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Top Customer Reviews: Cobra HH50WXST Hand ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 19 ratings
2 / 5
I eat... It take this CB the mark of new radio, and has tried he out of one takes-go...
Welllllll... A radio has the problem. A BIG problem... And that is to say, every time press a PTT button (which are what uses to to speak with any one in an another side), a CB resets he... EVERY TIME. And this is not with some stacks...oh The the Any one ... That is to say with a Radio PLUGGED IN in BEATS full! I can very included imagine what go to do with being only stacks!!
IS sad to see mine $ 100 compraventa vain to waste and my dollars that is spent on something what new and DEFECTIVE.

Has attached the video in this description to aim you all cual some radio resets every time press a PTT button.... With him when being plugged in a comprised DC covers.
1 / 5
I have bought to upload it, for my Load WSXT 50 walkie talkie. You are supposed to be to touch some stacks. While a re-chargable the stacks was in a unit. It was in the first place routed upload it, for a outlet of wall. In my house, to go in a port to distribute to be able to car. I do not know of any one, concealed would use this characteristic. Walkie talkies IS meant for external use. As it issues the message in a vendor, 'DC CAN'. Leaving them know, routed a wrong product. It returns it. And taken, that was to say. You are a right adapter , load. My re-chargable stacks, while they were in a walkie talkie. I have tried he in my Load WXST 38, first. So that I have wanted to to touch is stacks . Which has aimed that some bars to be able in. It was down in 50%. I plugged a load in a wall. And you grieve plugged he in a port. In a walkie Talkie, shows the fraction of the second. Of a red light, the meaning can down in some stacks. Then gone dead, all the capacity of the operation of the stack is gone. A supply to be able to only these works. It IS through a port to supply to be able the carts. This was the very well, less then 2 year. Walkie Talkie. This coast as much as my new Loads WSXT 50. An only reason I bough a nine unit IS so that it spends the plot of time. In some mountains. And I have wanted 2 hand-the units have lined.
5 / 5
Excellent for the that is to say, which are the stack powered CB. I use this for trips of the jeep and he are not quite strong for big caravans , long likes him would find them calm in EJS or the Jamboree case. I need the full blowing CB with external antenna for that. In the group the small plus besides or 5 less-6, am adds.
3 / 5
Some radio works well, but that antenna to upload that is coming with a radio is out of tuning so analyser of antenna, and is tuned around 27.6 MHz in canal 40 frequency. I have done also the test by force of the field in this antenna of low load hooked until this radio, a force of field in canal 40 this 3 times a force of field in canal 1. I have tried my homemade 3 inch tunable CB antenna that is to tune in canal 19, and mine 3 homemade inch CB to antenna radiates better that this antenna to upload that is coming with this radio.

Thinks that to upload coil in these loads to antenna has gone back insufficient that would cause an antenna to be tuned in canal 40 frequency, and could burn above this radio with this of the air of Load has tuned in an impedance of antenna mismatch in a red level SWR in 3. As you were better found another CB antenna that is put truly ready in a CB frequencies at least 1 long feet in period that would do with these Loads CB hand-the unit has lined.
5 / 5
Well fact and good works. It recognises that the effective field will be limited with low, antenna of rubber. It suggests that you attach the expandable antenna expects to require more field. I attach little hand-radio has lined.
5 / 5
That is to say the present for my husband. The flight and says work well. It IS the quite substantial piece of the squad was the present of anniversary of our threads our young plus. I know the abundance takes of use out of him. It IS to take to please so ...... ...
1 / 5
A worse CB radiates has not had never in my life now orders if you do not import 100 course or less like your maximum field could not expect subjects the backside
5 / 5
Bought this the little in of the marks the year. I thought it always it can have the subject with reception and transmission. Used the while the backup in case perhaps takes bonded in of the jams of traffic and long trips. First trip has used direct 300 miles of indy in Nashville and has listened any chatter at all. Taking bonded in north of traffic of Nashville and turned it on and to see can choose up anything. Again at all. Only it buy it my father the midland equivalent. (Plus or 89 dollars less). And you go to try it. ( We are both doing the trip to camp and has wanted Able to communicate in 6 early trip.) Or The majority of field can take go in east and a midland equiv. It IS quite 100 feet. It does not import salvation or can down, or included plugged in. The reception is very poor. Included in of the canals of the time hardly takes the signal. A midland solid of looks. It chooses up glass of clear time. And A interstate 2 miles have crossed trees. He same better purchase the 60 dollar for three midland walkie talkie consumer cheapies and that the law in two miles was. Desire I of known some loads was truly more punctual very defective. You see the plot of bad descriptions with similar problems. It was there he takes in these.
1 / 5
A measure is well, and a life of stack was very although it use it only the few days. I have bought this to listen in in the trip of the long road to remain to help wake me. It has matched he with an external antenna that give me the reception adds with an old down radiates of pinch. It was only able to choose in random only transmissions of an on. I have not been able to follow any conversations. I have left on using it at all and has finished only leaving it was.
2 / 5
I eat... It take this CB the new radio mark, and has tried he out of one take-go...
Welllllll... A radio has the question. A BIG question... And ossia, every time hastens a PTT key (which is that use partorisca speak to any in another side), a CB resets he... EVERY TIME. And this is not with a have have no ... Ossia With a Radio PLUGGED IN FULL POWER! I can very included imagine like this goes partorisca do with being alone battery!!
Is sad to see mine $ 100 compraventa goes partorisca squander and my dollars that is spent on something like this new and DEFECTIVE.

Has attached the video to this description partorisca aim you all as some radio resets every time hastens a PTT key.... With him when being plugged to a comprised DC discharges.

Top Customer Reviews: Midland 75-785 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 52 ratings
5 / 5
Type of container: the packaging Regulates Very radio comprise his limitations... After reading many of some descriptions there is remarked here the tendency partorisca disturb people that thinks that this radio a bit to the equal that takes hundreds of miles of row, subterranean in the steel and directed búnquer streaky. Or communicate with Neptuno. He cant.

Basically, yes love this radio to treat well in the car, will require to hook he until an external antenna, likes Wilson or the Firestik... This hule accionaría ducky the antenna does not go to do well inside the automobile done of metal, that absorbs RF. You go to take the little car period, if it conceal, in row. If that looks for to use this to speak to another hand-held CB (like the partner in another car), calm and your fellow SO THAT it requires external antennas.

Regarding the walkabout with these types, an antenna accionaría will do for the pocolas miles at most, in the clear open zone without obstructions (like the park or open field). If starts to launch in of the edifices, trees, houses, statues, hills, dinosaurs etc in a way, the row goes to fall consistently.

Be so much the Ham has authorised Radio Operator and the CB user, has studied radio and radio technology for the while now. This radio treat so that it expects the 4 watt CB radio hand-held with hule regulate ducky antenna to treat. I am using this radio to communicate with my canal of house of base (102' traces it of whip in a ceiling of my house) and can take roughly 2 miles am gone in suburbia here in mine testing of this unit. Note that hand-held to hand-held with the antennas accionarías does not go to take this class of row. Attaching my Mag antenna of Wilson of the mountain in mine car to this and I could more probably take 5 miles in this (although has any need to do is, of then have the mobile CB the installed radio in my vehicle).

Regarding a radio has a regulate compliment of 40 FOLLOWS canals (Any SSB here) the volume and squelch @@@knob. When A radio is squelched, some numbers in a turn of exposure was to conserve beat - good idea Midland! There is the transmission in a side a low plus of a radio to toggle big or low power (4 big watt, 1 low watt). On Down and PTT is another side approaches a cup of a unit. The league of antenna when regulating BNC connector (factor this in when that uses another antenna, could require an adapter for a coax). The exposure is the brilliant green , and easy to read except perhaps in a brilliant plus of sun. (Coverage with your hand, any big shot). His of some radius touches quite well, and was bit it surprised in such the decent sound. You have taken roughly audio jacks in a side there also, as well as an entrance to be able to. Taken 9 EA battery, and at present am using Eneloop NiMH battery without questions at all. It can it wants to invest in some Eneloops or such for this beast, and the decent upload - this will go although his action of battery. If it plan on using this radio often, rechargeables is a way to go!

Inferior line: A secret to the success in any radio application is an Antenna! This radio is the basic, any frills regular CB radio, and for some results of prize treat adds . If paired up with the good antenna, the solid will see the dramatic increase in row. I expect that this description helps those looking to buy this radio - his quite able so that it is.
5 / 5
Type of container: the Regular packaging is the good prize so that takings supposes. They are under construction and it has bought this to do to communicate with some operators while they are in an earth. A need of operators to be roughly 300 feet of me for me to listen them or his to listen me. I have bought also rechargeable battery for him and a radio will not touch with a cord to touch. Quite disappointed in a compraventa. My joint, spend of the extra money for the best a. This any calm radio very a lot he volume stranded anywhere will owe that be on his to be able to achieve any one.
4 / 5
Type of container: the works of Packaging Regulate as well as the canal to base be able to you he of the 12v outlet and use an external antenna and microphone. Useless likes the to hand of then he a lot in fact laws with EA battery. Still with the new mark, fully touched AAs, a low battery the light stays lit and waste to do, but do a lot he plugged to 12v has beaten. I have exchanged a unit thus thinking it was defective, but a substitution a same thing. It does not know reason this is to sell likes the to hand yes needs more has beaten to run that EA the batteries can resupply. If calm in fact loves the to to use likes the one of of the hand would owe that rig on some class of 12v source of battery.
5 / 5
Type of container: the packaging Regulates so only utilisation this radio in some trails with other vehicles in my group. Distance very small, 100 course to one thousand half. I have been happy with him. I enjoy a fact that has an option to run in of the batteries or a 12v discharges.

Is considering The radio for the vehicle was to to the street likes was, considers of this unit. I have not required long distances, but was useful to be able to exit and esolla' for another engine while still when being able to communicate with a radio.

Because of an option to run in of the batteries, this unit is quell'has bitten big that the typical hand-held.
5 / 5
Type of container: the packaging Regulates gives it 2 stars because he technically works. But the mine is after useless. Has battery in him and yes create mine squelch on at all closes is gone in the way. As you owe that leave a squelch all a way down which means during using all yours to listen is the tonne of static among- voice. Otherwise Does like this feigned but because of that is basically a worse radio to use and to good sure any you professional of look (if you are not so only he hobbyist)
4 / 5
Type of Container: the packaging Regulates This gone back perfectly in Jeep of mine Wrangler with my space has limited. Taking to plot of battery to operate and would recommend to take rechargeable battery like an investment. A downside to ossia that he no run of a cigarette outlet in his own. It is the quite good value for a prize and has the quite good row for his measure.
4 / 5
Type of container: that the packaging Regulates has bought this for horse riding of trail. Good works for applications of the next row and I do not owe that locate anything. So only the use when I the precise.
5 / 5
Type of container: the packaging Regulates A Must has for your 'BUG-WAS' or 'D-Day' use rechargeable solar battery or 12 car of lighter that volt in the vehicle, you owuld be more to buy an antenna has based magnetic external (ie: it touches CBRRHGA1500 , is more adjustable that a midland unit)) the row depends on elevation and of the edifices of metal in your street of transmission.. Works as well as touches of mine of big truck CB, this a so only more portable..
5 / 5
Type of container: the packaging Regulates So much, has taken this radio like the backup for another hand-held CB. After having he in a truck that traces around with me for 3 month was finally time for the use. Some batteries where of course died to the equal that has new place some in only for him to aim me that a new batters has died also. The place in another MARKS NEW spouse of battery and 'Low Battery' the light is still on. The radio will not transmit or receive.
Of course is spent a date of turn for Amazon so that it was the manufacures put goes them to try to imagine out of the repayment....
4 / 5
Type of container: that the packaging Regulates has purchased this for the travesía downstream of death; some another two trace of transports with has had CB the radios and has been suggested that takes some hips. Still with some another interior of cars 100 feet could not comprise anything said been due to static. If we have taken to separate for the good more than the few feet of hundred a connection has been lost. Rings an economic CB radius, but still in this prize signals it would have to that do Very better that do. If I had it that has not recycled already a packaging there would be it behind envoy immediately after a travesía.

Top Customer Reviews: Uniden PRO501HH ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 25 ratings
5 / 5
This sum of laws of the what partorisca holes-chance of club of the street. You use it so only all the weekend in Winter 4x4 Jamboree in Utah of the sud. It was strong and clear and easy to use. We debate in another model with more characteristic, but does not require him . We use an external magnetic antenna, but certainly does not require he in the 20-30 crew of Jeep. We were able to listen a leader of trail and a row gunner so only a lot all the weekend, included without a magnetic antenna.
4 / 5
Using an adapter and the ceiling are trace magnetic highland antenna, this hand has resisted work as well as the unit of trace of vehicle
4 / 5
Some descriptions have done any secrets that a row is not a lot the orders is, and is not . Otherwise, Is the good radio .
4 / 5
Bought this partorisca the walk of trail of the jeep. Push of unit partorisca speak the key has failed with which two days. You do not buy again. With which window of date to return so that I am stuck with him. It does not buy
5 / 5
His works partorisca roughly 200 courses. No really the shot adds. Your more was that it spends the little more and taking the unit that has the rechargeable sale of battery. A rechargeable the batteries cost more than a unit he. Personally it thinks, ( I know) that has squandered my money, Alive and learn. Also of the discharges in partorisca a lighter is partorisca come broken so it does not use concealed. More waste partorisca spend $ for 4 rechargeable battery when it takes 9. Do a mathematician is the waste of money partorisca something concealed no well in all the chance.
4 / 5
It can not take any traffic of truck driver on canal 19.
4 / 5
It has dipped an external antenna on, and partorisca the inner use was able to receive some truckers. In a car, with antenna accionaría, and plugged to a lighter of cigarette, was also able to listen truckers in a street. It can not direct a subject of row of transmission, as there is still partorisca do the contact. Like the hobbyist, likes opposed to a lot of that requires this unit partorisca use of travesía of entity, thoroughly the enjoyed. Used partorisca have the CB in some fact of car years, how is enjoyable the revisit this.
4 / 5
I can it do not take partorisca does it alot of static but can not communicate with any one feels afterwards to them....
4 / 5
He no at all the joke really could not speak to the truck 40 feet was This
4 / 5
really has not done. I have used another uniden produced in a past, as expect it , but a row was too much short and like this calms could any never take the signal of confidence was. Included when travelling in the convoy with other vehicles.

Top Customer Reviews: Yaesu FT-3DR ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia The very good radio partorisca digital communications. It is uploaded with characteristic by means of his papers. An exposure by heart is very good.
5 / 5
Another Yeasu HT with his poor.

1. His very Bad (Rx) :
a) the sound is worse that a FT-2D (FT2D the sound is not a lot neither).
b) The sound is extremely down has included on Max volume in equivalent ( ARE and FM ).
c) Toneless signals (the equivalent ARE / FM ) will not be listened at all because of a volume I extremely down ( still although a - the receiver chooses it on)
d) bluetooth the sound is very a lot down yes paired with the speaker or headphone.

2. Small screen. ( Vs. FT2D )
A) A creation of screen is ' fill '
b) Any clock ( Date/of Time ) exposure
c) the metre of Signal is small and difficult to read ( any option for the symbol numbered )

1. CAM - Activity of Club Monitor
2. Bluetooth
3. The Recorder voice
4. Screen by heart
5. Acquisition of GPS FASTER ( vs. FT2D )
6. Speed to scan faster ( vs. FT2D )
4 / 5
Ossia the very good radio for digital communications. It is uploaded with characteristic by means of his papers. An exposure by heart is very good.
5 / 5
Mina first radius is coming defective, Gigaparts has accepted a turn and has accused the repayment as it can king commanded. Some new radio works perfectly. Thank you! Amazing receive and transmit quality. The screen by heart adds. An only thing that the stinks is a quality of his of a speaker. It is terrible but learn to treat it. The utmost digital sounds this in spite of, odd...
4 / 5
Does quite well, use he on gmrs but still in some bands of normal ham one can mosfets any paste 5 watts, has found this to be common in radius of the newest thesis, my ft65 will resist 4.5 watts of 430mhz all a way to 468mhz, this one any one falls to 2 watts in transmission in gmrs but still takes a do one a lot well. Our repeater is roughly 60-80 miles of air. It is the good-looking radio and laws to surprise, wish his wouldnt in the neighbours was a paper of service
4 / 5
A bit of the curve to learn. Love another fact of commissions to touch device for automobile. It has learnt some characteristic upper respecto roughly, but still wants to learn a Fusion/WiresX functions. They ARE and FM auricular of the emission is good and in theory CB and the band of air ARE signals can be received as well as shortwave ARE emissions (but any SSB).
5 / 5
Bought it and has tried on 2 watt that takes 3.2 watts..... Not even close to 5 behind

Top Customer Reviews: Cobra 75WXST ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
Stoped Working with which 2 weeks, remained in way of the investigation could not exit to send or receive anymore - the element returned with a hope of repayment

Top Customer Reviews: PMPN4173A PMPN4173 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5
These laws add. I do to pose to film and maintain he in my truck. Much more convenient that down hunting the BREAD that looks for the hot brick. Highly it recommends
5 / 5
A number of part has changed of a basic old load, but these accesses my radios perfectly.
5 / 5
This law adds. I do in of the insiemi of films and maintain he in my truck. Much more convenient that hunting down the PA that looks for the hot brick. Highly recommend
5 / 5
A number of part has changed of an old touching basic, but this returns my radios perfectly.
4 / 5
The look marks new & he that is supposition partorisca do
4 / 5
The works add. The most economic way that buying of a tent. Appearance this one resists up!
4 / 5
Has received immediately concealed was adds required immediately
4 / 5
motorola the walkie-talkies are 12 years old and cariche new applications. Perfect access and thankd
5 / 5
Received with only touching basic and any adapter partorisca be able to discharges he in any a lot well with out sending it behind

Top Customer Reviews: President Randy FCC ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
This so only could be a hand-held fresh plus CB irradiates that there is not founding never. Like this far a reception has been extremely well. Some of some characteristic are seldom, if never, visas the one of hand CB radio. Some radio looks a lot of sturdy and a creation is a lot intuitive (especially yes is familiarised with other radios of President). He in fact a lot included look the to hand CB radius but more like this he GMRS radio in steroids.

Unfortunately this description needs the little bit of the rear history: has the plot of CB irradiate and crew. Calm mostly Tones and another more 'old school' looking radius. Unfortunately, these radios are everything big and could a lot easily returned in any of my modern vehicles. I have then found a President Bill and has fallen enamoured with as that surprises that radio for real is. Finally it has taken the vehicle the big plus that has had the tiny has bitten more spatial and I upgraded to a President McKinley. A McKinley so only could be a More adds them cellular CB the never done radio, perhaps has included a more adds CB period. Like this needless partorisca say has discovered grieves that the president has released the one of hand CB, bought it almost immediately.

A President Randy is so only the little lighter that mine another handhelds, but looks slightly more rugged. It does not use 8 EA battery like another some. Has an amazing screen that it is like this easy to see, the difference of another some. If it wants to know on some characteristic read then a description of product, but this thing there is ANL/NB/HiCut, DW, VOX, WX canals, WX Alerts, Roger Beep, ASC, ESCÁNERES! Included the torch! Usually it thinks that that the torch is quite boba in of the radios, but this an in fact looks fresh and has 4 different settings.

An antenna is a lot flexible for the duck of hule. It would not try the bending too much and to good sure not trying curve he for the half! It was able to choose on converged quite clear of inside my house with him while another older handhelds could does not choose on like this clearly. Although some batteries could be run down in a hand-held old plus, but Randy was so only the averages has touched also.

Now here is the pair of things that me think roughly goes down it an indication to perhaps 4 stars in place of 5:
1. A question a big plus is prize . I think that that it is so only the little has bitten too big and are the radio die . This in spite of, when you factor in everything of some characteristic of these radio compared to another available handhelds there so only a prize is class of has justified. Also, without the doubt, ossia a better new hand-held CB irradiate there and always has to that pay up for a better.
2. A clip of tape. Personally any like him To him a transmission around the clips of the like this radio tape has. They are too bulky and transmission around too much. It could be slightly better that an almost impossible to use thin, tight, clip of tape of the metal in an old plus handhelds, but reason could a lot of so only use the clip resembled the ham of uses of radii of hand-held dual band? They have required to use this type of clip of tape because I can use Randy like the mobile radio and has a circle of metal for the mic title in a backside. As I comprise, they are so only he disappointed it slightly.
3. An antenna is not the fashionable annex of the bayonet. Again this was reason can be used like the mobile radio and was for an adapter of antenna. Also ossia once again pure preference.
4. This last a does not annoy me , but could annoy some people. Randy so only could have a better key and creation of function in a President lineup, but still suffers the little of a creation of President. If you are not used to a creation of President, calm then will require to learn the. Once you will fall enamoured with this costruttore radio amazing. This so only spends reason with so many functions and like this few keys, some keys owe that do multiple things. Again ossia probably a simple plus besides perhaps a Bill.

With everything east says, please does not pay too much attention to the mine stupid little nit-choosing. Ossia For real one of a better hand-held CB irradiate there. Easily it would buy it again and a lot probably . It is always good to have more than a radio! So only appearance these starts of President with some more surprised like this one. I have listened the president does not have any plan in the, but absolutely would love the canal of base of the President!
4 / 5
My first impressions of a radio were well, his solids and well has done. A radio is packed with characteristic is! But now for some any things so many is, a full mobile box that comes with a President Randy III, with a version of EU is not comprised with some the EUA FCC version. This will do mobile operations far more uncomfortable, with an antenna coax exiting of a cup of a radio and in your face. The adapter of mobile box of a version of EU has the longitude coax pigtail these starts of a fund of an adapter together with one 12 power of cord of volt. Some the EUA FCC the version so only has the adapter to touch, a version of EU comes with both the mobile adapter and the adapter of load. Another anything like this well is, a battery is inner and can not be quickly changed, in fact there does not look to be any battery for these radio available anywhere for sale, comprising in a place of web of the President. Sure I expect extra battery and touching the adapters will be available in a future, pause or lose an adapter to touch the blockades bequeaths concealed to a fund of a radio, a radio will result totally useless!

UPDATE 1: I have contacted the president and they say battery of substitution for Randy FCC would owe that be available sometime in late July. They have said also a mobile box that comes with Randy III VERSION of EU no with Randy FCC, has not explained reason he no. Bummer!

UPDATE 2: there is remarked that a battery does not look to be that hard very long, included without doing any one transmitting. So only I take 4 or 5 hours out of a battery. A lot disappointing.
4 / 5
Irradiates fantastic for his measure. I know of any one another HT CB afterwards to so it compresses like this. Uploaded with characteristic, row and decent reception partorisca to antenna of duck of the hule, and the plenary 4 watts. The only thing is being missing of this SSB, but this is not the radio of long row. If it accept that it is essentially he walkie talkie in a 11m sale, is glorious.
4 / 5
When I have received a radio, has taken the VERY long time to touch a battery. Have prendido to touch sweep it to it short of full and some radio works and is packed with to plot of good characteristics. Regarding a battery. Have Still to find one any in the web of place of a President or on Amazon. These rechargeable the batteries so only can be touched like this time and calm then need substitute them. I have contacted Electronic of President and loved to knots to send a whole radio in stops to be sure is neither the defective battery or possibly one uploads as, thinks, is crazy. So only send me the new battery under a guarantee. His web of place aims a battery of substitution but there is any provision to purchase an on-line. I can not find an on Amazon neither. Two observations. They require to be more available to purchase and a radio would owe that it has been drawn to do with EA battery. Now it has included it uses the special battery. So only the pair of things to be conscious of. Oh, And they want to $ 29 for the new battery I any topmast a radio to them in additional cost.
4 / 5
Liked a quantity of characteristics has. Although any like him to him a fact that he no active ssb. It has not been that a dead tone wattage east but has to that be a lot down for a row is a lot short. A life of the battery is not a lot good. And a fact that is an inner battery is another turn was. And any to mention a Clip of tape that seriously is that lacking of. If have has had to that the buy again and has known some things that knows the no. would have expected for another product that has reflected in fact a reason for a big prize. Although electronically it looks the good radio .
4 / 5
Has had it Lafayette canal of base of one 70 east. When it Was new has had a tall antenna and was all the place to transmit in time. We have then moved and the places averts it. The most spent years that late was and has added both feet RS antenna so only quite big to listen after truckers. Sadly, Lafayette has died. Both of them. I have required to listen again have bought like this a President. I have tried he with a ASC (automatic squelch control) on. So only it calms yours reception. Included the strong signals take choppy. I disabled ASC, has SPENT a squelch down manually and listen much more traffic.
The radio is built to last. I can not speak to transmit the qualities of then are on the quiet radio now unless directions require. AC The battery uploads causes some static. DC Is has comprised also. I touch it each one another night and take 30+ hours of reception.
5 / 5
This walkie talkie has been done for 21st century!!
4 / 5
Is the a lot of very built, weighed and solid, with some a lot of characteristic for one ARE CB hand-held radii. Characteristic to the scanner is well, transports squelch is well, fresh roger beeps and to good sure is packed with characteristic! This in spite of is one ARE radio and early a FCC will leave to have FM also. It could be presumptuous to buy this until they do. The president like the company is the subscriptor with Key to leave this, curiously.

With all honesty the good 10 radio metre that leaves for FM and SSB would be the better use of your money that this toy.

Another any one has related flus to a radio: Person around in an air in my zone! So only it listens an occasional DX on 6 and 11 of one súper bowlers. The reception adds, has substituted once a duck of hule original.

Am lost in a vase this in spite of with this little radio and can not speak for behind closing with a President Virginia New is trace to a car... But regularly it listens people of my location in Knitting centrical keying on Arizona, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and other places in a skip. In general the ENORMOUS improvement in a 4 radio canal shack the hand-held brick has had like this girl! Still ossia probably the radio finally will give to my girls to speak mine down a street with once my Order 10 radius of metre arrives.
5 / 5
For the one of the hand does not take a lot much better. It comes with all precise except an extra battery but for the short term uses a battery inclusa is spare. I have run a radio all day (10 hours) listening to another while it speaks behind occasionally and has used the averages a battery. A next day has run another 7-8 first hours to die. It comes with the power of vehicle distributes so that it has not been the big shot.

Takes 1/2-3/4 one thousand of inside a car with antenna accionaría but take an easy 2-2.5 with an external magnetic antenna that use an adapter has distributed.

The radio is glass clears in both ends with abundance of volume. Easy to dip up after only flipping thru a manual.

Only downfall is no ssb or expansion of canal.

Top Customer Reviews: Uniden PRO401HH ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
I have used this partorisca 5 days that countries to trip partorisca cross Florida partorisca Declare of Washington. If you are stuck in standstill traffic, can listen truckers approaches that speaks in a reason partorisca a standstill and help partorisca know the route is blocked advances calm so much can take to a correct route.

The row is very poor is hand-held CB radio. Antenna that is announced bundled with this is not compatible with a radio. There is any way of the connect to a radio.

An only time was able to listen any chatter was when it was has prendido entirely. Never while in motion. It was also never able to transmit and the person more could listen that has said. A bit those that have informed that my radio was messed on and could any out of quell'I has said.

No joined to a quality of this radio: Some things truckers say in another engine in a street is sometimes pleasant, the majority times vulgar. If has girls in a car, more to not having a volume up.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
4 / 5
Bought this partorisca dip in a Baofeng uv-5r. I have paid at the same time in $ 30 partorisca he in prompt 2014. As remarked, the access is the little was, does not seat against radio house and will have the empty. It has filed a connector the small and this has helped, but still uses the hule washer among a base of antenna and a radio. Calm does not need the washer, but looks and more probably better work. Duck of the hule accionaría has substituted with this antenna. Duck of the hule is not terrible, but does not add neither. This antenna is sum ! Of the money is worth it. It can paste repeaters that can any one with duck of hule accionaría. The audio is well. The antenna is very flexible and and bad. Well because fold and does not require to remain something, curves and turn in planting to dip stress in radio. Bad because it take your eye was yes yours any cautious. Also I have the hule very small duck ( retech RHA-601) well to vary use a lot short and taken little 1.5''. It is fresh, but would not buy to receive so only or vary a lot short tx. It can be very partorisca simplex car to short hot taking transmitting 5w. But I digresss, a sma24j is good to go. It maintains in a car to attach to HT when I need more than a stock duck. It is like this flexible that change behind and advances to plot and can cause some noise in tx is swinging a @@subject the majority of a time. It was curious to see like this compares to the Nagoya 771 or to the likes. If has one $ would buy a comet any question has asked, is well.
5 / 5
Am involved in developing an emergency comm slowly for my local neighbourhoods. One transfers in my mission is inspiring people to take his licence of HAM ($ 10 cost to try), buy the radio (usually take the economic Baofeng (any UV-5R or BF-F8HP), and connect with his neighbours. These are half folks those who do not have any interest in the radio HAM outside of the last communication of solves device. My organisation program his radios, aims them as to paste repeaters, involves in simplex comm, and messages of relay of neighbours. Ossia An antenna recommends more highly.

An antenna that comes with a UV-5R is terrible. A one this comes with a BF-F8HP is in fact well so that it is. A Nagoya IN The-771 is probably five better times that an antenna accionaría. This Comet is probably 10 better times. Partorisca Show, a stock UV-5R in a 8 watt BF-F8HP not even will open it repeater ossia 8 miles of my house; a Nagoya to the antenna in a same radio leave to use repeaters 8-12 miles was; with this Comet are reliably and clearly using it repeater 35 miles was. It is each bot value of the money.
4 / 5
This antenna is probably a better antenna there for the dual-sell 2-metre/70antenna of cm. My thoughts in of the this is that it is an antenna of boss with the protective coating and the real good base. When I Take my radio in the hike leaves this house of antenna and use a Nagoya 771 reason are not 100 insurance does not break . It doubts it to them but seat a Nagoya has the solidest look and looks better in slope out of my band. As the one who receive and transmits has to that say that ossia an antenna has found better. I drive down to Chattanooga and radio of mine of the transmission freq. The irradiates of company freq and give me an extra mile has compared to a 771 and other 2 miles have compared to a radio of vortex is. They are transceiving on 4 miles were with the vortex and mine Baofeng with one commits alfresco.
5 / 5
SMA The indications go of a mountain in a RADIO, any one which some looks of antenna. Take the good look in a second pic of this element. Still although you see soyale' the edges that the estaca was, this is to consider the FEMALE mountain (of a mountain in your radio is FEMALE). Note: I have not comprised a difference among SMA -viril and SMA-female. A SMA the connection is a connection in your RADIO, no in an antenna.

Probably general knowledge for more, but has not known this and has ordered accidentally a SMA-female antenna, that assumes that it mean he the female receiver in an end. WRONG!

Here is like this to guarantee order a right antenna:

1) unscrews an antenna of your HT
2) look in some edges - if a radio has the estaca with the edges viriles that the estaca was (like the ray vs the die), requires a SMA-24, which is a SMA-antenna viril (that will have the 'woman' receptacle in an end)
3) if a radio has a bloodletting with female edges (like the die vs the ray), requires a SMA-24J, which is a SMA-female antenna (it wil have the soyale' receptacel in an end) Clear like this vase?

Basically, look in a second picture. Ossia That takings when calm orders a SMA-24J.

Have the Baofeng UV-3R (Mk2), and in spite of one saying of description ossia for more Baofengs, has to has found one an exception. My UV-3R (mks) has the connection viril, that means this antenna is not returned, and has had to exchange he for a SMA-24. Ironically, A UV-3R+ has the female connection (opposite of mine). It goes figure.
5 / 5
Two factors have been my decision to buy this. 1) Some old saws 'the frames of antenna or breaks a rig'. 2) there is a lot of counterfeit Nagoyas floating around, and has not loved to take burned.

Has a lot of things that goes to determine differences of an antenna to another. So that well, it has added partorisca grieve this mine of antenna the cheapo Baofeng UV-5R, has paste the VHF repeater 20 miles to the sud of me that could very included to listen with a stock ducky. The report of signal was 'prójimo full quieting'. Recently it was after VHF repeater, and paste the UHF repeater 17 miles north of where has been. Again, 'prójimo full quieting'. Although all have required to do was to move a radio a thumb and a report have changed UHF for you.

Adds it counterpoise partorisca 2m and is resisting to 1/2 wave (or is 1/4 wave? The garbled volume for that.) Dipole. Spiffy!

Would not doubt to buy this antenna again.
4 / 5
Quality of structural build: 1 Star
Functionality before it breaks: 4.5 stars

was excited really when this antenna is gaze. There is noticeably better profit in mine Nagoya NA701 dual band.

A thing is... I have bought this antenna because has the good flexible whip. It is incredibly flexible. I used it occasionally for just the month. Another night, while it was attached mine Anytone IN-D878UV hand-held, has clashed a table and a radio teetered on and has on sustained against a screen of computer roughly 3' an antenna snapped was.
My woman has seen raisin and has been surprised, has begun then laugh in me...

Has has wanted to really like this antenna, has begun then compare the to mine NA701.

Now that I really look in him, a base is incredibly feeble. Where Pauses, is so only the shell, material very thin. A fully tapered base, although it was still a same height, probably would do it enough bit it stronger there.
Also, there is absolutely any writing or markings that could find in this antenna at all. Really I have any one follows the one who is done for, now that thinks of him.

Will update my estaca has the positive experience with service of client.
5 / 5
Attractive in of the very better signals that antenna accionaría the scarce. Tthen Again, any one the longest antenna that a micro antenna that is coming with some better radio works! Transmission behind and advances among east an and a Kenwood has extended azntenna when mobile. A Kenwood is quell'has bitten fatter like him doesnt transmission during a place when in of the places like public traffic, cause of the possible questions. But when it was in of the open zones, will use a comet.
4 / 5
There is remarked the remarkable improvement that goes of an antenna accionaría to the Nagoya whip, and the furthest improvement with a Comet. It looks durable and well has done. Nizza That is of Giappone and any China (mine Nagoya of Taiwan, at least).

This was the time fluke, but was once able to open on the repeater 36 miles was on 70cm.
4 / 5
Ossia To antenna a lot well , was very pleased with him until I have fallen a radio and a connector there is shattered. Ossia Any one the fault of an antenna, so only my transmissions of regime. A diameter of a whip is very small compared to some other antennas in this class. When I have had to change behind to another '77' way, has been annoyed with his bulk. An antenna is the little expensive but takings which pays stops!
4 / 5
Using a Commits SMA24J with a three BaoFeng handhelds I own left to access 7 repeaters like opposed to 2 with some antennas accionarías. This antenna is Japanese-the fact and a quality aims it. I have received an element in 2 days.

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