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Top Customer Reviews: SunGrow Coco Fiber ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Thi
I have bought this cloth partorisca line a paving of my creature gecko plastic box. It is doing I add, as distinct in some photos other active posted. It is fat, the little cushioned, and has to that it has weighed. I have used only scissors partorisca cut a quantity has required, and have leftovers partorisca other works!
4 / 5 By Lavone
I have bought in fact this partorisca my hermit crabs a lot the reptile. I of course substrate of coconut of the use in his tank but decided partorisca create class of the esecond levelled his. It take the shelf of crab of sure plastic cookery and fastened this on the with chola the forest that directs until it likes ladders. A hermits resembles really like it always is hanging is gone in his new econd levelled.
5 / 5 By Dannette
Thickness and durable. Bought on done the month. A by heart green brilliant is rubbing was because of cleaning. I do not treat it big mine. Very happy easy to clean and maintain orderly. The chameleon has eaten free substrate. It was to purchase the backside on layer but a one has purchased looks it will last the long time. Fatter That a Zilla. Controls moisture and dry without too much of endeavour.
5 / 5 By Keren
These mats are to touch so that I need stops. They are to come bent in half, which caused to believe was the half-sized until I have opened in fact a container. One creases is noticeable, but has to that flatten over time. In general, the shot adds and the product adds. I am impressed also with that quickly my order has come. Ossia A fast plus has has not received never something, especially considering has chosen an option of level of free nave.
5 / 5 By Shawnna
I have ordered this for the 10 aquarium of chevron. Roughly 4-5 thumbs too courts.
4 / 5 By Liberty
Amur This for my Golden geckos! If using it vertically in a side or like the backdrop in an enclosure for arboreal critters like geckos or frogs of tree, can use little cup of suction with hooks for the ensure.
5 / 5 By Gaye
Abordable And easy to cut. I have used he in tank of crab to locate.
4 / 5 By Christa
These produced is solid and the controls up spend to regular use. It is not stain-resistant, but lava a lot enough. Happy with a compraventa.
4 / 5 By Kirby
Our rabbit the rasgó averts in the subject of 24 hrs, as adivinos is well, or is...
4 / 5 By Tayna
I he like this calm, but is the little smaller that looks in a packaging, has to be used for the five tank of chevron.

Top Customer Reviews: Flexible ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Evon
One stirs is very strong! And long! An image is the 10 chevron , and has had to that bends it on almost for the half for the record (probably close to 3 feet long). I have been concerned reason sometimes these bendable stir them are flimsy, but to to these looks like will sustain the plus of big critter without question (has taken some work to bend some fatter part!). And some leaves are decent quality , better that a dollar stores some have been using :) the patient probably has to that order more to use in a tank of Frog of Albero Bianco!
5 / 5 By Zora
Amur This and I know my frog of the tree done to I so only can any never find Betty for real is enjoying his soft leaves go down the bit in a tank as I wrapped it using my stir with him
4 / 5 By Dayna
My leopard gecko loves trace on this vine and I love a sweetness and sturdiness. Very easy to locate and bendable to attack to another Stirs
4 / 5 By Elease
of plants is utmost! Some vines am very economic and flimsy.
5 / 5 By Gerri
Amado this element for my beardie! Has the hole to undermine under the hide of register and ask his knees on wedging he down. It was able to bend some stir around a fund of a hide to prevent of the wound. A colour and the quality of some stir is utmost but clock for any zones where a foam could exit and sure mark your beardie does not want to eat some leaves of fake concealed come with this container!
5 / 5 By Hedy
This work adds for my frogs of tree of the aims. You would owe that be careful bending, can leave, but is careful, calm can bend him to all the classes of forms
4 / 5 By Carter
Gives his terrarium look more natural and loves trace in a vine. Also it seats so only the little more hid .
4 / 5 By Latoyia
Some looks of qualities to be very good. One stirs flexible is done soft/flexible materials to help volume some forms want to and much easier to touch for your animals and calm. Some vines have comprised was of decent quality, but a global container is that give these products is value . I have used this in the 40 glass of tanks of chevron for the snake, which has covered that has required amiably. Specifically, it has wanted to build the low canopy to resupply shadow and control in humidity. Reason all some materials are synthetic, does not hold a lot of moisture so the has not developed any mould or anything have required to clear. I do not have odorato any smell of unusual manufacture, but like the precaution, anything concealed sees to a half is cleaned or in a much less rinsed and has dried was before the be has presented. In general, you recommend this product.
5 / 5 By Lorie
It was exactly that have expected and my Moon of creature loves it
5 / 5 By Robt
One dips has been stuck to in varied places and some of a coating of foam there is pulled was when untangling it. Some leaves odorati like this strongly of any chemical is treated with, launched them was. Reason any I only returns some elements? So only they have offered the means my money behind. As it does not recommend buying this product. Honradamente The travesía to the tent of legitimate reptile would be the better election for this class of what. Which have has learnt now. Hopefully Another can learn of my deceptions also and avert this compraventa.

Top Customer Reviews: 4Pcs Flexible ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Ali
The shot adds
5 / 5 By Brittny
When I have bought this was mostly so only partorisca some vines, which am very happy with! They are flexible, curve where calm want to him to without @@subject, and his emphasis my crested gecko tank quite amiably— has to that well sure enjoy trace on him. Some leaves were that I took. You know that scene in vacacional navideño when Clark has said Rusty to untangle that enormous knot of lights? Yeah. I am spent almost the averages an hour that untangles these vines of the each one another after taking them out of his container. When I Have been done, almost half some leaves in the each vine have been abused to ship and the inspection further, some have not been glued down right (sees pictures). It goes him to use anyways, but my crested the tank already has the tonne of leaves I so that it go him to store in the chances require in a future. Besides some the subject @of premiers has had with some leaves, the durable look and likes could do the foliage adds when it decides to use in a future.
5 / 5 By Francesco
The looks add in the tank of the mine python of ball! Some leaves have come for separate and was bondadoso of tedious to wrap in a pliable stir, but also the the little more customizable. I have not tried cleaning them still. They look a lot of @fare, am very pleased!
4 / 5 By Andree
It is gone in better that has expected! Some leaves are clothe regime, which love. Some stir are realistic and easy to bend and form that loves it. Only reason for a 4 star and any 5 is reason STINK. You would owe that be wash all new plant to the tank of your reptile but these have had the noticeable smell when I took him out of a packaging.
5 / 5 By Kemberly
I have bought these to use for my lizards and has been the swipe. It likes that easily I can it reform him to maintain of the things that interest for them. Some leaves take bit it more with the to longitude to dry then would like but is a lot of strong reason look for to pull them was to any success. Everywhere the good product.
4 / 5 By Shena
The better vines have purchased on amazon like this far. My crested geckos master that.
5 / 5 By Fleta
I produce it adds for a prize but there is not coming with cups of the suction does not treat it enormous but of useful summer to know that before the buy
5 / 5 By Shelly
Even although some leaves were all together, was still the product adds. It gives a gecko the place to hide.
5 / 5 By Emilee
When I have opened a container, has been paste with the strong chemical smell. Some stir have not been a lot easily bent to the realistic looking plant.
5 / 5 By Oralee
The shot adds! Used for my chameleons and probably will purchase again!

Top Customer Reviews: Reptile Cave Betta ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5 By Theola
Wine with two, both were very big in comparison to that it could see it in a yours same pet local stop n tent. One of them have been broken down some means and is ready partorisca break to two pieces so that it has not used that one.
4 / 5 By Jovan
Has the Beta sorority has said the need to escape of the each one another the time and these hearts resupply a perfect evasion.
5 / 5 By Carolin
I have wanted it peels without husks on and these utmost for me. I am going it cover it one upper taking with some anubias reason has the fiesty betta but produced good global like this far, the vendor was fast and these have been rid first of his date has expected.
4 / 5 By Ivelisse
Bought these for my tanks of betas. They are pleasant and a fish loves him. An only question is is beginning to take green mould on him. It take him it was and it clean him and already it is going back.
4 / 5 By Ramon
The seaweeds of utmost
4 / 5 By Tanja
elements grows in the, but ossia my failure . I have modified mine to where has the big hole on too much.
4 / 5 By Debby
The works add

Top Customer Reviews: Zilla Reptile ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By
Val, Then , that is spent was, a day my husband has wanted the lizard... Two weeks more have had taking four.

Everything to sound rescued bearded dragons, and two of a three wine out of the houses in the sand have filled terrariums. A first morning arouses in a to smell to bake poop the sand was quite to do me wants to burn down my house.

Felizmente, this carpet exists. I use in the each a terrariums and could any one when being any happier. They are so sper easy to clean too much, he so that has is literally never very poop left on. That and usually the marks is to choose up for the trace and it taking external, hurriedly the sprays have been with a hose, shaken has been, and hang he in a fence to dry. Some dragons are very pleased also, and does not think to lose a sand at all.

A subject has listened is potentially the problem with the carpet of reptile is that it can snag in his tones. It does not have a subject with this even so, while my claws of the dragons are rubbed down my constants scurrying before scrabbling in cements slabs and several bouquets. Although and it say, the dragon of my sister has wicked claws that is to say what obnoxiously painful, and his is does has not had never a subject with snagging, so perhaps his only the myth.

Will continue to buy these, probably in other colours so that his sake to change in a look of some houses of dragon.
4 / 5 By
I see the people sometimes ask some measures of some different liners. It was elsewhere that has had an exact same mark here, and has taken his map of measure: (some of his measures whose left some measures of the amazon have listed, but at least the majority of party)

' L X ' W
For 10 Aquariums of chevron

' L X 29.5' W
For 20L-29 Aquariums of chevron

17.5' L X ' W
For 40-50 Aquariums of chevron

' L X 47.5' W
For 55 aquariums of chevron

' L X ' W
For 75 Aquariums of chevron

' L X 71' W
For 125 Aquariums of chevron
4 / 5 By
I consider this the good product. On my own have 9 of them manually, some experiences through Amazon, another in the tent of local pet. It decides to direct the little of some critic this has remarked in some descriptions after read. I possess 1 black rat snake, and 2 leopard geckos in addition to some critters that this class of the substrate is not very adapted for (5 tarantulae, 2 scorpions and the creature crested gecko for the this will use a carpet when takes quite big to be moved in the tank.

Thought that it could direct some of some critics that remarked in some of some descriptions and give my thoughts in the. It notes that it can only observations of the mark in the relation with some particular animals has, as it can have other factors have involved according to some animals in question.

1) Measure. It has had enough sake of access, in the occasions of pair have been only the shy hair or the hair on age. No the big roads, has able state to adjust in any case. I am guessing that that a cutting process could any one when being any so accurate while it can be. Has the 55 tank of chevron, he 20 chevron and the ten chevron in that I use these carpets and the adjustments have been minimum, often simply compensated with creative situate of a decoration. So that it has not been the roads-breaker for me. Has only tanks 'long', as I can not comment in an access for some big ways. Any star deducted.

2) Facilitated to clean and smell. If I ask me, these things are Much easier to maintain that to loose substrate likes him the echo-earth, aspen embed, etc. there is a necessity to take each decoration, but does not find concealed to attach too much time in a process. After I displace, clean of any droppings, usually only for flicking a majority has been with the trowel of the small garden maintains for this purpose. Then I plant some carpets in the cube and of the crowds with waters and attaches the bit of bleach. (One would owe careful when being very to attach too much so probably shortens a life of a material. I left it to drench during five minutes. A next step after it takes some carpets of a solution of soft bleach is to launch them in a washing machine for rinse and turn them. Sometimes it runs the cycle to wash also. This turn of things was almost dry, only runs the through a dryer for cradle or 15 minutes. The May HAS any smell anything after crossing a process. So much for me, the debugging is any subject at all. I only laws in other subjects to interview while some carpets are being has cleaned. A reason maintains a lot of is to extend a wear and the tears was some. Has one or two this is still in the good form after the years of pair of use. In a case of a leopard geckos, once establish a zone in defecate, clave with this zone, so simply posed down the one of leftovers swatch in this zone like the class of 'box of litter'. This lessens a necessity to clean his carpet considerably. My snake in or another rids enough goes wherever raisin to be when listens a necessity required like his the majority of frequent interview.
Any star deducted for this factor.

3) A possibility of teeth or tones to take taken in a material. This raisin. My snake has lost once the strike in a mouse offered (the power frozen/was, any living) and HAS VERY TAKEN bonded. It opens Cure any one to tug a mouse to the long of a flooring while I have done in this case, but the maintain high likes some accidents of snake he of out of an air. If it loses, any big roads, only takes another has shot in him after totalling his talents.
Ploughed, has spent more than a swipe with both of my leopard geckos. I actuate Never the remarked the taking the claws bonded in the, even so. It opens Simply use the dish. Bronzed Any a lot of have the big subject with easterly, but is still the consideration, like the star takes fall.

Has remarked very queixant- that the has not been adapted to maintain tarantulae on. It is not , but that is not the defect of product, as I am not even taken that complains in consideration. There are the reasons of the pair is not adapted for tarantulae, but will not go in of the details to save time. Only the does not use he for them, trust me. If you are, odds is quite big that necessity to study up on in his now bit it.

Finally, personally his that some carpets are useful for my purposes, and would recommend the in any one maintaining the similar pets to explode. Oh, A last thing, some critters (like my snake) crawl down the poden, but that it is which critters likes him . It IS troubling but generally without importance unless it is by train to use you a down-heater of tank, in that if probably it have to ensure a carpet in this zone the eschew very possible thermal burns, some of these heaters can take quite warm. But then, calm very ought to be using the thermostat with them to eschew a risk of the thermal-burned in all the case.
5 / 5 By
I want this carpet of reptile. Particularly for my snakes and leopard gecko, this substrate a lot looks to do a better and mark for a net of easy plus up. Test aspen, sand, pellets, tiles, an integer gamut, and this wins was like my favourite substrate and I think my favourite reptile also. For bearded dragons this is probably very practical ( is also messy) - use Zilla pellets for them. Neither it uses this for my dragon to water in favour of the substrate that humidity of better controls but that it is my personal election . Highly it recommends that it buys two of these for each plan of enclosure on using this in and changing them was afterwards sanitizing the. That is to say a better and more easy system is exited. They line up well wash hand-held.
5 / 5 By
That is to say the type of carpet liner which are feigned likes some alternative to use sand or another that loose substrate can cause impaction he ingested. I have taken this product the cover some sides of my bearded the cage of the dragon, as it was not stressed seeing his reflection. I have found a liner easy in cut, and was able to attach with Velcro as it can when being taken to clean yes precise. My looks of happy dragon with him - like me locate and hangs there in the quite often. Also it can use Velcro to ensure temp capes of probe etc on in him so that it does not clutter a fund of cage. A carpet is the good colour that access a cage decor. It does not look to cause any problems with my dragon that takes his tones in him.
5 / 5 By
I use this in my bearded dragon terrarium. There is the sand when has bought in the first place the, and can not clean be maintained. Constantly they would be still in his alimentary dish, and any quantity the sieve could handle some waste and of the alimentary particles. I have changed on in this repti-kill, is happy and some dragons are happy! Weekly it takes everything of his terrarium, shaken this outside, the paintbrush has been, and is well to go. I substitute it each which how 2-3 month. No more sand in his lunch, and is very easy to maintain clean. It enters the big cloak, which can cut you down to measure to adapt your necessities.
5 / 5 By
That is to say the very good products especially you I looking for something mere and easy to clean of course always can go cheaper and purchase the sand but I recommend marks for sand in slightly extend a subordinated so that the sand tends to attract myths and another odd small cradle little gnat looking creatures to look in your tank so that it is to say to well sure the alternative more taking also has any substrate the preoccupy enough. Recommend even so you are buying this product two by two of them so that when taking or has been to clean precise to dry before returns he in and all has required was the hot water and he have cleaned very very well a first time. It has Had this in my tank during the month now and has cleaned only he in a low picture is which looks now after I cleaned it a lot any one very endeavour of gesture in him another concealed boils hot water under a tank and mecer external like the does not blow was and like fund of stays of the carpet also would recommend to take the soft bristle to scrape unmentionables was so that it is not wasting substance of water very chemical is very required to clean this and I are spent $ 8 in the east was very value he the only desire there has been another. An only subject really has with the this is that when dry he shrivel, like this a reason some rocks are in the while dry
4 / 5 By
I have bought this product to substitute a sand in my Bearded the tank of the dragon so that it was preoccupied with some risks of the health associated with eating sand. My beardie does not look postponed by a change of the new texture and his nails do not take in a tissue like other descriptions has declared. Has one 36' for 18' terrarium for Exo Tierra and has had to only a period for in an inch for him to return perfectly. I plan on that takes the second as has the substitution to exchange during debugging of thorough deep tank.
5 / 5 By
Easy to clean and use; his basically only the cloak of felt. We like him it maintains one in of a tank, and or manually for when clean up in there, only can exchange immediately more concealed has to clean it and expect for him to dry before the substitute. It IS the big bit for our 40 tank of chevron, but can be easily trimmed to measure or bent . The beak has Attached to aim our bearded dragon Fireball, and a product under lucido.

Only use the gravelly, substrate these empty looks, and while a look was really fresh, was difficult to clean because of an uneven surface, rocky. Also we the hose has entered our tub, and the rests/of rocks would be during a place when was to do. No such subjects with east. Cairo Likes him fresh? The no. But the calm has to accept a sake with a bad, supposes. :)
5 / 5 By
Mina returned 40 Gallic tank of reproductive just swell. My beardie always low failures the and apresamiento bonded even so. A bit comical

Top Customer Reviews: SunGrow Coco Shell ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Katharina
It has bought so only 4 of these in the prize adds. No attended out of birds to nest in them, as I am very too small partorisca that and certainly very quite deep to build the nest and be sure. But like the pleasant naturalidad looking the feeder of bird is sum! I have used to do these does years, but now with arthritis and everything, that tries to take a flesh of the coconut out of a shell is so only to hard, and law really calms of need in him. When I have seen these on Amazon, I scooped his up. They do not resist to plot to see, but perfect for a unsalted chopped peanuts that offered a songbirds. Absolutely they love. Calm also can launch in the handful of the sunflower of black oil seed as to to the majority likes, and look pleasant in slope around a yard.
Does a bit those that the years have had Carolina Wrens that nested in our boxes of flower, and when some creatures are starts , in an end of a day they all fly to these shells of coconut to spend a night in security. You this for enough the moment. But a lot well for nesting. This in spite of six the good dry place for a songbirds to expect out of the storm in. A lot cosy. I have changed out of a rope of jute has dipped in them to hang like this they no last a lot long a time. It has dipped in wiring to hang them, and also will drill the pair of holes of drainage in some subordinated first to hang them external. One some have done the years am lasted in fact a lot of years. They have required finally the little interview after the years, but easy fixed and still use them today roughly 20 years later. These are utmost to use feeders like this small around a yard. Or perhaps it was the good addition to a cage of inner birds if it is the small bird . They are happy took him and can buy included the little more. As all depends in that calm want the paralizaciones.
4 / 5 By Madge
I have bought this to use for mine crested geckos. They love! It has come packaged well and undamaged. That The coconut is the good measure and easily is returned the full sized crested gecko. An interior is hollowed was and smooth while an outside has a husk peelings. It comes with the fat series to hang of a cup of any enclosure and is easy to do like this. The fog my enclosures daily and like this far, has any one subject of moldings with this product. They resist on utmost. Highly you recommend!
5 / 5 By Aleshia
Mina parrotlet like me although I have not seen never of the his gone inner. Honradamente Thinks that that it is so only too small for sound. It likes to stick to of an outside and peeling of some edges. It does not avenge with the clip for the hang in a cage to the equal that has used the carabiner.
4 / 5 By Ilona
My few daughters of creature want to eat some hairs of coconut and perching in this thing. Have Still to go you inner he but I think that is so only a character of my birds, law more like this of the cats lol. They are sure they once is done probing and it eating will go to explore an interior also. I go to order a one with a ladder and connect them.
4 / 5 By Brittaney
Any bird wants to live in these houses to hang, but look of frogs to like them. In his quantity solidly the anything stationary could have resulted better. Enormous row in measure and form among products. It has not complained buying them. A lot beautiful and emphasis of natural yard.
4 / 5 By Elva
I have purchased this element for Sty of mine Finches but has not been able of the use because when I hanged it on an entrance ( hole ) has faced Avery spends.. It was probably so only he fluke that any fact in east a did not try it was to see like a hole was angled..
4 / 5 By Catarina
I so only moved in the new house this last winter. It has dipped these on just the short time does and already have the familiar that bolt in a. As has multiple.
Love an idea of natural coconut. Anything natural for my amours is the 👌 for me. I want to all there has produced.
Have several toys of different bird of this company. Some birds love.
4 / 5 By Marisha
It is the pleasant concept , but a one has received was súper small, and no the shell of coconut cleaned likes pictured, still to plot of coconut husk on concealed has been broken and misshapen. Still hanged the, but there is disappointed.
5 / 5 By Teddy
Parakeets of mine are not quell'using at all, too small for any small parrot also. The rows is too long to return. The picture is misleading. This has to that be a small plus conure in a world. Perhaps well for finches.
4 / 5 By Andy
Bought for the crested gecko loves his house of coconut!