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Top Customer Reviews: KRYDEX Quick ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
4 / 5
As I will be blunt of the take or the leave. It has taken 3 of these, S,M and L. They can return well, but a part of clip is besides economic. I will say you right now, it is not partorisca value of the money and I am returned all 3. I have been excited partorisca try this reason require the new tac tape, but partorisca of the money is side, has expected more.
There is disappointed further and would say, in the real world-wide situation or has included to do formation. This tape unclip on you. Velcro The works but a clip would owe that be a main thing that resists it on you.

Are the leading army and worker of current security. This is not partorisca value of the money
5 / 5
Solid tape. The subject only partorisca me was that while a map of measure is corrected, a molle in a tape does not go all a way around a tape. They are the measure 34 encircled and when I have ordered a Half, a molle there is prendido roughly 6 thumbs for a right part of a tone of buckle. I have wanted to use that spatial for train. It is returned and has taken the big. A molle continuous all a way to a buckle that is which there is wanted. There is more tape to tie up with an elastic band but concealed is not the breaker of extracted.

A molle is súper tight as taking your mag pouches and such apresamiento the minute, but ossia better that the when being too free. A Velcro is solid and an inner tape, while no a better quality there, the fine work.

I paired this tape with a Krydex swipe of g of code of mag pouches and has taken to say, for low $ 150, this little system is quite awesome.

Buys this tape.
5 / 5
Has measured 34 and a half returned perfect with more than spare room. It does not have a same firmness to the equal that says the tape of defence of sure life but for a money his I enough adds. Going to take some keepers to have some extra support for a weight.
4 / 5
When I have taken a Tape out of a packaging looks good but runs the little smaller that has expected.
Will update my description when lame time to spend he for while and see like this resists near.
Like this far: (In the first place Impression)
Looks good quality.
Material rigid and solid.

Sizing Is the little smaller that has expected. It returns mine 36' the encircled but I so only have the small quantity of sinister material Ober, expected for the little extra material.

Update - 10/31/2020 - I is returned a Med Tape, any hassles, free returns, spent it so only to a venue UPS Tent, has been was.

Has ordered a Big, better turn with the decent quantity of adjustment has left on.
Am using a tape in reverse, am using an end with a Molle until a cube in a legislation, an adjustment in an accident, this leave to locate my Pistol Mag Title almost directly in front of me.
Has not tried to locate any of the mine Pouches to a tape but I in a prójimo few days and report behind, but so only has something wrong... A med tape molle that traces the works add.

Big measure Pros - better Record that a Half. Molle Now almost all a way around my waist, can locate a Pouches next to a cube in a right side.
I looks of cube to resist but so only will know sure when a tape is loaded and was am using it.

Big tape Gilipollas - Now has included any one !

Thinks a big apt better that a half but so only in an upper end of the row of measure of a Half.
A tape a big plus situates my Pistol Mag Pouches in a better location for me, more to a front for a right part, remaining me there is rid.
4 / 5
When webbing Costs less than the dollar for feet and a austri alpine costs of buckle $ 20, has the hard time that justifies to spend $ 150-$ 200 in the system of tape. Now, this buckle is the swipe -was and a tape has been done in Cina, but in general a quality is well, almost like this as well as the $ 150 system of tape.

- Both some inner and external tapes are done of fat sturdy webbing this has zero piece and minimum flex.

-A prize is very

- A velcro is stitched to a tape with 3 longitudinal lines of stitching, one in the each flange and a down a centre. This creates 'bubbles' loose of velcro among a stitching, some bubbles flex and create strong that explosion and crunching sounds when dipping a tape on or it taking was. Everything of this flex and the noise suggests the wear accelerated and would not be surprised if a velcro was to begin to leave around a stitching over time. Two more longitudinal lines of stitching would help and would not be cost much more to do.

- I does not think one drives to turn is taking the account everything of a train that one buys the tape like this stops. I have had to that return a small and order the half, usually spends the measure 30 to 32 waist according to some trousers
5 / 5
Ossia the must has the tape of row am looking forward to mine prójimo on a coming day in a row like this far compared to the mine other tapes this one is hands down awesome
5 / 5
has bought a big based in other descriptions like webbing comes to a buckle. I spend the half/to regulate (sometime big according to costruttore) the uniform fund and this return correctly. Has abundance of room to develop main. An inner tape velcro is quite strong that when it has spent so only can bend and transfer without him giving. A tape stiffness is sufficient for my use of the holster, 2 mag pouches and small med box. It is not like this as well as the Ronin tape, but is also any one $ 140+ like the Ronin tape.
4 / 5
This tape was the fraction of the to prize like him to him some another similarly styled, and some records and the arrival aims the build of quality. It seats sure when loaded and is more than pertinent for my needs of formation. A molle webbing is tight and a stitching is cleaned and looks durable. I can not speak to a global durability under hard use up to now but will update this description if his any so it will say are sure a provider will back his product has any one subjects to the equal that have had to that relate with them on a subject regarding a buckle and has resupplied service of exceptional client in solving.
5 / 5
A lot rigid and sturdy. I have measured for the half but after reading some descriptions in those that slack wants to has taken the big. Big spent a molle right to 1/2 and thumb of a buckle for me has to that 37 encircled eats. So that the measure is preference really personal master a bit simple tape with more adjustment or molle all a way tot he buckle? So only WITH has are loses hanged then his too big.
An inner tape is stronger/more rigid that the tape of trousers milite so much with some other descriptions has been expecting something flimsy but has taken the better tape that has had , eats....
5 / 5
I tapes add an only thing would change them is an inner tape. They require some class of loop to wrap behind on he to take the little tighter. His a bit difficult to pinch a small end and pull another around calm end in this corner. Dipping hanged in a tape sags my trousers enough to be uncomfortable and ape of seat. 3 30rd air mags And 3 pistol mags in an attractive sinister my trousers down that little it has bitten to do to seat likes is sliding was. They are sure I could take used his but everything on all his no the bad tape dips up for a prize.

Top Customer Reviews: Relentless Tactical ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I have had this tape partorisca roughly 2 month and there is has used so only he partorisca concealed spends less then the month. There is has lost already his form and he warping. Partorisca A prize are a lot disappointed in this product. After seeing all a raving the descriptions was really while it takes more. It does not spend anything big or heavy partorisca this subject. A 9mm the shield is tiny and hanged very little also.
5 / 5
Terrible product. I have bought this with which reading all some descriptions add. It is touched partorisca lose to this tape or Hanks, and has chosen unfortunately is one. With which two month a stitching has come free and a loop that an excess tape goes through this fallen off. And this no the crown was. Some claims of company partorisca do the tape that any one possessed the desantis economic tape partorisca on 6 years that sagged less than this after spending he partorisca 6 more years 🤔. No the happy client at all. They are fat, bulky, uncomfortable and has done cheaply. It trusts the mine are by train partorisca help you was!!!
4 / 5
Is looking for The delicate and elegant dress tape, this is not an election partorisca you. If, in another hand, as any true red blooded American, require the macizo hunk of fat skin partorisca join yours all armour plate and walnut firearm (probably the full measure 1911, reason John Moses Browning, but the one who a heck, perhaps the N Smith of Marco and Wesson, reason Harry Sporco) then ossia a tape partorisca you.
A skin is a lot amiably finalising, with still by heart and stitching. A buckle is each one has bitten like this having to that weighed likes skin, and a result of final is the product has finalised that simply he perfectly in that is drawn partorisca do: I sustain the big ol chunk of steel in your hip. Or, I do not know .... Attractive the half sized Catapillar dozer of solves it. If I have had to that be dangled in a side of the hole of poisonous vipers for the nefarious B villain of film (that I no, reason sees on, spend the gun...) Ossia To good sure a tape because it would choose to be like this dangled.
Seriously, the tape to have that has weighed a lot all a difference when it comes to comfortably spending the firearm. I spend the full measure handgun for ten or more hours the day, and a way this tape is built the fact roughly like this comfortable likes not going never to be. I can not recommend this tape enough!
4 / 5
Has required the good solid tape to manage my gun and holster like my only another the current tape was clearly any where near has adapted stops.
Has taken this tape in the timely fashion, his a lot amiably weighted as well as solid, a lot well in both zones. Darn Good prize.

Build Of good solid skin with a well the buckle of good tape, of then feels good and solid like this far to my toes are well with him. Looks Quite darn well with a together global on a build in all the chance.
My main likes is his solid feels and hanged good, any one weighed his so only quite heavy that in fact can feel a darn what. Compared to a simple any weighted the light tapes have been , now loves another or an only likes him partorisca of day to the day weir.

Has added in the few pictures of then personally always wants to find an image to in fact study quite then just words. Last some shows a gun and holster has taken this tape to agree . Like this far, I am a lot now that is taking by means of a first phase of rigid greeting.
Last thus curious, ossia the ruger gp100 357 magnum the revolver that hanged roughly 36-40 oz according to downloaded or loaded. The tapes that do well in the resistant and can draw a gun without a tape that comes to the long of real easily. Holster Needs more pause in also to soften the things was.
4 / 5
Relentless Tactical followed on on like has liked him to them a product in that time said them to them roughly a subject of measure. We ship me to us the tape the small plus. Measure 38 and the could not be happier with this new tape. Service of excellent client. Produced of quality.

A tape is really good. I spend he 36x32 pant has been with a 40 tape like the description suggests the think has to them that of has taken 38 reason this one goes to a last notch although it spends my cya shield holster. Quality a lot good. A draw is smooth and a holster is tight around that.

My question is has ordered them the new tape. I undoubtedly recieved the tape has used. It has been lined to the long of some notch and the wear marks everything in an interior. Like this im happy with a product he. A cement a the recieved, reason has been used and the orderly and paid for new, any so much.
4 / 5
There is wanted like this tape. It looks quite good. It likes- one dark brown skin with a chrome hardware. This does not resist the sail to the tape of gun of the skin with some class of polymer inserts/inserts. For example, control out of a Aker Tape of Gun of the Skin, also sold on Amazon. Any active almost like a lot of options by heart, but has spent a Aker partorisca more than the year now, and is a minimum quantity of stiffness I are has had to that to accept. I spend frames of steel of full measure to compress polymers. A Aker his mania amiably. In fact, there is the picture announcing some tapes stiffness with the holster and pistol in a tape, be it has taken a side of a tape, and is not sagging. Ossia That loves to conceal spends tape. A 'Definite Conceals Raisin' tape, can a lot of that. It is flexible compared to a Aker. It would say that ossia so only a good mentions tape. Also, a Aker is more economic for the pair bucks! I do not know reason this one has like this rave descriptions, but is not the upper product. I think that that I will try one of a new Magpul tapes, but this one east going back.

Also, am not sure if the people are impressed been due to everything of some five descriptions of star or that. I am blown really was reason on a cup they all am. Almost as if they are not of the real descriptions...
5 / 5
A lot sure like this the tape has taken all these descriptions add , with which 2 days there is remarked mine shorts and the trousers have had black residue in a zone of loop. It results this thing bleeds yours cloths. I have run the paper towel in the and sure enough, he bleeds black. Súper Sad but takings which pays for I supposition.
4 / 5
Almost done 13 years have found the tape adds in the thrift tent for the buck. It was fat, supple and hard. I have used he for everything of these years and has has wanted to all roughly that. It has been aiming some signs of the wear and a black colour is scraped in of the places to spend, backpacking and general heavy use. It concealed it does not effect a capacity of a tape to treat but he so only does not go well with a slacks, already knows? In all the chance, has tried, and has destroyed 10 other tapes that looks for to have one this looked well but gave still a durability that are the result has used to with my old standby. A question is, this old tape does not have any mark markings or GO frames of any class. Finally it has decided that perhaps so only no him liking has used to when I have found of this tape. Admitted is the far cry of the buck in a thrift tent, but a guarantee, and some descriptions gave me hope to try it.

Like my impressions, is slightly fatter, wider and more rigid that old tried and true. This be has said, still returns some loops of tape in my dress so only well and the little Obenauf is is helping with a stiffness. I have spent he for the week now, spending each day and I like an a lot of force. It maintains things a lot where want to him and does not look bit it pulled to do like this. They are a lot happy and think that easily will take another 15 or like this years out of this tape, perhaps more. These beaten sure one 2 to 6 month has taken with another 10 test! Thank you So much to do the product that can on. I know they are happy and look forward to adding updates in a future.
5 / 5
Wow. Ossia A quality hunk of hide. Usually it would expect until spending an element like this for the few first months to write the description, but of a minute touched it, has comprised reason has the lifetime has guaranteeed.

A tape is a lot fat and rigid, like this perfect for IWB and OWB holsters of all the types. Included the full sized pistol would be sustained amiably thus tape.

That really attack me roughly a Definite Spends the tape is the one who good looks. Of an arrival of a skin to a buckle, this thing is really acute.

Regarding apt, my waist is among the 31 and 32. Based to an apt map, has chosen one 36' tape that was something on. When Spending OWB, has abundance (but no excessive) has left in slack. Cela The half has to that nucelly accommodate a IWB holster also. My recommendation is to trust the apt map ... But any failure. If a no returned tape a Relentless Tactical will exchange it quickly in any one load.

Buy this tape. Calm will not complain it .
5 / 5
With which 9 month could pinch some flanges and block it (goes pic). Ossia So only the tape.

Top Customer Reviews: Tacticon Battle ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
In his own this merit of tape 5 stars! A stitching is perfect has no loose edges, any frayed the flanges and the looks is built partorisca spend for hell! A buckle is sturdy and with which some stress partorisca try prpers confidences partorisca resist on my train. A grip in an interior of some frames of the sure tape does not move in calm at all still while it runs and distributes a weight of your train perfectly. In general a quality of build is upper notch and could not be thrilled more with a value of a tape! On this I has received the hand-held paper written of a vendor Jacob (begins partorisca sell the tonne of these this could take hard!) Presenting he and personally thanking me partorisca a product, is the small family has possessed business and like any the one who has done partorisca the subject small of then was 16 I pode any understate as of the entity is mine partorisca sustain small subjects. A quality of the build of a tape is perfect and how is a service of client of this company. You take one of these tapes of good battle!
5 / 5
Looked in much more of expensive tapes when I stumbled is one. A prize me skeptical, but some descriptions convinced me to us partorisca the try. Partorisca Low $ 20 ossia the add compraventa, a tape and to the buckle feels a lot of sturdy, a material in an interior gives it the good grip in your cloths so that it does not turn around also when you are moving. A MOLLE the loops are quell'has bitten tight, which can do it the small challenge to take your pouches is trace, but also maintains them closed up tight calm the the once taken place up. I have taken this was to do a bit coaching with some vet partner, and has on resisted well to some moderate abuse. All the world has wanted to know where has taken of and has not believed a prize. In the note lateralmente, like the soldato am happy to sustain the vet subject. They are the 32 ' to the waist and a measure 30-33 returned perfectly. To good sure would recommend to the fellow or buy again has has wanted to another.
5 / 5
Ossia A tape of the better battle can buy, period. I have found this while it looked to substitute one has bought on done the year of the esputable' manufacturer for prójimo to $ 150, unfortunately that the tape disintegrated while it has run the hammer and I has had to that go to take the new a. Yeah, Was quite pissed. I have seen a prize and read some of some descriptions thus tape, which honradamente have thought was atrocity, but bought it thinking is lasted the month then dollar for the dollar would not be any worse era. Honradamente This in spite of, am impacted. I do not know roughly you but it has dipped my train by means of him is any and precise something that could tug by means of a vase and account on to maintain that it goes. A lot he so only done this maintains up but this law adds with the carrier flatly and is my new goes the tape. Everything is resisted securely, a metal clasp is sturdy and will not burst free accidentally, has the a lot of the low profile that that has seen other costruttrici, and a cushioning is literally one are more coming accross. Five stars. It would give it six could . In short, would buy it to them again but based in a construction, any one I any need never to.
5 / 5
Will be sincere. I have not used this little type for a row still. Used he for medical formation, pouches with supplies during the, buddy tugging and bounding, then exiting of a pouches in a tape. In spite of a prize under this evil buey punches of quality far on his prize. This type is comfortable to spend and an inner tape is hule cushioning so much can slide he without him taking in your uniform to regulate where is grabbing train of in your tape yes is the this class of what. An enormous flu of the mine with the tapes of gun is that an external tape with a molle generally has a rough velcro in the like this when mecer is so only tend for rasgar or fray your @@tiredness or low uniforms the so much is class of forced to spend an inner tape, and some the tapes confine so only add more bulk and does not like me that I am uploaded already down with of boxes. This be has said to to the little characteristic patient likes on this type is want to mecer so only a molle portion of a tape like the stand so only with your box without an interior for any reason an external tape has a soft side velcro like this you wont tear or fray on your uniforms or @@tiredness of mecer. Accesses of tape like the normal tape, would go a sizing map and use that, or yes has confused so only mecer your tape of measure of the normal waist and you would have to that be well. In general the patient little tape for the prize adds, quite impressed like this far. Looking forward to using he for more coaching and future endeavours
4 / 5
has bought this to substitute a USGI pistol the tape had been using like the tape to battle that it was just way too much thin, flexed, and has been missing of a consolation and molle alleged of modern train. Seeing a prize of this tape has resisted respite of mine because the alike fashionable tapes cost far more, especially for a fashion of buckle. But to the arrival and the inspection is resulted to be of quality very big and a lot of packaged. It is also the career @@subject small for the veteran the one who knows like this to treat the clients and in the require sustain these types. Highly it would recommend to purchase east.
5 / 5
Honradamente When I have received this tape of battle, was very impressed. To the majority of next look and using it (for airsoft purpose), are by train of the master. A sizing the map of some tapes is quite attentive. One touches buckle like another tape in a phase, is metal and can withstand the beating. A buckle easily can be changed was has required . A tape comes with an interior and external. An outside has molle loop, which are yard of laser and resist enough bit it. An inner tape is cushioned and is rubberized, which helps a retention. An owner was quite good to ship it was quickly and has written included notes it also. Ossia The small business owner and with a quality of a tape to battle a prize has not beaten can be. In comparison to the tape of the battle of the Condor is a lot looked and for the much better prize in $ 15. With this class of quality, to good sure highly would recommend.
5 / 5
A lot included think roughly!!! Select a colour loves, some measures that you need and Checkout. Fact. Arrival....
For a prize, can any gone bad! Has his failures? Yes, an interior liner was bit it wrinkled to be curled up during packaging, but concealed is not to treat it big. He still the works and the person will see it.
A tape and the buckles is of the quality adds, does not see any one subjects in the near future. They are trace some molle pouches without subjects, spacing and the sewing was something on!
Again, yes see this tape, so only the buy! Calm will not complain it ! I am buying more before a vendor comes to his senses and begins to touch more!
5 / 5
For a prize this thing is the no-brainer. I have seen some people that has said was hard to locate some of Molly joins that I expósito is yes bend a tape sends some spaces in a yard of laser before to the buckle and you can take your straps well in him quell'be a cloth old school or connectors or plastic even of polymer. This thing has said that that was to take here two weeks of a day took it, but then takes home today and here is with the handwritten paper of a vendor the one who upgraded me it the priority 2 to ship of 3 days in any one load. His name is Jacob and is the veteran of fight and would sustain them in his product all day long. So only of my initial overview these looks of what to be quality like this big for some tapes to battle that go to cost in $ 100. To the buckle is to have to that well and heavy and all a stitching is something on and looks strong. I will try to agree to dip another description out of the months of pair of me now has been once was the one row with him and running around doing some work but are more than satisfied with quell'I sees right now!
4 / 5
Like this am them using this tape to photograph to resist lentil of mine and little stuffs like this the does not have to that maintain that it looks thru rucksack of mine to take few things. A tape is like this comfortable and extends the bit to give you a little room! Im The measure of tape 30 and give me an extra 2 or like this to move around. A clip of tape is good and sturdy and locks to plant. He also disconnects smoothly and easily. There it is cushioning in an inner side of a tape that can take you was of then is connected via Velcro. It has Fallen asleep spending this tape and has them wake on final without subjects. Ossia The solid product and would buy another!
4 / 5
For a money thinks that that this tape is excellent, a quality & of materials of the construction for me is more than satisfactory and a neighbour on is not painfully difficult. A lot of slick and minimalist looking. Glorious tape, returns well and does not slip , the upper notch, work well, is smooth and does not join . This tape looks clean and slick.  To good sure to plot of bang for a buck. A buckle has a force of the harness to trace, the Better characteristic is way less bulk then a tape of typical battle, the better characteristic is a anti-material of slip in a discharge of tampon of system of tape. I really like a 'use with interior velcro tape liner' for the not going never to move around is returned on.

Top Customer Reviews: WOLF TACTICAL Heavy ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Well, it does not add . Slightly slanted specs. It is the 1 -5/8 tape.

Is the global value well , and will maintain a tape and the spend when I require the tape the thin plus partorisca spend with slacks. This is not the tape has reinforced heavy. Work as well as the regular tape, but is not quite rigid for work of gun IMO.

In a photo am pinching a Wolf Tactical tape among my toes. An after his tape is a Galco the tape of trainers to have that has weighed. It is a thickness still likes tape of Wolf, but is done with the plot of tight plus and is very rigid. I can not pinch a Galco tape with my toes.

A bad: the tape is not 1-3/4 (), is 1-5/8 (). It is also any one has reinforced. It is very easy to bend and transfer.

A good: it is easier that take the loops of the smallest tape that the (duh). It is better that the tape of skin. A Velcro is good quality and very sure. Some works of buckle well.
5 / 5
I really like this tape. It is very rigid to the equal that resists my EDC in place. My only complaint, much more like the joint is among 3 different measures. Anything says that your measure is, take a next measure up! I have bought a half and grieve to have enough to spend for a buckle. Going to buy a big the few days.
5 / 5
Active so only leave the things go if they have not loved to touch $ 6 to return this element. It is a sincere description instead. This product has alike hardware to the BlackHawk Rigger the tape but a tape is 1/2 a thickness in the each zone, excepts perhaps a piece that control a triangle to rig. With which having the BlackHawk, has been disappointed with this swipe-of just in the resistant. Looking in a stitching, can see that it is not flush everywhere and ready to fray after the little use. More, included although I have looked for to order for my waist, to to these looks close like hardly does by means of of a hardware with enough to ensure to a velcro. Heaven has forbidden to obtain a thumb an encircled on some holidays. More than 1/2 a prize of the BlackHawk tape with half a quality & of product. They are winning money in this any loyalty, am guessing. Happy for you if work.
5 / 5
Agrees ossia the $ Riggers Tape and value each penny of that $ has sent.

To start with was the service of client are to add ship me the half bets at the beginning, when I have ordered the Big, as they have sent another tape. Supposition that was half again, then the service of client sent a tape of right measure, like this very happy there.

Tape sizing is attentive (perhaps measures it the smallest likes 38 - 44) but access.
Is double thickness
A tape is wide
A buckle of tape and D-the looks of coverage to be good quality

has had one leaving of nylon when I have received he
the desire was double stitched

If you cant hot on a nylon and fix the pocola imperfection would not owe that be spending the riggers tape to start with with, a double stitching is level in $ 80 more tapes so that it would not except it on this tape. But he riggers tape for work, this tape is a better bang for your buck. Has the Rothco and 511 riggers the tape and ossia so only the level under those and 1/4 a cost. If yours looking for a EDC bet or tape of solid fat work that does not distort would suggest to buy this tape for $ 20 unless you want to spend one $ 80 or more for the tent goes advances.

A quality is far upper then a Blackhawk the tape has to that do now, comprising a D-Coverage and Buckle

will purchase another tape in tan down a street, the product adds in the row of prize adds.
5 / 5
A tape has the hardware adds and that little has spent it the law adds. The mine has come this in spite of with the defect of breaker of the extracted for me an end of a tape has been cut the thumbs of short pair and by means of a Velcro so that it is so only stitched on 2 and half sides and spereated in a rest ... Because of an inability to find any contact some vendor's options in this product am returning and probably will buy elsewhere how is the harm a product averts of this defect looked to add and has done well but does not want to touch the game of casualidad with multiple transactions to try and take the good tape. I will update my description has to that spend to contact me otherwise is the product I potentially adds if yours comes without defects.
4 / 5
Absolutely love this tape. During an advanced CCW coaching my monitor has suggested that the volume rid of mine another “tactical” type tape and buy the tape of pertinent gun. I have chosen it is a reason was neither one same or a lot resembled one a door. I can not say that I have not given never my very thought so tape long like servants his purpose but concealed changed with east a. I am impressed enough with what of the difference the simple tape can do and the one who comfortable is given the one who this rigid . They are very happy with cost of mine and has ordered the second a to give was. A service of client was upper notch when I have ordered a wrong measure initially and was very useful and responsive. I more assuredly recommend this tape to any one looking for the tape of quality spends or no!
5 / 5
A fast note. Previously to order yours sure mark that takes a fashion to have to that heavy, is in fact two of the normal riggers the near sewed tape, looked in fashion like those into use of application of the law to sustain heavy uploading, with an exception when being a tape of Wolf is a piece in general vs LUCIDA WAY, or in comparison to the very fat skin tape one would use for EDC train. A tape of Wolf to have to that heavier is in him very rigid but will go this in spite of loop of tape with ease. Has 4 Wolf Rigger tapes to date. These are some so only folks this offers this fashion to manufacture that I have found this far. I can not say quite roughly the if yours the defender of these types of tapes, is One+! The manufacture and the materials have used is is of a main quality, the sewing is as to any one! Have has had to that discard mine lastest tape of Wolf because of contamination of fluids of organism of the critical patient, so only had spent the the little time. I have taken well behind on Amazon, commanded one same, everything is well. Utilisation these almost exclusively, included for random dress. It spends the heavy load in a tape has seen suspenders to have that has weighed having the arm lateralmente, knife, an extra mag together with tac light. A tape can manage everything of an on in his own without sagging and without suspenders, although having mine BDU uploaded with additional train etc. Warrants suspenders of use for obvious reasons. The wolf offers the alone thickness so that desire, with a same big level and the quality of craftsmanship will find in his tape to have to that heavier, calm will not be disappointed any way. Company of EUA also! It goes Wolf!
4 / 5
Is well, does not add , so only decent. It would not buy it again but they are not that it spends for a hassle of the turn. It is to good sure any one the tape of full thumb. Another type on has said here 1 5/8 thumb. It is corrected probably. It would not dream to use this tape to spend the firearm or any class of real train. And using he for anything saves of life? It forgets it. A hardware of metal is thin and feels economic. This probably will be functional for me also although the tape to have to that so it does not spend it firearm in uniform. It will resist on trousers, would not ask more than him.
4 / 5
I recieved my new tape of the Tactical WOLF roughly done 2 days and this a perfect east. It can it presionar down to exactly which want to and rests there. This tape mainly takes used like this splits of mine EDC near, and these tapes rigidness maintains all the elements exactly where have dipped him. I have had another 'spends it concealed' of the tapes in some this past tends to slip during a day, but no this type. A thickness of tapes, jointly with his ridgidity, gives a tape a perfect storm of systems of tension. Then there you join you velcro, which is quite strong for him to ensure a tape if you are not fixing anything his or that does to plot of excessive movement. It likes buckle of tension + a velcro is the glorious duet. 10/10 I to good sure would recommend this tape to any for any reason feigns the use.
the Tactical wolf has achieved was mine in of the considerations my description and offered he promo code for discount it in mine buys next. I am updating my description of 4 stars to 5 like the direct result of the his something on service of client. 10/10 I will recommend this company in a future. The labour wolf adds Tactical!

Perhaps his so only the difference in marking sizing, but this tape does not look enough while other tapes have in a 'period' same. I have ordered the Sr sized tape that is supposition to locate to 39'. Has the 35' to the waist and this tape so only grieve in bylines (perhaps for 2'). To all the cost, a tape is sum . I used it a past 2 days for one at night ATV travel it and he have resisted mine handgun & seen again to spare securely in place in a course of one 80-ish trail of one thousand that continues in each terrain can find in some mountains of Alaska. I more probably order to 2nd tape, but to good sure will locate the measure.
4 / 5
This tape is really good. I have bought this originally to resist it iwb holster for mine 1911. I have ordered some measures have recommended, thinks Ailing has to that go the measure the cause the elder could not having enough the tape has left once a holster is in. Also, I do not have a holster still neither, but has loved to try it was anyways. It has taken to say, while constantly they are fidgeting and regulating my normal tapes to resist trousers of mine, has does not have to that never regulate or disorder with this tape at all. It does not move , and more than all has resisted trousers of mine in a same place and there is no sagged at all. I have been spending this for 3 days directly, seating, behaviour, walking, and when being, is comfortable and feels strong. Has any doubt this will resist on trousers, and a holster (once takes here), this in spite of being comfortable. Has has spent tapes to have to that before in an army, and has the resemblance feels, but no like this bulky likes tape to have the soldato. It would recommend this to any one looking for the tape of gun, tape to resist tools or accesorias, or to resist the holster. Im Any big, but no small neither, has bought a Big, but use for the iwb holster could consider locate the measure, likes has said, has has left enough now to almost achieve a loop of prime minister of tape if these helps. If I can take the picture on, will update.

Top Customer Reviews: Safariland, 7378, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Has the Glock 19 gene 5 with the TRL-7. I have looked for everywhere partorisca an outside a band of waist holster that access properly and some results were slender. Before ordering this holster spoke it to the Safariland sales rep and inform me that this holster would return. When I have received a holster was the little sceptic at the beginning because my weapon a lot automatically slide in. After inspecting a holster there is remarked that my light has been taken in a beveled embroiders of a holster ( will see in a picture). I gave it the little push and a gun have slipped well in. There is not a lot @subject that draws a weapon of a holster, and am sure after the pause in period will be the little easier to reholster a weapon. After all there is not the race the reholster arms.
5 / 5
Finally found the holster partorisca return a M-17 with security of thumb! It comes with paddle and alleged of loop of the tape
5 / 5
This holster is very better that an old has streaky sense holsters has to that Safariland. A ALS the system requires much less tension partorisca release a gun now but still quite strong for the sure take a pistol.

Here is that I have learnt after possessing a holster.

1. It returns both my Glock 22(.40 tread) and my Glock 19 (9mm) perfectly.
2. Still with my weapon is light of trace of a gun a ALS fixes it in bylines a gun in place.
3. A backside of a holster has 3 additional holes calm so much can add 3 T-Dice and do a holster the same main walk.
4. This there is Concealed holster and one Has to that holster is in fact one same excepts that one has to that holster comes with a T-the installed dice in another together of holes.
5. My TLR-1 and TLR-7 like this perfect record.

Has added a QLS system to this holster and could not be happier with cost of mine.
5 / 5
In general am pleased with this holster, but like this with more all, has some drawbacks.


-Light like the feather
- very comfortable for the paddle creation
- excellent retention
- relieving fast draw and king-holstering
- exceptional holster for a prize


(Ossia so only the drawback because of him when be promoted like the no-spend that worry in his gun that the beautiful looks)
- Although Safariland claims, this holster will spend an arrival in yours slide, and the very short time. With which 15-20 draws already have wear of light slide in a cup of a slide for behind an advance of view and a sinister side of a slide. A quickness of a wear there is grazed probably because of some A lot of acute flanges inside a holster and around a rim. I have used 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper to soften was all of some flanges, as I on all Safariland holsters because of some never present flanges. Now, they are of a faith that each no-skin holster will cause wear of slide, as it is not the treat big mine. So only I want to leave all the world-wide the one who takes concerned in the arrival of his gun knows that this holster is to good sure a lot like this announced when it comes to this.
4 / 5
This holster works with a compact slide, threaded barrel, suppressor-seen of height, and x-spend form of grip. In chance that any one is by train to ask . ( It sees photo)

has been using this setup for 6month without any subjects.
4 / 5
Are very surprised with this holster. Mainly it has looked for the holster to use in IDPA and several canals recommended this model as I have given shot it. It is súper comfortable to spend, any sea a gun, and a characteristic of sum of laws of the retention. Certainly it would recommend that it uses a highland characteristic of loop of tape and also loctite some rays down. A last what loves is a holster coming waste because of loose rays. Just saying. I have had the iwb holster the fall averts while in the room of some men. It was quite embarrassing when your circles of ray under an after your partoriscano.

For a cost, súper big lovely element. My pistol is the Sig Sauer P226 Stainless Elite with drive and returns so only well.
5 / 5
This resists my Glock 19 (Gen3) in my hip for open door or concealed. An interior paddle is twisted to return your hip and resist your gun a lot around 3:00. It finds that a place resists a gun in of the good works for me to seat or when being, and still maintains a gun in easy achieves. Ossia Well reason a holster is not adjustable; some chairs of place in your hip, a height and a cant is all fijamente and can not be changed. In spite of that, has been spending this holster every day, of some times created me in a morning until I put to bed me at night, and is quite comfortable that no the commentary the majority of a time.

Some slides of gun in and locks with the mechanism that grabs a ejection port of a gun. There is the noticeable click when in firm calm so that it knows is sure. An emission is the small key approaches your thumb when you go to grab yours gun. It is extremely sure; I have not been able to do a movement of gun around at all when it is closed in. Among a real holster and a paddle is a lot tight, the more there is the hook that grabs an inferior flange of your tape, how is almost impossible for any to pull a holster out of your organism. I am spending he with the 1 3/4' tape; I imagine it would have the little more game and perhaps not being quite like this sure in the tape the thin plus.

Spends concealed with this holster also, but probably would not buy he for that if this was an only use would have. It conceals well for me down the big shirt, free, but is still a OWB holster and is quite far out of your organism. If you want to spend the tightest cloths or absolutely can very never have any press this is not a holster for you.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Ossia One 3rd holster has ordered on amazon that tries to find a correct one for a Glock 19 or 23 w/ TLR1 HL. Ossia. A Safariland number of real part thus setup is 2832 which specific Glock 19 or 23 w/ the light. 7378 it Is a number of model and 411 specific that it is manually Black Right holster.
Like all near is identical to a Glock 17/22 version so only has spent he of spacer in a fund of a holster to create a gun on some so that has no slack or movement. Hope These helps of description was more than way that does not spend 1-2weeks of info undermining and looking for and transmissions behind and advances holsters with Amazon for any marcación the a lot of well.
4 / 5
In the first place, love a ALS system to conclude. It is solid and does not retard a down when drawing a firearm.

As, some material looks to do exactly that is to declare, in that the no maar one east firearm. I gave the fright to the equal that have remarked mark in mine Glock but these easily have dried was. It was simply material of a new holster spending was.

Tercero, hate a paddle. OMG The one who the horrid to system likes one can does not take on smoothly and easily same when that tries to follow a convoluted the instructions have resupplied.. These people @give the paddle is supposes to come on and was easily, corrected? I am not like this sure.

Are in a process now to try for the modify for the easiest to ladies. Reason? Reason know will not spend it if it is the horrid hassle to dip on.

Oh! Ossia To good sure any one the 'concealment' holster, any one imports that say to you. Besides, when used strictly with an annex of tape, is in good sure value a $ 40. Harm in a paddle this in spite of...
5 / 5
Only to help out of joining it to him afterwards writes to like the one who has had question finding the holster for his M9A3. Yes this returns a M9A3 extremely well with the modifications of zeros have required.

Top Customer Reviews: Kmioc Concealed ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Very happy with this tape.
Highly recommended.
Has measured 37 Brown.
Workmanship And the skin is very good.
The colour is a lot of - the brown Dark chocolate.
Buys again and probably will buy a Black on also
Sizing Tip:
has purchased measure 37 - I waist of wear has measured 33 tejanos.
A tape has 7 holes.
Has managed without holster one 4th hole is where some accesses of tape.
Has spent with my edc inside waistband skin holster returns in a 2nd hole comfortably and one 3rd hole with stagnate it record.
Has spent with my skin out of a waistband holster returns in a 3rd hole.
Like a reference of addition, is slightly more along then my Galco COP CSB7 38.ºn The tape and is comparable or main in quality that a Galco.
5 / 5
Has bought this tape partorisca substitute the main end CC TAPE, and has been the substitution adds . I spend it everywhere and usually I am spending. An only reason gave it to 4 star in place of the five east, a skin is good quality and a tape is a lot of fact, but there is the something roughly a measure of the neighbourhood concealed there is discolored partorisca some reason. It does not annoy me but it has wanted to share. It would recommend this tape to any one.
Well, has had this tape for 2 month now and an edge is coming free in an end. Maintaining I need to decide that to do to direct this before they are out of the tape. A tape in general is still a lot that satisfies, but no happy in this new discovery.
4 / 5
Has purchased this tape to sustain the 9mm Baretta & skin holster. Ossia The serious tape ! It is roughly two fat times like an I usually wear with tejanos and ossia the solid tape for just trousers. I dipped it/ I dipped It on and it can say instantly it is solid of abundance enough for a task so that it has been purchased.
Am appreciated my father has not had the tape this good to the equal that have finalised in a business end of that on too many occasions.
Asthetically pleasing - very deep, rich
Fat and quite solid to resist the sidearm.
Sizing The process was easy & attentive.
Like fat and wide (1 1/2”) as east. Still it feeds by means of loop of tape in tejanos, some better that another but I so only spend a mark of tejanos and to a fashion likes the variance has to that be in a measure of some loops in some tejanos.
Aversions: at all
5 / 5
has ordered this tape any partorisca CC but like the substitution (and upgrade) for my almost 20 year LL Grain Tejanos' tape that is spent, along, no longer attractive (but still functional) and will result my tape of trousers of the yard. Step to 34 encircled tejanos and a recommended measure 37 Kmioc access of tape perfectly in a third hole of an end. Ossia The THICKNESS , soft but sturdy tape the one who looks to be thickness of harness of skin of full grain of big quality. I say 'look' reason not being any focus, markings, etc. In an interior of a tape that confirms this, or that confirmation that is Italian skin , but he squeaks likes skin, has the a lot of well, virtually normalised of pore/of invisible grain in a cup, and an interior of a long buckle tang the hole is not dyed, and looks real skin. So much, I go to say that it is real skin . This has said, is a lot of fact, so only shy of 1/4' often, but tanned so that it is supple still strong. The utmost looks in mine tejanos, and while a buckle and skin overlaps the clave was in a thumb of my waist in some tejanos zone of key, looks rugged still stylish, and is not a less has bitten uncomfortable and probably will dip down the bit to the equal that breaks in. Very impressed like this far, and that looks forward to a lot of years of use. My only suggestion to a costruttore, would be to stamp / seal / to seal a tape with something likes: 'genuine upper grain Italian skin', if ossia in fact true and corrected. It is gone in the interior of plastic stock exchange of the box of good storage, but to focus of any costruttore or another interior of literature. There is the small sticker in an outside of a box that has some numbers of model and eskin'. Regarding a buckle, sweats the buckle of solid roller, which is the dark smokey greyish colour of nickel like opposed to the colour of brilliant of shiny nickel. It likes neither, and of a colour of the darkest nickel is well for me so it does not plan on in the substitute. Highly recommended.
4 / 5
Amur This tape! It is not too rigid, very fat and is the ancore adds for my door concealed holsters. A IWB the model has to that Clinger Holsters taking to to him likes him to him the glue. Any budge the bit when that draws a weapon. A OWB MASC holster is like this solid of rock - any rolling or moving at all. Has has had tapes more expensive in some pasts but this one is like this as well as any one selling for 60 more dollars. Cut of a piece of skin, a lot stitching, and a buckle is sturdy. In hindsight, would have gone a more measured up for when I spend a IWB holster, the apêndice spends, as I owe that use a last hole. This in spite of, is still I adds it compraventa. Probably it will buy another late plus for a IWB holster, so only measures it up.
5 / 5
Received it so only, but thinks that will be very pleased with him resists on well. Much fatter and sturdier that has very had before. 5 stars for durabilty is obviously the 'expected for' indication. It would owe that be I adds for pistol door. It looks 1 piece , although some reviewers has declared is 2 stitched together. If 2, I do not have to any idea like them concal the like this well. Happy has not taken the 2' wide a, like this fill my tejanos' loop FULLY. As you can see in a photo, has changed a buckle, but any reason a resupplied a bad east. I simply like a one of my better old tape. Of the mine buckle is longer, probably will take a loop of skin, a buckle that is so near his, and a tape long enough to spend for my tejanos loop of tape. Happy has ordered measures it the big that has had originally has considered. Tejanos Is 40 ' encircled, has ordered measure 43'. Mentioning these things so that they can be consider some same alternatives . Well sturdy the tapes do not come economic, and these looks as if it will be the compraventa adds .
4 / 5
Solid tape. I any active big expects to consider a prize. It was a lot pleasantly it surprised it. Almost it does not give never 5 descriptions of the star but this is worth it.

Ossia Extremely comfortable, more comfortable that my regular tapes that has maintained breaks. It is built like the tank and has the good arrival. Hardly it remarks my Glock 19 in mine paddle holster in the one of way that takes a weight with zero gives or flex. It spends my radio in mine sinister and gives solid support for a radio the clip on.

So only a simple law of buckling a tape is the smooth law and flowed because of a quality of materials and some records and arrival. A buckle is solid and there is no loose edges anywhere in a tape stitching that need to be clipped or has directed. Where A skin is bent on and a buckle attaches is ensured with rays. While this can give an occasion for the possible toneless point down a street been due to the rays that behind was, gives an option to change buckles as it is not riveted on like some tapes some economic plus.

In general am satisfied extremely and recommend this product. An arrival is not quite until that would expect you of the tape of dress of the big end but he neither is $ 600 with the name of designer has attached. It would say that it is comparable to enough the little $ 100 tapes in some records and department of arrival and costs significantly less. If you are skeptical likes was, so only the try.
4 / 5
The prime minister to the left say that it has purchased them this frankly, any kickbacks, any one discount etc, with this said, ossia the add
tape!!! Ordered for there fitment drives, wear the 36 trousers and has ordered one 41, adds record.!!! A quality is each one has bitten
like this very like this Hanks tapes that the have the pair, and the heck of alot more economic. Good skin and you cant feel your
ccw. Really like a tape so much that has ordered them another in colour different
4 / 5
Like this far like this good. It is to good sure the fat rigid tape out of a box. I spent it so only the time of pair, but looks a lot especially in this point of prize has compared to another. Things of pair that has maintained he of a 5 mark. 1: there is the smell, likes perfume almost and is on everything of some tapes. It is like any sprayed on some scent to try and smell of mark like genuine skin. 2: it has ordered based in a map of measure. It was too small, likes commanded some measures up for the plus some record. It is reason has had to them that send a prime minister a backside and take another this knows them that the scent is on the everything.
4 / 5
Ossia A tape a fat plus has seen. It is a lot of sturdy and controls well but short man to my waist. When the raisins need the tape that is quite snug like hanged of a weapon does not pull down your trousers. Pair that with telephone, stock exchange, tones, etc and is looking in the significant weight that appeals down and therefore require the snug tape. After the few hours I really beginning to feel some flanges of a tape to the equal that undermine my skin. They are not the closely weighed person like @@subject is not an excess of flesh so only that some corners are prevalent. It could run some grain refinado sandpaper on some still flanges soften them bit it. Still for a prize is the good tape and can not think that the thickness is. It has taken the tape of name of the mark that is to bend a cost but any where like sturdy.

Top Customer Reviews: POYOLEE Concealed ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
4 / 5
Step 38 waist in everything and has ordered of course some measures recommends partorisca me. Calm so only can take a prime minister or perhaps a second hole of buckle partorisca achieve. Any one raisin to the the tape likes that with almost of zero overlap. If has the big lunch, can a lot of loosen a hole. Returned and has taken a one for 40' encircled. Now it seats in a 3rd or 4th hole of 7 like each tape in history.
4 / 5
Has looked for the cost-tape of effective gun that can be spent with both OWB and IWB holsters to the equal that uses both that depends the one who sidearm am packing. I have used this tape recently in two IDPA the parties and was perfect. I have spent also a tape casually when I conceal raisin. They are a lot happy with to the this tape likes withstood mine in of current and gunning during IDPA breaking while I have had to fill-measure .45 tread sidearm and to spare mags joined to the each side. Some frames of tape gaze quite new afterwards; I dipped it/ I dipped it to a test as it has run, squatting, twisting, and constantly drawing and holstering during some parties. A tape was also a lot comfortable when I have used he with my IWB rigs holstered up with the compact 9mm and to spare mags. This calm tape of the a better of both worlds with considerations when spending while touching hard, together or sportive the casually with some tejanos. Good work in this product.
4 / 5
This tape looks the a lot of sturdy tape. Have doubted that it would be a plenary .20 thickness but is. I do not know roughly all a skin 'genuine' treat 'full grain' argue of skin but says genuine skin in a tape. I will not know in a durability for the year but look to have that has weighed.

Now for a sizing. I conceal to spend (CC) daily inside a band of waist (IWB). My pant has measured without spending is 34 and with spending is 36. My last tape was the measure 36 and has used a half of notch. I have ordered this tape in the measure 40 thinking it would be too big. It has not gone too big and is returned perfectly, are in a half of notch in this tape. When I Resist my old (36) and new (40) tapes on together, is exactly a same period. If you go to purchase this tape, and would recommend it , would suggest you order 2 big measures.

Like the note lateralmente, my abs has not looked those in a picture while using a tape. It could be slightly defective in this zone.
5 / 5
Ossia The one who the tape of gun would owe that be like. Rigid!
Has used it so only the little time but now comprise a difference among the regular tape and the tape of gun.
Highly would recommend!
4 / 5
This tape is súper thickness and durable. When you Plough a box, a smell of skin will fill on a room.

This CCW like this easier, usually spends in 1:00 and still with the sub compact I constantly found my self regulating my holster with the tape of tent of the department. With this tape he never sense likes would move in of absolute.

Has joined the full measure 1911 with spare mag in the OWB holster and felt súper solid. Ossia Perfect for day of row and for every day spend.

Very satisfied, the only remorse is that it would have to that it has ordered 1 measures up.
5 / 5
I like this tape, and has bought the second a. When you Find the good product, is often wise to buy more - before they disappear.

Does not use this like the tape of gun, but am positive would do it well in this function.

A recommended measure of 40' for mine 36' encircled, was perfect! One 1.5' wide of tape, returned to both random pant loop of tape, and tejanos. OWB Raisin would owe that be well, as it requires little extra period - but has not tried IWB.

Recommends this good tape!
4 / 5
Likes another has declared, ossia subpar like the tape of gun unless you are spending something really small like that .380 subcompact. Also, as another has declared, this really small course. I have ordered one this was 6' big that my measure of the waist and he am returned perfectly. (Thanks to another reviewer the one who has said this) does not use his sizing map. So only take 6' longer that your measure of trousers.
Has known this would be the tape of mediocre gun , but bought it like this the regular tape. Like the regular tape, these swipes was anything can buy in the tent of boxes (Dickies the tapes suck compared to this). It is too bad that a buckle is not removable. If it was, it would clash it on the star. Also it was ten bucks more economic would clash it on the star. These two subjects is that it prevents this to take 5 stars of me. Overpriced And no removable buckle.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. This tape feels a lot hard and durable. Big quality and good metal for a buckle.. stylish Look Also to fall/random attire. It can be spent with tejanos or khaki trousers. Really it likes to like a brown can go with of just in any outfit . It is also he adds that it calms that can buy based in your measure of to trousers the like yours any one stuck with the súper long tape. This record correctly
5 / 5
Finally, the sturdy, any one-tape to have to that of the piece that will accommodate some loops of tape of your newspaper tejanos and tactical trousers. Has conceals raisin the permission and I newspaper spend (EDC) my firearm and two clips of magazine. Sometimes it has the need for additional train (knife, walkie talkie, torch, etc.).
Unfortunately, tapes to have those standardised is two thumbs in widths and for like this, can not accommodate some loops of tape of some trousers we usually wear. Like this, we are to force to spend two tapes, a tape to resist on trousers and the second tape, the tape to have to that, for train and spent on your tape of trousers. Obviously, you are now no longer covert in your appearance. All the world knows is the type of gun and arrival to give was yours surprised of the main … goodness.
A POYOLEE Door Concealed CCW Tape of the gun of the Skin is a perfect response . It is the good-looking, tape to have that has weighed that simply a lot of sag or recession under a weight of the firearm/mag clips. Calm will not have any need to constantly of attractive on your trousers.
Finally, tapes to owe of the quality will run you $ 65 to $ 85. These POYOLEE the tapes are down $ 40. I will be to order the second POYOLEE tape, a light brown version, as my first compraventa of 2021..
4 / 5
Experience a tape partorisca my husband and is really, really happy with him. It had been looking in other places; this in spite of, this tape was in the much better reward partorisca an element and of the quality adds. It has said ' it was included better that had anticipated.

Top Customer Reviews: Bianchi 8100 Web ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 39 ratings
4 / 5
It has given all my old THE and military train to the mine soldato/LUCIDOS EDGES when lame. A bit those that the years later find me pulling details of security here and there partorisca some extra money, and now have gotta substitute the plot of material has not thought never would use again. Of course have it now the plot more providers of tactical and LUCIDA CREW that never first, as you finalise partorisca spend of the hours weeding by means of the plot more ash and rubbish partorisca find legitimately good train. Targets has Had the solid reputation that goes back way before it was the rookie, as I have decided to give this decently-tape partorisca have the priced partorisca the try. Happy has done. It is a lot of fact, a lot sized, easy to regulate, and is not like this bulky like the plot of tapes has seen. Of course the only time will say resists on, but like this far am happy.
5 / 5
Has to that 38 thumb waiste and has bought one 36-40 M measure, and was way to small. If it has to that 38inch waiste buy a big measure.
4 / 5
This sizing is not even near. My waste is roughly 32-33. I have bought one 28-34 measure. It is WAAAAAY too small. And ossia have dipped he by means of my loops of tape. Of of the east is supposition partorisca go in another tape, is not even close to attentive. Unfortunately, I have not taken it casualidad partorisca the use before a period of turn there is expired. As they have taken my money partorisca sell me a wrong thing. I will be disputing one uploads in my paper.
5 / 5
A tape I receipt does not match a one in a picture. The mine has the different buckle on likes a lot of another there is remarked. The no really alcohols, but well commentary. A tape feels well he has done. It is rigid and supportive without being obnoxious. It resists everything of my train and looks quite decent for the tape in this row of prize.
4 / 5
Has ordered a tape like an agent of armed security. The tape is sum . Has has purchased clips of retention for separate to help resist my tape of skin. Happy has done. So only it has quite Velcro to return a measure chosen. As it chooses wisely. I am spent to have has fallen so only 50+ pounds like this now his too big without way to reduce a measure without buying the new a. If it has had quite Velcro to reduce the measure more there would be it given 5 stars.
5 / 5
Ossia The tape to owe sum . Targets Is the known mark that (in my opinion done of the good products). They are the police agent one had been using the resemblance nylon tape to owe of the fashion, this in spite of on some years have had the turn and a buckle had weakened. These works of tape perfectly. Previously to cost of mine, has read tonnes of descriptions in these tapes and has had the plot to look in a sizing like this have taken that the account. They are the waist 33, and has purchased one 34-40 measure of waist. It returns and it looks he adds. So only order the measure up and calm will not be disappointed.
5 / 5
Fat sturdy tape. No the charge on because utilisation an inner hook and tape of loop and uses too many of a velcro space. A holster, 4 mag pouches, and the light. Abundance more room and stability for another material. But I do not want to it has involved a hook of spatial tape and interior of loop. The works add so that my needs. It would recommend
4 / 5
am not crazy in a buckle clasp or a fact can not add the headline of interior of magazine almost 4 thumbs of a buckle because of a be the material has bent up. Waste too many nails advance urban.
5 / 5
Has ignored no or factor of casualidad when you are going with Targets. You know that you go to take the product adds. It Likes him a stiffness and of thickness of a tape. It helps control everything in place.
5 / 5
Are the Browser of Application of the Law and these works of tape astonishingly for me. I want a tri-characteristic of emission, adds your tape of extra security. If taken an inner tape that matches this, he Velcro is to the each one like this another to help maintain a tape in your waist that I amour and I also wear 4 tape keepers. For a past two years ive there was, at all there is rasgado or anything. He no full time as it has not been like this would last with entering and exiting the daily vehicle, but would assume it would resist on quite good. The prize adds for a quality.

Top Customer Reviews: GRIP6 WorkBelt- ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
5 / 5
Already I enjoyed the Grip6 1.5' tape, and has thought this wide plus 'tape of work' could do for EDC, but, with which so only receiving a tape today, would say a nylon is not fat-quite rigid / -quite thus purpose. Ossia Simply the tape to dress wider and buckle. They are happy with him (the buckle is easier the fasten/unfasten that my plus tightened Grip6), this in spite of will continue to prefer a rigid plus Kore Essentials ratchet-tapes of type for EDC-use of type.
4 / 5
This has been supposition to be the tape of work of upper quality - that has received was the toy! A webbing is economic and thin, so only has taken to a buckle for the plastic band. A buckle of metal is twist like this thin . A tape is resisted to situate purely for embrague - does not know that they think will spend when it is taking pulled and grabbed in daily real life. I will not order anything of this company again.
5 / 5
Has has wanted to really like this tape. Mina, is more stylish that functional to the equal that have had the question with him loosening with movement very small. Fijamente Concealed and calm has calm the tape adds!
4 / 5
Has loved really love this tape. Already I want to all in a mark and an advertising. I have been spending it quite bit he on some last three months, and slips occasionally of the only bad movements. Any ideal, but was had of the tolerate. Or perhaps it is supposition to do that, reason I so only seated on upper leave a couch and a buckle has not slipped. East times of the discharges of finals in a no adjustable side of a tape has burst was. So much, poor, now is the useless band of nylon and he curvy piece of aluminium. I have seen any service of client or support in his web page, like this here am writing the description I kinda the desire does not have to that . Perhaps any without my massive abdominal force emparenta will have a subject same?
4 / 5
Like a stiffness of a tape and a grip of a buckle but I have had some subjects.
Has ordered on a measure to compensate for my IWB holster but is grieves enough. Also a work/the tactical tape is too much big for some clips in mine holsters. I will try a regular tape and order 2 has measured after timing main.
For reference I wear measures it 32 and has ordered the 34, hopefully the 36 will not be too long.
4 / 5
Like this far like this good. A tape was the little has bitten smaller that loved it to be but work. Work like this a lot that has been he advances and has ordered another concealed is slightly longer. A bit I seat that so that ossia is a bit overpriced but that it is reason pode calm really dipped the prize in the good tape?
5 / 5
Has broken the few tapes by means of wear and tair and usually some holes give it or a clasp pauses, this tape does not have any of these questions like this far. I have been spending it every day and has has had questions of zeros, a way of the take was also the bit to take used to but calm once take a hangs of this yours all well. A tape resists tight and any loosen by means of a day, a strap is big quality , and a buckle as well as a whole tape is hanged very light but to good sure a lot feeble. I add compraventa sure.
4 / 5
Has bought two of these tapes in $ . Both have a subject same. They will not remain of the tight and a costruttore knows this. It would suggest to buy one 5 11 Tactical ossia the functions like the tape has to that in meso a prize.
4 / 5
Has 4 of these tapes and multiple buckles. I love him. It is everything will spend. A front dips to walk under shirts and does not take on cloths. I have lost the plot of weight and has not had to substitute my tape. There is any hole to spend was and any mechanics to break. It is perfect!
4 / 5
Awesome Tape, very comfortable and easy to regulate. I want that it is infinitely adjustable and perfect for EDC. My favourite tape and looks it will last. Usually it spends the 34 but I have ordered the 36 paralizaciones more adjustability and is not too long.

Top Customer Reviews: 5.11 Tactical Men's ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
This tape is sum partorisca use /to have to that tactical. It is extraordinarily sturdy partorisca his weight; so only some revolvers some heavy plus goes partorisca cause this tape the sag. There have it to good sure the 'trick' to cinching this tight tape: with which threading by means of your loops of tape and a buckle, rock a buckle out of a 'exceeded' well of a tape, then resist a buckle in this place until have pulled an excess material by means of your tension wished around your waist. Emission a buckle, is done- would have to that remain plants all day...

...That direct these words of precaution: it goes partorisca take the pocolos second extras to loosen this tape when the fall needs your trousers partorisca some reason- is in the haste, looks partorisca take LONGER. Calm to good sure wants to maintain this in first alcohol of ardent romantic meetings, and especially with which two-burrito lunches.
4 / 5
The product adds, the only suggestion is to have a vendor adds some measure to ad thus produced. They are the measure 33' to 34' encircled. I have opted for one touched sized the tape that thinks it would be resembled Blackhawk sizing. My deception. It returns but so only the stub of roughly 3' to 4' raisin for in front a buckle when fastened. I still slowly in loosing hanged, as has no real question with east. This in spite of, for a buyer the one who loves an exact access now:

S 28-30'
M 32-34'
L 36-38'
XL 40-42'
2XL 44-46'
3XL 48-50'
4XL 52-54'
5 / 5
has bought two of these tapes. Has the number of utmost attributes: good colours, strong webbing, final of insertion in firm period , corrected, very strong, good prize, etc. THIS In spite of, is extremely difficult, if any impossible, the cinch up tight. Once a tape is by means of some spaces of buckle, is virtually impossible to pull an end of a tape to do it tight to all the cost of as the buckle is manipulated. It spends the plot in my pockets of cariche, doing my a bit has weighed trousers that require to be able the cinch on a tight tape to avert having some trousers slip down around my hips after a first pair of the minutes that resulted in a 'plumber' butt' look. This tape would be sum for the fourteen year-the old skateboard doubt any have a lot down in increasing trousers with roughly four thumbs of the underwears that objective on a tape. If you are this type , goes for him; if no, it does not buy this tape.
4 / 5
Has purchased my prime minister two TDU tapes to do behind in 2008 in tan of Coyote and black. Still I have both of them and averts of the little scrapes in a buckle, look some same like that. The day took him. A lot sturdy tapes that control up and are adds for the door concealed. One of some tapes have been chewed up in an end for my dog the few years behind to do the quite useless. Felizmente, was able of the reparation that use the Bic lighter and the pair of pliers. All have been cut the small portion of a zone has broken was (that quell'will shorten a tape the little bit) and with the lighter was able to soften a nylon webbing quite that could use a pliers to flatten an end was so that it could be received by a buckle. Easy fix and has had any other subjects.
An only reason reason has chosen this an up was reason have dipped in the little hanged in a decade of then in the first place purchasing east.
4 / 5
I really like this tape stops . His is other tapes another more economic like this very like this, but has had to go with east a reason really likes after some another compraventa of product. It is easy of presionar up and loosen, during a day when that goes to be to seat place. Any extra characteristic like the pocket of loop of the interior, and any one the loop added for tape slack. Ossia The positive thing for me with this tape. The trousers are Eddie Bauer, but a cup is Max I shirt of Impulses of Short Sleeve that also recommends, is absolutely excellent. An only reason gives this to four description of star is that I think that that it is the priced the little big so that it is.
5 / 5
Possesses other Tactical Cloths, comprising these tapes. I have lost the good bit of weight lately, how is necessary result to buy new Tactical trousers and tapes to return some new, smaller me. My waist has been of measure 42 to measure 38, and my XXL measure TDU the almost has wrapped the tapes clear around my side, in planting to take inside a wide waist takes loop in my Tactical Trousers. Verifying a map to measure on , has decided so only would require a XL measure TDU Tape. So that it is that it has ordered. When it Has arrived and dipped quell'on with my new measure Tactical Trousers, a TDU the returns of tape perfectly, as I have expected. Quite easy !!
5 / 5
A buckle bulges more than has expected, but is acceptable.

Used it so only to resist on Carhart trousers to do that have the metal soyushroom' key of type. It could take that annoying has taken the chance of a bloat.

Did not use It on that walked or backpacking travesías still, which certainly is useless for calm value this product like this also also the contempt revises which describe no-chances of use.

Oh, Hell, for a joke...
Has arrived punctually in the container that has not been damaged, and when it looked in him and touched it, has not taken bad feelings. It is done probably in the place for people that do things with more than pride that American, likes five stars?
5 / 5
Has had subjects of zeros with him that the tight rests all day and is easy to use. An end resembles has been dipped in 1 thumb of glue after being melted in an end. I do not expect fraying never.

Are the 33 ' encircled and Meso orderly (32'-34' sized). It is the perfect access . Without spending an accessory a tape is so only a right period to remain in a loop of prime minister of tape without the surplus that was of estacas. With an accessory of interior a tape neither so only achieves a loop of prime minister of tape on some trousers or a lot enough. Ossia Well reason is still abundance long to feed by means of a buckle and short and stubby enough to dip the plan on is suitable stiffness. I have not known before buying but one 511 put web consulting 'the tapes run small, recommends order some measures up...'. Still I am happy I Half orderly and has not ordered a measure up.

A buckle is not too big but is leaves of draw he protruding out of a belly quite far. Roughly 3/4 thumb. It would look odd with the tight shirt in the thin type. I suppose that ossia the just trade so that well he in general and the one who abordable.
5 / 5
Has found on some years that equals qualities. Agree his first generation of trousers that has not gone too much adds, but there is of then do improvements of sound. This tape is any exception . It returns like this expected. It looks to add and have received a lot compliments on that. This tape has been used five days the week for some last ten weeks or so many and tip any sign to spend anything. It likes like this it is endlessly adjustable with of a mechanism of sliding buckle and like the rests have closed in place. I have used alike tapes that slide or give the little by means of a day - ossia any good! This one remains exactly where calm dipped that.

An only negative - a part of looks of buckle to stick out of the little bit more than me has expected. You take used his, but at the beginning looked the little has bitten odd mine. It does not rub me when I seat this in spite of (YMMV has based on type of organism).
5 / 5
Ossia The durable, long durable tape.
Can use to do has anticipated to to the things likes them-him the control on you casserole't while it spends for security of airport.
In the pinch also can have the habit of loop all you wheeled the luggage beside the equal that can pull he by means of an airport for your account. Any recommended, but fact in real life.
Takes 5-10 days to spend to do it easy to return by means of a buckle, expect the bit of the challenge for these premiers few days.
Have a tape that probably has 1-2 years of daily wear while doing in an office and averts to take looks more flexible new mark.
Some expensive, but produced of quality.

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