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1 first GoPro Hero7 White - Waterproof Action Camera with Touch Screen 1080p HD Video 10MP Photos GoPro Hero7 White - Waterproof Action Camera with Touch Screen 1080p HD Video 10MP Photos By GoPro
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2 GoPro HERO7 Black Digital Action Camera with 4K HD Video 12MP Photos, SanDisk 32GB Micro SD Card, Hard Case - Gopro Hero 7 Accessory Bundle GoPro HERO7 Black Digital Action Camera with 4K HD Video 12MP Photos, SanDisk 32GB Micro SD Card, Hard Case - Gopro Hero 7 Accessory Bundle By GoPro
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3 best AKASO EK7000 4K WiFi Sports Action Camera Ultra HD Waterproof DV Camcorder 12MP 170 Degree Wide Angle 2 inch LCD Screen/2.4G Remote Control/2 Rechargeable Batteries/19 Mounting Kits-Silver AKASO EK7000 4K WiFi Sports Action Camera Ultra HD Waterproof DV Camcorder 12MP 170 Degree Wide Angle 2 inch LCD Screen/2.4G Remote Control/2 Rechargeable Batteries/19 Mounting Kits-Silver By AKASO
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4 AKASO EK7000 Pro 4K Action Camera with Touch Screen EIS Adjustable View Angle 40m Waterproof Camera Remote Control Sports Camera with Helmet Accessories Kit AKASO EK7000 Pro 4K Action Camera with Touch Screen EIS Adjustable View Angle 40m Waterproof Camera Remote Control Sports Camera with Helmet Accessories Kit By AKASO
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5 GoPro Fusion - 360 Waterproof Digital VR Camera with Spherical 5.2K HD Video 18MP Photos GoPro Fusion - 360 Waterproof Digital VR Camera with Spherical 5.2K HD Video 18MP Photos By GoPro
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6 New EKEN H9R Action Camera 4K WiFi Waterproof Sports Camera Full HD 4K30 2.7K30 1080p60 720p120 Video Camera 20MP Photo and 170 Wide Angle Lens Includes 11 Mountings Kit 2 Batteries Black New EKEN H9R Action Camera 4K WiFi Waterproof Sports Camera Full HD 4K30 2.7K30 1080p60 720p120 Video Camera 20MP Photo and 170 Wide Angle Lens Includes 11 Mountings Kit 2 Batteries Black By EKEN
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7 GoPro HERO8 Black, Waterproof Action Camera with Touch Screen 4K UHD Video 12MP Photos, Water Adventure Bundle with Dive/Protective Case, Hand Grip, 2 Battery, 128B microSD Card, Cleaning Kit GoPro HERO8 Black, Waterproof Action Camera with Touch Screen 4K UHD Video 12MP Photos, Water Adventure Bundle with Dive/Protective Case, Hand Grip, 2 Battery, 128B microSD Card, Cleaning Kit By GoPro
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8 TurnsPro - Time Lapse Camera Mount - Panning Rotating 360 for GoPro DSLR iPhone. Motorised Pan Head for Panoramic Photos TurnsPro - Time Lapse Camera Mount - Panning Rotating 360 for GoPro DSLR iPhone. Motorised Pan Head for Panoramic Photos By Turnspro
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9 GoPro Hero5 Black - Waterproof Digital Action Camera for Travel with Touch Screen 4K HD Video 12MP Photos GoPro Hero5 Black - Waterproof Digital Action Camera for Travel with Touch Screen 4K HD Video 12MP Photos By GoPro
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10 6 in 1 Monopod Tripod Kit by Altura Photo - Universal 55" Telescoping DSLR Camera, GoPro, Cell Phone Holder Selfie Stick with Tripod Base, 360 Ball Head and Carry Bag 6 in 1 Monopod Tripod Kit by Altura Photo - Universal 55" Telescoping DSLR Camera, GoPro, Cell Phone Holder Selfie Stick with Tripod Base, 360 Ball Head and Carry Bag By Altura Photo
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Top Customer Reviews: GoPro Hero7 White - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Israel
This GoPro at present is selling paralizaciones in $ 200. You can buy an old plus GoPro HERO5 NEW BLACK partorisca in $ 220, and that presses very better looking 4K video, and has the removable battery as I can spend shoot and of the multiple batteries partorisca the longest plot that with this GoPro HERO 7 Aim. A HERO5 Black all this camera done and more, like this highly recommend that it takes that camera instead.

This question this big plus has with this HERO 7 Aim is a no removable battery . You can so only it presses partorisca the little in an hour, and then a battery has died and calm can not shoot more until you recharge a camera partorisca the pair of hours. This really limits an use of this GoPro, and for this reason so only can not recommend this model.

Like clear something in this GoPro HERO7 Aim these looks partorisca be that they confuse some people. It shoots 1440p, which means 1920x1440 pixel. A bit those that the years behind there was the no-a lot of-the format of good video has called also 1440, but this was 1440x1080 pixel, with each pixel having the no squared appearance proportion. This GoPro is not that formed. Rule HD is 1920x1080 pixel, like this GoPro has extra pixel in some upper and inferior compared the HD. Some images of a GoPro has the 4:3 proportion of appearance like opposed to a 16:9 proportion of HD. But reason has the full width of 1920 pixel, can use these images in a HD project for cropping of an upper and funds without losing any qualities. Some video modifying the software could dip black bars in some sides when impose you these images, but ossia reasons is shrinking it down so much can see all some pixel. Without accidents can blow some images behind until 100 partorisca fill a frame, and reason there are extra pixels in some upper and inferior then can move some images up or down partorisca take a better framing.

Marcos on this GoPro was quite easy using a GoPro application in mine iPhone. I have had to expect roughly 5 minutes for the firmware upgrade to install, but with which was well to go. There is no microSD the paper has comprised calm so much has to that resupply your own.
5 / 5 By Sue
To the left it is to define the one who this camera is and that is not . Ossia @Subject GoPro, meant to start with users or users that does not require all some bells and whistles. If it love big-video of quality, tonnes of flexibilities, and a lot of options, ossia a wrong camera .

But yes so only need something basic to take images and video in gnarly situations, this will cover you.

A battery is a big failing in this camera. Calm can do not plundering, which calm mean can not spend the transmission, and calm so only can take on an hour to shoot. Any sake. Any a lot of at all. If you are taking this is gone in an ocean or the some mountains, calm so only will be able to take the small number of shots.

the video is appropriate perfectly. If calm so only wants to take the moment but calm is not concerned like this roughly the when being perfectly crisp, this will do a work. If you are loving perfect HD, obviously this will not be a right camera. This camera shoots 1440p , which is the format of funky but totally works. A quality is not bad, but is not stunning.

This does not go to be the camera regulates yours. It is perfect for the half muddy means , wet, but would not trust on this for fauna and flora or good landscapes (obvs).

Looove this for submarine. Honradamente, Unless the crisp, perfect water, quality of the image does not go to import that a lot underwater. It was able to take images that looked so that it agrees and much better that underwater camera of old.

Control of voice:
Ossia a awesome characteristic and a lot enough to to the work likes someday. It say that a camera has recognised my mandates in means of a time. This has said, when it operates, is awesome.

will require to install firmware before paste a street, as it does not open a box and expect take to do. It was quite easy to dip up with my iPhone.

Inferior line, for the little bucks more can take the plenary-has packed GoPro, but for new or basic users, this will be appropriate perfectly. It is not for any one means the bad camera. It is solid, but no like this well so that the things can be.
4 / 5 By Elinore
His awsome for adventures. The only flu has is that you cant in fact has closed has been leaves wifi on. His alive stays and the battery dies quickly.
4 / 5 By Scottie
In the first place, it is not frustrated if you can not take is doing with a first push of an On key. Apparently, there is the bug with an initial firmware emission that ships with a camera. As all that has to do it is update a firmware that uses an application to V. (The latest update at the same time to write this estaca). Once up to date, everything will do smoothly. They are very pleased with my Hero 7 Aim and that a GoPro the application resupplies.
5 / 5 By Rosena
It does not buy this calm really loves all some wonderful characteristics that GoPro generally offered. Has 3 another GoPros and this one is perhaps I so only adds for submarine but fault of the PLOT of some characteristics of entities that coming with this mark. And this does not shoot in 10mp. He so only push in 1440P.

Please see the video have uploaded external quality. Ossia A video of the main quality will take.

- Economic for Ida Pro. For $ 200 takings the good judge of camera is exited.
- The underwater works. Perhaps an only reason can see to take this. (Sidenote... You can buy the unit of house that is waterproof for another GoPros.)
- The works add with some Gone Pro Application. Setup Was seamless for me. But I have used then an Application before.
- There is TimeLapse Video. Him him Like that. Súper Entertainment.
- Quality of his east well.

- No swappable battery. Your battery is inner a camera. Ossia. If your careers of calm battery was has to that it covers it to the load of portable battery, or to your computer to recharge the.
- Life of battery any sake. In an hour 30 minutes. It runs down quite fast.
- The resolution is not that it is announced. His well and shoots wide, but no superwide. Only shoots 1440P. No like this announced in this page.
- You can not use the monitor of the screen with this calm camera like can with of a Hero 6 or Hero 3s. There is so only one covers-in in a camera lateralmente for recharging the. You owe that recharge see a boss that comes with a camera. And there is also the place to insert a SD paper, but ossia. Calm can not connect this to the monitor and sample while registers.
- Need firmware immediately, as it marks sure have time to do that first to shoot.

Would not buy this camera. For the few dollars of hundred more, would take SO MORE. While a video is well, has quite shot the little, a quality is so only well, but has not Gone to have Pro the habit to use. Hope All these helps with your decision.
5 / 5 By Vita
They are more than a camera. It can have researched more thoroughly. I have bought so only a gopro 7 aim and the desire could give it behind for a black. It does not buy an aim. You are better bought a model an old plus gopro. Calm can not change the majority of some settings in an aim. Im Out of $ 200 and that goes to have that buys a black because an aim is really that bad.
4 / 5 By Hillary
It take this reason my family like them the fun things likes walked, goes rafting, etc, and has been tired of having any photo because it was fearful to flood my telephone. I am not trying to do 4k video of action of my snow that tubes - just looking for the rugged camera. In this he excels. It remarks that this is not the plenary has looked GoPro. More notably, calm can not exchange some batteries on that. Like this when a battery dies, any transmission in the new battery. Fun stops! This be has said, is simple to use (mine 10 old year there has been the explosion with him), and some works of control of the voice surprisingly well. I have not had any one @subjects to do register, taking photo, using way of explosion, etc, and some works of screen of the touch surprisingly well for a measure and side of this device. Happy to have something waterproof for my adventures - the model of good entrance to a lineup.
4 / 5 By Tameka
That can do to restart this new gopro hero 7 aim. I have tried to finalise a battery and turn on again but a still frozen screen with gopro logo. I like this uptset. I worte for gopro has spoken with an assistance but a camera has the question. They are like this unbalanced, has the travesía and need to film a travesía but mine gopro heroine 7 aim has frozen screen all a time, does not import management on, attended, etc . I will return a product.
5 / 5 By Angelia
A box and the web of place of Amazon alleges this shoots 1080P video in 60FPS. No - shoot so only 1440P in 30 or 60 FPS. This means your video are the box more than the rectangle. If has several cameras and is trying synch together something like the sportive chance, calm now is jumping behind and advances among 1080 and 1440 which looks terrible. Has update a firmware this in spite of any 1080.

Also, this camera has maintained to close was with the random error. A battery was good but constantly closing was. I have used the new SD paper and has received an error. I formatted he with Windows and same error. An only way thinks that that I have fixed is to have a format of camera a SD paper. Once I that, registers an hour of video without closing was.

Hopefully Both of these will be fixed with firmware punctual. If no, I am returning east.
4 / 5 By Johnson
Some people in GoPro claim some shoots of cameras in 1080p but in realities shoots in 1440p to the equal that means some video am exited in the a lot of place of prize and a lot widescreen like attended.

Top Customer Reviews: GoPro HERO7 Black ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
5 / 5 By Diann
I have purchased recently a GoPro 7 Negre to shoot the videos of my mark of the hikes in one adds Smoky Trace National Park. Has several friends that has been shooting with his model his old plus GoPros and is fallen enamoured with his so that it decide videos to start with that they my own. Only the months of pair and several hikes in and absolutely is that it wants my GoPro 7 Negre. It has been quite tried well in a waterproof portion and so much has done far the perfectly while it announces. An only problem or the negative commentaries have is in a life of stack in the. Enough 45-60 mins is a max and can look to locate the load. It averts of that even so, actuate at all but big praise for a camera he.
1 / 5 By Shandra
This description is for a ray of accessory any GoPro. Things of a ray of the accessory concealed and has so used has broken far in just a trip. A zip of case takes is bonded after the pair of time and used it. Some rays of the cape of the float has has developed oxides in two snorkel dives. Everything is only cheaply fact and and the remorse that spends 40-50 bucks more to take a ray.
5 / 5 By Beatris
Material add of this provider..... One Goes Pro 7 is small..... I have been impacted in how small this unit is....

Took it only a unit..... The control of voice is very fresh.....

Thank you
3 / 5 By Delta
I have bought this for the trip vacacional.. We have discovered even so it is not compatible with our products of Apple.
2 / 5 By Belle
Subject Of overheating. Unable to take in 30 mins of use. An open case in my motorcycle totally has distorted sound. The flange Uses the enclosed case so that he overheats. Some laws of good stabilisation but just heats besides quickly. Very disappointed with this cam. I a lot of who think it would have to has done a piece still. My hero 4 black was to do this 7 black. That is to say to suppose to be gopros turn??
Perhaps is well in dive. May Saura. It does not recommend this camera. Unless there is down intermittent videos. In hook in the microphone now requires another $ 50 element of gopro. Not wasting anymore money in of the this. Or Xifra if coast a cost before purchase.
I the time lapsed video with fantastic results. Any subject at all. Very easy to pose up and take

Update. I have bought the samsung evo card besides like his recommended by gopro. . Aided An overheating bit it. Still that is to say any flagship for a hype taken. China will aim better cameras in the reasonable prize
5 / 5 By Willena
Bought this container like my family has wanted to to take to do videos while they several activities that has required more concealed an iPhone or he engraver digital / camera and decided after reading descriptions that GoPro was a better available. Very pleased with a camera and a quality of accessories in this container. All could think of the be goes has comprised, although also buy, the screen to touch protective, lense coated, the support only uploads and extra stacks. If the plan uses one underwater camera, probably will require to purchase the case for that also, although a camera is estimated waterproof in 33 feet. This container probably contains some things that never use, but a prize a low plus to buy them altogether done the interest in me.
5 / 5 By Simone
After apprentice that to do functions and connect in my application of tlphonique, everything only does very and fresco. I have trusted some descriptions and of the stars on buying this ray and I has not been disappointed to buy of Photo4less. Amur My camera. It can not expect take he for my prjimo out of some holidays of countries.
5 / 5 By Celinda
They go pro is excellent. A quality of some of some accessories has not gone also
2 / 5 By Mara
Honestly The has not liked him using me a gopro7. I do not comprise a hype the everything. I took it to film my dog to coach and snowboarding trips. It freezes and lagged often and was very difficult to take a camera of a case. A stack is also difficult to take and a focus is start . I do not know why it is not the typical push in and a stack was of explosions. All some the extra pieces have taken also listened very cheap. It was preoccupied a camera would fall out of a support or selfie clave.
1 / 5 By Alysia
Experience 1 horrible with GoPro hero7 ..Taken in group for 5 mins at the beginning day and waters he marred a lentil..Any raincoat!!! This marred our capacity to record video for snorkeling a next day.
5 / 5 By Oscar
It goes pro is excellent. A quality of some of some accessories has not been like this good
4 / 5 By Bradley
New to GoPro the cameras have blamed me like this when it does not register a prime minister two tennes the parties of my daughter is-- would do partorisca like fact but fail to register of anything and shutoff. I bought it simply partorisca register left of sport with the tripod and an only thing was used partorisca but I swimming partorisca aim for him. In a third party a screen has been to a broken blue and red glitched screen. Sadly, A tournament has looked for to use this to the record has not been for the moment with which bought it like this for some times have discovered is the lemon , was too late partorisca return. Buyer beware and try it immediately how is the ticking shows in of the returns. Any sure was the defective element of costruttore or result of a nave. Buying local, I active has had probably some class of recourse.
5 / 5 By Brianna
Has used he partorisca a first time today and interior of water has filtered. It is supoosed partorisca be waterproof. A window of turn has closed 2 days ago like this now am stuck with the broken $ 400 camera.
4 / 5 By Kassie
Are not the gopro defender. A battery has the súper short life, likes 20 minutes of the video and calm is recharging. It is frustrating and difficult to change a battery. Has one manipulates a camera out of his surrounding chance, which feels likes goes partorisca break a camera while it calms he, while it tries to maintain your toes out of a len. A quality in of the situations read go down is terrible. It is the $ 300 camera, and would say that takings to the equal that pays stops.
4 / 5 By Gaylene
My Hero 7 GoPro there is not disappointed on is before time was. I have been in vacacional and has known to be partorisca do a bit snorkeling in of the salt water. It have looked in other cameras, but his all has had bulky external house. With my GoPro (partorisca a depth was in) has been well to a water and a rest was history. It take the photos add and could go anywhere without extra houses. There is the curve of light learning, but with which is adds!
4 / 5 By Kam
A GoPro Hero 7 Black has some amazing quality and slow motion! I have it quell'utilisations already in diverse skiing shoots. To good sure value of the money! More looking GoPro still!
5 / 5 By Katharyn
Half a screen has not been partorisca clear because of some class of harm. A box was unopened and has shipped consistently but was destroyed or faulty. Has has had to that the turn
4 / 5 By Bobette
A camera is awesome!! The so that only does not like on a camera is a battery so only last an hour. I have had to that go to buy several batteries. Oh Also an only way to touch a battery is to dip he in a camera. Considering some accessories - is not to Go Pro mark. They are all of the frames have done in Cina and a quality of them is crappy!! Any encircled your money in this box. A camera are to add BUT would have to that buy some accessories for separate. This was the present of anniversary for my husband and I celery like this bad that an only good thing in a box was a camera.
4 / 5 By Marleen
A GoPro is SURPRISING. A chance is unusable one the zip that is complete junk and a chance is way to small to resist some accessories. A “selfystick” is also unusable. It begins to twist in his own after one first now of use.
5 / 5 By Renna
Are very pleased with cost of mine. A chance is better quality that some another that has has purchased also. That The camera is exceptional, but no happy that gopro the application does not sustain of the windows 7, has to have windows 10. It likes that I can use of my telephone like the far for a camera.
5 / 5 By Kizzy
This was such the good investment ! Calm to good sure take more bang partorisca your buck!!! My husband has purchased a same camera and of the accessories of a tent and displaced $ 200+ more than that I paid partorisca this container. I have wanted to be able to order in a morning and has been rid a day although taking. My product has been rid to the mine doorstep neatly and securely packaged to prevent any harm. To good sure recommend purchase this container.
4 / 5 By Destiny
This was my in the first place Go-Pro. All the world has spoken roughly like this complicated is the setup and all some accessories have been complicated. A boy can images was easily.
4 / 5 By Ivana
To good sure the investment adds. Works a lot well. My uses of husband he for Mountain biking, trace of rock, etc. Does fantastic.
5 / 5 By Rubye
Has wanted to take to create the contained and this box was perfect to cover all a basics
4 / 5 By Kaylene
fir of camera Well external activities and the just collection of accessories
5 / 5 By Marisa
the desire had known in a question to heat can' go looked for the different rig
5 / 5 By Lucius
do video of Youtube in geocaching. This camera is the improvement of entity to use a telephone of Apple. An easy of the use and a bet likes them the stabilisation of image is awesome. A control of voice is out of this world. It likes him to you he films calm then need this camera.
5 / 5 By Tifany
The container Adds. For a same side so only a camera like maximum places. Accessories of qualities. Wasnt Expecting them to be the quality adds, but is. If I need one or a lot these accessories, spent this container with your camera. The times of ship add.
4 / 5 By Shakita
Has taken this for my boys for the Bahamas of travesía. Some images of around an island and the submarine is surprising. Very easy to use.
5 / 5 By Mao
It liked Really of a camera and characteristic.
There is so only a downside wich is a paper by heart that is coming with him. So only 32GB !! It have to that be at least 128GB.
5 / 5 By Kelle
Has bought a GoPro HERO7 Black 1 day before has been in Alaska and I was like this happy has done this compraventa. It is like this easy to learn like this partorisca use and a stabilisation of image is surprising! A video and the quality of picture is awesome, can not imagine taking other holidays with my GoPro!
5 / 5 By Edyth
Has purchased finally the gone pro of the mine own and there is disappointed still. It takes the video of photos/add easy to use.
4 / 5 By Lorean
Easy to use for the video of action adds! My edges has taken already awesome snowboarding, skates, and surfs video! Amur He
4 / 5 By Janella
This was the container adds partorisca begin with a GoPro Hero 7 Black. It avenges with everything requires partorisca begin to take awesome pictures and video.
5 / 5 By Magaly
Used this partorisca to 10 bicycle of day strolls and he self stabilises!!! Incredible 😊
5 / 5 By Delores
Tryed this in my knife, the work adds. The Hawaii headed to Partorisca any diving! Esperanza reads adds there also.
5 / 5 By Jennefer
This would have taken to 5 star yes so only partorisca a gone pro. Some accessories are imitation quite economic to go pro accessories. A floating boss already rusted. A shot of the container is not to value he. A gone pro is awesome.
5 / 5 By Norbert
Absolutely my favourite camera, quality of perfect picture, the video adds, and that surprises slomo/period of time
4 / 5 By Natisha
This description is partorisca a container of accessory any one a GoPro. Things of a container of accessory that has used them like this has broken far in just a travesía. A zip of hard chance is stuck after the pair of time used it to them. Some rays of the sleeve of the float has developed rusts in two snorkel dives. Everything is so only cheaply fact and the the remorse that spends 40-50 bucks more partorisca take a container.
5 / 5 By Felice
Has bought this partorisca the holidays has discovered any one is compatible with our products of Apple.
4 / 5 By Ronni
Has purchased recently a GoPro 7 Black to shoot the video of my hikes do in an add Smoky Mountain Parca National. Has several friends that has been shooting with his model his old plus GoPros and has fallen enamoured with his video have like this decided partorisca begin to do my own. So only the months of pair and several hikes in and absolutely are that it loves my GoPro 7 Black. It has been quite tried well in a waterproof portion and so that he he far perfectly to the equal that has announced. An only drawback or the negative commentary has is in a life of battery on that. Roughly 45-60 mins is a max can look them to locate the load. It averts of that this in spite of, have at all but big praise for a camera he.
5 / 5 By Evette
Horrible 1st experience with GoPro hero7 ..Taken in group for 5 mins on first day and waters it there is ruined a raincoat!!! This there is ruined our capacity to record video for snorkeling a next day.
5 / 5 By Marchelle
Subject of overheating. Unable to take on 30 mins of use. An open chance in my motorcycle totally there is distorted sound. Cant Uses the enclosed chance reason he overheats. A good but hot stabilisation just on besides quickly. A lot disappointed with this cam. I really of the one who think it would have to that it has done a phase still. My hero 4 black was to treat this 7 black. Ossia Supposition to be gopros turn??
Perhaps is well to submerge. I will not know never. It does not recommend this camera. Unless has courts of intermittent video. To hook on the calm microphone now requires another $ 50 element of gopro. Not squandering anymore the money is. Or the figure yes costs a first cost to buy.
I the time lapsed video with fantastic results. Any @@subject at all. A lot easy to dip up and take

Update. I have bought the samsung evo paper besides like his recommended for gopro. . Helped an overheating bit it. Still ossia any flagship for a hype taken. Cina There will be punctual better cameras in the reasonable prize
4 / 5 By Gabrielle
the material adds of this provider..... Ida Pro 7 is small..... I have been impacted in as small this unit is....

Took it so only a unit..... The control of voice is a lot fresh.....

Thank you
5 / 5 By Tasia
Has Bought this container like my family has loved to take to do video while they several activities that required more than an iPhone or the recorder digital / camera and decided after reading descriptions that GoPro was a better available. Very pleased with a camera and a quality of accessories in this container. All could think of has been comprised, although also shabby , the screen to touch protective, lense coverage, the stand so only uploads and extra battery. If it plan to use an underwater camera, calm probably will require to purchase the chance for the also, although a camera is estimated waterproof to 33 feet. This container probably contains some things that I never use, but a prize a low plus to buy them altogether done the interesting mine.
4 / 5 By Kattie
Honradamente Did not like me using a gopro7. I do not comprise a hype the everything. I took it to film my dog to coach and snowboarding travesías. Ice cream and lagged often and was a lot of difficult to take a camera of a chance. A battery is also difficult to take and a seal is start . I do not know reason is not the typical push in and some explosions of battery was. All some the extra pieces have taken also felt a lot economic. I have been concerned a camera would fall off a stand or selfie clave.
4 / 5 By Korey
Ida Pro he mecer but a container of accessory is economic. It can not take a still of camera to edge properly with a extendable soyonopod' . That The camera wobbles and does an extension unusable. To the left it is to see that a Lifetime the guarantee done has limited...
5 / 5 By Ashanti
After learning regarding the work and connect to my application of telephone, everything so only does a lot and fresco. I have trusted some descriptions and of the stars on buying this container and I has not been disappointed to buy of Photo4less. Amur My camera. It can not expect spend he for my upcoming out of some holidays of countries.

Top Customer Reviews: AKASO EK7000 4K ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Antonette
In front of all this camera is freaking that surprised partorisca a prize! I have looked for literal hours in youtube that looks for to imagine out of quell'action abordable cam partorisca buy and out of the frustration taken roughly 2 days because each description of the camera, has had the camera of economic action with characteristics disappeared and sub-descriptions of pairs!!

On day two I has found the youtuber with this concrete camera and has been surprised! This camera has all precise to take some shots of the amazing video and he still comes with the container of accessories that total on 1k probably yes was partorisca try to take a gone pro. A better part is that these images of shoots of the camera of big quality is in 1080p and is like this easy to spend around. His awesome that comprises 2 battery because action cam in general tend to have the short life comprises and with 2 battery and my band of battery (sees photo) literally can take 3+ hours of use out of this thing! His uploads easy so at night, calm once uses one covers of battery a usb the battery uploads (has comprised) yours band of battery of the travesía and maintain filming, literally so only can maintain the film has included is gone in a half of nowhere and does not have to that concern roughly life of camera.... This thing is AWESOME!!!

Shipping the excellent = time
Prize of excellent = Camera
Accesorias of Container that + Trace Train = Freaking that Surprised and has comprised

This camera is literally a better! If you are thinking roughly yes it calms it would have to that he, The TAKE! Literally it does not take any one better that this little type especially partorisca a prize!

Has convinced also the fellow to purchase this element partorisca his upcoming travesía, is not technology savy and can do it!! It is excited like this partorisca use this element partorisca his travesía and a fact that his shipped invernadero the prime minister takes it just in time!
5 / 5 By Karla
I have possessed already two Hero is. A Hero3, and Hero LCD. With a plenary compliment of accessories, am spent in $ 1000 in some two cameras.
Honradamente, has bought this Akaso in the believer to be the launch was.
Instead, is resulted my 'Gone The' camera. I run motorcycles, both clue of race of the street and the mixes of muck. A simple two far key is awesome. A last what precise when submerging to the knee that tugs 100+ MPH the turn is a distraction partorisca try to imagine was a camera is registering when yours that looks for to exit technician on day of clue. It times when it was with friends partorisca the day of goat of trails and hard core of the alone clue does not want to take constant video, so only an occasional so only shot of a awesome mountaintop view, or the explosion has shot some hard obstacle, and changing the ways is like this simple like just pressing a one of some two keys, compared to a paper has to that cruised in a hero.. The transmission out of battery is quickly, a video is like this well like LCD Hero, and is included better that an original Hero 3.
I hand out of a two Hero is the horse riding buddies, but alway maintain a Akaso on its own name, how is one the majority of of confidence, easier that operate, and takes a better video.
Tin a lot really think of any negative. Some two battery have combined outlast so much a heros. A hero is partorisca have the most elegant paper, and the little more characteristic, but am not doing the show of television, all master is clean video or stills, and does not lose all an extra bs has to that spend for on dipped up.
A lot usually gives such the universally positive indication, but considering the new hero will dip you behind $ 400, then add accessories, the chances of pair, SD papers, and your until $ 500. Fot $ 125 can take You a Akaso And the a lot of stocked box, is the quite easy call .
Once some the current batteries spend is gone in a hero goes partorisca buy so only more Akaso is.
Going in all the world-wide more video of some trails of days and laughing in the each one another fails is resulted permanent part of our walks of weekend, and all the world loves copies.
Could not think of the better way to finalise a day.
5 / 5 By Barrie
So only gone back of the travesía of slow week in Kauai and has used this submarine of bad boy, in a rain, in a vase and I will say it was fantastic. I consider partorisca buy to this camera likes him buy the tools in Port survive a current work then is the subject adds . Partorisca The heavy use would go with the GoPro all day long but partorisca $ 76 memory besides paper this thing is flawless. Any one subject have had is mitigated by a low cost. Spent with confidence but be sure partorisca research 32-64 gb papers. It has dipped the 128gb paper in reason was recommended on Amazon. It reads it but I have had some errors and has thought my video have had all state deleted reason have not aimed in a camera. Felizmente Take house and was all there.

Marco and quality of video is utmost. Prójimo Extreme ups will suck reason you cant really control a house. Some pictures all is class of wide corner of pictures of type of eye of fish that the really liked but can not be partorisca all the world.

1. Prize - No only is economic but is also the good value. In this point of prize I quite consider it disposable.
2. Quality/of Video of the picture - partorisca a prize is surprising. You can regulate settings a bit and lava out of submarine, you cant house of the control but I have loved a quality of picture
3. I lodge underwater - the fog done up has left any moisture partorisca clean. That The camera has run also really hot in a house likes to be careful.
4. Accesorias - A lot of mountains, two battery, cariche, house, far - the value adds and the majority of him is a lot useful.
5. An Application - While clunky and any one súper intuitive a Wifi the fact adds. You can connect a camera to the yours telephone and use a far to take pictures out of a camera while seeing in your telephone. Downloading was clunky but could text the picture of an application has thought included some of an application was in Chineses. Again, partorisca a prize would say excellent value here.


1. Some batteries suck big time - taking the pictures is good but the video sucks a life out of some batteries. Again, partorisca of the money avenges with two battery that done the tolerable but swears the video falls a life of battery to 20 minutes. I well with some two battery but has had some frustrations with east.
2. I lodge plastic - A blue plastic and the black has begun delaminating bit it. It classifies partorisca like scales of fish sluffing was. It does not affect action but was so only cheapo and odd.
3. Economic materials - I so only used partorisca the week but he well. It feels economic but is a lot light
4. Cycling of keys by means of some ways of the camera and the settings is the bit partorisca annoy and often filmed in planting to take pictures. It takes the moment but does not calm like this bad once the imagine was.
5. Paper by heart - I has taken the Sandisk 128gb the paper and he have caused some questions. I create 32-64gb the papers are a max. I have had some paper reads errors and all my video 'disappeared' of a camera. An application there is prendido also count a number of new pictures has taken but a still fill up memory up. I think that that this was some class of @@subject of compatibility and an error for my part but all my video and pics was there when I have begun partorisca download. Little stressful this in spite of.

Has added some video/pics of my travesía as I can take an idea. Spent with confidence, if you are not sure so only buy the guarantee.
5 / 5 By Otilia
Has another winner. I am spent three days that come from that against the GoPro 5 and found resisted that on enough well, especially takings the account a prize. If you want to see a full video in HD, goes the Youtube and investigation 'Photojunky is dron zone akaso ek7000 more vs. Gopro 5'. A akaso ek7000 More offered slightly resolution of better video and more megapixels when shooting photographs. This was apparent in his predecessor, and has directed partorisca maintain a cost down. It is no more expensive that an original ek7000.

Has found an easy paper cruise it. Only paste a key to be able to look it partorisca time partorisca take to some settings, and use some arrows in a side partorisca move for up or down by means of some different ways. Press a shutter key until choosing that the way wants to enter. A camera feels solidly built and was easy to use. It is this class of camera that is killing GoPro. Because steps five times so much in the GoPro when it can take almost a quality adds included partorisca the fraction of a cost? It shows a video and judge partorisca calm.

Also has to that take the account some accessories. GoPro Does not give You a lot. A Akaso give you literally the full box of accessories that calm leaves you partorisca traces it almost anywhere. A company is a lot generous.
5 / 5 By Marlana
Almost it gives this product to 1 description of Star been due to a unfortunate the deception for my part caused for something thinks is stupid in a container that is coming with a camera.

Here is my history:
has purchased this camera partorisca the travesía in a Pacific. A camera has done adds and am pleased with some results partorisca the &60; $ 100 compraventa. I have used mainly a camera partorisca throw underwater while snorkeling. But an evening while rigging partorisca swim it, was annoyed for bugs, as my woman sprayed insect repellent in my arms and of the legs. Had the group of liquid in a leg that rubbed in. This in spite of, a spray has contained DEET. And it has then touched a backside of a waterproof chance that has done the disorder of a backdoor. It has KNOWN no THIS DEET EATS PLASTIC! You have been warned. But I have not been concerned has known of then has had the spare back in some accessories. That I not having @@give was that one to spare behind Is not WATERPROOF! Reason on earth a costruttore distributes the second back partorisca a waterproof chance that is not waterproof? To my turn in some the EUA, has been partorisca use a camera in my group with a no waterproof back and guess that - a camera has taken wet, a screen has been target, and thought that it had ruined a camera that leave with the stock exchange of bits that would not use never again. This in spite of, I camera takes quickly of a chance, has take a battery and paper by heart, the camera dipped to the stock exchange of rice and left in the warm place partorisca 48 hours. They are happy to inform that some looks of cameras partorisca be acting the only good time so only will say. But I king-iterate - reason any one distributes the back to spare partorisca the raincoat that manacles that he that a house a lot-waterproof?

So that two look here:
way of Stay of insecticides that contains DEET
A transmission backdoor partorisca a house is not waterproof. 1,
2 / 5 By Laurice
it has had to give this the-description of star. It have tried this camera on 3 or 4 short video before I have taken he with me on holidays. Extracted like this expected and a quality of video was quite good. We take a family in the cruise and I have used this like main camera partorisca take video. Grave, playback some of a video have shot partorisca do sure was there and repeat. Coming partorisca discover that it bribe roughly every second or third video. I so only @@give when you go back to rewatch some of some earlier images shot and a camera so only would say error of file. When it Take home partorisca see if any of some bad files could be recovered, they all was files of zeros of byte . As I have lost the good bit of my images vacacionales of the cruise. I am returned this camera . In spite of so many good descriptions, volume of supposition that stops of has paid.

UPDATE: I upped an indication to 2 stars of then recently send me another camera partorisca free.
4 / 5 By Coralee
Ossia First mine waterproof camera . I have bought he partorisca mine snorkeling travesía in Thailandia. A place that has been snorkeling was bit it deep like the majority of pictures that has taken of a surface has not been a lot good. But utilisations this camera partorisca take the pictures close on laws well. I think that that it depends on depth and lighting too much. Also any leak and is a lot very partorisca a prize.
5 / 5 By Royce
The perfect
5 / 5 By Aja
shot Adds partorisca the I adds little camera! Bought this partorisca take pictures in / basses a water partorisca the travesía to some the Filippine and didnt feels likes to spend of the hundreds. Certainly it have it a bit quirks and the curve partorisca learn, but the work adds and to good sure can not beat a prize! The quality of photo is sum, would give 4 stars partorisca some of a quirks but takes the star of the prize partorisca a prize adds!

Some notes:
- Takes the little time partorisca imagine was regarding the use of then there is not any a lot of instructions has resupplied. For example, it can no images was like this partorisca open an underwater chance and I was fearful of the pause! See my photos here partorisca help in that.
- The recommended application has resupplied the instructions have not done partorisca me, but another has called PNJ iCam (iOS) acts perfectly. So that I far finalised partorisca download and the pictures deleted and took by means of an application.
- The photos and the video sometimes look out of order in an application, which can do it hard to imagine out of quell'some downloaded you already vs. Which are new.
- WiFi Functionality partorisca east is resembled that the others to things like headsets or of use of speakers Bluetooth partorisca, but of then connects in WiFi, will not have connected to another WiFi coverages during this time.
- When in a submarine casing, he no quite line on way that takes the little black in a flange of a frame where a casing blockades a lentil. Light annoyance like podes collected out of some photos. Need to imagine was like this partorisca collect my video.
5 / 5 By Jarred
Has the GoPro Hero5. I have bought this to one like him the backside-on, according to camera of view. That converged in a quirks of this camera loses a point. A GoPro has a same quantity of quirks. All some camera have the curve partorisca learn. This in spite of, a pics of a AKASO is surprising. A quality of video is a lot good. A fact that pode accessories of transmission with a GoPro is really fresh. I have bought the pair of extra battery, as has 4 and is abundance partorisca my use. I have combined he with a container of economic accessory, partorisca low $ 20 and has taken shots of utmost dual video while it locate mine ATV. It has dipped this camera in the little place more riskier (partorisca protect mine GoPro of harm) and has not failed partorisca rid. That finds really pleasant is a prize of this camera is equivalent to buy a container of accessory of GoPro partorisca his camera. Now, he any 4K video as well as a GoPro, but has jointed together images of both film taken of both these and is difficult to say that it splits of some images has been shot with a GoPro and that with a AKASO. Partorisca Be just, can see the difference of quality in a contrast by heart under the low light but a video still looks utmost and would not have seen it if I have not had some frames afterwards to the each one like this another. A light adjustment that use my film that modifies the software dipped some images in an equal base. Also it finds a far here much more useful that that it has to speak my camera partorisca begin that it registers or partorisca take the picture. Partorisca The camera that is $ 60 mine compared GoPro $ 400, these rocks!!

Is contemplating That it spends the big some of money in the GoPro and see this and thinks it can not compare, is sadly has deceived.

Top Customer Reviews: AKASO EK7000 Pro 4K ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Cecily
The upgraded of a Akaso EK7000 cam to this (the EK7000 Pro). While they are looked, these some bands the punch. A 4k the video looks better and this one east the touchscreen!.

Measured-wise, is almost identical. A EK7000 PRO ACCESS perfectly in all some accessories already have for my original a but this a closing comes with the tonne of accesorias and mountains for several surfaces.

Can dip some light settings as where will be to shoot video , but a camera also on is adapted if any one love disorder with that. Going besides dark to light or addiction-extracted does quickly transitions and has included to shoot down-the conditions read were still extremely viewable.

Of course, this one is also waterproof and while it does not come with the paper by heart, can be found on amazon for economic. You can control a camera by means of some on-controls of joint, some have comprised wireless far, and download inclusa some applications of Game of Google or Tent of Apple. I can a lot of vouch for some options of android, but has multiple applications partorisca east in a Tent of Apple. You all a lot of - save video directly to your telephone, or delete them was a paper by heart of an application he.
4 / 5 By Veta
Does not go to write the plot in things more reviewers has covered already go to resupply so only some tips. I mostly uses for cycling.

1 : the life of Battery will last roughly 37-40 use of minute some better and characteristic settings while registering. Register in the lowest resolution, any stabilizer and the warm time will take you an hour+ of life of battery. ( The cold time limit all the battery)

2. A boss that the hooks to a battery upload can be connected to a camera and will leave you to download all yours means comunicacionales to a computer. It is much faster that wifi with big video.

3. When in a chance a register of the audio is not very been due to a be of the microphone has blocked. The better solution is the record audio to the separate device and sync to a video later. Or resist a camera and not using a chance at all. (Ossia A chance for any mark of camera of action.)

4. Hot! Alone directs some months of state for the long period of time can cause on heating subject with a camera and calm could lose your register if randomly closing was. It tries to find the way of the maintain shaded. (Ossia A chance for any mark of camera of action.)

5. Some @@@knob has used for some accessories are hard to tie up quite manually. You can use some pliers and presionarles so only enough to maintain he in place. But a lot on he. It is plastic so only :)

Enjoys! It is the fun camera !
4 / 5 By Janie
Pros: 4K Video and 16 MP the photos do perfectly. Width/Mid and work of ways of normal corner to the equal that has drawn. Record of the his like this has to that (does not expect it to be strong inside a waterproof enclosure). The underwater works to the equal that says, while using a waterproof chance. A far control is redesigned and works perfectly. Touchscreen Is a lot of responsive and simple to cruised. Wifi The way connects quickly and a capacity to control a camera with your telephone is the handy characteristic (need to download a iSMART DV application). There is a pertinent selection of the judge of accessory is exited to take you begun and some battery last the respectable quite quantity of time and recharge quickly. Stabilisation of the image and another characteristic are the nifty upgrade to less than expensive models.

Gilipollas: A coverage of battery is quell'has bitten bad drawn and has broken an use of need of piece to open a hatch in both cameras has.
4 / 5 By Callie
On some years have used everything of ball cam, to GoPro knockoffs, to GoPros.

Last year has chosen on a AKASO EK7000 and take first place for me especially mine other cameras while motorcycling.

I so only chosen on a EK7000 MORE. AKASO Does not disappoint ! With some papers of screen to touch new is the breeze to fly by means of, still integrates perfectly with my telephone via Bluetooth, has an add little far control, and takes video and of the incredible photos. Wine with the whole box of accessories also.

For a prize, quality, and facilitated of the uses can not imagine go he that pays again for the name.

Does well, AKASO, and thank you!
4 / 5 By Jacinta
This little camera is absolutely fantastic state! I have bought this based in some descriptions and that a fact that has not loved to pay a big prize for the gone pro. They are in the snorkel travesías right now And am very pleased with a life of battery, a quality of picture and a connectivity to my telephone. Hopefully This continues to impress me but like this of now included love this camera! I have bought a camera, accesorias, extra battery, house of extra dive, 64gb paper, long guarantee, etc for way less than just the gone pro. Although a camera takes ruined somehow, can buy 6 more. BTW Go to try a AKASO dron afterwards. Hopefully I Amur he also.
4 / 5 By Delaine
When I Am gone in the first place to this page of product, has been surprised for like this 5 descriptions of star collects and a lot of pocolos critical negations. I have thought in me 'Wow, it Is this real? It can the $ 75 product to be like this very like this $ 400 a?' I marvels me, but have me instead does to buy he for mine upcoming travesías. They are the new and random user of camera of action. My primary use of this camera is to shoot some images down water while snorkeling. You do not buy $ 400 a, then use it seldom afterwards. So much with his glowing descriptions and ad of product. EK7000 Pro I looks of camera to win my confidence and is returned also my estimativa and need. That can lose with the $ 75 product?

While in vacacional, has used this camera the same plot in earths when I have forgotten to spend with me my telephone while visiting some ruins of jungle of Guatemala. I have shot he in rain and forest of tropical island of Of the one of the sud as well as snowy city of Of the one of the north. I shot it while snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, and biking. I'v shot it when being still or in an emotional car. I have shot he in interior
as well as external like utilisations likes my telephone of camera. They are generally disappointed with a quality of photo takes. You look of the poor quality has compared to a photo although camera of peel taken of telephone. I can related to another reviewer saying 'Also dark in low light, too light in big light. And still without the filter looks it there is a bit annoying filter.' Have posted some of picture and underwater video with this description, be you a judge.

This in spite of, a camera is tiny and comes with the tonne of the mountains and the accessories that comprises underwater casing. Unfortunately, a casing has taken fogged on while underwater for the little longer. This affects a quality of images, Ouch. This produces also comes with 2 bands of battery how is handy reason an alone battery any one last a lot long. I also like wireless coverage that has to that the to the left connect your telephone to and he then download or see some pictures and video of your telephone. Exposed of the screen of the touch is also it plus.

Am not sure this merit of product 5 description of star of me, but wants to 'Take FREE Accessories' like all the world-wide more.
4 / 5 By Loura
In the first place would like me say a lot of pictured in my images is a battery uploads and some 2 battery this container comes with. Utilisations a camera in the house of my Mother and has left my battery there for incident but he so only the look in those accessories comes with east!!

Now, to the left is so only the maintain short, simple and to a point! This camera is surprising. I have it quell'has loved always the go Pro, always always always but that the point of prize is so only like this empinado, but has found then this AKASO EK7000 Pro 4K Camera of Action. With 4k quality of video and he 16 MP camera, this tiny camera is perfect for any occasion. A touchscreen law well, without lag and a characteristic of zoom does really a lot also! I have it quell'has used so only he in the games of basketball of my edges and in his travesía of field in pupil like this far but can not expect use this during a Summer/to Jump that comes up for holidays familiarised and such.

Is looking for An economic camera with all some profits of Ida Pro, then ossia! Any one only that, can use Go Pro accessories with this camera! Calm will not go wrong! Thank you AKASO!
5 / 5 By Jae
Ossia That the camera of the action adds . I upgraded of a EK-7000. A viewscreen is now he touchscreen, and is main! He maintaining has the election of width of corner of the lentils ( has four selections). An optical is incredible, and a camera regulates to light or house ( can dip this calm, also). Work amiably indoors, and well in brilliant sun. The characteristic new comprises video of period of the time, and easy connection to my telephone with a iSmart DV application. Calm to good sure need the micro SD paper by heart to access all some characteristics (this one can take until 64GB). It is now I full 1080 HD video. A waterproof chance, straps and headlines, and an extra battery, marks a Pro punctual to go and easy to use. And in the prize adds. Highly I recommend it.
4 / 5 By Edward
Honradamente, Was nervous buying this product after reading roughly descriptions. I have been he advances and has done a compraventa for my travesía to Hawaii and boy are I happy has done! Some the underwater pictures that astounds results and some pictures in the earth has not gone too bad neither! It was nervous on some commentaries have done in a battery a lot last it long when the video have been taken has bought like this of the extra batteries that resulted to be unnecessary. We take to plot of video of turtles of underwater sea and take it more a whole time and then some. You recommend this camera to any the one who is looking for good underwater pictures and/or video for the travesía or adventurous activity. Always they say volume that paid for but think that in this way of costs of the camera more than $ 75!!
4 / 5 By Carolann
A good: the prize adds, the stabilisation is the must , the fact adds on and down waters, the screen except the way is characteristic very
could be it better: 16M small sensor, submerging the no useful way, defaults would owe that be stabilisation ON and focus of date OF

the things to look was paralizaciones:
- takes battery out of a defaults revert factory (date to somewhere in 2018, the stabilisation WAS, focus to date ON)
- try the screen saves in 1min and can was after 3min - this will help to save battery but still be ready when I need without in in front of power in
- is shooting in 4K then you cant has stabilisation in
- when shooting underwater mark the sure sun is behind you or high - otherwise green volume really interesting and oranges and yellow colours in a video
- the way burst for 3 do 3 a lot of - but will take an icon of exclamation while his working (but doesnt say you his really a lot)

in general - for a prize, to the record entertainment of beach adds for knots, the raincoats was perfect (tho likes another there is remarked, a ray that resists a chance rusted in a water (but some keys and another working hardware have not had subjects on 2 weeks in and out of salt water).

Be sure to know all your keys and settings before you owe that video or shoot in action - his no hard, but there are things will want to take used to before potentially that loses it pic/vineyard because of fumbling around with some settings. It was able to change among video and burst pic way quite easily.

Top Customer Reviews: GoPro Fusion - 360 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Franchesca
I will update this description the few days, there is the pair of statements I needs partorisca declare. In the first place, a documentation is entirely void of this camera. If you do not have one wins partorisca 'imagining it was' then a lot annoying . GoPro, Can do better send the simple 10 drive of page of fast start, is all some materials are in some May of video... In the first place I have known no where some keys were, has imagined finally to be, then for incident paired with a telephone and the one who those the things are result easier. A software at the beginning looks partorisca gaze well, of course will imagine was more once begins partorisca use the more strongly.
Only to read, comprises that folks has has had subjects with a software. GoPro, The a flange right now, does not blow he because of crappy software, if you cant calm partner with any, but a software is probably more than entity that a hardware in doing obliging 360 video and 2.os video of 3D source. It does not dip a bar and then has left another cross been due to inferior software. Bite A ball and so only the fix.
Amazon, Wait that is reading this, would do buyers the service adds could stick drives of fast start for buyers and of the potential buyers, no the video for 360 fanboys, but drives of fast start for folks taste, of the that wants to take immersive video while in holidays. I will try to dip near it drives fast in a next pair to weeks and estaca he, but Amazon, is to do the a lot of sales can aim like 80 of folks can take that requires of this camera for sympathetic 20 of his capacities.
5 / 5 By Dewey
Has had diverse GoPros (a half dozen on some years), and are loan it-adopt of consumer 360 video. This camera was purchased specifically to substitute my Samsung Train 360 which easily has produced 360 video, but there is sub-quality of pair of video. Of a GoPro Omni careers in $ 1,400, a GoPro the fusion is to fly he less than half that cost.

This GoPro the fusion is the beast . A house is 2-3 big times that included a big more another GoPro models, a battery is roughly two big times, and a camera requires two micro-SD papers to same of function (a paper for a forward-facing lentils, and a paper for a backside-facing lentils). Some files are also ENORMOUS (more in this late plus). Felizmente This in spite of, included although a camera is physically much bigger that any one another GoPro first of the, still uses some versatile mountains was.

A GoPro looks of Fusion and feels like this that camera that has potential, but GoPro has to that improve compression of file and do an integration/of software of the better application. It was totally unable ready of suture and surrender any 360 video in my telephone because of some spatial requirements macizos, as I have downloaded a Windows 10 desks software. When I then tried stitch and surrender the video of roughly 1.5 minutes in period, could see that a resultant file would take hours to surrender (not comprising some time takes to then the upload later the Youtube) and would be almost are gigabytes has measured. To be clear, ossia an enormous video . This measure estimated has been given for the 1.5 video of minute with a GoPro the fusion was one same like half tear of the 2-now Blue-video of Ray.

A sheer measured of some files that a GoPro produced of Fusion and a fact that a computer horsepower has required ready of the suture and the surrendered are quite significant this the no-go for me. Unless calm go you still to stick to filming video of only the pocolos second in period, any video that is the pocolos small in period will require hours of your time. Ossia So only too heavy of the commitment for me to have a late plus/More adds them in 'wow' video of factor. Enough it invest a time and money in video of full frame of the mirrorless camera or using another GoPro action cam.

To be clear, this camera there is awesome potential and a quality of image is exceptional ( is a transmission of absolute game). But a technology is flange like this cutting that does not see is when being the practical camera unless you are the pro or pro-are with hardcore hardware and to plot of time in your hands.
5 / 5 By Camellia
This description is the work in progress. My initial thoughts are dated down:


I caved in and has bought the Fusion after looking the little video of on-line sample. They are nowhere he approaches like this extreme like the majority of some people in GoPro official video, but are an avid photographer that is interested in of the new methods. Previously to of the one of the east an only 360 photo had taken was any of a LG 360 Cam (that it was it well for a prize) and by means of Google Photosphere with the telephone (that take awhile to do). So that far there is it so only has used it a Fusion for stills, and some results have been utmost for one the majority of part. Some deserts some the big plus in some photos tends to spend around a two endpoints this separates each lentil, where will see you more blur and errors of occasional stitch, especially when treating solid lines. It averts of that, the quality of picture is surprising with CRUDE and still with JPEG.

Another big thing to mention in this camera is connectivity with your devices: I am often in a gone and trust mine iPad or smartphone of Android, as has my options. That there is remarked is that each program GoPro the application has questions that needs to be directed: iOS offered more support with a lot of devices of Apple and has a capacity to share 360 video, but a connection of the application fallen often, one seeing of 360 content was difficult to direct to the alone point, and there is some odd black and of the white lines that remain in a something still in the each photo; that the android has leans very limited for telephones and does not leave sharing 360 video, but an application looked to run better that a iOS version, any disconnect so much, and has not had some black and white lines in some photos. Appearance GoPro orders this disorder was for users of the android like this is my primary device , and will update my description when they do.


has TRIED was some register of video in the roller coaster with a trace of Fusion in my wrist, but has not been able of the upload still because of some measures of enormous estimated file and lack of time . A preview looks quite stable to except when treating drops empinadas, but is still usable. 360 sounds of Audio have experienced like this a walk, so that I add.

Going back to a iOS and applications of Android, there is remarked that if cariche to 360 photo the Facebook with a iOS application, some the black lines have mentioned earlier to upload with him while a street of same photo uploaded the android does not have some black lines. Ossia The little absurd, and adds to my flus in a camera.


Has been quite occupied with this camera and finally has taken a time to try out of a Studio of Fusion desk application... And you will require Long. No appearances the fast to surrender that considers that I am using mine 2011 MacBook Pro with a Intel Core i7 and 8GB RAM, but a time takes to surrender and some measures of files does is massive: for the 1:36 video (1 small and 36 second) using a incumplimiento settings of Facebook, taking at least 20 minutes to achieve 17 before I have fallen asleep and has had the measure of file of in an end. There are other settings of surrender to use to modify in Seasoning Premiere, Youtube/of Youtube, or Vimeo that has not tried still, but Facebook has some place plus a lot low as attended more time to do a lot this another some. Especially this, will require the stellar internet uploads speed to share this video because of his measures of enormous file (to the equal that of this that writes my video has been that tries to upload the Facebook for roughly 15 minutes in 75 conclusion). Of the which have read is that Studio of Fusion the very better work in stitching that in a mobile application, but in a cost of the slowest speeds a lot of.

In a positive side, some looks of qualities of the video absolutely gorgeous. Have Still to try the video of time of the night for some reasons has listed on, and will update my description again when ready. I at present dipped this camera in 3.5 stars mainly for some questions of software.


An application of Android has taken recently updated to comprise Overcapture modifying. I tried it it go with the 2 clip of minute of me in increasing King Arthur Carrousel in Disneyland, and was annoyed slightly for a process. Starts to frame your shot with any landscape or the square video that use your toe or giróscopo, press a record key, and adjustments to mark like this of the games of video. While this touches quite simple, a course to frame is executed bad: I have not been able to maintain to to the fixed frame likes him to him the video automatically dulcemente rotated. Using your toe to constantly regulate a frame a look of images jittery, as to compensate for both of these questions stood up and has turned my organism with some rotations of a giróscopo to maintain some images roughly around where has loved the to be. A result of final is cost stability, but know it could be to better plot GoPro to the left choose the fixed place that any one automatically move unless I say it to.
4 / 5 By Tien
Will begin to say that a Fusion rids really clean 5.2 K the spherical video and is amused really to shoot with. Using an application of Studio of free Fusion in Mac (has not tried a version of Windows), can surrender was images of video a lot well with gimbal-like stabilisation. It is a better stabilisation has not seen never in the 360 camera. Still with walking and micro vibrations, some harvests /of combination of software of hardware buttery-smooth movement. Using a Fusion is like having 2 GoPro Heros joined behind partorisca back, and a software of the studio of the Fusion leave to do the one who GoPro calls "overcapture" which is to say you can do 16:9 HD or 4:3 cutouts of any part of a 360 sphere. But to be clear, calm no precise Studio of Fusion to do 16:9 cutouts. This easily can be done in Final Yard Pro X or Premiere to dip a equirectangular clips to the level 1080 timeline, then that rule an orientation of a sphere. Some courses of images perfectly to the project with another GoPro aquired1080 images. Now a no-like this-a lot of informative. An application is really, really slow ready of suture. Has a iMac Pro 8 Core and 12 minutes of video have taken 8 hours to surrender !! Felizmente, use another Pro stitching software, and so only take 1 now for some same images. Like this GoPro has to that improve like an application is using a CPU. Assuming your clips are relatively courts and is patient, (left some clips surrender at night) a camera is for real a better 360 camera has used (and has used to plot of them).
4 / 5 By Felicidad
Will be disappointed with a quality of video, and further frustrated for a GoPro software that in of the helps of theory import a file. These produced is not on the dot for showtime!
5 / 5 By Annamaria
Produced more stitching and qualities of video and stabilisation out of all 360 cam low $ 1000

the possibilities are without finals when modifying images in Premiere Pro using an on takes plugin.

Stitching Takes the while same in the 8 core cpu and paper of video of big final but when being able to trim video before stitching the helps cut down punctually, my computer is not complaining in stitching at night, well value some results.

Has not tried any of some mobile applications reasons strongly prefers to modify images on PC, are the video sure can take hard for telephones to manage any to mention a quantity of spatial requires.

Will have the questions that modifies some images on PC if some costs of camera more than your pc. It does not expect yours $ 400 PC to estimate to manage video
4 / 5 By Marilu
shoot of May 360 video but cant anything with him afterwards. The software sucks! The desire could return he for the repayment!!
4 / 5 By Robbie
Some looks of cameras to take excellent 360 photo, and the short video according to which can see of my mobiles gopro application. But a big caveat is that a desk software, Studio of Fusion, that is supposition to use to download everything of some massive images and video to your desk simply does not act. Trying pal my mine of camera mac has taken hours, this in spite of is not doing. It is not game and covers simple. Ossia Clearly the subject known because of a number to time a question of looks of connectivity in on-line gopro forums of help, but there is simply helps a lot of substantive that reads anywhere. This extremely is frustrating - spend the time that takes the video and calm confidence a camera, and calm can not download some images without bursting some papers was and downloading those - concealed is the much more complex method that in the normal gopro or another digital camera. A lot a lot frustrating for such an expensive camera.
4 / 5 By Ione
An application of iPhone is buggy, but do not require it , is the 360 , thinks in your placing of a camera and shoot. Some images are night and day in mine Insta360 Nano, as it can shoot prejudice and day too much. A software of Fusion that careers in the 2010 Mac Pro 5.1, is mecer like this far stabilises to do almost 100 clips. My Mac Pro is the basic Intel model of grater of the cheese with 24GB RAM and the Sapphire 580 8GB GPU. A surrendered the time is approx 11 minutes to surrender 1 minute of Cineform. I possess DaVinci Solves Studio 15 (the paid one, can buy the solve Dongle in a place of auction for economic). A Cineform files playback the little choppy on modifying, but no enough of the question to modify with.
Has not possessed never a lot GoPro before, I always preferred Sony action cam more. I owe that say this one east an excellent camera for 360 VR work.
Ossia More than the professional workflow camera, if so only want to do quickly 360 video or photo, takes a Insta360 Nano S. If your paralización presented more, take the Fusion. An only drawbacks is, an audio really chooses on included the light breeze, and one of some sides has the more noticeable line of stitch then another. The wise image, this one looks well.
5 / 5 By Rosemarie
Has not had the occasion to revise any one imagine still, but concealed is reason this camera the almost impossible fact.

- The will not connect to my Pixel 3, mark-new smartphone (is not sustained he)
- take roughly 2 hours to transfer the 1min video to mine MBP with Studio of Fusion
- That the video is roughly 6gb, and will not touch anywhere (any in Studio of Fusion or so only the player)
- is asking update a Fusion, says the easiest way is with an application (which can not use)

prime minister Quite brutal setup. Any way to revise images, any way to share with my telephone or computer, any way to update. Zoinks.

Top Customer Reviews: New EKEN H9R Action ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5 By Bertha
Video to update Attached of snorkeling in Hawaii. Only it can it uploads a video and the amazon reduce a quality of videos so that it is not an original quality by far! I uploaded it to aim a field of view and show that he underwater with at all except a camera. Your videos will look very better.

To the final Edits: it take some underwater video while snorkeling and some video of the whales that pause. Of the amazon reduced a quality of video, has taken some still shots of a video to give you an idea of quality when recording video on and big tides. Highly it suggests that it take the filter polarised to attach in a camera. At all bad with this model, included a GoPro uses the annex to polarise. But very take video and photograph in of the very brilliant days or submarines in another level. In general even so, still very pleased with those a lot of marks! I have recorded in an hour of the underwater video with quite a lot of 2 total hours submarines with pictures also and has had very subject. The never filtered water in a case avenges with or fogged up. Again, surprising camera for a prize.

Edita: Attached the pictures of pair of our trip. It can not expect in snorkel the days to match and take some underwater video with him. This camera has been I adds! One measures the fact BRONZED easy to spend around and take video or of the beaks. I use a bit far all a time! I use one of one selfie bonds the majority of time and joins some far in the. This road can extend a clave has been for the beak can not take quite near for or dozens other things and of course real selfies. But a bit far it is perfect to take some pictures or register. I did not think it it use it but it was bad. Some lenses the field of view is also incredible. Fulfilling seldom can not return all the explosion in a picture. Included when it listens very near in of the things like houses, each leader in a beak. I have used one wifi in a camera to pull this pair has been. I will upload the video of him the submarine once has or also.

Is going to Hawaii and has wanted to something to take the photos and the underwater videos. Desprs Looking around decided in this camera for a prize adds and quality of video.

The May HAS FOUND the reason to spend the small hundred in the GoPro while it was not able to use he for a prize. Also already we have the cannon 7D as we do not require anything to take better pictures.

Opened Cela have it, the desire would have bought it his more harvest. The video and he look of pictures to surprise for such the camera abordable small. One wifi the characteristic is also wonderful. I did not use it to control a camera still, but has used to the the tension was video and photograph on in my telephone. I have not been able to say one 4K the video is in fact better that one 1080p still like my telephone does not have to big of the resolution.

One one downfall is some options of card to change road and enters in the parameters are the small heavy but does not expect any a lot of lucido.

Will update after more use, submarine etc...In Hawaii but for now, is state adds.
5 / 5 By Ngoc
I have bought this for mine 12 yr old daughter for Navidad and shes absolutely enamoured with him. Shes Took some absolutely gorgeous video of a fish in our pond with him. I think shes dunked he in the each mass of waters can take in him so that it can record of video those 'the worlds veiled'. Very leave it voice whats down there on the way only can does not experience another wise. A fish any panic of him and some images are clean and clear.

His second favourite thing to do with east to attach he in his cape while she zooms around. It skates, bicycles, trace of rock...Anything and each which where shes in motion. A rock that trace the videos are amused so that it can look it exited of a wall and takes some visas is.

His holding up well and theres been problem very still although it take the use taken. A clarity and the detail take am adds. Far better then my expensive plus but the oldest camera. This camera is totally estimates a prize.
5 / 5 By Hunter
Fist of everything, the the the disclaimer has not used never any cameras of action before, that is to say my first unit

A pros:
1. If of the test of the water is a lot of flavours of water, is spent the regular test of the paper towel in an enclosure submerged under waters for 30+ min. An interior is coming totally dry.
2. A slew to locate adapters! In inaugural a container, has been blown has been! More than in awe, in fact. Even so it is very easy to imagine was so to connect a piece in another and several highland adapters would leave this to continue capes of Bicycle, car dashes, hulls, or mere tripods ( has the mini the tripod included, which are to definite premium ). If you can imagine out of the Bequeaths together, can pose these together.
3. I have taken any one aims beaks and of the videos of an interior of my house (like this not sharing :), a reproduction of sake of looks of the colour.
4. It comes with an application/of iOS of the Android, which can take you he to scan the solo QR code in a manual. A connection is done road Wi-Final, which left me in remotely control a camera for preview/and images of videos and record pauses (more in preview of the latest video).
5. A container comes with an extra stack and has separated to upload, very convenient since can not touch a camera while it is in a waterproof case.

A neutral:
does not consider these so many gilipollas, only my observations.
1. Because of a lentil of wide angle, object in a verge of some looks of picture to be has twisted. This can be some with another cams of action but would not know so that it has not possessed never cams of action before.
2. The stabilisation of image is very when walk around a house and winery my hand in firm. My hand is not very undertaken like my old camcorder can say, but these looks of camera to be that he well with some small vibrations. In an end of a register has moved my hand up and down on purpose and the image has remained relatively clear.
3. 4K The only entered video 10fps. Any sure if that is to say a limitation of a camera or an old MicroSD card.

One with:
1. I have used an application of iPhone, and each appearance of an application has done so expected, except a preview of video. A preview of image is calling , but a preview of the looks of video to have that expects to download a whole video in a telephone in front of playback has begun. It expect some class of streaming capacity that would leave a playback to start with while a file has been transferred. At the end left to expect and has taken a MicroSD the card was and looked a video in my PC. It IS also possible to revise a video directly in a camera with his tiny screen.

To well sure would recommend to use he in a waterproof case so that a camera is only the bloc, needs some highland enclosure to have connected in any location of anchor. Of course it can use how it camera of video/of normal camera, but iPhone does the better work in that and frankly, concealed is not a purpose feigned of this camera anyways.
5 / 5 By Danette
Cambra Adds for a low prize! I have bought this camera so that it enters it the cruise in Bahamas with some friends and I have wanted able to take some pictures and videos while we were in a water and also while snorkeling. I have not wanted to spend a money in the GoPro so that I have known would not be using a camera often and has not required all some bells and whistles that a GoPro offers. Only give me something can take in a water and fresh videos with lol. A camera also takes the outsides of good pictures of a water also and has taken a lot of good shots. Of calm only is that it pays $ 70, would not expect a same quality like the GoPro or another camera of big final (the left wing is to be realistic) but takes a work has done! A camera is coming with a lot of different annexes, but has used mostly a eselfie clave' (although it wish had the button on that would take some pictures in place of me that has to use a road of explosion, but returns big roads!). Mark sure buys the card by heart so that a no come camera with or, has bought the 32gb for only $ 18 and has abundance of spatial for videos and of the pictures. In general recommend it this camera for any concealed wants to take some videos and of the good pictures without having the expertise in photograph and does not want to pay a big prize for the GoPro.
5 / 5 By Delma
This camara has been besides my expectations!!! Calm very wants a quality of some videos and perfect for my purpose that is skateboarding images. The hard stack decent quantity , sum of accessories, very facilitated in navigate in and global utmost. It has tried the submarine also and also surprising!. An only with would be a clip to open a stack comparment, is class of fragile and delicate in a begiinning.
5 / 5 By Reynaldo
I took this on relieving roads for roads very good. It was little unsure, but this thing is awesome.

I amour an application those download you, where can control you a process of whole register. I can locate this out of a cart and controls with my telephone.

A quality of video is very good. It comes with tonnes of accessories, like waterproof cases, and the tripod. A far is class the paste or lose, but has your control of application of the telephone. Any I still is why would use you a far.

Buys a SD card with him when buy it. Has any internal memory.
5 / 5 By Iola
Much easier in understnad that my GoPro 3 although it is more simplistic. Amazing value for a money. Highly it recommends one of this so much apresamiento quite the little of the accessories in comprised with some big boys; i.et. By behind pak, cape, if, etc. the advance Goes to do one submerges and takes one of these arrests down $ 75 was easily able to take a Bluetooth the connection has established.
1 / 5 By Robyn
I require to imagine it was so to return this since is to spend some returns of Amazon of some window of month. I have opened in and it has turned he in the pair of weeks of marks and has taken the videos of test of the pair, and look to do well. (I have not revised any one of some images... Just videos of wall and carpet while I have imagined was that law).

Then done two days, went it to take in the walk with us... Each touched up, and does not ignite . It has been easier only has not done in a first place and I easily could have returned behind in Amazon.


Vendor, can help was here?
5 / 5 By Ahmed
Rec'D Cambra In July 27, as my experience with him is has limited still. The orderly spur of a moment. I have required the camera of small video hurriedly and a H9R was in the Lightning Treats only 3 minutes left to go. As this was the 'compraventa of whim'. But I am quite satisfied with a camera. Has any anterior experience with any camera of similar action.

Has recorded result of video in 10 video of files of minute (MOV formed) in a SD card. There is times empty very small among some successive files. With the 128 GB the card installed a camera said me has had in 5 hours to record time. Only in 3 hours with one 32 GB card.

So much the video and the still photos are utmost, and a camera the good work to choose for on audio. It has not tried an effect of an underwater accommodation in audio still.

In general, well, small, clear, and very adaptable with all a highland hardware comprised. Audio of video and good quality.

The fantastic prize has compared to Go Pro Cameras, but again, does not have any experience with other marks. A fast comparison done in 3 minutes of on-line spec comparison with comparably priced the cameras have not aimed any significant differences.

A 170 view to title the angle is the soiled exaggeration . My rough measures are aiming something only down 100 deg in horizontal and 50-55 deg vertical.

Some boxes enter is useless for storage, as I am ordering the separate to spend case.

Has not tried the still, but is supposition to live video of current, but only with squad of iOS, any one Android. Too bad.

An application of Android for this camera (Ez-iCam) installed w/or he hitch in tablet of mine of Samsung of Wi-Final. But it was the real nightmare to take law in mine Nexus 6p smartphone. The decrease of long history: before installing an application, the turn was soyobile data' and 'roaming' down'ettings/mobile point'. A mere statement in this effect in some instructions would have saved hours of frustration. Has I any one premier of the law in a tablet would have returned a camera.

Would be well to have all some buttons in a backside of a camera. I find it the bit to thwart that comes from manuver my big toes around 3 sides of a camera to take a right setings.
4 / 5 By Tanisha
Desprs Using my buddies goes pro the small time has decided to do the change to take a camera of the action appoints only. Alas when it look it on one Goes Pro was road out of my field of prize. Disappointed, looked in of the comparable models and found this small gem in the flash dealbfor the averages a prize of the vain pro.

To compare and contrast it would say that a main difference is how obtain images of video of a camera. You have to use the third party, the Chinese application has developed that it is in English but only very hard to use. I imagined it it was so to pull the videos was but in tin of mine to surprise very directly only debit in facebook or Youtube. They are .mov Formats and has not comprised a codec of the audio when saved in my Samsung s8. You will have to download the third application of party to turn mp4, which has not been a subject at all.

A quality of some videos is comparable to go Ida Pro. Also taken the variety or accesorias that enters handy. Also the far to take pictures and video if yours the camera is trace in the some calm place can not access (supremely handy in my car for use or the cam of pinch).

In general is happy with purchase of mine and would recommend in another.
4 / 5 By Dave
They are now officially the write the one who can use the 4K camera partorisca register his dogs that regulates every day material of dog! Calm immediately see a quality based in a packaging and like all is packed. It Likes him the show of photo, a camera packs in the quite admirably sturdy chance with two boxes of everything of some accessories will not require never be the dork with the 4K camera for his dogs!

Could do not using immediately to received reason I mistakenly has thought has had the one of leftover microSD house of paper. LOLPLOTTWISTIDIDNT.

Has not tried a waterproof chance go in, but based in that has read it and seen other products, has big hopes. To good sure will inform behind in that.

A specs is not I so that it adds like another offbrand cameras that amazon of discharge, but his tick of my cast of control, and a prize could not be has beaten.

Can require the dron now...
4 / 5 By Oswaldo
Has used this for my travesía to Messico where pierce of recognition of water has called cenotes. Have has wanted the camera abordable to use the submarine and this has on resisted a lot well with protecting a camera under the waters and the life of battery was so only. Time had where inside a fog of chance has protected up with condensation but at all breaking. The quality of picture is utmost and a lentil of the eye of the fish has produced only photos.
4 / 5 By Azzie
Acts well there is In general for a money thinks that that it is the camera adds to shoot of action in the estimativa. They would like him to add of the by heart neutral way resembled a gopro how is easier that do corrections to the yours to to that likes in of production of estaca. You can see shots of sample his triple and clear but can be oversaturated in time. EKEN Would owe that a bit ways to paint that can be selected in the so many can do more with him but averts of that the very good camera for sport of action.
5 / 5 By Tammera
Look can go to spend money in Ida Pro. The mine is so only the mark, know the one who other cameras of the action there is? The laws of mine to surprise, constantly uses 1080p in 60 fps. It can go 4k or 720p. A big more a definition a more use by heart and a more can is drained. Take the 64 gb memory, and can register roughly 6 hrs or more. You The multiple ways can use. I have bought this saint disk 64 gb micro sd, black pro box of basic external sports and 1050 másmAh rechargeable battery. Ossia More memory, more life of battery that you so only can take ours and transmission with another, and have more chance and of the mountains. Material everything of this equals to a basic cost of the level Goes Pro. It takes this and another material mention and is dipped. One draws behind would say, reason at all is too perfect. A life of battery can be around 40 mins, but like it has said I use 1080p 60 fps. It is for this that have bought more for separate. But it comes with 2 of them, as that that record master. Also some pictures give you the option of definition and a 4k pics has taken has not gone too amazing. For a prize this is not bad, would recommend to the partner. The calm only question requires asks is, that record master? Those stops of use of the time? Where Could use this in? He all depend on as and that will use stops.
5 / 5 By Duane
I supposition yes thinks that the people want to look your video of action on Youtube, then take the gopro. But partorisca to calm the pure entertainment can not beat this little box for a prize. A imager are not to add but if it do not blow some pictures up in the 42" 4K television probably will not remark . A balance by heart (gamma) is quite bad but can " fijamente that in estaca" i.et. Utilisation some software to correct it. That wins is that small, light and simple to operate this camera is. Field very wide-of-see I so that it adds thus panoramic seen. Two battery, the waterproof box and stirs it of mountains? Insane value for a money!
4 / 5 By Danna
Camera very good! It has been in Mauritius recently and has been snorkeling in an Indian Ocean. Quality of submarine of good picture as well as upper-side. A lot of extra accessories comprising the tripod, mountains of bicycle, and the helmet locates all has comprised in a prize, is fantastic! It is it has resisted to good sure is to possess a lot near of my brother GoPro.

I desires have delete it function this in spite of. Calm instead has to that delete an unwanted video, when it uploads some files to your computer. Although it takes pictures of clear underwater/video (in his waterproof chance) wishes a colour was so only the little more enhanced.

In general, is the camera adds for an amazing prize! Calm will not be disappointed.
5 / 5 By Bud
Has bought this to see was any one better that mine GoPro Heroine 2 this was had a good time to date, and has had battery a lot small the life has left. First to begin, my primary use was in motorcycle of mine is gone in of the rear streets and in a clue.

A quality of video is better that a Hero 2, and for roughly 6 month a life of battery was utmost and of confidence. This in spite of, while technically a battery still has abundance of life, develops an inner defect where be paste or vibrated to hard it disconnect a battery and neighbour a camera was. The although it can have been due to an empty in a coverage of battery, but with which bolstering the closing arrives. It is now relegated to hand-held sweet use and tripods so only.

A quality of picture is quite well for a prize, but is not full 4K, looks to be an artificially upscaled formed of the lowest resolution, which causes pixelation and/or noise. In low light this camera is blind.

A quality of his non-existent east, is one first launch of what was when modifying. Included my Hero 2 (that has terrible grainy his, likes has listened everything by means of has beaten he of beat) has his of better quality. Of then everything usually am looking for in the sound is the good exhausts note, my levels are quite down to start with with.

An only real thing can say that ossia awesome is some accessories avenges with. Taking some adapters to be able to easily highland in the tripod, and a vibration dampener in a clip was far upper to GoPro insignificant excuse to locate and accesorias.

Basically, spend of the money for something better. Although I am also second guessing buying the new GoPro still with being sponsored for them and taking 20 discounts. My partner has bought one of a new some and a filter of the coverage/of the lentil has broken to a point to be unusable inside the month. Idk Is replaceable, am spending $ 300-400 for him GoPro at all would owe that be pause for years to come.
4 / 5 By Fransisca
I Experiences this camera to use with the force 1 F100 ghost dron as arrived without a camera but has had all a highland crew. This returns perfectly anywhere Ido Pro cam access. I did not use it underwater but Eken comprises a chance of test of the water the one who looks to be very built and for real tries water. Also included it is quite a lot of systems to mount to locate a camera so only roughly anywhere could you imaginar.un camera good-looking pictures as well as video. Will have that purchases a micro-sd paper before I can use a camera. A lentil is the very wide corner lentil which will project the curve to a horizon that shoots shots of big landscape like this in of the shots of drones in an altitude of 200 apt or main this in spite of a detail is a lot good and a resolution also a lot good. While it calms it can not control this for far in any orders of the distance there is esetting of explosion' to the equal that will shoot 3 shots consecutively and the timed continuous has shot to dip which can have the habit of shots of shoot in dipping intervals of each 2 second until a minute. Utilisation this setting when dron fly it and utmost. Calm so only has to that it filter by means of some shots and choose one some want to. It attaches quickly and it is recognised quickly for your computer that the uses to USB regulate 'touching/dated boss. I have directed to break a lentil of exposure during the quite rough landing of a dron but has not interfered with a functionality of a camera. Highly it recommends this camera and find it like this as well as the gone pro and a quality of picture also almost like my digital cannon 18 MP camera.
4 / 5 By Winter
This camera is really a perfect present for lovers/of outsides of extreme sports. I have ordered this reason the anniversary of my husband is coming and was to take his bicycle of punctual sleep. So much for any to the to the one who likes him the hike, biking and external, ossia the no brainer. That has not expected in mine pack of Amazon is such the camera has compacted small with some like this fresh and fun accessories and alleged. Literally to locate in of the bicycles to rid resisted to spend it down waters, this one has it everything. It is light weight but fines has done. Suitable for the hands free records while it does activity very fun. My edges has the alike cams for his little bicycle to the equal that are sure mine hubby would like me one for his still match. A quality of the picture of course is much better with this plenary hd action cam. A picture is crisp and colour, the register of video is easy and the friendly user. Connecting to the computer is also quite simple for any newbies. In general they are extremely happy and sure mine hubby like this bday present.
4 / 5 By Rebekah
Pet peeve is the camera will close was with which first 15 to 20 minutes, then , has required to go the camera and the turn behind on. Then it acts for less than timing before it turning was again. A timing for when it turns was is unpredictable but always more with the recently touched battery. That The camera is used for photo and no a requirement of the main energy of video. I love some few capacities of wide corner that the better leaves that modify later and the pictures are well. Well fact and hard, creation of parties of the number other cameras marketed basses of different names.unases Far works a lot well and of a lot of corners, albeit a key-the batteries of type had died when in the first place receipts and once substituted, some far has done well. A far is your for action selfies out of camera. The interface is key controlled (any touchscreen). Ossia The good, quite simple, camera of action of level of entrance that is coming with the number of extra elements, comprising an a lot of a lot of remote. Drawback Is is tendency to close he down.
5 / 5 By Andera
This little camera is FANTASTIC partorisca a prize has paid! It is 1080p the video are absolutely where shines more brilliant. I have been using it on the economic MJX Bugs dron, and like the helmet of motorcycle cam. A picture is always clear and very acute. An application is quite well, probably 4/5 stars. But I need the good economic cam, this little of calm type so only well. It is each one has bitten like clear like the gopro. An only thing is being missing of this EIS, but concealed can be added in for the free video that modifies application, as really I can not attack he for any in that there is . If you are it has had to that to spend more, a Yi 4k+ rival and same bests a lot gopro models, likes control those were.
5 / 5 By Roberta
1 star because it is not that expensive. Any same was where to start with...
Picture: has cannon of 10 years that takes video or of the better pictures. Nowhere it approaches well he to record mine Autocross careers, inner trace in a rear window with extension, the only thing can see is an interior and then pure sun, any cone, any street, any person so only brilliant white light. The next day they are trace a more next camera to a windshield and was little has bitten better

Functions: I have had in general 16 careers. I have tried to register each one which but taken for some reason so only causing a camera with far this is to comprise and with my telephone (galaxy s8) for some reason does not save some video. Toy very expensive that camera of looks of action. A lot disappointed.
5 / 5 By Kalyn
Has bought two camera of action and one for me and another for my boy. This one east for my boy. I owe that say this one is really easy to use, my edges has learnt to use he in ten minutes. I check A quality of some pictures takes, very good! Highly I am recommending that the east produces yours!
4 / 5 By Mignon
Informs of like this camera:

prime minister of Mina Eken the camera has not done properly and these commentaries can be found in an end of this description. Felizmente A vendor was very polite and accommodating. His all could to do his legislation of product for me, and like the consequence, has the second Eken camera that reads properly like this far. It Likes him one of another reviewers, of this camera arrived with the dead battery in a key of strap of the wrist, but with which substitution with another 2032 battery, work properly also. I consider a far shutter transmission to be the useful characteristic of this camera, operation like this pertinent is of entity.

Still does not have to that it weaves of experience with this camera, but walk around a house and yard, am happy like this far. Some looks of cameras to manage variables of situations read quite well and has any question that record good video and of the shots stop in the dim inner of house. A quality of some varied mountains, chances, and attaches it looks quite good. A manual this comes with some aims of camera some mountains and of the annexes, but does not explain a lot as well as to use them. There is the variety adds to locate the options and he would be useful to see the one who Eken expects him to be used. Some annexes of way connect together is quite obvious, and has some 1/4' rays and 1/4' attaches female that connections to mark to the tripods of cameras regulate possible. So much, with the little bit of ingenuity, thinks that a camera can be trace felizmente further of situations. For my own purposes, can take the cradle-carpenter of type clamp, dipped the 1/4-20 ray by means of a jaw, and use that like the fast mountain, portable.

Informs sooner of first camera:

This camera literally has not done takes five minutes more. Streaks Looked by means of a screen to see, a video has frozen, and all some keys are result unresponsive. I have had to take a battery to close a camera down. So much, I have touched both would beat, formatted a SD paper and has tried again. What same or worse, every time tried it. Sometimes a camera not even would complete to kick on first of ice cream. Finally, it has given up and it is returned he for the repayment. This in spite of, want to give a vendor the recommendation in spite of my experience with a camera. To learn of my description, a vendor contacted and the numerous offers done asistenciales, substitution, and discount. Unfortunately, I have had it is returned already my camera to Amazon and could very easily profiter of the offers of a vendor. A vendor was very punctual, courteous, and professional.
4 / 5 By Hallie
Has taken this bad boy for Xmas. Gotta Day, loves that!!! The quality of video is utmost, how is an audio . The better part is that you can registers to a camera in your telephone, street WiFi. I can see exactly the one who a shot will look, and regulate he to look in my telephone. This was adds for videoing mine workout to do the form has maintained sure. Calm then can download a video to your telephone, or your iCloud (I follows the android sure has options also). Once it download a video, can erase he of the yours can do you everything of of the this without even touching a camera!!! Gotta Technology of amour.
Is looking for A camera of action, looks no further. Calm go it to love. More, taken all some accessories with him!! Cela Will save you the tonne of money!
4 / 5 By Nereida
Any deception, ossia the action of estimativa cam.

The quality of video is respectable, in and out of a hermetical house. An audio for video is respectable also. If you are looking for the video only action cam in the estimativa, this will do quite amiably.

Stills This in spite of, is terrible still outside of a house of water. Has the almost the decade the telephone of old camera concealed apresamiento better stills. In full day, some photos are grainy, with the by heart terrible representation. I can very included fix these in photoshop, is that bad. Probably because of a upscaling of a real 4MP sensor to 12MP. Falling a quality to take 5 MP helps, but is still bad. The chromatic aberrations am rampant.

A camera comes with the enormous quantity to go-pro fashionable annexes for almost anything together with an extra battery and upload.

TLDR: Decent video. Bad stills.
4 / 5 By Harriett
Mainly has taken this camera the current lives sportive chances. The work adds for the year, but an application suggested thus camera there is prendido to do properly. It suggests that my speed of cellular internet was too down, which has not been a chance. I am spent 2 hours in a telephone with Verizon and has confirmed was quite speed . A place of the developers of the Application is no longer active and has tried to contact a developer of application by means of my telephone but any regime. It was happy to change my description a box of camera achieves behind has been to help me fix a @@subject or fix an application.
4 / 5 By June
Has bought this piece of camera of action for preparation of the travesía of street the West Tone to Florida. A pricing and an announced 4K the quality of means comunicacionales is some main reasons for me for the choose. It likes- one marks of GoPro but seriously thinks that has been too touched mainly because of a fame in place of a quality of his product. It results that the prize the lowest does not mean the lowest experience. A 4K the characteristic work adds the majority of a time, although there is hardly differentiates very significant among a 4K and a HD 1080p according to which could say. One has looked fully locate the mechanism also is impressing. There is the together full to coach to admit a camera to have trace on anything necessary, like the helmet, the boss of bicycle, pole, etc. there is also that the tripod has comprised. A camera is also compatible with ready devices. There is an application to enable you to remotely controls a camera. Not to try it was but looks to look this awesome function to transmit a video and the photo taken for a cam to a ready device by means of wifi! I have used this characteristic with mine dron cam first, which is incredibly handy, of then he both have saved a hassle to transfer some means comunicacionales physically as well as it saves to whole plot to purchase a big speed micro SD paper. It can not expect try more characteristic out of this little gem!
4 / 5 By Sammie
Ossia The action adds cam this comes with load of accessories (thought some I any precise ). A quality of image is a lot well, but be careful a cam labeled likes 4K in a front, as remarked in a description of product, so only registers 4k in 10fps for timelapse. Had some question initially, but a cs was useful and has solved some subjects. His time of the response of the email is inner 12 hours, which is well :)
Any complaint like this far into use.
5 / 5 By Gayla
I use 1080p resolution, 60 frames by second, and take totally in satisfactory results.
I fastened a camera to the handlebar of a bicycle and some swipes of a trail am copied 1:1 to a video. Rings a bit S/W to soften out of a vibration but any success like this far.
Has not tried still if that traces a camera in a helmet will be better to the respect.
Some highland accessories are excellent, could locate a camera everywhere.
Life of battery in 1080p, 60 dry/frames is roughly 1 now. It take the second battery also. Also it can use the 'bank to be able to' to extend out of a life of battery, but 2 hours would owe that be sufficient for any travesía.
For some reason, a short camera his continuous start to segments of 10 minutes (files). It have to that be possible to join for some editor of video s/w, likes LADY MovieMaker.
An application of Android to control a camera of some works of telephone, but is quell'has bitten weighed to dip up and probably a lot shortens the load of a battery. It is not really useful in my opinion.
Altogether, This camera of video is the good compraventa for an attractive prize.
4 / 5 By Rasheeda
It can not estimate a picture or quality of his because he never registered neither. Bought this camera partorisca our edges of 7 years like the presents navideño of Santo. It wants to do video with my GoPro to the equal that have imagined this would be the present adds , especially of then also take a ATV for Navidad. First time was with a camera was to complete fails. A control of clock of the wrist has not done and while the screen of a camera has been the leep' way while a camera has filmed a camera has on enclosed. Bought another paper by heart that thinks that could be a subject. Same question. It says lucido today would see can find the way to send it behind to a North Pole for the elves to fix of Santos. We are returning this and substituting he with another mark and while it does not note.
4 / 5 By Nelson
The useful camera adds! Personally I have subject of vision, vision of tunnel. im Blind in another eye. My eye with the vision of tunnel is sewed also the averages has concluded, to help he to dry was. I have taken this camera the estienda' roughly of my vision and his helped a lot!

I So only can see the small quantity of spatial the time. im Able the sync/common bolt this camera to the 7.ºn Pill. I then 'dressed a world-wide' with a camera of wide corner and the see all the street my screen of pill. :)

Follows the first sports of action of time-user of camera, like costs a prize a lot abordable to see so only which well the device like this would help me is returned my visual needs. You buy it to help enjoy the recent holidays by means of a country, the travesía of street. Taking pictures and video or so only simply seeing my means on the screen of pill has seen this cam, could see them more immediately then has done them included with TWO EYES! He def coming with me on each holidays or random outings concealed to require me to see more immediately partorisca enjoy life.

Main WITH:battery
this in spite of, or taking two of them like this his abonos to have the backside up. Desire and marvels to have never the durable batteries longer in of the futures but for my spacific visual need, work well. im Still learning still new tricks prolong life of battery but im always has had to buy/spend around spare battery if a outing the question. :)

Goes Compraventa this for any that wants to strolls of test' a camera of sport of the action. :)
4 / 5 By Tianna
Has spent this all rifle and archery the season has joined my gun and the bond have had he in a rain and same snow in -1 F battery of temperature usually last roughly 4 hours in regular temperature but in a cold ice cream each one would beat has lasted roughly two hours. A cradle the touch is awesome all of some accessories are goes pro quality and also go pro accessories of laws with east. It does not pay never 400-600 for the gone pro when or can take one of these to use for a same thing this has been trace in 45/70 and has been the multiple time shot and at all his . This says that it is 1080p but has the 4K option that have used and the look adds in 4K TV of big screen will buy more than these
5 / 5 By Darlene
that the camera has arrived súper quickly and the number of accessories was adds! The quality of image is solid if any fantastic, and the life of battery is quite impressive. A bit those that of some adapters of a box (the chance of camera for a tripod and the little of some pieces / of extension of the rays) has broken during a first use in timing colder, as I am deducting the star for that -- a camera of action would owe that have durable plastic that reads well in of the temperatures of moderate fall. In general the value adds has compared to the GoPro and a fast nave was excellent; it have been 5 stars if some adapters comprised has on resisted more than one uses.
4 / 5 By Shelba
I like a service of response of client promptly and a camera does not disappoint neither. It feels well manually and easy to comprise an at all concealed work is complex crazy . Also it likes that it does with a Gopro @of @@cofre and mountain of boss also. It recommends it on the GoPro. One with can think of of the one of the east a cam would owe that have the best mic or has to that have the way to add the more mic. This camera is estimated down and a lot your consideration.
4 / 5 By Kerri
This thing is craps. Any register of on 3 or 4 mins and a unit overheats and in bylines was. It was really that looks forward to having this like this the device of good register for my daughter softball the games but is not to Save your money and buy something more quality that this
4 / 5 By Elane
For a prize, is the good camera . You can find samples of video on Youtube which exhibit quite a lot of the one who abonos a camera is.

That when be said, this is not a camera for me. Rings something the little has bitten better with more than clarity in some images. A battery is also he quite lack- I was able to take roughly 30- small to register 1080p, first of a battery has begun to sink to a critical red zone. You can also it uploads and register a same time, so that well at least.

Never have imagined was like this to take a WiFi connectivity to do. There are any options of paper to do like this, as I never taken to use this characteristic.

Takes the backside on battery, like this calm at least will have other 30 minutes of images or so many.

Was to use mainly this like the pinch cam, but looks I'l be looking more where.
4 / 5 By Charles
Awesome Alternative more economic that mark of port of waterproof big name' cameras. I have purchased this for the travesía has taken them to west tone and knows them that they are them a type of person that will not use the product like this frequently. So much with this be has said to the cost is was one a better decision had done them because of a fact that this camera does exactly that says, has subject very small and takes photos really good and video. A camera comes with two external battery that that can be touched with the upload ossia has comprised. This was probably one of the mine characteristic favourite like this has taken them to 6 now kayaking travesía and some of some other cameras that characteristic the inner battery that can not be the substitutes would be died of use and the has not been to enthusiast on spending the outside to upload together with me and while his to touch a camera. When being able to change out of some battery would have to be the no brainer. In general a camera has taken video really well, and pictures. You use it underwater for a long period of time and has not experienced and filtering, or any subjects with a quality of a video. They are very pleased with a product and recommend it to any the one who is not looking to break a bank in the good camera.
5 / 5 By Florencio
To be honradamente was skeptical when I have purchased this camera of action. You think of the old version of GoPro before. But a prize of this camera and everything look/spec alleged it done choosing me this one instead. In general, me or my family is not external fanatic. We require the basic one to take travesías and activities of girl.
When I have received a container, has been impressed by a container and all the accessories with a camera. To the use is quite intuitive. I do not have any comparison with another 4K camera of action. As he armours level, has been satisfied with a quality of picture. A lense the corner is wide. Someday Wished that could be wider or I need to learn regarding the situate better.
Is to the mamma the taste and use of this camera occasionally for travesías special to Hawaii and games of boys, is a lot enough to create memory of big quality with only the neighbourhood lateralmente of GoPro. I have forgotten to mention a chance of test of excellent water? Yes, it resists on a lot well it travels Hawaii. Unfortunately, there is not dipping photo of travesía in mine telephone still and could any estaca for this description still.
5 / 5 By Cruz
A camera has done adds, offering both still shot and characteristic of video. Some peripherals are also well, comprising a wristband, boss and other accessories. A characteristic of download and paper by heart so much lived until advertising. In general, I am very happy with a camera. Unfortunately, one 'waterproof' those houses that is coming with a camera, which consider to be the critical component of then has loved to take pics and video while scuba diving, has not been. In dive of mine of prime minister, the tiny quantity to water that it takes to a camera that marries that cause it a lot of fogging but has not affected a camera or a quality of picture. In mine 2nd dive, a house has filtered almost immediately and has not been able to submerge with him.

I and-mailed a vendor in this question and has taken the less-that-satisfactory response and any offer to substitute an apparently defective house. Felizmente, was able to find the substitution waterproof house of another vendor partorisca in $ 12 this closes focus properly. So many, in general, recommend this camera but a sample a waterproof house loves the use while submerging. Perhaps order the second house in chance perhaps....
5 / 5 By Mellie
A lot sub pair to the that the majority is looking for, im sure. I have used this camera partorisca the total of 2 days. Partorisca Periods of around 25 minutes each. After each video a battery would die, Included after substituting a battery with an additional a, 25-30 minutes later. I have touched both would beat well out of thebox to full load for a light in a cradle partorisca touch. I have used the 64 gb microsd class of paper 10. After seeing some video, each video is remained to different register in a wrong order(not beginning partorisca finalise of video) Some accessories of camera are the good touch this in spite of sound Much smaller that look in some pictures. I can have taken one of the bad batch or perhaps so only one a person the one who has received faulty battery and Posssibly the micro sd paper of the bad batch also. A lot unfortunate partorisca me
5 / 5 By Rich
Followup in inop far: it has received finally two remotes of Eken with which two weeks and has has repeated emails. BOTH REMOTES is COMING WITH DEAD BATTERY. Has has changed battery this in spite of can any far work with camera. Amazon Very good and fact with me on turn. The pictures were utmost. You can decide roughly support. They are sure any one has impressed. ANY TELEPHONE PARTORISCA VENDOR.

FOLLOWS ON 12 DEC: they are upgrading my description of 2 to 4 stars been due to a support of product of Eken and a reputation could discover in a company. It looks obvious a same factory done many these cameras. Some pictures are utmost, at least for my use. Some accessories are better that the majority and a prize is well. I am trying another with better successful hopes with a far. That The internet is being missing of in troubleshooting far questions and after spending for three remotes, has to think that is a camera. New a come.
5 / 5 By Mel
Beware: So only 1/2 now of video in a battery. The desire would have had time to try this prime of my travesía of Hawaii. I have lost entirely take video of my travesía of helicopter and so only has taken the half hour of a travesía of boat. Oh Well. It is all registered in Swiss cheese on my with the :-)
5 / 5 By Fritz
Update again June 15, 2019
Alive streaming no longer is that he again, has contacted Eken. They have said to contact a vendor. Amazon Quite sure has not developed Ekens application. They are useless, some alive streaming is an only reason has bought this camera
the update fixed that, then takes again, fixed quell'then again. Last time used it (October 2018) work. Hopefully This continues in a Cradle when I will require to livestream again.

Has bought this specifically to live that it runs my daughter softball games to Facebook. Law well, now no longer does after an application has update. It gives a message of error that an application is in developer of phase. Specifically it says streaming in a description, like this Eken have ceba and has changed. They have sold something with a capacity to livestream the Facebook, then yanked was. They are very disturbed in of the this.
5 / 5 By Steffanie
Ossia A fourth 'action' fashionable camera of this level that possesses. Like this far it likes to of it weaves it to me. A main thing for me is that has the characteristic of period of the time. It takes the calm pictures then believe a period of time. Ossia A better way . You take video like the product finalised and calm take stills eat . Another good characteristic of this camera is like this not to leave you to take the video in general taxes that your paper by heart will leave. This camera is not the $ 500 GoPro Black. But it is perfect for my uses. As of now included it is my preferred of my battery of camera of economic action.
5 / 5 By Catalina
GoPro Is a golden level for more folks, but then does not come economic. This 4K camera of the action cost his money in the fraction of a cost for names of big mark.
Has not directed anchors it the take was, but tried it inner has has limited options.
A waterproof appearance is perfect, has dipped he in the small container of water and has not had any leak and a continuous camera register included low waters.
Some numerous options to use this in of the multiple phases, bicycle or when touching sport like an annex in your crew of sport likes helmet.
Also take the spare battery so that calm any course out of juice during your activities.
4 / 5 By Kelsey
Has bought this element because mine buddy is gone in and on in his gone pro. So much, I have required to the to something likes, but partorisca of way less. This does like this as well as his overpriced mark to appoint fact. Shots thinks that that it has flown it some of his cup of some accessories to line when you remark my material. This in spite of, hey well an investment, although a video is not quite this awesome have expected like this. So much, I have invested to the SEREE HDV-301S FHD 1080P Digital Video Camcorder Wide Corner Macro Fisheye Shooting 24MP 3 Screen of Thumb Far Camera. Some annexes are interchangeable with each another (excepts a remotes and clear chance). This in spite of, sincerely enjoy to take underwater photographs in some local cradles down here Florida.
5 / 5 By Deana
For a money ossia that the camera adds . It comes with several parts to locate a camera in any precise place to. A quality of picture is very good but expect a typical fisheye picture where some sides of an object have shot is bent inward. Ossia Because of a 170 lentil of terracing and is a lot common for these cameras of the action but calm can take this with software of photos.
Quality of his with a waterproof coverage on is poor. But without a coverage is well. I am gone through the battery touched in roughly 40 minutes or like this using a waterproof chance. A camera has taken a lot warm but have any I effects. In general very pleased with this camera.
5 / 5 By Divina
Has taken this snorkeling, and scuba diving to 112 feet. The work adds. You owe that touch around with a brightness to take one lighting correct, and a peep the sound is not quite strong to listen when it is encased and is low waters. For a prize can not complain. A video was like this clear like my edges GoPro. A battery would last several hours he like this the sure taken mark a box of accessory with him. A stop to start with of video/of the wrist and the keys of cameras have done a lot well while snorkeling and swimming. Yes you buy again.
4 / 5 By Irmgard
The work adds! I have used this in the 2 holidays of week in Giappone and used it daily. A life of battery is terrible (perhaps 2-3 hours). Has has had to that constantly change a battery was and/or the maintain attached to my bank to be able to. Because of a battery was powering he of an on constantly, but laws well. Had the pair of paper reads errors but the cycle to be able to fijamente that. Any loss of data.

I amour the one who the accessories avenges with. An extra battery and the separate load is the must to the equal that am happy avenges with these things.

An eye of fish can take bit it bad, but so only in prójimo on shots. Another that that no calm really remark it.
A video can exit bit it too shaky. Perhaps this was so only me, but the seat would owe that be better for an action cam.
5 / 5 By Simona
Video to update Addition of snorkeling in Hawaii. So only it can upload a video and the amazon have reduced a quality of video so that it is not an original quality for far! I uploaded it partorisca aim a field of view and show likes underwater with at all but a camera. Your video will look very very better.

To the final Modifies: it has taken some underwater video while snorkeling and some video of the whales that pause. Of then decrease of Amazon a quality of video, has taken some shots stop of a video partorisca give you an idea of quality when registering video on and down waters. Highly it suggest partorisca take that the filter has polarised partorisca attach to a camera. At all bad with this model, has included a GoPro uses the alleged partorisca polarise. But he really ameno video and pictures in days really brilliant or submarines to another level. In general this in spite of, still very pleased with quell'credit to do! I have registered in an hour of the underwater video with roughly 2 total hours submarines with pictures also and has had a lot of @@subject. The never filtered water in a chance avenges with or fogged up. Again, that surprises camera partorisca a prize.

Modification: Added the pictures of pair of our travesía. It can not expect to snorkel the days of pair and take some underwater video with him. This camera has been I adds! A measure the LIKE THIS easy fact partorisca spend around and take video or pics. Utilisation a bit far all a time! Utilisation one of a selfie claves the majority of time and join a far on that. In this way it can extend a clave was partorisca he pic can not take quite near partorisca or dozens other things and of course real selfies. But a bit far it is perfect to take some pictures or register. I did not think it use it but was bad. A lenses the field of view is also incredible. It finds seldom I can not return all want to in a picture. Included when when being a lot of neighbour the things like houses, everything returns in a pic. I have used a wifi in a camera partorisca pull this pair was. I will upload the video of him the submarine once has some hips.

Is going to Hawaii and has has wanted to something partorisca take the photos and the underwater video. After looking has decided around in this camera partorisca a prize adds and quality of video.

There is not founding never the reason partorisca spend the little hundred in the GoPro as it was not able to use he partorisca a prize. Also already we have the cannon 7D as we do not require anything partorisca take better pictures.

Now that I have it, the desire would have bought it more collected. The video and he look of pictures partorisca surprise for such the camera abordable small. A wifi the characteristic is also wonderful. I did not use it partorisca control a camera still, but has used to the the attractive was video and of the pictures on to my telephone. I have not been able to say a 4K the video is in fact better that a 1080p still like my telephone does not have to that big of the resolution.

One a downfall is some options of paper partorisca change way and go in to the settings is the little heavy but does not expect any a lot of him.

Will update with which more use, the underwater Hawaii but for now, is state adds.
5 / 5 By Warren
Has bought this partorisca mine 12 yr old daughter partorisca Navidad and shes absolutely enamoured with him. Shes Has taken some absolutely gorgeous video of a fish in ours pond with him. Material shes dunked he to the each mass of waters can take his so much can tape of video these 'the underlying worlds'. Really you leave partorisca see whats down there in the way so only can not experience another wise. A fish any panic of him and some images are cleaned and clear.

His second favourite thing partorisca do with east to attach it to his boss while she zooms around. It skates, bicycles, rock and all where shes in motion. A rock that traces the video are fun reason can look exited of a wall and take some visas is.

His holding on well and theres estada question a lot still although it takes used hard. A clarity and the detail takes are adds. Far better then mine expensive plus but the oldest camera. This camera is entirely value a prize.
4 / 5 By Tennille
Fist of everything, downloads he of the authorship there is has not used never any cameras of first action, ossia prime minister of mine a.

A pros:
1. If of the test of the water is really tries water, is spent the regular test of the paper towel in an enclosure has submerged under waters partorisca 30+ min. An interior is coming entirely dry.
2. A slew partorisca locate adapters! The inaugural a container, has been blown was! More like this in awe, in fact. This in spite of is very easy to imagine was like this partorisca connect a piece to another and several highland adapters would leave this partorisca go in bosses of Bicycle, car dashes, helmets, or simple tripods ( has the mini the tripod has comprised, which is in definite prize ). If you can imagine out of the bequeath dipped, can dip this neighbour.
3. I have taken some sample pics and video of an interior of my house (like this not sharing :), a reproduction of looks by heart well.
4. It comes with an Android/iOS application, which can take you he partorisca scan the only QR code in a manual. A connection is done Wi-Fi of street , which leave me to remotely control a camera partorisca preview/and images of video and stop records (more on preview of the latest video).
5. A container comes with an extra battery and separate load, very convenient of then can not touch a camera while it is in a waterproof chance.

A neutral:
does not consider these so many gilipollas, so only my observations.
1. Because of a lentil of wide corner, object to a flange of some looks of picture partorisca be wry. This can be true with another action cam but would not know reason have not possessed never action cam before.
2. The stabilisation of image is a lot when path around a house and resist my hand in bylines. My hand is not conclusive like my old camcorder can say, but these looks of cameras partorisca be that it does well with some small vibrations. To an end of a register has moved my hand on and down on purpose and the image is remained relatively clear.
3. 4K The video so only goes in 10fps. Any sure if ossia a limitation of a camera or an old MicroSD paper.

One with:
1. I have used an application of iPhone, and each appearance of an application has treated like this expected, excepts a preview of video. A preview of image is instant , but a preview of looks of video partorisca have to attended partorisca download a whole video to a telephone before playback has begun. Appearances some class of streaming capacity that would leave a playback partorisca begin while a file has been transferred. It has given finally on while and it has taken a MicroSD the paper was and has looked a video in my PC. It is also possible to revise a video directly in a camera with his tiny screen.

To good sure would recommend to use he in a waterproof chance reason a camera is so only the blockade, requires some highland enclosure to having connected in any location of still. Calm of course can use as it camera of video/of normal camera, but iPhone does the better work in that and frankly, concealed is not a purpose feigned of this camera anyways.
4 / 5 By Hermila
Is camara is besides be my expectations!!! Really love a quality of some video and perfect for my purpose that is skateboarding images. The hard battery decent quantity , sum of accessories, very facilitated to cruised in and global adds. You try it submarine also and also in amazing!. An only with would be a clip partorisca open a battery comparment, is class of fragile and delicate in a begiinning.
5 / 5 By Gerardo
Has taken this on relieving extracted partorisca treat really good. It was little unsure, but this thing is awesome.

Love an application that download, where can control you a process of whole register. I can locate this out of a car and controls with my telephone.

A quality of video is very good. It comes with tonnes of accessories, like waterproof chances, and it tripod. A far is class of paste or lose, but have your control of application of the telephone. Any I still is reason would use a far.

Buy a SD paper with him when you buy it. Has no inner memory.
5 / 5 By Luann
Rec'D Camera on July 27, as my experience with him is has limited still. Orderly spur of a moment. I have required the camera of small video quickly and a H9R was in the Lightning Extracted so only 3 minutes have left partorisca go. As this was the 'compraventa of whim'. But I am satisfied enough with a camera. Has no leading experience with any camera of alike action.

Resulted of the video registered in 10 video of files of small (MOV formed) in a SD paper. There is times very small empty go in some successive files. With the 128 GB the paper installed a camera said has had on 5 hours to time records. So only on 3 hours with one 32 GB paper.

Both video and the still photos are utmost, and a camera the good work partorisca choose on audio. It has not tried an effect of an underwater house on audio still.

In general, well, small, light, and very adaptable with all a highland hardware has comprised. Audio of video and good quality.

The fantastic prize has compared partorisca Go Pro Camera, but again, does not have any experience with other frames. A fast comparison has done in mine 3 minutes of on-line spec comparison with comparably priced the cameras have not aimed any significant differences.

A 170 viewing of terracing the corner is the gross exaggeration . My rough measures are aiming something so only down 100 deg in horizontal and 50-55 deg vertical.

A box among him is worthless partorisca storage, as I am ordering the separate spending chance.

Very tried the closing, but is supposition partorisca live video of current, but so only with iOS crew, any Android. Too bad.

An application of Android partorisca this camera (Ez-iCam) installed w/or he hitch in mine Samsung compressed of Wi-Fi. But it was the real nightmare partorisca take doing in mine Nexus 6p smartphone. The short long history: first to install an application, the turn was soyobile dated and 'roaming' down'ettings/mobile coverage'. A simple statement to this effect in some instructions would have saved me hours of frustration. It has had I a lot in the first place of then does in a pill would be returned a camera.

Would be good to have all some keys in a backside of a camera. I find it the bit partorisca frustrate that it tries manuver my big toes around 3 sides of a camera partorisca take a legislation setings.
5 / 5 By Jonathon
The camera adds partorisca a low prize! I have bought this camera because among the cruise to Bahamas with some friends and I has loved to be able to take some pictures and video while we were in a water and also while snorkeling. I have not loved to spend of the money in the GoPro reason have known would not be using a thick camera and has not required all some bells and whistles that a GoPro offered. So only give me something can take in a water and fresh video with lol. A camera also takes the outsides of good pictures of a water also and has taken a lot of good shots. Of calm so only is that it pays $ 70, would not expect a same quality like the GoPro or another camera of big final (sinister is partorisca be realistic) but takes a work done! A camera is coming with a lot of different annexes, but has used mostly a eselfie clave' (although desires had the key on that would take some pictures in place of me that has to that use a way of explosion, but no extracted big!). The cost of mark takes the paper by heart reason a camera does not come with one, has bought the 32gb partorisca only $ 18 and has abundance of spatial partorisca video and of the pictures. In general you recommend this camera partorisca any any one takes some video and of the good pictures without quell'have expertise in photograph and does not want to pay a big prize partorisca the GoPro.
5 / 5 By Evelyne
After using mine buddies gone pro the few times have decided to do the transmission partorisca take a camera of action on its own name. Unfortunately when you look on Ida Pro was way out of my row of prize. Disappointed, looked in of the comparable models and found this little gem in the flash dealbfor the averages a prize of the gone pro.

Partorisca Compare and contrast it would say that a main difference is like obtaining images of video of a camera. You owe that use the third party, the Chinese application has developed that it is in English but so only a lot last to use. I imagined it it was like this partorisca pull the video was but my surprise can very directly so only upload to facebook or Youtube. They are .mov Formed and has not comprised an audio codec when saved to mine Samsung s8. You will owe that download the third application of party partorisca convert to mp4, which has not been one @subjects at all.

A quality of some video is comparable to go Ida Pro. Calm also take the variety or accesorias that among handy. Also the far to take pictures and video if yours the camera is trace to somewhere calms can do not accessing (extremely handy in my car partorisca use or partorisca pinch cam).

In general am happy with cost of mine and would recommend to another.
4 / 5 By Leona
Much easier to understnad that mine GoPro 3 although it is more simplistic. Amazing value partorisca of the money. Highly it recommends one of this calm so that volume enough the pocolos accessories have comprised with some big boys; i.et. For behind pak, boss, if, etc. Aller advances partorisca do one submerges and grab one of these paralizaciones down $ 75 I was easily able to take a Bluetooth the connection has established.
4 / 5 By Del
EKEN H9R Camera of action 4K Wifi Camera of Full Waterproof Sports HD 4K 25fps 30fps 1080P 60fps 720P 120fps Camera of Video 12MP Photo and 170 Wide Corner to lentil comprises 11 Box of Mountains 2 Money of Battery
has purchased this Eken H9R reason have had such good regime with mine Eken H9Rse that has purchased he almost done two years. Ossia He upgrade of a model having the better sensor in him. I also, are the believer of a quality Eken dips to his products. Mina Eken H9Rse has fallen to the river while doing some filming. I took the pocolos small partorisca @give had fallen to a river. When the fish Was run still! Shortly after although it go died. In the believer that is to be finalise my daughter has taken averts and has dried was. A bit those that the hours later spends it mine and said again. I have been surprised! Shoot a lot up. I imagined it he no partorisca much more this in spite of. This was almost do the year and still is used regularly without subjects at all. Looking forward to using this upgraded unit partorisca more filming entertainment. Thank you Eken! George.

Top Customer Reviews: TurnsPro - Time ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By
Always I want to when something in fact to to the works like is announced. Ossia The add little addition my Opteka 48' slider, which are Amazon of trace . I have found the video on Youtube for the write the one who there is rigged his slider with him, and I one same , with $ 15 value of additional parts (sees photo) partorisca add two 4' pulleys of clothesline.
5 / 5 By
Disappointing. It can be useful partorisca the GoPro or the mobile phone but partorisca the main camera is underpowered. I use the 1.8 lb camera - very inner a 2.2 lb recommended limit. Some towers were anything but smooth and the chairs like a system have struggled. Some resultant casseroles, any in period of time or in normal speed, was jerky. Any minor gust of the wind will cause a camera partorisca wobble - a mountain of upper camera feels likes is in the plastic train this'll gives way in a slightest provocation.

Has bought this partorisca take with me on the 'travesía of the lifetime' travel it and am happy has tried among home first. I have decided any to pack he for a travesía and probably will not use it again.
5 / 5 By
A TurnsPro has limited use because it can so only mobile phones of sleeve or cameras a lot light. Against an ad, a unit can not manage the DSLR with the normal lentil has attached; some results of engine jerky and useless for period of time. I have had an occasion to try the period of time with my iPhone but some results have not been satisfactory: variac. Of the speed and the excessive vibration he absolutely useless. Turn a unit the Amazon so only with which three use of days.
5 / 5 By
Has been having the plot of fun with this boss. It is not a thing has better seen, but is quite well in general. To the as it likes me is that it leave to program of some terracings have covered, and the one who calm quickly want these terracings to be covers. Can say it to move neither in a clockwise direction, or counter in a clockwise direction, says on 100 terracings, and can say it to do like this in 20 seconds for shots of fast panorama with my mobile phone, or can say it to cover this row in hours, has to wants to do timelapse. A reason did not give it the full stars are been due to some materials . It is plastic, a LCD is low quality, this in spite of readable, and require sure has an extra along 1/4 edge in your tripod loves the trace. An edge to receive in a fund is recessed, which the edge of tripod rule too short to plenary presiona properly. I have solved this to take the small woman to adapter of female edge, then the male to edge viril. Screwing He all near, trace so only well.
4 / 5 By
Has bought this for my RX10, the small plus DSLR sized the camera likes aimed in some pictures. This can classify' sees the mania when rotating perfectly level, although some battery spend was a lot quickly. In any corner although entirely it fails. A gopro is roughly all this can manage in his side. Still then some battery spend is gone in so only the pair of hours. How it is this supposition to do the 10 turn of now if some batteries so only last 4?

- Awesome ajustibility, Well The tune to turn almost any speed, this in spite of calm a lot the time loves. (Plus 1 star)
- the exposure is easy to comprise.
- My gopro timelapses the look adds like this far.

- Does not manage any quantity of weight a lot at all. (Minus 1 star)
- the life of Battery is poor. Still with duracell red. (Minus 1 star)
- any level
- that Connects the main camera, when this is trace to the tripod, is uncomfortable.

Gives 3 stars been due to a gilipollas, but posted 4 stars because an exposure and adjustability really is a lot of (compared to another resemblance priced devices).

Enough would have the big plus, less compact, turner with the a lot of stronger engine and life of the longest battery that something these accesses in my pocket (thats the one who my stock exchange of camera is for). If it can manage the DSLR vertical would be it way more useful. Comprise it groups it to help ballance a COG of a camera in a estaca, and to do that it attaches the easiest camera.
4 / 5 By
Laws well, has more functionality that a 'egg-timer' alternative, and is relatively economic. Works with any small camera or compact over time-function of period. It does not try to use he with the big DSLR or heavy lentil, of then does not balance and stress some mechanisms.

Has embezzled a star because an inferior die has used to attach to the tripod is situated too deep, or does not extend far enough, to attach easily to the dish of tripod of fast emission. Like this, a device and that the camera is resisted in place for a lot of few edges, incurring the risk could fall off. A buyer can remedy this partorisca dismantle a TurnsPro casing and gluing the flat piece of plastic or metal on a die, so that a ray of the tripod of fast emission can achieve more edges.
4 / 5 By
Ossia Easy to use (once take a hangs of him) and the fun addition my photograph of period of the time. Has some frustrating appearances like this - 1) a tripod recessed (female) annex. I have had the hard time that finds the ray of tripod that would do. 2) I Need the key 'clear' or something another that turning it was when calm mine-program it. Also the function by heart would be good 3) the desire was quite strong to resist my DSLR. Works gread with mobile phone and GoPro this in spite of.
5 / 5 By
He that is supposition to do . This in spite of, can be improved to add markings to an upper to the equal that can see some terracings in planting to guess. Also, it was a lot it agrees settings that was dipped already after timing out of way that does not have to that reset all he the volume has interrupted.
5 / 5 By
A TurnsPro is fantastic. I have been using he for the few weeks, and already the good time taken-video of period with a camera panning for 2 to 8 hours.
Produced a lot well, easy to operate, and very intuitive.
Has two small drawbacks. In the first place, a clip for a compartment of battery is hard to open with a fingernails, the use needs the coin or screwdriver. As, when you the deception while program an only way to fix is for the turn was and beginning throughout again. Any way, any of those is by train to maintain me out of using a device when required.
I desire in a future have TurnsPro with the capacity augmented for big DSLR is.
4 / 5 By
This product is a lot well Contrives,but has his details,1: they finalise quickly the batteries purportedly there is sierto limit the use of battery and arrival after series of big help and saving a feeder d electrical for his use. 2:Another detail is that when this rotando the unit his micro comment of pauses in video punctually d the rotation and listens the ruidito still mesh them and the rests have registered in audio of the video

Top Customer Reviews: GoPro Hero5 Black - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Jammie
Prpers Have been the GoPro user partorisca years, was very happy to see that a new Hero 5 Black would be waterproof in his own, without a system of external chance weighed. Happy, ossia, until a reality of just that has drawn bad a water-characteristic of control of a camera really is.

15 minutes to my prime minister snorkeling travesía in the travesía recent of the mine familiarised-of-a-lifetime the Hawaii, an inexplicably closed camera he down without warning or explanation. Assuming it was a battery, have gone back in a boat, has dried was, has substituted a battery and has tried again. At all. The furthest investigation has aimed that my mark-spanking-new 'waterproof to 10 metres' GoPro Heroes 5 has not been like this waterproof after all. An interior of a compartment of battery has been drenched and both would beat has ruined like the result. A camera has been used 100 according to the instructions of a costruttore, and all cure foreseen has been taken when closing and seating doors to do sure a focus was a lot. It is so only he drew it bad. One researches of Google objective fast that an Internet is littered with owners having a same class of question.

Averts of an obvious disappointment of fault of a camera and his effect on ruining video and occasions of countless photos for me and my family, GoPro answered when I contacted them roughly a failure has been possibly still worse. After my initial contact and his questions for photos of a camera, battery and received, take them FOUR DAYS to go back mine. When they have done finally, they have sent to him focus of nave of the EARTH for the turn of New York in California (a week in traffic) and has done any mention battery that his produced defective there is ruined also. They have said also he at all roughly that the time would be without a camera.

Has answered to this message and AGAIN has listened a lot behind with any additional information. And I have purchased included a GoPro container of Priest when I have purchased a camera! Rediculous. The mine so only thought is that they are having such question with a waterproofing in his new Hero 5 Black cameras that stuns .

An inferior line is that you are planning yours use camera of action in a water (as like this of is), calm would owe that save you of a defective Hero 5 black and, even more, of GoPro terrible service. As One once is very fallen. Caveat emptor.


has received finally my substitution GoPro Heroine 5 Black with which two weeks, three telephone of the clue called and fiancée for the send as-the airs of day so that would have for my travesía next. Instead, they sent it nave of the earth and he have arrived a day with which have had has left already. I have not been surprised.

In general, my disappointment in one the fault of some rests of cameras and my disappointment in GoPro like the company has grown. I have invested of then in GoPro mountains and accesorias, will continue to use this camera until it fails (again), but will look elsewhere for need of camera of future action and no patronize GoPro in a future. Besides, you recommend against any of GoPro is to add-ons as GoPro Cure or GoPro More than a company clearly sees them like this at all more than the enhancement of shows and a lot in fact follow-by means of in a coverage.
4 / 5 By Jodie
Initially looks to be the good camera. Quality/of the video of the photo was well, some characteristics were awesome, all some the available annexes was also convenient. THIS In spite of, has been now roughly 5 month of mine buys initial (used so only slightly and infrequently), and a first time has spent in fact he to a water in Hawaii ( knows, of then is 'waterproof' to 10m or anything), to do and see fill of water on a front LCD. It is it has been not very deep, level to surface snorkeling, and swimming out of a normal spent to a camera. I have after verified and both of some doors in a camera was closed closely and free of water. It looks that it water it somehow filtered in by means of a front of a camera to somewhere and has caused a camera to no longer can on, which looks to be the defect of manufacture. I have read in a subject same with other people. Extremely it is that I annoy that has expected this with a longitude to spend he in a water, as they are out of a window for returns of Amazon and has has not had never positive experiences that looks for to file claims of guarantee. I have contacted both Amazon and GoPro and are while to the response.

2017/09/15 MODIFICATION:

has spoken to sustain of client and has sent a product in still substitution the weeks of pair - still while to a substitution to come. They have said usually they do not cover harm of water, but based in my description and photo, has said to be the subject of manufacture.
4 / 5 By Idella
This description is of my perspective like the autonomous videographer and first-proprietary of camera of action of time. I will maintain description the scarce to go in a good, a bad, and an ugly of a GoPro Hero 5 Black.

One a lot (+3)
- Highly portable. Quickly I can you touch and clave he in my pocket for on-the-shooting gone.
- Waterproof. Drop this in the water and calm will be well. Swish He around, this in spite of well. It goes to submerge, yep, a lot still (until 33' without housing).
- Connectivity of Android. Work fantastically! With an application of Capture, can take attention to a shot in mine 5' screen of telephone while driving my arm.
- Stabilisation. Incredibly well. If I am doing the panning shot or walking down stairs, does not have to that me worry roughly arm jiggle. It is smooth in the bicycle.
- Audio. Fines-register It directional in this tiny camera is very good. It listens to an audio believed in a semi-detached video to see that I bad.
- Sturdy Construction. A smooth plastic, screen of big touch, and heft give it the quality feels to return to a row of prize.
- Timelapses The look adds! I have registered the 2-now once-for-2-according to timelapse in the alone battery and was able to immediately wirelessly transfer it to the mine telephone and share it.

A bad (-1)
- A flap in an USB C port in a side there is jammed and fallen off several times. It is easy to dip behind on, although a possibility of him falls off it again me think roughly accidentally in the loser.
- A water-tight house (leaves it to go much deeper in of waters he) clashes up against a record key and takes the bit of the squeeze to take it on. No a worse thing in a world, but hey, is the hassle.

An ugly (-2)
- In any light lower that the direct together sun, the digital grain is visible. When in a shadow or when it is cloudy, a quality is noticeably worse that in sun. It thinks of a grain as like the a lot of painting daub look, roughly 2010 camera of telephone. Yes, it can shoot 4K in the 60 Mb/s bitrate, but has included downscaled to 1080p, a digital grain is noticeable. It sees that I bad in a semi-detached video. My telephone, Galaxy S7, taken far better video that a GoPro further of low-light settings. This in spite of, any camera of beaten telephone a width-corner, waterproofing, and general versatility of this camera.

- A GoPro Hero 5 Black is the I add $ 400 cameras of the action feigned for the very concrete phase of videographers. One of entity downside of this camera (quality of video in low light) any outweigh all that this camera can do. Launcher this tiny camera in your stock exchange, goes skiing, surfing, travelling a country, and when you are everything , together place something the value that accione. That calms any volume with quality of the video the transmission takes a lot that has to that hassle with lenses, extra battery, external chargers, stock exchanges of crew, and to the like, which of everything among a way of an action.

22 total points with 4 has taken was = 21/24, or roughly 4/5 stars.
4 / 5 By Eli
Takes before clicking shabby! While this camera can look thrilling, beware that many the defective units are sold and does not do like this announced that. And you find a subject (which is highly likely) service of the client will not do anything to help you . GoPro The service of client is a worse I actuate has not treated never. This easily could be $ 400 down a drain.

Has purchased a camera for a big, upcoming travesía. A camera has done to add some first time has tried was previously to a travesía (any extreme activity). It was very excited roughly the and has bought all some accompanying accessories. Some second time used it on my travesía entirely freezes on (again, any extreme activity). Anytime I have tried to see mine freezing of pictures and so only gave 'uploading'. I have required to take a battery every time to take it the unfreeze and only freezings on again any time have tried to see some pictures. It can very included see some pictures in an application of capture.

After reading endless blog and trying each suns troubleshooting any (inclucing erasing all my pictures) has spoken with service of client in on-line cat. My rep, Meryxcel, hardly could speak English and has proposed some the majority of absurd solutions (likes redownloading an application of capture) which was a lot clearly any in a root of a question. After explaining a question in detail adds and while an average of 5 first minutes of the each response still thinks a subject was with a FOCUSED backlight of a screen of view. I have explained also that has travelled internationally and has required a camera for a travesía has had has purchased specifically stops. It does not offer any flexibility in coming up with the saying of solution has required to topmast a camera behind first they so that that can revise and then would send another but could not offer neither expedited neither international nave. My travesía would be on before it take a substitution . I have asked to speak with the supervisor and Meryxcel has ignored a question two times and said then was impossible. It was persistent and has spoken finally with the supervisor after expecting the long time and has received still any assistance further. In the loss, has asked that sends some instructions of turn.

Later that the prejudices have received an email that asks receipt of mine, number of serial, shipping allocution, etc (all duquel already had resupplied in on-line cat). I resupplied it again immediately. Any response with instructions of turn or has included the number of chance. Have emailed 4 times of then and has been 12 days . Any response.

Has been calling GoPro to follow up and am still in the moment to a @subject to be solved. To arrive to this point so only loves my money behind. Save your money while you can.
5 / 5 By Efrain
Wow. No twists on neither uploads directly out of a box. It can not take the control to Go Pro Service of client for cat or for telephone. I am not squandering anymore the time is and it returning!!! Google 'Go Pro 5 black will not turn on' and will see does the enormous question with these things. A lot disappointed.
4 / 5 By Maude
Has has had so only a HERO5 Black for the few months now and does not touch anymore. On that, when it was touched I could not take my images to download to an APPLICATION of CAPTURE or my Mac. Yes, I know sure that is to be connect correctly to TAKE reason have had IDA PRO the employee walk by means of him. INCLUDED WORSE..... I have tried calling his number of telephone of services of client multiple time in multiple of different days in 1-855-635-3578 and he coverages once and then hangs on me. I am not impressed, and once are able to take ahold of services of client IDA PRO is taking is returned. They are the a lot of mamma of bust, and honradamente does not have time for everything of some questions that has.
4 / 5 By Hans
Has bought so only this gopro and use for my travesía but he hangup long, a black of tower of the video, and any function is doing. I require to take a battery to do work again. It asks substitution.
5 / 5 By Toney
Has taken my prime minister GoPro - very exited still although I have been concerned reason there was quite the few bad descriptions. It have to that it has listened it to some bad descriptions. Right out of a box an exposure in a backside of a camera has not done. Tried some updates, has bought a better SD Paper of a web of place of company. Tried several batteries. Tried with camera directly powered for computer. At all do. Sending it behind for the repayment. When Something has 25 percent 2 star or fewer indications, and the majority of some three indications of star mentions numerous questions, would have to listen. The lesson has learnt a hard way. OF THE THAT SPENT THIS CAMERA!!!!!
4 / 5 By Riley
- Waterproof All a way. All the ports are covered like this there is not any fear of them when being submersos in a muck.
- I designs has the smoothest flanges and in general has the professional feels.
- Commanded of voice that beeps when tongues an of some 12 mandates. Also it takes the account your emphasis is in an Or.S, United Kingdom, AUS, etc.
- GPS partorisca tagging yours the locations esatte on where have filmed
- Built-in touchscreen ossia now 100 easy times to choose some settings want in the effective / tax faster.
- A key to register, any extra step has involved.
- 4K Video in 30 fps also , 1440p, 1080p, 960p, 720p, and still 480p resolutions. In general, the good-looking / image acute experience when that looks to the equal that has filmed (One of a better there).
- Sensor of the main resolution that any of his counterparts.
- Shining brightness and contrast to paint when down lighting resulted a subject in sunrise or at night time.
- Like this usual, will take all an extra filming occasions that more GoPros resupply.
- Works of stabilisation of the extremely good video when your GoPro is clashing up and down.
- The battery is not built in; you can battery to exchange when I need to.
- Reduction of noise of incredible wind. It is built in stereo will resist his earth when you are facing almost a lot windy / crazy strong chances.
- Any need to buy very other accessories to change a setting; look the one who calm so only filmed, and he like this advances because this GoPro is everything in a.

Gilipollas And Oks:
- the battery is 2 hours ; east sucks calm reason to to the the majority likes them need to buy extra battery to have the full day with him.
- Has the lag when using a touchscreen. Striking down in a touchscreen is resulted the little defiant, lagging wise.
- A touchscreen is also the murderous of the battery adds.
- The voice commands the only work says a “EXACT “ “ “” phrasing or more at all will spend, better used a screen.
- Touching the time has taken was around 45 minutes.
- Connecting with the smartphone is the little difficult. It can not find the reason because so only spends the plot for my iPhone 6.
- GoPro Is quite aggressive on doing use his applications when you want to see your video in a computer. No respecto for him and personally, will like him to so only say of any thank you and movement on. It is hard to do that every time you want to modify or see your video in a computer, especially if I do not have an internet sometimes.

In general:
can go both ways in this reason this GoPro will not return all the needs. It is the good GoPro but really depend on because need the GoPro. Raincoat, GPS that follows, built-in touchscreen is some utmost perks when taking this like this now live in the world of smartphone where these three perks is now in our daily life. A video and quality of his good-looking sound but a life of battery, creates, goes to be the breaker of extracted partorisca a lot of you. If calm snowboard, navigation, mountain biking, and any one another active outside this mixes around some natural elements then this goes to be something will use. They are by train of the give Four stars because this GoPro offered the plot, but is not useful to all the world. If you are facing an alfresco then yes this will be a lot of (maintains in alcohol, 2 hours of battery). Another reason, sticks to another GoPro. You go to take 4k of awesomeness filming, but maintain import that this is not an only GoPro that can do 4k. Verdict: it depends in that likes you to him the film.

Hopefully, Was helps it yours everything.

Sincere Reviewer
5 / 5 By Daron
has bought this for my edges for his anniversary. He a month... I am taking a lot of fallido has not been able of the use still.

Are not an idiot, is like this to use technology, has used to build computer for fun. This does not come with the upload, so only the cord, but tried it on very different chargers in my house. It do not take the load. The instructions are followed, the battery is to situate correctly. I have been able of the take to turn on, sometimes, when plugged in. When the unplug Die, any @@subject that the time touched for or in that upload, dies.

I call GoPro support, no quell'useful, loves evidence of picture (that sends) and then says could me send something the week or two. While My edges can not use his present like any thank you. The turn the Amazon, which is well, and take the substitution in two days. Supposition that? A same question with a substitution. It was not if it is the bad cord bad load port bad battery or connection of the bad battery but the amazon has the integer shipment of bad cameras. As second time want to return it the Amazon any substitution anymore so only the repayment.

I supposition will order for the third time, this time although I will be out of an additional payment until the amazon take my second turn .

Top Customer Reviews: 6 in 1 Monopod ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
4 / 5 By Eleonor
You press a button lived to adjust an angel of an arm these wineries a camera. A problem is sound very infinitely the adjustable meaning there is only the signals of small together that it can adjust an arm in that affects an angel of your camera. That is to say a lot you the hand is lining the and shooting but if the desire poses a tripod in the table for VLOGing for example an angel could be was. As and it uses this for race and pistol but ANY ONE to subject upper VLOGing as and expected and would be able in also uses pauses. My confidence Manfrotto mini the tripod will continue to be used for this purpose. I maintain this one in my stock exchange of camera for trip and and also uses his bolster in my Zoom H6n in the table as and can angel a gesture to see to read some levels besides audios easily. His add for that.

A lot estimates a money! I have wanted only the real world-wide experience for any one concealed could have been expecting utilitzarel a same road.
5 / 5 By Nicolle
That is to say the add little product and I use it almost every day. If I am shooting in my workshop or has entered trails, this tripod is always near. A unit is so clear usually only left the semi-detached in an of my organism of camera and the bloc to use like the grip of vertical camera. Balancing it can be the small delicate even so, and I with some feet have had the slightly more the big impression.
Would exert to say precaution when using this with organism of camera with the heavy lentil. I have tried to use this when that hikes a time with my Nikon D600 and he 24-85mm slow and or the rigid breeze routed a whole camera tumbling, breaking a lentil. Mark Sure to balance a lentil in a leg in front of a tripod for some better results, and would not recommend using this with something main that the lentil of boxes. Included one 24-85 dulcemente of the box could be the big bit for this type. Running he with the small piece of glass likes him 50mm the prime is the sleep even so, like the clear character the easy fact to pose up for shots of low angle. That is to say a piece of the box always has in my stock exchange.
5 / 5 By Emelina
That is to say the very useful tripod of dual purpose. It serves very what so much the mini-tripod of desktop, and also like the one of grip of pistol of the hand for camera or mobile phone (the mobile phone locates no comprised). It IS very robust when lining my Cannon SX-40HS in my desktop. Even so a lot it likes him his in of me when bent to be hand-has lined to use my mountain of camera of the iPhone (Ulanzi ST-03). It lines an iPhone very firmly, that leaves smooth classifying when taking videos and trail the full garment of a screen to see that it is taking. I am fallen my indication in 4 stars because of taking a tripod with a camera thumbscrew broke - a side of some nuts was flattened when taken. I have to use the hack of the nut given to do a threaded thumbscrew usable. (NOTE: A strap of the pointed wrist in a tripod in some pictures are not comprised).
4 / 5 By Ricky
It attaches small tripod. Multifunctional Also. I want a quality. It has attached the small strong box-auricular of Swiss dish. Awesome For my videos of Youtube.
5 / 5 By Marcelina
Tight Nice, barn, compresses mini tripod with regulating 1/4' the nuts will take camera, tablet, or mountains of mobile phone with matching socket. Opened fully, fund of chairs in rubberized, any-tampons of skid. Fully close it his provides the comfortable pole, only, hand-the grip has streaky can use to stabilise the shots with the camera concealed no in that has it anti-characteristic of shudder. (Any one of my cameras has concealed.) With the mountain and button of far shutter of emission (corded or bluetooth) can pose your house of camera and mark selfies or take pictures to group besides far was that the period of the arm without race of era to take in a shot in front of a shutter the timer goes era. While that is to say some of any shot of tripod, this robust, the portable tripod give you a lot of extra options without lugging the squad the big plus around.
5 / 5 By Pearlie
Claro, easy to pack and spend relatively robust. Easy to use. Of a unit is plastic and a ray is probably aluminium probably will use cual the grip to spend lights of dive. Ought To be practically impervious in of the salt water. Work with my Nikonos like the pod of organism, but is uncomfortable with the d810 or the d850. Works very that the small ttop-pod with low width telephotos, Longer TVs sometimes lack of the collar and does not locate tripods in his centre of gravity but sometimes trust gross stabilisation of obliges a program is plastic and looks fragile. Of a pvot of whole unit; as any I so that it adds to follow shots but could do well if your stalking the shot and shoot of the prone has posed. In an another well of records of the hand with micro/slow of macro, but thinks or still will have to line a gesture manually.
5 / 5 By Hope
I have bought in fact this for the laptop of engraver (the Tascam Dr.-40). It looks for something concealed would operate like the grip of comfortable pistol and reduced some noise to surface while record with a built in mic. As it was to premium that this also the folds was in the tripod. It IS portable, comfortable and hurriedly instead for hand-lined in tripod.

IMPORTING: One this the look has been arrest , when has taken in the first place he, tried to the change was one of some legs of the tripod and he looked bonded, and with very little force the broken . I issue me he nine an and while new one was still very rigid, has done was the small more and change out of just sake. So careful the be when in the first place take it and when being very soft with some legs, is lined in place with the clear plastic cuff.

In general, is very happy with him, and plan to take the shockmount to go with him.
5 / 5 By Dorene
I have posed the plot of wear and tear on everything of my train. Used this with a Olympus OMD EM5 and Panasonic GH5, for both photo and video. After one 2 shoot, a transfer-and-the mechanism to close begun to fail. And all of the sudden, has wished has had the reliable plus (still even so heavier) tripod with me. Only there is not quite a lot of tactile feedback to know exactly when each so of a monopod the individual sections are closed fully, as has the tendency up-tense the.

Second flu - some feet have extended any one out of afterlife that 45 titles. Fulfilling that bobo - could obtain you of more stability of plot (the widest base) was more afterwards in of the parallel with an earth.

That when being said, yes take well of priest of him, can last you 4-6 month, possibly longer.
3 / 5 By Vallie
I am not also impressed with this monopod. His more robust person monopod there, but has to do a work for smartphones of clear/cameras/GoPros. Personally the would not trust he with the heavy DSLR camera, but clearer mirrorless the cameras would have to be well. I have purchased this for my Panasonic GH4 mirrorless the camera and he are 'very'. It Likes him that it is very of compact and access easily in my stock exchange of camera. More i of compraventa probably the unit of the big more final that is to say the robust plus bit. While it feigns on maintaining a hand on he at all times, has to exit only a lot since you. The good class!
3 / 5 By Emily
A main thing is the one who compact is when spending and when being able to change on that it wants to resist my camera in the look of the moment.

There is securely has resisted all have attached it to. He same mania uneven terrain quite well.

Found using my cameras the plot more after taking this of then have the stable program to shoot of.

The hips takes the tonne less space to walk that the regular tripod.

My main critique is that some last 2 segments(small plus) is basically unusable in any but some the majority of ideal conditions. They are flimsy and wobble the plot.

To good sure would buy this again if anything never has spent his.
5 / 5 By Arla
No my first election. To good sure does not use this like the fully widespread tripod. In this way too wobbly and unstable to use with the camera or mobile phone. Adding any device to this monopod the way done too upper-heavy and unstable. If it estimate your crew as I look for something better. They are past way too much money in my crew; my cameras and my mobile phone to risk them that takes attacked on for the light breeze or any one another light tap thus subject. It is idea adds but unfortunately a monopod the clave is flimsy and feels economic. I seat that this would break inside the relatively cut period of time with normal use. Has posted the full description of this product in youtube and has comprised link he thus produced that the amazon or a vendor maintains to go down. You can find my description to look for a name of product in youtube to verify it was. This has said, for a prize still would go with something better like the Targus or any one another sturdier monopod or the tripod but I can not see that it invests this class of money on something like this flimsy. Ossia More as the glorified selfie clave. Hope These helps.
4 / 5 By Elisa
Petit, light, and solidly has built. Flimsy? No like this in 'of the falls averts' flimsy. Flimsy Like this in small and light for travesía. This could easily drop in the briefcase, but still resist a telephone for video is and photo exactly to the equal that have to that.

Is now video-conferencing our alive seminars, and ossia perfect to ad an anonymous participant in a half of the alive audience to take the point of view of an audience and questions in the meeting of ZOOM. It is very thin ( still strong), which leaves my telephone 'the half' founds in a room. Ideal. And it was economic!

BTW - I has been concerned some legs would not be long enough to maintain stable of things, and his hips looked 'flimsy' of some photos. Any so many. These are in fact metal expandable legs with plastic coverages. Fully widespread, some legs resupply wide stability.

And another BTW - I has lost that this thing has the built in level, which means a telephone does not bend on or droop. A monopod the rigid stays and directly.
4 / 5 By Janay
I down good collapses and courts, which is of the as it has looked for. It is very light, which also translated to that feels fragile. But calm would not owe that be using something like this to defend against zombie or anything. Partorisca To sustain the basic camera, he a work adds. And it comes with two different mountain rays, in the camera of yours chance has the mountain not regulating hole.

A brief word in a foot, to the to the equal that liked really. Has the foot of hule on that it can regulate it to any coverage or expose anchors it of cone of metal. As you can use a foot of hule indoors or a still of metal alfresco. I have had an old plus monopod concealed has not had the foot that would do that, and I really like this characteristic here.
4 / 5 By Michael
Ossia The ready product with multiple uses and some economic (still surprisingly good quality) addition your crew of camera. Two worries:

In the first place, notes that it is shorter that the conventional monopod, which is typically 72'-80' in period; ie can resist a camera in level of eye when when being. It is announced (both on-line and in a packaging) eat when being 55' -- this in spite of, ossia so only when fully widespread And with the pair of the annex added (mini-legs of tripod and mountain of ball). He no really @@subject reason still was not to be level of eye unless you are the boy or an extra of 'A Wizard of Oz,' but is still useful feels and is taking the picture grupal. Any work is doing the sportive chance (ie some sidelines of the game of football and constantly moving.

As, can resist the majority of camera of consumer of note, but would be cautious using crew that was weighed too much. One is would have to that be able to sustain the reasonable weight, but is not built to be like this sturdy as it tripod. It is a type to be you could take to the Christmas of your touches of girl calms so much could register while seating without requiring one spatial to walk of the tripod. It does not substitute (neither he purport to substitute) a real tripod.

One another light worry is that a unit of base extends with some difficulty, and am not sure that time some materials will resist on, especially of this look of moving parts to be plastic. This in spite of, a prize probably reflects this. If it is not overused and if a crew is not weighed too much, has to be well for the number of years.
5 / 5 By Kacey
Has loved the a lot of monopod for mine mirrorless camera but a an I has has wanted to was too expensive for me. In fact they are six times as well as this Height. I expected it to be serviceable but was pleasantly surprised in credit it was done. A column to extend done and has closed well, a base of tripod was solid and all was a lot of packaged and in perfect condition when I received it. I recommend for the smallest cameras.
5 / 5 By Issac
Has had the hard time that looks for the add monopod that can manage to spend the dslr but has taken them a risk in this product and I has not been disappointed! It is one more monopod with tripod and all other characteristics! I have taken selfies with mine dslr and was happy with like this flexible and good quality this monopod east! Kudos To this product!
5 / 5 By Sharlene
An ape/he the laws of tripod adds for the smallest devices like GoPros, mobile phones, and smaller DSLR cameras. This in spite of, a monopod does not resist on well for the heaviest cameras main like a Sony A7II with one 24-70MM GM lentil, especially yes is using a mountain of boss of the ball (does not resist the heaviest elements). It is a lot of calms so only is using a monopod to take selfies, shoot GoPro video, or that tries to take the plus in bylines shot with the heaviest camera. I will say that a mini tripod (without a monopod attached his) will resist some heavier cameras, this in spite of, will require the big program to take shots of level of the organism, or will be literally shooting of an earth especially the day.
5 / 5 By Minda
Has has not had monopod long but look like this far adds. Some dimensions in a description are something on. I have loved the compact monopod to travel this would go with my stock exchange of sling of the camera and this looks perfect (sees picture). Once it extend it fully I have not been able to block an urn, a clamps the strong control. And finally an urn was much lighter that has been expecting.
5 / 5 By Dante
Ossia A product has better purchased in the moment. It is like this versatile. Utilisation likes him he selfie of clave and like the small or big tri-pod. The same can attach it to kayak of mine. A 1/4 thumb the holes of ray are to regulate on attach of accessory of the kayak. It is also very durable. I use mine often in a forest. They are pleasantly surprised by his stability when it has extended entirely. Highly it recommends this product.
5 / 5 By Brent
I have bought it stirs it of selfie claves, monopods, mini tripods and I like this a a better. Partorisca A prize, is solid and some parts are very well has built. I want that it calms it can use it likes the selfie of clave, the mini the tripod or the tripod regulate partorisca the small camera or telephone mobile. A boss of ball is easy to use and smooth. In general the product adds. I have recommended this to stirs it of people already.
5 / 5 By Jannette
Ossia The really good monopod partorisca of the money. An adapter of the tripod in a fund is quite small and no that stable. Limit an use of paralizaciones east at all more than the smartphone or the GoPro. This can do for the very small SLR with the small lentil concealed is not very upper-heavy. Ossia To good sure the good value for a money. A telescoping lock of sections in situating amiably. A packaging is very small and this will do in the pinch when record master some video without the plot of movement. Mark so only sure is in the good level, stable, program.
4 / 5 By Rhonda
This monopod to good sure has is perks. It is not bulky neither heavy. Hanged very light. It gathers quickly when required and disassembles quickly too much. When Storing, the cup taken on of minimum space. I maintain in my stock exchange of cameras how is always with me different my last tripod. If not to impose you the creature that chairs, then this will do for you. I do not seat comfortable leaving my telephone or camera unattended when it traces in a tripod or monopod 'pole'. Always I maintain my hand in a pole any @@subject a device has attached. I'm sorry it will not take any one a lot for a tripod to touch in closing with something that small like my mobile phone is trace . Neither it likes that I have to that twist to close each one of section for a telescoping extension. It prefers it snapped to situate reason sometimes thinks that that I have twisted correctly to close, but coming to discover I any and blockades. Any good when that tries to take moments. It is an I chair is paying the fast and convenient arrests which is a lot if ossia that is requiring. But you are looking for the heavy duty, stable tripod/monopod to sustain the camera of big dollar or included cellphone can leave to film, does not recommend he for that.
5 / 5 By Vena
This monopod is sturdily built, and incredibly flexible in his creation. We use to register our edges that baseball of touches to attach the GoPro his. We usually Velcro join to the estaca of fence, extending a monopod for support of earth, and use a joint of ball to level a lentil. Have Still to find the situation where could do not dipping up. Of then we control a GoPro remotely, this before some starts of game, and then go to seat in our chairs, unobtrusively, taking that they register that it is not obstructed by a fence.
Could does not create when a monopod has arrived, and has seen the one who credit-has built is, in spite of feeling likes had paid the relatively low prize. It has travelled well, and continuous feel sturdy, included with which month of use.
Was to say that I have not required never another, would take a same model, but the suspect so only would require another has driven in east a, and still then, with the very big vehicle.
5 / 5 By Kathryne
A tripod for is perfectly stable. When you Attach a long extension results the little unsturdy. This in spite of using to to a hand-held sweep likes the one of the hand is perfect. A tripod wordperfect also for him. Highly it recommends this setup. It is absolutely wonderful for portability and small spaces.
5 / 5 By Freddie
Produced very good. It was surprised extremely for a weight of him that typically these products are very light and any sake but this one was against that has expected. No too heavy but to to the the good weight likes has said and a lot well has done. They are extremely happy mine GoPro access perfectly and like this do my mobile phones comes with an adapter for mobile phones and for a GoPro. There is the built-in levelling so that it ensures that a picture is taking is level and easily regulated if it is not to level.
5 / 5 By Crystal
Good product for a cost. It has loved to use it to photograph the at night exposed time of Chinese torch. Law well for the landscape has has oriented images but has had a lot of images requiring orientation of portrait. A monopod the precise boss the toe also leaving an user to toe to the vertical place. @I give cost that more but cost an extra cost. A monopod this is to limit to the horizontal orientation is to use limited in real world-wide photograph.
5 / 5 By Hilde
Like use a mini tripod for macro shots and also uses for some of my video of Youtube that creates in my office with my primary DSLR or ready telephone to take some utmost B circle in the different corner. Also I have the second DSLR on my office that faces descendant directly in a product am doing on at the same time. From time to time I will use a mini tripod or pleasant pod to vlog with a semi-detached camera like him selfie clave.
5 / 5 By Sheryll
Wishes this is coming with directions. Some the better directions are some photos in the amazon that objective a different combination of uses these offers.

Would not dip the point and camera of shoot in this when it is has extended fully. A stability is not a lot quite partorisca to to the the weight likes concealed. You locate my telephone with him seating vertical and this'll done a tripod wobbly when it is has extended fully. Ossia When it is on carpet. That can be bit it better when in hard surface. Not to trust it external the windy day this in spite of. They like him to him some few options of height of a tripod. Servants his general purpose and I use it weekly.
5 / 5 By Shanice
All some the different configurations are súper useful! Utilisation to film shows of alive music in of the tiny venues where that the big tripod is not doable. Also I use it daily for podcast of mine of the video and that speaks to friends when I am doing and can not resist a telephone with my hands..
5 / 5 By Sindy
In the first place it was, always agree ossia the really economic monopod.
This has said, has to be a lot usable partorisca a lot of folks with the smallest cameras, anything mirrorless and sure some DSLRs, so only at all with súper telephoto lenses or a lot of accessories.

Some detail keys
-A latches is plastic, feels WELL, but would treat them to them attentively.
- Is really light
-bands down really small
-A last phase is quell'has bitten fatter that the sharpie
-An inferior foot extends or retracts partorisca develop the spike, a spike is not removable.
-A 1/4 mountain is fixed, and comes with the 3/8 adapter
-A cushion is a lot
-A handstrap is thin but WELL

am returning mine because some the lowest phases have had the bit of his curve, which would assume them is the defect, but folks would have to that I comment of commentary some same.
5 / 5 By Tynisha
This monopod are adds does not feel economic I spends it everywhere goes it can take these basses to some shots of earth and a way on big some aswell. A subject only is that sometimes some legs are hard to go in and was but concealed is not the breaker partorisca treat so it assumes it will take easier over time.

Modify: has service of terrific client inside the few hours partorisca write this description has achieved was mine and offered partorisca substitute my current a partorisca free!
4 / 5 By Danelle
Quality of good build. A plastic is solid no cheapo. A fold of legs and extend smoothly. A boss of ball ensures amiably. A headline of telephone is well a cane of extension is also well. It does not bend fully extended with action or of the small cameras. A whole thing is the very little mini box of tripod. It would like to see a prize under this in spite of. A tripod is available with the different ballhead low to focus different and calm can take other pieces that is even more solid for a same prize for separate. 😉
5 / 5 By Helene
Has received my mandate yesterday! And of course it has had to run external and take he for the walk of test. And like this far I am like this happy with him. I have been at the beginning concerned in my camera that is the weighed for him but nope is really sturdy included when I have it fully opens is like this sturdy. More all 4 clips are hard facts and 1 what I any any one was in a fund has the small Spike but with the few attractive of transfer were to be the piece of hule full for when I need that to the extra grip likes indoors! They are really happy with cost of mine and I to good sure recommend this element! ♡ He
5 / 5 By Dayle
am not impressed too much with this monopod. His no a sturdiest monopod there, but has to that do a work for smartphone of light/cameras/GoPros. Personally you do not trust he with the weighed DSLR camera, but lighter mirrorless the cameras would owe that be well. I have purchased this for my Panasonic GH4 mirrorless the camera and is 'a lot of'. It likes that it is a lot of compact and access easily in my stock exchange of camera. More the ones of compraventa probably the unit of main final concealed is quell'has bitten more sturdy. While you feign on maintaining a hand on he at all times, has to exit so only well for you. Good regime!
5 / 5 By Breana
After doing the plot of investigation, decides thus model of Height the photo and am happy in my decision, a tripod are add, have all the legs have reinforced with metal, how is very stable and strong, included when it situate a monopod on a tripod and I have the big Sony DSLR, like this monopod is exceptional also, reason comes with all the accessories for calm GOES PRO, Smartphone, a ball of boss, how is versatile for all the type of device and ensure for all my train, a time still a monopod is very big and strong, give the thanks to the excellent tripod. Like the product is really the swipe!
5 / 5 By Delfina
I really like this monopod/mountain/of sleeve of the tripod. Controls a good and easy camera to use. An only thing that the desire was different is that the boss of the highland/bond/of wrist has been incorporated. You can do your own out of any one master likes , but of then there is not of any hole or way of the ensure, would have to spend for one of some holes in a leg. Once calm that this in spite of, interferes with some legs that extends or retracting the second where has dipped a boss.

Another that that, are adds. Sturdy And of confidence like any pod would owe that be.
4 / 5 By Nedra
Loves this box! Well fact and sturdy elements for fines-use of device. The stock exchange has comprised is of good quality and takes to last a life of a box. Had the little question that takes all 5 sections of a monopod to deploy first time, this in spite of, after the iterations of his like this smooth pair likes silk. Two transmissions to a do one this to 5 house of career of star: metal GoPro adapter and he 1/4'-20 ray of Shoulder (as east to attach the strap of wrist to a monopod when his used like the selfie clave.
5 / 5 By Elba
Has dipped the plot of wear and tear on everything of my train. Used this with a Olympus OMD EM5 and Panasonic GH5, for both photos and video. With which one 2nd shoot, a transfer-and-the mechanism of lock has begun to fail. And all of the sudden, has wished has had the plus of confidence (still this in spite of heavier) tripod with me. So only there is not quite a lot of tactile feedback to know exactly when each like this of a monopod the individual sections are closed fully, as I have had the tendency to on-the presionar.

Second flu - a lot of any one has extended feet out of further that 45 terracings. It finds that bobo - could obtain you the plot more stability (bases wider) was more afterwards to parallel with an earth.

That when be said, yes take well of priest of him, can last you 4-6 month, possibly longer.
5 / 5 By Erasmo
My only remorse is not that it finds this more collected box! Im Usually always in a movement. My weekends are of course fill with adventures and with pleasant box. I can finally photo to capture a way loves it to. Before, has has had to that haul my tripod and this was the ache in a butt n so only very feasible. They are in no way the professional photographer. An absolute beginner with the compact point n shoot. Now I am excited more the adventure and having a pleasant pod with a rule ballhead the frames that shoot at all corners the breeze. Amur This product! Now Allura just need to do a upgrade version of this box that is even more durable n better built like this in fact can use the main cameras in a future.
4 / 5 By Loyd
It did not like that it is of too small has to go down me to look by means of need of finder of view of camera partorisca be roughly 12' big to the equal that are half height in better like the really big person would be more partorisca avert. Unless you are taking this partorisca use with the mobile phone exclusively then would estimate it main but has bought partorisca use with the mobile phone and my camera that expects has not required to always lug a big ole tripod with me. But after the few weeks partorisca try it was still are that it uses mine old tripod more than this new a.
4 / 5 By Sylvie
This thing is solid of rock and well has done. Utilisation with mine iPhine XS Max and resists it well. Highly I recommend it
4 / 5 By Leila
Resist mine zhiyun crane quite sure roughly 4 feet were partorisca quotas cenamatic shots.
5 / 5 By Wendell
5 / 5 By Emilie
My woman uses this monopod almost every day partorisca take impressive pictures of all a character that surrounds. Master that is light and easily adjustable and that that can use a lot his camera or telephone.
4 / 5 By Ida
The majority of economic has built the stands has pole of aluminium partorisca joint of connection of adapter of question of metal, with which before leg of use has begun to the sobresalto,has used further cuts it time, in a boss finalises one 1/4 ray fallen out of pastic the mountain like the picture has aimed such terrible that the superficial metal rooted in the soft plastic grieves with some texture, good regime to your camera!!
4 / 5 By Germaine
Has bought this monopod box of tripod partorisca mine DJI Osmo pocket. After the month to use enmedio humid (of the sud east asia), rusts begun partorisca develop in an edge of both a tripod and funds of a monopod. A leg of a tripod is done of aluminium and did not rust. One bases of a monopod has separated of a rest of a monopod but assumes superglue will direct a subject.
This device is not partorisca the camera has weighed even like the Cannon EOS RRPP with to lentil. A box is quite light. With a monopod is trace in a tripod and has extended fully a camera will wobble. Fall with the little bit of wind. Sturdy The legs could resupply the use it stable plus but ossia the alternative of low cost to Manfrotto and to the. It has given 5 stars all the parts of metal has been done of aluminium and a base of a monopod has not separated.
4 / 5 By Brigida
Horrible quality. First time used it an inferior section bent and has then broken was. The piece of upper connection is free and any way of presionar. Sadly I have launched a box etc was or would ship it behind so only partorisca a company partorisca see. A lot cheaply fact and was a lot of disappointed. The volume extremely cures well of all my train of camera as you are not tossed around etc first of this first use. I have had another monopods other places with the alike prize and was a lot of sturdy. An only thing that has spent was was an upper ray. Going back to another mark.
4 / 5 By Julie
lite Hanged, quickly extending, leaves easy to maintain a stable place of the camera.
5 / 5 By Randee
Ossia One of some better elements have on experiences Amazon partorisca date! I love it, his sturdy and extends far. I want to one has has added alleged also. It do not doubt partorisca purchase this again!!
5 / 5 By Elenora
I think that that this are adds like the tabletop tripod partorisca Smartphone. This in spite of, do not recommend this partorisca anything main. Especially if this is to extend fully or an earth is uneven, does not sustain the main same telephones. It touches on a lot easily.

Like the monopod partorisca the DSLR, this results very unstable when it has extended fully.
4 / 5 By Tyson
Ossia A small tripod has used better (and has has a lot of). My only hesitation is that has the quite hefty camera of bridge that is front-loaded, and concern me if a boss of ball will resist less than ideal conditions. Otherwise, For smartphone, goes pros, etc. Ossia a better!
4 / 5 By Stacy
Has looked for the tripod of simple low cost for the webcam and has bought is one.
Has found that this little gem is much more versatile then has expected. A material is mostly aluminium that light but strong frames. It comes with the stock exchange of options that has left use with your GoPro and ready telephone. The maintaining to uses likes him the selfie-of clave with the far trigger for a camera.
Is not quite strong to resist the full measure DSLR in the full extension but will sustain to imitate-frame of pod and when I do not extend it further the metre.
For a prize ossia unbeatable.
4 / 5 By Nichole
My husband has suggested that that takes this based in the mine that complains on that it has to that resist my camera the long time when taking pictures of character. I love it! The tripods have not done for me but ossia perfect. It is easy to attach yours camera and is easy to move around. It is telescopic which are also adds. Sometimes I chair in mine sunroom and take pictures of birds I so that the precise shorter and then extends was a lot of paralización when they are. It is the product adds .
5 / 5 By Keely
Has bought this to use with the zoom along and heavy lentil in my full frame already heavy DSLR organism. It looks to be quite a lot of fact for a prize. The difference of the tripod, stability with the monopod is not a @@subject to the equal that am hard-pressed to justify that it spends the plot of money for one. I use it mostly so only to sustain a weight of the mine rig and avert @@tiredness. No appearance for the use very often and have any idea that time last. But for $ 12, although hard so only the year or two, the one who concerns .
5 / 5 By Willa
Has has ordered mines Thursday and receipts in today (Friday) As happy to take this like this quickly. All was announced like this that! It has had to it enciphers out of the few things but the interior less than ten minutes has had all dips near. The amour loves a pouch ossia has comprised. Light weight and so easier that spend that mine heavy tripod, clumsy. It is it adds to upgrade of a past. A tripod is easy to regulate. All well has done. I am thrilled that my mobile accesses closely I so that that can take was while doing the external video. Thank you Height, the work adds!!! 😉😊 Bravo!! 😇
5 / 5 By Samatha
Decent quality for a prize. But when along fully, with a base of tripod, my small Insta360-A mark of wine mecer behind and advance. They are when thinking that would have to that it has peeled out of the little more bucks for a Manfrotto setup. Oh And learn.
5 / 5 By Clarissa
The tool of photo adds. Easy to use. Light in weight. Very versatile. Reasonable prize. Has has surpassed expectations.
5 / 5 By Kristina
8/2/2019 has SPOKEN TOO punctual. Goja A lot of promptly has achieved was and has directed my subject. They have sent the substitution that has taken roughly 1 week to arrive. They back His produced, which is good to see, and will try a unit inside a prójimo few weeks.

Previously: A telescoping the arm is bad fact for a an I receipt as it slips out of some sections to connect. Extending some sections is really hard and takes some endeavour to pull them averts. To good sure not softening like another some have possessed. Very disappointing. And a window to return it caducada to fact 2 weeks to kick. No the experience adds with this mark.
5 / 5 By Kira
Has bought for a upcoming holidays and like a versatility of a together. And has the stock exchange of storage adds to maintain all the together pieces! Look for the monopod but this neighbour was like this versatile for use with telephone and of the cameras. Light and easy to dip near.