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Top Customer Reviews: Honeyrose MENTHOL - ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5 By Jina
I can not say a negative thing enough the, enjoy them!
1 / 5 By Xochitl
I can not say a negative thing roughly his, enjoyed them!

Top Customer Reviews: Honeyrose ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By
I have been considering Honeyrose partorisca the while of then have wanted really smoke my pipe but I also really is not wanted to to result intoxicated to tobacco again with which fifteen years of smokeless tobacco. I admit that it was the little sceptical of Honeyrose, especially after reading roughly the descriptions and that look the video or two. This in spite of, when it arrives was impressed immediately for a smell. After packing the bowl and shooting it up was thoroughly pleased with a smoke. I can not have a quite-coached tastebuds but felt that a flavour was very pleasant and is very comparable to a tobacco of traditional pipe that had been smoking. In fact, I have been impacted in the neighbouring was in tobacco of regular pipe. It has been expecting something very different the packed so only like regular tobacco and smoked it like this I regular tobacco. Bite of ZERO HAD of tongue and has has had to that king-light a Honeyrose less than tobacco. There is the good, noticable flavour of honey also. In general, I definately recommends this product is looking for something to smoke in the pipe that is not tobacco. I will maintain another material around for special occassions but this will be my new gone-smoke blend. My only critique is that it is almost three times to to a prize likes him the measure has included pouch of tobacco.
5 / 5 By
Smokes fantastically. I mix it the half-and-meso with the tobacco and he burns really smooth. Has his sweet flavour. A batch has received was bit it humid but yes has left the drought of air for the bit smokes perfect.

Whose Waste Your money in any of another herbal has smoked on amazon
5 / 5 By
has done real farmers blended to a honey. Material a lot very
5 / 5 By
This blend is a better herbal the mix has has not had never a honey like sweet of stumbling to. I relax me and in fact I leave unwind after the difficult week. They are extremely jubilant to see it available again and hope to no for the see unavailable result when it comes time to require the new container.

Has ordered the container has mentioned previously and has discovered so only has been rid three early days !! Going to have me the good weekend.
5 / 5 By
5 / 5 By
The Delicious smells and the smoke adds. You recommend this for any the one who enjoys to smoke.
4 / 5 By
The test adds. Burns smoothly And consistently. It takes a flange was also!
5 / 5 By
Has not been anything like a picture! Expected something more .No very impressed with a smell . A lot disappointed!
5 / 5 By
Any point
4 / 5 By
no for me

Top Customer Reviews: Honeyrose Vanilla - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5 By Librada
Very a lot . Too expensive compared to another.
4 / 5 By Simona
These are really good! Flavorful, But a lot overwhelms it . Happy to find them of then is now like this difficult to buy flavoured cigarettes in some the EUA.
5 / 5 By Warren
These are mine fav of some bands of copy have bought like this the goleada partorisca help me leaves tobacco
4 / 5 By Tennille
has the different but well taste. Utilisation these after the sure time, as I can smoke, without nicotine.
4 / 5 By Hermila
Is for far my preferred!!!! The utmost flavours
5 / 5 By Gerardo
Totally a lot that has been expecting. A smell is horrible and a flavour is worse.

Top Customer Reviews: Honeyrose Ginseng - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Desiree
Your opinions of herbal the cigarettes obviously will differ according to which the expectations have they previously partorisca try them. They do not go partorisca smoke exactly like cigarettes of tobacco because they are simply any cigarette of tobacco. They will not burn or try a same because they have gone with leaves that is more flammable that brotas of tobacco. If you are looking for an identical experience partorisca smoke cigarettes of tobacco, realistically, does not go partorisca find an alternative this comes this prójimo. And it say, so only stick to tobacco.. Especially yes it calms so only it is that it goes the whine roughly the and not dipping any real endeavour the quitting.

I real cigarettes regularly smoked partorisca prójimos to 5 years and has wanted to cease my addiction of nicotine. It leave cold turkey, but that has been missing was a whole ritual to smoke the cig, especially with which have had the bite to eat or I have had so only some time in my hands. I have lost some chairs of way to resist go in to toes and one in of the llamas and faint sizzling his of a paper. It have tried vaping, but so only is not one same. Included a small plus and-the cigarettes were so only too weighed for my jaw or to resist among two toes, and his almost looked even more expensive that so only buying bands.

Has been trying out of different herbal has smoked retort it an experience to resist and that smokes a real cigarette and HR is to good sure one of some mark that has done a trick for me. They try and for odorare like him the leaves of burned tea, and leave the class of flavour in your mouth like calm so only sucked in the stock exchange of teas. But when you think roughly the, smoked of tobacco a lot necessarily have one the majority of pleasant flavour neither. To to I Smokers so only like to of his reasons have taken used to a flavour, likes podes with these herbal has smoked to give them a casualidad. They burn faster that tobacco, but concealed is reason are not tobacco. One first half of a cig has smoked very light, and a second half takes bit it harder likes another there is remarked.

In general, is not the bad product in a slightest. It is a lot of packaged and has produced. These smokes are utmost to imitate one 'ritual' whole to smoke without taking in nicotine or tobacco with his smiliar feels, hanged, and measure. They would be very prop smoked for films or photograph, or was as to prank. They do not leave that persisting smell in your cloths or in your hair like some real cigarettes, although no odorano like roses so that not smoking inner. You a trick for me if they are craving an after the lunch or when it is was and really would like me has to that little something to resist and puff on.

This in spite of, be mindful that still although these are nicotine and tobacco free, this STILL is SMOKING, which means does STILL CARCINOGENS the BE INHALED. It does not smoke these regularly to the equal that have done with real cigarettes. I maintain these manually classifies of just for an occasion that chair really 'need' the smoke.

A so only downside for me is that a smoke has a inconsistent feels halfway by means of. Light and hardly felt at the beginning, and then moderately to the hard smoke likes him the most next volume to a filter. So you are looking for swipes of heavy throat, calm will not be taking those with these. Felizmente, conceals is not that I have looked for.

So that it is the smoker that tries to leave, does not go to try these expecting them to be identical to cigarettes of tobacco, reason are not . Calm so only will finalise to ask calm, 'That is a point ?' And probably feeling to calm likes you the money has squandered, and any one wants to feel in this way. They are utmost for replicating one feels to smoke with his weight and measure, and an initial that lights, which you can not achieve with the vape.
5 / 5 By Cherise
Am resulted the any smoker with which he lifetime to smoke, those results in COPD. The ones of the that really loses a nicotine but I lose a feeling to smoke. Volume that feeling with these herbal cigarettes. So only use them occasionally, as in of the social situations. To good sure recommends a Honeyrose cigs without nicotine, tobacco and carcinogens. Thank you So much for your product.
4 / 5 By Gwenn
The product adds, a lot fragrance, & any nicotine.
4 / 5 By Francie
Has not been the smoker of first tobacco to smoke HR cigarettes. I tried him and it enjoy them so that it was mine : the alternative to smoke. Really they are enjoyable - good test and easy smoke. After enjoying the Honeyrose 'B' Blue band and a ginseng the band has decided to try some cigarettes of tobacco. I have not had any question with a transmission. I have smoked tobacco cigs for the week and the half has tried then some of a HR cigs to compare. Yes, they have tried terrible - although you are not the flavour to persist. An initial pocolas puffs of HR cigs has had the bad flavour although one has maintained more smoke a better a flavour and in fact a flavour looked better that before I have begun to smoke cigarettes of tobacco. I do not have any believed in on tobacco cig cease this in spite of being in such the situation certainly would prefer Honeyrose like my experience with his products and with his personnel has a lot of be positive. One another note : first to smoke tobacco cigs has not experienced a subject of HR cigs that burns quickly this in spite of afterwards use tobacco cigs there is remarked was 'improving' in sucking... Like this yes, as it smoke, perhaps a HR cigs will burn faster for you.
5 / 5 By Collen
Test and odorare horrible.
4 / 5 By Eldon
These are good cigarettes is trying quits smoking. I have bought to help me leave, and continue smoke them.
One of a better herbal cigarettes in a phase.
5 / 5 By Sandie
My favourite flavour thank you
5 / 5 By Joella
Terrible the majority of the what bad never has smoked
4 / 5 By Sarita
perhaps my expectation was slightly was reason are the smoker but these so only feel to like is smoking forest. You was to to flavour likes =(
4 / 5 By Sunshine
has tried all when it comes to quitting and of these together with some others 'flavours' have really has helped reduced join me quantity of tobacco for the day and are in my way to quitting! Also I buy him of HoneyroseUSA and has been wonderful to do with!

Top Customer Reviews: Honeyrose MENTHOL ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Martin
Well Like this here it is a course down basically.

Some cigarettes have odorato utmost, odorati likes mint the green tea and I have had big hopes. Like this when I have taken my first swipe of him, took for suprise that tried it at all like this to to quell'smell likes. Everything of some people that gives the bad descriptions actuate clearly has not tried never the Marlboro menthol before. To Test almost exactly likes one and these ARE SUPPOSITIONS to be that they help the smokers dipped of a nicotine but I think these people have expected the fruitful plus and trying of tea cig but does not think such the thing exists to my knowledge... And like this far I am concerned has not had a uncomfortably time of slow burn perhaps the pocolos small faster but swimming to be the giving less stars on like this really of the only downside has had with this product was a smell . Like the regular cigarettes leave me odorando like this of the normal cigarettes ESPECIALLY my hands like this yes is trying discreet would recommend this. But another that everything of that a global good product has been done and am mostly happy with cost of mine
4 / 5 By Selena
has tried to quit smoking for the years and I have not thought NEVER is the durable aim until I have tried these cigarettes. The calm import had been 5 days smokes free for a time has taken these he so that it was nicking was quite hard but this paste one something immediately. They try like the light of menthol. They have helped to soothe a hand the breakings of mouth of the oral fixation of one retreats. More we give me to us something to do while driving, which is always be my habit of mine hard plus to break. An only reason does not take 5 star is reason burn REALLY FAST. There it has to that be something could dip in a paper for the retard down the little. If they can fix that these would be the perfect 10.
5 / 5 By Jaquelyn
A flavour is so only, slow burning. This in spite of, are by train to help me minimise nicotine cravings. Ossia Just st likes smoke the real cigarette. It is been the week purchased them of then, and all have been smoking is HoneyRose. Calm will not complain buying this
5 / 5 By Eboni
quits smoking 4 years ago after the 15 habit of year. I have had the life extracted the hand could not bend and in an apex to be stressed was, could not taking thinking roughly choosing on the band of smokes. It was hard to leave and has not loved to begin again but a thought these and they have done to good sure a trick. I have smoked 5 of them on a last month. They are not adictiva. They try well for some first means and then a hill of low flavour bit it of there that. If it has to that leave and require the little relief/of control in your life, these would have to that do a trick. Could see him aiding in quitting also.
5 / 5 By Missy
Has purchased these for my dad the one who has smoked Marlboro menthols on and has gone for years. I have had attended big like this really wants to leave. It tries a flavour is class of alike but a smell in of the ailing llamas to a stomach. It says that odora like the fire of house. Needless To say think one is better was for a the smoker or of 45 years to say can not be a smell then has to that be really bad.
4 / 5 By Queenie
Produced excellent! I am joining a soldato and that looks for to retard down use of the nicotine and these are the helps adds! Always it has been it the defender of menthol, these have the smooth, crisp menthol that is not too overpowering. Odorano And flavour like the cigarette of tobacco that is the flavour that is hard to spend for artificially. You recommend this product to any that tries to quit smoking cigarettes!
5 / 5 By An
Has been smoking for six years and ossia some first time have found something to help me ween I of a terrible habit to smoke. Odora To Like litre of cat. This in spite of, can take spend a smell or smoke them external calm help by means of a craving. It quits smoking it is mostly in an alcohol in my opinion. Breaking a habit has to that be motivated calm then can treat a fact that at all will approach to a cigarette that has grown use to in a face of so the situations spend for in life. If smokes with which eat or smoked when yours stressing, smoked in of the pauses in work. His mental plus and take motivation. The leaves of planning with these has help together with some patches of nicotine and breaking a cycle like this so it was possible so much to a situation has has chosen to smoke cigarettes and dipping something more situates of him.
5 / 5 By Louvenia
Quits smoking and the weight has obtained, as I have smoked again! I honradamente cant say a difference another then burns down faster.
5 / 5 By Wilfredo
Is trying Leaves is my history with these things.
Leaves some claves of cancer with which 28 years of currents to smoke the band and the half to two sales the day. Taken it vape clave, toothpick, tic tacs, chantix, this in spite of do not satisfy that craving.
These do. His summer 8 month of then I 'leave' using produced of nicotine. Tobacco roughly 5 of of the this the day. When I Drive it is when I uses him one more.
Does not try all this utmost, but concealed is not that it is stops . Me prendimos To knots to use of the real some, as they are any danger of has beaten to take intoxicated to nicotine. I am expecting that I can finally ween I down to zero.
One burns 'lasted, as be careful using them around twenty big. They burn longer and harder and will die was on you if any one compatible takings tugs.
5 / 5 By Porter
Ossia A 2nd mark has tried (in the first place when being Nirdosh) and ossia a plus like this far for me. They have shipped real fast (taken the in 4 days). In the first place that opens a smell of band of green tea, has taken the first attractive dry; any one people call it, and pull a lot real. Lighting a fast light cigarette and in intake is gone down smooth resemblance to the light or ultra light/slender cigarette. This mark in fact smells like the normal cigarette when lit that it is the good plus . That this a better for me is a flavour of menthol , normal herbal the cigarettes usually do not have his flavour (or a lot little) like this really transmissions a game, a menthol is liberto in of the small pockets of flavour; calm paste you mostly in a start and to an end but of the claves in your mouth a whole way. An only minor with has is some smokes can burn the little quickly. If yours looking for something closes to a real shot gives these go you to him

Top Customer Reviews: Honeyrose Cherry ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Laquita
I have tried 7 frames the d ,for far, one $ 9 is can be partorisca be around a smell when tobacco a, as it attack a whole no odorando bad would recommend this cigarette in any another has not tried any menthol blends
Wishes this had helped partorisca leave me but help me have something partorisca smoke while it tries to leave a nicotine..
5 / 5 By Mark
Has update: both cherry and the flavour of chocolate likes at all but burned ash. But to the cherry was slightly smoother. It Chocolate this in spite of tried more charcoal. Partorisca This interested a time of burn was longer in a cherry, last it roughly 6-8 minutes in the modest step while that the chocolate has been done in 4-6. Both to a nub. If you are deciding among cherry and chocolate, would choose cherry, no the defender of a newer packaging this in spite of.
5 / 5 By Neil
These herbal the cigarettes are not some better but is not some worse. There have it certainly any clue of cherry, his mainly to to the just flavour likes him the smoke and burned herb. You do not recommend .
5 / 5 By Julia
Substituting quite well partorisca Marlboros. Good product
4 / 5 By Theresa
has not concerned me for a flavour of these a lot of.
5 / 5 By Neoma
Thumbs on
4 / 5 By Yessenia
the flavour Adds!!!!! Any foul smell.
4 / 5 By Jerome
Any one my favourite flavour but try really cherry. It prefers some other flavours.
5 / 5 By Rubin
Does not like Me the cigarettes but I like an idea of puffing on something. So much or you order him and his kinda of to the flavour likes cigs- like this of the little- but a flavour is not bad. I love him. The so that only does not like is that they run quickly. Perhaps so only they are paste he also hard and too much often but burn quickly, at least do in my opinion
4 / 5 By Quintin
This was a lot. A bit I last in a throat but was a lot of and has tried well.

Top Customer Reviews: Honeyrose DELUXE ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Li
It take these takes practical. They are in the game where smoke in the scene and has not wanted to look an idiot to smokers in an audience. These do not try terrible and does not give me the headache like a smell of smoke of regular cigarette. They are quite smoky and burn the little too fast to be entirely realistic. My toes have odorato like this of the real cigarettes after practising with them and my mouth was smoky for a rest of a night - so much are thay consider quite realistic. I go to try some of the his another herbal cigarettes and see is any better in of the terms of the time to burn longer. Otherwise These do a work amiably for the a lot of to to smoker like him.
4 / 5 By Hilario
Has taken these reasons love a smell of cigarettes, but does not sustain an industry of tobacco and am not too enthusiastic on taking intoxicated the nicotine. While they do not have an exact smell, is quite damn afterwards. My main complaint, this in spite of, is that they burn LIKE THIS QUICKLY. I mean, it can smoke a whole thing in 2-3 tug has dipped mine his alcohol. A box was the little fraction the inaugural of a container go in (the map has not gone entirely glued down). Also it classifies of smell of odd, especially when you plough a band, of any herbs are in them. They Like him partorisca of an aesthetic, but think that go to look for the most economic alternative that hopefully burns for longer.
4 / 5 By Billi
Odora Like this of the regular cigarettes but to to the flavours likes him-the something entirely different; if you have tried it drugs east will disappoint, but is in general a lot relaxing
4 / 5 By Alishia
does not have to that it has bought this, was likes air of smoke? But stinks in your mouth like some regular cigarettes, has smoked the little then repented and gave it up. Like this good.
5 / 5 By Shara
Burns too quickly, hurts your throat.
4 / 5 By Chong
Produces very good; Good quality.
A vendor was punctual and good.
There is enjoyed a flavour and smell.
4 / 5 By Eleni
A paper burns too quickly leaving the point long exposure this has to that be ashed before it is used.
5 / 5 By Maurita
The product adds excellent
5 / 5 By Ha
has tried the little different tobacco the free cigarettes and these are my preferred, especially a flavour of vanilla
4 / 5 By Cami
Fantastic! Scent And excellent flavour.

Top Customer Reviews: HONEYROSE 3 Packs ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Earlene
Flavour very sweet. Some menthols are a better test . A vanilla has the very light sweetness. A deluxe any active a lot the flavour. They are very happy with them. No longer I can have a smoke of occasional tobacco because of medication. These will do amiably when I seat like the smoke.
4 / 5 By Jenny
Has found my favourite flavour in this sample three band. A vanilla is awesome! A rest is very also
5 / 5 By Hung
the shot Adds, a deluxe the cigarettes have not been my preferred, but in general has thought these were quite good. Flavour and decent smell, would purchase again.
5 / 5 By Daniella
Literally to the smells likes him pissed of of cat when you light him. The flavours that disgust. 0 Out of 10. It does not recommend .
4 / 5 By Sharolyn
These have the terrible flavour. They do not like him .
4 / 5 By Leanora
What better never to help me entirely quit smoking
4 / 5 By Mila
Very good! Smooth And true to flavours
4 / 5 By Hiedi
Can not manage a smell
4 / 5 By Venessa
There good leaves so only beginning with that. After reading some descriptions would owe that it has better known then to buy them. They burn to fast and uneven. They try good but has to that the overwhelm with which like him. You do not buy again to say a less. Odorano Good but does not try to like smell.........
5 / 5 By Jami
A smell is strong. Smells Like the cigarette of real tobacco. A smell follows and persists during a house when inner turns. A flavour is one same. It likes quell'has smoked of the strong cigarette. I complain to buy them. It can not take a horrid flavour out of my mouth. It is like me it chains smoked a whole band!

Top Customer Reviews: Honeyrose DELUXE - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5 By Enid
Bought these partorisca my dad of any the one who is 50 and has been smoking of then is 16. I have left the fresh band of Honeywell is in a table of cookery partorisca he partorisca take to do a next morning. It avenges the house and I said me that in his way to do he grabbed the Marlboro black cigarette (his preferred) and smoked it. Headache of instant. But ossia reason also is spending patches. It wants to leave but still it has an impulse to smoke. A bit those that the moments later launches his Marlboro is down and grabs a Honeywell is. Unwraps Likes the real band, pulls one was and lights it. A flavour has taken the small taking use to but for an end of a cigarette does not remark ANY Headache. It has not felt it likes an elephant was in his @@@cofre. Neither there is bad to breathe and has had instead an aftertaste of clue of honey. It is good to know has so only 3 herbs for some whole ingredients. Any nicotine. Any tobacco. Any additive. ANY ADICTIVA. More than everything can spend him with his patches. Still it convince my mamma to try them (smoker of long time she) and his both instantly have fallen enamoured with them. Also a smell is not bad and does not persist or permanently stink on the place. Just smells like the herbs that burn. There is the opinion in a side that is harmful to smoke because of tar and monoxide of the carbon but you will take that warning when it burn anything to inhale. Thank you Honeywell To do such the good product that it is the time of thousand less harmful that the cigarettes and the people of helps quit smoking. Abundance of profits to some contrary. Of your fellow 🇺🇸 American by means of a pond, Acclaims! 👍
4 / 5 By Danita
A flavour is interesting, but to to smell likes to buy the rubbishes. Also they were extremely light is sense likes tried to smoke the air flavoured.
4 / 5 By Wilford
These have such the horrible smell. The people around could me odorare something foul. yuck