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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 25 ratings
5 / 5
My boy has destroyed everything of some stock exchanges to paste leadung to the east a. This was has resisted on well and wants paste the
4 / 5
paste the stock exchange is pertinent crew for my edges those who could activity very external during a COVID 19.
Has looked for to use he for small every day for the week. Still I am using he without any questions. A durability of some looks of product to be good. It is divided to three part, which helps a still stand air quite whole.
4 / 5
This paste the stock exchange is the good stress reducer for my grandson of 4 years. It has had adhd and has the light tempers question when it is stressed. Of then taking are there is remarked the difference in his attitude and his behaviour. It is done of plastic of the durable thickness concealed to give sustain a lot easy. Filler up with water or sand in a fund for the freestanding stock exchange of paste. A rest of some places are inflated for air and is a lot easy to do. It is easy to gather and is entertainment for boys of all the ages. The value adds
4 / 5
In the first place one orders arrived and inflated it once air lost quickly, unfortunately this was the present of anniversary like this bondadoso of has taken an emotion was when a boy could not touch with him.
Is returned in the first place one and has taken the second , well at the beginning , was the big swipe with our 7 yr old , has used the majority of days for roughly 30 minutes or so many. It is lasted 5 weeks .... And of course a window of turn was so only 4 weeks . Like this disappointed , has left now try find where a darn the leak is coming from and sees can the to us patch like this at least is useable in planting to go to a landfill.
5 / 5
Adds for boys to take some exercise. They enjoy to paste and kicking he without the hurt.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Some boys airbag is fact of the durable fines-layered material. This band is a lot of sturdy and does not filter when a force is applied. A stock exchange to paste is in a measure of the girl how is easy to use house. Suitable for improving a health of girls.
5 / 5
Has bought to substitute the most economic version that is not lasted the week with my four old year. This one this quality adds . But I wish it quell'has had wine with a bomb of air. But still value of the money!
5 / 5
Less than the week of mine 6-the old year focused to kill it. Any one built for serious commitment.
4 / 5
After the little time to paste, an upper filtered and deflated to an earth. We have been stored he in a cochera. And a window to return so only concluded sooner this month. Disappointed...
4 / 5
Finally it has taken this soufflé on navideño and there is the hole in him.

Top Customer Reviews: Century Wavemaster ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Like this Im leaving the description - I has had the mine now in fact a lot of years & looked in a weight of this stock exchange fill with water.

As it has read some commentaries on have thought here would answer to the each bad description of this stock exchange.

1. The majority of municipality
Some movements of stock exchange - he fact.
This is not the bad thing, knows that it spends when calm constantly paste something this doesnt movement? All this energy comes directly behind to your organism if a bad doesnt movement. If he have fallen and he doesnt movement, yours also take a pressure. I trust master the stock exchange partorisca move, any movement = a lot well.

Has to that move when paste this stock exchange. It uses it likes the sparring of partner. In the real fight or in the self situation of the defence is not that it goes to wind on and upload one has fallen stronger or punch in your opponent, any or could see that coming. The speed is can .

2. His light weight - rubbish.

Im 190 Books 6ft, and an only thing that swipes this stock exchange on when fill with waters is the has not fallen behind. When Fill with water, doubt Mike included Tyson could attack this stock exchange on when fill with waters he with a paste. Sure it will move when fill with waters he but he will not fall on. Filled with watering his 225, Im in fact thinking partorisca take water out of a stock exchange because presiona my hips up. When kicking The tampon in my Club, has to resist behind. Im Has said can kick like the horse and this stock exchange can take all some kick - some only a when the be fell it behind .

225 hanged has died is not one same likes 225 pounds. 225 hanged died is probably more afterwards to 300+ real weight, if no more.

Thought partorisca fill he with sand but included in 225 doing kicks partorisca turn chairs in my knees, like this Im that goes partorisca be taking waters it era. 300 Pounds of the sand probably will be too much. The ones of the one who something this doesnt the movement or ossia static, wants that I use still to wall or pillar then the paste.

3. Calm more than the normal stock exchange - you paste the normal / hangs it the stock exchange and he swings, his east the pause. This 1-2 second calm pause leave to take the breather. With this stock exchange always in an earth, is concealed has to that move around and constantly be emotional. Mina ossia faster better that while to the stock exchange to go back, has to do harder when using this stock exchange.

An only thing I to of to the that likes is can do of the noise when paste in the hard paving ie there is tiled, cement or walk of basement. There is an easy solution to this. 1. Calm buy you the carpet of fat/coverage and situate a base on that. I have had 2 dipping around that it is roughly 3-4 fat thumbs when you bend under a stock exchange. To prevent a stock exchange that does the noise, has dipped these anti mats to slip that I use for my total trainer in before I ray a stock exchange to a base or calm included could use the small towel.

This prevents a plastic base of a stock exchange to foam the paste some sides of a base.

A stock exchange will give you good feedback with kicks, if it feels any ache in your knees or of the also have gone then too hard or a lot pivoting properly in your feet. I have had this recently.

Has purchased a one with some bookmarks/marcadors on he for practice of aim, resupplies with some aims. It would be very he has had some extension on which would leave somehow some ball to accelerate to be returned to this thing like an extra accessory.

Another that to that taste to him a fact can move 360' around a stock exchange, little paste the stock exchanges offer this.
5 / 5
Had been taking the kickboxing classifies of fitness, but has wanted to be able to exit house of my hours to do a lot always sync up with some hours of class. This stock exchange is exactly that has looked for. It was easy to dip up. A stock exchange basically rays to a base. Prizes a stock exchange to a base so only the bit (whole, no in his side or anything), then fill a base with water or sand, and calm then finalise for presionar a stock exchange to a base. Has has bought mats to situate some stock exchanges on and so many could workout barefoot easily. Apparently I am stronger that has thought reason still with a base has fill, a stock exchange scoot around. As I have bought some of this hule grippy stuff you can line shelf of cupboard with and has stuck it down a base. Any scoot at all now. Absolutely I love this stock exchange. It is like this well as well as used in class. It is an investment in me and am like this happy bought it!
4 / 5
Has has used so only this product for less than 2 weeks and not even every day! I used it (female) for 10 minutes max like this far twice, and my husband has used he for roughly 20 minutes 3 times and look in as the stock exchange is already buckling in a zone where paste-- has tried any one the paste one something same and is circling around the and try the big paste and down. Neither of we are the professional boxer as ours the paste is sweet.

Has bought this product because it is the stock exchange discovers and no the small stock exchange of height has limited, precisely t be able of the paste anywhere and also has fallen. It is a lot it disappoints it this is to begin this buckling after so only the pocolos use!.

Has contacted a vendor, and based in his response, will update mine 1 description. These produced is too many expensive to be such poor quality.
4 / 5
In this video, this wavemaster is paste in full force for my brother my young plus the one who is 160lbs and 5'7' (the base is fill with water).

The a lot of people ask questions as to a durability and versatility of a Wavemaster XXL. It is not a perfect tool for any half. It can a lot of withstand a heavy plus punchers and the kicks can often entirely attack it on. When I use It, almost I can it attacks on with punches in wins. This in spite of, this does not mean you can not take the decent workout out of him neither. According to a calm way uses it and your hanged, way and build, an efficiency of this product will vary. It would recommend this for any the one who can not take the heavybag rigs, which is far upper to the wavemaster xxl. This tool is in committed in my opinion. You could require the committed for this element if I can not take the heavybag, and could owe that it comprises that technical use on he also. Of course it is quell'has bitten unrealistic in of the terms of the aim, as it agrees his also mixes in a lot of work of tampon with this tool. I seat, to the build of a product.. In the way promotes technical improper (to the terracing) when it comes the combinations and of the hooks.

In general, is the good versatile tool . And, if you are creative can take an upper and use he to practise the earth and the pound are to this material (to a discharge). Appearance this video and the description helps any in a fence in this product! Thank you To read my description!
5 / 5
Already had been coaching with this stock exchange in the gymnasium when I have decided spent the, as I have known that would be the stock exchange adds. In a gymnasium, a base has been fill with water, which has done adds and has not filtered. The ones of mine of maintenances in my cochera, where our winters take to down zero, has fill a base with 200lbs of the sand and I have not had any subjects. There is minimum movement when I use it, although when my fiancé uses it there is bit it more. I want that I cut some bases is, which the fact adds to do kicks of low round or included 'the chairs of wall in a stock exchange. An everywhere perfect stock exchange and to good sure value of the money.
5 / 5
I like this stock exchange the plot. Of then it is upstairs in my room of prize, has opted to fill he with sand in place of water, in chance that that never has jumped the leak. It was quite the work to fill with sand. I have used Quickcrete Sand of Game that has bought in Lowe is in 50lb stock exchanges for $ (-$ 20 total for 6 stock exchanges). I have used the funnel and scooped he out of a stock exchange to a funnel. Some builds of sand up in this zone and you have to that tilt a base to another side to move a sand around. Taking harder and harder the tilt to fill once there is so much in there. I have finalised that it has to that take my husband to tilt he for me afterwards in a 200 lb mark. It was work for a last 50 lb and has used the mini bat of baseball to stick in an integer and move a sand around. The big clave also laws. It has dipped 200 lbs of sand at the beginning, this in spite of could attack a stock exchange down. It has dipped another 100 lbs in (300 lbs total) and is satisfactory. He still slides the bit but I can does not attack down. It does not think it it could apt more sand in there.

These are also some use of same stock exchanges in mine dojo, fill with water. It does not think it is entirely full, or perhaps some water has evaporated on some years. It calms that can listen sloshing around when it is kicked quite hard to tilt a stock exchange. There is also abundance of people in a dojo the one who does not have any question that kicks these entirely on (comprising I) as probably they require to be refilled. They look to be very durable. We have had three of these stock exchanges for on 8 years and so only one of them has broken. A connector of a base to a stock exchange has broken of the half and substitution of need. I have asked my Sensei roughly purchasing an of his provider and he could not take the prize the economic plus ( has paid $ 300).
4 / 5
Has Had one of these in a gymnasium to the equal that have known was quality , has has wanted to one for a cochera. Mainly for some boys to exit some of his energy and assault, quite have them has beaten on a stock exchange the paste that each one which so another, has does. This thing is very very good together place, the big upgrade of a leading model. I have fill initially a base of water but has better thought of him, dump a water was and Now using P has registered. A bit more stable and a lot slosh around when have paste he. Calm really can dip to this stock exchange, will give of course but after the impossible to attack on and are roughly 215. More forgiving in your fists then the stock exchange has weighed also. If you are thinking roughly buying the stock exchange weighed, a lot he. So only I can it imagines it it would be the giant ache in a butt to imagine was like this still to hang that in your house. You can move this anywhere and is like this well in my opinion.
5 / 5
Love this stock exchange! It has paid $ 125/month for kickboxing classes and after the year has decided that it was time for my own stock exchange and self-directed workouts. Ossia A same stock exchange that use in my gymnasium to the equal that have known a measure and the weight of him would do adds. It looked in some stock exchanges some economic plus, but trust me, love the sturdy, stock exchange weighed and swim has funds compared to the east a! The nave was SÚPER fast and each one asks was packaged well. It would recommend to fill a base with sand like this opposed to water (my mine of the husband fill with watering reason was easier but the filters when I moved). Calm will not be disappointed!! Take a stock exchange!
4 / 5
Has taken the class to box of has fallen it with stock exchanges like this and is enamoured. I can not find time to in fact go to a gymnasium anymore, as I have begun to look for the stock exchange to have house. It looked, researched, and read descriptions for the month or more. At all it compared it to this stock exchange! Other stock exchanges are too light, too small, precise the big uncomfortable stand to hang them of. A lot of stock exchanges will solve and take pieces if any prendes attention to a material ossia interior of him. This stock exchange is freestanding, which means the cup taken on some feet of room, and concealed is. A foam in an interior on the one hand that you it the paste is incredibly durable. A stock exchange is quite big that my husband and I can paste and has fallen a same time and any paste each one which so another. There is so only the tonne of zone of surface! When I Wrap my arms around according to which can achieve, are on 6' to touch my hands. My husband and I have paste look it to it times the week, my girls have beaten on he daily (5 of them). His included ran and close them unexpectedly his to see can that to him attack on, can any one, and is fill so only with water, but is a lot of sturdy. He still the look adds, any sagging, swipes, or pieces. It was nervous that pays so much for something on-line that has required so much of, but am like this happy has done! If has any questions feel release to ask, will help any way have beaten. I think that that ossia the upper product!
4 / 5
Has fallen enamoured with boxing like the workout in a gymnasium to mix things up like the corridor. It has wanted to something does not have to that it traces in a frame of my house but I could take a same intensity of the workout. A wave master XL is surprising while calm yours separate for the dipped on well. Mark sure to take some wrap and gloves of paste! The most economic/stand smaller the alone stock exchanges so only are not to have that has weighed enough to go can fill on.

Setup: Mark sure fill one bases all a way recommends sand and take the funnel for the fill like this calm no the disorder. I have used 5 stock exchanges of sand in 50 pounds each. With which ensures spent the no matt of coverage of the slip (like that you dipped low to the coverage likes them to them any slide and trim he down so that it does not stick was also. I dipped it/ I dipped It directly on tile in my basement. This would be very strong upstairs. Cela And calm can go to the city is and will not move bit it. If any calm so only the know the slide around the plot likes the base is smooth in a fund. Any stock exchange of ray on until after plenary a base or a base will cover a full hole.

Very happy with this compraventa, big quality and there is not had to that affect a frame of my house. Very easy to move and unscrew of a base. Boys and amour of woman to go the city and the to and will resist especially the day.

With: it does not annoy Me but you are the visual person a cloth in one stirs of stock exchange done on the bit where tends to paste a plus. An integrity of some controls of stock exchange on amiably this in spite of and ossia so only visual which personally do not concern me .

Top Customer Reviews: Jayefo Sports ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5
Pleasantly Please sure.
Has bought this stock exchange partorisca mine 14 I daughters' very effective striking and descentkicks. And because his trainer has taken all the theorists of conspiracy and political which there has been zero partorisca do with boxing🙄ugh!
In all the chance, highly suggests full with roughly 10 lbs of the then material sand to write to stuff of pillow (works of lint of filter of dryer, finally) then more sand, repeats.
Be gloves of sure use and of the feet of tape.
Is not I so that it adds like the stock exchange of cloth but is the value adds partorisca a prize.
5 / 5
Has taken this stock exchange today. It is it measures it it adds the paste and kicking, has added strong foam of the old sofa, dipped that directly on and the sand has added around that. Fill Tried with sand and old bells at the beginning, but has taken way too heavy and uncomfortable form. Result partorisca be around 50 lbs. Like this far any sand has filtered was and looks it will resist on adds. It comes with the coverage of metal in a subordinated wants to ensure he partorisca swing around, (any lower strap has been resupplied) any to have the Arial transmission of the and/of the yoga with hooks there is hanged so only he of there that. ( It goes pic)
5 / 5
was hesitant to buy because of lack of descriptions but for a prize is awesome quality. You will require something to attach some coverages in some upper this in spite of there is not any canal or D lock of coverage.
5 / 5
Has been around stock exchanges for roughly ten years. His much bigger that has thinks that was to be! I have bought for my toddler to use, and now is more probably that goes to maintain he to his adolescents. It likes that of empty wine, reason is easier that travel with and pack my unused comforters as it hangs in his chamber.
4 / 5
Or has to that fill has known no concealed and also take some separates for the hang

Top Customer Reviews: Century Original ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
This stock exchange is is not the only quality adds, is also very durable partorisca the when being kickboxing stock exchange. They are a semi-detached video , there is hammered this stock exchange partorisca roughly 45 minutes and he grieve budged. If you are concerned in a stock exchange that movements the plot does not fill he with water, there any water of way will resist this stock exchange sturdy. I have fill a base with 270 lbs of Quikrete sand. Kitty Spent and sand of the game can not be quite dense for a plan of base rid some kicks and the punches have weighed. After each stock exchange, sure mark to shake a base so to the equal that can, to do sure a sand is levelled. If it calms no, a sand will be unleveled when filled, and will cause a stock exchange to move while paste
5 / 5
forgets sand and of the water to install your stock exchange. It goes the tent of hardware or wal mart and take the funnel of the wide mouth used for canning. It returns in a mouth of a boat. Well, it returns in a mouth of a container for a sand or of the water. Buy an economic clay kitty spent. I have had some of some expensive clumping the class and I have used that 14 lb box and then I 't needs an expensive class. It has been the Walmart and has bought three 25 lb stock exchanges of a the cheapo kitty soiled each one that that. It has dipped a funnel in a mouth of a container and has touched all three stock exchanges in easy likes twisted. It would resist some plus but one 89 lbs has had in there was enough for me. They are the woman of 76 years (those who is apt and strong) but the big man can love plenary to a brim. A pocola sweep and the course with a vacuum the most cleaned and was all does. I can not imagine a disorder with water and sand in mine workout room.
5 / 5
For a money, ossia the piece adds to coach crew, especially if you do not have the convenient place to hag the stock exchange weighed.

First what is before... The majority of full people east with water, reason is far easier that sand. Ossia The deception .

Takes this: and unscrew a funnel of a connector of hose. It will return amiably in a base of stock exchange bunghole (yes, has said bunghole, soothe).

Takes 6 stock exchanges of 50 pounds of sand of game, excluyente he to a funnel, and use the hose to wash a sand down to a base of stock exchange. Do this 20-30 times and then touch a stock exchange on to drain a water was. Repeat until all 300 lbs of the sand is in a base of stock exchange. It will take an hour, easily, but A lot of VALUE he. Once done, will have to touch a stock exchange in his flange (any side) and the go where need to. This will do for the rock-solid stock exchange that can kick you and paste one craps out of, and a thing will not move any one a lot at all, unless has slick walk. I besiege the foreigner of thin foam under the, and is going nowhere, unless you are Joe Rogan. Already Of the kicks of the type?
4 / 5
Ossia A first time has possessed the stock exchange the paste. I have preferred the freestanding stock exchange because we do not have the something in our house to hang one. This Wavemaster has surpassed all my expectations. A better part is that calm easily can regulate a height of just 20” until 70” big. A big plus in my family is 5'9” and work well for him, and a small plus is my daughter of 8 years those who is roughly 4 ft. All the taking the take on a stock exchange and take to launch some quite good punches and kicks. A stock exchange is resisting on the better way that has thought. We opt to fill he with water in place of sand. It has not had any leak at all of a day the plenary to us, and is been the small to the long of the month now that we gave it to us the abonos beating. In general, I am extremely happy with cost of mine. Well value each penny is spent on that.
5 / 5
Is exactly to the equal that have expected! They are a overweight (5'2' in 162 lbs) leading traditional TKD monitor with half a force and stamina has has had years. With this said, my punches and the kicks are not strong, this in spite of move this by means of a walk the few thumbs for the 10-15 min paste workout. I move it to plot more when kicking. ( We fill with water.) It has to that foreign of the and/of the yoga bent under the to protect my pavings of oak, but also to lessen a movement when contact. It is perfect to practise on! It is to add are directing in technician and building stamina. It is not for any any one the stock exchange that can take has beaten he without scooting. If it love the stock exchange to have that has weighed that it can take the hard swipe, would recommend the stock exchange to hang.
4 / 5
Has fill with 250lb is of esy of played of Imposición of House ($ 3-4 for 50 lb stock exchange) a work. It is still movable, but is able to withstand light for the half that paste and kicking.
5 / 5
Has answered recently several Krav classes of Magician but has has had to that the give up. In my age and some medications are on be for the years that @the bruise is the real question (I probably bruise of just mentioning it here). But in these knots of classes a bit paste of stock exchange and a cardio the effect is immediate. I have had to have the stock exchange. I thought that it that it had been doing cardio work in a centre of fitness were any one has done cardio until steps some time with the stock exchange!!!! I never in my life would have think that that the laws of stock exchange would have such an effect. Them it pocola research and ossia the shot adds. I have fill mine with watering simply reason ossia some looks and easy plus to be A lot working. If I do not result never too powerful for a water (has!) Then I will go the sand. Although not Preparing, has arrived really fast!!!! It was originally I dates the weeks of diverse window was, but was here in just the few days. Highly recommended for any any one takes the add workout in the relatively cut period of time.
5 / 5
The really done a work. They are 5'9 180lbs and the still can create a stock exchange a big plus that my boss for some on one has fallen of boss. It would like to recommend the.
4 / 5
Mediocre. A costruttore dictate it can withstand 'big impact' punches and kicks. You lacking to mention that he slides by means of a paving while it lands to solid punch. It does not buy this unless it is for the boy down 12 years of ages. It fails to see a purpose of the stock exchange of formation that does not remain same closing when it is uploaded up with almost 300 pounds of sand or water. Please does not buy this reason is more economic that some alternatives. It is more economic for the reason, and that the reason is not reason are spent to the shot adds. A reason is that a product is inferior to use it of real gymnasiums. He no a deception still that has done, and that each one another 1-star reviewer has done. Be skeptical of a riada of 5-the star revises to use identical descriptions ('utmost' 'big quality') when a majority of poor descriptions details some same defects on and on again. It feels free to ask any questions have seen commentaries. Really I do not want to more to do a same deception. It is that bad.
5 / 5
Has fulfilled all my expectations!! It loves it! They are the martial artist and can practise all my technicians in this stock exchange. I have fill he with five 50 rids stock exchanges of sand and has it seat in the heavy foreigner in a corner of mine workout room. It moves I practice to paste he the full force but very too much. Easily it could add water and weigh it down more has required . Ossia The product adds !

Top Customer Reviews: Famiry Punching Bag ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 32 ratings
5 / 5
Ciao - This paste the stock exchange is the piece of rubbish - no SHABBY! After using for a day partorisca my edges of 7 years, a whole cup of a stock exchange tilts on and flops down. Everytime This stock exchange are used has to that be fill with air. Ossia The faulty produced and is defective. I am spent so much filling of time with sand and air, for some instructions.
5 / 5
These instructions no with the accuracy declares like this partorisca inflate a stock exchange the paste. Súper Stressful and no easy to comprise.
4 / 5
Mina 7 old year nailed the hole in a base of a stock exchange to interior of paste 2 days. We buy this reason some details of product have alleged the one who durable this paste the stock exchange was! We are a lot disappointed with this element. I suppose that we will have to that look for another product partorisca fulfil our needs. While Our edges of 7 years is unhappy until we can take the substitution.
5 / 5
Is like this a lot that is coming with the bomb. My grandson has had headed classes of the karate and ossia perfect for him partorisca practise with! Honradamente The has not liked him practising until it has received this. Some controls of air on abonos to the how is well.
5 / 5
After so only the few days, this thing seeped water in my carpet. Here it is the pic of him after 24 hrs in my cochera.
5 / 5
Has bought this partorisca my boys ages 4 and 12. It was relatively easy to dip up as it comes with the bomb. You owe that sand or of the water dipped in a base and then the swipe on top of a rest of a way. We add water. We had it to us perhaps the month and used it perhaps the time of dozen. He maintaining has the hole in a seam next where a base and a stock exchange fulfil. Any value a time, endeavour, or money.
4 / 5
Was able to fill a base with water, but when I have been partorisca blow on an organism, a plastic in the each one of some nozzles was entirely solid and some bombs could not go in. It has been supposition partorisca be the present of anniversary partorisca my edges like this this incredibly is in disappointing. It can calm neither send the substitution or I love my money behind?
5 / 5
Mina 8 old year has wanted to this like this partorisca Navidad. First bomb, is lasted 7 days. 2nd, 3 days. Then 1 day. Then 3 hours. It has to that have the question of leak, how is returned. It was such the swipe this in spite of, am buying another after repayment. It will update with how it has been.
5 / 5
The element adds partorisca help a kiddos burn on some energy! Easy to dip on & taking them touching any time!
4 / 5
Besides was the little hard to inflate a stock exchange to paste, is my preferred of objective edges. In planting to paste me, is this of paste. I call this wins-win

Top Customer Reviews: Century BOB XL with ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Looking that or eats are adds partorisca the term along hanged loss. But or love fast results. It tries 30 minutes the day with Century Bob. This thing is freakin awesome. Easy to move and soft to a touch. Easy setup and stresses add reliever. I have lost 45 pounds in 4 month. I seat it adds. Ossia Has to that compraventa!
5 / 5
Reason a name Bob? There is!

So much, was skeptical roughly buying this on the amazon to the equal that had seen some descriptions of folks parts disappeared and other variable challenges with his mandates.

First to do this compraventa has done enough the bit to research on pricing, durability and is spent for A lot revises here and elsewhere.

Accustoms stock exchange of paste in the gymnasium but I have been hesitant roughly drilling and in during things in my cochera to the equal that have been with Bob. Besides, dipping the stand in my cochera, for me, was the main impression that has loved. One is that it would have chosen would have been quite sturdy and main that the impression of Bob in my cochera.

Bob will not swing behind like the stock exchange to paste but is in fact really adds for technician. There is remarked my precision and the flexibility that improves afterwards using east. I can feel a workout in mine abs sure.

Fill a base was something has researched also reason looked to be one a thing that folks has said was the ache.
Has has had always fell it quite heavy to the equal that have been concerned that Bob would be to do dances it behind and advances and decided to go with sand and registered of pea. I have bought roughly 200-250 lbs among both in Imposición of House in a section of garden.

Has alternated among the stock exchange of sand and registered, situating mostly sand in a very inferior first. I have decided any to use all some stock exchanges until it has taken the best to feel for my needs, as well as gauging the hanged where still could press he out of a way has required to. It moves around the small but at all crazy where would have to that maintain resetting him. Ossia A character to kick anything really. If you are kicking directly it advances to a abs, you def wants to try a weight in the aim.

Two things recommends, which have seen another folks suggests is, tries to take sand 'dry' reason some will be bagged wet and leave yours has registered was to dry first to dip to a base. I have opened in fact pebbles of mine of registered in the piece of big map to dry reason has does not love anything remotely moldy or anything that grows in the base of Bob.

Has used the VERY BIG funnel that has taken of the tent of car parts. Highly it would recommend to take the cube and touching sand and pebbles in there first to dip in a base - scooping of there that. I say this reason can take bit it messy and yes is touching the stock exchange in, taken all the classes of sand debris in your face. Felizmente, my disorder was minimum. I have taken my time.

Was to cut initially the hole in a pointy flange of a stock exchange and game to a funnel but that the stock exchange were weighed enough and well, these stock exchanges do not resist well and calm could them rasgue if you do not resist him well. I have used to take he- was container of soup the sand of excluyente and pebbles and game to a funnel, while I jiggled the. The any tape around a funnel and really does not have very had disorder at all. An end of a funnel is gone in quite good.

HAS the vacuum and to casserole of handy powder. Masters the powder on any sand could use and vacuum yours has left on.

After taking roughly a stock exchange to a base would shake one bases so to the equal that could to distribute a sand and has registered.

Was the bit to do to take a sand and registered in but is the time extracted likes any biggy. Happy has done a compraventa. Like this far it is doing well. I did not have it long in the so many will see like this resists up.
5 / 5
Has purchased BOB 2 month ago.
I practice Krav Magician in the regular base but has loved also coaches for my account home.
Has used to workout like this boxing of shadow or without anything to paste, this stock exchange has spent so only my formation to another level.

- Aim real sensitive aims (groin, ribs, throat, chin, eyes, solar plexus, etc.). You can apply pressure in these parts.
- The height is adjustable. Taken the account that a big a stronger plus when have paste.
- Soft - does not hurt still without gloves.
- A torso is removable of a cradle for formation of earth. Also I use BOB for CPR formation. Still if you can not blow air and see a @@@cofre give support, are still adds to coach purpose. You can press a @@@cofre (under a line of nipple) and feel the alike control to the CPR mannequin.
- I amour a boss and facial expression. It feels he taste am coaching with an angry man in front of me, these helps.
- Ideal to air by force full or blood chokes formation. Before BOB, there has been never really tried to execute the full force choke.
- Some bases can be fill with water or sand. I choose water because alive in a paving. Just tip BOB to take a water, is easy.
- BOB does not complain never roughly anything, whining free.
- In a start, found the delicate to regulate a height. Need some time to take a hangs of him.
- Although a base is fill to a maximum capacity, one bases still slightly impulses of an earth.
- No ideal for kicks of groin / of kicks of instep. It maintains to attack my foot against a root.

Bob does not substitute one feels and learning of the real sparring exercise. This in spite of him the fantastic work to coach when you are so only. I also knife of train, chokes attack / of the defences. You owe that be creative, but this gives extra occasion to practise.
4 / 5
Read all some descriptions before I have bought this product, and am satisfied reasonably. This in spite of, would have to be underlined that still although you can return until 300 pounds of sand in this device, is still not going to remain still. If has this in the paving of forest or he foundation softens/ will move by means of a whole room in just the pocolos small to paste (I is middleweight struggling). If you are one of these types that can take your bodyweight to serious turning rear kicks, this thinks is almost unusable for that really will not remain in a something. Like the result, your hardwood the pavings will take the serious scraping like these slides of what around. The same place 320 lbs of the sand says 270. More has added 5 chevrons of water. As has in the books of hundred of extra ballast this in spite of moves. In any case, ossia still a better of these lifelike stock exchanges of paste around. And calm absolutely can forget use waters just in an is the boy or small female fighter.
4 / 5
Adds for precision, but any last long. I have had the usable bob for hardly the week and he have fallen already averts.
In the first place, a base is has looked broken. I have contacted a vendor and his amiably and promptly has sent the new a. Delay of week in using a bob? Any question. I have expected for like this long, I can expect another week. They were good and professional.
Now a bob. After the week to use it, he detached of an inner tube, so only rasgado out of him leaving holes in a backside. An interior that stir of cushions up under a skin and now every time I paste, has turned around and falls of white material out of his backside. It is also impossible to take was or regulate a height reason he so only slides of an inner tube.
$ 450 This cost of what, does not forget . Taken the week out of him. Expensive adventure.
An only reason is taking two star is been due to a vendor responsiveness.
4 / 5
The addition adds in our school of karate. Consultor Of big word. It buys dry sand. I have thought that that a sand has bought was dry but was wetted. It has taken three types an hour to fill he with 250 lbs to stuff of sand he with the clave down quell'funnel. Mark sure taken the jug of chevron , preferably the strong a, no the jug to milk cheapy and cut a subordinated was to use like quell'funnel. Tape a jug to a estaca vertical and fill.

Would have given these 5 stars but one fill spent is too small. It is around 2' in diameter. Need to be 4' to the equal that can touch a sand in of a stock exchange. Another that that they are adds.

Same with 250 lbs of sand in him the good front or fell it behind will move this type. Also I need the base of hule to prevent slippage.
4 / 5
True be said, has loved to take the stock exchange weighed but has had nowhere to dip it. It has taken Bob in an end of 2019 but place lucido to seeds-retreat reason paste the always finalised with my wrists that takes hurt and some interiors of my toes that takes scraped. They are the longitude -time MMA defender and had taken any 4oz UFC gloves to beat on Bob. 4oz I gloves really are not pertinent, neither is coffins the advisable fists against Bob unless you paste with a force of the creature.

First of fast to the quarantine and I have ordered any 14oz Hayabusa T3 gloves, and Bob is the whole new experience . I have been beating in lucido roughly each one another day for a past month and is by train to help me to lose fat jointly with modification of diet. It has dipped on some heavy metal and go the city on Bob for roughly 30 minutes like hard as I can. Relief to stress add and I always laws on the sweat. Fat is exiting and diet of mine can remain the little more afterwards to interview of then am taking a cardio in.

A better thing roughly Bob / the stock exchange weighed is that a cardio is amused in fact. I HATE to run and rope of jump of the hate. The majority of forms of cardio really suck. But beating a living hell out of this bad-mugging dummy really does not take old. You can take creative of the maintain fresco. Sometimes I will fly his stomach with the prick of punch of the hundred/directly combo so only to max out of my heart rate. Another time will practise to slip to hooks. This in spite of another time will take to elaborate and technician, perhaps begins was with the prick to an expensive peel followed 4 organism of hook combo and when finalising with the thunderous hook to shovel to a boss. Has mine of Bob of the date better spinning backfists and teep the kicks and still chairs there with these bad mug, ready for more! It is amused also to emulate fighters. It feigns to be Nick Diaz and launch the pitter patter smattering of organism and hooks of boss, or feign be Dan Henderson and launch the lights out of Haymaker. Bob can take everything!

Bob is very durable and setup took so only roughly 30 minutes all has said, so only fill on a base with the hose.

A worse part roughly Bob is that although it is fill fully with water, one bases scoot around to the equal that have beaten in lucido. You are this can be mitigated with sand, but has in the small corner of a room and I do not want to exert I súper hard if it does not love never move external or to a living room.

THIS In spite of, has imagined out of the way to a bit treat a scooting. Once Bob there is scooted to somewhere does not love , everything needs to do is 'clinch' the and then scoot the in a clockwise direction or counter-in a clockwise direction in of the small circles. For the chance situates your sinister hand to the PUSH and right shoulder of Bob and then dipped your right hand to a backside of Bob remains hip and ATTRACTIVE. This scoot the in the counter-in a clockwise direction circle. Calm in this way is using leverage to scoot a base around more than manually that tries to take near of an earth and scoot a base.

One wobbles also can be mitigated to go to an organism more. If you whack a really hard boss, this causes a base to move more than having paste an organism so only because of a physics has involved. It does not mean You you can never paste a boss, but calm so only will owe that be conscious that yes calm , some bases will move more. Like this it wants to go to full power for a long period without concerning in resetting, attacking an organism will be to your profit.

Of note, a version of full measure has thighs, and is amused to sink kicks to them. Probably my thing preferred to do with Bob is in organism-kick him this in spite of. A flush roundhouse has fallen of the organism feels to surprise and realistic.

Highly recommend Bob if you are serious roughly in fat loser and the hate that careers, biking, jumping wise, etc. Marks Justa sure taken the pair of the good quality that gloves of boxes so that you can paste Bob and any ray on your hands or wrists. Also beware that it will scare it to it a sht out of you and another for some first months of pair lol. I have cut the a lot of that convinces the silhouette and the looks mean to like all the hell.

Has seen video of Conor McGregor that beaten on on Bob, as Bob is a lot enough for Conor, would have to be quite well for everything of knots.
4 / 5
More sakes that bads, to be sure.

Are the little past of has bitten halfway my black tape in Kempo Karate, and has bought this to exit with out a Dojo. You have taken to aim to good practical insurance, as BOB has has defined highly cheekbones, collarbones, groin, and other points to attack to practise on. Quite soft to the hard paste without breaking your hands and feet, still quite hard and quite weighed to paste with the just quantity by force (I follows 200 lbs, and the swipe/fell quite hard, perhaps 3/4 of the mine maximum). The adjustable height is the characteristic orders also; they are 5'10 to the equal that can practise in of the types until roughly 6'4, but can dip it up like my daughter (9 yrs old) can practise in any one bit it more his measure.

Negatives: The base is wide, which for some ways (likes mine) can be a subject. Kempo Involves to go in near, and a width to base circulate the difficult fact to simulate that it gives a no among the legs of an opponent or dipping your foot a lot afterwards to touch. It is quell'has bitten weighed to move, but ossia reason yes calm dipped that on correctly, a base is fill with sand or of the water, and is weighed enough. So only be careful and follow some instructions on like this to move and will be well. Also, be careful in of the strikes to one rear; the device clearly declares is not feigned to be attacked in a backside, but some way of martial arts requires such strikes. You owe that light of paste in a backside or will break BOB and probably you. Finally, a colour coupled with a texture of a eskin' muck of shows, and is not easy to entirely cleaned. The mine looks 'very used,' especially around a face and abdomen where objective the majority of punches of mine and kicks. Finally, the lack of arms does to practise any movement that begin with the a bit difficult blockade. I have it quell'has purchased already a aftermarket 'jacket' that comes with two styrofoam the arms and this has done the big difference, but is an extra $ 130 or so much.
5 / 5
Has begun recently study Krav Magician and has imagined this would help. It is very better that has expected, likes help with aiming and improving the mine that attacks. A XL is excellent to do the strike of groin, which is used to plot in Krav Magician. A base can resist water or sand; I have opted it takes to water to do it easier that move /when I relocate. Wine with the good instructions and one covers extra for a base. It did not like seeing an in of of the skins torso, as I have dipped one of my shirts on he with discharges he. It is very realistic and scary looking now. If you are looking for something to practise on, this will return a bill. A skin is soft and one 'bony describe' is hard. A boss bobs when attacked, how is likes to paste the real person. The plenary recommend it!!!
4 / 5
Has bought Bob with an intention to do the beginners workout to box as well as it relieves estréses . Well Bob did not disappoint me like this far! A product is very durable and can take the a lot of beating .A question that has seen with other stock exchanges is that they are done of skin , and has the seam so only can it paste in a side . With which pounding in a side of a cushioning for the time cut a stock exchange will begin to sag or abuse . It concealed it is not a chance with Bob , a material that Bob is done with will absorb to plot by force , is easier in your joints and , if have has wanted to you a lot still has to that of the gloves of wear . An only question with Bob is that it has seen writing on all the stock exchanges have weighed that it is free when being is that you have to that fill on a base . A hole in a base is too much small for you to fill on a unit in any one classifies to time to save way . I have used sand of dry game with the funnel and he have taken roughly 4 hours to fill 250 Lbs . My joint the people is game of sand to use that is DRY . Bob moves the little yes calm bit has paste quite hard but has dipped in the corner and footwork around lucido . Alive in to a paving likes Bob is cramped for spatial . Down waiting for to come the daily house and that does mine workout , help with stress of mine .

Top Customer Reviews: Carry Bag for ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 38 ratings
4 / 5
It likes all the camps Of Products of Boss, this chance is matched perfectly to a 16' box of Grill and access perfectly. It protects it and the extremely easy transport.

A material used is durable and a lot robust. Some zips also are industrial force and would have to that last indefinitely.

Likes the boss of Camp recommends, is more partorisca leave the light the ploughed when zipping to some means partorisca prevent moisture capturing in a stock exchange while has tent.

Possesses virtually each available component partorisca a Camp of 3 Boss of burners the stoves and the chances done partorisca commission like this a partorisca each element. Each one which so it is a lot of-fact and the perfect access. FIVE STARS and some sincere and a lot hearty recommendation!! A++

has found mine yours useful description, please the amazon to the left knows for clicking a key 'USEFUL' down!
4 / 5
Has bought 2 of a coleman still temp grills and could not find the spend chances that was quite big to return them in. Have has not wanted the buy colemans stock exchange although they have done an apt east reason are rubbishes . I have had 2 of them quell'concealed has resisted it my triton 2 grills and they both rasgaron to the long of a seams and was so only basically done of materials really economic. I have bought one of this boss of camp spends the stock exchanges that thinks that would dip them my new main coleman grill in him and see like this has done it for a forward of has bought them a second a to have one for each. My same surprise although a specs in a coleman the grill has declared a measure and a specs in this stock exchange so only would owe that it has been quite big to return a roasts in able era to return both grills to of the this a stock exchange. A stock exchange feels a lot very built and a zip is good and big and easy to open and afterwards. I have not been able to return mine of mine 2 griddles to a stock exchange with some grills like the usually excepts that is not to treat it big. Im Justo happy was them able to find the stock exchange that apt some grills to so that it does not take like this lined on liking them had him to them so only went by him.
Ossia A grill there is concealed returns this stock exchange:
5 / 5
has bought this for mine 22” blackstone griddle. It could not find the good description for one this would return to having gone like this some data. This one returns one 22” griddle perfect with the little space in some sides to return some of yours utensils of cookery. It has attached pics so much can see for calm. I will update it falls it averts.
5 / 5
Has bought this stock exchange to spend the 16' deep x 24 width of Boss of Camp Done the hand 90 Oven of Oven of Pizza/of accessory of burner of grill. It returns a lot of ( sees photo) and has the perimeter of 3 zip of sides to leave easy uploading/downloading. It is done well with good workmanship and professional appearance and Canp Logo of Boss. A material is sturdy but is to concern that it does not have any reinforcement sewed in some corners of stock exchange, and that some corners relatively triple of an accessory of oven finally wear by means of some corners of stock exchange.
4 / 5
For some reason Blackstone does to spend it stock exchange for mine 17' the grill roasts but any for table. This has abundance of room for table and more than regulator more. The table is 25' bent up. I am not measuring but 27' those suppositions how is as well as the majority of stock exchanges is smaller that has declared. The material could be fatter but well quite especialy for prize. Works of zip very better that a majority of plastic zips. It has dipped 1 1/4 it averts leg of chair of the hule protectors in final of leg like any stock exchange for rasgar with legs. The frames @@subject easier that level also. I am spent 2 days that tries to find the stock exchange this measure, happy has found this.
4 / 5
Has purchased this for my Model of Boss of the Camp of boxes of the grill BB90L and a turn of stock exchange adds with just the room of to spare tiny has bitten. I gave it 4 stars because some materials to good sure could be the little fatter. We will see how many hard time . That is good to know are also have a Model of Boss of the Camp of oven of the Pizza PZ90 and this stock exchange also the returns concealed. The control out of one has has attached photo.
4 / 5
Has opted for one 'as new' the condition can have the soyinor scuff or scratch' arrives in option of original packaging to save think $ 2 or $ 3? A course a more ape is a box was the form adds with a sticker 'inspected' on that. That was the interior has impacted! The one who never in the amazon there has been an audacity to dip an element of this condition behind to the box and the sell to any and the expect be well would owe that be shot in a something. It was at all more than rubbish, with some looks to be drug by means of a vase then for behind the automobile and the one who know that more afterwards. Pictured Is the true like the stock exchange of door of New condition in a next legislation to a an I receipt in an accident. An only reason has received two star is reasons were had of the substitute quickly. We will see that I that takes afterwards. It would have paid enough an extra $ 3 and so only has taken the new one that has treated a headache and irritation to try to speak to the real person and that it has to squander my time that tries to explain a condition of an element, Buyer beware
4 / 5
But ossia too big— was fearful has tried the small more one a stove of the cook would not return
the zips have done smoothly; the straps are only webbing So the hope resists up over time. There is any way to take them to remain near which would be the better creation to spend .
Does not know because Boss of Camps no the stock exchange consecrated thus grill. Apparently it is a lot populate and is taking informs to touch so it would owe that be good vendor for some time to come. It has dipped a propane canister in a stock exchange but the stock exchange of desire was smaller like the stove returns more closely and any slide around-ossia reason has taken of the star—
For the lack of a company of options
5 / 5
using this for my cup of table of the yours of blacks griddle. It returns perfectly. It is a lot it has a lot of fact. A nylon is good and heavy. This resists my grill, a regulator and a hose with spare room.
4 / 5
I amour CC PRODUCED, but his coverages and the stock exchanges are missing of a quality of his grills. The stock exchanges are so only stitched seams without king application in of the zones of big wear. For one asks $ , could upgrade his with the fund of pair or spent double stitched construction. The zips are well for an use has feigned. Oversized With big teeth that is of the entity for an use has feigned.

Top Customer Reviews: Yueetc Punching Bag ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 44 ratings
4 / 5
My boys love it!! We fill to us up with cloths of the winter of then is state and slowly partorisca the fill up with clothes of state when the winter comes is excellent. Hate partorisca stick dud statement because I have been a partorisca buy something and is not that announces but ossia quite a lot
5 / 5
Good stock exchange for a money, has fill he with just cloths reasons have not had any sand but has has had stock exchanges of cloths aliamos give wins it well, very sad ! A stock exchange are weighed still and solid. Really it likes to of me, me and my boys have beaten a hell out of him
4 / 5
has bought this for my grandson and has had my dad the controls was in the first place has used of then to box. A material is fat and a stitching is a lot of fact. Some canals are strong and resist it a lot well. Coming with the gloves is really good. In general, the quality adds, well value of the money.
5 / 5
Has taken to plot of old cloths and bedding to fill a stock exchange. The packed All down with the bat, and in an end, has weighed roughly 35 lbs or the averages a weight of my grandson of 9 years. Then it has taken some 2' lag rays of my collection of transmissions and is trace an upper hanger to the beam of basement of forest. I have required roughly 2 ft to hang canal and link he of canal (also of my collection of transmissions) and a paste has begun. Some gloves and the ankle wraps is very simple (any really gloves) but all the hands are different and some the better gloves of a correct measure would have to that be purchased as it paste to skill improves. It likes-me a result.
4 / 5
Has not had the occasion to fill this so that I am not sure on durability. The edges has been thrilled with him this in spite of.
4 / 5
Has not used still but looks to be of construction remain a lot well waiting for using has been missing 1anchor to wall this in spite of!
4 / 5
Adds stock exchange of the paste in the prize adds. When being able of the fill calm saves on shipping costs and calm leave you to decide the one who calms weighed and tight the want. Big level of sturdiness.
5 / 5
The good stock exchange comes with canal/grupal and rays with bosses to hang. The desire there was instructions with him.
5 / 5
Like this happy roughly that! I can not say anything roughly that durable is reason have has had so only he for the few weeks, but is going strong. So only he any paste he when you are too close up his or too hard 
5 / 5
Ossia The stock exchange of rubbish . I know it touches hard but this true has fill a stock exchange with clothes hanged total 40lbs. No the value that buys at least in my opinion.

Top Customer Reviews: Xsport Pro ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia An amazing product . Sinister start partorisca say the one who easy is partorisca gather. The directions are directly advance and on point. A product is of the quality adds. I have used sand partorisca fill a fund, a calm mark sure uses enough to help earth he (200lbs value). The must has in the each gymnasium!
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Delivery very quickly has ordered the Monday , took it the Sunday. The base and the stock exchange have come for separate , first has received them one , but another is coming next day . I used it to boxing for almost two month , for now is still in good condition ,
Here some commentaries loves them action with you
Primo , has fill a base with roughly 180lbs the sand is a better option ,so that the quite weighed to sustain one can
as , some cups of the laws of suction perfect in smooth surface , dipped it to them on a paving of the forest then is very stable
has coached boxing a year , the sound 5'9' big and 156 man of books , this stock exchange the paste fulfils my expectation.
And the thnk the service of a vendor is well , has lost them 2 cups of suction when it moves them a stock exchange , contacts them a vendor asked him where can buy them some cups of suction , a service of Client has answered would send mine has required them , then has received them a container with 3 cups of suction with which 10 days , really fresh !
4 / 5
Loves this! It takes 2 stock exchanges of the sand and calm is good to go! It is perfect to take this end of the frustrations of day were. They are 5'6” and 140lbs. It was able to gather this for my account, situated where loves it to be, and now that is to fill with the sand is perfect
5 / 5
has not used a stock exchange to full still potential but will say them feels quite good and looks sturdy.
The assembly was very easy, alot of rays but didnt apresamiento long at all the assembly. A course a sand dipped harder in a base. It has Used paver sand (has small rocks) and has taken almost 2 hours to fill 2 stock exchanges. With this said, 2 stock exchanges resists one bases quite well.
Follows to expect taking the good boxing workout in punctual, possibly send another description with like this bosses. Like this far, for a prize the think touch the stock exchange adds for girls and of the adults. Thank you
4 / 5
To the left initiate me was to say has taken kickboxing classes for two years now. I can paste a stock exchange with A lot of force. This stock exchange is a stock exchange of amazing beginner when I tried it in the first place was. I have left my little brother tries was for some premiers 3 days. This in spite of, for me, have required the stock exchange the heavy plus to coach with. I have finalised to return this stock exchange to buy one same exact a that my uses of gymnasium. I have bought this stock exchange been due to my gymnasium that is closed during Covid. I have tried out of a stock exchange and has decided has required the most weighed one. When I have tried to return a stock exchange, a vendor has not been able to accept containers because of Covid-19. This in spite of, have maintained an open line comunicacional with me on when it could return a stock exchange. All has taken to say are am giving this product 5 stars so only been due to a service of stellar client.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Any so only a quality is well, but also a prize. The To Everything likes. Included my daughter of 11 years. All obtains our weight during COVID-19. Now, perhaps we can it uses to lose hanged . 😀😀 I recommend it.
5 / 5
Are the 5 '4' woman, enjoys Muay Thai and American kickboxing like the hobby. I have not tried some cups of the suction still been due to where has it at present, but can say is a lot of wobbly without them. With the base of sand has fill, can attack this on with the mid level roundhouse easily, and can touch he with punches has weighed also, especially yes is big. It would say that it is well for work of speed or light paste without some cups of suction, and one wobbles fact bondadoso to act to help that time and distance. With which one uses a skin there is wrinkles and the stock exchange has dents, as I will update on to the equal that resists up over time.
4 / 5
While an assembly was quite simple, spent was with all some rays and that fill a base with the sand by means of a very small hole has resupplied. This in spite of, now that has my stock exchange weighed own, can do my kickboxing workouts house during a COVID 19 quarantine. Some cups of suction are well, but not perfecting but this can has to that do with me so only adding 50 lbs. Of sand to a base. Perhaps I have added another 50 lbs. It would not take a wobble. But a state of NJ is creasing the front on exiting of my house to take sand. In general, ossia the good product . It has shipped and it has arrived quickly and I am happy!
4 / 5
In general, this stock exchange is work . It is state adds to have the way to take some energy was during shelter-in-put. It has had some defy this in spite of.

Support of incredible client!
Easy spouse on
Does a work

control of Questionable quality (the mine has been missing 3 rays, has had 10 extra dice, and several cups of extra suction)
the nave has been retarded for several weeks (although it looks to be due to Covid reroutes, and a company has had support of amazing client throughout)
A lot of the solid - work for me (without boxing background) but is not the stock exchange weighed.

In general, very happy of the have, but yes has done the habit of of the this would jump for the stock exchange weighed.
5 / 5
Has not estimated any of pertaining questions to relieve of assembly, sturdiness, or power of suction as it has not been gathered like this of closing. Had any instructions of assembly included but can be imagined was. It has arrived much more early that has anticipated. Cela Me Happy!

Top Customer Reviews: Ringside 100-pound ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 55 ratings
5 / 5
The cost has verified A stock exchange looks both comfortable the paste (any name / of skin of the latex 'patches' sticking was paralizaciones partorisca scrape knuckles on) and is stuffed reasonably well. Still it has the zip in an upper to add some stuffing if the need is down a street. It IS comfortable to kick without tampons also (I takes it swinging roughly 30 terracings in the has fallen well, as it is taking some abuse).

My I-beam that there is hanged he of these 90 thumbs of a paving, and ossia so only grieve quite spatial. It does not import a stock exchange that is slightly tilted (leaving the tug resupplies so only the little more his control that swings), but so only another thumb or as it was perfect has a space.

I chopped he down to two link of canal and a carabiner for sie, and this looks to be the decent period. I have added Ringside Cradle of Stock exchange to Have to that Weighed and Yes4All the Beam to Armour plate to Have to that Heavy Hanger of Stock exchange Weighed - AVMHZ for the arrival was.

With this setup, my woman has said that it can listen me start, but is relatively calm (which is well, reason has a boy napping during some of this).
5 / 5
The cost checked According to your level of skill... This stock exchange is to exert for has advanced users. The stock exchange adds partorisca beginner to intermediary. A skin of a stock exchange is quite soft the paste without on. Easy in some knuckles. But strong roundhouse kicks, side-kicks and turning behind has fallen so only bend this stock exchange for the half. Take the good swivel so that a stock exchange can turn and no developing something uneven. It comes with canals and the big snap-links. UPDATE: After the week to paste this stock exchange, some of a stuffing is solving, but in fact in the good way. A stock exchange was class of light and fluffy when I took it in the first place, but as have paste he, some of one packing in a cup is settling down to a half and inferior and a stock exchange there is firmed up in some describes that attack. As I have added 1 star for the 4.
5 / 5
The cost has verified had the brief clearance sale that has spent a price of a FILLED 100lb stock exchange down to $ 118 has SHIPPED!! It can it does not create. Like the subject in fact, am spent almost to assume that would be junk thus low of the price. It was bad.
The delivery was fast and is to come covered in the cloth drawstring stock exchange and there is boxed then. It was really happy of the sees has comprised also all have required.
Is packed perfectly, quite dense to take strikes and heavy kicks. They are extremely happy.
5 / 5
The cost has checked is a stock exchange used inclusos in a mma gymnasium in my city. Look solve over time and the result subordinated weighed. Normal partorisca the stock exchanges weighed why was. A material of the stock exchange and the construction is sure partorisca last the few years of moderate to heavy use.
5 / 5
The cost has verified My Thai Stock exchange forwards was of Title MMA. Last roughly 5 years. But some last 2 years of one 5 has required multiple patch ups and reparations partorisca maintain he in working mandate. Finally big fallen a stock exchange for the half and has had to that take the new a.

My stock exchange is in the still stand box, which the really would not owe that be but work for me. My last stock exchange have been listed in 6ft but was in fact main concealed it. This one has been listed in 6 ft and was in fact bit it smaller. This left the one of fact has a stock exchange hangs of an earth that has surprised! Now a stock exchange can in fact transmission in place of motionless rest and progressively lining an earth with each strike and finally exploding a subordinated was and that losses to fill everywhere (like my leading stock exchange). I have used a Ringside stock exchange roughly 30 or like this time already and absolutely loves that.

There is remarked that a stock exchange is more slender that my last and one fill is beginning to do his way to a fund (something concealed has been joined to spend). But like this far it does not feel like concrete when it kick, which is well.

In general would say that this stock exchange is the investment adds. It IS better that my last stock exchange and was more economic! I say that you are in a phase for the less expensive, the new quality Muay Thai stock exchange, ossia a one would be necessary to take you!
4 / 5
The cost has verified Ossia the bang adds partorisca your buck. I will recommend to any and I want to give some buyers the fast tip:

A first pair of swipes will feel harder. I kinda has thought has sacrificed the little quality partorisca the buy compared to some of some other frames of name im has used to in MMA gymnasiums. But after the pair of good sessions, this thing feels less like the trunk and more like the stock exchange weighed. And like this far, this thing is going strong. It looks a quality of the build is hard.
4 / 5
Spent the use has verified these in my gymnasium partorisca box, and manages no-stop pounding. They are good and heavy, like this calm really can drill him without requiring the impression of enormous paving partorisca his partorisca swing around. They are full period , as they take punches and kicks equally well. Some the stock exchanges weighed solve quite quickly, where some background results much denser that a cup. It conceal it is not the question for one some in our gymnasium that takes continue it beating, and there is not remarked any one solving at all in my use of house.
5 / 5
The cost checked has Loved this stock exchange initially and after the pair of month of light use, there is remarked some stitching breaking out of the seam in a cup of a stock exchange. Imagined that of then was clearly the defect of costruttore, would love somehow accommodates a client. It was bad. They have said that of then it was spent his period of short guarantee, his any one anything and that it was ALONE . Unfortunately uncaring the service of client will win you bad press. Sad Ringside, could wants to verify your levels of control of the quality and to continuation well the once loyal clients.
5 / 5
The cost has verified Ossia my first stock exchange has weighed , and am still quite new to Muay Thai, like this in spite of my experience in tkd and shotokan the karate has had any really done the tonne of stock exchange workouts when I have ordered this, and all some stock exchanges had used before any lining of the fat foam had or was soft has fill. A reason has chosen this stock exchange were owed his measure for Muay Thai, descriptions, and prices, a be last particularly appealing considering that that has not gone so only relatively economic, but was also the first element (saving me atleast $ 50 costs of ship for something this heavy).

A last word would use to describe this stock exchange is esoft,' that my roommate has learnt a lot quickly when you decide the paste he full force with a unwrapped and ungloved hand when I am not home state lol. My prime minister little workouts was quite rough. Has utmost gloves and wraps like this the punches have not gone noticeably different other stock exchanges but kicks, knees, and the elbows were another history , this in spite of, with which so only the week or two of daily use a cloth that the bands inside a stock exchange has begun to solve to a fund, like this softening on a midsection of a stock exchange that leaves it to bend during hard kicks and absorb the better strikes.

This stock exchange is also quite leaner that more the stock exchanges have seen, which was also bondadoso of an initial disappointment when I took it, but has learnt to really appreciate his thinness reason is has improved in fact my striking accuracy a lot to be the aim the small plus for me the paste, especially with turning strikes or rear kicks. I have found also that a narrow profile is better for shin kicks that the fattest stock exchanges, reasons is not like this easy to accidentally impact a stock exchange with some sensitive parts of my feet and for this can maintain some distance of a stock exchange when kicking and does not have to that be right up against that.

Finally, in of the terms of reliabilities and qualities of build, this sper economic and Pakistanes has done the stock exchange weighed is in fact quite impressive. It can not look like this visually impressive likes some other stock exchanges but is construction of of the east of fat vinyl (as far) really hard. Has has had so only he for the few months now but a past month has been doing workouts with a stock exchange that hangs in my outside carport in of the low freezing temperatures and, in spite of my worries that a vinyl could take brittle of a cold and it beginning that cracks, looks exactly a way done when I took it, any scratch, any crack, swimming.

Highly would recommend this to any the one who is looking for the serious quality, big, durable, and slightly unforgiving stock exchange weighed to condition some shins on. It avenges with canals and carabiners but has decided to use my own canals and that traces carabiners with a canal has distributed swivel, no because of some descriptions that informs link of the canal broken, but reason a ceiling of the mine carport is so only in the foot or like this main that a stock exchange he, as I have had to use the shortest canals and carabiners like the stock exchange would not scrape an earth.
4 / 5
The cost has checked Excellent stock exchange! I have beaten one craps out of him and does not tire or complain! LOL
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Gilipollas: It does not have the inferior loop the clip on to a paving.