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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
In the first place go it: I am not a conformed audiophile. It was not all a technician ins/outs of a circuit. I am the chair of programmer in the computer all day and mostly has my on-the-auricular of ear on all day so now have a 'Open Dispatch' the creation and he are a worse corporate decision any company can do. He talkative beacons of people of noise, likes him beacons of audio. I am not sure but thinks a type those seats afterwards in me is coaching his voice and vocal cords for futures a human speaker stronger us United States (can not speak for other countries). It likes him take to concentrate in records. I have required the strongest entrance of my headphones so that it begins to look in these devices. Can say you that this small device is a bomb ! It IS well it has built it to it to him. Work well after plugging he in. It have to cual my 'default' device of playback, this was easy. I go to buy a Audiotechnica M50X headphones well after Natal but now included is using roughly quite standart Bose on-the-auricular of ear. These Bose the headphones was $ 100 more or he less done 6 years, is not bad but am not ADDS. A E10K will kick out of a volume. I can not turn a volume (profit) is spent of knob 3 or 4 without ache. It likes Technology while I can take will say you a E10K does not have semi-detached hiss or noise or buzz. It IS totally calm. A sound now is clearer and the small graver-and with an impulse of tomb 'on'. Mostly it listens to speak radio in a morning and 'genus' canal in iHeart Radiates of 10:00 I AM until an end of a day and an occasional song in Youtube. It Likes him. They suggest in the partner.
5 / 5
Probably an only amp will require unless it wants to spend you north of $ 300. Only I have bought recently the pair of HD650 and tried out of the little amps and any one of them can can a HD650 properly. Has a FiiO K1 and USB so small DAC/Amp a lot, as I have decided to give this or tries it. FiiO The place the official web has declared that a E10K is an until version of date of his old plus E10, which comprise the new plus DAC and amp piece. I took this amp/DAC a same day and here is the low description.
- Quality of tez: Very amiably done without acute corner that can cut you (like other products of cheap Chinese). FiiO Has always has well the aesthetic creation and a material used is of big quality. Some changes and rotating the knob that is well during operation. I also very cual a blue of the front has DIRECTED clear when a unit is on. Look Quite fresh.
- The Headphones that cape: it likes him it has mentioned it before, I am using of this unit with my Sennheiser HD650 (300 ohms). Down, it directs these beat with the ease and quite a lot of strong abundance in case perhaps wants to listen in level of ear of hemorrhage. Mark sure has posed a change in 'big profit' to take good volume of headphones of the main impedance. So much for these people that has a HD600/HD650, yes this can the without problem anything.
- Quality of sound: That is to say where FiiO paste he out of a park with this DAC/amp combo. A quality of his warm east and details after the few hours of breaking-in. This amp is very easy to listen in and do very well with Windows 10. I have posed an impulse of low outside and iTunes has used' the bond that poses instead. This thing is seriously of audiophile quality. And it has posed to well sure a lot an expensive plus amps in shame. A E10K spends out of a better of my HD650 without the sweat. It thinks more the people would find this amp to be an excellent sound DAC/amp.

Conclusion: With his look of sake, facilitated of use, and the sound adds, is to take in not recommending this DAC/amp for Salvation-Final of uses. Thanks to modern technology, to to the products like them a E10K could exist in such of the point of low prize. This unit is the serious amp with the very very DAC has built in him. If has the better pair of headphones, you favour and checks this element has been before spending more money in another DAC/amps.
5 / 5
State using this small type for the year now and is doing so solidly like him in unit of day Only his in my desktop in the work and he are day to have to afterwards day. That is to say an external premier DAC has not possessed never and is certainly pleasantly surprised is qualified in appropriately direct my headphones of Controls of Marshall.

For a prize is supremely happy with purchase of mine and would do it again.
5 / 5
Well, I am sold. Has the pair of Sony MDR-1an east, which are some of some the majority of beats comfortable has possessed but was the small underwhelming when touching musician via Spotify in my computer. I am the lover of enormous musician but no the big believer in the plot of a audiophile craps capes what expensive and amps so many and the be expected has disappointed. But clearly my headphones was directed-under my card of his or something, so that these things have taken really the out of his shell. Installation (Wins 7 64) was seamless. Much more detail, better even so like this down tight. Any tone of hiss/pop/glitches. Having a knob of volume is well and is quite loose for one-the operation rid but will not change clashes . A critic has commented that a big profit has sounded very better that down and was sceptical but has to say this agreement. The musician looked much more detailed in big profit. These probably do not live until some auditory hallucinations of one audiophile but yes think yours beats is not that they live until his potential, this could be the relatively cheap fixed.
5 / 5
State researching DAC/Amp combos for the while now, and has wanted to something concealed would not destroy my still sounded factor well. An original FiiO E10 looked a better option, even so you are unavailable for compraventa for the very long time.

Quan Has discovered a E10K was available, has bought immediately the, and does not have any remorse.
Vain miles in the cape of my on-together DAC of my motherboard, which there was RealTek ALC898 chipset, which are considered likes one of one in together motherboard better DAC is. The sound is Much more crisp, at the end can distinguish a mids and all some different instruments that touch, and some bass is stressed slightly with one +3 db change of impulse of the bass (uses it, and prefers it on any tomb-stimulate). It spends My ATH-M50 behind in life!

Would be in accordance with other critiques here that a E10K that a sound is warm in general, even so crisp.

Enters the very small container, and is to weigh quite a lot of light . Even so a quality of the tez in this small thing is surprising! When being sper robust, and a knob of volume has a right quantity of control in him, and when being solid.

A light problem that has with this that a comprised micro-usb the cape is too down for my use (PC of desktop), as I have to buy the long plus micro-usb for management of decent cape. But still the does not take of a fact that that is to say one better bang -for-yours-buck DAC/Amp combo.
3 / 5
An a lot of very amp for a casual audiophile. I am using he with the Sennheiser HD280. Absolutely a lot hassles posing arrive -- 'only acts'.

A container comprises a amp, some clave-in of the feet of rubber, and he 3' USB in micro cape of USB.

Has taken this amp predominately for when is in of the works and using the laptop with VAL onboard his, and also when is travelling and has my telephone. An improvement in clarity, phase of his, and response of low end with my Galaxy S5 is incredible. Bear in importing this amp does not have the stack, has to when being plugged in at all times. To use with the telephone like a S5, also will require to purchase the micro USB in cape of female USB. It IS the heavy bit , but certainly estimativas.

Has the desktop with good onboard sound, that is to say probably unnecessary. You will remark the light difference but I do not think is justifiable unless has the good together of headphones. A amp very when being any portable mark to use he with your tlphonique the plus bit that the hassle but while I have said that that thinks for the cost. A amp is very built and only the few ounces, like an only real load is them for extra capes in your pocket.

[UPDATE 04/26/17]

has been having subject with the sound of subtle click while some beginning of audios or decrees. Using a amp with my tlphonique also cause this horribly strong distortion/screech noise everytime takes the call or the text. It finds both of these subjects can be mitigated to turn down a profit in a amp in meso.
5 / 5
I am prefacing this description to declare that I am not a audiophile. I am the classical musician has specialised , and the enormous adherent of modern EDM/hip-hop/etc, but never has coached officially my ear.

Has purchased this DAC to accompany my Sony new-MDR1A stereo auricular. They sound utmost when connected in my rMBP jack of audio, and the classical register has sounded wonderful when touched behind through Spotify, but some bass was many to be missing of pending hip-hop and EDM. No in meso my time that listens in classical and an another listens halves in EDM, as I have wanted the DAC that could pump some bass the bit while I have wanted.

That is to say that expected when ordered a E10K. Pound? Yes. There is the right of change of the bass in a front that significantly - but any overwhelmingly - impulses a beginning of low through a headphone jack.

Has not expected any class of perceivable increase in quality to sound so that it have been sweats has said that a retina MacBook Pro the line has the internal sake DAC. Even so, a difference in the quality of his global is very perceivable when change among a E10K and a rMBP is built-in beginning. A phase of his dramatically amplified east - some trombones and the horns in Williams is a principle 'Raiders of a Stray strong Box' the bookmark is separated clearly in place of a subject of trumpet, for example. In EDM, is possible to listen each only synth-instruments to last deadmau5 is 'A Veldt' (any anteriorly knows that some of some have existed included the melodies before listen through this DAC).

Right now, has a DAC hooked until my rMBP. His line was (which are not affected by a dial of volume or change of basses) vain in my speakers of desktop, and a headphone jack the open rests wants change in my MDR-1Considerant some can study.

For my purposes, is perfect. I have wanted simply the drop-function of impulse, but the road taken more than concealed with a E10K. Seriously I can recommend this small type in any look to do the difference in his experience of audio.
4 / 5
It IS the good product . He that announced and supremely easy to use. Even so I am disappointed slightly with an action of audio.

IS spent good quantity the time that auditoria several devices that unit my HD580. ( I have used to be able to listen 19-20KHz but now thinks and is in around 18-19KHz).

iphone6 -&62; HD580

Sounds flat and underpowered while it expect.

macbook Pro Retina 15' late 2013 -&62; HD580

surprisingly sounds quite sake. The clarity in a big end is very good. The low is not sper that impresses while it expect. I can crank in a volume until my ears can not handle, without cut or distortion. Quan Complex to touch sound each instrument is clear cual stereo well of his of the selection. Perhaps macbook pro 15' is quite able?

macbook Pro Retina 15' late 2013 USB -&62; FiiO E10k -&62; HD580 (subjects of big profit)

the Low end probably beats a jack 3.5mm in a mbp. Even so mbp jack 3.5mm wins in clarity.

macbook Pro Retina 15' late 2013 -&62; headphone jack -&62; CMOY -&62; HD580

Low and mid has finished to suffice strong, but be missing of a clarity. The better road that iPhone but very also likes FiiO E11K

Yamaha S90 keyboard/of synthesizer -&62; HD580

the clarity is surprising of low end in big final. The tomb is strong also. State that tries persecute this sound for my desktop. Disclaimer: any one exactly only so that I am not that it compares a source of exact same musician.


is disappointed that this is not the clear laureate has compared in a jack 3.5mm of macbook pro. In fact, still it can prefer a macbook pro builtin headphone dac/amp. Perhaps time to update in something more elegant.
5 / 5
Exchanged Out of my Creative G5 for this USB DACamp.

+This USB DAC/amp assemblar Windows 10 how he SPDIF interface. You can use a knob of volume to control a level to start with of the amplifier while independently adjusting volume in of the Windows.

+The step of noise is imperceptible in my workstation.

+All sound so has to, any odd pop when the sound begins to touch or during base of low frequency that besieged my old DAC.

+The container comes with touch he of 3M SJ5003 Negre Bumpon (group of 56) which provide quite a lot of friction to ensure a product in the table.

-A blue has DIRECTED. It IS so that shines that can the to him ails read some marks of volume in the environmental room these lights. A dial is not to see through light so blue any help in a dark or.
2 / 5
I have bought it is while he in a lot take my Sennheiser HD 598s in life. Well, it can not say a difference goes in east and a onboard his in my PC. Has a ASUS Maximus VII motherboard duquel the hero has a ALC 1150 chipset of audio. If you are using a same onboard audio, then this at all of calm in the headset around 50 OHMS like a HD 598.

One can of the changes of history on something with the main impedance like the DT 990 Pro 250 Ohms. Otherwise, Save your cash. Usually it tries to write the description the plus detailed that this, but there is not very a lot of to say. Some functions of product, looks well, and is very bundled. But with this class of product, the action is everything , and no well for me.

Top Customer Reviews: Fifine Headphone ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 56 ratings
5 / 5
-Robust And when being the worthy road. It can bludgeon any one in dead person with him need .
-Any loss in fidelity of signal (TAN LLARG While you have POSED LEVEL of entrance APPROPRIATELY)
-Can can DT880 and AKG K712 auricular of series without subjects.

-Very the desire has the knob of the volume for one that gone in would open in the world of uses but for $ 23 bucks, can very really complains all that a lot.
4 / 5
I actuate Always it has controlled it to it to him directly my audio through my interface, and this was my first time trying the headphone amplifier. Needless To say, was the experience adds . He plugged in the few pairs of headphones simulaneously and has given the all listen - the same utmost sounds in the volumes the big plus! Any crackling or irregularities of audio at all.

My only flu is that some 4 knob of volume has a bit wiggle in them, so careful be as not handling a box aggresively. More some subjects to pose in a first moment, but think that this was so that have had to to use 3.5mm in 1/4' adapters for my another auricular to try this. Outside of that, that is to say orderly and wants to it. A sake to be of the box and solid and does not take on the plot of spatial.

Gives another race in a future can take some friends on to do some musician, and has the all plugged in some same time to see so go!
4 / 5
If you are looking for the estimativa headphone amplifier to leave your source of audio in multiple beginning, that is to say the election adds . It IS small and compact, which he easy to take on some vain. It is done also of the accommodation of metal, as when being very has very built. The dry like can take it beat it.

Has not remarked any class of distortion through some beginning, but is able to control my level of entrance through my audio of blender of main studio. If you can not control your level of entrance that goes in an amplifier, can run in some subjects of distortion. Another that concealed, these marks of product exactly that it has to!

Requires the road to leave sources of audio while recording multiple people immediately or require the road to have all the world in your podcast listens, this product will take a work has done.

IS cheap, estimativa, small and compact, and has built well. If you want the estimativa headphone amp, that is to say the very good option , especially for this just entering a world of audio!
1 / 5
Disclaimer: Fifine has paid the cover for a cost of my mandate of Amazon saws PayPal anterior to purchase. I will update my description if anything changes, but my low words are earnest and is my own impressions. That of right now, or Fifine or his represenative(s) asked me to say (or abstain to say) anything.

No his to like more revising this product is being earnest. I see a lot of reports in a problem of distortion but that it is only a thing - is the problem . Any one has mentioned included other problems with this product, comprising but any limited in:
- the sounds of right canal of One 2 port of the beginning as has the filter of the big raisin in the, does not have any tomb in him (any sound ~250-300 Hz or lower does not come through)
- connecting or disconnecting the cause of strong beginning to burst sounds through this beginning in the each circumstance (with an entrance, without an entrance, with a volume created, without a volume created, etc.)
- A headphone the ports are in a backside. Nice for aesthetics, problematic to change beginning around in the plot of circumstances.
- Some dials have controls very small. Clashing a cause of pode a volume the change.

In a subject of a distortion even so... It would like him emphasise of that is bad. Very bad. If your entrance has any control of volume, please does not purchase this product, so that it applies profit in an entrance in front of a sound although it takes in a beginning. It tries multiple sources but at any rate, turning a volume until 100% in a source (which would have to be very well, and ensures to take everything of a possible dynamic field for your audio to minimise hissing/noise) causes a sound to distort. An absolute worse case of of the this has come from/come from my SMSL M3 - with a volume in 8%, an audio was already courses/of summit. Anything in 15% volume and he also can be static because of an incredibly severe distortion.

Thinking my unit was bad, left a representative knows subjects. In Fifine credit, felizmente routed the unit of substitution and any same asks an old a backside. Even so, each subject only persists with a new unit. We adapt that it write in the piece of Half this goes in depth in a product but to arrive to this point am not sure so to go. I am expecting in the response of Fifine in this time and can update my description later... But in a while, aide against buying these products unless an adherent applies in your case of concrete use:
- the Yours esteem can not surpass $ 21.99 (the prize at the same time of the initial writing of this description)
- is using an entrance with the control of volume can maintain that in the low volume (or at least down 90%) at all times
- no precise , or does not want to , dynamic field
- is not turbulent by, or want for some reason, hissing/noise
- does not require one 2 beginning, and only necessity to use one 1, 3, and/or the 4.as begin gone
- is listening casually or, in a much less, any one-critically
- does not need any entrances another concealed 1/4' TRS without an adapter already
- no precise precision when adjusting a volume
5 / 5
This headphone the amplifier is perfect to record engineers on-the-vain. Accesses easily in the cape of rucksack-pouch. A quality is impressive. It is built to take and has smooth dials. I have tried it go with Sennheiser auricular of studio and the pair of Beaten only for entertainment, control out of the Focusrite console of Sol those uses Reaper CORNELLA with 25ft extensions. A quality of sound was pristine without latency or subjects of distortion. Having the headphone amp like this will leave a group to record simultaneous tones and in a much less, leaves an engineer to sound to listen what a be of artist. A factor of the only done portability this unit robs he for a point of prize. The calm does not have to preoccupy in that to take in the session to record or debit in heavy storm of the units anymore. In today of scene of musician, is of entity to be mobile and ignite. If calm only is beginning was or in the estimativa has limited, a lot can any gone bad with easterly the unit Am the professional music with recording experience as I know what importing is to have control of big quality in of the long distances.
4 / 5
I have used this amp and has some characteristic is!

A prize am adds!

A volume and the clarity of a mix is sum.

A small thing... You have to look some levels. I have posed a level of a too much big entrance. And, it included 50% it Was too big. So an entrance is too big distorts.

A fresh thing is once I has handled that it was very strong and clear and sounded adds but only look the on concealed.

Otherwise, IS very economic and would have to do well. : )
5 / 5
That is to say EXACTLY what my group has looked for. We have wanted game in the tone of click for our alive actions to maintain ours and his tight sake but does not want peel out of a crazy money for the pro system; this I leaves to listen our tone perfectly. With the good pair of the headphones there is any problem that listens your more yours lives of tone of sound. We limit the telephone with a right of your in a beginning and is well to go, could not be easier!
The just mark sure has a correct TSR 1/4 cape
2 / 5
Hello Type, has taken this to substitute my big Behringer amplifier because of the static noise. A hissing/the static sound of these is worse that my Behringer as it guesses the bond with my first unit verifies my capes and the blender has not been a reason why for both. It thinks a problem with these is not so much that is to say the bad product but is not compatible. Some descriptions say does hissing and another says that it is perfect. As it is to bet ! That is to say which has listened enough each an another ones of look of way sold in of the luck of Amazon also!
5 / 5
Thank you For the lovely piece of technology that does to control a lot of very easy speakers and leaving me to use a lot of speakers with pricing and different creation.
While distributing it can for a speaker regulates his also helps one ones concealed has source to be able in.
Arrived of the good metal and side of capes very fresh by the side retreated intake. Excellent compatibility.
4 / 5
That is to say the very compact, light (even so robust) and laptop headphone amplifier with quality of his well. There is the wide field to obtain in tap, although without the control of the level of master entrance has to be the careful bit to ensure a signal of the entrance is not in strong, otherwise will have distortion. To well sure recommend it this in of the musicians in the estimativa or any one looking for the signal of general purpose splitter.

Top Customer Reviews: FiiO ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 39 ratings
4 / 5
Well it is hard to believe but FiiO has broken a code. A laptop Bluetooth Dac Amp with LDAC that the better sounds then anything more in his line-arrive and is down $ 200? I mean partorisca have the hard time that comprises where all a power comes from/comes from. Pressing T50rp and HD600 by means of a balanced was without breaking the sweat. It feels he adds in a hand has more then enough the battery for the day was and load quickly.

Bravo Fiio. Bravo
4 / 5
his Astounding with new BTR5 compare the BTR1
life of Battery - leave forget to touch during the day
No more @@subject with reconnecting with which are exited of row.
The solid prize feels with glass and of the materials of aluminium.
Has connected the HP Spectre and Apple pro without subjects, this in spite of pixels 3 can not connect.. Need to research the bit (will update yes solved)

Update 1: basically require download a FIIO application of Music for the android and you will take all the configuration by means of application in a telephone.

Global 5+ satisfaction produced and compraventa for a prize
4 / 5
Ossia A lot Very Very good.

- Quality to build A+
- Draw A
- Portability A
- Quality of his A+
- Power A

Ossia a BTR1, BTR3, ES100 and Red of Dragonfly all gone to a.
4 / 5
These few principles of what. Very very built, an application is easy to use, and a quality of his utmost east.
4 / 5
Absolutely bad ass. Especially considering prize and measure.
5 / 5
Left in the first place say that I have been frustrated with typical bluetooth auricular with walking of noise, subjects of connection and quality of his low and like an investigation has begun for something with LDAC that would be compatible with my LG the telephone and could match he with auricular taste. When I in the first place listened to a BTR5 in my favourite headphones that use LDAC 990 kbps was impacted literally and the jaw fallen in a rich involving and holographic sound. His better way that any one another headphone amp and DAC has used. Literally I me smiled when I am listening the tunes that is very registered and his on Bluetooth! Ossia A type to develop quality of his that it pode the plot of detail in a sound as I need some headphones of good resolution. Has the few headphones and an open rear fashion really resplandores with a BTR5 but for any one beginning was and in the estimativa a Koss kph30i party well to a BTR5 for the very economic solution that it is open seeds and there is a bit holographic the detail on has registered well of the clues. An only thing with a BTR5 is a life of battery could be better but touches quickly. Highly recommend is one!
5 / 5
I have bought this reason go it partorisca use to attach to my headphones like the laptops bluetooth option but when I have discovered some capacities this thing has had like the preamp in my system of car audio, has decided to maintain he in a car and the bluetooth auricular partorisca my telephone and preamp. Amur A characteristic of car way in this thing.

Has the system of car audio that presses the little on 1000w RMS. Previously the hooking on a BTR5, would take drops of voltage and dimming headlights when pressing a volume in 75. After connecting a BTR5, there is remarked that the really cleaned on a signal of audio and he really effective. Quality of his this a lot of cleaner , the grave tighter and stronger, and augments a volume for roughly 20 as in the level of the lowest volume, a volume is much stronger. Some drops of the voltage no longer arrives in a level of same volume, has not tried where will go through it what his too strong for me further concealed.

HAS prevails feels quality of his build and an application there is alot of characteristic that probably will not use except a customizable bow. There is so only the handful of LDAC able devices in this segment of phase, his the enormous difference in quality of his vs AAC, SBC, or APTx. I have tried a Fiio BTR3 which also sustains LDAC, is the very good dac / amp but a difference in a quality of a amp and dual DACs more than reflects in a divergence of prize. Yes, his value two times so much if no more.

Has finalised to buy a Shanling UP4 for my laptop bluetooth headphone setup, which felt was better adapted thus purpose. For a car this in spite of, his not even an option (ANY CAR WAY).
5 / 5
First to buy it has asked them other buyers can be has used wire fence with iphone but has not taken the useful response. But now that it bought it to them can them asnswer a question for another. That can be has used it wire fence with a iphone, has to be wired using a iphone adapter of the camera and the type regulate c connector im using a one this is coming with a btr5. An adapter of camera can be bought here on amazon, can buy one $ 30 appe an or any $ 12 was to mark one with well revise which is the one who has used them. When Calm connects has to that gone back of a way to touch in a Btr5 to the equal that uses his own battery and does not touch while connected, if any turned of a iphone so only will say a device is unsupported and wont game. When Connected correctly tip a source of start in a fiio application as 'usb' and will aim a bit-estimativa iv has used so only he with 44.1 the has not tried anything main, but where has taken them a info on regarding the use wired a person has said that it change consistently. (A reason to use it wired with a iphone is to take full profit of FLAC files of a iphone bluetooth audio codec is AAC that music of only scrollings in 256kbps. A flac to the file is usually around 1200kbps, so that although the best FLAC the collection that use bluetooth with iphone will be one same as having the 256kbps library. ) I possess a Q1 Mk 2 but with which 2 years has them has wanted to something concealed has not been expensive, touched alike and has had a lot of bluetooth. I have bought a Earstudio Es100 but has hated them that it touch, something roughly done a sound of distorted and horrible bass mine, he also grave averts mine to touch exactly like this mine iphone 6s exited or my economic Mpow reciever. It is returned and stumbled to a Z-video of descriptions where tongue in a new BTR5, when being the defender of fiio produced has known them was a better option for me. A sound is incredible in balanced, his clearer way and needs that a Q1 still although a Q1 is that has surprised like this he a btr5 would be a upgrade to a q1 his-wise not comprising his another characteristic.
4 / 5
Has ordered this after using a ES100 for the months of pair. Have has wanted a ES100 but tired me of pairing he with a amp and has imagined would try one everything in a like this, especially with which has taken glowing descriptions of the each outlet gives hanged to (zreviews, for 1 example). So much, I ordered it.

Felizmente, arrives a day with which mine ES100 has decided to randomly die. With which some touching around with a btr5 has taken has used his and really loves that. I go nowhere without him. I owe that recommend take an application to mate that fiio has to that it use with him. You find done of the things the pocolos more fun and has the ridiculous quantity of options in an application. (The bow of an application takes a work done but is not anything more than yours basic eq.).

After, SPENT THIS MAINTAINING. Thus calm prize does not go to find anything concealed beaten a quality of his, portability, and facilitated to use that this has. Any to mention has the and jack, which are to add reasons prefer balanced and some annexes of the conversor usually does not do a lot of imo.
4 / 5
There is wanted like this because of Z Descriptions raving descriptions
But mine THX AAA sounds of Monolith sooo very better.

Top Customer Reviews: 4-Channel Portable ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
The cost verified has read the plot of some descriptions of this little amp before buying the pair partorisca try was on its own name.

That I attacked me to it roughly some descriptions was that it has had the plot of people those who has given a unit five stars and was satisfied entirely with the takings partorisca a very low price. But then there it was quite the few descriptions of some stars where the people have said that an amplifier a lot in fact amplifies a signal at all.

There was also several descriptions among these extremes, and complaints that one 1/4' TRS jacks was unreliable or mine-sized as you could not take contact of confidence or has has had to that included have one covers has inserted partway the jack to take pertinent stereo.

Further, this amp was, of course, compared to a very alike Behringer HA400 also sold here on Amazon:

Behringer HA400 4-Canal Stereo Headphone Amplifier

A lot of reviewers was perfectly happy with a Behringer, but found a Pyle to be substandard or entirely useless for his application.

There is had already one of a Behringer HA400s and has been using he for several years. But I have required another resemblance amp and has imagined would give a Pyle try he in spite of a percentage a big plus of negative critiques. (A Behringer also has some negative critiques, but is easier that refuse for the reasons will take to further on).

A lot of some common complaints to both a Behringer and this Pyle is in poor contact with one 1/4' TRS jacks that both of these units have. My experience with a Behringer has been that reason am using he with headphones and a boss of entrance that use 1/8' TRS spent, has had to purchase adapters to do a transition among a two sized connectors.

Has tried two different frames/frames of adapters and found both of them to be entirely worthless. They were intermittent in better, sized wrongly in both a 1/4' external and his 1/8' inner. Extremely it frustrates to say a less! You would owe that resist some auricular' discharges in some corner and the attractive was slightly for the take to do contact. Or in some chances there was any way to achieve contact. Impacts That such adapters was would be sold, for any price, any subject that down.

I finally ordered some adapters of Part Express (another vendor here on Amazon), but has had to go directly to his reason these adapters have not been an element that has sold here (at least in that then). One some have taken has has flawless. They are returned an amplifier perfectly and is returned some headphones and my boss of entrance perfectly also. And his well, solid, contact of confidence with zero fiddling.

Of then has taken these adapters 'abonos', has has had questions of zeros with a Behringer amplifier. And it is done his does a lot well.

Thinks that my application is to the plot like them the a lot of people has described here. Has the boss that careers of our system of entertainment of the house behind to a couch where usually seat when looking television or listening to something, and a bit headphone amp is there, in the console in a couch, and have several insiemi of headphones plugged his so much all the world can dip his own listening level. Mostly, my woman and I use this setup when we are looking or listening so only and does not want to disturb another person when they are sleeping, reading, listening to something more in his pill, etc.

And more the people that this will find that his headphones and anything are to feed a amp with there will be the 1/4' TRS discharges on that. As they will require adapters. As I attribute a lot of some bad descriptions of both of these amplifiers to some adapters that many of these people probably are using. I know I have had to burn heck with this subject, but have known to be one the fault of some adapters reasons have had also some sonal' 1/4' TRS connectors that has jointed perfectly with a amp he.

Of course, is possible that the people are taking amplifiers with poor 1/4' jacks. As I can not refuse everything of to the some bad descriptions totally likes them to them really when being bad adapters, but, after my bad experience with several different adapters, the suspect concealed is a question with a lot of him.

Like this now moves on to some poor descriptions of this amp that demand that an amplifier a lot in fact amplifies a signal. And takings clipping before some headphones are dipping out of the strong quite level.

There is disassembled and has located a circuitry for both a Behringer HA400 and this Pyle PHA40, and drawn on schematics that is inner.

Was class of surprised to find that some circuits are virtually identical! Any one invests engineered more is Or ossia the 'cookbook' the creation expsita in an of a costruttore of semiconductor datasheets for a professional worker amp that both use of unit (he ubiquitous 4580 dual op amp).

An ONLY difference among a two is that a unit uses the 22pF discharges of risarcimento of a start to a inverting gone in of the each amp section while another unit uses 20pF spent. Ossia Purely the subject of this value that is more easily available, am sure. There is an almost unmeasurable effect in an action - a difference is probably less than a tolerance of some parts, in fact.

Seriously. Some circuits are some same. A same professional worker Amps, a topology included, exact, and some same values of the each one and each component.

MAY... And ossia like discovered in mine Pyle unit that think has found a reason for one 'this amp has any one benefited to inform of type.

In both a Behringer and a Pyle, he 47 resistor of Ohm is situated among a nails of start of an amplifier and a connection to some headphones. This presents some isolation to protect an amplifier and the help ensure stabilities with the variety of load. These pocolos Op Amps a lot really have exited quite a lot of current capacity to properly drive auricular of low impedance. They would not be my election for him headphone phase of start of the amplifier. But they are economic, and this setup laws, included if it is not really an ideal way to do things.

And to plot other things are not ideal in this creation. But agree that you are taking the four start headphone amplifier with enclosure and cube to wall to go in $ 16 and $ 25 according to a one chooses. You would be hard-pressed to buy an enclosure, connectors, pots, and other components, has left so only a PCB for this money. So it has to that maintain import that is treating here.

In all the chance, some joints of the circuit in both units has some values of component silkscreened to them. In a Behringer, some the real values are aimed. In a Pyle, of the 'codes' for some values are distinguished (this he probably the easiest fact for any that gathers a unit to take things very was if they are not coached to know the one who these codes expsitos in some in fact bad components).

In a Behringer amp of mine, these resistors of the isolation of the start is, in fact, 47 ohms. But in mine Pyle unit, included although a joint of PC is silkscreened with '470' (which, when being a code for a value in fact means 47 times ten to a 0 beat - or 47 Ohms), some in fact the installed components is all marked '471' those means 47 times ten to a 1st power or 470 Ohms. And, in fact, when measured with a Ohmmeter, is in fact 470 resistors of Ohm.

Now, unless any one has changed his alcohol in a creation afterwards has dipped out of a joint of PC and dip '470' in a silkscreen, ossia an error . Has resistors of isolation of the start that is ten times a value to draw!

Now, ideally, any amplifier that walks it the speaker will have like this down of an impedance of start like possible to have a lot of 'damping factor'. Damping The factor is really a proportion of impedance of start of the amplifier to impedance of speaker. And that is said is that a lot an amplifier will be able to control a motion of a cone of speaker. A big one more damping factor, a better. We love an amplifier to be able to impress his '' to a speaker. A lower to impedance of start of an amplifier, a plus with accuracy can control a voltage that looks in some terminals of speaker and like this, a current by means of a coil of voice of the speaker, and for like this, a motion of a speaker.

When An impedance of the start of the amplifier is big with respecting to an impedance of speaker, a speaker is freer that move in a base of his inertia. A speaker is the device that converts current by means of the coil to movement. And a cone of speaker and assembly to coil always has some mass. Further, to move air, has to create force with that to press or attractive in this air. Any of this can be done with accuracy to impedance of the start of an amplifier is big.

One 47 control of Ohm is quite bad. But having 470 Ohms in this place is ten worse times.

Further, as it can imagine, with ten times an impedance of start, an amplifier will be a lot last pressed to rid a lot of voltage to a speaker if this speaker has to that down impedance. A combination of this resistor of start and an impedance of speaker (speaker in some headphones) creates the voltage divide.

To the left ossia have the together of headphones with an impedance of 8 Ohms (yes, exist). A voltage there is rid to this 8 speaker of Ohm will be to time that an amplifier IC in fact is trying dips era! Like this immediately a bat, has taken so only roughly 1/60th of a level of signal! Of course, included one 47 Ohm (corrected) the resistor will be to create it divide ossia to coach to cut you down to roughly 1/7th of a voltage that an amplifier IC is trying to dip was.

Now, yes have the together of headphones with to main impedance (how is often a chance), then this distribution of voltage will be proportionally less. So many people those who use this amp with headphones of the main impedance can not remark any question. A unit rids quite voltage to some headphones to operate them well enough.

Of course, another variable is an efficiency of some headphones. Some can not require a lot can still to rid his quite big levels of pressure to your ears. While another can be a lot of inefficient and require to the plot more has beaten to rid the level of pressure of the his same. Like an impedance together with an efficiency of some receiver any uses with one of these amplifiers will touch the big part in as perceive both of these amplifiers. But especially they take one of these Pyles, and has some 470 resistors of installed Ohm.

Have the pair of Sennheiser HD201 auricular that use for the television that looks. These are not of the big-telephones of finals. They are so only which uses to look television. I tried him on so much a Pyle and a Behringer, and has taken level of pertinent volume out of his on a Pyle. They are sure I has has had to that the look bit it further, but was acceptable. These headphones are estimated in 24 Ohms, with the indication of sensibility of 108dB SPL. The headphones are estimated for sensibility (efficiency) likes level of pressure of the successful sound with 1 milliwatt of the can has rid to them.

Now this takes the complex of has bitten reason an impedance of a headphone the speaker will enter to an equation to determine a power there is rid to this speaker for any voltage date applied by means of a coil. And this all interacts with an impedance of start of an amplifier to determine the one who strong any die headset will touch with one of these amps.

But a simple version is this : If has big sensibility and big impedance in your headphones, will not be annoyed by some 470 resistors of Ohm. A more under a sensibility and impedance, a more probably is to find one 470 start of impedance of Ohm of this amplifier to be the question.

Also, has not been if any one has changed a creation of this Pyle amp and has not changed a silkscreen legend in some joints of PC, Or if a an I (and perhaps a lot another) has taken was manufactured in fact wrongly, and is supposed really to have some 47 resistors of Ohm in this place, a way of mine Behringer fact and a way a legend of the joint of the PC indicates mine Pyle would HAVE TO THAT have. I beat, but it looks the error of manufacture.

Has other complexities to everything of these hips.

In both of these amplifiers (agrees, has said that some circuits are identical) uses the 100 uf capacitor to block a DC street of a common (boss, negative) terminal in the each one headphone jack of earth of system. These discharges is, for like this, common to both of a stereo canals. It saves him four capacitors for amplifier in a traditional plus capacitor coupling method to use a capacitor in a start of the each canal of amplifier. But also it presents some crosstalk in of the low frequencies among a two stereo canals. If you can listen this or is not questionable, this in spite of, reason tend ANY to take a lot of information of location of low frequencies in all the chance, and ossia, for example, reason calms can escape you with the only subwoofer in the system. Really calm does not concern you where those the low frequencies are coming from reasons podes a lot really say in all the chance. Like this ossia he sneaky, still ready way to save some money.

But a real point is class of odd. Reason has the 100uf discharges in a street of signal, has presented the filter of big raisin to a system. But a quantity to filter will depend on, calm guessed it, an impedance of some headphones in some measure.

The ironic result that, that uses one 470 start of Ohm that the resistor in fact lessens an effect of of the this spends down that it filter. A amps this has these 'undesirable' 470 resistors of the ohm in fact can rid better low bass that one some with one 47 resistor of Ohm reasons an effect of a capacitive to reactance of these small discharges will be less than a loss of total signal in some systems with some resistors of the main lovely start.

But, of course, in a side of toe, have far worse damping factor, as some bass can be more prominent less still 'very controlled'.

In all the chance, has to weaves to everything of of the this, and some things take out of everything of of the this is:

These are not audiophile amplifiers. But they are not feigned to be. They are meant to do the work and he for economic.

Some complaints of any or little profit with these Pyles beats a lot well has to that to the error to manufacture where has dipped 470 Ohm (marked 471) resistors in some circuits of start of some or everything of a Pyles. Or a costruttore can have done this on purpose, but this looks the bad idea . But in all the chance, this well can be reason does not see these same complaints of 'any one benefited in some descriptions for a Behringer unit.

These amps is incredibly economic. And I have taken the use adds of a Behringer unit of mine. Now that knows that some circuits are identical, but mine Pyle has to that mine to look to be a wrong value of resistors of isolation of the start, well can solder in that I believes to be a correct 47 resistors of Ohm in mine two Pyles like this in fact will be identical to a Behringer which there is enjoyed for several years.

Doing this obviously void any guarantee of costruttore, but really, in the $ 16 device, respecto? More, knows some works to draw and is of confidence with some 47 resistors of Ohm situate because mine Behringer has done perfectly for me on these varied years that had it. And I leave it on 24/7. As some complaints in these units no in that have the transmission to be able to looks the beast of mine of has bitten it. A wart of wall is likely to go to squander more energy been due to losses in an economic transformer although you have changed can is gone in an amplifier in all the chance. As any way, is trying saves an earth to change one of these units was, has to unplug a cube to wall in all the chance. They are too lazy for that. Besides, of the 'waste' hot all goes my house in all the chance, and his COLD outside right now. As it is not squandered at all. :)

Is everything of this discussion goes to spend out of a desire among dice of knots of audio to modify these amps to do them the better sound. And fully I comprise this impulse. But I am not sure I will do a lot anything the mine another that dipped in some resistors of value 'corrected' in some starts. If it go to build the good headphone amp, would not begin with this creation, or chance, or supply to be able to... It likes I class to think that is to say one of these chances where the ignorance is bliss. And leaving well quite so only could do more sense.

Then again, also fully comprise an impulse to do so only the bit of 'tweaking' of things to eek out of has bitten it his best.

Some photos have show attached a fund of a joint of PC out of a Pyle. One is one in general has shot, and another the prjimo-in the harvest that objective a together of these resistors 'wrong' with a 470 legend silkscreened the neighbour but with some 471 installed resistors.

Again, a silkscreen for everything of some other components in a Pyle PCB aim a 'code' for a value of component. Like this still although a joint said '470' and has the 470 resistor of installed Ohm, these looks close to be an error.
4 / 5
The cost verified has bought this headphone amp partorisca leave a signal of my interface of audio to multiple headphones, and covers it my headphones my TV. Work perfectly partorisca both applications. So only take a headphone-out of any device (computer, auricular, interface, etc.) And spent he in the entrance in a Pyle-Pro with the stereo 1/4 thumb boss (or to 1/4 thumb adaptadora). A signal has then left to 4 starts where can regulate you a volume independently partorisca each. Simple as it conceal.

Partorisca Devices without the headphone jack (like my television) a RCA to 1/4 thumb the the adapter can have the habit partorisca send audio to a Pyle-Pro.

To to Some things like on a Pyle-Pro is:
1) is small. Really small. Smaller That mine LG mobile phone. Partorisca This concerned roughly the emotional or that slips, the little bit of velcro, or still blue sticky, tack would owe that solve concealed.
2) A sound. This sum of sounds of the what (perhaps a lot Audiophile-add, but is calm and attentive), and STRONG taking. Like this strong that has not turned a volume the max partorisca fear of gone deaf. Included that it use the pair of Terracing Alessandro SUPERIORE-1s, which are hard to drive, the find painfully strong on 3/4 volume.
3)A price. Partorisca Less than $ 20 has shipped it could not ask anything more. This thing resupplies the plot partorisca be able to, leaves it 4 ways, and has the small impression. To good sure value of the money.

To That that does not like :
1) Any on/was transmission. It is at all the nitpick on, but have it unplugs it partorisca be able to him down. Partorisca me Is well, but partorisca some can be an inconvenience .
2) A FOCUSED. A red light when he the powers on is the pocolos brilliant. Any obnoxious, but the little brilliant.

In general ossia the compraventa wonderful . It do not doubt partorisca buy another.
4 / 5
The cost verified When something does not do or be that it is described so that be, he so only merit 1 stars any 2 or 3. Reason? I will not comprise never reason the people give 2 or 3 stars to products that no alive until it is declared so that be. J-Sigmo Says some parts are worth it... But a product is not sold like the collection of part but like the headphone amp. It likes 1 star is required! Anything more is the deception dipped to another reason so only will see some stars and any one some details. P.ej. The restaurant has said 100 all beef burgers, eats there, then discover is 40 to 60 beef and a rest some another flesh. Calm now give 2 or 3 stars? He done of course, verified it before have dismantled he partorisca the project of mine... I have found then this was. I have wanted to see that a lot of course in 9 volts in place of the his declared 12 volts. I have used to have the alike Behringer produced that done well in 9 volts, takes a diode of entrance of the power, - .7v, probably helps in all the chance with the source to be able to clean. J-Sigmo Dec. 2, 2015 description of Amazon the observations are very useful here. Has a thing to add while it verify voltages, has found on 16 volts before a diode. I have thought this odd to the equal that have verified a comprised '12v' distribute of power of wart of wall, which has downloaded was ~18 v. A filter of minimum/diode in an entrance of power in a joint of circuit has the 16v has estimated 1000mfd capacitor. I give the maximum indication of one 4580 chip is 18 v but 35 error? Any so only the concealed but a bit indicator to be able to having DIRECTED now is spending ^70mine been due to his 220ohm current limiting resistor. Now with J-Sigmo observation that has 470 ohm in place of has designated 47 resistors of ohm, are really that asks that class of the control of quality there is here. A power and audio jacks is of a lot of low quality, launched them was more than taking it casualidad on him. Any marvel some people have questions with this product.
4 / 5
The cost verified has had the Circles 4-start headphone amp partorisca on 10 years that finally begun shorting was on me. Knowing it has been now of finds the substitution, has opted partorisca do the pocola researches and find the headphone amp this was economic. Really I do not have any need further 4 TRS-1/4' starts.

Is certainly state interested in this PHA40 headphone amp of a price was partorisca fly it. And I am familiarised with a Pyle frames, in those purchased that his hardware in a past. But one was of real question: it is one $ 18 headphone amp really that goes partorisca the cut?

A subject of prime minister has had to that research this Pyle headphone amp was some quite odd descriptions have left of some other clients. Clearly they are not using 1/4' has instrumented auricular or still in some chances, a source of audio that use he 1/4' start. There is a lot of habladura to buy 1/8' -&62; 1/4' adapters in other descriptions, which is the little odd (but certainly doable). As those a lot directly reflect an use a chance of typical plus to run the headphone-out of the mixer or amplifier to this headphone amp and leaving he until 4 pairs of headphones.

After reading a description of the client written for 'J-sigmo', signalling out of some similarities in a joint used in both a Pyle and Berhinger headphone amps, is almost the no-brainer to go with a Pyle. As I ordered it.

This headphone amp works perfectly. There is absolutely zero noise to line produced by a unit and each one which headphone the start takes the significant impulse in volume when cranking any knob of volume.

That more precise? Ossia The no-brainer compraventa he is in need of the headphone amp.
4 / 5
The cost has verified partorisca create a lot of some negative critiques would have to that be gorings with the grain of rooms. Probably some of some users are simply not connecting things properly (p. p.ej. Several commentaries in only a sinister canal that read them suggests covers a lot fully inserted, probably of the discharges are not inserted entirely to an adapter, like the quota of some adapters requires significant force partorisca do a correct connection). I sympathize with users those who have legitimate questions with units of not doing, like the price is like this down like this partorisca do shipping costs partorisca the reparation or the substitution hardly value one annoying. But then, we would have to be happy that a price is like this down!

Ossia The unit of low power , any feigned for speakers, and no really utmost with low-impedance (p. p.ej. 8-ohm) auricular. Still with 32-ohm and main receiver, probably will be disappointed want to really crank on a volume to levels that eardrum of leaves, particularly with diverse headsets. One drives of user declares that an impedance of start is 80 ohms , but in fact is at least 470 ohms, reason has the 470 resistor of ohm in accordance with each connector of start ( has measured in fact of oscilloscope, and has opened a mixer to visually confirm a control) That seriously will limit a current to some auricular (but ossia necessary, reasons some integrated circuits very tiny could otherwise overheat), and still inefficient auricular with impedance a lot down, probably will give a bit muddy bass and noticeable sprain in closing of levels of his moderate.

BUT - that thinks that that you are taking arrest less than 20 bucks? Ossia The very able device , producing his of quality in of the moderate levels with pertinent headphones. The mine is a lot of-built, any subject at all. Hardly I can relieve the miniscule quantity of the noise when there it is any entrance and a volume is cranked all a way on, and with 100 headphones of ohm a level of volume is very satisfactory and a sound is very cleaned. If it was a professional of audio , could look for something with better capacities, but would be to pay to plot more for that, and does not have any need for him. Five stars.
4 / 5
The cost has verified An entrance of looks of right speaker partorisca have gone recently very very calm, and unplugged all my devices and tried him for separate partorisca verify has not been a subject.

Has purchased this of Part of Amazon 11, 2019, and would want to see the one who your service of client is likes.

Contacted him so only the pocolos small does and there is remarked has not taken an email partorisca chance like this escalating here also. How it is now, I can not recommend this product at all.

Update: I have received the response of Pyle. Unfortunately, costs partorisca ship a product behind to them and behind the mine is not sustained, and so only have one situates partorisca repair, doing a more expensive side that substituting he of Amazon with new product - because of the east, there is essentially any guarantee.... This would be a lot there is had his product last the decent quantity of time, but less than 6 month?

Has purchased two stereo headphone amps other frames before and those there is not leaving on me still... Goodbye, Pyle.
4 / 5
The cost has verified This law adds, touches really well, and there is not any question with a sound 1/4' connections of discharges at all. It rids pertinent volume of any start to a amp. But, it take the little too warm I think when into use, perhaps, as you situate a amp on some material that is hot that absorbs in material, like the small piece of forest. Otherwise Does like this well and is much more economic in side that any one another headphone impulse of the his amp like this. Finally, so only because it is done in Cina, does not mean is 'junk'. I trust calm will not be disappointed.
4 / 5
The cost has verified am listening impaired and the wireless headphones are the must . A lot to the mine chagrin, the headphones of finals go down no longer comprise any class of the the or start of level of the line. As it take the new mark Panasonic in first day and found has had to that use a headphone is exited to run my wireless headphones.
This would have been well except a start has seen a headphone jack in a VSX531 I so only bought is like this down like this to be useless.
Pyle headphone To succour!
Very pleased and this thing absolutely will augment a level wayyyyy up there. Now, when I create early a day, can turn a sound is gone in a amp and television and listen via my wireless headphones. That Wanting to. You can crank this thing until overburdening this in spite of has some have left. I maintain a amp volume down, and this thing dips roughly 1/3rd of a way, and the law adds.
4 / 5
The cost has verified am using this amplifier partorisca control a volume of insiemi multiple of auricular when looking Netflix in the Playstation 3 in the Samsung TV. It has been it bit it nervous in this compraventa after reading roughly descriptions here but am happy to say that he perfectly partorisca me. Here it is like me it has it setup:

1. Of the mine television RCA audio out of port, has the RCA to headphone boss of adapter, looked to the east a: Your Tent of Boss 3 Foot Stereo Headphone To RCA Boss of Adapter.

Recommends to find the longitude a... 10 feet or like this, as you can extend he of the yours television to the yours couch.

2. A headphone fines of some discharge of boss to a Pyle unit. I am using these adapters Flammi Gold Plated (1/4 thumb) Viril to (1/8 thumb) Woman Stereo Conversor of Adapter of the Audio Headphone Boss of Discharge of the Connector (Sale of 5). His utmost. Tight accesses, any question.

3. A Pyle the unit is plugged to a wall afterwards to the mine couch. A boss partorisca be able to is roughly 3 feet, as it maintains that in alcohol... It is not very long. You could love a boss of extension.

4. It has plugged two insiemi of headphones to a Pyle unit. (In a picture, is so only a)

A volume partorisca each together of headphones can be regulated for separate of out to extremely strong. Each headphone jack has his control of own volume. It is awesome partorisca look TV with any the one who is hard to listen and any the one who is not .

Quality of big build. Highly recommended.
5 / 5
The cost has checked of the partorisca listen the music or TV of clock with normal headphones utmost work. This in spite of, with headphones of big final a degradation of the quality of the audio is a lot of noticeable. It does not have quite can to feed a AKG Q701 headphones, likes I hooked on a amp go in, and was a lot of disturbed with some results. A sound of the mine headset was underwhelming when I have touched anything, was especially noticeable when I have touched audiophile mastered songs. The the little side for comparisons lateralmente, and when this device was in a canal, all my songs have lost some bass and clarity, as if slightly dipped although the compressor. This effect was to grieve noticeable by means of the most economic headphones this in spite of, some concealed has not required amplification, has included an Audio Technica m50x has touched enough well.

A reason are by train of the give 5 star is reason is not announced like big final, for this was unfair for me for the expect treat in this level. To be almost an economic plus 4 way headphone splitter the one of fact does quite well. I have possessed he for 8 month without subjects like this far. They are posting this description to inform audiophiles or producers of studio in the estimativa the steer out of him, ossia perfect for any one another application, precision like this long like this sonic is not required.

Top Customer Reviews: Moukey Headphone ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
They are an electrical engineer and die of audio, as I have been prepared partorisca be quite critical of this headphone amplifier. But guess that? It has been far besides my expectations!

Is quite compact. In a measure of two bands of cigarette the side dipped for side. It calms that can dip so only in anywhere.

Is also has done well. Any only physically (organism of good metal with feet of the hule in some subordinated to prevent lining), but also electrically. The plugged in the pair of different sounds sounces, and was calm death. Any detectable noise at all. Any hiss or hum. Calm so only take a sound, and at all more. And I a lot still can he with anything special. So only he UL/THIS-wart of the wall of USB has estimated, as suggested by a costruttore. I have used auricular of professional quality to control a start. A sound was cleaned in the each level of volume, of a low plus, to a max. Nizza!

Another characteristic can not be like this obvious. You can control a level of the his of the start And a level of the his of the entrance. The majority of the alike devices so only leave control of a level of the his of the start. Be any soyaster' control of volume to create or go down a level of signal of the entrance. Like this the amplifier accommodates the wide variety of sources of audio. For example, I have tried he with my electrical guitar (level of low start) and my telephone, in maximum volume (level of big start). It has not done any difference. This little amp has cured they everything. And if your telephone does not drive your headphones to a level want to, rigs, reasons this amp will take it a rest of a way and blow your socks were!

A lot much more to say. Ossia One of a bit those that devices that in fact does exactly the one who calm wants to do it. You can it covers in any micro-USB 5V can distribute, and indicates a presence of power with has lit has DIRECTED near of an entrance jack. Any transmission to be able to bobo to actuate. If you cover he in, is ON. You can share a start of audio of your telephone (p. p.ej., Spotify) Or computer or electrical guitar, etc. With four friends, or members of band, and can each one which to the equal that has his control of own volume.

Reason spend $ 100 or $ 200 in an of these headphone amplifiers that is done for audiophiles, when it can take something this good for a lot, much less???
4 / 5
Has taken this headphone amp to use like him splitter that comes from/comes from it mixer in order for each instrumentalist to use iems. A question with this phase is that each instrumentalist would not be able to dip his own mix. Has the small setup as it does not treat it big for knots. I touch drums and has listened of question on some drums like this the device leave to listen anything is in a mix and using iems is advantageous to listen protect and muffling external sounds. It is the simple product but is executed well. Quality of looks to touch well but is dictated also for a source. I run he 1/4 ' stereo trs boss of a mixer to a amp and have 1/4 to 1/8 adapters in a outs.
4 / 5
Using this product to augment rigs of mine of his backsides my together of drum. The law ADDS with mine in-of the monitors of ear (IEMs). Quality of his this BETTER WAY that has expected. It is there better options there? Yes. They cost WAY more? Also, yes. It can you improve in a same prize? HIGHLY doubtful.

Does not listen any noise added in a signal. A thing has not been prepared partorisca was his measure. It is PETIT. Less than 1/4 a measure of mine another headphone amp. Besides, there is control of volume FOR The ENTRANCE, which adds to a value of this product.

An ONLY downsides can mention is that so only has an entrance, and has to that find the supply of pertinent power. According to your application, likes control of the his alive for the band, in that has it so only an entrance could be a subject . Otherwise, Work like this announced, and well the way more than a prize would suggest.

Has been using this for several weeks for behind my together of drum, and has found the ZEROS SUBJECTS to date. I will update my description has to that have any subjects arise.
4 / 5
Has the simple register setup for Youtube, and from time to time like to have the second person with me, and is both spending headsets. As he splitter like this was perfect for my purposes. Technically I have required so only the breaking of 2 ways, any he 4-way, but this is coming up under the reasonable prize to the equal that have imagined would be well.

Look of mine of the mine the big plus is to do sure have quite can that goes to a device. Originally I connected It to the USB hub which in fact illuminated a light to be able to, but was basically nonfunctional otherwise. Emotional to the supply to be able to has consecrated fixed a subject. They are sure a hub has not dipped was quite can but a device does not clear this was a chance . Calm also will love the quite can supply 'cleaned' otherwise will take noise (any one the fault of a device really, so only the effect lateralmente of devices of amplification of the sound generally.)
5 / 5
This little headphone mixer is quite nifty. It takes a start of my interface of register of the computer and the leaves was the four separate headphone starts; each one that like this with his control of own volume.

Does exactly to the equal that has to that, and adds noise very small. To good sure the useful tool for my studio of house and in the prize adds also.
5 / 5
Ossia That the amplifier adds and am happy with him after 3 month of use.

This can drive big-impedance headsets (250-300) ohm quite a lot resupplying big quite volume. The sounds are well, especially data the prize a lot of abordable. Unless it looks for súper hifi sounds, this would have to that suffice for chance of normal use. It is recommended that uses it USB uploads has connected; connecting the random USB hubs would do supply of unstable power and can cause the little noise.

A product is solid and has built amiably. Also it likes him he has to that I control of master entry, compared to competitor looked of 4 canals that usually have controls of volume for canals to start with so only.
4 / 5
This has been perfect for my application. I have required:
1. At least three starts
2. At least his/reasonable/// decent wuality
3. Low prize
4. No more conversores of power of wart of wall.

This element has like this far aced everything of these. I can he of the USB NekTeck can distribute it which is was already powering some of the mine another crew and that have had the free USB writes A space. He so that he far adds with both the laptop headphone was likes source, and with the MOTU M4 likes source.
5 / 5
A headphone amp like this one have drawn to take the only stereo signal and the distribute to 1 or stiller that auricular. It is not the mixer (so only takes a signal of entrance) and is not an interface (he a lot of hook until your computer). If ossia that is looking for, is the product adds .

A chance is quite durable and has the control of volume for each headphone, doing it very better that he splitter. I need to be powered, but uses the level 5v micro usb. You can included run the out of telephone touch of the banks to be able to if you do not have a outlet.

A quality of his good east, is noticeably worse that going directly to headphones, but is very better that using the simple passive splitter (and a volume does not fall , would say you in fact can take the decent impulse). To good sure a lot audiophile quality, but quite good to listen backing clues or syncing a whole band to the metronome.

Inferior line: If I need to send a (pleasant or stereo) signal to devices or different headphones, does not import the connection wired, and is not concerned too much with quality of sound. It is exactly the one who precise.
4 / 5
This unit is light but everything that you need for the headphone amplifier. I have it exiting of mine headphone jack in mine ramsa wrs 208 a to an entrance of a headphone amp this leave to take quite can to where can can 32 headphones of ohm all a way until 600 headphones of ohm. A volume has quite Headroom to where does not have to that turn all until 10 as it does not force you to listen the static interference. It would recommend this amplifier
5 / 5
Adds small headphone amp. I love a fact that is usb powered and not requiring the power of type of brick to be able to outlet for him. I am using he in the application of laptop like him perfectly to maintain the light and mobile things. The desire was usb-c, but in this quite good prize. The levels of volume take quite strong for me too much.

Top Customer Reviews: Headphone ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 56 ratings
4 / 5
Early Reviewer Rewards(That is this ?) It was surprised really for a quality and preformance of this amp. It takes the life of battery adds (last the 9 hr gone back of easy work, so only touches it with which he , any really know what time last.). You recommend this amp. It uses mine in the two mobile phone of band of pocket of arm with the Motorcycle g6 and a down$ 20 koss auricular. So only you tube your cast of favourite game and your together. The sound of heavy metal adds on that.
4 / 5
I am impressed really with this little amp! Has the much more expensive DAC / Amp that has been using but has required the second, simple amp partorisca my iPad partorisca take the volume more granulates control. It have been using my RHA frames amp the sound adds - but has to that touch add for a prize. He this amp his like this good? Of course the no. has to that the no. And he would be disturbed expensive! But it touches very good and has the little has bitten more his volume. It is very tiny. The controls are well. Downside? A setting of low profit is quell'has bitten noisy with any hiss. A setting of big profit is well. Odd. Calm can any gone bad with east for a prize.
5 / 5
This little gem is perfect so that there is wanted. It gives a oommfff to an iPhone this is required to be due to volume goes down w iems. Some sounds of music so better using these hips. Utilisation this when I am flying and am once again happy. I had it it has bought it previously to Black Dragonfly and this, while bulkier, is far better in impulse of volume and sound.
5 / 5
For a prize signals that ossia very good. You will remark the very low level hiss with good headphones or one in monitor of ear to all the cost of a quantity of amplification. When I Touch a chance can listen the a lot, level a lot down 60 hertz hum chooses on which is creation of bad circuit .

Some subjects on does not go to affect an action of this amp when listening the music and is still far upper to not using this amp with the majority of the devices of audio have tried like this far like the laptop headphone start.

This amp is a lot of value a $ 25.
5 / 5
😭 I am crying with tears of joy and of newfound deafness. Ossia Prime minister of mine amp never and am using he with a Monoprice Retros and am blown was. Going to spam Zreviews and ZeosPantera so that that can try and take his seal of approval. These are absolutely crazy boy!
5 / 5
This amplifier is an amplifier of the fist has not used never (averts of some amplifiers of application) and has to that say that I am very impressed in him, does not distort your music when or turns a volume on the this is a type of amp I state looking for.
5 / 5
Early Reviewer Rewards(That is this ?) They are hard to listen and this little amongives me an impulse of volume I need to be able to listen the music clearly. Quality of his east well, and the a lot of has done.
4 / 5
Ossia Really good! The utilisation to enjoy my music and he improve a quality of my music. Low prize big value, the recommend it!
5 / 5
When they Are enmedio noisy, this headset also can ensure a quality of his, ossia my favourite point .
5 / 5
It does not leave never the description is but am impressed like this! This thing has saved my DJ career. Iv Took it hooked until 7000w value of the speakers and touch fantastic now.

Top Customer Reviews: FiiO ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Well it is hard to believe but FiiO has broken a code. A laptop Bluetooth Dac Amp with LDAC that the better sounds then anything more in his line-arrive and is down $ 200? I mean partorisca have the hard time that comprises where all a power comes from/comes from. Pressing T50rp and HD600 by means of a balanced was without breaking the sweat. It feels he adds in a hand has more then enough the battery for the day was and load quickly.

Bravo Fiio. Bravo
5 / 5
Short Response: If you are the lover of music this wants to be able to use his beats favourite anywhere, require to buy this. I call this device of mine, “manufacturer of magic music.”

Long response: People those who give the on produced feedback/of video of the audio seldom say the one who the products are spent of the hours that listens to. Ossia Of entity, reason want to know where a reviewer is coming from. I have possessed Kevin Gilmore Dynahi DIY headphone amplifier, and at present possess a Benchmark preamp with a built-in DAC and headphone amplifier, a Wyred 4 His preamp with built-in headphone and DAC, an Emotional pre-amp with headphone amplifier/DAC; and I drive my HiFiman HE-6 using taps of speaker out of an Emotional 50 W for amplifier of speaker of the canal. Regarding headphones, possesses a Sennheiser 580, HiFiman HE-6, HiFiman HE-5, Drops of Mass HiFiman 4xx, Beyerdynamic T 90 Tesla, Ikko OH10, the mass Noble Tomb x, and Definite Ears TripleFi.
A a caveat with this description is that I have not used a BTR 5 with the PC or the telephone that use the consecrated hardwired connecting boss. I have it quell'has used so only this device with the Bluetooth 5.0 connection. I am blown has gone by this device. My Boss-Fi buddy says mine another day, “well, the take, can beat of walk-hungry headphones really well, but like sound?” Each headphone I use with this device “sings.” I do not go to speak in soundstage, dynamic, hinge, etc. Everything will say, is that I compare a BTR 5 to mine another standalone, desk amplifier/DAC the crew resists his own really, really well. Ossia All you really need to know. If a register is of poor quality, uses one 10 bow of band that comes with a Fiio application of telephone. This application of software is the little clunky. For example, every time I try to connect this piece of the software to a telephone has said that it is having the question “pleases to press a key to be able to in brief in a BTR 5.” Here it is the tip . After completing this screen two times no longer owe that paste a key of power in a BTR 5 to connect this application of software to a BTR 5. Simply choosing an annuls the option of a screen of connection is all this is necessary. Using a 10 bow of low band a volume in a start, as you will require to create a volume to compensate. A profit of a bow can not be overstated. I leave the selectively stairs a music the optimally is returned some beat am using. To give you the sense that pode exited of a small device, when I am driving, that uses the start has finalised so only of a BTR 5 to the mine HiFi Man HE-5, so only utilisation the averages a power of a BTR 5 (volume 30 of until the possible 60). A music of my sounds of beat likes him connected him to one of my desk amplifier/DAC is. They are simply he has surprised that a lot Fiio has been able to harness a technology, and take similar power out of such the small device. In the way has finalised so only that it use a 3.5 mm the connector thinks that that you take roughly 84 mV. Using a 2.5 mm the connector in volume of way has balanced 240 mV is exited. Ossia Reason mainly am using a BTR 5 using a has balanced begins. An only 2 weaknesses see with these worries of device is 9 battery of life of now once fully touched, and a Bluetooth row of connection. For example, if in my house More the movement of a room out of my iPhone, a connection is lost. For $ 109 in the way has balanced, takings 2 Sabre DAC chip, two headphone amplifiers, Bluetooth 5.0, USB C connection, can be walks like the consecrated DAC/amp hardwired to the telephone/of PC, and an application of software of mate of telephone leave you audio quite sophisticated a lot of controls. I think a BTR 5 east deserving of prize of audio.
5 / 5
Ossia A lot Very Very good.

- Quality to build A+
- Draw A
- Portability A
- Quality of his A+
- Power A

Ossia a BTR1, BTR3, ES100 and Red of Dragonfly all gone to a.
5 / 5
His astounding with new BTR5 compare the BTR1
life of Battery - leave forget to touch during the day
More @@subject with reconnecting with which are exited of row.
The solid prize feels with glass and of the materials of aluminium.
Has connected the HP Spectre and Apple pro without subjects, this in spite of pixels 3 can not connect.. Need to research the bit (will update yes solved)

Update 1: basically require download a FIIO application of Music for the android and you will take all the configuration by means of application in a telephone.

Global 5+ satisfaction produced and compraventa for a prize
4 / 5
has addition of Update in an end of this description:

So only using he for the days of pair and sounds well. My only complaints are that a SQ can be the little grainy in timing that it has thought it could be directed by a EQ (saws application while USB has connected to telephone, or in a device whilst USB has connected to pc/mac) BUT THIS Is not POSSIBLE. It has not been if ossia current firmware, but all EQ and options of the filter of any class has ZERO EFFECT while it runs this unit in DAC way - the ONLY law is connected street Bluetooth and ossia a mine of main disappointment . Also for some reason some control of digital fly of a FiiO application in my telephone no , to all the cost yes is in USB DAC way or BT connection. Any sure reason but work well in Player of Neutron as well as streaming applications - with that a flight still can be controlled in a BTR5 directly as well as control of native telephone.

A good material has all state covered already in other descriptions. It sustains each one which BT codec there curently and will drive to to auricular look likes would not owe that be of able to drive so only well. Tiny, portable and recharges quickly. Utilisation direct like this DAC more often in the laptop of Windows, and BT connect in a telephone (sometimes DAC there too which is the little less useful, the application that depends like this mentioned on) when they are to go in out of n roughly. Bought to a large extent because of a characteristic of car way for the car of my lady (that has any BT) but there is still to included try he in this application.

An application has not expected was that it has had them any one creates a Bluesound Knot 2i could both BT receipts And transmit, p. p.ej. They are able to connect a Knot to a BTR5 street aptHD and walk around a living-soiled that it is quite awesome - No a better row and doens't felt to mark to use regulate AAC or aptX in a house, but to seat by means of a room is the fresh option .

In general he slick pocola what. Disappointed and has pleased a same time. The utilisation DAC with wired auricular the majority of a time and having fast EQ the adjustments was the big part of one (imagined, any possible) appeal - I could use another headphone amp has attached his for impulse and adjustments of fast curve (with transmissions), but ossia two devices and totally attack an appeal/of simplicity of the portability of this thing. I eat .... We will see. A SQ out of a DAC is in general well quite but of then has any controls of your interior a Qobuz application that More use it to them am stuck with SALVATION of profit and profit -LOW options so only. Using the player of Neutron gives any EQ adjustment that is well, but does not use that very thick.

Really would have liked me have known some of these first limitations of time (not even in a fine impression that has seen, or in a demo video of FiiO), but in general more the people will be pleased with this thing.

Update after the weeks of pair - I has substituted this with a Shanling UP4 and am much happier with him in general.
Of then applies like this to 'reason' go to comprise only mine UP4 description here for context more than rehash the.

Shanling UP4 Compare and contrast:
For judges of start, has mine of update firmware to see 1.1 of Shanling immediately and all this description is based in this version of a device.
Context further: I have used a FiiO BTR5 for roughly 2 or 3 leading weeks almost constantly and during these times have maintained to ask me would have to that it has tried this Shanling UP4 instead, which is essentially a same type of device, p. p.ej. He Bluetooth Auricular and USB DAC and Amp combo. I have ordered finally a (apparently a last an on to the amazon in a rule $ 99 prize - an only some to the left have been drastically marked up; a BTR5 is suffering a prize of same/availability-gouging subject) so that it could dip it to a test.

Has the tonne of info extolling some virtues of a BTR5, but a lot little in a UP4. In the nutshell, has found a BTR5 to be a lot of fiddly in day-to-use of day: a control of volume is the ache ; a SMELL is not almost like this useful like him ought to be, and the system of paper is convoluted and unintuitive. Any I still goes to a FiiO - is terrible in my opinion and I finally uninstalled the. Any of of the this is to say that a FiiO has not touched well - the a lot of has done. My only complaint was a highs sometimes could find like this overexentuated and bit it grainy, but ossia a complaint exaggerated - the generally touches fantastic.

So only mention an on, some things a lot specifically like on a BTR5 (more than of some things I ) to contrast with a Shanling UP4. With a UP4 a dial of the control of the volume is quickly, amiably detented and súper easy to use. It follows advance/backward with the double or triple-tap (respectively) of a same dial (which is also the key) is awesome. Utilisations that same key with long-press to be able to on/was and affect ways of pairing for Bluetooth. Changing quickly among ways of profit (low/big and impulse in unbalanced start) and the filters is equally quickly and easy using double-press or long-hasten of an upper key. A light CONCENTRATED in a front is responsive and that depends that it is doing calm quickly say you that is spending (based in the colour/flashes) and does not take long for the imagine was. More, there is registered audio of voice in a earphones that play to leave are the one who a device is doing in time key, p. p.ej. Your Tongue that says that to to the things like 'Powering was', or 'Of your device has connected now'; ossia much more useful and that ensures that several beeps or tones.

In of the terms of Bluetooth connectivities, for any reason, a UP4 gave less dropouts (using AAC, AptX and AptX-HD in my chance - I does not have any LDAC devices of able source) and vary more orders for the noticeable margin in both respects. USB DAC The use is easy likes twisted - no the manual engine installs has been required in of the Windows and a UP4 is relieved immediately and dip the up in roughly 20 seconds. Playback Like DAC the device is fantastic (how is a BTR5, except can not change settings to filter in this way with a BTR5; with a UP4 beat still) and in both ways, DAC and Bluetooth, a UP4 the fantastic sounds - some differences among some two devices are incredibly subtiles, but would say a UP4 is rounder, warmer, there is further down-definition of final and a highs is not like this high while still amiably detailed (any to say a UP4 touches 'warm', so only slightly moreso that comparatively to a BTR5 - again, some differences are subtiles). Some have mentioned sprain of listened in of the lowest frequencies of a UP4 - I actuate has not listened never to the to anything likes that in any of of my uses. An only another short-coming of a UP4 is unable look to be used the USB DAC for mobile devices; my telephone of the android has not relieved he to be used for start of audio. This does not concern me this in spite of because mine LG the telephone has the perfectly able DAC. If this application is of yours entity, at least this time, a FiiO would be the better election of then can do USB like this mobile DAC (this in spite of in my experience that was also finicky and the ache in a butt in timing also for the reasons will not go to). USB DAC Uses fo a UP4 in the computer is flawless.

In short, a UP4 the utmost sounds, has the life of the longest battery, less BT dropouts, has bit it more pleasing his mine (ossia totally subjective - the abundance would disagree), is smaller and lighter, and is the physical controls is both easy and more intuitive plus . Generally it would say some the only things pardon in a BTR5 is his chance of better/clip and a SMELL that exposures the bit of a source of current audio-depth and frequency (which is really an only thing I expósita useful that a SMELL ), but another that that a UP4 arrived to be the better experience. SQ Is extraordinarily looked among a two, how is really so only down to experience of usability and a Shanling won on in just the days of pair. A FiiO has gone back.

Context further: I have used a UP4 to drive 4 insiemi of IEMs (EU 5Pro only-arrival, EU 10 has balanced, Blon Bl-03 has balanced, and KZ ED9 that arrivals so only) and a pair of auricular (Sony MDR-7506). For a last I sometimes sends a UP4 exited to the small laptop headphone amp to give even more driving beat and grave fast-options of impulse (although it drives a Sonys so only well without him in general). I listen to the giant row of music: rock, Indian, electronic, acoustic, jazz.
5 / 5
Has been looking for a upgrade to my Black of Dragonfly for the few months now but so only could not pull one causes in a Red of Dragonfly, Cobalt, Oppo HA2- or another more expensive DACs reason his all looked to be overpriced and fault something.

Has considered seriously a ES100 but is ugly creation and micro USB that touches spend it caused the second supposition my decision and did not order it.

Row In Fiio announcing the new flagship Bluetooth amp/DAC and he immediately grabbed my attention: USB-C, lustrous creation, cup of a line DACs, the start balanced and the decent prize? Account in.

A bit those that weeks later and now that has used my unit for several hours all can say is WOW. The quality of audio is so only excellent same although it is 'only' Bluetooth, does not listen of the machineries of compression or background noise/hiss likes has with another Bluetooth amps.

Has has had to that nitpick in this unit there there is so only two things a lot particularly taste: life of battery (9 horus is quite but to good sure could be better) and some controls of the audio when used in way of USB of a host device loses the control of volume and calm has to that regulate a volume of a BTR5 he to use a slow, so only-increment keys of volume.

In general thinks that ossia the device adds well value a prize to ask, especially now that the majority of smartphone is to take a headphone jack and DAPs is dulcemente, clunky and expensive.
4 / 5
The initial impressions were of sound, a device was quality very big and a sound has produced was that it considers to be good. I have downloaded an application and tried to do the few transmissions to a eq, and some other small tweaks. After applying some transmissions, a screen in a device has turned black. Tried to turn it behind on, swimming. Tried reset by force, swimming. A unit has died entirely. To arrive to this point, has imagined would try to connect the to my computer and king install a firmware. My surprised, has not been relieved by my computer at all. This device literally entirely and has broken absolutely entirely after changing the settings of pair in an application....

This of course created to plot of worries of reliabilities, and I so only decided to not annoying ordering a. The substitution yes was this easy to break a device. Calm import, the esees has used he for perhaps a first hour of this past. It spends hard.
4 / 5
OSSIA. Has a FiiO btr3. I have said to me, can anything really the better sound? Sincerely, LDAC is LDAC like this which more can be facts. After listening a btr5, the TONNE can be done. A selection of instrument, clarity, smoothness, and the loyalty is stellar in this device. There is the tonne more DEPTH to a sound and I can not believe the one who smooth these touches of what. Some attractive of pasts was like this detail. If you are in a fence to buy this, he. FiiO, Calms he.
5 / 5
Terribly unintuitive Interface. Calm like can so only of volume to change a click the time. Reason the long control changes a song. Ossia So only a start of double and triple functions an offer of keys in this device.

Fiio Announces this device can connect to multiple bluetooth devices a same time. But calm so only can listen one. And for any reason is the swipe or loses will be able to never listen one 2nd device paired with this BT auricular. I have read a manual of multiple time and tried pair my TV of Apple with this thing and every time finalises to be the 20 ordeal of minute of pairings and random resets for him to finally in fact laws.

I a lot quite so only have a BT device this thing can pair with, reason that is a point of all a complexity if he no reliably?

Ossia A product of alpha in better. Perhaps with firmware the updates can be fixed, but until then can very really recommend it to any one. Some users with 5 stars clearly have not tried this device thoroughly.

A quality of his this very when has any Bluetooth interference that is common. Also a device takes a lot of heat when touching.

A thing Fiio has done a lot well is a fact that there is no disconnects when touching, but another that that this product is unfinished.
5 / 5
This product is terrible and is failing. It looks enough, but it touches so only A lot (ES100 Mk2 is detailed more with the wide plus soundstage and the better application). It was contained enough with him at the beginning until it has begun to do this annoying yard-was every time begins to touch. So much, you will listen the start of song that touches for the second or two, and then partorisca -- for 2-3 seconds. Then, it begins clipping and stuttering, but is not the subject of connection; I am using a connection of USB, any bluetooth. Also it is inconsistent everything of sudden. Using a Big profit clearly has the different form that Down included this in spite of FiiO claims he so only the impulse of sound. Further, it is begun to touch distorted in of the rows of sure frequency. To help, am using audiophile Sennheisers with lossless sources. Some subjects mention is all gone when I use a ES100 Mk2. A question is worsening with this FiiO, and are not an only one with the defective product that is not a lot of-sustain die. To top it all was, has found these products is Windows -only firmware updates, and service of client of FiiO is terrible and mired in of the subjects of translation. A lot disappointed.

Top Customer Reviews: Mackie HM Series, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 57 ratings
4 / 5
This has the habit of distributes the audio to the programs of computers concealed is used with my radio of instrument of the ham. It has dipped partorisca snap in RF Chokes in a main entrance and all the starts (4) of this headphone amp and has suffered any RF interference to a same audio when running relatively big power on 6 metres. I did not try it on HF still, but yes finds the question, will modify my description. This distribution amp is very adapted to my particular application where the sprain has to that be averted. I any precise response of big loyalty, but a signal that exited of a amp has to that be 'cleaned' and he so that it have it far does quite amiably resupplying modulation (MSK144) that that can be decoded for my program (WSJT-X).
5 / 5
The value adds , adds. Some descriptions have mentioned that a signal was pleasant. It conceal it is not a chance here. Clearly Mackie would not sell the ape headphone amplifier. In all the chance... It goes for him! The law adds.
4 / 5
Well.. Patient give these 5 stars because it is done a lot well with part of metal and everything, but an only is that this thing is PLEASANT like being careful, reason my headphones are STEREO, then , yes! This means the so only can listen to a side of my headphones
4 / 5
has not known Never was possible to hate the headphone amp like this like this hate this thing, but wow, the one who the disappointment.

In the first place, a good informative... It touches well when it is doing.

This in spite of the mine has the bad canal in a Headphone 1 mix which have discovered of course during the session. A singer there is complained that so only can listen for a part of some telephones. With which roughly 20 minutes of troubleshooting has discovered was a new mark headphone amp and quickly changed on to mix 2 to complete a session.

Cela Would be quite be excepts had amused more. It can not take a unit out of one racks. After pulling all ours has discovered the around that a thing is on some regular thumbs! A frame Is exactly thumbs, but has four boss of round rays that protrude in another 1/16th thumb out of a fund. SO THAT it tries to take he of a rack, has discovered that has there was gouged a frame of a piece to coach down with these four bosses of ray.

Oh And slapped a frame there has been once take was and a bad canal has burst on. Woohoo!

Has has has used tonnes of Mackie train on some years and like always reasons was always tries of of ball. Been the while I have purchased of then any of his train but I dread that the things have changed. This was the total failure and strongly look of call elsewhere.

Commentaries lateralmente... Right before I have written this description there is remarked another reviewer that declares that a unit is pleasant any stereo reason a reviewer so only is listening out of a side of his headphones. It looks some subjects of control of serious quality.
4 / 5
Can not find a vendor anymore. It is listed so much in conditioning a lot good and that soyay has some cosmetic maculas', which would be well. But I have been sold one with the canal broken. Seriously, a third canal so only does not act. It can not believe the things of leaves of the amazon like this slide. For a past little month the ees has thought was in failure, and could take to do for troubleshooting, but took it to a tent of reparation of the electronics and he said me to knots that yes, a preamp the joint is busted. A window of turn has closed ages.
4 / 5
Would have liked me has liked this product to 5 star, but unfortunately am not able to. I have received the defective product. An entrance jack no properly. If I press one 1/4 all a way in, only Sound of Pleasant volume. As have have to that the zip joins a two 1/4 together bosses to listen in stereo.

I mistakenly has launched was a packaging, as I have not been able of the turn.

Otherwise, Thinks that ossia the product adds. The only desire would have received the pertinent working unit.
4 / 5
Are in the small band that does action in of the local parties. We have had always a subject with some monitors of the speaker like our singer loves to listen only tones but during a show takes strong electrical guitar. And on looping because of some speakers and that no. This has solved everything of them immediately and has had so only a better show to this date with east. It likes the quota has said that that buys ours own good earphones. But a lot so only it could control a level of some sounds for each individual but also clearly could listen all the world. Highly it recommends this partorisca on coming bands that does not want to break his bank to solve the one who this solved for knots.
5 / 5
Any need to find the grandson preamp signal of start. You can leave powered headphone start, so only leave a level of start dips roughly 30, sends that signal to an entrance TRS port, Then discharges in any headphones to port 1 thru 4- TRS start and regulate a volume for each headphone. Any noise or hum to headphones so only his net. I run a start of volume among 11:00 and 2:00 on the dot with abundance of volume in some headphones, does not forget your adapters to TRS-1/4 thumb stereo the entrance and the start required for this headphone amplifier
4 / 5
If precise Start of Volume then this little amp he. Has no other controls, like EQ. Just volume. He a Source of a very strong sound. I have tried he with roughly 4 different headphones and pods of ear. Obviously, a big plus some Receiver any one better a sound, unless calm some game-upper-of-lines he- small expensive material. But, this unit that is says [and can can 4 headphones more he has required to.]
4 / 5
Has loved a mine of interface Ampeg Spend-B-50 boss; to listen/game with headphones. And ossia the one who Ampeg recommended and wow: perfect: MAY ... 50 watts to headphones ...: Already I am spending consultores of has listened; so only one averts ;-))

Top Customer Reviews: Behringer Microamp ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
1 / 5
A unit is sold while accepting the TRS STEREO entrance and producing the set of 4 STEREO is exited. A unit took taken a STEREO TRS entrance, converts imitates in a side only and then poses a signal was in a side of a beginning. If I slide a connector of entrance, can take it ROUGH MONKEY in both sides of a beginning, but that is not that it says that it marks.
5 / 5
It IS sceptical of the same headamp has purchased from a concealed posed me behind $ 100, and while or has done that has been meant to do, gives $ 100 was expensive for the this was. This or be $ 25 doubts me in that was able to do... I have taken a risk and purchased it. That is to say to well sure it estimates one $ 25! He an exact same thing my another $ 100 ! I saved me one extra $ 75 and was to advance and has bought the container of Imports of Cape 3.5 mm in 1/4 in adapter (place of 5). It is not a sleekest headamp can buy but to well sure takes a work has done. Purchase of happy Amazon!
1 / 5
Has (mass) pairs of the headphones and has looked for the road in easily compare them. I have bought this amp to use to 4 road splitter in easily compare or headphone in an afterwards. Some knob of individual volume the convenient fact to do each so headphone split a volume of his independent neighbours of impedance. Even so, after a bit listening tests with and without a amp, has discovered alas that this amp bad distorts a headphone quality. One has posed the person would have to be able to listen some problems among this amp and any amp. He March a response of low and looks to change a response of the frequency on the way can very easily describe. Like The vanilla 4 headphone splitter that is to say the fine tool . Like The serious listens tool for headphone comparison, apresamiento skip, included for a prize. Has a version of money of the amazon but he look for to be exactly a same.

5 / 5
Has the computer where has two headphones and the system of the sound has semi-detached, and spent out of my jacks change among them. I even so of just bringin in the mini-blender of my setups, but take he very soiled of lovely desktop. I have seen this thing, and has known was a schnizzle a moment saw it. It arrives today and after taking my setup in place, is happy to inform that it is quite well for a prize. It looks to have the negative effect in a low, but only doing the small EQ of a software to augment some bass have turned this in the 5 device of star. Some knob is typical Behringer quality (read: big quality) and a lie of capes amiably out of a backside. I have bought any in 1/4' stereo jacks since all my material is but the sake 5 group cleanly has fixed this of precise 5 to fill all a void.

This unit is perfectly sized and looks acute. One all the case of look of the mark of the metal is ready to paste a road, and paste for the take while still looking well. A unit has the good weight, and an amplification is modest, with perhaps the small distortion after 3/4 throttle, likes him more blenders. For my Bose his, I cranked my laptop in max and some speakers in half volume, and in 1/2 throttle is very strong. Typically I race he in 1.5/10 in 3/10. In 0/10 with some speakers in max, has the small tiny bit of the hum which are there when disconnected of a amp, like this the small blender is a lot of, very calm.

If I am like me and has to two or more audio setups in your computer that constantly is changing enter or if it only wants the knob to look or down, necessity to take this unit together with some conversores pertinent and you very never lament the.
5 / 5
I think that that my history is the familiar one in very there:
is a musician of amateur in the group. Any muck "self-sustaining" money that train of our finance. Alas we have necessities like the group, and has the problem of dependency of the train. The familiar sound? Enough basic problem.

Donat Does not have the room to practise consecrated to the blockade was, has state relegated to practise in sure time. Like The result, has finished not taking together as much as would like him (and NECESSITY in! Ouch!) There is some quite elegant squad there that probably it serve it our necessities, notably a JamHub, but does not have some hundreds of dollars to spend in an of those. (If you have not verified of a JamHub, has to).

While this does not provide of the individual mixes, is better that at all for us instrumentalists in silently take our jam on. Has the practice to blend amplifier (Roland KC-150), as I can transfer in 4 instruments and use a HA400 of a headphone exited to distribute a mix in the each of our 4 headphones. (Alternatively it can use the joint to blend). We can each dial in our volume in an integer that is quite that can expect the together touch in the room.

He still, my solution on lack of an each of entity "Me he-Re-Me" (more me), but his initiate it cheap. If you have wanted that functionality, this instrumentalist would be likely to take for with attaching the box of monitor of personal mix (a lot of is down $ 50), but has to be careful with inserting less than squad of perfect audio in your entrances of main signal. For practice, this preoccupies . For alive, is probably to take for, but is recording , that is to say the big Ninth.

Regarding a quality of a sound, does not have any one subjects so far with him. I am using Sennheiser auricular of the monitor and I are very happy with a quality. The moment has the stack of key in your source (in Roland is blender of mine of the case amp) does not have any problem that poses a EQ yes is picky in that. Another have queixat in a lack of low, but has had any such subject. I am happy with a sound only with planning EQ parameters.

Has tonnes other uses for this box:
-looking television late at night while the boys is (stab-would have to be ) sleep, for until 4 people
-Cranking up volume of television to listen disabled
-amplifying sure headphones of PC (low beginning) sources
Those are probably some big a

5 stars. I can buy another!
5 / 5
Anteriorly Tries a Pyle PHA40 headphone amp and do not actuate very success. A Behringer HA400 is the very better solution. I have required to power the set of the headphones has connected in a television for my grandmother that could not listen the step of the backside his train. Using the digital optician coax in RCA conversor (Amazon B003O509PY) converted a optic the television has been in RCA connections then in the 1/4' stereo covers that it connects in a HA400 has entered. I have found the transcription headset (Olympus And-102 in Amazon) this goes under a chin like the hair of the grandma does not take messed up. With the in 1/4' stereo adapter of cover, a headset plugged in a amp. The grandma is supremely happy with a volume and a sound are very clear. When being able to adjust a volume for the programs of variable television are the must. Has tried Ears of television but is fallen eschews after the year or so much and the new models are outrageously expensive. A stack never more period that the averages the day. I have left a Behringer HA400 on all a time and does not have to never preoccupy in recharging he headset. If any one breaks a down-the-chin headset, has several cheap backups that will do in the pinch. Well built, well look and quite powerful for the deaf person. With four beginning, can have all some old relatives on in day of game and gives to each own chair headset.
1 / 5
This device presents the plot of noise when a sum of any combo of the paste of knob the sure quantity. In the half power for each knob will do a bit beginning buzz and some left wing/the start of right canals to balance mass. It worsens with the volume summed main among some knob.
5 / 5
Very easy hookup, the right laws are out of a box. I have bought he in hook until my audio of television was so that it can look television while some boys is sleeping.
Also bought some Male in the Male in the to to capes like them to them the [2Grup] iXCC 8 Feet Viriles in the Universal Male To the Audio Stereo Cord of Cape [Ultra-Slender] for Cart and Each what devices have Enabled, Apple, Samsung, Android, Windows and reproductor of Mp3
Man in Woman Stereo Adapters that Aurum Capes of 3 Man of Groups in Woman Stereo Adapter
Stereo Jack Mascle in Cape of Female Extension as
That the combination gave me A lot of FLEXIBILITY. It opens My woman and I each which how has our control of own volume.
4 / 5
I am returned my Pyle Pro PHA40 micro amp these sparks of shot in me and decided to take this instead. I am very pleased. This little amp has roughly fell. You will require the woman in 1/4 male adapter yes uses the level auricular, but that it is only the $ 5 compraventa in your centre of local electrical guitar. Also, you would have to it know has the pair of Koss Pro 4EA auricular this has the 250impedncia of ohm. This amp was SPARE in faculty my salvation-beat of fidelity. I can not speak of this cape 600headphones of ohm but he 250 only well. A volume goes way up. It was literally pained when turned a volume each a way up. It does not recommend to look in 11 only still. The calm does not want to go deaf a first week. As to the good premium here is a fact can have 4 has separated auricular plugged in in 1 times with 4 separate volume controls for each pair. There is even so only a source of available entrance in you. Also, my subject of entity was that in maximum volume this amp tends to distort the small. It conceal even so I use he roughly audio quite low quality (Youtube) and has not tried still with LEAN files. I can say that in the normal human this listens the levels sound clear and strong. A plus the critic is this has very on or was change. Sound the smallest subject but he would be well in only left the plugged in all a time and has said he on and has entered . Bronzed His fashioned now an only on and was the change is disconnecting he of a supply to be able comprised. To well sure it recommends this small amp calm only necessity that extra punch in your ears or yes precise something to direct some beat of the main quality. It was very to estimate one $ 25 bucks paid and is very a cheap more amp option there in a piece.
5 / 5
Little solid ADDS micro amp!

You The experience that BUZZES or HUMMING, control your connectors, adapters and capes. A lot in 1/4' the adapters and other similar components are not well. There is the buzz using at the beginning. It has not had buzzing or hum using just headphones and an another train. I am almost he returned an element, has researched then this subject to find that any published in the blog of musicians to verify all some connections, especially some cheap adapters. I have imagined what a heck and has exchanged has been with the different in 1/4', each metal, and has his perfect now.

All some canals do perfectly, there is not noise very perceivable, etc and is solidly has built.

With: An only negative potential is that all of some entrances are in a same side. I am sure that is to say well for more, but is the bit has filled that the zone wants to disconnect or or more capes to start with. They have to it has posed it at least a power and entrance afterwards in the each another. As it IS, it is in any side, and all some beginning is to enter. A bit odd, but certainly any one the breaker of roads. It IS still the rock-solid piece of squad.

Top Customer Reviews: FiiO K3 Type-C USB ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
It take a K3 so that it looks for it the sake DAC/AMP unit around one $ 100 mark. I have seen a lot of recommendations, and a so a FiiO Q1 Mk2 and a FiiO E10k is coming up enough bit it. Mostly look for it something to use in my desktop house, but a portability of a Q1 Mk2 in particular appealed in me, to be able to take he with me to use with my laptop or included my telephone would be to enormous premium . A K3 is (or at least WAS when bought he) very new and has few descriptions, but based in some recommendations of FiiO is other products, decided to give tries it.

My initial impression after inaugural was that it was the smallest ROAD this has expected the to be. A K3 is to ail much bigger that the container of Tic Tacs (voice my second picture for the comparison of measure). Be to be he very has very built. One is metal with the calm sake is arrived, a change all have the click to satisfy in them, and some transfers of knob of the volume softly with just quite control the eschew accidentally when the be has changed.

In the first place plugged a K3 in my PC those uses an USB 1 road and the windows pour it immediately and has posed the while my default device to start with. I have installed then an engine ( was amiable to take to find at the beginning, but FiiO has the nexus in them on a K3 FAQ in his web of place). An engine has not installed properly in my first flavours, but has tried again and law immediately, as I any one been missing of FiiO for that. Compared in a beginning in a headphone jack, a sound these beginnings of the mine when auricular connected in a K3 is directing worlds. Any only is a better global quality , but a volume can take SO MUCH elder. Anteriorly, Can pose my volume in anything has wanted in of the windows and listen in musician that subjects without problem. But with one K3, to good sure hurt my ears yes have posed my volume in 100% in so much the And mine pc a same time. I tried it only once to see what strong could take it, and was able gesture my headphones down in mine desktop of a sound these beginnings of then was easily quite strong to spend to be the decent together of speakers of desktop has no known better. Data, these results are with Audio Technica M50x is, which are not hard to direct at all, as it takes that with the grain of the salt yes has receiver with significantly to main impedance. It conceal to be said, is angled to think FiiO when says that these are well for anything in a < 150 field.

In spite of FiiO FAQ the saying soyobile the devices are not recommended.' It can not resist the giving the flavour in all the case. I have imagined that it is more than quite small to take with you, Type of USB of the uses C, in USB 1 road is supposed to be driverless, and has not been explicitly saying it no with him tlphonique in all the case, so there has notionally any reason why does not have to law. I plugged he in my telephone (a Galaxy S8+) using the USB C in USB C cape and has posed one K3 in USB 1 road. The wait has to pose in some endeavour for the take to do, but surprisingly only begin to do immediately. It opens, in FiiO credit, can comprise why says that one K3 is not recommended to be used with telephones. In difference of one Q1 Mk2, one K3 does not have the stack, that means that when plugged in your telephone, is draining it stack of your telephone to be able in. But if life of the stack is not the worry since you, then looks to do with android at least.

Afterwards, decided to see yes can resolve a problem to drain it stack of a telephone. I am exited the USB C hub that had posed around (a bit Distinctive an I taken of Compraventa Better if any one preoccupies ) and plugged he in my telephone. I plugged one K3 in a Type of hub A port this uses a cape that is coming with him, and plugged mine tlphonique upload in a Type C port of one hub (situates of voice 3). These looks to conform that it has been it prendido. One K3 is exited my musician like normal, and my telephone has uploaded against a same time (situates of voice 4). Of course this disorder of the capes are not exactly an elegant or ideal solution, but work. It can see the useful easterly be during the long trips when go to be seating in the vehicle for the long time, but is probably any one the good idea for just walking around. Calm also maintenances in alcohol that can easily exchanges a wall uploads for the bank of stack and achieves an effect although he outlet of pode is not available.

In general, is very happy with one K3 so far.
5 / 5
This DAC and Amp is one of one the majority of solutions and covers it mere of the game has used still. My normal trace is the Modi and Magni stack of Schiit Audio for my Sennheiser HD 650s and Beyerdynamic DT 990s, and has used also his Fulla 2 DAC/Amp. A FiiO E10K the quality is absolutely comparable for the-the solution of unit has combined, and a quality of tez is the robust good aluminium with the dial to satisfy this has the tactile click when ignited or has been. It does not find a profit or impulse of the necessary bass except an option is well has comprised. Predominately Uses these with my Sennheiser HD 598 Sound and for his impedance a FiiO law perfectly. It has matched also the with my ATH M50x is which any one a lot the precise but the law adds in those also. That is to say the solution of the entrance adds for the-unit DAC and Amp, or in my case, uses them with my portable when is travelling so that I do not want to take my big to age setup down every time is out of a house. To good sure recommended.
4 / 5
Judging it only; His a awesome DAC/Amp that also works in your mobile devices if your adapter of USB can can. Work in my Galaxy of Samsung S9 more! Im Using this in faculty of mine 20 Ohm Audeze LCD-X headset.

Even so, if yours any one in the use balanced, this Amp axes in comparison in a e10K. His less powerful. In of the terms of volume, a K3 has required in crank until 70% in a knob what a e10K marks for 50%. Also in quality of falls to sound behind. In Diana Krall the song is' Wonderful', could listen a stickiness of his mouth (has to dare call esaliva Clicks ?) More apparently in a e10K but fight to listen it on a K3. But thats only an example... Always it listens cual a K3 is being missing of in detail. A sound also when being less dynamic in a K3.
Some friends of the audio in of the forums said that this K3 the resplandores better when it used balanced the. Even so, predominately has bought this to use he for mine LCD X and the flange uses a terminal balanced with him. So much on the way, I in that has it fully fleshed out of a potential of the same amp.
In an end... I have maintained mine Fiio e10K and is returned a K3. It do not take Me bad, a K3 is well. But honestly, in my experience, his no the worthy updates already having a e10K.
4 / 5
Has a E10k and has used the enough bit it. This is not necessarily one updates - more that the sidegrade- stops more than money. Amur An USB-C connection, a new 2.5mm has balanced was, a portability, and a sound is clear. Even so, one 3.5mm the port has finished only is much feebler that a E10k. It IS almost he likes his is not amped, as one 3.5of mm is only the DAC. I deduct a star to do in some advertising looks is more powerful that a E10k when that is to say only some of one 2.5mm has balanced was. One 3.5mm is feebler.
P.D. A cord of USB included is feeble prjimo in a jack he uses with the laptop (plugging and unplugging) has to record he until it forces while it aims tension after 3 weeks.
1 / 5
These products is more expensive and worse in all the roads in a cheap plus E10 only wants the headphone DAC. If I need some new ports then perhaps that is to say since you.

Bad things in a K3:
-Some explosions to sound when using a volume toggle in my macbooks keyboard. An old plus E10 softens to sound transitions when toggling a volume of a computer. Both law very when using a dial of volume in a DAC
-Some feet of the rubber is not grippy at all. A K3 slide around still after posing a rubber on. A E10 was grippier
-A face before has too many things packed in a zone. A E10 is more mere with just headphone jack, tomb toggle, and volume. In a K3 having so many things packed in of the marks the each takes to use.
-That is to say subjective, but thinks a material quality in an outside of a K3 the worse looks that a E10.

Inferior line, an only reason to buy that is to say if precise ports that is not in a E10. In me, so much equally his add. I am estimating this so severely so that it is the downgrade of my E10 has has wanted and possessed for years, still is more expensive. I lament this compraventa.

Fiio, Please fixed a subject to burst. Has this has imagined entered a E10, and has presented now the new problem at most expensive device.

Unless you require some new ports, takes a E10
5 / 5
This DAC AMP is almost perfect. Almost so that the CAN not have a power to behaviour can hungry receiver. But for 99% of some headphones that is down 100 ohms, that is to say spare. Neutral, Clean, clear and powerful is some words go to use to describe it. Has 38 headphones of ohms and in volume to pose of level of profit down 5, is too strong. Besides the songs have to go down a volume in a player of means comunicacionales in how 35 or 40. That is to say the very powerful, clean and neutral DAC AMP. The purchase is sum .
5 / 5
I have built only the PC again desktop. Alas, there is some interference of my GPU, which are doing some annoying static noise in an audio in a motherboard when the games have touched. As I have decided that it take the USB DAC/AMP to resolve this subject.
In mine $ 100 field of estimativa, coverage Schiit Fulla with AK4490 solution and Fiio K3 with AK4452 solution. Compared with these two AKM piece, AK4490 has better specs, but found some descriptions and commentaries to complain- in an unpleasant sound of some other players with AK4490 solution. As I have decided to give K3 the flavours since is the new model .
Took it yesterday, has connected he with my PC of Windows 10, a directly recognised system my device without any installation of engine. I have installed then a Fiio DAC engine, and has the poster to control to exit in my taskbar.
Has touched some musician in Spotify, suddenly can say that a sound out of my Bose mates 2 speakers are compared very better with covers direct-in in a motherboard.
Then decided to try my full-measure headphone AKG 7xx (62 ohms), alloy with earphone port. It does not have any behaviour of subject the; some necessities of pot to be posed in 2.5 on the dot (the profit posed in BIG) to take enough volume. I have compared he with my X7 with AM5 module that has bought fact two years. Desprs Listens in the few songs in both devices. I can say that X7 still has the sound the fat and more crispy plus because of a lot of beginning for the be able I besides adds. This does not mean a sound of K3 is unpleasant; in fact, I am quite satisfied with a sound of him with directing of only USB.
HAS the way down below and unnoticeable backwards which are well for gaming and the video these looks, a delay of X7 DAC the road is objectionable in these phases. Any one to mention an inconvenience with a road these changes in X7.
Has tried some DSD files of copy in my computer, any subject with DSD64 and DSD128, only a DSD256 the file somehow can not touch in foobar2000. In JRiver Centre of Means comunicacionales 24, when 1xDSD codify is place, DSD256 can be touched but with stutters of sound. This is not the problem for me since does not have any DSD256 file to touch.
like me K3 so that:
1. Quality of tez adds. Form of good-looking rounded verge, compact creation, does not take he very soiled in my desktop.
2. Quality very better to sound this compares with my motherboard initiates backwards.
3. Low delay, well for gaming and the video these looks.
4. DSD Decodes That Fulla does not have .
Minor This could be fixed:
1. Quan Touching DSD files, a volume is quite 3 dB lower that a PCM files.
2. DSD256 Subject of game.
3. Desprs Installing a Fiio automotive, a name of the device in posing of the audio of the windows resulted 'Fiio Q series .
4 / 5
I have bought this DAC/Amp so that the offer these characteristics for the prize of estimativa:
has Balanced beginning, type of USB-C (the reversible and reliability), his grandson and neutral measure , small and good creation.
Has tried he with Sennheiser HD660s which already come with cape 4.4mm has balanced. A headphone is connected that uses the woman 4.4mm in 2.5mm adapter viril.
A Fiio K3 is perfect for use with desktops and the laptop is in the estimativa or walnut to use pertinent headphone/IEM.
A DAC/Amp has the good base augments that it does not distort audio or exaggerate likes him the base-leader headphone.
Can use a Fiio K3 to convert a digital audio of usb in optician or coaxial (so much digital) that is to say in a backside of a device.
Wants to decode audio until 384kHz/32-bit PCM or native DSD 256 necessity in toe a change in 'USB 2.0' And engine of use of Fiio website. Some people inform that there is some delay of small audio when using a K3 when on 'USB 2.0' road. If this spends then only swish in 'USB 1.0' which do not require the engine but a beginning will be limited at most of 96kHz 24-bit.
A K3 no in that has the built-in stack like me any one has preoccupy quite a lot of degradation of stack over time which attach in a robustness.
Recommends this product for his prize of current of $ 109.9 and give it 4 stars so that one 3.5mm the line was is not the line some was, is more than arrests he- was so that a knob of volume will affect his volume.
5 / 5
Bought to give my new DT 770 Pro 80 headphones of ohm the bit of the impulse, and prefers the control of volume more physical that software.

The fantastic sounds. Very taken was some good qualities in a DT 770 is that it do not take the little the mark of days when has taken the. It IS underwhelmed that comes from/comes from my Senn HD598 is, but now can listen some diverse forces in both beat.

Looks for to be solidly built and aesthetically please.

Flu of only minor that can come it up with this that some feet of attachable adhesive is quite slick, any really go to maintain a device in place, but can maintain he of scuffing in the desktop. Also the desire was the heavy plus bit to the help maintains in place, but is supposed to be the quite portable device, as I can any one very complain-.
5 / 5
A Fiio K3 is my first experience with an external DAC or consecrated headphone amplifier.

Has tried he with:
Koss KSC75
MassDrop Sennheiser 58x Jubilee
Takstar Pro 82
Title SR80

surrounds Quickly: Everything sounds better through a Fiio that any one my tlphonique or a built-in audio in my computer. I have not had to use big profit in any one of them.

Everything of some headphones the sound the full plus in a low end, and a big end is clearer that only using audio of motherboard.

Has used mostly my auricular when gaming, but has listened in some musician also. The majority of my gaming has been spending a 58x, and the plot to time an impulse of low has been welcome--does not use it very a lot of for musician, but when touching something that Wreckfest dondequiera a bit the thump of low end is quite sake. Usually it uses a Takstars with a port of low in a gesture of centre, and that generally results also bassy he turns in an impulse in a Fiio. That is to say to be expected even so, while Takstars is kinda the bass have weighed in all the case.

Had not used my Titles many at the same time before it take it a Fiio, so that a highs is bit it fatiguing in my ears. They result much more in the mine like me when run through a ap with an impulse of the bass has ignited.

Has has not had still an occasion to try a beginning has balanced, or uses any one of some beginning another that headphone.

Gave it only three stars for portabiity so that yes, is very clear and easy to move to plant to plant, but he doens't has the stack and can any one when being pas used with the telephone, as it is not the laptop amp. With that very that is to say even so, is planning to take a Fiio Q1 to spend to do and to use with my telephone.

A unit is so it ignites these movements around when go to adjust a volume if any calm line he down. Attaching some feet of the rubber probably would improve that a bit, but has not posed the on so that I am planning in velcro the in a fund of my desktop.

The installation in of the Windows 10 is totally painless-cover only he in and work. Any necessity to hunt under automotive, install them totally for his sake. They use in USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 road and both were equally preoccupies-free.
If at present you are using a onboard audio of your computer and fly some updates, to good sure recommend this.

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