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1 first Kore Pre-Teen Wobble Chair - Flexible Seating Stool for Classroom, Home & School, ADD/ADHD - Made in USA - Age 10-11, Grade 5-6, Green (18in) Kore Pre-Teen Wobble Chair - Flexible Seating Stool for Classroom, Home & School, ADD/ADHD - Made in USA - Age 10-11, Grade 5-6, Green (18in) By KORE DESIGN LLC
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2 LittleHippo Mella Ready to Rise Children's Trainer, Alarm Clock, Night Light and Sleep Sounds Machine (Blush Pink) LittleHippo Mella Ready to Rise Children's Trainer, Alarm Clock, Night Light and Sleep Sounds Machine (Blush Pink) By LittleHippo
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3 best Luxury Home Collection Kids/Teens/Boys 7 Piece Full Size Comforter/Bed in A Bag Set with Sheets Dinosaur World Beige Sage Green Orange Luxury Home Collection Kids/Teens/Boys 7 Piece Full Size Comforter/Bed in A Bag Set with Sheets Dinosaur World Beige Sage Green Orange By Luxury Home
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4 FiveHome Kids Alarm Clock, Children's Sleep Trainer, 7 Color Wake Up Light & Night Light, Sleep Timer -Teaches Child When Fine to Wake Up FiveHome Kids Alarm Clock, Children's Sleep Trainer, 7 Color Wake Up Light & Night Light, Sleep Timer -Teaches Child When Fine to Wake Up By FiveHome
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5 Christmas Bedding 3D Duvet Cover Twin Size,Cartoon Santa Claus Home/Bedroom Gifts Decor for Kids,Green Christmas Bedding 3D Duvet Cover Twin Size,Cartoon Santa Claus Home/Bedroom Gifts Decor for Kids,Green By Jessy Home
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6 YiaMia LED Cactus Light Cute Night Table Lamp Light for Kids' Room Bedroom Gift Party Home Decorations Green YiaMia LED Cactus Light Cute Night Table Lamp Light for Kids' Room Bedroom Gift Party Home Decorations Green By YiaMia
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7 Tot Tutors Kids' Toy Storage Organizer with 12 Plastic Bins, Espresso/White (Espresso Collection) Tot Tutors Kids' Toy Storage Organizer with 12 Plastic Bins, Espresso/White (Espresso Collection) By Tot Tutors
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8 Ikea Green Leaf Lova Kid Bed Canopy - Latest 2017 IKEA Model Improved for Home and Office Use - Perfect for Diffusing Harsh Florescent Office Lighting - Short Stem (2-Pack) Ikea Green Leaf Lova Kid Bed Canopy - Latest 2017 IKEA Model Improved for Home and Office Use - Perfect for Diffusing Harsh Florescent Office Lighting - Short Stem (2-Pack) By IKEA
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9 PAGISOFE Soft Shag Green Furry Area Rugs for Living Room Bedroom Kids Room Rug Fluffy Comfy Floor Carpet for Nursery Modern Plush Home Center Decorative Rug Fur Rug Mat 4' x 5',´╝łGrass Green´╝ë PAGISOFE Soft Shag Green Furry Area Rugs for Living Room Bedroom Kids Room Rug Fluffy Comfy Floor Carpet for Nursery Modern Plush Home Center Decorative Rug Fur Rug Mat 4' x 5',´╝łGrass Green´╝ë By PAGISOFE
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10 Tot Tutors TC451 Kids Wood Table and 4 Chairs Set, Grey/Blue/Green/Yellow Tot Tutors TC451 Kids Wood Table and 4 Chairs Set, Grey/Blue/Green/Yellow By Tot Tutors
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Top Customer Reviews: Kore Pre-Teen ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Kayce
Has the boy the one who can not seat still earrings of the duties as I have bought this in of the hopes that would help it. Like this far, like this good! Has has had so only he partorisca the few weeks but he can maintain his his busy low organism partorisca wobble around while it resists his upper organism still enough to complete his work. Of then it is the stool also helps to maintain his retreated directly. That the fun way to plant pertinent! A chair has been recommended for his professor as we try it we and is happy has done! We could take ours other boys these chairs results that his wiggle slope of the duties also.

Buys a 18chair of thumb for our half height 8 year. I know a chair was bad for the adolescents but we have to that in our table of cookery and has required something concealed would do with a height of a table. It does not have any question that seats in him and his feet touch an earth while seating. It does more than the perch in a side that seating in a half and this perching does not cause a chair to touch on. Ossia An idea of this chair adds! It can wiggle around or the chair on is flange and is still stable . Any scuffs to the ours hardwood walk neither. I produce it adds!
5 / 5 Jeffie
I have read to somewhere that the boys actuate learn more if they are not required to seat still. I have bought this for my highly energised granddaughter of 11 years for schooling of house. It changes among a wobble chair, the ball of balance, and the regular chair during a day. It is the big achiever and when being able to maintain moving helps his house. When A chair has arrived taking out of a box and gathered it to him. Any tool has required.
5 / 5 Hortensia
These are utmost but the desire would have bought a main measure.
Mina 2nd grader is wiggle worm ADHD and normal sized boy.
Has purchased one 14ÔÇŁ and complaint not taking a 16ÔÇŁ.
Ossia A prize has found better.
Has purchased the ash based in our leading professors ask that a chair not being the distraction or object to envy to another classmates.
My edges the leading professor there has been one for each student and some boys have wanted to him.
Wishes all the professors used.
4 / 5 Cecil
Ossia Like this exited well in the room of my edges (7 years, 2nd note) that his professor has bought 2 for a class! Really happy with this compraventa, as it was concerned like this in mine wiggly boy with ADHD and now can do and home like this better. Note: I have bought 14' for his estandard' office in pupil. It is in a big side and has had the to do on, would have ordered one 18'. A paste of office mid-@@@cofre when it is seating.
4 / 5 Verline
I have ordered 2 of these for my room of therapy of the tongue in the public school. Server the variety of girls, and having the variety to seat the options is fantastic. Some girls can wiggle in a table and still house in our activities and therapy. A first pair of days drove crazy, but dipping some principles of earth, some girls now know the one who some expectations are when in some stools: ' can wiggle, can - wobble, but any one has turned around!' :)
4 / 5 Berry
I have loved to purchase Wobble Chairs for the long time. A mate and I there is @@give this would be a perfect addition to our rooms of prime ministers graders. It is aimed state that extracted well while reading and doing mathematical, this students that the movement is able to answer to one learning better. Some four chairs have purchased movement easily and is very comfortable. Some chairs are very built and will last a lot of years. Some elements have arrived punctually like this fianc├ęs and look forward to having students of mine enjoys them so that it learns!Kore Patented to WOBBLE Chair, Done in some the EUA, Active seating paralizaci├│n Toddler, Pre-Pupils, Boys, and Adolescent; the boys do not owe that seat still anymore - 'A BETTER chair in any Room'! - Blue - Boys (14.┬║n)
5 / 5 Tamie
This chair is awesome! It was able to choose his favourite colour and a school have said leave for the have. Of then having it has received all the smiles all day in nursery. This chair resupplies perfect feedback for our small the one who there is SPD ASD ADHD.. Thank you.
4 / 5 Kermit
An extremely produced well and s├║per easy to gather (and disassemble), was impressed really with a product. How it is a chance with a lot of types of therapeutic tools, is not for all the world. My edges of 10 years with Autism is the squirmy little type, always moving around in his chair, that touches his chair behind, etc. This in spite of, has been disappointed that this chair has not been the solution for him and has has had to that the to us return. Nizza Was a turn was hassle-free.
5 / 5 Becky
Accidentally we order a wrong measure, but our pre-schoolers amour this chair. A main version is the preferred in our room, and the desire could have more his, likes some students would not owe that take turns, using a three has. Especially students that has the hard time that chairs still for more than five minutes are very happy, and able to direct in a lesson, more than spending his energy in that tries to seat still in the chair.
4 / 5 Ruthann
I do not know exactly reason these stools have taken such amazing descriptions . I bought him with the stock exchange for my average of school room, which have turned to the flexible seating port. Has all the classes to seat options to fulfil some a lot of needs of an individual students. I have received this mark, and another populate some hips. Interior three month, these Kore the stools have come averts in a base. So much, when calm receive it, there are three parts. A cup, a fund, and then a half bar that resists them near. Calm dipped the beside trav├ęs of tension and forces of noise. Any tool. At all. Some other stools already comes from/come from a factory has gathered. A students did not abuse him never, and has bought a pertinent measure for his age. His so only come averts. It is very easy to burst them behind to plant, but does not think that is an intention of a costruttore. So much, we clean some stools really well, spent him down to a technology and room, and has them sealed up with some type of cimienta of liquid/glue . . . Something a professor of tent has had. They were a lot with which conceal. In $ 100 the stool, to good sure did not expect him to come to avert with which so only the little month of wear. I have recommended of another mark to has sawed-hard-working like the better investment in stools that in fact will resist up and not requiring adjustments over time.

Top Customer Reviews: LittleHippo Mella ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Jetta
Amur This product. An only thing would change is when you dipped it nap timer, expected it partorisca do so only like a trainer of sleep, where, after the preset quantity of time, a clock turns green and a boy knows/ can exit of his room, if they are awake. Nope, when you dipped it nap timer, dips likes a clock partorisca alarm like this hardly goes was, listen a buzzer of clock of typical alarm, which, in my chance, has wake my boys on a otherwise peaceful slumber. It was much sweeter to have to that to the work likes them the trainer of the sleeps does so that if a past of sleep of the boys a preset time, no the awake up.

UPDATE: 7/13/18: Little Hippo has not incorporated so only my suggestion partorisca a nap timer to a new Mella clocks, but has sent two new some with an update! I am moving my description to the 5 star, any only reason think that that a clock is near perfect now, but also based in a level of service of client I taken and will take when treating Little Hippo! Kudos!
4 / 5 Ozella
My daughter is Autistic as I am not sure my description will apply to all the boys, but expect these helps.

My awake daughter arrive all the different hours of a night, and results disoriented and confused to the equal that to that time is, so it needs my help partorisca say partorisca go back to sleep. It can be 11:30 pm, 2:30 I are, 5:30 I are, or all three. It does not have never past asleep 7AM, as we do not require /partorisca use a characteristic of clock of the alarm. I have purchased this clock like this there is the visual way (without my punctual) to determines has to that create and game, or need gone back partorisca sleep. I am expecting that it do not have to that trust on me partorisca always, and finally learn partorisca the dip retreated partorisca sleep without me.

Is not very pleased with him last night, has not liked him that an asleep face and has had no light, want it to have the light at night, and asked finally for the turn around way that does not have to that look in him. This in spite of, was loved when it creates in 5:30 and a yellow light on indicated wake up. Has question distinguishing among a yellow and green light, like this in his sensatez the infinite says that it was chartreuse and can create to touch, lol. I have not contested with his, I so only dipped a clock an hour later, as it can create when any light by heart comes on. I assume this so only could be a subject for boys of special needs or a lot of younger girls.

My preference would be to have an application in my ready telephone, where simply could program some colours (or was) for each hour. 7PM - 6FOLLOWS Blue/Sleep, 6FOLLOW - 12PM Green/Awake, 12PM - 2PM Remain/Rosa, 2PM - 6PM Green/Awake, 6PM - 7PM the Rigs/have lived for Bed, 7PM - 6FOLLOWS Blue/Sleep. In this way a sample a lot so only promote his in those remain asleep or in bedding at night, but help his maintain the schedule during a day. For Autistic People, that knows as to expect is a lot calming/reassuring, as when a light has turned was, to the chairs like does not have to that any indicator to the equal that to that it has to be it do, as seating there while to a light fallido for his. Again this can not be a subject for typical Boys.

Are adds that a lock of keys, as it can not be accidentally reprogrammed. It avenges with everything requires a lot of ours of one a lot packaged box. And works to the equal that has expected.

Expect that the future generations result the little main technology, and user customizable. Otherwise The solid product.
5 / 5 Torie
Ossia The pleasant clock , but according to which the trainer of sleep, has has helped so only so many. Time like this a lot of to the equal that have said 'He Mella still is sleeping, turn partorisca bed' my daughter still is that it creates in a half of a night. There is has reinforced this in spite of his time of bed, likes to take very excited to see yes Mella is slept still. So that it is the help . I also found some sounds to basically touch a same noise, aim, and too strong. Light is well, but paralizaci├│n because my daughter has said that it is too brilliant (still on Amber that recommends). This can do for a right boy, but for us, am not sure is worth it.

UPDATE: Some very bondadosos and attentive people in LittleHippo has achieved was mine after this description and has loved has explained is for behind his guarantee of satisfaction, and has done! I am impressed like this for his proactive service of client! A really cured company in a client and a quality of a product. Thanks to LittleHippo to take a time to direct my worries and going in and further to do sure our family is happy :)
5 / 5 Annetta
Well, but it can use some enhancements. We purchase this clock because our 3.5 old year despertador on yelling for us grieve a sun is coming up. Ossia 5:30 follow where is in that means no good. A pros comprise a look and useability of a clock, colour and elections of noise. Works to the equal that declares, and has not had any @subject with planting up. We feel some characteristic was has lost to good sure. An idea to control he of your telephone is better that doing it on a sample because in spite of having the ÔÇťcharacteristicÔÇŁ of lock, he 3 old year easily can imagine was as to unlock the. You can dip on when the time at night is, but has to that manually dipped a colour and noise every night. It was well to have these two settings automatically begin when nighttime is place, or at least give an option. No the defender of a first yellow colour of a green time to wake colour to the equal that was well to turn that it was, but can no. In general, that has has wanted to do that our 3 old year now yells for us when his green of towers of the clock, but to good sure could use some characteristic additional to do this value of the money.
5 / 5 Ann
It does not recommend this product. A light is LIKE THIS BRILLIANT, my rooms of girls were lit entirely on, swear wake them of a brightness. I need to have the dimming has described. Also I hate that you can not annul one 30 min first yellow light of a green. The calm desire so only could have a green goes is gone in the time dipped (and no yellow). A bit type is pleasant, but a brightness of this clock is ridiculous. We will be to try competitors for the most basic option and the softest green wake on light.
5 / 5 Tobie
I have ordered two of these for mine 2 and 3 year olds and WANTS TO HIM. I love him, also. They are like this pleasant. Some characteristic is easy to dip and use. It touches it is it adds. Some boys want to choose his nightlight colours. A nap the law of timer adds. The LOCK of CONTROLS And Has a lot deep down, which is enormous reason my boys are key -pushers.

Has taken some stars was reason a two old year fallen one of some clocks and a screen have been black and one can jack has slipped to an interior of a clock. It think that that these would be the pocolos more the resistant accident of then is for boys, but has not seen that paste last an earth or with those forces can be be launch. I have seen so only a devastation in mine three old year expensive when ÔÇť it Alarms ClockyÔÇŁ has been black.

This has said, loves the to us quite that orders the substitution immediately.

UPDATE: A company was s├║per attentive and has taken directly mine after a description. It was s├║per useful and that was to cover for a guarantee.

Said also that fallen to try his product, as I imagine now that my edges has launched probably a poor clock or something.

Thank you Again!
5 / 5 Laurena
Mella Takes 3.5 stars because it is the mostly produces drawn amiably with service of excellent client.

Pros: The utmost looks, the work adds, relatively easy to use and setup

Gilipollas: all control keys in a fund, which is the ache when that loves it turn characteristic on or of several times the day.

Service of client: my boys have hated Mella. They are the past of has bitten 2, and for some reason a face to smile of a clock has scared one craps out of them. These are not skiddish boys, so only something roughly the has not liked him him. Emailed Support of client to return it. They have answered to say me to maintain it, and try again when they are older, or the give was, and to all the cost here is the full repayment. Ossia That calm convince me to try produced of you again, although a prime minister is not exited.
5 / 5 Fran
Originally it has given it this produced 1 star mainly reason one of some two clocks no the arrival. With which posting my poor description, his department of the support of the client has achieved was mine to solve a subject. It was VERY IMPRESSED for a proactive support of client I receipt and a help to solve a @@subject to a point where has two working clocks.

Although I seat very better that has done and I chairs has support of EXCELLENT client, the chair there is some functional questions with this clock. I categorize the like this Of ENTITIES and SMALLER.

1. A cord is too short for more dressers. In 3 ft. Or less, a cord can not be situated in the bookshelf or dresser unless one covers is located directly down. Ossia The agreement of speciality that would be difficult to find the substitution that was longer. Suggestion: A a side of an agreement is the connector of USB rule, if another side of an agreement was the connector of USB rule (mini, micro, etc.) easily could find the measure of substitution that fulfils my needs. Alternatively, resupply the 6ft agreement that would give users to plot more flexibilities.
2. ALL some keys are in a fund of a clock except a snooze key. For tower in a light at night or sounds of sleep, has to turn a clock on. This creates the question when has a inquisitive 4 yr old. It is found a lock of girl and amours to press keys. I am expecting with which some wears of novelties was can leave scolding partorisca touch a clock. Suggestion: Prominent keys for a light at night or sounds (the keys does not concern me so roughly). Keys that control an alarm and settings partorisca time just need to be hid or the different location.

1. A 'played marked of the times can not be regulated or has turned was. I think that that this would have to that be the election of the father enough the mandate of a costruttore. Have appealed to mark 'wake' time 30 mins later that usually dipped.
2. There are 3 sounds to a clock. 1) Rain, 2) ocean, 3) the song to repeat.
4 / 5 Melinda
It was hessitent to spend$ 50 in the clock but my two old year now dream until 7 that opposed to 5:30. Value each penny. It is in fact easier that put to bed now too say Mella goes to be asleep punctual. We are enamoured and is really pleasant.
4 / 5 Julissa
I am using Mella so only for his awake/sleep on light and is doing adds!! My daughters partorisca twin now stay in his chamber until some greens of light looks. Before they would go to my fourth or call me when have despertador up in around 6am (a lot a lot the time sooner), now is sleeping until later (I supposition and profit added how were while to a yellow light to turn on) and is awake when some yellow light turns on touch or attended just in his beds, and grieve a green of light turns is out of his chamber. It is state that surprised for us! I have not used his lights at night or sounds so it can not say anything roughly him. Oh, And Mella is s├║per pleasant! My boys have has wanted to have seen grieves and has thought is the little robot ! I have looked for another awake on lights and the majority of them was ugly or has had the blue light on for a night (and the blue light is not well to sleep, your brain thinks that that it is daytime! Red or the amber would do better). I wish it there was so only different to wake on to to time likes for a week and of weekend, but oh well, as they are am very happy with him.

Top Customer Reviews: Luxury Home ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5 Yon
Ordered these curtains partorisca the room of my edges of 4 years and loves that to us. A colour was like this some pictures have aimed. And some curtains have arrived extra quickly, 2 earlier days that expected, all a way in Hawai'the
5 / 5 Hermine
I amour all roughly that . Perfecto apt
5 / 5 Brooks
Love a colour and of the big dinosaurs!

Top Customer Reviews: FiveHome Kids Alarm ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Darcie
This little clock is like this awesome! Has like this characteristic is! We want that it likes the nightlight And can choose among several colours, aim, or the colour that change. Calm also can choose among 3 brightness levels! Has 2 settings to alarm a takes just weekdays and then another for newspapers. Has the still setting naps. It is rechargeable so that any precise to buy battery but, also any one require it plugged in as your little one can take he with them in tonight means potty careers :) An only thing would change in this clock of alarm is a volume , there is the little different awesome the sounds of alarm likes him ocean, birds tweeting, frogs/of crickets, alarms to regulate buzz but so only 3 options of the volume and any one are particularly s├║per strong to the equal that need the very strong alarm clock this could not any cut. This in spite of, for my boys 10&5 I usually wake them up and wins still if a no. of alarm is thier 1st clock of alarm and is by train to take them used to wake up with a so that it is to say perfect!
5 / 5 Cornell
I have purchased this for mine 10 year to start with to create in his own. This light is like this perfect! It is simple to dip alarms partorisca weekdays or newspapers and can regulate a sound and love the colored light to come on when it goes was as well as those times go era. A behind lighting a time of exposures of the clock, alarm and date. A light at night is the simple touch in an upper and touch the good soft aim and can be dimmed. Ossia The creation adds for the clock of boys and well has done! Like this happy with this compraventa!
4 / 5 Stefany
My girls have the bunkbed and sleep in a same room this light is sum . This his help with his clock of own alarm. Has so many different colours partorisca brightness. Easy to use. It expects him time of boxes. Easy for them to turn on and went by him. This is coming punctually and to the equal that has described. This would do the present adds for the boy or the daughter. Still it adds for adults. Very happy with this element. Good quality. Some girls have been using this nonstop received it of then he roughly done the month
4 / 5 Zenaida
of Mine almost to to the 2 year likes to have the light at night for his bed at night. It is a prize added that has the clock like this when I fall slept with him in his room can see that time is. I like this the better light clock that has joined other lights have tried reasons does not have an exposure lightbulb that my edges can touch. If it touches this light is not hot likes another.
4 / 5 Ardell
It alarms clock very good and light at night! It looks pleasant and stylish. Also very easy to use. So only the simple tap to change a light colour. To to my daughter likes of a lot. I add compraventa!
5 / 5 Kai
A quality of a light at night is very good. It likes- one description of a vendor. It likes of a lot.
4 / 5 Martha
I have bought this for my grandson and loves it. But more importantly like this do his parents. Such the fresh concept. You can choose his favourite colour. It is it adds it visual and gradually takes more brilliant when it is time for bed or time to wake up. Some Sounds of Character are very fresh and relaxing. It is easy to use and durable. The only desire has had these when my boys were pocolos .
5 / 5 Glennie
Some colours are very vibrant. I want a dimmable characteristic of this too much. His dual purpose for the clock of alarm and light at night. S├║per Easy to use, so only touch to turn on.
All of some keys are down that leaves few hands of his touch. The stays have touched for the decent quantity partorisca time so it can be wireless which is also the very characteristic.
5 / 5 Cecilia
A sample of pleasant alarm for the room of our daughter.unvosotros I sounds of alarm are sum, and particularly love a call of birds. Ella aslo likes that it is to touch to change the colour and each colour is vivid and soft.

Any battery, load of only USB. Easy to use ,so only follow one has detailed instructions. My daughter loves his night light clock. It likes I. I have not required to wake on my daughter. Some clocks of alarm have done a work for me.
4 / 5 Chau
Ossia My daughter ÔÇśs new toy now! It is by train of the master So much, some colours are really well, can touched resists prejudice until it sleep, is good measure ,big that has thought! My daughter has used likes the light at night, very easy to use, so only touch like this gone back on , to controls likes him 3 of second likes the tower was! Ossia So only a suggestion for vendor, if a music of alarm would owe that be longer and more elections, this would be perfect!

Top Customer Reviews: Christmas Bedding ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Otto
I have purchased this duvet spent together with the curtain partorisca rain the present my mamma partorisca some holidays. I think that that it is of entity partorisca remark that ossia the duvet has SPENT, no the comforter, as you will require something partorisca dip inner he (although you could also uses so only likes the upper discharge of the yours bedding partorisca the festive look). I have purchased a duvet has spent in place of the comforter reason the mamma has abundance of comforters and does not need more. Now it can use a partorisca touch that exists comforters together with east partorisca some two months was partorisca use the, and then bend a coverage was until next year. As the one who a coverage, a colour is very vibrant, much more so much that has been expecting, and an iconography was clear. The mamma goes it partorisca want to!
5 / 5 Arthur
I have bought this Christmas Duvet place partorisca my room of edges. It goes partorisca surprise and dip the in his bed a day while it is in pupil. It wants to decorate his room and this goes to be a centerpiece!! A colour is good-looking and brilliant. They are very impressed for a 3D press! I have ordered the measure of Rey. I have opened a packaging and has taken a bedding was to see it before I in fact dipped the on. I have wanted to see like a duvet would remain in a comforter. There is the zip in a subordinated concealed to leave you to the the easily seen on you daily comforter up for some holidays. S├║per Abordable Pricing for such the neighbour adds!!!
4 / 5 Lida
You look to substitute my discharge of old bed and has found this discharge of bed. I have been surprised with his colour and creation. After all some descriptions, has decided to the compraventa is one . Any so only a vibrant colour, a material is very soft and easy to clean. His wrinkle free so only like announced. Duvet The coverage protects comforter and duvet importantly, this duvet the coverage seat to like christmas is home early this year. LOL.
5 / 5 Aleta
It is estada Navidad in my house for 2 wks now! I so only looove coming house in the cosy festive house
So much, this coverage is s├║per pleasant and is quite soft, esp with which wash it. An impression doesnt looks economic at all, likes them concealed!! The mine so only complains is that the the desire there is something to resist a comforter inner in his 4 corners because it moves, ossia everything . Global the'd recommends it. It gives the good laugh of my friends when they see this.
5 / 5 Lael
Really a lot bedding dipped with 1 duvet spent, 1 spent and 2 coverages of pillow. The short flat discharge measure esatta or pocola shorter but duvet the coverage is quite big to cover measure of king. The colour is brilliant and Saint creation is adorable. I have loved some parties of way with my room and plenary with good Christmas vibes. The prize is abordable and his good election for gifting. It wins to buy the again.
4 / 5 Gabriele
The Christmas is 2month was, already begun to rig for him lol has been looking for the settings of bed and then an idea has crossed my alcohol, reason not choosing a for Navidad?! Of the laps two birds! It is really pleasant,and a quality is really well for his prize. A colour will not exit . If it can be the little softer, was perfect!
5 / 5 Madaline
A material is soft and enough with red and @@subject navide├▒o of Saint of conjoint aim. We plan to use the in holidays navide├▒as with other decorations. This in spite of, with which try it we on, ours little daughter loved it so much. It is excited like this and jumping in a bed. For like this, we decide to use it now, an early decoration in our chamber.
5 / 5 Marlon
S├║per Soft and no too warm. We use these covers all a time because my edges is obsessed with Christmass. These are the utmost, light, soft material. And they wash on enough well. This element is that it had expected. The quality adds and would order again.
4 / 5 Otis
I am enamoured with this together complete . It looks like this beautiful. I create to the bedsheet of your room can really way of transmission . They are in way navide├▒o now . Look In a quality in this duvet past and to the bedsheet looks adorable . My grandson loved it so only. You recommend this to my friends . It has covered mine 12 thumb deep mattress .
4 / 5 Cierra
A material is soft and enough with red and @@subject navide├▒o of Saint of conjoint aim. We plan to use the in holidays navide├▒as with other decorations. This in spite of, with which try it we on, our little boy loved it so much. It is excited like this and jumping in a bed. For like this, we decide to use it now, an early decoration in our chamber.

Top Customer Reviews: YiaMia LED Cactus ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Heidi
Well Now, this thing is too pleasant. Alive Arizona and always am looking for cactus themed elements the spice on my house decor. This economic brilliant, still, saguaro the light of cacti was an excellent addition in mine living room!

A product was slightly smaller that expected (although I admit, has not looked in some dimensions before buying this element), but looks partorisca be a perfect measure partorisca my bookcase. Partorisca That ask , has the small on/was transmission in a right arm of a light - when facing a light ossia.

Is done in Cina, and a packaging reflects concealed. Also it takes two EA battery, and those are not comprised. There is the small hole in a cup of a light to hang it on partorisca wall with the nail chooses to do like this.

Loves this thing and I have taken an excellent shot on using it the $ 10 present of paper of Amazon - which has spent a cost of a light down to the whopping $ !
4 / 5 Na
S├║per Pleasant! A perfect measure for a lazy susan in a side of my bed. Has an easy transmission in a side to turn on and era. Very simple to dip in of the batteries. It creates a perfect quantity of light I need to not clashing the things in some means of a night. I any bed with only this lights on, this in spite of.
5 / 5 Eda
Because tentativa and purchase anything to do with cacti, has had to that possess one of these. The height is in his point and is a lot has done. Pop in 2 EA the batteries and you am given the reception to with the soft glow. The prize was right and does not take on a lot of space.
4 / 5 Dave
Really pleasant! I have bought this for my fellow the one who has moved here of Tucson to be the little piece of one to the sudeste during our hard winters.

Avenges with the series of extra lights, but am not exactly sure yes was supposed to be in a container as it does not look to like bulbs of substitution to the equal that has his band of own battery. Or perhaps they are to be so only 'dim' and am not taking something. (Sad... Has has had to that.)
4 / 5 Duane
It is good and brilliant and gave to us included some complimentary lights of prize. It buys this partorisca show the sign of seal of the prize for plants will be to sell in of the shoes of vendor. Material his perfect to take the little attention and pleasant.
4 / 5 Danna
Absolutely adorable. Amur This addition to my desert boho vibe for my fourth
5 / 5 Bud
are the plenary-the adult grown the one who has the amour for cacti and succulent. This has taken my eye while exploring in a 'Daily Finds' and thought it would be perfect as to decoration in my chamber!

A lot so only is this the prize adds, but this cactus has saved basically my life. Laptop in of the batteries, the mine can is exited and has used this cactus like the light to drive my way by means of a darkness for the hours of pair. Also, they are lazy and could not find to pertinent torch. I have forgotten I have had included to torch to camp in my cochera but the one who has time for that? A light is not white, but the very by heart orange burned, one same would find in yours telephone to dim at night. As it does not burn your eyes.
4 / 5 Fransisca
Really really like this , smaller has thought then but this in spite of still really pleasant .
4 / 5 Winter
My daughter paid partorisca east with his own money and was a lot of disappointed. It is the very economic (tent of dollar) light of type. It is plastic and compraventa of search the dollar:(
4 / 5 Rebekah
As pleasant! Battery powered like any cord!!!

Top Customer Reviews: Tot Tutors Kids' ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Roger
I have bought this cual the very required form of organisation for the toys of my daughter. Has wanted to something concealed was economic and help to maintain some orderly toys. I shopped around and was in the pair of tents of pieces of furniture to look for something, but only could not find a right thing. For a prize, that is to say a awesome small fixture. It looks he adds in the room of my daughter and was sper easy to pose together. I think that that I took me 20 minutes max for the together pose and the take each setup. I have required to use the screwdriver, Phillips.
Bundling: My element has been shipped immediately, and the punctual notification that takes. I took it punctually and it avenges while it expect.
Thank you To read my description, please left to know me has found this to be useful. It likes him know that it costs my time to write these descriptions. Has the day adds!
Trust Revises to the help mark me the decision when the compraventa on-line. I maintain my clave has update if some pauses of element or surpasses my expectations for an extensive time.
5 / 5 Charlene
I have bought this the help tends the toys the small plus in our room of game. Already we have the few units to abandon except some cubes were so big was to take for my daughter to find that it wants to. This result in his or that games some contents of a cube during a fund or only not even trying sieve through them. It opens Cela can see all his toys take more game. Also it wants that it can take it it was and spend some cubes anywhere explosion.

Totalled This I besides or 10 minutes less. A course a harder has separated some of some cubes. It IS very robust once totalled. And it looks he adds. It IS a perfect measure --very on age, any also small--and lines the amazing quantity of toys.

Only careful be of a small stabilise bars in a fund. Clean in our room of game and paste my little finger in or and final with the toe fractured! An organiser any same budge! I add in his stability, alas in a cost of my foot.
4 / 5 Albina
I need to come with mountains of wall, has done my own (photos of views). It outrage it conceal the product adds and solid.
5 / 5 Jazmine
They that maintains the toys very only in the room of my threads but also in a room. Some boxes of toy have done very when it was little, but for an age of 5 ours anteriorly room very well had begun to look the gypsy camp. We had looked at all the classes of cubbies and abandon of Ikea and tents of different pieces of furniture but at all was a lot. After reading all some descriptions for this element have decided to go for him - and is absolutely perfect for us! The nave was hurriedly, the assembly was easy quality , sum . I have ordered 2 to apt each what (except books), as some of some toys are quite bulky.
Ours the room at the end looks ordered again, and a better part is that all some toys forgotten anteriorly is being touched with again.
5 / 5 Oliva
Arrived punctually, very bundled and any harm in any one of some pieces. I took me and my husband quite 15 minutes to pose two of these together units. Look very robust and is so happy to have all my boys' the orderly toys and in a room in place of in of the baskets and of the different cubes here and there during a house. I have bought two units of cake and divided some colours among my boy of 4 twins/of years of daughter. Very happy!
5 / 5 Kellie
This storage of toy was a response in my prayers! It maintains some toys of some fund, organised in some cubes, and easily accessible for future game. We take this for Christmas so present and was sper easy the total. I he in down 30 minutes during time of turnip of the creature, so that it is calm to do so also. A material is similar in some cupboards of old cookery and so cheap to the respect. Like this the thing will take easily streaky, swollen place, and beaten up if any one properly cured of. But for some purposes to store toys, is very on the dot.

Spends 2 board which are some sides and behind, 8 bars of metal, 8 long rays, 8 small cubes, and 4 big cubes. Some cubes are the plastic of good thickness . They are not also deep which are perfect to maintain them of piling in the mass sews that it can the heavy and very easily take for the toddler. You can customise so wished and situate was anything yours the desires of the heart of small unit IS also quite weighed that takes to seat the very easily esfondrar- in mine 22 old month.

Recommends this storage of toy at most of an another there so that some cubes are plastic, does not line it these covers for easy clean arrive and the surest cape, can see some toys clearly leaving more time of game for each, and a lot of cubes to separate for colour, measure, type of toy, etc. Any one to mention left perfectly a rest of some pieces of furniture in the room of my threads.

Want the cure for your OCD ticks when goes in the toys of your creature, buys this! Sleep to help peacefully any quantity to time your left wing of creature is ;)
5 / 5 Andreas
More than it organises the solution has not bought never. So many controls and the marks clean in the breeze!
4 / 5 Cherry
I produce it adds to maintain sanity when yours that lives the room has turned to space of game for your 1 old year! It IS so it ails toys everywhere so that she empties a toy that explores his options. It opens it IS everything in sight and only takes that it wants to. And it is hurriedly to order when is done. The good looks in our room to dine/zone of room also. It IS cheaply fact, but well of looks and perfect so that necessity pauses. While it is not the plan of fixture to maintain for more than the few years, is ideal so far same.

Also sper easy to pose joint! It takes 15m that comprises tethering the in a wall with the piece of tissue.

The no comprised cat
1 / 5 Phillip
Arrived very obviously broke. A box has not been, so who was that packed to know has been broken. An only reason has bought another is so that it was in firm matching it mine another the boy is.

Update: A second order was worse that a premier. Caked With muck and vase, the holes scraped in some sides, the broken tills.. May Again! This company is terrible.
5 / 5 Olympia
I have read more than or it revises before I have purchased the one of is this declares that it was very difficult to pose together. My husband was able to pose it together in down 15 mins any problem. Have had included the toe him before it begins that the people have said that it was difficult and after estuary and says does not have any idea cual could have battled with or found so difficult/confuses. He hooked an upper bar through the strap of wall of the pieces of furniture while he total he so it can fix he in a which wall done well and totally will recommend so that our 9 ME He attractions in the and tries to locate. I want that some cubes are easy to clean and is skewed to aim you all some toys. Mina 9 ME does not have a time an easy more that take cubes and instead finished to be able to take toys that is to add and what has wanted. With the organiser of cube she only attractions out of some cubes of tissue and game were that the ways have an organiser of empty cube and everything of some toys in a fund. I actuate There It go It only he during the week but he look quite durable for a prize compared in other elements and he have aided organism the orderly stay. This also looks really well in our room of game in a espresso colour. Highly recommend it!

Top Customer Reviews: Ikea Green Leaf ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
AMUR My leaf! I have bought 2 in chance that a would not cover my cube - but he more than fact a trick. ( It sees picture) My friends all has said, 'wow, is like this fresco in there and green, want to one' (they any ALL say that, but this was a consensus !) You are the bit fiddly to take it to remain place. It has attached he in a corner of an office and a metal locker in a wall of cube with magnetic hooks in a locker. I have had to that tape down some hooks because they have had slide-and bases. It has dipped a root of leaf in the book for the bit of additional height and has then used some hooks of metal, like this far is been two days without subjects. It take some hooks in Wal-mart in a section of hardware.

Was relatively easy to dip near, some start was in a seam of a ribbing a slide of poles to. A map in a book and on-line was adds. Especially of some chairs of the base against a wall is kinda odd. I have not used one bases in acting because I have forgotten he home. I owe that do now, in chance perhaps. My process has thought is would do well for the stabilise against a wall of cube has to move it. (For this I has bought 3M cloth stickems)

My little cube, in the middle of big stress, feels like 'house' now. A pair of plants the little bit of art.... My leaf and me! If you are thinking of something to shade calm of a brutality that is fluorescent lights, recommends this highly.
5 / 5
I have been concerned that a leaf would be hard to locate in my cubicle, but some other descriptions and pictures of a leaf dipped my alcohol in ease, reason there looked to be something has comprised with a leaf that he easy to locate in the wall of cubicle.

Does not have . It results the majority of some positive critiques is for an older version with the longest root that was easier the shove to holes / for behind offices / for behind the cupboards. This version is no longer available, and this version has the nub root that the very difficult fact to find the good way to locate he in a half where can you a lot scrape he to some wall.

Absolutely beware before it buy this product: it assumes calm so only is taking the short small nub and the mostly inflexible leaf, and the figure was as it goes to locate he in yours spatial for advanced (the majority probably to buy more produced), and is less expensive of Ikea
5 / 5
He bugs me that these elements sell for $ 25 the piece in Canada by means of Ikea, but is that it is. Utilisation this law to maintain a fluorescent light of glaring to my eyes and to maintain my voice to echo external of my cubicle while helping maintains other' voices of coming to my space of work. I love him!!!! Be conscious, does not come with tems' to the equal that locate in the small piece of 'extra' forest and dip his up in my cubicle that way. His UTMOST !
5 / 5
These no longer have a Velcro/ pin fasteners. They require to nail or screwing to a wall.... Which no for cubicle of office. They were also very difficult to gather... Meaning rigid and hard in my hands (any complicated).
4 / 5
These are exited perfect for my room of dinosaur of the boys. I have added it lights for the entertainment nightlight. Has the tent like material and is dipped together with the plastic canes resembled the tent. Dipping them near has not been an easier thing in a world-wide but has not been too difficult.
5 / 5
All the world in my office uses these to block out of a florescent lights. They are a lot of gains for that. An only downside is is quell'has bitten delicate to locate. A estick in a superficial pocket' the highland system has comprised with this is not very stable, as you will owe that take creative. This has said, is ready to look and do the good work of blocker out of hard light.
4 / 5
It likes-me a product he. It was pleasant for the room of my edges. This in spite of, have bought and has received TWO LEAVES, but there was so only A group partorisca hang A LEAF. Now I owe that it imagine it was like this to take another group. No very happy in that.
4 / 5
Taken these for ceiling ÔÇťof cubicleÔÇŁ the one who stops of laws... So only a lot sure like this still hang with there... To be has continued
5 / 5
said for use of office but I cant the hammer to a cube walls like this now has included his just dipping by means of a cup of my cube. -Perhaps it has the hanger of cube for a cup of a wall. It likes and servants of his purpose
5 / 5
looks a lot as well as the decoration. A lot of resistent.

Top Customer Reviews: PAGISOFE Soft Shag ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Marya
It was really, really surprised with as add a quality was. A prize was so only I so that it adds, has very - thought, feels or looks economic - will send it behind. Spoiler Alerts - this is not economic, that loss, thin, walk, or lumpy. Once you unfold he of a packaging, dipped the where calm the want and softly run your barefoot with and against a grain of a carpet - this helps partorisca solve and smooth.

Would have paid much more partorisca east. Sharing some links of element with everything of my promises that also is building out of nurseries of his own. Prize: my dog is in-amour with this coverage - is his something preferred informative in a house!
4 / 5 Fernando
My thing preferred in a nursery like this far!! Soooo Soft!!!
5 / 5 Erlene
Well we love a coverage. It is beautiful, like this soft, there is almost like the feeling of foam of the memory when it walk on that. It is car washable and interview a lot easy. My real reason to purchase these coverages is our house is all the pavings of tile. Our dog has has turned so only 16 years and he hanged roughly 100 pounds. This was the economic plus and the plot the better alternative verses that dips real carpet to do cause more comfortable some tiles dona that creates and down. It is car washable like this carpet of verse to interview easier. You love him and it has been dipping in a paving more but still sleeping with us in a bed like usual. As I have purchased two more his identical coverages in the so many could do our alternative to dip carpets. Calmer can not beat a prize. If something goes bad is a lot the value that buys another so only the like. Also I will be to purchase more to do one same to my father in the chamber of the law. Justo beautiful and is totally currency he. The plan dipped without help and neither slips to like the say no. Any smell absolutely loves that and am like this happy with our decision. I think some pictures and seeing the one who happy our dog of 16 years is will help calm to do your own final decision. The pictures say it everything especially see happy and comfortable is our test . You owe that agree is the dog of 16 years and know is this comfortable to imagine like this feels. We are like this happy to having gone these verses of street that the carpet has dipped. Much easier to maintain. I trust to have the park and I know is been in amazing. Appearance these helps and any those who is having mixed emotions on purchasing.
4 / 5 Farrah
I have taken a lot compliments on that. We the pictures of creature of my daughter in the and is in his room now is s├║per s├║per soft! Amur To the equal that feels when calm walks on that. His a lot well for tummy time because of a material but could dip the recieving coverage down and was a lot. With which grow slowly to dip he in a corner and do the section of book of the reading in his room. So much the amour that grows with sound. I seat it likes him he was hard to clean if anything takes spilt on that. In a picture can see like looks on pr├│jimos.
4 / 5 Amparo
Soft But any that has been expecting.

Has been expecting plush/thickness. It is not lush. It is so only long edges of soft cloth. Hanged quite light.

Still, work well for my edges.
4 / 5 Jerilyn
Entirely underwhelmed for this coverage (if it is the coverage ...). It takes he of a box, could say immediately to the equal that was flimsy and the poor quality is. The carpets are supposed to have the sturdy underside- ossia more like the coverage. The colour was was also. In general, I'm sorry it has taken rasgado with this thing that was way overpriced.

Downgrading mine 2 star to the 1 star. This carpet is rubbishes . Like this thin & flimsy he a lot of paving of lie in an earth, and now filthy reason the tin a lot vacuum he because of his long and thin edges that behind (vacuum literally sucks it up like the mesh). Launching it was so only after the months of pair, the one who the waste...
4 / 5 Chieko
It is so only he has it bad he begun to come averts in a flange five days after using he in the zone of low traffic. Never I have included tried vacuum. It was new and like this economic and has done bad that he so only frayed averts. The only desire could take the repayment to arrive to this point.
5 / 5 Kristan
Like this pleasant and is a perfect measure (3x5). It is the little of aim but taste, and is of thin but a bit soft. Perfecto for my living room :)
4 / 5 Alonso
This coverage is soft but no a lot cushioned. The lightest colour will litter so it selects paints darker for zones of big traffic. The prize adds for a coverage. If dipping coverage in hardwood walk, plant nonskid tampon down. We take for the zone of big traffic to prevent the animals that follows vase of our rear yard as we know it to us would litter and has has wanted to something economic to absorb pet paws and clean of paws in same time. Works of coverage in this consideration. We have not tried the washing still, but, if have has had to that, so only would buy the substitution one of a vendor when being a coverage is economic in all the chance. The coverage is stylish and abordable. With a prize of a coverage, if has subject, then so only buy another for the substitute and be realistic in your expectations.
4 / 5 Lilly
I am disappointed with this coverage! Some frames of well of look of the picture and redden! It is far of a truth! A lot deceiving! I am sending this backside!

Top Customer Reviews: Tot Tutors TC451 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Le
So only it take this table coloreada pleasant in today and absolutely loves that. It is very easy to dip near, has taken so only perhaps 20min to do. It is a lot sturdy also, different some of another plastic table and chairs. It has mixed place on some pieces of some chairs like another client had done , the cause has thought that that it was the way cools to look. Some boys the enjoy and have a lot of room to do his colouring or touching on. My daughter is 1 and my boy is 3 and both accesses in him so only well. You recommend any to buy this together for a prize and quality.
4 / 5 Yolonda
Bought this for my daughter, the one who there is almost 2 years. Perfect height for his & sturdy the no economic forest that looks or breakable feeling. Easy to dip near. Uses an Allen wrench that distributes, directions very simple. The colours of chairs looked to perfect any chips or scratches at all. Very pleased. I have added this wall to flower decals this sticks perfect & to take without messing on a product or stickers. I have ordered these of $ still 37 stickers. Not Using everything. Hope These helps!
5 / 5 Ligia
I have bought this together like the present of anniversary for my granddaughter. Hap Has opened gathers more the aim has been in a first truck behind. I know little some are hard in the mobiles but I would have liked him some dents, scrapes and parts disappeared to be of use and not manufacturing . Volume all was and immediately a lacking Allen wrench. It founds the tools to use have begun then dipped a together table to find the hunk out of a a side. This is disturbing enough but a two of some chairs have nicks and dents in them. If this was for the daycare or preschool arrival to be well with him but for the present this Grandmother is steaming.
4 / 5 Vivian
It has broken. Any all forest - done of map!
5 / 5 Cedrick
Amado this table and my daughter loves it too much. This in spite of a forest is warping after so only 2 month. A lot disappointed.
4 / 5 Nicky
This table is really pleasant. At the beginning, I have been concerned on some chairs no in that have sustain enough behind but have remarked that my daughter seldom seats behind. I have had several boys use a table and his all look comfortable. A table looks really pleasant and a quality is well. An only question has is that it avenges chipped in a side of a cup of table, but think so only can fill that in me and is well. It take a matching bookcase and is adorable. It is sturdy and easy to clean. My daughter there is on writes with washable the bookmarks/marcadors and has dried was. There is also smeared delays in a table, which the stain and is coming immediately. A prize is also very good. To good sure purchase this table again.

Assembly: an assembly has taken some objective time like easy. Calm no same tools of needs. They distribute everything. I have had a chair pice that has been missing the holes and I have called a company. They have sent the new piece immediately. Apt perfectly.
5 / 5 Lona
You plan to return this table owed to the light chip in a tabletop which is not visible and is located under the corner of a cup. I have planned to exchange he for a plastic table dipped in some same colours. After trying out of a plastic version, have @@give quickly that loves this wooded conjoint! It is really a lot of fact and easy to dip near for one the majority of part. Be careful any for presionar some rays also to the equal that break a forest. Mina 16 old month loves it!! Regarding a plastic set, can not seat reason some chairs were too many read and would fall on after each tentativa! An only reason gives 4 of 5 star is due to a turning of ray & of subject of light @chip. This neighbour is really a lot of fact, sturdy and quite good to look in! You love it!
4 / 5 Stormy
Experience had tot elements of tutors in some pasts and has been satisfied, which is reason I has been advances with this ourchaethe for a table of art for my boys. The desire has had any one!! While dipping some together chairs, each mainstay to break of forest, two of some four chairs were noticeably of kilter, and some flanges of some chairs and a table are very very acute, especially considering this element is done specifically for boys. A table has come included with the corner has broken that we do not have remarked at the beginning because we had begun with dipping some together chairs. It has dipped too much his work to take it all avert and the turn. I complain this compraventa and am entirely dissatisfied.
5 / 5 Angelic
In general ossia the very pleasant little table. We have not had any one his harm and my husband dipped it neighbouring any question, any included require some directions. This table is for our 5 old year. It is homeschooled like this turn the chamber to the room for his. Has has wanted to this to be for his to do his work or the art or anything need the stops of table. A table returns our 2 old year very better then our 5 old year but for a be to time fact. So only it has to that bend his legs or seat the sure way. It grows out of him quickly I am sure but for now do.
5 / 5 Mose
One the majority of what of entity in this neighbour is that it was easy to gather. It was able of the together place during one of the his naps. I have not launched any of some pieces by means of some windows at the head of my house. I did not snap any of some pieces in my legs and curse a day that is been born. It was the a bit pleasant experience .

Think that ossia all precise to know for the cost honradamente.

I supposition also could say that for the buy my edges is results accustomed to use a table like the buffet come and gone of classes. With his table exp├│sita informative and the chairs no longer sees a need to seat during his time of whole diet. In planting to seat some the whole time takes the pocolos bites, creates and drive the truck to pour around for the pocolos small, shows and cheese of loss during a cookery that tries comerprpers, then swing his bat of baseball around while it resists respite of mine that expects does not break anything.

Like this he love your boy to eat all his lunch in a regime.