all and ossia full stop, reason seat that way in any one another notebook. Perfect legislation out of a box. Any one errors or dud tap. He simply works. (So that they have experienced a for real abysmal touchpads on a lot recent highend notebooks, this will take your attention and I listen your sigh of relief!)

A 'intelligent' has lit behind has used (in the thin ultra-device of portable measure). Fabulous Tactile Feel and answered. And a perfect measure and form! A Pixel is exactly a right measure. Ossia Any small thing. And a screen is exactly a right measure - and a perfect proportion (3:2), included like my photographic images. Working distance, a width is corrected for your eyes and a date also. I can live with wide exposures and included prefer them sure things. But one 16:10 and 3:2 proportions have always looked a better mine for general use.

A quality of an exposure and an appearance of text remember of one a lot expensive typesetting the cars have used a lot of years behind when I have done in editor. They have had a lot of the expensive monitors of big resolution to show sources with like this Pixels. My eyes are fond this.

A quality of build. An elegance of a creation. If you owe that do the on-line long hours and calm then is quite crazy to also wants to touch long hours , then can rejoice use such the finely crafted rigs, a where calm enjoy it every time plough a lid, or feel a solid mass and quality like calm choose it up. I estimate good train highly, like this ossia the natural pleasure for me.

Some speakers are also exceptional. A stereo the selection is excellent. Some the tonal qualities am a lot well for the small unit like this. The music is a lot pleasant. Good clarity, abundance of volume. A tonal row looks a lot well, the bass is meager, of course, but in general a sound is a lot good and can take for without headphones or speakers (this in spite of, of course, any one will improve a sound). His while looking film/of video/Netflix/Video of Instant of the Amazon and like this on is also well. I do not seat never it has had to go looking for mine bluetooth speakers. Perfectly his acceptable for the portable device.

Is good to use something where all feels well, work well, and calm never , the desire there has been the better screen, or keyboard, or anything. Cela Well the little extra in my book. Looking the films is fantastic. It contrasts it adds, black levels, detail, was odd at the beginning. I am used like this to that it has to it to it regulate a screen for a more a quality of image is need to regulate an exposure left or right, stands up, seats the image still looks sum. Amazing. Quality of good image and the experience of the film/of good video is the hard requirement for me and some hands of Pixels.

A free terabyte of the storage of cloud is at all to sneeze in, neither. It is free for three years. In an end of three years, takings to maintain all stored there indefinitely, but has to that desire of pay adds more. Walk of Google as you call them is very integrated with a Manager of Lima and is a lot easy to use and quite convenient. Well $ 1800 calm bought that frankly, as to good prize. (If you are the subject small , ossia something to consider. A terabyte of Google has directed storage in your disposal and an excellent big-final .)

A Pixel among the good box with the magnetic latch (mirroring concealed of an exposure of Pixel). There is no manual, for , but there is extended 'began elements in an application comprised of this name and abundance of info on-line and in a unit he. And, of course, if it has it it has used already he Chromebook, as has, calm then is all has dipped. There is stirs it of useful applications preloaded, as some the main off-line applications could want to (Gmail off-line is a lot a lot), and he automatically syncs up with your applications, bookmarks/marcadors, and to to another content likes ChromeOS is drawn to do. So much, whichever of mine chromebooks I use, can access all and he always will be to update. Dulce!

In x thumbs (slightly main that the piece of paper) is a lot portable and easy to manage. And a solid feels and heft is the pleasure into use. It is it rigs it is roughly like this near to perfect calm so much can take according to which creation and build. Really it is that well. Really.

A ChromeOS which elicits like this commentary and sometimes scorn is, in mine dress, a goodness equally orders. I have been in him almost all my life and has been that bolt and breathing the computers and the technology of then was the boy . I have possessed and it has used an incredible variety of unit, of a Commodore, Apple, Fellow days til now, and facts with Linux in a late 80 east and 90 is, behind when so only the few people of the hundred had not listened never of him. I am spent the countless hours that installs and maintaining both hardware and software. I know a nitty, gritty details quite well. Has Beat-rigs of user manually. Perhaps it is for this that comprise and estimate the one who Chromebooks is everything roughly. First of all, a security. For daily use, at all beats it Chromebook for security. Reliability. Synchrony By means of all of the yours chrome devices. Described to easily dry a clean unit and begin fresh -- without losing anything, without that has to that constantly backup and direct disk, without having endless updates, virus, and other annoying questions that explosion up. A Chromebook is one the majority of stable computing , of confidence , the half sure has has not used never. A hardware and YOU is drawn for security of an earth up. Behind in UNIX of mine Sys V days have been spends he-flag of the thin clients and I still appreciate his virtues.

Chromebooks Is a perfect notebook for 80 of some people those who only wants to do to some to the common things like to them the email read, surf a web, estaca his photos, clock streaming video, listens the music, and like this on. A lot few people in fact modify video or photos in any level that requires Sony Vega or Photoshop. Prpers Having spent a lot of hours helping fellow and mates with computers and of the subjects of software, is the one who happy would be with him Chromebook has done a transmission. But, although it is popularity is growing quickly, is still the small part of a global stage. This can a lot of transmission. Some stands of Pixels to the equal that to beacon to the equal that to that is possible.

So only uses it. Work. Joy that am doing and can direct in that I am doing and no a tool am using for the do. This in spite of, like the techie, unemployment from time to time to admire an elegance of a Pixel. For me, it is a lot of value a prize has paid.

Web a lot quickly surfing, faster that any of notebooks of mine of windows. It looks of web pages of sound, easy to go and zoom.
Gorgeous 2560x1700 The exposure has good-looking colours, contrast, and detail. Everything looks well.
The organism of the look of solid aluminium adds, feels adds. Build Of upper quality.
The keyboard is a one has seen more. Intelligent works that light behind a lot well. Use Alt-BackSpace to DELETE. ;)
Touchpad/Trackpad Could be a better in existence. Works exceptionally well.
The elegant creation means the pleasure to use, all just works and well. Ultra-Portable.
Chromebooks Is a lot sure, die syncs automatically by means of devices, a lot stable and of confidence.
Comprises it Terabyte of Google has directed on-line storage (a $ 1800 value) - probably a storage of cloud of better quality in offers.
HAS the screen to touch that you act well.

Expensive. (But takings which pays stops.)
ChromeOS wifi Bequeaths it can be scaly sometimes (a known software issues that hopefully will be fixed by an update).
The keyboard that loses to to the tones like to Delete, House, Final, Page On/Down, etc. ( there is equivalent, likes Alt-BackSpace to DELETE)
the exposure is lustrous likes some reflections from time to time. But it is a lot brilliant, like the subject smaller.
ChromeOS Still maturing. An occasional minor quirk here and there.
The life of battery is so only 5 hours or like this, could be better. Mitigated The bit for an almost the instant on/was cycle of a Pixel.
4 / 5
When I have bought this Chromebook, was excited like this for the spend around, partorisca looked awesome with the sound has squared flanges and his speedy action. A prize is a lot crazy so that it does. He retailed in $ 1,000 dollars behind then, like this for the few dollars of hundred can take your hands in this creature, but is late in a game with him. It concealed it does not mean it sucks, but beat was a worse part of this chromebook. All was smooth butter , fast and an exposure of screen is really brilliant and súper big quality. HAS so only feels you likes to have an expensive laptop around. A measure is was perfect, but again, a battery perhaps 3 average of hours. A more has taken was . Calm can not download Playstore games in this natively, but can still the side he his uploads to know like this to do this geeky material. I say, it is the car of perfect duties with crisp corners to see that it will want to.
5 / 5
Excellent screen.

Transfers of the noisily same defender when AT ALL it is running.
I register in the Chromebook.
Does not open any application.

The defender begins to run.

Opened on crosh, I type in 'upper' -- all is in &60; 5 cpu use.

The continuous defender run.
4 / 5
WOW! Unbelievable Clarity in an exposure! A sound is clear and certainly quite strong to fill the room for comfortable listening. It is something has to that manage to believe so only that the quota is! Ossia To good sure the element of big quality to satisfy that I last it-please person in your cast! Any to forget, takings 1 TB storage of free cloud for 3 years!
5 / 5
Is the big transition to go of the desk to the chromebook. I have accepted you grieve a concept that is was a same operating system like android of mine is resulted a perfect car to have in a living room. I love it.
4 / 5
Are the defender of enormous apple , and has programmed mainly so only in the Mac. Although quell'concealed that has not changed, this thing is absolutely gorgeous, has installed the chroot linux installs in the, and the use to practise that program in a gone and work, and can take on that well it is fact and that very extracted . Def A awesome buy for a prize has paid
5 / 5
produced Adds in original packing excepts of course for a life of battery. It was has initially has concerned that a battery would have died included before it has been changed on for a first time how is the piece of 3.5 years that has purchased recently but there is @@give that a battery was so only well. Also it has taken one 1 TB the free storage although I will not be that I need that a lot of anyways.
5 / 5
Excellent screen , lovely , wonderful. Decent keyboard. It takes the bit animates when looking video of Youtube, this in spite of, and a life of the battery is not a better (attack to somewhere among three and five hours, according to use). But a quality of build is quite well, a specs is appropriate for a vast majority of tasks, and in the calm winter always can launch in the film and the use likes the lap more than warm.

Like the downside, while it leave to install and kick linux to/of a hard walk, will have to press control l every time do like this, and calm apparently can dry out of a distro you installed to press a spatial bar in a punctual. It would not know - the has not spent accidentally, and have any desire to dry out of Elementary YOU (which is quite well, btw).

Schemes quite well, in general.
4 / 5
I use this that a ubuntu linux the car has seen crouton. Good speakers and the brilliant screen stronger that other laptops the and chromebooks. Tones and trackpad have the good feels to them. It can not install google tent of game when using ChromeOS but of then seldom uses for that, can not complain
4 / 5
My subject is trading some stock markets so that has several desktop computers with dual 27' screens. I have bought the Samsung Chromebook (the $ 250+- a) partorisca use when the external chair and liked. Nizza & Lights & reasonably quickly. So better that he 15' portable has been using. I have then seen a Pixel, has liked him a specs and still although it could have bought an Apple partorisca only the little has decided more take the casualidad. Partorisca me Is the winner .

A better part is a screen . Absolutely beautiful. I can pull on stock maps and is easier that read that those in my desk with screens 4x big.

Segundo splits better is a weight . It is light and easy to spend around and does not tire me the using.

Third better part is a screen partorisca touch that surprised. No in that had it the screen partorisca touch before I have not thought would use it a lot. But my surprise is very useful. Still although a screen is smaller and some something that want to touches you is correspondingly smaller is easy to paste one something sweet that wants to touch you. Having to that use mine pinky to do one touching and although they are of a mark the bit is scarce that I have to touch of correct mine.

Fourth better part is a tampon to touch . It is sensitive and is a tampon to touch I better there is never has used. A keypad is also very good.

I use some diagrams mostly in an internet. My maps are of . Some programs and the applications owe that be in Googles the half but has to that it weaves to choose to comprise the processor of word, spreadsheets, the calendars etc etc. Are in my computers 8 or more hours the day as it does not import spending more to improve quality.

Inferior line: I think that that it has taken more than my cost of money.
4 / 5
Has ordered a Pixel Chromebook with an intention to install the Linux YOU on the, that knows that chromebooks can not run some of some program I use in mine portable of windows. A prize was irresistible still considering a fact that is a model an old plus .
Has changed of my alcohol roughly that looks for to install the different operating system in a car; how it is, it manages all the classes of applications of internets with incredible speed. Often with the tabs of open dozen, uploading and downloading pdf-s, running youtube and the one who any, the pages upload instantly. I have it that has not experienced never such speeds before.
A car is also admirably built with the beautiful (touch) screen, the keyboard very a lot of (that lights automatically when into use), and life of costs of battery.
4 / 5
At the beginning has looked for the economic Chromebook to dip Linux on. I have agreed then the one who economic some pixels are resulted. Google No longer updates one YOU in some older pixels that thinks is stupid reason a hardware can sustain it and then some. But I repurposed this unit and installed kali Linux and now this unit is the súper portable of Linux.

Remarks the Google: I sustain your older hardware more along or will result an Android of Laptops.
5 / 5
A true does not import coming off worst in Applications of Android, which does not import . Load quickly, a screen is surprising, but of course life of short battery, When they are was, does not use laptop for has has extended hours like this does well.
4 / 5
For a Prize, cant goes bad! I am using he partorisca emails and exploring in a computer. The looks And the chair add and a screen, WOW! I have bought another for the rainy day
4 / 5
am impressed really with this book. They are able to do more than has thinks that was to be able to with ChromeOS. It has feigned to have that installs the secondary YOU, but concealed has not been a chance. It was able to take Linux that runs in Crouton, but did not require it. Has a SD space of paper that pode music in still use it off-line and some two put you of USB are sufficient for anything more do. The life of battery is several hours and touches quite decent. A sound is in fact quite well of a built-in of the speakers. It takes strong abundance for film and music.

Could complain, some the only things would say is that a fund can take quite warm when it is been in the moment. With the core i5, ossia really any one the surprise. The fastest processor = hotter. Mina so only another complaint is that Chrome does not look to comprise files of video with H265 encoding. Can touch him by means of Plex on-line (server transcodes). This in spite of, touched to a SD the paper for off-line viewing was the a lot of gone. It could have the way of the take to do, has not had to weaves to time to research and experience. But out of a box is the a lot of gone.

So only the note... It is to good sure Verizon so only in a LTE modem. It would read roughly another the one who calm thought that could take to do with the different provider. This in spite of, a modem is the hardware has closed to Verizon.
5 / 5
A heat this thing generates is almost unbearable, a life of battery is pathetic in 3-3.5 hours. A slick creation and awesome screen (I bad, an exposure is unbelievable) is any substitute for an inability of scolding and hot keyboard to take it the class for a day without uploading it...
4 / 5
Any LTE outdated chromebook like any tent of game, look elsewhere
4 / 5
Ossia a awesome computer. Just look in a the specs. The utilisation to connect to my computer of work by means of the sure door. You shoe in of the seconds.
4 / 5
I do not want to or require each new thing there. I want quickly, sure and 'easy to learn' basic tools partorisca create anything has done previously in the Mac or world of Windows. A Chromebook the pixel rid a yours full container in this car. It is to good sure different; the yard especially competition (on-line or off-line - wonderful!). If calm approximation this technology with a inquiring alcohol that is has owed to bear learn, the new world-wide integer is while partorisca calm in a not changing never technological world-wide maintaining alive.

Has purchased a pixel because I have required a Chromebook this was upper-of-the-line partorisca foundational administering my personal and business scrolling other operating systems. It uploads my files of mine portable of leading program partorisca Walk of Google, organise them using a 'new mindset' easy to comprise, while objective rest. And I am creating the universe that is fast and easy further all my imagination smoothly and efficiently like my time has left. (ANY CLASS, UPGRADES, SUBJECTS of SECURITY Or INCOMPATIBILITY of PROGRAM)....Learning and discovering I so that it goes (although I am adding the mouse of wireless/keyboard ($ )) to the equal that will take time partorisca learn all some shortcuts of keyboard. (I amour some shortcuts of keyboard have like this learnt far...)

Will substitute familiar laptops with abordables less expensive Chromebooks to the equal that move advances that it teachs a-another so that I discover '' of the applications and of the extensions and that plus to 'organise' our new world of a foundation with corridors of myriad and doors that accesses partorisca control to all the files in seamless harmony.

And, perchance are not versed a lot enough in Google docs, discharges, slides or draw, so only opens my version of Windows my initial creation and upload to Walk of Google. So only I can not expect find time to discover like this will substitute Editor of Windows and so more....

A Star the Arapahoe to accuse commanded (If that follows the record is attentive - has taken 8 days to exit his door to Fed Ex) FedEx has taken 2 days to rid. Five stars to Arapahoe for packaging Chromebook travesía of sure Pixel.
5 / 5
LOVES THIS CHROMEBOOK PIXEL! I have bought this after my company has been to the program of the web based and has not complained the second only. I have loved a LTE portable instrumented and frankly the person really has a lot of. I 't loves the pill and has not loved economic spear was netbook. Heck, I included signed up with Verizon because of this pixel.

Has begun to touch with a chromebook the months of the pair done when I have done to laptop of dual boot chrome you. Deep a lot little that it could it he any , and besides the pocolos change small, is so only the laptop. So only the súper fast, life of long battery, laptop of quality of the prize with LTE built in and loves it. The and included that goes to buy the transmission.

Oh Mentions that the neighbour up was simply logging the google like the gmail accounts and each setting and the web of place and the preferred there has expected?

Has had already my partner buys on too much. His is arriving tomorrow. It has said " I will require to dip of help on" it has thought, yeah, will see lol!
4 / 5
This was the subject in the car adds. A Pixel of Google was presented initially in in $ 1,000, which was far to expensive for the chromebook. A product has been of then interrupted, but calm still can find some marks new units less than $ 400.
5 / 5
Has bought he for my woman and loves it. Fact very good and fast. Especially it likes a backlit of keyboard.
4 / 5
Like the plot, and calm still can buy 4connectivity of G, but no freer 100MB of Verizon.
5 / 5
This laptop is a lot of confidence, calm once directs to take GalliumOS (quite easy to install) the the laptop that mark mac cry of users and feels has taken robbed. They are the professor , my mac using the students has said that a Pixel feels and looks better that his mac...
4 / 5
A hardware is solid in this device. ChromeOS Is also a lot a lot-built, stable and touch-friendly, although it is still to @give his full potential this time. But install Crouton (the Ubuntu chroot), and all some empty of the usability is fill instantly in! This device can now all I need for my day-to-day (comprising gaming), and am a lot happy with him!
4 / 5
Ossia For far a better chromebook has done on. A touchscreen is for far his better characteristic. I go to buy another before they have gone
5 / 5
Utmost chromebook in the good prize. It does not have access to a tent of game but for me concealed is the no @@subject. It recommends this for any any one reward it chromebook.

An only downside is an only hard battery roughly 4-5 hours.
5 / 5
The computer adds

Iv there went it the moment and use he partorisca the web that explores and the video and work perfectly. It is easy to use and has given chrome reserves the reputation adds. After using an I still prefers the regulate portable desk to write why chrome applications of use of the books and no desks icons. I have not known that before I have bought this and probably would not have purchased has known . But a good thing in of the this is is done me any to concern . Ossia The really good device and 100 substitutes my iPad. While I still need the computer partorisca desk the icon does ossia the device adds partorisca any the one who any precise of the icons or wants to substitute his iPad with the keyboarded device. Also it uses LTE die where active easy with the clicks of pair
5 / 5
I amour chromebooks. Has multiple HP 14' some. They maintain to break. As I have imagined the d pony on a cash for a real google a. A specs is better, a screen is wonderful, but in general is more sluggish and a factor of form -- very small and 4:3 screen -- is inconvenient. It does not touch still to flash games as well as a HP is concealed are slightly down his specs. Perhaps it takes too horsepower to run a screen? A screen for real is that it surprises, but also suffers ghosting quite bad turns a brightness up. It goes it was but it is noticeable until fact.

In general, am them disappointed. It could have bought 2 or more HP is thus prize and I probably would owe that have.
4 / 5
Sad but he no vork, his disapeare. It does not turn on. And as the return it.
5 / 5
Ossia The very chromebook according to that chromebooks goes BUT an only reason underlines on 2017 chromebooks is that he slowly of Fairy of data of the cell comprised and pre-dipped. Ossia NO LONGER TRUE and some vendors in the amazon there is opportunely 'forgotten' to mention this a lot of entities. Without a plan of data, 2017 chromebooks is like this well if any better for one $ $ . I have bought this and is spent of the hours that try imagines was the one who a question has looked for to take the mobile connectiog- that has thinks that wrong- only to call both Verizon and Google and have them so much say me that this characteristic has been done takes THREE YEARS! Yes, 3 years are gone by and these vendors still is alleging so much part that is buying!
4 / 5
Likes it to me the a lot of only battery of the one who last longitude roughly 2 hours
4 / 5
SLOOOOW. Taking bogged down on anything another it email. Returning it
4 / 5
New. So only taking used his. I am looking forward to that it sees it likes improvement my productivity.
5 / 5
Giving 1 star partorisca take your attention (related to 100 MB 4G LTE), a car is fantastic and to to 5 stars likes them to them all the world has commented more on. A 1 star is partorisca 2 concrete capacities that pay the stops of prize: 1) a fact that a 'comprised monthly 100mb of data' is in fact the period of test and no the monthly 100MB as declared in a description and 2) a modem is HARDWARE has CLOSED the Verizon (and probably, but any one confirmed, T-Mobile). After spending the pair of the hours that researches and conversing with google support, this is to be confirm; there is not any way to 'unlock' a modem of Verizon (or T-Mobile) to the equal that can with other telephones and of the pills, a lock is part of a modem he and there is any line partorisca order to enable ATT or international sims.

External of a cellular modem lockdown, ossia an excellent car , although the bit pricey (pun feigned).
4 / 5
Some later pixels are utmost. And this a good east but any value a prize like this still although they are by train partorisca the call 'new', is in fact an original gene 1 CB001 chromebook, which is exited a lot of years (but among the new box). It is not a late plus chromebook for any piece
5 / 5
While it can not revise a 4G LTE version of a Chromebook Pixel specifically, can repeat that I have said in a Súper Google Chromebook Pixel (WIFI) Screen to Touch ' 2560x1700 3:2 LCD i5-3427Or 4GB DDR3 32GB SSD Ultraportable , which was...

Or, maintained it!'

Has bought my Chromebook the pixel directs of Google, fully while regresarprpers inside a turn of 15 period of the days once had taken he to move it. But, you know that? It was like this good... I maintained it! In spite of a hefty seal of prize.

In that used quell'another Chromebooks like one 'cheep and allegro' Samsung Chromebook (Wi-Fi, ) , and when be concerned more with his function more than his form, surprised for falling enamoured with a potentially gimmicky and characteristic indulgent that dips a Chromebook the pixel averts of another Chromebooks:

1. An exposure really is awesome, included when simply exploring a web and remarking a sheer acuteness of some on-characters of screen.

2. A sound is really awesome, good and strong in spite of a fact that you can not see some speakers (which are hid under a keyboard).

3. A screen to touch is surprisingly useful to move for up and down by means of web pages and documents, and look to be able to paste some right keys on screen with less unexpectedly-and-lose that I have experienced (for example) when that acts a Surface of Microsoft (32GB) browser of web in desk way.

4. I love a solid feels and square simplicity of an aluminium casing in a Chromebook Pixel.

Like this explained in a Chrome Book (Fourth Edition): One Drives Essential to Calculation in cloud with Google Chrome and a Chromebook , all Chromebooks is born the same in a sense that would be necessary to be you able to do quite some same things on everything of them. But it is like this more pleasurable to do these things in this good-looking car. And I have not expected to say this!

Reason four stars more than five? So only a prize. But I guess that it love quality... You owe that paid for him.
4 / 5
Some professional descriptions partorisca east produces everything goes a same way: it is the add ultrabook, but would not owe that buy one. And they are well: you owe no. Unless calm in fact comprise that it resupplies, and the find gain. Certainly I do.

Like this the one who is stops ? For people those who alive in a cloud, cloud of Google especially. Without knowing it, have @@give I quite only use gmail, browser, youtube and Office. 50 of time I in fact uses google docs in place of a desk continuazione of waste. Of then IT TOPS the office is now freely available in a brower in skydrive, has imagined, will try to live in a cloud entirely and see like this goes. It does not touch of the games, does not modify of the photos or video. I am not planning to, and am tried, would be the good thing to not being able to do these tanks of time. Unless you are the real pro, but calm then is probably not modifying your material or touching your games in a ultrabook anyways.

For me, is quite the any on mine ipad 3 that the a lot of down of the mine portable regulate. I have paid to the to something likes 1of k partorisca ipad 3 64gb LTE give forms extra keyboard of Logitech. This notebook has the better and main screen, free LTE for two years, free keyboard, storage of free cloud, and is not Apple. That is there more to wish stops?

So that it is of entity so that alive in a cloud?
1. Connectivity, built-in LTE especially. Oops, Ossia an only ultrabook concealed has it. And 12 GoGo paralizaciones of raisin in-flight WiFi. I will require him.
2. Storage of cloud. 1tb For free for 3 years? Unparalleled.
3. The screen adds. It averts of MBPr, ossia an only election with salvation king screen.
4. Speed. Lightness. Keyboard. Control. Control. Control.

My conclusion? This notebook is incredibly useful, in fact. Have never a popularity of mainstream notebooks and pills, but has been done for concrete audience in alcohol. If alive in a cloud, or ask that it feels likes, calm can give tries it. You will be surprised that pocola calms in fact the need averts that there is here.

An only drawbacks here would be a unimpressive life of battery, and a subject of light heat (the upper sinister side that takes slightly warm).

P.D.: Oh, And one 3:2 proportion of the screen done my heart funds :)
4 / 5
love this laptop. I am substituting the apple pro (retina) with him and like me to him much better. The better keyboard. The better interface (or at least for those of knots those who want to linux). It has it ubuntu that the careers that use a method of root of the transmission as I can change of on to another amiably.

But, a 100month/of MB verizon treats it has been annulled like this of Jan 1st 2014. So only take a LTE he loves paid for data.
4 / 5
Love mine chromebook!! It is the perfect measure . It is all I need! And it is good and light!

Top Customer Reviews: 2015 Google ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5 Arline
I have purchased this chrome book in 2015--last week a Supply partorisca BE ABLE To (Blockade to recharge a car) has been bad. I can not buy the supply of new power of any Tent of same provider of GOOGLE. I have it quell'has purchased of the new chrome the book and I can buy a cord of extra power partorisca he. Has has not had never any supply partorisca be able to goes bad And partorisca BE UNABLE to SUBSTITUTE The SUPPLY partorisca BE ABLE To AFTERWARDS JUSTO 3 YEARS! Be warned, spent a supply of extra power partorisca your Chromebook now yes is still available. A LAPTOP BROKEN Is A VERY EXPENSIVE PAPERWEIGHT !
4 / 5 Dolly
Has bought this in launcher and there is so only substituted it recently partorisca go the university. The description(s) this takes @@subject with being unable to buy the new to upload thus no-portable of consumer, one of some profits to USB-C is that it calms does not require partorisca buy some costruttrici upload. Any 45 or 65 type of watt-C load would owe that do well if yours upload finally pauses. It has taken other 8 months out of my upload with which one retreats of the mine Chromebook Pixel (2015)

Top Customer Reviews: Google Chromebook ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Granville
- He, is - Old, but a schemes I rec'd was NEW. No a new plus chromebook around but is so only like this GOOD to have. I go partorisca dip linux in him in all the chance. That the good car. Thank you.

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