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Top Customer Reviews: Lodge Pre-Seasoned ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Has very dish of mould, but that is to say my new favourite . Here it is the few tips for other users. A griddle is perfectly flat and well-fact, but tips to corner to corner in my burners. It IS a subject with a creation of my burner scrapes, no a grill. If has this problem, just fold in the small piece of foil and bonds he below one of some verges these tips. The problem has resolved.

The people often queixen in the lunches that spill of the griddle. If this is spending, then would have to cook this type to feed in the skillet. Skillets And griddles each which how has his own purpose, Some verges of low profile in the griddle is adapted in eating that the stay posed but take on the plot of zone of surface, like eggs, pancakes, steaks, vegetal. They have done some basses verge so much was easy to take the spatula under these lunches. It eats that a lot of fat of the product would not have to be cooked in the griddle, unless it is only the pair of games of bacon. If you are trying to cook above a lot of greasy lunch, use the skillet. They are designed to line liquids, therefore some big sides. So many, writes that the complaint quite a lot of fats to run of your griddle when cooks the pound of bacon, the decree that complains and takes the skillet to line liquids.

He still, a centre will be the small fresher that some finals. He no preoccupy . That is to say natural. It uses in your advantage. It poses things that cook dulcemente in a centrical or attach alimentary in a first centre as it begins to cook in front of a lunch in some finals. Only cual in the grill of charcoal, can be useful to have the 'fresh zone' (in fact the very zone quite hot so scorching). Mark the left sure hot up equally in low heat before turning he until half / of half big, this discourages to bond. Also, calm of present them to you that movement of teflon, never gone back or lunch of movement in a dish or casserole of the steel until a lunch has browned. An alimentary in fact bonds, but then emissions of a surface in his own when is browned. Attentive for an alimentary to fall he. Be ailing. Also, it marks sure steaks, etc. Has any water in the when it pose it a surface of cookery. Some few helps of oil alimentary emission, the impulses to water to bond.

The grandson while it is hot before it can cool it was, or the alimentary rests will be harder to take. It scrapes He with the spatula of metal. Then it dry with the towel of the paper put in oil. Fact. Also, clean up will be liquid of cook easier and sper greasy lunch in the skillet, which are easier to exert (and cleanup in the tank) when hot. It does not want to leave your grandson, hot griddle to cool in a stove? Forn To use mitts in cary the in an oven.

That is to say the product adds . I consider it an essential and useful sidekick in the 12 mould of dish of inch skillet. It is ready for gone well out of a box. The pancakes are exited utmost and any bond, included although I have used almost any oil in a griddle. Works in a grill of charcoal, also for small lunches that would go to the failure a scrapes. It takes it camping like an easy to pose up grill. I use in an oven like the cloak of cookie. I add for small pizzas with crispy crust.
5 / 5
This griddle is very good. I used it so much in the stove and in the chair in a scrapes of my Weber roasted. In fact it prefers to use he in a Weber so that I can heat an integer griddle equally that uses a heat of grill. Doing the one of is to prevent one something slightly fresher you usually when use in a stove like the burners only be in some finals. In a grill has cooked felizmente fish, beef and amazing pancakes. Mark takes a griddle is well and hot before using and always uses the fat of some class likes him butter, fat of bacon or included some oil of olive. That is to say the launch dish as it rusts if any used properly. Mark Sure to season it well and clean the softly. Has has had to re-estacionar the the small time purchased it since but that is to say splits to possess dish of mussel. Those that the complaint enough rusts only necessity to season properly and learn the small plus bit quite which take to use and preoccupy for the dish has launched cookware. Thinking quite taking the second an in almost to cover an integer Weber surfaces of cookery with griddles, a smooth side arrives and another with some marks to roast up for the canal of poses of bad cookery up.
3 / 5
I am spent the plot to time to try to choose a perfect griddle, and this one looked to promise. I have been disappointed when take it to finds does not have the reservoir in a flat side to grease run-was, which some the descriptions have said had and cual looked can pictures, but at the end does not use quite big for that to do the difference in all the case.

This was pre-seasoned, and that the pre-season was quite useless, likes I the remorse that leaves that influences my decision.

Has taken in fact this for a flat side for pancakes and eggs, but has had the plot to subjects of bond that could any never resolve with seasoning and at the end left and has bought the teflon of plan griddle. Perhaps it can it uses this better him it undressed and has done a multilayered flaxseed the oil these seasons that the people recommend, but this listens likes him too many hassle.

Even so, only wants an another side, which use to to roast hamburgers and steaks. The steaks exit better that in the casserole, although has the problem that finds the temperature that is quite hot in any of bond without smoking. Also it is the ache to clean , like the fat entered some corners.

Also thinks would have to have the griddle with real capes.

Has had to on again would try the different griddle, but honestly does not know to have him legustado that or better or no. This one has the plot to describe to surface and is not also bad in of the terms of distribution of heat.
5 / 5
I am the adherent of dish of the enormous mould and this was the addition adds . I have read a lot they revise to complain- in alimentary bond, or a casserole that is difficult to wash. It is launched dish , necessity to do sure is very oiled and quite hot, otherwise the bond eaten. A rigid paintbrush (but never wool of steel) the laws add to clean, and the dish improves launched (easier to clean, more a lot of-clave) with use. Shipped hurriedly (for hurriedly bad ordered the around 6pm and was in my porch in 9is) and was bundled well.
5 / 5
We buy this to use in our camp. It returns perfectly on some two back burners of low speed of our Atwood 3-the regular burner RV unit/of oven of the stove. Heats Very equally and is exceptionally heavy and durable. Has eggs and eats has baked only sausages in the so far, but at all bonded. We can not expect the flavour heaves veggies, steaks, ribs and chicken in the. We like him so much it is ordering of another for a cookery and BBQ. If you see this sake and any crank a road to heat on forming that it is also impacienta, has to last the lifetime. A small tip to spend to the long of: when you season a side of grill for a first time, uses some class of any-shredding paper towel/of napkin, or the basting paintbrush. Otherwise, The napkins of cheap paper will leave bits of them during some crests while you apply an oil. At the end, that is to say to do in some the EUA, and is not roughly cheap import of China that can contain it questionably sure materials.
4 / 5
This dish of mussel of the Lodge griddle has been the addition adds in my dish of mussel cookware. Well out of a box has heated he until the big good heat in my stove of gas to kill any germs. Gone down a temp in the low med heats the light cover of oil of virgin olive and has done pancakes. It goes it when the be bit skeptical quite cooking on he before doing the little more seasoning sessions but in my surprise any bond at all. Afterwards avenge it a hashbrowns tries.I rinsed With well hot water patted dry with the towel of the tea then poses the backside in a stove and heated it until you only grieve to start with to smoke. Taking of a stovetop and used Crisco the vegetable that shortens during the, generously in both sides. I dried it then down very well with the towel of tea (stock exchange of flour) and has repeated this process two times more for the total of 3. Then it leaves fresco totally down. Ready for a hash tries of browns. I have heated a griddle in med heat until sake and hot (not smoking ) smeared the real butter in an onion to surface attached then and green peppers. Any bond any one, has launched on some have melted broken in tater all ( the mark adds hashbrowns) has turned my low llama in med low and chair of leaves for 12 min w/or touching, has turned the on without bond at all. To the left it feels another 10 mins and has had good crispy potatoes O'Brien with at all of bond. Left a casserole cools the small while it run it then his under the hot water those uses the bristled the paintbrush for the dish has launched to clean, very easy. Afterwards avenge it a real test, in of the easy eggs. Heated a griddle in med the heat under this sake of covers takes and hot then the oil of left wing of the addition of virgin olive apresamiento hot then three eggs of jumbo. They have turned fantastically. I have posed an egg in the each burner and one in a centre. A one in a centre has taken the long plus bit to cook but any too longer. In general I am add griddle. I do not have he bacon so that an only real defect is an external lip around a griddle is issue too down for bacon in a stovetop. I personally any plus concealed 4 pieces the times and I think that is by train for the press. I can see the runny the big greasy disorder in a stove with more concealed 4 pieces. In the grill or campfire any problem even so. Only it take for the heat properly in front of cooking and clean, season and tent properly among the uses and he will last for ever. Oh A last tip. May The race of the cold water in the very hot mould stuffs anything. He more than likelywill the cause the fracture or crack. It expects these helps any one in his decision. Happy cookery. :-)
5 / 5
Quan My woman and I have purchased our house, our new field there has been the burner to centre this was to mean for skillets. Some vendors have taken a skillet this was built clearly for a Kenmore field, and could not find an original piece anymore for the reasonable prize. This element a trick, while it returns almost perfectly. I estimate to be able in toe the thorough to eat in the morning like pancakes and French Toast but also when being able to use a ridged side for burgers, steaks, etc. Avenges amiably, any oxide something, (can not take was pre-seasoned and/or oiled), and has lined up well with compatible use. I recommend to purchase to clean immediately after use. It begins to use that it produces on all my dish of mussel!
5 / 5
I have bought 3 of these to substitute some cheap plus griddles has bought the little the mark of years. They are now a lot some worse for wear, and has the feeling that was it thin aluminium with the no-layer of clave. In the heavy end scrubbing has begun to take a coating was, and was time for something new.

After the PLOT of the investigations has decided in these. They were an excellent value compared in same another coated griddles expsito, and does not have any worry of the coating these beginnings of this dish of mussel! They are very heavy. A description said new free, but would swear to seat more like 15 or 20. LOL

A main reason has wanted to these are that earlier this year finds the new method to cook hamburgers that is far upper in any road has cookery the anteriorly. I have found of a method, my woman has been using it on the griddle in a cookery. One of my main uses for these will be to cook them a same road in a grill, more than cooking them on scrape.

More than a bit those that the service of years is exited of an anterior griddles, expects these in last from now on.

After cook with them in my grill of gas the small time, I never he another road. A tone is that all some juices of a stay of flesh in a griddles. If you are cooking in scraping, some juices drip through a scrapes. So much with these, some cooks of flesh is own juices, and no dry was although you overcook he for the few minutes. It uses a flat side for hamburgers, and a ridged side for chicken. If you cooked you only in scraping, simply can not imagine how many beginnings of better yours eaten to use these instead. It IS night and day.

Oh, And as to cook some hamburgers? Use 80/20. Press a patties in less than the inch of fat half, with the small outline. It slaps The in the HOT griddle in immediately seal some juices. Quan IS time in toe the (like cheeseburgers), has said the and has posed of a piece of cheese up. Quan Some corners of a cheese found, is ready for lunch. Of course it uses your favourite that park while the cookeries. There is the variety to add pre-the seasonings of the barbecue have done these days, but garlic and just salt the law of powder adds also.

3 / 5
I want products of lodge. Always have. This griddle even so, is not totally satisfied and here is why. Where it Has planned to use this griddle, some walk has compact stoves. Has four burners up and the small oven but he are the small stove. To well sure any field of cookery of regular measure by far. It opens In this griddle, if situated in some crowns of stove some burners are very afterwards in some verges of a casserole like meso is very, much fresher.
This again is in the crown of small compact stove so never go to achieve two better burners in the field of full measure. Read these accesses Coleman two camp of stoves of burner as it uses this when the use or the car camping likes him the steel to bake instead.

The lodge done the griddle main that this a (model LPG13) That is to say a one suggests has the field of cookery of full measures him the be gas or electrical
5 / 5
Amur This grill. I am the big adherent of the dish launched and has wanted a grill. Amur A ridged side for mark of grill in of the steaks and burgers.. In in to to the My husband likes him his of a flat side for his sandwiches. It IS quite heavy but is careful when using he in my glass cooktop. Has the burner of bridge and these firs of roasted perfectly. Amur This has been pre-seasoned. I have rubbed he with the small oil and place he in an oven in 500 titles for quite a lot of 20 minutes. The fact adds. Afterwards, we will try in our outsides of grill of the gas. So much easier to treat that one racks in that. Produced of Lodge of the amour and amour that is done in some the EUA.

Top Customer Reviews: Lodge Pre-Seasoned ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 51 ratings
5 / 5
A casserole of the iron of good mussel is the must has addition in any arsenal of cookery. A Lodge LPGI3 Reversible Griddle returns a bill perfectly. It is at present nestled on my two gas burners in my stove (sees photo). My measure of burners 17.5 thumbs by means of and a 20 thumb griddle returns amiably on him. It is resulted my gone the piece of cookware. It is quite big to sear several steaks the time, giving them the beautiful flavorful crust. Eggs, pancakes, french toast, grilled cheese, bacon, the confusion fries, salmon, literally all have launched in him has been cooked faster and with more than flavouring that the normal casserole. I can heat a griddle like heat to the equal that likes, teflon of different cookware which can break a nonstick held. A result is that alimentary cooks much faster that normal. The flesh will develop that the caramelized crust often sees in of the restaurants. In short, this griddle/the casserole can cook anything and everything with ease.

To the equal that with any piece of iron of the mould of cookware, the seasoning is the must . The lodge alleges that a griddle is already pre-seasoned, but some first time have tried to cook some the sunny side on eggs has finalised with the burned crusty omelet concealed there is stuck to a casserole. Any sake. Like this, I have begun my Google looks for a better method to season the casserole of iron of the mould. After the little has failed tentativas, and the bit to order by means of clashing methodologies, has found a better way. Estaciona Yours casserole to the equal that follows:

Spends 1

Goes to buy the good organic flax oil of seeds in your tent of lunch of local health (Sprouts, Whole Lunches etc.) sure is pure flax oil of seeds. It have to that be in the section refrigerated, flax the oil goes rancid quickly. A reason flax the oil is used is reason is an only drying oil that is edible. This basically means that a fat content in a flax pauses of oil down easily in big heat and forms the hard film that gives launched-spend his no-held of clave. You can Google easoning iron of mould with flax oil of seeds' for the more desglosa detailed chemically.

Spends 2

Moderately squirt some oil in a side of a casserole. Then take the paper towel and rub each nook and cranny in a casserole. Search to extend an oil so that it forms the thin same discharge. Also it cures to not leaving any one puddles of oil in a casserole. You want to drench on any excess oil so that yes it was to turn it atasca down, any oil drip down. It is extremely of entity that calms does not flood a casserole in oil. Doing like this resulted in a discharge of uneven seasoning that the flake was or turn sticky. Repeat this procedure in another side also. Again, curing a lot to use too much oil.

Spends 3

Hot your oven to 400 terracings and no more. Your casserole of clave of iron of the mould in and leave he for 1 now. Again you want to do sure calm does not go in 400 terracings reason then an oil begins to smoke too quickly and a process to form a hard discharge is rushed. Calm also can wants to open your windows and turn in a defender, an oil essentially is that it burns to smoke that can nettle it your eyes and of the lungs. After an hour, turn of your stove and leave a casserole come the temperature of room or cool enough to manage.

Repeats any one 2-3 four or more time or until a discharge has wished is achieved. Every time you will remark a casserole that takes shinier and smoother. With which seasoned a casserole a lot the time was able to cook quite anything with zero sticking. Eggs and hash browns was the breeze. A calm more use your casserole a better some results to cover also.


the cleaner is a lot difficult yours the casserole is not seasoned like foods will stick. I recommend that you season your casserole that use an on method for easy cleaner. The majority of a time, the little coarse salt, water, and the paper towel is all this is to require. I also purchased some iron of plastic mussel scrubbers to Store this work like the charm. So that they seat they require the most thorough cleaners, feels free to use the sponge with some soap. Thicket An alimentary was and rinse thoroughly with water. Against popular faith, the a lot of-the casserole seasoned to spend launched will not lose his discharge with soap. Again the majority of a time I just thicket and rinse with water, I always preheat my casserole before it cooks as it kills any one bacteria in a casserole in all the chance. Also, be sure to dry your casserole like the iron has launched rusts easily.

In general, this casserole is the big cookery , heavy beast , wonderful. Those looking for the look of light small casserole elsewhere. For those looking for the versatile duty, heavy casserole of iron of the mould that will last for decades, looks no further.
5 / 5
Has bought this like the present for my husband. Ours a lot before time to use the, dipped that to us on a stove with low heat for the animated up. CRACK! Sound like the gunshot. It has scared it it had broken a glass stovetop, but a griddle crack horizontally around a flange. We call to lodge and a lady has said raisin from time to time; she the email forms it to us. We do not take it never, and it has been that looks for to go in touch with Storing again never of then. It has filed included the on-line claim and sent him pictures of a crack without response. It is the shame because we love ours another iron of casseroles of mussel and was excited really to have this piece.
4 / 5
Ossia The description for a Mould of Lodge-Spend Reversible Grill/Griddle, 20-Thumb x , Black for Lodge.

This raises/griddle has been the true workhorse in our place for on ten years now. It is state used for newspaper in home, to camp, and for festivating. They are engreído that cures of him properly last the lifetime and further. I have used you spend it launched in the big and small stoves, in fires of cook of the camp, and in of the gas grills. This bad boy will take 'er does every time. Yes, it is heavy compared to some models/some light more more economic but at all can take is put . All try like this like this well out of him, also. All an usual mould more than passage of the iron I use he for cold confusion, charing peppers of bell and onions, anything can think of. Still it satisfies after all these years.

My friends use his constantly in his stove of glass of work and upper cook perfectly for them. I am not sure reason is not one same for some of some descriptions have read this in spite of.

Has found this useful description, please click one 'he' key down. Thank you And happy trails!
4 / 5
Taken to 5 row of burner like Samsung NX58 serious, roughly 3' of a griddle in both ends will not take quite hot.

Takes around 5 minutes to cover. More could take was 330degF in a half and 270degF in some for the half corners. Augmenting the temperature that dips to big result in distribution of temperature more uneven where the burned oil in a half while the corners were still down 330degF

Was when situated on two burners reasons Samsung NX58 has a tiny burner in a backside and an enormous in an advance of result was plot to heat squandered and uneven surface still.

In general, if have has had to that the buy again, would have tried the shortest version like material anything past 16' can not cover equally and, has included worse, the flanges is doing like the heat-tank. @In rodeo, LPGI3 looks for to be drawn specifically for two, equal measure, cook of burner-upper and anything more is the committed.
5 / 5
Has bought this griddle to pair with my Satisfy classical stove and was loved to find that it is access like has been done partorisca of that stove.
Is griddle taken and resists to season as well as it was necessary to be expected of the Lodge. Cooked pancakes, eggs, grilled cheese and fajitas equally and quickly.

Ossia The addition adds the ours launch box.
5 / 5
The iron of mussel is always the pleasure to cook with. Like this happy to take this. I have had a lot in a past.
MAY... You break. Seriously you break while doing pancakes. You are used less than the time of dozen.
5 / 5
Ossia The add griddle, the irons of mould so that that possibly could go wrong? At all according to which can see. These accesses on a Boss to Camp MS2HP 'Everest' stove perfectly. It excepts, it does not return with a coverage has closed he like this has to that be business for separate. It does not launch a box was eats is perfect to store and transporting a griddle.

Has purchased for separate; Lodge SCRBRSH Paintbrush of Thicket and Caron Doucet - Container of Priest to Spend Launched to clean/to season an iron of mussel griddle.

A lot happy with this griddle and a Combination of Boss of the Camp of stove...
4 / 5
Exactly that has looked for! Beautiful heat , still for pancakes in the a lot of seasoned griddle. I have done the swipe with oil among batches for guaranteed easy emission. I have maintained also the next eye in some pancakes directly on some burners in a start, but a scrolling of the global heat to a centre was excellent. Has the quite big powered pro row, like this simmer was so only an entrance. Left a griddle hot on dulcemente while you are prepping, this will help with something heat.

Will try with some big plus temp flat and update...
5 / 5
Crack A lot down a half a first time that uses it. Touched like the gun has been he was. Scared a daylights out of my woman
5 / 5
am enamoured! I am daunted always to roast flesh, but has decided to try this in my informative gas stove that has a long element in a half. After doing some investigation on cooking with spending launched and roasting technical, has it down! I preheat in big for roughly 10 minutes, then launch a flesh on until it is cooked to a point where is ready to release of a casserole in his own, then toe he and cook to a point still again. Then I have left a stand of flesh for 5-10 minutes, and remains good and juicy with just a right quantity of cart.

Top Customer Reviews: Cuisinart CCB-500 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
This 'butterer' works very second that buttering circulate, bread, etc. Has a drawback in my opinion. A wheel is big trace in a casserole that requires two (2) claves of butter. Of the estacas have melted to a casserole and some chairs of roller in the and turned dry. It would be better state has been drawn partorisca of the estacas. Some stays of butter like the liquid when a device is seating in yours griddle and some the small legs maintain a butter of simmering. There is another concealed is far more expensive but this a fact a work.
5 / 5
Has received so only this (Dec 13, 2019) and are more than pleasantly has surprised. Other descriptions have think that this element there has been a @subject although 99 of these rollers of butter have, which is that a wheel is situated too big of a fund of a container, concealed force partorisca use the PLOT of butter in order partorisca he partorisca go in contact with a wheel. Of some of some pictures of these products looks this has used partorisca be a chance (in some pics a container is the deepest plot that a an I receipt) , all can assume is that a folks on in Cuisinart has taken that feedback and has done some adjustments corrected.

Can certify that a wheel almost among contact with a fund of a container(controls my pictures) which is exactly that loves. Any only that, this container is exactly 1/6 gastronorm measured, which is very convenient him him more containers of this type and wants to dip have been neighbouring.

Averts of that, a product looks a lot of sturdy and of good quality, and thus prize can very hardly be has beaten.
4 / 5
Has to that dip the plot of butter in there for him to do. A wheel seats too big in a casserole so that has. The plot of butter has left in a subordinated concealed does not touch a wheel. It likes-me a concept one goes just needs to seat lower.
4 / 5
Has bought is a reason was the most economic plot that anything more could find. I used it three times in mine new blackstone Griddle. It is surprising. All required it to do. It looks he likes is built to last. Very happy!
5 / 5
Has not gone too happy with this product. It looks lovely, but the falls averts in practical application.

All of some tools are unwieldy. A fashion and the measure of a boss his uncomfortable and difficult fact to maintain the good grip on. The indexing is all was.

A knife is further dull! Any short and piece. You finalise unsuccessfully shredding any flesh tries to cut with him.

Some works of scraper decently enough, supposes, but is directed well behind to a point is difficult to exert.

A spatula has any 'give' his and further of some subjects of boss, is far to heavy to be useful.

A fork is well, excepts some subjects of the drawing of the boss has mentioned already.

A high point of this product is a two squirt bounced. Those are besides perfect. I want to one moves open nozzle and prójima.

This has said, a two squirt bounced them has not done this worthy product of a prize has paid.
4 / 5
Loves this thing. I use it on mine 36 in Blackstone after cooking. I used it a first time when I have cleaned a griddle with the brick of more cleaned. I have been impressed and still are. To good sure would take another and when this some raisin was. Now it uses yes after each use of a griddle and really cut down in a cleanup.
5 / 5
This unit is the monster ! Enormous! But ossia well. The boss is plastic thickness , durable . It has taken to clean mine griddle, and work marvelously. To Any sure likes a splash to save, but can take if it does not like. Also, the fat and the residue takes among a leaf and a heavy duty plastic boss. No the big shot of more, but is the member of a venue OCD club, a wing-the dice leave for fast and easy disassembly, cleaners, and reassembly. Highly recommend!
4 / 5
I bed in an informative that this steel bristled the scrapers spilt bristles and can take to the yours feed which is extremely dangerous. And never I have read of then that, there is remarked that mine bristled to the scraper has really does nave. As I launched him it was and it has bought another no-Cusinart scraper. It was well, but it was flimsy and a plastic boss dulcemente curve (especially yes scraping the hot grill), as I have launched was also and has taken this sucker!

This Cusinart to the scraper is solid. I know it says Griddle scraper, but I use in my grill and he the good work. Often I hot he until 700 terracings and scrape it immediately is any one @subjects at all. It likes-me a width of then can scrape multiple grates immediately.

FWIW Has it Weber grill with a enameled iron of mould grates which are plans on, not rounding grates fact of bar of steel. So that it is probably reason this does like this well for me. Yeah, is not like this well likes to armour plate bristle paintbrush to take some sides, but at least knows is sure.
5 / 5
When I have received these products has had mould in some bosses of forests then I the turn for another and has received another together with mussel in some bosses
4 / 5
WOW this thing is a lot was very surprised when I have seen like a together of duplicates of leaf on. You can really coffins down in the boss is H.D. And it will scrape all of the yours griddle surface. I have bought this to use in the griddle cup. Very happy with expecting some leaves of scraper a lot ossia anything roughly that in a seal with a scraper.....

... Some leaves are says this in a listing of Amazon!!!

Top Customer Reviews: Legend Cast Iron ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
The cost has verified Ossia perfect for our family. In a grill and in a cup of stove! Salmon, Steak, veggies. Yummy!
Precaution the newbies! Mark takes the season properly according to directions. The 5 round and is perfect!
5 / 5
The cost verified has used this the time of pair in our gas stove. A time partorisca cook pancakes, 2nd time partorisca cook bacon. Downside Is begin partorisca smoke the plot when there it is the plot partorisca grease so much has to that babysit the the bit and maintain a fat to the min. Are sure this will do adds in the camping that it dips how is probably where will try it we afterwards!!
5 / 5
The cost has checked I amour a result of final to cook with the iron launched and this really is the iron of mussel of quality a lot of griddle. I owe that laugh in a description that says is 'also weighed' ... It is launched iron . To good sure think that something was bad was light.
Some instructions partorisca clean these come with east is more geared partorisca concern for the skillet - for example, has said a key to the discharge of good seasoning is buffing, which felt partorisca the iron of mussel skillet, but no partorisca the grill. Going in among each thankful grill with the thin discharge of oil and 'buffing' is the most difficult plot that oiling the skillet. This has said, well a work to take to a result of final of frames of flavour and perfect grill.
Is also currency that comment that this griddle is too wide to be used in the longitude 5th burner. It is more for use by means of two adjacent burners. If utilisations this in the 5th burner in a half of your stove, there has any a lot of room for anything more in a cup of stove. This was apparently unclear mine when I bought it, but this was mine to forget . Still I love this thing.
4 / 5
The cost has verified In general would recommend a product. I have had an aluminium griddle this is coming with my Samsung row. It liked but it has substituted of an original with which 1 year and has taken the substitution that again the year is lasted so only like Any-the coating of Clave has begun pealing after this a lot of use. ( I mine to use almost every day)

To the equal that has been with this option of iron of the Mould for a durability and an additional versatility for a part of grill. Also a price was better and some dimensions there is matched my forwards an almost identically.

This in spite of.. All a well comes with some negative. Aesthetically it has 2 noticeable maculas that looks for to have arrived phase of arrival of a process to manufacture where his compromised a consistency of an arrival because the looks was tentativas in grinding roughly of a likely material to take the main maculas. Like this unfortunately these maculas always will be there.

If no for those that would be 5 description of star.

(Follows on 6/10/19)

has modified my description of 4 stars to 5 stars likes them Legend the work adds of service of client and doing sure a subject has been solved in any way could. Like this in rodeo my experience with the legend and this product has been utmost. Besides.. A griddle maintains to improve and better with use! For far my more used piece of cookware.
5 / 5
The cost verified has done a decision partorisca take this partorisca my husband the one who is recently state interested in the iron launched and loves cook with him! I have done burgers and some lines (these lines of grill) is exited amiably. One east of what only.. It can be delicate to take clean properly. There is the plot of corners or places where the lunch can take stuck but want it! The cup taken on of half a stove this in spite of. He like this the mark sure has a place of storage before purchasing this element. My husband loves it. Spent he again and the also would consider to buy the like this the present for any one
5 / 5
The cost verified has used the iron has launched that elements of cooks in some pasts and has been disappointed always with one has alleged no-clave . Like this this in spite of saying and looking partorisca be pre-seasoned, has dipped he in an oven and has run he until 450 terracings F. It has run he by means of three cycles partorisca heat, cooling, application of oil very light and reheating. Have Never, has not had never the best no-surface of clave while dipping steaks and burgers in the very hot mould surface of iron. With which I mine seasoned also and more cleaned followed and oiling direction this griddle extracted superbly.
5 / 5
The cost has checked I like this grill and griddle the plot. I used it on my glass upper row tonight and was really easy to use. An only complaint has is a surface was bit it rough when I took it. The seasoned three times and this looks for having fixed a roughness. I am looking forward to trying a griddle leaves in a morning
4 / 5
The cost has checked I as has has wanted this partorisca do, but bought it partorisca return to the 9.5' space of thumb and was in fact 10' wide. Such the bummer!! The good-looking looks otherwise, but yes is buying he partorisca some dimensions ads is not attentive.
Modification: I have contacted a company and his service of client was utmost! They have said that would update some dimensions and I see has changed a description to an attentive measure of 10' already (and assumes will change a packaging also). It take partorisca maintain a beautiful griddle and so only will use it elsewhere. So much, I have finalised the happy client with a awesome smooth griddle. Still looking for something partorisca one 9.5' spatial this in spite of.......
4 / 5
The cost has verified I the plot partorisca research B4 has bought this griddle. I used it several times partorisca steaks, burgers, vegetal, etc.. It has not used a flat side still. It covers 2 of mine gas burners very very partorisca distribution of good heat. It is the little hard to manage why is very heavy. I have known in a weight & thought it would not be that weighed but is weighed. It is like a weight/of measure of 2 irons of casseroles of mussel. I love the this in spite of but has difficulty choosing on iron of mussel of casseroles of normal measure, can wants to think in a weight/of measure of of the this.
5 / 5
The cost has verified Early Reviewer Rewards (That is this ? ) Ossia One of a grilled/ smooth casserole has purchased better. His add to roast the steak adds and the reverse side partorisca the pancake adds. I love my Legend. It has been it adds partorisca the durable present partorisca my daughter

Top Customer Reviews: Ecolution Artistry ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
I have had vário upper stove griddle/grills and has not been happy with now!

Experience with with another griddle/grills:
Has in the first place had the NordicWare one this has been supposition partorisca be no-clave. You are not ! I have loved a reservoir of fat and was returned my stovetop, but he so only stuck waaaaay too much. Then it take the LodgeLogic Iron of Mould a. Estaca, also (in spite of that say that it is pre-seasoned And I also oiled he in chance perhaps.) It does not return well in mine gas burners squared (also small) more was weighed extremely and has had any reservoir of fat. I have tried to concern me partorisca he like this instructed but feeds has maintained so only stick to the! To the good calm insurance can not dip the iron launched in the dishwasher, calms that has to that dry immediately or rust, and is supposition to rub he with oil after each wash how is really the ache in a butt to clean/maintains. Certainly I did not clean it properly Every time, but this was after month of the do legislations and then so only has given finally up. Perhaps simply I do not have a patience to maintain the iron has launched. With which 3 years to try to do this work of casserole for me, and with which last week when I have lost the averages of mine burgers reason have been stuck to a casserole , has launched a damn the thing was and hopped on-line to find the different a. I have seen a Ecolution and decided to take the casualidad.

A Ecolution experience:
When have in the first place opened a container was bit it dismayed in as this light . My immediate thought was ' there is not any way this thing goes to distribute hot equally' ... But EXPENSIVE!!! I have thought at the beginning it do not go to return in mine GE square gas burners, but once I flipped in another way, was perfect, this in spite of your burners are any big plus that the mine can the no. was wise to measure first to purchase. In a griddle has done turkey burgers (without oil added!), Roasted some bread (with the little butter), and fried some eggs (with the bit of butter.) At all have it has stuck! There is roasted a bread in a half section, which is among some burners, and taking equally! That the wonderful surprise. A next lunch was the NY Steak of Band in a side of grill. I slightly oil a grill in chance that (does not use cooking spray. So only the little oil in the paper towel is well.) Not sticking! Joy!!! Cleanup Was the breeze of then there has not stuck. Calm also can launch he in a dishwasher. A reservoir is the utmost characteristic . OH -- And in fact half utilisations-big heat and has experienced any warping at all how has been declared by another reviewers. While these controls of what on and continuous treat as well as in these first two tests. You update my description if he no!
4 / 5
A griddle is bent entirely in a centre and everything runs to some corners. Any that has been expecting. Very unhappy
5 / 5
have a gas stove older, with 'eyes' smaller that the newest stoves--which is the big question with this griddle. In the first place, to the left say me that it is the terrific griddle--a lot of-fact, nonstick, cookery equally. And a company was terrific, also--a lot of responsive and toilt to comprise and help with our question. Unfortunately, there has been no easy response.

Here is a question. Some flanges of each side am created, excepts in a corner, where there is the pocket of fat. In stoves with big burners, or cups of glass, a griddle rests in a long has created flanges to the long of some sides. In our gas stove smaller, can rest so only in some corners--and one of those is the pocket, some other 3 are created , he doing tippy. We could the to us take put properly, but any movement, like this flipping lunch, caused it to fall off his corners and rest in a reverse griddle surface, potentially lining it. After the number of emails behind and advances, is finally come up with the solution in ours own that reads for knots: we buy to economic aspic, big casserole of circle (spent of cookie with sides) and the cut was fine a short to do room for a griddle period. It burns it was finally but we do not use a griddle frequently, like this the work adds for knots.

Here is some pertinent measures: a griddle is 19 1/2 x 10 5/8; some eyes of double stove are 17 7/8 x 8 3/4; and a discharge of cookie is 17 x 11 1/4. Except a question of measure, highly recommend this griddle. Really it is good and a company is, also!
5 / 5
Living in a paving, does not have a luxury to cook was, but master it juicy steak to dine, is neither eat was (expensive) or go without. It takes desperate and cooked some steaks in the casserole, but does not take a right flavour that way. These products looked the way was for me, like this bought it to them, mainly because of a no-appearance of clave (as well as when being the sure dishwasher. In general, it is a good product , but at all extraordinary. I will say this in spite of that a big downside to this product is a form : warped. You would think for the aluminium of mussel griddle, was flat, but is not . Pair that with the situate on your stove, he slide around, and often. Roasting steaks, chicken or same burgers works, but be prepared for the massive stove cleanup with which (according to fat content of a flesh of course). Regarding cleanup of a griddle, a no-coating of the clave so only does like this well, and yes season to to your flesh likes , will take 'gunk' go in of some grilles and cleaning them was is cries it. Drenching a griddle, running hot water in the, will not help any a lot of. I have bought any griddle scrapers to help pre-treat a griddle, but in an end, cries it to them at the head of you, and considering dipping he in a dishwasher, still would require to take all a big material was for advanced. My recommendation is that yes it calms really NEED something like this, the buy, but has other alternatives, look for them was first.
5 / 5
Has been disappointed to see the small quantity to paint in a subordinated chipped was after so only an use. It has given 5 stars if no for that. I am not returning he thus fact so only and hope over time stirs it more paints any chip was. (Used once in the stove of surface of the on hot glass of half)

used it 3 more time of then, and no more the product there is chipped was. It likes that it is of light-hanged but any so much so that it feels economic.' Some any-works of surface of the clave wonderfully and some heats of casserole up in the fast quantity of time.

Create for a prize, well take it casualidad on that :)
4 / 5
Ossia awesome to do desayunar in some weekends. I can return everything without that has to that use several different casseroles. So only it wishes some bosses have on widespread in place of out. Some some careers of sleeve to a backside of a cup of stove, as I can do not situating exactly in a rear burner. I do not know in a durability really, of then has there is has not had he partorisca very long still. Some sleeves take hot, included although they are covered in silicone.

Modify: reduced by a stars reason there is warped after several uses.
5 / 5
Like this sad to remark that this griddle failed in his first use. We buy for our glass-upper stove, which a documentation indicated it would be suitable stops. Unfortunately, a griddle warped when it take hot, in the hablador a lot to walk of lie in a stovetop.

The delivery and the turn were punctual and has civilised.

Like the note, knots any really like a glass-upper stove so only because of the subjects have taken. But we are to stick with him for now, as we will maintain to look for better solutions.
4 / 5
Has in the first place discovered a Ecolution casseroles of Art in my venues grocery tent. In that then, was in need of the griddle casserole, as I have decided spent his Ecolution Art 11' Griddle . I have been attracted to an echo-friendly no-coating of clave in these casseroles-- use the water-based, Hydrolon a lot of-coating of clave more than traditional Teflon/PFOAs--and admit, there is wanted also a model of pleasant green flower in a fund! I wound on that loves a griddle, as I have been interested to purchase other casseroles of a Ecolution line of Art.

Has found a Ecolution Art Cookware has Dipped to be excellent also. In the first place, you arrive mine of Amazon extremely a lot-packaged (please see a photo has added to an element that lists on). As, an action of these casseroles is that it SURPRISES--I has not seen NEVER the no-casserole of clave his work like this well! The just slide eaten around, with oil very small/another coating has required. (NOTE: As for some instructions, eseason' this together with the very light discharge of cooking oil previously to first use.) Although everything of some pots of Art are dishwasher-sure, prefers to rid-washed (to preserve an external arrival as well as a global life of some casseroles). It can practically just rinse some casseroles or dry them was with the paper towel, is THAT no-clave.

Think that this neighbour of 8 pieces is excellent, but has wanted to mention that I have purchased the few additional pieces. It outrage a Griddle has mentioned on (which has been purchased roughly done 6 month and has treated perfectly), also has purchased recently a Ecolution Chicken of Art Fryer and a Ecolution Art 2-Fourth Saucepan . Also it have to that remark that some two frying pans that is comprised in this neighbour does not come with lids; this has not been a subject for me, although it can be for another.

In general, am satisfied extremely with this together! Highly it recommends a Ecolution serious of Art, both for his excellent no-action of clave as well as for his advantage of echo.
5 / 5
Would give accident of tin of zeros . This feels like plastic, but has thought perhaps is roughly new , big-aluminium of the technology and I so only will maintain an eye on that. At the beginning some finals have on burst and then so only begins to melt a lot quickly! It does not squander your money. It goes directly to some rubbishes!
4 / 5
Is interested in any-stick it would be more to do one little first investigation. The different casseroles am geared for concrete purposes and therefore have surfaces of different/coatings. Although the majority, if any all, need a same fundamental cure. Calm always would owe that use plastic cookware and use it softly. Calm does not have to that never heat a main casserole that half big (researches a chemical reaction). Calm does not have to that never clean he with abrasive chemicals or with the tampon of thicket. For me it does not use never this casserole to cook flesh (I stainless use for that). I do to surprise omelets/eggs and vegetables of cook. I have had this casserole for the year, use he at least 4/5 times the week and is still in the condition adds.

Top Customer Reviews: Presto 07046 Tilt ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
That is to say the quite economic piece of squad, and a value to price the proportion is quite big. I am happy with a compraventa, but there is to good sure some subject can wants to be conscious of, which are why I there is deducted or stars. State using east arrests in six month now, as has the quite well listen so that marks and very well, to arrive to this point.

In general: That is to say the mere and mostly very designed griddle. He that is supposition to do , which are to take hot and material of cook. Has the very big surface, heats above hurriedly enough, and can clean up easily (more in this low). It does not think it is the good election for especially greasy or splatter-prone lunch, like the mark sure knows what amiable to stuff you wants to do before commit is.

Mostly uses this to cook pancakes, and he the work quite well there. I use the small quantity to cook spray, and at all never clave, included slightly. Cooking the pancakes are all quite controls of temperature, and this griddle to well sure rids there. It IS easy to adjust and control in exactly a right temperature, and a surface escubre' (i.et. It returns in temp) hurriedly, batch after batch. The May Have to you prender and expect. That is to say the big pro in my book.

In a with side, evenness. That is to say an economic griddle, and sometimes takes that decrees of paid. Some verges take Much hotter that a half, as you are cooking the pancakes around some sides are common to see the gradient to paint, where a pancake is clearer in a side that an another. A solution, if these calm problems, is to turn some pancakes before flipping -- but very usually annoying. A subject one east of big plus or something fresh in a head office, which are quite big and significantly different that some verges, where begins to impact time. That is to say certainly a nuisance and a main cause of the mine that takes the star has been for this description.

Opens For a 'curve 'n drain' characteristic. That is to say the characteristic that is to say probably supposition to help with cooking the greasy material concealed taken of the plot of oil. But here it is a thing : Only any one concealed. I cooked bacon in this griddle exactly once, and I very he again so that they that me some surfaces in my cookery in any be coated with him cloak of fat. This griddle has any one created verges, as some flies of big immediately of a surface and in the each surrounding zone. I have tried to bend and draining, but any a lot of a fat remained in fact in a griddle to be drained.

Another minus of one bends 'n the characteristic of drain is cleanup. Quan Curve, a big (or anything) goes down the canal and in the small drawer, and is supposition to attraction that the the drawer was and plant of his contents. That is to say the good idea , excepts that a canal in question is narrow, goes slightly under a surface of cookery, and can not be take. These ways that cleanup is the total ache any one of your unwanted material apresamiento congealed or otherwise bonded in there -- will have to imagine was some road in wedge the paintbrush or some paper towels in some diverse nooks and crannies, and that it is any one entertainment . Another subject of cleanup with one bends 'n the drain is some capes . To to The Problem still likes him to him the canal. Splattering Fat (Or included cooking spray) taken in these cracks, and has any good road to take it was.

Supposing that it does not have the subject of big -- for example, if it only is cooking pancakes and perhaps some eggs -- the cleanup is very hurriedly and easy. It likes him-it leaves me one griddle on for the few moments when is done cookery and begins a process of cleanup with the small handful of the paper towel has put. Quan Paste a hot griddle steams of any alimentary or residue of oil. I have closed then down one griddle, give it the little swipe with some dry towel, and is well to go. Usually I any need to problem with posing he in a tank, like the effect of things of cures of the steam for me.

In general is happy with this tool, in spite of his defects, and need of cook to plot of pancakes or similar elements for the group certainly would recommend it.
5 / 5
I took this today and only now is trying was! With the small pure coconut oil, strategically situated sliced kielbasa throughout to look where ones something was hot. As you Can see, equally cooked everywhere in same time! The tan has surprised! Even sliced Onions browned amiably during skillet. He quite soiled to fry my potato patties with each east. MORE browning my buns of hot dog! I am TAN FELI with this new griddle!!!!!
5 / 5
It does not like him the washing/scraping/seasoning the one of your very skillets all a time? His can cual yours 80 mould of the conjoint dollar of dish is taking used unecessarily to cook eggs and pancakes in place of sauces and of the steaks? Look of May In your 6-10 inch skillet, look in your mostly full tank and thinks in youself 'uuggghhhh'? THEN IT LOOKS NO FURTHER

Just whip this bad boy was, fails he in a counter and take cookery. It heats in fast, with the bit of the butter any bond, and clean easy envelope. And there is abundance of spatial.
Quan Has lunch to cook alone names, my woman, and mine 3 boys, I sausage of bacon/of cook in a left, 5-6 eggs in some rights, and then when is the fact uses a spatula to pull a big in a tray and wipes in some lefts in streaks with the papertowl. Thats L.
Wants a bit ham and sandwiches of cheese for lunch? Easy. Wan To cook 6 of these sandwiches a same time? Easy.
Not washing , only an occasional rinse and toallitas humid down of a tray, and the poses was easy. If the calm does not need never cook the plot to feed in the low period of time, that is to say your solution .
5 / 5
We want these griddles to fix lunches for our family of 6. It can fry in of the eggs for a whole family, the whole container of bacon, or 9-12 pancakes the time. We are in 3 Big Griddle. The only complaint is that it is so big, is the difficult small bit to clean. Even so, clean the sake after it is has done to use the, I quite dry immediately. Some the plastic sleeves can break if he his tomb, and that it is which has done in our last 2 Big Griddles. Beware, A cup of big only wineries quite quite big for a container of bacon, so he marks more than concealed, will require to desert a cup of drain.
5 / 5
We use this element to cook bacon the little the mark of days. It take the complete group of bacon on to cook immediately and law amiably. Has not founding very something fresh after I have left hot up for quite a lot of ten minutes. One bends the characteristic has done amiably, also. One takes the casserole is also quite big that bakes so groups of the bacon without that has to play.

Would recommend this element in my friends.
5 / 5
I very like this Griddle so that it is gigantic! I can cook a whole pound of bacon a same time. More bacon multiple batches before I move on in pancakes. With the pertinent preheating, the pancakes exit amiably too much. One Bends and the functionality of Drain is quite fresh also. I can see where another has said these slips in a configuration of drain during use. You have seen this only the small in mine. Only it take it the second in reset he even so.

Some light refusals of of the east a: it takes the small more with a longitude to cook elements, especially when there is has uploaded fully. There is something hotter in the, as you have to rotate feed around. I have not seen it covers he in griddle concealed does not have this subject even so. At the end, has the lip under a surface of the cookery where drains in a fat trough. Few bits of alimentary apresamiento bonded in there and is the small delicate to clean. I suppose the dishwashing the helps of paintbrush...Only it does not have or!
1 / 5
A unit is the good measure for the big family. A problem is a temperature in a surface does not take in a parameter in a dial. It IS the 80 titles less F down where a temp would have to when being . It has had very griddles some years, and the bacon would have to cook amiably in 300F. This unit requires a dial to be turned all a road in an upper to cook anything. It IS possible that has taken only the lemon, but based in my experience with this unit does not recommend that any waste his money in this griddle.
5 / 5
I want to this griddle! I have not been sure in a compraventa after reading some descriptions and some of some people of horrible pictures have published enough his mar. But I have used mine in 10 x is without problems. Bacon of cook, sausage, eggs, pancakes of French toast ext. Without subjects to bond and of the problems of burn. I want to what big is so that it can return to plot to feed on there a same time. One bends in the drain is very also! I have used only the paper towel in toallitas humid a surface once is done cookery and dry easy and clean of fast. It recommends this in any one concealed precise to substitute an old griddle (Me) or is buying a by a first time. I want mine!!!
4 / 5
It has had this griddle for quite a lot of 6 years and continues to do well. It is not exactly a same heat because of some electrical coils but he the good work in all the case. I can count in this when it can not count in my burners of stove upper trams, which look to take issue too hot same when down temp parameters. A heat only augments so the time continues in that is difficult to control.

HAS the sure things that contains eggs that necessity in cook with the stable temperature like the main heat destroys a protein in some eggs. This griddle stays also in just a parameter wants. I am impressed and pleased and knows can count in the.

An arrival has remained in shape adds, looks quite which when was new. I am very happy of the have.
5 / 5
I want my Big Griddle. If it can have only or cooking appliance in my cookery, this would be it. I cook only quite all on he of bacon and eggs in hamburgers in the vegetables in the rice frito (imagining I like the Benihana boss, of course). There is abundance of the room for anything precise cook, some results of sum of lunch, and at all has not taken never bonded. There is a smaller version of easterly for years and when at the end is spent was, updated in easterly unit A trench in front of a tray is the big improvement on a bit hole to drain my model my old plus has had. Some the only problems have had with era that a trench is difficult to clean ( was very can take a surface of cookery was) and a griddle does not remain in a 'arrive' place very a lot of (I hooked some groups of rubber in some feet to line them together and these a lot of laws). Or it is quite reason to give this anything less than 5 stars.

Top Customer Reviews: Blackstone Tabletop ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5
Amur A blackstone. The desire has been big, but ossia the transmission of game . Experience partorisca my camp,, but use in my yard when house ( concealed has not been a plan) If you are in one the casualidad, calm will not complain it .
5 / 5
Likes to know like this partorisca take a residue of glue of a coverage of grill. Wine with the big sticker on concealed was difficult to take. Please advise. It has tried seriously take that it was partorisca an hour. Any regime.
4 / 5
Mina 2nd one has ordered 1st one was too bulky, amour a cup of table!
4 / 5
Has not had the occasion partorisca the use a lot but to the like this far looks like will do of a trick. Ossia A reason partorisca some 4 stars that estimativa.
5 / 5
Would owe that it has bought this in the first place, in place of a grill.
5 / 5
Very easy to dip joint, will be add partorisca camp.
4 / 5
Well, will admit that I have had this partorisca only a week, but can say this will be the favourite appliance . The seasoning was very easy (look he on on Youtube, I 5+ propiciado by Canola oil) and some first two lunches of yesterday was the breakfast familiarised big and he marks-tower hibachi-fashionable offering (more some scallops). I clean on that has not been bad at all (again, Youtube/of Youtube is your fellow ).

Has purchased also the coverage partorisca the small grill that reads a lot well. A coverage ( is long, but calm neither can treat concealed or trim the. I have it bungeed around a base and goes partorisca do so only well. Access easily in a whole thing, comprising with a gas feeds still screwed on.

Can, highly would recommend to take the propane hose of conversion (Amazon, Imposición, Lowes) partorisca consolation. At all partorisca have multiple propane tanks, like this now one will be poured in this unit.

Oh, And Blackstone rocks of service of the client! My container has taken retarded and, included although I have not ordered by means of them, was very useful.

Top Customer Reviews: Farberware High ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 58 ratings
5 / 5
Has purchased this casserole recently and used it 5 times partorisca do pancakes. Some fifth time used it a fund of a casserole has melted my same stove although it use hot of half so only!
5 / 5
Is exactly that has required.. But with which roughly 5 or 6 uses, there is remarked that a griddle is already flexing - so that some the external flanges are drooping the small and some means is a point a big plus . If I break an egg to a half, immediately begins to slide to a side. Albeit, Really does not use he partorisca eggs. I mostly uses partorisca pancakes and to work and French toasts very partorisca this
4 / 5
the daughter has not had an essential tool partorisca his family. Has four boys and his to everything have liked him to him the sandwiches of grilled cheese. Four grilled cheese the sandwiches am returned with enough of spatial to toe the to another side. Construction of quality. Not liking he so only done a good work.
4 / 5
[[ASIN:B00FGUXFSI Farberware Big action Nonstick the aluminium Situates 11 Thumbs Griddle, Black]
... It produces very good. It has been concerned abut warpage like the casseroles squared like this tend to do except this one has been I adds. Súper Sandwiches and good pancakes of start of grilled cheese of this casserole...
5 / 5
This casserole is awesome. I have seen to plot of the descriptions that says that a ridges was hard to cook on but highly disagree. These laws of casserole so that to flat casserole , a ridges is not deep. My word consulting is the so only the cook on down to half because have ruined my last a (different casserole) but it cooking in big and ruins a surface.
4 / 5
A lot disappointed with a compraventa. Sound the one of low quality griddle and a lot entirely flat. A course of centre of a Griddle is the bit has elevated.
A surface of a griddle is peeling was with which few days of use.

To good sure will not recommend it to any one.
5 / 5
The one who the piece to crap! I have expected to be disappointed with this casserole, but no after my first use! I seat it is not even value a low prize has paid. A casserole “warped” or bent out of flat form as it no longer seats to walk in a burner. Like this, cooks of casserole so only a side.
Clean on fantastically and is light like the feather.
5 / 5
Any crazy in a surface. It has it bumpy surface and can be very defiant to take your spatula under an alimentary to toe before it presses a lunch around a casserole (also slippery).Ossia To light casserole so it helps concealed is well. I prefer the weight a bit the heaviest casserole.
5 / 5
(Update! I have bent A casserole behind to walk, the works costs now. But probably it has to that no active warped at the beginning use. )This casserole has been used for 2 has fried eggs in the cup of electrical flat stove. A heat is not gone in big, but a casserole immediately warped. It is not usable.
5 / 5
Warped BAD one very first use, on hot of half, tomorrow navideño.

Is going back and will be to spend more money in the best a.

Top Customer Reviews: Sizzle-Q SQ180 100% ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
I see the few descriptions in the subjects that cleans this product.

If never cooked and has cleaned the stainless steel griddle necessity to do some investigation. Stainless steel griddles requires immediate debugging while hot. If you are buying this to cook then chair and eat, has to comprise that calm can not leave a grill messy and returned for the clean later.
HAS the full cradle handtowel and the dry handtowel, While hot to take a towel put and place in a griddle owes steam, uses your spatula of steel and press in a towel and toallitas advance and humid backside in a grill, fire and he again until all some the alimentary stains are gone, a tray of the recovery of the fat is last.

After it finishes a cup, then takes your cloth and situates in a recovery of big trough and dry the tomb, the yours spatula of solid use to armour plate to collect and discard. Tour of a heat and takes your dry towel and that uses that the spatula goes in a griddle.

The next times are in the money that has the griddle can see calm of some chairs look what some marks to cook after they are finished.

Has learnt this method when was the cook of low order , water necessity only, the towel of cloth and steam to maintain clean. Any chemical has required.
5 / 5
I am almost he spent 5 times a prize of this element in that is free gas griddle. I am happy I no. This grill-in-griddle works of element of the good conversion and give me more controls in of the variac. Of heat of the surface that the steel of carbon that is free griddle would provide.

IS very familiarised with the surfaces of cookery of stainless steel. The numbers to govern one is to do sure a surface is so clean and highly polished what possible before heat and planting feeds in the. Well out of a box this griddle has the quite very arrived very brushed.... Comparable in the this would expect to see in S.S Moderately priced. cookware. It finds that, if it can see calm in a surface of S.S. cookware, Can do like any-clave cookware and requires minimum interview among uses.

After washing my new griddle, has given a cookery surfaces the 5-phases to polish. It begins with 400 grit put-or-paper of dry emery and acting until 800, 1500 and 2000 grit paper, has taken a surface ready for the resplandor final. Using the 6' dual-orbital polisher with the terry hat, applied Wenol resplandor of metal (red tube - available in Amazon) and buffed the in the arrival closely of mirror. A last very in a process is in thicket a griddle with the strong degreaser and rinse well.

Today cooked one 18oz container of thick-the bacon sliced peppered in my new griddle. The results were excellent... And after low cooling, clean up was less than 10 minutes.

A drips the floor is more this has adapted. 1-1/2 lbs Of the bacon produced the plot of liquid fat. A tray was less than 1/2 full when the cookery has been completed.

Has not had any heat warping during cooking. A welded the edifice of this piece is sudden. Not filtering seams... That can be the real problem with an inferior product. It does not have any problem that recommends this product for use in your grill of gas.

EDITS - after looking in the little of some revises published by folks that gives this griddle low marks, spent a complaint that a griddle rusted while the be has tent. Some products of the stainless steel in fact will rust if any one thoroughly cleaned in front of storage. I have verified only my griddle surfaces and expsito that the bond of magnet in him in him. These ways that salt (comprising air of salt) and corrosive sauces and seasonings, leaves to seat in a surface, at the end will corrode a metal. This new-the learning found does not mean mine 5-the stars to value would have to be changed... But that considers to buy this orderly little necessity of accessory of the grill for conscious when being that some measure of priest is required before storing a griddle for an extensive period.
5 / 5
Perfecto! I am not the writer of big description but when something does the left wing orders the people know. I have bought this to take with camping us posed the in the void of Smoke VT280 (which are the product adds , smoker and grill of gas in or... And now the griddle). A bit griddle access perfectly in a void of smoke, asked me how has been to stabilise a griddle in a grill. But only take one scrapes was and some tents of heat was and a griddle access snugly. Estaciona In a griddle and adds it griddle to cook breakfasts, sauting veggies and each which joins other lunches are can do in the griddle. Laptop I enough adds to camp, tailgating or day in a lake/of beach. Highly it recommends this especially when used with one VT280 smoker of smoke of empty table of grill of upper / gas.
5 / 5
Has an old school, basic GE Electrical Field, one classifies entered of the units for hire. Well... This thing is The BOMB in my field! It has to it turn 'portrait' and achieves two front of burners to back. It IS sceptical would take it quite hot, but DANG in HEATS of MEANS (5) was hot abundance, so hot my oil of the coconut smoked during a season. It seats level, does not see any harm in a cup to vary and takes a work has done. I tried it on arce of bacon of the fat piece peppered and grain of fresh green in heat of half. EXCELLENT! Only I desire looks it one (portrait) professional with capes in some sides, but that or is on age for my field or I would have purchased that or. The FLIGHT! As you Can see, clean fantastically with the acute spatula and the humid towel.
5 / 5
That is to say the compraventa adds . I have purchased one 18 x 13 model and while you can see in beak and used in electrical stove to do the rice fried. The work adds only, easy to clean...And fact well. That is to say the no brainer compraventa... It takes it
5 / 5
Has the Weber Q200 portable grill, and while it returns a bit Griddle Sizzle-Q pefectly, a griddle only never taken quite hot. I have tried the hamburgers frozen in the first place, and only seated there bubble entered the class of simmer. Some research later and has discovered that a regulator could be in 'bypass' road that is quite 20% of this described , and in spite of some technicians to clear a road of bypass, imagined or a regulator was bad or a Weber Q200 only has not posed was quite heat. A specs on was only 12,000 BTU in 280 sq in zone of surface, which begins in 43 BTU for sq inch.

Imagining was time for the new grill in all the case, and this wants to Weber roasts, has bought the Weber Alcohol And-210 for dollars of four hundreds in a tent duquel the hardware has dual burners and is estimated in 26,500 BTU in 450 sq in zone of surface, which begins in 59 BTU for sq inch, 37% improvement of heat in a Q200 grill. I am not alleging to be a power in of the this, but has imagined only that taking a Sizzle-Q hotter was all in BTUs for sq inch. More a coverage of dome of an Alcohol And-210 access in a Sizzle-Q while a coverage for a Q200 no.

WELL, so now dollars of four hundreds more out of pocket for the new grill, has been ready to start with cooking in a Sizzle-Q! It opens, to the left say me in the first place concealed done like the fast-alimentary cook in Roy Rogers when was the adolescent , and has had the plans-upper grill to cook a burgers (any one, no those Causes -burgers). I am coming to want cook in of the plan-upper grills so that it was as the zone of work and cooking zone everything in or. I am 45 maintaining and cooking in a Sizzle-Q has taken by behind fond memories to cook in the plan-upper. It has had a Sizzle-Q for 3 days and has cooked each lunch in the. My favourite is to eat . It MELTS COOKS of the BACON. It does not crimp -up they like him to them the marks in the frying pan. This was the welcome surprise , but suspect that so that the frying pan is hotter in a half and fresher in a verge, this causes one retreated to heat up unevenly and crimps up. Tortillas In a Sizzle-Q is amused especially and easy. You favour and takes the turner, any one to that likes him the spatula of of the rubber has handled, the sake ol' the rectangle handled of forest-shaped seven-dollar turner, a a period of the bent in tortilla, he 7-10 cover of inch or so much.

A Sizzle-Q is solid, has any warped, and has been easy to clean up with water and the scotch-brite scrubber and scraper. I want that it can cook the whole lunch -- bacon, tortilla, sauteed onions and spinach, and abuse the rice frito -- all in a same surface of cookery all a same time. Any rinse, any wash, any casserole the change. I think that that I want to this separates a plus.

A side of the profit by side is that some flavours intermingle. A fat of the bacon can any one the help that takes in a sauteed the spinach and the rice frito while they are cooking side-for-side. Only periodically I have to scrape a fat of excess bacon in a trough with my seven-dollar turner. Oh, That is to say another thing -- a front upper flange of a big trough in a front is an excellent verge to scrape a schmutz of your turner require for the clean while cooking. Your only attraction turner low cover through an upper verge of a big trough in both sides.

Included in 59 BTU for sq in with my new dollar of four hundreds Weber Alcohol And-210 grill, I the still desire could take a Sizzle-Q hotter. It is not one the fault of a Sizzle-Q, only a subject in a grill. I am the Weber loyal client, as it does not consider another mark, and an upper-of-the-Weber Summit of the line And-670 thousands in addition to costs for 78 BTU for sq in. Instead, I experience with trail a grill and Sizzle-Q heat up with a coverage of dome of the enclosed grill for awhile. Without a Sizzle-Q, a grill shouted in 500+ titles with an enclosed dome. A Sizzle-Q laws like the class of heat-the tanks dissipate some of a heat. Perhaps I only necessity to expect longer with a coverage of the enclosed dome.

A Sizzle-Q adds, adapt me of my days as to fast-cookery of alimentary cook in the plan-upper grill, and is enjoying each lunch has cooked in the.
4 / 5
The desire there was the 4.5 or more. Very like this it produce. Anterior in east dish , used of mussel griddles in a stove of gas. Want the too much, but kinda of the ache so that had any wall to maintain in an alimentary am beginning in of the things of toe or moving lunch enough.

Joins to the wall is awesome. A tray of collection is awesome. Easy to clean.

An only subject: no his totally flat. It does when it take it in the first place. But I supposition after it uses with big heat, is slightly warping. The duke, warp of things, and that is to say only the a lot, very small mecer. But that is to say steel of big note , as I guess is taking the also hot things. A creation is well. Done some material adds with easterly... Well For a prize. It can substitute casseroles or, in my case, dish of mussel griddle. I go to use he in to an oven afterwards likes him to him homemade dish of pizza. Why any one?
5 / 5
So far - also. It returns a Weber Q320 amiably. I have been tired of a disorder of big with a Weber, and this SQ180 will resolve this problem.
Also, returns my grill of camp of Coleman perfectly, yes take a burner scrapes and a grill. Not even I can use a Weber more, excepts to roast down and dulcemente, with a lunch racks in the casserole to roast (am finished with disorder of big!).

Will update to to the this description likes him to him the condiment and uses a SQ180.

Update 25 Sep 2016: A SQ180 records well, and will maintain it. Alas, a griddle the also big chairs in a Q320 burners, he doing difficult to achieve and maintain sufficient heat in a griddle level. I will plant a Q320 in the happy house and looks for the substitution that will roast with management of effective fat, and heat a bit Griddle effectively when required. The mine Goes-In griddle is now a Blackstone 36. I will do a bit Griddle behind in a rotation when finds the heat-and-big- effective grill.
5 / 5
My accident of amours of the threads the old plus burgers and has tried the interior a time, which has not been a better. The also smoked subject in a house. Saw this and thought it would be an ideal solution, and is. I have planted this griddle in my grill scrapes and leave hot up until it was scorching hot. Touched some oil on and has posed a first batch of burgers on, has broken the basses and then scraped the in toe he. There is the add Maillard reaction in these patties. A second batch has not gone also so that a griddle had cooled some, but was still adds burgers.

No sure which more will use this for, but accident burgers only will do well estimates a compraventa.
5 / 5
I can not say quite a lot of good things in this griddle. Has data 'new life' in my old CharBroil the grill of gas and took me has excited enough that cooks again! A griddle access perfectly atop my scrape with enough 3/4' clearance all one issues around, which think has the plot to do with a same displacement of heat through a unit.
This has said, takes the too much hot bit, included with both burners down - has found that the hack was a burner a trick once a griddle has taken hot. Has 2 use of bricks under the casserole of pizza when pizzas of marks - can try these down this griddle to see if these helps, but is very that wants this thing!
Clean up is quite easy - same after frying bacon or sausage - but like my BlackStone the friends say me: I clean the before listen to eat!

Top Customer Reviews: Cuisinart CGR-400, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 27 ratings
5 / 5
These find quality like this big based in a seat and look but once use them there is the few subjects.

In the first place, of then is metal any the solid contact with your casserole. The moulds of silicone leave partorisca bend so only the little has bitten that marks partorisca focus pertinent that partorisca things like the eggs ran out of a fund.

As, some sleeves take hot reasons are metal and easily can burst was when you are cleaning some coverages are using a boss partorisca the resist whilst you thicket he.

Tercero, the product has begun to chip of one of the mine and this means there there is now the exposure that rusts metal that is not something wants to coming to contact with your perfectly white eggs.

Probably that goes to launch these was and buy the option of silicone instead.
4 / 5
Had been that it wants to these for the while now, but so only had taken never a time to take them. But, when I have had to that purchase the new griddle, has been advance and has taken these also. They are like this happy has done. Some coverages of egg perfect has fried eggs, and a omelet the frames of coverage perfect omelets the breeze. I have not used a coverage of pancake still, but expect alike results. Although any look of coverages to be no-clave, I layer an interior with the little first butter to use to help in taking a coverage. An only drawback can see is that I think that a neighbour would owe that comprise two coverages of pancake. The pancakes go to go the little slower with just a coverage, but ossia certainly a lot it breaker of extracted. In general, it would recommend this together with any to the that likes him professional of cook looking eaten of desayunar.
5 / 5
You that is to suppose to. They will filter some egg out of down, but has dipped the little down pressure while an egg begins to dip on calm then is well.
4 / 5
These are awesome coverages, easy to clean and is 7/8' big. Some sleeves are very useful and the mine has not taken hot. Some stays of interior to mix some coverages and calm can do thin pancakes or fatter and is all a same measure. I have not had any question with the eggs or the pancakes that takes them - but dipped it dab of butter in them to cook so that it could have helped. They go in the box that can the to you maintains in when any into use. They are very easy to clean.
A two 4' the coverages of egg do eggs of perfect measure for bagels, cookies, etc. And also is well to do small pancakes.
A 6' the coverage done the main and calm pancakes can use it to do the small omelet.
A 8' the coverage done the big omelet.
4 / 5
A description has said that it is the 4 near of piece. The mine has come so only with a 8” coverage, one 6” coverage and a 4” coverage. I am missing another 4” coverage. Too much of the hassle to return it so that it will maintain that has. In spite of quell'work well. Egg/beat any seep out of a fund of a coverage and does not stick to a coverage.
5 / 5
These coverages are of sound. I have not had any egg goes down some coverages. The eggs there be not stuck to some sides neither. Used these in casserole of mine of iron of mussel of Lodge. Of to the lodge does not have the smooth fund has imagined would take the little egg that takes under a coverage, but nope.
4 / 5
Is cooking In grill of crown of gas row these are has to that have elements. They maintain the eggs or the pancakes have located in a grill and not running throughout.
4 / 5
Thinks that am resulting it Cuisinart person, this product is really useful, looked around and finally has taken this, has a tortilla measured, and a measure of pancake. Recommended
4 / 5
This good work and to the sinister know a level of you stove,burner and skillet When a level is ascertained cook was. I slightly layer with the light inner coating of oil of olive and am very satisfied with a product for eggs, bread of corn, and pancakes
5 / 5
the value Adds for a quantity of coverages. So only dipped the bit of oil in an interior and cook. Other insiemi have seen looks to cost more for some reason. This one is so only well for a work. At all elegant and the fast cleaned.

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