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1 first Samsung Galaxy S10+ Plus 128GB+8GB RAM SM-G975F/DS Dual Sim 6.4" LTE Factory Unlocked Smartphone International Model No Warranty (Prism Green) Samsung Galaxy S10+ Plus 128GB+8GB RAM SM-G975F/DS Dual Sim 6.4" LTE Factory Unlocked Smartphone International Model No Warranty (Prism Green) By Samsung
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2 OUKITEL C16 Android Smartphone 5.71" 19:9 Waterdrop Screen Phone, Dual Rear Camera, 2600mAh Battery, 2GB+16GB Quad Core Fingerprint Face ID, 3G GSM Unlocked Cellphone Android 9.0 (Green) OUKITEL C16 Android Smartphone 5.71" 19:9 Waterdrop Screen Phone, Dual Rear Camera, 2600mAh Battery, 2GB+16GB Quad Core Fingerprint Face ID, 3G GSM Unlocked Cellphone Android 9.0 (Green) By OUKITEL
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3 best Peedeu Basic Phone Unlocked,2g GSM T-Mobile Phone,4 Frequency Band,1800 MAh Battery,Large Button Easy to Use Cell Phone for Seniors Kids(Green) Peedeu Basic Phone Unlocked,2g GSM T-Mobile Phone,4 Frequency Band,1800 MAh Battery,Large Button Easy to Use Cell Phone for Seniors Kids(Green) By Peedeu
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4 Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro (64GB, 6GB) 6.53", 64MP Quad Camera, Helio G90T Gaming Processor, Dual SIM GSM Unlocked - US & Global 4G LTE International Version (Forest Green, 64GB + 64GB SD + Case Bundle) Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro (64GB, 6GB) 6.53", 64MP Quad Camera, Helio G90T Gaming Processor, Dual SIM GSM Unlocked - US & Global 4G LTE International Version (Forest Green, 64GB + 64GB SD + Case Bundle) By Xiaomi
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5 BLU Flash F010 32MB Unlocked GSM Dual-SIM Phone w/Dual 1W Super Flashlight - Military Green BLU Flash F010 32MB Unlocked GSM Dual-SIM Phone w/Dual 1W Super Flashlight - Military Green By BLU
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6 Huawei Y9 Prime 2019 (128GB, 4GB RAM) 6.59" Display, 3 AI Cameras, 4000mAh Battery, Dual SIM GSM Factory Unlocked - STK-LX3, US & Global 4G LTE International Model (Emerald Green, 128 GB) Huawei Y9 Prime 2019 (128GB, 4GB RAM) 6.59" Display, 3 AI Cameras, 4000mAh Battery, Dual SIM GSM Factory Unlocked - STK-LX3, US & Global 4G LTE International Model (Emerald Green, 128 GB) By HUAWEI
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7 OUKITEL C16 Unlocked Cell Phone Android 9.0 Dual Nano SIM 3G Unlocked Smartphone 5.71"HD + Waterdrop Display Face&Fingerprint ID 8MP+2MP Dual Camera 2GB RAM+16GB ROM 2600 mAh Battery (Green) OUKITEL C16 Unlocked Cell Phone Android 9.0 Dual Nano SIM 3G Unlocked Smartphone 5.71"HD + Waterdrop Display Face&Fingerprint ID 8MP+2MP Dual Camera 2GB RAM+16GB ROM 2600 mAh Battery (Green) By OUKITEL
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8 Unlocked Smartphones DUODUOGO A70 Dual 4G LTE Android 9.0 Cell Phone,32GB ROM+3GB RAM 5.71" FHD 8MP + 5MP Dual Camera Fingerprint ID Phones,3800mAh Battery Unlocked Cell Phones (Green) Unlocked Smartphones DUODUOGO A70 Dual 4G LTE Android 9.0 Cell Phone,32GB ROM+3GB RAM 5.71" FHD 8MP + 5MP Dual Camera Fingerprint ID Phones,3800mAh Battery Unlocked Cell Phones (Green) By DUODUOGO
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9 Samsung Galaxy S10+ Plus Phone with 128GB - Prism Black Samsung Galaxy S10+ Plus Phone with 128GB - Prism Black By Samsung
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10 Samsung Galaxy S10+ Plus G975F GSM Unlocked Smartphone (Renewed) (Prism Green, 128GB) Samsung Galaxy S10+ Plus G975F GSM Unlocked Smartphone (Renewed) (Prism Green, 128GB) By Samsung
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Top Customer Reviews: Samsung Galaxy S10+ ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Alison
4 / 5 By Ernestine
This telephone is fake . Beware Of a Green of Prism especially. The telephone has not Turned On or recognise the reset of factory or answered partorisca perceive. It has had to that Return and are at present without the telephone this time. A lot disappointed
4 / 5 By Gema
I really like a screen and a camera and a photo takes. Having all these lenses is worth it. Honradamente, A hole of punch for an advance of camera is not noticeable. Action for gaming is also really good. A battery (for random exploring and half comunicacionales social) last a whole day. Really I love my new telephone. His such win he for a prize. An only light downside is an impression of the slowest toe and sensor of expensive which is not that noticeable unless youre really looking for it.
4 / 5 By Shenita
Any improvement in s8/s9

the sensor of Toe is slow
Any notification focused the one who the so only learnt after buying

am going back my s8+
4 / 5 By Hassie
A lot of comenzemos, the cost telephones it s10 the greenest prism, 8 gb and 128 of storage international version the day 2 October and give the day 5 October, the razon main of the devolucion has been that when doing the umboxin find me with a carrier European if ladies, and then!!! Ah To be able to upload it debia buy an adapter?? Reason owe the additional costs am buying a elefono of almost $800 the vendor any place nowhere of his descripcion that any one comes with a carrier apt for the states have joined. Another telephone of what heats of to a large extent when touching, but really hot, any one is that this warm no. Is hot!! This call the attention a lot but Any one has been able to do other tests of then for mine the paramount has been the carrier and revise tambien any understood reason the box of the telephone wraps in a plastico sealed, the telefonos of big row and those that any, any door this plastic wrapping so only a focus transparent that hay that cut to open the box, the this has spent averts of this plastic wrapping a by heart black seal with some specifications and register a video that has seen of the comparative of a telephone uselessness and a true and record east seals that betrays it the box of the telephone uselessness, asi that any one imports the subject of the carrier when buying revise a lot this that am saying aca, revises a lot well the materials of the telephone that crystal of sea the part tarsera???, Another point has run antutu in the telephone and something call the attention in the specifications of the telephone launched for antutu me decia that only habian 2 camaras in the rear part?? This call the atencion and has run antutu in a Galaxy a70 and alli said that habian 3 camaras, for all these detallitos and for the razon of the carrier gives but to the equal that have said before any one the tube the sufficient to be able to guarantee that it was dud or no, asi that buys it to him revisenlo for advantage the fund before spend the 30 days that gives him amazon reason the telephone any one has guarantee in the states joined and concealed to specify it to him the description.

@Begin a lot To the left , has bought a s10 the greenest prism, 8 gb and 128 international storage telephone on October 2 and is returned on October 5, a main reason for a turn was that when doing a umboxin finds for the upload European he ladies, and then !!! Ah To be able of the touch, has to buy an adapter? Reason owe that incur the additional costs yes am buying the telephone of almost $ 800 a vendor does not situate anywhere in his description that does not come with uploading he suitable for the United States. Another thing some heats of telephone on when touching, but the really hot, is not that it is not to animate. It is hot!! This has taken my attention the plot but I could any one other tests of then for me a main thing was one load and the controls neither have comprised reasons a chance of telephone is wrapped in the plastic sealed, big-telephones of finals and those that any, no door that plastic wraps so only to focus transparent this has to that be cut to open a box, this spent averts of this plastic wraps to focus black with the specifications and I have agreed the video has seen of a comparison of the telephone of fake and the real one and agree east focuses that a box of telephone of the fake has spent, as if not to impose you a subject of one uploads when it buy it, control very that am saying here, control very a lot some materials of some telephone that is a glass of late part ???, Another point has run Antutu in a telephone and something has taken my attention in some specifications of some telephone launched for Antutu said that there was so only 2 camera in a backside? This has taken my attention and I have run advances in the galaxy a70 and there said that has had 3 camera, for all these details and for a reason of one load is returned but to the equal that have said before any one the quite tubed to guarantee that it was dud or No, so he calm buy it, please the verify thoroughly before it spends some 30 days that the amazon of the reasons a telephone does not have any one guarantee United States and that a description the specific.
5 / 5 By Shanelle
Absolutely fantastic was the little concerned roughly purchasing telephone reason the pair of some fake of commentaries has said. It telephones that it does not act, but after the buy and that takes that I jump it are thoroughly has impressed. It has dipped mine HE paper in this new telephone and he have connected immediately my coverage like this all has transferred on add is the really fantastic telephone
4 / 5 By Wesley
Ossia a exynos the version has not said that it has sold it to it to him still ours and has discovered them so only these telephones whose work correctly in our coverage and samsung has paid of the one who operates reason is not the version of knots of a telephone sound now the have 2 economic version of galaxy s10 more this the payed 2 dollars of thousand for
4 / 5 By Pearly
Idk reason smb says is fake . I have been concerned to plot in bad descriptions! But I have risked and it has won!:) A telephone is doing well. I possess for 2,5 month. Any complaint at all. I have changed so only a European uploads blockade for the old USA one of mine past Galaxy 7. It maintains a battery like this long. Happy roughly that.
PS. I have not used recognition of type. Included that has not been that it is:) kinda old school.
5 / 5 By Coretta
Produced excellent, any one has had any question
5 / 5 By Tova
That likes them in this telephone is that it does and a camaera is surprising. This in spite of the can not send messages of text of the group,has had to them that download aother messaging application inorder to do like this and a manual and everything is in some odd looking writing... Any to mention... I can not dip my papers on here for nfc payments..... But global likes them a telephone!

Top Customer Reviews: OUKITEL C16 Android ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 By Leila
I like this ready telephone, can install two HE papers and the paper by heart, a screen is the full clear screen , and an use is very simple, one first election of the by heart green mobile phone, very good.

Top Customer Reviews: Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Cristy
If you are looking for the telephone partorisca less than $ 400, this one would have to that be in your short cast. If you are looking for a low $ 300, this can be your new telephone . Unverified Shabby reason have bought the green of Forest 64GB/ 6GB Remarks 8 Pro / SD container of Paper, but of then ossia like this new, has thought estaca he here. :D

to That likes:
Some telephone looks a lot aesthetically. A green is quite striking with an external glass. It is easy to resist so that it is long and thin. A telephone is quickly. Load of powered was to the use of point for in 15 seconds. A fingerprint the reader is also quite quickly. Has the vibrant screen, the screen that pieces on almost a whole face. An answered the touch is fantastic. Operation while it runs the multiple applications is silky smooth. The scored -278000 in Antutu benchmark, which looks quite a lot of (ossia slightly better that the Galaxy S9). A camera is well, down the pictures read exit well. I do not use it but there is NFC. There is the light of small white notification in a teardrop. A GPS is fast to purchase and attentive. A telephone aggressively tries to save your life of battery, which is already really good. Easily I can take 2 days or regular use. 3 Or 4 days of the life of battery is mostly so only in standby. Still it has the headphone jack and an external speaker is strong abundance for tones of call. It comes with the clear, boss of hule.

To That that does not like :
Any drawer of application. (Fulfil MIUI, an android modified in this telephone) Perhaps that that that can be remedied with the launcher. (I in fact likes MIUI like this live without drawer) the telephone does not come with the the pertinent USA upload, comes with the European(?) It covers, an adapter and the regulate usb cord. MIUI Comes with some ads here and there. It likes when you use of a tent of game, can see one. They can be turned was although (sees down). A lentil of camera protrudes out of a backside of a telephone, as it is not flat (without some class of real chance). MIUI Is not vanilla (pure) android (but is still of the some way the-as able too lol). It is the little heavy (200g) but no crazy heavy. Quality of his of a subordinated shooting the speaker so only could be better but has listened far worse.

For $ 240, ossia the quite fantastic telephone .

FYI - I follows to use mine in TracPhone, using gone back of AT&T. Has has had to that manually dipped on a APN to take my mobile coverage that cut but concealed so only can be reason this telephone is like this new that has not been automatic.

To take ads of Xiaomi MIUI 10:
Your telephone has to that be connected to an Internet. The permission so only can be revoked on-line.
Goes to: Permission >of Security & of Signals >of Settings & revocation
the neighbours soysa' to Out. (Attentive for 10 second)
after expecting, the tap Revokes.
Once touches that, can see: “it Can not revoke permission”. It maintains to try until you have sucedido. (3-5x)
Go to: the settings >announce to Daunt >of recommendations >of services of Additional Settings of Personalised ad
has dipped that to 'Was'.
5 / 5 By Marquis
Has received that has been waiting for this cellphone, the big screen that I really need during my days and a battery is really good! It take a green an and eveytime are with my friends, taking impressed by a creation because it is really good. This cellphone was a lot of controversial in a start because of a processor, am very satisfied with action. Enough, it is a better option that can take you in this tax.
4 / 5 By Cayla
Ossia An original version of a Redmi commentaries 8 Pro. A antutu the bookmark verified it.
4 / 5 By Ciara
My telephone my old plus has taken the turn for a worse. I have decided to give Xiaomi try it and has thought a Note 8 Pro looked impressive for a prize. They are thoroughly he pleased it.


A telephone feels solid. Has glass in a backside.
A fingerprint the reader is quickly.
Does well in mine carrier (AT&T). A signal has been solid wherever have gone like this far.
A camera is solid thus pricepoint.
HAS the light of notification in a front.
There is NFC.
A life of battery is insane, especially with which one the majority recently MIUI update. It can last two to four days easily according to use.
A MediaTek chipset is no slouch. A telephone is snappy and has run countless games without subjects.
There is SD support of Paper and an audio jack.
A screen there is HDR support.


A telephone is heavy, heavier that more telephones.
A fingerprint the reader is a lot down one of some cameras.
A screen while big and the brilliant has light the subjects approach some flanges. Waterdrop Notch In a front.
SD Space of the paper is not to separate he so that it is any dual HE or SD Paper and the HE.
Has some the odd video that the emphases that goes like this looking video.
Are not the big defender of MIUI. Perhaps it have to that it give time, but I quite stock android .

Finally, does not think has the better telephone in this point of prize (when I ordered it, is $ 210). Yes, Xiaomi several lineup means calm does not have to that go much bigger to take something better, but if your estimativa is -$ 200 then this would have to that be your next telephone . Some of a negatives has listed on is smaller. It does not find a telephone that heavy and have any question that bosses with a book (although my hands are big). I coached in a fingerprint the location of the reader to any paste a more next camera.

Some reasons for mine 4/5 in the place of the perfect bookmark is video stressing and MIUI. If it look the video by means of an application, calm immediately will remark that something is was. Will have visible machineries according to a source and the things will look oversharpened. It was not that it is a cause of of the this, but expect that this can be fixed with the update of software. It is not the dealbreaker for me, but can be for some the one who are more sensitive to this type of what. MIUI, Goes to say am not used his closing. I am not returning a telephone on he of a telephone extracted well. They are so only any one the defender of MIUI fashion and like shuffles sure things around. I have had of a telephone, has received two updates like this at least is taking decent support like this far.

A sewing of plus would owe that mention of then there is not it remarked for advanced. A listing of Ash of the Mineral here is a version of EU. I am not sure the one who some differences of hardware are inside a telephone, but avenges with one covers of EU.
5 / 5 By Hayden
Ossia The telephone adds for a prize! I unplugged He in 8 are the Thursday and he am remained alive until 12 pm Friday. Some photos have attached has been taken with him!
5 / 5 By Priscila
Ossia A better telephone can take the this prices his really fast battery is good telephone law adds for me especially in gaming quite a lot of
5 / 5 By Neda
Was the little has concerned this no well with carriers of EUA, but has connected to Metre for T-Mobile instantly with all the functions that reads like this has to that. A telephone is a (emerald) gem with characteristic is and the súper-zippy CPU concealed the fact run all really quickly. There is NFC, headphone jack, USB-C that touches quickly, the very good exposure, GOES Far capacity, glass of Gorilla 5 front And behind, Android 9 (albeit has seen a MIUI 11 interface) among the hostess another characteristic. I have been with the First New mine Launch and was able to take all dips up likes has had the habit of in my last telephone quickly. There are some things that needs to be regulated in of the settings to do 3rd party widgets work and to turn builds of ads @in of the applications, but once those are facts , has the telephone that a name-undertaken of the mark is selling for at least bend a prize. That The camera is to good sure upper to a LG V20 that I upgraded of. Also, a telephone has the extremely long-durable 4500mah battery that - goes to be a big selling point of a new Galaxy S11 - when regime. So only two defects have found is 1) Google Ready Lock (the calm leave you to maintain a telephone unlocked when connected to trusted bluetooth devices) does not act . 2) Netflix & first do first so only in the definition regulates now same. These are apparently both issues that Xiaomi is doing on.
4 / 5 By Tanesha
Was the little disappointed when I fund a container in a paving, no in the container of amazon but a fedex very thin envelope, a box has not been to break, I like a telephone Xiaomi Redmi remarce 8 pro, so only that use WhatsApp message of voice and a microphone to register my voice is not well, my voice is rid down , my lg k20 has better microphone . Another while a telephone are adds
5 / 5 By Benito
This telephone is the telephone very a lot he in some a lot of ways has surpassed my expectations.
Has received 128 gb SD paper in place of 64 gb paper
has the chance yes is included
comprise adapter of discharge of the the touch of EUA well
the quality of an arrival of product is good-looking a lot of irridescent green lovely
Likes Gilipollas
Any guarantee
EUA upload
A lot of CDMA
quality of build of works of Reasonable prize in GSN coverage like TMobile or ATT
Cpu is fast and careers skinded version of Android 9
Cost my sum has given on telephone 4 stars in spite of one is declared clearly in advertising.
Works of chair of the good telephone for the prize rids the majority of some characteristics of flagship telephone in fact 2 years .As ALLER controller the majority of the telephones do not have this NFC enen the motorcycle does not have it headphone jack .Qualified of big clear exposure to hide notch of camera and customise it .All characteristic is in pricing a lot very in fact the only worry is way of Android his skinded loves it Samsung ossia telephone for are not really the papers of the hamburger revoked and the way manipulates screen to house to look IOS but my supposition is that I can find ROM for the spend the launcher or stock Android oh another thing these types give Gibbs of wallpaper subject for free surpurbe is for this that I guss on but so the telephones do not damage any a lot of and mark purely to to poor executed device likes him the pixel 4 money of costs
5 / 5 By Rea
This telephone has blown my alcohol. My expectations have been surpassed! Ossia My best mid-the row telephones like this far and am satisfied like this with him. The no really needs more than of the this for my purposes. My Hobbies comprise the photograph and this Telephone can explore the plot. Thank you Xiaomi. They are really it surprise. I have read all a pros and gilipollas of several descriptions but my commentary is,'to to the Beauty likes in of some eyes of a beholder'! These Telephones can not be perfect but like the way of alcohol to take to a better of a better,any to fix the few things here and there. They are very sure this telephone will take on some supposed Upper Classes,boot for boot.

Top Customer Reviews: BLU Flash F010 32MB ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By
This is not the 3 or 4 coverage of G is the A lot of outdated 2 telephone of G and no in any coverage!!!
4 / 5 By
A lot
4 / 5 By
comparing to another blue has produced like blue diva II , a volume is not like this well, I cant listens calls ringing of 25 ft distance and theres the noise of plot of earpice pending of the calls
5 / 5 By
the telephone is are adds partorisca a prize
5 / 5 By
This basic telephone is WELL. I have bought this telephone only to do calls and partorisca maintain it on vibrate but does not have one vibrates the characteristic and ossia very disappointing. An only use partorisca he now is partorisca be the torch.
5 / 5 By
Does on all world-wide GSM, coming partorisca date in
4 / 5 By
AT&T has prendió services 2system of Telephones of G
5 / 5 By
the telephone Adds but has not done in metropcs.
4 / 5 By
Any on-line capacity.
Mobile phone with camera and player of audio (mp3) of handy 1torch of watt.

Really fresh?
Spends a handset with 2 lines of telephone. A partorisca home personal/ & another partorisca some to another lifestyle likes the mark of service of the byline of BLUE (to the Bold likes) of devices.
32mb Micro SD empty expandable partorisca hand-held.

Has bought version by heart scarce green like telephone of the emergency partorisca emergency asks old folks of Jitterbug/the call Adds type of clientele of cellular service. No, it was not able to do in the call Adds/Jitterbug coverage.

Loves a hunter of scarce/army green colour to relieve to differentiate among all another black colored devices among battery of things on office.

A bit pricey ($ 22) advances given in characteristic mobiles in a phase as to write.

If you are addicted internet ; this device to good sure will disappoint in this consideration.

No like this fresh?
Casing Is plastic decent but of manual of unsuitable instruction. It can he imagine was like this to open and battery of place for hours if you are not the trafficante mobile! Seriously!
Not thinning! A bit chunky. Access in Palmera of female hands average.

Has to that no for the turn on as it can not give description of quality of the picture. This'll be for some another reviewer to take offered.
4 / 5 By
Some works of telephone and for a prize can them a lot really complains but here is some of some abonos and of the bad

1- Works for calls of basic voice

No like this good:
1- I thought it would be less plasticy and more rugged
2- a lot of keys lateralmente
3- A lot of annoying: any one keys of volume
4- a screen is tiny; it was necessary has it quell'has been with a big plus 2.4'!!!

Top Customer Reviews: Huawei Y9 Prime ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Hilde
You love it! I do partorisca instacart and use this like my telephone of work. Less than the month after the start has had has fallen already mine $ 1000 Samsung S10+ two times and has broken a screen, now a thing grieves works. As I took him of amazon partorisca use like this telephone of work. In some the laws of EUA adds in H20 wireless, has researched that the coverages does more on and this looks partorisca be a a. It runs on AT&T partorisca a voice and text and careers of data out of Telrite/Habladuría Pura partorisca LTE. They are in north Georgia and take decent speeds of 7-9mpbs where my sprint S10+ can never like this on 1mpbs. A screen is big and a pop on the camera is the orderly. A screen isnt also like my Samsung of course but ossia so only when they are side for side. For him,it is still the good screen in of the terms of resolution and colour. The telephone feels well in your hand,plastic but the good plastic. It take a green colour that looks very good and is abit different. Finally it prefers a fingerprint reader on all some another has used. Very better that Samsung is under a technology of screen and his situated perfectly in a backside partorisca easy achieves. It comes with the clear chance that is in good prize in the economic telephone. In general I love it. The desire has wireless touching and the slightly better screen but ossia the only cause are like this use the AMOLED. Matched with H20 wireless would say that ossia the perfect pairing .
5 / 5 By Sheryll
These works of telephone well in mine ultra the mobile plans like work in a t-mobile takes the good coverage and concealed is all these subjects..
4 / 5 By Shanice
To good sure any disappointed. Ossia Mine 2nd Huawei. Any partorisca found is one a 1st a had not taken partorisca swim he in a group. FYI: Any raincoat! TG PARTORISCA HE PAPERS. But, that averts this telephone is really adds & enough. Unfortunately I owe that maintain
a chance in the for the maintain that way. So much, really any volume to enjoy a beautiful emarald green. Consistently It Updates a software, the battery is same sum with some games I game in bases regulates & easy to cruised. They are sure this telephones does to plot more than am conscious of yes, has known roughly that. They are not the techy as I have not explored.
Is the 2019 so that enough well for me.

Is not fearful to buy the telephone where can you any pernounce a name or concealed is not there constantly when being marketed. I like this annoying! It is an android . They are all some same and pay 4 times less. Quite said
5 / 5 By Mitchell
Has had abundance of flagship to to telephones like to galaxy S5,S6 of pixels of Google 1. But I have had of an honour 7x then a 8x and now a Y9 prime (I knows is in plot of telephones but doing under construction always eye to break them) and without the doubt there is any way would not be never able to pay again fill 700+ dollars for the telephone a quality of these mainline Huawei the telephones are surprising and innovative. Good-looking exposures with same of life of better battery with my so only downside when being a quality of camera that is not bad but to good sure is not a better, wants to be a Instagram the photographer goes for the pixel of Google but yes so only love the good economic telephone updated of confidence Huawei has and is your better election.
5 / 5 By Julio
Loves my new telephone state using he for the pair of days now. Any lagging. Quality of good camera. Pop on that the camera forward is the touch . So only down the side is quell'has bitten too heavy compared to mine another old telephone.. Value each penny.
4 / 5 By Luba
Is the worst buys Echo because any one rid it to me neither can me the contact with them recommends him that any cost with this provider
4 / 5 By Monet
This telephone is one of some better telephones have bought the long time. And I have had any Samsung and apple among others frames. Awesome Life of battery. The last 2 days that play of touch and other uses. The memory is really good. And a screen is good and clear and enormous. I do not have any complaint at all. According to huawei has possessed. Awesome Telephones. It does not know reason have not changed never. My edges has my old one and with which 2 yrs continuous do like this new.
5 / 5 By Ruth
The quality adds
5 / 5 By Caren
4 / 5 By Irina
Very good cellular and with all his accessories concealed the fact but appeal for the compraventa

Top Customer Reviews: OUKITEL C16 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Ernestina
I have bought this telephone partorisca my boys partorisca use when they go home of the partner. I have not wanted to take an expensive telephone for them and take stray or flown. Reasonable prize ready telephone with the plot of characteristics. A sound and quality of camera acceptable speaker , clear and picture. An operating system the slow May but I does not use he for the game therefore it is not the question for me. A life of battery last the good quantity of time. For a price it to the good telephone for him has like the one of leftover or of the present for upcoming holidays
4 / 5 By Xenia
Love this telephone. Has all some characteristics I needs. Video of currents perfectly. It takes utmost pictures. Has the headphone jack! It controls a video for more.
4 / 5 By Shanell
In fact, are the little spoiled to use a model a late plus in Samsung Commentaries. I plan to take new number to the equal that require an additional telephone to maintain my old number for month of pair. I have tried out of east a. It is dulcemente, of course. No appearance too much. I have not downloaded any one applications or games because I know it can not manage a lot of applications. So only it uses to call and texting. This in spite of, when it opens a backside of a telephone to dip yes paper in then the neighbour behind, is not tight! A lot low quality! I will not see an open coverage has dipped a chance on but seat bad to use an economic telephone that included a @@@back cover can not be returned in a telephone!
4 / 5 By Carlene
Am excited like this in this telephone, easy to learn, a lot of options. Any @@subject at all. For a prize I highly recommend.
5 / 5 By Ryan
This Telephone Is Really Well, Takes Good Pictures & All is Doing Well!!
4 / 5 By Stacia
Has bought this telephone for my woman and is a lot happy. A quality of his of a call and the music is like this well, has said that this telephone fact his younger look. Really it likes. It recommends it.
5 / 5 By Andra
Has has liked him always the good-looking mobile phone. A oukitel c16 is the drop-screen of screen that access exactly which want to. His colour is also a lot fashionable, is so only perfect, loves it.
4 / 5 By Dana
In general I really like this telephone. Everything in this 3G unlocked the smartphone is enough for me. My partner has seen also likes to of him, and plans for the buy too much. Seldom I see a @@@back cover of a telephone can be take, is suitable for me.
4 / 5 By Nancie
Has given to Mine of mine, and loves that !! I have sent Brasile and law adds there. It thinks that that a telephone is a lot well, and really likes. Thank you.
5 / 5 By Alverta
All in a telephone is awesome

Top Customer Reviews: Samsung Galaxy S10+ ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Lorrine
I have been so only using this telephone partorisca the few days but has wanted to share some first impressions.

1. A calm telephone of the one amazing quantity of spatial of screen with almost any bezel and a screen is stunningly beautiful. For the telephone of this measure, does not look too big and when being the woman, have relatively small hands so that the measure is a lot noticeable mine and yes can resist and use a telephone comfortably in a delivery.

2. It is also astonishingly thin and light for a quantity of the power of battery and life takes. I am spent all bondadoso to time to touch with him and downloading the new applications and he have had still 60 life of battery. A lot good. The time will say the one who punctual precise substitution of battery, something concealed is been the subject big for me with my iPhones, that early looks for gone bad.

3. If you have not had wireless touching first, calms THAT will WANT TO. Almost I do not owe that it never covers my telephone having wireless touching tampons or stands wherever has required. One invests to the touch is the good option although I have not taken my free buds still as it has not had the occasion to try them was but has had another wireless buds and always look to begin to have subject quite quickly for a big cost. If you are so only I taste, of a capacity to touch another telephone is not all this gain but for the families can be the more really good . Also you mean it has to that be careful in a chance takes wants to do sure work with this characteristic. Some this sustains wireless touching is not necessarily that goes to do for a reverse touching.

4. A lot of options of cameras add and of course, FIVE CAMERAS (3 in a backside, 2 in a front). This was the big reason has taken this camera , and is the plot of fun to touch with them, but see a Gilipollas for my experience with them. Súper slo Me it The video is also a lot of fresco to touch with. Coming from a telephone an old plus, some options here are the joy, particularly a Pro way. In a past has had to that use other applications of cameras to take included closes to the that a Pro the way can do.

5. Android YOU and Samsung the version especially is awesome for the users to be able to likes him this amour to tweak everything. Coming from an iPhone is the joy to be able to customise my telephone so much. Particularly it appreciates a a-there is rid characteristic when using the big telephone like this (but see a gilipollas loans again).

6. A lot of options of security in of the terms of like this to protect your telephone. Cara GOES is the fast way to unlock a telephone but easily feigned, as no very sure. I have had it issues with him in a past also when one lighting is not well. A new fingerprint the scanner is purportedly a lot last to feign and works in a lot of conditions.

7. Abundance of spatial with 128 memory of action to start with, and there is microSD which is a lot wants to upload on video and a lot of music for the travesía (any so much for daily use). I also AMOUR that the closing has the headphone jack. A capacity of a telephone to recharge the headphones is well, but there is not a lot a lot of this will do with him still and at all sucks more than yours BT the headphones that quotes and any when being pas able discharges he in the backup dipped of normal some.

1. A creation of a telephone is quite blah and is súper slippery. You want to take the chance in this thing ASAP. A sensibility of him all a way until some flanges this even more of entities, that tries to turn he of portrait to the landscape without the chance resembles always the cause to think are clicking on something. Really I do not see it when being usable at all without that has at least the minimum chance on to resist he with. Also a plastic screen 'protective' comes with him does not go to do a lot protecting and is a bondadoso this is to go easily in some sides when that tries to take a telephone in and out of chance.

2. That I me ameno to with 2. A fingerprint scanner. This was touted like such the enormous breakthrough but looks the behind mine of active has used scanner in some outsides of a chance or in the key how were in mine iPhone. In the first place, there is at all to help paralización to chair where to dip your toe, any haptic feedback or anything to give you help with taking your toe in a right place another that a visual pseudo-key in a screen, and some messages that come until saying you can not read your impression is LIKE THIS ridiculously tiny and hard to read. You owe that press quite hard in a screen, perhaps finally will take a hangs of him but now included constantly are saying to press harder. Have has does not have to that never @@subject with escáneres normal. Also it does to use glass protectors in a front FAR MORE DIFFICULT likes the quota surrenders the unusable.

3. This in spite of as a width and television the lentil is touted for Samsung, a quality of some images takes with them are quite sub-pair. In better, can take seeds-the outsides of decent photos in excellent light, but compared to a primary lentil, particularly for inner shots a difference is a lot obvious. They have spoken like this roughly having the 'way at night' the rival a quality of a Pixel 3, but is nowhere near. Some pictures are far too soft and clearly not using a class of HDR that Google is using in a Pixel to produce such light shots good basses. Outside in the brilliants of light shots tend to having blown out of zones still. Also I take frustrated in that so only a normal photo and the ways of video will leave you to use a width and television lentil (Pro and súper slo me he for chance any one), and how much has to that leave a camera controls that it is spending likes detection of use of scene (vs. When being able to dip a type of scene I). Admitted is still the BIG improvement that has to Pro way at all, but there there is even more wants to be able to do. Still they look to think launching the hardware in us will suffice without directing a side of software, but for photo of upper quality, a Pixel 3 with touching a lentil goes to win still is gone in a lot of situations. Like this an additional front-facing lentils for selfies. A lot I have had enough a width-the corner sees a Pixel 3 offers vs. Using on spatial in a front so only for the camera help it blurs a fund. You was annoying to ask users that more master? Felizmente A folks in sustaining for now included these new telephones with his utmost professional addon lentil, as I will be upgrading my box for his new súper-wide corner and television lentil like this certainly an action of a main lentil with his adjustable start is quite excellent. But I am happy at least to have an additional lenses has built to a camera to use when it does not seat likes to spend an extra lenses with me, as I usually any in mine daily routine. But Google so only could rid the telephone that is not sub-pair on life of the battery like Pixel has been, probably would pull even more to to the clients like to of them on, but so as I priest in my photos that look awesome, has had my action that has to spend it battery chargers around all day to treat telephones that the data was too quickly.

4. So as one give to you some abonos a-has rid options, a creation of hardware resembles entirely the ignore. REASON is some keys like this freaking BIG in a telephone?! I have used a S9 and does not take when being this bad. A key to be able to (to to those folds likes them to them the key of camera quickly press) is particularly frustratingly big. A volume toggle also, virtually impossible to achieve without using another hand.

5. There have it still some things in an Android/Samsung YOU that finds to baffle and frustrating. The time takes lost that tries to find my way behind reason something sent was to somewhere more. A number of time has finalised in a Animoji section of an application of camera and could not imagine was like this to go back to a camera regulates. Far too often it trusts on tugging or other gestures of screen when the option of simple paper to change the screens would be like this more the friendly user. As well as confusing is that a Bluetooth setup aim me all these Mac IDs of the devices can not connect to. It is almost comical the one who these looks of screen in the big gymnasium these days. Reason any one so only aim me one some can connect to? It is to good sure a lot always easy to use the really characteristic-the device has weighed like this and a lot sure would recommend it to has experienced fewer users.

6. Like this among all a Google of material loves control and Samsung load in a telephone, like the chair am turning in my whole lives to this daunt of wise companies. I changed it quickly on to use DuckDuckGo for investigations of web and use other characteristics to daunt, but is regarding that access these big companies want that in your telephone. Samsung Resupplies it VPN the service in a telephone can use also to help maintain your sure activity, but the confidence is not that they use that to follow me? Of then to to the subject like him to him Facebook has done when the people give the number of telephone to enable 2-factor auth, am not sure trust any of them anymore.

7. Prizes. We are in row of iPhone now with this telephone. It is clear that Samsung is justifying pressing a prize up with characteristic of the additional hardware like a screen has improved, more storage, in-screen fingerprint scanner and extra cameras. Some are to good sure the a lot of on, but another, like a scanner and sub-camera of stop, any so much. To to Some like him some revokes to the touch can in timing be more advantageous that probably is take more people initially.

In general, ossia still the REALLY good telephone. This in spite of, if you are happy with 64 action, probably would recommend to take a S9+ and saving the good bit of money. There is really at all in a S10+ ossia has improved so much that hundreds of sides of dollars... And some things are the bit of the step backward IMO. This in spite of yes calms really loves 128 action, these telephone costs an additional swipe relatively small in prize in a S9+ with comparable storage.
5 / 5 By Helaine
To the amazon there is quickly sure state & to them, they his separate. Samsung Has created the telephone to add with east a. Snappy Fixes YOU, that the camera are add, the looks of battery well, has been downloading and using a camera and the battery is draining like any one another telephone heavy use down. I think that a battery in this unlocked the version will be better that the carrier is no bloatware that it runs in a fund. A screen is more has not seen never. Measure, I like a 10+ measure, Sweats to have gymnasium shorts and when it is poking out of an upper big. Decent weight ( knows his there) as far like this good.

NOW, the things of pair with a telephone and a pre-fiasco of order,

1. A telephone comes with the protective screen on he already of a factory, as you save your money.
2. It does not come with the He Paper, according to your situation, can has to that go to the yours carrier and ask them for the new He yours old a could not be compatible. (I has has had to that the take to sprint, gave to knots the new he and has actuated he)
3. Any freak is gone in a little ash of sweep in an extreme right,(in a past meso a curve) bezel. Those have not died of pixels, thats a mini the paper/sews/of fast access. I control it and he tug left to aim a paper.
4. A Earbuds situation, I pre-has ordered this telephone in late February, in this website. I have seen an ad on here this has said that would qualify for a earbuds. I have called Amazon, a rep has said well, call Samsung and take some details. I have said well, I called behind later and it says ' register to a Samsung tent and redeem still yours earbuds '. It is very he he, as it downloads a Samsung application of Tent, and place in your information and calm has to that send test that yours pre-orderly before it Leaves 8. I have taken the screen has shot details of order of page of Amazon.

Well, as thank you, and if your Samsung, ailing taking the wireless touching the tampon has taken one dipping around calm whose need anymore.
5 / 5 By Ma
So only has taken mine s10 more today. Opened the on and looked in a lenses and theres low bubbles a glass.
4 / 5 By Kathey
Has ordered this element, that prefers to spend an extra -120 bucks for a version of EUA, which throws to lose guaranteeed, has the fastest processor, among other things that looked for in a unlocked international telephone. This telephone was also supposition to come like the new element.

Instead that has received was an international version, which could say of when it falls up in Spanish. I have verified with a number of model. An international version can be the fine product also, with differences read only... But that the version is also more economic, and any that have paid stops. To do the worse things, a box that is gone in points a version of model of them the EUA, while a telephone was in fact an international version! I think that this this an intentional transmission for some employee of Amazon to do a bit extra money, and explains reason both telephone has received has been opened and has had an error of version of same model.

He, has said both telephone. I have thought perhaps it have the deception that could be rectified for Amazon, and gave it another has shot. I have received the second telephone and he have had some same errors like this first: open box, wrong element... And this does not time any one spend of cord/of touch or some headphones come with.

Has has ordered of the telephone directly of Samsung, version of EUA unlocked, and has has received in fact an element there is wanted.
4 / 5 By Lashaunda
The telephone was unlocked and the new mark, but is an international model . For like this, it was unable of the actuate.
5 / 5 By Mattie
These telephones has not been NEW. It falls Until him verizon screen of logo wireless. Then there it was any initall together on way that has with any one has bought again devices. A sign of big history was when I opened it in the first place..... All some components were bagged up. Any in the slick pre the sleeve of hole of the map/of yard likes all a unboxing the pointed video or samsung was dipped. Also there are 2 focuses each video the ees seen has 1.
5 / 5 By Mimi
Has taken a telephone really quickly which aim me to knots when the thought was in some the EUA, how is snapdragon version. This telephone has been priced more expensive that a exynos version, as I fed when believing. When I have taken a telephone was exynos the version and am doing the repayment is, of then can take a exynos partorisca much more economic. A toe pint the reader was noticeably slower of mine s8. I did not think it impose you but, after the while I annoyed really. This comprises a time reads your injustice of impression of the toe and interrupts a flow of your hand-held motion.
4 / 5 By Joanne
Ossia The beautiful telephone . I have had 4 of some telephones of leading Galaxy, as I am a lot very accrued with Android and Samsung. All the world knows the one who awesome the android is and the one who upper Samsung the screens are, continuous improve every time. Unfortunately a screen is too sensitive to use without the chance on that. Calm simply can any one any t resists a telephone without your hands or the toes that touch some flanges and doing against those calm in fact is trying press. Once my chance of telephone of the boxes of nourished arrives the day later, a question has been solved! Mark sure taken all some first full updates to add your fingerprint. The mine does not have at all done until an update. For any reason.

Telephones better still!
5 / 5 By Van
Samsung Has not done a lot of better to a device of a S8. Sad but true. Yea A camera is the little better, but a lot some was quirks and the bugs remain. An automatic unlock has based in the location is still flakey, a screen has based fingerprint the sensor is paste or lose in better, and my main complaint - has done was with a notification has DIRECTED. Calm now has to that unlock your telephone to see yes have any one has lost llama or txt msgs! That a F has been thinking in that a Samsung? But hey, at least still owe useful headphone jack! Any one has impressed. 3 stars in better. Some be said, a Pixel of Google is the better device . Any Samsung bloatware, any one useless gimmicks like the flange of wry screen that you can not use when a telephone is in the chance and servants no practical purpose in all the chance, etc...
5 / 5 By Crystal
Has written the description thus telephone bought it shortly after, but to the amazon deleted reason can have hurt his inferior line. It leaves hope this paralización to time silencing legitimate descriptions.

Will maintain this short. The majority of my ready telephones has been iPhones, but am really tired of the his outdated and the operating system has limited. I require an always in writing and management of better notification among other things, and ossia android for me.

Has had a LG G6 first of this telephone and was the nighware, both in him is limitations of hardware and incredibly slowly update which has done he lagfast. All the world has maintained to say me to take it Samsung instead.

Like I , in $ 700 on Day of Amazon, an extracted excellent. A screen is brilliant and beautiful. OneUI Does iOS the ugly look. A hardware is speedy comprising a headphone jack.

A question with Samsung looks to be was like LG - aggravatingly slow to adopt version of android later. While the updates of security are upper notch , am still in the moment to them to release an android 10 update, and has been already month, and of the bed will be the little more month for Samsung to commit.

Another subject has found is ads, yes, ads! In the telephone of prize. Both in Bixby and in Samsung browsers, appointed amsung Reward', which when you it the click on finally directs you to sign up for the paper crediticia.

Worry you for yours daunts would look to OnePlus telephones or clave with iPhones until Samsung take his together law.

Top Customer Reviews: Samsung Galaxy S10+ ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Roberto
A Mark of looks of the sure new telephone. Work usually, any subject... Except a battery is draining very quickly in spite of my better endeavour partorisca minimise use of him. I have had to that order the new a.. The vendor pleases to substitute some batteries in those has renewed to to the telephones like to of them used to do in the past.. Then it was 5 stars again.
5 / 5 By Sharan
A thought to take the refurbished or esnewed' the telephone is always like this nerve-wracking but with BuySpry, does not have to that be ! I have purchased this telephone in Sep 23rd, 2019 and has had arrives Sep 25th, 2019. Thank you Prime of amazon!

Downloads of authorship: I have not received ANY RISARCIMENTO for this description. I have decided to write this because of a lack of attentive or sincere descriptions in this section.

Would like of verifies a state of the yours telephone to do sure is not when be funded, or flown feels free to verify was , dial 06 and entrance some numbers that comes until a web of place. You will take the description detailed in your telephone! The mine is clean start felizmente!

In a telephone:

This telephone is in fact an international model, as no attended to take Snapdragon. You will be to take an international version , Exynos. It is the significant difference , No, at all. My telephone there is not coming with any preinstalled bloatware to the equal that is surprising. I saved the plot of uninstalling.

Condition of a telephone:

You clearly can see photo that is in pristine condition. It has dipped the drawn wallpaper that has created to dip out of a colour vibrancy and loves it! A screen does not have any scratch that like this never, although I am not surprised because of a fact that ossia the glass of the gorilla is treating here. A backside of a chance has looked for to be like this worthy of the his pristine title so it has had any scratch to be found, included under the glass to augment!

That it is inner :

BuySpry really takes a cake with his products. These produced are gone in the generic box , the bubble wrapped and the powering on was touched partially, as it have to that be. Also it avenges with the generic type-C boss and fast touching blockade. Included It Has gone also the HE nails of paper for easy scrolling. BuySpry Also the instructions have comprised on like this to connect your telephone and that to do find having question.

My Carrier:

are on Metre for T-cellular and has not had any question at all. I called him on, it has followed his instructions to the equal that have inserted my HE paper. I have been once advised to be able to down a telephone and turned it behind me on can say that less than the minute was in my coverage with 100 percent flawless connectivity.


was extremely sceptic roughly buying this telephone but BuySpry fact me sure with a condition that has received my telephone. They are the working woman , constantly in a gone and trust my telephone for everything of my business transactions and needs. A telephone is flawless! An only thing that the insiemi averts of any in those bought that he of the flagship the tent is that it does not come with any of a goodies would have taken. You trace? At all. With a quantity has saved to buy leave me with to spare to buy these elements for my account!

First to leave the description, please sure mark that contact a first vendor to write the description. The negative critiques reflect bad to a vendor. I have had messaged BuySpry with some questions like telephone was in his way and I has been answered almost immediately. To good sure buy they again!!

Thank you, BuySpry!
4 / 5 By Carisa
Liked like this avenges, this in spite of of one load has taken long to touch. I charge he for two hours, still has directed like this take 24. If this is not a real to upload would like me to send me the. If I am paying more money thus telephone aleast give me the a lot of upload.
5 / 5 By Marisol
The telephone has arrived punctually and was described like this, no the scratch only - just like new.

A listing declares a do one in any one the USA GSM carrier, and ossia partially corrected. Ossia A 'F' variant of a S10+ and does not sustain Bandage 30, if you are on AT&T probably will remark decreased speed of data (any LTE+/5GE). Calm especially will remark an alive difference in the one of zone of metre of the entity where the carrier aggregation is in place.

If you are the T-the Mobile client is well. Usually I take speed among 20-50Mbps on AT&T and with this device (missing Sale 30) taking among 1-5Mbps.

The device adds, the shot adds, probably will return next week.
5 / 5 By Valentine
Was the little concerned to buy renewed and a prize looked too good to be true. My S10+ has not arrived in original packaging or with an original touching blockade, but yes can look spent that a value is incredible. In an end of a day, a telephone was subject . I have been using mine for the few weeks now and would not have been able of the says has not been the new mark if it was not for a packaging. In general, ossia the value adds and can vouch thus provider.
5 / 5 By Shad
Received and loves that! I have been of an iPhone X to this! Still I am taking used to a transmission but I could not be happier. Fact perfectly with att.
5 / 5 By Edda
has RECEIVED so only this yesterday like the substitution for my beloved but there is caducado S6 Active. Like this far like this good. It arrives in a box of the amazon renewed with uploading it concealed is not the Fast to Upload - the the just boss key which is a lot slow - like this discard one load and so only use your old quickly upload or buy the new a. Some new telephone looks without visible defects - except a - which looks for to be caused by a protective screen this is to be apply to a screen of exposure. In a fingerprint the sensor there is the moon of neighbourhood that looks to be micro-bubbles of a glue of a protective - which have thought initially was an abrasion . This causes a sensor any to esee' the fingerprint. When Trying dipped this on a Samsung the software complains that a sensor is dirty.
Is S10 the more is an Australian with a Exynos processor that is used in Samsung telephone in United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, Australia, etc. Some telephones of EUA use a Snapdragon processor that is supposition to have marginally better GPU action. A telephone (GSM) acts perfectly in ATT the coverage and was so only the @@subject to contact a provider to register an IME of a microcard with a new telephone. Felizmente, the majority of mine place, Applications , Contacts, etc, was previously backed until a Samsung Cloud so much in his restaurant to a new telephone has not been difficult. I recommend remapping a Bixby yours to open your favourite Application and downloading and configuring that you have taken of Google that is upper, imho. An only irritation is a question with a fingerprint sensor that possibly could solve take a protective screen. Otherwise - The subject good. (Caveat - Revised after so only a day of use.)
5 / 5 By Aurelia
Master! Exactly to the equal that has described.
4 / 5 By Ben
Know ossia the refurbished the element and I expect the scratch here and there.... Ossia This in spite of not cooling! I have hated This telephone of a moment have of then line a lot one my camera!
5 / 5 By Tashina